The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XVII.--NO. 48. fESTABLISHED 1864.) NEW Y ORK, 31,1881.-MAIDEN LANE. Corner of Pil&rl.l!ltree$, .. ..... ...... "100 5-8 u .Y.t..BedS.i:ripu : 60--13" .... .. .. ... oo .. w ... J Bed .... ............. 1 .. ... 1-s M yet. LUI u J 2--16 .. 3f. ,... u wttJa 7e11o .... .a-a .. 10 :ru LU Any Infringement upon this TRADEMARK .OP:!i"XOE I Will be prosecuted to the full & BON, I PACKERS SEED LEAF '1 .--AND-.. lm.porters of Havana Tobacco I OF THE FOLLOWr:m .MARKs: p L i S !i ._ .I !11 L -I ... . .. l l I:N"o, 4":J'-E::R. SIT::R.EI:I!JT, 1\1 T:>::R.:K.. M llf, u .. u I I 70,... lAO or.n"OW" r1 6-8 10 yda I.3Q I T .U. ..I witla ljle ........ 1 .10 yet. l..lii I, 1 Ua .... 5 10yd.o I.d Da white aatl ual. eda:ea ..... 6-8 '2'P:r411 1 Jl'erleca .............. .' ................. 1-11 60:rU 0.0 1 OfBe e and Salesroom: 3311Urra.y St., New York. El:a"Va:n.a .scraps db cu.:t" :ror sa1e. J CHRlSTUN DUSEL. Elltra ftJiee of Rlbbone IUBBONS COT & PRIJITED ANY SIZE .1.11 Or< -)C lanulactnrcn' A!entB for an the Pounlar Braids or Fine cnt, ilmoliM iill Pllll: TobaCOO ani mmles; r : Sole Agents for .'Va,:o.i:ty Fa.l.r Tobacco ami-cigarettes;, Sole A[ents for Allen& Ginter's RICHMOND GEM .. Depotfor Blac>kwell'sGeaalne Dllr!'--.Jao. w.carroll'a Loae.J&Aik -E. T. .... ., I CH AHLES T SEYBOUR, Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN: SNUFF; -Im:PoaTEa oP l of French Cigarette Paper, iri_. Rea!DS and Bopks; I v A c c 0 I L No. 11 vv "TO::R.:K.. I r 188 Front' St., New M. Landman. M. A. Bernhelmer. The Je>hx1 J.C:re>e>k.e -. NEW. YORK AND CHICAGO-MANUFACTURERS OF P" TXN' FOIL :ror P1"U.g Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 lnlbmy Sts. CHICAGO: 841 86 i 88 Franllin St. SILVER SURFACE FOIL! 1 .COMP-OUND F'OIL, PATENT METAL, and all th1;1 dUl'erentvarietieeof Fciil known to the Trade. PRINTINC ON FOIL intBronze and Colora, and with different designs of Ornamentation, for TOB.A..CCO .A..N':O C:I:G-.A..n L.A..BELB. Oapa-u.l.e :ror :Eio't'tl.e, Plain, Colored or StllliD(Hill. -Omcc Address: 163 IIJLBERRY STREET, NEW YORK; 88 FRANKLIN STREET, CHICAGO,. 0 I>ON.ALDSON BROTHERS, : 'S"tea:n::l. L1"th.ograpl:ll.c Pr1:n. "ters, :IPXV:EI P03;1'T"1"&, VO::R.:K.. TOBACCO LABELS SHOW CARDS f';.;;..;O:.:., I '' -:o: :Eio't'tl.ea, .sa. C :::::.;::O. D. 11. X..X:EIE:R."1"V &"1-::R.EEIT, (P. O, Box 3628) 1\1 T:>::R.:K., PORTER OF. BRIAR AND CLAY-PIPES, SPECIALT'Y OF MANUFACTURER -AND---SUPPLIES .. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. A.cent cor the Sale of' all Popular Brandll of VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINECUT TOBACCOS, Depot for A.LLE!'f & GINoBftiS Richmond, Va., Brands ot'SmokiDg Tol;>aecos and,CiearetteJ J. W, CARROLL'S" LONE JACK," "BROWN DICK," ete.; E. T, PILKINTON & CO,IS Celebrated "FB1JITS A.ND FLOWERS'' Smoking Tobacco; :RA.BBlJBG BROS,' "SEAL OP NORTH CAROLINA," L01JISIANA. PEBJQ1JE0 Cut and In Carrot, W. T, BLACKWELL & CO.IS GEN1JINE D1JBHAM Tobacco. W.M, S, KIMBALL & CO,>I!I "V A.NITY PAm" Tobacco and Cigarette. SoleAgentforH. P. Jones&. Co.'s "TAR HEEL'' and "OCCONEECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos;' C. Campbell 4 Co.'s 11 THREE CITIES" CIGARETTES, TOBACCO, 1 r FIXE-cUT, Manldaotwred by SPAULDING & J!IERl\ICK : -Old Glory, Chlll.'Jil of the We'\t, Sweet B.urley, Q.ueen Bee, TruDI.p, WI& Wa', Bugle, In pall and barrela, and 'I'BAVELEB Smokln&: I!W" PRICE LIS TS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION E.""D .A..LBR.O' CO., -MANUFACT1JHEBS OF-LUMBER, SP A.N':I:S:::S: CEDAR., DOM:ElSTIC :J::&a::I:T A T:I:C>N' BP .A..N':J:SH CED:A.R.. IMPORTERS. IN OUR OWN VESSEL SPA,ISH CEDAR AND. M:__.HOGANY. JSroa. SSB-'70'7 VVe't Si.::s:.'th S'treee't, Oi.:u.c:l.:u.:u.a't:l.. ::m.-t.&bl.:l.h.ert 1.&11'7. .GOPENBAGEK SNUFF.'' &," 1 BR-C>., KaJO.IIfaatlU'ers of the celebrated OOPE:WHAGEJI' B:NlJlT ... a CUT AXD DRT SMOK.ING TOBACCO. Retalll!ltore and omee: 81 Smithfield Street, Pae&Gry: 5 & 71Jnlon 8treeland Llloenyl!ltree .. 'p.A,. I ., GENERA.L BELLING A.GENTa-W .&. BOBINBON, 114 WA.TBB 8'1',1 NEW YORK.',' -I I -" WHOLESALE DEPOTS-NEW YORK: Auo:ustln & DU!Hll,11 Warren St.; BALTIMORE: 1lllxtkr & Bltd. 12 Commerce St.! BOSTON: A. R. Mitchell, MCentral St. ; ALBANY,N. Y : G W. Van Sl:r_ke & Co. Broadway; Bendheim Broo. &Co., PROVIDENCR R.I. : Huntoon & 0<>1ham 43 Westmlnllter PHILADELPHIA. Pa.: Louis Bremer s Sons, N. Third St. ; CINCIN NATI, 0 : V o ige & Winter. 17fi'Maln St.: BUFFALO,Y. Y.: Hatch & Jenks, 8f'5 Washington St.; CHICAGO, Ill: Goo.,.Ne St &D\/_0N 79 and 8i Lalio St. ; .TERRE HAUTE. Ind.: White & wright, 28 N. Sixth St. ; fiT. LOUIS. Mo.: Hlrach\ & Bendheim, 4Q9 wll' ; VER, C..OI.: AIJPl Bros, 373 St.; N e b.: Max Meye r & Co.: SANFRANCISC'O: L & E W'1:r1heimer, SOOto 800 Front St. .J, :SOrtBB BROS ... DeaJel'S lD LEAF TOBACCO. Chicago. m :W esteru will ftnd it to theh-ta deal with us.._ I


2 1kt iobattt ESTABLISHED 1864. I!UIISCBIPl'ION8 ABROAD. .. .., .......... o.u............. .. .. .. .. ................. Ol -., IIAiilBUIIO THB Cotrrt1la'l'. .. .. , G.,()t J:llm.&Jol......... .. ................. I.Ol OlniA ........................................... I.Ol Revised Rates for Advertisements. 0 One Six Three Year. Month& Month& R LlnH One (Jolum.n .. ............ $26 $14 Llne over Two Columna...... 45 24 14 &.lne Oae (loluiDn .......... .. 45 24 14 &.lne ever Two t'loluma.... 80 45 16 Llnel 9&e (lolUIDR.... .. .. ...... 88 45 15 LI.D.e ever Two "olwn ........ 160 So 45 ne.(loblmn .. ... .. .......... ..... ..... 300 176 95 Rall"(Jolumn ... ...... .... .......... 180 100 56 llle 111le u 'boUom vt Pqe ................................ 50 .&.DVEII.TISEIIENTS ON FIRST J:AGE. il Two ";!cle colu,"f'DI ....... .. ........... 4 Line Single colaJDD ... .. .. .. :::: : :: : ::::::::: 1n SPECIAL ADVEBTISEIIENTS ON BEADING IIAT'l'EB PAGE. <:lne Six Three Year. Months. Months. fl L1D.e1 over I Wld.e ColuDUll ... 186 lf!J 126 NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES. t.aLl-:e One InerUon .............................. SO Cea& 4 Ll ue One Booth .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .6.60 ll: Line Tw'o ....................... ......... 8,SO H Ll nes Tl>roo Jll:onth1........ .......... .. ............. 14,00 Linea:" :roa&h .. ...... .. ..................... 14.00 Ll ne ve Jll:on&h1 ................................ 46.00 Line !III reD Jll:onth1 ................................... 18.00 Line T el outb. ........................... 35,00 nM w ve Jll:ontll1.. .......... .. .. .. ............. 80.00 8ea.U...c III&Uer AtlvertiHmenU on Eclltorlatl Pa:e 50 per eent. on &he above price. Remittance f'or A.dvertlaement and Subscrlptione alaoulcl alway be made payable P. o. Order or a;;y ueeJ< to "TOBACCO LEAF Pll'BJ;;J8RJNG ()0." no Clre..-..aee wUI we deYia&e &om. 'he above rleea. OUB SUBSCBIBlilBB Dr GlUi:AT BlUTAili, liOLLABD AliD BELGitJll., e She' plr_as re of informing our many pa tJas and in Great Britain, Holland and .Bel gi Kt. Louis Gti.ff, at 7 Fenchurch B.pldings, E. troyed, the thoiight was suggested to us that now would be the time for cigar manufacturers to insist upon better prices than they are getting for their ;;goods. As they would have to pay more for their .Havana leaf, it seemed as if no buyer could reason ably object to paying more for containing that variety of tebacco. This additional justification for a. rise, however, is now without force, since the quan tity of Havana stock is not greatly diminished, though much impaired in value. The trade must wait for something else to turn up. HAVANA JOBACCO BURNED. Vast DestructionOver II ,000 Bales Consumed & Damaged. Effect of the Loss on Prices. On December 1, there was a stock of Havana tobacco in bonded warehouse in this city amounting to 26.740 bales, and of Yara 861 bales; total, 27,601 bales. On Sa.tur ay ruglit, Christmas Eve, about 10 o'clock, a fire broliie out at 71, 72, 73 and 74 South Street, 33 and 35 De \Peyster Street, and 162 Maiden Lane, which in the short space of two hours destroyed or seriously dam .aged 11,100 bales of this stock. The origin of the tire has not been ascertained. When the fire was mastered it had destroyed the in -terior and contente of the grani.e building 71 and 78 South Street, and 35 De Peyster Street, which was a. free store, w1th the exception of the cellar, occupied by Clement Heerdt & Co., of foreign spirits 93 Water Street, and the front portion of the first used as offices by Morewood & Co and Frank G. and John N. A. Griswold, the latter the owner of the build ing in question. Neither the Griswolds nor Morewood .& Oo. had any property in the burned building except office furniture. In Covert, acker & Co.'s United Sta_tes bonded warehouses, 73 and 74 South. Street, 162 Ma1den Lane, and 33 De Peyster Street, wh1ch were in -the form of aT, the southern Lor wing of which em :braced the Griswold building, great havoc was wrought. The buildings are owned by George Peabody Wetmore, of Newport, and that {>art of them running from De Peyster Street to Maiden Lane was gutted from the second floor to the roof. The building known as 73 and 74 South Street was burned down to the third floor, and the rest of the building was completely soaked with salt and fresh water. The office of the warehousemen, Covert, Acker & Co., was on the first floor. All these offices were damaged by water, and many 1>!\pers were destroyed. The cellars of the ware hou11es bverftowed with water, and of 2,ll00 bales <>f tobacco in the cellar of the bonded warehoJIIIl more than half was utterly ruined. THE LOSSBS IN TOB.t.OCO .A.RD CIGARS. N.UUCS, QUANTITIICS, VA.LUICS AND INSURANCE. Annexed is as full a statement in detail of the names of parties owning tobacco in the burnt warehouse, to gether with the quantities, values and insurance, as could readily be obtained by personal application for information in the present confused condition of af fairs. The same may be said of the cigar table which follows. It will be noticed in both cases that the tables are not complete1 a .circumstance due to the fact that perfect accounts naa not in some instances been made up when applied for. Some values are calcu lated duty paid and some in bond, which explain9 the apparent high and low valuations visible. TOBACCO. Bales. Schroeder & Bon.. .. .. .. .. 5 F. Garcia, Bro. & Co ... 2,258 Garcia, Pando & Co. . . 91 G. Fel'll&lldez.. .. .. .. .. 71 Lozano, Pendas & Co........ 856 Vega & Bernheim .. .. .. .. 88 J. Shack..................... 91 S. Barnett.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 28 L. Friedman. . . . 600 H. Bchubart & Co............ 600 F. Miranda & Co............ 1,388 C. F. Tag & Bon............. 77 A. Blanco.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 48 Zarza & Lopez............... 3 Diaz& Ca ............... ... E. Freize.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. : .. 128 B. Auerbach................. 110 Redlich & SchBitzler.... . 85 !J. Delmonti... . . . 110 E. Wemigmann.... .... .. .. 17 A. Cohn..................... 90 A. T. Stephens & Co......... 215 G. W. Gail & .Ax............ 86 E. ct; G; Friend & Co........ '" G. Falk & Bro............... 12 E. M. (rr&wfol'.d & Bon....... 66 L. Monjo, Jr. & Go.......... 34 Frisch en & ROess.. .. .. .. .. .. 25 A., GOnzalez .......... _. .. 876 M. & E. alomon.. .... .. .. 867 V. Martinez, Ybor & Co... 6,!( Seidenberg & Co. ....... J 64 Vincente Lombard. . . 9 W. H. Thomas & Bro ........ ... CIGARS. Value. $500 143,000 6,000 11,000 55,5711 2,000 8,000 2,000 45,000 50,000 85,000 8,500 16.000 9,000 8,000 2,100 1,200 Number. F. Garcia, Bro. & Co .......... 297,000 G Fernandez .............. 95,000 Lozano, Pendas & Co........... 53,000 J. Shack........................ 35,000 Insur ance. $1,i0,000 7,000 45,000 10,500 13,000 11,000 4l'i,OOO 7,500 16,000 7,000 6,000 13,000 5,!100 10,000 1,30() 5,000 2,000 3,00() IJ;ooo 47,500 11,000 1,100 '2 800 I Value $12,000 2,015 8,000 Ward &Co .................. 50.000 Alexandre & Sons.............. 75,ot0 ..... Tl:ie b ales of tobacco foot up 9,813, which is less than the reported number by 1,287. What has oecom of the rlllll:ainder, or to \V hom' they maY, be known m the;." Sweet and by." N o'-',''the"*arehousemen say, if is impossible to tell TheY also say it may be a month or two before the erly made out, 'l:he 'lnmber, of. cigars reaches 605;000j ; hqw many more,there may peen in the oontl.a gration nobody seems able to tell at this time. I Fortunately, all but a' few .. insuted. Three or four only had no insurance and two of these could Illy afford their' losses. In the tobacco a few bales of Sumatra were included, The' list of ciga.n c6nta'ins two lots that were il ftransit from Havana-Ward & Co's for Amsterdam, and Alexandre & ::>ons for an.' other Eul'opean_.pert THE SITUATION. Up to Thursday all was disorder, uncertainty and dange1 in and about the burnt district. Smouldering fires, d1ipping water-fresh and salt-<>ffensive odors from burning t1mber, tea, tobacco and other things, made access to the dismantled tobacco warehoW!e both difficult and hazardous, and little accurate of the condition within could be obtained frol)l witbln or without. Since then, though the fire still bums in places, the water drops everywhere, and the exhala tiona, good and bad, pervade the premises and the adjacent neighborhood, some improvement has been made. The work of removal has commenced. The ownera of the tobacco are beginning to get an idea of the condition of their goods, to remove those that are available, and to see their way clearly to the1r ultimate dispositwn. From Wednesday afternoon to Thursday evening aoout 800 bales were removed to other bonded warehouses. Both Lhe Government officials and the insurance companies were rendering all the assistanc11 they respectively could-red tape excepted-by Thurs day noon, to such of the importers as were anxious to transfer their merchandise to other places At that time a representative of THE TOBACCO LJCA.F had an interview with Judge Robertson, OolleQtor of tB.e Port of New York. That official said : "I have consente:l to the removal of all the goods damaged by fire and covered in Covert, Acker & Co.'s warehouse to a store in Front St1eet for the purposes only of tr8.nsferment and appraisement ; but they are to remain of custOms officers." In a:nswer to the inquiry of THE TOBACCO LEAF'S rep resentative, the Collector observed in reference to the questiou of duties : "The proper way is for the importer to make a with drawal of r;he goods, pay the duty and apply to-the Government for the amount of the loss, whether tOtal or pa'rtial." He added : "Everything will be adjusted fairlY' in this instance. There is a diSposition on the part of the Government," the insurance companies-and the importers to deal "justly in the matter." The store in Front Strent referred to by the Collector is said by customs officials to be No. 54; by others Nos. 58 and 60 are given as-the location. The number is not material in tltis connection. It is enough to know that tobacco is being sent to the place designated, as it also is to Baker & W1lliams' warehouse on Water Street, A. W. Slaght's in Front Skeet, another at 68 and 70 Front Street, and poss1bly still others in. other 1ocali ties If the Oollectol' means by the "proper way "-and he had no time to explain what he did mean-then in the case of tob&cco totally ruined, the Government, as between itself and the importer, would be like a jug, with the handle all on one side. THE INSURANCE COIIIP ANIICS. On Tuesday a meeting of the Board of Fire Underwriters was held in the rooms of the ]fire Patrol, at 115 Broadwar, to consider what unitea action was necessary to secure a minimum of loss. Two committees of five members each were appointed to take charge of this property. The committee for the store '!BE TOBACCO LEAF. .Al'PEA.RA.NOE OF _THE DAMAGED TOBAOOO. The representative of THE LEAF went &.11 through the burnt warehouse Thursday afternoon. Contrary to his expectation, he found but a small portion of the aggregate quantity of tobacco in the warehouse injured by fire. On the fourth floor, w:b.are from three to four thousand bales had been stored, the .. tobacco was nearly all consumed, by the flames Qp. the floors be neath the tobacco was damaged only l>y water 'and smoke. It had all been covered during the of the tire as carefully as possible, but evidences 'of injury resulting from water and smoke were visible almOBt everywhere. .. .. 1 The general impression in the early part of the week was that most uf the tobacCo in .. thew11.rehouse was burned up, and thus annihilated. It is nOW! manif!jst' that a coruliderable part of the injuredstoek will be made available, and find its way upon 'tqe market. :t'hat the value of what has been ea ved has 'been greatly Impaired there can be no dpubt;' on the oth6lr hand, there can be no doubt that much ser'viceabl!l 1will be saved, and hence tlierti will be no scarCity o material as a consequence of the disaster that has OCcurred. To BE OoNGRATULA.TJCD.-As will be seen by reference to another part of our columnsbthe disputed ownership of the celebrated brand of cigars has been settled to the satiSfactiOn of all partios con cerned. The two young men comprising the firm of J. !Angsdorf's Sons are to be congratulated upon their 1mmense success consequent on their efforts used in es tablishing the reputatwn of these goods. They have found it difficult heretofore to keep supply and de mand well together, but like all energetic youug m&n they hope to do better in the future. THE RICLIICF OF TH.IC SUPR!CloiE COURT.-Washington December 27.-lt is pretty well settled that the com: mittee of the American Bar Association will at its in New York in February, adopt the pian for the relief of the United States Supreme Court which the. establishment of another to consist of fitteen JUdges A member of the committee is o.rity the statement that this action 'Will be lfeference to the wishes of the Supreme Court thaD for any other reason. I -DEC. 31 I A..lf ERRONJDOUB RUHOR OORRJ:OTIIID. 1 It was reported that the U.S. A. W. Slaght, of 145 and 147,Front Stt'6et, the eastern wall of wliich abutted the' burnt w!U'ebolljje, and .,in which between 7,000 and 8,000 bhlesof Havana tobacco are stored, had been so impregriatea wiih the fumes {)f the neighboring fire as to eeriously affec't the goods. An examination of the place on Thursday by a reporter of THill L:a:A.J', under the courteo1,1s guidance Henry C. Siegmann, showed that nothing could liave been farther from the truth than the rumor as circulatlld. On the. first floor are tobaccos belonging to Vega & B. Diaz & Co. and Havemeyera & Vigelius. On the second tl.oor Vega & Bernheim also have some tobacco, as have E. Hoffman & Bon. The third floor contt>ins tobacco owned by: Strohn & Reitzenstein and c. Lopez. In the rear building is tobacco b'elonging to G. W. Gail & .Ax, V. Martinez YbOr & Co., and D1az & Lopez. On the fourth tl.oor Messrs. Kerbs & Spiess have some tobacco. All the stock here l,'eferred to in perfect condition, not the' slkhtest lhdi!J4jofl-of! :a fire in the vicinity being pereeptible in 6onnect'io rwiWj it. These buildings and these tobaccos seem to 'have F'nflll IUuL oF OmARs.-The liqpor s&loon of Philip 129 Grand, Stree Jersey Oity<, was broken mto durmg the past week, and 3,000 cigars1 $40 in cash and a gold watch stolen. The police were mformed of the robbery. and Edward Davis, a young man who Qer, a resolutiOn, offered' b Jib. Peter troit arrived in this citrthla week tram Havana on to111!1Et lion .. for three his ..:ray home. He looks and feels well afte his' y,eats p_res1dent. y, suitable jQuro m i r so it to the gentleman as a Christmas offering. 8 U;D10n of. Ne York has or testimonial has been engrossed by Mr ..RiQha.rd Yao dered the protracted strike of Cigar-makers at MilI(ln, Jr. ef Lafayette, and has been lf:utee an end. The men will return to their iemoral, was ted. IC,_ w'M S'h s f drawn nc es further delay. t seeb-, n yMr. Siedler who -The failed 0 M rs. FeldiJI&Il_& Schnurman is connoiss&it of_. t. A: e_ommittee, 0 have a !1& in a Henderson, ;:;paaonellnd :l!!mmons, upon ment 'fli!.th t!}rr tO It i8'1houcll -twenty-five lld.j Siedler on Saturday;Jlight and conducted him to cents will be offered and accepted. pffice of Mr. Emmons, wh was -We regret to J!i liaf:Mr A. Oalisch son of the made in a fitting speech, :w.hic l:'elll>Ondecl to by well-known and broker Mr Obas H. il.1Siedler. The testimonial is handsomely mounted. Calisch, e with: itri-a"Cdlllllnl. on the :Rail-providentially escaped the ci!lamit:f ,. II &mtt-Of the-injured brought during the week to Mr .. y;arepQUBef!.for p,ut was refused admission lest 1t should by contact contaminate the r;oods now held there. road a few days W ust-he will1100n recover. :s;ow IT PAYS To TAKE-:A. NEwSPAPER.-Bome papers -Mr. A L. Feibelman, of Olueago, lias been in this are not of account as to but I never_ ,Past few days, and paid us a visit while r one that d1d pay mei m some way more t_lian amouJ.atm tlie metropolis. He formerlv re .1; pa1d j() tim"lr-D.Il o d Mend a 'ljttle c :Messrs. Fred'k ecting a sether and mar.ried if he hadn'.t pa by the stated that on an .d9. you, w?uld ,haye becoJlle of. I)J.e? tobacco upon which diD. had been paid, and. which ha ow, o y, had been completely daltroyed, a rebate would, at all.-&. allowed by the equivalent to the amount I TROUBLES. L. M. Fr!ZHUGH & CO., INDlwUf.APOLIS, IND. There is nothing new to note in the case of this fail ure, more than l:)ilities are not so much as at fir8tl reported. C B. BLOCK & 00., NEW ORLEANS, J l who fmled_several :veeks ago, are effecting a settlement on t!te Ql;ll!!!! ol their-first offer, which was 40 cents on the dollar, 15 cents bllinlf An,cas and in secur.e.J" we go to press thore has been no advance in the funeral will be ll.rld it is expecte.\1 .that unt offeroo. ., prices. The market has been strengthenlla by the fire ceremon, ies 0 occas,ion wjll be imposing, a.nd J. & L EHRENBERG LITT and afirmer feeling prevailsthrougnout, but the situa: will be atteilde]: Jjy presen)8t1ves from LE ROOK, ARK. tion is too uncertain to warrant a positive increase. oldest businEl!'s hollSeil. Mr. 'Anderaon left this city by The above firm an a fow days ago The fact that much of the fire. proved tobacco is d es FrencbJme ol steamers on October-5, accompan for.. the benefit of their cred1tors. It ia a comparatively tined to shortly find its way to consumption is an ap 1ed by M:TB. Anderson, and he intended to remain slllAll fion and has been doing business for several parent bar to the higher range that was at fil'Bt antici abroady about a year. Shortly after his arrival in years, but never received much attention from the pated. Only what was on the top and tl.oors Paris he was taken sick with a &erious attack of trade. 'l'he assets and liabilities are not known as-yet 18 entirely worthless; all the rest will come, sooner or pneumonia, and d1ed in that city on November 22, beThe assignee is Elias Navara. The firm are also deal: later, in competition the unaffected goods-in the mg then in the seventieth year of his age. Mr. G. F. era in liquors. market. Sebcchi de Casal editor of L'Eco a'Italia, Speaking GICORGE BA.881C'rl', BOBTON, IUSS. In the city of Havana more effect was produced on a out Mr. said:-" Mr. Anderson was al tl t -d th It 1 1 H Nothin.,. new has transpired in tlie affairs of the receipt of the intelligence of the fire than was expeways Y m eras.., m e a 1an poop e. e was b f "l be an l 'ntlmate fr1'end of General Ga11bald' to h h a ove a1 ure, except It a small attachment, wh1'ch rienced here, though it cannot be said that prices are w om e h b 1quotably highel even there. an annuity "f t;1,00::J. He was Honorary Presias een made on Lhe stock by a Pennsylvania firm e t f th N York Italla So t f U d who are creditors. The store of Mr. Baaae .... 18 t1ii Thusrday afternoon THE TOBACCO LEAF telegraphed n o e ew n Cle Y o mon an .. o ita 1 Havana correspondents, Messrs. Bosselmann & Brotherhood and a member of the Garibaldi Society. open and offering goods for sale. The offer of Mtl881'8 Schroedllr, as follows: -t" How much advance on Ha Before leaving last October he told me that he 10 Buchanan & Lyall to take control of all assets and pay tended to Sp d the ter 1 Flo d th 15 cents, has not been accepted by all the cred1'tors vana tobacco in Havana consequent upon the -fire en wm n renee, an m fi 1 h herb?" That firm promptly replied &If ,follows:-spring visit Garibaldi at his Island of Oaprera. .He consequent Y not ing can be done on that score. "Havana, December 29, 1881.-Loss can hardly be re I.e -the-building of afn M. H. M'GUm.a:, placed. Stock of goods snitable for the United States sc oo a me an ., en n course o erMtion. very small. Pri<1es have an upward tendency." The Italian Mutual Benefit Society and the Garibaldi The assign ee of M. H. McGuire recently tiled a bill When it is known in Havana that the bulk of the Society, a.s well as the Italian Mutual Benefit Society m the Buper10r Court to set aside several chattel mort stock in the Covert, Acker & Co. warehouse will be of N _J., dept:ltatiQ,D.! to gall'es and judgments, whic!t,. it is alleged, were ob made servicable ln some way, the situation there will hem at the funeral obsequies of their deceased tamed by fraud,. and for an mJ.unction restraining the be changed, as it has been here since the fact has befriend." 1"' mortgAgees and Judgment creditors from attempting to come known. A great loss has been suffered, but it is ------dispose of tll& _assets of _and from attempting less severe than was feared immediately after the tire BUSINESS MENTION. to collect sa1d The mJunction was granted. was subdued. I We beg to call the attention of the cigar manufacupo..!!. motiOn of. the to it SJCTTLDIDT. turing interest of this country to on demed the motiOn and contmued the mJunction th<> first page of I ssue of of t m fore The question of insurances ana duties is now the all "' :a important one. Importers, insurance men and GoV:Fries & Bros. ,an 4 City. WOOLWINE & SCUDDER, NASHVILLE, TENN., Messrs. Fries & name h etUl 6ur -ernment officers are busy tryiifg to solve it equitabl Dealers in tobacco and bave made an assignA 11 1 b ff commercial communitl for thirt years, and none t f ..-.. b fi ppra1semen ... as we as remova s, are emg e ec ranks higher for mtegritY'ftod enterprise. Cigar tlavmen or ue ene t o t e1r credi._tors. They have by the insurance companies, which are seldom ora of all kinds and $ 5 to $GO per gallon done. a large. business and had a good name for hon wanting in fairness and promJ?titude. are manufa..::tured to order a their large cbemwal esty-tn mel!tmg I>_ayments, altihough they did business Mr. E M. Crawford is actingpl.S appraiser for the Ger k 0 1 fl.a largely on credit. The firm at from $10 ooo man-American and Lorillard companies, and probably wor sat mcmnati. Any SpliCla vor for smoking, to $20,000. heir liabilities are said to amount .. h f all bl d d d chewing or plug tobacco call. be ordered'and 'will be Iii' h ,.,., ot ers o our equ y ca:ea e an tra es furnished at the shortest notice. As the bulk of all a2, w1t assets of S23;vuv. It s reported that they men are serving in a similar capacity for ot er com cigar flavors used in this country are made by Messrs ha"':e most of the stock tliey just previous to panies. AI F & B th d f 11 fl.a failure. Kerbs & Sp1.688, beside others in The Board of Underwriters met at their rooms on ex. nes ros.. 086 m nee 0 any speCia vor th1s city, are creditors. Messrs. Kerbs & Spiess state F d d h 1 f may address the office at Omoinnati, 46, 48 and 50 East their claim to be "'l,IIOO. ri ay to etermme t e me o act10n to be pursued by Second Street, or 92 Raade Street, New York. A large the Board, in conjunction with the Customs depart stock of the choicest pure Havana flavor can con ment, but no definite conclusion was reached, nor will stantly be had at their offif'e be reached until next week. Both the Government The first "premmm" and "gold medal," over all and the Insurance Companies, M already indicated, competitors,' lit the Atlanta i:Jav'e been are disposed to do all that may be done to adjust tho k & 0 losses and duties in a manner satisfactory to the im aw11rded to Messrs. W. T. Blac we o.1 of Durham, porters, but the method by which the adjustment is to N. (!).,and, on the Supplement accompanymg this issue be effected has yet to be agreed upon. It was sup the fact is duly chronicled. The famous "Genu posed that it had been agreed upon, but hitches here ine Bull" Durham smoking tobacco and cigarettes are and there have. at the last moment, prevented mutual the product of this well known house. Messrs. M. E concurrence. Meanwhile importers may go on under McDowell & Co., of Philadelphia and N.:ew York, are existing privileges in the full assurance that all that the sole began ill ..-ill end well, or as well as possible under the Messrs. Landman&:Bernheimer, of this city, who JOSEPH KOHN &! CO., NEW YORK. At a meeting of the creditors of this firm. held on Thursday, a settlement of 25 cents was concluded. Tl!.e conditions of the settlement are that the goods of Messrs. Kohn & Co. are to remain in the hands of the sheriff .until next Thi!raday, the 5th proximo, when the finn will pay the st1pulated amount of their indebt edness w1th notes, satisfactorily endorsed, at 30 and 60 days tune. By the good offices and generosity of the assignee, Mr Jacob Henkell, who relinquished his right as preferred creditor, together with Mrs. Kohn who did the l!am!l'; the adjustment was made. circumstances. have the liquidation .of the former firm of Lilienthal & Co., have on hand hundred bales of fine '79 Havana tobacco. J. T. WAIUtEN & CO., OINOJNNATI, OIDO. JILINOR EDITOB.IALS AND NEWS ITEMS. FmJC.-A fire broke out early Thursday morning in the five story brick bnilding at 344 and 346 East 23d Street, occupied as a cigar factory by J. Friedman & Co The damage done was t500 to the stock and $300 to the building. Messrs. Thread well and Plant, managers of Messrs. at' 73 -and 74 South Street includes Charles Halsey, of-the Liverpool, Lendon 1\nd Globe Fire Insurance Co.; Samuel D. Blagden, of the North British and Mercan tile Company; John K Oakley, of the Continental; Charles Sewell, of the Commercial Union, and George M Coit, who represents the Hartford companies having risks on the contents of the building. The second committee, which is to take charge of the store at 71 and 72 South Street, is composed of Charles Halsey, .Alfred Peck, who represents the Boston, Provi dence and Rhode Island companies; David Adee, of the American Fire Insurance Company; E. R. Ken The 108M were computed Monda-y morning by MeB19rs. Covert, John C. Acker, Monmouth ..B. Wil sonl Superint-endent of the Fire Insurance Patrol and Mr. Kirkpatrick, Ullited States Store; keeper at wa:eho'Use, who was formerly Inspector .of State Prisons m York, and .A:meriean Consul Nassau, New Providence. An examination of the Custom-hoW!e books, whicb Mr. Kirkpatrick saved :ahowed that a.t the time of the outbreak of the fire was from Jan. 1 to date aba.l4nceinfavor of the bonded "WBSTERN UNION" CIGA.RB.-We herewith warn all parties against infringements of the above brand, as we are the originators and sole proprietvr1 of the same. We will promptly prosecute all trespassers on our rights. J LANGSDORF'S SoNS, Person, & Co 's extensive department of imitation Spanish and fancy linen tobacco bagging, re port a large business during the past year in this arti cle, and state that their firm has a splendid stock of these goods on hand. Person, Harriman & Co. are one of the leadin!> importini firms of this city, and the only parties who make tobacco bagging !' spec ialty. lalr. AcW ph :Meonelis, cigar manufacturer of 647 Second lthis city, has been doing a very sue oeasful business during the 'year, and mostly in finer grades of cig&rll. Kr. Moonelis state!J that his sales At a meeting of creditors held in Cincinnati on Thursday ot this week, a stat4ment made by the firm was laid before the creditors present, which shows thelt' condition to oe as follows : Liabilities ac knowledged, $228.000 ; assets, 198,000, of merchandise appraised at 172,000 ; and bills receiY& hle, considered good, 125,000. The estate of J. T. War ren, deceaaed, claims t105,000 indebtednel!l!. A com mittee was appointed to-investigate the affairs of the firm and report and recommend action at a. fuliure mootiug. The largest creditor the)' have in this city is 14r. Carl Upmann, who is in for be&ween .9,000 and $10,000. Various comments are made this failure. Soo;!e credik>rs say they would haTB trusted Dec. 17, 1881. ill Marl!et Street, Philadelphia. 879-882 PohaJfdrl & Green halL Manufacturers rtf tbe celebrated OR TEl CRr:J:STO"


D110. 8.1 them for any amount, such was thmr confidence m thetr abtllty to pay We hear that the firm have offered to pay 20 cents on the dollar 8 liUOHAELI8 & CO NEW YORX Thll credttors of thl8 firm held a meetmg on Tuesday last at the Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade rooms to hear and take actlon on 'he report of the mvest1gatmg com m1ttee appomted at a meetmg held last week the full account of wlJICh we publl8hed The report 1t was held by the cred1tors present called for a further m vest1gatwn both legal and otherwise, and to that end a quota of one per cent of the cl8lms of the creditors present wa.s voted as a fund, the purpose of wh1ch 1s to defray the expenl!ell mcurred by Mr S A Rook"fellow the gentleman selected to make the mvesttgation It 18 satd th a.ssets of the firm are depremat10g m value, and soon they will not be able to pay the amount offered by them liORRIB J COHN & CO TENN Ctgar and tobacco dealers, made an assignment on the 27th mat They have been m busmess a number of years and always were considered good by the tracie here Dur10g the last few months they have not bought much and their payments for what they d1d buy were slow Thetr liabilities amount to be tween t\30 000 and $4.0 000 The assets of the firm are not known They have m prevwus years bought largely from Kerbs & Sp1ees, of thiS ctty but have tmtd up With the exceptiOn Of $1 100 WhiCh amount IS standmg at present Messrs Horace R Kelly & Co are also to the amount of $1 000 KNOWLES CLOYES & CO Tbts large wholesale grocery house made an a.sstgn ment a day or two ago much to the a.stomshment of all the trade They transacted an extensive bus10ess and were supposed to be good for every cents worth they bought They were rated at from $75 000 to $100 000 with excellent credit, and were trusted readily by our mgar manufacturers from whom they bought very largely Thlil largest creditors m th1s mty are satd to be Sutro & Newmark and David Be1r & Co The latter firm sold them rmmense numbe11s of Cigars and were only a short t1me ago creditors to the amount of $20 000 bat they mform us that they have dtsposed of all the firms paper and are at present only owed by the bankrupt firm for the l{lst shipment of goods whwh are m trans1t the amount of wh1ch IS a few hundred dollars Reported Failures and Business Arranl{ementa. I From BIWlllt'IID'l' L I ATLANT.l, Ga.-W S Saul cigars and tob&coo compromJsed a.t 40 cents Bo8To}f. Hass.-Jacob Almosnioo cigars et.c given chattel morteaae for $150 N Y -Edwa.rd Segundo tobac<:onls4; judgment agamat..tor $161 DES Mol!ml. Iowa -J G Bennett & Co olgars and tobacco att&chment ag&lnst them dated Dec )!:.2 1881 for 1965. In favor of W T Allen & Co put 01 theu-stock. J G Bennett gives chattel to James Bigham for $75 on tdee_pmg room funiiture dated and died Dec 24 1881 payable Jan 20 1881 liEKPBI8, Tenn.-M J Cohn lit Co wboleo&le and retail clgan! and tobac<:o lU!IIilrned Nn Y -C A Range cigars chattel mortgage I!!Yen Cor $110 ST LoUIS, )lo._-Cbaa & Sou manutActurers chat;. tel mortgage given for lliSL John A Trautman cJ.gar manufacturer chattel mo,rtgage given tor $200 SN -D Davidson lit Co clgar11 altacbed twice SPaworrBLD ---'J W Tobin, clpr bo>: maker chattel morqrage given for II 000 Business Chanl{es, .New Ftrms and Removals Boom, Cal Theo F Lanoln& cigars, etc sold out MEBlliEII'i ILLE N C -" White It Co tobeeco etc. burnt out Joss $5 000 insured MrLwAoJtu, Wls.-M &th leaf tobacco closing up MoNTREAL, Can A K&.ufman & Co cigar and Cigarette manuta.cturers sold out to I.evt Abrahams. N'""""VlLLE Wla -0 H Galee etc sold out If--You NY -FraQ.ClS F Rescb. cigarmanut&eturer deceaSed H removed from 503-507 First A:re-Plm..iDe one m regard to Havana for the Umted States and says-I notiCe particularly that the Remed1os crop IS what IB wanted for that mar ket Sigmund Rothschtld, of lihe firm of Rothschild & Bro of Detroit, and Emanuel Salomon, of the firm of M & E Salomon have th18day bought the entire stock of the house of Martmez Bros and have cleared the market of the entire RemediOs comprtsmg 5 000 bales This clears th1s market of chotce Remedios A PERSONAL LETTER FBOJII l!IB. I. JUJI[BALL OF THE OFFICE OF INTERNAL REVENUE TO THE EDITOR OF ''THE TOBACCO LE&F." W ASmNGTON, December 29 1881 FRIEND BURKE -Yours of the 23d Instant was duly received, also your last 188Ue of THE LEAF Your "kindly mentwn 1 (promised In your letter) of our report giVes pleasure to n of any other busmess by whiCh men gam their livelihodds In my JUdgment for the next ten years the Govern ment will reqwre an annll8.l reTenue of not lees than $300,000 000 or fi,OOO 000,000 for the ent1re per1od of ten years Whoever honestly believes that thiS amount of revenue can be safely and JUdtcJously raised Simply (rom Import dut1es (tobacco distilled spmts and malt liquors be10g counted out), 1s jnstlfied m advocat10g a repeal of the entire mternal revenue system Those, however, who thmk differently w1ll say to Congress, ag1tate thiS subJect as little as possible, for agitatwn only d1sturbs busmess and accomplishes no poss1ble gd Thankmglou for your kmd mention wtth the com phmenta an greet10gs of the season, I am, yours truly, I Ku!BALL A, 8TBA88-AND TillE MIL W .A UKEE CJ.fiiA. IIIAN Uli'.ACTUBMBS, MILWAUKEE Wts Dec 22, 1881 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -Be kmd enough to giVe the enclosed correspondence a space 10 your va uable pa per It may help to enhghten thoee who feel an IClter est m the present strike more than an:y com muroicat1on can do Mr Strasser, on biB arr1val here rem81Ded two days, and addressed the follow10g letter to the :Manufacturers' Assocmt10n l CIGAR MA.xJm!!' INTERNATIONAL UNION OF AJmluCA, MILWAUKEE Dec 1.2, 1881 LouiS Kindling, Esq Sec Manufacturers' twn-DEAR SiRI have come to this City for the purpose of mvestigaWng the prevailing difficulty, and i!Bek, If posstble, to bnng about an honorable settlement would therefore suggest a conference m which both s1des the representat1 ves of the Manufacturers Asso cmtwn and the Ctgar makers Umon No 25 could partiCipate If you deem such a step advisable please no t1fy me at your earliest convemence as my stay m this City w1ll bo of short duratwn only Yours respectfully, A STRASSER lnt P1es St Charles Hotel P S -Please appo10t time and place where the con ference shall be held To this letter the followmg repl;r wa.s made as em bodying the unammous sent1ment of the t100-MILWAUKEE, Dec 12 .1881 A Strasser President of International Umon-DEAR SIR-This ASSOCiatiOn tenders 1ts thanks for your commun1cat10n of this date The members of this Assomat10n are unammous m the1r dems1on not to rec ogmze the author1ty of your Umon m their respective factonesl but they are also unanrmous 10 their des1re to extena to you every facility to mform yourself of the true state of facts and wtll be happy to receive your call at any ttme at their rospectr ve offices Very respectfully yours MILWAUKEE MAN'FRS ASSOCIATION LoUIS KINDLING, Sec y To th1s Mr Strasser sent the followmg reply MILWAUKEE Dec 13 1881 LoUis Kmdlmf Sec Morra Ass n DlllAR SIR -appi emate tlie suggestiOn con tamed m your favor of yestmday but am sorry to reply that I have no t1me to VISit the members of your Assomat10n separately as I mtend to leave thiS c1ty on W ednes day at 11 A III In conclusiOn let me say that the C1gar makers' International Umon of which Umon No 25 of M1lwaukee IS a branch IS 10 a condition to enforce recogmt10n sooner or later Yours very respectfully A STRASSER lnt Prest Mr Strasser drd not call on any one of us and you can see that he comes for the purpose of mvest1gat10n but does not find t1me m nearly two days ..,o VISit a smgle oue of the manufacturers but he has t1me to say that he will compel us to-make Umon shops out of our factones Further comments are left to a th10kmg pubhc Lours KINDLING, Sec y of M1l waukee C1gar Man frs Ass n CONSTITUTION OF THE IIIILWAUKEE CIGAR IIIANUFACTUR ERS ASSOCIATION Sec 1 The name of th1s assomatwn IS M1l waukee C1gar Manufacturers AssociatiOn 1 2 The obJect of thts assoCJatim;)/ 1s :ro protect the l'eneral mterests of the mdust1y of mgar manufactur mg 10 th1s c1ty to promote the welfare of the workmg men, and to guard and protect the members from ag gress1ve and unJUBt demands 1 3 Any c1gar manufacturer carl become a member pf this a.!!SOCiatwn by the payment of $1tmtiatwn fee and 12 annual dues bts adnnsswn to depend on a ma JOrtty of votes present at the ballotmg I The follow10g are members of ttie 'a.Bs 1atwn -H iM Allen Ed Ascb,flrman & Co Otto Bertram Bret & Co Friedlander Bras A Frohbach, .J T Gr1mschetd, .Jno P elz & -co Biersach & Co .J Hobday H & F lnbuscb LoUJs K.mdhng A Krausllf& Co Phil. Ne1dhoefer, S E Neustaod deal bemg dehv.,red loose to our factories -A mce Chr1stmas present for a tobacco ta10ted bachelorA Frightful Warmng to Chewers Smokers Snuffers an,d Pluggers by Professor .John L1zars Ed10 1855 -A telegram received to day by CommiSSioner Raum from Internal Revenue Collector Young at Raleigh N 0 reports that he captured last Saturday two horses and a wagon loaded vnth IlliCit tobacco near Hamlet R1chland County and that he IS pressmg a blockade campa1gn agamst the IlliCit tobacco manufacturers m every quartet: of his distriCt 1 -The c1gar factory--of .John Groman at Trumbauers ville, Bucks County Pa was burned down on the 16th nst Fully msured -Thomas :Walsh aged forty, went to bed on Monday w1th hts p1pe at hiS home m Metucaen, N .J He was found burned to deatli Tuesday -Senator Williams of Kentucky, who recently sold hts tobacco crop produced from less than n10ety acres for $23 000 prom1sed at the trme of the sale to give each buyer of a hogsheatl a premmm of a fine fat tur key and on Thanksgivmg Day be proved true to h1s word -Col Atk10s secretary of the Board of Dtrectors of the Grange Warehouse, Claiksvllle Tenn, gives notiCe that a dividend of 10 per cent on the capttal stock and a rebate ot 75 cents per hhd on all tobacco sold for members of the Grange bas been declared -Anton Stem of 88 Rivmgton Street was held for before UUJted States Commrsswner Osborn on a charge of VIolat10g the reveaue Jaw m selling c1gars and liquors without havmg pa1d a spemal tax He was arrested by Deputy Umted States Mar sbals Wattles and Stevens -1 11 not repme 1f like the smoke That from my tranqml p1pe exhales, L1fe passes till death 1'1 fatal stroke Shall fall, and life's pulsatiOn fails gtrl that she was w1th no otfense, but she per Bl8ted 1n saymg that she was the guilty person and that her father was mnocent of all wrong The was finally bailed 10 12110 w appear at another t1me After the proceediOgl' Lizzie could not be seen but her father sa1d that he was a butcl:er and bad never man ufactured Cigars He liiSid Lizzie works..m a cga factory, b)lt she does not make c1gars to sell except for her employers She IS not workmg now and the other day abe offered to makE> me a couple of smokers She made them for me and no one else She 1s a good girl, and d1d not want to see me harmed so she swd that she made the Cigars Mr Klett s son sa1d that he also was a Cigar maker, and that the officers found and se1zed about one hundred and fifty Cigars He m si11ted that neither L1zz1e nor any one else 10 tl:te house made contraband Cigars except for the old man THE ARGlJIIENTB FOR. INTilR.lf.A.L B.EVEJrlJE TAXA.TJON The Sun advocates the abolitiOn of the ent1re m ternal revenue system It believes that the s7stem IS needed only to meet the demands of the smkmg fund and of the PensiOn Bureau and that if the smkmg fund, wh1ch nobody wants conttnued, were suspended and the pensiOn hst cut down as 1t easily might be and certamly ought to be to fifty mtlhons a yea1 the mcome from customs would be sufficient for all the national expenditures Aoolish the system and we should not only rAheve the country of taxatwn amountmg to$137 000 oooannually but we should save $5 000 000 m salaries and expenses and take from the Federal G9vernment the appomtment of nearly four thousand collectors deputy collectors guagers and other offimals who are Its obedient political servants When, m add1t1on the mquiBitorial and vexatiOus charactex of the system and the enormous frauds to whtch 1t leads are consrdered the argument aga1DBt It seems to us to be unanswerable The Ttmes on the other hand IS m favor of the sys tern and contends that It ought to be mamtamed as to whiskey and tobacco thougn concedmg 1ts undes1ra b1lity so far a.s concerns less productive 1tems Ihe arguments It advances are first that Congress Will not suspend paymg off the natiOnal debt nor cut down the pensiOn appropn::.t1ons and second1 that the taxes on wh1skey and tobacco come ch1efiy1 if not altogether, out of the profits of the dealers m those articles so that theu remiSSion would not benefit the commumty As to what Congress w1ll or wtll not do m regard to the natiOnal debt that IS one of the mattera mvolved m the subJect m dtspute and 1t wtll be deternnned by the dispositiOn made of the general Issue If It IS de .c1ded to retam the Internal revenue t)le pay ment of the debt will go on as, conversely, 1f the pay 'ment goes on the system must be mamtamed The ame thmg IS to be Said of cuttmg down the pension !ISt If we cont10ue to ratse $157,000 000 a yeat from taxes we can pay 11 000 000 for pensiOns, iJUSt as tnce versa if we pay $100 000 000 for pensiOns we cannot dispense w1th those> taxes The inea.i!Ure must be considered as a whole, and must be urged upoif the attention of Congress as a whole, and not p1ece meal As to the persons who will get the benefit of the re m18S1on of the Internal revenue taxes, 1t IS not worth while to more than repeat the well settled pnnmple of pohtteal economy, that all taxes on art1cles of con sumpt1on are ultimately pa1d by the cons11mer, and assert that wh18ktly and tobacco constitute no excep t10n to the rule It may requ1re a little tune tor dealers to brmg down them priCes to smt the dliDlD18hed cost of the commodities they sell but competitiOn will regulate that difficulty -New York Sun lJee .About Tobacco and Prices E R Blllmgs w1 1tes -The present advance m priCes for all of the vaned products grown on the farm ha.s at length reached tobaccoband the demand for all grades of Seed leaf tobacco, otb of Eastern and Western growth IS almost unprecedented White Burley also the finesu grade of cuttmg leaf, has also sharply ad Early History of Tobacco tn the Clarksville Dis-vanced m prwe while the transactiOns 10 Seed leaf for trlct. the month of September are the largest known 111 the Clarksville (Tenn) Chromcle Dec 24 ent1re history of this brancq of the trade There are EDITOR CHRONICLE -In the Ohrcmwle of November var1ous reasons why prices for leaf are h1gher than the 12th you reproduced an artiCle that I wrote some they were a few months ago Early m the fall the re t1me smce for the Western Journal m regard I port wa.s somewbau widely circulawd that there was a to the aarly history of tobacco culture here 10 the considerable shortage m the Pennsylvama crop which Clarksville region 1 quote caused at once unusual act1v1ty m the market An average for tbe last s1xteen years, we will find that;' he has pa1d the Government $8 200 Now If each maJl. 10 the Umted States capable of performmg labor had P8Jd half as much, 1t would amount tO enough tO. pay the National debt many t1mes over 'i 1 Notw1thstand10g th1s, the poor tobacco grower i!j, wld that everything else must be reheved of' tl;t.e mternal revenue tax and tobacco, the product of: hJs hard labor IS to contmue to bear the temble bur dim mdefimtely For If the mternal revenue tax on everythmg except liquors and tobacco be w11l 1t not greatly postpone the total obhterat1on of the NatiOnal debt -HARDLY BIGGER THAN A SIIOKE. Octkar was from Hanover where he saw the light first m 1880 When he was at his full l}e was but three feet five mches h1gh When he was fat test he weighed seventy five pounds lie emigrated m 1854. went to Baltrmore and OPJ!ned a Cigar store $Dd factory He made good ctgars and plenty of money He came to New York 10 seven years and opened a fac tory 10 Huds:m Street He made more money Then 1 l he moved to Hoboken and dtd well Next be put hiS fl cap1tal10 a delicatessen store m New York and lost. most of 1t The rest of It went m Wall Street 1 He next became tender to the mgar case m Henry saloon under Wall .. ck s Theatre Here he became fnendly w1th many Important theatrical peoJ?le He became an honorary member of the Ar1on t:loCJety and was an officer of the Boomerang Club Barnum offered h1m a large sum to exh1b1t but he 1 efused 1t He was worth $100 000 at one time lie brv l n. fancy ) for the compamonshtp of large men and one o frtends he was often seen WJth was Alderman Busch the giant hotel keeper of Hoboken Fritz as be waS. called was buned w1th great honors on Sunday Retatler l SMOKING DEFORE THE DOCTORS I Opmm frem a Medical Standpomt" was the subJect of a lecture by Dr H H Kane before the County Med1cal Society on Monday evenmg The lee ture was Illustrated by four smokers furmsbed by the Doctor Two of them were Chmamen and two were' !AmeriCans One of the Chmamen only wore his natrve costume although both preserved their queues All four were habitual opmm smokers A w1de bunk1 simi lar to those found m the Mott Street cellars baa been r1gged up m front of the lecturers desk It was covered w1th a ptece of straw matting The smokers reposed upon this and puffed durmg the lecture, wh1cb dasted for upwards of an h9ur The lecturer pomted out a number of thmgs One was 1 that the habitual opmin smok,er was no more stiUpified 1 by the than IS the habitual smoker of tobacco.' The hvmg Illustrations bore testimony to this con Versmg Ill a natural manner With a DUmber Of mel .audience who addressed them at the conclusiOn of the aecture otwtthstandmg the p1pes or )lalla" a.s t4&, smokers ca1l them had been repleniShed and the smokmg had been p1cessant The nov1ce Dr. sa1d BQ far froqt. be10g narcQLJ .zed would 1M tn1 able to sleep after smbking several p1pefitls The lee [ 1turer spoke of an opmm stnoking holise 10 one of tl:le 1 upper streets near Stxth Avenue that 1s frequenilla0 wliolly by women ry At the conclusiOn of the lecture and the mspect10n, l the IllustratiOns walked away saJl-ng that they bad enJoyed an excellent smoke and paised a pleasant. evemng J THE IJIIPOBTATION OF FOREIGN TODACVO INTO FRANCE The new law of our Government ISSUed May 7 1881, has notabohshed the rmportatwn mto France of fo1 e>gn manufactured tobaccos Every mhab1ta11t m France has the power to mtrodace for huj personal use, the quant1ty of ten k1logrammes of fore1gu manufactured but he must formally ask periD18ston to do so addressmg a demand to the Duectory of our md1rect tax Th1s 9uant1ty IS fixed for one year Only the sale of fore1gn manufactured tobacco 18 not allowed at our pubhc establishments clubs bars, hotels, coffeehouses restaurants are obliged to buy their ctgars here m the Reg1e m order to furmsh them to their customers They""bavfol no power to Import dtrectly, smce the law of May 7 1881 Foreign manufacturers of Cigarettes and tobaccos can freely offer them m France but only to prwate per80t1.8 able to bbtam the perrmsswn to rmport them for thetr personal: use and I think that several great English firms would be glad to know that there IS no prohibitiOn m the above ment10ned law The Customs House duties upon manufactured to bacco m France are per kilogramme Cigars and CI garettea 36f tobaccos Levant 25f other kmds 15c I am very respectfully yours, .J ACQUB!l ZEBAUlliE Specral Agent to the Mimstry of Fmance for the sale abroad of French Regie tobaccos -Dec. 5. The extens1 ve experrmenta that were ever other cause of the ad vance IS ow10g to the over-estl made m tobacco culture 10 the Clarksville reg1on were mate of the 1880 crop to the extent of some 4.0 000 made near this place by enngrants from Vugm1a and acres The Pennsylvarua crop 18 doubtless shott the North Carohna As I stated m a previOus article 10 drouth and frost caus10g 10 part the shrmkage Last the Journal th1s sectiOn peopled by years crop of Seed leaf was unusually fine, and It 1s from VIrgima and North Carolina Nearly every sett found to wrap more Cigars to the core than was looked lerculttvated tobacco but on a very small scale, many for So far, the present crop seems to pronnse well, only mak10g enough for home use The parttes alluded and at thiS wr1t10g many gr\Jwers 10 the valley are to from Vtrgtma and North Carolina were the first to takmg It from the poles and str1ppmg while a large engage m the cultivatiOn of the-weed on an utens1ve quantity of Havana 1s already stn11ped and ready for scale Peoplehadtobaccom patches but they bad the buyers The leaf seems to be of good texture WESTERN TOBACCO CROP R fields of 1 t They settled 00 lands on the north stde of and moderately dark m color but the latter quahty 18 :Red r1ver but tbe1r lands not provmg suffiCiently fer not alluded to so much 10 buymgnowadays as formerly t1le to make the busmess remunerative they broke For the past years dark leaf has been 10 better (Spec18l to Tim ToBAcco L:u:r ) uv. and moved to w1thm s1x or miles of Clarks than light KENTUCKY villfol where their expenment appears to have been a Now, hoWever, after the tobacco has pa.ssed through success What gtgant1 c J,>roportious the cultivatiOn of a natural sweat It IB resweated by artJiiCial heat tobacco has assumed 81000 then 111 this Western bemg placed m a heated room rangmg from 90 to 100 Truesv1lle Owen Co, Dec 27 -We will w1th pleas country! deg Fahrenhe1t By th1s means the lightest leaf 1 s ure 101orm ;y-ou once more on the tobacco question 1 The experiments alluded to on the north Side of made dMk, and the quality greatly IIDJ>roved If the Tobacco owmg to the dry weather was very Red R1ver were made Within-a mile of this place The ,pre-sent years crop proves a.s good a.s It seems to g1ve low and when the seasonable weather came owmg to lands, after the piOneers moved away lay out for proniise of now growers should hold for better pr1ces the quick growth, a great amount or the top leaves more than halt a century but were recl81med ten or Already sales have been made m the New England spread so extensively that the poles restwg on the twelve years ago It lies nllar the r 1ver All the early States, New York and W1sconsm Sales were made ground produced qmte an mfer10r quahty .of tobacco settlers bad a hankermg for water courses In the old while the tobacco was on the poles ea-rly m the sea C 0 1 Stal;es where they came from-particularly in North son Great actiVIty IB shown m the transactions m Dycusburgh, Dec 20 -Our tobacco market reniq.tns Carolina-all the best laqd lies near the water coui'SEld Havana Seed tobacco, both m thef1880 and the present downward nothmg domg We hear of several nef! and the early settlers thought the same of thiS country years p;rowth At the West thiS sort of tobacco 18 buyers m the field lookmg at the crop th10k 1t a goOd That wa.s early m the begmnmg of the present century rece1vmg much attention and m OhiO and W18cons10 one for them to experiment w1th old buyers ratber: The settler>most extens1vely engaged m tobacco cul 1s extenstvely grown As a wrapper 1t Is very fine-sol d1eposed to hold off prices about $1 per hundred h1gh ture, after leav10g tb1 s Jocal 1tv, moved to whatns now .fine, 10 fact that the heads of the Cigars often crack er than crop sold at we thmk thiS the most mte called the Stephen Ligon neighborhood, and settled on render10g 1t exceed10gly difficuh to sh1p a long d1s-rwr crop we have had for several years-been shorty the fertile lands there where he aga10 lplanted exten tance ln Iowa a few growers are test10g Havana thm and bad color very fine crop above medmm, s1vely and was successful Hts fa1lure herB\ appears seeds the writer bavmg sent qmte a quant1ty of rm thmk our former estimate of quantity, three quarters not to have discouraged hiiD but remember he was a ported seed to farmers m varwus parts of the State of last years crop, "lUll be full aver_age :'!I' heat looks revolutionary soldier and hved durmg a periOd thap It IS qmte hkely that Havana tobacco will be grown well larger crop sown this year than we have ever had. tned mens souls and wa.s not to be balked by trifles. more extensrvelv at theW est anothe1 year on account before S H 0 & Co Others from the old States hear10g of the success of of the mcreased demand for thts sort of leaf The dark tobacco culture herem th1s Western country came out rich s01lm the West seems well adapted for tbrs va and engageii 10 the busmess Little by httle the bust rtety while the growth of )>he plant 1s such that hke ness grew At thht tj.IIle the fert1le lands on the .James corn very much of the labor can be done by machmery R1ver m V1rgmm were bemg cultivated m the There are very many reasons why Havana IS the weed' The r1ver iands produced a riCh heavy to preferable sot t to cultivate by all g10wers pf Seed leaf bacco that was m great demand across the b1g waters tobacco The leaves stand e1ect so that the labor of It was soon found th,at our ncb v1rgm soil produced a hoemg by hand can be done more e was ratsed m Robertson a_!ld Soythern sb1ppmg leaf will undoubtedly command County was prized and sent to New Orleans m fiat satisfactory pr1ces w1iile tlie better grades will be 10 bottom boats 'I here were no buyers m the country demand for liome consumptiOn as now to button hole farmers rile farmer prized b1 tobacco, and p8.1d the owner of the l!o much per hogshead to deliver 1t 10 New Orle8ll8 Two enj;erprlS mg spmts ventured to make purchases They can1ed the tobacco to New Orleans 10 flat bottom' boats made at th1s place The priCe of tobacco suddenly de clmed-the very bottom fell out--and the venture busted em It was then rated a hazardous bus1 ness and nobody would buy thiS s1de of the Crescent Ctty boats were built at thiS place, and furnished employment for a great many workmen The boats were bUilt, then launched and the 1 htgh riSe' loaded and the tnp safely made down Red river and mto the Cumberland Many oL the hands employed to steer the boats would walk back from New Orleans The fame o( CYarksv!lle tobacco spread abroad-It crosed the btg waters where there was a demand for 1t partiCularly among the VIgorous German people Its production steadliy mcrea.Sed and It soon excelled the capacity of flat bottom boats Soon a home market was established m Clarksville by Messrs Beaumonti McKage, Proudfit and Stewart, who came from Eng and Ireland a.ud Scotland They boul)bt loose exclusively, and established large stemmmg houses At a later period Mr H ))unlap settled In Clarksville a.nd engaged extensively 111 the purchase of loose tobacco and soon vast establiShments spra1;1g up At a st1lllater _pertod some one conceived the 1dea of establishing auctwn sales of tobacco and large ware houses soon sprung up for the-storage and sale of pnzed tobacco and thus was founded what many now con Bider the best tobacco market 10 thiS whole Western country What gigantic proportwns the cultivation and productiOn of tobacco has a.ssumed within the re colloot1on of the oldest 1nhab1tant W L. P Port Royal, Dec 20, 1881 ONLY FOB THE OLD l!IAN. .John .Klett of 178 Second Street, was arraigned be fore Umted States CommiSSioner Sbtelds charged with mauufactm:10g c1gars w1thout pay10g the spemal tax Klett 1s an old man, and does not understand English In court h1s seventeen year old daughter LuZJ.e ex cl8lmed 1 Take me I I carrted on the buamess My father never made m h1s life He 1sa butcher, and I made the c1gars The CommiSSIOner told the A VIRo:yrtAx ON THE TOBACCO TAX A correspondent of the Richmond Whtg wntes follows-I see that the Pres1dent, 10 his message rec ommends the abolition of all 10ternal taxes, except those on tobacco, distilled and malt liquors, and the speCial hcense fees on manufacturers and dealers m the same To bacco a purely agriCultural product was among the first thmgs taxed. and It would seem that It 18 about the last thing upon wbtcb the Government 18 d18poeed to TehnqUJsh 1t11 hold In sections like this where no other money crop can be produced except tobacco the tax IS so oppress1ve as well mgh to dnve many poor lahormg men to despair for let them work as bard al they m9.y their masters, the buyers and manufactur era, keep them 10 abJect poverty and rags, and conse quently m defpa1r At no period m the h1story of the Russl8n Govern ment d1d the Czar of that country exerCise more des pot1c tyr811Dy over his serfs than 18 exerCised over us by the buyers and manufacturers of tobacco and must 1t be told that these men are liCensed to do this thmg by the free and mdependent Government of the Umted States? I look upon these poor tobacco growers suffermgs, and I blush for the honor of ml' countrycolmtry wh1ch I love to day1 and which I have loved s1nce I knew the mean10g of tnat word Our very helJilessness should appeal to the hearts of our law makets And I beheve that d1d they know t.he actual state of thmgs m thiS and other tobacco grow 1ng sections they would be stramed to lift thiS oppres sion-th18 ternble mcubus--off of us and b1d us walk forth m prosperity and hope along w1th other free and happy Citizens of our glor10us country When the riCh and great J.IDagllle themselves op pre!!sed by any law, they have easy access to the m& kers of the laws But the cnes of the poor m the tobacco growmg sectiOns are not heard by those who could or should help them :rhe tax on manufactured tobacco at different t1mes smce the war has been 32 24 and 16 cents per pound Now, if we put thts tax at an average for the last s1x teen years at 20 cents per pound, and suppose that a poor labormg man has made after It was manufac tured, one thousand pounds of tobacco yearly on an Augusta Bra'Cken County Dec 26 -The arefavorable for str1ppmg and farmers are busy I have taken some pams to examme the crop I find but few No 1 Nearly allis shorter growth and narrowed leaf and 1s mak1ng a good deal of trash There will be less frozen thanJast year I adhere to the op1mon expressed often to you last summer and fall that the quantrty 10 our county w11l be less than last year w1th vet y much less fine tobacco The early cutting 1s colory but gen erally small We are at a loss to know round lots of long bngbt cherry red fillers will be found m th1s crop-such as c. St Loms firm have be n buymg for t _past two months at twenty five to twenty eight cents farmers are askmg fifteen to twenty five cents It IS a meaner artic le, and five cents hgher than last year Buyers are takmg hold very cata twusly,. w1th but little bought S I P OHIO Seville 0 Dec 26 -There could have been no better weather for takmg tobacco from the poles than we h11-ve had for the past two weeks and growers are busily engaged strtppmg It Puns Tery uneven 10 color and I cannot account for It except m Its slow, stunted growth durmg the drouth and the half rlpe o & of 1t when cu' OI cuurse a Vit--18 >ery: Jiite but the proportion of seconqs f\Jld fillers must necesearlly be greater than formerly There 1 complamt of Its quahty m bulk, owmg to the-greenness of the stalk W L P BatesVIlle Dec 26 -There has been comnderahle of tobacco sold here m the 11\Bt two weeks at pnces rang mg from S7 to $10 for atr cured and $4 to 16 for fired There IS very httle frosted or heuse burnt m the crop The low grades predonnnate m the crop G R A SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. NEW YORK Baldwmsv1lle (N Y) Gazette, Dec 22 -Charles A. CurtiS old tobacco several cases, pr1ces not ascer tamed to Mr Palt1sch, of the firm of Palt1sch & P1tz ner Farmers are very generally engaged m We hear of one sale of new, of Mr Button at m bundle also a large lot to be assorted at 14c both above lots are domestic Havana. Considerable looking around at new lots m bundle by different buyers The heavy r8lns of to day Will give the farmers an excel lent opportumty to take down the balance of their tobacco from the J?Oles The 55 cases spoken of fill be10g sold, m our last rssue, were purchaeed by a Watertown firm The large packmg house of Lwhtenstem Bros on Canal Stree$, 1s nearly completed WJth a capac1ty of 3 000 cases We hear that several offers have been made for domestiC Havana, but on the whole the trans actions m th1s favonte leaf are liiDlted but the market will be more aet1ve 10 future The shipments of old for the past two weeks are qwte heavy m boxes The farmers are generally str1ppmg the leaf off mto bun dies of about 6 lbs each, and assort10g mto four quali PohaJsJd & Greenba,JJ, Manufacturers of the celebrated CAMILLE,"


MASSACHUSETTS AND CONNECTICUT. Boetorl (Mass.) llmerican Cultivator, Dec ll4 -Trade in tobacco continues quiet throughout the Valley, yet in moderate quantities. We do not anticipate any rellllllrkable haste on the part of the dealers to secure the crop, but expect a contmuous sale to those engaged m packing. The first lots purchased are being assorted as rapidly as possible. Tliese packers w1ll be in the field again as soon as the supply now on hand is assorted. It is probable that other buyers will be in the field soon after the holidays. This is the time of the year when our tradesmen and manufacturers take an inventory of their stock in trade Our views aro thus enforced by an editorial in the U. S Tobacco Journal: ''The short time remaming to the close of the year has apparently been set down by sellers and buyers (dealers and manufacturers) as a period of rest; business 1s almost at a standstill. As to the tobacco on hand nothmg seems capable of unsettlmg the conviction of holders that a aolid profit will be ml\de thereon, and that the market will be completely bare of stock before the '81 can be manipulated. There exists nothing wh1ch can be !Jrought forward as an opposing argument to these ex pectations. With the beginning of the new year new life w1ll once more circulate in all branches of the tobac co interest. The transact10nll w1ll not be individually large, the prices and generally yielding quality of the stocks on hand preventing extensive investments, but dle aggregate sales will undoubtedly make large weekly exhibits." There are other elements that come in to mcrease the tendency to delay in purchases in our Valley. Some of our local newspapers undertake to write up the con ditiOn of the crop now on hand PENNSYLVANIA. Lancaster (Pa) Examiner, Dec. 28:-Absolute quiet 11till characterizes the tobacco market In all quarters. No transactions are reported mold tobacco, and very few in the new crop. It is reported that large-q_uantl ties of the new tobacco sold a fe'w ago m the field will not be delivered, as the farmers will not be able to comply with their contracts-'-all white-Teined l!lllof to go m w1th seconds-with any' profit to them and the contracts by consent of th(l packers will be destroyed, Lancaster (Pa.) Intelligencer, Dec. 28.-J. W. John '8011, Esq., has sold to Mr. Sefl.IIGnig, for Julius Ehrmann, acres of tobacco from his farm in Drumore Tpwnship, at Ill, 15, 10 and 3, without any other stipu lation than that it be delivered in gooeen enhvened during the past week by the pur chase of between 2 500 and 3,000 hogsheads for Itahan account The purchase has not been officially re ported, as the statistwmns, Mr. Hagedorn especially, have been too busy on their annuals and theil general :annual work: to make note of the circumstance. Next week it will duly appear m the summaries, and for the present it must be simply recorded as an untabulated fact. Rumor it is called upon the street. Few are trying to sell or buy, the principal occupa tion of tradesmen being to write up, or have written up, their ledgers. The new year is close at hand, and nearly everybody IS preparing for its arrival. The informatiOn now commg to hand respecting the new crop contmues to represent it as being worse than was thought to be the case. It seelnB \o be weighing out less than was expected, and takes more bulk to the hogshead. At the West prices are fully a cent a pound higher than they were last year at this time on dark tobacco, and it is assumed there and here that whatever heavy IMPORTS. The anlvala at the pon of New York from formgn pol111 for \he week fucluded the lollowing con81gnmentl : 1 10 cs l911f. Ounf.ugOA-J S Molms 1 bale leaf; Order 96 do Bott8rdam-Hirsch, VJCtorlua & Co 10 bales leaf, H Cazaux 5 do, Sheldon & Co 20 do, J G Gra1f 18 do; Order 58 do, Augustm & Dusel 2M bxs pipes, A Hen 437 do: Wm Demuth & Co 527 do: H Batjer &' Bro 871 do. St. Jago de Ouba--J E Ward & Co, 5 ca cigars V.nn31 AT StepheiiS & Co 1 do: D L evy 88 do, M Wolf 6 do. 811 tlie Old Dommwn SteairTUil"P Ltne-Kinney Tobacco CoS hhds, Oelrichs&: Co 86 do R MAllen & Co 3 llo, W 0 Smith & Co 64 hhds, 112 cs mfd, 9 do smkg, 2 do smkg ahd Cigarettes, 9 do cigarettes, P L onllard & Co 22 hhds, 15 trca, 2 cs mfd. 8 bxs sampleE, Dohan Carroll & oz .. to M-trcs,'16 cs mfj, 10 cads do, 20 do; Thomp son, l!lOOre & Co 88 cs mfd. 15 ?i bxs do, 4 bxs do, 44 1,6-cads do, Jos D EvaiiB & Co 4 cs mfd 30 %-bxs do, 20 cads do, Jas !I Gardmer 16 cs smkg, 211 do mfd, au f-bxs do. 5 cads d o, J D Keilly Jr 74 cs mfd, 8 )>6 bxs do. Leopold Miller 2 cs smkg, 9 bxs mfd, 8 cads do. Augustm & Dus e l o c 8 do Cigarettes. A Hen 40 cs smkg, J J Grol(an 3 do, J Berlmer 2 cs mfd, E Du Bo1s 2o do: Wm Broadhurst, Jr 2 1o, R C Reeves 2 bxs mfd, Bay State Shoe and Leather Co 8 cads do, 0 Stncker 1 cs c gars, G W Helme 1 bbl nuJ!' FE Owen 1 bx samples: Order 39 hhds. 1 trc, 69 cs smkg, 2 bales do, 27 ca mfd, 2 bxs do, 1 cs cigars. Voaatu>ue from K Wut-V Martinez Yhor & Co 25 cs ci e:ars: P Pohalski 16 do; Geo Alces 4 do; N B Manning 8 do, Seidenberg & Co 14 do, Relollz & Co 7 do; Perea Bros 7 d11: A del Pmo5 do, J 11Mridol10 do, H R Kelly & Co2 do; M Barranco & Bro 12 do, :McFall & Lawson 4 do, F H Leggatt OB.i.l'f11LAT-8JWOJUl'fO TOBACCO. Hedlum lo t!ood tlil041 I Good to liDe lll'I'UPP. [Soabject 1o dlocowil I'> the wholeMie trade -:r -GII0-116 Sootch anll LuDdJ1oot -IW@-66 Bappee, FrenCh ---6---I -'lliO-715 8P.una"G.C" .. ..,., G." .. w tJIU1 Ex I P1lar I I ., c c .,. C&.' 11.Lt' &Co" .. s ... rry Ex.. "La RoM,. "Huelva,11 u Magnet." HS.t I.ICOBICE PASTE. as .. T w s." 18 1 A v. 8.' UQ11 26 uatar," Zl HM" 26 "P. G." i2 ll8 = Zi Eastern Markets. 18 18 18 18 21 18 IV BOSTON, Dec correspondent reports:The wet weather, holidays. and near llpproach of the close of the year, have had a depreasmg e1fect upon the tobacco market Kentucky-Slow sale and prJCes firm, one lot of 70 hhds shipped to Afnca. R ece ipts, 50 hhds Se E d Leaf-Some little anunation m Havana Seed and Peiiii sylvania, although the demand 1s confined wholly to 1mme d1ate wants Havana-In th1s bunch more activity shows ;tself th81l for some time the prevailin g opmion that prices will be fully 20 per otnt higher w1thm the next nwety days. 01gars-Manuf.cturers are emp loyl,llg the usual number of hands, and announce latge orders f or deh very m J anuar,y. PHILADELPHIA, Dec 22.-Mr. A. R. J!'ougersy 'fo bacco Manufacturers' Agent. reports to THE 'FooAcco ,LEAJ'' Ae we near the new year dealers generally seem to be busy only with making alteration s and 11llpiOvements for the year 1882 The sale of manufactured hard topacco is confined to small quantities anq of such brands as are specially popUlar 1zed, pnces hold steady for immedate wants Fme Cuts.,..... Demand confined to better grades. Smoking Tobacco-Moderately required, retailers seam to. )Je nsing cqns1derable fine goods. Ctgars-Thi$ branch of trade continues excellent; the holi days have been the idea, suffices to keep trade to Germany from showmg any improvement. LONDON, Dec. 14 -llessrv. Grant, Chambera & Co report to TnE ToBACCo LBAP' as follows -The market for all decnptions of Amer1can tobacco baa been very quiet during the past week, and no salea of Importance han been made Buyers appear disinclined to increase their stocks. For sub: stitutes there IS a moderate demand. Western Leaf and Stnps-No transactions to report, and in Virg1o1a but a trilling business done, only bnght leaf baa been inquired for. 11 land very slow of sale. and Ohio when bright in sougat after. In Cave11dish little has been done. l'IELBOURNE, October 25.-Mesars. Fraser &Co, Tobacco Brokers, rewrt as foJlows:-During the early part of the month the market was f!lirly active and by pr1vate contract considerable sales were Latest news from Amerioa relative to the leaf crop confirm those previously received, which were to the effect that the yield would be considerably below that of last .year. Wholesale anticipating an ad vance m the value of manufactured gootls, have oper ated freely. Cameron's agents report the sale of about 400 packages "Raven" and "St Andrew's" Twist and 400 packages of Flat work-" Two Seas," of the '&as," and Admiral" brands. Wateon and M'Gill's agents also report the sale of 160 oockages "Black: Swan" Tw1st, anq "Over the Watert lO's and "Mabel" 6's have also found 100 cases "Derby". 12's and NaVIes have been up and about 160 packages Geo Campbell' s goods were m a hoe. These have made holders very firm. and an advaJ:!Ce of ld. to per lb. on nearly all classes of work 1s now asked. Victorian goods are m moderate mquiry. Leaf in good demand. QUOTATIONS. TWIST (lmportefll' quotatiODS) !o(-trcs. Barrett's Anchor . . :Nil Black Swan .. .. .. .. 1& 1B 1d Supplejack .. .. .. .. 1s Shellau;l's.... .. .. .. .. .. ls Raven . . . . 1s 4d, ls 6d St Andrew 's .............. 1s 1d 1s 8d TBNS (Importe rs quotations) Over the Water............ 1s Royal Standard .. .. 1s Two Seas .. .. ... .. .. .. 1s 4d Venus.................. .. Nil Cases. 1a 1s 8d 1s 3d 1a 2d 1s 5d, 1s 7d 1s Sd, 1s lid Cases 1s1d D erby .. . ........... 1s. 1s 1d 1s 2d AROMATIC (Importers' quot&tiOI18) :-Light pressed, medium ....... ._ ............ le@le Sd do fine ......................... 2s P. P., 5s and sundry SIZes, med1um ......... Fme, 1 do ..... : ..... 1s Sd@ls 6d-Fme Twist ................................ ls 0rGAR8:--Manila Oortado, No.2 ............ 55s@ll7s 6d do Nuevo ................... 65s@67s 6d do Havana, No.2 ............ 48a@Ws do do Nuevo ........... 70s Swll!s. Ormond . . ... Slis LE4>F-lmported, 8d@ls 4d, coloma!, 6@8d. Stocks on hand-Melbourne, Oct 1o, 1 '881-Manufactured -251 M trcs and kegs, 1,541 % bxs and bxs, 3, 747 cases Unmanufactured-337 hhds andcases, 203 cases 818 bxs bales and bdls Oigars-924 cases STOCKS IN ADJACEN;r MARKETS. Mfd. Unmfd. Lbs Lbs C1gau. Sydney, Oct. 14 1881 ....... 130,493 576,072 Oct 15, 1881. ........ 64,694 155,825 Valne of Foreign Coins, Lbs. 50,984 31,867 A.-.v.-llorin, lllver, centa Japan-yen, gold; cold &Dd lllelglum-frano, gold &n4 lllvor, 99 7 cent&. 6. 18.8 <:enta. Llberia.-.iollar, 1!014. II iillver, ill.t eeniL Brull-Dillnlo Of 1,000 reia, gold. Netherl&l>rown., gold, 26 8 ceniL RUIIIfa,-rouble of 100 ll:opeU, on-, ltcuador-peeo, suver, 18 6 eenDJ sa 9 \.."ent& lilm>&-:-JI"und of 100 plaster&, col4, Sandwich J'r&nce-fr&nc, gold & sUer, 11 a eta and eih IV a cent& Great Brltaio-powulatirlbic, coi4. Boredell-<>l'OWD, COld, 8-G $4 116 6\i ..,ld reoce-drachm&, cole! &lid lfl..,., 19!8 ceaf& II 8 centa. TrlpoU-mah'-' c._ 110 plutera, .. German Emplre-marll:, ll8 8 c er, 7 8 "'> 7 l'llpee Of lG ........, lfl..,., Turlmy-P&IIt.r1 4.4 ,...._ lilt& United 81&&08 OOiomllla-,_ pld. &IUl ollftlr, 11.1.,.. lfler 81.1--SJstJes .&, IE &ey. a.ud Dealer& in PeD.D8ylva.ula. Leaf Tobacco, 61 and 63 North Duke Street. LANCASTER. PA.


.......... ,_._,_, __ I never '.' sW'ea.r Ofl'.''


Names of Firms and Persons Com mencing and Discontinuing Busi ness as Cigar Manufacturers in October, 1881. .&LA.BA.lllA., First District. Gustave Schwartz, cQmmeneed1 Goldstucker & Bchwartz, discontiaiMMl, Hobile. 4.o (J.I.LIPO U. First Dilltrio&. Kraft AdA cem'd, o.Jdand. Joseph Levy, do 809 Market st. San Francisco. Newark Co, do 30 Waverly Place, do S W Shrolock, do Salina, Woeng Tong Sking Co1 com' d,205 Pacific st. do Wing Sin, com' u, 1,111 Dupont st. do llaria Hein, discontinued, Oakland. Anton Haferkorn, do ROO. wood City. Aaron Myer, do Folsom st.San Fran. 0 G Wynkoop, do 536 Kelley st. do Fourth District. Hilton & Brown, Red BlWL Fred C Muller, discontiJlued, Denrer. C W Davenport, Henry F Tbeisse, Owen T. Hogan, John B Moran, Abraham Nepal. Hugo F Bowden, 11 Perez & Leon, Juan Polll&ll8, C N 11'1', First Disflrict. commenced, Broad Brook. discontinued, do Second District. commenced, AII80Dia. do New BaveJL do do Dlii:LAWU commenced, Wilmiugton. lA RID.&, Key West. do do ILL IN OIL Fint District. Brothers & Howe, oom'd 975 W.Madillon st.Chicjlgo Gus Eberlein, do 3,0.7 Archer ave. do Engel & Vogel, do 103 Vedder lit. do Anton HuebDer, io Stl Concord pl. AilgustaJudae, do 21 W Kinzie st. do & Co, do 337 W. Randolph st. do Henry Kaack, do 443 S Desplaines st. do Ch9.rles Kolletschke do 221 13th place, do J Lichtenthal, do 140 Larra st. do Ed Miller, do 713 8. do John Re,y, fi5 Wells It do Charles Richter1 -do US B. Clark:. do Sphroeder & Beds, do S. Halstead st. do Frank Wilfart, do Seward st. do Woodman&Andrews do 311 W. Lake at. do PLBrothers, discont'd,981 W.Madieon'IC. do Selig Heller, do 364 RebecO. st. do Aug Judae, do 21 W. Kinzie st. do John Kausz, do 504 Milwaukee st. do lsrael Mintz, do 471 S. Clark st. do B. Schlessinger, do 277 & 279 S. Clark st. do Wm Stye, do 2,351 Wentworth ave. do G. Schroeder, do 80 Hast}I!.'k, st. do Woodman&Lawton,do 311 W. est. do Second District. Elizabeth Blaziel', commenced, WmHolland, Jr, do F L Hoffman, do Johnson & Hynds, do Phiry & Bright do A W Hoffman & Bro, discontinued, Jacob Mayel', do Elizabeth Maderer, do Jdhn Tunison, do Fourth District, Hampshire. Joliet. Aurora, Morris. do Aurora. Ottawa. Hampshire. Morr1s C B McKinney, J H F Schlueter, commenced. Irving. do Mt. Olive. JoJm F Rube Jr, James Slavi11, Fifth District. discontinued, do Seventh District. Wyomet. Galesburg. John H Bridgeford, discontinued, Mattbon. Andrew J Adye, LJ Hall, INDIANA., First District. commenced, Adyeville. do Evansville. Fourth District. N Gill, commenced, Brookville. Wells & Wells, do Rushville. C Sclmfstall, discontinued, Batesville. '" Sixth District. 1 Ajax Cigar & Tobacc8 'Co, com'd, Indianapolis. Seventh District. Ross & Martin, commenced, Frankfort. ,I Tenth District. Henry commenced, Fort Wayne. IOWA, Third District. Conrad French, commenced, Webster City. Fourth District. Tarpin & Hendel'l!On, commenced, Jos Jehl, discontinued, Centreville. do Jos W Holmes, A W JoW!s, Chas E Bendel, Henry E Eberling, L H Love, Bendel & Hartman, B Engler, E Hilsaveck, C H Love & "Br'o, Henry Wessler, R N Ewell & Co, Fred Meller, J MRossler, John H Koors, -. I Echazabol, F Marrero,, H M Walworth, Baron &Vo, Baron & Co, J ABonn&Co, Wm Doenges, Andreas Fink, C F Mason & Co, Stuckert & Mack, John C F Mascn & Co; J PPaler, John A Schneider, Fred Stegman, W M Limanus, Fifth District. commenced, do KANSAS, commenced, do do discontinued, do do do do K.i:NTVCKY, Fifth District. commenced, do do Sixth District. commenced, LOU &W.&, Marysville. Atchison. Rumbold$. Marysville. Kansas CiQ", W yandotte.ll Humboldt. MarysTille ..: Louisville. do do Covington. colllQHIDCed, New Orlean11. do 118 Johnson at., N.O. do ltelly st., N. 0, d&. Delta. III:AINE, discontinu e d, Saco. do do do do do 51 84 S Eutaw st., o 14 Orleans st., do 253 Light st., do 158 Light st., do 282 Prestman st., do Fourth District. Ma.,tllBWE Bros &; Co, disc'd, W "iWWWWRter. .... lii.I.IS.I.VBVIETTI. Thir1 District. T W Easterly & Co, commenced,' Rear of 898 Wash ington st., Boston. Goo E Horton, com'd, Taunton. E W do SG and 38 7l;b It Fall R1v ... A Wingel'lll[y, do 1 l>oplar .._,Boston. Adam Dahl, C R Chase, L& H Hart, Herman Lampe, CReagan, Schaefer & Co, )!,annie Boyle, John Darron, Abbie 1tl Lehman, Geo W Bowker, M A Dibble, R C Geyer, C S Loomis, E HMerritt, H B Matthias, Geo W Riley, M A Dibble & Co, Smith & Loomis, C Tbieae, arch &; Co, Ferd. Gunther, Fifth District. commenced, discontinued, do Tenth District. commenced, do do discontinued, do do JI(JCHIGA'Ifo Third District. commenced. do do do do do do discontinued, do do Fourth District. commenced, d isconiinuecl, Sixth District, Valley Cig. Co, disc'd, III:INNESOTA, First District. Emma Schildknecht, commenced, Schildknecht, disc'd, BDI?oat, do John Mackin, S Fernandez, G L Stahlman, Second District. commenced, discontinued, do lll18SOUBI, First District Hopkinton. New burv_port. Cambridge. SpHng6eJd. North Adams. Westfield. Springfield. N'orth Adami. Springfield. Coldwater, Jackson. do Lansing. Tecumseh. Addison. Decatur. Jackson. Lansing. Adrian. MWik&KOn. Pe&olkey. E. Saginaw. Mankato. do Winona. 8C Paul. do .do Wm Aman, commenced, 1022 Carr. IR\ StLouis. L Davidson, do S. llth at, do Wni Keasling, do 11104 Warrenst; do Cbas Kruae, do 1814 Decatur st, do :Mn. B. Sanfelez, do Pine at, do C Wieber, do 2513 N. lO*h at, do J Se.nfelez, Pine at, do Suerman &; Wieber, do 21110 loth at, do Frank Harris, J H BeckmeyQJ', Peter Wolfer, Fifth District. diaoontinued, do Sixth District. commenced, NEBB.A.8I.A., Caswell c!t Emmons, comJllenced, Wm Brockelmeyer, do B Doertrel, do C Emmons, discontinued, Brokelmeyer & Murch, do Fred Nolte, do N.WIBM!I.Y, California. Boonville. St Josepi:t. Teoutnseh. Lincoln, <>-ba. Tecumseh. Lincoln. Arago. Henry Greenwald, Thorn & Stout, Finlt Dietrict. commencod, Mt Holly. do Bordentown. Third District. T McNamara, TBowne, Elizabeth. discontinu;i, Jamesburg. Fifth District. Joh,P G Crawford, com'd, 640rangest, Newark. Helena Gersheimer, do 252 do do. M Kowas. do Hackensack. Klusener & Delker, do union. Staufe & Harroch, do Closter. Philip Werlig, do Passaic. Henry Zwipf, do ; 40 Macnolia at, Newark. A J Zoller, do 101 Kagazine at, do H F Geisheimer, disc'd, JU Orange at, do Carl Staupe, do ClO!Iier. H DSchroeder, do 113 COle st, Jersey llity. Mary E Davis, Jos. Isaacs, John Jacobson, F C Laird, Sophie M H Luhrs, Henry H Ruhl,A..J F Yrguauzo & vo, Mark: Jacobs, F an Dyck, G Wulff, I!OSW YO&II:, First District. commenced, do do do do. do do ilisconiinhed, dO do Second' District. Brooklyn, do do do do East New York. Brooklyn. do do do WE Barnett, com'd, 811 :Maiden I.aoe, Y. Geo Bendier, do 86 South st, do H S Gillins, do -141 Greenwich st, do Pohalski & Greenhall, do 153 Chambers st, do F M Rowan, do 88 Pearl st, do WurzbUI'ger & Klopfer, do 203 do do M Brudy, dise'd, N. Y. city. A Greenhall, do 94 W .arren st, do P Pohalski, do 153 Ch/Unbers st, do L M Wurzburger, do 203 Fearlst, do Third District. S Berger, Geo Christman, com'd, 14811st av, do do 64th st, bet. lOth & lltb avs, N Y. Mark Cohen, do 30 Av. D, do Moses De Costa, do 2242 2d av, do Geo Engel, do 201 Chrystie st, do Paul Gil, do 405 E. 12th st, do Goldsmith & Losey, do 647 E 11th st, do B J Hausand, do 59 3d av, do A Hallheimer & Co, do 253 E. 4th st, do Wm Heep, do 1494 2d av, do Damel Herman, do 184 1st av, do Hirschorn & Bendheim, do 1154 6 & Slat av, do Selig Levi. do 120 Louis st, do Cecelia Levy, do 819 lift lilT, do do 361 W. 4Ith st, do Albert Neuman, do 344 E 74th st, do L Pfister, do 435 W. 41st st, do Geo Rathman, do 1878 2d av, do LQuis Viehman, do 783 7th av, do WllenschmidtBros, do 354 W. 37th st, do Conrad Zeiaer, do lilt Av B, do Ramon Alfonso, disc'd, 111711 3d av, do F' De BlirY & Co, do 96 Catmine It, do Aaron 'bavis, do lOS Bowery, do M Fonestone, do 57. Suffolk st, do B L Fontayn, do 351 W. 41st st, do B Fruhling, do 163 Lewis st, do Qa.t.tman & Connelly, do 474 7th av, do L Goldsmith, do 420 E. lOth st, do M Greenwald, do li76 Grand st, do J H Harris, do 1254 Sd av, do Herkheimer & Cohn, do 1119 6th st, do 8 Lampert, do 123 AvA, do \Ienry Newman, do 167 Rivington at, do lohn Richa, do 2132 2d av, ao Jf G Rangal, do 1078 8d av, do E Schwarz, do 242 2d st, do A Schillinger, do 405 E. 71st st, do J F Wohrle, do 116 1st av, do AllK-Weiss & Son, d\) 141 W. 37th st, do LVolp, dO 100 Rivingtoaa&, do R Kenarsky, Twelfth District. commenced, IM:orrisania. discoRtinued, do Fourteenth District. BRiley, commenced, 443 GIoten st. West Troy L G A !'nyder, do 132 Hudson av. Albany. Fifteenth District. Coand Gtalllr, Cl0111D1811cllil, Troy. J B ,., do do di.scoptinued, do J r, do (il"eetlblillll. Twentyfirst District. commenced, Utica. Twentysixth District. cmpmenced, Owego. "-aaa A Olark, disconti.Jwed, Binghamlion. Twent,:-eighth District. E Havemeyer, commenced, Elmira. Lewis Br011., do Medina. Parsons & Salisbury, do Barre Centre. Cbas Unger, do Canisteo. Antony Wagand, B Lewin, dtscontmued, Medma. J W Gunn & Co., do Elmira. Joll8ll Meyer, do. Rochester, -oa:A:OCO :t-.At. 'l' btt'ttetb Vtstrlct. Henry Pette, commenced, 1178 Michigan st. Buffalo. Mo8her & Lewis, do East Pike. Myers Mergendoller &Co. disc'd, 80 Seneca st. Buffalo. Jacob Scherer, disc'd, 524 Michigan st. Buffalo J J Schwartz, do 67 Cherry st. do H Wadel, do 153 Dodge st. do OHIO, First District. P F Carcaba, com'd, 581 Central av. CincinnatL Mary A Gemechoo,do 2S5 Walnut st. do Mary Kenning, do u Boa! st. do John D Keiser, do 82 McLean av. do A W :Mathew, do Columbia. P Phillips, do 478 W Eichth st. Cincinnati. Roth, Brunner, Driefus & Co. com'd, 150 W 4th st. do Abr Wormser, commenced, 5$7 Central av. do Heory H, diaoontinued, 11 Dandridge at. do Carrior &; Carcaba, do G7tl Central a v. do G W Hueesmann, do Soli Broadway, do 8 Lowenthal & Co. do 1110 W 4th at. do Orl'ando Gunckel, Pat. Galvin, CWGuneweg, ll&rb&ra Nell, Brick & John P Dwyer, John Koppe, HWHermea, H erman, J FLesher, Third District. commenced, do do discontinued, Fourth District. commenced, do discontinued, do do do Tenth District. commenced, Eleventh District. Germantown. Dayton. do do Kenton. Minster. Upper Sandusky. Kenton. Pique. !Lima. SaWuaky. Jamt!ll W Raehbun, commenced, Gallipolis. District. cOmmenced, Freeport. .. do Bellaire. do Marietta. Addison Gasway, Abel Hobbs, Oscar E Payne, WmCHoyt, discontinued, Pratt's Fork. Eighteenth District. Benj. A. com' d, 96 Vega av, Cleveland. A J MorJk, do 181 Greenwood 'Bt, Clevel'd. Adam '.(tAller, do Willow P. 0 Louiri 1'. VOj(ely, do Warren. Kary A WoodruJr, diac'd, .&.mboy. Wm Otdner, do 113 Lorain st, Cleveland ORIIQON,' Yow Sing, com'd, .J Portland. PENNIIYLVANI Eighth ;&District. Wm Albrecht, C A Albeit, com'd, Reading. 0 HGraver, GlBiler & Frame, do Allentown. do Boyertown. do Reading. do Allentown. do Lebanon. ...... Ellen J Hunsicker, Emanuel Hippard. T D Kem firer. Reuben Moyer, John A Maulfair, John ]j' Riskell, Glaser, L ehi & Frame, Daniel Jt' Knerr, John Moyer, do Allentown. do Reading._ do U aioa Water WorD. 1 do Pottsville. disc'd, R e ading. do Allentown. do Reading. Ninth District. .JJUDee B Book, Philip Bueh Royer, .fames W Boyd, John Bixler, Walter J EmmArt, Daniel M Groff, C Glad falter, L W Gockley, Adam Hangard, H C Hubley, W W Hildebrand, H Heidenreich, David B Heist, L .Joutz, Martin Kinports, John Lehr, J SMyers, H S Obermiller, Pfaltzgiaff & Bro, W Reichard, Henry G Sharp, W A Spangler, 88 Watts, WmLCarey, EH Deoh, John L Koch, Rudolph Lammen, Ed ward Riley, Jane Watlon, oom'd, York. do Wrigb,tsville. do Botbaville. do Penn. do Hahustown. do Ephrata. do )(ount Nebo. do Hanover Juaciioa. 4o Vilgansville. do Terre Hill do Mountville. do Strasbfi!'fi" do Terre do Ephrata. do Yoclllll&o.WIL. do Ephrata, do York. do Winterstown. do Plank Road. do York. do R.eamstown do Binkley BIidge. do Red Lion. do Terre Hill. Twelnh District. com'd, Wilkesbarre. do Bethlehem. do Lower Saucon. do Danville. do Nesquehoning. diliC'd, StisquehaDDa. Fourteenth District. Geo W Fencil, AS ringman, IE Grove, N B Fencil, com'd, Steelton. do Freeburg. disc d, Hermitstown. do Steelton. Twentieth District. L P Killer, oommeoced, Titusville. a-&; BoWOI'II, discontinued, Greenville. Tilghman Reis, OOIIUili!Dced do Leonard Bros, diaoonUnu;;d, Meadville. Killer & Lautz, do Tiklsville. &&OaB JSL.&I'ID, Horton &; Cole, discontinued, Providence. T.XAS, Third District. Geo G Edloff, T Goldbeck, commenced, do Austin. VIRGINIA, Third District. Orange & Bolton, commenced, Richmond. Sixth District. John Wig, commenced, Lexington. WEST VIRGINIA. First District. John H .Compson, commenced, Heller, Coleman & Haeh, do E J Savage, do John Franz, discontinued, John A Park, do Wl!ICtUI&IN, Wheeling. do Parkersburg. Wheeling. Ravenswood. Aloia Maley ,' A WLander, First District. commenced, Milwaukee. do do John JSchmidt, F J W illimaD, ltrueger Bros, Geo Werheim, Sixth District. commenced discontinued, do do Menomonie. do :M&rsbfleld. Wau&aw. For Month of November. CALIIi'OBNIA, First Dislric$. DY A A:roeen, diac'd, 7!1 Sacramento st. n i'ran. Chico Co. do 847 W 1111hiugt'n st, do Henry Gripp, do Alameda. Henry Klee, do Oakl&1ld. acob-LenS! com'd, Alameda. Wm. Cinrarli, do 1768 7th st, Oakland. Hop Sing do 735 Jackson st, Sao Fran. S L C>lralluro & Co, do 8an Jose. J & P MAdan, disc'd, Montgomery av., San Fran. Nathan Reise, do 623 do J M Welders, do 825 Broadway, uu:land. t'hlhp umsliener, Isaac Weiss, Baum Bros, Julius Maas, GTamargo, Henry Schoe'ttes, Chas L Griggs, uo ll;ol! .t1aJsteQ St, lJlllC. do 409W.Va.nBurenst, do disc d, 239 Randolph st, do do 515 W. 12th st: do do 199 S. Clark st, do Second Di111trict. com'd, Spencer ; disc'd, Rockford. District. Dewey & Eyerly, com'd, Canton. Henry J Frische, do Quincy. Henry do Warsaw. William Cox, disc'd, Canton, Dewey, Early & Smith, do do Fifth District. Swan Olson, disc'd, Canton. Seventh Dislitict. Hattie Brectenfeld, oom'd, Gilman. N H Cohen, do Urbana. John M Crutchley, do Mattoon. Geo Dudenhofer, do Danville. Peter Koebel, do Decatur. Geo W Bower, do Oln e y Jas P McCauley & Co, do Upper Alton. Goo J Mold, do Alton Jos Thoraud, Jr, do Trenton Jacob Theobald, do Millstadt Arnold Wirz, do Highland. Ferd. Bertram, disc'd, Collinsville LA Black, do Upper Alton. Frank BooUEI, do Olney. Clemens Fouke, do Breese. Kienlen & Opel, do Ed wards villa. J C Moehlh8lllrich, do Trenton. Wm Nagel, 1 do Smithton. Chas F Leib, do Belleville. Chas Slateo, Henry Thiene9, C W Baggerly, E F Buscher, David Miller, INDIANA. Sixth District. com'd, Indianapolis. do '' disc d, do do Martinsville. Seventh I).istrict. Owen&; Fell6JIS8r, com 'd, Terre Haute. G LOwen, disc d, Tenth District. Richard Ferdinaod, com'd, Fort Wayne. Ida Cogswell, Simpson La Bar, Dunn & Hellwig, John F Rube, Henry Blum, IOWA, Second District. com'd, Davenport. Third District. com'd, Fourth District. com'd, Bloomfield. do All)ia. disc'd, Bloomfield. Fifth District. A P Kivits, com'd, TemJ>lel:on & Huntington, com d, A W Jones, disc'd, Des Moines. Council Bluffs. Red Oak, Fanell & Keefe, John Henig, Patrick W Cronin, Henig It Geyer, J M Steinmiller, :Homer 4 Varnef, KANSAS. com'd, do disc'd, do do do K.ENTVCKY, Fifth District. Independence. Wichita. Leav:en worth. Wichita. Leavenworth. lola. John G Deftlol(er, com'd, rederick Hoelscher. do I..otlieville. Sixth District. L H Bracker & Co com'd, C Buhr.mester & Co, do Chas Hansmann, do Eighth District Covington. Newpor&. Bellevue. W D Marksbury, com'd, Lancaster; Ganard Co. Ninth District. Mark F Kehoe, com' d, Maysville. S LBenitas, com'd, 147Decatur st., New Orleans Pedro C1111tillo do 451 Rampart st., John Fredo.ricb, Jr, do 859 Dryadea st., W B Jrby, do Decatur st. M B Rodriguez, do 520 Magazine st. 8 L Benita&, disc'd, 151 Chartres st., Habenbergir & Lederle, disc'd, Baroune & Poydras sts. M Garcia& Co, do 216 St Louis st, N 0. Santiago lJom.inquez, do 196 St Ann st, do Biddeford Cigar CO, Alfred E Libby, Loammi 'J,'aylor, Sydney B !>Orr, JB:A.INE. oom'd, do "do disc'd, Biddeford. 'Portland, Sanford. do .IUA.BYLAND. Third District. Frederick Q-ebhardt, Pedro Rosello, Cbas Schultz & Co, Henry Wederhake, Cbas Ahlers, com' d, 77 Camd e n st, Balt' mre. do 20t Hollins st, do do 426 W.B!iltimore at, do G W Gelgenlichter, Thoo. Lohmeyer, J N Moore & Co, Henry A Pick, John T Pundt, do 5 E. Lafayette st, do disc'd 146 Bank st, do do Belair. do 350 Eastern av, Balt'me. do 430 7th st, do do 83 Orleans st, do do 29 N. Howard st, 4o lllASSACHVIIETTS. Third District. Cornelius Collins, Sidney B Dorr, Isidor Marcus, WmH Porter, Daniel Prince, H W Young, com'd, 161 Hanover st, Boston. do R a ndolph. do 780 Harrison av, Boston. do Taunton. do Kingston. do 62 Elliott st, Boston. Fifth District. Harry Isaacs, com'd, Cambridge. B F Buel, W H Elston, Glaser & Paschal, J Bode, .MICBIG.A.N, Third District. commenced do do do Sixth District. Carter & Heolick, commenced, Ferdinand Gunther, do MINNESOTA, l First District. Philip 8 Rountree, commenced, Henry Wolpers, discontinued, Second Dh!trict. Northelfer & Goetze, com d, Chas. Newman, do Polhannes& Tinklep!Lugh,do llliSSOUKI, First District. Litchfield. M a r s hall. Blis sfield. do Marquetje. St Ignace. Fairmount. Winona. St Paul. do Minneapolis. Wm F Amanns & Bro, com'd, 1022 Carr st, St Louis. Blumentrilt & Jost, do 209 N. 4th st, do Fannie Davidson, do 101B Cat

I I A c*A:t.t-Y. 166 - '' No. G!3 ::E3ea."Ver &1;reet. 1\Te...,.,. 'Y'ork.. We desire to inform our Pat rons that we have had no TO BACCO stored in the U. S. Bon ded Warehouse recently de stro7ed WEISS, & KAEPPEL. w ANTED.-A first-class, competent Salesma.n for the city, who commands a trade, by a first-class man ufacturer of all kinds of New York a.nd Key West ci-AN energetic young man, experienced, would like to have the agency for a cigar manufacturing house in Baltimore, or would through Southern. Pen!l sylvania, Maryland, Virgmta and North Carohna, m which sections he has many customers. The best refer ences given. Address gats. Address 879 J. R., TOBACCO LEAF Office. D. T. H., TOBACCO LEAF Office. D'%a.:o:u.1a,c't"u.:rers of Fi.D.e, HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR NEW FACTORY, ( Cor. 38th Street and 1st Avenue, New York. Te'ba.cce :E'L. OX..:J:'VEJB., IA.GENT,) B.:l.oh:n:a.o:a.d., 'Va.., (J PROPRlli:TOR AND SUCCESSOR TO OLIVER & ROBINSON'S PLUG, SMOKING TOBACC1J. anU CIGARETTE BUSINESS. fbo celebrated brands formerly I LIQ U 0 Rl C E PASTE The undersigned continues to manufacture and lm,ort lpanlatt and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will find It' to their Interest to apply to him before purchasing else where. .A.ND SUZT.A.:SLE FOR of. Fine Cigrs. ----FR.::I:CI:IDS 'V:IDE'I. "'!!" B.B.A.SON .A.::E3X..:m. .mDrum E. BOFI'IIAN & SON, 149Water St., New York. !1-874. C. S. PHILIP'S PROCESS FOR RESWEATING TO Messrs. c. s. PHILIPs BACCO ACKNOWLEDGED A GREAT The follo,ving letters will explain themselves: result. I would not be without your apparatus for OFFICE OF KERBS & SPIESS, double the price I paid you for it. The book of instrucNEW YoRK, Aug. 28, 18'79. you sent is better than anything ever published Messrs. C. S. PHILIPS & C9., New on res'i"eating. Any one who reads your book and MEN-It affords us great pleal!ure to pronounce your cannot tobacco.successfully be very dull latest patent for the fermentatiOn of and darl!: of comp;reheusiOn. (Stgned) FRED K W ARJSBACH. the colors a perfect success,_ and m the future tt BALTIMORE, Feb. 25, 1881. will be the adopte? m our factory, espeMessrs. C. S. PHILIPS & Co., New York:-GENTs cially as there ts no feature, nor the use We have resweated all our tobaccos since the 1st of of any artilicial means re, 1880. ,f 1es.weating ever known, and take l!,reat _pleMure m Messrs. C S. PHILIPS & Co., New York:-GENTB-cecommending the same. (Signed) R. R. CRESSlllAl'i. 1 can now report a full and satisfactory result with bt' h' f your resweating apparatus, and I hereby mclose you a Want of space prevents pu IS mg scores o check for $90 (ainety dollars) as per contract. other letters we 11:11 test1fymg to the ment of the Very truly yours NICHOLAS KUHNJ:N, above process, whtch IS n0w to be _the only successful method for resweatmg m the Un1ted OFFICE OF A. HEss&Co. ILL., Oct:!!-._ States. Their Hot Wl\ter Heater is now general,ly Messrs : C. S. PHILIPS & Co., York. GENTS adopted by parties usmg the above process for 1ts We your second resweatmg apparatus, safety, ijimplicity and _cheapness for cost of .fWil. are Qf them very you:t: P 0 Every Leaf Dealer and C1gar Manufacturer 'j\'hO WIShes J8 very s1mple and easy. We are. gettmg highly to improve the quality of his tobacco am} secure well satisfactory result:s out of our leaf, and can rl!Comcured, dark-sweated goods of rich, glossy colors, and mAnd them heartily to ever,r of Ctgars. free from smell, without any trouble, and for a cer-e Very respectfully, (Signed) A. HEss & Co-tainty every time sh(;uld not fail to use our process OFFICE OF MESSRS. HUAU & Co., and apparatus. information .and citcuJ ACKSONVILLE, FLA. May 17, 1881. Iars, please address the 111 ventors and proprietors, M C S PHILIPS & Co. New York:-GENTBc. s. t'IDI.IPS & co., 188 Pearl Stree,, New York, As the taste impartE:d the by your proor their branch, and 133 N. cess, we are bound to say 1t 1s magmficent and, the Street, JA..llES PHILIPS, 70 Mam colors even and the burning of the wrappllrs beautifuL 18 .. Io. ---------'Yours truly, HUAU & Uo. ,. 0FFICIIlOFBARON&Co ,BALTIMoRE.MD.,June7,1881. PAOBOLDER & CO M essrs. C S. PHILIPS & Co., New York : GENTS-We have UBed your No 3 sweating apparatus for the last .. Manuracturera of CIGARETTES AND TOBAGCO :McSRERRYTOWN, Pa.., June 23, 1881. J Messrs C. s. PmLIPS & Co., New York:1 have Aloo Patenteeo o tlto been UBing-JWOUr apparatus for and 8?1 Patent Smok'ln & cl ette Tobacco well pleased with the I find .no dllfl.culty m g gar operat,ing the same by followmg your wstruotioas. .., Yours respec tfully, (Signed) F. X. SMITH. 86 Camden Street, B .alt1more. :/. A., Belvin, NOTICE.-We are importing SUMATRA WRAP .. PER in bales weighing from 80 to 100 829-tf BARKER & W AGGNER, 29 S. Gay st., Baltimore, Md. White Burley Tobacco Seed. 8peelal Hate to Warehousemen and. Seed Dealen. You will eave money by dealing with me. All com. munications cheerfully Don't fail to send for Price List before ordering seed, as it will be the means of saving you money, and will make the planter rejoice to know he has at last found a genuine article of White Tobacco. Address 874-890 J. T. BOGGESS, FELICITY, Omo. NOTICE. We have purchased all the right, title and interest of Messrs Fred'k deBary & Co. in and to the following labels, b1ands and trade-marks, viz. :-ALBEN AS, PHIX, BEST IN THE WORLD, NEW YORK DAISY. ROMAN BOY, -REINA DELVALLE. JULIUS C1ESER, MERCURIO, ARABELLA, ARGO, BOHEMIAN GIRL, NANA, CHARIVARI, THE CLUB, PLEASANT DREAMS, WHITE CROW, ROMANCE, and warn all parties that they are now our property, and we shall-prosecute any manufacturer using the same after this date. Parties wanting our cigars under these brands can have them by ordering through our local distributing agents. STRAXTON & STORM, 204 East 27t. h Street, New York. For a, Delicious Smoke, try The VIRGIN qUEEN f)lgareUee are not They aro abohiteJy pure, mlld, .:rolden tobacco. A. tei wUI convt11ce any one. CHA&. R. MESSINCER, Manufacturer, To1ed.o, o. T. D. MeHnger It -Co., 101 Malden Lan!, Ne'W York, oJe .&ge11i11 t"ol" Ne" Chy and VJdnUy. Loul Sieber. A. TELLER, Packer, Commission Merchant, AND WHOJ,JlSALE DJ:4LER IN Belvin & Sieber, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, TOEI.A..COO, No. 233 NORTH SHIPPEN STREET, IIL.A..'J!II'"O pa,. MANUFACTURERS OF PLUG TOBACCO, Cor. :IIJ-u.'t&...,.,. a.::a.d. &1;roe1;a, l.Yid.. 1' H MAYO. rHOMAS AT!qNSQN, P. H. MAYO & BROTHER, Tobacco Manufact'rs, RICHMOND, VA. ESTABLISHED BY ROBERT A. MAYO 1880. Originators of the style o.nd name 1\T .e... v--v oro ::13 .e... o o <>. NAVIES A SPECLAL'l'Y IN ALL John E. RobinsoD., (Aput.) "IC" CIGAR FACTORY 219 Brook Ave., Richmond, Va., Manufacturer of the celebrated .. 1-C" and other Choic e Brands ot Cigars. BOSTON AOFNCY-W:M. P. KITTREDGE & CO., 9 Central \V)w.rt. NEW YORK AGENCYH WffiT l'll.ATTHEWS, 78 W a.rreu Street. A.N'D DEA.LERS IN LE.A..P TO::EIA.CCO, 16, 18 & 20 Seventh St., and 2, 4 and 6 Hall Place, Opposite WAXED PAPER -FOR-Manufactured und1lr Letters Patent Aug. 7, 1877, and Oct. !2, 1878, bT HaDlJerschlag, PATENTEE, No. 52. DEY STBEET, NEW YORK, N. B.,:The trade is Cautioned against Purchasing Waxed Paper madl by Infringers, against some of whom I have suits now pendillg.


9 DOHAN,_ GAIRU[l. & CO., 104 York. lLn& & SIDliNG OBACCO. JAS. B. -PACE'S CELEBRATED Brighr TwJsts, GBble Coil, i:ICRIPRESSED, and other Fancy Styles. Also Fir:te Navy, of All Shapes --<>SOLE A GENTS POR Jno. w. Carroll's Celebrated Brands, "lone Jack," "Brown Dick,": &c., &c. THE VIRGINIA Tn-a-Acco AGENCY, b1:lli:Led. :a.aae. .A.S. 1W. G.A.R.D...,_.,..._ ..... ER. TOBACCO COMMISSI.QN 'i '74. Fron:t JSre"''ll''T V,ork.. EXPORT ORDERS FOR P 'LVG TOBACCO FILLED. -ESTaBq:SHED I JE3., E"' s&rra.zt.n &. co., 44,:46, 48 & 50 Customhouse St., Orleans, La. ll'IIPORTER!I AND l!IANVFACTVREBS OF HAVANA AND DOMESTIC ICibABS. Sole Agents for ST. JAMES PERIQUE, in CIUll'ota and Cut. Havana .. 'lne Cut r.I'obacco, (Jen1ennlaJ Flue 1 a .ud General Job ber8 ln ".l'obacco. w-conaicnment Sol cited. J. -w-.:M: A J R IN, '74 :IE'ro:a:t .. (l'remiaa l&tely 'occupied by BULKI.&Y 41: MOO DEALER I N PLUG AMD SMOKI.NG TOBACCO, T.a.x:E"ai.d. a:a.d. :Cor :ID.::E OBD!Il:RS FILLED PRODIPTLY PROI![ FA.Cl'I'OKY, Sole aa-t for t.lae Colebratecl. JbfaJU!a "ATLANTIC," "IIAGNET," f$ENATOB" IN PLUG AND CUT CA V:ENDIS:t,:. GUTHRIE & CO., )l25 Front Street,. :H....,.. York, Commission Merchants, BALERS OF TOBA'CCO for EXPORT Lea! tobacco pressed in bales fo r the West India, & Central A merlca.n)?o rr.s and other ket s. TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. Jos. H. TBOKPsoN, D S..ODTr MooJLK, r .. 'IL CJ.Ln THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Tobaccos I for Expon, 83 STREET I JSreW\ "York.. SEED LEAF iDiACCOiNhEcTIDN. Tob.aooo or ........0011NTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY TO.- 6ertlflcates given for every Case, and dallvered Cue b;r"Cue, u to number of Certll!oate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPI& IN JIEROHANTS' STORES. :P. C. LXiN'DE &, :131; Straiton & Storm,.. MANUFACTURERS of GIGARS And Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 206 & :208 East Tweney-Sevent h Street, New York. &, 'Y' .A. I aa, Uta a. 134 MAIDEN LANE, NE:W YORK. K.UfYJ'ACTVJUIU OJ' Pllffi8T CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS, IDlbl\im, _!476, .ALIO JKPO .. 'CE JLS or PROPRIETOR OF THE BRA..>!DS: ""N"an.n.l.e'' and '' 1\lli. N"on.a,''. No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. :EJ'tap1:a..h..ed. 1886. -GEO. W HELME,' Buoee110r tj) APPLEBT & HELME, E. W. DlckorMon, corner of Arch and Water Street, PhlladelpJa.ta, Pa.; Be11ry N. Q.neen &: Cheatnut, and 28 N. "()harlottejSts., Pa.; .T. P. Carl, Hn.tfield,; Edward 8u:ftloldtConn.; :DIau:u.:tao1;-u.rer 'the A. H. AtiLerton, 1 '2'6 State Street, Har1:ford, llenry Grosse, 29 E. 4th St., Dayton, Ohio; lUlchael Stoughton, Wte. -o-1 a.reh..o"1.1&ela : Hudson River R. R. Depot, St. John' Park; 74 and. 76 Green....-icl< Street; 18'2 to 186 Pearl Street; and 14.2 Wator tre.;.t, C>:fH.ce, 142 S't. J:Sre--c:ov "York., BENSEL & CO., TOBAGGO INSPEGTORS, 178M WATER STREET, JrEW YOIUL / LANC ASTER p;,_ BRANCH { Wm. DeHaven. srocUSE .... .... BALTIMORE BRANCH .. E Wischmeyer &: Co EDGERTON (Wis .) BRANCH, Pomeroy&: Pelton REYNES BROS. & CO., !'" Commission Merchants 46 &. 48 Exchange Place, .. CHA'S FJNKE&C TOBACCO INSPECTORS, ATTBtDED TO, LancaNer, Pa.,IBranelu-F. CUNN!NG!LUf,141 N Queen St. (Sntith'a Cigar Store. ) Oonnectleut Bl1lneh:-H. B OLMSTED, East Hartford, Con n f Wis., Braneh1-C. R. Bentley. J. L. GASSERT. I H L GASSERT. J. L. Gassert & DIPO RTERS OF EI:A. v. .A.N' .A., AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, cleAR CUT,TER. 157 Bpwerr, New York. Internal Revenue Books 'l'be OrlglullnWDal Dfo.-enue l'ub1I8IWic B.,_ :J: :.:::.: :;: 'i:fti,:: c JO"n"DGENBEN tbemofl'.makingthe I U,A, t bold together, 3'1 LIBBBTY ST., XEW YOBJL wiille amok'g, much P. 0. Bal: 1,1101 bettertbiUI if bitten, and prevents a rag-a,. B c a BaitJ ged end; and it the smoker uses a bolder, It m&kes W a hetter fit to the tube. The cut-olf tips are collee ted i n a. storage receptacle for :t:urtlier utillatlon. Also .lletallid Tag& fphona"heLowestl'rlces: Send!orPrices. "" ManufacturerandPatentee. ., T H M Jf .. Street! Fhlladelphia. ESSENGER & CO., 1'. E.. OWEN, IMPORTERS .AND DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco, Cigars, Virginia leaf Tobacco, No. 39 BROAD STREET, PAS'TE, 16l!!IA.IDEN NEW ZOBE, LMf Tobacco in &oletl and Hogsheads/or Foreign Ma rket&, HENRY SIEBERT GOODWIN & CO., Tobacco and Ceneral" OOm ission FINE-CUT TOBAGCO, a a Broad S"t. 201 ud 209 Water Street, lllll':.l"aV "'FOR-B;. II RW:e;-bb DEALERS IN Nonh Carolina & Virginia teaf fobaceo. :En: :.ry-.A..LL G-R..A.:E>E& c:>N OR.:J::E:R.. Handle Scraps, Lugs, Fillers, Smokere and Wrappers all Crades, and guarantee satisfaction. DUl:-:.::S:.A..::M:, N. 0. YOVR ORDERS SOLICITED. SALOMON, t OE. au.QMON. 'l.W. &, E PACKERS OF S EED -AND IPORTERB QFHaV8IJ.Q Tobacco and SG DICI:.A.::EDEJSr JSrE"gV' "YC>R.:EL. IriRIT PRIZE l![DAL "-VIENNA EXHIBITION, 1878. IIIANUFA.B.A.CCO P.L.A.N:IDT. FANCY DARK NAVIES; JSr:IDPTU .NE. II' !LNCY BRIGHT N A. VIES; STA.NDA.RD BRIGHT NAVIES; .lii.A.:ELC>R.'S ClEEO:ECE, STANDARD DARK NAVIIU !l'he reputation o! these worldwide, and the Increasing sales of them Is proof of thelrmerlll. B:IIJ"gV' ..&.R.EI OF :EJ.\IE:ET.A.'T:EC>JSr&. lOur Trade-Mark D-T is Embossed on everr PlUS. OF::.ZCD:ID&1 BOSTON I 81 Central Street; CINCII,IINATI: 159 West Second Street; CHICACO 1 9 Wabash Avenue; SAN FRANCISCO :4318 Battery Street; PHILADELI'HIA: 39 North Front Street JAEGER BROS. & LESTER CONOUEROR Cigar Eactory, 205-207 E. 76th St., N'W YORK. I Manu!aetUret"' of t'be ollow lng well-lmoWil. brand.o CONQUEROR, BEll US, ROHULOS, THE IIIA.JOB, THE REFORJIIER, COSMOPOLITAN, Cro,.,.. of Ke:r Weet; -.w>-Pride of the W ...t. The above Brando! BAVANf' l'OBACCO CrGARETT,ES made onJr by t o-.a.s a. 222 GREENWLCH STREET, CORNtR OF BARCLAY, NEW YORK. MANUFACTURER OF FINE_ CIGARS. Es't.ab1:l.&;I::Lecl. 1836. Alex. PriesBros.,. rima. s1: fiUGIRE DU BOIS, mcml Jla.Oin.' n.w, ... YOB& M:ay .u.ofllole.64'en& lil the u.s : for th8 ClllleJn'aled FRENCH GAMBIER ClAY PIPES. 2d .&..-_..., near 8th St-. [1loufe at Parlt! ] ., NEW YORK: evaTI.v SALOKo:.., &l.I.III8&0W B.EIUUJI &li.OliOft'. Gustav Salomon & Bros DlP. :J:). as. ... ...., 011, A fWo. 472 CRAND NEW YORK. MANUFACTURER OF Cigar Boxes -AND-SHOW TIGURES. IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN SPANISH CICAR RIBBON81 Gornlan Cigar ll:loulda, Pre .. ea, Sttapoo, ()utter, Etc. 179 and 181 Lewis St., New York. ALL KINDS OF FIGURES CUT TO ORDER AND REP .AlRED IN TilE BEST STYLE. TJ:L.e Trade &-u.pp1:led.. N 1EUMAN & DINGLINGER, GENERAt LllHOGRAPHERS I N. PEARL and ELM: S'iREETS, NEW YORK. and Tobacco Labols and Show Cards a svocialtr. C:EG-.A.R. :Doii:.AJSr'UF.A.OTUEI..E:E'I..B I "'I :--. -.:::1 :1 ::!! Po:! g c: = : e:_.j 0 ":::::r:: Po:! .llU'ORTEliS OF SPANZS::a:: And Dealers in all Jdnils of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St., New Yort. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, IIIIPGRTERS AND DULBBS JX Leaf lobacco, t68 Water St., M. H. L EVIN, IMPORTER OF HAVAN.-, AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS CN Leaf Tobacco, 162 Pearl Street, New Yort. &. OR.G-LEH., Diaautlae&rer ot FINE CIGARS, .&.ad Dealer Ia LEAF 'l'OBACCO. 86.. 1111RBA.Y 'ST., NEW YORK. lll:y u ..... .u,_ "CUBA. ''BBB," -"CLIKAJ[," j H. KOENIG & CO Wli:OLESALE DEALERS IN ., HAVANA AND SBHD LBAJ 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. t=)!GG. REISMANN, n E g Commission Merchant, r s-C1) U!i LeaffOh&Cco, II !1: 1128 J'jEAJLL S'l' ., N;EW YORK. !' g' I l Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LEAF T=OBACCO, GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAL, 111 WATER ST., NEW YORK. Paek.ers and Dealers In J U L rl) S L o BEN STEIN, Bav.=a.ImpTobaceo, 1 Packer o:f't:l.o, sua Pearl st., New York. -AND DEALER IN SpanishLeafTobacco, L. 131_ MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORii. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, GEO. 191 PEARl. 8T. (SUCCESSOR TO APPLEBY & 1 l!lAJ.'ffiFACTURER New York. SN'"C'FF I Maccaboy, Rappee, Scotch, American Gentleman, Lunrfyfoot. V:ER.G-:E:t"tirX.A.. &l.\<>:K:J:N-G-T<>B.A.OCJO: Vt.l PRINCE ALBERT, COU>BADO, 'D'WCLE TOll. NAVY CILIPP._. BLACK TOM:, IRONSIDES, A. & H. 'TOEJ.A..CCO: _.IQRQAD yaTB, PJLDrCB Lp!!R.T,CIOtii.A.II,OLD BIOJleBT. lo. 133 WATER and 85 PINE STREETS, Kew York. FOB PBICII LIST ADDRESS OR APPLY A.S A.BOVB. I Dills & CuJJman, SuoceBIJOril to Fox, Dills&:: Co., DIALERS IN HAVANA, \ And Packers of SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 175 Water Street, New York. l.&a. B. DILLS. JOS. F. OULLHA.ll. & p. o .... lfQ B. D. & Co. P, II TRA.DE lu.RX. I lli'l W A.TER ST.,JO.;W YORK.


--.,! DEC. -3] THE TOEACCO LEAF S. & BROS., I Dn'Oil'l'ER8 OP B.A. V .AN A., AXD l'ACIER8 OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, 5 Burling Slip, w.=ra. New York. 2 lAMES BRUSSEL & ., IUIIUT&U'I'UBIIIIII C6 GIGAB.S, 309 E. Fifty-Ninth St. New York. JAMES BRUSSEL-A. DAVIDSON BROTHERS, D. H. McALPIN & CO., LOUIS .ASH, S. HOOD. Louis Ash & Go. MANUFACTURERS 01!' THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: -Havana and Seed I VIRGIN tEAF and NAVY I XAN'UFAOTUB.ERS OF. Near:MaldenL&De, N'e"VV York. .. S. BABNETT. H.A.. V .A..N" A -AND-SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 16:2 Water St New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORT.RS OF HAVANA Aa Paekere of SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 186 WATER Bear Ba!den Lane, NEW YORK. 8. ROSSIN. lt' ROSSIN. S. ROSSIN & SONS. PACKERs OF seed Lea::r, AND IMl'ORTEBS OF HAY ANA TOBACCO, 173 Water St., New York. E. A o. FRIEND & CO., JJ!'C)Orteta aod i>ealera !a. LEAP TOBACCO, I at" Malden Lane. NEW YORK LaONARD FRlJJND. G. I'EBNABDIZ; HAVANA LBAP TOBACCQ ,.&:JSr%) 808 Peart 8treet, York. L. NEWGASS, P&CKBK Olr ALL ltll'IDI 811' DULEJIS Ill' LH!P TOBACCU, 190 PEARL STRIEIET, t=} lfJ_lOR!.. CALIXTO lOPEZ, ImDorter of Fine Vnelta Abaio TOBACCO & CIGARS O:EICIII"VV::t.NG TOEI.A.CJCJO, And aJlldnds of Smoking 'l'oba.oco. Also Mallufacturers of the well known Brands of .Bri ght Plug Chewing : I OWJi,' r Onward,' I FriondslliD,' -and Sailor's Solaco.: Manufactory_ & Salesroom, Cor: Ave!lne D & Tenth .SL; . C. CORRAL & CO., Gerva.sio SS. A.JfNEXED 'BRAJJDS : Ramtll.te 4e .Aroaa, Pablo aud Virl(baia, La Bal'ld-,. Admirable, BiD Preteaeioa, Imperlalllpori. Aates;do. &Dd

W. EISENLOHR &t J PAC){ER.!-<4l!D W H OLES ALE DEALERS,IN LEAP: TOB&C :L:I.B s A't., Ph:ll.acte1pl1:1a PIHL. BONN. '/il. EISENI.OHR, Packers anci Dealers i n L E.A.F TO:S.A..CCO, And Manufacturer s of Lo wCrade C i gars,. No.1 1 Arch St., Philadelphia;; Pa. tEWIS SONS Whf o l e s a l e .Dealers m x. E AF D' KANl1F ACTtmED TOBI..CCO, NO. 3'1!2'2 NOII'IiH STREET_.. iii A a s sort m ent o f all kinds o{ La.u' TOBACCO constantl y on han d ,a filARsolniGUE!;f at reduce(\ priCes. Ever y warranted uniform. U s1ze P':lrc b ased. be not suitabl e it will be exchanged, or money returned. O u r ann ,. rlTe perfect satisfaction t.9 the The only medal and diploma. a._.riled a.t tile Centennial wn.S to the 1U 8. Solid Top IIIenJd. o mcial documents can be seen at the office. corner Ridge and North Collese Aven u es. V s 'rOP (JIGA.R lll011LD ()0, .No. 60'7 P:l.n.e 81;ree1;, PHILADELPHIA, PA. DOHAN & TA.ITT. Tobacoo Commission Merchants, ARCH STREET, A fallstock with !f ..... 8treel; STORE 1 :J4 (Jheetnut Stre"t J I MANUFAcmJREBS OF THE Cigars W\ENER I LIIIITED. lJ. CIGAR miJF ACTURHRS, No. 1120 Cherry Street, PHILADELPHIA, PA. .&.. J .A.C"EE SON'_&,.,. Cc:: Manufacturers of all Styles of SWeet NaYJ Chewing Tobacco,' And the Cel ebrated Brand of JACKSON'S BEST, P:J!JT:J!J::R.SJEIU::R.G-, 'V" a. .-At tile CENTENNIAL En'OSITION, '1/1, 1878, Tlllll TOBACCO WAS AW AllDED THE HIGHEST PRIZE. W e call es'j:)ecla1 attent(on to thr. maDDer tn wbia h our Packages are put Ut' t.lhtt neitherl Duaier nor (Thewer be other goods. tbhikiu.R" h( Lo,: ou rfl.. Butt and Caddy has K SOl'rjJ EST'' irUpr essed 'into lt t-.y a die Evfl!r?: hnli! C'lur '.1.'\'&de-mark, ld;rf p u .JAC N S n.s p e r !1-ing-rilm n.nnexed. TRY IT OUR GUARANTEE, to alltbatwerepresent;i_t,we"'ILLPA.Y FREIGHT BO'!"'li WA-ys 11 A't.L LEAJIH ( G JOBBERS THROUGHOtl'K STATES. &; Ben,11heim.,-New _York Agents; 'l'OBAoTobacco. Fertilizer. PREPARED 01' PERUVIAN GUANO & DISSOLVED AWL BONE. At Lowest Prices by LORENTZ & BITTLEB., Chemical and Super Phosphate Factory, Baltimore; :ltd. JOHN & CD.; B..R. E:vockeG. &co., Seed Leaf cotiissloxIicilNTs 1 DEALERS HAVANA TOBACCO, s eor. (Jh- a: .......... d su. ".11 (EntraDco on Lombard lltn!et,) No. 20 Watet Street, :&.A.:LoT::E:DtJ:o::n.:m. :DtJ:a. :&.A.:Lo DAVID G. HIRSH, ..ZX.enaiTe Diaaaftle1arer { CJIEAP CIGARS; Aa. -earal PENJISTL1lllll SEED TOil_GCO, 8 East Chestnut St., TQ-BACCO. LAWR. LOTTIER, e SOLE r VA. IISCELLAREOITS ADVERTISEIEHTS JI,O. liLISB. s-Aa..... & B. ...... .... ...._ 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet. Main n.nd Second Sts: .. ST. LOU:I:IB, nii:O. Choice Brands of Imported Licorice uJwa.ys on hand. Liberal Cash Ad vauces made o n Conqn ments. ,A. R. FOUGERAY, P EI'HJSYLVANiA Tobacco lannfactnrars' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, aa tortfl .Front street, u Petersburg, Lancaster C o Pa. PHILADELPHIA. :Ft. J se>JR.G-. &. cc::: MANUFACTURERS of all Kind s of PLUC TOBACCO, :tv.!: X ::J:) ::J:) :LIE T C> VV :N', C>, O U R LEADIKG BRANDS: BXG-G-UN" .,H < u P, P, BLWEJ.J., P BRA.(JKE'I'T; II' G. IIA. 'W'BS. ELWELL, BRACKETT & HAWES, lobacco Manufacturr HINSDALE SMITH & CO., -(lletdlla ....... .)PAma:BII A.Ml JOJIBICIIB 0., Connoctlcnt Sood-Ioaf Tobacca ---IMPORT 11, ..... P2"'--eJ.4. l!f-=e IAFFHNBURGH I SAIUHL B11 SUBERT, WHOI.ESAI.E, DE AI.ER IN :a;: .A. v .A. N" .A.. -A.KDt DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO t No. 230 East Lak e Street, C. 0 WllloleMie Dealer In A IWestem l9af Tobacco.. )AERIC 12 Central Boston. 1t

Btsflel Dtncton or unrnsm. IU:W YOBIL LoafTobr.4 Dehlo, 1110 AnDdl a IM PMrl Jlacb a eoa. 1111 l'Mrt. Bec-1111er a Nolter, 118 Wa&er at. Block &.U.dbolm, 110 Pearl e. lti2 Water Buck k. P'lecner. 1M Water. ara.rord B. lll. & l!on. 168 w-.. Dao'ldaoo Bros. 14-'\ Water DIUa a: Cullman, tn Water """"' Wm. 4 Oo. !till p...,.L .....-;-.,. ..... 'W. _;;. "' ,J & BntfliR lllllrll7' .... toelllli J#. ..... Landman 4 Bernhe'mer, 177 Pearl -II. H. t J'MI1. .o..,-D.I6iW-:..Obe-JollWI, 81 .Malden L&ne lllchMIJI B. k. Co. 179 Pearl lleuMU'I 111. at eo. tn w L. 144 Water )Wen F. E. M. 188 Water "-..eiaJD&DD G. 228 Pearl. E. & !lroo. 145 Water RoMiD s. a: Sou, 173 Water Salomon G.&; Broe. 2H Pearl ll&W]'er Wallaeellt Oo. 47 Brood,..., SchoverUng Bros. 142 Water Schroeder&; Bon, 178 Water. Schubert; H. lit ee. 160 Wlloh1111: Fred. 211 Pearl Seymour Ch&l. T. 188 Frea&. llle-t Henry, 18 Broa4. 8plugara lll. &; Co. & Burlln11 Slip. Btelnece H., 181 WaHr 'l'tlc. ()harlee J'. & Son. 181 J'ron&. G&rl. t78 P-. IV-o- jMn,ll-tt 0D. ...... ...... "'Budheba,-.... 01IMI 0(. IIIIi J'roo.L LJf ,__ --.. '. s. & eo. 188 ed'. & Oo ... J'roDt -,..,.....-Jt.,..,.,.,.,. "e!:!...__ .or a.. "' 181 Water =-. Broa4. ::;;..... er -.;JPearl &;John & 00. 114. Ill 111111 117 ..._. 4-0JIIh 0. M. 4 Co. too.N Pearl )b,n & Lyall, 101 Wall !,} D. & Co. 178 and 175 Duane. m .t e&. 1111 a: llllll wGeo. w. !38 Water aod 811 Pille r 11roe. &1b to 1111& wlllld n D. H. & eo. cor .a.eaue D ....S or.aa, B. & Co. W Ool11111b1L Jt..,...l...,_ of o.-. J.t71Grand J& Co. 7798d &'re \ & Co. 91HI8 Reade Iober, 16-10 7th st &ad M Ball IlL 1111 to 110 AUorDeJ c. 1: Co., 70 Pine. a: eo. 309 Eaat st o. 8l4-8411 Eaat :134 l'larci&J' s 11t Oo. 689-F.m .a. .a. P4 tao BITiqton m, 85 Bowery balll Bq a b .t 1 Do7er "''E. 78th .t; 11!1-d. a 121 Chambers and 108 Be&cle a Spl-. 1014 to 10110 BcooDd .a. and 10 au Flftvfourtll Bro&. Anmoe 0 ua l&b Street. ..-11roe. a Oo. 707 tong lid aveaue rJ n ( !p. 6 J!hlngtOD ,del Jl. w. & Bro. 15 1 2 Borr /.ne!li.A.clolpb, .j47-6lillld Avenue !o 8. II> Murniy, s & Bnlpee, ua!lxto 1106 Pearl vuoo Poau &; Co. 1101 hut !\rtloM Ybor &; 811 Water 01!" Oo. 161 llaklea &.-. ........ ""'o..,&i)JM.Tel' &lOr Pearl 0, ISii. !at XllldM t.M I l'OBt. IJ6d<. .!AIM .o p lfa.. Slip. .JI B:' L s. "':-io$. eU oil; Go. ...... 0..-, IWer & 11:-....-.-- lgOftUfor Cht-ar :!_-.og 1J11Utln & Duoel, II 'I' I1'n ea A. 48 Ubei'S1' lH a Bendhelm Mf and iltMI O&nal M..,.u.f..chU'IWI or Kq w..t Ofclare. arranco lll. & Bro. 81 -.le o.ofall & L&wsoa, llllurrar mlth H. L. a Go. llllllaie. lOUd Ave. f .... cq'ooiWOTI = l"'fNt -,_..... of '""""""' -tln & Do8el. 11 Warnn St. >rYeJ' & Ford.-Broad...., m!....Slll-Jiantd"Bdurer of Uctw1oe JllluM. 'e.Ddrew J&lllee C. M "Water aaford ll&rulfaeturlllg Co. 1111 ............. eaer k. tlt.enT IN Cedar "",.,.,..... 0/ w.u-& eo. II&Ddi1S. ,_ ...... ea'fer ct Sr.erry, M Ored&l' ll'la&bi&J & .........,._. __ JI(J11Utactworl tord, Sherman .t: Jon111, 1111 ,_ BJWer'o Son dt Oo. eavei 6.. Ill Oe4ar 8aoco lUI'< --1 & Qo. W&ter nke Cho.rlee. &l. 11W Water ,mlltou c. c. a uo. ITO tde F. c. & Oo. 142 Water Tobaceo lllaciliMrJ. Y llachlne Oo. 10'.1 Jolm. To!>aoco Pr-.thrle & ()o. 21!15 Front ..llanu(actu.rerl of Oagor .SO... lci>B H. W. 315-1121. Eutll:leveoth Bt. nltell Jacob, 2!13 and 211111\lonroe ,_ S. 179 and !81 Lowlo :ke WIUiam & Oo. 1118-181 Goerok .l.>oi>ou opeillielmOI' & Maurer. 211 and IN N. Wllllana BaatlliD .t-101 ... d .. x--8bD 'l1l, 179 t..wlo oD wa. & 00. 1118-101 -xrr ofToboeOO 81loto O.nll D Bros., nve Pe!Dta. P. o -17111. Ha .-rsTERD.&II, .R.u..L of S.ed and Dlt-1 in 2'oll. Urbach .It Frenldort. B.A.LTIIIOBE, :K4. ,..,....,..,., w....uoua..b. a w.a-.-*hr Bor:d w .l. .t. (A lKM:i. 49 !Iouth Em.m Obu. H. Sit North Calert ott, G B M. 115 Germ&D elci& Kemper, II Germ&ll E4. /It Ce. Sllliouth Cal ..... llln/trl. ot Pltoooo Jtanufaci1Wort. ll'elguer F. W .t Sola, 9118outh Ch&rl Qalldt}J. ....... )ilarbUr1r JII'Otbera; 1411"" !d -Cbarloe Pacholder & Co., 86 Camden St. TolHicCo and Commi.uion Jlwcla. 1. e. C9". Chupolde and Lombanl fuUc&f-.,_, l[erokholr li. a ee .. Bout.b Obarl flf lieed I-.! lind /.tAptJriM't II/ Beclter -118 Loonbard BehreDAJohn &, Ce, llll Water st Jterckholl Geo. & Oo. 418outh Ohor._ ToiJ<>:o .... d Dreoel. Rauachenberg & eo .. 11 South Ga,.. TobaecO Fertiliurt. LoreDtl & Rlntral Wharl Jonee Geo. H 118 W&U!r ltflporter Maftufacturer O/liYM (Xgoro. Wilder Qbas. W. Jr. 58 Kllloy aod 118 Waler TobacCO llanufacturer' Agtmtl. J[lttredge Wm. P. a Oo. 9 Central Whart Dbacoo. Rico A. )'. /It Oo. 18 Central Wharf Mn:ftr.s of Clear Huwna Cigars. caro, Manuel, 27 Central Wharf. I?nptrl, II! M :nftn. of t1: So_le Ld Norrnandie t! La l:.'ruturuncle Gagars. Estabrook & Eaton, 222-224 Washington st Tobacco M&nuta.cturers. Elwetl, :Bracke1t & Hawes. 30 B r oad st BREIIEJf. Ge1'DI&Jly, To8acco Merchatd& J'allenatelo "''. F BlJFI'ALO, Jl, Y, Doahtr in B'""'"" and Packer of 8eed lAG( !Avln P. 85 Maln. Tobacco ond ()igar Loboll. (MClt & Clark. CHICAGO, IIL.-Jtfn of Poplar, 8camo,.., Grai..W ond I:Jau Wooa Cigar JJo:c Lmber. Baimer Wm. & Co. 67 and B Canal st fm o;gan and Chetvi"!! O!ld 8molri"ff Tobacce. 0 A. Peck, 51.-53 Water WUieoaiO D-l'97 W.11tlt, Troot 'If .. ,.._102 N. C&nal Lithograph_er and nqt'atJerL Knlllht &; eo. 216 Elm Wholeltds IJ!n in Oig<>r .t 7 obtJceo snd A.gU. for 11'/ld Harril .t &nt' Oigar .Manu(IJIJtUf'Wt' & Co. !38 VID Dealon i" 8panW. and Oigtor lAGf n.keoo .. Meyer Hy. & Oo. 46 Tob Comm.iu'on. Merchan! and '11l.Jr" JUehey Henry .a.. 15 Weet Bec8nd--. Jlnttr of Improwd T _obac<:o Tile l(cGi>,...., Pump Oe. 14.1 & I-.! :UOhrmaDD 1'. w-. o. e. cor. VIDe and J'roat Lt.f.To""""". Jleler R. & eo. .ilan10(oclurer of Sheet Metal ond W<>Oulic Leof 7'oiMIDco. ()berbelm&n J ohD & Oo. 10 W. J'rnnt T""""""' Uwi"ll oAd -fi,.,, f.'hWpo, 70 llaulo&,_s Tobacco T8(11. )ftl_ftrl. of Cigars a-ct Dlr&. i. Leaf Tobacco. QUeen Cigar Manufa\ltWIDC Oo. 114-lliO PMrl. OL.&RKJIVILLE, T--. Leo!,_.,_ Qlarl< lll. H. & Br& CLEVELAJfD. O, l)oolWtcg Tobac>oo 8ebriber J. /It Co. 74-1& St. Clair St DAJfBll'RY, CoD.D.. 1'Ummusaon Leaf Toba JJrolrlra. 8trlctl'JI on Qrder. Ferrell & FliWD. Venable i'. C. WUHam80n &; Friend. Commillicm Brolrtlna, Franc!S'co G. 134 Estrellt..Cueto & Co., :Juan. M&!oja 31. OarcJa., Gumers.lndo. Henry Clay Factory-Julian Alvarez Lopez & Co., Juan, Corrales 71. Lopez, Manuel & Co. Ma.rttroez y Garcia., Sirfoa 9 lllurias& Oo. Rude&iudo Cuevu & Co. Matoja 89. Ynclan & Sanchez, Calle Estrel'la 94 liENDERSOK, Ky, Edwin 'Hodge, Tobacco Broker. HOPKIXSVILLE, Ky. Tobacco Bro,..,.._ Flack E. M. Geo. V. LAJfCASTER, Pa. ... Leof 'lbbGc:oo Frey& WOI.dler11lt8 W. lllrob David G. sEat Cheetuulll llklleo& J'reJ, 61 &1111418 North Dub lnsurauce aad Bal lllatate. llaumlan & Burna. 10 W. OraDce St. ,....,_ a...C Ooncm-.illft'o\oal. Taller .A. ill3 N. llhlppen ot. Jla....,aet .. ,..... of .l'lm_I.,..IMG Ofg RINh D.Tid G Btehmao H. L. & Oo. 262-llil4 N. Queen ot LIVERPOOL. :a&, Tohacoooo ce .... ... Wlclao G. W. & Oo. Weot Main :n.l>oooo BroAn. Oallaay Jam J'. eorner J:lgh&lu .... llllla 9unt.ber Geonre F 3d aod .Main Low!e Blch'd II. Mil Weot lllabi Kaler Wm. Q. & Co. 13 8e'feot.B l'lullGeo.P. Virgiaia :r-1 To""-. Sheppard John M. & eo. 294lfala II& LYXQHllll'B&, Va. Matifochwer oamill Jou w Carroli Wm. B. Toba<:oo aom..-Jt-...... Holt. Bcbuter & Oo. Dlri" Virgina'G Lu.,rdtMnfr'&n.pem-.. Lettwlca .A. II. IIA YI'IELD, :S:7. JAG! 7'obCioco BUJIIr. Jlolloo W. B. IIELBOURIU:, Tnbracco Cipar Jlf!:t"chaata aAd Ka"'" Feldhelm. Jacobo & eo. 0. .ManufiJIJtur.-ra of Plug 1'obachL D. H. & Co. ISBN. 3d Bank J. Blnaldo & Oo. 32 North Water Toller Bro.Jlen, 117 .llorUt Tblrd lfii,JKWter& of Baw?Wl 04/ara AJ&.cl..4gtmt tor &idenbergl s Ker West Ciga,.,, Tuguet, Stepbeo, &: Sons. 231 Chestnut Manufacturer of S.wl 7b,_,..,: Wallaee J c. 607 Pine t Manufa.cfwwn of eiDor Batchelor Bros., 1281 l-'heotnut and ll8 N.ld Gumpert liroe 1 ,841 Cliestnut # :Mance, Wiener & Co. ftOO Cherry 'ftaeOOal (V Foupray .A. B. 88 No.rtb.J'ront .mprovea CtQar -()utter. Belcher W &t; Dillwyu Street Potu. )lellor& Rittenhouse, 218North TwMty-l!ecoDd .J!Ir' Agent for Plug and 8molri"ff :ro.acoo. Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 Arch Oigar B o z tr,.bets and ;n'imminga Harris Geo. S & Son, s. e. cor. 4th and Vine. M:anufacturu of Oigar.Jio-...d.l. U 8. Sou.! Top llould ilfll Coe1:01" t114e d NQ.rtb eon.,. Ave a 1 Gft'l Aot. 'or C. A. Joc:kloa cl Co.'a W&rdle Geo. F !lltaaufaetur.,. of Ralph &:otc Stav,T. ,BI.ew..,rt, Ralph&; Co. 141 Arch Street. Pac'itors a\o\1 D:o ond "Vcanlty Fair" 9nlooWI&f ToiHicoo aAd Ci(/Grett., J[lmball w s. & Oo. Mnftu of Gold Clip Cigareltu, 8. J'. B& Uo. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. _, Manufacturers' .Agent. Pollak, Arnold & Co. 20b Sacramento Street. SPRIJfGhELD. 11-Pari:er & Jobber or CQAR. /It Oo J;. ld. ; Agent for Bra4 orrree. R

Factory:-No. 8, 3d District, New York. O!llce and Salesroom : 121 Chambers and 103 Reade Bts., lew Yort ,_,HB Licorice & Manufacturers' Manufacturers' Millis. HILLIHR'S SOB &: co. ... OZD.&& or., JD:W TO&K. IIIP,. FINf POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, llll .. -.... Extra Fine Powdered 'Licorice Root Nl"' r-11 -.rellta llraa4. ftNB GB011l'f. A-DB-TO!fQ'IJB. .. INB QR0111fD Al'fD -A!f'IJLA ..... L.A.11RBL LBAYBa. ftl!fl!: QBe11l!fD LA YIDIJt-....... BR8. WHOLE GB.eUJrD POWD.-_ AN.iSEBD, ANGBL'fifsc,uu8:f B.i'aK CORIANDER SEEDL CINNAI!ION, CASSIA BUDS, CAJI.D,\.1!101'1 SE:IZDS, C.A.NBLLA CA.LA.I!IUI!IROOT, EX'.l', CALABRIA LICORICE, lJIACJ!QRIS .lDIC SASSAFRAS BARK, ST .JOHN'S BKEADt TONClUA HEANSj OBANG 4 PEEL, VALEit AN HOOT. BALSAM TOL U canol OIL SESSAME1 OLIVB viL, OIL ALI!IvN-bUter: ESSENTIAL oaLta; au llttn .... Speelal atteDtl o n rJ\'en to llanufoetuliJb' ALL GOODS SHJPPl!ID FREE ON 1104RD. LICORICE PASTE ""OV a111s oo. T o bacco manufac t urers and the trade in general are particularly reque sted to ex amine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brou,f (JicaretteeaDd TGlteeala-...; __ warranted Plll'e Tebaeeo pa 0 15115!52& WEST 22d 8T NEW YORL PIONdll CIGA.'a.BTTE JD:ANUJrAVTUBERS OF AMBRllCA. SOLD BY DBALERII TIIR011GHOUT THE WORLD, Caporal Caporal U Sweet Caporal, St. James, St. Matinee, Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador, Sultalla, Zetland, Veteran, &c. &, &"terry, 1141. Oeda:r '8-t:ree-t, Y'o:r.IIE., IMPORTERS AND MANUFAGTURERS. OBOIC& BRANDS OJ' SPANISH LICORICE I GREEK LICORICE I ALL BPBOIALTIES 1'0& PL'UG AIO) FINEC'UT TOBACCO. OUve OU. Tones. Bea.ns, Gums, Fla.vors, POWDERED ROOT, lPa.'to:n.'t X..:lco:r:lco. Ill STICK: LICORICB WE HAVE THE J'AVORITE liRANDS:-. P. s., P:J:Gr:N" .A.TEJX..::LoX Gr"C'ZO::LoXN"X. E. tJPTEG.ROVE_. Spanish Cedar J'OR CIGAR BOXES,>. ClW Box .M:akars' SllDPlRIL Foot lOth & tlth St., East RiTir. lO:W YORL LICORICE THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., 1a7 :Dt.E .... xn:mM:. x..m. N":m-.gv. y-omr. aud Cheaper' Article than that blthtoused, tblsCom-.manuracturing, andof!'er:lng tor sale, LICORICE EASTE (uuder the old "Sanford'' brand) of a QU.ALIT"l' &ad at a PIUCE wW c h ca.n hn.rdly to be acc..<>eptable to all giving tt a trial Manufacturers of all Brandsformerly_Manufao" tured bJ Thos. Hoyt ct. Co. Balabllohecll848. K. C. BARKER & CO. Tobacco -.gvo;rk. Manufacturers of the Celebrated "American Eagle," 'Clipper,' 'Dew Drop,' Aad oCher braacl of PINB CUT. -AIB<>-'Universal Favorite,' 'Fawn,' 01cl. Oo:a::L:r'or-t," And many other Grades and Brands of IIMOKING TOBACCOS, 52 &54 Larned St. West :::c:mT :E'I. C> XT, l!WI::lcl::L. CIIA.S. B. HULL, Sec'y and Treas. GIFFORD, SHE Wll Darlua Perl"J'. 8arn'l J. Gao a ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., Tobacco Brokers, 131 Water Street, New York. J. IMPORTER AND DEALER IN AND SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, .A... No. PEARL STREET, TOBACCO BROKER. NEW YORK. M. -RADER & SON, I JOHN CATTUS, ro.BAcco BRoKERs Tobacco 83BfAVER ST., NEWYORK.' ----TD GENlJINE TD JAMES G. OSBORNE, SCOTCH CLAY PIPES. TOBACCO BROKER, 54 Broad B"t., :Dil :m-.gv TO:J:'I.:&: W. WHITE, GLASGOW, BRAND. Highest Sydney, N. S. W 1879. l'ull Co-t Ia -ery Box, well Packed. Sold by all Whofesale Dealers. TD 450 Made. TD WILL NOT STICK TO :t'BE LIPS. OXGr.A.:E'I.ETTJI!IB. OPERA, PUFFS I These Olg..-ettes are made with the new AI!IRER prepared paper (Papler Alnbre), s. ne'Wf' and French Invention, which entirely removes the objection so freque n tl y urged ag&lnat Paoer Oigarettes. In smoking, the AMBER prepared pori that is put In the mouth \ WJLL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS! The ahaeo.ce of moisture prevents the d!saolutlon o t Ylcotlne whf!e smottDg, or the spread .. Jng or the T obacco and melting of the Rice .Paper. We have secured !rom the PRENCH paten ..... U.e Sole Right touaethe PAPtEa AI!IBRE In the UNITED 8TAl'l'>ll. .&LLEN" d3 MAlnJFACTURERS, JUCBIIOND, VA. Sole Apnrs in New AUGUSTIN & OUSEL I J Warren St BIITABLISHED 1'7'76. PETER D, COLLINS, Preeldenc, 8'7 OO::LoU:r!WI:BX.A. li!!IT:E'I.EET. N"JI!I-.gv 'YO:E'I.:&:.. -MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATEDPLAIN FINE GUT CHEWING TOBACCO IN BLUE PAPERS. li!!I.N 1:7 :1!" :Ji" &: tfose-scenteo maccaboy, Scotch, frencn ijappee,American Gentleman '' I Sl:G-N' AL Ohevv-i.n.g, one o ... PolL Also, JrlreC an _Second qaalUy hi Blue Paperw. SWEETENED FINE-CUT-Dark imd Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. MAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAF PINE-cUT, In JroU, O. M'. ARKENBUB.GB & CO., l!IAN11PAUTUKBRII OF TRADE MARK. Consoler" and .. Inlaid" Fine-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, and Snufi'. 400 and 404. STREET, :NEW YORK. -s. Jr. FLAGG, llpeelal .¢.-LITHOGRAPHERS ... & FINE COLOR PRINTERS, FINE CIG!R LABELS .A. SPECl:.A.L'J:'Y, 94 BOWERY, N. Y. We call the special attention of the Ciga r Trade to the f ollowing Latest Additions to our large Stock of Cigar Labels : Jequ:mta1ce La. Ca.ta.lina. First Pick 01 tfile led Blaus Handmade No Harm Olympim .lldciUIIll Peacock Stock Exchange We Doli l!attoee Light & 01Ii1a Pcnla1m Fidelio Holida.y Ia flor lotor SAMPLES FURNISHED TO THE TRADE ONLY: CIGARETTES Tbat Bt8Jld unrivalled for PURITY. Warranted Fret:. from Drugs or Medication, VANITY -FAIR I THREl: KINCS! NEW VANITY FAIR I ,. Baeh hanng Dlallngulehlq'MerUe. HABJIIILESS, RE:F:aESIDNG AND CAPTIVATING, 0 F:lr't Pr:lme l!WI:eda1. WM, S, KIMBALL & co., Peerte Tobacco Works. Rocheter, N. Y. CHARLES NETTER, 138 Water Street. New York. MAURICE ROSENFELD. S J. SPRINGER. Springer Go., MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 112 & 114 LAKE ST., CHICACO, ILL. JN"'O. O.A.R,R,QTT, DEL. TOBACCO. o. ADOLPH M7, 649 ct. AI ad Awen'Ut Betweea IIIIth ..,4 88th sa., zw !OBI. JACOB HENKELL, MA.NUFACTURJm OF CIGARBOXES Jll'or SMOKING TOBACCO, Ploar1 lalt, Dark, Suae, Guano, Grata, .._ Jl'urnJshed with or without. PrlntfNI llla.nutaeturer or all K.ln4 oc Stogies & Cigars. OUR SP&CIA.LTY: "THE LINC0. CLUB CIGAR,H WHEELING, W. VA. Sole .Manufacturer or the Famous and Wodd-Beucnnoed Branda of VIRCINIA 8MOKINC TOBACCOS MEDER & BRO., ........ .,,urere or LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. WHEELING STOGIES, Manufactory:-Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va. TIPs AND NB cJGABII. On!era sollclte and promptly attended to. Prloe Llat&ent OD Wheeling, -va. All Orclero ...,.,_pUy A ttenetii. &o. EJ .-T. MA!UJPACTURBR QF THE .. F R .. rrow EaS S:a::Lok.:l:c."". C:lt;ar db O:lare...-, 1410 c F=l.ioh.mon.d, Va, And Seed and other Bltiande' at WHE ELJN G :..S.TUGI ES. 1043 lartet Bt.. DeeltU, 1. ya. #


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