The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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\ v 0 L. XVII.---N 0. 21. fESTA.BLDlHED 18M.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 1881. WHOLE NO. 853 BOLE :I::ati:POR.. TE:Fl.S!P "1 190 Pear1 street, "Y"ork. ,. "' t t 1 J Uad1S8Jesroom: .1. X)ea1er 1.D. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; T :Mannfactnrers' Agents for all the PoDnlar Brands of Fine Cnt, and Ping Tobacco and Sole Agents-for 'Va:ni.ty Fa:lr Tobacco and ; : Sole A!ents for Allen & Ginter's B.ICHM:OND GEJI Tobacco & Cigarette$;' Depot for BlaoJnrell'o Geau.t..:e lhrham-Jno. W, Carroll' Loae .t ack--E. T. PilldBton'al'ruita & Flowe!!< Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN. SNUFF; Importers of French Cigarette,Pa.per, in Reams and Books; r 11 \The J c::.b"D J '. O:a.c::.c::.k.e Cc::.., 'NEW YORK AND CHICAGOMANUFACTURERS OF ( FC>XL :ror Pl.-u.g Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 lnlberry Sts. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 Franklin St. SILVER SURFACE FOIL! COMPOUND FOIL, PATENT 'METAL, and a ll the different varieties of F oil know n to the Trade. PRINTINC ON FOIL in Bronze and Colors, and with :lifferent designs of Ornamen tation, for TOBA.COC> .A.N"D CXG-.A.R. LABELS. Cap&-u.l.e& :ror Bo1:"t1e&, Plain, Colored or Stamped. E. :1: .A.LEIR.O QO., -JI.&.NVF.&.CTVREB8 OF 'l I LUlYIBEB, CIGAR BOX CED.A.R., DC>:act:ESTXO :l::act:XT A T:I:C>N BP OED ...A.B.. IM:>::?RTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR AND MAHOGANY. N'o. 6Bllr S1:reee1: Of.:n.of.:111:n.a-t1. DONALDSON BROTHERS, &"tea::tn.. L:l 'tl:l.ograpl:l.:t.c Pr:t.::n."ters!P ::&"X'V:IIJ lE"'0%1'1irT&, ::Dil LABELS AND SHOW CARDS f 0. Roll: 2791.] [No Lahl kept In Stoek. AUG ROESLER Geo. W. Read' & Co., J!(ANUPA.CTURERS 011 :LUMBE-R! ) J J I THE GROWING POPULARITY OF OUR Cut an. d Pre&SDried CigarBox And other Lumber, as SOLELY !I'IANVF ACTVRED BY us, prevents our keeping stock on hand, to a.ny exten$. and manufacturers will do well to anticipate their wants, and forward some little time before requiring. We continue to .manufacture Spanish Ceda:r, Mahogany, Sycam.ore, Butternut and Poplar, at most satistac toryl'rices, and sha.ll shortly introduce two'nowwoods, which will be found Tery d esi na.ble When ready for market, our o ld a.nd new custOmers will be duly advised. Band and Veneer Saw and BoardCuttbig HUla and Warerooms>; 186 to 200 Lewis St., foot 5th & 6Jh Sts., E. R. N"e"OV "Y"ork.. Any lnfrin_gement upon thla TR' ADE':. MARK ... (\ \L II ()o :::::::::.:::: : .: -............... ............ .u.l.a. Lv l '" T \ (-, 1 wm foe I r \ & A e f .... -.... -. of"the Law. a 65 PINE sTREET, NEW YORK. \VEIL1 & .CO., EJ:a bll&h.ecl. -''COPENHAGEN SNUFF.'' t I \ J < &, ; BR.O., 1of the celebrated COPENHAGEN SN1Jl'l' and CUT AND DRY SMOKING TOBACCO, RetaU Store and 08lce: 81 Sm1th11.eld Street. Factory: 5 & 7 Union Stree t 8.nd 112 Liberty Street, :E"' .A.. GENERAL SELLING A.GENT : -w .&.. ROBINSON, 12-l w A.TER ST. NEW YORK. WHOLESALE DEPOTS.-NEW YORK: Augntln & Dnoel, II Warren St. BA LTIIYIORE: Baxter& Bird, 12 Commeree St. BOSTON 1 A. R. IYiltcbell, '85 Central St. SA V A.NNA.H: Bendhelm Bros. & CoPROVI DENCE R, J,; Huntoon & Gorham 43 WeMtmlnter St. PHILA.DELPHIA,Pa,: Louie RreJDer>s Sont_322 N, Thlrit St. CINCINNATI 0,& Volfte & Winter, 1751!1aln St. CHIU.&G01_UJ.: George Luenaen & Co., 79 & 81 Lake St-sr. LOUIS mJ,, Hirschi & Be1ulhebn1 409 If, Third St, ,DE,VER, Col,: Abel BroM,, 373 La:v renee St. OMAHA., Max Meyer & ('lo. J Hav......,., --UIIS. E"ta 1 PhUade1pbla, Ui28. S. FUGUET, & SONS, NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 1881. No. 231 S"I:., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS GEIIERAL AG!CNTS FOR '[be Legal Protective As c,t_ Cigar, has scored a decided SEIQENMRG'S KEJ,pWEST 'CIGARS: s u cce8s Although in operation but a few wee k s, over ALSO XA.NUJ'4C'lUltEBS OF two hundred and fifty trade marks have already been FtDe Domestic rqftOft...;. r egiste r ed, the probabiliti es a r e tlnat within a few II m onths a full collectio n of all the leadin g trade-marks u se d in the cigar industry will be found a t the bureau. ORDERS., The bureau a n e cessity. Its real wo 1th will be felt Tobaccq and Clgar'mercbants and manufacturers of more when the t rade generally avail s itself o( the a d-the island of 0 ub a are to hand the1r orders ff d d b t Th "th for advertisements and subscrip tions, and all other vantag(\s a Ol e Y 1 e soctety, "1 a p:aJse-r matters appertaining to the business department of worthy hberality, ?as placed fees at so a THE TOBACCO LEAF, to our Messrs. figure, that there IS no excuse for even the humblest Bo sselmann & Schroeder, Lam-panlla 18, !favana, who manufacturer n o t making use of it. Besides, the man" will be to a ttend to thetr wants. ager :Mr. :MorrisS. Wise, and his assistants, are court-IN "CHl(!)AGO. eons and ready at all times to afford all necessary inMr. George C Tate i s the authorized correspondent of fonnation. the Tobacco Leaf Publishing Co. at Chicago. All orders It must fie to every one that the collection or and for .d'HB care. of. all t"lt.e "tjnpl san estgns.tq. w ,SU1'1'EK BROS Dealers In I.E AF TOBACCO .. Ill Wester"actu.en Will flilil It to their deal ,vith 11& {


2 PUBLIIliDD BVBBY B.&. TIJJtDAY IIOB1QJIII BT HETOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING CDMPAIIY, lOIS MArDE_N LA.,NI:, JI&W. YOBL OF TUB P .I.I"BB. lUlGI& OOPIEB . ........................ 0.... OM YKAB ........................ r ... .-................ IIX llOJtrrBS ..... i !: -AnUAL II1JBIIOIIII"h6n-A.B!pAD. 1 ..... T 111m..,. A>!D C.U .. D.I.. ...... .. .. .. .. ............... ta.Ol -. liaJroBG A>!D TBII

f JUNE 25 --THE TOBACCO LEAF. ESTABLISHED 1848 Packages all Sizes, Eagle, Joy, .. Clipper, I r I 3 A .51AOI:::> 1848 .,. -qi 'l ;J1!': ,; i1l>"' ./ I v.cJ Packages aH &izes, vr .;, u 05"1 } I i "JV I 4 !f D1me Ram, etc. ... 'l 'l -I Are manufactured tb give satisfaction to the and will be found equal to any in tlie market, and superior to the' mtiidrity.' thousands usin\2them .are their best recommendation., Tl;le goods for themselves. No handsomer packages will be foUnd on th hlf f h f, '') J. e s e o t e dealer ,In_ smokings '!e Are manufactured from sweet, selected stock, and can be relied on to give satisfaction. They all! fully and attractively packed, the "American Eagle" especially being put up in handsome blue pails, one pound cans and foil. We are confident ,that a trial of our American Eagle will satisfy th? consumer that its popularity is deserved. Having facilities for supplying a trade, we solicit ,from jobbers and dealers orders for special brands) which we guarantee to pack in best. suit in price. fpr the trade. special brands to order. Satill!Mtion guaranteed: t I ') ::Oe'troi. "t, De"tro;i "t, :aa=.tol:l. s. President. Our L.ancasiei. .Correspondence. intimately associated hi!p. in social ahd business MERCHANTS SWDDLED. are sharpening their. molars to grind it to pieces. early in the season for ;man:y the large LANCASTER, Pa., June 23, 1 881. relations ; and Swindlers have recently succeeded in obtaining large Drouth may come, frost may smite it, and hail may operations in other markets have had their ,effect here While at this time last yeaT no CS!!ed tobac c o of the WHEREAS, In our business relations we have also quantities of cigars and other articles from New York thresh it. So let us all be content to take it as .it conies. is not doubted, and for several weeks past' tlJe ibquiry l>revious year's crop had been sold, and there was no found in him the strictest honor, uprightness and infirms by personating responsible tradesmen of SyraThe present outlook is very favorable. here bas been brisk. !peal dealers sold their paekings unmediate prospe c t o f il:ny being sold, the prospects tegrity, and in our social intercourse a generoi.IS soul, cuse, N.Y. One of them ordered the goods here, and F. M. P. & Co. to New York and men who were here in for the '80 crop are now much more favorable. The an open hand, and a heart full of sympathy :(or his ano .ther received them in Syracuse ,and sbipPfld lthem _, force, and in turn boughJ; ,the packings of local boom that l spoke of I!it week ili increasing instead of friends and associates in joy or in sorrow, "weeping l!ack: to New York, where th,ey were sold. O'M of the 1 >. .. o;z i dealers. The count7 is of buyers seeking de dinlinishing, and at leaf!t 2,000 more cases of the crop those who weeP', and reJoicing with those that r&-was perpetrated on R. C: 1Bro"'n. & Co., 1cigar RomQ, Smith Co., June 1/l.-Crop prospecte are good sirable packings at prices to suit tl\.em, butiHobody have been sold since th. & t letter was written. The JOice; : ll;t;td_,_:: :. :: : :: 1 .,r ot 127 and 129 Franklin Neo,r for a tobacco .crop in the Upper Cumberland who holds the goods ts 'at all anxious to sell, as they large sales of the crop in other markets have had a WHERI!;4S, Jly,. :pqap and heart, he 'york called on the firm, satd that hE! was coantry._ We have plent_y of plante, and baTe had fine think that'they can 'make more by holding on a little marked effect on this. Several large buyers have been has greatly. endeared himl!fli,f, w \Ill' therefore it Henry Shafer, of Syracuse, and ordered 8,000 c'igars, seasons since the 20th of M'ay: There is about two longer. Sales reported during the past days hard at work, picking up from large local dealers, R l d: Tb t d t b : d t d d b worth $500. There is a respectable tradesman in Syrathirds. of the crop pJanted, (tlld will probably show that 3,600 cases have been sold. Sener & Co., of who, in turn, not wishii1g to be without a supply, llBO 00. a w;:: t.?n er O IS l!l .. resse an e cuse named Henry Shafer, and when Brown & Co. telebe fimshed With the next goqd Beru;!on.. There will be Ephrata, sold 200 cases; H. S. Eberly, of Clay, 300 before the news of theirsale is spread rush off to see reaved wtdow and family of our most sm graphed there asking abvut his commercial standing, more tobacco planted. than there was in 1880; but we cases; I<'rey & Weidler, city, 800 cases, to a New York the country packers and buy their packings. N,obody cer? a!ld m hour of tr?uble and they received a reply which caused them to ship the will not plant a full crop as long as prices are a.e low as firm; C. H. Spitzner and R. H. Brubaker, packing at who holdf!thegoodsisatallanxious to sell, as they think afflictiOn' WE! wtth the severtty of _the cigars ordered by the swindler. When the cigars ar they have been for the last three or four years. New Holland, 1,000 cases to Carl Upmann, of New they can make more money by holding on, so the prices and will chertsh his m to be rived at Syracuse, the swindler there received I them Clarksville Leaf, June 18:-There was a fine rain !!oDd York; 300casesto C. H Spitzner i Diller paid must be pretty R't'eep. All that have been sold It urther and them to his New York confederate. whp planting season in theW oodlawn vicinity, Tuesday and & Rutter, of Intercourse, 500 cases; Leander Hensel, of were on private terms, btit the prices run from 12 to ReBolved, That as a token of our esteem for the de sold them ;to Jacob L Kahn, a.tobacconist; of sq East' Wedn,esday. Tlie ground was soaking wet, and most Quarryville, 250 cases to Mr. Spitzner; Mr. 20c for running lots, Of the transactions w:ithin the ceased, t he be 611 that the1board Houston for $200. He a bill of sale for of the farmers, no do'ul'>t, finished planting tobacco.' of Willow Street, 300 cases to Mr. Spitzner; Davia past ten days, some are as follows: C. H Spttz!ler, of attend his be :tt $480-whwh }le took "to protect gave a We a\so hear of heavfrains in the eastern part of Rob Harnish,, qf Har!}ish's 70 cases to p,ouglas &;. New York, and R. H. Brubaker, city, packmg at BeBolved, That thts preamble and resolutw s be check for $200 on the German Excliange Bank. When where It .b\l()D 'trst & of the same be furnished the daily of city, and we:t;e watching, and _they arrested ;nan light. For several days past the clouds have indicated P? rted. parties went out to look at several Sheitz, bt Salisbury; 250 cases from Leander Hensel, the New York LEAF, and Cmcmnatt 111baceo whoeaui that.h'e:wa.S Charles Smith. He WII.!I.Jtdentified. hPavy rains north and east of Clarksville but 0 g large packmgs, but we have not heard whether the Of Quarryville, and SOO cases from Mr. McAllisLr, of Journal for publication, and that a copy of t ,he same as the man who had..nersonated Mr Shafer. Kab!n was n en1 ff d E bod w .era! rain yet. . . sa was ll ecte or not. very y wants '80 toWillow: Street. Sene11 & ,Co., of Ephrata, sold 200 be sent to his family. then much_to,his disgust, and the qetectives Nashville Banner, June the market l;lacco, and prices paid range from 12 to 20c. ca.SE!Bi H. Eberly, of Clay, SOO cases; Frey & By; order of the Board, are lookmg for. Slllit!:I s confederate. rea:l Mr strongand on all grades ... The offering by Meljl!!r' And it is not only cased 'tobacco thaUs sought We1 d er, etty, 800 cases to a New York firm; Dil H. H. PosTON, President. Henry will b'3 m New York, Jl,Ild IS expeqted to-E. T. J'ffi'Iligan, J T Jerniganand T.v. Barry of a few afte r, for the growers are' visited daily, but the com-ler & Rutter, of Intercourse, 600 cases to Mr Fatman; J. C SNow, Secretary... 'Identtfy Slllith as the person who called on h1m a forthogsheads Robertson County lugs and leaf at the Capiplaint _oJ the .their ideas as to pricee David Harnish, of Station, 70 cases to Nashville, Tenn., June 16, 1881. night. ago, and made inquiries about his tol Warehouse to-day, created: -very spirited bjddiug, rtsen co nstderably. Estmiates are that not more Co., of Philadelphia; and Jacob Newcomer, standmg ,_on pretense that he was the f?r a and resulted in very fine prices. Mr E. T. Jernigan tharl3,000 or 4,000 6lfses remain unsold. of Manor, 50 cases to Mr. Au wester at 14c round; a 1 r b<:>mmermal regtster. On Saturday Mr. Sh_afer received and T. V Barry each obtained $10 fbr a hogshead of The Lancaster Intelligencer June 22, says as follows: total of 3,870 cases .. Several other are reported, Tobacco Industries of Italy. "lnlls, frmp. Brown & others, for etgars he good le af, and Mr. J;, T J!lrhigaii $5.20 and $5.90 for -'-A good deal of diffei'ce of opinion is expressed and also that negottatwns are pendmg to-day for sev--, 'bad 'rleve'r ordered. .11e discovered that' a man who two hogsheads lugs 1 among buyers regarding' the quantity of loose tobacco era! large packings REPORT BY liiR wooD i::miQuL R CLERK AT ROliiE called himself Henry Shafer had' opened a cigll r store of the crop of 1880 remaining in the hands of the Basch & Fischer and David Lederman have finished "' A 1 at 4 Walton Street, Syracuse. He sent the bil1s there. g_rowers.-Some that the crop bas been pracpacking over 1,500 cases of Lancaster County: leaf, (Continued.) On Saturday night the spurious Henry Shafer le'ft SE LEAf: CROP REPORTS tlcallylifted; thatveryhttle remams in the farmers purchased principally by the latter, who secured fine Sy,racuse. The swindler at Syracuse obtained the goods hands except lots that are held exorbitantly high or are goods. Mr. Lederman and son have gone to New APPEND I X from 'the agent of the Delaware, & West-(Special to THE ToAoco LEAF.) of undesirable quality. Several lieavy'buyers, after York. Before leaving they presented their foreman, Pl'We8 oi tqbacco, eatah!ished l1IJ la1D in Feb., ern Express dompany, and the VICtJmtzed tradesmen having ridden the county extensively, have returned to Levi L. Engle, with a handsome present, in recogni ITALIAN :MANUFACTURES. l llt!!nd to sue the company to these g?9ds, or NEW' YORK. the city without making a purchase, and affirm that tion of his services. T 1 thetr value, as Mr. Henry Shafer tswell known m SyraBaldwinsville (Onondag a County) Gazette, June 20: lots "re so few and far between that it will not pay to d 1 f h Warehous e 1 d th 1 th W h f lot f 1880 d rstood to h b 1 "' ea ayegtven CJ,!Se,an ejj.gentinpermtttmg-e ear>o one o un e ave een ookforthem. .. ,the buying o!.Joose leaf in tljehands of th11 growers a Shop-Wholes&le Ret&il. htmself to be _duped to be Kahn sold to one lot at Be to New A correspondent wFiting from the southern end of new impetufl and in sections ':"here there is at;ty of the Kind and quality. Qll!"bu d= been admttted to bail m ft!),000.1;.r I York parttes, and other 9c. We the county sends the following : crop the buying 1goi\S on br,islj;ly, and prices paid are kllogri!ID. gram. kilogram, gram. gram. r have e.very r?SSOil t? the our grow-For every unsold crop in the lower end there has .. ar;utr ::::::::: : 3 .. .WESTERN TOBACCb CROP REPORTS hands of the growers some of the buyei's holding that Second quality............ 4.110 4.80 uo .50 .05 (Specie.! to THE Lxu.) unf.\e\' crops, that_ with t hese the 'and Maryland to pick up .the few scattered crops laythe crop has been lifted, only occasional lot S to Pulverized14.50 j 1 plants wtll grow stljong and m fine ing there. : be f d d f h t t d t to 1 k Superior quality .... .... 1400 7 26 1 50 < tobl\GCO There has been constderable toba,.co set out oun an so ar apart t a 1 oes no paf, oo First qua.Uty ................ 0.10 9,50 4.75 1.00 1 OHIO . -.... '.IN AND AROUND GEORGETOWN. for them, while one heavy buyer who has finislied his 8Jlt . H .oo H.50 7 _26 1 _50 t alreaqy.. ThE! pJaq\it tare abundtmt and of fair SIZe. Some sales <>f tobacco ha-ve been made in the neigh-packing thinks that there is about 3,000 or 4,000 cases .. 9.10 9.50 4.75 1.oo 18E80aton, 19.-b:rth!lr? has. been som1 e tobaccfo of the ,, co NN EC A "D u ASS:.Q 'Hu' s ETTSI borhood the vast two but _it is hard yet to be bought. Seoondqualitl".. 5 .30 5.80 2.90 w :. u IS.g_omg very sow, as u l'l -"' ...... ... to asc()rtam anythmg, defimte regardmg prtces, al Sener & Kreider, of """st W"'ow, who emplqy forty Zenzlolio-all .... 1,_.00. 1._.00 725 150 are to takE! th_ e prwes that buyers areo:fl'ermg Amerwan Oultivat01', June '18.-Very few sales have though it is certain the nrices are above what was ,,..., Superior qu ty.... ...... 2 to 5c S f f h e c d la t be d all 1 <. hands, are still busy paclting, and have packed 468 First quality.. ...... ..... 9.10 9.50 4 .711 1.00 :ome o our av e some weeks, and 1t ts probable that verY little 'will be sold at is left in the township. The principal lots are in the Friend & Co., New York, and 630 for Dohan & Taitt, Flne-cutT::r'k:::t.':..IIJ1!G. m acreage l31!t m thtslocality,_ ow The old 1879 crop_ is nearly or quite all sold. hands oflarge raisers, and they will, in all probability. of Philadelphia. Before the season closes they will Serr.glio ... ..... ..... 36.00 38.00 19.oo .oo .. mg to the low prt,ees bemg patd, for the old This IS unusual; formerly 1t has been easy enou!!;h to case it themselves. pack 2,000 cases. have become diScouraged. J. H. M. find many old crops in most of our towns at this season Following are some recent sales :-John L. Gall, of Superior quality.......... 14.00 14.50 7.25 1.50 j of the year. The 1880 crop is said to be doing finelr,i Penn, his crop to Fatman at 10c through, Rut First quol

I 4 El Principe do Gales CIGAR FACTORY ---OFWest. The Cigars of this Factory, under the well-known Brands of El,Principe de GaJes -AND-La Perla. de Cayo Hueso Kaaufa.cturejl of new and bet Vuelta Abajo Havana tobacco, and unexcelled In quality and makfl br any of the Havana Factories, are now received m regular weekly shipments by FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 4_1 & 43 Warre!lSt., New York, SOLE ACENTS. TOBACCO MARKET. NEW-YORK. JUNE 24 Western Leaf-Tlie market for th1s v:mety of leaf was without specml feature the past week, except as to some purchases for France, m which Mr. G. Heuthe well and favorably known contractor of recent years, was a participator. Mr. Reusens was, as usual, a welcome vl.Sltor m the tobacco sample rooms of our warehouses. The totar sales were 482 hhds, mr.kmg for the month 1,026 to date Sales effected, but not reported, w1ll bnn_g up the month's transactiOns to a fair figure. We hear of sometl:omg don'> m re dried, but do not know how much The diViSions will be shown, as usual, m Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co.'s and Mr. Hagedorn's reports. Respecting crop matters, a gentleman just returned from the West said to us "My impJ'CBBion is that a fair crop has been planted m the Clarksville and Western districts. The acreage IS agwn of average amount, but there 1s a complaint of the stand, or was at the trme I was there there havmg been no general rains." A Clarksville letter of June 22 says." W e have had good planting seasons in the last few days, but all the crop IS not planted yet. We suppose fully four fif\hs IS planted, which will make a larger crop than last year' s Another letter from Louisville of the same date says-" The plantmg will be fully half Burley, all thiS side of Clarksville and Paducah, but a less amount will be planted than antiCipated." The Courzer Jow-nal of the 22d inst. bas the following:-" The New York TOBACCO LEAF tenders consola tion to the Western tobacco men on account of the al reductiOn of the Italian contract to ll,SOO hogs heads. If that vers1on of case were accepted out here, this comforting edttorial of THE LEAF would b e :received with as good grace as the Circumstances might permit, but neither the 11,500-version nor THE LEAF's editorial will be accepted for the present as anything but humbug." If the Courzer-Journal doubts, as 1t seems to do, the reliability of the informatiOn furmslied by THE TOBAC-01) LEAF in the art1cle referred to, will It kindly de llionstrate Its falsity, or 1f it cannot do that, w1llit be sensible enough hereafter to hold Its peace concermng m atters about whic h 1t is entir ely ignorant. The week has shown some demand for common to fair lugs at ftom 3% to mostly for G1braltar. Beaf has contmued firm, except for unsalable styles. Reiminnts of old, of wbwh a quantity IS st1llleft -and 'Whteh factorii wish to close out-are obtamabl e at slight conceasiona. :Messrs. SAWYER, WALLACE & Co. report to THE TOBAC co LEAF as follows -While the market hru; contmued apparently dull, we hear of a more general inqUiry, and some thmk the al:J are not all made known. Of those reported we note 362 hhds for export, 94, mostly Yir ginia, to manufacturers, 26 to jobbers. 1st week. 2d week, Sd week E:--1 case Argent"u Republt c-114 bbds, 52 pkgs (9, 158 lbs) mfd 81emen-104 hhds, 52 casea, 1,142 bales Brl8wl-25 hhds. Brituh H011dur1U-l bbd, 21 pkgs (952 lbs ) mfd. Br-:tuh Wat hhds. Canada-45 bales. O.ntral .A1116r---2 bales, 3 pkgs (495 lbs) mfd Ol!lna-4 pkgs (670 lbs ) mfd. Oh!li-21 pkgs (3,376 lbs) mfd Dutch We.ot Indie.o-8 pkgs (280 lb<) mfd. Ji'rentJh We8t Inde.o-16 hhds Gibraltar-40 hhds Glasgtne-54 hbds Harntn.g-98 cases, 22 bales, 122 pkgs (18,304 Ills) mfd. Havre-497 hbds. bhds, 1 case .London--30 hhds, 25 cases, 10 pkgs (1,443 lbs) mfd. Marse.l/ea -31 bbds. 50 bales pkg (100 lbs) mfd Nap/es-73 hhds I'm to Rzco-1 bhd, 13 cases, 29 bales, 9 pkg s (900 lbs\ mfd. U. S of Oolom/Jw-207 bales, 122 pkgs (9,274 lbs) mfd rJi uguay-5 hhds, 1 case, 25 bales V"n&UO-T.u 16 CD'l'8 J;D POOD. 8BIGBTB-Bucu--lim Crop. 80 @ il6 88 @ 115 100 CliO 115 @11!5 110 @ll:iO Navy 611, 1!8. lflo. Is 17 tt80 !Sibs. 1011 and Yoclret 10., a.. &lld Wb 18018 &: 1801118 Navy 44, 611, 8o &nd 1(016 &: 18021! Gold Ba.nt .. .. .. 80 045 6 and 12-lncb ... llO @30 Navy lOo or Poel t.ho who!Maie trade. .llacc&boy -IIIlO-6tl jAIDorlcan Gentleman Soolch t.iad Lundrtoot 6t@-6tl Bappee, French --o-1'11 -720-'Ill BPANIIIB"G.C" '"F. G" Walll8 Ex. lfl Pilar" 'tC C.l ca. .. 1 Co .. "Buelva," Hagaet," "B.' LICOKIUB PASTE. Ill !18 lll 115 '11 !18 21 ll8 22 22 'l'llumlr-W.8" "'l' W 8.'1 'A 0.8' .. G., '"P G" "L.A. VV.ELT.& .&B.&;JO" C.IG.A.B. FJ..A.VOB.. 18 18 18 ld 21 18 19 !4: Pint. 1 Pint 1 Gal (8 pinto) 5 Gal Lots. 10 Gal Loto 12 00. $6 00. $40 00. $$per Gal 130 per Gal Eastern Markets. PHILADELPHIA, June2J -Mr. A R Fougeray, 'l'obacco Manufacturers' Agent, rep orts to THE ToBACCO LEAF The trade for the past week bas been much bette r m hsrd to baccos than was antiCipated while the demand bas not been l atge from any speCia l locahty, tho aggregate sums up ex cellent, and what IS still much more agreeable, the askmg price of sta ndard brands never questwne .t; therefore, an eu couragmg ome n for the future Pnces bold steady Jiline OutsDemand h anl!'s fire, stock must be excellent to be sold S'fTUJking Tobauo-A shgbt mcrease is clru med m first c l ass goods, low ,;:rades slill have t he first call Oigms-Manufacture1s are busy, and all those who make re liable ;;oods are full of orde r s, profits are a secondary con deration. Oigarettes Sbow a decided falling otl of all grades. Snuff-As usual 0 K Receipts-986 boxes, 13,218 caddies, 719 cases, and 162 pails of fine cuts Exported of manufactured tobacco -To Lverpool, 11,216 lbs to Barbadoes, per bng Maggie 3 419 do, total, 15,635 lbs Sud LeafPackers and dealers all exp r ess gtatifymg aston ishment at the cont .nueil. demand and sale of Cigar leaf, they claim busmess IS not heavy, but much beyond the sales cus tomary at thi s season Prices are fully sustained and old goods daily placed m bands for coneumptwn, hence packers feel tnat the future 13 full of promi se for them Hwoana-A delightfu l busmess 1f tobacco IS 0 K. Booshead Lea(-MOVIQ.g exceedmgly slow. Recepts for the week -329 cases Connecticut, 272 caes Pennsylvama, 8 \ OhiO, 49 cases WIEconsm, 22 cases State Seed, 84 bales Havana, and 396 hhds c1 Vugmta and Western leaf tobacco Sales foot up -196 cases Conneclicut, .251 cases Pennsyl vama, 44 cases OhiO, 32 cases W18consm1 16 cases State Seed, 64 bales Havana, 5 hbds Vugm1a and Western leaf, and 89 hbds Western direct to manufacturers EX])orted of leaf tobacco -To Antwerp, per Red 62,219 l bs, to Live rpoo l per Amencan line, 14,871 77,090 lbs. Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, June 23 -Messrs. Ed Wischmeyer & Co., Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows -Rece1pts of Maryland tobacco were large the past week, nnd the mar ket IS held very 'lirm Sales are confined chi efly to lots of !laryland smtable for France, of which It I S e st 1mat ed some 2000 b,hds bave l:een taken sp far for account of contract, and hberal pnces paid. Othershippers have taken .... 6,015 557 365 46 very little so far this season I l!l,34o' Of OhiO we note sales of some 30 hhds colory for Btemen, 488 615 and holders remam firm m antiCipatiOn of the future wants of shippers 122 896 5 072 1 ,468 Inspected this w eek -1182 hhds Maryiand, 557 do OhiO, 3 ,202,142 total, 1739 ilo. s;;.334 12,802 24,664 DOMESTIC R.l:CEIPTS. Cleared same peuod.-Per steamet Le1'pz1g, for Bremen, 20 hbds Yu,;1ma stems. per steame r Hanover, for Bremen 20 bbds Maryland, 36 do Kentucky tobacco, and 135 do Kentucky stems, per Nova Scotia, for Liverpool, 11 hhds Maryland to bacco. The domestic receipt& at the port of New York for the week were as follows 1706 hhds, 297 \rcs;5 2101 ca leaf, 19 bal4 Good lu gs .. .. .. .. 5J.i Common leaf .................... : ... o @ 6,!4 l eaf............ .. ........... 8 Good leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8Y2@10 l eaf .. .. .. .. .. .. 10Y212 SelectiOns.... ..... 1 2-"" Without any general planting rains, we have .had showery weather for a month, which has been taken the fullest advan tage of, aud as we are heanng no complamts from the country, we suppose that there are no g round s for. them We bad a heavy ram on the mgbt of the 20th, falhpg over a large area. DANVILLE, Va., June 22 -Paw c Leaf To bacco Broker reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as fellows So far this week our sales have been very light with very httle desirable t obacco appearmg PriCI!s h ave ruled Ingber than usual, which was to be expected with the small offermgs We bad to day quite a good ram, which was much needed by the farmers, as a large proportiOn of the commg crop was stitl unplanted The ram will also cause au mcrease of tobacco ou thi s matket. QUOTATIONS. Fillers-Common dark lugs . . 4 !i 5 6 6 8 8 @10 Common dark leaf ..... .... Common bnght leaf ...... Good do .. .. Fine do Medmm ................. 10 @12 4Y2@ 6 6 @ 7 7 @ 8 9 @15 8 10 GmJd .. 'F1ne and extra W 1 appers-Uommon Mahogany :Medtum do ..... Good po Fme apd Extra do Common Bright. .. do Good do Fme do Extra do'' 10 @Hi @25 @45 @15 @25 @31i @50 @70 EVANSVILLE,' Ind., June 22 -:Mr. C. J Morri s To bacco Brol, QUOTATIONB-1880 CROP. NcDdescript. Boclled.-...., .....--cutting---. Red. Dark;. Bod. Bright. Common lop 89( I. @ 4K l%0 oiH & 0 I'H a @ 8 Good lugs 4 4"0 a 1ij fln 8 ca Common lea! 4 0 5 4 @ 11 18 12 @14 Good !eat 5 a 7 c I3 15 14 @18 Filloleat .. 7 t 0 1% 15 18 18 019 Selecllomo .. 9 @12 1%0 II 18 10 19 @28H Kentucky bright wrappers, nominal hear of a few Virgmiss selling privately at 25@1i2c. If duty, in soft order, frozen, or very light weight, M@2c le ss than above figures. *l'lug makers kmds. LYNCHBURG, June 28.-MeBSrs. Holt, lilchaefer & Co Buyers and -Handlers of Leaf Tobacco report to Tmc ToBACco LEAF -Our receipts tb111 week are hght, farmers bemg kept at h ome ha1 vesting The market is firm all round and prwes rather hgher, but still WIIhm the rsnl!'e of our quota twns We had a much needed rain, but more 18 desired NEW ORLE"ANS, June 20.-The Priu aurr&nt saysCuttmg grades are quoted aL 4%% and 6c for lugs and at 7@12c, and as high as 19c, for leaf, (sound colory command an advance of 1Y2c) For deocriptiOns the quota tiOns are: Low lugs good, 4:14, low lesf o,l4@5i; medmm, 6!@7, good and nne, 7i@8; selections, 10@12 STATEMENT OF TOBACCO. Stork on hand September 1. 1880 . .......... .. Hhds. 2,378 Arnved past 3 days . . .. 801 Arnved previOusly .. .. .. . . .5,269 Exported past 3 days .. .. . 2 Exported .. .. 2,528 Broken up for baling, city con 5,570 7,948 2,530 etc ........ -.. .. .. .. .. .... 2,490 5,020 Stock on hand and on shipboard ............... _.... 2,928 do last year .. .. .. .. .. .. _........ 1 ,354 SAN FRANCISCO, June 10 -The Merolw.nt reportsThere s a good demand f01 cigai'S both from town dealers and the mterior, and all qualities and classes Eastern and Imported, sell freelv, espemally the two foi Our h ome leadmg roanufac&urers are very busy 'Pbe trade generally IS good, and has been smce Feb unry. Manufactmed Tobacco-This trade is good, and new and popular styles are sellmg as fast as they ar-1'1 ve. The only complamt IS that pnces are cut very low. Tbe demand, however, IS much better than m the couespondmg week oflast year. The delayed cars from the East are commg m l'apidly, but tliere are still some stragglers that have been 75 dnys on the way Leaf-In consequence of the activity m the local cigar trade, the for leaf 1s steady, and our lar gest houses report It good. Prices are frur, especially for pnme lots, which are much sought for, but mferior IS readily taken. Mr. Lyall, of thE" manu.facturing firm of Buchanan & Lyall, of New York, ISm the city. Th1s firm having determmed on closmg the1r house here, have sold their ent1re stock to L. & E. Werthermer of th1s c1ty who w1llm future have the sole control of 'the of th1s firm. Esberg, Bachman & Co have received by rail from the East this week 129,811lbs of tobacco. This makes over 500,000 lhs received by tlus firm m the last SIX weeks. These pmchases, we understand are all made m the regular way for theu legitimate We do not beheve that so large a quant1ty m so short a time can b e nearly and certamly cannot be exceeded, by any tobacco J Obhmg bouse m any city m the Umon. Overland receipts of cgars and tobacco -Conslgneee Esberl!, Bachman & Co L & E Wet tbCimer ... Bros ... Wellman, Peck & Co .. Oppenheim er l.lros A:lilau & Co ... .. .. Ca s tle Bros . ..... J A Dnnkbouse ... ... H Rosenfeld & Co .. & Co ... Engelbrecht, Fox & Co wasserm an & Co ..... Till mann &. Bendel. ... E Cohen & Co ....... Jones& Co .... .. Mayrisch Bros Sandetson & Horn J S'choenfe1d Fembe1g Wmters Newton Bros ... Corbett & McCleary HLevy S>Co ......... J 'l'odd & Co .. L KG 81mtb Honolulu l.'iga.rettes. Ciglll'B. Ca.aes Cases 8 3 5 2 1 4 2 2 1 3 7 3 2 Rhule Bros 1 A Pollack 8 H Sutliff 1 H Heyn e man .. 1 Dwyer & Cortan 2 MA Gunst.... ... 2 Tobacco. Lbo 129,811 29,630 3,090 540 16,420 1 100 2,250 4.860 3,090 340 14,630 1,970 1 ,300 5,410 530 3,890 5,100 2,090 1 ,880 1,a60 2,420 280 1,220 WmJohn...... ...... 1 T otal 1m ports by sell. and rail -212,851 lbs tobacco, 77 cs mgars, 19 cs ctgarettcs. Exports by Fea, 258 lbs tobacco, 1 cs cigaretteS' J 'foreign Markets. AMSTERDAM, June 4 -Messrs Schssp & Vaa Veen, 'l'obacco Brokers, report to THE ToBACoo LEAF. 'l'be arnvals of Sumatra amounted to 13,759 bales, and of Java do while only 160 do Mary laud were sold, and 115 do wero tmyorte d 10,4.76 bales Java found buyers for the better quahlles a little more compelltwn can be noted. Medium qualities ollly sell at greatly redu c ed prices Sumatra IS f< the prese n t our leadmg artiCle. The greatest part of tb pre sent stock will come m a fortmght mto the market an<' will c'erta mly find much competition Our market for Aine can tobacco r emams m a dull state The large quantities s ubstitu tes of every kmd t o be had at very low prices, and use more and more freely by our manufacturers. prevents thi article from commg m demand agam for the present. Stoc' to--aay -864. bhds Maryland, 26 do :Mason Co11nty, 42. do V gma. 10 do Kentucky, 24 do stems, 4000 bales Enghsh E: 15G do :&lamia, 6112 do Java, 21,638 do Sumatra. BRE])fEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furnishee the followmg account of the Seed leaf market nt that port for the week ending June 2 -Receipts from New York, 408 cases lenf, and 40 do cuttmgs lea, 289 cases leaf; stock on hand, 3,890 cases leaf' and 310 do cuttmgs. PI'lces were quoted as follows -Wrappers, ?0@250 pfgs; bmders, 55; fillers, 36<1. 50. The receipts durmg the month of May amountet' to 1,340 cases, agamst 220 do during the correspondmg Recelpts from Jan. L to Jnne" 18, 1881, 5,042 bhds, agamst 2 036 hhds m 1880, sales th1s month, 90 hhds, exp01 r.s fore1gn, 451 hhds, domestic, 1 8 hhds; total469 hhds Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared I 1 '' June 18 1 2,928 hhds. B11 the lilrie &!road-Sawyer, Wallace & Co 111 bbds, H Seibert '75 do ; Bfukemore. Mayo & Co 1111 do, D J Garth, Son & Co 97 do, Krenielberg & Co 21 do, J 0 Kmlly, Jt 14' do, P Wright & Son 38 do Funcb Edye & Co 65 do: A B Terhune 36 do, J H Moore & Co 10 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co 92 do M PappenheJmer 18 do, Oelncbs & Co !I. do, C B Sp1tzner &.Son 251 cs, Bunzl & Dormitzer 35 do; Ordei 346 bluls Shipped coastwiSe 3,100 hhds .250@300 .. .. <125 'month of last year. The sales durmg the past month amounted to 1,110 cases, agamst 130 do dunng the cor L': Vzrginia Leaf-Sales of dark wrappers and lmgbt smokers are 1 eported as constitutmg the transactions of the "eek m V1rgma. leaf. For bnght wrappers there hils been but ltttle demand, and no mquuy of any kmd appa1ently for export lines I Seed Leaf-F10m the footmg of the week'ssales, wh1ch a n of 5,915 cases, it would ap pear as 1f an uncommonly largJJ busmess had been donE!, A pot tlon of the reported "transfers, however, mtght prope!ly be credit'ld to the sales of the pte cedmg lveek Yet, after roakmg thiS allowance, It I S eVldent from tbe figures that a steady and good demand has prevailed for all available growths and var1ettes Since our last rev1ev.;-. La1 ge purchases of 1880 leaf were maue, and o f W1sconsm Havana Seed leaf, the bulk of wluch was taken by a prom1nent lo cal c1gar m anufactuung firm. MEssRs J' S GANs SoN & Co, tobacco b1okers1 131 Water Street, tepott to the TOBACC O LEAF -Business has somewhat q tneted down as was natural should be the case Large premature transactiOns In a crop that .by no m eaps perfect are generally t1l sampljng t1me arr1 ves. Total sales, 5 915 l whrcli we classify: 2,05() ca 18 0 Pennsylvama assorted lots 15' @19 125 cs 1 879'Pennsylvama \Vmpeers. 18 800 cs 1880 New England...... ,.......... Housa(;omc assorted . . 2,400 cs 1880 Wsconsm Havana Seed. I 200 cs 1880 Oh\O .. .. ... 240 cs ,1879 ohw-k Fillers ...................... 4 J.i @23 @ 6%' 1 Wral!pers ................. .'1. .... 13 @16 100 cs. Sundrtes .'.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 @18 u Ry tl.e bud"\es do, 50 ,!4bxs mfd Jas M Gf\l'dlDel' 20 cs mfd, 12 "U bxs do, 14 ,!4 bxs do, 15 cads do, W1se & Bendhe1m !i ca smkg, 3 .J9:-bxa mfd, 32 cads do H Wirt Mathews 5 cs 4 bxs mfd, l\4 cads do E Du Bois 3 cs mfd, 97 911: bxs do, 40 .!4 bxs do, 5'cads'do H K & F B Tbmber & Co GO cs smkg, 5 bxs do 3 cs cigarettes, Angus tm & Dusel43 cs smkg, ,T Blankenstem 8 do, Leopold Miller 40 butts mfd, Wm Broadhurst, Jr 10 cs do G W H1IIman 14 cads do; J os D Evans & Co 8 do; Bay State Shoe &lld Leather Stock m warehouse this day and on shipboard not cleared .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ 22,707 bhds Stock same lime m 1880 . . 23,515 hbds Man!ifa.,June 22 -Messrs Prague &Matson, Leaf '.Dobi>cco andRe dryers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Fillers, rep ort t o TI:(E ToB.A.cco.LEAF as fol)ows -Smce the dale ot our last repott the. mark e t bas been unusually strong and ac tive Uec1lipts 11nd a les at a uctiOn are very lar ge, but dy itot seem tO affect the Stl ength of the ffiai ket; IiJ. fact the maket I S in s ome degree stiOnge r than last week The offer ings are of better q uah ty "I!b the conditiOn stead Ily.1m pcovm g, and t he result IS more competition among buyers, and a very active demand for .all goolls possessmg color and One hhd ye sterd ay, a fancy bright fillet, brought $24 25. and 1 bbd of bnght cuttmg to-day '27, these a1e of course extreme but they sbpw the tentlency; of the market. et:he sales fot tbe fi1st two daY,s of this week were over 1000 hbds, mdiCatmg one of the h eaviest we ks of {he year 'rhe plantmg m the va110US dtstr1ct s IS n.bout finished, a'nd there has never been known a finer eea.son for the tobabeo grower. The pl a nta wete m great abundance aRd thrifty, and were set oM under the most favorable conditions. and w1th a favorable summer and fall, one of t11e largest crops ever grown w1U be produced Of the new, 373 hbds sold below 6c, 355 from 6@10c; 455 from li471rom 15@19!\f and 02 f10m 20@22%c Average pnce ot t.b.e week, $11.56. 313 40:t ,71 5 ,089 4,.304 1 r espondmg month of last year. The rece1pts ot Havan leaf durmg the week amounted to 427 bales sales 4 bales of new Vuelta AbaJO crop, stock on s'9 bales The pnce8 were as follows -Wrappers' and fine brown, 650 -to 1 400 pfgs, wrappers, ordmacy brown, 350 to 600 pfgs; wrappers, mixed with fillers. 180 to 3 0 0 pfgs, fillers, 100 to 250 pfgs. The receipt!> of Havana leaf durmg the past month amounted to 1 360 hales, agamst 1, 510 bales durmg the correspond Ing month of last year. In ndd1t10n, damaged goods were sold at publi_c auctiOn amount111g to 258 bales. The followmg IS a statement of the movement o hogshead tobaccos m the Bremen market for the week ending at the above date.BM Ohio Scrubs '735 215 '115 735 215 Delnered Stock on hand June 2 '115 785 l!ld llllil 72 1,0.'14 IC9 1185 Va Kv Stems 1,736 3,652 3,83' 6 41 7' 1,741 8,693 lll 10 1,710 8,683 3,4C m 3B,472 Sales o n future deliverv 10 .. 3 0 835 Th'e market contmued mactive, and transtl<. t l 26,64 0 were prmmpally confined to small lvts of Mal'ylanc 35,0 3 ? Kentucky leaf. A hvely trade lS sh<' Year 26,047 3,820 3 ,GOO to be expected m Kentucky tobacco as soon as the crop has made lbil! appeara;,nce m ihe market. LONDON, J"uue 8 -Messrs Grant, Chambers & report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as fo.!:lows :-There bas Old reviews .......... ... r 3,000 but a tnfim g d e mand for Amencan tobacco dunng the ;week, and the sa les cont inu e very trifimg, the traile only bu. mg as m want, With no feeling of speculJttion m the market. Fot export thew IS no wq!JirY1 and the stock IS West ern leaf with any h ght color IS wlmted. Strips have dealt m sparmglv Yngmm bas not attracted much att h eavy ncb clrulses are m q mred for. Maryland almost of crop of 1880 to da te 27,645 hbds, against 21,0&o hhds of crop of.l879 to date m 188(}. Weather fav'omble for g rowing crop most every part of th1s State bavmg bad rams lluring the past SIX days, enabling plant r

L .1( THE TOBACCO :(a cfJtru :. ; liU .t;. 61' EAST l'Ith STl\m:.l', 1lllW yoa., ,,,/ PA.O:I:E:l:'l.& C>F SEED ::LoEIA.Jif" -AND1-IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.TH DIPORTATION of SUMATRA PEB.S A. SPECIALITY. . !f' = F. GARCIA, BRO. & 00., ---:Ji" Brand. ( I II: l'llARIL:. I :A. J!lll" .A. T > B .A: 0 0 0 1108 &T:E'I.EE'T. :N'::BII""'V A. J-u..1: 'the 'Trad..; :U:eeO.! Keep FmeCut, Plug and Lea? Tobncco an. l CigiU's Moist, l proven'.s Mol.l:'ng; 0 8 perfeotl)' Taa le .. and doeo not alrGct tJo.e flavor of the in ..:,l,.y wa7. Ill using it, Ia no lnterierthe process of Mo.nufncturlug, and Tobacco c!an 'be prepared 11s usual. We hav&idupUeate c>Nen thooewhoha.veused it. hciap antl ileeii@IDioaL Prioe olll17 12 per Gallon, or 2ao per .Flnt. I For further information address M. Patent Office :Report. For May 31, 1881. INVENTIONS PATENTED. ip Cuttm .-John A. Lieb, Newa k, N.J. TRADEJ\IARKS REGISTEitED. Chetving, Smoking, Plug Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes.-Oiiver M. Arkenburgh, East Orange, N. J. :The word-symbol Oonsoler." Plug 'l'obacco, Cigars, Smoking Tobacco and Cigm ettes.-John W. Carroll, Lynchburg, Va. :The representation of the horse and its name, "Brown Dick." I 202 Fuiton Street, J Cigars.-Tol edo & Barranco, Key. West, Fla., and New York, N .Y.: -The word -symbol '' Progreso." Fine-Cut Chewing Tobacco.-John Anderson & Co., New York, N.Y.:-The word "Solace." Chetving Tobacco.-Benjamin F. Gravely, Leatherwood, Va.:-The word-symbol Star of Hen.ry." The wordsymbol ''My Maryland." The represontation of an eagle and shield. The spread-eagle resting upon the double streamer. Chewing Tobacco, Smoking Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes.-Goodwin & Co., New York, N, Y. : SIIIOKE AND SEKIIIONS. The word symbol "Yellow Bank." Glaccum & Schlosser, New York, N. Yi. :-Some church people are expressing a. conviction that The pictorial representation of the Irisll. agitator tobacco smoke is doing considerable harm to preachers nell, in connection with the word "Pal-nell." and sermons. Prob!ibly they are r.jght, for any strong Smoking and Chewing Tobacco and I Ciga 1ettes.st1mulant or narcot1c has bad effects upon bodv and Lewis Ginter, Richmond, Va-. :1 !!lind, particularly when used continuously, as tobacco The word-symbol "Richmond Gem." IS by nearly every one who smok es at all. UnfortunThe words Old Rip or a figure representing Rip ately, however, there are men whose daily djlties are V. n Winkle in the mountains after his sleep. a nature that a CJCavmg for narcofws Gecomes George W. Helme New York, N. Y. :and, .to a certam degree, proper, and among The word ''Chic" a'J1d "the female figure in the act of 1 these must be mcluded a great many pastors.A. man throwing a kiss. who has charge of a large pansh and must prepare Plug 'l'obacco, Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes..week one or two addresses that his ;ion John W. Cauoll, Lynchburg, Va. :-ms1sts be as good asthose of which professional color the tobacco in from three to five as dark as may be wished. The No. 3 avi>ara1;s : "'hi includes the heating arrangements, a trifle more than a case of tobacco, wide, 4 and stands 5 feet high, laJ"'!:e en.owe:h to accommodate one case of its case. These apparatuses w.m al!l:mg1e case of tobacco (or less quantity) as nice as larger l!lweat houses will 10, 20 or 60 time, which are in use by the largest mnnn: Mr. Philips kas discovered a process that does away with the bad odor callea Ken smell brought opt by all other and forsteaming processes for dark colors. 1:3tE!Illlau).g cooking produces dead colors of black, shades, while by Mr. Philips' process poJec:t!oname feature of former sweating pro been overcome. A. uniform dark I a rich, lively appearance, and the tolba.cJccrrltsins its natural flavor and smell. The goods sweat all ready to work without any whatever. His is not a steaming process, but is the scientific use of moist produce fermentation, good quality an. d dark The process is easily and quicl!:ly IAarned, and trovelrne:a by Batura! laws, which must be obeyed to success; but once you u'nderstand them, you :oe er attempt to sweat tobacco by 1111 other proThe said representation of the bust of a man with a lecturers _prepare only one or two a year, shouldpipe. 1 the of an athlete. Usually, however, he 3 apparntus will sweat cure and color from Snuff, and Smoking and Chewing Tobacco.-George no at all.. He has.been taught, in thea-60 to cases of wbacco per year. w. Helme, JP-rsey City, N.J.:logiCal semmanes rthat h1e bod;r IS of little or no con-must. ot be considered that this ia l!imPJ.t for 8ID611 The words "Railroad Mills '' and the design of a loco-sequence and h1s soul1s everything; consequently, his manuf cturers, as a manufacturer emplOying 150ba.nlls motive and tender. 1 two O[ three years of work make a pel.'manent inneeds only 4 oro of our apparatll$e8j;odo Cigars and & Stdrm New York valid of h1m. that time. forth he will imagine ing. v'llhey can be set on any fl9or, or .of a N. Y. :-' !'<>bacco one of hlB best fr1ends if ever he has formed they are all ready to 11:0 to war: without The word. figure or representation of an owl. Its and will frequently find that a lit-any ng or outlay. Theydonothave to be connecte Cigars.-John R. Smith, Oneida, N. 1". :-tie m h1s head w1ll a great deal.of fog out With y chimney. In large factories, or fol" leaf The arbitrarily-selected words "Mighty Dollar." of h1s sermo_ns. ma;r dlS!Jlal; the dealer here it is desirable to operate eeveral of the L. Dessauer & Co., Fort Wayne, Ind .. tobacco hab1t qertamly 1s ba9-, but 1t In.ti.mtely less single ase or No.3 apparatuses at one ime, a small l'he picture of a bird of red color. than the .habits of life that drtve a preacher hotstove at a sma.Il Cost may be used, instead of Smoking and Chewing 1'obacco.-Giobe Tobacco Commto 1t. If the church leaders want to keep tobacco out gas. '.flris stove may be placed on the same fl.ool.' with pany Windsor Ontario Canada and Detroit Mich -I of a pastor' s study or bedchamber, let them begin in the aw'ii.ratuses, or on any floor beneath them, as may words "Gold Fla:ke the r1ght way; let tl:!em pay as much attention to the be des ble. Plug Tobacco.-S. J. & Co., Louisville, Ky. :-I g;ymnasium of a theolog!cal seminary as they do to the We the appuat118 aU nadfto t up and go to work In The words" Unele Sam" and letters "u S" library, and let them aad to every faculty a carefully le11 th an1lo111 fr,om.the.time it is receiveo e offer Tobacco Rob. w. Oliver, Va. :-selected teacher of physical development.-N. Y. them f &&le at tbe exachlost of manu,facture, ABD :FO'R ou n The word "Purity." Herald GB A YBABLT 'ltOYALT FOR TliB USE OF T!fE Licorice-Paste.-JameS C. McAndrew, New York, ACCORDING TO THE QUANTJ'TY OF, 'I'OBACCO YOU co, A JOURNAL OF I Trade, Finance and PoliticalEcotuJIII.y. THts JOURNAL covers a grou.qd the extent of which is occupied by JI.O other publica::r o and Corms u. ianl.uable work of reference to the m t and manu&ctwer REGULAR AND TRUSTWOR CORRKSP NER e wo u bulln :nm.derll thia pamphl et alone of more value to you than .IUlll vv A Goodwill & Co New y k N y me "DEERTONGU.E" FLA OR for smoking tobaecc .,_ f _.. 8 -tf. 19 Gay st., ...... oc, 1 h 1 The head or bust of a human figure having upon it a manuuo.c urers, m ots to smt pure asers, at owest wig, such as judges formerly wore. figures. MARBURG BROS., 145, 147and 149 8. Charles Street, Baltimore. A. TELLER,. Packer, Coromtsslon Merchant, AND WHOLir.BALE DEALJI!B IN ID Leaf Tobacco, Ef Xos. 203-209 East 33d Street, ':Y'c::rk. Tc:ba.ccO n ""'V. !AGENT,> JR.iohzn.oD.d., 'V'a.. PROPRIETOR AND SUCCESSOR TO 0 OLIVER & ROBINSON'S PLUG, SMOKING TOBACCO and CIGARETTE BUSINESS. ftc colcbrated :&,Ax ttG PLUG SMOKING and all other brands formerly OLl'\TEB ol; BOB11180, prompt17lllade to Order. l Manufactured under Letters Patent Aug. 7, 1877, and Oct. 11, 18'11, ll:r 81lifcl under '-be .La-ot IJIIe -c.. -- 1IIdl4>6 ... .._ liQUORICE PASTE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced, Prices. Manufacturers will find it to their Interest to apply to him before purchaslnc ei..-where. James C. McAndrew 66 Water :New YOI.'Ir. .. s HaiilDl N. B.:trade is Cautioned against Purabasifll Waxed P1P81 dl bJ lnfrinsers, qainst some of wham l suits aaw ,..,.. I


-. ... .::: ,. Al.8Q sol.e 'ts :ror If. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, NE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK, IQrG., ETC., ETc. 711. Jll"ro:a.1: &1:ree't, lSI 'V'or.k., (l'rtlmiES l&tei;T cx:cupled b y B ULKLE Y &: I!OOBE, EA ER rN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, :Cor Es.por1:. B&S JPJ:LLBD I!'BOIIIPTLY I!'BO!IJ: STORE OR P .. U JTOJIY, Bole A&eat for tile .Jarily Celebrated. BriUld& .. A'l'L.A.NTIC." "MAGNET," ''SENATOR" '' Dr PLUG A.JrD CUT CA.VEJfDISH. GOi'HR.IE & CO., l'rot Street, Jrew York, commission Merchants. It -Dl>-BALERS OF TOBACCO for EXPORT Loet tobacco _.,.tIn baleo for the Woat India, 1[exto&n &: Central A m erican Ports and other mat""' ice-. !l'OBACCO PAC KllD IN H OGSHEADS J os H 'I'Elcat:PSO:s, D. SAOJtB'I'T Moou, PAUL CALVI. THOMPSON, MOQRE & CO., Tobaccos for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, :N'e"'IV York. ,;s, L, Gaued, H, L, Gauer&. .,.11-.Gaa&er-t & Brc:. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA PAC.KERS 0 F SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 11 188 "'El"U'a'ter B1:ree't, 'V'or.ll:.. -, -SOD LBAPTOBACCOINSPBTION 'llll'obaooo or Sa:a:..p1ec:L. -oGIJWI'RY UIIPLIHG PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO.' t 5 '"" alftll for flfery Cue, Uld dallvered Case bT Case, u to number of O.rt!JicMe .. f ALSO SAMPLE IJr KERCHAJrTS' O'WK li1'0JU'&. P. 0. &, CO. 1 : ln B. W. Dteker-on, corne r o C Arc h and Water S t reets, Ph1ladelph1il, ? a."; eary Il'oreat, K. Queen & tJJa.e tnut, and 2 8 N C harlotte Sts., Lan c a s t e r Pa.; 3 I! Ma; Edward A ntlu Si1ftleld, r..J: .&., :Jt: A1.he:r:$ou, 1'2'6 State Hartf"ord., Conn.; : .... : M B. 4th 81,, Dayton, Ohio; Michael Z\Vl cker, Stoughton, "l.Vl -o" ,...._ l'l.tlrer JL. R.. Depot, St. John' Par k ; 7 4 and 76 Greenwieh Street; 1 l8ll to 188 Pearl15treet; IUld 142 W ater Street. _r:r:l.:p.o:L;p&-:t ,1Aioa &'t., N'e"'IV (l, HallliU.on: P. W. da of GEBM'AN CIGAR MOLDS, SEED LEAF TOBACCO, (Sole .a..eot tor BBSSRS, OSENBR1JE(llt a: (lO,) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. :=. HEW YORK. RD4 Pearl st., New York:' FJNHST GLHAR H! V AR! CIGARa .A.'W'Il'U4 mp.s K1411 lzll!bltla, lt18, fhDeANJadt: E'ta bU.h.ecl. 104.Si1. ALII() lMPOJlT&IlS J. .A.DR.X.A.l!llll"', .L m:. Oppenheimer, Dealer t n MANUFACTURER O F :;'I :; OIGA RS -,,_ Antonio Gonzalez, I '! CRAND STREET, .NEW vo':.K. ,-{! Leaf Tobacco, 138 W ater St., New York. -IJJIIIGB.Ilm&o--:-x-1 .. r.r. I HAVANA lEAF lOBACCO.I __ Chas. F. Ta.g & Son, IMPORTERS Sl? .A.:NIS::: And Dea.Jers in all ki nd s of 180 Pearl Street. New York. fRUlJS AND FLOWERS LEAF TOBACC O 184 Front St., New Ycrk R. L. TUBA, lURA & VIC.HOT, Importe r ot .Manutac1nre n oc Havana Leaf Tobacco, -F:J::N'E-tttl-i Proprle&,or o f' 'the B:rauda "Nannie" & "Mi Nona," 388 BLEECKER STREET' I G eneral Depot, 86 lllaldeo L&Ae, :N"e"'IV York. Jro. 88 HAlDEN LAJrE, York. ERNEST FREISE, E'ta bl.:Lh.ecl. 18Si15. GEO. W. HELME, l'lueeeooor to .&PPLERY & HELl'IE1 o:C 'the 133 WATER STREET, JrEW YORK. lW.I:. &. EL &.A.LODS:O PACKERS OF SEED .. -AND ,ri!PoRTElis O F w o Ha;;.an.a Tobacco 'ari.d Ji'IRST PRIZ E !IJ:EDA.L. O...A.R.L VIENN.& EXHIBITION 1 8 '1'3, l!ILU!1JFAR.G-LER., Manat'actorer or FINE CIGARS, .&Dd. Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO 8S MURRAY ST., NEW YORK, By Bru.nb:-"CUBA LIBREo' "0LI M A.X." H. KOENIG & CO. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN t HAVANA AND SBHB LBAf 226 PEARL ST., N E W YORK. Depot and Agency or THE MAN UII'AC'l'U IU: 0 1' &.W.&AI1 &!X,I 11> -AT-, ,,-254 256 canal St., cor. Elm, Jew Yll't WISE & BENDHEIM, Agts G. REISMANN, B h & L 11 Commission Merchant, t ,. uc anan 1 AndDeaieriaallldndaof ... 101 ST Leaf Tobacco '' Oo:n1:1121ero:la.1 Fa.o'tory, Broo.k.1y:n., lSI". J I MANUFACTURE THE FOLLOWING CELEB RATED BRANDS OF 228 P EARL ST. NEW YORX., = Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LHAF TOBACCOI ,, I &A.I:Loe>::E=l.a o:etoxc::E, D.&R&: The reputation o f these gocd s is world-w ide, and the Increasing sales o! them Is proof of their lll.el'ftiOur Trade-Mark 'El-L is Embossed on every Plus. 117 WATER ST., NEW YORK. o JII"JII":J: o:ma BOSTON: 31 Central Street; CINCINNATI: 69 West Second Street; CHJCACO: 9 Wabash Avenue ; SAN FRANCISCO:. 315 Battery Street; 39 North Front Street B.A..XT:ft.OAQ SNUPP1 Maccaboy, Rappee; S .QOtch, Amqrjoan tundyfoet. V:Z::R.G:J::N':J:A. '1"0B.A.OOO; Viae PlUJI'CB AJ.BERT, CQL()UJ)O, li':WOI.ll '1'()111 :trVY '.tOll, 1L -IUJLBOAD JIU.LI. Pl\UfCIJ ..... 1\'1', OOT!U.II, OLD BIOKO:RY. Ia. 133 WATER and 85 PINE STREETS, New York. .. OB I!'BI

A F. P.A.OJU:RS 01' SEED LEAF .&ND UIPOB.TER.S 01' & BUtKn& 'Siip, NeVf'llll" 184' WATER STREET, NllW YORK. GeODWIN & Cf HAVANA LEAF .TOBACCO & CIGARS, Slli1SI PE.A:EI.X.. "'!rC>:EI.:&:, FINE-CUT lDBAGCO, Hlnd 209 Water Street, .JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., CI_GABS, Ja 18 BOWERY,-. flEW. YURt F'R ENGELBACH, fOBAtiGO DEPOT &AGENCY For F W. FELGNER & SON IS, Baltim.o>'e, Tobacco o.Jld Cig&rettes. 56 S WASHINGTON SOUARE N.Y. S. BARNEr!' .. :a: .A v .A. N" .A. -ANDSEED L E A F TOBACCO, 162 Water St. New Yo rk Basch & FiScher, IMPORTERS O F HAVANA_ A.Dd Paeken ot S. F. HESS & C9., -tlli'U'B, Rochester, N. Y. 9 (IUBor to A. Hen & Co.,J lA.a'e:o:t, 43 Liberty Street, New York. STRAITON & S LATEST ROYAL OWL CIGARS The finest t hey h ave. ever Produced, -AND-TC>EI.A.OOC> And all kinds of Smoking Toba.ccj) ALL HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTE, AJeo Manufacturers of the well-known Brands of Bright Plug Chewing:. Free from all adul teratio ns and g u a.ra n teea as fine as can be made from Tobacco I own,' 'onward,' I FriondshiD,' and Ballor's Solaco.' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Manufactory & Salesroom, Cor. Avenue D & Tenth St., Yort. 166 WATER STREET, OWL Havana. Cigarette, JfearllaldenLane, NEW YORK. 1!. ROSSIN. liL ROSSIN. S. ROSSIN & SONS, PACKERS OF seed. Lea:r, AND IMPORTltRS O F HA YANA TOBACCO, 173 Water St., New York. E. A G. FRIEND & CO., ir..coortera and ::>uler. I a LBlF TOBACC-O, I Sli' Malc:len Lane, 1 NEW YORK. LaotJARO F._Jtn!'ln G. FERNANDEZ, DD'OBTD O J' HAVANA TOBAGGU .&.1'1'::1:11 OZG.A.:EI.&, 1106 Pearl Street, New York. L. N EWGA SS, P.A.CKER O P A.LL IUNDS OJI' SEED LEAF TOBAGCO, I 144 Water St., New york. Internal Revenue Books oa. OdciJUII lMenoal Be-l'llbloh1Dir B-. 80 & ll't LIBERTY ST., JfEW YOJUL P. 0. -1,1111. lr!D.JiD.I Irou l Stca.cill a .AJso Metallic Tags !or tobaeeo. Any patt.ern made t o order at short notice. of every deecription at the Lowest Prices Send for Frices. AHNEB. & DEWS. D EALERS DT LEAP .TOBACCO, 8T .. IlET, [OPEZ, lmDorte r of Fine Voolta.!bajo TO BAG CO & CIGARS NEW M I Lf'ORD, OC>NN EC:T%0"UT. W. A.. BETHEL, Leaf 'obacco Bro'ker, 6 a 'ROAD STREET. Pure Ri c e Paper Wrappers the b es t o f the kind ever offer_ e d for sale. JIBIBP_DI&lV, IIII'OR ... L -HIVANl TOBACCO, Ciru ltannfactnrer & Dealer in Lear tobacco, 6 RiTin!fDI St.,lew York. 2 03 Pearl Street, New York. I THE 'MILLER, DUBRUl & PETERS MANUFACJURING :DII:.A.:N''U:IP".A.OT'U:EI.::Iii:EI.& C>:ll" 1 'CREASELESS VERTICAL TOP, TIN-LINED AND FLANGE TOP CIGAB. MOLDS, CIGAR SHAPERS,. &c. lanntactliiois' SON & No. 160 PE.&R\. 81'REET, NEW YORK. r J. 7 Manufacturers _of Fine Ba,va,.na, Cf&"ars OC>:EI.:EI..A.X..ES '71, :Et.A. V' .A.N .A.. MANUEL GARCIA ALONZO. Gumersindo Garcia, MANUFACTURER of FINH CI&ABS, VAN" .A., OUB..A.. DON OUIJOTH DH LA I!NCH!. Royal :Manufactory of Ciga,Ps. Ju.&n. Cu.e"tc: & PURVEYORS 01' THE KING 01' SP.&IJf, Brands: "LA FLDR DE NAVES," and "OBESO Y CUETO." ::DII:.AX..OJ .A 81, :Ell: .A V' .A.:N' .A.. Havana Cigar. Manufactory. Brands: Cortina, Mora y Ca ,'' "Flor De Cortina," "Estella" and "Shakespeare." V'-u.el. ta. .A. baj o Sta:ndard E:...c1 u.:l:ve1y. FRANCISCO G. CORTINA, Etre11a 184, !EI:a'Va:na. Ouba. Havana Cigar Manufactory. Brands: 'Stanley,' 'La Perfecclon,' 'La Cuerra bella,' 'Aurora' 'Napoleon.' VULTA AB.&.TO STAifDARD EXCLUSIVELY, RUDESINDO CUEVAS & CO., au, B:a-va.:na, duba, LA FhOH DBJ S. MURIAS & CO r -MANUfACTURERS -oF FINE ;CIGARSs J OU.'ba. La Flor ln&lan & MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, ca:ne Ha.vaua, Cuba. FELDI(EIM, JACOBS & CO., Tooacco & Cigar Merchants & lannfacturers, 72 Queen Street, MelboUl'lle, V:lo'tor:la, A "U.&'tra11.a. JOS. S GANS. MAX. GANS. llEYER R OsENTHAL. GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAL,. Pac k e r s and D,ealer I n and suanis& Leaf Tobacco xno i'QV'.A.T:Z:EI. B 'L':Ji'I.EET, ,'fl':EI.:&: LOBENSTETN, 1\II"A "Y::FXEL::O, 'Y. Orders &o1:lo:l 'ted ... --"---


8 TEikLE:&, "HR,O&., Packers, Commission Merchants, ud Wholesale Dealers in F.OREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISENLOHR & 0 r' pACKER S AND WHOLESALE DEAL E R S IN / L E A P T 0 D A C C...;O, 11rJ &. .!11;., Ph:Ua.CLe),.pl::U.a. -PiirL. ll'ONN L. BAMBERGER & CO., .& CIGAR MOULifMANUFACT'G cor.:liQ:o North Uolle[e Ave's, Pa. Js ]!OW ret&illDg 118 di lfereot IJha-&Dd odres, (rqm tbe t &ctory, at reduced prices. mou ld warn.ated u niform. U size Chased be not SUi.table. it will be exchanged OL' money retumed. Our a1m is to give perfect satisfaction to the trade. By purchasing direct from the 'factory you wiU save aU delay aud comm issions. TOO o n l y niedal a nd diploma awarded at the Centennial "'-as to the V. 11. 8olldd"op M oald. Oftlclal docuw.eots can l.le seen at the offi(!ll.,_ Ridge and Nort h College Avenues. U S SOLID T OP QIGAB MOULD CO. lU8 p_..l St., -Stile 39 NORTH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, l:t 0 T T I E R' s .. ..-.. l.ak. Jc::seph. Leeb &, CeJt P&CK.BRS &ND DB&LBIIS IN I. Lea:f Tobacco, No. Ill North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA, -WarelaoDo e -12!) North St. PA.--, 'BST&BLUBBD GUIIPEBT BBbS CIGAR MANUFACTURER[ -.AlU>-General Commission &CTOKY-IIIUl S. 2Sd llitfeet; hl&. Pa.: ll. H CB:Rilnl.AJI, Gal-'l'e:L; w E: TDIGLE, 18 eG _,.,nd,UDCIDDA!!. 0.; E w ; BEULlliG, 111111: _, Street, 8u J't"&DOieoo, 0&1. i C E. CONES, IDdlaD&Do_Us, Ind.; w, It. HOFF, South &Del Water lliireeto. II&IUmore, II: d ; COOJ'I:B"' CO. eor. H&dlaon ucf Front Bt.reeto. Jlemphll, G. AJIAJIS, 'It W-lltnet, N-Yort; B Q. SEVIER, Now Orleua, La._--Western F1Ye Brothers 16-oa Poundll, Lon& .;John 9., drtch&li.iid Black_._ Old a:oaeaq, ., &.Cent Pluc and all othe.r Popular Style oC'Plne Navy TobaceO, ,. ; X...OU:XSV'XL:J:..o:J!J, I ... Cigar, -Box \!he La.ra:eat Ia, the Weot. 1 26,000 Bq;o:e per Week. CJNCINN&TI, O. W. G. MEIER & CO. LOUISVILLE, X,., PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF TOBA C. 0. HOLYOKE, Who1ea1e D enJe r In .Western Leaf Tobacco AFRICAN SHIPPERS A SPECIALTY. 12 Central Wharf, Boston. '&E_DRGE A. JttNES, lmporier of And Deale Ia A SEED LEAF TOBACCO No. 98 Water Street, EI08TO:Dil"o Olu& W WJLD""' Ta. wv.a.w--. CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., UNION TOBACCO WORKS. EatabUohed :In 1838. 'S. & CO. MANUFAUrURERS O F -EWIN_G & SMOKING TO_BACCOS. Speelaltleo 1 Spu.n Boll and No. 1 LODII Cu* aad Dry SmokiD&' l'trat Awe., Short and Wate. St.., PITTSD11KGI'l, Pa. BROKER, :nNil WRAPPERS & SMOXEU & 8PBCI<Y. DANVILLE, VIRCINIA. THE YORK CIGAR CO. PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS UDD. TOBACCO CO LRAF TOBACCO BUYERS, No. 21 North Main Street, G. W. GB.A VES, SEED LEAF TOBACCO, DAN8URY, CONN. ..


JUNE ':A5 Business Dimtorr of Advertisers. XEW YORK. u"f"n>!>= Almer & Dehlo, 190 1'8&1'1. Arendt & Fril.trant. !'l3 Pe&;rl Block & Lindheim, 160 Pearl Barn011 Geo. B: 175W M Water. Clal'dozo A. E. iiiiB;..,a:d Orawtord E. 1'4. '4: jei: 188.. W ....,., Din&&: 176 Water J:uert Wm..&.Qo.. !M61'6arl. Friedman, Heaf1, 119 Malden Lane Friend E. & G, a: Oo. 129 Malden LaDe. G. W. Gall & Ax, 166 Water Gartb D. J ., 6oU &: Co. 44 Broad. Q&ns Bros. & Rosljnthal, lW fV &tar G-rt J. L 169 Water Qerohei L. & ,...,. ttl Pearl Hamburger p Clo. 1GI W"er .lleDbroner, & Co. ltll,llalden L&1u1 Hinlcb, Victonus & Co. 177 Water Jt:erbs &: Spi ... 101,._1020 2d .A.""'JJI B:oenlg H. &: ":lfil" .li4 ..V Lederer & Fiscbel,.#lf, .PI!Jid; .JJ-. .0 Levin M. H. ].6j..f-l Levy D. 169 Lebensteln iillluo.-8.1 Malden Lane Hlcbaelis B. & co. 179 Pearl Neuburger :rot; & co. 179 l\'ater 1 Newpss L \_44 Water Ottinger Br(\tbera, 48 BroaL OweaF. E Oppenheimer M. 138 Water BeUmann G. 228 Pearl. Booenwald B.&: Water Boo8in S. &:e<>DB, 173 Water Salomon G. & Bros. 254 Pearl !lawyer, Wallace & Co. 47 Bro&dw&J llohoverling Bros. 142 Water llohroeder Ill. Bon, 179 Wale<. llohubart H. & C... 160 Water. llcbulz Fred. 213 Pearl Seymour CbM. T 188 Fronl. lllebel1 Hen17, II& Broad. Splngarn E., & Co. 5 DurUng SUp. 81ielneci:e R., 131 Water-Cb&rlee F. &: Son. 186 J'l'ODL Vpm&nn C 178 Pearl. Warehom tor' the Bale OJ and Smoking Tobocool. A.111<111tln Duael II W &rren.. DobaD, cam>U /i uo. IIH J'roJR. DuBois Eugene, 75 Front. Jlulebacll E. 1118. WIIOhlDKton 8quan &u'diner J. ll. 74 l'ront. Hea A.. 48 Ubertr. J(&rtln J W., 74 J'ronl 'fll.ompaon ){oore & Co 88 Front Wiao .1: Beodbeim, 1164 and liM Canal Tobacc::o &:Uen Gu&hrle .1: Co. 11115 J'ronL Leaf T-_,itoQ, l'hlllpo c. s. 1\_!lg, 133 Pearl -a--JI-ll JlorOoollrotbera .I>Ly&U, 101 Wall Buchner D. "Co. 173 and 175 Duane. &oodwi .t. Oo. 1m .t. 1!09 Water Helme Geo. W. 138 Water aud 85 PIM J[lnney Br,._ l!lb t& 525 W oot !lid .cAipin D H .t. Oo. D aad T-. J1111 G. B & Co. 117 Cclumbi&. Jla,.ulachlr.,. of C41an. .Wrlan H J. 472 Grand f lleir, David. & Co. 96-98 Reade Belvin & Sieber, 16-20 7th stand Jl.6 Hall ot. Bondy & L8clerer, 96 to no Attomey B....-1 J amee & Co. 78 BOW Oil' DeBa17 Fred. I! Co .. 41 and 43 Warnm Qreenhall A 94 Warren Ball Tboo. H. 70 BarclaJ Jlellbroner, J-pba & Cc -J'tr.c An. BJnch D & 0o. 1 .. and 180 Bl'fiDC'OD mnchhom a: :Bendbeim, 35 Bowery J[,allfm&D Broe. It BoDdY, !llll.t. 131 Grandi. fODObY Morrill .t Oo. 1211-IW Br00111o. J..,.,by B .t. Co. 100 Chatham So! .t. i .t. 7 Do70r Jterba 1ft Bpi-, 1014 to liW -.A.f. &Dol 310 to 314 Fifcv-fourth Levy 111'011, A enuo C ana 13th Street. LlcllleJIItein BrOL It Oo. 1018 aad 1110 Bowery LoTe Jao. W. 6 Bhingtoa .. ade1 Jt. w a 111<>. 11 1.jj Bow.., oonella Adolpb, e47-e&1 !ld AYODUt Oqler S IIi llllft'loF l'obalilld P. B., 181 Water lltodaelberg .. &:00. IM-111611ciuth.I'IN> AYa, llb'alloD .t Slorm, il)i.208 Eas>lll''ll lloltro .1: Newmark, 76 Park l'laee tfpmann C&rl, 178 P-1 Street. or Bumatr11<>11nd OlaL Diu B. 157 Water l'ernandez G 208 Pearl ll'relle B. 157 Water l'ritdm&ll JAo:n&rd. !103 Pearl G. W. Gall&: Ax, 168 Wator Qarcla F. Bro. & Co. 167 Water ea-ert J. r.. .t. Bro. 157 Bowery Gonzalez A. 180 Pearl Kerbs & Spiessl014-IOW> 2d AeDUe Lillenthal M. &: Co. 17'7 Pearl Lopez, Calix to 006 Pearl .Losano, Penda.s & Co. 209 Pearl Heeeenger T. H &: Cc. 1 6 1 Maiden LaDe. JllraDda F. It Co. 222 Pearl Bossin 8. ilL IJpus, 173 Water Salomeo G. &:: Bros. 2M Pearl S&nchoz. HaY& &: Co. 1110, 1&'1. 1M Jlaldea LaDe Seymour Cba&. T. 1 88 Front. 'tolomon M.. & B. 86 lllaldon Lane !Jpingam 11:. & Cc. 5 Burlmg SUp. Tura R L. 86 Malden 1.6ne. Vega&: Derubelm. 187 Pearl WeU 1/. Co. Ml'lne We180 Eller & lliiO Nut Ybor V lllart.lnez & Co 1!10 Pearl .Agent.'"" CI!OUltl'{l "'"' 8m<>W"tt Augualin &: Duoel, II Warren Hell A .. 43 Liberty Wiae .t. Bendbeiln 1164 and 2116 C&u&l Mt>frOfC4/11rettel and BmolmoW. O#lor-BOI16 Oodar. Jta,yner J. toot ot HOl18t8n et .. East BiTer. Uptel(l'OVO W E. ol611-475 -T8ntb Impot'ler of Cigar llloldo. Erlcba H. W. 8111-321 St. Bh<>w card Jl"""titoQCIA4 .l'i!UAi..g. The :Barris J'lniohlng Co. 56 and 58 Murray Mantifactu...,.. o/ Hall Tbom&S B 76 Barclar Bpaniah. ana German C!gor HeppeDbetmor & Maurer. 11!1 and lM N. W.u.m Lol>enateln .t 8aao. 101 Malden Lane Stra\188 Sim'n, 1711 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Qo. 158--1111 -Tra_ro .. t GltJN 8ijjw. H&tthewa John. 1st AT. bet.-.tINa at M'f'rl of Tobot>co 8hoto G'l'llffilbem' Man'f,facturer oj Silver Foil. Crooke John J Co. M,3 M1.11berry of IJi.gar Mould<. 1ll1ller, l'e..,... & Co. I<< and 130 Mcngin of Sh.eet M etai aM Woodft Cigar Moulc:U 1'be Millfr. Dubrul & Peters MfK..._ Co. E 19th ImJ1r<>Wii Toba : o ScrOf! M i Oigll Manufa.clurer& Borgfeldt'N. H. 50'< East 9th th Toou aftd Mtitmal.l"'for Cipar !\;(anutac;tvrer W6Ueyne H l.lltl -aJL. a Inlern"'l fjoel& 1 Jonrgenoea C. n'!l37'Ut>ort)' 'Foreign. and Sternberger Simon,,M: Bxcba.nct Pllloe. Manuta.c'turera oJ 8?tOtD Fif'u;rea. Bobb S.,A.1!ll5 Cao\illO.-!:c.c;,_.D"' Btr8.U88 8. 179 and 181 Lewls Sole Man14(acttwer oJ the Ori"inaJ 9reeta 8tJ;J.I Snwlmqr-o'lhboooo. Emmet C. & Co. 74 Pine of J'Gper. Augustin &:"Dusel, 11 Warreo )lay B 100. 2d A C()J,..nteT"CUlf. ... Tbe Bradstreet Co. Z79 Broadway 1 Na'ft-11/GCturera of Oigar:Bpc Read Geo. w. & Co. 186-200 Lewio Tobacco Freigla t 'Broker. Sullth vi. 0. &: Co. 53 Exchange Place Manufacturers of Cigae: r s' ToJhac ,o Bagging. Person A. Harrlm. a9. !Jroome,. ALBAlf'Yl.'R. y, lla.nufacturer Q/ 1:UiJacoo. .... Qreer'a A Sons. Broad*ay ALTOONA, :f.._ Jfan.ufr. of Ctga.r41. Blumenthal J. 11Z Eleventh AMSTERAM, HoiLmd. IMporter of Seed. and Dln in 8umatf'a Tob. Urbach & Frankfort. BALTIMORE, Jlld. Tobarco Wart!hOUtel, Barker .t. Waggne<, 29 South Gay Boyd W &: Co. 33 South Jterckholr IL 0&. 4fl south Cba.rlee Klemm Chas. H 39 North Calvert Marriott, G. H. M. Gennan Jlerfela. i Kem)ter, 39 Gl!lrman t Weamb&rd erC' JterckhOlfG. & C. .. Charles 'II Jla.nufaeture,... of Bo:tft, Henecben Rudolph, &Od 340 S. Shal'P> of and Jm;m;IM-c ,o/, 1'obaooo. Becker Bros. 98 Lombard Behrens Jnhn & C0. 20 Water st Kerclo bacco afld ....U. Dealer in Seed LM.f Gnd s-Tobacco. BocJ< A. & Ce. 44 and 46 Dearbom. 8&Jldhe.gen Bros. 17 West Bandel ph lilubert B 1131 E Randolph Sutter i-otbers 46 and Mlcbig&n A veoae Ma,.!n of Fi,.e.Oul GhowitOg &: 8molling Tob. Beck A. & oo. 44 and 46 DearbOrn Wh8lesale Tobacconists anct M'f'r' Agen.U: Boot. B....,ll & Co. 57 Lake and 41 State Woodward E. A. 42 W&basb Av. llftr3 of Plug Tobacco. Heney, Benry A.. & Co. 1o-1e River at W h.olesale Tobacconut. Luerssen Geo. ct Co. 48-50 Lake st Cigar a.u.d. Tobf'ICCO II.Ajtr .Age11t. Tate G C. 4.9 Dearborn CINCINNATI. O. Cigar Box LumlH!r. The E D. Albro co., 685-767 w. 6th, Trost Samuel W., C&na) Wholesale Dl?'8. -in Oigar &:TobMM and .Agu. for Gwbo &: &m't Cigar ManufOLturiYT'" 8uppl1M. Schuberth & Cc. 186 Vin : Dealer! fA Spanish aM Ciflar .Leaf Meter Hv. a: Oo. 46 Frent 1\lb Commi.uion Merchant and Mtr'l Blchef Helll'l< A. 15 West Second Street. llnfln of Im.P"OVI!!d Tobacco Jlachin.e,.,. Tlla JdcQowaa Pump Ce. 141 &; 143 W. 2d at Mfr of Frey's a--Cent Gifl,orelteo. J'ref L. C. &: Co. Lea! Tob!Jcco Dobnn&nn f. W. s. ViDe l'f9Dt Leaf Tobacco. Meier R. Jfc:mfCJ.ctut'et' Shut Metal an.d Wooden {)iga. r Mould&. The )!lUer. Dilbrul &: l'etel1! Mfg Co. 136 to 140 E. 2d. Cotn:mitsion. .Mercha1\t&. Prague&: West Front Jl(ltl.ujacturers of ()i.gcw-Bo:eea. Geloo Henry. 93 Cla T IIB-102.1!!. Canal Dln. in :loreign d: Domestic Leaf Tobacco. Oberhelm&.U John&:: Co. 60 W. Front street TObacCo CUring ond SwfJating, f'hiUps James, 70 Mam TobaccoTago. EV A.NSV.ILLl., IatL robacco CommiNion. Meroh.ot&U. llorrto C. J. & Co GLASGOW, Scotland, Scotch. PiP.;'Juan. Garcia; 'inda. Lopez -Lopez, Manuel lilt Co.'ez y Sttlos ll Murtas &: Co. Rude$l!IQ;i.Jli!Was & .tJj;:::Jl&to:la 8j!, Ynclan .t Sanchez, CaUe Estrella 94 HOt"IQlfiVILLE. Jb. Flack 1(:. ,)[, ThompsGn Geo. B&gada1e W. E LANCASTER, Pa. Deli.ler1 m Ltclt 'l'obacCo. Frey .t. Weidler/;218 W...Ktngst Hirsh David G. Ea.s' Chestnut st 8ktlee & Frey, 61 and 83 North DUke hcUr CofnmWion Teller A.. 283 N. .. .Manufacturer of Cigar Hirsh Davld G. Stehman H.-L. & Co. 262-2!S4.N, Queen at 'LIVERPOOL. Enc eo,., BrOL .t. Co. fO Lord. Nelson Btl Tob 'TobOCco 6 \ Jl&mberpr L. & Co. 111 Arob f I 8 Batchel'or Bros. 1281 Bremer's Lewla Solll, """North Thlnt Dohan & Taitt 1117 AreliT .. -rl'EioenlohrWm .t. Co. W.!!ter.JoT McDowoU M Ill. Co. 81t K,.o __ fiaT & lfiiiiCti, 116 No>rtb Wa Ralph I D H & Co. 138 N. 3d Sank J Rlu&ldn &: Co. 82 North Water Teller Bro .. bel'l. 117 .North TWrd Im.porter&-o! Ba-v an.a Cigars Qncf Agent. tor &id""-g's KeM Glgar1. furuet, Stephen, &. Sons, 231 Chestnut uaf T..oa.M Swootl"'/. PbDips C. 8. & Co. 181-133 'lllcmb W'-. Jlll"llfociVrriM .Ptull. Mellor & Bittenbou.oe, 218liorlh Twf>ntT..&eooDd. Jlfr'l .Agr Plug a!Od -tiQ Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 Arc11 (Jiga'f'-Bacco W. E. Dibrell of K. )!llllliser .t. Co. 13011 Main ROCHESTEB.,.Jf, Y, Manufactu,era of Tobacco. Wbalen R. .t. T. State Jfanutactu.rers oJ and Plain. .Ftne 014t TobaCcO and "Vanity Fair'1 8Jn:olntaq Tobacco a"d Oigorettea. Kimball Wd!. & Co. Mnrdo9k Jas! Jr. 165 Race. M:n.ftrs oJ,Cigarl a-nd Dlrc. T oba.cco. Queenc'lgar eo. 1lll-lj0 ) c:t.:A.RKSVILLE, T....., Leaf Tobacco Brol, Pearaon J R. & Co. DAYTON,O, PtuiMrs tng at>d 8motci"tt 2 obacco. Jlarl<&l'lt. C. & Co.74 and 76 Je8'"""'n AY of Ha11ana Toba6oo. llerger & Buehler. 911 JetfenJOR Avenue. l Smith R.c & Son, ,20 tlampden c:ll .Duller &T l LOUIS, llllo. "' fobace6 Dormit'ter"C. & R. .t. Co. ll!3 Market Buyer of Leaf Tobacco obacco .Co. 21 North Malo TobaccO Buven. \toler Adolphus &: Cc. Manujact,.rers Agenl.l. DUlenberg D. 1.20 N. fld ; Agent for 11ta.rbiu1 l Bros. .,. Mfs of TolJarM. Dausman Tobacco Co. SYB.ACUSE. Jli, Y. JIG,nufacturer of Oiffotr Bo:Ha. ._.,t & fuaidell, 168 and 170 Jtut wTOLEDO, O. .JIG-nutactu'er of '1 V'rgiA Quee.... ''Cigarette&. Messenger Cha,. It! WAREHOUSE POINT, Collll. Packer of ct Dlr in C"" Seed Lea.! Tobacoo Barnes Geo. B. WESTFIELD, Ma-Pa<*.,. afld Dealer ift-Barhm"DDJnbn C WHEELING, W.Va. ll-JoonW"" of. Bteg;ea. 2'ipo ct Fine CJigora. Ebelinll' &: Pebler, 1043 Market st 1 'B A!'ICHTENS1'E'IN .I 1 1 f.,, .. [ q r .AliD Dll:ALBII8 D1 TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorne, St., :Dil"ll!l'VV' Tmnmur 61' 9 John Ka.ttheW..., bt Ave., 26tli a; 2'1tla St.., Jf..-Yvdr. Llee1118M of tho Ttlgbm&nSand Bluf; .... lllanufactnren by o&her Palented-of. Transnaronl United Stateli Internal Revenue Tax. The tax on aU ldnds of H&pufactnred Tobaeoo lsl6 cento tt 'II>; &mr, te cents 'lllb i. Clgal'll, S6 t1 thouaand; Cigarettes wel&bloc not over 8 lie 'Ill thouaand, tbouaand; CIR:are-and Cheroot, and*S tJ oent. ad va.lorem. Cigarettes same 'duty as ; !SO cent& I. JlaluJfaQ, tured Tobacco and Scrape are also subject to the Internal Revenue taz <>f 14 cents t1 'II>, and must be packedJn coulormltywltb Intern&! Revenue law and regulation. Scraps and C\lttingB, bowever, may be wJthdraWD. In bulk fnruseln a tobacco, snull', orctglil'manufactoryWitboutpaymelll of $ho intemal revenue tax. a2: .. 7:;:::,tra tobacco the duty is 35c gold per lb, and 10 per cent. Pipes and pipe ho"'ls, 7!l per cent. ad valorem, and $1.50 per gr1 and per cen. ad viiforem. In lieu of &U Eltelse Ucense t---.-I'ID tobacco koown &a" common Canedl&a twist," tobac blanc en mrquette," he!ng tho unp-lea.f rolled aad and'm&de whoUy from -lobaooo, jlie ln'OWth of Canada. BURLEY TOBACCO, From a private r eport of the Louisville tobacco mar ket of the 18th inst., we are permitted to extract the remarks respecting the above popular variety to19acco: "The strong position of Burley tobacco at present is a disappointment to buyers who have looked forward to a similar d 'ecline in prices which began at this time and continued in July and part of August year, 1vhen the crop to market was not so large as it is thi;s year. Notwithstanding a disposition on the part of manufacturers for some time past, to buy only as re quired for current wants, the offerings in this market have been light, country holders showing no anxiety to se11, but apparently rather to holcl all tobacco in good order tili later in the season, with the expectation that demand for the fall and winter tirade will sustain-. if not cau se a further advance in the extremely high prices for leaf. Be that as it may, prices are tuller now than tHe have been at any period this seas sh&ll be Imposed, levied and Oalo rer t ,I. 1eo!1 Jl."MMIIt;c S1!-an a ..,......, 1111ll:!rolle dutr Table of.Weighta. ....................... __ .......................... ,_ .. _, .11 Pud (Russian) ... ":" ..................... equal to 86 pounds, Amerlcall. Duties in Newfoundland. Manufactu.-ed and smoking tobacco, :t6c t1 lb; e(JI'an, per and 5 cent. ad lear, unstrlpped and u.nstemmt!(f, 1Ja ; leaf, strtpped andstemmeu.,. 16c '6 lb. The above iD Amerloui money. Foreign Duties on Tobaeeo. In .A.natria, Franoe, Italy and Spain the tobaeoo commerce 11 llzed by, Government, under of a Regie. In Germany the on leat tobacco a.nd stems is 85 mark& per 100 eQU&l to 10.40 cents per on strips and scrape 180 mar.ka per tOO k:1JDo. cra.mmea, equal to cents per pound; on manutactund co and cigars 270 m&rks 100, equal to 88 08 ceu per pound. On tobacco produced in Germany, the tU: elreot AprU I, AprU 1, 1 880, to l'llaroh 81, 1331 00 per 1 .00 k.ilogrammes, equal to .2,45 cents per poa.nd; trom April!, 1111. lie lllarch 31, 1RB2, 30 marks per 100 ldlogrammes" equal to 8.61 """"'e5 pound; from April 1;-' 1882. and therea.tter .4b marks Per 100 nammeo, equal to 5.110 ooata -polllld. In the is -reckoned, atter doduot!Dc 15 ptr for_ tare, .The duty 1s ., r..-(33.36 gold) ll 100 J!;ilogramm.,. (100 American pounds equal to 4IJ6 ldlos .) In Holland the duty iB !!8 oen,ts, gq)d, per 100 ldloa-!2SO Amarlcola lbs 0eqal to W' ldlos). In Russia the dnty' on Leaf Tobacco II rou ea II kopeks 'Ill pud on llmok!ng TobaOO<> 11\ roubl'"' 4() kopeko 9 pud; and on roub ea 20 kopeks f i)ud. A The u pud n ta t;o .about. 36 Alnencan 16'a. Ill Tyrkoy the 111 110 llOIIItB, gold, -:sl .l.mencan Ib tb.e dut:ee are oa 11toj.smed or strtpped.aud.Wistemlned,..cnnta!JIIag 10 ..... more of ture in 100 lbs wetbt tbOI'JlOf.,?o 64 per 11>; oootalnlng Ieos tbaa 1t!s .ot moisture, 38 10d lb. Oh ll!anufiild and ..a-.., 54.5 cents. 40.2 cents. Brltisll POIJ8eeSions in NOtth Am or-Norw&y:....crow., gold, '911.8 ...-,L IC&-dollar, gold, Sl. P&ru-aol, sliver, 83..6 ceota. ... Central Americ&--peeo, oller, 88, & e. Ptrtll1;al-'lllllreil of 1 000 ...JL Cblll-pe90, 91.2 cents. $1 011. --, Denmark-crown, gold. 911.8 centa;t Russia--rouble uiiOO Ecuador-pe119, flilver, i3.& cent& G6..9 cent.A. of 100 piasten, 101d. Sandwich 1.f. --$41117.4. Bpaln-peeeto.of IOOCOJI France-franc, gold ct silver, 19 3 eta and silver, 18, 8 cent& G-t Britain-pound sterUng, gold, Sweden-cown, gold, illl.8 _,.. 86.6).i Swilzerland-fnnc, gold Md gold aDd alive:, 1U eenta. 19.3 cents. Trlpoll-m&bbub of 10 pluterl, ... DURHAM. N, C. J1111"ufacmrer of Sm<>lritoQ Toboc:oo. BlaclnVeD W T. &: Co 'M/n of Blackwell' Durlwlm Oli/orelkl. BlackWell W. T <* Co, Loos, Il. L .t. Bro. lieder .t. Bro. YOB.K, Pa M'n'f'T'I of Ci{Jai'O, M&JOr Jacob"- & 11 Soa&h ll y ark (lip "" For the market, I hear only a small lot here and there bemg put up on special orders, the ex perience of the few consignments already made offer ing no inducement to send more, so long as all can be disposed of on this side fol' domestic consumption. The &TSQt and growing popularity of this type of Germ&n Empire-mark, gold, 28.8 c. ver, 74.8 cents. llndl,e.-..,pee of 16 anoao, eDveo, -.7..,..ta. United S-.t -.-lira, 10111 ud 111-. te.l eta. euJ


I THE TOBACCO LEAF JUNE 25 "tc: &mc:k.e:rs. Owing to the numerous humbug patented substitutes used in preparing cheap paper, we fee l the Importance of calUng pul:llc attentio n to Our wrappers, which made of the FINEST NATURA.L RICE PAPER. universally known to the best; free !rom shellac. arsenic, and other drugs, which are required to render sa.livaproof and t-oughen in!erJor paper. A cal"eful ex.o.mlaation ot. our Paper a.nd Cigarettes 1\'ill satisfy all of the great m erits claimed. l;xamine each Cigarette and see that every oae bears KINNEY BROS.' fac-simile signatur& JIUY NO OTHER. KINNEY TOBACCO CO., of the !oU owtng weU.Jroow n bran4a:-Ca,ROraJ. Cap_oraJ. Sweet Capora.l St.Ja.mes9 St. Matinee, Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador, Union Club, Zetland Veteran, &c. 8 .. Oed.a.r York, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS. CHOIC E BRANDS O F SPANISH LICORICE I GREEk LICORICE I ALL SPECIAL TillS FOB PI.UQ PlliEOlJT TOBACCO. OHve Oil. Tonca Beans, Gums,-Flavors, POWDERED L ICORICE ROOT, X.:lcor:l.oe. 1N STICK LICORICE WE HAVE THE FAV ORITE l! RANDS:-:F". & :F"IG-:r..T ..A.TEX.X.:I: G-"1:TZC>X.:I::N":I:. W E. UPTEG.ROYE. Spanish Cedar J'OR CIGAR BOXES, _....,_ Box Maters' SnDDli!IS. Has etood the test 'low for OVER F I VE Y E4RB, and i s PRONOU!{CED BY THE Leading Cigar Manufacturers As the onlj Reliab l e and Lastihg Havana Cigar Flavor_ f2.00. 1 P int $6.00. Pri c e Lis t 1 G a ll o n (8 pints). 5 G all o n l ots. 10 Gall on I ota $40 .00. $35 pe r gall. $3 0 p er ga ll 'I'EllliiS: l'i"ET C, 0, D. one Pint will mak e FOUR GALLONS STRONG FLAVOR imply by adding Four Gal l ons of W11ter. T his quantity i s sufficient to Fillers for about 50,000 CIGARS, BEWARE O F 1 1\IITATION. Every genuine bottle is l abell e d "LA VUEL TA ABAJ O HAY ANA TOBACCO And bears my Name n nd Ca p su le. J AHES CHASKEJ,. ]. S. GANSj SON & CO., Tobac, c o Brokers, 131 Water St., New York. l\11. RADE-Jh:. & lOth' lltll St., East .;:.--1-. .& .. DRIGIJAL GREEN SEAL" 44 8.0:1: &e. .Keer.ehaum lmold.Dc T PIJO: STREET, NEW YORK, OW YORL JOHN ANDERSON' & CO lllANUFACTUREllS Oll" atE S OLACE And Other TOBAEGOS 1.14k '1-16 Llber-ly s s., N e w York, .Beg to direct the attention of the dealers i n Tobac co thro u ghout the UnJted St&te.s a.nd: the W o r l d to their CELEBRA 'fED SOLACE Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco WbJcb is being o n ce more manufactured undet" the lmmediatesupertision of MR .lOHN ANDERSON, and now stand&. &I formerly. without a rival O rders forwarded through the usuaJ cba.nnels meet with prompt a"-ention. LICORICE .PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO. 11S7 lliiiEA.:E:E:J:BIN X..A3SI'E :J:Sr:a"VV 'l'he 'l'.-.l>&lng 4emanded a Bupe ti.o r CJlll&per Article than that hitherto used, this ComJP&U .eaa.nuta.eturiDg,and o ffering fo r sale, LIOORICE (under the ol d uSantord1 1 brand)o! a <,IUAJL,n::r. .-_ a.t a. PRICII: which CIUl hardly t all to !oe acceptable to a U gl-.tng It a trial. M81Ior a Rittenhouse, 111& lSI". Dfacl. MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH A N D CREEK LICORICE PASTE. .-cen&ellDlalllledalawarded cor "Purity, Cheapne and General Excel Je uco o r ltlanu.factu:rc." -ALSO M. II!; R BRAND STICK LICORICE, ALL SIZES. (ESTABLiSHED 18'7'J Sa::rza.ztD. &. Oc:., 9l. 92 & 94 GRAVIER ST., cor. Magazine, NEW ORLEANS, LA. IBrOBTERS .&ND lJI.&N11PACT11RER8 OF HAVANA AND DOMESTIC CIGARS. S:ola Agents for ST. JAMES PERIQUE, in Carrots and Cut. BAY--Y.A ftlll. C11T TOBACCO, OBNTENNIAL JI'INB C11T TOBACCO, .&NB _,_ QENER.&L ;JOBBERS IN TOBACCO, ,,__...,._ (lON!IIQN!IIENTS 80LICITED. WILL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS. O:I:G-..A.::n..:I!JTTEJ&, OPERA PUFFS! Theae Ciguettes are made with the new A JI'IBER prepared paper (Papier Ambre), a new and 110ve l Fnmch invention, which entirely removes the gbjectlon so frequently urged against Paper Cigarettes. In smokin g t h e AMBER prepared part that is put i n the mouth WILL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS! The abaence of mollture preYeuts the ot while IDlOklng or the spread. f the Tobacco and melting of t h e Wee Paper W e hoTe secured trom t h e FH ENCH patentees the Sol e Right to 111e the p A.PJE R. A.l'JIBBE In the 11NITED STATS. A.LLEN d3 G-:J:N'TER., lltiAJfUFACTURERS, RICHMOND, VA, Sole qeots io New York: AUGUSTIN & DUSEL, J I Warren St. D. BUCHNER a CO., O:N"EJ:J::J:)..A. TOEJ..A.OOO "VVO::n..ll!li:".&. :,'; OFFIC:-1 73 and i 176 DUANE STREET, NI!W YORK. of CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. i &OLD COIN 1 CHEWING TOBACC Manufacturers of alh. Brands formerly _Man ufac tured byThoe. Hoyt &Co. Z.talolbhe4 K. C. BARKER "VV'or:rau., 11an-.... of lhe Celebrated 'American' "CLIPPER," DEW DROP," .&.a4 etlt. -.----.r li'IJIJI:o(IVT. 'UNIVERSAL FAVORITE,''FAR.' "Ol.d. _Oo....:ro:r-t,. .114 othe., and Bnnld8 fJI. S!IIOB.ING TOB.AOOOS. e H a. 64 Larned Street W DEIT::n..O:ET, :D:I:O:at. CIIAS ._ HULL, 8oe'Y uul Tre&&. I Pleaao notice that I have removed from No.ll a!ld 13 Cannon S treet to Foot of HOUSTON ST EAST RIVER. ADOLPH MOONELIS, !'UBER OJ' CIGARS, 647, 649 A 681 2d Avenue, ""d 16t h SIB., JfEW TO&&. IR!PIID>K 1l.l.D a I!'IIDDI QUAUft a. MANUFACTURER O F ALL J:.lND8 OJ' X.:ET:atOGrB..a....F:at:EO Cigar-Box Labels. 293, 295 & 297 Monroe St., New Yort. Patent Tobacco Machinery r OED.A..:R., = Palenr..) :1: O:l.a.rEio:E :Doll: a :a. o:;.;:> Ill J-"Y'N"E:R.. .9 I < The'Mrs: G. B. Miller & Co. i Tobtttcco r! ESTABLISHED 177 6 I i = 9'Z OOX.U":DB:I:..A. lSrjE"VV "YO::n..:JE, -t PETER D. COLLINS, ,President. !Ill n MANUFAOI'URERS OF THE CELEBRATED -, PLAIN FINE-CUT Chewing Tobacco IN BLUE PAPERS. I SN'UFFS: Rose-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch, French ltappee,American Gentleman u SXG-N' AX... Che-vv:l:n.g, one oz. Fou. A lso, Plrt .... Second quallt7 SIDoklng, lD Blue Pape r s SWEETENED FINE-CUT-Dark and light Grape.1 Forest Rose. Club. M A Y APPLE and, PRIZE LEAP FINE-<111T, In FoU, SOLE AGENTS JIJ'OB NEW YORK .&ND VICINITY POR GOODWIN & CO.S OLD J DDGE Smoking Tobacco and Ciurettes. Mo .&f!:enta LeadlJlc lJianuflleturiln of SMOKINC, PLU_ C TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. 2M -d 2M CANAL STIUlET, Ooraer of 'ELM STREET, NEW YORK, CI(l.BETTES T h a t s t u d unrivall e d f or PURITY. Warrante d Free from Drugs or Medicatiop., FRACRANT VANITY fAIR! THREE; KINCS! NEW VANITY FAIR! I Each having Distinl{uishi n g M e r its. H A RMLESS, REFRESHINGJ. & C.AP'll iVATING ----8 FIRST. PRIZE MEDALS! Wlll., S. KIMBALL&, CO,, Pee.rle robaeeo Wo1'k.. Rocheat c r N "\-:. :a:a .!Ui.T:i:)s, Little Brown Jug, La Belle Perique, Pocahontas, My Uncle Toby & PeHca.n. OAUTION:-Beware of S uits now pen diDg for Infringements. J-u.:a.e 95-th, For Sale Joy all Dealero Bovee & Adams, Manufacturers, 79 & 81 Gravier St., New Orleans. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY "'t:7 SIGMUND JACOBY, G UST A V J ACOB Y. :N' X 0 U' S. JACOBY & CO., D'.l: 200 Chatham Snnare, and 5 & 7 Dorer St., New York. :as: l sfociiesureANDllciciiis. Wheefing, W. Va. oua SPECIALTY: 11 The Lincoln Club. Cigar." AU Ord.el'll "' WHEELING, W.Va. --Patented Hay 21, 18'12. ComposftiOtf ... C&rd Mounts, W i t h E name l WaterProof Fialsh. BETTE::n.. T:at..A.J.'oir Gr L.A.&&. Show CaM S mounted on our Pate a-.: Composition l'fiount and ft.nished with our Ename l WaterProof Plnla h and fran1ed, look better lMt'longer and are muc h oh.,..per than cards p u t up in fra.mes and glaas. They w ill A'ot W arp, cannot be punched, are aot a.ft'ected b y change of weather nnd can be sa.te l y sh ipped. 1 to 10,000 Sho w Carda or Pictures Mounted at Short Notice lN ANY O F THE FOLLOWING STY LES : On Composition, with Enamel Finish, with-Frames. On Streteher with l:namel Fl.nhh, Borde-On Binders' Board. In Framea, atlt or Walnat, SPECI!IIEN C A R D S Anlhed aS Shorl Notice Free of Char&e. Estimates giv e n a ud all orders prom ptl y executed_ Fratne of all kinds, Square, Oval or Circular, in Wal nut, Oak, Imitation Rosewood or Cilt. THE HARRIS nNISHING CO., :Da.:a. Est11blis hed 1863. 66 and 58 Murray St., New York. Addre!S-6 1 BROADWAY, P. 0 Bor4118. NEW YORK. Constantly on band the Best Improved Machinery for CUTT ING, GRANULATING AND 'sU:VING TOBACCO BY OR STEAII POWER A large va.riefy ot 1tfachjuery for Cigar Jolnnufac turerS. such RslotCutting Ravan& and other Eillet s!or Cigars, Stem RollerS, M.achlnes. etc. Ebeling & Pebler, :a!ANUF ACTUREllS O F And Seed a.n d o ther Bra.n d.l o! WHE.ELING STOGIES, 1043 :Market St., Wheelin[, W. Va. CICAR CUTTER. ---Paunted M a y 15, 1877. T his invention provides an improvedde:viceforcu"tio g the points of cigars i n place of biting them oft' ,makiDgthe cbla.r hold togetber. w litle smok'g. much better than i f bitten, "l1 aDd prevents a ragged e nd; and i f the smoker uses& h oJde r ft makea a better dt t o t h e t ube. Tbe.cut-otrtJpa.are collec-t<>d in a storage reoe ptacle f o r further utllbatto11. Bend for price list "VV. :Doll:. EIEJLO:atEJ::n.., Manufacturer and Patentee, ... Jfo. '62 Dillwyn Pb.Uadelplda.. t


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