The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 1881. f 4. t ... omee and SalesrOom: 33 Xurra.y St., 1(1 "' "'... .. .. .,. 1 r t :t scrap' s J. CRRISTIAN DUBEL. GEO. W. .. 'AUGUSTIN & ."0BtJSEL, I !' l (LATE OE HEN& CQ.) I L. ::E:a:a.pc>r1:er 1 a:a.d. :l:a. r '1 .FOREIGN AND DO:IIESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; lamifactnrers' Agents for all the .PoDntar]rands or Fine and Tobacco and Cigarettes ; I 'SoleAgents for ty Tobacco. and Cigarettes; .11 !ole Agents for. Allen & Gihter's GEII & Cigarettes; Depot for Blaolnrell' Gea'llln DiorlLam-J.:O. W, Carroll' Lo,... T Pilldaton' :Flow-' ', 1 'Sole Agents of coPENHAGEN SNUIT .. I "' I '., Importers Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books; 11 ""DV .A.R.R.JI!IN" &TR.JI!IJI!IT, ZSTE""'DV a, 7 co., I -IIIA.NUFACTURERS OF- ',B OX: L UlYIBEB., AN':J:S:B: OED.A.R; w , .' I IN -OUll. OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR. AND IIA.HOGA:NT, 1 N"qi.. 888 &:lzm1:h S1:reee1: O:l:a.o:b1:a.a1:.i. ., I \Tb.e .. J.croc:k.. e Cc:., :NEW YORK AND CHICAGOIIANUFACTUB.EB.S OF ., -'I' L f I P' T:J:N FO:J:L 1 ;pl. 'U..K Factories. NEW. YORK: 38 Crosbyi & ?ts. CHICAGO :,,84, 8.6 & 88 St. SILVER SUllFACE .. FOIL! COMPOUND FOIL, PATENT METAL', andallthedifferentvarietiesofFoilknowntotbeTrade. P{UNTINC ON FOIL in. Bronze and Colors, and with different desigJ}:S of Ornamentation, for T .OBAQQ.c;:> .a.N'D1 LA.BElLS. :f"or Plain, Colored or Stamped, Olllce Addms: 163' .MULBERRY. STREET, NEW YORK;, 8.8 FR:!i Uq ( CHICAGO. DONALDSoN BROTHERS, S"teaxn. L1 'tl:l.ograpl:l.1o Pr1:n. "ters, li!"::EVJID PO::ENT'.S, 1'lil li!I'W" TOR.:K. 1 TOBAC.CO LABE.LS AND SHOW CARDS p, e. -:11: lt'l'et J 0:.0 :Ill 0 ::ID:R. Y ::I:::EI80R.::EPT::EON". (No Label kep! 111 stoeli, PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS ._. ... H'IIroacl, 707<1-IL'Ia M I ----. J,,, .6-11 u '10 J"Cla J.M tt .._ .. _. ................ 6-1 .. 'IO,..t. --''" ..... 6-tJ 'fO 7"1-1.115' r., .............. a ... 1 'tO,.-lA ............. "'''"""''''""''' .. } .... 1 '1074-, 11 e .... 'tO ,.a.. 1.:10 ..... ... .. ... .. .. !!. a .... 5 'tO 78 LBO Z.,lla4tla.. ..... ..... ... ....... 1 .... 5 'tO ;rib 1.80 ,. ...................... a .... 5-s 'to :rib 1.60 : 3; 6 .. 'TO 7U l.ICt .... -.a ................. t .... w .. 70:rlb 1.31 <....... .... .. .. IJ .... H 'tO ;rib 1.20. ................. S ..... t-fl 'tO ;rib 0.86 -................ .. 1 .. : .,-s 'JO;rlbI.SO .... 2 .. H 'tO ;rib 1.20 ....... : ..... a .... '"s 'to :rib o;ao II!\ -... ...................... a-s .'to.,.a.. o ;'to Yellow ................. a-s 'tO :rib 0.86 r .. .. ...... .... 2 ..... 13" 1.16 I' : ...w- ---Dw:ltlaJ'ellow ....... 6 'tO;yda 1.66 II II IIJ',' 11 U U & '10 ,. .. J 1..&0 .. '-s ) : 'to,.a. I WOODEN .....a TelL d w:ltla lecJces. .... 6 't07a J.6l ([ ;. u. .. rea ... 6-s .. 1o7a. Lil .L t Da Jtell, wUte aaol 1 SH&W FIGURES. w .. eda ..... &-s 'tpya. lAO. Xerlega ..... ........ 7. ............. .. 6 60:rU O 'U Extril '!tytn Of Rlblona RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED. ANY SIZE lNf STYLE .ui Onlen' .-=eeta4. Term (Jallh. Prices of 'Cigar Bo'"xes and Samples of Ribbons Sent on Applcatlon. MILLER,. PETERS & GO., Geo;, W. Read & t 0,11 L lJMBER.! ,jt ., I l i 'I ( J THE G ROWING POPULllUTY 0111 O'QB Cut and PressTDried .Cigar.-Box, ;ind other 'SOLELY 1li:IA.NUF A.CT17BED BY tJ s, prevents b u r keePing stock on hand, t o extent. i.nd ma.nufacturer.s will QO-wefl to 'anticipate theirwantl, and t orwara orders some U tile tim e before requiring. We cOD to m anufactUr e Sf.'anlh Cedar; M.ahoeD'Jt S'yeB.Dlore, Butternut and Pophir, at' most satisfac tory prices, &Dd..shallah ort1y introduce two new woodli, wWch will be found ven desirable. When re&dy for m&rko<, 'our old and new customers will be duly a4vised. Band and Ven-r SawanaBoardCuttboa IIUlla and W 186 to 200 LeWis St., foot 5th & 6th Sts., E. R N"e"'':>V M. I..ILilliTlUL. IL LANDJU.N. o I .... J JI.IENTHAL '-' :::S. 6 C: 2 2 b. -. :c:c:i:s < t t S> I 1 The ProprlMol'l of thla Gr&Dd. i giL. Cigar" llanu:f'aet9",;' who for the put wenty-elcht yoanllan carried on tb8i r busia .. gs Galiano a.te noW m ore than ever in & Po.lttoa to IMM'8 their cnlnomir., being provided with ample and ..._ vnllmited 1 credit. The ad.Tert.iaera h&..-e ueit.h8r.11.nJuble n o r money to produce & reallycood and ei>W.p artlele, :., a.nd take much pleasure ln informinc the pultUc tlaat; they are the oaly lbanatacturer in 1 the island of CUba onjoying the prlY1le ot worklnor the t-obaccos .of tho celebrated Tee or the l!laa Juan 'f' ltlartlnez d.ltrlet, named LA JOSE BRi r ( "ci : J 'ta. de ',,1 ud othera. '1"he tobaccos arrowa o n the plaDt&tioD& f 1 .t '" 'abOv e are noted for their 811tcelleat qUaUU.. 1 i IIAli"AGEBS-{:BII:a:a."U.e1 f 1 &nd&rehlghlyappreclatedbyoonno-.ur.. 1 Pe:r:f"eo1:o Jr. HA.VANA, Aprll11881 I'IB.IIt-:BII:a:a."U.e1 X.ope ..,. ... I c ; >> -< ; ee. ; ,;> c: o-a & E:a.b1:lhed. 181i!17. SNUFF.'' ) .l ; ..1 :J &, l ::EIR.O. .: I Dlanuf.a.oturera of tlae cele.rated COPI;NHAGE:N SNUFF ana CUT AND DRY SHORING TOBA:CCO. .Retail Store and Odlce 1 81 S.m.lthft.eld Street.1 F'actoJ7l 5 & '7 Union Street and 112 8tree&, PXTT&B'C'R.GH I .... : . .. .. CENERA.L SELLING A. GENT:-W, A i ROBINSON, U' ,l'I'E""' YORK, 1, I .''.WHOLESALE DEl.'OTS-NEWYORK: A,unstl; & ilAJ:.TIMORE: Baxter & Bird. 1! Commerce St. ; B OSTON: A. R. Mitehell, 8 5 Central St.; ALBANY, N.Y.: G W Van Blyk e & Co .'p471 Broadway; SAVANNAH: Bendheim Bros. & Co.; PROVIDENCE R. I : Huntoon & Gor hall'i. 48 }Vestminster PHILADELJ1HIA. : a : Louis Bremer' s Sons, 8:.2 N. Third CINCIN N&TI, o1 : V n ige &. \Vinter. l'i'lll \f ain St. i. Y.: Hatch & J enkB, S05 WaS:bin'gt6rl St : CHICAGO Ill : George Luerssen & Co., 79 ahd 1:1 Lako St.; TERRE HAUTE. Ind.: 'Whittl & wright, 28 N Sixth St'.; ST. LOIDS. Mo.; Hirschl & Bendheim, 409 N Thir d DEN-. VER, C?l: Brn!:' -Bta LawJ"enc(l Gt ; OJ1AHA;. N eb. : )fax M eyer & S AN FJ;tANCIS Q O : L. Wer:beimer, 300 to 800 Front St. J til .. l1lntrrs ; E:a. { HaviOAa, :uns. oJ c J u 1 PJaUaaetphia, J.8i8. FU.GUET & :No,23lCHESTNUT ST., PIDLADELPBIA, IMPORTERS -OF HAVANA GIG!RS ', NEW YORK, I OUR ORDERS., Tobacco and cigar merchants and manufacturerS of 1 GENERAl: FOB the island of Cuba are request!l'i t o liand their prjlers SfiOENBfRG'S, KEl1 WEST. CIGARS. for advertisements and ,and all :AUJO IIAJroi'AC'1'UlUIIBB OF mq.tteJ;S appertaining to the business department;, of 'E'a-Dom' ti THE T oBAcco LEAF, to our correspondents, :Messrs .-; es c II Bosselmann & Schroeder, Lamparilla 18, who 1 will Qe pleased to attend t o their ,S01'"l!ER BBOS., Dealel'S lD "CEJ\ 1' TOBACCO, Chica;go m Western Win lind i t tO their te deal with


. lllt ESTABLISHED 1864. Having the Larceat Circulation of any Trade Pa.,er In the World. -....,; u.rou.a.'l' MO&lOM BY .. TilllCCO=I.fAF fUB_L!SHING COM!ANT, I 015 OY l'Z4BL 8'l'BU'I'. ... ADD JIUDI[B ... : : ............. l I:Daa& o'ltTBJ: OoomniiT ...... : ................. 11.01 'E'rf!, .. .................... 5 .01 ... .......................... G.M -July ?:I was a great day in Cincinnati. Over 600 hhds of tobacco were sold at unusually high prices, one .:hogshead of White Burley selling for $60 per hundred. A Splendid Lot of Havana Cigars. On Thursday last Mes!!ra. Dingfelder & Libko. of corner of Pearl and Fulton streets, bought fl'om Mr. George Alcee, who acted as broker, one of the largest and most superiol' lots of Havana cigars which we have for a long time seen in this market-in fact we much doubt if the eetroit Natioqal Guard; Montgomery Rifles; Scott Guard ; the Detroi' Light AUG.l3 r The followmg extractl! are from the re_p()rts of sev eral !Jf our Consuls to the "'Department oT State con cernmg: co,mmerce, manufaoturee, etc;, in-t ir constar dstr1cts :f3;r. PAUL Dll: LoANDA, AJ'RICA.-The cuawm house tariff, lately gone mto force; puts the followiDg duties -un tobacco : -I ln# Reis. Dollar&. 1""t and cake. .. .. .. 200 20 : t= irs Hay 11, 1881.-Tbe kaQ.e in tObacco 18 qwte large, but there is 110 much ooinpe that 'I do not think the New Orleans deal'era are makmg muc!I money from sales at present prices. Leaf tobacco Imported from the United States during the half year ended March 31 1881, 174 valued 156,164; ciprs, Cuban man ture, unported durmg tbe same time ds at $3,661. E.xported the' Uni SlateS durmg the same pertod, 12 pounds of leaf tobacco valued at $7. NEw EALA.Jm, Qua.ntities delivered Amount paJd to by Ule cultlfttoro. cultlvalon. KIIOL J'r&Dca, 1871................. 2 97,127 242,47, 1872 ............ '.... 335,545 .. .,..\190,531 1873................. 4:>4,550 : 855,001 1874 ..... : . . . 486,356 459,989 1875................. 493,350 432,575 1876................. 521,998 481,041 1877................. 679,824 616,553 1878................. 769,770 689,816 ,.. 1879. ; : ..... :>: .. :-. 7.23,387 671,626 The crop' of 1880, it is S1JP.poaed, would have IIUrpassed 1,000,000 kilos, But th'e hatl-litorm of the 25th of August

AUG: 13 KENTUCKY. Ballard 'County A:u,;. drou,th of whwh we have 110 still contin\}es. The people are di!hee.I'teh'ed: two llr tbete hes been no ram smce the 19th of :wne and ill some .P.ortwns of 'the county none smml the 3d of J"une. Witbin the two weeks everyr kmd ba.s almost entirely drjed up. Slock: water s very scarce, a.nd even' drmkmg water m some localittes IS scarcer than it ha.s been for many years. Unleee get rain in a very few day.s t.herel cannot be half enough corn produced sqpply the home requirements. Already early col"!liS cut short more than one-half. Tobacco, of_course, bears the drouth w1lh leBB difficulty tlian a.ny other production of the country, but 1t stand and to Jook at u ,qow, one wpuld feel warranted m that no cucumstance is;,scarcely poesible that ')'VOuld lD.BUre us a thud of an a{"erage[uild; yet, I would not siate tins as a fact, use have seen more cJI.anges m a crop 'tObacco than in anvthing elee, but I am sure that crop this year is pptend that_ the prospect {or new tobaccp is pot as good 118 the old ground,, for tlie reason that' late rams and a late fall may the of the late planting. But V is: hjlavy destructJve'frosts a little after the middl!l of1Uns month, and if thJB should turn lle &the fp.ql\: wa; wo,uld absolutely make nothing. we trusti hiS pf;ec!lCtlOJIII J!l&Y rrove false. The ni)W gi.purui tobacco,au growq tal enough, but tl:te 11tock IS 8Dl&ll and IS hardepmg; the leaves are also very small anli' DArrow, stand up. more like cabbage tobacco. About t\lere IS no S\)read; m fact, ap pai-ently none of the qual1t1es of really good tobaeco. With a continuation .of the drouth ten da,r.s longer, it is generally .thQught ,thf,t such tobacco Will be entuely wprth)ess. :Wverythmg pomts to a gloomy future for_ our coul)ty. It mattel'll not how much rain may come, we hope for a half average yield of com,. and everyi farmer w11l tell you that bJB chances for a tobacco crop are gone so far as this year IS concerned. In a short t1me we shall '' Aee what we shall see," and then we skall know the facta. G. W S. Dadiz, Aug. 1s nothing in the crop prosany better than when I last wrote you. Hot, dry ;weaLher; parchmg east wmds; vegetatton dying; everythmg looks JUSt about as bad or worse than ever known here. 1838, 1854 and 1874 not excepted. Judg mg from present prospects, thousands of people are bound to suffer. A ]'. W. Fulton, Aug. 3.-Smce my last report we have had no ram; the weather is dry and hot, w1th some drying wmds. Crops of all kmds are well-nigh rumed for want of ram. The early corn could not make more than half a crop w1th plenty of ram in the future. Tobacco looks as bad as the oldest setthll.-8 ever'saw 1t here, a large port1on of 1t but little larj;er than when planted,Jand dymg m the fields; and w1thvut rain in a few days otJr crop for export will be one Of the shortest ever knowh. R. A:; B. Trwisville, July 30.-We have had no rain :1et, 'and the crop is almost dr1ed As ,we stated before, we have tne poorest prospects for crops of any kind smce 1854, and if it does not ram soon there will nothmg rwsed here. I do noti-.hink 1t to write you any more till 1t rams 'The tobacco <(_rop 1s almost, a flllilure. 1 C 0 ,Mayfiel,i, .Aug. 6.-'f,here has been np the wpather siuce my re(lOrt. ,. Tbe drouth 1s still upon us, a,nd 1.8 damagmg the corn and tobacco crop very muph, and If we do not hl!,ve ram Wlthm ten days there wont be half a crop of tobacco, compared w1th The outlook seems to bo worse than m the ye11r 1874. Our marxet 1s actve th1s week, with pric half a cent better than last Many of our deal ers are st1ll holpmg, consequently sales have fallen olt"this week, having only s9fd 94 he>j;Bheads. It has been three weeks last Wednesday smce we bad any ram m th1s locahty,and m some localities m this sec tiOn 1t has been from five to six weeks. Vegetation 18 dymg, an:i the planters are cuttmg their corn for Murray, Aug. 5 -It stJll remains dry Tobacco is very short; wonS..make much. I don't know how to descr1be the tobacco crop at th1s stage. We are in the illldst of J ill great drouth We wont have any corn. All our crops W!lll be cut short. We may have 110me sort of oallea A. H. B. J).ycuslrufg, Augltr.....f:Ni the present time we are very lmd hot; we as bad as 1854, the pastures are almost dned up ; cattle are falhng off fast,"young clover is all dead, timothy meadows are< near all dead. Tobacco None of any consequence, and not worth talk1pg about; don't think there will be 200 hogsheads rwsed 10 the county. R. M. Harrisburg, Aug. 5.-No ram yet, clear, w1th east wmd tobacco, corn and -pastures about gone; nothmg but Everything I oks gloomy, no potatoes nor vegetables of any kind; no frutt; most stock fallmg off. Tobacco cannot make anything, except now and then half an acre or so in new !![round. R M. ft OHIO. Aug. 6.-Smce my last there has been no change m the s1tuat10n as to the old crop. There has been some buymg at pnces rangmg at from 3 to 5c for common, and 6 to 8c for the better grades. Holders are firm on th1s crop, as the prospect of a new crop IS verypoor, and what IS raJSed will be of the lower grade It J.S extremely; dry and hot, and there are acres of tobacco w1th not more than sx or e1ght leaves, that cannot possibly make much no matter how favor-able the season ls from now on. J. H. M. Batesv1lle, .Aug. 8 -There is tobacco planted m eastern Ohw than usual, as the pnce pa1d to planters was so small that they could make more money out of other crops than they could out of_ toba<:co; and what J.S planted IS not domg mych good, as the weather been very hot and dry for some t1me. A large portton of the crop w1ll be air cured, smtable for the Western markets, a.s the pr1ces obtl\ined m the Western markets have been much better than in the Eastern. Seville, Aug 8 m:y last report tbe weather has been very favorab1e until now, It 18 too cold. Worms are very numerouS'. I mustr re1terate what I mentioned two weeks ago about the backwardness and uney,nneBB of most and do not yet see, under tbe most favorable how over two-thlt:ds of a PENNSYLVANIA. LanQ88ter New EJra, :Aug 6 :-Our market has been qu1et durin&; the week-more, however, because of a to accept offers than for a lack of offers 3 t so much 'alt torpnce!:asr tb where Jthe needed supplies. are to come from. '-.. ) I 1 J (. j 1 .. u I ) All th1sisgrave enough We have been !!hown tele-grams ordering tobacco "ojf," both he e ansi 1n Eu l1 :J l L ( .,. rope, and knoll' ra1n IS needed u1 the produc111g die,, tr1cts, but will no:.t rain comeat last m 'tme to prevent v l s: i Pfincipe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY The Cigars of this Factory, under the well-known 'l"" uoes, why not now as Last year, 4,698 hhd!!; 11 ,'dG. do. 985, qo.T hhchr.. 243 qo. 134 1 do. dG. Total ...... 61,008 > do. 155,1140 do. J!:xp't. Man[ Job 'rs Specu Uok'o. Total. Sales f or the week 293 126 106 12 515 1052 hds &les for th6 mooth *.)44 ,216 "'166 12 515 4458 hds ExportsJor the week, hhds For the mootb, 4,679 hbda. At New Orleans: Rece1pts from .Tan. 1 to Aug 6, 1881, 9,611 hhds, agwnst 3,419 hhd.fjn 1880, sales this month, hhds e.xPQrt& qfOI'eigR., 'f, 40ilohhds; domesti.c, 2G bhds; i'Otif 1i428 llhds. Stook on hand and pn shipbosra 119f, c eared 6, 1,395 hhds. Vtrgmza J.eaf-=;a fe 1w of bnght and pers all the transactions we hear of in the V1rgutia leaf .smce our' prev10us report. 1 Seed LeajTbe sales of Seed leaf sum up finely for the week; 3,075 cases havmg been diSposed of, whereof 2,0001cases 1880 Ohio were taken for export, an opera-tion th'ilt is to be commended for its own sake and for the 'sake of the market, which it relieves. The general busidess 'was pretty, fairly diBtr1buted between the va. rwus growths of 1879 and 1880, With Pennsylvania and New England leadmg a nearly equal race. MeSsrs. J. S. GANs SoN & Co., tobacco brekers, 131 Water Street, report to TJIEToBAooo fea 1 trre of th1s week's business has been the sales of Oh1a for export. Mor11 favorable news from abroad, tow1th the drou\h throughout our producmg diatncts, havM!tlmulated buyers.t F.or home consumption Jiii1"...a fuoderate trade has been done, buyers prefer 'ring to await the sampling of the 1880 crop. Total ) 1 f 1 tlr Brands oft L El Prilleipe de Gales saltt!l3,!)7_l) ca$"es, Q wh1ch were. 2,000 cs 1880 Oh10, low and fair assorted lots 500 ca. 1880 Pennsylvarua assorted lot11 75 cs 1879 do wrappers. . -AND. -u 300 ca. 1880 New, England seconds, etc .. I 100 cs. 1879 New England wrappers ... de Cay:q Hueso 1.00 cs. sundr1es ..... Spanuh.-Of Havana we only hear of sales bnfactured of new and best Vuelta Abajo Havana amountmg to 500 bales of fillers at 85@$1 20 tobacco, and In"' qul.llty malte Manufactured-The shpmJnts of plug tobacco were bY an of the Hav'ana Factories, are now received in regular light _w.eek, though the! !pJght well have been Y I heavy m v1ew 9f the firm feeling of manufacturers and weekly ahlpmenta by holders generally. They amounted to 79,332 pounds. FRED'K DE BARY & CO., ._ l! 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, .1 L I SOLE ACENTS. ... tl August 12 L I i 1 WeBtern. Letif.-,-The reported sales fo11 the week were 1,052 hogsheads, agamst 2,401last week, the latter em bracmg the latge purchases for Sptnish, account' Increased act1vity m noticeable the current week wben the sales to Spam are deducted from last week's total The market 18 materially affected for the better by the CllOP reports contmually arnvmg, 'and the orders rece1ved from sh1ppers to "hold off." A facto r 81ud to The market continues to be ex cited, and a. great many lots have withdrawn by order of the owners What goods are offered are at advanced figures for all eorts. A few small specula t1ve purchaees have been made" Another sa1d -"The accounts from the West cer tainly could D.ot0be mucb worse Drouth continues, .) ) l ... and bes1des-and thJB g1ves further strengtb to the markets-there 1s an unexpected fallmg off in rece1pts .Another very unfavorable feature IS that even when tobacco bas been topped down, say, to 10 leaves to the stalk, from four to six leaves are found, to have been burned by theexcessve heat in some places; and when tobacco ,ha.s been topped, as all know, the hnnt of production is mdJCated. 1 '' Som11 of our Western folks says, 'Hold our tobacco off the market.' Those holdmg full stocks here are not mclined to increase the1r holdings, but are quite w1lhng to stand by what they have got. From the West we are getting orders to buy, and from the best people we ever knew mdulgmg m epeculat.ion. By that IS meant people who are ready to put down a hun dred dollars per hogshead, instead of those who usually are disposed to advance a ten-dollar margin and leave factors to take the balance of the risk; though, at the same tnne, 1t must be said, there are plenty ef the lat ter now. The lug question is getting to be a serious not The domestic inquiry was better than at our last resume, w1th more demand for assortments For low priCed 11-mch and tw1st there were some orders which could not be filled at old Common lugs are sellmg m VJrgJ{IIa .at from four to five cents a pound, and low pr1ced manufactured goods cannot be tu' mshed except at a correspondmg advance. 1 Smokmg-A good 'demand for smokmg tobacco lB re-ported. 1 Cigars-The cigar market continues active. I j I I I. II --1 d Ctgar box Cedar.-The market IS fall' y act1,ve, an former prices are mamtamed. The quotatwns are: MexJCawcedar, cents per foot; Cuban, cents; new stock on hand about 3,500 loge. ExChange -Mr. S1mon Sternberger, Banker, re ports to 'l'HE ToBACCO LEAl!' as follows -I quote Nomioal sterhog rates, 483@485, sterling, 8 days, commercia.l1 60 days ; 480%; Francs-Paris cheque, .. ; commerClal 60 days, do Aotwerp do commereta160 528%; Rmchsmarks, 3 days. commerctal1 60 days, .. Guilders, do, 60 do, .. Market dull. wtth downward tendency Fretghts -'Messr s. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Fre1ght Brokers, report to THE TonAcco LB.ur Tobacco as follows -L1verpool, steam, 22s 6d, sail, .. London, steam, 22s 6d sail, .. Glasgow. steam, 27s 6d, Rail, : Br1stol, steam, 27s6d:srul,1 Havre, steam, $,9,sail, ,Antwerp, !team, 37s 6d, sat!, Hamburg, steam, 37s 6d, sail, Bremen, steam, 37.;< 6d, sad, ... IMPORTS. The arnvals at the port of New Y1>rk from fore1gn porta for the week mcluded the followmg co:Il!ignments : Amste-rdam-E Hoffman & Son 68 bales tobacco; Order 17 do Baracoa-G Potter 8,000 ctgars BarbadOIJs-R & C Degener 2 hhds. Bremen -Schroeder & Bon 86 bales tobacco, Fntsche Bros 22 do o-.rtlwgena.-P1m. Forwood & Co 20 bales tobacco E Ward & Co 87 bales tobacco, Maltlaod, Phelps & Co 900 ciga'rs. Rotte'rdam-Wm Demuth & Co 4l!3 bxs pipes; H Batjer & Bro 434 do, Order 1,306 do, 8 baskets do. St JO{Jo de Ouba-Jas E Ward & Co 25 bales leaf, Od1o & Perow 11 do Trt.eatt-Weaver & Sterry 10 bags Verona orns root. HaMna--'Iobacco-Weil & Co 888 bales, Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel 301 do; Vega & Bernheim 101 do, J Diaz 39 do, F Gareta, Bro & Co 36 do, F Miraoda & Co 217 do; V Martinez, Ybor & Co 200 do. F Alexandre & Soos 898 do, Order 86 do: Sch' roeder & Boo 1 pkg. Cigars-G AmBiock & Co 14 cs, G W Faber 7 do, W H Thomas & Bro 8 do, Purdy & N tcbolas 11 do Howard Ives 7 do Lozano, Peodu & Co II do; J Bhack i do: Acker, Merrall & 'caod1t 27 do. Park & Tilford 35 do, :r Alexandre & Sons (8 do, K1noey Tobacco Co 1 do, :Michaella (


& Lindeman n 4 do, Alex Murphy & Co 8 do, Alfred Owen 8 do Order 47 d o, C B Perkms Boston, 1 do, Esberg, Bachman & Co 21l do cigars and cigarettes Recepts of hconce at port of New York for week, reporteo expressly for THE TonACCO LEAF -Recknagel & Co per Bothma, from Ltverpool, 295 pkgs (160 8.50 lbs) hconce root Order, per City of Bmssels, from do, <101 pkgo (173,296 lb <)do Zuncaldy & At gmmbau per M Cilento, from Lisbon, 1,0ti2 pkgs (127 914 lbs ) do Weaver & Sterry, per Domentco f10m Bilboa, 183 pkgs (21,907 lbs) do, Zuncaldy & Argutmbau, per do, from do, 976 pkgs do ; Argmmbau, Wall18 & Co, per L eon Venuto, from Tarragona, 2 370 pkgs (254,800 IU.) do, Weaver & Sterry, per Calista Hawes, from Ahcante, 1\,049 pkgs do EXPORTS J 504 225 1 ,067 m: 7 ,261 84 411 9,308 . 44 19,640 cads do Augu s tm & Dusel 17 cs smkg, 1 do mfd, 3 do c1gar ettes H K & F B Thurber & Co 50 cs smkg, 24 do mfd 25 kegs' do, 53 bxs do Dohan, Carroll & Co 5 cs mfd, 2 J4 bxs do A Hen 3 cs mfd 12 bales smkg, G W Htllman 2 cs mtd 16 c..cts do John Norton & Sons 50 cs mfd Wm Broadhurst Jr 9 do J b Ketlly Jr 1 oO do E DuBos 14 do, H Mandelbaum 1 bx do Carhart Bros 7 bxs do, Leopold .M11ler 5 cads do, .M W Mendel & Bro 1 cs c1gars, Jas L Dav1s & Sons 2 do, Wm Demuth & Co 126 bxs p 1 pes Order 20 hhds 55 cs 173 do mfd 5 hx s do 62 bxs do,' ).6 bxs do 75 J4 bxs do, 38 Ys bxs do, 101 cads do, 65 % cads do, 120 J4 cads do, 3 cs c1gars, 1 do curarettes By th NettJ York -.nd BaJtunort Transportatwn Lne Thompson, Moore & Co 4 cs plug, D Beier & Co 1 do cigars. E H Gato 2 do leaf Uoatu,.u {Tom Key W eotD Betr & Co 7 cs m1:ars P Po hal skt15 do, l!cFall & Lawson 3 do, Perea Bros 2 do, Rem1tz & L<:on 6 do, M Barranco & Bro 12 do, Andrew Calves 2 do, Seidenberg& Co 16 do I Ellmger & Co 6 do A del Pmo II do, G Dommguez 1 do N B Manmng 2 do, L P & J Frank 4 do, Hememan Brus 2 do Lewyn & Martm 1 do, F H Leggett & Co 2 do Wilhams & Potter 12 do, F1sb & Co2 do, H R Kelly & Co 6'do, 2 bales stems, E H Gato 6 cs cigars, 1 pkg cuUmgs, Geo Alces 4 cs ctgars 1 cs tobacco. Eastern Markets. PHJ'LADELPHL!\., Aug 11 -Mr A. R :Fougeray, To hacco Manufacturers' Agent, reports to THE ,TOBAOCO LBAII' As we approach the fall an mcreasetl demand is claimed It is true that as yet but few branas have felt the mcrease, atill, in the aggregate, a dectded improvement for the past week ia clearly shown m the handling ef manufactured hard tobacco Pnces for some gro.des have made a shght advance Ji'i,ne Cuts-Move Mowly but stead y Smoking Tobacc<>-lmprovmg weelily. C\gMB--Manufacturers have all they can do, and express the w1sb that It may .contmne. ,.., 1 mcely I Recetpts-601 6, 708 caddies, Iilii cases, anll 818 paila of tine cuts 1 1 &.d. Loaf-Trade m mgar contiqucs improving, and bears npon 1ts face uU tbat 1s encouragmg New leaf appears to meet the expectatiOns of all pa rtfes so that you may expect that splendtd results wtll follow; he oolr.nmng Qf leaf dealers' books at the first o( tbe new year Hat>Wl hhda 206 hhda 8,865 hhda 11011 hhda 17,431 hhda 2,826 hhda aJ I'gjl hhdl 3,081 hhda 1,6'10 hhda 7,080 hhclo 14,760 hhda 4,214)lhda 1!xed market of Sumatra and Java tobacco ts Improbable. B,R'EDJEN.-Our Bremen corres_pondent furnishe. the followmg account of tho Seed leaf markel; at that port for the week ending July 21.-The ce1pts amounted to 125 cases, rece1veil per sklamer Hcibsbu.rg, frollj. New Y,ork, sales, 91 ca.see !,eat and li() on hand, 4,030 cases leaf, and-320 do cutt1ngs and strippm&s The quotations "!Vere:-Wrappers, 70@250 _pfgs; bmders, 55@75; fillers, 35@50, The receipts ot Havana leaf .durmg the week amounted to 258 bales; sales, 927 bales; stock on hand, 9 980 bslee. There waa a hvely doJmand for the new Cl'QP. of Havana leaf. The quotatwns were as follows.-Wrappers, good and fine brown, 650 to 1,400 pfgs; wrappers, br.own, 350 to 600 l'fgs, wrappers, mixed with fille:rs. vama, 40 cases Oh10, S9 cases Seed, 84 '11al'll' )Iavaua., 5 bp.%@100 12() @100 BRIGHTS-B.LACIU!of Na.vy ieces IB ).0111 14@ 16 &; 18@22 o.Jnchllght-p..-28 Navy lOs or Pocket Plecesi4S2 Manufadured 1bbacco-'l'rade cont mue s fatr m th1s bancll Gold Bars 30 @45 Negrohe&d twlSt and we note a good demand for the low grades, whiCh we can { '8 and t .2-'lnch twiSt 20 ,' 1 11 -l CIGA.BS. qu ote decidedly firmer to lnts) o<}al LoW 10 Gal Lots $.2.00 '1 00 $40 00. 1 ,35 per Gal $aO per Gal J I' :bOMES'.riC RECEIPTS. 'l l I I f 'l' he d o mesttc receipts at the port of New Y or k for the week WelC !l.S follows I> I l l842 120 71 )4 trcs, 2112 cs leaf 2 b ales do, i tubs do_, f,;l pkg tlo, 1489 cs smkg, 12 b ales do 611 cs mfd, 7 bxs do, 2 j!{-!Jxs d(.>, 125 Ji bxs do, 40 do, 230 ),( bxs do, 48 Ys bxS'do. '1213 f)Ii:gs do 25 kegg do, 10 butts do,168 cads do 65 do 120 M cads do, 11 bxs samples, 1 case do, 129 cs cigars, 14 do Cigarettes, 1 do cigarettes and 126 bxs plpell, 10 Ires snutf 34 bbls do 4 do, 2 crates do, 15 Jars d o 157 bxs do, consumed as foll o ws By tl EruRdii'I'O()d-W 0 Sm)tb & Co 31 )lbds, Sawyer 1 Wallace & Co 72 do, H do Pollard, Pettus & Co 75 do, M B Nash 49 do, R Moore & Co 20 do, D J Ga1th, Son & {)o 12 do, ,J I:l Co 6 do, 0 .M Arkenburgh & Co2 do Blakem ore Mayo & Co 34 do, Toel, 'Rose & Co 27 an, A B 4'erhune 12 do Oelnchs Co 12 do. Funch, Edye & Co 62 do Kremelberg & Co 18 do 50 cs, Cbas F Tag & Son 100 cs A Cohn & Co 124 do, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 97 do, Drummond Tobacco Co 1200 pkgs, Order 404 hbds 10 pkgs By the R'06r R i< -::lawye r, Wallace & Co 4 bhds S Rossm & Son 46 cs, Schwarz &Well 52 do K1mball, Gaullter & Co 80 ao, Bros 58 do .M Oppenheimer 46 do, Havemeyers & Vgehus 48 do, 0 1 der 174 hhds, 75 cs W Elrod, of W1lha m burg County, 0 sold at the 0mcmn ati fl:ouse '1-hlJds trasli lugs and letil, averagmg 20 1\0 P.Cr 108 lbs, atid th e sale brouu:h t 1I1m 08 I VISito rs on the breaks to d a y w e te M1 Robert McGmms. of Buchanan & Lyall's New Yo1k U1ty, l'Ir P J Borg, of E ;r Borg & Co Mtddletown, 0 ll:1 D R Catteman and ?tfi P Megulw, of Megular, Loutsv1lle, Mt J 1' Drum ruond, of t he D cummond 'l'oliacco CoJ .Mr Ryan. of Ryan & Commmskey, and .Mr Edmunds, of Rmgo & Edmunds, St Lams .. ) T 1 ). ., f 'l'he total olfermgs at auchon for the week JUSt closed, and the erpued portwn of lhe curren't month aud year, also com parlSona, were 8oo'i follows I ,---WEEK --. Hhds Bxs 2 ,132 160 9os 123 1,480 8 .--MONTH--. Hhds Bxs. 6,385 912 IS,422 1569 6,038 4<18 QUOTATIONS .--YEAR---. Hhds -89,253 5,'848 3o,3oa 4,276 24,678 2,953 @UUng Loaf-Common dark smoking lugs 4 00@ li 00 Cou;mon bnght smokmg lugs . . 6 Pll@ 7 00 Medmm do do 7 8 00 Good do t do 8 60'@10 00 Fme do do 10 00@13 00 Medmm bught leaf .. 18 00((,1j20 00 Good do 21 00@23 00 Fme and fancy bnght leaf 25 00@30 00 Common bngllt stnppmg lugs 9 00@11 00 "iedltim d<> do do 12 OO((,Ijlo 00 Good do de do 14 50@17 00 Fme do do do ....... 17 00@20 00 :MANUP.ACTOBING-PLUG STOCK Common dark and trashy fillers 8 00@10 00 J Common dark logs. . 3 @ do do Je..r 4"@ Good dark leaf 5 @ 6" Common br1ght leaf 5"@ 7 Good .. ... ........ ... .. ..... 7 @10 Smokers-Common 4 @ li Medmm '5"@ 7" Fme 10 @15 Wrappers-Common 10 @IS Hed1um. ) 1 3 @20 t Good... 20 @30 Fme. 30 @50 Fancy. 50 @70 EVANSVILLE, Ind., 10 -Mr C J Moms. To bacco Brok er, r epo lts to THE ToBACCo LEAF -Mat k et firmer on all grades, with an arlvauc e of 50c on leaf a'\il Jot to Ol). lu gs ow1.h sales o f only 80 hbds On 6th mst had a light shower, wb1ch was barely snf!ICient to lay the dust-:and whwh holds good tb10ugbout the tobacco d1str1ct tnhutsry to t ht s market-smce whtch tmre the weatller hao been ex ceedmu:ly hot, accompamed by a hot, scor ching wmd Advtce from tbe country are to the effec t t hat 1t 1s now tm po ssible to ra1se over half a crop w1th rnm ever so plenttful I can only aad that each day's delay m ram adds ver grea t damage to the crop, a nd the ttme 1s now gettmg short when ram can be of any benetlt whatever QUOTATIONS Tras h t o common lugs Medmm IQ good lugs Common to medmm leaf Med1um to good leaf Rates to New York, 30c. 8 50@ 3 75 H 75@ 4 56 400@ 475 4 75@ 8 00 ... HENDERSON, N. C., Aug 10 -l!essrs W E Gary & Co rep01t to THE ToBACCO LEAF -No rain of a ny conse quence smce June 23 Crops are sutfe rmg from drouth Bres.ks llght, and pnces firm. QUOTATIONS 1 Lugs Leaf Wra11pers II @ 6 7 @ 8 10 @Ill 7 @ 8 9 @10 15 @25 10 '@12 11 @12 25 ( @45 Fancy 12 @15 50 @60 J HENDERSON, Ky., Aug 10 -Messrs L t & Co report to THE T GBACCO LE-AF -Smce wntmg you 1t bas contmned d1y and hot Yeoterda) was the h otteot day of the yea r 1 he pro s pect for a crop uf tobacco I S as bad as same date m 1874 T-he corn 1s burumg up m the rivet bottoms HOPKINSVILLE, Ky Aug 8 -M; George V 'rhompson, Leaf Tobacco Broker to THE 1 ODACCO LEAP -Sales the pat week. 7 0 hbrls Pnces a b1gber About 500 Jlhds unsol d stock m warehouses Not so mu eh di s po s lllOn on the part of holders to sell, except at an advance The dro u tn contmues l QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common Medmm Good Leaf-Common ?tledmm Good Fme r 3M@ T3%; 8%;@ 4?i 15" .. 5 @ 6 7% .. 7%@ 9 10 LOUISVILLE, Aug 8 -Mr Falconer, Secretary o f the To bacco Board of Trade, repo rts to THE 'l'oBAcco LEAF as fol lows -The hot, dry weather for the past flilW weeks begms to show s1gns of abatement, not, however, b e fore the crop eonditiOns had touched a cnttcal pomt For the past two days we have had several ralns, es pemally along the nve1 courses with ram mdwatwns extendmg ove r considerable areas A very st1ong market, w1th contmually mcreasmg values unt1l Satur day, has been the the week's busmess Green R1ver fillers have shown the most advance, readily 1ealtzmg 2c over p11ces a month ago Mean t1me Reg1e leaf and lugs are also on the ascendmg scale, bemg from h1gher than our last quotations I 28 !I 2 i1 8 1 2 5 I 1 1 Jl f) 2 1 4 1 1 3 1 2,950 400 3,900 100 1,700 1 \ ,, 2 1 3 0 19,240 1 ,00 0 3,750 1 ) '> 1 I" '1 3 2 1 1 2 3 I l I Number., 10,572 375 1 8,'716,700 11, 796,100 12,166 1510 ll,966,075 12 ,259,500 Total .. 67.477,260 I The trade referred to IS evtdently'commg back ap;am, as the mcrease over, 1880 lS mamly caused bY' an etl'ort to supply the Eastern demand 'The Jou'l'nal'of Commerce of a later date, Aug 4, says -The character of the trade of the present year m tobacco and crgars, as compared wtth 1880, may be eastly gleaned fiOm the ngures given ill the follow-mg table.' I 11 1881 1880 Tobacco, manufactured, lbs.": 2,'1'97,456 2 259,750 Tobacco leaf, lbs.. 1,553 771 1,692,556 Cigars, cs. 1,078 1,005 endl!lg.,a t tl!,e abov11 i 1 Baoc Ohio. llcrube. Kd. v .. ._ 1 on h&nd July I' 256 732 !15 '1'&1 1,695 8,81MI 11,'1111 """"elpta lil3 10'1' lOG 111 L"'liO 1 'J ...._ U -J 1115 '188 1,801 8,11111 I, 781' 183 8 lit 781 1,6611 iDS a:7ii S..l.. 159 1M Saleelor future delivery l' ..... 78 27 m The market continued act1ve, and there was a lively demand, espeetally forrnew Kentuclty leaf,' of which about 300 bhds changed hands at full pnces. GLASGOW, July 80 -WIUam Canna! & Co 'a Monthly C1rculaT' says -There 1s still a very qnet market, and the transactions for the month have been ummpt)rtant The r&o cerpts have been 701 hhds 120 trcs. the dehvel!esllo4 hhds, 811 r trcs and the stock m bond IS G 873 hhds, '86 trcs, agaiDs\ 14,1\61\ hhds, 381 trcs last year '' I. QUOTATIONS ll I d d I IS BYs@ li 5 @ 6 5 6 @ 7 .. 7 @ 8 11 @ls 2d. 8 @10 8 @10 "Bnght" is @2s Od. HAM:8URG.-A correspondent, wrttmg from Hamburg under date of July 21, Ieports that the tobacco market at that port has shown a little more I;I.Ctlvtty tpan durmg the prev1gus weeks. The recetpts of Ha,. van a lea f amounted to 4.28 bales, sales, 44 bales of new .Havana leaf, and 800 bales of 1878 Havana fillers stock on hand, 2,847 oales The quotatiOns were aa oollows -W1appers, 550 to 1 i)OO pfgs Jl(lr% k1lo; wrap pers fillers, 200 to 400 pfgs, fillets, 80 to 240 pfgs. LONDON.-Grant, Chambers & Co in their monthly :t;eport for July, say -There has been little demand durmg the month for Amer1can tobacco, and, w1th the exceptiOn of one or two moderate sales for hoine use 'there have been but few transactions, ana there pears but little m clinatwn on the part of buyers to ope rate 'beyond their rmmed1ate wants Holders of fine gt'ades are firm at current prices, but for medium ll.ll deSCriptiOnS thsre IS a dlSpOSltlOn to fueet the vtews bf buyers We quote f10m our advtces as follows In the H ende 1 s b n d1stuct, the plauters have been favored wtth seasonable weather for settmg out crops, and about t h e usual average plantmg has 'been done, m thul', vmmty from o n e f ourth to one tbu d will be the '13urley '" In M1ssour1 "tlte aver age of the da1k gro,vth wtll be very small mdeed, about one-tenth the plantmg fn all sectwna where to4 bacoo 1 s grown there w1ll be more or less of the Bur l e y 1 tlns year, t remams to be seen whether the prJceg will be low enough in OUr markets the ensuing season toadmlt;of Its bemg put mto stnps or even mto Enghsh d1y leaf to: any large extent We thmk from the demand for by our manufacturers that prices for anotl:1er se!lsbn, at least, w11l be htgh In subStitutes, considermg the dull state of the ma;rket a fa.r busmess has been done, and the demand 1some growthS' has been fa1rly mamtamed Cigar to bacco, .w.hen of suitable character, bas been m moderate request;> ordmary descr1ptwns are dtfHcult to place Imports, 850 hhds D ehvenes, i,032 hhds, agamst 985 hhds m the cozrespondmg month of last year Stnck, 29,236 hhds, agamst 27,050 :h.hds m 1880 27,759 do 10 1879 20,399 do 10 1 878 14 799 do 10 1877' 11,718 do m 1876 and 14 468 do m 1875 Vtrgirua...:_ Leaf Some few sales have been effected of the br1ght and for fi11e, ncb, dark descnpt10ns there is an 1nquuy of the latter characler are also m 1 eqn\lS:t, and small sales of suc h have been etl'ected at full rates, but little of thts c lass ts otl'ermg, medium quaht1es are not sought after Kentuckv and Mts s ouri---.Leaf Nothmg o f any Importance to note, the absence of fa1r light classes prevents busmeli!S Strips ansact10n,s have been limited to a few mod\lrate S!lles, and generally thete has been httle done Mary lai.d and Oho-The forme very slow of sale, the lat-tev Ill, request when of fine bnght color, but for mued and ordmary classes there IS but a trtflmg demand. Havana Cigars have been very slow of sale, and but a. tnflmg busmess has been done, good, which a1e sc=ce, readily find buyers at full pr1ces, but com mon classes are difficult t o place. Havana, Cuba and Yara-Notbmg of Importanc e has been done in these of the latter a few bales are offermg. Manila Cheroots and Ctgars-Rather more has been done espemally m the latter, some of t)le late arr1 valll have been of a more moderate wetght Mamla Tobacco Agam there ts no' to report m tins market. At the last sale m only a portiOn of, the thirds was sold Sumatra'Is very slow of sale, some fa1r to good lots are now obtamable Seed Leaf...!. When sound and m 1a1r dry cond1t1on rs m moderate demand, but mued and bad condttwned parcels are d1fficult to place Java has not been freely dealt m, the transacGIOps thts' month constst of a few moderate sales. y much neglected Negrohead and Caven dtsh-ln the former httle done, but for the latter there By tll,e Natwnal L1ne-M Pappenhetmer 98 hhd s P & Sons 14 do, Krem e l berg & Co 7 do Sawyer, Wallace & Cr, Bl akemore, ?tlayo & Co 12 do, Oelnchs & Co 16 do, Order 169 do By the Railroad-Giebel & Van Ramdohr 22 cs A Cohn & Co 8 cs E Spmgarn & ()o ij do, B Grotta 19 do, H Koenig & Oo 64 cs, G F a lk & 'Bro do, Fatma n & Co 978 do, Lwhtenstem Bros & Co 16!! do, Spear & Held 185 do MOp penhetm e r tlo, M Neuliurg'er 11 do McCoy & Co 50 do, FE Owen 1 trc, PLo nllard & Co 7 do, 1 cs GW Helme 18 c s mfd 3 pkgs do, 10 trcs s nuJf 34 bbls do 4 blols do, 157 bx do, 2 C"!\e8 do, 15 Jars do Med fillers. some color and body .11 00@15 00 Good1!llers,redcoloranj good body 16 00@19 00 The ram mdwat10ns of yesterday and the day pre v1ous have grven an easter feeling to the market, and priCes to-day may be quoted as somewhat otl' from last week. The wonderfully recuperative nature of the weed when 1t has a fatr chance, 1s well known, and the knowledge of thiS fact may account m a measure for the absence of anythmg akm to the w1ld e'Xettement such as often accompames a cnss hke the preeent It 1s useless, however, to d1Sf$U1Se the fact that the mat' ket 1s m a very strong posmon,and that nothmg less than a protracted ram w1ll retr1eve the growmgcrop from tts present cond1t10n This, however, JUdging by surroundmgs, we have no Immediate hope for. Bur ley leaf ts, as usual wtth us, very madequate to tqe de mand and pr1ces are very firm-stron&e r than at aQy t1me durmg the entre season Fancy grades. of tbts type have no difficulty m reallZmg fancy prtces. We have heard of the sales of some lots of G1een R1ver (redr1ed) at from $12@15, and m the case of mdtvidual hhds a htghet prtce hall been reached Green R1ver leaf wtth color seems to be enJoymg a slight boom at present. Rocetpts have been small for the past week, only amountmg to 550 hhds, agamst 1,070 do same week last year. 1 Sllles for tlle past week and the expired portiOn of the cur rent year, w1th comparisons, are as tallows -It 1s ]Jere seen that we have Imported nearly a quar ten of a mllhon pounds more of leaf tobacco than we d1d last year, notw1thstandmg that we started with a. very large stock Most of th1s comes by rail, and to supply 1mmedmte wants. The only exceptiOn to 1t tblS year has been the arr1 val ,of parcels delayed by the blockade These have been qurte large, yet 1m ports go on at the aame rate as before, showmg conclusively that the magmtude of the sales, j!Lade 1s much larger than m 1880 The quantity of leaf 1m ported has fallen short of that of last year for the same penod, but we has been lho1e mqUiry Stalks and Smalls-In moder ate request, but rather short tn supply. Ct>...;oat L>M Wm Eggert & Co 151 cs, S R ossi n & Sun ,.9 do, Dlls & Cull ma.n ,Ju J\), S Salomon & Son 20 do, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 1 do, D L evy 104 do, E Ro senwald & Bro 74 do, J Lobenstem 24 do, Tho s H Hall 2 do By tl" ew Yo1 k and Ha;rtfm d St.aml>oat L!neC Lan genbach 12 cs E R ose nwald &13t o 56 do1 M H Levm 96 do. C ,F Wabltg 9 do, Daps & Day 5 do, B q ttenmfieller & Nestler 49 do Bu tlloll OW. Dommwn SteMnshp Line-R A M11ls 2 hhds, R M Allen & Co 11 do Pollard Pettus & Co 8 do Kmney To bacco Co 32 do, 1 trc, Oelnchs & Co 200 hhds, 5 bxs, Funch, Edye & Co lO do1 1 d o P Lortllard & Co 52 hhds, 20 trcs, 2 bn. SUuadersou & Son 100 hhds, I bx, Williamson, Smith & Co 7 do, 1 do W 0 Smtth & Co 44 hhds, 88 trcs, 4 tubs 11 cs smkg, 9ii do mfd, 2 bxs do 10 cs ctg .. rettes, 1 do cigarettes and smkg 1 do samples, FE Owen 3 trcs, 1 bx samples, R W & Co 51 J4 trcs, T.liompon .Moore & Co 20 do mfd, 10!1Jutts do, 63 cs do, 10 loillixs do, 2ll J.i bxa do, 10 bxs do, 16 cads\fo, i cs smkl{, )1 '!: McDowelf & C 1,848 cs smkg, 10 bu mfd, 118 ,Jq:-bxs d'o 8 cads do, Wtse & Bendhe1m 12 cs smkg, 28 cads do, Jas M Gardmer 10 cs mfd, 3 % bxs do, 4 Fme fillers, bnght do do 20 00@24 Oo H. A Rtchey, Tobacco and C1gar Broker, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Havmg occasiOn to visit Loursvlile, K[, thts week, I took espectal notiCe of the conditiOn o the tobacco crop so far as I could see along the road. Suffice 1t to say that all my doubts that the growmg crop wrll be a short one ha..-e vamsbed; and 1f the drouth contmues a week4 l onger, another such year as 1874 will be experienced I look for a general advance m all grades of manufactured tobacco m the next few days, and the next th1tty days wtll decide as to a further ad vance higher than has been reached smce the war Any deaier 10 tobacco who does not at least supply htmself w1th h1s standard goods Without delay, will regret 1t. I have to quote pl'lces hlghf!r, although m some mstances orders are still taken at old rates In'Virgnua reports are also predwtmg a short crop and higher priCes but as the bulk of our demands are for navy and Western flllllr stock, the Old Domm10n does not cut much 11gure here. Fme cut chewing has been more generally advanced than plug, and at a rate that lS more m proportiOn to the present price of leaf, vrz from 2 to 5 cents per pound. The factones are all busy filhng orders. Smokmg 1s as yet unchanged. Cgars are fairly active, w1th a. good prospect of 4igher 'prices on low grades. Wuk Month Year 1881 1,116 1,116 Yea1 45,661 40 485 34,339 41!,9110 Ye"r 1880 1.179 1,179 Year 1879 1 ,613 316 Year 1878 1,1\49 711 BURLEY CUTTING. Lugn-Factory trash Medmm to good Leaf-Common to med1um Good to fine 350 4 25@ 5 50 5 75@ 7 50 8 00@12 00 6 00@ 7 50 8 00@13 00 13 00@17 00 18 00@25 00 BURLEY MANUFACTURING F1llers-Common... 8 50@10 50 Medmm 12 00@16 60 Good to fine 18 00@25 00 NEW ORLEANS, Au g 3 C'it1"/'ent lii'Ys -In our last 1ssue we notiCed sales of 102 hbds for export, smce wh1ch about a hke amount-say 95 bbds-has been taken with the same destmat10n QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Low to med1um . 4 ).;@ 4% Good.... .. .. li @ 6.!4 Leaf-Lov; to medmm ... 77i Good td !lne 8 @10 started w1th a heavy stock and have made great m 'lhe TreasUiy Department oi. Thursday purchased roads m 1t The-manufacture of ctgars has not been as 560 000 ounces of fine silver for dehvery at the Phila prosperous for years as It IS We have, for all delphta, San Franctsco and N"w Orleans mmts. This that, rmporte d more Eastern and fore1gn than we dtd IS the largest purchase of made by the Depart-to th1s date m 1860 F1gurcs like these more ment for some weeks, owmg to the htg,h pr1ces which &loquent than words. have beeQ '" of cigars smce our last.--An -A_ Chester cow eat about July. No. twenty stalks of caolC.e tobacco the other day, 26 -Ella.tHonolulu 4.2,000 expariencmg a.ny senous reijuJts from ihe lunch It Exports cf tobacco smce our last.-could not even be detected m the mtlk. Sad as 1t 18 July Lbs. the asset twu beasts wtll tpbac<;o, 18 beiJJi 13-Consuelo, Kahului 1,212 contradwted constant)) 13-0ceamc, Cbma 400 --:-A con espondent says:Reports from a number of 23-0ceanw, Japan 268 lo"!ns m Connectwut agree in saymg that the tobacco 21i-Ella, Honolulu. 4,389 iS ba:ckwa1d Some growers, boW&ver, think this may an advantage, as the later tob&coo is cut the less Total 6,269 $ 1 ,476 47 hable 1t ts to pole sweat and the more gummy 1t be-I!lxports of cigarettes smce our last-comes, thus meetmg, 1t 18 Bald, the present requue-July No Value. rpents of tne trade. 23-Donsuelo, Kahulm ... .. 20 000 $90 00 Cuba the tobacco plant grows through the win:Japan ....... 26,000 25 00 ter rather than m summer, as 111 country. The ----sotl of the Vegas 1s a mOist red olay, and most of this Total ................. 46,000 $115 00 land borders e1ther the numerous r1vers tbat flow from the mountains m the 10tenor or the smaller streams flowmg through the low lands of the de Abajo -Thirty-five hundred and twenty hands are emtobacco district. The fertilizers 'used are the dz;oj>pings ployed in tlie 13all Franeieno mgar fa.etones, and tum df mules, but at the present time large quantities of out annually goods valued at $9,900,000. manure from New Orleans are Imported.


E. GA.RCIA, BRO. & CO., -F &EEID X...::& I -AND--IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-TBEIMPOBTAfiONofSUBAT.RA WRAPPERS A. SPECJALITJ". ( 166 WATER STREET, NEW YORK.. '. Jl>Sl!PH A. VEGA. 5 612 ti:_IU EAST 17th ST:R.EE'r, NEW.YOILK. UP MANN I Otllce: 178 P:tJAR.D STREET,""lsU!:VV Take One Every Hour. VEGA & BERNH.EIM, THE n octor's' Prcscriution HAVANA 107 JSTE"'gV6i .No. 18, :EI:.A. 'V .A..NJA.,. The Finest and Best Cigar in the D. S. FOR THE MONEY. --a-Circulates ps freely and Is as well known as the N. Y. Herald. --<>---By Una.nlmous Consen t PronoUDCed THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE. --o--. Suitable for Druggjsts ,Foster. mison & ATTENTION, ElGAR MANUFACTURERS r ;_;; .... __ ....;. ______ ...;._...._ _......,..._ ForfurthoriDtormr.tJonadd-. :11. MICH4-ELIS, 202 Fulton Street, NEW YORK. We have adapted our-process to the wants of manu own premises, can .be just to suit Y.ourself. We facturers or jobbers who would like tof!weat their to-secrets now m thw branch af our as Mr. b 1 1 d d Ph1hps 1s fully protected by eevera.J. patents datmg from .1869, acco themse V'!9 JUB!i as tney may nee lt, an we' when the first patent for sweating and curint; and coloring tohave also. made 1t unnecessary to go to the exbacco by steam and artificial heat in wood er oth'r vessels or pense of a h&atmg apparatus. boxes was issued by the Patent Ofiice up the :preient time, The liweating 6pparatuses are .automatic m thell' and we would be pleased to have all [ parties visiting our city working, running. night withaut attention, and are ca ll ancl see us, that we may show them nur and the W ANTED. A first-class salesman with large expe, rience would .. like to make an arrangement witl). a good cigar manufacturer to sell in the principal Western S .&, BELVIN, LOUIS SIEBER, & SIEBER, l'ti.&NUF.&CTUREKS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 16, t8 &: 20 Seventh St., and 2, 4 &: 6 Hall Pl., New York. G-.A.TO &, CO., HavanaJjfjObacco F!DJJ! H: A.. C. &, CO., Importers of Havana Cigars and Leaf Tobacco, And. Manufacturers of the celebrated brand of Key West Havana Cigars, Estrella. de J!Q'o. :Eiea.'Ver &'tree't, "For.k.. GOOD-BYE, CON:NECTI.(l11T, live just as long as if their mouths were being fumi-A recent number of the Pittsburgll (Pa.) Tele-gated with weed .grown in the valleys of the Wooden graph. permitted itself to crow lustily ovt:r the Con Nutmeg State." necLicut tobacco growers because the weed m Pennsyl 'l'he writer evidently becomes excited, and it is "the vania is working itself into popular favor. The writer Wooden Nutmeg State" now. What a pity Connecti starts out by admitting that, on account of its supe cut should have disturbed this man's peace of mind by riority, Connecticut leaf has been used almost e?Craising "superior" tobacco; and wnat a pity that elusively for fine ":rappers, and then adds: "The dif-smokers stili persist in using the "weed grown in the ference in the qualitv of the leaf was so small that by valleys of the Wooden Nutmeg State." But we must degrees Pennsylvania tobacco began to be used by correct the Pittsburgh writer where he assumes that all manufacturers, because it was cheaper than the other. the smokers "unconsciously smoke Lancaster wrap The results were so satisfactory that the shoe has been pars." Little Connecticut still raises a right smart changed to the other fer (Jonneetle'li.t Seed Le&C,-Thls is the !arRest sort ol Seed leaf grown In this eountry. It 18 the broad Jeat, of rood tel<$Ure ana oolor. A favorite shipping tobacco. Improved. Connceileut Seed Leat.-This is & comparatiYely new aort; very lon g and of medium width. Tlle leaves Tery thlcldy set on the st.a.Iks, a n d may be topped to from 14 to 16lea.Yes to the plant. One of the best of the narrow-leaved varieties. While Durley ,-Thellnest o f the out!lng sorts for fine-cut chewing tobacco. ""' Packet, liO eentw and $1. The large pn.ekets S6ed enough to plant :four acres ef tobacco, quantities furnished. Send for what yon want. ,Also lmpol"'OGG Havana Seed at same price. Address E. R. DILLIIfGS, Box BUFFIELD, CONN .. Seed leaf in its original case. These. apparatll8e8 will sweat a single case of tobacco (or less quantity) as nice and dark as larger sweat houses will 10, 20 or 50 cases at a time,. which are in use by the la:rgest manufacturers. Mr. Philips kas discovered a process that positively does away with the bad odor called Kentucky or steam smell brought out by all other and former cooking or steaming processes for dark colors. Steaming and cooking produces dead colors of black, blue and gray shades, while by Mr. Philips' process every feature of former processes has pOSltively been overcome. A uniform dark color is produced, of a rich, lively appearance, and the tobacco retains its natural flavor and smell. The goods come from the sweat all ready to work without any further manipulation whatever. His is nota steaming or cooking process, but is the scientific use of moist heat to fermentation, good quality and dark colors. e Tb,e process is easily and quicl!:ly learned, and is governed Iiy natural laws, which must be obeyed to insure success; but once you understand them, you will never attempt to sweat toliacco by any other pro-THis JOURHAL coven a llfOI1Dd the 6lltenl of which is occupiai by o other publioation, aad bms aa work or ..rer=:c to the mon:bant 1111d REGULAR. AND TRUITWOnKY' fur. .. Attention of Cigar is called to our FINE BS-1 SWEATED 18V8 PENNSYLV A.NJ4. WRAPPERS. '1lleJ quality of these tobacCOI:l is 011r1 Resweating :Process which is whQllY' OIIA.J being entirely FREE from. and cbemicals. ()( splendid dark 8l'e a.llo mrQellenfl .. quality and. btinl well of &a Will find this well oeee The No.3 apparatus will sweat, cure and color from 60 to 90 cases of tobacco per year. COnB!llluently, must not ):>e considered that this is simpry for smrul manufacturers, as a manufactureremployin!{ 150 hands needs only 4 or 5 of our apparatuses to do all his sweat ing. eThey can be set on ariy floor or a.ny part .of a :door, and they are all ready to ItO to work without any fixing or outlay. They do not have to be connected with any chimney. In large factories, or for a leaf dealer where it is desirable to operate Eeveral of the single case or No.3 apparatuses at one time, a small hot-water stove at a small cost may be used, instead of gas. This stove may be placed on the same floor with the ap_paratuses, or on any floor beneath them, as may be des1raple. JUsbod by -. cxpt prmted contamlng Oi Manufacturel'll' Bonds and Aflldavita complete such full and complete metructiens re -tweating that you lga.I' p fully cannot fail. It goes Into all the details ef Philips' process on for 75 centf!. All other kinds of apers care red both now and old goods. His TaBt experience m thi.a line of m_oderate. U. S. &liS ports_ proem business renders thls pamphlet alone of more value to you Uuw 1n two days. Fire Ullllll'IUloe at lowmt rates m 4 No. 1 the charge for royalty. oompanies. 849-860* BAR & W t : ill B. Gay at., Bal19lon, W. 'rhe VIJI.GIN QUEEN (Jigarett.. are not dr--. They are absolutely pu:r.e, m.Ud, eolden tobaeco. t.eec will eonvtoce any one. CHAS. R. MESSUIICER, Manufacturer, To1ecl.<>, <>. T. H. liicliiBenger & Co. 16I JYralden La11!1' New-Yo:r.l(, Sole Agent" :for N e'v York Cllty and Vieiulty. :a L. SID'l'H & co. M. BARRANCO & BRO., IDlpor&era and l'tlanttftoetnrono of' Proprietors o f' the S "HI Factory HA KEY WEST, FLA. I Also Agents f'or several other Brands of 1 1 oo Malden Lane, KEY wEsT ()IGA.ns. A. TELLEB, Packer, Commission Mercha-nt, A.ND WHOL'JiiSALE Dll:.l.LBB 1M :N'E'W' 83 Reade Street, New York. AXED P:A.PER l'tlanunwtnre ... of all Kind or STOGIES AND CIGARS. OUR SPECIALTY: 11 The Lincoln Club Cigar." WHEELING, W. V Improved CICAR CUTTER. Patented May 15, 18?7. This invention an improv ed do 'rice for cuttln.r the points of cigars In place of bWng them oll:.mali:lnzthe cigar hold together, wlille am.ok'g, much better than If bitten, a.nd prevent& a r&gpd end; and If tbe -ol#: WHEELING STOGIES, TIPS and FINE CICARS, WheeJing, W. Ya. H CLARK & BROTHn ., rDBACC8 BIOKEI\S -. .; -' ......... iElT & E. Manufactured under Letters Patent Aug. 7, 1877, and Oct .22, 1878, b;r S. HainDl.erschlag, P .A. llo. 52 DEY STREET, NEW YOBK. N. B.-Tile trade is Cautiued apilst Purohsilg Wultl Paper 1111111 #,f -ltfriaprs. asliast s.a of wlwm I have slits lOW pellllkc.


liANUF ACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO. Sole Agents for JAMBS B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS. .& sol.e A.aen. 't& ror JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' Jil(".', ETC. ETc -AND-"VV. P::S:XLL:tPS' ,E, A A Gf smoking Tobacco. THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :ma.b1:lahed 1DB8o JA.S. :as:. lOBACCO COMMISSION MERCH.ANJ, 711. &t:r-p N'e"''E1V 'York. EXPOB., ORDERS FOB PL1JQ TOB.&V 'Yc.:rk. E'ta.b1:lh.ed :I.BBIS. a Y"CCC)OIN=n:1nE-C T .m" Ji 11[ ll 11111 lt o:f' 1:h.e Oe1ebra.'tecl. or ll!ila.:a:D.p1ed. --cJOlJ:NTRY SAIIPLJNG PROID''l'LY At'l''*'ll'DED TO.-pYea for every Case, Alld delivered Que b,-Oaaa, u to number of O.rl!ftcate. e &-WE ALSO SAIIIPLE IK :IIERClt.a.XTS' OWlf STORES. :P. c. LLI!WDE &, C J, W. Dickerson, corner oc A..rch and Water St.reet, Philadelphia, Pa.; Reary lroret, N, Queen & Chctuut, and 28 N. :n:LU1e:rc;s1a1 Fa.o1:ory. :Sre>e>.k1y:t1, JSr. "2': MANUFACTURE THE FOLLOWING BBA.NDS OF PL'UG TC>BA.COO: PL.A.lSI :J!JT F.&NR.G-LlD:EI., M:a.a.a.laecarer or FINE CIGARS, .&..4 Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO. 85 HURRAY $T., NEW YORK, Diy Braaclio:-"CUBA LIBRil''-"OLIKAX." B. KOENIG & CO., RAV LIA' TOB..&.oooa. 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. Depot and Agency 01' THII: MANUI'AOTUBIII 01' &.W. &AIL & -AX, DEALERS IN HAVANA1 A.lJd Paclr:era of 1 SEED LEAf TOBACCO, 115 Water Street, New York. l.AJil. H; J<>a. F. CULL11AJt. ; DIAZ & p. .... SN'V'FF1 Q laecaboy, rrench-Rappee, Scotch, American Gentleman, lundyfoot. i55 ..,. V::E:R.G-:ElSI'%..&. :actOS::EN'G I ::::: IQ Vb: PRINCE ALBERT, COLOIU.DO, V!IOJ.Jl TOM:. JI'AVY CLJPI'IifGI. ,:;; -B D ct. Co. BLACK TOJI, IRONSIDES, A. It H. :=! g, TO:S.A.OOO: = '1 B&n.RO&D wu,s, PBDI'OE ALBERT, GO'DIAII, OLD mCKOBY. :z: Ia. WATER ami 85 PJNE STREm,. New York. TIU.DE )!ARK WOB PBICla Lift ....... -oa AA"PL"I' .1.8 .I.IIOV.. IIJ'l W.ATP S'l'., :KBW YORK.


AUG. 13 8DION OTr!:NBERO. DrnY O'ITENBEBO B OTTBNUaG. GOODWIB & Cf FINE-CUT TOBAGC01 211 ld 209 Water. Streit, JAMES BRUSSEL; & CO., e, BQSI!IN. lll ROSSIN. S. RO!$SI:Nr& PACKERS OF J!!ileed Len.:r, ARD Dll'ORTEIIS OP HAVANA TOBACCO, 178 Water &t., New York. E. I, G. FRIEND .t CO., 1lnler8la LBAF TOB.AC,O, I a Ma en Lane, --.&a4 Proprietor of tile Brand ._A ISLA" Jl'er blelaporiatloo. ot Tobaee0o .&a4 &rao.4 of CJicare "CONEY ISLAND." ue ... Lane, Kew 't'erk. THE TOBACCO LEAF. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF AND IIIPORTEBII 01' 184 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco. Cigars. LICORICE Hll M:AIDBN LAI'III!:, lfBW ..lORE, BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, .TC>:B.A.CCC> d) Cl:G-.A.R. Commission Merchants, Lamparllla. 18, [P. 0. Box 650] --_..,,..,. .. -. ---. Brande: Cortina, Mora y Ca.,,'' 11 Flor D"e Cortina," Estella:" and Shakepeare." t .. 'V-u.e11;a .A.'bajo lii''t..a:nd. rd. E;z.o1u.:l:ve1-y. FRANCISCO G. COR:TINA, Es1:re11a 18-&. Cuba. Havana Cisar f.


I THE T 0 B A C C 0 i:. E A Fe J:SalUD1ure auv_er"t.isem.&n1;&, A. BOYD & ., 1Gr411l:D:'U.S:,:a.e ..8D1oktm5 To'baaoo, New Iert Boltll, PlttD111't Cllicqo, Lollis .ud; 213 Weot Khlg...St?Mt, X...&..N'CA..&TE:R, :PA... A a. \ .. f: : .. or SifHMAN & CO Ali llul CENTltNNLU. EXPOSITION, September 1111, Jfl'l'O.: TOBA-CJCO WAS .A.WABDED Western Advertisements. THEO. J. McGOWAN, ESTABLISHED 186&. R. C. IILISS. Senio r Partner of late llcGowan Bros. :MoGO"VV AN P"C':JY: CO.;! H&Duto.eturen ot Alld DealeriiiD LEAF TOBACCO, 114 to 120 E. Pearl St., Clll!rClll'fllf.I.TJ, o. End OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, .&8 Front St.. Ctnotn:n!!.ti. 0. F. W. DOHRMANN,, LH!F TOBAGGO BROKER S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCIN AUG.13 MISCELLANEOUS ADYE.RTISEMENTS llllmr, .. H. -llllmr, -8lln!l. HINSDALE SMITH & CO., ----IMPORTEit8 of HAVANA, 11, II a 15 BA.IIPDBW IIT,1 PZ"!.e1cl., lla-B" SUBBRT, WHOLESALE DEALEJI. IN' B. ... 0 '1JA&CO BROKER, p IN& VILLi, KY. LEERET t, BLASDEL loiANl11' ACTUll&JI.B 01' Cig&.r Soz:ea 168-170 E. Water St., Syracuse, I. Y. DEALEBB IN ALL 01' '1'11& LA '1'II:B'l' BTYLIIBCll THE mGHEST PRIZE. e ___il!QAB-BOX L.UIIWI tU!J) 'l'llWXINq& \Ve can eflpec'lru atOOndon to ihe man.ner In wbiqh our Eaekngea are up. that _neither Dealer nor Chewer may upo n by other goodRl thirikin,ghl. i s g e tti11g EYe!:( Butt and Caddy has u BEST" ituiPressed into t by a di-P,. Every Plug ho.s our T\'8.dcmRJ"k ,;tri p "JACKSON'S BEST" as pe' dliagrnm annexed. T RY IT UNDER OUR GUA.RANTEE, ituot fouud. tG bee.U that we ropreae n t !t, we, WLLL P.A.Y F'ItEIGHT BO'!'H WAYS. :B"' .l.L .JOBB"B ft.A.'I'Uo -:IP:ra-caoo. BOLB ON PACIFIC COAll'l' J'OB -B. Kelly & Co,, K.ey Wee&, Fla. Iter.,. & New York. L .:raeoby lc Cle., Yelt.' ila--ea a Co? LoalnUI') ":J G. W. GR.A VES, I


AUG: 13 '1: HE TOBACCO L.EAF. KERBS a SPIESS, )tan ufacturers of Fin? "llnd Dealers ln LEAP "' ... 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 314 AND 316 STREET. N"E"'DV "YO::E'l.X. i>FFieE--707 .SECOND AYENDE, cor. 189, &91, 6!3, 695;i91i 699 lst Aft., p Bel. -""" -8&reoll, NB"VV "!r"OR.B:. .. PARRY & CROSBIES. I TOBACCO BROKERS, e NORTH JOHN &T., liverpool. Englabd. ribly riddled by tho had their crops more or A correspondent writing storm was very severe in was high and hail was to have commenced above tinned as far as Christiana, u a mile wide. From the hills below Providence to Smyrna. it was the worst. The tobacco is all ruined and not worth the cutting. 11he section through which the storm passed ha-1 in it1some extra fine tobacco, much of which was insured. Over fifty acres ported as a total loss before 9 o'clock yesterday, and much more than that is damaged.'' By the hail storm of last week John Nissley, resid ing near Junction, had five acres of tobacco so en tirely cut to pieces that he plowed it under as green manure. It was not insured. J Little, residing in tho same vicinity, had four acres cut to pieces at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, which he had insured at 9 o'clock in the morning. -In Fulton township, Lancaster County, Pa., it appears, some extraordinary tobi\Cco is raised. A spondent says: Emanuel MoLarrigan has some speci mens not yet topped, which measure 18 inches in _Jfrusua:r--Kanutactured &obacoo, eigars and cigarettes, 35 per cent. J..t, mpe; cent. ud .,..., .., In ChW m' Import dues on Havana. leaf amoa.nt to $1.50, and all other kinds taxed at the rate ot Sl per klleu{ramme, while a uu:-ot pe11 kilogramme baa to be oa cigars. ...... Pud (R11sslan) ................ .-, ........... equal to 118 polll1da, Amorlaaa. Valne of Foreign coma. utrfa..-..ftorin, all'f'er, 41.3 centl. Jlelalum-fraitc, gold oilTi!r, !9.3 cents. BoHVID-boU..W.O, oi1Ter,83.6 eento. Bnoll--mllrela ot. 1,000 reia, cold. M.5cenco. British Po..-o111 ID North .A.mcr-loa-dolla.-, gold, 11. Oolltral Amerlca-pMO, 83.6c. Cblll-peoo. cold. 91.2 lleJJm&rk-c:rown, cold. 111.8 ceuto. ld.ler, 18.6 cents. kni$-DO>Wid ot 100 plaaten, cold, .. 91.4. J"rance-traoe, gold .t oil'l'el', 11.3 eta Great Brit&ID-pounclaterlllllf. gold. If 118.8K, gold ud oil"'" lt.loent& German Empire-marl<, gold, tU a. IDdl&-napee ot. II ..._ oilnr. ._,, __ IMir-... pill ADd lt.l ctl. Japan-:ren, gold; gold IIDd illl-i9.7ceDtl. Llberia.-clollar, gold, 11 I MeJ

10 L PIONEER CIGABETTJK .ANUJI'ACTUBBBS 0.11' A.II[BBICA, .. J SOLD BY THROUGHOUT THB WORLD. Caporal U, Sweet Caporal, St. James, Matinee, Entre Noua, S &c. mur Box Iaten' snnli8&. root lOth idlth st., East Rirer. nw YORE. ANDERSON & CO., MANUFACTURERS OlJ' 'i'HE SOLACE And Otbor TOBACCOS I :tt. \ oriiGI GREEN. SEAL" 11 & 118 Libert)' St., New York, Beg to direct the attention of the dealen! In Tobao co throU2hout the United 8t&tea &nd the World to their CELE6RATED SOLACE Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco Which Is be1Dg once more maliufa.ctured under the immediate supeqlslon of tile originator, B.O:E &c. ee:n:chaam Smo.klllc Tobaeeo .,, PINE STREET, JfEW YORK, HR. SOHN ANDERSON, and now lltallds1 88 formerlJ;t without a rival Orders fo,....aroed. """ Qllll&l channels 1rill meet wllh prompt atteat.loD. LICORICE PASTE. THE sTAMFORD IANUFA:CTURING 18'7 NEW "YOJR.K:.. !he 'l'rade halng demanded a S\iperior and Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, &lWo Oom-;8111&1lufactwill8"1 alljl,o1felin( :lor sa)e, LICORICE EASTE (under the olli ''Sanford" brand) o( & ......Sat a PRICIIwhlcJ! c h'a'nlly 1311 to lie aoceptooJ;1e to all giving It a trial & Rittenhouse, 1118 lSI'. II lid. 81:ree1:. Pl1:1.1ad.e1ph:l.a. MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH AND CREEK PASTE. l llleW a_....ed tor" Purity, Cheapa...., aDd oe;aeral Excel.. a.aee ot' ll:aaacaeture." ii==ALSO:::===.t;=R=, =B=ILAJf==D=S=TI=O=K=LI=C=O=RI=CE:,:A:I:,I: S:I:ZE:S: =::: WILL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS. OPERA PUFFS These Cigarettes tnade with the new &MDBR prepared paper (Papier Ambre) a new and novel French invention, which entirely removes the objection so frequently urgeAR. ciGARs, HAVANA TOBACCO EXJRACl llaa awod U.e test 'lOW fo,: OVER FIVE YEARS, and is PRONOUNCED BY THE "Yard& &D. d. 647, 649 a 6151 8f;l Avenue, Foot of Houston St E. B. New York. Betweenllllthudlhhi!IL, ..... TOBX. Leading Cigar Manufacturers A the only Reliable and Lasting Havana Cigar Flavor. The Mrs: G. B. Miller & Co. lOGallonlota. Tobacco lVIanufactor,-CIGAR BOXES ],(Pint. .,.00. ll'klt fG.OO Price List. 1 Gallon (8 pints). $40.00. li Gallon loti. f81 per gall. I rBR NET, c. o. D. po per gall. ESTABLISHED 1'176. 1 I 97 JSr:BI"'IC"P" "YOJR.K:., IO:t:CIIIOB JI&D & I'IIIKII CIID'..I.Uft' a. PETER D. coLLINs, Preddent. Cedar J:utJt aa "''DV'arrn -treet. -"YorJL. aadR. Jl'elfrT' ). S. GANS' SE>N & CO., Tobacco Brokers, 181 Water st., New York. NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, '84 :eroac1 S't., _, W. A. BETHEL, Leaf Tobaooo roker, 6 BROAD STRCH


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