The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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' v 0 L. XVII.---N 0. 8. IESTA:JjSLISHED 1864,.] NEWYORK, MA:R .. WHOLE NO. 840 Choice VUEL TA .Tobacco. All Parties are any Infringement Cautioned against of this Brand. 220 Pearl f-' .,, No. 33 ltlurray Street, New York. [ f ) -MANUFACTURERS OF THE, KE Y WEST HAVANA CIGARS. Jla, Scraps a.Dd CUtti.llfnl foi-Sale. j, CHIUSTIAN DUSEL. R.:K. lL LILIENTHAL. M. LANDMAN. M.A. BERNHEIMER.1 lYI. LILIENTB.4L a CO.,:& c:>P -l!IANVFACTVRERS OFCIGAR BOX SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDA B.. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 606 "VV'. B:L:x:'th. S't., C:L:n.o::l:n.:n.a 't::l. L::l 'th.oaraph.::lo Pr::l:n. 'ters ::II":J:'VEJ 'pc:>:J:JSI'T&, JSI'EJ"VC'" >': :1111'* 'b1:1..-l:Lecl. { Ha'll'IUla, :nn& PJdlacWpld&, J8!l8. '> S. FUGUET & 80]!18, Ne, 231 CHESTNlJT ST,. PBILADEJ.I'JiiA, IMPORTHRS OF HAVANA. CIGARS T G.BNEJUL SEIDENBRG'S 'KElJYEST CtGARS. /( ILUIUrAchUJWIS OP l'lp,e J)omestlc Geo. w.-Read & .co., l!IANVF&CTVHERS OF LUMBE.R! TilE GROWING POPULAlUTY OF OUR Cut and PressDried Cigar-Box And other Lumber, as SOLELY lt{ANUI!'ACJTVBED BY l.JS, prevents our keeping stock on hand, to a1: y ex ten$, and ma.nufacturer.;swill do we-H to anticipate their wants, and forward orders some little time befqre requirinJt'. We continue to 81!_&llhth Cedar, Mabog:any, Sycarnore, Butternut and Poplar, at mostsatisfac tory prices, and shall shortly _introduce two uew woods. w hie h "Till be found very desirable. When rea, OF NOplTH CAROLINA;" o LOVISr<'NA PEBiq,VE1 Cut an41n c.:rrots, W, T. BLAVKWI!LL k cl'o. S GENUINE DVRH.&'M'Tobaeco, W,!ft. S. KIMBALL &: co.s ''VANITII( FAIR" Tobac_,o aud oteareue. Sole Agent for lt. P .Iones ct. -co.'s "TAR_HEEL" and "OCCQIU;ECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos; C. A Co.'s "THREE CITIES" Cigarett" Tobacco, et9. FINE-C:UT, H&JLufa.cturlld by SPAULDING & GloJ:I!D.oe : 16 B 'Y' J.'\TE'VV' 'Y'C> R.K:. E&ta'bl.:l.&l:Lec1.. 1.827 -'-'COPENHAGEN SNUFF.'' 'VVEYW.I:.A.N' &.. :EI:R.O., of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store ct. Off19e: SI.Smith,fleld St. Factory: 6 ct. '1 Union St.&. 112 Liberty St. P.A.. I GENERAL SELLING AGENTt-W. A, ROBINSON, 124 W .\.TER STREET, NEW YORK. WHOLESALE DEPOTS,-NEW YORK: Au:;uwtln &: Dnoel, l 1 Warren St. BALTii.T.IORE: Baxter&: Hi ..... 12 Commerce St. A. H.. M.ltchell, 35 ueutral St. SAVANNA:H._:.Bcndlelm. Bro k co. PICOVIDENCE, K. I.: Huntoon & Corban, 43 Street.,

2 ikt lobacto I'UIILJ8!DID KVUY IU.TtiBDAT liiOBlQJIII BY THE< TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, IOD MArDEN LANIE, NIEW VORL COBND OJ' PL\BL ll'l'BJZT. IDWABD BUBE,, r """"""'" """ '""" ............ tobacco he receives will make The factory produces a hundred thousand ctgars each working day. When we had completed a thorough mspectton of the estab, hshment, he mvtted us mto hts residence, adjoining it, and entertained us Here we found his wi{e and three all accomplished and cultivated lad1es, selectmg-the cigars accordmg to grade and color, and pastmg gold labels upon the cbowest brands All of them seemed to be proud of thetr amusement, for such th!lY constdered 1t LOCAL JO'l"DJJGS. Co-Mr. James H. Blakemore, of Blakemore, Mayo&; 1s m RIChmond. _:__Mr. H. Frtedman left for Lancaster on Tuesday. He will be back next Monday. -Mr. M. Rossin, of. Messrs. S. Rossin & SoliS, is at present m Lancaster buying. -Mr. H Falkenstein, of Messrs. Falkenstein & Co., will return from Lancaster to-day. 1()111( a. GRAJT,. ... ,. ....... ,_ .................. ,....,._ IUJW>hope to be benefited by the bureau's services, and it is possiDle such belief will be justified by experience. But it is doubtful. Our own optmon is that, m view of the liability of the Seed l'eaf and Havana tobacco merchants to losses, by reason of their uncoll).monly liberal credtts, too many safeguards for their protec tton cannot be appropnated etther in thetr mdtvidual or a.ssociate capactty. The comlmttee of five certainly erred not by recomlnendmg too many checks fraud, and their report might well havebeen adopted by the board just as 1t was subUlltted. He showed us through his house and into hts chapel, where he basi dt vme service for.his family al).d fnends whenever he wills. He presehted General Cameren and me four boxes of his. best Cigars, winch hts wife and daughters put up for us whtle there. When we were ready to leave, he drove us-into town in a sylen _did turn out, and we all agreed that our study o the tobaccc industry in Cuba, at the Henry Clay estabhsh ment as well as elsewhere, had been not only profitable but exceedingly pleasant .-M;r. Sam'l Levy, cigar manufacturer, of Salt Lake -Cty, IS a1i present on the market purchasmg TIIBJIIB OP TBB r.t.PBIIo lmCH.B COPIES .................................. M OJIB 1'KAR .. .. .. .. ... ......... .. ...... .. ........... '&.Ill Ill% liiONTHS ......................................... .. AlllroAL BUBSCBl!'TIO'MB AJIBOAII. ................ lli,ot .................... II.CM .................. 15.ot .. ..... ........ 15.ot Revised Rates for Qnf! SIX Three Year Months. M o nths. $:g t: 45 14 80 45 8& 45 25 1SO 85 45 300 H5 95 180 100 55 0-lllle a& bo1'&0JD of race... ........ ................. 50 CIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON FlRST PAGE. Oo e Y ear Llnee over Two Wlcle Column $100 t.lneR '' 1'75 1 Line Single Colum.n 55 ECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON READING-IIATTEB Six Three Year. 'JIIontha. Months. It must not be forgotten that the person who comes into th1s or any other tobacco market askmg for credit appears in the attitude of an applicant for favor. It matters not whether the applicant 1s a mtllionaire or the possessor of a few shlllmgs over and above hts liabilities; once he asks to be trusted for a line of goodshis relatiOn to the grantor of the favor IS that of a suppliant, and the least return he can make for the favor he is to receive 1s to make a truthful statement of his financial conditiOn and busmess status and prospect. This statement every grantor of credtt has a right to demand, and should demand if he wants to do business on a safe basts To arrange a method of obtainmg this statement, the comm1ttee of five recommended a sertes of forms of mqutry based upon forms long tested and proved for a sumlar purpose m mdustrtes ou ts1de of the to bacco trade. The Board of Trade has deemed 1t ad vtsable to reject the committee' s recommendation, and we cannot help but think the board has acted umvtsely matter. U, J.leee o-wer 2 Wide Column 185 1'6 12b NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES. ee One IaMrtloa .. 50 qen1e. lnee One l'IIenth .,11.50 ll::""'&ba..... ........... ,, 8.50 41 or.t.ree lll:on1ha .... .. .. .. 14.00 lnea lllontha ....... Linea Twelve Month.. .. ... .... 45.00 Lluee Three l'IIoathlli......... ....... 18.00 Linea !Ill<' Moathe .. .. .. 85,00 Llnee Twelve l'IIoathe SO.OO .. adlnc Jlla1ter on Editorial Pace &0 per een1. on the above price. Sunply to make mquuy by messengers, boxes and secretly numbered form book!! what credit buyers are domg m the market, or have done m the market, on any given day or days, is to invite rather than to pre vent losses. Both formal statements and reports by messengers are absolutely necessary for protection, and -any system that does not include measures of re lief iS only a sham and vexation of sptnt. IJI.emlttance Cor A.dTertlemea&a and. SnbtJerJptlon .Jaauld alway be made payable by P. 0. Order or oy to "TOBACCO LBAF rUBLISHING CO." t II all-()lrcane.e -will -e cleTla&e R'om the a,JM>Ye 'prlcea. convenes. Those of thts opinion also say that an agitation at any time for a reduction of the cigarette tax wJU be sure t(l encounter tke opposition of cigar manu fa.ct111'ers. They further add, that as the revenue de rived from cigarettes lB less than three-quarters uf a millioD iollars per annum, it is absurd to expect Con gl'el!ll will to have the revenue derived there from dimtmshed to leill iban pojl,QOO, ae lB contemplated. Others conlielld, OD the other hand, that now i!!l the time to agitate and organize; that ciprettel! are taxed too heavily m VIew of the of some of the material used m them, and that production and consumption willmcrease in proportion to the dtminished rate of taxation, so that the Government would be a gainer instead of a loser by reduction. The trouble IS, there IS a dtvtded opm.ion, and, CQnse q11ently, slight prospect of a 1:neettng at A correspondent in a Western city writes us, under date of March 17, as follows: We expected oppos1t10n from the largest cigarette manufacturers, and are prepared for it. Yet1 enclosed letter from one of the largest firms m your ctty shows that chey Vl.ew it in the same light as we do. You well know, kmd friend, that of all manufacturing com mercial interests, the tobacco trade generally IS the slowest to ag1tate or advocate a change. Ctgarette manufactunng 1s becommg a national industry It wtll greater each year. The enor IQOUS amount of capital tied up m stamps IS a sertous drawback to the smaller concernli, and cannot be ad vantageous to the larger ones. 'l.'here are nullions of cigarettes made m w)uch the tobac;co use in the Retchstag on the Government btll mcluding Altona in the Customs Umon will probably begm this week, and is expected to be very ammated. At a meetmg of the Budget C01rumttee yesterday the Government contested the right rof the ReiChstag to mterfere in the questiOn of the cost the change w1ll mvolve. The consideratiOn of the quest10n was postponed until Wednesday. Three federal commtsswners are now at Altona eliammmg the proposed new cus toms hne The behef generally prevails that Hamburg and Altona cannot be separated for customs purposeR, and that both must be mcluded m the umon A pro posal to grant rebate on exported tobacco, raw or man ufactured, has been submitted to the Federal Council. PLANTERS' CREDITS -If Southern planters and far mers wtsh to become more prosperous they should at once abandon the permc10us credtt system. In the cotton States, particularly, 1t IS a we1ghty drawback As the system 18 practised the planter or farmer gives the merchant a lieu on hiS crops to be grown, and the merchant, bemg fully secured, furmshes the necessary supiJlie& and fixes his own priCes. The planter or farmer is thus wholly at the mercy of the merchant, and has no redress against exorbitant rates. A dectston has just been rendered by the Supreme Court of MisstsSIIJPl whtch wtll afford the farmers of that State some relief. A merchant who held a mortgage on the crops of a farmer foreclosed 1t The lower court allowed his btU agamst the farmer, although 1t was shown that the priCes charged were at lea.11t double the cash rate. The Supreme Court, on appeal, reversed the dectswn, and aflltmed that the purchaser was not m a pos1t10n to decline the purchase on account of the priCes charged, and that he acqmesced m the fron'l an overruling necessity H1s extorted as&ent to the prtces fixed was wtthout consideration, and was therefore votd. A N':Ew LEGAL QUESTION DEOIDED -Washington, March 21-The Umted States Supreme Court to day demded the case of Eltza J. Denmck, admimRtratrtx, etc plamttff in error, agamst the Central Railroad Company of New Jersey Tbeplamtiff, anadmmtstratrix appointed in New York under a New York law, sued a New Jersey corporatiOn under the New Jersey statute relatmg to lDJUrtes resultmg m death. The death occurred m New Jersey. The court below directed a verdiCt for the defendants on the ground that a New York admmiStratrtx had no cause of actiOn conferred upon her by the New Jersey statute, inasmuch as that statute gave a right of action only to a New Jersey representative as trustee of a specml trust to be collected, administered and distrtbutea only under the New Jersey law. In the absence of any controlling authortty or general concurrence of dec1s1on tbts court holds that 1t must decide for -Itself the q uest10n now for the first time presented to it, and wttb every respect for the courts whiCh have held otherwise, it IS of opmwn that sound prmctples clearly authonze the admmistrator, m cases like thiS, to mamtain the nctton. Judgment 1s reversed, wtth costs, and the cause re manded, with directions to award a new tr1al. The opm10n was by JustiCe Mtller. BUSINESS MENTION. LETTERS received by many leadmg tobacco firms from their travelmg salesmen now m the West, mdi cate a rather dull busmess m that sect10n. SEVERAL new brands of clear Havana ctgars have been lately by :1/Ir S. Orgler, c1gar manufacturer, this ctty. "Cuba L1bre" and "Chmax," two well known and popular brands of ctgars, are made by Mr. S. Orgler :MR AusTIN, of the Phtladelph1a firm of Messrs. M. E. McDowell & Co sole agents for Blackwell & Co.'s Durham manufactuies, 1s Ill our market Mr. Austm reports busmess fmr for the dtfferent lmes of thetr goods, and m partwular for Genume Durham ..-and the new brand of Long Cut MESSRS WISE & BENDHEIM, of thiS .city, have added to thetr tobacco business an extenst:ve ctgar department, where the trade can be supplled wtth the cheapest Pennsylvama. or finest Havnna ctgar. Messrs. W1se & Bendhetm are one of the leadmg tobacco dealing firms m this city, and their new dep!lrture will no doubt prove a success. THE old and reliable Havana importing firm of Mr. Charles T. Seymour, of th1s ctty, is now represented by Mr. C. F. Meyer, a. gentleman well known to all our leaf mercha.nts. ?(r Meyer wtll shortly VlSit the Western markets. Mr. Seymour makes chOice brands of Havana tobacco of his own ImportatiOn a specialty, and bas at present a large stock of the bill!t old goods on hand. MR M. RADZR makes the following announcement: The painful duty devolves upon me to announce the death, after a short illness, of my son a.nd partner, Louis B Rader. I shall contmue the busmess m the name of the old firm of M. Ra.der & Son. Fully aware of the knid sympathy of cl1lr fnends, I beg them to con-tmue their favors as March 10. Respectfully, M. RADER. Ma. DAVID PoliALIIKI, brother of Mr. P. Poha.lski, ctgar manufacturer, of this ctty, informs us that he has made arrangements wtth several leadmg cigar manufacturers of this city to represent the1r mterest m theW estem and Southwestern States. ]4:r. Pohalskl will also rep..-t the firm of hlll brother. A.s he has been connected with the cigar trade for many years, he is cert&IIb (dl:lelille4 ot \hGee qua.lifica tie>Dt! -&iafto IIJGD811 .Kr. Pohalski Will start on his Western and Southwestern tr1p durmt next week. Sumatra tobaccos are receiving considerable attentiOn from manufacturers.SO say merchants handling these 'goods. -' -Col. C. W. Spicer, the ,Plug tobacco manufacturer of Petersburg. V a., was vis1tmg his fnends in thiS ctty the past week. -:Mr Louis B Grim, representmg Messrs. Mange, Wemer & Co, Phtla.delphta, was m town during the week on busmess -The "Iron Duke" cigarettes and smoking tobaccos are satd to be sellmg raptdly. The manufacturers are behmd m thetr orders -Mr Liebes, of Messrs Ltebes Bros San Francisco who arrived here lately, has been buymg pretty freely durmg the week. -We hear that a certam Water Street house has advanced 1ts priCes on old tobacco one cent a pound wtthm the lnst few days. -Mr. Henry Bre1twe1ser, of Mess1s H. Brettweiser & Bro Buffalo, N Y could be seen on the market durmg the current week. -Col. W. T Blackwell, the famous Durham Bull" origmator, 1s expected to arn ve at bts headquarters, 9 Warren Stteet, thts ctty, to-day. -Mr Louts Merfelt, of Messrs Merfelt & Kemper, Baltimore, has been lookmg around the market for the ltiSt few days, with an eye to busmess. -Mr. Alex. E Hoffman, of Messrs. E Hoffman & Son, started for East Hartford, Conn., on Wednesday, to look after the packing of the firm m that place. -Mr. Herman Segn1tz, of Messrs. Ed. Ascherman & Co., Milwaukee, accompanied by Mr. Wm. Bauerlein, was on our msrket in search of leaf this week -Mr. H. Upmann, of Messrs. H. Upmann & Co., Havana, who has been visiting the metropolis, took his departure for home by Nwgara, onThursday. -Mr. 'A. SCb:ubart, o_f Messrs. A. Schubart & Co., is at present m Lancaster, buymg fine tobaccos, hts firm mtendmg to pack nothmg but the best that can be had:. J. Ehrmann, the resident partner in th1s mty of the San Francisco house of Esberg, Bachman & Co., viefted Lancaster this week and procured some fine tobacco. -Mr. Emanuel Salamon, of MeBSrB. :M:. &: E. Sala mon, left for Havana, on a purchasmg expeditiOn, by steamer Niagara, on Thursday. It is s mtentiou to be gone,a);lout three weeka or so. -:Mr. Jl'rnnk Smith, connected with the firm of Messr11. Weaver & Sterry, hae just returned from a business tour in North Caroli.llA, and reports husmees m tobacco m that State rather macttve. -Mr. F Mtranda. of Messrs F. Mll'8.Ilda & Co, arrived by steamer Netl11JOJ't on Thursday from Havana, and will tarry here 8. few weeks. He states that' hu8l ness m Havana. is dull, and prtces for tobacco are high Annual Invitation Ball given by Messrs. R Monne & Bro., ctgar manufacturers, Park Place, at Pythagoras Hall, Canal Street, last Saturday everung, passed off very enJoyably tbdeed, for which the man agement deserve great credit. -Mr. R. L. Tura w1ll place upon the market in the course of a few days a fine brand of Seed and Havana cte;ars, called the Penchole This brand, together ynth all thll others manufactured by btm, ts put up m "Silver Surface tm-fml -We were pleased to rece1ve a soc1al call from Mr Geo. Luerssen, of the wholesale tobacco firm of Messrs Geo Luerssen & Co., ChiCago, on Thursday. :M:r Luerssen has been staymg here for a few weeks, and w11l return to his home at an early day. -Mr. Manrara, of Messrs. V. Martmez Ybor & Co., who went to Havana week, took hts family With htm, and intends makmg it a pleasure as well as a. busmesli tour He wlll VlSit the growmg districts of Cuba, and will return in about six weeks. -Mr E. Friend, of Messrs E. & G Frtend & Co, who went to Lancaster stx weeks or more ago, IS stlll there, searchmg for and buying good tobacco. Mr. Friend has been persiStently at work, and, we understand, has bought some fine goods. paying excellent priCes. -Mr :M Oppenheimer, who has been in Wisconsin for the last four weeks, ha!! returned home He says there II'! some good tobacco m that State, though the maJOr part of 1t has suffered from shedbum. The weather was so mclement, he says, while he was there, tl'lat he was snow-bound for a week. -Mr. Chas. R Messinger, the Toledo (0) tobacco manufacturer, has been SOJOurnmg m Gotham for a few days, and took the opportumty of paymg vtslts to bts many fr1ends here, who are always glad to see hts jovial face and enJOY hts _good humored conversa tion: One of the obJects of Mr. Messmger's vis1t 1s to establish an agency m th1s city for his Virgm Queen" cigarettes These cigarettes are made .of fine tobacco and pure rtce paper, and are much larger than the ordmary Cigarette, the stze reqmrmg an Internal Revenue ctgar stamp upon the box. TRADE SAYINGS-AND DOINGS THE tobacco trade has been dull this week m alltts branches 'J'rtps to Lancaster, by almost every leaf dealer, are the only special features of mterest. MR BowERS, of Wm. C. Bowers & Co 143 Duane Street, remarked that busmeils durmg the last week has been the largest Slnce last January. The new Jupiter label Will be out in about two weeks from now. MR. BROWN, of the rmperial Ctgar Factory (R C Rrown & Co.), Duane Street, reports that they are as busy as they can be. The trouble now, he says, is to find the goodS necessary to fill all the orders on hand. The firm finds 1t necessary to get, at the earliest opportumty, a new store whtch ts larger than they now occupy. MESSRS. BELVIN & SIEIJER, cigar manufacturers of tbts ctty, are receiving many large orders Jrom the Western States, and report a very fair business in all thetr leadmg brands Thts firm's prinCipal busmess iS wtth wholesale grocers, among whom Mr. Belvm has a large acquamtance, espectally m the Western States and Terr1tones. GROUND wtll be broken for another new and laige cigar manufactory on or about the first of April by Brown & Earle, of th1s ctty. The site selected for this purpose 1s Ftrst A venue and Thtrty etgh th Street. The new edtflce Will be SIX stories high, wttb a frontage of 125 feet, and 125 feet m depth, and wtll be bmlt wttb an eye not only to usefulness, but also to comfort-both for employers and employees Messrs. Brown & Earle rank among our successful manufacturers. CHANCE OF FIRM. The co partnership heretofore extsting between George Fox, James H Dtlls and Jos. F. Cullman, was dtssolved by lim1ta.t10n, March 1, George Fox rehrmg The busmess wtll be contmued at the old stand 175 Water Street, by the undersigned, who will collect and pay all chums of the old firm. JAs. H. DILUI, Jos. F CULLMAN. Referrmg to the above, the undersigned, who have formed a co-partnership, under the firm name of DILLS & CULLMAN, respectfully solictt your further kind patronage. JAB. H. DILLS, Jos. F. CuLLMAN, NEW YORK, March 7, 1881. 838--840 BUSINESS TROUBLES. R. S. TURNER&: 00., KANSAS OITY, HO., Dealers in tobacco, made an assignment on the 18th ms\ant, to H A. Gallagher. The amoun\ of their liabilities is not known. ROII:llfER &: SCHULTZ, NEW ORLEANS. Thts firm applied to the courts for relief in bankruptcy on the 11th instant. Their liabtlittes are $33,-052 59, w htle tbetr assets are stated to amount to IJ34, 153.46. A meetmg of creditors has been called. .TOllE B. liiOLJNB, NEW YORK We learn the committee appointeil to inveatiR1lte the accounts of Mr. Moline them to bo correct An otl'er bas been made to the credttor11 of 25 per cent., 8 and 6 months, gur.rant6ed, and we hear that it is very probst.Jle that all "'l'lllsceept 1t. MAR. 26 H. R. JOHliSON, HAVANA CIGARET'IS 00., 273 PEA.RL ST., Who assigned on the 10Lh instant has not yet effected a settlement of his affall's His 'preferences The assets will amount to very little and the stock wtll be sold tj:le benefit of the creditors. Johnson 1s now working for another firm. WElL, KAHN&: 00., OINOINNATI. There IS notbmg new respectmg this failure. We learn that Mr. Wetl has been appomted manager of the Quooh .Ctty Orgar Co, whose tncorporatiOn we announced malate li!BUe It tsllltid Sba' this-company was formed by hie friends to ena.l'lle him to rl!Swne busmess. JOB. LEWIS, SAN J'RANOIBCO 1t is reperted, has ?ffered 25 cents "on 'the dollar in comproUliSe of hiS mdebtedness. But it IS said that as he .has not gtven any explanatiOn how the money whwh he had depo8tted to his credit wtth Messrs seligma'?-& Co., in thts ctty, has J:>een used, or what has become of 1t, nor the dtfference between what his to baccQ has been, sold for, a.ccordmg to hl8 booka aud the .auctiOneers returns, and the sum he offers his 1t 1s not hkely that a compromise on that basts will be The San ll,ranclSco Merchant r emarks -It IS a very proper quest10n to put to :M:r Lewts, What have you done with the money you had m Seligman's and the money you received for the goods we sold Whtle answer to thlS questiOn IS refused, Mr. Lewts must expect the feelmgs of himself and such fnends as he st1llt etams to be dmly wounded by hearmg of unkmdly epithets b emg bestowed U,POn htm and the trans actiOn which has made htm notonous throughout the Umted States Keported Failures and Busmess Arrangemeut;s. [From BR.AD8TR.EKT s l BllTIKORE. Md -Leopold Rose, cigars, judgment fQr $393 Ludw1g E .. tobacco etc biU ot. sale for $360 Baooun, N Y -I'Vm H Kuykendall obattel mo ... ---'Yen .. "",..""a CINOINM.TJ, 0 -Fred Stenwer (et ux), Qlg&l' manufacturer realtJ' mort-gage tor 11,000 canceled. Johri 0 Kt18er (et ux), cigars; realty mortgage for Sl 600 .t L!ntoot, tobacco manufacturers, reftled chattel mort.a.c tor JD.Bn Ctrr, N J Bernartl Marks, manufacturer ginn chattel mortgage for $500 K.ual.&.B Crn, lllo -R S Tomer .t Co clgo&rs and tobeooo :MA.cX8VILLll:, lnd -F W Ulrich ctgar:maker, oonveyed n!<y lor tO. Naw ORLlWCS, La -Wackerbarth .t Joaepha, wholeoale lobaooo ertug to compromise cents. N..., Yoaa.-Emanuel.M.e7er, cagars etc.. .assicDed P S Mulford. ere ehattel gl-.en fpr 1800 Polft"UC, ID.-A. T c1gal"8, realQ' Jno11aae giYea tar .. Pa.-.1, W Bteluhauber, clgar.ID&loz., dUIBOIed DELPHOS. 0 -A. R Ris!z. ciga.ra, etc BOld Ollt to Jet Hoeter. F Va -G B ,. deceased LuvENWoRTH, Kan -David tltaogor, cigar manu!acturer D OliTO ad-mitted 1 now &: OHe. MILTON, IU-Wm. Nevtllll, e!-. etc ,IIOid out &o Na,. OHLIUNS, LL-Macon If Badgtna, whole8&la SOINicco ....,l.,ed L Hudgins ud P Burlre OOilllnue..-r olyle atll L. 'o.;. lUCINB, W!s.-Wm Jackaon, tobacco, e&o., sold-_ RosiTJ, Ool-J F Falnan, clgr.n, blll'llt out, looo, tfOO ST LouiS, Ho --'J. W Booth .t Soll8, tobacco commloslon .Tam01 W: Booth deceased flrm name unchanged STKUBD.'VILL&, 0 _J M Owens, tobacco, sold out toN B Helma OOL. AUGUST LEFTWIOH. A dispatch just received from Mr. A. H. Leftwieh of Lynchburg, Va, announces the death of Col: Augll8t Leftwich, of that-ctty. Col. Leftwich died at noon on T,hursday last An obituary of the deceased wtll aEJlear m the next number of our paper. BENJAMIN MOORS Benj tmin Moore, formerlv member of the late firm of Bull,Ju & :Moore. of thiS city. died on Thurs day. H1s funeral \VIII take P.lace to day from the Church of the Holy Spttlt, Ftfty seventt.. Street, be tween Fourth and J.,exmgton Avenues. Mr. William G. Adams wtll officiate as orgamst at the services. JAMES W. BOOTH. There certainly was no res1dent of St. Louia, Mo., who stood hill her in the csttmatton of his fellow citi zens than :M:aJor James W Booth, of J W. Booth & Sons, commiSSIOn merchants, whose death, from pneu moma, ptace on the 1Sth mst. A St. LouiS paper, m speakmg of htm, says -MaJor Booth was born in Shenandoah County, Va, Aug. 2, 1801, and was conse quently at his death m bts eightieth year HIS father, Willtam A Booth, was a sold1er m the Revolutionary war, and rose to the rank of colonel, a11d was wounded at the battle of Yorktown. When Maj. Booth was but a few years old, his father and family moved to Ken tucky, settling near Louisville, and subsequently mak ing the city of Lomsvllle, :Jry their home, where he was rmsed and e!lucated, recetvmg, however hts final education at Transylvama University, Lexington, Ky., whel1f he graduated m 1824. DW'lng the succeedmg few he made several trips to MtssouriJ and finally to the State to resrde m 1830, ana located in Clarll::svlle, where he embarked m the mercantile pursmts, and restded for fifteen years In 1832 he was umted m marrmge to MtssSophroma Naylor, daughter of Mr John Naylor, one of the early settlers of Dar denne prairte m St Charles County, from whiCh wrion eight children sprang, four sons, of whom John N., Thomas, Edward and George are sttll hvmg, the for mer two 'havmg been assoctated With thetr father in busmess for the past twenty years or more After havmg been umted m the most endearing relations wtth h1m for 47 years, Maj Booth's wife dted in the spring of 1875 In 1845 Mr Booth the position of manager of the old Planters' tobacco warehouse, and Mme to St. Louts to rest de, three years thereafter; in 1848 embarked m the commission busmelis, and bts firm, so wtdely and favorably known throughout the Wes$, has been in successful operation ever smce, and will be continued and hts name perpetuated, as we are in ioEmed, Without any change whatever m the firm name, by hiS sons and surv1vmg partners, .:John N. and Thomas Booth. Mr. Booth was a. constant e.ttem)ant and fa1thful and devoted member of the Oen tal Presbyte11an Chutch for more than twentyfive years past. Whilst rather a delicate par110n m per sonal a.Ppearance, he led a mos t active busmess life uut1l w1thm the past four or five years, and 1t was not unt1I tbts wmter (whwh he recently remarked to a frwnd was the severest and longest wmter he had any recollect tOn ever to have expertenced) did he exhibit any of the usualmfhmittes of old age. -Mr Boeth was one of the most hospitable, gentle and courteous of rnen, and was no respecter of persons. Mer1t was h1s touch stone, not wealth, power and statiOn. He had great regard for the humble poor, and he wtiS never so happy as when domg something to make some one else happ1er that needed a helping hand or a kind word His was a smgularly/ure and p;mleless llfe, and hts lovmg, genial an kindly presence wrll be sadly mtssed by h1s frtends and acquamtances, to whom he was greatly endeared. The funeral took place hom the Central Presbyterian Uhurch on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. RESOLUTIONS OF RESPEOT. At a meetmg of the Board of Directors of the Mer chants' Exchange, the following resoluttOil6 were adopted The B oard of Directors and mem'b"rs of the Merchants' Exchange have recetved the sad announcement of the of Maj James W Booth of thl8 ctty. At the ripe age of four score years, m the presence of his Jovmg relatives, this successful merchant patriarch peacefully and serenely passed to hiS JUSt and htgher reward. In all the relations of life, as husband, parent, frtend and citizen, he has faithfully per formed all of life's duttes, and now, beloved by all, honored by all, he has been gathered to his faGhers. Of thts good man we can truly Ray, "None knew him but to love b1m, none named hnn but to praise him." We w11l mscribe thiS memorial of sincere regard and affectwn upon the records of thts Exchange. We will long remember hts pure and lovely hfe. We willpoln$ to 1t wtth just pride and satisfaction as a stimulus to all who survive him, that they may strive to emulate the virtues, the mdustry, the integnty, the faithful ness of our departed brother merchant. We will msh to his bereaved family a copy of these expres sions duly attested by the officers of \his e a testrmonial of our regard for a life of such tr&nseeDd ant usefulness and purity, and our sincere condolence with them m this hour of their sorrow. The resolutiOns were frepared and submitted by a comnuttee, consisting o Messrs. Naihan Oclle Rotiert A Barnes. H. I Bodley, John D. Perry, Wm. M. PriCe, S. M. Edgell, and Isaac H. Stlll'geOia. l'IIBETING OF THB iciii(J.&GO CJJGA.B T'IJB.BBII. CHIOAGO, March 17. EDITOR TOBAOOO :-The Chica<> Cjg llanU facturers' .AJsooiatiQil con"f'ened in 17, accordiag *'> of las$ JIIIMtipge with John Lussem as its presidtllg oftkle:r. '.l!bi UR\IIteS .. the pl'evious meeting were read and placed on tile. RePQl'a from Committees ou OollectioiiS were received,


MAR. 26 but as the desired amount had not been obtained, the committees were retamed and mstructed by the charr to make further collectiOns. Hr. Henry Bond, treasurer of. the assocl&tiOn, re ported that there was $1118 65 m the treasary. A motion was then made by Hr Wag13nfuehr that, m OODSlderatton of the kindneas of TJl& TOBA.OCO LEAF lD publishing the1r deliberatiOns they make your. humble servant an honorary member wh1ch was carried una.nimously In behalf of Tnm LEAF I returned thanks for the honor conferred. The question of appomtmg a commtttee to go to Washington m case of an extra session of Congress, was argued at some length, or 1f no extra seB!llon was called to bold over unt1l the regular sessiOn m the meantime to see our Congressmen and labor w1th them in the interest of a reductwn m the c1gar tax Hr. Adam Brewer made a motwn to that effect, wb1ch was carr1ed A committee of three was duly elected, cons1stmg of G John Lussem and Henry Bon11 No further busmess appearmg, the meetmg then adJourned, subJect to the call of their tor the next convocatiOn G C T TBIIEJIENT BOUSE CIGAR MANUFACTORIES. (Correspondenc e ) NEW YoRJt, March 1881 EDITOR TOBACCO LJ:AF -We band you hereby trans lation of a few hnes con tamed m the Volkszettung of thiS day Please peruse the same Beheve us yours truly, KERBS & SPIESS THE TRANSLATION "Amongst the biLls recommended to the Assembly for passage to day IS that wbtch proh1b1ts manufac tunng of Cigars ill tenement houses." MEETING OF THE NEW YORK LEAF TOBACCO BOARD OF TRADE. The New York Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade held a special meetmg at 1ts rooms, 187 Pearl Street, on Tues day, to take Into consideration the report of a special committee, recently submitted to the board, proposmg a plan of orgamzatwu to ensure greater security agamst loss es by failure The report, wh1ch was pub lished m fullm a previOus 1ssue of THE Ton!I.COO LEA.F proposes the estabhshment o f a Bureau of C1edtts and Reports Mt Casirntr Tag. president of the board, occupied cha1r, and Mr. I Hamburger acted us secretary At the of the proceedmgs Mr Rosenwald, of the comrmttee, moved to make a few correctwns of the prmted repOit The bureau should be named the :Bureau of Credits and Reports, not Bureau of Records and Reportlil, as pnnted m the report Mr Scoville moved that the committee's r e port be taken up sectwn by sectiOn wh1ch, after some discus 1110n, was agreed to After some dlSCUSSlOH 1t was agreed to stnke from the report the first section and first resolutiOn, declarmg ''That 1t 1s mexped1ent to umte wlth the Natwnal Cigar Manufacturers' Associ at1on" The second and thud sectwns (henceforth foriDlng the first and second sectwns,) were adopted as re ported by the commtttee They are as follows .2. That a plan for secuomg protectiOn agamst losses and :procurmg the staudmg of merchants dealmg or desrrmg to deal wtth members, sunilar m 1ts obJects and workings to those adopted h,f the stationers, bard ware, and s .. me othe r trades, will afford a degree of protectiOn agamst lo ses, which, while bemg very far from perfectwn, w1ll be worth more than 1ts cost 3 The method aud plan wh1ch your commtttee would recommend 18 as f o llows -1st The mco1 poratwn of our board, as provided m and by an act of the Legtslature for the mcoporatwn of exchanges or boards of trade, passed May 3, 187'7 .2d. That the capital stock of the corporatiOn shall be one thousand dollarsi and that he number of shares mto whwh the captta stock shall be d1v1ded shall be one hundred shares, each of the value of ten dollars, and each present member shall become the owner of one share, wh1ch he shall rece1ve without additional payment of money 3d The estabhsbment of a Bureau of Credits and Reports to he conducted under the followmg rules and forms, and such others as may be hereafter adopted The followmg sectwns of the rules and 'forms of the proposed Bureau of Cred1ts and Reports were adopted as reported by the committee Thev are as follows.-1 The busmess of the bureau shafl be m the 1mme d)tl.te charge of an actuary, who shall be a practiCmg attorney and counsellor m good standmg, who shall be engaged for a penod of one year, and shall be patd a compensation of one thousand dollars per annum, m equal monthly payments 2 The actuary shall furn1sh at h1s own expense, all the books, statiOnery and pnntmg, and bear all other charges and expenses necessary for carrymg on the busmees of the bureau. 3 He shall gn to each member a number known only to such member and h1mself, by wh1ch number only shall a member be known on the books, forms or other papers of the bureau, and actuary shall change the numbers as often as may be necessary to prevent the number from bemg known 4 He shall keep m proper books all such mformatwn as to the capital, character and busmess standmg of dealers m tobacco and manufactut ers of c1gars as he may be able to obtain, and shall furmsh an abstract of the same on proper apphcat10n of any member, and no member shall dtvulge mformatwn so received to any one not a member, and he shall alliO estabhsh cor respondence wtth smtable parties throughout the country for the purpose of obtammg information of mterest to the board The followmg substitute was offered for sec 5, whtch, after some diRCUSSion, was adopted -The actuary sbull at the request of any member ascertam, as near as poss 1ble, the mdebtedness and date of maturity of same, of any party mqu1red for, by form heremafter mentwned, and any member an mcorrect report as to satd mdebtedness or matW'Ity of same, shall be bable to expulsiOn FORM Name and address of party mqmred for Amount of mdebtedncss when due Open account or note Anytbmg overdue Remarks. Sectwn 6 WI'S stricken from the report, bemgcovered by the foregoing substttute Sec 7 was adopted It 1s as follows The offices of the actuary shall be m the rooms of this board, wh1ch shall nevertheless he always at the use of this board or 1ts members On motton, sec 8 was teJected and strtcken from the report Sectwns 9 and 10 were adopted as reported by the committee 'L bey are as follow s -The actuary furms h legal advwe and consulta tiona lo any member without charge He shall m!tke collections placed m b1s bands by members for three per cent 1f made withm the State and without sutt, and all claims out of the State for etght pet cent and shall also place all cla1ms mto JUdgment w1tlun the State 1f by default, w1tbcut charge, except dt sbursements, unless collected and then to rece 1 ve only three per cent and the taxable costs / w1th be the rules and forms of the Bureau of Cred1ts and Reports unlll they be altered or amended m the manner plOVlded m the proposed sec XV of the by laws Our Lancaster Correspondence. LANCASTER, P A March 24 We fhave no Important transactions mold tobacco to record for the week endmg to day, for the reason already g1ven-scarmty of the goods Every day, lots of ten fifteen and twenty cases are sold to manufac turers' and these sales foot up about one hundred cases Several buyers were about, mqmrmg where they could get large qua.ntttJes, but as we have beard of none bemg sold, It 1s safe to presume that they did not get what they wanted at smtable prwes The scramble for desirable lots of the new crop con tmues wtthout abatement, the buyers bemg actively at work m nemly all of the country dtstncts and, as tbA r eports rece ived s how, pwkmg up large quantltie3 of 1t They are, however, workmg very Irregularly, their search for fin e goods takmg them over a good deal of gtound In some townships, where the to bacco was almost all fine, there IS very httle to be found, wh1l e m others scarcely any sales have been made, the buym s not even commg around to m spec t the crops This t s probably due to the bad state of the roads, and doubtless as the mud dries up the neglected tow nships wtll rece1ve a fa1r share of attentiOn, for although such largequantltlea have been bought, there a r e plenty of buyers who have not secured nearly and they Will keep at work unt1l they do, Da1ly dehvenes of large quant1t1es are st1ll m order, and It must be a verv untavora.ble day 1f some tobacco does not come to town But as a general thmg day 1S the go eat day, and last Saturday was no excep twn to the 1 ule, many thousands of pounds commg m, the wagons begmmng to atr1ve at the break of day In Tobacco Avenue, wbere'feller Bros, A H Scoville & Co, L & E Wertheimer, M Oppenbe1mer, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer and others are lo cated, fifty or s1xty teams were gatherod, and they carued about 200,000 younds of tobacco And so It was m all other parts o towa, Sktles & Frey, Frey & We1dler Fatman & Co, and others all rece1vmg large quant1t1es How profitable the ra1smg of tobacco IS to our farm ers t S shown by the large amounts of money pa1d out by the banks m cashmg checks g1ven m payment for tobacco dehvPred On Saturday about $200,000 was paid out, and dunng the last two weeks the amount pa1d dtd not fall under half a m1lEon of dollars ThiS was by City banks alone, what was pmd by country packers must be added Tbete have not been any n e w arnvals during the week-that IS, no new houses a1e reptesented. Mr Isaac Lachenbruch, {of Lacbenbruch & Bro 1s here, acttv ely at wmk at theJr warehouse m Masonville, the iirot t1me, I thmk, smce he rece1ved a 13troke of par alys1s some five years ago A sharp tnck was played upon an unsusj>ectmg countryman, a few days ago, by a dealer m tobacco and cgars, whwh was qmckly pumshed The man had delivered a large quantity of ctgars to the dealer, who we will call Mr A and thEn cam& the settlement The countryman, who was a little t1psy, held a small bag mto wh1ch A counted the money, mostly m $20 gold p1eces Among the gold p1eces was a small pocket muror, the back of wh1ch was made to represent a double eagle Th1s A covered with a trade dollar and threw 1t m The old man d1d not not1ce the deception, but blS nephew did, and said Mr A that 1S not $20 "Yes, 1t IS," he sa1d, and mIt went. The nephew &aid notbmg mote until they bad nearly reached thmr home, when he told his uncle of the matt&r, and an exammat!Oli of the money revealed the fraud Ccmmg to town the next day, the swmdled man sought the &ervwes of an attorney, who went to see Mr A and after mformmg htm of h1s errand, smd "Hr A tb1s man' s expenses m commg to town are f3 8(}, my fee IS $5, g1ve me $28 80 and you can have your lookmgglass" Mr A d1d not hesttate long about paymg over the money He says 1t was only a Joke, but 1t w1ll prove rather an expens1 ve one, fot the facts of the C$1Be are known to the trade genetally here, and the re marks upon h18 conduct are not at all comphmenta1y Followmg are some recent sales Strasbuo g and VICimty, Isaac Groff sold 10 acres to John Schner, at 18, 20 and 21 for wrappers, 5 for seconds and 3 for fillers, Ehas Groff 6 acres to Chades Schubertb, at 16 and 19 for wrappers, 5 fo r seconds and 3 for fille s, BenJ Fry, 3 acres to M Oppenheimer at 17, 5 and 3, El1as Beam, 2 acres to Bunzt & DorJIMtzer, at 20, 5 and 3, Jacob Smder, 2 acres to same at same pr1ce, Levt Welk, 2 acres, at 19, 5 and 3, EliaS Esbenshade, 3 acres at 20, 5 and 3, John Z Taylor, acres toM Oppen at 21, 6 and 3, Jacob Carpenter, 2 acres t o Baker at 17, 5 and 3, Geo Gonder, 2 acres to M Op penhetmer at 5 and 3 In East Lancaster, Wei t helmer bought ot B M Barr acres at 12, 3 of Abraham Shaut 1 acre at 12, 4 and 3 E Hoffman & Son bought the followmg lots m Canoy and Donegal Of BenJ G1sh, 11 acres at 20, 15, 6 and 3, of Engle, 2 acres at 8 and S, of Jacob L Engle, l acre at 8 and 3, of Israel L Engle, at 20 8 and 3, of 81mon Engle at 21, 8 and 3 John Haldeman of Conoy, sold hiS crop at 8 BenJ Hiestand of Manetta, sold 12 acres to John Frtdy at 16, 6 and 3 TbAse are, of course, a very small port1on of the purchases made The priCes would mdiCate that nothmg but high grade goods are sold, but tb1s IS not probable D :mbtless la1 ge quant1t1es of low grade goods are put chased, but the y are not rep01 ted, for two reasons the buyer does not want 1t known that he IS buymg euch goods, and the fat mer does not want b1s neighbor to -now what low pnces he gets for h1s tobacco. THE "PIEDMONT SEMINARY." A neatly prmted Circular forwarded to us from Spartanburg, S C appnses us that Mr J Henry Hager, A M formerly ed1tor of tb1s paper, has been fm some time occupymg the honorable pos1t10n of p1m c1pal teacher m the Piedmont Semmary at that place Thts establ18hment 1s a select htgb class school fm p;trls, and was opened under the patronage of a number of the mt1zens of Spartanburg, who had long felt the necessity of havmg m thetr mtdst an mst1tUt1on that should afford to then: daughters, for a moderate outlay, educational advantages h1tberto only to be obtamed at diStant and female colleges, m South Carohna and other States THE LEA.:F. heavy discounts after dehvery of the1r goods It is satd that some have been deducted one half the con tract pr1ce, wh1le others discounted three to five cents per pound Still others have thrown off one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars from thetr crops m order to get the1r pay Our farmers thmk that th1s system of domg busmess 1s wrong, and 1f the specula tor comes here to gamble w1th them on thetr crop of tobacco, by buymg 1t blmd on the poles, let them stand to tbe1r contract bke men, and pay as per contract It 18 satd that there 1s hardly an mstance on record where a speculator ever pa1d more than the price agreed upon, 1f the crop came m extra fine and well handled It remams to be seen how much longer the farmers Will submit thiS style of domg bUSineSS by the speculators The farmers may be to blame m some mstances for selhng the1r crop for a good dealm01e than 1t IS worth They are all anxwus to get as mucn as they can, and then tbmk they are n one too well pa1d for the r1sk and labor The pr1ces of late have b ee n from 12 to 20c for wrappers, and 5 to 6c for seconds, with slow sales at that It 1s reported that Mr W H B oyle bas sold h1s crop of 20 acres to Wells & Hass, of Hartford, for 20 and 6c, a good crop and well handled H Suffield, Conn Mar .21 -The past week has been a hvely one for the buyers, and many crops have been sold Mr Cbas Fowler, of Westfield, Mass Mr Ar thur Pomeroy, of Hattford, Alften Spencer and Henry P Kent, of tlits town, have secU1ed a number of choiCe lots In Tolland C<>unty, m the towns of Somers and Ell mgt-on we hear of many sales Some of the g1 owers here have net yet fimshed sortmg, espec18lly the larger growe1 s At Mr Austm's wat ehouse a New York party has some thuty or more sortmg leaf bought up the river, whiCh IS brought here by ra1l Mr Ed Fuller, we learn, IS buymg for a Hartford firm, and has already purchased some good crops About the same area w1ll be planted next season, at least, that 1s the outlook OOW B THE STATE OF TRADE IN HAVANA, A cablegram from Havana to the Herald, dated March 23, says -Although tbe stagnatiOn of busmess m general 1s very great at present, the reconstructiOn of the Island IS slowly but surely progri'BBmg Proof of this IS afforded by the JUnsdiCtwn of Puerto PrmCtpe, wb1ch bad been lmd bare by ravages durmg the msurrectwn 'fbe 1mportat10n of cattle mto th1s JUUSdtctwn, where n c b pasture grounds have always favored the rrusmg of cattle, has lately become qmte important It 18 a s serted that a riCh cattle owner m Florida bas btred near Puerto Puncipe a past11re ground called El Rubw, w1th the mtentwn of keep1ng there a constant supply of cattle At prese nt, howeve r, scorchmg south wmds,' together w1tb ram, ate momentanly: threatemng great mJury to cattle ra1smg mterests The preva1hng dty ness w11l not, to any serwus extent, affect the tobacco crop wh1ch 1s almost gathered 'fbe approximate stock of tobacco rece1ved m Havana. thus far amounts to about 18,000 bales It 1s said that a Matanzas com pany, ownmg the Bay of N1pe m Cuba, has found m Par1s capttahst.'l ready to furmsb 15,000,000 francs for colomzmg that terntory, wb1ch IS sa1d to contam about s1x leagues of ncb soli Last week Messrs Fuente & Co 1mpo1 ters of prov1s1ons, stopped pay ment Their hab1ht1es are unknown The exports from Havana from January 1 to March 11 were as fol lows -Sugar, 27,229 hhds, 9 ,573 boxes and 20,203 bags molasses, 20 hhds, honey, 158 t1erces, wax, 33,461 ktlos, sugar brandy, 200 bhds, cut tobacco, 28,058 ktlos, paper c1gars, 1 507,890 bunches, c1gars, 22,145,039, tobacco l eaf, 20,815 bales. STRAW-PAPER. HAVANAS. An exchange remarks -It wlil be news to many that mllhons of Cigars are annuaUy manufactured m Hav ana without so much as a smgle fibre of tobacco leaf bemg utilized m the process of tbeu fabucatwn For some yeats past a greut straw paper factory m New York State has executed latge otdet'S, emanatmg ftom certam wealthy Cuban firms for a vecuhar sort of pafer, extremely tbm and of fine quahty, which tt has du y made and delivered w1thout troubling ttself about the espeCial purposes for wh1ch the article mtght be re qmred. Recently however, the manuf,Lcturers have dtscovered that this paper I S used for makmg Cigars, whtch are subsequently exported fromCubatoall parts of the wo1ld as genume Havana tobacco. Its conver siOn mto 1m1tatwn leaf 1s effected as follows -It 18 thoroughly soaked m a solutiOn composed of to bacco refuse bo1led m wa.te then dne d and pressed be tween stamps, wh1ch 1mpa1t Lo It the appearance of the finest leaf so exactly as t o d e fy detectiOn on the part of the most expertenced tobacco sorters Of these paper leaves are fab1tcated the spuriOus Cigars above alluded to, the total cost of theu pwductwn bet11l1m fimtes!mal m companson to the puces at" are disposed of wholesale to Ameucan and ll:uropean 1mporters of the ftagoant "eed A shgbt difference of wetght between the genume and the spurwus c1gar of Identical brand and s1ze affords the only certain of detectmg th1s fraud, so 1.\bsolutely alike m the1r ex ternal features are the weeds 1 eally made of tobacco and their counterfeit presentments m straw paper WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (SpeCial to THE TOBACCO LEAF ) TENNESSEE Ltght Clarksmlle Pans, March 10 -I have delayed wrttmg for a long t1me to see tf sometbmg would net turn up that would be of mterest, but have notbmg to commumcateexcept that our people are makmg about as much preparatiOn for a crop of tobacco as usual They w11l plant but very httle Burley The crop 1s not much better tnan last year, and 1a selhng slowly for about as much 'WI 1t sold for last year Wmter has hardly btoken up here RD,Q KENTUCKY in fine condition. The purchasmg among growers ii act1ve. A great many farmers are now dehvermg the1r tobacc(), and the rece1pts this week and the last part of last week were heavy for the account of New: York and other houses The dtstnbutwn of hberal SUDlS of money fgr tobacco 1s already helpmg trade here, and when five or ten thousand boxes of leaf shall have been received at this pomt (between thiS and May) the good feelmg will be still more percept! the past fortnight, and whiCh J.S absolutely-nece&$&l'7 to ,;et out of the way before any more is delivered. bly felt than now CONNECTICUT AND MASSACHUSETTS. Northampton, March 2L-There bas been a httle st1r m new tobacco here the past week, which 18 about the first of the season Sales as follows -E C Clapp & Bro 3 ton at 10c, boxed, to Hoffman & Son, of New York, Mrs E Clapp, 10 and lie boxed to Austm Ross, Florence, 5 ton to Emerson Searl, Park H11l, 7 ton to L Newgass, of New York. Pat Kearns and Anthony G1lbert, small lots to Graves & Cooley of th1s town Graves & Tucker have packed several hundred cases, mostly f10m the North. The amount of cash pa1d by buyers to growel'fl. the banks of th1s c1ty, durmg the past two weeks 18 not less than half a m1llion of dollars, and may be considerably more, and thiS IS exclustve of large sums paid by country packers To thts must be added thousands of dollars pa1d weekly by packers to the many hundreds of men m thetr employ York DtSpatch, March 22 -Mr Robert Irwin, of Fawn townsbtp, sold acre of tobacco, we1ghing 1,335 pounds, for 15c through, nettmg $2251 another half acre, 1,297' pounds, was sola for ;J.Jo through, y1eldmg $155 64. The full acre brought f3M64 North H!itfield -Bales as followsLuther Wells, 12c, to A Vmmgs, E Cooley, 6 and 4, Elihu Beldmg, 66 cases 1879 Havana to Graves & Cooley, of Northampton, terms not stated CoR Amenca'l. Cultwator, Mar 19 -Trade IS not so bnsk as It would be If the buyers were not so determmed to buy good fine crops for l ess money than they would be w orth 1 they were all seconds We notiCe sales as follows At South Vemon 1 acre at 11 and 4c, of an act e at Be, a.notht\r of the same amount at the same price At Northfield, "Austm of Suffield bas been packmg some 25 tons which he bought last fall, 1lot of Havana, ill bundle, at 13c" At Conway, 1lot of 2 tons at 10c. At South Deerfie l d, 1 lot o f 2 acres at 10c 1 1 of acres at 9c, 1 of 2 acres at 1 acre at 8c, all ill bundle Our correspondent says "Offers of 9c were made aud refuse d by several, some of these lots were fine goods and some low grade, pr1ce about the same, good or poor" At North Hatfield offers of 16c for Havan11 declmed, 1 lot of Seed, 3 ucres, at 12c, 1lot of pole sweat leaf at 6c and 5c, and 4 tons at private terms, 1 lot of 2 700 lbs at through, 2 acres at 11c, 6 at 12c At Hatfield, 68 cases at through, tons, grown on 7 aCtes, at llc : At l! eedmg Hills 8everal sales, mostly small lots or about a ton each, varymg fwm 10c and 5c to He and 6c One lot of 2 tons at through, and 1 of 10 cases at through, both assorted The best and largest lots not sold At Suffield our correspondent wptes ''There appears to be a tendency to pr1vate aales I thmk 1t 18 on account of low priCes I hear of 1lot of 2 acres y1eldmg 3 tons at through, and 1 lot of 3 acres at 19c th10ugh At the Housatomc Valley 1 lot of about tons at 13c, 1 of tons at 1 of 3% tons at 16c, 1 of tons at 15c, 1 of 2 tons at 13c All to be deh vet ed 111 the bundle New England Homestead, Marc h 19 -South De erfield-Growers are busy str1ppmg and sortmg their ClOpS, now all down from the poles A few sales have been madeA J Bollings, at m the bundle, A Bald will, 8c m the bundle, A Cooley, 9c, F' Bartlett, 10c sorted Offers of 9c m the bundle were refused for several crops Hatfield-The tobacco market has tecmved a little st1r the past week, and we have a few sales to report John T Fitch, 13 tons of Seed at 12,l'2c round, Wilham M Jones, four tons of Seed and two of Havana Seed, p t supposed to be llc for Seed and 15c for Ha vana, sold to Bunzl of New York, D Wells, all Seed to !!'ox, Dills & Co, at lle round Hardly any have fimsbed sortmg as yet, and some will not for a month to come Henry Wade has sold four tons of Seed to E J Everett, for the Rosenwalds, at llc round. North Hatfield-There have been several buyers m th1 s VICmity The only sales dunng the week were Luther Wells, crop of Seed at 12c to A Vmmgs, crop of about four acres, p t E Cooley, Seed leaf, 6 and Warehouse Pomt, Conn -Tobacco IS bemg bought up considerably Just now The followmg are reported as sold recently at d1fferent pr1ces from 10 to 16c through Horace Barber, James Warner, Horace Patten, Henry Derw1g, George Allen, J B Colton, John Mason, Juhus Allam, also the followmg sales 1n 8cant1c vil lage at f10m 12 to H ie for wrappers, w1th fillers and to !Sc W N Wells, C S and W. H Barber, H McFall, S Donovan, S T Wells and others The prospect IS that 1t w1ll be nearly all taken down w1thm the nt>xt two weeks, though at lower prices than was first expected Somers, Conn -Sales of tobacco the past week are as followe A. D Nobles toE Hubbard of Broad Brook, at 10c through, sorted, E :a Russell, through to Frank Parsons1 of Hazardv1lle, assorted, T M Gowdy, 16@5c, J S Fteld, 17@5c, Charles Converse, 16@5c, Pease & Kibbe, 12@5c-all to Pat ker & Barns, Ware house Pomt, Jason 12@5c, Charles li1bbard, 16@5, to Mr Huntmg, of Hartford W H Btl lings, to Bidwell & Loom1s, of Sprmgfield There are qu_1te a number of good lots of tobacco un sold m town yet Glastonbury, Conn All of the tobacco str1pped m th1s section and the mos t of 1t sold at fair pnces, frOm 18 t:o 25c for wrappers, and 5c for seconds There w1ll be more tobacco sheds bmlt thiS season by dlffPrent parttes Granby, Conn -Lane & Loom1s of Westfield, Mass have bought Wilbert Reed's tobacco for 13c through, 0 D Case, 16, 5 and 3c, Ph1ll Mayer, 15 and 6c, Frank Newton, p t S F Holcomb to A C Latham, p. t M R Case, and 6c, R Gannon, R J Hayes and Franc1s Case, pncee not known, W11lmm Dewey, to Mr VanDeusen, of Westfield, Mass, for 10c through PENNSYLVANIA J W Gemmell purchased the followmg lots m Chanceford township From E A Jarv1s, acre, at 11 and 3, Charles Henry, 2, at 12 5 and 3; John A. l'alcy, 1, at 10, and3, E M Warner, M; at 1.2,3and 3, Jacob Oberland, at 12, 4 and 3, John-Douglashat 12, and 3, Abra.llam H1cb, 1 at and 3, -Jos ua Tracey, at 7, 3, BenJ Lyons, at 12, and 3, Jacob Shenberger, at and 3, Nancy Wilson, 2, at 13, 6 and 3, J W Gamble, 2, at 10 ar:d 3: OHIO M1&m1sburg Bulletm, March 19 -The roads are still execrable butfa1r weather brought a number of new buyers mto the field and lDBplred our own operators to JOID m a general dash, :resultmg m a week of eneour agmg act1 vtty at pr1ces satiSfactory to buyers and fairly remunerative to planters There was no attempt to buy at fixed figures, pr1ces hemg governed by grade and quahty throughout. The followmg sales md1cate the run of the market: Near Stlfer Church Jonathan Beachler, 1880, 9l(c; Jacob Miller, 1880, Be, Joseph Hav&rmill 1880, John L1becap, 1880, 5c Near L1berty Wm Getter, 1880, 9%c, Joseph Ham, 1880, Bowsertown H. P Weaver, 1880, Eastward Jacob Stocker, 1879 damaged, "Me, Jacob Groby, cases, 1880, Sc; P Westnck, 20 cases, 1880, Alexander Ball, 1880, 8<.:, Peter Maue, 1879, Sc, John Gottsc hall, 1880, 5, and 6c George Sylvester, on the Silvers -farm War ren County, sold 5 cases 1879 at 6c On Bear Creek: H Eppert, 22 cases 1879, 6c, Samuel Getter, 17 cases 1879, to 7c Mr C Cook bought for New York account, Weduesda;:y and Thursday, over one hundred cases 1879, ai pr1ces rangmg from to 6c A correspondent at West Brookfield, Stark County, 0 reports the sale of 3 acres at 10c through Con siderable mterest m the cultivutton ot tobacco was mamfested m thiS locality last year, about twenty five acres, prmmpally Connecticut Seed, hemg Our correspondent states that some of this leaf 1s very fine, and mv1tes buyers to call and see 1t Patent Office Report. For the week endmg March 22, 1881 INVENTIONS PATENTED Ctgar-Mold -C DuBrul, Ne\v York El Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY .......-OF-Key The Cigars of this Factory, 1mder the well known Brands of El Principe de Gales -AND-La Perla. de Cayo HueSQ Manufactured of new and best Yuelta Abajo. HaT&D& tobacco and unexcelled In quality and make llf any of the Havana Factones, are new received m .regular weekly shipments by FRED'K DE BARY & CO., 41 & 43 Warren St New Western Leaf-ThiS market is more tblB week for shipments of former sales than for iwy else The close of the month IS hkely ro ilbow a considerable reductiOn of stock, which wa!! tli,e one tbmg needed all along The outlook becomes the more promtsmg by the dectease of old supphes, and we may look forward to mcreased busmess hereafter. ,._ The transfers of the week were hogsheads-, w1th more to manufacturers than anybody else Messrs SAWYER, WALLACE & Co report to THB To&o co LEAF as follows -'l'he past week has beflp. a very qmet one m our market, tbe sales amoi:iating to but 3 hogsheads, of whtch 11 to JObbers, 210, mostly to manufacturers, and 123 for Prwcs are steady, except for remnants, -upon which holders make some concessiOns to close out. lA weelt. 'ld week. M week f&h wee1t lib'fot&l January 841 91 10,228 ;10,655 February 431 1 334 548 2.8lall March 946 1,087 844 2,827 R HAGEDORN -Receipts thiS month-Those who .know the quahficatlons of ProfeBBOr Hager, and most of our tobacco tradesmen m Amenca and Europe are famthar w1tb them, wtll not doubt that be w1ll strive to make the P1edmont Semmary the most thorough of Southern schools, and tram Ius pup1ls not only m the essentl&ls of a sound Enghsh education, but also m those accomplishments wh1ch shall make them mtelltgent and agreeable members of somety The curriCulum of the semmary mcludes the rud1 menta of educatwn, the h1gher Enghsh branches, hiS tory, sCience, lane;nages the h1gher mathematics, mustc, drawmg, pamtmg, pbyswal culture, etc Hts many fnends m and out of the tobMco mdustry wtll w1sh Professor Hager may be as successful as he deserves m h1s present callmg Ballard County, March 22 -There IS but httle of m te1 est to be sa1d of tobacco The greater part of the crop has passed mto second bands OccasiOnally buyers are Meen lookmg around w1th the vtew of secu1mg the few unsold crops, and sornet1mes they succeed m get tmg one by comme; up m pr1ce to the Ideas of the plan ter But little pnzmg bas boon done m the country for the past two or three weeks for the reason that the weather has been dry and wmdy, and tobacco generally has been too dry to handle Bestdes, no one ap_pears to be many partiCular hurry Tobacco 1s sellmg m matkets lower than country deliLiers patd for 1t Deal ers beheve wlll do better m May and June, and therefore prefer to pr1ze but httle before that tune Some are pr1zmg, but not offermg to sell Lugs have comparattvely done much better than leaf, yet, so fari very little has more than paid out W1tbout a materia ad vance there w11l be no money made on the purchases m tb1s county Penns Manor, Bucks Co March 19 -The tobacco crOJllD th1s (Duck Island) dtstrlCt 1S begmnmg to move, whiCh 1s a sat1sfact10n to the growers It has been very qmet here all tb1s wmter Nearly all the tobacco IB packed away 111 boxes, awa1tmg the arr1val of pur chasers. Every week the amount of sales mcreases, and one or two good buyers could soon take all there 1s m the district While last year produced some poor cropA, there are others m th1s d1str1ct as good as was ever grown Up to the present t1m e over twenty crops have been dtsposed of Now wowld be an excellent t1mo for some of the Lancaster buyers to VISit th1s d1s tnct Th'lre 1s no flea btte here to g1ve them trouble The first of Aprll w1ll soon be here, and the growerssome few of them-would hke to sell before that time, to be prepared to close up the year's transactwns E Lancaster Exammer and Express, Mar 23 -Though the maJOrity of buyers are operatmg m the new crop of tobacco, the '79 crop 1S still mqu1red for but we have heard of no sales of consequence A!Jout 1 00 cases were sold for the week endmg to duy, 10 small lots to manufacturers The '80 crop 18 movmg off steadtly, the large number of buyers now m the market keeomg act1vely at work 10 all parts of the county and ptcking up large qu,n t1t1es of 1t, at pnces m most cases that make the f a r mer reJOICe In fact there IS notbmg m the way of a br1sk market, but bad roads and a dttl'erence of opm10n about pr1ces The weather has been so favorable for preparmg tobacco fer market that farmers, who have not already stripped are now so, and the buyers find the crops generally ready for mspectwn Western 3 ,640 hhds. Last year, From New Orleans do ao. Baltimore 117 do do Vugtrua de Total Last year, 2, 7-50 hhds. 23 de. 10 do. do. 4,647 hhcla. 6,880 hltde 60 do do. !>,704 do. Total. 14,949 do 12,668 do. Exp l Manf J ob'rs Specu Unk.'n 'l'otal Sales for the week 123 210 11 844 hds Sales forth., month 1 533 430 355 2 327 hda Our Special Seed Leaf Correspondence. Exports for the week, 1,882 hhQs For the month, 6, hbde : At New Orleans -The enttrc 1 ules und forms reported by the commit tee for the collecllon of mformatwn, mcludmg a plan for confidential statements to be made to the Tobacco Board of 'l'tade, we1e reJected and stncken from the report, as the whole ground 1s to be covered by the form adopted with the above substitute The board then came to the constderatwn of the reso lutions attached to the commtttee's report the first, re ferrmg to the National C1gar Manufacturers' ASBoCla tion, havmg been 1 eJected w1th the first sectiOn of the report. The followmg was adopted as reported by the committee-Elm1ra, N Y, Mar 22 -A press of busmess has pre vented us fo om g1vmg a report for some t1me of the Bg Flats tobacco crop, and we hope th1s wlll answer as an excuse for our negligence The crop bas been entirely bought up What little was left over from the early purcbasmg bas recently been bought at full J:.rlCes, and by the same parttes who bought last fall rhe reason IS that those who "went m" see the w1sdom of the1r mvestment, after seemg It stripped, that they thirsted for rome Indeed tho excellence of the goods are such that were the crop tw1ce as large as 1t IB, these same parties would w1lhngly take 1t all, eYeD at what seemed, when they bought 1t, exorbitant figures To use the language of the cucus-poster wnter, "It IS the grandest aggregation of great, growthy tobacco ever produced m thiS country or any other The pro duce a have, as a class, strtven to put up their crops m the very best manner Plant bed work 1s now about completed, there bavmg been favorable weather for ten or twelve days for all kmds of farm work Because of the lateness of plant beds everygody 18 predtctmg that we shall have another short crop But 1t 1s posstble that we shall have plenty of plante as early as they are needed This, however, depends on the seasons for the next two months We have never before m th1s county had our seed sown as late as has been the Ca.Be tb1s year, and no one really knows premsely what the result may be For several weeks I have mvest1gated pretty closely the probable extent of the commg crop, and Iarrtveatthefollowmg conclusiOn If the plants do well and the seasons permit, we shall have a !alger crop vlanted than there was last year, but of export tobacco w1ll be no larger tban the 1880 crop Burley w1ll take the place of a good deal of the heavier kmds Tobacco IS dehvered daily at our warehouses, and m very few of them IB there notbmg domg Saturday many thousand pounds were dehvered, and nearly $200,000 were pa1d out by the banks m Gashmg checks given m payment for tobacco All thiS week, latge wagon loads have been comwg m Wr1ghtsv1lle Star -Durmg the past week the to bacco market has been qmte active, and a number of crops have changed hancfs at fa1r pnces Mr Jas H McConkey has sold to H C Moore 15 acres at 16, 7, 5 and 4, whlle other crops have sold as h1gh as 25 und II for superior, and down as low as 5 an.t 2 for mfer10r grades. Receipts from Jan 1 to Marc h 19, Hl81, 785 hhds, agaillst 802 hhds m 1880, sales thiS month, 13 do; exports foreign, 323 bbds, domestiC, hhds, agamst 323 m 1880 Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared March 19, 239 hhis. Vrgmta Leaf-A good busineAs 1s reported in bright and dark V1rgmm wrappers, as also m smokers, both m and out of town manufacturers operating lfith some hberahty .Ruolved, That th1s board become mcorporated as auggested m the report of the comm1ttee, and the 1S duected to take the proper steps to thJS end The two followmg reeolutwns, involvmr: a change of the constitutiOn, were lrud over until the next regular meetmg, under the rules prov1ded for by the constitu tionResolved, That art II of the constltutton be amenrl by adthng therelo the followmg "To eetab J.iJJh .. bureau of CommerCial Credits and Reports for the purpose of obtammg and dtffusmg among mem bers accurate and tehable mformat10n as to the stand ing of dealers and manufacturers .Re8olved That att VII of the constttut10n be amended by addmr: thereto the followmg No 9, committee on Bureau of Credits and Reports." The resolutions were adopted as reported by the committee Resolved, That the by-laws be amended by changmg 1100 XV to XVI, and msert1ng as sec. XV the follow ing "The comm1ttte on Bureau of Credit-s and Re ports shall have power, and 1t shall be the1r duty, to engage such aclua y or other employees as may be ap proYed by \be boat d, to prlilpare rules and forms, from time to ttme, fo cauymgon the busmess of sa1d bu reau, wh1ch, however, shall not be valad until ap proved by the boa1 d, and to have of all mat I he management of l&ld bureau. .Beaolved, That the rules and forms submitted here The Messrs. E. Hoffman & Bon. of your city, have beell for the past three months rece1vmg tobacco at thetr fine and commodwus warehouse at Elm1ra, where they have a large gang of workmen Angaged resortmg and repackmg These gentlemen rehandle every pound of theu purchase, aqd are puttmg 1t up m a No 1 manner The1e wtll beWno rotten nor Improperly packed tobacco m thetr packmg A recent viSit to the1r warehouse JUBtllies us m saymg, they wtll have the finest lot of llg tobacco of the 1880 growth We have seen a large rroportlon of the crops grown here, and know w bet eo we speak F'armers have already commenced preparmg for the next crop, and mtend to keep up the good reputatiOn of \he1r goods by not plantmg more than tlley can properly fertilize the ground for. W. H. L. East Hartford, Conn Mar 24 -The packing 8!!8BOD of 1880 tobacco IS neaiiy closed, w1th small quantities of tobacco m out warehouses, and a large quantity m the farmes' hands The season started off well last fall 'w!l b ltb

jl)ntlOn was made on the market of some cheap Son 16 cs, A Cohn 1 do, C IJ Sp1tznet & Son 4j) d<;>_; I, Lobeq Jl:.-""buJg 11 'inch, whiCh was thou.,.ht to be likely to sll\:nn 42 do: eCted of contammg an over share of barytes D Levv 22 cs1 L Newgasa 'lS do G Reismann 46 do, I Lmden topacco is o1fered at 28 to 29 cents Count cost meyer'l do, F c Lmde & Co 45 do, Fnschen & Roeas S8 do, J;l'i.aterial, manufacture, pacll:ing and stampmg, and Bunzl & Donmtzer 100 ao, Joseph Mayers Sons t do, A Blum seen that etther the tobacco tH not good or lew & Co 5 do, E Bach & Son 52 do, M Westhmm & \Jo 30 do, manufacturers of it are wilhng to seU at a loss G B Barnes 7 do Srhoking-The inquiry for smokmg tobacco has con By tlt l>tM Y01k and BMI/01'd SU4fllboGI tinued steady and fairly apttve f:itrohn & 59 cs, Jos Mayers' Sons 65 do, G Faik !<>Cigars-Cigars at-e 1n the usual good request & Bro 59 do, F Schulz 10 do, A Blumlem & Co 5 do, G H }I __ Di}nerlme 12 do .1::...-. r ,C'!1dr 1:1o::c Cedar-'The present quotations are Mex1-By t!UJ atd Dommwn BUamlhip Lim Setbert .5 hhds J, 1 % 1 bo>: mfd, 8 cs smkg,14 do cigarettes, H M Ailen & Co 11 trc: ll oThe arrmus at the port (If New Yorlt from f d regn porta to : W Helme 3 hhds, 2 bxs 1 keg do, Thompson, Moore & Co We w.tleli Inilluded thEt; folll>wmg con8lgnments 5 uutts mfd .s3 cs do 105 M bxs do, 5 bu do 6 M i bxs d o, Fol\11 ood & C& 410 seroons tobacco 32 cads do, ME McDowell & Co 520 cs smkg, 150 buies do. 1 E Ward & Co 1 cs cigars cs mfd, Wise & B e ndhe1m 8i cs sink/!' ll !4bxs mfd. Jas M; A DOl! LID>& & Co 23 seroons tobacco Gardine r 3 cs s mk g 3 Y. bxs do, 28 M bxs do, ll W &. Jago dt!. Ouba-Jsa 'E Ward & Co2 cs c 1 g a 1 cs mfd, 16 cads do, bxs do, 14 J4 hxs do, AuJ(nstin & HamnaTobacco-Schroeder & Bon 37 bntes. G Fe1 nnndez Dusel 5 cs smkl! 6 do cigarettes, Austm N Ichois & Co 20 cs 80 do, WCls$, Eller & Ka.eppei 15.5 da, Cat! 101 do Cha.s srukg, 2 do E Dl1B01s 7 cs mfd 10 ,li bn do, 60 Y. bxs J!' Tag & Son :ro do, V Martmez Ybor & Co 1;,2 do, G W Qai do Henry Welsh 5 cs smkg 75 bxs mfd, 5 catls do, 105 Y. cads & Ax SO do F Miranda & Co160 do, G Salomon & Bro 50 do do H K & F B Thmber & Co 27 cs mfd, 25 kegs do, J D J$11 E & Co 40 do, Merchants DiSpatch Co 64 do, ],' Keliiy, Jr 71 cs mrd 114 U bxs do, Dohan, Carroll & Co 6 co ijjOjreii, Bro & Go 129 do, C F Jlagen 300 do, F Alexandre & mfd, 4 cads do, A Hen o Cll mkg; Leqpold Miller 40 do1 G W lllo'dl98 do 1f C 1gars-F GarCia Bro & Co ll cs, II Scl111bru:l & HIJman 10 cs mfd Will Broadhurst, 8 do, R "W Go do; L Saneltez 18 do, Pw-dy & Noholas 15 do. G W 30 do, Jos D Evans & Co 25 Y. ll'xs \nfd Carhart nros 25 J!'MieJ 11 do 'L:P & J I<'rmk 3 do;.,H.oward Ives 9 do, S LmAAr do, H Mandelbaum 8 7f ends do M W }fehdel & Bro 1 cs W H & do, Par.;; & c o gars1 Kmbali, Gllniiiet & Co 1 do, I Ellm)!er & Co 1 do, :Merrall <'Jr, CondJt 17 do, F l'robst & Co2 do, Wm Keob & Sptess 1 do, Lewyn & Martm 1 do. Peter Wnght & o,;l,y:lle & Co 5 do, T 1 do. G Fernandez do, Sons 1 box sample D J Gllrtli, Son & Co 1 do Wm Hygeoga chftehs & Lmdemnnn 2 do, Esberg, Bacl>man & Co 3 y & Co !l do, Hemt" & Leon 7 do p Pohalskt 4 (l(j,, per St Mark, from Catama, 25 pkgs (56421bl!) do do ME McDowell Co2 do F Garcia, Bro & Co 3 do, LAsh UPO:R'l'S & Co 1 d o 1 Ors) mfd .Lml.don-10 hhds, 45 cases, 123 pkgs (16,179 lbs) mfd .Xar....ue.-oo bales .J(o:z:io<>-6 pkgs (1, 060 ll>s) mfd Pertt---1 pkg (182lbsl mfd. .1"rgf leaf tobacco To Antwerp, per steamer Neder land, 104,872 ll>s and Southern Markets. Mar 24 -Messrs 'Ed & Co Tobacco IJomnm!Ston .Merchants. report to THK ToBAcco eto LEA.Ir a8 follows -Recetpta of leaf tobacco contmuc light, and 5 6 liurllness Inactive Sales of Mll.rvland are hm1ted to small lots to shippers .at full prices In a few more "eeks larger receipt& may be when rene-d activity Will be imparted to 'our market The light crop of Maryland to be forwarded adds "CCommou lugs IGoodtup ftrmoeaa to the vmws of recetvers Of OhiO we have no sales C to report the past week, th e market for th1s descnptwn rcllllLms ;)5 entirely nommai We coutmuc 0jg QUOTATIONS. Mary iand-inferJ01'1 and frosted $ 2 00@ 3 50 J)uokw-rs BIUGHT Common mahogany SBBD LEAF. !1--.--crop 1879-Flllenl W-.ppen oolllDlon 13 @15 NEW You-Crop J.8'i'9-'Wrappen medium 118 @20 Assorted lots""'Wrappen be 25 @85 Common to medium 'W-IIOiectiODII w:@46 Good :Seoollda I O @13 Omo-Crop I879illava.oa 8eled. @25 Assorted lots 8 @11 I2)il(plij 7)i@IO I6 @25 sound c om mon. 4 00@ 5 00 good do 5 00@ 6 00 nuddhng 6 /ill@ 8 00 goorl' to fine ret! 8 50@10 00 f LIICj 10 00@14 00 upper CC.1111try 4 00@16 00 g-1 OlHHJ JelLVCS UCW 3 00@ 8 ()() Oluo wfer lrJr Ut goo'-1 co mmon 3 00@ 4 50 greemoh mtl hro" n 4 5o 6 00 medmm to tine roil. 6 9 00 7 conlmou to medmm spangled 6 OO@ s 00 14' 18 liue SpiLugied to yellow 9 00@15 00 t8 Au cUJed mcdmm to fine 6 00@18 00 187'9-Wrappers l ow 10 W18COKaDt-Ctop 1tfi9do 1 8 016 Assorted lots do flue 18 @:i2 Havaoa Seed 'llfrapperil 18 @45 Wrappers SPANISH LEAF. Fine Supenor y.,.._Iaadllcutsaaorted ncuta 01Ur11A Wa.t.Pl'US JIIANlJFACTIJRED TOBACCO. PluoBB IN BoND-TAX 16 CDJT8 .PD. PouND BU.ClUI-IOo 1211, and WI> 1:1@16 & 18@JI3 Navy4, 68, 3sand )ilbo 14@16 & 18@2'1! Kenttuck) 4 00@ 5 00 common lugs 5 00@ 6 00 gootl 1 ug s 6 00@ '!t 00 common leaf 7 50@ 11 60 medium leaf 9 00@10 00 gooa leaf .. 10 00@11 00 nne to ch01ce 11 50@13 00 Vugm1a-common and good lugs a 00@ 5 00 common to mell1um leaf 6 00@ 8 00 fatr to good l eaf 8 00@10 00 lleleotiOos 12 00@16 00 stems. common to fine... 1 00@ 2 00 Inspected th1s week -120 hhds Maryland, 41 do OhiO, total l6llilo Cleared same ,Period Per bark .Lomse, for Rotterdafll 647 hbds Maryland and OhiO tobacco, 180 hhds and 16@40 88 do Kentucky do Navy 108 or Pocket-Pieces JSegrohead t .. ist CIGARS. -per Jl IM@ll50 I Seed, per &I 400 90 GRANULATED Sl'IOK.ING TOBACCO. -to r;ood $26041 I Good to line Sl'IIJFF. (llolbjeot to dlaooUDI to> the whol-.le trade. -1111@-65 j AmoricaD Gentlemau _....and LaaonsllO uo G W Hclnte ... c8 mfd, I! pim18811 to produce a large proportton of good-bodied fl.llers lj.lld 'l'he greater part of tlic .first cut was 8_elltaed before th; first heavy rallll:l set m, damage hat coll8equentl;r only extended to the soopnd culi, which received a tpo coptous just at the t.iJue 1t was least wanted, 1s likely to, contain leaf of an Wldesirable conditiOn. The quantity of leaf lost in the tobacco houaes in con sequence of the excess1 ve hum1d1ty of tbe atmosphere, was.,so tr1fhng:, propor.tumately, as not; to be worth meottom,ng l'he fact 'is, l.hali m spite of the two on fa vorablc spells of wel\t4!'r reported above, JDore tobacco l;ms ,been rmsed tlus y e&r than ever before. It now only remams f01 th\l f!umers to pay atteption to tlle proper selectton lllid flllparatlOn of their ytelds-by domg w they vo1ll fu1 ther their own mterests::rfor us to be :1ble to p1 omiS\l a ia1 ge supply of excellent goods, both m regard to quality and colors. The prospects are therefore very cheer1ng, the cool weather whiCh has p1eva1led the past month hBR proved very beneficml to the leaf on tha d I') mg poles, and large quantities are uow ready for piimg up on the firs\ appearance of m01s t m e m"tbe atmosphere Some few farmers who cut ve1y llarly m the seMOn, and p1led up the lef'f the rru,r:Is which prevruled at the begmmng of tjle ye111, me now prepanng to and bale their produce, bemg anx10us to liihow off the ueV( tobapco, The present CI op "111 be a remarkable owing to the large quantity of "rappe 1s of fine textu1e 1t wdl p10duce, the yielu of whic h p10nuses to be out of pro portlOn wtth that o'f good tl)le i s RICHJ\IOND1 23 W E Dbr e li, Leaf Tob!LCco Broker c reports to T.HE TOBACCO LEAl' grades low, bothJor..bnght..and dark fillers and pl eatUu l tn beaks of new stoc k but good stemmm'l' rn fatr defllllnd for XANUFACTURING-PLUO STOCK. goo(! to yery good dark and 6\i@12c for b.r1ghts I quote Common dark and trashy tillers 7 00@ 9 00 10 00@12 00 good IIUL):IOga.ur1wrapp9rs ,1,8@25c, gopd bright, 'Very, Med. tillers, some color and body 10 00@12 00 15 00@18 00 good leaty ,B7(!AA5c, fine ; .50@65c, extra, nomwal Good tillers red color& good body 00@16 00 20 00@22 00 new fine contmue very high. and with offerings Fme ti:Uers, hnghl do do 17 JO@La 00 22 00 00 I Brealis of good leafy afford better s elec tiOns but The dtstrwts hkelv to turn the best leaf tlusyear are the R10 Hondo, La Lena, Pllotos, Granadlllar and Paso-VIeJO. as tobacco of more umform cond1t10nhas been 1 aised 1n them., .1n Sa.n Juan y :Martmez there 18 less umf rimty, whilst from the Highlands, where the ram was leaf of the different varieties be expected, say good, fair, and somethmg even worse thaumdiffereut Our transatlantiC fuends may look to a supply of tobacco ha1hng from tb'ese loH,y regwus CLARKSVILLE. Tenn., Mar. 23 -Messrs. Jl[ H m fine l ea f !here IS 11 great m the crop thjs Clark & Bro, Tobacco Brokers, report to TilE TOBAccoLul!l S'l'. LOUIS, 1\Io., Mar. C & R Dor : qur receipts contmue very il!(ht ,Ju,r the uPCrod of thll year, mttzer & Co leaf tobacco merchants, reporl to THK TOBAcco and loose tobacco buyers now say that the CJ;Op ten to t!lteer;> L&AF as f o llows -Our market remams unchllnged and nolb per cent smaller t4an the early Our sales fqr tho mg of partiCular mtere s t to report New lugs h!'ye been week end1og to-day were 100 J,ihds. The 9JtRlllY, """poor, fat somewhat firmer and m better demand, and pr1ces advanced to grades bemg still ext+emeiy scarce In the breaks The mMkct 3 25@3 60 for common to medoum Good to line Burley leaf was active and trong, and rather higher on low grades. remi\IDS firm, common and meC\IUm gra their stocks in a tabular form, showmg to what ) s tcccipt& 1 thetr stocks belong, they will wm the thanks of 1 he trade Every "ell managed bouse can do t.h1s without much trouble DANVILLE, va:: Mar 23 -Paul C Venable, Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to TH& TOBACCO LEA.., as fHilows -Our IIULrket at th1s time IS crowded to overftowmg, but, as the weather has turned cool and wmdy, we do not c:10pect the present large receipts to cootmue Our sales at present con StSt for the most part of bnghl and coiory tobo.ccOfl, louJ, u vc .ry olarge proportion Is smoked, rendermg It unfit for the finer grades of tillers and cutters lt seems hare! for farmers to the InJUry they do Lh01r tobacco by smoking 1t Pnccs contmue about the same, with a very active demand for very common snd very fine, while the medrum grades of all the d1f ferent classes are not so much pressed QUOT11.TIONS Fillers-Common dark lugs 3 @ 4 Common dark IMf 4 @ 5 Good do 5 @ 7 Common bright leaf 5 @ 7 GoOd do 7 @9 Smokers-Common 4 @ 6 Medium 6 @ 7 Good 7 @8 Fme and extra 9 @13 W18ppers-Uommon 10 MediUm 12 @18 Good 18 @25 Fme .. 30 @40 Extra 45 @70 DUII.HAM, N. C., Jllar 18 -JIIeesn Dibrell Bros & Co, Leaf 'robacco Brokers, report to TIII< ToBACCO LEAF Breaks ror the week were !Jgbt, and will remam so until we have some :ood strippmg season&, the crop havmg been mnr keted as fast as stripped. QUOTATIONS. Common dark luga.. 3 Leaf... ........ Good. !) @ 821 Common bright leaf l5 @ Good 7 @10 'Smokers-Common 4 @ 5 .Medrum 6%@ 7% Wrappers-Common 10 @18 Medmm 18 @20 Good 20 .5 }'ine . 25 @45 Extra fine........ 45 @6.5 HENDERSON, X7., March 22 -Mr Posey Marshall report& to THE TeBACCo LIOSSib]e tO purchase Leaf-Manufacturers want to make large sales or at least at the phces shippers can afford to pay contads before gomg largely m (or leaf, and 1m porters do not 1 Remed10s-Th1s d1stnct, on the co'tltrary to the I oar.e to iorce their goods on unwtlhng purchasers, hehevmg! I Vuelta AbaJo and the Partldos, IS still su1fermg under pr1ces-pnces m accordance w11h those I,'Oing the effects of a :protracted drouth, a ve1 y short yteld be obtamed by "tutmg ts consequently mevttable, It 1s not expected to ex-,] ollo wmg IS a statement of the overland receipts of cigars cced one third of that ratsed last y 'ear. b t th th and tobacco u on eo er Ciii'Drl Tobooco hand, should no heavy rains occur to change the as-... 8 Cases Lbs pect of affatrs, 1t promises to turn out exceedmgly gummy, so that the Northern tra1le "111 have no cause 2 1 4 7 2 21,576 to complam of want of qualtt" 2,080 The farmers are now more "wilhng to part w1th the 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 a Foreign' Markets. 11, (),')() 8,060 870 2,410 220 3,410 61i30 4un o t e e ea mali' et at t thts branch of our 1ndustry still contmuee, wHh the one port for the week ending Mar. 3 -ReceJ.pts from b 1 h H New York, 109 leaf and 6 do str;ppmgs, sales, rig lt exception, t e emy Clay factory, which cont1 9 cases, on future ,deltvery stock on band. 2 560 QMes nues tm mug out 100. OOO Cigars datly. Without bemg able leaf, and 90 do str1ppmga and cuttmgs. Prices were to supply the demand even wtth th1s Immense prbducd f 11 W b .., t10n, u!iver before attamed by any factory here. quote as o ows rappers,,70@2SO m,..ers, 'l'he other work only maccoi;dance with the 55@ 75 35@50 The receipts"of Seed leaf duriqc orders received, there 1s consequently httle or no ac to 600 cases, cio dur of stock Some have stopped workmg mg the corresponQm& motith of last year, 440 1 th h cases, agl\mst 1,820 do durmg thecc;>rtespondmg monU! a toge e;t:, Qwmg to t e e:xtreme scarCity of suttable of last year1 stock on hand, 2,Ji60 <:Mel!, .agawst i 1470do wtappers A few brands of cheap goods contmue in on the 1st of March last year. The re.ce1pts ofiiavo,ne. but even of these some have reduced leaf duru'lg the month amounied .to-2,1,10 billllll, and one lias stopped altogether m consequence of 6,11Qdo .. February of last year sales,1,87Q oales, of pr;ocurmg smtahle leaf at tfie pnces they ;:: o can alford to pay agamst 10, t20 do durmg the month, of Feb1uary; of last ExCJ;U.NGES-The demand 18 very linuted, but the year, stock on hand, 7,070 bales, agamst 1,070 bal!JI! on supply of' paper Is still very small tes th f the 1st of March last yeal' Sales durlllg tbe week I VOl y well suswned for this th:;ea:re wr: endmg at_ the above date amounted to, 60 bl\l..ell quote paper_ Pnces ranged as tollows -Wrappers, good anq tlnll r r brown, 650 to 1,400 pfgs, wrappers, ordmary brown, 350 Sterlmg 60 days ... .16 per cent. P to 600 pfga, wrappers, ed w1th fillers, 180 to 300 R ,.:fllark.P, pO,days, P c. 1 '' pfgs, fillers, 100@250 pfgs Umted 60 days 5%@ 6 The followmg 1s a statement of the movement m dp J 3 days 7 hogshead tobacco m the Bremen market for tl}e week Francs, 60 days 2 ending March 5-Spamsh gold... StockonhandFeb 24,1881 llc'i:r ifn I;IVEllPOOL.Mar 11 -essrs.Parry& Croablearepon Recelptti IOO :n4 40 :18 to TUE ToBACCo LEAF as follows -Smce the wue of our m ntblj! Circular our tobacco market has been qUiet Pnces 444 1,288 2.011 =: oan and the duty questwn It ts rumored that there exist& an in tentwo to levy the duty on the out put of manufactured tobac co wstead ot on the raw material as at present Whether or no there IS any f9undat10n for this rumor we cannot say. ';'71 215 1,238 2,711 jl,340 Bales Sales Qn future deliverv 20 The market contmued qUiet, owmg to the small neBS of the expo1 t trade, causmg a check to !treater enterprise m busmess. :rranBactions were mamly confined to. 54 bhds Kentucky and V1rgimaleaf, with scarcely a change m prices 'he sales of Kentucky tobacco m cluded lugs arld low leaf of the 1879 ci:op. Transac tions 1n V1rgmm leaf consisted of J1879 leaf of a better grade, Jmt were confined to small lots, as the price de manded m most cases exceeded the VIews of buyers. HAV AN A.-MesSrs. J. F Berndes' monthly tobacco report oi Mar 12 says -Comparative statement of td bacco and cigars ehipped from Havana 1879-,----. Tobacco sututes are m gOOatt<;r hay e been effected VIri!IDI&-LiUie done In lurht gradea dark heavy ,stnps 'fanted aryland and Oh 1o When bnght m color t meet a ready sale Cavendish only m moderate demand StO<'k on hand September 1. 1880 Arrived past 8 do.ys Arn ved previOusly 2,378 February ;}> No bales. 10 ,38 1 8 281,809 24,343 8 ,361! 10,203,190 15, MANIL.A,Jan ,14.-essrs Peele Hubbell & Co. report -On the 7th mst. 440.5 mil Cigars were dJ8i!oaed of at $8@ 40 5 0 pe.t mil 1 ';J,'hcie is 11-0 sale o( leaf tpl;lacco annonnce4 During the past year the1e were shipped to the Untted States 32.5, 000 cigars L -Str Henry Drummond Wolff hfs given notice m the Brthsb House of COmmons of h1s intention to move for the appomwnent of a $!lect to 1nqu1re mto and the laws rellWllg tQ_ the manufac ture, sale and '1ruportat1on of tobacCo m the Umtsd Kmgdom. The Tobacco newsp&per remarks -There cannot be the' slightest doubt that the ii}Creaaed duty on tobacco of 4d per pound has been qwte a blow lo the importer, -imd illso to hfs 'agent or broker because it has checked hatural of conrumpt1on amounting to 1,000 000 pounds annually, and th18 contmued for neatfy three years the commis3ion for and fqr brpk'erage, has on thiS, '&ii.d While there has been more ro share m the 1mport l1_1g there has been no growth m ths COllSumpllon to y1e d a fresh fie 1d for profit 1,732 1,680 1,266 3,644 3,412 Stock on hand and on shipboard 232 do last year.. .. .. 862 NASHVILLE, Tenn., A-t,r 21-W A Bethel, Broker, reports to 'l'HK 'foBACCO L&AF as (\)IIO'Y' -We have but little to note In on J mar"et th1s,c; week. Rec,rplll continue liltllt and quality poor There has ueen sou!e move Total 18, 749 18,484,999 39,789 TOBACCO-Crop 1 ProspectsVuelta AbaJoLast month we reframed from lSBUIDE: any report, ow1ng 'to the corlf!ICtmg nature of the mtelligence 'reachmg us The heavy rams at the begmnmg of Jilnuary, whteh were repeatl)d. durmg the first week of February, gave rise to the rumor that the prospects of the crop Had bel)n materially impa1red, some gomg so far as to assert that more than one half of the possible y1eld bad been dastroyed, other-s agam were as pqsitive m affirm 111g that PJ y httl<'. 1f any. damAge had been sustained In thts, al! m othe1 cases. the truth appeal')! t6 be between the two although mciinmg somewhat more to the latter v1ew.


\T_he; ]:.LA. MIA. hP.&.GO E iU.JtK_ co., Brand. 1 ,.-l!lllil' A. T <>:&A. 0 0 <> 110,_ &T:JA.3ii::I!ITo 1'ln!I"''IV Y"O::R.::&:. BYDROITE .A. :a.e"'I::V' '!robaooo :Pre&er"Va.1:i"Ve: Ol'-u.&1: -ovha.1: 1:he Trade :u.eed.! x..p. l'taoC:11t, Plq &Jld Leaf To"baoao &Jld Olaan Kobt, &Jld preT ... ta lloldfDal l.a perfectl7 Taste I.e, .... a-DOt ..... t tluo tlavor of the Tobacco iD. BD7 W&7 ID 1ldnc it, there ia DO iD.terfereiUle wl.tll the prooeaa of MaD..taoturiDg,BDd Tobacoo OIUI be prepared ....... al. -We haYe d11plioate orden from tho .. wJao have ued it. All we aok b a trial to ooDriDoe 7011 oflta val-(lJa-p aDd EooDomioaL Price Olll7l2 per GalloD, or 25o per P:IDt. .. M. MICHAELIS, 202 Fulton Street, NEW YORK. s. LOVIII IIIBBE&, & SIEBER, DUfVP.&CTtTREBII OP FINE AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, f6, 18 &: 20 Senntb St., and 2, 4 &: 6 Hall Pl., c ... .!-Pf::::t ..... New Yorlt. JACOBS & CO., Tobacco & Cigar lercbants & :Manufacturers, 1'2 Queen Street, :llelbourne, V:l.o"tori.a, A. BRADSTREET'S A JOURNAL OF Trade, Finance atui THts EVRNAL CO'Ye1'l a poa!)d. tbe ata.t ol wldeb is occupied ao other puhticition, aod bma aa iawluable work of to the .ercbaat and aaaufachllel'. R:aGVU.a AND TRUSTWORTHY COIUt&SJIOHDBHCa, fill' aishcd by ezpcm, .,......Jy for this jounoi, from all the principal trade centreS o( this c:owatry, is emtnacc.l in its c:olWilDJ. Ttnr: CONDrnON AND nos.rscrs ol the various 1ftlldretl ""' cardUlly rw. CARL, Flushing. saitf Tobacco Seed. BariMtr Couueetleut Seed Lear.-Thls Is tbe oort of Seed leaf grown In thio aountry. hi the bJooad leaf, O(.aood _......,_ oolor. A favorite llhipptng tobacco. ImproTed Counectleut Seed Leat'.-'11lls Is a comparatively new 80rt; very long and of medium width. Tlle le&vea are very thickly set on the stalks. and may be to from 14 tote lea to the plant. of the beet of t he oarrowleaved varieties. Wh.l&e Barley .-The finest of the cuUiDg sorts tor chewing tobacco. Packeta, liO cents autl et, Tp aRCtTU.TION or TJDs JOaHAL beiac amoDI' the -................ bonkiag iudtuboal of -Clllly this country but """'' f'orelp, _u piaeu11 aa uceUeat opparttmitr ID a limited-lllllllber Dnt-cius banb, _....., ODd b..U... finu. dealer where it is desirable to operate o66veral of the single case or No. 8 apparatuses at one time, a small bot-water stove at a small cost may lie used, instead of gas. This stove may be placed on the same floor with the apparatuses, or on any door bm6ath them,. as may be desirable. The large packets contain seed enough to plane four &C'l'M ef tob&oco. quaotities turnisheq. Send for want. A.11J0 imported HanD& Seed al IllUDe price. Address E, B, BILLI!'IGII, Box 226 SUJTIELD, CONN. THE BRADSTREET COMPANY, 279J dx, 283 BROADWAY, N:aw Yoax. Fic1 D()U.n .J#r plJr. es"tb.a.TD rr. O:X..:X'V'::m::n., UR PROriT CHARGJ: A YEARLY IJI respectfully called to our I.ari:e Stock of FINE ROYALTY I'OR THE USII 01' THE PATENTS ACCORDING 'TO CAUTIONED NOT TD USE THEM, SWEATED 18i8 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The = they are MADE OF PURE TOBACCO, and are LIGHT THAT YOU WILL NOT AND CAN_NOT IT. INTENDED FOR MEN ONLY. bemg .entirely FREE from dyes and chemicala. We have been to great outlay expenmenttng and :per-POB SA.LE BY splendid dark colors, theeegoods are also excellent iD fee tin,; app!U'Stuses and )li'Oce sses, and all we ask 1s a. quality and burn well. Manufacturers of fine fairreturnforouroutlay. It will bemuchcheaperfor Acker, Merrall & Condit, Park & Tilford, Will find this atock particululy well adapted to aD ')'OU to take a license from 'lrlr. Philips.and at once beAnd other First-Class Dealei'L BARKER &: WAGGNER, oome!lllaster of a I>r:l>cese'Which is perfect. and. cannot 8 tf: 29 S. Gay st., Baltimore, KcL A. TEI:IMEB, Paoker, Commission M:erchant, A!ID WHOLJ:IIALE DJ:A.LBR IR LB..&.P TO:EIA.CJO<>, J!II! Pao.k.od. Ol.lil'a:r&. / A GREAT BIT !,;_ alreadJ' beOOIDBU!Itaple u Qprw, awl are iiroatabl7 halldleci bT lhela&dlnc nolosalo GrDC8ll, toaooomts, CoBfBCtiJ!ff1t Dl'WiSts ani Litnor Dcalon THBOUGBOUT THE 8TATE8. PRI(JJI ... IIIKGLE THCMJUJifD, te.n. Prlee ta 10 &o 10,000 loU, .... Prlee lD 60 &o 100,000 loU, .... T o. OE:&e, Ely dk; co.:. Sole Manufacturers, CINCINNATI, 0. C.&VTieK.-'IIIon ...,. ...... of Ia 1M market, wldch are BlAde of awl laferlor .,. OUr are made from l"DIIII)'Iftld&-... -$1M""'' .-.IMd aooda madelD America. D. lll. ReDfteba. No. 35 Bowery, New York. I Manufactured under Letters Patent 7, 1877, and Oct. 22, 1878, by PATENTEE., No. &2 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. N. B.-The trade is Cautioned against Purchasing Waxed Paper made by Infringers, against some of whom I have suits now pandins. f.


6 'l'H:tL. 2 0 .B;&OOO 104 FROKT ST., NEW YORK. -P.o. Dox 438D.MANUFAC1.'U.ftERS OF AND DEALERS IN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Srue for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACT URERS A1so &o1e .A.ce:n."ts 1'or JNO. W. CAR.RO['S BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' ETO., ETO. ETo. EXPORT ORDEBB FOR PLUG TOBA.ClClO PBOliiPTLT FILL.EO. J. w. lYIABT!N, .'JI I 74. :&-rou:t Street, N'e"VIl" York., (Premises occupied by BULKL E Y & j!!OOREJ, 1 DEALER IN PLUG and SMOKING TOBACCO, a:u.d Elxpor1:. OBDBRS PILLED PBOIIIPTLT PROM STGBB OR P.!.(]TOBY. Sole Agentt for the Justly Celebrated Brands, "ATLANTIC," "IIAGNET," "SENATOR" IN PLUC AND CUT CAVENDISH. .Jo. H. Thompon, D. SaekeU llloore, J!>aul Clalvlo THOMPSON, M00RE & CO. TOBACCOS FOR EIPORT, 83 Front Street. New York. _Block a FINE. SEED tEAF No. 160 PEARL 'STREET, NW'YORL ) PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TUBACCD, No. 16'7 N'e._. York.. N'E'WV' SIB LBAP T-OBACCO IN 'X"obacoo :J::a.peoi:ec!J. eazn.p1ec1.. -COVNTB.Y SAJIPLING PBOHPTLY A.Tl'ENDED T Certificates given for every Case, and delivered Case hi c {se, as to number of C e r t ificate. N. B.-We also Sample In Mercha ts' own Store&lo P. 0. TXN'DEI lck CO. Elra:u.ohe: W l ..... ereon, eoroer oC A;reh ao4 Water Streeh1 Philadelphia, Pa.; rMreet, N. 4ueea & C1aetllu&, and 28 'N. Stt!i., Lancaster, Pa.; 1 1 I k P. .()al'l, Hatdelcl, Mal Edw-ard A'lfuu, SuOleloJ., CJouM.I A. U. 1'1'8 State Street, Haru'206 and 208 EAST TWENTYSEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. & Of JAMES BRUSSEL-& CO Fl E-CUT .. TOBAG GIGA&S, 201 and 209 Water Street, lo J .. CN JURA & VICHOI, _, 'Manufacturer oC \ R. L. TURA, lntporter .. of Havana Leaf Tobacco -F.IN"E-. illlil titll8. 1 368 BLEECKER S::J., Geoeral .Depot r 80 Malden Lane, :N"e...,..,.. "York.. -ANDProprietor oC tbeBrands "Nannie'' & "Mi Nona." 86 MAIDEN LANE; :N"e'<>V Y"or'k.. 1BQ5. '.l G E 0 HELME,, 811Aleeuor to Appleby & MANUFACTURER OFTHE C:&LEBRATED !fa4soa 1Uve2' B. :a. Depot, St .Tolm Pa,.-k; 74 Dnd 76 Greenwich Street; .R. 182 to 186 aua 142 Water Street. ...1/t:)-..A. ._. -<>fDoo. 1-Aa "gUa.-ter &1:, Ne"'::V .&.'Y.a.e ... ....,....,....._ II p, -w-. colli[Jla, II',J.G ........ CJus.l'll.GARTB, :RuBY8caaoEDDo HENRY SIEBERT, D TH, SO & CO., 'TO aooo and Ceneral Commission Mer.cbants Commission Merchant, ... 44 BROAD STREET, 68 El:road S"t. F. E. OWEN, REYNES BROS.. & CO., CoiRmllon Merchant, leaf T obaGCPr: CJwmi o Merchants ilo. 39 BROAD STIIEET, 46 A Exchanr=e Place, I .. ,.,.." A.CKERS OF SEED ..... -.,._.. If-:j -AND IMPORTER!! 0 -Havan.aTobacco and C M:O:J.l5G IN D FANCY MANUJ'ACTURlm BY HARVBY Cl PO SALESROOM-89ll IIBO&DWAY1:.EW' ftiii:Jt; It A.CTO&Y!.."-BD&BB P'-AO .. au..&-LPHI'lll., Buc anan & Lyall 101 "'VV" .A.X..X.. BT., NEI"'VV" TOR.:K.o OoDUJ:nero:la.1 Elroo.IIE.17':a, :DT. MANUFACTURE THE FOLLOWING OEL&BRATED BB.UmS CJr ::E":Z:.A.l!\'IE'X", P.I.NClT DARK. NAVIB81 :N"BlPT'O'MB, ..t.N(]T BBIGHT PIA-VIES I lrx.V.M: -.&1Ut.I.B8 ........ lU.. VIIIIIJ &.A.:J::Z:.C>B.'S O:R"0%0B, IIT.I.IUI.I.'llD D.I.RIIt N.I.VIEI. The reputation t h e..; ..:orldwlde, and the1n.Jeaslng saleS or th0111 Iii proof ot-i:wrmerllll. f EI3D"m7 .Aa-311 <>:&" Our Trade-Mark p-x is Embosse4 on every Plug. Ad ...... GEB.MA N CIGAR MOLDS, i (Sole cor aas. 08BNBR11BClK. a CJO,) 315 fo 321 E. Eleventh St NEW YORK. :M-ANUFACTURER OF No. 472 CRAND STREET, NEW YORK. dupor&er oC !'Be), Dealer In AV ANA LEAF TOBACCO All4 l!laauracturer CIGARS ONLY, --110 "'VV"a-ter stree-t, .N"e'<>V "York.. JIIA.NU F Acryrum OF Cigar Boxes -AND-SHOW FIGURES. M. Oppenheimer, Dealer ID Tobacco, 138 Water St., CIJJ. F. TAG a Splf, --... ol U.UOSil ... Doolon Lo oH lrio4o II LEAF TOBACQO, 'IH' Pront street,; ...... 0 .... E. M. CRAWFORD & SOrt. IMP9BTE118 AND DBI.LJ:lll! llt teaf T bacco, 168 Water St., M. H. LEVIN, of HA VAN! p TOBACCOt l!laoullletarer oc FINE CIGARS, a4 Dealer Ia WHOLESALE DEALER IN RIV!IA Ill SliD LKAJ TOBA.oooa, 226 PEARL ST., lEW YORK. Depot and Agency OJ' TBII ll..l.l'I'OrACJTOIUI OJ' &.i.&AIL &!X, -AT-254&256 Canal st.. cor. Elm. Jew Tort WISE & BENDHEIM, Agts. G. REISMAN' lV Commission Merchant, AIID D......U. llf ALL ICUtDS 01' REETil ..


B.A...COO, Aud all Iring Tobacco. 262 and 264 .rot.IUS BIBSCH. 1 1 i WM. C. < BE>WERS ., OF BAV -AND-MANUFACTURERS OF DOMEStiC CIGARS 143 STR!!ET, /NI!W -YORK. -(o'J-.c-BBA.N()R 368 ATLANTIV A VENtrE, BOSTo&N, IIIASS. 81\t[C>:K..:I:N"Gr TOBACCO. MADE FOR THOSE ONLY WHO WISH .. THE BEST IN THE WORLD." AIIYIM&AU, co., I POWDERED SouttcORil Finest QuaHty .-Packors & HIDorturs of 145 Water Street, New York. 4- ,, & Smoking I GEO. CAMP'BELL & RICHMftND, .olre DOW tile SOLE ot the ''THB.BE ()ITI"

' I. W. EISENLOHR & COr,-' ) PACKERS 'AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN 1i'E A. F T 0 B A C c---o,. 111S &. St;,, W. ll.lSENl.OHR, -PiiiL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., Packel'll and DealerS In LEI.A..F TO:&.A..CCO, And Manufacturers of LowCrade No. 111 Arch St., Philadelphia., Pa.. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wb( lesale Dealers ill LEAF" AND KANUFACTlmED NO. 3'22 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. WA large assortment of all kinds of Llu.F ToBACCO constantly on hand.-8 HAY Packers, Commismtll Korcha.nts & Dealers in_,. SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Wate:r;.st., Philadelphia.( I And 214 STATE STREET HARTFOR CONN. ..... !lrc:p CIGAR MOULD"MANUF.ACT'G CO. Cor,'Ridte & Borth College An's, Pa.; Is I!OW retailing 118 different oba'aes u4 .._ r-. the r8ctm;l, at grMtJy reducect urlces Eery mould warn.tJ.ted un.tform. U size chased be not suftable, It will blil exchanged or money t"eturned. Our a1m is to give perfect sattstaction to tbe trade. By purchasing c.lireet from tbe factory you. will S&Ve all delay aod commls8lons. The only medal and awarded At the Centennial was to the 11. 8. 8o1ld-Top Jlou ld. Omctal can \te .aen at the office,_ Ridge aQQ N orlll: College Avenu<:a. U S. SCLID TOP CJ$iAS lllOULD CO. Jl. W.&TTRTJfE, !WI p...,JSt., -Torll. Soioo Aceut. Co. 88 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELJlMIA, EOTTIE.R'S Ge::a.u.:b1e -.o1stn5 Tobaooo, I :N.ew Tart Balth, ellft:lliO,. st. Loais .and Cincinnan .. >QaDIInJ.allle, Oc:., Eea:f Tobacco, No. Ill North Third Street, :Ba,ra.n. &, ACTURERS OF CIGARS, A.ND OF THE WELL-KNOWN CIGABE'rTBS ''EXPRESS," and "NIC-NAC" Havana OUR ACE.NTSt-Messrs. WI$E 4 BENDHEIM, New York; N. B. MANNINC, Philadelphia. 363 WEsT BALTIMORE STREET, J:v.l:cl.. 4UO of "HERBE DE LA REINE," 'MEBCHANTS D HPA7CH," "r. H. BISC::HOFl"S" GERMAN MOK.ING, c.nd. other Brands of SMOKING '.COBAC .;o. Aiao "HERBE DE LA REINE" o.nd othor Brands of Paper antl All Tobacco CIGARET !ES. L A.GEXT IN":N.EW YORK: FF. Engelbach, -ss South Washingcton S are '-lll!.ALKB8 IlfSP.A.NISB c-ED-.A.B :roB. CIGAR-BOXES, CUT &Pl.'S .A T 3 Bet. Hanover & Clwlea and Lomtx.rd & Pnltt Bta., BALTIMORE, Md. {. u. K E R c K Hot r &_ 'l>AcKJtS _,SnEEO lrAf. IN SPANIS;H TOBACCOS. r 4 ( ) S 0 liT U ( H .\ B Lt::.., f, H..\ Ll 11\1 0 B r \1 n. 4 :lrt.'Ve ::S::ro'ther 18o Eo'U.21cl., X..on.5 OJ'oh::a. Da, :J3r:l.5h't :EI:o::a.e'ty, 5 Oe::a.'t :E'&15; AND ALL OTHER POPULAR STYMES OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, LO'I:TZ&'VZLLEI, -AND-Conn. Havana Tobacco, Wareho ... Pobr.t, Coaaeotieut _...,..,_ 70 Pine St., New York CISJ. C.O. HOLYOKE, Wholeale DeaJer lo Western leaf Tobacco AFRICAN SHIPPERS A SPECIALTY. STEAM FACTORY 12Central Wharf, Boston. n. Larsen b tile w .. t. 26,000 Bo:o:ea per Weik. G E 0 R G E H 1 J 0 N E S 1 -... Importer of to 707 W. Cincinnati, 0. No. 98 Water Street, Also Manufaotnrer of the Veneered Cedar Cigar-Box Lumber. Sample furnished on Application, Send for PrioeLiat. CluL W WIU>D, JL WIL B. W-. .A. JDIJ Line of Label, E4:zlnar;e an4 Ribbon kep& eontantly Oa hand at Maaatac&urere' Prtees. CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., JAcoo w.n., AARoN KAns :e;. A. WEOL. J .AMES PHILIPS WEIL, KAHN & CO -uh c. S, Phlllpo & Co, "'N Tobacco Curing .ana Sweating, FINE CIGARS, Cigars & Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. BENBY GEISE, to B. GEISE & BRO.) .T:BI.A.:a/.11: CIGAR'-BOX FACTORY, No. 93 CLAY STREET, CINCII'fN.&.TI; O, W. 8. WSLLB. B,8Pm>&L. Wells & Spiegel, Manufacturers' Agents, CICARS A TOBACCOS, (UIHler C. S. PHILIPS Patento,) -The only Suc cessful Process In Existence.-88 Kll by a 98 Water au., Dark Colore Cuarsnteed. PoorburnlngTobaccomadegood Old and Dried BOSTON' out I'Oods renovated aDd pnt into good order, Green. raw, IIJ,0. IAtllam, PrM't JI&U of B. E: Trice. Preo't l'laatero' II&Dk, Hopldatlllo s&w:rer1. W'allace It Co., !lew York; 620 OLIVE ST., &1:. :as:o. RUD'"PH HE-c. G TACHA U R. J LANDRUlll. UL NSCH CIGARcaBoxgs P:lug Tobacco Vir[inia, Missouri. and Kentncty TOBACCO. ar-Ordero Promptty Filled. W W BELVllf. OUR AGENTS: w. G. A.DUJ:S, NEW YORK. IHWEST MAIN STRI!I!T, NORMAN & BELVIN. LOUISVILLE, Ky. .&., a, JI,I'OUGBRA.Y, PHILADELP.HIA. t J. Tobacco Fertilizer. GED. F. GUNTHER, C.& R. DoRMITZER & co: -ro:a..a:.oo.o Tobacco Collllll1sslon Merchants, L Dealers & Commission Merchants in A SPECIALTY. General eommiiSion lercllants, PERIIVilll GUANO WAL BO!ffi, 81 North Street At Lowest Prices by LORENTZ & Krl*l'LEB sor. x..ouzs. ooiiJIIssxo 11, H, GUNTHER, of New Orleano, ChoiceBrnndsot Imf.'rted Licorice always oo LEAF TOBACCO BROKER F. X. KELLY, Jr., Chemical and Super Phosphate Factory, BaJtimore, M:d. Buyer. !:.':.t. Liberal Cash A vanoenade on JOHN BEHRENS & CO., R. aE:VockeG.&ooco.,, w. E. u .. ... & KE"y' theHAST 1111 Packers of Seed Leaf TOBACCO a Ct:NERAL omo SEED tH!F TOBACCn OHIO SEED LRA.F TOBAGGO -A: B. LErtwmB; WILSON a. McCALLA Y'S -ANDcomsSION IHRGHANTS --. 't D.A. 'YTO:bil 0 Dealer I O:XG.A.:IE'I.IS0 1231 Olaeotnut, aatl 23 111. Second St., PHILADELPHIA PLUC TOBACCOS.DEALERS IN HAVANA TOBACCO S.B.eor.Cheaptd.eAJ.o)!aa8to. .&.Jay on., --' VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO I (En&ruoeooLombardStreet,l Ot-forJ:qMirhadHoiU'' .A.1'1111'D Send for Price Theobald & Oppenhei.iner. No. 20 Water Street, ::a.&:E.oor:z::as:o:IE'I.:m, :as:c1.. .......w.... OMen ....... pal,. ....... d....... -Pine IUNUYActuDR8 or .. :P. J. SC>RG-. &, Oe>., FIN!, TOBACCO SHIPPIN. G & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. J!BACCO, )[ANUFAL"''UREB OF 8DaniSh and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, lliii'ORTER8 OF GBRJIIA.N POTASH -'I.'ILU:IKG BA.LT, &Dd will make eoo-OVTTTIF e su.niiNG TOB!nno & Girard ......... 4t "''th Street, A ...... for Liverpool Line-of SteaDJen n aeclllu-Paeke .. lo Jlremea, ..... 0"11%' Leacl.:lll:15 JBra::a.da I 011 ur Jf'. U uu PHILADELPHIA. Bollerd and AIBalerdam. 11 L GAT a'I'BEE'I', BAL'l'DIOBE. B ::1: G G1-'W"T AGENTS J'OR .,...,. MILLER, DUBRUL & PETERS '-" .&. ..... e....,. NtiR'I.'H ,LEVENTH sT., CIIICIIf!IATI CIGAR lllOLD8, STRAPS. ETO. E. E. WENCK, G. H. :at. Marriott, PA. DAVI' D G. HIRSH, TOBACC O SHIPPING DlW.JI:Iliii' GUIIPERT BROS _...,_ IMPOJJTED a Doiii(ESTIC --:---."' \ _.. 'I \ ... ..... .. .1. : ... .-1 _,,'" ' ): Y' -'I ct ,....,.,.._. ,,_ .@l:f; \ ... "..".-'' """'. .' .. ...,. Ia ". I /\ ""' _! \ ",_,.Y ; 1I I '' .J 1 \ ...., _y' .. ..._ i I f \(."1__ "!-i 'J .. 1J.' (I,. '\ .. ... _1 ..... .' LADD TOBACCO CO LEAF TOBACCO BUYHRS. No. 21 North "'ain Street, ST. LO'I:TZ&, nii:O, w. I'll, .L.&.DD, l"r .. "CIGAR MANUFACTURERS: COMMISSION MERCHANT l E A F T 0 B A C C 0, PACTORY-lls-121 s. 23d Slree'J PENNSYLVANIA SEED TOBACCO, 48 and 48 St. Charfea. St., 31 GermaQ St., Baltimore, Md. B. SUBERT, BTOBE-13.1 Che8tnuiStreetJ C !,W,eor.' I 1111 P:EI:ZL.ADELP:EI::E.A.. 8 East heatnut St., L DEALEJl r lllANUFACI'URERS OF TBE LANCASTER, P A. Jlerf'eld & Kemper w K. HAnKER c. E WAGGN EI!.. "Solid comcort,, "Trade Dollar,, "Tidal wave,, "Dlaek I B: N" A. "'Poata.l Ca.rd" Cigars .-600.000 OJpa:a..AJw.p-HaacL rnPORTERS oF & WAGGNER w. B&sT, chlca...,, PAC.MER : New w. n RussELL, chicaa-o-DODSTIC LEAF TOBACCO s.,!RACO ... FREY & wEm'LiR and BBST. RUSSE'L co., Dl 8t., DealernndPaekerotn SEED LEAF TOBACCO. TOBACGO. (SuccessorstoJOHNC.PAkTRlDGE&CO.,l W. E. RAGSDALJ!, Manufacturers of Cigars teaf Tobacco 2s south a., sL, a.m.,r., .... WHOL]SALE TOBACCONISTS 118 & 2M JforlJL Q-Street, 213 West XU.. Strut, .t.!t st!: AND SOLE PROPRIETORS 011' THE GENUINE LANCASTER' PA. wllleb-mab&lpeciai'T. PlllRS .. ofwhk:hwomaha Sp:clahz. '' GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS '8.G. Buci JAS. A. HBlffiHRSON i GO; .,. BAN N EARN11P4CBTuRaEAas 'No DTHB CUT VIrginia Carolln& .1., HASEN & Front Btteet, I'IIUode j:llla, I'll. I B. 'h:no; T 'J:!A '1:' ,..OBA.OOO WB, .,., TI-andnnNI 0.; & t .. w. BB11LI o. San:rrueloclo>; "BETTER 'V-.. '&'. BOLL.I.l'ID_. 1""1M-I ;..,_ Al 'BE Bmoli:en and !Jricbt Loaf a 8peelaltJ' ..... .. -,a-ll----.L ... .-;,g.a.-. c-PBR e co-" Cor. lllodloon a: or-. & L ........ -8 T l!MeJ-'W v -.. -...... c. ... 'Wo Qo .&.&..a,ll7W-!Areo&,NewYurk. -- lli:r o'. VI.,., Pree. BEN.- IIAXTGll, llet'l, llailaad. ,.. ..,_, ----. -. .,., Kj\0 'll EST" lmJ>ressed lato t by a dle. Every h!UI our 1\ude-mark strip ..., N' E8 aa per <11agral'll: aJWe:ted. TRY IT 'L"NDER Ot""R GU.A.R..Ufl'EE, MlXllf were.,......,, It, we WILL PAY FBEIORT BOTH WA'YS. .oLD .y _.U. LE.LilJJJG .JOBBERS T.IIBO'D'GHOil''t' STArES. .-.W18e & Bendhelm, Now York Agent&


MAR. 26 Enw If AdJilltisBI'L OW TOBK. l.AtJ/Teba<:ooWare-. AhDer .t Deblo, 1110 1'8rl Arendt&; Frlngant. !93 Pearl Block&: Lbadhelm. 160 Pearl Bam .. Geo. B. 711 Pine Ba.-d 8. 162 JIVa-a-11 &; l!'loener. 1M Water. CudOIIO .&.. B. Br<*l I 76 Park Place,INew York. 'I' liE LEAF. LOUIS ASH DAVID BEIR, BENJ. ASH' LOUIS A:SB & eo. MANUFACTURERS of CIGARS KERBS d SPIESS, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, ADd Dealers In LEAF' TOBACCO. 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, Or&wtord E. IlL & Bon. 168 w ....... & Oo. till Pearl FrledmaD. Henry, 119 Malden Lane PACTOIIIWit-llo. 4111 lind Dl.trlot & 723 3rd Dl8trlet. 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH S'J'REET. l.VEI"l'V C YriODd B..& G. & Co. till Malden lAM. 0. W. (,J.s1 &;Ax, 1 Waler C)&rtb D. J ., Bon & Co. t4 Brood. G-J. L &; Bro. 157 Bowery QenbaL. &; Bro. 191 Fear!. Bam-L .t no. w-.-Bellblfll JOMJI)ul .: Oo. 119 Jlald ... BiJP, Oo. 177 Water E8l1le & Spl ... 1014--1020 2d Aenuo Koenig Jl. !It& Pearl. LaobeD.DfUCb lt BrG. 164 Water. Lederer .t J'll!chol, 2IS Pearl Leolll 111. H. 162 Pearl. Le.,. D. 169 Watt!r a Co. l'l'lr Water Newp!ll L. :144 Water OttiDgor Bl'ot'nerw. 48 BroU. Owen F E. Oppenheimer M 138 Water Re.._G.228Pearl. Boeenwalcl E .t Broo. 1411 Water Bollin s. & Bolls, 173 Water Sal-'n G .t Broo. 2M !'earl Sawyer, Wallace & Oo. 47 Broad"' Schoverllng Bros. 142 Water llchr<*ier& Bon, 178 Wale< Scbubal"t H. & 08. 160 Water. fichu!% Fred. 2l31'earl Blo-t Henry. 68 Broad. SpiDgarn B .t Co. 5 Duri!Dg Sllp. et.eiDeaae R., 131 Water Tag, Obarie8 P' .t.8on. IM.J'roDt. 0.,.,......., (l&rl. 1781'oarl. w .. 1,. u.e Srllo o.r Jia....rclo-"'"' Bmokifll/ TobaeON. .w-& QQ. ua &oct 1"' cbamhorw A1JI!UI&ia & Du&el II IV arre11. & IJO. IOlll'ronL Dafala ...... "' ........ ...,_..h II. 688. IV&IIIWIP>Deq...,. J. Ill. 74 :rronL Baa A. cs Llberr.f. u.H. W. 69 Wi._anJ.W.,74'F,_ Moore &: SSI'ront Wille & Bendhelm, liM Mod !116 Call&l ToOOccc> Balon tor .-,-s. audlrl a eo. pbllpo c. s. & Oo. 188 )i'Mrl co-..-... -,. .,. 1131er n LAM Son,J. 8. & co. 1M and 86 Wall Qob ll1th 11u1zo & Newmark. 76 Park l'laco Upmenu Carl, 178 Pearll!treOL of Sumatra Wrapp8!'3. G. W. Gall & u, 1ol6 Water of FiM HatJGAG CicJan. Brown & Karle, 203-200 East 33d l'oller, HDaon &:, Co. A Yenue D and lOth St. _.., Ho.ya & c;Jo. 13il, 13!1, 184 llaldon Lane Tura a Vlchot. S68.Bleecker. ....,.,.,.,.. of Havana To-aftd A!mlrall J. J. IS Cedar Bowers Wm.. C & Co. 14.3 Duane Dl&zB. &Co. l'orii&Ddes G. 2061'earl .,._E.157Water Friedman Leonard, 20S Pearl G. W. GaU & .A.x, 166 Water Garcia F. Bro. & Co. 167 Water a-rt J. L. & Bro. 157 Bowery l[ert. a 8pleoa 2d ........ Lilienthal :M. & Co. 177 Pearl Lombard V. 110 Water Lopez, Call>:to, 206 l'earl Lo&&no, Pendas a: Ce. 20U Pearl -pr T .R & Co. 111 Malden.._. Jllrao4a F. & Co. -n 15 .t SoDS, 178 Water 8alomen G. & Bro&. 2M Pearl Sanchez. Hava & Co. 100, 1112, 1114 llaldOD Lane )(. & E. 85 Maiden Lane SIIIDPrn 1: .t: Co. 5 Budin!! SUp. L 86 lll&tden Lane. Vega & Bernheim, 181 Pearl Well 65, Pine WolaB. Eller & IULepJJ"I, 2W l'oarl Ybor V. Jllal, 11 Warren St. Bo.roey & ford, 892 Broadway S.. A. 4S UbertY Kaufmann Bros.&: Bondr. 1!9 and lSt Graad MOKU/M&Urers of Li_corice Pa.te. .. A.ndrew Jsmee C. M Water Stamford llauulaetunll&' Co. 157 llald6D Lane w""ver .t Sterrv 2-1 Cedar Jm.porten Po. 11111 wBamlltoll o. c. a co. 110 w..I.IDIM v. c. & Oo. 142 W &&er TolleA>OO __ ,_,_ Y. TobMeO 11Oo. 5I. Bro.dwar. Totoc!oo-"'-'a.&brio .t Oo. ....,.., Erich& B. W, atr..stt :&Mt BIW&b II&. BeollreliJ-. lllll and !!!lllllomoe -B. 1'19 aDci181 Le-Wiaa wmam a eo. tlll-lat o-l>eG/a' 1ft SpaNM Cigar-llotlo OoMr. ..,.,_ J. II and 18 Qannou E. 4&-471-'fatll o/ Cigar Jioldo. lldcho B. W. 116-lNI EleYID&Ia II&. /!"-'1!18 a-J'lnl*tnc Co. !ill &11418 lllliD7 _,_. of. Clo 'Itt Ball '1'llloiDM B. "' ... -CI/IIM' ...... BIIIIPOB,__&-..:..Ud&-....... '----1'19 ._ W1ab Wm. & OIL Ja-111 ....... Ballot weuer, :.r Greeawlcll GloN Sifi'U. lllatthews John, lot AT. bot. iletb It 27th"' M'f'r of Tobacco Show Carda and .l...abela Donaldson Bros., Five Points. P. 0. Box 1711. Imporler eJ La Vuelba .A.bajo Flavor. Ola.Skel J 66 Warren. 14/n _Ci_gar Flav(Jif', Frlee Alex. & Bros. M CoUece Place. Ci(IGr Beppenheimer &: Maurer. :&l and 24 N Wllllam Upteroe W E. 465-4';'5 East Tenth Nfr of Old Ju.dflo" OiviJToifCICitwer of OiflaT 6""' Lv...-. Bead Goo. W & Co. 186-ji(JO Lowla Tobacco Jl'trlght lh-oloON. l!mlth W. 0. & Co. Exchange Place Jlanutoctunr of Oiga.r RA6ou. Wicke Wm. &:: po. cor. Goerck and Third Labolo -Tri ... ...._ Beppenbolmer &-lllaurar, ill and 14M. Wllllalll Neuman & Din.-ling6r n. w. cor. Pearl &: Kim Uptegrove W. E. 465-478 Eat Tenth ot llan-afaet-aren ..r Wax Paper. Bammerschlag S. 52 Dey Tobacco Bagging. l'erwon A. HArriman & Co. 467-468llroomo ALBANY. lf, T. Jlan.lV'GCturerJ oJ1VItoocto. Qreere A. Sons, 822 "'Broad wa,AIISTERDAII, Hollaad. IMJ)orter of Seed and Dlr in. Sumatra. Tob. Urliit.cb .t Franldort. B.ALTIIIORE. 114. DETROIT,IIioh, of Che.wtng and Snwking 7 obocco. B&rker K. C.&: Co. 7-l and 76 Jefferson A Importer a of Hatmna. Tobacco. Berger & Buehler, 216 Jetrersoa. .!:venue. DURHAM. N.C. A(..,.uf....,.rer of8woolring'l'-. Blaeltwoll W. T. & Co /r of Bla.c1.."WeU'& Durham Cigarette&. Blackwell )V T. ct Co. EV ANSVILLI.. b.cL Commiaicm. .Merch.aRta. Morris C J. & Oo GLASGOW, Scotland, ScoW. Cla11 Pipea. WhlteW. HARTFORD, ConDo Packt!.r& and DeaJer. in Seed Lea/ Toboc"co G e rohol L. & B r o .. :29 State Lee Geo. State Hay ll Smit h 21'1 State WUicox B W. 676 !lain HAVANA. Cub ... Tobacco and Ctgar Connni s li .Aianujacturer of Ftft.e Ciga.ra. Cueto & C o.,:Juan, :Maloja. 31. Lopez & Co., Juan, Corrales 71. Munas&CO. Yaelan & Sanchez, Calle Estrella-94 HOPKJJfSVILLEo .. Flack E. M. Thompson Geo. V.. Raplale'W.J:. LAJIOAS ER, Pa. .Dealer an 'l'obclcco Frey&: Weidler,. 213 W.IC.Ing ,.t Hlrwb Daold G. o Eu> Ch-nut"' & Frey, 61 and 63 North Due hcker """ eom .. ....-!Teller A. 238 N. Shippen at. JiallUfII Jolln W. QarroU Wm. 8 Tobao 0.."" JkrMat Holt. Schwer & OIL lVarehcnuel. ll&rll:or & Waggner, 29 South Gay Boyd W .l.. & Co. SS South Xerckhol'f & CO. OOuth J[lomm Obas. H. 39 North Oalven Marriott, G. H. M. 25 German Merlela & Kemper, 89 Dlr 1ft ViraiAiM'. The E. D. Albro Co .. 686- OLEVELAJfD. 0. '"' Seed Leaf aM HavottG Toba.cco md I Jobber i" '"" !. Ronde...,.., J&me8 A. & Co 0111.1 ,. .Lcco Jlrokcr. Puryear T. R PATERSON, N. J, Manufacturers of Ch ewing and Smoldng To bacco, Snub" and Oipart. Allen & DuuntDK, 66 & 67 VanHouten Street PETEBSBURG, v ... .Vanwfacn,rera ej F1UQ and Smoking Tobacoo and lA lAo/ Tobacco. VenableS. W .t Co. Manufactul'f/1"8 of BtUiJt J.a"1/ 0ltwn11f. Jackson 0. A & Co Comm.iuion. .Men-Jaa"ta. Baln Ill. Parrack PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco W arehQtdea. -Bamberger L. .t Co. III Arch Batchelor Bros. 1281 Chesnut Blemer'e Lewis Sons, 322 North 'fttlrd Doban &: Taitt tcr. Arch Eisenlohr \Vm. & Co. 115 South Water McDowell M. & Co. 39 North Water Hay 35 Nurth, Water Ralph I. D H & Co. JS6 N. 30 Sank J. Rinaldo & Co. 32 North Water T e ller Bro ... n ers. 117 .North Third Imp.orters of Cigfln and Agent.. for S eidenbetg's Key W est Cigar. liuguet, Stephen, d::: Sons 231 Chestnut UiJ.f 1'obflG"C"> Sweating. Philtps C. lil. & Co. 131-138 North Water. Ma1&ufactrer o!Snu_(, a..W Snwkia.g Tobocoo. Wallace Ja.s. 666 to 67" ... North Eleventh Manufacturers of Ciaars. Bros., 1231 Chestnut and 23 N. 2d Gumpmt Uaos 1,341 Chestnut fbeobal. )Ioder & Bro. n. 'JIAyw ,....,, ... & 11 ,. York OiP .Jo. 'i MEN_DEL & B!io of Gi!ars, lfo. IJv 8 yor" .., owery, NeW A.. BRUSSEL .KAUFMANN BROS & BONDY, lmpo ........ .. & .....-.... 4 ... a .... L 129 & 131 Grand St., BJWNJ::AY. New York. Salesroom: 129 & 1.31 Grand Street, New York. DEFIANCE GIG!R. MANUF AGTORY, 1 SAXONY BUNCHIN1G CJAPACJITY 1 2000 Bcrav Blfnchos IJt)r Day. Only Single Binder Required. ""a.'tteSf. :a;a.e, fi8 i"EABL 8'1'BEET1 KEW YORK, lanfr. of CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS, .&aerlcan a: Ge .... an CJipr Mould and Blltbono, l'lla elliBel"7, Tool lie lappUn :for oC ToiMieco, ctcara, & Cl_"ar Boxes. LEERET & BLASDEL, KA!!UFACTUKERS 01!' :Boxes 168 & 170 East Water St., 8YRACHE, N. Y. DJ:A.LBBS IN ALL OF THE LA TEST !TYLE8 O:lr ClGA.ll-BOX AND TBIIIIJIINGB. .&.!ID DULJ:IIS Ill TOBACCO, _H to I 10 Attorne, St., J.V:moogv THE li'IRJtl OJ' John Matthews, bt Av.,, t8iJo & !nt!r. St.., -..-:;.ir_ Uooo .... pf tho Tilghman Sand Blut _, ... Mauufacturon by oibor Patented-at GLASS SIGNS .!! a .5 = IJ.ui'L IJ.ui'L J--. c:l3 co., IIIAl'fVII' .I.CJT1JBBB8 o 1


, Tile Celebrated f ,.. GRlWN SEAL" 114 a us UHRTY I NEW YOR:S:. ,'RED SEll 'I lJel'todlrecttheatten!onoftheDealetslnToba cc o thro utboat the !='tat,., and t h e W o:-l d v to the;, CELEBRATED nnYrr u FINE-CUT OHEWUf G TOBACCO. which b beinaonc e more manulactured under the ..:117'. o. immediate supervblon Df the origina tor, BOLE IIANUJ'A O'J'URER, MR. JOHN ANDERSON. PIXE BTB.Em, lfEW YORK. anduowllt&od s,astonnerly,witboutarival, Orders forwarded through the usual channels "1ll meet with promp t attention l!,IG0RIOE PASTE. THR STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO. 1G'7 DIE.A.::J::OEN', X..A.N'E, N'EVV I" lf'b e l'rade ba1fng demanded a Superior. and Cheaper Article than that hitherto used. this Compatq" ""m a.nutn.cturtng, and offering lor sale, LICORIC E PASTE (under the old "Sanford" brand) ot a QUALITY "'data l'iUCE lfhlcb can hardly tall w be all giving it a trial ..-..-:enlennlal ltledal a1.warde d r o r 4 4Purlty, C hel n e "' and Gener a l bJlceJ lenee o C n t auut'aeture n Also M. c!c. R. Brand STICK LICORICE, all slzef,l, WILL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS. OPERA on.-CfKarettea are made wltll the DeW ..l1!1B E R prepared paper (Papler fmbr!'), & new U1CI DOVel FreDcJa lnvenUot4 whic h enUreq the objection so frequently urged ag&lust Paper Clprettea. l u omoklag, the ..lJIIBER prepared. part that is put Ill tile moutll WILl. NOT STICK TO THE LIPS! The abence ot moisture p re'Venta t!:te d.lelolutfo n or Nicotine whlle smoking, or the spread ing or Lhe and meltlnc ot the Rice Paper We have secured from the PRI':I'i'..,H patentees the Sole PJgbt to""" the PAPIER AT-T-F#:Z. &, GI-LN'"1'ER. JUJI''DI'AOT1JJU:BS, BIOIIJIOJID, YA.a Sble Jgents In New Tort: AHSHSTIN & DUSEL, II Warren St. THE TOBACCO :tEA.F. -IIUIle 1848. K. C. BARKER & CO. VVor&a, II&Dut&eturen ot tile Celebrated 'American Eagle' .. CLIPPER," .. DEW DROP," ._. odlw Braa .. or ftl'i'E-c17T. -AL80---, 'UNIVERSAL FAVORITE,' 'FA flf/ .. 01d .a.lld ID&IIJ' otber Orad 11D4 ot 8JIIOB:INU TOBA.CC08, & 04 Larned Street-:rniu 1':1N.O:rr, ..xoa:. CHAS. B. B'tJLL, ._., ... CIG1\.RETTES, 1"--:a.rk..e"t. JUST OUT. :MILDEST! RICHEST! SMOOTHEST SMOIUIIIG CIGARETTE Ever :alacte. NEW VANITY FAIR A DADI'TY SWEETBIT, INCOMPARABLE l SURE TO PLEASE! 8 FIRST PRIZE MEDALS y Wl!1, S KIMBALL & co., -; Peerlc Tob acco Work Roe h eR t c r N Y 1 T. 1H. PURYEAR, BU"YEB. Cope's Tobacco Plant: A Monthly .I'OVRNAI, ror SJ!I QB:ERS, PUBLISHED AT -\. M IL E I N S IZ E. Our Work our Reference. Designs and Estimttes Given :J:aoster "WV'ork. Jarae a.ud amaJl. I I ,. Qu1.o)!! C1h.eap! MAR. 26 dLPH MOONELIS, MANUFACTURER ,OF 647, 649 & 651 2 d Aa18, -CIGARS, W ater Street, New Yorl J OFFICE: Addreai-IQ.,BBOADW A. Y P.O,Box_4 18. N .. W TOIUL Co......,Uy OD. hahd t b e BOot lmprovell for C'DTTING, 'G'RA.IIIUI.A.TING .AXD SIEVING TOBACCO BY HA'Itt)-OR BTB.Ul l'OWEJL A n.riety ot -ery for Cipr _.,.,. tu tu*ufoCuW.oao d and!ot h e r F !llen tor Clgan, Stem lWIIen, J[aQhi nea. etc. For SMOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, 4c. "" FUrnis hed with or without Pri nted Braa .... Chew and Smoke A. M. LYON & co.'S RICHMOND Navy Tobacco. WM:. S. CARROLL; PROPRJETOK OF


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