The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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-GEO W. A.VG 1JBTIN (LATE 01!' A. HEN & CO. ) .' ... aza.d. Dea1er :lZL FOREIGN AND DOIIESTIC SIIOKERS' ARTICLES; lannfactnrers' .for. aU tbe Povnlar Brands of Fine Cnt, and 'Ping Tobacco and Cigarettes ; Sole Agents for'V"a.:nity Fair Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole Agents for Allen & RICJDIOND GEm: Tobacco & Cigarettes; Depot tor Blaelnrell' Genuine Durham-.lno. W. Carroll's LoBe J aok-E. T, Pilldnton' Fruita&: Sole.AgentS.ilf.COPENHAGEN SNUFF; I :-Importers of French Cigarette Paper, in Reams .and Books; L .N'"O .. .A.:E'I.:E'I.EN' BT:E'I.:I!IET, 'Y'O:E'I.H:. Ho S CHUBAB.T. AARO N SCHUBART Will, SCHUB.&BTo SCBUBAllT c1: CO., IMPORTERSoFHAVANA AD.d. P,a.oker SEED ... I.EAF TOBACCO, .N'ci. '1EIO .A.T:I!IR. &TR.:I!IET, TOR.:&:. M. LILIENTHAL. M M A, BERN H E!MER. lVI .. LILIENTHAL d: T:EEEJ ;:EJ. :.:::. .A..T BR.O co;., I -l!I.&NU.Ji'ACTUBEBS O P -CIGAR BOX CEPA.:R, DC>::ali:El&TXO I :J:::l'WXT .A. TXC>N CED.A.:R. IMPORTERS ll'i OUR OW.N VESSEL OF CEDAR AND :MAHOGANY. N'o. 888'70'7 S:Ls:th. l&'&reee'&, I DONALDSON .BROTHERS, &'tean::J.. L:l 'th.ograph.:lo Pr:l:i:l. 'ters, ,. TOBAcco 1ilfETi"AND Tiiiiw CARDS r. o. -:.: S781.] o i!l y....,; 'Y' p:meoa:EJPT:EO:N'. [No Label Jrepc In lftoeJr. JU.N11FACI'ORERS, Goerck & 'l'ldrd Sf&, -""FO:R.::S.. .. MILLER, PETns & GO., o e Sectional Cigar 128 4 130 MANCIN STREET, N'e-vv 'York.. F C. :Hn.I.D, H. C P .&TU8, '\Y!u.ull "='00, Auo. RoEBLKR. rmIDB CHARLES T. SEYIIOUR IIIIPOBTEB Oli' I Fine Seed Leaf, til 188 Front St., New Geo. W. Bead & Co., IIIANUJI'.&(JT'IJBBBS Oil THE GROWIN G POPULABITY O F OUR Cut and Press-Dried Cigar-Box AndotberLumber,as SOLELY I!IAII'UP.&CTUHBD BY U S prevenla our keeping oWck on hand, to &llf eneot, and manuta.cturel"'l. will do well to anticipate t heir wantl, and torwud onlenuome little time before requiring We con. tin u e to manufacture 8panlo h C edar, lll:ahopny, 8yea.atore, Ba&ternn& &nd Poplar, a t m ost satisfac tory pri.oN, and shall shortly introduce two woods, which will be found very desirab l e. When rea.dy for-market, our old and new customers will be duiT adviled. .J Ba.Da ana Veneer Sawan4BoarclOttbaa llll:l1h and. Wareroo111111 "' 186 to 200 Lewis St., foot 5th & 6th Sts., E. R. N'e,.,.,. 'Y'ork. 103< MAIDEN LANE. Corn et'ol Peui. B -WHOLE NO. 847 TOBACCO. JJ *_; Ariy Infringement: ---' .............. ... I upon'.' this 1 'i' T (:1 ... 1 ......... 1 \ & .A 'I to the full TRADEMARK W ''IIIJ.. 1.. T --"T"' : Extent of the Law. l .,.J .. WE I:r1 L C::UI":D":J:O:ml. .L.f VUe 65'JPINE STREET. NEW YORK. r XMPOR TE:R&. SMOKERS' :-OF-., -..AND-"' JO-sACCONISTS' WOODEN' SHOW F.IGURES. . l!lanufaettren .&&eac f'or the Sale of' all Popular Brana. of VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & .WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINECDT TOBACCOS, :Depoe f'or ALLEN A: GINTEBttll Blehmoad, Va., Brande or 8"'!'okiD& Tobaeeo and. C1canttee; ::S,W, CARROLL'S" l.iONE SACJ[1tt "BROWN DICK," e&c,; E T. PILKINTON & CO,t S C elebraJed "PB'IJIT8 AND FLOW-I" -okiDC Tobaeeo; III ABB'IJBG BROS. "SEAL O P NORTH CAROL{NA," LOUISIANA PERIQUE, Ca& aad In V.rro ... W, T. BLACKWEV..L & CO.S GENUINE DUBHAIIII Tobaeeo, Will. s KIIIUIALL"' co.s "VAi'IITY Tobaeco and C l &areue Sole Agent for H. P. Jones 4 Co.'s ."TAR HEEL" and uOCCOr!EECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos; C. Campbell 4 Co.'s "THREE CITIES" mGARETTES, TOBACCO, ETC. Fll!IECUT, llan'lllaCtarea 'by SPAULDili'G &: IIERRICK:-Oid Glory, Charm or the W nt, swee$ Barley, qaoen Bee, T r u .aap WI& W''!Cf Ia paUa and 'bau'e.., ..._d TB.& TEL-lmoklnc --PRICJ: LISTS FURNl8llJ:D O N A.Pl'LIO A.TI ON. .. SURFACE FOD by '"'O:Ekl J. CR,OO"FE"EJ. .PATEJrTED MAY naaa .TULY 8 1880 NODCE I henby &(ven that all Penon llllaltln g Sellin& or Ullin& TID Poll ID bafttla__. .. LeC&en Pa-c, wUl l>e Proooeente d. to &he .Ji'all Bx&ea& of' &ho Law proftd.eol arIa liela -A new and beautiful anicle of Foil for T.obacco & Cigar Manufacturers, Druggists, Florisis, &c Parnlehed Plata or ln Fan" y De f&D of Color and Ornamentadon. -. .&LSO l!IANVJI'.&VTVREB oJi' PUre and. O-ther Rolle d to any Gau& A Cu& co Size, Priatbac OD Tba FoU lD. Broue ancl Color .. Capo, all ldaeo, Plaba ana Colored, Of!llcer 1EIB :&IE'C'X..EIEI:E'I.Pl.'Y' 'Y'O:E'I.K.. i 1 & @4 > ..e: s li 2 2 ::sa- G G O & b 4 1 'b1:1.h.ecl. 1BB'7 SNUFF." & 1 BR,Q., ot the celeb ... tea COPEJrHAGEN SlnT.FF ana CUT AND DRY SIIOK.DIG TOBACCO. Be&aU 8 &or e 081ce: 8 1 SJDitbfteld Street. Fae &or:r: 5 & '7 U nion 8 &ree& aa.d11i Llber&y S&reec, :J?:ETTBEI'C':E'I.G-EE, :J? .A.. -GENERAL SELLING AGENT I-W, A. ROBINSON, 1St W.&TBJI8T,, NEW YORK, wi.:oLESAL E D EPOTS -NEW YORK I AapodD."' DuH1, 11 WarreD s&. BALTUIORE I 1i Commeree S&. BOSTON 1 .&. Bollllltc h ell1 lf6 Central St. SAV A NN A H 1 B endhe iJD Broo & Co. PBOVI DENCJB R.I.: Huntoon & Gorha.rn 43 W etmlo ter St. PHIL&DELPHIA.iPa.: Loale Bremer' 8on t...S.IS N. Third 8t, CINC I NNATI, 0,1 Tol/te & Winter, 1'7 5 Mala St. CHUJ A.GO ,_Il .1 George Lue ro""n & Co,._T9 & II Lake St, ST, LOUIS. I!Jo,: Hlrecbl & B endhelnl, '09 I.-, Third. 8&. DENVER, Col.z .&bel Bro 8'78 a--r e nee 8 & OM.&HA, N e b a lll:ax M eyer & Co. tt NEW YORK S A TURD A Y MAY 1 4 ; 1881. ;Jp..-t'al::>U.h.ecl. { H a'!IIJIA : : liUS. Pldlaaelphl.a, 1828. 6 S. FUGUET & SONS, lie. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PHII.ADEL.PHIA, IMPORTERS OF .HAVANA CIGARS > GE!IERAL A.G.IINTS FOB SEIDEN9EijG'S .KEY..pWEST CIGARS. ALSO llA.NUI' AC'l unEBS OP' THE PROPOSED TRADE-MARK BUREAU. The C igar Manufacturers' Legal Protecti ve .Ass ocJation, of thi s city, is certainly d emonstratitlg its ness by takin g the step of establi shing a bu r eau for the r eg i s tration of trade-mark!, as pointed out i n the com-Fine l j munication o n the sub ject printed in this iss u e 'l'he p lan will sub se r ve the best interests of all the cjgaOUR HAVANA ORDERS. manufacturers throughout the country a t a. nomila't' Tobacco and c igar merchants and of cost, .1!-nd w.ill in be just as efficacious 8'3. tile t h e island o f Cuba. are requ ested t o hand their orders forme r m the U. S. P atent Office Smeer for and and all other tlie Supreme Court has declared the trade-mark mamatters appe r trumng ,t9 the busm ess department o f constitu tional m uch confusion and uncertainty ln.-THE ToBAcco L&AF, to our corres p ondents, :Messrs Bosl!elmann &Schroede r 1 8 Havana who m the c 1gar and tobacco trade. We know-of' will be pleased to attend 'to t bell' wants.' no o t h e r way of ameliorating the condition oW. I


TJIRBII"'I' THE PAPBil. 8l:l KONTBS .................................... '4011 ____. ANlroAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. .. &AT Biin'AIN AND CJ..NA.D&.... . a-Dl, iLuolt7BO AND TH1I: Co!mlmrr .......... .. G Of AU8TIWL4, E'I'C, via ENG!.UID ........... &.Of .., ..... 5 .0& affairs thau by the adoption of ihe pr:posed sys tem, whiCh is simple, plain, cheap, and which will certainly be an improvement. on the state of uncJrtainty. We congratulate the aesociatien on its .' WAY TO STOP IT. Collllctor Merritt the qtf( of Wasning oh, a H&ia1 1 r, of the line on ThUl'Jl ay, on eount of alleged smuggling-1>f Ha'Vana ciga!-s iDto this of that-line. The Collector refused' a clearan' ce of tbe vessel unless Captain would PII-Yfines amouniing to tll13, im :for alleged smuggling of ciga:rlj by some of his crew, tO give bonda, but the Collector -ih'Sisted Upon getting the cash. agents will test the matter in the ()9urts. We y refeqed e injury done to the legitimate cigar. trade ofinhi ty by the clandestine importation of cigars by t e attaches of the Havana aud it ill time the nilj:a0U!l TpriJ;tice. w,ere stopped. It is not pleasant to resort to extreme mea sures, .as has been 1 done in this in8'ta:nce by .COllector Merrht, but;,.-.the .evil w indefiriitely, as bas tie'ea praY'Bn by: unles& they are availed of, public sentiment of the Collector's course. .lust has daqQ 'fill stop smug gling of cig!, an1 nothing else will do it. I TOBACCb, DUrlng the pest few months suits have be&n brough$ in o;r courts for by eeveral pa lfh'"!l!2Zl&sea of ze4flweatmgieaf-tobacoo, and-one of 'iieain a Western Oth n commenced, of re-t!We&.tin_g acco, and ail nearly everybody with ufacture of of leaf to1876. ...... $2,710,490 sa,:m 15'1 utact 'res ot 'Year. Product. Area. Values. f ,. Lbe. .Acrea. Dollars. 1!199 .. <193,000,000 604,00\) 41,265,000 .1870 S85,000,000 S8,500,DOO 1871._.426,000,000 580,000 ,1,748,000 1872 .. 480,000,000 58!,600 -49,920,000 1873 .. 506,000,00 0 653,000 41,998 ,000 1874 .. 315,000,000 500,000 34,650,000 1875 .. 522,000,000 710,000 41,760.000 1876 535,000,000 733,000 3!!, 690,000 1877 : .580,000,000 745,000 40,600,000 1878 .. 392,546,700 642,850 22,137,4.\18 ON THE WING.-Mr. Joh.a G. Graff, the {)f the New: York TOBACCO LEAl!', _is agam in the m1dst of us, looklDgl.lifser"the. Western mterests of his papor. To your tents, 0 Israeli-Oinci1lootl Commercial. COURTEOUS'Mli:NTIOlf.-Mr. Graff was on the "breaks" thfs morning. I .bad barely time to shake his .hand. He -,vas in goOd oompany1 and appeared to be behaving hihiself. Havn't been aole too see him llinee the first eating, but f?Uppose he will tum up all right' to-moror.-Louurollle Cor., May 10. Business Firms a!ldl Remova111. om.,.,...., 0.-J. H Keithly, agent.tor Heppenhelmer &: llllaurer I! cigar bo:z:: Ia bela, etc. i removed to 160 W. J aoob Zins, dealer In leaf totw:LCeo; removed etNet. Huck & Nagel, manutacturet"S"''t and dealers ln cig&rS, tobacco and snutr; di880led; Ohas. NageleucceedM. -F. Kenneweg & Bade, manufacturers o t tobacco and snu.ft'i dissolved; H. Bade /11: Son succeed. John V. Wagner & ma.nuracturers and dealers fn ctgara, am.oklng and chewing tob&ceo; su<:cessors to C. Thomasmeyer; new firm. DIBBJC Arlzona.-Soman & Heine, cigars; dissolved. ao--Ellf, deale"' In all kinds of Imported and do-mestic 1 o: &UCCe8IOl'B to Uhl &: Durham. L..lNCA.STER, Pa.. Shirk. tobacco commission; burnt out. Lo.UJSTJ_u.., Ky. Alberdings, ciKar and de&Jer in manufactUred to removed to 48 West Market Street. L. S. Helburn. wholesatedealer In clgaro and tobacco; 000 West Main Street i new ftrm. J 9s. Strnons,_ Yholes&le to 836 Street. Fred Ga.ertrie-r_. tobaccorust; .1emoved to W. Market Street. MILW.A.UJLBE,"'Wis.-Kahlman Bros. dt Bremer, cigars and toba.cco; dis solved j Adolph Kalman retires. MonuAL, Ca.n.-0. J. & F. H Field. cigars, etc. i sold out to M. .Miohaels. Nxw Yo'a.K.-Herz Btos., dealers 1n lea! tobacco; Berman and Jacob L Herz have formed 4 under the abpye style; busineas 19 to 181 BoWeiy PEORU, lli.-Hartter & Gunther, cigar manufacture.-; dissolved SYRACUSE, N. cigar manufacturers; sol out to 'Pai-shaU /11: Co. FU>'poly Sueh a Deputy, in the election district of lS the Eduard Weigang, of Bautzen. C. V, Patent Office Report. For May 8, 1881. INVEI'ITlONB PATENTED. Packi11g. c. Clawson, Ra' C r P1JBLW. DIDCRiwJE DUIUNG A.PRlL pr $9,690,000, W AB!IINOTON, M.ay--!,-The following ia a; recapitulathe statement issued to-day:" Debt. Bonae at'6 per cent .. ; ......... ..... Bonds at 5 per cent .................. Bonus at per cent' .... ........... Borrds at 4 per .. ... ', ..... .... : : Refunding eertificates .......... ; Navy pension fund .................. .. $196; 378,600 00 456,0!2,91!0 "01) 00 738,622,700 po 725,100--06 14,000,000 00 ba is compelled the times to reswea .JNf!0;r:Jta Uy e8septu!.l that thosaintei'E i!V.hat:are their rights under tbfi' j a a tli e,.t-lmJsible Delay may inv" ot'v e tli'e.h in and damages. 1 Thre have been so many patents taken--out dUI"ing the p!lllt fifteen ;,years for .re-sweating tobacco that it is a nice question to determine w hat-ie an infringement what is COUWl:Oll.J?rDperty and it iS tln:fe' ru mat ter were e(L ai,d 'in teagiJ..]Jig-!!Olu tion of tti -rol>lem resented a meeting is to be held in tkls city, on Wednesda y evening, May 18, as will be 1100n in another place. There should be a full attendAilo.uT MR. GRA'.-The Weslerrl Tobacco..Joumal. in its last John G. Graff, business manager of YorlcTOBA.CCO LEAII', was in Cincinnati last week, in the interest of the paper. He is the tlii!Ile persistent, pushing gentleman that always LOUISVILLE'S PAST AND PRESENT TROUcomes Re.ver changing, rather ripening and mellowinf, with advancing years, as ,does pure old "sour mash.' Pril;tcipol. ............... ........ $1,655,749,350 00 Interest .... ,........................ 16,817,844 SO BLEB BETWEEN WAREHOUSEME:t!i. Mr. Graff will visit Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri AND BUYERS i n the next few weeks, and possibly extend bis on which interest ha8 CeNOPOLY VISIONS. A correspoll!lent writing. from Mannheim ,reports that a number of m e n in that city lately forll'\ed an organization to prepare a programme for the Parlia. mentary ca.mpaign. The organization was entirely composed of Bismarc k men"-of Bismarck men MnB phrase. As a matter of course the tobacco, mono poly scheme forme d a part of. the programme, as the tobacco monopoly is a scheme which is stubboruly adhered to by the Chancellor of the German.. empire, Nevertheless the monopoly question was stricken from the programme at one of the last meetings of the organization, as they feared to appear before 1 t'be public as av_pwed of the tobacco monopoly project. so e mg,_ as we un ?rstand lt, uyere cerning the wholesale price of some of the most im who slhpped their tobacco nght off, ru: wftlin130 ys, portant articles of merchandise, it appears that the should not be charged the same fee ($2) per hhd, Js wholeeale prices of tobacc? at the three principal Ger those who took long e r storage, up to 4 months, which man tobacco centers durmg month of January that fee co v ered. The buye p oposed t hM:e the were, as follows:-At the port of 0 common leaf, 56 marks per 100 kilogrammes; Braztl Gold and silver certificates . . 56;350;700 00 l!,ractional currency ($15,490,980 92,} less amount estimated lost or de-stroyed ($8,375,934) ................ 7 ,115,046 92 Principal......................... $418,794,432 92 prevatfmg p'a ttce changed, ,bat tq,e fee would be second, 88 marks per 100 kilogrammes stems (Vir more eqll itably fixed, viz., Of $1.25 p 1' ginia.), mal'ks. -At Hamburg, D omi'ng{) tobacco, with 1 month's storage, and that ..25c storage per hhd wrap_pers an,d fillers, 110 marks pe;r 100 ki!ogrammes; per month therea; 0 ld be charged b .;}}ioh B_razil,l 115 At Ma!Jnlielm, 1879 Ffaelzer bmders and cigar leaf, 126 IIlal'KB per 100 lplogrammes; and a full attendance is requested. Unclaimed Pacific Railroad interest... 6,656 01 Total Debt. Principal. ............................ $2,080,248,649 18 Interest .. ..... . .. . .. .. . 17,555,241 01 means the warehoq@ nld--get their f2 as befpre, 1879 prown cutting grades, 116 marks. from all who req re -months' st'tirage. T is the warehollSemen resist which lEld to.. the 'l"'ho purchased s oLall sold i the market, with drawing fro the .Boarg of Trade in Ma:y,i 1879, as they hall a to do, and by so doing ;left -----Total ............ ................ $2,097,803,889 19 The Tabaclcs Zeitung remarks: "These men will, hol'fever, continue to commend the tobacco monopoly, netertheless, and if any one of them should be elected to Parliament, 'he would not hesitate to lend his aid and suppor'-in ultimately carrying out thisJlcheme so obnoxious to the wnole German people or he would vote for whatever increase of the taxes on-tobacco migt be proposed. The orga.nizati.on to found it prudent and necessary po the mono poly achem% from thei r programme, becanse they were located in the midst of a German tobacco center, wbete Prin e Bismarc 'il tobacco monopoly aim t \/1. -,.,.. .. looked upon y;it)l a ,deal of abhorrence.--l :.0 themselves at.. y at -Y w'iq h offered them rms, or those pr dsed by the For the wa housemen were left in the B d one r t local buyere ol I 1-n small buyers, until a compromise e basis of$1.50 and 3b day storage, after wbi'Ch the buyers returned to.the Board of Trade. I -\lSi not long, however, before the warehousemen again for the old fee from the buyers of f2. out w1th only 10-day storage. The Tob!lcCo Board of Trade, however, had by=tliat' time changed its compoeition-so mu!Jh that when t!;Ie warehousemen prO(lPsed to t:etmm to tile old fees of P, witii. 10-day storage, the Board would not sanction it, and on that ,account 'the warehousemen retired from the Board, and left the buyers in con'trol of it. Matters have gone on in this way for some time, untlla new rival bouse, the Farmers' Warehouse, changed hands TRADE ldf}l T3ANS;I>O:B.TATICj)N. some time ago, and announced $1.50 to the buyer and From wl:ii'fwaaljliidoat the meeting of the New York $1.50 to the seller, instead of $2 to the buye;r and $2 and of Trade on Wednesday; 1 per cent. to the sellerc, aseha.rged by the other W&l'e rele.$ive 'to to houses. The success of the new warehouse haS New York and New Orleans, it appears ened seriously the prospects of old ones-as' lidtll that the "pooling" system in vogue among the trunk buyers and sellers have given the new house 'liberal railroads is operating to the disad vante.gl3 of New York patronage. as a commercial port, and appreciably to the advantage The most objectionable feature presented by tlie ()f New Orleans. warehousemen to the buyere before they left the Board, New Orle&nll last year exported 100,000 tons of staves, was that the Inspectors of Tobacco should be appoint and New York but 10,000 tons. In former years the ed by the warehousemen onlv, denying to the buyere bulk gf the stave exports of the country was done in any voice in their appointment, which they had enjoyed this port. For the year ending August 31, 1879, there ever sincfl the Board was formed, and which the were exported from New Orleans 4,617 ,825 bushels of buyers looked upon as the most vital point connected com and 1,868,084 bushels of wheat, and for the year with fair dealing between buyer and seller; and it may OBITUARY. WRAPPERS.The trade is perfectly familiar with fine CJualities of the br1gbt leaf used fOr wrap-pers, grown m and North Carolina, and so N. o. KINNEY.. l>ly our manufaoturers. But manu have to announc!J the sudden death on the 11th fact rers are not alwo.ys able to procure exagtly what B Sh L I the want, and"in some when they do so, find mstant, at ay ore, of Col. Nathaniel Cogswell the at all agreeing .with the sample wb1ch Kirmey, one of the members of original, firm of was is anexceeding1y Kinney Brothe're, tM.prominent tobacco and cigarette annoyufg11n'd opetat1on. ,to the: manufacturers of this city, who retired several years turer,j left to hirq ,is toJind ago. CoL Kiuney was well known and highly esteemed some good fh'rft irt whom he can trust. To these( and I to all pthers who have' need of fine bFight wrappere,<>We in military and social circles, and hia demise is much recommend :NI'esSf!!.Pamsll: & BlaCkwell 'JOf Durb111in, lleplored by the many friends who shared his eom N. C. l are ilmting "the 'largest of these panionship and intimacy in life. Oarolina, as the firm IJl!l_kes a spFLllOUOLlll, Ind.-...,. A. ,olllanla .t baa glveD real*7 mortaao ter 12.000. U>e li&TeD, lelll toboooeo comm181on merohao'; fw ..... -PeteJ w.N"";bM!i_,..._twtl!,aoo; renewaL Pa. am .t llooD cfP,n: 8PIDo' for ... -. Pa.-Geo. D limier, Yr., Clpr maDatacturor; jndple1" aplnlt I .oooi reaewaL "I do notconstrUe. the act of Congress authorizing was is pract1ce to store the original packages in a the issuing of letf.erB-{llltent for trade-marks as strength-rootn iri the rear of his sliop, and from 'tiine to time as ening the Pl&iJitift's '1tle. The act merely provides for his business required, to cut t>lugs from the the..regiatration of trade-markll upon the declarntion of and expose them .for sale in a show-case in his frOnt; the owner of tqe 8rcl\lf!ve-right to ilill W>e, and authorshop, the package itself remaining in the b&ck room.. izes the Cornm1ssioner of Patents to certify to the reg-At or about the time chbged in the indictment he sold illtration. one of the from hie show-case to one Walsh a 11 The act, therefore, furuJihea DO .further Or Jrofessional 'lflineM. The Court, in ita decillion, aAYfl tla iq pven in reinedie& proVIded iD that a s&atute 10 highly penal u &lli=ulCl be 110 than ew::h aa eltilt.ed .trued with J)eut re&BGilable atric atJ.4 .olalbt. arid couf<{ be puraued iD aoy court of mt to be eldeaded b3" ilbpltcation 10 u illol* iM8 &be oemJMDJaw owlUirliip m Pot plainly wfthiD its .,.rma, 'l'he in the trade-mark." sisted upon by t.he Gonrnmant ill & forced cme, and is


not warranted either by the letter or spir1t of the en actment. A. retail dealer, who, m the course of h1s busmess, sells at retail tobacoo taken by h1m from a wooden package duly put up aud stamped, whether taken at or, does not vmlate th1s sect10n. Names of Persona and Firms Comm.en clrtg and Discontinuing Business as Cigar Manufacturers in January,-1881. '-....-NEW: YOBK. F1rst Distnct. Henry Roth, dtscontinu'ed, Brooklyn. p R Rochefort. do do Adam Rocklein, commenced, do Bentler_, do do lldward Walsb, do do John MTill, do West New Brighton. LAM: Almstadt do Brooklyn. B en[\l}tt1 GudJon'ski Bros, com'd, do Andoow Bodd, do do' James Caldwell, do ddo do 84 7th av do Seltz. E & A G do 16 l<,ranklin st do Geo E Strafidlll, do 416 Warren st do M Llano & Co, do 29 Broad way do Samuel do 132 Duane st do L Msyen, tlo 9Q 7th av do Etghtet)nth Dtstrlct. E L Clarke (agt), d1sc 'd, 45 Frankfort st, Cleveland. P Hollander, do 93 St Clmr st dO :a: Mills, do 274 Broad way do Mueller & Reichert, do 285 Garden st do M Mtehael, do 112 Woodland st do G Strasser do 28 Merwm st do Fred do 275 Loram st do A. E Boeschhn, do Warren Braunberns & Vogely, discontmued,TWarren. J L Gross do Akron. J A Hoeffier & Co, do Wooster. 1 -F KarJlllr do Alhance. Ph1hp m'nmenscl:em commenced, :Massillon. Boeschhn B10s do Warren I s 1dore Bloom,'com'd, 168 Greenwood st, Cleveland. Goodman & Fnedman, com'd, 93 S t Clau st do M Ktegor do A.mboy F A Miller & Co, com' d, Hoffman Block, Cleveland. PENNSYLV A.NTA; Eighth District: J B Clous, discontinued. Reading Wm K Dash, do Lower Macungia. John D1mrruck, do Upper Lt\ucon. A H Frantz, do Kronkill Mills. W Fluck, do Alleitown. John :a:umena, do Readmg H Kissmger, do do 1 J as C Kemmera, do Upper Milford. A J Rom1ch, do Lower Macungte. W Z Shelly, do .Upper Milford. Seitz & Co, do Allentown. .Taco b Adams, commenced, Readmg. Herman H 'F1sher, do do Jacob Frank'hauser1 do 1 Brecknock. Jas J Gregory, do Lower Macungie.' Chas A Grwr, do Readmg, Hl!ilma'n Bros, do do Htram W Hoster, do Pottsvtlle. Ada:m Shower do ,. J.e.fferson Township. J N1nth D1 tticb. r Alpert Bodie, d1scontuiued, Arllelia Goldenkranz, com'd, 117 South st do Fernandez & Alvarez, do 107 Johll st do Reube ;t Wengst do Seven Valley., r L R Althouse, commenced, Bair & Bro, do Hanover. S D Bagley, do Chambers st do Third Distnot B 'Bnmner, discontinu.e1, 180 st, ew A I Itartsen, do Sl!l W 42d st do0,, '"' A Lew1s, do '36 Lewis st Beaughman & Beck, do York. C H Cdmpbell, ao Lancaster. Henry W Freeo, do York. Henry H / l!'unci;l1 do Millersville. W H Ferree, do York. .,, Jfate lJ(osB, '--do .Ja58 3d av, f' do :L>Stii:Jerburg, J do 87 Pttt st do A.bdrew Stahl, "il.o 532 6th st do IGeo E o Gord, do Ephrata. J H P Hake, do York,. 1 1Chris SHerr, do West Wlllow Henr,etta diRC'd, 249 Bowery do Elias Traub, do 1838 Sd a'{ ; do John :M Innes, do Da.llaStOwn. 1 Wm do Mo\lnt Joy. Adol'ph do 511 5th st ddo0 Geo "Bendew, commenced, 980 ,2d av Sam'! J McDowell, do Dallaalio:wn, 1 Moore & M1ller, do Yotk. W C(Bwers & Co, do 634 E 16th st1 .1 do Moses J;londy,, do 38 Essex st :l do Fred'k Berghof, do 61 Canal st do Joseph Cztzak. do 56 A v C do J Elhnger &: Co, do .640 E st do F A Farola, do 537 3d av do Foster Hilson & Co, do 143-145 Av D do l Phllip'Gels, do 96 Av C do M & S Garretson do 57 do do Loms 'Green & Bros, ,do 386 E 8th' st do Max I .. do 1375 sa. av dol W ):!Juck do 180; st do H 1 rst:hb.6rn & Bel\dherm, com'd; 35 Bower;i do0v. Jacob L Jacobs, do 249:W at 1 d Josep\1 Josephs, do E 75t)l st do Monis Lovey, do H911st av do France&, J do 7lO Sth a-v do Morttz Lebnsch do 351 W 39th st do 1 Harry Levy, do 54 E Broad way do Lev:y Bros o:;ommenced, 784-708 E 13t h st do do do 214-220 Av C do Geo Muncjb, do 254 E Houston st do J,. Lewis Osll'jers, do 402 E 19th st do Antonio Perez; do 330 E 11th st do Albert com'd, 44 Attorney st do Wm Reffelt, do 404 E 16th st do Chas J Kathke do 302 W 44th st do Rosenthal Bros,' corn ;d, 636-638 E lOth, 620 E 15th do Jacob StarJce, 17 Rtdge st do Herman Traeger, do 22871st av do Henry J "W'inter, do lObs av t\nd 'I. 48th st do Henry Wenke, do 521 E 11th st do Twelfth D1striot. Ames & Soper, commenced, Peekskill. JWbert McNetl, do Portchester. dha.a Preston, do Dover Otto Schwenk, do Morrisania. Fourteenth D1stnct. Robert Bowers oommenced, 166 Main st, S Amsterdam Chas Mtller, do 265 Central av, Albany. Geo H Oathout, do 29 Myrtle av do 'Vm Schack do 314 S Pearl st do G W VanSlyke&Co, com'd, 471 Broadway do John D Mac'k, do DivisiOn st. Cobleskill. Oloff Pete1 sen do Voorhees st, S Amsterdam. t J Fifteenth Dtstrwt. : Dennis Flannigan, diScontmued, Hoosac Fall!!, Wilham Evers, do Glens Amond Bros, do Troy. <9 A J Bach & Co, do do A: J Bach, c ommence d, do MiJAael E Dolan, do Poestenkill. Evers & Lucus, do Glens Falls. Bros, do Iioosac. S'Sehgsohn, do '!.'roy. Twenty first DJStnct Wm Patrick & Co discontmued, Phoemx. Vlm A Walter, commenaed, do John Pru 1ke r, do Utwa. LoUis Ehletzer, do do John G Alsheime:t: J.r. do do Loms Effrg, flo Ji'rankfort. J M :Jacobs do Oswego Tweht)'SJXtn DistriCt. Loomis & Taylqr. !l,iscontmued, NOI:w Jch. W K Loomts, commenced, do 1 JohnGTaylor, do do Wm Walton, do. Unad}lla. Hummell & Russell, do Schenecus. Twenty eighth Dtstrict. T L Brown & Co, d1scontmued, Elm1ra. Merr1tt & Chever, do Webster. Adolph Mwhaels., do Rochester. Quackenbush & Co, do Btg Flats. dhl"tstopher Wesp, do Rochester. JOhn H Wesp, commenced, do A M Newman, do do Chas H Sm1th, do Mlils. John Rule, ,do Roehestet. Geo R Davenport, do Big Flats Eliza S Martin, do 'Pequea. Gyrus G Mobn, do Adamstown. Che5,ter E1 Rchey, .do iShrewsburg. Rutledge & Co. do Lancaster. Royer & do West Earl. Steme Bros & W tlson, do Manetta. Schleder &Co do :York. Stsnffer. Hetshey & Grefi, com'd,BIMlung-a. 0hvet W Shelly, I' do Newburytown. Tr1pple & Draude1 1 do Lancaster: -1 "M Weaver ,<1 do Blnll'Ball. 1Eli'VIlrd G W'agner, r do SpfinfG+ove. samuel Wa!lver, 'J il.d. Red LIOn Henry C Zimmer ao Lancaster. Twelftb_Dtstnct. Wim Reed1 discontinued, L01ghton. Adam Lehr commenced. Uppet .Nazareth, Dtstl:'lct: Sebastian Kiililer, disc'ontmued, Sunbury. J:olm A W'a\ters do Harnsburg. ,, "J:a1Qn man, 'comme!led; Geo Vogt qo l'!arnsburg. T.went1eth Dtetrict. Edwin Sto1tz, commenced,'! MeadvJllG. Compton & Stoltz, do. RHODE ISLA.ND, Whipple & Seigler, dtscentmued, woonsocket. A C Ha.rr1s, commenced, do Geo M Whtpple, do do VEBIIlONT. Second Dtstrtet. Jas Cain commenced, Brattleboro, -VIRGINIA., I DIStriCt ., & Loth, commenced, 220 Main st, Richmond, )John T O'Neill, do Rtehmond, Ftfth DistriCt Jol. n T Wrenn, commenced, Lynchburg. r WEST V .llitGINIA. Frrst Benj F Butcher, commenced, Parkersburg. John J Sulhvan, do Cllarlestown. Second Dtstrwt. Wh1te & Bro, d1scontmued, Grafton. Geo W Wh1te, commenced, do. WISCONSIN, Fust D1stnot E(nst Krom, ,d.Jsoqntjn ued, Cedars burg. do commeQ.oed1 618 16th st, Milwaukee. Mary La.rkm, do Delavan, t Ed lZJ!lmer. do 1338 Fon. d du Lao av, Milwaukee. Jacob Eglehoff Jr do Reed st do. 1 1 Second D1strH'lt. 1 1 'Fred'k, J Fairchild, c ommenoed: Bl:llpit. Dhr1s )V)lhelm, do r.lamestown. ) Albert P Rork, do Reedsburg. Chrts Wtlhelm, discontmued, Jamestow.n. Rork & Sm1th, do Reedsburg Third DJStrrct. 1 '; 1 !Alms :ea,rth, coni.inenced, Green !lay. J G A Kretlow <;lo FoQ.!l, duLac, I Stxth DtstrJot Geo commenced, Wausan. '' I .. .. STANDING UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS. Compton Bros, do Sulhvansville. James L Brown, do Elmtra. The coinm 1ttee appomted at a meeting o'f tftei'Board ot Managets '?f the Tobacco Assomatmn of tb secure l egal opin.!ohs as ti) the or the b!ll passlid bi the Ohio and what ac was necessary by the trade to protect itsillf agi!Jnst unJI1St bavtbg sighlfied its readmess to repo1 t, 11ft Mallay o1 the Board, called a H meetmg of that on 1 II 1 Every member of the was present, l!. Thirtieth D!strtet. t Geo C Norton, commenced, Jamestown. GjlO Vanderberg, do I 1 1 (}nest, 6f tli_Ei Seed ;Leaf ,of, TraW, 11 ,j,, Y. !representee! !its Assomatwn J 11 aJ I Mr. Mallay, as Cbatrman of the Comm1ttee on Legal Rll reported that the Comm1ttee had consulted I l fund w1tb the law firms p.f Messrs. :Matthews, 1 8 J, Matt hews, and Hoadlyj J.ohnson & Cqlstorr, apli qr.1 gentlemen"had prepared wntten opm10ns, which were C..t.BOLI!'I.&, Suth D1strtct!. J ; M Morgan & Bros, commenced, f 1.. I 1. OHIO, 11 First District. 1 Aluysius Allering, d1scontmued. l:lt Bernard.. Lom1511-0 Amann, Cmcmnati. William Cooper Jr, do lS.Broadway, 1 'do '' Huck & Nagel, do 114 E 2d st ,do .. L Jacob Kif?sell, do 8 Straight st do Wm H Xndjlrson, commenced, 449 Central av do Adolph Buelow, do 404 W 5th st do L H Bracker .!t Co, do 104 W Front st do F'orank .X Daebele, do 4.1 Moore st do do 49 st do Fatthauer & Co, do 60 Bremen st do Louis Ka1se:r, do 500 Race st do August Katker,. do 14 Ma:dtson st do A.I.\gu1t do 310 Clark st do H;enry Meyer & Co, do 46 W .l!,ront st do J li Oberwitte & Bro, do 415 Vme st do Co,urad Pauscbar, do 358 W 5th st do JQbD P,ast, do St Bernard. Henry do 54 Butler st do Fanny ll W erthrum, do 383 Cutler st do Third District. John W Scott, commenced, Gratis. Andrew J Stundell, do Spnn&boro. Fourth District. A!liustine & Schetler. commenced, Urbana. Gee Steiger, do P1qua. Tenth District. Frank Pil.ieger, commenced, Galion. Eleventh District. Ubl &; Frech, commenced, Portsmouth. \ G '}{ Van Heyclo, do Circleville. 1 Fmeenth DiArict. P P I:Johumacher, discontinued, Canal at, Dover. Jolm H do do Wm H do <:;a!d11,U. p1 esented J f The opmions were iong, and & : covermg all the pomts at 1ssue, and emphatically de plarmg the new law unconstJtutwnal. A comm1ttee, 'ConslStmgof Messrs. 'HendWorthing ton Lee H Brooks and E. H Griest, was appomted liP drah a resolution expresstve df. the opinion of tho trade1 pn the best course to pursue, who ; after a brief inter val reported the following': Resolved That 1t IS the sense of the Tol5aoco AsSdbla that the system of mspeet1ng and weighing tobacco shall be e6ntmued as lieretoforil. The resolutwn as read was unanimously atlbpted ""Henry Rattermann made''the" followmg irlotwn, d 1 f u which was also unammously ca r1e 1 r ., 1 1'he Cinclnrlati niarket ,b'e'ing recogmzed as f br the pf it is 1 I. RtJSolped, Thatlthe ruoClj;Ltiq_n ID'i\Ite ,sh!pJ>el'(l fr,om Brown Counuy. Dstnct, a all d1stnctl\, to the1r tobacco to thiS and that buyl!rB w1l bid on a ll tobacco honestly packed and Inspected lly the inspector elected by th1s !Assomation. 1 ,-l----4-,W.-WC-t I t Jo 1 -In the House of lately, on the motwn to go into Committee Supply, Mr. Bourassa moved an amendment to the' efiec t that Canadian grown tobacco should be from exeu1e .duty m order to encourage th1s mdustry. Aften some dis cussion the amenidmQnt was lost, When the Committee of Supply was tn sesswn, there was brought for ward an item of $12,000 to provtde for tB.e expjlndJture m connection w1th aeeurmg the duty o'n tobacco. Mr. Bowell, m answel" S1r R. Oartwright, satd the amount of duty collected on nat1ve tobacco in 1879..g() was $1,749. and fol" the seven months 'Of 1880-81 it was 17 4.25; and if the ratio of the mcr&IUie was the same the last five monthS of the year, the total duty would be f13,119. This showed that although the duty had been reduced from 10 cent& lio centli, wfth a cloee supervision, the revenue had incl'l!lllllld. There was every reaaon to believo that, owing to the fmpet;UII aiven to the of this plant, a larp revenue J:!e it. '!&8 to. 8 I .... "'-.::t.


I 4. paota are flourishing finely, many of them al liDoiK ready to set out. The msect pests are domg some 4amagoe, and in one or two cases that have been report-ed destroyed whole beds of plants. E ..... Cob "The lOBS of Esberg, Bachman&; Co., .w.. n, -.,. the fire already reported, has been adJusted _by the iasurance companies, and paid; $40,000 was paid, and lbe firm was allowed to keep all theU" tobacco, 253,87 hds &lea to< U.l.c month liSS 266 8 1 885 hds for the week 1 ,060 hhds. For the month, 2,878 hbds At New Orleans: -Beceipts from J a n : 1 to May 7, 18l;ll, 1 780 hbds, 11g3inst 1,708 hhds m 1880 ; sales this month, .. ; foreign, hbde; domestic, 5 hbds, against 5 m 1880 Stoek on band and on shipboard not cleared May 7, 681 hhds. Virgania Leaf-Manufacturers have been in the Vir ginia leaf market, and bought liberally of fine grades 4llf wrappers and smokers. Lugs were also m fa1r re -quest. Seed Leaf-The demand for Seed leaf the past week .esulted in sales of 1,1150 cases, against 2 600 the previous week. New Connecticut seconds contmue in good request, and a brtSk movement is observable in l87ll Connecticut wrappers, which is hkely to prevrul as long oe the same are available, as they are desir G'le, and not over abundant. J. 8. UANs' SoN & Co., tobacco brokel'l!, 131 Water Street report 11.11 follows :-The market durmg the week ...., quiet, with the exception of a movement m 11119 Connecticut wrappers aud one or two sales of 1880 Connecticut seconds. SALES. 1500 cs. 1879 Connecticut wrappers ........ 18 @25 250 ce. 1880 Connecticut seconds ......... 11 250 cs 1879 Pennsylvania ........... 100 cs. 1879 Pennsy I vania fillers.. .. .. .. .. 6 300 Cll. 1879 Ohio .. .. .. .. .. .. .. G :uo cs. 1870 New York ................... G l,ISGO @25 @ @7 @9 inquiry for Havana tobacco is still Mttve, and we note sales for the past week of 750 llales at former quotat10ns. Fine 1879 crop is eagerly .,ught at current rates. .llanujactured For domestic consumption the de mand for plug tobacco appears to been light the p&l!t week, jobbers and grocers saying orders have 11een slow in commg forward, owing to the backward of the sprmg weather for one thmg, and to trade Whergy, perhaps, for another. But foreign shipments )lave been large, reaching 2541747 poundS, which is a -ns1derable increase on p1evioue weekly summaries. Stnolring-All popular styles and grades of smoking tobacco have sold well since our last report, both for local and interior account. CigarB-The cigar market has been moderately, the demand being good for both domestic and ialported cigars. Cigar-Roo: Cedar.-Tbe movement of stock during the past week has been moderate. The quotations are: 'Miexican cedar, cents per foot; Cuban, cents. StoCk on hand, with the new arrivals, about Simon Sternberger, Banker, re ..,u. to THli: TGBAOOO LBAII' as foUowa:-1 quote: .lllakera, nominal rates are 486 and 488 for 60 days, and demand sterlmg repectlvely, Belllng ratea are 484 for 60 ..,., for dem1111d. Commercial, 60 days, 484. Parlalllinkera. 8 days. 518%, 60 days, 521J,{ Commercial 60 days, Reichmarks--llankers, 8 daya, 60 days, 95; Commercial, 60 days, Market strong. Freighta.-Meesre. Carey, Yale & Lambert, l!'reight Bldtera, report to Tlm 'l'oBAcco LBAB' Tobacco Freigbts a Mo-.vs. Lherpool, a l eam, 258; sall, ... : London, steam -.; eall, ; Glasgow, steam, 26;. 10&11, .. ; Bristol, Sa sail, ... : Havre, aleam, jll; sail, $8: Antwerp, sleam, ata M; sail, 806. Hamburg, Sis 6d; sail, SO., Bremen, llleam, 82 6d. a&il. 30s. IMPOBrL 'l"he arrivals at the port of New York from foreign porta fo: -.e -.ek Included the follov-ng COllBignments:Bros 3 ""pipes, 14 pkgs do. Leg.,_._ Weaver & Sterry 40 jan ohve oil. J Kaldenberg 1 cs tobacco. .Bottmtam-H Batjer & Brn 1591 bxs clay pipes EiiNI&a-'robscc:--A G<>n:oalea 168 balea; Gustav Salomon & s-641 do; A 8 Roeenbaum & Co 7ti do; Schroeder & Bon 11U do; A F Stephens & Co 118 do; F Garcia, Bro & Co 63 ao: Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel108 do; M Neuburger til do: Carde...-o& Co 5 bbla p1codura. Clg&r&-Guatav Salomon & Bro 1 es;. G W Faber 8 do "Esbe rg, Bachman & Co 14 do: L P & J do Purdy & Nicholas 3 dn; Howard lvea2 do; H R & vo'8ao, Carl Upman.n 1 do; Michaella & Lindemann Sto Par!< & Tilford 82 do: Acker, Merrall & Condit 82 do; .;rD Herlotr> I do: Spence Montague & Oo 1 do: F Alexandre & &1M 21 do : Brown Broa & Co a ilo: John .A. Normm8 do : J & & Oo ll do: A Owen 10 do; C B Pertbm, Boetou, l!clo CJ'JlaJt'--IBK.I. .... J..aAJO-alii .. :: ... : ::: :::: m .. :: ... : ... -: : : : Xedlum .. .. .. .. .. 7 @ 8 lledlum .. .. .. .. VK Good ............... 8 CIO I Good........ .. .... .. 9).iCL'i VIBGI!II A. LBA.P Da&. Floe mahogaoy. 2151:4511045 L'ommon lugs .. 4 C Common bright ....... 16 Good logs .. .. .. .. 4}S@ 1% Good bright .. .llll Low 1 eaf. .. .. .. .... 6 @ 7 Floe brlgnt .. .. .. .. 86 Good leaf ... .. 7 9 Extra bnght .. .. .lili Da.rk wrappen . 9 @U, 8KOUJUJ liRIGBT, BJU:GB'T Common ............ 8 Common mahogany 15 @llO Good .. .. .. .. .. L'l 7 Goodmahogany ..... 110 @ll5 Floe .. .. ............ 17 IIBED I.BAP. !'In' EI-Crop 1879-Fillers .. . .. 6 C Wrappen common .18 Ol& NEW You-crop :1879--Wrappero medium 16 @20 Aoaorted loWra_ppersllne .. .25 @86 Common to medium 8 Oil Wrappers selections Good .. .. .. S..C.nds Os1o-Crop Seed...... 18 @25 .Asllorted lot.B......... 7 111110 PI:MNBYLV.&.llil.a.-Crop 1879Wrappers 12 @18 A.soorted lot.s, low II @13 Wl8CONIIIJI-Crop 1!119do fair ... I4 .Asoorted lots .. .. 6 1111 9 do fine 21 @....... Havana. Seed 14 @HI Wrappers .. .. .. 18 111145 Wrappen .... iO @15 liP A.NIIIH I.BA.P KA. v Fn.Lat.s-C'.ommon HOOt!. -Floe Superior YAU-I and II cut.B uaon..l II cuts VIU.TB.A. WRAPPERS l!l.oUIUP.Ul'rUBBD TOBA.VVO. rmca Jl( BoJJD-T.U 16 C&N'l'IJ PER Potnm, BI.ACI.0-18'/11Crop. eo @ 86 88 @ 95 100 CliO 115 @i25 62)t@ 92}SCIOO ao 0160 8RJGBTBNavy fs. 5o, 68, 'M, 3s .17 W1bs lOa and I 0s,l2s, and )(lbsl3@16& 18@211 Navy4,,5s,Ssand "'pi,e'oes 18 !l-Inch llght-preosed 211 030 14111116 & 18CH Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces i4@.:i o:: Neg10head twist 21Ci!ll Gold Bars 30 6 and ill-loch tWISt... 20 VIGA.BII. H&Yana, perM $1!00150 I Seed, per Ill 8eede.nd1iavana perM oiO@ 90 GBA.!IULA.TBD IIM:OIU!IG TOBA.VVO. lledlum to Kood S260._ I Good to line ll!ltJPP. to dlocounl .., the whol.-le 11..-hoy -IIIIC-4111 IA.meriean Geotlem&D Sootch ud Lundyfoot tlli Bappee, French --o-71 ---7& Sr.lliDIIua.C." "F. G "W&lll8 Ex. FU&r" lltC C.yCa." "L(l &Co" S&.er:!Y k' "La ROe&" "Huelva," "Magnet," s. LJ.VOBIVB PA.IITB. "W.8." "T W 8.'" V. 8.' UGH u Sta.r,n "H" "P.G. .. I.A. TUELTA. A.BA..J"O" VIGAB PLA.VOB. 18 1S 18 Ill 18 18 loii Pint 1 Pint I Gal ( 8 plnt.B). 6 Gal Lots. 10 Gal Lola $6.00. $40.00. $8li per Gal $30 per Gal DOMES'IIV JLEVEIPTS. The domestic receipts at the port of New York for the week were as follows.1,202 hhds, 145 trcs, 5li butts, 941 cs leaf, 12 bales do, 1,C84 cs smkg, 274 do mfd, 94 bxs do, 82% bxs do, 848 do 87 Kbxs do, 688 do 84 do, 10 1th bxs do, 3 bbla do, 19 pkgs do, 67 kegs 'lfo, 800 cads do, ISS do, .50 do, 81 cs cigars, 15 do cigarettes, 1 do C}garettes and smkg 5 bxs samples 2 trcs snu11, 18 bbls do. 2 do, 2 do, 449 bxs do, 107 bxs pipes, 1 cs do, consigned as fol lows:B!I 1M rU Railroall-W 0 Smith & Co S8 hhds ; Sawye(, Wallace & Co 121 do; Pollard, Pettus & CoM do ; !! B Jones 11 do; Heynes Bros & Co 158 do; Kremelberg & Co 10 do; M Pappenheimer 88 do: C E B1llll do. Funcl1, Edye & Co 40 do; J H Moore & Co Gl do; D J Garth, Son & Oo 54 do; H Siebert 29 do D Dows & Oo 1 do G Fall< & Bro 41 ca; Order 232 hhds. Bv il.., Hv.tlMm R'IH!1' R. R -F Schulz 10 ca; Kimball, Gaul lier & Co 45 do; F H Leggett & Co 46 pkgs ; Order 130 bbds. Bv 1114 Natibnai LiM-Sawyer, Wallace & Co 12 hhds J H l\leore & Co 64 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co 14 do; Oder 86 do, 41 pkgs. B]; the PenmylMnia Ra.:lroad-Giebel & Van Ramdohr 85 cs Fatman & Co 25 do, Davis & Day 44 do; A Cohn 9 do; S R0ssm & Sons 57 do, N Lachenbruch & Bro 16 do; G Falk & Bro 3 do C SPhilips & Co 4do; Havemeyers & Vigeliusl do; Buozl & Dorm1tzer 2 do, G W Helme 10 ca mfd, 19 pkgs do, 8 J.i bbla do, 2 trcs anu11, 18 bbls do 2 do, 44Q bxa do, 2 j:ikga do. B71 t.lw Central Railroad of New & G Friend & Co 4.8 cs; R Monne & Bro 1 do ; A Cohn 3 do Btl tht Old. Domon1011 SUD.mship Ltne.-W 0 Smith & Co 8 hhds, 4.9 tree 25 cs s mkg. 70 do mfd, 80 cads do, 9 e& cigarettes, 1 do c1garettes and smkg: Jos D Evans&. Co 4hhds. 47 cs mfd, 5 kegs do, 21i do J 0 Kellly Jr 10 hbds, 67 ca mfd, 25 % -bxs do, 8 73' bxs do, 52 DXB do; R M Allen & Co 87 hhds; John Devenney 12 hbds; Murrell & Co 8 do; H Siebert 6 do; J'F' Wrigbt8 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co 10 do; Kinney Tobacco Co 18 do, R .A. Mills 5 hhds, Iii trcs; FE Owen 8 do 8 do, J H Moore & Co 1 bhd, 2 csmfd; J .A.rrin&t<>n & Bon 84 trcs: P Lonllard & Co 46 do, 2 bxs samples: Leopold M11ler 20 butts. 8 cads mfd; Thomp s on, Moore & Co 85 butts mfd, M CS do, 288 do, 2 73'bX8 do 833 J,{ -bXB do, 8 legs do, 208 cads do; ME McDowell & Co 815 cs smkg, 8 do mfd: Jas M Gardmer & Co 48 cs mfd, 2 do, 40 Jo{ bxs do: H Wirt Matbow s 5 cs s mk g 1 do mf r _.... "...t ... f .J f< ... .i..r--THB TOBACCO LEAF. B11 1M New York and NN H-Demand not as lively aa usual. Olg:ht ........................ .. ..... @ Market dulL SAN FRANCISCO, Aprll28 -The JO'IJ.rnal of 0ommm, under the above date, reports:-Tbe tobacco trade II taken a turn for the better durmg the past week. The intermittenS character of business durmg the preceding week baa, to a greac extent, ceased. Leaf is in good demand and commanda aom&o what better figures, that u; to say, discount.& are restricted. Cigars-Import.& since our last: By rail, 28 cs. Importa s ince Jan. 1st, 462 cs. Receipts by rail smce our last came: 15 cs to Michalitschke Bros, S cs each to Esberg, Bachman a; Co and Wellman, Peck & Co, 2 ca to Easter Br011, 1 cs each to Oppenheimer & Bro J A Drmkhouse and Tlllmann & Bendel. 'Tobacco-Imports since our last : By rail, 104,280 lbs manu factured; 1 bbl, 168 cs (71,128lb8) leaf; per Seminole, ll hhda, SO pkgo. Total imports since Jan. 1st, 957,830 lbs manufactured, ll87 ltbla, 87 hhds, 1,595 <:4 (815,968 lbs) leaf. STATESVILLE, N.C., May 12.-Mesal'll Jourge & Co., of the Cash Tobacco W &rehouse. report to TBB TeBA.o co LBAII' :-Our sale hereafter will occnr daily. Large olfer ings, and largely composed of fine grades Our new ware house, of ten tbousand square feet area on main fioor, ia being rapidly pushed to completion. 'fobacco factories are lookiug this way. _' 4UOTATIO:NS. Lugs-rark common to meaium . 3 00@ 4 00 B1 igllt common to metlium .. .. B 00@ 5 00 Br1gat good to fine ............. 4 00@ 7 50 Bmokers-Bnght common to medium. 4 00@ t' 00 Bri!ht good to fiue.............. 5 50@ II 00 do line to fancy............. 9 00@,14 00 r-t-Dark common to medium....... 8 09@, 4. 50 Dark good to fine .......... .. .. 5 00@ 7 00 Brigh t common to medmm... ... 4 00@ 5 00 Bright good to dne .. .. .. .. .. !S 00@ 9 50 Yellew Wrapper&-Common to medium 10 00@15 00 Good to fine .................... 15 ()0@85 00 F1ne to fancy ................... 00@7G 00 Mabogany Wrappers-Com. to medium 9 '00@14. 00 Good to ftne......... ......... 10 OO@Sll 00 Fine to fancy ................... 80 00@65 00 ST. LOUIS, Mo.L May 8.-Mes1111. C. & B. Dor mitzer & Co.'a Monhtly Tobacco Report says:Offerings, receipts and deliveries at the tobacco Wareh01115 of St. Loms :-1881. hhda. Bt change to re,POrt in the demand, fine colory B rley leaf contmqmg active and firm, the pr ces forfine Missouri Burley leaf paid being from 18 to wh1le hogsheads which do not show sufficient color are g eneraUy rejected below holders' VIews. Of other grades also a small proportiOn only of the offerings bas been sold on the breaks, and rejec tJOn8 have been as numerous as before. Common dark leaf in soft order has been sold more readily at low figures, ranging from $4 to $4 50, 1vh1le heavy lugs are held firmly at prices somewhat above the present views of buyers, IJ.8 it appears the crop contains a proportion of tb1s grade of tobacco than usually. Common dark lugs ..... ........................ 3 25@ 8 li8 Good dark lugs ................................ 8 50@ 8 75 Good to line lugs ......................... 4 OO(jt 7 00 Cemmon nondescnpt leaf .. .. .. . .. .. .. 8 75@ 4. 50 C@mmon dark leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00@ 4 711 Medium to t:ood dark leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 73@, ll llO Common red leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. II 00@ 6 llO Med1um to good red leaf ........................ 6 00@ 7 00 Short bright leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 50@ 7 60 Fine bright leaf.... .. ......................... 7 50@10 00 .M1xed nnd trashy Burley lugs..... .. .......... 4 00@ ll 50 Good Burley lugs ............................ 4 50@ 6 00 Medium to good Burl ey seconds.... .......... 7 00@,10 00 do do do leaf .................... 10 00@,12 60 Good to fine do do .. .. .. ............ lli 00@20 00 Common dark mahogany wrappers ............. 12 00@13 00 do bright wrappers ...................... 15 00@25 00 Good do do ....................... 25 00@40 00 Fme do do ....................... 40 00@60 00 Foreign Markets. BREMEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furnishes the following account of the Bremen Seed leaf market for the week ending April 21:-Receipts from New York, per steamer Neckar: 19 caeee Seed leaf cuttings and 16 cases Seed leaf strippings. Sales, 100 leaf; 118 cases cuttings, and 10 caeee str1ppinga; stock on hand, 4,000 cases Seed leaf and 170 cases cuttings and strippings Prices were quoted as follows:Wrappere, 70@250 binders, 55@75 pfgs; fillers, 85@50 pfgs. The receipts of Havana leal'. during tbe week, amounted to 229 bales, per steamer N eckar, Irom New York. Sales, 90 bales of new leaf, and 51 bales of the old crop; stock on hand, 8,660 bales. Prices were quoted as follows:-Wrappers, good and fine brown, 650@1,400 pfgs; wrappers, mixed with flllers, 180@,300 pfgs; fillers, 100@250 pfgs. The following is a statement of the movement of hogshead tobaccos m the Bremen markel for ihe week ending-at the above date:-J BaT Ohio Berube. lld. Va. B:,. 8&eml. 8toct on band Aprill4.. m '1911 110 1,01111 1,541 4,11111 :t,ast Receipto.. lll 141 1t 1m '1911 lllB 1,01111 -.zwr. 4,8111 1,8'111 DellYered .. .. I! lltl .. 118 11!11 Ill Stock on band Apr. 21. ::& 787 tl6 1,0811 1,457 6,Z!C 1,111111 Sales.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... I! lltl 84 11!11 Ill The market during the week continued quiet, although there appeared to be an increased demand for some kinde of goods, which led to some transactione in Kentucky leaf. Tae sales amounted to 150 cases, mostly composed of leal of an inferior grade. There also aome transactions m Virginia and Bay tobaccos: Holders seem to be more firm, m view of the large Regie demand to be expected this year. LIVERPOOL, Apri122 -Messn. Parry & Croables repon to THB ToBAcco LEAF as follows.-In tbe present condition of our tobacco market, weekly reports may be stereotyped. A. reta1l busmess, Without change in quotation&. The spirit of tbe market is in favor of the buyer, but the character of the stock is against him, as not a1fordlDg a su11lciently varied selec tion. LONDON, April 20.-Messrv. Grant, !J'hambers & Co. report to THE ToBACCO LBu as fo!:lowa:-There baa been comparatively nothmg done iu this market during tbe past wee& in .A.mencan gtawths of tobacco. Home trade buyers show no inclination to purchase beyond their lmmediate re quirements. For exporl there bas been no demand, and Ill. substitutes little bu s inese hu belen done. Western Leaf and Strips-Ill the former nothing to r ep ort; in the.laUer on!ya few sales Virginia bas not attracted buJera. :Marf!and t. ow of sale, and only Ob10 of fine bright color;. inquired for. Qavendlah contiD.Uet oo.iy in moderate demaad.


, ---:H.A.V.A.N.A. Importers of 6 leaf Tobacco, 167 &T NE'VV LOZANO, PEND AS co., E MARK. 'A :N' A. T 0 B .A. C C 0 '1109 P::I!I.A.::E'I.X.. BT::E'I.E::mT, N'E"''V' 'Y'C>::E'I.:B:. Fo1 1=1 <: rt @'fl. E-4 I HYDROITE .A. :n.e"t>C" Preser'Va't:i'Ve I J''U.&'t 'the Trade :n.eed.a 1 I Keepo Fbt.'!"Cut, Plug and Leaf Tobo.oco aucl. Cigars Moi.t, an:l prevents Molding; is perfectly Taste leoa, and doeo net a.ll'ect t:ko flavor of the Tobacco in any -way. In uoiug it, there is no interfereneo with the proceu of Hanufa.eturing, and Tobacco can be prepared as uounl, We have duplicate orders from Eho. have used it, All we nok is a trial to convince you of ita value. Cheap and EconomicaL Price 2 per Gallon, or 25c per l' int. Forrurtherinformationaddress .M. MICHAELIS, 202 FultOn Street, NEW YORK. & SIEBER;1 .J. A.. BELYIN, BELVIN lii&N1111'&0T17BEB!J 011' FINE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, f6, t8 & 20 St., and 2, 4 & 6 Hall Pl., New York. The Attention of Cigar Manufacturers CLOSING OUT SALE.-The undersigned having discontinued the manufacture of cigars. and having two hundred thousand choice 5 cent Havana cigars on hand, will job the same in lots of 5,000 or upwards to suit purchasers, for cash, at greatly reduced figures, in order to quit the business. Parties wishing to pur chase cig-ars will find it to their advantage to apply to JosEPH H. GARNER, Ashland, Schuylkill Co., Pa. 845-St is r'espectfully called to our Large Stock of FINE RESWEATED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The quality of these tobaccos is greatly enhanced by our Resweating Proce ss. which is wholly a NA1'URAL one being entirely FREE from dyes and chemicals. Of splendid dark co.Iors, these goods are also excellent in quality and burn well Manufacturers of fine cigan will find this stock particularly well adapted to all their. BARKER & W AGGNER, FOR SALE.-A tresh supply of 100,000pounds genu ine "DEERTONGUE" FLAVOR for smoking tobaccc manufacturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest 82\ j9 S. Gay st., Baltimore, Md figures. MARBURG BROS., 145, 147 and 149 S. Chal'les Street, Baltimore. BRADSTREET'S A JOURNAL OF Trade, Finance and Polih'cal Economy. THIS JOURNAL covers a grouad the extent of which is occupied by RO other publication, and forms an invaluable work of reference to the met'Chant and manufacturer REGULAR AND TRt151WORTRY CORRBSPONDE.NC& 1 by expens. expressly for this journal. from an the trade centres of this country, ii embracoi in its THE CONDrrroN AND J>R.OSPKCTS of the various m.arlr:ets carefully recorded, and the possibilities and opportunibes or trade are demonstrated as by aX..X'V'EIR, ea1er& :i.:n. Pe:n.:n.sy1va::n,.:La Ci.gars! Office: 643 Penn Street ; Warehouses : 636 Court Street and 20 & 22 S. s th Street, :RE.A.DXN"'G, P.A.. IY" Lars Buyers wUlln4 it to their iDterest to oorreapond 'With ua., LlQUORICE PASTE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will find tt to their Interest to apply to him before purchas!n& else where. 611 61' BAST 11th STREET, NEW YOBK. P.A.O:B:E::E'I.I!il <>F' &EE::J:l X..:JD.A.Jii" -AND-IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-TBEIMPORTAfiONofSUMAT.RA WRAPPERS A SPECIALITY. CARL UPMANN; Gaee1 178 P:ta.'R.L STREET;:N:mVV 166 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. JOSEPH A.. VEGA_ JACOB BEIUIHEnl. D VEGA. & BERNHEIM, Packer a.:n.d. XZ111por'tera of HAVANA TOBACCO, 18'7 &T:E:.EET. FOR.:&:. EST:Fl.EX..X...A. J.ST.o. 16 E!C.A. 'V' .A.JXTA. Berger a Buehler, I F1or de B. :a. d3 o o.l OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO Jefferson Avenue, DETROIT, MICH. ATTENTION, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS hi and dery cont;.,.diction. No mauur&cturer should be without it. The machines will do the work required of them ev8ry We have adapted our"PrOccss to the wants time. Follow our instructiollll and vou cannot fail-of succeas facturars or job who wo,uld like tof3weat their to. To every purchaser we give a printed pamphlet eontalnlng bacco JUS! as they may need it: and w& such full and complete instructions aloout r&-'sweating that you have also made 1t entirely unneceB&ary to go to the excannot fail. It goes into all the details of Philip8' proceaa on pense of a steam hunting apparatus. new and old goods. His Ta8t experience in thia line o( ilWeating apparatuses are automatic in their i busmess renders th1s pamphlet alone of. more nlue to you than workmg running all ni ht 'th t the charge for royalty t bl d .1 g Wl CIU attention, and ar& 1 Let us know how many hands you employ, and we will fur-por a e as east Y moved e.bout as an empty Seed nish you IUl estimate of doing your entire sweating on your leaf case. 'l;'heyaremadeofwood, except the water-pan. own premises, where it can be done just to suit yourself. We for heat, therefore do not heat i have no secrets now in thia branch of our busineoo, aa Mr. the room m they are and the sweating: Phili]Js is fully protected by several patents dating from 1869 can _be done 1!1 the same room wtth t .he workmen wit}, .. when the first patent for sweating and and coloring to: O!Jt to them. folfowing is the capa-: bacco by and artificial heat in wood or other nsaels or ctty and prtce-hst of the three s1zes which we build:: boxes was 1ssued by the Patent Office, up to the prelellt time, No. 1 sweats 60 pounds (or le$s} at one time, 'Or the< ; nnd we would be pleased to have all parties visiting our city tobacco may be stripped or padded, ; calla!'d see us! that we may show them and the and then sweatece tlu of llu No. 2 sweats about 125 pounds of hands (or less) at : tobacco, and secure wea ,curtd, dark. gOOIU, w"!ouL any one time. Price '20. trouble, and for a. certamty every t1me, should no.t to use NG 3 sweat h 1 (400 lbs 1 our process and apparatus. We hR1'e a great many tn use in p s one w o e case ) at one time. : various parts of the country, and not one ha, f.Uied of giving rtee i entire satisfaction We are constantly in receip t of the mo.t T_hey Will color the tobacco m from three to fiver ; flattering testimonials,. from which we have one, from d,ay s, and as .dar)!: as may be w1shed. 'l'he No. S. : the largest cigar manufacturing firm in the State of Maryland, apparatus, whtch mcludes the heatmg arrangements,. Messrs. Heineman Bros., of Baltimore, Md.: up buli a ttfle more room than a case of tobacco,. 865 W. BALTIMORE ST .. BALTncoRll, Feb. 25, 1881. wide, 4 feet long, and st.ands 5 feet high, 'I Messrs. C. S. Philips&: Co.1188 Pea.rl Street, New York: tt betng to accommodate one case of Gentlernen: 'Y.e have resweated all our to'bacOO since the 1st Seed leaf m 1ts ongmal case. These apparatuses wilf. 1 of Octoller, 1819, under your process sud we moot gladly sweat a single case of tobacco (or less quantity) as nice-1 admit that your apparatus has given entire Mtiafaction. and dark as larger sweat houses will 10 20 or 51} Yours truly, HEINEKAN BRos. cases at a time, .use by the manu[ For further tion and for circulars please addreu the facturers. Mr. Phthps kas discovered a process that. 1 mventor and propnetors. positively does away with the bad odor called Ken-1 .c. S. & Co, 188 Pearl St .. TNew York. tucky or steam smell brought out by all other and for-i or .thetr Branch, 131 and N. Water St., mer cookingor steaming processes for dark colors .. I Phola.; James J,:'hlhps, 70 Main l:!t. Clncmnatl, Ohio; wu:. produ(es dead colors of black,. Westphal: 229 t>tate St., Hartford, Ct 885blue and .gra:y shades, while by Mr. Philips' process: 1 a. MICHAELIS. every feature of former sweating pro1 E &, co cesses has postttvely been overcome. A uniform dark: S MICHA LIS color is of a rich, lively appearance, and the< I I ., tobaqco retaiDBtts natural flavor and smell. The goods: Packers or come from all ready to )YOrk without any-S E E D L E A F further .mampulat10n wh!ltever. H18 is not a steaming: / or cooking proceBB, but lB the scientific use of moist. I AND DEALERS IN heat to produce fermentation, good quality and dark: HAVANA TOBACCO, colot:B. The process is easily and quickly IP.arned and by natural laws, which must be to.j 179 PEARL STREET, lfEW YO:RK. 1nsure success; but once you understand them, yoiL 1 will never attempt to sweat tobacco by any other proI ROYAL OWL I The finest they have ever Produced, The No. 3 apparatus will sweat; cure and color from: I eo to 90 cases of tobacco per year. Consequently, il;; 1 mus t not be that this is simply for sii16ll i manufacturers, as a manufacturer employmg 150 hands: only 4 or 6 of our apparatuses to do &!l 'his sweat-, ing. They can be set on any floor, or any part .of 111o floor, and they aro all ready to' go to work without; t any fixing or outlay. They do not have to be connected. with any chimney. In large factories, or for a leaf dealer where it is desirable to operate 4!1lveral of th& -.&.NDsing\e case or No. 3 apparatuses at one time, a smalh hot-water stove at a small cost may be used, instead of I 'D:OY.AX. 0 WL gas. This stove ruay be place d on the same floor with 1 the apparatuses, or on any floor beneath them, as may he.9_esirable. ALL HAVANA TOB'1CCO. CIGARETTE We ship the apparntu all reaet, B1ooklyn Tobacco seed. Barl>erta Connectleut Seed Lear.-Tbis Is the largest oort ol Seed leaf I!J'OWll In this country. It Is lor. A favorite tobacco. Jmprowed ()ona8cfleu't Seed Ia & compa.rativel1 DftW .ort; very lone and of medium width. Tll.e leaves are very thickly aet on the dalla. and may be -topped to from 14 to to the plant. One of the best ot the narrow-leaved varieties. W.b.Jte Bn rley .-The flnest of the cutLinlf ROrtA for fine-cut chewing tot.cco. Paekeca, 50 cent and .1. The large packetR contain seed enough to plant four acres 8f tobaccoJ Larger quantities furnishe d Send for what yon want. Also tmportea Ha,.&DA lleed at aome price, A.ddreBS E, B, BILLINGS, Box 226 SUJ'I'IELD. CONN WATT SMOKING DRYER FOR SALE, In complete working order, guaranteed as good as new. Will be sold at one-half regular price. GoODWIN & Co., 841-853 207 Water Street. OYer New York dealera aell, a1td prononlllce 'lle VIRGIN QVBBN a eapl1alecces, RDd believe 'the n:t 'to be clle Cigarette 01" the day. It Ia JmpoMid ltle to m.ake any, JDtld.e:r Clpre&&e than the -viR OIN Q11EEN, ,CHAS. R. MESSINCER, Manufacturer, Toledq_, 0., and New York, N. Y ., ALEX. FRIES & BROS., A. TE:CLER, Packer, Commlssion :Merchant. AND WHOI,l'.SALE DEAI.BR IN No. 233 ftORTH SHIPPEN STREET, ---' :Frey's one Cent"Ciga.rettes Made and Packed like Key West Cigars. A GREAT l iHIT. They have alreacly become as staple os Clgaro, and are profitably handled by the load!Dg Wholosale Grocers, Tobacconists; Confectioners. DruggiSts and Dealer& THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. PB.ICB PBB SINGLE TR0118AND, $6,'1'5. Prlee ta 10 to 10,000 Iota, .... Price In 60 to 100,000 lota, .... L. C. IE-:KE'Y' &, CO., Sole Manufacturers, CINCINNATI, 0. CA11TJOJII,-Tb.....,areNTerallml&&t.lona ot 1-'DODIIIIIrCiprette!lln the market, which are ma4o of OommOD Jtentueky _,., and Inferior worldo are JDl'(le from Havoa. PeWII)'Iftllia ud and are the oaly "'""doni goodll Of IIIII cluomadeln .&m-. IIAJnTFA'CTURERS 01' Havana Cigar Flavor, 90 on--;;.. ..Se s .. Bet. w. Broadway& New York Ail .-..,-...& llo Clt.ureh Streeu, 48, 48 aa4 .60 EAST SECOND STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO, zna11'* :So1:'t1ea, &e:n.'t o. <>. D. EL A.. A.R.D, Manufacturers' Agent for tbe Sale of by Sample of Cigars and Tobacco, No. 42 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. PAPE WAXED .. -FOR-TGBACCON.ISTS' llanufactured under Letters Patent Aug. 7, 1877, and Oct. 22, 1878, by 1 8.-lla 1JIIIIIs CUtlened against Purchasing Waxed Paper 11ade bjl.trlqer&, aplast same of whom I have suits now pending. l

PAGE 6 sol.e "ts :ror JNO. W. CAaROLL'S BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' ETC.. ETC.. ETC. -AND 'VU. "VV". P:a;:XLLXPS' 1301 ( 32 A 1 .34 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YOitK, MAJI'UFACTU .. Klll OF RA &mok:ln.g Tol;>aoco. KIP4It. Kt4&1 lzh!ldt11D. l87e, ftllN!elp'ld .. FINEST GLHAR HAVANA CIG!l OW YORK.. __ Bay Brothers, lmJ"'n.r. ol French Cigarette Paper. GOSTJ.T IW.OI!ON, 8ALO)(Ol< IULOifOll, H&RIIAN BAOOXON, Gustav Salomon & Bros Cigar Boxes, o .a.a Jmpo..-er or IMP ORTERS OF BP .6Bd Dealers In all Klndo of GERMAN CIGAR M:OLDS, (Sole .l.a;ea& Cor M:ESSBS. OSENDRVBCI .. CO.) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. u HEW YORK. SEED LEAF TOBAGCO, a54 Pearl St., New York:' :11. Oppenheimer, Dealer ln THE AGENCY, HAVANA J.A.S.1YI. Leaf Tobacco, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHAH-T, '74 Pro:u.1: &1:ree1:y N"e"'1E1'17 Y'ork.. EXPORT PRDEKS J.I'OR PLVG TOJU,CCO PROBPTLY J.I'ILLED, J. -w-.lVL A :RTIN=, '74 Pro:a;t ,EJ1:ree, 1'11 e'VI7 'Y"or.l&.9 (PremJsea lately occupied by BULKLEY &; lllOOJIJI:, DEALER IN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Ta.xPa.:ld a.:u.d :f'or E.xpor. ORDERS J.I'ILLED PROBPTLY FROB STORB OR P.I.()TOBY. Sole Aa;ent for the .Jaatly Cele'brated. Branda "ATLANTIC." "MAGNET," '':SENATOR" IN PLUG AND CUT tlAVEJfDISJL GUTHRIE & CO., 225 Froat Street, N.,.,. York, Commission Merchants. -:uroBALERS OF TOBACCO for EXPORT Leat tobacco pressed i n bales tor the West India, M e xice.n & Central AmericanPortsa.ndot.her markets. TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. J. L, Ga .. ert. Jos. H. 'l"BOIIPBON, D .8..6.cxli:Tr MooiUl, CALYI. THOMPSON, N ,PQ.RE & CO., To(Jaccos for Expon, 83 STREET, N"e"'I:1V' 'York.. u ..... Gauer&. J.L .. Gassert $,Eire. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA PACKERS OF SEEDLE.AF TOBACCo,: N"o. 157 BO'V17ery .Ne"'1E1'17 York. "'$?:C>R.:K. SBHD LEAFTOBACCOINSPBCTION Tob ... oo.:. :J:::a.peo'&ed. or &a:aa.pJ.ed. -COUNTRY SAMPLING PROJIP1'LY ATTEKDED TO.Oortlflcates given for ever y Case, and deDvered P. C ... LXN'DEJI ,&, 00 .. :Eira:u.oh.e8 1 E. W. DJc.keron, corner o :f Arch and Water Street,., Philadelphia, Pa.; Henry Porest, N. Queen&: Chestnut, and 28 N. Charloue Sts.: Lancaater, Pa.; .. J. & P. Carl, Hatfield, llla; Ed,vard A.Uttn, Suftteld, Coun.; A... D. Atherton, 176 State Street, Hartford, Conn.; BeJUT Groe, 29 E. 4th. St., Dayton, Zwlekertt:stoa&hton, WI Bad110n lUver R. R. Depot, St. John' Park1 'U...nd 'T8 Or--.ricla B-tl 182 to 186 Pearl Street; .... d u2 W rt.qo Street. L <>ftloe, 142 &1:.9 N"e"'1E1'17 ""!ii!""ork.. (1. c. Hamllton. F. "r. Voo.kllD. .&. A. ,. c. c. Hamilton a I TOBACCO .A.:n.d. C:l "ty STORAGE WAREI,:OUSE:-Noo. 125 STREET, <>ftloe, :1.'70 s.,,Nje"'1E1'17 COUNTRY SAMPLINC PROI,IiiPTLY TO. A.GENTS:-B. F HURLBURT, Hartford, Conn., 154 State St. ;'iJ..ll. TROST, Lancaster, Pa. 158 North Queen St. i .J. R. ANDERSON, Phila.delphia, Pa. ; W. V-t. HALES; Dayton, 0.,25 South J e fferson St.; W W. HALES, Cincinnati, 0., g Front St. I W. H LOVELL, Elmira, N. Y R. L. TURA, TURA & VICHOT, ot Mann:nactnrena C!t .. uuire1tui Nanme & M1 Nona. ass BLEECKER sTREET, 1 No. 86 HAlDEN LANE, General Depot, 8G Malden Lane, JSr e...,.,. "Y' ork.. JSr e..,.,.. "Y' ork.. ERNEST (J'OBIIJ:BLY OF THE FlRl!l Oil' WALTI!!B FBDIDAN & FBEISK,) OF :ma.oJ.:lahed 1asa6. GEO. W HELME,. Succeooor to .&.PPLEDY & KELBE, :M:a.:u.-u.:f'ac"t-u.rer a:f' "the Oel.e'braed ot.R-ara &&es. 133 ...,.} ATEB: STREE1, WEW YORK. &. E. S.A.LO::DC>:N', PACKERS OF SEED AND Il\!PORTERS 'Jll'-Havana Tobaccoai1d Cigars, I 06 1\I.I:.A.:J:DEN" Trade ... Hiiiisc H HORN. & BEN tlKE iM7e, .... :DI.I:a:u.u.:f'a.o1:-u.rera o:f' FI.NE CIGARS, No. 35 Bowery, New York. -.ANI>-TOBACCO. O:J:G-4::R. FOR THOSE ONLY WHO WISH .. THE BEST IN THE WORLD." ti 1 Wholesale Depot, 419 B'dway, New York.-R. J. Roberts. j F. E. OWEN, REYNES BROS. & co.. B l Commission Merchant, C. 6-' A Virginia Leaf Tobacco, CommissionMerobants, f 46 A 48 Exchanse Place, 0 .S! : llo. 39 BROAD STREET, :NE'VV. rlJ j!= -;;r.ork.. ,.a ll' HENRY SIEBERT, etus.M.G.tJtTB, .' = ril .e Tobacco and Ceneral D. J .. GARTtf, SON & CO., ,S : Commisllion Commission Merchants; a ea' B:roa.d &1;. llo. 44 .ROAD STREET, BEND FOR CIRCULARS OR .&l'PLY TO N.H. BORGFELDT. 510 East 19th St, New York. MANUFACTURER OF No. 472 CRAND STREET, NEW YORK. 138 Water St., New York. Chas. F. Tag & Son, IMPORTERS OF And Dealers in all kinds ot BANlJPA.CTlJRER OJ.I' '.I'HJ! LEAF TOBACCO F R u Irr-rrro .. fLOW E R s 184 Front st.. New M E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. 'X'ob ... ooo, O:ls-r db car:v st. :Euohmon.c1, va, Leif fOiJRCmcO, SIMON STRAUSS, !!ANUFAcrfURER OF Cigar Boxes -ANDSHOW FIGURES. IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN SPA.NISH CICAR RIBBONS, GertD&D Cla;ar !llonld, Pre..., 8U'ape, Cutter, IUc. 168 Water St., N"e...,.,. "Y'ork M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, .AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF Leaf Tobacco, 162 Pearl Street, New York. 119 and 181 Lewis St., New York. &. C>R..G-LEH., ALL KINDS OF FIGURES CUT TO ORDER =u REPAIRED IN THE BEST STYLE. Manntac&nrer or The Trade FINE CIGARS, --.---------------Aad Dealer Ia LEAF TOBACCO. ;NEUMAN & DING LINGER, 85 GENERAL liTHOGRAPHERS 1 .. mt 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. EDWA.RD ROSEZ.."'lVALQ, IsAAC ROSENW.4LD, H&NBY RosENWALD, SIGJI'OND RosENWALD. Depot and Agency 01' THE MANUFACTURE OJ' I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I & &. 146 WATER NEW YORK. 254 256 canal st.,cor.Elm,NawYGrt WISE & BENDHEIM. Agts. G. REISMANN, Commission Merchant, And Dealer ia a11 kinds of Leaf Tobacco, 228 PEARL ST., N .EW YORK. _Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LHAF TOBACCO, 117 WATER ST., NEW YORK. & 129 BROOME STREET, cor. of PITT ST., NEW YORK. F R E 0. SCHULZ, GEO. W. HELME, ISUOCEIISOR TO .APPLEBY 4t HEI,IIl!IJ, lll.A.NUJ!.&.O'l'UBKR 01' TBE RAIL.ROAD MILLS .SNUPPa Maccaboy, Rappee, Scotch, American Gentleman, lundyfQot. V:J:::R.GrJi:N":J:.A. T<>B.A.OO<>: Vb: PRINCE ALBE!l.T, COLORADO, UNCLE TOk, NAVY CLIPPINGS, BLACK. T()lll, IRONSIDES, A. & H, TC>B.A.OOO 1 Sn:ao&D MUJ,PBDICII ...... T,OO'DI.I.II,OLDJIIGKOBY. Ia. 133 WATER ant 85 PINE. STREETS, wew Yor& WOB PBI()JI LIST ADDBaa oa UI'L'I' AIAB0'. Packer and Dealer in Seed. Leaf And Importer of Havana Tobacco, Pearl St., New York. l. GERSHEL & BRO., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL ST., New York. Dills & Cullman, Successors to Fox, Dills&: Co. DEALERS IN HAVANA, And Packers o f SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 115 Water Street, New York. JAB. H. DILLS JOS F. CULLMAlll' B. DIAZ & co., B. D. & Co. Q H Q 16'1 W.&.'l'EB S'I.,KEW YORK,


-r MAY14 a.u. 8PJ:IIIIIIJ...-. ALa:. H u :rona.u:na. 281 209 Water street, --"'IV' JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., OIGABS, Ia 18 BOWERY,-. lEW. TORt SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 16Sl Water St., New York. ;Basch Fiseber, IMPORTERS OF / T H E T 0 _t .. C C 0 J .. E N. LAGHENBRUCH & BRU. P.A.OKEBI OF SEED LE.AF .A.JID IJIPOBTEIUI OF Teba.cco, 164 WATER STRIEET, NEW YORK. PETER I:IAI./PTMANN, Vice Prest. & Treas. : 1 I "" And allld:D.ds of Smold'D&' .l.acl Paekere or llauafacturer8 of 'Ule well-known BrandJof Brlcht rtuc ChewiDg: On.' onwarl' FriondslliD,' anf :NearllaldenLane, NEW YORK. v r l DEAL." a.BOilllllf. JLJIOI!I!IIK. lann!actory & Salesroom, Cor. Arenuc D & TcnthSt. .n8W or. r ::a-.:a.-u1-.o-tu.rer Px..uo-oro::a.&.ooo. S. SONS, LeaAtac B......U1 "Hone a-.1," "Head Ltaht," ''LiW. HatoJuot." I r Jraeeo17, Je&Jo_. Poplar oaee aaclkl.,.room, 111 .1: 1111'11. IC seed Lear, .A.ND Dll'OBTEB8 Oi' HAVANA TOBACCO, 178 Water St., New York. E. ct B. FRIEND & CO., ._..,.auo ealeralu TOBACCO, 12 Malden Lane, Dll'OBTD 01' HAVANA LBAF TOBACCU OXGfr.&.RB, aoe Pearl Street, New York. L. NEWGASS, PA.CKEB OF A.LL KINDS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 144 Water St., New York. CALIXTO LOPEZ, Impnrtcr of FineVnelta Abajo TOBACCO & .CIGARS I .HAVANA TOBACCO,-Cipr ldctnrer I Dealer It Leaf tobacco 6 RiTID!tOl. 8t. lew tort. 2 03 Pearl Street. New york. THE MILLER, DUBRUL & PETERS MANUFACTURING ::a.&.:zsJ'UF'.A.OTUREJR& O:P c 'CREASELESS VERTICAL TOP. TIN-LINED AND FLANGE 'l'OP CIGAB lYIOIS, SBAPEB.S,. &c. Block. a FINE SEED-LEAF &._HAVANA TO.BACCOS1 ..... NOr 180 PEARL 8TREtT, NEW MA.NUEL -GARCIA ,ALONZO.; Garcia,-, MANIIFACTUHHB of. FINE CIGARS, ::B:A. V .AN' A, CUBA.. DON-DifiJOTB BB L!-I!ICD or Ju.a.D. Ou.e"to &. Oo P11BVE'Y:OBI O:P 'l'Bil JUJIG OF SP.&Ilf .. Brands: "LA FLOR DE NAVES," and "'OBESO i CUETo." ::&.A.LOOI" .A. BJ., :&:.&. V' .A.:zsJ' .A.. Havana Cigar Manufactory. Brande: "Cortina, Mora J Ca.,,'' "Plor De Cortina,'' "Eetella. and "Shakeepeare." 'V'-u.eJ.-ea .& 8'&au.dard. :m.s.oJ.'UJid.'VeJ.-y. FRANCISCO G. CORTINA, El"&re1J.a 184. ::EI:a"Va:a.a, Cuba.. Manufactory. E -.. --:--:-:-Havana Cigar Brands: 'Stanley,' 'La Perfecclon, 'La Cuerra bella,' 'Aurora' 'Napoleon.' VUELTA A,BAJO IT.&JfD.ABD !:XCL11lllVELY. B.UDEStNDO CUEVAS & CO., lY:aJ.oja 889 :&:a"Va:a.a, LA FLUB DB J. S. MUBIAS & CO. OF FINE CIGARS1 0"11ba.. DB LOPHZ J cAHCIA." y G-aro:la, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE HAVANA CIGARS,. S:l:t:los 9., Ou"ba. EMILE LOB:ECK. FELDHEIM, JACOBS & CO., .Tobacco & Cigar Merchants & lannfactnrers, 1'2 Queen Street, V:lo"tor:La, .a. 'U..s"tral.1a.. JOS s ; GANS.. JU.L GANS. lllEYEB B08ENTlUL. GANS BROS: & R:OS :ENTHAL, JU,LIUS ."r: -qBEN. S 'TEIN"t:lo, -AND DEALER INSpanish LepfTobaccq, No. 131 MAIDEN LANE, N-EW YORK.


8 T H E T 0 B A C C 0 f.. E A ADVERTISEMENTS MANUFACTURERS OF Plug Tobacco Machinery, Hydraulic Pumps, Double Finishers, Presses, W Licorice Kettles, XJr:y; E-tc., V'V. SECC>::N X> -JJ7. C. 0. HOLYOJiii, Wb:oleaie Dealer In estern Leaf 'I GEORGE H. JONES, Imporierof ::S:A. VAN .A. And Dealer-' .SEED LEAF TGBACCO 88 Kilby & 98 Water ats.,

MAY 14 BnsiimS Diroctm o! Advertisers. NEW YOB.K. Leal TttMcco WGreh,ot.&.HI. Almor 8. inlllls. 190 Pearl. Arendt.41: Fringant. 19S Pearl Bloclo .t,J.IIIdhelm, 160 Pearl BaflleS Geo. B. 176 Wat..r Barnett 1!1. 162 Water Buc;IJ$ ..,.....,., 1M Wo.ter. H. 88 Broad c.-wr,..,,:. )!. & Son. 168 w.-. DIDo l-Ilt 175 W ..... r Egert 4: 01. !M5 l"'lal'L The I su PACTORIE8c-No. ,uvM&klea E. & G. & Co. 129 Maiden Lane. G. w. Gail & 166 'Water Gart I, CQ. ... road. I 1 TOOaoc:o and Cigar .LabeJ.&. Reppenheimer & Maurer. And 24 N. WWlBD!;; W. E 465-475 East Tenth lf!Jrs of Old Judge" OigarrqDer, Jooepbs & Co. 119 }!alden Lane Btrseb, letori.a.a .& Co. J1'2' Water Kerbs, SphtM 101 ..... 1000 2d A't'ttDU8 lt.oenlP.' 1l. 8o. Co. 226 Pearl tA.chenbrudb & Bro. 1M Water. Led e..., .t l'ioohel,liiS PearL Levi.flt :H. It! Pe&!\. 'Levy D 169 Water LebeoMein Julius, 131 lfaiden Lane Mtcba.etls s. co. fi'Y Pearl NeUI>'IIji,f(i)l -& ater NeWWf"{ I..; tfil W otttngM BrO&L owe .E. OppncCO Stooali0141 l'blllpe c. s 1118 Pearl o.--.11-.. BeF-J!Ntben" eo.,41& 48 -..-. Tol>ciCOI> --O.:t-Jolon. 811 o.J J. 8 & co. tat Water .. e. M J1i'0A4. Bad Jl. & Bon. l<7 BeaTer l!b&cll: A l'i1l Pea! IICI'eet. Jla.,..,. of Bntuktn(l oowl To,ba.-. 1 Anderoon John .teo. 114.118 and 111 UbenJ', llucb&D&Il 4 Lyall, 101 Wall Buc-D. & Oo. 173 o.Dd 175 Duane. GoocJwla .t Qo. '117 4 208 Water BelDM Oeo. w. 188 Water anc.t 8& PlDe KlnDeT llrGL to 615 Weot ll2cl llcAlpln D B.&:. eo. cor Ae.nue D ud Teodl. lliUel' G. B. & Co. 117 CollllllbiL Jlan.v.tacturen of CtQan. Adrian ll. J 472 Grand Alb, LoUia & Co. 98 and !18 Roado Behln & t!leber, UIIIO 7th at and 11-6 Hall ot. Bond,. It LeeJ Bl'l18Hl James & Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. II< eo .. 41 aud 4ll Wa.rreo Greenhall A 04 Warren Hall ThOlL H '6 BarclaJ B.ellbrooer, Joaepbs a Co. 689-690 Fuse .A.1'e. Hinlcll D. & eo. 1t>1 ana 130 Blvin''D RlrBChhonJ & Btmdheim, 35 Kaolm&n Bros. & BondT, 129 It 131 Grand. JacobJ" )lorris & Co. 1'la-129 Broome. ,'Jacoby s. & Co. 200 Chatham 8q &5&7Doyer Jterbl & BplaM, 1014 to JlJIIO Beooa4 A. aod IJO to1J4 J'UtT(Ourth LeYJ' II roe. A venue C ana 18ih Street. LIOilte""t..ln Broo. & Co 1168 aad 110 Bowe17 Love .JDO. W 0 Kondo! Til. w. & e.o. 15 1 Bowery Moonl.lls Adolph, 2d A.eoue Orgler 8. M.nn-a,-Pohalold P. Jill! Chambers l!telneelnl R.. t81 W atet Staebelbe ATe. fltrallllln It Storm. ll>4-!108 JC&otll'nb Sutro.& Newm&l'k. 15 Park Place 0Pm&lloll Carl, 178 Pearl Street. su-t ap@.. G. W. Gall & .U, of J/'in4 n ......... C!Qollrl. St. Baa .,. .. ..t "-'l'ura 110\. 118 1M_,_ J. 11 (ledU' Dlaz Water ,..,roan" G :AJ6 POII1'1 ll'rolata.1171fater J'rledln&ll Leonard'. liJ1I Peut G W GtUIIt AE. 166 water e&roia F. Bro. 1k Co. 167 Water G...,..... J L & Bo 157 Bowery Gonzalez .A.. 180 P(M'rl Kerbl & Spi_ess 1014-tOOO M A venue Llllenthalll. & Co. 177 Lopea Caltxto 001 Pearl z..oua'o Penda8 &: Co. D Pearl .8-&Co.l61 F. & Co. 22U'ead __, Bosstn e. & Sons. 173 water Salomen G. &: Bros. 2M Sancllez. Hav IJL Oo. UW, 184 llalda. f.aDe Seymour ChM. T. 188 Il'ronl. M & E 85 l\l.aideo Lane Bplnaa.m 1C. & Co. 5 Tura'& L. 8& )Uiden Lane:. Vega & Bernheim, 187 Pearl Wetl .t Co 65 Pine W eiu, Eller & Kaeppel, l!llO Peari YbOr V. llartlnez & Co. 19!1, Pe&!\ v ftJr' Cloociftg G"1111 of Stnolcer' Arttclea. Auguatin &.DaB<'!, 11 W&rren St. Barey & Ford, an Broadway Boa .o\. 41 Libert)' Kaollllanu 111'08. & Bond,., ltllud 131 -Jl_.., .... ....-ot P..McaADdrew Jam C. Stamlord llanutacrurtng Co. 1117 llaldeD JAM WeaYU & B&errY M Cedar Joo,orUrr 0/ Locorlol .l'IJI:k. Argulmb&U. Wallaee & Co ... &1111 al 8. Wllllaal llcAIIolrew Jameo C. 1111 Water WeeYU M Cedar Ai"Calmba ... .a--Qllrard. BhtoriUD & Jllldll, .a WIIMm lL Seed La tbiJoeoo lftra ,._ Plnlecoo llacblne Co. 61 BrO&dway. Tobacco hUHn. IJIII.l!Oo .t Oo. 2!111 i'ront .lla*t'J J "Jie.rrra. .,... OfQw ""I'd Alex. Jlrol, Bea4e Goodwin & \Jo. 1107-.ll..hutacttmm B-,' Kinney Tob o Oo. West*'ld (1!Jurelle. Roberts R. J.l1!j Broadway. lla.u.[acturer OJ Crooke eofft.poli'M.d Tl T ot.Jacco. Mediu"'-m&ti Crooke Jalln Ma11.ufae1Urer nf Silt.;,. Surface Foil. Croo k-e John J. 161 M.urberrr Mould&. B onrreldt N H. 5\DEMC NJner.eent.b )Iiller, Co. aud 1:30 Ma.ngin Ma:n.ufacturtrl of Sheet 'M"tal and Woocle:a .Motdd:s. 'l'be Mlller, Dubrul &Reton Mrg,Co.510 11:111th ,ImprotJed l'obacoo Scrap MachitU tor Oigar -:.V tlft.ufae t'u erl, Be.,.reld' N B MO k.t 19th &ncl1116'W&ter Dealer 'in M.clcA.iMrJ, :Ioou And tar Ot,Jn.r WatJe,-ne H. r Internal Retlfln1r B_. Jourgeooo!li. =ond :rn.1berty ForeiV?& anti :Oankera. Silil<) Exc e PI-., Jlanut.CUI of Fi#UrS-Ro'bll R A. 111> cit> S. 179 and 181 Lew18 Bofc Jio..,.Vacturerf 9J Seal 1 Swonllftw Kmmec;W. C.&:c tfl..fPlM--. Importef'fiJ of lt.,'f!1WI> C:ipantle Poper. A..upstiu & Dusel, lt Varre n !d.& Biot.bef!". :1(16 UUf.tCmu.merctal The BradRtreet C'..o. Zi\1 BrVtldway at&11Wj( J c tute,s of Cifla r JJo:r; Bead O..u. W r,l"ia' c: 1 TobrEici-Meip/1-t Sml&h \V. 0 1:. Co. rKS Exchange :Place .li c m 1-'(a.cturera o.f Cigar Ribbom. Wicke Wm. ct Co. cor aud Tblrd Cigar-&z Jb.8 ml..ui> Oas. W. & Co. Ul!ler' a Alley, Jfaftufacturers of Otga.r1 nnd Cgarettu Baron & Baineltachi Bal$1more St. Tobacco..Mtint& J'elgnerF. W. & Son, 00 Gail & .AX. Barre 11&rburg Botii. 145 to 149 South OhariM TolMICCO c.ttd Gen.sral COmmis1Wn Mercha71;U. Vocke R. E. & Co. a. e. cor.' Cbeapelde and Lombar6 r.:llby and 98 WaTobd.cc0 HanufaCturera' Kittredge WID. P & Co. 9 Wharf ]Hakr in Wcdern l..A!.af 'Tobacco. Ho!Toke C 0 12 Central Wharl. JMporeer of aM Dealer' in &ed Leaf. Bemis, Jr. Emery I 82 central Wbart. 1 BREJIEJl, Germaa,.. TobAcCo Commiuloft J'llllenotein YV. F BUFFALO, Jl. T. Det::JJer in Hu.u"na an.d. Packer of Sud Led/. LeihP. 11':1-114 Exchanre I Tnboceo o .Rd l.'ig...-IAI>"''', "'yoamore Grllinefl Clftd 1J,.. Jl'ooCt Oif}ar .llo?o L,.,..,.,., Ballmer WRt. & Co. ti7 and fiY S Canal st Ag7 Lake &nd 4.1 Sca.ce Wooa<:eo Jleehltteoy. TheMcGowa Pump Co. 141 & 148 W. lid It of Frev' OneC.,.t Oigarelt ... Fret L. C. It Co. Leaf Tol>acco /h'O._, ))obrmann I'. W. s. e .cor. Vine and J'roDt Loa! Tobacco. MeJor R. & Oo. O..f Shut Metal cmd WoocLm :'1igar Jtouldl. ,.. Tbe Miller, Dilbrul & Petero Krg Co. 1111 &n 140 Lrlld.Tob. Manufacturing Co. 114 120 Pearl. CLARKSVILLJ:..T..., Loa! Tobacco Jh'ooMro. Cla+k )L H. & I Oo--< Dao1er ;;. 8eodLer in aU kind< Jla'lluf-l'nMooo. SeQloD CbarlN. suoceaor 10 OolUoD. &.8Eimoe. '131 Ont&rio DAXBtJB.T, Co,.... .. Gr&eoG. W PIJcloor in lAal T81Moceo. Nonnan & Belvin. Dm17UOIIOI> Uaj 7'ol> .lWtHrMa. stri411t/ ... Or,.ut-ryr of 9'lJIW'-it 019 llolck Jroell&r B. r,cor, &tbo&. aad w-. ,. ... n..i:rrox :o. P:uUr 11nd Doc.llr'a in 0/'atD &lid. 9'KellW. B. DDIUJIT,Ja.ll. ... --.., 2'..._, C. & Oo. 74 aad 71 Jelr..,... A ]looporlero of B--TohcoO. & Boaeblar,lll J ........ .t. __ :DltAJifM 1(, 0. .11-f-fl/ 11aekwe11 W. T 1: lill> 'l(fro of 111adnHU' DurTicmo Ofgarwlf4l, Blaci<'well W. T, 4 CO. 0Mut Packer and Dealer& in &.ed Leaf Tobo.t-oo Bo. 11:111 14e State. &: Smith, 2J4 State Wcox W. 6 :'61l&l.n H&&&UBUft.G, Pa. .:.., Dokltic und H-vana l.Aaf a'obaCC() rmfl .J:Ianuj. Jf T -Herman John C. HAVAJ(A. Caba. T obacco and Cigar CommiMion. Merchants. Bos.._qelmann L&moariiJa I S Lobeck & Co 83 Merca.deres Street. Jinntt..fC&Crurera nfJt\.7\.t Cigm; Cortina, FrancJooo G 13l Est.rella.. C ueto & Co,,Juu.n. Maloja 81. Ua.reia, Lopez & Go., Juan\ Corrales 11. l.optm 1 'lllrumel & Co. .1\h.rti_r_rz y Ga.r eUl, SiLiOI g Murias& Co. \-! va.s 85 Mal oja. 811. Ynclan ...-: Sllnchez, CaUe HOPKlft!fVILIJE, K:r, 7'otK&ooo Br r m Lt>at Tobacco l7.rey1&; Weidler, 218 \V, ltlng Rintb Daid G 5 East ChMtp.uc-flt' T &:: Frey, 61 and 63 North Duke ... P8Cker A 238 N. ShippeiJ st. of {]tgtJr Stehmaor H. L. o!: Cacco Oommlorion Jlorcll. & co OllnrR. w Manufaoturff>' 8 of Plt1{} .t Smok'g Tobaeoo. Lyon A. M. & Co. PUkint.onE. T. 1410 Gary. L=f 7obac<:O Broker. W. E Dibrell Manufacturers of Tobacco Baga. K. Mlllhiser Co. 13fl9 Td-&in B.OOIIESTEB., N.Y. JlcanJacturen of 2"obacoo. Whalen R. .t T. 182 State Manufact-urer of .. Pt.erl ... nand PfGht _n,.._. Cut Tobacco a n.d .. Vanity Fair" 8moki"f Tobscco and (Ji,gardtfJI.. Kimball W. S & Co. ,.. 'l{lo.,r!ra <>f (}old Clip 8. F. Be&l & Co '"'"" IIPRIJ(GftELD. )1[.,_ he._ & JobbWI'Of' c:O.nutic111 r...,t'!'obo:o. Smith H. .t 8611, 110 Hampden Blltler 0. B. __ "'-'.l r .a-; Dormltoer C & B. & Co. lll3 Markel of Lea/ Tobacoo. Lodd TobacCo Co. Z1l'orth Mala ....... Keler Adolphua & CQ. MamtfiUtvrer' Agent. nmenberz D. 1._ N. i Agent tor-Karburg llros. l Mff' of Tt>bauo. Dawuaan Toba.cco Co. IJ(B.A.CUSE. Jll, T. Jlanuflllml,..,., B1--' .t SIMdtol. lll8 "aad.t70 ..... w ..... Jlo"ujcr.G&:tlt .,of P'"rgia Queen" Cigarettu. )leuenger"Cbas. 1t: "' .. W AJI,EH01JIIE PODf'ri c-. .Pacloer of ot Dlr ia Qeft,.. Seed Tohoco. BanlWIII Qeo, JS. .. ... .. WJ:liTJ'qLDI HOLT. SC'HAEFER & LYNCHBURC, VA., LHAITOBffCO.-' I Unitef1.States Internal Bevenile Tax, ...;, I The tax onallldllda of llanol&CturedTobaceolo 18 centa 'II' 11>; Bnl!!f, 18 cents 'IJI> CII andllll'llcent. Rdvmlorem. lmportemaiJJeenue .t&xso, to 'bo paid b:r atampeatthe Cuatom Boooe. Tbe !Jilpj>rt cluty on Leal 18 85 oeots 'II 1ll; Leal TobaccO otemmod, .00 cents 'II lb; Manolaetured Toloacco, 50 cenl8 '1111>; Sorapo, 50 cents '1111>. Manolaoo tured Tobacco aod Scrapo Ill"' alio t<> tbe lnlernal Rmenue. t&:l: <>t 18 cents '1111>, and m\lllt be packed In conformity wltb InteiD&IRefta118 law and reguta.t.ion. Scraps and cutit1DgtJ, ma.y be in bulk for use in a tobaccu,snutr. Or ciga.l"manufactory of the Internal revenue tax.... -' .. On Bumaeratobacco the import duty Ia 36c gold per lb, and 10 per cent. ad valorem. ) .,. J ,-t Pipes and pipe' bewls, l""' cent. a valorem, ani! $1 .110 per g1'0ir, commo n clay pipes, 36 per cent. &d T&lorem; pa.rts of pipes. 7S cent.. ad valorem: a11 smokers' artlele s. 7l5 c ent. nd '1la1orem; snutfboXe& a.ud ch,ewizltobacco pouches,3!i per cent. ad valorem. putles In Newfoundland. Manuractul"ed and smoking tobacco, D>; ciA'ars. 12.64 per mJne., and 5 per cenc.. od valorem; fear, utwtri and \lnateUnned, 1Jo tt a; leal. stripped andstemmed, 16c 'II 11>. e abeve price& In AmericaD money. Canadian Tobacco Duties and Exc;iae. The following are the ratee or duty now 1m polled hi Oanada en UJe fa. rio us manu!e.ctures of tobaeeo:-Cigat:S and Cigarettes:--60 cents 9-.., and 20 per cent. aG <'t'Olomm. Manufaetared Tobacco: I& cents t lb, aDd. per cent. ad valorem. Snutr: Z coe&a 9 .,, and 1llili per cent. ocl ttalorelfl-. In lieu of &ll Excise dutie&--e:zcept; liceJWe fees-no" IIII. on tobacco known as common Canadia twist,"' otherwise 'tobac..blanc en torquette." the leaf roUed and tWJSted. andrmade --wh'ot}y from rft' tobacco, the growth of CAnada. and r&W loat, tb6 tbere llhall be lmpoeed, levif!d iUld 001lected. on' eve: ltal quanllty tha.n a peuM. a.u E.J:cl&e dutr TalltJe.. fllr ;JJ_e_igMa. --.,. ................................................ -U-15J>OUDCIL ()luse ) ....... ..... : .. : ..... .. .. equal to 88 pounds, Amerlc&n. Forelp Dutte1 oa Tobaece. lD AuotriL co,;;;;eroe Ia 1 llzed by GoTernmeot, under d 1-rectlod or a Berte. In Germany the dutoF on leal tobacco hr8.5 ma.l"krpe1'JCIOK:i10gr&mmee. eQUal .. 10.40 cents per :l).OIUld; O\. -liPil. iDd aerape HIJ mark!J per 106 )dJo. r cra.mmes, equal to cents on mnutaetured. I co and cigano Jn&rto P"r ,ellual -to aa.oa--6 per J)ound. on tob .. lc<> proiloc<>d In \be otrecc ,<er April I, IM!:-II'rom Apr!ll, 1880, to Jillm>St 11111 per \00 il:llotfrernmoo, ogual to :1.46 ceote .P+ llarob 31, 1FI8'."l; 30 m&fk:s 100 equal Cb !67 cMta P pound; trom. IApnl i!S'i 4) marks per 100 ldJo.o ,.,...mmee, '"'111111 .. l.a -,.,-J&'' J!Winm the lmpna 1 I iB reckoned after llotuotlJICI(-ceat. Tloo duty tao !iD rranoa flll .86 gold) 'II 1 (101 AIJieric&n pouirdo equ&l to 41N J lrlloo.) In tile duty Ia eointa, !*'10Q' ldi.,..:J<_,130 A.mericaa lba being -eroubNe pud. -Tb pad' is 4equa.a to bout 311 AIINrJCI l>or Ia 'foirt.(tbe dty )o W Ceila!UtliioteDII10ed, pon*aial11 ..... 'more or mcbure eTery 100 .. wrf!a .:lo-84 :>e teo. caaa 11 lbo ot moiature, SO 104 qn to--caendlah aa11 48_l0d 'II ; 111 --:!t" QZ 9 -.- .,.,.._ _jJruna:r'7&noloctured k>beee ,.cjga., ""d '85 per..,;,. u-u. valnf-ein,leat, cent. ud-vuwre1u. loi'C)>i).l thOIJIIPOrl 'dues oaBa&u.fed amonnt to Sl 1141 and all ,kinds ta.xed at the t>f $1. per kilognimme, while. 4la.rot 16 per kilogramme baa to be P'.ld on cipri. -'' -value of-rt.tii"Colns.e":t ., lilor,..fl.h .. iO. -11. .._ lV.8' centa. -r. 11. cellll. oliver, 110,,-Bnull-mtb:eli" ol 1,000 ...., a;old, l'e&h orlD, trOll and 1111-... kG cea <40,1 c.te. British Po.....tons In North Am,.. Xorway-<:ro....,, 11.8-lea-dollar, 101cl, $1.>-eol, silver, 83.1 ceo1:L Oelltral America--, allvor, 8U c. Poriu/lal-ailroia of !,QUO re1a, ..... ghli1-;IMa; 1l<>ld, 9t. 'ceDta ., 08. Deanui'ril:-orowD, trOld. i!6.8 ceJJio; Ruoola-rouble ot too 1o:ot>e1tao llllftll. Xcuadar---peeo, JUer, i3.6 M.9 .; lllm>,._pound of 101) piutera, 101d, Saadwlcb :W.ndl>-

10 Factory:-No. 8, and DIRrlet, fllew York. 43 Warren St. fllew York. .Oau.Uc;::u. "tc: EI'D'J! c:ke:a:a. Owing to the numeroWI humhng patented suhatltute. nsed in prepa.rlnjr claeai> paper, we !eel the Importance of calliDg public attentloD to our wrappers. wh.Jch are made o t the .FINEST NATURAL BICE PAPER, universally know a. to be lhe best; free from ahellac. arsenic, and other deleterioa drup, which are required to render ...Uva-proot and toughen IDterlor paper. A. carefUl examination of our Paper and Cigarettes wlll'l&tiaty all at the great mer! to claimed. Examine eaeh Clgaretie awl aee tba$ every oae bean :ramtli:Y BaaS.' fac-olmlle BUY NO OTHER. XIIIN:&T TOBACCO CO.,ll&DutaaWrere of the foUow!na welJ.known branc!a:-Ca,po!"a), -Ca.p_oraJ. Sweet CaporaJ St. %, Matinee, Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador, Union Club, Zetla.nd, Veteran, &c. ', ... ;:.., 187 D/1'" A TXJ'I!l:L"'ir i X...A.JSr:m, 1"\irE"VD" Y'C>mr. ,' 'l'llo'l'rade llnted Eagle' .. CLIPPER, H u DEW DROP," .l.ia o&ller Braaa oc :., 'UNIVERSAL FAVORITE.' 'FAWN/ REJYJ:O V ALI Pleaoe notice that I have removed from No. 11 and 13 Cannon Street to Foot of.HOU$TON EAST 1UVER. -:MANUJ:I'AaruRERS OF THE CELEBRATED-PLAIN FINECUT Chewing Tobacco IN BLUE PAPERS. SNUFFS. Rose-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman "" SZG-N AL '' one oz. PpU. &lao, Plrat -a Second ctnallt)' 8moklnc, in Blue .Pape'ra. SWEETENED FINE-CUT-Dark and Ught Grape. Forest Rose. Club. lii:&Y APPLE and PRIZE LEA.Jl' PINE-CJ1JT, 1D ll'o,U, ... CIGARETTES That sto.xd unrivalled for PURITY. Warranted Free from Drugs or' Medication, FRACRANT VANITY FAIR r THREia KINCS! NEW VANITY FAIRl Each having ntstinqulshing Merits. HARMLESS, REFRESHING & CAPTIVA'I:ING: 8 FIRST PRIZE MEDALS! Will, S. Kllii:BA.LL & CO., D.ochealer, .N. Y. Little Brown Jug, La Belle Perique, Pocahontas, M:y Uncle To\)y & Pelican. CAUTIO N : -Beware of Imitations. Suits now pendi.llg tc,ar Infringements. Po:r Sale by all Dealera. Bovee & Adams, M 'anufacturers, 79 & 81 Gravier St., New Orleans. S, R1JSH WEAVED, :ros. s. BALL& WEAVED. 55 and 51 COLLEGE PLACE, NEW 'J'QBX. si.GN ADVERTISING CONTRACTORSi Signs eai'nted Ev.erywhere FROl!I AN INCH TO A. MlLE IN SIZE. Our Work ... ,,...,, D.fc-and &.tbnatea Gf.yen. Poster la.rge and ..N':Iii..&.TI Q'tT.I:CJEE:.I, Cla:E..&.PI 14 AD,OLPH MOONELIS, JlANUF ACTIJBER OF .CIG. :ARS; 647, 649 & 661 2d Avenue, Between 3l5th and 311th Sto., :ifi:W YORK. Jacob Henkell, KdUJ' ... c:mJBD f# CI&AR BOXES aorw>a .KAD a PmJO: QUALI'l'l' 01' Cedar MANUFAarURER OF ALL XIND8 OF Cigar-Box Labels. 293, 295 & 291 Monroe St., lfew Yort. Patent (Wnlac.eaD"Pa-) c::> z --. "5 oC .... ; ... C> i E-< 1>-o IIIII G.:> :z; omce Addre .. :-61 BBOADW A Y, P o il<>x 4118. IIEW. YORK, Consl&ntly on hand the Best Imprond Kachlner7 Por CJntttnc, Grannlatlnc and 81e'O'Iq Tobacco b7 Hand or 111eam Power. A I arKe variety of Machlnery for Cigar M:anufa,o. turers, such a8 tor Cutting and Granulatiluf HaY ana and other fillers for Cigars, Stem llollen, Cigarette Machines, etc. For SDIOKING TODA.CJCJO, Flour, 8aU, Ba:rk, SoiDae, Guano, G"r"aln, E&e. FumJshed with or without Printed. Braa4L A. M. LYON & CO.'S BICHMOIID Navy Tobacco. w .. -S. PROPRIETOR OF -"'> _. WHEELING STOGIESr. 1043 Martet St., Wheelin!, W. Va. CICAR CUTTER Patented :May 18, 1877. This invention provides an Improved device for cuttingthe points of in place of blt.lq' them oft.makinlrth&. cigar bold togetloerh while smok'g. much. better than If bitten,. and prevents a rag ged end; and it the smoJror UIJIBB& DOlder. it makes. .. be,tter fit to. the tube. The cut_;oll'tlps are collected in a storage recepta.cl6 for lll.rt'her utllJzatloa.. Bend for price !1st. ., oogv. D!l'". BEX..C:EEl!IR., ; I lll&nutaeturer and Patentee, .o Dm....,.lhreet, PldiMelplda..


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