The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. I I NEW YORK, SATURDAY, F$ B. 12, 18b7. IN IIAIDllll .. _,.,.,.._ 1 1 e ox..a xDtJ:Po.a. N"o. 89 &1iree1i., 'York.. PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56. :::Eia -van.a. &.. 'Y' A.; :N"o, II X..:lloe:r-ty S-tree-t, :N"e...,..,.. "Y"o:rk.. IIANUFAGTUREBS OF Finest Clear Havana Cigars. Awarded Hiahe..t lllleclal at EZhihitton, 18"1'8; PhU...telphia. ALSO IMPORTERS .OF HAVANA cffiGAR-sAND LEAF TOBACCO. IJI'iiPOHTEHS OF GlJlft TRAGA()ANTH. Oesareo Vigil, I ...... ...... ...... .., ..... L:"'"'" l:tOPEZ & GQ., Packers and lmpo.rters of F:J;N'E VUELIA ABAJO TOBACCO Exclusively, IMPORTER OF vana Loaf Tobacco, I 140 Maiden Uan.e, LA ISLA" Sol No. as, "YOR.:EE... TRADE MARX. No. 3 Cedar St., New York. HAVANA, 1 Q: :;(e.aj &/acc.t1 !}. (]. rf#a. BIGBU!I."D JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY, SOL ROSENER. L. sc:::IE:KN.Ex:a::::, I METROPOLITAN CIGAR FA(YfORY 18 BURLINC SLIP, NEW YORK. S. J ACQBY & CQ., &ol.e or 1 B. :a:. ,.. Factory No. 3, 3d Disttlct, .a.l'IIsTzaD.a.liJ, uoLL.&.ND AlEX. FRIES. & BROS., Foot of 52nd Street, East River, &lBlATBA TOBACCO, Flavor, -:,_..;:. liZ B.:muiE STB.EZT, JfEW 'TOB.K. --I .48. & 60 Eaat 24 str-t. onrcnrxATI., o. llraach Olllce i -12 fit., HAVANA, CUBA. F .. R E'ISET,. BEA VEB. STREET, JfEW YORK. FINE FRENCH CIGARETTE pAPBR : THB BB.&'lll .A.'ND ON' BBBLS. .. I = I llole .&.cent Cor 1JnUe4 State., Clalrlatk .. a lllomtee or HENRY DE MAUDUIT ct. CIE., Proprietors of the Kills ef .. Kerlaole" aDd veahe1U" at Q,ulm.perle, l'raaee. 11 odoi:>WIN .. & l( II ,. HAVANA,. CUBA: NEW YORK: 192 FRONT STREET. I .' LUIS MARX, Pres.;. M. ROSEN TOWER, Sec.-ct. Treas. TO:EI.&CCO&, Cigarettes and Smoking r obacco. -179 Pear1 &'tree"t., 'Y"ork. Foot of Crand St., East River., N. y J Trade ltark of ----* SPECIAL NOTICE 1 1 ,,r (., 1 t,-ae bale, on the WEIL & CO. 1 I ,\\ 1 Is pasted a labeit, '""" "W .& C I "" I w ---' w tnours gna Registered in 1868 & 1874. "'r ture. In ,,.._ ou:a CHOICE VUEliA ABAJO HAVANA TOBACCOS, Marked W, & 0., ,.... leleoted b7 our Reoldent au,.... In HaTan& irom tbO. upon these FOUR Trade Marks Also lm 'rters of SUMATRA. 178 WATER ST., NEW "t'ORK. ck. C<>., i: IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO Tl"& Mark. Trade Mark. VEGA$ Cedar St New York. -4 .. .J. J. A. Galle San Nicolas 128 HAVANA, CUBA. A. & C. S n : sCuUBAiiT a IMPORTERS oF HAVANA ::EJ:a:n.d. :M:ade C:l.gars O"U.r 1iF. 1 Gp_ .:l;..IES &:; Manufacturers of Cigar. s Corner of E ieth Street -and Avenue A. M. a E. _SALOMO.N, OF I&I:JII:BI:C -ANI>. 'Importers of Havana Toa a OF THE FOLLOWING MARKS: .. : All Pa.rt.les : lllf'rf.DgiDW' are &J-. S !'[LOQ. 0 ..,\;.QR o .... nnentbeee I '1 1 I 4 I ""'---'l, \.. T '<' ._. .captioned .1.. .c .... ., -;,_:ge .. BLANCHE.' BLANCHE. four. Against ---:---.--- -Trade Mar' 6 M.A.IDEN LANE. O.R.B-' l The Jc:h.:n J. Cr9oke Co., .. NEW YORK rAND CHICAGO.,.-H-ANUFAOTURERS 'op P" TIN" FC>IL ror 1?1"1.1@; Tol::)aooo. YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 Mlllberry CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 St. SILVER. SURFACE FOIL! COMl'O'Ul(D J":Q:JX,, P MET AL,and all the .wr.: .. variett ... of FoU bowa the Tracle. PRINTlf!G ON FOIL iD s .. ...._ allld Colora, aad with ditrerent deq:na of O r a....,..u.tion, ror .A.N"::D CZG-.A.R. Op.'U.l.e'rd:r:Eio't-tl.e, Plain, Colored or Stan>pe.i. Ad-drcu: 163 "JULnERRY ST. NtW YORK; ::.' 83 YRANKLIN ST 1...._. --o L 1 4-. I' Ba:Va=na BERNA%A > I T-obacco, 1 J l 7 f PE-ARL S"rREE.T, OOBBER PIN. BA vAN' A, TRADE NEW: ' "' I l B. n .. .. ., -l'IIA.N1JFACTl1BBR8 9F-'!' BOX .LUMBER, :EJ.\f.l::l:T.A:T:l:C>N S:E"'.A..N':J:.!!!IIH 'VEN'EE:E'l.EJ:> [CEDAR] :l:..w'U:l\!I::BEB. .1:It:a:Lpo:r-ter or Spa:a.:lsh. Cedar a:n.d lv.l:a.hoe;a:a.y. B:l""'-th S-tree-t, C:l:n.o:l:n.:a.a-t:l, .. E&'ta .. hed. :1.82'7. -l'IIANUF.A.OTURBRS OF-CC SNUEP" -AND-C) 0 T ""5?"'. TC>El.A.COO, P.A.. e Ceneral Agent:-W. A. Robinson, 124 Water St.,, New York. \UTTER BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, m ClgarM:a.nufa.cturen w.Ul flnd It to their a.dvaat&&'e to deal with-us


The Tohaeeo ESTABLISHED 1864. 8anng the La11rest Circulation of an7 'l!'rade Paper in tbe World. PUBLIBJ{ED BVERY SATURDAY MORNING BY THB lOBACCO LEAF PUBLISmNG CO.: toe Malden Lane, New Yorlr. OOB. PEARL STRICET. 'DW .&liD B1JilKE, Editor. Term ot1he Pper. 1111GV1 COPIES ... : .-. .. r : ..... : ..... to cent&. Ooe 1-.. .............. 5', I 5I% Hontbll ............. It &aaua! !lubeerlptloa A 'brO... ..... T ltatT.&Dl anti CANADA ,, ....... Co: 'the .. ..t r 60& _._-.,viA Euctaod........ .. .. .. 0 ot eu........... ..... ......................... 11.96 &A.TEIIII'8B A.DVEBTISEM:EN'n. One Three Year. Month&. Ell-one Onidhle foc the pay. lleoond-ll any peroon orders hl8 paper to be dlt!coD&IDued '-most pa.y all arre&ragea. or the publisher may coatinue to nd ft until )>H.yment is made. and cellect the whele aaount. wheher It la taken f ro m tbe ollce or uet. :NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. 'We will hereafter print upoo the wrapper or paper of ewery foreign 1JU\Iecr1ber aod \hoae Jo tills country residing Uide of the larger cities the date upon which th.e sub_..ptlon has expired or will expll'f" Our subecrtbors will take noUCe and remit accordiel'ly. When the sub-jorlptlon to paid the date will be dbangeecause t;be firm employtld striclily union banda. The moguls-in the C. L. U., like the gods, crind. slowly, but lllwa,. with equal fine DeSB. Ttiis boycott was practically rem&ved a year or more ago, and the august body uow goes through the form of rescinding. it. What a farce I A L.A.I'SUS C.A.LAJII. In our last issue, in an article referring to the commeneement of the twenty-fourth -volume of the ToBACOO LE.AII', we inadver te1nly etated that this newspaper W811 nearly a half a eentury old." Of oourse, our raa.ders saw that we intended to write "a quar ter" instead of "a half." "Accidents will happen in the best regulated families," and we are not ftB exception to the rule. In extenuation for our slip of the pen, we make he same plea that the Irish lassie did when ebe waa upbraided by the pr.iest for bringing into the world, without having ,cone through the marriage ceremony, an exeeedingly diminutive specimen of humanity: "Please sur, don't be too bard on a poor !Sir!; there isn't much harm done-shore, it is 111ch a little one!'' '!rliB :NEW YORK SOUTHERN SOCIETY. Thia society i1 composed of a number of -centlemen residing in this city who were born in or' are of Southern tey, or who have been reeidente of that sec tiOD of the country, aDd ia patterned after the New England, Knickerbocker and similar orgo.uizations. Its foundalion is "The N e,w South" platform,.ancl iii politics are stricJ: ly tabooed, "J'ed." and "Reb." equally wetcomed 'to membership. The object of the society is to do all the good it can by promoting sociability among Southerners residing in thJe eity, ex tendi.og oourtesiee 1o :Visiting Southerners and to persons interested in the South, aid ing in preserving lhe recorda of the past and present conditions of that section, and to usist worthy persons iii ililea. "On next WBAhington's Birthday society will give a din ner at the Hotel Brunswick, at which many prominent gentlemea will speak. Inform& tion about the society or the dinner can be obtained of Mr John Marshall. secretary, 48 wan street. Mr. Aia:ernon S. Sullivan ia the president ot the society; Mel!l!rs John C Cal bonn and Ballard Smith vice presidents. GOOD-BYE FOB THE PBEBE:NT. From all indications it seems that there will be nothing done by Congress in respect to the abolishment of the internal revenue tax on to basco during this and we may consider the bills introduced or pro posed ta be introduced as dead. Our read ers are familiar with the cause of this inac tion-the diSI!erfsiona among the Democrats in the House. Soma of the correspondents of certain newspapers give their opinion that Congret!ls may consider a bill doing away with the tax, but we think it very doubtful. The fight between the Protection and the Free Trade Democrats is too bitter to expect they will unite on any bill, and neither party will give assistance to the Republicans in passing one. Then, too, the Senate bill for improving our coast defences will most pr0b ably be paBIIed by the Houae, 811 it ill a popuJar meaaur'e. H eo, a large 'portion of the surplus will be ,used for that purpose. We sorry that some ilefioite action will not be taken by Congress at this session in connection with the tobacco tax, for there is every that the trade w11l be an noyed by bills for its abolishment being in troduced at every future ression of Congress until it is done away with. The of the tobacco trade generally in Virginia and 'North Carolina are determined to have the tax taken off, and they will use every means in their power to that end. 'rhe outcome of the present attempt to abolish the tax appears to be that a breach bas been made m tlie ranks of the Demo cratic,party which :will be difficult to heal, that both divisions in that party will do all they can to thwart each otbe1 in any measure that $ha oiher aide may propose, and that' Virginia and Nortb.Carolina will go Republican at the elections. LOCAL oiOTTIKGS. -Tbos. F. Gray was amonp: the arrivals from Key West by the Comal Wednesday. -Benj Lichtenstein, the manufacturer, is spendiqg the Winter ,the South. He ill no in the orange grovllfl of Florida. -J011eph L. Zuricalday, of the licorice im portir,g firm of Zuricalday & is now travelling in Europe visiting hie firm's factories abroad. -G. Falk & Bro. received from Germany this week over 800 cases of 1881 and 1883 Pennsylvania tobacco, purchased by Arnold Falk on his recent visit across the water. -J. S. Gans' Son & Co .. the Water street tobacce brokers, have bought, durintr; the past two weeks, 2,000 cases of State Seed and Pennsylvania tobacco for G. Falk & Bro. -Fred Frisch, a cigar manufacturer 80 Pine street, baa depar&d to parts wtth out giving hi& creditors b1s address. He owes $300 or for leaf to Water and Pearl street dealers. -Marcus Feder, ef Feder Bros., Cleve land, 0., will arr!Te in this city to-day. expects to remam here ten and. w11l make his at W1se & Bend lieim 'a. in Canal street. -C. B. Philips, the Pearl street re sweater, bas rented the double bulldt_ng cor oer of Fletcher and Front streetil, w h1ch con lltitutea161-163 Front stroet, which he will use for storage purposes. -H. A. Montf'jo. the Pearl street importer returned from Havana v1a Key West and Tampa Thursday night. He aays be secured a stock of Vueltas and Remedios after considerable searching in the Havana market. -The steamer Saratoga, which arrived from Havana Tuesday, brought Joe. Merfeld, of Jos. Merfeld & Co., the Baltimore im porters, with 200 bales of his !dr. Arend$, of Areudt & Friogant, thiS arrived in the same -The suit of P Po hal ski vs. M. & E SaJo. mon for ,2,300 damages for goods injured by smoke from a defective flue in the defend ants' build which bas been pending for seven years, WBII thrown out of court by Judge Allen in Part 1 of Common Pleas yes terday. -The friends of R. B. Cowley will be pleased to learn that he bas obtained the sell ing agency for J F Fernandez & Co. 'e Key West Havana cigars. Dick returned from Key West by the Comal Wednesday evening, much elated over hie maiden visit to the home of the Conchs. TOII.&CCO 11'ANUFACTuBE Jf'f:W YOBK CITY Df .JAJIIUARY, SllOOliiD DI8TRICT, 111. Y Revenue. Mf'd tobacco ...... '14,858 64-185. 733lbl!. Snuff .... .'........ 368 28{80S Cigar&............ 35,170 50-11,723,500 No. Cigarettes........ 23,421 25-47,84.2,1100 THIRD DIBTKICT, N Y. Mf'd tobacco ... : $17,806 8;}.-il8,828lbe. Snuff .. .. .. .. 656 698,208 Cigo.rS ........ :.. 187,422 50-46,807,500 No. Cigarettes . . 9 429 30-18,858,600 ClORRESPONDENClJ1. SHERMAN, Texas, Feb. 2, 1887. EDITOR ToBACCO LEAII'-SIR:-Will you be so kind as to send us an ounce or so of Sumatra tobacco seed, as we wish t@ make a trial of it. We have tried Havana seed, but not with much success. Tobacco grows very thin and silky here. and we therefore would to give Sumatra a fair trial. Yours respectfully, ZAUK & KRUEGER. We have eent you the seed. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAII'. Bustneee Cbanl{es, New Firms moval8. Tena.-W T Hill&. Oo., mauufacturers; dfasoJYed. Cmrn .... ND, N. Y .!-J. H. Whaling, cigars, etc.: sold out. FR.Alill:l.IN, Ky.-Geo. A. Boren a Co I tobacco. etc.; Geo. A. Boren dece&eed. Neb.-Joseph Geis cigar manufacturer; damaged by tire. ---lU.Jt&As CITI', Mo -H. SJVitzer wholesale cla'&l'!l ADd tacorporated. Now B. Switzer Cjpr C"o NBWTON, Kan.-Commoos & Fife, cJ.g&r manufactnren; d.i& solved. NlBU. Pa. ........ wm. EiBeolohr ..t Co 1 wh(llesale leal to bacco; dissolved by death of' Wm. Remain ing partners and Aug. Klsenlohr contlpbe under same atyle. Samul Kempton. cle'ars: deceasetJ. S.A.N I"RANClSOO, U al. Bros. & Lowenberg, wholesal e cig&rs and tobacco; disso lved. SYRAOU8S. N. Y .-Ja.oob Strauss, cigar manufacturer; burnt oat: Ke1u'rted and BUBIB rana:ementll. BINGII.AMTON, N. Y.-Geo EJhs (et al ), c tgarR, etc ; Geo. B Ellis_a-iven chattel mortage tor $901. Cmoaao, m.,...wemberg Bros., leaf tobacco; confessed judg ment tor CDcoouTJ, 0 -Helen E. Blinn&: Cbaa; lil. K_,..,......; given ciMLttel mortgage f'or tWO :ls;rt' H Hunter. cigars; rtnn ch&Ctel mortgage fa< Cl&vEL.UCD, S. Pusbau. cigars. etc. ; chattel mortgago for 1.. CoLDIIliV8, 0 W 8. Burger, cigars; given chattel mortgage lowa-E D F. Fisher, tobacco; aasigned, IUinLTON Oqt.-R J Lewis, 01garmanufacturer; aheritf in Co, c igar-box manufacturers; assigned :M.o.-E. E Whiting, wholesale crgars; g 1ven chattel Jlllbriaag& for $1,260. LA.NSlN"G, Mlch.-'F J Blair, tobacoo and cigarsj !ilYeU chat tel mertgage for $1,696. LYNN, Mass.-WaU & Logan, and tobacco; given chat tel mortgage for $1100. MKc-BANlOSBURG, Pa.-r-Chas L Wolf, tobacco a.nd ci&ars; assi,o{Ded. Mn,ooo. This amount be put into. the Orm of Weinberg Bros., which was organused three or four years ago. went on swimmingly and the firm enJoyed an easy credit until last August, when A. Weinberg's first wife instituted a sUtt agamst him for damages for obtaining a divorce. It appears she had been confined in an asy Ium for thirteen years. After wattmg several years Mr. Weinberg secured a and married again. Subsrquently Mrs. Wem berg No. 1 regained her reason and sought to have Weinberg's divorce annulled and asked for damages. The story of all this pub lished in a CbiCBI!:O paper and found It!l way to the ears of Wemberg Bros.' New York creditors. The fear was entertained that Weinberg would lose the suit and be com palled to pay several thousand dollars, and the credit of Weinberg Bros. suffered to such an extent that Moses Weml.lerg came here about a mont ll ago to assure his firm's credi tors tllat everything was nght and that the only expense the suit 'i"OUld cause would be an outlay of $300 or $400 for lawyers' fess. Thill explanatign apparently did not ave the desired effect, for the firm's credit continued impaired. The unsecured creditors are:-G. Falk & Bro., New York .. l3,400 A. Cohn & Co., .. 2 700 G. Salomon & Bros., 4,200 M. &; E. Salomon, 1 ,800 Cesareo Vigil, 11,300 Schraeder & Bon, 4 ,400 E Bach & Son, .. 660 J!l. & G. Friend & Co '.. Wm. Pre'rafeld & Co., 50 Teller Bros., Philadelphia. . l 509 It was repol"ted that L. Newga1111 was in for '8 000 but facts disprove He is not in a 'cent. Weinberg Bros.' last note held by him, the amou11t of :was $800, .was paid last December. M:r. V1g1l, tba lladeo lane Havaua tobacco importer, wbo Is the heaviest unsecured creditOr, left for Ohicago Wednesday night, and numerous attach menta have been made. IIi D. F li'IS11ER, the Council Bluffs! has an assignment. He has wr1tten hts credttore here that his liabilities amount to $11,930, and that be bas assets aggregating $30 888. He says the tobacco !lis indebtE!d ne1111 is intact and that 1f the credttors so destre be will return them their goods. His stock of leaf be places at $20,000, and his bills re ceivable 110,oqo He had some note!! to meet and bad not the cll8h to pay them, so thought best to assign. His indebtedness for merchandise is con lined to three firm11. They are: E Hoffman & Son, New York ......... $7,200 E Rosenwald &; Bro, ......... 9,400 We1l & Co .,Matdenlane" ......... 1,238 Jloat Val-llle Book LJNOOLN, Lancaster Co., Pa., Feb. 7. GENTLEIIIt:Jl:We enclose you our check for Tobacco Trade Directory, with which we ars highly pleased, and we will recommend i& to the trade as a most valuable book. Youre truly, HAUENSTEIN &; Co., Cigar Manufacturers. Satlllf&otery aDd Complete. NEW YORK, Feb. 3. GEifTLI[IIEN :-Enclosed please find check for $11 in payment for Directory, which bas been dehverell, and which we find very satis factory and complete. Y ottrs truly, JULIUS ELLINGER & Co. Ao Uoefal ae a Dictionary. NEw HAVEN, Conn .. Feb. 7. GENTLEIIEN:-Enclo sed please check in settlement for your Trade Directory. We cannot see bow any manufacturer or jobber can be without it. We find it worth to us in sur business w bat our dictionary is to our bome. Respectfully, L0UJS P. WEir. & BRO. A Valaallle Book. RICHHOND, V a Feb. 2. DuR SIRS:-Enclosed please find check fer $II in payment of Directory. It is a valuable book, and it seems to us every tobacco mer gllaot dealer and manufacturer should have a copy of it. We remain sincerely yours, E. 'l'. CRUIIP & Co. V.rrU..t...l. NEW YOBJ[, Feb. 8. GElll'rLII:IID:-Eoclosed we band you our check for '5 in payment of one copy of To bacco Trade Directory. We find the IIBD?B very useful. ours, D. J. BOEHII & Co. Well Worth the ltlouey. CLEVELAND, 0., Feb. 7. GII:NTLElllB:lii:-Enclosed find check for $5 for Directory. I cons1der it a good work, well gotten up and well worth the money. 'Yours truly, GEORGE MILI.8. P...r.ot Ia E ... ery Beeped. EPHIU.TA., Po.., Feb. 7. GENTLEIIEN:-Enclosed find check for copy of the 'l'obacco 'l'rade Directory. Jt is need lees for us to point out any of the numerous merits of the Directory, for it is. in our opin ion, perfect in every respect, and will cer tainly meet the requirements of the trade. Respectfully yours, H : B. KELLER & Co. Tutefal aad Complete. NEW YORK, Feb. 4. ) ED. WISCHMEYER & CO '1/713. Calvert street, J4d. WM. E. DIBRELL. Richmond, Va. tl PAUL,Q. VENABLE, Danville, Va. HOLT. SCHAEFER & Cp., Lynchburg, Va. L. C. SCHEFFEY & CO 184 Fourth avenue, Louisville, Ky. PRAGUE & MATSON, 94 W. Front street; Oincinnati, 0., NOAH DILLENBERG, 217 Olive St. Louis, Mo. SUES & UHLENDORF. 52 Dearborn street, Cbicago;UJ. LOUIS GRAFF, 6 Fenchurch Buildings, London, E C., England. SCHAAP & VAN VEEN, 'Amsterdam, Hollamt. OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. t'or Tobacco Tax Abolition Cilrowtn11 Sltm WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. The prospect -of ecuring any tariff or in temo.Frevenue this session hinges on the question of whether the Demo crate can settle their now apparently irrecon mlo.ble differences. The two factions still 9Sem to be' as far apart as ever. The most important event of the week is the letter of Mr. Randall to Speaker Carlisle answering in detail tlae. propositions of tlie latter looking to the adoptioa of a party measure aftecting both the tariff and the internal revenue. The letter shows bow widely apart both factions are and how little prospect there i1 of any re suits from an entirely Democratic source. Mr. Randall declines to go iato caucus. is sertiog that the tariff is an economic ques tion, not a political one; but be suggests that the matter be submittEd to a conference. After a careful reading of the letter it is safe to.-prediet that there can be no agreement be tween the Randall and Carlisle elemente by conference or in any other way. They cannot agree upon a free hst. They will not agree entirely upon the repeal of the intermo.l reve nue tax upon tobacco, which Mr. Randall characterizes as a "war tax," which, if not aboli shed, will affect the Democratic party in several States. I do not think it is hkely that the Uarlisle men will follow Mr. Ran dall's leadership, and that consequently there cam be no agreement. There is great indig nation at the failure of Speaker Carlisle to recognize some member on Monday last to move a suspene10n of the rules in order to pass the tobacco bill. I understand that Southern members espec ially are receivirg numerous letters denGuncing 'Mr. Carlisle for thus ignoring the matter, and appealing to th&m for a settlement of this ques tion before the end of the s ess ion. It looks to me as though the only way it can now be done will be the suspt>nsi o n of the rules during the ,last six days of the session, which is the only time now when motions to this effect can be made. B. P. G. Warehoulng and Collection Re-venue. or tile Mr. Hewitt, from the Committee on Ways and Means, submitted the following re port: The Committee on Ways and Means, to whom wae referred House bill 8730, beg leave to submit the follewiDg report: By the provisions of existing law, goods remaining in warehouse for more than one year are chargeable with 10 per cent. in addi tion to the duties wbiob may have been asBeiiSed thereon and the duties so &88ll8eed are conected upon the goods placed in store, with out any allowance for leakage, wastage or shrinkage. The additional duty of 10 per cent. was adopted as a war measure for raising reve tiue, the necessity for which has now happily passed away. The effect of assessing duties upon the merchandise euteretl for storage, in stead of collecting them upon the quantity actually, withdrawn from' warehouse, bas been to transfer the storage of many articles of merchandise from our own to foreign warehouses. In order to remedy this discrimination against the American warehouse system this bill proposes to assess and collect duties on goods deposited in American warehouses when tliey are withdrawn for rsale anll con eumption, 811 is done on the arrival of mer cbandise that has been warehoused else where. Your committee belie e the general dsmand made for the passage of the bill to be a just one, and that the modification of the law as proposed will the American trade and encnurage the ll!ltablisbment of depots at home instead of abroad, thus a wider field for the employment of Ameri can labor and capital. They therefore rec ommend the passage of H. R. 8730. The following is the 9ill: In addition, owes the Council Bluffs Savings Bank $3,.000, and $1,000 for taxes, clerk hire etc. Dr. Charles H. Pmney. a prominent' citizen of Council Bluff@, ia the as signee. "'"L. 1.-,.,.. "KEY NEW8: GENTLEIIEN:-Enclosed please find c'heck in payment for advertisements in your To bacco Trade Directory for 1887 and for copy 0f same. We think the tasteful style in which the book is gotten up and the com pletene1111 of the same deserves credit, ami will be appreciated by the trade. Be it enacted by tbs._Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that on and after the passage and approval of this act the Respectfully yours, J. H. MBRGENTl](E & Co. Some Iatereotbag About People Ia Cayo Ruuo, aad lfoaReel4eat. i !KEY WESTb Feb. 4, 188'7. Beoj: Esterbro dk, of Ester rook & Ea.tOD, Boston, MBSs. by his 10n Fred erick, passed tbrpugh this etty on Monday night on their way to Ha!ana. Mr. ,Eater brook will stop liere on return to make "arrangement forjo. new deal in Key West ci ,;ars. NMhan Green,, of Eli. Johoa, N. B.. C&lliB here from Havana OQ the Whitner. Be ex pects to open: a b?U!Ie ill Chi, in comwnj wttb li1e son Il"arry, who bas been there for some &fme. J. Levaberg; of SeidIDBP, La.oht[llau &.Co., of San town. rumored that Mr. L. bas paced a large order' for Bu matra and Seed nd Havana one ef leading J_Janufacturers. He goes to Ha vaoa on the M9-scotte on next and then to New Yorli:. M. A. Montejo arrivid Mascolte from Havana on Monday last. R. A Lord & Co. expect to get into their new factory at El PrQ&;rflBO, tbE/ eastern end of the island,, by the 15th mst. Moss, Baiz & po. (Seidenberg & Co.) are building a large factory near the cemetery. which, when completed, wtll be. the largest f ,lCtOJy on the tslpnd. R. B. Cowley, of New York, has secured thll eele aoo exclueive control of tb., pre4QM of J F. Fernandez & Co.'s factotly. F. & Co. m ake as One a line of clear Ha-ci gars as any manufacturer in Key WetR. The Thursday Club, composed of the leading men of the city, among whom are Messrs : G. W. Allen, Geo. Nichols, Jr., Jeff. Bro\vo J .T. M. Navarro and Geo. Reynolds have obtained permission to use one of the large Government buildings and give some very fine entertainments in the _way of dancing. A man from the North J8 sur prised to see so much style, as the club's affa1rs are full dress, and it IS very seldom that you wlll fiud even in New Yerk city such a gathermg of handsome and gallant men. The Navarro Bros. are the largest manu facturers of cigarettes in the State of Florida, and ate dGing a fine buaimess in this line. M. Barranco, ot 1rl. Barranco & Co., baa been here severat weeks an coverlnll for pme. After looking it tt.rough I beg to 11tate I consider it the best Directory for the trade I have ever seen I would not care to be without one. Yours truly, H. W. OSTRUM. All That C&D Be Deoired. r f r ;KEY W!:ST, Fla., Feb. DICA.R SIRR :-Your Directory received, and we say tha.t 'we find tt all that can be deeired. It covers all branches of the trade and recommends itself to every one in the tobacco in dust y. Cigar jobbers wtll find it especially useful, as in it ihey find the names and addresses of all their good customers throu&hout the country. The Directory abould be on every tobacco and cir:ar mer chant's desk. Yours respectfully, CRUZ HROS. If o Antedila ... i&Do. YoRK Feb. 9. PUBLISHERS TOBACQO LEAIJ'Your new "Trade Directory" is a valuable band-book. I am glad to see that you have discarded from the liat of names and firms the antedi Iuvtane of the trade and given only tbe1r r;rs.ndchildren \vho are still m business. We need not looger mail circulars to those who for a quarter of a century have been where no 1upphea are needed-poss1bly excepting water. Those who wish a Directory of the other world will apply to the d epertment at Wash. ington. The rest of us can get along w1th your book. Respectfully, JOHN A STERRY, of Weaver & Sterry, Limited. Elaborate aad Complete. NEw YoRK, Feb. 2. EDITOR TOBACCO Llt:AFThe TOBACCO LEAF des erves the admiration of all the trade for the new and elaborate edition of its Directory for 1887, the book being most efficiently and completely ar ranged. Respectfully, '' Sill ON DRESDNER. WIIERE TO GET THEl'll. Those wishing copies of Directory can obtain them from the following parties, w bo have kindly consented to represent Uii :-E. B. GOULSTON, 61 Hanover street, Boston, Maes. A. R. FOUGERAY, 63 Ill'. Front street, Philadelphia, Po. following amendmente to and provisions for existing laws shall tak;e effect as follows : Sec. 2 That sections 2 ,970 and 2,983 of the Revised Statutes of the United States are hereby amended so that the same shall be, reflpectively, as follows: "Bee. 2 ,970. Any merchandise deposited in bond in any public or private bonded ware house may be withdrawn for consumptiom within three years from the date of original importation on payment of the duties and charges to which it may be subject by law aythe time ttf Bucb withdrawal. Prov.ided, tliat doebiog herein shall affect (,lr impair ex isting proisiqnJI of in regard tG the dis posal of' peneh4ble or explosive articles." "Sec. 2 ,983. In no case shall there be any abatement of the or a1lowanoo made for any injury, damage or-deterioration sus tained by any merchandise while deposited in any public or private bondea warehouse. Provided, that the duty assessed on mer cbandise withdrawn from any such ware bouse shall be assessed on the quantity with drawn therefrom at the time of such with drawal. And provided further, that nothing in this eectfon as amended shall restrict or in any way affect the liability ef the proprietors of bonded warehouses on their bonds. And provided further, that herein shall restrain or limit the exercise of the author ity conferred v n the Secretary of the Treas ury by section 2 984 of the Revised Statutes." Sec. 3 That all imported goods, wares and may be in the public stores. or bonded wareho u ses, or on ship board within the limits of any port of entry, or remaining in the offices, on the day and year when this act. or any provis ion thereof, shall go into effect, except as otherwise provided in this act, shall be sub jected. to no other duty. upon the entry thereof for consumption, than if the same were imported respectively after that day; and all goods, wares and merchandise re maioiog in bonde d warehouses on the day and year this act, or any prov1sioo thereof, shall take effect, and upon which the duties shall have been paid, shall be entitled to a refund of the difference between the amount of duties paid and the amount of duties said goods, wares and merchanclise would be sub ject to if the same were imported respect ively after that date. -----lateraal ReYeaae ()olleeueae. The collections of internal revenue for the past month showed an increase of $68,185.67 over those of the corresponding month of last yea.r. The increase was mainly on to bacco and spirits. The following are the col Iections:-Cigars, $19, 029.23; snuff, $356.80; tobacco, 1197,467.40.-St. Louis (Mo.) Globe Democrat, Feb. 2. FEB. 12. TRADE-MARKS REGISTERED. To establish f.n coqrt Ia case of lnfrlngement or fraud:alent cla.lm, owner8hip in a trade mark or label, it is sar;r tO prove priodty of uae, or flr8t after abandODmenti by the original owner; and to make such proof a1 tlmM available, tbe Toal.ooO r..u. PuBLisHING IDaugurated Ia lhelr omce a perfoct oyo&em 1or sloe....,_ tion and e&t&lOKUfBg of tra.tie-marb and labels of every deIQiptlon pert&laln to \he tobacco, clpr and elprette IJo. teretrt.e of tb1s country, and a1i WtDer ratea th&ri are &117 ,-here else ebteJnable. THE TOIIACCO Lit:AF PUBLISHING CO. will reJ mternal revenue taxes on tobacco. Many Republican members, we have reason to believe, are anxious to such a motion. We believe the country is reaay for the repeal of these taxes and that a large majority of the House wtll so vote, whenever an opportunity so offers. ]'or a Republican to make the motion would give the Republican /arty all the credit accruing therefrom, an would alm011t certainly cause the loss to the Democracy of not less than two Southern States the general elections in the year 1888 Thts is an isolated propi)I!Ition and we be lieve will command more Yotes than any other measure pending before the House looking toward a. reduction of taxation. and favorable action on proposttion will not interfere with other eft:orw which are being made w reduce the burdens of the people. Very respectfully, GEORGE D. WISE, Jon L. HIINPDSON, SAJrom. J R&Jm...u.. O.lRLISLK'B REPLY. SJ>&AUB'S Roolf, HOUR OB' REPBESit:JiTA.TIVES, W ASHINGTOlll. D. C., FeD. 7, 1887. Hon. George D. Wise, Hon. John B. Henderson, Hon. Samuel J. Randall-GENTLEIIElii:-Your favor of the lith inst., requesting me to recogniz11 "some Democrat w bo will move to suspend the rules for the purpose of giving the House an opportunity of considering the question of the total repeal of tbe internal re'fenue tax on tobacco," was duly received and baa been carefully J)On sidered. a week ago, in compliance with the request made by you and other gentlemen, I con suited fully with the Democratic members ef the Committee on Ways and Means for the purpose of endeavoring to formulate some measure for the reduction of taxation which would meet the appro,al of our political friends and enable us to accomplish some thing practical in tha.t,direcl.ion darinrc the present session of Congress. The bill which you then submitted for their consideration proposed legislation upon both branches of our revenue laws, and on the Sd inst. it was returned to you with such modifications and changes as were necessary in order to make it acce;;table to the gentlemen to whom it had been submttted. In order, however, that our efforte to secure a red notion of taxation might fail on ac count of our inability tQ agree upon a meas ure in advance. we at the same time sub mitted certain i<ernative propositions, some one or more of which we hoped might be ac: ceptable to you. Among other tbinjl;s we proposed to lilubmit the entire eubject to a caucus of our political friends, with the un derstanding that all parties would abide by the resuiLs of its action, and in case that course was bot satisfactory to you we infarmed you that would at any time, upon a reasonable notice, suppon a motion to go into the eommittee ef the Whole on the State oi the Union for the purpose of considering House bill No. 9,702, by Mr. Ran dall at last session. That bill relates to intemal rev,aueas weJl as tart taxes, and proPQBilll lio ,-epeal tbe entire in tarnal re:renue tax .on manufadt;ut1!4 tGtlacco, muff and ci gars. We have received no response to that communication, and I consider that it would not be proper, under the circumstances, for me to agre e to a course of action which 'would present for the consideration of the House a simple proposition for the repeal of the internal revenue tax on tobacco, snuff and oigars, to the exclusion of. all other meas ures for the reduction of taxation. Sincerely hoping that some plan may yet be devised which will enable the House to consider the whole subject of revenue reduc tion, I am very truly yours, J.G.CARLIBLm. On Tuesday a letter was sent to Speaker Carlisle signed by Representatives Randall, Warner, Henley, McAdoo, Henderson, Wise of Virginia, and Gay, in responee to hie com munication returning the substitute bill pre sented fof the consideration of himself and those holding simtlar views respecting tariff revision. The letter says in part:-As to the items in the proposed bill on which it is claimed tbBt an increase in the tt.riff would result, we have to say that the apparent increase arises in most instances from a change from ad valorem to specific dutios. The principal object in making du ties specific, where they are now ad valorem, is to prevent the aeception and dishonesty pract ised by undervaluation, and the increase is believed to be apparent only. However, we think there will lie no difficulty in agree ing either to strike out ef the bill such arti cles, or to reduce the proposed rates. Certain of the things which you ask to be pla.ced on the free list, as proposed in the Morrison bill, raise at once those vital I questions which have heretofore harmonious action on the tariff question. As many of us believe that such a step, if car ried to its logical conclusion, would be destructive of very many of our most import l ant agr1cultural as well as mechaniee.l indus tries, and as we are in this matter represent ing not only our own convictions but the interests of the people wA represent, we could not, of course, make thia conceesion, and did not expect to be asked to make it. :wv'OLP.. Jr.. Importer of HA. V ANA. and SVIIA.TBA., and Packer of SEED LEA.F Tobacco, 192 FRONT ST .. near Fulton. NEW YORf


FEB. 1 2. In striking from the proposed compromise r .. easure the tobacco tax, the tax on fruit bre.ndies, alcoholl!lsed in the arts, weiss beer, !-7 pkgs (280 lbs) mfd U. S 6/ Oolombia-2 pkgs (200 lbs) mfd. v-uela-4 cs, 118 balea, 20 pkgs (5,000 lbs) mfd. II:XPORTS I'IWB THE PORT OJ' liiii:W Y@RK TO J'GR lCIGN PORTS I'ROlll JANO.A.ItY 1, 1887, TO J'J:B. 11, 1887 Blld Oases flalee Lbs mfd A.froca. .......... 72 29,023 Amsterdam ..... .. A.ntwerp ........ A.ustria ... .... I 35 447 A.uotraha. .. .... .. 12 Bremea .. .. .. 956 Britlalt. N. A, Col. OILD&da ......... Oentral Amer1ca .. Cbtna alid Japan. Cepenhagen ...... East Indiea .. .. .. ... Fraace... .. .. 729 G!braltar.. .. .. .. 222 Glllii&OW........ 12 Balllburg.. 21 Italy............ 901 .i TerpODI 190 Londoa .......... 13 Other Bntiah Porta Malta .......... .. Me:rco ........ .. New Zealud, etc Portugal ....... Rotterdam ..... ... 42 49 :iandwieh Islands :!paiD........... 747 8ou&h America... 1411 Swellt;n & NQrway 2 W eot lnlliM ..... 182 Varioua pol18.. .. .. .. 27 89S 621 12 1,118 101 810 82 7 7 141 2,827 618 36 3,128 69 3 20 67 1,848 271 21,122 151,009 18,229 8,900 16,376 7 ,629 10,885 3,61l6 80,264 4,460 34,843 39,093 18,845 9911 10G,804 1,468 6,610 lOS 88.218 95,9!1 warehouses, ana the town is full of we may nry heavy brakes for W ea&her is very mild and tosacces in ling order. Old tobacco m better dem l QUOTATIONS. Fillers-Common .................... Medium .................... Good ..................... Smokers-Common bright ......... Medtum.... ....... .. .. .. .. Good ..................... .. Fme ....................... Cutters-Common . ............ Medium ................... .. Good..... .. .. F1ne ....................... W rapwrs-Common ... ............. Meamm ................ .. Goo d ........................ F1ne t Fan c y ...................... .. BALTIMORE, Feb. 10.-Messrr meyer & Co tobacco comm.as1 n m port to the TOBACco LEAF.-The sea stock of Maryland continues, and buy. tbe market. Very few sales of mferi made, and pnces are n o mmally slea very dull, sales of only 14 hhds ha-v ported for home consumption Inspected thos week-118 hbds Mar gmoa, 66 Maryland Cleared same t1me-Str Chllian f< 185 bhds blaryland ani! Obw, 89 hhd London, 13 hhds Ohw and 16 Vng1nia TOBACCO STATEXBICT. Jan. 1, 1887-Stock oa hand111 tobacc and on shipboard not cleared ..... lnapected th.a week ............ .. Inspected prevwusly .............. &:rports of Maryland and Ohio 81Dce Jan. 1, 1@87 .. 1,903 hhtl! Shipped coastwl88 e.od re 1J18pected.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 403 hhd Our national party platform.recognizing this controlling principle, declares that the necessary reduction in taxation can 811d must be ef!ected without depriving Ameriaa-G Reismamt 45 cs H Sp1tzner & Son 50, F Schulz 5a, or der 189 pkgs. B11 Ule hnnqlronio. Railroad-Cull man & Ros enilaum cs leaf, E Roseawald & Bro 65, C H Sp1tzner & Son 400, Ba s ch & F1sch o r 50, M N en berger 1, L G Sherman 21, Joseph Mayer's Sons 44. Arendt & Frmgant 12; L Sylvester, l:!on & Co 40, A B l umlem & Co 2. G () Koenbll'Ch 20. G Reismann 8. Jos Lesser 8 S Rossin & Son 16, J S ME>hns 2. Kmney Tobacso Co 21 hhds; Thompson, MQo1e & Co 40 pkgs mfd. JliB H Gardmer 3; Leo pold Miller & Son 2 do, 1 cs cigars, Eq11itable C1-e:ar Co 1; F1tzpatnck .&; Case 1, H A l:!totthoff J Elhuger & Co 1 Stemer & Co 1; J Lesser & Co 1; Wm Bazelgrove 4. Au s tin. N1cbols & Co 1 bbl snuff, D Buchner & Co 1 do, 1 bx llo, G W Helme Co 2 mfd, 13 bx s do, 63 bbls snuff. 13 do, 1,061 bxs do 43 pkgs QO; O l der o7 bhds, 40 pkgs mfd, 8 ca cigars, 15 bbls snulf, 1 do, 165 cs do U1lllU1llllllA'l'.l. 0., Feb. 9 .-Messrs Prague & Mat.on, Leaf 'l'obacco Brokers andRe dryers of Outtm;, Leaf and Plug T obacco, rep ort as follews t o the TOBACCO LEA.ll' .-The impending fiood in the Obio 1 1ver since our last report interfe1e!l to some exteot with the sales at auction the several warehouses bemg kent q mte bl.lsy m remoVIng Best o ; 1 Eanh. Smobn[Tobacco A. LUlie Sehee &o Secure &be Puaace oJ 1he Bill Repeallatr &he Tobaeeo Beveaue Tax. The Wash10gton correspondent of the New York: Journal of Commerce writes, under 4ate of February 9, as follows:-The hopes of the advocates of the repeal of the internal revenue tax upon tobacco have been revned to day by an intimation that the Senate Finance Committee, before whom there l8 now peodmg a bill pBBsed by the House last April to authorize the establish meot of export tobacco manufactories and for drawback upen imported articles need 10 manufactur10g expmt tobacco, will amend this bill so as to reflt!al the whole of the Inklrnal Revenue law taxwg the manufacture and sale of tobacco, aud restr10tmg tbe sale of tdomestlC leaf tobacco not manufactured. There iM lilaid to be no deubt that the bill thus amendRd would be pal!l!ed by the Senatl'l, and it is also hmted that action has been delayed upon the bill by the Finance Committee of the Senate in order to force the House to meet the question of repealmg the tobacco tax. It is doubtful, however, whether this bill, if so amended, would ever come before the House for a vote. Uader the rules, the Speaker would be required to lay the bill before the House for reference on the morning of the next day after its receipt from the Senate. The ilill as it pal!l!ed the House, was re ported from the Ways and Means Committee, and, as amended by the Senate, would naturally go to the same committee. That committee bas already reported adversely upon a bill to repeal the tobacco tax, and Mr. 11orrisen said to-night that eo long as he re mained in CongreBB no bill should be passetl to repeal any part of the internal revenue. tax faw. He added that he -knew that a great many schemes similar to that mentioned would be attempted, but he would see that none of them succeeded. This would seem to settle the fate of the measure. It is true that tbe House, by a majonty vote, might refer the bill to some other committee, which committee might recommend concur renee in the Senate amendment; but bill, wbea reported, would ,;o to the foot of the cal endar of the Committee of the Whole on the State of the U moo, and could only be reached b;r. a vote to pass over everr. other revenue b1ll, to say noth10g of the dilatory or filibuster10g motions whch Mr. Morrison might in terpose at all stages of the proceed10ge, and thus exhaust all the time which could be_ spared for the considerat1an of the bill. A. Doultie lltap Till<. W. B Kemper & Co. who recently suftered a loss from fire at 3H North Main street, had on haRd. at that t1me upward of 10,000 pounds of tobacco. The damage by fire and water waa considerable, but not sufficient to deter spectators from at the firm's offer to sell the lot for 150 But the revenue of ficials stepp"d 10 and said that, masmucb aa the packages were unstamped, the stamps _having been burned off, the tobacco could not be sold. Mr. Kemper was 10formed that he would reqmre to expend again the IBOneceseary for stamps or apply to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to have the stamps supplied by the department The only other alteroa.ti ve is to have the com modity destroyed 10 preE!Bnce of the Collector. -St. Louis Democrat. Wbleb. wa .. Euchre is the game; clubs are trumps; one hPnd holds Jack of clubft. 9 of clubB, ace of clubs, ace of hearts, and 10 of hearts; the other, Jack: of spades, k:mg of clubs, queen of clubs, 10 of clubs, and ace of diamonds; hand may lead. ---To'baceo IaaaraDee. In the Connecticut Legislature a measure has been tntroduced by Mr. of Wind eor, asking that articles of 10corporat10n be granted to the Hartford County Tobacco Growers' Insurance Company. The of the company is to msure tobacco while m r;rowtb agamst hail, rain and w10d storms Twenty names were sppended to the petition. Parm.era Cl.rarm..altera. T H. Robinson, of Danbury, has not re ceived a satisfactory offer for his tobacco, and, having taken out a license, will manu facture hie two years' crop into cigars. He also intends working up some of the weed fer his neir;hbors.-Newtown Bee. Not many yeara ago it w88 the custom of many of the lar,;er tobacco raisers in the Connecticut valley to engage more or lees in cigarm&k:in&". In late years the bueinesa bas been concentrating in larll:'e factories. This is where the middle man comes in and gets a big share of the profits.-Hartjord (Conn.) Times, Feb. 5. -A movement is on foot to establish an independent grocery trade paper. There are dozens of grocery journals which are known 88 house organs or price lists," but there is no legitimate organ to represent this enormous trade m the West. The editorship bas been tenderatl to Mr. Wilham B. Hall, now editor of the Chicago Grocer, and the projectors of the enterprise are capitalists of undoubted means, who have ,;one carefully over the field and are satisfied that there 1s only room but success for it. The first issue will appear early in Marcb,-Chicago Tribune, Feb. 6. -Following are the revenue collections in the Sixth dostr10t of Ohio for the month of January:-C1gars, 17,998.83; tobacco, 1142,814.98. Messrs. J. S. GANS' Soli' & Co. brokers 131 Water Street, report te the TOBAtOOO LEAJ' as :-A good feeling exsts and available old goods find ready sales. For week sales foot up 3,V08 cases, 10clud mgcs. 1881-82-83 Penn ......... 11 250 cs. 1885 do .. .. .10 15 180cs. 1&!11 do Hav. Seed .. 9 1,250 cs. 1884 State Havana ...... 12 @15 500 cs. 1885 do do... . 9 @14 150 cs. 1885 N. Eng. Hav, ....... 18%@25 200 cs. 1884 -85 Little Dutch ..... 9 @14 Divided as follows:-To manufacturers ......... .. '. 900 casBII To city trade. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 700 To out of town. .. .. .. .. .. .. '408 T vtal. .................... 3,008 Spanish-Havana fillers were taken to the extent of 450 at from 60c to 1}.05, Quotations. Havana Fillers-Very common 55 Good common 80 Good to med. 88 Med. to fine. 95 Fme .......... 11!5 Superior ...... 115 Yara-1 and II cuts aasorted ... 62 II cuts .................. 75 to 75 to 85 te 95 tolOO to 110 to 125 to to 811 Sumatra-200 bales comprise the week's transactions. Prices range from 11 20 to 11.110. Sumatra wrappers. ....... 138 to 168c Plug.-Tbe market continues quiet and orders have been small all the week. There is nothing of mterest to report. The exports were 125 998 pounds. Brighte: Quotatwns. Navy 411, 5s, 6s, 7ke, Ss .......... 20 .!11: lbs, lOs and Pocket P1ecea ..... 20 light-pressed ........... 30 Gold Bars.. .. .. .. .. ........... 80 6 and 12 -ioch twist ............... 25 Blac1rs: to80 to 30 to 60 to 50 to 40 lOs, 121!, J,ilils .......... -to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy 4s, 5s, Ss lbs.-to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy lOser Pocket-l'Iecea ........ 18 to 25 twist.. ................. 23 to SO Spanish Cedar for Ct(J,ar-Box68 -Quotatwos: From 7 to Hlc per square foot, inspec t10n meuure. The arrnala at tile port of New York frem fOI e gn ports for the week, mcluded U.e followmg con Signments -Roseawal61. & Bro 17 bales Sumatra. Bmake-G Falk & Bro 479 cs; order 884 tlo. Brem<>n-E Rosenwald & Bro 26 bales tobacco Oarthagena-H S Forwood 624 seroons tobacco, 69 bales do. Glalgow-R A BatJer & Bro 500 b:rs Jnpes. Hamb-urgJ F Roy 1 cs cigara; order 28 bales to bacco. London-H Reichert 1 b&le tobaeco a .. & Son 826 bales F GarCia, Bro & Co 26, J Shack 47; P & J Frank 63. Pretzfeld .! 0? 18; Arenut & Fringant 384, Landman .t; Bernhe1mer o; V Martinez Yoor & Co 138. Teller Broa 39; L J Snewball 3: Calix to Lupez_ & Co 116, Hmsd&le Smith & Ce 19; M Fuentes & Co 20. AlDUrall & Co 63, F Mmmda 4 Co 76 B Loptz & Co 40, M Stachelberg & Co 116, A Gon zalez 209, Jas E Ward & ()o 1,219, order 189; Schroeder 1; E B.wb d!: S o n 32. order 18. By tT.. NIJ'ID York and NO'T'VIai.k Steamboat LmllFreol Schulz 216 cs leaf. B1l ft.. Old Dominllm 8UamB1Up Li-E C Ed munds! hhd, Jao Mmr 108 do, FA Goe1ze & Bro 3. FE Owen 5, T A Noell 2, Oelrtehs & Co 106 T o el & W1pperhnr 20, R b1 Allen .t Co 1, J D K1elly, Jr, 5 do, 6 trcs, 45 cs wfd W II Smi th& & eo 28 ilo, 26 11! dG, 50 l>a do, 44 c smkg 2 do iimkg and cigare t tes, 8 ds cigare tes, 2 b'lts sam pies, P Lonllara & Co 84 hhds, 22 trcs, 1 bx sam ples, W Duke Son & C<> 2 hbds, 180 cs smkg, 72 do cigarettes:Thom!lson,Moore ,'1; Oo 6 c smkg, 116 do mfd, 100 bxs do Allen & G1nter 20 cs 83 cigaoettes. J W Young 60 cs smkg A188/rom Tampa, Fl.o. -Sauchez & cs Cigars. Eastern Markets. PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 10 -Hr. A. R. l!'ougeray, 'l'obacc<> lnspeclor reports to tl1e ToBACCO Lliu as follows -The past week's busi ness m the man1pulat10n of manufactured hard to bacco proved regular and steady, especially for the brands which have earned pubhc commendatirn. Such bre.odB as have been recently mtroduced by well known manufacturers at low fig ures, but large 10 size of plug and very fair in quality. are grad ually ad vanc10g 10 pr1ce, showmg a d1fterence to day of 4 cents per pound. All other are steady. Fme cuts show very little mcrease 10 demand, but steadmess Smokmg Tobacco-A certain amQunt of both and cut-and dry finds a ready market C1gars have a regular sale, especuuly if maaufac tuum by any one of the m&llv reliable manufactur ers. As a result, employees as M elliployers are kept busy lilnulf moves out of store freely Rece1pts for the week-2,768 qoxes, 2,132 cad die s, 3,61i1 cases and 1116 pails fine cut. &ed Leaf-You cannot expect tbat leaf smtable fpr cig&rs would seol freely m the month of Fehru ary. It 1s not customary, and yet wben the sales by the trade are added up, the amount 1s very encouragmg. Every go owth and class of leaf m the hand s of the dealer, and foote up nicely. Old govd.s begmmng to be needed if Inquiry has any significance. 1n fact, &he keavy puU on ci gar leaf generally for tl1e last six weeks is bef!in umg to be felt, aDttl the end of which is only cea jecture PriC88 ott I remain low and favor ruyere Sumatra has an open field without a competitor, sells well. Havana-Importers know manufacturers must haTe the weed grown m Cube in order to gire lone to the cigar, therefore tbe best uelection poosible is essential, e.od sales follow at fair profits. Rece1(its for tbe week-96 cases CoDnecticut, 403 cases Pennsylvania. 81 cases Ohio 82 cases L1ttle Dutch, 210 caaes Wisconsin, 73 cases State oeed 89 bales Sumatra 260 bales Havana and 142 hhds and Wester a leaf tobacco. While sales show 61 C8.l!e8 Conaecticnt 889 c8808 Penn11ylvanoa, o7 cases Ohio, 49 cases L1ttle Dutch 159 C8.l!e8 W1scor.sin 117 cases State Seed, 70 Sumatra 205 bales Havana, and 23 hhds Western leaf m transit lilfect to manufact11rers Exported of leaf tobacco-To Antwerp, per sir Zeeland, 31 786 lbs, tu L1varpool, per stn Bntish Prmce, 73,296 lbs total, lbs Western & Soutllern Marxets. ASHEVILLE, N. C., Feb. 9 -Hemderson Bros., Leaf Tobaccratively l1gllt and there was oy a companson wi t h the actual a reduc tion n stock of 789 !Jhds. If this c<>ntmues in t_he same rati c dunng the mon t h tbe stock on hand March lst woll be about what it was tbe same time la t year. bnt as tobacco '" now bemg shipped that bas been lymg here for some t1me, there are pros pacts of a further reduction SEED LEAF liARKET. Tile otlermgs of c1gar or Seed leaf were 148 cases, clasea as follows:-23 Ohio 1 case lnfliana, and 1 cue city Caes Offermgs.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2:i RejectiOBS ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 Actual sales......... .. .. .... .. 24 The offcnngs Saturday were very small, ctluoed by tbe waoehouses bemg busy tobacco out of &lle cellar and ol! the llt s t tloor tbus tbe salesroom, and not knowmg how high the river -liould be. they d1d not care to run any ri s k by utling up a large sale. The market rcmamed firm and a.-tive oa all gTBde8', sad had the been muo h larger everything would have sold equally as well as at !be previous sale, a s was shewn by tbe demaad dplayed for that which was oll'!'red. There will no doubt be a large sale next Saturday. M1am1 W arehouse-25 cases, pnces as follows.25 cases Ohio at from 12.00 to '.2 60, 1 case In dltWa at $9, 1 case "City" at ,4.10. CLARKSVILLE, Teon., Feb. 9 -Messrs. M. H Ulark & Bro., 'l'obacco Brokers, report to the ToBACCO LEAF :-Receopts are gradually get ling hrger. and sale for the week endmg to day wete 201 hhds. There were some slight tluctua twn>, but no material change on prices New to bacco IS effenng mor e freely now, and the lugs are showm,; more bod,Y. and general usefulness than the earher receipts rhe l oose tooac c o m arket 1 s very active. As h1gh as '6 bas been pa1d for fair to good stcmmmg crops and from 157 to 19 bas been fl&id for good t o fine crops to be aehvered m neat. small hands m good order. Lugs-Common ...................... 2 @ 3 Medmm .. .. .. .. ............ Good ......................... 3;'4 Leaf-Common .................... :Med1um........ .. ............. II @ 8 Good ....................... Fme ........................ 10 @12 DURHAM, N. C., Feb. 9.-Meurs. Webb & Kramer, Leaf Tobacc9 Dealers, report to the TouAtcco LE""" as follows.-The late wet and warm weather causeJ a season 11 hiCh e nabled farmers to hantlle tobacco to the very qest advantage, and the result for the week's mark e t ts very heavy breaks Receipts have been lhely th r oughout the week and offermga of medium grades have rather m: creased It IS surpr1sing to note the extreme scare 1ty at wrappers of every descnpt.lon. Cutters of deslfable quality are not so abundant as propor t10ned to receipts. Any grade of leaf with good color IS 111 good demand and read1ly taken at very full figures 'l'!Je cond1t1011 of the market 1s as firm as could be expected with very heavy breaks. EVANSVILLE Ind., Feb 11.-Mr C J. Morns, 'l'ob&cco Broker, reports to the ToBAtCCtl LEAF as follows-Market quiet Sales for the week 18i hbd Common te meJmm leaf 75c t o $4, common to medmm lugs, 75c to $1.75 1.0Ul8VILLE, Feb 9 -Mr. A J!'alcoaer, :!ecretarv of 'l'Gbacco Board of Trade, reports to the ToBAcco LEAl" as fellows-There have been uo new devel o pments in the ma1ket siuce my last report. Burley style constitute, as u s ual, twothuds of the offermgs, and aew, altholi g h dec1d edly 1nfer10r to the old. ha the preference w1tll buyers It looks as if tbe redrymg of Burley leaf for borne consumptiOn wo.s gradually becoming su perfiuous. Colorv smokers are in good demand at full pnces. Dark tobaccos contmue to make a poor showmg, b ot h as regards quality and quan my. Long styles s Uitable for Afr1can purpooes, however, hold their own and sell at pnces equal to last year's Good c l ean WI appmg leaf would sell well, but very httle of tliat type has, as yet, made Its appearauce on the breaks The weather con tmue s favora'ole for country handlers, but receipts are lighter than usual at tbos season. Low pnce are an uaportant in curtailing receipts. Re ceipts and sales yesterday and to day have been vey large. l:teceipts for the past week were 1,&00 hhds, aga1nst 2,950 bhds for same week last year. Sales for the week, month aoul year, and oor responding period for three former years, were ao; follows:-Week. 1887 ........ 2,282 1886 ........ 8,581 1885 ........ 8,880 1184 ....... 2,298 Month 1,964 3,581 2,290 Year 10,417 18,670 8,092 QUOTATIONI. Dark. Burley. Trash.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 000 1 50 1 110@ 2 211 Common lugs ......... 1 50@ 2 00 2 25 8 00 Medmm lugs ......... .2 25@ 2 75 3 25@ 4 25 Good lugs ............ 2 71i@ 3 25 4 110@ II 00 Common leaf ......... 8 25@ 4 00 5 50@ 6 60 Medl!'lll leaf.. .. .. .. 4 OJ)@ li 00 6 SO@ 7 60 Lon_g leaf .......... 5 00@ 6 50 ---Sel ections ............ 7 00@ 8 90 9 00@11 00 Messrs. E C. Franke & Co. say -Although we bad at dilferen t times this m onth "ood handling and packing seasons, receipts and olferings during the monih of January were not a. large as they should or could have been, causmg pnces to rule firm for dark as well ll.s for all l o w grades of Burley t"baccos, only dunog the latter part of the month prices f<>r low Bqrleys became ea81er, while good medmm to fair Bu!ley leaf gradually strengtheaed a little 1n Of 8,458 hhds sold here 2,821 hhds were of o)d crop 21669 hhds were dark an:! 5, ?84 hbds of crop. Sel8flted Leaf lrom GOLDEN BELT of North Ca.roltna. Try It I Sold on its own Ments for a Living Proftt Dr" Do not 01'1'61' jewelry .. furniture. gifts, or agi"MMI to pay your reD.t, take you 10to partnership, set a broken leg, or keep your gas meter from COilDtlag to much, or perform any other mtracle But do prom18e to give you the beat Smoking Tobacco on the market at as low a price RBlS conststent wtth quality. Z. I. LYON & CO Durham. N. C. LYNCHBURG, Feb 10 Me881'8 Rolt, 8cltaefer & Co Buyers e.od Nano1.lers of Leaf To ilacco. re]!lort to the TOBACCo LEAF "" follows:Receipts thiS w t ek a1e large and may not fall far sbort of 1,il00 000 lbs With such large otlerings the scarcoty of heavv bod1ed tobacco 1s a conspteu ous feature, and we fear the quality of tbe crop IS even below former modest expectations. The qual 1ty of th1s week's sales is certamly verT p oor Un der these Circumstance heavy bod o ed styles, Jug a as well as leaf, &re strong at full as higb as last eeaso n Good ana tine br1ghts are f11lly up to fofn:ler The bulk of the offer ings was nondescri[>t m character and irreeular in prices obtamed, th o ugh the demand ISactive eaough &t present to prevent any d ecline. We thmk priCes are hi g h en o u g h for tobaccos of th1s character, cons1dermg the,r. have n o tbmg to rec om mend them, and that the crop will furmsh such a large of them. PETERSBURG, Va., Feb. 16. -D. W Buyer of Leaf Tobacco reports to the To BACCO LBAM' as follows .-Our rece1pts this week were larger, but of the sam e mfenor and comm o n stock. No tobac cos smtaole fe r black wrappers or shlpl!ing. To give some i dea of tbe quality of tobacca C OHiing m suotable f@r sh1ppong and bla c k wrappers (and surh as is being taken for tbe above de11111nds IS so Indifferent that m an ordmary year il w o uld be passed by), I put say three hundred thou sand sold th1s week, an'd lhe p1 oporllon out of th1s for the above demand i s only ten t housand p,,ces are well sustaoned for all stock, especu;.lly for any thing posse.aing qua lity Inspectiens, 8 hbds; receipts, 66 hhdB, loose, 210,431lbs. Total mspectwns from Oct 1, 1886, t0 Feb 4 1887, 511 hhds Total loose since Oct. 1, lti86, to Feb 4, 1887, 2,557,(5$ lb!l. llanufactured tobacco bonded for at the branch ofllc e m Petersburg durmg the week ending Fnday, Feb 4, 81,736 lbs. tota l exported dunng mont!< of J anuory, 18'i,50!l lbs. total ex port for tbe year, 4, 251,970 lbs, collectLOl!S dur ing tbe week endmg Feb 4, '6 612.2a, tetal col lections for the year 1886, 1354 007.92 UALEIGH, N.C., Feb 7 -Reed & McQee Leaf Tooacco Brokero, report to tl1e T tJBAccoLEAF a ; follows.-Our market for the pa s t two weeko has been well supplied w1th all grades of bnght to hacco. 'l'he weed raised m our immedmte v;cinitv, tllough not so good as last year, 1s st!ll far beyond the average crop throughout the t!tate La,t day every w arehu us e in town was filled to its ut most capacity, and the day's Eales graded high Our tobaccos are all broght, and for w1appers, cut ters and smokero we can bold our own w1th any market m the tate. Pnces lfr all good grades of 1.t>bacco are stiff. Our market IS wellsupphed with ordors, and we are looking fonoa1d tea good years busmess We quote pnces as foll o ws -Filler.-Common, green ............. 2 Common t o medmm............ 5 to good ................ ti @ 8 Good t8 fine ..................... 8 @14 Smokera-Common .... .. .......... 2 @ 4 Common to medoum. ..... 4 @ 7 Medmm to good .............. 7 @10 Goodtofine .................... 10 @15 Cuttera-Common to medium ....... 12 @16 Medmto to good ................ 16 @25 Good to fine .. .. .............. 25 @80 Fancy........... .. .. ....... 39 Wrappe1s-Common io medmm ....... 18 Medium to good ................ 25 @40 G9od to fine ..................... 40. @50 Fne to fancy. .. .. .. .. .. 60 @8@ ST. LOUIS, Mo., Feb. 2 -C. & R. Dor mltzer & Co. report to the TOBACCO LEAF:-WarehOUBt Sta.tementfor month of January 1887 1886. Hhds. Hhds. Stock on hand Jan 1. ...... 5 672 6,406 Receipts during month . 634 199 Deliveries during month ..... 6,306 424 6 605 1 ,0 82 Stock on hand Feb. 1 ........ 5 882 5,523 4911 Ofteriogs dur10g the month... 105 QtJOTATIONS. Burley. Common lugs.. . 1 25 1 75 Good lugs .......... 2 00@ 2 25 Common leaf . 3 50@ 4 50 Med. to good leaf .. 5 00@ 6 00 Choice .......... None offered. Medium to good leaf .' ....... Fme bright smokers and cutters Old style. 1 50 1 75 2 00@ 2 25 3 50@ 4 00 450@600 6 50 8 50 8 50@12 50 Br1ght. Common lugs.............. .. 2 50 3 00 Good lugs...................... 3 60@ 4 50 Common leaf.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 00@ 6 00 Common wrappel'l!. . . 10 00@12 00 Good to bright wrappers. 20 00@45 00 No new Missouri tobacco has been oftered for sale yet, and values therefore are not es tablished; above quotations are for old crop. The demand from manufacturers bas been gradually.improving s10ce the first of the month; still there is no material change in prices to report as yet. The principal demand has been for common to medium Bur ley leaf, raog10g 10 flriCe from IS 50 to $5 50, and for corresponding grades of wrappers. Transactions have been light so far, but a healthier tcoe seems to prevail on the mar-ket. BAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 4 -The Grocer and CtJuntry Merchant says:-Busioess has shown a decided improvement ovsr the few weeks prev10us. The ram that has fallen, although light, has iDSJ?Ired encouragement and some activity to interior trade. Few retail merchants are making heavy invest-menta, and all seem inclined to carr,r them selves along from week to week: w1th only the c188s goods their oustemers favor. They are disposed to take no risli:s 88 to quantity or quality of their eeleotions, al though there are some very low priced nayiee ?ffered whwh would afford them good profl.ta f customers were not over-fastidious. W_AURENTON, N.C., Feb 8 -Hr. H T. Jenkons Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to the To BACCo LEAF as followa.-We have heavy brew a nu price; somewhat lower. Below you haYo quotatwBs:Fillers-Common dark ............... 1 Common medmm ................ 8 Good colory .................. 4 Fme ........................... 6 Smokers-Commoll. .. .. .. . 11 Medmm c .. lor:y ................. 8 Cutters-Common .................... 10 Medmm.. ............... ..... 12 .... .. .. .. ..... 17 me ........................ 113 Wrappers-Common.. .. .. .. .. .. ... 10 Medmm ........................ 12 Gooil ....................... 18 Fme .... .... .................. 20 Fomcv ......................... 80 Foreign Markets. @4 @li @8 @3 @II @7 @12 @12 @1li @2& @88 @18 @16 @20 @80 (580 LONDON, Jan. 26.--Messrs,. Grant, Cham bers & Co. report to the TeBA LE.U' as follows:-Tbere has been no actual revival of demand 10 th1s market, hut rather more in q mr_y bas been experienced for good sLr1ps of old 1mporte In substitutes a fair bus10es bas beeu done; the better classes are in re quest We3 t ero Strips-Some retail businees bas been done. In Vugmia httle mquiry bas beeu experienced. Maryland is quite neglected; a full supply of common is offermg. Oh1o, whP.n colory, sells read1ly. Cavendish IS very slow of sale. Closing of Foreign lUaUs at the Poa5 Office, New York City. Foregn mails for the week ending Feb 19 wlll close (promptly in all cases) at thUI office as follows:-MONDAY-At 1 p. m for Vera Cruz and P1ogoeso TUESDAY-At 1 a. ro. for the West lnd1ea at 8 a m for Ioelaud (letters for Great Britam aud other Eui'Opean countries must be directed "per Nevada"); at 10 a. m. for Central America and South Pacific Ports (letters for Guatemala. Costa Rica and Mexico must be directed "per Newport.") WEDNESDAY-At 1 a m forProgreao at. 9 a. m for J11ma1Ca, Nicaragua, Sa vanilla, etc at 10 a. m for Europe; at 3 p. m. for Costa RICa. THUlitSDAY -At 11 a.m. for Europe; at 11 a. m. for Venezuela aad Curacoa; at 1 p.m. for Vera Cruz, at 1 p. m for Nassau N P .. and Santiago, Cuba. SATURDAY-At1130a.m forFraoce,Switz erland, Italy, Spa1o and Portugal (letters for Great Britain and other European countries must be directed "per Champagne"); at 11 30 a. m. for Europe (letters for France, Switzerland, haly, Spain and Portugal must be directed "per Scythia") at 12 m. for Norwn\ d" ect (letters niust be directed per Hdda ") ; 12 30 p. m. for Scotland d 1rect (letters must be directed "per Corcassoa "); at 12.30 p. m for the Netherlands du cct ,letters must be directed "per Sch1edam "), at 12 .30 p. m. for Bel giUm direct (letters must be directed "per Waesland "). Mail s for Chma antl J apan close here Feb uary 17 at 7 p m. Mails for the Sooiety Islands close here February 21 at 7 p. m. Ma1ls for Australia, New Zealand, Sand wich, F1j1 and Samoan Islands close here March 5 at 7 p m. Mails for Cuba close at tb1s office daily at 2.80 a. m HENRY G. PEARSON,-Postm88ter. Post Office, New York, N .Y., Feb. !1, 1887. --Parmla& Ia Southera ,,1aod,. The Calvert (Md ) Journal says:-It bas be come a recognized tact that a different system of farmmg than that which has for a number of years been pursued in Calvert Is Imperative, now that tobacco haB so materially declined in value. It Is urged that it Is now neceeaary for the suc cess of farmers in this section of the State to make their farms self-sustaining and the source of every need in a farmer's family, except such necessaries as cannot be produced on the farm. The mdustnes of cattle, sheep and pork-raising to supply the needs of a farmer's family, ana the Improvement and raising of horses for teams, whlch m most cases have been neglected in the e ffort to rBJSe a large crop of tobaccO must 10 for self-protectioX: against the high prices ol monopolists and speculatore. When the farmer rBJSes for hls own use the food supplies of which his farm Is capable, and raises 11. better grade of tobacco quality and not quantity being the aim, he will be enabled to have the proceeds clear, except the &etual cost of the labor. 16, 3d District. t342-134S Avenue A. cor. 75th St., New Yo:rkr'


leave to luv-ltL .at lie b,.. ecured the selling the fine West H&vana cigar& made oy J. -". Ferwmdez & Co .. key West. Correspondence re apectfully solicited. RICUA.llD B. uowt.KY, 121 Maiden lane. New York. 1147-e. o. w. P. 0. Box 208:. W AN1'ED-Two aleall!en, on commission, by an i!llta\lr.hed New York c1gar manufacturing firm. Those who c&ntrol trade preferred A liberal com miseion will be paid. Addreu H. X., this office. WANTED-A J'Oit on in a leaf buuse as salesman, wiih a eia:ar manufacturer. Can make him,oelf U8eful. Fifteen yearo' ex perience. e;ivea. .&.tldreaa Lock Box. :&37, Lancaeter, Pa. 1141-tf FOR SALE-About 8,000 I lie Fine Havana Ta ble Scraps -an 1 about 4,600 lbs Fine Havaua Cut \inrs at low tlguree. P. P<:>HALSJ0, Worcester, Mas. 1147 W as leaf tobacco agent; ex perience, fifteen years: two years' travelling Ad dress W. E. B., 96 Liaden street, Cleveland 0 1147 fOH SA.LE-A Smoking 1'obacco, 8nutf and CigareUe Factory in BalLinwre, well appoin t ed and nicely located, together wilb all hraads, regis tered trade-marks, goodw11l. etc. Has done for Dl&ny vears an extenive and profitable business all over the country. The owner, wisbing to retire, will make terms eMy and &cceptable. A good dlance for an energe1ic and pu biog bufllce. 1147--50 WANTED-A cowpetet.t t:lalesman by large cit:r factory for the E&Btern 11.nd Middle States. Address "Industry," T<>oacco Leaf, 106 Maiden lane New York. 1147 PLUG FOR SALE. For ale at 11. sacrifice, a complete set of Plug llachllle1'y, gu .. nmteed in first class cond i tion, equal to new. Address !'lug :Machinery," Tobacco Leaf office. 1145--48 DISSOLUTION NOl' ICE. Notice Is hereby given that the c<"partnersbip here(ofrore exioting under the tlrm nawe of M. E. Flaherty d: Co. hilS been dissolYed b_r D--47 NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. The firm of u, .. nRrd Friednum & Co., here to fore existing, is this day di68ol ved, Levi H. Kaufman retuiDg from said firm. Leona1d Friedman. Lewis Cantor and Max Adler as'-sume all Lhe liabilities of said firm LE >liARD FRIEDMAN, L&VI H. KAUFlii&N, LEWIS 0AIITOR1 MAX ADLER. Dated New York, ]j'eb. 2, 1887. The centinue said business un der the style of Leonard Friedman & Co. LEONARD FRIII:DIII-"N, LEWIS CANTOR, MAX ADLER. Dated Feb. 2, 1887. 1147 DISSOLUTION m' PARTNERSHIP. The copartaersbip heretofore exiatiog between Sigmund Jacoby, Gnst>ns Cicilo Henriques bas built a large addition to his factory, giving bim double capacity. M Ba1-ranco purchased the old postottice lot oa Fron. t street, paying t3,975. As tbis valuable I t adjoins his factory he .,.ill now have one of the and most pl, on -our main -business street. WalterLigbtburn'will move from his pres ent quarters to the building on S1monton nextdoor to Ferguson & Johnson. Soria commenced work Monday in h1s new factory; 'No. 23, witb 50 cigarmakers.-Key West Equato1, Feb. 3. Tobacco DJovemeot. The movements in the tobacco trade for the last t-wo or three weeks are premonitory of a healthy revival of business in that line, and are encouraging for the future. Sales of the raw product in the principal loaf markets show some improvement iu prices, whtle the shipmPnts of manufactured Loba::co have been heavier than for some time past, thus indicating a stronger feeling t>nd better de mand among the jobbers and retail dealers. The quantity of the leaf marketed during the four months of the current Hecal year has been unusually small. Tbis is due in great measure to the hort crop of 1886. The planters, by raducinl!: the tobacco acreage, as they do. will make another crop in 1887 below the average in quantity, but with reasonable prospects of its being above the average in quality. Two emall crops. follow ing one after the othclr, wfll have the effect to relieve the overstocked markets of the world and improve prices of uotb leaf and manufactured. 'l'he snapense in which the trade bas been kept with reference to legislation upon the tax question has heretofore had a depressing infiueace on the tobacco markets, but now that Cungress bas decided that it will once more refuse to do its plllin duty and repeal the tobai'Co tax, the people will uodersLand they will be obliged to endure this bur den yet awb'ile longer,and the j(}bbers and retailers will make their calculations accordine;ly, aDd go ahP!l !l rP in the taritf.-Richmond lVhig, .. Aaalal 'Welera Valea. rTiil, N. c., Feb. 7. A suit WIIB decided d (N.C.) on l1111t Saturday, by the Su :mrt, glvi.Dg judgment for damages .be Western Union Telegraph Com to deliver a dispatch sent by & Wadaworth to Tannahill & York, to cover 600 bales of cotton The judgment wtiB for Sl;,OO. The was: "Wt1B there damage by neglidefendant's operator at Concord or c, and if so what amount of damage, pruin'tit:rs engaged in a. wager contract the delivery of cotton futures which under the statute?" The defendant, rn Union Telegraph Coi!Ipany, pleaded the company had stipulated that it be responsible in sending messages )eated, for which additional charge ; second, that plaintiffs' dealings in were wagering contro.cts a .nd void us blic policy; third, that the teltgrams pber, the company could not in any cld liable to more than nominal dam_;:t held, Judge Gilmer presiding, that' .,ontra p t by which defendant sought to pro ..ect itself from liability was void in so far as it attempted. to protect defendllnt from errors arising fr_om the negligence of operators. The court charged that if the jury believoJd that the contract was a wagering contract to deliver cot tou intended by contracting parties to be settled payment of ditterences instead or by the ac tual delivery or cotton, then the contro.ct would be against public policy, and that the plaintiffi! could not r < cover; also, that it was not necessary t.o make the. defendants liable for a.ctual damages that they should know the contents of the message if their operators ur agents wer e informed ahd believed that the message related 1 to .commercial business and was important. The trial occupied five days of the court, and every inch of legal ground was covered by both sides. The verdict or the jury w:IB for the full amount claimed to have been lost by the ple.intifJs, with legal intere;;t. The case bas been the Supreme Court of the State. CVB.lN TOH.lCCO .&ND C IGAR NBWS, Price CurreDt, Feb 5.) Leaf-The boomin,; spirit continues in ol!r mllrket and all suitable goods I(O off prompt ly at advancinp; rates. have been pretty hMvy during this week. com prising mostly SemiAbajos at prices in11: from -$40 to gold per qtl. The crop prospects hav" not improved. Torn and .worm-eaten leaf has been cut of late to a vMy large extent, and the most recent reports complain abo"'t the immense havoc done to tbe plants by the cogolle1o worm. On the other hand, a bail storm ap pears to have done some damage Lo the to bucco grown in the Lomas. The prospects for the yield are therefore very diAcouraging, botiJ. in tbe Vuelta Abajo and Partido regio ns. 'l'ke repons about the new crop are more favorable for the present. Cigars-Toe demand continues pretty ac tive, particularly fot Regalia sizes. We are iuformed that. Mr Louis Marx has made heavy purchases of leaf tobacco in the Vuelta AbRjo for account of Messrs. l:l. My era and G. H Gato. owners or the ciga fac toy El Modelo at Jacksonville. "!'e vegas bought by .Mr. Marx there a1e of the moat renowned at Pinar del Rio. According to our Abajo excb.A .nges the appearance of t .he growing crop at Sauto Domingo, Palci os, Vinales and several other places in the Vuelt.a Abajo is quite cheef'ing. and growers are convinced tloat the leaf, if uet abundant, will be of superior quality in said localities. ------Ben Buller' SDl.o)(e. A Washington dispatch st1ys :-The dignity which surrounds the United States Supre m e Court is s o m ething appalling. No one is p ermit ted to wear an overcoat within the bo.r of the Court. Note books are also prohibited, and the attorney or soectator who attempts to mak e an abstract of the pro ceedings is qui ckly notified to desist. Benjamin F Butler, of Massachu setts, wiiB guilty of an infrac ti o n of the rules lately, whi c h those who sat near enough to over hear the colloquy that ensued enjoyed imme n sely. Don -M. Dickinso n, of Michigan, was General Butler entered. The General immediately dropped into the vacant chair. Then drawing a cigar from his pocket, he proceeded to enjoy what is known a.s a "dry slliloke 'His" actio n threw the vigilant c ourt otticials into a state of terror, from which they have not yet recovered. Marshal Nlcbolay immodiately rushed forward and, seizing General Butler by the arm, exclaim ed:"Remove your cigar at o nce, sir! The General's eyes twinkled malici o usly as he placed his hand to his ear and said, "Speak louder. "You cannot smoke here. It's against the rulP-S," repeated Mr. Nicbolay. emphatically. "I'm not smoking," growle d General Butler, still holding. the cigar in his tee th. "I know you're not smoking, was the Marshal's reply;" but y o u must not keep that cigar in your mouth." Gen eral Butler replied that he bad a bad c old and that it always r e li e v e d him to take a dry smoke, but the Marshal insiste d s o vigorously that either the General or the cigar must g o that he finally submitted t o the inevitabl e and threw the cigar from him with such f o r ce that it bit La\Tyer Storrow on the l e g and broke into half a dozen pieces. --Co-OperatlYe Cl&&l" Paetorlea. Samuel Gompers, Vice President of the In ternational Cigarmakers' Union, said yesterday that the Internatieual Union had a pro ject afoot fpr a co-operative factory in this city, but had not enough m oney on hand yet to begin. It requires t500 to every cigar maker employed. 'fbey have a good many times $500 in their fund, but they need mor!l 'l'be Slllidarity co-operative cigar factory has been by District Assell'lbly 49. lt is doing a ll,Ood business. Some district as semblies have voted against the recommen dation of the General Executive Board that of Labor who are also members of the International Cigarmakers' Union be ex pelled from the Knights. Tile Lorlllard Contraet. I u speaking of tbis contract the San Fran Grocer and Canner S!iys :-The contract system bas be01ome unpopular and must take a back seat. '!'he are that some new scheme will be arranged w herelty the manu facturers of plug toLacco will try to control the sale and price ef their goods. The jobbers do not live up to the contracta, and w bat is more do not intend to. The Lorillard con tract for 1887 is no contract at all; a coach .and fpur can be driven til-rough it from end to e'"d by the slowest jo.bber in the land. A Paetory to Employ 300 Peraou Oblinger Brothers & Co., dealers in leaf tobacco, of Philadelphia, who have one cigar factory in this city and two in the county, have rented a portion of Keller's new' hotel near the Pennsylvania Railroad sta ti n. 'l'bey will concentrate their factories at this place and will employ between 250 and 300 persons. They take possession about April'l. Harry Keller bas rented a large room in the same buildin g to be used as a stock exchange with direct wires to New York. Lancaster (Pa.) InteUigencer, Feb. 9. &, ],V.I:a.:D. ' SPIES&. e:f" Fi:n.e Ne"':>''' Factory Eh11l.d.:l:n.s 'the X..a.rse: 1:11 'the """""orl.d.. 101,, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOJC,D AVE. and 310, 312, 314. 316 EAST FIFTY-FOURTH ST., NEW YORK. CROP AND MARKET NEWS. MASSACHUSETTS AND CONNECTICUT. The wmperature_rose during the week:. af fording plauters tbe opportunity long awaited to handle crop&. Roads f\l' e heavy and the weather so uncer tain as to iuterfero materially with buying. to find with tbe tobacco boyers this M6BtlD a large packer in New Milfo1d makes proposition: We will receive the tobacco at warehouse, assort and pack it. procure ln!!urance and storage, sample and sell i t New Milford Gazette. Feb. 4:-Turney fini8hed eortiug and packing tobacco last Saturday. D. E. P N Hall'o and C F. Scbov erling'8 ar9 the only sh .... ps now r.unning. Mr. Schoverling has been sorting and packing some crops .for 'farmers, and expects to du qUJte a busmess sorting and packing for on no exoP.nse to the owner until the c rop ILLINOIS. IS sold. Every crop to be subject to the Warr_,n Sentinel, Feb. 3:-Tbe long-looked order of the owner sho_uld he choose a t any for buyAr seems to be as f:ar in tbe future as t1me to remove or sell H. vVe will also after ever. Nothing is being <}one either in the tbe crop is assorted make each man a rea11on old or new crop. h.s r;enPrally able cash offer for his should he wisb c nmmencPrl; a few h"ve done. Jim Schoto sell. We trus_t this is _an opportunity field and C11p Campbell. of N01a, are assort wtuch farmers Will appreciate, for it puts PENNSYLVANIA. .Ill/(' fo1 Any one giving tl:.em work them on an even footing with the buyer. It Lancaster Intetligencer, Feb. 9 :-The tow1ll. be sure o g_et. a good job done. Geo:gc must _also be apparent who hav:e bad bacco cop of '86 is not yet moving very ra}'l Stock hts 85 crop, about twenty five exper1ence that our fac.htles for sel_hng: t o idly. 1'he buyers are here, and many of Cw>B>!. at 7<-, w. and b We bave heard of no the larget dealers of the _wtll gt.v e tbem have been travelling through the coun-sales of the crop._ Growers report that us a great advantage over the md1v1dual far ty, but most of them aver they ate ouly t .he new 18 to wrappers more I mer, as do all the work, including ing for good ventUI '('S and not buying much. than was expecte d Ihe for 1887 1s our comm1ss1on, With much less expeAse on They report puchases of small lots at 6 to a d,ecreased each cr5 Hoffe1, of Rapbo towmhip, sold hi crop to could be bought so cheaply as now. The Samuel Mumrua. of LanJisville, for six cents holders invariably anxious to sell and to around. Harry : Moore bim!';ht al>out 10 000 us it seems like a very opportune time for pounds ot new leaf within a week, Eastern capital to invest. as the goods seem .M. Kemper & Sons, who are packing in eventually to be in :lemand at a pdce which Ruhrer's warohouse, received tbiR morning certamly can be made low enough to suit the tibout ten acres of '86 H vana Seed. fancy of any dealar or manufacturer. Thera Transactions in old tobacco have been is probably frJ m 5 000 to 7 ,000 boxes of tbis lively. Skiles & Frey sold 300 cases of 'll5 stock still remaining in this State, and it is Seed leaf and 100 cases of Havana; JohnS. to the interest of all parties concerned that Hoover, of Mountville, sold 150 cases of 'E5 they find an early market. Sales rPacbing Se e d leaf to M. Neuberger & Co., of New sin.ce our last report: Mrs. J A. Spauld York; J. S. Herdhey, of Jur.ctwn, sold 85 10g, lo cs at 8, 5 and 1c; MileR Sweeney 44 c a ses of Seed leaf to Hoffman & Soil, New cs at 5c; J Bullis. 8 cs at 6c; 0. A. Bogas: 47 York; D. A. M.ay-er bought 26 8eed leaf cs flt 7c. W J Ellsworth, of Madison sold and sold 30 Cflses old Seed to lecal manu-27 cs of '85 to 1!'. C. Green. of ville facturers. It is reported that seve. al coun-About 40 ca,.s were fllso sold to ])'d end by try packArs disposed of not lees than 400 Jenson and H1bbard, and Gadden & Ehler cases du.-ing the week. of Janesville. Strasbw1-g Fn!e PreiJB, Feb. 5 :-Buye'rs are Transactions in tbe new crop seem about 11round examiamg the new crop. Messr". at a standstill. Nune of the dealers in the Altschule und Harnish were through tbis sec leading_ market J>Oints are now buying, and tien this week in the interests of a C"liforuia some ot the sortiDg bouees are closing down, firm. I. H. Weaver, of Fertility, bought the A few crops bave been bought by & following lots of Seed leaf :-Christian Almony "t Milton Junction, and also at Ox 1 acre at 12, 3, 2; Abram Leaman, 2 acres, fordville by 'J::he price 11, 3, 2; Jacob Denlinger, 1 ac1e, 10, 3 2, ranges f1om 4 to 6c in the bundle. There Jc>hn Denlinger, 1 acre, 1!1, 3, 2; Henry Stev s eems to be a general opinion that the old etts, 1 acre, 10, 3 2; Dllvid D enlinger, 1 acre, stock must be cleaned up before the new will 10. 3, 2; Denlinge1 1}4 acres, 7 3 2; move to any p:reat extent. 'rhe shipmentM John Froehcb, 2 acres, 11, re recently. It WM 6f fine texture and sold well. Mr. Geo. B. Elam, one of our popular t& bacco dealers, was united in marriage on Tuesday (agt, in Wilson, to Miss Annie S_avage, the Rev. Mr. Gold officiating. We hope_ that his wife, who dangerously stck for the past two weeks. may soon be restored to health. Durham Tobacco Plant, Feb. 2 :-The to btlcco market has been lively so far thi& week. W. Duke, Sons & Co. will work their hands on half time for awhile. A.L the Banner warehouse last week 145 566 pounds of leaf tobacco was ,sold. The highest avel'age was made by Mr. S. A. R. Mortem. $37 56; the larges t cbPck was made out to Mr. S. J Pegram. $247 55. .At Reams' warehouse was sold 79.192 pownds, valued at$6, 895.33. Mr. W. D Veasey of Granville county, made tbe best average 1;39.80, and be also carried off the cbeck, 59. The Glebe warehouse sold 41.860 pounds; best average was made by Mr. W. H. I .. rrisb, '22. 56; and the largest cteck was made out to W. A Warre n, 111111 39. For the week ending January 29: Smoking tobACCO Shipped, 50 097 pounds valued ar; $17,302.50; cigarAttes sold, 5 773.'080, valued at $18 .866. 5 0 ; chewing tobacco, 1,103 pounds valued at $387. .At Lhe warehouses last week ibe total amount of leaf tobacco sold amounted .to 266 618 pounds;_ cigars shipped, 8, 500. Revenue receipts for the week, $10,644.48. Henderson Gold Leaf, Feb. 3 :-Sales of tobacc? have been heavy this week. Prices are st1tfer and the special columns ot' th& farmers d1tto. Tbe market is booming. We have ,had good seasons for the weed and sales bav. e been unusually at tlfe several warehouses this week.'' l'lo bas-, been in from every direction Person, Granville, Vance, Franklin Nasb and Halifax counties, and Mecklenbu'rg Va They will C(!me to Henderson to sell tb11i; tobacco; the high prices paid for all grades in this market bring them. IN KENTUCKY. Ho,pkinsville South Kentuckian, Feb. 4:Tobacco was from 25 to 50 cents 4igber Wednesday. 'l'be heavy rains of this week b&vf! brour;bt the tobacco in order,.and may now be expected to be enor mous for the next few weeks. For additional reading matter see page 6 of_ .... TJ:atrd. S"tree-t, N"e"Rr ----(


I ---------f.EB. 12: TOBACCO LEA.F. AMERICAN EACLE Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: FINE CUT. LEOPOLD KILLER&. l:J:J St., NEW YORK etn, Distributing for the TBADB KARl:. Smoking Tobacco FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. AMERICAN EACLE. Cold Spra National Leaa-ue Crown of Delight Cherrv-Ciipper Plum Oriental Sun Rise Dew Drop Favorite lnv i cible. CleYer CA VENDISR SKOXING. Eaglet Old Tar, Universal Favorite, F wn, Canada Mixture, Luck Cut Plq, lijah's Choice, Brudder !fed, Elk. SMOKINGS, Pa c ked in Tin Foil Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. GRANULATED SKOEING. LONG CUT SMOKING. Spray: of Gol_ d, Morning Dew, .. Lucky, Club, Dime Ram, Detroit llixtures. Navy Clippings Green Corn. Home Comfort, Miner's Favorite, Jumbo, lli.iler's Long Cut Bull Froe:, Detroit Long Cut Duke & 1fandy, Frog Long Gut, Factory, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. Smoking Tobacco, W. F COCHRAN,. BALTIMORE. MD., Distributing Agent t"or, the South, '1872. MkDE Wooden Molds now in universal use for the manu of five cent Cigars, and largely for finer grades absorb the moisture, flavor and aroma from the tobacco, and prevent a proper union of wrapper and binder. They do not carry well in the pocket without breaking In Hand-Made Cigars WITHOUT MOLDS, aU 'th. e FLAVOR and AROMA natural to tobacco is RETAINED.' The Wrapper and Binder PROPERLY uniting, they CARRY WELL In the Pocket WITHOUT BREAKING. MADE WITHOUT MOLDS. COST NO MORE THAN MOLD CIGARS. ARE FAR SUPERIOR.: OFFICE, 7 BURLING SLIJ?, NEVV YORK. l cv THE MOELLER & ASCHERMANN MFG. GO., BAVEMEYEBS &ELDER, -C>P No. 117 Wall Street, New York. FLEXIBLE, CIEASELESS CIGAI IOLDS AND SBAPElt. -AND-.. . Standard in its Purity and Uniformity. SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE. MADE WITH A SPECIAL VIEW TO THE WANTS OF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS Dally Quotations will be famished and Orders fllled :lrom our oftlce, 117 WaJI Street, York, or by FLEXIBLE, CREASELESS CIGAR MOLD, 1111, 1 4, --.. ... I ;:; "( ..... II'RNBY U FBAN'W'7EL ACENTSF. Heppenheimer's Sons, New York; N. Sheldon&. Son, 328 N.,3rd St. .-;a. Philadelphia; Aug. Beck&. Co., Chicago, Ill., and St. Paul, Minn.; C. J. Helmerlchs II 1 ec.1 'l'hlrd Street. LOUISVI_ LLE, KY. Leaf Tobacco Co., St. Louis; Wm. H. Meyer, 7 West Front Street, Cincinnati; u '' Key Fla. MANUFACTURERS OF .THE CHOICEST GRADES OF HAVANA CIGARS. ,( J New York Offices: 675 & 677 Avenue.


6 THE TOBACCO LEAF. FEB. 12. f 1 HAVE THIS Messrs. OELESTINirPALACIO & CO., lew York, a j, nr.. .. the U oited States. The7 ha'Ye -, all parties 'in1 bran_ d .lk '.I, ;; j .. : ., I therefore caution man o f igars an de s and Box lllakers, to from the brand and labels T T tJ as they will be dealt With according to .Ia w Messrs. CELESTINO PALACIO & CO. will take orders for m "BBHB.Y CLAY.'' Qjgars. eli from the larg1\st llu.pozters oDl:v. Mr. :g:t:as. p]J, o(1 the #rm of CJ, BLEf4tTINO PALACiO & CO., Will> give-J hiS J 11,er_ s0Dal all, to me the States. Vinda, de GaDle Address, "JAL VAREZ.'' [Wmow oF JULIAN ALV AREZ.J HABANA, CuBA, March I 6th, I 886. ....t.lf JI:ICI!LLBNT LBTTBR ON TOB&CCO imposed The increased commercial facilities DepreeloalnllleTobaeebTradeln.l.atralla, T&XE8 AND TOB&.cco CVLTVRB. of the country and the universal practice of For some time past the tobacco-making in DANVILLE, Va., Jan. 25, 1887. drumming have wonderfully increased the con due try in the colony (Victoria) baa been c1 th. tobacco tax byProsumptionoftobacco. Thesaleofmanufactured slowly decfining,and fears are entertained 1 I th!pk the arti rr:fsYn and tobacco is more preseed tp-day than it ever has by many of the operatives th11t unless some eesor uryear,l,l< ea it' 18 te d d to been Moet ueere of tobacco buy five and ten decisive eteps aro taken the industry will 0::' -eenbi worth at a time. Now, even if eonsoon come practically to a s tandetill. It ie it is f th 1 t mportance that his doctor g:ot the !_ull of the reduction, _the represented by those interested in the trade 0 e as 1 t di thefW!se the morease m the-s1ze of biB five or ten cent P.1ece that the principal cause of the depression ie should make a b 0d th ruseaee would hardly be appreciable. It is certain thnt the-heavy license fee which manufacturers proper remedy will not e fus e present prices of manufactured tobacco do not are called upon to pay. It ie urged that if =t rthln curtail the uee of it. Therefore a slight this were reduced more factories would be b e .o elg ed for domestic use js the ing Of the price would have little etrect m m-immediately started 'aad a better class of acco leaf creasing it. article produced. AB the law stands at pres= : What ought to do in the distreeslng ent, a manufacturer of toluwco,' 1m a f fr his present diecircumstances m wbJCb they are placed? They mencing operations, is complllled to pay a once .release armer om .. certainl;y ought not to go on tobacco. so .license fee of per annum, besides having condition 1 ood tor relong as 1t does not pay the cost of 1ts production to obtain two good and subst&lltial securitieli _ere :;_era in favor of Nothing but dire necessity will ever induce tbat he will not in any way attempt to evade moVIng lfP. WIS. e and the farmers of Southside Virgm ia to stop raising the custom d t 'th a d to any art1'c!e its 18 C?ntrary to hlch It-atht which stopped its culture s u y, Wl reg r beneficial s ..,..., bf w ryv """' manufactured in his factory. The general h d r-h tn enrich the count?v. [.tis,_ In the titlewater l counties. The great. feeling am11ngst the trade is that the large as one sq --r all mannf:,im Is wll&t to liubstitute in the place of shippmg to-sum exact-"' 1c fee practieally unfarr an<\ w thlit the higher the tAx had good suooeee m Irish potatoes and the result has been that numbers of men 1 t,h: f 1 f But w& know that for toba.ccQ. Farmers m the VIcinity of Charwho eerYed their appreotices.hip to the trade th: 0= of before the last' lottesville imd Gordo!lllville have succeeded in are now walking the streets unable to find redlfodon 0r tb,e tu: than It Is now. raising fruit crops 1 In forlllf:r-yeare employment at their calling, while New. as t:o the erallow price of tobacco, I I have seen the gram farmer and the others have to lie satisfied with worki11g only offt' can be plaiuly-ehown to be fanner side by half time. Victoria, unlike other colonies, over-productiQC ago Burley.-to.., prosperoil;B baa the whole of her tob&Cco factories cen bacco eold at such a price that the proiluction '!Ire-counties m eastern Vrrguua which no tred in Melbourne ; 'but'in New' South wales of It ofltable and from yeat to year tobacco, and the people seem fully ae they are scattered thro11ghout the entire w:W vastly ltB one and comfortable as in tboee wll!Ch It !ength ef the colony. The latest price was correspondingly lowered. In addition a specialty. The country aroung mformat10non the state of the tobacco trade to t.hi .. t\le gJ:eat decline in prioee agricultural N. C.1!'_2lems quite prosperous an err ,.vWD a in the States shvw. pro'dii' bi' Which we have seen a !aw '!earlS back: thrlvwg one. Its Is' almost entirely. In town has 1te three four tobacc eomethmg for thell' I tive employmen\ to the 'j"Orkere, and so p reraised in Southside Virginia(dark tobacco) pays think It IS VIIJ!l for -th_em expect relief elude successful competition from outside, the tax. Almost all of It, either as leaf or any Doubtless but it is urged these duties are not euftl manufactured, is exported, and pays no tax. are things whlch Congrees ought to do m cient to secure tbie end. Five years ago the The fact is the domee?o manUfacturer does the mtereet of _farmers. But nothing that Con-Government. acting on the request of the not want thls tobacco at any price. It doee not grese can do_ will help the price ?f \lommon to-leading manufacturers, made an alteration eult the domestic taste. The trade In it is a!-bacco, of which the "'.hole world IS fiill. in the tobacco duties by imposing 1s per lb. most confined to a few men holding foreign When farmers r!Jalize that all t;he relief they duty on all colonial grown tobu.cco manufaccontracts and a few manufacturers who export can l oo k must come. from therr own endeav-tured fol" -home and added 1s all of their producte Virginia farmers have ore bhey will cease looking to_ Congress,_ and set per lb. duty on all imported' tobaccos; suffered greatly from n o dom e stic demand for themselyes therr own evils .. My whether manufactured or raw. No' obje'ction their tobacco. The foreign contractor seemed mot!ve m thJB .P1ece has entll'ely whatever -was taken to the daty, ae tobacco to take the tobacco at his own price, and yet my mterest m the farmmg commumty, and my ie generally considered a fair item of taxa the largest buyer of Virginia shipping tobacco that they should not be d e luded by ex-tion; but the Government hedged the law in Richmond has b ee n well-nigh ruined .bY the pecting any great reli ef from the removal of the round with conditions whiCh, it is aesertea, decline in prices. The truth is, the Virginia tobacco tax. had the effect of encouraging monopoly and farmer raises what only a few people want, and Of course, 1 mean no to Professor handing the trade over to a few persona It these few do not w ant all that is raised. While Puryear. He IS_Perfectly honest m all that he was provided that each muet this is the caee, why expect relief from the resays. I only think the hopes he holds out have premises approved of by the Cuetome, moval of tax? The competition of Western to the farmer are deluelve. and declared smtable for a bonded store. wheat and corn has been just as hard on our Very respectfully, He muet find two bonds, no bond gram farmers as the competition of Western PAUL C. VEN.WLE. to be for lese than and, thirdly, be tobacco is on our tobacco farmers. It ie well to muet pay a license fee bf UO yearly, no remember that the exte nsi o n of tobacco-culture matter whether the output be large or small. in Virginia in former years ruined the business "The Panlhmen&. llU Crllne,n Owing to theel stringent regulations, the In the old Still the people of A king' e jester one day found His Majesty claims of' the workmen, the leafgrowere, those counties are. to-day about as well oft' as bent over the wash bowl eHgaiged in his and the small manufacturers were completely the tobacco raisers. They certainly live more morning abluti001!. In a spirit of-fun the igoored, a'tld-at present the growere com comfortably jester gave the king a resounding elap on the pla.ining that the existing tobacco qlonopoly It may be eaid that although tobacco which most exposed parL of his sacred peteon. compels them to accept unremunerative rates is exported pays no tax, yet the r emova l ot the Deeply enraged His Majesty ordered the in fer their leaf. tax will improve the pri ce of Western tobacco etant execudon of the audacious joker, but It may be stated that the revenue returns and indirectly improve the price of that which finally consented to him if lfe ehoula for tile financial year June, 1884, show is exported. The price of Western leaf can only ,.n ou:.trageoua tb)ra an increase in 'She dutieJ naid on lor:eign nnd be improved by largely increased domestic con Wgmat I Tile omulemned umort'* maaufacturcd oobacboa 'rand a d'aerease on sumption. Will the removal of the tax cause thought for a moment, and then offered his the received for colonial manufac thls Increase? I The consumption apology:-" Your Majesty will forgive me. I tured goode, which, if any allowance is to be of tobacco per captt& m the United Statee is did not know it wae you. I it was made for the increase of population ia high much greater than it was before the tax was the queeai"-Ohicago Times. ly suggestive of the necessity for a' and a &till further-decrease ie reported for the year 1885. At present, the trade ie cry ing out lou lily for a reduction in the license fee, and the operatives contend that thie col ony should be placed upon the same footing as New South Wales, where the license ranges from to per annum, according to the output. Hitherto the Victoria govern ment have urged that the license fee is levied in order to pay. the ealariee of tile Cueto me officers employed in looking after tobacco factories, and the trade' contend that if die tillere are allowed to have CustomR officers on their premises free of charg!i), tli.e eame privilege should be allowed to tobacco man ufacturere. One (I[ the mo11t cogent reasons urged by tile tradel that license fee slaquld be reduced ie tbat'lt will mduce more compe tition. 1 Northwest. The fact is that he buys them at about coat, and, of course, Is abre to knock out all of his rivals. Besides, he is mighty a! ow pay. He never pays until he is almost com pelled, to eave trouble, and can persist In this because all of the travelling men when written to about him declare that be is gilt-edged, and tell their employers to be patient; that their money is sure and eafe In time. Anp eo It is, for the shrewd old merchant merely delays his payments that he may loan out his money at big ratee of intereet. He has thousands out all the while on shaved notee, chattel m o rtgagee and interest due bills. 1l he only batL some young girls growing up to take the place of the three who are now in their prime when theee latter get. married or lose their of ,youth and vivacity, he would be as as an Al!tor in fifteen years." At present the ie only supplied with certain eome of which are of a. Row to Balld Up a Trade. very inferior quality, n:dd this ie mainly It is an idea to l)xpect t .hat a man owing to the very-few varieties of tobacco who 8ells tobacco is going to be by leaf which are grown in the In 1876, any other standard than the one applied to 14,413 cwt. of leaf wae_ grown m VICtoria every other trade. If be ie te be thoroughly and that amount eteacilly mcrea.eed up to he muet pay the same attention to 17,333 cwt .. in the year. when, oJwing t? the customer as the dry' !l'oods merchant or the. new hcenee fee being 11!1Posed, the --any other trader. -is right, and when of the leaf was partially abandoned, inveetillated it appears perfectly natural. and m the _year 1882 only 5,673 cwt. of leaf A case in point may m01e correctly illue was _gro'!l'n w Later yeare_s!low trate-my meaning. A cigar dealer bite upon a et:ill further reductiOn m the _quantity of a.l0:!1_ation wjlic)l. is in every par ere leaf produced; and _has now celumce, and consequently does a good trade. become such an mdust_ry _Ninety men out of eyery hundred in the that the fo_rmer have ne'!, w1tli eame position could hav,e done quite as well, few except!ons, entuely 1t. lu and twenty per cen of those could have' colomes gro'!mg and man';lfac-dene infinitely better. Hie trade bas to a turmg are healthy mduetr1ee, and there IB no certain extent been eo euccessful that he hBB reason why, with the been somewl:\at by its J!ucces. same reeultlt sh9Wd no. t bfJ enters smile, and hBR Melb&urne Age, Oct. 14. every appearance of a man who desires a Bntertatalc Drmmer. "We travelling men have one little weaknees said a gossipy member of the Itinerant &nd commercial brigade to a p,biCI!-8'0 lferald reporter, and that is a cra'4ng for soCial at tention while out on the road We get so tired of hotels, an o jijhle llo'91ety exclueively, that the who invltee Ita to hie home is looked as a. indeed. I Qne. old chap out lrr Iowa who years ago sJZed up 1hls trait of drummer nature, and who has fair!!: made a fortune on account of his shrewdness. "e has three pretty, pert daughters and a wife 11ho 1s very soul ot hoepi The o)a man inviteS all drummers to liis cmae; and the !&dies _give them good dinners, pheer, music, games, bright conversati<;m1 winsome smiles-why, there isn't a drmqrner who has had the pleasure of spending a rug t P1 that house wh9 wouldn't ride 100 mil'(B at any time to1get there. Often three or four lil;avelli.Dg men are there at once, and on Sundays I've eeen a half-dozen under that roof. "Of course it costs money to entertain so many guests, especially as the old man is free with hill cigars anfi But it does not cost him as much as you. 'jVOuld think for he IS continual ly receiving presents! of boxes of cigars from cigar salesmen, cases of winefrom liquor travel lers, caddi of b::nit, fine groceries, etc. It beats all the quantities of samples that.dieappeac from drummers' cases when they strike that town. I think that if the truth were known the family is actually ahead on the deal, par tlc)llarly if you.. count the jewelry and tidbits that are given those daughters by the guests. About three out of four of the boys lose their hea.rte to one girl or the other-I've been there myeelf-ind. when a inana Iii love you know pow generoUs he is, especi8I!y with other people's property "The young ladies appear to keep theil' own heart& r/IDcy ahd )lave, besides, a very pleaeant we.y ot:clliing a Illi!oD Of his iofMuatlon and of retaining his fri e ndship. I once heard some of the jewelry and other nice stuff that finds its way to the .house Is a,fterward sold at the old man's general store, but this may be a sla:ud thing is certain1 the shreWd old ill rich out 0 ijifi.Jit!Jie 16f qn the weaknelis Oflour tribe. '!f, u the largest general store In his county. He not ouly retails, but jobs to smaller dealers In the country towns. And he buys hie goode cheaper on an average than any man in the < cigar &11ft could enj:l!J.' One if he bad it. He announces his wants in a pleasing manner to a young man behind the counter. "I want a ltOOd loau smoke regularly," was his medeet requt. The young about the ;pr1ce, and was answered.: "Something about 11ic straight." The 'pro prietor told the clerk to show a certain brand, which were 75 per box of 50, thepro prietor asking at the same time if the cus tomer deAired to purchase a box. The reply wae: "No; I am in search of a cigar that I like, then I will buy the box when suited, but I will take three of these," at the same time throwing a $10r bill on the counter in pay The proprietor rather snappiehly said "45c" and gave the change. If thie man had really known his busineee be would have takea every opportunity suit hie patron, inet .ead of repulsively driving him away, never to enter his stere again. The whole story was told to me the customer, because he felt that a-merchlll'lt in .the position of the one in qu11stion ought to kave had more die cretion a ,nd been !I better judge of human nature..,._ 1 know, that it is at least $150 a year out of tne tobacconist's pocket.-Merchants' Review. u 1 Sell a Man." The ol1actory senses of women are sharpened by isolation from the society of the opposite sex. A. young man, a few days ago, bad occa sion to go to the Female Seminary on business matters. He stood puffing a cigar in the hall for a while, waiting for the president. Presently he heard a great commotion up stalre ; many feet hurried to and fro, and excited female voices cried: "I smell a man I I smell a m&n I A. moment later a teacher rushed down the stairs in great alarm, and gaeped In a relieved sort of way as she him: Oh lit's you I" "What does me&n tb.!l. astonished young man. "The girls detected the scent of cigar smoke, and knew a strange man was on the premises. No one here emokee." As the young man 4"employed In a com m rcial fel'tll1zW \ lie breathed, dw(ord (N. Q,) _:_In 1885 Port Alfred imported raw to bacco to the value of ,144, &lid mauufac tured tobacco to the value of ,278. -L P'oreJ&'n A.anotatloua .... -, --j, -The German Chambers of Commerce of the increased hixuiy in pack 111g c1gars. -In the Grand Duchy of Baden the work ing hours in the facWiries from 10 to 12 fer the men, &lid from SU '

J FEB. 12. THE TOBACCO 7 Z 31r:J?C:E'I.T:JIJ:E'I.Iil CP ) NB.W. YQ.RJC. .. l'&llk ...... .. VEGA, ltiORTON & Pao-..-a:a.d. Zzaa.po:r'ter T C a. d7 Zzu.por'ter o:f ,az:p.ok.e:r' WHOI'3ALE WAREROOMS: 371 BROADWAY: FACTORY: 213-229 East 33d Street; Genuine French Briar Pipes, llou.ated with my new Amberlne 11onthpieces, In large variety ud mosi -..ruJ dealgaa. includiug many origina.l11tyles not shown elfM.where. P:lpe In all grades at loweot IIgurs.) SMOKERS' ARTICLES or B-rery Deeeripdon. .&. Laqre et SCHEIIE SETS" &114 A.DvER'1'1SDfG lfOVEL TIES IDl'prioilt&l]' orilllnaJ and unique. WA T KING STICKS ..-.yow ..... a,.. ...... a CUBAN 0 1114 -1116 Sansom St., I PBIL..ADELPHI_A,. ,, \:k n.\ln WARRANTED PHRE AND FREE FROM ARTIFfCIAL FLAVOH:-P.ntclal Ba&ee ef Tol>aeeo Dl.-..real Wetern Market. E. C. Franke & Co., Louisville, Ky.; in their last circular give-t.he following on tobacco in hogsheads Feb. 1, 18S7:Louisille,..New York, 86e; Baltimore, S3c; Philadelphia, S4c; New Orleans, SOc ; New Orleans-byriver, 3Sc; Ric moo .29c. Cincinnati-New York, S2c; Baltimore, 29c; Philadelphia, SOc; New Orleans, 84c; New Orleans by river, 25c; Richmond, 21c. Clarksville-New York. lillc; Baltimore, liOc; Philadelphia, lilc; New Orleans, 25c; Richmond, 46c. Paaucah-New York, 49c Baltimore, 46c; 47c; New Orleans, lllic; New OJ'Ieam by river, 15e; Ricbmond, de. St. Louis-New York, 4.5c Baltimore, 4o.2c; Philadelphia, 4.8c;New Orieans, 35c; New Orleans by river, 20c; Richmond. 42c. Hopkinilville-New York, 60c; Baltimore, 57c; Philadelphia, 58c; New Orleans, Richmond 4Gc. York, 40c; Baltimore, IUic; Philadelphia, 31ic; !Richmond, S7c. NuqP!Ie?Ne;w; Ymok, iBc 4.5c; Philadelphia, "'6c ; N .ew Or 11ans, 50 per bhd; New Orle&D8 by river, per hhd; Richmontl, SSe. -)(ayfielcl-New Yor'k, GOo; Baltimore, 57c; Philadelphia, liSe; New Orleap,s Rich mood, li6. VALVE OF FO:azze OODR. 'UJUTED STATES llfTERNA.L REVElflJB TA,X ON T9BACCO. Cll:an. domeotlc aJOd lmperted, sa per ll; clgaretteo ..-hlo&-not. over tbreelbe per II, fiOo per ll; eW&rettiea&nd llheroot& wetzhU. oveJ" three lbs II, $3 per Jl; ma.DU!ac-..bacco aililiiUlft, per pouild, lie. CHARGES J'O:a LIQUSB8 PER ANNUK. llanufacturen of eipnl, clpret!elaDd chernote, Ill; manufacturers of tobacco and aalllf, $6 ; dealen In manut.,oturoo ot toloaooo, $2.40; 1D leat tobaceo, S!!. IMPoRT DUTIES 01!1 T6B.a.COO. Cig&1'9, per pound and 26 per coat. ad..__ a.ettee, same aa includlag internal taL Leaf M per cent. ot wiiicll-ill wrappen .,,.eigbJ..o&' more &ll&u lOtl le&veo te the uound. 'Ill eenta per pewul; It &-.fl pound; allotherleli.t,81ceDtilf:!J:."' To bacco maoutacDilred. 40 ceata per _poaad. cents perponnd. Pipe&&ndplpehowl8, UJ46per Mnt. ad. valorem. Common claJ pi pee. per ad valrem; parts of '" Cent. &d Yalo,_.,; .U. era' articlee., 70 per eeot. &d. Y&Jorem; aaWJ-boal AD4 che"P -poucbes, 311 rar eent. ad 'Oalorem, BA.R,ON' dzj; 00. CIGAR MANUF.TRS -(FOR JOBBING TR.t!IJ.E) FACTORIES :-J.I(oe.lland 298. Dlatrict MawJ:lan4o B.A.X.TZ:IIWI:O::IR.:JIJ, :IIWI:cL lllaa111&d1U'en eC tlte Celeka&ecl '' S0:al '' .., Long Havana Filled Five Cent Clpr. -I. SOLE McKINLA-Y & SEMPLE ........ New York. ERNEST FREISE, J!I[POBTBB OP Havana & Sumatra J obacco. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. No. 14.2 WATEB STREET, lfEW YORK:. BROWN & EARLE, Jt01f ... .....C er'dlli""L-..e er 6e ., ............ I The undersigned continues to sell Pure Turkleh' Liquorice Paste under the accompanying brand man ufacturell by M8 AndreW & Forbis, Of Srnrma ad Apply to I{a 406 II: WS EAST 69tla STREET, NEW YORK. CARL UPMANN, omc-178 PUBL STREET, NEW YORK. .. CAMSRIOG E '' LoDtl em (lranulated A ]>llrely ori&inal Ide&. JlanufiK>tured or the ID ... dlolce ... bloccotl. HARVARD," MlRBURG BROS., 14<5 S, (JJtarlee S&., BALTIIII:OBE, :1!14, Ber-ea-, (la&e et Veca a: Berltelt.> ._ ... ......_ FROILAN lllanuftleturer .,, Pi%1e Oi C.&L.&DA. DEL IIIO!YTB 1118 JIA v AJI'A, 0 UBA.. ......... Flor de Miranda," ta PetroniJa. .F. Miranda & Co., 222 Pearl St, XEW 'i'ORK. J. BernheiJD & Sou, Kaufmann Bros: & Bontf7. 129 a: 131 Graa4 Street, x-Yuk, 1 Patentee ot tlte HAv ANA-ToB-Acco, ."V. C""'"UmT DfLA.TCH BOX. 1 lr PEARL ST., NEW YORK. 5 Calzada del Monte, Hava,a, Cuba AND SlAMP VARNISH A SPECIALTY Panorama, M. A MONTEJO, Mark_ Twatn, An The 'Traveler, i, IMl'ORTJ:R -oll' T O i B A C C 0 172 NEW...YOR-K Estrella 63, HAV'ANA. Trade-larks: "Amenca'l & "Flor de It A.M." Seal' bf Spa.ln. WM. CRAF & ....... W. H. OSBORN, Leaf Tobacco Broker, DURHAM, N. C. on Order a Specialty. Be""reaee-Dnrilam Tobaeoe Oo.; & J.p...,. of Durham; I! LEAF TOBACCO, 193 Pearl St., New YorkN lCD. WISOHHEYJrR, HY. tlsoiDDCYEJI. ED WISCHMEYER 'TOB.A.CCJ COMIVIISSlON MERCHANTSs 39 SOU-TH CALVERT ST., Baltimore, MeL Our latest sample collection just issued, : I THREE FEATHERS. POiffS. TRANS-CONTINENTAL. ENGLISH YIOLET. 1 *SOUDAN .' .. Alsp :tABELS in .. ,_ \ ,!t WE BEG TO O.t!LL THE .t1 TTFJNTION OF TOBACCO to the desirable qualibiee of VASELINE as compared with Olive, Sesame and other oils. These ad vantages are: lat. Entire freedom from rancidity, il.o matter what temperature or mo.nip ulation it is subjected to. 2d. The superior finish and protection it gives the wrapper. !!d. The frames, sheets and mpulds are always clean, sweet, and not sub, ject te oDdatioa or rust, from aooumulaLiona of lieoaying vegetable matter.>'.. ---. 4oth. Absolute purity and uniformity !UOl'IUlteed b us. Qur price is 16 cents per pound nett, put up in fifty-pound tins, packed for shipment, two tins in a case, freight paid by us. Orders may be sent to us direct in New York, or through our agent, .. . .. Mr. Henry U. Frankel, 151 Thtrd St., Louisville, Ky., who :Will aliQ fill urgent Ol'del'l from &took kept by him for that piU'pOM. CHESEBROUGH MANUFACTURING CO., SOLB III.A.NUPA.JTUBEBS, Mo. 24 ITATI: STREET, NEW YORK 94 Bowery, New York: Wish to call the Trade's special attention to their following new issue of :fine Havana Cigar : ..


8 N'"E"VV I Leaf Tobacco ection ,q And Warehouse Company. R. C. LINDE, & CO I' Propr1e'tors. I .. Principal Office: 142 WATER ST., NEW YORK. .. ... bouse Numb10r J COUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDLD TO. .&HEEI:C>"UBEB a-HUDSON RIVER R. R. DEPOT, St .John' Park. GREEJiWICB ST., Noo. "l l:N'"SPECTC>R..&. .8 T 0 R A C E. 148 l!l'tree't. 1'11 e'II:IV 'Y'orlll:.. r:F' COUNTRY BAMPLIN& PROMPTLY ATTEJfDED T.P, .8RAJfC:QES-L.I.l'IC.It.8TER. F SCHROEDER, 2 1 North Qu-ot.; J. C. IRVIN, 288 ........ Jlary st.' CON!Ii'IICTICUT 1 F SlSSur<, 246 5tate t.; Hartford; C. E. GRD'FING Danbury 'l'f. IAI..L, New llilford. EDGERTOJ!f, -Wle,: c. L. CULTON. e.: W T: IIU.VIB, 1241!cearo t. BALTIIUOKE, M:d. 1 ED WISCHMEYER&; CO .. fn Boutla CaJyen ot. IARTIN & BROADHURST, J. H. M .ESSENGER & -TOBACCOS :: -: ., DI1'0R'l'llS AND Ill FOR EXPORT Leaf .. LICORICE PAS.TE, i'95 Pearl Street, New Yort DAIDEN LANE, NBw zo Leet llale8 D.Dd Fcnfp !liP" Tabacos ExcluslvBmente para Exportaclon. Jlarlte&o, '? 'f MOORE & CO., Manufactured and leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK rHE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Established 1836. :a2:. G.A.R.D:J::N'ER. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 77 Fro:n.t &'treet. 'Y'ork.. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROJ!IPTLY II'ILLED. "WV'. l1h'AI'ftrP.It.CT11REB G' Cigar Boxes, .lt.nd Importer c.t GERMAN CIGAR BOLDS,. (Sole .¢ ror llle ...... OI!IENBRI!JII(J&. & co.) SAW IUILLI 5'&CTOKTt 311 A 313 E. lith St., 316 to 321 E lth 8t. N'e'IE!V LEVY :M:all1-u1'ao11urer FIN H: CIGARS. .A.:ve:n.u.e o c11 10'Cl1 s-c .., "YO;R.K.. 'j ilie HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., -Wa:wed. Paper 132 .t; aM GR.EEXWICB BT., JfEW YORit. Ha.mmerschl.a.g's c;Waxed Paper. lli"or Tobaooo, l!lolol Ia QaaaUU. .. IJa1& bl' .IOURCENSEN, 98 Malden Lane, New York, .........: Brooks' Patont Gro3s Holo Loaf&oals p WITH R11SSIA DEIUPCORD. SAFEST anr; A: B:oweU: ttD., --.uer, Clarlclrille. Tenn. ( llllaaaflle&1lrer ol c:J;:EG ..ARS Factory No. 1 030, 3d Dtetrtot 34 I to 351 East 73d Street, :N'EJ"VV' DAVID G. HIRSH & CO.. A.. LOWENSOHN, Paeker or SEED LE..A.F Imperter -a .r .lt.nd D-lere In TOBACCO and CIGARS Havana and Sumatra Tobacco. 137 Maiden Lane, J 171 Pearl St., New York. NEWYOIU[, LO"'C"XS G:E&.A.E-:E, To bacc o Merchant 6 FEmchurch Bu!ldings, London, E. C., England. Ci[ar Mannfactnrin[ Co. .18-36 HAMPDEN ST., SPRINCFIELD, MASS. lli"a.o'to:ry 1'11 o. 1, 10'th. :D1'tr:lo't. A. PERSON, 'R'ABB.DIAN & ., -AU.GUBT'US TREADWELL.fjH)Tobacco IIUITATION SPANISH LINEN AND FANCY 8TRIP11D coTTON .GOODa FOR P11TTII!IG tiP SJIIOK.ING TOBACCO, bd De.alen In HAVANA FREIGHT BROKERS, FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY. X.o'II:IV'e't Oceall1 8-tea.:a:a. or &a11. P. 0. Box 3,152. 43 Exchange Place, NEW YORK. I EDwu.n l sA..A.c Ros.miwALD, HENRY RoslWW: t.o 8IGXUND I E. :ROSENW ALD & BRO.-I & of 145 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. MILLER & CO., Manufae'C:urer oC 184-196 LEWIS ST., NEW YORK. Ia'!'IDg Large FacUlties, all Orders will be P'llled at Short Notice. Brinkop's Single PlugMachinu Pntontod-{ Ualted States, ll.laT SJ, 1881. INU u Canada, .J'aa Sl, J WID make plup of all lllzee, from I to 4 lnehO. wide an to 12 fnches long, better and cheaper thaD. ally other machme In the ma.rket. B.Dd is now In use In over one bun clred of t!>e factorieo in the UDiled B.tatee. Co,.,.. lpOIIdeoco soliCited. Ad dress J. H. BRINKOP, f. ,. '" Q11IN()I, ILLINOIS. G. BEUSENS, BUILDING, .... ,., P. o. Box Uto. XEW YORK. I JAMES G. OSBOOfiB, TOBACCO BROKER, :54 Broad. &1;;. 'YOR::&:. .JOBll Cl.A.1-:tOS. Tobacco Broterl ll1BEAHR ST.,-lEW( Toa HENRY SIEBERT, Tobacco and Ceneral Commission 78 Broad Street. ..N'EJ'VV EJDL. A. STOPPEL, __ ...., M. RADER & SOJI', TOBACCO BROKER, No. 24 Beaver Street, YOR::Eit., FERDINAND DZIUBA. TOBACCO Commission Merchant, 78 &. 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW YORK M GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco 191 Pearl Street, New York. ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, 166 Water 6t., New York. Et.u.s SPING.&BK, ,_ ..-..._ I B.uroi:L H. SPIIOa ....... E. SPINGA.BN & Co. IMPORTERS OJ' Havana and Sumatra, PACXERS OF Seedleaf Tobacco 5 Slip, New York. F. Tag" & Son, Importers of Spanish. ADd. De&lers in oll k'lndo of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St., New York. S. W. V.ENARLE, B.(), VBNABLB, S.W.VENABLE&Co. J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., E. Olllce:-Cor. of Byrne aad. Halitaz'streeto, PETERSBURG. VA, 1 'V L f T b Ft NE BRtGH(NAV1E8,'Twtsr, cmLs, ea o acco, PLUG. and SMOKING tOBACCOS. Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. 168 Wa.ter St., New York. NIIUKOD, Jll:ahog;aDJ' NaYTo In aH slyleo, 81000lh IUid llo"la IUid JleUy Plop. .. : : : : M Oppenheimer ... BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY TDe.olerb .. acco. ai..uE JEANs, LIVE oAK,. TRUE BLUE, 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, ADMIRATION, FLORIMI:L and RAPIDAN. or the Celebrated 138 Water St. New Yotk The following are our Agento for the oalo of our Manufactured Goodo:-C W VAN ALB'l'Ilm B B d F c t 1 13 Booton, Mass. ; ARTHUR l'IAGEN .t co. f8 North Fl'oat St....;t, Philadelphia. Pa.: anner ran IDe 11 F. F. 0 n.o.u.LY, 225140 Commerglal Street, Portl""d Me.; W. G. ADAMS, 91 Water Street New Yod:: City; Wlll SEEAR. Charleston. S. C.; P H. EUBANK, 7ll South ATenue, tlanta, Ga. ; E. R: FER&U H h Vi & c BON, Jackeon, Miss., s. Q.-sEVI&n uttie Rock. Ark. i N. H : caRisTIAN, aa.lvesten, Tex.; J T lfSC ICfOriUS 1 TOWNES, .OORandol'l>h o'treet. C hi cago Ill; C. il. COr:f.S, 98 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Mlch; L. P SeHer 'thAD. a--. J I STERN, Ptttsburgh, a.; P. w. CAVANAGH, Omaha, eb.; F. s. LAWRENCE. VIcksburg, 1\llss. oma ...... Tebactee, .r sr:::. BEll. ll&S'l'Otf etcara LHAP T u BA c c 0 The ,p_ a. SOBG CO'S w H.Te .... l'ra I!I.B.nlU-.VIc&l'reo. &.lnj.P.Haxtoa,Seo.aa4fleD'l--. ,.. SUm 8 f r B 0 b 8, C C 0 169 WAHR ST., NEW YORK. '' SP-EAR HEAD '' -O'F-.. : c:b co '< .TO:&.A:.CCC>, .&.r:u..h.e1:11U.e Elton-.-ct.. ,.. 6 I 1 Universally Popular lijl.s met wih a Greater Sale since its introduc-tion than any Flug in the. Market. Si"ao'tory:-OEI:XO LOVIS GBAFI', SOLE AGENT, 105 MAIDEN LA.NE, NEW YORK, ........ 'llod14hp. r-tiOL .. 0.. -.., .....__ & Piitzmayer, C,IGAR BOX LABEL PUBLISHERS, 331 35 and 37 BLEEGKEB ST., NEW YORK.


.. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445-447 E. Tenth Street, NEW H. W. STOVER & CO., A. lichtenstein. Son & Co., SUIATRA & JAVA TOBACCO, i Manulaetarer of CIGARS, Ge:rmapy. 309 E. 59!h St' New YOTk. PQllitz a Michaelis, A. no., Sumatra c I GARs AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. lve. 0 and lOth St., N ,ew Yor-k C. J[AYE, H. DUYS, )R., CELi:S.TINO PALAQIO, FKRD. WRSCH. CELESTINO PALACJ.O & CO., AG'ENCIES-McCOY & CO., New York; LANlJAUER & JUDI. Medium Grade Ciga.n, New York; M. W PRA.GER, Manufacturer of Cheroots, New York; GARCIA 1 VEGA, (formerly Garcia&-: G o nzales,) owners of u La Duquesita1 a.nd La. Rosa. De Mayo" braadl!l, New York and Havana, Aquila No. 100. TO LED 0 & DP.LEON, Manula.cturers of Exclusively Spanish Hand:lade Clear ::EJ:A.. 'V .A.N" .A.. O:J: G-.A..:J:=LS. Cigars, Key West, Fla; STRAUSS BROS., Lancaster, Pa; JEREMIAH M. HAHN, Manheim, P& .' Fao'tory, Pl.a. l L::::::===CMil=oe;;;;;;;;: ;;;;;;;;SLIP;;;;;;;;, ;;;;;;;;"ear;;;;;;;;Poar;;;;;;;;l &I;;;;;;; F z & Gl Herald CI.O'ar Factory HAVANA LEAF TOBAcco 6 Havana. Tobacco, ..a.:z.vD cxa..A.:n.a, 224 226 Pearl.Street, New llrk. 206 Pearl Street, YOIIE A.W. Foote a Co. li'IU1AX M. PlltCF, BOWA;, L. JEJACCC> 'SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 196 Pearl st., York.' 126 Maiden Lane, New Y;rk. JACOBY & BOOKMAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, :IE g 191 PEARL ST., Laree A 88.Gitmenl Alwaye on Jland. New York. G. liARKEM:A, LUKWEL & TIELE, G. REISMANN, SWORN TOBAGGO BROKER. L COMMISSION MERCHANT SampleBoom8; HrakkeGrond, Dec to :reenn:mead &hem..,lvee for the 1 purchaee oJ Sumatra aud .Java To-ADd llealer ... all Klnda of OBloe: o. VOORBURGW AL 286, baece Oil the Dnlch l'llarket. [ E A F T 0 8 A C C 01 Amsterdam, Esq., 41 n.-!It: CUPID CIGAR FACTORY. Havana and Seed 1 ; _;. 1 LeafTobaccos / ; Factory No. 26, 3rd District, 143 WATER ST., I Ke..-1\!&ld n Lane, l!ore"VV "YorJ:&. 5 & Ba.r:o.e't"t. i 8TATB 8II' NEW YORK, JNO. f LOVE, SEED LEAF TOBACCO, s. E. cor. First Ava. & 74th St. 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer. NEW voRK ciTY. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Aad Paeken of SEED LEAF TOBAC-tO, l 1M WATER STREET, H. McALPIN & CO., or I Jlear Malden Lane, NEW YORK. THE CELEBRATED FINECUT 1 & BOISm. JL BIJIIIliiL S. ROSSIN & SONS. PACKERS OJ' Seed Lea:r. I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I AND !Ml'QRTERS OF TO;Ji&.ACIC'IO. HAVANA TOBACCO, 1 7 Water; &t.,1 .. 8W York. .u.o lllanuaeturenoftho well-known Brlgb,l'lugCheWtac: 1,1 E. & G. FRIEND & co .. I'Onwara. 'Gold Sfiiold,' 'Sailor's Eolaco' & 'Bllvor Sbiold.' Importers and Dealers in Manufactory & cor Arenue D & I Oth St New York. LEAF TOBACCO . Gus. MAI}DEN LANE, B:achaDaD a Lyall, EDWARD FRIEYD, JR NEW YORK 1"ii o. 101 "W' ..a.::.:.::c. &IT:Ft.Bli!JT, l&ONA.1U) FftliCliD, C'l' O:Itll12n.ero;la.l. Broo.k.i:v:a.. :z.v. "Y, AHNER & DEBLS the foHowtne; Brands of DEALERSIN E-LU'G-TC>BA.CCC> I LEAP TOBACCO FA.NC1' DARK NAVIE!I0 FANCY BRIGHT NAVIES! STAI'IDAKD BRIGHT NAVJESJ C::EI:C:X:CB. llTANDAKD DAR"-l'I'AVJEII. rue repc.ackm. ot t.ll.ese goods is ,.-orldwide. aDd tbe increasing sa.lea of them Is proof ot thelr merit. 190 PEARL STREET, NEW JORK. l&r BEWARii OF IMITATIONS. -B. KOENIG & CO., Oar Trade-Mark 'El-L is Embossed on Every l'lu;.l WDOLI.I!AL& DE.UJi:ll8 Ill :i3RANCH OFFICE:No H CENTRAL WHARF. BOS'I'ON HAVANA AND SHBD LBAI )!-<. 2. TOB.A.C'IC'IO&, 226 PEARl ST., NEW YORK. CAPITOL CIGAR FACTORY H. SILVERTHAU &; CO., Manutactorer of G'IGARS, 806 E. 71st St. New York. "To H. PURYEAR, EJU'YER.. --()F-Paducah. Ky. HOJ:r. scHAEFER & .to.: f,:YNCHBURC, VA.,, BUYF.RS AND HANDLERS OJ' t tBAF TOBACCO. JIANUFACTVREI.'IS OF CIGAB..s, And. .. :In LEAF TOBACCO, 779 THIRD :as:A. 'V 909 "YOB.:s;., SOLB PR-OPRIETORS Oil' TUB French o igarette f 'aper, ALSO SOLE &GENTS FOB 'I"HB 'II, 8, AND CANADA Oil' TBB Clay and Br' Oj,c;'t'to Paper ; H011SE Jllf PARIS: 1'1' B. DE BE RANGER. 336, 338, 340 & 342 East 38th Street, ., -=a z: .C =-... oC:ij 1-.. FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. SCHLOSSER & CO., Percl.. Oppen'heixn e:r. liiPORTER OF AND DEALER IN Havana.. Seed Leaf & Sumatra Tobacco 115 1\ll:a.:lc:l.e:a. X..a::a.e, l.Ve"VV "Y<>rk.. MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS. rBAJICIS F. ADAJIS, [Eata .. JJ..hed 184.7,) HENRY F AVEBli F. F. &, Cc.., J!la:guta.etarer Gt '&he CoJlwtnc Celebrated B randt\ of FINECUT CHEW INC & SMOKINQ "tOBACCO. Chewing : : Tally Ho % Aromatic. Smoking: Excelsior, Standard.. :;.w:xx... -:.;r .a. 'CT:U::E:m, WORKS PERFECT-WORKS li'IA X GAN!I l'IIEYEB ROSENTHAL. FLOR DE EUGENIA de R. A. LORD & ',.CD.;' Fao'tory :tvo. 17. Manufacturers of Fine Key West Havana Ci_gars. Facilities: 100,000 CIGARS WEEKLY. -e!D.d ror :E"'r1oe ::.::.0:1-t- P. 0. Box 82. KEY WEST, Fla. E:t,CANALS, M. eo; ----1 El Progreso & La Elor de j l l lll'' Guanes Cigar y WEST FLA. KEY WEST, Ft.A. '; KE P.o. Box 10 66 Barclay St., New VorL CLE:AR--CICARS ,WESTti FLA-. M!?KIN\...AY" & SEMPLE, 'SOLE ACENTS F"OR U. S-'W 32. WARREN ST. lih:. I SEIDENBERG & CO., J. G. Jr., H.a.NurAcT\lRERs oP EINE :&iirCuEwiNG NewYork&KeyWestCigars 63 North Front Street, Smokin;;:ot>acco9 II 327 East Sixtythird St., New York. Jl PHILADELPHIA. F. Milwaukee, Wis. I CUTTING MACHiNE. THE PEASE THE JOHN H. McGOWAN ,9incinnati? o., s. A! This Cut shows our e I A T.ENJ JlOUBLE END Finjsher With Patent Retaining Look for retaining the pNssure. We control all Patents for PressiEgTo. bacco from BOTH ENDS :o:HYDRAULIC PUMPS. -:e:-Mould Presses -:o:Moulds, HYDRAULIC and WMiif Boxing Pres!illlB, Bands and Seg mente, Steel Finisher Plates and Tins, HAND and POWER I .WRINGERS Send for Catalogue. PLEASE WRID OUR ADDRESS PLAIN, and a this pa.per in addressing us. i


10 'Phfladelphia Ad vertisemenlll. Balt.lm.ore Advertl&emeota. &. T.A.:J:'"rr-. Y111porters of Havana WM. A. BOYD 6e CO., SEEP DtPOB.TERS OF lammissioo Merchants. for the Sale of Manufactured TobacC1l. =!07 ARc H STREET,' P .HILADELPHIA;.. TF..iLLE:R. ::EI::R.C>S., .. ) .A..nd. or Merchants and Wholesale Dealers In l FOREIGN DO 1 f Seed Leaf. \ 1 1 7 aa south street, E. & CO.,-Packers of Seed Leaf and Importers of Havana. Q.Dd Sumatra Toba. ccos 109 N"orth. Btreet, Jl?h.:l1adel.p:b.1-LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, nanuracarer or Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco -A1iD-Luxury Fine Cut In Foil. i::l[. &, CO., IIIANVII'A.CTtiREBS OF SMOKING TOBACCO, S:n:u.:f"':f"' a.:n.d."t'tes, I 81 WEST PRATT ST., BALTIMORE. F W. BECK, Kaaatrer. >. -.>-JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO., PACKERS OF SEED LEAF and ::J:EALERS IN TOBACCO, .lULil'JS V.ETTERLEIN, 199 .A.EW.CEE PEE:J:X...A.DEX..PEE:J:.A. .!IM. E. McDowell a CoJI 4503 4 605 CHESTNlll ST._, PHILADEL.PH lA, ll aox.:m .A.GE::N TS! LOTT I H. CR'S -A.IQ). W. T. BLACKWELL i CO.'S. a --- -.ok:l:D.s Ill tort, btoD1 rittsllll'lh; CMJ:o, Bt Louis and Cinchinafi. -: LEWIS BREMER'S WHOLESALI!: DEALERS IN LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHII\. A .&.oortment of all kinola of Leal 'l'o'baooo ooastantl:r OD laaDd. I L. BAMBERGER. & CO., PACKERS & DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. UIPOB.TEJI.S OF Sum.atra and Havana, ilto. Ill A.RCB STREET, PHILADELPHIA. fw. Co., r!LEAF TOBACG 0, I 113 North Third Street, Philadelp,la. W. !:fl!ENLOBJI., PHIL. BONN I ALSO li(ANtJFACTURII:R8 OF IIIJI'fBBs> BXTRA,n "PORT," p, H, BIIM!IDOII'Pfl OBBIII&l'f,tt ao4 Other Bnmda of SmokiDc Tobolooo. Alllo RBRBB DB LA BBII'fE," "SWEET l'IBCTAB,tt &lid --Braada of Paper and Ali-Tobaeco Cigarettes. New York Office: 66 South Washington Square. T. J & CO., U':oi:teci. &'ta"tes o._a:r '.1'1101!1. 3, DWI'fN. U07U09 N"OEW.TEE EI:I:W.O.A.D &T., PEE:J:X...A.DEX..JI?EEX.A.. HENRY HEI!I'IANN, ROOKE BROS., SNEERINGER & CO., lllanano:eaarera &he Qelebrated 13 South Howard 8t., BALTIMORE, -FEB. 12. Admtjsementlfrom West 1 Srmth. L. DUNLAP & CO., w co A. F. RICO'& co. hooeoll0r8 to Jne. B. Claaet & Co. IMPORTERS OF B.. MEIER & co .. HAVANA 1.EAF TOBACCO NAVY .TOBACCO, CINCINNATI. o. -AND-And Acent8 Cor L E A f To B A c co 1 O:ZG-.A.R.&, !I'Ianufacturen oc 18 .Central Wharf, Boston. Twist&. Plug Tobaccos. l. C. SCHEFFEY & CO., F. W. DOill'mann & Son, Manufacturers' Mgents, LEAF TBBAGCO BROKERS NEW YORK AND PENNSYLVANIA CXGA.R.&, S E. fj & f 184 4th AnDue, LOCISVILLE Ky cor. 118 rom Sis., Southwestern ![clrts for Kerbs & SJiess: CINCINIIIATI. orde"' Solicited erom _!_ HENRY MEYER & co., F.PRACUE a. MATsf!oN." Paoken ot 1 LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS Little Dutch Tobacco, Re-Dryero or c;!:; L aacl Pine Warehouse: Carlisle. o. ll'lllen on C-loaton. OFFICE-I:; aad 11 VINE SruE'l', ViDe and Froat Street., Claotnaatt. lSI .A. T:J:. DRY HOUSES: -CoviBKtaa, Ky. ; Walton,lt,y. Henr:T Gelae .. Denno Damns .. THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO. lloooeooora to Helily Geise ao4 Btlclme;r & G<>ftoa, lllanu.-etaren o' aU lUnda oC ax G-A. :a. n o :lE. E s. ea.1er :l:a. X..a.be1, C:lsa.r JR.1lobo:a., aacl aU otlaer, 8appUe. Lara;e &took of Geo, S, .Ham. II; Son' CoDataDtl:r Oil HaDdo ... 93 CL.A. Y" C:J:.N'C:J:l.'i.TJ.'V' .A.TX o. Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED In Plain or Fall01 of Plain. Gilt or Colored Till al. Lowest Plicet! Bamplo Tags an full lnforma.tion turnlsbed "" application. J. M. ROBINSON & Co. 225-229 W. 2d II; 52-U c...,tra l A ,. CXN'C:J:N'N' .A.T:J:. O. W BEST, Cblci.go; LORIN PALMER, Now Yori<; W. B. RUSSELL, CblC81(1. H111811ALa Blrml. E. B. 8lnTR. Elroo-..._ HINSDALE SMITH & CO., [EBT 4BLlSBED UNO.) Paeken anc J oben or Gonnoctlcnt soud-loaf TJbacco -DD-OfHAVANA, 21, 23, SDringfteld,lasa. ... B. :IIA YO. !'ROkAS lo:I'KilllliOa P .It MAYO. & BROTHER, Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND, VA. BY IIDBEB:l' A.. llAYO WI. oof tlullllyla ..... M.A.V'Y" TOEI.A.CCQ NA'VIE!I A BPECIALTY IM ALL SIZBB, JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant LEAF TOBACCO, 'V .&o -J AS. A. HENllERSON & CB, DJ:A.IiEJIS IN VIrginia and North Carollnl LEAF TOBACCO, 1 Da:q;#"U1e0 V'a. Bmokel'a &W Bright Leaf a Bpedalt7. rJrdera llullclted. Befe_, 1'. X.. liD.-. a Qolland. 'V. S. Successor to Peynado &: Oo. DIREC'l' IMPORTER OF :Eies"t, ::a., .. ssell &, Cc:., WHOLEssuA""""""'L .. EteJoTaNco.PA.RTBRIDAGEc"'cco.ON.JSTS l tnzano.Pendas l Co.s Clear Harana Goods Solo PreJrictan or tho Gtnniu 'GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' Ci2:ars. 1:17 X.a.llr.e &'to 41 81:a.1:e 81:.1 Ch.:lcaso, Z11 BOLE AGBNTS FOB TilE FOLLOWIIW 'Wm.LXNOWN FIIWS:-BTBAI'l'ON .t ITORM'S C!caraaad Clgaretteo; D H. McALPD! .t 00.'8 Plu1< PENDAB .t CO.'S Hanna Cinra; 11.11:. G RAVELY S Tobaeco: W T BLA c;.._,..........,.t CO Durham, N: BAQLlCY 4 CO '8 "JIU. YFLOWER, Mich. ; J. W CARROLL'S "LONE J'ACK," hburg.._ Va.,tGOODWIN &CO.'S OLD JUDGE ';.Tobacco and eigarette&; 'S "BETWEEN THE A(]l'S." and KINNEY TOB.A.CCO CO. '8 Clprettea. .&:GENT8 FOB B. H. GATO S KEY WEST CIGA.BS. WM S ..,;NlTi TOBA..fl'(i ,,\'-1-'JF':-. H:1Gi-II5'l'ER,N y NAVY TOBACCO WORKS. --E. Cl .A.X..X..EN', Propr:le1:or. MANt;JFACTtJB.ERS OF PrLUG, FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING .TOEJACCC>S, N. W. cor. Canal and Monroe Sts., CHICACO. B.. !(IUBERT, L. PINCOFFS, BUYER AND SELLJ:Il 01' Gnttin!S and ScraDH. !DOMEsTic LEAF ToBAcco LEAF WboroB.icco, 23 43 S. Water Street, Chicajo, Ul. PIPER HEIDSIECK PLUG TOBACCO FLAVORED WIT!I TIIK!-Lc>ulnllle J!otel -Galt Houoe Stand& C. & R. DORMITZEift & CO. B6alors & Commissiollerahants il LEAF TOBACCO, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., IW.IIalnaa48ee

12 GR.AY, MORALES & DALTON Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE HAVANA CIC!IS, 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. Eota'blialaed aboat 15'70. GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG, Gr:ID::R.:Dti:.A.:N "Y, &, JI!J:a:a. bo-er e. SIMnr Carda and Faoo7 Laloelo fo:r Beer, Wb&e, F:ralta aad Prooervea, Cigar Box Labels a Specialty. ...for Private l.abelo cou&anlly on hand. Order. reeelved by EOIUIEYER & CO., 42 Beav. a..-Yll't Ac..t.. KIMBALL, Clfdb F& Cit., 36 WAR.B.Ell' ST., NEW YORK, mGH GRADES citJ\iS. AND DEALERS IN X.:ID.A.P TO:EI.A.OOO l'acto:ry '1'85, 2d Dbt., N.Y. 1 _.,_;r.......,.. of tlie Bto"-r lllD.& ... H08A ijEL N .. T, p .. ., .. DB VN&.Bt;r.t... EL PJt,llllEB.t., w t.oa DE l!l&NTAwz.ur. LA PBJliCHOI.B, BOSE8, NEW KI!!"IIIET,1 EL UT!II!O, VEGVEBtU, 01JR TBiiiiUTORV. Samples t'urnisbed upon application. STRAiTO.N & STORM, NEW YORK, 'All Cigars of our Manufacture bear the H ,.,; I ,...rHE TOBACCO \FEB. BLACKWELL'S DURHAM f HONEST, POPULAR, 1 Is the Most 1 UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Toliacco ever placed on the Market. lAND SATISFACTORY) i Situated in the immediate section of country tuat produces a grade of Tobacco that in texture, and quality is n_ot in the wprld,. ?f these goods is Otlly hm1ted by the quantity produced. We are In I pcs1tlon to !lommand the choice of all VERY BEST. l.U.IIIILU,jU o1ferin111 upon this market; and spare BO pains or expense to give the trade the BUTLEB & WILSON I L MAJrDl'ACTUJU:IlS 01' 1B8D. FINE NAVIES, For Chewing & Smoking. :E-. & Ce>., MANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, "'iiVes"t a:n.d York. R.:l..c'h'D' on.d, v a. Office and 153 Chambers St., New York. "'FJXTBAOT WORKS. The Mrs. 8. B. Miller & co TH.XPX..l!J OONO:ID:N'T::R..A.TEX:J. ; +. FOR FOR BOXES. TOBACCO JW'" Pr1C9 per pint. per pll<>a, t). IUS. IITNLEY L. PLTT .Preolunc. N0"1" =/ID'V .A.:PO.R..A.T2!J, 8'7 Oc:tX..'ODII:::EIXA BT::R.EET, .N'E"''W'V "Y'OH.:K.. at. f!, to malte ONB tijALioON at .STR.ONU Pl..& VOa, -enoeeelpt CJl -MANUF.:\CTURER.S OF THE CELEBRATED-ount, ? ? -"",. "" PLAIN FIXE CUT CHEWING TOBACCJO IN BLUE PAPERS n ALSO llA.!IVFACTURII .._-1'.} S :N '0 F F S: ESSENCES for T08ACCO Flavors of all kinds. Rose-Scented Macoaboy Scotch Fren"h Rappee ftmerl'canGentleman ftG.A.B COLO& Dry -In Llqu14, AilSPECli.&L .. LA V ..... t1e11rec1, ....... o U 1 J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., "S:J:G-JSI'A.L'' Oh.e"''C'V':l:a.t;, One oz. Poll. First and Secood q.uatur Smoklnll, In Blue Paper 156 cham'ben street, New York. SWEETENED FINECUT--Oark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. WORLD CIGAR FACTORY. We are Sole Preprletel"8 ot the foTiowing weD-Jmown Bmnds, and shall Tigoro"u:oly prosecute any intrtnement, Tiz, :SPECKLED BEAUTY, DO"l'LET, BEAUTY &POT, FRECKLED BEAUTIIIE& MAY APPLE and PBIZB BAF PINECUT, Ia PoiJ, RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, Manaf"aeaarer ot We beg to call the attention or Tnbeeo Manufae=fc'i':.. 8l1d Dealen to this SUPERIOR &Dd PURJ1 Sole Agents for tlle Stn.tes or North Ca.Mtina and Vil'llinla: Meosrs, DAVE..'IPORT "' 1110ruu8 Rich mond, Va.. Lleortce Root-A.racon and A.lleaa&e, Selected and Ozdinary. Also Pore Olive Oil fn barrels., a.nd Refined Spanub. It.aliAn and French, in cans and bottles. ZURICALOAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver Street, New York. & CO., lUaaufactDre.r. or FINE HAVAN. A CIGARS, 20, 22 4 24 Cold st., Fino Gnt & Tobacco. &n1eke -the :aes"t z ''DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE "Y<>rk. &o., WERTHEIM Ill. SCHIFFER, 403.09 Eaw t Sev.,..tieth St., New York, pURE T Q B A C C 0 I p U R E p A p E R DEPOT FOR THE ABOV: POPULAR BRAND: 1 2o-22 Bridge St Newark, N. J, ht eut. Leopold Miller a Son, Jacob Henkell, 1: 155 Chambers St., New York. Manufacturers of Fine crades in nuunCJTvaEa oP Caporal, CJPAB BOXES caporal STANDARD BRANDS OF lJ cut. LOPEZ Cirrarettes &. Smoking Tobacco ..... ..,.,:,.,.; KINNEY TOB'.I.CCO "nMPANY VEG-.A.." 6 Cedar .gforoole,LIOOIHCI!:PABTE\undertheol> "'.&I, u ., Mad &to. PRICIII wlalcil O&D hardly feJl to be aooeptable to an giving It a tr1aL -QUve on, Tonca Beans, Gums, Flavors, MANUFAC'l'UliEliS OF THE POWDEHED LICORICE ROOT and PATEJIT POWDERED LICORICE. LJ:OORICE -PASTE. ,, s G) L A a E .. AROMAS FOR SMOKING TOBACCO spanish Imported, In Bond or Duty Paid. f LICORICE MASS FOR CICARS. 0! Trade "G. C." "F. G." & "Wallis Extra." 66aoney a:n.d o" I WM. E. UPTEGROVE dt ::E!IH-0.; Spanish Cedar -FOR-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nails. Foot of East I Oth & lith St. XEW YORK. __ :E. 17. Ll:vezey Oe. POPLAR a 11d WKITEWOOD, PLANED and UN PLANED. -AND-IMITATION CEDAR FOR emAlt tUlfB. Cedar manufactured loy eur PATENT pro'le!llill tbe onlv PERFECT lmJ. Bpanih Ceder. Pricee and rateo of given upon application. 0 P;,r Salo by g, i .A..r g"U.i.m. ba "U. d) "'iiV al.l.i.s, .., Cl Sole Acenla ror &he 1Jnllod 8aa-and c-u, i 0 ;:i 21 and 31 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY, SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. POWDERED LICQRICE ROOT and POWDERED LICDIUCE PASTE. FLAVORS FOR SMOKING TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AND FINECUT TOBAOOO. POWDERED"LIOOlUCB J:XT,LJCORICE. Alao 'DEALE:RS in DXUGS aJMl LICORIlE BOoT. D. BUCHNER a co 4 _street, near Pearl sa.reea. JN"e-cv. OATEXX:J.A. TO:EI.A.OOO -vvo:a:s:a. ., The M11ler, Dubrul & Peters Manufact B Co., OFFICE-I 73 A li'S DUANE STREET1 NEW y oRK. MAN:OFACTURERS OF e Manufacturers of Plug and Fine Cut Chewing C 'reas eless Vertlcal Top and Smoking Tobaccos, Snuff & Cigarettes. -GOLD COIN CHEWING TOBACCO Manufacturers of Br.anda formerly Manufaotureclb).Thoe. HortA Co. 'ftibuleJpLia OftlceD. Bn.,hner & Co., 238 Norlh Tlllrd S&reoolo 4JII.kaao Ollllee-D. Buebue;r & co., 61 Wabaoh A. venue. 0.111i!lau omce-D. B&e1er a: Co., 34 Canal S&reet. '&,.COL .t.Iaw.-G. L .JohKJoo, Iff Haaower S&ree'&. ... rexaaL. Glerse ()o. J!!ranelllco Cal,-:& ruold Pollak & Co., 1 JO BaUery S&ree&l fOr PaoUle Ct>ad .... Terrla.orleaTin Lined & FlangeTop1 o CIGAR @)MOLDS, CIGAR &RAPERS, ETC., ETC. 413-4J7 E 31st St., cor. 1st Ave.-. New York; 1 G5, 167 and 169 E. Pearl Street, Clnclnnatl1 0. On AppUcati1on sh1all take p _leasure In sending to any addreetJ, free. drculars of our manufactory. FJNE CUT-CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET, .A.:n.d. 118 a:n.d '1SI1 Oed.a.r &t :N'E'VV' MIXTURES FOR PIPE OR CI<;tARETTE 'J)HREE Turkish, Perique and Virginia. MELLO'W MIXTURE, Turkish and Perique. TURKISH and VIRQ.INI!A. PERiqUE and VIRGINIA.. GENUINE TlJRKISU. FLAKE CuTs. 1r.BPICOIALLY ADAPTED J!'OR THE PIPE. VANITY FAIR. OLD GOLD. SALMAGUNDI, Granulated. A Bcw lixtnre. 1'FRAGRlNT VANITY. FAIR, SUPERLATIVE and CLOTH OF GOLD :&;:Z::aiE:EI.A.X..X..' .ATX:N' &" "t ou. "t O:l..aare"t"te. hoople et refined t.ote who dmre .,.oeptfnD&ll,. line JT our ll&ral&h I ..,t up In .. liD packt.U and boxeo of 10.. IOo. aDd IOOo. Our Cigarettee were neTer ItO an. now 'rhey Cfl'ftM.Ot be for _purity aDd e:z:celleoee EoaaUohed 1846. 24 Plnl Prize l!l.edalo, IM. S. KIMBALL .. & CO., Peerless Tobaocp Works, Rochester, N.Y. 'V & HERSHEY. DEALERS IN AND PACXERS OF PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF Lancaster Pa C. J. MORBIS, TOBACCO 'BROKER, EVANSVILLE, IND. uinlformlty, Accuracy unCI S .atlsfacitlo. n Cuaranteed. Hamilton & LlDey, lU.NUJ' .LCTUREBS OF TIN.TACS All r,!:r&.deo oCPlaln, tlolo ..... -bo ... and E.Daoteled .ora., ... lllade &o Order, 536-54._ West 23d 8trll1lt, Jew Yort lEERET & BLAISDELL OF CIG AR BOXES 168-no E. water Byracnsc, 1. J O&ALEBII lR ALL OF THE LA.'.t'DI'l' !!TYL1C8 mGAR-BOX LAJIIIUI AND TBDUilli!QS.'?rt


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