The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XVII.--:. NO. 38 f".ES'I'ABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1881. WHOLE NO. 870 I All Parties are Cautioned against any Infringement of this Brand. C0.1' l SOLE ::J:JY:POR.TER.S, 1m. 1eo Pe!;t-r1 s-tree-t., Ne"VV ""'2'"ork!' WEISS, ELLER & IMPORTERS OF THE R OSE HAVANA Street. .. ;New ,, 1 t! .-(P. 0. Bo:o: 2231J '' GEO. W. AUGUSTIN. AUGUSTIN & DUSEL, (LATE OF A HEN & CO.) ::l:lD1por"ter :J:Jea.1er .t:a. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; .Agents for all the Povnlar Brands of Fine Cnt, Smoking and. Ping Tobacco and Cigarettes ; Sole. Agents for .'Var::n.ity Pa,ir Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole Agents for. Allen & Ginter's RICHJIOND GEM Tobacco & Cigarettes; DepotforBlackwell'sGenaineDurham-Jno. Sole. Agents lif COPENBAGEN SNUFF; importers. of French Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books ; 11 "gV .A.R.R.EJN" EITR.ElEJT, METROPOLITAN CICAR FACTORY. Sl&:mund Jaeobr. G!l-tav Saeohy. .. :J:Joyer S"tree"t, N"e"'ClV "S\Ork. t 1 E. .A..LBR.O CO., -l'IIA.NtJFACTUREB S OFCIGAR BOX L 'UMBER, CE:O.A..R., :o<:>:M::E;STJ:O :J::M:J:T .A. TJ:C>N" SP .A.N"J:S::S: OED.A..Fl.. IMPORTERS 1:1(. OUR OWN VESSEL 01' SPANISH CEDAR AND MAHOGANY. N"os. 885 S.t:x"th S"treee"t, O:i:a.c.t:a.:a.a."t1. < T h e : J J .. "' Crc:c:k.e Cc:.;, NEW YORK AND CHICAGO-MANUFACTURERS OF!' TJ:N" FC>J:L Pl."U.g Tobacco. F a c tories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 Mulberry Sts. CHICAGO: 841 86 & 88 Franklin St. S I L VER SURF ACE FOIL! J.. COMPOUND FOIL, PATENT METAL, and all the differ e n t vari e ti es of Foil known to the T fude PRI ... TINC .ON FOIL in B r on ze and C o l o rs, and with :iiff e r ent design s o f Orn a m e n tati on fo r .TC>BAOOC> .A.N'D OIG-.A.Fl. LABELS. ,Oa.p&'U.1e for ::EI.o"t"t1es, Plain, Colored or Stam.ped. Olllce Address: 163 MULBERRY STREET, NEW YORK; 88 FRANKLIN STREET, CHICAGO. DONALDSON BROTHERS, S'tea.::a:::r::a. L:l. ' Pr:l.u 'ters, ::PX'VEI PO:E1VT8, Jllil :BJ'VU" TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW-CARDS, p, G. Bos S'7t.] 0::8" :BJ'V:IDJR.Y :J:)!!@OR.%PT%0JST, [l'fo Labela kept Ia atoe..; .AU G ROESLER PRICE UST OF CIGU RIBBONS. ._. ......... 'TOpa 11.1& .. ... ............ .. '107'1-1.66 --H .... .H M 'TO:r .. 'ld6 Ill' ., ...... .... .H 'IO;r48 lolb .. .. ..... ........ N .... .. 'IO;r48 1.26 ......... ............... J.., .. 'IO:r .. 1.80 ....... ....... t .... t a 'IO:r .. 1.60 ,. .......... ... ... a .... s oro :rcla 1.30 ............. .:. ...... ...... 1 .... 1-a 'IO;r48 1.80 ...................... 1 .... s -a oro ,... 1.60 ............. ....... 3 ... ,1 'IOJ'ia 1.30 ..-.. .................... 1 .. H '70 J'la 1.36 .. ................. N 2 .... ,-s 'IO:r .. 1.20 ........... ...... ... ..w oro7 .. oa -Y.a... ............. 1.. r'-8 M 'IO;r48 L30 N J """" ''" M 2 ... 1 'IO;r .. 1.2() ........ ..... a .... '-s oro,. .. lloz .. lt .. Becl 1.auu. o8-8 M 'J'07cla O.'JO 1. YeJlow, ........ : .... .... s-8 'IO;r48 0.86 Any Infringement upon this TRADEMARK 65 PINE STREET. SCB I BODER PACKERS OF SEED' LEAF .L'S Celebrated "FRUITS AND FLOWERS" Smoklnc To'baecoJ lliABBUBG BROS.'" SEAL OF NORTH CAROLINA."' LOUISIANA PERIQUE, Cut anti In Canota. W T. BLACKWELL & V O.>S GENUINE D UBHA!ft Tobacco. Wl'II. S. KIMBALL ole C O,>S "VANITY FAIR" Tobaeco and Clcarette SoleAgentforH. P. Jones 8c. Co.'s "TAR HEEL" and "OCCONEECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos; C. Campbell&. Co.'s ""J:HREE CITIES" CICii:ARETTES, TOBACCO, ETC, FINE- 2 :27 <:S:22L3J E s; s: 3> .. The Proprietors of this Grand, g e carried on their business at 93 Galiano Street, are now more than ever in a position to serve their customers, being p rovided with ample means and an unlimited r T -.J credit. The advertisers have neither trouble ,..... nor money to produce a reall y good and cheap article, and ta.k:& much pleasure in informing the public tha. t 1 they a r e the only clear manufaetu:re:r i n the islan d of Cuba enjoyin g the privilege of w the tobaccos of the cel ebrate d ve& a of the San Juan y Martinez dlstrlet named 0 LA HIGUERA D!D JOSE BRITO _;... .... 1 : sod are hlghly a.ppreciated by connolaseurs. 1 ....... a.:a."U.e -opez, Perfec"tc> F. :t;oopess. '. HAV.ANA, Aprll1,1881. 1 dt Oo. t a >...ill"'"'" ..... ,.. < ;p ees *> , ., Hanufacture:r of the eele'brated COPENHAGEN Sl'f'UFF and OUT AND DRY SMOKING TOBACCO. Retail Store and 08lcc1 81 Smlt-eld Street. Factory: 5 ole 'l' Union S&reet and 112 Llber&;r S&reet, .. -. P:J:TTEI:BU:R.Gr::et, P.A.. I n BO STON : .A. B. Mitchell, 8!1 Central S t.; ALBANY : N.Y.: G W Van Slyke &: Co 471 I!roadwa.y ; SA. Y .ANN .AH: Bendbelm Bras. & Co.; PROVIDENCE!, R.I.: Hun Gorb&lll, 43 W estminster St. PHILADELPHIA, Pa. : Loula Bre m e r s Sons, 822 N Third St.;' CINCJN N.ATI, 0.: V o ige &: St.: B U FFALO,Y.. Y.: Hatch & Jenks, 805 Washington St. : CHICAGOdh, Ill.lm,: .....,d Stn 7!18nd81 Lake St.; TERRE HAUTE. Irid. : Wblt

OCT. 22 tutiOn and a million of dollars would not mduce ns to\ JIB. GRAFF'S oTES BY W..t..Y. under his own name. Mr. Knowlton IS an experienced OBITUARY. Jw. "L._. 9'z.t1WbW .. i"lW him to hiS poettion You must allow us to say The trade all along the my travels hand m the trade and will no doubt succeed in his THOMAS .MEsSENGER """-".V ,AI.. whom we will employ, and whom we will not employ, -from Bridgeport, Conn., to Portla:nd. Me -ISm a undertak, mg. That he may is ruy WISh. as supermtendents and foremen. The chargesl!gamdst .flourishing condition, and all branch!ll' ha.v.e been domg For many years-m fact, smce my first viSit to ThiS ernment Now York tobacco mercllant dJed at ESTABLISHED 1864. Qumdlass the new foremi\Il, have been mvest1gate a pay1ng busmesll durws: the year. Reports from Cigar .Boston, and that IS abont twenty years ago-the well h1s country residence at Neck, Long Island, We find that he 'docked' but fi..-e g1rls." He went ou manufacturers and rett&ilers,.;uL particular: are very fa.known name of A R Mttchell -could be found at 37 Thursday morn1ng, in the seventy-first year of his Having the Laraeet Circulation of any to say that but few of them needed dockmg Most of vocable. Most of the-jobbers and wiJolesale dea.leM m Central Street 'Th1s, however, can no more be done at;e. Fifty years ago, vrith his cousm Harry, he T d P I the World them were very excellent workers "There If! no de manufactu""'d tobaCco and m Ia.rge stocke Mr M1tchell, "jVhose busfness has assumetl large d1 tablished h 1 __ bac b e n -.: s1re to wrong any g1rl m our servtce," pursued Jll!:we't-weJ:e advapemg, mensipp,.C&IUld it necessary to and did so by es a "";i 0 e:owe to co usmess In New York, .. u i-tn" Mayor ''If we know It 1 64. East, a,t few days ago to the COlDer of Broad and which laid the foundation for a competenoy for both ro 114: M IIIV don't know It" shouted a 'lroice from Mle and ill l)li.Jei tolook for small Pill flni ng Water Streeta. where )be now occup1es a splendid nfembers of the :firm. He will be buned from St. AnD's ., iHE TOBlllliU EAf" .P CO PM 11 crowd .Mt S1edler the; made a proposition that b:ere the next siXty d4ys. -Jobbers in t.!;le E!Ls.'ern States 'double front tobaceo wareb.ouse spemallL refitted and Church, Brooklyn He1ghts, on Sunday at 2 30 o'clock. 1 ....., MArDIE.;IaNII, RIIW YORK; after all should be referred to the superm eomplam a.boutthe.mode of busmess manufac -r6furwshed for h1s yurposes. M.r .Mite ell wUI hereIn, 1830 or 1831 the firm of T. & Jl. Messenger comvu tendent.l'oJ!adjustment. __. t!uera oflpluga.nd snroku.,: "tobacco A"nasi1JlJcif""as 1t after deahmderthe tirm name of A R .Mttchellllro Co OOJIRD-01' PIUlm lft'Ulft. / I -""' The strikers afterward appointed-A committee to ne .ty be the pra.eM,of j;be-manufactul"8l'""to crus!} D H '}IcAlpm & Co.'s tobaccos are..the ftrm's specu\lty, menced bust ness m the building now occupted by th8U" ... ABD II1JMJI ... gottate a settlement made them more the by 'tO but best des these, a lat"g!;l-stock grades of domeRtlC successors, 161 .Ma1den Lane, and fwm that t1me to o11DBJ1 e. GBAFJ' .... ..... ....._ arrogant m tne1r demands, and to their demand for a retailers many quanttty they may des1re. Now, all of and Havana mgats, and everythmg that IS needed in tbe present the trade whiCh they maugurated has been new foreman and freedom from the system of dockmg u11 remember how detrimental th1s has worked to the a well supplied wholesale tobacco establishment, the successfu1ly carried on m that place. The deceased ..,.... ... TIIB .a.BB. they added the spemally cool request for a week's pay bulk of Southern manufacturers smce the bonded wal-e trade .can always find m theu establishment 11 madvance The factory authorities would not hsten t6 houses, class B, were a.bohsbed Commission merchants .Mr John D Emmons representmg Messrs Buchanan was a contempotary of Wilham Agnew, Peter D. ---- :: :: :::::;.:: ::.:::::::.:::.::;;;:. LOO such a proposition, and no agreement was reached were strtcken off the roll of tobacco tradesmen, and & Lvall m 13oston deserves a great deal of credit f,pr Collins, P Holt, Mallen & Bro Chatles Oakley, Robert the same rule, m my op1mon, will apply to our East the prompt and actiOn taken on the occasion L Maitland, Bowman, JohllSon & Co., I C Adruns, and ern manufacttrers Let the manufacturer sell to the of the sudden death of the late A W Ward Sending other tobacco merchants whose names graced the Jobber, and the Jobber In turn to the retailer. Cigar mrculars callmg a meetmg ra1smg a considerable annals of the tobacco mdustry of tbts c1ty m what now manufacturers, as before sa1dl are very busy, but the amount of money With the kind O.SI!IStance Of the ever CHIVALRY IN PETTICOATS. Wednesday mormng's papers con tamed an announce ment of whtch the followmg IS a renderml( by the New York SunA smgular strike was begun yesterday in Lonllard's tobacco factory m Jersey F1ve hundred girls emploved as stnppers m the plug tobacco department qmtted wot k because their former foreman. Henry Archway, was removed, and John Qumdlass was ap pomted m h1B place Archway WM very popular w1th his subordinates, and is ea1d to have gained their favor at the sacnftce of d1sc1pline. For some tnne the super intendent ba4 been di888tlsfied w1th the -manner m which the doDarkuent was managed. and finally it was decided to change --the foreman When the girls :repor for duty yesterdacornmg, they found to the1r surp 1se that AIChway been dismissed, and that Mr umdlllSS wwnll charge. They gJithered in (troupe before begmn1ng work, and exmtedly diScussed the Sit uation 1'he elder ones advocated v1goroua measuree. After much cbst.tering the leadei'IJ dectded that the apoourse for them to pm:aue 1n order to prove their fOil the foll811l&n was to organme a strike. 'l'tiia suggestion was received w1th applause, and thereupon the ent1re five hundred resolvoo not to do a,'ny wdrlf .. I\Ulhl Archway was reinstated. They quitted the factmy m a body am1d much enthusiasm, and statiOned th"lmaelves along the sidewalk and on the fences on the oppos1te s1de of First Street. There they held au &whgnatJon meetmg and sang songs. At neon they to feel hungry, and some of them went home, while others devoured tho contents of the1r lunch baskets 10 the street A few who were not provtded wtth !0041 a charge "\llll an old Italian woman who keep& a caud;r,"and fru1t stand near the factory Thttr. eompelled her to qmt the stand, and helped tbeilsel ves to her damt1es The old woman com plaihed"CO tft41t 'Plllice, and a squad of men was detailed to keep the guIS 10 order Two hundrA4 male employees at the factory were alsifbhged to stQp as the strike depnved them of ter1bl o ,. Ot et JOUrnals m -ake the name of the popular fore man atch way We do not happen to know what It 1s, nor ts tt mater tal, or even p1 actiCable to ascertam, as we wrtte, wtthout g01ng over to Jersey Ctty and milk mg our way through serrted hosts of Amazons to Messrs P Lorillard & Co 's factory Tbe spunky little !Stnkers are at th1s moment-Wednesday, 3 P M -marshalled m hostile array m the stteets by which the great manufactory IS bounded, and more espemally m the vwuuty of the doors leadmg to the range of offices An enterpnsmg and courageous repot ter mtght-If he could stand the "chaff" to whiCh he would necessarily be subJected-piCk up Items enough to make paddmg for a couple of columns of mterestmg by 1Dterv1ewmg some of the more demonstra ti>A gtrls while lh"ly were m the humor for a demon st1at10n As our ambitiOn does not lean m the d1rec t10n of a colloquy where the odds would all be agamst u s the htUe we shall have to say on th1s novel subJect will be of a purely adviSory nature F1rst, then, we adVIse the g1rls to go back to the1r work M1 Archway, or Atchway, Henry or Harry, may be a doar good fellow, part1ng h1s hrur 1n the mtddle or on the s1de, as he may see fit, but he can never, 10 Ute u,ature of things, be to them what P. Lorillard & Oo. bave.been, and will be lf they behave themselv011 Tbe latter can them bread and but ter all the year round, but Henry or Harry, probably, at h1s couldn't do the same for a smgle day They have-no fault to find about thetr wages or s1tua t10n these are of the best obtamable The1r only grte;auoo 18 tbat Harry-to call lum by the pet name IS out, and somebody else lB m Well, Loulla1d & Co are bosses of the JOb, and neither Harry nor the guls wtll questiOn the1r nght Pra1se unstmted must be accorded to the b1 &\e five hundred for their to their d e poaed commander, but, acceptmg the Sun's statemeut of the conduct of some of the gnls m the street on 'fuesday as correct, will not the maJonty of the Spartan band adm1t that 1t was limo f01 Harty to "step down and out 1" D1smpltne counts for much, and Harry was evtdently lax H e s h ould have been "cruel only to be bnd The New Y01k 1 'tmes of Fnday addR the follow mgThe st r1ke of the gtrls employed m Lorillards' to bacco factory m J 6t se y Ctty, s tll contmues have shown some signs of concesoJOn m saymg that 1f the factO! y people would g1 ve them back thetr old f01eman for but a day, they wtll oo satisfied But the factory author1t1es say that to do that wtll be conced mg the very prinCiple they ate fightmg to mamtam, and they -do not J?topose to make the A crowd of }ellmgguls pu1sued a woman who was seen emergmg from the fa cto! y on Tuesday and but for the mterference of the pol1ce would ptobably have as saulted her 'fhey make no sec1ets of thetr mtent10n to keep all new <>omets away from the place "What would ) ou do If you caught a stranger who had got a place there!" asked the hmes 1eporter of a bevy of young women, yesteJduy "Why, scratch theu eyes and pull their hmr out, of course," was the response Supermtendent Hearn says that he has been able up to tt1s pomt to secure but few new bands, becauee of the t1mtd1ty that ts naturally msptred by the pt esence of so largo a. body of stt.ikers around the place of labor Yesterday afternorm ex Mayor S1edler, who 1s Lorll lards' manager m Jersey' Ctty and theu trusted confi dent1al bus1ness agent, mviLed the str1kmg women and mto the department. About 300 of them crowded mto the large 110om, and the ex Mayor, mountmg a ta ble began them. "Th1s stnke" he sa1d, "1s on one or two tufies. but to tins ih m they are very se_rwp; You want your old foreman, If.atTt liack: Thill Booh a concession would "destroy the d1SC1plme of the illStl MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. OLD READER -No, we do not. Now lt IS as lt shou I be. Thanks. SAILED -Mr Gustav Salomon and buyer .Mr Jose Gonsales, left for Havana by steamer Ntaga1a on Thursdtly last. Ri:DUCED -The prtce of the '' Inlmd" chewmg tobacco has been reduced witbm a few days to $6 per gross to retailers, and to five cents per paper to con sume1s. IN TowN -Mr D W Crouse, of the mgar manufac turmg firm of Crouse & Co Readmg, Pa pa.1d us the compliment of a vtslt Fnday mornmg .Mr Crouse reports hiS trade very act1ve, both at home and at h1s branch establishment, 165 Chambers Street, th1s mty CHANCE FOR CIGAR MAKERS -Cigar-makers. married or s1ngle are offered by Messrs Crouse & Co Readmg, Pa as be seen m another place, an excellent op portumty for permanent employment and pleasant homes m a pretty Pennsylvama town Loss BY FmE -The fine res1dence of George Harman m West Suffield, Conn was burned 'l'hursda.y together with large barns and tob:\cco sheds full of crops. Owmg to the scarc1ty of water 1t was 1mposs1ble to stop the spread of the flames over the prem1ses. The loss 1s $15,000; only partially msured f:lETTLED.-Wheehng, W Va., October 19-Edltor TOBACCO LEAF Our Strike of the Cigar-makers, Ill th1s place, wh1ch you previously notwed, has been settled thiS mornmg, the manufacturers agreemg to pay an advance of ten per cent Respectfully, H L Loos NoTICE.-In consequence of the destructiOn of my facto1y by fire. I have removed to 406 and 408 East Ftftyranth Street, "here, With largely mcreased facti 1t1es I shall contmue the manufacturmg of Cigars .My office remams at 178 Pearl Street, where all or ders and other commumcat10ns ought to be addressed 2t CARL UP.MANN CoRRECTJON.-We have reoe1ved the following letter from .Mr: Philip Bernard, .Manager of the Key West Ctgar Factory, of Lancaster, Pa Please correct the statement made in youro,lasHiBuc regardmg myself. I am m no way connected with the failure of James H. Page, and am not a loser by his failure. Comrn:ous MENTION -Mr. John G. Graff, busmess manager of THE TOBACCO LEA:J', the Flnshmg Journal kmdly says, started Monday on his annual busmess tour through the New England States THEOLEAir has long enjoyed the of leadmg al11ts competitors among the tobacco trade journals, and Editor Burke and Graff. have every reason to be proud of the1r JOint successful labors. RETURNED -.Mr. Wallace, ,of the great house of Sawyer, Wallace & Co who lias been spendmg the past three months m recreatiOn m Great Brttain, Germany and Switzerland, returned home a day or two Mr. Wallace looked to us as 1f he bad enjoyed hiS vacation, and we know his many fnends w1ll be gratified to hear of hiS arr val m safety and good health. THE TABACJN PARIB -The fitst number of The Tabac, a small JOUrnal devoted to the tobacco mterests of Franee, has reached us by tho courtesy of 1ts ed1tor The editor of Tabac says, as England, Germany. Hoi land and the Umted States have their specliU tobacco trade papers, "tt 1s proper that France should bs s1m1 larly represented, and he IS rtght The system of to bacco commerce prevaihng 1n France aceo and o1gara one can tind 1n plenty in the City of Bauman and N. TrauLe have d1ssolved the1r many Boston st1ll there ts room for one more. Th1s was the years' co-p11.rtnershtp, and each of them will continue tbougat Knowlton,. who estabhshe4 WID busmess under their own names-M. Bauman at 6 .Mul sell a few 14:1 If&& w.4ahiJigC6DI:ltt, tbaWty, berry Traute at 73 Market Street. Bl!aEtu.t!PJJn. l>liTidsoD & Oo., llpr -..,.,.,.... ... -.od. Pohalski & Greeilhall, Manufacturers of the celebrated,r, and other brands. 153 Chambers st:;New


I l l OCT. 9.2 THE TOBACCO LEAF. 3 CHICAGO XOTES. -Cigar agents cootmually arrtvmg m our ctty, regardless of the reports that the1r factortes have numerous orders yet to fill, and seem as energettc as ever R efe t rmg agam to the receipts of the market, tt ts proper to remark that the amount reported by the secretary does not embrace the resales" )"hiCh datly occur at the warehouses. perhaps, to four or five mtlhon pounds The 1 egulattons reqmring that only actual rece1pts shall be counted, have been faith fully comphed w1th by the warehouses m thetr monthly reports to the secretary In th1s connectwn I would reRpectfully recommend that you adopt a. system of countmg only, or separately, the ottgmal rece1pts from planters' hands And, fm thet, that you conferw1th the vanous or matkets, m Vtrgmta and North Carohnn, wtth the vtew of upon and perfect mg a system whteh wrll msure an accurate aggregatiOn of the actual crops produced I assoCiate the two Stares, as thetr several mops nre so blended m the dtf ferent markets as to rende1 a separate count qmte Im practicable It ts mamfest and admi t ted that the present mode of computmg the crops 1s of necesstty m accurate, and further, thnt tt must mev1taoly result m an exaggeratwn of the crops, whtch certamly not to the mterest of buyer or producer. In so fat crop stattsttcs are of any valu e or stgmficance tjt ,1s portant thev should be based upon correct figii"().')\" head of the population, while here it is only about one pound and a. half. by a complete stoppage of the sweet dews of heaven, so much needed to th1ckeo and sweeten the bttter green stuff IE thts dry and dusty weather con tmues, manufacturers who fall to take thetr supphe11 for next year of the '80 crop, whtch ts r1pe and sweet, wtll have made the greatest blunder of thetr hves They cannot look to the 1881 crop for anythmg but the greenest an\1. bitterest stock they ever saw. contracted at 10 cents. There are rumored sales of Spllmsh--{)ne crop at 19 cents, but we have been un able to vertfy the report -Mr Henry Hersey & Co the plug tobacco manu facturers of our ctty, are domg a very fine busmeef For so young a. house the1r busmess growth ha.s been marvelous They are turnmg out 15,000 lbs per day and have found 1t necessary to secure the two adjommg them, whtch will greatly thmr capacity The followmg a1 e the figures referred to above -Home Consumption of Unmanufactured Tobacco up to December 31 of each Year Messrs S Rothschtld and Jacob Frend, of Detroit, M1ch are m the field lookmg after the new German We have samples of Ztmmers' Spamsh grown by Mr. -Our largest local broker went on a pleasure tnp to the o( tbte week, and hts tmmense proporttons attracted constderable a.ttentwn and mdtg from the verdants, as tt was supposed at first that It was one of the suburbs of Cbtcago commg to locate on Cmcmnati sml, and they were gomg to protest, but when 1t waslearned that Professor Kmg's balloon was seen m the clouds m that vtctmty, and he was selected to mvesttgate-be bemll; the only one m Cbtcago who would not 1eqmre l!tep-ladder-then wrath was ap peased and turned to admtratwn Our Lancaster Correspondence. LANCASTER, P A Oct 20, 18Rl Patent 01flce Report. For the weeks endmg Oct 11 and 18, 1881. '\ INVENTIONS P ATENTED The week JUSt ended bas been rather a dull one, the market p;1 owmg qmeter appat ently wtth each sue ceedmg "eek, and thiS wtll doubtless contmue to b e the case unltl all the old tobacco IS Eampled, and all the new ready fot market As far ns the fat met t s concerned opetatots are on the lookout for chance s to buy, but fight sby of the htgh figures now prevrulmg. Sales of ov et 400 cases are reported for the week Process of and .Appa1 at us fo1 Flavortng Tobacco -J R Lawtence, Durham N C C1gar H olde r -Chas A Hodgden, Duxbmy, Moss TRADE MARKS REGISTERED Chet mng and Smoktng T o ba cco, Ctgms,and Ctga1 ettes -Letdersdotf and ll1end el, l \hlwaukee, Wts Th e wmd symbol "Ol d Abe" C t ga1s and Ctgar etle s -J W D1mmttt & Co St But few dealers are at present trymg to buy t he new crop for the same reasons as gtven heretofore Here, too, tbe pnces are too hrgh, the groweis demand mg first class prtces for second rute goods Some of 1t ts ready to strip, but the weather ts not favorable Some of the buyers report tbat they have had trouble wtth then customers, who, tbmkmg to get thetr to bacco deltvmed sooner, want tostnp before the1r crops are teady whtch wrll almost certamly result m stem rot. Mr 'nan Mayer, agent for Kerbs & Sptess, wams the fannets who have sold theu crops not to do thts, through the adverttsmg columns of our datly papers Joseph, Mo -The arbttranly s e l ecte d wot d "Governor" The word Emetnld -H Feltman, Covmgton. Ky -The arbitrarily-selected wm ds 'Red Bnd Fianc1sco Yncla.n, Havana, CubaThe words "La Flot de Ynclan" and my fac stmtle s1gnatur e Franco Ynclan Haruson G Shetk, agent for Hoffman & Bro, New York, bought hom C S Lapp, of Intercourse,4 acres at 30, 12, 6 and 3 Samuel S Wmger, of Earl, sold 4 acres at 27, 12 8 and 3, Israel Brundle, Earl 3 acres at 25, 10 and 3, John Stauffer, 1}4 act es at 25 round, Dame! Wetme1, Manor, 3 acres at 27, 10 anti 5 to Spmgarn, Dr. Musser 2 acres at 25 round, Solomon Dru more 10 acres for $1,000 Fatman bought m Drumore from Ed wm Gregg for 28, 16, 10 and 3, Edgar Martm, for 30, 16, 8 and 3, Cooper Peters, 24, 12, 8 and 3, W H. Pennmgton, 22, 12, 8 and 3 FOR LOVE Oil HER SISTER. Esther Ottenberg shot herself Thursday on the open block at Nmety fourth Street, between Fourth and Madtson Avenues, thrs ctty A scrap of paper was found m one of her pockets, on wbtch the followmg was wrttten tn a neat, but nervous hand DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS I do not WISh to ltve any more My stster will never get well My money, w1th mterest, I gtve to Henry and Herman Your SISter ERTHIIIR P. S -Telegraph to 262 Bowery, Ottenberg Bwthers, for Henry Ottenbe1g Thts request was tmmedrately comphed wrth and the unfortunate young woman was transfeued to the hospttal, wbere her wound was declared fatal Her relattves flocked to the stat10n house It was ascer tamed that Mtss Otten berg was a natt ve of Baden and 28 years of age She and a younger SISter kept house for her brothers, Henry and Herman, who resrded w1th then marned brother Stmon at 1194 Lexmgton Avenue The th1ee brothers are etgar manufacturers The frtends of the wouuded young woman told the pohce that for several weeks past she had been nursmg a marrted stster who hved m Columbta Street and was stck wtth gastnc fever. When her brotllers left the house for bus mess she appeared as usual About an hour later she made some purchases ata butcher's shop on Tbtrd Avenue, and tt was there nottced that she acted strangely She returned home and a few mmutes later left the house, but dtd not tell her sister where she was gomg For nearly aa hour and a ha.lf she was seen sauntermg arpund Mad1son and Fourth Avenues and the stde streets, probably med1tatmg the attempt whtch she was about to make on her hfe and selectmg a spot on whtch to carry 1t out The revolver wh1ch she used belonged to her bt other Henry Despatr over the illness of her stsrer 18 set down as the cause of her act WELL PUT. The JerSey Shore Herald of October 12 puts the fol loW1ng suggestrve remmder to the tobacco gtowets m 1ts VICintty We hope those mterested tn the culttvatJOn of to bacco m th1s vtctmty wtll see the tmportance of gtvmg the Herald a proper support, and m accordance wtth the mterest 1t mamfests m theu: busmess Durmg the present tobacco season we have been necessttated to qmte an expense m horse htre, tra.velmg, etc 1 not to say anythmg of the ttme spent m the swelteung hot sun gatherwg m the reports la.tely pubhshed Thts t s a matter that every grower should be deeply mterested m, as the artteles that appears m the Hm ald are gtven place m netgbbOJmg JOUrnals, and thus the crop ts gtven wrdespread nottce that must result m the pecumary benefit to all tmmed1ately mterested Our artrcles are also publtsbed m the New York TOBACCO LEAF, the leadmg Loi>ttcco JOUrnal m the UDited States, whtcb has a mrculnt1on of over 20,000 subscrtbers, punctpally among merchants and buyers who dealmleaf tobacco Tbts alone "1ll brmg scores of buyers here, not to.say anytbmg of other benefits that must be dertved from 1t So far we have recetved JUSt five new subscttbers m remuneratiOn for our labor m the tobacco trade We are actually ashamed to say that there are men resulingm this commumty worth $1,000 to $201000 who borrow the Herald from tbetr netghbors to read the tobacco artteles and the local news THE EXTENT Oil THE YORK VOUNTY TOH.l(JCO CROP. Previous to 1879 York County may have ra.tsed sev eral thousand acres of tobacco. 'l'obacco culture was prmetpally confined to a. few townshtps along the r1ver In 1879 pr1ces had tmproved shghtly, say two to stx cents bemg about the rulmg prtees Some exceptwn ally good gro" ers had attracted Lancaster pack ers. and had recetve d a ltttle better prtee The edt tor of thts paper m 1879 undertook the task of showmg to the world that York County tobacco was as good as Lancaster County tobacco, that Pennsylvama tobacco was all the same when ratsed and cured prop erly. In 1879 we sent out prmted blanksmto the town shtps to ascet tam the number of acres of tobacco r&tsed m York County Our reports as reeetved, as the county was not all reported, we stated approximated 4 000 acres To show how near correct we were, and that we were under the true ligures, we refer to the Umted States Census Report, wh1ch for 1879 gtves Lancaster County 16,992 aCie s, and York County4,567acres The followmg yea r, 1880, our estunate was from 8,000 to 10,000 acres, wh1ch we do not beheve was any too htgli and thts year, 1881, we do not thmk 10 ,000 acres IS put tmg 1t any too htgb Part of the ctop ts shm t, on account of the drouth, yet much of the York County tobacco IS the very finest, and there IS ably more than half a crop Hmce the late rams helped much of tt to develop and mature well we should est1 mate that the York County crop IS at least equal to 6,1100 acres full crop whtch, selhng at greatly advanced figures, wtll brmg to the growers as much as double that quanttty would have done three or four yean ago 'l'hus compatmg the Clop and mcome of Y 01 k County tbts year wtth tho past, wtll show largely tn money value m favor,:;f thts year's ClOP -Yolk (Pa, ) Dtspa tch THE LYNCHBURG, VA., TOBACCO ASSOCIA r TION'S ANNUAL REPORT. N. R Bowman, of the Lynchburg Tobacco m t ev1ewmg the busmess of the Lynch qurg market the past season, says -The report of the seCt etar:Y. of the assoctatwn shows the recetpts of to bacco for tamps, Milt:m N. C Watd & Terry, Ltck, Va, smoking, nav1es and twtst goods, also a sample of brtiht leaf tobacco. showmg what thetr celebrated Rogues Select Smokmg lS made from An elegant display of ctgars lS also made, among wh1ch we note M. E McDowell & Co 's, of Phtl11delphta a line of genume Key West goods, Havana filler, bmder, and wrapper, of allstzes, styl es and packmg, and a. hne of tberr stratght Havana filler and domesttc wrapper goods A d1splay of Bondy & Lederer, of New York Ctty, sbowmg the n five and ten cent goods Thts finn occuptes 11promment posttJOn as to eapactty, among the celebrated large manufacturers of New York Ctty, whtle thBir reputatiOn for merttor10us goods-the best for the money-ts second to none The drsplay of !:heap Pennsylvama and Westetn Cigars IS not so extens1ve, but none the Jess wonderful as sbowmg what can be done m makmg a. really good smoke-composed of to bacco-f0r a small amount of money -Western Tobacco Journal TOR&CCO TR&DE OF RICHl!IOND FOR THE YE&RS ENDING SE.PTEMHE.R ao, 1880 &ND 1881. RECElPTSVtrguna Western SALES-Vtrgmta Western SHIPli:ENTS-Foretgn du ect Constw1se *Estunated STOCKUmnspected Total m mty Totalm State .----1881.---. hhds trcs hhds trcs 44,887 12,963 32,654 10,872 8,032 41 9,263 33,1i49 3,951 33,550 4,654 2,820 1.528 17,242 5,867 10,143 13,451 316 11,211 11,244 687 11,010 432 4,876 121 2,093 39 16,120 838 13,103 471 19,352 808 15,571 471 1, 635 792 lbs. 841,485lbs 1,469,950 .. 814,305 .. 1,0 20,394 .. 1,167 ,980 .. 2,822, 770 lbs 3,917,441 .. 5 054,455 30,452, 564 THE TOBAC(JO DUTY IN ENGL4ND. The followmg figm es may mterest your readers as showmg the present p sitwn of the home consump tton of tobacco compared wtth the esttmate of what It would have been tf the mcrea.Sed duty bad not mter fered to prevent the mcreased consumptiOn I am qmte aware lt I S so fat a matter of oprmon as to what extent the depresston m ttade may bave operated m preventmg the average yealiy mcrease durmg the past four years but 1t must be borne m mmd that from 1841 to 1877 (a penod of thtrty s1xyears) the consump twn of tobacco had steadtly mcrensed (wtth a few tufting exceptiOns, that m 1861 bemg the most consid erable, when 1t amounted to 432,852 lbs), and that m the course of these thtrty stx years we bad many se verA depresst&Hs occm rmg m trade (though not so long contmued as the present one), but wh1cb did not affect the home consumptiOn lOJUrwusly The prrce of leaf and str1ps fo r the past two years bas, no doubt, matet;Ja.lly l essened the pt essme wh1ch manufacturers would otherwise have felt m provtdmg retatlera wtth a supply of the manufactured artrcle at such a prtce as would enabl e them to sell1t at 3d the ounce (that bemg the p t ee at whtch the great consum mg pubhc reqUir e 1t to be supplted to them). but the prestlllt and p1 ospecttve posttwn of the lenf market wtll make 1t a much m o1e dtfficult matter to provtde such a quality at that 'Pr tc e as the public taste reqmres, unless ieltt>f IS afforded by a reductwn of the duty to 1ts former l ev Ill, and 'It ts the mteres t of every manu facturer to seek to obtam that by all the means m lns power When the Chancellor of the Exchequer is agam ap proached (through our Chatrman, W H Wtlls, Esq, M P ) on the supJect, the appltcatwn should be sup ported bv every manufacturer m the Umted Kmgdom, so as to gtve greater force and mfiuence tt, and make rts success the more probable. I am, etc ANDREW TOD 33 St Square, Glasgow, October P. S -The home consumptton of tobacco m Amerrca th1s year has mereased over ten rmllton pounds wetght, and the revenue dertved from 1t 1s the larr;est whteh the Amer1can Government ever recetved. Tho con sumptwn of 1t there ts equal to about five pounds per Increase lbs A L J lbs. 41,724,933 44,677,937 45, 7 43,047 41l 938 955 47,589 654 49,215,309 1,101,719 1,851,28 5 1 ,06 5 110 1,195,901:1 650 699 1,625 ,645 Lafayette, Oct 17 -Our tobacco crop tB very nearly allm the house and cured up The planters became atrumed at a cool day or two and cut a. part of thetr crops green about two weeks ago The most that was topfed low-say from four to s1x leaves-got rtpe, and w1l make tolerably fmr tobacco E T B Samuel Long. mtles east 'rhe leaf rs 8ma.ll, but fjne as srlk and tough as could be des1red The sample 1s the finest wrapper we have ever seen produced m the Mtamt Va.lley Mr Long wtll find no difficulty m sell mg that crop Lendmg Cll(ar makers who have ex amtned samples of Ztmmer's Spe.msh say tt has the best body they have ever seen m wrapper leaf It has excellent burmng p 1 opertres and a clehghtful aroma., and we find 1t tmpo8srble to keep attaches of tbts office fwm smokmg samples as fast as they come m Totalmcrease for s1x years 7,490,366 Showmg an average yearlymcreaseof 1,24 8,394 m8 1 879 47,226 406 1880 48,191, '>55 1881 48,ouo,ooo+ 191,307 167 4d per lb was added to the duty m Apul1878 t Esttmated Esttmated consumptiOn on the basts o f the average yea!ly mcrease -50, 463,703 51,712,097 52 360,491 54 208,885 1878 1879 1880 1tl81 209 345,176 Showmg an est1mated probable decrease, dunng the fom yeats, of (say) 18,000,000 lbs Estimated revenue for 1881 (48,000,000 l bs at 3s 6d) ,40),000 Estimated 1 evenue for 1881 on the bns1s of the yearly mereased copsumpt10n as shown above (54,200,000 lbs at 3s 2d) 8,550,000 Showmg an esttmated los s to revenue of ,000 for the present year (Decem ber 31, 1881) as between the 3s 6d rate ef duty, and th11 esttmate of what 1t would have been at the 3s 2d rate on the m e r eaEed con sumptwn Tobacco TradeRevtew 'rOBAKO. A. SMA WL BoY's KO:MPOSICJIIN Tobako tz a demokrattc vegetable, kempo zed uv smoak and cent, and tz yused a good eel buy mmarts uv almshowses be4 tha get thare A good menny men hav matd forcbunes oph tobako, and a good meony moar wood bav bm forchumt 1f tha hadent Sum people meazmea the pt ospenty ov the kountry buy the mkreese m the tobako krop, If tt wuzent fur the tacks on tobako the Guverment wood bav tu find sum other way uv urmng muney, and the peeple sum other way uv 1t Wen a man sez he 1z a mod rate smoaker tt tz abought az defimte az tu say anythmg tz the stze uv a dog Wen a man !!BZ the only vtse he haz lZ the yuse uv tobako, he generally prakttses that sow mutch that he amt got tyme fur the others Wen I beer a speeker say, "Wy, even hogs wont ehu toba.ko," I kno he amt seen az menny chuers az I hav The yuse u v tobako 1z lookt upon az a Vlrchu buy awl boor 1n the grasp uv the v1se Wen a mn sez he has chned ever Rmce hewuz a boy, and 1t never dun tum kno harm, 1t matx me glad tu c htm sow wen sat1sfyde wrth hrmself Wen o. boy b egms tu smoke be thmx It matx htm a man, lyke !>UN men boo swares tbmx 1t maix t hem a General J axson Wenever I heer a doktor say the yuse uv tobako tz knot mJunus tu the health, I kno wun uv tu thmgs he yuses 1t htzzelf or he amt got mutch prakt1 s Sum men smoa.x wtthout buy swallowmg the smoak \Vtth out sptttmg, others buy sp1ttmg wtthout swallowmg the smoak It rz a poor root wot wont sptt both waze Sum doktors orders tbare pachence to smoak tu kw1et tbare nerves, butt tf tha wood only find out w o t kawses thare nerves tu bekum unkw1et and remoove tt tt wood b e maar censtble I 'I kno a fellet wot spends 5 senses fur tobako and 12 senses fur htz dmner evry day, whu sed he got stk wen he d1skovered a smft.wl peace ov read harr mn htz hash the other day Htz stummrc haz bekum sow purtfyde and senstttv bny the konLmude yoose uv the weed that he koodent go the read hare. Kanmbals wont eet a man wot haz yoosed tobakoa hmt for mtshonaue3 Brll J oans' father sez 1t ts knot polyte tu yoose yoor mfe tu eet potatoes wttb, butt I scene brm yoose b1z mfe to kut a hunk off pop' s plug and eet rt It tz a kool day wen Btl! Joans' daddy's mfe wont kut both waze Sum man sez rt aulwarz marx them fee.! mtserabel rf tha don't smoak after a m eel, and then asks If enay body haz eny oliJeck>hms tu thare mdulgm then, and kons1ders themselves magnammusly polyte beka ws tha the others a chance tu obJekt after telling them thetr obJekshm w.-od ma1k them mtserabel Wen a feller asks his Sunday gurl if she jekts tu tobak:o smoak, and she sez kno, she lykes tu smell tt, I aul waze thmk she haz kata.r m bur ooze, or bur bump uv IS krooked The kromc yoose UT tobako purverts a man' s tdeas uT hberty uv ackshun, espechally on a. krowded Smoaking on street kars 1z aloud on the frunt plat form m summer and the back plattortn m wmter Wot matx me mad IZ to okupy the frunt seet mn a summer kar wear the kool bt eeze bloughs on yoor fase. and hav tu change tt b ekawse the dr1ver yooses yoor fase and sh1rthoozum tu praktts on w1th b1z petpet chooal tobako atomtzer It tz a bad thmg fur a man wot smoaks tu tell htz boy 1t iz a bad habrt tu smoak bekaws JUSt az sune az he begins tu !urn that htz father doz wot 1z knot rtte, he !oozes kontrol over htm. I never smoakt uutt wun segar, and dtdent finiSh that, 1t fintE\bt me {tlrst The modern pedagog teeches yung tdeas how tu charoot Tobako rezembels watermellins-1t kan be plugged Pop sez rf toba.ko wuz knot good tu choo, God wood knot permrt rt tu gro, but wen Btll Soans throed a stone and h1th1m on the b e d, pop kawt Btll and spankt htm by aWlt.her mol Kemtsts haz any I z e d tobako and sez 1t kontanes nootnment Butt that tz a dee1 way tu obtame 1t, tu 10 scent plugs kontanes 1 wm th uv nootrtment, wtclr tz wurse than bad bakers' bre d. The InnJm tawt the wyte man tu yoose tobako, and the wyte man r etahated by showmg the InnJlD ho\V tu drmk whlSky Az yoosual the wyte man 1z ahead Wen Crr Waulter Rawley furst kum back tu Ing land and smoakt a seagar, ever3 body thawt 1t waz the lektrtck ltte, and Kwee n Vwtory baut up awl the stoc she kood get, and then Mkt Parleyment tu ratze bur waJeS tu meat bur eekstraordmary eckspences Wen Waulter chucket awa the butt thare waz a skrambel. Sum people choose fine kut tobako w1th thare noze Tobako prezerves yoor teeth lyke vimger doz kukumbers. Kolord meershams tz wutth moar than wyte ones, but 1t tz dtfferent wrth kolord men Most everybody tryes tu meazure other people by hlB tdeas uv thmga that 1Z the reezun thare r so mennr reltJohns and so fu fits A mmtster wot smoax don t thmk 1t tz eny harm to mdUlJ that habtt, wuu wot ta1x htz glass uv wme for d1nner don't beleave m total a.b stmence, and so 4th It tz hard tu fit another man w 1th yoer pecooliarittes, the same taylor ought tu mruk both. G m GAll. WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (SpeCial to THE TOBACCO LEAF ) KENTUCKY Dycusburg, Oct 15 -The weather has been very favmable so far for the growmg crop of tobacco the days bemg bot and the mgbts cool 'l'obacco has tm pwved very raptdly, surpassmg a ll expectattons We nave made personal observations, and gathered mfor matwn ttom many reliable planters durmg thr s mouth, and now place our esttmate at two thtrds of last) crop m quanttty, though many say we are above the figures, we thmk we are full up to tt The qualtty wtll be good when 1t has stood long enough to get upe Some ten da.vs smce we had a cold snap, wbteh sca1ed some of our planters, and caused others to cut a por twn o f thetr crops gree n We thmk only a small por twn of tt wrll be m th1s fix, though thts crop "til be short m leaf, wtth reasonable wtdth and good body SHC&Co WISCONSIN Worthvtlle, Carroll County, Oct 15 -We have rmsed an average crop of tobacco We had two months' dry weathe1 I never m my ltfe saw tobacco come out as 1t has done smce we had tam If f10st does not come mstde o f ten days, we can cut suckers J S TENNESSEE Sprmgfield, Oct 15 The weather ts warm and the tobacco that has been left standmg ts well, but about th1 ee-fourths bas been cut Om sectiOn of coun try wrll make neat two thuds of a crop of somethmg near medmm quahty Ftrst cuttmgs thm and hght, second cuttmgs fan to good quahty and medmm s1ze the later cuttmgs will be much tmxed wtth gt een to b a cco The crop ts generally very cleat of worm cut C C B Olarksvi!le (Tenn) Chromcle, Oct 15 -We bea1 that the ta1 met s m thts county are nem ly th1 ough cuttmg t heu tobacco We fear much of tt h a s been cut green, but smcerely hope not, for p;reen tobacco 1s not wot th much m any market We have seen no necessity for any f11ght 01 undue haste as we bnve had no alarm ng mdtcatwn of ftost as yet If your tobacco ts st11l uncut and gteen, l!tve It a chance, we do not thmk 1t "til fiost for a week or t" o yet Edgerton, (Wis) Tobacco Repmter, Oct 13 The t e 1s no especml newEl to 1 epo 1 t m tilts mat ket tlns wee I<, buymg contmmng on the qmet ordet, w1th no pe1 cepttble mmease In actrvtty The new c t op ts cunng out m a hne cond1tton and we unde1 stand that some contemplate commencmg strrppmg soon, and that a few have already taken down some It IS net generally considered a good plan to take down tobacco until It bas flozen out two or th1ee t1mes or at least unttl rt bas been vt stted With several hard ftosts It lB nsky busmess, a 1 the snp m the etalk tB ltable to run mto the stom when m a mot s t conditiOn, and mJure the leaf Great cauttop should be exermsed m tbJS matter, or there IS liable to be t1 ouble It IS too good a. crop to be basttly 01 c ,uelessly dealt w1th OHIO Seville, Oct 18 -Th ete 1s nothmg but market prtces and cond rtton of the crop to repm t from th1s sectiOn 'l'he weath e r has been ana 1 s now all tnat could be de sued fot curmg on the poles I have not t e01d of one mstance of flung Holders are st1ff m thetr pnces Dealers make an occaswnal appearance, but buy very WSP NORTH CAROLINA Wmston (N C) Senknel Oct. 13 The news from Surry, Stokes and Roekmgham t s very dtscouragmg as to the tobacco crop The recent rams had started the tobacco off on a new growth and 1t was full of sap, and the ftost on last Wednesday mght about 1mned what was left by the dtoutb 'rhe news from Davte and the counttes to the south and west IS not so bad. The (ollowmg h.I.Le sal e s o f the new crop have been r e ported, all Spamsb Otson Coon, 15c, Ami Ten ck, 14c,Jos Wright, 12c Ira CH1.ndall, m bundle, 5c, Wm Post, 15c, F Colhns old 'SO Spamsh 8 and 2c. Geo Btown, 13c, Fred Fuller, 14c, Davtd Lowry, 14"c, J W B\easdale, 13"c, F Dano and R L Horne, 15c, E Raymond, Potter, 5 aCJ e s, 12"c, John Hurd,9Fulton 12" aCt es, 12c ,Jet orne Vaugh, Porter, 7 acres. l2c, F A Htll & Co Albwn acres llc, H W M1lton, 5Y. acres, 12Y.c, Geo W Banett Mtlton actes, 12Y.,c, Hemy Wtlhams & Baker Milton 27(, acres, 12Y.c, C D Gwy M1lton, 6 acres, 12).ic, 81m o n St11lman, M1lton, 2 acres, 12Y.c F Strukl, Sumnet 6 acte, 10c, D McCulloch, Mtlton, 8 acres 12Y.c Mableson & Tom ton, Edger ton 10 act eP, 12c E 1ger & Van Patten, Evansvtlle, 5 acres, 12J,ic, H BtPvter & Reese, Evansvill e, 5 acies,12Y.c, Chas Fo d. !fulton, 4" acres, 10c, RObert Cart, M 1lt on, 7 Fo1<1 & Earle, Por-ter, 7 acr<>s, 12Jic H W Goodridge, Chr1sttana, 2J,i actes, l,4c, R B Hull, 1 acre, lOc SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. CONNEC TICUT AND MASSACHUSETTS Boston (Mass) Cultwator, Oct 8 -We are havmg fine weather for the curmg of tobacco m the bat ns or sheds The Havana ts nearly nil cured down, and par ttes can commence str1ppmg at any ttme In tact, many have aheady begun and are now pack mg the wrappers mto eases preparat01 y to the sweat mg We bear of several such who mtend to have then crops go tmmedrately mto the sweat, and clatm that by New Year's It w1ll be neatly dued off m fact, old leaf ready to work We fear that then facrltttes are not sutted to the proper sweatmg of the leaf m cold weathet but ate glad to have them try and see what can be done We wts h them success 111 the undertakmg Buyers have not been qmte so busy the past week as they were prevwusly PENNSYLVANIA. Y01k (Pa) DU!patch, Oct 14 -There has been an active demand for old !Uld new tobacco m Ymk County As 1eporte d beforQ puces areqmteadvanced l!'m e lots of 1881 have be e n bought m a few townshtps by the meh, but many gt owers postttvely declme sell tog m that way Theie are others who tefuse to sell on the poles, unless priCes are for the enttre lot at one figure It lS clatmed by farmers that dealers can take advantage, and dtsputes must ause, as they can' dock ail much as they please In selhng by the mch, say 24 mcbes and over, a. small portwn of the crop mtght be a few mches shorter. yet JUSt as good, and at a less 1 ate than tke 24 mches would m many mstances net too low a prtee The best growers wtll not sell unless very temptmg offers are made There 1s, therefore, much fine tobacco yet unsold m York County As 1s well known the eatly growth was as fine as tB ever grow n m the county We nottee that our statement of acreage IS mtsstated m some newspaper, no doubt by 1mstake We, therefore, repeat that York County had rarsed m the year 1879, offima.l report, 4 567 ames, 1880, estimated 8,000, 1881, estimated, 10 000 Thts vear s crop was part cut short by drouth, so th!lt York County's crop would be equal to about 6,000 acres full crop, and at least tlue e cases to the acre Wtth t h e present rates the money value wtll be the largest York County ever had. Lancaster (Pa ) Inte lltg encer, Oct 19 -The post week bas been a ve t y qutet one m tobacco ctrcles Dealers from abroad have gone home, and comparattvely few sales are reported by the local buyers A great deal of the crop ts sufficrently cured to strtp, but the weather ts unfavorable for the purpose, besides, the heavy buye1 s of green leaf have gtven orders to the growers not to strtp the crops they have purchased unttl after there shall have been a heavy f10st In 1880 leaf there have b een sales durmg the week of lot s aggregatmg about 400, and therein a lP.porL, lackmg confirmatiOn, however, of the sale of another. of 600 cases Operators fight shy of the !ugh figures now rulmg, and ltuy only that whtch they must have for tmmedtate use Lancaster (Pa ) Examtne1 &: &press, Oct 19 -Our Seed leaf mat:ket has settled to compatattve dullness, the tobacco buyers pm smng the even tenor of the1r way, buymg If they get the orportumty, and always looku fg out for ehances Sttl for the same reasons heretofore given, the opeiattOns are not large, and the sal e of old tobacco last week amounted to between 300 and 400 cases In new tobacco the state of affans ts about the same as shown m our last 1eport, a ltttle selhng now and then, but the sum total of the sales small John Stokes, Upper Leacock, sold to Geo Brown stem, 3 acres at 23 round Henry Eaby, Upper Lea cock. to same, 2" acres at 23 round. J M Rutt & Co Landtsvtlle, to Altscbue, New Yotk, 300 eases at 12 to 13 through John Shields of M anetta has sold hts tobacco ctop of 4 acres to E Hoffman & Sons, at 28 all round, Henry Fen stet macher sold 6 acres ratsed on John Brubaker's land, to McLaughlm, at 24 through l!,t ank Mtller 11 acres to same, gwwn en same place, at 21" through Mastetson & Wttmer, tobacco packers, Maaterson ville, are erectmg a lar!!ie warehouse The West Chester Vtllage Record says Whrle m Lancaster County, a few days ago, a. representative of the V.Zlage R ecor d was mfmmed by a tobacco buyer who has already made many large purchases ef the leaf m that and Chester County, that f1e 1s havmgsome difficulty w1th several of the farmers m Chester County whose crops be purchased, by reason of tbetr havmg already commenced to str1p thetr tobacco, expectmg the1 eby; to be able to dehver rt at an ear her date than they would by allowmg rt to rema.m hangmg unttl the usual trme ThiS ts a gteat mistake, and one whtch mny be accompamed wtth lo@s to the gtowen who m m the smce they run the rtsk of havmg then t obacco rumen by stem rot, winch lS ahnost cer tam t o follow when 1t IS strtppe d from the stalk bef ore tt 1 s p1 opetly cured A couespondent wr1tmg from Penn's Manor, Bucks County, says Th e tobacc o m th1sDuck !slana dtstuct IS a ll h o u se d or all that wt ll be From tbe best mfor matwn thete were about thu acres cut by the frost, and all the tobacco on them tS a complete loss The tobacco m the hmldmgs tB cunug a very ntee color and of fin e texture, and wtll soon be ready for shtppmg '!'bose that do ship early should bulk 1t so that the stems can get thoroughly cured While there not been any of the new CI ops sold, the old tobacco has gone off at advance d pnces. Thomas Jones sold hts mop for 15c through, and Thomas Van Harlsbrot 19c through l'ht s ts an advance of from 5 to 8 cents per pound Rosenwald & Bw sbtpped 333 cases of las t year's stock from thetr packmg bouse m thts d1strtet There are only two old crops remammg that I can find unsold OHIO El Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY -OFThe Ctgars of this Factory, tmder the well known Brands of El Principe de Gales -ANDIa Perla, de Ca.yo Hueso Manufactured of new and best Vuelta Abajo Havana tobacco and unexcelled In quality and make by any of the Havana FactoriCs, nrc now recerved In regular weekly sh1pments by FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. THE TOBACCO MARKET., NEW YORK. October 21 Western Leaf -The sales of Western lt>af the week have been 285 hogsheads, 286 the week before. The market 1s dlBB.greeably qmet, and hUe" been so for several weeks, buyers and selle r s bemg wtdely apart m thetr v tews 'l'o brmg them together would be a pleasmg task, but bow that mtght be doue 1 s the msoluble problem The speculatwu tl,at com menced m August, based upon the drouth, and that by the contmuance of the dtoutb up to the last of August, was mtens1fied unttl pr1ccs were advanced from one to three cents a pound, seems tOo have rts mfiuence to day, though thete t s no sign of speculation vts!ble anywhere Smce the change for the better m the prospect uf the crop, whwh occurred between the first and fifteenth of September, speculatiOn bas entirely ceas ed and busmess bas been duller and duller every week As" e reported m our last tssue, and according to all the 1 e ports we can get from the West, the crop "Ith very few exceptwns bas been safely housed The weather for curmg has been all that could b e desued, the quality of all descuptwns of tobacco ts smd to be supeno1 to that of last year, and the quantity little 1f any, less than tt was then In vtew of these allege d f .. cts, the questwn artses, IS tt not advisable to start trade gomg agam, mother words, brmg 1t back to tts tegular channel by contemplatmg the sttnatton as tt really ts ? We may be wrong, but 1t seems to us that tt would be The news of the week I S that the contractors have sent over a spectal agent to supeuntend futme putChases on thetr account 1st week Sd week r tbr1'rams the crop showed good stgns of a new and rap1d growth, and the late plantmg, wbtch had a ll been t.>pped at from three to stx leaves, seemed to promtoe sometbmg w1th a very late frost But $mee the rnm 1t ha.s been so dry and hot as to check the Mtamtsburg (0) Bullettn, Oct 14 -The crop of '8 1 bas been l!lafely harvested, and samples of the early euttmg are begmnmg to come m. Where the leaf had tho advantage of moisture tt has cured umformly and sat1sfactortly The Ztmmer's Spamsh espeCially pre sents a handsome appearance, as planters kept the sheds mmst durmg the curmg process The market ts somewhat dull, chtefiy because 0rops are held abeve the valuatiOn of buyers, though sales are effected at 8 to 10 cents for '80 growth, and crops of '81 German ate v,rgmta Leaf.-There was a good demand for dark wrappers and smoker!', though the sales did not reach a large amount Seed Leaf -The sale of Seed leaf amounted to a,850 cases, which is a very good exhibtt, though the trade regard the week as a dull one after the large opera tions prev10ualy effected All vanetiee were m demand, with large transactions ill New England leaf, mcludmg '!GY1 DY" _& KevWesf, HavttnA CftlArs. I


growths of Massachusetts and the two ConnectiCUt Valleys. Messrs J S GAlls' SoN & Co tobacco brokers, 131 Water Street, report to THE ToBACCO LEAl!' as follows 'Trade m general bas become duller, one large transac aon m Housatomc tobacco bemg the only promment feature News from abroad cornell very unfavorable, and exporters are not d1eposed to operate, even at lower pnces Total sales 3,850 cases, of which were 2,400 cs 1880 Nev; EnglandHousatoniC a:JSOrted Hartford County w1-appers Massachusetts do 800 cs 1880 Pennsylvama, assorted 200 cs 1880 New York 250 CS 1880 W ISCOUSID 200 cs 1880 Oh10 Spamsh-Havana fillers are m good of 600 bales at from 85c to $1 20. 23 22 11 9"@15 4 @15 4)4 demand, With Manufactured-We have to report a very qmet week, no sales of consequence Manufacturers are so slow m makmg deliveues of goods ordered even 60 days ago, that customers are dli!couraged The delay often causes the1r orders to be cancelled Some of the V1r giWa manufactm ers feel compelled to advance priCes agam, owmg to the contmued ad vance m bright wrap 11ers We note the presence of some of our local plug tooacco magnates at the Yorktown celebratiOn ltli! to be hoped they thoroughly enJoyed themselves. The ex ports ior the week were 96,394 pounds S&ohng -'!'he mqmry for smokmg tobacco con tinues busk Cgars -For c1gars the demand bas b9en active as ever Otgar Box Cedar-We submit the followmg-logs feet l! 1rst bands, Oct 13 1 ,187 194 801 Sales reported to Oct 20 856 144 ,180 Fn s t hands, Oct 20. 331 50,621 Fretghts -Messrs Carey, Yale & Lambert, l!'re1gbt Brokers, rtlport to THE ToBACCO LEAl' Tobacca Fretghta 118 fol lows -Liverpool, steam, 17s 6d@20s, sail, London !team, ( 208, sat!, Glasgow eteam, 25s, ail, Bflstol, steam, sat!, Havre, steam 27s 6d, S&ll,, .Atttwetp, ca m Iris, satl, Ham.burg, steam, aall, 1 Bremen, Iteam' 21ls, aall, The a rrtv al s at tlte port of New York from fore1gn ports for the week mcluded the followm g conmgnmenta -Brem ttish Guwna-20 hhd s Bl,tu h We8t lndiCII"22 W1ds 8 casea, 16 bales, 16 pkgs (1,82S lbs) mfd Oanada.-M tales Oent.a1 AmeHca-11thd :12 bales : 83 pkgs (4,31i7 lbs) mfd Ouba-13 pkgs (1 300 lbs) mfd Dutch Eallt Indes-6 hbds, 3 pk!(s (30'i lbs) mfd Dutcl West Ind&es-4 hhcts, 1 2 pkgs (1,320 I be) mfd D anufh Wm bbd s, 8 pkgs (205 lbs) mfd Gib,altm-102 lthds, 150 cases 242 pkgs (42,365 lbs) mfd. pkgs (218 lbs) mfd HariWurg-2 hbds, 328 bales, 60 pkgs (6,343 lbs) mfd. Baf11e--150 hhds,li9 bales Hayt<-13 hhd s 5 ca s es 31 bales ltltds 4 pkgs (484 lbs ) mfd .Londoa-41 hltds 79 casea, 132 pkgs (16,882 lbs) mfd. Mex 1 e o 8 c. a se,:, New Z e tkcrui-67 pkgs (15,053 lbs) mfd Pol w Btco-2 hhd 1,20 hales 14 pkgs (2,616 lbs ) mfd Rotl eJdam-120 lth ds, 55 cases If. S o t uoiombta-20 1Jales, 7 pkgs (t 922 lbs) mfd bales, 22 pkgs (1!,420 lbe) mfd EXPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS JAJIUARY 1, 1881, TO O 1 119 8,071 107 32 11 8 115,848 823 2 010 187 15,372 7 880 3 800 2,240 168 1 521 1,330 9 ,505 881 1081 COl 432 1825 229 19,063 4 I) 21 31 2 335 148 707 72 1,001 2 11 8il 4 30 621 46 6,162 o26 76 70 2,783 44 33 453 3,076 119 li52 41 62 9 ,86 1 40 6 615 2 ,260 74 637 30 471 56386 DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. 102 ,99 2 438 892 23,148 1,220 17,121 456, 7>1.4 7 ,004 1li 558 S,338 21340 656 707 1,2 24,745 LEAF. B7J 1M 1?6111 York and 1?6111 Ha'Ce'n Li'MM Jacoby ,t; Co 5 cases, A Engle 1i do, J D11n1els G do, meyers .II; Vtgehus ll do, S Salomon&Son 9do G Salomon & Bro 140 do J Culltngtcn & Son 4 do, Wm Eggert & Co 71 do J Lobenstetn 17 do E Hoffman & Son 4 do Order 4 do By tlUJ l'iev York and Barifl)f'fj SUamboal (Owmg to the repatrs helD! made to the doc!, of tins company we were unaule to obtam the rece1pts by tnts hne thts week ) By tM Old Domtntmpson, Moore & Co 26 cs mfd, 83 cads do, 8 do, 13M bxs do M E McDowell & lJo 340 cs smkg, 40 .J4 bxs mfdi Wtse & Bendbe1m 190 cs smkg, 1 box mfd, Austm Nichols & Co 61 cs smkgs, 100 bxs mfd H K & F B Thurber & Co 40 cs smkg, 1 box do, 25 !;( bxs mfd, J D Kellly Jr 22 cs mfd 50% bxs do, Jos D Evans & Co 1<1 cs mfd, 45 l;;:-bxs do, Dohan, Car roll & C<> 10 cs mfd, 20 cads do, Edw fle n 25 cs L o pold 8 cads, 61 !;( bxs mfd, Bay State Shoe and Leather Company 8 cads uo, {J"W H1llman 16 do, F H Leggatt & Co 6 V. bxs do Augustm & Dusel 5 cs ctgarettes, Dav1dson Bros 1 do leaf, G W Helme 1 do snuff, Peter W rtghl & Sons 1 box leaf Oelncbs & C<> 1 do, Order 51 hbds, 135 trcs, 194 cs smkg 72 cs mfd, 36 % bxs do, 10 bxs do 25 ;\:) bxs du, 45 X{ bxs do, 16 V. bxs do, cads do, 1 CS Clg&Iettes 2 bn Ieed ste ms. By tM N811J Y <>rk and Balt111wre 7'ranoportatum Lne W G Sm1th & Co 10 hhds. Henderson Bros 50 do, R MAllen & Co 1 box l eaf Austm Ntchols & Co 40 )4 bxs do Coast?.CUe (1om Key Greenhall12 cs c1gara McFall & Lawson 6 do, !1 E li'IcDowell & Co2 do, B D1az & Co 1 do, N B Manntng 2 do L P & J Frank 8 do, F Garc1a Bro & Co 7 do Gonzales & Domtnguez, 1 do, A Calves 1 do l\1 Barranco & Bro 14 do, Hememan Brvs 1 do W B C Car penter 3 do F H Leg_gatt & Co 6 do H R Kelly & Co 11 do, A C R od11guez 6 do, Le" yn & do, J V Ftsh & Co 4 do, W We sh 1 do P o well & Coleman 2 do, J B Creagh 2 do J Elltnger & Co 6 do Perea Bros 2 do, Retmtz & Leon 4 do 1 pk" do Se1denbcrg & Oo 51 cs leaf, 11 do ctgars Coastwe (1om New Orleam-Ktnney Tobacco Co 25 pkgs, Order 1 hhd QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re sale is supposed to be at an advance on ft.rst cOftt, the priees obta.lnabl e b_y growers of tob&cco, therefore, will &lwaya be somewhat ower than tbese quotations. VUlGINIA. LEA.F. cts 1%@ 8 9 @ll 1(%@1( 12 !la 1 18 6 @7 7 8 9 12 @16 20 @25 @35 .H&T.I.R& FJ:u..Kaa-Common UooO. Fine Supenor YJJ-T.u 1 6 CDT8 1'l:ll Pomm BLACIS-I cto 7 @ 8 8 @ 9 11)<,.@13 13 @ 1 4 @-35 @00 :10 :25 1lO 36 40 @00 66 @70 @12 1879Crop. 110 c 86 88 @ 95 100 @110 115 @l;j5 120 @100 lOs, 126, and '41bo15@!8& 20@25 OJS Bsa.nd C30 16@18&20@%5 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces 16@25 Nt:!grohead twl.St 23@80 @00 @50 @40 CIGARS, perM $110@150 j8eed, per M Seed perM 40@. 90 16@40 GRA.NlJLA.TED SMOKING TORA.CCO. Medium to good Slle@4i I Good ro llne Sl'i'UFF, [Subject to discount to the wholesale trade Maccaboy 62@65 I American Gentleman Scotch !llld Lumlyfoot 6'1@-65 llappee French LICORICE P ,l.STE. SP.I.NIBH-"G C '\ 28 "F G' 28 '"WallisEI 28 Pilar" *i 'tC ClCa.' 25 "1. ,, Co" Zl Sterry 28 .. L& Roe& 22 u Huelva, u 23 "M&gnet.," 22 "8.' 22 Ttlulm-w s 'T 'v s 'A v S' "G u star, luM, "P G, --@-72 -72@-'1!; ''LA. VlJBLTA. A.BA.;JO" CIGA.H. !4: Plu' 1 Plot. 1 Gal (8 prnts) 5 Gal LoL'<. 10 Gat Lot 12.00 $6 00 $40 00. $85 per Gal $30 per Gal Eastern Markets. BOSTON, Oct 10 -Our special correspondent reportsThe toba cco market has be on strong and act1 ve on all the h1ghe r grades, and a shght falhng off m the mqmry and puce o f low or nond escnpt grades Kentucky has shown h1gh figures on cho1ce s electiOns, al thou g h the vo lum e of bus mess d one hilS been w1thm quota twos Shipments have been 216 hbds for Afnca, England South Amenca, and the West Ind1es the rece1pts fnlly cover mg sb1pme nts Seed leaf-The g reat mqutryls for dark good<, of wh1ch the market ts bare wtll do well t o del ay thetr pur chases for anothe r month as by that t1me they v;1ll be better able to JUdge of the etock Havaua Seed, for quahty and burn surpasses all other classes and t11kes the f ront sea t w1th the better class of manufactmCis 'Fhe Peunsylvama w11l be un smted for the for a long ttme, owmg to 1I.s h eavy compo Sitton Another natmal sweat nny produce quality but lt w1ll haye the features o f thickness an d whtte vems New York State and W1scons1u Havana Seed me et s with favor Connecttcut as yet I S too rank and h e avy H avana-A good trade ex t sts m fine descnpttons, and pnces are fully up to those prev10usly n oted 1 1\lannfactured-Agen ts report bemg unable to meet the de mand for home or fore1gn trade PHILADELPHIA, Oct 20 -Mr A. R Fougeray, to bacco Manufacturers' Agent, reports to THR TOBACCo LEAF Busmess for the past week m tob acco hilS moved mc ely at full figures, only now and then m terrupted by the want o f eertam brands, to supply 1mmed1at e demand '1 he trad e at pre sen t to be better able tq control theu c u s tomers m re gard to b1 ands Gt ve us good A No 1 to bacco I can occas10nally be h ea rd as the answer to the demand for soma cer tam brands wh1ch are scarce Stocks are not as yet heavy Fine Outs--St1ll h o ld theu own Bmoktng Tobacco-Bnsk demand for all grade s CigarManufacturers are full of orders and w1llmg to g1ve employlllent to rehable hands Snuff-As usual s btpm ents go forward bnskly Rccc1pt s -721 boxes, 6,218 cadd1es, 5, 721 cases, and 416 pail s of fine cuts Expm t ed to Barbadoes-Of manufactured tobacco 1 2181bs Seed Leaf-Packers and handl ers of c1 ga. l eaf act o.nd s ee m well plea se d w1th theu 188 1 purchases, 1t 1s b emg freely bought 1f offered, but a l arge lot of P en nsylvania l JUStify positive statemen ts regardmg quahty an::l quantity 'rite total offermg a t auct10n for the week just closed were 1 202 llhrts and 269 b oxes, cl888ed as follows tiOO hhds Mason County (Ky ) DJstrwt, 195 hbds Brown County (0 ) D1stnct 229 bhds Pendleton County (Ky ) Dtstnct 229 hb0s Ow en County(Ky )Dlstrlct,15 hhds Ind1ana, 13 hhds West VIrgtma, 8 hhd Eastern Oh1o, 181! bxs 0.1:.10 See\!, 61 bxs Wtsconsln Seed, 12 bxs lnd1ana Seed Total offer mgs for week do rCJCCttons do Hhds 1 ,202 348 Bxs 11 0 Actual sales for week 854 11 Total ofle rmgs for the year to date 54,606 reJections H 1 8,264 Actual sales for the year t& date 42 342 The total o ffeungs at auctwn fm the week JUSt closed, nd tlte expucd portJOn o f the current month and year, also com partsons, wete 118 follows -1 Hltds Bxs Hhds Bxs Hltds Bxs 1881 1 ,202 269 2,479 741 1111,614 8 ,412 1880 1,116 165 2 761 346 58 3:.10 5,779 1879-. -296 165 1 102 434 32,505 4 778 1878 959 98 1,167 1 85 49,479 7,142 1877. 913 97 1,991 246 39,101 7,503 Of the 1 ,202 hhds offered, tl3 sol d below $6, 239 below $10, 440 below $20, 460 of the better cla sses selling from $20 to $32 25 QUOTATIONS Leaf-Common ua.rk smotung lugs Commo n br1ght smokmg lngs Jlledtum do do Good do do Fme do do Common bnght stnppmg lug s lli edmm do do do Good do d o do Fme do d o do Mcdmm hnght leaf Good do Fme and fancy bnght leaf -5 00@ 7 00 6 50@ 7 50 850((tj950 10 50 13 50@15 00 12 OO@ta oo 15 00@17 00 18 00@20 00 22 00@26 00 22 00@24 5 0 25 00@27 00 ill 00@32 00 MANUli"ACTURING--PLUG-.BTOCK ,. Common fillers, d ink and trashy Med fillers some color aud body Good fillers 1ed color and. good body Fme and f ancy tillers, do do CLARKSVILLE. Tenn., Oct 12 -Messrs M H Clatk & Bro Tobacco Brokers report to THE ToBACCO LEAF -Om sales for the week end1ng to day were 133 hhds The market was stro n g, trregular, but unch a nged Our sa les tilts week w1ll about close out all the stock on sale and our crop, bemg about all marketed, prove s to be about th1ee quarters of an average crop and 4,000 to 5,000 hhds less than was maneted In 1880 '1 he receipts at the seaboard tlt1s year wtll no doubt be 20,00 0 hhds less than they were m 1880 We narrowlv escaped a klhng frost !be 5th, but s1uce then the weather has been warm and the crop slow ly-and steadi l y goes mto the house Th e dmalle, Leaf To bacco Broker, re port!. to Tmc TonACCO LBAII' 118 foll ows Th1s market 1s st1ll p oorly snpphed, wtth no matenal change m pnces All o f the new crop bas b ee n cut and hou s ed 'l'be damage by frost 1s csttmated al one fourth to one thud of the entue crop 1n th1s sectwn Fillers-Common dark lugs Common dark leaf Common bngltt leaf Good do Fme do W 1 appe1 s-C a mmon 1\bhogauy Medmm do Good do Ftne El 7 @ 8 8 @10 10 @12 12 @18 HOPKINSVILLE, Iiy .. Oct 1 5 -Mr George V Thompson Leaf Tobacco Bt oker reports to Tim TOBACCO LEAF -Sales thts week 79 hbds Mat ket steady at the de clme Hccetpts for month 36 bhds Sales once m two w e eks The weather uonttnues fine fot the crop. Lugs-Common Medmm Good Leaf-Common Medmm Good Fme QUOToi.TIONS 6 @ 7 7 @ 8 11 @ 1 2 12 @14 LOUISVILLE, Oct 19 -Sales s mce our la st report have been and generally devo1d of 'nterest The only feat ure of the past week s transaction th e sale of some 200 hhds, or thereby, of dry Jeaf at the :F rymers'Warehouse, the property of an outs1de speculator, who, havmg fat l ed to take advantage of the extreme pnces of la st QlOnth, closed out h1s entire stock at figures, d oubt less remunetat1ve, but cons1der ably less than whut m1ght have been rtahzed some weeks since l The oifermgs durmg the week have contl>.med few really de slrable hhds, the greater portiOn of the so-called i!ry l ea f b emg dectdedly "off" m cond1t10n Dark tobaccos a1e wtthont new features Lo11g leaf, smtable for the Afncan trade, 1s con sp1c uou s by tts absence It IS rare to encounter a 28 or SO mch s pec1men Ten cents and over ttl bemg patd for extra leaf to handle for tbe Afrtcan trade Burley '" m meager supply and Iemalns firm for all useful styles Afrtcan extra lengths are 11 cents The we .. ther 1a all that can be deeued, and everyday strilngtbena the expectatiOn that the entue crop Will be gatu ered m untouched ty frost The rece1pts for the past week were SOO hbds aglUI18t 27S hhds for the same week last year Sales for the month and year, and correspondmg penod of prev10us three yea rs are liB f o l'ows VVeek Month 1rear 1881 878 1,673 liD 1127 1880 1,481 863 56,618 1879 .. -948 2,822 50 828 1878 1 076 2,911 62,006 42 161 hltds of crop of 1880 old to date agamst 39 840 lthd s of 1879 crop sold to same date m 1880 15 hhds of 1881 sold to date QUOTATIONS Lugs-Trash _.. .. Common to medium Leaf-Common to medmm Good to tine BURLEY CUTTING Lugs-Factory trash Medmm to good Leaf-Common to medmm Good to fine 4 50@ 5 00 5 00@ 6 00 5 75 6 75 7 50.1 00 6 50@ 8 50 9 50 00 14 00@18 00 18 00@25 00 BURLEY MANUFACTURING Fillers-Common 12 00@13 00 Medmm 14 00 00 Good to fin e 17 50@23 00 Medmm Good to fine 8 00 00 11 00@14 00 LYNCHBURG, Oct 20 -Messrs. Holt, f'lchaefer & Co Buy ers and Handlers of Leaf Tobacco, report to THE ToBAcco LEAF Recep ts contmue very hght, and our mflrket o ffers no feature of mter est Pr1ces are vety firm but few grades on ly s lhng to ba e quotattons upon We shall have nothmg tore pot t from he1e ttl! the new crop begms to move, say by m1ddle of November NEW ORLEANS, Oct 15 -The Priu Current under the above date reports -The only sale reported smce our .ast 1ssue is 9 lthds l esterdav tbe bus mess b emg confined to small lots o the ctty trade '!he stock on Bale 1s esttmated at only 25t hhds Buyers for export are ready to com e forward freely whenever the supp ly 1s sufficien t to mv1te any acttve move ment VV e conttnne to quote as follows, the onts1de fi.,re& for ltght QUOTATIONS Lugs-Low to med1um Good Leaf-Low to medtum Good to tlne Cuttmg grades may be quot''8 To same date l ast year 57 PADUCAH, Ky., Oct 15 -Mr. '1' H Puryear, Leaf T obacco Broker, reports to THE ToBAcco LEAll' -Ue cmpts, 60 hhds, oflermJls, 86 do. reJections, 23 do QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common .. 5 @ Good ..... ,. 6 Leaf-Common -.. 6M Medmm. 8 @ The small sales do not attract attent10n, and hel'ce pnces are a httle lower Quahty m1serably poor W eathcr warm and showery for one or two days Crop three:fourths cut PETERSBURG, Va., Oct .19 -Messrs B&ln & Par rack CommJsslon Merchants, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF Smce my last r eport our tobacco m,arket has been I ather dull, ex cept for fine datk and bnght wrappets such grades m demand at very h1gh pllces while lug s and medatm g1ades of leaf are at lower pnces thnu they would have brought before the frost Our stock on sale I S very hght much s maller than for sevetal years past We g1ve as ou1 optmon ba sQd upon rehable authonty, that at least one fifth of the ClOp of tobacco WIIB kllletl 'by the drouth, about half of the crop wa s cut before the frost wh1clt was very 1nfertor, bemg thm and snn burnt, and about o ne-f ourt h of the remam mg half WIIB badly damaged by the fro t S ome large plonters d1d not cut but plowed 1t m and sowed wheat It looks from these facts tltat fine wrappers d ark, Will be scarce m th1s sectiOn n ext scMon Mr J os E Venal;le, one of our oldest buyers and for a long ttme p1es1 de n t of o m tob acco assoctatwn, d1ed l ast mght, aged 7 S RICHMOND, Oct 20 -W E D1br ell, Leaf T o bacco Dealer reports to T liE TOBACCO LEAF -Onr market has been act1ve, notw1thstandmg the State Fau and Yorktown Centen mal, and very many hog head s bright have changed hands thts week A noticea b le feature 1s the sale of much to dealers from the mtenor towns of Vngnua and North Carohna, who are the str o ngest believers m much prtces ; and I can't see my how 1t can be othe1 w1se It LIIB been computed by par tJes posted and good ati guessing that there are not over 500 t i cs bnght wrappers in R1chmond from Silt up The stoc ks are certa1Hly r ap1dl y d1mu:nshmg but no doubt not a few will reappear later on &cetpts of prrmmgs very hght, and Clf loose tobacco only a sprmklmg There 1s more domg m cutters nt 13 to 16c they seem to be now the speculative grade, as the upland dealers generally have made money thts seasdn, such w1ll be m strong hands, as they are buymg Dark tobac co ts macttve w1th very f ew low grades on the market, offenngs have been of double old s tock, on whiCh holders are gettmg out at present figures w1th some profi t SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 18 -The Journal of Com 12 896,225 1880 10 792,075 The number of cigarettes made m fieptember was 821,100, and the number of pounds of tobacco manu factured1 20, 971 CIGARIS-Imports smce our last, 41 cases !lllports smce Jan 1, 1,460 cases IJIIPOR!l'ERS, Receipts by ra1l smce our last came 1 cs to Esberg & Co, 3 cs to Taber, H & Co, 5 cs to J A Drmkbouse, 1 cs Well man, P & Co, 4 cs to 1rl A Gunst, 1 cs to W John, 1 cs to Falkenstem & Co, ,1 cs toE Pamter, 1 cs to W T 2 cs to Arnold & Co 3 cs to W Le'!I'IB & Co, 2 cs to H Suthff, 1 cs to Ha.Eenb'aly, 1 cs to A Ma.u & Co, 1 cs to Occtdental Hotel, 8 w MIChaelitschke Bros, 1 cs to H C Brown & Co, 3 cs to H Levt & Co, 1 cs to MJFlavm 1 Imports durmg the past week have been hght. The manufactuters are st1ll very busy, and demand 1s as bnsk as ever. The mruket IS very firm We quote 'Puck," $65 per 1,000 to the trade, Soft Snaps, $30 per $1,000 to the trade Chma 18 00@ 20 00 ,_ 20 00@ 23 00 21 00@ 25 00 23 50@ 30 00 25 00 32 50 2800@--45 00@ 55 00 55 00@ 60 00 60 00@ 65 00 70 00@ 75 00 60 00@ 65 0 0 70 00@ 75 00 80 00@ 9;> 00 9fi 00@125 0 0 105 00@150 00 15 50@ 17 00 TOBAcco-Imports smce our last By rml, 177 810 lbs manufactured, 126 cs, 217 bbls, 3 hltds (84 710 lbs) leaf; per Raphael, 45 1 ps leaf; per Samuel Htgnett 180 cs Total tmports Bince Jan.lst 8,680,307 lbs manufac tured, 820 his, 111 hhds, 253 cs (2,904,311lbs) leaf. OCT. 22 IMPORTICB8 Receipts by rat! smce our last came to the followmg: Manufactured-53 710 lbs to Esberg B & Co, 3,350 lbS to Honolulu, 10 370 lbs to J A Drmkhouse & Co 1 080 lbs to VICtona B C, 1,1>50 lbs to Taber Harker & Co' 410 lbs to Watsou & Co, 20,490 lbs to Falkenstem & Co 360 lbs to Rosen, & C'o 10,640 lbs to Portland, or: 380 lbs to Meye r :Bros. 4,780 lbs to T1llmann & B 3 300 lbe to H Lev1 & Co, 26,480 Ibs to L &.E 5,040 lhs liO Newton Bros, 1,310 lbs to Yokohama 2 630 lbe to MICllaehtschke Bros, 4,070 Ibs to A Mau & 'eo 770 lbs to Wellman, 1:' & Co, 1,610 lbs to Coghill& s: 2,860 lbs to Mayrl.SCh Bros, 5,000 lbs to Loa Angeles, 6 940 lbs to Oppenheimer Bros, 4 ,76Q lbs to Sanderson & Horn, 2,050 los to Castle Bros & L, 1,100 !be to Newhall's Sons & Co, 360 lbs to Engelbrecht & Co 1 280 lbs to Rountree & M, 400 lbs to W J Houston '730 lbs to H Ehrman&Co Leaf--49 cs 123 bls (34 740) to Esberg B &; Co 41 cs (6,360 lbs) toM Brod, 3 hhds (2,180 Ihs) io A Baumgar ten & Co -(1,000 lbs) to Foster & Co 53 bls (6 780 lbs) to Shoenfeld, 8 cs (3,460 lbs) toM & Bro 1 cs (260 lbs) to Ltebes Bt os, 68 cs (29,930 lbsl to :M: Rosenhmm & Bt o The market IS very firm at the advance There has not probably been ns much purchased as durmg the past week on account of the advanoo, but this w1ll long be the case D emand for leaf at figure11 contmues veiy active ------Foreign Markets. AMSTERDlll, Oct 5 G Harkem:t., tobacco broker, se'nds the followmg report to THE 'I OBACCo LEAl!' It IS dtfficult to keep a couect 1dea of our marke t of Sumatta tobacco wtthout bemg acquamted w1th tb& s1tuat10n of the Java tobacco. Before 1866, as ,the Sumatra. tobacco was not yet known, the Java tobacco was always preferred for w1appers of Gradually It was somewhat overshadowed by Sumatra tobacco, neverthelees 1t sup ported honorably the competitiOn, and a. great mfluence upon the Sumatra pnces, whenever there 1s a great d1tference between both classes The Java tobacco, of a good leaf smtmg best for c1gar wrappers, stronger of taste and flavor than Sumatra, does not give those elegant colors always to be found m the Sumatra. It IB, of comse, less proper for more fiue ctgars, and very smtabl e for a m1ddle Cigar of whiCh the fillers are of a quahty that WIWts a flavored wrap per, to give a good ent1re It IS mostly at this pomt that Java and Sumatra meet w1th each other as com petitors, and therefore I beheve 1t of mtercst for our readers to be up to the sttuatiOn of our market of Java tobacco, of wh1ch the quantity produced annually vanes between one to two hundred thousand bales The crops of 1878 and 1879 were very common. Agamst that stood the la1ge crop of Sumatra, and tt was of course not to be wondered that most of the manufacturers of ctgars were forced to change thetr com and to make use of Sumatra mstiead Java When now m 1881 a good Java crop w1111 brought on the market, It was m such a mean demand that 1t got only speculative pnces, and even buyers at those prices only had a moderate result Gradually the situatiOn unproved somew4at, but even now the pnces for Java tobacco are proportiOn ately lower than those tor Sumatra Of the last crop the total sales to date were 108,031 bales A part of tt, smtable for cuttmg, followed the course of priCes of all cuttmg classes. and enJoyed also the "bausse" m which the Ameucan markets went before m the month of September Another part, although not great, but still of some 1mportance, has the peculiar quahty of bemg a very good water drmke r and thus bemg suitable for the Enghsh market These assortments found a hvely demand, and were sold at h1gb prices The greatest part, suitable for Cigar wrappers, remams m Its tram mg course, and could only be sold under concessiOns on the part of the sellers-at pnces which will cause a loss to the producers Still, the crop was good, both m color and quality for wrappers as well as taste 'here I& no doubt that at these low prwes the con sumpt10n of Java tobacco will mcrease gradually, and thus tend to prevent Sumatra tobacco from takmg tc() h1gh a flight m tts pr1ce Stock to day, 28,829 bales. of which 11,313 bales were offered by subscr1pt10n, wtthout result On the 21st mst subscuptwns will take place for out" stock of Sumatra, 5, 789 bales, and on the 25th mst for 10,788 bales m Rotterdam. HAVANA, 8 -Messrs Bosselmann & Schroe der, commissiOn me1chants, report to i'HE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Last mont h our market was very hvely, and we can report considerable sales Much attentiOn was gtven to Remedws, smtable for the Umted States, and fine 1 881 Vuelta was sought for Germany The sales for the last four weeks amounted t o 30,000 bales, d1stnbuted a s follows 1881 Remedios about 15,000, Vuelta 7,0001 Parttdo 3 000, and the rest cons1stmg of 1880 Vuelta, Remedto and Parttdo, and 1881 Remates, Quemados, Gumes, etc The pnces for all classes wflre proportiOnately h1gh. The 1881 Remedws, w biCh were quoted m the begmnmg at $36 and $40, v e t y soon rose m consequence of the brisk mqmry from the Umted States, m three weeks those par cels fit for the Ameucan market were sold Some of out dealers have bought on speculatiOn, and no doubt thetr venture will be a paymg one The askmg prices are $50 per qmntal, and the merchant who holds 5,000 bales of :fine flavored goods asks $55 und IS not eager to sell at that. The prtces of fine 1881 Vuelta are htgh and apparently wtll contmue so, probably advancmg, a:s there 1s very little fine stock On the other band, lower grades are ltkely to declme shortly. The 1880 Vuelta li! very much mqu1red after for the Uruted States, and parcels of good fillers fetch from $60 to $65 perqumtal, and wrappers, which ate scarce, $80 to $85. Good 1881 Parttdos are very scat ce, mfenor 1n larger supply, but httle mqmred for, and 1t 1s to be expected that tne pnces wdl be lower for the latter In the Cigar market there was considerable move ment the past month, England and Germany bemg act1ve buyers The Umted States, however, keJ?t vEory qmet All the manufactories have started agrun, ana m respect of the Vueltas we are very glad to report a. real Improvement, both m appeatance and quality. Leaf wtth very little substance, wh1ch w the begmmng of the season, as everybody knows, 1s most used, has given place to the better and more and the goods now show better coli>rs and quality as a. consequence The manufacturers complain of the scarCity of labor, and productiOn and deliveey are bmhna Romeo y Juheta, Por Larranaga., Legttmldalll, Granadma, etc. The ap,pearance of these goodsl Mpeetally the finer styles, IS lll every respect consiaeta'"bly better than m the begmnmg of the seasob, but, unfortunately, the so much desued lustrous colors are only m small proporuon, bemg represented, as a rule, mostly m the more substantial colors, as m Colorado Maduro and Maduro 1The pro ductiOns of M Garcia Alonzo, Cabal & Cabal, Guardian, High L1fe, Flor de Morura, Belmda, etc are very satisfactory In these ,grades we :find now and then mgars whiCh slightly differ respectmg quahty, and whiCh 18 accounted for by the fact that success was not attained m the mtxmg of fillers. ThiS ev1!, however, wtll be easily remedted, and we that w1thm one month the goods will be sattsfactory m every respect Cheap c1gars, conststmg of Parttdo, of handsome color, are made m the f ollowmg fac:tor1es-Flor de Juan Lopez, Lopez & Garcta, Flor de V1c1, La Venus, R. Renduele1, R BIJUr y Alvares, Bemto Snares, La Cap1tana, Grand Goleoto, Soto y Vega, lnor Tropical etc These goods have also Improved m color and quahty, but the appearnnce I S not so handsome as be fore. Exchanges on the 15th m Havana was as follows:EXCIIAlfG 11:8 Sterltng 60 days 19 @19" per-cent, P. Marks, 60 day8. 2 @ Uruted States, 60 days II do 3 __ Francs 60 days ll u n Spant8h gold 93 @93" The shipments from Havana have beeo:Tobacco (bales). Cigars. 10,881 8,281,809 8 368 10,203,190 8 900 10,513,450 7,323 8,558 ,44& 7 319 7,814,955 5,988 6,694,982 7,206 10,6 14,240 8,935 9,682 049 11,833 10,975,778 Totals'fornme months 76 253 8 3 338,899 Agamst 92,993 bales and 99,795,623 mgaro m 1880. -Enghsh tobacco manufacturers are still vJ,;orousl:y for the repeal of the lately add'8d tax. =nd Dealers In Pennsylva.."-U. Td!a..f' Tobll.CCO. 83 1f:J;pth DUke atieeite P.A. ('


OCT. 22 'i' HE. T 0 B A. C C 0 LEAp., G. W. Q-AIL & AX, Packers of Seed Leaf AND IMPORTERS OF ta .... a 408 rAsT 59th STREET, :NEW Yo:ax, <.; HAVANA TOBACCO I I CARL UPMANN, OIB.ce: 178 Pi..ARL STRE:t.l', YO::E'I.2C., JOSEPH A. VEGA. JACOB BERNllEDJ. A 'VVa;ter S-tree-t, N". --------& BERNHEIM, I :E"'ack.erlil a:111c:'l e>:r" HA. VAN A TOBACCO, :J.B7 :E"'E.A.B.L ST::EW.EET, 'P"O::E'I.::E. EST::EW.ELLA. .Ne>. ::J..S, .A.. Valle. SARTORIUS & CO., Havana LEAF Tobacco, 171. :E"'EA.::E'I.L ST::E'I.EEIT, lSI YO::E'I.:&;:. F & CO., We have Just lleceived Large :B.A. 'VAN A Importers of @ Leaf Tobacco, Importations of EINE-OLD EiJT Y"C>:R:S.. Silii'MA:TRA T6B!A:CCO, LOZANO, PENDAS d: Co., Personally selected in .. ::I:*O::E'I.T3D::E'I.B OF' llollan4, :vAMIA._ LP.$.GO t Brand. .A.NP SUXT..A.BLE FC>:R Manufacturers of Fine Cigars J: lllA.RJ[. A. T C> EI.A. OC C BOB P::BI..a.::E'I.L BT::E'I.:BJEIT. "V"C>::EW.:&;:. '----:E"'::E'I.%0E& "VE::E'I. V ::E'I.EA.SO:N" A.::BLE. I ADDRESS E. HOlTMAN & SON, 149 Water St., New York._ !&-874 ..... --=w ... -... c. s. PHILIP'S PROCESS FDR RESWEATING TO 0FII'ICE OJ' .BENNET & HALDEMAN, MARIBTTA, VESTA P. 0., Lancaster Co., PA., Nov. 17, 1830. BleeD ACKNOWLEDGED A GREAT SUCCESS. Me8!1rs. C. S. PHILIPS & Co., Ne'v York:-GENTLE r-1 I lie KEN-We kava just taken the first case out of the e;l'l The following letters will explain themselves: sweating apparatus, and are very much pleased with ;: ;& i ,. OWICE OB' KERBS & SPIESS, the result. It was th01oughly dark, and tough NEw YoRK, Aug. 28, 1879. enough to be given immediately to tbe strippers. (Ia .,J Messrs. 0. S PHILIPS & Co., New York:-GENTLE Yoursverytrul:v. (Signed) BENNET&HALDEMAN. .a. :111e"'"" Tctba.ooe> ...,..,..h.a."t Trade :n.oec:'l: l HEN-It affords us great pleasure to daour OFFICil: OB' R R. CRESSMAN, Manufacturer of Cigars, Keep Fme-O.t. Plac &Dtl Leaf Tobacco and Hoist, and prevents Holding; is perfectly Taste latest patent for the fermentation of to acco and rk: TYLERSPORT, PA., Aug. 2 9, 18B1. leo, .... a doe not atreot tlaetlavor of the Tobacco in anyway. In using it, there b no interference with the colors a perfect success, and in the future it Messrs. C. S. PHILIPS & Co., New York:-DEAR SIRS tlae prooeu of H&Dafaoturing, and Tobacco can be prepared ao usual, We have duplicate ordera from will be the only adopted in our factory, espe -Your apparatus is doing me great service. I have thooe who baYe need it. All we aok 1.a a trial to ootlviaoe you ofito val110, a-p and Economical. Price cially as there is no objectionable feature, nor the use two constantly in operation, and find they give exoalyl2perGalloa,or26operPint. of any artificial means required to produce the most cellent results. Since I am u sing your Hot Water Forfurtberlnformatlonaddresl ..... "M"TCHAELIS, 202 Fulton Street, NEW YORK. satisfactor)' result. The s}mple procheduref andboeasd Y Heater I find it the simplest, cheapest and beet method .A&. .A&..& management puts it within the reac o every y, of 1eeweating ever known, and take pleaEure in and we can recommend it to all our friends in the to recommending the same. (Sign ed) R. R. CRESS11lA..'f. E. GA. TO &. ce>., B. H. IMPORTER$ OP Havana 62 Beaver St. New York. A.. C. R.O:OR.:J:G:UE.Z &, CC>., Importers of Havana Cigars and Leaf Tobacco, And Manufacturers of the delebrated of Key West Havana Cigars, cc Es-trella, de Ca.yc::. ::E1:'1.1esc:... :N"e>. 019 :Bea-v-er :N"e-.:>17 "V"o:rk. FINE LOUIS SIEBER, & SIEBER, CIGARS AND DEALERS IN .LEAF TOBACCO, !6, 18 & 20 St., and 2,, 4 & 6 :HaiJ PL, New York. bacco trade who desire well-cured and dark-colored goods .;;,, Yours very truly, KERBS & SPIESS. Want of space prevents us publishing scores of OWJOE OJ' SPEAR & HELD, NEW YoRK, Sept. 4 1879. other letters we O:ll testtfywg to the merit of the Messrs. c. s. PHILIPS & Co., NewYork:-DEAR Smsabove process. whwh IS new. to be _the Having resweated several lots, both P!!nnsylvania and only method Ill the Umted Connecticut, of tobacco on onr premses under your States. Thetr H.ot Heatet I S now latest improved process, we take much pleasure in in-adopted _by usmg the above process for 1ts forming ydu that as a success it has proved beyond safety, S1mp_lic1ty and .cheapness for cost of _fuel. our expectations. By your process the tobacco turns Ev!Jry Leaf Pealer a_nd Ctgat; Manufacturer who WIHhes out well cured and good, dark. uniform colors, and to the quahty of h1s and. secure well free from any smell whatever. We find the process so cured, datk-sweatec!goods of ncb, colors, and simple and perfect in every respect that we have no fr:e from sm:ll, w1thout any e, and for a cer heSitation in recommending it to the trade in tamty tune, not .fall to u .se We remain, gentlemen, Yours, &c., SPEAR & and apparatus. For further mformatwn .an Clrcu D I A 25 1880 Iars, please address the mventors aqd proprietors. AVENPORT. A., ug .. C.S, P,HILIPS & (JO,, 188 Pearl S'reet1 New York, Messrs. C S. PHILIPS & Co., New or their Philadelphia branch 131 nd 133 N W t I now report a full and satisfactory result wtth Street, Philadelphia; and JaES PHILIPs 70 your resweatmg. appar atus, and I hereby mclose you a Street Cincinnati Oh io check for $90 (runety dollars) as 11er contract. 1-------...;.'-------------Very truly yours, NICHOLAS KUHNII:N. 0B'B'ICE OB' A.. HEss&Co., OTTAWA, ILL .. 0ct.l1.1880. MeijSl"S. C. 8. PHILIPS & Co., NO\V York:-GENTSWe r eceived your second resweating apparatus, and are using both of them very successfully, as your pro cess is very simple and easy. We are getting highly satisfactorY,J: r esults out of our leaf, and can recom. mend them to every manufacturer of cigars. Very respectfully, (Signed) A. HEss & Co. PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 23, 1880. j BRA-DSTREET'S A JOURNAL OF Trade, Finance and Political Economy. THtS JOURNAL covers a ground the ext&t or which ts occupied by no other publication. and bma aa inwluable work of rc(e"en(e to the merchant ru1 manufacturer -There is only one woman we know who can Th A ( f c M f let other women pass her by without looking. aftet e nentton 0 I gar anu acturers them to see wbetber tben polonatses are &hi T <1 m the ._ Messrs. C. S. 'PHILIPS & Co., New York:-GENTS I have resweatedseveral cases of tobacco by your pro cess and apparatus, and am highly pleased. with tho result. I would not be without your apparatus for do1,1ble the I paid you for it. 'X:he book of ins.truc tio!:ls you sent IS better than anythmg ever pubhshed on resweating. Any one who reads your book and cannot resweat tobacco successfully must be very dull of comprehension. (Signed) FRED'K W ARNBAOH. REGULAR AND 'TJtUSTWORTKY COURSPOHD1lHCJt0 fur .. n ished by experts, expressly for this juntal from all the principal trade centres of this country is embraoci in its columns. elbow and cut bias on the watch pocket. woman IB respectfull y called our Large Stock of FINE RFr in question is a tobacco sign on Pine Street. Williiwts1878 WRAPPERS. 'l'he po1t Breakfast 'l'ahle. quahty these greatly enhanced by our Beswea.tlDg.J'rocess, w}uch 1.9 wholly a NATURAL on!!, being entirely FREE from dyes and chemicals. Of splendid dark colors, these goods are also excellent .in quality and burn well ... )Manufacturers of fine cigan Will find this stock particularly well adapted to ali -Th e cigarmannfncturers of Chicago wan cigats fixed At $5 p .el" thousand, .an ::E'I.:loh.Z111e>ll1c:'l, "V'a,, PBOl'RIETOR AND SUCOESBOR TO OLIVER & ROBINSON'S PLUG, SMOKING TOBACCO and CIGARETTE BUSINESS. Tho celebrated .. brands formerly I 1 BALTIMORE, Feb 25, 1881. Messrs. C. S. PHILIPS & Co., New York:-GENTs We have resweated a11 our tobaccos since the 1st ef October, 1870, under your and admit that your npparatus hasgtven ent1resat1sfact10n. Yours truly, (Sign ed) HEINElllAN.BROTHERB. OFFICE oF MitSsns. HuAu & Co., JACKSONVILLE, FLA., May 17, 1881. Messrs. C. S. PHILIPS & Co ., New York:-GENTs As regards the taste imparted to the leaf by your pro cess. we are bound to say it is magnificent and. the colora even and the buruing of the wrappers beautiful. 'Yours tmly, (Signed) Hu.w & Co. OWIOE oF BARON& Co .. BALTibtORE. MD. ,.Jnne7,1881. Messrs. C. S PrrrLIPS & Co., Ne,vYork:-GENTs-"\Ve have used your No. 3 sweating npparatus for the last six months and find it in every way satisfactory as to your recoir:mendation. (Signed) BARON & Co. McSHERRYTOWN, Pa., June 23, 1881. MessrH. C. S. PHILIPS & Co., New York:-I have been using your apparatus for several and well pleased with tbe result.. I finu. no 1n operating the same by fo llown ;tg your mstructwns. Yours r e s pe c tfully, (S1gned) F. X. SMITn. F. F, EL"\VELL, F. H. HRACKET'I", Ttm CONDmOH AND l'ROSPIICTS o( TUiouJ marketa ... camully n:conlod, and the .,..;billoies aud apportuai. ries for trade are demonstlalcd as by DO ocher medium extant. e e Ou&STJONI OP COMMERCIAL tm"BRB T and ""'fully and ably dUeusocd editorially, .,!thout by some of the most rapoaaibtc writers 111d ltalllticiaDo or the time. T;.m BUSIH.ass CHANGBS in the Unitld States and Canada-such as Wlures, tions of part.nenbips, chattel mortgages, etc., etc.-are prio:S,:.; each issue, aOO the lis t is mons complete and comp va than can be obrained through any other source. THll CfRCULA TIOM OF THIS JOtnufA,L 'beinr among the best merchants, manufacturers, and bankinl:" iutitutiona of not only this country but many foreign, it presents an advertisiag oppertunity to aJ WrUted a.umber ot linklau baAb, -Circulates as freely and le ae well known as theN. Herald. 8y Unaulmoua CoDaent Pronounced THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE Suitable for Druggists. Foster, HUson & Co., Cor. Avenue D .... a 10th St., Jrew York. 833-884 5 Speo1.a.1 N'o"ti.oes. WANTED.-Fifty Form Cigar-makers wanted im by Crouse & Co., Reading, Pa., at New. York pr1ces. 870-872 FOR of Rogers largeijt tobacco cutter m p er.fect w1th. press and packiug boxes. Size of kmfe. 12 mches; s1ze of cut, 8 inches; brass lined; cost $1,200; can be bought for $800 cash. Apply by 1etter J. G. G., TOBAcco LE.(I.F offico. 870-872 WANTED.-A young man 18 to 20 years of age must be etfi0ient bookkeeper, and have undoubted one with the cigar manufa<. turmg busmees preferred. Address. stating salary ex pected, "Manufacturers," Office of TOBACCO LEAll'. 870. TO LET. At 78 Bowery, five lofts 100x21i. Strong building good light; suitable for cigar manufactory. Apply to N'ISBET, 870tt 15 Beaver Street. W ANTED.-A situation as fo;eman in a cigar .bY a man competent in every respect to fill the poe1t10n. Address H. A., this officE). Engagement Wanted. The D:dvertiser, desirous of changing his present poeiWIShes to make some arrangement With a respon Sible Tobacco House, by which ability and knowledge of. Tobacco and of the Trade can be made use of to Is a good judge of Tobacco of au kmds, havmg bt!en connected for eight years withj a Leaf. House 10 Bt-emen, and for the last five years with letldmg Tobacco Manufacturing Firms of this ?ountry, to whom .refers; is thoroughly competenL m all matters to mercao tile affairs Address A. Z., care of P. 0 Box 2520 New York 86"8-871. :0:. GENUINE DUCK ISLAND LEAF TOBACCO 2 I 6 N. Water Street, Philadelphia. 868l71 1,000 Tons Tobacco Stems In lots of not less 1 ton (2.000 lbs. ), pressed in bales or hogsheads. HlA"heet market price paid H. K. BRAINARD, 867-870 Thompsonville, Conn. W ANTED-Posi_tion as or Manager of a Wholesa l e or Retatl Tobacco and C1gar Business bythe of January or May next; 14 years' experience m all 1ts speaks several languages; bes t of refer-ence. .t1..ddress JERSEY Elizabeth N J 869* F?.R SALE.-A tresh Sljpply of 100,000 pounds genu me DEERTONGUE FLA.VOR for smoK:ing tobacco in lots to suit purchaees, at lowest figures. M:ARBUR\i BROS., 145, 147 and 149 1:). Chailes Street, Baltimore. FOB SALE. 1880.-PENNBYLV.ANIA..-1880 h _ad the experien<;e of a number of years in t"I!-e buYing of Leaf To_bacco, I to. engage my ser VlOOS to some respo081ble party In buymg and packing same. I a wareliouse with capacity of hold mg 500 cases, &tuated on the Pennsylvania R. R., in the centre of a fine tobacco growing country the dief!'Om Lancaster City giving me great m buymg. I. have also a fine packing of 270 cases 1880 crop, wh1eh I offer at reasonable figures; will sell the whole or part of packing. ., Call on or address H. C. WITKEB, Christiana.. Lan-cll8ter County. Pa. 858-8'1'0 The VDIGIN .qUEEN are not They are abaolntely pure, IBlld., so14ea -&obaeeo. A. &o& will eonvluee &D7 one. CHAS. R. ME881NCER, Manufacturer, Te>'lo, o. T. H. .k Co., 161 Malden New York, lole Aaeu\8 tor N e w York City and VJelnlty. PAPER liQUORICE under :Letters Patent Aug. 7, 18'77, and Oct. !2, 1878, bT The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, whlch he offens to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will fl.nd it to their Interest to apply to him before purchasing else where. A. TELLEB.,. Packer, Commission M:ercha,nt, AND WHOI.ESALJ: DEALBa IN LE.A.P TOB.A.CCO, No. 233 NORTH SHIPPEN STREET, IIL.A.N'O.A.&TE:R,, : \' S. HaiD.nierscblag, PATEN'T:m::m, No. 52 DEY S'l'BEET, BEW YORK. N. B.=The trade is Cautioned against PurcbasingWaxed Paper madt by Infringers, agaiPSt some of whom I have suits now pllldiag. .. {.


THE VIRGINIA TOBA'CGO GtriB RIE & CO., 225 boat Street, New York, Commission Merchants, .. -:lln:J.--BALERS OF TOBACCO for EXPORT !4" ::4l'J.U{ Tobaccos for:.,fxpon, xr H J I 1 83' FRONT1 STREEli, .... } ,. NE'VV ""2"C>R.K...1 r 1 SBBDtB!PTOBACCOINSfECTION 'T' :E:a.peo1:ed or Sa.:n:i:.1ed. &.A.N"C:EI:Ez; lElA. ""SZ:-A: I 30,,. I 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MAKUJ'ACTUII.Elll OJ' FINES'f GLEAR -H! V ANA 'CIGARS, .l'ftl'4e4 Jtiab41l :r.tlldal lxhiblt.lml, lto'76, l'b!!IAti*B ALSO lMPOit.TJ:RS-QF HAVANA CIG'ARS & LEAF TOBACCO L. T'U'R,A, -IMPORTER OF-H:AVANA tEAF TOBACCO And. Fl:N"El Cl:G-AR.S. PROPRIETOR OF THE BRANDS: "N"ann.1.c::)" "1\l.[i N"ona," No. 86 MAIDEN LAN!E, NEW YORK. 'R.G-LER., lllanaftletrer ot FINE CIGARS, .&ad Dealer Ill LEAF TOBACCO .. 85 MURRAY ST., li'EW YORK lily Braudo:-11 CUBA" LIBR..'' -: "CLIMAX." H. KOENIG & CO. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN 9 HAVANA, AND SBBD LBAP' --clOVNTRY SAliPLING PB.OMPTL'E ATTEN!DED TO.-J for every Case, and dellveMd Case b7 Case, a1 to ndmber' of O.rtlHcate. lf1 B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. I 1 HE:snv Rosm;wAI.D, SIGliUNU ; TOBA.ooos. 226 PEARl .ST., NEW YORK. Depot and Agency I :P. C. &J 1 CO. ::Eira:n.oheliil: E. W .. Dlck. e'r,ILOn, .co:rner or Arch and Water Strepts, PbJl&;dcJplLta, Pa.; Henry Forelit, N. & Chestnut, and 28 N. Charlotte Sts. L-ilncn,ster, J. &: P. CarJ, Hutficld, Dinss.; Ed,vard Aluittu., 8utneld, Conn.; A II". Atherton, 170 State Street, laJ"tfo,.d, _Conn.;, 1 .ll.enry or:one, 29 E. 4th St., Dayton, Ob.lo; lUlchacl -o arehb-u.sea : 1 I f ., Hudson Rive>; B. R. Depot, St. Job.J?-' Park,; 74 nnd '16 Str'let; 182 to 188 Pearl Street 1 and l42 Water S reet. 1 c::>ffloe, 142 S-t N'e::o"'" .. ,{ J' I 1 r c (}.'Oia Jlrr ll IP. 'v {n. 1 1 A. A. Hunt. C 151_.!,1 JO!Cfll(.a 11 C I ;au 1 ......... (i tJ 0 : &&& v I t ..-""' 1 f\ '' f ( j_ C:l "ty "W e:lgh rs. I ST01l!:_,AI?E .. WA,RJ:l{OUSE=-jNoo. 125 and -'-1'7 FRONT STREET. 17o Wa'ter 81: "York. COUNTRY SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ': ALDI:BT 133 WATER N'El!V &GBNT,S:-JJ.II'. IIUlUJIUR'r, Har.f&rd, Conn., IM State St.; R.lR.fl'ROST, Lancaster Pa.-J53 lWrtjl Queen-tlt.; J. R. !ANDERSON, Phlladelphla, ,Pa., w:"-W. HALES, Daytor1 0.1 TOBACCO INSPHGTORS, Briar .Piucs .and Smokers' Articles, WATER STREET, \W :.EW YORK. Ne"'DV 'York. And VIENNA, AUSTRIA, r end; and I! the smoker a hetter fit to the tubo. The ted in a storage receptacle for Send for price list. Jro, p i';"E. OWEN, Commission Merchan Tobacco and Ceneral .t..ND DEALERS IN fooa.cco. Cigars. ,' "L"1'1h t' .,,,, LICORICE PASTE, FIN(-CUT TPB.AGCDr t ...... as Broad 207 ami 209 Water Street yoar r WW"'C'V TO'lR.:K. PIPES L. HHiRSC H H 0 & BEN DHE it;f;eim, :M:a:n.-u:.:f'ao-t-u.rers o:f' FINE CIGARS, No. 35 Bowery, New York. & Lyall, 10:1. .A.:X:..:Lo ST., Oo2:l:Ln::>.eroia1 Fac-tory. lSI'. MANUFACTURE THE FOLLOWL';'G CELEBRATED BRA!<"DS OF lPLU'G-TOBA.OCO: P:Lo.A.1'J E'T' FANCY D}l.RK NAVIES; N'EJPTU .N'E, FANnY BBIGHT NAVIES; STANDARD URIGllT NAVIES; S.A.:X::Loc::>B.s STANDARD DARK The reputation or these gocds Is world-wide, and the Increasing sales ot them Is proof of their merits. EJEI-.:l'V .A.R.EI OF Our Trade-Mark 'H..T is Embossed on every Plug. OliPP':EOE& 1 &OSTON: 31 Central Street; CINCINNATI: 69 West Second Street; CHICACO: 9 Wabash Avenue ; $AN FRANCISCO Battery Street; PHILADLIDHIA: 39 Front Street I E ,lWSENW ALD: & BRO. I & of I 145 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. R.A:J:LR.O..A.:J;lt. :w.I::KT iw;e& Maccabcy, Rappee, Scotch, American Gentteman, lundyfoot. 'V:ER.G-XN'X.A. S:MO:U::Z:N'G-TOB.A.OCO: Vho: PRINCE ALBE!].T, COLORADO, UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPllfCJs. BLACK TOM, ,A.&; TOEJ.A.OCIO: gan ROAD JIDLUI. PRDICJJ: at BI!JlT, GO'rBAII, OLD JIIDKOlLY,.. lo. 133 WATER and 85 PINE STREETS, New YoPk. .. OB I"BICB LIST ADDB-"" o ,f.I"I"LY .t. ABOV.. 08' THE 'MANUII'AOTUBJ: OJ' &.W.&!IL &Al 254 256 Ganal st., cor. Elm, BcwYert WISE & BEND HElM, Agts. -ills & Cullman, Succeasora to Fox, Dilla &: Co., DEALE.R8 iN HAVANA. ; And J'acl

oCT. 22 ---I GABS, 309 E. Fifty-Ninth St. New York. JA.l!ES BRUSSEL---A. IJCHTENSTEIN -AND-SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA .l.a4 SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 1158 WATER STREET, J(-.r Malden Lane, NEW YORK. s. BOSSIN. !d. ROOIIlN. S. ROSSIN & SONS. PACKERS OF seed Lea:r, AND nll'ORTEBB OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 173 Water St., New York. E. & 8. FRIEND & CO., aacl Dealen la LEAF TOBACCO, 12S' Malden Lane, D, 1... NEW YORK. l.oJtOllARn FRIKND. G. I'ERNA.BDEZ, HAVANA LBAF TOBACCQ ao8 Pearl Street, New "(oik; L. NEWGASS, P.I.()EBft-.u.L 131 Water Street, New Yort ----LEERET ct, BLASDEL, llANOFACTUJ.llRS or' Cie:ar Eozas &riOi. WitiJ' St. smcnse, B. Y. 'l'HE TOBACCO LEAF. LAGHENBRUCH .. & ,BR9. P.&O:au:BS 01' LEAF .&liD DIJ'OBTEJUI 01' I 184 WATR 8TR T, NEW YORK. HANlJI'ACTUBEJUI 01' CIGARS, ADd Dealer. ba .tEIF TOBACCO, 123 ChambePS St., And aJlldnds of Smoking Tobacco. Aloo lllanutaGturen of the wellknown Brands of Bright Plug Chewing: 'Onward,' FriondslliD. and Sailor's Solaco. Manufactory & Salesroom, Cor. Avenue D & Tenth St. I New York. W. (). Bowera. W.JD.. Rawllus, .Jr. WILLIAM C. BOWERS & CO., Dealera Ia. 1he ColJowloc Speel!'l Braolh oC FINE DOMESTIC CIGARS, "Bowers," "Old Man," "Impudence." P"Ure Cll-oocl.a I I Ciru lnuractnrer 1 Dealer It tear !obacco, 6 runwot st., lew Yurt. No. 70 PINE STREET, NEW YORK CITY. THE MILLER, DUBRUL & PETERS MANUFACTURING :U:.A..N"C':JII'.A..OT'D'R.:.a.& O:JP cREASELESS VERTICAL TOP, A.XD FLANGE TOP CIGA.*' SHAPERS, ac. 7 MANUEL GARCIA ALONZO. ;I Gumersindo. Garcia, MANUFACTUBHR of FINH CICABS, V .AN" A, CUBA.. DON BUIJOTE DE LA I!ICU. BoyaJ Manufactory of Cigars. J'U.&r..., Cue"tc: & Co. PURVEYORS 01' THB JUJfG 01' 8P.&.Dr Bramfs: .. LA FLOR DE NAVES," and "OBESO Y CU!TO." I Havana Cigar -ManufaCtory. Brands: '"Cortina, Mora y Ca.,,'' 11 Flor De Cortina," Estella and Shakespeare." 'V""U.e11:a. .A..' S1:a.n.darcl FRANCISCO G. CORTINA, Es1:re11a. 1e4. EJ:a:van..a. 0"U.'b&. Havana Cigar 8 Manufactory. Brands: 'La Perfecclon,' 'La Cuerra bella,' 'Aurora' 'Napoleon.' VUZLR ABA.JO STANDABD EXOLVSIVEI.Y, B.UDESINDO CUEVAS & CO., :U:al!o;la. ae, :IS&"V'a:a.a. 0-q.'ba.. 1A FtOB DB j, S. MUHIAS & tO. MANUFACTURERS. Of-FINE La F-lor Y & 1 MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGAR CaJle Estrella :JJ;av,, Cuba. "FLOl-DH LOPHZ y CAHCIA." G-aro1a, MANUFACTURERS .Of FINE HAVANA CJGIRS, : Si'ti.os 9, :a::a-va:n.a .. C" -00., J c mtmssion 3 MERCAD'ERES; STREET,, Cuba.


THE T 0 B A C C 0 1. E A F. OCT. 9,2 -A'E*TTE*:E& Commission Merchants, uti Wholesale lealers in fOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACC,O, h7 NORTH THIRD STREIIT, PHILAPIILPit A. tEWIS BREMER' S SONS, Who l e a1e Dealers b !LEAF" AND UANUFACTlmED NORTH THIRD STREE1'. PHILADELPHIA. lirA la!J{e a ss ortment of all k inds oC l.B.U' ToBACCO constant ly on hand ..Q HAY & SMITH, P&eka, Commiaam Korcha.nts & Dea.len In IEED L EAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 2r4 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. "'D". &. Tc:p CIGAR MOUlD MANUFACT'G CO. Cor. Rid[e & North Colle[e Ave's, Philadelphia, Pa. Is now retailing 118 dift'erent shapes and sizes;, from the f actor.y, at greatly reduced prices. Every moul d warranted unifonn. If i ize pur chued b e DOt suitabl e it will be exchanged, or money returned. Our 4fm is t o give pertect N.tisfaction to the trncie. The medal and diploma awarded a t tke Centennial wa.s to the U S. Solid .rop Mould. Oftlcia.ldocuments can be seen at the ofltce corner Ridge_ and North Col lege Avenues. V S SOLID TOP CIGA H. M:O ULD CO, A full atock with H. W.ATTEYNE, 216 Pen.r l S t New York, Sole Agent. M.B.1YicDowell & Co. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, .... u. v-.1... u. .... o.,, Western Advertisements. T HEO J. McGOWAN, ESTABLISHED J Bla, R. C 11LISS SeDIOI' Partner o f late McGowllll Broo Tc:ba.ccc: D'.l:a.c'htne:r. :U:oQ.O'VV A..N P"O:U:P 00., XANUFA.m'URERS 01!' Plug Tobacco Machlner,, HJCiraullo Pumps, Double End Finishers, Pressee, Wringers, Licorice Kettles, :D:r,7 E'to., 14.1.8 "''gV'. &EICC>N:D CZ.NCX::N'JN'.A.TX. LORINPALMER,NewYork ; W.H. RUSSELL,Chlc&g0 \Best,, R.ussell &. Cc:., ll8CELLANEOU8 ADVERTISEIEITS TOEI.&cco. 50 Central Boston. ISAAC SA.MUEL, KAi'FENBURGH, Windsor, Conn. Boston. WholeSaTO'-iOiiiCConists, ... And Sole P roprietors of t h e G enuine GOLDEN CROWN Ci[ars, SEED LANEDADEALlllF TOa JNBACCO 57 S't. a.:tt:Ld. 41 S1:a.1:e S't., Ch.:l.oa.5o, ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:-J STRAITON & STORM' S Cigars r.nd Cigarettes; D. H. McALPJN & CO.'S Plu!l T o bacco;_HORA YCE&R. N o 3 2 Central Wharf, CO.'S Key 'Vest' C igars; ,V. T. BLACKWELL N.. CO., Durbrun, :N. 0 ; J J \ HAGLE CO .'S "MAYFLUWER,, Detroit, Mich.; J. W. OARROLL'S "LONE JAC K, Lynchburg, Va. ....... GOO DWIN 1JL CO S ''OLD JUDGE'' Tobacco and C:lgn.:rett.e; HALL' S BETWEEN THE ACTS;'' rnd F. S. KINNEY'S CIGARE'I"'ES. -WM S KIMBALL & tO'S '!ANITY FA!ll 10F'.Cl'C ,., CIGAP.FTTES !LY. pfye Krothel'll 16-oz Poun o Loac J,olln 90 Brlt:ll& anA BIQek. 014 6oCent Plu& 'lDd all othe r Popular Style Pine Nay y Tobaeeo, B:EI:N'T'C'OB:"Y' St:eam Cigar-Box Fac'tory. ,The Largeat ill the Weot. Capacit)', B-e per W-k. B .. SUBBRT; WHOLESALE DEALER-rN :a;: ..4. 'V ..4. N' A. -AND-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO 231 East Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILL, GEO. B. BARNES,_ CONN. SEED LEAF. -AND-Conn. Havana Tobacco Warehouae Poiat, Connectic u t _...,.,__ 1'1'5 W a ter ltreet, lfew Y ... k Cttr. C. 0. HOLYOKE, W hole aale Dealer Ia., Western Leaf T obacto AFRICAN SHIPPERS A SPECIALTY. PREPAIU:D OF JAMES PHILIPS. KNIGHT & co.. E. .. FLACK. PERUVIAN qUANO & ANIIAL BONE. CIGA MA:oDfRSLABELS TOBACCO BROKER, LOTTIER'S Ta.zr Toba,ccc: -ANDW. T. BLACKWELL & CO.'S At. Lowest Pnces by LORENTZ & AND NOTICEs. HOPKINSVILLE, KY. Chemical and Super Phosphate Baltimore, M:d. Steam Printers and Engravers, BBPBBBl'f()Btl: Jrao. 0. L&t.liua, llaak of JOHN BEHRENS & co B. E. Voca, G F X:oou. P.::\lnto,good o,:er. CZ:N'CZ:N':N'.A.TZ Oo ., R. E. Vocke & Co., 70 o. BEIRY MEYER &., CL &:DII.oktn 'Tc:.'baooo, Jgw.!Ytrk JJoston, P1ttnurn; Cbicaa:a, st. Louis and CinGinnan. Leaf ooiiissloNAJERGH1NTs T:BEI COMMISSION MERCHANTS, DEALERS IN HAVANA TOBACCO, s. E. eor. cbeapte& Lo-bal'd sa.. Qneen CO., A n d W ho t eoa t e Deal ... ;'" ... .. "' 'o8.-pll J.oe.. JhDjamiD. Labe. 1'. A. .......... .1, II. liii.-PRAGUE & MATSON, Jesepb. Leeb &, P&CJK.BBS &ND DE&LBIUI IN (Entrancooni.omba.rd Street,) _..._ tr:::l. OHIO AND CONNECTICUT No. 20 Water Street, EI.A.X..TX:DI.I:c:>:n.EI. :DI.I:d.. '-'..&.-=or LEAF TOBACCO LEAF TOB!GGO BROKERS; EI.A.X..TX:D/.I:OR.:BJ. !OF' Leat T obacc o l'rc!>;ed In Bales a Specialty. And Dealel'lln LEAF TOBACCO, Lea Tobacco, :J..,W,.\ LEAP No. Ill North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA, -Warehouoe-121l North WAter St. PA. aa North Y(ater &treeto North D ':Ware lPW 1 I I c Joseph Wallace, (Bticcessor to Cooper & 'Walter. ) MA!o.'UFACTURER O F TOBAGGO Al'ID DJW:&JI8 Dl Soanish and Domestic Leaf fobacca. JJ,&eo ....... Girard 'tth 11t:reet, PHILADELPHIA., AGENTB 1'011 ...,. lii1LLER. DUBRUL a: PBTSBS CINCINN ATI C I G AR MOLDS. IITR4P8, lll'o. DRESEL, RAUSCHENBERG & CO., T11BACCO SHIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Il'IPORTEBS OF GEB.lii:AN POTASH and FERTILIZING SALT, L i v erpool Line of !Jieamer au4 Recalar Paeketa to B:remea, a._. Rouerda aad ll S. GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. & .--c;;. H. ltf. "oaAccd &HIPPula' ) EALDJN'' -.....utD. IMPORTED A DOMESTIC COMMISSION L E A F T 0 8 A C 0, 46 and 48 Chart St., 31 German St.,' Baltimore, Md. 8,W,eor,Looar41 ... 111alu..on, ... DARK WRAPP ERS CON S T ANT LY O N HAND DAVID G. masH,i RUDOLPH HENSCHEN .Bxten.aiYe Dau.uaet11Nr of CHEAP CIGARS; l'llaa .. or Mo. 607 F:b1e &1:ree1:, -PJULADELPHIAIPA. -PENNSYLviNiA-sEiit'msAcco. ciGAR BoxEs J L FREY, J L WEIDLER. 8 East Chestnut St., 338 :uo s. SHAJUO 8'f' FREY & WEIDLER LANCASTER, p A. EI.A.X.ITX:M:O:R.EI, Dealel'lo and Paeker ID P romptl .Pille4, I _.. 600,000 ctaan -..... "'"' DOHAN & .. ,.., ... 1 tobacco Commission Merchants, 107 ARCH STREET, x..o.A..N'C.A.IBITE:n., :E2.A.. DEA.L E K S I N I -I o..A.. J :Manufacturers of all Styles otSweet Navy Chewing Tobacco,\ \ And t"'! Oelehrated Bmnd o f At the CENTENNIAL EXPOS ITION, Se ptember 27, 1 87'8, THIS TOBACCO W .AS A WARDED THE HIGHEST PRIZE; Carolina &, Virginia Leaf Tobac,co. 'EIU'V' G-:R..A.:DES C>Z\1' C>:R.:DEI:E'J,o ,., . ... Handle S.craps, Lugs, Fillers, Smokers and Wrappers of a i l G-rades, and guarantee satisfaction. ; N'. C. y o u R ORDERS S OLICITED, Otllce: Cor. Byrne and Halifax Streeto, JOeter IU'C' V a l'aator:r: 19 Seocmd Diatriot, Vlrlfbda. Manufacture and offer to the trade the fo ll owlllg Celebrate Brande o f PlUG cHEWING and SMOKING TOBACC.OS: "THE CHIEF, Brl&bt NaYy,tn all t:r:J.,. & & lfeady PJup, 'PAKA.G 0a"4" '' "ECLIPSE" h "' "ST. GBOiGE," ' "VINCO," Ma.Jioganr N avy, '-' h : : "VIRGIN I.A. Mahop DJ" Navy,:: !: u Brlch\ :Navy, "N&BOn," f Black GOOds or each of the above grades. A lso a great variety o f Fine Twist a.nd Fancy Gooda o .., ...,.,.. sradea of Brigh t aud Jolahog&Dy under the f ollo wing Celebrated Branda:-"ADMIRATION," "THORMANDY," "HEART of COLD," We c&Jl t!s{)e(:lnl attention to the manner In wbiqb. our!li an! J'HI. Up, Uhll llt:ltlHH' lJta.i e l uor '' LIVE OAK.'' '' DE SOTO and CR a NCER.'' Chewer bei&m J..I!'.!_I"Cha.sing other grJV<.l s .thitikin.z ill' l'> g-f>tth l g "lit's. E,erv ){utt nnd A Caddy: has 'J KSON.:!,i EST" t rupresSt:d into it hy a tli e PhlJ( ha....; our T\atlt-mark stri1, u J AC:::K. N S B.t;S as per dia.gnt.1l1 annexeOUGHOU'J' STATES. & CO., 118 N. Fl'ont Street, Philadelphia. h: N H. CllRISTIAN, Ga!veaton. Tex.; W E. TINGl.E, 1 8 ., ...._...., ....... .... West Second Street1,c::tnclnnatj 0.; E. W REULING l!elllA>ntg<>mery Street San Francisco,_ Ca l. : C. E. CONES, lndla.A4powo, Ind.; W.R. H OFF, South and Water Streets_ Bal timore, Md. ; C00<"ER&QQ., :Wise A) ork ..::_Agents; Mem p his, Term-; .w. G. 11'1 waterliltreet, New Yo r t ; s. Q.-114 to 120 E. Pearl St., CINCINNATI, 0, F. W. DOHRMANN, .LB!F TOBAGGO BROlHR s. E. cor. Vine & 'Front Sts., CINCINNATI. I! w WICKS & co U1 I I OJI COJDiliii[OJI. 84 W. Front St., Cincinnati. w.._tt .... Paul c. Venable, COIDIUSIO. K LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, Dn..-. on Con W. S. O'NEIL, Manufacturen;' A mts (or the Bale of Vir[inia, Missonri. and Kentucky A. H. OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO Day"to:n., 0. ..,.._.forl:lr:porli alld Home TraM proapCIJ OBAOCO. -- virginia Manut'rs s'teems & Scr8J1s G :E.oy:tt:Loh. 'b'U.r, V MILLER & HERSHEY. C. & R. D 0 R M I TZ E R & c -o. 1 ooli c l t with large m&Dufactu-...... and dea.l en!' ilo the Ualted Btateo and Europe. audo>rlll furnloh oamplaud prt-oaappllc&tloa, DEALERS IN ANP rACKERS o r PENNSYLVANI A SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. Dealers & Commisswn Merchants in I:.EAF TOBACCO, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet :Main and Second Sts., ST :E.oC>'D'%&9 :M:O. BrandS o f Imcrv;rted Lk.--orice always o n IJberal Cash A vuces on OoD..IIiglta elf .. SOJR,G &, M ANUFACTUR I::R S d f all Kinds of PLUC TOBACCO, ,_ I C>o OUR LEJ.DIKO "EJ:J:Q. and Will make contracts. LADD TOBACCO CO., LEAF TOBAGGO BIJYERS, No. 21 North Main Street, &T. x.ouxa. :DI.I:e>. W. A. BETHEL, Tobacco Broker, 6 BROAD 8TREI:T, W. E. RAGSDALE; TOBACCO BROKER."'T:l11e. y. "1Joll4 ComfOrt, "Trade Dollar,, "Tidal Wa..-e, "Blaek Dlamond,t' REFEREN C ES, BY PERim!SION : ._IJ 0. Latham, Banli: Hopldasvlll .BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY-.. ; ) I ")(. H. C2&rk a Bro .. C la.rka'rille T eDnNIM; 193 & 195 JEFFERSON AVE., DETROIT, .. IIIANlJPACTUBERS OF THE CELEBRATED BANNER BRAND FINE. CUT. JAS. A. & GO:, u Be't'ter ' 'tl:J..e Bes't." Vir$1nla and North Carol!ne "CHIC" Smoking Tobacco, of Fine Virginia Leaf. -LEAF TOBACCO, SAM'. B. SCOT'E and KENO c--s. L AI AI.&-Orden So!Jc lted. )'II, I, lii'ILL'"o Pre, Wlll', H, TEPT, VlceoPJ'e. a .... s, P, HAXTON, lee. l!efereno:a:.,W. N,SbeltoD., J', :L Burton. C. B. llollaud. T. H. PtJRYEAR, HOLT, SCHAEFER & CiJ., -----BU"YER. LYNCHBURC, VA., G. w. GRAVES, TOBACCO LHAT fOBAfco. SEEiiLEAFiDBACco. -Paducah, -Ky DAN8UIIY, CON!L


OUT. 22 Bnsi1less Directory of Admtiscrs. KEW YOBK. Leu.fT-Wu.-. Uner.t: 110-L ._d, a: J.I'JoJ.,. .. ,, t PMrl Block 41: liiOl'Arl BaroeoiJeo. B 175 Water llanlett 8. tli!l Water Buell .t l"'ocner. 1116 w-. Crawford E. ll. .t llon. tii611'!1M<. Daidson BroL t.S Water DIU .5; Cull:nan. 175 Water BpeliCJbL .. lL "'e:'-" J'rleD .ll'.,j et. ....... a-e. G W. Gtli AS'; 1111 r Gaas Broo Ill! Rooaalhal,_liO fi'aler -rt J L 'fi; B"'!-"16f'-Bo""'f Genhel llombQ!'IIIlr !_,t w&ollbrwear. E Oppea-ll. 118 Water BeUmann G. 228 Pearl. Boeenwald E. & Broo. 141 Water -'n 8. & Bolli, t'/3 Wa&er 8alomon G. & llroo-:114 Pearl Sawyer, Wallace Co. 41 Bchoverllng Bros. 142 Wa&el" llcbroodet "-Boo, Wat<>r. 8Dbabr.rt B & Oo. 1116 Water. lcb.ula J'rl. 21a Pe&ri Beymour Cbu. T 188 8lebert Benrf, 88 BTOILd. 8p1Dgr.rn E. .S: Co. D DurliDg Slip. 1'r.g, Chari F. & Boll. 184 i'ront. UpmADD, Catl. 108 P""r\ Jru..-.Aew /Ol tho Bel" or and Suwltiuu 1\ittut:cv... .A.ugual.ln It Duwel 11 Warren. varro ll & uo. 106 .....,.._ DoBola Eugene FrouL F. 156 8 W llq""" Gardiner J )), 74 .Frout.. Ben .A. ol3 U bel'tJ. Jl&rtlu. J. W ., 7'4 Vront 'l'bompaon. M.ooriiiJ .r; Co. 88 Frum WL.e a: Beudbeim., 2tH &ud CanaJ Tobae Baler. fur IC:e}1urC. Qatbrie & Oo. 2111 JronL Uu/ 7'olwa.cco Pbillps C. S. & Co. 1111 Pearl KocberL l"red. & Co. 61 Front MercJaat lleJ"DM BNtbel"'l .t. Co i & -t8 Elr:chara:e Place. TobaccO IJrOiuJra CJa$&UI John. & beaver lhae' Bon, J. 8. & co. 131 Water Oeberne, Jnmes G. 5i Drotld. Bader ?d. &: Son. :17 Bback A. JID.n1AF& of mrd Cf&etriRg Tob&ocw:. A-odenton .lohn ll4. 111 and 111 Liberty, Ark"nbur.(h 0. M .t. 0>. -tt ()-404 Pearl Bucba.nan Jt J.,yaJI, lUI II all Buchner D. & Co. and 17& Duane. &ooclwlll a 0o. 1111 a o wBelme Geo. W. 183 Waoer aod 8D l'IDe 1tiD118J-to 111111 Weollld lfoAipla D. JL & Oo.D ... Tlltller G B & Co. 117 C<>lnmNa Jlonutochlrert ol Ctgan. .Ldri&D 1L J 672 Gr&Dd Leuls & Oo. lll8 Chambers lleir, .S: Oo. 11&-W .l1er.T Morrill a: Co. ,.,_,,_Broome. Jacoby S. a: Co. liDO Chatham 8'1! a: D a: 7 Dorer s.rt1e & Bpi101' 10 111110 lleooad lllld 110 to 114 Flftv-fo, A oenue C ana !Sib 8ti'Mt. LlOiltaateln Broa. &: Oo. 707 t.o 7Je :M A'fenue Lowe JRO.. W I Rlingtoll Jleodellt. W a Bro. 1-11 Bowe.,. JlooDeUB Adolpb, &&7.12d Avenue Orgler 8 s.-. MUJTaT Otteoberr S & Bros .. il89 Bowery Pobalaki & Gr..,e ubaU, 1 )3 Chambers Steluecke a.. 131 Wa.\4:'Jr BW.ebelbe11< M. & Co., IM-1118 8oulh Filth Ave. Stralton &. 8wrm. 21Jtf Eut 97th eutro & Nf!...-uuu k. ';"8 Place Upmanu Ca.l'l. I; !i Pcn.rl &reel.. of Sttrnat ra G. W. Gail .S: AJ., 106 Water Mfln,,(acturMt of HtJtxJna Clgor& Brown & Earle, 203-009 J'oster. llill'\<.m .Co. Avenue D and lOth St. l:Iaya & eo. 130. 132. 134 Jta.Jdeo Lane IMpm teJ'I of HavanB n,.acco aM 04/arl.. Diaz B. Water J'ernandez G. Pearl lrtedm&n IAtono.1-d, :.U1 Pearl G&to E. H. fl2 G W Gail &: Ax, 166 Water o&rcia F. Dro. & Ci.t. 167 Water ctuaert J. L & Bro. lJ7 Bower,Qona.alez A lHU EerbH & llii4-HrAO 2d AYtiaue LWentballl. &: CO. J77 Pearl Lopes, C&Uxto. >!IJ6l'esrl Lo&ano }"lonoa.s &; Co. 2UY Pearl M818enR-er T. 1l & Oo. ten ll&kiea L&ae. llir&nda F. & Co. :l221"ear1 Boaaln 8. 4 8oM. J't8 WUflr SaiOIIUlD 6. 4: Broo. 11-'14 Pearl 8Anchet. Bava uo. J30, ta.. 114 Maldea LADII SartoriuS ,'C! Co. 17 I Ptt.rl 1' IIIII Front. __ J _t78P.arl ,.,._II. & 1!0. lllllald J L &CO.' IIW'IIDK 8Up. y_.. llerah ..... IIi, ...... .......... = n.or v .-..u. Ch .. l1tflll GM<( ,_,. ,....._, Dttoel, II Wanw ....... Jfoft".(at'tttren. of r., Wl QcJan. .t Rro.IJIBMde De_,-Frod'k it IUid 41 W...,_. lloFall .S: Lr.wonn, :Ill AUIT&J' Smltll H L. a: ..a. 1110 llaldeo Lao Jf-vact...-er of .Jft......W -_._ JJuodo. Welo C,rl. 'llfalker E4ufmaan Broe. &: Boody. 121 -181 Grand r ... ,.,..t ... 01a .A.-. A.quatln a; Duse1, 11 Warren lien A.. 43 I.Jhert.r KautmAUU RroA. Rond.r. and 131 Braud May 1Jr011. 11)5 2d AYe. lMporlen .a.ucu&Un & Dust'l. 11 Warren St. llart'ey & Ford, ag2 Broadway Be A. 43 l[aulmauu wroe. & Bondr. lS5f and 111 Graad llla.n.uJtlCI.Urer C.icm-ice PINk. .. A.ndrew 0. 6.'l 8&&JRford C.. J57 Jl&ldeo LADe W ea:ver ll. Sterry 24 Ct!ldar J,r,..JH'n"ter of Lcori.t Patte. Azgutmbau, Wallaee .t Co ... and 81 8. WUIIam .ln.mes C. M WatAr Weavfn" & Svwry, :U t;urtcalda.y It Arsruimha.u. .28 Bea'ler Man.ufQ.CC14N!rtl of P01.odert'd L4eurice. QUrord. Shennan & Innis. 120 William 1L Hillier's Son &: Co. Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Seed lAO! Toli(UICO Beaoei & :o. Water ftn)c:e Cbarl.,._ It bo. 1!111 WBamllton C. C. "-uo. 1711 Water Unde F. C. & Co le! Water Tol>a= llaMI"""'f. lll. Y. Tehr.coo lll&cblae Oo. 10! JobD. ToOOcoo Ptu.en. -brle .t Co 1116 Front .Uc'' of Oagar Erich B ,,. J:aot EleYOntb St. Benlr:eU Jawoo, :MODI'Ofl 8trauiJI 8 179 and 181 T...ewis W'lclle Willl&tD a: Co. 11111-111---ift CillfW'BNI Codu.r. lJIII.TD8r l. fooc or Rot .... D .... lr&s& Rler. gp_.ooe w. E. 4&-475 E.-Tenlll Importt1' of Cigar .illoldo. !Brie ... H. W. 3111-321 !a8 Eleventh St. X"'"'-'c>ct1oren o/ Clou.retfoo. llall 'l'b01DIIII B. 76 ll&rol&:r 8paAioh dftd Cigar 1M>boou a: Jol&urw, It and IN 1'1. W,_ t;01ioiooeeln a: a .... 101 Maldea Lr.oo Mra--111,1'111Lew1s W1oke Wm. .tOo. 158-161 Qoerek J6.'rn of Tol> 8/o.oNl Cardll Rtlti Doo.r.lolltoll FlY& P$1Dtl. P. 0. Boo: W19L l(.fn HllVI'tft.B FlatHJr. CallfonUa DlstllllnJ< Co 83 Wllll&m J'l1ee AI-. & BJ'OII. 11!1 Reade a: lllaurer. :tl and It N. W1Di111Ja Uptere-.e W Ill-EaoC Tenth ... MJn ., .. Old Jtulg Qoodwln .t 0o. 107-D Water. Jl-tlfae-0! g.,_. -. 1tliJDI>!I' TobiiOOO Co. llr..all Weotllld. 111.-tof-rer of 811...,. INrf-"'"-croon J'oltD J. eo. 10& :IIU1ben7 OJ CToo.U 1 Compound "'" lbQ.. Tooacco Mediu'n Crooke John J Oo. 1H., Mulhern' Mo"ufa.cturet_, of Cipfl.r Mmdda. JUiler, PeteN Co 12"" and ?de.nJ(ln JIGntVacturera of Sheet Metlll and Cigar Moulds ., 'I'M Miller. Dubrul & Peteow Mfc Co. E 19th I-.oproVomt!.dic &'f'IM.en Sternbenrer Simon. 44 Exch&qe !"lace. llORutoduren of B'toal F,ura Bobb S. A 19a C&n&l s8 1'111ud 181 Lewlo &* Jfanufaclu..- oj Jh Orlgj11tal &........ 8oal SanJdnu TObn.coo Em11teC W C. & C.u. 74 Pine lmpm-t..-. of _, Oi9arttlo Papo<. Aurustln & Dnse1, .11 Warren May 106 :!d A 'ttHlllf" The Bradstreet Co 27D Bro.Oi First Avenue Ciga.r-Boz I.....abeU aftfl 1WMtt&fM.IJL Heppenheimer &: Maurer, 22 and i4 :N. WtiUam Neuman & n. )f. Ctr. Pearl & Elm Upte&rove W. R 485-4ift East Tenth at llau:a.faoturer of Was Paper. Ham merscllllaa: S. 52 De:r at Tobacco Baggiag. Penon A. Harriman & Co. 467 Broome .&LBAXY. 1(, y JlaRufacturert of 7bltocco. Ure&r' A. Sons. Broad way ALTOONA, Pa-Mrn&ufra. o.f Pe1uurylv r .nia (.."''gcr.n. :Blumenthal J. 11'2!) Eleventh Street AMSTERDAM, Holland. l nz.imrte r s Of Seccl and Din in Suntatra Tob Urbach & FranUort. BALTIMORE, :!lid. Tobat"CO lnul"hot.Uic!. Barker & 'Waggo e r 29 South Gar Boyd w A. ll: Co. 33 South Kerekbotr & Co. 49 SQuth Klemm Chas. H 39 North Cn.lver l Marriol t. G. H. M. Gem\&D M.erte-lo & Kt:nr.per1 3! Gtorman E. E 4fi anti 48 South Cbarlee W\ac.hme,-eJ EL &: Co. 39 South Cahert lla.n uloVtJLrer.s nf Cigi'IJ'1J nnd 0'(/flretle Baron .t Hainebsch, 36 W Baltimore St. Tobacco 1\fu""'uctlwerl. Feigner F. W. & Son, 00 South Charles. Gail & A.X. 2t'i Uarn: Ma.rburg Brntht>rs. 14: to 14Y S outh Chart. cand .l/ ,.ciJ.uui.S, Vocko R. E -.t Co. e. cor. CbOI\poide and Lom br.nt Potent Ste7n RoU.en. Kerckholl G &:: C'A 49 Sonth Charlet J1onufnrf11re"' of Bozu Ben.acllell Rudolph, s:iS and MD 8. Sharp. ['rWArl, Rai18Cbeaberg & Co.. 11 Souob Gar. Tobouo Fertilinn. Lonnts & RiLtler Mfr Tobac<.-o Gmn"Miu.ting !lilal'hi'Me, .a.d&Joba B. BOSTOllf, Jluo. 04/dr Jfanuf...,...,..' All< M Jlorrltt J. W 8 Central Wllarl'. _. 1 .. aNI _,14 1-.r ,._ ba<:eo cmd CipolrL Da-port a: Lecc. M Broa4. 1--'"" of Jfava!Ul CHn. "' 1Aa! Bemis. Emery, Ceocral Wharf Joaea Qeo. H. 98 Water Juworler Manu(actwnr oj n .. m,ara. Wlld'er Cb ... W. Jr. 68 Kilby and 18 w ...... Tobo<:co Manufacturer.' l[ltt.-..dge Won. P & Co. Central Wharf Dealer in JV.,.tern l .. nJ 70hacco. Holyoke C. 0 12 Central Wharf. Imp. of Havana rt Packer O/Oetln. &edlA&I. Kaft'euburch &::: Samuel, 50 Cftntral Bt Impt1rler rtf H nJ(I,1IO Tohaceo. Rico A. F. a: Co. 18 Central Wharf Mnffrs nf l:ltar Hutlfltl.ll. Cigar11. C&ro. Manuel. 27 Central \\'"hart. luptr81 t.f: 'MR(trs. of CigBu Bote Age.t.Jor W NDf"mmdie t:t Lu Estabrook &: Eaton, Washington st }[&HUtRf'turenr. Elwell, :Drackelt It Hawes. J0 Broad st BREMEN, CoDa.miuitm J'alteneteiD 'IV. F. BUFFALO, N.Y. Dealer in. HfiV'lnB and Packe r of 8eeft l.l!af. Lewin P. Main. 1'obMo>o. Heney, Benry A & Co. l0-16 River at Whol"taZe Tnba.ct!onUta. Geo. It Oo. Loke at (){gao' & .... Tol>e F\,,.. Gut and H11orru d San' Oigar Jlanujadurw1' Su.pplia. Bchubertb .t CO. tM ViD '" 8pon.i.ah and Ci&r LMq !"oNeco. Meyer By .t Oo 411 Freot Tob. Commiti::m 'Merch.ant and .,. .A"""t. Richey Henry A. 1& W oot Second St._,_ :Mn..Nrt of Im.proed Tobacco JfGt"AI1'Mf'l'. Th JlcGowa P\ CtJt. 141 til 143 W 2d at ToOOcco 'I)Obrmann F. W. 1. e.cor. Vine and l'roat Leaf Tobacco. ll.eter R. & Co Jlon.w.fac:turera o.f Sheet Ml!ltal and Wo6dm ,7igo.r Mould.. The Miller, Dubrul .S: Peters Mfg Co. 136 to 140 E. l)om.mUsion MercAade. prague &. "MatRon. 94 West Front JfanJacturert of Ci{lar-Bozu. Gei.e Henry. Y3 Cla1 Troet. s. W. "8-!0ll.l'l. CIUial Din. in Foreign d' Leaf Tob&coo. Oberhelman John&: Co. UO W. Front street Tobacco 0\Jring an.d SWNtin.g, .Philips James, 70 Ma.m Tobacco Tag& Murdock JaB. Jr. J65 Race. of C iqa.ra a"'d J?lrl. in. Leaf Queen Cigar Manufactunng Co 114-120 Pearl CLARKSVILLE, T....,., Leaf Tobcl.coo l:lrobn. Clark ld. H. & Iiro CLEVELAND. 0. (n Leo./ and Ha-mno Tobocoo attcl Jobber in oU kind.s Manu(cv,t14r e d ToAacoo Semon Charl es. succeat10t' to Golllson & Ontario Mf,., of FineC1Lt Che,oiTJfJ tfo Sll'VIIdng Tobacco J &; Co. 74-";tS St. .. f'llclcff and Dealm-in Seed Lea! 7'obGaoa. ()n.Ye& G. w DANVILLE. Va. DtmiM* cmcl .BTokert it& 1Ao./ Tobsoco. James A. Co C<>mmauwn Leaf 1oo(UJ6(> Broil:VA 'N'SVILLl.. hall. Commtlft!m Me-rctw...U. ltoms c. J .t eo GLASGOW, Scotland, WbfteW. Scotch Cli.Jlf Pi'pet. HARTFORD. Coma PMW1 an.d Dealert in Sud LAC4/ L. 1 Bro :::.."19 State Lee Goo. 11!0 St&te HR.y & Smith. State Willcox 8. W. :';"ti :Main HARRISBURG, Pa. tic Hllva.n.a. Lea/ Tobacco and JJanvj. ?( (,'1gc.a1 Herman John C. HAVANA, Cuba., Tobacco (lnd Oipat Com.n&-Mtion .Merch.o.1dt. B<>Melmann 8chroooer. Lamparllla 18 Lr.>beck &: Co. 38 Mereaderea Stree' Manufuct urer.s 11( Fan e CtgaJ't Cortina, Frallclsco G JSt EJSt.rell Cueto &: Co., J U3n .MaJoja 31. Oatcia, Clay Factory-Julian Alvarez. Lopez & Co .. Juan. Corrales 71. Lopez, lttanutjl & Co. Mart.irn v Oa1ciR, SltJoa Y 1\l.uriao& Co. Rude .. c..:uevas & Cn. 1\llatoja :m, .t. Sanchez, Calle Estretla 9.( HOPKINSVILLE, K:r 1'obacco Hrokr. Flack E M Thompeaoo Oeo. '\' LANCASTER, p,., 1n Leaf Tobacco. J'rey & 2 13 \V JtinR' .,t Hlntb David G. bEast Chestnut It 81diM & Fre.J, 61 and 68 North Duke PAckn-antol Comn,iuion Merchant Teller A 23a N. Shippen at. .arrumfnctt4rer of .Pen:nql"t"am'"a Clgrw H fn;h D.a.vid G. Stehman U. L. Co. N ... Qa.le et LIVER;POQL, Ente Cope s & Co. 19 Lord Nelson st. Tcbacco Bro!.-.ers. Parry &:. Crosbics, a North John Street. LOUISVILLE. KyPt.u{J Tobclcco Manufacturer .1 t Bros. 19-1 and 1811 Jacob Foree S J. & Co. I.Aaf .to&acco. Meier W. G. &; Co. Tobacco Comm.t11ion JfercAcmta Wicks G W & West Xaln 10bacco BrM"er. Cal1awa:v James F eorner Elghth and llAJa Gunther Georae l'. J..ew1a RJch'd M 348 West Mala Melr Wm. G. a: Co. 18 Seeota Naob Geo P. D e alers in. Vi,gl"i& Lellf Tobacco. John M. & Co. Ma.ln at LYifCHSUR.q. "a. MCJft."jacturt"r oj Tobacco. Carroll JoAn W Carron Wm. S Tobacco Crmt.mi .. loft JIWOitoh. Holt. Schaefer & Co. Dlr in Virginia Le..,-Mn.jr't Scrap Ste,w. LeftwlcA A. 11. IIA.-TI'IELD, K,., Leoj 7"ol>occo Bu..,-. Molloo W 11. JIELBOURJI!'E, A-...t:raU.a. TttbfJcoo tt Vign.r M"!Tc.\aRI 1 at&d Xa71/n., Feldbelm, JaooN a: Co. IIIDDLETOWlf, O Jla.,.afutu'IYJN of Plug Bora P. J. a: Co. NEW IIILFOR.D, Co-.. .f'Bclolr """ itl lloed La/. BciH>oerU, 8oDio & OtO JlfEW O:&LEAXS. Jln,...,....,.,..,.. or ClgardttL '111.111 GraYiera&. _,.,. 4 Mn.fn of HJt6 .t l>oal!ltic o;11ar Sarrazin P E. & Co. illl-9& GraYier P.ADUOA.H, Kr. T-....llnoloor. P11J7ear T. R -. PATER.SOJif, Jlf. J, JtaAwjCJCfwocrt o/ OMttriftg and llh.Oking To ba<:eo, an .. mad .A.tleD &: Dunntnc, M &: 6i Van liouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Jlatl"focruret ef-Phtg and Bmoki"ff Tobaooo on.d .Denlera in Leaf 1'obooe0 v-ble s. W .t Co. Jlanufulrtrerl of Stout l'ttJ"1/ U ... DUI9. J'ocla!on C. A & Co. Com:mi.Qi.nw. MerclatLb. Bain ll Parract PHILADELPHIA.. 7 'oba.cco rvurelwutel. Bamberger L &: Co. Ill Arch Batchelor Bros. J!ti1 Chesnut Bremer' s Lewis Sons, 322 North ThiN Dohan &: Ta.ttt lO'i Arcb Eiseulohr Wm. & Co. 115 South W'""-"r McDowell III. 0: & Co. 39 North W....Hay lt.. Hmlth. 3.') Nol'th WAter Ralph I. D H ll: Co. 138 N. 3d Sank J. Rinaldo & CO. 32 North Tell e r Bro"bers. 117 .N'orth Third of Rn.tJt:ma. Cign.ts. Qnd Agent. for Key West Juguet. Ste!)hon .& Sons. 231 e hes&.uut Leer! 7"obtuc? Steetl(ing. Pbillps C S &: Co. 13!-l&:t N orth Water. Manu.tactnr,.r of 8n..ul and &no*ir&g 7b0acco. Wallace JM. 607 Pine t Manufacturer. of C"klcra. Batchelor Br'Os., 1281 Cbncnui and 28 N. 2d. Gumpert 111'08., 1,341 Ch88tnut 'M&ne. Wiener&:: Co. &20 Cherry 'lbeobald 1 Oppeohelmer, Girard Av. 7tb ot Fougeray A. R. 18 North Front MJ>!'Otl'" Belcher W M. Rf ,_,-i.u Pa.te. llleUor.t Rlttenbou..,, 218 North Tweoty-Becoad Jl./1' All""l for Plug """ Btoolri"ff Kellr F X. Jr. IIi Areh Oif!Br-Boz lA&ts tJnd 1Wmtai11fl', Harria Q.eo. S .t Boa, L cor. Ill &ad Viae. Jfom"'acturen of Ciwr Jlou..IA. u. 8. llolid MOuld JIJir do. cor Jlldce and North ColJep f.-,.eL o Gft'l bf. ,. .1a4!oooo ,J co. "BUt." WardleGoe. J' Jt..,.tl/'ocflint'l at Sra..,_ a,ttob a:. Co. l41 Arob'-_ _,...,_. n.&J.n m Leaf-T-. Loeb Jor.eph a PITTSBVaGB, Pa. Jrm-t't of Sraul'"n!ld 8mokl!l{l Tob.. Weymaa Br01 8{ Snllthne(d ill; )l[nfr of Lo,.g 7'hre(ld" 1 "Banfter" SYn.ok-ToMuo ata.d !Eroel.tior 8pt& .RoU. '"' ,. JewtclnSOD R. & W 281 Uberty tntet :Jlfl_(-r. OloDIJJing o! Tobaco. SehW'&I'tz Geo. 8 .t Co. taL &T.t Sb:on 11 BIOHMfJlfD. Va. l(aat&,(aclarerof Sn&.oktng Tobacco and Cigar t etta. a: G1nter. Cr.mpbelliJeo .S: Co. OUrR. W Man,.jatJturero of Plug o! Bmok' g Too..-. LYoo 11.. M. a: Co Plllciot "' n E. T 1410 C&rJ. Le<>f 2o""-BroMt-. W. E DlbreU Man.u,factnrera o.f Tobacco Bt:Jga. 11. MUihiser .t Co. 131$ )lain ROCHESTER. N.Y. .Man.uja.ctuter of 70bacco. Wbaloa R. & T 182 State J(a'ftufacturer of u and Plain .rttt ... Out Tobacco and uvanittl Fair" 8mokiag Tobacco g.nd Cigarette&. Kimball W. S. ll: Co Mn.ftra fl( Gold Clip Cigarettes. 8. F HeRB 8:. Co. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. .Matlt.&/u. turers' ..Age .. t. Pollak, Arnold & Co. 20b Sacramento Street. SPRlNGi'IELD. M Packer & JobtJerl of Connecticut Uaf Tabco. Kmith H. It Son, 20 Hampden Butker C. B. ST. LOliiS. Mo. Waref14"ae& Donnttzer C. & R & Co. 123 Market of Leaf "'ohttcco. Ladd Tobacco Co. 21 N.orth Main 1'obareo lJuvera. Heier Adolphus & Co. DlUenbenr D. 120 N :ld. ; Agen&. for M.a.rburg Bros. M{rs of 1obaGco. Dausraao Tobi\Cco Co. SYRACUSE. N.Y. Jtanufaceur"1 of Oi.gar Bozea. Leeret II. Blasdel. 1AA a.nd 170 East Water TOLEDO 0 of v,rgin Quem" Cigarette1. M.esse"u1er Cba,. R. WAREHOUSE POINT, CoiUI. Packtr of Dlr in Ce"n. &eel Lu.t Tobacco. Ba.rnee Geo. B. WESTFIELD. llu .. l'D., SPRINGER & CO., Manuf"cturers of Fine Cigars, 112 and 114 LAKE STREET, CHICAGO, Ill. 128 & 130 Rivington St., New York. Canadian Tobacco Duttes and Excise. The following are the rates of duty now imooeed in Canada on the 'ftl rlous manutacturee of tobaceo:-ClA'ar;s a.ud Clgarettel: 60 cente'lbtl.!! and 20 per cent. ad tJ, and If% P"1' con$. -,.;c.....,.. Jo lieu of all Excise duties-except liceD811! nniU'!d oD tobaCco Down aa .. common Cauadi&a twist," otherwise r.tobac blanc ea torqoett.e," being the un.,..-leaf rolled aad' made wboUy from rew tobaccUDii. 1D Belgium the impool l8 reckoned after 15 per cen{. for tare. The duty Is 10 fran01 ($8.86 cold) 100 ldlocrammeo (100 American pound equal to 4614 ldlor.) lo Holland tbe duty Ia 28 ceor., cold, per 100 ldloo-(2'JO A.m.eiicM l>s being eqaal to IIi' kUoo), lD Bussla the duty oa Leal TQbacco Ia 4 roublell 10 kopeb W pud on 8mokiug_ Tobacco 26 roubles a kope&a 9 pud; aad on Cif&rll 2 rouble. 20 kopeks pud. The u pud" 1a equal to -&boot ll6 Aoaen""" lba. In Turker the d8ty lo 50 ceor., gold, por II" OUJil'ell. In En&-laod tbo dllt:el are 011 Unmanuf&etured:.._ed or &Wir!>ed Dll8&eDlmed, COBt&inlng 10 lllo ar more of mol> &are Ill flftry 100 lllo thereof, 3o lol per I>; cootaloiDg 1-tbr.a U lla 01 -..,II IOd 1>, Onlllanuf&ooared tobr.coo:-e& .. Ddlob-............. IOd tJ ; all OCber 10n., ...,.._ 4114<1. Ill edlll-so tbe a1>cm1 dutteo-. 1o a. or tJ .u. .......,_ ........ tobr.coo, cigars and cigarettes, 3d per cent. tJd ...,.,._;leaf. Ill pe'. cent. ad......,,.,.., In Chill thelmporidue.on Havana leaf amount to $1.00 and all other ldnds are taxed at the rate of '1 po'!r .ki.l<{nU111De, while o f fl pea k:Uogramme .bas to bo oa clpra. t Dutles In Newfoundland. M;nut'actu .. -ed and smoking t()bacco, !b; clp.ra. mfl\e. and 6 per cent. ad :::=.leal, UDStrl and ..-DWied.,.l";J..:'J leaf, otlipped &ildo tee t1 .111. e &bon prlcM 1a mo.ney, Value of Foreign Coi.Da, .. Japan-,.-.. gold; goJ4 ... -98 .7coata. Liberia-dollar, gold. Sl. Mwco-

. JO THE TOBACCO LEAF. OC'f.2 --T. IMPORTATION IN-1880, 69,308 Belaa 34,,38,. Can.amore tha e:faay other braad, and tho la.r gee t tmport&Uou e v e r r e acb e d by any houa e in Lbo United St&te&. CAUTION,-ne...,.. ot tiona 01' ::miatakM; when ordering G. &.' MUMJII co Champopo, e that tho Jabele -.nd corlu bear lhe1r name and i a _itlnh. ,.;JI"Wo.-.:F _,( ...,,., FKEDK. DEBARY & Co, New York. Sol e Agents for thoU. 8, u.d Oanad&lo -r.e Daly .... Jlable aDd111&DdaJ"4 1Jr ..... To-Do .. 1ll'al'l"alll._. Pal"e"'l'.._ .... palllae.... .. ... ... OED.&& ft., JBIW TOBit. I .-; FINE POWDERED UCQRICE ROOT, IJlL ....... 'Enra Fine Powderadlicorice Roat Mleo& I"OO&) B8ftka ......... QBOU!ID .&liD 8RA1'1'171o.&....-, .... TOl!I&1JII, iriNB SR017ltD AWD 8R.&l!I17L.& ..... ........ WJIOLB GBGVJOJ POW'JDJ'"n ANI-SEBD, ..lLLIIPICB. A.NGELJ(J..l, (JLOVBB. CANCA.BILLA BAR&: CORIANDER SII:EDL CINN.ol.liiON0 CARAWAY SEED CASSIA Bt1DS, CA&D,\IIION SEBDII, CANELLA BAR&:.._ CALA!IIt1SBOGT, EX'r, CALABRIA LICOBI(JE1 IIIACE GINGER ROOT OJlRIII BOOT, G'lllll. .t.'a.&BIC SASSAFRAS BAR&:, LOVAG:t.l ROOT, ST .TORN'S BREAD._ TGNqt1.& BEANS,_ ORANG.--_ PEEL, VALERIAN ROOT. BALSAIII TOLt1 eano' OIL SESSAME, OLIVE OIL, OIL ALmltiNDS blUer ESSENTIA OILS: au klndl: Special -ntlon given to liledleJL ALL GOODS SHIPPED FREE ON BOARD. POWDERED LICORICE Finest Quality. Jlaaalaoturood at Peqlakeepie, N, Y. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, !2DWilllll STREET Iew Yort .. erry, Tobacco manufncturers and the trode in genera.! are particularly requested to ex amine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which being now brou)rht to the highest perfection, is offered under the 1\bove style of brand. W e are also SOLE .A. GENTS for the brand F. C. A. C. C., Acknowledged by consumers to be the hest m the market. .A.ud for \be briUld of Licor ice Sticks, NOEL A. CO., In all respect equal to CALABRIA.. Consumers and Jobbers would do .,.ell to apply direct Ltco1'1M KC>ot, "!Ieee anti Orcllnary, COillltantl)' on band. ARGUIMBAU, WALLIS & CO., 29 and 31 South Wiliiam Street. We hc.t to call the atwntioo of Tobacco Manufac .. turen and D ealeN to tlda SURRIOR AND Pl.IRE articJe. Sole for the States of Nertb,Carolioa aDd Vi11 cinla: Mssas. DAVENPORT A MORRIS, Riolo. moud, Va.. Lleorlee Koot-.l.racoa ..l.lleante, Selected and OrdiD&JT. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver ...... ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., Tobacco Brokers, 131 W.ater St., New York. IMPORTER AND DEALER IN HAVANA AND SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, A.. S:J3:.&..0K.> TOBACCO BROKER. Ko. 178 PEARL NEW TORX, II. RADER & .JOH1!f CA'"P'8, TOBAcco BRnKERs Tobacco 81 Beaver St., ""eave:r &, w::anw 83BEAYER ST., NEWYORK. II .. Oedar"tree"t, :N'e.._. York., TD GBftDDIE TD I "MPORTERS AND MANUFAGTURERS. JAMBS G. OSBORNE, SCOTCH CLAY PIPES. OHOIOii BRANDil OF SPANISH LICORICE I GREEK LICORICE I TOBACCO BROKER, W. WHITE, GLASGOW, BR.A.ND, Hi!llest A Sydncy,lf. s. w.,JB79. ALL 8PJIOIALTIES POB. PLUG AlO) I'IXE-01J'T TOBAOOO. Foil C..out ba every Boz, woll Packed. JlANUJ'ACII'UBZB OJ' C .IGARS, r 647' 649"' 881 ad l\11'111&, "Yards a:n..d nw -roBs. n;;f M;;G: Mille;e& CIB-AR BOXES 8"7 OOZ..."Ul.\II::B:J:.A. ST:E'l.EET, "FOR.:&:. MIIW XAD & PIUXII QQ'ALI'l'l" W PETER n. coLLINs, President. Oedar -MANUFA CTURERS O F THE CELEBRATE D -PLAIN FINECUT Chewing Tobacco IN BLUE PAPERS. SNUFFS: Rose-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch, French ftappee,American Gentleman S:I:G-N AL '' Ob.e"VV"i.D..K, ooe oz. FoiL Abo, Fire' ana Second quality in Dine PapeN. SWEETENED FINECUT-Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. .IIIAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINEoCJt1T, ID FoU. 0. M:. ABKENBURGB & CO., lll..lNt1 .. .I.(JT()REBS OF TRADE MARK. Consoler .and Inlaid" Fine-Cut Chewing aJHl Smoking Tobacco, Ci&rarettes and Snutf, 400 and 404 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. -.T. F, FLAGG, Special P.A:TEI:N"T TOBACCO GRANULATING ltiACHI:ISIE. I &o:121e"th:l215 JSTevv a.:ncl. Per:f"eo"t. In this Machin e I k ept the three tollowfng points pri nc i pRlly in view which hAve always been neglected in old -style machines, viz.- I. To rid scraps and tobacco ot nails, and other artillles gonera.Ilyto be found in suc h tobaceo, before cutt in g ft. IL To g r a.nula t e unlfonnly. m. To prevent any porton ot the cut tobacco being crumbled and sifted ontiike dus t, whi c h causes a considerable lose to A mflng others I r e f e r to the followinJ: manutacturen who have thi s machine in tute, vtz.-G. W. Gall A; Ax, Baltimore; _. o Sclarlher .k 4Jo., Cleveland; A uc. Bade & Co., Clnclnnetl OFFICE: AdiD SIEVIKG TOBACCO B Y O R P Q WER. A ,-a.riety n! ltfa.cbiniPry for Ci{ li [ B n u fnc t urerf.l. :-;uch a.ul Havana. and lo'illel'SforC igun:; Stem Hollers, b gaTe tte Ma c hines. etc. A. M. LYON & CO.'S RICHMOND Navy Tobacco.. OUve on, Tonca Beans, Gums, Fla.vors, 154 Broad &'t., POWDIERIED LICORICE ROOT, Sold by all Whofesale Dealers. TD '50 Made, TD Of'O:&:N" S .A.:J:)"X"0 Patentee aad BALTIMORE ::E"a"te:a."t Povvcl.erecl. X..1oor1oe JID(It LWOIIIOII: WE !lA. VB TliJl FAVORITE llRANDS:p, P:J:Gl!lir .A.TEIZ...X..Z G"UIBOZ...Z:N'L W. E. UPTEGROVE. Spanish Cedar I'OB CIGAR BOXES, _......., Ciiar Boi Iaten SIJJDII. raof lOtU lltUt.;East RiJCr, IU 116 LU!erqo t,, w York1 Beg to direct the attention of the dealers tn Tobae co throug h out tlre United States and e World to their {JELEti.aA. TED SOLACE Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco Whi c h is being once m ore manufactured. under tha immcd.iate s upervision of tlle originator. HR .JOHN ANDBBS9fi, 11J1d n o w stand s as form e rlJ'1 wltlloa tt a rt,al Of' ders forwaroed through -ela will m eet with prompt atOeritloD. LICORICE PASTE. 1'HE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., :La"7 'M" A :J:'D::ID:l!lir Z....AN'EI, :N"E""'::'V "Yc:>mr. !!18 baor!Dg Clemanded a Superior and Cheaper Artic l e than that hitherto used, this .a-11f8etnring, aDd olfering f o r sale, LICORICE WTE (under the old "S&n!ord brand.) of & QU ALn'Y .-liiJilat a PRICIII which can hardly fall to Joe acceptabl13to all g ivin g It a trial. 1 ( Mellor a Rittenhouse, Ji11& :N'. Ji1Ji1d. S"tree"t,, MANUFACTURER& OF SPANISH AND CREEK LICOBICE PASTE. l _..,...._tal Bedal Cor "P1lrlty, CJaeapaea., an4 General E:ll:eel leuee oCDanutacture.'' ALSO K, & B.; BRAND STICK LICORICE, ALL SIZES, _WILL NOT STICK TO. THE LIPS. O:J:G.A.R.::EJTTEJS. OPERA PUFFS! '1'lteM Clprettes are made with the new .l.liiBER prepared pa(Papier Amhre), a lleW' 8Dd DOvel FreDell lnentlon. whJch entirely removes the objection so frequently urged .....,. hP"r Cigarettes. In IIDlOidng, the .I.IIIBER prepared part that Is put In the m outh WILL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS! !!18 ...,_,of moUtaJe .,..._ta &ho .U..lutlon af while smoking, or the spreadlac ot tile To-.o...s met&tncotthe Blce Paper. We ... .., -...1 ....... a.. .. BENe:& p&tenleeiJ the Sole Bight to""" the PAPIIRR .I.M&he CNII:-IIT.I.'I'1<8. A.LL:::&IN' d3 0-:I:N'TEB., JUJn7l' ACT1JJU:lUI, B.JOJIIIOJfD, v .a. Sill tl llew York: AUGUSTII & DUSEL, II Warren St. D. BUCHNER a CO., O:N"EXZ>.A. TO:B.A.OOO "'lil'VOmr&. OFFICE:-!73 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. Manufacturers of CMEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. &OLD COIN CHEWING TOBACCO Manufacturers of all Brands formerly Man ufac tured by Thos. Hoyt A. Co. 18 K. C. BARKER & CO .... ..-af lila Celellral>ed 'American Eacle UCUPPER," u DEW DROP," ...... ...... ........ .. nNBoeliJT. -.oWIO-'UIIVERB!L FAVORITE.' 'FA JJ :' 01cl. OozD:E'or"t,"' ... ----ol. .. OIUNS 'll'OB.I.-a. e & 84 Lanted lD311"1"R.O::ET, l .......... .IOLB AGENTS IrOR NB111' YOB&: AND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.S OLD J DDGE Smolin: Tobacco anfsCi[arcttcs .1.180 .l.ceat for othel" Leadlq lllanutadnrus SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTIE&. ,l&i ... 268 CAXAL STB.EET, ClDrDer of ELII STREET, :NEW YORK. CIGARETTES That stlllld uuriT.allid for PURITY. Warranted Free from Drugs or Medication FRACRANT VANITY FAIR! THRE&; KINC&f NEW VANITY FAIR! Each having Merits. H ARMl.ESS, REFRESHING CAPTIVATING. 8 FIRST PRIZ:E MEDALS! WM:, S. Ell!IBALL &: CO,, Peerlea Tobaeeo Work. Rocbe&tcr, N. Y :EIR..A...I.Sr:J:>S: Little Brown Jug, La Belle Perique, Pocahontas, My Uncle Toby & PeUca.n. CAUTION: -Beware of Imitations. Suits now pend in g for Infringements. :DII:o-u."th-:E"1eoe :E"a;ten:tecl. or-u.n.e 25-th, 1&'7& For Sale by all Beaten, Bovee & Adams, Manufacturers, 79 & 81 Gravier St., New Orleans MEDER & BRO., d' Wfro Baaunacturen ot' "\;,... WHEELING STOGIES tae,urers .. all lUau or TIPS and FINE CICARS, STOGIES AND CIGARS. Wheeling, W. Va. OUR SPECIALTY: 11 The Lincoln Club Cigar." WJIJ:ELIXG, w, Va. Jl'or SM:O&:ING TODA(J(J00 Flour, !Ja1t, Dark;, Guano, Grain, Ete. with o r without Prln&e4 Brand-. WltL S. CARROLL PROI'Rili:TOB Ebeling & Pebler. :HAIIUF AUI'UBEII8 OJ' C::J:G.A.R.&, ADd Seed aDd -Br&Dda ol. WHEEUNG STOGIES, 1043 St., JhB8llB!, I. Vt


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