The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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f VOL. XIX.--NO. 5. !ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YOR}\, SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1882 101J "MAIDEN ll&5Bt., Oorner ol Peut.IMNiiL WH9LE NO. 889 a \CKE & ... Ci_" '\\ \ CIGAR BO:i \ t\\\.l\Y\t \ "! 1'1ANUFACTORERS, V ..,..ABTI,_N_B'fl'IT, _Y_B_O:-t:._ ""' ,.0 I Cor. Coerck' & 8d: Sts., New York. &W.& V PRICE LIST ofCICAR RIBBONS I Broa Yellow ........................ Extra, !Hl broad, 70 yds. $1.Sl'i c::to-r 'W':'ll ........ ..... s, .. .. ..... ,, ............... No. 1 6-8 .. 70yds. ulll __. .... ..... u ...................... 2 ()...8 ':Oyds. 1.45 a-c::t. r ee't,:Ne"'VV "York, .. .. ....................... :: :-i '.: i,'oofdsdd i11 aooo1s "" c:;w '=-'"' Broad Red ... :::::.'.'.'.'.'.".".:::::::::::: 0 v-o ,, U .. o I o o o I o 2 5-S 70-yds. 1 .00 '' 220 Pearl New 4 LAWSON, MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''EL CLUB DE YATE K H:y "V .A.J!llil' A. WEST ,, Ofllce and Salesroom: lU Pearl St., New York Ha.van.a. bu, ror (LATE OF A. HEN & CO. ) :Empor'l:er an.ct. Dea1er :ln. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS'.ARTICLES_ ; Mannfactnrers' A[ents for an the Popnlar Brands of Fine Cnt, Smokinfanl Ping Tobacco and Ci[arettes; Sole Agents for "Va,:n.:l.ty Pair Tobacco and Cigarettes; -J Sole ![ents for Allen & Ginter's RICHMOND GEM Tobacco & Cigarettes; Depot for Blackwell's Genuille Durh&m-J'no. W, Carroll' Lone J' aok-E. T. Pilkinton' Fruit & Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN SNDl'F; of French. Cigarette i?aper, in Reams .and Books; .N'b. 11: "tlV ..A.:R.H.EJN' BTH.EET, .L'l!TE"VV' T<>H.U: M. Landman. M. A. Bernheimer. Landlllan & Bernheiiner, P.4.CKERS of SEED .LEAF, 177 PEABL STREET, NEW YORK. METRO. PO LITAN CICAR FACTORY. lllir;mund .J'aeobJ'. 7 9 Do7er S'tree1:, N'e'OIT 'York.. w:rb.e-Je>'hra J.C:r<><>ke Ce>., NEW YORK AND CHI:I:L ror P1-u.g'Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK:. 38 Crosby & 163 165 'Mulberry Sts. CHICAGO: 841 &6 & 88 Franttin St. SILVER SURF ACE FOIL! FOIL, PATENT METAL, and a.11 the different varieties of Foil known to the Trade. PRINTINC ON FOIL in Bronze and Colors, and with :'lifl'erent designs of Ornamentation, for TODA.CCC> .A.N'I> .C:I:G-A.R. L.A.:BELS. Oa,ps'11es :f'or E'lo1:1:1ee, Plain, Colored or Staonped. omcc Address: 163 MULBERRY STREET, NEW YORK; 88 FRANKLIN STREET, CHIG!GO, DONALDSON B ROTHERS, S'team. Li. 'th.ograpl::l.1c Prin. 'ters, :1?1V'::E PC>:E1'TTS, TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS p. o. Bol< H9l.] C>:Ji" B"VER. "'Ii'" D:El&OH.:EPT:EC>JSI'. (No Label kept In Stoek, .......................... a 5-8 u 70yds. 1.35 u u 4 6-8 70yds. 1 .o.'S :: t: :: ................. 0 3 5-8 u ';O yds, 1.35 .. 4 5-8 .. 70 yds. 1.05 Broad a1ue ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1 5-8 .. 'iOyds. 1.55 Narrow Bed .......................... I 4-8 70 yds. 1.35 ................... ....... 2 4-S .. 70yds. t.20 .. '" 3 4-8 'iO yds. 0.85 Na!,ro'v :: tl :: 3 4-8 70 yds. C.00 Red Box Ribboii:::::::::::::::::::: :!--8 7Uyds. O.fi8 Yellow ........ .. ........ .. 8-8 .. 70yds. 0.65 Bed ....................................... I 1-< 70 yds. O.&'I Blue ..................................... '" 1 1-4 70 yds. 0.85 Lo11dre8 Yellow (CJ1leo). .......... '' 1 6-8 34 yds. 1.10 (Chico) ......... 2 6-8 84 yds. 0.95 Londre8 Yellow ....... .............. 1 7-8 &1 yds. 1.45 ................ 2 7-8 3.1 yds. 1 20 . . . . .. 3 7 -S .. a4 yds. 1 10 ...................... 0 10 13-16 3t yds. 1 .00 ,., 0", ........... H )5 7-8 '1 34 yd8. 0.65 .................... 20 34 yds. o.rn ",., U 50 13-J(i II 3' ydf!I, 0,42 ...................... 100 5-8 .. 31 yde 0 .85 ; witlJ red stripes ... .: 50 13-10 1 3 1 yds. 0 .50 L'oudrc Red .................... ...... 1 1 7-8 3.f yds. 1.40 .. u ................. .. .. 2 13-16 34 yds. 1.00 B1oad .lted I, with yellOw ed2es... 5 8'" 11 70 yds. 'l .00 II i't -5-8 'i'O yds. 1.45 Narrow 1! . 4-'3 "' ';'0 yd.s l,30 Broad Red J, with fancy colored Broad I cl low I, Y-la, wlth 'red edges .. 5-8 70yds:-1 .75 5-8 70 ytls. 1 .60 u .. 70 yds. l .:!5 .. Ila, with red. wW&;.e and blue edges.. 5-8 u 70 yds, 1.50 "l"""Y Prlnclpem U,11'bo..... ...... a-8 ;. 70 yds. 0 00 No1tc::a ... .. . ................. ..... b-8 50 yd.S. U.US Printed Reina Victoria -,...d Behaa Victoria Extra B.ibbo:mo 1 No. J, J !)i n c heslong ....................................... 100 .... $2.5 0 No. 2, J{)incheslong ..... ....... .................... .... JOO :!.JO = Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND .STYLE A.II OrderA Promptly Executed. Terms Callllt ........ 'Ptlces of Cignr Eoxos and Samples of Ribbons Sent on Applloo.tion. Miller& Pcteril MANUFACTURJhG CO., 218 PEARL ST. NEW See Page--7. Hi CRAB-LES T SEYXOUR Jlll:POBTEB OP HA VA AC C O j Fine Seed ::t.eaf, 188 Front St., -New . Manu.facturor of lhe Cele bra led -AND-: Galnmot Glnb Smokin[ Tobaccos Warranted Absolutely Pure. 196 FULTON ST., N. Y. HAVANA, TOBACCO. A *----* ny Infringement 1 ''T. ( i 1 Wiil be prosecuted upon thia 1 ",_ to the full TRADEMARK .... *-. .. Extent of the Law. '. &, 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. :i::M::i::>e>R.-r:mR.s. SCllllODEB & BON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF --AND-. Importers of Bavaa Tobacco OF THE FOLLOWING llIA.RKS: m1 I 1 El a b1:lah.ed 1 Ha:v ... a, . ltl18. Philadelphia, ,1828. S. & SONS, SUMATRA TOBACCO No. 231 JLUrol'AU'l'UlUIBS OJ' Fine_ I EstabIWaecl Ua 1792. Louis Gratr,sole Agent, 105 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. I f SUCCESSOR TO A. HEN & CO. 48 &'1''.E"-EJ:J!J'r, CP. O. Box 3628) lSI E"VV' V<>r..U:, IMPORTER OF MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES, SPECIALTY OF SMOKERS' :--OFSUPPL IE$,. -A.."IDT OB ACCO NI STS' WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. Manulacl11ren Agent Cor the Sa1e o.fall Popular Brands of VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, Depot for ALLEN &: GJNTEllS Richmond, Va,, Brands o.f Smoklni:r Tobacco and Clg;aretteo; 3. w. CA.KHOLL'S "LONE JACK"' '"DROWN DICK," etc.; E. T, PILKINTON&: CO.S "FRVITS AND FLOWERS" Smoking Tobacco) M:A.DB'(JBG BROS"" SEAL OF NORTH CA.BOLIN&." LOVISIA.NA. PEBIQUE, Cot nnd In Carro! .. T. BLACK,VE'LL &: C0. GENUINE DUHHA.1'I Tobacco. Wl!I, S K1111BA.LL &: C0.'8 "VA.NITY FAIR" Tobacco and Cigarettes, Sole Agent for H. P. Jones le. Co.'s "TAR HEEL" and "OCCONEECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos; C. Ca.mpbell & Co.'s "THREE C .ITIES" l CIGARETTES, TOBACCO, E'rC. Fl1'1ECUT, by SPAULDING & MERRICK :-Old Glory, Charm of the West, Sweet Burley, Qucei1 Hee, Tr.ump, Bugle, In pu.lili an.d barrel111, and TRA. VELll S:mokln& :: Sl""-PRICE.LISTS FURNISHED APPLICATION. __ .. .. E.-;D. AT-BR.<> CO., 'lll'A.NUFA.CTUK_EBS OF-CIGAR BOX J LUMBER, SP .A..Dq:CSII .CEDAR., ::OC>J.\4:ES,T:I:C 'VVC>C>DS, SP .A.N':I:SII CEJ:O.A.::El.. IMPORTERS IN OUR .OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR AND :MAHOGANY :N-q;. aea-7o7 'VVes1; S:l:x'l:h. S1:reee1:, C;i,n.c:l.n.n.a'l::l H. AA.BON SCHUDART. WM. l!ICHUBABT, & CO., IMPORTERSoFHAVANA An.Cl Packer of: SEED LEAF TOBACCO, .N'o. 1eo "tlV .A.TEJR. STB..J!JET, N':l!J'VV V<>B.JBC.. / b 1:1.hed. 189'7. ''COPENHAGEN SNUFF.''., "1V'E'YJY.1:.A.N" &. l Kannfaoturers of the colobratecl COPENHAGEN SNtrrF ancl CUT AND DRY SMOKING TOBAOC:O. Detail Store and Oince: 81 Smithfield Streel. Factory1 5 &: 'l' Union Street and 112 Liberty Slreet, P.A.. GENERAL SELLING A.GENTa-W, A.. BOBINSON9 12-1 WATER ST., NEW YORK, I ,'\WHOLESALE DEPOTS-NEWYORK: Auo:ustln & Dusel II Warren St.: BALTIMORE: Baxter & Bird, 12_Commen:e8".! BOSTON: 4, R. Mitehell, 35 Central St.; ALBANY. N, Y.: G. W, Van 81yke & Co.'p471 Broadway; Bros. & Ct>., PROV1DE1'1:'E R. I.: Huntoon & Gorham. 413 Westminster St. .. PHILADELPHIA, &. : Louis Bremer e Mons, N. Third NATI 0.: Volge & Winter, 170 Mnln St.: BUFFALO,Y. Y.: Hatch & Jenks, 805 Washington St.: CHICAGO, Ill: Geo!'O'e Lu_erssen & 79 and 81 Lako St.; TERRE HAUTE. Irid. : White & wright, 28 N Sixth St.; ST. LOUIS. Mo.: Hirschi & Bendbelm, 40\I N. 'l'htrd St.: Dl!:..VER, Col.: Ab>1Bros .. 373 Lawrenee St. ; OMAHA, Neb.: Mnx :Meyer & Co.: SAN FRA.NCISC'O: L. & E 'Vor beimr-r. 300to806 Front St. r S01'*J:IEB BBOS.. Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO. Chicago, m will ftnd Ji &o t.helr adva.ntase deal with U&..


2 1ht islntcts ESTABLISHED 1864. Having the Largest Circulation of any Trade Paper in the World. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MORNING BY THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING &COMPANY, 106 Maiden Lane, New York. C ORNE R OF PEARL STREET. ED'V A.HD BVHKE, Eclltor. JOHN G. GRAFF, Bu11lne Tlli:Bl!l!I OP TH;B P.l.PBB, lllfGLll: OOPIES ....................................... M c;z:, :.:::.::::.:::.::.:.: ' ADUAL l!UBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. 9RILlT J.ND C.UA. .15.llt HAMBURG A.ND TBE Coh'TDfUT 5.04 A.OlrllfL4i.i., Ero., tna ENGLAND 1.04 """' . . . .. . . . . .. . 5.04 TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS IN GREAT BRITAIN,, HOLLAND AND BELGIUM.. We have the pleasure of informing our many pa trons and readers rn Great Britain, Holland and Bel gium that Mr. Louis Graff, at 7 Fenchurch.Building:s, E. C., London, will hereafter represent our mterests m the above named countries, and we respectfully requ011t all thoso who are already subscribers, or those who may desire to subscribe to THE TOBACCO LEAF, to send their annual remittance of $5 04 to the address of that gentleman. Advertisements, or any other mat ters to the business department of the "LEAF, 'may be transmitted to Mr. Louis Graff, who is duly authorized to sign for all moneys so received. We b e g to inform the tobacco trade of Havana that Messrs. Bosselmann & Schroeder are our correspond ents for the Island of Cuba, and request that all ad vertisements and business matters may be handed to .them for transmission. POSITIVELY WANTED. To ha-vc the taxes abolished or reduced. To haYe one or other done 1D1medlatel7. To provide rebate Cor holders oC taxed good1. To make no change 'vlthout provision for rebate. To m.ake the tax ela;ht ecnto a pound all round If re tained. ONLY PROT'ECTION. Jobbers and dealeris only as. k to be protected to go solid for either tax reduction or abolition They nlltur ally do not want to be again beaten, by the action of the Government, out I f millions of dollars belonging to them, as was the case. to the lastmg shame of the nation, on two or three former occasions when taxes were reduced. L e t it be seen to that they have the protection to whic h they are entitled. UNITED. The dealers in, and growers of leaf tobacc o are united in their advocac y of the abolition of the tobacco taxes. The New York Leaf Tobacco Board Qf Trade were the .first this season to make an organize d effort to have the taxes discontinued, and the growers all over the country, it is needless to remark, have always been in favor of this mode of relief from their burdens. Both growers and dealers want to sell tobacco to whom soever they see fit, without interference by the Government, and the growers are trying to get that privilege from the present Congress, tax or no tax. Harder work by manufacturers than ever before will be reqmre d to prevent their success. WAI'r A LITTLE. A sub3criber in forwardmg to us the price of another year' s subscription to THE LEAF, says:-" The reason I want to have your paper is that I desire to see the prices of Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Ohio tobacco, but for the last few weeks I have been disappointed m this respect." If our friend will patie ntlyr wait a little while until we get through with the tax llllatter, which is now the all-absorbing theme, he will again find regularly in the columns of his favorite journal the special infor mation he seeks. Because our space will not admit of such liberality is the sole reason why we do not give in each i ssue all the current tobacco news of the world. THE LOCAL TRADE IN HAVANA TOBACCO IN FEBRUARY. The sales of Havana tobacco in New York in Feb wore, as will be seen below, 4,500 bales. Quota tions are e63entially unchanged. The sales for the have been:Bales. January, includmg sales at auction.... 6,720 February, do do do 4,500 MONTHLY STATJUIENT OF STOCKS H a v a na Cuba. B a l es B a l es. Stock F e b. 1 1882. 3 3 725 Recei ve d s ince . 5 9 8 6 T o tal ... ... 3 9 ,711 Sales and resl11pmt's *9,845 OF SPANISH TOBACCO. (;1enfueYarn gos. Total. Bale s Bales Bales 911 34,6 3 6 22 6,008 93 3 50 40 ,644 9,895 s !ock l\{ arcb 1, 1882 2 9 .866 8 8 3 30, 749 do do 1881. 22,8 2 5 . 606 . 23 ,431 Including 2500 bales d a maged to b acco sold at auction A CONVENTION EXPECTED. How pervasive and earnest is the desire for a speedy settlement of tlu. tax ag1tat10n is seen in the numerous letters and t elegrams from all parts of the country, and from the most promment representa tives of the tobacco industry, published in another column of this paper. These communications, coupled with those proviously presented in THE TOBACCO LEAF, indicate a g eneral desire for a convention to decide what may be best done to serve the interests of all branches of the toba cco trade. Opinion is divided as to what should be recom mended and urged m reference to the dISposition of the existing taxes, but all are agreed as to the ne cessity of a convention for tlhe disposal of the ques tion that has been raised. It affords us pleasure to announce tkat a convention for the purpose will be speedily held-probably at Washmgton. After the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Tobacco Association on Wednead&y, the time and place will be made known through these columns and other channels. .A. CALL. Preparing for the Convention. CO:M:E! At the c lose of the memorable struggle in 1879, which resulted m the reduction of the tobacco and snuff taxes to sixteen cents a pound, General G. W. Holme, Charles Siedler and David Campbell of New J e rsey, William Buchanan, Maj. E A. McAlpin and Charles G Emery of the city of New York, and W S. Ki_m ball of Rochester, N. Y., were appointed an ittee to act for the National Tobacco Association never occasion r equired. Tlfej:Jresent emergency has impelled General H e lme, who is chairma n of the committee as well as president of the association, to call the committee together on Wednesday next, March 8, at the offico of Messrs. Buchanan & Lyal!, corner of Wall and Front Streets, this city, at 3 P. lll., to considei;the advisability of holding a convention to determine what disposition shall be made of the pend ing tobacco tax question. The chairman hopes and expects every membe r of the committee will be present at the meeting, and t a k e this notice as a formal mvitation. THE CIGAR MANUFACTURERS AND THE TAX. The National Cigar Manufacturers' Association of New York is an influential organization. It embrace s all the large and of the small manufacturin? firms of the city. It ii ably officered from the pres1 dent down, and may have a potent voice in the shaping of the prospective tax legislation. Already it has submitted a memorial to Congress asking for a reduction of the cigar tax to $4 per thousand, following in this matter, with, it must be said, manifest improvement, the lead of some Western cigar manufacturers, who, through a delegation from Chicago, recently solicited a reduction to $5 per thousand. Wha t has been done by the National Association and the Western representa tives of the trade does not bind either of them. They asked for little, but are willing to take more as a matter of course. Many cigar manufacturers want the tax abolished; among those so inclme d, David Hirsch, President, and B. Lichtenstein, Chairman of the Execu tive Committee of the National Asso ciation, a"re promi nent and favorably L.nown In conversation with a representative of THE LEAF on Wednesday, Mr. Hirsch said the cigar tax should be abolished forth with. The Government did not need the revenue, and the system of collection was at once vexatious and unrepublican. It was, in fact, he said, an infamy. He had, he declared, no feeling in common with thos e of his fellow-tra.desmen who deprecated a return to untrammeled manufacture because the number of producers might thereby be increased. Suppose, he observed, the number o.f. manufacturers should be in creased I One man had as clear a right as another to earn a living by making cigars. But it wasn't by any means certain that a. numerical change would be effected under freedom, and if there should be, the circumstance wouldn't be of the slightest consequence to any one having an established trade. Mr. Hnsch expressed his entire willingness to have the duty on imported cigars materially reduced, saying it was uu necessarily high, and addmg that if all the cigars now imported from Havana, some 4 0 ,000.000 annually, came here free of duty it would not affect the domestic cigar interest at all. President Hirsch is ready to call a meeting of his association at any time to conside r the advisability of a convention. SALES OF SEED LEAF IN NEW YORK IN FEBRUARY. The s a les of Seed lfaf in this market in February were slightly under in the month preceding, be ing in F ebruary 5,24 4 cases, and in January 5,782 Pnce s continued and remain unchanged. The export demand also shows a dec rease, it amountrng in Janu ary to 1,44 0 cases, and in February to 1,294 B e low we append statistical details, to which nothing is to be added, except to say the market is firm, and in a s atis factory condition. '.rBE TOBACCO LEAF.!ed, Judge Blatchford has decided in favor of Mc-J We yourletterm THE TOBACCO LEAF advocating Al F ll J d Bl tchf d's decision. a meetmg of manufacturers somewhere for the purpose P o owmg is u ge a or of "stirrmg up" Congress. If our presence would be Cm COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, SOUTHERN DIS of any service, we would be willing to assist, and do TRICT oir NEW YoRK. our share towards havmg the quest10n settled at once. Very truly, W. S KIMBALL & Co. P. Lorillard & Go. vs. D. H. McA.lpin & Go. Blatchford, Judge.-In view of the dec1Sion in James vs. Campbell (3 Morrison, Transcript 439), there is so much doubt as to the validity of the reissue in this case, if construed in regard to claims 1, 3 and 4, as covering labels not put under wrappers, that those clalIDs must be construed, for the p11rposes of this mo tion, as not extending to labels not under wrappers. That being so, the defendants do not infrmge. The motion is denied. Gifford & Gifford for the plaintiffs. Sam'l A. Duncan and B. F. Thurston for the defend ants. The c ase of James vs. Campbell, cited by Judge Blatchford, and decided in the Supreme Court of the United States, involved a re-issued patent for cancel ling postage stamps and stamping letter! in the post office, of which ex-Postmaster-General J.,mes was the head. The decision of the Supreme Court in this matter was handed down after the argument of the case against McAlpin & Co. Following aM Messrs. Lorillard & Co. 's original and reissued cla1IDs, showing the numbers teferred to by his Honor: ORIGINAL, JAN. 12, 1875. I claim as my inventionPlug tobacco having a label lying beneath the ulti mate wrapper of tobacco leaf, and discernible through said leaf, substantially as and for the purposes herem specified In t estimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand. CHARLES SIEDLER. Witnesses: Chas. II. Barkelend, C. S. Huntoon. REISSUED OCT. 24, 1876. I claim as my invention!. A plug of tobacco having a hard label pressed mto one of its faces, as specified. 2. A plug of tobacco havmg a label under its ulti mate wrapper, as specified. 3. A plug of tobacco having letters or othe r decorative and distinguishing marks produced on a hard me tallic surface, and pressed, as specified. 4. The within described method of marking plug tobacco. by impressing a thick label mto one or its faces, as specified. 5 The within described method of marking plug tobacco, by 1mpre!!Sing a thick label mto one of its faces, and covermg it with the wrapper A, as h erein specified CHARLES SIEDLER. Witnesses: Geo. D. Finlay, Fred. Cool. A CONVENTION DESIRED. The Tobacco Interest Heartily In Favor of a Meeting in Washington. RESPONSES FROM ALL SECTIONS. Below we present another batch of communications from representative tradesmen relative to the propriety of holdmg a convention to determine in the present emergency what disposition shall be made of the to bacco tax question:TELEGHA.!IIs UTICA, N. Y., Feb. 27.-I amin favor of a convention at once. THOMAS T. BENHAM. WASHINGTON, D c., eb 28-Wehavesecured Wil lard's Hall without charge for convention, through the courtesy the proprietor of Willard' s Hotel. Make headqu rs there. WELLER & REPETTI. ROCHESTER, N. Y., March 2.-Manufacturers here all satisfied with tax as it stands, and wish agitation stopped forthwith. Wx. S. KIMBALL & Co. DAYTON, 0., March 2.-Abolition desirable, but not attainable for years. Four cents reduction will be re3ult of disastrous agitat10n closing Jan. 1. Effort should be made to stop agitation immediately. Fre e Leaf bill of far greater importance than rate of tax, and will pass unless strongly opposed. CoTTERILL, FENNER & Co. PHILADELPHIA, PA., March 2.-Abolish the entire tax or leave It alone. w. E. GARRETT & SON S CINCINNATI, 0 .. March 2.-The manufacturers of Cincmnat1 and Covmgton unanimously favor a con vention at Washmgton at the earliest possible time. SPENC E BRos. & C o (A n o t h e r l e receiv e d by c ourtesy o f Mr Siedler.) CINCINNATI, March 1. DEAR Srn:-We sent a note to each manufacturer of Cmcmnati and Covington m order to obtam jomt action on your proposal for a convention. We have a strange kmd of people and the attendance was small. The house of W C Hamilton & Co Cov.; J. P. Noonan & Co., Cov. ; Semor & Gedye, Cov. ;P. McNaman & Co.,Cov and Clunet, Brown & Co of Cov., also Woodside & Peyton of Cm., were the only ones that responded. They all favored a convention, and desired me to draw up a petition to be sent round to those not present for their signature, which I refused to do. They, however, will do 1t, and probably all will sign it; at least those mentioned will do so, but, as it cannot get off until to-morrow mght, may not re!lch the paper in time for publication, there fore I thought best to mform you ID advance of the action. We have addressed a note to THE LE A F on our own behalf. Do not hesitate to act whateve r response you may receive. We shall stand by your action. Yours truly, T .R. SPENCE. BOSTON, MASS. March 2.-I have read with much interest the views of members o f the toba cco tra d e that the tax should be abolished entirely," etc., etc. It appears to me the time has not c ome for tha t and by asking too much we will get nothmg, I w ould suggest that all licenses and bonds be aboli s h ed which would make the trade comparatively free. Qigars and tobacco are "tax paid by stamps," same as patent medicines and matches, and why a manufacturer of tobacco should give bonds more than a maker of patent medicme is more than I can comprehend. Yours, ,CONSERVATIVE. CINCINNATI, omo. March 1.-We most heartily concur in the proposal of Messrs, P. Lorillard & Co. to call a convention at Washington,of the tobacco manufacturers, at the earli estJJossible period, to accomplish what they indicate, and" if called, we ehall endeavor to be represented. Very truly yours, SPENC E BROS. & Co. P. S.-You may expect to hear favorably from the trade of Cincinnati and Covington, but possibly not in time fo1 this issue of the paper. NEW YORK, N. Y. March 2.-In reply to your letter concerning the re duction of tax on toba nco, we would say that we are opposed to such a measure and thmk that it should be deferred until rnch a time as the Government is prepared to remove the entire tax, inasmuch as a re duction would have a demoralizing effect upon the trade. In the event of a partial removal of the tax we hold that, in justice to tho trade, a rebate to the amount of the reduct10n should be allowed to dealers on all tax paid tobacco they may have on band We are yours truly, D. H. MCALPIN & Co. :MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. Weller & Repetti, of Washmgton, D C., d eserves the than k s of the tobacco trade for their z eal in a good cause. We herewith send ours in place of a letter to the same end. THE LEGAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION of Cigar Manu facturers of the City of New Yprk will hold then an nual meeting at Blank' s Hall, Third A venue, corner of 66th Street, on Tuesday evemng next, for the election of officers and directors for the eB1ming year. DrED.-On Feb. 23, Mr. B P. Gravely, manufacturer of the "Gravely" bmnd of plug tobacco, died at .his residence at Leatherwood, Henry County, Va. During tbe past wee k Mr. Wm. Lamping, of the firm of Lampmg & Bennmghaus, factors of Ohio, tobacco, B a ltlfilore, died. ----To CIGAR :IYIANUFAC T U RERs.-WANTED.-An agency, or to represent a first class manufacturer of "Key West" or "New York" cigars; several years experi ence. Centrally located m Boston, Mass. Sell exclu sively for manufacturers and to the wholesale trade only. Address "H," C arne r No. 208, Boston Post Office, Boston, Mass. BUSINESS MENTION. L. LA.CROIX FILS CIGA.HETTE PA.PERS, Riz La 1 F. Biz La -1-ANGOULElllE, France, Oct. 5, 1881. CROP OF 1880. Cases New England ......... 600 Of which for export Pennsylvania ......... 1600 :: ;; MIDDLETOWN, 0 .. March 1.-We favor prompt action by the Ways and Means Committee to settle the tax 50 agitation one way or the other-eithe r 8 cents reduc tion, total abolit10n f the tax, or let 1to alone. THE "WILSON & MCCALLAY TOBACCO Co. The trade will please take notice that the above is my trade-mark, and has been for 12 years past; that it has been duly registered in the U. S. Patent Office and that any infringement thereof will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 894 L. LACIU:>IX FILS. It was our pleasure a few weeks since to announce the establishment in this city of the cigar manufac turing firm of W. F. Davey & Co., who came here from Bushne ll, Ill. The object the firm had in view when the y removed here, wwi to facilitate their bmness by b emg placed in a better position to obtain skilled labor 11.lld plenty of it, besides enjoying the many other advant8.$es that our city manufacturers do. Smee their arrival on the first of January, the firm have fitted up a large and model factory at 209 211 E. 37th Street, and are now turmng out goods abundantly. Their principal brands are "Royal Tiger," "Our Tiger, "Red Star," "Hornet," "No. 17," "Little Sunbeam," "Pmk" and "Plantation." All of these brands, besides others that the tlrm man ufacture, are sold at from $28 to $70 per 1,000. There are five gentlemen compr1smg the firm, namely: J. E Chandler, President of the Farm6rs' National Bank of Bushnell, Ill., who is a gentleman of consider able meMS; W. H Wilde, W. F. Davey, W O. Frazer and G. l". Mr. Wilde is the financial manager, and Mr. Davey the manufacturer. Both of these gentlemen will r e side here. Mr. Frnzer, who 'has b een connected ith large houses in this city and who commands an extensive trades has his office in Chicago, and will attend to the firm's interests in the West and Northwest; while Mr. Atkins is looated in St. Lows, where he has been a successful cigar broker for many years, and will represent the firm in the South and Southwest. The firm's hand some card appears m this issue on the 10th page. New York. ......... ... 294 Ohio ................... 1800 Wisconsin. . . 2.!SO Havana Seed 700 Total. .............. 5244 Divided as follows:To manufacturers . . . . To the city trade ..................... To out of town ..................... To export .......................... .. 94 1,000 150 1294 1, 800 cases. 1,200 do 950 do 1 294 do Total.... . . . . . . 5,244 do Eports of Seed leaf since Jan. 1, 1882 ...... 3,454 cases. Same time last year . . . ...... 4,047 do F o r the year the sales have been:Cases. January .. 5,782 February . . . . ._. . . 5,244 A TIN-TAG SUIT. Will the Dispute about Tin-Tags Ever End? P. Lorillard & Co. vs. D. H. McAlpin & Co. On November 19 we published a decision just ren dered by Judge Hoyt H Wheeler of the U S. Circuit Court of the Southern district of New York, in an in junction suit brought by P Lorillard & Co against Dohan, Carroll & Co. for infnngement of i;he plaintiffs' tin-tag patent, which decreed the mjunct1on applied for, with accounting and costl!!. On December 3 there appeared in this pape r the decree of Judge Hugh L Bond of the U. S. Circuit Court for the district of Maryland, in the case of P. Lorillard & Co. against Ellis et al., restraining the defendants from imitating certain of the plaintiffs' trade marks, with which their tin-tags were identified. This latter case related to trade marks belonging to plamtiffs, but also involved, incidontally, their patent rights. When these two cases, with others previously determine d, were decided in favor of P Lorillard & Co., it seemed as 1f their claim to the ownership of the tm-tags was indisputable, and tha t an end of the interminable suits for infringement would soon be reache d, if it had not already been. The decision, on m otion for injunction, of Judge Blatchford, of the Circuit Court of the Umted Sta tes for the Southern district of New York, rendered on February 2 8 opens up and leave s in doubt agam the whole quest10n a s to the patent right in the surface tintag now so generally used by plug tobacco man,,u facturers. Judge Blatchford's decision is the conclusion of a motion for injunction made some weeks ago by P Lorillard & Co. against D. H. McAlpin & Co. for infringe ment of their tin-tag patent as applied to McAlpin & Co.'s "Shield Plug Tobacco. When this suit wasinstitu ted, it was realized all over the country that at Ir tthe battle was to be waged by giants in the tobac If McAlpin & Co came out of the fight victorious, it was assumed that tin or other might be freely used on the outside of plugs of tobacco, the claims of P. Lorillard & Co. to the contrary notwithstanding. If he came out defeated, it was in ma.ny quarters con ceded that ft would not be worth while to fnrther con test the pretensions of P. Lorillard & Ce. On the issue ST. Loms, March 2.-We, the undersigned tobacco manufacturers of St. Louis, are decidedly opwsed to any mterference with tobacco tax at present. Signed .-Liggett & Myers Tobacc o Co., Dausman Tobacco Co Christian Peper, Drummond Tobacco Co, Catlin Tobacco Co James G. Butler & Co., Miller & Worley. BALTIMORE, March 2.-Marburg and ourselves wish eithe r no interference or total abolition; Feigner, not total abolition, but immediate act10n and settlement; Wilkens, speedy settlement, and no reduction or abo-lition 1f the reduction be not less than eight cents. G. W. GAIL & Ax. CJORRE!IPONDENCJE. NEW YORK, N. Y. Feb. 25.-We will attend a convention of tobacco manufacturers at any place it may be thought best to call one. 0. M. ARKENBURGH & Co. UTICA, N. Y. Feb. 25.-We think the way to satisfy the largest number engaged in manufacturing and dealing in to bacco is to pass a bill taking off all the tax on tobacco, and have the bill take effect January 1, 1883. By that time all who handle tobacco can work off their tax-paid goods. It certainly will be better for manufacturers, rather than endure the present state of the trade. We suggei?t this. What do you thmk of m Respectfully, WARNICK & BROWN. BOSTON, lllASS. Feb. 27.-0ur sentiments are opposed entirely to any agitation of the tax question, and to any reduction ex cept a total abolition of the tax. A proposed reduction by Congress unsettles busmess and injures all branches of the trade. Unless the tax can be taken off entirely, we do not want the case opened. Yours truly, SWEETSER BROTHERS. WASHINGTON, D. C. Feb. 27.-We warmly approve of the to hold a convention, feeling convinced that if held at Washington it can accomplish all we desire. We will endeavor to secure Willard Hall free of charge, and will telegraph result to-morrow. By all m eans a nu merous attendance is necessary, as well as unanimous demand. See that all branches are fully represented. Yours truly, WELLER & REPETTI. Feb. 28.-As notified in our telefam, Mr. Cook of Willard's Hotel, has kindly place Willard's H a li at the of the convention. Please mform us as to the d ate of the meeting, whieh we thmk should be a s early as po s sible, before the committees can make any adverse reports. Furthermore, the var10us branches of the trade, jobbers as well as manufacturers of to bacco, cigars, mgarettes, snuff, etc., must be on hand to guard their respective interests. Hoping you will set the ball in motion, we remam, Truly yours, WELLER & REPETTI. TOLEDO, 0. Feb 27.-I notice in your paper of the 25th that you favoi decidedly a convention of tobacco men to settle the agitation of the tax. I am in favor of the tOtal abolition of the tax, an1 I believe it can be accomplished if the trade take hold in earnest. Our Gov ernment does not need the money, and it LS time the burden was removed. My conviction is that washington is the best place for a convention, for you are then at headquarters for busmess. I further believe that a full convention of the trade, with their minds made up to what they do want, can get it, and have the whole matter settled within a month. c. R. MKSBINGER. BOClUiS'.rlllK, N. Y. (By courtesy of llrr Sledler.) Feb. 28.-Mr. Chas. Siedler, New York.-DearSir:We refer our readers to a scrap cutting machme ad vertised on the mnth page of this issue. This machine is patented, and is sold for $35, or less than any other machine in the market. Mr H. Watteyne, of 216 Pearl Street, this city, is the agent. Mr. Samuel Strauss, manufacturer of cigar boxes and sho w figures, of 179 Lewis Street, thl.S city, has doubled his business during the past year, and owns the entire establishment rn which his different manu factures are carried on. Mr. Strauss deals largely i n German and other cigar moulds, presses and all such supplie s w!li c h are needed in a cigar factory. Cig a r box lumber is a specialty with Mr. S ,trauss. From a neat circular just received we see that Messrs Wilham G Hills and Max Fritz h ave formed a copartnership under the firm name of Hills & Fritz; for the purpose of manufacturmg smokmg tobacco at 218 N orth Commercial Street, St. Louis. Both gentle, men are well known and were formerly with the Cat-110 Tobacco Co., of that city. VV:e wish the new firm uccess. M essrs. Flack & Laurberg, manufacturers of fine cigars of B altimore, inform us that they have re moved their factory and offices to 21 and 23 South Calvert Street, that city. The firm state that they were forced to move into more commodious quarters on account of their largely mcreased busmess. Messrs I. D. Ralph & Co of Philadelphia, deal ers in leaf tobacco, h ave moved to 62 North Front Street, that city. LOCAL .JOTTINGS. -The cigar-box manufacturers of this city say that trade is duller now than it was in January. -Mr. Jacob Teller, of Teller Bros., Philadelphia, was in the market on Friday in the interest of his house. -It is reported that G. Reismann has sold 300 bales of Havana tobacc0 of his late purchase from F. Mi randa & Co -Mr. Bretsweiser, of Bretsweiser Bros., the Buffalo (N. Y.) cigar manufacturers, was replenishing stock in our market this week. -The creditors of Frank J. Peeters, Troy, N. Y., are negotiating a settlement on the basis of 40 cent.s in 6 and 9 months' notes. -Samuel and Morris Michaelis have begun business again under the firm name of M. Michaelis, at their old place 179 Pearl Street. -The failed Nashville (Tenn.) tobacconists, Messrs MAR. 4 Woolwine & Scudder, have settled with their credi tors at 35 10 11 cents, cash. -The old Liberty Street tobacco commission house of A. Hen is agam under the charge of Mr. Ed ward Heu, the former proprietor. This change took place on Saturday last. -Mr. Gustav Salomon, who left "for Havana last week, has safel:l'." arrived the re, and busy the remarnmg port10n of the 1 88 0 crop. -Mr. Ed .. Ascherman of the Milwaukee (Wis.) cigar manufacturing fir m of Ed. Ascherman & Co., has been on the market this week buying leaf. -Mr. B. de la R10nda, M ess rs. M & E Salomon'!' buyer, has arrivad m Ravanna and is making pur chases of the 1 880 crop of the Vueltaa Abajo. -Mr. Max Landman, of Landman & Bernheimer, r eturne d fro m Pennsylvama on Friday, and is as Jubi lant as ever over the fine quality of his packing there. Mr. Palac i o of the Havana tobacco importing firm of F. Garcia, Bro. & Co., has returned from the West, where he has been makmg a business tour and reports trade quiet in tha t sect10n. court has appointed Nathn.n iel Jarvis Jr. re ce1ver m the case of S Mi chaelis & Co. Mr. Jarvis is present Cl erk in the Court of Comm o n Pleas. He gives bonds for $L5,000 fo1 the faithful performance hlS office. -Vl'.e understand that Messrs. Straiton & Storm have mcrea.sed their facilities by addmg one more fac tory to t heir number, m the one lately occupied by M essrs. Brown & Earle in Th1rty th1rd Street between Second and Third Ave nue. -Mr. W. 0. Frazer, of the cigar manufacturing firm of W F Davey & Co., of this city, will l eave for the West and Northwest to-day. Mr. Frazer' s lnany friends along the M1SS1ss1pp1 and Missouri may expect to see as fine a lot of samples m the hands of Frazer as the y ever had offered to them. -We were pleased to receive a call on Friday from Mr. Coll .and Mr. Gonz a lez composmg the llavana tobacc;:o rmport!ng firm of Coll & Gonzalez of Phila Mr. Gonzalez expects to leave for Havana m a few d ays, to make purchases for his house who buy direct from the plantation. Both gentler:('ei:i u.n derstand the business they are in perfectly. -M.r. SigISmund Rothschild, of Detroit, has been about the market thlS week ..... relation tv it said to us: l\i regard t o to bacco the is about the same, with the ex'' Cigar. and other brands.153 '?hs.mbers


MAR 4 north of Spa n last summer after his illness here will probably return home the early part of March D BUCHNER & Co -We are md1fferent about the tax question We find the ag1tat1on 1s greatly mter fer ng with trade and des re consequently s p oedy act10n taken m the matter m order to prevent the demorahzat on of bus ness We are now pushrng our Br ght Gold Co m Fme Cut on the market I t s packed n the latest d esigne d 10 lb satchel packages conta mng two crates of 5 lb each This package is a combmat on ot attraction value and novelty and has no effect o i the origmal cos t of the tobacco BELVIN & SIEBER -We find t ade very satisfactory 0rde s are not very large but are stead ly commg ii a nr i we cant compla n Our biands James A and K 1 ght or Hono Seed and Havana and Iron C o ;vn p JI e Havana c gars are recei;v 1 g consider able atten t on The c lass of g oods we make a e mostly b g h g ade O;ve 60 per cent of our sal es last year ;ve e of mgars costmg ove r $00 p e 1 000 We will remo;ve to our new m 63d Stiee t betwee n 2d and 3d Avenaes on or about the 10th of next mo th STRAHON & STOIL"\I 'I ade is only modeiately active JUSt 10 v W e h a v e rece ved one or two mqu r eQ from c u stomers about the ieduction of the tax and have repl e d to the m that i t was our honest conv1c t19n th t noth ng would be done 1 the matter We do not favor a red 1ctl on as we believe it cannot and w ill not be macte by th s Cor gress The trade a e not unammous n askrng for 1t and it certamly w 11 not be granted I t he course of fom or five years the t ade may reasona bly ask fo the ent1 e abol tion of the tax and w II probably get t LOZANO PENDAS & Co -Our trade s excellent The 1881 Havana c rop is tu mag out splend dly In ot opmion it is the best crop srn ce 1873 We now occupy tlie entire bu Id ng 209 Pearl Street besides t vo upper floors m the adJaCent build ng and even that amount of room is by no means too m ch 'I here has not been a day durmg the last three months m wluch w e have not been 100 000 cigars belund our orders In fact ever smce last June trade with us has been all that could be asked for We thmk the good quality of the 1881 c op of Havana has someth ng to do vith the good business transacted Vve sell our c gars at puces rang 1 II: from $GO to $200 8-ltildf!d. Failures and Business From BIWlSTREBT s l Business Changes, New Firms and Removals sue 1Il MR HAR THILL S IMPRESSIONS Mr Alexander Harth 11 tobacco broker of Loms v1 le Kentucky whose departure for Europe on a bus1 ness and pl easure tour we announced some weeks ago returned in the Parthia on Thursday The gen tleman favored us with a visit after hi" arrival here and m con> ersat10n with b m a representative of THE LEAF obtamed from h m through a series of questions and answers which a e appended below a hu ried statement of his impressions respecnng the present and prospect ve European demand for American leaf tobacco What Mr Hart h 11 says will be found of mterest He enJoyed hrs t11p and comes home not only feel ng well but satisfied that m a bus ness pomt of view h s t me has been well spent abroad Our mterne ve r said You have been v1S1tmg the tobacco marts of Europe 1/!r Harth ll Yes Mr Harthill replte;vor of reduction and I behave a maJO ty would favor the repeal if the tax The extreme Protect1omsts would be glad of the nternal revenue were entnely abol shed I know that Mr Kelly the chairman of the comm ttee who is an extreme Protect on st favors the removal of the tax on tobacco and I e is seconded m th s by other Prntectiomsts It lS certain that a maJor1ty ot the comm ttee who are P otect onlSts favor mater al reduc ton Other members of the comm ttee vho a e e ther Free trade1 s or f avor tanff rev1s10n h a ;ve othe1 reasons fo r desiru g a ieduction of the ievenue and there fore favor and "ill vote for it So that there s little to be fea ed by those desmng the reduct on on the re n oval of tile tax altogether fro n the Committee on Ways and 11'.eans I have already g ven you the vie vs of Mr Ol\rijsle of Kentucky on this subJec t He be ng a r epresentative man o l the comrmttee h s opm ons ought tp have considerable w ight WHAT MR TUCKER THINKS I have also seen Mr Tucker whose op1mon is very valuable as showing the d1spos t on of the committee and the reasons why the reduct10n shot Id be made He says it is well to carry reduct10n of the tax so fa only as will leave sufficient ievenue to suppmt the Government and leave a surplus for the g adual ex t nct1on of the pubhc debt I quote substantially Mr rucker sown wo1ds given ma late mtervie v The total revenue from the tax on sp rits last year was $6 000 000 'lhe revenue for the fir s t three months of the cuuent yea1 if it shall contmue throughout the year w1ll mc1 ease that sum to $70 COO 000 Reduc-:i the tax on spu 1ts as will probably be done say $30 OCO 000 it will leave $45 000 000 t he revenue f1 om that source for the current year Nov for t obacco If the tax on cigars be reduced to U a thousand on cigarettes from. $1 75 to iqxty cents a ltb o 1and and on snuff and tobacco (cbewmg and s n o k n.,) to e ght cents a pound the revenue from tob:icco h1ch will now probably be for the current year over $00 000 000 would be say about $30 000 000 The reduct10n of the tax on fP.rmented liquors "ould lea;ve a revenue fro n that source of sav $ O 000 000 The repeal of the tax on banks bank checks matches med1cmes etc if made vb ch is ve1y probable would be about $17 ouo 000 more lea gm thrs way the revenue from 1 ternal taxes only $80 000 000 The revenue from CYstoms ll not be less than $200 000 000 and from miscellaneous" sources of revenue sa y $25 000 000 This would make the whole revenue of the Government $310 000 000 The appropriations for the support of the Go;vernment for the next year will be $130 000 000 exclusive of pens ons which may be estimated at $60 000 000 m all $200 OCO 000 Th s would leave a sur plus of $55 00() 000 fo the redemption of the public debt Lookmg at these results the total repeal of the tax on smoking and che vmg tobacco and on and cigarettes could not carry and co repeal the tax totally on smokmg and chev. mg tobacco voulu an tagomze the c gar dealers as well as those v ho are m favor of laymg the burdens of the Government on tobacco The last sentence m Mr Tuckers mterv ew is s gm ficant It shows that while a material reduct10n may be made yet it s not practicable nor advisable to totally abolish the tax Thi view I have no doubt s very generally entertamed among members of the Committee on Ways and Means who have made this subJect a special study WHAT THE TROUllLE IS The great difficulty is there is not harmony of ac tion among duectly mterested m the question of taxat10n ';rhere are two parties One which fa;vors redt ct10n material 01 1mmater al and another which opposes any ag tat10n of the at all unless there s a total abol t10n of the tax "bw my opmion is someth ng will be done this Congress to reduce the mternal ievenue If nothmg is done it will be wholly owmg to the failure of Congress to reach a cons1de1a t1on of the bill and not to the want of a maJorrty to carry it through Then if the mte1 nal revenue s 10 duced the tax on tobacco v1ll be reduced as a part of the mte nal revenue and 1p the prope proport on This be ng the case the course of the trade to my mu dis very plam They should conclude that the ie duct10n is a fixed fact accept the situation and secure the best terms possible Concert of action is need e d for th s purpose Let them resol ;ve if there is to be a reduction to obtam such a prov1s1on as will protect manufacturei:s and dealers from loss By proper effort there is little doubt but that a rebate clause or some other p ov1s10n wh ch would ha;ve the same effect could be secured MR WISES OPINIONS In thlB connect on I wish to state that Hon John D W1Se of Richmond to day called my attent10n to the re pub! cation lil THE TOBACCO LEAF of last week of articles from certam Virginia newspapers pm portmg to give his vie 1i'S and commentmg upon them He says he vas misrepresented In order that he might be set r ght I asked him to make a statement w h1ch he did and I took it m short hand as follows My pos tion is not one of opposition to the abolition of the tobacco tax at all But I am opposed to the contmual agitation of this question. because it un settles the .., alue of the commodity itself and would brmg rum upon a large class of dealers and their em p!oyees too But I thwk when the Government 1s ready to remo e the tax it ought to be done m such form as not to mJure the mll.llufacturers and dealers I have to say m reply to the Richmond Whig that m the letter it published fr om one R T Hubbard ong nally from the county of Buckmgham my pos1t1on lS stated exactly and it is as I have JUSt said that the reduction should be made m such way as not to i Jme the dealers I thmk it is due Mr Wise that his state ment should go out to the public as he is a representa t1ve man and comes from a d1str1ct which is at least as much mterested m the question of reduction as any other m the country Mr Wise further says as manu factarers will be glad to hear1 that he is a Protectioms t and will vote with the Repuolicans on th s subJect on all questions which will alfect the interests of manu facturers whether it 1s the tariff or internal revenue In domg this he says he believes ho is not only bene fittmg the ruanufacturn g mterasts of l 1s dist ct but the agricultural ar,d the growmg portions as well In domg this he represents the growers of his district as well as the manufacturers He says there can be no antagomsm bet veen the two The growers aro mter ested m havmg a market for their products and th s they can only have by protectmg and build 1g up tie manufacturers and market centers If these are allo ved to go down the producers would soon become impoverished It is ble for the gro v ng po twns of the East especially m parts of his State to compete with the vast wealth and resources of the Western country and they must therefore look to their own market centers for the d1Sposal of their own products he prosperity of the one is wholly depend ent upon the prosper ty of the other Mr Wises vie v is correct I thmk and he properly represents his con stituency B P G QUITE I To the Honorable Senators and Representatives of the State of Vugin1a m the Umted States Congress WASHINGTON D C Gentlemen Your petitioners the tobacco manufac turers of Virg ma are wdl pleased that you have takon measures to repeal the law which imposes a tax of ten cents per package on all manufactured tobacco exported from the Umted States Your petitioners beg to call your attent10n to an add1t10nal tax of twelve cents per hundred pour ds which is paid on exported tobacco to a Government officer called a Tobacco In spector of Internal Revenue whose duties are to mark and weigh each package of tobacco mtended for expor tat1on Your pet1t1oners own that this office is neces sary for the protect10n of the Government but we claim that it is unJust for the manufacturers to be burdened with this additional expense masmuch as this mspect10n lS done for the s0le protection of the Government We ask that these mspectors be made salaried officers of the Government and be paid as other employees of the Internal Revenue Department are paid We res pectfully ask that you will take such steps as will accomplish this end Signed Alex Cameron & Co Thos C Williams & Co W J Yarbrough & Sons, Jas Leigh Jones J B Pace J os G Dill Larus & Bro Hardgrove & Co Turpm & Bro R A Patterson & Co J Wr ght & Co E T Pilkinton & Co John K Childrey A M Lyon & Co J B Pace Tobacco Co Salmon Hancock & Co Cullmgworth & Ellison Talbott Manufactur ng Co T T Mayo Allen & Gmter P H Mayo & Bro NOTICE TO OUR HAVANA PATRONS Ha llegado a nuestro conoc1miento que el period co ofiece sus anunc os en esa plaza a prec10s ba.atante reduc1dos lo cual nos obi ga part1c1par a nuestros favorecedo es de no form.a se n nguna I!us1on respecto al anted cho period co pues su pubhcac1on no eil de bastante importanc1a y de cons gmente t1enen que ser s s prec os mas baratos que los nuestros Mas aun su c ircular. on esta esclus1vamente reduc1da al punto de su publicac10n que es y sus alredervres Al rmsmo t1empo nos perm1timos mamfestar al pub hco que porn ngu est1lo puede ser comparado con e l TOBACCO LEAF pub ic a do en Nev York y cons1deiado como d e pr me1 01den contando con una cuculac on muy estensa tanto en los mercados de las Est Umdos como en el contmente Emopeo y otros pa aun mas d1stan tes SEED LEAF AND HAVANA Messrs J S Gans & Co report the busmess done m Seed leaf and Havana tobacco the past week as fol!.ows Only a moderate busmess has been done The bulk of sales consisted of fill e r s for export purpooes Total sal es 1 250 cases of w h1ch 200 cs 1880 Pennsylvan a assorted 10 to 17c 50 cs 1880 New England wrappers 16 to 35c 105 cs 1880 N Y State p t 200 cs 1880 Oh o to 700 cs 1880 W1sconsm 4 to Spanish Tobacco -Sales of Havana fillers foot up 600 bd!es at from 88 to 120c SEED LEAF AT AMSTERDAM (Spec al to THE TORAC tobacco and unexcelled in quality and mak4f by any of the Havana. Factories are now received n regulal weekly sh pments by V. MARTINEZ YBOR & CO. 89 Water Street, New York. THE CO M ARKE'l'. YORK. March3 Our leaf tobacco market lS well taken care of m the monthlv c1rculara of our friends and to them and the comments on the second page we leave it until next week


The sa l es divide as foJlows -1873 for export, of which half to Re:ries, 459 to manufacturers and 293 to jobbets Aud since Jan 1 -""oManufa " Guiana-6 hhols Du'ck West Indies-11 bales, 48 pkges (3,210 lbs) mfd (fenoa-393 hhds Gibialta1-30 hhds 28 cs Hamburg-lo hhds, 7 pkgs (650 lbs) mfd Ha vie-61 hbds Haytv-2 hhds lfuU----01 bhds Lwei pool-49 hhds, 82 pk gs (14 080 lbs) mfd Lond.,n-49 pkg s lbs) mfd Naples-4!l6 hhd s Rotte1 dam-12 hhd 65 bales 50 pkgs (6827 lbs) mfd U S of Colombia-79 hales, 40 pkgs (6259 lbs) mfd Venemela--42 pkgs (5390 lbs) mfd EXPORTS B'ROM THE PORT 011' NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1, 1882, TO MAR 3, 1882 / Hbds Cases Bales Lts mfd 250 41 16,027 442 150 221 1,061 90 11,474 12 13 10 232 527 546 1,170 2 848 3,721 725 448 212 7,410 1 2 4,923 217 1 55l 1,560 132 2 582 30 507 8,208 34 29, 712 20 10 1,955 4,547 2 864 282 49 134,642 199 ll59 105 211 187 3,520 .. 10 1,823 52,235 34 63 195 65 17,805 1 ,289 20 467 11 1,152 166,173 85 13 156 194,834 8 336 3,898 7,098 987,777 Eastern Markets. PHILADELPHIA, Mar 2 -Mr A R Fougeray, 'ro bacco Aianufacturers' Agent reports to THE TOB&CCO LEil' The sales of manufactmed ha1d tobacco remam mact1ve and very tmat1sfactory Dealers buy exceed1Dgly cautious, antl ID n:ode1ate quantities Special advantages offered ID price have no mducements now The tax questwn mu s t he settled before busmess will improve, or show the active hfe usually seen at this season of the year It 1s hoped a few weeks will make a radical change and assume a forward movement Fme Cuts-Movmg slcwly from the same cause Smokmg-Sales hght, hence orders are small prices steady C1gars-Demantl continues excellent Manufacturers act and speak aa 1f satisfied Snu:ff-Orders coming m slowly Receipts-929 bxs 3110 caddies, 2010 cases, and 131 pails of fine cnls Exported of manufactured tobacco to Liverpool per steamer But1sh Kmg 1680 lbs, to Antwerp per steamer Switzerland 146 lbs Seed Leaf-Dealers report a much retter week of sales than anticipated In fact some part es nave done mccly, and they repott they could bave done more 1f the goods were to be had which manufacturers require Excellent figures can be ob tamed for A No 1 goods, while ordmary and common are un stendy Havana-As usual, a pleasant hus1Dess SLocks are AN o 1 in quality, and elegantly asserted Receipts for the week -803 cases Connecticut, 724 Pennsylvama, 81 cases Ohw 15 cases W1sconsm, 140 hales Havana, and 82 hhds cf Virgm1u and t\"estern le1lf tobacco Sales have been -381 cases Connecticut 504 cases Penosyl vanm 30 cases Ohw, 15 cases W1sconsrn 10 caoes State Seed, 92 bales Havana, and o hhds of Virg1ma antl Western !cat tobacco Exported to Liverpool vrn steamer Lord Clive 45 629 lbs to Antwerp per steamer Switzerland 110 i96 lbs, total, 16tl,525 lbs Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, March 2 -Messrs Ed WlBchmeyer & Co 'I obacco ComIDission Merchants report to THE TOBACCO LEAF -Owing to small iece1pts and stock of Maryland to bacco m first hand s there continues hut little trade Holders are firm. and the few sales effected aie at full quotations Ohw 1s also ID hght stock, but with httle mqmrJ at present, and we hear of no sales this week We contmue QUOTATIONS. Mary 'and-1Dferior and frosted $ 2 00@ 3 50 sound common 4 00@ 5 00 g-ood do 5 00@ 6 00 nnddhng 6 50@ 8 00 good to line red 8 50@10 00 fancy 10 00@14 00 upper country 4 00@16 00 ground leaves new 2 00@ 8 00 Ohio-1nfer1or t" good common 4 00@ 6 00 greenish and brown 6 50@ 7 50 medium to fine re6 8 00@10 00 common to medmm spangled 7 00@ 9 00 fine spangled to yellow 11 00@18 00 Air cmed medmm to fine 10 00@18 00 Kenttucky-trash 4 00@ 5 00 common lugs 5 00@ 6 00 good lugs 6 00@ 7 00 ... 814 .. 1,202 225 1,686 649 562 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. common leaf 7 50@ 8 00 medmm leaf 9 00@10 00 good leaf 10 1 00 Total 11,613 7 701 'Consumption and on ships notcleared, etc 6 8511 2,799 'DlBappeared fror... N Y. and New Orleans 16 472 10,500 J oHN CATTUS -The officially reported sales durmg the past month were 2,650 hhds, of which 1 906 were for export, 450 to manufactmers, and 300 to Jobbers, be sides "hich there are rumors that a large lot of from 9,000 to 13,000 hhds, mostly leaf, has changed hands, but as g1eat sec1ecy is observed m regard to thlS transact10n, it is impossible to give it for more than a rumor, with, perhaps, the add1t1on that the outward signs pomt to some probability. Prices are firmly held1 and the reported sales were at formerly es tablished values The Western markets contmue to present a firm front, and any reaction m prices is "r M 40@ 00 GBA.1'11JLA.TED 81'10KING TOBA.f the so called best crops of West VirJ!:mla and Southwest Virgima, and for quan tity they are half to three quarters of a crop from most favo1ed sections, for quality they are poor as noted above Some few pkges (generally ve1y hght we1gbts) have reac bed 45 to 65c and new cutters up to 227' The latteris uodou btedly the scarcest and most rnfer1or of any grade market ed, throwmg, as1t mu st, the whole demand for this and at lea s t half of nex t year the present V!Slble stock of old There arc very few old smokers o:ffermg here at any price exceptmg lots Holdei s are very firm without much demand and all the grades are m the hauds of speculators In old wrappers our rket remams qmet confidence ID them hemg daily mcreascd, tho ugh on an exceedmgly dull and depressed ma1ket, by every receipt of new that has thus far been opened up Promment planters m the city this week from West V1rg1ma report their ct0ps as about the last to come forward, with httle or nothmg bebmd The heavy compet1tlon m smaller 1Dter10r markets 111s feared, will henceforth greatly lessen our receipts, small as they ure but good roads and present pnceseven will soon decide whether our coniectures have been misrepresentations or otherwise Have bad soft rams this week ST. LOUIS, Mo., Mar l -MCSlirs C & R. Donwtzer & Co report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows Olferings, receipts and dehvenes at the tobacco warehouses of St Louis Stoek on hand Feb 1 Receipts tlurmg February 1882 hhds 6041 599 1881 hhds 7019 673 1882 621 393 6640 1881 608 445 --1014 7692 1-053 6639 681 243 The receipts of tobacco m February cqns1stcd .almost entuely of new crop Burley lugs and leaf, for which durmg 1he .(irst part of the month, a fair demand at satisfactory p11ces had been established The renewed tax ag1tat1on,, the mten upt10n of ra11,I oad commumca t10n, and other unfavorable rnfiuences, cut the de mand short toward tQ.e middle of the month and tbe market closed dull w1tl;i. sellers and buyern apart m their views of values The cond1t10n of the 1ece1pts generally ha.s been fau for the season, some real fine des1r1i1ble leaf has Qffe1 ed eai:ly last month and sold for full prices, but later, wben the market became uns Hled, s ipp,ers generally concluded to retam their fine leaf and to brmg 1t mto good keepmg order before marketmg, and consequently the quality of the re ceipts became poornr. It becomes more and more ap parent the crop of heavy dark tobacco m our t)tate has been very small, rather poor m quality and of sho1 t growth, and tbat the demand for the better grndes of heavy tobacco will have to be supplied from the old crop, of which a hm1ted stock only is held on our market. With the exception of colory smokers and common leafy wrappers the demand for bright tobacco bas been light. 'QUOTATIONS. Common dark trashy lugs Good dark mgs Good red I ugs Cemmon nondescript leaf C0mmon dark leaf Medmm to good dark lea! Common red leaf Medmm to good red leaf Mixed and trashy lugs Good lugs Medmm to good seconds Common red leaf Medrnm to good leaf Fme to choice leaf Heavy 450@ti00 .550@600 5 75@ 6 25 ... 575@625 6 00@ 6 50 650@750 6 00@ 6 75 7 00@ 8 00 New 450@500 5 00@ 6 00 6 50@ 8 00 7 CO@. '3 00 10 00@15 00 16 00@20 00 Bnght 6 oo@ 6 r o 650@850 7 00@10 ll 10 00@15 00 15 00@18 00 20 00@32 00 32 00@45 00 i)() 00@75 00 STATESVILLE, N. CJ., March 2 -Messrs Jourgensen & Co of the Cash 'l'obacco Warehouse report to THE 'l @BAC co LEAF -All desirable tobaccos are gomg olf at good figures and the demand for best leaf cannot be supplied Large for wrappe1s-bright, yellow and mahoganJ-cann: Home trade buyers have m some cases operatld hberally, and for export there has been a fair demand for certam fine grades for reshipment to the States. Holders are firm at cur1 ent prices, m01e especially for colory to bright descr1pt10na, it bemg generally re ported that "bnght colory tobacco 1s entirely absent from the crol? Considerable quant1t1es of White Burlt'y are bemg put up m leaf, fot which full prices have been paid, with the expectation of its bemi; 'Yanted aftol'llL while m the States at p1 ices which will prevent shippers sendmg 1t to other markets. Some growths of substitutes have had a fair amount of at tention, but only a hm1ted demand has been experienced for other classes E'er colory classes there has been an active demand Cigar tobacco has been operated m only to a tr1fl11:g extent Imports. 229 hhds Dehveries, 976 hhds, agamst 1,037 m the cor respondmg month of last year Stock, 'Z"/,745 bhds, agamst 32,601 m 1881, 28 997 m 1880, 30, 792 m 1879, Z2 864 m 1878, 17,205 m 1877, and 13,503 m 1876 Virgm1a Leaf aud Strips-The former, of fine bright wrappmg grades, has been m request, and sales have been effected at extreme rntes In the markets m the States prices are mu1.:h higher than those procurable here Strips of dark color and rich m quality are very difficult to find, and command long prices Kentucky and Missouri-Leaf has attracted more attention, and sales have bP.en effected at moderate prices, thtrd 1s still a fair assortment of useful parcels m this matket. Str\ps have rn one or two mstances been freely taken by t1 ade, and there appears to be more mclinat1on to operate at present prices, rather than run the risk of havmg to pay higher prices further on The md1f ferent charnctcr of the last crop offers no mducement to stemmers to put up strips for th1s market, consequently the finest grades are firmly held Ohio h a s been f1eely operated m, but the prices rulmg here do not give sat1sfact10n to shippers, some parcels are now heia for h1ghe1 iates than those asked previously. Maryland 1s difficult to place, and moves off slowly. Havana cigars have not experienced much demand durmg the month and sales have been limited Ha .. vana, Cuba and Yara-Nothmg of importance bas tak"n place m these growths, stocks offermg are small. Mamla Cheroots and Cigars-The former slow of sale; the latter are m reques& Mamla tobacco does not at tract the attention of the trade, and but tr1flmg sales have been effected Sumatra-Nothmg new to report sales tr1flmg Seed leaf has been m rather better mand, and dry fillers of good quality meet a ready sale. Turkey contmues slo'v of sale, m consequence of the mixed character of the stock here Fme bright descr1pt10ns are much wanted. Java has been sparmgly dealt m, although fair supplies are now offering m the ma1ket Latakia-Very slow of sale Negrohead and Cavendish-In the former little done, the latter m fair demand Stalks and Smalls m moderate request MANNHEIM, Feb 6 A correspondent, under the above date, repm ts that the sales of the 1881 crop of leaf tobacco m that locahty are nearly brought to a close Prices were cons1derai.Jy advanced of late by rumors that the tobacco rtax would be raised to twice or three times the rate now levied, and considerable speculation was the result Plu.nters were enabled to dispose of an mf1mor product at a price for which the best quality of leaf was ltought up at the close of the past year The crop was bougbt up only by regu lar dealers, but a great many private speculators made purchase.a, with thefmtent of stormg the tobacco for several years, as at is expected that tobacco ra1smg m the Palatmate will fall off considerably m the succeed mg years' In the Bre1sgau d1str1ct the remamder of the crop was bought up at rates rangmg from 25 to 28 marks, although the quality was not extraordmitry, and not smted for cigars In Alsace nearly the\\ llule crop has been up by the ag1mts of the French Regie at prices rnngmg from 28 to 32 francs per kilo Good cigar tobacco has been furnished by the crops

IMPORTERS OF LP.&.GO iik'l&HD PHIEDB&N, ? -" t .IL 1i.&.1JPll U.if-:= Lt ._ 'i t _Friednian -a XJMl:PC>:R.T:BJ:E'l.EI C>P ,-,._A T JMCark. BynRo1Tt1 A. :n.e-vv Tobaoo<> Pr!>er-va't:l:vel J-u.a1: "1orb.A1t Trade -edl Xeepa Fh.eOut, Pluir and Leaf Tobaoco &Dd Cisarw lleiat, and J>H'HllU lloltias1 tw perfeetl:r T-..lM, aad d.not &Beat tkeAavor of the Tob&e100 in any way. Ia ulibac it; U.-t. ao tat.rt-wiilt. tile proce of Manufaoturing,and Tobaooo o&D bo prepa1'8d aw 1111ual. We ha-re daplieate froa, tlaoae ,..ho ha Ye used it. All we awk la a trial to .,.,.rinoe :rou oflu 't'al.,.., 0Map aacl Priea 411111' 12 per G..U.n, or 250 per Pint. IL lDCHAELIS, 202. Fulton Street, NEW TORK .. E. J!IIPOB'.FEHS OF .A.. C. -Rt<>::OR.:l:Gl:UE.Z &, CJ<>., Importers of Havana. Cigars and Leaf Tobacco, And Manu,acturers of the celebrated brand of Key West Havana Cigars, Estrella de Caye> 1'1"<> BD Elea.'Ver 1!11:ree1:, Ne'l1V' -York. --,..---Te>ba.ecc> We>rk '' DICK, MIDDLETON a! ,CO.,, s-u.ooes<>re 1:<> db Oo. I MAJ'lUF ACT1JRER.S OF "Ken.o,'' Buck," "Samson." "Telegraph," "Giant." "B T ""C t. J k,"1'Wood--1." 'OD .on, a,p &ID. a,c .A.ll::l.d. <:>1:hcr N .A. 'V"Y TO:El.A.0008. :K. "Y. __ :::;:;;;:;:::::::::;. __ -- A. WARNING TOI TRA.VELEILS Il'l l'IA.P1:ES. tion. is allo"!'ed and d4?8' not declare it. T.he Naples correRpcndent of Lbapce> We>rk a. :E'l.. "'lg'V. OX..X"V:Bl::R., I.A.GUT,>., "Va., \: PBOPBllllTOR AND SUOCJlllSOR-TO 'OLIVER & ROBINSON'S PLUG, SMOKING TOBACCO and CIGARETTE BUSllESS. The ceflqbrated :R..A. :I: SIOKIIG ul all DthV trands formerly made by OLl'g'E]l. It ROBIJlllOJI', promptly =ad=e=to=-=-== = ==_,=,,.--;;) LIQUORIGE. SIE The undersigned continues to Malufacture and Jmport Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, whloh he offen to the Trade at Redueed Prlcee. Man&ifaoturera.wlll find lt to their Interest to apply to him ..._. where. JooA. !WlUW<, &x'L-Hansman & Bms 606. and EAST 69th STREET. 10JW Yo:ax: v CENERAL I :r: INSURANCE I --.dD-- REAL ESTATE ACE NOY, IQ Wes! Orange St., LANCASTER, PA. CARL UPMANN; ; : Ollloe: 178 PEARL STRD."T, ]llO:m'10' VOR.:.\ I J08BPB .... VEGA. I JACOB BBRNJIED' iVEGA & BERN, H!EIM, PaoJ&.er -.-d. X::a:ipor1:er HA AN A TO BAI COO 187 PE.4.R.X.. STR.EET. EST:Et.EX..L.A.. .JSTo. ia, ::E;E.A.. "V H. F' e Glerl1teh. V JJe. XJMl:PO::R.TE::R.& C>:P LEAF '171. PE.A..::R.X.. ST::R.EET, JSIE"VV" "YC>::R.:K;. L. Lacr<>i.:E Pil.s, .M:.l.NlJP.A.VTUBEKS OF RIZ LA -f-GOUDRON. LA+ PACHQLDER&":CO., l!fauutaeturerm or CIGARETTES & TOBAGGO. Paper, IN BOOKS &ND R ms, .A.1VGC>UX..E1'a:E, F:E=l...A..'.N'CE. Repreeented In the United States by H rmann,l&aac, 69 Canal St., New Orleans; WISE & BENDHEIM, 254 Canal Street, New-York. XU Alao Patentee of the PATENT and Cigarette : Tobacco. t 86 GA"10Ert ST-, BALTIMORE. C, PHILIP'S,}ROCESS FOR RESWEATING TO Messrs. C. S. PHILIPS llCCO ACKNOWLEDGED A GREAT SUCCESS. I have several cases o f tobacco by your pro-. letters will explain themselves: cess and apparatus, aud 11;m highly pleased with tho 1 .,. Oll'FICIC OJI' KERBS & SPIESS, result. I 'vo!lld be w1tho!lt your apparatus for NEW YORK Au 28 1879 d ouble the price I pa1d you for it. 'fhe boOkof instrucllesal'l!I. c. s. PHILIPS & Co., New 'Yort-GENTLE-t1o!ls you SE'.nt is better tl\.an anything ever published Jl.._It affords us pleasure to pronounce your on resweatmg. Any one who reads your book and lai.t patent for the fermentation of tobacco and darkcannot tobacco_ successfully must be very dull eru.g the colors a success, and in the future it of comprehension, (Signed) FRED'K W ARNBAOH. be the adopte? in our factory, espe.. BALTIMORE, Feb. 25, 1881; c1aUy 88 there is no obJectionaole feature, nor the use Messrs. C. S. PHILIPS & (i)o., New York:-GENTS of ny artificial means reci,uired to produc e the most We have resweated all our itobaccos since the 1st of 18tllfact0ry result.. T!ie Bllllple procedure and easy 1879, under your proce!lS, and most gladly puts it the of e".'e.rybody, admit that your apparatus has entire satisfactioh. an"t1cea. CASER and resweater, and d J1:1dge of tobacco, i s open for engagement in a cigar lJ!.anufactory or leaf tobacco house by March 15 or April 1 Address gb 0, TOBACCO LJCAF Office. A YOp-NG. HQLLANDER of respectable famil desires a situation m the tobacco business broker lr cigar preferred; having slight kliowledge of the trade dunng his four years stay in England Address SS!kl p TOBACCO LIU.JI' Office WANTED. An energetic young man )laving a thor knowledge of the cigar and leaf tobacco business mancl YE'.ars' experience, desires a situation' Fl?e s an writes German fluently. Salary moderate 1rs t-c lass references. Addr088, H. A.. K., -889-lt dp 6 Ohrystie Street, New York. tr <>e. s. JMCoJ 1 n 273 Pearl St., New York, Dealer in FINE CONNECTICUT & PENNSYLVANIA CUTTllGS. Also Buyer of Small or Large Job Lots of Smoking and Chewmg Tobacco, Pipes, etc., and all such.. oodt! BJ! are unsalable for Retailers or Jobbers. White Burley 'Tobacco S.ed. Special llatc to Warehouaemea and leeiln..J Yo_u save money by dealing with me. mumcl;\t10ns cheerfully answered. -Don't fail to l8Dd for Price before ordering seed, as. it will be the of savmg you money, and will make the ple.nw reJ01ce. to know he has at found a genuine artide of White Tobacco Addreee "' 874-890 J. T. BOGGESS, FELIOITT, OHIO. The Attention of Cigar Manufacturers is respectfully called to our Lari:i:e Stock of FINE "RElSSO'PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The quali.ty these tobaccos is greatly enhanced by our Process, which is wholly a NATURAL 0 bemg FREE from dyes and chemicalt. dark colo:rs, these gooda are also exoaJJait in quality and burn well. Mauufacturera o! 1b1Q 0 w1l\ stock Pll.'rtieularly well adapted their reqmrements. NOTI?l!l.-We are importing SUMATRA. WRAP PERii> ID bales weip:hing from 80 to 100 lbs. l BARKER & WAGGNER, 829-tf 29 S. Gay st., Ba.ltmi.ore Md I Mjessrs. c. s_ PHII.IPS & Co., New Yo;k:-DElR SIRSMessrs. c. s. l'.HILIPS & Co., New York: -GENTLE resweated several lots both Pennsylvania. and MEN-.W e I.ave JUSt taken the first casd out of N OT Co$ t" t f tobacco d sweating apparatus, and are very much pleased with I ,.E la process t;ke the resh!llt. belt -.yas t?9roug!1ly sweated dar)r, and V f th t t h -enou_g to given immediately to the strippers 'w o mg a asasuccess i as proved beyond Yoursverytrulv (Signed) ewamallpartie11 against using our -new ...._.ndQ our expectations. By your process the tobacco turns and t d k f ll .,.... g out wall cured ii.nd good, dark, uniform colorfi, and OFFICE OB' R. R. CRESSMAN, Manufacturer of Cigars, ra e-mar 8 as 0 ows:freEJlfrom any smell whatever. We find the process so TYLERS ORT, PA., Aug. 29, 1881. SUNFLOWER, Bimtle and perfect in every rel!pect that we have-no Messrs. 0. S PH!LIP S .& Co. New York:;-DEAR SIRS hesitation in recommending it to the trade in eneral. -Your apparatus domg great service. 'have TOO TOO, We remain g entlemen Yours &c. the two constantly. m operat1o:r.i, find they give ex. /STHRICS. cellent results. Smee I am usmg your Hot Water &-'11 DAYENPORT, IA., Aug. 25, 1880. Heater I fi.nd it the simples t, cheapest and best method S'l'R A TTON Messrs. C S. PmLIPs & York;-GENT!!-ofiesweatmgeverknown,and in & STOBB I can now a full and satisfactory result with recommending the same. (Signed) R. R. 0,RISSXAN 204-208 East '2i"th &tree, New' Yo k your resweatmg apparatus, and I hereby mclose you a 88 check fon$90 (Binety aa per contract. Want of space prevents us from publishing scores of -:::::-::"."::::-----;;;2..;8;;;:Bll:_,;. __ ..;.._;;_.;..,_ Very truly y ours, NICHOLA.B KUHNEN. other letters we 11:n testifying to the merit of the F?.R SALE.-A fresh. supply of lOO,OOOpounds nu OJ'J'rcm or A. IIEssc'ltCo OTTAWA ILL Oct 11 1880 above process. whrch is ne\v acknowleiiged-to be the FLA V:OR for smoking tof9acco Messrs C. S. PHILIPS'& Co., New York:-GENTBonly method for reaweati;ng in the United .manufa.Cturen, m lots to &Ult purchasers, at 10__, We received your second resweating apparatus and Stii.tes. Their H ? t now generally figures. Jrl.lRBURG BROS.,, :""""' are psing both of them very succ011Bfully a.a pro-adopted _by usmg tlie aliove process for" its 145 147 and 149 S Chari s very simple and easy. We are highly safety, s1mplic1ty and .cheappess f9r cost of .fuel. es treei, satiafactory results out of our leaf, and can recomLeaf Dealer a_nd Manufa9turer who wishes NOT!Ol>' th to improve the quality of h toba d ..,..-,-44 C88B1! of 1880 tobacco for sale -"-ft mend em heartily to every manufacturer of cigars. red d 18 cco an se cure well at Goldsboro, York Co., Pa., to. close bu81D ess. .._..p, -:Very respectfully, (Signed) A. HEBs & Co. c u goods of rich, glosey colol'l!I, and 889 89a from without any trouble and for a cerHILDEBRAND & SPANGLER. UrFicm OF ?b:ssRS. HuA u & Co., tamty every tune, should not fail to use our rocess .... _. JACKBONVILLI:, FLA., May 17, 1881. and apparatus. Foi.> fl!rthe:ii ,mformation an/ circu, .ll'U!l!l!l'8 C S. & Co., New York:-GENTS-lars, please address the mvenJ;Orsand propriEitpri, .As rgards the taste nnparlil?d i!<> the by rour proC. 8, PHILIPS & CO,, 188 Poarl lhreet, {rew York ; cess: we are bQUnd to say it 1s magnitlet>nt and. the or their Philadelphia branch 131 .and 133 N w t.& colors even, and the burnwg the wrappers Stree t, Philadelphia; and JAMES PHILIPS '70 Ma.i! Yours truly, (Signed) HtrAU & Co. Street, Cincinnati, Oh io. .' OITlcE or BARON & Co BALTllloRE, MD., June 7 1881. llelsrs.C.S.PH1LIPS&Co.,NewYork:-GENTs-We SJMQN AUE' RJ;3AC h .aveused your No. 3. apparatl!s for the last U s1;x: months, and find it w every way satisfactory as t o 1 ,I. .1, your reoommendation. (Signed) BA.RON & Co. .. OF. McSHERRYTO-W'N, Pa .. June 23, 1881. H AVA N A TO BA cc ll M018rs C S. PHILIPS & Co., New Y ork:-1 have been using your apparatus for several months, and am well plea.sad with the result. I find no difficulty in J operatillg the same by following your instructioes. Yours (Signed) F. x. SHITH. 17'9 Pearl New York. A. TELLER,. Packer, Commission M:ercha nt, AND WHOLll'J:lALE DEA.I.ER IN LE.AP TOEIA.OO<>, I .... ..... TH SHIPPEN STREET, Df.l:.A.. "Y' of Foreign ( ll!Ter, 4L8oenta. J'apan-1en, llJ1W fOld ad llitYOr, 99. 7 CODI& \ c eenta. Llberla-dollu Id. II allvor, 83.5 eenta. lllezico-.4ollar' tli t .,.,..._ ot 1 ,000 rell, gold, lilrlt.lah p-...:.... 40. t ceni.i. '' i ie&-d In North Amor-eofll : 98.8 '* Cent ral 0 I rold, Sl. Peru--eo1, .Uver, 83 .. \ cent.a. Chill peoo, sl lT e r, 83.ft c. Port1111al-milrell ot I ouo -' ..J.t.. -PMO,l'O St 08. ..._, ......, gold, !111.8 .,..nt& Ruasla.-rouble ot 100 kopeb; or-peeo, silver, 88.6 cents. 86,9 cent&. o f 100 pl-rs, gold, Sandwich Mandw--dollar Fra :......_ Spain-peseta of lllO coailmil'.; nce--... niwc, eold & llllver l!il.3 eta and silYW 19 a centa. ..... Greas! sterling, gol\L Sweden-ero..:n, cold, .s..,;.. G..-o--drachm old -A Swltaer la.n d -frano,gold oadf--1 9 a, g lihe.r, 19.S cent.. ---, .8 cents. laate 1t:rman l:mpll'&-'marlc, s<>ld, c ver, 74.!I. C..-:.t..C: p _,., ... ot 16 annu. 1Vlver, Turkey-piasoor 4.(c.t.. t .. 1 tnta UnJt.ed S\.O.t. ut 1w., liab'-Ullt. aold &nd 1 d lTer\ 19. lt 'cbl. td1T6r. 88.1 .. _._., WAXED 105 Seoo:n.d .A.'Ve:n.-u.e, JSre-vv :YorJ&., SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE French Cigarette, ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOR THE U. S, A.ND C.l.NA.DA OF THE G-A :M.BIER o::a::...a. "Y a:n.d. PXPEH!!ll. IF" C1s.re1:1:e 1:Q. _.. 3 .&.. u .. 1v1n. Lent Sieber. Bolvin a Sieber, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, A.ND Dll4LBR8 J1'\' LE.AP TOEl.A.CJ, 16, 18 & 20 Seventh St., and 2, 4 and 6 Hall Place, ........ e_..,... .lnlllt .. te, N:m"VV "TOR.:&:. -. .,._., -FOR-: . J I. trade ls Cautioned against Purchasing Wue41 ptpa( madt hr lnfrlnprs, against some of whom I have suits now P"411:


-co., 104 Fr,ont Street, New York. Pill& & TOBACCO. So1e .Ai;;en:ta :f'or f 0 o -t: Q M M 1 -fS I 0 N MERCHANT 1 '74 Pron.1: S1:ree1:, JSre 'T"<>rk.. B:p'OB.T OB.DEBS POU. PLVG TOB.l.tJ(JO PKOM.PTLY PILLBD. I Agout f'or ;)ll Bran 01 9i-arettes IIU?ORTED AND DOJIESr.l'IC CIGARS, I 24 CHAMBERS STREET, !NEW YORK. "-' Jos. H TBanilo:c, D. $.A.ou:rr Moon. 1 GtJT H KIE &; CO., P.un. C.:R.Bj. SEED LEAF TOlACOO INSPECTION; :J:n.peo1:ecl. c r l!la1Q2.p1ed. r SAMPLING PB.OllPTJ: .flTTENDED TO.-Ojlrl;Uloatea. given for 41""7 Oas.' ,-.., .. Bra.2:1.ohe: & W. Dlek.eraon,, corner ot' A.reh and Wa&e:r: Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.; aeary ll'oret, N. Q.ueen & CJhetnut, and 28 N. Clharlotte Sts., Lnncater, .P.a., ;i, .i. P, Carl, HatfleU, J."11.aos,; Ed-ward A'1tln, Suftleld, (Jonn.; A. H. Atherton, 1 '16 State Street, Harttor.d, Conn.; lleaJT Grc?Het E. 4th St., D 'ayton, Ohio I lTllchael 1Zwlcker, Sto111ihton, WI -<>-. areh.o-u.aes 1 ,'JlchQa 1Uver R, R. Depot, St. John' Park; 74. 'mid 78 Gr-wtob Street 1 182 to 186 Paarl Str-t I and 14.2 W Str_eat. C>, 14.U 1:., JSre"C>V' "Y"ork.. l FELDHEltf1, 'JACOBS ;&, CO., : Tobacco & Merchants & tM:annfactnrers, 1'2 Queen Street, Melbourne, .A. hs"tra.1.ta. I C. O:J:TY" ""E1V;::EJ:J:G:EEEIR.&. 1 1 BTORAqE WAREHOUSE:-No." 1'5 aJld 127 FRONT .STREET. : C>:fD.oe, 17<> "VV'a1:cr 11!!111:., 1'ir, E>"'IDV "Y"e>r.k., COUNTRY SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO .. OBNT!!t--'B. F : HVRL'BURT; Rartfdrd, Coon,, IM State St.; n." R TROST, Lancaster, l'a., 1113 North Queen St.; J R. 11.NDER.SON, Philadelphia, Pa.; W W. HALES, Dayton, 0., 25 &ouih Jelreraon SI.; W.W. RA.LES, Clkinnatt, .0., 9 Front St. ; yr. H. LOVELL, Elmira, N. Y. BENSEL & CO., TOBAUGO INSPEGTORS, 1787' WATER STREET, DW YORK. CHA'S FINKE& CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, I 59 WATER ST:, NEW YORK. COl71'TRY llAJllPLll'IG P .ftOl'llPTLY A'l"l''1DBD TO, HENRY SIEBERT GOODWIN & CO., '. Tobacco and Ceneral' IWIVl'.6.0IVWOI' r.mmiasion Merchant, FINE -CUT TOBAGCO, ea ::eroad. &"t. 281 and 209-latar Street W T'OJllUlllL' Sole Manufacturer the Famous and Worid-Renowned Brandi! oJ: YIRCINIA 8MOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. f anufaOtory:-Twelfth St.1 Lynchburg, Ya.: ..udteJ and promptly ataended to. Prill" List senr"" 135.S...W-OJBCH'?S ao. '32 A 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW' _Yo.ftK.-'.FJm W B!VAIA CIR!Bk, .1.wUw maMd IWll M!Wi;i, -ft'Htll>'n: R.. .-IMPORTER OFH AV AN A LEAF TOBACCO .A.:r;id. FXN"El OXG-.A.R.S.. PROPRIETOR OF THE BRANJ)S: -"'N"an..n..1e'' an.Cl ''JMC1 N"C>:n..a.,' r No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. W. BEV'l:TENlTIULLEB. PBINCE AJBBBT 133 WATER STRr.ET, nw YORK. Buchanan & nyaII, 101 BT., 'YC>:E'l.H:. Oommero:l.a.1 Factory, ::Elrook1y:., :N". MANUFACTURE THE FOLWWING CELEBRA.TED BRANDS OF T<>B.A.CO<>:. P:C...A.1'\lET, FANCY DARK NAVIESJ :DoT:mPT'C' NE, ll' &!'ICY BRIGHT NA VIES I ::IF"Lo'C'&:EIC, ,'ANDA.HD BRIGHT NAVIES! &.A.:J:LC>' C:EICO:l:OE. STANDA.BD D.&RJL N.&VIEI The reputation of these gocds Is world-wide, 11Dd lnereBsbi8'Ulea of tbem la ,.-odd.,.,., dll A.RE <>:&" :J:JMl:XT.A.'TXC>:L'Cr'B. Our Ttade-Mark TI-L is Embossed on every Pllg. OPJli":J:O:Bl& 1 \-..M:A\a .. t 4 J -, --. .A-. rs ut. the Collo wiug wtill-kll:ow i:irhnds I Depot all.d Agency DIPORTER OF 00 DEA.LER IN r:PANISH CICAR RIBB9N81 -!GaJ,_ tJlaar l'llould, Pree, Stra1>91 Cu&t ert B tc J 19 and 181 Lewis St., New York. ALL KINDS OF FIGURES CUT TO ORDER A.ND REPAIRIID IN THE BEST STYLE. Whe Trade S-u.pp1:1.E!d OJ' THE MAllUJ'A.Q'J'Ullll: OJ &. \V &AIL & AX, j ,._ -A.T-.... 9 254 256 Canal St., cor. Elm,lcJ Yart WISE & BENDHEIM, Agts. Chas. F. Tag & Son. IMPORTER!! OF' 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. Hirsch, Victorius & Co. tHAP TOBACCO, 111 WATER ST., NEW lllm L. GERSHIL & BR ,., PACKERS AND DEil.EllS .QI J'>-CKBR OF AND DliLEB U1 SEED LEAF TDBACCP1 DANBURY, CONN. ; '. & 0 ""' B. D. 4 Co. IQ TRADJ!l !fARlr. 157 WATER ST NEW "1'01tK1 m I


( MAR.4 '?KE TOBACCO LEAF. S. f:t ./ N BRO. I LEAF UaD'.mEB.S OP l BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, TC>::SA.CCC> C::CG-.A.R. 5.ill:ua.. H SPING.!RN, Tc:>"bacco9 C .ommission .Merchants, E.SPINGARN&Co. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, IM. WATll et'llT, NllW YORK. IllPORTEBS 011' SHHI PEJ.A.B.:C. l!ITB.EIEJT, 1'TEJ"VV" :EJ:A. v A.N" .A.., Lampa.rllla. IS, [P. 0. BoI 650) AND PACKERS 01' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 5 Burling Slip, w!'i:rat. New York JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., CIGARS, 309 E. Fifty-Ninth St. New York. JAMES BRUSSEL-A. IJC HTENSTECT. :9 O:V A c+ DanJcJ Frey. Isidor Prey. FREY BROTHERS 1'.lanuf"acturers of 1N1ERr4anoN'iptci6anr FAcroRY, ll'o. l:IUl:US .A:veaae A, Cor. 75&b sa. NEW YOBK. M. BARRANCO & BRO., Proprietors oC the "El Pro1Uosso" Gi[ar Factory KEY WEST, FLA. Al-A.r;eaa. for cveral otho Brand of KEY WES ... fllGA.BS. 83 Reade Street, New York. DAVIDSON BROTHERS, Havana and Seed Leaf Tobaccos 143 WATER ST., Near Malden Lane, N"e'Vlll" T"o:rJ&.. -ANDSEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA &ad PaclHH of SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 188 WATER STREET'., Near lllatden Lane, NEW YORK. s. noSBlN. M. noSMi. ; S. ROSSIN & SONS. PACKERS OF seed Leaf, AND IMPORTERS OF HA YANA TOBACCO, 173 Water St., New York. E. 8' O. FRIEND 8' 00., aud. :>ealen la. TOBACCO, I 2l> Malden Lane, NEW YORK LOlfAaD l'nnr1.n. G. &n4 Proprteaor of &be Brand LA ISLA" For ble Jmporta&lon of Toaeco, \ A.n4 Brand of (Jlr;an "CONEY ISLAND." 118 Jl[afden Laao, Kew York. LEERET 8' BLASDEL, MANUFACTURERS OF Ciga.r Eozes ... 168-170 E. Water St.1 Syracuse, N. Y. DEALERS lN ALL OF THE LA 'rEST l!ITYLES OF '1IGA.R-BOX f.,ABELS A.MD TRIMllUNGR. Iii.HOOD. Louis Ash & D. H. McALPl N & GO., MANUFACTURERS OP THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: LOUISASJI. llANUFACTlJREBS OF I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVij CIGABS,. LEAF TOeAcco, TO:BA.CICIC>.t And all kinds of Smoking A!IO l'dallufl&Cture"' ot the w ell-known Brands ot Brijlht Plug : own: onward, FriondshiD.' and Solace.' 779 THIRD AVENUE, 1'TEl"VV" c. CORRAL & co., Gervasio 88. AJIOlEXED BRANDS:-La --pf.t\ Bamillete de Aroma Pablo aad Vt.raUala, --. .Admirablo, Sia Pretencion, Imperial Sport. Antonio and Cleopatra. lannfactorr & Salesroom, Cor. A venue D & Tenth St., Jew York. ''LA COMERCIAL'' Wm. c. Bo w-. Bawllno, ;;$r. j WIUIAM C. BOWERS& CO., la &be rollowlnr; Speel11,I Brand of : y FERNANDEZ, l ,.. '-._) 1 1 No. 70 PINE STREET, NEW YORK.CITY. of snncrior r1[ars Ci!arlannractnrar I Dealer tn tear Tobacco, 6 RiYinrtou st., Jew tort. Ull I) lJ 1 THE MILLER DUBRUL &, PETERS MANUFACTURING CALLE SAN RAFAEL, 99 & 101, l\MC.A.1'TU'P.A.CIT'C'B.EIB.8 C>JP 'CREASELESS VERTICAL TOP. TIN-LINED AND FLANGE TOP CIGAR ( MOLDS, CIGAB .. t"O ... (Trade-Marks Registered.) ; Pila de la India, La lberica, De Primera, The Union, El Whamcliffe. I La El Alcazar, El Diamante, La Merrimak, Los Aromaticos, La Caymaua, .. El Emperio, La Rosa de Charte Blanche, San Antonio .. Havana Cigar f.1anufacrory La Floe dB Inclan & Brands:. Stanley,' 'La Perfecclon,' La Cuerra bella,' 'Aurora' Napoleon.' MANUFACTURER$ OF FINE CIGARS, ; V11:LT.A STAKDARD EXCLlJBJVEL:I'. BUDESINDO CUEVAS & CO., i j Calle Estrella, 94,, Cuba. :::====2'11:==&1=<>=.-1&=8=8=, =:&:=A='V"=&ZL=A==Cl=-.i=b=ft====r::.l -"FLOR DH .LOPBZ y CARCIA.'i J.\l[ar"t1n.e.z y a.aro1a, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE HAVANA CIGARSi l!!I 9. Ha:va:n..a. ba. __ __: FLOR DE JANE: AND ANNEXED BB.AKDB: "La Flor de Moreira," "El Tancredo "La Rosa de la. Ha.bana.." Ca.:1D1pa:ziari<> 144, :EICa....,..a:JCLa, 0-.i'ba .. LA FLOR DH J. S. MURIAS & CO eci'_:": 1 MANUFAcruRERs oF Fl.NE ctGARs, : Commission Merchants, 89 C" 33 MERCAOERES STREET; H&V&nait Caba. -


' t ,. .. v .. 8 &, T.A.:KTT, llbporters of HaV;" .ana .&ND PACKERS OF 1 j ; :t> LEAF TO BA Ceo ., "rchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. \THE TOBACCO LEAF. .i:SalUmere Advenisem811lts. "'VVM. A. BOYD & CO., No. 3 Street. Western Advertisements THEO. J. llcGOW.A..'!, ESTABLISHED 1862. R. C. BLISS. Senior Partner of late McGowan Bros. Te>ba,cce> Dfi:acb.i.:n.ery J.\il:oG-C>'VV' .A.N" PUJ.\il:P CO., .. MANUFACTURERS OF Plug Tobacco Machlnery,.Hydraulic Pumps, Double End Finish e .rs, Presses, Wringers, Licorice Kettles, Dry F:l 1;1;ec'l, MISCELLANEOUS !DVRRTISEMENT8 llDllRW;a Bllml. Ill. H. BlnTB. El:N D &T'., O::J:..N'C:l:N':l'\!'.A.T::C. C>. Packersl Commission Merchants, aad W esale Dealers in &, DOMESTIC LEA. f -TOBACCO, 117 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. PACKERS OF AND DEALERS IN SEED. LEAF TOBACCOS, 46 North Water Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and 245 State Street, Hartford, Conn. .Normall'.1. in Hartford. HAY. & SMITH Packers, Commissfcm Dealers in SEED lEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREETr HART.FORD, CONN. b W. EISENLOHR PAC)CERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN L -EAF TODACC-0, .. 11B &. VV"a1;e:r ._S1;,, P.h:llade1pb.1.a.. 'N. E!SENLOHR, PiiIL. BONN. BAMBERGER & CO., Packers and Dealers In LE.A..F T<>B..A.,CCC>, And Manufacturers of LowCrade No.111 Arch St., Philadeiphia, Pa. LEWr s BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in .LE AF" AND :MANUFACTURED TOBACCD, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA .. IFA large assortment of all kinds of LnAF TOBACCO constantly on ha.nd ;: Kll'ClPLL & VA.NI!Y Fl\.IP. & CIGARETTES RTIOH}'STJ'R N. Y. U". &. &<>lid. T<>p CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G CO. Cor. Ridge & Borth College Ave's, Philadelphia, Pa. Is now retailing 118 different shapes o.nd sizeR, from the factory, nt reduced prices, Every motild warranted uniform. U Bize purChased be not suitable, it will be exchanged, or money returned. Our aim ls to llive perfect satisfaction to the trade. The only medal and d?ploma__. awarOed at tile Centennial was to the U. S. SoHd .rop IUenld..OtHcial documents can be seen at the office, corner Ridge and North Col legeAveuues. V. S. SOLID TOP ()IGAR :MOULD ()0. A :l'ul1 tock with Jc. WATTEYNE, 216 Pearl St., New York. SoleAg,;::i.t. LOTTIE R'S Paper Tarr Tc:>ba,cc<> 'G"e:a.u:bll.e IE!lmok1n1!J Tobaooo, Jni:Yart Bostnn. Chica10,' SJ.. Lbnia and Cincinnan. r .aoeeph ... Je>sepb. &, C<>., .. PACKERS AND DE.&.LBBS IN Lea Tohacco-1 No. 126 NORTH THIRD STREET," PHILADELPHIA. Warehouae: 120 !forth Water St., LANCASTER, PA, J.' R1i(iiusrtii'&' CO., E. C01; 'SEED LEAF, Gtneral Commission Merchants, .&nd Importers of North &tree+. HAY ANA TOBACCO, 30 North Delawa!'e' Office: 1231 Chestnut St., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Theobald & Oppenheimer, R & Ci Jlilrol'"-O!'UUllS O'I' LDUTED. PINE CIGARS, AND DllUJIBS. 15 CIGAR IANUF AGTURHRS, No. 620 Cherry Street, PHILADELPHIA. -. 1"-GENTS .oa TBJ: MILLER. DUBRUL tr. PETJ:llll P.ff IL ADEL pH I A' p A. CINCINNATI CIGAR MOLDS. STRAPS. ETo. .Joseph, (Successor to Cooper & Watter.) MANUFACTURER OF mJFF s SMOKING TOB!GGO JSTo. 007 P:lll1e S1;ree1;, PHILADELPHtA, PA. F. X. KELLY, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT1 Toba.cco Agency, llS &JI.CH ST., Phllaelplll&, Pa. .{IENEBAL AGENT FOR WILSON A McCALLAY'S PLUC TOBACCOS. Manufacturers of all Styles_ of...Sweet Navy Chewing T .. .,;\ And the Celebrated Brand of, J A At the CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION, September 1870; THIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED THE mGHEST PRIZE. ive call especial oo the manner In whioh our Packages up, chat neither D ealer nor ao,.,,er may be upor.. _P:l!l'(!hasiug other go)tlsl tmitiking ilt' is gett. mg out'S. EYery Butt and Cat.dy has n JA KSON'1l BEST" irupreeRed into 1 t by a die. Every Plug hf\$ our 'l\adP-mruk etrip "JACKS N'S BE!S.T" a.o per dign.m nnneltec!. TRY IT UNDER, OUR GUARANTEE," 'tf not .found to a.11 that ,.,.e repreeent lt, we 'VlLL PAY FREIGHT BOTlI WAYS. JIY At.L LEADl'iG JOBBE:q,.OI THB.OUO.R'OU'J" "'"'YT-S::D ST.ATES. ,Wise &; A O XaJa-.fraotnrers of '"HERBE DE LA REINE," "MERCHANTS DISPATCH,'' "P, H. BISCHOFF'S" GERMAN SKOKING, aJad other Brand of SMOKING Abo" HERBE DE LA .... 11 other Branch of Paper and All Tobacce AGENT IN NEW YORK: Fr. Engelbacll. 56 South W. G. MEIER & CO. LOUIS1'U.LE, Ky, R. MEIER & CINCINNATI, O. [EA F T 0 BA cc 0 I GEO. FI GUNTHER, Loaf Tobacco & Gatton Third and Main Streets, ::C.. <>U::J::S 'V'::J:::C..::C..E, :e;:. 'Y. M. H. GUNTHER, of New Orlean, Cotton Buyer, KAFFENBURGH & SAMUEL And Packers oC Connecticut Seed Leaf TC>:S.A.OC<>, 60 Central Street, Boston. !SAAC SAJl!UEL, T. KAFFENBURGR. Windsor, Conn. Boston. w. BF.ST, Chicago; LORIN PALMER, NewYork; w. H. RUSSELL, Chicago. EMERY BEMIS, Jr. \Bes-t; :R.-.issel.l. &, Ce>., IMPORTEROF (Successors to JOHN C. P.ABTRIDcrE & CO,,) :E3:A.. V .A.N" A, Wholesale Tobacconists, sEED 1KiFALEfoBAcco, And Sole ProDrietors of the Genuine GOLDEN CROWN Ci[ars, No. 32 central Wharf, 67 ::C..ak.e 1!311;. a.ll'.1.d 41 &"ta."te St., Ch.:loa.50, Xl.l.. ::Bo:<>ll1, 1'\iCCa. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWJNG WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:-STRAITON &: STORM' S CigarB "'1tl Cigarettes; D. H McALPIN & CO.'S Plug Tobacco; HORA.CE R. B SUBERT KELLY & CO.'S Key West'Cigars; W. T. BLACKWELL & CO .. Durham, N. C ; J. J. BAGLEY & CO.'S "MAYFLOWER," Detroit, Mich. ; J. W. CARROLL'S JACK, Lynchburg, Va. WHOLESALE DEALER IN GOODWIN & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE" Tobacco "BETWEENTREACTS;"rt!4 ho.. Ji'. S. KINNEY'S .,.;;r._ V .L. WM s KIMBALL & VANITY FAl!l TOB P .Cl'C /, CIGAT:'ETTES R2GHESTER, NY. -AHD-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO J<>hii Fi.n.ze:r &,-:Elr<>s., 231 East Randolph Street, r l!J:&NlJFA(ITUKERS OF Five Brothers l6oz Pounds, Long John 9s, Brl11ht and Blaek.1. Old HonesQ, ;. a-sent Plnar, 11.nd all o1her Popular of' Fine :Navy '.1.'obacco, ; S :e:.EN'T'UC:e:.Y-. Cigar Box Factory. ,The J:iargest in the West. 1 Capacity, 25,000 Bo:ice. per Week. GEO. B. BARNES,. CONN. SEED LEAF -ANDConn. Havana Tobacco, WAREHOUSE POINT, Connecticut. C. O. HOLYOKE, Wholen1e Dealer In Western Leaf Tobacco AFRICAN SHIPPERS A SPECIALTY. 12 Central Wharf, Boston. 98,-100 and 102 NORTH CANAL STREET, 0:1.:n.o:l.:n.:n.A..u, E. )[. FLACK, Alao Manufacturer of the Veneered Cedar Cigar-Bo:ic L1LD1.'ber. Sample 'ii farnbhed on Application. Send for PriceLiat. :lnga and Ribbon kept eonatantly on hand al l!l Manufacturer' Price. i l!A.URJCE ROSENFELD. S. J. SPRINGER. ... :-: Springer a C o.;. MANUFACTURERS Of FINE CIGARS, 112 &. 114 LAKE ST., CHICACO, ILL. HOPKINSVILLE, KY. BBFEBE!'HJE!l t Tao. O. l.atham, Prell'\ Bank of Hopklnrnll'!t 8. B. Trice Prell'\.Plantera' ll&nk, Hopldnnwe; lleW7WL Wallaee .It Co., New York; llpnitt .. Co., Leulovllle, lfy. EDWIN HODGE. TOBACCO BROKER, D. H PLUG TOBACCO II S.J.Foaa:, N.Fvxxr, E.J.Fo.-UNION TOBACCO WORKS. S. J. FOREE 8t, CO., GEO. SE taSbCliH.hWedAinRisTasz. & CO. I "-=-.& ... 1!1-nfllctnrers ot &he Celebrated MANUFACTURERS OF HENDERSON, KY. Orders for Scraps, Strips, and all types ot Creen River Leaf and Lugs :filled from first bands. "UN CLE SAM" CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCOS. 1'. R. MAYO. rHoMAs ATKINSON. T b ,.. Speelautes: Spun Koll and No. I Loni: P.H. MAYO & BROTHER, A. NICOLASSE'N & CO., RaEE.voov""' k G.&F.x:ooCu. -0 a.coo. .. T b M oc e o., KENT.UCKY. PITTSBURGH, P ll. 0 acco anufact'rs, Packers Seed leaf. coiiissloN & MERCHANTS 1&30. DEALERS IN 'TOBACCO,' s. E. eor. Cbeaplde I< Lombard Ste. Tobacco Curing and Sweating, CIGAR BOX LABELS N'.a. -o. (:i!::ntranceonLombard Street,) (Under .FRANTZ. 3. L. FREY, J.L. WEIDLE& H. L. STEHMAN & CO.,. & WEIDLER WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS Dealere and Paekerm In Mannfactnre1s of Cigars beaf Tobacco 252 & 2M North Queen Street, 213 Weat King Street, LANCASTER, PA. X...A..N'o.A.aTE::R., Liberal CB.5h A vances made on CQ_n.s.\gn-1 Q<>.,, MANUFACTURERS of all Kinds of P 'LUC -TbBACCO, <>. .... OUR LEADING BRANDS: H B:CQ.. Black Dtamond.t' "Solid Comcori,,, "Tidal Wave," .s:w:VENABLEaENc;. i. B. F._HADDUACGExN,T. GiGARiANuFACTilRERs'. OfBce: Cor. Byrne and Haliaz Street1, Va MANUFACTURERS Fa.ctorr.:'19 Seoond District, Virginia. PA. "TRE ()RIEF," Bright Navy, 1n all atyieaot'Smooch & Roni:-h I< ReadycPlug1, u POLLYWOG" C1'garS. "PAU.AGON,., " @"A4vanoes Hade on Conaigrunents. "ECLIPSE "'' "ST. GEOJ'iGE," " "VINCO,'' Mahocany Navy, h "VIRGINIA. DA.RE1"111ahoganyNavy," '' :: Brlgh,i, 'vy, :: :: !! Black: Griods of each ot the above grades. Also a great variety of Fine Twist and Fancy Gooda ot several grades of Bright and Mahogany under the following Celebr&ted Branda:-" ADM 1 RA TIO N," "THORMANDY," "HEART of COLD," "LIVE OAK." DE SOTO" and "CRANCER." The followmg are our AJrenlAI for the sale ol our MANUFAC'I'URED GOODS:-C. W VAN ALSTYNE. 13Central Whart,_Boston. .M'.ioss..: P. CAYANAGH, 41and42 Wab&sh A.venue, Chicago: ARTHUR & CO., 63 North nont lilt., Phil!"lelphia; N H. CHRISTIAN, Galesoon, Texll8: E.W. ltEULING, 62!1 ll!onc gomery Stl', San Francosco, Cal.: C. E. CONES, Indianapolis. Ind .; J, E. M. WRIGHT, Lynch Va.: COOPER & 90 .. Memphis, Tenn.: JOHN B, BLAND, Atlanta, Ga.: W, G. ADAMS. 97 '\\later New York; F. F. o REIT...LY. Portland, Me.; S. Q. SEVIER, NAwOrlelLnR. La.: L. P. STERN Pitt& >urgh, Pa.: G. P H. RECTOR& SEARLES, St, Louis, Mo.; G P. H, RECTOR& BRO., VicksburJ, Mli& 3<> ::B::R.C>A.I> IBIT'JR.EET1 ::BC>&T'C>N'. Jractory No. s, 5th District, M.aas. LADD. TOBACCO CO., LHAF TOBAGGO BUYERS, No. 21 North Main Street, 8T. X..<>UXl!!I, :nil:<>. W. l!J:. LA.DD, Preoldeot, W. E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER,.,..:ll.l.e, :&:y. 1 B.l!:FERENCES, BY PERMISSION: ,,J. 0 Latham.1 Pres't Bank Hopkinsville; fl. B. Trice, Pres't Planters' Bank, Hopldnnllle; 8. G. Buclcner Com. Merehant, J J. X.. & BOn, Com. lll'.erchanl,. -Sawyer, Wallace & Co., Ne1f York, He my ""ibert, New York ; -1'. G Irwin, ClarltaTille, Tennessee; JI, H. Clari< & Bro. Clarkeville, Tenn-; 8. .,, lleau.mont Pree't lat Nat. B'k. Clarll:n!lle1 T, I BUY ONLY ON ORDER Ordon Sollclteo. T. H. PDRYEAR,J BU'YER. -

r I MAR.4 Business Directory or Advertisers. NEW YORK. Lea/ Tobaeco Wareh.oulea. Ahner & Dehl8, 190 Pearl. Arend> & Fr!ngant. 198 Pearl Bach & 230 PearL Beuttenmuller &: Netter, 138 Water st. B100k &: Lindheim. 160 Pearl Bar11ett 5 162 Water B&scB. lt ll'lscDer. 155 (Jr&w'ord JC. M. & Son, 168 DavldsO n Bros. 14!3Wa.ter Dllls & Cullman. 175 Water F.ggert Wm. & Co. 245 Pearl Ftledma.n, Henry, 11\J Maiden l'riend E. & G. & Co. 129 Maiden Lane. 41an8 Bros.&: Rosanthal1 150 Water Gassert J. L & Bro. 157 Bowery Gersbel L. & Bro. 191 Pee.rl. Dam.burger I.&' f'.o. 151 WC. Siebert Renrir. 68 Broad. Bptngara E. &: Co. 5 Durilns BIJp Stetnec&e and Kerr, 181 Water Tse;, Qbarleo F. & Bon UM none. Upm&un, earl. 178 P..rl. W.., for tM Of Augustin&: Dusel t .. arren. Dohaa. uarroll &: uo. lot l'rooc. Du.Bohl Eusene. 75 Front. &n&leb&Cll I'. I!& 8 WubinaMD Bcluan Qe.rdlner J.111. 7t Front. Hen A. 43 Liberty. xautman I. 124 Chambers. J[a.rtl11 J. w., T J'ro11t 'J'bompeollt )loore & Co. 88 ll"l"Ont Wille & Beadbelm, 2ti6 Canal TobaO Baler 10<' .llloJ>OtlQutbrle & Co. !1211 Front. Leaf -lillg. 1'hlllP8 c. s. & Co. 188 Kochert Fred. & Co. 61 Front CGn&.M....not\. Men::l&.afttc Beflls llrotbel'8 a Co .. 41 & ts JtxCIUUlg Toba 1 2 Bowery liend\i!'A-:folpl!. 647-651 2d Avenu s & 262 1kbi & GMe& ntth Ave. etacue ergs 204,'.208 East 27th Straiton & torm. Pl 8 tro & Newmark. 76 Park ace ,ft tbaU :M, & Co. 3'0E. 86tb. C&rl, 17M Pe&rl Street. Jmpk J 178 Parl M. & E. 8S )laltf!'D fA!19 Spingarn E. & Co. 5 BurhnK Shp. Tura R. L 86 )latden Lane. y.,.... & Bernhelllll, 187 I'-' Well & co. 1111 Pine We188 Eller & ILMppel. S PMrl Manufacturer of Jrer Wm Barranco M. & Bro. ea Reade m.chil & La=ia 124 E 23d & Malden Lane V. Martinez Ybor & Oo. 89 Jfa1"\(actvrer of :=""-CltMI ,._ Welo Carl, et Wal1!_Jion..., 1111 Jtaurmann Bl'09. ui. 1 .. _,.,.. f OIOIP /"f!.'Aup.ttn & D"""1, 11 Warrell .. .. BonQ ...... Ill Clftll4 May Bros. lllli lid Ave. .llanwact""" of '...,...,._. Augustin & Du8"1, 11 Warren St. Bea A. 41 Liberty Kaufmann 11roo. a: Bondy, lll&lld lll -Jla.nt\fGC'"rer of UOorlce PcuN. MeA.ndrew Ja.rnes C. 1i6 w.-Stamford lllanuf-arln 0... Im llaldMl Wea.Yer & StMTV 24 Ced"ar Argulmba.u & Co. and 11 8. Wllllam Mo.A.ndrew Jam 0. 156 Water W & 8'81'17' ta Cedar Zur!calday a: Ai'gutmba.u. 118 -ver of PouMred UcorioL Gifford, Bh""""'n & 1llnla. llO William B Son&: Co. Weaver & St.errY, iM Oeaar &ed. -""'1eH1H Bensel & Q!o. Water ir.tnke Cbades. & ()o, 159 Water Hamilton c. C. & eo. f'l().Water Linde F. c. & co. J42 Water Toba.cco Machin6"ll. N Y Teba.OeO :Machine Co. 104 John.. w'atteyne H, 216 Pearl .. Qutbrle a: Co. u; :Front Jlonufaclurer of Cigar B-. Erich H. W. 815-3111 EMt Eleventh St. Benkell Jacob, Mand i96 Monroe Btraml 8 171 and 181 LewW Wicke wiluam "' Co. 1118-161 Goercl: D o..r.r. 'OpteRTove W. E. and Bro, tM-4711 ll:ast 'hntb Jmpr>rler of Cigar Mold.I. H. W. l;asl Eleventh Sc. Jtanwactu_. of Cigaretf&. Ball Thoma& R. 78 Barclay llpMllM """ -Of9ar BlBeppenbelmar & Maurer. 22 and 514 N. WIW&m Lobenstetn & (i&ll8, 101 ldaldea IAne 8tr ....... Sim ..... 1711 Lewlll Wtalce Wm. & Qo. lM-l&l QOlllCll: Ill'/'"' ofTol>M<:o 811""' Oarrlt and Labelo. Donaldlon Broa., J'lve P<>lnta. l'. 0. Bo>: :1711. Mfr Htivsftpenbe1Inor & :Maurer. 211 and IN N. William Upt.eJ'9T6 W. E. and Bro, 4M-475 East Teatb .. NJrt of Old Judg1 OifJ-. Goo4"1n a: Co. lll7 Water. Manwachwor 01 K"'-Broe.' J[lnney Tob&cco Co. Gl&-alli West lld.. of sa-811rfc Iba. (lrooke John J Co. 188 lilulbel'TJ' MeerRChaum and Amber Goods. Kaldenberg F. J. 12'.I Fulton THE LEAF. 9 The Sphinx Cigar Factory, SUTRO & NEWMARK, 16 Park Plaoe,INew York. P'ACTORllE81-No. 4t9 llnd Dlatrlot & 7fl8 3rd et11-. Alan:uja.cturer Of SelfLightino Cigarette. Jacoby 8 & Co. 200 Chatham 8Quare. Manufacturer oj Orooke compound DR lbUw ,., Medium anti TiUUe. Crooke John J. Co. 168 MulbenT of Oigar JlowJd.I. Ml11er, Peters&: Co. and 180 Mangin Jfcmufacturera of Sheet Metal and WOOa4ke1s of /Seed Leaf and lmpqrtm-1 of Havana 'JooatJtO. Becker Br08. 98 Lombard A.. &: 20 Wa"'r st K.erckhotr Geo. I:: Co. 49 South Charles Tobacco and Commiaion.M.erekant.. Dresel. Rausc hei1berg & Co 11 South Gay. Tobacco Fertilizm-1. Lorentz&: Rlttler Mfr Tobacco Granulating Ha.chine. .A.dt John B. BOSTON, Ila Cf.gar Mantafacturer AgeM lllerrltt J. W. 6 Centrnl Wharf. Dealer '" Havana and Domeatio .Leaf 10-bD Broad. Importer& of Bavana d: Dlra. in. IAJO/ Tobacco Bemis, Emery. Jr. S2Centrat Wharf Jones Geo. H. 98 Water Jmp0rter ti: Manufacturer of 0,m-a.. Wilder Cha&. W. Jr. Ml ltllloy a.nd Y8 Water Tobacco llanu/actu.rers' Agenta:. Kittredge w111 P. & Co. 9 Central Wharf Dealer i Wes tern Le&f 7 of>aoco. Holyoke c. o. 12 Central Wharf. Imp. of Ha.van.a&: Packers of ()&nn. Seed Leaf. Kel'ienburgh & Santuel, 50 Central st Importers ef Havana T0bacco. A. F. & Co. 18 Central Wbarf Mnftrs. o.f Clear Havann. Cigars. Caro, Manuel, 27 Central Wharf. Im. trs, ct Mnftn1. of Cigai cf' Sole AQents/or :P LG ]lforni.andie ct La Oigars. Esta.brook & Eaton. 2'2;!-224 Washington st M:an.utacturers Elwell, Brackett & Hawes, 30 Broad st BREMEN, Germany. Tollacco Cammiuiott. Fallenstein W F BUFFAL0,1'.Y ]Maler in Bo:ui;a.114 and Packer of Leaf. IATiD F. 851\ TobaCC() and Vigar LabeZ.. 68&-7117 W. 6tll, Litlu>groyhtt and E11gra,,.,.._ Knight & Co. 2UfElm Wholesale D!rs. in Oigara ct 'I o/N:r,rNJ slid for Gl.obe F'in -Out and Harril c! Son's Oigm Manufactur61'1 Supplie11. Bchuberth & eo. 1s; Vin Deal.,. In;.,h and (Jjg9r /Aa/ Jleyer Hv. & tlo. ts l",...t Tob M e rehe1nt and Agcn.t. Bichey Henry A. 15 W eat Secc:md Street. Jln/trs of Impr01'ed Tobacco Jlachin.erw. n8 M'.cGowo.lil Ce. ltl &:: 143 W. 2d st Leaf Tobacco lh'oker. DObrma.nn F W. s. e cor. Vln+:i and Fr-ont Leal Toblicoo. Xeler R. a: Co. J1a71wfacturer.11 of and Wootten OlllO" '.MOillceo11>r to Golilaoll a: Semon. 1 S2 Ontario Mfr Drokllra. Slrictlu n Orrl8aUw tn Dome.tic t'lnd. Havana Leaf Tobacco and l:tanuf. of Ciga1a Herman Johu c. HAVANA. Cuba, Tobacco and Oigar Comntiuion. MerchanC.. Bosselmann & Schroeder, La.mD&rilla 18 Lobeck &: Co. 33 Mer caderes St .. eet JlanufactureY& of FIM Cigar1. y Cueto, 51 Dragones y Feraandez, Calle San Corra. I C A Co, 88 Ge"a.sio Certlna., Francisco G 134 Estrell-.. Cueto&: Co., Juan. Ma.1oja 31. Flor de Jane Factory 144 Campaoarlo Garcia, G.umert11ndo, 1 Henry Clay Factory-Joltan Alvarez. Lopez & Co., Juan, Corrales 71. Lope%, Manue l.& Co. Marl.if1ez y Garcia, Sitios g Murias& Co. Rudesindo Cuevas & Co. Maloja" 39, Yncla.n .&-Sa.uchez, Dalle Estrelia 94 HENDERSON, Ky, Edwin Hodge, Tobacco Broker. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. 2'obacco Broll"&. Flacll:E. M. Tho1npson Geo. V, llaglldAle W. I!: LANCASTER, Pa. Deal.,-, an Leaf' Tobacco. Frey & Weidler, 213 W. King t1t Hirsh Davjd G. S F.ast Chea,nut 8' 8Jdle8 & Frey, 61 and 63 North Duce Insurance and Real Estate Bausman & Burns. 10 W. Orange St. Pitcker anti Commiuion MercAaat Teller A 238 N. Shippen ai. Jlmaufacturer.r of PenJW:Wluanla Cigar Hirsh DavJd G. Stebman H. L. a: Co. 252-:iM N. Queen 8' LIVERPOOL, E-. 'l'obacco Brokera. Parry & Croebies, 6 North John Street. LOUISVILLE. Ky. Pl"rl Tobacco Manutactwrtta Dick, Middleton O? Co. J. & Bros. 194 a.nd 18& Jauob ForeeS J. & Co 1 Musaelman D. R. and Co. 17th and Duncan Leaf .fOb(tCCO, Meler W. G. & Co. Tobacco Ct>mm.Wiqn Merchunta. Wlckl G. W. & CG. Main l'obacco Clallaway James l". eorner EljllWm 8. To!Jooco CommlntOA .1(.,..,...,.,., Holt, Schaefer .t (Jo. Dldn Virginia Lea.:r .t M"fr' &ra,>1 .t Stnu. Le!twlck A. i!. MAYFIELD, Ky. Leaf Tobacco Bu11. Melloo W. S. MELBOURNE, Auatralia. Tnlmcoo ct C:iga.r Merchant aMl MaRfn., Feldhelm, J aeoba .ll: Co MIDDLETOWN. O. Mllmifootu1'a of Plug 'll>boooo&. Borg P. J, & Co. l'll:ONTKEA.L, Can. Ware kousemen. Boyd, Egan a: Co., 13 Common St. NEWARK,N.J, Manufacturers ot: Ciaa.n. Williams. Jno R & Co, 129 Oliver St. NEW llILFOKD. Conn, and Dealera in Seed Leaf. Soule & Co. NEW ORLEANS, of F1encll. Ciga. r4!lte.Paper., Hermann, ti9 Canal st PADUCAH, Ky. fobacco B1 01'er. Puryear T. R. PETERSBURG, Ta. Jlan.ufaciurer.s &J and Sniokino Tobacco and Dea.l el s in Leaf 2'obacco. Veuable S. W. & Co. Mam1factu1'B of Sweet lvavy C.,hmomg. J-n C. A. & Co. Conim.issien Merchant. Bain & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. 1'obacco Wareh ousea, Bambei:er L & Co. 111 Arch Bat.chelor E a, &: Bona, 231 Cbeoouut JH,,.ufootMrer of Snuff aw 8molring Tobacco, Wallace 607 Pine st Manufactur8" of elaan. Gumpert Bros., 1,341 Chestnut Mange Wiener & Co. t>20 Chef.!l Tbeob&td & Oppenheimer, 111 Nortlt 8d Tooacco Bro!Ct!:'r, Fougera.y A R S3 North Front mprovea Cigar Cutter. Belcher W M. 462 Dillwyn street Ma,nufootu1'61' 8 ef LtlJotUe Rutt. Kell or & Rlttenbou8e, 218 NOl'tb Tweoty-8eoond Jlfr' Agent for Plug alld 8molri"fl Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 Arch Oigar-BND, Va. Manufacturer of Tobacco and Ciga,... A.lien & Ginter. Oliver R W M;.tr. of Ci1ga.ra. Robinson JohnX, M9 Brook Avenue Mmiufacturera of Plug Tobaaco. Lottler, Lawrence. Mayol'. H. & Bro., 15 7th St Ua.J 2.obacco Broker. w. Jll. Dibrell Wise Jam es M. Man'4(acturers of Tobacco Baga. Ill. !lllllhiser & po. 180ll Main ROCHESTER, y, Manfact..,..... Whalen R & T. 182 State l(an'!ifootur.ers of "PeerteBS" and Plain .l!'tnCtd Tobacco and Fair" Bm.oking '.lboa. Tobacc6 Rla.reh8usea. Dorinltzer 0 & B .t: Co. Markel of uaf Tol>accj/. Ladd Tobaccu Co Jl North Main Tobacco Buvera. Meler Adolphu. & Co. Man;;.fR.:&:. BONDY. LEDERER & Fine Cig&rs AND DEA.LEJIS DI LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorney St ... N':JD"'DV 'TC>--. 'tl MENDEL & BRo.. M., H. CLARK & BROTHEll ... Mannf actnrors of roBACCO BROKERS 1'1o. 41LA&K8VILLB, T.-_ BOPKilHYU....,-o \ ,>PUll1C4&, B. LICHTENSTEIN A. BRUSSEL. .. OFFICE:--707 SECOND cor. THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET, NEW YORK. Factory No. 50, 3d Collection Dist., N. Y. Nos. 707 to 719 Second Avenue and 235 to 239 Easr Thirty-eighth Street. Factory No. 69, 3d Collection District, N Y. SQS 1:<> S1? Easi: Porty-:f"e>Urth S't. -'1'EL11S 'This old factory, ealabll8hed at Hava.naand classlfted by the Corpora.tlon of Cigar ll!anu!ao&arel'll as being exelnoively 1he leatling one lrno1Filllr the bml ,_,.,.to __ tho ll88 of QtrANO DEL PERU In !ta cultivation In some parts of the Vnelta Abajo district during the past tow years, -been obliged to purchase tobacco from wt. do not wie thf-.Alld ..i..,po ... tobacco 10 &Ila& crown In roraer yean, In the Gennlae Cigars o! ibis factory, the consumer will the Jlayor and aroma tor wldch the Vllelta Ahajo tobacc<> Is _...,..t.._ Tile cigars made Qf 111eb toba.cco can be ap u u deolred without their loolng any of the good qualitlea which smoten so lllghly prl8e. 1 Th.S.19 :9"ao1:e>r"'J"' ha a :E.aa:rse a:o.d. .&.or1::ica.e:a:t o-r 'U.oh "re>'baoao. The Proprfetorreepeottully calls the attention of the public to the trntla ec hi o1atement. a''C':E.a:Z:..i!LN' .A.X.'V' ..&.:E'l.:mm. KAUFMANN. OS. & m.. ... 7 .. ':.. Mannfactnrurs, PlDBS &Smoturs Articles, __ .... 4 ...... _. 129 & 131 Grand St, BB01W:u. New York. Salesroom : 129 & 131 Grau Street, :1.:Dl.l::PB.C>'VE::c> :P.A. TEN'T" TOBACCO GBA.NULATING :at.ACHINE. 1Se>:ica.e1:h.:1:n.g .Ne,,.,. a.:n.d. Per-reo't. Incruitructll!g this Machine I kept the three following points principally In view, which have always been neglected In old-style ma.chines, viz.-I. To rid scraps aad tobacco of nails, and other artiW.ea generally to be fonnd tn such tot:>acco, before cutting l"t.: n. To granulate uniformly. m. To prevent any portion of tho cut tobacco bemg crumbled and sifted out like dust. which causes a considerable loss to ma.nufacturere. others I refer to the following manufacturers who have this machine in use, vlz.-G. W Gall tic Ax, ,Joa. Schriber & C:o., Cle ... eland; Aug. Dade&: T. I SE!."1> FOR CIBCULA.BI!. Patentee ancl llaa:afacturer, BALTIJIOB.Jl. -r. ... G) ..... .. ii G) =f3.;l!i ; a..=o 1-4 o ..... :ic:. =ce !iiS ID Jtl = ="' ii ii nonanco lannr actorr. D. HIRSCH &. CO., 128 & 130 Rivington St, New.York. !lo, 1. SCRAP CUTTINQ MA.CHINE. (ICULLZB18 PATEXT. ) The only Machine which CUTS the Tobacco, has a Sifting Apparatus, to BepBl'llt& sand and dusL Produces a Soft and Uniform. Filler. Has a of 800 Pounds per day. Can be worked by a youth. Needs. llO maebinin PRIOll: $Sil. ;.? l::l 1 c .. i .. "" ..... Is: "" !&' ... 00 ;:i


I JO .. THE T 0 B A CC 0 LE AF. MAR.' 4 '' THEY TAKE THE CAKE.'' 8tACKWELL'S DURHAM CIGARETTES AND LONG GUT TOBACCO. ABSOLUTELY PURE. Licorice & Supplies. Manmactnrers' Millis. LicoRICE PASTE. ,, ., R. HILLIBR'S SON & co. '8 OED.&.B llT., XEW YORK. ......,._..,.._IPMlal .... -11 .... ..... FINE PQWDERED LICDJllCE ROOT, l&S.araaC. Eltra Fine Powdered.LicorJJ;e Roat (from HI-& root) Bareka BraaC. ftNS GB011ND AlfD GB4N11L4DBTONG11B. DB GB0111'D A.ND GB.&1'11L.&T .. 1L.411BBL LB4VB9. ftNB QB911l'ID L.4'D-LO GBeVJrD POWDEBllD. 41'1Sll:BD, .ALLSPICE..__ CORIANDER 811:EDL CINN.All'ION, CARAWAY SEED CASSIA. DVDS, lJ.&JlD,\.MON SEEDS, CANELLA BA.KK:l. CALAl'llVSaooT, MACEExr. al.l.1& db oo. Tobacco manufacturers and the tnde in general are particularly requested to a;. amine and test the superior properties of LICORICE, which, being now brou-ht to the highest perfection, is offered under the above style of brand. We :uealsoSOLEAGEli{TSforthc brand ::&". G-. db. G-. o. Acknowledged by consumerA to b0 the !)est in the markei. And for tbe Ill and of Lico r ice Sticks, NOEL 4 CO., In all equal to CALABRU .. Consumers and Jobbecs would do 'li'ell to apply direct, LlcorlM Root, 'IJleet and Ordlnal"J', eonatantly on had. ARGUIMBAU, WALLIS & C0.1 29 and 31 South Wiliiam Street. --------oib118 ROOT. GtTJll. .&'n&BIC SASS.t.F'KA s BAK&:_, LOV AGII ROOT, sr .JOHNs BREAD._ TONQU.&: BEANSI OKA.NG. PEEL, VALEK AN Roo:r. BALSAM TOL U cnno; OIL SESSAJ'llE0 OLIVE OIL, JOHN ANDERSON & CO., OIL bitter; ESSENTl.&L OILS, Dll klndo. Special attention given to ll&nufactut'odrs' Medleys. ALL GOODS SIDPPED FREE ON BOARD. llliNUFACTUllERS 011' '&'HE SOLA(1E T .OBAGflQS 'POWDERED LI GORI CE call u.e attention of Tobacco Man11fac u And Other u '., 1111o s11PER.10R AND P11R1t II. ARKENBURGH & CO., lllANVPA.C'.l'UBEBS OF TRADE MARK. I J 114& 116 Liberty St., New York, Beg to direct the attentio n of the dealers in Tobac co throughout the United States and the World to their CELE-.:a.t. TED Fm est Quali"ty. SoleAgentsfortheSuttfofNorth,Carollaaaa4VI.,. !!inla: Musu. DAVENPORT a. MORRIS, Rici.. mood, Va. Consoler and Inlaid" Fine Cut Chewing rand .Smoking Tobacco, Cigarettes and Snuff. 400 and. 404 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. -S. F. FLAGG, Special Agent.-' .. ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL" SOLACE Fina Cut CheWing Tobacco Which is being once more manufactured under the immediate supervision of Ille originator, 4' R.C>:E O.A.R.C>TT:BI," .to. eera.,..uin llmoklDc Tobaeeo-. 4f PJ1lfE STREET, XEW YORK, MR .JOllN ANDE:RSON uad now otands, as formerll'.1 without & riv&! Orders forwaroed through ""' U{ID&l cbannela will meet with prompt attention_ "'""taaclrd brand ot:Cll:arettH aad .. at -- Warraa&e Pare "'rebaeco an .. cenu .... e ce ,........ .. ;, f: I( ._ 61B WEST 22d ST NEW YORK. IONBEll CIGABBTTJ!: lllANUF A.CTUBERS OF AlllERICA, SOLD BY DEALERS TUROUGH01JT TllB WORLD. Caporal Caporal U:, Sweet Caporal, St. James, St M, Matinee, Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador, Sultana, Zetland, 'Veteran, &c. &; &-terry, 94. oea-r &1::roe't, 1'Te""l1V' York, IMPORTERS AND MANUFAGTURERS. OHOICE BRANDS OF SPANISH LICORICE I GREEK LICORlCE I ALL SPECIALTIES l'OB PLUG AJO> Fl1'EOUT TOBACCO. Olive Oil. Tone&. Beans, Gums, Flavors, POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, Pa1:o:a.'& Pc:>"7Vcl.erecl. X..:loo:r:loe. W STICK LICORICE WE HA VE THE FAVORiTE llRANDS:-P. &., P:EX..:E1'T:J:. WM. E. UPTEGROVE & BRO. Slff.l:"lsb Cedar J'OR CIGAR .. BOXE.S, -.lln>Cigar -l'oGtlUth Ulti St.4 East RiHr, ,nw TOBlt. LICORICE. P THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING -. 1D7 1'TE"'1V' b&Tizig demanded .. superior. Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Comp&llJ .illmaaufaclurlng,and olferiag for a.lo. LI he &CC:N"llll:E:E>.A. TC>::&.&.OOC> 'VVC>R.:&:&. M II ,,,g.., Btt h & EIENDREIM, Tobacconists e SOLE AGEN'.l'S FOK NEW YORK AND VICINl'.l'Y FOR Coodwln 4 Co.'s OLD JUDCE Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. Also Aa;eoH l'or Other Leadtn1r l'!lanofilctnrers oC SMOKING, PLUG TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES. 254 a10d 256 CANAL S'.l'KEET, Corner oC EL!tl S'.l'KEE'.I', NE'V YORK, MUSSELMAN'S l!V'<>V'e1ties f<>r 1aaa. LEVER," BOOT JACK," Etc. The well-earned reputation of D. R. Musselman 4 Co., Manufacturers, Louisville, Ky., Is a sufficient guaranty for the superiority of these Plug Tobaccos. Dohan, Carroll & Co., 104 Front St., WHOLESALE ACENTS FOR NEW YORK. CIGARETTES That unrivalled for PURITY. Warranted Fret:. 1!1.from Drugs or Medication, FRACRANT VANITY FAJR! THRE&; KINCSl NEW VANITY FAIR! Each havlnc Dhttncalhtns JUertt. HARMLESS, REFRESHING AND CAPTIVATUl'G, & ::ll":lr: Pr:le JMl:ecl.a.l.. Wl'll. S, KllllBALL lk co., Peerle Tobaeco Work.a, Rocheter, N. Y. UNICUM SELF-LIGHTING CIGARETTES. Novelty or tho A[B. A Sweet Aromatic & Cool Smoke. Convenience, Utility and Cleanliness Combined Chatham Sq., New.York. I !llanufacturers F. KALDENBERG 1\ll:a:n. u:rao"turer o:r FFICE:-173 andl78 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. e or I en ouse, lanufactareES of r.HEWUIG and SMOKING TOBACCO. 218 :N. 2Dd. S"tree"t, Ph.:ll.a.d.el.pllla., f GOLD COIN !. MEERSCHAUM .A.JST:J:> CHEWING TOBACCO !!!r'"Centennlal tu:edalawartlecl t:or "Purity, (l)aeapneU, and ae.:eral Excel .. Jenee or nanutaeture." -ALSO M. & R:" BRAND STIOK LICORIOE, ALL SIZES. Manufacturers of alt AMBER .GO.ODS, J!llliT. c. J!l'or S1'10K_ING '.l'OBACCO, Flour, 8al&, Bark, Sumac, Guano, Etc. 8urnfshed with or without Printed.. Branda. 'Vl!I. S. BB, Brands formerly Manufac tu red by Thoe. Hoyt 4 Co. ''OUR LITTLE BEAUTl.ES" French Briar Pipes a specialty. l'll.annn.c11Uera or all JUntl or Stogies & Cigars. OUR SPECIALTY: Eotabllahed 1848. K. C. BARKER & CO. "r;<>l:>a.ooc:> "VV"o:rk.&. Manu!a.ct.urers o f tho C e l ebrated "American Eagle," 'Clipper,' 'Dew Drop,' And o&he:r brand& of FINE CtT'.1'. -ALSO' 'Universal Favorite,' 'fawn,' "C>1cl. Oe>:in.:f'c:>:r't,'' .And many other Grades and Brands o f Sl'llO&:INO '.l'OBACCOS 52&64Larned St.West :J:>ll!JTR.C>XT, :na:::l!=>h. CHAS. B. HULL, Sec'y and Treu. Pressed Oi.aare"t"tes. JE'l'ate:a.'ted. :J:>eo. DO, 1ea1. -R1crr?.I0Nn. VA., Feb. 1, 1882. O u r Cigarettes smoke longer and cooler than roundmade Cigarettes. The toba c co b e ing pressed aud interlocked, prevents particles from entering the mouth, and en.u ses p erfect combustion. There is n o t aste o f the pa.per, e.s under "8Sllre it impregnated with the tobae<: o. Our Little Beauties are made froh. highest g r a d e of. Virginfo suncm e(j l eaf blended wah Turkish t o bacco o f our o w n impe... iation. and smoke mild w it h a a ro m a and tas t e We :iuarantee thelil po.-e and :free from artificial ftavorius or druoos. Our 1L1ttle Benntle!I are made with the now c e1ehrated Papier Ambre. the same as used on o u r Opera Puff Ole-a r ettes and ''"ill not stlek to tho Llp11. W e bavetro m the m a n ufacturt'rs of the Papie r A.mbr e ( M e si::rs. D '.ARGY & Co., No. 54 Rue de Dun k e rqu e, Paris ) t h e r ight to its use in the United S cates. Consumers are cautioned ago.inst spu riou s im1tnt1ons which P r e being offe red by unscruoulous manufacturers Onr Little Beauties put up in packages of ten-so compact that they will not break whe n toted in the pocket. ALLEN & GINTER, Manufact'rs, Richmond, Va. Sele Ai:;ent.o la New Yorkr-AUGUSTDf &.J>lJ'SEL,ll Warren Street. 125 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. "THE LINCOLN CLUB CIGAR" WHEELING, W. VA. MEDER & BRO., BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY WHEELiNitSiOGIES1 '.l'IPS AND FINE (llGARS. 193 & 195 JEFFERSON AVE., DETROIT, MANUFAC'.l'UBERS OF '.l'HE CELEBBA'.l'ED "Be"t"ter "tb:a:n. "the Bes"t." "CH IC" Smoking Tobacco, of Fine Virginia Leaf. SAM. B. SCOTT and KENO Cigars. JI. I. lllILLS, Prco. W.M. H, TEFT, VteePre, BEN.J. F. HAX'.l'ON1 See. BANNER BRAND FINE CUT. I Wheeling, W. Va. A.ll Orders Promptly Attended to. Ebeling & Pehler, MANUFAaI'URERS OF O :I: Q. .A. R. S, And Seed and Other BraRt!s of WHEELING STD.GIES. 1043 .Market Bt., Whcclin[, W. Va.


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