The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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' 1 VOL. XVII.--NO. 26. fES'I'ABLISHED All Parties are Cautioned BfJ&Inet Pearl st!Peet I any of thts,Brand. -scraps ao OU.1i1i:I.D. ror J 011RlS'1'1;U' o -"" (p, 0. Boz 2231J ;-. LlJ 'J,J L I G 0. W AUGUSTIN. & : I (LATE OF A. HEN & CO. ) ; 1 1 J .,, %U1po1"'toiir.l .d) ... : FOREIGN AND DODSTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; fl '"' lannfactnrers' A!cnts for all the .popular Brands of Fine cut, Smoking; and Pln! Tobacco and Gi[arcttes ; ... -.. .. t Sole fqr_ and Cigarettes; Sola ror GEM Tobacco & Ci(arcttcs; Depot loll' Ganulaa Dlu.'ham-.Jno. W, Carroll's Lone .J ack-E, T. Pilkinton' Fruita &Flow' '"Sole 'Agints of COEENHAGEN SNUFF; d rlfFrench Paper; in Reams and Books; ,, "' ,.No. 11 "VP" .A.::at.::at.ENl &T::at.::m::mT .N::m"VP" YO::at.:K. -. J;IIPOaTER$ IN O'D'R OWN :'r-!-:Sft:IO :N:o-. 880'!"70'7 "-Tb.e;.Je>.,...,... IJ ;. c:rke., l NEW YORK AND CIDCA.GO -liiAN11FA.OT'D'BEIUl ,QF r ror Facto'ries-NEW YORK: 38 -Crosby.& 841 & 88 Franklin St.',.r SIL-YEB 'SUBF:&:CE roii:Ml l 1 ,t PATENT _METAL, m;td e.n, the di11'erent ve.rietiesof known to the 'rrl!de. PlUN'TINC ON FOIL in Bro,nze and polors, and with difl'erent designs o! Orne.rri'e n tation, f o r I I f ,. .1 TB.:A.OOC> .A.JSrD OXG-.A.R. LA.BELS. -"" ( J,t I I :ror :Bo1:1:1ea, Flaln, Colored or SCamped, -'Omco Address: 1163 IULBRRRY NEW YORK; I -as 'fRANKLIN !f_ I J I 'I J, o 1 1 "tJlOn t .";.. .. -AND-1 J [ !) r r TOJAceilNISTS' _,_ ... r.. ... I MANuF A.CTURE!t (-QF-YIRGINIA. RDRTH ClffiR(oiLLtnNiAA & Depoe Cor $IN'l'-'8 Bleludo..t,-"'a ; a-;.,.. .. &Dd CIIJ&HCCel 1 '-' J, W. CA.BIJ.AI,L'8 .,A.Jllll;t" efe.; ltjE, 'I!; .I'I:J.IIi;,INTON "PB1JIT8 .&:ND II'LOWBB!I" -ldn11 ....... ..,' 1'11"-BlJBG'JY.IOSt "!JJii.&,L L01JISIA.NA. Cat Rlld Ia Carrot, 'f r 1'VfT,,.B ... GB!flJINE D1JBDAI'II Tobaeeo, ') I Wlll s. "' "VANITY I!' AlB" re.aeeo" and Sole Agent. for H. p:_ ;,ones' A 11 TAR HEEL" and "OCCO.EIECHEE" 8moklnf!r i'l'oiiiNl09oaJ C.Campbell A..:.Co.'a CITIE8" -,;'fQ FDIECUT, 'by SP.&ULDQJG & IIEJI.BXCK :-1tld Glory, CJaarm ot the Wet, 8weec Barley, ctaeen Bee, Trampa, Wac1 Bacle,lll p&IJ. and barrels, and TBA. VBLEB .......... I I!F'PRr'CE LISTS FURNISEI:D ON APPLICATION, 1 -J.


2 lilt lobacrs ESTABLISHED l8.6__4. Having the Largest Circulation of any Trade Paper in the World. J'UBIJ8H!ID BVZIIY BU'UBD.t.Y IIOBNINII BY HE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 106 MArDEN LANE, NIIW YORK.. OOIIND OJ' PE.t.JU. STRJ:ET. 8W.t.Bll JIUltiOI: : 4DI a. Gli.\FF ............. .................... JitJm:loaa ruitRevised Rates for Advertisements. One Six Thre& Year. Months. )[onths. $25 $14 t8 45 24 i4 45 24 14 so 45 25 SO U 15 160 S5 46 300' I" 95 180 100 55 50 8PECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS O:N FIBS'E PAGE. JneYear. 14 Llnee over Two Wide Column *100 18 LIDe 175 14 Line Slqle Column 65 8PECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON READING IIIATTER PAGE.--"One Six Three Year. Mouths. Months. 14 Line over 2 Wide ColaDUio 186 146 126 :NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES. t Line One Incrtlon 50 Vent. 4 Line One Month $5,60 14 Linea Two n::::o:>oaho ... S.50 J.,lncs Th..ree JUonth ...... 14.00 H Llneo Sill: M-ho .. .. 24.00 Llne8 Twelve Month 45.00 J,laes Three 11IontiiJ8 18.00 Line Six !!Iouth .. 36,00 Llaea Twelve ru:onthe 60.00 Bead.lna Matter AdvertbMU.ents on EdttQ:rlal Pal:e 10 per cent. on the above price. -BemJuaneea Cor A.dvertirrements and Subscription Ooal4 alway be made ttayable by P. 0. Order or oy eloe<>k \0 "TOB.t.CCO LE.t.ll' I'UBLISHING CO." I.Jader no Clrca:D11'tance 'viJI we deviate fto.DJ. the above rices. IN-CHICAGO.Mr George C Tate IS the authonzed correspondent of the Tobacco Leaf Publishing Co. at Chicago. All orders for Advertisements and Subscriptions for THE LEAF from that City confided to that gentleman's care' ) TO THE TRADE. Members of the tobacco trade who sojou-rn the heated term m the country, can have THE ToBACCO LEAF supplied to them by sending their address to this office. "ONE VOICE FOR PLENTY." In colors your suggestiOn IS 1mpract1eable on account of In prmters' mk, with light and heavy shading, your Idea can be carried out successfully, but even this method will 10volve much labor and money. If One Vo1ce for Plenty will send us a ltSt of one hun dred subsoribers m h1s city and elsewhere, willing to pay five dollars copy-whiCh will be guaranteed to be correct and embrace all-THE TOBACCO LEAF Will undertake to furnish what IS reqmred m thiS mstance .BUSINESS CHANGES. The extended official hst of dtscontmued and com' meucmg firms 10 the tobacco mdustry which we present to-day with the aid of a supplement sheet, made UP. expressly for the purpose, Will be appreciated by the patrons of THE TOBACCO LEAF everywhere, It Will be rei!UlMbered that a London contemporary r.ecently spoke approvmgly of this feature of thlS journal. The present list, like those precedmg, was obtamed at the Office of Intetnal Revenue, Washington, and be gmnmg where ll former one stopped 10 April, includes aU the changes for the month of May, the commence m11nt, so to speak, of the current license year under Internal revenue regulations. In no other pubhcatwn can th11i valuable mformat10n be found, and any peri odical professmg to be adapted to the wants of the to bacco mterest w h1eh does not con tam It 18 practically worthlesl!. THE CROP PROSPECT. As we wnte, Fr1day A. l\1 the prospect of the tobacco crops in the field 1s not as favorable as could be wished, owmg to the prevalence of hot and dry weather all through the current month of July. Our Kentucky, Tennessee, Tilm01s and Oh10 correspondents:almost um formly m thmr commumcatwns speak dtscouragmgly of the s1tuat10n of the Western crop on account of the absence of ram. Good, soakmg rams are needed In nearly all the producmg districts. With these secured the chances still m favor of an average yteld are good, as there 1s ample t1me for recuperatiOn. In the Seed leaf sectwns, as, also, m Vtrgima, the same that are:deleterwusly affectmg the plants m the South and West, are makmg themselves felt, 'and relief IS to be obta10ed from the same eource m the one case as m the other. The present atmospliertc con dttions md.icate abundant ram m the near' future. ALL BOSH" AND WORSE. Our Lancaster correspondent m a personal note to us this week says. "I do not know whether or not you want any refer ence to the -10 my letters, or I would have sa1d something about that 'corner' It tried to make a sen sat10n over last week. Whether or not there IS a com bmatwn m New York, of course I do not know, but as to growers in this county meetmg, that 111 all bosh of the most foolish kind." The reference to the project of a "corner" m Penn sylvama leaf, to wh1ch, presumably, our correspond ent alludes, has not come under our observatiOn. Are we to understand that it has been stated that there is a combmation to buy up, a la syndicate, the 1881 Pennsylvama m the If so, then all we have to say is, that only a fool or knave bent on trymg to do all the harm he can to the Seed leaf tobacco mterest of the United States could be guilty of giving such an idea publiCity. CIGARETTES THE PAST YEAR. We have recei:..ed, by request, and herewith publish for the benefit of those mterested, from the Office of lllterruil Revenue at Washington, the following statement relative to the productiOn of cigarettes in the past fiscal year : For the fiscal year ended J uue 30, 1881, the aggregate number-of Cigarettes made m the Umted States was 567,386,98.2, which at $1.75 per thousand tax yielded 199!,927.22 reTenue, and 9,000 at 16 per thousand tax YJ.elding $54 revenue. In the year ending June 30, 1880, the production at 11.75 tax was 408,701,365, and the revenue therefrom $715,227.89; and at $6 tax 7,000, with a revenue of $42. There has, therefore, been a gain the past year in the lower taxed goods of 158,685,617 in number, and $.277, 699.83 in revenue. The gain in the higher taxed pro duct is perceptible without our solution. It is evident from the figures altogether that the cigarette industry has made marked progress within a year, and this evidence of the prosperity of our manufacturers is to record here. JAMES BRUSSEL & CO'S CUU.R 1 TORY. So progressive IS the development of the Cigar facturmg mterest of t:ius ctty, that even a w1de awake, journalist trying to k;eep pace with Its onwara march ha.S to be contmually on the alert to note succes s1ve steps by whJCh Its movement IS measured. The growth of trade m th1s branch of mdustry is-con stantly compelling the successful manufacturers to qmt old and betake themselves to new' and 11\0re com modwus premises; and the newspaper scnbe who makes It a pomt of" duty: to chromcle the var1ous re movals thus occurrmg, finds hnnself obliged;-by virtue of hiS ambition and callmg, as soon as he has faithfully described one new factory speCially erected and ap pomted for one new comer, to com fresh phrases for the proper portrayal of another. For the aforesaid scnbe, the work devolv10g upon him IS an arduous but, nevertheless, agreabie one, as performmg It, he has the satisfactiO n of feelmg that he IS a part and parcel of the tide that is bearmg some of his comrades m the struggle of hfe on to fame and fortune. The latest. part1es here whose advance upward, both geographiCally and m the scale of rank, clanns our attention, are the firm of James Brussel & Co., who have just entered the new establishment at 309 East Fiftymnth Street, whlCh they had built for their future use and occupancy. This firm havmg found thmr old premises, m the Bowery, too lnnited for the1r wants, have now secured quarters for them selves which will give them verge and room for the ex erc1se of a ll the ibusmess tact an'd energy which they poSSeSS, and whtch, Judgmg by the success they already achieved ; ate collSlderabl.e Though among our younger c1gar manufacturmg firms of prominence, thlS one IS steadily wmnmg Its way to reputatiOn and mfluence It IS composed of :Mr. James Brussel, brother of Adolph Brussel, partner m the fine house of LJChtenstem Bros. & Co and Mr A L1ehtenstem, brother of Mr. B. Lichtenstein of the house named, If these gentlemen had nothmg else to commend them1 theil blood relatiOnship to LIChtenstem Bros & Co I would be a strong pomt m thenfavor. Mr Brussel graduated m their house, and 1n due course started busmess on his own account w1th Mr. A Lwhtenstem, who has had thirty years' expenence as a cigar manu facturer Theu new factory is a substantial five-story bnck bmldmg, e1ghty five by one hundred feet m breadth and depth, the lmeal d1m1.msions 10cludmg ad JMent buildings, wh1ch form a part of the mam structure. The front of the basement is devoted to the storage of leaf tobacco, and the rear to the sweatmg the same. There are five floors in the bmldmg On the second or ground floor are the offices and stock and rooms The casmg and str1ppmg depart menta are oli the th;rd fiogr, 1!;114 on the fourth the. are employed. The packeFs and the the1r selectiOn occupy the whole of the fifth floor. MesBJ,:_s. Brussel & Co. manufacture aU varieties and grade$ of'domestiC Cigars, for which they have a demand to the extent of the1r from all parts of the country. It IS a plea.llure to us to_ cat;p.logue the firm With the favored one who_ do bus10ess in estab lishments reared for their. espectal use. M.INOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. '!HE TOBACCO LEAF. s01ll preparation of the ground, of the plant, cholCe of mahnres, :D;lal)ipulation of the leaf, and.._ tne re quirements of the excise Jaws. (rhe St. John (New Brunswick) News, in referring t& the question of Job&l production, says:-" A.t ptesent, we be1teve, all the-to:> bacco used ill this provmce is nnported, and the sum that goes out of the country yearly 10 payment for tobacco IS very large. Could not a considerable por twn of tbat amount be saved by the culture of tobacco by our farmers? It IS true that tobacco, 10 Its highest perfection, IS a Southern product. But a good quahty of It 18 raised m western and north-western Europe What IS more to the purpose IS, that tobacco of a fair quality has long been raised in,the Provmce of Quebec m sectjons!further L orth' tli,an any part of New BrJPlS w1ek : and that the product could be Improved by ..a more c:lt:fjful ch01ce of seeg and sk1ll10 culture, and efforts are bemg made to secure this result Now; If good marketable tobacco can be raised to advantage in the Prov10ce of Quebec, It must be pract1eable to raise a hke article 10 this prov10ce, and It would seem to be des1rable for our farmers to test the matter. BUSINESS MENTION. Mr. A. GREENHALL, cigar manufacturer of th1s city, reports a fair 10qu1ry 1or fine hand-made goods, and states that he IS very busy fillmg orders THERE IS a feeling of discontent among Cigar-makers m th18 ctty. No strikes are ant1c1pated, employers as a class paymt:( hvmg wages, yet the cigar makers are grumblmg When dtd they not grumble 1 I :Messrs. FRANCJ,S H LEGqETT & Co of this City, erectmg a grand Six story iron front bmldmg m West Broadway. Mr. Sempel, the manager of the c1gar de partment of this' emment firm, states that the rooms des1gned for h1s dtsplay wiH surpass BBytbmg of the kmd ever seen 10 this. countcy. -J MESSES HILLIER' S SoN & Co impgrte,ro and drug nullers: 0f thiS City. report a fair DUSmess in tobacco ma;J,ufacturers' supplies This firm have A fulllme of fine Powdered Licorice and Deer Tongue on hand, which they offer at very reasonable figures All kmds of spi'ceS. lhey inform us, are at higlier figures, will advance considerably. 1 WE refer; our readers to an adYertisement on our Supplement page of Issue of Mr. S Hammerschltl.g, the well kno.wn wax paper manufac'turw of t;):us cij;y. Mr Hammerschlag IS the SOLE manufactur!ll' of ma chme-made "ax ,paper under h1s 1etters ,:ratent, and Jl.ts sales to almost every tobacco, ana-cigarette manufactul'er o any Importance are ver-y large. Tbe patent rights of th1s have ot late been'iully sustamed by Judges Blatchford, McKennan and Butler of New York and Pennsylvarua. An Patent Tobacctrate of the, State. On Jan 8, i877, h e dehvered h1s ret1rmg message as Gov ernor Smce that time he has taken an active part m politiC a l hfe, but not as a candidate for office. HIS late splend id r es idence IS a monument of elegance and c ultIvated tas t e "'He Wjl.S lJ-generous P ,atron of the arts In r e h giQn he amhated With the Uiutarians. His m te1est m locai chanties was manifested not only by generoua and r epeate d donatiOns, but by an active personal attentiOn -He was spoken of as a candidate for the Umted States Senatorslilp from Michigan, and was a formidable uval of the late Senator Zachariah Chandle1. Whe u Senator Chandler died It was gener ally believeii that Govo. would succeed him 10 the Senate, but m the contest m the legislature at Lan smg, Gov 'Bagley was defeated Baldwm by one vote REVENUE RAIDING IN TENNESSEE -Umted States harmless, and at samet1mennpervwus to the Deputy Collectors JS1Iles M Davis, G. w Cam bell, mmsture .of the smokers saliva, thus perm1tt10g the Samuel James R Neal Nathan Davts consumptiOn of the Cigarette Without mutilating, the Blackmore, L Pnce and Wm 'sm1th return a few paper m the mouth .. They are made from the finest days ago from a ratd 10 Rutherford Clounty. At Verselected brtght VIrginia tobacco, and are mild and ill th d th t b f t f w G H 1 sweet, and guaranteed pure. To meet the mcreased I'I'IIL.t.DELI'HI.t. NOTES. sa es ey seize e o acco ac ory 0 a ey, demand for their smoking tobaccos-the" Sweet Ca on the of of the revenue laws, and oral, 'and "Vetefan, I!S"""'ialt""-th firm h -:Mr Theodore H Vetterlem IS agam on the street, Haley and J. P. Smootherman, who gave dd :p. J -""" J e ave ma e lookmg apparently tmproved. bond for. their appearance at the next term of the an a their a<:_tory, whwh jlnables them to -Mr John Hay, of' Hay & Snuth, IS reported nol; Unit'ed States Ctrcmt Court. In the factory seized promp Y eupp Y t llll' mcreaamg ttadjl, We would ad were twenty eight boxes, contammg 40 pounds VIse tradesmen who have notheretofore handled these qmte so well c l -, r each of tobacco, 2 containmg 20 pounds each, and 'Z_IL two brands of tobacco, to give them a -Mr. Schroeder, of the firm of Rothf!Chtld & pounds of smokmg tobacco The entire property 18 aTe-of-the est----grade;-and-will-g1ve the der, Ch1cago, S{!egt a <;_ouple-of days 10 ouP eit}"la&t valued at $750, and ill the lar.gest tobacco seizure ever smo er sat1sfaetion 10 every 10stance, as we beileve week. He was looli!_ng for destrable leaf. made 10 the dtstrwt. they-t_hare amkontg tThhe behst art1tclesfoallf thtehkmddever put -Mr Chas s1edl!Jr, of P Lonllard & Co, Jersey on e mar e e c arac er 0 e goo s manu c1ty was he1 e on -Thursday He looks and means factured by the Kmney Tobacco Company IS of such through and through, and eVIdently quickly BUSINESS ITEMS -In the last week's issue of "Bradstreet's," we find the following notices concernmg members of the trade Ryan & Cummisky, St. Louis, Mo manufacturers of tobacco, were burned out on the 16th mst. The loss IS estimated at $25,000, part1ally covered by insurance. John Wilson, Memphis, Tenn. tobacco and cigars, has been closed by the sheriff. He had a very small stock Charles H Collms, Peabody., Mase, Cigars IS finan Cially embarrassed, and w1ll probably pay about cents H1s ltabilittes are $2,500, and assets $800 1u stock and accounts. Julius KroJanker, New York C1ty, tobacco and CI gars, assigned on the 19th mst to Ferdmand BQCk, gtvmg a preference to Joseph Schwaz for $425. His ha bthttes are about $2,500. BoGUS CIGA:RS -A Chicago gentleman recently VISit ing a suburban town was asked by the leadmg grocer of "the place whether he would not like a good mgar The grocer said that he knew the ctgars were some tking extra, because lie had bought them at an auctiOn sale of --& Co s stock when they moved to thell' new store. Whereupon the Chtc&go man felt greatly disappomted, fi>r he knew that when the firm men twned vocated the prennses, they removed their stock, and that the place WM iiiimedultely occupied by a set of auctwnsharps who QPBned up a sale of cigars and dtd a rushmg business for a while, the general lmFres Blon, of course, bemg that they were disposing o the vacatmg firm's old stock. The country grocer had been one of their VICtliilB, the cigars he had purchased being of a vileness uoparalleled outside of a cigar mock auc tion store. Another of these swindlmg concerns hBII opened up on Clark Street, near :Monroe, where a lively busmess IS earned on all day lCmg-dozens of verdant country men and a good number of citizens who ought to know better falhng VICtims to the ghb tongue of the auction eers and the captivatmg wiles of the cappers.-Cha.cago Tmws. FROM AUSTRALIA -A correspondent wr1tmg under a recent date from Melbourne abQut the Melbourne In ternatwnal Exhibttton, furnishes the followmg liSt of Amertcan exhibitors of tobacco manufactures, cigar ettes, etc. whose manufactures were ,awarded the btghest d1stinct10n m their respective classes and have been awarded sliver medals rr. C. Williams & Co.-Manufactured hand tobacco. Wilham Cameron & Brothers-Manufactured hand tobacco. Alexander Cameron & Co. -Manufactured hand tobacco. Allen & Gmter-Cut tobacco. W. S K1mbaU & and Cigarettes. AHen & Gmtel'-Ctgarettes. Gall & Ax-Cutsmokmp; and ctgarette tobacco. The Melbourne (Aust ralta) ArguB of June 1, reports that a company has been formed and registered to purchase the Vtrgtma factory of Messrs. Cameron Bros. & Co Melbourne, and the VIrgmia Company's Tobacco Manufactory, Lonsdale Street, to manufacture the celebrated brands of Cameron & Company, and the well known brands of the Vngmia Company, under the name and style of "Wilham Cameron, 13rothen & Com pany (Limited)," at 97, 99 and 101 Bourke Street, west, Melbourne. Prominent among the shareholders are Messrs. Cameron Bros. & Co ; Dalgety, Blackwood & Co.; J. Kronheimer & Co.; and Feldheim, Jacobs & Co ; Mr. William Cameron bemg chairman, and Mr. John Owen (a shareholder) manager. TOBACOO CULTIVATION IN NEW BRUNSWICK.-M. Lar ogue, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Quebec Assembly, has recently published at Quebec a valuable work on the cultivation of tobacco m that locality. It furnishes full information respecting choice of seed, selection of posttiv!l excellence and so well known and generally takes 10 all the points. adnntted, as to need no endorsement at our hands On M A :M F h h" If 1 tl t our sup:(>lement page they attract renewed attention to r. rec le IS enJoymg Imse e egan y a the1 r brilliant novelties Bordeaux, F1 ance. -------LOCAL .JOTTINGS. -Mr John E. L1ggett, of Liggett & )feyers, of St. LouiS, IB summering at Asbury Park. -Mr G. H M :Marnott, the leaf dealer of Baltimore, was m search of goods on the market on Fnday. -Mr. Segmtz, of :Messrs. Ed. Ascherman & Co Milwaukee, VISited our market this week m the mterest of his firm -Mr I Popper, member of tlie firm of Messrs H. Koemg & Co has JUSt returned from a very success ful busmess trip. -Mr. Thos Meininger and :Mr. Morell, both of St Loms, still contmue to be buyers on our market They w1ll probably leave for home some tnne durmg the ensumg week. -A fire yesterday at Sag Harbor, N Y burned, among other places, the cigar tmd tobacco warehouse of Geo. A Babcock. I -Mr. H. Wei!, of Newark, could be seen m the warerooms of some of our merchants on Friday, domg somethmg m the way of replenishmg stock. -Messrs. E. Rosenwald & Bro. sold this week 600 cases of 1880 Penns;ylvama, 400 cases of whJCh were taken by :Measrs E. Bach & Son. -We are pleased to see among the hberal contribu tors to the Children's Samtanum at Rockaway the names of our frtends Kerbs & Spiess. -One of the sales of leaf during the present week de serving notiCe was one of ISOO cases of 1880 Pennsylva nia, made by Messrs. Chas. F. Tag & Son, to Messrs. H. Koemg & Co. Messrs. A. S Rosenbaum & Co. this week sold be tween 400 and lSOO cases of 1880 Pennsylvania, and also 400 bales of Havana, the former sale bemg made to Messrs. Sutter Bros of Chicago. The strike of the cigar packers of Messrs. Heyman Bro!l & Low enstem, whJCh through the presence m the staff of an obJeCtiOnable perspn, IS about to be sat1sfactonly adJusted. -)lr Wm H. Hamtlton,lateof theDRusmanTobacco Co., St. Lome, is now conneeted with the cigar house of Mange, Wiener & Co Philadelphia, and will repre sent that house m St ;Lams m the future. -Mr. C. A. Yale, of the C A Yale C1gar Manufac turing Co.1lnn1ted, Wellsboro, Pa., was on our market this week ookmg for good stock, and purchased sev eral thousand dollars' worth of Mr. Fred. Schulz, 213 Pearl Street. -Mr. James N. Veaze.y, the Havana agent for Alex. Frtes & Broa., has just returned from a Western triJ?. He states that thll Cigars he bas seen flavored w1th their new productiOn are "all the go." Mr. V. will remam m New York but a short tnne -Mr. Wm. Eggert, of Messrs. Wm. Eggert & Co., has returned from Cmcmnat1, where he has been for a few weeks on a sem1 busmess and pleasure tour. He says trade m general, and with cigar manufacturers especially, is very brisk in the West. -Mr. J. H. McP1ke, of St. Louis, representmr: Messrs. E. T. Pilkmton & Co., of Richmond, pa1d us a visit a few days Bf;O, while in our city. Mr. McPike, who is an young man, says that Messrs. Ptl kinton & Co'11 Fru1ts and Flowers sell readily in all p8l"ts of the counky. -As we go to press there are rumors on the street that a prominent local dealer has made a sale of 1,000 cases 1880 PeDDBylvania to another firm of prominence in the market, but we were not able to verify it. There ia alao another lot of 300 cases of the same kind SBld to have been sold, but this ia also without verification. CHICAGO :NOTES. As we have had a :view of the buyers from" the agent's standpomt, we will now reverse the orde r of things; and lc,ok through the eyes of the buyer and see v 1 ews of those selfoptmonated gentlemen commonly called Probably no City thiS s1de of New York has such a conglomeratiOn of agents1 both transient and resident, as Chwago It would be unpossible to class them only as one class, and I am not sure whether that should be first-class or not That they have a practical knowl edge of the bustjless, every one who has come 10 con tact w1th them will admit, as that agent has yet to ap pear who does not understand thoroughly all Its branches They know them by natural mtmtwn. The tobacco busmess has been hereditary m their fannly. Somewhere m the remote past, perhaps, their greatgrandfather, or some other anCient antecedent, hved near or at least m close proXInnty, to a tobacco manu factory and thereby handed down hiS advantages to his pos'tenty. We have agents averaging in hetght from five feet one mch, to SIX feet four mches, and rangmg m avoirdupOis from the salesman who only wetgha eghtyfive pounds to the one that will balance the scale at 240; but whether big or httle, they are all blessed with an equal amount of brams, and m some It is wonderful to contemplate how such a great amount of knowledge IS contained m one small head. What occuratwn they have followed preVIOUS to thiS IS a matter o conJecture. It is evident that they have some callmg, as they are full-fledged when they appear here. They sprmg up like mushrooms, and vamsh as gmckly. Some of them are defunct tobacco and cigar JObbers, while others are bursted Jl!anufac turers As to description, there IS the solid agent, l!ho, when any inqmry IS made about some one particular, says "Oh I am solid there!" and, to make hiS asser t10n 'good, 'goes in and manages to distribute himself generally all over the buyer's desk, looks over hiS shoulder and reads all h1s correspondence, and makes h1mself as obnoxious as possible. Then we have the agent with the convement note book and short mem ory, "ho, when apphed to for 10format10n as to the state of trade, has forgotten how many orders he has taken that but 1mmed1at ely consults his nolie book gives you the exact quantity, usually runnmg up to a 'large figure, wh1ch you must d1v1de by four, to arrive at a correct conclusion of the amount sold Agam, there IS the well connected agent, who will d1scourse with the buyer with great gusto on hiS fine and wealthy hoe of ancestors and the extraord10ary purity of the blue blood that courses through h1s vems. There IS the noble and mtellectual agerit, whose forehead extends clear to the back of h1s neck ; and should he unexpectedly take off his hat, the sight of so much forehead would make the cold chtlls chase each other up and down your spmal column. Hewillexpatiaie by the hour if permitted, on the elegance of an address, and the ;mpression it made on Its hearers, dehvered at some county fau, or before some agrwultural soCiety. There is the knowmg agent, who knows mor@ about everybody's busmeas than they do themselves, canalways give you the most reliable information on failures and suspensions, and as the reason of such fail ures because they did not follow h1s 3!ivice; we must admit that agents are necessary evils and 1t 18 to those gentlemen's eftorts that the trade has reached such emment proportiOns. Every agent has some peculiar trait, and they could be followed up for some tnne. -The Internal Revenue collections ib the Petersburg, Va., dtstnct for the week ended July 9th, upon manufactural tobacco and cigars, amounted to $12.'7!,1.07. --Cl -7.-=TO'! CJ&'ar9 k-wlaF ............... \ JULY 30 Our Lancaster Correspondence. LANCASTER, Pa July 27, 1881. Tobacco grow!lrs both m th1s and ne1ghbormg coun ties are now anxwusly watchmg for signs of rain, for failing a good soakmg fall of a couple of days' dura twn, and that soon, the tobacco crop will prove a grand fallu,re m the great m!ljonty of townsh1ps. Some few sectiOns have been favored With good local ra1ns and m these neighborhoods the crop IB in good condition and will give a full yteld of splendid tobacco. But from the less favored townships comes the cry of d 1 s tress. F o r weeks past the weather has been much too dry. Now and then a hght shower would fall but not enough to settle the dust, and now the that pronnsed so we:lm the begmmng of the season does not present such a fine appearance Some of It will have to be cut 10 two weeks, though the leaf IS too small for wrappers, the stalks havmg commenced to shoot heads and the leaves grown r1pe before the usual time. Some of the plants have made no perceptible advance at allm the past few weeks, and all of the to bacco n eeds ram, without wh1ch the crop will un doubtedly prove a failure Even if the much-desired ram does come, well-mformed parties say that the crop w ill not equal that of '79 or '80, though the acreage 18 larger Durmg the past week two large pack10gs of the '80 crop have been sold one of 300 cases to a Baltimore packer, and Frank H Bair, packmg for Werthenner, sold 400 cases to hiS employer. WHITE LEAF IN CINCINNATI. 1 EXCITING DAY ON THE TOBACCO BREAKS c At the siX warehouses of the mtv there were offered on Wednesday five hundred and 8eventy-seven hogs heads of tobacco that were sold hogshead by hogshead the begmn10g at 9 o'clock A 111 and runnmg con tmuously uut1l nearly 6 P M. About one month ago. :M!issrs Wilde & .Mabley, the clothrers, offered prizes for the finest hogsheadEr eold durmg the month of July, and Messrs. Dav1s & Yancey, of Owen County, announced the1r annual salE) of fine tobacco for the 26th and 27th. Yesterday, as being the first day's sale, n o t only attracted a large number of shippers and handlers from all portwns of the districts contrii::iutmg to this market, but an unusually larie number of manufacturers from all parts of the and conseq uenc e was, one of the ll-CQve ana excited matkets ever known in 'this mty All the other took advlfotag e of the extenst'Vely adver t1sed ,sale, and "put up .accordmgly. In actual fig urea the average priCe of the total otfermg, of w h1ch only 42 were reJected, was $16 84 per 100, which, esti matmg the net weight at 1,200 pounds per hogshead, would gtve a total cash sale of $116,600 16, or at a rate of $202.08 per hogshead As an 1tem for the sB.le of the crop of four hogsheads, grown on five acres of ground by Mr. B K Dav1s, w hwh $1,;208 21, IS a subject for collSlder atwn, and for merchants a,p.d bankers it would be well to cultivate a cash S) stem th&t can produce such re turns 10 a smgle day ------'---SLICK. SHEPPARD. The tobacco men of Lomsville are so well known, and crookedness has so long been foreign to them, that an 1mphc1t confidence has grown up between them and the banks U p t n th IR a1 t l ess nnd unsuspectmg state of thlngs, M1 John M Sheppa1d, of l)anv11Ie, Va, came about o :w 'ea ago locatmg on the southeast corner of E tghth oUid M.\n1 s t1eets and d1splaymg as a s1gn a very attrac n ely pamtecl t obacco upon whic h was Vug101a Leaf Tobacco. A. few .days SJ,nce he unexpectedly diSBppeared, and the report IS that Lomsvllle IS $60,000 behmd m 1ts ac counts with h1m ... The tobacco men are accustomed to hypothecate-as they technically tel'lll it-the tobacco which they have m wareholj.Se custody;, t)lat IS, to use It as collateral upon whwh to check out money. They take the ware house receipts, whiCh show the correct valuatiOn of the tobacco, to the-banks and are advanced money upon It. It IS a system of pawnmg. Mr.jlheppard worked somewhat as follows For two or three months he dealt m genume wrappers, the high graded tobacco 10 wh1ch the com mon IS wrapped; and gamed the confidence of the banking hQuses. _After that he began to buy the 11\flanest apg. Kentucky brands. He would take them.Qut of me wartruO'DstlB, 'Wbo,., n.cetp'W'would show their true valuatiOn, and have them conveyed to some place of storage-Jungbluth's, above the Galt House, waa the one generally used-fp>m which he would obtam receipts which left the valuation and character of the tobacco blank. These he filled up, representmg the low-grade Kentucky as fine Virg1ma, flhng the value appropriately high. These re eiP.ts, thus .amended he would hypothecate In this niii.nner tobacco he had purchased for four cents per pound w_puld takf n as collateral valued a.t sixty cents The exact amount of h1s swmdlmg could not be ascerta10ed, but;cannot be otherwise than lieavy The German Security Bank and the Falls Ctty Bank were the banks with which he chiefly dld busmess. A reporter found Mr. James S Barret, cashier of the at the Standiford Hotel last evening, and from h1m obtamed an account of the transactiOns wh1ch Sheppard has had with the German Security. He has checked out $17,700.on 186 hogsheads of tobacco, all of whJCh he represented as genume VIrgmiB, but 109 of whwh have turned out to be Kentucky lugs. "But," added Mr Barret, as the remammg 77 hogsheads are of a selling quality, as the 109 are worth something, and as we were cautwus enough to advance him only one dollar on every three dollars' worth of tobacco, we hope to come out even." The Falls Ctty Bank IS not likely to pan out so welL They advanced fully fifty cents on one dollar's colla teral, and received no fine V1rgrma. Mr. Tillman, the cashier, was out at Pewee, and the exact figures could not be le al'llcd, but those who should know something about It place the losses as h1gh as $36,000 It IS said that the msurance agency of Marris & Bailey IS pretty deeply bitten. The Boone Warehouse on Main Street, between Nmth and Tenth, and the Nmth Street Warehouse are thought to be also involved Warren Henderson 18 reported to have trusted him too far The full and accurate account of the amount of hiS gams and their losses w1ll probably not be known soon, as some of them w18h to keep the thmg pnvate. The Boone Warehouse, however, is not of number, and will, It is said, institute suit as soon as evi dence IS collected Sheppard's rmpositions were first suspected about the middle of June. It was kept stJ!l, and was not fully known even to the sWindled part1es t1ll a week back, when It leaked out. Sheppard qmetly took the cars forSt Louis, where he is now supposed to be. Loutsv,lle Ocnnmercial, July 24. -\9)\a \ Patent omce Report. ""\ For July 26, 1881. INVltl'ITIONS PATENTED. Oigar-machtne -0. Hammerstein, assignor to Mal vine Ha=erstem, New York. Oigar -mold.-F. C. :Mlller and H. C. l:'eters, New York. TRADEMARKS REGISTERED. Otgars, OtgaretteB, and Smoking and Chewmg To bacco.Wilham Davies, Brooklyn, N Y The arbitrarily selected words "Three Ctties Paper Wrappers for Ctgarettes.-Charies G. Emery, Brooklyn, N Y Tli.e word-symbol "Judge." FOltJALE. 1880,-PENNSYLVANIA.-1880 Havmg had the experience of a number of years in the l;>Uymg of Leaf 'l'obacco, I w1sh to engage my services to some responsible party m buymg and packmg the same. I have a warehouse with capactty of mg 500 cases, situated on the Pennsylvania R. R., m the centre of a fine tobacco growing country, the dis tance from Lancaster C1ty giving me great adTantages in buying. I have also a fine packing of 270 cases 1880 crop, which I offer at reasonab)e figures will sell the whole or part of packmg Call on or address H. C. WITliD, Christiana, Lancaster County, Pa. -The York, Pa., True Democrat says:-There are from forty to fifty thousand pounds of tobacco yet for sale within a radius of three or four miles of Spring Grove, this county. A good chance for the dealers. ... ....


JULY 30 Our Special Seed Leaf Uorrespondence. PETERSBURG, PA, July 26 We are now anxiOusly wa1tmg for a good, thorough soaking ram of a few days' dur&niOn It 1s very dry, and to6acco, corn and vegetatiOn m general, 1s suffer mg pretty badly Ram at pt e11ent would be a blessmg mdeed-as regards tobacco Some tracts are pretty well advanced, others two and st1ll others one half of 1t IS topped, but they are not so very' plenty, but the great bulk 1s a httle backward for the season, but whiCh Will (If ram should fall m a short t1me) g1ve a good y1eld Others agam are very Irregular, and part of tracts are topped, while the balance 1s from middle s1ze down to plants as small as when set out I really do not beheve from present mdwatwns that the '81 crop m lAncaster County can be a full one It seems almost an Impossthtlity-because so many plants have'tl:ie1r seed heads and areqmte small, w1th but five to mght leaves, and those are stunted, bemg not a full developed leaf, but shdrt and narrow There seems to be a great difference m opm10n re gardmg the early or late (or m other words small plants) Parties who have s ma.U tobacco say they pre fer the small plants sooner than have the large or early growth tobacca They clarm that the l a tge or early tobacco IS too far advanced, and w1ll decay or suffer from the drouth, while the small can stand 1t much longer, Without suffermg, etc Now, why 1t IS that the small plants should not as much as laige ones, I cannot understand A large plant w1th leaves from fifte e n tothtrty 1sches coyers or nrotects 1tl!! roots, or mother words shadows the ground so as t o keep the SOIL from drymg or burnmg It, whwh a small plant IS not capable of domg The sun bemg so hot that It burns o r patches the ground to the very roots, stunts the plant so as to cause tt to shoot up and brmg the seed when 1t bas produced but four to SIX leaves If large tobacco will suffer hom drouth, depend on 1t, small tobacco Will not be the gamer of hot and dry weather ro rught tt has the appearance of ram, and I hope we may be vtsited wtth 1t, as 1t IS needed badly No of '8 0 crop m this vwtruty CORRESPONDENT German Tobacco News. From Mannhetm a correspondent, wntmg under date of July 5, reports, tnat to the uncertamty m regard to the duty quesllon, manufacturers are very backward m making purchases of new stock Large sale& were, however, lately effected m Sandhofen and Lamperthe1m at the rate of 56 mnrks per cwt, mclus1ve the tax At Seckenhetm about 6,000 cwt of new leaf were sold at the rate of 33 to 35 marks per cwt, exclusive the tax Thts tobacco was, however, m a semi unfermented state, and m a kmd of raw and mOist conditiOn At Ilvesherm about 60 cwt of leaf, grown m the VlCtmty, were sold at an average rate of 47 marks There IS a lively demand for 1879 leaf The plantmg of the new crop has JUst been fimshed. If the new crop should turn out good, which, however, w1ll not be known until about the m1ddle of August, the quanttty produced will be very large, as a larger acreage has been planted than for many years before The followmg ts a statement of the rmports and ex ports of North Amencan tobaccos at the port of Bremen durmg the first five months of the present year Imports-Kentucky leaf, 1,168,000 kilos, VIr gtrua leaf, 325 ,000 ktlos, Maryland, 385,000 kilos, Oh10, 225,000 kilos, Bay, 167,000 kilos, stems, 2,885 ktlos Exports-Kentucky lt-af, 2,616,000 k1los, Vtrgtrua leaf, 1,045,000 kilos, Maryland, 436 000 kilos, Ohio, 188,000 kiloa, Bay, 93,000 kilos, stems, 960,000 kilos LEAFLETS. -The receipts from mternal revenue on Thursday, were $384,776 42, and from customs $581,167 99 -The Treasury Dopartment purchased 510,000 ounces of fine silver on Thursday for deltvery at the Phtladel phm, San FranciSCO and New Orleans mmts -Buffalo, July 21 -Anna Stout put a lighted c1gar m her pocket to day, and was nearly burned to death before the fire could be extmgutshed -An English paper says -One of the stalls whtch attracted most notice at the fair at the Albert Hall was where the well known "Bear" mgarettes of Messrs Thorbecke (J Flachfeld & Co Basm.ghall Stteet) were bemg sold. The ladtes who dispensed these ctgarettes had qmte an arduous time of 1t -The ladies' day" of the Frtendly Socety of To bacco Manufacturers m London took place on the 29th ult The pany started from Paddmgton by the eleven o'clock tram for Taplow, where a steam launch was waitmg to convey them to Henley, and after a pleas ant tnp up the rtver, they returned to Kmdle' s Hotel, Mrudenhead bndge, to dmner The party returned to town ID the evenmg. -A prospectus has been issued of the Jamruca Tobacco Plantatton Company (Ltmtted). The capt tal of tqis undertakmg ts ,000, m shares, and the ob Ject of formation IS to acqmre and develope two free hold tobacco estates m the Island of J amatea-namely, Morgan's Valley and Retreat, of whwb about 210 acres are nO\f under tobacco culttvatwn, and Malmsley Val ley, of wh1ch forty etght acres are undei cult1vatwn The purchase money IS ,000 m cash and debentures, and ,0000 m shares -The London Tobacco, monthly, m 1ts last tssue, re marks -We hear on good authonty that a quantttyof Intrmtdad ctgars have recently been sold at Btrmmg ham which, were not of the genome manufacture, and that Mr J F Berndes, of 4 Cullum Street, the proprte tor of thts brand, IS about to take proceedmgs 1p the matter :Mr Berndes, who 1s dfltermmed to stop the repeated mfrmgements of his brands, offers a reward of to any one gtvmg such informatiOn as wtlllead to a conviCtiOn -An EngliSh paper says -The shtpments of tobacco and c1gars from :Madras to Europe and Melbourne are steadily on the mcrease, and the spemmens exbtbtted at Melbourne and Sydney lately may g1ve an Impetus to thiS branch of trade In Apnl the sh1pments of to bacco and ctgars from Madras to Great Brttam, Aden, Adelaide, and other parts of Indta, aggregated 2,597 lbs valued at 2,208 rs In March, the shtpments were 5,333lbs valued at 3 321Is The greater portiOn was sent to Cbma, Japan, Melbourne In the same month about 630 tons of tobacco were conveyed by the Madras Railway -A P ennsylvama exchange has the follo..,mg A number of the members of the Soctety o f m New Garden townsbtp, Chester County, m ade arrange ments to put m a crop of tobacco thts year Thts com mg to the eats of the heads of the meetmg m that town shtp, the matter was discussed, whwh Jesulted m the would be growers bemg brought befote the proper authont1es of the soctety and notified that tt was agamst the dtsctphne to grow tobaccG, as It was con s1dered to be IDJUl"IOUS to morals and health The result was that sooner than (possibly) be expelled from the meetmg. the enterprtse was abandoned WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (Special to THill TODACCO L:&A.F, ) KENTUCKY. Ballard Co July 26 -Our county 1s about thorough ly dned out Except m a few Isolated spots there has been no ram smce the 18th of June, and the ram at that t1me was by no means general Crops of every descnp twn could not look much worse than they do at pres ent. Unless we have bountiful showers w1thm the next srx or e11?,ht days, the corn crop will be essentially desttoyed 1he weathens excessively hot, wtth a con stant bot wmd blowmg from the west and north \\est, whtch ts rapidly drymg up all manner of vegetation All kmds of tobacco JS suffermg greatly, but tbts ts espeCially true of the old ground plantmg, whtch, as I have m former letters stated, comprtses fully three fourths of the ent1re crops of our county Even the new ground tobaccos wh1ch up to a week or ten days ago looked promtsmg, are now showrng decided stgns of the effects of the drouth In the mam tobacco sectiOns of the county there was no tobacco planted until the 25th of June, and smce tt was planted there bas not been a spnnkle of ra1n on 1t Unde& these etrcuiUtances 1t cannot grow, It bas not grown, nor can there be any hope for 1ts domg so wtthout ram A great deal of 1t has dted, and 1t contmues to dte every day To sum up the whole matter, thtngs are really becommg alatmrng all over thiS portiOn of the country Every farmer w1ll tell you that there IS no possible prospect for a crop The wheat crop m our county was almost a frulure, and wtth the present outlook for other productiOns, there IS surely little to encourage auy Gne. The moon changed yesterday, and everyone was hopeful that we should have ram at that time, but were dtsappomted, and there IS noy; not the slightest mdJCatwn of 1t The sky 1s cloudles, and the same bot northwestern breeze that has been parcbmg the earth for more than a month, sttll breathes upon us Its heated and po1sonous breath I am mformed that the same state of affrurs exists m all the sun oundmg counttes W1tbm ten days I thmk I can determme pretty accurately what the extent of our crop wtll be G W S Fulton, July 18.-We have had extremely hot and dry weather smce my last report. Wheat threshmg 1s over, the quality of the gram 1s good, and IS selling at from $1 05 to $1 25 per bushel The corn crops are not very flattermg, and unless we have plenty of ram and a long season or late fall, we cann<;>t poss1bly have an average crop of corn or tobacco Some eady settmg of tobacco ts r eady_ for toppmg, wh1le some are yet trymgto plant, though wttb poor encouragement 1 R A B Murray, 'July 22.-Vle have had no ram m some ttme, and the p1 aspect at thts trme IS very bad for the tobacco there IS not a go6d stand there 1s a great deal of 1t down m the clods, and will be l ate I don' t thmk we can make more than a half crop of to bacco A H & BRo Truesville, July 23 -The prospect 9f the crop of tobacco ts very dull, ow1pg to the very dry weathen durmg the uot month of June-and July has a)so been very hot and, dry so far-w1tll no prospect for ram now A great portiOn of the crQ p that wajl set dunng the dry weather has been entuely k1lled, m fact, the prospects look-very dull for a favorable crop of ettber tobacco on corn. C. 0 Headquarters, Nwholas County, July 25 -Smce my last we have had a good ram, thoug h not a general one, 1t has Improved tl:ie tobacco crop considerably, though tlie stand 1s not over three fourths One por twn of our county has had no ram to amount to .any thmg yet Tlie corn crop wtll be almost a failure W J K tCadtl!, July 21"-Smce' I last reported, the weather has remamed hot and dry neaily all the ttme There IS scarqety any ram, and then confined to a few' locali ties T}le most .of this sectiOn of co untry1s suffermg by the d ,ry, hot weather Tobac'co that IS standmg IS m a dymg conditwn Prospects for a tobacco crop are gloomy; F :A W. TENNESSEE [ Rome, July 20 -On account of the low pnces there IS not more than 60 per cent of an average crop on the htll m the,Upper Cumbeiland R1ver country, and m some counttes and neighborhoods tobacco 1s not domg well on account of tl;le dry weather We had too muc h 1 a m m June and but httle smce, and m )lame places none The first plantmg of tobacco is ready to top, but the leaf tS narrow and sh<;>rt m tlie dry spots of the country J. B J. omo Seville, July25 -In the two weeks last past tobacco has grown fatrly It IB the exception to see a crop of even growth and clean. .Harvebt IS not over, tl}e con tmued wet weather protracts 1t, and both cause the neglect of the tobacco crop The< 1880 crop 1s m the growers' hands, and m good case The growers makmg no effort to sell the outlook bemg 110 poor for the present crop Buyers would find a good pomt here If they are m need of old stock ,j W. L P. Dayton, July 20 -The dry weather and extreme heat still smc e my last, aahough the temperature IS somewhat less so far thts week than durmg the same periOd of last week, bemg 85 to 94 'degrees th1s week, while It ranged from 95 to 103 del-eesiast week Dur mg the three past weeks there :&as been a few local rams, but not suffictent to be of any benefit to gro\VUig crops, es:geetally the tobacco crop, whteh remams' m about the same condtt10n as at time of plaotmg It ts esttmated that the ameage m this d1stnct 1s about one half of a, crop( and the greater portiOn of thiS will amount to nothing unless we have'ram W'lthm the com mg week There ts also of tre crop that m any event wtll amount to nothing, bemg already so nearly d e stroy-ed by heat and drouth I hear of some purchases bemg made by dealers 'here, from the far mer of the 1880 crop, but at htgher figures than'for merh. of, consequence IS bemg done at present either m buymg or selling, as farmers and dealers are both askmg more for theu tobaccos than they offe1 ed them for but a short t1me smce SPECIAL Bartlett, Washmgton County, July 25 -At last the drouth was closed by a fine shower the 21st and 22d About as much more as had b3en previously planted was planted then The tobacco planted earher,1s domg finely, but the acreage wtll be so hm1ted that thts sec t10n can produce little more than half a crop About two thtrds as much was planted m all as 1s usually done W.S ILLINOIS. Harnsburg, July 25 I am sorry to state to you that our prospect tS qmte gloomy, and there IB a probability of tts gettmg worse every day We have had no ram for about three weeks, and had the hottest weather we have ever experienced Wheat, 3 to 6 bushels per acre, corn parched up, tobacco, about half as much as last year, qmtf' small and very mdifferent, cannot make to bacco unless 1t rams soon, and a good deal of 1t No prospect of ram at present R M INDIANA Boonville, July 26 -The wr1ter havu1g been absent for soxp.e tune, was not as well mformed as to the crop, at last as at present, consequently has changed hiS mmd as to acreage It considerably less than last year's, mstead of bemg equal to 1t, or as per last report We have had no ram dur mg the month of July, and a great portwnof the plants are but yery'ltttle larger than wJien planted Th1s IS accounted for by the excesstve hot weather and the ab sence of dews, and unless we have ram shortly, the crop wtll not amount to much J S & do NORTH CAROLINA. Knap of Reeds, July 21 .:.The prospect for a tobacco crop IS ve1y gloomy, owmg to the extremely dry weather. There ts a poor stand, and unless It rams s oon, there not be a half crop ra1sed There has b een only OI).e ram smce the first of June, tbat was very light Tobacco ts sellmg very h111:h at the home markets Corn IS drymg up m the field D T CROP PROSPECTS The 'recent rams have given a more favorable aspect to the growmg crops throughout the county, at least from all parts from which we have any advtees To bacc o probably recetved more seriOus mJurtes from the drouth than any other crop, though tt IS cla1med by some that corn on uplands bas been m ore seriOusly damaged Tbe drouth began early m the transplant mg season, and very few succeeded m plantmg a full crop of tobacco 'rhe acreage m cotton, m thts sectiOn, very nearly double that of last year-but tbts crop, 1t ts said, bas been gteatly damaged Ther!) are those who tbmk that unless contmuous rams cause the cot ton to shed 1ts shapes, the crop wtll fall short about one fourth About one h alf crop of corn wtll be made on uplands A careful tobacco ra1ser considers that the crop wtll fall behmd that of last season very consider ably On last a fierce storm of wmd, ram and hghtrung broke upon the town The ram fell m per feet torrents for half an hour, floodmg the streets and domg constderable damage The wall of the new Cash Tobacco Warehouse was somewhat damaged The break at the Cash Tobacco vYarehouse, Tuesday, COD ststed of about 16,000 lbs, whtch brought from $3 to $55 Mr J W Eudy, of Rock Cut, reahzed $18 75 all round on h1s lot The break, Wednesda), was not so large, but prtees were very good, rangmg from $15 to U3 JOURGENSEN & Co El Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY -OF-Key ( The C1gsrs of thiS Factory, under the well known Brands of El de Gales -ANDLa Perla. de Cayo Manufaptnred of new a.nd best Vuella tobacco. and unexcelled In quality and mak6 by a.ny of the Havana Factories, are now m regular weeldy shipments by FRED'K DE BARY & CO., '!11 & 4.3 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. EXPORTS TOJIACCO :MARKET. N EwYORK. From the pert of New York to foretgp. ports for the week were as follows <. July 29 hhds 50 cases, 37 Westm-n Lea-Sales m this department l:iave been Agenttne R e publu:--60 hlids, 42 cases, 4 pkgs (800 lbs) mfd Bremen-221 hhds 238 cases 1 128 bales larger than at the date of our last report, though they Bnttl!h .Aust,.alw-85 hhds 3 cases, 801 pkgs (151,456 were, nevettheless, sm.all for Iessrs Galway & Casado, of Broad Street; thts mty r Ouba-38 pkgs (6 473 lbs) mld On Sunday last a gentleman from arnved here Dutcl West hldl"l>-TJ.X 16 CENTS PER l"OUllD BuCIS-cts 5 @ 6 6 7!11@ 9)1i@12 lOs, 11111, and !1k ami New Haun l:itsamboat LiMAll Scovtlle & Co 101 cs, Wm Eggert & Co 32 do, F Schulz do, Jos Mayers Sons 12 do K Schulze 3 do A L & C L Holt 70 do, C H Claner 1 do, S Rossm & Soni 5 do M Mayer 2 do, A Engle 2 do, B W1lhams 1 do, J Lobenstem 1 do By the New York ami Hariford Suamhoa.t Line E Rosenwald & Bro 28 cs, I BrJnr 25 do, S D Bagley 4 do, A Manhe1m 2 do By tlie 0/.d Dommwn Steamship Line -Kmncy Tobacco Co 1 hhd R Moore & Co 6 do J H & Co 4 do, G W Helme 5 do, D Buchner & Co 4 do, J D Ke1lly, J r 44 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co 7 do, W R Gr ace & Co 6 do, Fnoch, Edye & Co 100 do, 1 box samples, Oelnchs & Co 127 do, 4 do, Blakemore, Mayo & C o 8 do, 1 do, Wtlllamson, Sm1th & Co 5 do 1 do Reckna.gel & Co 36 do, 2 do, W 0 Smtih & Co 94 hhds 142 trcs, 25 .J4 Ires, 25 trcs, 144 cs mfd, 20 ;!4 bxs do, 10 cs c1gar ettes, 1 do Cigarettes and smkg, Thompson, & Co 32 cs mfd 42 bxs do, 25% bxs do, bxs do, 511 cads do ME 111cDowell & Co 380 cs smkg1 50 .J4 bxa do 70 bxs do, 70 Wtse & Beodhe1m lo cs smkg, 1 do m f a, 1 bx do, Jas M Gardmer 3 cs smkg, 4 %: bxs mfd 1 cad do E llu Bar s 15 cs mfd, 25 kegs do, 24 cads do Dohan, Uarroll & Co 1 c s smkg, 1 do mfd, 10%: bxs do A. Hen 49 cs om kg, 1 J4 hux mfd, Austm, Nwbols & Co 25 c smkg, Augustm & Dusel1 c s smkg. 3 do cigarettes, Henry Welsh 20 cs smkg, H W ut Mathews 4 do, F H Legg e tt & Co 50 do, :A.tkell & Co 10 cs mfd, Jos D Eva.ns & Co 1:! do, Carhart Btos 2J%: bxs do G W Hllman 10 cads do, Ahner & Dehls 1 box samples, R M A.llen & Co 1 do FE Owen 3 do, Order 4.4 hhda, 8 trcs. 135 cs smkg, 112 mfd, 1o % bxs do, 17 bxs do, 18 ).6 bxs do, 67 .!4 bxs do, 29 bxs do, 44 cans do, :!4 M bxs do, 30 .!4 bxs do, 2 cs c1gar ettes, 1 box samples By &lie New York "mi Baltmwr6 Tranqx>rtatwn LtneSpeat & Held 4 cs Jeaf H e nry Welsh do cigars Goastwue (rom Key Weat-Rem1tz & Leon 8 cs c1gars, N B Mannmg 1 do McFall & Lawson o do, Perea Bros 7 do, M Barranco & Bro 5 do, F H Leggett & Co 2 do, E J-1 Gato 1 do Hememnn Bro s 3 do, W Jihams & Potter 2 do, B DJaz & Co 1 do Powell & Coleman 4 do l Ellinger & Co 6 do, P Pohalsk1 14 do R G Staudmger 1 do, P J Eaton 1 do, Cr o us e & Co 5 do, A Del Pmo 9 do D Berr & Co 9 do, Seidenberg & Co 35 do, 16 bales scraps, H R Kelly & Co 6 cs c1gars, 2 bales !(terns, Order 2 cs cigars Eastern Markets. BOSTON, July 28 -Our speCial correspondent rel'orts The tobacco market rules firm, and only a moderate ttade can be reported Kentucky-Buyers m thts branch holdr"g back hopmg a fall Will come m the present pnces, but they w11leventually meet the figures mn the h1gher gades, as the supply wdl no ,joubt be small Sales 30 hhds for Ainca, 20 hhds for West Ind1es Seed Leaf-Shows more activtty than two weeks ago, the prmCipal dealmgs bemg m fine Penns) lvanm and Havana Seed Connecticut J.Sm good s upply but demand lim i ted Havann-Fme grade& are taken and are gradually bemg absorbed'; and low grades are ac,cumulat1ng Ctgar s-Manulacturers clam > do Fme do do do M e dmm bnght leal Good do Fme do Fancy do :MANUFACTURING-PLUG STOCK 800@500 550@700 7 00@ 8 00 8 00@ 9 50 8 00@ 9 00 10 00@12 00 13 00@15 00 i6 00@18 00 .16 00@18 50 19 00@22 00 23 00@25 00 26 00@30 00 Common dark and tra shy fillers 7 (ij)@ 9 50 fillers some color and body 10 00@15 00 Good fillers redco l orauj good body 16 00@19 00 Fme fillers, bnght do do 20 00@24 00 1tlr H A Rtchey, tobacco and ctgar broker, re ports to THE TOBACC O LEAF -Yesterday bemg set as premmm day fo r the htgbest priCed hogshead of to 'bacco sold, mduced one of the heavtest offenngs of the year, vtz 579 hogsheads, largely of the finest crops raised m 1880, ap,d attracted a number of manufactur ers from a dtstance I nottced especmlly Mr. Owen Scotten, o,f Scotten, Lovett & Co fine cui and smok mg manufacturers, of Detrott, Ph1l B Bate, of Wetsmger & Bate, L o uiSville, and J G Dtll, of Rwhmond 'l'hese gentlemen are always on the alert for the finest selectiOns Pnces were forced up to a pomt never reahzed before for Western leaf-a few chotee hogs heads brmgmg from 45c to 65c per lb The prevathng optmon IS that these h1gh pr1ces w1ll contmue through the next SIX months, and the prospects are an advance mall kmds of tobac co made of Whtte Burley stock Navy tobaccos hold a steady demand, and Jobbers are ordermg hberally of fine grades m antiCtpatwn of an advance Low and medmm grades are dull at any pr1ce Vtrgm1a twtsts and pounds are sellmg to a hm1ted extent for future dehvery. The busmess m those kinds contmues to grow less every year. The vote (as announced by P Lorillard & Co ) of 90 per cent of thetr customers favormg the contmuance of the contract system, mdtcates that dealers are largely m favor of a hmtted pr1ce, even under a weak system Another manufacturer some time ago can vassed the trado on the rebate system of contract, and reports tt as 75 per cent m favor of rebate, agamst 25 per cent opposed Why It 1s that, w1th all the facts before them, all manufacturers who really destre to carry out a hmtted prtce do not abohsh the old, worn out contract and substitute the rebate, 1s most unac countable. I


THE .TOBACCO LBA.F. JULY 80 tbirda of crop 110 EBtork, ao lmsmnav, ao ehewillg is in good demaad M this year. I never saw the rains so partial aa the}nave t>een .JA.mes Barkley, do Westfield. lie!'T, ddo 2856 6:MthoH'... ddo t>rices. hi ,,_.. d w-....,.:fu MU! ros, o a.,v. o Smoking is quiet. t s season. ge "' 0 Trujillo, do do d Th QUOTATIONS. John E e1ce; do Spri11gftel 1 Cigars are activll for good tq_ fine grd es. d Lugs ...... ... ............ _._ .. ,, .. ,, s 50 @ 4 50 John R Elimer, '-?: 'do do : :-Bt for cheap cifars is now openmg, an goo es m Leaf. ................. ... ......... 5 50 8 50 J!imea R Harvey, ;> do E Dol tis. j1 eigner, do 2 W c h do tha\ line wil soon be scarce. Fine ................................. 9 50 00 Robert'Hay, do Worcester. J lin Zahn, o 10 16t st. o CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., July 27.-Messrs. M. H. STATESVILLE, N. c., July 28.-Mes.;rs. Jourgensen W C Meeker, ao Westfield. Third District. Clark & Bro. Tobacco :Brokers, report to THE ToBACCO LEo"': & Co., of the Cash Tobacco Warehouse, report to THE 'l'eBAO J F O Neil & Co, do Worcester. John A Bente, commenced, '('38 8th av., New York. -OUr, receipts are moderate and our sales for the week endmg co LEAF:-The paat week has been a lively one-fine goods, R C Weidner, do do Henry Bendheim, do 235 3d av. do to-day 'll'ere 420 bhds. 'rhe market showed a fair degree of ac plbnty of them and good prices, but farmers appear to be holdJ J Chlebowski, do 974 8th av, do and prices, though a little irreguLar, were wllhout mate-,mg their for another season, being of opinion that the (t JIIICHIGA.N, Ma.eydo 330 E. 76th st. do riAllcllange. growing crop ill materially injured. Tliifd District. Jljli8s Dorf, do Grand st. do ,. QUOTATIONS. I Benfer & Bellman, commended, Three Rivel'l!. ; .Jp.mes Dugan, do Grand st, do Thirtieth District. Conrad W Flierl, commenced, 9 J!ISell-'* Bafralte. Sjlm'l P Leary, do 288 _Broadway 'do Ered C Toms, do Att1ca. Gbas T Beman, discontinued, Ebenger Isaac Chandler, do E Hamburg. Henry Corey, do Forestville. Isaac Dismon, do 589 Genesee st. Buffalo. R G Do bert, do 492 Hickory st. do Ch81! Duge, do 637 Elf!ist do Chas R Escherich, do 344 Ellio5t st. do Anthony Hartung. do Cheektowaga. .. _, Geo W tee do 341 Swan e,t. Bul.J.Glo ,\Vmr A do Olean. GCommod1onlugs ........................... Lugs-Darkcominonto.lmeliium ....... 2 50@ S 00 Bellman""""'"'Co, disooDtinued, -,, do 125av.' D o ugs ... .. .......... ...... ... .. .. 7'1....-711 Bright common 8 50@ 4 410 W C F do CJL < lledi.Willeaf ............................. Brightcommontomedium ...... 400@:50. N fBauman&SOrt da 281i..G Clo -George Ne\V. .. dO. Gen. at. B'uflalo. ll'rank J Nicklar, rlo 432 JQ11.1]'W8 IIi. t l.8oodleaf..' .............................. Brightgoodtofine ............. 56Q@ 80-, ... ol 0 do do 12943dav. do Fine leaf ........ ...................... 7'1 Yellw Wrappers-Common to medium 11 OO@HI'.OO-.n.u lp uu, Horace do do -ll[!eblctions .............. : ............... Goodtofine ........... ......... 11100@8500 'C &()a/ db dp. d m EHoustonst. do AJtqu:oiattons above medium leaf are mere1 nominal, as tbe Fine 00 fancy .. ... : ............ 40 00@76--00 1 ia8 Goldbers, jio d: '88o'.aci av do breib'tlbew no Jtlll(le above medium leaf; an leaf suitable MallOgany Wrappers-Com. w medium 10 otfOi6 00 J b.-J.t11C11881!> 4dQ d ( ,, 'do : 181 E. 3d 'at. do : for or North of Europe bas eeased to qJpear, that P6t': Good to fine ... ,,, .. ......... 16 00@88 .oo-1 l.Eiw!.c uevy, o 0 Kxfu'ter 'd 300 lid II. do tion l \:lf' thli lirop tieing' evitlently all'lnarketed The Fine 'tb fancv ............... 88 00055 00 Gilt> 'ao .Bli8sfteld; do 7-fY7 .., d continues dry, and planters are b,!lM:inning to co_mplain of 'Want Bright good to fine.,,, ........... ol. 00@-6 00 dd Alle,_u rumme, o "".:,llll do' of rain, which, however, we may liave at any ttme. Smokers-Br1ght common w medium. S 00@ 5 00 H > .,..a 4o Un;Oll 1, Tdo,, .,';,....,...,. t T ... Brlliht od to t1 e 6 QQ ..... ( "'3 do. J150 E. 7.7$ do_. .rot! n <... .......... 800@1150 ao 'iiiKaiaialba d f11A.Uoest do facturers A/;ent for anq reports to THE 'l'oBACo rie to fJlncy 2 5""" 4 50 ito .. JJJ o 1900 !-'II Y. d -r.,.. 1 f rtt d be' gverygood and Leaf-Darkcommon tomedilim....... """ .rL..oRick do Ailegaii: J ', erm&n .ll>oses>,c d.o .,.....ulst ,av. 0 co :-ea ers m ea repo ra e as tn .. _._ ""' ,_ "un' -'-, 100 av, C do :5:?" expectation of doing a large fall tnide. 8Alf F:u.dCISCO, July 11i.-T1e Mefchanl 'reJ)ona:-D F ROckwell, do Palmyra. .w. ,... for tl1e 'Week. :-J uly:'2S: Chapin & Gore, 13 cs' cigars ; Our jobbers generally re;>ort tile .tobacco dull; -with one 0 F :w, :Rockwellr Jr, do Dund81'!. njamin' Polak, clo 69 E .Hpuston. st,. do & Lilienfeltt, 9 -do: i!tl. Best, Ril8eell & Co', 3 do. or tw o exceptional spurts of bqsn!ess l!un!lg the week All. J G:Schafe!-', do Roelt8D. feller, do .259 Houston st. do l 1 ' however have good hopes that the turn of the market wtll be do t49 Grand do DliJlHAML N, C., July 27.-.Meurs. Dibrell Bros. & 118 t'e hnJt' d .ay isfiuence passhs awa Ve and tb_ at the 'IJucretia ,do 831 E 22d do r.e., ll'obacco JSroker,s, report ro Tmi: ToBAcco -"" ,. ,..v db KJ11fNESO'I'a., E no to t. d Br of tobacco on this market are lir;hi. Prices are looking next month will give us a fair summer trade_. to followe Y silcttntt Di1111rict'. ;Henry, Sellfenoorg, do 151 .uOUB n s o up on cutters and good grades o! smokers. The weather is a brisk autumn bus iness So far our local CJgar David 'Sulzbach, commenced, St l:'aul. G Bchulmerick, do 1593 2d av. do atil.l dry and ;he crop is not doing w e ll by any means and the make no complaint, but on the other the trade IS d W' llanueJ G Suarez, do Broadway do outlook for the growing crop Is getting more gloomy every avowedly dull, showing that there is no deSII'e on tbetr part to Otto Bertram, discontinued, Re mg. Isaac Telrict, J do 24.2. E 45th st. 'do d&-':' discd unt the future .' Buyres & Konley,. do MinneapoliS. SA. Ad!er, diileontinued, 138'Essex st. do r oVEBLi.Nri RRCRIPTB. John Mark do St Paul. ]o! Auerbach, do av. do EVA.lfSVILLE, Ind!.l Jul y 27.-Mr. C. J. Morris, To-.,'lgarettee. Clava. TobaccO. E F Kilwn: do Red Wing. 4 d 1 h Ba d 30" w 39th st do bacco Broker, r e port s t o THE To B A cco LEA.F:-Om mark e t ConsigpeM. """ea. L1>e. o P uma.n, o remains stead';f, with indicationa of an ad.-an ce. Receipts ar e Esberavid Bear, do 325 E Houston do two thirds of a crop, no matter how good the seasons may be Falkenstein& -Co 4 5 E1r(I.Dk Fiederling, clo 'llf4in < do Jos Bou1Iion, do 19213d av. do in the future. I only speak of the district tributary to this Wasserman & Co. .. 1 1!: Lbui,11 Ho!lman, do E ExCh,ange do BertHa Bluliie, do 178 2d st. do mali!Cet. We have had rain in spots ; hence th e tobacco looks Sanderson & Horn r .. ristian Jlenlein, do 2ool) .Franklln_ av. do Pauline Baelier; do 264 E Houston do goed and bad in spots, w it h the majority of the SJlOlB looking ............ 1 :g enry Jl$ntzen, do do Nichlllas B:ros do 2214 2d av, do b<1 There is a wonderful vitality in a tobacco plant, and the .,....,t'"' an erson. 1 840 ermanXohlho:ft', do 1235 N 5th st. do John Benner, do 1841st av. do outi:omemaysurpriaetbemost-sanguinespeculator. .. ,....... 1 880 B d t d EmilCoblt'tz, do ns Bowery do (i)orbtMinMel 'Jaco\ipen, do do very gloomy on account of the continuM hot, dry AMSTERDAM, Jnly 9.-Messrs. Schaap & -yan .Fred Wormholz, do Chillicothe. Jil.cobi .. do 402'E. 48th st. do we&er. 'V,een Tobacco Brokers, report to TBB L,Bu:-I '' ;, ,.., ,... d QUOTATIONS. S ince' ou:t last report we have ro mentiou the o! liJ a '-' !U' es do, 60 av. v .' o 9tf bb f t 25 d V rgm1a Iii do B A.8K& II do 353 W'39th st. do Lugs-Common .......... ,, .. . . o74@ ryland, mostly by JO ers or re at 0 1 1 Smpuel O'Brien, discoiltimlecl., Fremont. S:enry do df' Medium,, ,,.,.,.,.,, .. ,, ....... S%@ 4}S entucky, 787 bales Sumatra, not ![:nj{d t\i: ast 4 Siqw ,art, do OIX\aha. Chas Klinger, 'do & J do Good .................. ......... subsc riptions. Importet-139 J ary d -So mar: W t Cook, do Kearney. L 'Kutzelman, .do 510 5th av. do Leaf-Common ......................... 5 @ S County, 35 do Kentuc M 13 d "6 (J 0 t u Mo8es Kahn, do 120 Allen st.' do Medium ............................ 6J.t@ Btockto-day:-8d00hhds NJ!W YORK. do 71Man(f' do Good ..... : ........................ 9 Kentucky, 24 ostems o aes am a, n First District. ... "" Fine .............................. 10 @12 lndian, 12,788 do Sumatra, 14,113 do Java. On the 15th Salomon H Katz, do 28 av, do nachel Ogden:, .. dQ o L'ilot & Stein do 17 E Q1mellee st. o :ijar.bara Bchafter, do 40 .Peqkham st. dot Gl & J Schmidt: do 1611 Y;aple sty Glhas Schu*t!j,un,' do 1002 st. Q .; Wnion Ass'n, dlsc 'd, Q';E 8eneca st. ,Henrietta Wendt, do 66 G1tl st.. ,1 : GerlrudeE Willion)s; do Wesli 8U'aQOIP: I I I First Districi. A. W Brown, commencOO., Trenton. Cox, dO' do lbert Leming, do Allentown. Schuyler & Bro do Bur.lington, Henry Boehm, discontinued, Atfantic City. Herman Baum, do Egg Harbor City. Mary C Cox, do Trenton. Geo R Ji:mery, do Gloucester. Tho. s R l:irapewine, do Camden. H N Gilson, do Tuckerton. C H Grotbem, do Elmer. Wm !A. Jackson', do Camden. Wm 0 Kean; do do Chas H Leming, do Allentown. E H Murray, do 'l'r:enton. A Meister, Est. of do Egg Harbor C1ty. Z Risley, do Camden, John Steinl ein, Jr. do Atlantic Ctty, Sam'! E Str ing, do Linc qln. G.eo W Sboemaker, do Tuckahoe, Marti.p. Voigt, do Lakewood. Wm White, 'do Camden. R I Wilson, do Bordentown. Third District. Peter J Ritter,J comm_!lncedJ Phillipsburg. Fifth District. I i -I John BergJ;toefer, com'd, 14 Manhattan st. JeJ'IIey City. John D Brmckma.n,.com'd, Factory Lane, do JIJI-Fank, 'do Essex st. Hackensack. Geo Kahlert, do 45 Bergenline ave. Union. Morris lJichtenstein, do S3 Bedford st. Newark. WmM'cGlocklyh, :ao 35 N Main st. Paterson. f>. H Stein becker, com'd, 7 : Montgomery st. Jersey City. ifulius Vogel1 do 146 Springfiel d av. Newark. Jiugo Von SChult;, do, Weehawken. Sophia Weiss, 1 do Lincoln st. Jersey C1ty. lT .C :W'Grawe, Sr., disc d, 115 Par'k av. Pbas Grand, do 3M Gro. :ve sl JeJ:Bey Marks; disc 'd,.ll30 Montgomery st. do r per :!Iiller, do 552 Market st. Newark. ed Bommerencke, disc 'd, 115 W Market st. Newark. rlc Bchaau, (disc'd, 238 Washington st. Hoboken. Anton Schunk, do 100 av. Newark. Geo do 171Elm st ., do Mary C Tryon,' do 43' M & ERR av. do J,oul8Weisbrod,!disc'd, l29 Essex st. Jersey C1ty. 1!enry Zwipf, do 42 Green st. Newark, OHIO. 6944 bales Java and on the 27th inst 10,000 bales Sumatra, Michael Alexander, Brookl;yn. Wm Katz, do 217av. A do LOUISVILLE, Jnly 23.-Mr. Falconer, Secretary of the will be brou,;ht the market by subscnptio n Ayatee Greco, do do Hannah Lewis, do 242 Division st. New York. Tobacco B o ard of Trade reporlll to TB:B ToBAcco LEAF as folF Grm enez do do Le M k d 12 F th t d First Distric t Charles WAllen, com'd, 17 Vine st., Cincinnati. loWJI:-Tbe pourse of the market during the past week bas not BREM.E_N.-Our Bremen correspondent furnishes rQ 1 WlS ar s, 0 orsy s o developed any n;lw features worthy of notice While the sales the followmg account of th_c Seed leaf ma.':ke t Julius Micbaelis, do do Flora N!)rdinger, do 79 Catharine st. do ha.Y,!l liliown a ave,r!'g e we ':'9te a, falli'i_lg o ff,in receipts, at that port for the week endmg July 7 :-Reoelpts Chas E McMillin, do do J H.!Meyer, liO. 68 Rutgers lit, do a not a t A umform firmness in from New York, 113 cases; sales 213 stock_ on Gustave Nathan, do do MMeyers, f do 1368 3d av, do all gr ades of leaf continues to be a marked feature of the mar hand 3 930 cases leaf, and 240 do cuttmgs Prices Henry Neidlinger,_. do do Joseph Metzger, do 312 E 34th st. do ket Some very falr speCimens of Burley leaf were offered on were' quoted as follows:-Wrappers, 70@250 A11tonio Perra, Co do B Meyers, do 349 E Houston st.' do th e breaks during the latter pa r t of the past week, and realized binders 55@75 fillers 35@50. The-sales included 113 Retzen & Weincke, .. dd0o do B Metzger. do 125 Av. D do in gene ral very full one hhd being: knocked down at dases, thc'ir anival in port, and 40 cases Louis Ulrich, .. ) do Herman Meier, do 71.Broome st. do $23 50 per .100 lbs cJas e of tobacco IS still m the IIS78 8th av. do :market for Burley leaf has not been s t ronger during the ent ire transactions durmg tbe .week were exclusively conJohn Brill, do do J c Newcomb, do 253 7th av. do season than at present. Dark tobaccos are tlrm aud unchanged. fined to the new crop. fiPrwes were quoted as-follows:d .1 .0 :... d b '50 to 1400 f Jules E Cartier, o "" J M Oppenheimer, do 1038 1st av. do A daro., clean, smallfibered ,w.ra.ppef from Brown County sold Wrappers, good an ne J;O'}'n, 6 P gs; Peter Oasanova, do do Ellie Ott, do 732llth av, do on Saturday for $11.$, and with the e xception of nonile s cript wrappers ordinary brown, 350 to 600 pfgs; wrappers, Delia Castano, do do Edwa"rd Podlipsk;y, do 2o"2 E 3d s t do styles, good, usefu l tobaccos are d e cidedly firm. Lugs con-mixed with fillers 180 to 300 pfgs; fillers, 100 to 250 t!nue to display t_he same. they have shown some fgs. Mary Dugan, do do Al!Jert Plonsker, do 44 Attorney s t. do time blwk. Redrted leaf IS Wtthout movement, and pnces reP 'llhe following is a statement of the movement of Emma Deaz, do do Pro,wler, ,do 793, &'!11}v. do )3:enry Bohne, do 39.3 Broadway___ do Dietrich Feldhaus, do East Walnut Hill8 do Hong Ling & Co, do 316 Central av do 1\frs ar y Koop, do 244 BettS st. do Frank' E Kaiser, do 5i Elder st. do Edward ):mpp, do 473 Vine st. do (foseph Seubert, do 1 927 Vine st. do Newton M West, do East Walnut Hills do tTno VWagner& Co, do 447 Vine st. Jio iWm H Apder6on, disc 'd, 449 Central av. do hristian1Bauman, do 11 Providence st. do [) C Brandt, do 19 Hughes st. do J Boniface, do 34 Sycamore st. do J! & H Boline, do 393 Sycamore st. do Siegmund Euphrat, do Vine and 8th st. do ulius C Frei, do 7 15th st. do Charles :J!"isber, do 61 Rice st. do Bernard Hagemeyer, do 718 W. 9th st. do John H Hessel, do 553 Race st. do Louisa Hilgeman, do 506 Hace 13t. do ma.i'.' unchnn"''rt of sound ; TedriedJeaf in our mar-Hogshead tobac.cos in the Bremen market for the \V,ee)l:: DeVoe, do do p JRathke, do 302 w 44tq st. do ket IS now rediiced to very small proportiOns. If di t It b d te. 1 0 rAn ton Falk, do qo Emil'Prueha, do 2 E 3d st. do Receipts ending ;July 28, 1000 hhds; n ( g a .. t e a ove Ohio :ild. va. lb--Btem&J Jos, J 1do 9o Louis Sander, do ',:)31 E 22d st. do J \l n ;Koc;h)er, do Gjio Kupferle, do 11 Fre!3lfl:ah av. Cincinnati Wm Lingeman, .do 1994 Eastllrn av. do lanyEltl', saleafortheweek,1460do;corresponding k'i> h&ndJ 28 256 782 215 .726,16811/ PJI1ll ThomasGoni8les .. do "do J:.sclpyarzhqpf,. do' do week .Jaelyear,l. 50tido. pr! .. ... .. .. ::::: .. '.. .. '4!1 'Ja1, '1so > ;fohn Himers, : ...-.-,do do ifHSwart, do do Sales to date in 1881 .... .. -.. ........ 43,441 I 255 ,. qiJi 215 7660 1,1120 !Elerman Hoener, IUO do Staub'itz, do I L-u' dlow st. do do do ....................... 37,852 Delivered......... .. ........ .. .. .. 78 26 64; 1311 t:S:. E Jusl;, 1 r do do do 107Willettst. do do do 11S79 .. ...................... 34,628 r-, -8,79l! s, :t:arl G Kascht do do iF. A Bchleff, do 233 E 52d st. do Jacob :j:.evi, do 229 Walnut st. do LOuis,.J:emcke, d o 473"Vine st. do Chas "v,elzef, do 122 Findlay st. do Phi.liP, Maier, do" 48 CJifton av. do O:Rwlage, do 639 q,ntral av. do do do 1878 ...... : .... ........... 44,441, 30 .... 732 215 688 Henry Kaden,' do do 1W do 230 Christie-st. do 'Sales of crop of1880 to date 33,537 hhds, against26,666 hhds Bale s.................... ... .. .. .. 881. '26 I. 84 :!311 JYilliam King do do FSchneiile?, 1 tlo bet. 9th&10thav. of crop of 1879 to date in 1880, SaJesJ. orfuturedelivery. :. .. .. .. ":4 'Ill 321 .. Knoop: do do SChlll1 h)t'&11usleman, disc'd, Bo'wer)[, New!ork.' do Lockland. Henry Seubert, do 927 Vine st., Cincinnati. The market durmg the week contmue.d firm, espeFrankKnuter 1do :do JS1n$heim'l!r', discontinued,' 12293d av.1 iio"' DARK AND J;XPORT LEAF. as far 1J:S new leaf,was> ooncerned, ofl Ferdinand Ji..utl.e'rs, do do Spitzer, 'do 159 Ludlow' st. do' 1 L'rash ....... ,_ ... : 3 50@ 00 whiCh considerable cha:nged bands AdEdV.lird :Lewis, do -do .es,' do 638 E'iStb Planterlll common to good 4 25@ 5 50 vices 'from the leave E Lindener, 'doc"' tio eorge"StOil; do 117 Tie'wis !Jt: dO' Lea.f--Oom'm t m to 'medium : 1 5 50,'7 50 years c:op rs far the P"rePe!oer Murphy, do do Shortmeier, do 397 9th:.av. do GOOd'-tdrfiite. .': .'' .. ..... 7 50 oo and as, owmg to the, dry the.prosAlbert :t4,ar,tin do ao auline Telrich, do L 327 E do "' h cuTT1N "' f6Cijs;df the, new crop are I)-Oy -.;ery pro1m1sins. 9'1-Willis}Jl d,o ilo ill:\var'!lt T'rofzgar; cdo 97 E strtlit. ,. do L .I, BURL (}.. 1 J tnanQ for new Kentucky leaf .aurfflg ">6o ,_er d aQ 1 !.o \tn'"li d 1293' Bt "'" d 5 25 7 30 the week amounted to about 400 hilda. dtb.1'rj ttans 1' 0 oe, aJU z, r 0 ,... oauway 0 Moomm to good.. 8 75 in hogshead_ tobaccos were mainly cori'lirted to / h ...... 13 OOti ;l>J.l aryland but. onlysmall quantities do do 'do 862doav. ,.,. _do Good.1Jo fine .' ... . ' 18 0023 50 anda:> l I ,.. J r I 10 ) ) s I do do ,.. __ Wenkel do 1121 E 11th '"t. do 1 1 BIJRLEY iii:ANUFAOTURINv, do A Riehl, .do Morrisania. to''SOc'!or '" ,; : ADorn&Co 'do 122Cbambersst. do 1 )MScharfonberg, do ,, rBrew&Oi!rrs. gp':'d; none Burleys, mostly mbP:ium. '-Expor ts' Of manufactur;ed to'bacco from Petersburg, Josl do 253llleecker st. do I : R N'..adJier,. do Hudson. Pflce,J-&trong....... .. .. ds. wE Dubois, do 881-888 POO'rt'st. do W.E:\!ande.Bogart;-do ,NEW OltL:EANS, July 20.-The Oumnt says: -1 .;..Tn.l\ Ffnglmi;I,.GTOf?e:r> issue..J!t.likes tqe 'H II Jleert, do 34 Murray' $'t. do t ''Fourteenth District. W';' are g ratified to Jearn that judicious measures havl) been follOWlJlg our sk(lj;eh pf .li.Unball '&; :H Mayer, do 24 :An'n st. do Dan'l L1;1owler com'd, 776 Broadway, Albany, altopted by houses in the tra d c-tort:he renewal of Western ship P o's t obacc o w orUs:-THE 'IOBACCO Qf, ;ruly 9th, do 135 Malden Lane 11 do 1 i Eliza betlfSherwo'od ; do Gloversville. ments to this port to-au -extent more consonant wiLh our well !bas an illustratian and extended Bketc'h of Wm. S. H Mehrhotf, do 69 De;t stl do' ?cc=::::=::::::..---known climalic adv a ptag es. wl!ieb formerly made it the favoriKimball & Go's tobacco. >works at Rbchestell,( N : '"Y. Mi9hae!J;on&;Dri.hmej.,do st. do JBtrio ite I market of both W sh1pper and buyers for foreign IJ!his' fit m manufactures '.'Vanity Fair 1 cit;a,rettes and M:aurias, Bro {t Co, .. do 99 Maide9. do Glen's Falls. expf 102 "'h' l i aY b Jl: t ved for r e.dem ,ption John Baqui do 26' 6th a'\". do hhds for export, sinc e whi c h a bout a like amount has been a n no es !ecei Alex Sa ui' do 26 do do Jl:. taken with tll7 sanio destination. Under on ":rhul1l':!ll:Y amounted_!;, .................. 5 @ 6)4 Co, dieco ntinuel:t, 220 Canal st. do C C Robmson & Bro do do Leaf-IJowtoniedium ...... ,,,,,,,,,,,> 6Jo!@7!>i mencl'"' g, cnntlnulng Bus!' do 2048thav. do ChasE Strunk, do-. )-do tlood to11ine ....................... 8 @10 U V John A Bente, do I E J Turney, do do Cutting grades may be quoted at 5@7c for lugs, and 8@15c James A Berkett, do 178}i Mull>erry st. Twen-=swli District. for leaf. I ness as Clgar Manufacturer'" 111 Colell do 574 Hudson st. -do rminc sTATElllENT or,Ton.&.ooo. .a. E. Castro, do 167 Maiden Lane do' WoJI & E V en, co enced, Gro&oU: Hhds. "' 'u A J)orn, 9o ;l4 :lllulberry :st:. do J R Taylor, do do. Stock on hand September 1, 1880 ......... __ .......... 2,3?8 Dellet & Co, do 8 De P st. do M !iQ Bing{lamton. r Arrived past 3 days ......................... 453 f h M lh f A 'I 18 81 Juan De La Cruz, do .26 Cliff st, do District. Arrl., _ed previously .... ...... : .............. 8 ,417 'Of, t e '' on 0 Pfl ; Henry Gordon, _do. 9 W Broadway do Merritt & De Plaa, commXefi'ced, Webster. 8,870 ._ 1.., L Gerner, .do 284 Spring: st. .. do Strohuber MiQer, r. do Cuba. A Goldenkranz, do 17 South st, do Herm il:lm..JY' 11,248 CContinued.) _, Guerra & Cosio, do 164 Maiden Lane do F Caseman &"CO., do "'C ananaa'ik\la. Jos B Gross, do 93 '7th av do Mary E Cassady, do Knoxville. S GaLtman & Connoly, do 109 South st. do B M Crosby, do Barrington. C Hornbostel do S3 Centre st. do Ab h F lte te d R h Jos Hirsch, do 122 Chambers st. do S e ns m, C F Hein, do 57 College Place do F i[) Haradon, do Corning. H Hansen, do 125 W Broil.Qway do T G H atfield, do Horseheads. R Hollman, do 25.'3 Bleecker st. do John F Hickey, do JtRooberster : T S Kimball, do 165 Chambers st. do n C J -do u Chatham. d ..., IW.......,n, F Klein, do 116 st. o Flora S Jai:Oes, Rochester. John Kelley, do 128 Franklin st. do w c Merritt, do WebSter. A J Mack, do 105 John st. do Mary Meek, do Dl'ellden. ll F Ro.enbreck, do .89 W Houston st. do Jonas Meyer, do 11ocheste'r. ExportVIne'Rt. do B Wl\ste, do East' Wit:hiut Hills do lcllolae do 105 Hc;:Mic!rE!IJ'av. do 'E W.illiliilis doh WaJnut Hills,' .do l rohn.IW'W1lelzer do do G-ohn''VWagner do 562 Viol! st. do '''' Di.j!tnct : M T Ayers & Co, J q Bilger, do Hamilton. EN .Q-raize, do Harrison-Township. Ge9i(l'\,.i Harden do Pyrmont. 1 Ma1,18 do 1 C F j3pyder do Ger.mantown. 1 1 fJ Fourth District. J'ohh J Hay, commenced, W apakanett. 1 T enth District. ; Louis Quidert, COII\mei).ced; IVyan. Jos Subauer, istrict. H ;w e ddle, commence d, ironton. 1 L P Walter, do Burlington. D Lanrhar, discontin ued, Wl\verley. Fifteenth District. A A win, commenCed, Clarington. St Clall' Seal, do Jerul!alem. ., Fr!IQ Bellaire. I Gottleib Holte, do do Hinman, Garliilgton&Co,disc'd, Cumb!lrland. David Nelson, discontinue-a, Port Wasfllngton. .v Jplm"'W do BjLrnesville. IJS.Vawllaw, do 0hesterHilL I Geo Yans, Jr, do I,loydsvill e. PENNSYI&V A.NIA.. Eighth District. Alllert & 'Fink, com:q1eneed1 Allentown. 1 Geo Arllogast, do Pottsville. Geo C 'Bricker, do Mqunt ..Etna. Ed J? Brade,r., do Allentown. J 6hn W llenetham, do Reading. Walter' K Boyli, d'o Lebanon. I Ma[llon W Bear, do Centreport. John H Shuev. < t-. Ur;m) ro-r;:nshil). !'BEY, Packers and Dealers ID l.eaf 'robaoco, 61 and 63 ITorth Duke Street, J.ACAS'rEB. I -l I ..,--" t.


o.JUL. 10 ilE TOBAOOO LEAP. a test ) eAPORAL.----Cork 'Mouthpiece. .I :I Unsurpassed for cleanliness, economy and The soft feeling of the corkbetween the teeth makes this the most and pleasant mouthpiece, besides absorbing the nicotine and rendering a sensation to the tobaccp as thB renowne ;. ) Pioneer Cigarette Manufacturers of America: tO's, $6:5o per 1000. ) tr \ 20's 10's, 6.75 OF b: .on Informatton regarding legal pOints can be obtained by my. Messrs. COE,


6 Twelfth District. AnnieEDecker, commenced, Easton. JOIM!Ph Flad, do do Johri W Flad, do Forks. l'rank Rockafeller, do Pittston. 8 E Reichard, do Easton. Goo W Filbert, discontinued, Bloomsbury. John Grant, do Berwick. Peter J Ritter, d o Bath. Goo Schaefer, do Hazleton. Fourteenth District. Joseph Frankhouse, commenced, Pattel'BOO. Micl:iael Steidle, do Williamsport. Geo A Goodman, discontinued, Hummelstown. win C. Kepf)e, do Harrisl.urg. Moyer & Hardmg, do Fremont. Martz & Heck, do Reed's Station. Twentieth Distri ct. Ellen Crossthwaite, commenced Sharon. H. Crol!8twaite, discontinued, do. MOBefl Cohen, do Titusville. H. Dreutlein, do Meadsville. Louis Moses, do St. Petersburg. Edwin Stoltz, do Meadville. Twenty-third Dist. rict. James RQee, cQrnrnen ce d 60 Kilibuck st., Allegheny. D W Riston, do R eynoldsville. Jocob Hoffman do 72 Federal st., Allegheny. John Kisskalt, Jr., disc 'd, 162 Madison av. do C L Dittmar, do 23 East st.1 do Charles Ublinger, do Hites StatiOn. John F Schmidel do Shaler Township Wood & Lockard do Indiana.. KHODE ISLAND. L W Chase, discontinued Providence. James E Chase. do do H A Horton & Co., do do Isadore Go..slinsky, do Pawtucket. A P Holly & Son, do Woonsocket. A P Holly, do Manville. TEXAS. Fourth District. Betterton. Meiers & Co., commenced, Dallas. Geo C Special, do do. VBB!DONT, Second Distriot John Roderer, Jr., commenced, St. Johnsbury. Laird & Roderer, do do E 0 & H D Gassett do, Putney. VD&OII'IIA. Third District. Jobll E. Bobinson, Agt., commenced, Richmond. WE.T VIRGINIA, First District. B B'LmJ[felt, discontinued, Parkersburg. G A Stoliier, do Wheeler. Second District. M Dunn & Co discontinued, Martinsburg. H T McElfresh, do Palatine. Goo L Grebner, commenced, Shepherdstown. WISCONSIN. First District. FWYoung, commenced, Milwaukee. l:Jtrauss Bros. do do H W Buschman, do do Third District. l>ragen & Greffen, commenced, Oshkosh. Charles Schultz, do Ocento. John B Van Duren do Green Bay. Louis disoontinued, Sheboy-gan, Fred atali'n, "" do Green Bay. Carl Heydenreich, do Oshkosh. Frank Kornreich, do Sheboygan. 0 A Spaulc;ling, do Fond du Lac r AL.&BA .... First District. Bemardo Corralles, discontinued, Mobile. Mrs. Margaret Guerry, do do Oorral1es & Pidal, commenced, do C.&LIII'ORNJ.&, Fourth District. Red Blufi'. E HJrlarkley, do Sacramento. 0 CJOLOKADO, Cbas Breiting, commenced, Colorado Springs. Dunn & Schuler, do S. Pueblo. Carl La.nMQaob, do D8;A,ver. John do Gn_.fsoa Julius MaDer, do Dever. --:-I "-'-'--H>-on4 H rran, commenced, New Haven. Goo do J 0 Eisell do Bridgeport. Peter Gabler, do Long Hill. J J Januesweig, do New Haven. Otto Koeller, do Meriden. C Kricek, Q do New Haven. P B O Connell, do do John Stamel, do Bridgeport. H H J Hyla.nd, discontinued, Wm Hylimd, do do A G Judson, do Weston. DBL.&WABB, Ja.mes SParker, commenced, Berlin. Thos J Bennett, discontinued, Wilmington. A J Haskins, do do Eugene Sayers, do do Wiley & Parker, do Berlin. PLOB.IDA, D Campazna, commenced, Key West. Ramon J?ruon & Co, discontinued, Ke;yWeG. ILLINOIS, First District. Alpiner & Kalisher, com'd, 170 Carroll st. Chicago. Celia Abeleo, do 17 W Madison st. do C J Anderson, do 107 W Erie do W m Brandt, com'd, 2544 Cottage Grove a.v. do 1 H H E Bork, do 187 Orchard st. do P Cochems, do 11117 Blue Wallet av. do Emil J7l :W TaJilor st. do W m Lake Vi&!f 4DWm .zn do HB 1'7aadO=st. do C fl!61iP at. 65llui. ... 184 JllaetJns-at. do 342 B. I. ave. do 679 North av. L Kirschbaum, do 286 W Cbicagoav. Richard Lendy, do 732 N Ashland av. R H Meyer, do Evanston. Mark Bros, commenced, ll2WMadisonst.Chicago. Jos Mark, do 53 S Carpenter st. do Fried Muller, ., do 7 N Green st. do Chas Nagel, do 140 Clybourne a.v. do HAnry Rindner, do 483 Larra8ee st. do Gus Schroeder, do 80 Hastings st. do Hyman Schlessinger, com'd, m -279 Clark st. do M Schneider, do 574 S State st. do M Ritterman, do 2717 Wentworth st. do G Tamargo, do 199 S Clark st. do H Warnek, Jr, do Bowmansville. Anna Wittman, do N Clark st. Chicago. W oo

.. T B B B A. 8 8 0 I.E A. I\ Brand. J"Ua"t -vvh.a."t "the Trade u.eec:J..l lletot, &Dd. Jn'e,. ..... Keltbtall p_..,tq Taateln &DY way. Ia udq It, tlaere lo no witla can prepared &I .... aa1. We laaYe dupUoate orden floGm o-Yinoe you olit.. 'Fill-Claaap &Dd EoonOIIIieal. Price W S Reidel, Geo bhindel, John Snyder, Geo F Shimp, Salinda Shirk, J W Shonalter, A A Schwan, H B Schiffer, John AStum, Stum & Wilson, C E Stauffer, H E Sechrist, James H Smith, WCSmith, Christ Stoner, Henry Schmidt, Wm Snyder, WmSharer, BF Smith, WmSmith, Alfred Spangler, WmSterner, Wm K Seltzer, Amanda K Shonalter, Samuel Steffy, Maggie Shirk, Benj Ulrich, Elias Usner S S Weist, M 11 Weidler, John 8 Weaver, JBWolf, EGWagner, JB Winter, John H Young, Zell & Miller, WKZ, wally, do do do do do do do do do do do do do do uo do Lancas r. do Lancas tJr. do WJ;l. do Dallast wn. do Winds r_ do Ettes_ do Thomasville. do Ellhrat.{\. do Witmer. do Akron. do Terre Hill. do do L1tiz 1 do Schoeneck. do Rothsville. do Mechanicsburg. do Newberry. do Spring ,Grove. do do Rothsvjl.le. do Akron. do Gordonville. Twelfth District. Elisha C Garney, commenced, Wyo"'ing. L Strauss & Co do Eastozl.. John O Ache, discOI)tinued, aellerltown. Lehluel,4yres, do Grelj.t Bend. AIJtam'Bruce, -do Portland-Joseph L Qjl.rey, G M Dunn, do South Thomas Faekshimer, do B e tlilepem_ Wm Fogel, do John Heacock, do B e nton. Jos:3V Hall, do Hyde James F Moore, do Bushk ll to]vnship. L M. Mapea, do Susque anna.Erwin Paulus, do Bethle em_ 8 E Reichard, do, Easton J CReimer, do Williamsburg_ Wm J Ritter, do S Bethlehem M H Strauss, do Goo Schaeffer, do Carbo daJ:e_ Otto Tesch, do Matam .. John C Weaver, do Lehig on. FourteeQth District. Buck & McCarty, commenced, Clarks!':JP a:m:m:J:J x.JIII.A.:r -AND--IMPORTERS OF HAVANA .TOBACCO.-186 WATER STRBET, NEW YORK. JOSEPH A VEGA. a Buehler,-! I de &. :a. d, oo.l 1..,'-0RTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO .lefreJBOn Avenue, DETROIT, MICH. l A. TELLER, Packer, Commle&lion M:ercha,nt, AliD 1M TOB.A.CJOC>, THE I n 'I'he VJilGI:N Q1JEEN Clll!a eltd are DOt .......... are abeolutely pure, Dlll4, plba tobaoco. .1.-will eoaYiaee &DJ' one. 1 CHAS. R. MESSINCIER,-Manufacturer, To1ec:J.o, <>. 'I'. H. Meencer & Co., lGI Malden LaD.!J New York1 Agen'&s tOr NeW York City and v ....... JfJa .. WHEELING STOGIES aa.-&ren otaUIUDd.eor ; TIPS and FINE CICARS, J STOGIES AND CIGARS. WheeU W.Va. "'The Cigar. 'WJIEELUfG, 'W, Va. PA.TENT"RJE,. DEY STBEET, NBW 1. B.:-Tbe trade Is Cautioned against{Wued Pq bJ Infringers. agaiast some of whom I hawe sUlfs ...


------------------ AOBif'J.'Ih-B. r. BVaLBIJ:RT, Haittord, Conn 154 State St.; H. B. TROST L&Doaacer, Ji'a., Ill Jronh Qaeea a.; :S. R ANDEB80N,l'lllladolphl&, Pa.; w W, llALE8, Payton, 0., !16 lcNIIa:Selr-lt.; W. W. JLt.LICI, -Cbollmatl, 0., t Front St.; W. H. LOVELL, N T. ENSEL& CO., TO!AOOO IN8PHCTOR8, 178U WATKR 8TR.ET, -AND-AIR SErtl"LY WHO WISH THEJEST IN THE WORLD." New '\ork.-R .1. Roberts. REYNES BROS. & CO., Oal ... 1.-.onOMeftihant, Vi. leaf Tobacco, ... ... ftOAD &TWEET, ---"'lltork. SiiBERT, D. J GARTH, SON & f'AIDdaltoD Commission Merchaats &'S. .flo 44 BRO.D 8TRHT, -,. ... .,_. -Xo'IIIV York.. Kl4l1 we, fh""eluW a ALIO UIPORTIItS OJ' :111:& bu.-heel. 18111:1. GEO. W.:. lluooeuor:_ t'o r :DII:a::a.u1a.otu.rer o'l: 'Sl::Le Oel.ebrat&ec'l .f j J. ) '\(_ f T2GA.HH FANCY SMOKING -INBRIER, AND FANCY WOOD.S MAlCUF ACT11II&D BY HARVEY A POBD, a.u.EIBOOK-Ift -O.A.DWAT. nNEW YORK. PA.CTOBY!.LBDOEa P\.ACE, PHILA.DELPKIS., NEUMAN & DINGLINGER, :GENERAL tiTHOGRAPH.ERS l -1 l N, W, oor, PEARL STREETS, NEW YORK. 1 t ) -Gi!ar ana Labols an. d Cards a SDBcialtr. Is..u.c RosLvwALD, 1 HENRY Smxmm RosENWALD, 'E. ROSENWALD & BRO. & Exu of. Tobacco, 145 WATE,R NEW YOR GVSTAV &lLOJfQlf, &.\LOJI n..lera ID 811 XlDda of nr-r. n LEAF TOBAGCO. 264 p._rl St., Mew York!" B. Oppenheimer, neaier-ta Leaf Tobacco, 138 Water St., flew Tort Ohas. F. Tag & Son, ll'IIPORTERS OF SPAN":J:&EE And Dealers in all Jdllds ot LEAF TOBACCO. 184 Front St., New YGrk. t .TO:S.A.oooa, 226, PEARL ST., NEW YORK. Depot and .Agency 01' THBl 'r:'ANUI'A.O'l'UBII 01' < I &.W.&AIL &Ail .._ -.uo-, .... 254 m canal st., cor. Eim.low Ta't1 WISE & BEND HElM, Agts. Commission Merchant, Learrob&Cco, 228 PEARL ST.,N:EW YORK, Hirsch, V -ictorius & Co. LEAF TOBACCO,. -111 WATER ST., NEW YORK. FRED SCHULl, J B. D. 4 CO. 'l'Ju.Dil K.UUt. 111 WATEB I'%',. lOW TOIUI:


JULY 30 .) JIIDI'BY O'rl"L"mEEII, DIULUI O'l"I'BNliKB.G. S. OTTERBEIG 1 Bm.i FR. ENGELBACH, fOB!GGO DEPOT & AGHNGY at'qCIII dr l ll!l All fOBAf.tJO, SEED lEAF. 144 Water St., New York. ALfXTlJ ImDortcr of Fine TOBAC.CO & And Proprietor Brand "LA ISLA" For hi Importation ot Toneeo, Aad ll.raad oc Cl&ar j, CONEY.' 118 Jlaid.en Laaet FINE CIGARS, ,. F. C. 4 C. C., Acknowledged by consumers to be thebes in the market. And for the bisnd of Licor ice Sticks, 'NOEL 4 CO.,. In all respects equal to CALABRIA.. Consumers and J ohbers would do "'l'ell t apply direct. Lleorlce llleet and Or41nary OA ll&aL \c ARGUIMBAU, WALLIS & CO., ,.,, "r6 Ill!':"# Havana Cigar &: lannfactnrers, I "Q)l'le,eJl .. Melbourne, .A. -u.a"tra1.1a. '.


10 TBLLEJR ::EIR.O&., Merchants, aad Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 THIRD STREIT, PHILADELPHIA W EISENLOHR & OOr, PACICERS AND WHOLltSJ.LE DEALERS IN L E 4. F 0 B A C c -o, 115 s vva:t e r S"t., Ph:llad.eJ.p:hi.a. '/ol, E EN!.OH],{, PHI{ BONN. & .. SMirf'.H, ackers, Commissffl1 Xorcha.nts & Dea.lers fn IEED-tc HAVANA TOBAOCO 1to. 35North Water-st., Philadelphia. ,. And 214 8TATE STREET; &. Tc::p CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G CO. Cor. Ridlo & Borth Collcto An's, PhiladclDhia, Pa. It now 118 dllrerent sh&peo a n d slzeo, from the facto ry. at r.;ea.!J reduced prices. Every mould w&rrallted uniform. U size pur be not lUi table,_ it will be exchanged. or money retumed. Our iLim Is to lmery Street, SaD F r ancl8co Col.; C E. CONES l ndl&PapoUs, Ind. ; W. R. HOFF, So uth and W ater Streets, Bal timore Md.; COOPER&; CO., oar. Madiso n aud Front Streets, Te nn .;....,W. G ADAMS, 97 Water Street, New York; S. Q sEVIER, NOrleans, La. Western Advertisements. Jc::b.x:a. Pi:o.zer &, Elrc::s.; -, ltlA.NtJF &CTUBE B S O F Fl'l"e Brother. J 6 oz Poundo, L o n g John 9o, Bright and B l a ck_._ O l d Hon-Ft o Cent P l u&r, and ali o t her Popula r S t y le o C Floe Navy Tol>aeeo, X..<>U:J:S'V:J:X..X..E, S-team ,Oigar, Box Fac-tory. ':!he_Largeo t ia the W eot., Capacity, 25,000 per Week. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS Wester n Leaf Tobacco A FRICAN SHIPPER S A 12 Central Wharf, Boston. GEORGE H. JONES, Importer of VAN" .A. .&..4Dealerta SEED LEAF TOBACCO No. 98 Water Street, 2SC>.T<>Wo Clu.a. W JLDD, Ia. WIL B. w-, 98o 100 and 102 NORTH CAN.J.L 1$TBEET, Cl:l.:u.o:I.D.D.a:t:l. R; .&lao Jlaaalacturer of the v ..... -rea Cedar cicar-Boz: Luaiber. 5-ple-CHAS. W WILDER Jr 111nabhea oa Applicattoa., S...d for Prioe-Lt.t. I I r .A. SU.U Llae oC Label., Eda:lnc a and KUbon kep& coaatant1)" o 'ii hand ai .. .... ____ ._...._ _. 1U.anutaeturer-' Price ......... .u..u.'IU"WWE"-a J Foau, N .FoKEY, W_EISSINGER 8/, BATE FINE CIGARS, s. J. FOREt & co., M&nufaclw'ersoftheSuperlorBrands of 88 Kilby & .98 Wate; ata., l!lan111llctu r e n ottheCelebrate4 WHITE FILLER Tobaccos, '' '''UNCLE' SAM" "HOLD FAST" BOSTON'. UNION TOBACCO WORKS. cc-a,0n Ox:a.," LouisviLLE, KENTucKY. LouisviLLe, Ky. CEO. S. SCHWARTZ & CO. KNIGHT & 0 JAMES PHILIPS, lW!tJFACTUREBB O F 0., J Fo-erlJ' wltb.'c. s. Plllltpa CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCOS. CIGARl!lANUFB A OCTURERX s LoFABELS Tobacco Cnring .and Sweating s, .. Loq I J'fnt AYe, Slaort 1Ul4 Wate.ltooo -(1Jn4er C. 8, PHILIP!l' Patenta,) PITT8BtJKGH, Pa. -The onJ.y Buecesaful Procell In Exlote n ce. -NOTICES. Dark colors cuarahteed. Steam P.rinters and Engravers, Green, raw, Ught-colored or unsweated O:J:N'O:J:N'N .&. T:J:, o, =red and liroufiht to dart "X':&:E 70 Main St., Cincinnati, o. Qneen Cigar Manufacturing Co., BERRY MEYER & co., Ma.nutacturers o f COMMISSION MERCHANTS OIG-.A..R.B And Deal81'11 in A n d Wholeaal e D e11Jer.s i a LEAF TOBACCO, OHIO AND CONNECTICUT H4 to 120 E. Pearl St., LEAF TOBAcco, CINCINN&TJ, O. R. MEIER & CO., CINCINNATI, O, );El -F' (TO BAG CO. .&8 Front St.. Cinci:nn'!!.ti. 0. F. W. DOHRMANN, LEAF TOBAGGO BROKER S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCINNATI. E. IL FLACK, TOBAICCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. KBPBBBKC .. a 1 I DO. a Latbam. l'nlo'l ilant of __ B. E. Trice, Pnlo'* PI&D&ert' H o_.,..; aa..,.erL Wallaoe It Co., New York; llpnt$ .. Co LMdnllle, w. f. NOIUWI. W W BKLVll'o NORMAN & BELVIN, Packers of Leaf Tobacco. PIJOil WRAPPERS a SJIOJU:JIS :A. IPBCI.A.LTY. DANVILLE, VIIICINIA. THE YORK CIGAR CO. PENNSYLVANIA CIGARfl from !912 to Sl6 per thousand. 'YOR.:EE., Pa. Paul C. Venable, CJOIDDMION P .&.CKEK OJ' AN D:&ALER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONN.


JULY 30 Business Directory of Ad vcrtiscrs. NEW YOBK. Lourger Ill. & co. 172 Water Newpss L. 144 Water -Owen F. E. Oppenheimer M. 188 Water Jl,ellm&!ISPearl. E. & 11-. 145 \Vater Bossin s. & SQ:n.s, 'Yater Salomon G. & BrO.. 9&4 Pearl Sawyer, Wallaoe & Oo. 47 Broadway Scboverllni Bros. 142 Water BchrOflder & Ben 178 Water. llchub&rt H. & Ce. 160 Water. Schulz Fred. 21.11 Pearl Seymour Chaa T. 188 Front. Siebert Henry, 68 Broad. llpingarn J:. a: eo. 5 Durling SUp. Stetaeca:e R., l!Jl Wa.ter Tai: Cb&riM F. & Son. !Sol i'ront. Upmana, Carl. 178 Pearl. ; w .... Jor tr.. Sa"' OJ Jlfanufdc-mtd Snaoking TobGCC4'1 AUJCUOIID &: Dusei 11 WarreD. D ohan, ua.rroll & \.iO.lP-1 Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. F. !16 8. Waohtnato Squar. 225 Front. I.Aaf To&aoco swea.tift. Philips o s. /1. eo. liiB Pearl eomwnuion MercM"t' ... lieJI>fll Jkotllersli. Co 4 i & 48 Exchaage ToOacoo 1J..-n. C&ttua John. 83 lteaver I Gans' Son, J s & oo. 131 Water / ()sbenle, James G M Broad. Bader JL /!: Son. Beave r llback A. Pearl Street. llaRw.r uf Snl ,l.'i iW andCheactng T o bacoH. &.ndt!f'81lll .luhn ._teo. 11'116 aad 117 t:.lbeltJ" .A rkenbunb 0 M a. C o 4lJ0...4(M Pearl Bucbaua.D .t; 101 Wall D 1711 and ln. Du&De. Qoodwht & Water' Bel me Qeo. \V, 1:J:J Water aDd 85 Pine DU15lb to li:l:i Weoi IIIII llo&lpUI .D. H. 111: eo. cor A venllll D uul T..U.. Jllilor.o. :a. A. eo. VI Cohunbla. ol CII/4 East lutro /1. Newmark, 71 Park Place Oplll&Dil O&rl, 178 PearllltNOI'I..- of Bam"" Tl>berSr Broo .t: BoadT, 11111 aa4 111 Grand 11&1 ...... 1011 tlcl& -......._,_. of-Pf!H" Gft4 l1IIJIOrHr'l of 8waoM'' .Artlc:tkM. a J)uoel, 11 Warren l!!t. 11ane1 &: Fonl, 8111 Broad war -&.411 LlberlT Jtauhnonn -&: Bond'f, ud 131 Grud JlcmJGCtrer oJ L.tcorlod .E'Utc. .. Andrew J a.mN C. 55 'Water B-'ord blanu!acturlng Ce. IIW Jlaldea woanr -= ll"'nT 14 Cedar j.ooporlen ., Paato. &rptmbau, Wallace /1. Co. aa4 811!. William .. C.MWat.r. ; W a: Sterry, It Cedar Z\lrleaida1 /1. &rgulmbau. :Ill BeaYW -utactwwro of l'ooldered Qllrord, llberm&ll & lDDill, 1 WDiluD B. Jlllller'o Boa &: Co. Weanr .t: BtelTJ', M Cedar Beed I-.1 7\>bGCC<> Demel a 11o. w.-r PIDI&OacoO ,.,. ...... 8-.M &: Co. IIIII Front _, __ or Olor-. Erlold B. W. Slll-1111-J:lennth llt. Beakell Jaoob,llll8 and !IIIII :Monroe 8. 1711 and 181 Lewla W1o1re WUilam .t Cb. 158-111 DeoW ;,. OIDarllolo GloI>oou .t: Maurer. 22 &Dd M 1'1. WIIIMm '-...... Slm,., 1ft Lewll WloD Wm. .t: Co. 1118-111 -M'f'n o/ T-11/wtD Conlo oOid lielo. Broo., Jlve NaaL P. 0. BozoJo" ,.,.._.. (lbUkel J .... Wanea. Jllr Ho_.. Ci'J&r I'ICivor. J'riM JJe:L a BroL Beade Jl,frt Ot .. Oitl Judql (}igaHQ;u. Qoodwbl .t (Jo. 1177.0 Water. ro.-"""' Cigtw .cMtiL 8_.u-a-* -'1. WD&a Upteorn>TO W J:. tM-f/5 J:alt _"'___.. ot r"'-.-. ......., ToiMICCO eo. lil&--615 "'""' 1111. "rHE TOBACCO 11 The Sphinx Cigar Factory SUTRO & l NEWMARK, 1'8 Pllal'k York. P'ACTORIES1-N6. 4ai''liei Dietrtot & 7si3 3rd DletrtA Manufactt4rer OJ Crooke Conlpound fit\ Foil, .. '-Tboaceo. M edim anti Tistue. Ct:!okl:' Jt'lhn J Cu. l\iulbel'M' Man : ufttc1u .rer oj-Silve r &urfn. c e Foil. Croo k e J ()hn J C o. 16 3 M ulberry o f Cigar 1\Ull e r P e t ers 8l Co. 1Z'i and 1 3 0 Mt.ngm Manufactur era of S h eet Metal a n a Woodtm Cigar Moulds. The :l!iller Dubrul & Peters Mfg C.o. 510 E 19th Improwd Tobacco Scrap MachiM tor !:igar JlrJn.uf(\cturen. Borgfeidt N. H. East 19th .E>ealt!:r i n Too u and tor Cipor 1dan.utactuNT"&. W.tteyne H Pea.rJ li09b. Jourgenstn, C 30 and 31 Libertr li'OT't!ign and B<1nkrer1. Sternbet'Jler Simon, 44 Excha.nge Place. o f S'AOW Fi,urec. Bobb S A. Canal S trause S. 179 and 181 Lewis Bole Manufacturer of tM. OrlgiJI4l &reetl &!!al S:rnoking T o bacco Jlmmet W C. & C o. 7 4 Pine Importers o f Ji 'ren'Jo. Oipantft Pa-pn. Augustin & Dusel. ll Warren ... )l&,Y Brot b enl. 10& 2d A ,.,nuP. Cmt unercwJ The Bradstreet Co. 279 Broad war r 'EV ANSVILL.L. IDd. !T'obacco Co"'minion .Merc"91d1. liiOOTb c. J & Co GLA'iGOW, Scotland, Scotch. O lu.y Pip e a WblteW. HARTFORD, Conn P ackers a n d Det:Uen i n Seed Leaf Tobot'co Gerah&l L &:r B r o .. 229 Stat.e Lee GeG. I W State Hay & Smit h 214 State WWcox S W 5 7 6 11lain HARRISBURG, Pa .D.a1er i n :Domfl.lltic and Hav a na. Leaf Tobaccq and Manu.f. o ( Cagau Herman J ohn C. HAVANA, Cuba, Tobauo and Cigar C ommiuion M erchatdl. Bosse l mann & Schroeder. Lampal"illa 18 Lpbeck & Co. 33 :Me r c acl_eres Str eet anujacture-r& of .Fif'loe Cigar. Cortina, FraPcisco G 184 E etrella. Cueto & Co ., Juan. M aloja. 8 1. Garcia, Oume n-.nd o Lopez & C o .1 Juan. Corrales 71. Lopez, :Manuel&: Co. MarU.I"'e:r: y Ga1 e i a S it ios!) Mu rias & C o. Rudesjndo Cue\as & Co. Ma!oja 39. Ynclan & Sanc h ez, Calle Est r eJia. 9 4 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. of Cigar Boz Flack E ru:. Reo.d Geo. W & CO. Lewis Thompson Geo. V. TobaccO Dro'ker. Tobacco l/Teight Jlroker&. Ragsdale W :t Smit h W. o. & co. 118 Bxchange Plaoe LANCASTER, p ... Jfanufactu:rerl of Cigar Wicke Wtn. & Qo. cor. Goerck and Third Dtaler n. Leat"foba.cco. Frer&-'W'eidle r 213 w King Mt ., Oi9!Jr-B()&I: Labels and Ti'immitW -.J Hlrsb David G. 8 .Chestnut st Beppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and. 9& N. Willi&Jil Sk:Ueti b. tsl and 63 North DWl:e Neup1ftn-& n. w. QOr. Pearl & E&m p$cker aM Commi,Mon Merchant. Uptegrove W E. 465475 East T e n t h st .;.. Teller N. Shippen st. M--uufaetu.rers of Wax Papei. "" ll .Manufacturers oJ Pen?l.3ylvania Cigar Hammer.whla.g S 5 2 e y s t mrsh Dav-i d G -. .. T ..... T obacc o Ba.gging Stehman H L. & Co 252 254 N. Queen st P e rson A Harriman & Co. Broome LfVERPOOL, Eng. .. Cope BrO. & :, Qre er'! 11.. Roilt;, Broa:d,v a y Parry&: Crosbl e s, 6 North John Street. ALTOONA, Pa LOUISVILLE, Ky. of Pl1.1.[[.1'obac_co Man ujac turet'l BlumeilthalJ: Etevcrtt;b Street J'lnzer a & Bros. 194 and lSi Jacoh AMSTERDAM, HollAlld. Weissing e r & Bate Jmpmter s o f See d and in Su.1natra Tob Foree S J & Co UrbiLch & Frankfort. Lea f .fo&aO. BALTIMORE. :Md. lleler W. G. & Co 1'obacco Com..minion .Mtrchonfl. T obarco JVarehouset Wicks G. W & Co. Bartter &:: waggner, 5!9 South Gay 1 ... Breken. Boyd w A 8i Co 33 South d ---Kerckhoff & 4lJ &>uth Charles callaway James J', eorner Eighth an .&IUU.M Klemm Cb&a. H. 39 North Calvert Guntber bacco Oigar ""d ManJrs. Packer< of &ed uaj alld lmpttr!Ma of-Jacoba & Co. 1i>Oacco. )IIDDLETOWN 0, Becker Bros. 98 Lombard Manufact')lre of P!ug 'l'()bacctJs. Bd:trens J ohn&: 0&. 20 Water st C Kerckholr Oeo. & Co. 49 llcuth Cbarleo Borg P. J. & o T.-Shippinga,.dCommi .. ionMercha,.ts. NEW MILFORD. Conn. Drosel, R&U8Cbenbel11: & Co.. 11 Sonth -Gay PaB Bread. Pnryear T R Import., of Navana mro. ;,. Leaf Tobacco PATERSON, :Jr. J. Bemis. Eme ry1 Jr. !J2 Central \,Vharf Jla'Aufacturer of Cheuling an-a...,.m;..;o.. Jl.,._ PHILADELPHIA. Fallenat.eill 1 Tobacco BUFI' ALO. Jl, T. Bamberger L & Co. 111 Arch Dealer in B""""" """ Paclcor of &d Lea(. llatchelor Bros. 111111 Chesnut P 85 'MaJ.D. Bremer'll Lewie Sons, 822 North Third r Dohan & Taitt ](Ji' Arch TobaCCO and ()igaT Eillen!Ohr Wm .t: Co. Sonth Water ()OOaCk & Clark. McDowell IlL .1!:. /1. Co. 39 North W....,. CHICAGO, DL HaT & >!mRh. 311 North Water M"frl of PopUJ,. Gra-&Md and f:!th 1 D B. & Co. 188 N 3d !J""' WOOd C ""d c;,.,.-Jla,.ut'l' oJVY""!'ff qiWI Smoking Tobacco lllner Bv. /1. eo. 48'Tre>d llt --chatotld ...... .AIIOI'I. Jll..tro!"lh"9 Thrali" lit "Qa,....,." 8woolh ...,. ."'I Tobau" RoU." Richey Henry A. 15 West llecond Street. Jeaklnaon R. & W l'BT Liberty at.reot Mn/lrl 0/ Imprawd Toboc:co Jladl.i....... Mn'TS of Ohe11Jing oceo Jia,.ufodUreroJ oftd Cigar Dolu11i4nal'. w. i. e.cor. VIae ud J'roD& ette. I-.1 Tobacco Allen &: Ginter. Heier R. .t: Co. & Ce Jl Jlerc/wJftla. lAo/ X-PragUe .t: Ma...,n, 94 Weo!t l'rbnt' W. E Dibrell of r "JiattujMturera of To,bacco Bag.. -Henry, 911 ClaT Ji. Mlllhiser & Co. !ll09 Ma!Jo Troot. 8. W. V8-IO!IN. Canal ROVHESTEB,Jf. Y. Dtr in Forsigft d: .l)om.atic LeG/ Tobacco........ Mattufactntr of Tobaoco. John /1. Co. eo W. Front street WhaleR R. .t: T. 139 State Stoectiftlk .. "' itaAuJacturertof n.Peertu."andPlGin.ft....,.. Jam 70 llam atteei out TobacCO aila uV'a1'iq)' Fair" 8moJftn.i' Tobacco T119& I TOOai:OO and Ctganlioo. lllurdoclt Ju. Jr. 166 Race. itlaball w. s.jt M"/lrl of Cigar awd Dirl. in Lea! T-. 111."/tr of Geld Clip Cig&relioo, Queencipr 114-all Pear! : 8. F. a-. T VLABKSVILLJ:, T. ,_ :F:tt _A'li(liS(lO, Cal. Leo/ TobGcco BroWn."' 1 "" ..1. .1.. Clark !L H. & Bro Pol\&k, Arnold lit SJo 20!> Sacramento Street. O, SP&Uf&FIELD. Kaee Jobl>er ;,. all lriftdo Jla,.ufo<:lurod Tokcoo. tlmith_ H & Son, lllllampden ButlerC." B. ., .... -r !ltODtano Jlfr of Fiae-Cut Chewnng Smolring ToOacoo Co 1211 lllark Schriber J. &: eo. 74.';6 lli. Clair llt Dormltae c. & R. a: el of Lea/ Tobc>coo. DJLJfBUBY' C.... Ladd TobaCco eo. 21llortb lllai,D BeebGCC<> --G. W lloler Adolph\111 &: Co. DAJJVILLE, Va. Mq,nufacturor' Agmti /Jealcrl ;,. :C...a/Teb&oco. DUienberK D. !ill N ; 24. ; &gen' for lllarburg Norman a: Bel-rin. Sroa. De....,.."""' .Itr<>Mrl" Leaf r-. Mf ()f TobaG<. BeJWlenOL Jamea A. &: Co Dauaaan Tobacco Co. Bt-o1tMt. SYILA.Oll'SE, Jl. Y. Strictly Oft Order. O/ Cigar BOIN&. V-1'. c. .t: 1!11uiee Gee>. a_ DETROIT, KSell. WESTFIELD ._ .111&,-trl of 8M<>Wttg Tob. andCigon DeoW;,. Buaaer 'fobloao 1 .. 116 J-.enoe BarM euJabn C. M-.f'nol --.:r-. WJIEELilfG, W, Va. -Jt. C.&: Co. 74-71 Jd-&v ...,.'IT_...., of -.u., /Jte(INa, 2'lJ11 .t Iatporler of s--.n ... Cigan. /1. Bueloler,lll Jdenoa AYenue, Ebeling .t: Pebler, 1048lllarket st DURHAM. Jf, G. .. ,...,.,.,._0/ __,.-. -...a w. T. a: eo x.rn Jl/n oJ .81.-u' Dwrllclm ()lgare#oa. Jaeob A. I&: 11 uti> Jllac&1rell W, '1', .t Co. Torlt ap R:o::. 'YC>::E'I.:O:::. ,! 1 r a. LICHTENSTEIN. ; Fine Cigars TRAO.Ii: AND DEALERS Ill MENDEL & BRo., Mannracturors or If 0 18Ji LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorney St., I A. BRUSSEL. Factory No. 60, 3d Collection Dist., N.Y. Nos. 707 to Second Avenue_ and 235 to 239 East Thiny-eighth S!reet. .nHFIANGH GIGlR oo.; Manfr. of CIGAR MOULD PRESSfS & STRAPS, .&.m.erleaa ,. . above prlceo iD money. Foreign Duties on Tobaece. Ia A111&rla, France, ud spab, 11 b:r Government, under dlrecCioD of a :a-. Ia e._ the OD 1eOl &obacco Mid ......,. le IllS marb per 1110 eaaa1 lit 10.40 ceilll per po""'!j 0..: ll&rlpo &Dd -180 mara poaOI>Dd; ftom 4 1, 1111, .. 31, Illlfl, 80 marb_Pfl" 100 !dloiP'amlnes, equal to IW --_....; ftom .April 1, 11!811, ADd tberM!ter, 411 mara per 1110 -rOBlCCO BIOKEBS ._... ... equal to uo --pol' -d. Ia the lm,.. (. ckk llll roubl fO kopob 9 pud; 11114 QD I fi>UDleo 20 kopeb 11 pud." Tbe "pu4" Ia etj\lal io ,11bout 911 :Ame 11>0. In Tlirker the -Ia eo cenill, gold, pw 0\l.Qcea. Jl> ICngland &be d-....., oo. UnmanufaciUnd:-e. ... 41 !Od" ; allo&her I'll k> the above d-there Jt a -. ._,111' UI'UI(U&y-Manutactured tobacco, cigars and i:lgareites. 35 per cen$. Cld 'Valorea; cent. od ,. In Chill the 1m dues on HaVI\Il&leaf amount to $1.W 1 and all otbeP kiq.ds taxed a the rate of 11 per kilwtramme, while a ax of 16 pel ldlogramme has to lie pdd on cigars.


.. ,.,..e.-: & 114. u ..... ORURS CHOICE BR.UIDS OF SPANISH LICORICE I GREEK LICORlCE I .ALL BPBOI.&.LTIES FOB PL'UG AXD I'INEC'UT TOBACCO. Ollve Bea.ris, Gums, FJ.a,vors, POWQERED LrcoRICE ROOT, .&.D.d. Po""VV.d.ered. :Lo:loor:l.oe. '1M S'l'ICX LICORICE 'WJ: IUVE THE PAVORITIIIIiRA.NDS::PXCJi.:Da.A.TB:Lo:Z:..X a:a.d. If ALLEN G-XN'1'Elt.; llAN'UF ACT'U:REBS, B.JCIUIOND, VA. Sole ia New York: AUGUSTIN & OUSEL, II Warren St. Rrice List. / M Pint. 1 Pint, 1 Gallon (8 pints). li Gallon Jots. t:J.OO. f6.00. t4P .... gall. TEB!IIS: NET, C. 0. D. one Pint wm make f;UUR GALLONS STRONG FLAVOR Simply by &ddinll' Four Gallons of '!J'is qu&m.tty Ia su111cient to Impregnate Fillers for abou& 00,000 CIGARS. BEWARE OF lMITATION. Every genuiae bottle is labelled L I CA VltLTA ABAJO" KDANA TOBACCO EXTRACT. And bears my Name and capsule. ]. S. G1\ S' SON & baudo IJewYork. Manufacturenl of all6. arands formerly Man ufac turecl by Thoe. Hoyt 4 Co. a:n.d E. New York. e Mrs. G. B ... Miller & Co. I EST.AJILUIIED 1176. 97 TELBE:T, JST:J!J"''V PETER COLLmS, Preaidei..t. PJIN BLUE PAPERS. SNUFFS: Rlise-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch. French. na,_pee,American Gentleman 6'SXQ.N AL" One o ;. A:lllo, Pll'tlt _. qaall1J1 Smoldac, In Blue Papel'tlo SWEETENED 'FINE:GUt-Q.arK and light Grape. hmt 'Rose. Club. l!U.Y APPLE aad PBIZB LEAP FINB-CtJT, Ia Jl'oU. FRACRANT ,, VANITY FAIR I CO., 0 ADOLPH MOONELIS,. JUNtlJ'AO'l'UJID OJ' CIGARS, 647 649 a. AI ad Avenue, Behreen 85loll ud llllth .... nw "1'0& 'Jacob HoAk.eH, CISAR BOXES


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