The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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,. I r l i I I --_...._( .... ''" .... f -No. 33 MCFALL -M.A.NUFAC'.l)URERS OF THE-EL CLUB DE Y!A.T E ,,_ KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. Scraps a.nd Cuttings for Sale. J. CHRISTIAN DUSEL. ., -ltiANUFACTU&l!RS OFCIGAR BOX LUMBER, SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOOl>S, IMJ;TATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 605 Bi.x"tl::l. S"t., Ci.:noi.:n.n.a"ti.. DONALDSO!N BROTHERS, )., S"team Pri.n"ters, :P:X"VE: l.'\TE'VI:r )I'QIACGO lABELS AND SHOW .CARDS El bllhec:l. { Havlda, Ull8. PhiladeJplda, 1828, 1> S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS I GZNEIUL AGJ:.NTS J'OB I SEIOENBfRG'S KEl..WEST CIGARS. ALSO IIANUJ'.AC'l 'IJltEB8 OF Fine Domestic Cigars. I I l : s ,. t' 1 Geo. W. Read & Co., u lUA.NUFA.OTUREBS OF ; THE GROWING POPULARITY OF OUR Cut and Press-Dried CigarBox And other as SOLELY ltiA.NUF ACTURED BY Us, pre Y ents our k eepin g stock on hand, to any extent, and manufacturers will do well to anticipate thelr wants, and f o rwn.rd orders s ome litt1e time before requiring. We continue to mauufachlre :IlanLsb Cedar, SycuiDore, Butteru'ut and Poplar, at most satisfac tory prices, and shall shortl y introduce two new woods, which wlll be found very desirable. Whe n r eady for market, our Qld and new customers will be duly advised. Ba.nd ant! Veneer Saw Mills and Warerooms: 200 R. TOBACCO. Any Infringement upon this TRADEMARK -.;..:. ___ : & : Will be prosecuted to the full .. ---. )#.. Extent of the Law. .:JW OODEN I J f ; 1: FIGURES, 'J J ; .. 1 l'!lanafaeturen' f"or dae laJe of" ,aJt J 1 VIRG.tNIA, NORTH CAROLINA & & Depot tbf ,&LLEN & GINTER'S Richmond, Va., B.-anu.or smokla& Tobaceo and ctcarenea; J, W. C.A.RROLL'!I "LOPiE ..-.&.()I,, BROWN ete.;0 I : E. T, PILIINTPN & CO,I Celelorated "PRVITS A.ND WLOWEB8 -8oklac T.;loaeO.. ,. n' 'l!l:&B,BlJRG RHOS, lEAL OW NORTIC.A.ROLIN.A.. l 'I 1 LOlJII!II.A.NA P-IICliJE, Cat anclln Carrota. l_. f .....1, f J ':' J I 4 : 1 > W. .a, BL.A.CKWELL & co.s GENV,INE DIJRDAlll Tobacco. i Wl'll. 8. Ill'!IB.A.LL & CO,tl!l "V.A.NITlr FAIR" Tobacco and CtcueUea, Sole Agent for H. P .Iones A Co.'s "T'AR HEEL" and "OCCONEECHEE" _Smoking Tobaccos; C. Campbell A Co.'s u THREE CITIES" Cigarettes, Tobacco, etc. FINECUT, Manufaoture4 by SPAULDING & MERRICK:-Old Glor:r, charD> or the Wcat, Hurle:r, queen Bee, Trampa, Wtc Wac, Hwcie,ln pall and barrelo, and TRA.VELEH 8mokl-, g. PRICE LISTS FURIHSHED ON .A.PPLIC.A.Tl0N. H, SCHUHAKT, cl. 1827'.,. YV"E'Y:rd:.AN: '&, I Manufacturers of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry.Smokmg-Totiacco. ,, Retail Store&. Office: 81 Smithfield St. Factory: 5 &. 7 Union St.&. 112 Liberty St. J I GENERAl SELLING AGENT:-,V, A., ROBINSON, 124 'VATER STHEET;NEW J1 'VHOLESA.LE DEPOTS.-NEW YORK: Dusel, 11 WarreR St. H:.xter& I 12 Vonunerce St. HOS'I'ON: A. K. M.Ucn.ell, 35 Ce11tral St. SAVANNAH: Bendheim Bros. & t;o. :R.. I.: & Gorharn, 43 Street. '_lji. 1i' II" a<' h A reported that the new tobacco crop in that locality was 4-\:)! ,_ U "-,_ .\> n disposed of to dealers in about two days, the average price being 32 marks per cwt.' It is said that they had ,NEW YORK, SA.TURD,AY, F]}BRUA.RY 12, 188:1'. a better tobacco crop in that locality last year than for the past ten years. Several Heidelberg and Mannheim EXPORT TOBACCO STAMPS. firms are the purchasers. They bought 900 cwt.B, for At the meeting of the Committee of 'ways and which they paid about'28,800 marks. Means on Tuesday, Ron. J. Randolph Tucker, of Vir-From Wittlich a correspondent reports that the new ginia, presented a bill to repeal the stamp on the crop is still hanging on tile poles Most of it is bought exports of manufactured tobacco, and was instructed up by manufacturers who .pay onan.average to report favorably. This action of the committee 30 to 32 marks per cwt. Tliey use' this tobacco ior the is equivalent to a repeal of the tax in as the manufacture of twist and roll tobacco. From Nurem influ ence of Mr. Tucker will certainly secure the berg (Bavaria) a correspondent reports that during the prompt passage of the bill in the House. Virginia toweek ending Jan. 18 mollt 'of the remaining lots were bacco manufacturers have long regarded this stamp disposed of to dealers at prices rMging from 30@32 tax as an impediment to the progress of their industry, marks. La:rge lots conillldn grade of tobacco were and will heartily welcome the prospect of its 1 dis-bought up the towns of Scb.wa.lilach. continuance For the position which the Tlte prices paid ,by dealers ranged from 22 JUarks questipn_has assumed in Congress those interested in p41r 0 kilos ; .' > its disposal as proposed are not likely to forget that About the moyement of the crop 'in the tobacco pro they are indebted to Mr:. Tucker, one of the ablest 1ducing districts in the c'entral part Germany, a cor members of the House of and 1coJ. re spondent reports, n1_ting from _Duderstadt under w. P. Burwell, the latter having persistently urged datfl of Jan. 19 :-There IS 11; great demand fOr the pro the abolition of the tax in the Federal Courts and the duct raised id'the distriCt of Northeim. The average committee rooms of Congress fpr the past ten years. price paid is marks per cwt; exclusive of the tax. Even now .the Colonel is pushing the matter in Wash-' A variety1 laised in He se, kn vn a!i1Hessian .Bpitz ington. The Government will lose little by the reblatt, u p at an average rat ofl BO tnll.tks per moval cif the tax, and 'inany manufacturers will be cwt, without the tax. Th e cbrrespondent reporfs that pleased the:ueby, therefore let it pe speedily taken p;roducers )fl ,that ,locality te 'yery firm !ill their dethe ai'ena of debate. mands, and they expect to realize evenbettel'liJrices I last year. 1 t AT LAST.-E. S. Gtegory, the Committeegf Ways A correspondent writing from Mannheim, and Means of the Houiie of s says, of Jan. 18, reports that dealers from that city are still ought to have him m t.he ,wf'ty of engaged in buying up the new crop in the neighbOring moieties. :Mr. Gregory was the mfornier, rt. will' be re. d B 1 membered in the case Qf the U. S. Government GERMAN CROP AND MARKE'r diStriCts of Baden an the Palatmate. uyerb are a so against c.' Lilientlial,' institut.d ago. engaged in .A.lsaee up the new crop Mann AB CongreB!" has to pW!B m_a.tier, perhaps Mr. heim firms. The prices paid are 38@40 francs per 50 Gregory will )lave to wart !lntil he IS older kilos, exclusive of the tax. From Schanemheim it is before be gets his ntoney. '',, 1o q u [; J Jf l 1 fiv4 u t.Q cleaJ .. _. ..,...,. 70 o l mof.


PUIILJSliBI)I:&VDT U'l'UBDA. Y JlOBIIIIIIJ BY JIIE TOBACCO tEAF PUBLISHING COMPANY, rl06 MAIDEN L:MIE, YORit. oomi'!:it OF ftAit rrr.J..r. "' -..... .... BtmlC!I :-:-;:-;:.................................... EDl'I'OIL a:1aB.An. c:o ... ..... J ... .. ... ... ,. .......................... .. E'IXl, via. ENot..t.ND. . .................. I.OC ............... ....... "'" .. .. .... .. .. ...... .... ... .. 11.01 Revised Rates tor 0.:1o Six Three Y'3r. Months. Months. 14 Linc>llil One {',lnmn. ............... $25 $14 88 4 ver Tno < ;oHunns...... 45 24 14 S8 'Linco Ou Cdumu ........ .. 24 14 as L lnes NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES. Llaea .. ............................. ,60 Ceola. 14 ...................... : ............. 1Llni : : : ::::: ;::::::: :: "'I Llnoe Twe"lve ltion&lle ................................ 46.00 r.ruea'TJlree 19.a1he ................................ : .. :l8.0G Linea !llx l'tloa&b .............. ...... 16.00 Llnea Tweh'e l'IJ:oalllu................. .. .............. 80.00 Bea41q Blatter Bdl&orlal -, 18 per eeoc. Ga the above price. Remittance Cor .&d,.eri& and t.abae.rlp\loJui 11honld alwa;ya btt. made pe7able by,._JI'. 0. Ordc.r o.r iay .FEB.l2 lfi)!Or 9f an .the, -0)f the:ftfth of thil! paper OUl' .... ;will Ob b nd t renOOring of legal service to members at; reduced sel'Ve a specia ootice of Messrs. Straiton storm's .. bb us recently are." The Ancient" l.-ates to thOI!&" who choose to avail the!llselves of it, Qew and fragrant cigarette, the "Owl." The Owl" J4B H W 0 ; oth sell very rapidly. d h f t ill b dd d iie d bas been tracd.e-ma.rk for many yMrs and JRT A.THE'YS, tobacco agent, 78WarrenSt an_ 0 ea ures w e a e a:' expe nee Ml n'e millions oLt iJ' finest cigats are sold under/this bnmd trade is &little at present, owing to the cesstty wlll prompt. e-very year, an titer& !J! no doubt that with such C?f the weather. can only be made with /"I wonld only say, fin .ally, that the_gcbeme promises fa.cihties Straiton & Storm hAve at their d:!J:culty. Nevertheless bu.smflf!IS ill picking uv. 'and should a. ledger account of a.ll.the sales made fn to become a.n asSured success; that/ we are all tb-makers.m,..aty; eil & Co. this week HOld 150 bales of Ui IN TROU Bt.ES. l p ... e... c ., protective bureau or 11111 the sUggestion 14 nearly8llof 'whombelong 't.G-the mlli>n Me on a strike. 1 eheck to "TOB&'CCO LJU.F-PUIILiSDING CO." 'l'BB PROSPECT OF A PROTEOTIVB BtrB.EA.U. respectively called by wo oftbe speakers above cr&; of .Ige .. shoWn !1-DY .-::.;Mr. D LevysoldSOO casesPeiHllly;ITanlatoa. Wit:er ported, is presided over by a ,capable and trustworthy of yielding:t'.o dema.f!de : From the intervie'ws we have had with repreaenta man why should any merobant .. to tell thall and tll per thousand fqr the" different .. variet1es m Vega & IIOld 1to balee of WICILj HN &: CO., OINCINNA.TI, 0 There is. new respecting tbis failure. We hear that It lS..proba.ble that the firm willBOOil make an offer 10 tives of the l=f tobacco and cigar tradee the past 'th sal h .._ __ 1'.-..... 4 th f b" stead of fa, $9, and '$10. .. .. week. ....,. man e ee e ..... 111100""" an e names o "" s R week we are inclined to believe that both cigar :zhanupurchilaers, when dsured hiit h1 ihvn name .,Yill A B.a.n:iuPTQY.-IILthe ChaMbe't of cO.inmere, ,ALL &: 00., OW YORK, II', Y. fa.cturers and tobacco merchants are ready to never be J'8Tealed to anybody 9 No merchant, of da.Y. Colonel Freden. c k A .. cr.. o.'iili:.'lirur. d t I f f b f tual t lut h ,._, """ b Messrs. E M. Crawford & Son bought several cases a op a. Pan or ormmg a ureau or mu proteocourse will hesitate once he ill 8111Ured that inviolable arne n I0!1 w .PT. AAW:Y'IgiJOr e 1879 Pennsylvania. this week t on the only difference betwee the two branch-' . ._L commt tee's .report ana anproved Judge Lowell's Ill E. &: A. FRIEDliiA..N, BT. LoUis; MO. There nopnng de J:especting the litlttl!!ment of the affairs of this firm. 1 ; n secrecy ts mamtained 11). thl uentiW. particular. as amended by the ,Na.tfo):Ull Board of Trade, and eSSJ'II. M. eaber & Co. sold U7 Clilll8 1879 >ye have nothiDg new to report concerning being this, w the leaf men are thinking, the Should a bureau be e&t!lblisbed, care must be taken. mo,:v,!l'll that the Senators 8.,ll.d. :Representa;iv.!!ll in.Ji!on-Penusylvania t Messrs. levy Bros. It .Is the creditol'll Will no$ ):.,cei't'e-any-manufaeturerslare acting. manufacturers in the that its is-80 obligated. tha:t the names of gress be requested to favor i.ts .enactment as a law. I -'-Messrs. Alriiirall & a. good busilless in tbmg. co';lrse of the week have held two meetings, ap-, s?llers shall be disclosed except by their permis-T.UBII PAID'hall P. :Blakb theiio line of Havana tobaooos. BILLIEB :saos. a: co., P.a.. pomted a committee tb 'de fee a rijport on the best swn. Tlie obJect of 'the bureau will be the conserva Coli tor f 1 al Re le d f -Messrs. N Lachenbrucb & Bro. sold 423 cases 1879 We hear that a number of the creditors of this firm .ali""' ""f t n-.... .....,., '""'d ec o n ... m v.enue, vie a tax o on.e Housatonic to Messrs E. Spingarn & Co. have accepted the offer of 33v cents. "' as tion Of ancl}euew of the'trade, twenty-fourth 'part of 1 per. cent. per'month on the 73 tlie committee have com p ,thetr deliberatiOn tl!eY' hence each membero f the trade may be expected to capital of the New York Gua.ra.ntee !Lnd lndi!mnity -Messrs. ll.-Sehllbart & Co. sold 400 ca.aes 6 l?enn SEIDENBERG & CO., Nft YOBrwill report il! the clleerf\illy conform to the establisheu for elaiming that they :were, the law, sylva&Ii.a, oUSZe gl'.owth, during the week. A, meeting of the of this-.Jlrmwas held at; turere' Associa\iou. It announced'; we may; its '"'l'vemment subJect to tax as a. bankmg a.secmatJOn The PennMsessrsylvo:.-!'La. toOpper.nHbe.iKmoeern&J_gBrtb"IB. soweeldkl.llii cases 1879 eor?eWprede nesdt 1!-Y lasTht. Quite a nfumhber of the th t th 'ttea' 1 bo ded d 'Cba. "'> company pa1 e tax for severalyearsunder protest. Mr. u sen Mr. omson, o t e commitsay, a e commt -" 11 rs are en an t-r EXiatmg jealou!'Y and distrust will yield to the spirit Finally, they brought suit fn the United States Circuit .-Messrs. F. & Co. sold this week some very tee appomted by the cred1tors to examine into the con they are ready to reporr. to meeting to a{ as soon as it is realized that in union all Court to recover the amount of tax w hic.kthey claimed mce lots of RemediOs and Vuelta Abajo. dition of the bankrupt firm, that its liabilities Blank's Hall, dext, a t 'half'past 18 o'clock ; on a plane of equality. Satisfy they bad paid !n excess. The company contt.nded that -Mr. Augustin, of Messrs Augustin & Dusel reamounted to 1463,807, after t owing out claims in From .what we leara it is the intention of 'the tb t ti' tb t "'. hb t to they were subJect to tbe tax referred to only on that turned home from Virginia. on Monday last. West of $63,000; of Upmann, in Havana, amount-. .. a. u.u:tneig oriBno gvmg part of their capital which was employed in banking mgto$329,000,a.ndtwocla.imsnowinsuitsforreplev-a.ssocta.twn to elect. o!le year, and a. get o t h<>?k or by -crook," if he business .. Judge l:'endered ,, decision, Tues-Mr. S. Kaufman, cigar manufacturer, this city, in, amounting to $37,000. The amounted to plan that wtll go mto o,Jttatwn before another week lows the pa.1fP. pul"Bued by his fellow -men and he Wlll day boldmg that the plamtiff was entitle d to pay the bought about 50 ca.aes Seed-leaf on Thursday $151,700. In answer to a question of Mr. Thurber Mr has passed. The leaf meu, who started in the race at soon take the-trail-with as keen a.-soent C:.S the fleetest on the banking capital, and gave judgment Messrs. Gustav Salomon & Bros. disposed of 70 Joseph Seidenberg said that the firm would the same time, have t _hus fM held only one meeting, m favor of the company for ,24,576 ,.75. cases 1879.Pennsylvanla and 50 bales of Havana. to pay than 25 per C!lnt. to the cred1tors. of his M E H ffm & S ld 100 This would be m notes at six and n1'ne months' at which a committee wns np]!Oiuted to consider two essrs. 0 an on so cases 1879 Penn There is, nothing in the world to prevent a perfect REVENUE RAISED FROM STAMPS-MR. CARLISLE's E)l'sylvania, of their own packing, during this week. Mr. had carefully 'explained plans brought before them fm Llie purposll of forming union of the dealers in Seed leaf and Havana tobacco, FORT TO :ABOLIBH. IT.-Mr. carlisle, of Kentucky, who -Messrs. Lichtenstein Bros. & Co. bought 150 cases the. .condttJOn of, a. motion was made to accept a protecti ve bureau, and it is to be hoped their com and the manufacturers of cigars, for mutual protection bas been thought to have some knowledge of ;the 3ub1879 Pennsylvama from Messrs. Basch & ]'ischer the offer, but Mr. the chairman of the invesmittee will act energetic a lly in the matter and be ready against losses by credit but the want of a disposition of to the Way!! and,jlfeans Com-Messrs. Havemeyers & Vigelius sold 298 cases 1879 tigating that he should not accept the t t t 1 d A f th 1 f m1ttee a measure abohshing the stamps p n bank checks, Oh. u L B S amount ouere a t ough the other creditors were in 0 repor a an ear Y ay. umon e ea men lS to unite for that object. A Protective Bureau can be paf.ent medicines, perfumery; etc. Mr. Carlisle and 10 to .w.essrs. oms remer s ons, Philadelphia. of doing so. His claim was for money advanced beyond a doubt a necessity of the times. organized that will meet the wants of the merchants the Ways and Means .(lommittee ought to know that Mr. H. Friedma!l disposed of a. number of very on diScounted notes. Counsel for Mr. Seidenberg ar The New York merchants in their trade in every and manufacturers if they resolve to adopt that the revenue raised from-stamps is that most certainl'v, fine l ots of Connecticut and some Havana., a.t good gued the point a.t considerable length, but was unable State of the Union, from Maine to California, are method of protection. If it be decided that a. bureAu, easily and cheaply collf'lcted, and that it ought for tHis pnces. to Mr. Thomson's detetmination. The latter expot'ed to the disadvantages of not having a national reason to be the .repealed. The revenue from ad Messrs. Schroeder & Bon disposed of several hun said h e believed the assignee could close out the stock with all that thst implies, can be dispensed with, tljen hesive statnps amounted last year to ove 1 seven a.nd i a. dred cases of fine Pennsylvania. and Housatonic tobac s o that the c.reditors could realize a greater percentage bankmpt I&w in forcQ; and the re-establishment of the next promising .measure of relief worthy of adop half million dollars. Mr. Carlisle that tp.e cos this week. ?f .thetr l!O per cent. The meeting ad such a. law is one of the objects sought to be tionisthesigned statement above mentioned, and in Treasuryshalllosealmostthewholeofthls,andforpo -Mr. H. G. Vetterlein, the Philadelphia tobacco JOUrned wtthout to definite conclusion. effected by a trad.e bureau. A cooJI?ra.tive bureau vogue among Je. wellers and furniture dealers, and, pos reason i!J the world that O.f!Y one who has given eveq a broker, was in our market tl;Iis week and transacted We hea r tb:;t-t the creditors in vor of accepting the h bas be discussed would certa. 1 bl 1 study of questions of taxa.twn could gtve. some business. lower rate will probably.sign a paper e:r;pressing their sue as mY ena. e our sibly, other tradesmeD!. -As an illustration, we hllre The present. Qongress ought certainly k! make ho -Mr. John B. Heil, dealer in and a.cker 0 to"--co willingness to accept. lea. men to obtam as to present a copy of the form of statement signed by per cha!lges at all m the rev:enue.Ia:ws, but remit the whqle the wft.t. 't """b : Mr. Bunzl, the assignee, informs .us that be cannot of purcha.eea ma:de m this market by pa.rttes seeking sons desiring to purchase jewellery OJ1 credit:-subJect to a. revenue commiSSion. On the report or' ness this -week a vww o USI say when the next meeting of the creditors will take ond would prevent such buyers from overNEw YoRK, ........... 18 s_ucb a. body o.r the next Congress can act intbl-"_ a!;'1 place, and that his firm lias not agreed to a.ceept 25 tra.dmg and frequently from failures. M .................... a.nd perfedctl,r sa.Cfe to say totbatbrrolisrhevbenhke cents. -----. Wt'tb reference to the formatt'an of one buH b ] b th b 1 commJSSlOn w ever a vtse ongress a o a n ,.. r ...,., u ow muc cap h.. ave you m e usmess checks or stamps in general. home on. Friday. neported FiD:ure11 and Business AJ.Tan&:"ements. re!m, to which both leaf merchants and manufacturers Is any of above capital J. s. Gans' Son & Co. disposed of 500 ca.sea [From "BIWIBTBBE'r'B."l b bel uld "-t 't if Whell did you last take an inventory! TRADEu. RKS-DEOISION OF THE OF f k' d d f b' h BII.OOEL....-; N o""Lo:go, cigano;chnttelmortg,..,...'"'venfor"""". r: mrg ong, e wo say ...... I lS our opmJOD, What is the amount of your outstanding good ac-"UA ruru .. 10 vartohus mffis, commJSSJOn goo s, 0 w IC samples EasTON, Pa.-W H. Youngkln, 'snch a bureau were formed, it would enure to the counts! PATENTS.-The Commissioner of Patents, in obedience ay at t e1r o ce. t ."tor-fliiO. 1 I benefit of both trades, inasmuch as it would reduce the How much do you owe for merchandise! to an order from the Secretary of the Interior, issued -Mr. Merfeld, of. Messrs. Merfeld & Balti: cigar manufacturer; realty mort/pro ,-ata expense of members to a. minim:um, and {)re Do you owe any berrowild money! bas our fQl"" last few days Horner, cigars and tobacco; chattel mortgag& I ate a. free intercourse and a better feeling generally. Have you any real or personal property outside of trade marks--to b .,.,...;,ted ib. the ma mg pur llllimr&l'OWJ<. tobaeconlot; &llllgnOleft, 'oiial>-.. !lr .l!'hm aDd. ,BaiiJo .... !!iOJ'Ler d.ecided that he bad jurisdiction to declare town UUB' w"k gn a husineee tour th W t Mr. Md Baro &; eo 1 ut r=-1 Dta.nufa.cturers to have only members of tl:ieir OWn ul. (Signature) .................... te f be..... th t dBl k 11 S' 'll 1..-bl c -' e es' tl B OV".., .. 1 ..., a;n m r erence .... e par 1es, an ac we ap..,rry WI pro.,.. y ,aosent fgr a-.mopth or-eo,. '. trade m IISSOClahon; but when thef learned that tA .this from buyers Ji!!aled to the Secretary; wf!o -Mr. Henry Ros,eq:wl'l.d, of :S. Bolfenwa.kl & W)litaltei"A..,. \ leBf mercliants-were_ at' !mmedl., It"l8 for that BJGner_. of bad no 1'! the Bro., has. jufl_t returned from tlie Housatonic Va.lley ; .IK>-IobaCol_. and tobacco; old to.&.; ately came to the conclueJon that a umon would l5e "frill-not gladly4urmsh It-In -exchange for credit and directed annul the where he hu "-n attending td tbe-hluriR8118'tif the fl..m" ll.UILIOao, Kau ..,I. .B. Le..-J,s, out. 1 f 1 be tru ted : 'The gave the CommtBIIOner directions ;nr"r .. l r ,-.: -),..,., T, lllil! Y.__XirialiBII &lllmonlou. dilao!Te411'1Joa. beneficial to both mterests, and stated as much a.t a.n sa e Y' s e, .ever to continue to receive for -Mr. S. Abraham,of Pearl Street: Brices paid for tobacco, and that try. 'fbe PRESIDENT said Mr. Hammerstine alao had 1 plan designed for the same purpose, which that gentle man was prepared to submit to the meeting 1 -... 11 ru . 00 have larger reiources, and I consider tobacco the most niany contemplate d1scontinuing the cultivation of it ,,r will, or ebould, be the means of eliciting a. full expreswhose largely eonnectedwtth the cigarand suitable means of obtaining them. Parliamentary eon altogether. sion ufthe sentiment of our m erchants, both as to t:he fubaccointerests. fiicts will not make me swerve from my principles, evils resulting from the existing credit system and the From this bureau' a system of securing informa.I shall not retire until the Emperor commands me to do After Mr. Rockfeld completed the reading of hi papers, Mr. Reed was introduce d, who s tated that h 'l'B.ADE DOINGS AND SAYINGS. was formerly secretary of the Furniture Board o r ,. measures Tequisite for its modification, in order that tion regarding the. indebtedness to the trade of .any so." Prince Bismarck's remarks on tobacco were gen : more pro teet! An m"y'be to those who have ]a. +-urchaser on<'cre'dlt 1ha.s'been .invented1wbich is a.d erally interpreted as hinting at a. Government monop.. oly. The debate will be resumed to-morrow. o teFly been ot->may l;Iereafter be victims, mii.-1\ble iii all\itis details, The, eources ,of infurmation : .. -of id At all events, it. rendered our propOsed inter 'reniain Und isclose'd, even 'to the perilous :iDr.cbarge of ii\vlelil! unnecessary for tbet _ime being, and they, thei!f)-' thll liureiu; while at thi! 118.111'8 time the party making Neptune" cbew:ing tobacco sells. briskly both Trade, and was the originator of Bradstreet's Commei on tts merits and on. aceount. of the priZes that are ciii.l Directory. He then gave tbe board an aceount < in it. his experience ,as BeCf'etary of the Funiihire Boar fore do not appear in this edition as prolllislld and {it! th'e' inquiry -is @qUally ull'known oneelse. .. iendjlli: Converaing in the early part of the with Th1ssy'stein prevents ttre action of' any; jea.lu1J8y or -"r a few prominent mercbr.nts on this subject: \v e noted tfadecompetitibll'frollllinterfering with t-he -operations "IIOtDe of the observation& made to an'd Ml'e 1-epto l of-th'e same time it will render a ..... duce the'm : 1 '"' precorlce'rted!fmudJ'II. :of gree.t diflicuUy, i not "We stei)s shoulility. -,. teet the merchants from eo many' lOMe& by creditS, but ,. "TM''a8s00lation will a.lso have the benefit of the 'iloubt it the tr8de be inducoo to unite fu ah a.tadvice of OOuhee>without:tbarge;,to ite membenl. It. tempt to protect thim1selves. we would d>"oierate if will, by' united puniah- fraud, .and certainly the whole trade would act together." ; < effect bl!tter sett]ein8iltil' WillrinsolTent e&taies than by The trade should o.-ganize in 'way. I the i:J.xfeting tful>'i'ganilfed state oil affaire. I in forming a. bureilU iliihitar 'to tba't in I sue "In otl:ilir wOrds \ we are thoroughly in earnest, and cessful operation in some ottier ti-adet f ; for' friiltance in will certainly no longer submit to the 'stand and the jewellers'-and U IS''Wbrth an deliver' practices-of""-persons who deliberately! and l: 7'eftort to see if' some pwtection cannot be obtained, and 1'01 and Swindle ue 1 making a 1 believe that t.f li'B all are will ins to do our strong effort to prevent it. bure'au for that purpdlle clm 'be-inade a penil&Dent sue "lb. addition to the above features, it is propot!ed to cees." soften in:ameasure the results of the .recent decitaiOllB n "Wearereadyto join anything th&tlooks'praetic of the:United-States,Suprenie Court declaring the : '&bte, btit M yet we haft DOt seen or b8ard of aay -plan Trade-mark Registry unconstitutional, by bav look sa. To'!nake a movementIJ1l00ellliful ing®istry bureau at the association room8. Tradeyou must have every n1lii'Chattt'bere iD it." 1 marin! are a very important tactor in the pl'088Cution We will co-operalie with the trade' in any steps of a cigar manufaciuring bwsinees, 'and it is belisved G.t iM)' &.b *0 "'"'"'vel apiDR )0f141e1 that this fee.$ure will commend itself w all manufac from ihuale of goode oa ciedlt." wrers lilllleib a nu oae. ME88RS BuOHNEit &: Co. re_port bUIIinese as being of Traae, and explained in detail the.nature and metho BU8llflii8B Xlillf'l'ION. veryfair, and -that it will be OO.tWl: o( the plan introduced by. the previom '11peaker. ____ .. ta L D au Al. _., -stheweather1.81mDroVm"', The PllIDENT:-Is i':Jour-plEIIII!;Ill'e to deliberal WE are p ., s te ... at ro.c pm, .I!Jsq., Ill .... r. ....,.., the plan .......... ... ...._ -al t, d tte d' f h to hi "ESSRB. R. 'll' y & Co. recet'ved an o rd e r -UpoD-p.,_,.. ""' you, --:'Y-911Pre.., conv escen an .IS a n 1ng a ew ours Y ll .111. .... \o hear now froll:l Kr. Hammeratine 1 business affairs. Thursday for 20S'j000 of their Key the,bill Mr. IUch .e&sel!' as this 1 don THE office of Messrs. D. H. McAlpm & Co., for which dlollt $20;000. 'iblnk a ea.n e'1<8"i'.deeide; I think it isalwa.;y'slE of this City under the management of Mr. Th. E. Alleo, MR. ToBY, of 162 says business in to committee to consider and examine the pl&Ds pr is at 151 Chambers Street, and a -large aasort!llent of etgarettef! and IS very Utaf, -PQds can always be found therE!. large busmess wtll be done durmg slimmer. a oCbmmittee o five be appointed to look in$0 t THE sales of D. H. Jr.&: L. V. AT tbe .. IIOJK!ri4J., .Oigar Ma.nufacto'ry Mr. re: t and largei!lup!D-ent of W;, T. & de 'Saba. you propose, Mr. Harnmel'l!ltine, you-reall7" .bav( Co. s secop.d of their Long C':t: has MR. F .ALK, tobacco agent, of 110 l,"hambers establish some sort of a bureau-;-,must have some been reeetvecf ME188rs. M, & Co a :ware-says business in smoking tobacco is improving. The to manage this busilletlB, some ODe have chaJ"Ke o 9 Warren Street, this ctty .. ThiB k!bacco IS pu.t prospects are that busineas will t.e getting better, Mr. HA.MliiERSl'lNE:-Yes, air; there is an execu up m a handsome package, embellished w1th a. beauti prices are very. poor. committee who control of it. fwla.bel. Mr. ScOVILLE:You employ a young lawyer? Ma. Joe F. FLAGG, for many years connected lbllsBS. a JAcOBY&: Co.-BUllinese is .fair, the best Mr. HAXliiiiiiS'l'lNJ::-Tel, we :-Jk. Wise h I h f Th Hoyt & Co tobacc cMm&n4 for flae grades of cigars. Our Metro-""" t. e ate OWMI o omas ., o manu po' lltan.Bavanas, ant ... exoellenth We antici receives tlOO a year fl'CIIIl each ller &he C1 this city, has bought. the machinery of tbe ..,. J .llaDW.OWrWI' .ABaocia&ioiL (the lairsnc11., .............. and eveg pate a better trade when the weather OJl8DII up. llr. "RosdWAU>:-iYou put thh '1lumberucfnaa elllllhavlaeen pwchaaei IIJ :aa:-._ D. Ell@ X.S.. S. 0nDB&IIG &: Baos.-'l'rilde is'Pickldlr up' 11.-.if I the o e Co.,) ancf will soon }C: a new tobacco manu very nicely, and. Will continue to c1o 110 u tile wealber you h'otr the' bocA: iiillt C ttl ......, box the oN iliuad, 486! clears "P aod roada beeome pallable. The new lODP to the boarcl-&he 1arp I ..


1 .. I \AIESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (Special to THE TOBACCO LEu.) KENTUCKY. Hinkleville, Feb. 1.-Sinoe Saturday, Jan .29, the weathe,r. has mode .rated very greatly; so much 110 that .the snow which has Iain on the ground most of the, time for the pli.Bt three monthil i.s gone. For 13everal days tobl!oCCO has l>een in order for stripping, and since Saturday some deliveries have been. made;. but as delivering is concerned, we are in no better condi when everything was frozen, for now. the r ad5 are m 13uch a shape that it is impossible for to be done. Should the weather remain open aud rain, it be fully ten, days before the ground would be sufficiently firm to admit of haulint>. However, it is probable that everything willagam be frozep before th1s reaches you. Dealers have again been 1looking around considerably, and we hear of pretty large sales, and at prices not differing materially th?se which we have Jlrcvious1y In th1s }JQ.rt\on of the countr,v Ca1ro buyers have been cir pretty _freely .smce the m1ddle part of last weelr, and WEl thmk tll!l\l' amounted to a good many, thousll-nsl poun'jls. Sorpo o f the Paqucah dealers haye ))een in neighborhooqs adJacent to this1 put as tegipuing ;.to tall!; crop, anq ', use, which is believed to have been '""""u"' by water, the firemen having completely nooqea building in order to save it. Messrs. Ybor & Co, stock WM insured to the full extent of the dl!dllage done to it. -' TIQ: OIGAB BosTON, Feb. 9, 1881. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF:-! notice in a late number of THE LEAF that .the subject of reduction of tax on cigars is again discussed.", Altho\lgh perfectly satisfied witb. prese .ut tax of per M ; I would suggest (if the tax is to be reduc:ed), mstea4 of a reduction of one or two dollars per 1ri to take place at any one time, that if a bill pould b e passed reducing tax 25 per cent. per 1;! first day of June next, and another 25 per cent. per M on September 1, a third reduction December 1, etc .. etc., the greatest number would have the benefit, and no one be injured. Yours, CoNSERVATIVE. Reply.-Our correspondeut is here that there is little likelihood of any concerted movement being made to have the cigar tax reduced at this ses sion of Congress. As we write, only a few days remain to the session, and if the cigar manufacturers were a unit for' the reduction there would not now be time to effect the neclissary legislation. Unfortu nately for themselves, manufacturers are not a unit or anything like it on this subject, some desiring to have the cigara unitorm, as it sl)ould. be, with that 00 it remain aa 111 at preeeDt. Without of a Fith the lin\it:ed timo at lt& it' can hardly 'l:ifl d1Bpl;a.y aD.Xlety to .work. Every one here feels take, the intO COrsi deration; evlln that !if he did Of iJ, do so by n u'n1teli trad!!; PoBSibLy at the he ;(1oulq, not anophij The, 18, the, ,1 ensugw sef!i\)n. if vigorqusfy toq ,Oiktobai:so; but lis: that ,end, w1li put t q e Cigar tr&de tin a pi.Ane of equality IS theu: trammg and !.here IS p.o use UJ trywg to teacli in taxation with other the to. 'i'tldustry We The sales recently m Cairo })ave been should, chang9 tax'in"th limited to a few hogsheads; 'and thl;l!a generally in bad our cortesponqent. Few perspns, 1 we ordef; sal. es with, any degree apprpve of th!lt method if chOice could be of any of md1cate the true va)ue of tobaCco. So faJi as it is so of1the.painful.treatment to. lugs offered IWY.!l"relapve)y,been hig!teJ; tha\1 leaf. wh10h the ilog's ta1f m _tbe story subJected l .whicb of l)'l.Qderately good as much, was ,cut off a little p1ece at a t1me to accustom tlie' as 4K cents, Pretty,flJ-1-1,' leaf, dJd not bring over ""'"-'-""to the operation, as to inspire an almost uni5_ cents. If the w eat!J,er favorable for hand prejudice against it. When tbe tox on cigars ling tobacpo a few d ys, as soon aa the roads improve repuced to four dollars per thousand as it must be sufficiently,' tJ::tere will be much larger sal es at Padusooner 'or later if the tax on manufactured tobacco cab.. G. '\'V. S. and s nuff i s to continue at sixteen cents a pound, it Owen County Dutrict. should be done at ence, in a single qay if possible, to Nt) W Liberty, Feb. 7.-The tobacco in our county is preve11t the derangement of business incident to long weighing out more pounds to the acre than it llas for d!lbates and their suspense in business several years. We think .that three-fourths of the c1rcles. crop has be(ln bo!Jght at from $10 to $18 per hundred round, ifrom .the ground up. The fine cutting qualities. in this crop :are scar.ce, but the crop on the a useful one. We have a few crops in the ate very fine colory ctittiog. D, & Y, ,, '.


-----------COD!!idlll'l'bly with plaliters in regard to the 1881 Ct:OP1 from what I could hear on the there no attempt in this eouutry to incr:ease thA av of J year. appear to be with of toba.cco and the low pnces the;r for it, and no doubt will unilertake tliA proCluction of something that promises a Qetter pro.flt for tailor. There 1s noli" tobacco lllled and no intl!NIItltaken in the,aubject. The 1880 crop 18 yet unsold planterS being unw1lling to take the prides. J. B.J. OHIO. Ea.tern Ohio Dtl!trict. 1 'Feb. 1.-The tobacco crop is'about all up at prices running from $3 to $11". Testimate the crop now at about 12,000 thds, one-halt of which 1s air cured will go to the Cmcinna.ti market, and the balancii to Baltimore. There 18 a great deal o( frozen tobaccp. H. W. H. II( SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Special to TB.II ToBAOCO LEAl') NEW YORK. BaldwinsVille Gazette, Feb. 5 :-Large transactiom in old i879 State have taken place here since our last report' ; aome 700 cues have been taken by dtfferent buyers for export and manufacturing purposes Messrs. tleo. P. lije'l' & Co., of Syracuse, have pur cbaaed friiely"of i879 "at reported prices varying from I to Sc for runnmg lots. S Abraham, now of N!lw also comllS in 11.8 a buyer for purpoees, rui.d we learn he took two car loads fiooiD. Warner's week at figures ranging from 7 to Sdfio{md. 11 lles8\'8.1 E Rosen,_w-a d & Btti are taking largely of the leaf. 1 Their genetal agent here has sub-agents o'ut purohimng everything tliat comes within a certain range ef' figures. we }b:esnmll at from 5 to 7c, all, we believi,' 'for exp\>rt account. We presume they' will have bO'n$ht by Satuloday night of th18 week one thouaanll cases of 187'9. The noo'ks ani!. corners of our countl't', froln Medin'Ei1 Orleans Coun'ty, on the west, to lladison Count;r on tne east, are bemg searched for old State, and, JUdging from the avidity with which it is taken, we cannot where, after this week, the next tw.qJiundred clu!es are coming from. Our old is now effectually cornered. Messrs. Cromer & Hoff, Balbimore firm, are still here buying, but we think will not exceed 100 cases, though we learn' tliey desire a much larger quantity than 100 cases. We quote prices-f6r 1879 at 5, 5:\f, s, 7, 7;14, 8, 9 and. 10c for runnmg lots, accordmg to quality Cold:weather contmues Nothing m 1880 to bacco. .A,IJ, the growers are waumg patiently for a thaw. ; Pur new tobaeco 1s an excellent crop. CONNECTICUT AND MASSACHUSETTS. Southampton, 'February 7 -The followmg sales are reported here the past week Judson Rowley, laCIeatlOand 5, Jerome Pometoy, 12 and 5, R T Wetherell, p t to E R VanDeusen & Son, West field; Harris L N1'mocks, 11, m the bundle; S A :Spoonel-; 12, m the bundle, to Mr Hathaway, of Suf0onn Z A Moore to H G Taylor, of West "field, 11, m the bundle Whate1y-We hear of one sale of new the past week, whteh-was taken down earlv last fall. D1ekmson Bros. about 5 tons Havana Seed to Gtaves & Tucker, in the bundle; G & F D1ckmson, 37 cases '79 (31 wrappers and 6 seconds), to Graves & Co1ley Northampton i both sales on pr1 vate terms. CoR Amerzcan Cultivator, Feb. 5 -The weather remams cold 'and dry, and our growers almost -despa1:r1 o( their crops down at all, as more than two-th1rds of the wn1ter 1s past. We lfeport tlie following sales m the valley. At Ellington, Conn., 1lot of 4 acres at 14 through, and 1 lot of 3 acres at 15:\f through At Feedmg H1lls 4 small lote have l>een sold at 10, 11 and 12 m the bundle. "These lotS' are below the average m quahty. Buyers are and lotS that are str1pped are readily sold .A1; Wh'ate y 1lot of 7 acres at p. t.; it is understood, however, t'o be at full prices, as the lot was a good one There are but very few lots 1n readmess to be sold anywhere in the valley. N ew England Homest ead, Feb. 5 -Enfield, Conn.G. H Booth J Pease and H. Button have sold the1r tobacco to J. N Allen at 10 in the bundle, sa1d to be ordinary lots. It is rumored that the buyers m th1s town, wl:lo buy on private account, have made an agreement, with each not any of this year's crop. 1f a good softenmg t1me comes m February, the will be much better, than 1f str1pped very early m the and' the growers and packers will have tlir A m which to work. Elh yolfll :....."' targe aiaount of tobacco st1llre mama" gmg on poles waiting to be dampened by the et1-liting fq g anq. 'varm 'rains, so acceptable to thel rmer.'' Probably aboJJt o1,1.e half the tobacco bas b -pro, es as good as expected. o pave sql< as far, as lqlown, are Juhus Ktbbe,, t'hi'olsgh '.AJ Peck, "15:\f through, Thomas Franc1s Pmney, 15 through. no 1 PENNSYLVANIA. PetetSburg, Feb. 8.-&1es of new leaf are pretty freely in all (or so) d1strJCts throughout OUr COUijty r send you a list Of them 1ll haste, With a good omissions that have escaped my memoty C. Hessaold toLachenbruch Bros, New York. 2M acres at 23, ilii 8 and 3 J os. Becker, to Skiles & Frey, Lan at 20 through; W. Woodcraft, to Long, Man heim, at 19, 7 an,d 3, A. Haverstwk, t9 We1tzel, Pottsville, 3 at 16", 7 and 3, A. Mease, to same, 1 at 20, 7 and a' ,J. Zook, to same, 2 at 23, 7 and 3 I J. Kromli'rig, 'to same, 1 at 21, 7 and 3, C. !3we1tzer, to --, Pluladelph1a, 8 at 17, 15:\f, 6 and 3, H. nt 18 6 (\.lld 3, L ev1 ess, 1 -at 1,9, 7 aud '3; J 1M Bios, Ph1ladelphm, 2a t 16, 7 and S; W t sa e, 1 at!!S, 8 and 3, A Ii W1tmer, to Benson, St. Louis, 3 at 22, 10 and 5, Israe l Bare, at 25 and 5, Dame! B Kreider, to Htlke 2 at 22, 8 and 4; Jacob Hess, 6 at 22, 6 andJ3; C. Knootz1 1 at 20, 6 addtl, S'allllilll FJllbz, to Htlke, 4 at 22, 8 and 4. Jacob WIIS Offered by t\VO buyers 20, 10 and 5, and 20, gund 8, .for'JJ acres, but refused 1t. It is Slti.'U too oold' take or get tobacco from the poles As reports qre m more fully from all parts of the my estimate at present IS that there must be sold near or qtilte 4, 000 cases 1880 crop Lancaster Countyileat. CORRESPONDENT. Lancaster New Nra, Feb 5 -While the large sales of the prev16us fortntght could not be looked for m consequence of the small amount of old tobacco still in the hands of packers, nevertheless the sale of about 550 cases attests the hvelmess of the demand. Messrs. Peifer & Kendig sold a packmg of 163 cases of 1879 goods to Messrs --, of Pluladelph1a I. M. Stauffer & Son sold to the same tirm 120 cases df 1879 goods Christ1an B. Herr, of Manor township, stJld h1s 1878 crop of 74 cases, packed by hunself, to Mr. Fenstemacher, buying for a. New York party, for about 13c through. S N Ackerman sold 28 cases of 1879 crop to Mr. J. Lobenstem, of New York. The prtee h8.!1 not been made pubhc. Messrs. Skiles & JJ'rey sold 100 cases on private terms, m two separate of 30 cases each We only know of a smr;le firm 1;hat still ho1ds ovet' 500 cases vf old goods1 and these, no dou'bt, >yill be taken before long. The aoove shows a decrease in sales Of C&AeB COmrared With last week 1,150 cases, and an mcrease o 150 cases compared w1th tbe transactions of the correspondmg week of last year. The weather the past eight days has been unfavorable alike to sellers and buyers. More than to all causes combined, the s'mall volume of sales may b e atuibuted to the prices asked This, at least, iB the complamt of the buyers, who ms1st upon it that goods; especially the lower grades, are held at pnces far above the1r actual worth. Lancaster :Exammer and' Exr)ress, Feb. 9 :-Our loca l tobacoo market contmqes brisk, and the demand 'for tobacco of the 79 crop has not abated. There is not much over a thousand cases left m the county, and over half of that is held by one firm in th1s City. Tbe aales since our last report amounted to over 500 cases A. Teller sold 100 cases, Sklles & l!'rey 100 cases, C. H Herr, of Manor, 74 cases to a New York buyer, and :S. N Ackerman 28 cases to Mr. Lobenstein, of New York. Reports from the county in most cases say that not much has been stripped, though in some sectiOns .almost every crop IS ready for the market. Kennett News and AdvertiSer (Kennett Square), Feb. 9:-A few sales of the crop of 1880 have been made in this section Wlthm the last ten days. The weather has been too cold for buyers to examme crops. We hear that Wm. Marshall and C. C. Worth have sold their crops, terms private Franklin Frame, of Pocopson, sold his crop to a Phll8idelphia buyer, at 20, 8 and 3c. OHIO. llia!Wsburg Bulletin, Feb. 5 :-Prospects of a season favora.ffie to taking down the are very ephemeral and At thts writing the weather is very clear and cold and tlie roads are covered with ice. .l'rtces are nominal, and the market depressed. A feature of the 1880 crop will be -.. tb.e early cuttihg and' a little more than the tion of white Vl!ins, This latter blemish subject of muCh angry and unprofitable dlBCussion among Eastern papers. the conclusion being that it is due to white clai soil. The best 'theory here, !IUP ported by blase a.11d inquiry, points to late (too ripjl) and htgh sheds as the cause of w bite veiDB. Sheds' are' sometimes built five to Fix tien high, ang in. ;such structures wh1te are found above the second ttAr and none belO'l" Sheds should not ll!l carried above three tiers, and a strong force should be employed to cut the crop quickly, at the proper tiple. If only a small number are engO!ied at this work, sdme p'drtion of the crop will be too r1pe before 1t is reached, and the veins 'will pecdme Impervious and cure white. Manchester, Jan. 31.-Nowageneral thaw; the river is gettmg clear of tee. Tobacco coming in freely; the buyers are holdmg off. Probably two-thirds of the crop bought; prices a little off now. Quahty good, except badly frozen. W. D. & Co. WISCONSIN. J. Wisconsin Tobacco Reporter, Feb. course of the Tobacco Growers' A.8soc1atwn in sending samples to cigar-makers, and showmg them just what W18consin does prodljce and that it 18 not entirely composed of export goods; by a large majority, not generally meetmg w1th faVOJI among dealers who have operated freely m our productions, and it is clairrled that it will m the enii result dlBastreusly, and be a serious damage illStead of a. benefit, and various arl;uments are made to prove !lOCh assertwns. We idea that this feelu:Jg hil.s something to , but that question wtl1 soGn be decided,; fer the spring brehlc-IJp 18 not far off. On the 'it is c'Iaimed that our should be g'enerally"better known among the manufaoWrerlt; M of-our goods have bMnc sold, for that of other States, 1t has proven a. senous stumplmg-block to the industry. This is good reason mg, t our esttmat10n, and m the end w1ll result for the best. Ma ufacturers bad already begun to find out the de cept10n practiced, and the time would surely have come, in the near future, when Wisconsin goods would becoiDe generally known for thetr several excellent quah tes, and the actwns of the association w11l only hast the mev1 table result, and, m such an event, the soone 1t takes place the better. The assoCiation is meet'ng w1th encouragements that have sat1sfied them a t least that they are on the right track, and tte mem bersh,tp 18 becommg da1ly augmented. The raising of Havana S8ed in Wisconsin is ac knowledged by al} competitors to be an assured suc eess It has always met a and active sale, and we do not know of a pound of 79 Spanish remaJ.ning m first hands m this sect10n. These goods are bound to sell, and the bette r they become known the greater w1ll be the demand There 18 an aJ?parent reluctance to take hold of the broad leaf varieties this season, and there' 1s st1ll a quantity of the 79 crop in producers' hat,ds. Large numbers have expressed themselves in fa.voriof growing only Spamsh Seed the commg season El1 Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY est. Tha Cigars of this Factory, under the well known Brands of El Principe de Gales -AND-La Perla. de Cayo Hueso Manufactured of new and best Vuelta Abajo Havana tobacco. and unexcelled In quality and makf'l by any of the Havana Factories, are now received iD regular weekly shipments by Ff-ED'K DE BAR Y & CO., l 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. 'l'OBACCO_MARKET. NEW YORK. FEBRUARY 11 Western Leaf-Since the first of the month busmess has been moderate m this department of trade, the total reported sales amounting only to 431 hhds. No change m pnces is observable, the Btlffflning tendency at the West m reference to the new crop ha.vmg bad, as yet, no effect upon the market. The d18position here 1s to sell, and our stoc is bemg gradually reduced. Messrs. SAWYER, WALLACE & Co. report to 'l'Bll: TOBACCO LEAF as follows:-The sales reported since the 1st mat amount to 461 hhds, of wh10h 98 to jobbers, 140 to manufacturers and 19 3 for export. Spam is also credIted 'tlth a c11rgo of 400 to 500 hhds. We hear rumol'l! of other transact10ns,'but do not thmk ;hey sum UJL very largely m the aggregate. 1st week 'ld week 3d week tth w"iek tsth Total January 841 91 10,223 10,651l February. 431 431 Re ipts this month: -Western .... 1,144 hhds. Llist yea.r, From New Orleans do. no. Baltimore do. do. Vtrgmta ... 1,659 da. Total... . 2,803 hhds. Total. ... Rece1pts thts year.-Western 4,818 hhds. Last year, From New Orleans do. do. Baltimore.. 16 do. do V1rg1ma 2,815 do. 857 hhds. 6 do. do. 753 do. 1,616 hhds. 2,559 hhds 6 do 14 do. 2,357 do. -tobacco has been in good request for both local and mtenor account. Cigars-The c1gar trade is fairly active in all depart; meDIB. Cedar-The movement of stooks has been slight during the past few weeks. The quotations are: Mextclili cedar, 11@12:\f cents per foot. Cuban, 11 cents. Stock on hand about 1,560 log&. 1 Simon Sternberger, Blkker. re pons to 'l'n ToBACCO LBO as follilwe-We quoteBankers, nominal rates are 483 and 486 for 60 daya, and demand sterling respectively; Belbng rates are for 60 day, 485 for demand. Commercial, 60 days, 481. l'&risB&nkera, 8 days, 1123J,i;, 60 days, 11211. CommercJ&I, 80 days, 528Ji. 8 data, '911; 80 days, Commercial, 80 days, 94. Freights.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lanlbert Freight Brokers, report to T1111 Toucoo LBAP Tobacco Freights as follows -Liverpool, steam BOa; sail, 25s, London steam, SOs, sail, .. ; Glasgow, Sle&lll, S3s; 11&11, Bnstol, steam, 35e srul, Havre, steam, $14; sail, 35s. Antwerp, steam 40s: 85s; Hamburg, steam, 4Q8; sail, 3os, Bremen, steam, oiOI, oil, Ms. 1 UIPOBTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from lore1gn porta fo' the week mcluded the following cOllSignmenta : Lmdon-Henael, Bruckm{\nn & Lorbacber 1 cs pipes, Order 20 b&les tobacco. Ha!kina-Purdy & Nich9las 4 cs cigars, F Alexandre& Sons 7 do; WE Dodge, Jr 1 Ludenburg, Thalmann & Co 1 do. & Bon l.l3 4or J011 Kayen' Son 100 do; S Jacoby' & Co 89 do. By 1M Natitmal Li1111.-P Lorlllud & Co 274 hilda; Blllllwlan & Lyall 18 do; Joeeph llayer'a Sons 18 Cll; Order 6 hhd&. 114 ) Bll 1M NN York antj NN 11Mm l)avlf & Day 21 ca; Wm Eggert & Coli do: D Levy 22 do, H P Kent 1 do; C Wagner 1 do, M Westheim & Co 80 do. By York and Harlford LlM F 1:\chulz fg cs; B & Bon 1 do, L Gerahel & Bro 1 do; A Blumleul. & Co 12 do, Davld*on Bros 20 do; M Abeliheim & 'By 1M Old Dominion Steam.hip Wallace & Co 82 hhds: G W o Helme 3 dp R MAllen & Co 10 do; R A 1 do; F E Owen 2 do, 20 trcs: W 0 Smith & Co 8 hhdi. 99 trcs. '1. C!l am kg, 9 do cigarettes; p Lorillard & Co ao tn:a, ll bxa allmplea: Thompson, Moore & Co 5 ce smkg, 127 do lJlfd, 10 bxs do, 15 Kbn, do, ll do, 45 du, Hili cada do, '42 cads do,' I cs curarettes; Dohan, Carroll & Co 23 cs mfd, 15 do, hl Jr6:bxa do, 10 cad& do, Jas M Gardiner 1 ca smkg, 10 do mfd, 7 do, 2 do; W1se & Bendheim 154 cs omkg, 1 do,mfd, 2 kegs do, Augustin & Dusel 82 cs am kg 2 do Clgareltes; ME McDowell & Co 470 cs smkg, 10 do long cut, 15 Y. bxs mfd, 1 cs Cll!!&tettes. E DuBois 1 cs mfd, 20 !ibXS do, 5 cads do. H Wirt Math ews 3 cs mfd, 14 !.( bxs do, H A Stoothoff & Co 3 cs smkg; F H Leggett & Co 40 3o; Hall, Blair & Co2 do, Jeffreys & Co 1l do. E C Hazard & C. 1 cs mfd, Joe D Evans & Co 40 do, GRammer 1 do. Henry Welsh 110 ltxs mfd, G W H1llman 20 cads J.lcads do, Blakemore Mayo & Co 15 do; H K & F B Thurber & Co 1 1 cs ctgars; L :&hiler 10 1 bn rufd; L & E Wertheimer 1 ce ctgarettes; 911ihds, ti23 trca, 38 cs smkg, 20 Yabxs mfd, 18 J.6bxs do, S7 )4-bxs do, 46 Ya bxs do, 5lll&dB do, 20 cada do, 4 bxs samples. Eastern Markets. Receipts of licorice at port of Ne'!l' York for week, reportea expreBSIT for To ToB.t.cco LB.U'.-Zuricalday & Arguimb&u, per Hossend from aJaga, 517 pkgs (19,2,2!\ lba) root W llaver .t oterry, per same vessel. 15 pkga do. W 0 & Co, per Gxeece, from London, 25 pkgs (6136 lbs) HARTFORD, Conn., Feb. 1o .:...our Spaxualllicouce l?llite: dent reports as follow.s -The long-looked for change >Of llXPOJLTS 1 rr weali)e!' has now taken place and 11 is ww:m and fqgjty,thia From the port of New Yo..rk to foreign porta for the week morning TherQ IS a fair p;ospecl tllal the will now were as follows be able to get thetr 1880 crop off the poles Should they auc-Aftfi.Mr7>-1 e 7 ..-;;: p'kgs 1 ::rluing"eO, wi1l PtOb&blr'be Br.uil-10 hhds 1 pkg (197 lbs) mfd m tilts crop. There 18 but httle dema.Dd for old tobacco at BritUJ. Awlralia-M hhdi, 6 cases, iil4 hales, 2'74 pkga (51,918 iba) mfd. QUOTATioNa-=-oLD TOBACCO .llrMMn-1 hhd, 87 caaes, Mil hales. Wrappers flue...... . .. . . 20 to 80 .Brlatol-11 pk.f!B, (1112lbs) mfd. do common............ .. .. .. .. 11l to 20 BritWi lndiel-1 hhd, 14 casea, 8 bales 17 pkgs Secoads ... .... .. .. .. .. .... .. .... .. .. 10 to 12 (2842 lbs) mfd. F1ller s .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 hhd&, 24 cases PHILADELPIDA, Feb. 10 -Mr A R. Fouge'e'y, To Oentral.d.mM'.c-6 balea. 7 pkgs (700 lbs) mfd bacco. Ma.Dufacturera' Agent, reports to T.IIE ToBACOO LEAF' Oul>a--186 pkgs (24,909lbs) mfd. -But httle lofe was noticeable the past week m the han dling of Dvteh Wut lntliu--75 pkgs (2696 lbs) mfd manufactured plug tobacco Rece1pts are loght, and demand Gibraltar-61 hhds, 275 cases, 12 bales BO pkgs (4U60 lbs) confined m hm1ted quantittes to spoo1al buwda. It is apparent mfd. t!Jat communications of all kmds must be more reliable before Gta..gtnb-50 pkgs (8924 lbs) mfd. merchandtsm g will be af.'l'eeable and ptofita b le employment. Hamlnl.!'{l-1 case, 7 pkgs (1880 lbs) mfd. Ji'im Outs-Seem to be fallin g back Hayti-tO hbds 6 cases, 48 bales. Smokirlg Tobacco-Must be needed before ordering. Hrwre-'-6f hhd&. OigMs-A fair tra9e domg, prospects splendid LifJerpool-21 pkgs (1890 lba) mfd. Snuff-Standard brands are constantly requued pkgs Wii15 los) mfd Recctpts-371 boxes, 6,518 caddies, 801 cases, and 225 pails .Maraeillea-421 hbd s of fine cuts NN Zealand-375 pkgs (68,337 lbs) mfd Seed Loaf-Dealers repQrt the past week considerably off in J'twto RU<>--5 C3Ses, 60 bales, 20 pkgs (2200 lbs) mfd. sal es, but claim the unf a v o rable weather the prime cause Rottm"dam-2 hbds, 5 cases. Stocks in store are vaned and well selected, so that a change of U. S of Col<>mbia.-1 hbli, 214 h!!'es, 36 pkgs (8262 lbs) mfd climate must soon bung about a bughter busmess Prices hold Venezuela-32 bales, 30 pkgs (2386 lbs) m!d steady. :O:PORTS FROil THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS fully up to the mark under the circumstaD Fll.Oil JANUARY 1, 1881, TO FEB. 11, 1881. Leaf-Lim1tcd demand. Aden ............... Hlids. Cases. Bales Lbs mfd Receipts for the week -e88 cases Connectteut, 502 cases Afnca ..... .. 138 Amsterdam ........... Antwerp ............. 450 Austr1a .......... Au st 1aha ........ 97 Bremen .......... --. ... 367 Bntlsll N A. Colorues .. 72 Canada ...... ...... .. Central Amen ca .. Chma and Japan ...... Copenhagen ......... B. East lnd1es ........ France ............. .. 1,044 G1braltar ............. C7 Glasgow ......... Hamburg ............. Italy ................. Liverpool .. .. . .. London ............ .. 53 1 178 277 413 Other Br1t1sb Porte .. 188 Malta ............... 58 Mexico .............. 1 New Zealand .... Portugal ........... Rotterdam ............ 216 Bandw1ch Islandi ... Spain ............... .. South Amenca ........ 361 lll!a West Indies. .......... 111 4,221 84 233 33 1,025 1 21 2 275 71 63 17 187 .... 1 32 21 12 80 2,209 44 2 ,086 375 12 50 12 62 90 '717 359 <1,816 4,960 38,979 2,850 4.427 114,300 1 ,11,2 1.220 6,471 137,9111 8,7117 50 106.578 101,491 776,044 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULA.R NOTICE. Every re-Mlell to be at an advauoe on ftrst oost. the prloea obtainable of tObacco, therefore, will &lwaya be aoaewhat ower tkan quotation& WESTERN LEA.Il', &VU"-FII.t&aa-{1ommon Gootl. ... nne Superior Y .1.R.4.-I and II cub! .....,rted llcuta SOJuxu WJU.PP-ER8 MA.NtJP A.CTUBBD TOBACCO, PRJCII:S IN' 1 6 rm Pomm. BLACKS-10., L'iB, and j4lbo 13@18 &; 18@28 N&vyM,00,8oand 14016& 18&22 Navy 1118 or Pocket l'ieceal'!!llll Negrohead twtat Pennsylvania, 26 cases State Seed. 51 cases Obw, 74 bales Havana, and., 182 hhds of V1rgm:a and Western leaf tobacco Sales foot up -221 cases Connecticut, 398 cases Pennsyl vama, 33 cases State Seed, 38 caBes Ohw, 10 cases Wulconsm, 62 bales Havana. and 7 hhds of and Western leaf to bacco, With 28 hhds dtrect to manufacturers. We 1egrct to 1eport that our esllmable merchant, Mr John Hay, of the firm of Hay & Sm1th, hall been confined to hisres1 dence by stckness for the past week It is hoped his pleasing face will soon be seen m Water t:lt1eet Western and Southern Markets. ; ( BALTIMORE, Feb 10.-Messra Ed. Wischmeyer & Co Tobacco Comm1sswn Merchants. report to TBB ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Receipts of leaf tobacco are qmte nommal We hear of no t r ansactiOns ID e1therMary landor Ohw, holders of both rematn Jilmer. We rene\V QUOTATIONS. Mary land-in!enor and frosted ................ t 2 00@ 3 110 soundcornrnon ....... ............ 4 00@ II 00 good do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 00@ 6 00 m1ddhng .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 50@ 8 00 good to line red..... 8 50@10 00 fancy . . 10 00@14 00 upper country .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00@16 00 ground leaves new.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 8 QU Ohio-iofenor tfl good common.. .. . . . 8 00@ 4 50 greerusli and brown... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 50@ 6 00 medtum to fine 1"6, 5 cases c1gats, Cbapm & Gore, lido. Far well Miller & Co .. 1 do, G1ommes & Ullnch, 3 do, Metzler & Rothschild, 6 cases pipes. etc Total.. ........ 7,649 do. 4,936 do. ciGA.BI!I. DANVILLE, Va., Feb 9 -Paul C Venable. Leaf To bacco B10ke1, reports to THE TonAOC0 LEAF as f611ows Our market has been poorly su pphed dunng the p ast week owmg to the cold weather, but we are begmnmg to have warm damp weather, which, tf 1t contmues, wtll bung full supplies Exp't. Manf J ob'rs Specu Unk'n. Total Havana, perM $W@li!O j Seed, per !II Sales for tbe week hds Seed and per !II 40@ 00 Sales for tbemonth 193 140 98 431 bds GBA.NtJL.I.TED IMOK.ING TOBA.CCO. Exp o rts for tbe week, 493 hhde. For the month, 1,353 hbds. At New Orleans:Medium top:ood $26@46 1 Good to tine Receipts from Jan. 1 to Feb. 5, 1881, 181 hhds, agamst 188 hhds in 1880; sales th1s month, do; exports: foretgu, 28 hhds; domestic, .. hhd, agaiDBt 28 hhds in 1880. Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared Feb. 5,327 hhds. [Subject to diiiCOUDI "' the trllde. Moooaboy 620-e15 I American Oenttemmu Scotch and LllD 18 bad for !-ndllng tobacco The offennga are small, but of a better quahty. Fme wrappers show an upward tendency, aDd are sought after. -I QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Froste d, common to fine........ 50@ 1 50 Dr11ICMm mon to meumm....... 1 EO@ 2 00 Br1gbt common to meolium . 2 50 4 00 Bugbt good to fine'!............. 4 00@ 4 SO common to medium.. 4 00@ 6 00 Br1ght good to flue .. .. . 5 tiO@ 8 00 do tine to fancy .. .. .. 8 00@12 50 Leaf-Da1k common to medium . 3 OQ@ 4 00 1 Dark good to fine. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00@ 7 00 Bught common to medmm 4 00 6 00 Bri!(ht good t o fine . 6 00 9 50 :Yell.,w -Wrhppers-Common to medium 00@16 00 Good to fine .. .. .. .. .. .. 20 00@30 00 'Fine to fancy .. .. .. .. .. : .. 30 00@70 00 Mahogany W1appers-Com. to medmm 9 00@15 00 Good to fine . ......... 10 00@25 00 Fme to fancy .. .. .. ..... 20 00@45 00 S:f. LOUIS-The Peper Toba cco Warehouse Co report -'fh e re has been a more general demand for old stock, bui mamly of a Ietall < chamcter, and for the two extremes common dark lugs and good trun red to bright old style sales of wbtch were entnely pnvate. We have asccrtwned that our bca l manufactmerS, and those tn tbe mtenor who look to our m 11ket for supphes, have b rought from the product of Mason and Owen d1stnct s of K ent ucky the large total of 16,500.000 lbs, at average cost o f 16,\\(c per lb. makmg $2.763,750 for Bur ley and from Vngmta and North Carolma. 1,1100,000 lba wrappers average cost say 45c, makmg $676,000, or a grand total of $3,438,750 sent to ennch othe 1 States, and to build up other marl,et s to the rum o f our own We ate glad to see our are now awake to the demand, and are fully de termmed to supply 1ts wants m quantity and quality. Ad vtc e s fr o m all sectwns that CaD produce.Buley success fully mdtcate excesstve plantmg of th1s vanety, and, which the past has demonstrated, much. quanlltles would h>Lve lleen used hD.d puces been mode ra te Y ct we think that, m our g10wmg 1t almost exclustve ly, 1t IS policy apd our only road to gteat success to plaut modera(estzed cropa, and, by usmg extra pams. try and grow 1 finer than our compet1tors BAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 28 -The Merchant says:Trade m <'tgars 1s rupmng along qu1etly, mos t of our manufactmers bemg engaged m manufacturing stock for the spnng trade Cigarettes, w.hteh are mostly con umed m this c1ty and t=edtate surroundmgs, have a steady demand. Vamty Frur and Caporal Cigarettes have a steady sale. 'rhe sales of leaf have mcreased of late as the tobac co last imported shows a better quahty than hereto fore. The sale of tobacco wh1ch was held last year on account of Jos. Lewis had the effect of hurting the sales of other dealers, but this, has passed off and now manufacturers have come to the conclusion 'that they w11l not obtam thmr tobacco so cheap after all. We quote.-F!llers, 10@12c; binders, 17@20c; wrappers, 211 @50c, accordmg to quahty. Overland receipts of cigars and tobacco: T Oguretteo. CUes L & E Werthe1mer. . 1 Esberg, Bachman & Co .. MIChaehtschke Bros Sanderson & Horn ... W ellmdn, Peck & Co H Suthff . Oppenhetmer Bros .... F(n Tahtti..... :.. J !Bremer & Co Bauer B1' os & Co. .... Corbett M & Co. MRosenbaum ... A :Mau &Co. Dwyer & Carte1'' 5 WmJohn. 1 MJFlavm .. .. 1 Tobacco. Lbo 40,600 10,160 no 620 1,860 270 3,370 200 1,500 800 250 160 3,340 'l'otal imports by' sea and rall-63 380 lbs, 21 cases c1gqrs 1 case mgarettes. Exports, 1 pkg tobacco, 1 c ase c1gars, 1 do Cigarettes. 'f.INSTON, Feb 7. -P. H. Hanes & Co., manufacturers of twtst and. fancy chew tug tobaccos, r eport to T.IIE ToBACCO -Ow1ug to the col d, harsh weather for the week, ofl'ennrrs have been light, m fact the1e 1s notbmg bemg done except 10 leaf stored for sale As a very small proportiOn of the C! op lias been marketed, we look for large breaks as soon as there IS a season Wlnle there seems to be a pre p o ndernncc of smokers and cutters, fancy bright and good ma hogany wrappets, as well as the better grades of fillers, are scarce I { 1 I ) I I J ) r Vtrgtnta Leaf-We can report a f ail demand the last week for all grades of Virginia leaf. Some falPsales wece :rp.ade of wrappers J and also of bright smokers. Receipts have been more liberal. As the 'l'nluall"W.B:" ""l" w: 8 A U.S' J'G'" Smokers-Common . @ 6 Medium .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. @ 4 @ li @ 7 7 @12 s @I) II @ 8 8 @15 8 @12 weather moderates fuH sf<>cks may be ex.Pected. 1 Seed Leaf-For leaf there has been an aetive demand the past week, anll we note sale.s of. 4,145 cases, q1strtbuted as mdicated below. 1 J. S.'SoN&Co., tobacco-brokers, 84and8, 6 We,ll Street, report as follows :-Trade has l?een very encouragJPg durmg the pl!St week; useful old to baccos are 80ught after, and pri<'.es for all wr11ppery goods are very firm, and for some sorte show an ad vance. are begmning to feel that our BUlJply of old tobacco is rapidly b eing reduced. Total sales were 4,145 cases, exolus1vely for consumpt10n, and d1v1ded as follows.1,700 cs. 1879 PennsylvaniaFillers .. .. .. 6 Common assorted lots ........... 12 Fair '' ... 16 F1ne . . 20 600 cs. 1879 New England-@7 @14 @18 Seconds and Wrappers .. ...... 10 Housatomc assorted. .... .. .. .20 120 cs.1879 State..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .p.t. 1,1100 cs. 1879 Ohio-Assorted .. .. .. ................. 7 @ 9 % Wrappers . . .... 12 225 cs. 1879 Wisconsm, Jncluumg Havana Seed ......................... 4,145 OS. Spanish-The inquiry for Havana resulted in sales of 650 bales at 82@tl.20. Manufactured-For plug tobacco the demand has beeh steady throughout the week without apparent change in price or qualtty. The shtpmente amounted to 194,039 pounds "Star,, J ; "M" I up G, ,, I The domestiC receipts at the port of Ne:w York for the week were as follows 650 hhds, 672 trcs, 2117 cs Jgaf, 768 do 823 do mfi:l, 60 bxs do, 47 y. bxs no, 53 Ji hxs do 178 bxs do. 61 Yabx s do, 5 pkgs do, 251 cads tlo, 42 M cads do, 20 do, 2 kegs do, 10 1 bxs do, 1 cs ctgars, 14 do ctgarettes, 7 trca snuff 50 bbls do, 2 bbls d o. 808 lJxs do, 6 Jars do. 6 kegs do, cous1gned as follows.By BJrie .Railroad-Reynes Brs & Co 23 hhds Sawyer Wallace & Co 16 do, S S Edmol)ston & Bro 8 do, J Devenny 7 do: D Buchner & Co2 do, Funcb, Edye & Co 57 do, Pollard, Pettus & ()o til do, Buchanan & Lyallll do, H Se1bert 3 do, E Rosenwald & Bro 264 cs, Order 23 hhds. By tlle Penmylvanw Railroad-Kerbs & Sptess 136 cs. C B Phtllps & Co 4 do, E Freise 42 do, J os Mayers' Sons 4 d o ; Fox, Dills & Co 116 do.. Schroeder & Bon 1 do, S Rossin & Son 120 ao; A Cohn 8 do, Havemeyers & V1gehus 7 do, A H Scovtlle& Co 93 do Clias F Tag & Son 46 do: Ahner & Dehls 51 do, Davidson Bros 47 do: C H Spttzner & Son 40 do, L Gershel & Bro 3 do, Basch & Fischer 46 de, Atndt & l''ringaat 2 do; I Hamburger & Co 1 do, G W Helme 25 cs mfd, ll pkgs do, 7 trcs snuff, 110 hbls do 2 303 bxs do, 6 kegs do, 5jars do. By the Central Railroad of New Cohn 184 cs, G Relsmann 29 do; E Hoftm&n & 8on 202 do; L Newburger 190 do; Q 8 PhlliJM & Oo 8 do; Order 5 do. By tM Hudsun Ri.f!e1' Razbroad-A Cohn 40 cs: Chas F Tag Good .. ..... :C .. @ 8 Fme and cxtm .... .. .. .. .. .. 9 @13 Wu1ppers-Oorumon ... ,,.,., .. .. 10 @12 lliedmm .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1Z 1 Good .. :.'.. .. :.. .. .. .. 18 @25 Fme .. .. .. 30 @40 1 Extra ... 1 '.. .. .. .. ..... 411 @70 DURHAl\1, N.C., Feb 9 ..,-Messrs Walk,er .11 Burton, of the Frumers' Watehouse, r eno1t to THii: ToBACCO LEAF. 'rhe extreme cold \Veather fot two months past has very mnch r eta r ded o p erations m new tobacco in nil departments and the extreme ha t s it weather has en used much of the leaf that has been put on the market to be handled out of order, and put upon tlte market m bad condltwn Puces have been nregulnr Good g1 ades are sought alter, while common and mfenor bas been n eg lected O l d stock ha s moved slow, and buyers cla tm concessiOn, "bile holdets o how bnt httlc dJsposiiiOn to m ake any concessiOn T)1e1 e i s such a small pwport1on of the tobac co com in g to mm ket in salable cond1tton that o.ny qnotatrou nt this ttme would bable to mis l ead tbe publtc EVANSVILLE, Ind., F eb 9 -lllr. C J Morrts, To bacco Broker, reports to THE TonAc co LEAF -Our market ba.s agan opened, wtth recetpts smce the 1 st of Jan. to date o f 208 hhds, and sales of 182. Market quiet and firm f or all grades Tobu.cco seems to be m fmr conditiOn for the season, the qual tty 1s showmg up much lietter than at tlte same time last year. There has already appeared on the breaks some very good shippers and wrappers QUOTATIONS Trash. . .. . . .. 2 80@ 3 00 medmm to good........ 8 20@ 3 90 L:roBACOO. LEAF -Sales lhls week 130 hhas, at former prices Nu change ) Foreign Markets. 1 @18' @30 @60 @lli !lREMEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furnlShea tbe followmg account of the Seed leaf market at tha' port for the week endmg Jan 20:-Receipts from New York, 252 cases Seed leaf, 47 do Seed lBII.f strippmgs, and 15 do cuttmgs; sales, 60! cases Set>d leaf, 88 do strtppmgs, and 15 do cuttmgs, stock on hand 2 400 cases Seed leaf, and 80 do str1ppmgs and P!tces ranged as follows:-Wrappers, 70 to llOO pfgs; bmders, 55 to 75; fillers, 35 to 50. It will be notiCed that the demand for Seed is largely increasing, and prwes are firm. The recetpts of Havana leaf during the week amounted to 160 bales, per stea.111er Rhein, ,from New York; li18les, none recorded stock ou hand, 7 ,030 _bales. Prices:-Wrappers, 'good and fine brown, GoO to 1, 400 pfgs; wrappers, ordinary brown, 350 to 600 pfgs; wrappers, miXed w1th fillers. 180 to 300 pfg!l, fillers, 100 to 260 pfgs; average lote, 160 to tliO pfgs. HAMBURG.-Our Hamburg correspondents, in their monthly circular dated Jan. 24, furuiB.h the fol lowmg accoant of the movemeDt m Seed leaf for the week endmg at the above datii:-Stock on hand Dec. 24, 673 reoeipts :.ljl8 o; do. Prices ')V,ere quoted asfollows-Wrappers, binde rs, 50@70 do; fillers, 43@50 do. -' 5KILES & FREY. Packers and Dealers in Penns:ylvauia, Leaf Tobacco, 61 and 63 North Duke PA ..


. FEB.1! LEAl' -' ----__ -IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-. DElll!HEIM. :.:BJ_ IIIPOBTEII. OF THE de H. H. Gat And I t I .................. .., .. _:_. II ..... .......


. DUHArt CARIOlt" & CO. ' to4 Front treet, l!few York. -::E"'. o. Bos. 4o881S..--OF AND DT!lAUlBS IN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, T OI&DBRS :II'ILLED PaO.PTLY :II'ROlll STORE OR :II'A:CTORY,' Sole ent for the Juatly Celebrated "A: C." "IIAG!fET," "SENATOR" IN' JIIWC AND CUT CAVENDISH. BENSEL & 'CO., TOBACCO DIRMTfJRS, WATER STREET, T r UK".-.....,. Pr., J l'hiWpBo......, jWm. DeB& ...... IIYRACUBE BRANCH ........ G P. Hler & Co. B.A.LTIJIOJIII JIIIUifCIII I:. Wiaolomel'or .t: Q>. HAJtTJ'ORD BRANCH .. .......... W Wostphal D. GAitftl, SON & CO., Laacate:r,. Pa., B:ranebs-F. CUN NIN G HA](, 141 N Queen 8t. C Smi t h'o Ciga r S t ore. ) Counecttcn1: Branch:H. B. OLMSTED, -..t Barttord, C onn Bdcer&on, Wis .. Braneht-C R. Ben t l ey. HENRY SIEBERT, Tobacco and Ceneral"Commission Merchant, ea Broad &"t. :N":m"GV &, E. &.ALO:DS:ON" KERS OF SEED .,._ Ha'VI!IDaTobacco and C:lga:rs, I GOODWIN & Cf JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., ll&lfW.A.C1l'UBIIIIII OW IIANUFA<.."!"UBmll fYr FINE-CUT TUBACCO, CIGaa$, 201 and 2P9 Water Street, No.. 78 BnWERY,. NE\l.YORK. lSI":I!J"tt'V 'V CJI a. ::a;;. S. S. EDMONSTON & BRD.i Dealers in Leaf -6'7 ::BH.O.a.::J:J BT... 'VO::E'L::a;;. Mason County and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. &, V.:.& t 30;" I 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YOJiK, IIANUI'ACTUli.IUlS 01' FJNHST GLHAB HAVANA CIUARS, B.A.l'I'11:11'.A.:&.&.CCJOa ::E"'X...a.1'l:EJ"J;", :II'ANCY DARK NAVIEs; .N:EJ, W' ANCY RI&IGRT NA. VIBS; JIPX..'C"&::EII:, STANDARD BRIGHT NAVIES; STANDARD DARK l\IAVIBS. The reputa.Uon of these good s is world: Wide, and the locreaslng ulel ot them Is proot of tbelr merit& AH.EJ. OF ::E:Dti:::ET.a.T::EON'&. Our H-T is Emboss.ed on every Plug. 0 :lr":JF':J: 0:111& I BOSTON: 31 Central Street CINCINN:A,TI: D9 West Second Street;, CHICACO: 9 Wabash Avenue; .AN FRANCISCO : e;SI D Battery Street .i. .. PHILADELPHIA: 39 North Front atreet. And Manncaetnnr of HAVANA CIGARS ONL, Deal_er In 138 Water St., -M. H. L EVIN, IKPOR'rER: of AND DEA LER I N ALL KINDS OF EAP TO BAC C 0 162 Pearl Street, llew York. &. lUau.utae,urer of SCHOVERLING BROS PACKEJIS AND DJ:ALEII8 Ilf SEED LEAF TOBACCOS. 142 WATER STREET, "York.. Packing War e house at New :Milford, Oona. .H. KOENIG, ';\'HOLE S ALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SBHD LBA' r To::a.a.ooos 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. ] L. G..._JIT. IJ., L. L. 'GASSERT 1: ; GOmSSION IERCRANTS. AND DIULEBS IN ALL KINDS or I LEAF TOBACCO, 107 Boweey, New Yorll.. G. REISMANJI, Merchant, US IE!RL'ST., lfEI YORL Hirsch, Victorius &,, Co. LHAF TOBACCO, 117. WATER ST., NEW YORK. Packer aDd Dealer ba And Importer of Havana Tobacco, PACKERS AND DEALERS IN I $1 PEARL. STREET NEWYO.RK. B. D. &. Co. 221 PEAJU. ST., NEW TOR!' ..


FEB. 12 IIUUi' At'IUBIIR 01' ALL CRADES OF FINE CIGARS, No. 13:1 Duane Street, S. BABNETT .. :a: .a. v ..a. N' A. -AND--C..,THRIE a. CO I 225 Street. laAI.ERS OF TOBACCO FOR EIPORT. 1 Leaf Tobacco pressed ia batet for the 'Welt Iadla lfezican and Central A mericam Port1, and. ether mat :ets. TOilACCO PA(I'Kl1 n 11" .An. tJ. FERNANDEZ, Dlll'ORTD OJ' PA.()K.EB OF ALL K.INDS &F SEED lEAF 144 Water St., New York. Internal Revenue Books l'he Orf'cimd I:Dtemal Revenue Publlahlq B01111. C. JOURGENSEN; JO & 31' LIBBB.'I'Y ST., KEW "YOB.K. P 0. Box 1,11113. !. made to o.-r& ahon uotlce, ; .. :IP lR Z J!G'" T Z ::L'Iilf G Of onwy r& lito Loweot Prl-. 7 J f!!J#JK PBIC. &liNER &; DEHL' Illi:ALEBS IN LE!P TOBACCO 180 PEARL STREET,. t=-l NEW YORK. CAttXTO IIIII'O&T.Ea OF fiNE_ YUELTA TOBACCO & CJGARS Aad Proprtocor or the I Brand LA ISLA" Jl'or hie lmper&a11ona otTobaeeo, A.n ,Braad of Ctaan Goney Island," 206 Pearl St., New York iiMON STERNBERGER, BANKER AND BROKER, 17 BILQ.I.D ST., lfEW TORK, f B particular attention to the Negot.lqtJ.on ot Foreign Exchange and ecutes tor 1ho l'luchue and SaL> ot CalifnrnJa and Nevada )l.iniog Stock in the San Roanciac o Stock E& LEAF DANBURY, CQWIN. W. A. BETHEL, laf Tobacco Broker, 6 .ROAD STREET, .A.:&:'VZ:Lt:LoEI, TeJD.Jt:L. POLLACK, llaa'Dfaotarer of Ctcara, taz 'tOBACCO I.EAF. S. OlTENBER& & BROS. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, AJoo of lite W'Oll-kDcnm llraDda of BrJsM Plug 'On' onward,' FriBIIdSJiiD,' ant Sailor's SOiaeo. I :-....... a.-....w.. Iauo a.-...4LD. -_...., ......... --. I E. ROSENWALD & BRO.; I Pactors & HIDortors of Tobacco! ..., .145 Water Street, New ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT FOR THE PACIFIC COAS7: FOR :Meaaro, KERBS & SP,P:SS. New York; Meura. HORACE IL Kl:LLY & C Q ,.New York; 'T Messrs. MUSSELMAJIT & CO., Louievtlle. TRADE MARK: i'WEW DEAL." '"'' o:f Fl u.g To'baGGG. .Leading Brands: "EOBSE EllAD" "BEAD LIGEit" "LITTLE-HA'l'CliE'l'"f FAcTORY, 16th & Poplar Sts. OFFICE & SALESROOM, 5II & 513 N. 3rd St. LONE iiC'r i1D""Jii.Qii-: I Manufactory :-TWELFTH STREET, lYNCHBURG, VI. . .... -ptly -dfld to. Price u.r; .... THE MILLER, 'CBEASELESS VERTICAL TOP I 'I.'D OIGAB MOLDS, c ... -II!IALS.t.lll: TftV, OLIVE .'IJ. '-Oil.". A Ai.iflo Oil JIIIL bU .. r.t ae..ti l!pecralattentloncl .. 1 .W.!lOOI!'E m:m LEVY BB0TH:BS, I ]) t d 4 REYNES BROS. & CO., FIN:Er'&dQi(j o.A_:as .. Commission Merchants OXG.A.::R.EITT:JII& J ALSO MANUFACTURERS", OF FINE CIGARS : 08 4.1 li!"'U.1'toJt:L Stree-t, J!G'"e"'IIV' T'o:rk. B"' the lllanuftoetarel'll1lnd Own en of the celebrated "LEO" branC orctca ... all}'lllfiotnp...__,.. ____ ldi aeo,..oll .. ....._ NEUMAN. & DI RS N. W. cor. PEARL and ELM STREETS, NEW YORK. and Labols Show Cards a Commission Merchants, 33 MERCADERES STREET, Havana, Cuba. Oor. A &AIL & AX. 46 :, 1,.;;:==;.::;;;:;;:;;;;;:;::;;;;;:;::====.=====;;;;;;;;;;=:= Tobacco B.A.:LtTX:M:OlfUII, LEERET BLASDEL, Alex. FrieS a Bros., Freight -A.T-' MANUFACTURERS or IIAlfUFAcrUBEB.S 01' Brokers, Cigar Bozea HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR WISE & BENDHEIM, Asts. 168 st,-Vheeling'' Crown & Seed 8"li!'OGZB8, RECEIVING AND FORWtRDifUi AGEITS, JEELDI'G, w .. t ... [P. D. Box 3,152.) 53 Exchange Place, N .tw 'YO I -


... 8 ...----.--LEWIS BREMER' NO. U. NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A la.rge .aSSGrtment of all kinds o{ La.ur TOIIAOCO constantly on hand .e & SMITH, Packars, Commissicll Korchauts & Dealers in ED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO law .Tart Baltal, Ptttnnrta, ClliCBR;o, st. Lollis ani Ciooinnan .......... 11. epb. TP"'C eb &, 0<> P.I.CIUUU .l.l'f. DE.I.LBIU IN Lea:f _Tobacco, No.-Ul North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA, Water St. T PA.AND DJ:.U.EBS llf svanish and !obacca, X. B.; Gtrartl ..l.'f'e. ol; 'J'Ua -street, PHIL..I.DELPRI.L AGENTS roB TJ1J: MILLER, DUBRUL & PETEBS CINCINlfATI CIGAR MOLDS, STRAPS. lho. Wlloleale Dealer In Western leaf Tobaoo _suiP&BS a SMCtAllt 1ft Wharf'; Boston GEORGE' H. JONES, .1 I I.:... ill ............ !,! .. w. a YORK.. IHWEST MAIN STRI!I!T, JOHN BEHRENS & CO., & CO ... C 1e. :a::::r -8CkerS of Seed Leaf TOBAcco 4 cENIEIIAL"' HER, ITZER & co. -AND-comssiON IHRGHANTS L afT ba & G n B k "': Dealers & Merchants in EALERS IN HAY ANA TOBACCO s. E. eor. J.obard '" 8 0 ceo 0 on ro BI I I:.EAF I (EntrnncoonLomba:rdStreet,) EleventhandHabaStreeta.-2 NORTH MAIN-ST. No. 20 Water Street, B.A.::Loor:xna:oa:m, na:ct.. x.oe>-.:::rza-vxx.x..:m, K.T. Bet JWnandSeeon4StL. B.A.X..T:E!M:OB.::IQ, @""Leaf To bncoo Prossed in Bales a Specialty. _ST. X.O"'I:T%1!!11, :IY:O. II. .. Gu tHilA, ol -Cholc<>Brnnds o r I.icorlce always OD DRESEL, USCHENBERG & OBACCO SHIPPING J COMMlSSf{)ft-MERCHANTS. IlftPOBTEBS OF I'OT.t:IIJI'.aa4 .. BTILJZING SALT. A&en .. l"or LiY.e.;.>ol U..e OC lteaiiael'i' ... Bqalar Paeket to'llreDlea,-ll.-a ner4aJa aa.R::K., :J?a. II.'W. VENABLE. E. (l. VEN4BIE a 8b. Office 1 Cor. Byrne and "allfax Sta., Petersburg, Va. Factory: 19 Second District. VIrginia. tfanuliiCtUre aDd Olfer CO the Trade Cb.e roUowlllg Celebrated DriiD4 or 'PLUIX GHEWING and SMOKING ,_!J!ItltoaB'Ilyer. Liberal Cash .A vaoces made on ConsignE. BIMM & SONS, Packer or aad. lo SUCCESSORS TO NEVIN &: llllta.S 193 & 195 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, (CORNER OF BATES STREET, ) &znJII'.t.CT.UKERS Oli' TP CELEBRATED BANNER BRAND FINI CUT .. BE'l-:L'EB THA.lf THE BEST." ;i. J, aiLLS. Prw. Jrl!L JL 'rU'l.\ Vlte Prw.. BE!If.J\ J!' B&Jri'ON, Sn. I BC>&TC>Diro BEPJ!BENCES 1 Ja C Latham, Preo't ll&nJt or S. J:. Trice. _,.,., Plaater.' Bank, !l&-tJ-er1 Wallace

---:Z...'"'-' J1e1oeo Brothers II; Co, t1 .1: 411 Excha...., .... To!Jooc<>.-._ Cattus Joby. zuer :M. fl6 )latden Lane --Boo, J. ()obeme, Ja.mee G. MLBroad Bader M Ill. sOa. 4lfBioad IJh&C1I: A. 178 Ma!ftU/' of Bm<>kinll a..:d A.DclerwOnJobn&Oo.114.1!6 lla-1 Broo. A venue C anll 18th BtrMt. Llcbtenateln Bros Ill. Co. ll8l1 and ABo.....,. Lombard v. 110 waur Loe Ja'o. W. 6 Rhingtoo W Ill. 8ro. 151-11 Bow...,. Mooaells Adolph, 647-M12d Avenue Orgler 8. 86 Murrar Otten bergS. & BroL 2111 and 211-1 BroadWQ p.,.g.r 16.. W. 75 Courtlandt '3t. SteU>ecke R 131 Water 8taehelberg IL .!1. Co., 92 ..,d 9f Libernceo -eflliltt. AJmlrall J. J. 16 Cedar Diu B. & Co. Fernandez G :116 Pearl -E. lM'Wa&er J'rtodDo&D IAonard, :i011 PMrl o. w. oa11 a AJ., te& w....,. ()&rcla F Bro. & eo. 1111 Water Oato E. H. liM Chambera Qoualez A 180 Pearl .. 8pl-10! ... 1010 ld ... .. Lllleatloal Ill. & Co. 17'7 Pearl t.ombard V. 110 Water Lopez, (Jallxlo. 201 Poarl Looano, Pondal & Co. lOt Pearl 111-nger T H Ill. Co 16116.aldeD LaDe. -.uoda F. & Co. 2111 Pe.rl ltoooln !1. & Sollll, 173 Water Salomon G. &. BI'08. 254 Pearl llaneh.,., Hau Ill. Co 1:10, 182, 1M llaldel> LaDe '!. O.llolr-. Im-of" Li> v .... zta :A.Mjo-' .1!'14-. Chaslcel J., d6 Warren. lf/ra Havaaa caa.r Fla.or. Fries Alex. & Bros. 44 College Place. Reppenhelmer &: Maurer. :el and 2t N. Wllll&m New Yor>: Label Publlahlll&" Co. 9f Bowery W. E. 465-475 Jtu.t Tenth Mfr of Old Judge" Oigarottu. Goodwin & Co. !1!07-009 Water. Man.'l4.facturera of Kinn,ey Brot.' Kinney Tobacco Co 511>4!5 West22d. Jla"ufacturer o; Crooke COmpound Tift Foil, Tobacco. M.ediann. an.S Croolre John J 163 Mulberrr l\lanufacturer of Silver Surface Foil. Crooke Jobn J 163 MUlberry of Cigar Mould&. BorgCeldt N. H. 510 Euo Nlnet"""th Manufacturer of Sheet MetaL and Wooden Oi{I i I..,ort"" of h_f...,....,. Toos-. lticl&rilla 18 Lobeck & Co. &'l Merca.deres Street. Hlchtering Aug. & Co. 3 M.eroaderes stree' HOPKINSVILLE. K7. Tobacco Broloera. Flaci _.chore.-1. Tobacco l'IDZer J. & B...,._ 191 and 1811 Jawb W 0. & Oo.-Ea:oballge P-.,._,han & Lt.adium. -.-Leal T bacco Wicke W m. & Co. cor. Qoerelr: and Third 0 l!eler W. 0. & Co. t) !\>l-iio Heppehheimer & kadl-er, lll o.nd"t<er Ol Callaway Jam .. F corner:Eighlllaad J1a1i1 ----Gun--.F. 1 _..... Le-.BMII'd IL Mil W-.llala 467-4!!9 Broome -l._!Uif-61>&-Erio-Ci(IQY Lightot. Naoh Oeo. P. Holmes, Booth&:: Ra.raens. 49 ambers otr: t I a. M anu"""-"" of -..... ae _..,. Greer' A Carroll John W A1SS All JIOUaad Clqroll WID. S -Jm 'lbbacco Jl.-4. Dln-iBl aad 48 Sonth Cho.rles Feldhelm, Jaoobs & Co Wlscbmeye Ed. Ill. Co. 89 South Calvert MIDDLETOWN O. Dealers in ]or Cigar Boxu. Stow Chas. W. Ill. Co! Uhler's Alley. Manujactu1era oj Plug 1'oba1XCI of Cigars and Ctgarcttea Surg 1'. J. &:. Co. Baron & Halnebach. 86a w Baltimore St. NEW MILFORD, co-. Tobacco Manujacturera. Packera a.nd Dealer in. .st:ed Lea/. Gall & Ax, 28 Barre Schoverling Bros. Marburg Drotbt-rs, 145 to 149 South Cbarlee T ohacCo and Commiuion MerdaGtlt .. Vocke R. E. & Co. s. e. cor. Cheapllide and Lombard Patent Rollers. Kerckhof! 0 .!1. Co .. 49 South Charier Manufacture" of ()J.nar Bo:.r:u, Henschen Rudolph, 338 and 343 8. Shorp. Packe'l of See4 Leaf and lmpo.-IIITI of Havana 1'obaccil. Becker Bros. 98 Lombard Behrens & C(}. 20 Water st Kerckhof! Geo .!1. Co. 4il South Charleo Tobacco Shippi-ng an.d Commiuicm Merchanta Dresel. 'Ra.u.cbeuberg & Co .. 11 South Oay. Tobacco F er tilizera Lorentli & '3lttler BOSTON. 11--. ()i,gd.r Ma""ja.cturera Agdt Merritt J W. M Doane Dell ...... 1-o -no...uc u., -OOcco and Cigara. Daveaport & Lea:a:, 59 Bro.d. Import'""' of Dlra. in Ue&/ Tobacco Bemis. Emery. Jr. 32 Central Wbart Jones Geo H Q8 Water Importer ct Manufacturer of Fine Cigart. Wilder Chn.s. W. Jr. 58 Jtllby and 118 Water ToOOcco Agent&. Klttl'edge Wm. P. & Co. 9 Cent'ral Wharf Dealer in Western Leaf Tobacco. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central Whad. of Havana. and !Haler in 8eJ Leaf. Bemis, Jr. EmerY 32 Central Wharf. BREJIEK, GermaaJ' Tobacco C9mmu.ioa JIM"dwtak FtJienateln fl{. F Bll'ITALO, Jl, Y DclNr of 8eed Leqf. Levin P. 112-11 Jllxoh.np_ CHICAGO. DL Jla!rr of Poplar, B,...mor. GnH""" -a .... w .... Baamer Wm. a: Co. Iff and Ill B. Caul ol ...__,fur Oigortm>d _,.,.. T.,.,_. 0. A. Peck, M-68 South Water in&od LMJr....,,._ 'T.-. Beck A.. & Co. 44 aad ... n-t>onL IJaJidh&Cell Broa. 17 Weotli&Ddelpb Buben B. WI E. Jlandolph Sntter Jkotho.-., 4t and.48 Jllohljp.a .,....,. -In ot.n-C.t CIWtoi"lJ & 8molriflll Tob. -A..&Co.44aad41DMrbon Tobaee<>l..7117 W. lltk. Troet Samuel. W., 1199 t-o 7(1'{ Weet 8ls:tb W /wlesale Dlls. in Oiga.r d: 1'obau6 and .tlgts. for Gwl>e Fine-Gut a':dHa_rris d: Son's KantifadtJ:TfJr S.ppl.u Schuberth & ()o. 18r. Villo Dealer in Spanish and Oi()Br lAo.! .TobacCo. Meyer Hv. & Oo. 46 Frenti .. Com:mi.Yion. 1\terchat and Mfr' Agent. Richey Henry A.. 15 West Second Street. Mnftr of .JmprotZed Tobacco Machinery. The McGowan PGmp Co. 141 & 143 W. 2d st. ManufGCtrer of Fin&C..'ut eu&d Smoking SpenCft 'qcos & Co. 52 and M Eaet Third Mfr of Frey's OlwCent Cigarettes. Frey L C. & Co. Leaf Tob<>cco lh'OIIer. Dohn:mwn 1'. W'". s. e.cor. Vine &Del l'roDC IAo/ Tobacco. PADUCAH, K,-. Tobacco liroker. Puryear T. B PATEBSOJf, N. Ma.ufaclurer of Chft'ift9 and .$m.oking To bacoo. Snu'l and Olgara A.Uen &:: M 67"Van Houten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Manf(ICIUrert 9f PI.Ufl at&cf Smoking Tobacoo omd Decco. Venal>lei!.)V ,4;C. ) ManufMtWI't->'8 of bavy (,hw!&Tif. Jackson C A & Co. Commialion Merchants. Baln & PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco llarnberpr L. .t Co. 111 Arch Broo. alii Bremer's Lewis Sons, 322 North Third Dohan Ill. Taitt 107 Arch Eisenlohr Wm. &:: Co. 115 South Water M cDo well M ..!!!. & Co. 39 North W&ter llav :;m!th, 3!5 N1Jrth Water ll&lpb I D. H Ill. Co. 188 N. 8d Sank J Rlnoldo .!1. Co. 32 North Water TeDer Bro.bers. 117 North Third Importers of Br:umtut Ci(14r and .Agent. for Sdihnberg'a Key Oigara. Vuguet. Step h e n, & Sons, 231 Ches&nut Leaf Toba.C? 8weating. Philips C. S. & Co. 131-133 North Wate r. Manufacturer of Snuff and Smoking Tobaooo. Wallace Jao. 661 to 67l! North BIO!IVenth Manufaetwnn of ()laa.r. Datcllelor Bros., 1231 1.-'hestout and 23 N. 2d Gumpert 11roe.. 1,841 Chestnut Tbeob&id 4< Oppenheimer, Olrard A.v. z Lahoz. and 1'rimming Bania.Geo, 8. &; Sou, e. cor, 4th and VIne. _..,CIun RoU." Jenkinson R & 'V. 267 Liberty street of ,Dealer. in. Bavana T8bacco Pretzfeld W. 363 Liberty street READING, Pa. Nanufacturer.r of Cigar&. crOuse & Company, 648 Penn and 636 CoW't. RlCHJIOND, 'va. Manufacturer of Tob:::JCCo and Campbell Ge.o. & Co. of Pl1lg .t Smok'.g Lyon A M & Co. .Ptlk.inton E. T. 1410 Gary. J.#J.f 7 olxJcco Brol.-. W E. lllbrell Manwfadurers of 'l'obaeco lJagL )l, HJ.UbiSI:'r & Co. 1309 ltla.i11 ],\OQHESTER, N.Y McnaufCJ.Cturer Qj l'obacco. Whalen R. Ill. T 182 State oj 11Pcer,e81 Fine Ol&t TobaoCO ond "Vanitv Fair' ... ....., Tob BaUer C. Bl } .J;r. lo01JU, lie. T-.-'IVG-. Dorm!c. &cB. & Co. liS...-Bloyer of IAof T-. [Mid Tobac"9 Co. i1 North lll&ln T.-B"'I..-.. 11e1er A.alphua Co. M-ifacturer' .4Qnt Jt111eabeq D. 1a N.lll. ; A*>& tw, ll.o.riMirg ,.:-:tplepl, Uo Olive Mfrr of 1bbaeM. D&UBDl&ll TobaCCo Co. SYRACUSE. K. y, .lloftfechl"'"' f CVpr -i..Mret .t B!Mdel. le& ancl111l Eao& wW,.AR:EJ101JSE POIKT, eo-. cenu. I 40. 2 oontl. Airit.ilh Poa&tMone ill Morcb .&n1t11'-JIJorway-crown. lir:Oid. &1--. gold. SI. .Uver. "'-¢o. c-t"'1 America-p600, aU.., r, SUa, of 1,0011 .... I'Oido Cllili-JJHO. gold, ?1.2 eema. 11 08. go<> hi cen&a; Ru .. to.-rouhlo al100 lmpeb, ..... M : l t..-enl,&. Eto:p ,l-pouud of 100 piallen;, (old, Sandwich 11. 54 r." 4 Sj> 1110-.... rrance-r.ranc. &: sller. 19.3 ct1: aad &&lftr, 18.8 Qre&t Blitaiu-P,Ound wQIJ. a"8--. $4 811.6).i ........ Greece--nt$1. Trtpoli-mahbub of 00 ptuten, .... tfflr.n&n 23.8 e. ver,74.1!1 cent&. 'S\ Indiaf.upt"e of Jij &IVer. 4 4 1 l"tmts. United t:latea ot (;(-.0-: .. 'YI -.... tt&Lr-l!m. :old anti rr. ,.ilvflr ceuta. United. St.a.tes ,lnternal ,. The ta:t on llldnds nf ntanufacturod Tobacco ls16 cenUJ 'II lb; Snulf, :16 cents ll: 1b C igars, 56 =til t.h.,usand; Cigarettes weighing not over 3 1bs ''I th()usand, 81.15 per (..'tga.rettes aDd (.!beroota over 31tls tl).nuo;.and, $!1 per The dury on lf!.50t) 1b and2..") ctd 'J.IItlflrtm. same duty a S Cigars ported (i;igarettes,.antt bear th.., 1WeSCt1h 00 Int<.-r enue rQ h'd l!aiU 't!l tht> Custom House. 'fhe duty on Leat T()h.acco ls cent.'i 1J lb: Leaf Tobacco cents lb; Manufactured ?;o}acco, 50 cents ljl tb; 50 m. M'anutac. r.r,. l Tubaeco and Scraps area.lso subject to the Internal Revenue tax rJC i 6 cents 1b, and must be packed in _conformity with lnterAill Revenue. and regulation. Scraps and cuttin&s. however, may be withdrawn in 11ulk. for use in a tobaccu, snuff, or cigar manufactory without p&ymeu' o f t-ha internal revenue tax. On f.Jumalra tobacco the import duty Ia 36c gold per lh, and 10 per cent. a d valorem. ,Pipes and pipe bowls, 7!1 per oent. ad v&lo......, and SUSO per grOIIII; clay l>il>eS, 85 per ceat. ad aim-em; ot pipes.. 75 1ad valorem; a11'8mokers, '7& p A r cent. ad nloremj IIDiil.oboxea 1 tLnd chewingtoPacco pouches, 3h per cent. ad valorem. I


10 Fred'k de Bar7 a Co. KA.NUF ACTO RERS OF OIGABS. VBIB s&"iiRRY; t .114. Oec; v..-e, Vorl&, .JIPOBTEBS AID IANUPACTUBEBS. CHOICE Jt.ui'DS OF SPANIII JJCIIIIGI. L GIBI LIGOBICB f ALL .SPECIALTIES FOI PLUI AID FIIEIUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOICl 111181 BUMS, FLAVORS, r Powdered.Lioo1'1ee Boot, .A1VD PATENT PO'WDER.ED LJ:COR:ICE .' STICK LICOlllC.E \Ill!. JL\VE F.A.VOlllTIJ: BRANDS:-- .&liD .. O, Elllo!rl.\a:ET SOLE HA.NUFAOTUREB, 'M PINE STREET, NEW YORK. Por :F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, lla1Umo1e, T o'hacco and Cigarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SOUARE, N Y.J W. E. Spa.ntsh Cedar J'OB CIGAR BOXES, -.t.Jn>-Cifar Box :Maters1 8llDDllBS. Foot 1Oth & 11th St., East RiTilrj Brothers, lillJ?ilrieno of French Cigarette Paper, And Sol e.A.ien ta ln the U.B. for the eelebrated FRENCH 'GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. 105 2d Avenue, near 6th St ('::; [House a t NEW YORK. LICORICE pASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., r 18'7 :a A'ET")BJSr X......a...J-"'':m, 'Doe Trade halog demanded & Superior' and Cheaper Articl e than that hithorto ........ this eom_, ;.....,ufacturlng, nnd olrering for sale, U C ORICE PASTE ( Ullder the o ld ''Sanford" .btaad)of a.QUALlTY ::md at a PP.ICE whic h can h ardly r a il to be acceptabl e t o all gi ving tt a trial Toba.oo<> Kanutacturers of l!!a C elebrate 'American Eag e' "CLIPPER," DEW DROP," .l.d o&her Brando or FI(NECVT, -ALB<>'UIIVERBAL FAVORITE/. 'FA OJ. d. o o.z:ti&lQJ;"t.," .1.114 ....,1 other Graleo 'and llrarldo of 8DOIUNG TO .... It 812 A 64 Larned iftreet> 8t B. BULL, THE TOBtA.COO LEAF r La Vuelt8 Abajo.''"1 Astonishing Results and Creat Saving of Expense by the new Improvement attained In the Process of extracting the natural flavor from Havana Tobacco. The Trad e is herewith n o tifie d o f t h e Important lmpro;.ena.ent o f this well -known extract of tobaeeo, imported fro m Ha"AllB imparting a LASTING VOB to Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco. lt Pint. 1 Gallou (8 plllts). & Gallou Lots. 10 GaUou Lots. .1.00 f imprepale FUlen for about (0, 000 to 11(1, 00(' c J gars. DEW ABE OP JM:IT A TION.-Every sen'lllne bottle be""' my name and odclre. James -.Ob.aske1, I. AGBNT J!OB THE VNI!TBD 'r.:rATEB AND h 66 WARRKN ST., NEW YORK CITY Darlu POnTo ]. S. GANS' SON & CO.,Tobact;:o Broker 84 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. r-:.; LICORICE \ PASTE.. W',&T.TJS cA CO. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in geaeral are particularly requested to examine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. (cred under the above style of brand. We are al6o SOLE AGENTS for the brand :r. G. t1l. G. G Acknowledged by consumers to be the bat in the market. the brand of Lic:arice Stic \ .aoz a. GO., Ja all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do weU to apply direct. Lkodee a-. Seleet ..a -.atty OD lt.aad. I AIBUIIUU, WAWS l co 29 k 31 Soulih WUllam stren M. ERTHEILER & SUN, 141 WATER ST., NEW-YORK; JOHN CATTUS, 83EAVER ST., NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, :54 Broad B't., MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, 647, 649 & 651 2d Avenue, Betweeu Mth aDd 88th 11tra. JO:W YORK. B.. STEINECKE, FINE CI&ARS, 131 Water Street, New York. Sawing and Plafling Mills: Honkell, liiiAlrol' .&.artmD or Cedar a:n.d. SAWING AND PLANING FOR CIGAR-BOX MAKERS. CIGAR BOXES 1 1 J :a,.A, "Y'N". IIIJPERJOB :!U.K& .t PBIMB QUA.Ll'l'Y or Cedar ""\\V ood. NJ<> 11 a.:a.c1. 13 Oa.:a.:a.c:>:a. S'tree't, JSre"''V "Y'o:rk.. The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. lUNUJ'.A.CTUBD OJ' ..u.L KDID8 O'J' .. Cigar-Box Labels. T'O BAVC B I!NHP ACTO BY. Street, er. col. Patent Tobacco Machinery (W111eteln Pate-..) P::I!IT:J!IR. D. E"'rei.deza.t. c::i :1: Ill llANIJFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED a:> z FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in SLUE = 1 French Rappee,American S:J:Q ]!Ill" .A.L o .. PolL I .. l.loo, Pint d Seeoad Quality lmoklq0 Ia Blae Papeno, I -SW flNED and L1gh Grape. Forest Rose. Club. .III:A.Y A.PPLE and PRIZE LEAP PINEC1J"l'0 In Poll, .I = I :z:; OFFICE: P 0. Box {118. YOBK. CCIDatantly on h&Dd the Beat Improved lbchiDery for CDrTING, GRAK'DL.A.TI!fG AND SIEVING TOBACCO BY HAND OR STEA1l POWER. A large variety of Machinery for Cigar Mauufac turera, such as t o r Cutting and Granulating H&vana and other FilleraforCJgara, Stem Rollers, Cigarette !!achloes,elc.. "WV'XSE & ..:;: EIA.G ---SOLE AGENTS FOK NEW YORK AND VICINITY BOB GOODWIN & .'OLD JUDGE." ... Bzn.<>k1:n.s Tooba.oo<> a.:a.d't'te-. A..J.o A.a-enl for Leadlnf: ManU.faetaren oc SMOKINC PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. Nos. 254 'and 25' 6 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. For SMOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, 1 Cuano, Crain, &.c. r Furnished w.!th or without Pt'lnted Brande, Chew and Smoke I A. M. & Cit'S I ,. I RICHMON:P WM. S. C.AB.B.OLL;


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