The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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" VOL. XXI.-NO. 51. (Bft.&BLUBBD 18M.) NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JAN. 17, 1885 Choice All Partl .. are CautiCMied apln8t anJin,.,.....ent of th .. 8raiMI. J. DODL.

TilE :l'OBA.OOO 'LEAl'. TOBACCO MANUFACTURE 1lf lfEW YORK CII'I'Y IN DEOEII:aEL BllOO!fD DlfrRIOT I Jr. y. Revenue. KMUt'd .. 57-190,345 Jbe. Snu1f . . . 245 0.2-3,062 Cigars...... ...... 87,808 111-12,486,('50 No. Cigarettes... . 11,345 47-.2%,690,940 .. Senate-The -JAN. 95 000> 80,000> 10,00(). 10 000> 40,000 35,000 10,000 6,698 minis&er and by him to a congressman, who pve iC to James GaDa g!Ier, The ci*rs weie made in for tbero;ral family, each being valued at 11 .25, M nor de A. Q.ltod.rJcUe & eo .. .Ill Ideal" and ''Bouquet de" ctgars.-A. c. Bodrlguez & eo.; Manufacturers. New York & Ke7 Westi


' smporP or.._ .... Wituee BII'UQ..,l'a P08BIU '"ll.&ll4l0 1 I!IIIWB. pi bly. At about 7 o'clock jn,, &he be.,...._ I .Jt wiB be iacleed a pl 1181. 1:-t.) he his and a f!JW gtlMt8 by if our tobaccb drop can, be kept at A Amsterdam 85 815 bales 10ld lnid'dilra -Correspondence from Berlin furnishes the a P.tol and die fiot4tide tbe universal low at about 133 oeilts per at Rot&erclam followiDg atat&ment regarding the present at hi& head. Hl8 family were preYallmg for all oJ.IJer r.ommodities ancl in 7 bales BOld middling at 1U ceaMII coD.diUon of the to&acco industry m Ger-horror lllortcken, bll$ wben the smoke had view also of vast quantities of tobacco of P,r k:ilo. Tc&al crop of .1&13: 93, ,balee many, whieb is represented to be based on cleared away he yet remained standing In former years etlll uncODeumed. While .the sold middling at about oenli8 an oftlcial oommumoation from members of the room. No bullet bad entered his bead late opening of the season je not satia 'Tbesa 93 506 balea at 75 kiloe the liale, repre-the German Reicb11tag:-The tobacco planand be WBII untouched, alip;llt factory, we muatnot forget that one year ago> 11ent a v&lue of 18 '780 000 guilders. lien demand an inoreaae of the import duty burns on tha face oaul!e<'l by.the puw;der. Dr. at time the market ftlr new leaf waa aa --on foreiJD tobacco; while, on the other hand, .{oseph Creamer, Jr., of .Fourth and ;North dull as it is at bulk f the uld ilf! the rMult. Tha he had not the remotest idea of taking hill :M p Average manufacturers advise that tobaooo raiaing life. He only wanted w IICare hie wife, and anetta ( a.) Tiflle8, Jan. 3:-The mild Districts. Bal&S. priee Bal81l. price in Germany be limit.ed, aad be contlned to BO had put nothing but 1 powder in the cham-damp weather of the past w:eek. or ten days cents. cen&a. .oil which is especially adapted to it. Then ber of the pistol. There wa11 ()!lr)iai.uly no moistened the. tobacco m the sheds, Deli...... 31,556 131 ,1,411 there il the question of the tobacco tax to be bullet in it, for a search of the room revealed and nearly all m netgbborhood W&l! takan Lanltat.. 8 ,1167 1.26 10.730 128 acied. upon. The tax on leaf, no mark in the wall or ceiling. Mr. Bcbloll88r down for purposes. In thirty: or 3erdang.. 6,90' 4,681 102 valued at an average of, 36 marlte per cwt, explained that his reaBOn for desiring to forty days It WII be ready fot: Edi...... 769 733 7' amounts to 'II marks per cwt, which is 1.25 his family was due to some trouble far none baa been purchased, In thts aect1on. ( 48,1811 balea. ) ( 17,5811 bel81l. ) per c11nt. wh1cb !le bad with them over whM be fancied lAncaster (P&.) Intaligencer, Jan. 14:-1 A ventre price 1 1 Averap -The gl"OIIII receipts of .the Government to be an effort on their part to do the boeaing Farmers con\inue to prepare the '!W crop for 1 126 cenw. L 1 116 cents. from the wbacco tax in Germany during 'he in the house. -Brooklp Eagle. market and a large proportion of it bas been l Approxima&e j i l Approximate I past six months to abo1,1t ,000,000 6tripped and baled. BUt very little of, it baa value, value, marks. Rebates to the amount of 300,000 Toltaeeo lace .... & Ia Jllew MIUo .... voaa, been sold. A few dealers have been here and f9,100,000. l f10,01G,OOO. ) marks were p8id, leaving' 8,700,000 against All the tobacco bouaes of this have taken short tripe into tjle Crop 1880. C rop 188L marks during corresponding pe place are n:ow in full operation. BriStol &: btownab1 ips to ;look the tobacoo_ but they riod of year before b h fift h h 1 ave a most mvanably come back emp'J'Average Averace au ave some y sortel'll wit t e requ banded. There are saVi!ral i'eaaoDI for thw. o t ts. Bal price Bales. price -The Chamber of Commerce at Bingen-on-site force of day banda. William Scboverl 0 r1 allL 1 d' leaf 18 nc ea. cents. -0a the-Rhine, in ilill annual furnishes the ing bas about the same number of men em ne 19 nea Y oue mg dealers loll have inveat.ed ,l&rnly in Wiseonain Havana Deli .... ,6,657 138 59,877 118 of. the state of the tobacco and is conaidered the most e:densive Seed. They bouglit the crop of ,83 at low Lankat 14 878 1!1 w .120 manuaau._iag usmesa in the Rhine dis pack .. r in the place. are run figurand 1 turned w 11 Tb 11 ,_ d 3"160 91 J &a 861L tric&:-The oonilumption of smoking wbacco ninr their capacity. and are re-- ou. e e sma ""r ang.. ,.. is etill rather limited, owing to the high rate porlied larp :tuyera. E A. WildmBD a;()(!. quanlity of Lancater county Ha-na Seed B:di 270 110 of the tax imposed on native tobacco. Tbe slarted up their warebou11e later, and now of '88 wu bought at high ligures, and, it is I M.96Sbalea. ) f 8li,SG8bales havetworoomsoccupiedinsortingandpsck not cure BOwell ;rhis p;ave the Average price I I Average Flee has all1o been very limited; owing to over proing. Sherman Hill commenced some two '84 "isconsin a great advant&i;e over lobe '84. 113 cents. { ductiOD in that .ine. For snuff the market w8eka llfCO After gettiog well under way, Pennsyl"Vania, and bought up nearly the en Approximate I ll J baa been ve-good: also for chewing tobache gave nolice of a cut-down in the price tire crop, which is ast.imated M over 60,000 1 value u, fa h ,k Ca8CIIl, and it was bought at figures rauging L /ll 000 OOo J f1 868 000 co, i"'wing to e ct t at many smo era, on, foll soning to one cent per pound, his men from 8 to 15c through, the average price be- of the hil!;h price from th.e all against the reduction and quit ing not more than 1o or Uo. On the cheap Crop 1883. Crop 1883. tax, glve up moltmg, and N&Ort aa a subati work; after a few days contemplation with lands of Wisconsin, ran.nng in from $liO ., Average tute to tbe babil of chewing. clOIII!d doors and deserted benches, he la 50 ,.. District& Bales. price Bales. price -From Aquadilla, PoFto Rico, dunng the mel!ted .the circumstances and Jl:; -s centa O!mts. pas& year500"Cwts leaf tobacco -grown on agam 00 Monday laet, paying the ruhng grown at a profh at the above ftg\}res; while Deli .. 74,7.S 19,788 111 mat island; were of w'bicb li,OOO a 9-uarter celits tbewnoaateroountyfal"mer,withlandwortb: L-k;at U.GSS 188 21.035 1111" cwta were 118nt to u,rmaoy .. Moe'" of the P. N. Hall comm.,nced "last Monday with fl"o'm flOO to poo per acre, and with a heavy Seri&ng. a,615 10. J,738 98 Porto Rico leaf is bougb5 up alaigh price twenty &orter_s and plans, lor only a annual outlay for manure, would..lose money Edi. . . by Spanish Gov,rnment. purchase. H. 0. a warebOUIIII 1s oc at the same prices. ( 102,046 bales ) f 18 ,1108 b&lel!. l -Aooording to a of the Auetrian copied by a limited of who Another diiladvani:AvA the Lancaster farmer I Average price I I Average priee Cousul at Milaa, tobacoo oulture in haly is are BOrt10;g and Mr. Warner own labors under with bi8'184 that the late i cents. } J ceniiJ. lllieltily aasuming large proJ are CO!Illldered very; ftne. l q&rl cuttingashowunmistakableevidenceofwhilie Approximate 1 ) Approximate 1 I)Ortions especially in tbe nortberri part of F boverlmg, who Wlil! one of lfe drat to or very light vein. This condiLion of the leaf value. J I value, J thal lo UPJ;M!' Italy a fine quality commence operatlods, has had the largest is eaid to be owing to inteneely bot l fll1,0.8,000. l f 18,760,008. ot leaf is raised, wbteh il ..-ell adapted to of men ell!-P1011ld, lllrge r00Dl8 wealher of IM September, which caused \he J p Lli!IIONL t.he lll&Dufaotwle of amollling tobacCo and h.avmg occupied rn sor.tmg moat of the plants to dry out too rapidly. A.C. cigars. In lll)uthem Italy a qnality or totime. exhausted h1s purchase 9,f the ------baceo iB railed wllioh "il-bMt adapi8Cl for Vallf!Y Hav8Jl!l. shuts UQwn (Pa.) and Ex:preJI8, --manufacture of BDuft. Tbe imports of to-week,1nfleudmg to go the surroUnd Jan. 14:-Tbe tooal tobacco marlt!lt baa been An transfer in "'-baeoo in l:f during the past yeAr were 88 mg week, bs bopea to pur fairly active during_ the past week, 1,167 casee -,.... u ./ tobac :15 uin t. chase auout two hundred caaea of the weed changing banda. E. Roilenwald & Bros. sold was 811 ";;;;;,:_r/; 385 cof '83 for export, and it goes. to Jan. 8. John P. an o ..... The of \ile Gov t trO tb Milford (Omln.) Ga!IUitU, Ja11.. 9. Bremen; JQIIepb Leder10an sold and shipped N. Drummond. president, re!eDU& ernmen m e I liOO cases ol '83 tobacco to New York; Capt. with .(ohn E. Hayner of the Sligo Iron Com baooouaduawy amounta.&d about 111000000 Wil11ox bought 100 c._ of 181; J. B. Gar6er pany, oneof tbe stdckholdera. '!'his ; I 1 I AND MARKET NEWS. bought 107 cases of '81 from a county packer comPIYIY ia one of the most impottan' in the -The tecetpt111 Of tobacCo imports from n for a New York firm; Dan. A. Mayer sold 68 counteyil operating $wo large one in Germ&oy at Cape Coleny 'tbe l)ast '--casea of '81, '1 C&lle8 of anOilnds, valued at :; tobaj:co could be found upon theBtallt were sold in smalllotll. eompletionon the 81teof the old flo&. manufacSured tobaccO (llmoking tebaccoand you ride throughout the entire section. The On Saturday the ftm deliveriM of 'tW topital,Fourlh and Spruce streets. The snuft), 7'71 pounde.J._yalued at ; leaf to-moe& of it is in the bundle. A. few crope have baooo were made in, this city. of these will not .-eo. the operatione of the ftriD. Tbe bacon, Jll,llfll pouaaa, valued at :. been BOr.OO and packed under the proper Bales had been in the .&rominer at the eomplUIY 1lle4 artieles of incorporatiOil }"81--\'be A liMriaq Consul-General at Athens ol&IIBiftoationa, and a very (ew Bales have been lime of purchase. terday. The capital stock ill _divided ul.: reports that the amount of tobacco produce4 made, and those at prices somewhat below York (Pa.) Di&patch, Jan. 10:-Buyera are 2,000 shares t100 each, of wtch !i in Greece llallt year bas been lim top price. beginning to prospect about York county, Drummond holds 1,1750, Joe. 15 it.ed. lh toe Dllwly acquired pro Fancy is fancy and facta are facts, and the visiting growers \o see how the leaf is curing and Beberl B Dnla 100 sh&1"811. T com-vince8 of Th81B&lia the tobacCocrOJ?bas 1ietm facts of the tobacco case are that the packers and to locate the choice Iota. There is white pany ."-e DrumB!-ond Tl'>baCC!> in quantity below tile owmg to the of '88 must unloatl the burden vein reported, but buyers have already ex pany of llliDOl8, of prdpert.,t ID circumstance that many Mohammed&ll tobac before he can load up with '84 wb#c;o. The presaed the opinion tbat it will cure all right souri it beoomeB Cbe purcba81lr. he' AltOn eo planter& have 9migrat.ed the country! present cro{l with us is an fine d d h I is rall factory becomes the property or a colliM!I!Uently a smaller area of poqnd waa one as show, but of you ::UC::!t concern, leaving an 1nestment pfia." "A Love Storyt Bunch(/f &," Sal vator Rosa," Box Trajle," Daughter of the Regiment." 35 w A1UUCif 8Taa:T, NBW Yomr, Jan. 10, 1885. Tbe of Kimball, Gaullieur & Oo. ill this day disBOlved by mutual con&ent.. EUher member will sign i,n liquidatioD. The boob will remain at 85 Warren iitreet for .-et*le-,, ment. Ricu.uw C. K11ilu.u., HICNRY G AULLlllll1l, W.ILLUJI C. Xonuu Tbe undersigned will continue the busine. of manufacturing cigars and dealiuc in l..t tob!wco at the old 11w.wi, 31 Warna 1Vell$,. Wj.der name of This tobacco was in the United States 1 I"IMBUs. CJtOUU: a: oo: I Bondlld w arebouse adjoining the building We are BOle orau bratl;l mat ka formerly owned by Keaera. Kim"'ll that was lately by fire, and we be-Gaq.Uieur & Co., and succeed to tbold faloj lieve that, with the exception of the bales to.r-y, that have water, .NUJIBI:R .7f!ll, lf. Y. tbe larger the trade for the patl'OIIIIIg9. 1 -. ... -.,.,...,., t tepjed tq -the old house, we_ 1 respectfully Tbe.tobal::> will be arranged for: sale, and llohcit a continuance of the sam:e to the uew. .,. can be 'by catalogue', "': .RICHARD V. full particulars, three davs belore the Bale. DANIEL W. CBqpol't 11.0.. Bead oample bv1111111! Ha..., 1Mll' _,.0111 the'tm!Pper of Giv e rat.e of fr:eJgh$ zov pieCe 10 WhOpllDg &ad Ballfmln. .t.4drW r BLOCH BROS., Wheeliag, W. Y'lfglnia.' Sumatra, Java,. Seed leaf, Etc., l Etc.. 0171011 A.IIID Ne., Crond, 1 Cable r Sumatra and Java; for the Ulitei States, Caaada ud Australia, a Specialty. f\\ i \ 'bcJ 1 TO THB TB.&DK, f I..: f J 1 [ 'fOUld res_p00tr91ly trade ) I have placed with .M8!J!!rJJ. ?..,. ) .., r & Navarra, ..18...and 20 Liberty street, Ne"'t York, the BOl!i. b.Y. T Co., of mty, and I H gary', t$-,600 13,()()() to Afas a criterion to guide other grow8lt8 to our are.oow lb IRick that buyers can ex-Ia&e-U 18 .a.&e.-. 8,000 to !ly, 6,oq9mioco fvr uc. J. T"fle WilliaiiiB Ge ildmed, but a 1111betitute of a low4!r cla. of of the' \& w 11. fJ"q!ll pqth!'r .llu.el'll, 100 pt!r 100 kUG.; paCking of wbacoo 110ld to H. G""nepeoh" lrOOda. pf whioh more can be purcm..ct for Statecan'doanytbinlttbata m Bnall, 101 marka; 8/o of New Yerk the a&.pe 11100ey. The. t.obaooo 1118DUlao$ur-thisdistric' can do, Thera eipr tobacco 111 per 100 .IClmira (N. Y ) Gaufk, Jan. 1:-Tobaopo era say: have had a 'f8ry l&t.illfacwry "ination .. non-1'!18ideD.. Tbe .... ore, u .kilos; 1888 PlaeiHr wrappers aDd 11 bayera have been among the in thia ;y:ear, and have seldom doiM beuer." Upon there .to ta.b out marks; 1888 bro,rq, Pfael.-r OOIIllpqll l8!U1 1180tion recently, and a few sa1ea are ,e. the whole, \here Is a growillcfealiosof conft a liceJJ841 for selling his own ezcept as 108 marks per 100 lilloe. I c ported. Pricel and oftel'll range from ten to pervading Dayr.on businese that a a 11bn-riiidllent mai:wfactuJ;W may -1.{ writin ,_ A.mwerp, iltteefl cents. llo\lt of the clumged conditioDI 110 much desf!ed by h1s coocfa hlmeelf, not by a clerk thU about; a;ooo b11Jia of :we Grande are holding on to \be crpp in hopes of reoeav-al,l. are .IYIIU" u laand, and thai the bUIIDe88 of or agent. A can:ot aend anoUM!r o.n to JMf 'W8N aald ill that market la&ely for aha a1laraer prioe. 1886 trill be fBr more pi'OIIpeJ.!OWI tban,tbat of eell under hl8license. export trade, embneinlr the whole G. !A.. G., Jr., writel to the Cvunfr11 Gmdle-the present year. Hew Toltaeeo lall&en Ia !lraelo P .. l. Thoee who planted tobaccct in Nash are ex ultant over tlieir SQcceMo aod sing praise to the fragrant weed in the higheat tOIIII8 or fer vent enUiusiaam. They talk it at lllOl'll, a$ noon and at eve; and at night when Blum.ber drown eloquent tongu1111 in the less waves of silence, they even then 1!88 It m their dreamll, and ftnd in theewestest comfort, for it brings bright visions of the blissful skelter. "-Wilaon 11'irror. of the oo baud. The tllliock on band in man aa followa :-Even without the lnterfer-that market he tePDI't'. oamounta to ence pf the treat.r quEiltion, there is nothing ILLINOIS. 767 baM8 ol KeaAIOkylllaf. M bales of Virto cA1JM a boom m the tobacco marli:et, or td Warren '(111.) Sentinel, J-. 8: l8ai, 76 MMoll and 1'1 bales of make the price of the 1884 crop lying in cropa have been sold the past tWeak. Oapain llaryl&l&do aod Oaio leal. farmen' hands higb. The t!onsta,t importllr Campbell has bought of William Chapman 8 -Aooordi.DJ to the *tatemnt of "c0rre-tion of Sumatra and the large stOck of old acres at 13c a8110rlied; of Ryland acres, 1pondeal wn,inr fl'oiD CaTIBt'ube, wbacco tobacco. !ll'pecially of the 1883' "rop, weuld HJ&c in. btmdle Friedman & Co. bought of cultivation in the Grand Duchy of Baden is prevent a boem in the new 1884 crop. Ou,of N: W. Tucker, 6-acrea at 2, 8 and 13c, ware rather on the decline, aa the number of toa production of upward of20,00Qaa-grown house assorting. 'llaocO plaotere have beeD reduced in one year in 1884 in this lleCtion, Ieee than 1,000 CaB8B n J from 41,000, who in 1888 planted 778,000 ares have been BOld. two or three dealen Warren ( 1.) Sentinel, an. 8 :-The old en with tobacco, to 88,0011 iii 1884, wbo plantecl have as yet been 1n. the field makmg purgine house thiLii bas stood so many years, abou$ 650,000 ,ars of ground wiili tobacoo. In cbaaes, and these have bought leisurely and with Ita tumble-down and dilapidated apJ;M!BI"'" The : Gold Leaf baa _.Mal spoken of tobacco culture in Nash. W1thou' an ex eeption, aa far as we have heard, who .have tried it have met with gratifying reanti the acreace planted will be greatly incre'aeed this year. Not only will who planted tobacco Ian year plant, aaain, &ut many w whom as ye$ it iS entirely a new crop. That tobacco of a rich and verr supenor quality can be grown in Nash county 18 an establi8bed fact, and er11 long we ex pect 1.o see It claRsed as one of the 'banner tobacco counties of the State.-Hendenon (N. 0.) Gold Uo.t, Jan. 1. 1 fte 1 t f Tb anoe, hae been bought by a few ealiepnsing some quarteu that a bigher on.Y a .r c ose mspec 1on o crops. e citi.&ens and fitted up for a tobacco ware protective tariff l8 DIIC88IIIU"J to encourage pnces pa1d have ranged from 8 to 11 centllm I h bee ____ ... J F "ed .,_ native tobacco cultivation in Soutbem Ger the bundle, and from 11 to U cenle Bl!llorted house. t as n ._,.,.. to n man "" d ked Co., of Chicago, for a term of years. Also many: while, on the other band,. it is -rted an pac tbe old Clark building, opposite the Burnett that 'be decline in tobacco OMltivation in the House, baa been transformed into a toba0co Grand Duchy during the year is due to PENNSYLVANIA. house and is occuied by Pretzfeld & Co., of certain natural cb ooulll n<>* be Lao (Pa. I: J 10 v N y It h .... ill ba Prevented b ... a hlgber &&riff. r caster ) nquarer, an. :ery ew or cny. e .wo uvusea w pro -J little e: the '!W crop bas been bowr:ht and bly aseort pack 1,0!l0 casea of 3110 pounds -According to a report of the German buyers declare they will not buy untU it bas this winter. Consul M Cavalla (Turkey) in regard to the been stripped. Probably not more thau onemanufacture and exp&rtatlon of Turkith eighth of the crop has been atripped1 but the cigare'tea. it appear I tliat \be manufacture of farmers are now busy at work, ana within "Turkilh" oigarettes WBII ori_ginally carried on a few weeks will have their plantings stripped on a large scale in Odeeaa (Crimeaj, where it and l'Mdy for the inspection of &uyera. op.,.-co ... T--was brought to great. perfection. 'J:aeaecigarGrowers who have stripped. portioDll of their PmL.lDBLPBIA, Jan. 1._-Judge Peni'OI8, of et&ea were to a large exteot t to Rul!llia, crop, daily bring samplea to town and take the Orphans' Court, to-day wrstled with the where large quantiUell were consumed. In them to the offices of the dealers. Tbeae account of the Executor of Sarah Ellen the other pane of Europe, with the nception samples, eepecially the Havana Seed, are al Smith, deceased, an eoceotrin philanthropist. of Austria and Roumania, the use of Turkish most withoulexception floe, clear and gl01111y, Mra. Smith by will Jeh a houee at Nt;t. N7 tobacco wae not known at that time. Subllebut in many instances the obnoxious "white South Thirty-eeveoth street to Sarah Wiisoa, quently the product of Od-was introduced vein" shows itself, and buyers shake their 110 that the latter might have eno118h ,from io other parts of Europe, and llnally workbeads and say they will wait awhile before the income lo pay for her eduoatlon uati111he men and machiBery were. exp!l: experiment, while Wi.sconiin .Havana Seed To tlte wife of her -,hew Mra. Smith gan port bus1!lesa of c.tgarettea m amounw bas beea grown and approved for a her "dAI8I! lit\la dog Frisky, With w-re to very httle. many years. It'is ol\tural that buyerasbould for bimcluring his liU, &Jul. ali hie death to -The Chamber of Commerce of the old pNfer that whiub they have $0 bury bimjo .Auo' SaliJ"'S Jot in llouo' lloriah town of Nordbausea, one of the principal they had to test. Cemetery." Sbe directed her exenator to German tobacco report& that Besitle&, the arnall of Bavaoa Seed place North Penn village lotll, if uol the 1101,10rt dlltJ' on leaf tobacco oo-growti 10 this in 18113 was bought up wise diap.-Tbe Peruvian Govern ment baa determined to adopt a strongly pro tective tariff, and baa,Y raised the im port duty on beer, cigars, r1ce, soap, boots and shoes, and other articles which are or can be manufaQtured in the country. DissoLUTION. I.: I BALTIKOIUC, Jan. 1, 1885. The copartn.ership between U. undersigned, under the naml' of Geo.. Kerokhoff & Co. is this day dillolved ,. mutual conaent : Either memliel' will lfCil in settlement of the old businees. I GE01 KBacJaroJ'J', GEO. P. UltVDZA.G'l'. -Referring to the dieaolution o[ partnership. I hereby wish to inform my ftiei&d and \tie public thai I will continue the at the Old Stand, and WOU)d herewith 10licit their 1 kind patronage, and thank them for $he favors extended to the old firm. I will do all in my powell to merit a continuance ol their ,urtber patronage, and remain fully youre, Gmo. Trad1n,; as GICO. KIIROKBOJ'J' & Oo. W AJifTED-JI'or an Eastern clpr factory -pl\>yiog aboat tweoty hands an actie eaieeliiUl with trade in New York: ad Eastern SCates. A.ddreaa, with full particulars and aalary expected. P. J., Tobacco Leaf 108'{ U WANTED-A. po11tien by a thoroughly competent young man .a foreman or a.uia&aat in a elpr factory Beat of refereoces given. A.ddrua B. M ., care of B Jacoba, 6511 Third annue, New York 101J8...8a W ANT.ED-A. aituatioo Wt"!"'lll for a tlrst.!clasa cigar or tobacco firm by a youlljl man of twelve years" experience 8eil of given. Addreaa Beier, Wheeling, W 1 Vs. WANTED-A gentleman who lla bad \blny five yeara experiencejo maJlU(ac turill& all kinds Gf.. tobacco, anll who bas been of dif ferent large tobacco factories during t&e last twen ty-five yean, is open f o r a n e nga g ement In a eiJDl. lar positi o n Is familiar with all the late Improve ments ill the manipulation ef tqbaceo, 11114 furni s h excellent referenceo. A."""-Superinten-dent, .t:ear otll.'!'! 1838-0 W first-clasa and e x perienced aalea man for manu f actured -to bacco." for J.he Stele of' New York, to canvaad j llb11illg trade enty,. Nollf otbl!r n.ed apply but as are tbdrottii!IY a,a.. qnlliotlld witb th. e w hol esale jobbera and A.idtela Letlollr D. Ibis JtoTioi:. Kr .A.l bert wfthc1ra1tB from the thai' of BlaLt, DeutJ&Cb & Heyer h]l' mutus! co-ot. Ta ,. tJxm, remaiDI \be Balqe style j I 1 1031-40 I BLATT, DEUTScK' & lfxTBB. 1 '110 SNUFF llA.NUFA.OTUBEBS. Wanted a mall't'horougblt famlllarwltlt tfll1tilla' ilfacture of 111ulf ill. all U a detaill. Oils capable at tlttlog UJ? a nel' facwty Rrefeqed. A.ddrela, Jll'i\1&, .. WANTED A.T O.NCE-The.A.Jtencytot'anA.l New York olaar faooory fOl' liM "Soulbem 8tltea, Mull haTe r.ome iD allon IMI'Uory, or mua& 'le willing to make such goods aa suitable to the trade No others oeed apply Have exleneive acquaintance wl\b tbe trade to whom I refw in aeneral. A.ddreaa L. C Bchelfey, 18' 'til ave Louisville, Ky 1089 U TO LEASE-Buildinga 929, 231 aod 2118 li'.IR Fortyl!rst street, occupied the last live :rears by Messrs. Kaufmo.nn Br o s & Bondy as a frM> tory, capable to place 600 hands Inquire ot R T. & N Norris, 2211 Eaat 'lat street. 1089-4a ) ) Facto17." No.. 16.34 District. 1342-1348 .Avenue A, COl' Tetb SL Wew Yorll I


THE TOBACCO IIRIET. JI.W YORK. JaniJIIlT Wmern Leaf-V.are aypean te have beell dODe ae lbe Ill tlula in the precediug eixteep da,.l. We note for &be wejk Wan8fers of JOO hosai!eada, 110 9f which were for export. Some, but not a great deal, of buaine811 WBII eftected on m_anufao. turing aocount. Purc)laaes of tbe Spanish buyer already and yet to be !JOI18ummated will the volume of sales for the month now paaring. There ie a demand for new wrappers and also for lonp; tobacco suitable for Africa which cannot be f1,1lly met just at present, though receipts will soon make provision fer these. and other wants. -Messrs. M R.A.l>EB & Sol'! \o TBE ToBACOO LUJ'::U:OIUP'fll, Week. hhds. VtrgiBi'+ : .. ......... 711, New Orleans ........ D Baltimore ..... .'. .. . 128 Western.............. 984 Total ............. Month. bbds. 1,556 0 687 2,01S 4,2116 Briglt.: QuotaUona. NaYy M, 1111, 1111, Be ........... 10 ..... light-prei!Md .... 80 Golcl B!Uw'. .... t .. .............. ao f an4 11-inch twiet ..... ....... ... JG Blo.cke: llll, 1Je. 13llM ..... -to 1r & JO to B Navy 41i;&a, 88 !be.w 17 & 20 w 25 Nay .tOll or Pocket: l'ieces ... ..... 18 to 25 Negrobead twist.. ................. 28 to 30 Smoking-More animation is perceptible in trade; 11nd we hear of some good size sales. Cigars-Demand steady and good, without SPecial feature. DIPO.TS, The r.rri'fala a& \he pon of New Y orlt fl'OIIl for eign p()na lor 'he week, Included the followin& con slpments:' GlasgotJJ-H A lJatjer & Bro, 600 b:u clal' pipes Lt'""t119"l-: V Vallauri l! leaf; Order 1f do. Bro& Co 188 bales: UP()Itft.-. Week. Lozano, Pendas & Co 76; S Auerbach & Co 110; A Gonzales 86 : F l:lcb ulz 8: L Fried1111011 & Go 24.11; Sartori'ult & Co lDS:'Wm Eggert & Co 611; 8 Rossin & So a 29 ; J Shack ll6; _.! &rou 41 ; J as E Ward & Co M2; F Alexandre & Sons 6116: Order llll. R Irelly & Co 8 cases; G W Faber 7; Sanchez & Haya l: P & J Frank 8, Purdy & Nicholas 8; Howard Ivea 8; Michaelis & Lindemann 2; Lozano, Pendas & Co 4; Powell, & Sml'h 2; C .B 85; Park & Tllford 88: E Re,e1J8.1lra-': .C\I&rles. "T Bauer & Ord r 5't: F & lions 114; -..onth. Jas E Ward P.ablp Espi!W' li!P, 6 daci- .,87 garetteB, 1 bale Thurber, 'Whyiand $Jo Leaf ..................... 3,376 ., 1 cs cigarettel, i bb a&Jtl[ft TKL1101Ull8. LouJBVILLJ:, Jan. Ot!er iDgs for the d&1, 4119 hhch; rejec:Wd of yes terd!'J', bbds. Salas include 808 bhda Bur. leys. ged. Sal Cll(cnniA'I'I, Jan. 16.-Uncban es yesterday, m bhde; rejected of' \oday, 113 hbds. na.::.... f RICHJIOl'ID, Jsn. 1&.-Firm. v....,. ... gs or Receipt& of licorice at pon of New York for week, reported upreBBly for TliB ToBAcoo LKA:r: LicolmlB Roo'P-.luf C McAnd.-, per from Smyrna. pkp do. JMif Maresca, from Smyrna, 8,815 pkp (1,038,tllli Jba). I Spanuh: Per lb. Sterry Ex." .. 26 ...... 26 -.. -_ F. G." .... : : 26 -"' T'lirkislr.: -., Licorice +uotationB. "W 1 Quotatwn.. .,... .. .. ... u .1 s ,j : :1; T _.:,.'" LJf: HecJ"ff l.l.f: -J ,;... .I.J.IIoC 0 .. "'>111:00 + T 8 .,. 8..,. "v. c .y Ca." .. 24 A.. o s.': .... 6 Lugll. ; ... _.... .. .... .... to-da,., 71 bbds. Common II Common 8-"@ 9.\( UPOBTS J[edium. ... 11 ""' llc!dium ... .hom the J!Ol'( ot New Yorlr; to forelp JIGI1a tor Good ... .. 10 Good ...... 11 \he wee& were u followe:-.r' .... 11 Fine .. :-: ... 12 AIWnl.-575 hhds. -&leajtlona..U 014 Selectiona .13 .015 cs, 159 bales. .Leaf-Arrivini klo late at Ule al-Sri-tiM &.c In \he advantage favorable to manufacturers. Fme-cuts ha\'11 ilfimented in receipt& and sales eoitaiderably. Smoking-Granulated as well as cut and dry show a larger demand a\ regular estahllohed ligures. Cigars-The past wtoek baa not IM:eD a heavy week for sales. Still, ordera are ftowlnl( iD In in creued numben, but 10 lar.Je in pur cbasea. Manufact11f6rs are nearly l'68dy to eeoure full time, having adjusted their year's busin-. Prl11e1 hotd steady. Bnu1f-Dema11d con\inues excellent. ftecelpta for the week-1.1118 bJ:a. 2,118 cadllilll, I, fOeaad lllll ll811s ftne-cuu. Brrloned of IIWIUfaetured &obaccoTo Liverpool, per itr llllnole, 7,311 lbs; ai!IO 111,000 domeatlc Ci gan to Liverpool by lltr Lord Clive. Seed :r-f-Oipr leaf trade is not a pleasant b118iDell at thia Ume, owing to the very mall margiu: 81181n. the 'll'ant of oertain kinds of atock ia seriowly felt. Nevertheleu, dealers are doing a very creditable business in all grades of leaf, and wbat they are doln1 bas the ring or solid Manu!acturera large aDd small can be -n in tbe sample' rooms exam(nlng al.ock with lhe view or purcbaslng. P:icea ft.le lpw and favor' buyers. Holdel'l! will sell if they have an opportunity. Sumatra-Slight lmpntvement Havana-Conaiderable Havana found admirers the pes\ weei:. R(lceipu fer the :-140 Oonaecbcut, !illS Pennaymmta. 881 esaea Ohio, 1111 easea York !'\tate, 71 -WiMlonain, 8CI balea SIJJDatra, 196 bales Hanna and 230 hhda ViriJnla and ern leaf Sales for ooe:-59 easea ConnltCtieu\, 411 cases Housatonic Hanna. 114 easea J:>ennsylvanla, 1!1 Li"le Duklh, 78 CliEI Ohio, 81 csBeS Y 11rk l:!tate, 80 easea Wilcoula, 18 baJea 114 !mlea Hanna UJd 17 bhda Weatel'll leaf In &renslt direct to manufac\urel'l! Elr the week end lng to-day were 180 bhda. The market was active and generally stronger upon very common lugs and low medium leaf. but Irregular. The order of tbe breako waa not so good, anti there was a larg>r pro portloD of poor green tobaccos. QUOTATIO!tB. Comaon !up ......................... 5 0 GoOdltlp ...... ...................... 7 Common leal............ .. .......... 7 @ Medmm leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. I! @ 9 Good leaf .................. .......... 9),!@10 Nothing above good lof yet offering. The weather is favorable for handling Lbe crop in the llarns, and unless the rolidS become ftry bild, re col pta will soon be fulL Tbe loose tobacco market remains quiet. Planters demand ;Qecember prices ; which prf!ers are now unwilling to give. DANVILLE, Va., Jan. 14.-Paul 0 Ven able, Leaf 'l'obecco Broker. repone to T1111 To a.t.cco LB.t.:r u followa:-Thla market is full to onr'tlqwing at present. We oell over 2,000 lot< per day. l with a very large quntity left oyer for next day's sales. The sales ohow a very good proportion of brlgllt tobacco of all gradea. Mahogany wrp penr, clear of green, aro acarce. Prices cont111Ue vriry on alllf&des. 1 QliOTATIOKal-(100811 tobacco) li'Uien-Oemmoa. luge. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 @ 8 Com100n leaf .................. 0oiiiJ1lOD bright IQif.. .. .. .. .. 7 010 1 ,_,Qoed leaf .............. 111 Fine briht leaf ............. 18 @16 8moli:era-;Commoo dark ............... 8 @ Common brigh\ ............. 4 @ 7 Good ...................... 7 @10 l!'ine to extra ................ 12 @20 Cutterlf-Coinmon to good ..... ,_ .. lll, _@15 G:ood to fine ....... ......... 5 @20 Fine to fancy ..... 7 ........... 20 @27 ...... : .......... 15 @20. Commontomedmm ........ 20 Me4lum to good . : :'2a Go;;d to line ............... M @411 -Fucy ........ ........... 46 @60 -HOPKl:NSVILLE. Jan. 14.-llr. Geo. V. T!Miwpeon, Tobaeco Bro'ker, repone to TliB TQ BAOCO LaA:r u follows :-Bales this week about 1711' hilda. Market atrong; pricea higher. Receipu fair. QUOTATIO>II, Lug-n to medium, old stemmers ia t.he States. No doubt. dark leaf from t7 60 w 110.50, common there is abitndaotl!pace; COilllidering the very red Burley leaf at 110 to 111. medium to good lflo.derate stocks 1n the Kingdom of Burlh leaf at $12 to 115, and floe to choice and lt'af Lhe pl'elleat perioi, w perBurley leaf waa held at $18 to 120. m1t of an unusually ;make of strips holders an aa yet t:oo high. JN\le4 were hllds, 116 cs, 1100 p)'p lbe) since the lot lnt. are very small, and tbe market 1 050--"-of "" t llll _, . hhds, Ul cs, 1 pkg (HQibs) mfQ. quiet under light otrerinp. Good and desirable 800 01. 1889 ....... 7J,(@19 ..v ... W--4 pkl(s (672 lbs) mfd. sample. are -rce and t held llrm. H !a reported UQ Clll.: 188', t. New{qund/a'flaft no J.A.lftt.utY 1, 1886, '1'0 1t0<>11 to line red .. ; .. 8 110@10 oo JA 111, 18811.; fUIC)........... .. 10 00@14 00 Totar ......... ..... .. .. .. 1,050 Hhi:la. Cuea. Balea mfd. upper couat.Jy........... 4 00@18 00 181M......... .. .. 814 814 1888.. .. .. .. .. 924 11114 18&1 ... .... .. 997 997 The financial crisis which, since the middle and pu& up" of dry leaf this 88MOn. Pru of May, affected more or 18811 every b1anctl of dency_should, howeYer, dicf:ate to our Ameri bueioet!l In the United States, waa seriously caB friends th!'t the queeuon of COIIt mtltlt felt also In tbe tobacco trade, and the manu also form an 1.mpertan' especially facturin&' grades of tobacco io parti;,oular snf when the certainty that efforts will be made' fereq from the of bueinetlll and the w Pl!Wt large crops thie Y4!&r is oon'"'quent depreciat1on of valueR. Durin!{ cona1deration.. Tile low pnoe of graJD will the' Iollowiog mcntbs finest "'Burley no doubt .mcluoe PWil!BI'II of all natiooalehowed a heaYier decline of prict's than any to grow, wbere and other grade, from 4 );:> 6c; prices for common the of an m!ldium &o f:ood Burley decijoed th1e pountry_, J.Ud&m_g. from Ule1r from 2 to lie; while lugs, which were in light 'f:t:JSten..:y 1n abe,wmntt::.f late from acting supply, kept up pretty well and remained in reely, tbe quee of ae !)!U'IlfBir demand at 14. 50 w$7 for common to me mount, om1ttmg the1r calculalolona. dium.' Ht'avy old atyle tobacco did not sho'!' all other matters such lUI tbat.t whilst. heavy ftuctuatione of values, and tbe lltrips !'Dd dry form $he bulk of me con-Africa lit 1 p-ound Jeayea oew. I 110@10 00 Laat week 1,8116 C88e8 were t.aken, 286 318 168 Olllo-!Jifertor to good CIJ1WBOII. .... 4 000 6 00 10.477 bbda crop of 1884 sold to date, against 8, 794 bbds crop of 1883 sold to same date In ltl84, and 9, Jil!ds crop or 18811 aold to same date In -erope lleiPI fi:'IMily t.aken. r Antwerp ....... :. 'i77 186 1,11M greemsb and brown .. ...... 7 000 8 W held on our market which are ac-affeoHhe euMeot. and D.Dtil thef can do thiS Low .. ,.,, & G D Crop 1883: G$' O'lf l'i'l' 118,!1118 Vlr,tnl--111011 and good lup I 1100 8 IIQ Fair,; ... 10 @12 Secoilds ... llua ....... .. .. 1.... 664 8,708 colllllraoa1&mNiu.,liaf .. 8 000 II Od FfDe.:-:-:-:.u-,115 Aeaorted.-o-Italy .......... 1,088 ... 'faiuo fO'Odleat .......... 1100011 oo 111 o,ts Bav.Sesd.JO 030 Lh'e ... ... 488 Ill 87,!180 lelee&iou : ........ .. ta 00010 oo Fillets. .. .-;-O-LoDdoa .. ........... 245 146 17,96Q ......_ OISIDOD 10 line.... 1 000 IIIlO Fine leaf ...... .' ...... 9110@19110 111 00@16 00 tuallt for Mle. I with safet)r \0 it 18 to be eeri-1 LYNCHBURG, Jan nary 11.-llelln. Rol\, l Tbe crop of tobceo raised in i8f!ourl in oullly hopea that nothing may prejudicioullly Co., Buy_.... and, l'landlen at Leaf To1884 Is the largest which lla9 t-n produced occur to however llll'll:e UJi.y be ll&coo, reJlOn to TID ToBAcoo LB.t.:r sa followa:-for a number flf ,.eal"B; we estimate it at P .lanted, or n BllCb aD With liberal ollerlnp our market from 18 to 20 milliPn pound&. Le!oe than one of the trade Una OOD.Dtry 1 witP,: tbeJtronger the new year, owing to au increll.sed de-ttQr,d t.bereof is old 11tyle. and by r"r the email stocks now U1etln&' and lilt&y to' lion.1 maad orah'ppen antl1temmers. We noteamarkrd lal'ge!lt portiOn ooriaiete of Burley tobaccc:>. eo for .some _.Ume, :would be advance in the lower gr&!les of colory and bright The drop of Burley is ery well adapted 10 en tical. 'l'be 1m poke co th!B during the, toilaceo, a11d the better descriptions of datlc ship-the Jlre88Dt deinaml; whire it cootaina but a past month were lH bbda, the deliveHes pln1 toliacco were a!Jo conaiderab Y hlffer \be last smallf orropol'tioli of bright fancy leaf, the hhdll, and tbe 8\oek JO. ,101 hbda, or m bbcla. Crop l883-Aaaorted: Ohio: Porta .. .. Inspected \1M -k:-811 hJlda Jraryl1111d. Lo 8 O 11 Qrop 1881: MAlta: ......... .. .. or .. .. Oleued -e 'periad:-li'W atr Berman. for Bre-Fai::: ::::10' '""lJ'" Allorted.. auo eu .. ..:;.:. 618'. 415 hbda lllaryiAad, Jl Vlrklala and T Ken 711 >a ,. _, ;1,Ja8 tucty; &q Weal lao8, 7 hilda leaf. Fine, ..... IJ 015 Wrappen Portup.\ ........ .... 1 ; ... 'NJUOCO ..,,.- Wrapper&_; til-Crop 188ll: Rotterdam........ 287 .. ,. >rt 110 J!UL 1,18811 oa bud lA lObllcoowarehWiel FilleN ... -@-Ail8oried lai&Dda. .... .. r .. .. ... and ooelllpbqara Doh:ieancL ....... 13,W llbda daya. Receipt& week are quite heavy. pricea, th t thia oc1 ,_.,. aolwlthstandin. are tending upward, and the mar bulk o .it,cooaiete of good aubllarltial red Q!Or.e an a pen ...., year, 1 'r 1 Bav.Seed.-@-Qoop 1883: Spain ............ 1,401 .... r .. .. .. 1M__,..., thll -ee"' .... A.aiort.e4. aouth America. : 2t ; ,, t as11 p1 :608m tbia" 1e:.:::.:::: :::::::.: ... ........ ke& very droog. We advance quotat.ious to con leaf df fine. fibre and lltOod qual!ty. U had 1 !orm with yaluea. been 1well matured and thorougbl1 ripe be' d. :g "' IV eo\ lu41ea .. ,. 121. .II ., '" New Yri; Crop fgy._.:.AaaortecJ: Colmbon..-@ .. .Good ..... Hav.Beed.19, @211 Wt#onain: VarioUs porta ..... : r r 18.8t5 Crop 1882: ----;--,--':kpo11a of J!larylaad _., QlJot'A'I'IOJIB (looee &ohaoco): l fore it...WIIII out, and will be a IDOIIt. desirable. j .i n fY' I J .! Luge-Common dark ........ ........ 4 1100 11 111 Qrop purpoeee. The old 'li a 1 iS. Medium and good workin& .. G all@ 6 -style baa more body thanlaat 'P a :o; 4Baorted' .18 018 '3,0119 '1,'799 U8,1f!6 ()laio oiace Jan. 1, 18811.. '15 hbda Crop 1883: \\"\ \)) Siitpped cou\wi8e aDd re-1 ABt!orted @-\ DOIIDUCl ullpeeled .............. l,OM bbda Medium IIlia good dark beny. !i 76@ t1 50 year'a, but 11ot quite aa mueh color, and P: r p:p .:IP l Heddisb and colory OOD!moa 5 50@ 6 110 will be IIUitable (or the E011lisb market& lltoek Jaa. 1. IS6C. e7-& 4110. -r.os 4&4 lllli1Jo Common bright and mixed 1 8 :-0 7 M,l Tbe of lup will )le heavier toon it lwponed .. 18811 r.o 8844 10011 ; 111111 ...._ Hav.BeedJI5 @Sti Crop 1883: Assorted.-@-Bav.Seed.J5 @-,. Spaftuh-Havana fillers have been sold to the extent of 800 bales at from 78 to 115c. wvek the sales were 800 bales at 80 to 115c. t Tbereis a perciept.ible improvement in Ule Havana market. The new orop is tJei.Dg taken in IIJilall parcelll, manufacturers wishing tq try it before purchasing heavily. can be said of this crop at the present moment. It is conceded that there is good, aerviceable tobacco in it; and, on the other band, it is generally admitted that a large portion is not up to standard. The Spanish acare seems to ban sulJsided, and the outlook for a ateadyTUilning buain888 from now on is quite good. The sale by auction of nearly two t;bousand bales of tobacco damaged by the late fire in Covert's bonded warebouee, the latterpartof,January,may baYe alllighlly npressing effec on tile market, but i$ will be of short Tbe sales .tbia week add six hundred bales to tbe quan tity above mentioned, two hundred being sold by one importer and 'four hundred by another. The dOIDell\lc l'eoelpta a\ the pol'\ of New Yorlr. for the week were u foDowt :" The arrivals were cases leaf, 69 bales do, 258 ca s,mkg 6(14 cs mfd ., 120 bxs do. 10 do. 16 do, T1 !4-bxs ilo; 87 cads do 196 du, iM pkp do. do,1177 Cll clgal'l!, 112 do cigarettes, 11 bn samt>lee, 4 tros annff. 76. bbl.s do, 7 do, 1852 b:.s do, 7 pltp do, a jara do, 110 kegs do, consigned as 1 BN tA l6rN BtlilrcH!d-&wyer. Wallace& Co 194 hhds; .ReyneaBros&Co 113; H &!bert 11; S SEd monston & Bro 8; P Lorillard & Co 1; & Co 12; order 180. Br 1/W 1l1uJMm .B&Iiw .&JUrood-Basch & Fischer 97 cs leaf; McCoy & Co 41; H Seibert 8 hbds; order 288' do, 145 CB leaf. I Br U.. Pmmrleania 1liJilroll4-l' Lorillard & Co 188 hhda: H Seibert 12; M Neuburl(er & Colt117 cs leaf; Price & Jebnaon 23; McCoy o! Oo 611; Fred Hofmann & !Jo 14; N Leenbrucb& Bro llll; Ohaa F Tag & Son 1; E & G Friend., d: Co 28; Meyer & Mendelsohn 130; Jos Ledermom2; Cullmaas& Ros enbaum 28; E Rosenwald d: Bro 1; -Suno & New mark 40; S Abraham 67; Toe!, Rose & Co 428; Gail. Ax & Kuchler 149: Cohn & Stein 1; C H Spitzner & S8n 6: S Ruppell; F Schulz 23: S Salomon & Son 1 bale do; Wise & Bendhelm 10 ca4s mfd; S H Johnson 3 ca cigal'l!; J Ellinger bolcco Co 111! W Dulle's Son & Co Sumatrli-JOO bales were taken..:_a_t_from 11: p Wrlp& & Somr111d't 1d Allen & Co 8; V( o 1JO to i60o:-The laat week Smith & Co 117 llhda: !6. cs omkf,'7l do were 1"" bales ,at-1,80 to lGOc We also bear of mf(l, 45 b:u do 2 cs 4 bxs samples; p -, : Lorlllahl & co'4ohhia;7 ires ; 9 lpkgw leaf, 4 bxa 100 hal sold thl8 week at pnotB raugmg samples; P S Maran & Bon t bhds, 1 box aamplea; from $1.25 to tL 70. It looks now aa though !(oore & 'Co'll trca, 20 cs smkg, 68 do there 'IJOlild be a IIC&l'City of fine goods be mfd, -i6 b:u llo: E DuBois 115 cs mfd, 17 .\( -bu do, 23 kega do; E Hen 46 cs amkg, .II do mfd, 18 b:u fore the new crop reaches this lllal'ket. With cio; Dohan. Carroll & ().)1 110 ca mfd, a do a10kg1 the e:xceptioo of a couple of IIDI&lllot8, the Aaguatln &Duaell do, 9 do 4 do cigarettes; Tllur Amsterdam market is reported to be bare of barL Whyland & Co 4 cs om kg, 10 bxs mfd; Wise & .asendhelm 1111 cs amkg, a do long cQt: Wm Sumatra suitable for the United Statal. Broadbunt Jr 118 cs mfd, 10 '-':t>n do; Carhan o 130 to 188 BI'QS 911 cads mfd, liD do, 40 do; H ..,uma.ra wrappere. Wirt.Mat\hewa 2 cs amkg; Bogart & ltaydon 20: F Plvg -There hall been inoreued inquiry in Enl(lebacb 26: E Jaquiner 'Bi T J Donigan & Co 40; tb. d tm d anufacturera an beR W Cameron & Co 92 cs mfd : W G Adams 1: 18 epar en., an m Baker & Clark '15 do; Jos D Evau & Co 110 ginning to speak of ordel'l ahead. Stocks are Mb:u do; G W Heline Co 20 bxs snuff; order 48 materially reduced, and after jobbers' annual hlids, 11 cs llllikg, 101 do mfd, 1 box, 2 cada, 16. ca .accounts are BUIIlllied up in February, more cigarettes. .I. ; be ted. BN U.. NtJtJJ York nd .BaUitMrN. 2-rn.tpOf'fiJtlon act1v1ty may an .. clpa Tobacco tJo 10 bbda; Fu.ncb, Edye The exports laat week were 228,fi'O p. Ex ported to Liverpoo, cases. j:Jmoklng-Tra-Vommoo leaf ........... 5 50 to 6 50 one of the swell resort kind. The usual num-Good ........ ..... ...... 911,-.-@86-Good 'leaf ............... 6 50 to 7 60 ber, of young men were congregated tbel;'l! Fine and fanev ........... eli -@60leaf ............ : .. 8 50 w 9 75 when one of tbecllltll!of a wells who enjoys ;'ill' OXFORD, N. c., Jan. ts ...:.Mr. W A. Bobtbe luxuries of life at the expense of other bitt, .t..t..! Tobacco reports '0 TllB TOBAC Foret' go Markets. people. entered and at qnoe proceeded to help. co LBAP as follows:-Our breaks at present are himself to a cigar. .. very heavy .' We are having abundant rains and He lit it and preambuiaied the spacious. and our wareheuses arc crowded with to-store, w bile every man, present held his breath bacco every flay. Prices still rule high, and lite MELBOURNE, r-{o..:. 19.-M88Brs. Fraser and waited for the waa to considerably higher an common smokers and cut & Co., Tobacco Brokers, report aa follows:-. be that night. ters than laa\ year. The breaks continue to imDuring the month the market for \be finer Tb w dd 1 1 d t d prove, and \be proportion of god.! wrappers Is bee ll ere as su en Y a ou reJl.Or an a. Oll!IOINNATL 0., Jan. 111.-Mesars. ---e quite large. The probabilities are tha' we shall kinds of Arpmatica bas n we supported. strpent of blue smoke and Juriif 'light de'-and in eome instances ex&reme rates have .,_Ad 1 b -t...b b'l & .M.auon, Leaf l'obacco Brokers and Reldryers of have a glut this weel<. My quotatiens are for new &crl"" semi Clrc 88 ID t e aWllcep ere, w 1 eo Cutting Leaf and Plua: Tobacco, rcl'i>rt as follows entirely, no old &l.ock being aold. been realized. Black Work not been in 8 hatrless. breatbleea manaullil into 'futurity to TsB TOBACOO LBA:r:-Tbe holidays being over, so good demand. and sales have been made and wondered if any one elee had. been bit. 1 the tobacco hi&S reaumed its natural course QUOTATIOl'lll. with greater difl.lculty. The private trans 1 The swell, oh, where was bei agsin, and lhe se.l. e at the auction warebou,es pre -Bm. okel'llCommoa da'rk red 8%@ li 1 actions rePorted are 88 follows: 150 pkgs. Ask of the loafers far and near, sent their usual activity, and tile new year starts COmmon to medium 5 @ 8 Cameroq 's. 70 C81!88 1'ennan&'s, 25 '\Vat- Who picked up debris. quite encouragingly as far as tobacco is concerned. Medium to good. 8 @13 son & McGill's. The cipr waa loaded. 'J'liere has been quite a large quantity of old aelliJig, Gaod to line .......... 18 @IS QUOTATIONS. .. But I "an tell vou of a wo--case t .hao and ptices for &Jl the hetter aradea htlve been aen Pine and fancy ....... ltf lo L \,; d--' ,._ c tt n-e 9 @11 TwiST (Importers quotatio1111) .\(-tree. Oases. t .. at,' aaid the ..... er, a fresh Parerally BStisfnctory. Tbe warm, soft weather .re0 e Momdmon .............. 1 4 Black Swan .............. .. 1 1a(d taga "There wDa f 11 b ..... cenlly prevailing bas brought for ward quite libere ium . . 1 @1 -young e ow w o u t.,... ally of the new crop, and the demand for all the Goed, ..... .. ._ ...... 14 @IS l:lhellard s .... .. .. .. 18 la to come here who Willi one ol our best cue--better gradee of good color has been unuoually ac Fine....... .. ...... .. 18 @2'i .. ..... "" f: ::t t: tomera. You know old Jacobe, 'be clo\bing t1ve. ll'his week the &ales are aeain large ana tbe Fancy ............. 1111 @all Bt. .. .. ...... .. d man? Well, he waa aweet on old Jacobe'& marke\ slightly easier for new tobacco Olll is in Fillei'I!-Common dark and green 4 @ 6 lack. a wk. .............. ts 8 daughter, the pretty Rebecca, and I tell you large aupp ly and prices for all useful grades are Common to medium.... 6 @ 9 TaNs (lmpot;tel'l!' quotatio11s) ;llbxs. C8868. she was a doriiD!f, that girl was, and he wgenerally 88LiBfactory. Medium to good. .. .. 9 @12 Over the Water............ 11 2d 1 Bd kind of courting tbeold man, who didn't take. QUOT..A.TIOl'IB. Good to ftne .......... 12 @14 Two Seas.................. 4 d kindly to young fellows after his girl. And Extra ................ 14 @17 Derbll,;" .' ..... .. .... ... 1 s 1s 4 d be was getting along flrst.rate, and waa in-! (,/d. Wrapperii'-Common mahogaliJ.. 16 @20 Her ;esty................ 1s 1d to 1a 2d vited up to supper, and expected to Scraps and inforlor trash. ............ 2 00@ 8 96 Common \(>medium. 28 @80 Uver the Water, Nailrod.... Is 4d tb aod after tJommon dark amokml! luru .......... 4 110@ 5 Ml Medium to good ... so 040 Black llawk, p.' pea......... 1s 'pop I a' =:g:r be asked up ........ 561!@,7 00 G9odtofine ........ 40 .@119 do: ..... :.... .Is'lid-theod.,rnal):to -""',..&ad ed bimthe-ll!!'hum do o ....... 7 00@ 8 3(1 Fine to faacy 110 Otlli Derby do ; ; ...... 1a 5d best be had.:_a fine, f1'811ll Havana. GOod do -do -.... --;; 9 00@10 110 Wrappers; lem.on '.. 1 A.uovAonE: (Importers quo\atlona):-' Tile Old a i-.laeh ano-, ......... Commoa ...... .................. Ligllt-prfiooed.tlne .' ... ........... 2a o,_Bd biB Yes$.u&eabia'obail' back. and 1 Goodur .... 0: d ...... 1ra18 00 -OQmmon toJDedlum .... ..... @85 .. P P :,j6ialld Mllldry .. liU!ijt lam't!,aocl :Medl brl 11, leaf 0 ... : 11 18 00 Xdlum to 11ood ................. ll!i ............ : .. ... : .. h td eta 6Cl-e )'.O!lng feller wae beginum.r to :T Goodu'f gdo 15 00 !!9odtofiql': ............... (II OliO .. CJ&iRI::..MdilaCottatld,'No.ll .. 4lis@t7a&l' 1 that he. Fi d 1 ....... 17 00 Fine to fanL':J' ................... 60 @75. 1 1 do Nnevo .......... : that l!.e.. an.d .lliJa Rebeoca bad aboutt OOD 08 :I> .. ................. u....., ; do "'-Havana, tNo.2:.43e(j'j47a6Cl' cludelik>-wben wbi8bl bulgl fl.sss-:1-st MCoediDml 00 darkdfillen ........ 00110 J WINSTON, N. 0., Jan. 13.-Meun. Hall do do Nuevo .. 45Btafi01 went somoKbiog, witb & aalllib aoome'-ancl nm o ...._ a Edmunda, lAaf Tobacco ud Stem Broken, report s i 0 d b td ... rned d bl 1 _..., Good red Ill--1" """"111 ""' ,_ TliB To _. f 11 Th h w as, rmon .... BU@atll e o man ... -a ou e aom-u t, a .... Floe do ..,...:::::::::::::::: .. ::::16 00 b and bu Lll.t.:rAXD .... lOd@ta 4d the young feller took liia hat and lett. U. NtJtJJ. 1 that the otreriDg& on our market are very heavy. C!)1onial.. 8d@7d. had given him t.he .WTOJIIlr cicar', One that be Scraps and inferior dark trub .. 1 liOO 8 00 Prices are euler; but we make no rJtera&lo111 u yeL 81.ockl OD hand-Helbourne, Nov. 8, 1118&-!had laid. up \o have 80IIIe fun with the boys. Common medium dark ln...; 8 000 4 ""' Manufactnnd--a lll'tuLI'Cil and kogs, 514 But be nenr went back \o '""lain t.hat \be -..'' ''' '''' "" Q09TATIOJII. load-' u n... iii:.'.:.. Medium lugs ...................... 4 000 4 00 r :IL-bxaanll b::u,ll, -. nmanilfactured-199 Clg&r WIUI U...' -..-rmt'-<''"" p,.,_ Medium and good oolory lugs !I 00@ G 110 Lugs, dark ... ; ; .......... .. 4 0 li, hbda an4 ouke, 1181 cuea, 1009 bu, balea &Dd bdla. Common medium stnpping lea( .... .'. 6 000 7 00 bright ............................ 6 @ 9 Clgars-1,84o'S cuea. Medium and IOod medium leaf ....... 1 00@ 9 00 Smokers, oommoa brlgbt .......... ..... 7 '1'1'001111 m ADIAODT Good to line leal .... !.'.............. 10' 000111' 00 I medium. ............ .... 7 010 Mfd \l fd Ci I P.BRSOiU!o, good ...................... .. 10 Lbs.. ... r: Fine and fancy cutten ............... 1!1. @80 delald N Mr. Rg'lter\ Browil has accepted the ageacy of P. Lerillard & Co.'s tobaccos. with headquarters at St. Lo'uis, and leaTes with his for that city today .' Mr. Richard Peyton,' the well-known junior partDeL of Woodside, Peyton & Co., 'hu withdrawn from that concern. Mr. Peyton has secured the account of Love & Co., the largest and belt FiUera,oommondark ................. 4 @8 A e, ... 4;46.5 1119,700 36,146. 0odda,rk ..................... 6 0 8 GLASGOW, Jan.-2.-WimamConnal& ceminon bright ....... ..... 7 @ 9 Ce.'s MonthlyOiroular:Iay._:.,...Tbe l!.ilttcipa 1 r;ood bright ................... 9 014 b ld th ......_. f th Wrappen, common bright ............. 12. 018 t1onsof o ers at e .._mnmg1 o e put good do ......... 18 year pointed to hlaber prices and increased line do ......... 112 0311 buainesa, but these nave -.n barely fancy do .. SQ OliO The year h1111 tieen 11101t uneveO:tfu l. Con I -The New :York Tene-'-.Houee Clommillllion, W edneeday; adopliecl ita ''preliminary report to. the Legislature. Ita .official .term expired Thursdsy. It waa deeided to &Ilk U. Le!isJature either to COQtinqe the commiallion for some weelta. or appoint a new one to COiltin.ue the anflnished work.... The report. em-, bra.cea mOBt of the testimony takeo by the commii!Sion a11d tbe r(jCOJD,IIlendatiuna which oil ba ve been pub liehed.. "" v ... '-


. .; .' l <. ( Sllme o h ) l ()) Ul i I l'iJWt m i ;. I J Motbcco, ) I I ) l I 1 < ::> J ; ( bound in Russia, Gilt E

lames of Parson and Firms Cmancing aad Oiscontinuins Business as Cipr lanufacturers. AT.ABAVA Willl&mMU C C, Hoa&ROmerJ Fint!MIH._,. Aaron E & Co ..,"'O'ft Belmont Dobliar C, esto Ehlita H. tao Harrillon Garbioa T, Dupont Weithermer & Bon, 3!6 Clay WUtige vr, Sanches andSOt.h Belmont Co. 640 Washington Ehlita H, 210 ToWD&end Garbioa T, Dupont Rinaldo Bros, San Jose Snyder C, 407 U oion Suza De A J, 113 Jackson Weithermer I & Son, 126 Davis Wlltige W, 101 Bu& oun11 Dlltriot. Byder C, Auburn COLORADO. Fette E A, DeD'"' Mitchell, PUebla Fette Doris, Deover Slllith & Denver I CONNICCTICU'J:. Enphahl ;L, Bridgeport GuS* J, Haven Logab J, New Haven Obsee F H. Danbury Smith F N. Scholz J, New Haven FLORIDA. Entenza ){, Oedar Key Martinez P. Gainesville Deburae G _01 Jackaonvllle Qualey J TBJlabexee H W C, Gainesville INDIANA. Sixth Distriol Gaffqa A, New AIMee Hugel L, 'Nor&h Vernon Roeuck L. Indianapolis Milleson F J, Incliaoapoli.s Sevent.h DisbicL Grosjean F, Terre Haute Otto F. Terre Haute Wurfel F J, J ovi I(.U..Ul1'10 t 'ct-._tp Clqin Deutach & Klein, J71 W Taylor Detlefsen J H. 15 Keith Eberlein C, 262 E t2d Fenn & Eckert, 1680 8 Clark Fiecher C, 1236 Belmoat Fabre J, 7111 W Incliaoa Graefe A. 17 Bethoven Graebke W, 751 M.ihrauktle Groha P, 8811 Beclg"iclt Henry C, 197 Jobuoli .. & em-,. Dii.flion Kamni.aki J, South Cnicago Kieeliog R, 615 Blue lalarid av Low P, S2 JCIB&oo av Liclta J, 11 Evena Oourt Hartin J A, Grand OroMinc Xateriaa F, 7N Loomis NeufanJJ: F pi ProchUka vv, 8118 Wood Bomer & Co, llohawt Slapak: J. 1108 Cenk'e av. Bchlaix Eliabetb, 10 Hinche Schwartz H. n llarri.-Bchroeder & Sob+mnauer, 17'11 S.. Gun E. JU E 11c1 Qoepfort 0. fOI KuWZr G F, Orgler A. 675 Hubbart Simmona & Su$$0o, WarieR Farrell Brye, OMawa t.=. .. Pecatollioa Fourth DiatricL Brinkerbo& G H r&. Broe, Cadon Caaeell ad& .Ackaollville W,lfew Boetoli Reia F A. & Co, Quincy J W, Waverly Brinl[erhol! G H & Bros; C&D&oo Ca8lell Broe Jackaooville llarkraf W, New BoRon Reie F A. Quincy Seubert 6, B*aunton l'iNl Diskict. Wentworth E it, Galva Hope F A, Malden Riemenachneider II Co, Peoria Eighth District. Copellee L. Danville Thirteenth District. Brueggemann H, Alton Jonllli H P, York Klow H. Murphysboro Jones H T, l1&rtihall Nolt L, lllalcou&ah IOWA. Second District. Harkins B E & Co, Atlantic Crafts L B, Council Bluff.l Despree A, Stuart Schri .. ver J H, Richland Stonesifer H F, Met Valley Shalla low Qity third J)(atrfct, Anderson E, Sioux Fot:&rth Di.sbicL Burlhurkln Fecht J, otwm.wll do do do do do diec'd do do do do do do do do comc'd diac'd do como'd do mb do do do do do do do do OOIIIC'd do do do do do do do clo do do do do do do do dilo'd do do do comc'd do do do do comc'd diac'd do disc'd diac'd do do oomo'd do 4ilo'cl .,_,.cl do do do do diec'd do do Customhouse do Boulevard, bet 3d & Church do do KAINE. Herbat & Dobeft't, Lewiston Li&k S H, Westbrook Doherty A W, Lewiston Gifford B, Richmond ... Fil'llt Jobler L. 11148 S 7th Sabine Co, 10 Wetzel & Ackermann, 2401 Ackermann F, 1918 S M Derleth C, 38011 N Broadway Folkers F A, 716 O'Fallen Loiaa & Broa, 1902 S 12th Wack W, 2009 N Broadway Sixth Di.stnct. Kireh & Zuber, Kau8ae City Kuhlman A J, Levy J, Priegel H 0, Cameron Ridall H & Co, St JOIIeph Zl&ber G, :tean.a City IIINNEBOT.L b,lg .... s:ii:Tr"N iA m---. Golden & Bhee, St Paul P, St Paul .-& 8a-illaeler, St(I>aur JlaiiW w. 8' Jlaal JUBBIB8IPPL X...tem G W', JackloA NEW JEBBJCY. Firat DietricL Bohl F, Pl .. Oliiadea Steward W C. Trent011 Weill CD. Millville Cox E K, Columbus Elbrin B F, Bridgeton Jemison Jl: W, Chambemburg llahr WE, Woodbury Tbird District. Orson N, Pftth Amboy Fifth Dis\ricL dlac'd comc'd do do do de do do comc'd do Co do .All:t J B, 158 Market, Newark dlsc'd Dobbins M C, 127 S 12th, do do Fireching & Co1 268 Court do do Goth A. 204 Railroad av do do Kell.w J, '1'7 Lincoln, Jersey City do Soenlein A., &li Grand do do Bcllememan W, '6 Gn!gory do do Schwan H. 203 W Jrinoey, Newark do Baat z J. lOS Broome do do Wolff W, Aetna do do All:\ J B & W, 158 Market do comc'd Dobbine M C, 67 S 11th do do Frank W, 198 Hopkins av, Jel'8ey City do Goth A, 176 Bruce, Newark do Hemhauler J, 440Sprincll'd av, Newark do Kt'MIIler H. 1()3 Huoterdon, Newark do Lay J, 1129 Jersey av, Jel'8ey City do Rieken& H, 234 Central av, Jersey City do Sch:wirten R, 263' Court, Newark do Selrwaa H. 151 J}IIJjlll dOJ do Baatz J, 68 Barclar do do Walter D, 197 Sprmgfi'd av do do NEW YOU. l'irst Distrio&. Arna41 J Jr, BarnM J, Brenito J, Brooklyn Brutge & Rowley, Cook MS, Gullner J, a. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. THE TOBACCO LEAF. 1880 3d Av 8112 2d av E7th Criapaoo_1[), E 15th Carney 820 E 28th Cohen R. 108' lid av Fromer & Hirech, 187 E 76th Freund S, 209 E 'th Freiman & Co 297 Madison Geierhaaa G 110 Suffolk Goldsmith L M. 2 E 85th Holzman J, 384 E Houston Heg.,lein H. '78 3d aY Hanachel H. 1115lldaY Henschel J, 138 E 125tb Kral188 J, 1516 av Kuhlman K. 248 B 47th Kelly E T, 11129 AvA Katz R, 93 Delancey Lewyo H, 1928 lld nv Lampe H 431 E 71th Wrooker. 17& DiviaioD Phillips Annie. 14$3 2d av Pokorney J. 377 Stb Paegelo* W, 191 Poeicka :Fo Ul6 A a: We!Mlowitz, 149 BroOme Roediger L. 222 E &6th Siecke C A & Co, 96 Cannon Sommer & Alwine. 15291at av Schneider C, Seelig c ;8, E""sa Bchwei" J, 415 lOth Sohmuletl'itl N Kott Stang P F, 641 A, NORTH CAROLINA. Fourth District. Hlacknall C L Kittrells Hill J, Raleigh Duke W, Sons & Co, Durham NEBRASKA. diee'd do comc'd Hibbeler & Sierk, Omaha disc'd Muench & Co. Fremont do Hibbeler L. Omaha comc'd Beckham, MH.nA!ield & Boae, Wymore do Stapenbolll5 T, Omaba do DAKOTA. Bickel & Reicl, Far&q Sauer & Farrell, Baron comc'd do do do do disc'd oomc'd First District-Philadelphia. Aarons H, 221 Church comc'd Adrian & Bell 719 W Cumberland do Benner L. 676 Susquehanna do Brady & Carroll, 2014 South do Bursbten A., 726 Campbell do E A, 125 W 3d do Cherdron J. 508 Diamond do DPHaan G, 842 S 2d do Dougherty M J, &18 Fairmount av do Freund W R, 1380 1Udgeta.v do Hex F, 1ti8 JellerBon do 'Hex E A, 7k N 13th do Haipt A. 1601 Frankford &Y do JOaiidl!r F. J306 N do PJoilt. l M, lltl S 5th do M38 M!lrket .do 8p ni[. F J, Wynkoop do J G SUI N 18 t h do AdriaD J G, 647 W Cumberland clillc'd Bfally J G. 1014 South do Cll .. oo I, 508 do G. 1089 B 6th do DOUgh(Brty I( A, 518 Fairmount a do J!:r.:u & Bro. 15 Frankford af do B.-fH Bsidbridge do Klause F, N Front do Selle1'8 J M, 516 SuPquehanna av do Spaulding F J, 1' B 17th do Firat Diabict. J, Lanadale E Mackville l'loyertown Potltavillle VERMONT. Kempton & Tracy, St. Albans Cook E M. S_pringfleld Ro'hacbild Bros, Barton VIRGINIA. comc'd do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do disc'd do do comc'd do do .do do do do do do do do do disc'd cemo'd do WISCONSIN. Firn Distrio&-Kllwaukee. 1173 National av View Fuhman A, Kaukauna Ruache H. Cedarburg Koehler B, Ma!Utowa Reie Jacob, Green Bay Sixth Disbict. Erbat G & Co, Lac,_ Kretlow E. La Croese Scott Broe "' Dencler, La CrOIBl For onth October. I ARKANSAS. Shupert & Ritzert Dawson 0 P. Beebe Reinberger J M, Little Rock COLORADO. Stickfort H H. Dennr Dunn M C, South Pueblo German F E, Denver BauerJ, do Btickfort C L Key West do do do do do do do do do INDIANA. Sixth Dlltrict. Miller D, Vevay Franz Broe, Indianapqlie Poaner lrl, do do do do do do do do do do do dillc'd do do oomc'd du do do do --do do do do do do do dir.l'd come'd do JAN. OF THE States & Cuba, FOR 1885. Sent by Mall for N,OO, IT OOBT.&.DIIil : Value of Foreign Coiol.; Table of Exoi868 and Iinpoete; Collection Di.strlct.e and Nj'IMI ol Colleotora In the United llanufa.Ct\UWII ; Wll.lT l8 THOUGHT OJ' IT OUTBIDB OJ' ID1t YOBB: CITY Alii) BOW IT J8 Lowa.r., Jrlaas., Dec. "' Tobacco Leaf Pub. ,. DEAR SlRS :-Your Directory and I will &af that I think it the moat complete work of 1ts kind that I have ever eeen. U ill certainly well worth the money to everr w holezale tobacconist. Eocloled find mJ' check for $5. Very truly yours, W. H. I. IUYa. QuAK&R'l'OWJr,:J>a., Dec. so. TobGceo Leaf PuO. Co.-D!UB 8wl :-Your Tobacco Trade Directory at hand. A more COIDJ!lete directory cotilil not be made. J. W. STIWJIU.VD. CmoAoo, Ill., Dec. 81. Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.-Sevent.h DietricL Evert C H & Co, dillc'd you check forP tory. Sauer w & ee. EVILJll!Yille Wilkey N, Sullivan Fil'8t District-Oiiicago. Brezen W, 908 llilwaukee av s-ty J, 11'1 J'ile Blane 0. 717 Cl bourn tY Cierer R D. Sl DearbOrn Fuerst P, 870 Hinman Falkenstei! G, 7 Bingham Groeoewat4 H & Co, 885-ANGregor llfll& W North Huechke G, 191 Orchard Jeffers W, 311 W North ave Kindeman Jl', lH K ueger B, 11.2 Bigtl Kolb L, '8 Willow Miller 0, 18 North Page Nelson Broe, 81:1. Milwaukee ave Petersou 0, 101118 W Iodladll Paulaen Eli&e, J79 Center Woolf Rebecca 408 Blue Island ave eome d Yom, ellt;, do SPRAGUE, W ARRa 4: Co. do Feustel C, 913 W North ave disc'd Goldsmith & Merinbaum, 828 5 Franklin do Heiner J T Jr, 2744 Cottage Grove ave do Kehm J, 253 North ave do Toomey M, 791 W Madison do Seco'lld Dif!triat. Bohr & Fohr1 De Kalb Yerke L, Elg1o Bohr F. Sevins W, Sterling Fourth District. Floto F C, Warsaw Gabr & Wagener, Litchfield Lewistown F C, Litchfield G, Rock Island Fiiib I>i!lkiet. 1 J I ,>


JAY: We have converted baoco dealers, ami eSJ'"!ill tlae 'Opinion' raieed OD &bil C889t. Is nat such as tobaceO the eli' ill ad..etlle to a '*YOI'able of 'he plant; ita davor irn01i thaJ;j& k weak in its growth, and that it'l\)&nnot be raille4 wtt!J io tile vroctuoer, and also IIIB.nJ DUier eome hat..amDar 1 rilftsoni for )leW!f t.IW N!CGm-e a '()()nt'inuouii pro"i(d re favosbJ:r ._..,. at ha'ie ill Vir.ginil(, tlie \wo c'aroli nae or m Connecticui. We 'l!I&V6 W hilrUlern Mex-ico ae beautiful tobacco raised ae perhaps ;an_7 10il has produced. l lt true have rl'OIIl ti!D.e io !1fme br-Ule {IUrobRe of ral8mg, -and manlffllctiJi'ing to"bacco in di1fer-.. parte of. '!f. them with larp which w&B. expeadjld en-terprise prdliucmg aDy Kood 'i supply all her deJIIUIJid; 'One t..OabJ& la, our_men of -capital are uot &o w'llit "-few years before l?rofi.te,ble l'III!Ulta. If tbey become milliaoairea in a 'few months 11ber &bink the undutakiag il unworUly of dotice. Tlailtnight be obviated U 10me young and energetic farmlllll abould avail JM!lVea of a pracUcal knowledge of the cuhure of tobacoo, and then V,. an or wo to '-t41leir knowJedr:e aDd to aacertaia the beat method of cultivating the plant in this cUme.te. They coUld lteep \lp ihe regular. I DUTIJa 'Pf, .. 001111;TJUES. Auslrnir.a-ltianut&eiur..d in>ported, '12 canto a -4 _,._ !&liotrallan manu!ac......S l<>bacoo, made o1 -lo leal, .. ""'*" ..-.llderultu;-ol,f"""" leaf, 48 ...... & poall4 tax. BELGIUM-Lei.t tobaeeo and stems, 70 franCI! per IIIII .klioo: manutaciUred lob6oeo, IP"' and 800 hanco per JOIIIdk>e: Mher'lllndl, lllei'IIOHI pound, l!O oenho Jale..a! ana leas tll&i(fO pack poun cenli a pouad tured tobacco, ceats per p .uad and per cent. ad 'ftlorem duey-and 11 Ct!nts a pound fnterul tAX. Snutr, *1 Ct2Dta a pound and t2J,6 p e r cent. ad valorem duty; when it contains 40 per or more moiature, 8 cents = pouDd tax; when 1 .... J2 Ia I.Mf"toi>&OOO,im]latWAND-Tobacco In' rolls or leaves and unpressed stems, 28 cents duty per 100 kilos: presstMl stems. .24 cents 100 kilos., snuff, carrots. ete.., $4.80 duty per 100 kilos. Cigars. 116 doty per lOOkl.los. Thet60acco industry at-Austria..' and Sparo is controlled by RegieR, un.:J: the ,directlon. ot the $]0vem.. mente or th.OBe countries. k ..._, L..... .;J \ 'UWITED STATES Jl(TERJrAL REV.lnl'.B l TAX ox 1'0BA.OOO. I .t Cll;an. dGmel!tle and $8 pe:r Wei&hlDC DOt OTer three I be per II, per II. t efalanctee and r. cheroo&;e weighing over three.lbl Jlf!i M, sa pet' )(; manufac.' j turecl tobaooo &Dd ,' t'_l / oJ I CHARGES FOR' LICII:NSEB PBR ANNO of CJPN. eberooto, fil; man ufacturen ol tobacco and BDplf 16 manu! tupe tll-iO; 4ealer!IID!e&t 110 1 IMPORT nUTIBjl, ON TOBACCO, CJgan, IJ,IIII per pound and :15 per cent. ad 'ni.loftm. ............. -8e per cent. of Which -il wrap pen wei&'hilll: more tb&n lw Je&-DOWid, 'llloenta per peunof: It -..mod, II per pound; all otfler leaf Det lteJlUlled* 85 cent& pt-r pouod. To baooo manul....,red. 40 ...,ta per _pouDCI. -15 ooata perlAIGDIL Pl-aa4plpebowla, &Dd&peadr ..,.t. eel 't'lllol'8DI Ctimmoo elaJ 1>11*. Ill per een&. -; Jl&l:!ll of pi--'-&d Yalo..,m; 1111 amok .,.... anlc. eo, '111 pH'OODt. ad-; mul!.-11114 ollcw ... lobaooo poUc1leo, Ill per OODt. eel &lorem, ln eo!llltructlng thlo Machine, th inventor and Manufsctu"'r kept tbe tbreo following points principally in view, which ha9e .. tways tor-the same purpoee; frequently creat d.iMatlst'action among manufacturers ot smoking tobacco who are llSID. the oldf&Bhloned maeb.lnea:-l.t. To rid toba.c...-oo ot nailtl "DI'U6ll of the ent tobacc6Mifia oru bled ll!ted out llke dust, whiCh -& eouaderable 1018 to the maoutacturer. The p.ooJem of tho defeets 1uot mentioned hM been solved b construetlnc thlo ma ChiDe, to.Jbe enUre satisfaction ot all manufacturers who are using it. following ftrme, to whom I referJ..bave this machine in use:-W. Dulr:e, Sons A: Co Cozart&: Co E. lf. rogue &So n Morris& Sons Mfg. uo, Durham, N.c.; Scott & Bon Graham, N.C.; G. W. Gall & A%l F W & Son, -,;r-.;Baltlmoo;e; IIJ>auldlng If Mil'rlcli', Aug. Beclt "' 00. Gtadle & Stmtz, H enry Hersey & COt, Chlcaeo; .,, F Adao11 a: OP. M1hraukt>e; Jaa. ilofuiber &: Co OleTeland.; P. J. Borg dt Co., Mlddletow'D, 0.; De.rllel & On., II&Dnor Tobacco Co.1 Detroit: Gatlin Tob&coo ... .Hflls & l'rtts, S&. V.uie: loee 8 ftto'Uns, New York; 8. Ber11Etheim k. Bro., New Orle&Ds; Allen A G"!ter. RlchiDOJWI; R.,E .Jbnea.& Oo .. Hillsboro N c : Brow &.Jlro., WJlllllon N C ; Denny, Lyle & Co< Reidsville, N C ; P Lorillard & Co, Jersey. City. N J ., and others. :Ell. Patentee au.

T. H. MESSENGER & CD .. DIPOR TII:Bil AND llEALERS Leaf Tobacco. CiSIII. -..-. LICORICE P'AS'TI, ..... TIIOMPSOB',KOOBE 1!1DF ACTIJRBD llllP TOBACCO au ..... AOEli'I'B to I'BER ISAAC NIEW:J"QN W. .,.,.....-..,...,.,.,...;'aeDOI:.,.,.,._ lmpar&en, Deale"' aa4 Comma-tea -.......A F T 0 .11811aNear...a..Jr ... &Uri R.1E & OQ.. HENB.Y SIEBERT, c.;;;-.; .. TOBACCO for 7& rod street, .---vv -roR.:K.


t, JliES' aRUSSEI:J 1Ca., 1Wn71'4Uiftlla .. CIGARS, 309 E. Fiftyfflntll ST. ffew lprl .. J-4: = t IJOJfl:=: Ernest Freise, IMPORTER OF Havana and Rmnatra Tsblcco "I! ... r John Brand a Co., HAVANA .A.ND P.A.(l:&BBS eJr'baccb, ...... t -DfftCE!S-{ 110 -1 --. f i; York.O:I.t'Y H to 110 Attonwy Street, TO:Iii.B.. -EL n a, H.A. VAN .A. -A.lQ)-SEED LBAP TOBIOOO, aea Wat.u.8t., ... York. ........... ., SE lEAf TOBACCD, aU WAftR 8TRKKT,IIKW Y!RL & BOIIIIlf: .. .-. 8. BOSSDl & SOKS. 322 E. 63d Street, TOR&, F. FePDandes & Oo. DI1'QRTERS OJf Havana .Leaf Tobacco -Jo:IID-OXQ..A.R.S. '"LA BELDIDA" Tra4e M_.k. 80 &"'8!2 Pine St., NewYork. A aitii"ifDti'r:t LD & JIJCfU!!J IS S.-MICRARIS -......,.., SEE D .Aim DBLD8 ... all idnds of SmOklnr AJoo U.. .....0-lmown ot Brlgbt Plq Cl>e1riJW i I onward,' llold Slliold,' & snvor amoid.' Afanue D-l lOth St._leWYork;. LOVU lio JIOOJ). Louis Ash I Go. 01' CIGARS,. AJUi Deala'll1a TQBACCO, 779 T111RD AVI!rtUE,. HAVANA TOBACCO, ftJQETI WEW TO... .lACHENBRUGH I .Job WW., B&tael.J. Vee ... :-w-ILT I H : VAN RAMDOfiR & CO:, H. J. '1!-n.oTaorr, IUt PEAR.L XEW YOR.K. ALEX. E. v...,.. R.umoaa. P I ACKERS OF DOMESTIC, BAV ANA. AND DIRECT RECEIVERS OF TOBACCO. Da .. l erry. 1 ]. S. GANS' S0N & CO., _Brok.ers,: I 131 Water Street. New York. CJO:LON CJIGAB. FACTORY, & Pr.opriators. "MANUFnTURERS OF ltAV ANA-ciGARS, .,. "'WVllilto. JI":J:.oA.. U Rctnn's Bouquet,'' of BAY81D., L.l., ... W YORK. HERMAN SEGNITZ & CO:. J. G :FLINT. Jr.-.- ! H FINE 8m9k.tng T1 baQG; Ml.waukee, Wis. Milwautee; Wis: .!II.A.N11P .A.Cl'I'I1BBB ep Cigar Dozes, ADd Importer c.l GEBMAN CIGAR IIOt.ns, (8ole tbr 111-re, 08BNBB'I!TBC:& <11: CO.) B.A.W liLILLc P.A.C'I'OBYI 811& 313 E. lith St., SID to81ill E.llth 8t. *-'ld.A.T-ol"-Torko :;.. ; ;. __ __ ., Commission Men of Business, Economists, Bankers ana Manufacturen SHOULD lp:AD BRADSTREET'S: A WEEXLY JO UllN.U. OF TRADE, :FIH.o\NCR, AJD PUBLIC ECONOMY. I


New Moon. P.ick. ARM liD UAIMR aud BUCK EYE &51 N. 3rd and a. 225 Quarry JULIUS PACKERS OF &Elm X,.EAF and E. McDowell & Oo. A 60fS CHESTNUT ST .. PHILADELPH lA. ox..:m ..A.Cir .. T& LOT*Ji' I A CEt'S :.:-&per .; ...... .;100 ..... lot JfOB'I'B O.a.'.&lo 0. .&. IL IIJilTJL '1'. CULLI!IM()!f SMITH G. F. KDDKE 8t, co.. :EJ:A "V" .A. N .A. Ge:u.ora1 .,... .... aa CDIIISSJON EaliTS. S d y --''I' ..... 'I'OBAOOO, 001'1'0 ee Oua.u.CO .....,., ............ t-.. SUI!I:ATBA. A srmULTY. .._ ... a.., 31 Cerman at., -Baltlmore. &.E. 1 1 u4 ... ...._ :Ba1 u.aa:..o:re, !Mrc:L


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