The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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< l J < All Partlee are Cautioned agalnet :Z::a1por'ter a:a.d. :J:)ea1e-1D .FOREIGN AND DOJIESTIC SMOKERS' AB.TICLF.8; lannfactnrcrs'. !tents for all tho Popular Brands of Fine Cot, Smoijng ani Pln! Tobacco and Ci!arettcs ; Sole Agents for 'Va.nt ty Pa:lr Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole A!ents for Allen & Ginter's B.ICHliiOND GEM: Tobacco & Cigarettes;. Depotfor BlaolnreU'a O...nlae Du-Jaam-.lao. w J Carroll' Loae 3 aek-E. T. Pilldnton'l'r1lit. & FlowU!!. Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN SNUFF; 1 Importers af French Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books ; L J:Sro. 11 'VV .A.E'I.E'I.E:l.'IT BTE'I.BET ..NE'VV Es'ta b1:1.shecl. l.. 790. FRO W EIN & 00 .. DEALERS IN SUMATRA TOBACCO. METROPOLITAN CICAR FACTORY. J.Oxc::c:ke JfEW YO'RK AND HANUFACTUBEB.S OF T:J:N' P"O:J:L for Pl:u.g Tobacco. YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 llulberry Sts. CHICAGO: 841 86 & 88 Franklin St. SIIVER FOIL! lCOMPOUND FOIL, PATENT METAL, and all the duierent varieties of Foil known to the Trade. PRINTINC ON FOIL in Bronze and with. designs of for AN'D CIG-.A..Fl. 'LABELS. Cap&'U.1ea for Bo't'tl,es, Plain, Colored or Stamped. Address: 163 STREET, NEW YORK; 88 FRANKLIN CHICAGO. DONALDSON BROTHERS, S'tean1 L:1.1i:t:a.ograp:t:a.1c 'tiers, TOBAcco 1iBEISitiD ,.SHOw': DAR OS r o. Dox !f'791.] I 0:1!" l'l"'!I,!!.T (l'fo ......... IH>pl ... l!l&oek, 1 I -i I PRICE LIST GF AR' RIBBONS ._. Y.a.. ..... ._ .... -Hu..._ 'lo,.a.n:m .. --...... .. 'JO :rM .... J --- ....... ...... .... .. 1.16 .. .'.............. .. ,_, .. ... .... ........................ ........ '1'0,. ....,. .. .. .. ........ .. ,.,. ................... ... _... ... ,. .. .. ............................ ... .. ..... !' ............... .. ........ .. '10.,.. Ia ... ......... ..................... .... 1M ......... ............. ...... ,.,. 1M .. .. .................. _... ,.,.. 1.10 .. ................. .. ...... 'IO:rM -TeDew ............. '10761 1.110 .. ................. ... .. 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MILLER, PEfERS & Go., ManufMturera of th" e 8ectlor,tal 1 Cigar Molds, Ia& & 130 MANCIN STREET, 'Y<;>rk.. I'. C. H. C. P......, WILLLUII Wla&, AUG. RoaLJ:K. CHARLES T. SE'YJ'[OUR, lliiPOBTEB 011' HAVANA TOBACCO .&ad Pac:ker of' Fine Seed J:.eaf; at 188 Fronr-&t., New York Geo. W. Read & Co., l'!IA.NUP.t.CTVRERS OF LUMBER! THE GROWING POPULARITY OF OUR Cut and Press-Dried CigarBox And other Lumber, as SOLEI. T JII'A..NVF A.CT1JBED BY Us, prevents our keeping stock ou hand, to any extent, and. will do well to antic:ipate their wants, and f orward orders some little time b efore requiring. We con tinue to manufacture 8pan1sh Cedar, Mahopny, Sycamore, Butternut and Poplar, at most sa.ttsfa& tory prices, and &hall shortly introduce two newwoods,,which will be :found very d esirable. When ready for IDAI'ket, our old and new customers will be duly advised. Ba.ud aad Velleer SawandBoardCuttbac HW and W areroo111.11 : > 186 to 21Hl LeWis St., root 5th & 6th Sts., E. R. Y'ork.. -..-..bu.,.hed 8. F11GUBT & SONS, CALIFORNIA DISTILLIIG COMPANrS P"C'R.:&J ... Oldlft'U'r liT., :PH'D, I IIPOBTBRS OF BA V lll! CIGARS HaVana ::Flavor.: .... SBDEIIEaG'S lEl,;WEST CIGARS: ; Al.o .. 11De. 83 WILLIAM STREET, : : : : : .. : _': : _' .' .... SUCCESSOR TO A HEN & CO. -... a z.:z::EI;morv. IMPORTER BRIAR AND CLAY. PIPES, SPEciALTY OF I ) -AND-JUIACCONISJS' SUPPLIES HANpFA.CTUREk '-OF-I WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. Banufae&areno .&cea& f'or &be Sale of' Pop11Jar Bran .. ot VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FlfiECUT TOBACCOS, Depot for .&I.I.El'f & GINTER'S Blehmond, Va., Brand of'Smokfnc Tobaeeo and ClpretteJ :S "': Ci.KJitOI.I.'S "I. ONE .S A.CK," "BROWN DICK," ete.; E. T. PII.B:INTON & CO,S Celebrated "PB1JITI A.ND Jli.OWEKII" l!lmoklc 'l'oba-1 llt.&KDVBG BROS.' "IE.A.f.op NORTH C.I.ROI.JN.t.,, 1.01JIII.&N.t. C11& aadln CarreC .. W. T BI..I.CB:WE'LI. & CO.'S GEN1JINE DVRH.&lll Tobaeeo Wlll. 8, K.JliiD.I.I.L & CO.'I "V .t.NITT PAIR" Tobeeo and Clcarette Sole Agent for H.P. Jones ct. Co;,'& "TAR HEEL" and "OCCONEECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos.; C. Campbell ct. Co.'s u THREE CITIES" CIGARETTES, TOBACCO, ETC. Fll'fECUT, Ha.uuf&.Cltmred by SPAULDING & HERRICK :-Old Glory, Charm of' the We&, 8-wee& Durley, Queen Bee, Wac, Docie, ln patl and barrel, and. TB.A. VELBK Sok.J.D.a;. I l!r' PRICE LISTS FURNISHED O N : E. D .A..L::EIR.O co .. -lll:AN1JPACTUREK8 OF-:ci-GAR BOX L UMBEB., BP .A.::L"''JIS::E3: CEDAR., DC>:DI.I:ElST:I:C :1:1\IJ::I:T .A.. T:J:O::L"''J SP .A..N':I:S::S: CEDAR.. IHPORTERS IN OUR OWN V.ESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR A.ND MAHOGANY. :N"o-OBB'70'7 "'i:i"Ve ... 1: Bf.:z.1:h S1:reee1:, O:i:u.of.:n.:u.a1:f.. IL ICH1JBAR T. A.A.RON SCHVBA.RT. WB, 8(JH1JB&BT, B SCHUBABT & CO., IMPORTERSoFHAVANA .A.:u.d. of SEED LEAF TOB .. CCO, .No. 100 'VV .A.TEJR. &TR.B:IIIIT ) > duce a really good au4 obaap artiW, aad take mucb. pleuure in informing the public Ua&a 1bflT aJ"e &he only elcar manalaetuHre ill U.e181and ot Cub& onjoy.IDg the prf'dlea;e ot workinc U.o to'*:coo 6t the ulebrated vea;aa ot the ll&a 8 II I named above are noted tor their quai{Lieo, { lflll:a:u. "'-1 :J:..rope and are hlfhly a.ppreclat SJ 6 2 .2 > "' 1 873 Lawttmce St. ; 0:\1 AIIA. N eb.: :Max Kc<>)'e.r& Co.: SAN FRANCISCO: L & E 'Ver );le imer. ,200to800Fro n t St. 'Western Cl&'ar Mannfacturel'8 will find li to ill f,e dea.l'wlth U& ll B


lilt lobacrs ESTABLISHED 1864. Having the Lararest Circulation of any Trade Paper In the World. ,.,...JI!JIWD PDT :.oiiJIJIM BY ., lHETDBACCO LEAF" /PUBUSHiftG COMPAJIY, 108 MAIDI;N' LAN., ,NKW or PD1tL' 8'l'IID'1'. lDWABD BUBKB ........ ............. : ........... .... ........ IIQIBllfiL &BAFJ' .......................... ..... .... JlAJr-TJIIIB8QTBBPAP ... -CJLS 001'1118 ......................................... 11 Too oa 'IDa... ..................... ..................... ,;Ill a IIOJr'lllll................. .. . .. .. ... .. ..... .. .&JIIIVAL IIOIIBCBJP'l'IO!QI .unlOAD. ......... Q.uiAD,l .................................. .. --.a-.......... .......................... .. .................................... ........ 1.01 an. ........ .......... ........................................ 11.81 Revised Rates for Advertisements. One Six Three Year. )!onLh& Xontbs. fi LiD .. Oae ColaatD .. ....... "" $2i u n LIDM oyer Two ColiiDlD8...... 45 14 14 Llaee Oae VolaR .... .. .. .... .. 41 41 91 Llaeo eYer Two C'lol, .... H 45 Si 8 Llaee Oae 1 .......... II LlaMOY81f ........ o .............. Co'blaa .. .. .. .. .. .............. 100 l'fl 9f a.ueolaaa............ ....... .. 180 100 'o ... Uae at hUOa or Pap ................................ 1 el"EOIAL ADVBJLTI!IJ!WIRi'8 OX J'IUT PAGE. onev-ear, r: Llaee eyer Two Wide Vol.................. $100 ...... ................. ,5 4 Llaee lllqle Colama ... .... ... .... ........ 65 SPECIAL .&DVBBTUEXEJITS ON JU:ADJJfG-IIATTEB Blx Th""' Y oar. ){outbs. Months. II Lla onr ll Wlile ColaDlDe .. 186 IQ 126 XOTICES, WANTS or C.A.1J'TION NO'I'ICJ:S, r LlaM Oa.e lnoer&ton .......................... 50 Ceato, l Llaee One Bontb .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ............... 5.50 Llaee Two J:::;h ....... .... .. ......... ... .. .. 8.50 Llaee 'l'loree Boa&tu........ ... ... .. .. ........... 14.00 H LlaH lib< Koate .......... ;. .. ..................... Sf,OO LID-Twelye Bonta ................................ 4 ,00 LlneoTbreelionlll ................................. 18.00 Llaee stx Jlloatbe .. ... .. .. . ... 85.00 LlaH TwelYe llloatbo ..... ... .. .. 80.00 Jlea41olc BaUer oa Bci.Uorlal Papa o per1eent. oa lhe above prlee. ..... ...,.,... Cor Aol'l'ertloemeata and Suboerlptlon .tloald alway be made t>ayable by P. 0. Order or oy .... to "TOBACCO PIJBLI8BING CO." Vader ao CII'C!1l-aeee will we de'l'late nom tbe aboYe :prleea. SOUTJIWARD. Mr. Graff will leave town on Monday on a trip of two or three weeks' duration, as is his annual custom, to the Southern States. H1s route will embrace the prin cipal Virginia markets, those of North Carolina, and all intermediate places. The many friends of Tllll: TOBACCO LEA.r will have much to tell Mr. Graft con earning the state of trade in the section which, <>n this occasion, he will travel, and all of the im portant information thus derived he will faithfully re produce in these in "Notes by the Way." 'THE D.EM.A.ND FOB BUJU.TBA TOBACCO. Both during 1.week, as then annouDoed. and this week, considerable eaJee of Sumatra wrappers were ilffected in tlris city. Messrs. Gans & Co., among. bro kers, and others, were busy sellers week. This week among brokers who have disposed of fifty or more bales we may mention lllr. W. G. Adama, who is well known in the plug tobacco trade. Sumatra tobacco is pretty and well flavored, and what is equall;r te be rommended, it works to a.dvan tage. It 1s at once firm and elastic, and two choice -wrappers can be depended upon from every leaf. :BISIU.B.OK Al'lD HIS KOl'lOPOLY PLAl"lB. Whatever he may succeed in doing hereafter in eaucus, as we would call it here, it is evident that l'rlnee Bismarck's monopoly schemes receiYed their quietus for the present at the recent elections in the German Empire. His forces were ecatl.flred ; foot and dragoons." Corrected complete returns from 395 election districts show'that of the successful caudi-j 1 are conservatives, 22 free conservatives, 1oo 1 itfe'mbers of the centre party, 31 national hberale, 24 eecessiomste, 35 progressists, S members pf the party of the people, 111 Poles and 17 particularists and pro; testers. Tbe politics of four of the successful candi-dates are not defined One hundred second ballots are necessary. The paseing of the Tob!I-CCO l'rionopoly and State Insurance bills has been rendered practically im possible m v1ew of the result of the electwns. Il'lTEBl'lAL REVENUE BETUBl'lB FOB THE FIRST QUABTEBS OF 1880 Al'lD 1881. We are indebted to the CommiSBioner of Internal ':Revenue for the following table, showing the receipts ,from all sources of our domestic tobacco industry for the months of July, August, and September, 1880 and 1881:-SOUROEB AND RECitlPTS. ---Total $3 ,2ti5,595 63 ,..-July. ()1gar s and Cheroots $1,155,77;1 9 1 . Manufacturers of . 1.849 9 1 Snuff.... .. .. .. .. 58,269 01 Tobacco ot all descriptions .. 1,004,233 88 stamps for tob&cco or snutr in 468 10 tended for Dealers i n leaf to &CCO notove r 2-U 22 25,000 lb .. De&.lers m leaf tobacco 1,648 38 Retail dealers in leaf robacco 500 ()() Dea.lers in tobaCCo &11,511 61 Manufacturers of tobacco 157 52 Peddlers of tobacco g98 64 ----10!5 09 1,028 76 43,255 59 127 50 964 16 $8,572,832 06 1881. Au g ust. $1,645,548 08 88,1!21 18 1,998 85 69,-l&j ao 2,848,932 32 46/l 20 100 19 1,991 94 41 67 47,506 ';9 149 17 777 72 ----687 50 44,400'00 149 !10 &507 ----sa. 766, m m September 11,632,621 64 60,269 70 1,605 () 90,343 54 2 894,152 45 542 ao 24711 1,597 58 43,417.98 59 18 618 60 ----Total $3,&23,272 03 $4,700,987 91 21 The aggregate receipts for 1880 were $10,605,404 86, .and for 1881, $13,072,726.15, indicating a m the latter year of $2,467,321. 79, and proving that all the pro -dU<;ers and distributors of the manufactures of tobacco 'have been very actively engaged since the commence' ment of July. The total receipts from the same sources for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1880, were $4.2,854, 991.31, and the rate of increment sbown above con tinued through the remaming three, quarters of 1881 will produce a revenue for the year of $52,290,904.60. Present or prospective this is a splendid exhibit. SALES OF SEED LEAF ll'l OCTOBER. october was a busy month in the Seed leaf market of "this city, the sales amounting to 17,000 cases. Only in .June and September wore the sales larger than 1n the past month, since the openmg of the present year There have been heavy transfers of New England, Pennsy lvantu., and New York State leaf, those of the first named section exceeding all others, severally considere d t'lloogh closely followed by those of Pennsylvania. have continued steady, and up to this date there .is no change in quotatwns. Operations m the country were prosecuted through "'Ut the month, but only with a mere shadow of the vigor observable in September. Flying visits were made to all the producing districts of the several producing States, but the quantity of 1881 tobacco purchased buto a slight resemblance to that secured the prev10us month. Pllrchallee made in the country from this time iorward are likely to be etreeted in the regular COill'lle .of buaiaeaa, of in the hurried way in which they were made wlaea tbe buying seuon opened. SALJ 01' SEED LEAJ' IN OCTOBII:R. CROP OF 1879. Cases. New England .. ........ 200 Of which for export ... Pennsylvama .......... 300 .. .. cROP OJ' 1880. New Eugland . . 5500 Of which for export Pennsylvania....... 5000 .. N e'v Y ot:k .. ............ 3300 Havana Seed. 200 Ohio. . . ... . .. 1200 '' .. Wisconsin .... r ...... 400 '' Havana Seed 900 I Total. .............. 17,000 DISTRIBUTION OF BALES OJ' SEED LEAF. To the trade......................... 9,00U cases. To manufacturers................. 4,000 do To out of town ....................... )l,OOO, do To export.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ do Total ........................... 17,000 do Cases. Export of Seed leaf and cuttings since Jan. 1, '81 32,129 Same t1me m 1880 .............................. 21,878 For ,the past ten months the sales have been as annexed:Cases. January .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7, 800 I;'ebtuary .............................. 10,675 March ....................... .'........ 9,501 April ................................. 6, 950 May... .................. . . . 7,923 June .................................. 17,136 July ................................... 10,479 August . . . . . . 11,400 1 September .......... ...... ......... 22,100 October ............................ ., .. 17 ,000 Total.. . .. .. .. .. . .. .. ..... 120 964 The total sales for the twelve months of 1880 were 97,867 cases, and in the ten months elapsed of 1881 the sales have been 120,964 cases. With this aggregate already, it will be matter for surprise if the end of the year does not show a grand total of 150,000 cases sold WESTEBl'l LEAF Il"l THIS KABXliiT ll'l OC'l'OBEB. The reported sales of Western leaf in the New York market in October were slightly under those of Sep tember, transactions in both months being mainly con fined to the orpinary manufacturing, jobbing and ex port trades. Difference of view respecting prices, or some other equally potent cause of restraint, has kept the Regie buyers and holders so that little or nothing has been done for contract account except to occasionally look over and talk over samples. Quotations remain unchanged in our tables and the monthly circulars, but lugs and nondescripts ca.n, un doubtedly, be had, when sought for, on easier terms' than prevailed a month ago. P088ibly as much might be said o f other grades if an' earnest disposition to buy were manifested. Aa announced,. the sales for the month were 3,150 hogsheads, agaiaat IS,300 the same month a year ago. c Sin,ce January 1 the have tleen:1881. Hhds. January ........................ : ...... February ............................... March ............... ....... .. .. .. .. .. 3,100 April ................... .,, .. .. .. .. .. 4,750 Kay .................................... 2,500 June ........................... ..... 2,000 July ........ ........................... 1,350 August .. . .. .. .. . . .. .. 16,800 September............................. 3,560 October ............ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3,150 Total .............................. 52,056 TBll LOCAL TBADJII Ill BAVABA TOB.A.COO ll'l OCTOBER. The demand for Havana tobacco in the New :York markel; in October was very much less than in Septem ber, being limited to 4,000 bales, as against 10 ,000 bales the previous month. The past month ended with un changed price. and lltook somewhat limited, 1881 Rem.Cios probably preponderating. The new Reme dios are regarded as superior to late previous growths of the same kind. XOKTBLY BTATEliENT OJ' 8TOCJI:S 01' BP&NISB TOB&COO. e. The Secretary of tlie Treasury found himself on fue Oth of June last oblilfed to confess that the receipts from c.ll sources of the Treasury during the fiscal year then closed had ex ceeded the estimates made by him by some $1S,OOO,ooa -or, in other word&, by a sum equal to one eighth of the regular and legitimate working expenses of the Government. Of course such a fact as this strakmgly J!lustrates t.he elast1mty of our naLional re sources. But 1t not less strikingly tllustral;('s the lack of financial sk1ll and the contempt of sound economical prinCiples wh1ch have marked for many years the conduct of our public atfa1rs. The Secretary of tl\.e Treasury may be the nattonal houaekeeper. His business is to ascertain, not how much he can take out of the pockets of the people, but the smallest sum will suffice to meet the public expenses. To under estimate the money llllCkiDg power of taxatton is as distinctly an offense against sound government WI to waste the money thua away trom prtvate and profitable employmen' by the people. A national housekeeper who takes 18 out of the"pockete of the people wliere f7 would suftlee, crippleli the productive power of the nation noi onlr by the amount. thus use lessly withdrawn from agr1cUfmre, tmde and manu factures, but by the meaeure of the reproductive power of that amoun;. total amount drawn by Federal taxation of all sort( into the Treasury of the United States during the fiscal year 1880-81 was $363,250,000. What use was made of this enormous sum'of money! On the regular and ordinary administration, of the 'public business the Governriienf expended less than ono:rthi1d of it, or t10li,606;S17.' 0'n the pay111ent of interest on the public debt less Jinot.her third was expended, or 11-n amount, by the way, considerably in e:ulllllll of .the sum.teally necessary to meet thischarge had the.pnblic debt of the United States been'funded, as it' ought. long ago to have been 'funded at l'ates of to tl'le excel lence of our national cred1t.. :W1th tbeaeiwoiegitidlate and necessary items we reach a total of $194,178,295, being somewhat over one-half of the immeilile sum taken in 1880-81 by Federal taxat1on out of tlie of the AmeriCan people. Upon what was the ,rest of this sum expended! That ts an mter sting ques taon to be presently, considered. .. .. Let us pause for a moment to cofiaider the methods by which these hundreds of millions of dollars were mised, for the method8 of taxation are ev more,im portant in their beariog on t)Jil Vltlility and growth of a nation than the amount of imposed Down to the time of the civil war, in 1860, d1rect taxation by the Federal Government was virtually unknown in this country. The Federal ex .penses were ch1efty met by indirect taxation lhrough the ()Ustoms. U ntler the stress of tho war a system was suffered to grow UJ? in the United States not only of direct but ef grindmg, inqUisitorial and petty taxation, which now, cloee upOn twenty years after the end of the war, industry and vexes ever:y household in the land Under the soothing name of mternal revenue this system last year took from the people of this country no Jess a sum of money than ,000,000, or about one third ns much agam as the whole sum required to carry on the regular business of the Government I This wB.e taken from the pockete vf the people after the business of the Government had been otherwise pro. vided for, and after the payment of the mterest on the public debt had been otherwise provided for. The cus toms revenue of the country in 1880-81 amounted to 1197,250 ,000, being aboUt ts,OOO,OOO more than was re quired to meet all the regular outlay of the public administration and all the interest on the public debt. What became of the sum raised under the Un American and extraordinary eyatem known as the internal re,.enue!" Of these $135,000,000 more than one half, or 168,282,397, was spent on pensions. It is amusing to observe that whenever a suggestion is made of the propriety 4lf pensioning a President or a Supreme Court Judge, loud cries go up against the anti American practice of paying people for.having done their duty when they" have ceased to be called upon to do it: Ponsions are babitually denounced as a British and monarchical way of eaddling to day with the costs of day before yesterday. Yet while the English Demo crats are setting_up a terrible howl over the expendi ture of about 15,000,000 in pensions, the people of the United StatEs exult in seeing their Government take by vexatious and inquisitorial taxes nearly $70,000,000 a year out of their pocf:ets for a similar purpose. It' !leems to be a lioerat sort of answer to the charge of Republican mgratiti.Wie, does it not! And yet it does not ,exhaust t1a& by. OW' internal rev enue. Far from 1t. In order to get r1d of the surplus of some $67.000,000 thus raised and of the further mag nificent sum of $31,000,000 modes tl;r set down by the Treasury as miscellaneous we insist on paying off a hundred million or so a year of a debt wh1 c h 1s not yet due. Is it not time to call a halt and consider the wby and the wherefore of all thl81 MINOR EDITOB.IALS AND NEWS ITEMS. MESSRS. STRAITON &; STORM' S BUSINESS IN 0CTOBER. Dehvered durmg the month, 6 047,025 Cigars; pa1d the United States Government for cigar stamps alone, $36,.294; duty on imported tobacco pa1d during the month, $10,051. PERBONAL.-Mr. H. B Platt, of Sanford's Station, in the Housatomc Valley, Connecticut, paid us a v1sit this wee k. Mr. Platt says that the crop has been a large one in his section, as more acres have h ee n plant ed than were last year. H e also the tobacco looks vety well, cons1dering the bad season for curing that we have had until recently. APPOINTMENT OF A BONDED INSPECTOR AT RICHMOND. A meeting of the R1chmond tobacco trade was held at the Tobacco Exchange, October 1, for the purpose of electing a bonded inspector. Gen. Peyton W1se was elected to fill the offico, which will pay about 112,000 a year. There were four applicants m the field, and three ballots were taken before there was an electiOn. IN TowN.-Mr. Schroeder, of the firm of Bos selmann & Schroeder, Havana, who has be e n for the past SIX months in Europe, arrived by the Oder a few days since. Mr. Schroeder reports a severe storqi of th1rty-six hours' duratiOn m which the Oder was caught off the coast of !'{ova Scot1a. He will remain two weeks in th1s City, leavmg here f01 the West, and returning home to Havana about New Year's day. PICKING CIGAR STUMPS.While Officer Chiardi, of the Socauty for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, was o n his way t o the Essex Market Police Court, on Thursday, he Eaw two Italian lads named Antonio Compto and Rocco Caccessateura, aged respectively 10 and 8 years, pickin g cigar stumps at the corner er thousand de _TB'E following ciroula ill explain itself: mandectby the except Ed111U:nd AscherN y N "-" Co d th l"' f th' Iah .. -EW ORK, ov. 1, 1881. man "" .. an e emphJyee o 18 <>-o.....,, he firm of Reinitz & Leon is this day dissolved by numbering over 500, struck this afternoon. mutual cons ent. Mr. I. Reinitz will continue the MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. 3 -There are no new debusmess and hopes for your future patronage. velopmente ln regard to the cigar-makers' strike. To-I. REINin:, J. LEch. morrow mornmga delegation from the union here w1ll go to Chicago to confer with the union in 'that city. Product1on of Tobacco, Snuff.z... Cigars and CigarNearly all of the small factories, and all of the large ettea in the Second and '.l'Jlird Collection establishments Aechernum & have acDistricts of l'lew York in October. ceded to th,e d-f the strikers. Aeol'erman & Co., however, lldly ooe third of 6e entire SECOND DISTRICT, ll'. Y. membe1'8hip of an4 that firm say they will Manufactured topacco. 184,831 76%14,730 pounds. not under any circumstances. About three hun S1_1utf .. 464 28-2,901 dred men went to Ascherman & Co.'1 at noon today C1gars. ...... 108,292 35-18,048,725 number. and took away their tools. This evening the firm said Cigarettes. ... . 50,612 31-28,921,320 they would close their factory rather than accede to THIRD DISTRICT, N Y. the demancls.()f tlae union. Manufactured tobacco. $45,45 7 60-284,110 poun.s. ANII'ITOBA.OOO RlllOHABITII:B. -l'ourleen an&i-tobacco Rechabites met together last March formed a soci ety. The1r object was no less than purity of character and hab1ts. witt temperano& in ali things. '!:heir firat public entertanu.&nt. was recently J[iven m the Bedford Streei M. lllOialrah. in of the birthday of little Ruben Reali,. a.d ._ chief BMlhabbe, Mr. Jo)ln E. Hanson, then announced totheladiesand chil dren present, and the gentlemen who had -ned the ladies, that from fourteen the 1100iety had already reached a membership of fiftyfive anti-tobacco Recha bites. He also said that the faces of the anti-tobacco Rechabites, while always opposed to intemperance in drink, were especially set against the use of tobacco, whtch he showed quite conclusively was pretty sure to lead to insanity, sooner or later. "Chewers and smokers," he said, sadly, "are almost invariably spitters," ati41 be rpicture which Mr. Hanson then drew of the cuspadore elicited the mOISt cordial applause. BUSINESS Kl!lNTIOl'l. WJ: refer our readent to an advertisement on the sixth of this issue of the firm of Messrs. Jaeger Bros. & Lester, cigar manufacturors of this city Though established only: a few years, this enterprising young firm manufacture an excellent article and find ready sales for thetr leading brands all over the coun try. We are to state that the cigal'-makers of lrfessrs. Jaeger Bros. & Lester will give a ball on Norember 19, in Terrace Garden, the proceeds of which will be deTqted to the fund for tlie Mlcbigan sufferers. It is to be hoped that cigar-makere and others will aid this praiseworthy undertaking. Snuff .. .. . .. .. 1,018 58-6,366 I C!gars........ ... 354,586 17-59,097,696 number. Cigarettes............. 198 31113,320 The amount of fine cut, chewing, smoking, and plug tobacco manufactured in St. Louis in the month of October was 1 ,808,453 lbe. The United States tax paid for the same montli on these three clasBee was $289,352.56. A gain over October, 1880, of 612,095lbe. Our Lancaster Correspondence. LA.NOASTER, P A., Nov. s, 1881. w ee k ha.s passed, and. there is really nothing to_report m the way of operat1ons m leaf tobacco in th1s market. In old tobacco everythmg is at a standa full stop, because the holders don't want to sell at present The buyers who are traveling about over the county succeed m picking up a few lots of new to bacoo, but very little. The following recent !!ales will show the range of prices:-Peter Miller, of Martie, 4 acres at SO for all wrappers over 20 inches and 10 and 5 for seconds and fillers; H. H. Sommer, 1 acr& at 25, 12, 8 and 3; C. S. Lapp, 4 acres at SO, 18, 8 IUld 3; George Welk, 4 acres at iJ, 8 and 3; John Hoover, 1 acre at 24, 8 and 8; Mr. Snavely, of Leacock, 33 through. We have had a week of moist weather, very favor able for a-ripping, and some crops have been taken down. Mr. B. Atwater, who 'spent his first season in this county as a packer, has transferred pari of his packing to Schroeder & Bon, of New York, and sent %1 car-loadii of le a f to that firm yesterday, the largest llhipmenli of the season. THE well-known lithographing firm of Messrs. CJHICAOO NOTES. 'itech & Schmitt, formerly doing business under the -Our city is well represented juat now by cigar style of be New Label PubHihing Compauy, 14 manufacturers and agent& Bowery, this city, rePQrt a large increase in their buei-Mr. Jacobs, of Horace R. Kelly & Co is with us ness during the year. Besides engraving, type _print at present. lithographic and photo-lithographic work, Messrs. -.Mr .. Moebs_, of the firm of And-we, of". W 1tech & Sohmito cigar and tobacco labels.-u. u ..,., edgings and trimmlnga a sJHlCli!'It::r: Any, of tr01t, IS a gema.l gantleman, 1\nd cauled much merri handsome labels,...Df most. artistic design a114 ment at tlie. recent creditors' mEieUns by hie, can be found at thmr well-appoil ted estabhsh forward saymge. ment. The firm mforme -us th"t they have just now -M;r. J!l9Jl McLean, of "Green Seal" fame, is peramissued a large number of cigar laliels, of new and hulatmg among our trade. attractive which they call the attention of cigar manufacturers at large. A complete list of tnese new brands 1Jill be found on the tenth page of this issue. MR. S DAVIB, Cable Cigar M&nufacturer, of Montreal, Canada, informs us that be has adm1tted hie son, Mr. E. H. Davis, as partner, and will hereafter do busi ness under the st;yle of S Davis & Son. Mr. GEo. B. B&KNU, packer leaf tobacco, of Warehose Conn., states in a circular that he has given up his .New York branch, and that he will henceforth aupp!y,.hi many IJ\!tomers direci Connecticut' Wat'llhoUees. Mr. Barnes is a well-known an$eliable gentleman, and deserves the patronage of th se jl.ealing m the tobacco of his State. r. ALJ:XANDEB lot:AC'll:, of city, we understand, hlstablished htmself as a leaf tobacco broker at 11>9 Wa r Street. ONG the heavy importations of tobacco in Balti more we notice 175 bales imported by the' Messrs. Becker Brothers, of that city. Thia enterpri.Ung finn have done for years a large business in Hav&na and Seed tobacco. The Messrs. Becker Brothers rank. among the successful merchants of Baltimore. WHEN on his Eastern tour a few weeks ago, our Mr. Graff met m the Connect1cut V allay Mr. tMills, wellknown-pB"Cker of Seed leaf of Cleve land, where Mr. Mill'! goes often during the season to look after hi@ mterests. A large quantity of tho best '81 'crop has been by this gentleman. We_re quest r. Mills to keep us posted regarding the doings of C. :r,.. Brown, of ass. FROM a special announcement on the oth of this issue, the. tobacco trade w1ll see that the Havana tobacco importing firm of Messrs. M. Lil1enthal & Co., of this city, has been dlBBolved by mutual consent. M1. L1lienthal w1U continue the Importing businei!B under hio own na; e. Messrs. M Landman and M. A. Bernheimer haveformOO. a new firm under the style of Lahdman& Bernheimer, at the old etand,-1.77 Pearl Street. The-old firm of M. Westheim & Co., for years conducted by M. Landman, w11l contmue to exist and be carried on as heretofore. The many friends of this old concern are requested to take due notiCe hereof. 'l'HE old tobacco manufacturing bouse of Mrs. J. B. Miller & Co., of this city, reportfl an mcreasing busi ness and IB obliged to be behiud in filling orders promptly. MESSRS. DAVID HIRSCH & Co., proprietors of the De fiance Cigar Manufactory, of th1s city, are rece1vmg large orders from the Westem States for their leadmg brands of cigars. This is a good s1gn. Two hundred more hands were employed a few weeks ago by the Rivington Street cigar manufacturer, Mr. J W. Love, who supplies many of the leading grocers in the Miss1ssipp1 and Missouri R1ver citiel. Mr. Love, who jomed the list of Cigar manufacturers of New York a few years ago, coming from the West and traveling East. has been very successful, some thing wh1ch he really dts erves. THE following circular has been received at th1s office: 8 811tB88 TROU8LKI. M. H. M:'GUIRE, ORIC&OO, ILL. Our special correspondent writes as follows: Chicago comes to the front again with. one of the most peculiar and complioatQd failures that it has ever been our province to chronicle. The business of Mr. M. B .JlcGuire a jobber in cigars abd tobacco, doing busiaeas at No. 90 Dearbom Street, thas city, was forec loed Saturday, October 29, under a chattel mortpge in favor of Barry & Van Vleet for 14,700; William Hebel & Qo., 800; the Pacific Cigar Com:paDy, ,200, &nd William Chalihan, $3,000. The last mortgage was given to secure Mr. Chalihan, he being the indorser on three notes given to Sanc):l.ez & Haya for 13,000. The failure was brought aoout by tho sudden de parture to parte unk.llown of his trusted bookkeeper and financier, Jdr .A. G. Thiele, and the report was circulated freely on the street that he had con inderable With him. But so far, although the books are being thoroughly examined, they can find no deficiency in his accounts, and if there is any it is adroitly covered up. On aeoouni of the complications cpnstantly up, Mr. McGuire held a consultation w1th the above mortgagors to see what had best be done upder iibe circumstances, with the object in view of continumg m blllllness 'l'he advice he received was that, if he shoula execute to them a chattel mortR&ge, a!though none o f the 1!-Ccounts were due1 his object woy]d be thJJy would BSSist him in carry ing on h1s business; put, after obtaining thinr mortgaJI.'e, they thought they' hald out to Burton 4 Page. Ky.-L. C Scheey, manufacturers' &lfttllt, hu J"elQQved to 184 Fourth avenue i LYKCHBUtO, Va -Myen Broe. & Co, tobacco ntent r&o ported lo .. by llreincoiTOOt llucm, cat. -Joseph Jacoba. ctga.ra etc.; eold oot"' MoNTRUL, Can.-8. DavlS, cigar manufacturer. has admltllbd hll IJOD, 8. H. Davis. style now, S Di.vis &: Son. Nsw YoR><, N. Y.-Rooe & Thuroton, cigars; dlaolved, lll Lilienthal & Co., lmp<>rtera ot leaf tob&cco; dl8oolftlll:fL&ndman .t; Berobetmer succeed: M. LtUentbal contfuues d -fda ... aceou.nt. Rein1tz ;;_ Leon, commiMton merokante and dealei"'J 1n tobacco apd d1880hed; Mr Retnib: wUl continue. f Seidenberg & Co Cigar manutacturen; and Samuel Seidenberg continue under tb'e aame style. 1 l'Jm..u>&LPBU., Pa -Styles & Oanavan, tobacco and cllrUa; W Lindley Btlleod-.1. RLlmo, Pa..-Glaser, Lehr lc Frame, clar m&Dutacturen; ttt.olTed; Gluer 4: Frame continue; Goo. W Lehr enpced u a m&lll&facturer otclnn. RoiU, llllo.-LoD&"LWlllon a: Co .. clpr manuf-ra; ,Lang a Wllaon contlflue. Su'ri'LB, WMh. Ter -Plummer Bros clpn, ete ; dtaloiTed. W..,...,

NOV 5 ADOLPHUS IIKIER. BT Louis, Mo., Nov. 2, 1881 At a meetmg of the Leaf 'Eobacco Trade of th1s City, held Novembe r 2, 1881, the followmg 1csolutwns re gardmg the death of Adolphus Metet, Jr, were adopted-While m the prime of hfe, after a brtef Illness, 1t has pleased the Almighty to remove from our mtdst our beloved and esteemed fr1end, Adolphus Meter, Jr, therefore he 1t Resolved, That, in the death of our friend. thts asso CiatiOn and the trade has lost one of the aud most honorable members, and hJS fan11ly a t1 ue hus band and father Resolved, That the bereaved famtly has our sym pathy m th1a the hour of their affitct10n Resolved, That these resolutwns be placed on the record of the 'fobacco Assomatwn and a copy thereof be forwarded to the famtly of deceased Comm1ttee Christian Peper, Charles Dorm1tzer, Sterling E. Edmunds, W. M Ladd and Qharles 0 Evans, COL. KILLEBREW'S WORK ON THE CENSUS REPORT. CL.olRXSviLLE, T enn Oct 26 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -We have been favored With a. of the papers of the tobacco depat tment of the Umted States Census Report, and the tobacco trade have cause for congratulatiOn that this part of the re port fell mto the able hands ot Col J B Killebrew former Commtsswner of Agriculture for this State A gentleman of large expertomce and fimshed educatiOn, a tobacco planter of great zeal and unt1rmg mdustrr., he has thrown hts whole force mto htli w01k and wlll gtve as the result a work whwh will be constantly ap pealed to for mformatwn by the governments of Europe as well as the tobacco mterests m thlS country InformatiOn about thts staple bas heretofore eJusted only m the crudest forms, and wtdely scattered, but at last we have a large amount of mformatwn about every var tety of the weed, the manner of cultrvat10n and cur mg, and followed through to the demands wb1cb finally absorb them As a const'l.nt book of reference, from the planter to the manutactucer. and every one whose mterests are connected w1th tobacco many form, It w1ll be mvaluable Those who have bad occasiOn to search for tobacco mf01matwn, knowmg bow much labor 1s somettmes necessary to establish a smgle fact, will when th@y see the Census Report, realize to eome extent the expend1 ture of time and personal mvestrgatton by Col Ktlle brew m perfectmg thts new and valuable add1t10n to the publications ot tlte resom ces of th1s country 'l'hrs hea,Jly taxed staple seems at last to rece1ve the attcn tton 1t deserves, and Col Killebrew bas cleared away the m1st of tgnorance which has obscured Its true hlStory Yours truly, Finances WASHINGTON, Nov 3 -TheannualreportofTreasure r Gtlfillan, showmg the finanCial operatwns of the Umted States Treasury tor the tiseal year ended June 30, was submitted to day The transactiOns of the Treasurer' s office for the year are summanzed as follows The receipts the Government show an mcrease 'over those tor 1880 from every source The mcreas e m the rec e1pts from customs tfl*l1,637,61142, from mter nal revenue, $11, 255,011 59, from sales of public lands, $1,185,356 57, and from miscellaneous sources, $3,177, 702 01 The total mcrease IS $27,255,681 59, wbtch, added to a net reductiOn of $6,930,070 19m expend1 tures, makes an mcrease tn the surplus revenue of $34,'185,75178 'lhe net revenues we1e $360,782,292 57, and the net expenditures. $260,712,887 59 The e;x:cess of 'receipts over payments was $100 0 69,404.98, of wbtcb *90 872,261 03 was expended m the ndempt10n of the pubbc debt. The balance m the rreasury m creased $48 667,603 93 from $203,791,321 88 at the be gmnmg, to :$252,458,925 81 at the end uf the fiscal year The amount expended ou account of 1::te1est and pre mmm on the public debt ran down from $98,552,895 53 m the fiscal year 1880, to $83,569,989 96, a reductiOn of $14,982,905 57 choll.-e smgmg, the selec 1tions bemg mostly of a nautical character Chmce BBmples of tobacco were frequently dtstnbuted to the crowd TljllS exb1h1t was mUth complimented Wilham Walker, tobacco manufacturer, had m line his neat delivery carrtage tlr. C. &lamone, ctgar manufacturer, presented a 'mammoth strJcture, representmg a butldmg, w1th workmen ms1de engaged m the manufacture of ctgars. I PURITY JN A FAIBY BOWER, The trades' parade of Wednesday WfJS the grandest exbtb1t1on of Richmond's mdustues ever made. No displaf m the lme was more tasteful or effecttve than that o tae Westbam Tobacco Works, Robert W Ohver proprietor. On a huge float, drawn by four gwly capariSoned horses, was arranged a Dllmature factory, in wh1ch men and women were seen at work putting up Wetitham, Uno and Guardmn ctgars, Raleigh, Man!Wla and Uno plugs; Pnttty and Owl Club cigarettes, and PurltJ', Vtrgtma Belle awl Centennial smokmg tobacco. Over the centre of the room (float) was a dome in gilt a.nd blue, and above 1t a golden atalf :fl.oat ing a streamer mscr1bed w1th the name of R. W. Ohver. Beneath the dome, on a throne, sat a pretty young gtrl, dressed m white, wearmg a golden crown wtth the word Purtty" engraved on 1t In one hand she held a whtte wreath-the wholerepresentmg Oliver's "Pur rty" brands Ftom the lower edge of the dome mtd way of the columns were hung handsome lace cu1 truns The whole des1gn was tasteful and elegant, and at the Tobacco Exchange yesterday ar)d on the stteets the day of the patade, "as the subject of almost um versa! pratse llh Oliver bas a large demand for Purtty" tobacco m Texas and other distant States H Wtrt Matthews, 78 Warren Steeet, New York, IS the sole agent m the Ctt.r and State of New York, for R W. Oliver' s manufactures -Rtehmond Dispatch, Oct 28 D. Tidemann & Co.'s Annual Review of the Vugima Tobacco 1\'Iarket. RICHMOND, VA Oct 27, 1881 The ISsue of last year's crop, of wbtch we subm1t to you annexed statlSttcs, fell about 6 ,00 0 hogsheads below our est1mate, while the quality dta not dtsappomt our expectatiOns, a part of 1t hemg of excellent quahty, but the bulk coarse of texture and defictent m substo.nce Long, fine, rtch tobacco smtable for wrappers and good lug grades were but sparmgly tepresented 'l'he Reg1es purchased Austrm, about 1,300 hhds, France, on contract, about 2,600 do, and Italy about 900 do Our market was qmet and 1egular up to August, when, on account of threatemng sertous damage by the then preva1lmg drouth to all the grOwmg tobacco crops m the Umted States, speculatiOn caused s raptd and constderable advance m puces, as the followmg t>\ble of quotations wrll show L>ght Leaf January July Common lugs 3t to 4 4 to 4,!4 Good lug s 4t to S 4t to 5 Low leaf 5 to 5t 5t to U Medmlll> leaf 6 to 7 6! tu 7t Good leaf 7t to 8! 8 to 9 Fme l eaf 10 to 12 August 5 to 5! 5% to 6 6 to7 7 t to 8t 9 to 11 12 to 14 September 6 to tit 7 to 7t 8 to 9 10 t o 11 12 to 13 14 to 15 Heavy Leaf Common lugs 4 to 4t 4t to 4%: lit to 5%: 6-!to 7 Good lugs. li to 5t 5 to 5-j6 to Gt 7t to 8 Low l eaf 51 to 6 5-!to 6-t 6 to 7t St to 9t Medmm leaf tit to 7t 7 to 8 8 to 9 10 to 11 Good leaf 8t'to 9t 9 to 10 10 to 12 12 to 14 Fme leaf 11 to H. 1 3 to 1u 1 I to J6 Plasts enough to make a full crop had been set out last sprmg, and a good stand secured, when a severe drouth m August damaged many of them, and retarded therr growth and maturtty so much that a sudden f10st on the mornmg of October 6 caught half of the crop m the field 'l'h e result IS a small crop of about 35,000 bhds, one fourth of wh1ch IS more or less mJured by the frost, the bulk of mfer101, thm, poor qualtty, and but a small pm centage, whtch was cut JUSt prev1ous to the frost, w1ll make real good, destrable fat, waxy to bacco :More prtmmgs have been saved than for several years past '! 'hey ate cleaner and nper than u sual, and sell m hogsheads at 3 to Total Inspectwns tn the State of Vtrgmw.fol the Year From Oct 1 1880 Compared to the pre to Sept 80 11381 ceding year so 958 bhds 36,7:!6 hbds 10 681 11,470 41,639 48,206 Total Slnpments the State of Vtrgtnw. for the Yea1 ifhS! ToFrance 745 932 To Austua 284 To Italy To England To Bremen Coastwtse 3,566 1,512 336 28,003. --336 4 ,771 20,832 3,566 31,067 5,107 Stock tn the State of Vtt'{Pnw. 1 ,.....()ompared to Oct I, '!10 Inspected For iospection. !Dstlected For Inspect n Hhds Hbds llbda Hhds In RIChmond 11 U10 2,093 11,215 4,873 In Petersburg 2,363 186 2,798 434 In Lynchburg 269 13,373 2,279 14,013 11,576 AGE AND TOBACCO. Mrs Jane Pmkerton, of Manchester, Eng, dted there on the 5th of thrs month, at the age of 107 years For seventy yea1 s pnor to her ohe had smoked her tobacco ptpe w1th asstduous regularttv Now 1t 1s clarmed by the tobacco users that 1f old Mrs Pmker ton had neglected, at tbe age of thtrty-s6ven, to com mence usmg the fragrant weed, she would have dted before she had reached her allotted three score and ten Jears, and that 1f she had mtermttted the p1pe at any tlme for a considerable periOd, her funeral would have been appomted half a century o.go Per contra, the ant1 tebacco consume1s contend that the anctent Jane, by contmumg to lt ve to more than tw1ce the custom ary age of mortals m sptte of her tobacco mdulgence, proved that 1f sho bad never meddled wttb the noxwus fumtgatOJ, she would undoubtedly have hved to be at least 207 years old, mstead of 107 Mrs Pmkerton's surv1vmg relattves, however, mchne to the pro-tobacco stde of the controveTliy, and, behevmg m the samtary and preservmg power of tobacco, they propose to take the benefit of that wbtc h was so efficacwus m prolong mg the1r venerable r6lattve's existence Mrs Pmket ton's daughter, who ts now only 75 years old, hail taken up the p1pe and IS pulhng at 1t v1gorously, and her who 1s yet at the 1mmature age of 53, IS serrously thmkmg of domg the same tbmg When these two damsels have bad a chance for about fitty years to test the questwn, 1t may he poss1ble to deterrome whether the hab1t of smokmg tobacco 1s conduCIVe to longev1ty, or shortens the natural duratiOn of ltfe We await the r .esult, but wttbout anxtety, wlule we fill up our ptpe -Exchange CJVB.t.>S ()0l111NG CJROP, HAVANA, Oct 29 -As regards next year's tobacco crop prospects are very encouragmg. Planters arnved m town from the Vuelta AbaJO declate that the weather p1evmlmg there 1s tlne for tobacco Its bemgmty has ple8erved the :young plants, allowmg thetr transplantatiOn m large proportions, and some tobacco fields or vegas have already rece1ved 100,00u, 200 000 and 300,0:!0 transplanted seedlmgs, winch the earth takes well, an excellent result Sow mg has become general m the Vuelta AbaJo 1egwn, although many tobacco growers have not as yet last year' s fully Or Special Seed Leat Correspondence. NoRTHAl\lPTON, Oct 31 and Will never be damaged by it But here it is where they are mtstaken. 'l'he tobacco ts dehvered and packed (and I know that some packers use dampeners whtle packmg), cases are stowed m rows, two to SIX deep, and 1t sweats. October arr1ves, the sampler ,1s called upon, and the day seltcted to have your packmg sample d He commences, the wrappers are mvartably all ugbt-very seldom that any are damaged, the sec onds ate generally safe, hut If the samp1er gets at the "filler" case, there 1t IS m full what water w1ll do on tobacco For the last four to stx :years more "filler" cases have been damaged than a.ll the former years placed together This year ('80 crop) I know of packmgs ha.vmg one half of the filler cases damj'Lged more or less, so tho.t the sampler ordered them to be re packed Look at the trouble, expense, and loss, all through thts "shower bath I am thmkmg, smce the practice of hangmg tobacco m the tobacco cellars has begun, It IS worse than before It can be left hangwg unt1l1t IS qmte too wet There must he a cessatiOn of usmg thts overflow of water, or buyers will stop buy mg fillets If 1t should happen once agam that part t>f a mop should he left m growers' bands unsold, and the growets would use water m quaut1ty same as last wm terJ 11nd have thetr tobacco m cellarsdurmg the months of July and August, 1t would then tell what IS meant by usmg water Buyers are through our sectiOn, and I hear of sales of '81leaf at 25, 10 and 3, ana other offers wet e made-good ones-but tefused Beech & Bro Lttttz, Pa ; sold thetr packmg, '80 crop ( I thmk 95 cases), on last at etther 15 or 16 Samplmg IS now all done m our vtctmty D E Petffer also sold h1s (small) packmg to a Manbetm ctgar manufactme1, pnce not stated CoR WINDSOR, Conn Nov 2 I have not been able to find anythmg wo1 thy of to forward you from tbts sectwn for tbe past few weeks, as the weather has been so uruformly dry The1e appears to be no change 1n thetobaccoctop uow on the poles The general opmron of the gr o" er s t s 1that 1t IS as good, and some say better, than last year, but I cannot qmte agree wttb them, for last year' s crop was unusually free from any d@-ffiage wmd or hml, w lnle the present crop bas lllJ ured m some sectwns of the Connecticut Vallet h) both wmd ,md batl, and there has been some pole sweat m the em ly cut c1ops, and m the late cut crops there W!ll be found some bad colots, caused by the contmued dry weo.ther, but 1t IS commonly thought to be very free from wh1te vems, whtch are the worst of all ev1ls The quality of the leaf, as far as seen, IS good and fleshy, and, wrth the exceptiOn of the very late cut crops, the color IS good, though, on the whole, It wrll be some years be fore we wrll equal the 1880 crop Some of our growers have began to take down and stnp thetr crops to ava1l of the damp weather of the last three days Tbere have bee n some bu;ers m the field lookmg, and M1 A E Wtlcbman, o New M1lford, for Bunzl & Dormttzer, bought A Lampeter's crop of 29\! acres for 19 cents all round, to be assorted Mr Wa1 ne1 of the same place, for James Mayers' Sons bought John 0 Phelps' 4 acres for 19 cents through, assorted Seve;ral other crops were looked at, but no other put chases H WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (SpeCial to THE TOBACCO LEAl' ) KENTUCKY. Olmstead, Oct 25 -The cuttmg and housmg of the crop was completed last "eek and the crop Js now sec me On the mornmg of the 20th mst the1 e was constdetable frost, but only small and scattenng patches of the ct o p w e1 e sta.ndmg m tke fields, o.nd these wete not d amaged 'l'be enure crop came to a fall state of matuuty, and, I thmk, wrll prove to be of excellent and u seful quality It IS a sound and clean crop, wtth good we1ght of body and stlength of tex ture. and Will make a small yteld of low 01 lugs As the crop has been seemed, I w1ll dtscontinue for tfte present my regular reports T E B Cadtz, Tugg County, Oct 26 -Smce my last report w e have about fimshed housmg the c1 op of t obacco of 188lm tlns sectwn It has been so.ved w1th but little lDJUry from frost, a large portwn was cut l:iefo1c Jt was rtpe Not more than half of an o.verage crop has been rniSed this year The crop 1s not a good one, by any means, much of 1t ts curmg greemsh, and a ve1y large porlton of It 1s very short. J H W OHIO Seville, Oct 31 -No fall has been more favot able for cuung t obacco than tbts-tf w.e only lllld a full crop to cute P10bably vne half of the '80 c1op IS now m grow ers' bauds Those that have shtpped do not find ,;atts factoty puces and r e Ject btds Home buyers act wttb a gooct deal of cautwn, but holders are firm m then vtews, so much so, that some, rather than recede, will hold over, ta sell wtth the '81 crop They say, evety other 111oduct 1s boommg, and why should not tobacco? W L P TENNESSEE Clarksville (Tenn) Tobacco Leaf, Oct 28 --The tobacco crop bas generally been safely housed We don't suppose that there ts a smgle plant now out, and w e have bad no frost to damage anythmg 'l'he out come 1n tobacco smce the rams set m has been remark able Such was the raptd growth, the very mark show mg the startmg pomt was left plamly upon the leaf Much tltlbacco however, wa.q cut green, and wtll not prove a good quahty The etop w11l be more bulky than antiCipated some weeks ago-fully three of a ctop, but very tbm and light m we1ght. No crop was ever known to yteld more to the cuung r.rocess, owmg to 1ts rax:nd growth and want of body robacco "ell npened w11l make a lmght, sllky but w1ll want m rwbness of body. SEED LEAF CROP REPOflTS. NEW YORK. Baldwmsvtlle (N Y) Gazette, Oct ft7 -Our murket shows no transactwns m 18 8 1 Some up of samples of thts crop to send to New York 1s gomg on, but we heaJ of no sales The pr1ces remam the same, the growers bemg content to hold their unsold ctops at sttff figUI es, confident, as they say, that prrces for good leat "1ll go no lower We quote Havana Seed at 14 to 18c Vety little of 1881 Havana Seed 1s bemg stttpped off the stalks as yet, though considerable ot 1t no doubt, 1s m condttwn to be taken down A general dtsposrtton ts shown among all, or most all, of our ratset s to take unusual pams th1s season m a sso 1 t mg thetr tobacco mto four qualities The cold weather of the past two weeks bas put a stop to pole sweat, and although some of the out-of-town buyers have teported as seemg pole sweat m almost every barn, yet thev have bought arS on Sunday, but not a ctgar dealer '' And 1t IS a w1se deCISion, too A druggtst should not be permitted to sell a ctgar dealer 1 on Sunday or any other day -Norrtstown Hl!lald -august Werner, the manufacturer of a beverage called Amertean went mtb h1s stm e to get a ctgar, and caught a burglar prymg open h1s safe: Lancaster (Pa) Exarmner and Express Nov 2 -The same old litate ot affans prevails m our tobacco mar ket-a sort of a dead lock between the 'holders and buyers, the buyers bemg anxwus to secure lots of old tobacco, and huntmg mdustrwusly for them, but pre vented trom buymg by the btg prwes demanded by the holders, who nre as mdependent as posstb le It IS well undetstcod by the that there 1s no danger of losmg by holdmg on to thetr packmgs that pnces wtll advance rather than fall durmg 1 the wmter months, and they are content to let matters be as they are at present No sales a1 e 1 eported for the past week. In the new crop the sttuat10n 1s about the same s huntmg for purchasable lots, but flndmg very few, and compelled to pay roundly for them when they do find them Usually the buyers diCtate priCes, but now the SituatiOn IS revet sed, and the growers have the buye1s "where the hatr IS short" The) know that the supply IS short, that all the tobacco they have wtll be needed befo1e another crop can be grown, and that the manufacturers must have 1t be the pnces htgh 01 low Pr1ces have advanced duimg the pust month, and they w11lno doubt be evenhtgher m another month Kennett (Pa) News and .Advert.ser, Nov 2 -George Lobb, of Pennsbury township, sold three acres of to bacco at 18c all through, Jas Dilworth, Kennett town ship, two acres at about the same prtce, Jos L Barl.l' East Marlborough, five and one-half acres at 87 18 7 and 2 CONNECTICUT AND MASSACHUSETTS R,ston (Mass) .Amencan Culttvator, Oct'29 -The market been very qmet fer sevetaLweeks yet sales contlhue to he made at mcreased pnces, showmg that the first sales made thrs yeo.r were not the best Early sales were made at 10, 11, 12 and 1 3c m the bundle Smce then prtces have rtsen to 1 5 17 and 20c m the bundle for Seed leaf, wh1le for Seed the pnce bas advanced from 16c to 20, 21 and 22c m the bundle Probably the quality of the leaf has somethmg to do wtth the mcrease d price, yet 1t I S more ptobable that the thorough postmg of the holders of t obacco, by the agncultural and trade bas more to do m effectml' an advance tha n all other causes put together 'l'b e mformatwn thus afforded by the press has flown flom grower to growet, until they are pretty well posted m the cond1t10n of the mo.rket Sprmgtield (Mass New England Homestead Oct 29 -Hattield-The buyers have been busy m 'Hatfield durmg the past two weeks, and there are now out few lots ot old tobacco 1 emmnmg m the farmers' hands Sales of Seed leaf, 'SO crop W D Btllings, tunmng lot, 13?-ic, marked wetghts, M E Watnet, the same 13c H 8 Hubbard the same, 10c, S G Hubbard pers, Havana Seed, '80 crop John Sheehan 12 and 5e, S G Huh bat d, runnmglll.ot, 17c, marked wetgbt, also 1 case '79 crop, 10c, E Hubbard 90 cases ('79) at 16c, also 3 cases of '79 at 13c The latter bas also on hand 300 C!llie& of the '79 Ctop and S G Hub brud has 25 cases of '79 Of 1880 tobacco 1emammg unsold W H Dwkmson h!IB 35 cases of Seed, and H. S Bub bard 38 cases of Havana o:;eed New crop sold OlD the poles 0 C Wells, Seed, m the bundle, Nol son Allatr, Havana, 13c m the bundle, M. Lamontain Havana, 12c 111 the bundle M L Bradford and have sold, pnces not reported Bucklanct-Fully 13 acres of tobacco are grown m thlS town thts yeat, about the same as last year Charlemont-Fully 12 acres of tlte weed ate grown here this rather more than last Whately-The crep 1s the best gro,v n here fm years Hawleyville, Conn '!'here has been very httle done m tobacco I have heard of but one sale the last week and that of Seed leaf for 19c East Hattford-The tobacco ratsed here has alwavs been a favorrte wtth dealers, espectally m the Hoc"k anum d1stnct It has sold thts year for 20 and 22c all 1 ound, and one sale at 31 and 35c IS repot ted OHIO. Mramtsburg (0 ) Bullettn, Oct 28 -A season of markalile dullness 1s preva1lmg m thlS market prob ably due to the exCJtetnent 'and consequent htgb1prtces of the la,te 'boom Planters are generally well m formed of the scarCity of s.ervJCeable stock and the value of old crops, whtle resident buyers have spotted des1rable goods and know Just where tostuke when all thmgs are propitiOUs Look out for a rush Pnces may be nommally quoted at 8 to 10c for 'SO Seed, 9 to 12c for '81 German, 10 to 20c for '81 Ztm mer's Spamsh, 15c for '81 Bmkley' s Havana The season has been exceptiOnally favorable to cur mg, and such crops as we have exammea through the valley, as well as samples sent to tb1s office exhibit surprtsmg marks of excellence, notably m su'cb var1 et1es as ConnectiCut and Pennsylvan1a Seed and Zrm mer's Spamsh A sample of pure Havana mtroduced here by Mr H M Bmkley, of Carrollton Statton, 1s worthy of speCial notiCe, 1t bemg the first mtelhgent attempt to produce pUitl Havana m the Mtamt Valley The speCimen com pares favorably wrtb ongu'lal stock, experts hemg un able to d1stmgu1Sb the acoma m the bmmng from the 1m ported. WISCONSIN Edgerton (W1s ) Tobacco Reporter, Oct 28 -There IS an apparent rev1val of mterest m the new crop th1s week, several now buyershavmg a1r1ved a few days, o.mong the number bemg H C Rosenbaum N Y P Boengesset, Lancaster, Pa W R Parcher: Detrmt, Mr Sbmdle, Mountvllle Pa. and Mr Gnffin Danbury, Conn 'l'hey have ndmg through country wtth some of our loco.l operatort!, but we have not learned of thetr purchasmg to any extent 'fbe new crop contmues to cure out finely, and some of the Spamsh l8 reported so thoroughly cured out that stnppmg has been commenced Our Dunktrk correspondent reports "Tobacco sales contmue to be made occaswnally, pr1ces rangmg from 10 to 15c. Some few have commenced strip pmg" A su bscrr her sends the followmg late sales from Evansville, all new Spamsb Ray Gtllman, 13,!4c, --Howard, Wm. Carpenter, 13c Torn Gleaves, 13c A subscr1ber from Janesvllle reports -La.te sales have been made as follows Tom Ross 15 cases 1880, 15c, John Snyder, Harmony, He, John Cunmngbam, 1Sc, Joseph Labosscere, Janesvtlte, John Low ery, 15c James and B H Byers, 14c Wm Bam 15c, Mr Qumby, Center, 15c 'l'be Mllton correspondent to the Gazette that Mtlo Collms solct hts '80 crop of tobacco recently f01 8 and 2c, and refused to sell h1s new SpanlSh for a. sbll lmg J. B Miller has sold h1s new crop of Spantsh 11 acres, for 15c, Mart1n Brown, 8 acres, 13c, Geo well 12 acres, 14c, Geo. Vtckers, broadleaf llc Walter Vtckers, broadleaf, 11c LEAFLETS, -The wtfe of Joseph Kreas, o. ctgar maker of th1s City, comm1tted smc1de a. few days ago by leapmg from the wmdow of her res1dence -The farm en at Laytonsville, Ky are about through cutt1ng and housmg the1r tobacco crop. It 1s 88ld to be about half or two thtrds of a. crop. -There were manufactured m Cmcmnatl m 1878 ctgars and tobacco amountmg m value to U ,2H,OOO, and m1880, $4,2269,000, an mcrease of $54,000 for 1880 over 1878. -Says the Thompsonville (Conn ) Preas of the 20th mst : -Durmg the past few weeks :Mr. A. W. Allen bas bought over $100,000 worth of tobacco, crop of 1881 on the polea. Werner secured the rascal who proved to be an old prckpocket who had turned ctacksman and prov1ded htmself w1th a set of tools -A letter to the Lomsvtlle (Ky) Courter Journal from Bowling Green, Ky states that a gentleman whoo bas recently been through Watren Logan and Todd Count1es Ky and Robel tson County, Tennessee, sayg' r that half of tile tobacco crop lias been cut, and tl>ar. the crop m those count1es ts a very passable one afte1 1 all -At Cmcmnat1, on Saturday last Thad Jordan, & work house "bn d," struck an old drayman, namoo Arnold HohnscbmtdL, wtth a dray pm, because he re fused htm a chew of tobacco. The old man fell to the ground unconsciOus and will probably d1e from concusSIOn of the bram Jordan escaped and has not yet;len caught. o -Durmg last week W T Blackwell & Co. pur-. 1 chased 1.000,000 pounds of leaf tobacco, for which they I patd the enormous sum of $150 000 Parrish & Blackwell on Frrday last sold SO ages of wrappers at au of $70 per hundred, tbei' sale o.mountmg to $10,000 These are only a speeimsn:> of the work our busmess men are dgmg -.Duthaa 0 ) Tobacco Plant, Oct 25 FACTORY -OF'lhe Cigars of th1s Factory, the well known Brands of El Principe de Galea -AND-de Cayo Hues0: Manufactured of new and best Vuelta Abajo Havana tobacco, and unexcelled in quality and makC'I by any of \he Havana Factones, are now recerved m regulal weekly ehrpments by FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. n!E TOBACCO NEW ': -r 1 Novembet 4 : Western LeafThe monthly c1rculars pub11shed below fully descr1be the s1tuatwn uj:l to thiS :rb.oment. Lrttle bas been done m the way of sales suice our lASt. report, and that httle will be best announced when m cluded m the regular summary to he made a week hence. lot week. January 341 February 431 Maich 94& Apul 2,013 May 24S June 823 July 162 August 2,401 Septembe 682 October 415 lid week. 91 t ,aa4 1 ,037 803 587 221 169 486 286 3d week flh week week 10,223 048 612 3'44 773 298 1,636 742 2 v 2 482 974 223 264 3 0711 3 371 6,901 349 2 083 285 264 Mr R. HAGEDORN, tobacco broker, reports Recmpts th1s month-Total 10,556 21125 3 100 4 2500 2 00() 1 350 16 800. 3 55() 1,250 Western 911 bbds Lastyear, From New Orleans -do ao Baltunore 1 ,207 do do Vugmta 108 de 1,151 hhds. d0. -doL 163 do'. Total 2,226 bhds Total 1, 314 hnds. Recetpts thrs year -Western 56,850 hhds. From New Otleans 43 do do Balttmore 2,634 do 'do Vugmta 20,154 do Last year, 761 660 hhda. 359 do 324 dv. 15 ,642 do. Total 79,681 do. 92,985 do. Exports for the week, 1,122 hhds For tne month, hhds At New Orleans Recmpts ftom Jan. 1 to Oct 29, 1881,11,875 bhds. against 5, 061 hhds m 1880, sales this mont.h, 28 hhds; exports fore1gn, -hhds, domest1c, 2 hhds, to\al, 2 hbds Stock on hand and on shtpboara uot clear!ld, Oct 29, 1,594 hhdl!. THE TOBACCO CIRCULARS-NOVE!IlBER 1 BAwm, WALLACE & Co -Am

4 The English and the Continental markets have been qwet and steady. Western markets have also been steady, with a gOod dt:mand hom manufacturel'll; and as their stocks are becommg reduced, there IS an up ward tendency m puces the close The Westetn crop has been housed w1tbout mJury from frost, but will be of unusually vaned qual1ty. It is estimated at from three quarters of last year to three-quarters of an average (o r about as much as last year), but we must wa1t till more oE 1t posses the scales before we deter mine more closely. 'rhe V1rgmm crop has been very seriously injured by frost, and we heaT of 20,000 to SO 000 as its probable s1ze against 41,000 last year HAryland and Ohw w1ll probably together not dt:fl'er much from last year's prOductiOn, but the latter has Freighla.-Keesrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Brokers, report to T JIB TOBACCO LJUP Tobacco Fre1gbh as lol lows -Liverpool, ateam, 17s 6d, sail, London, ateau:, 20s, &all, 17& 6d, Glasgow ateam, 20s, sail,. Bnstol, steam, 95s, satl, Havre, steam, 18s, sail, Antwerp, ateam 25&, sa1l, 308, Hamburg, steam, 25s, aall, 30s, Bremen, ateam, 25s. 1&11, 30s IMPORTS. The arr1vals &t the port of New York from foreign porta for the week included the followmg coll8lgnmenta .Bremm-C Upmann 152 bale tobacco. E T Hopkms 3 cases snuff, Jllerchants D1spaLch Co 28 cases cigars London-Sawyer, Wallace & Co 20 bhds, 5 casea samples, Kinn ey Tobacco Co 20 bales tobacco. order 2 cases c1garettes. W ea ve1 & Sterry, 60 bbla otl se s ame been somewhat mjured by frost. Nama1Uila-'rhos J Owen & Son 118 bales tobacco. Ytra O.'lto-Fred'k Probst & Co 1 case c1gars, George Farler UPORTB OB' TOB.A.COO 1'ROJI NEW YOIUt I'ROJI & Co 1 do, order 4 do. Haoana-Tobacco-Scbroeder & Bon 136 bale1 AnuleHlam-Esberg, Bachman & Co 26 bale& tobacco; G Falk & Bro 35 do, L Ash & Co 3 do, R H R Toe Laer 15 do, TO 31, Il(CLVSIV!t. From the ctrcular of :Mr R Hagedorn we collate the follow lllg 1yuope18 of export& from New York and New Orleans from Jan. 1 to date-11!81 hhda. 16,220 15,170 111,614 5.897 8,784 980 15,372 8,904 Total .. .... .............. 79,418 81,441 CoDBump\wnandonships not cleared, eLc .. 7,186 9,250 Diaappeared frolll N. Y and New Or!e&DB. 88,549 90,091 E Hoffman & Son I box. Otenfuegor-Jas E Ward &Co 74balea tobacco, erder 74do Mmuia-Orc.ter, 3'2 ca fes c1gars, Wetl & Co 383 do. We1s, Eller & Kaeppel262 d o Kerbs & Spiess 145 do; James E Ward & Co 107 do, Vega& Bernheim 94 do, J Durrand ll6 do, Km ney Tobacco Co2 do, A Gonzales 84 do, Bruno D1az & Co 147 do Jose VensciB, 12 do, Almtrall & Co 124 do, Callxto Lopez 171j ao, Lozano, Pendas & Co 284 do, F G are1a Bro & Co 257 do, C F Hagan 824 do, l!' Alexandre & <:Ions Bi do, 10 bags scraps J A 1 case cut C1fars-1'udy & NICholas 16 casea, L P & J Frank 6 do, Cbas 'I Bauer & Co 5 do Carl U pmano 2 do, G W Faber 17 do, Howard I v es 11 do, F de Bary & Co a do, Lozano, Pendas & Co 6 do, G Fernandez 6 do, Esberg, Bachman & Co 2 do, H R Kelly & Co 3 do. F Fer nandez 1 do, C Uavara & Son 1 do, C ruse & Co ldo, Park & Tilford 36 do, Acker.lllerrall & Condit l!4 do. Brown Bros. & Co 8 do, J & W Seligman & Co 8 do. A Owens 6 do, Jas E Ward & Co 1 do, Oelnchs & Co 1 do, J Ward Lydecker S do, C F Hagan 17 do, F Alexandre & 8ons 74 do Order 38 do Receipts of Jlcor1ce at p ort of New York for week, reporteo u:pre8Siv for THB ToBACCO LBAF:-Pe r Partbta, from L1ver pool-276 pk gs, to the Stamford Manufactu.nnr Company, 200 pkgs (123,086 lbs), to Wener & Sterry, 15a pkgs, to Reck nag e l & Co Per New YorK, from Barcelona-3,759 pkgs, (430,016 lbs), to Weaver & Sterry 50 pk gs (11,662 to Zur1calday & Argutmbau Per Syrian, from Naples-50 pkgs (9,984 Ibs), to DIX & Co 10 pkgs (1,9117 lbs), 01der. EXPORTS From \he port or New York to foreign porta for the week were as follows pkg (160 lba) mfd cases 8 pkgs (320 lbs) mfd cases, 25 tales A111enu.u Republo16 hbds, 1 case. .Bor l'eventy per cent. of an average y1eld, w1th an wnusually large pro portion of Burley tobacco. It ts yet too early to form an accurate tdea. of quahty, but we thmk many dttfer ent sorts, Size& and colors w1ll be found m'&lmales. BWJ &<.land-& cases, 120 pkga (18,694. lbs) mfd. Mezoco-..1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd VeMO!Ula-20 pkgs (2,000 lbs) mfd. U. 8 of C'92 28,148 1.220 17 221 475,438 7 ,004 1 5,558 3,338 Ill 346 671:743 1 ,2!4,764 4,971,054 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every is a to be at an advance on 1lrst cost, the obtainable by growers of tobacco, therefore, will alwaya be somewhat ower tha.n theee quou.t1.o111. WESTERN LEAP, ""' J%@8 eta 7 @ 8 8 @ 9 9 9 @ll 10MIC14 12 cu 14 @18 ... 9MI011 11)(@13 13 @14 VIRGINIA. H.l.V.N"-Fine lSuperior and n cuts aasorred D cuts Bmu.TIU. W&i.I'P&U !IIA.NUF A.CJ'-l'UBBD TOBA.CJ()O, PJU:ou Ill BoHJ>-Ta 1S Cmml PEB Pomm. 15 @-1879Crop. 8:1 0 sr. 88 @ 100 0110 115 @125 67)( 9!11!10100 lj() @150 No.vy 4s, .llo, 68, ""' 3s 19 IZti!O lOs, 128, and )(lbsl5@18 a: 20@25 BBIOBTB-\Bu.ou-W1ba. tOil a.nd Navy411,1Ss,8eand "l'leceo 18 030 16@18 .t: 20@!5 Ughtrp.......,d so I No.vy lOs or Pocket Peces 16((G:!II Gold Bars 30 @50 Negrohead twist 28@00 6 and 12--inch twist 2S @40 CJIGA.B8. 16@40 Ha......, )Mir J1 150@ 150 J Seed, per M 40@ 110 GBA.NULA.TED !IM:OKING TOBACCO. llledlum to good t26@4i I Good to ftne !!Nt.JII'II' 1 [Subject to dlacounl lo the wholeoale triOde. Haccaboy 62@-66 JA.menco.u Geotlemo.n Scotch IUid Luodyfoot 62@-66 }lappee, French UQ C" "F G'" w allls Ex. Pilar -c c1c ... uL\1 Co" Sa.erry Ex., I "Huelva," .. Magnet," "8' LlCJOBICJE PA.STB, ill 28 28 25 z; 28 22 23 :l2 22 t1.'tTK118-w.a" "T W S" 'A 0, B' ug.u '"Star," H .ftl II up G." DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. --o-711 -720-7!i 18 18 18 18 21 1 8 19 'l'he domestiC rece1pts at tbe port of New York for the week we1 liS follows THE TOBACCO I.E AI'. Br 1M National Lo...,-Sawyer Wallace & Co 37 bhde, P Lon liard & Co 178 do J H M>Ore& Co :t8 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co2 do, Watjen, T"oel & Co 16 do, Order 88 do By tlu Pm-vtmmo. Rail1'0ad-S RoBBin & Son, 44 cases, H Koenig & Co 37 do, M Oppenheimer 15 do, C F Wabhg 51 do, F Schulz 11 do Schroeder & Bon 263 do, C C & Co 629 do. Meyer & Mendelsohn 1111 de, 1 Hamburger & Co 80 do. J Gonzales 85 do L Neugass 91 do, G Re1smann10do, Bunzl & Dormitzer 2a do, E H o lfmaa & Son 10 do. L1chten stem Bros & Co 100 do, A Plale & Co 76 do, G W Helme 25 pkgs mfd, 13 cs do, 2 trcs snuff, 67 bbls do, 12 "bbls do, 700 bxa do, 14 crates do, 12 keg s do Bg tM Batlroad t>' Nt11! JtrU1J-Davtdson Bros 4 cases; A L & C L Holt 95 do, Joe l:lehgsberg 80 do, Block & Lmdbeim 1 do. Btl tlw BMJJ York and N H_,. 8WJ.mboal IA,.,_ M Wolf 4 cases, F 8cbulz S3 do, B Grotta 10 do, A Engle 1 do: J Delmonte 33 do, F W Mertens & Son 33 do, H tlchul!art & Co 1 do, Wm Eggert & Co 117 do, Basch & Ftscher 8 do, G 8cbmldt a do, K Renk I do, C J Clauer I do, Order 11 do Bg tllJJ Old 1Jom11wm tiUamBIUp JAM -M .A.benbe1m .!i; Co 15 hbds, Read & Co 8!1 do, FE Owen 11 do 1 trc. PLonllard & Co 26 bbds, 2fl trcs, 3 bxs samples, Oelrtcbs & Co 65 bbds, 3 bx s samp les, Recknagel & Co 26 do, 2 do, W 0 Sm1th & Co 196 bbds, 11 tics g cs om kg, 25 do mfd 2 do cigarettes and smkg, a do cigarettes, 1 box samples, R A Mills 4 trcs; E K Alburtis 10 }4-trcs mf l, 20 do mfd R W Cameron & Bro38 .J.i: trcs mfd, 185 cs do, 10 514 bxs do, Thompson, Moo re & Co 117 cs mfd. 17 bxs uo, 13 do, 4 bxs do 46 cads do, 8 "' cads do, II pkgs do, :&1.1!: McDo11 elf & Co 700 pkgs smkg, 7 do mfd 145 bxs da H K & F B Thurber & Co tO cs 5 do mfd, 25 J,i;-bxs do, Jas M Gardmer 8 cs smkg, 5 mfd, Augustm <10 Duoel18 cs 7 do mgarettes, W1se & Bend bmm 41 cs smkg, 23 bxs mrd, F H Leggatl & Co 24 cs smkg. 1J % bxs mfd Dohan, Carroll & Co 25 cs mfd. 1 % box do, 11 bxs do, 34 cads do, E DuB01s 6 cs mfd, 2 34 bxs do, J os D Evaus & Co 1 csmfd, 5 cads do, H Wut Matthews 3 cs smkg, B"Y St!lte Shoe and Leather Company 8 cads mfd, Carhart Bros 25 do, Julms Ettlmger 1 c o cigars, :M W Mendel & Bro 1 box Order 2 bhds, 84 cs sml6 bxa do, 13a J4bxs do, 40 do, 150 J,i; cads do 1 case c 1 Bv tlu JietD York &1ld 7'ramportatwn L.u Funcb, Edye & Co 11M hhds, A Cohn & Co 1 case lear, J J Grogan a bxs mfd. Eastern Markets. BOSTON, Nov 3 -Our speCial correappndenl reporta:Tbe tobacco market u practically unchanged from \hat of a week ago, and wtlb but few e.xcepttons full pnces have been obtamed Kentucky o n b1gber grades are quite firm but on the lower grade conce .. tons are made favoring the buyer Re ce1pts, lOU bhds, exports, 54hbds for Liverpool, SO hhd1 for Afnca, 10 bhds for Deme rara 100 bales for West Indtes Seed Leaf-The demand lD tbts hne 18 confined to meeting tmmedtate wants of the trade-manufacturen and rightly, that tbe longer they delay on purchaaea the better able they wtll be to judge of the goods reqtoued by them. The m fenorlty m color of all classes of '8o growth 18 puzzhng, and the h}story of tobacco will uphold me m saymg that never be fore hns 11 been posble W obtain such a v1mety of color m one case Wbetber this advantageous to Its disposal, I leave for dealers to JUdge One tbtng ts, tbat every pound of ah classes will necessanly have to here _weat to brmgttmto proper conditi o n Ctgars-Manufacturera are quite busy on ftne goods. &nd although many are u smg Connecttcul and Ohto for the lower cl888C8 of tbe lin e r work, yet for rcacbmg supenonty m ap pearance, Havana Seed will contmue to be used Manufactured-Agents report an lncreasmg demand for ex port, and lar,;e orders are cootmually bemg rece1ved for home trade. PHILADELPHIA, Nov 3 -Mr. A R Fougeray to bacco ManufactUiera' Agent, report& to THE TOBACCO L&A>" Jobbers m manufactured tobacco cla1m a falling oft' m trade tbe pas t week except for certa111 brands, whiCh are now and have been for a long t1m e very sca.rce the manufacturers not keepmg the m arktt supphed tor reasons be, t known to them selves Puces bold steady and firm. Stocks not heavy. Fine Outs-DeCidedly 1mprovmg Smoking 1 obauo-M.ovmg w1th a better spmt, more goods bemg consumed than usual eapeClally A No 1 grades Cigats-Manufacturera full of uusmeBB, cannot fill orders as pro mptly as desired excellent for standard brands R ece1pts-5l.'i boxes, 6,1182 caddies, 9 ,201 cases, and 0,0 p111ls of tine cuts Exported to Liverpool, via ste amer Bnt1sh Queen, manufac tured tobacco, 11,550 lbs &ed Leaf-Bus mess splend id, f or the reason all grades of cgar leaf till the bill, prospects bemg bnght Leaf dealers l ook ple ased and happy as 1f they knew 'be1r bank account s were mcreasm g Leaf ts cert.amly tbe pleasm.; part of the to bacco trade llat>ana-SplQndd trade, exce llent quahty of goods offered at fair figures, hence all tbat can be ex p ected Receipts for the w eek -78 9 cases Connecticut, 942 181 cases Ohio, 82 cBses Wtsconsm, 29 cases State Seed, 121 Havana, and 420 bhds cf VIrgima and Western leaf tobacco Sales show up -604 cases Connecticut, 819 cases Pennsyl vama, 71 cases Obto 4!1 cases Wsconsm, 11i cases State Seed, 90 ba les Havana, and 9 hhds VIrgm111 and Westerrt leaf, and 90 hbde Western t n trane1t to manufacturers Exported of l eaf tobacco -To Liverpool, v1a steamer BntJBh Queen, 36,743 lbs Western and Southern Markets. BALTilUORE, Nov 3 -Messrs J!:d W1scbmeyer & Co Tobacco Comm1sswn Merchants report to THE 'l'OBAOCO LEAF as follows -Iospe c twns for tbe past w eek were agan very h ght, mdiCatmg that tbe crops of both Maryland and Ob10 h av e nearly all been f01 Tile market for Mar) land 1s belli firm, w1tb hgbt sales re ported Of Ohw we hear of no sales this week, but we notjl tile mar ket very firm TOBACCO STATEMENT, ... $ 2 00@ s 50 400@1i00 1100@600 6 50@ 8 ()() 8 1!0@10 00 10 00@14 00 4 00@16 00 300@800 400@600 600@750 8 00@10 00 700@900 11 00@18 00 10 00@18 00 4 00@ li 00 a OO@ 6 oe 600@700 7 50@ 8 00 9 00 00 10 00 00 11 50@13 00 a00@550 6 00@ 8 00 8 00@10 00 12 00@16 00 1 00@ 2 00 Jan 1 1881-Stock OB hand m tobacco warehouses and on shipboard not cle&red . . 21,486 hbds Insp ected tbts week . .. 333 hhds Inspect ed previOusly tb1s year 85,343 hhds 57,162 hhds Exp orts of Marvlaud and Ohio smce J&nuary I 26 889 hhds Sh1pped coastw1se aud r e-mspected 6,600 hhds 83,489 hhds Stock m w arehouse th1s day and on s hip board n o \ clea1ed . . 2S 678 bbds Stock same ttme m 1880 8 1,480 bhds Tobdcco--Busmess contmues f air In ths bran ch of the t1ade, the il1gb gades are m small demand, but h e ld firm 10 pnce, while low e r grades are in fatr demand and at rather weaker pnces Exported tb1s week-140 hhds tobacco to L1verpool and 860 do to Rotterdam Stock m warehouses Nov. 1, 1881. ..................... 11.191 do do 1880 .................... 8,916 Actual sales dunng the month ........... .. .. 3,1132 YEABLY OOilll"AlllB01'18. 1881. 1880. Hbm-1lltru reports LBAF TOBACCO is much higher pnced than it has been for a long ttme past. It was h1gh some t1me.,8111ce, but when the news came that the frosts had destroyed a great deal of the crop tt had the effect of making hold ers firmer than ever and putting pnces up to a great extent CIGARS-Imports smce our last, 72 cases ; rmports smce Jan. 1, 1,551 oases. Tbe market was Without maten111 chan" Our rn October were 251 bhda. Sales 414 hhds. Stocks .Nov. 1, M6 I:MP<.JR'I'ERS. bbds of wbJCb seller& held 66 Our corrected warehouse re Receipts by rail since our last came to the following: ports for the year are Total rece ipts, 11l 193 hhds ; sales, 2 cs to Portland (Or), 21 cs to Esberg, B &: Co, 4 C8 to 12,375 hbds, stocks Nov 1, 546 hbds, t o lal shipments for the Falkenstem& Co, 26 cs to Mtchalitscbke Bros, 2 cs to year, 12,364 hbds of leaf tobacco, and 625 do of stnps. L &: E W erthetmer, 1 cs each to V ICtorta ( ll C), J J Our crop .n the barns ts now nearly cureu, and a dec1ded Mack &: Co, Ltebes Bros &: Co, Tober H &: Co and shrink&{(e lB reportefl from much of the snpposed "body" of Wm John, 3 cs to :M A Gunst &: Co, 7 cs to H He,ynethe leaf proving to be "bloat" from the September ratnB, mann, 2 cs to Wellman, P &: Co. which bas now evaporated Imports dunng the past week have been large. The The weather tur,ned cool last week, wtth white frost& market IS very briSk and all the manufacturers are on the mormngs of 20th and 21st, but they were hardly severe workmg full handed. enough to b1te tobacce Planters took alarm ftom lhe falling We quote-" Puck," $65 per 1,000 to the trade; Soft temperature, and o n the 19th and 20th cut everythmg stand Snaps, $80 per 1,009 to the trade. mg, much of 1t small and dead green, making but a small y1eld per acre Planters are now seedmg their land Common Seed-434 to ...... 18 00@ 20 00 dowum wheat, of wbtch an unusually large area bas been sown 6-mch .. .. . . 20 00@ 23 00 tb1Hall Good Seed-4 inch ................. 21 00@ 25 00 DANVILLE, Va., Nov 2 -Paul C. Venable, Leaf To4,l.j: ................. 23 00@ 30 00 bacco Broker report& to THB ToBACCO LEAl!' as follows 4" '' 25 00@ 32 110 ThiS market still poorly supplied. 'lbe recent rams have 5 .. .... 28 00@ caused new tolmcco to come m rather more freely, !:utmost of Seed and Havana-4 mch ........ 45 00@ 55 00 the new crop offered ilere I S mfertor, the proportiOn of wrap 4}4 .. .. 116 00@ 60 00 pers bemg very smBII As soon as prices are rather more set 4" .. 60 00@ 65 00 tied on the new I will make quotations 6 .. ... 70 00@ 711 00 N Clear Havana-4 mch .............. 60 00@ 65 00 EV ABSVILLE, Ind. ov. 2.-Mr C J :Moms, To4'-" 70 00-"" 75 00 bacco Broker, report& to THB ToBAcco LEAF:-Smce my '"' .. "" '" .. ........ _.. 80 00@ 9:> 00 last report our mtLrht bas firmed up, and IB to day "c higher . . ... 95 00@125 00 on lugs and to 1c on leaf The crop m this distrfct bas G .. 105 00@100 00 been safe ly housed from frost but at least one third of \be Chma............... .. .. .. 15 50@ 17 00 crep bas been cut green From the best mformatton I can T I lb get, the crop w111 not be over 60 per cent of last year's y 1 eld OBACOOmports smcil our last: By rrul, 167,170 I 'l'be market seema to be on a firm basiB, and higbee pnces are manufactured, 416 cs (171,660 lbs) leaf. anttCtpated Total Imports SinCe Jan 1st 3,946,727lbs manufac Rece1pta for October.. . . 137 hhds tured, 810 bls, 113 hhds, 756 cs (3,111,971lbs) leaf. Sales .. . .. . 1 8 6 IMPORTERS. Sto ck on hand November 1, 1881. .... 140 Receipts by rallsmce our last came to the following: HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., Oct 29.-Mr. George V. Manufactured-28,150 lbs to Portland (Or), 52,870 lbs to Thompson, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reoorts to THB ToBACCO Esberg, B & Ce, 14,290 lbs to Falkenstem &: Co, 2,820 LEn -Sales this week 47 bhds Market dull &nd pnces lbs to M:IChahtschke Bros, 21,620 lbs to L &: E lower. Lugs ranged .from 5 to 5)i'c Leaf, 6 to Tbe Wertherme!l 8.250 lbs to Oppenheimer Bros, 5 940 lbs crop was all cut and housed Without frost; the last cutting to H SuUm, 7,860 lbs to Sanderson &: H, 240 lbs to small and green. Japan, 2,540 lbs to Newton Bros, 1 ,290 lbs to Kruse & LOUISVILLE, Nov 2 -lllr Falconer Secretarv of tlle E, 1 350 lbs to J A Drmkhouse, 2,160 lbs to :Mayrisch Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to THE ToBACCo LEAF as Bros, 1,960 lbs to Taber H &: Co, 760 lbs to Wellman1 P follow s -Smce my last report the market has shown mcreased &: Co, 1 ,88 0 lbs to H1llman, H &: Co, 530 lbs to Tahiti, firmness for all grades of leaf and lugs The general appear 1,090 lb11 to VICtoria (B C), 600 lbs toW J Houston & ance of tbe oll'ermgs, as to quality, has not been encouragmg Co, 640 lbs to H Newmark&: Co, 730 lbs to Roundtree They have conststed la rgely of nondescript leaf, most of 1t in &: M:, SGO lbs to M Ehrman, 2, 550 lbs to Honolulu, 5,220 rather quQstu>nahle cond1t10n lbs to Baumgarten & Co, 3,400 lbs to A Mau &: Co, Sweet tillers of the Lower Green Rtver type have found 3,150 lbs to H Levy&: Co. ready buyers at pnces better than could have been obtamed Leaf-SO cs (34 510 lbs) to Esberg B &: Co 134 CB some t 1rue mce 1 (47 200 lb ) t L &:' E W th 48' (17 980 'lb ) to Lug s bave shown uregulanty, but have pnrt1C1pated m tbe s 0 er eimar, cs 8 generaltmprovement m pnces :Mayr1sch Bros, 90 cs (37,970) to M. Rosenshme. 64 cs Several bbds of Kentucky Rver leaf of the new crop have (34,000 lbs) to Sam Lew1s put man appearance, reahzmg m some 1 n s tances '18 75 per The market contmues very a.cttve an:i firm. Leaf IS 100 Iba m great demand, and those who have held large quan Judgwg from the few speCimens of Burley wb1ch have been t1ttes of 1t for a few months wtll make a good deal of oll'ered, we would mfer that w11atever m a y be the average money thiS fall quahty of the crop, 1t evtdently con tams some very fine leafSTATESVILLE, N. c., Nov 4 _Me s s r s Jourgensen s bowm g that fine stlky texture and ncb color so much pnzed & Co, of the Cash Tobacco Warehouse. report to TilE 'lOBAC byLmanu1faclurers 1 f Af d co LEAF -We are expencncmg the eliects of the (last) un ong eaf, s u1tab e or the ncan Ira e, Js decidedly firmer, favorable season. Oll'enngs as yet scan y a n d mfenor m qual with very little offermg T en to eleven cents IS not nnfre Ity Unnpe and dark common tobaccos predommate quently p a1d for extra long leaf for handhng purposes Rece1pts for tb e pnst week were 210 llhds, a!famst 220 hhd s for tbe couespo11d10g week of l ast year Sales for the past week, month and year, and correspondmg penod of the prevwus three years, are as follows Week Month :fear 1881 . 852 3 348 61.197 188o .. 1,ooo 6,82a o9,078 1879 .. U69 3, 728 51,782 1878 . 827 4,o63 63,6oil 42,948 hhds of crop of 1880 sold to date agamst 41,340 hbds of 1879 crop sold to same date m 1880 81 hbds of 1881 sold to date QUOTATIONS.-DARK AND EXPORT LEAF. Lugs-Trash..... .. 4 75@ 5 75 Co=on to med1um 6 00@ 7 00 ,Leaf-Common to medmm 6 00 7 25 Good to fine. .. .. 7 00 Insu!e figures apply to light, outside to heavy. BURLEY CUTI'INO. Lugs-Factory trash .. Medtum to g6od. ..... Leaf-Common to medmm Good w fine 650@850 9 60@13 00 14 00@18 00 18 00({!)25 00 BURLEY JIANUFACTURil(O. Ftliers-Common... 1ll 00@13 00 :Medmm 14 00@17 00 Good to fine 17 50@23 00 GREEN RIVER. 8 00 00 11 00@14 00 Rir,HARD :M. LEwis' Leaf Tobacco Report says -Dur mg the first half of October the m arket shu wed some weakness and a dechne of half a cent on lugs and one cent on leaf was notiCeable, but wtthm the 1 .\s t two weeks constderable confidence was restored m all use ful grades, and the dechne referred to was fully recov ered before the close of the month, m fact some grades, such as riCh wrappery and export leaf, are qmte as h1gh as at any t1me dunng the l a t e boom Green R1ver fillers have also regamed strength lately, whtle white goods retam thetr customa1y fitmnesa. The new crop of Wh1te Burley 1s commencmg to move, a few hogsheads of fa1r qualtty"Bold recently at 14 to bemg four to five cents higher than eame grade started o:fl' at last fall. There will be a hberal quantity ot the new crop sold m th1s market between now and the first of the year 1f the weather l!:l favorable for str1ppmg. NEW ORLEANS, Oct 29 -The Priu Our.,.nt under tbe above date reports -The only transac\ton report e d smce our ast I ss ue Is 28 hbds yesterday The busmess I S mostly con tined to small l o ts to the ctty trade The stock oa sale IS estimated at only 200 bbds Buy eiS for expolt IUe ready to cowe f o rward fteely whenev e r tbe supply JS ulllctent to m v1te aJOY a c tive m ovement We contmue to quote a s follows, tbe o u\ s td e figures for hgbt QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Low to medmm .. 6 @ Good . 7%@ Leaf-Low to medmm 8 @ 9% Good to tine 10 @12" Cuttmg grades may be quoted at llc for lugs, and S5c for leaf. STII.TElllEl'IT OP TODACCOStock on hand S epto mber 1. 1881 .. Arr1 ved past s1x days Aruved prevwusly .. t J Brokeu up for bahng, City con suwpLIOll, CLC ,.J 48 115 as 777 163 4211 on ila nd a nd on sil1pl.loard.. . ...... QUOTATIONS Lugs-Dark common tp m eamm 4 ()()@II 00 Bngbt co mmon to me limm 5 00@ 7 GO Bnght good to tine II 50@ 8 50 Smokers-Bngbt common to medmm II 00@ 7 00 Bnght goon to fine 8 06@10 00 do fine to fancy .. 11 00@19 00 'Lenf-Dark commo n to medmm 5 00@ 7 00 Dark good to tine 7 00@ 9 00 Bnght common to medmm 8 00@10 00 Bup;ht goo d to tine 10 00@18 00 Yell&w Wrappers-Common to medmm 17 00 00 Good to tine .. .. . .. 80 00@45 OQ Fme to fancy . . 45 00@80 OQ Mahogany Wrappers-Com te med1um 16 00@21 00 Good to tine . 21 00@40 00 Fme to fancy. .. . .. 40 00@611 00 Foreign Markets. AMST&RDAM, October 15.-Mesars Schaap & Van Veen Tobacco Brokers, report to THB ToBACOO LBAlP There bemg m the market 600 hhds Maryland, while only 200 hhds were sold, proves tbat bad reports are of no mtluence any more1 and Maryland becomes substttute, and not head arttcle w1th our manufacturers, at least m some ports of Holland. Tbe other sales were 500 bales Enghsh East Ind1an and 120 bales Turkish On the 21st, the remamwg s t oc k of Sumatra, a.mountmg to 5, 789 bales, comes m the market. lm portatwns smce our last 525 hhds :Maryland, 20 do stems, 413 bales Java, 249 do Sumata, 120 do Turkish. Stock to day 1 ,242 hhds :Ma1yland 2t do Kentucky, 63 do County, 20 do stems, 5,789 bales Sumatra., 18 458 do Java, 3,500 do EngliSh East Ind1an, 62 do Ceram, 150 do :Mantia. BREl'IJEN, Oct. 18 -Our s pec1al Bremen correspon dent says At present we have a dull market for Ken tucky, and Oh10 tobaccos and stems. Pnces are without change V1rg1D1a toiJa.cco is very firmly held, and holders antimpa.te a rJSe m this growth. Total dehvenes durmg the week. 780 hhds Kentucky, 105 do V1rgm1a, 26 do Maryland, 39 do Ohio. Stock m hand 2,450 hhds Kentucky, 1,110 V1rguua., 600 do :Maryland. 690 do Oh10. Havana-The 1mports for the week endmg Oct. 15 were 1,180 bales; sales, 1.450 do, stock on hand, same date, about 11 000 do The average priCe asked 1s, for fine brown wrappers, from 650 to 1,400 common brown, 350 to 600 pfgs; fill ers, 100 to 250 pfgs, runmng lots average as htgh as 450 pfgs Rece1pts of Seed leaf for the week endmg Oct. 15 were as follows. From Balttmore, 50 cases, New York, 145 do aud 72 cases cuttmga Sales durmg same trme 141 cases Seed leaf and 70 do cuttmgs Stock on hand Oct. 15, 7,06.> cases Seed leaf and 380 do cuttmgs and strtp pmg The averaq;e prtces durmg the week were: W 1 a.ppe1 s, 70 to 250 pfgs bmders 50 to 70 do, fillers 35 to 5Q do LONDON, O c t 19 -Messrs Grant Chambers & Co. report to Till TouAc co MAl!' as f o!lows -There i;;llS been but httle busmess dune u uung the past week. The trade apiJea not mclwete unttl more is known 1 the c1 op Late adv1ces vary considerably upon th1s pomt Hr.lders generally are 'firm at the late ndvance. Western Leaf and Strips--Of the former a furtbf'.l' quanttty has been returned to the States; for the latter there IS only a moderate 1nqmry. Ltttle of the br1ght classes 1s now oftermg Maryland sought atter. Oh1o1 when 1neets a i-ead;r sal e C :wend1sh has not oeen m demand. I I 2489 ilbds, 36 trcs 48 2,38 1 cases leaf, 897 dJ) s mkg, 21 hales do, 600 butts mfd 35 4 cs do, 218 bxs do, 10 bxs do, 69 )i' bxs do, 35% bxs do,l71 Mbxs do, 40 bxs do 93 cads do, a do. 150 34 cad do, 80 pkgs do, 1 case Cigars, 11 do cigarettes 2 du Cigarettes and smkg, 1 box cu t t mgs 2 trcs snuff, 67 bbls do, 12 bbls do, 756 bxs do, 12 kegs do, 14 CINCINNATI, 0., Nov 1 -Messrs Prague & :Matson Le af '1 obacco Brokers and Re dryera of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Fill ers, report to THB ToBACCO LEAF as follows -The m ovement of leaf tobacco m our market dunng the past m o nth has been larger than was expected, but as nearly all sold W&S tak611 by manufacturer, tt ts ev1dent that, notw1thstandmg the he:.vy purch&l!es made by them duung the p e n od o f grea t est exc it ement, their busmess bas been sufficiently Ia1ge to justify tlleu contmumg steadi ly m the market, thereby ca n s mg mcb a leg1ttmate demand as to keep pnces firm on all u se ful l!rades durmg the entire month Tho stock on band and yet to come for ward of tbe o ld crop w1ll m the aggregate amo unt to some two or three thousand hogsheads more tban were sold after this date last year. but the pa t tal failure of the new cwp and the s tead ly mcrcasmg demand from manufac turers for "wh1te tobacco" w1ll d o ubtl ess )orts w Tm Toru.cco as follows -l quote Baak e r s, nom mal rate a!" for 60 days sterling Paris-CommerCial, 3 days, 52a, 60. days, Antwerp-Com m Cl&l, a clays "60 days, 52!S% Reichmarks-Bankera, 3 duy&! 94 CO days, Gullder8, 3 days, 4Q, 60 dr.ys, HJIJeP crates do, 9 bxs samp les, consigned as follows -D!I the Ji.rM JtattroadPollard, P ett u s & Co 111 hhds, Buchanan & Lyall 126 do, H Siebert 13 do, :M B Nash 44 do, Toe!, Rose & Co 20 do, Wa!Jen, Toe! & Co 14 do., D pm & Co 8 do D J Garth, Son & Co 3 do, Sawyer, Wallace .z Co 1)2 do. H Fnedman 56 cs, W 0 l:!mlb & Co 61 do, Drum moud Tobacco Co 600 butts 1 Order SSi hilds Bv the budite la s t year 57 NASHVILLE, Tenn. Oct S1 -W A Bethel, Leaf Tob acco B roke r reports to 'llRB ToBACCO LE,.... as fo llows Recmpt.s for ths month .. .. .. . .. 9 hbds t!a l es .. .. ...... . .. .. . 9 buds Sto'k on iland, sold and uD,SQjd .. .. 69 bhds Me.rket quiet Crop reports conliictmg Tbe U.rser porttqn of tile crop has been cui green with an IUlusual amqpnto! AIIP 1111t, whiCh causes it to cure slowly and dark Altoget er. we -\'ldham T Evers, an old, crippled Clga.rmaker, strangled hmself with a rope at 149 Fll'st Avenue, on Thursday. Dntii!IIJ iD NeWfoundland. ..,._ ud -olll"'" f:! 1>, eJan, 11.111 per mm. &Dd6 ad """":,j 1Ml, Ull8&rl &Dd lloaf, ID, lie" It, aboft prlceo Ia --.


G. W. GAIL & AX, Packers of Seed Leaf AND IMPORTERS THE JO$EPH A VEGA. Sartorlu. fta M>8 and l8 EAST 59th STREET. DW YORK. 1/ H. I>. I Cfl.,. Havana LEAF Tobaoco, I 171 PEI.A.::R.X.. &T::R.EIEIT, lliTe have Just. Received Large I#lportations of FINE, I l S .UMATRA. rr Take One Every Bo11l'e THE Doctor's Prescrtnfion C:K:G.A.R,. The Finest and-Best Cigar In tba U. t 1 J'QB TiiJ: KODY. Circulates freely and Ia u well known aa theN. Y. Herald. liT UllAIIIiDoua Ooi>Mnt ProDaaDoe4 THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE. Suitable for Dr .... aiN Poster, HUson & Co.. Cor. A-ranue D and IOtJa St., lf-YuJr. 833-884 Speo1a1 N"'cYt1oes DISSOLUTION. The firm of M. Lilienthal & Co. is this day dissolved by limitation. Mr. M. Landman is alone authorized to collect aU debts due to the firm, and to sign the firm's name in liquidation. M. M. LANDMAN, M. A. BERNHEDIER. Referring to the above, we beg to announce that we have this day formed a copartnership under the firm name of Landman & Bernheimer, to continue the Leal Tobacco business at 177 Pearl Street. M. LANDMAN, M. A. BERNHEIUR. I shall continue the importation of Havana Tobacco under my. own name. 87.2-874! M, L:!LIENTH.U.. OFFICE OF SEIDENJil:RG & Co., 340 and 342 East Twenty-third Street, NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 1881. CO., Personally selected in The copartnership heretofore existing between-the undersigned under the firm names of Seidenberg & Co., in New York, and S. Wolf & Co., in Ke;y West, Fla., has this day been dissolved b'y mutual consent. JOSEPH SBil>ENBERG SAMUEL SEID&.'fBERG. SAMUEL WOLF. I I The -_-__ __ I!> .a.. lt1e"QQIT Tobacco :ProerV'a'tiV'e& OJ'-u.'t Trade lt1eod.& KMp J'b..c.t, Plq and Leaf Tobaooo and Clgarollilolot, and pre-rantalliloldblg; io perfeotly Taste len, ... a doe an ....... t U.ehvor or the Tobacao u. any way. b 'llobitr lt, there lo DO U.terferenee with the process of Tobacco can be prepa:red aa usual. We have duplicate order tr..m those who ha-re nsed lt. All wo aok loa trial to oonrinoe yo& otlta -raluo, Cll.eap and Eco:aomioal. Price oaly 12 per GalloD, or 25o per !'lat. MICHAELIS, 202 Fulton Street, NEW YORK. .A.. C. R,O:PR.XG'V'EZ &, CO.-, Importers of Havana and Leaf And Manufacturers of tho celebrated brand of Key Wost Havana Cigars, Es'tre'lla de Oa.yo m-o. 5:;1 S'tree't, JSI'o....,.,. T'or.k.. AND SU'l:T.A.BLE FOR. Manufacturers of Fine Cigars. -..----P::R.:ECBS "VEJ::R. "Y' ::R.E.A.SO:N' .A.EIX..:BJ, ----ID ADDRm38 T T I>'IIILADEJ,PHIA., Dec. 23, lBBO. C. S, PHILIP'S PROCESS fOR RESWEA lNG 0 Messrs. C. S. PHrpPS & Co New, York:-GENTBBACCO ACKNOWLEDGED A GREAT S .UCCESS. I have resweated several cases o f tobacco by pro' cess and apparatus, and am h1gh\y pleased with tho The following letters will explain themselves: result. I WO!-Jld be .your for OFFIOlll KERBS & !O:piESS double the pr1c11 I pa1d you for 1t : The book of mstrucNEw YoRK, Aug. 1879. tio!ls you at:nt is l>etter than anything ever published M I'll c s PHILIPS & Co New York-GENTLIIlon resweatmg. Any one who reads your book and us great to prono"unce your 1 cannot tobacco. succeasfully III;ust be very dull latest patent for the fermentation of and of comprehensiOn, (Signed) FRED K W A.RliBA.OH ening the colors a perfect success, and m the future 1t BALTIMORE, Feb. 25, 1881. will be the only process adopted in our factory, espeM;essrs. C. S. PHILIPS & Co., New cially as there is no objectionable feature, nor the use We have resweated all our tobaccos smce the 1st of of any artificial means re, and pe1haps tile wh1ch are .231. T.h.e upnght ttmbers ?f _the two Ia1gest of the kind in the United States. 'l' her(,jiS not lower.storJes ar!ll2x12, but ate a h o use in the State,' u sed for any purpose, altoThe winch a,re arranged m patrs, are 4xl0. I he gether of wo o d as as one is. It is now apm the roof fram.Bl Messrs. C. S. Pmr.IPs & Co., New York:-I have splendid dark colors, .. thesegoods are also excellent m been using your appa ratus for several and a!ll quality and burn well ,,Manufacturem or fine eigart well plpase d with tne result: I find .no 111 ,,.ill find this stock partic. uL'\rly o;yell adaptejl to all operatihg the same by followmg your mstructwns. their rP.quirements. B.AEKER & vV AGGNER, 'Yours res pectfully, (Signed) F. X. SMITH.. 29 S. Gay 11t Ba&TO:N'. 30 Factory No .. s, 5th Dlrlc&, M....,. S. Ha1DD1erscblag, I PATENTEE No. 52 DEY STBEET, :NEW YORK. N. B.:-The trade is Caatilaed qainst Purchasing Wued Paper madl bJ lnfrincers,..apinst SOIDB of whom I have suits aow pendins.


' ---. _&o};_e .A.ce:u.-ta :Do JAS. B.-PA-cE'S CELEBRATED. Bhilit TWfStS:. Cable Coil, LIGHT and Fancy Styles. Also Fine Bright Navy, of II shapes. Jno. W, Carroll's telebrated 1 tONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' Etc. Etc. THE .. 1'.1:. G..A.JRD:I!N"E:a, TO Jl:XPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PRO!D.I'TLY Fl L.BD, -ESTABLISHED 1874:-' I P. E. Sa.:rra.zi.:n. Cc.., .44, 46, 48 & 50 Customhou'se St., f(fN/ Orlearfs-;-ta. JlllPORTEHS AND lDANUFACT111UUli!\ OW' HAvANA AN 0 0 0 ME ST I c GARs I Sole Agents for ST. JAMES PERIQUE, in Ca nots amLCut. BA.V.I.NA. .. INB CUT TOBACCO, r ORDERS FILLJl;D PKOJ!IPTLY FKOJU: OK FACTORY, &ole Acent fer tlae Joutly r d Branda "ATLANTIC," "MAGNET .. ,. SENATOR" Jos. Tno! D. SAcKETT :Mooaa, GUTHRIE & CO., 226 ifrent Street, ll' ew York, Commission Merchants; BALERS OF TOBACCO for EXPORT r-f tobacco _.,ti n baleo for the West Indll.., Mexican&: Central .American Pota u.nd other Dlf..rlOd Case by ea..., .. to number o( 'Cei:Uficale. :R', B.-WE ALSO SAJII[PLE IN MERCHANTS' OW9 STORES, P. C. L::D.VDE &, :z 1 '"' E. W. Dlckcrl!lon, eorDC r oc Arclt and 'Vater .;trcetH, PbUai'ielpl,tln, Pa.; JJ'oro8t, N, Queen & CJtcstnot, an(! 2.8 N CbnrJoU.e Sts., Lanca.l!lter, Pa. ; S. de P, Carl, 1-lattlold, Masi!I.J; Ed,vard A.Uatln, Suffield, Conn.; &. "'St:-A. a aoP 132 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, IUNVJ'.ACT11U.I OJ' FJlffiST CLRAB H! v ANA GIGARSI JJJPORTER. OF TOBACCO, I ,; 2 03 Pearl Street, New york. ,W. HELME, llncceuor to APPLEBY & HELlDE, o:f' 'the A. H. A.therton, 1 '76 State Street, Hartford, Coun.; ft!DJ"'y Growse, 29 E, 4th St,, Da)'ton, Ohio; llllehael Zwicker, Stonghton, WIM. 1 a.rel::Lc:.,.1e : BtlaO.. 'lUver R. R. Depot, St. John' Park 1 74 and' {; Greenwich f;t:reot 182 to 186 Pearl Street 1 and 142 Watex :>treet. C>flloe, 14.0 a'ter St "York., (), BamU&on, F. w. Conkllu. 1 .&, A, Huu&. G. Q. Hamilton & Co., TOBACCO INSPECTORS, .A..:n.d 0:1. 'ty ""VV STORAGE WAREHOUSE:Noo. 125 and 127 FRONT STREET. 170 'W-ater St., 'York COUNTRY.SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. e &GENTSs-B. F. HURLBURT, Hartford, Conn., 1 M State St.; H. R. TROST, Lancaster Pa. 158 North n St. i J R ANDERSON, Philadelphia, Pa,; W. W. HALES, Dayton, 0., 2i 8out h J eftet-son S t. ; ,V, ,V, HALES, Cincinnati, o., 0 Ftont St.; W. II. LOVELL, E l mifa, N.Y. l BENSEL & CO., TOBAGGO INSPECTORS, WATER STREET, XllW n { Wm. DeHo.ven. I UNC.ASTER, Po., BRANCH Phil II ll o rnt;O!Ser 'SWCUSE IIRANCH .......... G. F. Hier&Co. BALTIMORE BRANCH .. E. Wischmey e r & Co, Pomeroy&: REYNES BflOS. & CO., Commission Merchants OHA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 159 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COVN"l'KY S.UIIPLING PROJ!IP'I'LV ATTENDED TO, I Lancaster,. Pa., Branch a-F. CUNNINGHAM, 141 N. Queen St. (Smith s Cigar Store.) ()onoutlcnt Dranch:-H. B. OLMSTED, East Hartford, Conn. Edgcrto: 'Vl8., Braocbs-C. R B e ntley. H. L GASSERT. J. L. Gassert & Bro. U!PORTERS OF ::B:.A.. VAN" .A., AND PACKEBS OF 46 A Exchange Place, -yo:n.s:. SEED LEAF TOBACCO,. 2R}pr'CSved CICAR CUTTER. 157 Bowery, New York. Internal Revenue Books ed deVlcefor cuttmg the points of cigars The Orl&'JilAila.tei'D&l Publl&lling Bouae. C. JOURGENBE:M,' ciKIIi hold tOH"th e r. wliife smok '" much 30 It 3'1 LIBEllTY 11'1'., 'HZW YORK. better tbu.u if bitten, P. 0. Bo:x 1.. and prevents .. rg Jlpuil' Llro s & StpncUs a snntalty 1 uv in a stOrage receptacle for further utiliza tio n. A l so 1 \let allic Tags for tobacco. Any pattern made Send for price list. to a t notice. Prlnt(tJg' of every des """. 1\15:. crip!ionl!IIIT, PACKERS OF SEED -hiD IMPORTERS 01l'-and Cigars, 1 85 1\I.E.A.:r.DEN' N'E"QV 'Y'C>:FI.:B:.. J '" ======-; FIRST PRIZE J!IED.&L I VIENNA EXHIBITtON, 18'13. MANUFACTURER OF MEE'RSCHAUM and AMBER GOODS, AND IMPORTER OF French Briar PiDes and other Smokers' Articles, 69 "'"' 'Y' ark.. 1 I And VIENNA, AUSTRIA, prSend f o r Catalogue ft.n(l Price-Llit, as I have no trave1)ing salesm en. f FANCY SMOKING PIPES -INBRIER. AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD, SAI.ESROOM-392, BROADW A Yt, NEW YORK, FA.C'.I'OnY -LEDGEII P'I.JlCE, L. Hlrachhorn, .. n. JU:, 'Bendhetm. HIRSCHHORN &, ,BENOHEIM, :BI.I:a:u. u:f'a.o t-u.r er 1111 o:f' FINE CIGARS, No. 35 Bowery, New York. Buchanan & Lyall, 101 .A.X..:J:.o ST., :NEW' 'Y'C>:E'l.H:. Col!XLl!XLeroi.a.1 Fa.o'tory, :E3rook1y:u., N. MANUFACTURE THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF. PLUG--TOB.A.OCO: PX....A.:L"ii :BIT, FANCY DARK NAVIES; N:ElPT. U .N'EI, FANCY BRIGHT NAVIES; STANDARD BRIGHT NAVIES;. S.A.:J::I:.oC>:FI.'S CJa:OXCEI, STANDARD DARit NAVIBf The -ntatlon of Lhooe gQCds l.s 'World-wide, and the !ncl't!o.sing oale8 of the m Ia proof of their merit& .A.JR.E OF X:aii:XT.A.TXC>N&. Our Trade-Mark B-L is Embossed on every Plug. Oli"PXQD81 BOSTON I 31 Central Street; CINCINNATI: 69 West Second Street; CHIC ACO: 9 Wabash Avenue ; SAN FRANCISCO Battery Street PHILADELIHIA: 39 North Front Street .e, <&8 and 60 EAST SECJOXD STBEET, CUICilOf.&TI, OHIO. o ..c:. 1IJ}IDI D11 11818. GOAIMISSIOIIBBCWl ,. DOltS" : ., TOJtB:; U!PORTEBS OF &PA.NZSH And Dealers in all kinds of Gernaan Vtaar lllonlda,A!Ye .. e-f cutten, .,... -179 .and 151 tewis: J., NEUMAN & ITINGI.:JNGRR, G .ENERAL LllHOGRAP.HER N :w. cor. PEARL and ELM STREETS, NEW., YORK. Ci[ar and Tobacco Labgls and Show Cards a snacialtr.


NOV. 5 S. & BROS., XAJroi'ACTUBEIIS OF -CIGABS, 309 E. Fifty-linth St. New Yort JAliEIJ JIRUIISltL-A. LICHIENS'l:&IN. 18R Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAYAA .............. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, IU WATER STREIET, -.rllalden LaDe, NEW YORK. II. BOI!Iml". .. ..... S. ROBBIN&; SONS, PACUBBOF seed Lea:r, AliD DlPORTEBS 01' HAVANA TOBACCO, I 73 Water St., New York. E. & 0. ERIEND & CO., and ;lnlen Ia LEAF TOBACCO,. IRS" Malden Lane, NEW YQRK LKONARO fi"RIII'..,n. G. FERNANDEZ, HAVANA LHAF TOBACCU .Al!ii"D CIXG-.AB.., ao8 Pearl Street, New York. L. NEWGASS, P.&.CIBD o' .&.LL IUIIDS SEED LEAF TOBAGCO,. Lll!P fli!et:O. 190 PEARL 8TRIEIET, t='1': t= t 8EW. YORK. CALIXTO LOPEZ, ImDorter of Fine Vnclta Abajo TOBAGCO & CIGARS .&.nd Proprietor 1ho Brand LA IS'LA" For hlJm.por1a&ton of Tobaeeo, ADd Bran (i .. ar "CONEY ISLAND.'' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, NEW MILFORD, OONNEOT:J:O"C"T. FINE CIGARS, DEALER8 1N ALL OJ" THE LA. 01 THE TOBACCO lannfactorr & salesroom, Cor. Annnc D & Tenth St., Hew York. AAVGDS'l'tJS TREADWELL, formerl,-witll BOW ABD BJ\08, & BEADJ TolH\cco B&giiD&, lllft'A.'a'IO'!f .. .&RUB .&.ND LJIQIN .... UI"<:T 8TIIIPE!t Fe& Ptr"l'TIIUI VP oKIKe Yo.&cco. 4oa7 dt ae ::E1r.oo:a:1e B"tree"t," lSI e,;rv ""F"ork. LAGHENBRUCH & BRO. l".A.C..U o:r SEED LEAl:P .&.JI'D Dll"'B.'I'EU 01' 184 WAT.R aTRIEIET, NEW YORK. w-. .. wen. Wm. AawUaa, WII.I.IAM' C. BOWERS & CO., In 1he apeelal Braa4 oC FINE DOMESTIC CIGARS, u Bowers," "Old Man," "Impudence." :E"'ure Gooda& ll4de& No. 70 PINE STREET, NEW YORK CITY. 503, 505 &. 507 FIRST AVE., New York. .&. 11'811 .a.-en1 Connaan,-on bana -.a Lowe PrJeee, Ribbon Ca1 aad Prllll .... &aJ" Sbe..aad !Kyle. Tor J ,, Havana Cigar Manufactory. -----------... -""""""" .. ...,41, .. --__ ,.. ----:.---::' Havana Cigar Brande :r 'Stanley,' 'La Perfeoclon,' .'La Cuerra bella,' 'Napoleon.' VU:LTA .ABA.JO S'l'AlfD&JlD EXCL"QJIIVELY. B.UDESINDO CUEVAS & CO., li4A1oja ae,-. LA FtOR DB S. MUHIAS & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS1 C'U.'ba.. La de Ynclan & Sanchez, MANUFACTURERS OF FiNE CIGARS; ... S,::!:t:l..os O'U.'ba. JUULii: -- mAS. & Bl!Xllt.. / -LOBEM!:JJEE&,CO., .. F IBNE1:CED8LE. Mer.chantS, F 3:J rfERCADfRES. STREET,, Cuba.. I IICi. ,., "1'aEET. YORL In ceetJt:ructt.rtlli!!ll Mat'11inP.J I tept the three followin g points principally i.a vieW, which have always been )lea:leete\1 fu QldsLyla Yiz.L Ti) rid acrape a n d t.oba.uco of naJls, other arttelea generally to be tound in tobll.coo, before cutting it. II. To gnmulate uniformly. m T'o prevent any porllon of the cut being crumbled &n.d sifted out like dust, which causes a considerable lou to manufacturer& 1 Armmg others I refer to the manufacturers who have this macbtne tn uae viz. -G. W. Gatl. A..x,D<imore; lo Schriber & (Jo., Cleveia:nd; Au&. Bade. cO.,CincinDa ti. a"C>:EI:N :a .A.:J:)T, SEND FOR CIR C ULARS. Pateatee aaul Jrlan.taot-, BAL'l'DIORE. WH. EGGERT. THEO. WOLF, Ja. Wm. EGGEBT d:''CO. j : DtPOBTi:as or HAVANA .&lQ) p.A.CJKEILI 01' FEtDHEIM, JAGOBS -8t, CO., Tobacco & Cigar Merchants & lannfacmrers, 12 Queen Street, Melbourne. V1.o"tor:l..a, .A. -u."tralla. Sole .... ,_ of tile Famous and Worill-11enowu4 :Brandlr ere Seed Teat" ; = Pearl and 20 Cliff Streeb, Hew York.


THE T 0 :B A C C 0 f.. E A F .. k co., DIPCI.RTED A.XD DOMESTIC .-TOBACGe, Advertisements. THEO. J MaGOWAN, ESTA.BLISHED 1 '881. R. C.I.ILISS. Senior P&RDer of late McGowan Bros. Tc:'ba.ccc:: ::M:oG-C>""QV A.N P'O::M:P CC>., MANtlF ACl'URERS OF NOY. 5 MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISBII.EITS Blaftl. it" lllaftl, .... --..... HINSDALE SMITH & CO.,. ---R W. T. BLACKWE[[ & CO.'S Ge:n 'U:I.D.e ;J:)"C':E'I.:EEADIE ll!lza.ok t'" 5 loa.cco. Jgt 'T61't BulOI1 P1ttlllurg111 ChiCR!01 St. Lonis and 60Hl'll Loeo0 DeajiUilla Lalle. .t.Qsepb. Lc::.eb &.. PA.CKERS A.ND DEALERS IN Tobacco; .... Ill North Third "Street, PHILADELPHIA, JU.III'UJ' A CI1"UJJ.BBI8 01' Josepb PINE OIGARS, AlQ) J)m.u.mtl Ill (Su ccesso r to Cooper&:. WQ.lter ) 8Danis1l and Domestic Lnaf robacce1 1JNUFF l[JDUNGTOBAGGO X. E. oonaer Girard AYe." 7th Street, PHU,ADELPHIA. C .A'anufacturers of all of..SWeet Navy Chewing _) And the Celebrated Br:Uld of r ''-' A.t the CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION, September 27, 18'18; 'l'RIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED--THE HIGHEST PRIZE. a'.n))acen PREP ABED. QF PERUVIAN GUANO & DISSOLVBll ANIMAL BONE. At Lowest Prices by LORENTZ & B.ITTLER, Chemical and Super Phosphate fa.::tory, Baltimore, Md. JOHN BEHRENS & CO., B. a.E:vockea. &Zoo., Leaf coiiissloN &MERcHANTS DEALERS IN HAVANA TOBACCO, s. E. .. sa No. 20 Water Street, B.A.X.TX:D.!I:OB.:m. :D.!I:cl.. B.A.X."1":1:1\a:C>R.EI. v Tobacco Pressed In Bales a. Specialty. F. &. I DEALERS IN 141-:148 "''::V. s:moe>:N :J:) 18"1"., ...._"1":, o. IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 11, 18 a 15 RAKPDBW .... "'' w. .. co. GEO. F. GUNTHER,. xAFFmi:il"& S!viii B. MEIER & co., CINCINNATI, Q. :a;.-v-.1 Connecticut sed Lsat [ E A F ;,T 0 BAG C 0 I H. H. GUNTHER. of New "1"0B.A.OOb, r:nt.tAn 60 Boston. ..... RUSSELL;' ISA.A.Q SAMUEf, J li:Ai'FlOOillliGB, \ Bee:(;.-"U.S&ell &, Cc::., Windaor,Conn : llostoc. WholeSafO"TOiiBC'Conists,' ; And Sole Pronrietors of the Genuine GOLDEN CROWN" SE.ED LAENDAD_EA.Li:F TROINBACCO-,. IS7 X.ak.e a:n.d. 41 S'ta1oe S'f:.. Oh:l.oaso, :. .Jo. AI:SO 'A.GE.'ITS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN. FIRMS:---:H.uTUN"' S'l'ORM S CIP,.., and Cigmtteo; D. H McA.LPIN"' CO.'S Plug"Toliaceo; HORACE R. No 32 Central Wharf -KELLY & CO.'S Koy West'Cigars; W. T BLACKWELL & CO Durham, N.C. rJ. I. BAGLEY & f CO.'S "MAYFLOWEJ:t" Detroit, Mich. ; J. W. CARROLL' S "LONE J ACK," Lynchburg, Va. ::Eio'to::a., 1"'iiltas GOODWIN & CO.'S ','OLD JUDGE" Tobacco and Cigarette; HALL' S "BETWEEN TREACT8; "(114 F. S. KL'I'NEY'S CIGA.RETTEil. .. KIME L ct ro s \ \ N I" 1 } \ 11 TOhP.1 & (: f.i i P.ETT r: N._Y. B .. SUBERT, WHOLESALE DEALE R 'fN :B:.A. v .A. N" .A. -AHD-"' DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO No. 230 East Lake Street, Oh:l.oaso, :1.1.1. GEO .. B .. BARNES, CONN. SEED lEAF.: .. -AND- Conn. Havana Tobooco. ; Racto:ry. POIN.T, Conneiltiout. Capacity; 25,000 Bllll:es per Week. 1 .c. 0. HOLYOKE, Wboleffale Dealer tn Western Leaf T obacco AFRICAN SHIPPERS A SPECIAlTY. 12 Central Wharf, Boston. BEPEBEI'I'CES JDO. a. I;o.t.h&m, PrM'' lloDic of 8. Preo'U'I&!IIera' Hopldna._ Ba'lt'JV.._ Wallace a: Co.,llew York; llpral*"' Oo., JtT. r. A. 1. s. ...__ PRAGUE & MATSON, LEAF TOBAGGO BROKER& -&XI>-DRYERS OF mrrTUIO LEAP PLUG .t'I,LLEIUI 0111' COXJOIII!ION. M W. Front St., Cincinnati. Paul C. Venable, CIOIDIISSIOJi' LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, :J:)aza. V':i1J.e. V a.. LADD TOBACCO CO., LHAF TOBACCO BUYERS, No. 21 North Main Street. 8"1". X.OU'::I:&, W. A.. BETHEL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, 6 BROAD STREET, North Carolina & Virginia Leaf Tobacco. w. E. RAGSDALR, B"CT'Y .A.X.X. CrB..A.::OE& TOBACCO BROKER, Handle Scraps, Lugs, Fillers, Smokers and Wrappers .. loUd CoDltbrt," "Tracie Dollar,.. '"Tidal Wave," "Black DlaJnon4. of all, and guarantee satisfaction. I.J. o. Baok HopklasWe; c. 'BANNER lOBAOCO OOMPANY Ss.ww. VEN.&BLV& ENABLEE:.:;;LE. t93 & 195 JEFFERSON AVE., DETROIT, vo. II.&NUF.&.CTVREKS 011' THE CELEBIUTBD Va BANNER BRAND CUT JAS. A. HENDHRSON & GO: Manufacture and otter to the trade the following Celel>ra&ecl Brancla of DEA.LEitS IN J PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS:-.. 'than. 'the :ae&'t:"-VIrginia and North Carolina "THE CHIEF "BJ'I&htNa:vT lnalltyleui'8D100tla&Rouch& Keady Plus CHIC Smoking Tobacco, of Fine Virginia Leaf. LEAF TOBACCO, ::PARAGON,,. :: :: :: :: SA 'M' B SCOTT and 'W7'E'N0 :J:)a::a.V':I.11e. V'a .. "" '"'.ae-s::.o Smokers and Bright Leaf a Speelalty "VINCO," m:..hocany Navy, m:. L I'I:ILLS, Preo. W111. H. -TEII'T, Pre, BBN.T. P. D.&li:TON, lee. b WOniersllbeltoSolicitedF. ,. "VIRGINIA. DARE ''ftahocanyNavy," ....,.ereDCI8.- N. 0. .uun.ull. C.:: :: :: T H. PUK'V"E' AB HOLT SC.HAEFER & C{) :&lland. Black oJooa of each of the above grad,. .(]so & 't'&riety" of Fine Twist and Fancy Oooda of I A e, -----------eralcra

NOV.5 Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Lea.f 1'obacco 6.luler & DebiB, 190 Peal!. Areud &: Fringant. !95 Pilar! lleutteiWluller & !falter, lll8 W'lter at. Block&: Llndbeim. 160 Pearl Barnett 1tJ2 Water Such & Fiacner. 155 Water. Cr&wtol"d E M. & Son, 168 Water. Davidson Bros. Water J)illl & Cull:nan, 175 Water Euert "l'ffn. &: Co !Mil PworL .. n1 If -0. w. aal!'.f !till wa r Gans Bros .t &Oo..,t.ha}, 160 ,f\'a!er J.;.-li" .. Bower Qollliel ll I earl.1 .. J: 11c C1 1M Wliler t Beubroner, J" osepM &:'0,. 1 LaM Jllrift, Vlltti!:hi Clo. m w-" r1>a &: Sple,_. 2d Anue C 6. m f'i>alol JAcbeonrulb & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer It J"lichel. 218 PearL IAoln X B. IIW PearL (.My D. 169Water Lebenatelu Julius, 31 M'aiden Lane HlebaeU.. s. & Co. 179 Pearl lloulMn'l'er K. 11< Co. 172 Wa&er Ne-L.I44 Water Owen F. E. Oppeuh_, :'!!. ;3S Water BeilmM.un G 2-..:t. ltoseu aid 1:. & 145 Water Boaln 8. & Sons, !73 Water Salomon G. &: Bros. 2M Pe&rl Sawyer. Wallace & Co. 47 Broadiwaf BcboYernng Bros. 1<12 Water Schroeder & Bon 176 Watc. Schubart H. & Ce. !60 Wa-. _u .. Fred. 2!3 Pearl Seymour Chas. T. !63 Front. Blebert Henry, 68 Brvad. E &: Co. 5 Durling SUp. StetnecKe R., tal Tag, Cba.rles F. & Son 184 J"ront. Upmann, Carl, 178 Prl. jor the &lilt O/ .Man-.fde,...,.. Clttd Smnldng '7bbaccv&. .&,u.,u.stln &: .Ouaelll Warren. Dobao ua.croU & uo. lW J'roaL J)uBoiiJtugene. 75 Front. Eulebacb F. li6 8. W&lllm.r-lquan Gardiner J. ll. 74 fronL. Ben A 48 Liberty. Jlartln J W., ';4 i!T"''l t Thompeoa, Moore &. Oo. a l'ront W ille I; Beadbelm, 261 a.nd 2116 Cau&l Baln' lOt' ll::qmrl. 8uthrte 1: Oo. 1111 Froat.. Ltaf TolC&ttuo J obn. 63 lleaTer' Son. J 8. &: co. 131 Water 01.,......,, Jameo G. M Jlroad. Bader Jl. A: Boa. ::17 Beaver lbaek .A.. 178 Pearl Street, llaat4f' o/ 8rnoktn" a"fl Tob6cor>a. .&.bden101IJohn It Co 114. Ill ud 117 Lt-,. .A.rkenburgb 0. M. It Go. 41J0.401 Pe&rl lluc""""" a Lyall, 101 wau Bachner D a Co. 178 aad t'f& Duane. eoodwm&: o... ot 2011 w .... Belmo Geo. W. 138 Water and 86 Pia. llroL B. ot Co. cor Aeauo D ... Tealll. lllller G. B & Co 97 Colum.Jfanutactur.,.. of Cic1at"a. .ur1a11 JL .s. tn G.....K! Aah. IAulo 1: Co. 1211 Cbambera Jlelr, Da't'ld, 1: Co. 96!18 Beado Bel't'IA & Sieber, 16 7th at &Dd 2-8 Hall "' lloDdy & Leaerer, 96 to 110 A&&orney Bowen. Wm. C. & Co., 70 Pine. ar-tJamee & Co. SOIIJ:ut l!t Ball TbOOL H 76 Barclay llellhfoaer. Joeephll &: Co. 669-&llllll'un Ave. JllnCh D. It Co. 1!11! allnllt Bendhelm, M Bowery lat.lObJ' 8 .t Co Cilatb&la 8q It & It 7 Do7M ,_.,. Xorrll & eo. 1S6-lll Leoter, -.ao7 E. rnh Jtautman Btoo & Bond, 1!111 & tat Qraad. XeUy Horae R. 121 Cbombenl &Dd 101 lleado ll.erbe ill 1014 to l6 Pearl J' rtedman :U.,Onard, :ARS Pearl Gato E. H. Beaver. G w Gail & AX. 166 Water a&rcla F. Bro. & Co. 167 Water Oasaert J L & Bro. 157 Bowery QonPleT. A 1 80 Pent! Kerbs&:. Spiess 2d ATeaue Lopez, <..:alixto. Pearl Lozano &: l!o. 20fl Pearl 1[-uger T H & Co. 161Kalden LaDe. )Uranda. F. & Co. 22'J l"'ear1 Boasln 8 & Sons, 178 Watt'lr Salomon G & Bros. 254 Pearl Sanchez Hava &: Uo. 1:10, 132. 1114 Malden LaM S&rt;orin's & Co 171 Pearl Seymour 'r. 188 Front. Sback J 178l'&rl tiJolomon M. & E. 85 Malden fAne Splngarn E & Co 5 Slip Tura R. L 8& J(aidtm Lane. V.a & Bemhehn, 187 Pearl w.n &: Co. 6i) Pine w-. Eller&: Jtaeppel, IIIII hart Ybor V Martine & Co. 190 Pearl .Ji(lmltiJt>r and Smolclng Augastln & Dusel 1J Warren HeR A. 43 W.iae & Bendhehn 2M and 268 Canal JtanufacJUnWI of Key Welt OtgGrt. Barranco M. & Rro. 83 Reade Xell), Homce R. !21 Chambers and 108 lleade lteFa.U &:; Hurray Smith H. I & 1.!-0. lUO Malden LaneJianufaciwren o f J l eniCh.a a.U _._,... GooOrler oj Laeoriowdaon Broa. ll'ie Point& P 0. Doc i'IVI. )(fr Hatfditsa Cigar FlatJOr. <:&lllornla Dlstlllln,.; Co. 811 Willlam l'rleo Alex. 11t Bros. 9ll Reade ,_ liM CigM lMol& Heppeollllllmor & llllaurer. llll &lid* !1'. W11J1aa Uptecreve W.E. Eaot Teulla JfJN of Oltl J'IU/p OI#IJNI!a Qoodwin It OO. ll07-lll8 Walor. Jl-v/tlll!ttrten O/ K"'-Broo.' JtiD,n.,-Tobeeco Co. WIIClllcl. -1aefurer of 811-lltwfrJe JWl Croo1 Eleventh Street .AMSTERDAM, Hollaaa. of Seed and Dlr in Swaatro Tob Urbach & Frankfort. ARNHEIH, Hollana, Dlra. ;.,.. Su.mntra Tobacco. Frowein & Co. BAL7I:.IORE. Md. Tobt" 'u Barker & 211 Soulll 0., Boyd W .1.. &: Co 38 Soutb K.erekbott &:: Co. 4!1 Ohvlee Xlemm Cbu. H. 89 North CaiTert )l.arrloU, G. :a:. 11!. :16 German Jllertela &: K.emper, 39 Germaa Weoctc. :&. 1:. 41 and 48 Bout.b Cb&rlel Wlochme:r U lc Co. 39 llouth Ca!Yort Jf&ft.UI actllrer nigttr C(lfJreUe B&ron &: Hainebneb, 363 W. Bal&lmore St. Tobacco .Mu"''/CIC,..,..,.._ Feigner F. W. & Son, 90 Soulb Ch&rlee. Gall It AX. liS Barre lll&rburg Brothers. 141 to Ita BouCk ChTo#MICCO and General eo.aillloft .11..,-cJaaArt; Vocko R. E 1: 0<>. a. e. cor. Cheapoldo Lombard ]'lllm.t St Roll..-.. S:orakhoft G ot. Oe 4Y Sooth Charleo Jlaa.tlfactuf'e"" of BOZN. Beuchea Rudolph, aod 8 Sbarp. l'adrm"l of &l Lea.j orul lmpor,_.. of Ht&tana 2'ol>ouo: lleci:or !II! Lombard Beb.l'ellaJnbn & Ce. 20 Wacer lit S:erultbo Goo 4 Co. 49 Soutb Ch&rleo 7'ob "!! mod Coft. -""" Ciflara. ])a,..pert & Lea 611 Broatl. of lfo:001at1 Dlra. "" LeQJ 7'oboeroo Bemta Jtmerr. Jr. 82 Ceo>ral Wb&rf J-a.o. Ji. !II! wu.r rt Man.u(acturer of ()igan. Wilder Qhu,. W. Jr. 58 Kilby and 98 Water TobacCO )[an.ujacturert' )[lttredge Wrn. P. & Co. 9 Ceotral Wh&rt Dealer in lV eatern Lerif 1''obacco. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Wbarl. Imp_ o/ Havana ct Par ker& of CMln. &ed Leaf. KaJienbul'ith & Samuel, Im_porten tJ/ Hanann. T9ba.coo. Rico A. F. 8/; Co. 18 Central Wbarf M"flrs of Clear Ha1Jano. Cigora. Caro, Manuel, 27 Central Wharf. Impt,.s ce Hn(trs. of Cigm .s ft Sole Age"b for 1A cf: La HrunS1clck Estabrook & Eaton, 22-.t-224 'Vashlngtoo st Ma.nuf.uturera. Elwell, Bracken,,& Hawes., au Broad st BREMEN, Germaa,.. Tolmcco CO'IILJtLi.uioft. J'allenateln TV. F. JIUFF.ALO, Jt, Y in Hnt14na. anrl Packer of &led Leo.(. Levin P. 7'obncco and L'igar Lobdo. Qoi&Ck & Clark. ba.coo. Ber"Sey, Henry A. & Co. J0-16 Rtver fit WholPsale 1'obacconilt. Luersse n Geo. & ( :o Lake st ()iga.r aud 'l'obr acco J!nftr Agent. Tate G. C. 4.9 Dearborn Mnjt.-s. of Tin F ot.l Crooke J ohn J. H8 Frankhn st Mnfrs ot Fine Ciga r a Springer & Co. 11:!-114 Lake st CINCINX.ATI. O, Ciga1 Box Lumb..-. The E D. Albro 686-781 W. 6th, Trost Samuel \V., YM-102 N. Canal 1 Lithographers and Engraver. Knlgbt & Co. 2!6 E l m Wholes<>l Dlrs. in Oigars d! 2 """-11nd A.g!s. for Glo/M ll'ine-Ou' and Harris ct &n' Oigar Nanujaeturers' Supplia. Schuberth &: Co Vln Dealer in Sponiah. aad Cigar Leaf Meyer Hv. &: Co. 46 Frent To b M e Tch.ant and '&lfra Agent. Riebey Henry A. 15 West 8eoond Street. MnftrB of Im_proGed Tobacco TheMcGowaa Pl:mp Ca. 141 & 141 w. 2d at Leaf 1'o bacco 1:/roker. ))obrmann F \V, s. e. cor. Vine ao.d Froat Lea f Tobacco. Meier R & Co. Ma.nfacturer.t Qf Sheet .Metal at..d W()o()(im -tii!IM Mouldc The Miller, Dubrul &: Peters Co. 136 to 140 E. 2d.Tobacco O<>mmisnon)( erchant._ .. Prague & 1\la.tson, 94 West Manufacturers of Ciga, -Bozu. Geise Henry. 93 Cla'r 11 ... Trost S. W S-102 .N. Canal in For eign. d-Jfomestic'lJ..Sa! .rrob'.ocO. Oberhelman JohH .t Co. 60 W Front streot Tobacco CuritiO' nnd Stueating, f'biUps James, ";'O TohA.rco 'l'aos Murdock Jas. Jr. 16:, Race '61nftn. of Cigars and Dlrs in Leaj Queen Cigar Manufacturing Co. 114-120 Pe&r1. cL.AJ\KSVILLE, T-. .. Leaf 1'oiwacoo Broker&. (liar!< 11!. H. &: Bm CLEVELAND. O, lHolIJoeco _, Jobber in a.ll Am:ll Semon Cbarlee, succeiiiJOr GolUoD &: 8emoa. 1 8'l Ontario Mfr of Fifte-Out Cher of Le4/ T...._ Pearson J. R. & Co. DETROIT. IDola. Jlnrtr o.f Ohelllltog A S...Oti"!! Tob. mod Cigon Banner TobacCO Co. 193-1115 Jdonon a. Jla<&"/'Y"' of C'Mtolnfl OM __, r--. -..-.1t. 0. a: Co. 74 and 71 Jolr-A IMport.... of HAvatl& T"""-Berpr 1: Bilebler. :na Jetrenoa A""ue. D111UIAII C. _,.,_...,., ot Toi>G-. _...ell W. CD llfn o/ Dtlrllllra Ciflor.u ... BtMilnrell W. T. Co, Din foo NorlA"""'""" mod Tlfogi,.-,.. JMt, W-&Oo. DAYTON, O, PMkwr arul DeaJers in o;l.w &M. O'NeUW. S. l!V A l'iSVILLl.. baa. ,.obacco Commi.Nion Merc,wn.U. ftlorrfs C. J .t Co GLA-sGOW, Seotla..ul; WhlteW. Scotch Clu11 Pipe., HARTFORD. Collll and Dealert ;,. &d IAa! Gershol L & Bro .. m State Lee Q.eo 150 State &y & Smith, :JJ .. State WWcox 8. W &i6 Alain HARRISBURG, Pa. D.aler iA Dotta. tic und Havanca Leaf Tobacco rmrt J:fanu/. fJf C..'lga.r a Herman Jvhn C. HAVAKA, Ca .... nnd C iQilt" Cnmmis.ttion MereAta"'RllMI!!:hnH.Illl 6: Lamll&l'iUa 1d Lobeek .t Co. 88 :Mercaderes Street lln. n .tdnl"tur,.-8 n f P\n-r"! Cipnn:-Cortlnt', G llll Estrella.. Cueto & Co., Juan. Maloja 31 Ga-rct&, Henry Clay Factory-Juljnn A l varez' Lopez &: Co J uau. Cona.les 71. Lopez, Manuel&-. Co M&I"Uf1f"Z y Ga.reia, 81tioe 9 Muriaa & bo. Budeolqdo & Co. lll&IQj& at. &: Sanchez, Calle Estrerta 94: HOPKINSVILLE, K:r. 2obacco Brok,.. FlacltE.M. Thompt'lou Geo V. llaa'lld&le W. E LA.lJ()ASTEli., p., Dealer, !Af'tf 1'0bacco. .t 218 W. Hlrah 0 8 East st. Sldl"" &: Frey, 61 and 113 Nortb Du .. Packer an& Commi.uifm .Yereluat. Teller A 2118 N. ShlpJl"tt st. .llowfOavtd G 8tehlDftlO H. L. & Co. llt\2-254 II'. Quoe'! n LIVERPOOL. Elill Cope BrOIL & Co. lU Lord Nelson at 1'obucoo Brokers. Pll.I1' Y Crosl,ks. 8 Nvrtll Juhn Stt eet. LOUISVILLE. K.;r. PfW/1 2bbacco Maufachwer. .,nM r 3 .t. :br-oa. 19-i 18& J&Qf)b Foree s J & Co. Len! .ro,ueco. llleler W. G .t Co. 7'obbn 107 Arch J:lafln)ohr Wm. &: Co. 115 South Water ltlcDoweU 1\l.!!:. &: Co. 39 Norlll w....,. RaT' 11'. tlmlth, &-i North Water Ralph l. D H & Co. !:IS N. 3d Sank .I. Rinaldo&: Co. 32 North Water Teller Broohers, ttl' l'lo.-tb Third Importer of Rf'l.uana Cigar and AgeAt. for Key Oigara T{uguet, Stepbtm &:: Sons. 231 Chestnut Lett! Tohnuc'J Sweating. Pbillps C iii. & Co. !3!ll'orlll Water. Manufactur,.r of and Smoking Tobacco Wallace JC':i. ti07 Pine 110t Manufacturer of Cioar. Batchelor Bros., 1281 t.'bestnut and 28 N. !d Gumpert llros., 1,34 1 Chestnut Man&"e, Wiener a. Co. Cherry Theobald&: Oppenheimer, Girard AT. 7tb at 7'ooacco BroKer. Foua-eray A. R 33 North Front mpr&vea Ctgar Cutter. Belcher W M. 462 Dillwyn Stl'6fjt Manufacl1t1't"' f LICO'ric Mellor& Rittenhouse, 2 1 8 Norib TwentyBecond Jl!r Agent ( flY Plug and 8molt "'(o'\l. Bowery, rte'llf .. LEAF TOBACCO, H to I I 0 4ttorney St., 1\T:&I'VV ARNOLD POLLAK. a." g Ql; ARNOLD POLLAK & CO., 206 Sacramento Streett 8aD. ::lrra:u.oS..oo. SOLE AGENTS ON PACIFIC COAII'l' J'OB Renee K. K.ell7 A Co., K.fl:r W'N1, K.erbo o5i: 8pi.,."'J NflW York, 11. 3aeoby tic C::o., New YOJ"k. :nuoaelman A Co,1 LoubYlDe, K.:r. OFFICE:-707 SECOND AVENUE, oor YORK. Faotoey No. 69, 3d Collection District, N.Y. ., 80S "tc: 81'7 FA.OTO:R.T. Tblo old factory, eetabllabed at Havall& and e1&881fted by the Havana Corporation ot Cigar Manufacturers as being exclueiYel:r the lead InK one, knowing tJ>. bad results to tobacCO from tbeUBe ot GUANO DEL PICIIV In Ita Cultivation In some parts ot the Vuelta Abajo dll!trict dwiog the past few yeartl, bu been obliged to pureh&se tobacco from planters who do not U8ell>at !ertillioei, and who grow nal to .rrowa In :former years. In the GeDa.lae Cigars of this factory, tbe oonsumerwtll ft.nd tbetlne AaTor and aroma fOl' which the Vuelta Abajo tobacco is eelelliated. Tlie dp.ra-made o! wch tobacoo can be kept ao long as deolred without their loelng aoy ot tbe good qualltkls which amoli;era so hJa'bly prize, Tl::L:l ll"a.oi:ory ba a Z..arse aD.d. :lr:l:u.e A.or'tZIII:II.oD.i: o:r "U.oh "robaooo. Tbel'l'OI>rietor calls the attention ot tbo publle to the tru&h er hh atatement. J"U"X..X.A..JSr A.Z..'V A.:R.Eii!i. 'Atanuf'rs of Sn'tljf and 8moking TobdCCO' ) Weyman Bros. SLSJnitli_fleld Mnfrt of .. Long l?tread" cr. Bann8t" .! &n.ok-ina Tobacco and "Excd&ior Spu" Boll.n JeRkinson R. a; "\V. 287 Liberty ... ) MnJr. d! Smoking Toba(J(Jo. Schwartz Geo. S. & Co. 1st a.v., Short & Water: RICHII6ND, Va. Manufacturer of Smoking Tobacco and Cigar ette. Alll"n & Ginter. Campbell Geo. &: Co OllverB.W. ManufMtu: lers o(Plttg .t 8rrwk'g 2'0baoco. Lyon A. M. &: eo,-- Pllkin.ton E. T l for Jlarourg Broo. Jlf(nof DatDDian Tobacco Oo. SYlL.ACUSE, Jl, Y. Jlavf&CN.-.rl of agor 8oHa. IIIII and 110 Eu w._ TOLEDO O. Jlcan."/Mtuter of l" ... rgt" Q.;em 11 Cigarette.. )loueoror Chao. R. W .&REHOUSE POINT, c:l-. .Padoer Dlr ;,. Cenn. &.<1 7bhc:co. Barneo ..._ ,_. .. bmaJolla C. WREELilfG, W. Va. x-111'o/ WMeiiR!I St.,_, 2'l,po ,e l!'I ... Oitl ...... Jlbellq It l'*blv. 1048 Jlarket "* LoM, B. L. It Bro. Jhderltlllo. .... ,... 1& 11 D. oo .. 128 & 130 Rivington St., New York. Canadian Tobaeeo Dutlu and. Exeiae. The followiDir&NIIIerUOI rlous oru4 Cl&le-.....,. & llaD -: .,.. .. ,_., 1111ti-oet. ta4 Slid: .. C.,!!" ,:or ........... ID lieu of all Ezelle dutlee aow --'on ""-->kll"'"'u ...uot "!Oiiec blaDe .. &oo:q-," belqllle ....... --&Dd'made wbolly fivm -._-. raw leaf, the If!..-, ..,.. beLt -..........--loeted oa .._, ,._., __ oiCe 2 'hblef/6W ..... tlr ---............ ............................ -. .. ..... Pud (-) .... h""" ............... eqFELD. SPRINGER. 112 and ]._;_.;= Foreign Duties on Tnlr:tootlq eqtlal to 1117 tlloo). In Buaoi& tba duty on Leal Toba.!eo is 4 raab&oe 10 pad on lmoltlng TobacCO ill! roubleo 40 l

10 :tJVe aver &.. S'te:r:asr, -11:&'h:"ee1:, .-ew, ,2!fc;rk., MPORJERS AND MANUFACTURERS. CBOI(S BIUlG8 o r -SPANISH LICORICE I GREEK LICORICE I .&.LL IPBOi.u.TJES I'OB PL'II'G .&lQJ I'DfE-ouT TOBACCO. OUve Oil, Tone& Bea.ns, Gums, Fl&vors, POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, ...._d. Pa1:e-c Po'V117d.ered. Xdoozoj.oe. .I'BCI: LICOBlCIIi WJ: HAVB THll rAVOBlTI: JIRANDII:-Po a .. P:EG:IiloT .A.TElt.olt.o% -d. Go'I:T!ISC>lt.o:EN'%. W. E. UPTEGROVE. Spaaleb CedaJI I'OR CIGAR BOXES, --Cipr B o i Iaten' 8QDUI. root loth' nth st., East Rim. OW YORL LICORICE P A.STE. .THH STAMFORD MANUFACTURING. GO., :I.Ar7 ""''l'lme )laoiDc dem&Dded a S uperior aad Cheaper Artl<:l e than hltheno .-!, this Coma--..c, ADd olrerfDc tor sale, LICORICE P.AsTE (under the old "Sanford" brand)ef a QtrAI.rrY .-at a l'RICIC w ll lc h .,..., hardl7 fal l to be acceptable to a ll ctviDg a triaL Mellor a Rittenhouse, 1118 N'. II lid. B'h:"ee1:, Ph.:1.1ad.e1ph.:l.a, OF SPANISH AND CREEK LICORICE PASTE. ..-cleateaalal aleolalawa,..eol toP "Pari'F, Cllleapoe., aod Geaeral Excel ,.-..::-lenee o C lll.aaafaeture." ALSO 1!1. & R.-BRAND STICK LICORICE, ALL SIZES. WILL 'NOT STICK TO 'I'HE LIPS, O%G-;A.B.EJTTll!l&0 OPERA PUFFS Th are 1 naade wit h -new .l.l!IBE B prepued paper (Papier Ambre), a ..., and ..Oval F......:b InTention. whic h entire!z remoeo the objection so frequently urged f11IBE B tbatls mouth WILL :NOT STICK TO :tHE LIPS! THE TOBACCO LEAF. NvV. Wt-tocala tloo.-oa of Toboce<> Maaafae-ouill .,._ .. -SUP.EiliOR AND PURK article. Solo for tloo Statoo of -Cuollaa_. VI J)AV.EHPOBT IIORil.IS. JUcloaoad, VL .I.Ucaate, A.ti..U .... IA &; TOBAcco BRouRs Tobacco Brotor, 83BfAVER ST., NEWTORK. JAIHS G. OS.SORNH, I lfoTcH'illY PIP'Ef. JOBACCO BROKER, W. WIIITE,GLA.SGOW,BBJta. Hilbm A ward: Sydney, H S. W.,1879. l'aJ1 Ccnuat bl en17 Box, well Paoked Sold bJ all Wbolesale Dealers. 'l'D Patt..u llade. TD D. BUCHNER. a co., O:N':J!JX:C.A. TOJB.A.OOC) -.gve>a.a: OFFICE:-173 and.,. 17G DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. Manufaoturefs of CHEWING alld SMOKING TOBACCO. &OLD COIN CHEWING TOBACCO Manufaoturere of all Branda formeriJ Man ufac tured by Thoa. Hoyt A Co. ... ..... K. C. BARKER & CO. Tobaooo "VV'ork.a, liWnlfa l of .. o.iebra&ed 'Am.erica.n Eagle ; II CLIPPR," II DEW DROP," &aA ..... Bra or Pl.l'llo()17T. ---'UIITERW. FAVORITE,''FAII:' O. :m:: ARKENBURGH &; CO., lll.ll'ltrl' A(JTVBEB8. 01' nnii"I'Unr.. and 'Inlaid.. Fine-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco: 'l;:arettes and Snu1f. WO end PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. :r. Jl', PL,\GG, Special t OFFICE: Add,....__I 0 2 JOH N STltEET, P O.llox 4118. NI.W YORK. CoDAtantly on band Beet llachJDe ..,. for CUTTING, GRANULATING A'8D SIEVIN G TOBACCO BY H \:-10 OR STE.\:: l'OWEit. A large varlf!'ty ot for Clpar llanufae ... tul'el\'1. tmch ""' fnrCut.t/11;,:' AIH.l GtanulAtiilJ!" and other Stew H.ollen., Cigarette Machines, etc, Oh.e"'':1V' AD.d 8:aa.ok.e W:itsch & 1Sehmitt, A P M w lYON & co.s cuPnrNrERs, 1 Navif0b8cco. FIN CIGA:R L!BELS SPEOJ:.A.J:..o'J:'Y, 94 HOWERY, N. Y. We call the special attention of the C igar Trade to the f o llowing Latest Additions to our large Stock o f Cigar L abe l s : Ofd b,uaatalllc& La. Ca.talina. First P ick O m tlte ffeas, u11aus Ha.ndma.d.e No Ha.rm .lldtiii&D Pea.cock: Stock Exchange IDe lei& Ma.tinee Light & Petsiartm I Fidelio H olida.y lm Flat SAMPLES FURNISHED TO THE ......................... t._ SOLE A..GENTS oa NBW YORK A..ND VIciNITY oa GOODWIN & CO.S OLD 'J ODGE BmotiD.!.Tobacco and Ci[arettcs .U.O A..pota cor o&Jier LeadiD&' lllaaa1ltae&uNn oC SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. 1M aa4 2M CANAL STREET, (l., ol ELK STREET, JfEW YORK. CIGARETTES That stud unriv alled f or PURITY. Warranted Free from Drugs or Medication, FRACRANT VANITY FAIR! THRI:Ii KINCSI NEW VANITY FAIR! Each having Dlstlnculshing Merit&. HARMLESS, REFRESHING c! CAPTIVATING. 8 FIRST PRIZE MEDALS I WJII, li. KIJIIBA..LL I< co., Peerle Toaeeo Work. Boell.nter, N. r NOTICE. JFor S!IXOKING TOB-'CCO Flour, Salt, Bttrk., Sumac, Guano, G r ain, E &e, with or without Printe d Braacle, :a:a.&...I:I.T:ca. .Ebeling. & Little Brown Jug, La. Belle Perique, li!A.NUFACTURERS oF O:KG.A .. R.S, CAUTION:-Bewareof1mltat l ons. Sultsnowpondlagforlnfrfuieme n ts. And Seed and other. Brands of :l!lou.1::ii.P:I.eoe Pa1:e:D:tjDd oil'u.:ne PCJ.1:h., WHEELING STOGIES lror Bale :r all D ealers, 1 Bovee & Adams, 79 & 81 Gravier St., New Orleaqs. l043'Jarlet St., Wheettl! W. fa.


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