The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. VOL. 1. IBftABLUBED 18M.] NEW YO,RK, JAN. 31, 1885. WHOLE N O. 1041 anJ of thl 8ra11t1. a: co. &oz..m B9 &"tree"t. Ne"'OV' "YorlL. AUG BOEIILER STEAM SAWING & 'PLANING MILLS, Corner. of I st and 31 st str., M A N UFA,CTURERS OF WBISS HIRSCH. & WILCIINS, CICAH BOXHS 1 RIBBONS. J CHBII!'DAN DUSEL. GEO. W. A UG USTIN. 1 IMPORTERS AND DI:ALI:RS IN I F .OREIGN. AND ... DDMES.TIC ARTICLEs. r lanufactnrprs; Agents for an the PoDnlar Brands of. Cnt, Smokiu and Plug tobacco ant Sole Asuts for 'Val.nt tg Tobacco and Cigarettes; S o l e Allen & Gltl.ter'a RIClDIOND GEM: Tobacpo & Cigarettes; Depo& for Blaekweli'Ge .. ne W .Carroll? LoiUIISae k -B.T.Pilkla'&oa' Pru.Ua & Plow e r a Sole. Agents of SN'UPF; Importers of. FRENCH CICARETTE PAPER In Reams&. Books; Neh 1:1. -,gv .A.B.B.EIN N:m-,gv I I No. 254 PEARL ST:REET,NEW YORK. 1157 CALZADA DEL MONTE, .. : &t .. .A.; No. B :Lo1berty &1:ree1:, JSI'e"'C'V MANUFAOTURI!:RS OF Finest Clear Havana Cigars. Awarded Jliaheo t :Medal at E:ddbitlon, 1876, Philadelphia. ALSO IMPORTERS .OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. Prleclman, L. H. KanCman. .L. Cantor. T:::t:&l.ed'WT1&.D '& w p = .i-< C>F TOBACCO The J,ohp J. x:f:w YORK .A\RD OF : Pu.r. e T..XN' FC>XL ror Pl.u.a Tobacco. F actorics-:KEJ TORI: 38 163 MUlberry Sts. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 franklin St. SILVER -SURFACE FOIL! COIIPOURD F aL, PATENT IIETAL,aaclall.the.U.ereatvarietieaof l'oU kDo1nltothe PRili'TING ON FOIL iD BroDH aad {'elora. ai.d witll dUrereat deda:lle of o ll: m.8llltation. for TOB..A.OCO .AN'D OZG-.A.R. L.A.EJEL&. Plaia, Colore d or Stamped. Address: 163 MULBERRY ST. NEW ro.RK; 88' :FRAXKLIN ST.' CijiCAGO F GARCIA, BRO. & CO., --4UOOEIISOBS 01' I'ELlX GARCJA.)--Imporfers ..of LOaf f Ob8CCo. Callaho Havana.. 167 WATER ST., NEW ..-AARON IKJHtTRABT, lL & C 0., IMPORTERS o F .HAV ANA -o---DEAIJCRS IN Wholesale for James C hYkel's Cel e brated Cigar Flavo,. and ClgarColorlng. IMP,ORTERS AND D EA,LERS I N SPANISH. CEDAR AND OTHER '. CIGAR BOX LUMBER P rioeto aa4. Sample W be !Applloatioa. READQUABTERS FOR CIGAR.: FLAVORS! J am.ea C]1ask.e1, n anuae&urer o c HAVANA CIGAR -ANDfOBACCO FtAVORS, "Anti-Coal". & Golorings, 44 Wea t Broadwa y aad 82 Thomaa Street, NEW YORK. C'atalogue and Price List containing all necessary lp formatio n mail e d o n applicatio n ALEX. 'FRIES & BROS., :MAX1JI'ACT1JREBS OF Havana Flavor, l!f,l 92 READE STREET, N E W YORK. I 46, 4 8 & 50 Eaa t 2d Street. CINCINNATI. O ; BraD<.h Oflloe: 12 HAVANA, CUBA. SIGMUND JACO BY, GUSTA V JACOBY, SOL R OSENER. METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY S. JACOBY&. Co., .. Factory No. 3, '3d District, Foot of 52nd Street. River; N'El'VV AND'--, : of Havana :T'obacco_ lnfriojp;lnK upoo tJ1ese I'OUa Trade .Harks LO:iBA.N'O, :EEBii':J:.A.S. &, OF I -EMA.RX. \ lif A. 'V .A. :N' A. T C> B A. 0 0 0 SlOB JSr::m"Vt" ."Y6lE't.:a.:. ''-:Kdw. Acherman u Edw. & Co., MANUFACTURERS OF j Cor. Ferry and South : OUo Sa:r&or l ua. &. 1'. Valle. SARTORIUS & CO., XDB:POJR.T3!D!'I.& C>F Havana 171 PEARL I BERNAZA 32, El. AT-E*R.O oo., -l'!rAN17PAsa:a::a.y. .. I : :"gV'eat & &trc:-et. 01:a:a.o:l:a:a.Z:a.a.t:lp Oh:l.-. "l: 1 I AND CUT A.Nl> DRY SIIOKING TOBACCO. ALSO THII: 1 : .AN" ., :a::iR.o., p '.a.. :' "'WELGOM' E '' 1 ADd GENERAL AOEI'ITt-W, A, ROBINSON, U-& W.A.TBIL ST., RBW YOBK. ........ D F TOB' ACCO O:J:Q.AR.ET-;;t-ES. WHOLESALE DEPOTSt-NEW YORK: AulrUetlu .t Duoel 11 W aneu St. ; BAL'l'Ili!ORE: Bazteia: Bl'ld,!lt 1 0 BOSTON: A R. MltcH eii&Co .. SS Broad S t ALBA!IIY, N Y .:G.W, Vau & Co 471 R.I. : Huutooa .t; l)orhAID, 43 Westminster St. ; PHILADJ:LPHIA, Pa.: LQw s Breme r s Son 1112 N Third S t ; CINCINNA 0 : Vo ..... .t W inter. 11!5 Main St. B UF FALO N.Y. :, c! Jenks. 000 Waahlnrton St; : CHICAGO, nl. : Lue,....n &Co., 49 La e 8 1 ; ST. LOllS, Mo. : llli'I!Cbl ,'e Be n d No. 180 .oztR..-.T ogv TOR.2E:. Poot of Crand St., Eat River, N. v. h elm, oi(Jl:lf 'l'hinlSt. ;DENVI!lR,Co i .:Aibe"Abel,ll\o LawroooeBc ; lo.a>:ll(eyerA. .:0.; IIANFRANCISOO. CaLiL. .t; Jl. LAKE CITY :Wal lcer & B ros. i ..... 1 /. cqra,r Jla.nuf'ac.,-turers wUI Ond it to deal with 1U .. ,. ... ..... -.. ,. : ,. .. -. t


........ tM x..u,r..t Cbnla.,..;..,hd. Paper in the w-. I'CJDLI8!l1i:D EVERY SA TURD.: }IORl(ING li.Y THll: I 111BACCO tflF PUBL IG lOG Malden Lane, New, r l,.,. CO RNER 01!' PEAltL IITUii:t. ,PWARD BIJRK.E, ,..DN G GRAFF, Annual Snbs<>rlp&lou Abroad. BRITAIN and CAN .ADA DKEW:KN, B.t.JI BURO and the Co !fTillrDT ... & .OC AuSTa.U.J.L, etc England ...... & .0& ()u;u ... ... ... & .Oi ....:IKVII!IEB RATEI!I FOR &DVERTII!IEliiEl'ITI!I. One Y ear. 4butteen ltnea o n e column .... .... 125 .itburteeu Jines ovtir t wo colu mns. ... 45 htmt y e i g h t onee-Aumn . .... r.-euty eurht l ines ov, rtwo columDII 80 Fifty--six line s one column............ 8 l Fltty r lx li nes over t:wo columns 1-60 8acttiae & t o f page. ... ... ro Six Th""' Month& llonthl llf Ill It 1M It : I' : p Ill ... Special A.dYertta.ement on PI_... Pce. l'onrteen lin e s ove r two wide ootun:ms . ( on e year) .... StOO 'Twenty-e i v h t linesovertwe wi dec,Qlumus do .... l7C) .-out'tee n lint!& single column ..... .::.... do . M 8peelal A4Yer'&lemeot oa PlRb Ptrft One Six Three Year. Hontba. Monthl r ourteen Unea ove r two wid e columna $85 lilt Remittanees f o r advertisements and subeert.pti.on1 should etwa y a be made payabl e by P 0 Order or by check to To4>areo Le&t PubllsbillJI: C o J!r'Unde r n o circumstance s will w e d eviate :rro m the 00v e pdces. STILL -OPPOSED TO TH.B TREATY. The following l etter, which is addressed >to Mr. Manuel S Sutro, of the up-town cigar -.t.DUiatlturiug firm of Suwo by a reporter 'Of a leading Ne1f Y Grk daily paper, indicates t!Jat & Newmark are etill op pOI!ed to the S p anish treaty, and that certain New York dailies dn.not had with m erchants and others who may bappen to differ with allese papers in their eJW.niOWJ on of _.}lanuel S Sutro, E sq. MY DEAR SIR.:-You may have felt sur"flrleed at not seeing the report of my interl iew with you in yesterday's iaeue, I retU1'Ded to the office I found wbM they wanted was an expression of ophriOa favor_ able to the Spanish treaty. Yours was deo1 .ciedl.r 86;ainst it. Wit.h m7 Jl8lliOII&l regards, Yours v ery truly, {lbt. ltll'Okf itk. ] WJIO During &he 'o weaJtllj. from cigar rnanufacturenJ jo have rllllched us inquiring about the stand ing, financial and of one John Kavaaagh, who is repr-oted by bis busl ness card to be a commiBBion merchant and wholesale dealer in imj)Orted and domestic cigars l5ll FI'81lt New Y Ql'k. He,e .is one of tbe'let.ten of inquiry:MIDDLETOWN, Pa., Jan. 23. 1883. D&Ul Sia:-Can fOU .tell me how John Xavanagh, commiee1on merobaat and in cigan stands f What I mean, is be altogether a ieeponsibl e party t I would deem it a favor if you can answer. tbit1. Kavanagh's place of busin&!s is 159 Front street, your -<:ity. Respectfully youn<. D. E. SWIGERT. Inquiry at the commercial agencies brought -oonlr the information that Mr. x;. refused to 'make a statement, and a LEAr reporter then visited 159 Front street and found Mr. K. oca small office up 'wo tlichte of stairs. When apprised of t.he reporter's mi!lllion Kr. K Baid he was surprised that inquiry should. be made about him through THE ToBACC O Lli:AF, 8.1!1 the commercial agen c i es were the. channel$ thatinquiries of that sort usually through; that he recently etarted in his present busineBB, and tbat btl baudled only clleap cigars selling at $10 to c $13 per th011IBand, and supplied the retail trade-liquor Baloons IJ!Ostly-with them. As to his financial standing, be remarked that be was not a "hundred thou.saad." THB PlilNDll'iG T.BlilA..TllilB. W ABHll{GTON, Jan. 26.-The Star to-night ea;rs:-" There is talk of introducing a reso lution into ths House similar to that of Mr. Hurd, coosidered on Friday; DDly that it is --to apply to strictly revenue bills It is un-derstood to be aimed at the commercial trea--ties The idea is to get an expression of the 'Hote a.e to the authority ol. &he President .-.,.d the t' $0 make treatiel affecting tbe TeVenue. The oppoeition to the treaties 11661DS to be getting -stronger, and their ]101l411ltl II&Y thtly cap never effective "Yhef'IJIIy' that, besides the danger attelldi'lg any acknowledgment, of he. Sena &'\ thorit.. a maJority of the members w -pose policy oC mattnp; J; treaty "'t"! li Government hat -would 1'811trict' us collection of revenues which mag t 00:: come tw.. br...._ rn1 ment 1600mf!fg involved in Wal', llfty other way placed under extraordina..,. g. -pe ]lr, Oil D, ClliiiriMn-ttre .n..ign (;(>dmft.tle, U)'S he" the 'Spanish treaty can never pBBs. The :Mexican !&reaty, he thinks, however, favored by the Houae, aud, tboagh be bas not looked into he Nicaraguan treaty carefully, he thiDks it mAT go through." WA8lllli'GT01'1, Jan. '%!!.-AbramS. today made anoth\lr effort to brina: the Mexican treaty I HOMe Jor !On .&deration. and was defeated on a yea ,aud Day voter which atood 81 for apd 157 a,a;&inet be' mo&ion. l'ttte memtlen of ays and M ... Comlllillee'PntHDt and voting. two, Messrs. H11re!'Zall!l< Co .. )l[r. Baron, of Baron & C o ., 'V 4.!1BI1tG'l'QN, D. Cll .Ju.<.21L and ilr. Jtl. -Lenzherr;. Nothing else is talked of here save there-Fromer & Hirsch, the cigar manufactur-ciprocal treaties. Th e rumors are so conflictere, lm e been bus'y all week moving into their ing that it is alHioat Ito gll!lli llri'Bncl new factoey in 77th street, b etween bottom facts. pcccUJ!i5 n!l61' Lexingtou and Third avenue s. its whole time t'he pMt week mexecutive sesMr. L. L Warshaue r K D salesm1m for sion, and I would aot be at to M & E Salom o n will start out on a a vote tak11n upon Ule Nicaragu t-ty e r n trip i n a few days. He is equipped with any hour now. Nothing has been done on the a new but promising fac ial appendage. other treaties for some time; but" all the time -The majorit y o f the cred itors of W angler of the Senate has been devoted to the Nica & Co. have accepted that firm's o ffer of s etraguan. Not in many y ears has there been tle me u t and i t 1 s expected that those who such a strong lobby:, and both sides are alike have n o t alrea d y signed off will do so in a C&nlident. f e w days. W ednesdsy ,the Senate went into secret Bes -Mr I Kaffe n b urgh, of Bosto n Mr. Breit sion at 12:30, and IIIIVeral Seoators seqding for their dinners, it was genemlly understood we i ee r of Breitwe ise r Bros B uff a lo N Y.. that they would come to a vote before they and .Mr. Bre m e r of L ew i s B r e m e r s So ns, of adjourned. After a prolonged session last Phila d e lphia, wer e in the See d le a f market ing until 7 o'clock, the S enate adjourne d this week. without reaching a vote. Thursday they -Mr. _Sigismund Rothsehild and his sen were at it all 4ay long. Wednessay morning Fred, of Rothschild & :6&-o. the Detroit leaf the opposition was very conftdent, and bQia&w ftrm, arrived. in town on Thursday. They will were made that the wo.l41 be l.eave.for Ha.ana lio day to make purcb8.1!188 beaten by an even vote. Thprsday the friends of Havana tobacco. of the treaty 'took ill hard M tell -The time made by auctioneer Ed. Lewis what from-and were confident it would be at the sole of Havana tobacco on Wednesday ratified. is tbe beet on record. To sell1,871 bales of I have it from the highest autbom y that in tlYe and low, in t.-o in oase the friends of the :::!panish treaty think botirtl and three-quarter!! ie good work. it wHI not be succr.ssful, tbey have modiflca -Mr. Daniel Frey, of Frey Bros., the cigar tiona all roody to spring oa. the Senate, our manufacturers, who has been the Government molr:iug ePO>ition., This will be three or four weeks. done only all a last resort. John Blolr:ely, of New York city, -As will be seen under speci!il notices, himseU an importer and manufacturer o1 Dick Cowley, t.h popular cigar 8BifWDBJI, tobacco, h118 sent in a petition praying for 11M hill QODueoti.On with Geo. W. h 'fb' Nichols. We understand that Mr. Cowley the ratification of the Spams trr,lat;r. ll! bas taken this step to make connections with with tbe petition of a number of merchants of Portland, M&ioo, make the only ones refirm that offer him greater induceiDIIII*! ceived the -past week favoring the treaty. A a wider field for his -number of petitions have been received pro--The New York city: creditors of Lutz & testing its ratification, including one the tobacco and igarfirm in Council from the Wisconsin tobacco manufacturers; Bluffa, Iowa, which failed two weeks ago, 'one from the Philadelpbia Board of Trade, held another at the office of Morris wiaieh was a1so sent to the Honse of Repre B. Wise on 'luesday a.d signed oft" fer seuiatives; one from Cigar Union No. 5, of cents cash on the dollar, that being thl! New York citY, and one uom the Board of best oiler of settlement Lutz & Lange would Trade of Bathf Maipe. make. lt1!ow_remains !or the uut-of-iown As etated in a previoua letter, it ia highly creditors to uy whe&her they will accept the improbable now that any further effllrt will offer and p11rmit the firm to pursue its busi be made this seesion to r"PI!Ill the tax on nE'SB. cigars and tobacco, although Secretary :Mc-Mr. J. M. Layman, succe3sor to John Culloch favors such a W8Ve. Anderson & Co., and manufacturer of the Madame Vel&Bquez is here watching the celebrated" Solace" tine-cutchewin,;tobacco, Spanish treaty. Madame Velasquft has a was a l.eatling figure as the reception, drill great many friends in C ongress, and is a and ball of Ivanhoe Commandery and Mon tower of strength in anythin,; she un,der roe Commandery Drill Corps, of Rochester, takes. N. Y at Madison Square Garden on WedMr. Israel Kimball, chief of the tobacco nesday ofternoon and evening. He is at division of the internal revenue, bas-been present Emin!!nt C ommander of Palestine confined to his hoW!e for the past teo days Commaodery No. 18 K. T .. of this city, arid whh a cold. Stno. holds many other prominent in the Masonic order. -We acknowledge with pleasur'l a viit at our office a few days of Mr. ChRs. Volk mar. the Philadelphia cigar manufacture r in company with Mr. Moralez, his foreman and man. Mr. Volkmar manufactures only clear Havana goods. his cheapest cigar being s o ld at 10 cents. H e is po s sessed of consid erable means and is now building a new factory, into which he expect1 to m o ve about the let of April. Wit h the aid of a practical ci gar maker like j\[ r Moralez he should make things bum when be gets into his new factory. -,:--'!'[1[01'1 !I When the ewa of tbls 'leaf tobiiec .... Schumacher & Ettlinger .... Heppenheimer & Maurer ... Hevma.n Bros. & Lowenstein. S. j acoby & Co. . ....... M. Stachelborg & Co ........ R Monne & Bro .... ....... Wise & Bendheim .......... Kaufmann Bros & Bondy ... Wlli. Wicke & Co . ..... James BrusA e l & Co ........ Kaufman ............ Jno. W. Love ............... Sutro & Newmark ... ....... Jacoby & Bookman ....... . Brown & Earle ....... .... S .-Ottenberg & Bros" ...... llc(}Dy & Co ............... Bondy. Lederer & Co ........ Thos. H Hall ............... Fromer & Hil'llch ........... FOI!ter, Hilson & Co ....... .. Bulb & Lindner ....... ... .. Sackett, Wilhelms & Betzig L. New .roan ..... . ........ Samisch & Goldman r S&musl J011ephs & Co .... . Lew;yA & llartia ... ........ M Sil vertbou & Co ..... . Levy Broti . . ......... Louis Ash & Co : .... ... Julius ElliQ(l$' & ..... Steinecke & Kerr ......... .. 1 D J. BoehD;I & Co .. : .' .... Ifrey Brps., ..... ..... = $25 00 50 00 50 00 50 00 50 00 .25 00 25 00 25 00 25 00 211 00 Jli 00 .25 00 25 PO 2000 15 00 15 00 15 00 15 00 15 00 1tl 00 ;Hi 0(1 15 00 15 00 15 00 111 00 15 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 06 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 5 00 5 00 $720 00 Collec ed bv Messrs. m: lt Cum-mings and J.P. Quinn:-: P Lorillard & Co .......... $100 00 G. Reusens ......... : . 25 00 Toe!, Hose & Co ... ........ J 2!1 00 Reyues Bros. & Co . . 2ts oo Sawyer, Wallace & Co........ iii 00 Jarvis & Co................. 25 00 J H. Moore & Co. . . 15 00 Henly iebert. . .. 10 00 Ml'll G. B. ltliller & Co....... 10 00 S S Edmonston & Bro. . 5 oo H. Pappenbeim & Co. . . 5 00 wooo Collected in Bondy, Lede!IM'& Co ......... 1110 ISO D. H. 11cAlpin & Co......... liO 24 Kerbs & Spie!!ll. . . .. 23 81 L & E Kauffman ......... 19 Ill ,Levy Bro3 ...... .. 1ll IIG John W. Love.... .. 10 41 M P. Breslin..... . .. . 7 45 M. W. Mendel &; Bro....... 6 9'1 8. Jacoby & Co .. :. ...... e 60 Holsman & Deut.chberger... II 38 Collected in boxes containing let111 than t6 ............... 84 88 $238 54 ORUlAOO JBW!I, Mr. John Wardl&w, u 19 Wabaeb.,..ue, who is tbe representative of die m-& McC allay Tobacco Co., h u ted the C bi('ftgo agent of S Oue.rg t.he Ne:w York. cigar matm s. T Altollb l.eeraal DeYeooeo. WASHING T ON, J a n 26.-In the House to day Mr. White, of a j oint reeolutio n sioner of Internal n.F!VtnutR of the Low Prtee f'or Tobaeeo. During the past week sales of tobacco have been made in this vicinity, but at very low prices. At West Hartford one lot sold at 11 cents. ene of two and a h alf acret1 a,, 10 CBilts, one at !l centa, one of Ulree llllrss at cents, all Seed lw and in t.he bundle; at Suf fie ld on e lot of Seed IUOI!orted at 20 cents, one of. S eed in hundl& at 13 cents, and one of Ha vana at 17 cente in tbe bundle; at East Granby, one lot of one and a half acres at cents, two acres at 12 cents, one acre at cents, two acres at 12 cents. and two acres at 1 2)4 all S eed and in the bundle; one and a half acres of S e .ed a&l!orted at 15 cents, and one and a half acres of Havana at 17 cent8, assorted. Price3 seem to mne from 12 to13. cents for Seed in the bundle; and for Havana from 13 to 16 cents. Trade in New York reached about 1,700 cases the last week. Pric es for fin e good s remain firm. Wiscon sin H avana Seed sells at an average of 35 c e n t s for wrappers, while New England Seed leaf wrappers brinp; from H to 35 cenill ac cording '0 quality.-Hartford (Conn ) PO&t, Jan. 22. NEWS FROM JIA.VAJf.A., !Spencer' Price CUrrent., Jaa. 17) Much satisfaction is Baid to be pnYailing at Mantua, Vu Plta Abajo, on account of. tbe re cent sale s effec ted at said place, "'!'here dis posable stocks to-day amount from 800 to 900 bales The good results obtained this year have induced the grea&ter part ot the oldest growers to their plantations, and several par ties have settled themMilYes in tbe 1oc&lity and taken land in rent $0 devote themMlves to tobacco cultivation. Growers at Guanajay expect to gather a large crop of superior q_uality, owing to timely rains that hove coosidorably imJ>rond the geDeml condition of their leJds. Rtprding stocks of old l e af, there ODI:i lor sale few parcels of suitable 'lill lJnited States, as all the inferior ones, even the "botes" or refuse, were sold during the past weeks for fhe Spanish contract. The much longP.d-for rains have at last begun to fall in several localities of the Vuelta Abajo, -and 'he appeanace of thtl crop bas re newed the hopes of growers, especially at S!ln Luis and other dietricts, where it is said no finer crop hae been laised since 1874. Several sales of the J>revious erop have been. recently eftected at Ban :Luis and Pinar del Rio to a, IarKe m&lluf:turer of Havana at lower' prices, It is Baid, and stocks at San Juan y Martine&IU'e calculated at from 6 0 0 0 t o 7 ,000 bales, BOrne of which proceed from celebrated vegaa. [Spencer s Price Currea.t, Jau. 24.] The eff ects of the drouth begin to be se Yerely felt at Sagua and 1everol tobacco growing localities in.the V.uelta Abajo, tlllp8-_ Juan y Martinez, from place it is reported that the crop will be Qeeed ingly 11111aU unlil!s raaQI aild im prove tbe ge-l eon tion ot lbe leaf that remaine unusually 8Dtfll I. Some sales were effected last week the above-mentioned places, twelve vegas chang ing hands at following prices :-$5 Q!'r mrrot for lsts to 7th&; $4 do {of Sibs Jllld ue)rado de la; $2.75do for 4e 2a; $1.50 do for lOt u Jlnt, QuebialtB 3a; 76o do for lltbs, do for 12t'hs. A fair movement is being u.qticed at our principal cigar factories, sevet'al of which are large fw i ediate Europe It is feared that the crop ef leaf at CoM!!Jaaioq,.deJ.. Sur wiU totally 1011111 from -,rau' o( ,...,, Aoconllnp; &o last .a.tbille from GuNI&jay .,the tobacco crop in that. localm ia quite promisinc, yield die tem leaf having abuodant'an e1 qlality, 'llnd he prilepeeft for that ot f tardio be,ing rather flattering. -A. & Oo. leaf dealers and importers of Washington Bt.reet, havesold tlleir bl.l8illees to Esberg, Badlman & Co -San FranciBco (Cal. ) Herald of1'ra

JAN. THB TOBACCO LEAF. 3 Statistics of the Bremen Tobacco Mar-ha.bit of seeing in 1883. Sales during Decem I the fundamental principle of "Look out for ket for 1884. ber of Virgima, H3 hhds; of Western, 189 No.1." Whatever the mora.l effect may be, Stocks to-day, 4,287 bhds, of which about the existence of this lamenta.ble t.rait in buD. H. Watjen & Co.'s annual tobacco cir1,200 Virt;inia. 3,100 Kentucky. man nature has to be recognized. cular says: l:leed Le..f-Traosactions were of a fair avMy opponent claims in clueing that I do NORTH AllBRICAN TOB.I.CCO. erage extent. as will be seen by a glance a.t not Reem to realize tha.t I am decrying the Our subjoined atati!tics show the following our statistical table; the bulk of business, merits_cf Seed lea.f by conunually protesting in our market for the past yl!llr : howe-rer, was nst done as usual in Ohio, but against the of Surl}.a.'ra.. -In supTotal imports, 82,985 hhds, 85.772 in in Pennsylvania growth, the crop of the latport of this he says thnt two-thirds of the 1883; total deliveries, 81.2&9 hbdA, Bltllinst ter proving very suitable to the wants of our manufacturers would ,.,.,ver tested its 38,785 in 1883; stocks to da.y, 6,119 hhds, trade. In other llOrts the monments were merits if they ha.d not l.een continually rea.d5,0&8 in 1883. From these figures it of subordinate interest. For details we beg about them in the never ending objec will be seen tba.t the transactions not to refor to the following sta.tement: tiona to their importation: Now it seems that come up to thOI!e of the preceding year. It Ohio. Penn. Stalell. Wlo. Conn. TotAl he ia giving the importers credit for very lit must, however, be remembered in 1883 stockll end 18811 .. ea::t ca::'"' tie energy in their before the ..-arious causes influenced the business to be Importa 1884. .. .. 4,27' IU49 121 ws 17,!111l trade, a.nd to secure a profita.ble ma.rexceptiona.lly large; consequentl y 'tO-day we ft,llllll la,m 21 71!1! 19 80Ci ket, if the manufacturer&, after being posted do not remain fa.r behind 'he usual average 8aleo 1884 .. ..... 12,1115 211 142 m 16,111!7 by New England farmers, had to Mek them flltu out in order to get a trial sample of Sumatra -x!:'ucky tobacco participates in thel!e s-uead 1884 1 768 1 000 2 818 leaf. According to these arguments, then, me-remento!, with imports of 12.084 hhds, The teadency of the market bas of late been alienee should have been the great and effecQII:&inst 10 ,8%8 in l888, and deliveries of 12,514 of a rather restricted nature, buyers tive weapon with which to comba.t Sumatra bode, against 20, 012 in 1888, which shows aloof. hoping for a decline, as it is 881d tha.t leaf, and to protect domestic. ThiB is a that the riae in prices for this sort has indeed a.oother Jl.'OOd Seed leaf crop has bP.en ra.ised. stra.nge view of the case indeed. bee f It to 1 t Of th hi h This year's domestic crop will probably conOne word more. with regard to the pcint n e a. arge ex..,n e g a larter pror'trtlon of heBvfc quality and made in MIT. Burke's editortal, that the "row-gra.des, i. e., medium and DDd to fine heavy 1 f I' bl "' leaf. importll and sales have been about the ess o lft t, sue as 18 smta e or c1gar purera are making more profit than the jobber. same as in former years, a.nd we may add l:es, which may lavor importations of Seed Perhaps this ma.r be an unjust representation tha.t the PBducah produce b&ll, on account of eaf. of the case, a.a 1t may prove the exception, its fiae color. been much approcia.ted, while Sta.tement of the imports, deliveries and but it is all the ligures I hAve at hand. I heavy Clarksville leaf did not in every re-stocks of North American tobacco a.t Brejuat received a price list of tobaccos, a.d-speet satisfy our trade, Jacking the usua.l men in 188t-dressed by a large New York house to their gGod hod Th t d th' patrons, and calling their a.ttentaon to the exyea.r's g= beeen Imports. Deliveries. Dec. 31. tremely low prices, of their goods., In this od .___ fill d d r ht t Hhds. Hllds. Hhds. list floe Seed leaf tobacco (from East Hartt;o ...... vy ere on one 11 e an tg cu ..,_ la d 81 n ford, it i1 sta.ted in the cJ'rcular), 18. oer-" at tinp on the other, because prices for ..... ry n ....... 5,615 5, 1 """ u .,.. have all along been too high in America to Ground leaf. .... 1,363 1,027 381 55c. This is ofthe '83 crop. Now, taking allow of shipments to this market. A larger Bay ...... : . 136 134 2 higliest prioe paid bfo a dealer for any 0rop proportion of good tieavy )up and low leaf Obio ............ 1,1115 1,174 6 in Hartford in 83 tobacco. which i8 j2c for filler use would arurely have facilitated Virginia ........ 5,250 5,196 138 through, and a.llowinr one-third secqads (the sales of Western leaf, and we are well justiKentucky ...... 12,084 12.514 1,360 proportion o( good leaf. which this fled iu again expreselng the hope of eeeing Sterne .......... 7,382 5,408 .!87 must have been), we find the wrappers cost more qf these grades come hither next year 28c, the second lOc. 1 On the latter the profit at prices that our trade may be able to grant. Total ....... 32,935 31,259 6,729 be more than 5 or 6c per lb, or a On the other hand we must not omit to menCases. Cases. Oases. profit of 40 per cent. On the wrappers, after tion that the position of our market has, durSeed Leaf. ... .. 17,292 16.987 2,818 a.llowing 4c for cost of packing, transporta-ing the pa!t year, at d1. fferent times, Prices of North Amerl'ftftn tobaoco at Bremen tion and interest on the investment, there ret --he ed ...,. ts d d d b ch maiDB a clear profit of 23c per lb-more than B n J 811 011 1 e eman w 1 at the end Of the year 1884-, -l '" the groYier received for his crop wi"'h all ex. set 1n dn &he part of Reg1e eon tractors. Thus ; agaiU, .during theoftrstbalf.-of the month. penses included, or--B profit of about 50 when .ftne and heavy leaL was IIOught after Infer10r and froste,4 .. ., .... 1:1 to pt., cel).t. The mrculsr Jiurther" offers aa.vaD.a for Austria and Italy. a. cireumeta.nce t!Hit Jed and good commolt ... .20 to 26 'Seed at front"25 to 65c, PennsyNanii lenf 30 to some animated business at advancing )bdillmg ......... .......... 32 to 38 to 45c. East Hartford 95 to ll5c, binders 13 to prices. and l e ft us with but a small propor-Good to fine red and colored.42 to 55 20c. In all probahtlity this dealer is not asktion of desirable leaf a.t the end of the year, Fancy hol;shea.ds ........... to 62 mg more for his good goods tha.n his comRuch stock bemg now held at very full prioea. Ground leaves .............. 26 to 65 petitors.W. F A .. Ha.rtford county, Conn., Toward the end of the month the market Bay-. m the New .Hom e atead, Jan. 17. showed a quiet aspect again as is na.tural at Infer1or and froated ......... 18 to 25 this season. The sales of Western tobacco to good brown ..... 35 to 50 during December sum up to 1,098 hhds, in Reddish and common yellow.55 to 75 eluding about 800 hhds medium to good leaf Good aad fine yellow ....... 80 to 120 and 111 hhds good hea.vy Clarksville lugs and Oh1o-. low leaf. The latter were sold at about 47 pf Infer1C?r to common ......... 25 to 38 to four different pl\rties on receipt of the Gret;nl8hand brown ......... 4.2 to 50 samples from New York. MediUm too fine red ....... 52 to 70 Our subjoined IJUeta.tions, in accordto med. spangled .. 54 to 72 ance with prices m the United States mar ... SO, tolOO kets, higher tha.n the respective dates of Virgmtatbe previous four years, especially so for low Common lugs. ............ 33 to 40 gra.des; but. as new supplies have not yet ap-Good logs. ......... .44 to 48 peared, they are only to be uoder8tood for Low. leaf ................. 411 to 55 old crop tobacco, and with new importations MediUm leaf ......... .. ,.-. 67 to 65 of any extent would have to be lowered ac-G?od leaf .......... : ........ 70 to 80 cordingly. We have reduced our quota.tions Fme leaf selectlOt;IS .... 82 to 90 for common colored cuttinga, beca.use these Common colored <:uttlngs ... 50 ca.n only be sold a.t yrices which would allow Good colored cuttings ....... 60 to 80 them to compete With the German produce. Kentucky-In Virginia businet!B bas during the past Common lul:!! .... ......... 86 to 4.2 year somewhat revived though not reaching Good lugs .................. 44 to 60 the figures of former ye'ars. Imports during Low_lea.f ........... ....... 53 to 56 1884 sum up to 5,:1!50 bhds, wtth deliveries of Medmm leaf ............ ... 58 to 65' 5.196 hhda, lea.vlng a stock a.t present dato. of leaf. ......... : ....... 66 to 73 138 hhds. The same reason as with Western F me leaf and selectlO!IB ... 74 to 80 tobacco, viz, high prices in the producing Common colored <:utt1ngs ... 28 to 98 country, ma.y be given with rega:rd toVIrGood colored cuttmgs,..... .40 w 66 ginia for the comparatively limited business Stemsdone here, and thla same reason, too. applies Western, .... 5 to 8 principally to the common The dea.r. . 6 to 9 ness of Virginia and low Iea.f bas com V1rgm la., mfer10r to common 5 to 7 pelled our mland manufacturera to gradually ao brown to good .brown 8 too 10 use less of them, BU that they now mix about do good to fine bright ... 12 to 15 oneteoth with domestic tobacco, where forSeed Lf>afmerly they used to \Bke one-half and rnDre. Ftllers a.nd binders. .... .. \10 to 50 Besides, trade ie bet;innint; to be very much Common to med. wra.ppera 55 to 75 obstructed by tbe reprehensible mode of false Good t.o fine wrappers ....... 80 to 120 packing which yearly -niB to gain more ground in Virginia. For the Mke of their good old reputation, all honest Virginian to bacco traders should use their influence to abolith this system, which threatens to de stroy a heretofore fiourishing btuineell. Even contractors who so far had rarely com plained beti:in to feel appreheDBive about such 11nfair trad1ng. and will not hereafter so easily be found ready to relieve Virginia buyers of thetr stocks. Thus, as a.lready mentioned, business in this market ha.S dur ing the whole year been rather limited until tl:.e scents of th'l Italian contractors entered tae market in November, Thie unexpacted demand contmued during the firs' half of December, and brought sa.les during this "lnonth to 631i hhds, a demand which our mar ket wa.s enabled to satisfy, as imports ha.d ta.ken place in October. The prices that had to be pa1d were high, in sympa.thy With the Virginian markets, as will be seen from our quotatiOns g1ven below. Of new crop so far only some cuttmg tobacco has appeared that brought from 36 to 40 pf, besides a few lots of pr1minp wh1ch ha.d to be sold at low prtces. Ma.ryland tobacco during 1884 led to la.rger transactions than in the preVIGUS four years, the crop of 1888 in general finding favor here; nevertheless prices have Rra.dually been sinking. Medium and Rood leafy I!Orts were but rarely oftered, and therefore held their own pretty well, but the large bulk of offerings consisted ef common grades. Of the latter repeatedly round lots, formerly bought on speculation and owned in Baltimore and New York, were offered here, and, in order to dispose of them, sold at exceedingly low prices, aa of late agam during past month. Some more lots of severall!undred hogsheads from t.he same source are said still to follow. Oom mon Marylands, we are afraid, will never again fetch t!te good prices fo1merly known, as they must be cheap i( they are to compete with the domestic growlh, which latter is protected by a high import duty. Only Bel glUm and Hollantl. remam good customers to our trade, but m the latter country an eleva t1on of the duty is now Bgain being ventilated. Sales during December, 700 bhds; stocke in first ha.nds, &65. Ground leaf also had its share of a larr;er busineE s in if compared with former years, and, bemg much appreciated on account of flue color and good quality, in the beginning found ready sale. But when the first succet!B was followed by larger imports, buyers became more reserved. and wished to purc!.lase at lower prices. Holders, on the other band, saw no reason for selling at a losa, and thus business came to a panae. Only of late eome small lots were closed out at eomew bat lower rates. Sa.les for the month, 119 hhda; B\Oeks, 381. W. P .a.. Beplle. Mr. Burke, the gentlemanly editor of THE TOBACCO LEAF, in his review of the article in the Homestead wherem I diBCussed he 711c duty on Suma.tra as a matter of protection, has somow hat misunderstood or misinter preted my meaning. My statement, which Mr. Burke questions, that a dmy of 75e does not raiile tile value of domestic lea.( one penny per pound, I still hold to. Hy this I meau that the e3tablishment of 75c on a.ll Sumatra leaf, as the law intended, does not raise the market of domestic leaf anything above what it 1s or would be if a. portion of the foreign lea.f is admitted as heretofore at 35c. Allowing that tho tobacco interest was protected to some-perhaps a la.rge-extent by the duty on Havana tobacco, previous to the passage of this bill, euch protection was not increased or when the Su matra btll was passed, as it was clearly the spirit a.nd intention of the law to do. The prices of Seed leaf have not advanced either m view or such protection or since its practical workings become apparent. With regard to the point by my crittc, that domestic lea.f has had too much protection, tha.t t;rowers getting & larger 11bare of profits than e1ther jobbers or manufacturers, it would seem that Mr. Burke over eetimates the profits .accruing to the growers in the aggregate. i'or the past ten or twelve years the latter e1888, u a body, have made but very little money. Many farmers con tend that the businet!B of tobacco growing has been more of a. damage to the farms of the Connecticut -ra.lley than an advantage. It is doubtful whether other branclles of farm ing, on the same investment of labor and capital, would not have as well, taking the series of yean. One of the disadvantages endured by the wbacco interest has been to diminish the size and consequently the capabthties of the farms, to the extent that many farms, in the event o( the tobacco vusiness becoming altogether unprofitable, ara unfit for a. general sy11tsm of farminiS. But leaving this question to the future, it 1s absolutely certain that ha.d it not been for protection the b1111iness of growing &led leaf would not and could not have reached its present dimeDBions. Vnba Tollacoo Ia Florida. In a recent number of tne Floridwn H J. Wiet says that the production of Cuban to bacco is in its mfancy in our State. and a great deal of care and attention must follow to brin11: it to its proper sbape. Its future is certainly great. To-day North Carolina. is a great success. and tobacco made it. The value of its tobacco production surpa88es that of cotton. tar, pitch and turpentme com bined. Thi' to be equally so of the Cuba tobacco of Leon and Gadsden counties. The similarity of their soil and climatic ef fects to that of tho isla.nd of Cubai with the same management, must wil bring a like tobacco. (The tobacco on the island is grown from October to February). It is not perishable like the orange crop or early potatoes, but impro-res by age. It is not contin-11:6Dt on quick transportation or no returns. It is a poor industrious man's crop as well as the bondholder's. Our only competition to day is the island of Cuba, and the case stands thus: Her tobacco is getting poorer and sca.r&r every year. The lack of American ingenuity to keep up tbe soil; the high ta.J: ation of the Spanish Government; the emanCipation of slave labor;'-Snd the uncertainty of commercial matters wtll keep her tobacco on an upward tendency for years to come adding to this our protective tariff. will certainly show our a.dvantsges over her. Beariag in mind that the stomach of a horse is small in proportion to tile sise bit! frame, requires feeding often, and, though three times a day is four,times is better. Unlike human beings, horses should drink before the}! eat, because, owing to the conformation of the horse, w:-.ter dOM notremain in the stomach, but passes through it int9 a large intestine called the crecum. If a horse be fed first, the water passmg through the stomach would be likely w carry with it particles of food, and thus bring about colic. Whatever a groom may say, let a horse drink just as much as he hkes. If he be wa.tered four times a day he will never take very much, or too much to be good for him. A bore. it must be remembered, is fed on dry food, and this, with the strong work dor.e by a hunter, always produces a feverishness, which a. sulticiency of water tends to allay. -London Field. J!OBEIGN TOD.t.CCO NEWS. (TraDHiated tor the Tobacco Le&f ) A correspondent furnishes a. statistical statement of the trade at the port ef Bremen during the past year, from which it appears that the imports of Seed leaf from the United Sta.tes during the year amounted to about 18,000,000 kilos; during the year be fore about 17,000,000 kilos were exported. The imports of WPst India and South American leaf duriag the samtperiod amounted to 23,600,000 kilos; the exports to 2,000,000 kilos About 5,960,000 kilos of stems were received. The cigar manufacturing business is flourish ing. The exports of cigars during the year amounted to abo11t 39.000,000. I -The old -town of Osna.bnwk (province of Hanover) hes of late years considerable progress as a cigar ma.nufacturing centre. Some of the' finest qu .. lity of ,;oods for the export trade are maa.ufactured in that city, and businese is steadily increasing. A cor respondent reports that good workmen are in demand, and there is no need for ciga.r makers in that locality to emigrate to the U nite4 Sta.teM. -From the Philippine Islands a correspondent reports that an export duty has been established by the Government of the isla.nds, which imposes a duty of 30 pel'etas per 100 kilos on leaf tobacco, exported from the provinces of Cagaya.n, I@a'kella and Nueva, Vtsayas; 15 pesetas on leaf tobaooo exported from provinces of Viaayas and liindeneo; 24 pesatas on per 100 kilos -Accc:>rding to the report of the Germ= Consul at Havana, no correct sta.tement can be made of the quantity of tobacco exported from Cuba. Large quantities of lea.f are ex ported of which no entry is in the ex port lists, to a. void tbe payment of the export duty. Cigars and cigarettes are also exported in large quantities without the payment of the export duty, and no estima.te can be fur nished of th' e amount of the export business. There has not been much life in Ollio to ba.cco during the whole year, although im ports and deliveries reach the doable figure of that of 1883. Wha.t bas been offered has always found rea.dy at full rt&tes-full for our market, if not so according to Ba.lti more ideas. During December no sales have taken place, nor is there to day any stock worth mentioning. The geod qualitf of the 1883 crop accounts for our having ra1eed our quotations 2 pf agaiDBt Jagt yea.r. I said further in the article in question tha.t "Havana is of to our leaf, and Sumatra a hindrance." Mr. Burke says they are both of advantage to our leaf. But as Havana is used in connection with our leaf in reality to piece out and increase the bulk of Sumatra is used dll'ectly in place of our goods, displacmg them w just the exl.ent in which it 1s used, I do not see how the cases are parallel. He further says that 11mokers have the privilege of using pal ata.ble cigars, and that manufacturers lind it necessary m ordet: to keep up theh trade to draw freely upon fore1gn tobaccos in their consumption of Seed leaf. This I a.dmit, but Whea I Lonellet. when they draw upon Suma.tra they do so to No doubt everybody has noti<'.ed that 1\ Bay has all a.long offered no interest. Our quotations, therefore, are to l:le considered aa nomina.!. Stems changed in their position for the woree, as will be clearly seen from the following 11gures' 7,333 hhda, against 5,013 in 1883; deltver1ee, 5,408 bhds, against 8,163 in 1888. The reason may be found in the tact that as low an article as stems can the leastaftord to pay the high import duty of pf into the mterlor of Germany. With such large receipt& the above figures show, business' llas therefore during the year become more and DlOI"e uDBatisfactory, and prices ha-r e fol lowed a fallinc tendengy. Of stems only bright hogsheads would find ready sale, the outeide figure being 15 pf per pound, whereu are next &o unMJab l e. Western stripper stems have for IIOllle mont.ha past been in :ao demand, and bould be reopened to a.DJ' exte.ot, it oertaiDJ:y will be at lower pri081 tbaD we ba-re been lD the the exclusion of just so much of our Seed woman is neve[ so thoroughly lonely aWl lea.f. That is what we are crying about. I as when she is standmg outside of a have never h68rd it claimed by smokers, or mgar store wa1ting for her escort to .. get a any one else, tha.t the a.dmixture of Sumatra hght." She usually walks on a few steps and the cigars more, only improv then encounters the crowd which invariably their appeara.nce-merely a superficial hangs about a mgar store, and directly repomt. We do not find that a clear Sumatra. traces her steps. She looks cur1ously into cigar is desirable w1th smokers. The fill era the. window, folds a.nd uafolds her hands, of that leaf do not compete with our Havana., taps the with her boot, a.nd then and we have never heard the of abruptly wa.lks to the gutter and attempts, Sumatra urged o-rerSeed leaf wrappers as an without success, to aesume the outward re intrinsic merit. semblapce of one who is waiting for a I am also ready to admit. as Mr. Burke urges, chariot. Every one who pas ses ga.tea at her, that manufacturers want a.t whether she is comely or not, and when the as low rates as they can get them. This is man comP.s out of the cigar store in nine natural. but thitl i where the community of 1 cases out of tton he finds that i he temperature interest between grower and manufacturer has fallen se-rera.l metere-York (Pa) Dill ceaaee. This is where the incompa.ttbility patch. comes in. The manufacturer wants to b11y ilh68p, the grower to sell high. If foreign to bacco stepe in, either as better or cheapei, the grower of domestic leaf na.turally d088 not approve of it. Of course, as Mr.' !Burke obael'Ves, the motive i8 but the nese is mutual. No one attributed anything but a se1fi8h mouve to the produoers of Seed leaf. wlum the New England Association urpd a high protective tiui1f on Sumatra. but i& waa a perfectly wr.tural outgrowth of -New EDgland growers are disCUBBing a proposition to build. a large warebouse where planters may store, sweat and place their crops on sale, receiving pay on ooosign ment-a sort <>f and mutualeeoelit aseociation. That would nece181tate a treasurer. and the nearness and coavenieace of Caoada makes treaaurers of mutaal truat aocietiee somewhat hasardous.-.ViamUbvrg (0.) Bulletin, Jan. 28. I CROP AND MARKET NEWS. NEW YORK. G A. G Jr, Elmira., N.Y., writes to the Coontry Gentleman of Jwn. 20:-In this State there has also been some activity, and sev eral houses are slowly but st.Ndrly loa.ding uo with Chemung and Oondaga. Prices here, although not so favorable to as those in Wisconsin and New England, are all that could be reasonably ex pected, in view of the fact tha.t the tobacco has developed an unusually large numbe1 of white veins From H to 16c is being patd for running lots in Onondaga county, while in this section prices ba ve ranged all the way from 10 to 14c, assorted, and from 6 to llc in the bundle. A very sma.ll part of the pro duct of this valle;p: has as yet been bought, yet dea.lere are r1ding and inspecting crops, a.nd the volume of purchases ea.cb week is all the time increa.sing. Jordan (N.Y.) Tim.u, Jan. market does not bra.ce up to any grea.t extent. We hear of an occasional sale, however, just enough to keep the breath of life in the ma.r ket. Last week Jackson. Warner & Co purchased at Savannah, of James Earl, S acres at in the bundle; atRose Valley, of Jas. Ferris & Son. 1" acres at 10c in the bundle; at Cato, of Wm. Yates, 1.J,l acres at 9c in the bun:lle. Pleasant.Valley-The tobacco market hae been quiet for some time, but is revi vmg a. little. Cornell & Costello sold their entire crop a.t 15c per pound, assorted. MASSACHUSETTS AND CONNECTICUT. Nerc England Homestead, Jan. 81:-Locat' Marietta. (Pa.) Times, Jan. 24:-Da.niel Mayer, of Lancaster. was in Marietta. this week looking at the 1884 crop of toba.cQo. He bought two crops of Havana. paymg J. F. Johnstin 22. 6 and 3c, and Paris Epler 17, 6 and 3c. They are both fine crops. These are the only sales of the '84 crop made in this section, as fa.r as we can lea.ra Smoe the a.bove was in type the gen tleman bought John G. Hoerner's crop at 24, 6 and 3c. OHIO. Miamisburg (0. ) BuUetin, Jan. 23:-The most important transaction of the week will serve the general rea.der as an evidence of the preva.1ling spirit of this ma.rket. This is the sale of 7 acres '84 Zimmer's Spanish at 12c and 10 acres Little Dutch at bv M688rs. Aaron and Ja.mes Miller and T. F. Plalie. ILLINOIS. Speo1.a1 No't1.oe TRADilMARKS RECISTI!IIKD AT 'rllll: Office of THE TOBACCO LEu, Jan. 31, -BYGEO. 8. HAR.IUS a IIOD, Philadelplala. Pa. "American eiub," '' America.n.Cou'"-.,.. "'Club Night/' "ruuah Roato," &tin Blipper," Bed Letter," "Upper Berth," "Paradox," Rink," "Cbampion Belt,,. Juchre,, "' Baaao." I La Rom Castilla." 35 W ARRD 8TRD:T, N&w YoRK, Jan. 10. 1886i. The firm of Kimball, Gaullienr & Co. iF this day dissolved by mutual consent. Either member will sign in liquidation. The boob will remain at 85 Warren etreet for ment. RICHARD C. KIMBALL,. I I HENRY GAULLIIIIUR, WILLIAK C. KlDUt: Wa.rren (111. ) &m.timll, Jan. the past week the followinl!l sales have been reported :-Cap Ca.mpbell, opera.ting for Stie fel & BeliBon, of St. Louis-Henry Endriss, 2 acres at 2, s ; 16c, assorted; 8. ii. Dobler, 2 acrea at 9c in bundle. Fnndman & Co., of Chicago, also purchased about 60 acres ot from 2 to for fillers, 6 to 9c for binders, anlfll to. l!lc for r4!'rappers. The undersigned "ill continue the bueiThe unsold .crops gradually growing Qf ma.nufa.(lturing ciga.l'ill and dPa.lmg in leaf lesa, proba.blv not more tha.n 200 remaiuat the old ewnd, 811 W arran ing in the bands growers. the ftrm name of' r l .. WISCONSIN. I .lt;DIB.lLL, CROUSE & co. Edgerton WiBconlli"' Tubaceo Reporter, Jan; We are sole owners of all brands and 23:-'fhe past week has been by far the bqsi-marks formerly owned b7 lle(!llrs. Kimball .. est since the receiving season opened. DeGa.ullieur & po., and eucceed to the old fae. spite the fact that tile th'ermometer has toty, r. ranged below zero the most of the week, lfUJlBII:R 765, SECOND DISTRICT, N. Y. Massachuaetts. town has been throngftd with long lines of Thanking the tPilde for the patronage exAgawam-H. C. Stanton ha.s one acre of teap1a leading to nearly all of the thirty to ,the old house. we reepeclfnUy very fine leaf grown. last; year. It houseRiooated here. so\lQit a. of the same to the uew will run three-fourth wrappers. He has re Growers complain R fueed 15c and the l t f th I f h d I f I !CHARD c. KIMBALL. qua 1 yo e eQ waru .ge too requeno y m ape I DA!,'Ilii!L w ORouranted refusal. He. r!U,Sed so!Ae 15 plants calla m.ebhod 1 at 16c Sunderland-Few sales been made as asst John Carson. Sa at 18c asst Ben Davis I; 'UCDei\UCt ,. Growers 11re all$orting. L W. 5a. at aest; GeOrge & Co.; -lllliRJMIUIOoLf has a full set of hands assorting. Much a.t asst; Winston & Co., Sa a.t of h1s tobacco comes from a distance, some as8t; A. C Ingerbritson, Orford. 6a at lSc; from Vermont. R. ,Caughey, London, 4a at Barnett West DeerHeld-Joel DeWolf & Son and E Brae., Center ,lO_a. at Uc.asst John Hofter-A. Robbms sold Havapa for 10c in bundle. ma.n, 3a at aSI!tl John '6a at Uc bl South Deerfl.eld--;1. C .. Melendy and L. H. Walter Little, 15a .a.t 17c bl; Buasey:1 Ai! t Ross sold Havana. at 10c_: m bion, 5a. a.t Samuel Marsden, 4a .oniOII ARD,.AJIPUI-111P0 1 East Deerfield-;-A.ustln R1ce sold Havana a88t; W19. Helms .. Janesdlle, 2a at t8.J,lc bl; t m bundle at 10c. J. H. Carpenter, Christiana, at lJ>Sc bl-. Nee, ,.""' Conway-Some buyel'!l have been in town Ji.t.NUV1LLII, Wis., Jan. 28.-A census of Cable Addrel!e: u rec:ently .the followmg sales were made: the tobacco industry of this city shows that ,...........,._. Thomas Dtckmeon, Butler _Eldridge and C!Jas. during the winter. there will be about 151000 S"m'"'ra ....... Java .,..,, .. th' e Boyden l!lc throu!!;h, Ma.dtson Stearas l3c. cases handled here by the thirLy wa.rehouaes, Ill anu 1 UI _lllnl Connecticut. which now busily in casing toI States -Cauda and Austl'llil Wareheuse l"omt-Tbe crop is about half baqco. There are now 600 ha.nda em, ,. sorted. A few have finished. Mrs. Fenn ployed in stripping tobacco,IUld it is estim-1011. a Specialty. ; ..... r sold Havana at 18c in bundle. Some sales a.ted tha.t .at least two-thirds of the tobacco are rep<.>rted a few miles below. Henry Qs.. ctop of the county will be handlt!il. in-Janes born sold at 17c, Seed leaf. ville. Of theU.SOO a.cre& in the State, Rock Windeor-The followmg sales have recently county has a little over 7,000, according been made in Windsor and Poquonnook:to ihe' Y16ld, &o. far as ..'the crop R D. (.}as(>, J 0 Phelps. M. Dunn, J. Buboo, will fetch $1,017,090, &ll'mubh as the F. Warner, H Frye, A. Griswold A. Hoi volume of the wheat, and ba.r comb, E Thra.ll, J. Strickland, R. E. Phelps,. ley! rai.ied' in Ute oounty; L. Clapp, C. Slocum, H H. Ellsworth. Prices range from 16 to 18c. 1 Durham-R. Hubba.rd sold at aBBOrt ed: Ed. Ha.rtlett, acres,' a fine lot, on 'PriVate terms, averali8 9c, to A. Strong, Portland., of bought tbree lots. 1 acree. a.t 15c all8orted. average' in bundle; 2 ,000 lbs Seed leaf a.,t 10c jn bundle and 1.000 lbs at in bun die, of C. S. Tucker. i'he '84 crop 111 to that of '83. GlastonburyA gQOd many of the farmers about here will have finishecl stripping to bacoo by the time this is in type. I hear of a couple of crops sold, but at pri va.te bargains. Some of the farmers sar it is the best crop of tobacco they have ra1sed for a number of Granby-Several fa.rmers ha've com menced to sort their tobacco. No buyers been seen m this v1cmity in the past week. Some of our fa.rmers will case their Seed leaf. number of crops of tobacco yet unsold. Buyers are around occasionally, paying 13 to 15o. Some growera sold at the warehouse in Ca.naan. Kent-L. S. Northrop sold his crop to Mer wins ville buyera at 16c. Luther Eaton's to bacco wa.rehouse cloRes this week with a.bout 135 cases packed. W. Watson, Jr., opened h1s w1thin the week. and has about the same amount to sort and pack. North Granby-The following are recent sales: R. J Hayes 14c, sorted. to H P. Dib ble; L 0. Daniels in bundle, to M. A Griffin; C IL. Holcomb lSc in bundle, to Miner of New York, all New Hampshire. Hin8da.le-The fl.ret sales of '84 tobacco here are: J. S. Jale 1>1 acres, tee in the bundle; A. B. Da.vis 13 to 16c. Hoyt H. Day 15>Sc, sorted,, all to Allen of Enfield, Conn. '!here are more tine lots waiting for the buyers. PENNSYLVANIA. Lancaster (Pa ) Examiner, JAn. 28 :-The demand for old tobaccoa in the local market has been rather lively during the week, several firms makmg diligent inquiry for availa.ble lots at low figures. and about 1,350 cases were sold, coDBisting of one small lot of '80, 645 cases of '81. 104 cases of '82, and 563 cases of '83. Daniel A. Ma.yer sold 267 cases of '81 to a. Caltfornia firm, 104 cases of '8 2 and 47 cases of 'SO; Levy & Loeb sold 220 cases of '83 to a New York firm; I. H Kauffman, of Mountvilh. ROld 152 cases of '81; John S. Hoover, of Mountville, sold SCi cases of '81; Witmer & Forry, of Mountville, sold 41 cases of '81, and John L. Metzger bought 43 cases of '83. Other sales were, the particu of which we could not Negotia. tiollll for other large lots are pending, in one case only a quarter of a cent per pound keep ing the buyer and seller apart, while the dif ference in another instan('e is not much greater. The new crop, however, st1ll hangs fire, the buyers not decided yet to enter the field in earnest. 'fhe fArmers quietly at work stripping. and half the crop is rea.dy for the market, but sa.les are few and fa.r between. Some few reported at prices from 12 to 25 cents for wrappers. ChriStian Brackbill, of Salisbury, s old 3 acres of Havana t'l Henr{ Sb1tfner at 25, 6 3, and Simon Denlinger, o Para.dtse. sold 2" acre3 to John F. Br1mmer at. 18, 6, 3. We1ter:n C?rop Corres:t_Ondence .. EDITOR TqBA

DISSOLUTION. NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 18811. The firm of Beuttenmueller & Netter )las been diseolnd by mutual conaent. Cbarlel Netter I authorized to s1gn in hqmdatwn and collect all outstand1g accounta. I WM BKUT'l:)INJIUELL&;R, CHARLES NETTER I The undersljl_lled will contmlle busineu at the old place, 131 Water street. 1041 ()HARJ,ES NETT!rn WANTED-By a \arge Key West CIJrar manu facturer two good salesmen-one to travel East and the other South-to travel on eommluion. Address immediately "Key Weat" 1041 WANTED-By a large New Y cs. 8 cales. 77 pKgs lbs) mfd Vadz-208 hhds. Oanada-21>9 bale Ouba-'-19 pkgs (4,200 lbs) mfd DutCh w ... t Jnd.-&-a hbd s 2 bales Il'1 ench IV ut lndiel-15 bbds. GeMa-360 buds Gib1alta1-I>U hbda, 428 cs, 61 pkgs (8,000 lbs ; mfd G/.algotD-24 hhds, 100 pkgs (17.600 lbs) mfd Hamburg-41 bhds 14 c 1 ,101 bales Hayt-7 hhds, 10 bales, 2 pkgs (40 lbs) tllfd Japan-1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd .lAM'pOOI---114 hhds, 6 cs, 18 pkgs (1,996 lbs) mfd bbds, 8 co New(oundland-lSO pkgs (3,617 lbll) mfd. .RoU..nlam-808 hbds. U. S. of Oolombi6-8 bales, 10 pkgs (1,26!1 lbll) mfd. bales, 85 pkgs (8,7110 lbs) mfd EXPORTB rROK Tllll: POa* or IIII:W YORit TO roaICIGN PORTS rRoK J.UWARY 1, 188b, TO JAK. 30, 1885. Tile andel'8igned takes tbla method of lnformmg :his fr1ends that he bas revered h11 conlltlCtioa wt\h Geo W. Ntchola; also that be will In dne seaaon call on tbe trade with a hne of cigars werthv of \hetr beat attention. Wtth beat tbanka lor put favora, 1111d trnst10g to receive 11 fair eh&re of same in tlje future, very truly yours, servable or reported, no re'l'ival'in tho Seed leaf markot. Trade js' tlull, both in New York and at the producing centres. in the country is as slow as it is in town. The explanatton of this disagreeablo state of A.fnca .. .. .. affaire is to be fonnd in the twofold fact that, .: : : : first: businees is depresaod everywhere, m A.uatna ....... .. Hbda. 30 235 699 CMM Balea Lbll mfd. 12,424 341 182 168 111 11,865 "' 1 RIClLUID B. COWLEY. NEW YORK, Jan 31, liSII 104.1 Europe"" well 11.11 the Unitod States; second, A.uetraha.. .. ual f Seed l f h l 8l'eJOI.ea .. .. .. .. 38 1191! 711 5111 1 178,882 2,141 5215 our ann crops o ea. are muc arger British N. A.. Col. 8,470 TO CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. than is uatJallyestimated or supposed: Con Canada 1>83 134 Waated by an ex""rlenced c)g ar aaleemau, looated 11umption, domestic and foreign, go on"with Central ARlerica. "" Chmaand Japan. in B1ltimore and Wubiagton. to reprMeD\ a 111'8t out appreciable diminution from year to year 82 1 clo.u York factory on line anclmedmm goods; .. t sh 1 t 1 di- .,- also Penut !vania factory on cheap gooda, tG job IC consump.ton OWing a P easan t n .. bing trarle in Maryland, lela ware, Dtatrtct of yeatly mcrease; yes &took and 'iiii Celullfliilo,l>h ladelpllla, Vlrclnla the 'eorvlns actual' [gtt!l"!, : : .:.:: : : '< .. H .A.ddrea. UJ> Jo Feb. 11!.2_ bebomes heavy. ,cannot akid the..... d view" oftlce. _....s t :, .., .... 1 = 90 r sjlrplua at thltl moment 18 b,eyond reguue taly .... 1 1 4 A RARE CHA.fiPE m.&nte': but it is evidont that the m1luence'of : 8 8 "'" l ..... ... 82 .. J' 0 72: 7!M; 67,'M Londoil .. .. .. .. 850 Foriale, an Qljl facter,ywhlch ta the remaining old crops, coupled with that of Other BritlBh Porta in complete runn1ng order, wl\heaglne and boilers, the new is depressing rathor than inspiring Malta .. 204 .... ........ and euttiap:, grauulatmg and lifting machine, '' a .11 f h th te t f ,_,. .MextCG .......... very low figure. Stock and flatu..,. complete Growers WI urt er e In res e New Zealaad, etc 671! 119,784 Have a good line of customers A aplendld by planting a smaller acreage this year than Portugal .. tor aome young man. RetmD(, reaaon for aelll"-. last. We curtailment at this oarly Rotterdam .. .. ... 5110 81 4,8118 7t'8 85 1110 AddreiS B. Tobacco Leaf 1089-41 Sandwtch J.ala.ada per1od, 110 that t1me will be afforded for the Spain ............ 2,118 .,._ Darl& ..........._ Wlh1 =-= 2M consideration of the idea. South A.munca... 95 ..... aa4l ..... .._.... .......... ..., )(-rs. J, S. GAlls' SQir & f',o,, broker&. Tn cs. 1888 New England ...... 12 @82Ji' wUIJlnci tlUa .U IIO.cs. 1883 W18. Bav. Seed p. t. Uillir reqnlremeote. 200 ca. Sundries. . 5 @28 We aJio bl'l'lte atteat!Oil to eur.wok ef .... D1'1'idod as follows:-' wr&pPIIdtlll balel wei&Jaing frOIIlllt &e lQalha. To nu.nufacturera ............ A BARKER A W .A.GGllla To city trade............... .. llliHf. 18 S. &aY u M To out of town ............... .. -THB HAGUII:, woposition is undet dtBCU88IOD to place &ll import duty of lll tlorinl!l '1JI'l' hundred ll:ilvgtawon all kinds of tobacco. : -The principal boarding boures in. this city are crowded at tho time on ac COUJlt of 'Ghe large number of h&nd11 employed iniiOrtingtobacco.-Stoughton (Wia )Caurier, Jan.16, -The revival now in iii ClintOn. led..Lionar4 tp his a.tock of tobacco .pipes and 1n&o the nver. Mrs. Smith was the owner. and hll.ll made her. objection io the: aacriBoe widely known. -Frank Johnson, of our county, railed on one and a llalf acres S.OOO lbl of tobacco. Thil i8 the lafJMt crop we have O'l'er known or heard of being rail8d on the aame 1.111ount of ground. His crop eold_ for Sliii.IO... Next. -Bpri'AfliWt/. (K1/ ) Record. -Last night about 9 o'clock flre w11.11 dill-eovered in \he barn of Jacob BMohrist, in Dal111.11town. !fbe flames aoon spread tothe tooocco shod, which containod 28.000 pounds of tobacoo and wu destroyed. The tobacco was insured for Sli,IIOO.-York (Pa.) Diapatch, Jan.i6. -The large number of people who gatb erod at ihe bome of Capt. Palrilh last Fri day evening to mdulge in the pleasures of that deliKhtful occeaion enjoyed. tbemaelvea hugely. There w11.11 music, recitatio1111. awoet to eat and sweet things to be Bald. We congratulate tho Ladioe' Aid Socioty on their success finRncially and otherwise. Durham (N. 0.) Tobacco Plant, Jan. lll. -Mr. H. B Stewart, living on T J. Moore's farm, in Trigg county, clailDI to have raised 1450 pounds of tobacco on 1,400 hills last year, which he sold for 10 cents, ancl that from the atubbles he r11,ised 600 pounds of sucktlrs. HopkinBVtlle 8outh Kentuckian, Jan 23. -We were favored w1th a visit lll.llt week from Mr. H. R. Hoag, of Walworth. who was in tJiis city to deh ver h18 crop of sixteea S!JreB of to Tag & Son. From Mr. Hoac 9.btamlid tho following intec'asti,Di: facts to his crop, wjl,ioj:l we be: fore our readers .-Sixteen acres were planted and bl\l"'fllllted, produemg J4,US lbs. wbicll w11.11 sold, as statod last week, at 15c in the bundle. The total C&llh receipts for the crop were ts,M1.4!i. Tho cost of growing and marketmg tho crop, evory item ot expellSil included, was $65 20 per acre. The grot111 cash return per aero was $22815, leaving a net profit of $162 95. Mr. Hoag has sold his crop three yoars In successiOn to Tag & Son. -Fort Atkm$0n Union. THE TOBACCO MARKET. NEW YORK., January SO. Western Leaf-The trade of in this department w11.11 limited td small lines for export and home consumption. The ab sence of Bll)tablo sh1ppmg grades, except tboso adaptod to the wants of Spain-and they are not over abundant-gtves Regie buyors for other countries an opportuaity for temporary rest, wh1ch, presumably, t.hey en joy, as all men do. E.-en the buyers for Spain ba'l'e evmced a di11p011i\ion the past few days to partake or the pleQ.IIures lDCldent to quietUde, as was right aftor the good work they have latoly done and are io do in the market. Later on, It is reasonable to antici pats, there will be a bettor demand at all around, the situation being favor able. Messra. M. RADER & Soli report io Tin: TOBACOO LEAF:-RII:CEIP'rB. Woek. bblls. Virgiaia.............. 670 Now Orleans......... 0 Baltimore.. .. .. ... 108 W eetern. .. .. .. .. 1,888 ToW ............. 2,oe. EXPORTS. Week. Leaf.' : ................ 1,917 Srook to-day, 17,866 bhds. &ALES .T 'l'RIC J:XCHAIIOZ. Month. hbds. 2,6" 0 1,098 4,U8 8,008 Month. 7,817 From Jan. 1 to datQ .......... ... lllG hbds. Weclnesday ......................... til Toexpon .................... 'l'otal..o o o o o o o o o o oo o o o o o o o o 1,()()() I II fJuotatW1l8. J PennBJlvania: New Enqland:> Crop 188J....:Aseorted: Low ...... 8 @ 9 Common. 14r @18 Fair ...... 10 @ll Medium .. 18 @20 Fine ...... 11 @12 Fmo ..... .25 @35 Wrappers 12 015 Selections@Fillers .... 6 0 7 Seconde ... ll @13 Crop 1882-Assorted: Hav.Seed.18 @25 Low ...... 8 @ 9 Crop 1883: Fair ..... 10 @U Seconds ... Fine ..... 13 @lfi A.s8oned .@-. Wrap,pera 16 @Ill Hav.Beed.20 @30 Fillera. ... @-Orop 1888-A.aaorted: Ohio: Crop 1881: Low ..... 8 @ 9 lnalr .. lO 01llli' Fine ...... UJ ClJ Wrappors-ta-; FUiers 0-Hav.Seed.-@-AMill'tlld .. 8Ji' Wrappers Crop 1882: Alleortlld ,Crop 1888: A.eiOrted 7Ji'J New York: prop Common..-@Medium .. -@Good ..... @ Hav.s-1.19 @.25 Crop 1888: ABeorted .@Hav.Seod.25 @WU!:onain: Crop 1882: ABBOrted .lS Crop1888: .Aseprted Hav.Seod.25 @18 @@35 Spani3h-.2,SOO bales Havana fillers (in eluding 1,871 bales sold at auction) were dis poeed of at from 84 to lOSe. Quotatt0118. Havana Fillers-Very c::ommon 55 Good common 80 Good to med, 88 Med. to fino. 95 Fme ......... 105 Superior. .. ..115 Yara..:..I and II cuts 8880rted ... 62 II cuts .................. 75 to 75 to 85 to 95 to 100 to 110 to 12ti to 67Ji' to 85 SumatraA steady running business bas been .done m this class of tobacco durmg the woek. Two h'Undred bales were disposod of at from $1 SO to $1 60 Buyers are awaken ing to the fact that fin\) are hecom mg soarce, and pick up lots whenever they get a chance to do so at reasonable figures. Sumatra wrappers ............ 130 to 168 Plug-Tho market remains quiet, but shows 110me s1gns of improvement, partiCU larly in br1ght ll and 12-inch kmds. NaVIes seem to be gomg slow. We look for more busmess next month after jobbers have taken stock. It seems 1mpo881ble to force any sales. Thero have been same cheap offerings of bright and black goods in bond, but sb1p pera refuse to tako hold unless they have or ders. The exports we':e 85,940 pounds. Bnuhts: Quotatwns. Navy 48, 5s, 6s, Ji's, Ss.. ...... 20 ).4 lbs, lOs and Pocket Pieces .... 20 9-mch bghtpressed.. . .... SO Gold Bars... ........ so 6 and 12 mch tw18t..... .. ....... 25 BlackB: to ao to 30 to 50 to 50 to 40 lOs, 12&, .!.& l&s. ..... -to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy 4s, 5s, Sa lbs.-to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy lOs or Pocket P1eces ........ 18 to 25 Negrohead tw18t ................. 23 to 30 811Wking-Demand stoady but not active, for the most popular brands. Cigars-A fair average weekly mqu,iry. IMPORTS. The at the port of New Yprk from for etgn porta for the week, mcluded the following con slpmentsFalk & Bro 80 bales Sumatra, L Frieljlmau & Co 266. Kaufmann Bros & Bondy 400 bn clay ptpes; H A BatJer & Bro 250 do, oO bas ketslio YtrtJ Onta-J S Spinney 1 cs JlaM71G-Tobacco-Wetl & Co JIS bales; B Diaz & Co 78: SchroederJtalskl 11; G W Faber 8; Cbaa T' Bauer & Co 8: Hpward Ives 4, Hyneman Bros 2; Michaelis & Lindemann t; C B Perkins 5; Pnrdy & Nlcholu 29; Hltlhtlia & Haskel 2, 8 Fug11et & Bona 12: B W118 rmann ll; HRKelly&Co7: 11, & J Frank 2. Park & Tlltord 70, Acker, J{-,'1 & Condit 52, E Sp!bgarn & Co 2; Jbse h 7.801! 2,887 10,8711 6114.476 l j\-b') / \--DOIIEIITIO :aEOIE:IP'n. \ The domeettc recetpta at the port of New York for the w""lt. were u followe:The arnvals were 1751> hhda, 165 trcs, 827 cu. leaf, 11 bales do, 21 pkgs do, 607 cs smkg, 30 balee do, 789 cs mfd, 223 bu do ol6 bxa do, 119 do, 6 %' bxs dv, 10 .!.& bxs do, 2:: pkgs do. 1 do, <847 cads do, 225 Cll Clg,.ra, 81 do Ct11',11!ttea, IJ trca snuff 66 bbls do, 16 do, 1337 b'Xa do, 12 pkgs do, 44 kegs do, 7 bu soomplee, conoigued as follow Btl c.\1 ru Bailroold-Sawyer, Wallace & Co 915 hbds; Oelrtchs & CoM. P Wrtgbl k Sons 79, 8 S Ellmonaton & Bro 36,Kro;melber.; '-Co 19, Funcb, Edye & Co 8 do, 1 box, L Newpu 114 ca, urder 711 hbda. Btl 1M Htubrn R&flt)f' Colell 104 ca leaf F Schulz 25, Howard I ves 46; order 482 hhds, 74 pkgs. Btl 1M .PM"""IoomiJ Wallace & Co 711 bhds, P Lorillard & Co SM; Fouch, Edye & Co 6; A. H Cardozo 8. Kremelberp: & Co 10; Pollard, Pettua & Co 111, H Siebert ol: F C Linde, Hamtlton & Co 52 Cl leaf, Arndt & Frlnpnt 82, Landman a:. 91. Chaa F Tag .til !;!on 1. G F'alk & Bro 8. C Jensen 6. H.Balomon ."t( Sen 1: M Neuburger & Co '117. L Newgasa 411, W R Hoff man 110: Schroeder & Bon 1: Joe Mayel'8' Sons 82: Price c! Johnson 10, CullmlUl& & RO.enbaum 18. Levy Bme 40: J Bunzl & 1:\ons 10. A. Neeteer 4 cads mfd; E Hen 1111 bxa do: H Wirt Matthew 8 ca mfd, 10 bxs do, cads do: G W Helme Co 1 hhi mfd, 8 bxs do, 9 trca anuff, 110 hblstlo, bblado, 11118 bxs, 12 pkn do, ol4 kega do: J J Roemer 1 case J Ellinger c! Co IS; S Moorbouae & Co 1: Steiner & Co 8, J Kamp 1; ,J Hethrtngton I : Tllur ber, Whyland ,i; Co 4 bbls snuff; Leopold Hiller & Son 2; order 46 hhds, 1 cue leaf. 20 ca.:a plug, GCI clpra, G bbls anuff, 2 do, 1111 bxs do. N .. J.....,-Davidaon Broe 1 case leaf. E Holfman .t Son 2; S Salomon c! Son 6. Burbring & Greve 1, E Rosenwald 23 cs mfd, 2 !.( bxs do 1 cad dt1, E & R Mead Jr & Co 24 cads tnfd, r; ).4 bxs do, F B & Co 90 C8 H W1rt Mnttbews 4 Lemlein Bros 20: 22, R Flemlng20, Mtl!er & Son 20 Henry Meyer 20 bale do Jos D Evans & Co 10 cs mfd: E Mueller & Co 211. T G Hague 10; W G Adams1 E DuBots 39. T.oler. Ha t & Co '.!0 bxs mfd Car hat t Bros bxs do, Wm H J oblemBn 3 ,!.( bxs do, Katz B1osl case cgars; Allen & Gmter 2 cs cgarette9 Jelfreys & Co2 order 61 hbds 104 cs smkg, 10 balea do, 227 cs mfd 10 hxs do 2Q do, 8 bxs do, 3 pkgs do, 5 cs Cigarettes 1 pkg leaf. 2 ln:s samples &I 1M N1tJJ Yor.l: and NltJJ HafJlml'JfMJmboat JA--. Candmau & B : robeimer 40 csleaf, A Engle 1, Wm &C<>1, E Bach & Son lol, orller 1 7'-uoa.ltbisl from Key Wut-Rein1tz & Z mansky 11 cs Cljl'ars. Cepedes. Perez & Navarro 1, PPobalski 22, G Alces 7 1 scraps V Martmez Yher & Co Hi do, lido. E A Calves 6 bales scraps. Baron & Co 1, order 26 cs cigars. Eastern Markets. PHILADELPHIA, Jan 29. Mr. A. R. J!'ougurlly, Tobacco Inspector, reports to To ToBACCO LKAF as follows -Handlers of manufactured bard tobacco tbe past week have not, as a general tbtng, beeu as busy as the previOus week. Still a fan trade for standard brands can be cla1med, while prtees hold steady. Stocks are uot heavy, a fact well known. to lhe trade, and upon whtch few large dealers are basmg their actton for future orders Tbe general expectattons of trade are very encoura,;mg !<'me CutsTbe demand l8 now confined to lead mg rehable brands Smokmg-Better of granulated show very httle hfe, wh1le mfertor ltave a steady 1DCTeii8Jng demand. Cut and dry recetyee n.s usual e11oll Cigars-This branch of trade 1s slowly but stead tly improving; espectally 1s It the cue With reliable brands tlnuff-Manufacturers of standard brands c!atm a grAdual tmpruvement and an Increase tn ordere. Receipts tor the week-1,4111 bxa, 1,618 caddiea, 1,11113 MSes, and IUO palls fine-cute. Seetl Leaf-Bnstnese in cigar leaf is now confined to legitimate want of IIHIDUfacturere. Conoider able Inquiry lo made for certain ktnda of 1tock, whtclj, upon be1ng shown, bnng objections no$ customary when buemeu Ia tlourishtng: never thel'ei8, when the salea are &gl{regated, a fair buai neas must he admitted. Conetderahle '83 PeiiD&yl vania was moved, while '81 still tlnda admtrera. Holl811tooic Havana shows Jncre<'d sales, With State Seed and Obip looming np bnglitly. Prtcea atlll rule ln favor of buyers, hence margins are very smalL Sqmatra-Sales have aligbtly Increased. Havana-Show up atock of quality, and, it wtll receive appreciating notiee, and quickly find buy era. Recetpta fer \he week :-118 _. ConnecCiellC, 271 Pelllllylvama, 188 cuee Ohio, 110 York Sta&e, 40 C8l8l Wilcolllin, 44 balee 8Wil8tra, LEA.J'. S16 bales Havana and 98 bhda Vrrgmia and West ern leaf Sales for domes\ic uoe cases Connecttcut, 266 cases Penosylvama, 61 eaeee Bousa.tomc Havana.. 11 cases Ltttle Dutch, 73 cases Obto 88 cases Y &rk l:ltate, 37 cases Wtscoos1o, 47 bales Sumatra. 165 !Jales Havana and 16 hhds We s t.ern leaf m tran11t direct to manufacturers Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. (),, Jan. 28.-.Henderaon Bros Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report to 'IHE 1'o liMCO LBAJ' 118 follows -Out 'ureaks contmue hgbt, owmg to the cold, dry weather wbtch has p1 eva1led for the past ten days A great many farmers are kept at tbetr homes on acc&uut of the bad coud1t1on of the reads and col!l weather We look for full recetpts as toou as tbere 1s a season. We quote priCe& of the past few jays. QUOTATIONS. Trash-Dark .. .. .. .. ....... ll @ 4 Bught ....................... i @ tl . .... 4 @ G lled1um ................... G @ 8 Good .................... 9 @11 Good to flue ............... 12 @14 Cutters-Common .................... 9 @12 Medtum............ .. ...... 12 @111 Good ..................... 11> @18 Fm\mOn.... 8 00 do .. ,.. 4 000 II 00 .. .. .. .. 6. 60@ li 00 Jtoe4 to line red .. .. 8 1!0@10 bo fimc). .. .. .. .. 10 00@14 00 upper country. .. .. 4 00@11! OQ ground leaves new. .. 2 150@10 00 Ohi()-ln ferlor to good common. .. .. 4 00@ 6 00 greemah and brown . 7 00@ 8 09 medmm to fine red.... .. .. 8 00@11 00 common to medium ltnngled. 7 00@11 00 flue spangleo! \o yeUow .. 12 00@1!0 00 Air curod comm>n w tine ... .. 7 00@14 00 K:eutucky-trsah .. .. .. .. .. 3 00@ 8 90 common lup .. .. .. 6 00@ 7 110 e;ood lugs .. .. .. 7 00@ 8 00 common leaf .. .. 8 UO@ II 00 medtum leaf .. .. .. 9 00@10 00 good leaf .............. 10 00 dae to chou:e .. .. 18 00@111 00 Virgtota-common and good lugs 6 110@ 8 UO common to meat um leaf 8 Oj)@ II 06 f&Jr to good leaf .. .. .. .. 9 00@11 00 aelectiona .. .. .. .. .. 12 00@20 00 atema. common to fine 1 00@ 2 50 Inspected tbl8 week .-93 bhda. Olel!.red same per1od -Per str Su88ex, for L1 ver pool, 81 hhda, per str Nautguynaut, tor London, 1D6' bhda. TOBACOO BTJ.TBKENT. Jan. 1, 18811-Stock oa handta tobacco wareh9wlea and on ahipboara not cJearea . 13,2118 bbda Inspected tb11 week . 93 bhds Prevwualy th11 year. . ol80 hbda 18.829 hbda Exports of Maryland and Ohio since Jan. 1, 11186 2,314 hbda 8btpped coaatw111 and re mspeeted ............. 1,167 bhda Stock in warehotUe \hla day and on 3,481 bhda 1h1pboard not clearea ......... 10, '348 hbda 8toek 8&llle tune m 1884 ............. 16,0911 hbda Manufactured-Quiet. l:!molltng...!..Buaideae Ia fair only, With much room lefc for Improvement. CHICAGO, m.-The imports for the week are u follows -Eitel, Kolienherg & Htller 61 bales leaf Gradle & 8trotz 4.1; Sutter Bros 89. Kantzler a:. Hargla 8 cs cigars. Sprague, Warner & Co 6: CbaplD & Gore 4, Grommea & Ullrich 2, W H Schtmpferman & Co 2. OINCINNATL o Jan. 28.-:tleiSJ'II Prague & llat.aon, Leal Tobacco Brokers and Re-dryers of Cu'Ung Leaf and Plu2 Tobacco, rcT>Ort 118 follow to 'rBii TOBACOO LBAr:-Tbe offerings at the warebouaes have been somewhat curtatled, owmg to the severe cold weather wbtcb hAS prevatled for over a week or so, but tbe market bas developed a feehug. eapec1ally for new tobaccos. All good grades of old and double eld suitable for floe cut and pl11g have shown constderable actiVIty, but under very ltheral olfer1ugs of tb1s kind tbts week prices were eome e1181er, and a l(ood many reJec ttons were reported. Several large manufacturers have been here and p1cked up coustderable of tbe old tobaccos, and what ts left at desirable 1s somewhat reduced m quanllty as well as quahty, and sellets are tlimr v1ews up for higher figures Very httle newts offenng th1s week or tbe 1111 bbds 2 sold fiOm $3 70 to $8 80. 16 from $4.15 to $5 95, SU from $6 to $7 95. 24 from f8 to $9 70. 33 from $10 to $14 110, and 11 from 1111 to $11'! 25. Of the 110 hbds new, 10 sold from $2 40 to $3 90, 26 from $4 to $5 70, 33 ftom $6 to $7 90, 11 from $8 to f9 9<1 and 10 from $16 to $14 75. Globe Warehouse-83 bhds, claseed as fol lows; 5 hhds trash, $3 70, 4 (new) at $3 to IS 90; 16 bhds mferior trash, 6 at $5 to $15 95, 10 (new) at S4 to $5 70, 27 hbds common trash. 16 at $6 to$7 90, 11 (new ) at $6 to$7 60, 13 hhde common lugs, 10 at $8 40 to $!l 25, 3 (now)at$8 20 to$9 90; 19 hhdsgood medmms, 16 at $10 to $14 25, 1 (new) at $11 75; 3 hhd! good and fine leaf at $16 50 to $18. Bodmll.nn Warebouse-46 hhds, classed as follows 1 bbd trash (new) at as 50, 7 hhds inferior trash at $4 15 to $5 90, 1 (new) at $5.35, 10 hbds common trash, 9 at $6 to $7 115, 1 (new) at $6 60; 14 hhds common lugs, 12 at $8 to $9 50, 2 (new) at $8 to $9; 12 hhds good medmms, 9 at $10.50 to $111 75, S (n&w) at $10.110 to $1S 1.10; 2 hhds geod leaf at $15. Cmcmnati WarohouSil-30 hhds and 1 box, classed as follows. 3 hhds and 1 box trash, 1 at $3 80, 2 (now) at $3 20 to $3 50, box at $3; 8 hhds m fer10r trash, 2 at $4 90 to $5 90, 6 (new) at $4 15 to $5 50, 11 common trash, 4at$6SOtoS7,7 (oew) at $6 to$7, 4hhds common lugs, 2 at $9 40 to $9 70, 2 (new) at ts.lO to $9, S hhds good mediUms at $11 75 to $12; 1 hhd fine leaf at $17. Morris Warehouse-22 hhds. classed as fol lows: 2 hhds trash (new) at $2 40 to $3; 9 bhds infanor triLilh, 1 at $5, 8 (new) at $4 40 to $15 65, 9 hhds common trash, 1 at $7.10, t5 (new) at $610 to $7 40,1 hbdcommon lugs at $8.60; 1 bbd geod medmms at $11 25. Miami Warebouse-24 hhds. classed as fol lows: 1 hhd trash (now) at $3 50; 1 hhd m fer10r trash (new) at $4, 6 hhds common trash (new) at $6.05 to 17 90, 3 bbds commr; m lugs (new) at $8 10 to $9 05, 9 hhds good medmms, Sat $1S to $14 50. 5 (new) at $10 to $14 25; 5 bhds good and fine leaf at $15 25 to $18.25 DANVILLE. Va., Jan. 28 -Paul 0 Ven able, Leal 'J'ohacco Broker reporta to T1lll TO BAOCO LBAJ' as follows -This market is poorly supphed tbta week, ow1ug to the dry cold weather now prevathng. 'l'be olfenngs are rather common and nondescript 118 compared wllb week's. W1th a warm s.:asoo our receipts wtll be huge. Pncea are st11f thl8 week on all grades. QUOTATION8-(Ioose tobacco). FillerB-Cemmon lugs ................. 4 @ 6 Common leaf .................. 6Ji' Common brtgbt leaf.......... 7 @10 Goad hrtght leaf .............. 12 F1ne bright leaf ............. 18 @16 Smoken-Commondark ............ 8 @ Common brtght ............ 4 0 7 Good ...................... 7 @10 'Fme to extra ................ 12 @20 Cutters-Common to good ............. 12 @15 Goodtofine ,, ............. lli @20 F1ne to fancy .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20 @27 Wrappers-Common . . ....... 15 @29 Common tomedmm ........ 20 @25 Hethum to good 25 @30 Goed to 11ne ............... 85 @45 Fancy......... .. ........ 46 060 BV..A.NBVILLlil, Ind., Jan 27.-Mr C. J. Moms, Tobacco Broker, reports to TBB T01lACCfl LBAP:-Market quiet and steady on eommon and medham leaf with substance, and a shade lower on trub 1111d common lugs; good lugs in fair demand. Recetpts It hera! and 1n fair condtlton. Sales of new tobacco up to date, about l,liOO bbds Ftom preent 10d1 75 Medtum leaf........ .. .. 11 75@6 ".5 Fretgbt to New York, 29c per 190 lbs LYNCHBURG, January 28 -Me111rs. Bolt llchaefer Co., .l:luyere and Handlers of Leaf To llacco. reeort to THB To:oACCo LEAl!' as follows Rece1pts kave continued heavy, although the cold, barob weather 1s very unfavorable 19 the haudhng of the t o bacco, and sales generally last until daro< 'l'he demand, however, IS f1,1lly equal to the large supphes, and pnces are 11rmly ma1nta1ned. wttb n o percep11b le &,Ite ration durmg the last weeks Mcst of our manufacturers have entered the ma1 ket now, and some of them are buymg very briskly. Low workmg grades 1D consequence are very sttff We ll8ttmate that about one-fourth of lll8t year's crop hll8 been marketed here so far QUOTATIONS (loose tobacco). Lugs-Common dark ................ 4 110@ 5 25 Medmm and good worktng li 2.'l@ 6 Medmm aud good dark heavy. 11 75@ 6 60 Heddish and colory common .. II 00@ 6 60 Common bnght and mixed .... 8 -@ 7 liO Medium do .............. 7 60@ 9 liO Good do ............. 12 -@18-Fme an!e, wh1cb I moaUy of good to fine grades There bas been for tlle put two weells a declded improve ment m quahty, and some tine black wrappers have oold at 11 to 11i>'C, tine otnppers are bnngmg from to 13c: very commoulugo, 4 to 4;J4c; good, IS to 5;14c, leaf, 6 to 9)i'c. N:e'Y wrpl"'rs bave sold low, b11t are about owady wttbout bemg oet tied eno11gh to quote I quote medtllm to good wrappers at to 27c, good to tine, 30 to 40c, very fine, 40 to 4llc. New cutt.ers are acltve and 10 good rece1pt Old wrappers qUiet and firm, stocks small Sblpl'ing lugs qmte active and recetpts small. QUOTATIONS, Lugs-COmmon dark ................. 6"@ 7 Good dark ..................... 74@ 8 Leaf-Common dark...... .. ....... t!Ji' Good dark... .. ... .. .. .. .. 9 @11 F1ne dark .... ............... 12 @16Ji' . . . liJi' Suu-curettLugs ... t .......................... Leaf-Common .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 @lOJi' Medium ....................... 11 @IS Good ......................... 14 @17Ji' Fine (nominal) . ...... 26 @GO tobacco, manufacnu!ng-Smoke1'8-Commou . . . 12 Mel11um ................... 111 Good .................... 20 .... .. til Fancy .. .. .. .. .. 32 @40 F1llers-New lug ................... 7 Comm o n ................. 8 @ U Medmm...... .. ....... 12 01a Good ...................... 115 @17 Fme ........ ...... .. .... 20 @22 Wravpers-o .. mmou....... . .18 Medtum .................. Good .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... 110 @40 Ftne... .. .. .. ... .. ... 40 @til Fancy .................. 7i @1215 WIN8'fON, N. C Jan 27. -Messl'&. Hall & Edmunda, Leaf Tobacco and !!tent Brokers. report to 'l'o ToBACCO LB.ur as follows:-Our breaks are fatrly large only with a scarc1ty of good wrap pen Pr1ces are Jltlly ma1ntan1ed. With a shg!Jt adnuce on common smokers. Plaut bsda are pro favorably, and some farmers report plouls uo an!ljrrowmg well Nearly all of our farmers use a cloth covermg for tbetr plant bed, and ex bas us that the w1ll always secure plants Weather cool and clear QOOTATIONI. Lugs, common dark....... ......... 4 0 5 bright.. .. .... .. .. 6 @ 9 Smokers, common bright. . . 7 medmm ................. 7 @10 good........ .. .. .. .. ... 10 @13Ji' Ftne and fancy cutters . .15 @30 F11lers, common dark .. .. . ... 4 @ 6 good dark .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 @ 8 cGmmon bright. . . ... 7 @ 9 br1ght .. .. ...... 9 @14 Wrappers, common br1ght ......... .. Ill @18 flOod do .. .. ....... 18 @22 due do ............. 22 @30 fancy do .. .. ...... 80 @50 Foreign Markets. Al'llSTEitDAM, Dec St.-Messrs. Schaap &; Van V een report to THE TOBACCO LEAF 11.11 follows : -We have the pleasure to band you a review of the tobacco trado m our markot 1884.-Regardmg our prmetpal article, Sumatra, we rofor to our report of Oct SO, to be found m your estimable pRper of Nov 15 'l'o bPgm wtth Java, tbe quant1ty of the whole crop, to about 73,000 b!lles, was sold here and m Rotterdam at a round figure of 50 cente, commg ttp to 6,250,000 gUilders. Comparmg th1s with the 1 esult of the fot egoing crop, havmg nearly the same quanttty of bales, but only Ietchmg a round figure of SO cents, makmg a. valuo of 3,350,000 gUJhlers, tbts proves m general that the qual 1ty of tho last crop was much better. About 42,000 bales bemg leaf tobacco, SUitable for ctgar purposes, fetched 75 cents, whtle there mamder, 31,000 bailll! scrubs (cuttmg kmds), were sold at about 20 cents. 'Java tobacco 1s and remains always in good demand, when quality and color answer to the expectatiOns needed for wrappers. This better result w11l certainly indues our plan ten at Java to pay more attentiOn to this article. According to this we expect a larger quantum of bales of the new crop. When tho quahty Improves m proportion to the quanttty, the Java tobacco will be very soon m favor agam. Tho first arrivals of the new scrubs are of much better qual1ty, and 2,200 balefil, sttll brought in the market. wero sold at good prices, with strong competition. From Manila we can report that the im porti amounted S,too bales of the 1883 crop. Though the qual1ty was not JUSt what 18 wanted, the greater part of th18 quantum was sold at moderato prices. As the cultiva t10n on Manila will not any longer bo sur veyod by the Spanish Governmont. we exiiMt larger productiona, and accordmgly greator exports to our market. The imports of Seed leaf amounted to 1,500 CQ.IIea, mostly cuttinge. binders and fillers. It is Sllldom parcels co11taming leaf to bacco suitable for wrappers find their way to our market. Rio Grande was not directly Imported here th1s year. Rotterdam received a few lots. Tho qual1ty, Jaowover, was inferior for cigar purposes, and the tobacco only sold at low figures. Our Maryland trade in the 1888 crop did n:>t answer at all the expectations of our im porters. Very little colory tobacco callod !?r1 and prices for this kind were too high in tsaJtimore to leave any profit. Accordmgly most of the parcels imported could only be TAN. sold at a loBS. The bulk of this bein,; lmported dtrectly by jobbers for their own retaJl, It IS 1mposs1bla to g1ve the correct number of hogsheads The whole year round ordmary kmds were left, and m many cases could not oe sold even at cost price. Tbe new ground leaves bad a Vfl1:Y ltOOd receptiOn, bemg colory and sound. We may therefore also better Maryland. Some of the new crop are leafy, colory and SUitable for our market. When prices do not rule too h1gb at Baltimore, we can ex pect lar!!' e r and more profitable business. F1cm Kentucky and Vtrginia the 1mporta. are not worth while mentioning. About 5,000 bales Turkish and Grecian to bacco found their way to our market, and for the want of colory Maryland sold froely. tobacco was again a strong compet1tor against Maryland. This wbere leafy and colory, is very much liked by our manufacturera, and many t\iousand bales were imported and sold. The darker leafy kinds find always a place for cigar purEnglish East Indians brought ua 4.000 llak Btspatb, partly sold for common cut\inga to ma!lufacttirel'!' and partly to. apeculatorswhobeheve 1n the mcrease of duties. on in Hoiland. The 1894 crop of our Dutch iobacco hu succeeded very well with respect io tlly, good color and! eilky leaf. AccordJ.Dt;ly high prices were paid for cigar purp01131, while the cutting kind1 were in demaad wh1ch showed good quality and color. Sel dom has the quality of the whole crop be8ll as good as thts one, and therefore can be satistlod with the result. On the 9th 2.899 bales Java, new crop, will be offered by subscription. Stock to-day, 4 381 'llalee Java, 714 ba.Je. Ml\nlla. 197 bhds :Haryland. We tender to you the complimeata of t.h eeason. Jan, 16.-Tbe new Ja'l'a BCrUbe bring 10me 1n our mrket. In pneral this kl is of good condiwen; h a JitUe oolor, 1s therefore well paid. SUaee our Ia& report bale& wtre wbileon Ule acl f\l>,Qu t 2, 000 bales bt 'llllbilcrfp&i()llo ill' the 1Jl8fket. lmported:-11,230 bales. ""'., Stock to-dav :-8.082 b$les Java, 714 ools Manila and 197 bhds Maryland. LONDOlf, Jan. 7-Keeers.Grant.Cbam bors & Co. report to TlrB TOBACOO LIIAI' 88 follows :-There hu been almos$ a absence of demand for all descriptions of AmerIcan tobacco during the past woek, and very little inquiry for any ether growths. Someal"s of Ptbatitutes have been made. Kentucky and MI1!80Un-Thf! trade bashown no mchnatlon to opera to. Virginia bas all()o been much neglo.Jted. Ohio-Nothing hu been dono, and for Maryland hu been no inquiry. Cavendish b11.11 been only in retail domand. Jan. 14 -The week h11.11 developed an increased mq01ry for American iobacco, and the few sales effected have been upon a very lim1ted scale. Pl'lces all round remain steady, Substitutes have been m moderate demand. Western LeAf and Strips-Nothing of im portance has transpil't'd. Virginia-Only one or two trifhng sales afleal Ohiohasacarce ly been 11.11ked for, and for Maryland therehll.ll been no inquiry. Cavendish movea olf' slowly. We make the following extract from our mrcular for January :-There hll.ll beea but httlo activity m this market during the past month. and only very moderato Bales of Amencan growths have been effocted. which have generally consisted of the lowl'r priefld grades. For the beuer classes thore hll.ll been but httle inquiry. The 'rade J&nerally continue to manifest a dUJinclinaL1on to operaie beyond their immedu&te requiremen&s. Pricell m Lhe States continue io rule high. Durmg tbe whole of .the :Je&r the de mand m this for American tobtleoe WQII llXCeptionally ) The 4rat mootb appeared to show BJCDII of an improved de mand, but thts tmprovement aoon sublided, for the eucceechng month and others in euc cesa1on were marked by an absence of even the usual demand, olily very 1mall lalee being t'ffected; even when the new import. had been sampled the trade held aloof from operating, and the year cloaes with a generall absence of activity. From the Board ef Trade rMturns it will be -n that duty wu pa1d on 798 628lbs more 9f unmanufactured to bacco mUte elf.ven monthaend1ng in Novem ber than in the preVIOUS yoar, and that there. WILli 7, 6114,730 lba less renaam1n in the warehouses of tbe Untted Kmgdom than on thesame day last year. A fair demand was ex penenced throughout the p11.11t year for desir able descriptions of substitutes, and stockl in first bands of some growths are much re duced, with but httle pl'()8pect of much additwn to tho stocks here during year. Cigar tobaccos were IQ moderate rpqueet, and of some grQwths considerable sales woro ef fected. Imports. 154 hhds. Doliveries, 1,.210 hhd1, agamst 961 hbds m tho correspoading month of lost year. Stock, .20,10ll hhds, againat 19,480 in 188S. 20.705 in 1882, 28 492 in 1881, 32 850 m 1880, 20,228 m 1879, and S1,016 1:p 1878 V Irgima leaf has not much at ton tion, and only bmtted llales have been made. Stnps have been very spanngly dealt m. Pr.ces contmue firm. Kentucky and Missouri-Some few transactions have taken place m leaf; the stock of sp1nning grades 18 very small, and of fwr colory cl&.l!ees there IS but a hm1ted supply. Only a fow moder, ate sales ha vo been olfected of strips during the past month, cons18t1ng chiefly of low to medmm p;rad es. For the finest classes there ld little mquiry. Maryland and Ohio-There bas been lutle business done ia these gl'Qwthe durmg the month. Of the former some use ful grades a.te offering, also some tine colory of the latter. Havana c1gars have moved off slowly, lit tlo demand havmg been experienced. Ha vana. Cuba and Yara-Somo small sales effected of the former and latter growths. '!.'here are s1111 some small lots offering of de s trable qualtty Mantia cheroots and Cigars have been httle vperated m, the condltlon of the bulk' of the stock bemg very undesirable. The stock 1s 852 ca!ell more tban last yoar. Mamla Tobacpo-A sale 18 reported of at-out. 100 bales to the trade; apart from this the business dono IB trl1hng, Sumatra h11.11 con tmued slow of sale, Seed eat has been m rather more request, &nd fair sales have been Pnooe for tbe como-on grades arolow. Turlr.oy has been m act1ve demand both for export and home trade purposes, and but little of des1rablo cbaractllr is now to be had. 'l'he stock is 4,765 bales less than laet year, and furl her shipments from here atom hand. Latakia contmues neglected, although offor mg at low pr1ces. Netrrohead and Caendish -In tho formor httlo dono; the lattor: also spanngly dlllll.t m. Ill fair demand. Smalls only m moderate request. -:MartiRsviilo (Va.) Herald says:-Nearly or qmte a m1Uion pounds of tobacco have been bought at the barn door in smce the 15th of December, at an averap price of per pound. -The following gentlemen have lately been elected officers of' the Catlin Tob$cco Com pany. St. Louis, Mo. :-Directors, Daniel Catlin, Ephron Cathn, Charl1111 F. Hills, Isaao N. Mill or, Truman B. Riddle; presicNnt, Daniel Cathn; Charles F. H1118, vice-president; Truman B. Riddle, BeOretary and tre&IUI'el'. -EAsTON, Pa., Jan. 28.-lt is now beUevecl that Mary Fisher who was IN'sterloualy burned to death in tQwnahlp, had her clothmg take fire from a lighted 01gar. The Coroner has made an investigation and has' learned that abo was seen smoking, and a piece of a cigar was found in shredlr of her half burned clothing. -Gen. Gordon il smoker, and i8 amply prov1ded with tobacco, -There were 4,898 balee of Havana tobaccb shipped from this port to Spain last week. t I }


.., .&, ::E2n.po:r1:o:r a:a.d. o:f' TOBACCO, TBADEMAB.K. 149 GEO-RGE DE FORD, OC>MM:J:S&:J:ON' a:a.d. IEih.:lpper o:f' TOBAGGO ...,.en. CONCORDIA 96, HAVANA, CUBA. TBJl TOBACco-:f.EAr CAMBRIDGE '' Cue and Grannlate4 ltw....., A pureiT ori&1Dal Idea. of the ..... rlbolce tobaecGL ,... .. J{ARVARD," v.,. llrfrll '\'lriiAia 1-c Oa&. $" ; .I Marburg Bros., I!-C:llarlerl II&. B.t.LTDIORE, l!ID. -leHPh A., Velf .;,. I i t -otllee: 1711 P:!:A.R.L STJU:).'T, :NEi\10" Prank. B ltl.ortoD1 VEGA, MORTON & CO., One Every THE PremintioB CXb. 3,1885.-Cla?ksville (1'enn.) Tobacco Leaf, Jan. BROWN V.&,LUE OF FOJlEIGN 'COI10. CelltS., Cents. Austri&-Fiorinor Italy-Lira............ li.8 deL .. .. .. . .. . 45 3 Jap.u1Yen.. .. .. .. .. W.1 Be)aum-Franc . 19.3 Ubeda-.Dollar . ]00 9d 5 MextcoDollar....... 99 8 Bmzll-1\tllreis .. .. 54. 5 Norway-Crown ..... 26.8 British N. AmericaPeru-i!Ol .. : .. . .... &1.0 Dollar........... . 100 Portugal-llilreis Central Amer.-Peso. ,11 8 l,OUO rels ............ tl C8 KOld...... Rusola-.ltouble of 100 DenmarkCrown.... 26. 8 topeka............. 73. 4 Ecuador-Peso.... P1.8 Sandwich Islands-Dol Egypt-Pound of 100 lar ................ .. !GO .......... 84 974 o! 100 Fra.nce .. 19.3 centimes........ .. 19.3 Great Britain-Pound SWeden-Crown 26.8 sterling ............ $4 86% Sw ltzerlaDd-Franc .. 19.3 Greece-Drachma.... l9.a ITripoli-Mahbub of 20 Ger. Empire-lolarlr.. 23.8 . 82. 9 Holland Florin or gull. Turlr .... .. 4.3 der .. .. . .. .. .. .. $Q,5 U. 8. ot Colombta.Indln-Rupee.......... Peoo . . . .. 91.8 A Kilo equal A 2.5 pounda A equals .2%. ot one cent .n equals cents. A.& ltnglJ&b peuny equal& cents. DUTIES IHPOSED ON TOBACCO 11'11' FOJU:JGN COUNTRIES. AUSTRALIA-Manufactured tobacco Imported, 72 cents pound duty. Australian manufactured tobacco, made of ilomeAtlc leaf, 24 E:ents a pound Internal tax; made of toref&ll leaf, 4!! cents a pound tax. BELGIUM-Lear tobacco .i.nd stems, 70 frabC& per 100 kilos: manufactured tobacco, cigars and cigarettes. 8QO francs pel' 100 kilo8: other .kinds. includhl( stripped tobacco, 100 fro.ucs l)tlr 100 kilos. CANADA-Cigars and cigarettes, 60 cents per pound and 20 per cent. ad valorem duty, and cigars $3 J>t'r thousand In ternal tax; and cigarettes, o r tno1 e to tile pound. 20 cents a pound interaal Jess than20 agee to tbe pound, 12 cents a JlOUnd internal tax. M.anwfac tured tobacco, 00 centa per p1.\tnd and per cenc. ad valorem duty, anti J2 cents a pound lntemal t.tx. Snuff, _, a pound and 12).6 per ceut. ad "'alorem duty; when ft; 40 per c1mt o r mo1c moistur e 8 cents per pound internal tax; whe u l6f!R. 12 ceuts })Pr pound internal taL Le&t. tobacco, lmftOrt.ed or Uomestlc. free ot ta.J:: and duty. ENGLAND -Manufactured Tobacco-cavendish lld Negrobead, per pound, 4s l(Jd; all other kinds per pound, 4a4d. Snufr, containing 0\er l:i pounds moistureiR each tOOpouuds, 4s ld per pound, a.nd 4!1 whencontalningleu than tobacco, in every 100 pounds 10 or mot'& pounds of mois\'UI"8, 3H 6d Jler pound; when contalninr leu th&n 10 pounds ot molsture, 3S IOd p e r pound. GERMANY CiJrnrs and clgareUe-s. 270 marks per 100 kilos duty. Smokingtobaccoinrollsnrad snutr fiour, 180 marks per 100 kiloR duty, Pressed tobacco, & marks per !CO kUo8 duty. Leaf tobacco and atems, 8.'i mark11 per lUO kiioa duty. Strips or stemmed lsat, 180 ma.rks per 100 kilDs duty. HOLLAND-Tobacco in1 r o lls or leaves and unprestied stems,28centsdutyper 100 kilos; cents duty per 1 0 0 kiloa Mu.rufnct ured tobacco, anutf. ea.rrota, etc., 54.80 duty per 100 Cigars, $16 duty per too klle& The tobacco industry ot Austria, France. Italy and Spa.'n ia controlled by Re.rie@:. under the dlteetion o! tllc Govern. menta of thoee counttief?. 'UlfiTED STATES INTERl'II'.&.L REVENUE TAX 01'11' TOBACCO. Cfara:, domestic and imported, P per M; clgarettee wetgbtng not over three 1be perM, roc per JU; cheroots weighing over three lbs perM, $3 per 11; c.ured tobacoo and snu1l', per pound, Sc. 1 CHARGES FOR LICENSES PER .&.Jnroll M&nufaeiuren of cigars., clr;a.rettee and cheroot:.!, ss; madufacturers ot tobaoco and 110..\lfr, $6: dealer& in manut&ctlll'QB of tobacco, 12.40; deGlel'8 in leaf tabacco, a12. JIIIPORT DUTIES ON TOBACCO. CJara, per pound and 25 per cent. ad 1'alorem.' Cia'a ... ettM. aa cl2ara.includ1ng internal tax. Leaf LObacco, 85 percent. ot'wliich is wrappers welgbln&' more than 100 le&esto the pound, 'I'll ceol8 per peund; l1 otemmed, II per pound; all other leat n Btemmed, 86 cents pt"rpound. To baceo m&oufactured. 40 cents per Btema. I S cents per Ptpeo and pipe bowlto, ,uu per !l'ri>OB. aad 6 per cent. ad Ta.lorem. L'Ommon clay pipes. 85 per cent. ad .valerem; 'parts ot pipes, 75 per cent. ad 1'&1orem; aU smok era' artic:es, 75 pPr ceot. ad Talorerrr; anutfboxe& and chew \Dg tobacco pouches, 36 per cent. ad valorem. :as:a.n.u.1"ac"tu.rers of C.ars Factory 1307, 3rd Dlstr.ct, New York. oor. BB"tl:l. S"tree"t a:n.c:11s"t .A. ve:n.u..e. PROPRlli!TORB 'OF THE FOLL6WING POPULAR liR.LNDS : Flo; d.e P..Ia.oo, Optl....a.. White !Ileal,, lleDtieello, El Propel'o, La l!lanol, Kma of I I tJae Weat, La Gloria, La Reina, La Graela, La Dellela, Gauntlel, Old. Tna&To oli:e.. &e, C4llre4 of Ute LIQ_UORIGE PASJE The undersigned continues to sell Pure Turkish Licorice Paste under the accompanying brand as man ufaotured by MaoAndrews a Forbes, of Smyrna and Newark. Apply to C. McAndrew, 55 water Street, New York, I Celutbo Palaeio, Ford. Hiraah. Celestino Palacio Co., MANll'FACTU:REB.S AND IIIPOB."rERS OF Tom Benton, Mark Twain,-The Traveler, 1Hard Andy Jackson, No. J, Sherry. HERMAN SECNITZ & CO., CIGAR IIANUFACTUREB.S,. Bll::l1 C I G 1 B S 'I CC>. 111 .-..1.. ,..._ _________________________ :____ _.,_ ____ Bll:d.., (late Vecca & Beruhebn.) J Bernheint : & Sen, a:u.d. ::Ell:t:Lpor'&'er HAVANA TOBACCO, \ III!ARL ST., NEW YORK. 15 Calzada del Monte, Havana, Cuba. K. GVERR.&, aERMANos. l GUERRA ..&.1\TD C>P' HAVANA TOBACCO,_ 172 Water St., New York. 53 Estrella, Havana. CO., IIANUF ACT'UREB.S OF et CIGA:RS f.. Our Leading Branda-LA BELLE SENORA and EL MONTERO DE KI!Y WEST. lattataottoa f Trial Orders Solicited f BeDd fo Prlo J.tat. ---:J!"ao1:ory a1: fC.ey Jl!"1o:r:lct.a. f Oftl.oe -1\To. .111 .N':JD-.gv 'V'C>R.K.. -.B .. -.A.DT'S ln thlo Machine, th" Inventor and Manufacturer kept the three f ollowing points princi-pally l.D view. whiCh hae always been on machines tor the same purpose, frequently caualng great 4isaatiataction among rnanutactuN'rs of smoking tobacco who are u sing the ma. chlneat-Ist. To rid tobacco of nails Rnd other generally to be found in s uch tobacco bet'ore tua.lly euttin_ait. I 2d. T o have tbe tobacc o unifotmJy C\lt into equally small leaves ot the required size. 3d. To prevent portion ot the cut tobacco being crumbled and silted out like dust, wbicll causes a. coastderable loss co the manufactur er. The problem ot. overcoming the defects :'lust mentioned bas been solved by constructing thia ma--.. chine. to the entire satisfaction ot all manufacturers who are using it. The followinghms. to whom I refer, have thismo.cbinein use: W Duke. Sons a Co. Coza.rt&Co. E. H SOn, .Korrisll Sons DUg, Co, Dur..ham, N.C.: Scott & Son, Graham, N.C.; G W GaJ.l &: Ax, F. W Feigner 8& Son, Bro!". Baltimore: Spaulrling & IIerrlck, Aug. Beek & Co Gradle &: Strotz, Co ChlcMo; F F. A.dams & Co, !IU'n'aukf'ei Jas. Schriber& Co Cleveland; P .J Sorga Co .. Middteto' wn, 0 : Danie l Scotten lit Co,, Banner Tobaeoo Co., Detroit: Catlin Tob&coo Oo IJl;. Fritz, St. Lnnls: J ooe 8 Molins, New York; S. Hernshe1m IfF. Bro., N e w Orleans:. Allen & Gluter, Rlcbmond: B. P Jones&:: Co .. Hillsboro, N. C.: Brown &:: Bro., Winston, N. C.; Denny, Lyle & Co., BeidavJlle, N.C.; P Lorlllard &: Co, Jersey City. N J ., and others. :a. .A.DT, Patentee and lllannfaetnrer. OJ' FIRE CIGARS AND TliE CELEBRA.TED UNION CLUB CIGARETTES. --:o:-FRANCIS H. LEGGETT & Sole Agenta for. the United States for "Union Cluo Cigarettes. Price per M ..................... U O B. A. SHOTWELL, FINE CIGARS 88, 90, 92, M IUid 98 lf, Holliday St., BAL"riiiOB.E,IID. M. E. Flaherty a I &lc..Y.K:O:N'. :MAN17PACTUBilR OF' SOLE CIGAR BOXES .AND SHOW IGURES, "ta Esencia" and "La Flor de F. Marrero :Sraxa.d. o:r C:lca:r Factory No. 51, Key West, Fla. ll Office, 167 Water St., New Yor). A.nd D

THOMPSON, MOORE LoweDStein, OF CIGAR$, Fifty-ninth St., New York. illiams .. T obfco. -OF, !..-7 .'P:;Eil;E)!9VE:J:N" CC>., ::13:ol.l.a:a.d.. 0 GRAFF, SOLE AGENT,. _:I MAIDEN LANE, NE W YORK, Londoa, E. C., EDe;l&nd. '. --. ..._ ... -:. 1 .CHRISTIAN. JENSEN, Eow.J..Rll RotiiDi w.u.rt, ls.A...&.o SIGliUND RoSENWJ..LD. 11 E. ROSENWALD & I Packers & EIJ)orters of Tobacco, 145 WATER STREET, NEW YORK --Antonio Gonzalez., --J.IIUIGBrEB LEAF TOBAC.CO 184 Street. New .York. --' i ',. Darlu M_ Satn'l S. Gaoa. ]. SON & CO., ) Brokers, Street, New York. ., ... WlLLia E. ILLLL, sueeessor to HAll & Shelton. E. C. El:>IIUllllll, S\lClCeOSOr to Ed. liL Pace & C o &, EdTD'1.'1Dd.S, t!lF AND STEM ,BROKERS ) :: I r f .... ,, ... "VU':J:N'&TC>N,' SNT. d.. ., B'tff"'ox'bltDER. Satisfactory Virginia and North Crolina references E. NEUMAN & CO., -'&EJEIAL. LITHO&IAPBEBS, N.; .W. cor. PEARL and ELM STS., NEW YORK. I f TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS A SPECIALTY. '' DE. CAPO'' CIGAR. FACTORY. JACOBY & BOOKMAN; .. THE BEST CIGARETTE DEPOT AND ACENCY &.i1fiif&!X; Nos. 209 1 East 37th street1New York. 254&256 Canal St .. cor.Elm.NewYorl. ...,. h. r -' e> ........ oer-78 ElaDOla.y &'t. -AI.'3o. Wise & Bend helm, Agts "MANUFACTURERIIOF FINE CIGARS M H. LEVIN, Ee' l.S3Q. IMPORTER OF HAVANA;. I THE GEO. W. HELME. COMPANY) I MANUFAai'URERS OF THE .. .,.,.,. FreDch Jtappee, ,Swed.lah Rappee, Sootch, LIU&IQ-foot. "V:I.rt;:l.:u.:l.a Szn.ok.:l.:u.s Tobacco: Prmce Albert, Colorado, Navy Clippings, Kllllcki.nick, Ironaides, TC>::S.A.CCC> 1 B.AILROAD MILLS, PRINCE .ALBERT, OLD liiCKORY, IRONSIDES 188 "VU' a'ter .-, 86 P:l.:u.o S'ts., N'E"VU' ,on. PRICE 1.IST ADDRESS OK APPLY AS ABOVE, SUCCESS .A.T L.A.ST. SC::EILA UC::EI'S AND DEALER IN ALL XINDS OF 0 / LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, New Yorfl T. H. MESSENGER & CD .. ll!PORTEI!B AND DJ:V EBB Ill Leaf Tobacco. Cigall. ....,._ LICORICE PASTE, 181 I!U.JDEN L.IUIB,_NIInl' XO... Leat 'l'obacco I n Baleo aDd Hopheeds for Fonlp lllarke&Bo ELus SPIN,UlL'<, ALU. &ll't!ZL H SPDIOARN. E.SPINGARN &Co. Importers of Havana, AND PACitERi OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 5 Burling Slip, w!:::&. New York. Chas. F. Tag & Son, Importers of Spanish And Dealeroln all tlnds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St., New York. PATENT ATOIIZ E R f ,WPRicE, Tobacco Packers and Farmers, T.A.:H:.EI N'C>T:J:CE. Dealilra aad. Comllllluloa Mercb&Dia la LEAF T 0 B A C CO, 119 Maid.-Lime, :N'..W York: WitJ:l this Atomizer you _in balf the put more To bacco. m orde r for or Packmg than any other machme m the market, as 1t IS Double-Acllng producing a SPRAY, and a nry Fine One. 8 I D h & M It IS pronounced the best in the market, and sella readily. att, eutsc eyer, RETAIL PRICE, $2, '., ) (Jaah to .A.ecompaoy All Orden. :ManDfaoturen of .A.. C. PINE Manufacturer, Under Supervision of Ceo. Schlauch ADd. -len ill Sole "Patentee," Lancaster, Pa., 423 E. 63d St., New Yor'lottier's "POLICE PLU.G" Tobacco: It .s the of Day, giving satls ff:llcton and wherever it goes. Pays the Retailer as large a profit as any other Standard Navy. -I'OR SALE AT ALL TOBACCO AND GROCERY HOUSES, LAWRENCE LOTTIER, ,SOLE MANUFACTVO.ER0 R.:J:OEE:aii:C>N'D. 'VA. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. IMl'ORTJI:RS AND DEALRS IN Leaf Tobacco, 168 Water st., New York. SIMON AUERBACH & CO BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY ........... 7 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph, DETROIT, Havana Tobacco, Jnannraetaren oC tbe IJ9 PEARl ST., NEW YORK. Banner Brand F1neCut u Be"t"ter "than. "the Bes"t." G. REISMANN ;CHIC" SMOKINC TOBACCO, of Fine Virginia Leaf. Commission Merchant, SAM. B. SCOTT and BEN. HAXTON Cigars. Wm. H Tem, Pres. m:. B. Millo Vice-Pres. Renj. F. Haxt.;n, Sec. &ndOen'lManager Leaf Tobacco, II. '\iJo VENA.BLEo Eo (), VJni'4BioB. S. W. VENABLE &Go. I28PEARL sor nw YoRx. Ollce: Cor. Byrne and Hallfaz Street., Petersburg, Va1 B. & CO., l'aotcry t 19 Seeond Dhtrict Vlrcbda 11'1101&1t--ll11:4LEB8 Ill PLUG cHfwiNGthandthesMiilirN1ite4lo8Accos: BAVANA m SBHD LHAf :: Brlah Nf.YT Ia allat:rJ .,.__tlf,a: ftllc-. ; ::. TO::ELA.oooa. :: :: :: .. (.226":-PEARL ST lEW YORK. :: VV1JNCO,u Navy, :: \ t DAHE.''MahopnNa""' .. .. .. :: "'NA.DOu, tt .. .a .... .;:;d gradei &JI'Mt Yar!ety o f Fine Twio&and hoc;r. Oooda of ..... .. I I O&'&J1Y under...., follOWing Celebrated B ranoa: -:r-"THOR MANDY," u HEART of COLD" ...._ Ia LIVE OAK," "DE SOTO" and "CRANCER.n L T b Thefoll ow lngareourAJi!;ents!orthesa.1eofourMA.NUFAC'.ruRED Go 88 0 acco l3Centra.l Wbarl,_Boston, )l(aso.: !'. CAVANAGH 41 42Wabash Avenu W. VAN i & 00., 63 North 11ront St., -Philadelphia; N H CHlUSTIAN Galv e, ARTHUR HAGJ!.o.l'l San Francisco, Cal. f C. E. CONES guLJNQ, l?2'l ; 138 Water St., New Tort f!EAR[,ES, St. LouiS, Moo; .Q. P, lL RECTOR&.ilRO., Vi c ksburg Miss.urg I .I', H. RECroB .t Victorius & Co. IJiAF :P. J. SOR.G &, CO., .MANUFACTURERS of All Klnd. s of PLUC TOBACCO, :aii::J:DDX..:EJTC>"VU' SNT C>EE"". ... """"". OUR LEADING BRAND S : B:J:G-Q.UN","_, 159 WATER ST., NEW YOR-K. L GERSHEL & BRO .. PACD:Illl ilD DBALBIIB m "NOR"RY TWTS't,'' "SPEAR HEAD." SEED LEAP TOBACCO. 191 PEARl. eT., ::Eic::ykj:U:, &, Cc:: I.GimllHD., IP... CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, u-. BAC;-4 01' PLUG' TOBACCO, .ro-4: 336, 338, 340 & 342 East 38th St., PEJTEB.s:aun.a.. v a. Packors of LEAF TOBACCO L:IONEL SIMPSON, Western Agent. J B. Co., Pearr ... -. THOMAS & BRO., BRIGHT NAVIEStTWIST, COIILS, M.O.'UFACTURERSo:r L1ght Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. FINE CIGARS ONLY, 'V a. We Invite the notice of the 'l'rade to our eleganl brands,


b TAN, SDIOM OrrSNB&B.G, HENRY Or'I'B.NB&BO, HEIUI..llf OrnlD&RG. S OTTENBERG & BROS., IIANOI'Aal'UBERS OF FINE CIGARS, 340-342 E. 23d St., New York. \\. t. DEL & BRo_, Ianllflctnrors or Gi!ars, '-o IS]l Bowery, He JAMES BRUSSEL & to .. GIGABS, 309 FiftyNintb St. New York. JAJIJI:8 llltlllli!J:I-..-.L UCII.'I'al!TlaN DIPOR'I'BB OF Jiavana ann HHiatra Tobacco PACKER OF 8&ED LEAF. I. BARRANCO & .BRO ... m Pri&iniii .,. .. tcEY WEST; FLA-; THE TOBACCO LEAF. 7 HAVANA LEAl' TOBACCO &...ciGARS, No. 222 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, :DII:c::>:u.'te 199, :113:a. ...... John Brand. & Co., I IMPORTERSOF ANP P.&OKB-8P Seed Tc:b&cc.o, iO toM PelliU)"lvaDia Av} -OF'=I"[S-{ 180 Pearl 8-t, B12lo.1ra, :N'. 'Y'. l-II.&; r :l'lore-vcr York. 01'ty .. SEIDENBERG & CO.,, ll.a.JnTI'A.CIJ'DJU:al 01' -' Now York & Key West Cigars -. 89 Cortlandt St., :Wew York. N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO., II I PACKERS OF SEED LEAF .\t.;.._. ..... Wm.. EGGERT a CO; JMPOBtERB 01' HA.VA!lA AJID .&f!KI!BI -Seed __ _1145 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. J. LOT?"FDM'&'r rw Packer o:r Seed Lear .Al'ID DB.ALBB D 8PAI'fi8H .Job Wille, """W;ILLE & 00. IM:PORTI:RS AND PACKERS OF I Ch .. a. Meincke LEAF TOBACCO,. II 7 El-u.rllz:Lc &l.1p, bet,_, Water &Dd Peerl BtrBA.OOO ..-, OXG.A.R. Commission. Merchants. VAN RAMDOHR & CO., ttrao'l'llorr, Ia PEA;B.L liT., KEW 'I'OB.J[.. ALa. J:. V.ur IW&Doaa. PACKtma OF DOIIESTict, Ilfl>OBTERS OF HAVANA, AND DIRECT BJI'.CEIVERS OF SUllATRA TOBACCO. ....... _._, ... ...,;. ..... ; ---. __ _..,. -Brandel Cortina, Mora 1 Cf..," Fior ... -I' u Etella" .an. d. ulhakeepeare." !Tobacco-Commission. lLF i -llbo'.&p11t8 tdr MYeral olller llraada ot . .. u.r 11'1111'1' tJJ&Aas.; Havana fob&Cco:1inPm18f lSI PEARL s uncllurch BuU.{Iings, Loildog, ; \:_ .. e&-67 Barclay St., New York. I :.EEa. ...... a.:a.a arel::Lo"U.e r -PlR..A.De G. Cespedes, Perez & Navarro, Propriet_ors. D. H. McA[PIN & CO., 1 DAVIDSON BROTHERS, Havana and Seed MANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA CIGARS' "gV:JD&T, _:IPX..A.. New York Office, 18 and SlO Liberty .Street. lWNVI''AC'l'UliEII8 OJ' I THE CELEDRA>TED .... ECUT. 1 & I I I leaf Tobaccos J43 WATER ST., JrearliBideni.ue, --:a:,A. N A. I SEED LEAF TOBACCO, I And aJl Jdnds of Smoldng Toba.cco. And other Orandeof Clprtl, DAYSIDE, L. 1., NEW YORK. Aloo Mamofepture.; or the wefl-ltuown BraD.:I .. BritIE8, N:BJPTUH:m. l'ANCY BRIGHT l'liVI :IPL'U8:&:0 STANDARD BRIGHT l'IAVIBIII 0:113:C%0:1D, 8TA.l'ID.ABD DARK l'IAVIBII. l'lie repUtaUOil o6 -orld'll'lde, &Dd tbe IDc......wg ll&leo or Ulem Ia proal fQ6 tbelr a>erita IF BI:WARIE OF IMITATIONS. D Trade-Mark D=T 'is Embossd oo Every Plu;. QKNERAL DEPOT. 14 Central Wharf, Boston. I CIO.I.Jt JIANUFACTl1RER & DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO 1380. 1382, 13St, lot Ave ..... ct tOO, 402, 40., t08, 403, no E. '74tla St., S E. 1st Ave. and 74-th LOUis Ash &GO. Jl.l.llfl11' ACTlJJtEU 01' Alld u-tes. .. ba LE-lE TOBACCO 779 TH_IRD AVENUE, lSTE'V\7' TC>RK.. .A.....,.e:u.u.e, .J:Iiire...,., "Y'c::>rl&.. IOLB PROPRIETORS OF THE Frerich Cigarette Paper, ALIIO .. LB .&GB!IITII POR 'JIIIE 11. II. .AND CANADA OP THE G ..&.Df.ET? XE Clay and Briar Pipes. CJ:lrette Paper :1.:11 Rea.:an. BOUSE ll'f PA'RIS1 1'7 RUE BERA.JIGEB. Cigars, DBAI.BBS"'rN -LiiAF 218 & 220 East. Street, lEW TORI Jill& & Q.foA DYEB GANS BROS. & ROSEN -THAL, Pe:rc:L Oppen_', n!POBT.EB 01' .AKD DEAT EJt IJf Havana.. Seed Leaf & Sumatra. Tobacco reet, 1'1ire"VV Vorl&.. MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS. FRANC18 F. ADA.l!S, CEata'WIUed 184'7J HENRY F. AVERS. P. P &, lllaaafaeta .. en er tke il'ollewla& Vele ................ or ,. FINEC?UT CHEWINC A SM'OKINC ,.OBACCO : Chewins Ta.l.Q' 1Jo t Aromatic. Smokmg: Excelsior, Standard. .A. "gV:J:&. & CO., J. Jr., MANUFACTURERS OF FINE' CUT CHEWING FINE CIGARS -AND- Smoking Tobacco, ': Mi.waukee, Wis. Milwaukee, Wis. :B:a.:Eo&s IIJA 'Nll .. AVTll'BBR OP j _Cigar Aad Importer c.t GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole A&eat .n>r llle ...... OIIBNBRl'JBCK o1c; CO.) SAW IIIILLr., PACTG&Ya 811 & 313 E. lith St., 316 to 321 E. lith St. llear2dA .. enue, lSTe"VV Vorl&.. LEVY BB.OTBEBS, JIWI:a.:u. r.. SCHMID, 0 II. 8. JqLD. L. 'sPEAR; FTN 8CIEDAR.8T NEW YORK SPEAR & HELD, H; CIG A RS AJDiER & DERTa G. J'ermmdez & Co. L s. -....... SlLVMTirou. ERE D S C H U L Z J .. pone ... ot M. SILVERTHAU & CO., ................. ::- .... ,, Jt.... Cor. A.ven:u.e o -18"tl1 &"t ... Sole Aaeat ol d.' :a. a. JWJ:an:u..,., .&&ee "YOR..:J:E.. .. A.STE&Dilll, HOLLAND. ADd lmporte.r Ol Sumatra Toba.Cco Tobacco, Paul C. Vena,ble, uaCBn:Im II.III'?JAEH" 184 Water St., NewVork. ClOMMTMIOK s,. MICHAELIS 8& CO, LEAF 5 E E D ... L'E A F: .l1fD IJI!U DB D DIULmlll llf LUP TOBACCO _...180 PKARL aTRKKT,. I ==t IEIDPI H! f ABA LEAF. TOBAGGO JIANVFA

8 TOBACCO E.AF. JAN. &, TAX'11T.Of Havana .&liP.&ClltBIU ... SEED LEAF TOBAGGO. Baltimore A.dvertisemeate. IMPORTERS 01' erc;:;;fia::;::ntS;::::for--==llti::::;:;sa"=-';;;::;:iifi=c:;;:::;::turil1="==-biml::::;;.l HAVANA AN 0 s u M R A, ....-107 ARCH-8TIHmT PHit:AOI!I:P!UA. 1 : -.r'E#x.T-aa; A:n.d Packers or l P,ctew, .lad WholeSale l _&tWs in :FBRE1GN &, DDMmiClEAF tolltGD,. Seed ... Leaf Tobacco, 1 17 North Third Street, Philadelphia. 33 South Street. Baltimore. GAGER, Paoke:r a.D.c:l. :Dea1er :I.U. TOEI.A.C001 105 N. Wa.terstreet. Philadelphia... I LnXIJI: TBI!CC iOIIl I FRISHMUTH BRa: & CO., IIAJIVF .&.C'1'1JJU:JUI 01' Fine-Cut and Smoking Tobacco, LUXUR fiififiN FOit. -,.. 15 3rd and 223 & 225 Quarry Streetss :'> P::a:::I:L.A.DELPH:J:A.. &-_CO., :. 1' .._........ ......- S:n.u:l"::f" a:nd. O:l.g&.rettes, 181 WEST PRATT ST., BALTIMORE. F W. BECK, Haaacer. JULIUS & CO., OF SEEn LEAF and DEALERS IN TOBACCO, ,JULIUS VETTERLEIJf. 111& .A.R.O:Eit PlB::J:X...A.:OEIX..P:Eit:J:.A.. M.E.McDowell & Co. 603 4 605 CHESTNUT ST PHILADELPHIA, IiOTTT H ;R'S Tarr -A.IID-W. T. BtACKWELL & GO. Oeaat:a.e 8-.ok:l.Tobaooo, : lcr tert, BHt&l,'-Pitts'IIU. ChiCat:O, St. Lonis an CiDCiiDatL ...__ B. Batchelor & Co., 01' SEED XeEAF, .t.N lliD'ORTBRI OP BAYABA AND SUIATRA TOBACOOS, 108 u--t, Ph:l.1ad.e1ph.S.a. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN "LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. & J.uoce .a.-rtaoat .r all ldMa of .Leaf Teloaeoo oeatantl:r 011 haa4. J-acob B. Smith a Go., P AOKE'RS .&liD :DE&LEBS. IJf Seed Leaf & Havana Tobaccos187 N. THIRD 8T., PHILADELPHIA, aa4 HA.BTI'OBD, COJflf. L. BAMBERGER & CO., -aoke,. anti In LB.A.P TOB.A.CJOG-; And Manufacture,. of Low-Qrade Clp..., No. 111 Arch St., Phlladel bta,, Pa.. W. Eisenlohr a Co., PACDlBS AND WHOLJCSALE DEALDS Dr LEAF .. TOBACG O, 113 North Third Street, Philadelphia. : W IilENLOBR, Pffi4 BONN :CBEAGH a IlUBIO, Import.... or ....a c---llerehaato Ia HAVANA LEA: F T O -BACCO. w...a.-uull'laatatloao at JOuo Jleal .. O..... VaeltaAloa.lo.Oa'ba. Office. 134 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Pa. _...., ,.. ,...-# ""' E. E. WENCK, LEAF TOBACCO -Commission lorckant S. W. cor Charles & Lomba{d Sts., :Ua.1 t:I.ZD.ore, :all: d. Speclal attention p&id to home manufacturers orders. S. VETT RLEIN. G. B. 'W AGO NEB. BARKER & WAGGNER, Western A.dverUaenteut& Western & Admtisemcnt& JOHN B CLUNET & co W. G. MEil:R & CO. .. .._......, a a--. ... --. LOUISVILLE, K7. HINSDALE SMITH & co. Hacutactu"'"' of tbe Celebrated Br&llda !llllf ............ ,__ New Boon, Pick, B.. BEIER & co., r.a.c;--AD IOBUM.,. ARM AND HAMMER ana BUCK EYE CINCINNATL e. COUBCfiCII 8-'J!llfTiaCII PLuc TOBAeco LE A F c. T 0 BAG C 0. "011TII., .. ...... ........... .. 58-60 E. Second St., Cmcmnau. JW! .. ca. F. A. I'LuJtJK, J 8. IUTIIO!f. F. W. Dohrmann & Son. PRAcuE a. MATsoN, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS LEAF BROKERS I ReDrrero of' Leaf' Plac S E. fi & f S Plllera on Coaloa. o CDf. fft8 f0nf ts.. Vta. aa4 Froat Streeto, Cbae1aaait. CINCINIIIATI. DaY HOOSES:-Covlneto, Ky. ; W&llon.XT. Hrf' Get.e, Deua o ........ THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO. Saceessors to Henry Geise and Stickoey & Gordoa. lllaaantelarero ot all 1Ua4 of' CXG.A.R. :Dea1er :ln. X.a.be18, os.a:r R.Sbbo:a.., -a othel' Clpr-a.all:era7 Ruppllea. ... Stook Gee, S, Harrio loa' aa4 SeJa......,:r..r & Ettliqer' ed OD &pplic&lloll. J. M. R-OBl $ON a. Co ... 215W.2d.I:52..U 1 O:J:N'O:J:N'N A. T%. C>. 1 __ :c; ,,w. LOII.i!f'J>ALI!EB,lfewYalotl Ill ... ayle Ull ,_ l!G' .A. 'V'T 'T'C :B.A. 0 NA VlES A SPECIALTY IN t .. :::::=:: JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant ._ ...... _., -LEAF X), 'V ..&.. HOr(, .. SCHAEFER & CO I ,YNCHaUIIC, VAo, BUYERS AND HANDLERS or TOBA C>rder &o11o1'ted. C. & R. DORMITZEft i CO. D calers & lercllaits iu LEAF TOBACCO, 2 NORTH MA}N ST., Bet. iWb u4-..... aor .:a:.ovz, :1111:0. IJ!ielee Brando of Imporled Lleorioe &lwayo -Llbenl caaa.-......, ... R::mt& AS.S. 1.. C. SOH EFFEY, L. PIN COlTS, (Pormett:r ., .... a l!lel..,), .. Manufacturers' Agent, lltmm .a.ND sELLER 01' 1 New York & Pennsylvania Toltacco Cuttln[S and Scra}IS, TDl&iTHI BRD .. ..... .!!' LEAi Winston, N. c. ... .a ,.__,...., BUYS STRICTLY Olf OB.DEB. x.ouxs-v::r.x..x..:m, :a::-r. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, Ill. Good lolcl to ;J'obhen oaly, PIPER HEIDSIECK PLuc Toacco. LEAF roBAcco, Fla'O'Ol'eo.l witb tbe oelebNted cbam :Da. "V a.. paane wine, PIPER liEID81ECK, and 8moken aa1. Bright Leal Specialt;r. the Jlll>lt delicate apices produced in 'Jrden Solicited. tbeludleo. Pronounced by JU

JAN. Bnsincss Directory of Admtism. :NEW YOK.K. -:c-r.,,.,, B s-....-or....,_ ItO .r.rt. 111-llllela a eo.. 1110 l'llarl. Bamett 8. 168 Water lluol> & ll'locner. 1116 Water. BraDd J .t Oo. 180 Pearl Onl'll'ford 1:. ll. .t So n 168 w..., D&.-Bnl8.1t8Water w-.e......., E Henry. 1 M J'ronc & 0. & Oo. 1119 lllalden LAM. -.a: Booonthal, 1110 w-.. ........ L. "Bro. 191 Pe&K i!llp. Vlrlll"' ,.,.. w ..,_ z-r. Jllel e r 0 68 Broad Owen F. E. IIebert .8e1117, 18-BO Brooo4. 'he, ClllariM 11. a-. lit non&. """""""" ftw t1l. lOill'rollt. &o.rdlner J Ill. '14 l"roat. Miller L & Sen. 1116 Chambers WIH & Beadllelm,IIM -1116 0oaa1 ........... aQIIIrle &-Oo. hoot. ...,_ Bz..._...._ oattnaJolla. --lloal J. 8. & co. 181 w ...... 5ilkoad. Bader II .t 8oL :14 Bea-rer -r 01 _..., .... =:r & J.,Jal, :ljll" WOJI D & Oo! 118 o.nd 1711 DuaM. Goo4wln & Oo. foot ef Gnbd 8tree$. &. 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St.eiDBCIaard &; Co., .. -Oarala F hro. 8 C o 117 Water a.>nsates A. 180 Pearl Querra Berm&DOII, 171 water Llorens E IQl P earl Lopez, <.;a,llxto, & Oo. 3 l!ed&r Lomoo, f"eod&s &: Ce. *KI Pear K&rtlnea Yoor a Co., tN lleeaell&"r T. H .t Ce. 161 lll&l4en LaM. IOranda F. & Co. 222 Jllootejo )I A 119 Maide n lana 8&lomoo G. & :&roe. 2M .Pearl ll&ncbe&"' Baya, 9 Liberty krtOI'lua & Oo lil Pe&rl aaaomon If. & Jt. M Jl&lde LaDe 9ep, MoriOD lit Qo. 11'1 .._ VIKII C, 1111 lllal ,NewYort&ndlteyWes& --o.nd 00, 110 Oorolo.nd&. V, JU,rUDea Ybor & Co. 1111 Wa&er ., !f:::,.,-.... Demuth Wm .t Oo. 110'1-501-w.,Kallf......, llroa. & BondF, 1 .. 111 Gruel WeiiC&rLIIIIW&Ika __,.,.. ., I'VpM. Aapi&ID.tD-1.11 Wuren 1111---. lloold;r, ...,. -1011111 "'" a Du8lll. n w .......... l>eDna&h Wm & Oo, 1111'1-llloold...,. =-a_.,., u. .... 1111 11n11t ...... """' ......... Uaorleo ,..,., ............... J-C.IIIIW-. -....rord.. 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Sto"' F .t Oo BOSTOJI,IIOiqflf' ..Va1t11TIScf'M,..,.t .._,.,.,, m&e'fOCI< R. W 1 9 India 8treet t.Q, Wm A. &8 Broatl .. ,.,.,.._. .A-to. XJI*Ndp Wm. P o!t Oo. P Central Wharf BROOKLYN, N, Y. lllanufiiCturen of Clgan. J.-n Cb, 20-!4 Ada ... ot E. D, Xo.nnfacturera of Cigar BozM. liiiUer 0 & Co. 1t1 N. N. o&, E D B1Jl'I'ALO. ... y DeolM 1ft HoM"" -l'bdler o( -lAd( LefblP.-85Kaln. I OIUCAGO, JJi. ._A.;.. tor OIQsft,-...-......... !lit. l'ecl< 0. A. 11 8UaUa Water lnoluale _.."'-lAol ...... --A.&0..44_fl __ 1t1 1:. Randolph a-.ll"rosllen, .Lake II_,.. of .n-c.l 1: S.OW., 2'oll -A.. Oo 44o.ndtl.. Wll<>lualo ToiHiccoftioA ..,.d Jl'/'n' ..._... -. IS'...U & x..nn of n..-OroOte Jolln J 88 Franlurll4a J)lacl 1. OD. 181 Jlun...y _,_ __ n C. 8llKaidmWae Dase1, 11 Warrea JI&T 5..,-otbei"'B. 10& "<< ..,_ & Bendbelm 114 u4 0oaa1 if to I f.::"'...._, W1c1re Wm. & Oo. <. IIIICI De Ford 0eo, Oe110ardla !It Oo.aJie_Bt_ Jlmwfact.rer Cls;ran Oonha l'ral1elllue fl. --. IN Cu-a Oo.,)uaa. IIIAiolall. 'Henry ma,. actoi'}"-.Jullan Alllurlai&Co. Perea, J 8SUII, Ban :llcolH et""'t 1111. JIG .. Of Cifi'W ...,_ l!'rllll AleX. .t Broe. 11 A.nellal RABBIIBli'B.G, P&. ,..,... .. .Dot!Mtlic ..... Bo-IAe/ BeriiiiUI .1:0. JaaMI,N Oi@'l RE:ND .. SO]IJ KJ' 2'6ila.lea .lll'ololor. ll:d win. KANSAS CITY, We. Wb Dealero ill Jlattl .. d 8IUir 'l'o'-oe and Clpn, a1IO Smoken .AniCI& JIKhman J A. & Bro. 5il Del& ........ L.&JIC.UTIIIUia -Pacbn"of--.. Leat'falllloee, l'lv .... tta W JPq"' .... ... -1:1111'. M an nfactll:oer of Cigar B o xes. Killlau Gev P Scbl&ucb"s Pateot Atomizer. K epler A C LONDON ._, Tobacco, Cigar and Leal' Merohant. Qralf L. s v ... enureh Bulldlago, 11:. C. X.,. 1'lup 'lb......, .ac ...... ... hjren Pdngst, Doerhoefor .t Co. IStb and 1ll&ln Lees! .ro.-. lfeler W G .t Co. IJ'OOAcco .. ......_., w.-G. w & ee. 1&v w-XAill 7biiGc!co Br-o. Oallaw.,.. James F comer E ighth ILIId llala Lewis, Wcb'd a1 wen MAla _. Wm. G. & Co. ll8 Se-ltlnfrl. of Ohl1lli ng c! 81MJU11g tbbauo. l!ell.....-toOeo S .&Oo. Importer ofliaw"" Civoro. Wrl&bt V .li. t... tgar Manutacturers1 Arent. Bohell'ey, L. C., 1 8-l F ourth Avenue. LY:NCHBlJKO, Ya. o f Bruoktng Tobacco. 7\:>IH;N:oo c ........ -.11"'"""Hol&. Scbaeler 4 Co. LeoFT KA Yl'IELD, X,.. LetJ1 2'obacioo B- lfellao W. s. IIIDDLETOW:N, 0. Monotfn.ct'll.rttl'' of Plug 1'.1. 1: Co. JIIIL W A 11KBB, WI Jhotlr ot CMuoing aad """'Iring To/Jacco. Adams F F & C o FllntJ. G & Co. Mata'K/acl"nl n of etgor._ Alcherm&nn Rdw &Ce. corFnr7_aad8.Water Sepltz H. & 06. -:NEWARX, Jr. ;J, Mantaciuren of ctava. WUU...U. Joo B & Oo 1211 OUer :NEWPORT, KY. -fA a,..lloot LDINr u.-y,I. w.aeo. I'f. (l, LMf Tobacce Broiler. -ttw .a.. Nub II. R. Pun-T. B. ..... _._..,.....,.,.. ., Plvg -!'*'-DotJl!lert Bros. 118-121 S. 29d. Laaa & Mllloe, 37 S 11th Manp, Wiener & Co 1101 Morltomery al"eDue Portuon d o Juan F 1342 Ch estuut Theobald & Oppenlaelmer, 111 Norta lid llftm of Fine-Cut IUld Bmeldll&' Tobacco. Frlsbmutb .ll"ro & CG, 1 6 1 N. 8d andB'IQU&rl'y Diotnbvll"'l .Agmoey fur SlraUot& & 8t-' (..liflan., I Gt'al" R. & Oo, 215 South 7th 'l'obao ltllpOCIOr, Fouger&J .A. B. 66 N. Freot l1AP,....,... C111Ur CVtUr. Jleichar w Ill. 46\l Dillwyn Street ltlu.nvfadvrM'I llellor & Blttenho,_, 218 Nortll Twenty-&Jocond Jlfr' .A_, '"' 1'111{1 s.oimog JteliJ" F. X. Jr. 112 Arch (JigM-/JoGl Lahols and llarrla Oeo. 8. 8t Bon 716 Arch Jl,...,.,actu,..,.. of Rolph' &ole.\ a.o..,, s-art. Balpb 8t Oo. 1.1 .A.r<:b 111-..-. Plr'ISBUl\OB, Pa. JI.-'Af'ro" of B""J! GM Bmolrift{l Wetm-uto. 81 SmiUrtleld dS a"fr' of Loft.g n.reatt '' BaatMr'" CIIDII Jllld 'roba.:CO. Jeall FiDe Cigars. TIIOm&S & Bro Jl.,....,,...,ljfrero O/ IL .t: po. 11100 SPluKOU _IIUe, -,..;....,.. .tJ--ol G'oa"""''-' r-.f. 2't!l>aaco llialtb IL -&-sa., jil-pdool "2'a< w of Botd-Lia!-aM1ltt.-. of Oif10' Towne, Fuller a Co. Bampdea M JLOOIUISTEa. 11. Y _,.,_0,,_ Wbalen ll'ch .t Co 101i IIW ot 'IVIoalea T 11112 Bo&te .lfcn&u/GCt'UNf'l 6/ u .Peet"lal,. ..... Plaia, ........ ........ ,___ CllaiN-!Dmball '\11'. 8. & Oo. a-a. F.& eo. 1 ST. LOUD.-.. w "'"""""lionlllt.el' o. a: R. .t; Oo. 1113 .._ Pnnoy1vui& Clc&l'8 Dlllea118rt'N. """PIDo ,-.b&ccd' and 8nutf Mattnfa.cturen, w-rt Bros. 1aiK -ant otreet SYJUlOl1D. :R. y CiQGr BBA.O.OC>. 10f'4, 1016, 1020 8E.OOND-AVENUE, J I J 31 O, 312, 314 A"'D' 31e FIFTYFOU'RTH STREET, } 00., llllNUFACTURERS OF s, 96 to. 110 Attorney Street, :N"EVV' "Y<>R:K.. I .0 OFPICE:-707 SECOND cor. THffiTY-EIGHTH STREET, NEW YORK. 9, 3d. CoDectlon J)IStrict, N. Y. Po:a: KAUFMANN. & BO.NDY, lmporte .. and Monuf;ct"'"7 of Ci[ar M annfactnrers, Piues & Smokers Articles, 2 ,233 East 41st .t.-,New York. Salesroom: 129 & 131 Grand Street, New York. nonanco :Manufactory. .D. HIRSCH A CO., & 130 Rivington St, lew York l H. CLARK & RRDTHEll tOBACCOBOKBis PARRY & CROSBIS. TOBACCO Enaland 'l'he Tobacco Trade or San F.raocleo tOr &Ito Paat Year The San Francisco (Cal.) Grocer at!d Coun try Merchant eays:-Notwitl:\standing the fact that the Northern Pacifi c road bas cut off a portion of the Northern trade from this city, and that Los Angele s and portions of the south are supplied direct from tbe East, overland 'receipts of manufactured tobacco ,in city for the past year make a fair Atthe close of lsS3 '-,j ohbel'!f, i n taking found themselves Wti h a heavy accumulafiori of unsalable goods. They con equently began the year J-88\l by orderin,; lightly and only the brands necessary to fill in. For this rt>ason ov-erland qlceipts in Jan uary, 1 88 4 only 48,711 pounds. Afte r that date receipts increased gradually, working up te 364,578 pounds in August, the amount received during a b y single molltb. = < ne-tdlal reoeiJitli 'report""ed for, _the-year by l'ii.ii.BJJre"gate pounds, Fewnote;ble events occurred in during the year. Tbe mos t important was the announcement in May by Mes srs. P Lor illard & Co of their discontinuance of the contract system. Duri'pg theyear a J)erceptible falling off in demand for fine-cwt cbewmg was noticeable, p.nd courae of trade has that the highprieed coils and Virginia light pressed "twists are fast givir.:g plac e to the more convenient cut plug for smoking. The year was characterized by no business changes nf note i a.the tobacco trade. Messrs ;Esberg, B achman & Co opened a branch, house in Portland, Or. Rinaldo Broe., of' San Jose, formed a partnership with Robert Lowenberg uader the style of Rinaldo Bros. & Lowenberg. !.b:. H. Heyneman was ap-. pointed agent on the coast for Blackwell's goods, consisting of tho celebrated Bull Durham and Lottier' s plug tobacco, and L & E. Wertheimer accepted the agency for Horace R. Kelly's Key West cigars. Little of an encouraging character occurred in this department of trade for the period review. The well-intended philan thropic enterpri1e started during the year by a number of prominent cigar manufacturers, to edueate white boys and girl.a in the trade of cigar-making, contrary to the anticipa of the projectors, failed. Olrulidera.ble money, it is said, was lost by the &lliperiment. Receipts of Key West and Eastern cigars were not equal to that of 1883. This decline we attribulie to the same cause \lloat has af fected receipts of manufactured toba.oco. The overland receip*s reported for 1884 ag gregate 1,608 cases. The internal revenue receipt& last year in the First District on cigars, enuff and tobacco amounted to $5511,2113. C ontrary to all predictions, statistics for 1884 show tliat cigarette smokin is on the increaee on this cout. This is indicated by the receipts for that period, which 1 832 cases Notwithstanding the fact that cigar 111&110facturers complain of a dull year. there has been no perceptible decrease in the demand for leaf. The amount reported ae r& ceived overland to 30, 1884, oggr&gatee 2 ; 940 424 pounds -A 1grower in the Chemuhg Valley, N. Y ves the as his _estimate of the ost of tob"acco:Rent of land aad manure ..... ... t40 00 Plowing twice, harrowing and fining. 8 00 Ridging and spatting ............ ,..... 2 00 Plante ...... .... ...................... 4 00 Setting .................. .... .. .. 00 Resetting.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 50 Cultivating ................ ..... .... 3 00' Hoeing ................................ 5 00 Worming.... .... .. .. ........ ..... 7 00 T opping and suckering.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 00 Harvesting. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 10 00 She. d and twine...... ................. 9 00 Taking down, strippin g, assorting, mar-keting, allowing 1,400 lbs per acre, at ;\!; cente ......................... ... 38 50 Total. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .'. $135 00 COf!t per pound, 9 6-100. -This table shows the importation of Ha vana ci,z;ars through the Chicago Custom .House by the houses named, during 1883 and 1884:-1888, Cases. Cases. Grommes & Ullrich ..... 849 465 Kantzler & Hargis ........ 302 240 Sprague, Warner & Co.:.. 22! Best Russell & Co ....... 227 187 Chapin & Gore ......... 100 98 Lillienfeld Bros. & Mayer .. 168 69 A Shire .... ,". .. .. .. 76 I!ros . . 27 -Chic ago Ctgar and Tobacco World, -The internal revenue collections made at the office in. this city tlie present week 'are more than double those of last week, show ing a gratifying increase in the kJbacco busi-.I ness. Tota.l collections, $11,223.311,-Ltfnchbt.rg (Va. ) Advance, Jan. 22.


J 10 KEY WEST 'I'ACTOJUES-130, .it .. a 81'. Ollee aiUl a.learoom:-11'7 D4-.:a.rra.y Sit., Y"ork.. -a M 0 K E-The only Flavor contained in the "E!2AL Jill., SKIN'' cigars ts that given by naitu:e io the pure Hayana tobacco ueed in the combina-tion from which t.hey are manufactured. a.a. This assertion is backed by an affidavit. &V PaEIIIVM TOJIACOO WOJUUI, V --lla&abllohed 1838. c:J X Go .A. B. B S. Jr. HESS & co., -Warranted Pure.Rneheater, N.Y. PUBE TOBAG.CO! PUBB PAPEB! STANDARD BRANDS: SWEET CAPORAL, CAPORAL, CAPORAL I ST. JAMES I STI\AIGHTOUr IJI 'FULL DBBSS PA.CIItAGEII, &o., &o. SPOB.TSIIAN'S OAPOB.AL! Tho !&toot and becoml,_ very popular. Jllaaufadu""" by apecial requeat. A deUclou blend or cholce Turkish and Vlrslnla. Our Ciaarettes are made from loest &elected tborougbJy cured, and puM Rice Paper; are roUed by the hlghMt. class ot skilled labor. and warranted free from flavoring or tmpurttles. ll:very pnulne Cigarette beara a FAC-SIMILE or KINNEY BROS.' SIGNATURE. K'NNEY TOBACCO COMPANY, lu-IIOI'tr to JUaa.r BrM .. N'E'VV 'YOR.:K... "WV"ea;ver &, &"terry, THE FOR FILLERII. FOR BOXES. W' Prloe per plat, 16; per galla., f40. NOT ::ID'V ..&.PO.RA.T::ID. Samplebottleoatt!,tomalce OI'IBQALLOI'I or tn'BOl'fG PL&.Voa,-too!-'ptor amount. To preT ... t looo send lty P 0. onler or retrlstered leaer. WJ: ALSO Jl.UroFA<.'l'UR& ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinde. CIGA.B CJOLORII D17 and In Liquid. .All!IPECJAL If deolrecl, made to order, J. H MERGENTDIE & CO., I DD Chambera treet: New York. LEOPOLD MILLER & SON, TOBACCONISTS, 155 Chambers Street, New York. Depot Cor all Leadlnc BrandS of Tobacco, Clears and ct:aretteo. l'bae Cut, FoU: Cavencllab Smoldnc: Cigarette.: Ci-;ara: AJIEI\ICAl'f EAGLE. AIIIIERICAN EAGLE, 01\0SS CUT, WEST INDIA, ORIEl'rTAL, OLD TAl\, Am Ea!i:letob, PLUM, CHERRY 'I'B.PG LOl'fG CUT, OLD .JUDGE, VfOLIK. AI\BOW, IIIKEI\8' do HALF lllOOK, nLUE SEAL. Orders by mail promptly attendt'd to and prices quoted. & Manufacturer&' SuepUes. .LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., .. 4 __ .... l. l.a'7 D4 A .,.,.,:mN X.. A 1'1ol':BI""""' '"JirO::E'I..:EI;. '!'he Trade hal'lng demanded a 8uperiol' and Cheaper Article than tbt !oltherto uead, thla Oom IJII&IIUt&ctwtnc. and o1fiHn&' .tor IIIIo, LlCOJtlCE PASTE.(under the ol< dllldord" bralld) or a QU.LLl'rY aC a PBICJI wlllch caa hardly tall to be _,mhle to all 'lf-rlng It a mat ..... Mellor.a Bittenholls8, OROJCEBRANDSOF 111& N. lllld &uee-&. :Eb11ade1p:b.j.a SPANISH LICORiCE I GREEK LICORICE I MANUFACTURERS OF' AND CRI!I!K LICORICE PA$'l'E:. ALL SPECIALTIES FOB AJn) J'Il'fEO'IJT TOBACCG. OUve OU, Tones. G'cm, l'lavors, P .OW'DERI!D LICORlCE ROOT, .A.:a.d X..:loor1.oe. 8TIC'J[ LfCOlUCE WE H.AVliTIIJl r.t.VOJU'l'll JIBAMDib-p. .., P:J:GN' .A.OZO:BIX..:I:.X a.:a.d. G'C"JISOX.. ""VV. Li:vezey &, co. POPLAR and WHITEWOOD, FLANED and UNPLANED,. -AND-'IMIT ATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, NE"VV'l?OR.T, 'Y. loy our PA'l'ENT is tlie only P:!':RFECT iml-\ati n n a: O:pih CP1lur. Priceo sud rates uf fretj!h\ g tvep upon apphcat1on. D BUCHNER a CO., o.NE:J:D.A. TO:S.A.COO """"'O:PL:&:.S. OFFICE-173 A I 7D DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. Manufacturers of Plug and Fine Cut Chewing and Smokin' g Tobaccos, Snuff & Cigarettes. &OLD COIN CHEWING TOBACCO Manufacturers of allff Bra,. de tured byT!\oe. Hoyt&Co. Philadelphia omeeB. &aehuer & co., 211 Norell Thlrol ll&ree&. oee-D.-BaohDC"-6:: ()o &1 A.;yeoue. Nf W Orlena oeeD ... e ... er .tr:: Co., 14_Caaal 8i&ree'C. B tun, Ra-G L., '1'7 HaaoTe.r lt.ree&. G )lva&oo Texu..:...L. Gler. Ce. s.aa rool & Co., 110 -nerr Streett to PaeUle Co-Patont Gross Bolo Load Suals tbr .,._., a-eraJ BKeelo JeDOB of Banatae1re' .. ALSO II[, 4: 1\, 'BBAim STICK LICOlUOE, ALL SIZU. Manufacturers' Mills. ---HIUIER'S SON & CO. 48 BT., JfEW YORK. turnllbed." ADd quotatfooa lflven for aa;r artlele 'equlrOd. eURE .. POWDEREP. ROOT. l.i'INE GUOUND AND GRANULATED .DEER TOI'IUUJK, WINE GROUND AND GRANULATED LAUBBL L&AV, II'INE GBGVNB LAVENDER PLOW EBS. Wlaole, GroDDcl ar PowdereL .I.Nl8EBD, CLOvES. CANCA.RILLA BARK, ()A.SSIA. BUDS, CA.JlD,\l!I:ONIIEil:DS, CA. NELLA. BARK._ CA.LAIIIUS ROOT, EXT. CA.LAH&IA LICOBlCB, GINGER ROOT OHKIS ROOT, 0111'1. KRI.BIC SA.III.I.PKAII BA.KK_, LOV A.Gl.lKooio, 8T, .;JOHl'l'IO TONQVA BBAl'fS. ORANG & PHBL, V .I.L.B8J:Al'f KOOTo BA:L!IAJI[ TO'L tJ -;;;;., OIL OLIVE 01., 'l.1:ies! allldado. l!peeial atteatlon given to M&nufactull1n' 1ledJe:ra. ALL GOODS SHIPPED FIU!lll: ON BOARD. POWDERED LICORICE Finest QuaJtty. et Po ....... X. Y, GIFfORD, SHERMAN & .INNIS, William St., New York. LICORICE PAST& oo. :m.x. T::EI..A.. Tobacco manufacturers and the Vade in general are \)&tlicularly to ex amine and the superior propertlea of this LICORlCE, which, being now broup:ht to the highest perfectioo, Is o11'ered under the above Bty'le of brand. We are al:sq SOLE AGENTS for the hrattd .a-. .-o-.o. Acknowledged by conmmers to be the hest '" tue market. A.nd !or the \nand of Licor ice Sticks, NOiiL & eo., In all respect equal to CALABRIA.. Consumers and do -;vel! to apply direct. Lteorlee Root, 'llee& aa.d Or41oarr cootau&IJ' oa babtl. ARGUIMBAU, WALLIS & CD., 29 and 31 South Wlliiam Street. SPAN':J:S::B: LICORICE PASTE. z c-e We beg to e.D tbeattentionotToMccoMa.nutacturera and D...tora to this SUPERiOR aad PURll: article. Sole for the Htatei' ot N orth Carolina and ViM!'inia: llliossrt. D.a.VEn'ORT 1 MORRIS, Rich mond, ya. Lleorlee Rooe:...&.rqon aud A.llcaa.&e, l!elected aad Ordlna!7. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver Street, New Yor!5_. FOR :Gum Arabic, C&ll at PARKE, DAVIS & CO.'s Crude Drug Department, 60 Malden lane and 2 1 Liberty st., New York. This iDYontlon pro'rides an JmproTed do'rice ror cutting the pointe of clg&nl in place of biting 1bem ott. making the cigar bold together, while smoking1 much better than if bitten. and preYents a raggeo end; and if the USN a tiolder t it makes a better tit to tbe tuOe. Tha cnt-otr tips are collecled ... a ... _. receptacle ror r,nher utlllzatloo. Sll:NII FOB PBICE LliiT. W. M. BI:LCHER, ___ ....., WITII J[!IOTTED HEMP CORD. Th M"ll D b I & p t M f t' c .. e 1 er, u ru e ers anu ac 8 o., to the pu .. Uc. Crou Hole with Lead Beals are In use by moat of the Truhk:Ltnea, prominent Railroad Freight Llnee and El. enRr&Ted, S4 each. l: .' : ; ; .. Bawplea rumlohOd (Ia application. E. BROOK& & CO., 61 DEY STI\'E'F.T, NEW YOI\K, WOI\K PE:aFEOT. CIGAR SH.APERS, ETC., ETC. 4 I 3 I 7 E. 3 I st St., cor. let Ave., New. York; 165, I 67 and 169 E. Pearl St., CJ;nclnnatl, o. On Application we shall take pleasure in sending .. I.. I to any address. Free. Circulars .Pr our Manufactory. JAN. ,. m.tab1:lh.ed. 1aea. E. POE: A LS K I, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, NEW YORK and KEY WEST. 1150 Ol:l.a::D1.ber S't., 'York. The Mrs. &. B Miller & Co. lVIanufaciozy ESTABLISHED 1776. IT.I.I'ILEY L. PL.I.TT1 PrMI4lea&. 87 QOX..'C':DIE:B:J:.A. -MANUFACTURERS OF TRE CELEBRATED-PLA.ll'f 'FINE CUT CHEWIJrG TOBACCO Il'f BLUE PAPEBS. .. 'C' ::r ::r ... sose-scentea Mace a oy, Scotcb.French Rappee,imerlcu GeaO.D "&l:G-N A.L" o.. ... ..a. ........ Fino' ... lleeoa4 Qualll)' IIBaoldJac, Ia Blue apen. SWEElENED FINECUT-Dark and Ught:Grape. Forest RosL Club. ,-, JmA.Y APPLE &lld PRIZE LEAF FIN_,VT, ID ll'oU. : El Wizard Cigar Factory, 1189 to 1203 North 3d 1'1ol', "!t'. ADOLPH M .OONELIS; JUBUI'AOrUBD or CIGARS. be. D and I Oth St.. hw Yorl EatabU.beot 1sn. Robert Salomon. Succeuor to E. A. Haere, Importer oC HAVANA & SUMATRA TOBACCOS Aad dealer Ia 8:EJ.:III:J:J io:JD..&.JI", No. as BOWEaY, &t. Stanton a: Houaton llta., KY:W YORK. JACOB HENKELL, JllAMUFACTURII:B OJ' CIGAR BOXES SUPEBJOB li.AD & l'BUlK QUJ.LlTY OJ' Cedar KANUJ'AcmJRD OJ' ALL EDDI8 OJ' 293, 295 & 2971011'88 at., KeJ YBrt I .JOIDI CAHUS. Tobacto Drotar, =::. .::::;;::;.;::1 :;:::_ .::J 13:11 IER ST., lEW, lORI. GltARETTES -.ANo sMOKING ;JAIBR a. THE RICHMOND STRAIGHT CUT NO. I. TOBACOO BROKER,. OPER.A P'V'PPS . D4 &1i.., C)u.r T-i."t'tl.e Bea"'1Ues, ...-o=-uE. Gem Richmond Gem Curly Cut, Richmond Straight Cut, Old Rip, Turkish Mixture, and Buds and "Blossoms I SID40:&:.:J:1'1ol'G TO::El.A.OOO, ALLEN & GINTER, Manufact'rs, Richmosd, Va. SUCCESSOR TO Jt)hn Anderson a Go., MANUFAai'URERS OC: THE I ''S 0 L ..A. 0 E,j:J ""::E3:o:n..ey a:n..d. o"ther FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, II 4 and I I 6 LIBERTY STREET, .A.ll1d. 119 all1d. '191 Cedar St N":EJ"VV" Wise & Bendheim,. TOBACCONISTS, Sole Agents for New York and VIcinity for & Co.'s u OLD JUDGE" Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. Alo .&.cent ior o&her LaAluc .Manu.-..c&arer of' SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO & CICARETTES. /Also Agentafor E. T. PILKINTON a, CO.'S Celebrated.--..,. s 1 I!ID40:&:.:J:::Dil G TC>:S.A.OOO. S254 A 2D6 Canal Street, cor. of Elm Street, NEW YORK. M. RADER & SON, TUBACCO BROKERS 24 St., GEO.:MILLER&CO. M&NUP&(JTURIIH!I 01!' CIGAR BOXES 221 N. Second Street, BI\OO.KLYN, E. D. Having large !acilltJes. all orders will be fllled. at Short notice. UNIFORMITY, ACCIIRICY, AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. TOBACCO and CIGARETJ Ca.r1 IL\Nlni'ACTURI!:Jl OJ' VANITY FAIR UNEQUALED JI'OR PURil'Y UD EXCEL MEERSCHAUM & AMBER GOODS, LENCE. GOLD,''.:, FRAGRANT VANITY FAIR. NIGGERHEADI CLOTH OF GOLD, BULLS .EYE, THREE-KINGS OLD GOLD, BLACK&TAN Over 200,000,000 sold in 1884. The aboYe are particularly a.da.pted for grocers' trade, and may be had of leading jobbers. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N. Y. :BJtab1:lh.ed. 1811.6. ED. WISOHHEYFR, HY. WlSOBMEYEB ED WISCBMEiEB. & CO., .1.MD DIPOB.'I.'D 01' Fmch Briar Pivca SIDl:un'ArticlCS, 69 Walker St., \W .. f"..orner Broadwa7. 1'loT e""''7 T orJK.. _.....,_ VJ'RI'f'll' &., .1. tJII'rlliA S<>nd for Cat&lopo &Dd rrlce Lilt, aa Ilia.,. Do Travellfn! Saleeme. Ha.mtJtoD & l.llley, TIN.TAGS ofPittlDt ..,..._. ..._ .... 'JL'IIp .... $0 O ... er, 536-54.-West 231 8tl'eet, Mew Yort LEERET & BLAISDELL M.ANUFAlTURDi OF TC>B.A.CQO CIGAR BOXES MERCHANTSs 168.110 E water st avrac11Stl 1. I. SOUTH ST.', Baltimore, Kd. &. Ci&"a.r Ma,nuf'a.cturers, 185. 18'7 a.nd 189 E. 76th St., :riew York. Factory 3rd District. I


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