The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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I .. I. r VOL. XX.--NO. 35. IES'l'ABLISHED 18M.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, SEPT. 1883. 103' KAIDBJI' -..or--. WHOLE NCJ. 971 All Partlee are SOLE :1:1\([l?OR.TER.S, ae S'tree't, York. --' ;'': R AcQUEl'' "1 J!J I .a. bo"Ve a111. C>'th.e::a:-s i.:n: Q 1U.a1:t:ty c .. I Be'1o-vv a11 C>"tl:i:ers, Pri.ce ALLISON BROTHERS & CO., Rochester, N. .J. Cll!USTUN DUSEL. (LATE OF A BEN & CO.) a::a.d. Dea.1er :l%1. 1 FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; lannfactnrcrs' A[ents fnr an the PODulat Brands or Fine Cnt, &monng Plug Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole Agents for Va.nt ty Pa:lr Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole ![ents ffrr Allen & Ginter's BICHM:OND GEM Tobacco & Cigarettes; DepottorBiaolnrell'oGetud.aeDarham-.J:a.o. W.Carroll'e...,'FraitooltFlow-en. J I So.le Agents of COPENJIAGEN SNtJFF; I Importers of Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books; L .N"o. 11 'VV .A.JR.JR.:J!IN &TJR.:J!IET, .N"E'VV .A:L1WXR..A.LL &, CO., IMPORTERS, Oil J HAVANA LEAF'TOBACCO 1 'Trade IU.ark. J TraEdLASrk. 16 Ceda.r St., New York.: \) VEGAs. ek.e Ce.,, NEW YORK AND CHICAGO-MAN'DTACTURERS OF .. T:J:N' PC>:J:L for ::1?1 u.g Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 .M:nlberry Rts. CHICAGO: 841 86 & 88 Franklin St. SILVER SURFACE FOIL! .. c 'oMPOUND FOU .. PATENT METAL, and aiJ the differentvarlet!esof'Foil known to the Trade PRINTINC ON FOIL ill Bronze and Colors, and voith'.:l.ifferent d es igns of Ornamentation, for TOBACCO A.N'D C:J:G-A.B. L.A.BEL&. Oa.p&-u.1e for :Eic:>t't1e, Plain, Colered or_Stampe, omce Address: 163 MULBERRY NEW YORK; 88 FRANKLIN STREET, CHICAGO. JL IICJDlTII.A.aT, .&.A.RON 8CU11B.&.RT. Wl!l, S(JHllBABT. B. SCIIUBART. & CO., AUG. JIOEI!LER (JELEBRA TED .R.A.NDS 0.11' CIGAR FLAVORS & CIGAR COLORING. 44 Weot Broadway au.d 82 Thomao Sto, New York. The old reliable '' L,._ VVELTA. .A.BA.:JO" Havana Cigar Flavor imparts a sweflt, pleasing ar;oma. to the tobaccQ. pin I;, $2i 1 pint, $6; 1 gallon, 140. The strong "ESPA.NOLA." Havana Cigar Flavor thoroughly penetrate s the tobacco, Imparting thereto o. J!llasting flavor. .Prlce--7.1 pint, $2; 1 pint, $6i 1 gallon. powertul '4S&.NTIAG0" Ha.vanaCigarnavor 11 i Jletr. I I J J' t -l!I.A.l'iiJF.A.VTVRERil OF-I J I 't f)'{ I I BOX LUMBER,. tn l i &P .A.:r-w:J:S::E3: OED .A.B., 'I ,' l .A. &P .A.:r-w:J:S::E3: OED A.B.,. VEN"EEB.ED CCEDARJ LUMBER.. :J::o:n.portera <>f Cedar a:n.d. No SBB 'VVest Street, C:X.NC:I:N N" ..A.T:I:0J TURKISH GIGARETfES AND TOBACCO. V. VAIMLAUlU, 176 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, ORIGINAL MANUF AGTURER & DIRECT IMPORTER OF Genuine and Fine Turkish Tobacco and KEST AWARii AT THE CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION 187,6. O. FINEKEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. Ot;fice and Salesroom-21 PARK PLACE, ::EI.Y .A.T :&:E"Y ""'VEST, .A.::a.d. :r" of SEED LEAF TOBACCO, AlSO THE I I ''C0PEN:iA.GiN27 SNUFF '' 6ro. 100 .A.T:IDR. I!JTJR..EJET, N:J!I'gV :MIL:.: and SWEET .. '' AND CUT AND DRY SM:OKING TOBACCO. DONALDSON .. BROTHERS,-'-'W.ELCOME'' .. &'tea::o::l. X...1 'tl:l.oarapl11o P:r.:D. 'ters. P.a.. l J!Q:argv' VOR.31Eo C:J:--r7 GENERAL A.GENT1-W, A, ROBINSON, U4 W.A.TER ST., NEW YORK. w il1 1 lARDS -.4.--r'-ETTEEJ. WHOLE8A.LE DEPOTIIt--NEW YORK: Auid, IJComm"""' lit. I TOBACCO LABELt AND sao 1 BOBTON:A.R.HIIcbeli&Co .. 48 Weotmlna'l>!: St.; PHlLADELPu...,., P&.: Louis Bremer's Sons. 11!12 N. Third St.; CINCINNATI 0.: Vol"" & 'I' inter lllall!t IIUP' 1 i .. r ... ;.;.,. d r : :at lvr' : N ':, Y I I j r vi....._. V lit.., "t f Werthe.lmer,stoSOGFrontSt.;SA.I:r LA.D CITY;, Walker Bros. w ...... 1 p< ..... 'nllt L J .r P i .... ,_..; < ,,


STABLISHD 1864:. 'J'UBLISllJID' EVER BY THE ------:: TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING COMPANY I 105 Maiden Lane, York. CORNER OF STIIEET .-,WARD BURKE, ,J1)HN G. GR.&PF, Bnstne8A M.anal(er. Annual Abroad. sr;oc 501. 504 .. VI!IIKD BATES POR ADVBRTI!IBIII:IKNTII. One Six Three Year Mouths. lloalbs $215 $14 S8 45 21 14 46 24 14 80 !15 81 45 160 85 46 il80 175 llti 180 100 511 !iO 8peelal A.dYertlemear ou Pl.n& Pace. Fourteen UnesOTertwowJdeeolumnl (one year) IJOO ltaes over two "tde columus do 175 Fourteen biqle co1ull1D do :.ri 8peetal AdvertlseDlent oa Bead.latr Ma& .. r PM::e. One Blx Year :Hontha. Moath:; Fourteen lines oYer two wide collliDIIII 186 $411 Pi Notee Want or Cau.lloa lfetleee. Four linea one msertJon 50 ceota. .. Fourteen lines one iaser-tton It 5'1 Fourteen l1ne8 two loaertk>U 3 00 FourteH. Hoes tb ee lnsertl0b8 -4 MJ Fourteen hnes one month G 50 Fourteen linea two montba 8 60 Fourteen Unes tbrM months J4 0 Hoea six months 24 00 Fourteea linN twtol..-e montha 415 01 Twenty live lines three month.18 00 Tweotyrt'ft Uoee Bix months ICi 00 Twenty five lines twelve months 60 00 ReadloJf matter OD E4ltorl&l riO Pftl' on the above pdt..-e Bemltanees for aderti.sements and ebould alw&.)S be made pa)able by P 0 Orderocby daeclt to!J:obacco Lent PubllHhillg Uo go-Under no oircumstancefl will we den&te from the abowe pi ieee TO TBiil TUD.& GEORGE BENCE'S NEW CIGAR JrU .NUFACTORY. Whenever we have bad oecaswn to chron icle anytbmg the m.;ar mdustry of this city it bas usually been to mark some improvement m factory famhttes or that of a progresstTe nature' m other departments of the busioesP. Tbte ttme tt IR the Rew Cigar factory of Mr George Bence, m Pttt Street th[s city, we are going to> notwe. Thts fac tory IS at 54-56 Pttt Street, mtd way between Delancey and Rtvmgton Streets, IS four sto ries m betl(ht atld 115 feet deep, wttb 40 Teet frontage. It bas the appearance of a school building from the outetde, and such until recently 1t was, 1t bavmg been a Ca1huhc school prevtous to last October. The fo.ct ol tt bavmg been a school buildmg would eeem to be enough to say 1t was well lighted The inference te not aml88, for a better lighted factory could scarcely be found. In each floor a LEAl' rt>porter counted wm dows ones that were four feet >yjde IV About three months ago Geo D. Domsler that In addltlon to t):ns IS a Fky hgbt m the roof, wbtch futmhes all tlrA lrght oered to buy from us a supplement page -the crgt;Lrpackers, who are stat10ued on the be issued as a D1rectory of the Tobacco fourtb-iloor, requu-e. The ce11ar is exce1 Trade. As DuD18ler gave us excellent refe -tionally well built, with itooe 1locrmg 111 we his propositiOn and con tt are located tJro ttweat rooms, (ach wtth 11 vacted 1Jitb bun to iisue supplement be-capaCity of of tobacco. The eqme whtcli 18 to furmsh lleat and power for the butldtng IB placed m the front part of the cellat. On the fire& floor the office ts to fore \hill cfate. Vfe tberefore Inform the trade that Domsler hae no* fulfilled hts COD tract, and as be bad no authority to 1188 our be found, and a nice, cheery one it is. Oo name or <.:ollect momes for we are in no wr responstble for any contracts he may made. ------A NEW LAW FI&K. 'Bracken &; Ackley 18 a new law firm just established m tb18 01ty and admitted to our Bar. Th1s firm cons1sts of William Brackeu and J. Edward Ackley, $wo gentlemen who have been law fop several yean m the ctty of Phtladelphta, where they enjoy an excellent reputatiOn as able lawyen and of mtegrity, and who are worthy of any trust reposed 1n them by the1r chente. Hllvtog had a lar6e expenence m all kmds of law mattel'i, not only in the State of Peunsylvama but also in New York State, Mlll!ss. Bracken & Ackley are emmently fit to rep res ut lie mtet eots of our tobacco trade, ond we take pleasure to hereby be speak for t.hem the favors of the otber merchanL& Theu office is at room No. 20, E:}ullable Bu'ildmg, Broadway, tblB City. BUMATRA-'i'OB&OOO. As will be seen by eur AmEtetdam market report m another place, there was a good demand at the recent bUbsonptton for SUmatra tobacco at b1gh priCe 1 the face of the ID creased duLy on arucle m thts cou.Ury. Of the 18 350 bale s offerl\d 16 ,84 1 were takeo, and at b1gh figm es, too Th1s we would say, shoTiid pel libe 1dea, if! ever anybody bad such that be seventy five-cent du\y wou!d relegate Sumatra wrappers from the Uutted States markets. We already hear of fot lar.:e quanLltiBII of thiS leaf, and allhougn the recorded sales of it in tlus ma ket ... dut the past monLb show but a shgbli holders of theee goHls are ot'in 'a to disfJose of them Wlt.bOUt I t'iJfziug &..PI Ofitable -inveat lat gao prev10ua to July 1st, about "hteh there waa some appre hension w1th r eference to the chmattc effect on the then but partly curerl tobacco, have turned out well, the tobacco havmg benefited much by the sweat. It te generally conceded that there I S a stock of about 8 900 bales held by here, but as soon as the exact quota of wrappers m Lfie 1882 Seed leaf crop 18 de termined thta stock w11l soon disappear, for it is now a ce1tamty that the quan tity of Seed leaf wtappers wtll be very small, and Jt will brmg good prices. SumaLra gamed a foothold m our market last year that will undoubtedly make 1t a fixture, so to speak, and those who have been makmg their throats sore by yelhng .. Sumatra musL go," have evtdently cried iu vam. A TOBACCO EXPOSITION. A number of residents m the island of Porto R1co have determmed upon holdmg at Ponce an expos1t10n of tobacco m all ttl! agn cultural and mdustr1al aspects. In tbts laudable enter priSe they have the assistance and good w1ll of the Capam General of that island, tho Pt ovmctal Assembly, the d1ffer ent mume1pal bod1es-m fact, of the enttre populatiOn of Porto Rtco. The purposes of the ExpoHltton are to encourage the cultiva tiOn of tobacco by the Purto Rwan planters, and to brmg to th&lr knowledge all kmds of macbmery that a1 e u&ed m 1ts cult1 vat10n or Some tobacco ts grown there, and m certam locahttes 1t IS sa1d to produce a leaf equal to that of the best d1str1cts of Cuba. 1.'he dtrectors of the Exposltlon ate gentlemen of b1gh standmg m the tsland, the President bemg Don Ohmp10 Otero, the mem ber of the Assembly from Ponce; Vice President, Don Etmehndo Salazar, a wealthy retired merchant, f01merly of the firm of Paliltor, Marquez &; Co of Ponce, and Don J. R. Abad, a Journalist, 18 Secretary. Thet!e gentlemen mvtte our manufacturers of tobacco machmery, either for use in the field or in the factory, to exb1b1t at the Exp081tion, and have arranged that all exh1b1ts shall be transported to Porto Rico free of the secoqd floor 18 the stock room, and on the same floor the 100 hand workme n m the employ of Hr. Bence are 110ated. 'l'he tbtrd floor will accommodate between 200 and JSO cigar makers. Adjoining the hall on thts floor is a cloak room, and also a lunch room for the use of ell}ployees. The top floor ld oecup1ed by the mgar packere and tobaccostrippers. 'l'he factory hr>S a capaCity of one thousand pteseot Mr. Bence bas oli' his pay roll. To the right of the factory is an alley way for the ingress and egrese"6f employees. The statrwaye are w1de and so constructed that' m caee of a fire a pamc would be averted. Bet:allse o'f sev eral feet of spare space on etther s1de-of the 1 factory 1t 18 not hkely to be darkened by the erection of bmldmgs adjacent m future CAUTION. Our patrons are requested to be particular in givi::g ad,vert1sements to person11 wllQ are nQt known to be -connected w1th thlB office, or duly authdrized by ua to rece1ve advertisements, as '1\'e wdl not be responsi ble for any business that does not reach us thnmgh duly author1zed agents. Taken from end to end, we mus t My that BVSINESS Jll!(TION. th1s factorycanuot be pronounced otbetthan Mr C H Ov,.rton, of this ctty, who and will add one more to our, hst of been tdentitied wnh the ctgar trade for Hne and 01gar manufactorieS twenty year-s, and \vho IS famtharly known 10 the metr< polrs. Startmg m hfe as a. stock all over' count1-y, has' assocmte'd himself raiser in Cahiorma, then entermg the whoJe With .Mr H M. under, tlle tilm name of C Over ton & CO Ma1den Laue. sale grocery busmess 1nNevada, out of whtcb -orne _ne r_m 11 nandle K.;y West c 1gars. be maile a fo1 tune, and for the last sixteen as Mr. Q erton hhs dout!, for a long tm;e yea'1 s arduously pursumg the busmees of 1.'hey have severall travellers, and mean te manufacturing cigars 10 tbts c1ty. Mr. tbmgs Mr Overton for Key aud Havana ne"n Saturday on a buslbas a busy and prosperous hfe, and to nees 0118810n. 1 day IS of the rtcbe!!t men m the t1 ade, We bad the pleasure of a vunt from our and It wtll be hard to find a man who be-old frtend M BouJ Upper, of the firm of grudges liim that w hJCh he deservedly poa Upper & Dunnq''('ail, 1uanufactm e of Bne ses6es. ctgars '<il w boleS& II! tobaccomsts, of Buff .. lo. Manufacturers of Cigars in Tenement Hooses Jo Comply with the Law which Go s into Effect on ay Next I No Signs of an Immediate Conflict. Ez-8eoreta17 of St.o.te Evarts Retained the llanafac>t.rera &Del Gov. Butler R.epr ... t the Cic;ar .Uertl' 1JJl10JlO, Next Monday 1s the let of October. Under ordmary mrcumstances tb1s statement would he of shght Importance, but thtll year that date IS fam1har to most of the ctgar manu facturers of tbts City, and more 6fpectally those manufacture m tenement houses. It IR made so by the fact that; the law paBSed by the Leg1slature proh1b1 tmg the mun ufacture of ctgars to teuemeut h o ust.'s goes mto effect. Already some of the manufac turen ba ve stopped wor kmg 111 thetr tenements-that 18, the 01gar mskers Ill thetr em ploy have. It Eeems the tenement worken 1efused m many w stuuces to wo1k on one floor and hve on the other, liS the manufac turers proposed to do, nnd as a consequence the great majouty of t)m are spendmg..!:_betr ttme m tdleoess. W I ether th1s actlull on tbe1r part was tn:_keu Ly O!_der of 1he1r umon or not we can't say, but. it is hkely 1t I" 18 ev1dent the mauufactm ers mean to con fm m to the new J,.w m every pat t10ular One sa1d to us a day or h o ago -"We wtll work as l vng as we can do eo lawfully, and when we cau't do that we Will stop shows the senttment prevathog regardmg the matter. We extract the followmg from the New York He1'ald of yesterday -The ad of March 12, 1883, forb1ddmg the makmg of Cigars Ul the tenement houses ot tlus OILy, goes mto effoot on Monday next. The movement whtch resulted m the pai!Bilgfl of the act was started m 1873 by the Ctgar makers' International Umon. Mr. Adolph Strasser, pres1dent of the umon, sa1d to a Hel'ald reporter yesterday -The ch1ef ob JI'Cttons to the tenement house mgar factones are thai; they are a sanitary nu1s..nce, detri mental to education and o.n tl!egittmate m terference wtth a leg1t1mate trade The mor taltty among ch1ldren 18 excess1ve, as ttmust be when ch1ldren from SIX yean of age up ward spend most of the1r t1me str1ppmg tobacco and bunch making. The school laws ulfaoturers .of tb celebratel Mr. Upper VISILed market to supply h1s estallUshmei'lt fur fo.ll t1 ad e. Mr Frank B Mdt ton, of the Havana to bacco uuportlllg firm of Vega, Mortou & Co of thiS Clly, S..iJed l for fl1 t6n saitea hence to pur tol.tacco_ior lus t the HavaMa tobacco warehouse of Mr Autouiu GuuZ!1 1s l!:d WJscbmeyet'll tiJ'St tup to tne Fatherlaud, and wtlll dtd he deServe tins plt!aB ure. When be left Europe tue good w of all who Jtnew lJm l1l )ear11 goue by wauL w1th Luu, and on iAmertca B 11llnuy oburcs stood 1> I" vmr; w 1fe to to 1m home. The wrller Wl.bhes he h .. d btlen Ed. W LOO.AL .JOTTDIGS. -The Western t:letld leaf buyers are con sptcuuus by the1r ft om the mat ket -Mr. A .M of the San Flln ctsco leal-dealing lirm ot Roseubauml:hoo., IS m OUI mao eelltng le1 to the atr.achment, we to protec'outselves, and so we attached. We were moved to tbts because only a ebort t1me be fore a party owed us lind wo 106' our debt be cause anotbet 01eduor aLtached ahead of us. Another expenence elf OUII l:lu been with a fh m tu lnduwa that t:onfeSBoo judr;ment for flO, ouo. w htch makes a ben on thetr proper,y. a.nd we do not now thwk &hat we shall get our debt Then we bad a case lD Schenecta dy, N. Y., who owed UB gave a;llefetence to all h111 r.,l .. hveiJ, and who will p.rob "'bfy excluile_onr cl"nn. Wtth a nauonal oankt upt I..w all woulg share ahke, anll Uaat, of coUI se, IS the only way to settle up an ms lventoest.ato!. W uli the p1 esent uneaslnes no mea..u1e would t.And to create the confidence that a natlona1 baukrup' law would. There 1s oo douut that l.hts ex preiiileS tbe v1ews ol \houlll!nds of the men of &he y, aud thare haa been .. strong rev1v .. 1, so to spesk, smce theShaw Brothers' and other failures.-.Adver-' ttser. \


I .. I f J ...,...._. oa aa4 J.lot.,;er' .Decl.toa tlecretary l!ol.,tn JU rendered an 1m portantdems n w1Lh reKtUU to the t10n of sec 10.1 7 of he ew tar1lf Jaw 1-elat .mg to !tackages and Cc>Ve tn!;S of 1mpo1 tt>d .merchandlbtl He hold8 that the cost or value of the out 'l!lde coveru g 1nLu wh ch the goods a1e finally put fur laud a d ocean car u1ge not to oo taken as a part of or 111 adchuon to the value of the uor the 'alue ol the good to be cv dertld as e hal ced by reason of tl at outblde cuvenug I av1 g betn put about .tutlm Tbtl w the uu ulac tu1er or wholesale tonugn of thu boxes carl-O s o othe1 tlmgs which u1e put w1ttun or upon or .lblJUt the goods by mm as a ,part of h111 p eparat1on ot them fo1 exposure w s .. te s 11 t to be mqmred fu1 as an arb1t1ar) pa1t ot the rna ket value and tltat cost 10 euch uwount add eLl Loan already aecertamed m 1 ket vulue of t.he go ds as part of the dutiable value thereof, though ._,h&t cost may be an 10 the tlVIuence of what IS tile value ot the goods and may eo Ltr be cons deted The duLlable value of the I(Oods IS not to be the market value wh1ch they would h av.e 1f .th y were otfcred for sale wtLhout that !Jll'ep arat10u of umer boxes carton& or ptbe1 like tbwgs I he t.h.Hlllble value of the goods IS the actukl ma1 ket value or wholesale pr1"e >iberMf 10 tbe coudmou of nmsh and prepa .rat10o for sale m whiCh they' a1e linally -offered by the foretgn merchants to negot1 atmg customers and fo1 w b ch they will and do seil them though that value 111 d priCe be -enhanced beeause of that fllush or JVepai a tton and though a. part of the sep&ratlon -cOilSISts 10 the plac ng m or upoa or about the good&, bpxe8 cartons, paper cards or -other like thmgs .. oC Xr ..... .,. A Bltla-n J(r James A Robnl$00 o 1e of our oldest 11obacoo d1ed at his res1dence yestenloy of consumption He Wall for a lour; t.ame enJt&ged tn tM b\lBiness of mao u facwnnr; tobacco m thlB ctty, Wall the pat-entee of \be I&'! Q11een brand of smok ing &ob6coo which was one of the leading braude for a Joug ttme 10 the 'rade Ire IN all tughly regarded by b1s llUUIY fnends H1s highest pnces for first class c1gar label des1gos -" reporter found a member of the firm look .ogover a portfolio of drawmgs and 11lustra t.iona out from per1od ICals He a -couple of and turnmg to a man sa1d These are good deatgns and up one of the lllustrattouRyou m1ght make us a destgn from that I _you $111 for these three m moyon and $20 1f you ll do the last one m colors Tllat s t5 p ece for your crayon des and $10 for that whiCh. IS to be m <-'OIOMI Can I get the money for the two crayon -drawmgs now! the voung man asked Certamly M Phelps aatd handmg $10 to him and tlle rest when you brmg the other des1gn Just leave your addresP m -case I shuld want to do some other work you fimsh design The young man pocketed the $10 and -quttted the office m a very happy frame of mmd He seems to be a smart young fellow Hr Phelps sa1d and I m glad we got hold h1m If we hadn t ad vert1sed we mtght never hltve known of him Haven t you arttsts to destgn for A number of them But we need more ..and more because the manufacture of domes tole Clgllrs IS a constan\ly branch of trafle and we are constantly bemg called on Ior labels for new brands For thlB reason we want to have as many deetgneN at our dlSvoeal as poe91ble The result of our otfer "IS tbat men come here w1th samplea of thetr work and we can tell at a glftnce whether 1t will be well to add our list of des1gn ill'll or not Do you suggest dee1gns ;fOUl'S81f or leave >that to the art111t I 'You see 1f a c1gar m&llnfacturer wants to get out a new brand or to work off an old brand under a n"w label, wh1cb 1s the moe usual case he comes bere and tells UR what biB 1dea IS or more frequently tells ou1 canvassers-for there 111 eo much com pebtion m the husm6S that we havfJ to send around canYaiiSf>rs with books of labels m stock We find out prwe lie dee1res to pay whether he wants a label10 black and white or 1n colors and 1n maoy colors all the -expense of up a label depends mostly on the number of colors to be pnnted If be wantll a cheap label we get a crayon dea1gn 1f he wants a ve y fan.,y label we r;et a de s1gn m colors from one of our fifteen dollar Let me show you how 1t IS done openmg & large boek: full of labels. He1e IS a label on wb1ch canvassers m one seciion of the country alODe managed to sell five mllhon ctgars A manufacturer l!ent \IB word that he wanted to work tho Free Masons bee\\use he thought plenty of them were Lo btl found all over the country So he wanted to get up a Grand brand for whrcb he w1shed a first class label We got up th1s label fer htm The cent1e 18 the figure of a G1and MastEr m full '1-egaha the Bide pieces ate the Implements used 111 M:asomo rites How much do labels hke that cost! They are the expcnSlve $a0 for a thonsand sets How many are to a set? A Set of the large label for tbe ms1de of cover and the <;entre p ece of the lart;e la,bel alone to be pMted on the out Bide 1'he success of Lb1s label has beer so great that seve1al other manufacturers have ordered for labels .oo. whrch to wot k the Free Masons and we have lithographed fur tbem thousands of labelt1 wtth othe1 de signs calculated to attract the eyes of Maso11s That ts the way destgns usually orrgmataWith the ctgar manufac.urer Of course we have stock: labels so that we can -mples Do you ever gtve Illustrations from perlobtliS anct ou the msu;le 1111d -o 1ts1de of the box 1 ke tl e mens of per :sonal portraiture whtch theaLucal have on the Do mauufacture 11 g!lt up brands for special sale a HOt1g certam trades or pr ofes 'lllOus as dtd the one who originated the .Masomc brandY Yes You vtll ftnd here With iire sh ps stelmb ats and tbe hke Du+ mg the exc1 "' 1ent over "x day Wjilkmg matches we got up labels wtth thecon testants on the track rben we have piC tnrss of famous act1 eases of race horses of the Tally Ho and of wmmng yachts In fact the rna mf!lcturers and we too read the r:ewspaperij a f a 'Y evenL of great public mterest o tfers any bas1s for a c gar label design you may be sure we take ad vantage of It After the next Pnis1dent1al election we hope to get out a label w1th the portnut of the Hon. Wilham S Holman. Bun. BxpeeiYe lllaleh 8ar-Two ladies one elderlv the other young sauntered to a counte1 m rtffany sand &Mked to see some pocket match safes Of auy parucular ku d or at any spec al priCPt the mquu ed No We want to Relect one f1om the prettiest you have the young lady 1 eplled 'I he s leman sbo" ed seve1u.l m b 01 ze wtth 1 a1sed des1gns m 11 lve1 0 e of the was a cluster f sma.ll growmg da1"1es and a bug bovermg over 1t Ihe salesman p eS!led a sp mg the top flew open tt ere was a crack and a tlt\Sh and a wax rr atch stood bolt uptight tg uted The h nge o 1 vhiCh tbe ltd wo k e d was pe1 fo ated a d by a peculiar sprmg the match Immediately beneath the pe1 foratwn was tbt ust through It a d 1gn ted bv the friCtiOn How mu.,h IS thiS I the elderly lady asked 'Iwenty five dollars madRm Oh mamma the young lady sad m an undertone l don t care to get a match safe as cheap as that for h1m Let me see some other des1gns satd the elde l;y lady She was shown some more m copper w1tl ra1sed lettel'!l and monograms m s1l ver and at .. bout the same prtce The your g lady shook: her bead negau vely at these and also at some beautiful safes of nne torto1se shell with s ilvei clasps You can have m1t1als m s l ver or gold on these the salesman 1ematked and on tbejie of alligator skm But none o.t those was satiSfactory and the salesman brought Ollt saymg These range ltoem t50 to t175 The most expenstve one was a safe of gold beaten and lumped so that It looked hke r1ch ore A dtamond 11unk m one of tbe lumps mdrcated the pos1t1on of the sprmg The cheapest was of beaten silver w1th a ruby I! roiL the lo' the young lady eelected one w bea\l'n w1th burned gold designs and a small dutmond It cost $1211 A man look mg through the entire lot would have un donbtedly 118lected tbat 10 copper and 111lver first shown as tbe most tasteful and practu01 able-Sun Olol. Tlaoe WUil .... ..._., At a meetmg of mgar packers whtch was held at tUO second Avenue a few days ago 't Without detectiOn they consume nearly ona half of all the paper ctga1 e smoked m th1s country i We wo11ld never have believed It of them When and where do they smoke? How do they prevent the odor of the weed and the paper wrHppel per meatmg the house and mak 1 g Itself at home m the c u tams i Th1e ts a ser10us dom .. at c questton for 1f women smoke Immoderate!) u why should men rest11et then lD cense bur mg to the Btieets or the clulls! But only to th 1k that women smoke forty pe1 cent of all the ctgarettes sold m tlus country I How do they get them i Where do they hide the buts i What do they use to free the1r breath of the aroma 1 Here are VItal q Jestlons for husbands ar d sweet hearts sons and brothers -N. Y. Herald Sept 21 Reporl on .&aalyl of Tbaeco The PnnCipal of the Inland Revenue LBbor atm y 11 t Somerset HQulle m a rnport on the work of the department for the year end,ed March 31 1883 states that 128 samples of to bacco 01 ot substances used m 1ts manufac tu1 e have been analysed durmg the year of th"se 91 w'lre genome and 37 adulterated Of tbe adulterated samples 33 were of for C 1gn manufacture and CODI!ISted of smug gled cavendl8h and of cut tobacco presented lor 1mportat10n at the Jowe1 late of duty but contauung saccharme matter T.Re other four samples consisted of home manufactured to bacco blackened wrth sulphaLe of non of sulphate of Iron and of prune wme The of the tobacco maoufacto r eil of the Umted Kmgdom by the board e analysts resulted m the detectiOn of one man facturer m It eland usmg magnesia and excess of alkalme salts and of threa In Eng land usmg sulphate of 1ron prune wme and exceSI\ of alkahne salts teapect1vely but there IS no 1 eason to believe that m any of the cases thfl fraud had at tamed any cons1d erable magmtude -Tobacco 7rade Revultv Sept 8. & N OYel Clla:arelle Melljlrs M1ller Prmts & Co have begun the m!'nufacture f a machme mvent.ed by two Cubans J De Susm1 and hlB 110n who are stoppmg at the Keystone House I' IS mtended for use 111 wrappmg tissue or <>tber destrable paper aron1 d the tobacco m the man JfH.ctme of c garettes The to bllCCo after bemg pressed mto proper shape IS tatu-n from the molds and l.t'n ctgarettes at a time are placed m tl e machme ancl 111 a sacond 01 two tuey ar!l taken ou each neatly covered wuh paper one 11 ch wide teady fo1 packmg fo1 the trade 1: be ctga eLt>ep lember 19 A.. Greek Meaopo)J' The Greek Government has const1tuted the supply of mgarette papers a State monopoly These pnperll w11l he1 ceforwarp be supplie!l by the Government m books of fifty and a hundred &heets costmg 10 and 20 leptas re spectrvely Each paper bears the Gov ernment stamp and the length b1eadLb color etc a1 e fixed by law 'I he Import of forrugn c garette paper or of materials to be used as substitutes for Cigarette papers IS an offense pumshable by fire the amount vary mg f1om 250 drachmas t? liOO drachmas The drachma (100 lepla) IS al m value to the F ench franc -Tobacco rrade Revtew Sep tenW..r 8 & Tobaeeo Chewln& TroUID" Hor .. Blackwood Patchen a noted trotter-now on the track IS an 11 v.eterate tobacco chewer He clmto a. for the weed and IB neve1 per fectly at ease In hts box s all unless mastiC at 1ng a qmd To see hmt go out of the stable remarkAd the tramer to a reporter as he rem .. ved the horses wue muzzle Ill Ofder to ,:.(IVe h1m a CheW WhiCh the an rna\ ece tved w1th a ne1gh of dehght, you would never nde beh nd hun he acts so ft anttcally but the moment be t_ouches the 1oad be be comes as gentle n Jamb and travels close to 2 30 He IS a five year old by Black" ood out of a Patchen rna e The owner IB the p10puelor of the Mount Eden farm LAlliCLS REGISTIIRED T1t.le Putnam Phalanx (for c gars)Wilham B Dak:e Suffield Conn the New B ardof r.rade ChiCago (fot & Sanborn Cntcago Ill I T1tle TouJours (for manufactured to bacco) 'I hen as & B o R cbmond Va I1 le DeJeuner (tor manufac tn ed tdbacco)-Thomas & Bro R chmond v .. Tttle .A.pres D ner (for m:mufactu ed tobacco) TlJOmas & B o R chmond Va DESIGNS REGISTERED C1gRrette $hqw card Joseph Huppmnnn New York N Y 'Ie1m of patent 7 years -1'h1<1 week our Department of A.griCul ture received a box of tubacco soocl from Amsterdam Do the authorities mtend to encourag" the ra1smg of Sumatra here I The Crowng Tobacco Crop. N"o'ti.cea DYOUSllURG Sept 22 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF-We, have 1 ot repocted anytbmg from thrs dut' wt for some tlHJe so we w1!1 try and Jet you kuo v Lbe p1e ent cond1t10n of o tr cror vb ell IS not at all enconragu g We have had s x of dry cold weathe1 wb ch has cut om crop off fully one fourth of what we expected to make W th scarctty o( late season and wet veathe r we got out not over tbree-fom ths of an ""e age crop wb1 b has been cu down f lly one fou th or n10r e by .cold weather so that now w1Lh favorallle weathe r we canuot get housed over one b .. H of last years avetage c op 111 quanttty or quahty We have bad two 1 ght frosts that stan ed the tobacco m some Jocaht1es but onlJ shghtly Late corn ctops have a ffdted very much a1 d will make a ve1 y hght y1eld Farmers are very late m p1eparu g for the wheat crop and the wtll be up to last years SHC&Co EAST PBTERSJIUBG Pa Sept 25 ElDITOR ToBACCO LB:Ali'-Weatbe? clear and qu1te cool w1th "ten dency to frost to mght No damage w11l J:)e done te growmg tobacco Of any account as 1t IS very nearly all housed 'I be 1883 crop IS .curmg down splendidly and as far as I could see not a wbtte vem IS to be seen Great. activity 1s shown m the leaf market w1oh an upward tendency notwlthstandmg the vtews expressed by the trade only a few weeks ago In regard to the :probable effect of what ha1l and rrost had do11e Sales have been effected smce my last as follows -S M Bmcerderfer 2ll6 CIU!ee 1882 crop Mtller & HeFSbey 330 cases 80 crop (bavmg now but about 80 caset1 wrappen1 on of 80 crop) besidM other parties not res1dmg vary to our No sales of '83 as yet bemg too early CoR 0LJISTJUD Ky Sept 25 EDITOR ToBAcco Ls.u,-l!he drouth m my last contmues up to the present broken by seven! light 8howen1 followed by cool and dry10g weather 'I he crop bas Improved very httlti durml!i the past month and bas shown more d1spoeton to npen than grow Much the larger part of It has beeq. cut and housed 1n a fauly mature state and conslBts generally of rather satall planta With narrow and short It 18 waxy but will bo deflmant moil fhe later part of the crop now standmg IS oomg cut and 1s r1penmg much of 1t m a half grown state With top leavea not more than half grown The crop bas bee mater1 ally cut short by dwu h 'I E 1 B Pa Sept 27 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF The Wilson Hybr d tobacco m thiS vaUey all cIt and housed and IB curmg finely On the mo1 mng of the lOth mst "e had a I eavy but the very heavy cold fog saved the tobo.tcco 01 ce m a great wh1le and tmong a g eat many you w1ll fina one that Old Jack I as la1d h1s hand ltghtly on but tney vet y scarce Ea1ly sown buckwheat IB all ught a1 d IB hcavtly loaded but the late sown IS among the tbmgs that were Corn suffered to a great extent by the freeze Hard w11 ds and bail storms were unknown m tbts valley the past summer Tobacco wot ms and pests were ha1 dly thought of for they were very sca1 f:e Mr '-' ormly a York State tobacco buyer arrived 10 th1s place last evQntug and early this mornmg he exammed the crops r;rown by the Rockwell bOJS He pronounced the leaf to be very fine good growth good spread and fine texture-everythmg went to make a splendtd ctop Mr Wurmly was hrgbly pleased w1th the tob .. cco as well as the handling and care taken of 1t and so are the bo) B LEAF Hartford (Conn ) Post Sept 26 -In Broad Brook the t o bacco crop IS all harvested and generally 1t Ism good condmon all the best crops that were r1pe were harvested the frost and are all r1ght The late tobacco suffered heavily and m order to avo1d Lhe f1 ost It was takeu Ill before 1t was 11pe so that w1tl1 premaLure harvestmg and frost too the late tobacco IB not worth much The damage to growers lB large m th& aggregate rangm,; as 1 t does from partml to total loss on from on& to twenty acres Some plowed m the1r entire crop thereby losmg tl..e1r en tire summers "ork: NEW YORK Baldwmsvtlle (N Y) Gautte Sept 27Monday September 24 will be remembered as a red letter day In tb.e tobacco busmess of thiS sect10n There are ten bul ers m the field The market I S fevensh and prices from 16 to 20 cents Between five and sue liundred acres of tobacco have been pur chased up to Wednesday evenmg of planters who are known to possess good quality leaf The tobacco d1str1ct has been thoroughly canvassed and every crop of fine quality vas spotted by the r epr'.sentat1ve buvers A. few crops are reported as sold at 21 and cents t..ut the mfotmatwn 18 not founded upon 1 espons b I ty lt IS a ct edt table f.let that Onondaga Coun ty planlels generally 01 dm stand bow and do so1 t m d ha1 die theu p od UC[ m a man net n every w Y sat sfactory to the buyer As1de ft om the small ,;ro" th owmg to the backward season Onoudaga tobacco IS of ext1a tine quality Tbet'l are however some ve y li e c ops of good s1ze growth and a few c ops that we1e cut too g ee o vt g to the feQ.r tl at the autumn ft osts would wholly destro) the ent1re c op Souti;J Gtanby-Per y Blakeman sold hiS crop of two ac es of tobacco Iuosday Sept 25 at 20 ce tts per pound No ott et 1 e ported m tb s flace G .A. F Plrunnlle-1! ollowmg were the ones to sell e1r last 'Iuesday Sept 2a Isaac ce to Wm Wilson & Son 20c and balf the cases Jol n T Skumer purchased tha fol lowmg c ops at 20c -Newton Clark James rt.tor W1llard Hudson Samuel 1u ner Ed wm M1lls George Sunmqns Irwm Sohenck Wm Rawhugs p t :J'obacco buyers have not got fa1rly started yet but we expect s.oon to be taken as by storm with a dro\ e of them for we have hunlireds of acres of flue tobaCCO IS thiS VICinity thiS falf HernpblB-Qute a demand has been made for t.he remruumg small crop11 of 82 tobacco m thts sectiOn PI ICes paid ranged from 8 to 17c 'Ihe tobacco plantatiOns have presentEd a f!Cene of activity the pa11t week Generall;y the crop m this sect1011 wiU! harvested m very good cond1t1on '!here lB very little worm eaten tobacco The crop lB generally of sm 11 growth owmg to the up and down season and some planters becomu g uer vous at a narrow 61!cape from fro"t hastened the bar vest. before the plant was fatrly upe Boston Amencan Oulhvator Sept 29 -The dr) weathar still cout nues broken by a sngle ra n Afl a co sequence tobacco IS drJ 1 g ratl er than cur 1 g We hear c o m pi a l Its ot tlus from va wus places One gtowel who only put 111 a portion of hts crop be lore the frost says he th1 tks the part thus securt!-9 7 gL* PeQnsvlvaOJa. FiDe Dark Hoaaatoldc Wiaeo:aeba Havaa. Seed .... PeDDey1vama Wrappere. The alten t on of c ga.r manu acturers 11 fully called to our assortment of Lhese The quality of these tobaccos ts greatly enhanced by our rcswcat ng prnc ss wbJCh wh Jly & nat1Arlll nne be ng ent rely free f om dves and cbem1cala. These goods are ftne dark colors and also excellent n quality and burn Manufacturers of ftne cigars wtllllnd tllls stock parllcullll'ly well adapted \o !Ul the r requ rements We all!O nv te atteolion to our atock of Sumatra 10 bales we gh ng from 80 to 100 lba. BARKER & W AGGNER 29 S Gay St Bal1lmore 11d BURWELL &; CRAGIN A..ttomeytr at Law and Solictlora of PaU!IIIJ, Trade marka Label., Etc 1117 SEVENTH 8T w A8WKG'J'Olf D c W P Burwell aod H W Cragtn have formed a fpeci&I partnership for atteodwg to lhe repua&loa of Trade marks Laheja etc. for Cigan Ciprettea aDd TobaccO Mr Burwell aa the reprelleDtaCI,v,a of Ule va 1ouo tobacco nduelio11s before Coogrs nee 1812 refers to the Nail oal Tobacco Aaooela t10n wboae wuln the lete redue tton alo to Boos J RaDdolpb Tucker Oabel ud WIBe Senators Jobn10n Beck Ran10111 ud members of Congreaa generally llr Craaln late .K1I am1oer In the Parent Oftlce hu datly praetiee there aad can g1ve references of llle order 1171)-r917 seems to be mcely but I thmk tbOie growen1 make a m1stake who leave sheds open durmg th1s dry weather when the ram does come open them until sum mently damp then close them t1ght and dry otf slowly Nmth Hadley Sept:-1!4-New crop IS cur well and farmers are expectmg good pnces Sales one lot of Havana at 16c through one lot at 17c through and another at 16c Buyers are looking and buyUlg sharp Hatfield Sept 24-Alfred H Graves sold 154 cases of Havana Seed at 20c through 0 C Wells 8 cases Havana at 16c through At North Hatfield Josephus Crafts sold 2S casea of Hav'-na. at 16c Mr JubenVIlle 9 cases at 16c through Franl!: 11osbar, 24 cases Havana at At South Doerfield-Etght acres of Havaua at p t rumor says more than 18c and leu tha.n20c Deerfield Sept 24-Two small lots of 8J Havana for 15c through 17c has been offered and refused (or good lots Sunderland-C K Smith seld 116 cases of 82 Havana at 11lc and 4C for fillers Ten or twelve lots still remam UlliiOld A feelmg exiSts that tobacco 1s gomg to advance some what m price Our Suffield cor1espondent says -Wha' w th d y weather g ass hop pet a and fross, we thmk the 83 crop may be pronounced a fa1lU1 e m th1s sect10 n Tins IS exceptiOnal Our East Hartford people wrtte us that the bulk of the crop 111 and IS very fine and IB cunng well Sprmglield (Mass ) New England Home stead l:lept 29 -The tobacco market IS very act ve not only m New York but m the countty Buye1s are flockmg 10to the Con nect cut Valley buy10g up 82 packmgs and m s pect1 g the 83 crop Tha 83 Housatomo ct op IB bemg qu1etly piCk d up also The p1 ces pa1d are a ha1 p advance upon valles c ur ent durmg the last few years and d Pmor:strate how W founded was th& s op n on of the 8?. crop and th& state of the market The sale of A H. G aves (Hatfield Mass) 82 crop of Havana at 20c 1s one of the made In the Connecticut Vallev ot recent amount g to over tlO 000 The price )N1lQ vas eqmvale 1t to 28" per lb for chou:e E'a.vuua Seed wrappers The purchaser was a shrewd buyer who doubtless knew has busmess t.bougb the op mon among the trade IS Lhat tbe market hardly JUStifies the pnce. Ihare are mdJcationll however that lbe actJvJty wlll contmue until the crop If! all out of first hands udl888 Lhe estimated shortage of 50 000 cases of wrappers m tile 1883 crop should prove to be -an exaggera t!On Growel'!l certamly have reason to be very firm m then vtews While we would encourage them m a leg'ltJmate effort to ge' what their crops are reaUy worth 1t 1& neither sens1hle nor profitable to hold such exLreme views as to dr1ve buyers from the field .A. word of cautiOn m tblS l'lll!pect 18 therefore not out of place A good f&lr puce should be accepted unless the growerWIShes to tu n speculato1 wl1ch 18 hardly ad Vlij&ble vVI at a good fmr pnce IS each g10wer must J 1dge tor b maelf from tbe co d1t10n and quality of h1s crop an4 the state of the market Sprmgtleld-Local dealers lhmk the pres ent actlvlty unhealthy a d based on exag gerated r eport s of host Jamage 'Ihey an tiCII ate an eas1er market I te1 They do no' deny that thete IS a1 enormous demand for 82 Havana though they cia m S i'e d leaf IS.. nPglecteJ We we1 e shown letteJ s from New Yo k deale s who were anx1oud to buy Ha, vana as t;heu customers ms sted on haVIng 1t The trade hete unan n say the mark9t does not warrant 21)., through for 8J Havana Towne Fuller & Co courteously repo1 t these purchases of 82 Havana made last Frtday and Saturdav all at marked we1gbts -R A Hu d and W A W !son 15c L B Bullard Nurth Hadley E F W1IPy of Sunde1land p t amountmg to about $2 000 North Ilatfield-Buyers have been numer ous durmg the past week and the following


I L I 4 eales have been made-F Kosher. 7,300 pounds lllavana George C. Mo.Nb, .8IX acre& ( IDJUred b:Y drouth), llc; P Jaber ville's crop at better than 111c. Other good remam unsold. South Deerfield-Buyers are up '82 Havana at an advance of 2 to 3c on pricea two weeks ago, but some will not sell at the advance, and confidently look for still higher as the demand for thiS variety 18 very Getrong and the supply m the market near!} Charles Hager & Sons sold '82 of SlXCre#, 28 cases, to Joseph Mayer's Sons, of New York, at through. marked -we1ghts .They have five ..cres left E .Eal.Y. sold three acres to ROsenbaum, of New York. g,t 18c, A. A Jewett, seven-acres hailcut '82 Havana to Mayera on p t The t1mely ex pose by the Homestead about the '82 crop, and 1ts proctLCal ad v1ce to cure the '83 crop as carefully and slowly as possible, should be heeded by every growet, and Will worth the cost of many years' eubscr1pt10n to every one Hatfield-Tobacco has been very acttve dur ing the last two weeks The sales have been made at ad. vancmg pr1ces, and what remams of the '82 growth m the growers' hamls IS held firmly The largest sale was that of A -G. Graves' '82 Havana to Josaph Mayer's Sons1 of New York It compnaeq 1111 cases, 84 oi wh1ch were wrappers It was a me& lot, all carefully Sized before pack1ng and out very fine. The pr1ce r,a1d was f.!Oc through, aggregatmg $10 ,087. 'Ihaddeus Graves sold at 18c, H S Hubbard at 14c for wrappers, 0 C Wells 16c, E Brmnard and Wtlliam B Langon 15c, S G Hubbard 18c, Wm H Dackmson & Son 15 and 4c, Ehsha Marsh & Son 18%c All these sales wero last week/ Geo A l:l!lhngs IS buymg for Towne & Fuller, and F Carl for Joseph Mayer's Sons The new crop IS curmg well. no pole .sweat on eally cut f Sunderland-J Edson Marvell & Son have sold thear 1882 crop on p. t. J M & C K Smtth get 15c Northampton-Last week brought plenty of buyers anxious to fix some gootl bargams befofe the rlS& 1n pnce which 18 soon to come Farmers will do well to take extra 'Cf!.re 10 the nurmg, stti)?PIDg and packing, as good 11rtacle wall be m demand. Many of >OUr growers had some InJUred by frost. Thts tbey wtll do well to cheerfully throw out, as 'it 18 good for notbtng, Deerfie14-L W. Aldncb sold on ca"Bes at C. Hager & ..26 001168, 5c; W. W Sandel"llOil 6 cases. .Jn&rked weaghts, all Havana, and more or Jess hail cut, to A F Carey, Southmgton, .COnn. The good ram to day 1s just what tlie new crop needed for cunng. Bradgewater, Conn.-Tobacco 18 all gatb and 1s curmg mcely. Not more than :tlve or SIX acres got frosted 10 this town Some crops have been sold at 16 to 20c m the bundle Our local packer shppsd 26 cases of 82 Havana last week -West Hartland, Conn -Only two or three crops of tobacco were .secured before the frost of Sept 4 and 5 Sharon, Conn -Soule, of New Malford, has bought considerable of the '83 crop, 16%c bemg the highest prace reported 'L'has report was by mastake prmted under the bead of Canaan, Conn m the Homestead of Sep 15 Tornngton, Conn -The crop of Havana and Seed leaf as very fine, and was housed Without InJury by frost. 'Vest Hartford, Conn Takml,l' the town through, I do not thmk tbe frost damage should be put at over10 per cent Faeldsare st'o.ndmg to day (Sept 24) wath scarcely a leaf frost-marked Early cut pieces seem ta be curmg well Lanesvtlle, Conn -Tobacco as about all se and now seems to be curtng veryuacely, some ram recently and several foggy nagbts havmg helped the curmg very much Some of local packers have been busv of late looking at the early harvested crops of Havana. Many of the farmers have sold to Wallaam Schove!lmg for 15 'to 20c Among them are Oum Marsh. G L Hamlm, Hiram anville. Theodore Howes, Albert Mallett and Amoo Northrop 'L'hese crops were all Havana aud were safely housed before the itost Dr Knowles had a crop stamjmg on the bank of Stall River, whach 1s unl!larmed by frost. I suppose the fog of the raver bas saved ab. PENNSYLVANIA. Lancaster (Po. ) Examzner and Er:cpres3. ;September 26 -Durmg the past week the tobacco men have been act1ve and the sales foot up about 2,400 cases of all kmds m thiS m&Tket. Of the '80 crop about 250 cases were .sold, mcludmg a packmg ot 145 cases sold bt Isaac St1rk to a New York firm and a packing of 113 cases sold by J H Kauffman ;ali!O to a New York firm Of the '81 crop about 200 cases were sold, of wh1ch 100 cases was m small lilts, and R H. Brubaker sold 100 cases to a New York manufacturer OHIO Maafiusburg (0) Bullettn, Sept. 21 -There is brtsk demand here for everythmg serviCe able m every vai"Iety, old and new T1m1d operators are mchned to step at to 15c for '83 German, m the fear that the highest notch bas been reached and that late buyers wall get lower but such expectatiOns have absolutely no basis True, the crop IS large, and 81 was bought at 6 to 7c, but planters. are very generally mformed of the fact that '82 was a very small crop, that the leadmg markets are short, and that bulk of '83 IS m the bands of growers Buyers cannot wathdraw now long enou-gh to let pnces drop, because maDUfacturers are clam ormg for this stock, and If they are not sup plied promptly they will come on m person and see what's the matter The biggest move on the board, however, was all along known to be the purchase of the Zammer' s Spamsh and the Hybrids, but these varaetaes, wath the few desuable lots m the small Ct op of Glessner, were held off until tbetr character could be determmed m curmg 'L'be first cured samples ehCtted un qualified abmaratwn here and abroad Yet the curmg season was dry, and old dealers watted and watched, feann&: delay and dreadmg to move Fme wrapper runs mtor money, but at as a scarce artacle Whale eome dealers were notmg the dry weather and fearmg evil, others were markmg the lo cation and construction of sheds as well as such planters as took pams to haul water and keep thear crops an case. Suddenly a rush was made m Darke County, and before a smgle step could be taken to head at otf nearly the enttre product of the county was swept up It was a bold scheme, but well planned and executed. The quahty of thts purchase aswell assured and as undoubtedly the finest evei grown m the couD.ty-or any where else, for that matter. "' Dayton (0 ) Journal, Sept. 25 -SO far as mJury tc tobaccO' 18 concerned bnstltng raider, Jack Frost, may come at h1s own sweet wall, and cover the valley wtth hiS armor The crop ta m the sheds out of has way There as a snenli:Int mfiuence that the grower must watch, or 111 curing has tobacco may show mold rust} or the dreaded white vema. It IS Wlthin the power o t the farmer to prevent thiS by dllagent atterlt1on to ven Ulat10n. ) Dealers from Eastern cat1es and from tlte North &Ad West have been ridmg through every secL10n of thas district, stndy1ilg the situatton, buying crops here and there from growers of reputation, or other crops show mg '!ue.lltr., and prtcee 88\!ID to be a second arv constderataon wath buyers Tobayco eofd, however, does not represent any con Sidel!able proportiOn of the quant1ty grown The few sales have been m Seed leaf at 6 to Be, Glessner, 7 to 9c, Wtsconsm Seed and samalar broad leaf varaet1es of quality, 9 to llc Bnsk bas been done m Ltttle Dutab for the month past, buyers now offer mg 12 to 15c m runnmg lot1;1 Lighter crops of domestiC Havanas, bemg fine wrapper under the several local dubs, 10 tp 12c WISCONSIN Edgerton Wtscon&m Tobacco Reporter, Sep tember 21 -The present mdacatwns are that at least one half, or mote, of the tobacco that was thought to be rumed by the frost a week ago, Will be placed m the sheds and an made to save sometbmg out of the wreck. A few farmers are plowmg up their fields, aut more of them are trymg to save the bestpor twn of their sear&d tobacco. It 18 a mooted quest1on whether 1t wall pay to med4le wttb trosted tobacco at all or not Many of the grO\\ era have had experaence wath frosted crops, and probably thmk 1t IS better to save half a leaf than none at all Frozen tobacco wall always pass for a damaged leaf, and 1f miXed watb the crop gathered before the frost may mJure the sale of the whole lot We have got to learn that any buyers have entered the field for the present crop, but all are J ealously watchmg lest some one make a; break and a etampede would ensue. ThiS Is not very hkely to occur, as the growers are generally well posted, and w1ll hold for stronger praces than most buyers would be willing to pay In the cured leaf market there is notbmg domg worthy of note The sbapments from tbas pomt the month thus far have been -New York, 899 cases, Chacago, 270, St Louts, 229, Mtlwaukee, 100, Boston, 100, Mmneapo lis, 68, Detroit, .W Total, 1, 712 cases. NEW Sept 28 Western Leaf-Ltke an epademac dymg out for want of subJects, se our market 1s quaetmg down m the apsence of adequate sup phes. Holders of our hm1ted stocks of Kentucky are mcreasl!lg their demands. The weather tn the West bas' of late been more favorable Whether at wtll do muGh good or not remams to be seen Of the 1882 crop fully 2, 000 cases were sold in paokmgs, the followmg bemg gaven m de -Longenecker & Co sold 600 cases to FattiUln & (.)o Jonas Eaby sold 154 cases to Shmdel & Stehman, Buch Bros sold 1U to C G Scbuberth & Co., Mwbael Hoffman eold 336 cases to Basch &: Fasher and 337 cases to C G Schubertb & Co J obn S Wilson sold 52 cases to R H Brubaker, F H Bare 48 cases to R H D H M1ller45 cases to Mr Bamberger, and Jacob E!lpensbade 25 cases to a New York firm. There IS an active demand for all kmds of goods It ts easy at any tame to sell the '82 a profit. The '80 crop-what as left -of 1t-also sells easaly, and even the '8 1 crop IS brmgmg bigger figures than was thought f>OBStb}e a few months' ago. Prices of pack "Ings sold are hot gri>en, but the quotations run about the same as gaven m the New York market Range of prwes 6 .!>4 to 12 ,%' c per lb, 1c per lb higher than at tbe begmmng of thiS month Nearly all of the '83 crop that 1s worth cut tmg IS m the houses, and that 18 abou all that can be said of at at present Reports are curtent that tt as nut cunng well, but that ts a matte1 that can hardly be d&etded yet. Lancaster (Pa ) Inqutrer, Sept 26 -Gen eral satasfactwn rmgus among tobacco men Tb:e Lancaster farmers have safely housed their '83 Ciop, whtcb, 1f not quite so large as .somp former crops, IB probably large enough to meet the deman<}il of the market, and, .apart fa-om that portion whwh was cut down .by the hail and mpped by the ir011t (netther -of which are regarded as very sertous calam : ltaes) the crop 18 a very clean and a very good one, and nearly all of at I S now safely on the poles. SOJUO of at IS sa.1d to be curmg admarably, and syme of 1t, whach was cut .durmg the dry, bot weather, IS eaad to be do not so well It as such a very. common tbmg for the bulle and the bears to give con tradactory accounts of the condition of the crop, t):tat we gave very httle credence to _the] saying We thmk the condlctiOn f the DB'}'" on the whole, qutte satl8factory, and that the grower, the packer and the manufacturer will each and all make their usual "dtvvy" out of 1t when at gets mto the market. Messrs. M RADER & SoN report to THE Export J obbets Manufacturers SpeculatiOn ... Total for the month 1494 hbds 250 .. 844 3428 hhds. 695 2131 .. 147 .. 6401 Month hbds 3,626 0 939 4 533 9,098 Month. Exports 1.0,011 1 Seed LeafT l!e sales of Seed 1600 cs 1682 Pennsylvama .. 12 250 cs 1880-81 Pennsylvama 8 800 Cd 181:!2 New England, m cludmg Housatomc A880rted 11 895 cs 1882 New York State 13 150 ca. 1882 New York State @12 @13 @16 Havana Seed 300 CS 1882 W ISCOnBill 2fl6 cs 1882 Ohto 18 @23 14 @18 150 cs 1880-Sl Ohw The dastrtbutiOn was as follows 8 6 @ 7 To manufacturers 1 ,26 5 cases 'L'o mty trade 2 175 Out of town 796 Export 175 4,411 .. Span.ah-Tbere ts little domg, 450 bales changed hands at from 80 to 115c Sumatra-There as more mqu1ry, but very few sales, owmg to b1gh praces Leaf-Tile market for both Vtr gmaa and Mason County tobacco has been act>ve, and some good sales have been made of bright wrappers at 40 to 55 cents The demand for export leaf bas also been brask, Me.Son County sellmg at 18 to cants for medmm ana good leaf The mouth of Sep tember has been the best thas year The crop m Vngm1a IS IOJured beyond a doubt, ana pr1oes are bound to advance Tbere1s a good outlook for trade this fall for bright wrappers and cutters. IIIIPQRTS, The arnvalll at tbe port of New York from tor e1gn pol"l8 lor the week. mcluded the folloVIag con s1gnmenta L>verpool-Kmney Tobac(:o Co 150 bales tobacco robacc'l4"F GarCia, Bro & Co 54 bales, C Palacio & Co 121, F Muanda & Co 98 Cahxto Lopez & Co 147. Sanchez & Haya 68, F & Co 601 J'Berubc1m kgs (322 lbs) mfd Copenhagen-2 pkgs \314 lbs) mfd 1 Dutch \Ve8l lndlu--7 bales, 27 pkgs (4.128 lbs) mfd Gibralta.--104 bhois, 241 cases Giasgotll-822 hbds HambU.-g-86 hhds, 50 cs, 166 pligs (211,200 lbs) mfd Bayli-S hhds Hamd-100 hbds Hult-3 cases Lzvmpool-21 hhds, 5 cases Lotulon-94 hhds, llil c>, il7 pkgs (5, 7'i6 lbs) mfd. bales New pkgs ( i 784 lbs) mfd POl to RICk bbl d@, !119 bxs do. 64 kegs do, 2 Jars do, order 81 bhds 60 cs leaf, 1 do smkg Last year's Pennsylvama crop contmues to be a prime favorate w1th dealers and manu factureis Over two thousand cases of tt -changed hands m t hiS county durtng the past week, at profitable rates Of tbe '81 crop, whtch contmues to amprcve m public .estimatiOn, 300 oa 400 cases were sold, and a few hund1ed cases of low grade '80 were also diSposed of Our market IB by no means glutted, and holders of '80, '81 and '82 are d1s posed to be a little sttff m tbe1r demands The late lieavy t1:a.nsactaons m the New York and other qti'Jtkets operate favorably on our -own, the 11enseless Bhn & Co 6 F C Lmde Hamilton & Co 40 E & G Fr1enrl & Co 110, S !:lalo moo 3, A Hussey & Co 1, H Koenig & Co 1 hale By til Old Dumi.nwn 8Mann8lup L,..-R M Allen & Co 31 bhds, H 8Jebert 16, J A Pauli 20 Jansen & Co 5, Kremelberg & Co 16, Watjen, Toe! & Co 45, Kmney Tobacco Ce 8 W Ilhams &: Terhune 10 Sawyer, Wallace & Co 36, F E Owen 82 dG, 47 LEAF. VIrginia-common and good luga 3 00@ 5 50 common to men Moo re & Co 12 butts mfu. 24 cs do, 60 bxs do, 10 !>1( bxs do 10 J.(bxs do 1 _!,( do 202 cads do 8 smkg. M E M cJJowel\ & Co 410 cs smkg 2 do mfd 100 bxs do 6 cs H K&FBThmber&Co60cssmkg,3domfd 15 bxs do 4 cs snuiJ Augustm cf Du s el 17 cs smkg. 10 butts mfd, 16 cs clgllrettes. E Hen 216 cs smkg 7 do mfd Le o pold 40 bxs mfd :; M bxs do 40 cads do, 25 -cade do E DuB o is 2 cs mfd 5 cads do, 10 la bxs Elo H Wnt Matthews 23 bxs mid, 16 cads do, 1 box smkg Wm Broadhurst Jr, I case mfd 15 bxs do 50 _!,( l)xs d o Wise & llendheun 29 cs smkg 1 do mfd Duke & iOtabl 2 cs smkg, R A Mills 13 trcs Schroeder & Bon 1 ca leaf, Berry, Wisner & Co cs smkg Spencer Stcut & Co 16, Carpenter Om nell & Co 1 box <,lo Wm Paulson 6 cs mfd J B Puce M.fg Co 1, 8 Dresdner 4 J D Evans & Co 5 R W Cameron & Co 5 A &, J Cobn 2 bxs do, CR.rhart Bros 25 bxs do D Aldas 60 bxs p1pes Kerbs & t!p1ess 1 cs c1gars. order 168 hhds 01 tiC 10 ;\,(Ires, 17 cs smkg, '1 bxs do 4 bale> do 3 b uckets do 187 cs mfd, 15 bxs do 51 bxs rlo 20 Ji bxs do 25 ;\,( bxs do 10 bxs do, 4 cs ctgarette 8 pkgs sam Leaf-Common to medtum... 9 00@11 50 M,030 bbds Good to fine 12 00 Ex ports of Maryland and Sel&ettons. .... 19 00@26 50 Ohw smce January 1 23 448 hhds LYK.CHBUUG, Sept 27 -M-ra. Boll, Bh1pped coastwise and re oil> Co lluyers and Handlers of Leaf Tomspected 8 745 bhds bacco retJott to TUB ToBACOO LRAJ" as follows 32.193 hhds Last week brought us comparatively heavier re ce1pts, segregating about 517,000 llili. whach }Dd pies, 1 box s nuff By 1M New Ytnk and NMD Haeen 8tMm boa&La,..-E Rosenwalrl & Bro 94 cases l ea f, Cull mans & Rosenbaum 58 Jos Mayers' Sons 89 .B Grotta 10, W 5 J LobensttiD 5, A L & C L Holt 18 S Aren 43, Landman & Bern Stock an warehouse th1a day and on With a very good demand, as the season !or old' to-shipbo!W'd n o t cleared . .. 21.837 bbds bacco practically ctosed therewith ReceiJ?tS thla Stock tunc m 1882 88.4QO bhds week are smaller consistmg chiefly of prtmmp;a. The offermgs of old tobacco are tr1flmg and gen erally of'" the less desirable kmds The market is very tlrm With an act1 ve demand During the month we had a slow but steaay advance tor all grades and we revise q ootahona according to prea eut values Some o:( our figure& are nouuoal ool all of th e grades be1ng represented in p1eaent oJfeJ"o mgs he1mer 45, order 6 ., By ;Netll York end Bolturwre 1'ranBporlatt.on & D, Lea! '1 obacco l.rCJkers and Re dryers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Tobacco, rr.port as follows to Tn ToBACCO LEAF -After the date bf our last report the market contmued to strengthen on all grades, and c l osed s trOnl(er at the end of the week than enr Tins week. howeve, unller the exces s1vely large otl'enngs at (over 1,(00 hhds In two days). pnces have not been so strong espeCially on the common and medtqm gradejl, whwb have been largely offered A g1eat deal of tpbacco bemg sold IS funked, or not s"eet Rpcetpts ace only moderato and we do rot l qoiL t,or. a large amount of tobacco ome 1 Uoasltllue from K"l/ w ... t-0 JI Ove1 ton & Co 4 cs c1gars Pobalski & 6 J Ellmger & Co 24. S Lmmgton s Sons 2 Esberg d Bach wan & yo 15, H H Kelly & Co 9 V Martmez Ybor & Co 28 Perea Bro s 9 H K & F B Ttmber & Co 5 F if Leggatt & Co2 0 Hermance 11, B Wasmeer 1 B DHt@ 67\( !Jl%@100' 1 120 @150 !!IAN VII' A(JTVRED TOBA(J(JO. PBIOD IN Botm-T.U: 8 PKR 1 1 BRIGHT&-' BLAOIUJ-Navy til, 61, 6o,""' llo IV, f:IIO,IOs, 12e )41bo 16@18 .1: 110@25 )41bs, 108 and Pocket N&vy 41i 3a and Plec08 18 CliO lillbs & 20@25 !l-Inch llght-opr-110 cso1Navy 1ije or Pocket Gold il&nl 30 @50 P>eceo. UQ2S I and 12-mcb twillt 23 twiSt;" (13@30 GRA.NULATBD Slli:OH.ING_TOHA.C(JO. 35@ fO 1!3@ 30 SEED LEAF MARKET. The offermgs of Seed leaf last Saturday were 19:.1 cases agamst 166 cases the pr e vwus week Classed os follows -Ohio Seed 164-cases Indl8na, 12, City, 16 Out of the 192 case' oiJered 62 were reJected. The breaks consisted prinCipally o( lnfenor grades though some tine "rappers were offered and good prices paid for them On the whole the market was not as good as the twd pre\ltbus weeks Different g1ades sold as follows J 22 cs commpn smokers $1 80@ 2 80 37 cs good smokers 8 00@ B 115 48 C' fillers 4 00@ 5 9{) 54 cs bmders 6 00@ 9 7ij 18 cs med)um wrappers 10 60@14 75 8 cs good WI appers 15 60@J9 00 5 cs tine wrappe1s 20 OO@i!2 00 > QUOTATIONS. t1 I ff New Cuttng Lmtpommo n dark smok!n)!; lugs Common bright smoking lugs 1 ll1edmm do do Good do do '"" Common bngbt stnppmg !ugl'. Medmm do do Good do do :F1ne do do Medmm leaf Good do Fme and fancy br1ght leaf 450@55b 550@650 7 00@ 8 00 8 .'10@10 50 7 00@ 8 00 8 00@10 00 12 00@11> 00 .18 00@20 00 1 2 00@1:5 00 17 00 25 o g oo, New 700@900 10 00@13 OQ bddy 1 7 00 Fme bnght color and body 24 00@2S 00 BY TELEGRAPH Sept 28-0ffe nnFS 2170 Jihds sales, 1807 do Market closed !ll'IVPII'. CLAUKSVILLE, Tenn., Sept 25 -Messrs ll'l H Cla!lr & Bro Tobacco Brokers report to THB ToB \COO LEAF -Our sales for tl\e week end mg to day were 26 hllds, mer ely enough to give m d1catwn of the feelings of buyers and sellers wete sttong as shown .hE another advance bemg made and still free reJections of bids J I QUOTATIONS Western & Southern Markets. I ASHEVILE, N. C., Sept 25 C Huntet Barksdale, Leaf 'l'obacco Dealer, reports to THE ToliACCO LEAF as f o llows -After a week's ram we have clear weather once more Just escaped fr ost last noght Unless we have contmued ary and warm weaLher It IS feared that much of the outstandmg crop will not ripen before frost. First sale of new crop to day @5 @10 @9 @12 @17 @8 @8 @14 @11 @13 @20 @25 @40 @65 Wisciuneyer l)o. Tobacco CommlS8IOn M'l!r cho.nts>. reporL to TXB ToBACco LED -Receipts of Mary laud are fau, bot of Ohto very little 11 com mg f,rward The market for Marrla.nd conunues acLtve and drm Common descnptwns are still m qmred for, supposed for specu lauon The higher grades, under hgbter offe11nge, find qu1ck sale to &blppers generally Ohi'l leaf was m good request the past week, but for export IWd h om e man11.fac turers Good grades are very firm, especially spangled, which IS scarce Sales for the week, 605 hhds, of wb1cb 485 were to !hlppers and 120 to manutocturers $2 00@ 8 00 350@400 400@500 650@800 8 50@10 00 10 00@14 00 Commonluga GoO<} lugs Corn'llqn leaf 'Med mm !eat G qod leaf No tl ne grades offermg 1 The weather has been vmy changeRble and un certam, warm and cool spells allernatmg the latter cat.smg some fears of an early frost 'l'he crop In tbe meant1me has been npemng and faJimg bef01e the kmfe, and perhaps folly per cent of tbe crop '" now m the house, With cuttmg progres siNg at a steaay rate The late tobacco still needs a ram to push ft forward BY TELEGRAPH Sept 27 -Sa les 25 hllds ket strong Crop ripe n ing steadily' and l)emg cut I j DANVILLE, "Va., Sept 20 -Paul C Ven able, Les.t lobacco Broker reports ta T:rr:& To BAcco LEAJ" as follows -Our sales con tmue fauly s upplied !9r the season A moderate amount of old tobacco contmues to come m from the country and will probably to do so for some weeks A fau supply o f pnrnmgs also contmue to come 10, but le s than last week! A httle new leaf also be gms to appear, which IS for the most part rather gteen 'I he very abundant rams we have had re centlv tend to retsrd the npenmg of the growmg crop, which IS generally rep<>rted as far from ripe Some fa1 mers are cultmg others are dispoaed to wait unt tl frost actually tlu:eatena before cuttmg. Pnces are unchanged J l QUOTATIONS-[1oose tobacco In amalllots j Smokers-Qommon 7 @ 9 Medtnm 9 @19 Good 12 @15 Fme to extra 15 @25 Fillers-,..Cemwon Juga. o> 6 @ 7 Common leaf 7 9 Bright leaf 9 @12 Good do J.!Q, .,. 15 @17 1 F1"e do do .. @17 WrappersCommon 18 @25 Medmm 25 @30 Good 30 @40 1 Fute 40 @llli Extra .1.. 55 @711 I -!!. I HOPKlNSVJL.L.E, Sept 26 -Mr Geo V Thompson, Tobacco 'Broker. to THB To BACCo LEAJ" "''follows -Sales this week 89 hhds PIIces somewhat h1gher than at previOus so.le f>pecnlatwn on account of short crop prospect has forc e:l up priCes The weather continues dry, and the crop IS being rapidly housed Our next sale w1ll be on Oct 10 The season 10 about over, and stocks are bemg rapidly reduced 4110@ 5 00 5 00@ 6 7 00 9 00 600@600 650@ 750 750@950 10 00@12 00 4 00@18 00 4 00@ 7 00 LOUISVILLE, Sept 26-Mr A FaboBer, 4 00@ 6 Oil Secretary of the T obacco Board of Trade, reports te 6 50@ 7 50 THE TOBACCo LEAJ" as follows -Smce my la st rc 8 00@10 00 port this market bas remamea active and strong 7 00@ 9 00 for all grades Several days the past week tbe1 e 11 00@18 00 was a hltJe nregulanty but at the close of the 7 00@16 00 week pnces became &tronger, With qlllte a sharp 4 00@ 5 00 ad vance on the better grades of Burley leaf 5 00@ 6 00 There has been rather a small p10port10n ot dark 6 00@ 7 00 styles ollermg I!Dd puces are-very strong for bot.h 7 50@ 8 00 lul(s and l ea f 9 00@10 00 Receipts contmue light, thiS week they were 860 10 00@11 00 hhds. ijl',aiDst 210 hhds same time last year 11 50@18 00 Salek for tbe week, month and year, and cor t.. "" J QUOTATIONS Lugs-Common dark and unsound. 6 -@ 6 50 Medmm and good . 6 50@ 7 1!0 1 Medmm and dark heavy .. 6 50@ 7 110 Reddish ant\ colory common 7 -@ 7 50 do do medmm 7 50@ 9 do do good 9 -@10-Common bnght and mixed .. 8 -@ 9 -.MeQium Ao 9 50 Good d_? .13 Fme and fancy bngbt .. 20 ..,..@l!f Lcaf-Oommon datk 7 8 Medmm d<,> 8 -@ II 60 Good brown an d dark heavy 9 50@11 60 I Floe do o do 11 50@18 -111 StM.ctly fine do do do 13 110 .. 14 -!1 -f MedJURl I 18 --@30 -' Good .80 -@150 1 1 Fme and fancv, scarce 50 -@811 ...J.. dark 1 -@ SU-1 :8rown leafy. .. 3 -@ II 1 ColoiJ and brJghf 4 -@ 8 ItiCHl.'IIOND, Sept 27 -W B. DtbreU Leaf 'l'obaeco Broker reports to TUB LEAF as f ollows -On account of teported bad curmg of that portl()n ottfie crop cut anlf the late n ess and green color or that Ill the field, pnces Oll all grades are o.gam hfgher, very dectdedly so to day on Wrappers Wtth heavy Bales to speculators and manufacturers Receipts are hgbt and boyers from all quarters s.eem compelled to look to thia market now for supp lies A very good crop Jlt"O&-I I'ect, however, would hardly eJfect lower pnc:ea 1 With the present hunted supply SAN FRANCISCO, Sept' 20 -The Journal of Commerce says -The statiStiCs of the manufacture m thiS caty for the month of August as compared w1th August, 1882, are as follows-1883 No 15,612,500 14,748 ,575 355,500 484,451 Lbs 1883 1882 21 413 show a consaderable mcrease over the figures of 1882 for the same perwd, espeCially m the matter of ctgars. We beheve that ,the above 1a the largest number ever made m one month :we except the exceptiOnal one of May, after the mternltl ue tar had been ,reduced. CiqARS-ToteJ rmports smce Jan 1, 956 cs. by tor the week endtng Wednesday, Sept 12-' H Heynemann & Co, .1 case, Jones & Co 1, A Mau & Co, 2, Machalitcbke Bros 1 A. P-ollaclr & Co, 1, R Sutliff, 1; 2 Wellman, Peck & Co, a, L & E Wertbeu:iaer' 2, J H W1dber, 1 Total, 15 I Imports seem to be light The quantity manufactured goi!B on mcreasmgly, and new avenues for tbeu sale are contmually openmg up 1 ToBAcco-Totalamports smce January 1 ...._ Manufactured, 2,859 590 lhs, leaf, 3 972 bales cs, 7J. bbds, 50 trcs (2,419,990 lbs) imports by rat! for the week ending W&dnesday, Sept. 5 are as follows -Jrtanufactured-BrttlBh Columbia, 2,080 lbs; J A Drmkhouse & o, '1, 250, M Ehrman &: Co, 3,870, Esberg, B & Co, %2,060, Falkenl!ltem & Co 4,010, Honolulu, 2,110, Jones & Cq, l.480, W John, 210, H !Levi & Co, 750, Mangels & Co, 410 .Micbahtschke Broe, l 640, Meyer Bros, 390, Portland (01'), 5 290; Root & Sanderson, 1,100, Sandersvnl&; Horn 294 Tallmann & Bendel, 3 700; Varaous, 3,510: L & E Wertbe1merj 14,080; Wellman, Peck & Co, 1 ,200 Total, 69,434lbs Leaf-A J Brande n stem 53,540 11>8; E Ets enberg & Co, 180, Seal Rook Tobacco Co, 7 640, Varaous, 19,200; L & E Wertheimer 16,760 Total, 97,320 lmportatwns of leaf th" w&ek end mg Wednesday, Sept il2-1 Bls. Cs. Hhds Lbs. 16,760 80,560 151 175 6 Total 151 175 6 97,320 The leaf market as m a very act1ve state, and has a slightly upward tendency Manu factured also sells very well and as firm. WINSTON, N. C., Sept 26 -Mesi!J'S. Hall & Shelton, LMf Tobacco and Stem report to TUB ToBACCO LEAJ" as follows -Bmce our last rep.,rt WIJ have Lad a great deal of wet weather, and It ts cloudy to day If the wu! clear up and stay so for two weeks the tobacco Will be much helped If It contmues ramy the tobacco wlll be thm and dark We thmk that one half of a crop Will be secured Breaks are fair l y l8J'ge Smokers, common dark red bright fine fancy Fillers, common dark \ good ftne Wrappers, common j\"OW fine fancy 4 @ li 8 10 @11 13 @15 16 @26 11 @14 14 17 1 25 40 @50 110 @61 AMSTERDAM, Sept 14.-Messt{ & Van V een report to THE TOBACCO LILU' as follows -Of 18,350 bales offered 'tlus week by subscri]Jtion. 16,841 bales were sold The was as keen as ever, and not oW.y good qualities fetched high praces, but also medmm tobac cos were well paad for The great want of all other kinds suitable for wrappers makes 1t certam that Sumatra will keep ate pos1taon m our market, wb1le at may be expected that the next subacraptaon, when the remamwg crop will be brought on the market, will not brmg lower prices A subscription for Java will take place the end of this month. Imported -823 bales Sumatra. Stock to day -14,600 bales Sumatra, 17,444 bales Java, 368 bales GreCian, 136 bales Turk ish, 2511 bbds Maryland, and 61 hbds Mason County LONDON, Sept 12 -Messrs Grant.Chambers & Co report to THE TOBACCO LJ:.uo as follows -There has been but a infiing de mand for Ameracan growths m thts market dunng th& past week, and the ae.les eftected liave been upon a hmtted ecale, buyers only takmg what they needed for 1mm&dtate Ulle. Substatutes contmue m moderate demand. Western leaf and str1ps have been dealt m, colory classes are \II request. Vtrgmla Leaf-Braght tn color 18 fairly held; m stnpe littlo do1ng Maryland-3low of sale. Obao-None of the late arnvals are yet sam pled Cavendash 18 only in :Ql.Oderate request. I Packe-"tt and Dest.le:rs lD Pennsylvania 't.ea.:f Tobacco. 61 If. 83 North 1'\lke Sbeet. J.ANCAST.ER. PA.


I .. -!JEPI'. IMPORTER JY_[_ TO SOIA ( We imJOning, and livery sugars nf the highe co manufacturers. Correspond ... ::EE.. &, West Broadway, Celeotino Pa.lacio, I Cari'J" in stookl j mmediate-aesaccharine-J 1m, espeoially to th e wants'OifftobaoGe &, c<>. and Hudson Streets, York. Celesti:Dlo Palacio & & EARLE, 1".Ea-u:u1'a.c ers of PI.:K1e OI.M'&rs, Factory 1307 3rd New York. Cor. BB"th. S'tree"t a::n.d 1a"t A. -ve::n. "'U.e,. PROPRIETORS b F THE FOLLOWING POPULAR BRANDS: !''lor de Palasco, O])tfmas, Seal, Amator, Monticello, El Prospera, La Manola, Weno, King of the West, La Cl ria, La Reina, La Gr&. < & No1iio.,. 01l'FICIII OJ' Dllf CAPO CIGAJt l E.l.BT 88TH ST., NJUR lsTAVE., N;i,lrou. NOTICE.We hereby notify the trade th&' we adopted and copyrighted the following brandaor tra

. ... WILLIAIII ST!EPu'A.; G-1accu.xn. & oF I No. 15 RIVINCTON 81"REET, E ORK. Jos. H. THom-soN, p AD .&OKEBS DP Seed. yeo, To .:;, ,:0, 845 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. N'. ,BOB.GPELQT, Kaa'llfaot,...... ..a of the Lateot J lproved :;_ TOBACCO MACHINE HAVANA STEiJ: Orders promptly filled, and Circulars giving full information sent nn ll'JH)licatioo. :1.:.' No. 502 East Nineteenth Street, NeW...:'JYork. THE T O B ACCO LEAF Straiton a Storm, MANUFACIURERS CIOARS Dealei'S in Leaf Tobacco, & 208 East TwentySeventh, Tt, New York .. 180 Pearl Street. New York. R. A BACHIA IMPORTE R OF r Havana Tabacco, 166 Water =st: Ne::W York. J M.P ORTI:D Vl:GETABLE Cigali:" Coloring. Pron ounced oy ltl l those using i t--to Ce -the v err beat, the cheapest, Solld m.ost harmless e ve r o1fere4. 'PRICE 3 PEU POUND, One pounJ produces from 5 t o 6 quarts. o f I! ounces se.n t wjth full d i rections tor use on receipt of 45 cents in S-cent p ost-age stamps. CHAR L E S MOEHL & CO., So l o agents for the U. 8 and Ca nada. ST-REET, N FW::.YORK. Thi s o.ppanttu s eorurlsts ot a suction fan. the suction ripe being connected with the spout o f the Granulator, apd. the suctJon so regulated that the is d r nwn up, wh!le t'tieRtem falls iAt.o a recepta.cle. discllfl.rbe pipe from thf'l fan g oe s into a box so arr{l.nge d with s ieves that the wi n d and dust cu.n escape, \fllile t})s Pr(! leaf falls into a receptaclo. On trials made with thi s apparatus tho ot anc;l OR Wbaocn aftQ r being granulated and s:eparated dJd not exceed lt; per cent .. The following firms, to whom I refer. successfully this macbioer} B L A.CX:WELL'S DURHA M TOBACCO CO, Durham, K. C Gtil!ulators, \ ith three SeparatorS, G W G4lf.. .t: /l.X, BaltJ II),ore. M.d., four OraQ.ulaters, w it:P, two Sep.1.rn.tors. w DPKE SONS&:: CO. Durham, N C one Granulator, with o n e Separator. E H POGUE&: SON, l)u rh&m, N. 0., one f)ranulator, wit!! one tor F. L SO N Q-ra.ha.m, '.rf. C, flranulator., wit h o n e Separator 967-981 J'O:EI:N' :a. .A..:eT, fUld 88, 90, 92, 94 A 96 N. Baltimore, Md. .13 :B:ra:u.oh C>:fti.oe:-'76 Sl"tree"t. -.o..U!O--MANUFAGTURER OF FINE CIGARS. EDWARD.Ros.Ezr..-w..u.o Is..u.c RosJtNWALD, H ENRY RoSENW.LLD, I E. ROSENWALD & BRO" I of 145 WATER S TREET, NE Y(fflK. I TBO:atAS GONZALEZ. Importer of 2ttl 256 CaualSt.,car. Ela1Ietl& WISE & BEND HaM, Agts." M. H. LEVIN, 1 PoRTER oar; ttAVANAt 1 UID oJil .\1ilo lDQ8 r leaf Tobacco, 162 Pearl StreetL New Jerk. Chas.F. 'l'a.g&Sou, llll'ORTEBS 0 1' SP A.Nl:&EI: .&.Ad .lle&lere Ia &1.1 .1<1111111 ot LEAF TOBACCO.' 184 Front St., New York. M. LANDMAN. 11!. A. BEI\NEIETMER. "V" AN" .A. SEED Lfi 'f'TQ BACCO, No. 2o4 Water Street, S E E D L E A F, Ce r ner Fulto a Bt. I NEW K. I 77 Pearl Street, & I 'l'REAJ)Wm.L, fonD...,-HOWARD BROS. & R:U.W Tobacco IID'&''K'ION .. ANIID .AND LIN,Blf I'A;l'UlY l"O&'PliTTINQ..,. !lliiOKJI'JQ TOB.t.coo.. dt 4.08 ""WV' :P. J. &, c o .!J MANUFACTUR_ERS of All Kinds of PLUC TOBACCO, X:I::JJ:I::JJ :J:..o:J!IT C> -.gv .N 0 :EE:I: C>. OUR LEADIN G BRANDS: BIG-Q. UN,"_ '' TIDAL W A V E "NOHTIY TWUI'l'," d:WO. "WV'. llol e Manufac t n re r o f tl>e Famous and Wodd-BenOW!Ied Branda of VIRGINIA SIII!IOKINC 'TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. ManyfaQtoey;-Twel:fth St., Lynoh)Jurg, Ya. Ood""' -trun,. ooUclte and IJl'OII'ptly atleSed to. J'rlce :u.t -t on ._ CJ. '.A.. Jack sc::o. &, Cc: Manufacturers of Every Description of TOBACCO, PETB:FI.Iii:BU':FI.G, VA.. WEW YORK. E I. CRAWFORD & SOl. IIIP9B'BIIS .oUO> Ds.u.mlll m L eaf Tobacco, 168 Water St., JSI'e"VV "York. SIMON AUERBACH & CO., Havalla .. TObacco: !79 PaR!. ST., G. R EISMANN, Commission Merchant Leaf' lOb 228 PEARL S T NEW YOR.K. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR S 340 E. St., N e-w York. \ ,.


I J .. I. I ( SEPT. No. 119 Ma.iden Lane, New York. DRACONES 110, HAVANA, CUBA. CIGARS, 319 E. Fiftylinth St. lew York IAJDI :BllUI!ISEI------A .r .l% o ,.i'S I 0 1 W:At.L...,. STREET, NEW YORK "'.1' "' I I Y. J :Mannfacttlte he Brands. ef SEED LEAF Pi u..g Tobacco : 162 Water St New York. PJUA.lloJ'z:-r. FANcY nARK: Baech & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF Aa4 ellen I' SEED LEAF TOBACCOI IDD WAT.R 8TRI!ET, NBW, YORK. 1 PACKERS 01!' Seed Lea:r, AI(D IJIII'OBTJ:BS OJ' YANA TOBACCO, .. NEW 'I'ORIL f. Fernandez & Co. IJIII'ORTJJ:Ba OF Havana Leaf Tobacco -AND-CJ:Q..A..R.S, f "LA BELINDA" Trade llllark. 0 ,6; 82 Pine 8t., New York. Tra4e lllarlr, 115 St. Rafael, j193 Pearl Street, NEW TOJUL "'LLER & HERSHEY, DEAL!:RS IN AND PACKERS o-, PENNSYLVANIA cO LEAF TOBACCO, ersbtn, lancaster Co., Pa. .N':IIIPT'1;71\TEI0 lf.&NCY BRIGH'Jt N&TIEJI!J ::IIPL'C'&Ja:, ST.&ND.I.HD BRIGHT N.l.'pESI S.A.:Z:LoC>:R.'& ST.I.l'i'D.I.HD D.I.RK. 1.'1' TIES, n>e repol-oa of tbeoo goods to wor'ld-wlde, and U.o IDcreaolhg ...reo ot them Is proof o( 1ihelr merUa IT 8BWARE OF IMITATIONS. Our Trade-Mark D-L is Embossed on Every OEM ERA I.; DEPOT, 14 Central Wharf, Bosten. Pe:rd. Oppenbel.mer, IKPOB.'rEB OP AND DEAI.EB. IN Seed Leaf & 'Sumatra Tobaoeo 10D 8eap:u.ct. .A. -ve:n:u.e. .1ST e"VV' 'T'ork., SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE French PA.CII:BB ... &lolo 11:111 .. 0 .. THE TOBACCO LEAF. N. LACHENBRUGH & BROJI I PACKERS OF SEED LEA..F AND IMPORTE-RS OF Te>ba.ccc:, .No.-164 WATER 8-'rRS:ET, NEW Y01UC. ::::;;;;;:;:::::;;;;;:;:;;;!J RAMOOMR & MARTINEZ YBOR, Importers and Packers of Leaf Tobacco, 2 PEARL ST. near BURLING SLIP, Nli:W YORK; Fir Ordet"S for 8:1-mples promptly executed by Mail without Charge Jolm Wille, OJ.aa, -w-ILT ,FJ & 00. IKPOKTERIJ' AXD PACKEBS OF .TOBACCO, m-o. 7 BV:R.LoXMGr &LoXP. BeL Water IIJid Pearl Streets, M' e,..-'Y" o:..-:1&. FRANCIS F. ADAMS, [Eotab1Ulae4 UIJ P. P .&.dams &, Ce>., lll:aaanoe&aren ol' &he fbUwiJa&' Gelelora&edllranob et FINE-CUT CHEWINC &. SMOKINC TOBACCO. 1 Chewing : Tally Ho % Aromatic. Sproking: EXcelsior, Sta.ndard., :ZWW:XJU"'ttV' .&. "'ttV':Z:&. HERMAN SEGNITZ1& _CO'\;", :-.. 01. &rs, 1 ,..._ '"" :Do!I:%L"'ttV' .A. 'C'EO:::JD:JD. "'ttV':Z:B. (lole fl>r 111:.,....., OSENBR'IJE(IK. k CO,) S&W BILL1 JI'A.(ITOBYI 311 & 313 E. lith St.-, 318 to 321 B.llth St. -lldAenue, M'e"'::V' York., LC>"'CTXS Tobacco Morchant 1 Buildings, Fenchurch St., E. C., London, England. LEVY BllOTBEBS,' lWI:a:u.'U1'a.oi.u.rer ot FINE CIG-ARS OQr .&venue o db 18'tl1 &'t., .. N!D"W "Y'OR.:K.. ., 7 I!J ANA ADVEITISBIBITS. BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, .. 'TO B.A.. COO do Ol:G-.A.R. Commission M -erchants La,mparilla, 18, (P. 0. Box 6501 ....,:'. Xa.nufact'lirers of FiDe Havana Ci:gaN .67. :&:A 'V' Aai.A. . u LllfiJ!IJ. BOyaJ M:anufa.ctory of Cigars. J: o. Ou.e'to PlJ'ay.,oaa oF 'I'JDI er BP.&m, Brands: LA HOR DE NAVES," and "OBESQ. y CUfJ .. :all:..&.x.o;r .A. a1. :lEE.A. v-..A.:N' .A.. LA FLOR DBJ.tMURIAS & CO .MANUFACTURERS OF f.INE.CIGARS1 E111L&. LOBEC!t. eLAS. &. BMCL .. . ., Co'inmission Merchantsi 33 MERCADERES STREET., Cu;ba... F. F. IIL':WEIJL, F. II, BR}.CK.ETT, II'. Q, HAWES, EL BRACK-ETT & MA WES,. lfobacco. Manufacturers, ao ::a:n.o.&D no_.orol!IIT. u.s. sou.d. Tep. CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G.CO. Cor. Ridge & Borth College Ave's, Philadelphia, Pa. :r. 118 dlfterent h-and alze!o, from tlle:rioFT, a& .really reduced price1, Every moUld warranted :apitorm. l!lze Cbaaed be not sUitable, It will be exchanged, or money Our alia Ia to aive perrect sat.l.sfaetion to tbe trade. The only medal add ,Jiipkm.t&. awariled at tlto Cemennlal wwt to the V. S, Sollol. 'J:'op lll:e..W. Olllclal documema can be-.. at U.a o111ce oo.._ Blda'e IIJid Nonb. CoP lep ... -...., J. ''lf. II. IIOLID TOP C:Ht.U& 11 ... .,., _j "-' A hlllltoc!JJ: wttJa B. WA"'"TT-E""'Jlllno. 21.8 Pearl St., JrewY ... k.llole.&ce r WILLIS E. JIALI,. of Winston, N. C. J. BHI:LTON, !lite of :llumlla. V &, PURCHASERS OF LEAF TOBACGD1 'WVXNif e>1\T :N. o Orde,.. 8olhlttelt. Purchaee onlr on Orde,.. IIEF!m l'&lloiiJMIO:--.. P. H. !Ianeo .t Co., W. W Wood & Co., the Banks and W..,...b""* ,r F .&: H. Fri..., or Salem, N.C. i..and Metms. F X Burton a Co., W. N. Sh B. (of J;.oa. Al>d\!l'Ma &nd J lol. i

/ no::at.A:N"., ... .. B :vana SEED LEAF TOBACCO. t;omtfi!ssion Merchants for the, Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. !07 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA._ -JACOB H. !1111'rH. HEIIltY R. bRAHAM Jacob B. Smith. 4: Co*' 1 PACKERS Al'ID DEAl..EB.S lN I Seed Leaf & Havana Tobaccos 35 II!. ST., PHILADELPHIA, L. BAMBERGER & CO., I Paokere attd Dealers In -LE.A.P And Manufacturers of LowCrade Clpra, !lo. 111 A.rela St., PhllaAel hta, Pa. lEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wbuleule Dealen ill .lH:O IWm' ACTUB.EJ) .. ct. 8a 110111'11 'tHIRD 8TIIEET, PHILADELPHIA. t/fr A lara'e auor:tment of all kiadl oC LLv ToBACCO coustantlv 011 hand. .. r ______ _._...,_____ __ B. Batchelor Go., 0!' SEED T-EAl', &liD JJIU'OBTEBS OF l HAVANA AND SUMATRA TOBACCOS,! I 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILAD LPHIA, aox.:m ..&.G:JD:Dil T& JPO:R. H CB/S 1106 to IU4. Mlllltg........,. Aveu,ue, PHELADEI?..PHIA, Gfl'S -..--lmpor'ter. ot tbe Best Vnclta AbaJo. & Leaf Tobacco. Ooocla Guamoteed. y I lm)IOI't my Hnana lea( to rt.z. booco from tbe Cuban plaotal.ioDB !rom ilr&t..hA.t!ds. 182 A'ft.CH ST., PHILADELPHIA. GBEAGH & llUBIO, laporter el aa4 C......tod.o:a lleroha.Bts i:a HAVA.NA LEAF TOBACCO. -a at PaM llealAe a-Vuelta A'ba,jo, CU.. Office, I M Chestnut Street, Phlladelphiaj Pa. THE TOBACCO LEAF .Baitilnor-a Advertuem0111ta. Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED lit Plaia Gr Fancy Deofga, ef Plain. Gilt OP Colored LoJ>Veat Prices Sample T"'< and tuU Wol'lll&tion furalshed on applloatioD. J. M. ROBIN.SON &. Co. w.u& &2ceatrat ..... CXN'c::r.EN'N'..&.T%0 O. SOLE AGENT FOB Lozano,Pcndas & Co.s Clear Havana Goods Hotel and Salt HOWle Stands. l!Ey. Louisville, DiRIEL!actt!l'e!. P.M:cNa.mara & Co. Manufacturer& ot the following Brunds of PX..."CTG-TC>:EI.A.CCJO: Glory, Glp&y, Club J:lonl!te, LuekJ' '8,' Hoek aod Kye, Go Q.ulck, .1-olnter, Worhl'a Beat, 'J'Iio'arrow G-tte, Tulip,' Prleod, Geld. Tac, uar Prltle. First PrizH at Clncl nnatl Indostrlal Exhlbllloa and Wub.logtOll Garfield !tonumetJ.t Ftnad. 1881. WOODWARD .t: CO Pblladelpbla; &nd B. P. JIUU.D. CbJoogo, 8oiR A&ealo. SEPT -AJ!D-EED LEAF TOBACCO, moJL\8 ATKINI!Olf. P. H. MAYO & BROTHER, Tobacco Manufact'J"S, RICHMON VA. a t.;!!!WIOB. VIRGINIA LEAF TOBA-G .A.1"'rXJ eor,a.XP-. ,f-.A.Io F'lae ftrginia Ma.nuf'rs Stems & Scraps r_j L7210.hb-u.r5o V'a. \' I IOIIclt oo...-cloace with ._ ID&Du,._ .., ... --ra tbe tlol!odlltateo o.n4 &ndwl!lf ____ ,._ .. AIT" -..;: ----I u. RUMRILL, Pa.rehaeol" an4.. Paeker ot Si LEAF TOBACCO. 1!'Qbacco; Bou[bt on Commission. GOOW STOCIO;oCOLD LB&F o. H&ND. 8. E. En"-R. l. 1>C. W. H--. Settle & Co., 'PBOPliDi:Tolll FlllJftffiJWcco Waria Cor. Market ..,,4 Jetrenoa ata., rb ..... a:,. .. .__ iW. 110 BJJlff, LEIF TOBACC Q BROIEI. Oxford, Cranvtlle Co., 11. 0. Fine franBrs A X!11olers a Specialty. 8&TJSFAC1TiON G(l.lR.A.II ... BBD. IIOLICllTBD. Herennu1-W. T Black-'1 a: a.., Dontloull, N O : DavktiSco

SEPT."" Bnstms Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. I I f Importers or Cigar Coloring. oehl Cha.s. & Co. 188 Front. u.Jacturei'A ot s,.u.cJuhtinq .lacoby S. & Co .:.n:t Chaham lnterntd booR. .Jour"Reue11.. C. 9Et Halden Lane lmporlen of OifHO"'" "Angustin &: DuRal, lt warren MR.. Y IM M Wise&: Bendhehn *i4 &nd :ail Canal Manntacturft"e of Cigar llibOOU. Wicke Wm. & Oo. """' G ok &ud fhinl Oigar-Bo:< and 'lhmm*"ffl. Roppenbeh,..Ma"rf\r, ill apd '14 Jil, WIINeumaa Louis E Co. n. w. cor. Pearl & Elm VpteKl'Qve W. b. 4$-4:75 East Tenth st '-J(&DabMco llroker1 A.NifiVILLII, N. C. Pury a Croobl.,., ft North Jolln Stree Leal Tobacco Dealer. Barkodale c. H. LON DON, Jlag;. Tobacco, CigHr and Leal BALTIMORE .Md Ura L. Fetteu,rch bnilllhlfM, E. c. Wartfl.ouua.' JaeobR. tlart an(1 t'o. 15 Burv St LOUISVILLE. K7 Bo1d W ..L. E {'o. 18 8outa. l"tttg Toba.oco Maut4(aeture.-. K.erckhoft & Co 4\J tk:iidb Oharlet Dle1r, Mlddl .. tnn It" C u :Jtarnott. G. H. ll. 14 S. Howard l''IUMtr J &: Bnll!. 194 And 111 .laci>b Jlertelc & Kempo:!r, 81 (}tolrma.n P'nree S J &-Co. $111ltil CUlllop: m, II German. Doerhoefer & 18 h and MaJu "'-'bmere E4t. & Co. WJ ioutb Cal"f"ert f'oOaccv. 'lbi>GCO Muutncfurer' All'""' M. Oeacral Wbuf ,. Bor.lll': J. & Oo. -Jmprlrlet""ltl.fHuIO,.,.Tehaooo. MILWA.VKltE, WI. JIIOO A.. F .t: Co. 18 Cencral Wharf Mfttt o f OMuiiIT ilnd ->molri"'f 2'ollaceo. Mff1" o.f f"!l.ear'&IVI Oigara. iCIJ. (laro, Jl,aouel.ll7 Cenual Wharf. Fllot J. G o!t Co. lwaptn ct Mn.ftn. o_f Oigrut tf Sole .Ag8tlfor .wo.tlt&/a<:tuUrt of Ct(JQrl. lA ti: La Hrunawick Oigan. Segnitz H. &: Co. Jlp.-.lart-vrt-rl. JIEW AB.X. N.J. Elwell. 11raote'' & &wee. 30 "Broad A Mallllfacturen. of c::."hrara. BBEJlEJf, Gera&DJ' WIW&DlB, Joo R & Oo, 1:111 Olfver St. OXPORD, N.C. TobaCCO Cmnru.iuiotl Jl..-cla.aaA.. Leaf Tobaeoo Broker. J'alloootel 'fl/.1!' llobbbt W A. BUFFALO, -" Y PADUCAH, K7. 9oaler I g,.,..,... and I'tlcll< of ,..d lAG/. Edmunds. JA<:coniol and M'f'"' _.._.,_ PIIILADJli.PJQ:A, IJeBt.. a waell & Co. 57 Lake and 41 State ToboGOO JVgreh ....... !dn/tr of Pl"i/ Toharco. L. .tOo. Ill A.ro11 "-'unlet Tobacco Co. 10--16 River l.tMcbelor IC. "'eo 109 N ,Vatef.. ...-8m>o, 81:11North.l'bllll C.."'if1&r &1&d Tol.HI'":Xl M.nft1 .AgRt. Dob&D & Taitt llJ'j Arl'b Tate G. 0. til Deorbora --r Wm Co. liS North "4. Mhre. r.t/ ftn lrod. Raarwttz J &: Bytnmer, tne N 3d G ()rooD Jobn J 68 Frankhn st M.eDoweU M ..t. & Oo. w..._ Buyer. and. ,Seller et Qlttlap and Scrape ADd MooN 4. North Wu.ter Wholesale Dealer in {.;6a.t Tobacco. ..SAnk .I. Rill&k10 11 Oo.lll North w...., s w t.e ;Sml North Waw. Plncolfe L _, a r Sorer. CooK&: Uger, 105 N WaGer-. M&l1uro Olgar Coloring. ) Teller A: &1111 Oo;"2ll North st' Boyermt.ll J_ H DOW. Raadolph TellM"" 111 North Thiro llnft.ra of Plug, ,Cbewing aDd Smkc. lrnportare Havana Tob.eeo. A.Uen C. W. cor. C&Dal.-d. Xonroe C!oll. J .. m,., 182 Arch Cre&gll & Rubio, Cb .. tnut. CIJfCilfJIA-'I'L 0. l.,cn-ter. of Hnu,ac ,.,...,., ..,...,. ..-_.... J)tr. in LeA/ Tobaoeo lleUorA Rltt.enholl86, 918 NorthTweMJ-8eooDd .John 1:. Oo. bOW. l'rmt 111&-reef,. Jl;fr' AUORt fur PlU{I oft.d fWtaoco. Tooaoco Cnrino """ K.ell F. X. Jr. lUI A.rcb t'klllP" J&m ..... 17lt. td "''""' (}igMBoz l_,.ts and 1'n'mming., M.anufactunus Tla Tan. Harris Geo. 8. A Son, n1 Arch BoblnoonJ. M,"' Oo :1>!5 W fld &ad 1>0 CenUal A .lla,...faclu,...,., <>!Cigar .llotooolo. Tobaeco Mamtro--.. U .S. Solid Top Ci!CAI' Mould 'llfg Co. oor 1Uq. Chlllet John .U. & Co. 58 E :!d and North: College A. Ye 'L Mft 1. of ()igar ,wokJ.a. Jfa....,facturen of kalpll." Scotch llafll. Miller, Dabnll & Pet en. 132-1-tO E 2d Stewart., Raaph & Co. 141 Arch Streel. Mana'ACturonofGiyeerlae. PITTSBURGH. P .. Hartmann. Lalst &. Co. .llanvrrt uf RnuJf anrl Tobecco Manufacturers of Fine Cigars. WeytD&D llroa. 81 Smttbfteld dt: D W & Co.,l03 ... yeuoore st. Jl"fnl of "Loaf/ 7'hrtlld," .. Bantaer" atod Mnftrs o f HavanA. Cigar Flavor, attld Tobacco FrieL .Alex. & Broo., 46 E .' 2<1. Jelriuon .R. o!t W. il87 Liberty a..-CJ.ARKJi.VliJ.E, T...., QUINCY, Ill. i.AAJJ Tohocf..o BroiMr&. Pl"ff MacJ&in.e. aar& Ill li. & Bro Br!J>kop .t Heldericb. CLEVELAKD. 0. RJI.lDING, Pa, r.J JNuJ-(.-.,t Ch.ewi"ttQ 8ttt.1Jk4ftg Cigar Ka.nufacturers for Jobbing Trade. &Cbriber J. Jt Co. ';'4.':-i St Crol.L66 At Co. COVINGTON, KY. RICHM:Ol!fD, v .. of PlU!J Tubucco. JlanvJacCu,.,of Smoking Toho.cco ai'Ut Cigur lfcNama, P. &-Co. A.Ueo At Gtnter etC.. De ler in Cig r bo:t L11Mber. LJ..-eRy. W. &. Co of Plug Tobao. wo..a. VD."ITW'V_ 1": Lottlr..r ..lAw-rence. t Dyo P. B. a: Bro.,l5 7tb liS ,__-Deal ..... So
-nkerc. 11. IIIUblew,.t 0<> llllll x.m ...r. tllricllw ... """"'" .t: >11.._ ,apciiEIITEB Y. [IT-Wm, J. Jl,...._,_ <>/ t'_,n J B. Wll&len T.ltlpl!tAGcco If on"--. fHll"n"''tt.J:IIIf' ,, k R k Co. 128 ll&rkel Rawak. J. 2"l3 Market SYB."-OUSE. Jl. Y. Jlotlufoc,. ,,..,., e/ Oigor s-. '-'a: BlluodeL 111: &Dd 110 Eut w CoaD, A.ldea & Barber. TOLEDO, O. JhVfn of ?hnoi..g a"d <"tnolcing 2'o......,""" ()'lgarel tu. l(euinger. Chari .. B. WIJIISTOI'r1 N. C, l'llrch_. of J..r Tobacoo. Ball a: Bbelton. WHE'a.IJfG. W. Va. JI'IM OitJm'o. Jllbe)bllrl& l"ebler, 2811 aaa,lllln 129 & 131 Grand St., flew Yort Gi[ar Mannfacton. 11RSCH A CO., 128 & 130 Rivington St., New York A._RNOLD'S CIPHER CODE I J'OR THE Tobacco Trade. PER COPY, .2.110. The and sentences are applil)ablo to n.ny transaction abont Buyioe; S"lling, ShippinF<;. Q11oting. Drafts. Crops, St'lte of Market, etc., arranF(ed unde the immediate supervision of leading membei'R of trade, and enn be used in any market, at home or abroad. Rod in arldition to phrases there are numerou1 blank cipher-word, so that the code can be extended as may be desited. Names and Kind a of Tobacco are alphRbetioolly ar ranged, snd blank cipher-word t:>r the ad dition of j!UCh names and, kiod.t &II may be required. Addrea JOHN BAIN, Jr., 105 Maiden Lane, New BRINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG MACHINE. P t t d llJNl'IED STAT.E!i,l'I"RJ' 81,1881, a en_e c.t.NA.D.t. ................ sl, Win make TtlUI!A <'f A-11 lrize-. from 1 ..... ;,,...hM nrt frrtn l tn 1.2 lnchARl lllg'. cheap\ ler mol'hlnH in th.., rpn.rket. anil is now-in use in veronA Jmnilrednf the 'argest factories in the Unitel a..ates. COJ'l"e!l)Qndence ro;olkited BRINKOP .d HEIO!I!:RICH, QUI"'CY, ILLJ!ff)IS.. C. HUNTER BARKSDALE, LEAF TOBACCO, N. C. Orders cal"f'fully Pd. ,. 9 .TOBACCO, 06 to 1 1 0 Attorney St l BRU88EL. CIGAR COLORING CJLE ANSING l.'WLACJIINE. Capacity, 20,000 -per Day. PrJ.oe ............................ ......... 110. 118 PEABL STREET YOKK, Manfr. of CIGAR MOULD PRESSES I .Aaerleaa 41: Qei'JIIaa -! _. ....... ., ... eld-:ir,:!; 411: b .. pltea f'or -rer. til 'l'o 001can.C .. ...S-Cllcar8o-Foretp Duties oa A-. J'ranoe,lt&ly ud lipoiD Cbe .._ W Gooei'IUII-, UDd: oouta.l.oln.g less thaD lt .. at ID06nu,re. 31 lOd 9 a U u toba(.-co:--Ca.-endlah ... -.r1 t. 10d tl 1bi 4PJI o&.her cip.reRM. U td. Ia ..,.._tollleal>o.., dudeothere 1 .,._ o1 W OMS.---oa aiJ O"ruguay--Manutactured t -Ob"lCCO, Jigars ;..nd pur a.d t.'Ul l .,-etlfl: Mat, 26 pe. cent. ud v lr:. Chfll the import dues .; n Havana J...-ar nmou)lt tn f1,rl(l o thER kind are tax 'ii at t.he .-ate ot fl'->1' whil'=' .. c <,l pel kil.ogramme be! -:-:g-n r!'l. '"" Veneztu la .-Tclbacco cut expreYJ.y for 1!\c per toha..."Co, 11 per Jr.l.iot mtWulactUred t.obaooo (alear&. lflperliilo. ttUl4-'1!he t>spt>rt the war ,::ub;;id,Y. are &9 follows:Leaf. in b<>B. t-Ji P"r kilo: G OJ-OU\111 per kilo. CigarsS1.91!4per mi1 le. per mille pkp. J Duti in lll&iiui'ACtuzed and ametdna ..,..._,, c" I>; Gilt-P,M ud ood 1e.t, llDArl aad -.aed; ta. leaf, -=;;;.I 1 .. -..-Ia


10 l" .. East Thirty-Eighth St.. near First Aye., New York. fte only &eUable and Standard brands ot"Clgareuea and Tobacco. Warranted Pure Tobacco and Genuine Rice Paper. IS't:n..:n..ey Tobaccc: Oc:. 8UUCESSUK8 TO Bl.151aSfaS DDd. St., :r.l"e"!DV 'York.. PIO.NBKB ()JG.A.B.ETTE l!IANUII'AfJTUBER8 OF AoMRHJCA. SOLD CY THilOlJGHOlJT THE WORLD. Caporal, Caporal Sweet Caporal, St. James, St. James Ambassador, Entre Nous, Sport, Sweet Caporal (lork'Mouthpiece; Kinney Bros.' Straight Cut. &, &"terry, D4. S-tree-t "York, IMPORTERS AND MANUFAGTURERS. : CHOICE BRANPS OF SPANISH LICORICE I GREEK LICORICE I ALL SPECIALTIES FOB l!'t'UG AlO) FINECUT TOBACCO. OHve Oil. Tones. Beans, Gll.ills, navors, POWDERED LI.CORICE .ROOT, .A:a.d. Pa.'teu. STlCX LICORICE WE HAVE-THE FAVORITE JIRANDS:-:E"', & :E"':J:G-N' a:a.d. tM. E. UPTEGROVE & BRO. Bpa.nlab Cedar I'OB CIGAR BOXES, _.,.,._ Cilar Bu Iaters' SUJJHBL flit lDtlillti st., East RiTer, OW YOIIIIL "'WV'. &. Cc:>. POPLAR and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPlANED, -AND-' IM.ITATION CEDAR FOR BOXES, .:B:. 'Y .. Imitatio n Cedar manufactured by our PATENT process is the enly PERFECT imita tion of Spanish Cedar. I rices and rates of freight given upon application l D. BUCHNER. & CO!I OFFICE-173 4 175 DUANE ST8EET, NEW YORK. of 8':\d J='lne Cut Chewi"g and Smoking & Cigarettes. DOLO COIN CHEWING TOBACCO Manufacturers of ali Branda formerly Manufao tured by Thos. Hoyt a. Co. Phllad.elphla OIUee-D, Duehnor & Co., 238 North Third Street. "(lhtcar;O O:ftlce-D. BucbuGr & Co., .51 "'abaah A 'Venue. New Orleans 01Hcc-D. Buchner & Co., 34 Canal Street. Boton, lllatiut.-G. L. Johnson, 7'1' Hauover Street. 1 Galnotoo.Texas-L. Glerse & Co. .-A ruold Pollak & (Jo., 120 Battery Street; Cor Pablfte Co-t Amortcan Ealtlo Tobacco Go. Manufacturers of the Celebra.ted "AMERICAN EACLE," "Clipper," "Dew Drop," And other brandl of PINB CUT, ., Universal Favorite," "Fawn," "HOME COMFORT," Awl many other Grades &Dd ot 1 Sl!IO:&.Il'IQ TOBACCOS, 45 to 63 W. Woodbridge St., D:IIIT::E'I..O%T, Jtoll::loh. ILS.bmt. Qua. B. Hou., TOBACCO LEAF: SEPr. GU AR.A.NTI3'.IED .. ABSOLUTELY _T Ex_i!. :i>a:r"?a'!", :N'. o. & M:B.nufaeturers' SuppHes. ADOLPH MOONELIS, IJICORICE pASTE. Havana Cigar Flavor IIANUrAaroBDOJI' THE STAMFORD IANUFAGTURING GO., .A.Ie-;;_:oi ;;;; &pii;:c_., :a.a'7 Jtoll: N":mvv 92 Reade Street, New York; 46, 48 & 50 E. 2d St., Cincinnat!; Betweenil!thudll8thl!tll.. :nw !O!IIo '!'lie Trade bt.dng demanded a Cllea-Article than that hitherto used, this OomJlUii ;.amanutacturlng,andotreringtorl&le, LIOOIIICEPASTE(undertheold "S&n!ord" bJ'IIIId)otaQUA.LITr 12 ARSENAL !\TREET, HAVANA. JACOB HENKELL, llld at a PlUCJl which ca.n bardly tail to be lo all &idng lt a trial. 1 } Mellor a Rittenhouse, D10 N', DDc:l. Stree-t, :E"'h:l.l,, MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH A ND CREEK LICORICE PASTE. !!!P'"(Jentennlal Medal awarded Purl&T, (lheapne-. ILild Geoeral B>s DBIKAD TON(lUA BEANS._ OB.ANcf.& PliEL, VA.LElUAN BOOT, LICORICE PASTEo .. E:X.T:EL.Ao l'obacco manufacturers anrl the trade in general are varticularly requested to ex amine and test the euperior properties of LICORlCE, which, being now brou"ht to the highest perfection, is oft'ered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the bran!'-.-. G-. d:l G. 0. Acknowledged by consumers to be tba !)est in the markeL And for the btand of Licor ice Sticks, NOEL & E:O., In all equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and J obllero -0u1d do ;vel! to apply direct. Licorice Boot, and Ordtnarrt eouatautly on hand. ARGUIMBAU, WALLIS & CO., 29 and 31 South William Street. MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES SUPERIOR 1llAKE &: PRn!E QUALITY OJ/' MANUFACTURER OF ALL IUNDS OJ/' ESTABLISHED 1'2"2'6. PETER D. COLLINS, Preoldcnt, 97 Ci B -li1A..lfUFACT.UliERS O F TRE CELEBRATED-gar-OX Labels. PLAIN FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO IN BLUE PAPERS, 293 s .DJ '\:]' F Fe. 295 & 297 Monroe St., New Tort lloseStenteo Rappee,imerican Genneman JOHN CA'l.*l' us. "" SZG-N' AL" Oo oa. Foil. T b B t ,. A lao, Fir.& &ad 8eeond l!lmoklnc, In Blue Papen. 0 ac c 0 r 0 er ... Club. ST., NEW YORK. c .IGARETTES -AND _!MOKING TDB_Acc.o. II JAMES G. osBORNE, THE RICHMOND STRAJGHT CUT NO. I. TOBACCO BDOKER P'UFF&, '' J 0-.:ar Li"t"tl.e CS4 Broad &"t .. Ge:KD. m m"VV -rc:::R.::EE.. CXGr.A.R.ETTrEB.. M .. RADER & Richmond Gem Curly. Cut, Richmond Straight Cut, Old Rip, TOBACCO BROKERS Turkish Mixture, and Buds Blossoms IS:Doii:C>:EE.%lSI'G;' TO:EI.A 0 24 Beaver St., ALLEN & GINTER, Manufact'rs, ,Richmond, Va. J L.A. "Y"D'LA.:N', Trado MarkSJ P.DWDERE oj)J the a{-of 'Jiot>acco MaD11fac.l ta.rets aad Dealera to thil SUPERIOR All J'VK article. Finest Quality. Sole Ageab for tke Ylft pia: 1111-DAVJtlill'OBT II IIO!tRISi ltlcW aoad, Va. Maa..taatw.r.d at )f, Y. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, :Llcorlee Ro.,._.&.....,n and .&llcaote, 8elected. Md Ord!Mry, ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver Street, New DarJu Ferry. 1 8ana'l Gans. ]. S GANS' SON & CO.;) Tobacco Brokers,. 131 Water Street, New York. J. IIIIPOBTEI& AND DEALER Dr HAVANA AND SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, A.. No. t 78 PEARL STREET, T08ACCO BROKER. JI'EW YO:aK. CORDING LEAD SEALS & CORD. In use by a lar'Jle nnmber of Chrar and Tobacco -Manufacturers throughout the country for Sealing t aseM TQbucco, etc.; also hy the United StAtes Oovernmpnt for Bf'Ouriug cases Jn Bond;11 Railroads, "Freight1iues, Express WJum cues with these raiJroad_ s carry them lst class freight., tniltead of double 1st olass, i8 done wbeu tin. Prlcee-Seals No. l,.$6 per 1,000; No.2, s;; per 1 000 N<> s S4 pe r l,OCKi: cor? No.2, 45 cents per lbi PresOOs' $4 ea.clr. Samples a.nd Cireulars furnlshed on application. Liberar ::n..ey a:n.d. o' ,, Fine Cut Chewinrand Smoking Tobaccos, I 114 and 116 LmERTY ST., .A:u.c:l. 119 a.:a.d. l.2l. -'W-.;_1ISE & :EIENDHEIM, Tobacconists I SOLE AGENTS FOR NEW YORK A.ND VICINITY FOB. CoOdwln ti. ,Co.'s OLD JUDCE Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. A.lso A.a-ent t"or OCher ltlanutactnrer of" SMOKING, PLUG TOBACCO AJiD CIGARETTES. UNIF1lRMITY, ACCURACY, AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. /Also Agents for E. T. & Co.s P:r'&1i."ts a.::u.d. B:Doii:O:H:IN G-TC>':S.A.OOC>. 254 &. 256 C.anal S treet, co.r. of Elm Street,. NEW YORK. "WV'e:l.s MANUFACTURii:R OF IN TION,, The't'l;e,; -MEERSCHAUM & AMBER GOOOSP AND llt!POR1 ER OF Frmh Briar Pipes & Smokers' Articles, 69 Walker St., \W .... f'l..orne r Broad way, ..... JXTevv "York.. C' (D for Catalogue and Price List, as I have no. __________ ___ f Hamilton & Lilley, MANUFACTURERS OF TIN.TAGS l:r All grade oCPiatn, Colored, E:m.bow.e4 i'C;rYort. M. H. CLARK & CLOTH OF GOLD, rOBACCO BROKERS By Wm. S. K1mball 4 Co. DU :SRUL & DOLL, ..,_ Manufacturers of CIGAR MOLDs AND We now offer to the trade the BEST SC.,AP MACHINE ever put on the market, being the r esult of ten years experimenting Nothing to get out of order. Ciga.r manufacturers will Te--. HOPKDISVU..O.,-o ? P4DWI.t.& Ai::< &; Pebler, MANUFACTURERs OF C Z Or .A. H. B, And Seed and Other Brands of WHEELING STOGIES. 2333 Chaplin St., Wbceling, W.Va. Internal Revenue Books The lnterll&l Revenue Publishing Houae. C. JOURGENSEN, No, 98 lUAIDEN LAI'IE, NEW P. 0 Box I898, Irons Stencils a Speclaltf. F:r &l tbe find their. ad":antage to 1 LEE RET g., BLASDEl try tlus machme m prefercx, let ence to any other. liANvFACTuRER.S or .., Pnu, $as.oo. Cigar :Bozell DU BRUL I DOLL -a21 sbeet; :raotorr, IMS to.&M :rtnt Ave 168-J70 St, .. 'f DIU.LII:ll8 IN J.LL Olt Tmll LA II"'Ia 4111' I<"-JJEW-YORK -CITY. -'..__dGA&-BOXLA11Elf+1!!PTBR'*S r, I! t I


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