The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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, VOL. 15. :\ All Partl .. are :X '-' ) any Cautioned acalnet \ t. I '" of thle Brand ----_..,.. v. lYIABTIHEz YBOB a co. . II 80Jt.o:BI %JWI:JPOZ'I. TJII:...B, N'o. eo &"tree't, --(SVOOEIISOR.S. O:F :FELl% No. 167 WATER STREET, N' e"'VV """S?" ork.. S.A.l!III'O &, 'Y' A. lllil'9 81 B"tr' .N'e"S'V' York, Finest Cle&r'liiYBna Cigars. .Awarded Hig .... t Jledal at Ezlai'bltioa, 18'1'8, Phllaa.Jp'lala. ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVlMl CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. .. :I:L :ror Pl:ua Tobaee ... YORK: 38 crasbJ 163-16! llllmJ St!. CH1CAG 81, '8&: l 81 SILVER suaFAC E OI CJOKPOUJI'D POlL, PATEJI'T JIET.AL, aad all tJae clUie"at Tarietiea of :Foll bowa to tJae Tr..._ PR.UfTIKG OK :FOIL ill BroaDd (folora, aad wltk jli'ereat' ded& of f)raa-t4tioa, t ... TOEI.A..OOO A.N"D O:I:G-.A.:Fl. L.A..BELI!I. Oap-u.1e ::Eio,,1e, Plaia, (Jolo..;,d or 8&ed, ( '-AMrcss : j No. 186 GRAND 81. NEW TORI; p 88 F'RAlULIN ST CIIICAGO ... 1 :171 PEARi. : 8TRI:aT,, .. ooua wrU:.rr. 1 .u l '- ) BERNAZA 32, r NEW YOB& ... EJ._. D -IIIAl'IUP .I.

fie Tohacco Leaf. 1864. ....... g the Lal'&'est Circulation of an7 Paper in the World. PUBLISHED !lifDY SATURDAY M:OilNING LEAF PUBLISHING CO.s Editor. ......... erllle ..._. OOPIBS ........ .................. 10-*& ....,.,.. .............. tc r 8b; ............ ... Aal S&Merlpllea JI.Joroa .. ..... """O.lllolD.O ...................... te.ot -.a-.&&Dd Cbe eo ...................... li.O& .................... li.O& ........ : ...................................... li.M ..,A .. rBD B.&'rBB Pea .&DVEBTIIIBJIIENTB. 'De professed object of the corporation is So Jlrotect the members from unjust and une:mctioas; to uae its inftuence to pro.-, in all ports of entry a Ulliform system d appraisement of Sumatra tobacco under .Ueting tariff laws; to establieh, maintain .-4 produce uniformity in the customs and of the trade, ana to procure the necee .-y legwation for a uniform rate of duty all Sumatra tobacco. ::B should be the duty of Appraisers to de that e"rery entry shall state the original .-..Its put upon the packages from the island dfil Buma"a, and by which they are sold in iRallaod, with the number ef bales of each .....-11: and grade, and Appraisers should ._w of each mark and grade from a per..tage of bales fair commercial samples, '11NiJh the samples, couat the leavee con\taiaed in them, IUld assess the duty accord.Jiwly-taking the average as abasia. Tile Vuelta Abajo and Sem.i-Vuelta Booked ::;J'illers offered for sale at Schroeder & Bon's ._.absolutely pure, each vega and each grade \J!tiDg stripped and packed separately. imported Havana Scraps sold by !Sdlroeder & Bon are not dirty factory but the clean short fillers remaining fiJI t.tieir fine Booked Semi-Vuelta and Vuelta ,Abajo ftllers. 'l'otal.. .. .. .. .. 6,250 Divided as follows:-.. 'To manufacturers ............. 1,500 cases. city trade. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2, 100 :To out of town..... .. . . 1, 7GO export................... ... 900 '' Total................... 6,250 :E:s:port of Seed leaf and cut-iings since January 1, 1887 ... 11,138 cases. iSBJ:ne time last year ............ 10,855 '' SALES IN 188!r AlU> 1887. 1886. Cases. January ........... 3 ,498: February .......... 4. 79() March ............. 6,647 April .............. 5,657 1887. Cases. 10,723 8 ,476 6 ,582 6,:e50 .A large of various qualities of [Stripped, Booked Jlavana ]'illers always on ,Jiand: at SooaoEDJm & noK'B; 178 Water Street, New York. trUE TOBACCO LEAF. MAY 7. LOCAL '.rB.ADlil IN HAV AN .A TOBACCO 'IN APRIL. Government with all i*s machinery and offi cera is not able to administer the law without such assiatance as they propose to furnish. This fact alone, if properly presented before Congrees, should make easy the task of another committee, whose duty it will be to work for a uniform rate of duty at Washiog--Emanuel Salomon, of M & E. t:lalomon and Mr. Merfeld, of Merfeld & Kemper, Baltimore, sailed for Europe on last. They will both be in y,ttendaoce at the second Sumatra sale on l!be 25th inst. tail the consumption of the _better grades, and consequently affect the pnces of leaf. Referring to dark tobaccos, Mr. Hartbill eaid all grades were antlllad been llfllliog for all they are worth. 'l'he quality of the dark tobacco crop is in the main poor, being desti t?te of the body sold last year. Although r1per than' the crop marketed last year, it is, ceoerally speaking, far from being as desira ble. All dark tobaccos with substance are selling high, IUi.d likely to do so during the particularly all wrapping types, wh1ch so far have been scarce in this mar ket, although we look for more later on, as the proportio11. of heavy tobacco marketed is small as compal'ed with the quantity of Bur ley sold. Dark smoker cradee will be in abundance, and it seems hard to know where the large quantity in stock and to ar rive will find an outlet at otherwise tkan very low figures. Of course there is the .. glorious uncertainty" of the future ae te what may be the case as to the reeult of this rear's planting, which epecula .tors are banll: mg on to let tllem out or make a good profit their purohases, 110 far, of lb.Mh heavy and hght smokers. But as the stock of such is large at home and abroad, it remains to be seen how they will pan out. TRADEMARKS REGISTERED. The reported transfers amounted to 5,506 bales of Havana and 75 bales of Yara in April. -The Defiance Cigar Manufactory have decided to hereafter pay their employees on Friday n ight, and give them all of Satur(,lay as a holiday-at tbe employees' expense. This will necessitate the employing of a number of extra hands. Tilie factory bave been in the habit of giving tb'eir workmen a half holiday during tlte summer months and allowing them a full day's pay; but they coBeider the law recently paased by the Albany legislators as an interference with the rights of manufacturers. and now that they are compelled to give a half holi day, will go a st.p further, and close their factory on Saturdays. To eatabllBh In court in case et or fraudu lent claim, ownership in a trade-mark or labet, It J. nece. aary to prove priority of use. or tlrst llll8e after abandonment by tbe original owner i and to malte such proof at &ll timea available, the TOticco LaA PuBLI!BDm 0olfPUY have In augurated In their tllce a pertilet syst.em for t.l!e registra tio':l and catalofU:Ing of, trade-marks and Iabeii of t: fery d&ICnptiou pertaining to the ci&r and cigarette LD llOBTBLY BTATBMBNT 01' STOCKS OJ' SPANISH TOBAOOO. and &t lower rate thaD: an:r Cienfue Hnana. Cuba. Yara. gos. Total. Among the recommendations of the com mit tee we find the following trade regulation, which appears to have been adopted by the meeting, though one of thoae present s.trongly objected to binding himself to be honeet, since no one had ever, to his knowledge, ques tioned his honesty. The statement made by another member, uamely, that Sumatra tobacco of light and hv:r weight had been mixed in the bales in Holland for the purpo11e of getting them through legitimately under the lewer rate of duty, and then separatinr; the grades again. after payment of here, appeared sufficient to inftuence these gen tl11D18n 'lie willing to set the good exam pie by tying their own hande against these practices, which, though not dishonest, would, if continued, render more difficult the task of procuring an equitable enforcement of the law. Besides, under the lateat ruling of the Secretary of the Treasury, nothing could be Ba!ed on the rate of duty 'by mi:l.iur and re packing, as e"rery leaf must' stand ou its own weight and be taxed accordingly. Thwobject of the importers appears to be meritorious. lt is certai11ly honest and in the interest of honorable and fair dealing, and we wish them all succees. THE TOI!ACCO LEAF PUBLISJJING CO. will reoriater, gi?e cerUftcatea of registration .00, pubUah weekly 1n the lloe atvle exhlblted b61ow &U &ra"tted Fawn" and "Corinne" are C. C. Bickel & Co.'s leading and popular brands of c igars-made at the Dan'l Boone Cigar Factory. R. N. Ewell & Co., cigar manufacturers, have removed to 525 Fourth avenue, the fash ionable thoroughfare of Liluisville. These gentlemeu do, l:lesides, a jobbing business in all kinds of manufactured tobacco. The Falls City Cigar Manufacturing Com pany report a good trade during the first three months of this year. Octave Rossinier is agent for the well known cigars of G. W. Nichols, of New York city. Mr. Raseioier keeps constantly on hand a large stock of domestic and 1m ported cigars, and when it comes to a choice glass of wine there is but one place in Louis ville, and that is at Raesinier's. Little MB&"1Jle. (Smoking in bags.) No. 2439. Registered ),Jay 2 8 a. m. Ro bards & Kitchell Tobacco Manufacturing Co., Henderson, Ky. Sweet VIolet .Plug in caddie&) No. 2440. Registered May 2, 8 a. m. Robards & K1tchell TQ>bacco Manufacturing Co., Henderson, Ky. Whttleather. (Plug in butts.) No. 2441. Registered May 2, 8 a. m. Robards &; Kttchell Tobacco Manufacturing Co Henderson, Ky. ., R. & K.'a He;.denoa, Ky. Double trmogle attached with ters F. C. B. in blue, red yellow, re specttYely. Tm tag-(Plug m caddies. ) No. 2442. Registered May 2, 8 a m. Robards & Kitchell Tobacco Manufac turing Co., Henderson, Ky. Venu1 No. 2443. For Cigars and Cigarros ReglStered May 8, 8 a. m. Berriman Bros., Chicago, Ill. lllars. No. 2444. For Cigars and Cigarros. Registered May 3, 8 a. m. Berriman Bros., Chica!l;o, lll. .J'uplter. No. 2445. For Cigars and Cigar ros. Registeted May 3, 8 a. m Bern man Bros ., Chicago, Ill. SatUJ"n, No. 2446. For Cigars and Cigarroe. Registered May 3, 8 a. m. Bern man Bros., Chicago, Ill. Uranus. No. 2447. For Cigars and Cigar ros. Registered May 8, 8 a. m. Berri man Bros., Chicago, Ul. Return. at. Washington, 1874.) No. 24t8. For C1gars. Registered May 4, 2 p.m. Henry W. Vorn brock, St. Louis, Mo. Corduro;r. (Copyrighted at. Waehington, 1874. ) No. 2449. For C1g81'\l. !leistereli May. 4 2 p. m. Henry W. Vorn .brock, St. Louis, Mo. Sun Beam. (Copyrighted at Washington 1874) No. 2450. For Cigars. teres May 4, 2 p.m. Henry W. Vorn brock, St. Louis, Mo. She. No. 2451. .!!'or Cigars. Registered May 4, 11 a. m. L. Neuberger & Co New Y01 k De. No. 24112. For Cigars. Registered May 4, 11 a. m. L Neuberger & Co NewYork. '' Screw Club. No. 2453. For Cigars. Reg IStered May 5, 8 a m. 0. A. Nubell, Lake View, Ill. Boger _Williams. No. 2454. For Cigars. RegiStered May 5, 8 a. m. Providenc& Cigar Co., Providence, R. I. Yale Belton' s Best. No. 241111. For Cigars. Registered May 5, 8 a. m. Jacob Arnold, Bndgeport, Coon. cSor.nucopta. No. 2456. For }j'me C ut, Chewing and Smokmg TobaQ: co. Registered May 5, 8 a. m Wm. S. Kimball & Co., Rochester, N: Y. Improved, No. 2457. For Cir;ars. Regis tered May 5, 3 p. m. Guter Bros., Newark, N .J. Spike. No %458. For Ci-.;ars RegMay 6, 9 a ; m. J os. Hamburger & Co., Cincinnati, 0. Old Homelilead.. No. 2459. For Ci,;ar ettes, Fme Cut, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. Registered May 6, 12m. Wm. S. K1mball & Co., Rochester, N Y. Third Editlen. No. 2460. For Cigars and Cbe1 oots. Registered May 6, 8 a. m. Alstelder Broe & Bejach, Cincinnati, 0. Camaroons, No. 2461. l'or Cigars. IStered May 6, 3 p. m F. A Ford & Co., New York. "Newsboy," a mahogany navy, "People's TOBACCO MANUFACTURE Df JfEW Choice," dark malwgany, and "Punch," YORK CITY IN APRIL. bright navy, are the latee t brands out at the SECOND DISTRICT, N. Y. National Tobacco Works, Pfioggt, Doerhoefer Revenua. & 9o. southwest _corner Eighteenth and Tobacco .. ......... $13,751 14-171.889lbe.. Mam streets, proprtetors. Snuff......... .... 393 404.917 .. J. The?

, MAY 7. Tobacco Frei8ht CharGes. Pursuant to the resolve of 'he New York Llaf Tobacco Board of Trade nt its mee,ing on Tuesday, A.pril 13, when MeBIIra. Bon, Gonzales and Garcia were appointed a com mitwe to consider the question of the in creased freight rateR for Havana tobacco recently inaugurated by the Havana steam 11hip companies of this city. a meeting was held Friday at the Board Rooms, at which the committee preeented a report of its pro eeedin&. Mr. A. H. Scofield was choeen as chairman, and Mr. Ellinger was appointed secretary. There were present from, twenty representatives of Havana tobacco impor'iug firms of 'Ilia cit;r. Mr. Bon submitted the report of the committee of which he was chairman, stating what work had bean ac<:o: now J...,. .. 1dogulre a: eo. NEW' .N. Y.-l, Ptaun a. Co., cigar manutacturen; dlalolnd. llejall.t Becker, dealeno In meenchaum pipee, etc. : dJa.. sohed; Jn.liu hecker continues. Carl Upmann, cigar manufacturer and dealer in leat tobacco; removed oftlce from 178 Pearl street to 406 and 408 East 59th atreet i discontinued leaf tobacco buaioe81!1 i C Erdt succeeds to tobacco and commis8ion business, and will carry ifi on under his own name ai 188 Pearl street. NEW' YoRI, N Y .-Scott & Chamberlain, electric cigarettes; dissolved: Geo A. Scott con tiDues. UPP&R S.&r-DUSIY, 0 -Hare & Liebenthal, wholee&le andretail cigars i dissolved, Ke1oneo FB.tlurea and BualDNI Ar r .. ul{emeul& BIU.NDON. Hanltoba.-L. N Delaney, cigai"'B, etc.; given chattelmortgqe for 1240. BJU>OJU.YB, N. Y -Joseph laa. B-n.a-Tobacco-'La:n'dman & 185 bales; F Garcia, Bro & Co till; Lozano, Pendaa & Oo 5: A Gonzalez 121; F Schulz 21: J Bern he 1m & Son 120; Sartol'ius & Co 60; S Auerbach & Son 96: B Diaz & Co 61; C Upmann 8; Wei! & Co 69; AI mirall & Co 88: Jas E Ward & Co IOO:. order 89: Schroeder & Bon 114 do, 88 bags picadura ( F Alex andreOft of New York to foreign "P()rtll for the week ending May 8, 1887, were ufollewa:A""'tm-dam-401 hhdo, 5 pkga lbs) mfd AnttcM"p-37 bhds, 40 cs, il pkga (5,674 lbs) mfd. .&mleaWl:-15 bbds. BrMMn-88 bbds, 189 co, 424 bales. Brili.ah Austra.lia-482 pkgs (711, 780 lbs) mfd. Brawo &ut lnd....,46 pkgs (9,519 mfd. EritUA W&t bhds, 3 cs, 48 pkgs (8,429 lba) mfd. Briti4h Guiana-2 pkgs (60 lbs) mfd. Oanad.>--10 bales. Central AmeriC&-69 bales, 192 pkp (11,436 lbs) mfd Ouba-54 pkgs (lS,OOO lbsi mfd. Dv.tch wue 1MU8-8 bales, 12 pkgs (2,100 lba) mfd. F'rf/Mh Wut lndiu-18 hhds. Gil>raltar-fiO pkgs lba) mfd. Glaagow--124 (21,824 lba) mid. B<>mbu!'g-110 balea, 119 pkga, mfd. Ha..,...-96 hbds. Hayli--6 bbda, 10 bales. Irltmg Kong-11 pkge (1,680 lba) mfd. /41l1) mfd. NON &u. ''a-1 pkg (lOO lbs) mfd. .Roturdam-12 hbas. &10to /)()mt'Tif/<>-2 pkgs (14& lbs) mfd. U. S. o/Colombia-1 cs, 106 bales, 1211 pkga (18,186 lba) mfd, balea, 811 pkr (8,8711 lba) mfd. U:PO&T8 1'11011 Tllll POBT OF III.W TGBII: TO 1'08 IIJUif PORTS ROll JAIII1JAJIY 1, 1887, TO IIAY 6, 1887. Hilda. c-. Bales Lba mfd. A.fr1ca ............ 200 28 1111,4<&9 Amaterdam ........ 548 900 10,463 A.nlwerp ... 1,468 1,7111) 110,671 A.118trla ........... A118UaliL ......... 23 20 768,800 Bre111ea ...... ..... 3,112 5,314 10,588 17,493 Britiak N. A. Col .. 93,M6 Canada ............ 2,003 Central America 1 407 58,580 Cbma and Japan .. 16 58,66 2 Oopenllagen ....... 89 II 7,926 .East 1nctiea ....... 19 7 s 114,005 France ............ 1,723 1 6,500 G!hraltar .......... 366 2,883 30 135,870 ..... ,. 888 10,04i 97,612 Hamburg ......... 6,567 10,151 67,797 lcaly ...... -....... 2,2311 1 7,380 Li.erpool". ...... 2,896 21 16,850 London ........... 711 184 28 113,908 Otker British Porte 107 276 Malta ............. Mex1co ........... 2 93 3,606 New Ze&la11d, etc. 88 229,794 Portugal ......... 806 HI 7,516 Rotterdam .... 861 410 214 Sandwich Islands. 160 opain ............ 5,181 100 South Amurica .... 855 16 4,903 343,224 Bwclit:n & Norway 38 82 1,650 Weat 1nci.ies. 465 200 746 846,781 Various porta ..... 0 0,816 17,723 12,538 29,707 2,777,876 DOMESTI "U.r The Book contains the Names of all Cigar, Cigarette,. Smoking and Sod Manufao-. turers in the United States and Cuba; also a valuable .List of Jol?bera and Wholeaale Grocers in all the leading distributing points in the country. Price, Five ... WAXTED I'OR. CASH, _.. CIGAR CUTTINGS 1'01' Dom-tio .... a hport u ... Give rate of. ;;vur place to Wheellng, We alwa;rl In the market for Tobacco cUtliJII!a, U they -olean ud dry and not mnety. BlOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Yirgmia. PillE HAYAIIA SCRAPS, Alse Seed Scraps, absolutely el88.111 AND READY J'On USE. lllabeol prices paid f o r Seed Cuttings, Scrapo and Sifl!nge. !'OBACCO DUST POll SALE. l'o1 p'lic. and of tJl above gooda, appl.y to JOSE S. MOLINS, 1119 IMPORTANT NOTICE. $300. Three Hundred Dollars $300. STRAITONl STORMS PINNACLE We hereby offer Three Hundred Dollars ($300) Reward fer the detection and con'l'iction of any per oon or peroons imitating our PINNACLE cipr, the form ef the tip of which io shown by the a bon cut. York, Apri118. 1887. 1156-68 CIGAR WANTED-A wellknown cigar factory, making ftnt and medium goods, re quires the oervices of an experienced for grocery. hotel and drug trade. State referencea. AddreSB "Reliable," tbi1 oftlce. 1168-eQ WANTED-A leaf tobacco saletSman for the city and Yiciaity. Liberal salary and cemmiSBlen to a competent party. Addl'llll "L. L.," oftlce of tbe Tobacco Leaf. 1159 FOR SALE-A Pease Cutter No. 3, in good repair. Appy to Union Tobacco Works, Louia ville, Ky. WANTED-By one who io tlloroughly acquaint ed witll the trade, a lute of mooium and low t;rade cigars on commission Ia South Carolina. Must han excluai'l'e contrel of South Carolina, and com mission ua all salea. Direct or address "Salesman Lock Box 110, Florence, Iii. C. 1lli7-li9 FOR SALE-Strictly ilrat Cll\llll Hanna pica dura, in bales of abo ut 100 lbs each. 1152-64 J H. GREGORY, K e y West Jl'la. FOR SALE P. POHALSKI & CO.. 153 Cbambera street, bwe alwa y s on baad Al KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS and TABLE SCRAPS L o west mar ket 1144-1169 PARTNER WANTED. A l!entlema11 frGm Europe, w bo is thoroughly acquaated with the tobacco bus iness tbe re, wishes to meet with a partner who bas $11.000, to expor t lea f tobaaco in which an excellent busineBB can be done Best references given and required Address "Export Cigar Leaf," office of 'fobac co Leaf. 1109 dp LARGE LIGHT OFFICE on first sto17 to let at 178 and 186 Pearl street. with b&Bement if de sired. Apply to HoRACE S. ELY, 22 Pine street 1169 CAVENDISH MANUFACTURERS One of the l&rgest t11bacco mauufacturere in Holland, having a large connection at bomft and abroad, w i shes to enter into business relations with a manufa c turer of a bove aoticle disposed to send his goods en c o nsigament or Qn sale. Almost cer. tain Gf impo r tant bus iness tranS&Ctions. First. class Ameri c an and other references. PreJ>aid lett e rs m y b e addres s ed to X. B. ll.," c&re Ny g h &: V a n Di t mar s General Advertisiog Offices, R o t terdam. 1159 HAVANA SCHAPS The DEFIAN C E CIG AR MANUFA C TORY offer s for salo, in qua ntities t o sui t at 59 c ents per p o und tb! r t y cases o f tine H a v a na s craps a ll of t he tlne&t Vuelta Absj o t o baaco. w ar r a nte d pure and cl e a r F o r s ample add ress D efianc e Cig ar Manu fact ory East 41st s tr e et N e w Yo rk. 1160-tf C. JOURGENSEN [s a Printer General Maaufacturing Stationer, and publishes Revenue Booksaad Blankl at 811 Maidenlane, New York. Pa'ten.'ta. BON. &. H. CRAGIJf & IIOJf, F ST., WASBIKGTON, D. C., Attorney& and Solicitor& of Patenla, Trade llarb, elc., ..,. all matters before the Executive DepartmeDt. or Oonl'f'8M., Refer to 2nd Nat. Bank. Send !or correspoDdeiiCe' .. 1dr H. W. Cragin wu form'!rl:r -to.d wltll W. P. Burwell and was aD E::r:amlner in the Patent Oftloe. lltw-81 Pa'te:n.'ts. TRADE MARKS AND LABELB. HENRY WISE GAB.JfE'l'T, Attorney at Law and Counselor in Patent W ABHINGTON, D. C. Refers to Second National Bank.Wub!agtoa, D. C. Bead stamp for lnveator's Guide. llM-48 :Key PlCADURA CHEROOTS. eT. :JP. tT. X. Principal Depoto:-192 Broadway, corner Jo'lt.; and .all Broadway, corner, NewYwk. The above l!Jrand, hniag been eopyr!Jhted, the is cautioned not to lmltats \he I!&Dle uader the peaalty of the law. Eacll paclt&ge, containinr lG cllereots in tin foil, beara a ye1lew label with an X on the face of the lahel and a whits label acrou oae end of packqa, lin wlaiobare tile Utit!ab, J. Jl'. J :X.. Abo imported Key West aad Domeat!c Clgarr. aU grades at Wholeaale 1147-72 J. F. J. XIQUK8. 6 do, 2 pkga : Jeffreys & Co llxs do; H Mandel baum 2 de: Benoy, Wiener, Lobm&D & Oo 1 ca cigars; Benaet, Sloan & Ce 1 do: Wagner, Kellam & Co 1; G F ()layton 1 ; Stainer & Co II; H .Man delbaum 1; Eq11italtle Co 1: N Y aad llanna: Cigar Co 2; R Schreiber 1; Leopold Miller B e nnet, Sloan & <.Jo 1: Qeo F Young & Bro 1; Ad&ms, Smith, & Co 3; E H Webster & Co 2 : B Diaz lo C o I; Es b erg, Bachman & Co 23; Fost e r & Oo 9 ; Purdy .les scraps: Behle n berg & Co 8 1 do, 7 d o ; G A lces 1 0 d o 1 o;lo; 1 Rein i tz 16 do, 4 d9; C P alacio & C o 45 do, 12 do; D J liloebm .t; Co g do, 6 do: C ullm a n s & Rosen b aum 3 co ci ga rs, 1 bale Suma tr a; Ba ker & DuBois 7 cs cigars, 2 bags p icad ura; Block Bros 7 bales scr&ps; Pretz f eld & Co 4. Ooastwi88 t1om Tampa, Fla.-Banchez & Haya20 cs cigars


'1""'HE TOBAOCO LEAF. MAY 7u Eastern Markets. PHILADELPHIA. May 5.-Mr. A. R ;Fougeray, Tobacco lnspect.or, reports to the Toas tolJows:-The han!ilers of miUlufac 'Sured hard tobacco claim tile pat wee 's bush.ess jihows improvement, especially for the ;;bnllds. Manufacturers now affirm that available tbrands 1Iave reached bed-rock in figures, an admis llllDn &ealera appear to concede; therefore purchases DANVILLE, Va., May 5.-Paul C. Yea able, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports t.o the ToBACCO LBAII' as follows:-&les this week are full, with a good demand for all gradPrices oo wrappers are sti1fer than tbey llave been especially for the better grades. and 640 uninspected leaf, 4,742 hhds and 51 tree-total. stock, 15 726 hbds and 694 trcs. Stock on hand April30, 1885: leaf, 4 651 hhds and 260 trcs; uninspected leaf. 2,671 hbds and 42 trcs-totalsLck, 7 322 hhds and 302 trcs. Total stock: on hand March 31, 1887, 21,402 hhds and 1.441 trcs. Decrease in stock during April, 18&7, 1,013 &, ::DS:a.:a1 '1..11"'a.c-t-.:a:re:rs Ft.:D.e 'ldil.l_.iAcreue. ,Fine cuts show an increased sale. Smoking tobacco receives ita full a'bare of atten.,_, w-hile each grade commaads a fair proport.ion ., onlera. ()igars--.ll'or Ule aeaaon of the year manufactur_. of rellab d&-.are uaineas. Cipr leaf ia a\illlcw io ,.aeee ud favor,ble t.o the views of coll8umera. It 'II low to be aatidactory. Baioatn atlll readily aella, but is aubject to ch1aer iiuDecLioo eo acoouat of irregular packiAg. ..Oavaua takea &tie cake for quick olea, if the Ia up t.o mark. BecBipta for the week-287 cues Connecticut, 369 Penasyltania, llli casea Ohio, 49 ceaea Little !])atoh, 80\ WlsconaiA, A8 casea State Seed, M bales 1V6 halea Havana and 218 h1Ids YJrgmia an4 Weateraleaf t.obaooo. &lea hue lleeo 41 cases Cooaectlcnt, 897 caaes lreDil.lylvani&, 44 caaes Ohio, 36 cases Little Dutch, cases Willcooaio, 4G cases State Seed, 611 bales 136 b6les l!niUla, u& 12 hhds Western .IMf in transit oiirect 1.0 manufacturers. Exported of 1eaJ 'tobacco-To Liverpool, per str iBritish Pnnce, 68,7116 lbB; tn Antwerp, per atr 'lritzerlsnd ,' t.otal, 101,180 lila. 1hstern & Southern Markets. ILLE, N. C., May 4.-Headerson iJtroe ollacco Broltera, report to the ToSales for April, 2.236,111 lbs, $178 969.87, at $8.01 average. Sales from October 1, 1886, to April 30, 14,116,818 lbs, $2,205,626 .85, at $!!.54 average. QUOTA.TIONS. Fillers-Common dark ................. 1"@ 2" Common to medium.. .. .. .. .. .. 3 @ 4 Commoa coiory ................ 3"@ 5 Good colory ..................... li @ 7 Fino bright ..................... 8 @10 Fine to fancy ................... 10 @12 Smoken--Common.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 @ 2" Medium colery .................. S @ 4" Goo4l .......................... 6 Fine bright ..................... II @ 8 Fancy .................... 8 @10 Cuttera-Cemraon bright .... . 7 0 ll :Medium ......... ,,, ..... ...... 9 @12 Good ........................... 12 @111 Fine ............................ 15 @20 Fancy ......................... 22"@33 Wrappers-Common ................... 10 @Ill Medium ......................... 12 @15 Good .. .. .. ................ 15 @20 :J'ine ............................ 23 080 Fancy .......................... 86 @60 DURHAM, N. C., May .-Bean. Webb .. Kn.mer, Leaf Tobacce Dilalero, report t.o the ToaAcco Lu-u tollowa:-Receipta 'l>f our mar kets are Tory good, though the weather !s dry and rather ull8eaaooable for bolodliag tobacco. Tllere are no especial comments t.o lie made, as our receipts conai" mostly of medium and low grades. fricea are steady, QUOTATIOJ!S: Lugs-Trash to commQn .......... 0 15 @I 25 Meilium to goad.... .. .. .. ..1 00 @2 liO Common leaf ................. 2 00 @3 50 Medium loaf ................ 3 60 @4 50_ HENDERSON, Ky., May 2.-Mr. G. G hhds and 174 trcs. Receipts of loose tobacco for seven months ending April 30, 1887, 3 299,370 lbs; for seveli months ending April 30, 1886, 6 ,955, 343 lbs; for seven months ending April30, 1885, 5,401,465 lbs; for seven months April 30, 1884, 3,420,8411 lbe. 1 Detailed inspections for seven months end ing April 30, 1887; Inspected during six months ending March 31, 1887: Bri@:ht leaf, 6. 080 hhds, 1, 408 trc&, 155 boxl!!i dark leaf, 4.194. hhde. 569 tree, 4.41 boxee; vv eetern leaf, 84.9 hhds, 1 trc. Total for six months to Karch Sl, 1887, 10,923 hhds, 1, 978 trcs, 596 boxes. Reviewed during six months ending March 31, 1887: Bright leaf, 4., 429 hhds, 1411 tree; dark leaf, 1,17ll hhds, 101 tree, 41 boxes; Weeternleaf, 108 -llhds. Total reviews during six months, II, 769 hhds, 246 tree, 41 boxee. Total sampling during six months ending March 31, 1887: Bright lear, 10,509 Ui48 trcs, 165 boxes; dark leaf, 5.366 hhds, 670 trca, 482 boxes; Weetern leaf, 817 hhds, 1 trc. Total for six months ending March 81, 1887, 16,692 hhda, 2,219 tree, 637 boxes. Impectiona for month of April, 1887: Bright leaf, 849 hhds, 148 trcs, 23 boxes; dark leaf, 835 hhda, 78 tree, 107 boxes; Western leaf, 93 hhds. 2 boxes. Total inspections for April, 1887, 1, 777 hhde, 226 trcs, 132 boxee. Total reviews for April, 1887, 1,173 hhds, 130 trcs, 29 boxes. Total sampling for April, 1887, 2,950 hhds, 356 trc11, 161 boxes. 'tho :lli:L the 'VV :IIAGC 1u followa:-Receipts mod ---'"o owiag to-Uie dry weailier, although there is ..,_ a large amooat of leaf now in the hands of the :farmers. Tbe larger proportion will be aeld after oeuon. Pncea contiuue alifl fln all gradea, .-all common gtades are io much demand .t11ao at any Lime this season. There will not be a !larp crop aet this year. There is much complaint ., plant.l. Leaf aoa St,Ip Tobacao Broker, re_PC!rts t.o the ToBACCOLBA.P as fellows:-Notwith st&nding we haye had good handHng seasons for tobacco and receipts have been fair, the market still continues active and strong, w1th an upward ten dency and good healthy demand. There is new more confidence io tile staple than at any time during the year. This t.o arise from various causea, viz; the falling elf io receipts, tile amount of the crop w)lich was so badly frosted as to render a deal of it uamarketable, aod which will never go lote consumption: besides, it ia gen erally conceded that the plaoliog of another crop will be rednced at least one-fourtb io the dark tobacco growing districts (excepting the Clarka ville, Tenn., section). Total inspections for seven months to April 30, 1887, 12,700 hhds, 2,199 trcs, 728 bxe; tot,e.l reviews for seven months to .A.pril 30, 1887, 6 942 hhds, 376 trcs, 70 bxs; total sampling for seven months to April 30, 1887, 19,642 hhds, 2,575 trcs, 798 bu. Total inspec tions for seven months to April 30, 1886, 15,515 hhds, 1,975 trcs, 656 bxs; total reviews for seven months to April 30, 1886, 5,1183 hhds, 198 tree, 10 bxs; t&tal sampling for seven months to April 30, 1886, 21,098 hhda, 2,168 trcs, 666 bxs. IOU, 1018, 1018; lOlW BEDOJID AVE., aad 310, 312, 314 318 EAST FIFTYFOURTH ST,. JIEW YORK. Qt!OTA.TIONB. Inspected during seTen months ending April 30, 1887:Briglit leaf .............. Dark leaf ........ ,, ..... Hhds. 6.929 11,029 Trcs and Bxs. 1,729 1,195 unloaded here daily for the improvement of the soil we expect about the same acreage to be planted this year as last. LA CRUZ ROJA. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 Jlediula ........................ a Good .......................... 6 @ li We regret very much being absent from home a few days ago and did not have the pleasure of meeting your .Mr. Grall. He is always welcomed by our t.obaoco trade. We hope that be may come Qfteoer. Western leaf .... .. Total seven months end-742 3 The Seed beds for the '87 crop are coming on finely, and as far as we can learn the pro portion of the Seed leaf variety will b&larger than that of last year. Farmers are now busily eugaged in preparing their grounds for oats, corn; potatoes and othe. r crops. Af ter they have finished these the tobacco plants will be attended to. PURE Havana Cigarettes ... lters-Comnaoo bright ............. S lledium ........................ li Goo& ........................... 9 J'iae ............. ; ............. 12 ................... II lledium, ....................... 12 Good ........................... 111 :J'iae .......................... 80 Wrapperla-Comnaoo ...... .... 10 ltedlWII, ..... .. .. .. ....... 12 Good ........................... 18 Fine ........................... 30 Fancy.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. &0 @9 04 @7 @1111 @18 @12 011i @311 @12 @17 @2li @45 @811 BALT.DIOBE, Md., May 5.-Mesara. Ed. 'WJaoilmeyer & Co., t.obacco commiBBien mer....,ta, report to the ToBAcco Lx.ur:-'I'bere Is ao -'ive demand for mooium and better gndes of t.obacco; also some inquiry for cvmmoo. .-ue& of 10metbiDg like 200 hhda have been made ..,iog the week at full prices, and holders are ,lmltly eoeouraged. Tile st.oclt of aalable common Jl ciomp&ratively light, having bllen greatly redu;)ed. .&llfnlllll reoelpta ilad ready sale, and such t.obacco :II coming in more freely. Ohio. is Tery dull and steady. No sales were reported this bspectetl this weelt-465 hhds Maryland, 26 Ohio; 486 llllda. Cleared same period-Per str Lord O'Neil, for 4Jia.qow, 63 bbdo aod 28 tierces Virginia; per otr iDonau, for Bremen, 26 bhds Virginia, 10 bhds Ken daeky, 1211 bhds Mauy land. TOBAOOO #aL 1,118 .7-St.ock oa b&oliia tobaccow&rehCIU84ll d fln 8liipboar4 not Cleared ll9,01l8 hbdo :luPected thia week .. .. .. .. .. .. 486 lllbds ;blpecte& previo.ualy 11,806 bbds 111,889 bllda of :tfarylazul and 1, 11i87 .. '-621 hhu_ 6,266 h1Ida iii wareboue thla da:J and on !lol ciearea ... : 19,MA h1Ids ll&llle IIDle 10 1886 .... ll,fi9il hhds Jlanllfl!!;tllrell r,bacco continpes quiel. 61!l01Wi& l'obacce-Our manufacturers are fairly ...,.. ()UiiOll!INATI. 0., llay 4.-M-ra. Prague A Jlataen, Leaf Tobacco Brokers and Re dryers of ()atting Leaf and Plug Tobacco, l"eport as follows So the TOllAOOO Lll.iJ:-The olleriogs at auction Jlave grown t.o some extent since our last report, .ad receipts ban sbown considerable iDcrease, ow to tile more favorable weather for haoeling. Tbe market continues active, witb a ,;ood domand for all rradea olleriag, especially ine old tobaccos. .All atated io la:at week's report, tbe monthly stateaeot shows a reduction of nearly 2,006 hbds in otloeka on band as compared with last year at same \#me. This '!"eek the market is again active and Ales quite Ji lleral. Total o1feriogs for the year to date, 23.027 hhds, tl1f which hbds were new against 22,544 llbtls .-me last year, of whicb 10,9Y1 hhds were' new. Hbds. Bo:_celplf fer tho week.. .. .. .. 119! Sl\llle week la:at year ......... 1,402 T)lere .w'as a good display of the be tier grades, d buyer showed thy were io quest of this sy e et !Mbacco b,t beiQg liller .. l bidders. Eight hhds .Aoe .. oolor,;y leaf aold al fro!,D 14 .7li t.o 16.7G. OomJilOtL &lid me8ium classes _!t,re lield io good request ll& _pnces pr.e:nlliog last week. Ffjday Lb!3 breaks were, as usual, small and .the -ket closed firm on all grades. Oo new there wu a good market, the same improvemeat noted tleretofore coalinuing for all grades tllat are in good Mder, but for tb11 e tllat are iA aoft onler prices ar-e Jeas. Of the 481 hiKis (old), 58 aold from 1.10 t.o S.IIO. .. from tOG t.o li.91i, lli2 from 11.00 t.o 7.95, 117 from 8.00 to 9.116, 81 frora10.00 to 14.711, and 7 from 26-119 to 13. 71i Of, 61!1 hhda (new), 8411 aohl from 1.00 tp f\ 204 from 4.00 t.o 5.95, 61 frm 6.00 to 7.113 ani! M.from 8.00 to D 60, IICIRTJILY IITA.TBKERT l'OR .APRIL, 1!187. HMa. 8t.oek 011 April 1, 1887, ....... 8,494 Bec81pl.ii during April. ..... .. ..... 2,682 Total .............. ........... 11,137 Deliveries during April ..... ...... 4 .691 fltock oo hand May1, 1887 .......... 6,466 l!!tock aame time las .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 211 Actual sales .................... 34 'J_'he b_reaks day were small and generally of a.n lDfenor HOd the markeL was ooL a.s ac UTe as reported u"retoJore Common to good smok er and medmm to goorl fil ler and bind"rs were io fair requet at full fil(ures What few cses me dium t.o good wrappers were on sale were io active demand aod brougllt full prices. Miami War"u"use -5Y cas.,., prices as follows: Sii cases Uhio at 1.70 to 19 cases Wicoosin at 1.75 to ll.lo; lli ca&es Little Dutch at to 5.9u. Qt!OTA.TIONB. Beat leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 @ Good leaf .................... II"@ 6 Medium leaf .................. 4 Fair to &ood lugs ............. 5 @ 6 Common to medium ........ .... 3 @ 4 Frosted t.o bacco and trash .. S HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., May 4.-Mr. Gen. ing April 30, 1887. . 12,700 Total sevea months end ing April 30. 1886 ...... 111,515 Total seven months ending April 30. 18811 .. 12,964 Total s&ven months end-ing April SO, 1884 ...... 12,479 2,927 2,631 2,888 2,S18 V. Thompaoo, Tobacco Broker, reports to ToBAcco LiUP:-&lea of the week opened tbia morning; market not so aaimated as last prices uochaDged. The larger part of tbe ollerID'8 are of poor q11ality. Receipts are increasing. .l'teceipta t.o May 1, 11,280 hhda; same lime last year, 7,7M. Stock May 1, 2,548 h1Ida; aame time last Messrs. D Tidemann & Co.'s Monthly Report for May lsaya:1887. 1esG. l)hds, 1Ihde. 1, 777 2,1141 1,178 910 Breaks duriAg March: lnspecLieos ................. Reviews ................... year, 4,190. QUOTATIONS. Lugs ....................... 1 &0@ 4 211 Common leaf ................ 4 OQ@ 5 00 Medium. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11 000 7 00 Good ....................... 7 00@ 8 50 Fine.: ...................... 8 50@11 00 Wrap,era .................. 11 00@17 00 LOUISVILLE. May 4.-llr. A. Faiooaer, SecretarY of the Tobacco Boerd of Trade, reports t.o tbe ToBAcco LaU' u fellows :-The market opens this week with more signs of activity than it has displayed for l,515 ,--1887-----, ,--1886-------., Tob. Stems. Toh. !:;terns Foreign............... .. Coastwise ............. 787 f', -148 1,7Ul 118 Total during the mouth. 787 128 1,712 : ns Previous .............. 7,289 981 10,068 916 Totalfrom0ct.1 todate.8,078 1,109 11,780 1,0411 1887. 1886. Stocks on hand Apr. 1.. ... 15,1181 11,1148 Receipts aince ............. 1,777 2,541 17,858 Deliveriee fluting month,,. 8,457 Stock of inspected on hand.18,901 For fmpecfioli. :.: ..... 6,488 I QUOTA.TIONS. 14,089 3,106 10,984 4,742 Light leaf. Heavy leaf common lugs ........... 2 @ 8 lngs .............. 8 @ 4 Low leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. .. S"@ 4" 4 @ 11 Medium leaf ............ 6 @ 7 Good leaf ............... 7 @ 8 8 @ 9 Jrine leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. 9 @10 10 Bright smokers, 6 te 811; bright and suo-cured fillers, 4 to 20; bright wrappers, }5 t.o 75. STElla-LicoriCe, t.o l.Jol:; brown, to brigllt, 1,l& to 2 Market firm. ------Foreign Markets. .LONDON, April 2(), Messre. Grant, Chambers & Co. report to the ToBAooo LEAII': There has eeeo scarcely any businees done in this market during the past week, and there appears little inclination on the part' of buy ers to operate in any growth. Fine Western strips are now only in limited supply and are firmly held, b)lt common grades are much in excess of requirell).ents and are offered at ex tremely low prices. af importance don11 in Virginia. Substitutes have also ehared in the general. quietude. Special Crop Correspondence. OLMSTEAD, Ky., May 3. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFWith favorable weather the past w _eek plants have grown rapidly, and the situation has therefore improved. There are, however, still complaints of scarcity of plants, and I hear of parties in a few instancee who report that they have none at all. On a part of the beds the stand is very deficient. amounting to not more than a half stand in many inatancee. Many plants were without doubt killed by the lato frosts, but there are enough, 1 think, to plant the reduced acreage intended. Further inquiry only confirms the opinion expressed in a reeent report that there will be a redaction of acreage, which now promi ses to be of materie.l extent. Seasons are still unfavorable for handling the crop. T.E.B. CROP AND MARKET NEWS. PENNBYL VANIA. Lancaster Intelligence?". May 4 :-The only salee of did tobacco we hear of are tile following:-Skiles & Frey bought 60 cases and sold 110; Kendig & Bon bought 40 and sold 172; D A. Ma;rer seld 89 cases in small lots to local manufacturers. There is a litth1 more activity in the purch81'e of new tobacco than there has been for several weeks past. 'l'he dealers havinll( pretty well disposed of their Seed leaf pur chases. are paymg more attention to Havana Seed,. but even yet it gee9 off slowly. A number of dealere who have been prospectmp; durmg the past week complain that they can find but little Havana that anita the pur pose. They say there is a -grvat deal of white vein in the crop and a great deal of dead leaf, unfitting it for wrappers; and its tend ency to rot makes it a risky article to han dle. Our Washington correspondent sends us the following:-In and around W aehington borough tobacco is moving off. Borne few salee of Havana have been made to Lancaster and Wrights ville purcha&ers at figures that will pay the growers. l;'ome offers have been made to parties who say a small dillerence between them an<'i the dealers remains to be adjusted before sales can be effected. Our !lOad-hearted landlord of the Waeh ington Hotel telis us he is done growing I he weed, as kind Providence. during 1 he ice flood, remembered him so kindly as to allow the element to take _down the Buequehanna hie drying hed at a loss of or more. So Andy says he is done growing the weed. By 'he number of carloads of manure which ie OHIO. Miamisburg Bulletin, April 29 :-Business of the week has been of the broad-tread sort -steady, substantial progress. Resident and transient buyers participated. The popular fir;ure, for both Seed and DutGh, is 7c, but the average is below that numeral, while the ran,;e may be expressed by II to Be. Such packings as are made of Spanish, Dutch and Seed are exceptionally fine, with the exception of the proportion of junk that annually goes to buyers of low grade leaf ILLINOIS. Warren Sentinel. April28:-Prices wlllnot vary from last week's quotations. Consider able of tho '86 crop has been sold, as a rule of the beat grades; but a careful estimate of the amount yet in hands of growers in this section places it at between 400 and 600 cases. One or two Eastern buyers have been writing on here for old stock, but they gen erally want it at pricee hardly sufficient for handling, and meet with little encoure.geIDent. Amon the saltos of the week we learn of Chas. Brechtel, W eet Point, 3a at 8, 4 and 2c; Mr. h'llller, West Point, la at 6 and 2c; Jule Kane, Warren. Sa, 6 and 2c; Chu. Law renee, Nora,10 cs, and 2c; Wm. Taylor, Dunbarton, at 111, 7 and 2c; M. Johnson, Collins, 1a at 8, II aad 2o; Kelsey & Coving ton, Nora, 12 cs at 8, 6 and 2c, caaes free; Dick McCoun, Rush, 6a at 8, 7 and 1c. WISCONSIN. EdgertOn Wi8conBin 1 Tobacco Reporter, April 2g :-There is a lonflsomeneee about the tobacco market that is difficult to describe. None of the Eastern buyers are in the State, and local d-ealers are content to do a small traffic. Movement in '86 tobacco is about suspended in the leading markets, just enough dBing to keep the breath of life in them. The only sales reaching UI!J are: Aug. Rueks, 7a, 5. 4 and 1"; Williams Bros 3a, and lc; J. Palmiter, Sa, 10, 6 and 4c. A trifle more is doing in old tobacco. We report the sales of H. SteeBsland, 29 cs, 7, 5, 3 and 1c; J M. Hck, 12 ca, 6c w. and b. ; A E. Wilcox, 15 cs, 3,l-4c. Growers have their seed beds for the new crop mostly started, and in a few instances the young plants have made their appear ance, considerably in advance of former .years, 'l'he shipments of the week are: St. Uouis, 163 cs; Cincinnati, 44 cs; total, 207 cs. Janesville-Although the weather for the past week: has been quite cold, plants are ap pearing in the earlier sown, giving promise of an early start on the '87 There IS no doubt that there will be a decrease in 'the acreage compared with that of '86, but not so much as was expected. The market runs in the same old rut aB regards prices and at a lagging pace in regard to sales. Conrad Bros,. T E. Sayre, Sutter Bros., and L. B. Carle are .!till m tbe market for '86 T. E. Sayre, local agent for Hern sheim Bros., of New Orleans, bas a very fine packing of over 1,400 cs. These godds were purchased mainly in the northwest part of this county and in Dane county. F. J. Colman. the loce.l agent of Sutter Bros., has a force of nearly twenty-five sorters at work. with John Biedelman as Only good ripe tobacco has been bought, and is put into eight grades in a workmanlike manner that speaks well for the smart foreman. They have packed over 200 cs of '86. H B. Edler is home from Michigan, and reports a fair retail trade. H.LVANJ.. Deerfield, April 22-We have heard of but a few sales and them as follows: Bam uel Brownty, Sa, t1 and lc; John Olson, 4a, 6 and 1c; Hellick Hellickson, 4a, 8, 5, 3 and 1c; Martin Schmidt, 2a, 6, 4 and lc. IN CONNECTICIJT, Coming in to pay his iUbscriptron prompt ly, as he always does, Mr. H B. Platt, grower and packer Bf Sanford Station, Conn. was subjected to a brief interview by a Lii:A.II' scribe Wedn,sday., In response to inquiries Mr. Platt said: The last crop was a r .. ilure with us on of curing down too Stld denly on the poles. It was bought up at from 2 to 1:1 cents per pound in the maio, though some of the early purcha9ed crops realized higher figures, Pay, 12 to 15 ceo ts. Not more than a two-thirds crop will be planted this year in our section, same declar mg that tbey will not plant any. I think I shall go back to Seed leaf, and others will, aa taking it all in all it pays better than Havana." IN NORTH C.ABOLIN.A, TFIADE MARK. ARE MANUFACTURED OF PURE & GENUINE "VUELTA ABAJO'' LEAF &cks of 101 and 901; retailiug respectively 5c aut some say there is no money iu tobacco; granted, if the tobacco is sorry. del Pino & Broil., on Saturday last, lost to the ----------------Sheriff Fitts has tobacco plants lar,;e city a t and reepectt.d citizen, Since For additional reading matter aeepaf/8 6,. .. .-' I'


, MAY 7 THE TOBACCO LEAF. AMERICAN EACLE "!BAD. lllA.B.K. FINE CUT. Manufacture:fis of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco : FINE CUTS, Packed in Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. AMERICAN EACLE CAVENDISH SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars GRANULATED SKOm'G. LONG CUT SMOKING. Home Comfort, :Miner's Favorite, Smoking Tobacc W. F. COCHRAN.. LEOPOLD MILLER & SOH Cold Spra National Leaarue Crown of Delight Eagle, Old Tar, Spray of Gold, Morning Dew, Lucky, Club, Jumbo, Miner's Long Cut Bull Frosr, Detroit Long Cut BALTIMORE. :MD., 1:53 t::hambers St., NEW RKCITY, for the Cherry Clipper Plum Universal Favorite, Fawn, Canada Lucky Cut Plug, Distributing" Af,l'eDt :t...-tlte South. Frog Long Gut. 'Factonr ; Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Cab.le, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, ..... Orie(tlal Sun Rise Dew Drop Favorite Brudder Ned Elk. Dime Ram, Detroit Mixtures, Navy Clippings Green Corn. Labor Union, E Invincible Clever Wig" Wag German, Chopper, Bow Wow. Old Hickory s Pride. TObacco .. MI:CBICA .. t o \ I ESTABLISHEDJno B. UliaJns CompanN:, 1872 C>P HANft MADE CI.G.l\.BS. Wooden Molds now in universal use for the manufacture of five cent Cigars, and largely for finer grades. absorb the moisture, flavor and aroma from the tobacco, and prevent a proper union of wrapper and binder. They do not carry well in pocket breaking. In Hand-Made Cigars WITHOUT MOLDS, al the FL_ A V .OR and AROMA natural to tobacco is RETAINED.: The Wrapper and Binder PROPERLY uniting, they CARRY WELL_Ia the Pocket WITHOUT BREAKIIG.'' WITHOUT MOLDS. COST NO MORE THAN MOLD CIGARS. ARE FAR SUPERIOR.: 7 BURLING NEVV Y ..... o_R_K_. 4 ELDIB, r THE D .O., ,! I in its Purity. and MADE WITH A SPECIAL VIEW TO THE WANTS OF TOBACCO MANUFAC1TURERS. Da.lly will. and from our QfDce, 111 Wall Street, New York, or by l HERBY U. "' I l lol Third LOUISVILLE, KY. 11111 EAEJTOR : KEY PLEXIBLl CREASBLESS Cl&AR MOLDS ANU. SHAPEil -AND-Makers' Snuulles. SEND FOR n.LUSTRATED CATALOGUE. .&.. 1 t j AQENTS-An .. rew Fine, 1M Water Street, New Yol'k; N. Sheldon & Son, :w8 N. 3rd Street, P.Jllladelpllla; A ... a-Beck & Co., CbiC&iro, Ill., and St. Paul, Minn. ; 0, .J Hel,merlchl Leaf Tobacco Co., St. Lol ; W. B. ; 'I' Wen Front Street, Cincinnati Ed, A.lcllermann, Milwaukee; E1berg, Bac .... an & Co., San Fi'-elleo, c.J. ::l Cie:ar. I FLO RillA. A. E. MASSM'AN & C 0 I N. E. Cor. Srd and l\ Streets, P:::S::IL.A..DELP:S:I A.{ ... \.:


6 GRAND VUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. Manuel Lopez & Co., Pl!nras No. 26, LEADING BRANDS: "'MANUEL LOPEZ & CO.," "VICTOR HUGO," Havana, Gnba. THE TOBACCO LEAF. Grand Hotel Pasaje, C" -I = DQ = I DQ CD U) c, -= Cl _.. CD :=a '!.'he LARGII:ST and only FIBST-CLABS B OTEL on the Island of Cub&; oltuated In the boot part of u.e clt7. Enlarged, new sanitary arrurements, new Xept under Amerie&D ud planl. Completo aecommodatioo for stra.ngers. MAY 7. .:::-.-... """" = :::EI = -= .c :s (J 0 i .. __. U2 = c A ::::::1 as = > =-as l'l = % = z = ...= <=> "' CCI '"' :: i .,.,;' = ... I>' ... = :z:; Ill = ""=' """" = -I=:J;.., = .......::! = FABRIC.&. DE TABAOOS "FLOR DE REMATES," "CELIA." P. ::all:. CA.STR..C> C., CO., PROPRIETORS. G-ra:n.d Cigar Factory, "LAGRANADINA." CRAND CICAR FACTORY OF MANUEL Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuba. LEADING BRANDS: '' E X.. E N G-E X.. '' -AND-U Flor de Manuel Rodriguez." MURIAS & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, Gallo dola Zania 691 Havana, Gnba. LA FLOR CUBANA. R. RENDUELES Calle del Rayo No. 63, Habana LEADING BRANDS:-" La Gratilud," "Remignton, ., H H.osa,u u Flor de Rosendo Rendoeles," "La Sociedad Comercial." '' La Uosa/' .c Flor Indiana "lli Caridad." FLOR nE F. CABAL Y CABAL. Lead1ng Bra.nds:-Flor del Allo, Lr. Emilia, Fler de Carlota, Allelardo and Eloi.l!a, Flor de F. G. Granda "Eudora," Rosa de San Antonio. de San RafBel 99 T 101, HABANA, CUBA. & &. Ga.rcia., J.. :J::X.A..Z &. co THE Manaftlclto:re:r8 o.f IIIA.NlJW'ACTlJRER8 OF H!A..VANA HAVANA TOBACCO CO. D E AlFREDO SELGAS Sltlos ll'f, Havana, Cuba, Brands:-" La Estrella," "Flor de Sel!as & Garcia," L11. Rosita La Flor de Alfredo Belgaa," "Para Todos," "La Felicia u Flor de In clan Sanchez," and 1'F1or de Bianca." R.oya1 Cigar Fac-tory, Estrella St. 79, LIMITED. C1gar :::t\ll:a:n. -u.::rac'tory HAVANA. 148 CALLE SEBASTIAN AZCANO, 'FIG...A.RO' DE CAPOTE, MORA & CO., Suarez 68, Habana. Telefoao 1,021. CIGAR FACTORY of the Most Selected Vegas of VUELTA ABAJD.I "V" .A.N" A. Calle del llayo No. !lS, Habana, Cuba. Leading Brands: "FJor de Maori eo,, '". Flor de Eduardo Ca&Ulo," ""Uolon "La Ro1.tna," & "'C.hampton." FABRICA DE TAB A COS. LeadlDIIi Brauu I FLOR DB SBBA.STJ&N .t.ZCA.l'IO. FLOH DBL PARAISO, BL Nl.t.GAR&, LA. IIIIPGSJCION, F&Nl'rYo A.. B.A.:N'CE&, Sole Proprietor of the well-known and celebrated Brand of PARTAGAS CIGARS -= ..... en ;p CIC ....., .... C'CI ::&: ...-LUIS MARX, Pres.; M ROSENTOWER, Sec. and -OF-II&NON" COLMENARES & PRIETO, Calle de San _!lafBcl No. HABANA, C1JBA, AND 168 and 160 INDUSTRIA ST., {Established 184l5.) .HAVANA, CUBA. NOTE.-This brand has been regiskn'ed in the Patent OM.ce &t Washinl{ton Infringers will be prosecuted to JUNCO & CORUJO, BELASCOAIN 34, HAVANA, CUBA::d-NoxtcE.-Estabit.hd In 1840 by the reliable manufactW'6r &atonln<> Caroneho with the Honor Prize at t.he Universal Exhibitio n of .a.mst erdam, 1883. PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, 28 Paradise Street, Liverpool, England. the fullest extent of 1be law. Tile Tobaeeo Tax-FroiD an Bdltor and a 8 cents per pound less than it is now, but exis the man who will come out ahead and you ParJDer Potu& o.c VIew. perienced dealers say it was higher when tbe will get left. But don't mistake me. I wholly "I see the Tobacco Plant is .in favor of the tax 'Was 16 cents. How about that, friend "Far approve of the organization of labor. I don't tax on tobacco remaining, and argues that it is mer?" care what you call It, whether trades union, the best tax ever l evied. Now, Mr. Editor, the We cannot believe the tobacco tax bas anyKnights of Labor, or by any other name; all man that edits the Plant certainly can't be 8 thing to do with the price. Poor grades of tothat I claim is that you mind your own business. farmer or knew much about the farmer. Now, bacco run the market down. Whenever a load What is needed now is a c lub of' scabs;' that is, sir, they used to tax our cotton, just after the of fine tobacco comes to market it is eagerly a liberty c lub a mind-your-own-business club. war, five cents on the pound. When you sold bought at fancy prices. Poor tobacco sells If you have Knights of Labor why not have your bale, the tax was taken out of your check, poorly, and the prices rule low always. Good Squires of Work? I believe in a Squire more and the tag put on the bale to show it was pald tobacco sells readily and the prices rule high than I do In a Knight. The Squires have been Did not the farmer Jose it? So when we put always. This is what we are told by men whose licking the Knights for the last 300 years, get our tobaccO on the warehouse floor, don't every lives have b een spent in raising, selling and ting on top, and by and by they will bury tham. fanner know that he is paid for the tobacco just buying tobacco, If the farmers will make more We have done with Kings, with Princes, with what the buyer will give over and above the 8 fertilizer at home, raise more bread and meat, Dukes, and other privileged classes; now what cents tax? The farmer never gets it back any plant fewer acres of tobacco, cure it with more business have the Knights of to-day to take up more than be did the cotton tax. care, they will always go-home happy, tax or no the privileg es which the squires took away from The above are extracts from a Jetter written tax. the old knights long ago? What were dthese Next week we will try to show that even if the privileges that the Princes, the Dukes, an tbe to the Recorder by one who signs himself Knights d to 1 Jd ? Just b t farmer does pay the eight cent tax, which we use c aim m o .UDesw a "Farmer." He is right in one thing, the editor tb Kn' bts f T 1 th ri"'bt to tell say be does not, It will be ten-fold better for e Jg o ..,... r c a1m now, e ..., of the Plant is not a farmer. He bas, however, b_.... ball d 'tb t "me and him to continue to do so, and have the tax you or mew '" we s o wr our 1 frequently conversed with farmers, and has, for taken off his sugar, shirts, shoes, clothing, hats, our brains,, anectrum sachusetts. Up to tbls time the true men of bacco that now sells for four and six dollars, analysl:B of a_ piece of cotton cloth, which conthis cmmtry, tbe free me:o of this country, the sold then for about the same, and that the:betsrsted ill showmg o n a large chart, by means of scabs of this country have managed their own ter and more fancy grades sell now for better colored squares, each part of the cost of the affairs fairly w e ll without much regard to your prices than they did then. One other gentlecloth, so that the exact was made m edd lesome acts'; the result of that bas been man, in answer to questions, said that when tbe very dear. By means of thl8 he showed that on that the men of special s ill, who are at the tax was sixteen cents, tobacco was higher than a caprtal of $1,100,000 absorbed in the manufao-bead of their trades are 100 per cent. better off it is now. Another, that if there was any dif ture of cotton cloth the operatives were paid for to-day than they 20 years ago and more. ference tobacco sold for higher prices when the tbe work $940,000, the profit wa.s but $145,000, That is, they can buy twice as much food, fuel, tax was higher than it does to day. The Wil-and the rest, $ 1f>,OOO, wa.s eaten up in taxes. clothing and 88 guod a shelter to-day for a mington Ma tells of a six-dollar average in "You ma:r, not like the said the year's w'agli'B .as tbey could buy 20 years ago Granville county before the war which WitS the speaker. You may feel like usmg some swear with wbat they tben earned. The car talk of the neighborhood for some time. What y>rding to "Fru.;wer's tQ ing to mle the wor k men. You are trying o argument the rrue of the samegmde of toiJacco tell men how they. shall wor, when they shall would have been 24 cents l ees than it is now. work, where they shall wor k and how long they If thll farmer receives just what tho buyer will shall work. You call a man a scab who won't give over tbe above tax, then when tbe t.a.x was 11ubmit. Is that fair play? 'Now, you won't 16 cents the price of tobacco would have been like it when I tell you right here that the 'scab' The Turkish Guverument to sup pl eos tbe SDIUI(I',Ji"g of LUbiiCCO, lllld hilS llpp"in I ed 2 000 gi!IJdHJ'IIJeS LU btJ p til" l ffieiald uf the Too kih tobt.c"o ,ltl muggltug. T.oe cumvauy bas to P"Y tbt!se 2 U(!l!' gendarmes. Her A.r:m. Torn Out. Mrs. Hannah Perrine, a widow 27 years old who was employed as a packer in Lorillard's tobacco factory in Jersey City, finished her work at about 2 o'clock last Saturday afternoon. With Mary Cosgrove, another packer, she started on a walk through the department to kill time while waiting for the paymaster to come along. When the young women reached the part of t-se rosm where there is some machinery the hands employed there bad finished, and the belting, which bad been thrown off the pulleys, was hang between the macbinea a few feet from the floor. To reat hel"Belf Ml"B. Perrine sat in the belting as in a swing. The shaft which ran along the ceiling, teo feet above the floer, 1>11.8 revolving, a!ld it is explained that io some way the woman's weight bad the effect to tighten the belting on th.e pulleys. With her hands on either side of the belting, Mrs. Perrine had begun swinging bel"Self to and fro when abe felt a jerk, and waB .carried toward the ceiling. Before she knew her danger she had reached the shafting about which the belting was being drawn. Beth her arms were caught in the machinery, and both were torn from their sockets at the She fell to the floor, and the dismembered limbs, having been released from the shaf\ iog, fell by her side. The hands who saw the accident, which was allover ina few S!!conds, turned their beads in horror. The girl was carried into the firm's office, and five physicians were sent for, but deapita their efforts the woman died at 5 o'clock. Mrs. Perrine Wll.l! a pretty brunette, and Wll.l! a favorite with her employers and the bands io the department in which she worked. Her hlisband died four years ago, a year after her marriage. Her mother and stepfather are Jiving, but her friends do net know where they are. Impro'YIIIIlC a Pipe. "Talking about ingenuity," said a drum mer to a reporter, "I want to tell you what I saw last winter out West. I was on a train that wll.l! s.nowed in for three days. The company sent us food but they didn't send any cigars, and the train boy's stock Wll.l! ex hausted the fil"Bt day. ho the express car we found and confiscated a. box of smoking to bacco, but there wasn't a pipe on the train. Among the passengers wll.l! a Connecticut Yankee who wll.l!justdyingforasmoke. He got out in the snow and looked around for a wPed or something of that sort, w bich he might use in making a pipe, but couldn't find a thing. going to have a pipe, anyhow.' he said. So he took a lead pencil, opened the wood, took out the lead, and placing the two strips together again, wound them tightly with the tin foil which came out of the pack a-=es of Amokiog tobacco, making tbe!ll air tight. Then be took an apple, hollowed a bowl ont of it, and bad one of the nicest pipes you ever saw. If you don't believe It, make nne for yourself some time and try it."Chica(lo Herald Tbe Same Old Story. It is estimated at the Trell.l!ury Department that the debt decrease for April amounts to S12 500,000." This is of course, a mere fiction of bookkeeping. Neither bonds nor lo(reenbacks to this amount were paid during the month just clo>Aed. What is meant is that the cas h avaiL< hie for debt reduction io creased S12. 500,000 in time. This is the Pame old story. And it promises to be con tiuued for the next twelve mtmths unless shall be assembled io special ses ;.ion meanwhile and put a stop to the accumnlativn by reducing the taxes. Secretary Fairchild's d., _termination to SUR peuu the culld for the remaining Sl9,000,000 uf outtaoding 3 per ceuts until after the close of the fiscal year, does nvt in the least help the situation. It simply compels the people to pay interest on this amount for 1 hree mouths longet, when there 1s mord than available money enoug)l in the To-easury to pay the bonds now and has been for the past six months. lu no othercountry in the world would the Government dare to undertake, or be per GV&T.A.V'O tmuo..ten of HAVANA LA ROSA! DE SANTIAGO CIGARS, IUNUFACTURED BY PEDBOBOGEB, From the Tobacco gf the Finest V egas of the Velta Abajo. Eotablillllecl ba 184.'7 at Santiaco de 1 ... Vecaa. Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. roa BALE BY Park & Tt1lort1 -a Aolo:er, Merrall & Coatllt. Jl'ew mitted to carry out, the collection of from $100,000,000 to S150,000,00Q a. year in excoss of its requirements. How much longer shall the injustice be tolerated herei-N. Y. World, May 2. ..&. Tobaeco Stem. A small boy puffed at a big mgar, His eyee bul.:ed out and hie cheeks sank in; He gulped rank fumea with his lips ajar, While the muscles shook in hie youtbfu chin. His gills were green, but be smole a emile; He sat high up on "the farmyara stile And cocked hie bat o'er his glassy eye. Tl.len winked one eye at a eow near by. The earth swam 'round, but the stile stood still; The trees rose up and the kid crawled down. He groaned aloud, for be felt so ill, And knew tha.t cigar bad done him brown." His bead was ligllt, and his feet like lead, His cheeks grew whit4il as a linen spread, While .be weakly gasped as he gazrng afar: "If I live this here's my last cigar." Deah of Dueletao Levt Reek. Levi Beck, formerly the leader of Beck's Band, died oo Thul"Sday niKht at his reai deuce in this city after lingering for a month from a stroke of paralysi9. Tbe deceased was one of four brotheu, all of whom were at one time members of the band, He had a cigar store at 828 Market street, which Wll.l! a favorite resort for musicians. He was eighty years old, and leaves a widow and six children.-Philadelphia Record, .April24. "What do you call this'" asked a. physician the other day of a Detroit Tribune reporter, producing a quantity of brown pow dered substance. "Ground cinnamon," was the prompt re ply. "Anybody who can smell ought to know that." "Well, yourolfactories have Jell you astay this eaid the doctor. What is it, then i" Ground tobaeco boxes, with a little of cinnamon thrown over it to give it the proper flavor. Yes, that's what it is, sure enough, and a little-and a very little-bit of tobacco mixod with tho wood. It Wll.l! bronght to me by a gentleman who said it bad been pur chased in a leading grocery hause, and I re cognized the lithographic labels ali! that of a very popular brand of cinnamon." Forelll'n Note.. It is reported from Vienna that the S9rvian National Assembly bll.l! d ecided to annul the tobacco monopoly. In a Glasgow tobacconist's shop window is a sample of ynllow Virginia grown last year io Kent. It ie the first tobacco raised there since 1660. The quantity of tobacco 'exported from Shanghai. which had risen from 1,137 pikuls, worth 36.856 taels, in 1883, to 17,534 pikuls. worth 123,670 taels, in 1884. hll.l! sunk io 1885 to 13,910 pikuls, wortu 105,213 haik taels. The largest quantity of it goes to London. Germany also takes rather a large abare-261 pikuls were shipped direct to Hamburg. The Greek Government has direoted that every ocque (2 Sibs) of tobacco consumed in the country shall pay a duty of four drach mas (3s). This is independent of the e:xistiog duties on imported tobaccos, and is thus in tended to favor the home grower. On homegrawn tobacco the consumer's duty will be levied at cutting; on import4ild tabaccos, a.t entry. For every ocqrie of tobacco Brought to be manufactured in a Glivernmeot tobacco manufactory, 1,200 papers must be taken and paid for. The latter provision is for the benefit of the Government mgnopoly of cigarette paper manufacture. The advocates of tobacco cultivation in Great Britain have secured a cooOOEion from the Treasury io the matter of sureties. A cultivator can now make a statutory declaration in the following terms: "I, A B.t tobacco cultivator at--, in the parish ol --,and county of--, declare. that I will afford to the omcia.l authorized by the Board of Inland Revenue full access at all times to the grounds and places used for the cultivation of tobacco, and that all tobacco grown by me shall be duly produced to the proper_ reTI!oue officer to be charlted with any regulations which mar be issued relating to the growing 11f tobacco.' That declaration will have to be made before a The aagency of the North German Lloyd iB Singapore has succeeded in making an arrdogement with the tobaccoplaotel"S of the east coast of Sumatra, according to which half of the tobaccq sent to Europe via Singapore will be forwarded by the steamen of the said company. Ao English company, the Ocean Steamship Company, of Liverpool, has up to the present time pOSi!essed the monopoly of carrying the Sumatra tobacco from Sins spore to Amsterdam. The shipping time 11 and the German Lloyd will send out several speCial steam11ra, which will probably only go as (ar as Singapore aad then return fullv laden with tobacCo tO Europe-chie fly to Amsterdam. Most of the plantations in Deli are in the bands of and Germans. The idea of the tohaceo monopoly seems to have been given up in Portugal, and by a provisional decree of the 27Lb January it has b een dPcided to incrPMe the import duty of raw manufactured tobacco. The import duty on bas been raise d from 2 640 reie to 3 500, 'tor other kinds of tobacco from 1,680 to 2 500 reis th" kilogram. Only the Portuguese tobarco stored in the Portuguese custom houses. or the manufactured tobacco sent to Portugal before the 28th January is: to be exempt from thi8 increll.l!e Until a definite law bas been pased, new tobacco factodes may not be etalrli s be!l in Portugal tboge io existence may uot be enlarged of changed, and those w llnch have not been working during the lust three months must not be re-opened. A company has been formed which is willing to give tbe Govern ment for the right to ft roo the tobacco mon opoly for twelve yeArs the annual sum of 4.250 con los, about 750 conws more than the tobacco duty produeed in the :vear 1885 85, and 40 per cent. of tbA nPt proftr,-1 contol,Ofl(l milreia-about ,333. 184 Water Street. New ,, -


'\ MAY 7. THE TOBA:Ef.. TEE'I..& <> F HAVANA TOBACCO flm l/emnth d Importers and .Manufacturers of 107' and 1109 BRO.ADWJlY, NEW YORK. TJ'a de lllarl<. We beg to eall at tention or tbe Trade to OW' 1art1e IISIOrtmont of No-.eltioo and Speolaltleo suitable for AdTertlslng Purpoeoo. B. Lozauo, Y. Penda, 1.067, JW. A.Jvarez. :.?:J:;:N'X.A..S &, CO., lYIANUFT'BS OF CUBAN HAND M AQE ONLY Alo o .. CXG.A.R.S &, LE.A..:P TOBACCO, 209 :E"EI.A.H.:Lo "Y'c:>:Ef..:J3:.. P. J :a&a:a:u.:E' o:E' 'York; -WHOLESALE WAREROOMS: 371 BROADWAY. FACTORY: 213-229 East 33d Street, Genuine French Briar Pipes, Munted with my new Amberine Mouthpieces in large variety and most tasteful desigtls, In c luding many original styles not shown elsE. where :E":lpe in aU grades at lowest tlgw-eS.J The L&rgeot and Finest A.oaortment of SMOKERS' ARTICLES' Of Every Deecription, -A Large A.sllortment of "SCHEME SETS" and ADVEB.TISilfG: :NOVELTIES surprla!JI&"Iy and unique. wALKING STICKS ,, WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. FOREIGN NOTES, According to the report of the Austrian Consul General in Sa.lonika, the 1884 yield, which was exported in 18811. was below the average in quantity and quality. Tlie differ ent European, as well as the Turkish, Regies applied for some of it, and consequently the prices rose. On account of the great differences between the different brands and the prices given for them, it is not easy to classify them. The prices of Ghiubek, for instance, wavered 8etween 85 and 185 piastres (the Turkiah pound being reckoned at lBO piastres); 311 to 75 piailtres were paid for Kir; 20 to 40 piastres for for ordinary Drama., 6 to 111 piastres (Turkish pound-178. piastre). From Jenidsche and Drama, about 4,500 000 okas, worth about 14,000,000 francs, were' exported, chiefly to Austro Hunga.ry, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Rouma.nia and Turkey. The tobacco which was taken to Salonika was chiefly bought by the Otto man Tobacco Regie. Only small quantities -of it WE're sent to Malta., Rotterdam, etc. The 1885 yield, which came into thl'l market last year, was rich and of good quality. '. to statistics recently published, \here wf!re m European Russia, in the year 1885, 148 100 plantations of tobacco, with an area of 55,263 deesatines, or 157,-11112 English acree, the number of plantations being 18 per cant., and the collective area 41 per cent. greater than in 1884. The produc tion amounted to 8,114,222 ponds (1,000.000 cwts.) of tobacco, or 45 per cent. more than in the preceding year. The number flf tobacco manufactories, on the other band, showtld a considerable falling off only 374 being in work in 1885, againat 432 in 1884, which is attributed to the stagnation of trade preva.ili11g in Russia. as elsewhere. The 374 manufactvries aforesaid manufactured 77,413 poods (of 36 lbs each) of imported tobacco, 870,396 poods better cl888 homegrown to bacco, aad 2,869 .881 poods of "Macborka" and other inferior Russian-grown sorts, makinll' 3 817,690 poods in 1885. as compared with 3 946 966 poods manufactured in 1884. The products exhibited an unimportant in crease in smoking tobacco and &nuff, and a collective decrease in cigars and cigarettes. The excise receipts from higher-class tobaccos m 1885 amounted to 13, 042,828 roubles, and from inferior tobaccos to 4.104,898 roubles, making 17,147,726 roubles in all. There were exported during the year 14, 874.000 cigar ettes, valued at 146,000 roubles; 105.000 cigal'B, valued as 6 ,000 roubles; also 160.500 poods (of 36 lbs) of leaf tobacco and snuff, of the aggre gate value of 909,000 roubles. On the other hand, there were imported into Russia, in 1885, leaf and Amoking tobacco and snuff te the amount of 76.200 pood e valued at 9 ,94.5,000 and 2, 000 poods of cigars, valued at 797,000 roubles. DlJTIES DIPOSED OX TOBACCO llf FOREIGN COUNTRIES, AUBTRA.LIA-!IIanufactnred tobaneo Imported, '12 centllt.. pound duty, Australian manufactured tob&oco made oA leaf, 24 cents a pound internal t:&:z:; made oftOI"eeelJ le&f, 4e cents a pound tax, tobaooo and !Items, 70 fraoos per 100 tiloe; manufactW'ed tob6cco cigars and francs p e r 100 ltiloe: iiiids,includlng stripped tobacoo, lOU tranca per 100 Uoa. CANADA-On tobacco the excise duty on foreign lea!' which formerly wu 20c per lb, but of late yeaJ"B hM .-been reduced to 12c, i!l rt!8tored to The duty on domestJc leaf. wbicb up to 11!83 waa 8e, and was reduced to ilc, Is advanoed to lie. Tbe cnstotnll duty upon tobacco snulf lsln oreased from iO to 80e per lb, and on imported tobaeco from llO to 110c per lb. ClgarettM put UJ>In paelr ... ee wel!K andu die LaI Clle lJa.l&c>d .._ LIQUORICE PASTE I The undersigned continues to sell Pure Turkish Lfquorlc(l Paste under the accompanying brand as man ufacturell by MacAndrews & Forbes. of Smyma and Newar'k, Apply to C. McAndrew, 55 Water Street, New York, ::{a of@antp-elczi}f1 '06 & 408 EAST 69th STREET, NEW YORK. CARLUPMANN, omc3-1'1'8 PEARL STREET, NEW YOB.IL AM> CAMBRIDGE LoDa CUt r.:::l Granulated llllxtw.. A purely ori!Pnal t dea. of U.o moo& dlolee tob&ecoa. HARVARD,'" MARBURG BROS., 1& s. llharle St., BA.LTilllORE, Md, 'U:NITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE TAX ON 'IOBACCO. Clgats, domestic &Rd Imported, S3 per M; clga...,ttee weighing n.ot over three lbs perM, Me per 1\l; c i garettes and t.beroots WeiKhing over three I bs per lt, 13 per M; manufa.o.. mred tobacco a.nd snutr, per pound. 6c. --i -----CILI.RGES FOR LICE!ISE8 P E R Al!I'NUM. Manutactnrers ot. cigars, cigarettes and cheroots. SS; man ufacturers of tob&oco and, $6; dealers in ma.nulactllniil& of lobaooo, liMO; des.l e,.,. mleai tobacw, Ill!. IMPORT DUTIES ON T6BACCO. Olgars, $2.150 per ponnd and 25 per ceat. ad valorem. ClgaJoettes, same as cil:ars, inc l uding int-ernal tax. Leat tobaCco & per cent. of wllicft is wrappers weighing more than tOO leaves t& the pound. 75 eents per if stemmed, S1 per pound; all other leaf net stemmed, 85 cents per pound. To bacco manuf&ctn.I red, 40 cents per pound. Stems, 15 cents per pound. Pipes and pipe bowls, $1.50 JIM' groes, and fi per tent. ad valorem. common cla y pipes., 85 per ceat.. ad. vale rem; parts of pipes, per cent. ad v a lorem; all smok ers' articles, 75 p e r eent. ad Talorem; s nWf bH.K,. And Calzada del Moate 199, Havana, -= 1-Hef&ht of Cutter 'i inches, including MahoaanJ "--Fbdshed in :Nickel, and Antique Bro....., LABEL AND STAMP VARNISH A SPECIALTY. B. ALFONSO & CO., lll.ilNUF .illlTilBEBS OF NOTICE TO THE TRADE. HAVANA CIGARS. Th e following Label s and Brands are our property, and we caution Manufacturers and othelll against usiag the same. Infringements will be proae-Trade LA JULIA BRAND. Mark. EIA.R.O:N' &, CO. CIGAR MANUFTRS (FO R JOBBING TRADE) FACTORIES :-Noo. 11 and 296, District Maryland, :B.A.:LoT:I:l.\l.rc:> :Ef..E, 1\l.rd.. lllaaufact:n.rer ef the Celebrated ''Baron's Seal'' Long Havana Filled Five Cent Cigar. SOLE AGENTS: & SEJIIPLE ........... New York. ERNEST FREISE, )l!IPOBTEB OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. :No. 142 WATE:R STREET, NEW YORK. FLOR DE ANSELMO ZAMORA FINE VUELTA ABAJO CIGARS. NOTICE:-! warn my old customers not to use any cigars but under the No. 89, as my name ha.e been used to sell spurious cigars. A.. p, 0. Box x;u. :S..::EJ'Y -vv :msor, P:Lo.A.. PUETZ' Plug Tobacco TILLMAN PUETZ, Jr., Sole Inventor and Patentee, BT. L01JI8, llo. This machJne eminent adT&Dt.agee: worthy the ooDBlderation et &llJI' enterpr toba.eoo manufacturer, vb.:'-1. Labor MriDg. 2 Ra.pldlty I Absolute security from accident. W haada. 4:. Perfect ft..n.fah of work. G. Increased output ca : J)Acity, particularly in omallworl<, aa It nbdlvldeo the lump In proeeu &I it pauea through the maebine. B Au tomatic dellver:r of &:he lumps on Wrapper able, thus a&vlng time and preeludlag &Ocl dent. 7. Its adaptability to any ltlod of large or omall. thick or tbtn, and liB eaq o4-for different tlod8 of work. Circulars abewiog where ibeee machlaes aPe Dow in uoe, aa well u plootogroploa, 18Dt when deetred. All Inquiries aa to tbe ab fill urgent orders from stock kept by him for that put pose, CHESEBROUGH MANUFACTURING CO SOLE lliANUI'ACTVRERS, No. 24 STATE STREET, NEW YORK. cpted. SPANISH The Panorama, Mark Twain, ii -Andy :Jackson The Traveler, Hard No. I, Seal of Spain. WM. CRAF & CO., SaeeeMOl'S to HEBlliA.!Ir SEGNITZ a: ()0'1 Cigar Manufacturers, Milwaukee, Wis. P Go.erra, v. Guei'J"&oGUERRA HERMANOS, Packers and Importers of HAVANA TOBACCO 172 Water Street, NEW YORK. Estrella 63, HAVANA. JOSe MAYER'S SONS, LEAF TOBACCO, 193 Pearl St., New YorkR Our latest sample collection just issued, contains : HONEY COMB. *BOODLE. LITTLE DANDIES. BELITA, OLD FISHERMAN. RED HOOD. GOLDINGS. SHIP SHAPE. ALDA. COLD SNAP. Tllis set has lh e popular' !4rd Thp. FROM Witsch & Schn1itt, [}4 BOWERY, NEW YORK. ..... Red Stocking, New Magnet, Little Sunbearri, Garnet, Prime Choice, National Gem, La Vit{)ria, Jerome, OU:r Club, La Scala, White Queen, Hudson Club, Miss Polly, Our Set, Rosa Fina. And a large assortment of Blank Labels ,and Elegant Embossed Flaps.


8 N"El'VV' Loaf Tobacto l And Warehouse Company. :f. C. LINDE, HAMILTON & CO., I Principal Office: 142 WATER ST., NEW YORK. .. w ... COUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTi:NDED TO, 'lr.'VV .A.E'l.E::EEO'C'&EI& :-HUDSON RIVER R. R. DEPOT, St. Jelm' Park. GREEl'IWICH ST., Noo. '74, 76 and 'lS. ST., Noo. 1'18, 180, 182 and 186-EAST 33& STREET, Nos. 4 0 6 .,08 and 410. WATER ST., No.142. LANCASTER.. Pa., Warelt.ouoe -.K.I'roaoeS,t. PHILA.DELPHI.l-A. R. 63 North LANUA.!STEJ,!, Pa.H 'R. TROST, liB S 9i8 West Kiag Street. YO :U.K. Pa.-L. 0 LIBHA.RT, 9 N lltreet. HA K I' PORD, c .. uu.-B. F. HURLBURT, 154State8treet. HA.'rPIELD, Maoo.-J. andP. CARL. CINUINNA.T!> 0.-W. W. HALES. 9 Front Street. DAYTON, 0,-H. C W. GROSSE ana W. W. HALES, 2 South Jefferson Street. ELMIRA, N. Y.W. R. LOVELL. MILTON .JUNCTION, Wlo,T B. EAln.E. CIGAR BUNCHING -ANDlOLLING lACHINE No. 7 BURLINC SLIP, NEW YORK. l'ft&N K RVSCHER, .JOHN T, MELLOR, Jr, FI:N':EE.Ell &. CO. 'rC>B.A..OOC> STORACE. oogov a"ter S"tree1;, lSI O""gV V"ork.. lF' COUNTRY SAIIPLIN& PROMPTLY ATTENDE D TO.-Aa BR.A.NC\1}:5-L.lNC.lSTER, Pa,: F 5CRROEDlllR, 21 North Queen at,; J. 0. ffiVIN, 288 alorth Jlati ot. C ONNECTICUT: F. SISSul'l, &ate st., Hartford; 0 E. GRIFFING. Da.nbury; Pl,'fN. JlALL, New Milford. EDGERTON, Wis.: 0 L. CULTON. DA.YTON, 8,: W. T. llJ.VJS, .124 Scea"' ot. :JIA.LTIMOH.E, Md. : ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., 21 South' Calverl st D'IARTIN & BROADHURST, TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STRE_ET, NEW YORK., ll:if" Tabacos Exclusivamente para Exportacion. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW THE 1836. U G .-.&.s. 1Y.W:. TOBACCO COMMISSlON MERC A T, ,.., Jt""'"J 77 ::&"ro:n.1: B"t:ree"t, J.'liJ'e""gV V"o:rk.. EXPORT ORDERS POR .PLUG T8RACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. lmA I'IV F ACTlJBER iU' Cigar :Q,oxes, &ud Importer GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole Agent Cor Meooro. OSENRREJElJ K & CO.) SA.W MILL:, FACTORY> 311 A 313 E lith St., 315 to 3 2 1 E lith St. .Va.rk. lne HAM MERSCH LAG fti:F'G C.O., l!l&NIUJI'&CTl!RBR!I OJ!' 0 0 "WV'&JEed.-882 & 234 GREENWICH ST., NEW YORK. :Ji"or Tobaooo, loid Ia quaauu .. 10 0 per 1,000; Comruoa t,liOO; Common Wire Lead per lb. Seallnf{ Presses_ furnlo hed upon 'ppllcatloll. 'E. J. BROOKS & CO.,. 5i DEY STREET, NEW YORK. lYl. LINDBEIIYI, .LEAF 191 Pearl Street, York. THE TOBACCO LEA.F. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, :LWANUFA.C1'DBERS OF CIGARS. 424 to 432 East Fifty-ninth St., New York. :.Oao1:ory 88, 8rd. Coll. D:l: WORKS PERFECT. WORKS PERJ,'ECT. THE BEST TOBACCO CIGARETTE 'BETWEEN THE ACTS." The above Brand .or HAVANA TOBACCO CIGA.RETTES made o!lly by ., ""\ ( Nos. 209-21 I East 37th Street., New York. Elra:n.oh. 01ftoe:-78 Ela:rolay &1:. -ALSO-DEPOT AND ACENCY OF THE liANUF ACTURES OJ' G. f. &AIL & !X. :E!I.A.2:.oTXDII:OR.:I!Io -.62254 a. 256 Canal St., Corner of Elm St., 'Y'ork.. MANUFACT"Q'RER .OF FINE CIGARS. WISE&. BENDHEIM, El'"""ta1!>1:1.'""h.ed. AGENTS. Bondy & Lederer & wesTERN ToBAcco: SAWJER, WALLACE & CO. ManuJBctiH'en ot; COMMISSION p c 1.a. rort_ And Dealers in J G. REUSENS, WELLES BUILDING, Leaf Tobacco, T. H. MESSENGER & CO, SANCHEZ & CO. 18 clt 20 Broadwa;r, P. o, Box SUO. NEW YOR.It. Leaf Tobacco. Cisa. ....._ LICOHICE PAS'rE, j.J .IIIA.IDJI:N'L&NB1 NlnV .11'04&. Leaf Tobaooo in Bales and Market._ llllPOR'l'ERS cur Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, 169 Front Street, New York, RQSENTHA. L Dlanoftlet'IU"ei' of .fi .Pracbaska. 70th St. & l st Ave., NEW YORK. 'v L. Hahn .. HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO., CIGAR MANUF.ACTURERS, Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., Failtory No. 8, 3d Oist. NEW YORK JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBAGCO BROKER, Broad &'t., JSr:moogou JOHN CATTUS. Tobacco Brotur. n BElYER ST., lEW 1011. aiGARS. VALIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY HENRY SIEBERT, Tobacco and Ceneral Factory No. I 030, 3d" District. 341 te 351 East 73d Street_, J.'liJ'EIVV V"OR.B:.. Christian 'Jensen, PROPRIETOR Manufacturer -o .. -Commissi.on Merchant. 78 Broad Street, .N'E:'VV CIGARS. EJDL A. STOPPEL. 334: Ea st 63d Street, NEW YORK. DAVID G. HIRSH & CO., A. f 1 Pae.kere or SEElD LE.A..F Importer .... a Ezporter ot ,. &Bel Dealero In TOBACCO and CIGARS, J a o,, Havana and sumatra Tobacco. I 37 Malden Lane, IMp 0 T s 0 F H A v A C N A 117 Pearl St., New York. IOE. V11:ksburg, 1\llSS. Packer and Dealers I.Jl And Dealers in kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184-Front St., New York. LEAF T 0 B A C c O, 140 MAIDEN LANE, Bet. Wa>er & Front Streets, NEW YORK, L. SPEAK & co .. P aclt; .. Seed T.ea.r iJniversa.lly Popular, has met wih a Greater Sale since its introduc tion than any other Plug i n the Market. G Clay and Briar Pipes. Cj.sare"t"te Paper,. :ln I BOVSE IN PABIS I 1'7 RUE I ::&"a.o"tory 1-n.ll:XDDLETO'VVN t O::EEXO. ............ Havana, Toba.eoo, IN waa. 11reea, Iew y--., I


, MAY 7. SIMON Orru'PRO, HEMRY B ERIU ... "' (}rlo:rENBXRG. S. OTTENBERG & BROS .. l!I.ANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 340 E. 23d St., New YOFk. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN ALL EINDS or L.E A F t o B A 0 I f.. t. MENDEL & 8110 Factory No. 218, 3d Dist., N. Y. liJ:aB.uCaet.arer ef" the Celebrated. B.ranU ot Clcaraa1 Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scote, La Flor de Cubanae, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweeteet Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK lanuractnrors nf 5 t T 0 L.. a c c 0 Plo. Its um a ra U 3i Bowery, NeW -OFc;t, CC> LOUIS GRAFF, SOLE AGENT, A. Lichtenstein. Son & Co., Baau.fae&rera ot :EEo11a:n.d. GIG AR&, ...... 309 E. 59th St.,, New York. H. W. S T b V E R & C 0 ., A. GO., SUI!TI! &: JAVA TOBACCO C I GARS, Bremen, Germany. lve. D and I Dth S t., lew Yort GERSHEL & BRO., PAOKERS AND DJLU.ERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Pollitz & lYiichaelis, SuJDatra TQbacco, 191 PEARL ST., AIIS'l'EBDAII, HOLLAND. k g=::t; New York. DAVIDSON BROTHERS, Havana and Seed leaf Tobaccos 143 WATER ST., -lllalolen LaDe, Torllll. GUPID CIGAR FACTORY. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, j 162 Water St., New York. =J Basch & Fischer, 1 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA I .&acl ...... or I I w-r .l!lal4ell lfEW YORK. & 80IIllllllll. .. BOIIIII:a. S. ROSSIN & SONS. PACIOm801' seed Lear. AND IMPOBTEBS 011' HAVANA TOBACCO, 173 Water St., New York. Factory llo. 26, 3rd District, IITATII: 811' lfEW YOBE. JNO. I. LOVE. S. E. cor. First Ava. & 14th St. NEW YORK .CITY. D. H. McALPIN & CO., M.lNUF AC'l'URER!! Olf E. & G. FRIEND & CO., THE CELEBRATED FINE-CUT I L E a, I VIRGIN LEAF and I e:::J:.n:. Ja } NEW. YORK. 9:0::1q""gV11'JG TC>EI.A.OC<>. 1 And aJlklnds of Smoktug 'l'obacco. AHNER & DEBLS. AJoo llaDul&e:E't.0S C:EEOXGB ITANDARD DARE. WATIB& r..e repu-.o of these goods is world'wi:R.:K.. Antonio Gonzalez, e-I HAVANA TOBACCO.! 180 Pearl New York. OEL!IaTlNO P ALA.C.IO, J'ERD, HIRSCH. CELESTINO PALACIO & CO., M.UIUJ' ACT!Jlt11Jt8 011' :a:.a.;v AN A. OZG-A.R.S. :lf"ao1:ory, """"":, :IP"1a. I oao 2 BVJU.IXG BLIP, ..... Peut St., x.1:w YORK. 12& MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. JACOBY & BOOKIIAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 336, 338, 340 & East 33th Street, .N" :m "'VII7' y C> :E't.::l:lli:. Pe:rd.. OF H.A. VAN A LEAF Tobacco MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMf.:NTS. rRANCIS F ADAMS, [E'tablished 1847.] HENRY F. AVEllli. F. P. &.. Cc:., ltlanun..e&are.-8 oC the Celebrated eC FINECUT CHEWINC & SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Chewing>: : Ho % Aromatic. t 9 "WV':a'I. &, 0011 :J:m.por"ters or AND PACKERS OF &eecl. Lea Tc:::ba.ccc:::1 246 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. G-'U&TA. "V' TOBACCO & CIGAR. MANUFACTURERS'. AGENCY. 11.1 "'1gV'abaJ::L .A.-ve., IICJ::L:I.oaso, 111. .A.GEJfCI-llcOOY & CO., New York; LANDAUlllR & XAilii, Hedllllll Grade Clpn, ..., York; IlL Chereot.ll, New York; &ARCU. .tVItQA, (formert;r o.n11o & Gon.z.Ie s ,) ownen of 'La 'and "La. Rosa De Mayo" branda. New York: a.o.d Havana., C.U. No. 100; TOLEDO DeLEON, m .. nufacturers ot ExcluaiveiY Span18h avaua v.,.aro, Key Weot, Fla. ; STRAUS>! BROS .t GOULSTO:N, Lancaster, Pa. BROKERS. FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY. X.o-ogv-e: Ocean. :ea221 or Sa:l.1. P. 0. Box 3,1&2. 4:3 Exchange Place, NEW TORI. FRED. SCHULZ, G FERNANDEZ & GO Pa.oker a.acl Dealer ba Imper&era oC Seed Lea.1; H ....... laporte f A VAN A LHAF TOBACGU Havana 'l'oba.cco, .a.m:c cxo-.A.:R.a, 224-226 Pearl Street, New York. 200 Pearl street, New York .JOS. S. GANS., JIAX GANS, MEYER ROIBNTJI.&L. GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAL,. Pack.en oC and Dealero Ill and Leaf Tobacco,, l.'I.To. 1GO ,...,-a1:er 1!11:ree1:1 lSl e"VI>'" Tor]&.., B. A. SHOTWELL, MANUFACTURER o FINE CIGAR!. E. CANALS Proprlelon or lha lL\:NUFACTUBER OF lm 1 ifl! )tit!" t El Progreso & La de '''''' ''''J9 GuanesCigarFactones, KEY WEST, FLA. KEY WEST, F LA. 66 Barclav St., New York. P. 0. Box Jio. 10. 1 ___ ..;.,._ ____ Smoking: Excelsior, Standa.rd.1 :X.. -:;:;:;r .a. 'CTK.EE, ""gV:J: S. J. G. FLX:N'T, Jr., JIIANUFACTVKBR 011' FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, WIS. THE PEASE CUTTING MACHINE. n THE JOHN B. JlcGOWAN ._ r, t C1nc1n.nati., 0., Y. a. A 'l'his Cut shows our PATENT DOUBLE END Finisher With Patent Retaining Look for the pNSBure. I We control all Patents for Preuiag To. bi!-CCO from BOTH ENDS -:0:-:o:Moulds, HYDRAULIC and Whell Boxing Presses, Bands and Seg ments, Steel Finisher Plates a.nd Tins, HAND &Dd POWER WRINGERS. S Pnd for C11.talogue. PLEA5E WRlft OTJR ADDRESS PLAIN, aBd refer &o this paper in addressing U&


10 'ri:J.E 'TO.BA.()CO I .... MAY 7. A'JaUadelphia Ad Balt.bnore A.dvertiaem.eota. ,:;::fe: WM. A. BOYD c1: CO., .&.ND P.&CJUI:RS o IMPORTERS .oF SEED LEAF TOBACCO. ClllmissioD Merchattts for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. H AVA N A A N 0 S U M AJ R A, 07 ARClt STREET PHILADELPHIA. -x::JW.JT .x FIB. ;ommissioo Merchants IIIII Wholesale Dealers In "FOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACGOt 1 1 7 North Thi-rd Street, Philadelphia. Seed. Leaf. . ... as south street. E. B&TCHELOR & ., Packers of Seed Leaf and Importers of. Havana p.nd Sumatra Tobaccos : 08 1\TortJ::L IB"treet, EJLL::ES &. CO., l11&1'11JPA.CTUHER8 011' B -ENGAL CHEROOTS, Al 1Dlp9r&era or, Cor. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. LUXURY TOBACGO WORKS, Maaucae1arer or Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco -Allli-Luxury Fine Cut In Foil. JULIUS Y.ETTERnEIN & CO., PACKERS OF SEED LEAF and ::J:EALERS IN TOBACCO. .JV}:I'BS VTTERLEnf, 1118 .A.R.O:Eit &T .R.::I!J::I!JT, ::E"':J3:X:Lo.A.D::I!J:Lo::E"':EitX.A. M. E. McDo.well & Co., 603 A 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, &C>:Lo:JII .A.G-:BI N T8 JIPC>R. LOTTIER'S -AND-BLACKWELL'S "DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S rGenuine DURHAM: Smoking Tobacco. New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Lonis and Cincinnati. ,; L -EWIS BREMER'S SONS, WHOLESALlll DEALERS IN 11 LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, BaR NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A ...... Aaoort.aeat of aU ldJula of Leal Toloacoo ooaotantly oa Juuul. L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. IJIPOJLTERS 01' Sumatra and Bavana,l :ifo. Ill ARCH: 8TREET, PHILADELPHIA. "RMRY T FREYER. AUGUST ElSENLOHR FREYER & EISENLOHR, Paekera aa Pike. St. OOVIKGTOJII', K,.. "ReaQ' Gelu. :1.887 Beaaa D., TBE GEISE' CIGAR BOX CO. lluceeaom "' HeDrT Geloe and 8tlclme7 a OoNoa, lllanuftle&urera or all 1Ua4a or 0 X Gl-A. R, B 0 ::lE EJ S. :J:)ea1er J.D. O:l5ar R.:llobo:D., aa4 all other c:Jtcar-makera' 8uppll Lara Stook ef Goo, S. Harria a: So' (PJdlaolalpJdal aa4 SeJaau-a: EttiiDaar'o (JII'ew York> Labelo Coaatantl7 oa Haad. : f -88 "Y OX.N'OXl.\1"1\T .A.T:I. GEI SE, BENNO DAMUS, GEO H STALLO. THE GEISE LUMBER CO., JU.NUFACI'URERS 011' SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Be>:lE x.,.,,.'W"Dber II'Leaa AvODue, CiaoiDnati; -d Wa.t Vlrcfnia, Olll.oe: 93 CLAY STREET, CIJII'CIKKATI, 0. Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED In Plain or Fo ocr DNIJD, of Plain Gilt or Ooloreol Till at Lowest. Pricea.. S&mple TftJ anti full tn!onnation funa:lsbed. on appUcation. J. M. ROBINSON & Co. 226 W. 24 & 62Cezotral.&.v OXl.\TOXN"l.\1" C>. W. BEST, Chicago; LORIN PALilER, New York; 111', H. RUSSELL, CJidllecrw to JOHN C. PARTJIIDG.E a 00. W -HOLESALE TOBACCONISTS. Sole Prourieton or thB 'GOlDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' Cll:ars. tS7 81:. a:u.d 4.1 &tate CIJ:L:I.oaao. :1:11. BOLE A.GENTB FOB THE FOLLOWING WlCLLDOWN !'IRKS:-8TBAI'I'ON & l't'OIUI B Cigars &ad Clpretteo D H. !lcALPD! a 00. 'S PIDif Tolouco; LOZANQ I'ZK D48 a 00. 'I B J'. GBA VBLY'B l'luaTobaooo; W T. BLACKWELL a CO D;,;; bua.l!f. J .J. BAQLJIY "lllAWLOWJ:B,"Doo'"'U, lllleh .L_J. W CARROLL'S "LOIQ .-J:.&.OK," lntrlf, V"",;.QOODWIN It 00.'8 "OL'O JU DGE"arobaeoo aDd etg"Bl:rWAJ!U'O TH:S AOT8," r.11d IONNJ:Y TOBAOCO CO. 'II Qa-arettea. AGEJITII 11'0R B. 1'1. GA:00'8 DY WEST CIGAB& '.V"' .... :MIGHT!' NAVY TOBACCO WORKS. :m 0, .A.:Lo:Lo::I!JN", Propr:letor. IIAKUFACTURERS OF PLUG, FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TC>BA.COC>S, N. W. "or. Canal and Monroe Sts., CHICACO. B. SO'BERT, L. PINCOFFS, WHOLESALE DEALER tN BUYER AND SELLER 01' .a. Tobacco Guttin[s ua ScraDs. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO .u..t Wboleoal Dealer 231 East Randolph Street, LEAF TOBACCO, o:a::xo..a..o-o. 43 S .Water Street, Chicago, Ul. _...,._ IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 21, St. SpriDJhld,lua. .A. F. BICO & CO. DIPOBTEB.s or HAVANA 1.EAF TOBACCO -AND-OZG-.A.R.s. 18 Central Wharf, Boston. 1'. a. tilAYO. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'n. RICHMOND, VA. l:iJ!'AB!JSBIID BY ROBI!Zr J..IU.TO ... Orilrloatore of otyle &IMl ........, l.V.A.V"Y lilA VIES A SPECIALTY IN ALL SIZES, JAMES M WISE, Commission Merchant Por Pllre .... et LEAF :R.XO::IiEM:Ol'il 'V' .&.. 'V. S. WRIGHT, Sueceoaor "'.Edw.,.. Peynado & Oo, DIRBOl' IMPoRTER OJ!' CHOICE HAVANA SOLE AOJilNT FOR Lozano.Pandax & Ca.s Clear .llaralla Goods Hotel and Oelt Bouae .X..C)'-11"'WT'll.l.e. ::1:.-y MILLER a. HERSHEY, Dealers in Leaf Tohacco Pele1'1burc, Laacale': Co., Pa. A, R. FOUCI!RAY, Tobacco I nspcctor, 6S N. l'roa& lit., Phlla4elpllla, Pa. C. C. DAVENPORT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, SOUTII BOS"rel'l, VA. HOLT, SCHAEF!ER & CO., of Leaf Tobacco. L lrNCIIBVRG, VA. D. W. BRACC, Buyer of Leaf Tobacco, Plli:TEHIIBVRG, V&, PAUL C. VENABLE, Leaf Tobacco Broker, D&l'r"YILLB1 Y A. Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, &ICHJIIOND, V:il, PIPER HEIDSIECK ._ PLUG REED a. McCIEE, TOBACCO, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, 1'1, C:. J'LA VORED WITH Tllll CELJ:BBATIID w. A. BOBBITT, PliONOUNCED BY JUDGJ:S cnlilP.&.an wm& Leaf Tobacco Broker, The Finest Chew Extant. PIPER HEIDSIECK. OJDOB:&, K. c. NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, H. T. JENKINS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, :&:. Y, W. S. O'NEIL, W&BRB5Te51 If, G. I I 3 North Third Street, Philadelphia. T ______ ____,;. ______ OHIO SHED iillalTOBAGGO R. L. C. SCHEFFEY A CO., Cigar Manufacturers' Acents, ... 6, :DVXN. 1107 N'OlR.T:EE BR.C>.A.D IBT IIBNRY IIBYI'II&KN, GUGGENHEIMER & CO. I SNEERINGER & CO., 13 Soacll llowarEI.A.OOC> Cor, Lomloard & CJa-pdda, Baltimar Of any Bo,.. In 'he State .:!!"arylaad. S1100e.or to Salaoa, ll&aoook a; c ..,"'r" No. 1, h11..... Theobald & Oppenheimer, BATCHELOR BROS., OF !llanutaelurera ot FINE CIGARS, KEY-EAST '' S B AND DEALERS IN suanRh aiHI Domestic Tobacco, PIIJLADJ!liPHU..' -:--CIGARS, FINE COIL, IUJII'UI'ACTUBEJL 01' LIGH"'' PRESS, TWIST, NAVY and SUN-C11B.ED TO:S.A.OOC>&, VA. .. J LOU18VILLB1 KY. C. C. 8LAUCHT.II, Leaf and Strip Tobacco Braar, HBNIJBB805, &r. T. H. PURYEAR Buyer of Leaf Tebaoco, PA..DUC:AIIo KY, M. H. CLARK A BRO., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, (lL&BKSVJLLB, P.&IJIJC:&II, HOPKINSVILL& C. A R. DORMITZ:ER a. CO. OOMliiSSION MERCHANTS AND Dealers in Leaf Tobacco I N. Mala s ... St.. Loata, 1231 St., .PHIL A DELPHIA. Jf .. tn Jrortlt. Thirol s......, 1 I ---------------------------------------A ER A USS & 00., P.A.CE &, SXZER,, c. J. MORRIS, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO A BJL.AUSS, 1\To. 8 .N'C>R.T:Eit T:Eit:I.FI.:J:) W. II. 'BEIJ.IW' J Paeker aad Dealar fa LEJ.A.P TC::B.ACCO, :131 and R33 North Third Street, Philadelphia. t).\t,t. I Co. CIGAR DKIJilAL,ORI!M JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., Importers of Havana .&ND PAOD:IIS OJ' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 39 Carman St. Baltimore. UTA.BLJ:SHED 1848. ll06 to ltl.lloa-om-AYea-, 'WeiaY!Ietheattentleu of Manufacturers to our ..,. tt4ck of Dal'k Bewea&ed Wrapper, ot SANK & CO., 1 T liZ PHILADELPHIA, whlchwemakeupecialty. )PANISH GIGAR FACTORY. KOOK.E BROS., M. KEMPER & SONS. General CommiSSIOn Merchants, LASA & MILLOS, ; l'llanntatltlll'.U of the Celebrate Importers of Havana, 31 xoRTH sTREET 802 Chestnut and 29 S. II th St. T 0 LTE G AND PACKERS OF 30 North Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA. SEED LEAF TOBACCO PHILADELPHIA. All Long Havana Filler 5c. Cigar, 1 3 a. 16 Cheapslde, 116 West Lombard St., ------------------;._,-------------6W]UTE FOR AGIIINCY.) B.&.LTIJIORE. nii:D. :. t Manu1Bcltaren ot the Celebrated Leaf Tobacco Broker, 11PDRITY" _Granulated, Cut Plug, long Cut a11d EVA.Nsv ....... rn. "RALEIGH" Cut Plug; FA VOBITE" Cigarette and Long Cut; K STRAIGHT WEB" Cigarettes and Straight Cut. V .A.. ---PARRY &. CRO&BIE8, Tobaoo' o :Eir Parad.l.e 81.1 LlYerpol1 .... 3 A. COB L. FB.EY, Dealer In aa4 Paelter ar PRAGUE & MATSON, L f T b LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS & REHANDLERS, O!.w .. CXN"CXN"N" .A. TX, 0. ED. WISCHli!EYlrR, HY. WISOHJI!EYER. ED WISCHMEYER & CO., TOB.A..CCO COMI'v1ISSION MERCHANTS5 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore, lid. LANCASTER, PA. JAS. A. HENllERSON & DE.AL.EllS IN Virginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, :I:) a,._ V a, Smokers ani Bright Leaf a Speeialty. ':5rders llollclted. J(,lbelteD, 1'. X. 11u.--. 0. .. 'lollaDd. )


I MAY 7. Business Directory of Alnrtisers. NEW YO:aiL 8ood J:Aaf""" s ..... -7'rJioa.-.,. __ ._ ot Debla, 1110 Peu1. .t.Nadt otl'rllla'ant. IGJ w--a-. teew.-8. 161! Water IMoll .t J'Jocller. JIB"llrud J .t Oo.III-IAM II&ftlaoD -1111W-Jiawt Wm. ot Oo. 1116 .r.rL J'all<, G. II: Bro., 171 Water. 1111'Mld ,_Ill. II: II. II: 0o>. lllll-.._, --.a ....,Dibal, tee 8enM1 L. ::Bro. 111 l'eul. -peeht K. Ill Pearl --L _,tlo.174 W-Blnb, Da.W G. Oo.117 Peart ....-.: a. a eo. 11111 Peart Wdonn&D J-. II: Sou, 140 llaldea lue. LoQo K. B eorDer Wall &Dd. l'Mrl, Llill4ll8lm ll. Jill f'eul. ..,_.Joe -.Ill l"tt&rt -.... K. a 0o. 171 w-OJp h"merK.lwu. f'rloe&J-.. Ill_ ...... a Q.171Wuer. --111.11:-1411 ... ....,s. & Bo-. 171 w-9. a -. lllll&MID lliioa. -..II:Boa.171W-. .... ..-a. a o.. 110 w-. -Fred.--Peart ...... L&Oo,11MWa-......... III.II:Oo.l_.... ... 'l'lllf eu.-r a &a. F.-. .,_, O&rl. I'll PearL Wlll>lllr OIIM 1'. IUd. &Y, Wolf 'l'loeo Jr. IVlll"roDt J)ollllla Fercl '18-81 Brood. -G.IIIIO-way. la...-yer, W&IIMe & Oe. l.lllnlllchraT. -IIBDJL '18-81-.......... /fW -.... 0/ .,.. ... 13 ... -.... ..-.-..... L. .t-. IIGChambon ll&D-ToiJ&ooo --J.K.17 ..... BL & llro&dhlln&, 1111 h&rl TbompooD, lloore & Oo. a ...._._ .. lll&tl __ ..__ -Joluo.IIBe& .._,BoD, J. a. a oo. 111 wOiborne, .ram 9. M BroAd. l!t.oppel, ll A 1M Be&er. 1/nifiM Bro.6ora. lloolWI W. 0. aDd. Oo. Ill Kxollaltp -r .f QIWtllloC e-t D., & LYall. Wall -D .tOo. 171 and 1'111 D-. Vooclwlll /t. Oo. toot ef Gl-and Street, ll B. IIDDDey Broe. 5)6 "> tiOii W-llld .....,...... J. K. 114-UI LlborV ... 111-W V.U, lle'Aiplll D. B ol Oo. oor A YODUe D &Dd 'lwacb. 11111or 1J1ro 9. B. ol Oo. 117 ..,_.,_.0, .,._. A>!fUell08 Brothers, l?ll'earL ....... 118 Pearl. an 11oBc17 4 '-erer, '10th st. and lot &ft. Browa & krle. oor. ll8tb Bt. &Dd lot AftD Qondlt Stephea 9., 4111-447& JOlt Dellance Clpr llanut&C1i0r?, -.aa ..._ ll'oete A W .t Oo I*' lllaldao Lue. l'rey Broe. Uld-1848 AYMUA A l"romer L F 17th st. oor M aod Lufqtoe. an. Babn & Oo U8-4l!9 E OM Bt. Ball Tlloo .11. 1101-!111 E 37th lieFm&D Broe .e t.o .... -. 4IM-4III B. -Boflllaoo F. ll1lli E. 7111. J_..,. 11. & Oo., r-or liill &., -JUJ-lo' & Bookman, IIIIth 'It, osr 1M &Y. J--'I & Oo -llllld. l-. CtriBtlan, 334 s OM Street -Ill-& llolldy, Ill & lllGnllld. JI.Brbe&-1014to1_,_AY,-110 te 81l '11fl -ltlmb&IL ar-e and Oo M WarreD. Lo?y--c .... l8tllllll ..... Uoll-IM 8rothero Oo. m to nt ld .,..,.. Llchteaateln .&.... Boo & Oo. lOll !Cut-It u.o Geo P & Oo. cor. alth ot and anoue .&... ... y Lope& J .t Co., 1'111-175 Greenwich. LaTe J. W. Ullt lit ao. &DO....,. E 7tt II llaadel M w & Bro. 16 1-t llo1ren --A. & Co .. ,...,.,. D -II lOth st. O&teaborz S Broo, 1140 E iilld Palacio c. a Oo. Z Burling sllp Pob&lold P, & Co. IGS Ub&mbooro Rodrlauez ol Garcia, Gold. BOrl: Jl. 4 Oo., 104!oatb l'lfth ...... BtraltoD 'torm, 11()8 ltaet. 211 h. huo a: Me1lnll&l'l:. a. .,. cor. 7ld st &Dd.ld. aY. BUYertDau IlL a Oo. aoe "' au 11. 11 UJIIII&IlD reet. Warthelm .t Bohlll'er, -ll 70th ot, Iftti[JO'I'14r Of 811matra lrr.,..,_ Dura B. Jr. 1111laldeo Lane J'a11<, lol & Bro, 171 Water l'relae Eroeet, 9rd: L 106 lllaldeo Laae. llaye c F, 188 Peart llir'acll VictoliUfl k. 0o 181 Wa._. E. ol Broo. Water. lalomoo IlL ol E 1!6 llaldeo l&oe, llohroeder 4 Bon. 178 w..Botmld. L.188 Water. l!pill(&l'D E .t; Oo., 6 BurUDg sllp. Well "' Oo. 116 Pine AJmlrail & Oo. II Cedar. &uerboeh Simon .t Co. 1'19 !'allrl -.,helm I & Bon, liD Pearl Brud J & Oo. 1!16 Jlaldea Lau r""""'d"" G. a Oo. '" 1'e&rl l'reloe, 1411 Water. lrtMm&DLocaard auo., a..-Qarola 1'. liro Oo. 117 w ..... lleDMies .&... 1110 Pearl QuerraB_.....,111l"'ater B&Y&B& Tob&OOO 0>. Jl'roll& Lope& oaJixr.o. ol Oo 8 !4 Malden r... Varona G. &: Oo. 114 YO@-lllorwa It Oo. 181 PV,tgU o, 140 M&Nen laDe ,. sll & Oo. 66 Ploe Jfcm,., .. ,....... or Aq WOlf ...... co Ill. & Oo. 1l6 Barclay :8lllDgtn' J & Oo .. 51 Murray. a-nball & 0>. 84-8& Reade. Seld.enberl: and Oo llll7 Baa' OM. V.lll.&niDea roar .o; Oo. Ill W-JllollaO J-1. 171 Pearl. of -_._ a:aatm ..... ol 8oodT, 1!11-111 8ru4 ., Olaor ,.,__ Brae. ol Bolld.y, Ill.,.. 111-'M'IT JIJoa. llllllllro&dway. Wm & Co, 116'1--MII Broad_,. KanfmallD W1"08 Botldy. Ito 111 ..,.._. lt&ld.eoberl: P. J 8'71 Broad.wav Jfa."vtacnwer ef lAeoriotJ .flllule. ._..._,. Jameo 0 116 s. v. a r. P. 4 Cedar. ttamford llaiiJltactnring (Jo "" Jl&ldea LAM ...... & BterrT, Llmltod, 711 PIDe, _.of c--.l'IUie. Alftlmli&U. Wo.llace a Oo. aM II B...,_ 9tlrdioer, Jaa IlL 11 l'roDt IIDller'a R. Son Oowpao7, 46 Cedar llc,A.DclreW James 0 M Warr ....... ol s-r,-, LIJD1W, 711 <11--JIOft.'ll>foctiM er.s of Pt'ruNIMwt lMDnDL BWier'a B. Sou Oompaoy, 41 Cedar ., .... a s-.y, Llmltod. 711 Pllwl. s-4 Leo! 2\)IIOaaO ,.,. ... ..,.. etarleL a: Oo. 141 "-... s. ......._-a o.. 1<11 w-11 SrloU B. w. 116-811 .... Ill. M aM IIGilo-Wiob WilliAm & OB. cor 1M.,.,. aDd. 111a1 _,.. .. flpM!p'O ... w. ll iladllro, 48&-t'/1-,..__ Jfoldo. SrloU B. w. a11-1111 tM& Bleeatt sa. J' ao.4w1D .t Oo. t""' Grand st. II: II Ball 'l'homM R 111!1-111 ll 117tb. JiDDDeY,_Oo. 51JI.Mll WM .. Jbttrl. otToand C1IIW t.-&ad Trim mlngs. BoDS, F., Ill! MdiN N. William -Lonla 11:. & Co ...... Pearl aDd. Dm. llchn-ot!CWiuer, Ili-a! Bleeeller WltoiOh .t l!oiUBIA. t4 llmrerJ' ll(ro Ba_.... L-.,_, Q>ukel Jaa. ana Oo, 9'l J"olul J'riM Ill! J II. & Oo. 166 Ch&mben (lord("{/ lAua "" Orwd. sroea& J 11: Oo 11 Dey at JIJin. of Oigo>r lloldo. IIJIIOr, Dubrul l'er.erollltg 0>., 418 E 31M ._.,_..r..Oroolfe OOW.-tod 7'IJo .rbQ; TobaCCO. Medium TUne.. 0r0e1nf...,_., Btr&llll!, B. It Oo, 1711-183 Lowla '1'ob. ._.,.. __ el w .. PJMIP '1't.e .... 11 Jltc. 0. ..... a-a.._ ..... & Oo.'llr-tlll._ _,...,.,..,.. or '-""' ,..,._ lilandl-& Lilley, --w. liN. L&bol &ad llt&mtt V&rDitlh. -Chu. C. ud Oo. Ill Eut 14th Tob&ooo ll&ctlnery. llpr Bw>claJiur and lleliiDc JI&CtJH 1 Burllat: Slip. Baemeyera &lEider 117 'IV all. ar,wewy, T 11'"'"11'- of ..... loae. .. lllroolclwa'r .<OON&, Pa, Jlo"ftu;turer ot 041or B. B. 1008 :Eie .. ntt .&llllSTEBDA.!Jl[ Hollaa .D.ai4ro lA Polllta & Kich&eU.. 8ID<>r!l 'lbMc< O Bro,_., Harll:ama G .. u. Z. Voorblli'JI'W&l 2flG. ,A.RJrBEIII, Hollaa4. Dire, ft-Ill Gel'lll&ll I!DeeriDII"r a Co. 18 8. Boward Ua.enat:t Qeo. P a Oo. 81Bouth Cbarleo n _.,.., U. a 0.. lllliouth OIIIY 2ltlHicco ... ",..,.,..,.., l'elnar P. W .t: Boa, SID 8olltb Cbulea. 9&11' .t AX. Ill Barre Gupenhelmer .t; Oo .. Lombard. 41: Cteapalde. Jlarbr!J-!1 Brothera. 146"' ltV 8oullll-l'OUrll-Qeo p 8111ouUl Cbarleo Cigar iii&Dut&cturera. llilaroD Oo. Guga:enhelmer 1 Co., Lombard&: Cteapalde. ltoolntral Wllarf (/jl1fW ....... ,...,. ...... BJtotooclt. B. W., l91DdiA Street Jobbers in DomeBtio Ci&I'B aod Leaf T&b&coo Daeaport ;s, :Sr. 98-98 Broad BR!Jl[EN, Germany. Dealers in Sumatra aod J&T& Tobacco. Stover H. W. A Co. BUFF.&LO,JI,Y De.J.ral" Ha.oa7WI GAd F acJMn of 8Mcl IAaf Bulfalo I.-t Tob&ooo Oo. Llrnlted, 8611aln. OHIOAOO,DL -"'-' -OfgGro OIW1ftt111 llll4 7bll, Fuchl 41 Wabub. --DeoUrl ,,. CMWI Dowoeoelc Loaf Z'ol>ac>co. Bec1< A .t 0.. 44 and 41 Deart>onL Bandh&po T, 17 W Randolph lkrDert 11. tal & H&odolpb Butter .llio aD/" of I'IM-0..1 .t; 8WooirM9 7bil A .t Co. 44 and Ill Dearbonl 'l'l"l110eeooo Jl'/'n' ...,._, -. B.-11 & Oo. 67 Lake aod 4"1-... ttn. or TM. l'osl, J 1M Fraoll:llD lit Jluyor aad Seller et CuttiDJIII and Bonpr ucl Whol_.. Dealer Ill LMr TobaooO. PJaootb L. Q B Wa"'r llllftro ot Plug, Fine-Out Ctewfu aod Bmq. lllghtJ Maoy Tobacco WorD, CanAl aod lloon>e CIJUliJrJrATJ, O. OI(JM .8t Uo" 118 Clay. S. W 118-IOll to. Canal lllallllfaeWrer ot Tla TaL __.J. K. &: Oo. VliG tl' ld. and 510etlin1AY Tob&OOO ll&Dufactann. J)uDiap A. L. & Oo. llll E 2cl Loa! ToiH:rooo .. Dobrm&Dil 1'. w .a l!oa, --.-and l'roat. Jlflro. e r L'lgar Jfoldo. lllller, Dlrbrul & Peten, lllll-11111 E. lid. Ma.ftn at Havana Cigar FlaTOr, Berghausen Ed .e Oo 41 E 2d. l'rlee. &lex. & Bros 41 E. W. Mnttra ot Tobacco Mactlneey, Mo&ow&D Qo, Jehn B CLAB.K.BVILLE, '.t--. C1ar11 ][_ B 4 Dohrmann F W. & Son. Kennedy Jaa. T. COVINGTON, K7, Jlo,.ufactu""' Of PI"JJ Tebclcco. PerkiDii a Ernst, 1 59-IM Pke. u.....-vo.LJ:..Va.; --...... _,.. 1-' -denoL Jameo .&... .t 0> 'l.'hoJUO W F IAtilj Bro1wl1. Bbictlw ... Order. Ferrell P. W. J'lillaC.II. Peanon J R. .t Oo. VeD&hle 1'. C. DJ:O'IMOLD, oer--,.. Manutoctorel'11 of Cigar-Box L&l1ell. Klingenberg DET:aQIT.JDola. -_,.,..of -.ww.g 7bll. CMWI Oftrof'l .t..merlcan Eagle Toba,:eo Co. Bumor Tob&ceO Co. tlli-6Y t.rDed at DV'JUIAII O, Bl&cltWeil'a DuriWD Tobaooo Oo. Lyon Z L and Oo MJr o! Dll.ri.o Oartltta. JllaclWNII-B&Y&D& TobacOO Oo. 1111 Oalle AlllmM Mo'"'t'tlcn&rert OJ Ofgan. Sebastian, Suarez eB. Bancoo JuanA, lllll-160 Industria street. CUe"> Juan & w., EstrellA 19. \ Colmeoares & Calle de San Rafael 115. De Capo te, Mora & uo. Calle del Rayo 28. Estanillo. Junco & Condo; Belascoain 84. La Gran8dlna, Cal l e de San Rafael99-!0l. Lopez Manuel & Co. Figuras .26. Murlas Felix & Co. Calle de Ia Zau;Ja 6ll Miranda. F, Oaz.otd& M onte 1119 Roger Pedro. 49 Factona street.._ ltenduele:-R ., Calle d e l Rayo 69. Rodriguez Manuel. Estrella 1811< Belgu .t; Garola, llltloo 117. BEDER80. T..-BroiNro. llJ&u&IIMI' G G HENDERSON, N. (), 7blld000 Broieloor oflllld l>faW iA r..a,r, l Greene F. C &A.l'f.A.S C.ITY, Whoa..le Dealen Ia lllllfd and lltok To-..... Qlpn, ..... .... A.rtMie& ......_ J ...... .t Bro. Nl Del&- .o..lenl---r-f.IIUklleiiOD J 0. ol 0o 101 Del& ........ KEY WEIIT,I'la, ll&Dutaot ........ 0( Clpn. ll .t; Oo. Angulo J B. l'&Dllllllll. OoDIIo L. B. Zamoro A P. 0. Box 184. L4RDUTE:a, Pa. l'llcten ot &Dd Dealen In 1.-t l'nw Jacob L. 218 W.IDq at lltlfee & Frey OJ-A N Duke at ,._ ..... &Dd ......... s.-..11: Kuru, 10 w. LIVERPOOL. Btq, 1l>hoooo /WoirM1 lWry .a 18 Parad.lle -LO!IIDO!If0 Eac. Tobaooo, Cigar &Dd Leaf Kerohant, Gra1r L. G l"eacbureh 8ulld!Dp, B. 0. LOVI8 VILLE, Plvg ToHcoo .lfim..,_ Fome Tobacco Co PIID,p1, Doerlloefer & 0>. 18th &Dd.ll&lll Klier W. G. & cf::"' ro.-. Ollllawar lam08 1'. comer J:l&hllr.,..LowW, Rlch'd Jl W-Mala tlelw 'Wm. Q .t Oo. G8 Seeotll mporler fllca-Oigaro. Wrl&ht T.ll. J' ll JohD w Oo>MM-Jl-.., Bolt, Schaerer & Oo. IIIDDLETOWlf, O. lltmvfiMilWW'I of l!'ttlf lore P. J, & Oo. lii:IL W .& UKEE, WI .,.,... O/ OM!oltog 5M 2'ct-O. Ad&rnaF.F.&eo. Flint J. G .t; Co. Jt-.tlfocturero of Ofgoro. GrBt Wm. & Oo. NEWARK, Jr. J, llaautacturf.ln ot Tobacco. CBmpboU & Oo. aJ..-22 Bri at NEW ORLEANS, L.&, Jl..n,ftrs of R e d Orot.s Bavatw Cigaretlu. AUonea, Ramon, Bavaaa Clgaretlbaoco 1-lor. I'OIIf:Or&y A. R. 58 N Frent Ka.nvfacturtll'o 9J lAtJoriM The Jlellor .t Blttenhouae Co., 118 North lllld. Jlfr:'o Ag.,.l for PI"JJ au s.-. Kelly F. X Jr. IIi Arch Oigflll' !Joe LolJel,s and 7Wmmiflga. Barlia &eo. B & Bon, T16 Arcll M"""fCJCIUrero of RalpN BootcA flrwl, -art\ Ralph .t Oo. 141 Aroh PITTSBURGH, Pa. Jll.a.w.v,t'ro of &.11.1! """ 8molritog -Weym&D Broe. 81 Smlthlleld Bt Jl7l/n a( Long ft. read .BaAtwr n IMOd .lf;jd BIR<>kiAo Tob&ooo. Joaldaooa R. .t W. 919 QlliNol<>oo Broker. Reed.t McGoe B.IOHIIO.D, Va. 11-"-of-,..TobaoooGACI OfgGP. "' lie&. Allen ot Gtater. Paco.t:BIMr. Jl-.o4fa.clwon ., l'hotlll: Butler Wlleon. Baoeock W. T Jl&:to 1'. B .t Bro. Ill '1't1l 81 Pace J B. Tol>acco Gle. Lea,fT--1. Crump, E. T .t; Oo 4-G Oolumbl&a BlociL Dibrell W.ll Wl8eJ ..... .. .. ][JIIhlaer .t OB. 1111111 ll&lll B.OOHEBTER, y, v ..... tCIChmln of !)rrl, "Balf -"11. .. Im-"'1" J;.otlf 0111, Wb&leD. Blch .tOo. IN Mill it Ji.GA,v.f'F of "NMB fttt.e Out aftd W.W," oAd '' BntoW-. To6cloeo. 1Jilalero T 11111->e o/ "PMrleal" 011oc1 Plclllt...,.. a.l TobRcco-"Ji"OI&IIy _,.,.. ............ m.b&ll w. I. ct Oe. RO'ITERDAM, Hollaa4 Bwom Tob&ooo Bl'oltero, LD.Iacco Brem. e. G WHEELDIG. W, Y or Ba......_ Seed< '1'IJ! and.lltot!leO!can &Dd DeaiOI'II"' ...... T<>-. )[llhll a: Braacltaao, !llllllllllaiD a "' Cii;IGr oum-Biocb Broe. TORS., Pa, lllaout&cot OI&MI. Jaoob A. llllifef, ToWDe, Fuller a Co., Packers of Leaf Tobacco 1 Manuf'trs of Cigars, JOHN D. SKILES, JAMJ:S B. Fllli:Y. c;t:, FR.E""'5?", PA a: ...., of Braada r LA FAM'A, EL GATO,' ST., NEW YORK. Incorporated September 6, OFFICE : 707 SECOND AVENUE, cor. THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET, NEW YORK. Factory No. 50, 3d Collection District, N.Y. Nos. 707" to 719 Second Avenue, and 235 to 239 East ThirtyEigbth Sqeet, New_ York. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, lmporte .. and Manuf;ctu .. of Mannfactnrers, MDBS & Smokers Articles, F .... Avenue, .... a .. 129 & 131 Grand St., Dear Broadway, New York. Cigar Saresroom: 129 & 131 Grand St., Ne_ w York. Box Factory. ee,. 100 a:a.ct. 1011 :r.1 orlh oa.-a.1 s-t O:I.D.o:l:a.:na't:l, o. Aloo of the Veaeered and Im.itatioa Cellar Clga.rBo:a: Lv.mber. Sample furaiahed oa Applloatioa. Sead for Prlce-Lkt. Th" oaly Pae&or,. Jn the Wet 1hat ea?rft,.J a complele etock. of all La'bel PubUhe4. Ia the United "ta.&e1111. W. F. THOMAS, LEWIS & THOIIAS; ::EII:e:a.dero:a., lST. o. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, Orders and Correspondence SoUcited. Best References Civen. GREEN HALL & CO., .Manufaeturen of VALUE 01' I'OILEIGJr COI:R'8. Cents Cmta Austria-FloriD or gull Ital,.-Lira.... .. .. .. 19. 8 der.... ........ ...... 4U Japan-Yen......... SID. 'I BeiO ll. ll General Agents: New York 'l'oba.cco M:a.chine Co .. Clark & 'Bro .. B w Macrae, Ca8h!Ar; A I 04 John St. & g Platt St., CUtler; Ju. L. Glun, Caatler, C lArksville, T enn. "York. G. LAHR,

12 ".1.-..:U:E TOBACCO LEAF. MAY 7. GRAY,MORALES & DALTON BLACKWE.LL'S DURHAM Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE Is the Most UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market. I i HAVANA CI&IBS, l HONEST, POPULAR, l LAND SATISFACTORY Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce h THE VERY BEST. J 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. ..._ ... _. .. a ... t Ja'lO. GEBRODER KLINGENBERG, :l:t:BIT:aii:OX.:J:t, G-:BIR.l!WE.&.J!Iol T,, 'bo-e:r-. ..._ o..cJa aa4 1'....,. Labela ,,. :a-, 'Wtae,l'r1dta aaol hu-. Cigar Box Labels a Specialty. -Dealcn ror Private Label eonnantlJ' on han.t. Orden reeelvea bJ' EOKKEYE:& & CO., U Beaver Sweet, Xew Terk, Sole Aaeata. H 36 WAa:&I:Jr aT., XEW TOBK, JUlfVI'AOl'URERS 01' mGH GRADE ... AND D.U.allll Dl o Z:.:BI.A.:Ir TOEI.A.OOG J'aotory 786, 24 Diat. X. T, lole Preprletors of >lie tollow!Da' Bruclat-CIJATEJIIA.L.t., BRO!iiiB M:B.a. .. ROSA DBL.IiOKT.. &fO HOIIIJNi YILSTr.t., PBII[Ba_.&.t -Oil LA PB&I4JJlOLB, a--. 1'111: RK, -l'ft'l!I:O, VB OUR TERRITORY, Samples f urnished upon a pplication. SliWTO It, SifORM, NEW TOBK. All CigArs or onr Manufactilre bear tbe. IIINE TOBACCO COIP UY beg Ieiw e to call attention to their new Pocke t C a s e, in which they now _packing their celebrated b ra.nd o f cigarettes, -'SWEET GAPOR1\L Warranted absolutely free from any fla vorin g or impuritie s. : Fine&t grades o f old a.nd thoroughly cured Virginia and Turkis h Tobaccos. Fines t French Rice Paper. Highest Class Skilled Labor. All goods made unde r our ,CARBFUL PERSONAL SUPERVISION. The orrl y genuine bear the fac -simile signature o f w -EAVER & STERRY, LIMITED, 79 1 'York. SPANISH LICORICE GREEK LICORICE ALL SPECIA.LTIES I'OB PLUS AND l'INE-<:UT TOBACCO. OUve OU, Tones, Beans, Gums, Flavors, fOWDE11ED LICORICE ROOT and PATENT POWDERED LICORICE. AROBAS FOB sOKI],'G TOBAOCO. LICORICE MASS FOR WM. E. UPTEGgOV-E .., :&R.o., Spanish Cedar -1'0&-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nalla. Foot of East I Oth & lith St. NEW TOJU[. 'v. T-i:vezey &, Oc::. POELAR WHITEWOOD, PLANED. and UNPLANED, -AND' IM;ITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES. J .... Ced&r manufac t ured lty <>Ur PATENT pro'1ess i s th e 011ly PERFECT iml Qedar. Prioos and rates of g iven upon ap plica t ion. ,._,..._ .... F-or ten or twelve yC::'t 'i::e :::1 Slwated in the immediate section of country that prodllCeB a grade of T"bacco .that in te:dure, flavor ud quality is not ,;rown eh!ewkere in the world, the popularity of these goods is only VERY 1 limited by thfl quantity produced. We are in pceition to rommand tbe choice of all .J Dt!J1, all., o1Jering11 upon this market, and epare l!lO paine or expense to give the trade the Durham S m o k inc-Tobaocfl, aa4 find K tha most aal is fa c t ory of all J liaft ll'iCd. ( p vc Thomas C a rlyla a PQUDCI oE it, as we smoked tcpthcr,andl.e 1 t. I han found no tobacco oaeiciWii'COAti l'lC:QC: diM GIIJ.P!Uet w i t i BUTL:SB &. WDSOH MAJIVI".&crru-.-. or F-1 E AYlES, for Chewing & Smoking, R.:lobrn o:n.d, v a. oo., CIGARS, '"'(i'V'es"t a:n.d 'York.. Office a nd Salesroom&: 153 Chambers St., New York. m:II!.IN"OB O:lr CIGAR FLAVOR The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. .or od:.o:ml-'TTB...&.rr:mD. TOBACCO ]WrAB OF ACTOB.Y. FOR FOR BOXES. BII'I'.&BLJIRD If.,., .oruLn r.. P..-u ... ar Price per plot, 86; per pllon, "1::1V:J::L.X.. :N'OT :m"V ..&.PO.ft...&.TJI!I. 87 OOX.U'DII:lliii:J:.&. &TJR.:J!I:J!IT, TOJR.:K. to make 011111: c;(ALLOI'I of I!ITRONQ I"LAVOR, amoun&. WE .A.U:10 UI'ACTIJBB ESSENCES for T08ACCO Flavors of all kinde. .. Q&& COLOR DI'J' IUiidiD LlqulN":O, v A.., Jacoti Henkell, 155 Chambers St. New York. Manufacturer of Fine Crades in oil' _STANDARD BR.ANbS OF CI&!I BOIES. toPEZ Cigarettes & Smoking Tobacco BUPERI OR.MAKUNDPRIXEQUAUTYOF ":M::J: V.ElG-.A." Oedar '"'(i'V'ood. And Other Brandl ot New York Depot .............. .-.23 Warren Street. IIIA NUFAOTURE R OE,:ALL KINDS 011' FINE HAVANA CIGARS, Depot in Chicago ... -......... so Randolph Street :;o v ..... :r street, x ..... York. San Francisco Depot .. : .... 207 Battery Street. Cigar-Box Labels, LICORICE. PASTE THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO .LG7 DII:.A.:J:DEJN X..ANB, TOR:&:. The l'r&d e bann.g d emanded a SupeJic.n.. and Cheaper Article than tb t }"1\tberto used, this Computl' .amanuta.cturln g1 &nd olferi1 1 g for aale, LICORICE PASTE the oJ b rand) of a QU..l..LIT1' ...nd a t & PRICE wht cb. c a n hardly I&U to be e t-o all giving It a Lrial. LICORICE PASTE. ,.:;-.e Spanish Imported, In Bond or Duty Paid. f !:::: 1'4,:.C 0 i Trade m: ... k .. "G. C." "F. G." & "Wallis Extra." l PO ; Gl Por l!lale bJ' 5. rn ArK-u.:lzn. ba u.. d3 'VV al.l.:ls, ;::: g 1 Sole Acent tor the Vnlted l!&a&M aaa Cnna.ta. ir g 0 2t aad 31 SOUTH WILLIAM STIU:BT, NEW TOBJL -1 HI.LLIER'S SON SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORtCE PASTE. FLA VOBS FOB. S:IIOKING TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES I'OB PLUG AXD I'I.E-DVT TOBACCO, l!lpeelal aiteatlon _. .,.. &o !ll'anatlodaren' !ll'edleJ' All Gee lllt.lppe4.1"r'l8 en .Qoal'4, JF" Sampl011 tarnished and opectal qnotatlons ginn tr>< anJ' article required.----THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSr C&MPAN, 818 1-'T. Dlld MANUFACTURER S OF SPANISH AND CREEil LICOBICB PAS'rf:. .-.tJen-..lal ftor "Pw-1"--- o-al...,... Jeaee $>f ALSO H. & Jl. 'BRAND STIV& LI()OJtiCB, ALL SIZES. &. v. &, F. P. &o'u.d..der, lll.t.I'IUII'A4JTIIRB&8 011' POWDEBJ:D LICORICE 'BOOT & POW.DEB.ED .:JE:T, LICOBIC& Aloe 'DE.&LEU in DRUGS ....a LICORICE BOOT. Depot in London, England .. 55 Holborn Viaduct. 297 Monroe St. New York. J 1W: L.A. S UCCESSO R T O J C)An Anderson a e.,., MANUF A CTIJRERS O F THE A OE,'' 6"EJ:on..ey an..d. o-ther FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 11. 4 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET, .A.:a.d, 118 a.:1114 '1111 Cedar JST:J!I""'lI'i:T "FO:R.H-. MIXTURES FOR PIPE OR CIGARE1'1'E. THREE KING8, Turkish, P erique and Virginia. IIIELLOW M:IXTURE, Turkis h and Perique. TURKISH and VIRQINIA. PERictUE a11d VIRGINIA. GENUINE TURIUIIL Fl.AXIII CuTS, EsPioaLLY ADAPDD II'OR TBII: PIPE. VANITY FAIR. OLD GOLD. SALMAGUNDI, Grannlatct Hew lixtnre FRAGRANT VANITY FAIR, SUPERLATIVE and CLOTH OF GOLD 8 IS ..A. 'T:J::N' Ou..-t O:lga_re't'tes. People ef refined taote w h o d eoire ezaeptlon&Uy tine Cfgare ttee should use <>DI.Y our l!l&ralr;h t ()u .. In po.clt:ots and boxes o f lOs, l!Oo, I50o and 1008. Our Cigarettes were n eve r so a.s n ow. They cannot \le Rurpaased t o r purity a n d excellence. tnly the p u rea t Ri c e Paper u sed. E.tablhhed J 846. 1 4 Flr& t Prize Dl.edala t'IM. S. KIMBALL & CO. Peerless Tohacco Works, Rochester, N Y Mannfactorr. 8ucce o:r t.o D. Hlreh & Co. 229,231 & 233 E. Uat St., New ToriL The following B rands and Trade-m a rks bfoing t b e sol e and exclmUve p roperty the DEFIA N C E C IGAR MANUFACTORY, any one anywh e r e wlth in the reach ol the J a w s of t b e l a n d who will i m i tate in any manner any of these brands aud t rade mar ks, or use any nam e or l abel t hereof, will at once be prosecuted j ust the eame as any thief who w o ul d steal any othe r v a lua bl e JJE".rsooal property: De11ance, Mtpbloto, Jupiter. Old Jud...,, Sigma, Moss Rose, Our Boys, Samson N o n &a u c h Suoceu. Snow F lake, Hearts' Dc Ught, I'II&'Tblni!',OurC&stle, G a m e Rooster Vlr g lnlus. Pluc k Slop riotl. llog, Gul li ver, Plan tagE: net, Fea.rnau g ht, Tbe Montezuma, Commercial Club, Beaton C lult. UnherMI Stan dard, Solid V a.lue. The Fashion, Lone Star .. Co ria, Falstlllr, El Eogagno, l'lc&cllllo, Tbe DWKl.AIIUFAC TUREJIS OF CIGAR BOXES .. 168 E. water st .. amcuc, I. 1. D&.t.l..BII8 1N ALL 01' 'I'D ll'l"fUUI OIG.i.ll-BOX L.UIII:U!I A i'ID TRDDI-,.. J. &, 00. Manufacturers of La. Elea.nor, "La Dlvlnlty," and other brands Df Clear Hayana Cigars, 113 GREENWICH and 50 coRTLIIDT STREETS; lEW YOII; I ,, )


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