The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.. r IM:rADLUIO!l'D 18M.] .. ff VOL. XVII.--No .-:.36. NEW_ YORK, SATURDAY, A 'UGUST 27; lBSi. WHOLE NO. 862 .A.UO. ROESLIIIR I IM:PORTEBS OF THE ,, 220 Pearl New: Ofllce and Salesroom: 33 Jiurray St.,' New York. MILlER, PETERS & CO., of the Sectional 0.1...... 1.2.-r' 1 r J. DUSEL. oEo. AUGUSTIN. ..., U18 & 130 MANCIN STREET, .. New "York. ') (LATE OF A. HEN & CO.) %:D1por'ter a:a.d. :l.:a. FOB.EIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTicp:S; f ,. lannfactnrers' A[ents for all the of Fine Cnt, Ping T!bacco and ; Sole Agents'for 'Va:nt ty Fa:lr Tobacco and ; Sole for Allen & Ginter's & Cigarettes;' CHARLES T. SEIBOUB. IBPOB'l'EB Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN I HAVANA l TOBACCO Importers of French Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books; : ... .. I'Ukrr ., L -o. 11 ,.......,..,...-, _,......, -r<>"'""-Bi METROP-OLITAN C ICAR F ACTORY. 188 Front St., New rork!. OY o ....... Read & OJ! E. D .A+I'BB.O -l'IU.NUFACTURERS OF1 'CIGAR LUMBER, 1 rl cED.A..R., . ,. DC>JY:ESTJ:O. "'QVC>ODS, ... XJY:J:T A. TJ:C>N SP:.A.NJ:&::a:: OED,.:A.R:. JKPOR'l'ERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR .AJI'D llf;AHOCJ.NT. 1 l JSTo-aaG-'70'7 "''D''I7e't S'treee't, Cl.gar-Bci:S llUlWBE' R:! THE GROWING OP OUR Cut and Pre.ssDried CigarBox. And other Lumber, as SOLELY :MA.NUF A.CT11BE.D BY 'IJ S,_pz:events our keeping stock on hand, to q.oy extenS, and wtll do well to antlo:Jpa.te thctrw'ants, a.nd I' forward orders some little time }>efofp 'We COD tinue to m&nufacture Spaulah. Mahocan'J', S:yea.more, Butternut. and-Poplar, at most aatlsfa,c. tory -prioes, &nd shan in traduce two new ;wooda, which ;aoill be found very desirable. for our old &lid now CU8tomers will be advl5ed. 1 Baad aad Veaoer Sa ... aad BeudC..ubaa 'IIW. aad Wareroo ... : 186 to 200 LeWiS St., foot 5th & 6th Sts., E. R. JSTe'P!T 'York.. SEED ... JU V J.NA, Aprlll, 1881. ,. ..,_ !E?k p > :I!J'ta. 'bl.:l.h.ed. 1851"7'. l' The John. J cxc::c:k.e c:.., .. NEW YOB.X'D CHICAGO-KANlJFAO'l'lJRERS OF' P" TZN' PC>J:L :f'or P1'1.13 Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosay & 163-165 llnlbcrry Sts. CHICAGO: 84. 86 & '88 Franllin St. SILVER. SURFACE FOIL! : COMPOUNq FOIL, PATENT METAL, and all the difterentvarieUesofFoil known :o the Trade. &, :EIB.O.,' x:....raoturer of the oolehratod COPENHAGEN SNUFF aad C'D''l' AND SIIIOK.lli'G 'l'OHOoo, Beti.n Store and Oalce: 81 SmUhBeld lltreet. PaetoJT 1 5 It 'I" Union Street ala4 HS Ll'bertJ' lltreet, !PA.. GEJ.UiiR.A.L SELLING .I.OEN'l':-W.. A., BOBINIION, lllt''WATEB ST,, NB'W TOBS:," _,' ,. I, ) "' 'j# .j .';\ "WHGLESALB DB'POTII-NJ:WYORK: AufB.A.OCC> A.N'D CJ:G:*R. L.A.BEILS. NA:TI, 0.: V.olge &: Winter. 175Main St1 ; BUFFALO N.Y.: Hatch & Jenks, 3r!i Wn.Fhtngt o n St ... CHICAGO, lll:. 79 and 81 Lake St.; TERRE HAUTE. Ind.: White &Wright, :IS N. Sinh St.; ST. LOUIS Mo. : Rrschl & Benc!hm. N. T ._ ': A;:,:'"'::!,l :37::J::.!L!:aw::::::::n.::;ce:,::6t::...:;_:.O:.,::",!AIT:_:,:A:_, f'l::a:;:x;;,Mc::;;y:;er_:&.:;;Co::;,;. &;;;_; E;;;.,, '-' -r-:. .'I r I iobatts 01111 Address: cu!C!G&J D ONALDSON BROTHERS, &"team L:l. Pr:t.n. "ters,. :I!"XVEI :PO::EN'T:EJ, J)iJ TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS r. e. -I S'Jel.] O::P ::BJ'V:IDR.'Y {l'fo .La'bel kept In Stoek< {HaYWUO 1818. m.-&a. Pb.Uadeiplda, 1828; S. FUGUET & SO.NS, NEW YORK, A.UGUST 'fn, 1881. lfe, 231 CHESTNU'l' 'S'l' ;;'PHIL.ADELPHlA., IMPORTERS OF 'HAY ANA CIGARS OUR HAVAN .. A.' ORDERS. GlBIIEllAL FOB I I SEIDENBfRG'S KEt-WEST CIGARS. Tobacco and cigar merchants and manufacturers of the island ,of Quba are requested to hand their orders for advertisements and subscriptions, and all other matters appertaining to the business department of Tnm ToBACCO LEAF, to our correspondents, Messrs. Domestic Cigars. I I Bosse] mann & Schroeder, Lamparilla 18, Havana., who will be pleased to attend to their wants.


lilt lobatrt_ CJtlf. ESTABLISHED of a"' .86.-ED TOR TOBACCO LEAF: The it improvement in _crop 8 ,lo ." cents. Advance o_n in proportion. Receipts are light. Sales C. & R. DoRHITZ&R & Co. -A Berlin pipe manufacturer recently Bisi;Ilarck with a superb bearing Prince's arms. The lat,ter returned it with a note from his secretary, stating that when he wanted a pipe he oould alford to buy one. AUG. 27 C:::HIOAGO XOTES. -The largest positive sale in cigars for immediate deliveJ:y rel'orced this was lo iof our l.obaCoonists by J. S. Kinitnelatiel fOr tile w -known bouse of Kerbs & Spiess, consisting of 1,0, cigars brands. ..


-AUG. 27 3 aam:s UW YORK, AUGUST 22, 1881. Tb.en there ii!! many a crop of splen4id tobf!-CCO through :' (Jut 'the COUnty, the le aves of the largest SlZe, and .silky t.exture. crops will doubtless prove a mme of we'alth .to their owners. d D'urihg'the past week there bas be e n extraor mary excitement in tobacco circ les cau se d by heavy purr chases of the '81.crop in the fie ld i I in 01Y letter tha t buyers were '!>usily e Ned dtiving ove r the count y and "spottmg" fin fot8 so tha.t they would know w here to go in the futur 1 Onlof these w ent furthe r. Mr. A. S. Rosenb aum, o New York, having Becured the service s of Amos Fen; '.stermache r, or Mill e rsville, and several o t_he!C l began to purchase fin e lots in the field prinCipally township, and.bought largel;r. SoJ?e of the 1' qtssecured as follows will show the prwes p a td : Amos 'l Warfel, 1 4 at 30, 10 and 5; David Mill e r, 12 a.eres at 30, 10 and 5; Benj. Miller, 5 acres at 27, 5 and John Warfel, 12 acres at 25 aud 18: Four acres are re poHed sold in Strasburg township at 25 r o und. The news of Rosenbaum's op erations was qu,ickly spread, v telegrams were despatched in haste to N11w York places, and in a day or two buyers began in rapidly until the hote l registers bore the followmg names: --. Stevens HouseVictor B uEJzl of Bunzl & Dormitzet:; Frank B. 6f1 atman & Co ; S. Gel'liliel S. Spmgari!,_.Q. erman, M L. Fisher, Ered. Hofiman, M. Fringant, Henry Hollander and :a:. "'Arndt, New York; J. Rosenmeyer, M. Newberger, S -. Pretzfeld, Pittsburgh; S. Hernsheim, New Orleans; Teller, Philadelphia. r Cadwell House-J. H. Dills, New.York; Max Bam' berger, Philadel.Phia; Joseph & Somi' Moses _J. Ledef man and Martm J. Lederman, L. Werthetmer, Lachenbruch, I Lachenbruch, H. 'Rosenberg, DaniEll New York ; Loui_s A : Teller Col. R. Teller, PhiladelP,hia; M. Rosenshme, San FranciSco; Cl;las.l. 1 White, Connecticut. Grape Hotsl-H. C. Rosenbaum, lf; Shirk, A.n'l.os Fenstermacher, Jacob Berliner, New Y'ork apd L. R.c?-1 lientbal Philadelphia. '' 0 1? l J City Hotel-M. < Merfeld, of Merfeld & Kemper, Balt1I:1 1 ... .. 1 Coopl!'r Rouse-1:.. May:er a.nd :M: 'B. 'Davis / New York. These were;probablr brought by exaggeratef.! 1 reJ?orts that Mr R osenbaum nitended to'buy up all tbfl ffue tobacco in: the county; that he had ren1Jed fotijr eJI\&Tge packing house s and that he intended to 6,000 ollrlles Now that they are here, most of them say th t : ihey O'nly came to l ook at the tobacco g r owing and the 1tobacoo being sampled but six or eight of them t least are buying fine lots. I. ____ ........ __ {i .. OJilr Special Seed, L-f Pli:TJ:RSBUBG, LANCASTER Co., PA., Aug. 22. 1 lv !We have still no rain, being now two weeks s _mce llaU any and then only a slight fall, espemally some sections. We are having now a drout with no sign of a change fot rain. The vyind IS a!l t : from due north. Tobacco, in consequence, IS ndtt It ill merely d.ying; getting leav 1 ];elqw, green at the top. It IS JUst r m.ainfug alike from: one week to another, and raisers 9 have to oot it,. whether ripe or not. We somed : goojl tracts, which been. housed time ag .. and seem to be curing nicely; but let say what :a they may in regard to tbe tate. crop, !t wilL lk what the early-grown tob&coo IS. -it IS short In. leaf, au.d as thick as leather in body. l118w one traet yes: tQrday of six &ores, which iB the heaviest yield to a!t acye which I believe I ever saw. I can safely say 1t will yield from 2,300 to pounds to the 11:0re. may seem to some of your readers almost unply .fail: prices, as jt ie very clean, an the crop ,of Seed. 1eaf IS .short, not only in Penns vania, but in other States .Buyeril are already on t path .for choice grounds, and we hear of number of crops that have been sold on the tleld oro tp,e poles. From Conestoga township alone it is sai twenty-seven were thus sold, at 25 to 26 cen for wrappers; 8 to Ht centS for seconds, and 3 to 5 cen for tillers. .... .. I j wards Chief Justice) protested against the On the Ministerial side it was admitted that tlie119 were some proprietors in Ireland who made per acre by its cultivntion. The Act 1 and 2 Wfllinm I\j then passed1 and the Act of Lord Nortr: i was repealed, and from tnat day to thie a fine of ie1 imposed upon any person who1shall p1esume to grow a gieater quantity than one pound weight in his garden. The tobacco plant is now, therefore, stamped out of thts country. The tobacco growth in Frarlce is now author ized in nineteen ?epartments, and the crop averages about 220,000 kilogrammes. The consequence is, that the cil>ar which five cents in France, costs eight cents m Ireland. The collection of the excise duties on the tebacco crop in France is not surrounded with any more difficulties than was the collection of our e i cise duties previous to 1831, or is tire collecti6n of tl:le excise duties on hops in the southeastern COUfties clf England. London Tobacco." I l narrow eaf net fit for any \jse. Every prospect is shortness of the crotr of will probably make a good gone for any Improvement; should rain come now it th' f th t would not have time t,q mature before What mg 0 .,.eir mves men ,a has been :t,Qpped has not sufficient sap in it' to start or WISCONSIN. put out the su<;ker. Many farmem have given up their Wisconsin (Edgerton) TObacco Reporter Aug. 'l!ir.crop and are other employment. .Another. boom" bas tak' e n place in thie market!, 'Guy- 1 S H. C & Co. ing being spirited since the s e aso n o pened. A Murrar, Aug. _19 ...,...Wo had some rain last night, influx of buyers ha;\m arrtved s ince our last issue, though It was lyr.At the rain wBB, I among whom are one,.of tpe firm of &hwarz & Wail, not know. T66acco will be very light this year; we New Yorll;.;.,M:..,Moor.e, oJ_ N. 8. Pome mlght put the crop down at about one-half a crop. roy, of Suffi e1a, Con1;1. ; Eugene Qlar.k, of Vegetation is all dried out; the leaves on the trees are Conn., and Dwight Loomis, of Springfield, Mass. The falling off as though it was the fall of t4e year. Corn two Garman buye r s fro m New York are s t ill here, and IS cut short. A .' H. B. are a l arge amount. Geo. Rumrillhas lately --bought a considera ble amount for cigar manufac-OHiO. 1 turers,and i s still a ctively opera tit;lg as aro r also Seville, Aug. 21.-It has" been very dry for the past nearly all bf our local pac k e rs. Prices realized two weeks, so .that late tobacco ie at a stand-still. Some very flattering, but as most o f the goods are re ts that were fortunate with their first setting have com-of the cheaper grades, it is not to be )Vonde menced cut?ng. Worms are bad, and grasshopSome of it is very poor, and there is no money 41 d-.English 'Board of Tr!'de pars are domg some It 18 not possible for us ing an inferior article. We are glad to Rf'e The 'London Tobacco T.rade Review, in its Augu t to raise a full cro?. W. L P. cleared out, to make room for operatiq1111in theCQJUg number, reports:Washmgton County, Aug. 17.-Tobacco is crop. The most notallle feature in the official accounts agam called on here to withstand drouth. no rain Last Monday was one of the largest delivering dt.ys the movements of tobacco in the United Kingdom fOr since the 21st and 22d ult. The small amou'nt of tHe of this season, the streets b eing literally crow-ded With the month of July is the material increase that oc-early planting ie'lltill doing well, but the late plantirlg teams all day Jong, the wareho us e s presenting a lively curred in the which were more than double ?an' t hold out Ion!> against present conditions. Corn is al>pearance. Every day has been very acti?e in those of the period last year, and the m the worst condition here it has been in for years. 1 th1s line. :(. gap thhat :previously existe between the total for 1881 w. 8. b A cohnsidberable ofhltdhe ead'rlier fields ... oill!to and t at m 1880 was so far lllled .up that the aggregate Ar A 2 T ,. ae. co as een pu In e s e an many are... '1\Ccanum, l!g, 3.-. he wea. ther is still dry. t el d h dd' Th 1 -amount landed during the seven months was within b t th hie IV Y engage m s e mg. e a .... p1ecee are 1,856,870 lbs of that in the former year. 1.'he g ain, d.s es e growurg _crop m t district will not be mo e doing.,well; o the drouth is to tell on it, than 40 per cent. o.('that grown in 1880. I thil:ik 50 per h h 'll b f b fit 'f f 1 ... -.... com.J?ared with 1879, still more remarkable, cent. of a!l grown in tb'eOhio Seed leaf district-ie-;I .. ittle t oug Itwi eo ene I not o too o-...... ....,n, the Improvement on the year before shown wr.s further Dutch this year. Farmers are now holding 1880 as it is giving the leaf h$Jdy and gum, just what is enlarged to 7,212 650 lbs. 1 t 5 t 6 needed. Appearance llbd es rain, which will. if it comes The imports' during the first seven months of the a 0 cents for fairshipping lots, and S to n cen soon, brin'Clie latel.ieceil alon.,. and maJ.. .. them all for cigar leaf. D. F.l ., year ending July Sl, amounted to valued that can desire We antiCipate t e ro1,1tu 18 at -"1 235 81' r broken, or nearly so we note that copjou rains have "' TENNESSEE Much .less satisfactory are the accounts relating j;o Ha!tsville, Aug. 22.-The prospect for the t.obac 0 fallen in States south us, where the drouth has been the consumption of tobacco, which, according to the crop IS any: beJ;ter, buli growing .woneallthe time unusually severe. Only One section thus far baa aufduty-paid enk.ies. .last. month, appears:to be slightly witT). ;he dry weather. .. 1 J, fered frombhail. 1 r.etrogra t,iug, .and the .total for the first seven months p Should t e weather continue dry much Ionge)\, the of the/ear. is 256,360 Lbs short of that in 1880. Cof1 arls, Aug. 21.-We have :wt had any ram yet to d o ground underneath t}le sheds in which the earlier tr118te with .1879 however there is an increase of the tobacco tb:ere can't be any tobacco pieces have been bung should be kept moist, to prevent 360,650 lbs. made here that w;U1 be worth ;an.ytlling without rain tbe leaf drying out too quick and damaging the curing 1 The consumption during the first seven months f shortly, and.UJ.Ilni no il.ppearance of any now. There process the year amounted to 28,505,415 lbs. The wont be a crop of corn made het;e, and there are OHIO. fr not for the fu!lt "tha't 'inany gr'ewers of low with 1879 exhibits a falling off equal in extent to abo t as the drouth conti nUes, and x;to prospflcts grade leaf' will be greatly distressea by the 'IQSs in609,300 lbs. ,, for ram. The crops are fearfully damaged. Farmers fiicted by the drouth, the trade at large and producers The exports during the first month of .tlie ye11r tb.ey never seen as poor prospects for a crop; of fine stock might rejoice. amounted to 5,43i,095lbs, 651.. Owirlg It 1s distressmg to hear them talk of the future year. We could not have wishe\1 fo;r a severer test of the to the augmented supplies above referred tO, the boQded The. tobacco crop1 which at OJ.le time promised good, l is Zimmer's Spanish. In truth, the dry weathe,r baa .stocks of tobacco in the United Kingqom during Ju\ y now all of"recovery; it is now fired up shortened it, but the quality is right.>t lhere !Wd will rewere increased by nearly 3,000,000 lbs, and. the CO!p: and headmg up hke cabbage; the late planted is not main if prQperly cared for. While the SeeJ, leaf was parative deficiency remaining in the quantity 011 ha1d out of the clods yet: The Burley tobacco cannot stand firing under the fierce ra;vs of the sun. the hardy Span at t)J,e end of June has since given place to a surplus f the dr_outh as well as. our native ?'he old ish kept green and pricked up its ears at the 731,350 Ibs over the total stock held at tbs t 1 me n 1s about all shi.Pped. Cotton IS openmg op.t off:ely iq us that he cureli Qhio WESTERN TOBACCO ,.DQP REPORT rata smce the last of,;r.une. Everything is gone up Spanish yhq qdlar of warehouse last season with has and a great admirable results and the experiment this (Special t.o THE L&Alr ) 1 ot 1t IS from six to ten mches high; the leaves are. s .. ason. 1,'he of this 18 th!J.t qrquth-gt:OWI_l and __ about as wide as this R. M. cured tbl:iacco advantage of KENTUCKY. 1 can be retamed m tight sl;le!ia, ..... Cadiz, Trigg County, Aug. 2!.-I failed to report, w SEED' LE' 1 f CROP' R EPORTS 1 .. ,. oonsequence of absence from home. I have been 1 ling through the heart of the Clarksville section fqr I --' E I p d ""a I abo';lt week. I saw much of the crbp prOS],JeCts t' PENNSYLVANIA.. I rlnC.IPO e"" a es' Chnstlan rna and Rober Lancaster New Era, Aug. 20,:-Since our last report . son Ten.n., and notice but if Any, ditfe -there have been of old tOoacco aq1ounting to 180 ence the efi'eet of the drouth. cases, coll.$ting of of low grade good's the localliles through which I travelled, t e ,fllete btlsides, a good deal of inquiry, bui CIGAR FA CTQ R Y orop prospects are everywhere worse t.han they. ev r un4er au. the circumstances of the case especially ths were not. excepted. ThouBal!-ds of aeres f critiCal condition ,of the growing crop h'olders are firm bacco don t look like If It would be confidence will in the end be justified. housed. We know the outcome tobacoo m P t There haS been no improvement in the yhears has been wonderful. teWll hlatl18 ksto be rtthhel final f tion since our last week's report. No ram has fallen 9" corn are .. A lante portiOn of 'tn th_eir dema.nds, .and we .are. to think their -OF--t e present 'K DE BAR Y & CO., an soon e. ex reme :Y poJ>U ar; u efits wliich would. otherwise. have. been. reu.lized. Tile A ooentleman J'ust from Lycoming and Clinton coun' proclamatiOn was ISSUed agamst It by Queen Elizabeth. .,. .It had the misfortune to attract the royal dil!pleasufll past was by far the unfav_orable have ties reports to us that the cn:ip there ie about our1 41 & 43 WarreD. St. lfew York of her immediate successor, James I., who described had, m the prevalence of dey, parchmg, and heated own. It has rece1ved the 'same set-backs. Bemg a smoking lljl" a to the eye, hateful tb winds. The crop suftered severely, and, seems rather manufacturer &ftobacco ilp'ears1 his businesS led him. SOLE A CENTS Bear in mind, there will be lively competition for thp Pennsylvania '81 qrop, and I will undertake to 1!8Ywhile not positive-that all tobacc9 that ie long, fine and clean Will be bought from the poles. I have spoken With raisers who stated that from three to six parties, ed sometimeS even more, came to their tracts and. examined them. I reiilly believe that some growers will realize 25 cents through for their crop. Now, thie must not be understood py yo"r readers that all wi get that figure Tliey may be few in number, but there are some wqo will ge. t it. At what price the bulk the '9! l'enlisy lvania will aell at, Is not. fot: me 'to sayj; tiecaUI8 I clo pretend to know; but It will be sold. I the nose, harmful 'to the .brain, dangerous to the lungs, to have lost than gained any progress. The more foramong fl!p mak;es no how much rain comes. still. A York pape,r tl.lmounces there ie still a large able to the growmg crop. rices van on for every rood or 1 6 for IJVefy aw.e, of tobacco an of old, sold th!J.t the,cqunty has amount of Ias.t YOOI\ s tobaci!O unsold. grades. For lugs from to 8 cents 18 asked, while leaf in The act was p!lMfld when it on hand. J.D. R: & Co. Et;emng DI.Bpatch, Aug. [45:-C!'Q. is held,at9to 15cents. The sales for show the of the Bntish Government to encourage the Pun tans of Headquarters Aug 22 -We.have had several cloudy Sprmggaden. todwnshhlpf that prev(Ails in the market; there were for N OJCtb America, and to give t!Jem the monopoly of sup-days the ;pasb \veek; w'ith light eh. owets, which has arm Y eedam '1 I fize are tDwo. an thadal export 3 733 hhds. to manufacturers and jobbers 2 854 No sales of '80 in our vicinity. No sampling done. J ['he '79 crop is all sold e:tcepi som.e fifty cases hail-cut and acme lllightly hail-cut. 1 l was informed that an offer of $300 per acre Wfl!l 1 for a whole field about twelve to fourteen acres, "by a good'.reliable party, through an agent; but I have r not 'WOken to the I!IU"tr personally, and therefore not vouch for its but I believe th traCt will bring it when ready for market. r This week a large amount will be cut, as last week tq.e most of our growers had commenced to cut. It is wilting every day, and does not require very long lay. iDji; befor e it ie put on laths. A+t 25,_:.Kerbs & Spiess-through Mr. MyerS, agent -are buying considerable tobacco at varying ID"!i:1 from. to 25c. Stehman, 4 acres; Heller,-; er, acres, at 22; Hostetter, ac1"89, at 19; Becker, 6 acres, (conjectured) at 211'?1. (it being a nice tracy). Offers for M.r. Young and .1\!lr, Weaver at 25, '' 9 an'd 8, were made; but refused. Teller Bros. are buying.. Mr. Lefe.vre (horse dealer) is puying for a New YOrk'bqp!i!. Tlie 'siateof affairs is not leaking out very c 1bu't will get bottom facts for you for next CoR. Mt a r I t 'le IB:t ''YOB.K COQTY TOB..&.CCO ITEMS. f t "'l'Jle York County, Fa. True Democrat and Evening ;;..Disp#tcf.9. furnieh the f9))owing items of intere11t con1he' gro;wipg tollacco crop in that locality:CROPS Oil' THJI: Lowu ENn.-Our trip to the Lower ,N bf Bottom Railroad, convinced us that ,no section1qf ;York County has better crops than the :LowerEDd Vegetation looks bright, thrifty and 'p-een. Tll6fll has been rain enough to keep up the grai.f! and pastures. Corn siands well; the ears usually are large. With a few more good the ears would till out and an enormous crop will be grown. The ie not what it might be. There are some good fields, but much needs good ro.ins to develcp full growth. :Much tobacco has been topJISd t.oo high to IIBIIure all finelj' developed leaves.. the crops of the Lower End have been good. FINm Touooo.-JilBse Hovis, of York township, ex hibits twQ _leaTes of tobacco, measuring 36 by plymg the mother country with tobacco. "1 heh d thll tobacco crop some If we can have conti-1 acres Oi! exc mg Y ne ceo. urmg e ry ' Heavy as that duty w as, it tlid >not afford sufticieht uer seasonable weather and alate fall we may yet SBMOD he has bad the a.dvantage of a smru_l stream of l!hds; to hhds, and 1,!190 hhds protection to the Colonies, for ,in three years something like a half t:rop of tobacco. It is now clear, water t?e elevated Slde of the patch, whJCh has been known buyers,1 but It IS thought that the larger portion wards it was found necessary to raise the prohibitory with the wirid COmlng from the east. W, J. K. =to 1'J1 gatll thehtobacco, and :he dry was .to speculators-in all 9,899 hhds. In the West, !ax thfis seemed beh August&. -4\ug: P. refreshing shower on J?"Jwt! prices have advanced in all the markets, and there ie msu men res ram ae,cu va on a crop w IC Thursday ni<>ht J&it,. of about three or four hours' k h t 'II b b tel Iii produced not unfrequently in Ireland oyer an ..., wee muc activl y, as WI e seen Y our .el!?'ap c reacre and a.coordingfy the 22nd and 23rd Charles II. lbeet. wet. the gredounbd about .tw1o About D1llsburg there 1s a good deal of tobacco for ports which appear on another page of thiS Issue. 1'6 Eng' land) d 1672 h' h th b t' me es. e. crops ve n Improv utare sad Y sale Hezekiah Kinter has about fifteen hundred H b h ed f d c. 1 ( was passe m w 10 ere y no in need of, a tho Pough wetting. Making every allowwei. ht, nicel sweated and. acked. 'J-as een muc mqmr or, a.n alone empowers, but orders all constables and other ance for a continuous season of wet weather we cang y p some very good sales have been made of br1ght and officers under penalties to enter the grounds and to 'bl ha half d h The Lancaster Intelltgencer of August 24 remarks:-b D k bacc pluck up and destroy tobacco plants after stating that not possi Y ve over a crop, an t e ptopor-We are informed that the :Mutual Hail Insurancll dark wrappers, also of export 00 aooo. ar to 0 'notwithstanding tho former' acts p' assed in that tfion of godod tobda. cco. wtill beh. hsmall, tcobempathredbtoulkthef Company of York, has a membership of over 1206h .... advanced in price Lugs are selling ba.c .., rozenan non escnp w IC mus e o .Iv L d y k Th ll 1 Fin be and half, the culture of to co was For 160 what is The present crop is bemit rapidly most y m anca.ster an or ey w1 at 6 to 7c. e commg scarce, years th:e growth of tobacco was. In 1778, ship.p,ed, and growing beautifully less every day. average perhaps four acres each, whtch make,an will, no doubt, be Good dark wrappers however, Lord NortlJ.t embar S T p of about 5,000 acres of tobacco Insured .. 'Ihe reselling at from 14 to few are to be had at rassed by the revolt OI the American Colomes, sought : assessment of members for damage done by hall has a win in a way the affectio1111 of the Il"ieh people, and Sardis, the language of the Psali;DIBtnot yet been fixed, but, it is said, it will be somewhat these prices. forthwith he brought in a bill for the express purpose an authortty not often by TOBAO.oo Journ-heavy, lLs a great deal of the tender leaf was cut to Seed Leaf.-Messrs. J. S. GABs' SoN & Co., tobacco of ameliorating their condition, and for repealing the 0 God, sentest a upon pieces by the recent storms: There has been no dam, -brekers 131 Water Street report to THE TOBAOOO Act of Charles II. Accordingly, the act prohibiting 1'hme a:nd refreshedst It when It was age to the growing crop by liail since our last report, LEAF 'The state of our ma;ket has been eculiar dur-the growth of tobaccp was repealed. Thenceforward weary I :rhis p,lace on Thursday and we find it impossible 1;0 tell with accuracy the ex. .-P from 1179 it was lawful to grow tol:iacco in this country "It was gentle, It was kmd, '!Wd, oh, how retent of damage heretofore done or the amount of inmg the past week; there has been an excellent mqwry for home consumption, and for the supply of the Engto man and boost, and growmg corn, clover, surance realized by sufferers. The only serious for all sorts, and were the '80 tobaccos sampled, a large lieh, but not of any foreign market, and so things re:-Our tohailstorms w .ere.the two heret<>fore mentioned in the business would have been done. For export, owing to mained during the eighteen years of Irish independ-omg hwe t Ilnf w.e1 dave s 1ome Intelligencer, one of.which devastated a narrow tract the absence of o:!l'erings there ie but little to report ence, from 1782 to 1800; when the Act of Union, 40th LOr our fait m more t an a yie ; at of territory southeastward from Marietta, and the Geo. III., c. 38, passed, and by the schedule to the trth wuhgood B8f1B?DS and careful wormmg and succormg othereastwar.dfromQuarryville. The insurance agents Total sales, 3,123 cases, of W:hich were.-article of that act, the permission of the culture of to-we will have some to house, so prayeth J. B. H. say the loi!IB falls upon the company more heavily than 300 cs. 1880 Pennsylvania ....... baooo in Ireland was expressly guaranteed. The cui-Dycusburg\ Aug. 18.-Binee my last report it has been was at firSt supposed. 100 ca. 18711 do .... 18 @40 ture of tobaeco then became general, some counties inteusely: bot, wiob hot, drying winds that parch vegaNot much is doing in old tobacco; but there will be, 200 cs. 1880 New England P t being more suited to its growth than others, the neightation until the fields look like a desert. All the crops probably, before long. Both packers and buyers have 288 cs. 1879 State Flats.-. 15 @17 borhOod of Enniscarthy especially. are suffering terribly Thii corn crop will be ahp,ost been waiting until the crop of '80 should be san1pled 235 cs. 1878 Ne_ w State. In 1831 the Whig Government resolved to prevent an entire failure. Samllling commenced this week ; and, as farM it has 450 cs. 1880 WlSCOIIIllD Havana Seed 12@@16 all future growth of the plant; -and a Minieterial measto make fodder. There are many acres that have not gone, has proved very satisfactory to the holders. The 200 cs. 1880 do p t. ure was brought in for tb&t purpose. Valentia, got a shoot or ear on it, and t.oo.sman to cut for stock .leaf comes out in good color and quality, and ie almost 300 cs. do 4 @10 in opposing the passage of tlie bill, infor,med the House feed. Tobacco ie dying and burning up on the field; entirely free 'from" damage," of which there was so 650 cs. 1880 Ohio ........... .... .. 5 that cultivation gave employment in papllPt with the moat half I;DUCh a yea_r .ago. ;Kqlders of. t!Je '80 crop, 300 cs. 1879 .... ....... 10 the neighborhood of Mr. LBfroy (after-.,of year',s crop; wha$ will lie housed will lie small, on account of 1ts exceptioniilly-good conditibn and the lOOcs. Sundrul8 ....... -- 6 @18 1 . ': J ) /


I Spanuh-Th1s vanety m better demand, w1th sales of 700 bales Havana fillers at from 85c to $126 per lb 21 471 bhds Stock m wru ebouse th is day aud o n shtpboard not l8 II DOW briDg 011 the hill vanclng da ly Ma> ufactured Tobacco-We learn that a number of the Southern manufacturers have mstructed their agents m thl8 CJty to advance two cents on all grades and nearly all of our leading manufacturers of tb1s CJty have Jssued Clrculan to the same effect The rap1d advance m leaf tobacco has e&Ulled th1s step on tile part of the manufacturers There were exported this week 115 517 pounds QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. l'ARTICULAR NOTIOB. cleared 2o 080 Stock same ume m 1880 82 14 7 bbd ltlanu,fruhWed TuOOeco--Bumess conuuues fa1r and we note the v e ry teady partJGulally lor tbe lower gJUdes of 1U anuU of llaue 1epor1s to 'IKE 'lonACCO LlllAll' as fol lows -I he llan actwns on the break f o r tile past week were la1ge amountw, to 2158 h!Jda, and p 1ces fot all grades wete stwng lu1 m optllllalltea excepuon"IIY so The week optsned w;tll a couuouuoce of t.he cxc1'ed (!oeling which char tbe p1 ecedmg one a condllton of tile nuu ket wh1ch 1emmns unchan ged at date o f wmwg On t>atUJ day t he excnewent 011 tile market appealed 1.0 have reaoiled ILS cu i 'lllnlltiOD but uotler til mtiUt!llce of s uch wel2 hhds The dry weather sllll contmues, w1th no md1 cat1ons of a change We agam ad vance q uota.t10ns to keep pace w1th the m !uket was undouutedly the most Jema1kable day 1:1 tbe h1stury ollhc LoUJsvtlle tobllcco tmde UUUS\l!illyfioe hnes of llufley and Logun Count,>; tobliC(\OS were o1fe1ed and 10 mlltter of Bodey figures b&Te reached in e>eptember IS gen era lly consrdered a r1pemng not a growwg m onth Sltould to l!acco under the wfiuences ot I>Lte Iu1us St>UliiO"tug tltete 1 s every likelihood of frost ove1takmg 1t befote 1Y IS npc Vera Oru-R & C Degener 1 bale tobacco M Rueff 2 do A Lalladen 12 cs & Bernhe1m 144 bales A T Stephens & Co 69 do Wet! & Co liB do Carl Upmann 20 do Caltxto L pez 137 do F Mtraocla & Co 102do AS Rosenbaum & Co 63 do F Garc1a Bro.& Co 94 do B Du.z & Co 92 & Co 7 do Eaberl!. & Co do Chas T Bauer & Co 4 do )(jchaehs & Ltndemann 3 do H R Kellv & Co 3 do Howard lvl'll 5 dn G W Faber 7 do A cker Merrall & Condit 32 do Park & Ttl ford 41 do A Owen 4 do W P Clyde & Co 9 do F Alexandre & Sons 63 do C F Hagan 54 do Order 48 do Recetpts of licorice at port of New York for week reporteL ezpTei!Rly for Tn: ToBAcco LEAP -Ueckne.gel & Co per Cataloma, from L1verpool 820 pkgs (179,6U liM) hconce root Ja:POBTS From the ,or. of .New York to foreign porll for the were u follow s .A/....,._1 okl: (163 lbs) mfd bales .Argmm"" Republicbbds 121 pl-IY4 llhu s 5 (080 lbs) mfd Hamlmrg-1! 1 ble HIJflre-IJOO b hds Hagti-23 hbda Jiult-Y bll leaf fatr to good leaf seJecttons stems common to fine '2 OO@. a 110 400@1!00 6 00@ 6 00 6 5!)@ 8 00 8 50@10 00 10 00@14 00 4 00@16 00 800@800 800@450 400@600 6 llU@ 9 00 600@800 9 00@15 00 6 00@18 00 4 OU@ 5 O G 1!00@600 600@700 7 50 8 00 9 00@10 00 10 00@11 00 11 50@13 00 800@550 600@800 8 00@10 .00 12 00@16 ()() Inspected tltts -1168 hilda Maryland 2 do Kentucky tot.U 1674 olo 100@21!0 509 do Obro Lre oecu1e to the m anufacturer htH Blllallmal gm of p1 ofit firm tu d.Y Corumon medmm and fine dark goods (the lat L1ke alllormer years of great advances, thiS will be ter very scarcet have followed the same movement an1e1also 111, Aug 24 -Mr George C Tate Manu IAgt!nl for and l obacco 1\kl) at un adVIIDC<-pnces f stock The weather C flnll nne dry With no s1gn .,f ra n and the ume now pa tv n n nun can be uf a'Dy benefit to the sit eadv famrhed crop 'I b-e questton n w arues What w1ll tbe y1eld he as the ctup stands to-day! 11 ts bemg estlmtlted at all t.he way from a quarter to ll.Jf a crop HENDBRBON, Xy,, Aug 28 -Mei!Brs L L H1ley & Co rtiJM'rt to Tal< T"BACCO L&AP -Nn rain smce wmmg you and tllmgs are bad COlo and lhhacco aro burning up m tbe fielMOOO W ll.!llennan & Co & Ilorn Mayrrscb Br011 8 1 1 1 2 114.1 1 1 4ti0 I tlAal.A_I!!I __tn Leaf Tobacco, 27 19 600 760 6 460 l! 3 430 1 2 1 / 1 1 970 2 1 310 2 290 370 14,000 1,480 180 1 500 7110 18180 8.0 14 738 2400 The Journal of Commerce m an Jssue of a later date Aug 18 -We g1ve here a comparative table ol the Imports of tobacco and c1ga1s trow the East by l a1l and sea from June 1st to 6th of 1880 and 1881 1881 1880 405 263 1,300 793 989,006 Leaf lbs 435 680 953 410 Dunng the past two months emb1 aced m penGd here g1 ven p1 eparatwns for the Fall ti ade are bemg made, and tneu extent gaur es tbe extent of that trade m a great measUle Judged by tbJ8 tbe Fall trade this year IS hkely to be pretty lively I he numbe1 of CJglll'll 101po1 ted (by raJ! ) has almost doullled, w h1le m manu.faccured tobacco the IDCJ ease has been about 31 pel' cent Leaf shows a. falhng off of about 60 per cent. Th1s 18 the only drawback m the wholt. exb1b1t but we have been call y1ng a heavy stuck fot a long ttr'ne past. I he cigats 1mpo1 ted have beeu equal to ;!6 per cent of the total 1mportattons for the ) ea1 to Aug 6, while the manufactured tobacco receJvfd has equalled forty per of that Imported for the same peuvd Foreign Markets. AMSTERDAM, Auu: 6 -Measrs Schaap & Vaa Veen Tobacco Brokers report to THE L&.U' The most 1nterestm g busmess smce our last report was a aale of 73<16 Sumatra With great com ettllon for the better quahlles As usual at tbto time of the ye .. r further transac tiona either In Java or Sumatra are postponed untrl the middle of September when large lots of both k10ds wtll be brought nto the market Marylnd tobacco IS sli !left ;J41 bilds were sold also 24 bllds olen 1. Imcorted-24t hhrls Maryland M do Mason rket was as desert bed u our Ia t uton th lv report about llS oull mlmettve as poss1hl e Durtng thts week cab l&o g am s fto m the West of sen us 1nj "Y tn t e crop hIVe caused bus10ess to be < n e 10 lt 1ps nore from the 1ha.t here B:e Jow Ani sa.fe than from flny fear of any famme P11ces c nn he quoted htgber, tbe 1 on e of the malket for lhe tune '" m o re firm 1 CONDON, A l!l 10 -Mbasrs h1ant ()Juunbera & Co. re p ort to 'I HE ToBACCO LEAF as fo1lows -There beea I ut a very tlttlmg demnl durtng the pas t week for all tle sc rtpt1 o ns of AmeriCan Wbacco even I be l!t\e aht ved to Le a suw1dal one aud that 1t would reqmre be' vy tttx1ug of ducts to compensate fOJ the los" Owmg, however, to the lat ge1 consumption of the a.111cle the revenue from s ou1 ce the past year been muuh larger than w1th the btgher tax -d. stmy l8 t old of a gentleman avwt1mof tobacco \vito t1ted m 'am to break of the He agam and agau1 tha t he would be free from "O eutaug 11110: an_!!lllance, ht t b1s resolutions ended, as h1s CJgard had 80 otxen duue-m smoke Love never bun so Completely cupt1ve as the rare Havana. At lnst he d etermmed to 1 eMurt tu m e di al expedients. 1::{., was told thaL mo1 phme-wa.; an etfe tu II cure He wok a dose and that mau "Hluever smoke another Ctgur H4s fune1 a l was well attended -ln the H u-l of C Jmnons lately S1r H, W uolf a k e d the Ch!lnc...Jlur uf the Ext:hequer whether lll tiMIUuch as dutu;s 011 wbaccu amouutmg 1n some c a e t 1 t wei ve and f"uvtel!u tbe value of the a.1 LJcltl and the p11nctpal ttem 111 the dut1es on 1m ports, prei!8 ch1efly uu the wo kmg cla.;ses the Gove1ument wlll coustdet the lleucy of dtmmlshmg such dut1es and the 1 evenue by tralll! fetllng the difference Lo lll.,uch Wllle.J gloves Hn1 utber smula1 Jmportl! conMumed by classes better Hl>le to pa7 for luxUrJSil Mr <.H .. d.tone Ba.Jd there was no doubt that the dUlled ou tobacco bore very on the workmg but be feared that to c .mpeusate tohe revenue m lhtl mauner suggested would rtlvlve the ot timugghug


THE TOBACCO LEAF. w:: I A. -o--"'- U..e TrAde ---1 II-Keep FtaeOwt, Plq ..... Leaf T<>b"-aad. CiaarJIIoiat, allld. Ia perfeetlr Taet.._ .. ,and does aJreot the flavor of the Tobuoo in au,y 'W&J',. '1a it, there J. 110 witk t1ae prooe of M anuf:>eturinr;, and. Tob...,oo can l)e pre.Pare!l aa usual. We have orders freta I those ... ho havo uso:l All we ask Ia a trial to cooiviaoeroa of ito value. Ciaeap -d. Ee011811a10a1. l'rioe malrl2 per Gallcm, or 25e per Pint. ForturtherlnformattonaddreA!a JtL lDCHAELIS, 202 Fulton Street, NEW YORK LOU.IS S.IB ... TELLER l Packe:r, Coln'rlilssion M:ercha nt, .&liD WHOr.I'.BALE DJU.Lli:R D1 .LB.A.P TO:EI.A.OCO, I II ... Ng. 283 NORTH SHIPPEN STREET, Teba,cCo ""VV':I::::c: C>:N' ORDER.. :Handl. e Scraps, Lugs, Flll.ers, Smokers and Wrappers I f of 'aiiCrades, and guc:t rantee satisfaction. ;1ST-C. Y.OV.K ORDECS SO!:.ICI!.TED ......... ot* L ___ ....T ti () u u l 5 .... 00


A1so so1e Agen.'t ror W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' ETc., ETc. W l\1[ A R, '76 ::B"ro:a:t &'tree1: :Ne'IIV York, IJT !IOl.oU&T a: MOOR&, DEALER IN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Ta.s.Pa:ld. a:a.cS :f'or :III:Epor1:. oa.-8 J!'ILLBD PBOIIPTLT J!'BO!I[ STOBB J!'A.ClTOJI-T, We .&pai; fer o.Ia-.teol........ ., .. ATLANTIC." "I[AGNET," Ill' PLUG .&liD OUT O.&VEJmJSii. Joa. R. n...u.oM, D. a.a.... Jf-. aore am & co., 1 226 l'rOaUu-t, -Yerk, THOMPSON, MOgHE & CO., Commission Merchants, y b f E -DD-- o accos or xpon, ,1! FfiONT STREET, llutcu&CeDr.J"!:!ericaDPortaandothor....,.. Jlll'e"'::V' -ork.. llailadelphla, I Bcsary :JI'oret, N. Queen & aa4 AI ,N. CJaarlOate 8&&., Laucaa&er, Pa., S .SO P, Carl, Hatfteld, !l[a .. J E ..... A.aattn, SaaeJ4, Coali,l A.. H. AU.erton, 1 '16 'Street, HarUOlrd, C81ftl:'; aeJUT Groue, !19 &&II. St., Dartoa, Oblo J lllelaael Stoaclatoa, Wla, ---r-o-, BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO IN8PHCTOR8, WATER STRKET, OW YOBJL Greeawich I Street. Vorl&., .& .&.. DaDt. Dealerala Sumatra. Tobacco. Am8terdam, Holla""d. -P&MIC....,_IIiir F. E. OWEN,. Oommllon Merchant, R _EYNES BROS. & CO., Yircinia Leaf Tobacco, llo. 89 BROAD 8TREET, HENRY SIEBERT, Tobaooo and Ceneral D. J GIRTH, SON & ColiUJ!lsslon Cuuoilloo Memtiilts 80 Broad v., 44 BROAD STREET To' ,..*.S.. W._. York.. 1'BB TOB.A.C!)O :a,. L. -DIPOI\TER OF-; HAVANA L 'EAF TOBACCO An.d. PJ:NE OJ:G-AR.S. PROPRIETOR OF THE BIIANDS: "'Nann1e" an.d "':att::l N'on.a," No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. MANUFACTURED IIY RAB. VEY a POB.D, SALESROOJI-892 BBOADWAY, NEW YORK. P.JlcE, PRILABBI.PIIb. L. Hlnolllaoru, HIRSCHHORN & BENDHEIM, J:IWI:a:a. u.rao1:urer o:f' FINE CIGARS, No. 35 New York. -SHOW FIGURES. IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN Gerr>oaa Cllpr lllol'lda, Pre...,, s&.,.pa1 couer, &e. 179 and 181'Lewis'-st., New York. ALL KINDS OF JlGUBEII CDT T O ORDER AND IN THE BEST STYLE. Th.e 'Trade &u.pp1:led I :.:.NEUMAN & DINGLINGER; :GENERAL M1ft'&1' SALOIION UI.OIIO. I.UDIIOX., BERIIAK SALOMON. Gustav Salomon & Bros IMPORTERS OF And Dealers in all Jdnds of l.EAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St., New York. E : M. CRAWFORD & SOrl, LeiifrObaCCO, 168 Water St., lSre-.ov Vork M. H. LEVIN, I OF HAVANA :AND DEALER m ALL KINDS 011' oaf 162 Pearl Street, New Yort 8. C>R.G-LER.. li'Iaa aftleca rer or RINE CIGARS -" Dealer Ia LEAF TOBACCO. 86 HURRAY ST., NEW YORK. lily CUBA LIBRE1 "CJ,TMar,,. H. KOENIG & CO WROIJCSALE DEALICIUI IN t IIAVANA AID SBID LHAf 'TOD.A.oooa 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK.Depot and Apn 01' THill lll. >lNUFAUl'UIIJI: 01' &AX, &o J'oz, Dills& Oo., DEALERS IN HA YANA .SEED 115 W1ter Street, New Yorl :SAIL R. DILIA 108. J'. 0 ... lq g, "t I TRADlll JI!AllK. & 161 WATER S'!' .. :NEW YORK. 11


1'BE GOODWIB & Cf FINE-CUT TOBAGCO, 201 and 209 Water Street, .-:."VVIJ"' Tet:R.3E. N. Y. JAMES BRUSSEL & CO 4. a EIJV 9 (Balor to!. Hen i Co.,l 43 Liberty Street, New CIGABS, 309 E. Fifty-Ninth St. New York. JAMES LICHTENSTEIN. FR. ENGELBACH, "''UJEEOX...ES..a...:LoE -fOBAtiGO DEPOT & AGENCY For F. W. FELG'N'ER & SO!f'S, Baltimox'e, 'J,'olo...,.,o aad Cicaretteo. 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. -AND-SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York .......... er.., '. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 1150 WAT&R 8TitRET, Ne&r 'Maidel!. Lane, -NEW YORK. 8. li068IN. -lL BOel'lllf. S. ROSSIN & SONS. PACXBliS OJ' seed. Lear, AND U!PORTEBS OF HA YANA TOBACCO,. 173 Water 8t.1 New ,York. E. & 0.' FRIEND & CO., aad. })ealeq la LB!F 121' Malden Lane, HAVANK LHAF'TOBAGCO .A.:N'::C' O:Z:GI'.&.EI.I.-o Pearl Street, NeW. York. ImDortcr of Fine Vnclta !baio TOBAGCO & CIGARS .&o4 Proprietor or dt.e Brand "LA ISLA" Por hi Importation ot T6baceo, And Braa4 oa-()lean o.H. McALPIN & GO.,o ... ; ll!ANUF AC11'URERS OF :THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: And allldlldS of SJQ.oldng i. .... ..J -JJoo llrallutacturers ot the .....UkDown Branda ot Bright Plug Che'll'iDC : I own,' I onward,' 'Fi'iondslliD,' and Sailor's lannfactory Salesroom, cor. Atenne D & !cn+h St., New B. STEINECKE, Block a ldndheim, FINE CI&ARS, f.INE SEED LEAF JOBADS. 131 Water Street, lew fort : HAliUFACTUl\ERS OF CI(IAB$, ADd Dealen bt. LE'AF TOBACCO, 123 Chambers St., :. 7 Ma.nufa.cturers of Fine CigarS OOEI.EI..A.X.:IDB :U:A. 'V A.J.\7 A.. MANUEL 'GARGIA ALONZO.: Gum.ersindo Garcia, MANUFACTIJHER of FINE GICARS, :S:.A. V .A..:N" .A.., CJU'B..A... DON.OUIJOTB DE Lli!ICB. Havana Cigar ( Manufactory Brands:' Stanley; La Perfecclon,' 'La Cuerra c bella,' 'A&uora' _,..Jfapoleon.' .. VUEI.TA' ABAJO 'STANDABD EXCLUSIVELY -BUDE-SINDU --CUE-VAS & CO .... .-If 1\ll:al.o;L-. ae, :Sav;a:u.a, Ou.'ba ,.


' 8 MaDufaoturera uf-,.. O:I:G-AR.S,. ADd Dealen ID LEAF TOBACCO, OHIO AND CONNr",.1 114 to 120 E. Pearl St., (JJKCINNA.TJ0 O. LO'UISVILLB, KJ' &UER&OO., ODrOIJUf.&TJ, 0. ,.y 0 B A G C 0 I No. 32 Central Wharf, Eloo::a., AU

AUG. 27 Ow Belo"'l!!/t' g._ 2211...!."'! B ..... ateT Boosln Bt.-!".!''! :1 ;;eliA wa ..... on, BchtMVH\11JC:.. 1.,-.w.-. .. Seymour Cbas. T 188 Front. BMiJ, es BroeA. 11. a eo. Bwtil>c Blip Btelnecw:e R., 131 Water (Jbarloo F &: 8ntra1 one. the!lj.f-wl}l the : ;,. A mill for 'farming, tobacco, oompased ot. a mold having a ceutl'al compartment and o. tlllriet< o f separate compartments aJTanged saiti IJ8lltral _,...,,._"--c. one, the outline of each of which presents two linesan inner and outer-concentric with, !and twl> diverg ing linea radial to, the centre, combinea with a die or follower having separate parts adapted to lit the dif ferent compartmenti1 of the mold." of MaturiniJ. Sweating aml Coloring Leaf Tobacco.-Ohas. S. Philips, Brooklyn, N. Y. "The process of cuiing, sweating and coloring to bacco, "!hich consists in piling or packing it while in a moist condition, then subjecting it to a temperature between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, until fermenta t ion is e 3 tabliahed, and then continuing fermentation for from two to six days, or such time as may be neces sary to wholly or partially eliminate U!e Wlc;lesirable element of the leaf, then increasing the heat to a tern perature between 90 and lUI degrees Fahrenheit for two or three days. and then continuing for on.e day, or such a period, and at any higher temperature less than 180 degrees Fahrenheit, as the natw-e of the tobacco may require, in order to produce darker shades of color "The process of maturing partially or improperly Vaine of Foreign Coin .. ldiTer, Ci.8eente. Japan-yet>, cold; 'iolll U4 ...., 1014 an4 lllor, 119.7 """''", I cents. t Llberfa.---clollar, ROI4. tt: ....... Bolh1r..-bolh1uo, ollver,ea.a centa. 111.1 llral1-mliNia of 1,1100 nil, BOld, Neu.....-........._ .,W &lid M.&eenlo. 40.J-aa Jl;r!tllh -DI In North Amor-, Norw..,.-crowa, gokl. -ollar; cold. II. l'tonL-'ilol,llller. 1!8.1 cenW O.lral Amerlc&-peao, oi!Yw, 1!8.1 o. Portuaa-milreie of 1,1110 tell, ... Cblll-118!10.BOicl, eu centa. $1 pe. Domn&rl<'-<:rinm. gokl. 111. 8 cenlo. of tOO lr.opelm; IUYer, 88.6 eexata. 11.8 cent&. Jrcyp ..... p&imcl of 100 piuten, gokl. !lanclwlell II. --" 1'1.4. 8):l&ln-::J>!!Il'!t& of 100-..,. J'r&noe.-tranc;BOit!'di: oliver, 18.8 cia aDd ill-, lU cellle. 91-' Brltaln-poune sl<>rling; gold, Swed........,.,..., gold, li6.8 -N -S"ll'ltRrland-trano, gold aad Ill-BOld &lld IIIYU, 19.8cente. IU cenY. 'l."rrpOII-nabbub of 10 .. CJermaD Bmp!.-.mart, gol4, 23.8 e. TOr, 74.8 cente. -::, IDdl&-mpee of 11.....,..., ollftr, Tnr-.....piaater,u-.. 88.7tonlo. United Statoa

fl'actory:-No. 8, 3d District, New York. and Sal e aroom:-41 A 43 Warren St. New York. Te Olllj"-.,cllabl e and lltandord brande or Ckarettee anti Toltaeeo, W arrante d Pnre"'roltaeco alltl senu!De KI.H Paper, i ,._. ,, 211 WEST.22d ST N 'EW YORIL PJONJabl CIGARETTE OF .&IIIBRI(J..l. SOLD DY DEALERS THUOUGHOUT THE WORLD, Caporal .Swee. t St. James, Matinee, Entrp filoue, C> Sultana, %etland, 'Veteran, cl.c. &. $"terry li !J1 114. Cedar W'e'PV York, IM'PORTERS AND MANUFAGTURERS. -o. 111 "' CHOICE BRA.NDS OF JL1JG I OUve Oil, Tones. Bea.ns, Gums, Flavor&, POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, .A.:a.d X..:l.oortoe. IN 8TJClK LIOORICE WE HA.VE THE FAVORITE IIRANDS:' P. & P:J:Ofro:N" .A.TBX..X..% A:a.d. e acceptable to all ri'1Dg I t a trial. Mellor a .Rittenhouse, 1118 1'1'. lillilc:'l. IS 'OF SPANISH AND CREEK LJ. C .OBICE PASTE. .-.::eatennlal lll<>


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