The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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' .. v 0 L. XVII.---N 0. 11. rESTABLISHED 18M.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 1 .6, 1881. 105 MAin EN LANE. Corne r or ... L WHOLE NO. 843 WEISS, EllER & "aOSiliil n, I& HAY A N A TO B A o c 0. I 220 Pearl Street., New ,York. McFALL LAW&ON, :MANUFACTURERS OF THE ,.. '' EL GLUB DE YATE '' w .A.:N' A. O:f!lce and SaJesroom: 33 Murray St., New York.. Havana Scraps 0-u."t"t:l.n.g.a :ror Sa1e. J CHRISTIAN (p, 0. Boz 2231J GEO W, AUGUSTIN. & J)USEL, (LATE OF A HEN & CO.) :J:D::Lporter a.:D.c:l. :J:Jea.1er :1.:11 FOREIGN AND DO:MESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; lannfactmrs' Agents for all the Popular Brands of Fine cut, Emoking and Ping Tobacco and cigarettes ; Sole Agents for 'Va.:nity Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole A[ents for Allen & Ginter's RICHMOND GEM: Tobacco & Ci[arettes; Depot for Blackwell's Genuine Durham:-Jno. w. Carroll' Lone J ack-:-E T. Pil.ldnton' Fruits& Flow....,, Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN SNUFF; Importers of French Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books ; J,STo. 11 H, SCHUBA.JlT, A.A.RON SCHUBA.RT. W.M. SCHUBA.RT, H. & .CO., -IMPORTERS OFHAV.ANA :l?' or SEED LEAF ALMIBALL a CO., 1a.s '\> TRAoE o"'t J J A 6 MARK. ".-. :r.t:u.por"ters or VAN A Tobacco, 'JSro. 16 Cedar Sl'treet. JSre""""" Y'ork.. liL LILIENTHAL. M. L.uuiMAN. M. A.. BERNHEill'lER. M. LILIENTHAL a CO., I HAV J .No. 177 F":m raE= CIGAB_.B 'OX SP.A.NJ:S:E3: OED.A.R., ',' DC>MESTJ:O I l l::ati::J:T.A.TXON SPA:N'J:S::S:: OEDA..R.. DrPORTERS IN OUR OWN"' VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR AND MAHOGANY... 11 N'c:>a. :vve .... t & &treeet, O .ONJ\LDS'ON BROTHE. RS, &'tea:n:1 L:l"thoKraph:t c Pr:l:n."ters, 'VB :I?'O::E1\TT&, :N yoa.:a;.. fOBACCO. LABELS AND SHOW CARDS '3 BoJ<.fl781.] C>::IP m V a.a. 'Y' [l'fo :Lahl lrert Ia 8toe1r. 1 PRICE liST OF CIGAR 1UBBONS ._. Y.U.w ........... : .. Ezt;i-a.:.&-8......._ '107u IL16 ................ o. 1 .... 5-8 'lo ,.u t.U ''-'"'"''" N ..... 6-8 '10,... 1M l "' N ,Ia .. 5-8 M '18 J'U 1.16 1 ............. a .... .s-8 'IO ,.u LD ..._. -... .. ............... 1 .... 6 'IO,.U 1.80 ................... 1 .... 1 'IO,.U 1.60 ................... a .... 1-s 1o,.u, LSO .......Ja ...................... N 1 .... 6 .. '10,. .. L80 .. .. .......................... 5-8 .. '10,... 1.60 ... ......... ... .. ... .. a .... 1-s 10,... LaO .__...... Jkcl..... ............ 1 .... 4-8 70 ,... L36 : ................. 1 .... 4-8 'IO,.U LIO .......... : .. : ... a ..... w 'IO,.U oa -Y.U..... ............. 1 ..... 4.-8 'JO,.U 1.80 ,... .... ..... N 2 ... j-8 .. 'IO,.U 1.&0 .. 0 I& 3..... 8 '10 ,.u 0.80 Jkcl ...................... a-s .. 1o,.u 0.10 .., Y.U..... .................. a-s '10,... 0.86 (OJUoo).. 1 .... 8-8 :H J'U LlO .... .,.. 1aeedc..... s-a 'JO,.U 1.61 Nerleca .. ........................ &S 60 ,.U '0.4.0 Extra Styles of Ribbons Macle.toOrder. Prices of Cigar Boxes and Samples of Ribbons Sent on AppMcrtlon. MILLER, PETER$ & Manufacturers of the Sectional Cigar Molds, 128 ct 130 MANCIN STREET, '' :N' ""5:_7' ork.. --)( TRADE 'CHARLES T. SEYM:OUR, DJ:PORTEK OJ!' I SeeCi m 188 Front St., New York. Geo. w. Rea. d & I!IANUFA.CTUREKS 011 LUMBER! THE GROWING POPULAlUTY OF OUR Cut and Press-Dried Cigar-Box And othe r Lumber, a.s SOLEL 1C MA.NifF &CT1JRED BY us, prevents our k oeping stock on hAnd, to any extent, and mnnufactul'er"l will do well to anticipate their wants, and !onvard orders some li t tl e time before requiring W e co n. tinu6 to manuta.cture Spanish Cedar, ltlahol'any, Syeainore, B u ttcrn u t and Poplar, at most satis!actoryprlces, and shall shortly introduce two new woods, whi c h will be found v e 1y desirable. Whe n ready for market, our old and now customers wUI be duly a.dvised. Band and Veneer SawanolBoarolCuttinc HDlo and W a.rerooma : 186 to 200 Lewis St., foot 5th & 6th Sts., E. R. N'e""""" Y'ork.. ---* .. .. be prosecuted 1 '" T & ( '1 -1 r. to the full I '\. ..J' I .. ---........ l;xtent of the Law. WElL-& CO., SUCCESSOR TO A HEN & CO. 43 Xa:J:EIE8.TT t!H.oe: 163 Y' 1 Y'C>B.:a;:. ; Etab1:lah.ed. ''COPENHAGEN SNUFF.'' "'WITE'Y'::l'V.I:.A.11'18' &.. EIR,O., Manufacturers of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & 'Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store ct Office: 81 Smithfield St. Factory: 5 & 7 Union St. & 112 Liberty St. . Pl:TTSBUR.G::E3:, p A.. I SELLING. A.GE!'!T 1,;W. A., ROBINSON, 124 WATER STREET, l'i'EW YORK, WHOLESA.LE DEPOTS,-NEW. YORK I A.n!;Uot1n & Duoel, 11 WaTl'en St. BAI,Til'IOBJE: Baxter & Bird, I 12 who accou;tt, whq ljaS to bear agreeabljl of making changes of the kinds mentwned, to forward blu hmg under tli e honor of llemg the first r eporte d particul,ars in 1 ., seller of 18 80 Pennsylvania toba?co in this city. The ------' transaction was of goo d proportwns, and mvolved, we I J OUR HAVANA ORDERS. bear. a round figure, as the l eaf w as fine. M;essrs. Tobacco and cigar merchants and manufacturers of S u t r o & were the purc;hasers. the island of Cub& are requested to band their orders Who will be uhenext lu cky s eller and buyer? Rumor for &It

.. 2 TOB.A.JJCO-APR.l6 __ Ill i b f previously grown and they have now SU ... Une a& ltot&oan of i>"C8... ...... .............. .. 110 aJ'JlmAL ADVERTISEMENTS 01( FlBST PAGE. OneY"ear, JC Linea over Two Wide CoJnmne IOO U Llaea 175 16 Linea SlD!fie Colo-n 65 8PECJA.L ADVERTISEIIEllfTS OX READUI'G-MATTU PAGE. nne Sir Three Year Months. Months 16 Llaea over I Wide Colamne 146 12:1 XOTICES, WAXTB or OAUTIOX J!iOTICES. .. loea One lo..,rdon 50 Ceota. 16 La-Oae lllealh .6.60 -& Lines Two lll::>:>tha 8.50 L'lnea Three 191oatho ... I4.00 a Llnee 81x lllonlh 14.00 Lloea Twelve llloatlla 45.00 LID .. Three 191on&... 18.00 Lin .. Six Dloalha 36,00 Lla T ... MYe llloa&he ... 80.00 !!latter Ad.vertlaementa on Editorial Pac.,. 10 per cent. on the abo"Ve price. BemJUaneee t'olj A.dver&lsement and su bscrlptton ah,op.ld alway be made payable by P. o. Order or oy ueck-.. "TOB&OOO LEAP PUBLISHING CO." t7a4er no Clrea.nutt:ance& w-nl W"e deviate &om_ the above price. '!'BE TOBACCO TRADE AT THE GERMAN CAPITAL. From an offimal report of a Berhn councl of mer ehants, lately Issued, It appears that durmg the past few years the drrect ImportatiOn of Cigars from Havana at the German capital has steadily mcreased, leavmg out of the calculatiOn the Bremen and Hamburg Im who formerly controlled the import busmess in Berlm Smce several Havana houses have been represented at the -German cap1tal by agene1 e s, the number of 1mport1gg firms have probably been doubled Most of these, about fourteen or fifteen, are 1mportmg -exclus1vely o upply the local demand, and only; a few, about three or four, extend the1r operations to the provmces or jlre supplymg customers m Austna and RuBina Smce tlie 1m port trade has been taken from the Bremen and Hamburg merchants, it ffi asserted that the fluctuatiOns m prwes, caused by str1kes, failure of crops, and other events, m the producmg country have peen considerably less, and pnces are made lower Iu 1879 the d1rect importation of new leaf amounted to 421476 cwts, and about 1,176 cwts. Cigars. BISMARCK'S MONOPOLY POLICY. I ,; From the diSCUSSIOn in the German papers 'Of Pnnce BISmarck's scheme of a Government tobacco monopoly, it appears that the question of mdemmficat10n to the trade ha.a been brought up for consideratiOn Accord ing to the repot ts, Bismarck's Idea appears to be that no indemmficat10n should be allowed to leaf dealers but the goods remammg on theu hands should be taken from them at the cost prwe Retailers m tobacco and cigars are to receive no mdemmfication, but they are to be preVlously notified, so they may look for y law. InvestigatiOns I' .. upon stannB.l Cltizen. To understand why thW IS so reqmres t IS repu a e practwe, ut they have !ruled. Re when the package 18 supenor to the sample. as 18 often his revealed the fact that Sumatra dee "'e r insight mto human nature than I posseaa Of clamh attohnsfon sdhlppers, refusal to lJld on hogsheads m the case, and It IS but reasonable and f&lr that the d th C l' _. w 1ch t e ra.u has been detected, by the mspector h uld 1 had been m some mstances discharge Lrom e us course many Eetailers please t ,he coll poisseurs by marking the "nested" h ogshead w1th a blue str:e owners s 0 comp am of a law or rule which so to H b ht f th ffi at the tare d h pedien h strongly protects the buyer, and affords the seller but m ouse, y an overs1g o e o cers, very often subst1tutmg domestw .c1gars vy filling up an ot er ex ts, ave been tried m vam The 1sa slight, or m fact no protectiOn m such cases. and rate of duty prescribed by law for Havana to Imported stamped boxes with. them., ttnd 1rvni'the fact hone s t shpper conMnues h1s rascality, and prospers b l d 3 5 t thereby TH:& EGGLESTON BILL bacco, namely, 13 pounds tare per a e, an S cen 8 that suc'h people usually smoke the Clj;ll:l' by the In of the National Tobacco AssoCiaUon Sectwn 1 Be 1t enacted by the General Assembly of per pound duty :while, In fact, the tare on umatra and understapd nothmg of the qual1ty., they are finely whiCh has for its obJect the promotwn of the the State of Ohio That if any person or persons shall tobacco should be 8 pounds, and the duty 85 cents spesUited, and, in fact, get better Cigare than they' other-of the ent1re tobacco trade of the country m mtentwnall[ tace or cause to be placed, m any hogs cillc and 10 per cent ad valorem, the latter bemg m Wlse wo\lld, although they pay nearly double the price 1ts several. departments of producmg, marketmg. head, barre x, package, or parcel of leaf tobacco, accordance w 1th a clause m our customs laws proVldmg for them they other" lse would. manufactunng and exportmg, I earnestly urge, and any substance other than tobacco, or tobacco of a grade a duty of10 per cent ad valorem m additiOn to the request, the passage of the bill. mferwrto that of whwh the sa1d hogshead, barrel, box, I have the honor to be your obedient servant, package, or parcel 1s Inalnly composed, with mtent schedule rate, on all merchandise arr1vmg v1a Europe A c MARSHALL, that the hogshead, barrel, box, package, or parcel from ports ea.s't of the mer1d1an of the Gape of Good "NESTING" TOBACCO IN KENTUCKY Sec. Nat Tobacco AssoCiatiOn. shall be exposed to sale or sold, and w1th mtent that making the ent1re duty from 43 to 45 cents a the purchaser or purchasers thereof shall purchase the BROWN COUNTY, OHIO, SHIPPERS' PROTEST AGAINST THE same 1ll Ignorance Of the presence of such fore1gu subpound. ENERGETiC PROTESTS IN CINCINNATI AND PASSAGE "NESTING" BILL stance or mfenor grade of tobacco, or 1f any person The goods passed under lawful rates were duly m-shall d e hver or/cause to be delivered any ho,..,bead 1 Our tobaccos to the warehous.,men b 1 b k .,.. vowed and labeled Sumatra tobacco, and were called who are supposed to Je neutriU agents between us, arre ox, pac age, or parcel of leaf tobacco falsely for as such, so that the wrong that has been committed DAYTON, the selleis, and buy.,rs on the breaks, but these neutral packed as aforesaid, to any warehouseman, comiDlSs lon has been of sn acCidental and not of an mtent10nal agents do not d o the we1gbmg of our tobacco, the merchant or dealer m tobacco to be sold, knowmg that the same contams such fore1gn substance or mfer10r c)laracter. Tobacco AssociatiOn a stranger, havmg no mterest, grade of tobacco, and With mtent that the same shall The part1es rmportm ... th'.lse goods :wll nrobably be tul e, claim or nght to our tobacco, without authonty be sold, w1thout notiCe to the purchaser of the presence o from u s, assnme the rtght to "e1gh the same, and their f h f b called upon by the Government to make up the de say so, as to wetght, 1 s forced upon us as conclusive, 0 liiUC oreign su stance or mferiOr tobacco, perficlency 1n duty, but they be accused "f fraudu Of 1 t th h b d d 1 f 1 t f aud we must Willmg or un Ill1ng sub t t t son pr persons 80 offendmg shall b e deemed guilty of v a e ere :as een a goo ea o comp am rom mi o 1 a miSdemeanor, and shall, upon conv1ct10n, be Im-lent 1mportatwns. The Custom House author1t1es, one quarter and another about the packmg and 2 The maJonty of the Boi.rd of the Tobacco A&llJ?pr1soned m the county Jail ot the county m which 1 1 Ciatwn consists of buyers the se llers havmg no r' d ff f however, must stop a,t once their own neg gent v10 a sampling of what, fo r convemence sake, may be p tesentatwn whatever m 1, \M board, and this board sa1 o ense was committed, or a p enod of not more twns of l aw, as Importers paym_g dut 1es cannot called hogshead leaf tobacco, as the columns of T 11: elects the mspectllowmg Ideas as rap1dly as our penCil could JOt them down.-The Cigar busmess as a busmess for JObbers and re tailers, I think, lB good enough Although the profits are very small, the great advantage the dealers In c1gars have hes m the fact that they are perfectly mdepen dent as to dull times The y do not buy unless they need the goods, and 1f the goods do not su1t them or their customers, they refuse to take them from the manufacturer, or return them to him. Not so, h9W ever, w1th the manufacturers. They cannot close tlieir factories and d18Charge their workmen, they are com pelled t u<' kJJuwm10lY, IIVlllY are constantly made to J o Jt l>) m e n "ho, m otde r to compete, clear ::.cell gs of t h e B oard of H. C. Loudon made an argument b efore the Com-Managers of the tobacco hade of thiS City, composed miBsiOn, urgmg that the ongmal bill would be of thuteen membets, of whom s1x are the propr1 etors exceedmgly obnoxwus to the tobacco 1a1sers, and of the SIX wa1ehouses, we are m a position to know would work great hardship, masmu c h as 1t would how well and fruthfully the mterests of honest farmers place shrppers entirely at the mercy of the dealers, and sh1ppers are protectea and fought for by the ware and subJect them to arrest at any t1me upon housemen petty charges of fraud that m1ght be made agamst The comp1am t as to the we1ghmg of their tobacco 1 s them. He claimed that the substitute proposed by the one not wholly devoid of cause for such complamt not sll1ppers, wh1ch propQses that each waJ ehouse shall because 1t" IS done by parties other than those 'con make applicatiOn to the Probate Conrt and secme the nected wtth the warehouses, but becau se the owner of appomtment of an Inspector of tobaccos, and provides such tobacco IS not patd for all the tobacco therein, as penalties for packmg any foteign substance wi t h to w : ttness the closmg paragraph m the rules for mspec bacco, would do JUStiCe to a ll parties and p10tect the t10h and we1ghmg of tobacco, m the by-faws, whwh IS mterests of all as follows Mr Pra,'"'lle, on the part of the tobacco dealers, smd "Rul e for weighing leaf tobacco. m the Cmcmnatt they had asked the passage of the Eggleston b1ll fm market, established by Tobacco Board of Trade, April the purpose of protectmg themselves from the frauds 4, 1874 I S to deduct 10 Ips from ong1nal gross we1ght wh1ch were bemg perpetrated by dishonest tobacco for sample of hogsheads, and 5 lbs for boxes, then growers and shi,Ppers m the way of packmg mfeuot break on 5 lbs all weights endmg m either 5 or o tobacco and foreign substances w1th the tobaccos sold Th1s, we contend, IS not right, the owner of the to In jthe Cmcmnat1 market He explamed the manner bacco should be p81d for every ounce of tobacco he m wh1ch the tobacco trade 1s carr1ed on m Cmcmnat1, sells Ten pounds may appear a small Item m 1 ,200 all sales bemg made by sample He laid befote the pounds, and is s u c h smgly, but as the prwe and value committee a large number of samples of the tobaccos of these ten pounds, actually belongmg to the se ller 1s sold m the Cmcmnat1 market, stated that the sampl es all the way from 25 cents to $2 50, to a sh1pper sell{ng were taken from the hogsheads of tobacco consigned 300 to 500 hogsheads each year, 1t amounts to cons 1der MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. FIRE IN A CIGAR FACTORY -A fire brokeouton'fhurs day mormng m the basement of the four story brick bUildmg 4 Burlmg Slip, this city, occup1ed as a Ciga r factory by A W Foote, causmg $500 damage to the stock and $200 to the buildmg. Th'e ongm of the fire 1 s unknown. WHERE T O FIND Hnu -Busmess or SOC,Ia! fnends happenmg to WISh to see Mr H W. Hunt, for many years a p10mment tobacco manufacturer m our m1dst but now 1et1red, can find hun at h1s new quarters; rooms 41 and 42 New Street wmg Guaranty and ..,In Buildmg, 52 Broadway. THE TAX IN GERMANY The 'reCeipts f10m the tobacco m Germany for the per1od from the :ist of April, 1880, to the 28th of February, amounted to 6,696 452 marks. Drawbacks to the amount of 28,517 marks were pa1d leavmga balance of 6,667,985 marks, aga1nst 1 ,050,440 ?larks the year previOus. Deductmg all the expenses. the amount received m the Impenal Treasury was 1,886,246 marks, against 878,884 marks the year preVlOU8 TOBACCO CAN STAND IT -In two or three States laws have recently been enacted forb1ddmg the manufacture as well as the drmkmg, e;,:cept for mediCmal purposes, of diStill e d spmts Pennsylvama lB the latest State to start out on the same tack, the Assembly haVIng already voted prohtb1t10n and the Senate may All right! Tobacco can, and w1ll, 1f there be no other resource, pa;y the natiOnal debt So on, Messrs. reheve banks, relieve everythmg but tobacco. It has no busmesa to be tobacco, that's the long and short of 1t. MR GRAFF AT HoliiE.-Referrmg to Mr. Graff's pro p ose d Western busmess tour, the Flushmg (N -y,) Jouvnal says-" Mr John G Graff will start, on Mon day, for an extended tour through the Western States, and will be absent about two months The absence from the VIllage for so long a penod of thiS gemal gentleman w1ll be deeJ?lY espee1ally by hiS treth1en of the Masomc fratermty" 'rhe Tmes, of the same place, remarks -"Mr Jolin G Graff leaves1 on Monday, for an extended busmess tnp through tne West. Cornucopia will mourn the absence of 1ts marshal, and hlB friends m1ss, sadly, bW gemal countenance and hearty greetmg FROM CUBA -A Havana paper, dated April 4, re ports -Several parcels of the new crop have ah:eady been received, and the generality of persons who un der stand the busmess blame growers for their hastmess, as tlley consider the premature handlmg and packmg of the leaf preJUdiCial to tbe development of Its qual1-t1es Sevetal vegas were sold at "San Lms" on the basiS of $5 for 1sts to 7ths, $3 for 8ths, $1% for 9ths, $1 for lOths, and 50 cts for lltbs, all these pr1ces per car rot and m gold Prev1ous favorable reports from GuanaJay and other localities m tho "Vuelta AbaJO" and Pa'It1do d1stncts are fully confirmed, whilst the news from Remedios contmue of quite a dlsheart emng character, the prolonged drouth havmg almost totally destroyed the crop to commws10n merchants by the inspector appomted able m the aggregate. But as th1s does not appear to under the rules of the assoCiatiOn, that sales were be the cause of the complamt about we1ghmg spoken made to manufacturers from these samples, and that of m the first paragraph, we dtsmss 1t, and revert to BUf!INESS MENTION. THE latest mfo rmat10n rece1ved from Mr DaVld H. 1t frequently turned out when such hogsheads were what appears to us to be refle ctiOns on the wmghmg as opened that large quantities of mfenor tobacco were 1t 1 s actually done, wh1ch 1s an unJust slur on the m, found mgemously packed m such a way as to escape tegnty of the whole trade Barrmg the deductwns the notice of the mspector It was to prevent this made for samples, we are certam tbat JUSt and ac kmd of fraud that the committee wanted the Eggleston cmate weights are otherwise obtamed m every case bill passed. The tobacco tmde of Cmcmnat1, he sa1d, to paragraph No 2, and the statement that the had mcreased m ten years from $2,000,000 to $12,000,000 maJority of the Board of Managers of the assomat10n per year, and 1t was des1rable to keep the character are buyers, It must be admitted 1t IS true, but when McA!pm, who has been travelling South of late for 'lns health, IS to the effect that he lB domg well, and will soon return to thW c1ty of the goods sold m the Cmcmnat1 market He then they say that sellers have no they wil went on to show that the system of appomtmg mspec fully misstate tho facts, they have a very able and tors for every warehouse would be unnecessarily ex energetiC representation m the warehouse propneters, pens1ve, and would be a failure. const1tutmg s1x members out of thirteen,' and when Judge Dunham followed m the stram. A. C necessa1y they (the warehousemen) can control seven Marshall then Bald that the tobacco dealers had what votes, a maJOrity, so that thll sel lers' mterests are very was called the National Tobacco Dealers' AssoCianon, ably taken care of And the statement Immediately and that as the secretary of that aesoc1at!on be was followmg, to the effect that the mlipector 1s elected by mterested m any legislation affecting the tobacco the board, IS also true, but the closmg wmds of th1 s mterests He thought the substitute for the Eggleston sentence, to the effect that the mspector 1s a creature btll proposed by the tobacco raisers would work great of the buyers, 1s a dirty th:rust at an honest, upnght mJury to the tobacco dealers. It would be gomg back gentleman, and the Imputation that mne cases of to the old sc stem of State inspection, which h&d ten they do not get a fau representat1 ve sample 18 proved a failAre wherever It had been tned. merely an assertiOn on their pa1 t, and one to be proven The comn;uttee 11u.lly adJOurned until to-morrow and substantiated b;yfacts. We a.dm1t that 1t w a very evemng w1tbout cormng to any conclusiOn as to whtch difficult thmg to fairly represent some packages by a of the pendmg measures will lie recommended ..., sample of twelve bands, as no two bands m sa1d pack CoLUMBUS, April 7 -By Telegraph..-The Cmcmnat1 age.s are exactfy alike, the only way to sample such IS tobacco warehouse men united in a telegrapi to Peter to spread the whole package over the floor, and we Stryker tomght, urging the passage of the Eggleston venture the opin1on that the samples are "over Tobacco Bill. They went on to say that all honest drawn" as often as "underdrawn What tf the m deiLlers \'OhZtl all the 'fat "'omcee. The th1rd pa'ragraph lS nothmg but assertiOns and A. c. JlotAllSHA.LL 'I'd ROlf. PII:TER BTRYXER' OY' TH:&.._omo as far from the truth as possible. The rules and reHOUSE OF 1 gulations as now m force afford ample protectiOn to DAYTON, 0., March a.-Sir :-In behalf of-the every honest farmer and shlJ!per, and are f&r snd Nat1onal Tobacco AssoCiation, wh1ch I have the honor equ1table, favormg no special mterests, and shippers to represent. as secretary, I address you on the subJect and farmers have a full vo1ce mall laws and rufes so of the pending bill for the suppreuion of dishonest passed by the board through their representatives the pa.okmg of Kentucky tobacco (ao called) offered for warehousemen. Sale 10 Lhls State. But the fourth paragraph contains the meat of thW :rhW evil has to 1,igantic proportions, and move on the part of these _That blue str1pe such astoniShing rapidity, as to not oolT Jtl8tlfy does worry tlioee nesters, and while 1t lB more effective legislation, but to m&ke 1t atieolutez necessary, as a than elegant, it answllrs a very good and is p)'Otection to farmena, shigr::.,rs. not placed on bonhea.da by apy wbim of the in mrers snd aporten of tbiB of leaf toMoeo spector, but is plAced oo those found by him to be The dwhonest J::sking, or "nesting," aa it is called, packed w1th in$1mt to as only the edu.cated is confined to a of ilmall dealers who purchase the '':nesters" from Clermont and Drown Count1es know r MR THEO. E. ALLEN of 151 Chambers Street, who w representmg Messrs McAlpm & Co 's manufactures in thiS City and ne1ghbonng States, reports a very good busmess, especmlly m theu: new brands of plug to bacco. :h!IR P POHALSKI, manufacturer of Cigars, of 49 Ma1den L ane, th1s City, will r emove, on or before May 1, to the e l egant marble' front buildmg, 158 Chambers Street. Mr. Pohalsk1 needed more room, hence the change of locat1on. ...-MR I KA.UFMAN, $be popular tobacconiSt of First Avenue, has taken a store m Chambers near West Broadway, aQd will locate there on or about May 1 vVe congratulate Mr. Kaufman on hiS determmatwn to come down town, and feel assured that wtth h1s busmess qualificatiOns and conu nued success and prosper1ty must attend him m h1s new place. WE refer our readers to an snnouncement on the seventh page of th1s Issue, of the old hoUBe of Messrs. Manuel Lopez & Co manufacturers of the world r& nowned brand of c1gars, "La Corona," of Havana, Ouba. This tlrm have spared neither trouble nor exiJense to produce a very fine, snd at the same t1me cheap c1gar. rhey work the famous tobacco of the vegas of the San Juan y Marnnez dlBtnct, which are the finest grown In Cuba. MR. G. B BARNES, packer of Seed leaf tobacco, of 70 Pine Street, th1s City, snd Warehouse Pomt, Conn, who has been absent from h1s c1ty ofBce for about two months, has JUSt returned from Warehouse Point where he bas given special attention to tbe packmg of a large quantity of the 1880 crop of tobacoo. Mr. Barnes will hereafter be at hiS oftlce to attend to hiS numerous cuatomers and to the sale of his tobacco. It will be re membered tbat Kr. Barnes last packed some of the flnel!lt leaf that could be hail m the Valley, the bulk of which has been sold. Samples of the new crop were shown us, packed by thlB gen\laman, and the quality, as 118en in tha state of t.ha wop, indi cates what has been predicted by us-namely, tbaUhe 1880 crop of Connecucut leaf will mclude finer grades I


APRIL 16 than have been rtused m that sect1011 for many >'ears Those who are desirous of purchasmg fine goods m this line should mspect the packmgs of Mr Barnes ME88R8 C 0 HAMILTON & Co the well known Seed loof tobacco Inspectors and dxty We1ghers of 170 Water Street thts crty, mform us that they have leased, for a number of years, the large first class, fire proof stores, 125 and 127 Front Street between Wall and Pme Streets, for the purpose or stonng tobacco These fi,ne strong bmldmgS are well adapted for sweat mg new tobacco, and for dehvenng and recetvmg rt, as there are two entrances to the bmldmgs They have also established an agency at PhrladelphlB, under the management of Mr J R Anderson, who rs a thor oughly rehable man, understanding the busmess m every partxcular Messrs Hamilton & Co are too well known to the Seed leaf trade, both here and m the different tobacco sectiOns of the country, to require any commendatwn on our part, 1t IS suffiCient to state that everv member of thrs firm IS an old and ex pen anced tobacco man, all of them bavmg commenced hllSmeu as apprentices and by their own energy and mdustry have become masters of a large and enter prrsmg busmess LOCAL JOTTINGS. -SomE) of our merchants closed their yesterday m observance of Good Frxday -Mr Joseph A Vega of Messrs Vega & Bernbexm will leave for Havana on Thursday next -Mr Seymour, of Van Swklen & Co wholesale grocers, Wellmgton, Vt, IS 1n town -Mr Hilier of Messrs Ehel Kollenberg & Hxllei of ChlCago, IS on the market buymg goods -Mr Wm H Wnght, the Sprmgfield ( MallS) Cigar manufacturer, IS m the market buying leaf -Mr Au!'(' Roesler of Messrs Wm \VIcke & Co, sailed for Em ope by steamer Wteland to day (Sa ttltday) -Mr M W Prag.e.r of Cortlandt Street, has had men at work tn1s week puttmg m new and lar ge1 show wm dows m his store, whlCh Improves the appearance of It greatly -Mt C S Keene, Messrs Buchanan & Lyall's East ern agent, reports busmess good m the sectwn whxch he represents -Mr Loms Kullnauer, deal!lr ill leaf and manufac tured tobacco, of Detr01t, has been buymg goods here for h18 trade this week -Mr Morell, of Messrs Buse & Morell, St LoUis, has been on our market for a few days back, replerusb Productions of Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars and Cigarettes In the First; Second and Thtrd. New York. Collection Dis trlcts for March, as Indicated by the Sale of Stamps. FIRST DISTRICT Revenue Manufactured tobacco $51,427 96Snuff 68 00-425 Cxgars 1B 773 10-2,'12B,B50 number Cigarettes 2,913 401,664,BOO SECOND DISTRICT Manufactured tobacco $33 936 78-212 105 pounds Snuff 482 283 014 Cigars B7 400 2014 566,700 number Cigarettes 51 342 4B29,338,560 THIRD DISTRICT Manufactured tobacco $34 9 3 1 60-Snuff B92 545 572 Cxgars '257 '346 75-42 891 125 number Cxgarettes 2 597 35-1,484 200 INVENTIONS PATENTED Ctga1ett e Package -J Stratton, Bay Stde N Y (of Stratton & Storm, New York) A package for cigarettes bavmg a wrappmg spurs the1eon and a detachable cover all arranged so that sa1d spurs, when folded down upon satd cover hold the sacre m place but always pernnt Its ready re moval A cigarette package conetructed of a wrap pmg sheet and of a detachable cover all arranged so that SMd COVer can be removed Without destroymg the package and held m placeby means of turned over proJeCtiOns on the wrappmg Otga1s -Machme for colormg and flavormg -J T and W T Hril Cumberland Md assxgnors of one half to Wm Entlel', Pwdmont, W Va Ogar holder -J Corr J amawa, N Y Otgar Shaptng Machme F J Goldkamp and Vrsofsky St Loms Mo Tcilxt.cco Ounng Apparatus -J E Trffin assxgnor of one half toW A Smtth Reddmg Cal Tobacco Fmk -0 E Qmgley Georgetown, Pa T6bacco Htller -E L Parmley, Center, 'vV rs Tcilxt.coo-Manufacturmg Smokmg -W S Kimball, asSignor to W S Ktmball & Co Rochester, N Y JDg stock for h18 house RIGHTS OF TRADE!i UNIONS. -The Baltimore firm of Messrs Barker & Waggner Rochester, Aprxl14 -The General Term of the Su were represented m the market this week by one of Its preme Court to day, handed down a decxswn m the members, on busmess account case of the JohBston Hawester Company of Brock 1-M.essrs B DJaz & Co Importers of Havana leaf port agamst Peter Memhard and otlier leaders of the tebacco at 221 Pearl Street, mtorm us that they vnll Iron'moulders who, wh1le employed m the plamtlffs' remove to 157 W.ater Street Qn May lst factory last fall, struck, and p1 a vented other moulders -Mr G Frrend .ot E & G Fr1end & Co from takmg theu places T4e Company got started for Lancaster on Tuesday to supermtend the a temporary mJnnctwn agamst the moulders on the packmg of the tobacco bought by hts firm m that ground that m carrymg out the sprrrt of the Iron vicmxty Moulders Umon of AmeriCa they were trespassers, m -A 'Promment Broad Street leaf tobacco merchant IS surrectwmsts and rwters to precedents of about to make Lomsv llle Kv, h1s future place of bus1 co=on law Judge Macomber, of. theSupreme Court ness Regret v.rll be felt at his departure PartiCulars of this City, refused m December, to make the mJunc hel"eafter t10n permanent He decided that without resortmg to vwlence the moulders had a ngnt to combme to -ilfr Geo Campb6ll, of Messrs Geo Campbell & h 1 d C Rtchmoud, manufacture s of cigarettes and smok keep up wages by the means t ey emp oye as mem v bers of the Umon mg t obacco, 1s at pxesent m the metropolis t1ansactmg ThiS deCislOn rs sustamed by the General Term to bttsmess day The Court says!.... The acts t> rest!'am which -Mr Emanuel Salamon, of Messrs M & E Salamon an mJunctwn was asked for d1d not constrtute an who returned from Cuba on Wednesday last, bought mvaswn of ,any clear right of property vested m while there some 2 000 bales Vuelta AbaJO and Reme the plamttffs It does not appear that such acts dxos of the new crop whether done or threatene d to be done resulted or -Messrs J S Gans Son & Co will begm to remove would have resulted m 11 reparable mJury to the plam to day to therr new quax ters, at 131 Water Street, and txffs The dxscr e txon of the Special Term Judge m re ere the nuddle of next week will be esconced m toto m fusmg to contmue the mJunctiOn was propedy exer their fine offices at that number and street c1sed -We are pleased to to note the convalescence The case vnll be earned to the Court of Appeals of Mr Hay a, of Messrs Sanchez Hay a & Co who has been serwusly 1ll and trust that nothmg 'ull mterfe r e to ptevent h1s complete restoratiOn to good health -Mr L Gershel, of Messrs L Gershel & Bw re turned from Connecticut on Wednesday last, and 1s very much pleased w1th the looks of the new tobacco whxch he says IS as good as has ever been raxsed m that State -Messrs Lwhtenstem Bros & Co wrll commence movmg mto their new, factory which they have re cently e1 ected m the upper part of the Cit), next week, and expect to be all ready for busmess operatwns by the first of May -Mr Theo Wolf, of Messrs Wm Eggert & Co re turned from Wrsconsm on Fnday mornmg, and says he found everythmg there very wmtry mdeed He also mforms us that there IS plenty of tobacco, but h1gh pnces are asked and pard notwtthstandmg -Mr James N Veazey, agent for Messrs Alex Fnes & Bros, of thiS crty and Cmcmnatt favored us w1th a call on Thursday Mr Veazey arrived m thrs crty a few days ago f1 om Havana whence he came by way of Pensacola Fla He reports trade excellent m Messrs Havana flavors for Cigars -Mr Juhus Schroeder of Messrs Bosselmann & Schroeder Havana, Cuba, arnvt.d In thxs mty from that place by steamer of Alexandna on Tuesday, accomP.amed by h1s family, who together with hxm self, w1llleave for Europe on Saturday for a VISit there of several months Mr Schroeder umtes busmess wrth pleasure m th1s tr1p, and wtll, wh1le abroad attend to the busmess of brs bouse He mtends returnmg some time about October next BUSINESS TROUBLES. CHICAGO NOTES. C tgatette manufactmers of thts drstnet have applted to Comnnss10ner Raum for h1s ass.stance 1n obtammg a r eductwn o f the tax on cigarettes Another new de p arture taken by CommissiOner R aum m regard to a manufactm er's b ond lS a new form that IS meetmg w1th consrderable fav0r m the trade Where the smettes are the same as last year 1t not only the e,xpense of fillmg out a new bond bub considerable txme and trouble Below IS a copy of the form We the undersigned suretxes on the bond ofmgar manufacturer, at No --do hereby consent to contmue as smet1es on saxd bond after May 1 J.8B1 We are each of us st1ll possessed of the same propex ty, as shown by schedule attached to the bond GOT TRADE HARKS. We prmt m another column the rules and regula twns that have been prepared by the Patent Office at W ashmgton for the mformatiOn and gmdance of mer chants, manufacturers and others who may wish to regrater then trade marks under tbe act of Congress wh1ch became a law o n the thrrd day of the present month The provtswns of the act are hmxted to trade marks used m commerce w1th foretgn natwns and the Indxan tr1bes because this IS assumed to be as far as Congress can constttutwnally go w1th practical ad van tage m legxslatmg on thul' subJect The lack of power m the Natwnal Legislature to make a general law for the protectiOn of trade marks IS a commercral mxsfor tune The value of such a law rs umversaUy conceded, but under the recent dectsron of the Umted States Su preme Court rts enactment rs out of the questwn, ex cept by an amendment of the Federal Constrtutwn In the case referred to the court dtd not deny that by the commerce clallSe of the Constttutwn Congress be clothed wrth authority to legislate for the protectxon of trade marks, which play so rmportant a part m com mercml mtercourse But unless the legxslatwn rs ex pressly restncted to forexgn or mterstate commerce, It becomes subJect to the constltutwnal obJectron of m terfermg with the mternal commerce of the States Tho act JUSt passed was framed w1th the v1ew of avmdmg thts fatal obJectwn With the limitation mentwned rts general p ovistons are similar to those prevrously m force exceptmg that while one of the two statutes set asrde by the Supreme Court was penal, the new act gives only CIVIl remedres It provides for the regrstratwn m the Patent Office at W ashmgton of trade marks used m forexgn commerce or trade w1th the Indxans Protectwn IS gLven to all owners of trade marks domiCiled m1th1s country, whether cxtrzens or foreigners, and whether mdrv1duals, firms or corpora tlons Any person hvmg m a foreign country may pave hxs tlade-.mark: regrstered here and thereby be come entitled to all the pnvtleges of the law, provided that fore111;n country affords protectwn to Amerrcan trade marks The act further provides that Citizens and resrdents of the Umted States may register their trade marks at the Patent Office m cases wherem thrs may be a step toward securmg protectron m foreign countnes The reg1strat10n fee IS twenty five dollars Ths term of protectron 1s thrrty years and may be renewed, but m the case of a trade mark whiCh rs used on artxcles made abroad and rs pro tected by a foreign law for a shorter term than thirty years the exclustve nght of use here wrll exptre when It exprres abroad The remed1esJar mfrmgement are an action for and an InJUnctwn Although trade marks, forexgn as well as native, protected by the common law mdependently of any tbe act whlCh now goes mto operation w1ll be welcomed notw1thstandmg Its hmrted apphcatwn Particularly m formgn countries w1ll1t have a good effect The Umted States has trade mark treaties wrth Great Brttam, France, Belgmm, Germany, AustrlB and Russ1a When the national trade mark law was set as1de these treaties became moperattve, so far, at least, as the secured b;Y them were dependent on that This caused DO httle anxiety foreign houses whose trade marks found therr way mto thrs country Some manufacturers even doubted whether therr marks would be safe from prracy at the World's Fair Exceptmg that 1t contams no penal prov1s10ns, the new law IS as effect1ve as was the old for the pro tectron of fore1gn trade marks -N. Y: Herald TOBACCO AND SANCTITY. Is the use of tobacco consxstent w1th true Chrrs tiamty1 Can a tobacco user be sanct1fiedl Is a to bacco user a fit person to be appomted pres1dmg elder? Can a Chrrstran man who behaves the use of tobacco to be smful, contiCrenttOuslywork m a grocery store where 1t 18 sold! To these questiOns, put to him by mqumng MethodiSt subscnberS, the reverend ed1tor of the New York Oh.rilltmn Advocate cand1dl_y replies It doesn't follow that a man IS not a ChrlBtian be says, because he tbmks 1t nght to use tobacco Many excellent ChnsttallS have smoked or chewed all therr hves, and nevertheles have furmshed the best evrdence of p1ety, and dted m holy tnumph." But at thrs late day, w1th all the )4bt now thrown on the effects of tobacco the editor thmks 1t Improbable, rf not IIDJl0881ble," that any man per818ting m 1te use can attain to the grace of entxre 1n thl8 life. Yet to say DO tobacco Ulel' should be suffered to OCCilpy the higher oiBOflll of the Hethodiat Epieoopal Churoh would I THE TOBACCO LEAF. be, the editor says to rule out three fourths of all the presxdmg elders the Church has ever had and several of tts most efficient btshops Indeed he thmks 1t a rather absurd mconsrstency that the Church should ex act from candrdates for the mtnistry a pledge to ab stam from tobacM, while leavmg the bishops prestd 1ng elders, mmxsters, stewards, txustees, class leaders, and prrvate members at liberty to smoke, chew or snuff at the1r own dtscxetwn To the mquxrmg grocers clerk the ed1tor rephes that, the use of tobacco not )lemg essenttally smful, he can safely contmue to sell tobacco to hxs employers customers, unless hxs con screnc11 condemns htm for so domg In that case he must look up a new JOb But we have no doubt," says the edttor of the Ohr.stan :Advocate, that St Paul never contemplated such a 'refinement of sCience ENGLISH BOARD OF TRADE RETURNS. The London Tobacco Trade Revtew m rts last monthly remarks -I he offimal accounts published for the month of Feb ruary are of a somewhat .more sattsfactorl character than previously, and encourage the h ope that trade m tobacco rs begmnmg tp Improve wrth the advance of the pre&ent year It IS not m the dtrectwn of the 1m ports however that any 1ncrease 1s observable as they have contmued light the totalrece1pts m the Umted Kingdom dwmg the two. months though 1 097 320 lbs heav1er than m 1879 were 1 ,241130 lbs shcrt of those m 1880 The tmpo x ts durmg the two months endmg Feb I uary 28 amounted to 5,028 441 pounds, amountmg m yalue to 165 The Revtew fmther remarks -Nexther could 1t be sard that there was any nnp10vement m the duty pa.xd entnes for home use as although they dtd not show so marked a d1mmut10n as m January last, they were stxll 9 640 lbs below those m Febr ua1 y 1880 and for the two months were hghter than m both precedmg years The home consumption durmg the two months end ng ]'ebruary 2B amounted to B 022,287 pounds But 1t was J.n the exports that there was a deCided recovery from the recent extremestagnatwn, he quantity taken by sh1ppers havillg been fully one t.tt1rd more than, that m t)le same perrod last year1 and the total for the tw o exceeded that m e1tner 1879 or 1880 The exports durmg the two months endmg February 2B amounted to 1,116,530 pounds unmanufaCtured and 125,469 pounds manufactured tobacco 1 ,301,999 pounds Stocks of tobacco m the bonaed warehouses of the Umted Kmgdom on the 28th ult dxd not vary much from those of a month smce or mdeed at the t>nd of February, 1BSO, and the deficiency, as compared w1th the stock m 1B79, rernailled very strrkmg as be ore not1ced The whole amount of stock on hand on February 28 was 111,382, 190 pounds unmanufactured and 3 165 643 pounds manufactured tobacco total, 114 5-f 5 and 3 and 1M at 15)>-f 5 and 3 Ohrxsttan Snyder, 1 at 15 5 and 3 Jacob Myers, % acre at 17, 5 and 3 Isaac Cook, 1 at 16 5 and 3, Nathamel Murr 1 at 15, 5 and 3, Amos Dxllei.._1 at 16, 5 and 3, Jacob Bowers, 1 at 12 5 and 3, Eh veiler 2 at 13, 5 and 3 Damel El worth, 2 at 15 and 3 In Mastic-Thomas Cummmgs sold 1 acre at 15, 5 and 3, Wrll1am Appleton, 1)4 at 15 5 and 3 John Horner, % at 16, 7 and 3, lhomas Wentz, 1?i at 17, 5 and 3, lf L Herr, 6 at 13 through, Davrd Esherman, 9 000 pounds at 23?i, B, 6 and 3, James Dougherty, 1 acre at 13, 6 and 3, Lewts MeUm ger, 2 at 17, 5 and 3 In Coleram-I H Swesher sold 1 acre at 10, 5 and 3, B F Schultz, 1M at 17, 5 and 3, J H Galbraeth 1 at 12 5 and 3, W M Flagg, 1 at 12 5 and 3, and at B, 4, 5 and 3 In Drumore-W N Drumm sold 5 acres at 20 and 4, G 0 5 at 22, for wrappers, George Colston, 1 at 16, 6 and 3 In Strasburg-Jacob Mellmger sold 4U acres m four lots gettmg from 16 to 19 for wrappers and 5 and 3 for other grades, John Groft', 3 at 20, B 5 and S, Charles Wagner, 1?i at 16, 5 and 3 Wxlliam Reshey, 1?i at 16, 5 and 3, John Cockel, 1?i at 12, 4 snd 3, Dame! Es penshade, 5 at to 16 for wrappers...._ 4 and 5 for sec onds, and 2 and 3 for fillers J:Lenry Shrffner, of Leacock, sold 4 acres at 24, 14, 6 and 3, B F Gentner, West Lampeter, 2 at 13, 5 and 8 John W e1dman, of Penn, 1M at 23, B and S Alfred Fehl, of Conestoga, 5 at 20 10 and 5, Chrrsttan Rohrer of Rapho 9 at 16 17 7 6 and 3, John Buland, of Saulsbury, 5 at 17, 6 and 3 Up m Lycommg County J H Junod, of Jersey Shore sold 72 catles of 1BBO tobacco at 14U ,through to B B Kendtg & Co 1The plants m some seed beds m the county are com fng along bravely m sp1te of the cold weather, and we of plants wxth four leaves already That the sk1ll of our farmers m growmg tobacco IS apprecl!lted, IS shown by the announcements that about a ddzen of them have entered mto contracts to go mto other parts of the State durmg the commg sea son to grow tobacco for other people who don t know how A woman of Strasburg has taken five acres of ground m Chester County, upon whxch she proposes to raise the weed, and Mrss Beckte Clemson, of Salls bury township, w 'ntes, that from one fourth of an acre of ground she raxsed 413 pounds of long wrappers wh1ch she sold at 25 cents per pound The other grades were sold at 10 and 3 and the whole brought m $83 69 She dxd all the work herself, m adurtwn to her other dutres SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. NEW YORK Baldwmsvxlle (Onondaga County) Gazette, Aprtl9Uwmg to the bad state of the weather for a week past, not much has been done m the purchasmg of 1880 to bacco The prmctpal busmcss has been m rece1vmg, 'Which has been carried on brrskly Our streets have been lively w1th teafilB drawmg m leaf Tlie sales we have to report have been mostly at from 6 to 12Uc for State, and 9 to 15c fo1: Havana Seed Nothmg to re port relative to 1B79 We presume 50 to 100 cases wrll cover the purchases o.f 1B80 dunng the week here abouts CONNECTICUT AND MASSA.CHUSETTS Northampton Aprxll2 -It 18 qmte evrdent now that most of the cheap and medmm grade tobacco as well as fine lots grown m tms town, wlll be sweat by the growers Local buyers havtng bought less th1s )ear tban usual the whole amount packed m the county by dealers w1U not exceed 2 000 cases, the Messrs Dtckersoa Bros of Hadley, havmg packed the heavrest, about BOO cases New York parties have bought qmte extensrvely m some of the up r1ver towns A few tobacco beds have been sown but the large amount of snow wh1ch st1ll covers the lJJlls of us a few miles, causes a cold wmd whJch, kjl6pll spnng back CoRRII:SPoNDENT .ilmerycan Cu.ltiVator, Apnl 9 -Trade has been less brrsk than for a few weeks past, yet the dealers are constantl,Y lookmg for such crepe as wrll w1th thexr prevrous A strong effort has been made to buy at reduced ratee, and probably one fourth of the crop baa been ilouP' for lea than the average of last fall's sales There 1s, however, a strong tendency to lJllprovement m pnces Good lots cannot be bought at anythmg less than the best prrces paid last fall, even rf as low, g10v. ers preferrmg to case th9Ir crops and hold for the sweat We grve the followmg as a synopsxs of our corre spondence -At SundAr land Trade IS slow some 10 or 12 acres were sold last week, varymg from 8c for low grade, to 12c for good Many offers of from 9 to llc refused John M Smith sold 6 !l.Cres at about 12c and M Clark 4 acres at 13 and Be At North field, a Philadelphia party has bought 1 lot of 2 tons at 10c 1 ton at B and 3c, 2 tons at 10c, 2 tons at 10c, 1lot of old, very poor, at 7e 3 tons at Sc 6 tons of old good at private terms 2 acres a t Band 3c, and l?i tons at Be Many prxme lots left m Northfield, wmt mg for higher pnces At Conway, Frank Ames sold a lot of 3 acres on p t 1 Many are anxwus to sell when faxr pnces can l;)e pa1d At lladley, 1,700 lbs Havana m bundle at llc 3,000 lbs Seed at 107fc, 2 000 lbs at p t 3 600 Havana at l7?ic 7i acxe Penn s;ylvama, 1 400 lbs at p t 2?i aCies 4 949 lbs, at llc assorted ,1'1)>-f acres at llc At Feedmg H1lls, But few l-f acres he pro cuxed nearly 10, OuO pounds, for whwh he received 22 8 and 3c OHIO Miamxsbmg Bullet.n, April 8 -Transactwns were compaiattvely hgbt durmg the week and prinCipally m lower grades, with prices rangmg c lose to Be for 1B80 leaf In the finer stock pnces heretofore quoted are mamtamed, buyers offermg and rn some mstances purchasmg at 9c and planters demandmg 10c Mr F Y Erb, of Staxke County reports bad roads and qmet market, w1th the followrng sales -3 acres at 10@4, 1 at 9@4, and 1 at 8@4 Amwell, Aprtl 7 -Tobacco rarsers have most all their tobacco (whrch IS a most splendxd crop m size as well a,s qual1ty) taken down and 11tnpped and cased, and hold the same at a prlCe whtch 1s for green (that 1s, un sweated) tobacco too hxgh Buyers come and look, but don t buy I thmk thelast years crop will brmg an extra good pnce, and will mduce raisers to plant more this year than last H H Z WISCONSIN Stoughton Oouner, Apnl9 -For the past two weeks thxs market has been the scene of conslderable actrvrty A large amount of tobacco has changed hands, and at fairly remunerative prrces to the growers The firms operatmg m this market are M Zwicker, M Johnson & Co Gunderson & Co T E Sayre, J S Hutson and Bunzel & Bardeen All the above named firms are purchasmg both Spamsh and Seed leaf The pr1ce pard for SpaniSh var1es, accordmg to quality from 6 to 12c, and the pnce for broad or Seed leaf averages about 6c A large amount of tobacco rs constantly bemg shipped to New York WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (SpeCial to TIIB TOBACCO LEAP ) KENTUCKY Montexey, April 14 I have not wntten for a con sxderable time, havmg had httle or nothmg to say Farmers m this county are makmg great preparatiOns for a large crop of tobacco this year Seed sowmg rs about over, and those who contemplate raxsmg on sod land have 1t already broken I suppose two thirds of the 1B80 crop has passed mto the hands of dealers and at good figures The remamder rs bemg held for a still hrgher pnce J W F Ballard County, Aprtl 4 -Datmg back to the rmddle of March, we have had dry, wmdy weather favorable to farmmg, but too dry for handhng the tobacco crop In this nothmg has been done for more taan two weeks, and scarcely anyth1ng dunng the present month The tobacco seed rs all sown, but up to thts time the weather contmues too cold for rt to grow Although It xs now almost April, there rs a heavy frost nearly every mght In this country such weather has rarely ever been known The clear and dry weather has afforded farmers a fine opportumty for preparmg therr lands for both corn and tobacco, and everybody has taken advantage of thrs Circumstance On the approach of really warm weather, the corn crop w hxch w1ll be unusually large here on 8.l'.count of the small area of wheat sown wxll be planted raprdly It ma;y be that the cold weather, whiCh has lasted so long wxll not prove so unfavorable to the cormng crop as It IS generally expected .But we are accustomed to such weather that many farmers are more or less discouraged, while others contend that when the cold once ceases Wll shall be favorea w1th a beautiful spnng and that every thmg wrll grow much more rap1dly than m ordmary years We feel sat1stled, however, that we need wax mer weather, and that, for the success of the crops, we must have 1t pretty soon It 1s scarcely poSSible that we can have any other than a late planting of to bacco There rs an abundance of 5eed sown, and nearly all at about the same ttme, consequently the plants must be ready to transplant at about the same penod m the season. Apnl may prove to be JllSt such a as we desire, and such a one as will produce U!eplants rapuily, ana m this case tobacco may be set out earber thallany one now expects There IS little or no doubt that the ground w1ll be ready m ample ttme The low values m the market& for the past four or five weeks have greatlyto lllacken the feelmg for an extra crop, and we have heard a many farme111 who have been m the hab1t of makmg tobacco therr chief crop say they W'ould plant none thrs year 3 Although the preparatiOns have been rather extens1ve. we look for no mcrease over the production of last ye&.r In export kmds 1t rs certain there will be no more, even w1th good opportumt1es, than there was m 1880 But very ltttle str1ppmg and scarcely any pnzmg hat! been done durmg the month G W. S Apr1112 -Last week we had two days and mghts of cold ram wmch had but httle mfluence on tobacco. That whxch was m bulk softened sufficxently to handle, but that which was hangmg m the barns did not come m order But httle tobacco m the hands of was bulked down consequelltly tb.ere will b& but httle prtzmg done thrs week unless we shouldr have a warm ram and of this there IS no xmmedmt& mdwatwn We have hothing but cold weather Th1s kmd of weather has lat!ted so that It now appears Impt:obable 1f not Impossible that we can .have any ):Jut a late crop of every kind Farmers generally be heve that the plants were about a.ll destroyed by the excesstvil cold weather of last week and the week be fore, and nearly all of them have etther resowed thetr plant beds or prepared new one.s Ord1narrly by this Hme plants are l a1ge enough to be seen at a dtstance of fifty 01 a hundrea yards and are rapidly, but now all of tile beds .at:e apparently naked Occaswnally a sickly p1ant may. ue seen but even th1s JS an exce"(ltlOn to the rule Should we be favored wtijl. warm weather, plants wxll gww very fast, but so far we have not had a smgle daJ of SpiJIDg weather-not an )lom of warm sunshme Everythmg looks hke wmter, and smce the begmmng of Aprxl we haye had four snows, one of them contmumg two days Many people, on account of thts unusual weather are becom mg dtscomaged Some say that the y have no hope of bemg able to make a crop though generally, the people are makmg preparatrons fot a c1 op and those mtm ested 1u buymg cheap tobacco say that there will be a large crop made I don t beheve this nor do those who ought to know best about these matters Fmmers wxll tell you that 1f everythmg should b& favorable for 1t there will be none but a lnedmm crop ylanted I see no mdwatwns, no preparatwns for an unusually iarge plantmg ill th1s county, and what I S true of thts county apphes to the western diS tnct of Kentucky, and pElrhaps to thee)[port producmg port10n of the State Pr1ces have undergone no notrceable change for some t1me In the marll:11ts rt has been sard that there was a briSk demand and fuller figures paxd last week We thmk, however that there has been no IIDportant differ ence m values Ltkely, the' apparent Lid vance was due to the character of the tobacco sold, and the better cond1t10n of xt Early m the season nearly all the offermgs were m soft order, and a great deal of It mfer10r tobacco We have noticed no Clty dealers m the count) for about two weeks G W S Cadiz, Trigg County, April B -I have been from home smce the begmmng of the present year, conse quently have not reported to you regula.rly I am truly grateful to you for contmmng to send me your excellent paper I hope you will contmue to do so_ Qmte a large pox twn of Lhe crop here has changed hands m a loose state Pnces m some sectrons have 1anged about as they drd last season m others some higher pnces have been pard, and m some sectrons prices have been from 25 to 50 cts below last year We have bought e 1 gl;It or rune hundred thousand Our average IS below last year, 501 em to $1 Extensrve .J preparatwns are makmg for a_ crop Plants are not killed though. the freezes have been v ery hard More or l ess Hqrley wxll be plan.ted m nearly every section Pnces of aU kmds of tobacco at thiS txm e are weak, and the tendency downward J F W Olmstead, Ky Apnl B -The :weather contmues very wmtty, delaymg preparatiOns very much for a crop He past week m snow and frost has resembled rmd wmter Every mdxcatron at present looks favorable for a very backward season A few plants are up, and there are alteady complamts of the fiy or bug upon the beds, "I) I "" 11 tll y flarly The market; fm loose tobacco uuu aL 4 Lu 6 cts and for common to choiCe crops The crop IS stxll movmg very slowly, and the roads a1e yet m.bad cond1.tron I E B Falmouth, ApnlS -We have had very unfavorable weather through the month of March for preparmg plant beds At present the ground rs covered w1th snow The roads are m such cond1t10n that rt 18 al most rmposstble for farmers to dehver their tobacco, but from mqmry I find the greater portron of the crop of 1880 IS now m the countr:y dealers' hands 1t was all received m wmter 01der The low gtades have been put on the mat ket, w htle the better tobacco l!l_yet hangmg m the dry houses W H W. TENNESSEE Ralston, Apnl1 -My reason for not wrrtmg sooner IS, that I had nothmg to mterest your readers We have had an unprecedented cold wmter, and the sprmg 1s ve::y late-three weeks later than usual and pros pects for bemg a week later At this writmg the ground 1s hard frozen and snowmg, the peach crop 18 all killed Wheat IS not advanced enough to be hurt, n e xther are the tobacce> plants, as the beds were all sowed late Preparatrons are bemg made for a full crop m about one half of the county, the other part of the county, which for the last few years has not ralSed a great deal and has about abandoned the growth of to bacco The crop will be set about half m Burley The present crop to b e marketed JS very sorry, country buyers are paymg loose 1 to 3 for lugs, and 3 to 6 for leaf, but very little brmgs the latter prxce There has not been a great deal sold yet, as farmers wrll not ac cep t the prrces offered E INDIANA Boonville, AI?rxl12 -We have not made any report from th18 section for some t1me, for the reason that nothmg of rmportance presented rtself to our vtew. The tobacco m th1s county has nearly all been sold at an average of 30, very httle remruns un I!Old The mdrcatwns are that the crop will agam be reduced m th1s sectwn An effort 1s bemg made to produce some Burley Just what proportwn of the crov will be Burley we cannot yet say Farmers find 1t Impossible to realize any profit from tobacco, whiCh must lie sold and hence those with enough land to enter mto the cultivatwn of corn, wheat etc wtll not plant much tobacco, but w1ll leave rt for ten ants and those that have but small farms 'IobaccO> has been proportiOnately lower than any other farm productxons and farmers are turnmg therr attention to stock and gram, for whxch there has been a good demand, w1th fatrlr1ces The past wmter has been the most severe an the sprmg the latest that has ever been known m this latxtude, and much of the tobacco seed 1s yet to be sown Farmers are at least one month IQ arrears wtth' their sprmg work No plowmg or plantmg has yet been done The farmers nave deter mmed to plant but httle tobacco, and w1th a favorable season, to make a good crop 1 ather than a one As the season progresses we w1ll be able to fumrsh THm. LEAF w1th more regular rEiports than for the past I J S &Co FACTORY -OFThe C1gars of th1s Factory, rmder the well known Brands {)f El Principe de Gales -AND' de Cayo Manufactured of new and best Vuelta H&V&DIII and unexcelled In quality and mak*' by any of the Havana Factories now recerved m regular weekly shipments by FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, -Ratb-ay's 01gar -factory, Montreal, a oharacter SOphia Larose ts sevent1-three yean old, and has been emJlloyed m the '' strippmg room of the Niablishment for over fifty years Dunng tme she has never been abaent dunng a smgle work-mg day, has occupied generally the I!II.IDe seat in tbe same corner of the room, and doee the same am0\1Dt; of work she d1d the day she entered.


ftiE TOBACCO MARKET. NEW-YORK. APRIL 15. l1JI tM Railroad-AS Rosenbaum & Co 12 cs, D Levy 1 do, S Ro .. m & Son 61 do, S Abraham 76 do, BuDzl & Dormltzer 1 ao, G W Gail & Ax 1 do, G W Helme 17 bxs mfd, 12 pkgs do 47 bbls snuff, 4 do, 8 crates do, 498 bxs do, 1 keg do, 6 jars do THE TOBACCO LEAF Air cured med1um to fine....... . . . 6 00@13 00 Kenttucky-trasb. . 4 00@ li 00 common Jugs.. . . . . 5 00@ 6 00 goad Jugs . . . . 6 00@ 7 00 common leaf.. . .. .. 7 50@ 8 00 medmm leaf . . 9 00 00 fn':. le!i.f . .. 10 00@11 00 ne to choice. .. .. . .. 11 50@13 00 Virginia-common and good Jugs.............. 8 00@ 5 50 common to me8mm leaf............. 6 00@ 8 00 fa1r to good leaf . . . . 8 00@10 00 selectiOns . . . . 12 00@16 00 Good do ... ll @7 Common bright lea.f ll @ 7 Good do .. 7 @9 Smokers-Common . 4 @ 6 Medium . 6 @ 7 Good ............ .... 7 @ 8 Fme and extra........... ..... 9 @13 WrapperB-Common ................ 10 @12 Medium . 12 @18 Good .......................... 18 @2ii ...................... 30 @40 xtra ................... 45 @70 APRIL 16 manufacturers are unw11ling to_gin any advance, or eveu to buy l&rgely at preeent rates. We look forward to an earl:r movemeDt here tbat will bring our pncea Dearlv In 11000rd WJth those of New York, espec1ally for strictly cnolce Laocaster CouDty tobacco, of which there is uo large stock OQ haJld and wbicb will have to l!erve until October next Followmg IB a statement of the overland receipts of cigars and tobacco Con!dgn..,. =L & E W erthe1mer . 3 1 11110 Eaberg, Bachman & Co.. l! 3 at/ 0'10 Western Leaf-The partial observance of Good Friday has diminished to some extent the volume of sales for thiS week; but the footings, nevertheless, show a very good total for the season. :Manufactureis have been freer buyers than of late, which is a stev m the nght direction, and exporters have done fairly, oonsidenng the meagerness of the demand upon them from abroad. Sales to JObbers have been of average weekly magmtude Among other transfers we hear of some small sales of new Mason County to a manufacturer. He81lrs. SAWYER, W A.LLAOE & Co. report to Till: TOBAO oo LEAl' as follows:-'l'he sales amount to 803 hhds, of wh1ch 348 for export, 133 to JObbers and 822 to manufacturers. These last two 1tems were prm Clpally old re-dr1ed Green River tobaccos, for which for a long time there had been very httle mqUlry. By tM Old Dommwn Steamslup Lur poor onse. Sales for the week 260 bhds. Wm Lewis.............. 18' 400 H RoseDfeld & Co...... 1'660 M1Cbaehtschke Bro11. '1 Castle Bros . 1 A H Gregon. .. .... 1 JAChtld........... 1 1 .. WMk. M weel<. ad week. 4UlweeiL Olh week T_. January... 841 91 10,228 10,6511 February.. 481 1148 61\l 2,921! Harcb.... 946 1,037 Mj 773 8,100 April ..... 2,013 803 2,816 R. HAG&DORN .-Receipts this month-Western 2 ,283 hhds. Last year, 1,589 hhds J'rom New Orlean 2 do. 15 d9. do. Baltimore. 379 do. 103 do. do. V ll'glJll& 705 de. 688 do. Total ..... 3,369 hhds. Total ... 2,890 hhds. Rece1pts this yearWestern 13,538 hhds. Last year, 9,829 hhds. J!'rom New Orleans 42 do. 75 do. do. Baltimore. 642 do. 127 do. do. Virgmia .... 5,611 do. 6,466 do. Total...... 19,833 do. 15,997 do. Exp't Manf Job' ra. Specu Unk'n. Total EW for the week 349 322 21 692 hds Sa.lea for the moDth 2,148 493 64 2, 706 hds for the week, 1,187 hbds For the month, 2,032 hbds At New Orleans Rece1pts f10m Jan 1 to April 9, 1881, 1 149 hhds, agrunst 1,277 hhds m 1880, sales thiS month, .. exports foreign, 22 hhds; domestic. 22 hhds, against in 1880. Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared April 9, 879 hhds. Vlrgmw Leaf -Manufacturers have purchased bnght and dark wrappers and smokers dunng the week. By tM Ctntral Railroad of New -E & G Friend & Co 44 cs, E Hoffman & Son 7 do, D11Is & CullmiWD 50 do, Schwarz & Weil14 do. By tM New York and NNJ HaTJe"fl Steamboat Ltru Wm Eggert & Co 89 cs, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 62 do. Frischen & Roess 2 do, D Levy 22 do, A L & C L Holt 6 do, G Balomon & Bro 30 do, L 31 do; C R Sp1tzner & Son 25 do, A Cohn 40 do, F Sm1th 9 do By ]'(et!J York and Hartford StJmbo;&l lAMStrobn & Reitzenstem 87 cs, Dills & Cullman 17 do, F Schulz 10 do L Gershel & Bro 18 do; E Beringer 11 do, Jos Mayer's SoDs 282 do, Chas F Tag & Son 2 do, Schwarz & WeillO do By IM North Rlel' .Boat1-0rder 318 cs. ()oast'IIJ'IU from :NetJJ OrleamW m Eggert & Co 10 bales, Kin ney Tobacco Co 211 cs Btl tM :NetJJ York and .Baltimtm! Tramporlatwn lAM G Amsmck & Co 50 hhds, 1 box, E Bach & Son 10 ca leaf, A Cohn 7 do, 1 box do, Order 141 hhds, 1 box do. Goa8t11Jwe (rom Kt11 Wut-F deBary & Co 2 cs c1gars, W A Leggett & Co 8 do, M Barranco & Bro 2 do, Perea Bros 11 do, N B Mannmg 5 do, E H Gato 4 do, L P & J Fr&Dk 5 do, Powell & Coleman 1 do, I Ellinger & Co 3 do, A del Pmo 2 do, H R Kelly & Co 13 do, 3 bales cutt mgs; R 8 Studmger 2 cs cigars, ll sacks scraps -----QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. TOBACOO I!ITA.TEIIIEN'l'. Jan 1, 1881-Stock on handm tobacco warebguses and on shipboard not cleared ............. 21,486 bbds Inspected th1s week . . . 369 bbds Inspected prevJously this year . . 1, 280 bhds 23,18/i hbds Exports of Maryland and Ohio smce January 1 . . ... j,110 hbds Shipped coastwiSe and re 1D8pected 1,863 hhds 5,978 bhds Stock 1n warehouse this day and on shipboard not cleared ................................ 17 162 bhds Stock same t1me m 1880 . 17.130 hbds Nanufacturtd Tobacco--Busme .. contmues fa1r m th1s branch, the demand, however, bemg mostly for low and medmm grad68. Pr1ces Without chaDge CHICAGO. Dl., Apnl 13 -Mr George C. Tate. re prelientmg C F. Rme. IlllWUfacturer of fine c1gars, New York, reports to THE TOBACCO LEuo -Dealers m leaf and manu factu red tobacco say they have no reason to complam of the state of trade, takmg all things mto cons1deratwn, but 1t 1s not what was expected for the month of April Our busmess prophets that have been predictmg a large spnng trade, appa rently have made a m1s take, unless lL comes later in the season Some of our merchants say we will not have any boom m trade until next fall, as the sprmg season is open1ng so late that far mers will have all they can do to get their crops m many kmd of season, and, of course, here in the West 1t haS a ten de Dey to lessen tra.ftl.c The c1gar trade 18 unproving some, w1th a pros pect of bemg better Imports for the we& -Apr1l 8 W. H Scbimpferman & Son, 1 case c1gars; Best, Russell & Co, 6 do, Cbapm & Gore, lido QUOTATIONS Trash to common Juga . 2 60@ 3 00 1tledmm teo good lugs 3 25@ 4 00 Common leaf . . 3 80@ 4 50 Medmm leaf. . . 4 1!0@ 1> 50 Good leaf II 75@ 7 00 HENDERSON, Ky., April 11 -Mr Posey Marshall reports to Tmr. T27 75 cs. 1879 Wisconsin. . 4 @5 Spanillh.-For Havana tobacco the 1nqUJry appears to li.ave been moderate smce our last, the reported sales amounting to enly 250 bales, at 85@$1.20 Manufacturei.l-Manufactured, or plug tobacce, has been m fa1r request both for home use and export, with an improved mqmry for the latter purpose. Local manufacturers report a steady trade, with eVJdences of increased activity. Smoking-The demand for popular styles of smokmg tobacco contmues good. Cagars-The week shows no change in the c1gar market. Busmess J8 fall', but not briSk. CigaNxxl; Cedar--The movement of stock has been moderate dunng the past week. The quotat1ons are: llexJcan cedar, 11@12" cents per foot; Cuban, 9"@ 11 cents. Stock on band about 2,850 logs. DIPOBTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from fore1gn porta tor the week mclnded the follov n ng coWIIglllllents Carthagtna-Order 60 seroons London-Jansen & Co 20 bales tobacco, Order 3 cs c1gars. Rio dt E Outerbndge 2 cs c1gars Jla11ana-Tobacco-F GarCia. Bro & Co 231 bales, Carl Upmann 72 do H Scbubart & Co 230 do, We1ss Eller & Kacppel108 do. M & E SalomoD 406 do, G W Ga1l & Ax 43 do, Lozano. Pendas & Co 124 co, Laurenzo Sanchez 68 do, Almuall & Co 43 do, Bartram Bros 2 do, F Alexandre & Son s 24 do, W1se & Bendhe1m 1 case cut Cgars-Purdy & N1cholas 28 cs. Lozano, Pendas & Co 6 do, Esberg, Bachman & Co 7 do G W Faber 22 do, A Cohn 1 do. S Lmmgton s Sons 11 do, :&bcbaehs & Lmdeman 4 do, Chas r Bauer & C 4 do, Howard Ives 5 do, A OweD 19 dlo, J & W Sehgmann & Cn :1 i1n H B Jackso n 1 do, Alex .Murphy& Co5do, Downmg, .1.; Co 4 do Park & Tilford 31 do, Acker, Merrall & Condit 28 do, F GatCUJ, B10 & Co 12 do Od10 & Perozo 1 do Jas E Ward& Co 11 do. C B Perkins, Boston. 2 do F Alex andre & SoDs 37 do, Merchants D1spatc h Co 11 do, Order 14do. EXPORTS From the port of New York to fore1gn ports for the week were as follows Alw.tnte-467 hbds. Antwerp-29 hhds. Argentt m Republ2 lbs) mfd Dutch Weirt bates, 106 pkgs lbs) mfd. O..noa--268 hhds. GIMgOtD-li31>kgs (8,088 lb s ) mfd /TJJmburg-0 hbds, 42 cases, 7 p,kgs'(552 lbs) mfd. hhds. Hay-8 hhds Japan-1 case .Leglwrn-48 hhds LI'D!-82 hhds 1 case, 2 pkgs (S54lbs) mfd Londo'IV-82 hhds, 109 pkgs (21,107 lbs) mfd. Marseille s-tO hbds N_._1 pkg (120 mfif Oporto-10 l1hds 'i I Porto Rio<>-55 bales U. S of Colo7nlr mfd, 107 bxs do, 10 J4 bxs do, 111 "bxs do, 82 bxs do, 596 ,!.(-bxs do, 69 Ya j)xs do, 20 110tb bxs do, 10 116th bxs do, 297 eMs do, 63 cads do, 10 .Joi cads do, 19 kegs do, 69 cs Cigars, 11 do Cigarettes, 47 bbls snut!, 4 do, 45 cs do, 3 crates do. 498 bxs do 1 keg do 6 Jars do. 3 bxa samples, cons1gned as follows Btl tlu JDrV Rail1'0ild-J H Jl1oore & Co 44 hhds. &wyer, Wallace & Co 144. do, Pollard Pettus & Co 172 do .BucbaDan & Lyall41 do, D J Gartb,..Son & Co 43 do, Reynes Bros & Co 26 do; H S1ebert 1il1do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co 5 do, Kremel berg & Co 10 do, C E J3111!0 do Oelnchs & Co 12 do, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 16 cs, N Laohenbtuch & Bro 1188 do, Wm E gert & 8e Hi Kay.,.. a Sons il8 da., C H Sp1Lzner & 88 do, Havemeycrs & V ige llus 49 do. G P L1es & Co 46 do, Ordllr 1M hhds, 11 cs .... R...._Kerbl.tSclh .. li!Ocs 0 UpBMDD. 151 do: J S Qana Son & Co 44 do: G 8&l.omon lit Bro GO do; Bon 183 do 8cb:wars & Weil ij do, Kimhall, G"uDser & Oo 61 dol Order 290 do. .a,: tAle /.t,__8awy.-.-'lallace & Co 104 hll4s-, HT SU6P l2 WBSTBBI'f LEAP. LUJI-. 5\i@ l5li Commen 7 @ 8 .Medium 8 @10 Good VIBGil'IIIA LEAP. FIDe mahogany 115 Common bright 16 Good bright 26 Fme brignt 35 Extra bright 06 AIOUILS BaiGBT. Common 8 15 @!,! Good !j 20 @-FIDe 17 SEED LEAP. e 0\'li NKW You:-Crop .1879--.AJB>ned lo Oommoo to medium Good 8 @II OHIG-Crop 1878-A.saoned lots Wrapper!! WIIIOO!IlllN-Crop iti18-Asaoned lots Ha.v8.IIA Seed Wrappers IIP.I.NIIIH LEAP. Si.1"AIU. Fiu.Da--Common G004i Fine Superior YAJU-1 and n euta assorted D cute J!l.l.l'IIUPACTUBED TOBACCO. l'luca "' BoxD-Tu 16 CDTII PER PoUND. Bu.CJ<&-ti%016 7 010 12 Oi8 6 14 10 @15 llmiCrop llO ll6 88 95 100 110 115 61%@ 6\')i 92)i@l00 100 @150 880 lOs, 128, and j41bsl8@15& 18@1!8 Na.vys 14@16 & 180111! fit:: Navy JOB or Pocket l'ieeea i4ail2 0 :; Negrohead -21@1111 CIGAR II. 111040 H&'n...a. per)( $5001l!O j Seed per lll S-and llav&DA per lll 40@ 90 GBANI1LATED lll-'IOIUNG TOB.I.CCO. Hedlum to good $11604G I Good to :line 111'111PP. to dlacounl to Ule wholesale trade. Ma.ccaboy -62@65 jAmer1can Gentleman --@-78 Bootch and Lundyfoot 62@-65 Rappee, French -72@-71; 8P.un&ll-HQ C" "F G" hWallisEx. 'Pilar" ';DC yO&' ,"lf'&Oo" St.erry Ex. "La. Rosa.,, 10Huelva.," "Ma.gnet," "8.' LICORICE PASTE. "T W 8" t A. v s' "G' 11Star," "l'd I up G" "LA VUELTA .I.HA.:JO" CIG.I.B PL.I.VOB. 18 i8 18 I 8 21 18 M Pi00nt I Pint 1 Gal (8_p1nts) 5 Gal Lots 10 Gal 12 $6 00 $40 00 $35 per Gal. $30 per Gal I 1 Eastern Markets. I I [BOSTON, Apnl 14 -Our specm l correspo ndent repods The tobacco ma1 ket IUies quwt, w1tbout nny spec1al featmes of interest, owmg mostly to tM unfavorable weather. Kentucky-The arnvals are slow, and such that does find 1ts way qmte mfenor, a!'d not adapted to the wants of sh1ppers Seed Leaf-Commaes to move m a mo derate way and wbat finds a ready sale rs line !lavana Seed and PeDDsylvam&. Havana-In ths Jme JS no great change. demand st1ll bemg for fine iillers, of wh1ch market IS somewbat bare 1 Cigars-Manufacturer cl!}lm to bave a goqd 1W1tb oroers abcad for H'lvana filled 'fhe 1mported are jindmg sale, the qua11ty off to "-gteat extent Manufactme1s of s molung and p1ug find a s teady sale, "\ni h a CODttnued grOWth Ill s:-Jes ,tor P HILADELPliiA, AJlrii14 -Mr A R Fougeray, To b.lcco Manufacturers Agent. reports to 'l'J!E TOBACco LE:Alf' Tee pe;st week busin ess s howed unm1s tak ab l e sgns oi JD}..Pr,ove ment m the demand f01 manufactured hmd tobacco, especially Ill A ]lfo: 1 grades, wb1ch now hrong the market, 1n fueL nevet h1story of the trade wa there so many excelle nt brands M goo ds m every shape ani:! style ofte ed as now 1\IanufacturCis have done tbeu part well, >t rcmnms to be seen 1f an appreCiatmg public can be found Pr1ces bo d steady F'im Cuts-Moderately haDdled Smoking 1bbacco-A fan trade domg I I C.yarB-Manufacturers are not domg a heavy businesS, but admit trade equally as good as they expected Bnuff-Movmg agreeably 1 Recelpts-896 boxes, 5,418 caddies 721 cases, .,nd 208 of fiDe cuts I Exported of manufactured tobacco. To Liverpool, per steamer Br1t1sh Crown, 2,240 lbs Sud L to Tllll 'l'oBACCC LEA.J" as f ollows -Rece1pts of leaf tobacco cQntmue light, though there 1s some werease over th(} week The market remains qmet, with h o lders very firm for both ?tlary land aDd Ohio, m aDtlCipatwn of the reqmrements of sb1ppers when the season opena. QUOTATIONS. and fros!f!d . . f 2 000 3 1i0 'Bound COIIIInon . . . 4 00@ 00 good do ......... '.... 5 00@ 6 00 m1ddling . . 6 8 00 good to nne red. . 8 OOlOOO fancy . ." ....... .' 10 00@14 00 upper country . . 4 00@16 00 ground leaves new ( . .. 8 00@ 8 00 Obio-LDfer10r t. good couunoa.. . 1 3 00@ 4 50 greerush !IDd )Jrown . 110@ I 00 to fine reeL . 6 5046 II 00 common to medium spangled 1 6 00@ 8 00 ftne spangled to yellow.. ll QOOlli 00 changed. Hhds Bxs New... 892 26 Old.......... 99 Total o.ffermgs for week do reJections do 981 8/iS 26 1 Actual sales for week . . 638 25 The total oJfenngs at auction for the week just closed, aDd the expued port10n of the current month and year, also com pansons, were as followa ..--:llONTH---.. Hhds Bxs Hhds. B:u. 1881....... 991 26 1,09? 87 1880 ....... l M9 8 2,1811 20 18711.... 441 4 1 ,1160 12 1878 . . 388 2 1,187 5 1877 204 3 601 7 QUOTATIONS. New. Outttng Lea(-CoJDmon dark lugs 3 00@ 4 00 Common bngbt smokmg Jugs 4 50@ 5 50 :&1edmm do do 6 00@ 7 00 Good do do 7 00@ 9 00 Common br1ght stnpp1ng lugs 6 00@ 7 liO Medmm do do do 8 00@ 9 00 Good do do do 10 00@12 00 Fine do do do 14 00@16 00 Medmm br1ght leaf . .. 13 00@15 00 Good do 16 00 00 Fme do 19 00@22 00 :NANUI!'ACTUltiNO-PLUO STOCK. Hhds Bxs 15,845 272 15,164 231 7 ,007 12 12,662 158 8 ,776 232 Old 4 00 5 50 6 00@ 7 00 700@800 8 00@10 00 750@850 9 00@11 00 12 00@15 00 16 00@18 00 15 00@17 00 18 00@20 00 22 00@25 00 Common dark and trashy fillers 7 00@ 9 00 10 00@12 00 Med 11llers, some color and body 11 00@13 00 15 00@18 00 Goodtillers ,redcolor&goodbody 15 00@17 00 20 00@22 00 F1ne fillers, bnghL do do 18 J U @20 00 22 00@24 00 H A. RIChey reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as fol lows.-The excuse for my long s1lence JS the fact that there has been to say except the same story of dull trade, bad weather; dJBconsolate dealers and broken up factory dru=ers, fc.r the past three months. The consumption of tobacco and cigars, notably the latter, has been considerably curtailed the past wmter Espectally, the labormg classes have been compelled to curtail m quantity and reduce m quality therr usual luxury on account of enforced idleness. Meanwhile, compet1t10n to catch the !muted demand current has forced cuttmg of prices to the extent that no contract appears to be sacred, 1t matter s not how strong 1t 1s wruten In View of this, one of the prmc1pal Western manufactories 1s now canvassing the1r customers to open the questwn of abandonment of the old contract and substuutmg the rebate plan, VJZ sellmg at card pnces and every s1ty days, on J Obbers certifymg that they have not sold bolow card 1ates, refund to them the1r margin of p1 oflt This lays the party haple to cr1mmal proceedmgs Jf detected m cuttjng card prices afte1 collectmg rebate, on the ground of certJfymg tp a falSehood and obtammg money on false representatwns Anythmg appears to b e liatlsfactory to the trl\de, so 1t ts contract prlCe, and the same iS sus tamed The canvaBB so far 1s reported as Six to one ill favor of reba \e. The prJCe of White Burley tobacco (new 1880 crop,) IS firm, at a bas1s of 3c per pound last ye&J's fi&"ures, and w1ll lose money to manufacturers who w1sh to sustam tJ1e1r urnform quaht) unless an ad vance of at least 4 cents per pound can 'pe made on fine navy plug. In View 'of the dull demand and over to mtroduce goods, the prospect of advaucmg pr1ces Js shm, and the manufacturers' chances of a 1osmg year's busmess cor1espoudmgly large. SpeCial brands are qmte popular w1th leadmghouses who have the.ab1hty and w1ll to mtroduce them smce With the savmg of a ll advert1smg and other uxunes current WJth most stand!ud brands tbey areJ Efnabled to pmchase much cheaper Green River and Southern Kentuckv leaf has become cheap plug,,and a good artiCle of pl11g m these grades can be fmmshed a t pnces that rue attractmg conBJd-erable favor. 1 Fme-cut chewmg has very litt'le attentwn_ from job-bel s 111 th1s sect10n Smokmg holds a fau demand, esPecially m cut and dry and cheap Cigars -I sympatbu:e with the arrry of Eastern drummers who have been cot;Rpelloo to encounter the frowns of buyers, and, worse still, of their employers, the past three months None have been more mdus tnoue than they, and I Clave for them the of the '"boBS," for "pickmgs" have been slim for the best. Like plug tobacco, tbe Cigar busmess 1s bemg much overdone, and unleBB a change for the better IS soon maugurated, man-) will fall b;r the ways1de 1 You w1ll doubtless notJC e the 11Ss1gnment_ of our old friend J J Bomface. He came to thJS CJty a year ago and manufactured c1gars for the JObbJng trade. FJnd mg Jt JmpOBBJble to w1th Eaar.ern goods, he tried JObbmg 'J.'he Class Of CUBWmers and slOW COllOO t10ns d1sgusted h1m, and he has for three months been trymg to sell out and qmt The ass1gnment I under stand, Is-srmply to r elease hJm from and per sonal supermtendence. 'l'he assets are BaJd to be three tunes the hability, whJCh is small. He goes East to look up a new vocat1ow CLARKSVILLE, Teun April 13 -Messrs. M H qark & Bro Toba cco Brokers report to Tmr. TOBACCO LEAF Our rece1pto coDtinue moderate, and our sales for the week cndmg to day were 2110 hbds Tbe msrltet was active aDd strong on all grades, w1th a full advance 9( to J4c on all to haccos showmg body even moderately lt would appear s m r;ular to see such a decided advance m our market at a t1me when the seaboard markets but our buyers arc Dearest to the crop aDd tjunk they Judge best as to the s upply and that New York Will have to r es pond ID due time Our markllt iS now at tile outsJde extreme or our quotations. Q\lOTATIONII. CommoJ;Jiugs .................. 3%@ 4.).( Good Jugs . . Common leaf .. 6 Medmm leaf . ... 8 G8od leaf . . . 8"@10 Fine JpAf 8eJectiOU8... .. . . The weathet" coDt!nues ramy, but 1s moderating 1n tempera tore. AU of, our water->urses are rap1dly. DANVILLE, Va.. April 13 -Paul C. Venable. Leaf To baccll Brokef, reports to Tmr. '!'oru.oco LEAF as fellowa. We are now having a fine ramy seBSon, wh1ch will causo a of tobacco for some t1me to come 'For a week past our sales haTe been onlyo moderate ID am011nt, but are mcreasing every day. Pricea coatiiUI8 very Ready on all gtllds. QUO'I'.A.'riOlll. dar.klngs 8 0 ComDioA lelf .... 0 G Kentucky Assoc1at10n 68 llli 1 334 Farmers' : . . . 115 166 1 '888 Enterpnse . . 60 79 1;130 Totals ........ 1,121 '1,751 Year 1880 . . 987 2,880 Y e ar 1879 .............. 1,254 3,644 Year 1878 .. ...................... 1,167 3,101 Sales for week and year, dinded as follows 19,240 1e,828 14,227 20,172 Wuk Year. Original new ......................... .,..... 682 12,6118 Or1gmal old . . . 112 2, 745 New reVIews . . . . . . 194 1 ,640 Old reVJews . . . . . 133 2 ,157 Sales of crop of 1880 to date 14,227 hhds, ai&lnst 12,519 hhds of crop of 1879 to date 1n 1880 In the past week there was only one day ram, the temperature iS more moderate to day but 1t JS r81nmg hard at this wr1tmg 'fhe soft spell will eDab le farmers to handle and market the u tobacco. ao we look for more hbeml receipts tb10ugh the month Pnces have ruled very steady at last quo tatiOns Breaks geDerally of pvor quality, and mostly d&rk heavy tobaccos OccasiOnally we have a day With a good s bowmg of Burle ys, the upper grades of which go boommg at from 17@22c w1thout trouble A few common Ke dt ucky and Vng1ma br1ght wrappers sold on the breaks this week at 8c for the former, and for the latter QUOTATIONS1880 CROI'. Bodied -. Red Dark. Red Bright. 3 5 @6Jii 6 @8 Common lea! m4 ti :u Good leaf 49:1. @ @ 6\j 12 @14 1 8 @16 Fine lea! 6 @ 6Jii@ 8 14 @17 1 5 @19 Selections 8 @ 10 17 @19 19 @28 The above fi.e;ures for m good merchantable conth bon, 1f not, from 72:@2c less. *l'Jug maKers' kmds. MAYFIELD, Ky., Apnl g -Mr W. S Melloo reports to THE TonAcco LE:..ur as foll ows -Our tobacco market this week seems to be firmer and more act1ve es peCially for Jugs and the better grades of leaf l:lales, 25 hhds Rece1pts contmue hght, owmg to the very dry and har s h weather But 1t IS now rauung, and I tbmk we shall have a good season for handlmg t he weed Sales to date, 207 hhds same date l ast year, 743 de I don't thmk there will be sold 'over 4500 hhd s on tb1s th1s year The farmers lost a great many o f then plants from fro st, but have resowed the1r beds, and I thmk there will be plenty of plants unless they should J5e de stroyed hereaft er by frost o r bugs QUOTATIONS Lugs-Common to medmm 111edmm to good Leaf-Commo n . Medmm .. Good Fme-None offermJl: NASHVILLE, Apr 12 -W. A Bethel, Leaf Toba cco Broker, reports to 'l1mr. ToBACco LEAF as follo ws Our Jllarket closed s trong w1th an upward teDdency Holders jet go very reluctantly, espec1ally smce the co ld snap set m, many bel!ieVJng the p lants ate k11led. But 1t w11l ta"ke o nly a few days to convince them to the contrarr. as tbe weather at tlus wntmg is warm and wet Rece1pts s1n.ce Jnn 1 by nvcr to all pomts, 531 hhds 1 This iDcludes Nashville Lomsv 11le New Orleans and N ew York. Nashville rece1pti smce April 1, 110 hhds, sales, $6 do; r e JectiOns, 21 do Q UOTATIONS Lugs--Low to medmm. 3 50 4 00 Good . !. . 4 00@ 4 00 Leaf-Low . . . . 4 25@ 4 75 Medmm to medmm 4 75@ 5 25 Good ,. 5 50@ 6 50 Afncan sorts. . . 6 50 7 liO ;NEW ORLEANS, Apr 9 -The 'Priu Current says Cuttmg grades are quoLed at 4,\!4:@51)4 and 8c for Jugs, antl at 7@12c, and as h1gh as Hie, for leaf (sound colory commands au advance of For the quota t10ns are -Low lugs, good, 4%', low leaf 5),(@5! med1um, 6t@7, good and fine, 7!@8, selections, 10@12 1 STATEKENT OF TOBACCO. I Stoc>lf on haDd Septc,mber 1, 1880. ............ Arnved past 3 days . . . . 27 Amved previously 1629 Exported past 3 days . 19 Exported prevwusly ... ......... 1,7M Broken up for bahni, 1 c1ty con sumpt10n, etc .......... 1,773 1,860 Stock on hand and on shipboard.... .. ........ do last ye;u.... . . 1,182 PADUCAH, Ky., April 18 -Mr. T H Puryear Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to Tn:& ToBAcco Llu.l!' re ce1pts have been held m check by cold and unfavonble weather and consequently our have re1111UDed very small But I am happy to say that a line handling season has COII\e on, aud soon full breds may reasonably be expected Vl/th thts the ca se, I hope to see pnces become adJulited to tbe seaboard tmd fore1gn markets, and th e quality of a character that wJII be some mducement to bu yers to stock up Without feelmg that they are gettmg somethmg wh1cb DO one else w1ll evPr want The past few weeks our rece1pt s and s"les h!\Ve each aver J>ged aboullOO hbds per week. Quahty hilS been umformly 1nfenor and pnces have ruled h1gher for all grades and kinds, especially very receDtly QUOTATIONS. . ...... Medmm ............... j}ood .. . .. ...... Leaf-Common ............ Medmm .............. Good SAN FRANCISCO, 3 -The JLucM.nt -The blockade on the Umon Pac1fic Railroad caused by the Platte Valley fioods IS sadly mterfermg w1th the trade m East ern c1gars The local trade pursues the even teDor of 11s wav but manufacturer& are hardly domg more than meeting the rfe' manll on their stock of goods The. compl&nts of a reduced margm of profits 1n workmg Seed leaf tobacco, and of tho slowDe .. of returns from the country, are heard OD all SJdes MaDufactured 'l'obacco-0ur leading houses say their trade Is fa1r, cut Jn some cases ba:-dly up to that done last week. AlmOlit all orders from the couDtty contam some wbJcb cannot be filled m conseq of sorts hav1ng run out durmg the blockades oq the overland ti"OUte STATESVILLE, N. C., Apr 12 -Me .. rs Jourgensen & Co., of the Cash Tobacco Warehouse, report to Tmr. 'l"eBAoco LE..ur -The Improvement m the weather 1s largely mcreaa mg the volume of busmess Buyers are rece1vmg new aDd large orders from other States. Bradstreet's statement that our North Carolina 1880 crop Is over 50 IDlllion poundslS being Tenfied. WINSTON, N.C., Aprll13 -P H Hanes & Co, manu facturers of plug twiSt and fancy chewmg tobaccos, report to Tim ToBACCO LEAl!' -Breaks contmue light, w1tb no e1ther m or quahty of offenngs The weather 1s now warm and the prO!!pects for a season good, and, ILil farmers are anxiOus to market theu crops, we look for heavy sales next week Q'C"OTATIONS. F1Uers, dark common (lugs)...... . S @ 4 do do (leaf) 4 @ do medmm bnght... .. 8 do good . . . 8 @12 Smokers, common brown 3 @ 11 do medmm bnght 5 @ 8 do fancy . . . 8 @li'i Wragpe1s, common . . 8 @12 o medmm bnght. . . . 12 @16 do good . . 16 @30 ao goBdmahogames.. . 30 @45 do fancy bught . ... -41> @70 Foreign Markets. AltiSTERDAM, Mar. 29 -Meaars. Schaap & Van Veen, Tobacco Bwkers, report to THE ToBAcoo LJUJP -For Amencan tobacco our market remams still very dulL Ne1ther 1mports nor sales took place Bu smess m Java was very 1mportant For good colored and ieafy c1gar tobacco full pr1ces have been pa1d For scrubs (cutting kinds) there was a good demand, though there were more or Je .. bad fiavored 6757 bales were sold, while 8S8 bales were not granted, the fenngs bemg too low m the opm10n of the 1m porters A lot of 888 bales TurklSh found buyers at reasoDable prices The transactiOns m Sumatra CODSisted of 735 bales mostly tine tobacco, wb1ch brought good pnces Of tb1s kmd we expect 8000 bales on the 12th of tbe followmg moDth m the market. Imported -5707 bales Java, 2445 do Sumatra, 888 do Turkish, Stock to da y -1196 hhds 1\Iaryland, 172 do KeDiucky 60 do VIrgmla 29 do stems, 150 hales MaDila, 4500 ilo EDguBh East lnd1an, 3256 do Java, 7014 do Sumatra BltEl\JEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furnishes the followmg report of the market under date of Apr. 2: -The followmg iS a statement of the movement in hogshead tobacco m the Bremen market for the week ending Apnl 2 .Bav Ohio Berube .Md Va K_v SteDliJ. Stock onb.&D.d Mar 96,1881 444 7,71 1 2 1 6 1,100 2,713 4,2il J,081 68 10 146 Delivered 444 t 8S9 20 2i5 2 na 4,281 !1,177 911 171 424 889 215 1,1!10 2 615 4,110 2,17'7 80 !IS 171 The market durmg the week has been more firm, aJthough there was rio perceptible mcrease m the de or the amount of busmess transacted. There transact10ns m Ke;1tucky and V1rgm1a leaf, "1liich w'ere mamly composed of old stock and 801Jle lots for fine cut smokmg Puces remamed un changed1 because holders were mo1 e firm m their de mands, owmg to recent adv1ces from the United States About 170 hhds Kentucky and ioo V1rgmia leaf cbauged hands The monopoly questwn 1s st1ll d1sturbmg the m arket, although the recent dlBCUBBlOn of the., subJect. m th13 ReJChstag has bad a good effect, and 1f there lS no 1mmedrate danger that a monopoly wlll be resorted to, a good bu,mess m tobacco may shortly be expected. I LONDON, Mar 23 -Messrs Grapt, Chambers & Co, repon to Tmr. ToBACCO L:s:..ur as foHows -There hall been DO IJus mess doDe dunng the pas t week m Amencan a nd very little mqmry has bt

---B.A. V .A.N" .A. Leaf Tobacco, 1 LOZANO, .. Brand _. .&. To :a .&. c c o i.taoe Pli!I.&.RX.. &T:R.EET,. "YC>E't.:&::;. '-HYDROITE ..... .A.:u.e-.gv Tobacco Preerv-a"t:l:ve: J'"U.&"t "'QU:b.a;t "the Trade :u.eed.! Keepo l'baeCut, Plq aad Leaf To'baooo and Cigal'a Hoist, and prevento Moldinc; ia perfectly Taste leu, aDd doeo not aBeot tile llavor of tile To'baoco in any way. In using it, tilere io no interference witil tile }ll'00811a of, ond Tobacco can 'be prepared aa uanal. We havo duplioato Ol'llcuoo fl'om thoaa who have uoed it. All we ask is a triel to convince :rou of ita value. Cheap and EooaomicaL PriCe oalrft pOl' Gallon, ol' 25c per Pint. Yorrurtbe rlD.t o riiiJlti onaddreu M:. MICHAELIS, 202 Fulton Street, NEW YORK. .J, A, BELVIN, BELVliN SIEBER,. :rtiANtl'FA.CTlJRERS OF FINE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 16, 18 & 20 Seventh St., and 2, 4 & 6 Hall Pl.,'"' Coop:n:::::ute, New York. SITUATION WANTED.-To travel as salesman to sellw the jobbing trade for a fine-cut or plug factory, by a mau of seven years' experience as a jobber himseJf. Best of references given. 843 Address, Box 204, Salem, 0.';: FOR SALE OR RENT.-At Flushiog,,Long Island, a substantial Brick Building, immediately oppo site Bridge Street Depot; three flool'!l, about 80 each ; several lots and stable; suitable for country store or manufacturing purposes. Will alter to sUit desirable tenant. Possession at once. Verylow.rental. a,n, 'tec;J.. Apply toW. E. LEAVITT,G3 Broadway, New York, or 1,000 Tons Tobacco Stems; in lots of not less than one ton (2,000 lbs,), for which I FOR SA.LE.-A tresh supply of lOO,OOOpounds genu can pay $8 per ton in New York, or $11 per ton de-ine "DEERTONGUE" FLA. VOR for smoking toba.ccG livered in Thompsonville. manufacturers, in lots to suit purchasel'll, at lowest H. K. BRAINARD, figures. MARBURG BROS., 841-844 Thorn sonville, Conn. 145, 14'T and 149 S. Charles Street, Baltimore. BRADSTREET'S A JOURNAL OF Trade, Finance and Political Economy. Tms JOURNAL covers a ground the extent of which i s occupied by ao other publication, and forms an invaluab'ie work. of reference to the merchant and manufacturer R EGULAR A N D TRUSTWORTHY CORRESPOJ..."DENCE, furnished by experts, expressly for this journal from all the principal trade centres of this country, ia cmbncM ia its columns. THE CONDITION AND PROSPRCl'S of the vari ous markets are carefully recorded, and the possib.1ities and opportuai ti es for trad e are demon5tntcd as by no other mediwn extant. e e Q U E S TIONS OF' COMMEitCIA.L INTEREST and are t'i.!lly and ably .uSied ediJori,ally, without yi:qf'udice:, by some of the moo t rcs1!QilSible writers and statiSticians of th e tiw e. ..._ THE nusnmss CHA.NGJts occurring in the United States and Canada-such as Cailura, dissokations of partnerships, chattel mortgages, etc., etc-.-are printed in each issue,. and the Jist is more complete and. comprehensive than can he obtained throush any otber source. THE 'cJRCU LA T ION OP' THIS JOURNAL beinc a mont tJae best merchants, manufacturers, and banking institution s of not ooly thi& country but many it _prese nts an czcellent advertising opportunity to a I.Jilllited awnber ot 6rstclass banks, corporations, and business firms:. THE BRADSTREET COMPANY, 279 2llr, 283 BROADWAY, NEW Yo:ruc. 1Fiv t Dollars j ar yedt' Leaf Tobacco, Nos. 203-2.09 Ea t 33d Street, 'Y'c:rk. coz..xv:mn.. <-AGEXT;> Va.,_ -. PROPRIETOR AND SUCJCESSOR TO DLIVR & ROBINSON'S. PLUG, SMOKING. JOBACCO and CIGARETTE BlJSINESS. 'ho celebrated brands formnlr-! --D. W. Crbuae, G, w. Crouse, G. W, Haaudlo IZ -:m"ta.'bU.hecl. ::a.aae.--c::Ba"ar 1Wan"'1fa.c"tUrer:s, --AND-Dea1ers i.rl 01aaral Office: 643 PeiHI Street ; Warehouses: 636 Court Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, '" :E-.A.. W"' LIU'Ir Bu78ft wtl1 :lind 'it to tkai1' ia.tereat to ool'l'eopo witil LIQUORICE The undersigned continues to manufacture atnd Import 8panlsh and Turkish Liquorice Paete, which he offefi!B to tiM Trade at Reduoed Prices. Manufacturers ulll find H: to their lntereet to apply to him before purohaulrw !1Mwhere.. .;1 James C. McAnttre1JIT, 66 4 ----- .,... --..... c:>:P a:m:m:E:) X..:IDA,.JP -AND-OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-'l'liE JPOR'l'ATION of ,V-.,'1'&&. A SPECIALITY. ( 166 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. a:u.d. I 111 a u' EAST l1t.Ja aTaDT, nw YORK. I ,. ... P:m.k.n.Lo ST:R.EET, EI&T::R.EX..X...A. :J..e, :la:.A. 'V --tl Pl.or de s. :a. db 3 TllH j PEill I Publlohecl bJ' 8,1 P. Chestn1,1t, D.J D., u : lii.A11.DVILLB, .OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO .,.2T8!Jefferson Avenue, DETROIT, MICH. Prioe s:uo per Amw!lm. Ord..,. at tbe ollloo d Gt PQ. Uaber, ot i.& tbe-ol ,_,_ 833-884 Speo1a.l. No"t:l CAUTIONED NOT tO USE THEM, As they are M'ADE OF PUJ!lE TOBACCO, and are INTENDED FOR MEN f>Nf.Y AliD DEALER IN 'l'Jiey hae already became aa staple a Clgaro, and are profltabl)' baJidJed by tbe l....tlug Who)$Sall GriM:Cl1, tobacconists, Drnu1sts an4 UQnor DealBrs THROUGHOUT THE STATES. PRIw>n,." _. ptllllolll ..... bl!o!lf, ,...t Qlll &oodl ot Sllli

' ------------104 PLUG AND j, I :Jete R_EYWS BROS: & ,CO., WIIHfllmo M erol1 nts 1 Im.porter o f Havana Leaf -FzN:m-.. -.AND-Proprietor of th.e Brand "Hannie'' & "Mi Nqna.'' I 86 MAIDEN LANE, 1'1ire...,._.. York.. -ilTli! tt.tlii: 368 BLEECKER ST., General Depot 8 6 Ill alden Laae, Yor.k.. I FEtDHEtM, co., r..: Tobacco & Cigar & Manufacturers, 1'2 Queen Street, "Melbourne, r. I 1 V:l.o"tor:l.a., A. "U.a"tra1.1a. ''THREE CITIES'' Cigarette & Smoking Tobacco. CAMPBEtL' & CO., RICHMOND, VA., .f.ra now the !JOLB lll.f.Nt111'ACJTt1KBB.8 of &Joe "TB-VITUlli" CllcaroUe aad Tobaeeo, JatelF .......... are I>J' Will. DA '\'I'I.BS, or BrooklJ'a, 11. 1(, A. Ben, 43 Street Sole for lew York. --------Boxes, ADA Importe r oC GERMAN CIGAR M:OLDS, fl (Solo .A.pat Olr MESSRS. OIEI'rDllUEVK. & VO.) 3 5 to 321 E. Eleventh St. l4 ... NEW YORK. J A.:J:R.X.A.::N', MANUF Ac'mJBER OF eie' A No 472 CRAND STRE.T, NEW YORK. Do l!l. Benolhelmo SIMON STRAUSS, -------------Ma,y Brothers, [rencfr Cigarette Paper Aad Bole t.b.e U. B. for t.b.e celebNted FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES Gustav Sa.lomon & Bros P<>RT&BS OF PA.N':I:&H Alii Deal ere 1n aD Kinds or I! SEED. LEAF TOBACCO; !Dtt Pearl St.cNw York: M. Oppenheimer, Dealer I n Leaf Tobacco, 138 Water St., TOBACCp, 114 Front S.treet, . -..... .... -, .It CRAWFORD & SOl, eaf Tobacco iiil )IA NUF ACTURER 011' -M. R. LEVIN, D A N of HAVANA I FIGURES. A1ND DEA L E R I N A L L KINDS OF ; 8 Dll'ORTER AND DEALER IN ii;; L E A p,.. T 0 B A c c o I! SPAN1Sf1 CICAR RIBBONS, 'I 112 Peart Street, New York. German Ctgam Dloold Pre scli Strap, Cu1ters Etc. 119 and 18' 1 Lewis St., New York. ALL KIWJS O F'FIGuRES CUT TO ORDER AND REPAIRED I N THE BEST STYLE. 1 The Trade Su.pp1,i,ed.. s. on..c:; MaDllftlleturer et .t.a4 Dealer Ia LEAF TOBACCO. NEW YORK. Jll r' Branuo-"CLIMAX. H.-.:.KOENIG, OJ' THE KAlroii'AOl'OU OJ' (a; E. ROSENWALD & B:Ro., cters & HlDDrters of Tobacco, &. 145 Water st:eet, York. ca WISE & BEHDHEIM, Agts. l""t"-<::Om.nii$sion 'Merchant, ., ALL KUfDS OP a Q I


APR.16 l.'O.BACCO LEAF. a.zM 8Pnln.&&11', ALEX. IU.CCBB.AV8.. Suurm. B SPI!'lG.IRN. E. SPINGUN &Co. IMPORTERS OF LACHENBRUCH & BRO. OF SEED LEAF AND IJIPORTERS OF Tc:ba.ccc:>, 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. The Propri8t oro of the Grand Cigar Factory, whofortbe pas$ twentybt yean succussflilly carried on thelr ... at. D3 Galiano Street, are DOW' more er in a positloll. to BMVe their cunomera, b einc provided wi}h ample me&DI!I and an unllmiced 7 FINE-CUT TOBAGCO, credit. 'rb. e advertisers have spared neither trouble nor money to produce a really 8QOd and cheap artlele, and take much pleasure in informing the public tha &hey are the ouly naano.h.eturers in the island ot Cuba e njoying the prlrtle&e or working the tobaccoa of the celebrated vega of the San .J'uan 7 Martinez 4lstrletf!l, named 281 and 209 Water Street, JAMES-BRUSSEL-& CO., CIGARS, Jo.. 18 BOWERY,-. lEW. TORt SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 182 Water St., New York= Basch & FisCher; IMPORTERS OF HAVANA A PaekeJ'II t SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 166 WATER &TREET, fiear Malden Lane, NEW YORK. 11. ROSSIN -:tL ROSSIN. S. ROSSIN & SONS. PACKERS OF seed Lea.:r, AND IMPOBTEIIII OF HAY ANA TOBACCO, 173 Water St., New York. E. G. FRIEND & CO., &nd Ia LBAF TOBACCO, I Stf' Lane, Goo F,.Nn, NEW YORK EowAao J! .. a.,.,..,, ]-., r5.0NA.RD l'RIIlND. G. FERNANDEZ, DIPOBTD OJ' HAVANA LEAF TOBAGGO ,&.N'Z) OXG.A.R.B, ,_. 806 Pearl Street, New York. L. NEWGASS, PACKER 011' &LL KINDS 011' 144 Water St., New York. Internal Revenue Books OJEEE"VVZN'Gr 'T'O:EI.A.OOO, And all kinds of Smoking Tobacco. H. DAUSilAN, Presidmt. Maaufac:turen, Rochester, N, Y. U HICUERA DE JOSE BRITO l plantation& named above are noted for \heir es:eellent qualities, aD.d are appreolated by CODBOisseurs. JIAXAGE&s. Perfecto F. Lopez, M'a.nuel Lopez. lf'IJUI, :B'Ia.:n.-.:ael. Lcp ez &. Cc:. HAVANA, Aprll 1, 1881, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE HAVANA CIGIIS,' "71. Also Hartu!actnrors or tho well-known Br&nda of llricht Plug Chewlq: 'Own,' 'Onward,' FrionllshiD.' lUld 'Bailor's-Solaco.; TaAit .. 1[ zwEAL... DON OUIJOTB DB LA I!NCU I iulruFA.croBY AND IW.ESROOll: ::tv:Ian. o:f J?l u.g Tobacco. Cor. Awmue 0 and Tenth Street, flew York. ROyal Manufactory ot: Cigars.. a .... a:n _O'u.e't< &.. Cc:., 'EON ARD I'&Jf!'nB141W PURVEYORS OF THE KINC OF SPAIN. -' IJD'OaTEa._o.. Brands: 'LA FLOR DE NAVES,' 'OBESO Y CUETO.' HAVANA TOBACCO O:t, M FLOH DH J. S. MUHIAS & EO. J :a5:.&.1\T'1:3'E".A.OT'D'R.:BIR.& 0:11" c 'CREASELESS VEB.TICAL TOP, TIN-LINED AND FLANGE TOP CIGAB. ,MOLDS, CIGAB SBAPJ.;RS:, &c., Tile Orlcfli&IID'terllal PubllshJDii Home. t o.JOURGENSEN" 80. II'HdlDIB'rY 8'1'. ; IIEW roa.B:o-J P.O.Io:o:l, ... Rrantiu Irons & stencils a SJSCiaitr. ,...,. for to"-D7 .,..... _.. toi ....s.r .. an IMIIce.. I Of--.tpliloa M U... .. 885' PBICJ ... CALIXTO LOPEZ,. FINE VUELTA AIAJD TOBACCO & CIGARS .............. ., rand u LA MaLA" ........ ...... ........... ,.,.._. "Ceuey Island." 206 Pearl St., lew lark AIIMIAU, CO.t l !19 allo!lth WiliiiD .... I POWDEft ltOORICE .. : '.. --... -:-:.... ----:! ,-..


r TEITJEIR, .HR,O&., Packers, Commission Merchants, ud Wholesale Deaters in REIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, NORTH THIRD STREKT, PHILADELPHIA. EISENLOHR & C Or, PACKERS AND WHOLJI.SALE DEALERS IN1 T 0 B A C C ..... O, ..,116 s. "'VU"a.-te:r S-t., :&JS E N L (),HR PliiL. BONN. Packers ancJ Dealers. in CO And M anuf acturers of L wCrade Cigars 111 Arch St., LEWJS. BREMER'S ONS, Wh( Dealers ;,.. )LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBAC C O NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STIIEET,_PHILADELPHIA. IF A asSortmeDt of all oC L&Ar on ... IIi KI!'Llt\_,_ ,., IV BAY Commi&dra Korcha.nts & Dealers fn SEED lEA F tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET. HARTFO NN. CIGAR Cor.:Ridle & North Colleie Ave's. Pa. Is po'v retaiUnsc t I S different aha pes and bes, from tbe M greatly redncerl' J?rlces. E very mouJtl .. arr-.,.,utc d unlf o t-m. If sue chased be,.otsuiLa'!Ji e Jt relunl ed. Oura m il to give perfect sattstactlon to the trade. B y f l"'lD. tht factory you wHt savEt all delay and commi81ions. The only mednl a.nd 4iploma e.warded-o.t tho. Ceu\eonn lal 'ms to the tJ. S 8 olldOr oJJ Mould. Officia l docuweDts can 00 seen a't t h e R idge a n a N ort.b College Aven u es. U S. SO LID TOl' MOULD C O H. WA.Tlli:UIE, 216 Peu-1 St., Nw York, W Jo..,-pll Loeb, Jlea,Jamln Labe, J'c:&epb. Lceb &; l PAre, :DI.I:ct.. Tobacco Western Advertisements. AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. W. G. :MEIER & CO. SPENCE BR{)S. & GO. u Plae-eut. Solr.laa-. Nos. 54 to 62 East Third Street, O:J:N"O:J:..ISI"N" .&.T:J:, 0. LOUISVILLE, Ky. R. BEIER & CO., CINCINNATI, O. 1 t-EAF -TOBACCO. 98, lBO & 1 .02 N. CANAL STREET, Cincinnati, 0. .AhcL. turer of the V-r!ttl Oe4ar MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS llmlm.wo IIID'm, B. 11. IIID'm, boe ...._ HINSDALE SMITH & ----(Betabllohecl 1840,)PACKERS AND JOBbERS OF Connoctlcnt Sood-loaf Tobacco -.t.m>-IMPORTERS of HAVANA, lll, U 4lo lU HA.PDBW u,, prbl:a.a:ll.e1cl., l!W.Ea-GEO. B. BARNES, SEED LEAF. -AND ....... Conn. Havana Tobacco Wa.rehouae Point, Connecticut -.Lim-'10 Pine St., New York City. C. 0. HOLYOKE 1 WhoJt;sale Deale r Jn. Western leaf Tobacco No. 98 Water Street, BO&T9Wo Clu& W WILDD, Ja. W'K. B. .,. fu.rDished on Application. &end for A Alii Line of Label, and Bll>bo1lo l-.;Lj_...,.-1.11e. 11. JL G11NTHER, of New OrJ......,, Cot'toa BS,7er, C. & R. DORMITZER & c o. :J:a:n. ...,.-:1.11 .e, "V" a.. A. H. LEFTWICH, Dealer 111 VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO .A.N"XJ IBITB.:J:P8. W,. E. RAGSDAL'F.; 1 TOBACCO BROKER, lEite>-pk.1JD....,.-U1e, REFERENCES, BY PERMI SS I O N : I. 0. L&tb&!a, P-'t Bauk B. B. Trice, J'ieo't Plan ten' BM}!. H o piJ.....-iDeJ 8. G. Com. Morobant, J X. Gut .t: 11011, Com. Morob&llS, w &Co., Henry MJ.Den, New Y rk.; I'. G.flnrin, ClarkniUe, Tennessee ; ll. H. Clark & Bro., ClarkavWe, T8ADUUH; 8. P. Beaumont. Proo'tlst Nat. B'k, Clarnvtlle, 'f. I BUY OM.Y Oil ORDER. Oroen Bollclled PENNSYL.YA(UA "SEED LEAF TOBACCO,


.. APR.l6 Blllil8ss Directory of Admttsers. lfEW YORK. LeBfTobacooW.......,_ Abner a: Dehla, 1110 PearL ,&rendt &:: Fringant. 198 Pearl Blocl<.t Lindholm. 1110 l'Mrl Oeo. B. 70 Pine Barnett S. 16! Water -a:-.llllll'ator. Orawtor4 E.liL a: Bon, 1118 w-r. Wm. a: Co. 146 PearL J'rle<1mU>, 118 ll&ldea LaDe l'rlolld E. li"G. a: Oo. J!illllaidiiD 1-. G. W. GllU a: .U, 1M Water Ganb D. J ., Bon a: Co. 44 Bro.4. a-n J. La: Bro. Bowery a-bel L. a: Bro. !91 l'Mri.. 11am-L .t no. :un w ..... _.. J.-pbl& eo. m ll&ldiiD xVlotorluaoii:'Co.177Wa'"r & Sp.a !014-1020 2cl .A.TIID ... B. M Pearl ....,_aroch a Bro. 1114 w-. Lederer a: 'fllehol, 218 PearL Lo1'1D K. B. 161 :r.rl Lo1TD.188Wasor N.._aeo. t11 wN....-L.t.UWMer O&dDII BrotheiC. 48 Jln>M. OwonF. E. Oppeoolleimr M. 188 WIIMr -nG.I88Peali. B-ald E .t 0.00. 148 Water 8. a: Bona, 111 Waler l!olomoo G. & Broo. 11M Pearl a.wyor, Wallace It Co. f7 Broadway BoboU... Broo. 1" Waler Bobr'OMer & Bon, 178 Water. Bchllb&R m .t o.. teo w .... liohnls J'red. 213 Pearl Seymour Chas. T 11!1! J'ront. 18 :ar-1. 8piupn1 E. k Co S DurUog Slip. steiDocae R., 111 Water Tal:. J'. a: Bon. 18f J'roa,. Vplll&DD, (larl, 111 Pearl. w..-tor ,.;, .SOla Q, .lflmll(dOttwocl and SJno'lring TobocOOI. .a.ugalia &j UwiOllL wr.nen. a: uo. lot FrOIO&. DuJ1o1a 'IIi Front. ....... ....... rJ. M. 74J'IODL BonA. 43 Liberty. llartlli J w., 74 Froat 'l'b.oJaPSOn, xoora & OD. Ul'ront Wille a Bondholm, :1M 11114 ,_. C&D&I TobacOO BGl&oo tar Jla:pori. Gntbrie &; Co. 11:111 J'roaL Ltaf -Utljl. PhiUpo C. B. &; Co. 188 Pearl Com"'UriOR eo ""' 48-PWle. Tobac>COO&ttal John. SIS bea9er oana'.&on, J. s. a 00.114 and 811 Wall ()ebarne, James G. M Bro&4. Bader IL & Bon. 48 Broad Bb&ck A. 178 Pearl BLreet. MaRufa of Smo7.:tng aRd G?wn.ftttO XObOCOO Andenoon John & Co. 114, 115 &Dd 117 Liberty, tluobaD&II & Lyall, !01 Wi.ll Buchner D & co. 173 and 17!5 Duane. Qoodwln co. '.lfYT & 1!09 Water Helme Geo. )V. 138 Water and 815 Plae K!DDOY Broa. 51b to 625 W o&L )lcAlpln D. H. 6L Co cor A.Tenue D and 11111.., G B. & eo. 97 Columbia. Jla.nutacturere of CiQcwa. Adrian )1. J. 472 Orand Aab, LoW. & co. 96 and 98 Bel liD a: Bieber, 16-00 7th at and li-t Ball oL Bondy a Lederer, 96 to 110 Attorney Bow .. wm. c. & Co. 148 Duane Brllll81 James &:; Co. 78 Bowery Dellai'Y Fred. 1 Co .. 41 and 43 W&rren Hall Tbos. H. 76 Barcl&J' lleilbroner, Josepha 8L CO. 689-689 Fu'Wt Ae. D & Co. !!II and !80 BITiJictola. B inocbhom & Bendhelm, 85 Bowery Kaufm&D Bl'OI .t Bondv, 1lllllt lSI Gruel. .Jacoby )lorrll & Co. 11115 Broome. Jacoby 8. & Co. 200 Chatham 8q & 5& ?'DOTer JLerbe 1 Bpi-!Olf LO 10ill -A. 11114 810 to 814 FIRTfourt.h Lo1T !lroo, A .. nue C aaa.lSth St.-, Llcntonateln Bros .t Co. 1168 and 170 Bowery Loe Jno. W 6llhinKtiOD llODdel M. w. & Bro. ts 1 Bow..,. :M.oone11a Adolph, 2dAvenue Orgler 8 81!1 :Murray Btelnecke R 131 Water JL a Co 154 South Fitch Ave. Btralton "' Storm. IIJ4.108 27th Botro a: Ne.......n:, '78 Pari< Place Upm&Dil 178 Poar!Btreet. Importer of 8u1711Jtra. G. w. GeJ1 &; A><. 111 Wa&or -qfocturerl of FIM .H .. ,..,... Olpa. BroWD & Earle, 203-11011 EaoL B3d Poeter, Bllson &: 00. Aenue D a.a.d lOUl. St. SUocAos. Baya & CO. 180, 1112, 184 llaldea .....,. Tura 1: Vlchot, 3118 Bleecker. Jmporlerl of .HCJ...-Toi>CJcco """ a--. A1mlrall J. J 16 Cecl&l' Bowerl Wm. C. &: CO. 1(8 Duane Dlaz B. & Co. FerD&Ddez G 206 Pearl -..,E.!II7Wa&or J'rledm&D L&onard, 1!011 Pearl G. W. Gall & AX, 166 Water Gllrcla F. Bro. & Co. 167 Water Gauerl J. L. &: Bco. 15'7 Bowery Gonsales A. 180 Pearl Kerbs & Spiess tOi4-1020 2d A venue LIUenlbal & Co. 177 Pearl Lopez, Callxto, 206 Pearl LM,ano, Pendas & Co. 209 Pearl )I-nger T. H & Co. !61 Malden Lane. Jllranda F. & Co. 222 !'earl Bossln !. & Sons, 173 Water SalomGn G. & Bros. 254 Pearl Bauch.,. Hava & Co. llKI, 182. IM llaldiiD LaDe Soymour Cbaa. T. 1118 Front, )(. & E. 85 Malden 1Aoe Bpingarn 'E. & Co. 5 Burling SUp. Tura R. L. 88 Maiden Lane. Vega & Bernheim, 187 Pearl Well&: Oo. t).'l Pine Weill& .. Eller&: IIIlO Pearl Ybor v Martmes .t Co. 1110 Pearl .Agoatlf<>r Ch01cf'Af1 and Bmolri"'T Tollll c. c. a 0o. 1'10 w-UIIde r. c. a: oo. ta w ... --....... 1'. Y To-Co. 11 Br.......,.. eatbrte a oo. ...,., ._,_.,CIGar.__ liCrlcha JL .... 1111-11\ ll:u\ .......... .. lloBUIIJ-.......... ._ .. 179111d til Lowll Wicke WIIIIA& & 00. :111-llltiD-* ,_,.,. m Ollllo ._ caoo... Jla7n* .J 11 u-W.E. ..... .,...._. 8rlchlll!. .sro-(lord.__,-............. "1'be J'lallldq OCJ.lllllld ......,. -'If-tl Cioi II a Ball-B." lluelv ..... ........ -a: ................. ...... ..... ... ........ -... lftLowll ..--w.. a oo. 111-tll.,. ..,_.......,a...._... Ball&-.o ...... wlab ,., _,., ... .... ..-... J ..... -a. .... lleL.ui an.. .. ,....o/.,.,_ __ Oor*-.r.wo. P.O. ..... IItl. t" ,_., J "W&I'Nil. THE TOBACCO L.EAF. 9 The Sphinx, Cigar Factory SUTRO &lJ NEWMARK, 't6 Park Plaoe,I:New York. FACTORIE8a-No. 4aaiind Dletrlot & 723 8rd Dl.trl.t. Mfrs Havana Cigar Flavor. Fries Alex. & Bros. 44 College Place. 7bbacoo and Ci{Iacco Bcra11 JlachiM tar Oigar Jla"ujacturer&. Borgfeldt N B. 510 East 19th &lid 1M Wator EMa.l.crr in M.acAinn)', Toou and tor 0if1G'" Wattoyne B. :.IS Pearl lnl&dway MnufacNrtn of Cigar Bo:e Lu.-.. Bood Goo. w & c 186-1!00 Lowll Tobacco .FreiQht Broken. BmJth W 0. & Co. 53 Exchange Piece of Cigar Ril>boooi. WICke Wm. & CQ; cor. Gper<:k 11114 'lblrd Cigar-Box Label-3 and Trimm.lftoQ .. Beppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and 2f lt1. WilHam Neuman &; D inllliDir6r. n. w. cor. Pearl &: ltlm Uptelrl'Ove W E. 46M75 East Tenth It ;JIIIanufaatoaren of Waz Paper. llammerschlag S 52 Dey st Tobacco Bagging. Person .&.._llarriDI&n & Co. 487-Bioome ALBANY .ff, Y. Jtunujactu1er of Tokcoo. tlreer'l A. Soll8. d2:!J Broadway HollaD.d. lmp&rterR oj Seed and Dirt in Sumatra Tob. Urbach BALTIMORE, 2'obarco lVart:h.ouu. Barke r & Waggner. 2'J South Gay Boyd W a. & Co. S3 South Kerckbotf & Co. 4!1 SOuth CharJea Klemm CIHJ..S. H. 8 9 North Calert )(a.rriott, G. H. ?d. !5 German M.erl ela ..t: Kemp e r, 89 Germ,._n Weaclt, E E. 46 and 48 South OharleB Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 39 SouLh Calvert in S,P(!-niah. Cedar for Cigar Btn:ft. Stow Chas. W & Co. Uh!J>r's AUey. Man.ufacturers of Cigars and Ctgarettea Baron&: Ha.inebach, 363 W. Baltimore St. Tobacco Man.ufacturen. Feigner F W & Son, 00 South Charles. Gall &::: Ax:-28 Barre Marburg Brothers, 146 to 149 South Charleo TobaCco an.d General Comm.ialion Me"!'"CAant .. VoCke R E. & Co. s. e cor. Cheapolde and Lombard Pa.tent Stem Jterckholf G. &; Co. 49 South Cbarloa 1 Manufacturer of 04/ar Boxu. BOD8chen Rudolph, and 340 8. Sharp. of &ed Leaj and Jmpqrur1 of Ha..ana Toba.cco. Broo. 98 Lombard Behrens & C.,. 20 Water st Kerckho ft Geo. &: Co. 49 South Charles Tobac co. S hipping and Commiuion Mercha.n.U : Dree e l, Ra.uscbeuberg & Co. 11 South Gay. Toba<:co Lorentz & Rit.tler BOSTON, lllla ... Cigar ..tQeat J. IV. 34 Doane l)reakrl (11 Havana and Dom.etUo :l..MJf ,. bacco and Cigar. Davoport & Lecc;. 69 Bro..t. Importer of .Havana. . Vobt"Jll&&W. F W. s e cor. Vine and Front LCJcco BroiGC North Water Balph 1. D. H .&: Co. 188 N S d Bank J Blnaldo & Co. 32 North Wasor Teller Bro"hera. 117 .North Third Im.porters of Bat10fl.ll. Ciga.r and Agent for Seidenberg' .Kev Wet Cigara. Yuguet, Stephen. &: Sons, 231 Chestnut Toba:"'l 8tcet&ting. PbUips C it&: Co. 131-183 North Water. .Manufacturer of SnuJf and Brn.olring Tobooco. Wallace Jas. 666 to 672 North E1eventh Manufact1&rert of C'iDara Batchelor Bros ., 1281 Uhestnut and 23 N 2d Gumpert JJros 1 ,34 1 Chestnut Tb.eob&ld & Oppenheimer, Girard Av. acco. Kelly F. X Jr. 112 Arch Dealer in Lea/ and Jrrd Tobacco. BeU Jon!l B. 531 South Second Oi garBacc:O Broker. W .E.Dibrell .lfaftufactunw of Tobacco M IIUUhller 1 Co. !309 ROCHESTER., lf, Y. Manufacturer 0/ Tobacco. Whalen R. & T 182 State Manufacturer Of II Peerlell ana Plain .n ..... Out Tobacco and "Vanity Fair'' Smoki"f' Tobacco and Cigarette.. Kimball W. B. & Co. 1 of Gold Clip'(tes, 8. F Hese & CO. SPRilfGJ'lELD, lllla ... .Packer & of Cotme:clicu'f Lee/. 2'ob'co. Smith R & Hampden Butler c. B. ST. LOUIS, lllo. Toro-. worot ........ DormiLzer C .t R & Co. m llan:e euver of Leaf Toba<:co. Lodd Tobacco Co. it North ll&ln Tobooc:o Buvera. Moler Adolphus &: Co. Manufacturers' DUtenbei'IJ' 11. 1lO N. 2cl.; AgODt f llarbllriJ' -Wolla It fll>lecel, Sau. b 3d Mf ::E't.H:. Co:n::L:n::Lero:l-A1 Fao1;ory. Broo.b:.1y:n.. JSr. "]!' MANUFACTURE THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED. BRANDS Jloir:IQPT'1JJST:m. FAN.CY BRIGHT NAVIES; :ll"::t .-OBR:, STAND,ARD DBI(O,B'I' NAV-IES; SAXX..O:J:=t.& CEEO:J:CEJ. STA'ND.t..RD DARK: N A. VIJ$8, 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. llEFIANGB GIGAR IANUF AGTORY; o. d3 oo., Seed.. Barber' Connee&lc11..t Seed Lear.-T):lis Is the largest sort of Seed leaf frrOWD In this counery. It is the broad. lea.! o! good texture and color. A fav o ritfl shipping tobacco. Improved ()onnectlcwn See4 is a comparatively new sort; very long and of medium width. ')'lle leaves are very thickly set on the and may be topPed to to lG le&TM to the plant. One o t the best of the narrow-leaved White Barley -The ftneat of the eut,illl;" orts :tor ftnecut chewing tobacco. Packet, 10 cents .. Tbe large packets contR.J.n &eed enough to plant f our acres ef tobacco. Larger quantities furnished. Send for what y n want. Also imported Havana. Seed at Rame price. Addre88 E. R.lDILLINGS, Box 2:26, SUFFIELD, CONN. TOEIA.OOO. MADE FOR THOSE ONLY WHO WISH THE BEST IN THE WORLD." "'FO:R.:&::. &, T ecl.ez e:r, IU.NUPAc:rvRJ:RII or Fine Cigars AND Dll.U.EBB I1J LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorney St TBB J'DIK or John :llattheWil. I lot Ave., 28tla .t; 2'1t.h St.., ..... t;;.. Lloenof the Tilghman-lllul;pr _. by other l'atentod rro-Cit I TransDaronl :GLAS8.-.8JGN8. R'" M SAXONY BUNCHING MACHINE, C&P&CITYt i 2000 scrav Bnnchos )18r nar. Only Single Required. No. 419 BROADWAY. corner Canal St., NEW YORK. A.-PERSON, HARJIJXAlf & CO., FRBIHB, (I'OBIIDLT OV TID I'JlUI C9 W.A.LTD I'BJEIIV & ......., ; DIJ'0.2U. CQ' .Spanish LeafTobacco, 111'7 "VV .A.11'W .'1"., J!Q ,_\HI __ Treadwell, formerly with Howard aroe. & Rcl.l Tobacco IMITATION 8PANI8H AND LiNEN FANCY FOR PUTTING UP 8MOIUIIQ TO.ACCO. 461' & 468 Broome Street, llew York.


THE TOBACCO LEAF. APRIL 16 BLACK ADOLPH M DURHAM The &'ta.:n.da.rd. MANUll' ACTURER OF CIGARS, 647, 649 & 651 2d Avenue,. Between 35th and 86th S tro. NEW YORK. MANUFACTURER 01!' R. STEINECKE, :R.ea.d.y, a;nd. a. Bea.'U."tY,. Blackwell's D.URHA.M The G=c:c:ds 'U.pc:n. "the FINE CIGARS, 131 W ater Street, New York. Sawing and Pla,ning. Mills Jacob Henkell, Cedar an. d. IIWroi'AC'l'I7BI:B o., J. S. GANS' SON. & CO., Tobacco Brokers,. 1 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. .ua, & S'l"'iRaY, 1111. Oeda:r ez-*,M"e ........ M:. RADER & SON, M. ERTHEILER & sort tiiPDRTEBS _J!D To.BAcco BROKERs Tobac"o srmsa ucom11 cam waiCH 1 48 141 ST NEW ALL SPECW. TIES FOI PLUI liD FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVI. _OIL, TORC.& BlAIS. GUMS, JOHN CA.rtus, A. SHACK, 1 Powdered Licoriee Boot, T b B 1r 0 aCCO f01Hf, TOBACCO BROKER, W. E. UPTEGROVE. 83BfAYER ST. IIEWYORK. l7S Pearl Street, Spa.nfsh Cedar -----..;.'---......: NEW YORK. iJTCHGCLAY PIPEs. JAIBS G. OSBORNE, Ciiar lox lakers' SDJPllll. w. wBITz,oLASaow,BBAJm. TOBACCO BROKER, Hi[hest A ward, Sydney, ll'. 8. W. ,J 879. Foot 1Oth 11 .. ,J:ast RiTer I Full bt. every Boll:, well ; StJLACHuu TOBACCOS ,.. GREEN SEAL" 114 116 LIBRTY STREET' t NEW YORK, I 11 RED SEAL u .. t o direct the attention o f the Deal en iu TGba.cco EatabUalted r8s 1 thro\l ... o u t t h e United State and the Wo:ld ltRQI AROTTE" & 11 SUNSHJNE,. 1 to tlleir CELEBRATED IBIGJil'l' VIBGINL\ liiEERSCJIAUJ( 81d:OIONG SOLACE FINE-CUT '19&0008, out !rom Vlrglni&Plug. CHEWING TOBACCO. : which h belnR' ooce more manulactund under til e 0. t m mediatesupervbion of tho originato r soLR JWI"IQ'.A.CTUBEB, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, '14 PINE ITBEm, JrEW YOBIL aodnow ota.nds,aaf onnerl y witho u t a rival. Order f o.w&rded through tbe U8UAI cluo.nnel8 wi II meet with prompt &ttentlo D .. LieORICE PASTE THB STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO. 1&'7 :a/E.AX:OEN X...AlSrJID "YO:EJ.K:. '!.'be "l'radt! harulg demanded a Soperior and Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Com:.,maoutaeturlng, and offering tor sale, LICORICE P.A.STE (under thd at e. PRICE which ca.o lmrd!y fal l to be acceptable to all giving It a trial. Mellor & Rittenhouse, 21B N". 2gd B"t., Pl:1:1.1ade1pl:1:la l'IIA.N(JJII'A.CTVBERS O.P an. LICORICE-PAS a;r<:en&61Ullal D.e4al awarded tor upu.rtf;J', Cbeapun, and Geaeral Exeel lenee of l!l&a11J'"" Sold by all Wholesale Dealers. TD Patt.naa lrlatl.. TD 64 Broad B"t SAWING AND. PLANING. FUR UIGAR-BOX MAKERS. CIGAR BOXES J The Mrs. G B. Mille.r & C o. BACCO IANUP.ACTOIY. 97 Co1" B"t. N"e-vv ""'F'ork.. y PEITJI!IR. :c. llANUF.A.C'l'URERS OF THE CELEBRATED IIUPEBIOB IUD .t PBDllC QU.lLI'l'r 01' Cedar "'\IV ood. JUNUJ'ACTilBD 01' .u.r. :a:nme or .Oigar-Bo:s: Label& 293,295 & a!l Monro, S!nt. m-e.....,. ."York.. Patent Tobacco Machinery (Wal8&eln Pateata.) z 8 PLAIN fiNECUT CHEWING T(}BACCO in BLUE PAPERS I &:N'"V"PPS: -c Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,lmertcan Gentleman. P' CC SXGN' ,A.T." O:S:EJ"gV:J:NG-. oae-. .a. .&I&, lll'lnt and second Qllallty -oktnc, In Dle Paper-. E-< i : SWEETENED FINE-CUT-DaFk and Liht e Forest Rose. Club. !: l'IIA.Y A.PPLE and PRIZE LEA.lll' t>-< 11o-l ... & TOJEI.A.OOONX&T&, ., BOLE A.GENTS Ji'Olf NEW YOBI A.ND VICINITY FOil GOODWIN & CO.'S "'OLD JUDGE." B:D1ob:.:l..:115 'X' -::n.d. C:l.c-re1:-te for other f a et' r or SMOKINC, PLUC TOBAC C O AND C ICARETTES. Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STilEET; corne r of ElM NEW YORK. JUST OUT. CIGARETTE MILDEST! R;ICHEST! SMOOTHEST Elver ::ai(ade. SMOKING NEW VANITY FAIR A DAINTY SWEETBIT. INSJOl'IIPA.IlA.DLE I TO PLEA.S E I 8 FIRST PRIZE MEDALS r Wl1l. S Kll'IIDA.LL & CO., Peerlcsu Tobacco W o rks. Roche&ter, N.Y. Patented May 21, 1812. CompositiOriTCiid Mounts, With Boame l Water-Proof F laish. JEIEJTTEI::E't. G-:Z:...ABB. Show C ards moWlted o n our Pa&ea'& ()ompodtln a n d hed with o u r En&Jne l Wa1crProof ....._ aDd l oo k better last longert_ are much chen per than cards p u t up in frarqea &pd. g lass. They wHI not warp, cannot oe punched. are n o t a.lreoted by che.oge of weather, aDd can be shipped. 1 to 10,000 Show Card or lrlomlted at Short Notioe IN ANY O F THE FOLLOWIN G S T YLES : On Composition, with Enamel Finish, with Frames. On Stretcher.1rith E:aamel Imitation Border On Bbt.den' Boarcl. In 1'1-amee, GUt or Walnat, with G:ta.o SPECIMEN CA.BDS flnt.hed at Short Nonce, Free o r


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