The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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any Infringement of this Brand. 220 Pearl Street, New York. '' O:EG.A.R.S. ....... .a 33 ,... _,_ .. a .. Havana scraps ou:t' :ror &a1e. J. CHBiln'JAN D USEL. (P. o. Box 2231J (LA. TE OF A.. HEN & CO ) ::E:a:a.por1:er -cl. ::r::> :I.D. GEO. W. AUGUSTIN. FOREIGN AND DOJIESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; lannfactnrers' Agents for all tbe Popular Brands of Fine Cnt, and Ping Tobacco and Cigarettes ; Sole Agents for "Va.:n.l.ty Pa.jr Tobacco and Cigarrttes; Sole Agents for Allen & Ginter's B.ICHJIIOND GEM: Tobacco& Ci[arettes; DopoUor Blaolnrell'o Genabe Durham-.Jao. W.Carroll'o Lone J aek-E. T. Pilldnton'o Fnd 81. Floware. Sole.Agents of COPENHAGEN SNUFF; 1 mporters of French Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books ; J:Sfo, 1.1. 'V'P" BT::EI.EIET, H, 8(JH1JD.&B.T. AARON 8CH1JDA,BT. WJJI, fcH1JDART, B. SCBUBAB.T a cp., IMPOR !fA V Jt.N A SEED LEAF TOBA O, ,_,4.L1YIIBALL a cq., 6-e 1ae 1 J J A G." NlRK. I Z:D1por"'ters o:r VAN .A., N'o. 1.0 B1:ree1:, 'Y'ork.. .TRADE liL LILIEKTHAL. JII. li. A. BERNHEilllER. M. LILIENTHAL c1: CO., ::E:D::E"C>:Fl. TE:Fl.& 0 F E. X .A.LBR.O CO., IIIA.NVF .&CTURERS OFCIGAB BOX LU1YIJEB, Sl?.A..NZS::EI DC>:aott:ElSTIC "VV'C>C>DS, l::aott:ZT.A..TZC>N" Sl?.A.N"ZS::EI IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR AND AHOGANY. N'o. OBB-'70'7 "'IO'Ve: El:l.::B:.1:h. B1:reee1:, O:I.D.o:l.:n.a.1::1.. DONALDSON S'tea:n:1 Li. 'tl::Lograpl::Li.o l?ri.uers, :IP1'V:BI PO::El."'TT&, N VOB.:&:.o TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOV CARDS l" 0. Box li11U.] [ o Lal>elo ll:ep& In 8toell:, MILLER, PETERs & GO., Man ufaoturere of the aectlon*l :Cigar Molds, ID 4 130 MANCIN STREET, t Ne-.gv-York. F. a C P&'lua, WILLWI WICU, Aou. BoULBR. TRADE CHARLES T.SEl'MOUB., I.IIIPORTER OF HAVANA TOBACCO .&nd Paeker ot Fine Seed Leaf, 188 Front St., New Geo. W. R.ea.d & Co., III.&N1JF.&CTVDERS OF LUMBER! THE GROWING POPUI.AlU'rY OF OUR Cut and Press-Dried Cigar Box AndotherLumber,ns SOLELY I!IANVFACT1JilED BY lJ s, prevents our keeping !!itock on band, to any extent. and milnufa.ctureza wil l do well to anticipate their wants, and forward orders some little time before requiring. We con tinue to manufacture Spanish Cedar, Mahogany, Butternut and PopJar, at most satisfa.ctorypriceg, and shall shortly introduce two new woods, which will be found very desirable. When ready for market, our old and new customers will be 'duly advised. Band aad Veneer SawanllBoardCattlng li01lo and Warerooms : 186 to 200 Lewis St., foot 5th & 6th Sts., E. R. York.. .. WHOLE NO. 849 Any Infringement upon thl TRADEMARK NA -_:_'*" I 'i'T l ,.., i 1 & \:.J .. -..:. ... --Will be prosecuted to the full Extent of the WElL& CO., 65 PINE YORK. -&a ora.:m:mor, < o. aox asss> 1'11 voa.:a::, IMPORTER 1 F MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES, SPEC!ALTYF MANUFACTURER SMOKJRS' -AND-TOBACCO STS' SUPPLI S. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. aalactarera' .&pal tor ... 8ale ot all Pepalar ......... of YJRGJNJA, NORTH lROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, Depol tor ALLEJII' &JllfTBRIBJllelllaoa .. Va,, Draa .. otllaoklac Tobaeeoo aa41 Clle&rell .. l Z. W, CARR LS "LONE S.&U.K," "-OWN JtiCl.K," ete.J B. T.JI!IL.KINTOlll 41: ()0,08 (Jelel>ra&ed "I'B1JIT8 .&ND I'LOWBRII" SolaeeoJ .... l.!.BB.&L o l'IOBTB ().&BOLIN A." L0111D.&N.& PEBIQ11E, Cat aa41 Ia Carrot .. ole Agent 1'0r ?;' """e a v b(JfiL!!l.GEN111NE D1JBHAIII Tobaeeo. Smoking Tob n-JUUI .. accos; C. Campbell 4 Co.'s uTHREE CITIES-,..,-..__, by TOB.&.OOO, ETO, r Darley1 queen a-, Trampo Wtc Wq Da#i.I MERRICK :-old Glory, Cha,... lhe Weat, sw &: e, Ia pall aad rrel, aad TB..&. LEa I ee& l!r" PRICE LIS TS FmiNISHi:D ON APPLICATION SURFACE POD .. Dll:a-u:tao1:u.recl. by C .. OR.OO:EEE NOTICE I herel>y pea ll and .JULY 8 ,1880. Lettero Pateat.; IO'W lte Prooecated 10 or Volnc Tin l'ollln A new and beautifularticle of Foil for Tobacco & ebfr ..;:e= I'Ul'lbhed Plain 01' In Faaey Deofcn Color anA 0 oos, OIIS1S, &c .. rnaJDentaUoa. ALSO lllA.N111'.&VTURER 01' ...-La-.._.. Pe:IJ Priatbac on 'In Foil fa Brou.oe and Coloro, Bottle Oa 0 O:l!l!.oe 1 1.81 DII:"C'X.EI:ma,:n_ yall daeo, Plaha and Colored, T. N'EJ'gV TOa,JEE. Es1:a. bl.:l&h.ed. { Ho.n a -1!118. Padelphia, 1828. S. FUGUETt; SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST.HILADELPHIA, NEW YORK, SA.TURDA. Y, MAY 2 3 1 881. IMPORTERS. OF H I ANA GIGARS IN FAVOR OF C. B. PHILIPS & CO. (By Telegraph .) GENERAL AG lil FOR CHICAGO, May 25.-!n the United States Court yester_ SEJDENBfRG'S KEY.ST CIGARS. day Judge Blodgett set asi dll his former decision and ALSO I!ANW"&C'.ERB Oil' granted a rehearing in the patent case of Abraham Fine _DOmesb ,.,. __ Robmson vs. Sutter Brothers, of this city, for infringe I ment of a patent in J 1879, for t-e-sweating leaf tobacco. The mam questiOn is whether the busi-OUR HAVANAiDERS. nes s of re-sweat ing, which is an important sta Tobacco a n d cigar merchanild manufacturers of cigar-making, shall be controlled by Robi ge bm the t sland _of Cuba are reque< to hand their orders C. S. Philips of Ne \ v York S tt B. th or Y for advet t sements and subB

TOBACCO LEAF. MAY 28 lkt loltatrs months of l l'OBLlSIUID li:VDY B.&.TUBD.n BY "litE TOBACCO LW "4UBOSHING COMeANY, 106 MAfDENLANII, ftlt. W dr PZABl.II'J'Bl!ZT. WORKING WELL Kentucky VIrginia Maryland Sccu bs Ohio Bay Stems Total J 10 683 14,010 13 693 6 735 The followm statement of the amount of 1m ports m hogsbecetved from the different ports named-1877 1878 1879 1880 18 8 1 New York 2 692 3 234 5 165 4 556 1 801 New 0Ileans 1' 396 834. 1' 279 147 45 Baltimore & Rt 5 181 6 250 7,162 8,511 4,646 Europeanpo1ts 232 365 404 479 243 Only a few weeks have elapeed smce the Bureau of Credits and R eports was established as a part of the GERMAN TOBACCO STATISTICS The German Statistical Buteau, m Its monthly J.ssue publtshes the fo llowlng statement ot the average wholesale prwes of leaf tobacco at the three prmcipal German tobacco centres named -.At the port of Bremen Kentucky leaf 56 marks 100 kilogi ammes Brazil seconds 8'8 marks per "1. 0 ktlos VIrgmia stems 28 marks per 100 kilos Ih Hamburg San Dommgo wrappers 110 marks per 100 kilos Brazil 115 marks In Mannhmm 1879 Pfaelzer 1 f 126 marks per 100 kilos 1879 Pfaelzer leaf for tobacco 116 marks per 100 kilos The S tatiS tiCa l Bureau fur mshes the following ac count of the Imports and export, of leaf tobacco from the German Customs Umon duung the perwd from the 1st of January to the 1st of Apul, compared wtth the correspondmg penod of last year Imports of leaf tobacco 4 234 900 k il os, agamst 1,527,000 kilos durmg the conespondmg p enod of last year Exports 146 800 krlos agamst 71 400 dunng the first three months of last year Cigars-Imports 72 400 krlos agamst 116 600 ktlos last year Exports 74 200 kilos, agamst S6 500 kilos last year Strrpped leaf-Imports 200 kilos none durmg the correspondmg period of last year Exports 99 100 klios, np;amst 103 200 kilos durmg the first three months of last year Smoking tobacco che1vmg tobacco and snuff -Im 98,500 kilos against 89 800 durmg the first three BUSIN, S MEN'l'ION IN our next Issue wbope to be able to tell all the good thrngs that neeo be said about the n e w mgar manufacturmg firm !David Ben & Co of thr s city It will be sufficien t f this occasiOn to observe that the firm 8 plans a1e 1 1 for domg bus mess on a large le Mr AlexandSrcb a well known cap1tahst Is partner to amount of Mr Ben's MR JosEPH BoYCP.f Boyce Bros tobacco manu facturers supplies I(hmery etc pard u s a VISit th1s week Whrle m consatwn Mr Boyce related an 1n Cident concermng a of hcor Ice manufactm ed b} Stamford Mannfactpg Company of thts crty whom his fii m 1 epresents St Lorns w bwh speaks vez y highly for then gOI He said that some fourteen ears a 0 a tobac

... son 'l'lhy the Marquis could not find the V 1elta AbaJO tobad::o to fulfill hJS contract VIth the Govemment aften ha' mg bought all the tbbacco th t could be ob tau,1P In accord a w1tb the co dJLwns of the con tracl the Government bad to announce an auctwn sale for be supplymg of the factor1es and the consumptiOn of pubhc tor account and usk of the ar1stocratw corkactor who m mder to obta n his pnv1lege l;JQ.d ma,le a most advantageous proposJtJOn dependmg1 pe ha)B on b1s future ent The auctwn d1a. not tale place for want ot h1dd rs 1t only to state the th1rd step-also foreseen -n the contract of the noble Marqms de Campo T)!l Government Will seek: fulfillment of the serv1ce of t)e tobacco by ad n n strat1on on account of the con tiactm s bonds But to whom must the Government IPPI..Y for the of the Vuelta Aha Jo tobacco! the I}O'hle Mal d!l Campo "bo IS tl e only one vhD 1t At what pr eel At tbe p we wbwh the Marqu1s de Campo may fix So by th1s m gemous combmatwn the ar stocratw contractor abandonmg h1s bonds w1lllose thr e dollars for each 100 lbs and Vlll gam ten by compelling the Adnnms tra;!;1on to buy the tobAcco from h1m And I e e t IS scenl10 v a conse vat st and Canova s man co tracts w1th :;:.tat e se that the State IS com pelleil to bul the tobacco from h1m The m1 stenal pap r La Ibena to wlwh we owe this <.llscovety does nob mdwate the means emplol ed by the Government to reheve the revenue hum tobacco ot the difficulty m wh ch the ar1stoc at1c contracto r bas placed 1t We must not cons der ourselves more author zed to adv1se Mr Carr acho ;For my part (om correspondent says) I beheve there 1s still a emedy The Government can acqmre by m v1tmg propo als m Qu)Ja. tl,le necessa y quant1ty for all 1ts factones and cont nue to get 1ts supphes m same way puttmg a stop to the proceadmga of those who make the fo t4nes from the peoples pocket and m
for the nat qnn,J' cousurnpt on !n sp te of the triCks resorted to by t h e Marq_\llS conttacjm m th1s anil other specula twps like thiS w h1ch he has e ngaged m Names of Persons and F1rms Commen cl{'lg afld Dascontmumg Business as Cigar Manufacturers m February, 1881. (Continued) NEW YOBK Geo J Bachmann John Bramm Fust D1stnct a1scontmued Brooklyn do do D W De Forrest Jos K eller A C Schutz do do do do do. do Jose D ll s commenced do John Hynes Chas P Ntelson Andre v Reuter Augus t Sipglemann Pb1hp Wolff do do do do dQ do do do do do Second D1strwt Jacob Cohen 147 S F1fth av E J Garma do 2 3-Pearl st New York do K1ptball & S1monson d1sc:d 16u Chamberf? st 0 Ne11l & Kennedy do Ilme st H!lm y Cohen commenced 237 S F1fth av John Hyams do 144 Elm st Ed'Krotpfe ffa do 273 Pea I s t Thos S K mball do 165 Obarr bers st A J Mault do 105 John st Henry 0 Neill do SOY. P nest John J Reuscher do 89 9th av F 4 Scheel do 419 Gteenwwh st '[bud D1strwt do do do do do do do do do do 315 B oome st New York 141 Orcha1d st do 29 R1vmgton st do 614 2d av do 828 9th av do 1:S7 l!'orsytb st do 1101 3d a v do 332 E 56t h st do ;3;15 Sth do 69 Suffolk st do 19,1 Av A do 92. Orchard st do B ernstem & Co d<> 32ll-E -34th st do Belancout t & Del Valle, 903 E 64th st do Morns Dav1s do 44 F01syth st da Jose Femandez do 63 Oatharme st do John Fuchs ns do 214 E Houston st do Anthony Gross do 427 W 5oth st do Adam Golu le n do 1388 A v A do Adam Harrer do 2917th av do 0 F Hme com d 621 E loth & 614-616 E 16th st do Dav1d Holstem commenced 1,20 Orchard st do Geo Isaacs do 411 Grand st do Kaufman B10s do 431 E loth t do Geo R Kohl do 68th "ofllthav do Her ry M Kohlm do 2024 3d av do John Kuttner do 223 South st do Tl eo Lowe do 457 9th av do Henry Maass do 155 E o2d st do Lew1s Ma1x do DIVJSlOnst do Abra am Neumann do 643 9ib do J H N1ebbur do 166 ?d st do S M P owles do 235 E 41st st do John Rauch do 65410th av do Morr Reschofsky do 5 Norfolk st do John Rewba do 110 E 3d st do Frank Rub1era do 1473 3d av do Andrew Stahl do 14 Av A do Robett Stant 1tz do r9 Ludlow st. do A Sebasttan do 115 E 4th st do J os Ste ngfeld do 20S E 7th st do Rudolph Seyffart do 345" 5th st do Max J Sch1lle1 do 18 Orchard st do Agnes Schroder do 2332 4th av do Alo1s Skonfry do ; U3 1st av do Geo Store do 37 Lew1s st do H emy Underndorfer do 309 E u5th st do Wm Van Leat do 4u3 W 40th st do Geo Wuertefeld do 1616 1st av do Fourteenth D stnct Isadore Brand com d 61 H e m y st Saratoga Sprmgs Henry Bmnhe1mer do 8 W1llo v st Cohoes Dav1d L Gr1ffing do 36 Yates st Albany Lev1 Schl chter do 116 S Pearl st do Wm F Bro "man Phihp Maure1 G F Snyder Loms Plotke Ed E Lecla r Ph1hp Mamer F fteenth D1st ct d1scontmued Keesv11Ie do Troy do do do Salem commenced KeesVJtle do Lansmgburgh T ;venty first D1stnct Cyrus J Brownell dJScontmued Bmgbamton Spauldmg & Btxby do Oneonta Brownell & Stocking commenced Bmghamtbn He son Bros do Ithaca Wm Spauldu:g do Oneonta Twenty mghth Drstrwt T A W1se & Co d1scontmued Elm1ra Lew1s H Lenhe1m commenced do W G Merntt do do PENNSYLVANIA E1ghth DIStrwt Jos De Long d1scontmued North \VhJtehall Dav1d N Llewellyn do Pottsvllle Geo Schaffer do Ashland J H Buchanan commenced Bellevue John w Rector do roledo Eleventh DistriCt Goodman & F 1edman d s d 93 St Cla r Cleveland. Jno W Ha nan do Sloa s Stat on J H lfoefll 1 do L1 ve 1 pool J Jaskulek do 190 Ctoton st Cleveland ),{ Qu nn do PamesVJlle Jno Schlemkofe1 do 369 Payne av Cleveland Jno Soh! <).o 6 1 L nden s t do B aunberne& E1le r comd War e n Max Gordrnan do 93 St Clan st Cleveland w MMasters do Pa)nesville B S TeJfentbaler do Wooster MEASURES AGAlNST EXCESsiVE P;r.ANT!NG I Aug st 12 1621 the V 1 gtma Company ( m London) wnte to the Governm and Council We desr e you to g ve not1ce to the Collony that after yeme they expect no f u ther s pply of any necessa1 es to be e:jwbanged w th them for the r darhng tobacco In. of the same year the company sent t o the coiomsts woi d to bm n all base and rotten stuff and n b t suffer any but very good to be cured A few nl.onths later the Gove1 nor and Counc1l wr1te to the V rg1ma Company -For the drawmge of the People the excess1ve plantmge of Tobacco we have by c nsent of the Generall Assembhe restrayned them to 1 0 pounds per head upon eache of which plantes there are to be lett butt nyne leaves wbJCh proportiOns !IS as could be guessed was generally conceded would bfl agreeable w1th the hundred we1ght you have a! ldwed By wh eli means as also by the course we have taken for the keel!mg of every man to hiS trade we doubt not but very much to prevent the Immoder ate Plantmge of Tobacco In 1621 the faCJht1es for ratsmg tobacco mcreased so mu(lh and the Ettropean demand became .so mgent that 55 000 pounds "l'iere sb1pped to Holland but none to England on account of the excess1ve tmp0st Store houses and factors were hke viSe estabhsbed at M1d dleburgh and Flusbmg {localitieS now unknown) In 1622 the crop was 60 000 pounds James I failed to extort the revenue be expected from the sale of tobacco and m 1624 he revoked the charter of the V1rguna Company His successor Charles I went further and proposed that a monopoly should be granted h1m The Colomal Assembly en tered the1r p otest Iu 1628 the colomsts proposed to cont act wtth the E;u;tg for seven years for thmr tobacco at 3s 6d 1!? tb dut1esfiee assummg the crop to be 500 000 pounds annually If any SUI plus remamed they were to be permitted to sh1p 1t to the Low Countries Ire land 1urkey or elsewhere In March 1629 every head m a famlly was allowed to ra1se 2 000 pounds butr bad or 1ll cond1t10ned to bacco wa.s reqmred to be burned under peilJl.lty of bemg debarred tl orn t>1at1tJIIg till re a.dm1tted by an act of the Assembly In February: 1631 2 m con8ldera twn of the low pr1ce of tobacco the poll tax which bad been five pounds was mcreased to ten, w1th the of a IPWte& ot com.. At t.lae I!PlO tUD.e t.he TBZ TOBACCO STORlJliiOUSES ESTAlJLISIIED AT liiSTORIC POINT S By act passed February 1632 3 1t was p1 ov d e d that five storehouses be appomted severally at Jamep. Q1ty Sh J!ey Hundred D e nbe1gb Southan pton R ve m El zabeth C1ty and K1.kyoke and the plantre s we e obi ged to br ng m all of the r tobacco to t he. san e hE)fore the last day of December wllere t vas to be re packed v e"ed.and tr ed by swo n moo appo ntod for t lie pu pose the quant ty entered to the several ac counts of the planters and then all payments of debts we e to be made at these storeho rses m the p es nee of the keeper No tobacco was to be made upp m rolle except between the first day of August and the last day of October and no other tobaocv to be made up at all In 1632 3 only the long sorts of tobacco wet e for rasmg and all other sortes the next (\Teare shall be qmte left off and 11;1ven over The prmmpal vanet es of th s so t of tobacco wm e classed 0 01 oka and sweet scented The latttude between James and Yo1k 11vers seem most n cely adapted for sweet scented wr tes an anmentr chromcle r In1639 tobacco was requued to be mspected and all u merchantable as well as half the good vas ordered b1,1rned tb reduce the whole crop to 1 500 000 pounds The crop,s for the yeats 1640 and 164I to l 300.000 pounds Debts were to be sat ilfied m to bacco at:tlu ee pence a pound and four hogs! e11-ds were to constltute a ton F1 e1ght was fixed at ; 11er ton The -Gene all Assembhe s enactment that all ac counts should be stated m money was never observed (up to 17o4 at least) clerks fees and otl e r charges be ng ke1 t chrefly m tt!bacco as aDpears by Hemng s Statutes at Large In 1640 the PI ce of tbbacco 'as fixed at 12d per p; n1nd and for 1641 at 20d per pound In 1646 the culture of tobacco was 1 ttroduced mto the Dutch Colony of N e v Y 01 k In 1649 the ,puce of to b!fcCo vas 3d per pound I 1 16o2 Lhe cultrvatwn of tobacc o was forb1dden m Englar d and all plantatwns there were 01de1ed to be destwyed In 16oo the crop fa led m V rg n a horn drouth In March 1657 and 1658 Ly enactment the plantmg of tobacco after July 10 was fmb dden undec heavy penalty and a duty ot 2s per h9gshea d "as l e v ed on all exported At the same trm& the packmg of five pounds of ground leaves m a; bogs head among top tobacco wa.s c'ause for JtR bemg burned In March 16o9 60 a d rty of lOs per hogshead was Iev1ed on all tobacco not d1schm ged n tJ e Englis h Do mmwns 10 Em ope In 1662 the prwe of tobacco m Vtrgm a fell from 12s to lOs per hundred we 1 o t e detument of V1rgnua 1t appea s also i'n thiS year that the colones of Maryland and Ne v York were engap;ed m a sec et trade m tobacco VIth the Dutch and upon complarnt Lord Bait more gave h s p om1se to theE ghsh Board of Adrnu al t) that all such toba co so d1scoverod m the Provmce of Maryland should be se zed In 1662 the sala y of Su Wilham Berksley as Gov ernor of Yug ma vhwh was pmd out of the 1evenue born the qmt rents a 1 d the rmpostof two sh llmgs per hogshead on tobacco was 1 000 per annum 'In De cember 1662 th ty pounds of tobacco per poll was for the bmldmg of James City In 16ti4 all r e st Ictwn s er, removed fl om the plantmg of tobacco 1h s act was t l e product of Maryland s efusal tg co operate With V 1 g ma 11 hm1tm g p od u<;t o n In con sequb nCe of the compet tlon of Mmylq.nd slw e JOY ng ur d e r pwp etar y cha ter r ghts of t adc den ed to V g n a the m po s t ot ten sl1ll 1 gs per hol'l h ead on all tobacco expo ted elsewhere than to E1 gland ;vas res t ored MARKET Gl.UTTED In June 1566 Vug ma from overproductiOn hav1ng glutted all the ma1kets proposed to Ma1 viand and North Carol nato cease plantmg from ist Feoruary 1666 to 1st February 1667 l'hose State.s assented In August 1667 two tb 1ds of tl e growmg crop was destroyed by a great stmm of md and 1am wh ch lasted three days In the Enghsb custbms on Vtr gin a tobacco was 000 the whole. customs duties m t)le re gn of Queen El zabet}t (1590) arnot 1ted to only o0 000 In April 167Q the 1mportat10n of ull tobacco f10m North Carohna save ni paymet t of debts due was proh b1ted In November 1682 the pn' e of tobacco was fixed at ten sh llmgs per hundred ve1ght Durmg the d1sputes le adu g to th1s act10n m bet een the Gou e1 nor Lord Culpepper an nouse of Burgesses the mhabrtants ot the count1es of Gloucestei New Kent and Middlesex prqceeacco couung mto case so late m the season and there bemg more than the usual quant1ty of rusted and shed burnt to bacco wh1ch necessitated great care m prepanng It for market before 1t went through sweatmg We understand that the pr1ces oomg offered m many mstances have not been accepted and that qmte a number of growers contemplate sh1ppmg to J S Gans Son & Co at New York and to Wayne & Ratterman at Cmcmnat1 and other comnnsswn men at that place There are no better iirl1JS than the above mentwned m the commiSSIOn busmess and havmg been established m the husmsss for many years their reputatwn 1s well


established, and they are known to be perfectly re liable. O'OBTII. Tbe arrival8 at the pet New York from fomgn pona for Shipments fur week endm' May 19:-St. LoUis, 185 cases, Suffield, 17, New York, 143, Phladelph1a, 111; Detroit, 192, Baltimore, 36, Cmcmnatt,84, Michtgan City, 16. the week mcluded the frng CO:l81gnmenta Oarthagena-Prm. Food & Co 160 seroons tobacco. Glasgow-Order 500 ll:lay ptpes & Bon 135 bales, We1l & Co Geo Rumrill, Correspondmg Secretary of the W1s cousin Tobacco Growers' Association, sh1pped 70 cases from this statiOn this week, and on Saturday Will ship 78 cases from Evansville 417 do, A Gonzalez 104: G Falk & Bro 106 do, F GarCia, Bro & Co 54 rlo, Vega &rnhetm51 do, We1sa, Eller &Kaep pel do, V }iartme:. "11 & Co 151 do, F }hranda & Co 489 do F Alexandre & Sonil do CigarsF Garcta, Bro & Co 9 do, Chas T Bauer & Cdo, G W Faber 9 do, Howard Ivea 3 do, Esberg Bachman.:O 5 do, W H Thomas & Bro 2 do, Purdy & Nicholas 10 do R Kelly & Co 1 do. Brown Bros & Co 5 do, Acker, Merrall !ond1t 24 do, Park & Tilford 24 do, Carr & Hobson 1 do, BGraef's Sons 2 do, Kunhardt & Co 1 d o A E Faber 3 do, 'Hagan 18 do; Jas E Ward & Co 8 do F Alexandre & Sonsio, Order 54 do, C B Perkms, Bos ton, 2 do E 1 Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY -OF-K ey: ... w-est. The Cigars of this Fagtqry, under the well-known Brands of El Principe de Gales -ANDLa Perls de Cayo Hueso Manufactured of new and best Vuelta Abajo Havana &obacco, and unexcelled In quality and make by any of the Havana Factories, are now received in regnlar weeldy shipments by FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. TOBACCO MARKET. NEW-YORK. MAY27. Western Leaf-The sales of Western leaf have been light the past week in this market, as have those of the month. The trade IS awa1ting the new mspectwns and the purchases that are to be for the new contracts, when the latter are made. New Clarksville l!pecimens that acCidentally came under our observatwn to-day looked well, and so, too, d1d some Maeon County that we saw. The new Masons are certainly gomg to be better than the old, and are held to day as high as was the old at the same time last year. Plantmg has commenced m the Clarksville and Green Rtver d1stncts, and would have been well ad vanced but for the hmdrances resultmg from cold weather. Plants are reported abundant, but if planter-> will throw away one-half of those they mtend to set, they w1ll make some money this season; and they will not 1f they do not do so. Messrs. 6& WYER, W ALLACll: & C0 report to THE TOBAC-00 LEA1' as follows.-The past week was noted only for its extreme dullness. We hear of sales amountmg te 252 hhds, of wh1ch str1ppers took 127 m small lots, manufacturers 73, agam mostly Vtrgmia; and JOb bers 52 Late letters report that a small begmning has been made wtth the plantmg, but farmers are much behind With therr work, owmg to the unfavorable sprmg l.t week. 2d week Sd week 4th week. Gth week Total luaary.. 841 91 10,223 10,655 February 431 1,334 548 612 2,925 )[arch 946 1,037 SH 773 3 100 Apnl 2,013 803 298 1 ,636 4, 750 May 24'! 587 742 252 1,829 R. HAGEDORN -Receipts this month-Western 5 188 hhds. Last year, 4,883 hhds ll'rom New Orleans do. 25 dG. do. Balt1more. 7 do. 7 do. do. Vu-glllla .... 1,043 de. 598 do. Total .. 6,238 hhds. Total ... 5,513 hhds. Becei""' thiS year:-Western .... 20,727 hbds. Last year, From New Orleans 4.2 do. do. Baltimore. 649 do. do. Vugm1a 7, 773 do. 16,075 hhds. 106 do. 184 do 7 844 do. Total.. .... 29,191 do. 24,159 do Exp't Manf J ob' rs Specu Unk'n Total Sales for the week 127 ; a 52 2 5 2 hds Sales for th6 month 1153 403 273 1 829 hds Exports for the week, 754 hhds F01 tne mont h, 4 078 hhds At New OrleansReceipts from Jan. 1 to May 21, 1 88 1, 2 231 hhds, against 1,870 hhds m 18 80 sales this month, 18 hhds, exports foreign, 32 hhds; domestic, 5 hhds, agamst 37 1n 1880. Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared May 21, 980 hhds. Leaf-This marKet the past week has been dull Some few sales of medmm and good bright wrap pers, also dark wrappers, compnsed the transactwns The month foots up pretty well A very large stock of all grades of Virgmia IS on the market, and buyers.can be su1ted both m pr1ce and grade. A full supply of old smokers IS also available. Seed Leaf-The demand for Seed leaf has been mod erate, and we can only report sales of 1,250 cases, wh1ch embraced nearly all growths, w1th, as will be seen below, a lot of 1880 W1sconsm Havana for local manufactur ing account The market, though not act1ve, IS firm and buoyant MEssRs J S. G.urs SoN & Co., tobacco brokers, 131 Water street, report -The market has been qUiet m Seed leaf durmg the past week, the only feature of m terest occUJrmg was a sale of 400 cases W1scollBm Havana Seed, 1880 crop, to a leadmg manufacturmg R eceipts of liconce at of New York for week, reportoo expresslv for TnE Ton.o LEAF.Weaver & Sterry, per Abby Bacon, from Malag886 pkgs (245,859 lhs) liconce root and per India, from Nab 35 pkgs (6827 lbs) liconce sticks. Argmmbau, Wallts & Co r Ada P Gould, from ::leville, 249 pkgs (28,48 1 lbs) licoric e 1, and 80 pkgs (23,840 lbs) Spanish hconce paste; and per M E Hale, from Seville, 40 pkgs (19,600 lbs) do ORTS Fro m the port of New rk to foreign ports for the week were as follows ..tntwery-162 hhds, 147 es .BrMMn------8 hhds, 110 c -{89 bales, 31 pkgs (3, 744lbs) mfd. Briti8h HondU1as-1 hhd pkgs (421 lbs) mfd BntBh Posaeuwns m Afr-78 pkgs (11,480 lbs) mfd. Br-UUJh W..,t Ir.a__.86 Ill 87 bales, 91 pkgs (13,297 lbs) mfd Ouba--247 pkgs (42, 500 1\mfd. Oanada-11 bales Dan!JJh lV..,t IndieS-7 hh pkgs (2,032 lbs) mfd D utch West Jndw-12 bal216 pkgs (42,533 lbs) mfd Gla.sgow-62 pkgs (10, 985 ) mfd Gil>raltar-156 hhds, 827 96 pkgs (14,137 lbs) mfd Hagti---1 hhd, 6 bales, 3 p l (182 lb s) mfd Lwrpoo!-95 hhd, 108 pk;17,312 lbs} mfd ondo-n,-50 hhds, 114 case> pkgs (500 lbs) mfd MarsetU..-25 hhds .Napks--294 hhds. .New pkgs (8, 7 l bs) mfd. Porto R=-10 pkgs (1,000) mfd hhds, 91 ca& U. S of Oolombia-286 bale 51 pkgs (10,520 lbs) mfd. Veneruela-6 hhds, 4 cases, 8 bales, 176 pkgs (17,142 lbs) mfd EXPORTS FROM THE PORT Ol'l:W YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1, 11, TO lll.AY 27, 1881. Hh Cases. Bales Lts mfd Aden .................... Afnca . .. . 330 64 Amsterdam . . 127 Antwerp . . . 1,641 ll,ll8 Austna .. . ... 187 Australia . 302 177 U Bre111en.. ............ 2,054 10,692 Bnt1sh N A. Colowes 81 Canada . 32 CentTal AmeriCa. . 6 Chma and Japan ..... Copenha gen East lndJes . France B, 695 Gibraltar . 271 Glasgow . . 269 Hamburg . .. 115 2 21 14 1,215 91 540 Italy . ... 10,149 Liverpool ... 2,122 70 Lon doD... ....... 1.056 552 Other Bnt 1 s h Ports . 631 Malta . 158 Mexico................ 1 New Zealand ... Portugal . .. Rotterdam .... .... Sandwich Islands .... 846 640 Spam. . . . 6,015 11 83 324 21 South Amer1ca .. .. 480 117 West Indies.. .. 598 830 31,383 1441 1,830 32 100 12 62 1,594. 90 4 ,084 1,405 19,383 81,030 13,261 3,744 7,752 14.431 12.090 1,911 1,294 1 ,052 IID,179 125 ,131 55,245 45,989 273,274 17,302 J,220 11,817 203,817 8,832 110 21,840 406 .799 681,582 2,657,888 QUOTATIONS of WHOESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR N:'IOE. Every r&-Nle is supposed to be at an ad:nce on flrst cost, the pnees obta.lnable by growers of k)baooo, thereft, will always be ower than these quotation& WESTERN LAP, ctB IBEA-1.i...&U-Its 1% CDmen 7 @ 8 I ldium s 0110 1 lod. .. VIBGINU. E.&P. HJ.V&."''J. Fn.LJms-('.ommon Goot -Fine -S uper1or Y ..uu. 1 ancf n c uts assorted II cuts mt.lT!U. WJU.PHR8 M.&NlJF.I.CJTlJKE:OrOB.&CJCJO. Plu:ca 1M Botm-Tu 16 0'1'8 PD Pomm. Bud-1879Crop. 80 @ 85 88 @ 95 100 @110 @126 92J.ii@IOO @150 1211, and & 18@lll lVY 4'il, t5s, Ss and @80 14@16& 18@2' !: 1Vy 108 or Pocket Pieces 14@22 @:; twist 21@!111 CJIG.I.&f Hanna, ]>er M tro@l50 J See per Ill Seed and Havana per 111 40@ 90 GK.I.NUL.&TED 8MOBI'IG TOB.&CJCJO. Medium to good $26@-li 1 Gd to floe 81'1\JPJ [Subject to discount tn thNhole.oale trade. .Maoo&boy 62@-66 JAlrican Gentleman SCotch and Lundyfoot lrl-65 Rwee, French SPANI8B-11Q C" F G" 'WallisEx,' 1 Pllar" ltC C.yCa' "1 l1 &Co 11 tl St2 d o mfd, 14 hxs do, 30 ;!4: bxs do, 50 kegs do M Gardmer 55 cs mfd, 3 bxs do 260 ;!4: -bxs do, 10 tJ do, )f E McDowell Co 567 cs smkp:, 100 bales do, 46 c s mf cads do, 85 bxs do, H Wirt Matthew s 1 cs smkg, 10 ba m fd, 2 7:1' bxs do So c&ds do, Doha n Uarroll & Co 10 cs 204 7:1'-bxs do, 5 bxs do, Austm, Ntchols & Co 53 cs g, 1 do ci garettes, Augustm & Duse l 2 cs s mkg, 4 do Cigar s, H K & F B Thurber & Co 119 cs smkg, 1 do mfd, Ca t Bros 4 cs mfd, 50 dO!>, 40 cads d o Wis e & Bendhe cs smkg, 2 kegs mfd, 2 THE TOBACCO LEAl'. do; Ernst Mueller & Co 6 cs mfd, 10 b:u do, G W Hillman 16 cads mfd, 12 bxs do, H Wel!lh 200 '>'cads mfd, 26 do. H }iandelbaum 20 cs smkg. 8 'bxs mtd', JeJirey & Co 6 cs amkg; Burkhalter, Masten & Co 20 do, A Nester & Co 20 do, Julius Blankenstem 22 do, J H Brown 2 cs mfd. F 8 L Made hose 1(!() cads mfd, Bay St!ite Shoe and Leather Company 8 cads do, M W : Mendel & Bro 1 cs c1gars, A Hen 1 !Jx smkg, S Josephs & Co2 cs cigars; Uo 1 bx samples Oelnchs & Co 1 do Order 62 hlids 53 cs smkg, 95 do mfd, 1 box do, 66 )!4-bxs do, 11 bxs do, 9 bxs do, 21 ;!4: bxs do, 72 bxsdo, 22 116th bxs do, 11 cads do, 36 %cads do, 2 bxs samples B11 tll6 Pfflr&811lron1a .Railroad-B Atwater 41 cs, M Rosen shme & Bro 4 do, 8 Barnett 22 do E\ Rossm & Son 41 do, E Hoffman & Son 1 do, Strohn & Reitzenstem 82 do, Da v1s & Day 42 do AS Rosenbaum & Co 24 do, G Falk & Bro 1 do, Chas F Tag & Son 72 du, Kerbs & Sp1ess 42 ao, M Op penhe1mer 44 do, G W Helme 19 cs mfd, 11 pkgs do, 1 trc snuff, 21 bbls do, 15 do, 818 bxs do, 11 pkgs do, 25 kegs do Bv tlu Central Railroad of .NetJJ Jersey -A Cohn 10 cs, C Schroder 10 do D av idson Bros 21 do, Gans Bros & Rosenthal 5 do, E & GFnend & Co 44 do By lhe NetJJ York and .NetJJ Haven SUamboat Ltne Wm & Co 9 cs, Gans Btos & Rosenthal 19 do Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 5 do Glaccum & Schlosser 15 do, Joseph Mayer's Sons 8 do, 8 Rossm & Son 1 do Bv l.retJ> York and Hartford Steamhoat LintA ManheJm 15 cs, E Hoffman & Son 9 do, Wm Eggert & Co 54 do, G Re1smann 8 do; C S Philips & Co a do, G W G8.11 & Ax 14 do 1111 tM New York end Baltt1MT'e Tranlp<>rlatt-J H )loore & Co 45 hhds Ooast10m from Ga.muton-Order 9 pkgs Eastern Markets. BOSTON, May 26 -Our spectal correspondent reports Thero has !Jeen little change m the SituatiOn of the tobacco market Qmet prevails m alltts branches Kentucky-The receipts have been qmte light and the de mand onlv equal to the receipts Shippers are wa1tmg the arnval of large supplies Sales and shtpments have been con fined to 15 hhds for South Amenca, 10 do for West Indies, and 50 hhds for Afnca Seed Leaf-No noticeable chane;e m the demand, which IS for Havana Seed a nd Pennsylvama, a ltboua-h for bmders Con necticut IS still the artiCle Oh10 finds fewadrrurers, and Wis consm IS let qmetly alone find a ready market for all tbeu fine go<>ds, and the cheaper ones can be sa id to be fast takmg the place of those of Pennsylvama manufacture )lanufactured-Agents complam of dullness and cannot account for it, and continue only to supply m a small way dealers for home consumptiOn. PHILADELPHIA, }lay 26 -Mr A R Fougeray, To bt.cco Manufacturers' Agent. reports to THE TonAcco LEAll' A fatr trade 10 manufactured ha1d tobacco IS claimed for the pas t week, but vmd of the customary spmt heretofore notiCe ab l e m the handling of tobacc o at tb1s season of the year Buyers adhe1e very closely m thetr orders to their special re quuements Pnces hold steady, for the reason that buyers Will net make any advances to purchase lots Low grade goods are handled very cautiously, except 6 1nch twist. F'int. Ouu-Very moderate demand Bmoklng 'll>lla<:co-Requued m moderate amounts, except low grade granulated m muslm bags. Oigart-'Ctgar manufacturers report themselves short of stock, they advertise for hands but have few applicatiOns, Th1s gwes a very favorable aspect to the cigar trade. Sn-u.ff-Contmues 0 K Recelpts-782 boxes, 7,il08 caddtes 1 ,018 cases, and 286 pails of fine cuts Exported of manufactured tobacco -To Antwerp, per steamer:zee land, 9,850 lbs, Exported of smokmg tobacco -To LIVP.rpool, per steamer Bntlsh Queen. 4,000 lbs Seed .Uaf-The past week's sales of Cigar leaf has been small, prmctpally on account of dealers not havmg the stock needed togeth e r with the fac t that those parties who have the de s irable e:oods me holdmg the same at advanced figure s Holders of o l d and new leaf look forward to 8 splendid trade Ha1>a:na-Always salable, 1f It fills the bill Hog shead Leaf-Is a draggy in thts market. Re ce ipts for the week -410 cases Connect icut, 280 cases Pennsylvama, 41 cases Wtsconsm. 32 cases OhiO, 29 cases State Seed, 116 bales Havana, and 600 hhds of Vrgtma and Western leaf tobacco Sales foot up -274 cases Connecticut, 292 cases Pennsyl vama, 55 cases W 1sconsm 28 cases OhiO, 16 cases State Seed. 87 bales Havana, 10 hhds V1rgm1a and Western leaf, and 269 hhds Vugmialeaf d1rect to manufacturers. Sbtpped coastwise to Key West -38 cases leaf Exported of lea f tobacco -To Antwerp, per steamer Zee land, 56,293 lbs, to Liverpool, per steamer Bnti&h Queen, 31,918 lbs, total, 88,211 lbs. '. Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, }le.y 26 -Messrs. Ed. WiSchmeyer & Co Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants report to THE Ton.Acco LEAF as follows -Recetpts of leaf tobacco contmue very hght, and the market IS vmd of any new f eatme of mterest Sales are limited to a few hogsh e,.k per 100 l bs, and the average on 675 hhds sold at and above 10c lS $14 22;!4: pe1 100 lbs. 1 Total ofi'ermgs f o r week do reJectiOns do Hhds Bxs ... 1,892 6 Old 56 .... 1,448 395 6 Aetna sales for week . . 1,053 6 The tota l offenngs at auchon for the week JUSt closed, and the expued portwn of the current month and year, also com parisons, were as follows 1881. 1880 .. 1879 .. 1878 ... 1877 ... Hhds. Bx.e. .... 1,448 6 1 017 2 .. 632 2 .. 1,359 10 .. 1,188 81 .--MONTH---, ,----YEAR ----.. Hhds Bxs. Hhds. Bxs. 4,249 48 24,;)27 396 8,704 3 1 22,734 282 2,203 8 12,\69 130 4,208 79 21,834 264 2,920 117 18 ,757 398 QUOTATIONS. (}uttlfl{l Leaf-Common dark lugs.. 3 00@ 4 00 Common bnght smokmg . 4 50@ 5 00 Medmm do do 6 00@ 7 00 Good do do ...... 7 00@ 9 00 Common bnghL stripping lugs. . 6 00@ 7 60 lledmm do do do 8 00@ 9 00 Good do do do 10 00@12 00 Fine do do do 14 00@16 00 Medmm bnght leaf 14 00 00 Good do 16 00@18 00 Fme do 19 00@21 00 MANUFACTURING-PLUG STOCK Common dark and trashy fillers 7 00@ 9 00 Med fillers, some color and body 10 00@12 00 Good fillers red color an:l good body 13 50@16 110 Fme.lillers, bright do do 17 50@20 00 CHICAGO, Ill., May 25 -Mr George C Tate, Manu facturers' A gent for C i gars and Tobacco reports to THE ToBAC co LEAF -Dealers m leaf say trade m thetr lme IS good with a faia: demand for all grades, but more fOr fine leaf, for whch good pnces are easily obtamed Manufactured to bacco IS m good reque8t at usual priCes Cigars are fanly act1ve at standard prices, With nothmg unusual m the market The suspension of Lawrence & }iartm caused some of our Eastern manufacturers to make unexpected VISits to this City to lo o k after the mterests of thetr clatms m agents' hands We had tbe pleasure of a call from Indianapolis's mmt e nter pnsmg JObber and leaf dealer, Mr. P. L Chambers, for which we return thanks Imports for the week -Ma y 19 Chapm & Gore 3 cases etgars 20 Grommes &, 8 do 24 }fetzl e r & Roths child, 2 cases p1pes 25 Thorwort & Roehling, 2 do Cll,'lUS, Grommes & Ullnch, 5 do CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., May -}[essrs. M H Clark & Bro., Tobacco Brokers report to THE TonAcco LEAF Our receipts are lighter, planters b emg bu sy w1th their crops, and our sale fo r the week endmg to-day were 745 hhds The market opened With a qmet tone, but soon became am mated and pnces were well sustained on all grades. QUOTATIONS. Common lugs.. ....... 3)!4@ 4]4 G ood lugs 4j.t@ 6 Common leaf . . 5 6;!4: Medmm leaf . .......... 6)>k@ 8 Good leaf . . 8% Fme leaf . .. ....... 10%@1Z SelectiOns . . . We have had good r .. ms all over this sectiOn, commencmg the 22d and showermg through to day whtch Will enable the planters to p1tch about half of the t o bacco crop, the plants bemg of proper stze to set DANVILLE, Va., May 25 -Paul C. Venable, Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to 'l'HE TonACCO LEAF as fallows -We are beginmng to need ram very much, and supplies have be e n very much s hortened by the dry weather now prevaihn. The sales covstst very largely of tob11ccos held <>ver by the warehou ses and mu ch of 1t t s rather more or less damaged, so that it ts rathe1 difficult to make good Pnces arc mther stiffer, as IS u s u a l upon a poorly supphed market A good ram would be v ery acceptable, b oth to enable farmers to plant out their crops, and to stnp tobacco for market. QUOTATIONS F1llers-Common dark lugs 3 @ 4 Common dark leaf . 4 5 Good do 5 @ 7 Common leaf 5 @ 7 Good ao 7 @ 9 Smokers-Common 4 @ 6 Medmm 6 @ 7 Good. 7@8 Fme and extra 9 @13 Wrappers-Uommon 10 @12 M edmm 12 @18 Good .......................... 18 @25 Fme ..... ............. 30 @40 Extra . 45 @70 DAYTON, 0., May 25 -Our speCial correspondent re ports -Operations m 1880 crop have been more active durmg tbe past week than formerly, but still small compared With prevwus years, buyers feelmg somewhat t1m1d about takmg hold of this crop I have heard of no sales of etther old or new by dealers during the past week. I note a new firm operatmll m 1880 the style of which 1s, I beheve, Kneisely & Co which I understand have never been recogmzed m the trade formerly I hope they Will meet w1th success as there IS plenty for all, and a lways "room for one more The most active buyers hee m the 1880 crop _1JJ> to present date mall grades, have been Gebhart & Co, W. S O'Neil, J L Brenner, and J P Wolf I notice some 1880 stock almost through a sweat. whi c h 1s showmg very mce dar!( colors, and the opm10n among dealers here 1s that the 1880 crop will sweat out well, far cxceedmg then expect .. tlons DUI\HAM N. C., May 23 -Messrs. Dibrell Bros & Co, Le af Tobacco Brokers, report to T!Dil TonAcco LEAF. Bt e.tks on th1s market for the past three weeks have been 1m ge with a good proportiOn of fine and fancy brights Planters report prospects fine for a good crop Plants are plenttfu l ._nd some have hgun to set them EVANSVILLE, Ind. May 23 -Mr C J Morris, To bacco Broker, reports to THB TonACCo LIIIAF -Our market IS firm on good leaf, and qmet but steady on lugs. Weather cool but favorable for young plants, of which there will be plenty. Recetpts for the week 587 hhds, sales, 489 do QUOTATIONS. Trash to common lugs . . 2 50@ 3 60 1tledmm tG good lugs . . H 00@ 4 00 Common leaf . . . .. 8 75@ 4 25 Medmm leaf. . . . ......... 4 30@ 5 55 Good l eaf . . 5 50@ 7 50 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., May 21.-Mr. George V. Thompson, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to THE TonAcco LEAF -Sal es week 603 hhds Common lugs and meehum l ea f d ull Common, good and fine leaf a sbade htl'her. Some very fiae leof sold at 12 25@13 75, the highest pnces pa1a dur mg the season, and we look for full pllces in the best g rades of Clark s ville sty les as It IS now apparent that fat German and Swtss wrapper kmds are sca rce m the crop, whtl e French and Itahan kmds are abundant We thmk n ea rly two th1rds of the crop ISm. We quote selectiOns at 12@14c QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common. 3;!4: 3,:!4 M edmm . . . .. ... 8,:!4 4% Good. ..... ..... ... ......... 5% Leaf-Common .. . .. . 5 @ 6 Medmm .. .. . . 7% Good ...................... 9 Fme ................... 10 @12 LOUISVILLE, May 24 -Mr Wm J Lewers, Leaf T" hacco Auctioneer, reports to THB TonAcco LEAF as follows Recetpts for week endmg to-day 1180 hhds, agamst 880 hllds same week last year. SALES FOR WEEK, ETC., ENDING TUESDAY, 24TH INST Warhomes Week. Month Year Gilbert 24 110 399 P ckett . 178 651 S 708 Pke . . . . 45 191 871 Nmth Street. . . 278 1108 4 ,567 P eople's. 47 231 775 Boone . . 121 373 1 ,588 G1een River........ 116 1,744 Lomsvtlle 140 737 3,514 Falls C1ty 163 629 3 ,325 Plante rs' 137 531 2, 704 Kentucky Assoc111tion 100 872 2 ,032 Farmers' 129 472 2, 760 Enterpt!Se 170 530 1 ,94.9 1 ,648 6,349 29, 936 26, 284 21,080 29,852 1 ,291 5,061 1,502 4 805 Year 1878 .. 2,039 7 726 Sa le s for week year, divided as follows Week Ong mal new 1,268 Ongmal old .... 136 New reviews 218 Old revtews 27 2,675 Sales of crop of 1880 to date 22,542 hhds 17,555 hhds of crop of 1879 to date m 1880 Dry, pleasant weather throughout the week, but cloudy to day. Rain commencmg to be needed No complamts yet from the country Pnces megular and slightly lower on low g r ades of every descriptiOn the latter part of last week The market opened stronger yes terday and to day, with sales of 270 bhds, embracing some of every kmd, but mostly nondescnpt and low gtades of dark tobaccos Market c l osed steady, with pnces full up to last quotatiOns Much of that sellmg 1s m soft condition-some red hot.-but taken all round the order IS about a. good as common for this time of year Some few fine crops of the dttl'erent descnptwns have touched outside figures of quotatiOns this week A few Kentucky bright wrappers sold at for common and for a good one. QUOTATIONS-1880 CROP. Ncndescript ...-Heavy Bodied ..--Cutting-- .Red Dark Red Bright Common lugs S @ 3lENT OF TOBACCO. Stock on hand September 1, 1880.... ...... Hhds. 2,378 Amved pt

Importers The 1 ./ ra B. B .A. C C 0 L 'EA.1'--. I A JOURNAL OF 219! :rll, BJWADWAY, NEW You. Fi"f, Pflklrj I ..: I The unders gned continue to manufaCture and rmport Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Pa.te, which he offet'S to 1tbe Trade at Reduoed Prlo. Manufaoturel'tl wUI flnd It to their Interest to apply to him before purohull)a ....., ,where. P.A.C::a;:.D:O..S C>F SIEIEID Lo:EJ.A.::Ir' -AliD--IMPORTEIJS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-I TBEIMPORTAfiONofSUMAT.RA l WRAPPERS A SPECIAUTY. 186.WA,.ER STREET, NEW YORK. \ BOY AI. I 512 .to 514. EAST l'ltla STREET, l'fEW YOBK. .. THE :Dlfi:tor's PrescriDtiDD CXG.A.B-The Finest' and Best Cigar in th8 U. S. FOR THE MONEY, --<>--Circulates as freely and well kriown as theN. Y. Herald. 'lly Unanimous Colll!ellt l'roli011DCed THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE. Suitable for Druggists' TradeMark 4 Internal Revenue Matters. TRADE-MARK CASE?.-Wm l', Attorney at-Law, 809 Eleventh Street, Wa!!bi'ngton, 'lfill make a specialty of the of all TraP.e-:ll:ark Casee under the recent aet of Congre:JS p8.88el'l 'March 3,4881. He will also pay; especlal attention to of all Internal Reven,ue Claims before the or before Cong:.:eBB. ;M:. PAR.P ., NOTARY PUBLIC-[DEUTSCHER-NO'TARJ, 145 Fourth Avenue, 4th house above 13th." St. New LE, In complete working order, guaranteed as good aa r new. Will be sold at one-half regular price. GooDW'IN &: Co, I 841-853 207 Water Street. CLOSING OUT SALE.-The midel'8igned 'having discontinued the..:manufactur e of cigars. and having two hundred. choice 5 cent_ :aJ\yana 11iprs on hand, will JOb tbe same in lQts of 5,000 or upwards to suit purchasers, for at greatJy reduced in order to uit _!;he l!usiness. Parties w18 1iing to purchase cigars W-111 find it to their advantage to-apply to JosEP.aH. GARNER Ashland, SchuylkilLCo., Pa. 84f..St FOr a Delieion mo e try ID latest Great Bnc+ss, o.,. i ..,_,_ ALL ciGARETTE, Free all adulteratks, guaranteed as fine as can be Tobacco. A.. .A.:R,:J:; iiiintactnrers' Agent ror the-Sale or b;y:la Ie or -and No. 42 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IJlinois. IJc:.Tha trade is Cautiaaed ag Mibasins WUdf er ibade bJ lnfrinsers, against some of ddllllme-smnn p...._. f


Sole Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS. Sm.ok1.:n.g Tobacco. THE VIRGINIA TOBACGO AGENCY, E:a b1:lsll1ed. 1888. J .A.S. D'.l:. G .A.B.:J:XN':ED:&. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHAN.T, 74. Frou:t El1:ree1:, 'York. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PL'IJG TOBACCO PKOJm.PTLY FILLED. J. -w-. JY-E...A..RTIN, 74 Fro:n.1: El1:ree1:, 'York, (Premises lately occupied by BULKLEY & MOORE, DEALER. IN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Ta;xa:J?'a.:l.d. a:n.d. :f'or E:xpor1:. ORDIEK8 FILLED PROMPTLY FROB STOKE OK FACTORY. Sole qent for the Juotly Celebrated) Branda "ATLANTIC." MAGNET," ,. SENATOR" IN PL'UG AND C'UT CIA VENDISH. GUTHRIE & CO., 225 !'rout Street, New York, Commission Merchants, _.,.,._ BALERS OF TOBACCO for EXPORT Leaf tobacco pressed in bales tor the West Indio., Mexican & Central A. mericn.n Po(t;B and other mar, TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. :s. L. Gauer&. Jos. H. D SAcKETT MooRE, PAUL CALVI, THOMPSON, & CO., Tobaccos for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, H. L. Guser&. ) J. L., Gassert&, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA PACKERS o F SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 1 189 &1:ree1:, 'Yor.k.. BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPECTORS, WATER STREET,_ YORK. --o-1 Nc .. l.:!'fER p RRNCH{Wm. D e Haven LA 1:1.:> a., 4 Ph. il\ipB .. n rngf'sser. SYRACUSE )3RANCH .......... G. P. Hier &:Co BALTIMORE BRANCH .. E. Wischmeyer & Co .. HARTFORD BRANCH .. ......... .. CHA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO .INSP.ECTORS, I ........ 'oJ J. i 159 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COUNTRY IAliiiPI..ING PROIII.PT.LY ATTENDED Lancaeter,. Pa., Braneh:-F. HAll, 141 N. Queen St. (Smith s Cigar Store.) ()oaneetieu' BJ:J>'uqu-H. B. OLMSTED, East Hartford, Conn. .. Edce.rtou, W).s., Rranch:-C. R..Bentley. _.,.,___ TOBA.OOO. MADE FOR THOSE ONLY WHO WISH" THE BEST IN THE WORLD." } IIAXVJ'.ACTVU11 01' FJJrnST -cLBAB :HAVANA ALIO DIPOJlTJ:'II.S 01' A CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO Jj:. f ACKER$ op LEAF. \ AND IMI'ORTERS 0>-1 :JY:,A.%DEJJSI' :N"EJ"VV "'ll?'Oa.:O:. MAY'2s lOll 2d AYea11e, D8th Ito, [Rouse.&tPArls.] NEW YORK. (ltJH "fA Y UU))(01'f a&.LOIIOlf. IU:Rfili SALOIION. Boxes, Gustav & Bros :A Jmpor&er oC SP .:A..N":J:S::EI,. GERMAN CIGAR. MOLDS, SEED...SLEDeaAieFralnTaiJIDDdaDBAof GCPJ (Sole A.&en& for IWE81lR8. 08ENBBtiECK. a. CO.) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St.,.,. NEW YORK. 284 Pearl St., New York. MANUFACTURER OF J CigariBoxes -AND-SHOW IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN SPANISH CICAR RIBBONS, J Germ-Cla;ar llloul4o, Preoliee, Strape, CJu.tte:r, Etc. 179 and 181 lewis St., New York. ALL KINDS OF JlGURES OUT TO ORDER AND REP AlRED IN THE BEST STYLK The Trade Elu.pp1:1.ed.. NEUMAN & DINGLINGER, GENERAL LITHOGRAPHERS ) N. W. cior. PEARL aacl ELK STB.EETI, NEW YOBX Ui[ar and Tobacco La bois and .Show Cards a suocialtr. I EowARD ROSB!-.'WALD, ls.uc RoeE.'-"'WALD, HENRY Sow:uNo RosEt."'W.A.LD. I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. & of Tobacco,: ljl5 STREET,. NEW YORK. Oppenheimer, ... .Deaier in Leaf Tobacco, 138 Water St., New York. Chas. F. Tag & Son. IMPORTERS OF SPA.NIS::EI And De&le,rs iD all kinds of TOBACCO, 184 Front St., New York. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. Leaf Tobac-co, 168 Water St., M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTEN OF HAVANA, AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF Leaf Tobacco, 162 Pearl Street, New York. S. C>R..GLER.., Man antcta.rer o"C FINE CIGARS, Dealer la, LEAF TOBACCO Kll'RRAY ST., NEW YORK. MT Brand:-"CUBA LIBRE," -"CLIKAX." H. KOENIG & CO., WHOLEHALE DEALERS IN HAVANA AND SBBD LHAf T<>B.&.oooa. 226 PEARL I ST., NEW YORK. Depot and Agency OJ' THIC IIIA.NUII'Acn'UU o &.i.&ill &AI. -AT-, 1 254! 256 canal St. I car. Elmllct Yrt I WISE & BENDHEIM, Agts. G. 'REISMANN, Commission Merchant, Leaff0b8Cco, 228PEARL ST., N:EW YORK. Hirscht Victorius & Co. LEAF T-OBACCO, 171 WATER ST., NEW YORK. F RE 0 I s c H u L z' Paekar aacl Dealer bt. FANCY SMOKING PIPES .. -IN-125, 127 & 129. BROOME STHEEJ, cor. of PITT ST., NEW YORK. Seed. Lea.f BRIER AND FANCY WOODS. c..&.:a.:a.ox.x MANUFACTURED BY or F&lj>OUS and Branda or BAR V'EY a FORD. SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LON: E JACK & BR:OWN DICK. l. GERSHEl & BRO 213 Pearl St., New York. 11BND I'OB CIBCULA.BS OB Al'PLY TO N. B. BORGFELDT. 510 East 19th St., NewYort I "" PACKERS AND DEA.LERB IN St., Lyl')chburg, Va. Orders nspectfully ooUclteJ and 1promptly to. Price List sent on application, SEED LEAF TOBACCO I .1. (S'UCCESSOR TO APPLEBY & HELKE,) \ 191 PEARL ST., MANUFA

For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimo1e, Tobacco and Cigaretteo. 56 S. WASHINGTON SBUARE, N.Y. S. BAR'NETt .. v .A. N" .A. -AND-SEED LEAF TOBACCO, l&a Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA G.I'EB.NA.NDEZ, H! V ANA LEAF TOBAGGO A.:N'JO OXG.A.::E'I.&0 N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF .Al(D UIPORT.ERS OF :EI:a.V"a:na. 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. D. H. McALPIN & GO.,_ 1 MANUEL G_ARCIA .. z.ovm. CQ 1 Gumersindo. Garcia, li!A},'UF ACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIRGIN LEAF llnd NAVYT H. DAUSMAN, President MANUFACTUHHR of FINH CIGARS, :S:.A. VAN .A., CUBA. WLD--. Ci1ar lannfactnrer & Doaler in Leaf fobacco, 6 RiTinrtot St., lew Yort. HAVANA TOBACCO! 2 03 Pearl Street, New York. THE MILLER, DUBRUL & PETERS MANUFACTURING CO.,' :a11:.4.:N''C':IP.4.0T'C'::R.EI::E'I.8 O:IP 'CREASELESS VERTICAL TOP, TIN-LINED AND FLANGE TOP CIGAR MOLDS, CIGAR SHAPERS, ac ------' Manufactory. Havana Cigar Brands: u Cortina, Moray Ca '' u Flor De Cortina ,. .. Estella and Shakespeare." 'V-u.e1'&A Aloa,;Jo &"ta.:nd.a.:rd. FRANCISCO G. CORTINA, 3s"t:rel.1a 184., lEEa.v-a:na., 0-u.loa.. Havana Ci_gar Manufactory. Brands: 'Stanley,' 1 La Perfecclon,' 1 La Cuerra bella, 'Aurora' 1 Napoleon,' VUELTA A.B.A.JO 8'1'ANDARD EXCLtl'IJVELY, BUDESINDO -'CUEVAS & CO., :all:a1o;Ja au, Bava.D.a, Ou.loa. !96 Pearl Street, New York. LAFLOR DH J. S. MURIAS & flO. L. NEWGASS, P.I.(JK:ER 011' .I.LL KINDS 011' SEED LEAF TOBAGCO, 144 Water St., New York. Internal Revenuea w n. QriclDalll>ten>al BoYenuo Publlahhlg BOl*. C. 'JOUB.GENSEN,' 80 a 8'J LIB.RTY ST., :.EW YORK. P Q. llool: 1,1108. Also Metallic Tags for tobacco. Any ptio:ttern made to order at short notice. Prln"&lng ot every de& crlption at lhe Lowes t Prices Send for Prices. AHNER& DEALERS IN LBAP TOBACCO, 190 STREET,_ t= } U\LYORK. CALIXTO LOPEZ, lmDorter vf Fine Vnelta Abajo OFFICE AND FACTORY: 610.East Nineteenth St., New York, 132, 134, 136, 138 A 140 E. 2d St., Cincinnati, 0. On Application we shall take pleasure In eendmc to any address, free, Circulars of all our Manufactures. Licorice & Manufacturers' SuppHes. lanllf&Otnr&rS' lllls. LICORICE pASTE. al.l.:l.s do Co. R :HILLlliR'S SON &: tbe trade in 48 O&DAB aT., JfEW YORE. FINE POWDERED LICOJUCE ROOT, I li: lo Brand. Extra Fine Powderedlicorice Root (fro leot roo&) Bare-....._.. .l.l'fD GR.I.NlJL.I.rllD D T01'1'011E. nNE 0-l:ll'I'D .l.l'I'D GB.I.l'l'lJL.I.Tgenera l are particularly requested to ex amine and t es t the superior properties of tbis LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highe s t perfection, is offered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand F. C. A C. C., Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market And for the brand of Li cor ice Sticks, NOEL & CO., -L.l.lJBEL LE.I. VEil nNE GB017JIID L.I.VBl'I'D-PLOW TOBACCO & CIGARS .l.nd Proprietor oCthe Brand ISLA'" 'WJIOLE GBGUJID _. POWDEBED. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do ">Vell to apply direct. Lleorlee Boot, "lee& and Or.Una!T, eontantiJ' on hand. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS1 La Flor do Ynclan & Sanchoz, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS,. CaJle Estrella. 94, Havana, Cuba.. "FLOR DB LOPEZ J GARCIA." JW:ar't:l..n..ez y G-aro:l.a, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE HAVANA CIGARS, S:l. 't:l.os 9, :a:a -v a:n..a, cu. ba. r EMIJ4! LOBECK. FELDHEIM, JAGOBS & CO., Tobacco & Merchants & :Manufacturers, 1'2 Queen Street, Melbourne, iV':I.o'tori.a., .A. 'U.s'tral.J.a.


r & COr, PACKERS J,.ND WHOLES/.LE DEAJ.ERS IN LEAF' TOBACCO, -. s "'VV'a;ter S"t., Ph1.1ad.elphi.a ..a. Pli1 L BONN. J'osepli (Succe!!jo to Cooper & W a lte r ) MANUFACTURER OF TOBAGGO THE TOBAC.:\ Alao lllanufacturer of the Veneered Cedar Cigar-Box Lumber. SJOmple _, furnished on Application. Send for Price-List, / A AI.U Lto.e of" Labels, Ed:'i!,.ngs and Ribbons kep1. conltantl:r on hand at ntacturer8' Prlees. MISCELLANEOUS 12.Central Wharf, Boston. GEORGE H. JONES; Importer of I And Dealer in LEAF TOBACCJl No. 98 Water Street, 1 s.s.FoT FOREE & WHITE FILLER Tob,accos, CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., ''UNCLE SAM'' ''HOLD FAS'=F'' Importera.ndlll&nufaotureror Tobacco. FINE CIGARS, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE,JC:y. ;J,& :r.u--. -. -68 Kilby 4 Water St.., JAMES PHILIPS, :Be>sTe>N". PRAGUE & MATSON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKHRS R. MEIER & CO., CINCINNATI, 0. BAGCO. GEO. F I GUNTHER, Loaf Tobacco & Cotton Brokor, Eleventh aD.d Streets, :LoC> "t:T%1!31 'V':J::Lo:LoE, Y' W. S. O'NEIL, OHIO SHEll LH!F TOBACCO Day'to:n., o. MILLER & HERSHEY, For.merly wl&h c, s. PhUJp &: Co. Tobacco. Curing (1Joder C. S, I'JI:ILIPS>JPatenta.) -The only Successful Process 1n Exlsteuce.-f'LCOIOrS Cuarantaed. "BETTER 1.'1JIA.N THE BEST." b. f, JO(U,LS, PJ"t:T:J:S, nt.I:C>. w. ltt. LADD, PresJdent. B.. SUBEB.T, WHOLESALE DEALE R IN I I)QDSTIC LEAF TOBACCO, Sial East Randolph St., ILL. E. RAGSDALE, BROKER, ::&, :Ky. BUERENCES. .BY PERMlBSlON: 1 O o, Pres't Bank Hopkinsville; 8 B. Trice, Pl&ntero' Bank, Hop-I 8. G. BucknerA Oom. Jilen:bant, M J K. 0&1>& .t 110n, Com. Jilerchallt, M B&W7W_.'."'allllce .tOo., N-York; i I'J Q.. Irwlll, ................... 1 ]1[. H. 16 IIAKPDEX ITB.KET, MASS. G. W.' GB.A VES, "For Sympathetic. and Rleh. To&e, eoD1blned wltlt Greaten .. .l.own iu tlieir Grand Sabare ana. Upr18'ht Plalloe.) T.beee three styles-show intelligence and 11eUd1 .r 1D comrtructlon, a pil&iii and euy touch 1 which at the oame time promp'ly to 118 requlremeuta. a. IUILL ot. wod

J..1AY 28 llu&Ww Df A4vermer. NEW YORK. ..,,.,Q, ... ,;;,wI Peill!\.1 Atendt & Rock&: Lindllhlm. 1tlO'Pearl EGe. B.175WAI er tiS. 1 ate!;' #, Fi JsJWaler. Cardozo A. H .(i61J.road dl!l M &: lion. JQI W ...,r. 175 &: Co. 2:&5 Pearl. Vrledman.' Henry, 11!1 Maiden Lane FriAnd '&. & 6. & Co. Malden La.a6. G W, Gall&: Ax, !&6 Water Garth D 1., Son&: Co. f4 Broad Gans Bros: & Rosantho.l, 150 Water Oauert J. L &-Bro. 169 Wo.ter L. /1! llro. !91 Pear\. Dln\.biii'JI:'e1" l. &: C'.o. 151 w ca.ter JfeUbroner, JOiepbs &: Co. 119 Malden Laue Btraeb VlotloriM & 177 Wa&er Jterbs & Spieas 1014-10"20 2d Av.,nne K!>C.!!.lg H. & Co. Z.'ll Pearl ,&-o Jtit \Va&il!lr., lt Ledn M. H 1G2 Peart. t69Wster JuliUs, 131 Malden Lane Mfebaells S. & Co. Pearl NeubUrger M &:. Co. 172 'Vater NEJW@'&SS L. 114 Water Ottinger Brothers. 48 Broad. Owen F. E. Oppenheimer M. 1 38 Water lteiflmflnn G 225 Pearl. B06enwa lll E. & Bros. 145 Water Bossin S. & Son s, J 73 Water Salomon G 8:. Btos. 2d4 Pearl Sawyer, Wallace&:; Co. 4 7 .BroM.way RchoYel'llng-Bros. 142 Wate:,;;:_ Bon. 176 Water. Scbubat H .t 160 Water. Schulz Fted. 213 Pea.rl Beymour Chas. T Front. Siebert Henry, tiS Broad. Spingam E. & Co. 5 Burling Slip. SteiueoKe R 131 Wa.ter Ta. F. & Son. 184 i'ront. Dpm&UU., cal. 178 warellOu.&IU fOr the Sale OJ .Manufdctured .... and Smoking Tobaceoa Augustrn & Dusel 11 warren. Dobt;tn uarroll & uo. 104 Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. Ezcleb&cll F. 5ti s SQuare J M. 74 .Front. S.a A.. 4:l Liberlo:f Martin J. \V., 14 Front Tbomp!lon. Moore & Co. 8S Front Wille .It lle"dbelm, 264 and 266 Canal Tobacco BaLen t01" E:q)ort. Gnthrifl & Co. 225 Front. I.Aaf 'l'ok t o 625 West 22d McAlpin D. H. & Co. cor Avenue D and Tflllth. Jf1ller G. B .t; Co. 9i Columbia.. ManufacturerY of OlQan.. A.drl&n M.. J 472 Grand Ash Louis & Co. 96 and 98 Bel;ln & 16 7th stand 2-8 Hall Bt. Boody IlL Lederer. 9ti to 110 Attorney Bruuel James & Co Bowery DeBary :Fred.$.()() 41 and 43 Warren Greenhall A. 94 'Varren Ball Tboa. H. 76 arc lay Rellbroner, Josepbs c!t co. 689-699 Fuwt A.Te. BJncb D. 1: Co 12tj and !80 Ririlll!toll HlrWchhorn & Bendheim, 35 Bowery J[allhn&D BIOI.&; Bondv, 129 131 Gr&llll. JacobY Morris & Co. 125-129 Broome. Jaeoby S 1: Co. fiOO Chatham 8q 1ft 7 Poyer Kerba & Spi-, 1014 to 1000 Beoolld A. anJ 110 to 314 Fil'tv-tocrth Le..,.-81.08 ,t..venue C ana 13th Street. Uoa&eMtein Bros. & Co. 268 and 270 Bowery LD'9e .Jao .W. 6 .Bill..iJllttOil Mendel M. w & Bro Hi 1-2 Bowery Koonetil Adolph, &47.&81 2d A.enue Orgler 8 SO MW'raT pi\heltkl P. 153 Cham'betl Stelaecke R 131 Water Btaehelberg M .t Co., 154 89uth Fifth Ave. 8tralton & St.orrn. 204::!08 Eaat 27th & Newmark. 76 Pa.rk Place 0-DD !78 Su'let. lmport8rs of Su"!,atra Wmpp&rl. G w. Gail & Jo.x, 116 Wa"'r Montifactu .1J' of Fine Cigct"" Brown It Earle. i03-20!l EMt 'llld Foetflr ... Co. A'Venue D and lOth. St. Hay a & Co. tSO. 184 Matd.en La.De 'l'u1'a .t VicM<. a68 HJeoclort.,.. of Ha.ana 7\>-. allacl:o lllla<:IU!'<'ll ft. Y. Tob&cao Machine Co. 61 Broadway, Tobacco eat;brie a Co. 22rl Front JlaTt u(actnrerll' of Oagar BMM4. Erfcha H W Erult Eleventh St. B.eUeH Jacob, and 29e-. Monroe Bt;n.aa S. t79 a-nd 181 Lewts WJall:e William k Co. 158-161 GOII'Ck Den"" in Stwlnifh. Oedor. Bayner J toot ot st .. East River. 1Jprcrove W, E 4&.-476 East Tent)l Importer of Oiga.r M oldla Erlchs H. w. Eas Eleventh 80. S1toto Ca,..d Moutin.g and Finuhing. ttbe Ba.rrilil Fioisluog Co. 56 and r,g Murray JltJ""'a.ot"rcn of Ball Tbomu B.. 76 Barel&:r BJ>tmhlt ....a &ermelo. J)oualdoon Broo.. Five Pelnto. P. 0. Bor li'/91. T"'unrter 8.f" La 1'111!1111 AbojO" FlaOf'. ChaSkel J 66 W&rre<>. J.Vrs Ciq&f' Flr, Friel AieL & Bros. 92 Reade :Jvoooco u.nct Ctyar Labeu.. Reppenheimer &: Maure r. ':i!:t and 24 N. Willlam UpteK"r9ve W. E. 465-475 Tent b. Mjrs o t 014 Judge Oiga;renes. Goodwin&: Oo. 207 Water. Nantifacturers r-,_1 Kinney Br08.' llinnev Tob3.t."CO Co. 515--525 West22d. ()f the Parabola Cigarette. Roberts' & Droadv.-ay. Manufacturft' OJ Crooke Compound Tin Foil, Tooacco. !\tedium afl.ft Ti11sue 1ti8 Mulbern-:lUa ulacturer o f Silver Surface Foil. Crooke John J 16:3 Mulberry of Cigar .Jlouldt. Bortr{Airl&. N. H East. Ninf"teentn Mill P 12' and lm Improve d ;robacco Scrap MaMiM tor Oigar Manufacturers. N. H. 1!lth Rlld 1116 Wa"'r Ui Ka<:ki,Uq#r-TooY....a'ft.d 1'01' Cifltlr !Uan:uract:urt!r Watteyne H. -J!!jenlal Jourgensen.. Q. 30 and 37 C't'tl1i Dom estic Sternberger Simon, 44 Exchange Place. or 8/row RobbS. A 195 Canal Strauss S 17P and 181 Lewis of Oripinal Gre-en. &at Stuf)ki1\.fi Thhacoo. Emmet o._&'Co. 4 Pi e lm. porte:rs of lf' r e nc/1 OipareUe Augustin & Duse l Max Brplillel"' 1qlo 2.:1 A_-...nutl Cnt11mef-aa' gencit. The Bri"dstreet. Co. ;;,n BrO&l1 waf of Cigar Box Lu!'ltber. Read Oeo. is_ Tobac co FleigM Brokp-4. Snlith \V 0. & Co. 63 Exchangeot"laeeManu(acturer of Cigg.r(lliblxnu;. WJcace--wm. o,...cor poerc( a.nd Tblrd !Abell a11d Trin!1nll. Heppenheililer &:'mul-er, 22 u-:I-2-f"N. Wllllam Neuman & !)ing-linl!e r n. w. C'r. P e a.rl & Elm Uptegrove \V. E. 465-475 Eas t Tenth a .. Wu Paper. st a P erSo n A. HB.rrimait&:: qp. 457-459 BrQome ALBANY!. JII'1T, Manujnclu,:era of Greer' A Sons. Br?aaway ALTOONA, Pa.. .Mmut/rs. ofT'Jnn'il'ylvariia Ct(Jara. Blumentha.fr1125 'Elcv entb Street 1m-pOTters of Seed and Dlii in SlLm.atra Tdb. Urbach & Franldort. BALTDIIORE. M'd, carl!houaea. Barker&: We.ggner. 29 South Ga7 Boyd w A &: Co. 38 South Kerckhoff & Co 41f south Cbarlel Klemm C ba.s H. 39 North Calvert Marriott, G. H M %5 German :Herlela lt Kemper. 39 G"'rnw. n w E. E 41\ and 48 South Charles Wischmey-el EIJL & Co. 8!J fiouth C&lvert DealerB in. Spanis h Cedar fat' Cigar Boxet. Stow Cha.s & Co. Uhler's Alley. Ma.n:uJarturer! o f CiqrJn una C1oarettes Baron & au W Bi.ltlmore St. TobO:cco--Mcm.nfacturer. Felgne r F. ,V, & [!,j_O outh G ba-rles. Gail !\.x. 2S Harre Jllai"Dd' a;g.,,.., 1 Dav-port & Lep. I ter of .Nava,.a ct DJr B'::rs. Emery. Jr. Central. Wh&rf. J ones Geo. H. US "a.ter -lna.porter d; Manufacturer-of .Fline Wilder Chas. W. Jr. !18 Kilby altd-98'Water Tobacco Agent.. Kittr002'e Wm. P. &:: Co. 9 Centrft.l Wharf Dea.ler in WeAtern. 2 obfCCO. Holyoke c 0 12 Central Wharl. Int.p orter of Havana aft.d .Deal"" in &ed Leaf. Bemis, Jr. Emery 3.2 CentJ.:al BREMEN, Germ&ny. TobliCcO Comminioft Merchafttl. Fallenstetn 'ffl. F BUFFALO, N. Y, Dealer i Hfi-V!I'IW mvl Packr of Seed Leaf. Levin P. 1'"? ..114 Kxcb&nie Tobncco and! c.,'igar Label.. Qolack & Clark. CHICAGO, IlL lf f a of bi'cam.ore. Grained and r BaM .... Oipnr .Boz Lumbn. B a.u.1ller Wm. &r. co. 67 and S. Canal st ,Agent f Cht"in.g &. Sm.olri'R{I Tob Beck A .&: co. 44 and 46 Dearbom Wh.olt!saU Tobaoconi1t1 anti Jl'f'n' BMt R,R'Utll 4: Oo. 57 Lake and 41 8t&te wood,.,. o.rd :&. A.. 42 AT. Cll'(CJllfli'ATI, O, Oigar &xt L"mlwr. -rile E. D. Albro Oo w. 61&1.. Trost Samuel W' 98-102 N Canal"' D!J>os. in Oigf1'8 Broker&. StricfLJI on Order. VenA.ble l". C':. Pemberton &: Penn. CommiMion Broker of Leaf Pearson J. R. & Co DA VFNPORT. I.,...a. xauufo.ctnrer of Cigar Boxelf Cigar :a.rohb. HoeUer B F. cor. 5th and Western ae. DAYTON. 0. P MkerB and Dealers i1> OM.o &Mo. O'NeUW. S DETROIT.IIiall.. .Ma.n.urrs of Chetntng and Smoki-"9 7obaooo. Barker K. C. & Co. 7ol RJ\d 76 JeiterMn A Importers of H lvana. Tobacco. Berger & Buf'GOW, Scotland, ScOtch Pip s. Whltew. HARTFORD, Conn Packer' and Deo.ler8 'in Seed Leaf Toboroo Gersbel L. & Bro .. ::2Y State Lee Qeo. ]!'>tl Stat-e Hsw .t. Smith. :!1'1 State Willcox S W 5i6 Main HARRISBURG, Pa. Dt.a-leri,. u"d Tobacco a n d .if(muf. <')f t.'lyatd H erman Johu 0. HAVANA, Cub.,.. Toh rwcn rr.nd. C{?Ja,. Cmnnti"'i!Jn _Merchants. Bo$el mar1Jl .t Hchroedec., 8 Lobeclf&: Co. 83 Mt!rcaQeres Street MnM"ffY:turet' $ F\M e;i"a .. Qortlnii;, )i' l'ancisco G 13t Cueto & Co .. Juan. Mnloja 31. Q.a,cip.. Gunerdndo. Lope z & t."o Juan. Corrales 71. Ma-nuel& Co. Ma;"f:'Z v Gareiu., Sitios I:J JllurJas & Co. R m 1 Mlndo (.)u eva.s & Co. Maloja. !19. Ynclan .t Sanchez, Calle Estrella. 9-i HOPKINSVIL'L'E, lfy. 2' obacc o Bokera. E. Ill 'l'hompson Geo. V Rag84..lale W. E DealertJ tn. Lear Tobacco. Frey&::: 213 W King l"t i n:tb Da G l) EiSp tJli st 61 and..U3 Nprth D!;!!te a-nri Merchant. ft. Jl')3J'. Sbjppen st. at-Pennsyl OiQMI.J Hirshoav'i G. .ll.te.lunali. H I,. & C o N. Queen st LIVERPOOl. Enlli Cope Bros & do. IUl.or. "'J. v..,1W= Shepp&rd J olm'l st x; URG,.Va. l!a,.llfachD. TAli/ 'Y. Melloo W. MELBOURNE, AustraliA. ct Cigrt.r M..,-cll.antrand-'Manf+t. Eeldheim .Jacol>s & Co. ::"' 0 MIDDLETOWN 10. J(an,.facturrAJlj.J!lug Sorg P. J 8:. --. ('fo NEW MILFORD. PAcker-s and DI!1JJ.trs in BUd Schoverli Rg, Soule &: eo. NEW ORLEANS. ot Ciyarettes. B o vee&: Adams, 79 Gra.vier st. Im_p. & lJ,f,.frt r of Havana&:: D ?V!Stic Oiga r s l Sarrazin .P. E. & Co. 90-9:t 'p.&J)UCd, 1Jt;ro Tolobcco Puryear T. R PATERSOll, N._.J. Maw.uje&eturm 11 OhnJing and &moking To tx,cco, Sfl.utrand Cigats. -A.,len &: &: 67 PETEllSBVRfl, '=t Manufacw.rer4 6( Tobacco and D e o.'ren i" Le-&'fla.DOa<. W. & Co. jlf,.n: ufaclll-'"e1'8 of.&Dee. l..hfti];.J.J.ew"f Jackapn C. A & Co. c Commiuion ,Merchant. '.., ., PHILADELPHIA. L & Co. 111 Arch B&tchelor rBro& 128'1 ChMnut Bremer's Lewis. Sons. 822 North Third Dohan "'&-Tat\"bJl(Jl! :A.-reb ( .. oeolohr Wm.A-..Qo.-115 Soulli Water ItlcDowoll 111 .!.. & Co. S9""'NOrtli W& Hav & t;mlti1, Nvrtb Water Ralph 1 D H & Co. 138 N. 8d Sank J Rinaldo&:: Co. 32 North Water Teller Dro .. 117 JSort.h Third Import e r of Cit1t1rt and for SeidenberfJ'S Key WeRt Cigars. F uguet., Stephun, A Sons. 231 Chestnut Len! Toh-n6CIJ Sweatin.a. Pbilipo C.&. & Co. 131 Nortb. Water. Manufacture r of Snu8 and Tobaooo Wallace Jos. tiO'l Pine t Manufacturer of Cigar!. Batchelor Bros., 1231 and 28 N. 2d Gumpert Qros., 1,84 1 CbMtnut Man.;e Wiener&: Co. D!PUbetry, & Oppenheimllc.Girard Av. d: 71\llllt Fougeray A. R. 33 North Orgcar Cutter. Belcher W M. <16li! DillwyD Street M(J,n,.faotmerl-Liwriu Pam. Mellor&: Rittenbouee, 918 Nortb TwentySecond Jlf't"'l Agent (or Plug aaci 8moki"f1 7b1Jaooo. Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 Arch Oiga>-Brr.r Lnl>el.s and 1Wmmi1l{lr. Harris Geo. 8 &. SOn. 1. e. cor. 4ih and Viae. Manufae!u...,., of Cigar .v-lO. V s: Solid ToJ! CiiCBI' !lpukl Jl4j)o. COl' llidce ana NorthiCo1le&e .&V.Q's. Ge"'' .Aqr.'M C. A. Jdd#tJoft. Co.' Bet." Wardle Geo. J'. Mry, Br<><>.k.1y:n, lSI". MANUFACTURE THE FOLWWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF oo .. S IIICHAELIS. MICHAELIS. S. MICWAttl!t, CO., : .Paeltenl SEED EAF, AND DEALER! HA YANA Tqtco, 1'19 PEARL STREDl','\IV YORK. -In Pittsburgh in their supplies of cigars and tobacco on stores being al lowed. to sell cigars or tol:acc Qnday, by order of the may01. Fine Cigars .6.ND DEALEB8 Of I tobacco seems a wi4e ep, t it-ie in I this l ocality. for if the d1;veller s in La1 caster are eminently jn t.])ei tbiy q uita as noticeably tobacco gl'OWel'tl, t;he !Vlnu:tl pro duct of that commodHy amounting in va,'lue. in this county alone tn sever,!! I millionR of ; Snulr, 16 cents 1111>;. Cigars, $611 Ciga-weil'blng.Jial Jtlbs W thousand, thousand Clbr8retielu4 w over S lbs 'Ill thousand, thoUS&Dd. c'l'be dUIJ' on Foreign Cigan .tiOII lb, andll5 'Ill cenl. ad v<>lorem; -oU Ed CiR'ara, Cigarettes, aD" d CherootS also bea.rthe J?re5,Cr1bed lritforna.l "enue taxes, to be paid by stamps the euSiom Houoe. 'Mle a 1ty_ on Leaf Tobacco is 35 cents 'lll lb; Leaf Tol>aC08ed in CaDa(la Oii the.-.. rlous tobacco:-CigaJ;S and cente &lb, ll&nutaotured T oh&cilo: .. tb,fana 9eot( ad """""""' Saulf< !15 cuts 9-1>, .aD4 .-_,... .,..,._ a4 t1alorem. In eu ol al11 Erclse duties---e%Cept llbem:e liM--.OW..lm on. :tobacco known a.s;;;common Q,anl\(lia.a tllfiBt.'' otherwise called 'tob!lc blanc en torqoetl.e,; all other aorta, including cigarettes, 4o 4d. ln oa t e above d u tJos there .Ia a charge of t' oeDt. wareho.. charaea OD all descriptions. Uruguay-Manufactured tobacco) cigars and cigarettes 35 per cent ad leaf, 2rJ per cent. ud vu oretn ---' In Chili the import dUes'()n Ba,rana leaf amount to Sl 50 and all othe.r k!nds are taxed at the of $,1 per kiloJ:"ramme, while a i.a.x of $1> ipet kilogranune has ro be on C1g.a.r.s. v Value of Foreign Coin .. .Lwrtrf&-tlorin, silver, 41.3 cents. Japan-yen, gold; gold ADd lllftr Belgium-franc, goJ..J and Bilver, 99.7conts. 19,3 cento. I.lberi&-dQliar gold, SL silver, cents. Mexico-dollar' silver, 90.1 C(lzri& Braz1l-nulre1.1 of 1,000 reLS, gald, N.etherl&OOs-iioriD, I'Old. and. allnr., 54.5 cents. 40, 2 cantt. British Possessions in North A..mcr. Notway--ctow.a,. gold, 16.8 OIJdil. ica-dolla:-, gold, 81., silver, 83.6 cent& Central America-peso, silver, 83.6ea Portulifal-dllilreia ot 1,000 refs, cold. ChiJl-peso, gold, 91.2 cents. $1 08. Denma.rk-erow11, gold, 2ti.8 cents. Russla,..::...rotible ot 100 kopeka, lllnr. Ecuador-peso, Niver, 83.6 cents. &6.9 cent&. of 100 piast.ers, gold, Sandwich l>landa-doll&r1 gold, 11. $4 Spanr-peseta of 100 ceotiliDea. colt Jl'ra.noo--franc, gold & siher, 19.3 cts and silver, 19.8 cent& Qreat Britaiu-pouti.d sterling, gold. Sweden-crown, gol.!, 21.8 oeat& $4 86.6)i Switzerland-franc, Jl'Oicl &Dd s11.,.... Greec&-dracbma, gol d ud IIITer, 19.3 cento. 1 9.3 cents, Trlpoll-mahbub or 110 plallero, .... Gel'DlAil Empire--mark. gold, 28.8 c. er. 74.8 cents. ":d lndla-rupee of 16 &IID&8, oiiTer, Turk,e)"-piaster. 89.7 cents. United -tatea of CObllble-....,.. balF-Ilra, KOicl aud IIITw, 19.1ciAI. sllvw, au""""" J l


.. I THE TOBACCO LEA F. MAY Fred'k deBary a Co. IU.NlJFACTUBE:RS OF CIGARS. ADOLPH MOONELIS, llANUFAcmmEB O J' CIGARS, 647, 649 & 651 fkl Avenue, B e t ween 85th and 86tb Bta., JrEW TOBIL. BLACKWELL-'S LONG-CUT JacobHenkell, a. ::Eiea."l1ty. JWIUJ'.6.01'UDBOI' CIGARETTES, The Pi.D.e&"t Upen. "the Dl.l:a.:rke"t. Cedar 1\IANUF ACTURER OF ALL KINDS O F Factory:-No. 8,,3d District, and Salesroom:-41 & 43 Warren ------------------Ca.'U"tieD. "te &mek.e:rs Owin g to the numerous humbug patented substitutes used i n pre po.rln g cheap po.per, w o !eel lbe ..--,. Importance of calling public a.trention to our wrappers, whic h are n:uule of tll e NATURAL RICE PAPER, universally know n to be the bes t ; free from shellac. arsenic and other drugs, whic h are required to render sallvo,..proo:t and toughen inte riOr paper. A careful examination of our Paper and Cigarettes will satisfy all of the greatmerlts claimed. Examine each Cigarette e.nd see that every oe bears KINNEY BROS. 1 f ac--simile sJgnatur& BUY NO OTHER. KINNEY T OBACCO CO., Manufacturers or tho followln& weiJ.kDown brands:-Ca,p_OraJ, C a.J!ora.l Sweet CaporaJ St. St. Jlatinee, -= Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador, :z:. UnionClub, Zetland Veteran.&c.' = = = > < l 0 ;& I .; i I 1-3 ..= = -a, 0 0> II,) -8. "' o:::t 1 ... to > :! 0 .2 a j i 0> i 11. "' e tr.:t 0 14 I>'< :. 0 -Ee 1-3 > ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., "'WV"ea.V"e:r &, &"terry, B4o OedA:r lSTe._. IMPORTERS AND MANUFAGTURERS. \Tobacco Brokers,. 131 Water St., New York. CEOICB: BRANDS O F SPANISH LICORICE I GREEK LICORICE I ALL SPECIALTIES I'OB PL11G AXD I'IXE-Cl11T TOBACCO. OHve on, Tonca Beans, Gw:Ds, Flavors, POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, Pa1:oD.'t Jl:.o:loor:loe. flii STICK LICORICE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE IIRANDS:-E". IS., E":J:GlST .A.TEIZ..JI:.o:J: aD.d. GUZC>JI:.o:J::Dii':J:, I. RADER & s.oN, M ERTHEilER & SON, Tobacco i :llii:.I'WV YORK. 141 WATER ST., NEW YORK. I JOBlf CA.rnJS, .a. BRACK bacco Brotor, roB.tooo BaoKEa, 13EltER ST., lat YDRl, .118 Pearl Street, C![ar Box Iaten' sunUDL E w YORk. -1'1P'Ef. JAMES G. OS!IORNE, .WHITE,GLASGOW,BBAND. TOBACCO BROKER Wm. c. EMMET & co. JOHN ANDERSON & CO., mest Award: Sydney, N.S.i.,J819. I a: :; I 'l-\ MANUFACTURERS Olf 'i'BE 11 C...t ia every Boz,wall Paoked. .d n4 Broad Beg to direct the attention of t h e dealers i n Tob&c co throughout the United States and the World to tbeir CELEBBA.TBD SOLACE fine Cut Chewing Tobacco I \ "ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL" W'hich i s being once more manufactured Uilder the immediate s u pervisio n of tl!e origtn& tor. M R .JOHN ANDERSON, 1 ., R.C>:J: O.A.R.C>TTEJ,'' .tc. llleerachaum. Smok.IDc Tobaeeo 'I'' PDJE STREET, NEW YORK. a n d now stands, as withou t a rlv&l Orders torwara.ed through me UB\1.&1 c ba.Daels will m eet with p ro mpt attention. LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., 137 :DII[ A .,.,:JIIM' Z...A.NEJ, lSTE-.gv """C>R.:ES;, !'he i'rade ba'Olng demanded a S uperior aad Article than that hitherto used, this Com and olferlng fo r oele, LICORICE EASTE (under the old "Sanford" brand) o f a QUALITY :lllldat a PRIC E w h ic h can hardly fail to be acceptal>le t o all giving It a triaL Mellor a Rittenhouse, 1118 1ST. liBel. MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH AND CREEK LICORICE PASTE. l M edal awarde d f'o r ww ... Jence o-r and Genera l ExeelALL SIZES. ALS O K. &: R.. B RAND (ESTABLISHED 1814.. ) E. Sa.:rra.z;;:l:n. &:. 90, 92 & 94 GRAVIER ST., cor.. Magazine, NEW ORL E A NS, U IlliPOBTE R S A N D MANUFACTURERS OF liAVANA AND DOMESTI C C I GAR Sole Agents for ST. JAMES PERIQUE, i n Carrots lflld Cut. B&VA.N A PINE CUT TOBA.CC O CENTENNI A L F INE U T TOB ACCO GENERA L ;JOBBERS IX TOBACCO. C O NSIGNMENTS WILL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS. C:J:Gr.A.R.ETTEIIS. OPERA PUFFS These Cigare ttes are made with the new A MRER prepared paper Ambre) new and nov e l French Invention, which entirely removes the ob jection so frequently aga.iust Paper Cjgarettes. In smoking, the A lttBEO. prepared part that is put in the WILL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS! The absence or moistum prevents the disso lution o f while smoking, or the lng of the T obacco and melting o f the Rice Paper. We b&ve secured from the F RENCH patentees the Sole Right to use A IIIRRE In the 'UNITED STAT I'S. ALLEN db G-l:N"TER., Sole Agents in New York: AUGUSTIN & DUSEL, II Warren Toloaooo -.gv'ork., K&llutactaren of tbe Cel ebrated 'American Eagle' "CLIPPER,' DEW DROP," A. oaer Braaa. of nNE-CUT. -.&IAO-'um:&RUL F AVORIH.' 'FA if:1 01cl. Oo:a:aloa-1:," And .....,. other Gnd and of 8l!IOKING TOIIAtJCJO.. H a 54 Larned Street West XEITR.C>:J:T :alltli:CI:&:. C HAB. B. HULL. ud '1'nlu. Z..:J:TEEC> G:R..A.P::EI::J:O Cigar-Box Labels. RE:M:OV ..ALI Plea notice that I have r emoved from No.ll and 13 Cannon Street to 293, 295 & 2 9 7 M onroe St. I New Yort. Foot of HOUSTON ST EAST RIVER. .A.D. d. C:laar::Eiox :DI(I;aD. -u.rao1:-u.rer' J The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co To'bacco Manufactory EST ABLJSHED 1 '1'76. 97 OC>Z..U:DI(I;::EI::I:.A. &TR.EET, lSJ'EJ-.gv" YC>R.:ES;. PETER. D COLLINS, P r esident. MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATEDPLAIN FINE-CUT Chewing Tobacco IN BLUE PAPERS. SNUFFS Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch,French Rappee,American Gentleman "S.l:G-N AL, One oz. FoiL .&too, Pin( aa -nd quaiUy Sm.oklur;, In Blue Papen. SWEETENED FINECUT-Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. IliA Y APPLE aud PRIZE LEA P PINE.VUT, I n Poll. & ::EIENDHEDI, Tobacconists : SOLE &GENTS II'OR NEW YORK A.ND VI(JINITY POR GOODWIN & CO.S OLD J ODGE Smoting Tobacco and Cigarettos. A.loo Cor o&her LeacUor; l!lanuflteturen oc 8MOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. 1M aaol 256 CANAL STREET, Corner of ELK STREET, NEW YOIUL l I CIGARETTES That staa d unr i v a ll e d f or PURITY. W a rranted Free from Drugs or Medication, FRACRANT VANITY FAIR! THREE; KINCSI NEW VANITY FAIR! Each having Distin!tllishing Merits. H.t!RM!:.ESS, REFRESHING &: C.APTIV .ATING. 8 FIRST PRI:Z:E MEDALS I Will. s. KII!IBALL & co., P eerle .. Tobaeeo Work. Boeheter, N.Y. SPECIAL NOTICE. ::EIR..A..N'DIS 1 Little Brown Jug, i.a Belle Perique, Pocahontas, M:y Uncle Toby & PeUca.n. CA UTION : B eware of Imitation s Suits n ow pen cllng t o r Infringements. :DI(I;o-u.1:hP:looe E"a1:eD.1:ed. J'U.D.o D61:h, Por Sale by all Dealen Bovee & Adams, Manufacturers, 79 & 81 Gravier St., New Orleans. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFAGTORY. SIGMUND JACOBY, GUS T A V JACOBY. '::N' ::N' :, S. JACOBY & CO., :, "' "U 200 Chatham SQnare, and 5 & 1 Doyer St., Naw York. D'-1: WHEELING STOGIES Hanulllcturen o Call Klnd.or TIPS and FINE CICARS, J STOGIES AND CIGARS. ComposkiOO"'Cifd Mounts, With Enamel W ater-Proof Filllsh ::EIEITTEIR. GZ...A.ISIS. S how Cards mounted o n our PateDt Compollltlon Mounts, and finished with ou r E namel 'Vater.-P roor Plnl h and framed. Jook better. last longer and are much t han canis p u t up in frames and glass. They will not w a rp, cannot be punched. are nuc. o.tfected. by change of weather, and can be S&fely shipped. 1 to 10,000 Sloow Carde or Pictures Short Notic e IN ANY O F THE FOLLOWING STYLE S : On Composition, with Enamel Finish, with Frames. On Stretcher with EJUUael l'illbh, Imitation Border. On Binders' Board. In Frame, Gilt or Walnut, with Gla.o IIPBCII!IEN Cl&RDS ftnlahed at Short ,Nollee1 Pree oC Chace, Eatlmates given, and all orders prom p t l y executed. Frames of all kinds, Square, Oval or Circular, In Wal ___ n..;.ut, Oak, Imitation Rosewood or Cllt. :l'HE HARRIS FINISHING CO., l!WII:a:111-u.rao1:u.:ror, Established 1 8 6 3 56 and 58 Murray St., New York. Patent To banco Machinery (Wnloteln Pateate. ) = % Ill z -:. -< -::::E:I = = = -..= = ...... 1>-< = :z:; OmceAddress:-61 BRO ADWAY, ... P. 0 Box4118. NEW YOBK Constantly on hand the Best Improved M:achiD.eQ. For Cutttng"' nd SlerillC Tobacco by Hand or Steam Power. A larr;e variety of :ft.lachiDery for Manufac turers, such as tor Cutting and Ganulati.Jy; H&vat;a a nd other fillers fo r Cigars, Stem RollerB Cigarette Machines, etc. Por SMOKING TOBA.CCO Plonr, 111111&, Bark, Suaaac, Guano, Grato, Furnished with or without Prln(ed llr&D ... &za.ol&.e A. M. LYON & CO.'S R.ICHKOJrD Navy Tobacco. Ebeling & Pebler, M.L'WFACTURERS OF CJIG.A.:&,S, And Seed and other Branda of WHEELING STOGIES, 1043 Market St., Wheeling, w. Va. Improved CICAR CUTTER.


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