The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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l VOL XXI ---NO 49 18M.] any Infringement of thl Brand. p SO:E..:m 89 &"tree't, u.ooe-.o-'to :811or .., r I Jl!'1 f) i 1 J No. 2511: PEARL ,YOBJL II a7 CALZADA DEL MONTE, ::Et:av-a.:n.a,-0-u."ba. ElAN' &, .A.. W'o. a X..:l'b--ty &'troet. W'O'VIT Torla.. Finest GleaTHBYima 'Cigars. .A........ufl JltaloMt at Ezlalld.ttoa, uns. PJalhwlelp1ata; l. ALSO II PORTERS OF HAVANA. CIGARS. AND LEAF TOBACCO. SOl .&oaener. 1 Factory No. 3, 31'11 Goll: Dist., N. I :all:az:a.u..-aotu.ror or It Bouquet'' :JPoo't or Gild. Ne-,:ov Y"ork... The Jc:.b.n Crc::K:k.e Co.!J lfEW YORK AND CHICA.GO-IIAJIUFAOTURIJ:B.S OF Pure T:tN' ;t;'C>J:L ::ror P1 ug, Tc>ba'ooo. Factori e s-NEW Yf=: 38 Croshy i 163 -f65 lnlleiry its. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 rranllia 81. SILV ll FOIL!. .# '.i COMPOUND F.liL, PA.TEJIT METAL, the cWrereJ>t v&rtetiea'of Foil known to the Tracle PRINTIJ(G Ol'f FOIL in BroJlllll aad. Colora, anclwith .uJrerent deaicno of OrnomeJltattou. for TC>:B.A.OCC> A.N'D OZG-.A.R. -L.A.BELS :f'or Elot't1e, Plato, Colored or !!tamped_ Otnce Address: 163 MULBERRY ST :NEW YORK; 88 FRANKLIN ST., CHICAGO. F. GARCIA, BRO.' & CO., -4tr00J:SISO. 01' I'BLDI: GARCIA.>-' I ImPorters .of tOafTObiCCo; Callar.o Havana. 167 WATER ST., NEW "fORK. R.SCDU..aT. VlJ&' SCJIIUIIA.JI'I'o SAWING & PLANING MILLS, Comer of I st Ave. and 31 st' Str., !'YC>a.K... "" a "' I MANUFACTURERs OF DEAt.EBS IN T-ABMf*TS CIGA.B. BOX 'l'BTMMTNGS, :.I: OLD& AND Wholesale AgeRts for James Chukel'a Celebrated WHOLE NO. 1037 Trade Mark of' "V\r :-.., Registered 1n WEIL &; CO. -..:. 1868 and 1874. C>'UR. CHO:I:OE VUELTA ABAJO HAVANA TOBACCOS HarkOO. W. A C. are Selected by our Resldent Buyer in Havana fr o m 'he Fineet Plao&&Uona, Kaa7 Jboaacla taltatlq OLOSEL Y OU'II are orecl ....r. Sold. to tM .. I :"( /( T & ( "1 I r I .Ael Ll-BEffAL REWARD WILL BE PAID BY US FOR THE DETECTIO. OF SAME, WElL &; co .. 65 Pine Street, New York. } SCBB.OJ)ES a .BQN,. l Packers or Seed Lear I d -A-I Importers of Havana OF THE FQT,LOWING IUJIKS: AU pa.r.tle.11 j Cautioneo.l at:alns1; -IMPORTERS AND DEA.LERS IN CEDAR AND OTHER CIGAR BOX LUMBER. Prlao aucl Sampleo .,.w l>e oeat .,,. Applioatton HAVANA" o FLAVORS, "Allti.lCoaP' & cQiorings, U w .. t llroad.w&Taad 8t n..e-.. Street, .EW YORK. Oalal-and Price List contaiDing tJI -.ry ln-form&tlon maUed on applle&tloll. r :ALEX. FRIES & BROS., Havana 'Flavorf. -91 B.EA.DB ST&EE'J', .EW YOBK. 4.8, _'8 & 60 Ba.t 2cl CDI'CIKX.A.TI, 0. !ll'&aohotlloe:, BA.V.A.XA, CUBA. Q : HERMANCE, I REPRESENTING .\... A. C. RODRIGUEZ & CO., ..... of HA:VANA CIGARS l 7 Beekman St., New GOODWIN & 4-P. c!. /0J Cigarettes and Smoking Tobacco J 0 ALSO THE MTT.D and sWEET I Cor. FerrY" aJid' south Water StS., 'llllwaukee. D, F, GlerliiCII. J BERNA%A 32, -IIIANUFACTURERS eF- BOX i I I .l IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO. d T.rade Karlr., --! \\[ LAS YEa 16 St., New York. ., .. J. J. A. 69 TENIENTE REY, HAVANA, CUBA. (A tctCl :BJta'bllhec:l. 1.0D'7. 1 ''COPENHAGEN SNUFF," 'AND CUT AND DRY SIIOKING TOBACCO. .. i


I lilt lobarrs .8TABLI8HED 1864. aeked and advieed by many advoea"' celebrated "Between the Acts" Utobacco anvtbing bij$her. wonderfully during The as to the advisability of an the year jusended. absolute equality of duty between Havana One of the ...-eil leat.:tobae4'10 eeta1> aod Sumatra leaf practicallr applies to us in lishmerue of \he Bo....:n-, tiii!city, 11 the old tbie way, wh-tever intemahonal juStice lllaY store of Mr. Roben Sll.fomoa, 8R8liehed in be, that it ie for our intereet as growers of 1868 by the late Mr. E. A Haere. 'Mr. Salo-J.arae-t Tratle Seed leaf to have Havanw tobacco admitted mon is a ;rouog and enterprioinfs':1ercbalit, Papez-In the WeriL without much restriCtion, while with Suma and oomes from 'he ofd SiloiriOi" j.Jy, Wbo era our interests lie in the oppoeite direction. for years ilave'been collllected lfifu the toOne is a benefit, the other a hindrance. -But bacco trade. Seed leaf of..::llll deeoriptions, f'ITJJLUI.lJli:IYEVERY" SA.TURDAY :MORN1NG if free 8\lmieeion of Havana would be o1 and Haana and of all BY TBll ad vantage to Seed leaf, it would more grades, can be found at :Mr Sal:lmonla et!t8)l advantage to Sumatra while the trade bold lishment. :... tOBACCO LEAf PUBUSHIIIG COMPANY, its (!retent in relation to prevailing T9e Johti J. Crooke Co., of this city and N Y k New York Tobacco BOMd report a ve!Z fair busirt-ClQII'in,.-105 Malden Lane, ew or Trade 10 tbe1r to tb. e N11w England Toibe last.few :rbie doing or PKARL ll'l'll&B'l'. ba_cco Growers Con.ventlon, Nov 2!1, a large buetn888 1 n .-wABD IR!BKE, Editor. 111nd that Sum!ltra leaf endently .come faco tin foil bottle caps and other specialties .... l'f o. GB.APP, Bad-lllaa ... r. to as t had mtro for oipr and tobacco manufacturers in $be Term o( the Paper. BINGLE OOPlES .. .. .. .. .................. 10 cent& Oae 'l................. 84 I 11tJ: lllonthll ............. Aanualllluboerlptlono Abroa4. (!lllt.lT :Barr Ani and CAM.t.DA IS.N Ba.Dm.N, B..acao aDd ths CoMTUimrT 5 .0&-A..,..,.,..LU, etc., Yi& England .................... G.ot Ov..... .......... ....... .................... 6.ot This. 101 recogniZed as and of fancy f ils. u but one tbmgtbat can r11nder It otherwise ;, than an obstacle to New England t&. baooo t At tn_e tobacco pipe of tlle growers. That is its becoming no fashionable entl!rprlsmg firm _ol. A.ugustm & J?uBOI, 11 -an event now seeming extremely improba Warren tb1e e1ty, a very ee.tefactory ble. 11 for year Not There is a community of interest b etween this firms but their s!'"es manufacturer and grower naturally. but it mcreased !argeiY: over those of the prev1ous is incompatible with the importation of forBesides be10g agents for t_be renowned eign leaf. Domesti c growers cannot 1te exClga:ette of Allen & G1nt:er and W. pee ted to d o otherwiae than to resist the in S. Klmba!l & Co A.ugustln & D_usel BVIIIED aA.TEIII FOB :A-DVBBTJSBlliEiliTS. novatio n are large importers of pipes, smokers art1cles I t is claimed in certain quarters that we and fancy goods. One Year. f:rteen Jines one column . ....... f25 ourt.een lines ove r two columna .... 45 .. ... 45 "l"wenty Uoea over two columna. 80 I'J(ty-.j..: line' one oolumn ... ,........ 8 J Uaea OYe r two column1 ... 160 o.e column ...... ............. 380 Half column ........ .................. 180 Oae liae a t boU.Om of page. M Six Three llontba. Jlon"'-$14 $8 ll4 14 lll 14 41 lli 46 lli 811 46 175 1111 100 M 8peelal Advertlumen(e o Flra&. PKe II'Oiarteen two wid e columDII .. .. (one year) .... $ 100 Twenty-ehrbt ova1 twtt w ide columns. do . 176 l'o'llrteen lines 61ugle cOluwo ... ;$. ".... .. do 06 Speclal Advertlumento on Fifth Ji'qe. O n e Six Three Y ea r Month&. )fontlts. ourteeu lin es over two wide colUDlDJI kemitta.nees f o r and subscriptioos Bboold ttlwt\ys be made p a yu.b l e h7 P 0. Order o r 'by check to T o bacco Lear PubHshlng UO. no clrcumatancee will we d.evia.te nom the aUovel-'Jk."e8. c __ -GEBlllAD'lC OBJBCTS TO THE LONDO!(, J).oc. 31.-A Madrid dispatch to the Btandarchays:-"Germaoy baa given Spain to understand that abe doos not approve of the commeroial concessiona which Spain is making to England and the U oited. States. Both Germany and France. inl!i9t that their exports shall be admitted to the Spanish West Indies upon an eqaal footin& with the exports from America. Spain ie not dispcMed to yield to suoh mobbing. The newepaper11 counsel a close knitting together of Spain, England, Italy and the Unitud States. They urge England and Spain to ignore Germaoy's.preten lions." should say nothing abou Sumatra f o We refer onr to an adYert:isement the manufacLurers will think our l eaf 18 1D on the 5th page of this 1eeue of the Cigar-box ferior. In the 'name of common s e nse, don't manufacturing t firm of George Mil!er & Co., the manufacturers know what the special 231 N. _2d Brooklyn, E D. Tb18 merits of both domestic l eaf and been m but a few yet are f ls it n ecessar y for the growers to IJ?orders for cipr-boxes excee the1_r capac1ty, struct them 1n the require meo&! of their and a new factory Will soon be built. trader Can anythinj$ the growers say alter Heyman & LOwenstein, the 5\lth their opinions or tbe1r systljms of manufac-cigar report a largely ture I We are simply in self defense increased business during last year. To their when we reeist the importation o f Sumatra. present factory faciliLiea and their But our agitation ol! _J;he question does not excellent repukltion as manufacturers the affect one jot the value or reputation of our success of H. i Broa. & L. must be attributed. o_wn leaf the The quesWe are ple8eed to state that Hr. W. L. t10n of supen?rity f o r them a lone to de-Hahn, who represented us in the 01de, each as 1t applies to h1s own case Western district, bas again become asso The communication. from W. F. A. has ciated with 111 from tb.ia data be e n p aragraphed in the Homestead office in I & Co. a convenient manner for reading and re-YORK, Jan. 1, 18Bu. joinder. We shall here few l'em&l'kll Tho "El Cigw M-1_,180 f h rd b' h to 1,203 North ll'h1rd aTenue, th1s City, IS at m re erence to 1t m t eo er m w 1'< lt 18 present the of business activity. Protprinted. tyman & who are the proprietol'll 1st. W. F A.. thinks gr0wers are teaming. busineee men, a_nd that the value of New England leaf is not are placmg the r w1th a determination d f b to make the stick. have ralae r.o the extent 0 one penny y _the pre-agencies in all the s sent 'duty of 75 cents a pound on foreign leaf: resented inCh ago and tile es t by W. H. If this be so, how does it happen that growFlag & Co:, OIMI name ill fawjljr iQ pur era unanimously and properly oppo1e the chasers of tl;MJ Aid Xortb8 h d c.. west. Prettyman & Barker coniine thempa&us Mexcan an ""'. llommgo. iieJYM atrictly to the manufacture o( a brand Surely, if they learatng that h1gb dunes of fiYe-eent which for excellence com did not protect them by raising the market pare favorabl with many tencent cigars. value of their products, they would not proThe fir m say t ey to the cash 1 d 1 f ... for show cards ami pn.-I'Y their eomlietJ test aga1nst ow uttes free ea on tors into their feeling !lUre that it the grounli t -hat these conditions wouldru1n the1r cigan are A. No.1, the ord11rsfor them will be industry. Our opinion is that New EMland (or, tbcoll)ing. Mr. Prettyman was formerly PRETENTIOUS AND FALSE, AS and all other Seed leaf has been so well pro-in the plug tobacco and ie well USUAL. tected by tariff for tlie< pas.t twenty yeal'!l known Jn the t\)bacco and trades: He mb t h ed _, . has just retufied from a .trip, and 18 enJ.r Y years ago, w en engag ...lD w.;..,.y that 1t bas been enabled to become jirst,m-coumged with he busineee trllDI!acted. warfare, newspaper men beyond the Mlssisstead of second, in the li ete of cigar leaf to-l sippi occasionally threatened to send "ver baoco, and that only for the protection it has LOCAL JOTTDfGS. min salve to each o.ther. Thill Gale wit, 1 ed t ld be II' f eo ong enJoy 1 wou se IDJl: or one-Beuttenmuller & Nettler, the Water Bob A.cres F a lstaff Micawber co ied -last half the price it sells for to-day-at, in fact, street leaf dealers, will not dissolve before week, and used as original, to crush the the average prices received for it thirty-five February 1. edit.or of THE LEAl for somethmg naughty years ago. Why, the staple bas grown great -Mr. W C. Herrmann, representing Juan he was supposed to have lfone to the aforeby 'and would be overwhelmed, as F. Portuondo, Philadelphia cigar manu81Lid Bob, etc. As Bob has'not forwarded, as f d d ld faoturer, was i.D. the city on Tuesday. many more o our omestiC pro ucla wou -There are 6 cl gar and to'---co ahlespromised, the "vermin salve," the editor of be b t f h' h t 'ff d t' Seed 1--# "'"" u or 1g ar1 n lea. "'" IS men in the cit just now than will probably l'BIIi LEAF ie forced to tbe logical conclusion not duller of sale to-day: o r relatively lower ba seen here in a whole year again. I that :Qob, etc. has found it neceeeary tore In price than other commodities, domestic or -Mr. Horae Blackmur, of Horace Black tain it for use on his own epidermically dis foreign In reality it is brisker ilnd higher mur & Co., Richmond (Va. ) cigar and ordered person, as well as to preserve his than others, and Jl:rowel'll are getting a larger tobacco manufacturers, will be in town next reputation for never keeping hie word. share of the from it than either dealers week. -The emplo)'ee9 of Mr. Hei'IDAD Jacoby. or manufacturers. Why, thfln, clamor for cigar at 9 Bowery, will bold GOOD-BYB TO THB OLD 1-WBLOOlll.lll TOTS:& NBWI I There is no denying the fact that the year 1884 bas been an unusually dull one, with, perbap@, Tery few exceptions, for eigar manufacturel'll. Leaf dea.lers have felt the want of life in the cigar industry, and it ill but natural that members of both of these branches of trade should look to the year 1885 to bring them a renewal of prosperous businees transactions. Let us hope that they will not be disappointed. l'u111 Tosa.oco LEAF wm, as usual, do all in ita po...-er to encourage Uatle. Notwithstanding die .'(!III'Mcf.etized" bosinNS durfng 'tiftl-yea:r-now I closed, Tnz Lui!' must say for iteelf that it ,has been the recipient increased age, and finds 'he number of i 1 suppor&ers 1and weil wishere steadily incl'ellling. A happ.y aod prosveroas new year to alii D WlLLIN'. :Ma.DRID, Dec. 29.-In the on Satur day the Government ...-as ked whether it was aware that the text of the J>llndin Bpanish-Amerioan treaty had been cabled to a NewYork newspaper; whether it-ought not to have kept the treaty secret until it had been approed by the, Am,erioan Senate, and whether it knew who the JION<>n was that sold the copy for $2,000. To all these queries the Government made evasive re plies. It said that telegraphic correepond ence was private, and with it Govern mBilt had no power to Ha.v.Ali'A, Dec. 24.-0n account of the op position of the refiners of the United States againat the article in the Spanish-American. treaty providing that all sugars not above No. 16 be admitted free in the United s-.ies, a meeting was held by haciendados (owners of sugar estates) and merchants, last Saturday, in the palace, presided over by ibe Governor-General, at which it was resolved to inform the Spanish repreeentati'f'e at Washinton that no objec'tion exists here to modi fying the article in question so that all sugar not above No. 13 standard aball be ad mitted free. In a communication publisbt-d in various papers several haciendados protest against this resolution. The IntendentGenerel of the Treasury bas ordered \hat all articles, whether exempt from dutY or not, have to pay twenty-five cents per ton after Jan. 1, owing to a reclamation of the Board of the Port. SLAP ON A H;t:GHER TA.RIFF. Under this caption W. F. A.., an intelligent correspondent,. contributes the following to the New England Horne8tead of January 3:-Growers have had the facte of the case iu relation to the 71ic duty as a matter of pro tection placed before them so m any times, and from so many points of observation, that it is useless to reiterate them here. Growers are gradually learning that such protection exists only in name, and the impression is rapidly ground that in the present relations of tbs leaf to 'the requirements of trade a duty of 75c does not raise the market value of domestic leaf-particularly New Eng land Seed leaf-one penny. The idea is that manufacturers are using Sumatra, admitted on the 75c duty, in many factories, to the entire exchiSion of d11mestio s-J. leaf wrap pere, and that its use ie inorMBing and its in fluence extenaing1 and that the leaf admitted at 31Sc at preeent nas not the popularity that finer leaf hu. Though oorrespondingly cheaper, it is not eo much sought after by cbe average trade. Coneeguentl;r the matter oomes to ibis point:-If manufacturers are still satisfied to use it, wherein are we as growers benefited by tbie tarifl r Yet we are higher duties, which granted, will make dealtheir third annual ball at Tammany Hall thia era and manufacturers lees willing and 16118 evening. 1 able to pay growers full pricee. Because Seed -Now is the time when traveling al.eemen leaf production has 'been pushed to exoees of renew iheir contracts with the firms they late, and crona, as a whole, have not been en represent, and we bear of a number of rchanges being flade. -tirely serviceable to cigar manufacturers, is -Mr. B F. p3axter, of the Norfolk {Va.) the reason appropriation and profit have not cigar and toba cQ jobbing firm of B. F. Bax been as satisfying as desired With light ex-ter & Co., who has been in to'!Vn for several porte the home trade could not readily place days, left for h me yesterday. the vast harvests the past three or four -Mr. J. J Bernheim, of J. Bernheim & years. Let efforts be made to simplify, and, Son, sails for l! to-day, While lthere if posSible, unify the taril! on forei"'n laf be will increase the facilities of hie firm by ., opening a, warehou110 at li Calzada del Monte tobacco, but don't try e' it hither on -Mr. J. S, the Chicago repre any variety"' than it now is. It ie alreelly too sentative of erbs & Spiess, ana Mr. Ben. high for the common good. Homan, w of the 2d. W. F A. believes Havana leaf is a aame, firm, l!I us a social v during e Ntl""fOI' Ci or them for the delicioua pips to-o1BcE'S of Ius fi m bacoo8 of Virlrinia and Nol1h C.rolina, -Mr. Fran P11lver, J.q tqbac AI #-:A --r fi d r. I mall, twho has D M orawn It necessary, m or er to ferd & Boo ; h accepted-witli E. keep up the1r h'ade, to drs,-freely rUpon & G. F.riend Co., and' will travel for that foreign tobaecoe in their consumption of Seed fl.rm from no on. leaf. To use Seed leaf liberally, they want -:Mr. David Lachenb1'110h. ...-ho has with and must have Havana., Sumatra and other driwn firm N. f 1 f f b' & Bro., bas 1ated hunaelf ll!lth Kauf ore1g11 ea or com mat1on with 1t, and they man Bros., th cigar manuf".Cwrers, and the ...-ant these at as lo...-rateil of duty 1111 tbey' name of that rm hereaftf'r wiU be Kaufman oan aet them.. Bros. & Co. 3d. Though there is a community of inter-l +-----es' between manufacturer and grower, W. lEa TRQUBLBS. F. A.. ys it is incompatible with the impor..,. AJ'tLIIiR & oo. w YORK. tati.oo of foreign leaf. Is not tpis a selfieh as atrail/s f this at least 80 far as we'il as mistaken deciaration t DOes W F. the public le oncerned', remain .. reported A. want the benefits all on one sii likely a meeting of creditors already intimated higher than it need be for will be held o xt week, at which a statement that purpose. will be pre d a _proposition for set4th. W F. A does not realize that pro-tlement made, It 18 cla1med that the failure of the firm w"' brought about by oal18e8 testmg aga1sst the competition ot Sumatra side of its regular bueineBB treDIILctions. t obacco decries by implication the merits of There is no thin@; new to add to our last week's Seed leaf, as we have repeatedly said it did. report of the amouote due to the members of On this point he differs from most people the leaf trade. familiar with the facts. It is true that SMITH &: ROSDAOH, liiiNNEAPOLIB, KII'Ilf, "manufacturers know what the special This firm, which transacted a wholeeale and merits t'f both domestic leaf and Sumatra retail cigar atd tobacco buein988 at the cor-ner of Nicolle avenue and 2d street, made an are," and it is because they know this that assignment t William Hooker on Saturday they desire to use both. But two-thirds of last. The assignment was the immediate re tbe manufacturers now coneuming SuDIILtra suit of an obtained againfi it by: leaf would never have been tempted to test a Arnall creditor. Mr. Rosbacti wa s in the as' only six weeks ago and ar its merits if they had not been continually ranged for an extension for from one reading about them in the never-ending ob to twelve m ths with all but one or two of ject ions to the importation of that tobacco. the firm's cWEiditors. A.t that time Mr. Roe-bach showed that the firm's liabilities were BUSDfESS JIENTIOJII'. JSO,OOO, and asaete $40,000. He was quite sure, and the majority of the creditors were The old leaf house of George Kerckhoff & satisfied, the firm, if given time to col Co., of Baltimore, h a s been aiSBOlved by the lect their accounts, oould pay r etirement of Mr. George P. Unverzagt, who dollar for !Iollar. The granting of the exten bas established himself m business under the !lion was obj!j(Jted to, however, by one or two style of George P Unverzagt & Co at 31 S. obstinate creliitors, and in consequence the Charles street, that city. There is probably arrangement fell through. To lise the ex no one connected with the Baltimore trade preasiou of joum in the land of his nativi$y. He bas worked hard for senral yeal'll and is deserv ill8 of the recreation he is about to enjoy. -The Lake City is stripped of a large num ber of her best citizens for a time. The cigar and tobacco salesmen have nearly all gone East to settle up the accounts of the old year and make contracts for the new one. -Will not some enterprising citizen estab lish in this city a cigar and tobacco sale men's savings bank r A.t this time of y ear the amount. of lucre carried is apt to burst the seams of the (in a horn) To the Seed Leaf Tobacco Grower&. (Written for TM Tobacco Leaf. ) -_ ?EllTLEIIEN many tnontbs paet your mmds have been agitated upon the "Suma. tra tobacco question." Thie 11 not to be woildered at, viewing it from the standpoint that you do. I suppose that there is not a grower of domestic Seed leaf but who i8 fearful that the introduction of thie tobacoo is going to B.Upersede and take the place of ibat which yo_u have been raising and that your fathers before you. I must confeee, taking it ill from that standpoint, you make a very gloomy future for your tobacco cl-ops aud your tobacco growing generally. I ha.,e read a.ll that I could get hold of upon this queetwn-all that has been writ$en aleo llave sou ght the opinions of leaf and cigar so that I might get more light upon th11il dark, unsatisfactory subje<$, and to see if there is not too mucb u.QQee A Prot trom the .. ltlaore Tellaeee 8oar._ lary foreboding which couW JJe e& .oCTra..._ 1 pecte only from th ot a d,._ The Tobacco Board of Trade met on the 26th peptic turn, who never see but one s1de of Ia li ...,._ W .,;_ Wld that is invariably tb dar!W: inst. wit .1141". m. A. the J:!resldent, and many ...-ill go eo far as to hunt up in .. J::.. ters, even if they are only imagiuarJt Odes-U<>O> uv :so long as they are disaste -'t .... ".L. ,.... ............. procit.y treaty was brought up, ana after con the 0 -llll d bl d th 1 f h Y are conteRied 81 era e IBCWISIOil 11ver e c al18e8 o t e In-a like ours the treaty, which. relate to_the rietie& of intenlsts to .and wlhcb W8i 811 meohBDical a OOJ;ll'Uttee was aP\>om&e 111111-otilers too nwnerou DQID8 ia tbMI r of tile tiGard ira In matti!r the 0 ow: of a memorml to the Senate. The committee iog interests are ed coDsiste of Mes,srs. Louis Ed. Wisch1.1 t concern VIZ. tmportel'l!, e.....,.-a n d W : H. Mete. .... .. f tobacco growel'l!, ;r cu one or tneee 18 nec88Sary and important follows, and 1t was uoammously a opted :-to tJ:ll JYelfare of a community an.d. people. To the Seuati I 'Tlie !!!Porter, in or The memort. a '(;, tlte". 1'ob8Cco BOard o Sumatra tobaccos from the JUds in, 'fitiic h Trade of the c1ty of Baltimore most respect-the are r ised it u t t ndinj maii for ow 'll oi: .... b.Q is r p i. t tw-,.04 h ted in, lluldnMs. qre doe411Qt iJiveRhis -:'De! '8!iat nera.J 'If in It that may brill& ap opponent JUSt and m .ts terms proviSions agamst domestic-grown tobacco, but he finds the eutlre pop tiO f tbejU d States. a cb a crowi.tag f(ll8. a r:J so that lbe e ges and considtA a iWhef' may Be Beekiog a ..-ketO!III. l' to day. 1 nufac Of etf tobacco; This refoUY from JIIOTES AB01JT THAVELUIG VJ:GA.B S.ALBI-Whereas It will flrow Out of emplby ent which tO Vit'J'fl' the' intro f f 'lii.E N Uo.; olOn 0 t &,row Mr. F V S1mmons, th ell -known Sdu t b c ths.mdustry. Y ?ur memonaliBte therefore, the forgotten past, eur doors e ern salesman, bas severed hjs your norabla Q6df W.. each succ Bondy, Lederer & Co S is a rej11Jl} that part of the tre6$ relati11g to ID.g wilr tt,nroa to cJo so salesman and is already bll!'ieged w1th otr&ftl baOO be had eveti tbE'n, but when Mr. Wm. L. Hahn, the popular cigar salesIS to pUf ch mao, will hereafter represent Bcndyr Lederer '!)II probably j:le : m c _reased to a Je:r_ge prop?r-from "the fact"thllt th-:r'tra'de must be & Co the Rivington street cigar manufaction. 'The Jreeu_lt w11l be a mup. ..A.gauf,, Snmalra 111 -ae c;QIIap at $1.20 or turers: crease ol the pr1ce _of leaf at Ha-$1.60 B;S dorD:esliie at -&Oc for ...-mppere; ibe 1 vana market, wh1ch Will render t ibfficnlt exceedmgly light .texture, the advantages in Mr. U lr1ch and. :Mr.Lew1s Meyers, for our German ,importers to the supcutting by the cigar-meker and the complll'a up .to th_18 tiiDe representing & Co., ply required for the German consumption of tive absence of any Yeins offering induce arrived 1n town on Woonesday mermog. tobacco from the SpanisiLstie growths travelling men from this market about the the same advantagll8 must, according to the are in better standing to-day than formerlr. middle of January. commercial treaty between Germany and As regards quality and ftil.vor it fa 81Lt18Mr. Charles Hirschhorn, formerly with D. Spain, be acco;rded r.o t _be German export factory. Then again,_ smoker.t have beJ. Boehm & Ce. has taken a position with s. trade_ ; for news come to 1t by constant use. & the reciprocity w1th The very. lmJJ?rtant that has It is said that ''Baldy, D f 17_ Spam, Js to be excluded frGm the priVileges been acquued m proceues has a'!'18, o ...... nsas accorded to the United States, we do not be-brought domestic leaf to such a. hish condiCitf, will represent new Cigar manufaclieve to be true. It is not probable that in tion of value that it has been and iB now turing fl.rm of Becklmd & rvy, at 101 Bow-that event the German Government would the competitor of foreign to\oaooo and just ery submit to a curtailment of its rights and privi here at this point let me urge thia UJ;!On Repod BILYB Ben. f?h'!'w. of CinOJDDatt, leges that have been secured by the aforesaid you, rather than be worrying .and fret&ing 111as eeYered b1s oonnect1on w1th Glaccum & treaty." about the bringing in of these tobacoos Do as and will hereafter represent I.ichten other ot the trade are to stem Bros. & Co. .6& the Treat,.. do, wb1ch 18, to g1ve them a tuSHie ia honor16,94.7 12 14,i21 63 16 50 23 50 I J 93 85 Total ...... 69 $1,900,615 27 Mr. Henry Ottenberg, .ef B Otten berg & Bl'Ofl., was wedded to a Baltimore lady by the name of Mrs. M Sundheimer, on the 17th ult. The affair hall a tinge of romance. Mrs. 8. was Henry's love, and although she married another man some years ago, who bas since died, Henry still clung to the old attachment, and is now realizing his fondest ho.-. It is only another case of the villam still pursued her." -A New Vl&ar F!r-. A cigar firm compo1!6d of Bernhard Levy and Mr. Becklind, under the name of Be c k lind & Levy, bas been, organized and will manufacture at 101 Bowery. Mr. L evy is the aeoondjlldestsonof David Lev of D avid Levy & Bon, the Water street lea ea ers; and Hr. !Becklind, who ie a brother-in-law of young Levy, bas the book-k:eeJ.l9r of Holzman & Deutscbberger. It is eaid the new firm is well bac ked, and will push things. Send 1.i Yoar Catrlbntlon )!romp&IJ', NEWYORK, Dec. 30, 1884. EDITOR ToBAOOO LEAFThe officers o(. our association have per sonally called on all the cigar and tobacco trade that they could and as there may still be some on whom they have been UQable to call, will you ploase state that those desiring to contribute will please send their tiona to Mr. Henry Rosenwald, treasurer. 140 Water street, and oblige, Yours truly, GEO. B. W1L80lf, Secretary Cigar and Tobacco Auxiliary Hospital Saturday and Sund.,-Assooiat'n, :Die4, Hr. H W. Totebusch who for 35 years bas been a tobaoconist in Baltimore, de)l&l'ted this life a few days ago. He was one of the old -timers of the Baltimore tobacco vade, and his death is resretted by all who knew him. The cigar-makers and tobacco retailers of able competition, and \here will be an outlet St. Louis met last evening at the Central with a reviYal of Turner Hall, to take action with regard to I would now remilld, that.. the in the proposed Spanish-American treaty. There d1Cat10ns are that there going to 1lle wu a full attendance. Mr. David K Reyling wonderful cban&w in the maDu!aotQ.fing was ciUJea on to p 'bside. )( Fred Weaterof the tobacco Y.ade-pl\rticularly mayer acted as secretary. It was unani tlie or manufacturing meusly agreed that' the "J)rolfOeedl treaty. will Iororests. In tb18 you are illterHted be work mGst injutiouely against the tobacco cause it involves your plant. A8 I Jo011;' into trade. matters a now, pending. &he tendencf are wu appoin ea'anci deited to wward per JOOdll, to meet \IMJ.lovaaa of d,-aw up a petition! Ito ConJI'e&!l. and call a the Tlaire ill no dQubl $ha' In to flirther protest aga st the ter.a81.Biev. nue law will be l'tlfeled. .Jt is treaty.-8t Loou lMo ) Deonly !!matter ol t.UQe whao h wUI M 4one1 23. 1 1' to be. Tile low eanliDgB ana condition of labor gocxls Gro_w:ua! lll:eaaorlal. _1-- ...,t.,b.,e me prior ..,..860. The memorial of the New England Tobacco I am sure of thisa.-ertion! there can be more Gro!fel'll fill\ settiD,I IIIIWkjng..done tbe, C8ll be bad. All tb' growera' neceMitlea tn the matter of tht1 IUhable for ftne reo

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