The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.... v 0 L. XVII.=-N 0. 7. IES'U.BLISHED 18M.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 1881. WHOLE NO. 839 10& MAIDEN LANE. Comer ol! Pearl. Btree\. &II P0rtlee "'" Cautioned against "\ ,i) '-0 \.:J \ l\\\.l\,\;. -------any Infringement of this Brand. '\. .MARTINEZ YBOB a GO. SOLE l::M:;pC>B.TEB.S, I 190 Pear1 &"tree"t, "York. IIIPORTEB.S .oF THE ---1 -MANUFACTURERS OF THE'' E L : CL UBI DE YA.TE KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. Scraps and Cuttings for SaJe. J CHRISTIAN DUSEL tock on hand, to &ny extent, and manutacturen will do well to anticipate their want&, and torwa.rd orders some little time before requiring. We con tinue to manufacture 8panlh Cedar, Mahogany, 8ycam.ore, Butternut and Poplar, at most satisfac-tory prices, a.nd shall shortly introduce two new woods, which will be found very desirabl e. 'Whe n ready for market, our old and new customers will be duly advised. Band and Veneer Saw and BoardCuttbag IIUb and W areroom : 200 LeWis st.;root,5th & 6th sci.,,E. 1'W e"'I;;V 'York.. *----* 1 Wlllbe proeeoutecl I '"T > o :: ........ ........ th .... __ ,., d t .................. e:ruu I & a..,4 ..... f. ................... \o m Burley, queen Dee, Tru01p, WIK" Wag, Bugle, la. paua and barrels, and TIIA. VELEB LISTS FUR1USHED ON APPLICATION. .I.ARON -.. 8CJHIJBA.8. ... SEED eJ 'N"o. l.60' 'VV'a"ter B"tree"t., N"e"VV "York.. B. SURFACE FOIL. ) .. { t. "1 ., l n 1 ll4a>."l1ra.o't' by I J. C" 'PATENTED MAY 11 and .JULY 8,'11180: '110 < NOTICB Ia hereb:r ct.Yen that all Peroona lielllq, or U olll& ran Foil In ... t of' Lettera Pateat, wW be Proaecnted to the Fall ElUent of the Law proYided lOr 1n rieh -A new and beautiful article Qf Foif for Tobacco & Cigar Manu.facturers, Druggists, Florists, &c P'IU'lllahed Plain or In Fancy or Color an, d OrnamentaUon, 1 ALSO .MA.NUFA..(JTI)'BEI& OF .t t Pure Tb1 a.nd. O-ther Fc::IJ s. 1 BolledJ o aay Gaup BDd Cut to Size. 1 '! Prbltfnc oa T:ID Foll :In Bro...., and Coloro.. Bottle Capo, allabeo, Plain and Coleretl, O:l!ftoe 168 :Da:U:J::.o:EIEIR.PL 'Y 1 BD'7. [ &. Manufllcturers of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry. Smoking Tobabco. Retail Store 4 Office: 81 Smlthfleld St. Factory: 6 & 7 Unioh St.&. 112 Liberty St. Pl:TTSBUR.G-:0:, CBNERA L SELLING 1-W, A., Z4 WXTER STREET, Nlli:W YeRK. Warren lit, B.I.LTi:!'fi:ORBI BAJ<&er & Blr,A.Y; MARCH J.9 and as its position is' a peculiar one, the methods adopted 'by the concern for doing are such Sl'ECIAL NOTICE. that a con stant cry is raised against it a.mong the toIn order that we be enabled t o publish all busibacco in all p }lrts of the EmpiJ:e. The ness ch.angss, renfovals cppartnershipsand dissolutions Impen_al f acto7Y, sta-ted before m ToBACCO f firms of the entire tobacco trade of the city and LEAF, 1s a contmuat10o o( the French Reg1e m Alsace, or 'Defore May 1, we respectfully request all and it is feared that it used starting point tmgaged in .the tob4cco industry, who contemplate of a Government m?nopoly m Germany. Ad making cha.nglls of the kinds mentioned, to forward us dresses remonstratmg agamst the course adopted by al'ticulaisin due I the m anagers of the concern have also been forwarded p to the Governor-General by the mercliants and manu-tt.J J.1 (i)UR A.N A; facturers. of the cities of Stuttgart and Hanau Tobacoo and cigar merchants and manufacturers of l th -"-d f C -...ft a e requested to' hand their orders' THE T0B.4.dCO MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY e.,.lS,..... o u_ r IN HOLLAND forl:advertisements !!Ubscriptilms, and all other ''I : 1 matters appertaining to the business department of THE From Amsterdam (Holland) 1t IS reported that the ToBACCO .our correspondents, Mesers Bosseltobacco a_nd mann and Schroeder Lampa.rilla 18 Havana who will are steadily In(/reasmg of late. There IS an mcreamng b6 pleased to attend 'tp their wants.' demand for goOds for the export trade, and operatives enou11;h cannot be obtained to keep the factories in full THAT '' Illll'ERIAL FACTORY. operation. It is expeeted that should there be a further The of have addressed increase of the tobacco tax in Germany, and Bremen a memorial to' the Governor of Alsace -Lorraine, asking and Hamburg be included in the Customs Union, to-


2 lkt lobatte PI1BLIBIID &VDY UftDc"Y llOUDfll Br 11lHE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING COIPUY, 1015 MAID.N LAN., N.W YORK... 001UCD OJ' PU.BL II'I'IIKft. ... ARD BUBKB .. ... l!lDrro& IOBK G. GRAJT ,. -:!LoJJoa. TBB1'18' p. P.I.PJiB. 1 eDIGLE COPIES 1. It ioo ...... vert1sements. O n e Set Throe Yenr MonLhs. 14. lotn.c" G c Column $14 SS 14 cner 'lwo Columna 45 24 14 S8 Jut. 0u.4' Clnnan 45 24: 14 1l8 lue over '.l'wo <;ohtm 80 45 25 .&"' Inc One ColuntH 8& 41 .15 66. WE reminded our readera and the tobac.cp trade On the prem1ses is an establishment in which.all the SOJDe months ago, of the increased favor which the old LEu was enjoying in foreignooun-boxes ueed by the firm are maue. tries. _Today we call special attention to some no\v From merely cursory glance at the1r manufac-advertisements received from the following cigar-man tOJy, 1ts eqmpments anti surroundings, it seen u.facturing firms of Havana, Cuba -MS811rs. J S :Muthat the )lessrs. M1ller have an admirably appointed WS, & po., manufacturers. of the La .Flor de J. B. .and arranged' establishment lor tM' producUon of plug una_s & Co.; Messrs. Juan Lope.z & Co., Corrales 1 71, manufacturers of t e Flor de Juan Lopez &.CO. tobacco on a large scale They now> turnmg MS811rs Juan Cueto.-& \JO; Maloja 31 manufacturerS 15,000 p9J1nds per day, and w1tb existing facilitiet! can QniJgte de/la and -:La' Flor de Naves; materially augment their present production.' "ii"!ld.Me!!ll'::_8 Ynclan& Sanchez, goods are made of the finest procurq.b}_e material and racturers of La Eloril_e Y!)clan & Sanghez. The above m respect of timsh are unsurpassed by those of any firms rank among the _best manufacturers of the island. manufactory m the United States. The1 r leadmg ANOTHER new and fragrant. brand of smoking to bacco. the "Derby," as stated m last WSllk's LEAF has brands are sellmg rap1dly at the South an? W81!t, found its way to the markets of the country. Me'ssrs. and many expresstons of approval are recetved by F. W. Feigner & Son, of Baltnnore, a firm known to the firm from those in the hab1t of handling them. every dealer in tobacco, are the manufac The Miller Brc.thers best-known brands are "GooD turers, and have e<>pynghted thts brand. With an ENOUGH," OuRs," "FoR ALL," fine bnght navy' expenence of many years and large means at their command, Messrs Feigner & Son cannot fail to make "PRIDE OF MARYLAND," medmm navy; "PRIDE OF the "Derby" as succeasful as they have their other BALTIMORE," black navy. old and new brands of smoking tobacco and cigarettes. "Good Enough" 1s regarded by the firm as their lead It 1s manufactured of the finest and purest selected ing brand, but each of the above named productions has Vtrgmla leaf The "Derby" 1s represented by an ap P!Oprta.te engravmg on the e1ghth page of th1s issue. become popular mall parts of the country where they M;r. Fr. Engelbach, of 56 South Washmgton Squnre, are sold and consumed. They are put up in all the th1s mty, i s sole agent for the old house of F. W Felgcustomary s1zes, and smooth or rough and ready, as ner & Son may be preferred by persons ordermg them. LOCAL JOTTINGS. Mr. C. N. Haley is the firm's prinCJpalsalesman, and : Mr. p Lorillard, Jr. and lady have returnoo from travels In their mte1 est. They have a warehouse in tneir weddmg tnp. Cmcinnati, in which city Mr. I R. Motse ia their reSJ.--Mr C S Keene, the eastern agent for Messrs. Bu dent agent. c anan & Lyall, ism the c 1ty. The many friends of this substanttal young firm in -Mr Jos E Hoffman, of Messrs E. Hoffman & all parts of the Umted States reJOtce m their well Son, left for Lancaster on Wednesday. deserved succe88. -Mr and Mrs Robert McGinnis were bleBBed on Friday mornmg by the b1rtb, of a pretty son. :MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS''J'i;Ell[s,. -!lfr M. E McDowell, of Philadelphia, and Mr. John TRADE MARKS -Business n'teh in tradeIf>ttler, of RJChmond, were m town tbts week. marks wJII find fullmformat16h in. tb.e rules and -Mr Jas. C McAndrew, the licorice importer, is Jat10ns whtch we publish thfs. week based upon the at present In London v1s1tmg his house m that metro-new trade mark law. .. !' hr;. 1pohtan mty. INVITATION.-We an invi--Mr Saml. Strauss, Cigar manufacturer, Wtlham t atlon to the Arlnual InvitatiOn Ba.ll. of. Messrs .B.. Stree t, has lately put upon the market a tine IS cent cigar called the lJ,lambeau." Monne & Bro., cigar to. be held th1s evemngat Pythagoras Hall Canal StFeet near Bowety. -MP, ;Kingsland, of Messrs Kmi!!land & Co, __ __:::.. 1 ,I af St. Loms, 1s lookmg about the market OBITUARY -Mr. George F "toung of the ftl:m of G }.Q replemshmg stock. F. Young & Bro, promment dealEll"B .-Mr1 Lyall, of Buchanan & Lyall, left the of Providence R I has had the rmsfortune by City whh_..b,is famtly on Monday mornmg for a busi death h1s wtfe' the past few da:ys : ness and pl':MUre tour m California. lady's funeral was very largely attended. 1-Mr. B Rohrhe1mer, of the cigar manufacturing DIED Mr. Justus Luhrs, tobaccpnist: who for ml\lly yeat"B was connected wtth the trade ,of thJS City, died last week Mr tLuhrs was-39 years of age, and leaves a wtfe and chtldren m cm:umstances. He was a nat1ve of Southern and bDJe an ex cellent reputation for mtegnty and good busmess qual lttes. n -. THE GREAT BALL. -The fancy" pall oi: the Purk ,ABBomatwn, held on Tuesday evenmg m a1d of the 'buiidmg fund of the Hebrew BeneYOlent and 01 phi m Asylum Society, was a most enjoyable ahd yielded, we understand, a sat1sfactory sum for tbe worthy object for which 1t was des1gned '! RECEPTION T O HoN CARL SCHURZ -The tobacco merchants and manufacturers of Balt1more acqmttd themselves handsomely. as m1glit have been expected they would, m the receptwn g1ven a fe\v days smce m that c1ty to ex Secretary Carl Schurz of the U S Department of the Interwr. Mr. Chltsttan Ax, of the firm of G W Gall & Ax, 1t JS announce<;!, had the ple .asure of makmg the addreBB of '' elco me. A VENERABLE Simon Cameron, the venerable Pennsylvama statesman, has returned from a pleasant tour 111 Cuba. It 1s sa1d that while on that famous 1sland he avall,ed himself of the tunity to study the method of cult1vatmg tobac co there 1:he a successful grower of Seed leaf on h1s fine fatms m Donegal township, and durmg the commg summer may appl) some of h1s r e cently acqmred knowledge to the productwn of Iu s next crop A NEw TOBACC O NEWSPAPER -We have recmved the third number of a JOUrnal called Tobacco, wbJCh has lately made its first appearance m London, and whtch, as its name ind1cates, IS devoted to the mterests of the tobacco trade of the Umted Kmgdom' The journal presents a very handsome appearance, and 1ts columns are tilled w1th capttal art1cles tearmg upon d1fferent matters connected with tobacco. WenotJCe m 1tqmte a number of reports from the vanous markets m this country. The pubhcatwn offices are at 23 Castle Street, Falcon Square, E C. firm of !llessrs J & B. Rohrhermer, Cleveland, 0., JS af present on the market buymg leaf. -Mr. C. the Liberty Street stationer, left with his fanuly for the South last Saturday on a pleasure tour, and will be gone a short while. -Mr. R Steinecke, the Water Street cigar manu facturer, is remodeling h1s factory It b1ds fair to be one of the best appomted ones m the mty when com pl e ted. -Mt. Jos. A Vega, of Messrs Vega & Bernheim, returned home from Havana on Wednesday, whither lie went a few weeks ago HJS early return was caused l:iy the death of hi s brother. I -Mr Fred' k deBary and h1s son, Mr. A de Ba1y, who left thJS CJty a few months ago for a SOJOUrn on the former's plantatwn m Flonda WJ!l 1 etu n from thetr pleasant tour of rec1 eatwn on Monday next -The l a 1ge sale of SiO cas('S we reported last Wdek by Mt Carl Upmann to M1 D Levy and M essrs I Hamburger & Co, should have boen cred1ted to Mr. Levy alone Such was our mtentwn when we wrote tt 1 -Mr. A B. Parvm, of Mr !li Mwhaehs' branch office, i09 S Front Street, Pluladelph1a was m the metropo hs th1s week and pa1d us a pleasant VJSJt i\ir. Parvm reports extensive sales of M1. M10baehs' "Hyd mte -Major McFall, 'of Messrs. McFall & Lawson, Key \Ves t c1gar manufacturers, th1s city, has returned from h1s Havana tour and lo oks well Messrs. McFall & Lawson have made 1mportant tmprovements m thetr fac tor1es m Key West. -Mr R C Woods, of the long established John Woods' tobacco manufactory, Preston, England. arnved by steamer Bothnta, of the Cunard line, on Wednesday, and called to pay h1s respects to THE LEAF on the same day. Mr. Woods v1sits this country for his health, and will vis1t all the pnnmpal pomts m the West and South H1s stay here w111 probably cover seve1 al months. -:Messrs. W. T Blackwell & Co. (Messrs M. E. -MAR. 19 BU81NIE88 TROUBLES. WElL, LUll\{ & CQ., CINCINNATI. Tl'lereis notning this failure. It is said the replevm suits are successful, nothing wbtlll be prod to the general Creditors otherwise prolJ:. a y 10 per cent. 'IWACKERBARTB &: JOSEPH, NEW ORLEAIJS. filed an applicat1oo under insolvency on e. o ast month. The court ordered a stay of all and c alled 11t meeting of creditors, to be )leld ih-th&mterest of ,M1 B. Triat, on the 26th inst. The shows that !jabilities amount to tao, 992 77. The are ae amounting to _. JOB. LEWIS, SAN FRANCISCO. Nothing has been done as yet to effect a settlement = of the of th1s msolvent firm. and no offer has been made for a compromtee. As will be seen from our San FranclBCo market report, the auction llales of have rather demorahzed the market there. It IS stated that Messrs A. S. Rosenbaum & Co.'s to bacco was sold by at private sale to a Chmaman at a sacnfice of *-2,000 on the invotce, besid811 freight. ROEMER &: SCHULTZ, NEW ORLEANS, and c1gar dealers, are reported to have fatled. It 1s said that cred1tors m th1s c1ty are Messrs. Carl Upmann, $4,COO; Frey Bros $1,500, Bon dy & Lederer, $1,209, Jacob Stahl, $4,400, M. J Adr1an, $1,500, Ltchtenstem Bros & Co $1 370 B1schoff Schultz & Co $4,000; H. K. & F. '13. Thurber & Co; Schwarzkopf, $1,199, Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, $97o, deBary & Co, $820, M W Mendel & Bro., $300, Chas. Greef, $950. They started about a year ago, Roemer puttmg $5,000 mto the buameBS. Schultz formerly held a promment pos1tion in a liquor house m ymcmnati. They have taken of the LoUJstana Bankruptcy law whtch allows thm three years to settle their affairs.' JOSE S MOLIN8. A meetmg of the cred1tors of Jose S. Mohns, agent for Cigarette machmes, who about a week ago made an M sgnment, was held at Mohns' office 278 Pearl Street on Monday. A committee, composed of Messrs. Hep: penhe1mer of Heppenheimer & Maurer Haas of Kerbs & Sp1ess, and Mr. McDonald, was appomted to make an mve8tigatJOn mto the affrurs of Mohns and to report the result of their m vest1gation to the aSsignee. Accordmg to a statement submitted a t the 1t appears that h1s hab1hties amount to $11 000 $7,000, good assets, $2,000. He offers to pay 2o "on the dollar He represents, through his counsel, that h1s fatlure was caused by parties throwmg back Cigarette machtnes on hl8 hands wbtch they cla1m did not do the work required; of this sort accumulated to the amount of Beveral thousand dollars cutting ofl what he depended on for the payment of his notes. The followmg are said to be the principal creditors of Molms: Messrs. A Hen, $800; P Lorillard & Co .. $400, _Marburg Bros, t200, D. Buchner & Co., $400; H Wlikens & Co, $60; Kerbs & Spiess $600 Heppenbe1mer & Maurer, $700, und a number or' otherS wtth more or less small amounts. As stated on a previous occasion, Hr. Bias Trujillo, c1gar manufacturer, of 135 Maiden Lane, 1s the ass1gnee lte_ported Failures and Business [From "BIUl>lrrllnT' s 1 Po. -Joseph R McFarland, t.obaceo, etc 1 closed by the B.U.TJHBM, Md -L E Wetter, tobacconist, ifven btllof R&le for $360 N Y -Emma Shoobert, cigars, chattel mortgage given for 111-G B Worth, tobacco and cigars, mortgaged realty f u r $400 JACKSONVILLE, FJa -E P Gonzales, cigars, sold out LowELL, Mass Ja.s. 0 Grady, tobacco, chattel mortgage gtven for 1150 MILWAU&EE, W1s -Henry A cigar manufacturer gave b1ll of sale for $500 to Fred Glahn, Green' BaY HEW HAvD, Conn -Joseph J Janeswtez cigars attacbocl Nxw YoRK -A Scott, Cigars, bill of 1188.le of ft:xtures for $100 llluneon & Morm agatnst for Sl 008 Oswxoo N Y -J R Rizer c_gars and tobacco ciORed bY sherift' ST .Mo -Chas F Knoll, cia-ars realty mortgage given !or $500 SA..N FIU..Ncxsco C&l -Isaac K Wbi te, cigar manufacturer, attached, Loughran, wholesale and retail tobacco, lli.cuvtLLE, Ind F W Ullbach, Cigar manufacturer conveyed realty for $210 PollliTu.o, Ill -A. D Donnan, cigar manufacturer mortgrged real estate tor $8:iO In our last issue we stated that Mr Jo36ph J J'anl&le\lne z, 520 State S t reet, New Haven, Conn, as reported attacbed Mr w forms us that this 18not the case Business Changes, New Flrm.s and Removals. BosTol"i, Mass -Hyneman Bros importers of Havana cfgan and tobacco and cigar manufacturers, Asher and Louis Byueman have formed a t h e above style, 18 and 20 Post omce Square N Y -Sherman & DiWD@"ham, tobaceo aud cigars, H C :Myers and Jlerd Mergendoller admittied, business continued as Myers, Mergendoller & Co Pa..-H K Reias & Co tobacco, dissolved, now T. M Bortz West&: Donner, tobacco, sold out toT M Campbell MILTON, Ill-Wm. Nev1D8, c agars, sold out to J->hii IJndsay YoRK. -Justus Luhrs, cigar manufacturer deceased. R.aCDI', -Wm Jackson, cigars, sold out RostTAJJai.-J F Fa bin, clnrs\bu. nt out,loso, 8700 WTDB, Ont -.Jotm Siege, tobaooo, sold ou' to A. C Fenson & Co. Our Lancaster Correpondence. LANCASTER, March 16. TOBACCO TAXATION IN ENGLAND -The London corre spondent of the Edinburgh under date of February 11, 1881, says -"The notiCe of motton whJCh stands m the name of 81r H. D Wolff for Fnday, the 25th inst for a Belect committee of inqmry mto the taxation of raw tobacco and manufactured ctgars, wtll, I hear, be oppoBed by the operatives connected With the trade in London The ground of tbe oppositwn is that the mqmry can lead to no possible good, Lut Wlll certamly do mJury by dtsturbmg the trade during the perwd over whtch the mqmry extends It ts also al Ieged that the movement IS mamly promoted by two or tluee large Amencan firms, who are endeavormg to ftood the English market w1th American manufac tured arttclea The Government w1ll, I am told, mall probabtlity1 refuse to agree to the appointment of the committee. Oh! those terrible Amencans 1 The tobacco market here JS still healthlly active; All the operators we have already reported are at work here in person or by Some MR H vVIRT MATHEWS, agent for smokmg and plug of them come m attd buy for a few and go home, tobaccos, c1gars and c1ga1ettes, at 78 Warren Street, only to return and get to work agam. Others came reports busmeBB fa1r. went back aud sent their men to buy for them h4vmg MR l<'ALK, no Chambers Street, reports business resolved to lay in a stock of the new crop. MoDowell &; Co a:gents) are brmgmg out for the use of dealers what lfl called a combma.twn box-a multum tn pm-vo II!. fact-col)tammg 500 cigarettes, a halfpound of No. 1 and a half pound of No. 2long cut, and a half-pound of the1r Durham smokmg tobacco, 6 Cigar ette holders, 6 books of cigarette J?aper, 2 easels, and a handsome chromo of a lady smokmg a CJgarette. TRADE SAYINGS AND DOINGII AN EXTRAORDINARY DEOISION.-Under the abov5 heading the San Francisco Merchant of February 2e !:las the following-In Department Four of the Supe rior Court, Lawlor, Judge, th1s week, the case of John W. Schaeffer, a manufacturer of cigara, vs. Francis Korbell, a manufacturer of cigar boxes, came 1o1p for hearing The action was brought to recover damages for an aile UBe by Korbell of certam trade marks, coDSlBttn,; of labels designating the following brandll of ci,;ars: Chromo, Oregon, Grape, Bon Ton, Beauty,l VICtoria. Imperial, Pnvate Cuvee, Red Seal, Tony, Fruit, Green Seal, EchpBe, Slug, Don Juan, Columbus, Star and Garter, Gtve Us a Light, and L1ttle DeviL Plaintiff clatmcd that the above were trade-marks, and sought to recover damages and to procure an injunction upon the defendant to restram h1m from usmi them. The court interrupted the counsel for the plam tiff in readmg author1t1es, saying he had made up h1s mind and d1d BOt want to hear any more. The court decided that words were not trade marks, that only signs or symbols came within the law, and gave JUd(l; ment for the defendant, with costs. Th1s deCisiOn 1s to be contrary to the expreBB law of tb1s State, and would, if confirmed by the Supreme Court, destroy not only half the trade-marks in the tobacco, cigarette and cigar trade, but half the trade-marks .in all other trades. Moreover, it would destroy the mam busmess of our patent aents. So many mterests are at stake that Mr. Lawlor s decision will be severely contested. frur, but, he says, pr1ces for granulated tobaccos are The latest arrivals at the Cadwell House are: Max very unsatisfactory. People who smoke, he says, want Bamberger, of Bamberger Bros, Philadelphia; E. W, good tobacco but some do not want to pay much for it. Boleruus, representmg Becker Bros : BaltiDlOre EnMESsRS S JACOBY & Co. -Our trade is fair. The gene L1pkau, representmg Bamberger Bros., Phlladel orders our sale8men have received on their recent phta; Julius Lederman, New York, !lnd "4 Werthei trtps have been very hberal indeed. The large sales of mer, New York. our speciBI brand Metropolitan" compel us to employ At the Ste'JSDS House: Loule Fatman, New York, e1ghty five Cubans to make that brand alone. C Freyman, Baltimore, and E : Arendt, of Arendt & MR BoWERS, of Wm C. Bowers &; Co., 143 Duane Fnngant, New York. Street, reports that theBoston trade of the firm IS quite OperatiOns m tobacco of the ''79 crop during the week brisk, and that new orders are arriving from the West. reached 200 cases, of which Skil811 & Frey 110ld 100 The firm bas no less than nine men on the road, takmg cases, the rest being made up of small loti!. Prices are orders from wholesale grocers and dealers 1n the West. not divulged, but It ts iiald that buyers snap ai loa for whwli priCes are asked that would have made them MR S E;oon, cigar manufacturer, Chatham Square:siare .in astoniahplent If d_emanded a few months ago. My busmess 18 very fair. I can Nrceive a for Scarcity of the goode makes a wonderful difference the bet taP m the last few pleasant days we had, and there is probably not over 800 cases of the crop and I thmk the next two months will see things lively now in this market. m the c!_gar trade. I mtend moving-m May to more The activtty in the crop of '80 still continues, and for at least two reasons it is safe to venture the opinion !liESSRS. JAMES BRussEL & Co. :-We can notice a that tt w1ll not decline very soon The buyers have shght 1mprovement In trade, and C?f opinton 'shown conclus1vely that they wani tobacco, and as the that the cigar trade cannot long remammact1ve. We first of April-our great day of Bettlement-is apare domg a mce, pleasant an? profitable busmess, and proachmg, growers who need money are anxious to have good reason to be We will probably sell. The last ten days were by far the bveliest 6f the have more to say the next t1me you call. Beason, both m the purchasing and dehvery of toMn. BROWN-of the Impenal Cigar Factory, R. C. bacco. The weather fast week was miserable, making Brown & Co., Duane Street-reports \hat they are some of the roads almost impassable, but nevertheless largely behmd in filhng orders, amountmg at least to the buyers were out m force every day, and m all di400,000 The firm has large lots of goods m transit rections. It 18 &aid that it is not an uncommon thing They should have been dehvered m ten days: but they for SIX or eight of them to meet ai the same country are st1ll on the road. The firm JSlooking tor a new hotel dmner. As they are all buying largely, the store quatltitles sold must be and it is esttmated MR En ToBY, JR, agent for Bone's patent corn-husk that now fully 20,000 cases of .the crop baYe bee_n mouthp1ece c1garettes, 162 Chambers Street, bas just secured, though th1s may be a httle too h!gb. It 1;8 retm'ned from a trip to the South. He VlSited Norfolk not, however, tf they all work hke. Brownstem of Caliand Portsmouth, and found busineBB very fa1 r. He fornta, who 18 credtted With havmg between has secured two new agenetes one for a Callfornta 500 and 600 cases, and he has been w1th us onl:y two house (for canned goods,) and the other for the New weeks. He says he Will 'buy no more, as he 1s not Orleans s nuff and tobacco house of A. Del pit&; Co. pleased crop. And be has a funny way of BUSINESS lllB:NTIO:N. MESSRS 8 OTTENBERG & BROS .. -Business is moderWe beard of one mstance in ate when we say moderate we mean there gbt a crop, paymg 18c for wrappers, OUR thanks are due to Messrs. & Schroe 1 8 rush " at resent. Members of our when a local buyer had refused to pay more than der, the well-known tobacco and etgar been tr!vellm[ have been much anno e d b the for the same crop. Other buyers also say they will merchants, of 18, Havana, for their last mclement weather and its effects. Mr cftten buy no more, but the departure of half a. dozen or a valued communicatiOn. berg, who has been East, will raturn home tbts week dozen would make no difference, so large 18 the MESSRS. MANGE, WEINER & Co cigar manufacturers, we expect. It cannot be very long before the ber now, wf 1th n 1ocalew ones constantly arrlYmg. of Phiiadelpbta, have recently purchased a large lot of becomP.s ammated. 1 some o our have. llOt bpught the best mark of Havana, for their exclusive use from b any worth of yet. The h1gb pnces pa1d are a promment importing firm of New York ctty. MR JhoHtNtWd LovE, d Y rehpresenWtattve -I glad still kept up, showmg that fine tobacco only 1s being J to say t a ra e 1s goo wit us. e are runnmg to sought after, though now and then a sale at verv low MR. C1us. N. HALEY, representative of the bra d our utmost capac1ty and do not see how we can fill priCes IS reported showing that this grade of "goods "Geod Enoug_ h,': manufactured by the Miller orders fast enou11:h 'when the weather m the West w1ll be taken 1f a low offer 18 acce ted Balttmore, IS m the of Philadelphia, aud w1th breaks up so as let our regular customers, who How ptolitable tobacco 113 in somr, cases his !!SUal energy IS very JUStly meetmg Wtth succeBB have been detamed on account of the weather, come was shown by the mce httle sum received by Mr D W He IS busmess through and through. forward replemsh the1r used-up stocks. Shipping Nissley, a West Hempfield fanner, to-day. He. de: MR P. PoHALSJCI, a gentleman connected w1th the has been hmdered very much by the weather out livered the product of s 1 x acres 12 000 pounds at the Clj:'ar trade of this c1ty for Beveral years. IS mtroducing there We know of goods being on the road 45 days warehouse of Skiles & Frey an'd a check for wtth great success three new brands of c1gars from h1s and have not reached thetr destmat10n yet. Mr. Love over *-2 000 the prtce prod I>E,Illll: 24 7 and 3 Key West manufactory, the" Gypsy,'' "Cam1lle" and 1s at present down East and I expect him back on At the of the a scene is "Smuggler. These cigars are made of tine Hnvana Saturday. presented t!ome of them recetve every day of stock, and are hand made al! Havana goods. One of week, and others only on set days but they are all the most popular b 1ands of c1gars made by Mr. Pohal-CHANCE OF FIRM. busy and hundreds ot men are employed Yesterday ski IS the old Cristo." Everybody has read The co partnershtp_ heretofore existmg between and to day Messrs. Sktles &; Frey recetved. over 100 000 Dumas' the "Count of Monte Cristo," and George Fox;, Jam811 H Dills and Jos. F. Cullman, was pounds. They have two warehouses and employ 90 smokers will recogmze the of the dtssolved by hm1tation, Mli

T&\ler Bros at 20 5 and 3 Eh Weaver of Oregon sold; .11* 23 6 an.d ?) 7< Fry of Oregon at 25 6 and 3 Reqry Rolliu, of M.Qfletta, ro :Mr Mayer 3 acres at 20 6 and 3 V Andes Sr of Upper Leacock to C Herr 1 acre at. 20 6 and 3 Alex. Gibson of Upper Leacock i acres for 20 8 and 3 Jacob Morrow of Upper Lea co k 3 acres to L D W erthetmer for 24 8 and 3 John Wilhams of Cbrist1ana 2 acres at 20 6 and 3 Samuel Slokom of Cbr18tuma, 1 % acres at 20 10 and 3 Em 1 Duck of West Earl 2 aeres to M-r Spmgarn at 25 6 and 3 Henry Snyder West Earl S acres at 20 lli 6 and 3 to Loeb & Labe BenJ. Kmg West Earl I'M acres at same pr1ee to same firm John Kerr o f West Lampeter 4% acres at 25 15 10 '6 and 3 BenJ Herr same place li acres at 20 5 and 3 John G Den hnger of Lampeter 2% acres at 21 15 and 3 Thos Re fsuyher of Caemarvon 5 acres at SO 25 10 and 5 Rob e t Hammel of Eden 3 acres at 23 8 and 5 This s the ope extreme and from tt pr ces run for wrappe s down to 12 cents lo e r than wh ch pr ce not muqh IS boug t though as e before stated some lots have been sold at ve y low '(it ces all follows Henry Wolgemath Mt Joy to vnsh p at 4 through Frank Mash Sal sb ry 7i acre at 7 and 2 Samuel Greenleaf Sahsbu y V. acre at 7 and 2 Moses Mayne V. acre at 6 4 and 2 HAVANA CORRES:PO;NDENCE HAVANA March 9 1881 ED TOBACCO LEAF -A copy of yout estimable pape r of lJ eb nary 26 was rece ved m due ttme In my letter already published n sad paper I re fe red w two attempts to ntrodnce nto tb18 market Pennsylvatta and 'Iabasco leaf It must be Tabasco 1nstead of tobacco Th s rema k l ou v ll find Ill para graph 6th or the last paragraph to vh ch you re-ferred sa) g d e fies our capac ty for translatmg etc I wrote tl e vords p cadura and taga.r wnas The fi st one means tobacco short cut or made m small p eces for c ga et es Pond the second IS the plural of taga.rnma a k nd of herb from the golden thtstle or scolymus family w th no flav:or at all so we compare t v tb c gars out o1 qualtty and cond t10:U Furthermo e referrmg to the people com ng from Sr.ates to Havana 1t would be a false su11 pos t10n to say a .country swted for summer resort havihg m milld that they do that ill wmter season The ram wb ch prevatled at Vuelta Aba.JO a month ago and subsequently dtd no damage at all to the pJa.nts except to a very few near the rivers glens and nvule'ts The present crop at the Lomas IS expected to be as good as that of the 1874 so 1t 1s probable they will F>ell each CUJe at no less than t5 gold one' 1 cuJe (withe or hoop poles) has four bunches and this pnce 18 mtended to be at the plantatJo!l Owmg to BCa.(City of the last crop there 1s some :Mex1can to lla.cco m this market mt oduced as a contraband About fertil zers for tobacco plants a sctenttfic pract1 C'll exammat on shows pla nlythat super phosphates of bme such as are prepared by dlSBOlvmg bones m sill phunc acid mJure satd plants greatly sull more than Peruvmn guano does h The weathe r now and smce the 15th of last month IS ury all over but the sky s cloudy and perhaps we shall have a hght ram to day or to morrow Truly yours JosE BAIXERAS The puzzle was not m the Professor s Sparush terms m the Ullltances .mentioned .by hun but m the mvolved cond1t10n of hts English sentences m the parttcular paragraph r eferred to The. present letter present!> no emgma, and 18 very acceptable as ts mdeed all that the learned gentleman wrttes us [ED LEA11' -;!!:: .Act of March 3 1881 relatmg to the RegUJtr'atwn of ") Trade-Marks and Regtdatwns Thereunder The followmg 18 the text of the act for the reg1stra twn and protectwn of trade.w.arks wh1ch was passed by 11he Fort.J: Su;th Congresa and. tooe1ved the approval of the Pres1dent March 3 1881 together wtth the r$ and forms adopted by the Patent Office for the mfor and gu1dance of persons seekmg to register trade marks :All! ACT TO AUTHORIZE THE REGISTRATION OB' TRADE MARKS AND PROTECT THE SAME Be tt enacted by the Senate and House of Representa twes of the Umted States m Congress aBBembled That owners of trade marks used m c8mmerce wtth f9retgn nat ons or t4\l In(han trtbes provtded such own ers shall be douuciled m the Umted States or located many foretgn country or trtbes which by treaty con vent on or Ia w affords smrilar pr vtleges to ct ttzens of the Umted ma.;y obtain regtstratwn of such trade mark.s by complymg w1th the followmg requ re ments-F rst By caus ng to be recorded m the Patent Office" a statement 11pemfyurg name domlC le loca.t on and cttu:ensb p of the party apply ng the class of mer chandisa and the partlCular descnpt10n of goods com pr sed m such class to whlCh tke partlCular trade mark has been appropr ated a descnpt on of the trade mark Itself wtth fac-similes thereof and a statement of the mode m whlCh the same ts appl ed and affixed to goods and the length of t me durmg which the trade mark: has been used Second By pay ng nto the Treasury of the Umted States the sum of twenty five dollars ar d comply ng WJth such regulatiOns as may be prescnbed by the poiilil'U8Btoner of Patsnts ,. SEC 2 That the applicatiOn prescrtbed m the fore gomg sectiOn must ill order to create any r ght what SrSOn guilty of such wrongful act and courts of the Umted States shall have and appellate JUriSdtct on m such cases wtthout regard to the amount m contro versy SEc 8 That no actiOn or smt shall be mamtamed :under the provt810ns of th18 act m any case when the trade mark IS used m any unlawlul bUSlD811s or upon any art cle IDJUr ousm Itself or which mark has been used w th the deBl/!ln of the public m the pur chase of merchdnd se or under any certtllcate of regts try fraudulently obta ned SEc 9 That any person who sl all procure the regts try of a trade mark or of h mself as the owner of a. trade mark or 8ll entry respect ng a. trade mark n the office of the Comm one of Patents by a. false or fraudulent representat on or d eclaration or m wnt1 g or by any fraudulellt means shall be 1 able to pay any damages sustamed m consequence thereof to the mJured party to be recovered m an actu:m on the case SEc 10 T noth ng n tb s act shall p event les sen Impeach or avOid any remedy at law or n equ ty wh ch any party aggr eved by any vrongful use of any trade rna k m gbt 1:iave bad f the prov s10ns of tb s a t had not been passed Sli:Q 11 'I hat nothmg n tb s aet shall be construed as unfa orably affect ng a cla m to a. t ade mark afte tbe te m o f rsgiSt at on shall have exp red nor tog ve cogn zance to any com t of tbe Umted States nan ac t on o su t between c tu:ens of the same State unless the t ade-mark m controversy 1s used on goods m tended to be transported to a fore gn country or m lawful com me c al ntercourse w th an Indtan. tr l)e SEc 12 That the Commtss oner of Patents t s author zed to make rules and regulat ons and prescr be fornlS for the transfer of the r ght to use trade marks and for record ng such transfers m hts offi ce SEC 13 That c t zeu s nnd restdents of tb s country w sh ng tht> protect on p f trade marks n any foretgn conn try the la .vs of "h ch teqmre reg strattOn here as a cond ton precedent to gett ng such protection there may reg18te the r trade marks for that purpose as IS above a lowe d to fore and have certificate the eo f f om tbe Patent Office Approved March 3 1881 NEW TRADE-MARK LAW PASSED BY THE FORTYSIXTH CONCRESS 3 1881 B ole and. Jl'oraa adopted. l>y the 'U 8 Patent oaee Cor tbe Ke&lotratlon of" Trad.e llla:rlo. onder oCJUarch 8 1881 WHO MAY OBTAIN REGISTRATION 1 (a) Any llerson firm or corporatiOn m the Un ted States or located m any foretgn country wh ch by treaty: conventiOn or law affords s m la,r prtvtleges toe ttzens of the Umted States* and who ts ent1tled to the use of any trade mark and uses the same 1n commerce w1th fore1gn natiOns or wtth Indian tnbes *The following countries have treaties w th he Un ted States a. h s time z l!n8llia, Belguun F &nee ria the German Empire and Great Britain. (b ) Any CJt zen or resu)ent of th18 country w shmg the protect on of h18 trade-mark many foreign <;)ountry the laws of whwl regiStratiOn 10 the Umted as a QOnditiOn precedent STATUTORY REQUIREl\IENTS 2 Every applicant for reg strat10n of a trade mark must cause to be recorded ill the Patent Office (a ) The name dom clle and place of bus ness or locatu:m of the firm or corporatiOn des rmg the protec t10n of the trade mark and the res deuce and c t zen ship of md1 vtdua.l applicants (b.) The class of merchand se and the part cular descr1pt1on of goods comP.r sed n such chlss to wb ch the trade mark has been ap_propnated (c) A descnf.t10n of the trade mark Itself wtth fac s mtles thereo and the mode m which 1t has been applied and used (d ) The length of ttme dur ng which the trade mark has been used by the appl cant on the Glass of goods descr1bed 3 A fee of twenty five dollars ts requ red on til ng each applicatiOn except m the cases here nafter named (See par 16 and 17 ) THE APPLICATION 4 An appl cat on for the regtStrat on of a trade mark will cons st of a statement and spec ficat on a declarat on or oath and the fac Slmtle wtth dupl ca e thereof 5 These should be preceded by a br ef letter of adVIce request ng on and s gned by the ap pl cant 6 The statement should anno nee the full name Cit zensbtp domictle res deuce and place of busmess of the appl cant (or f the apphcant be a corporatiOn under the laws of wha.t State or nat on mcorJ!orated) wtth a full and clear specificatiOn of the trade mark particularly d scrtm nat ng between 1ts essent a.l and non essent al features It should also state from what ttme the trade mark has been used by the appl cant the class of merchand18e and the part cular comprtsed m such class to wh ch the trade mark 18 ap propr a ted and the manner n wh ch the trade mark has been applied to the goods 7 The declaration should be n the form of an oath by the person or by a member of the firm or by an officer of the corporatiOn makmg the appl cat on to the effect that the party has at the trme of fihng hts appl cat on a nght to the use of the trade mark de scr bed m the statement that no other person firm or corporatiOn has a rtgbt to such use e1ther m the tden tteal form or m such near resemblance thereto as m1ght be calculated to deceive that such trade mark IS used 10 lawful commerce w1th some fore gn nation (or natiOns) or some Indtan tr1be (or tnbes) and that t s truly represented m the fac s mile presented for regiStry 8 Thts oath may be taken w1th10 the Umted States before a notary pubhc JUStice of the peace or the Judge or clerk of any court of record In any fore1gn country 1t may, be taken before the secretary of a lega twn or consular officer of the Un ted States or before any person duly qual fied by the laws of the country to adm n ster oaths offic al character shall be cer ttfied by a. representative of the Un ted States havmg an offiCial seal PROCEEDINGS. JN THE OB'FJCE 10 All apphcat ons for reg strat10n are constdered n the first mstance by the Trade Mark Exammer An advel"l!e dec s10n by such Exam ner upon the apph cants ta regtstrat on w ll be rev ewed by the Commtsswner 10 pers n upon pet1t10n wtthout fee 11 No trade-mark will be registered unless tt shall be made to appear that the same ts used as such by the apphcant m commerce wtth fore gn natiOns or w1tb Indtan tnbes or 18 w th n the provts ons of a treaty convention or declaratiOn wtth a fore gn power nor wh1ch tS merely the name of the apphcant nor whwh 18 Identical wtth a known or trade mark owned by another and approprmted to the same class of merchandise or wh1eh so nearly resembles some other persons lawful trade mark as to be likely to cause confus on m the mmd of the public or to deceive purchasers 12 In case of conflictmg appl cattons for regtstra tton or n any d18pute as to the nght to use wh ch may ar se between an apphcant and a pr or reg strant the Office wtll declare an nterference n order that the part es may have opportun ty to prove pr1or1ty of adoptiOn or r ght and tbe proceedmgs on such mter ference w11l follow as nearly as prac t cable the prac tice 10 mterferences upon apphcatton for patents but each apphcant and reg strant w 11 be held to the date of adopt on alleged m the statement filed w1th his apOn the petitiOn of any party dtssat1sfied w1th the dec ston of the Exammer of Interferences the case w ll be revtewed by the Comm ss oner w thoutfee 13 When these reqmrements have been comphed w th and the Office bas adJudged the trade mark law fully registrable a certificate w1ll be 188Ued by the Comnnss1oner under seal of the Interior Department to the effect that applicant has compiled w1th the law and that he 1B ent1tled to the protectiOn of ibis trade mark m such cases made and provtded Attached to the certificate will be a. fac stmile of the trade mark and a. prmted cop;rof the statement and declaratiOn 14 The protect on for such trade mark w1ll rematn Ill force for thirty years and mar upon the payment of a second fee be renewed for thtrty years longer ex cept m cases where such trade mark 18 claimed for and apphed to artiCles not manufactured m this coun try and m whteh 1t receives protectiOn under the la vs of any foreign country for a shorter per1od m whtch case 1t wtll cease to have force m thiS country LEAF. by nrtue of the regiBiMtion:lli ibe II8IIMJ tuna that tile trade mark ceases to be exclu81ve propert;r elsewhere 15 The rtght to the use of any trade mark IS ass1gn able by d.i1 instrument of wrttmg and such ass gnment of a stared trade-mark must be recorded m the Patent Office w1thm s1xty days after ts executiOn m default of whiCh t shall be vo d as a.gamst any subse <).Uent purchaser or mortgagee for a valuable con s derat on w thout not ce No partiCular form of as s gnment or cpnveyance s prescr bed but the trad(' mark should he tdent tied by the cert ficate number 16 Owners of trade marks for whteh protect on has been sought tzy regtstermg them .m the Patent Office under the act of July 8 1870 declared unconst tut onal by the Supreme Court of the Umted States) may regts ter the same for the same goOds w1thou$ fee on com pi ance w th the forego ng Tequ rements Wtth each appl cat on of th18 character a spec tic reference to the date and number of the former certificate IS requ red 17 Appl cants whose cases vere filed under the act of 1870 etther pr or to or s nee the dects on of the Su p erne Court declar ng 1t unconst tut10nal ch are now pen lmg before the Office are auv sed to prepare appl catiOns m conformtty wtth the law and fo ego ng rules On the recetpt of such an applicat on referrmg to tbe date of the one formerly filed all fees patd thereon w ll be duly appl ed Those who have pad only $10 as a first f ee are adv sed that the law does not provtde for a dtv s10n of the legal fee of t25 and that the rema nder of the ent1re fee IS requ red before the appl catiOn can be entertamed COPIES AND PUBLICATIONS 18 Prmted coptes of the statement and decla1at10n n each case w1th a dupl cate of the trade mark can be furn shed by the Office Tbe Offic al Gazette of the Patent Office publ shed weekly wtll conta n a hst of all trade marks reg stered w th the name and address of the reg strant a b ef statement of the essent al features of tlie trade fua k and the pa. ttcular descr p t10n of goods to wh ch tt s apphed FEES On filmg appl catiOn for tratle mark For recordmg ass g):lments Under 300 words Over 300 and less than 1 000 Over 1 000 words For smgle pnnted copy of and decla 1\t on Smgle copy OJ!kwl Gazette Annual subscr1pt1on Official Gazette CORRESPONDENCE of $25 00 100 2 00 300 20 All letters should be addressed to The Comm s s oner of Patents and all rem1ttance!l by postal order check or draft should be to h18 order 21 Letters relatmg to pendmg applicatiOns should refer to the name of the apphcant and date of filing Lettsrs relatmg to trade marks must refer to the name of the registrant numoor or date of certl ficate and the class of merchandise to whlCh the trade mark ts applied 22 The Office cannot undertake to respond to m qmr es propounded Wlth a vtew to ascertain whether certa n trade marks have been regtstered or If so to whom or for what goods nor can It g ve advtce as to the nature and extent of the protection afforded by the law or act as ts expounder except as quest ons may ar se upon !ipplicattons regularly filed A copy of these rules wtth th s paragraph marked w II be regar ded as a courteous answer to all such mqumes FORMS The followmg fornlS have been prepared to be used m fil ng a.pphcat ons for regtstratton ef trade-marks Tbe r use 18 not absolutely reqwred but as they have been made to conform to the condttlOllll of the law appl cants w 11 find their bus ness facll tated by follow mg them closely LETTER OF. ADVICE To the Oommtsstoner of Patents -The unders gned presents herewtth a fac s m le of hts la vful trade mark and requests that the samei to gether v th the accompany ng statement and dec ara ton may be reg ste ed n the Un ted States Patent Office m accordance with the law n such cases made and p ov ded A B STATEl\IJCNT To all whom tt may concern Be 1t known that I A B a c tu:en of the Un ted States res d ng at--m the Coctnty of--and State of --and domg busmess at --have adopted for my use a trade-mark for -* of wb ch the follow ng IS a full clear and exact spec ficat on My trade mark consiSts of the letters and words (or a. b trary symbols as the may be) These have generally been arranged as shown n the accom pany ng fac s m le (Here g ve a. full descr pt on of the fac s m le mclud ng all1ts features ) But--may be omitted and --changed at pleasure w thout rna ter1ally altermg the character of my trade mark the essential features of whteh are -Th s trade rna k I have used contmuously m my bust ness s nee --18-The class of merchand se to whtch thts trade mark 18 a.ppropr a ted IS --and the particular descrtpt on of goods compr sed m such class on wb chI use the sad trade mark ts --t It has been my pract ce to (he e state fully the manner of applymg It to the goods or the packages conta rung them ) A B Witnesses CD E F The tlr&t of the sta emen 8ha1 be modi1led to conform to the c o( each applicant It a firm h e d m1 ile and p ace of bus neRR a e equ ed if a poration., under wha Sta e o otbe laws ncorporated, where located and place of bumness r a person no an American c tben of wha coun ry he lB a ei izen o iubjec as tOe cue :nay be etc. etc The descr p on of on which the t ade ma k 18 used shoald be n he 8&ID.e anguage n he tlrs and las paragraphs or he statement DECLARATION State of -County of -ss A B bemg duly sworn deposes and says that he IS the apphcant named m the foregomg statement that he verily believes that the foregomg statement s true that he has at th s t me a r ght to the use of the trade mark therem descnbed that no other person firm or corporatiOn has the r gbt to such use e ther n the tdent cal form or m any such near resemblance thereto as m ght be calculated to dece1ve that tt IS used m commerce w1tb (here name one or more foretgn natwns or Indmn tnbes or both as the case may be ) that the description and fac stmtles presented for record truly represent the trade mark soufl'ht to be regiStered and that be IS a mttzen of the Uruted States Sworn and subscribed before me a.--thts -day of 1881 G H J. P If the ap_phca.t10n IS made by a firm or corpora.t en or by a CitiZen or subJect of a fore gn powAr this de claratton should be mod1fied accordmgly THE TOBACCO DUTY IN GREAT BRITAIN London Daily Te egraph Feb 5 S r Henry Drummond W olif moved m the House of Commons on the even ng of Feb 15 for a Select Com m ttee to mqmre mto the laws relat ng to the manufac ture sale and tmportat on of tobacco mto the Umted Kmgdom The subJeCt IS one wh ch demands seriOus consideration and tf m h s capac ty as Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr Gladstone should chance to bave had bts attent on drawn to the recent conference of Bnt sh merchants engaged m the tobacco tradeJ and to the statements then made there can be 1 ttle aoubt that he wtll have seen good grounds for aduuttmg the reasonableness of the demand for some reform 10 the laws regulating the sale of a commod1ty whtch has be come almost a necesaary to rune tenths of the male adults res1dent m these tslands The duty upon tobac eo Imported m the unmanufactured state or m other words upon raw tobacco ts now three and stxpence per pound. or about seven ttmes the value of the artwle m bond The annual consumpt on m thts country s about one pound and a half per bead of the whole POI?U lat10n In the Umted States on the other hand where there 18 an exCise tax of e ght pence per pound on the manufactured artiCle the annual co118umpt10n amounts to s x pounds per head of a populat on numbermg more than fifty million souls This small tax 18 collected b,r means of stamps and the revenue derived from 1t ts about equal to the recetpts of thts country from an exceptiOnally htgh tobacco duty Nearly three years ago S1r Stafford Northcote as Chancellor of the Ex chequer m the late Government ncreased the duty upon raw tobacco from three sh1llmgs and twopence to three shtll ngs and s xpence a pound antiCipatmg an add1t10n to the natiOnal revenue of at least e ght hundred thousand pounds per annum These expectatiOns however have not been real zed seemg that the Exchequer has benefited durmg the last two/ears to the extent only of some s xty-etght thouean pounds per annum and that the natural exl?ans on of consumptiOn owmg to mcrease of popu lat on has been entirely checked The add ttonal four pence per pound Imposed by Str Stafford Nerthcote upon raw tobacco has proved a suffiCient burden almost If not wholly to extingu18h the profi s of to bacco manufacturers and to reduce many of the retail vendors to the verge of bankruptcy Now 1t IS obvtous that tf the trade m tobacco resembled the vast maJor tty of other trades the Government nnght stand as1de and leave the natural laws of supply and demand to settle Its cond1t1on, and to remedy 1ts anomalies But tobacco IS by far the heav1est taxed arttcle of com ami tM Govenunent denvell directly-from ne commmpt10n at l east twelve per cent of Its annual revenue FoP. these reasons clearly the nterQ!t of the Treasury not to check the consumptiOn of tobacco or to render the trade that promotes It precariOus and unremunerative The tobacco trade m gl t be greatly benefited by hghtemng the too onerous burden which 1t has now to bear and the revenue of the country need suffer no d m nut on by reason of the greatly ncreased consumpt on wb ch would be the natural result Fortunately both for the trade and for the natiOnal Exchequer the average pr ce of leaf tobacco has smce 1878 been far lower than for many prev ous years 10 conse.q_uence of the excese ve Imports from tbe Umted States This as we b el eve t to be has alone enabled the toj)acco manufacturers of tli s country to carry on thmr busmess w tl out ser ous loss s nee the duty was r aiSe d It would how ever be trust ng too much to the ace d ents of the future were we to bel eve that the Amer can ex change be ng aga nst us and the consumpt o n of to bacco by the rap dly grow ng po.Pulat on of the Un ted States be ng enormously o 1 the mcrease-such a state of th ngs w ll continue much longer There san ascerta neu pomt of l oss beyond wh ch netther the mporter nor the sh pper car afford to pass and w th leaf tobacco th s po nt has now been reached Nether the Arne can planter nor the Eng l sh manufacturer can bear the present excess ve duty Imposed by th s country wh cb m additiOn to m any other evils serves but to promote smuggling and adulterat on Common manufactu ed tobacco for n stance s now bemg sold n many parts of tbe k ng dom at a lower pnce than tl e actual duty pa.1d upon the raw leaf per pound 1rhe explanatiOn of th s anomaly 18 very s1mple The capaCity possessed by ra. v tobacco fill" absorb ng and mamta. n ng mo sture e ther from the atmosphere or when art fietally ap pi ed ts one of the chtef elements m tts profitable man pul a t on and tbe manufacturer seeks compenea t o n for the enormous tmpprt duty upon the commodtty n wh ch he deals by mto t water or some other flu d There are some dr nk ng tobaccos as they are m the trade wh ch w ll absorb and for a w h le w 11 reta n fifty per cent or more of water and thfl demand for IIUCb tobacco IS greatly on the m crease n thts country The least drmking tobaccos are those brought from Vug!Jl a Kentucky Now to v.rohtb t th s appl cat on of water to leaf tobacco lema nta n ng the present htgh duty 1.8 mamfestly an tmposstb 1 ty On the other band 1t would at first a loss pf revenue were the duty to be lowered and the amount of appl ed mo sture to be 1 m1ted by law but m the long run the Exchequer would be com pensated by a large and grow ng addttion to the con sumpt on of the country ,.,.nether tt ts deSlrable to grant the Select Committee for wlnch B r H Drum mond Wolff will ton gbt make an appeal or whether 1t IS poss ble to ascerta n the facts by some shorter or l es s cumbrous process we must leave to Mr Gladstone to dec de Much light uught be thrown upon the sub Ject m the House of Commons by Mr W H Wtlls one of the Members for Coventry who 1s the head of the vell known firm of tobacco merchants tft Brtstol and London and who shares wtth Mr Cope of L ver pool the dllltmct on of be ng one of the largest tobacco manufacturers n the Un ted K ngdom An pp mon has long preva led tha t If the attentiOn of Mr Glad stone were once called to the evils result ng from the excess ve duty now IDJ?OSed upon tobacco redress would not be long m com ng At any rate the answer given by him to S r H Drummond Wolff s quest on will be scrutm zed by ve y many wtth an mterest pro porttonate to the umversaltty of the demand for to bacco m every c v 1 zed country upon earth THE TOBACCO TAX QUESTIO'N IN ENGLAND Under the. head ng The Duty Quest on the Len don Tobacco Trade Revtew n Its last ISSUfl remarks -Few trades are wtthout thetr speetal gnevances and the gnevance of the tobacco trade now s dtst nctly the duty quest on Th s quest on It must be confessed. has not h therto been dealt w th by the trade m any th ng like a pract cal manner There has been an as tound ng apathy man fested w t h regard to 1t True some t me ago an effort was made mttiated by Mr T Cope and Mr J H gnett of Liverpool to nduce the Chancellor of the Exchequer to reduce the dut es and several nterest ng meet ngs vere held at the Cannon Street Hotel 'I he result however was not successful tbe trade d d not support the movement as 1t deserved to be supported and consequently tbe add1t onal4d s st 11 an ex stmg bugbear The att tude of the trade n regard to th s quest on s certa nly aston18hing The m creased duty has done harm ll10und Manufacturers have suffered retailers have suffered smoke s have gamed no advantage And yet so apathet c have the trade h therto boen so md fferent to thetr nterests that even when a. movement was energetically set on foot for theredress of th s gr evance httle or no support was to It But there s st ll aliother chance At tbe meetmg held on January 21 at Cannon Street Hotel an nfluent al committee was appomted whose obJect s to mduce the Government to remove the ob JectiOnable 4d wh ch was unwiSely added to the tobac co dut es by S r Stafford Jllortbcote Th18 comm ttee of course requ res adequate support pecun ary and otherwtse from the trade generally and we trust the response to thetr appeal wtll fully meet the r requ re menta In order to obta n a reductiOn. of the dut es the questiOn must be carefully and thoroughly worked It s of no use to go to the Chancellor of the Exchequer wtth a haltmg story and an mcomplete case It s of no use to merely tell hrm that the tobacco manufac turers want a reductwn of the duty as the present rate does not sUit them Mr Gladstone mtght not cons der the conven ence of the tobacco manufacturers of su preme Importance The case therefore whtch IS latd be fore h m must be thoroughly strong and unass&lable m every po nt It must be shown that the present duty ts mJunous to every section of the trade as well as to the public and that the demand for Its reduction ts uruversal If thts be done suceess may reasonably be anticipated At the meetmg of the tobacco manufacturers held at the Cannon Street Hotel on January 21 for the purpose of constdermg the effect of the present customs duttes upon the trade and also by what means the matter may be most effectually brought under the not ce of the Government W H W lis Esq M P occup1ed the cha. r and among those present were the followmg gentlemen -Messrs Charles Lambert Lambert & But ler) Andrew Tod (A & T Tod) J J Turnbull (Thew Turnbull & Thew) R 0 B Jameson (W & M Tay lor) G Kuscbke G Kuschke & Co) Fredk Wills (W D & H 0 Wills) H C Archer (Hy Archer & Co ) A Prmgle J r (Prmgle Curt s & Co ) A Isaacs CA & H Isaacs) Thomas Brankstone (Thomas Brank stone & Co ) D Abercromb e (R & J H l.L & Co hm 1ted) John Player (J Player) W T Irvmg (W T Irvmg & Co ) F Robtnson (Robmson & Sons) P C Brach Huxley & Co ) H Lloyd Sales Pollard Lloyd & Co) M Newton ( E Jonas & Bros ) Roberts (John Roberts & Sons) Thomas Cope (Cope Brothers & Co ) John H gnett H gnett.Bros. & Co C Roberts (Robert Roberts & Sons) E J Kennedy (E J Kennedy) W D Fowke (W D Fowke) H C Lloyd (H C Lloyd) H Jonas (E Jonas & Bros Geo Chambers (Grant Chambers & Co ) R Lloyd (R chatd Lloyd & Sons) James B ggs (James & Sons) Telegrams regrettmg mab lity to attend were re cetved from Messrs B ggs Brothers B= ngham who authortzed the chatrma.n to vote 1n thetr behalf m favor of any movement for br ng ng before the Government the necess ty for a reduct10n of duty and from Mr Mark Scott (Hibbletbw&te & Co ) Leeds and letters of regret at illabiltty to attend were rece1ved from Messrs Harris & Tbomso 1, Liverpool Messrs Wllhs & RobYrts Manchester the executors of William Har greavs Manchester Mr James Walsh Bradford Mr E J Newbegtn Sunderland Mr Fay M P Dubhn the executors of John Woods Preston Mr Andrew Thompson Dublin Mr R Roberts Sheffield Mr E Morgan Hughes Amlwch and Mr Joseph 0 Neill Bag na.lstown These letters expressed the almost umver sal opmton that the advance of the duty to 3s 6d. had failed to brmg the expected mcrease to the revenue had been preJUdlCial to the consumer by st mulatmg the product10n of an mfer10r art cle and mJurtous to the manufacturer and the dealer masmuch as the ad dttiOnal duty had rna nly fallen upon them and a gen eral concurrence of opm on was mamfested m favor of a return to the old rate of duty On mot on of Mr Tod a resolutwn was J?8.8sed de clarmg that the meet ng support an apphcatwn to the Chancellor of the Exchequer for a reductiOn of the duty and that the opmton of absent ma.nufactu ers be obtamed At the suggest on of Mr Cope an Execut ve Com mtttee was appomted composed of the followmg Messrs F Wills Chfton Down Bnstol Charles Lambert Drury Lane W C James B ggs 159 Commer cml Street E Frank Rob nson tobacco manufacturer Stockport Andrew Tod 33 St Andrew Square Glas gow Charles Roberts 117 Fmsbury Pavement E C W H Wills M P House of Commons Westnnnster Thomas Cope-ri. Lord Nelson Street Liverpool John Htgnett 66 vvhitechapel Liverpool Louts Morns Half Moon Passage E C Barrmgton (Messrs W & M Taylor) Dublin Charles Fay. M P Grarute Lodge County Dublm Thomas Gallaher York Street Belfast and Robert Kerr Stanley Butldmgs Liver pool 3 WESTERN TOBACCO CROP (Spec al to THE Ton.wco LEAl' ) r KENTUCKY Ballard County March 1 The long and cold winttlt: now appea s to be abo t over We may have cold days though th s month but the md ca.t10ns 9; spr ng are very ev dent a 1 around us Last week Wll!'! a beaut ful onlil and eally he only p etty one we haw had s n ee ast Octobe There we e some pjantrbeds burnt dm ng the "eek and preparatiOns for bnrwng maQy made though generally 1t was thought ground was too "et for bu rung But t ts wetter than t was the first of last week Saturday and Sul'l; day last very ramy days so much o that t will be several days before any further plant red work caq be done t The Burley tdea 18 still exc t ng the people var ety of tobacco bas many strong advocates 19: tb s county and some of these are the lead ng p1f ducers of tobacco Every day fum shes me stronger proof that there ll be a pretty large pJAqj-.3 mg of Burley amongst our people Nearly thmks he w ll at least a part of h1s crop 1 thts var ety and many wtll plant no other kmd cons&: quently t becomes an undiSputed po nt that there will be less export made m th18 county th s yea r n 1880-less perhaps than there has beeu 10 any gaven year except 1874, smce the war We have heard of but few 'l'IUlSacttons hltely ers are generally pretty qu et though the country have been so bad that but little travel could be done When the roads are suffic ently Improved no doubt 'there will be plenty of buyers to take the balance of the crop n a very short time We th nk fully two-thrrds of the crop of thts county has been sold and a good deal of 1t at figures that w ll not pan out there s a lively advance Most folks contend that this advance will come but we don t know how thi& may be G W S March 15 -The past week has been rather favorat>I& weather for prepar ng plant beds and cons dera.ble of tlus k nd of work has been done yet perhaps It 1s not more than half completed but if we have no ram th s week the w ll all be planted and no doubt early enough to msure plenty of plants Many of our oldest and best farmers ho vever contend that to be entuely safe tobacco seed should be sown 10 February In this country It has been the rule to sow n February; whenever the weather would 11enmt. "W:e that fully half of the seed sown here s of the Burley var ety For some weeks there has been a great demand for th s k nd of seei:l and we tb nk nearly a 1 everybody was too busy w th other farm 'fOX:k Last week: there were several buyers t avell ng o et the county,. bnt we heard of few sales Deal ers generally 1efuse to pay the pr ces asked Most everybody wants s x cents round. and some even more We have some crops wh1ch are no doubt worth that much b t generally such pnces Qe enttrely too b gh unless tnere should be a considel'able advance over tbe pnces now current n tl e Western markets Most of the farmers m th1s county thmk ?

shorter, not qmte so much body, and a good deal of unripe tobacco. The r1pe and best crops are smooth, silky and of color, quite gummy and useful. Preparatious are being made ff!r a full average crop the coming season; but there will not be an for 1!18 large a crop as the 1877 crop. Weather qmte cold, wUh snow. C. C. B. SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Special to TBB TOBAOCO L!wr.} PENNSYLVANIA. Petersburg, Mar. 7.-The latter part of last week we had cold and snowy weather, accompanied by ram and llleet making it very disagreeable for either man or beasi to be out doors. The roads are just beginning to get in a terrible condition. Nevertheless the begin ning of last weeki, until the bad weather, the buyers were out in strong force and bought freely at pnces 'table to the of the goods. Let me here state, .0, majonty of buyers operating in our VIcinity week, requested the correspondents of the differont paJ>!lrs to w1tnhold the purchasers' names, and prices p81d for same. We shall extend our right hand to them and comply with their request; so that your readers must not think, if some names are given who are "sellers" with no price attached, that they are frauds, or not worthy of notice, as, depend upon it, every name given by me can be rehed on as striCtly ttue, and prices could be stated m every mstance 1f the request made had not been promised. I send a of names who have sold qmte lately, om1ttmg a large number who have either been forgotten or not Come to notice: M. A.unger 4 acres, J S Foltz 4, H S. Metzgar-, J H. Miller-, S G Pukee 3, M. Swarr A.. Huber 2, J. Snyder-, John Kreider 3, Saml. W. Letz H W1se, 2 lots, 3, A Kauffman 2, C. Gam ber 2, John Harry 3, Anws. Harry 3, W. Oerman 4, Jos. Kinsch -, Jer. Landis 3, Wm. Weidman 2, C. Reber -, etc. etc.; and good prices were offered to Bimeedorfer, Foltz, Long, Lawrence, Smith, Smith, Erb, Bamkman, etc., etc. The majority of the above were good stock, and prices rece1 ved were satisfactory, showing conclusively that wherever fine goods are Bee11 good Will be realized CoRRESPONDENT. CIGAR FACTORY The Cigars of this Factory, under the well-known Brands of El Principe de Gales -ANDLa Perla .de Cayo BueSQ 1 Jl&nufactnred of hew' and best Vuelt& Abajo HaTIUlll tobacco, ed unexcelled lh quality and make by any of the Havana Factories, are now received in regular weekly .eh.ipments l FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. TOBACCO MARKET. NEWYORK. MABcB 18. Wmern Leaf-A slightly improved demand is per oeptible m the Western leaf market, the sales reach ing, as reported, 1,937 hogsheads, w1th a fair d18tribu tion among exporters, JObbers and manufacturers. All the Regtes have operated sparingly, but we hear of negotiations on their account that may-and may not, eventuate in larger transactiOns. As it 18, it IS pleasant note that the y are still "'lookers on m Venice, '1 and ren ily to take such hoes as meet then reqmrements. 'l'.ll.e new tobacco IS arnvmg more free1y, but much of 1t if! as yet green and soft There IS a httle demand from manUfacturers for new wrappers, but beyond this therjl18 no appreciable inqmry, exporters not appear ,ing to care ft:>r 1t at present. Later on we may expect froDl the new arrivals a better sbowmg in conditwn and color. The reported to Italy thiS week were 2,461 hogsheads, and to Spam1,074 Messrs SA. WYER, W ALLA.CE & Co. report to THE TOBAC co LEAF as tollows.-Our market continues steady ,with a small, regular demand for home trade and The sales of the week' amount to 1, 037 hogs hew, of which 164 to Jobbers, 130 to manufacturEirs, "an4 743 for 11xport, mostly small lots to Regies to per1 0fect a8sortme,nts, and also including i!oo hogsheads ,stock at 6'"c a pound. I JJ eare glad to see our stock' dlminishmg under free e shi.imien'tS, 'nd hope it w1ll continue to do so to e 'way for the new crop. For th1s latter there 18 ygt no demand butside of a ffrlr wrappers. 1 Jot weOk. I W wl.ek.' 3d wl..k. (th w (eelt. 51>h weelt Total I l J I .laquary:.. 84, 91 }0,223 .. .. ... 1 10,6GS "February.. 431 1,984 548 612 .. .. 2, 9251 .Mhcb :. 946 1 1,037 .. .. .. I,9SS 'n u I' th I J ro.. ""AGEDORN :01 lp.., 18 mon 'Welitem: ,S02 hh year, ,-637 hhds. 'From .. ,do., 23 "'de. I do tlaJ.timore'. 1 do. do. .' .. 1 .. 1 1,292 ', do. Total. .. 3, 098 phds. Total.. .. 2, 952 hhds. ReceiP/'8 tb1s year 'Western '!1 9,107 lihds. J J BepeJW!. fl.lom Jan. 1 1S81, 718 hhds' aga.inl;lt li59 1hhds in 1 1880 J sales thla 'month, 13 do i srool'IB: foreign, 323 hhds, domestic, hhds. Stock !on 1 hlj.Dd I and on shipboard nc'>t clea.i-ed March 12, 232 1 bhfui. J f V/.riiiniW T.ea/-'11he !)ast been a dull one fdt Virgiall' leaf! A fewhbds of 'Wrappers and smok were S(IRI., but no sales! of notetwere' tpa:de." Tliere 'IS ai seiirt:ley offine'wrappers in the newcrop, arid 11nces w-ere high forwhat has lleen sold. 1 Manttfac will find" trouble th'is year in 'getting a(! goOd selectiolJ. as laSt' year; and may have to-pay more mohey for Whfa\1the'f l!:ilt. < < J II < 0 &td been but a tor Seed leaf since our last report, a circumstance due', P&Fhap!' ; to previoUs hberal purebases, rather tbanrto lint one 'tiling else III pattiCula.r. The marKet' iS steady anil buoyant. L 1 J. S. GANS. SON & !!ed. t qas .been an extremely quiet one, ana lD fact no tralj88.Ct10p!l of importance, are ,to be looked fqr unt1l the, cro;>p comss, toil JUa,rket. Total transactions foot up 1,480 1 Ollo!H!, pf,\'lllllqh-1 I ;1.,100 ca.l879J.?ennsy1varua;-, ....................... , ....... .. .. .. .12 @22 l .. .. .. .. .... 19 @40 150 ca I879 New EnglandWmppers ....... J .. .... 18 @30 150 ca. 1879 Ohw r i : 7 @1;!" 80 cr !879 Wisconsin . ..... 4 @12 Spanuh 'l')le ingmry, for Havana r!lulted m sales of.. 4!JQ of fill f l s a.t 20 OJ_, ara bales I and II cuts ;wee "talqw, at m bond, and partly duty Manufactured-J'he dellllii.Dd for tobacco has been of the average Character, w1tb mquiry for cheap 11 which nobody bas, and ;!\'ill not ,ha. ve fo11: some to come, excellt, posr l!iQly, of new lll&ll. old very 1;\llot"qte of things, should brmg tor. ilia Wlilflk'lfi;;J.411 ing-:O;alers report a fair llemandfor popular brands and styles of smoking tobacco. Cigars-The cigar market is more active in both \ll'anches, increased shipments being reported West em and Southern account. Cigar box Cedar-The present quotations are: Me>.-i can cedar, 11 to cents; Cuba, II" to 11 cents. The movement of stock has been moderate. Stock on hand, about 2,800 logs. IMPORTS, The arrivalll at' the port of New York from foreign potU for lhe week included the following consignments:-Liverpoolr-L F C Maclehose 1 bhd tobacco. Inndtm-J H Draper 1 C8 cigarettes. 1,018 Jus pipea; H Batjer & Bro 1,500 do, Wm Demuth & Co 806 do; Dinglestedt & Co 689 do, 2 pks do. Miranda & Co I38 bales; Almirall & Co 106 do M & E Salomon 10/i do; ,F Schulz 95 do; WeiM, Eller & 60 do, Vega & Bernbe1m 84 do, Well & Co 251 do; E Spingarn & Co 80 do; St:ohn & Reitzenstein 52 do, F Garcia, Bros & Co 131 do, M Lilienlhal & Co 252 do ; Bchroe der & Bon 119 do; order 825. Cigars-F Garcia, Bro & Co 17 cs; Purdy & Nicholas 18 do, Boward Ives 11 do; G W Faber 9 do, Michaelis & Lindemann 2 do; Calixto Lopez 4 do, Lozano Pendas & Co 2 do, Cbas T Bauer & Co 2 do; B Levy 2 do Acker, Merrall & Cond1t 28 do; Park & Tilford 26 do; J & W Sehgmann & Co 4 do, W CAllison & Co 1 do; AT Stewart &.Co 1 do; Sheldon & Co 15 do, A Owen 8 do A. E Faber 2 do E Castillo 1 do; Wm A AV18 & Co 4 do, & Koemgsberm 1 do, M Rulif 10 do; F Alcxan.;lre & Bon 5 do, Merchants Dispatch Co 18 do; C F Hagen 22 do, Jas E Ward & Co 16 do, order 3 do. Receipts of liconce at port of New York for week, repoJ:tea expressly for THE TOBACCO LEAF -Weaver & Sterry per St Mark, from Catania, 25 pkgs (5642 lbs) licorice stlCks; and per Crane, from same place, 25 pkgs (5612 lbs) do. EXPORTS From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week were as follows:..intwerp-68 hhds, 5 pkgs, (750 lbs) mfd. hhds, 145 cases, 403 bales. IJritiM Hu.teh Wut pkgs (4,138 lbs) mfd. Genoa-1,178 hhds. Gllug1'e--615 hhds. Hayti-11 hhd.a, 25 bales. .Leglwrn-900 hhd.a, LiUrpoolr--129 hhds. L<>ndon-56 hhds. .Rott.!rdam-9I cases. Santander--681 hhds, 103 pkgs (21,840 lbs) mfd. Seville-448 hhds. U. 8. of bales, (4,265 lbs) mfd. V11U!Cuda-61 bllles, 32 pkge (I,820 Ips} mfd. EXPORTS FROM THE PORT 01' 1UW YORII: TO J'ORBIGN PORTS FRO.II JANUARY 1, 1881, TO IIA.BCH 18, 1881. Hhd.a. Cases. Bales. Lbs mfd Aden ................. Afnca ................ 183 Amsterdam ........... Antwerp.. .. .. .. .. 725 Austria ................ Australia. ............ 519 33 2,807 69 "44 5,977 3,090 18,261 316,053 Bg I& N.w York Mid N,.. H-. F C Linlle & Co 1015 cs; Bunzl & Donmtzer 88 do; D Levy 27 do; G PLies & Co 12 do; A H t:lcoville & Co 16 de; S Barnett 1 do, F Schulz 1 do; Joseph Mayer's Sons 25 do. Btl I& l(tl/1 York and &rtfurd /3t8a.rmlxlat Btrobn & Reitzenstem 117 cs, Joseph Mayer's Sons 93 do. Cbas Jacobs10 do; C 8 Pb1hps & Co 3 do, N Lach F nbruch & Bro 28 do; G Falk & Bro 82 do. Old Dommwn Chockley&Co 1 bhd; Pollllrd, Pettus & Co 26 do, Kinney Tobacco Co 5 do; D J Garth, Moo & Co2 do, Jones & Calvi 1 hhd, 1 trc, R A Mills I do, 2 do, FE Owen 1 do, 4 do; W 0 timitb & Co I2 hhds, 111! trcs, 25 !d:-trca, 9 ca smkg, 41 do mfd, IOO !li:-bxs do, 14 cs cigarettes, 1 do c1garettes and smkg, 1 do samples; G W Helme 1 hhd, 72 bxs snuff, P Lorillard & Co 8 hhds, 86 trcs, 9 36-b.xs mfd, 3 bxs samples; J D Keilly Jr 8 hhds. 56 cs mfd, 1 bx samples; E Dubois 6 bhd.a, 2 cs mfd, 7 kegs do, I bx samples, Reynes Bros & Co <10 hhds, I bx samples, Thompson, Moore & Co 72 cs mfd, 84 butts do, 10 bxs do, 32 +-bxs do, I2 M-bxs do, I62 cads do, 10 +-cads do; ME :&lcDowell & Co 216 cs smk&, 8 do long cut, 8 do mfd, 70 bxs do, 8 cads do, Dohan Carroll & Co 91 cs mfd, 25 bxs do, 25 l bn do, 1 M bx do, 5 36bxs do, H Wirt M&lhews 4 ca smkg, 2 do mfd, HI eads do, 2 }-cads do, 1 cs cigars, W 1se & Bendhe1m 7 ca smkg, 8 do mfd, 4 do, 1 do, 44 cads do; Jas M Gardiner 5 cs smkg, 91 do mfd. 17 l bxs do, 8 )4'-bn do, 14 cad.a do, 18 }-cad.a do; H K & F B Thurber & Co 52 cs smkg, 2 do mfd, IO M -bxs do; Augustin & Duseli2 cs smkg, 2 do cigarettes; F H Leggett & Co 50 cs smkg, 3 do mfd, A,ustm, Nichols & Co 25 cs smkg, 46 .J.l-bxs mfd, Wm Broadhurst Jr 10 cs mfd, 3 do, Henry Nalhan I cs smkg; P Frankel! do, Leopold :ltliller1do, A Hen 2 Adams & Howle 20 do, J Blankenstein 33 do, W H Crossman & Bro 20 cs mfd, G W H11lman 1 do, Carhart Bros 40 cads do, Bay State Shoe and Leather Co 8 do, Jos D Evans & Co 6 t bxs do, S Ottenberg & Bro 1 cs cigars, Levyn & Martin 1 IJx do, B B Lyons & Co I cs p1pes, order 9 hhds, 1 trc, 62 cs smkg, 80 do mfd, 1 bx do, 11 %-bxs do, I5 +-bxs do, 30 bxs do, 54 ).4-bxs do, bxs do, 1 bucket do, S Commen :... 8 @ 23,0116 lbs, total, 62,568 lbs. 5 8 Gough, Jl1aiCh 8, 39,562 lbs, per steamer lllmois J11arch I6, @ 8 Medium .. 7>@ Q).6 .. 8 @10 Good.... .. VIRGINIA LEAF, DARL V'ommon lugs ... Low1 Good leaf Da.rk wrappers RRIGBT, h. .. llj5 @411 .15 @20 25 @85 85 55 @70 @12 @17 @Z% 6 @7> 18790rop. BOi .. SG IOOr UO 88115 115 125 87> 120 @I50 Western and Southern Markets. leaf tobacco for lhe past week. Receipts continue large in quantity, but still show a greater proportion of common and inferior sorts than was expected from a crop which by universal consent was pronounced one of lhc most useful ever grown in the districts tributary to the Cincinnati market. Prices are unchanged, but firm for everything old and new suited to lhe wants of manufacturers. Low grades are bemg taken freely by speculators and shippers at quotatwns. Chinaman at a sacrifice of f2,oob on the invoice. besi.dn fl'lllght. Men who have knoWD Lewis for ye&J'!, and d61'eaded hiua until he Jet his notes go to protest, now condemn hhn Ill the atrongeR terms for his deliberate betrayal of commercial oolllldence. The Internal Revenue Departmeut sold atamplin the month of February as follows:, C!gars .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $li2,820 20 C1garettes .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 656 93 Of the 1,082 hbds new offered this week, 428 sold below 6c, 247 from 6 to lOc, 260 from 10M to 14!1i:c, and 102 from 15 to 19%c, of the 212 hbds old 42 8o1d below 6c, 56 from 6 to lOc, 64 from to 31 from 115 to and 30 from 20 to hhds. bxs. Tobacco .......... :.. .. .. .. . .. .. 2,1181! 20 The cgar stamps sold show a much better trade than the corresponding monlh of IBSO. The last item (tobacco stamp1} has not appeared in onr revenue returns of late, and has never made any figure. New........ 1,032 SO Old......... 212 Followlnt; is a st&tement of the overland receipts of clprs and tobacco: Total otl'eringe for week . ... 1 ,244 so 0 (]garetteL Clpn. Tobooooo. Comtgn-. CuM. c-. u.. do rejections do .. .. .. .. 3I5 L & E Werlhmmer...... 2 2 22,6911 Esberg, Bachman & Co.. 4 (1 bbl} 88,990 Micbaelitscbke Bros. 7 980 Dwyer & Cartan . (i Actual sales for week .. .. .. .. .. .. 929 80 The total offerings at auction for the week just closed, and the expired portwn of the current month and year, also com parisons, were as follows:-Mayr1sch Bros ......... C Harsenbalg.. ... .. .. 2 H Roseufeld & Co ..... Lohman & Cogh1ll .... HHeyneman .. ..... .. M Rosenbaum .. .. .. Oppenheimer Bros': .... Falk enste m & Co .. Wellman, Peck & Co ... LKGSm1th ........... QUOTATIONS. Root & Sanderson ...... New. Old. t! Baxter & Co ........ .. Outtng .U..(-Common dark lngs 3 00 4 00 4 110@ 5 50 Engelbrecht, Fox & Co Common bngbt smokmg lugs. 4 50@ 5 50 6 00 7 00 M & C Mangels .. .. .. .. Medium do do 6 00 7 00 7 00@ 8 00 A. McColl.... . ... Good do do 7 00@ 9 00 8 00@10 88 Newton Bros ........... Common bright stripping lugs 6 00@ 7 50 7 00@ 8 J H Todd . . Jl1edmm do do do 8 00@ 9 00 9 00@11 00 Jas A Drinkhouse ...... Good do do do 10 00@12 00 I2 00@15 00 J T Cuttmg& Co ..... Fine do do do 14 00@16 00 16 00@18 00 E. Cohen & Co.......... 7 Hbd.a. Bxs. Hhds. Bxs. Hhds. Bxs. 1881 ......... 1,241 30 2,49/i 59 11,101 184 I880. .. ..... 1,516 23 2,884 36 9,550 186 I879.... .. ... 1,055 6 1,641 12 4 ,190 63 1878 . 876 23 1,990 25 9,318 124 I877 .. ... .. 590 16 1,191 19 6,312 170 1 3 1 1 1 1 4,G20 1,260 5,710 6 ,6-50 3,850 I,550 1,640 1,880 1 ,040 1 ,110 2,760 2,290 600 750 Medium bngbt leaf ........ ,-.I3 00@15 00 15 00@17 00 ; M A Gunst .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 Good do .16 00@17 50 18 00> 00 Total Imports by sea and rail -98,1180 lbs tobacco, 37 pkas Fme do .18 00@20 00 22 00@25 00 and 31 cs ClgiU'B, 1 bbl and 10 cs Cigarettes. Exports, 4086 Ilia MANUFACTURING-PLUG STocx. 1 tobacco, 14 cs c1gars, 2 cs cigarettes. Common dark and trashy fillers .. 7 00@ 9 00 10 00@12 00 Med tillers, some color and' body 10 OO@lll 00 16 00@18 00 ST. LOUIS, Mo., Mar. 16.-Messra. C. & R. DorGoodtlllel'!l ,redcolor&goodbodyl4 00@16 00 20 00@22 00 m1tZer&Co leaf tobacco merchants, ToBAcoo Fme fillers, bnght do _do 11 00@19 00 22 00@14 00 LEAF as follows:-Our market has been rather UTegular t.hil : month and the demlUid bas been confined to common old and DANVI:I;.LE, Va., Mar C. Venable, Leaf 'llo-ftne new manufacturing grades '11he otreringe conaiated pnn. bacco Broker, reports to TBB T.oBACCO LEAF as fellows:of old re-drted leaf and common new lugs with ll Our market has been poorly supphed for about a week, owing shght sprinkling of medmm to good Burley leaf truhJ to unfnorable wuther and J the fact lhat fa.rmel'(l are tpo hll8.Y Burley luge Common new lugs in soft order have been aomPl to brmg tn tobacco l!ricea cootinue about t4e, with what easter, other grades unchanged. The principal salilii nothmg of mterest .to note. made on the brew were of coiJimon to medium new luge at QUOTATIOl!S 13 to 3 25, traahy and common Bnrley Jugs, at f8,90 to 4.80 Fillers-Common dark lugs. ....... ...... 8 @ 4 tau 'Burley Jngs and second.a, at $5.20 to 7 ; medium to good Common llark leaf ........ ,.. ld weather ts against free o:lferiogs. Medium .. ', ..................... I2 @li! 1s too dr;y., handling causes loss .. Prospects of unsettle4 GoOO. 18 '@211 weather md1eate uregular markets. Pnces unchanged Fme ........................... 30 @'iO quoTATIONS Extra.! .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 41! @70 Luge-Dar)< common to meaium .. .. .. 2 00@ 4 00 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky M.u;. 12.-Mr. Georgie v : Bright common to meaium. . 8 OO 4 00 Th L f T b B k t 7-T T Brlgbt good to tine.............. 4 00@ 7 '110 I ompson, ea. o acco ro er. repo.o HE Soiokers-Bnghl common to medium 4 00@ 15 00 ''t Bright good to lille ............ :: li 110@ II 00 h good lhe fo f k 1 k f do to fancy.. .. .. .. .. 9 00 00 are n_o'M avmg wea r r arm wor we oo or Leaf-D"' to medium 8 flLl6A 4 kn hght receipts _.. ,_ ,.._ ..., Dark good 1Q. fine .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 00@ 7 00 L Co 1 3 @ 31/ Bnght common to meamm...... 4 00@ 5 00 ugsmmon .......... .... T .. .. .. 7ll good,;to lfu .. 5 00@ 9 50 ; ; 3"@ 4 Yelltlw Wrappe....,.Ci::ommon to medium 10 (/0015 00 Good .... .. .......... .... 4 5 Good to fine .' .......... .'.. ... 11! Ooiiilll 00 Leaf-Common ......................... 5 6 Fmeto' fancy ...... ': ...... : .. .' 40 ()()@76 00 Medium .......... .. .. ...... 6 1 @ 7 l .Mahogahy Wrappers'-'-Com. to medium 11 OO@U 00 Good .. .................. ...... 7 8 Good to line ................. IO 00@81! 00 Fme .. .... .. .. .. .... '" 9 @ll Fine to f&DCl'i o """""" 00 0 \"" .... _. 0 0 tiU LOUISVILLE, Mar 15.-Mr. Wm. J Lewers, Leaf Tg. ,., 0 ,... 1' 4 .w., H H .. c acco Auctioneer, reports to TBB ToliAcco EAF lls follows:"' "' t ..... ., ...... ..,._ : r. anes"' o., manuReceipts for week ending to day 1060 bbds, agatnst 960 bhds faettirers of plu{ twist and rancy l cliewtng tobaCcoc!, J'epotf to same week last year The i>eather is cool and .disagreeable, 'Tm!i ToBMCO l1All':-0wlng ha.nh but still there is dnnn"' enough to enable to do some breaks continue hght, and, as IS usnally the cue m bad ., "' the offermge are inferior We !n prices llJICO plowmg, and 1t bemg late for this kind of work, they will, no onr last. 1 fO" doubt, ease up on tobacco llandling, curtailing rece1pts for the QL"OTATION : present. Fillers, dark common' (hlgs) ... '.. .. .. .. 8 @ 4 SALES FOR WEEK, ETC., ENDING 'I:UESDAY, 15TH INST. do do \ '" (leaf) .... ........ Warei10U8e8. WC!ek. MO?Uh. Year 'do medmm bright . . . . 8 Gilbert........................... 27 63 ( 137 do good ........ ... .' ... !. ......... 8 @Ill P1ckett.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 132 221 2,078 Smokers, common' brown .... .......... 8 @ I! P1ke .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . 43 119 380 do medium bright .. _.. .. .. .. .. I! @ 8 Ninth Street. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 206 497 I,884 do fancy ............... ""..... 8 @.16 People 's............... .. .. .. .. .. 68 11I 325 Wrappers, common .... ,... .. .. .. .. 8 @111 Boone....... .. .. .. .. .. .. 51 1159 791 do med1um br1ght ............... 12 @16 Green River.... .. .. ... .. .... .. 70 184 689 do good .. .. ............... 16 Louisville.. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. .. 156 337 1,598 do ............. 30 Falls City........... .. .. .. .. .. .. 127 3I3 1,641 do ancy bright ................. 46 @70 Planters' .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 121 292 1,267 Kentucky Associatwn.. .. .. .. .. 99 IUS 999 Farmers'.... .. .. .. . .. .. . 159 393 1,302 EnterpriseJ ..... .'................. 60 165 736 N 13,822 13,969 9,333 16.035 Foreign Markets. 0 AMSTERDAM, Feb. 26 -:Messrs. Schaap & V&n V een, Brokers, report to THE ToBAcoo LEAP: For Amencan tobacco the market has been without any spirit f o r the last fortnight. On1y 37 hhds Maryland, still under sail, changed hands. Our stock, of Java has been sold this week, partly by subscriptiOn, and partly by pubhc sale Prices are gomg down, while the qu ality of the better grades did not a nsw e r to onr expectations of 1880 crop Sales of Sumatra cons1sted of 1366 bales Imp o rte -50 hhds Maryland. 171!-1 bales Sumatra, and 4123 do Java Stock to day -1196 hhcl :&laryland, 1'12 do Kentucky, 70 do V ugm1a, 29 do stems, 4500 bales Englis n East Ind1an, 160 do Manila, I074 do [6 do Java J 1 I "1 I I ;Brep1en correspondent furnishes th f_ollowmg account of the, Seed leaf mark;et at that P_9rt for tj:le w!Jek eniling Feb:, frO!Jl oNew York, 1)6 cas'iSi from Baltunore, 100 do; total, 126 do !!, 76 C!\SeB, ; stock o'n hand, 2,450 c8ses Seed leaf, an,d $\l do(cuttings. PrlCes were quoted 1111 follows.-Wrllppe 70 pfgs, bind,ers,.:!s';'>; fillers, 35@50. The receipts of leaf during the week amounted to p29 1baleF. ,from H!' direct, and 39 do from New York; Bales, 686do; stock on,h!I-Dd; 7,,130 do. Pnces ranged as follows :-W gOod and fine brown, 650 to 1,400 pfgs; -,vrappers, brown, 350 600 pfgs; wrappers, mixed wit}J. fillers, 180 to 300 pfgs; fillers, 100@250 pfgs. The following is a statement of the movement in hogshead tobacco inlthe Bremen market for the week endmg 'at the,a.bove date. ,, 1 Bav Ohio Berube Jtld. VL Xy, 8leml. Stockonhand'Feb 17,1881 2110 964 11111 7!1-1 2,711 l,IIN Recelpls 1!0 77 1'0 48:1 1111 81'1 'I 11(15 00 215 1,285 2,711 4,545 2,1521 85 151 IIIII 1 ,200 2, 711 4,81N


' { Mf\R.l9 F. GARCIA, BRO. & CO., -lR.lEE.. '-,. IC HiYDROITE -. .A. D.e"CV. 'X'oba.cco Pre,&er-va't:l:ve! J-u.a't 'the Trade D.eedS Keepo FineCut, Pluc and Leaf 'fobacco and Cigars Moist, aud pre;.ento Holdlnc; :lo perfectly Taate leoa, and does not dect tloe:B.avor of the Tobacco :In any 'Way. In uo:lng it, there la no :Interference with the process of Manufacturing, and Tobacco can be prepared aa 1111nal, We have dupUcate ortlero from Ewho have Ulled it. All we is a trial to oouavince you of ita value. Cheap and EconomicaL Pr>e 2 per Gallon, or 25c per Pint. Forrurthorintormat1onaddress M. MICHAELIS, 2D2 fultOn Street, NEW YORK. s. LOUIS SIEBER. & SIEBER, l'IIA.NtTF ACTtiBEKS OP FI:NE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, f6, 18 & 20 Seventh St., ant 2, 4 & 6 Hall Pl., Coop:n::Htu\e New York. --. s1oo The Anention of Cigar Manufacturers Paid to &n7 one IPv:lnc information of I' artie :lnfrinr is respectfully called to our 1..arKe Stock ot FINE JlB. :Inc on our Patenta. SWEATED l!lVS PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. 'lbe Our new Improved Process for Re-Sweat!ng Tohaceo, a p"''ftlvo sue;of the!le tob&CCOS is -tly enhancedRil our eelS Flattering testimonials reoelved trom t.b'e lDJ)o!'t. emmenf Tobacco Dealers and UJX.X'VEI:JR., , No. iNORTH SHIPPEN STREET, :Pa.. Take One Every. !;lour. The Finest and Best Cigar in the U. S. FOR THE MONEY, -<>-Circulates as freely and Is as well known as theN. Y. Herald. --o--. By Unanimous Consent Pronounced THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE. --'o-Especlally Suitable for Druaal-.. Foster, Hilson & Co., Cor. Avenue D aad l.Oth St., :N-YeN. 833-88#, N" cYtl.ces. F?.R tresh supply of genu me DEERrONG1;JE FLAVOR fo1 _smoking tobacoa m a nU.facturers in lots to suit purchase1-s, a.t lowesl ligures. MARBURG BROs., 145, 147 H9 H. Charles Street, Baltimore. W ANTED .-A first-class to travel for the undersigned; must be acquainted with the Trade, and give good references. Address YoUNG & FELDMAN, 838-839 40 & 42 Broad Street, Boston, Mass W ANTED.-A partner, with at I((Oit '10.900 capital, by a well establish e d Cigar Manufacturer. Must be a thorough business man and a good sa.lesmalt. Address" MANUFACTURER, No. 23U," o( THE ToBACCO ,LJj:AF, 839-H SALESMAN W ANTED.-A good salesman wanted for a Cigar House. A libeml arraugement. will be made with a proper party that hus au established trade. Address "G.," ToBACCO LEAF 839-lt WANTED -An experienced Cigarette Salesman. Must have tbe best of and l;re well 11.nd fa vorably. known toJ jobbing trade of the Eastern Sbtes. Address, with references and sa.lary expected, B. A., this office. 839-842 1880. I offer for sale on reasonable 1880. terms a small packing of fine 1880 crop tobacco, some of the best grown in the county. H. C WITMER, Leaf Dealer; tf. Christiana P. 0., Lancaster Co ., Pa.. FOR SALE OR RENT.-At Flushing, Long Island, a large substantial Brick Building, immediately oppo site Bridge Stree t Dep ot; three floors, about 80 each; several lots and 'stable; suitable for country store or manufacturing pmposes. Will alter to suit desirable tenant. Possession at once. Very low rental. Apply toW. E. LEAVITT,63 Broa.d'llja.y, New York, or EDW. CARL, Flushing. tf IMPORTANT TRADE-MARK LAW, Act of Con. gress of March 3, 1881.-In addition to my offices a.t 505 and o07 D Street, Washington, D C'., I have a branch office, undet charge of Samuel Brown, in the Evening Post building, corner of BJ"Oadway_and Fulton Street, New York city-room 37-where information will be given as to the requirements of this act, and communication had with me. 839-tf WM. HENRY BROWNE. Tobacco Seed. Barber's IMOOo, UIIIIN tllo only -.lard fiOCllla 1llls clalla made In America. -' -FOR, Manufactured under Letters Patent Aug. 7, 1877, and Oct. 29, 1878, by PA.TEN'TEE, No. 52 DEY STREET, NEW YOBK. N. B.-The trade is Cautioned against Purchasing Waxed Paper made by Infringers, asainst some of whom I have suits now pending.


TOBACCO E&"tab1i.&hed 1Bf;IB. Sole .Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS .A.1&o A Ken. "t& :I." or JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, _LONE JACI<,' 'BROWN DICK/ ETo., ETO. D. Sackett Moore, l;l'aul (lal'YI. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO. TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, 83 Front Street, New York Block & Lindheim, FINE, SEED ,tEAF & HAY TOBACCOS1 No. 160 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. '1 J. o._ra. a. L. Gaaeer&, J. L. Gasser-t&, Brc::. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA -AND-PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, :N"o. :1.&:1'7 ::EIO"V!7ery, :N"e"VV7 Y'ork.o .. (!; SHED LEAP TOBACCO INSPECTION Tobacco or -OOUXTB.Y SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO.. Certificates f9r every Case. and delivered Case by Case, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-We also Sample In Merc,hants' own Stores. P c. L:J:N"DEI &,. CO. E,:n' Dlckenon, eorner oC A.rch and. 'Valer Street, Philadelphia, Pa.; Henry Fore&, N. queen & Chcatuut, and 28 N. Charlotte Sts., L a-neatcr, Pa.; J & P. Carl, HatOcld, .Mu; Ed,vard AuUu, Su1Dcld., Conn.; A. D. Alherton, 176 State Street. Hartf"ord, (loon.; Henry Croue, 29 E. 4th St., Dayt.on, Ohio; Mlehael Z""icker, stou:rhton, Wh. -o. Hudocm River B., B.. Depot, St. John' Pnrk; 14 nnd 76 Greenwich 5\treet 182 to 186 Pearl Streett and 142 Water Street. Pr:l:n.o1pa.J: o:m.oe, :1.42 El't, JSI'o"'07 'York.. a SBcd Leaf I -AND-G:ITY WEIGHERS; 1 70 &'t., N'e-vv Y'ork. SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. &.A.Jr S:r'Jl', Pa.. Br<>ncla-153 N ortii Qnecn St 1 HaDry Agent. r !aD, Ct., BrtUlch-154 State St.; ,11_. F,Jlm1_burt, Agel\_t. BENSEL & CO., 'nlB GOO IISP]QT BS, WATER STREET, XEW YORK. --<>---LANCAST""' Pa. BRANCH {Phillip Borngesser ......., Wm. DeHave n BYBACUIIE ...... G. P. Hier & Co. i!ALTiM.OlU!: BRA>'ICtt. : E. Ce. HaRTFORD BRANOH ............ W. estpbal. CHA'S FINKE& CO TOBACCO rNSPECTJJRS, 159 WA TEH ST., NEW YORK. COVNTRY SA!'IIPLING PROKPTiol' ATI'ENDED TO, Laneaste7,. Pa., Dranc-hs-F. CUNNINGBA!II, 14l N. Queen St. (Smi t h's Cigar Store. ) Conuecdcut Drancl1:-H. B. OLMSTED, EaStt Hartford. Conn. Edgerton, v ta., Brancb:-0. R. Bentley. H. 111, B'en.UOelm. .HIRSGHHDRN & BENDKEIM, l!la.D.u1"ac' or FINE CIGARS, No. 35 Bowery, New York. &, 'Y. .A I 30, I 32 ct. 134 MAIDEN LANE, N&W YO.RIC,.----1 0 ISO Pearl Street, York. R. L. TUBA,. o-r Havana Leaf Tobacco ': 6 MAIDEN LANE, Y'ork.. -Fl:.N'El-ttt!li l 368 BLEECKER ST., Geuerul DepOt' SG Malden "York. Es"tab1:l&l:l.ed 1Bf;a5. I &EO. w. HELME, s--to Apple11J' & Helme. MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED PIUNCE c::H.a"az a ties. 133 WATER STREET, Jn:W YOIUL FANCY SMOKING l?lPES -IN-BRIER. AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTUR BY HARVEY a :roap. SALESB.OOII-S811BBO.&.DWAY. JIEW TOKK. F ACTORT-LBD&Ea P'-.4CB, PRIL&DELPHI'll.. Buchanan & Ly...., ..... 1 J soN & co HENRY SIEBERT, :1.0:1. .T., TOR.:&:. I:IR n, :I 'Tobacco and Ceneral Oozu.D::I.ero1A1 :J!'"ac'to:ry, ::EI:roo.k.1y:a., 1"11'. "'!l o MANUlfACTURE THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF Commission Merchants Commission Merchant,. JPL "V'o--To:a.a.OCJO PX...S..1'\lET, PANCYDABK NAVIESJ .. 8R D &TRE.T, ea S"t. :N"EIPT'C'..N':m, P&NCT BaJGHTNAVJESJ STANDAB.D BBIQHT NAVIJUIJ Ne"'lli'V' Y'ork.. r REYNES BROS. & CO., t.eaf Tobacco, Commission Merchants 46 & 48 Exchange Place, 1'11 ....-o:n.:&:. &.S..XX..OB.'& STANDARD DARK N&VJES, 'ftle reputatlOD or tlleo9 cocda lo world-wide, aDd the 8llN of them proof ot their lllertt&. .S..B.E O:P %:D%T.A.T%0::DII' Our Trade-Mark "t'-:J: is Embossed on every Plug. O:IPlP:J:O:JD& I BOSTOIII 81 CeMral 8treet1 CINCINaATII 89 Weat Second Street ( CHIC. CO 1 9 Wabaah Avenue J IJ'AN FRANCISCO:t311S Battery StreetJ PHILADELlbHIA 1 38 North Front Street. :R.:J:.A.J!IIil', M:ANU!rACTURER OF el SPANISH ad Deal"' ia ah kiacb .. LEAF TOBACCO, 1&4 Front Street, zw 1ro.aa. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. lliiP0RTER8 AND OEALEIII! IN Leaf Tobacco, 168 Water st., B. LEVIN;IKPOlR.'rER of HA VAN! AND DEA LER IN ALL KlN DB OF LEAF IMON STRAUSS, OF -AND.SHOW F1GURES. IMPORTER OF ll"D 1>EALER IN S CICAR RIBBONS, Ctga'r Mou.Jde, Pre .. e .l, S1.ra .. Cutten, Etc. 119 and 181 Lewis St., New York. ALL KINDS Olf YIGqRES CUT TO ORDER AND REP .AlRED TI:i THE BEST STYLE. The IBI-u.ppl.1ed.. ,. SNUPJJ'It Maccaboy, Rappe&, Sootoh, lrnarloat1 Gentleman, Lundyfoot. V%:R;G::I:M'%.A. 8:JY:OK.%NG 'TO:B..&.OOO I Vu; PltaU AUIBJft', COJARAJWl, 11lrCI.,Il mat, KA.VT CLIPPIJf ... BLACX TOM, IRONSIDES, .&. & H. TO:B.A.OOO 1 a._....,. liD I', .-.z 11. 133' Ttft ami 85 STffm, Wew R.G-LER, Mauanaetarer oc FINE CIGARS, Aa4 D-le:r Ia SGHOVERLINGISOULB & GO. PACKERS OF AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, NI!W MILFORD, OO:N":N"EJOT%0'C'T. No. 116 MAIDEN LANE, :N" e"'07 Y' ork.. .RUDOLPH HENSCHEN, Jllaataeturer oC CIGAR BOXES 338 & 31.0 S. SRAJU-ST., EI.S..X..T1lY:O:E'I.:m, : UP-Or4eM ProJDp1l:r PUJe4, :213 Pearl St., New York. L., GBRSHIL 1:-BBO.,i PACU:IlS AND DL\LII.RS IN ., .. SEED LEAP,TOB!CCOt 19 I PEARL8TREET1n NEW YORK I. B. DIAZ & CO., Ill I"E.ULL ft,, JrEW YOIU"


MAR.19 DIPORTKBS .W DEALERIJ IN Leaf Tobacco. _.....,._ THE YORK CIGAR co. PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS from $12 to $15 per thousand. Pa. S. BARNE1*1\ -AND-SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. O:B:EVU":I:N"G-TC>::EJ.A..OOO, And all kinds of Smokfng Toba.cco. Allo of the well-Jmown Branda of Bright Plug Chewfns: own. r Onward,' I Frionllsbiu. andr Sailor's Solaco.' MANUJ'ACTORY AND su ESBOOX: Cor. Avenue D and Tenth Street, New York.- -AND-MANUfACTURERS OF DOMESTIC CIGARS, 143 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. --(o)--.,1 BB.&.l'i-OI'PICBI-No, 888'-.&TLQ'I'IC .I.VBNUB, BOtrreN, JU.I.SS. TOB.Aca IMPORTERS OF HAVANA L ";.;J 0 SEED LEAFTOBACCO, IJ&ar'l'. :.ovm. WATIR STRIII:'f, 1 H.DAusHAN, :Rear Lane, NEW YORK, President. 15. -..i. ROssm. S. ROSSIN & SOBS, PACKERS OF Seed. Lea.:r, AND IMPORTEW! OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 178 Water St., New York. -'1 o. FRIEND co.,' 'l'JU.DJ: : NE?" D&&L.' r. .. nADealerabl Fl.Ug, q acc6. I Dlf o.m .a" "1) Lea.ding Branda-: "EO:BSE IIIAD" "mD !JG!rr" "LIT'l'LE ntdDl'" llli .1. .UA"" FA loth &(Ppplar Sts. OFJICE & SALKSROOM, srr & 513 N. t. I lllalden La..,.. 1 -tiEW YORK. 1 COlE lvi[ft ;fjjiNCBiocfi. 1.DIDK, Manufactory STREET, LYNCHBURG, -I BALEIS OF TOIACCO FOR EIPOR ,.-,..,. IAof T..._ prene41n bal .. for ._,. Woot -.eila.D asu1 Central Americaa. Ports. "'*' ot1aer mat 1 lkota. I "' TOilACCO J:'.,_ti'KED n< HOC:'i1Tf. T>< DIPOBTDO-. HAVANA LEAF TOBACG01 1106 Pearl Street, New York. L. NEWGASS, PACKER OF ALL KINDS OF SEED LEAF .l CO' SIMON BANKER AND BROKER,, l'J BROAD ST., JrEW TORK,1 l'IIT partlc11lar attention to the Nerotladon Foreign Exch&Dge and LoanL Execute& OrdeJ'Il..! or. the Purchase and ()allfo.-. .. nd.Nevada Mining Stock In 8ut Francisco Onion -acruii:Jo--_... -...... .. WHEELING ST TIPS and JPINI! CI8ARS, Wheeling, W. Ya .......... .A.Il Or4en Promp&l,. .&&ceaed co. I T f. / -..... --........ -........ HmiBY Boulnr.w>, 81-& ....... I E. ROSENWALD & BRO., t l Packers & or Tobacco, 145 Water Street, New York. NEUMAN & DINGLINGER, GENERAh LfJHOGRAPHE-RS li'I!>JII4-t\'!>: = I;-S. MURIAS & DE EINE IIIPOB'l'ER 0:1' Spa'"fsh' To _:t Lamparilla ts, (P.o. BPI &5DJ '. ;: :::.a:..r:.:a .:r., "'FC>_:R.:K.


8 THE T 0 B A C Co .(. E A F. MAR. 19 JS<.hnure Advertiaemeata. Western Advertisement&. 118CELL!IEOUS ADYEimSEIEitl T EITLEIB, ::&B,OS., Packers, Commission Merchants, aad Wholesale Dealers in "VVM .A. BOYD & co., AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. .W. cp. HBD!mwaiNSDI!IImi,ALE .. Sa.MI!IImi,ITHEiiloll&. CiliikO.. Dnoe&TED .&liD DOIIE&TIO : SPENCE BROS. & co. _, ._ fOREIGN &, DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, I 117 NORTH THIRD STRt!I:T, PHILADELPHIA. 1 LEAf T 0 B A C C 0 a. .. cmucucut SuBd-IuafTuiRD I I Nos. 54 to 62 East Third Street, l E A F T 0 B A r C c 0 'IMPORTERS-;, HAVANA, C"flsrOX.N"M .AT%, 0. l I s1, Sl a: S5 B.A .. DBJJ IT.,.-p:r:l-.:Do1d, D Pi.D.zer &, L&c:s., GEO. B. BABNES,. W. EISENLOHR & o or, ":; l'ACKERS .A-ND WHOLESJ.LE DEALERS IN I ; L E .A F T 0 B ,.A, C C_,O, I 11e1 s_ .e1:.,. Phllad.e1pl:11.a.. -Pli!L. ll'OKN. .. L. BAMBERGER & CO.J Packers and Dealers in Da,rc:X1 &, LE.A.F TO:EI.A.CCO, And Manuf,act,..rers of LowCrade ., EXPRESS," and. NlC-NAC" Havana Cheroots. No. Arch St Philadelphia., Pa.. OUR ACENTS:-Messrs. WISE It BENDHEIM, New York; l:EWI S SONS, Wht ,lesale Dealers i:a AND KANtrFACTlmED -NO. 322 NORTH THIRD PHILADELPHIA. Iii" A assortment of all kinds oC LRAF ToBACCO on h"nu .u_ CIGAR MOULD"MANUFACT'G 0. Cor & Worth Collc[c Ave's. Pa. Is IIOW ret&lUng 111 different sbapeo and aooo CIGARET 1 ES. AGENT IN NEW YORK: FF. 56 South Washington re. Stow & Co.,' l MAHOGANY SAW MIEl -DKALDSIR-SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR-BOXES, UBLER.'S ALLEY, Bet. Hanover& ciWl&ll4LombllrdA Pnt&Bts., BALTIMORI:1 Md. I I I II IUA.N UFACTUKEKS or j HENRY GEISE, ....,.,_, t;o B. GBISJI a BRO.) .T:III.A.:Dil: CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, Na. 93 CLAY STREET, W 8. WIIUA B. SPim&L, Wells & Spiegel, Manufacturers' CICARS &. TOBACCOS, -' 620 OLIVE ST., 181:. :t\l.l:o. C. G TACEAU. R J LANDRUII. CONN. SEED LEAF .. -AND-Conn. Havana Tobacco. Wa.reho1U8 Poiat, _..,.,_ 70 Pine St., New York City C. 0. HOLYOK.J::, Wholeaale Dealer lo W es.tern Leaf Tobacco No. 88 Water Street, BEI'EKEN1JES t Jno. 0. L&lham, Preo' t Danlr of 8 Ill. Preo't PI""Ieno 'llallk, Hop""'"'-; SaWJU" w&llace&rd Sto. X>&Y"tOD.!' O." D.A. I (Entrance on Lombard Street,) J!Zpclrt 11114llome,.,.... proalillr No. 20 Water Street, JM:d. or ... Promptly .&tteaded u. EI.A.LT:EDOR.EI. ar-Leaf Tobacco Pressed ln Bales a Specialty. DRESEL, RAUSCJU:NBERG & CO., .-;-. J. &, CO., TOBACCO''SHIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS.' J!BACCU, IIUPOBTEKS 01' GEKIUA.N POTA-SH aad I'EKTILIZING SALT. f Acenh for LIYerpool Line or !lteamen aad .Becalar Paelleh &o Breea, ....... Lea.d:ln Elra.:a.d I rc, Rotterdam and Amterclam. 11 L GAY ITKEET, B.AI.'l'UIOBE. B ::J: G-G-'U' ::N' '' E. E. WENCK,, G. B. M. :lla.rriott, DEALER IN TOBACCO SHIPPING _.._,. IMPORTED 4 DOMESTIC COMMISSION. MERCHANT LEAF T 0 B A C C 0, 46 _and 48 St. Charlee St., 31 German St, Baltimore, Md. FACTeaT-IIB-1 2 1 S. 234 StreetJ PENNSYLVANIA SEED TOBACCO STGBE-:....-1341 f DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY ON HAND :P:B%-LI:A.D:mLP::EI::E.A.. 8 East Cheetnut St., ....... .,.r.Lo.....,. ... ... .._.,.._ P' .a .. w. K. llARA:ER .. a. "' .... G E. WA.GGNKlt. MANUFACTURERS OF THE ............ .me Merfeld & "Tidal Wave," "Kiaek Dlamoad.'' "Postal Card" Cigars. lriOO,OOO otpn.Ahra:p-Bad. IMPORTERS OF. r BARKER & WAGGNBR w. BEST, Chlcaio; LOKIN PALMER, New w. Il.llUSS.ELL, Cklcop.H II FREY& wEmLER IMPORTEn aod DOMESTIC BBST BtUSSEJL co., Dqle ... aa4Paekenla SEED LEAf TOBACCO. LEAF TOBACCO I r : lanntactni6rS or Cigars teaf Tobacco WHOEESALE / TOBADOONISTS + 161 .1; 2M Worth Cl-Street, 213 W t JUac Street of Dark Ke-nweatecl Wnoppen, ol Stoc:lt of DARK WRAP AND BOLE PROPRIIIITORS OF THE GENUXNE LANCASTER, PA. Plli:RS, ''GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, ( q.A.. .&.c:D:CJEiol!lll" _., A:U. II'1'YLD or m::r NAVY:.-CHEWING TOBACCO, MID '11m CPWB,._ 111LUID or BEST! PEIT:IIJR.IBEIURG-, 'V'" .&.. "' the CE..'ITENNIAL EXPOSITION; September 27, 1876, THIS T_QBACCO WAS AWARDED ... ... mGHEST PRIZE. call to tJ:le manner In whloh our Packages are J?Ut up tha t neither Dealer nor other':!l., h getting ours. Butt and :ti .. &1141 _.tOIL w -wereprt!leDI!t, we WILL PAY FREIGHT BOTH WAYS. wi::D .&.l.L LEADil'fO THROUGHOOr. sT_&:rE& Ule. & Bendbelm. York Agent& sw .R. Co 57 Lake 'Street and 4. State Street, Chicago, Ill. .&. .,. ALSO \.GENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL.KNOWN FIRMS Oft'loe:'Cor. Byrne and Halifax Sta., Petersburg, Va. Factory I 18 Second Dl.trtot. VIrginia. CO.'S "OlD THE ACTS" and _, &DCl Oiror t;o the 'l'nl4e llul fo1lowiDc Clelelonoled Rraa ol i'. B. KINNEY'S OIGA=!in""' PLUG CHEWING and .. SMOKING TOBACCOS : ECLIPSE" BRIGHT l!fA. VY. 1_1_. 3a, .-.., Sa, &a, 'fllt 11, 91 ._._4 lOa. ''8T,. GEORpE" BRIQHT 5AVY, 1a, Jta, 3a, 4:a, 011,61, 2'1, 8a, 9a aa.dl.Oa. UVJRGINIA DA-RE, BRIGHT ll.&. VY" 11, 3a, a., 8a, 81 aDd lOa. ''A.NNOT LYLE" BRI&HT NA.V'Y, la .. 3a, lie, 91 aad l-Oa. ''VNION .JACK" MAIIOGANY POtJNDI, J(ad4 Sa. u IT. JAXEII '' DARK POtJNDS, }Ia U, 5a1 a., 7a, tla: 8a IO 'Alsa a great variety of I'INE TWIST of several Bright auQ. MaAoganr under the fot1owtDr celebrated bpk:l:a.-v-:1.11e, :&::.y. BJJ:fi'RBENCES, BY PJ:HMISSION: J. 0. L&&ham, Preo't Bank Bopklnsvllle; B. IL Tl1ce, l'rM't Planters' Bank, Hoptlmmllel 8. G. Bucknel' Com_ Merobant. J. X:. Gall& & BOa. Com. Jlerchaot.. .t Co., New York; BeDrY Mi New Y .uk; 1'. G. lrw1n. Olarknlll"' Tenn-; ]l, B. (]ark .t Bro (,'iartoille, Tenn-; B. F. lle!\umon&, Preo't lat Nal. B 'Jt. ClarJarvllle1 'r. I B1JY ONLY ON ORDER. Orders 8611cl....,_ M. H. CLARK & BROTHER, rOBACCO BBODRS AAILK8VILLB, or-.. IIOPKilllnJLWI, ... JAS.A.HHNDHRSON & DEALERS IN VIrginia and North Carolina.._ LEAF TOBACCO, x;,-.::a.v:l1.l.e. V' a. .,. l!mobrw Uld Brfc!tl Laf a Speolalty. OrQeri liollelted. W. N, Sllelton, 1'. X. Burlon, C. Ci\ .... --..


, .. MAR.19 Bnstness Directory of AdnrtiSm. NEW YORK. To>/>a.Cr. Schulz Fred. 213 Pearl Blebert Henry, 68 Broad. Splngarn E. & Co. 5 Burling SUp. Bteinecke R., 131 Water Tag, (lb&rlelfF. It Son. ttK J'ront. opmann, Ca.rl. 178 Pearl. W(lnh.oUSiS jOT the tJald OJ Jlanu.fdcf'ured and Snt.oking TobacCOI. .&Jlea & Co, 173 a.nd l'i!:l Chambers A.Uitll8thl a; Doselll Warren. Dobau, li&l'rOll & \;0. 104 J'root. DuBois Eugene. 'j5 Front. &nelebacll F. 56 8< WaahLaP>n Squan 8ardiner J. M. 74 Front. Rea .A. 43 Uberty. Hut H w. 69 Wiluam M&rtln J. w .. 74 Front Co. 88 Front Wiooe &: Bendb,eim, 264 and 266 C&na.l Tob"""" Bak,., tor .,_c. Goahrtelt Co. 2111 J!'roo<. Leaf ToioaOOO lltceali"'/. l']dllp v. s. \88 Pearl Comnullion )lerclt.a.,.tl Beynea ]lrothert! &: Co. 4i & 46 TobaOCO Broken. OattUA J obn. 831Je&ver Eller' lt. 116 Malden Lane Qanl' Bon J. s &: co. 8< and 86 Wall OSborn e James G. M Uroad. Rader M &:: Son. 48 Broad Sh&Ck A. liS Pearl Jla'Ruf of Smoking and Chetcinq Tot.acco. Ander8()n John & Co. 11nberg S. & Broo. 2112 and 2114 Broadway Prager M. W. Courtl&ndt 8teinecke R.. 181 Water Btloeh<>lberg !11. &: Co., 1!2 and IN Ubert7 Bcr<on .t storm. lll>t-1108 But 27th Butro & Newmark. 76 Park Place Upmann Carl, 118 Pearl Street. lmpM'U7'B of S11matra Wrappers. G. w. Gall & u, 166 Water Jtantifacturer of li'Yn.e ClcJan. Brown .t Earle, 203-209 Eaet 83d roeter, Hilson Co. A. venue D and lOth St. &uenes, Hay& & Co 1&1, 132, 1M Kalllea lADe Tura & Vichot. 368 Bleecker. .hnportera of Rat1<11'W Tobacco Cigdft. AJmlrall J J. 16 Cedar Bower& Wm. C & Co. H8 Duane Dlaz B It Co. Fernandez G 206 Pearl ll'rellelt.157W,...r J'rtedm&n IAonard. 203 Peart G. w Gail& Ax, 166 Wa"'r Garol& 1!'. Bro .t Co. 167 Water 9&...-t J L. .t Bro. 157 Bowery Goualeo: A. lBO Pearl K.erbe &: Spiess 1014-lQm 2d A 'f'eaue Ulleothal M. & Co. 177 Pearl Lomhard V. 110 Water (Ape&, C&lixto, 11011 Pearl .oe,ano, Peodu & Ce. 20e Pearl lloMonger T B &: Co. 16llllalden 'LADe. lllr&Dda F .t Co. 11!12 Pearl Boutn 15. & Sou, 178 Water llalomen G .t Broo. 11154 Prl II&Dch ... Hava .t Co. 1'!11,182, 131. LAM ll!olom o ... M &: E.,S& Maiden Lane. I!Piacrn E .t Co. 5 Burling Slip .. TUra B. L. 86 lll&lden Lane. ... _&:Bernheim, 1117 Pearl Well a; Co. M Pine w-. &ller & Kaappol, 211010 'l'llor V. lll&rtiaM .t Co. I ..tfiOIII Jor ChetoiiOg """ BmGirittg 2'-. .A.1JIUO&In &: Duool, 11 warren Rea. A 48 Libert Wille i; Jlendhelui liM and :1116 Ca.aal JIAfr of Olgarelteo """ Soaokiag !bboo. Jlobertlllt. J. '1' BroadwaT of KOfl Welt Do BarT Fred'k .t Co. 41 and 48 W&J'NII KoFall .t La.._, liS llurray ..,._,_...... of .IIHriifaotu.;.. of -1'1.-C11W11 'JolpOI1on of Bmolcen' ..trlldoo. ..,I. ,.....tin &: Duael, 11 Warren St. B.arwy ;t l!'ord, 8ft Braadway a.. A. Llbertr Jtaulmann Broe. & B?ndy, Ill li1diSI Grud Jfanu/actren of LMJorlol .PUN. llhAndrew JamooC. M"Wacor -mford Manutacturlog Co. 151 lla.lden X.OO 16-0edar .Po.ta. A.rgulmbau, Wallaee & Co aad 81 8. Wllll&m KcA.adrew Jameo C. 1!11 Walolr We&'f'er &: 8t.err'J', II Cedar Zurlc&klay & A.rpimbau, llllllea, _,.,.. ourord, Bberm&l> .t lnnla; 1liO wm.m R BUU..r' Son & Co. Wea .t Starry, ll4 Cedar -I.MI( To!>a<: :Machine Co Bl Br.,.lhray. !bboo .Pr---. Qnthrio a Co. 1111 J'nmt ..,_,.f...,_. JCrlcba B W. 8111-al J:ut EleeDth 8t. Beall:ell J...,ob, :118 &nd till! Molli"'O 88. 1'19 and 181 Lewis WlclGjo '1 Chaskel J 66 WOII'I'ell.' Havaft.a Ciga.r Flavor. Fries Alex. Bros. 44 College Place. 7'orJd.coo and Cigar LabeU. Reppenheimer and. U N. WU1IUn W. E. 465-4':'1' East Tenth Mjrl 6f '' Old Judge" Oigaretl.el. Goodwin & Co. 207-209 Water. Jlant,ifacturen Q} Kinnev Br'OI.' Kinney Tobacco Co 611>-MS West22d. Jlanufacturflr o.f tl&e Parabola Cigarette. Roberts R. J. 415 Droadway. Manufacturer OJ Crooke Co'mpouftd l'ofj, Tooacco. Medium. aM T&aue. Crooke .Jobn 3. 163 MulbernMan-ufacture r of Si.lVff Sll.rface Foil Crooke John J 163 Mulberry Manufach4-re), of Ci{)Or M()14l.(k Borgteldt N. H 610 Eaot Nlneo.eentb Manufacturer of Shut lldal and Cigar Moukil: The Miller, Dubrul &: Petertl Hfg Co 510 E 19th 1-r.aprowd Toba cco Scrap fr:n" !Jigdf' Jlanujact"rer'. Borgfeldt N. B 510 Eaet.J9th and liMJ Wacor Dealer in HadU....,, TOOIII and -all for Ci(1m' Kanvroeturer4. Watteyne H. Pearl -....... lloeko. C. 30 ana S7 Uberty Dome.tic Batt.k41n. SternberM"er Simon 44. E::cchange Place. MtJ.AUtocturer of &wto Fif11'!'WI. Bobb S A. 195 Canal Strauss 8. 179 and 181 Lewis Bole Ma,.wfactu>er oJ the Oriylnal er-8eo>l Slnokinp Tobacco. Emmet W C 74 Pine Importtra of Cigarette Paper. Au gusti.n &:. Dusel, 11 W a.rre n May Brothers. 106 2d A "en uP. .A"eack.r. 'l'be Bradstreet Co. 2'71! Broadw&J Martufa.cturer of Cig a r Box Lumbft. Bead Gee. W &: Co. !86-200 Le"ls Tobacco li'reight Broken. Smith W 0. &: Co. M Ezchange Place MaAu(acturMI 0/ Cigar Riblxml.. Wicke Wm. &: Co. cor. Goerck and Third OigarBo:e Label$ and Trimmfngl. Bepp<>nhelmef .t Maurer, !!Wand :K N. William Neuman & n. w. cor. Pearl &: Elm Uptegrove W E. 466-471i East Tenth st l!laautaotv.rero of W az Paper, Bammer9Chl&g 8. m Dey st Tobacco Bagging. Person .A.. Harriman & Co. 457-459 Broome ALBANY. Jr, Y. M anufacturer of ToPa-cco. Orear's A. SoiUI. li22 Broadway AMSTERDAM, Hollaad.. Importer& o f Seed and Dfr1 in Sufn. atra-Tob. Urbach & Frankfort. !IIALTIMOJU:, Mol. TQParco Wart:hOt&M .. Barker & Waggner. 29 South Gay Boyd w .1.. It Co. 38 South Kerekhoff & Co. 4f:t south Klemm Chas. H N"orth CalTert Jllarrlott, G. B lll. !:>German DETB.OIT, llllia.b.. Jl.awu.f'r of Ch.ewlft.{l aM SMoking 2 obacco. Jl&rll:er K. C .t Co. 74 and 76 Jelferion Importe r a of Hmm.ft.a Tob&o Bercer & Buehler, 2115 Je1ferso111 Ave.nue. D11B.KAM.' Jr. V. N""ufacturer oflloaoldng Tobacco. B*tnreU W. T It Oo MJr s of Blackwell's Durham Cigarettea. Blackwell W. T. ct Co. EV ANSVILLJ.. h4. Commiuion Jlercha"k Horrla c. J. &: Co GLASGOW, Scotl&ad, &:otch Clay Pipes. White w. HARTFOB.D, VoDll. Packer a.n.d Deakr in Seed Leaf T<>Woo Gershel L &:: Bro ::!29 State Lee Geo. 150 State Hay&: Smith, 2 1 4 State Willcox 8. W HAVANA, Tobacco and Cigar Comnt.ission Merchant.. B osselma.nn & Schroeder, Lamnarilla 18 Lobeck & Co. 83 Mercaderes Street. lUchterinc Aug. & Co. 3 Mercaderes street Manufacturers of F,fts Cigara. Cueto & Co :Juan, M a loja 31. Lopez & Co., Juan, Corrales 71. Hurlas &: Co. Ynclan ..E Calle Estrella 94 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. Tobacco FlackE.l\!. Thompson Geo. V Ragsdale W. E LANCASTEB., Pa. Decder1 ut. Leaf ToMcco. Fre y & Weidl e r,_ 218 W 1Gng 11t Hirsh Dald G o Eaet Ohe8tnut st Sidle& Frey, 61 and 63 Nortb Packer ami: Oom nt.iiion Merchant. Teller A 288 N Shippen s t Manufacturer-' of Penn,Ylvania Ciflf'lrl Hirsh David G. Stehman H. L .t Co. N. Qu<>en ot LIVERPOOL, Env Cop<> Bros. & Co. 10 Lord N e laon st Tobacco Brokers Parry &: Crosbleo 6 North J obn Street. L011ISVILLE, Ky. Plug Tobacco Ma"ufacturn-1. Ftnzer J .t Bros. 19> and 186 Tacbau 8r. Landrum. Leaf Tobacco. Meier W G. it Co. Tobacco Commiuion Merchofttt. Wicke G. W. & Co !52 Weot Main Tobacco B't9ken. OaUaway Jametl 1' corner Eighth and MaiD Guntber George J'. Lewis Rlch' d M. S46 West Malo Keier Wm. G. &: Co. 63 Se..-eath N-Geo.P. IV F. 89! West 1 LYNVHB11RG, Va. Manufacturer of Tofxlc(:lo Carroll Jobn W. Carroll Wm. S To(>acco CommioririM'I of Tobacco llrolr. Havan a 'l'obaCC Sw>abalct 11< Op)lellheimer, Girard A.v. ct 7tt> at Jl:r&/n of S]lcamore, Grained and Bro-. iJau Wooa Cigar Boz Lumber. ....._... Baamer Wm. & Co. 67 and B 0&1!&1 ot J'ou,..ray'A. R. S3 llortll Front fnbouoe, North TwentySoeand o. A.. Peck, South Water Jlfr' AfM'OI for """ Srnoking Tol>acoo. WJoolela,. Doaler in &eli Leaf a!ld Bo-XeUT J'. X. Jr. lli Arch Tobacco. WMIert B. !lSI E Randolph OigarB. 44 and '18 Dearl>oi'D u.s. Solid To'P Cigar Mould llfl' Co. cor Wdp WAoluale Tobacconiat. and M'/1n' .Agnt.t. aud Ave' s Boot R-" .t Co Lake a.-cl41_,. Qen'l .AoC. '"' Cl .t Co,'o "Bt. woodw&rd E. A. 4t Wabaoh .AY. Wardle Qeo .J1 (JI]fOD'Jr.A.'l'l. 0. '!f &:otcll t! IJu.,W.,.. Stewart, lllll!'li & Co. 4 A.rch Street. The E. D Co ... w and Deatertin ea:t\iTobacro .,. "' t.oebJoeoj>h It co.rlll N. Third tr<>et. Trolk; Samuel W ., to'1'01' Wwt 8ixth ... in OiJJfm ct 70o..->!'nd ., .Agts. Gloa: oupp au. lllll/1'1 of" Lcmg Tllreo4" & "Banfter" SmoA;-Scbuberth &: Co. 165 VIDe i"'l Tobacco anoi "E:o:cel.tior Sp11" BoU." Z>eolerl ;,. Spanish Cigbacco Tob. Cer'tT OtrMt Richey HeJ>,J"Y A.. 16 W .. 8eOoDd Btreo)t. Jf.nftr of ImP>'od Tobacco .lloc/>i,....... JiEADilfG. Pa. The McGowan Pump Oo. 141 k143 W. 2d II Jlaft.ufochtret:t of, Cigara. .....--.., Jlo>ifOC:Itorer of Jl'ifteOut 0/oewillfl Ud Cr.oUII' .t Compan,Y, 643 Penn and 11311 Co.m, Spence 11roo. 'n>lrd : Va, ___ v'r o' 0...-Cent Cigarettes. iran>ifacturero/ Srnokill!l Tobaccoa!Od Cigar""c c etteo 1 Frey L. 0 AllfiiD & Ginter. Leaf Tobacco .llf'OIHr. Campbell Gea .t Co. I Dohrmaon J'. V{, o. e cor. Vinaoco. lAo! l-Bro-. WeD,'J[an a Oo. Jlam W E Dibrell Jlmnu t# SUet Jletal CMd Wooden Jlan-W'acturer. 0/ Tobacco 'co. 136 to 140 M lii!Uhlser Ill: Co. J309 Mala l:. 2d. :ROVHESTEB.,lf. Y. TobcJCCO t.-'""'miafton MercJaa"t.a. Jtonufactu.rera of Tobacco & M.,.uon, 94 West Wb&len R & T 182 State of Cigar-Bo.a:. Manufacturer of "Peertea" Plam ,.._ 0e1ee Seory. 93 cut Tobacco and uvanitv Fasr" Bmoldat Tr-. 8. W. 6119 .,. Sixth Tobacco a10d Clgarellu. r Manufacturers of Plug Tohaooo. Ktmb&ll w 8. & Oo. Clunet, Brhwn & Co. 17 a 1911f. 2d street SPB.llfGFIELD ...... f {::,"lt, ="' .Paclm'.t Jobbero of Connectict&t Leaf Tob' co, Leaf Tobacco Buyet'. Smith B & Bampdea"" Wright Thoo. B. 47 w Front etreet Butler C B ST. LO'UIS, Mo. Tobacco Ourang and Sweattng. Tobaoc:e Waretl-91Ut .. l'bUipl Ja.mel, 70 Mam DormitzerC.&: R & Co. 123 Market Tobacco Ta..g.r. Buyer of Leaf Tobacco Murdock Jaa. Jr. 165 Race. Ladd Toha<)co Co. Nortb T VLA.RKSVILLE. T.... .Tobaooo Le4! T--._ Xeler AdolpbU!! & Co Clark M.. B & Bro .Age"t' VLEV'ELA.JrD. O. Dlllenbel'll D. lliO N 2d ; A,ent ror lllart>urg JMaler ;,. Sud .Leaf ond Ba-Tobac<:o-Bros Joblwr in aU kiftdl JICJIIufadured Tolooeco. Wells & Splegl, 6 :20 Olle Bomon Charleo, uooeoaor to Ooldaan & Semon. Mf7'B of Tobacco. Ont&rio Da.usman Tobacco Co DANB11:RY, Vo-. SY:RAV118E. N.Y. Packer oM .IMc:aler in Bedd Lea.! .70baoca. J(on"jacturn of Cigar Baza. Ql'aYOO G w & I!IMdel 1118 and I \'II Jllut w-. D.&lfvu.LI:. Va. WA-ILEH011SE POIJfT. c-. PackeTt <.t in. LeeJ Tobacco -Norman & Belvin. .. Packer of(! Dlr tn _Seed .Leal J)acki7N a11d in 0.'1io &L Blmm, E .t SoDS Mayer J&Cf!b 11 I& O'NeU W. S. York Clp "" LOUIS ASH, DAVID BEIR, BENJ. ASH' LOUIS ASH & CO. KERBS cl: SPIESS, Manufacturers of Fine MANUFACJURERS. of CIGARS And Dealers in LEAP TOBACCO 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND .AVENUI!; 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH 8'J"REET C I DEFIANCE CIGAR !ANUF !CTORY, I D. EJ::t::R.&OH clb 00., I "Slf:a.ETY" CIG.&.a, '1. C_....t Stnet, -No'l:l-.-.Ul _,__ ... -... "'1M filii_. ol-l.&w. r &; x ed.erer IUBVJ''UBEIIII cw RAD. Fine Cigara MENDEL & 980 ., Mannfacturors nf It 0 18 >1 Bowery, Ne C.&P.&CITYa 2000 8crav Bnnchos DHr Day. or THE MANOr CTURE or &AX, .. T-254 & 256 canal S1.1 cor. Elm. .a.Im DBALEBB IK LEAF TOBACCO, oe to 1 1 o Attomer St., THill !I'IRM OJ' John m:a.tthews, lat Av .. 28tl& & l'ttl& St..,}(.,.. Y....k, LlcenBeell of the Tilghman S&nd BtU\ p..,.,_'aad Manufacturers by otber Pat<>nt<>d Proceoaeo of TransDaront GLASS SIGNS. Sketch eo and Eootlmatee furnlohed on appUcatiOD. 0 FR. ENGELBACH, fOBA6CU DEPOT & AGENCY For F. W. FELGNE:R .tl S01'f'S, Baltimote, Tobacco ancl Cf&:arettea. 56 S. WASHifttTON SOUARE, N.Y. May Brothers, J French Cigarette Paper. SoleA.fentiiiD the U. B. for theFRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES \06 24 ...... __ -etla .... ';, [Houoo at Parls.] JrEW YOU. Sort. H----. 8d"L __ 00., 111.1.1'1'1711' .I.(JT11BEJU 011' CXGA.Rr& 689, 691, U3, & 699lst !ft.a LEERET & BLASDEL. MANUFACTUilli:RS OF CigarBozea 168 &. 170 East Water St., YR.ACU8E, N. Y WISE & BENDHEIM, :s .&.. :s .. Manufacturers' Agent for the Sale of by Sample ot Cigars and Tobacco, No. 4 2 Wabash Avenue; Chicag'J, Illinois.


lO THE TOBAC(lO LEAF. MAR.19 MA.NUF ACTURE:R OF CIGARS, 647, 649 & 651 2d Avenue, R.ea.dy, BlackWell's DURHAM CIGARETTES, FINE CIGARS, The PI.D.es1: Geeds u.:pe:o." "the D'ta.rk.e"t. 131 Water Street, New York. Sa ing and Planing Mills Henkell, c dar a:n.Cl. JU.lWJ".t..O'l'IJBR or AND PLANING. FtlR CIGAR-BOX MAKERS. CIGAR BOXES J. R..A.'Y'NER., II'UPEBIOB IUD a: PBDIB Q11ALI'l'Y 0"1 8, 3d District, New York. I 4; 43 Warren St. New York. N"o 11 a.:nd. 18 Oa.D.D.c:>JCI. &1:ree"t, 'York.. Ublie attention to our wrap pers, which are made of the FINEST NATURAL RICE PAPER, universally knewn to be the best; free from shellac, arsenic, and other deleterious drugs w.hich are required to :render saliva-proof and toughen inferior paper. A ca.reful examination of our Paper and Cigarettes will satisfy all of the great Dll!rits claimed. Exwine each CJJmrette and see that every one bears KINNEY BROS.' fac-simile signature. "'BUY NO OTHER KIJINEY TOB&GOO 00., ll.anufacturel'l!lof foUowtng welllmown bnlnda:-Ca,p_oral, Oap_oraJ Sweet CaporaJ St. -James, lta.tinee, !R-tlte Nous, Suort, Amba.ssa.dor, Club, zetta,ncJ. Veteran, &c. ] S. SON & Tobacco Broke1's, ) 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW TOR :11. RADER & sON, M. ERTHEILER & SON, *!!..'!!!..! RTEBS OD IAIUPACTUBBBS. :N:III"'GV 'YC:R:IL 14fWlTE11 ST., NEW YOIJK.. _,#CHOICE FIIIAlfDS OJ' JOHN CA."rl'OS, 4. SRACS LICOIICII GIDK LICOBICB I T b B 1r 0 acco ruler, TOBACCO BBOQB, I Po.....tered Lioeriee Boot, 83BElYER ST. NEWYDRK. 178 Pearl Street, 4L PAT'EKT PO"WDERED LI:CORJ:CE. 1 NEW YORK. ltll ST LICORICE W& IL\VB Till: J'AVOJliTE BJlANDS,_ ,, TD TD ..... AJID vsoznn.. SCOTCH&CLAY PIPES. G OSBORNE, w. E. UPTEG,ROVE, W\WHITE,GLAsGOW,BRAND. TOBACCO BROKER Cedar Hi!hcst Award, Sydncy,N. S. W.,1879. 7011: Full C011Dt In every Boz, ......U Peeked. CIGAR BOXES, Sold by aU Wholesale Dealers. 54 Broad f''t-, _..,.__ .TJ) .00 Patterns IIU.. TD I lSI JIII"'GV 'YC:EUE. Box :Makers' BllJDliBS. Foot lOtH lltll St., Bast RiTil', Theoe f''}-tile new A.l!IDEB prepared paper (Papler .Ambre), a new DOYe Prtnelr ift91entiod, "Whioh entirely removes the objection so frequently urged egainat P-.. A.l!IDEB prepared part that is put In the month WILL NOT STICK TO miE LIPS! of alht I Brands formerly _Manufac tured bJ Thoa. Hoyt A Co To' 'VV'o:Lk.,.,, lllaullf&ctu."en of the Celebrated 'America.Q Eagle' .. CLIPPER, N u DEW DROP;" .A.a. o&ller Brand of ftJilEoV1JT, -..uo-'UNIVERSAL FAVORITE,' 'FAWN/ Oo:D2.:tor1:, A.ncl other Grades and Braoda of IOK.ING TOBA.OOOS. .. 82 AM Larned Street Wetttl DliiiTJE'I.CXT, :DIJ::EO::EE. I CHM.B. :HANUFAOI'URERS OF THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FlrtECUT CHEWING in BLUE PAPERS Rose-Scented Maooaboy, Scotch, French Rappee, Amerioan Gentleman. cc SIC:. :N" .A.L" oi.:liii"'GVXN"ar .... o ..... a. Jl'l.n1 and SeMnd Quall1J 8Dl+lnc, 'a. Ble raper-. SWEET NED FINE-CUT -DaFk and Grap&. Forest Rosa. Club. !!I.& Y .&rrLE aucl. rBIZE LEA.JI' INECV"I', In Jl'oU. FELDHEIM, JACOBS & CO., To acco & Cigar Merchants & Manufacturers, 72 Queen Street, V:l.o"tor:l.a, .A. 'U.s"tra1.1a. & TCBA.OOON'XBTB, SOLE A.GEI!ITS JI'OIJ NEW YOBK. A.ND VIC.Il'IITY FOB GOODWIN & OLD JUDGE." mco!!Ir.&B.&BLE 1 S FIRST PRfZ:E 1 MEDALS I !; Peerlee Tobaeeo Work. BocheatM", N. Y, MountS, With EDamel WaterPz'bof Falsh. B:IDTTBEI. TEI:.A.N" G:Z:..A.&&. Show Cards mounted on OW' ratent Oompoltlon "fttount; and finished with OW' I E ame l Water-rroof Jl'llllh and tranied look bettet, la8t longer and are much cheaper than cards put up ln frames and gl&88. They will not warp, ,C&DDot be punched. are not atreeted by change ot weather, and can be l&fely: Shipped. 1 to 10,000 Show Cardio or llo-ted at Short Notice IN ANY OF THE li'OLLOfl:IG STYLES: On Composition, with Enamel Finish, with Frames. On Stretcller witJa Eaamel l'lnioh, Imitation Border. On Binders' Board. m Framao, Gilt or W&lllut, vitJa Glasa. CARDS flnlhed &1 Shor1 Nottee, Free oC Oharce. Estimates given, and &1l orders promptly executed. lrames of a'll kinds, Square, Oval or Circular, In Wal nut, Oak, or Cllt. THE CO., :DII:a:n'U.:f'a.o1:u.rers, 1863. 86 and 68 Mu New York. and 5 & !...: CONJRACTORS. Painted 1 Everywhere 7 FRml AN INCH TO A MILE IN SIZE. Our Work our Reference. Designs and Estimates Given. "WV"ork. la.rge and sman OFFICE: Address-61 BROADWAY, J P 0 Box: 4118. NEW YORK. Conata.ntly on hand the Best Improved Machinery for CUTTING, GRAXULATIXG AXD SIEVING TOBACCO BY HAND OR STEAM POWER. A large variety of Machinery tor Cigar Hanufae.. turers, such as tor Cutting a.nd Granulating Havana and Fillers for Cigars, Stem Rollers, Cigarette Ma<;Jlines. etc. I For SMOKINC TOBACCO, 1Fiour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, &c. ,.. Furnished with or without rrl.nted Bran ... t M. CO.'S Navy N"ea"t! Q'U..iok! Cl:l.eap!


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