The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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/1, Gild Oi9aro tlcuo1der s. v. & J'. P. 4 Oedar. __ American Eagle Tob&"CO 00. a-ford -aoturllllf Oo. 15'7 ll&ldoD -Ballller Tob&ceO Oo. 58-69 Larned 01 W-& 8tMtT, Limited, 19l'fue DU:RHAlll. K, C, .fa.le. or W&llaoo .tOo. ..... 118. ,_ "'"'"''-"- ... """'-B!acltWell'o Durbam Tobacco Oo. Gerdiner. u lll,_ 771'ront L d 0o HI1lier'a R. Son t..:ompaoy, 46 Cedar Lyon Z an .............., James c. M w ... JUn o! JJioclctHU' DtorM w--& s-ry, Limited, 7V Pine. BlaOIo&ler In Lear Tobacco. ot l'oooderecl Q8bern W. B BRUer'oB. Bon Company, 46 Cedar DAYTOK, O. trftl' aSSenT. Um.lted, o;ot Ploe. Peale Toba6co Outft:f'. 8e5 Lecaf 2'o&aooD Bucke-lron and Br&88 Works. JI'IIIDOIIarleo.& eo. 149 w.-""'-., .... r e. tide. liamlltoll a eo. 149 w-/'adtlr s m .,.... .--. Jlaaut-....n ot 0.--O'l'loll W. B. J1r1o1!8 B. W. 31&-8il -II&. V AJrBVILLI.. la4. BeaPII Jaoob.liiNI anllllll cmroe wtaa W!lllam a 0.. cor Ill a ... aDd 811& n :roaacoo OoB---m -O.J .tOo PRAIIILINTON, N.C. \ b!l-or Cigar Moldo. LMJJ 'l'oba Gee. v Sobumacb.,.&--.-B'-I, Jlledi-TUotle. Lo-Manuel & Co., Flguras 26. DrOHa Jolm J. Oo. 181 Grr.od Murlas Felix & 00., Calle de Ia Za.uja 69. .KiraDd& F, CaP.da dN. M:ont.e lVD JlaUmCIOCo Bro-.. 011-brewib )(fg. Oo., 24 a-. Lonrla .t Tho mao. KANSAS CITY, Iao. Wholeale Dealers ln.llllfd and 8mll:a: Tollacoo """ (]g&nJ, 11moar. Artfule& llac1unaiJ J. A. .t Bro. Ml Dol&ware o:!o llltcbet.on J. C .t Oo. 301 Delaware n KEY' WEST. l"la Jilanufacturero of apra. Alfon.oo B. &: Oo. AnguloJ. R. C'&ll&IJ E. OolllleL. B. Zamora A, P. 0 Box 184. L.UfQA&TEB, p., 1'-.n of and Dealero In Leaf Tobacoo. J'rey Ja.oob r. 213 W. Xlntr 8lrlfee oefer & Oo. 18tb and lllaiD lAfJ/ fOI!y L. C. & Co., 184. 4tb av Totmcco CommJSalon Nasb Geo. p, 1614 Wt \V. A. PADUCAH. Kr. foi>oocollroMro l'nry.Ar T B. PETERSBURG. y,_ .M01MIIGCJurer of atta SmoiA"ff !'obooal Grid Dealoro in Ll! :l'ollooccO. VOD&ble B. W .t Co. BuyP.T of Leaf Tobacco. llraggD. w PHILADELPHIA. s-1 IAd B""""" Tobmery &Te.oue PonuondoJuanF. 1114-1116 Sansom 'l'beobald N /ilrwl. Stewart, Ralpb llc<:O-ll:imball w 8. .t Co. li.OTTERDAII, Hou-.J. Sworn Tobacco Broken. Lull:Wel ud Tlele. SPIUXGI'IELD, lla.a :ra-ro.tJoOkro of Como-I-.1-l!mltb B. 1: Beu, 110 llampdM l'OOioet' otSHd Jlroftro of Olar TowM, Fidler .t Oo. 41-4 aam..l..,llt Manufacturer of Bprlngllold Cigar ]l[ntg. Oo. ,_ Hampden ot BT.LOUIS,-.. co Br91cer Da-.enport C. G WHEELDJG. W, y., IIDftrll of H&-. -. TIJ!ud lklllleOII!an ud Dealel'lllll ,_or.-.. llahD llliiiiKalll II ller"th S"t., C>, A l.o ll:aasdacturer of the Veneered aad Imitation Cednr CigarBoz Lumber. Sample fnrniohed on I' 'PPliC'Ltion. Sed f o r Price-List. The onl"t Factorv 111 the ,,.clll't tJJat n. -com]t lif\l e lito,: k of f:o., lST -0. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, .Orders and Correspondence Solicited. Best References Clvert. GREENHALL & CO., Manufacturen ot VALUE OF FOREIGN COINS. Cen t s I Centa or guil Italy-Lil'&.... . . 19.8 der .... ...... 45.3 Japan-Yen........... 99.7 Belgium-Franc....... i 9.3 Libe_ria-Dolla.r.. .... 100 ...... .... 96. 5 Mex1co -Dollar. .. . 99.8 BrazU -.Milreis... 54..0 Norway-Crow.n. 26.8 British N America-Peru-Sol .. -.......... S.'t6 ,. Dollar .... : ... 100 PortugalMilre's of Central Amer.-Peso.. 91.8 1 ,000 reis ............ $1 C8 gold...... 9 1.2 of JOO Denmark-Crown. 26_8 k o p eks..... . . 78.4 Ecuador-Peso. _...... 91.8 Sandwich lilands-Dol-_, Egypt-P ound of 100 lar.... .... .. ..... .. J O piasters .............. $497. 4 Spa;in-:-Peseta of 100 France-Franc... ... 19.3 cPnhmee ..... -.. 19.8 Great B1;tainPound Sweden-Crown..... ... 2 6 S sterHnsc.... ......... $4 8 % .. wiizerland=-franc .. J9 a Greece-Drachma .... Tripoli -rrlahbub o f 20 Ger Empire-Mark .. 23.8 putsters.... .. 821' or gUn. Tui' r ... der .... _. ... .. .. .. .. 38. 5 U S. of Co l ombia"':;'.. 8 Tndia-Rufce ..... ... Peso ..... .... ..... ,... 91. A k il o equals 2.5pouuds. A pfenni g .equals.2%of \lne cent. A n shilling equals 2 4 :3-}cen M. Au English penny equals !J %, cents. Havana Ior Wast Gi[ars. TOBACCO 76 Reade St., New York,' SOLF: AG"EN'rs. \V have Clll hulld a f ull of Kuive-s !or o r Huck actory No. 170. Nos. 84 A 86 Reade St., 0oa. CllUlWHST. NEW YORK KNIVES. t ye and Rog4?\rs Machint>s, ,.nd make to order Kn ives o f any pat I tet n. r ; I 1 .... ,. J>OWER. Will make plugs of all siz-"S, ft'iJU 1 to 4 inchei wide and ftn m a 1 o 12-inches l ong, better and cheaper than a uy other m a cbh1e in t h e morkRt. and now in use in ovt>r, o qe hun dred of the I a IZPSt factOJ*ies tn the United Statel'l C(!rl"& eol 1<:i1 Add l'eSS : J. H. BRINKOP, JAMES T. KENNEDY. _TOBACCO MACHINERY, JOOLS AND. SUPPLIES Leaf Tobacco Broker I'OR GRE'I.::A.E... ., .. AI'L JOSEPHS f dl> OC> :D4Ali1"U.:f'ao"t"U.:rer. ," al General Agents: New York 'roba.cco oo Clark & Bro .. B W Macrae. CasbJ r; A. Bowell. 04 J h S & 9 PI' ff Sf ; C&sbler ; Jas. r. Glun, Cashier, Clark!;vilte Tenn. I 0 n t. a I F. C GREENE, I CIGAR IANUF ACTURER8, LEAF o'T'oBA:cco) 63d S Albany ana Janesville, I 32234 E: l.; -yvxsoe>JSTi;u:N. j Between tat atJd 2d Av., Fine Clear Leaf a Specialty. Am'Ple Storago -----"York. G. PFISTERER. ,, LAHR, F. X. KELLY, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT FACTOIUESt Tobacco Agency, 'KEY WEST and NEW YORK. 1111 .&llflH liT, Phllatlelpllta. Pa. GENERAL AGENT FOB WILSON 4 McCA-I.LII_Y"8 -OFI.'ICE..: PLUC TOBACCOS. ,SI Murray St. NewYork, P. 0. Box 2183, NEW YORK. ::E:DI.EP:R.-OfV'EX) TC>EI.A. OCQ .. .. '! --.t


12 GRAY, MORALES & DALTON Manufacturers ef CUBAN HAND-MADE HAVANA CI&!I.S, 5 .14 PINS STR&ET, PHILAD.ELPHIA, P A. J.Yehed a..._t l&'tO. GEBRtiDER KLINGENBERG, :J:JEJ'TBIEOX.:J:J, GBR.DIEA.:2'iil Y: T'J":pO-_r.apl::Ler, BZD.bor-. 111oMr ....t r....,. Laloela for Beer, Wbae,l'ndte p.,._,..,, Cigar Labels. a aow -.rae ft>r Prlvate Lal>ela .,..a.taad)' oa llaad, Orden .,. EOXIIEYE& & CO., d --Street, -Terk, Solo q-te. CROUSE & CO., 36 'WAJUU:lll ST,, NEW YORK, lii&NUJ'AOTURERS OF mGB GRADE AND DEALBRS Ill' X..BA.F TO:EI.A.COO Faoto17 'T86, 2ol Dl.t., N. Y, llole Preprietors or lhe following Bnuuls:-811&or.KBAL.t., BKOMIB IIIBBA .. 808.1. DEL NORTE, BIG HOND9t '"rHE TOBACCO LEAF. MAY 14. BLACKWELL'S I HONEST, POPULAR,) Is the Most RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market. LAND SATISFACTORY Hence DeaJ_ers and Consumers Alwaxs_ Pronounce h THE VRY BEST. BUTLBB. & WDSON FINE NAVIES, for Chewing & Smoking, __ B.:l.ob xn o:n.d, V a. ::.::--. &-Oc::., OF HAVANA. 'VVe&'t a:n.d "o,rk.. Office an. d Salesroom&: 153 Chambers St., New York. SP.A.N'ZSH 'TE'I.XPLIE OON'OEN''TR..A.TEJ:J:J. FOR FILLERS. FOR BOXES. Br Price per pint, 16; per lfalloS. lf4(l. N'OT :ID'V .A.POB.A.'T:I!J. bottles alP to make ONE q.t..LLON or STBONU llL.I.VOil, -O!Ioect'JIE* fill amount WE JlA,.;u.a.CTUBIII TOBACCO BaT.I.BLIIIDBD UIL ft'.A.NLft L. PLATT ....... olea&. 8'7 OOX.'C'l!WI:Ja%.A. STR.EIEJT, -MA!IUFAO'l'URERS OF THIC CICLICIIRATBD-PLAIN FINE C11T CHEWING TOBACCO IX BL'UE PAPERS 8 1'ol 'C' :Jr' :It" 8 I LICORICE PASTE z .. JI'L')B DB VIOLRTT.t.., I;L PKIMEKA, II'LOB DE DIANTA "ZAS, L.t.. l'IEKIVHOL ... ROSES, NEW YORK, KISDET, BL. JST!IIIO, VEGVEBO!I, C>UR TEHKITOBY, Samples furnished upen a.pplic-.aUon. ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinde, J. H. MERCENTIM'E & CO., l USl prosecute any inlringeruent, Tiz.: -RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA SPECKLED BEAUTY, DOTLET,, 28 Beaver Street, New York. BEAUTY SPOT, FRECKLED BI!AUTIIES. llllaaataelarere of lldarDal of oar:;;:@/__..._ WERTHEIM & SCHIFFER, FINE HAVANA CIGARS,. Baaataelaren., of;,.. 4 .;1 J-ed @"kk 7 vr. 7__, -403oe Eat setie1h st., N ..... York. 20, 22 A 24 cold st., FiJIO Gnt & SmotinK TOb&CCO. .(. JITlTI!Y TOBACCO COIP!NY "DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE OUT. ---York. ':.J. 1 1 li DEPOT FOB THE ABOv: POPULAR BaAND: ALI .:EN a GINTER, Caae, in which they are now Leopold Miller a Son, B.:J:O:H:M:ON"D, Jacob Henkell, SWEET CAP9RAL 155 Chambers St., New York. Manufacturer of Fine Cradee In DiuvnCJTvaEB o Warranted absolutely free from any flavoring or o! old and thoroughJY cured-Virginia and Turkish Tobaccos. FinMt French Rice Paper Highe!lt Class Skilled Labor.' All goods made under our CARBFUL PERSONAL SUPERVISION. The \ only genuine bea.r the signature of LOPEZ & BARBARROSA, JJI:aaafaelarere or Jhe '' ::a.ti::X: VEl Q..A.. '' Aad Olher Braade of I'INE HAVANA ClG.AKS, c 2 Veey BtrMt, X..-Yerll:. ST Of_ CI&AI BOilS. Cigarettes &Smokmg Tobacco New York Depot ................... 23 Warren Street. li!ANUFAUI'URER oF ALL KIMDS or Depot in Chicago ............ 50 Randolph Street. San Francisco Depot......... 207 Battery Street. Cigar-Box La.bels, '2....._;;__ ___ --Depot in London, England55 Holborn Viaduct. 297 Monroe at. NewYork. LICOBICE PASTE! .,. L.A. WEAVER l STERR: Y LIIITE .D, '78 ::E"':I.D.e 1'liJ e'VIr 'Vorl&.. LICORICE! GREEK LICORICE I .&1.1. SPBOIALTIES FOB PL1J& AND FDfEC11T TOBACCO, Olive OU, Tonca Beans, Gums, Flavors, POWDERED LICORICE ROOT ami PATENT POWDERED LICDRICE. AROM:AS FOR SMOKING TOBACCO. UCORICE MASS FOR CICARs. WM. E. UPTEGROVE .., JESJR.o Spanish Ceda.r -J'OB-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nalls. Foot of East I Oth & lith St. NEW YORK. v. T-tv-ezey&. Oe> POPLAR a11d WHiTEWOOD, PLANED and UNPLANEO, -AN-D-IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES. Jmtlat Cedar manufactured loy our PATENT is the on ly P:Jl!RF_ECT itnl tltiqot ot Spanish Cedar. Prices and rates of freJI!ht g1ven upon apphcatlon. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., .LG7 DIE A TD:m:N' X..A.JSr:m. The l' ha'ring demanded a 8aperto .. and Che&-Article than t)vot bW.erto used, this OomJlUif' .. .ma.nufa.eturing, a.nd offering for Bale, LICOBICE PASTE tunder the oJ;. $aflll'd" brand) o.t a ..nd at a PRIClllwBlcll can hardly hi! to be aeceptable to all giving It a r ....,..., CJoaa, -.1 TN"rltorlea. 413 E. 31st Street, cor. 1st Ave., New Yorlq 168, 167 A 169 E. Pearl St., Clnolnnatl, 0. Depot and Aaeney for the Pacific Coast: 306 A 308 Battery Street, San Francleco, Cal. SUCCESSOR TO J oihn Anderson a Co., 01! THE c;c;SOL A a:n.d o" FINE t:UT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 I 16 LIBERTY STREET, .MIXTURES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THREE KINGS, Turkish, Perique and Virginia MELLOW MIXT1JRE, Turkish and Perique. T1JRKISH and VIRQINIA., PERICllJE and VIRGINIA.. GBN1JINE T1JRIU8H. FLAXIC CUTS, EsPICCULLY ADAPTED li'OR THE PIPE. VANITY FAIR: OLD GOLD. SALMAGUNDI, Granulated. A New :Mixture. VANITY FAIR, SUPERLATIVE and OF GOLD :&::XJWE:EI.A.X.L &.A. 'TX:N S' 't 0"1.1. 't C1gare't'tes. People or retlnod 1aate who desire excepdonally fine Clpretlel should,_ only our S&ralaht Val, lilt up In IIMin p&ek6ts aad boxeo or tOo, lllo IJ(Io and 100.. Our Cigarettes were never so fine &8 now The'{ e&ftnot "9e !mrpused for purity and exceJleJ)ee. )nly pu""'t Rice P&pe< IB Meg. Gill liver, Plantagenet. Feamaught. The :aoateaum&, Commercial C lub, Boolon Clnh. UBI'Ien!&l Stall dard, Solid Value. The Faohlon, Lone Curls, Falstatl', El Engagno, Pkadlllo, Tbe _._., Lao Gracias, N. S. Factory No. 973, 3d Coll. Dist. Bow York. D. HIRSCH, Gea.oral ....__.. C. MOB.BIS, TOBACCO BROKER, Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. Ba.mnton & Llllq, TIN TAGS ,.U o1'PlaiD1 (Jo}G....a, -d ".k'&CS 1111 ... to Or

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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P111NCIPE ALFONSO 56. No. 167 WATER STREET. 'Y'ork.. de, A., m-o. 81 Pea:r1 8-t:ree-t, .N"e"VVI7' Vor:l&, Finest Cle&rHaYBna Cigars. Awarclecl Jllalaellt Keclal at Ezld'bltloa, 18'1'8, PJallatlelpld&. ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. GUSTAV S!LOIION & IMPORTfRS OF-HAVANA 10BAGCO, 138 MAIDEN UlVE, near later St., NEW _YORK, 57 CALZADA DEL MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. 93 John Street, New York. I \JAMES CHASKEL & CO.'S lfllelt?A ... .._ ..... r uJV'!JD!J Gi[ar & Tobacco Flavors II ANTI-COAL" & COLORINGS. RAKPLEII-ID order to manof&doi'M! a ob11Dee to trY IIIli! only one, but ill our Fl&vors, we hae wt up aample cases eontalntna' B&Japles of all tbe above, there being I!Ulllciellt qu&Dtity ofJ'lnor to flavor at least DOO cigars. Dtrect.IOoa for U6e accompany each B&Oiple We have put the price of theoe.,... at the ry low rate of 12. To liJch parties who, after ordering such a caae, tleD4 u order amounttq to U least Ill:! wollth of J'laor. we wlllretned-f ,.,. p paid for I!Nilple-IMPORTERS OF G(JJJ TRAGACANTH. Cesareo Vigil, IMPORTER 0F Packers and .Importers of F:I:N'E Havana Leaf Tobacco, VUELTA ABAJO Exclusively, 140 Lane, LA ISLA" Sol No. 86, TRADE No. 3 Cedar St., New York. HAvANA, C. L. CUBA. !IIaHUim JACOBY. GUSTAV JACOBY. L. METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. S. JACOBY & CO., ... :a. :ali:.A.N''C'S,. Factory No. 3, 3d District, .a.MsTEilBA.lll, uoLL.&.ND. foot of 52nd East River, SUMATRA TOBACCO )D prime quaJU.lea alwaya on haad. L:I::a.ti:J:TED. \ I "'-' __ .,,, \ I-I. T. r: 9 D&Alfdl:e I I \ J.---" HAVANA, CUBA: I NEW YORK,., 148 CAIJ.E AlQilA& 192 FBO:N'E STREET. LUIS MARX, Pres.; M. R08ENTOWER, Sec. a, Treas. f SIMON A UERBAOB a CO., :EDIEPOR.T::BIR.B OlP rtf Ji !ffu;ivu, !J. 0-I (& ALEX. FRIES & BROS., M....-ui'AOTtJ"RERS 01' Havana Flavor, 9fl BEAD ST:&EET, NEW YOII.JL 48, 48 a: 50 Eaat 24 Street, CINCINJI'ATI. O. BrallehOIIIoe: 12 .&2-Hl"ut!t., BA.V .AliTA, CUBA. -LOUIS Packe:r of linle Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. Oaleeo 141 Weo& Pearl Street, CIJfCINNATI, O. Montgomery County, Ohio. GOODWIN & CO.'S and SUMAT.A TOB.A.ccos, Cigarettes and Smoking Tobai:co. 179 Pear1 &"tree't, Ne'17V' York.. Foot of C rand St., East River, N. Y ._ -. itlltj1( : & :U 1ab.1, : R d. t&a & 1874 .;. ""'.. W .. A.C .. "wlth.-urelpa ID o ""r, """"'''tre. Realatered In .,.... VUEtTA ABAJO, QAVANA TOBACCOS, > llarlced W. a: 0., ..., oeleeted by our -.m Bunr Ill Jl&'l'all& from tin l'!nMt :flaa-1 IWVb.ere :u.o .Is 'Used. Many Brands' imitating CLOSELJ are and sold to Trade as W. & C A RE,WARD paid by u for the Detection of the Also Import WElL & CO., 66 PINE ST., NEW YORL II. SC:HUB.I.RT, A.I.R911' SCHUBABT, WIIJ. 11El1117BABT, _B. SCBUBAB.T' a .&D.d. Paol&.era SEED LEAF TOBACCO, JSTo. 160 A.T:EJ:F&. &"P:F&.:m::mor, -ve>.a.U:.. &oo:ll of j Corner of Eightieth' and Avenue A. M. a :E:ati:PO:F&.T::BI:F&.& OF < Havana and Sumatra Tobacco l The Jc:b.::o J. C:rc:c:ke NEW YORK AND CHICAGO-MANUFACTURERS OF 1 TIN' FOIL :ror P1-u.g Tobacco Factories-. NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 Mnlbarry St&. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & .88 Fral!klin' St. : $1LVEB SURFACE COMPOUND FOIL, PATENT liiET.AL, aad all the diJrereat varletiea of FoU kilo,.... to the Trade. PRINTING ON FOIL in BroDZe and ColoH. and with ditl'erent dedjpu of O r n nm-tatlo. r-ITC>BA.CCC> .AN'D L.A.BEL&i Plain, Colored or Stamped. I OID.ce AIMrcss : No. 186 GRAND &T. NEW YQRI; 88 fRANKLIN 1ST.,. CHICAGO. Havana I l BERNAZA 32, 171 PEA_RL STREEll', E. D .A.LB:R.OJ 00., -lii.&.N1J-PA.CTUBER8 9P-I C I GAB BO X LUIYlDBB, &iE"' A..N"::&Eit OEIDA.EI., :E:ati::ET A. T:EtO ::N &:.::-.A.lNr:E&:EI: OEID.A.:F&., 'VE:LVEEEI.Ep (C:EDA.B] X..'I:TJIIJiilUIII.R., &pa.:n.:lah Oed.a.r a.:n.4 :DQ;a.h.otEa.:q.y. O:l.c:l.Z31.a.1::ly I J ... _. SIJTT.B& BROS.. Dealer& in TOBACCO, Chieacq, IlL Wem;ern Cf.Jra.r M'a.n'Qfa.cttlrers wlU flnd it to their ad:vantage"to ..


trHE TOBACCO LEAF. f/;)1 MAy 4 The Leaf. pound, lawful duty 75 cents, and total valuE>, w1thout 10cluding fre1gbt and other charges, tl.75. He added tkat an h1s opmton the only way to secure fairness, protect the trade and the domestic tobacco growers, was to 1m pose a umform duty en all 1m ported wrapper leaf If ia the interest of Havana fillers a lower duty should be levted, he thought a compe tent JUdge. of tobacco should take the place of a wal'd politician to qemde tbe Custom Ho se whAt fillers and what wrappers -The. Will of Edward Hen bas been pro MR. GRAFF'S NOTES BY THE WAY. They are Western agents for such house s a s bated, and all 1s well. It's a wonder the Lozano, Pendas & Co. and Powell, Wemg TRADEMARKS REGISTERED'. qmet old gentleman wasn't called crazy-as EVANSVILLE. mao & Smith, or New York. 18 the fashion-as well as eccentric. Herman Fendr1cb, the old t1me EvanSVIlle Th 1 d h hi d fi f 1 f To e stablleh In coun lo case .. r lnrrtngemeat Qrfr&udu bbe f t d tob d e on Y an 1g Y esteeme rm o ea lent claun, own ersh1p In a trade mark o r It Ia 0,_ -Mr. Em1l Berooer, of the Moeller & As JO r m manu ac ure a c co an Cigars t o bacco dealers 10 Kansas City IB the one of aary t o prove yrtorlty o r uae, or first use after aU&ndonment ESTABLISHED t 864. "' IS, hke many other Cl"'ar m anufacturers, tm J 0 by the o n e r and to h 1 11 --cbermann HanufacturiOg Co' 18 now .. sbap & Co Hallmg fwm LUttom of 'l'HE TOUCOO LEAF PUBLI8HINO 00 w111 1'81riater J W. Stevens, cigar manufacturer, Alb!Lny all who use it. He has a pe. feet right and the llidder, do to day a busmess all over the certl!lcates or regiStration and publloh w-ekly1n thci N Y, and W E1senlohr, of W. E111enlohr & can even clatm damages L!!t the birds o t fll.r West, sud enjo y a repulatwn such a bas eotvle exhibited belo"' alltra4e-markaandlabela!Gr Co., Philadelphia prey cenftne themselves to heir own feedmg thus far never enabled auy other leaf 76 Cents Each. to hve lo.oger tb!lfr about SIX mouths 1n thai PUBLISHED IYEBY SATURDAY JI6UING ._ ____ BY ftiB ctmiACCO LEAF PUBLISIIIB& CO.: ABOUT ROBERT BALOIION. ALBANY May 10.-In the Court of Appeals to daf the followmg deCilliOn was llanded down: 'l)avid-Levi\ and others appellant, agt RObert Salomon, Order of General and SpeCial Terms reversed and .. motion to d1scbarge and cancel bond g1ven by b1m, f1hert1es of ja 1 denied, -As early llB Tuesday there were thirty grounds. ctty They rule aod ..,ontr o l the eutue trade one Signatures of Havalla-tobacclo lmpor,mg George Herman, the c1gnr manufacturer I thank Mr Mltchei11on fer favo r s and I t1 u o t firms to the Agreement pubhshed in the and Jobber m manufactured tobacco, has b 1 s dear little wife will soon find h e K"-htias LEAF last week concermng Havana steam assoctat41d wtth hunself Mr. Charles C Hed Ctty comfortable and splendtd liS alup freight derwh, who for many years was the prmmpal 1lealtby a place a.s any other m ttw lo..nd -Mr. Max Rosentower, of the Havana To man of the firm of Geo Lennard. The style A .. new" 10 Kansas OILy, and yet a rather 8PECJPY THEIR UIIE. P e r s ons and drms sco dmg us tta.le mark for regt st r a twn s!Joui.J b e prttcular to spec1ry the use v r u s e s to whiCh the trade marks are w btl or have lleen, put, whether used for ctgars, smG kmg, fine cut plug or snulf If tlie name ts t o be u s ed for mgars tt IS needless to baooo-Oo., wtio .bu been' aojoummg 10 Ha: of the new firm ts Herman & Hedder1ch. old firm nr our trade, has a -larg.; vana for the past SIX months, returned home Cigar manufacturmg estabhs h111ent at 1 211 egiBter It for Ctg&relle8, liiDOiung, plq tobacc o and santf o r ""Y one of these, tD atldltton, for a trade mark can be hel1 only for the pMtJClilar =, or cl&U of goods upon wluoh ji ij aetll≪r on Saturday: l&ljt Mr Loms Marx 11 e J Th Hod b H d K b Grand "'bs IS T pek K"ns. pected to rr1 ve in d t 0 I omu go, t e en erson, y 1 w ao r ..., u Q w ..1r a ay or w t oo manufacliUri'r, 1s runmng b eavr on ''Come lioua, of Tiichm1ua lJr9@. T ne l < JObbwg and Jidltor. .. liN 6. GRAFF, Bodoeu w1th costs 10 all courts W1tb thiS matter the readers of the LEAF are tanuhar. Salomon was a dealer 10 leaf t ohMco m this c1ty. HIB way of buying r Agam," che4p na\7}', and ''-Zebra," briglit retail store IS Oll'l! the finest there and ce rate t\feen the Acts. cigarettoo, IS navy plug tbeu brands 11re many "Capttal F'avonte" i Topeka Leatne Oo'b. No. 1461 bavmg b1s beautilul villa at Seabright put m .,.---. aud the "G G G "are among the best Terae oc <e Paper. u JispoAing of tollacco excited the appre hens1on of a number of his creditonl. An aouon in-.replevm w"f brought, and m Feb ruary, 1886, Salomoa was arrested and com mttted to awt W811 cletenniDed he appbed for aad secured re from confinement by order of Judge Joseph Potter at Special Term. In Supreme Court, General Term, Judge Potter's deOI8IOD wa.s affirmed. As seen m the above dtapatcb, the Court of Appeala declares the release of Salomon Without warrant of law. He 18, therefore, liable to re-arrest. order for the summer. Hl8 handsome yacht Robards & K1tchell Tobacco Manufacturmg Tb L k c C IS also uudergom' g some Improvements. Co. of Henderson,' X:'!" have been domg a e as er 1gll' ompany, wholesale first rate busmess durmg t>le first quarter of IS a new firm and deals m the ltest 1m J f ot Ctgars.. Regastered May 10, 8 a m: chmao -Broe Kansas Ctty, Mo. Blight Star Habana No 2463 For C1v;a rettes. Registe red May 10, ll a. m. M. Re-Th1edssuJR't between Straiton & Storm and the year and succeeded m 1ntroduc,ng the1r ported brands of Lasker's d1rect, 1mportntwu. yno CJ(Brs & Co., of Blaghamton. N well known brands of "Greenville One" of the oldest 1m porters of and dealer$ ..... ulsvalle, Ky: people hke b 1 m because be 18 capable and at 12 West Fifth street by Gus Iitees, for the traagbt. Wm. Elhott, for many years w1th the old purpose of transactmg a J Obbmg bustness m lllonlha. llonebl t: u_ bouse of Kerr, Clark & 0(> of Henderson, all kmds of domestc and Ha ana -010turday after 12 II. IS a legal half hoh bas establashed b1mself tn that market under Mr. Rees carnes a large Hock and 1 s aslsted :!& 14 45 .. 46 1111 811 1'111 1115 100 el day m the State of New York When the bts own name for the purpose of puttmg up b tb t te d 11 bella sound the ''puck of noon," men, strips for foreign countrtes Y a ve ran an we posted ctgar and g1rls on hire inay without let or hiOdranc<> tributor, Mr. Jacob Lou1a. Tamberlna, No. 2467 For and Srnokmg Tohacco Registered May 12 12m. S1emberg & Bru Lou1svalle, Ky: u .. elal Advertlwemeut oa P'lra& Pace. DRUMMERS C.&.JrNOT BE TAXED, h1e at tbe1r own expense to Coney Island or ST LOUIS. Another new firm, Hhow1ng the enterpr1se l!l8ewhere for recreatwn. Ours 18 a paternal Take tobacco manufacturers as an excep of Kansas C1ty for the purpose of manufac Adella, Nu 2-168. For Cigars. May 13, 8 a m. Henry Hoklas, Poor1a Ill. en o ve r two \\ide c olullHUI (one year) 1100 liaeltovertw..o wideoolwn1118 do 176 1 n Unea Bingle oolwn n do ft6 8tledal .&Yeni-IID&a OD IP'JRh Paaeo One 111:1: Three Tear llontha. llontha ,__ u .,. oTer twG wide oelumllll 1811 1411 .. Bemlttanees tor adverti.sem er.tls and mbscriptlons mould ahrays be made payabl e by P 0 Order or bJ chec k to To liaccO Lear Publiohinjl( Co ,.-uoder no circumstances wnt we deviate trow the abov e prices 'l'lle Law to SuHerlben te l!lew .. papera. ll'lnt-AIIy person who takes a paper reeularl:r from the whether c:lirected to his name or another, or wbe$her hoi has subocribed <>< not, IB mJPOnsll>le for the pay. lleoollci-U any person urders bUJ paper to be diBcontlnued IMI muat pay all a.rrea.rages. or the publisher may 0011tinue *" DC! It uotll payment Ia made, and Olllloct whele .-auD.t. whe&her it -18 m.k:en from tbe oftlce or DeC. :NOTIO.S TO 8UBBORIBlilRB. WASHINGTON, May 9.-Judge Merrick, 1D the Dl8trlct Supreme Court 10 General Term to-day, announced the Judgment of that court m the case of the D1str10t agamst Henneck, a Baltimore drummer, charged wJtb being an unlicensed commer the framers of the law masmuch as they mtended that 1t have just the opposite effect government, truly. twn, the St LoUis tobacco trade IS dull turmg plug and tw1s' tobacco, w1tb all pros --A tour of the uptown manuf ctones tbs Leaf -dealers sucb 1o11 Jobd C Te1meyer G. peels of good success, bas been estabhsbed week convinces us ,bat th fine weather we J Helmertcbs, Thomas Mem10ger and the under the style of the Kau:la Lions some llmto smce and are well trade. Orders are commg 10 wttb aregularaty Lloyd, firms who have been estabhshed patr, ntzed by those lleavy groces m the bot that bas not been seen for some time past, for a long tame, and sflme of thjlm for tom-that, means near tbe Uown D e pot, and manufacturers generally say they have thirty or forty l ears, are always domg bust where carloads of Cigars aud tobacco are no reason to complain. ness, but otherd wtth less reputation and baud led datly A 0 Jabren ts presad eut and -Seidenberg & Co, the Key West Cl"'"r prestige find 1t uphill work. t e"surer, J W Habu vwe-presadent, a ud s .,a At the St L outs breks there 1 lt tie W C1 secretry manufacturer s, do not favor the 1dea of w Q v ammation M _st of last year' s crop 1s bemg G u F strtppmg fillers 10 Havana. They will cou-bought up by a few EngliSh firms for stem eorge JU oley, one of the successful tmue to do tbe1r str1ppm,;, as heretofore, at mmg and atnppmg put poses operators m tobacco and Ctjl;ars, and for sev-Key West While 1t would cost less to have era! year 1dent1fi e d with Western tobacco tb1s work done m Havana, thiS firm claim 1t I had the pleasure of meotmg Sol Roesner, mtetests, has assar 'Probably ag not only an odd but one of the most useful gregated 12,000 cased the usual y1eld, but ornaments to be found anywhere perhaps 3 006 cases were badly ball cut. a w bole, the crop was very good, and but for Mt T A L!Ldd, the Western agent of P. the lDJUI y l;y hat! and the wbtte vems ap Lonllard & C o Is domg a heavy busmees 10 pearmg m some growth, would be regarded the brand of "Alligator emok10g tobacco as an excellent on e There waa less teally throughout the West. fine leaf available than IS 01 dmar1ly found m L 101s H a lle, the gteat St Lou1s wine mer the crop, owmg to the ravages of b a il and cbaut and Importer of Havana cigars, has the defects mctdent to wh1te vems A large moved to 608 North Broad way. Mr. Halle portwn, however, bas already been sold-the IS sole agent fer several European houses, poor as well as the be s t Tbee IS hkely to be such as Cro1x Rouge, of E >pernay, France. about as many acre s eet this year as last." Among the oldest snuff manufacturers of -The Executive Commattee of the Uuban the country I m a y mentton L A D1etr1ch FederatiOn of Ctgarmakerd d eay that any of and Louis J. Helthaus, of St Lou1s. The1r tbe1 r men have returned to work 10 the shop Rappees and Maccaboys are as popular tb1s f L p d & c Th ll day as they were fifty years ago. The first o ozano, en as o. ey are Stl con named firm is located at 804 Fran kilO avefident, they say, that they will wm thetr Hght nue, and the latter at 614 North Third street. and go back under the old wages It looks as if the comauttee erred 11!1 two essential L o uiS FrAudenthal, the S t L oms tobacco partiCulars here. S ome of the old hands mst, has adde d a Jobbmg departmeRt to h1s have returned and some would not quit at busmess and doe s a paymg traae 1n all popu the commencement of the str1ke. Members Jar brands of plug and smokmg tobacco Mr. of the FederatiOn, w1th umon and non umon Langsdorf 1s the JObbmg manager. men, are at work. The firm will not y1eld, Jos Bogy, a St. LG>uis gentleman, bas we are 888Ured, and. accerdmgly, there 1s been admitted m the firm of L A Babcock, little 1f any basts for the confidence ex1m porter of and Jobber m fine c1gars at Stxtb pressed by the Executtve Committee. Dur and Olive s treets mg the We!lk a Circular was seRt by the sec M H Bendlletm, of the old firm of Htrschl retary of the tobacco trade's sect1oa of tbe & Benl1he 1 m, tmporters of. mgars, pipes and Central Labor Umon to the c1garmakers smokers' anwles, left for Europe by steamer workmg 10 Lozano, Pendas & Co s factory, Fulda a few weeks ago appealing to them to leave the1r work und that they would be taken care of They re W1lltam Gnmmmge r the c1gar manufacfused to qmt The Cuban FederatiOn of Cl turer, holds forth at b1s old stand, 508 Mar garmakers has received an off e r of help from k e t street, where h e bas b ee n for m any years. the mgarmakers in Chicago. Last week s427 Hts trade mark, Wm. G man obl ong c 1rcle, was contributed by the Havana ctgarmakers without wb1ch none of h1s c1gars are g enome, herem support of the strake. IS know a all over, and he does a fir s t class busmess. Al'ISWERS TO CORRE&POKDENT,S. F G C, STRATFORD, CANADAYour letter of May 9th read, and the sample of leaf to bacco exarn10gd by experts. Op1mon 1s d1vided The maJority of exammers say It 1s Java, the mmor1ty, a poor quality of Sumatra You can take H obson's cbmce. We repent, Declare the bet off The value of such tobacco m thts mty, whether Java, Sumatra, MexiCan or sometbmg else, 1s small For linch leaf tb1s market has no estabhsbed quotations. We would do better for you m the way of mformat1on 1f we could Sample will be returned by mall, and the only charge 18 cost of rna1hog UbaUKe" New l<'irw" Re wovab, Wts J ohn Marean, cigar manufacturer, so l d ... u t DUfiLll'ri&TO N I owa H e nry Gabri e Cigar manutacturer, n o w Ga.br1e l & Black: CB&.RLES CtTY, C has Lanz, c1gar manufacturer, r e moved lo Blue Hill N e b 1 g Co, wholesale cigars, re wholesale oi&'ars, etc I LA.CBOS!!E, WIS -F B M ohtor tobacco, etc deceued NEw ORLEANS, La. 8 Hernshetm Bros & Co, cigar manu-! a ctur ers and wholesale wbacco 1 factory sllgbtt y dam aged by fir e illBured Nxw ALBA.NY, lnd -Wm B Baker, tobacco and cl&'ara, burned our., losa. $200, fully insured OwA880, -Lawrence Mamblln &. Co, wholeaale and retrul tobacco, etc disso lved PIIILA.D&LP&u Pa -Thomas M Rowe, cigars, etc ; deceued RISI N G CITY, Neb -E cigars, sold out wo:=, Mass -0 F Rawson & Co tobacoonl8t.s, dJs.. Heponef Kansas City's young and enterpr1smg firms. SPECIA.L MEETING OF THE KEW YORK LEAF TOBACCO BOA.BD OF TRADE. Wednesday afternoon a special m eetmg was held at the Board Rooms, 178 Pearl street, to rece1ve the reports of commtt tees .Prestdent Crawford and S ecretary Holt offiCJatmg The was not large, and on c alhnl!' the meetmg to order Mr. Crawford playfully rema1ked that he sup posed the cause for the a bsen e e of members who ought to b e present was due to the ac twzty now preva1hng 10 the tra de. He an nounced the order of busmess to be further consideratiOn of the board's "Inqutry System," the Havana fre1ght questiOn and amendments to the by laws ot the assoCia t10n. The followmg IB the report of the Committ e e on th Inquiry System as read by Secre tary Holt-To THE LEAF ToBACC O BOARD OF 1'RADE O F THE CITY O F NEW YORK -The spoClal commtttee at the meetmg of 12th ult to cons1d e r the mat t e r of tmpt ovmg the Inqtmy System respectf ully report: That they have g1ven tho subject thear careful cone1deratu : m. That prmCipal, 1f not the only unperfectwn certamly x1stmg IS the lac k of detatl and the absence of ex presswns of opmaon on the prmte d sltps as to the trustwm th1ness, e tc of concern mg whom mqutrles had been made. Your committee b e ll e v e that this artses partly from the omtsston fin the slips of a pl a ce for r e m a 1 ks," and partly from the f act tha t answers mus t b e wrttte n wh1le the m ess en. ger watts It ts there f ore r ecommende d -F1rst-Tbat new slip s be pwcure d wtth a space for "remarks,' where each m ember can, and w11l be expected to, express such opmaon of the p arty mqutre d o f or facts con cermng h1m a s 1t may be useful for the 1u qmrer to h ave Second-That when any mqmr y 1 s made, notiCe shall be sent by messenger t o themem bers of the name and address of the party, and trnmed1ately after such n e tlc e bas been dehvered t he mes s enge r shall m ake a s econd round w1th tte box to1 the c olle c tiOn of the answers. Third-That there be sent to every mem ber of the board a pnnted copy of tho follow mg notiCe To the M e mb e r s of t h e Leaf Tobacco Boar d of Trade of the Czty of New York Henceforth, when mquanes are made, no t!Ce of the name of the party'mq01red of will first b e s ent to the m e mt)e 1 tmmedlately afterward the box c ollec ti o n of answers w1ll be made New book s wttb a new form of shps Will be furmshed at the rooms of the board on apphcat10n. Members are expected to use the blank Hpace for "remarks" for gt vmg desirable mformatwn aa t e the party mqmred of. It ts hoped that by usmg these means to g1ve m embers abundaat time to wnte d eliberate answers, fuller mforrnatwn than formerly obtamed wtll be procured, and that all mem hers wtll cordtally sus ta10 by the1r earnest co operatwn tb1s effort to make more perfect and valuable our Inqutry System. 0HAS L H O LT, I. M BoN, G MAYER, May 11, 1887. Comm1ttee. On mot1o'n of Mr. Bon, who was seconded by Mr Lachenbruch, the report as read was adopted. Mr. Bon, as chatrman of the Comm1ttee on Havana 'l'obacco Freights, reported progress and asked f o r further ttme R e p ort and r equest approved. Amendments to by laws be10g next m or der, three chanr;es were reported and con curred 10, the principal oae bemg tbe red uc twn of annual dues of members from 125, as provtded 10 Art10le 6, sectton 1, to $15, and made applicable to the present year. The subsequent modificatiOns were merely verbal changes of no specia.l1mportance. Lecal Mattera, A commiSSIOn bas been ISSued by the Court at Jackson ville, Ill to take the depositions of Wltnes.3Bs 1n the New York market as to the transactions of the firm of Gotthelf & Kahn, mgar manufacturers of that place -who failed a few months ago-on the appli cation of J Shack, the Pearl street leaf dealer, who, 1t IS understood, has replevmed the bulk of bill property. Counselor A. L!lvy will conduct the ex'l.mtnatwn. Sale of Sumatra Tobacco at AQi stcrdam, April 27', 1887', AMSTII:RDAM, April 21, 1867 EDITOR TOBACCBO LE.AF3IR.-The result of to day'a subacrtptlon fo1 6 969 b a l e s Sumatra tob .. c c o of the new crop IS g1 ven halo w. Except a lot of 508 bal e s the whol e quantity oold at h1gh pr1ces, w1th great competition from eve1ywbere ras will be seen b y the followmg 4 2 3 bales Deli Ba My I T L I D u lt, value d at 149}ic, sold at about I7Uc I 440 bales Deb Maatschy I M, valued at 10!c sold at about 120c. 539 bales Deh Jdfi!'tscl)y I P valued at 9 c sold at about 100c. !!49 b a les Delr Maatscb.y I Deh Toewa, 'l!al ued at 1Slc, sold at about 155c. 807 Deh Maatscby 1 D 1 L '\nkat, val n e d at 1 05c sold at about 128c 832 balea Delt Maatschy I K B 1 Lankat valued at 125c, sold at about 160c 862 bales S & R l Dell, valued at sold at about 160c. 665 bale s Langkat ABBot1e 1 Q M, valued at 106c sold at about 125c 5 0 8 bales N & G I Deh, valued at taken m. 544 bales W & V S Deli Lankat 1 A, valued at 119-"'c, sold at about 135c. 5 0 0 bales K & K I B I Delt, valued at HOc s old a t about 128c Th e foll owmg subscrtptwn IS announced o n M a y 2 5th, and 2 0 ,000 bales will then come mto the market. Certmnly later and better f ermented tobacco w1ll tmprove the colors of the new crop Leaf and burmng are satis fact ory On tbe 5t h of May bale3 Java and 325 bales J apau tebac co will be offered by eubscrlpLJOn. Imported 6.1 2 9 bales Java, 147 bales Japan, and 2 5 hhds :Maryland. 1 Stoc k to day 508 bales Sumatra, 8,357 bales Java, 831 bale s Mautla, 781 bales J a,an and 298 b a les Turkuh. S CHAAP & VAN VEK.N. From a Circular of Mr Henr1 Dentz we learn that the pt.lrcha el'r of the 423 bales lot \vas unknown," of the 844. lot Hershel Er.tho v e n & Co, Amsterdam, of the 665 lot: Carl F Leonhardt, Bremen, of the 807 lot Hetsc b el, Enthoven & Co of the 862lot E' S cbletcher, Rotterdam, of the 440 lot 'AI: tmk, Pappenhe1m & Co Amsterdam of the 832 let, W Lehman, Amsterdam, of 'the 539 l o t Jessurun & N e v.berg, Hanover, and Da vtd J essurun, Hamburg, of the 5H and 5 0 0 lots, Gr

, I MAY I4. OUR SPECIAL CJDCAGO LETTER. CHICAGO, May 11, 1887. Everybody bas been counting on a good trade this but so far the volume of business done has been very disappointing and not at aiT up to expectations. Trade opened very fair at the commencement of the year, but steadily declined until March, when innocuous desuetude characterized it. Business received a spurt at the time t>ben the Inter State Commerce law went into effec$, but soon subsided into taking only such good$ as filled immediate wants, and. the tone of the market became absolutely devoid of. any speculative whatever. With the commg of May rosy hope once more animated the bearts of the tobacco trade. They felt that all the facti"ous aids to commercial depression bad .been eettle4 er had pa.seed awa;y-, and there was nothing in the wa,of buamess attaining a volum inous current: But while the conditions for a big it;rade are everywhere present, the fact is tbali 'business ill not what it should be at tbill Ieason of the year. One potent cause is felt to lie the back wardn-. of spring. The weather is still cold and diaap'eeable and dawnts the best intentioDII of buyers. Folks take more kindly to a warm weather, the influence ot .the suo makes a d11ferencf'l m the consumption of several millions of cigars. I think tha& the statistics show that Yay ill t be biUlner month for internal revenue returns for Heretofore thee bueineBB done in cigars m Chicago in :May has eclipsed all other months, but this year it looks as if Chicago woUld go of the record. J L Arcbe" & Co. are newly among the jouoors who are aggressive elaimaur.s for public favor. Archer, it wnll be remem bered, was fol' five yeara the head of the cigar and iobacco department of Franklin MacVeagb &; Co. He launched out fo. r him self on tb8 first of this month at 102 and 104 lllichi&a.n avenue, and astonillhed every body by the length and width of biB adver tisements in 'the daily papera of thill city. He announced ib hill advertiaements that he bad for ule Geo. P. Lies & Co.'s goods, and partieularly their cbtarros. But one other tlrm .other than his-thu.t .of. Reid, Murdoch & Fischer-appeared in the adver tisement. As Geo. P.. Lies & Co. have .a. number of Chicago customers, they pretty soon incontinently kicked, and the result of the kick ill that while the advertisemenfxport trade to Mexico and bad lost a good deal of money in it. The third left the tobacco store only six months ago through some dissatisfaction of the old ,;entleman with him. On Tuesda.y the contest regarding 'the will came suddenly to an eud, a comproruise hav ing boon effected. It is said that the coin promille was probably the result of the tiud 1ng of good evidence that the old millionaire had left several confl.ictin,; wills. One of them.thrllw some question on the validity of the document.tlled last Mond&y for probate. Still, the compromi;e WM a. gratifying one. It i.n11ured a competeacy aU a.rourid and made it poti!llible to avoid dragging a lot of privJLte a1fairs into court. l'he Hens were entirely satisfied, and the terms of the agree ment were apparently liberal. The Wagners were modest people and would scarcely miss $500,000 or iJ1,. 000, 000 so long e.s they had, another $500,000 or a. million left. DUI'ereadal Prelall& CllaJ"KM NEW YoRK, Mav 7, 1887. Editor of the Journal of Commerce-Can any steamship company plying be tween foreign and domestic perr.s rightly charge two rates of freight, fot instance on tobacco from Havana. to New Yorki ()Quid tbey charge 75 cents to one party and $1 to another,' the same arriving on one steamshi I J S. carriers are permitted to char!Je differential rates to different parties, provided none of their charges are unrea sonable. In the case of Menacho v. Ward it was held to be unreasonable that one ngular rate sheuld be made to merchants who gave the lines in question their whole business, while a. lighter rate was exacted from other merchants who chose to p atron ize a. "t!amp" steamer. Such a preference, therefore, must be based upon some proper reason. The commerce referred to is not cov ered by the Inter-State Commerce law." A. Sellooner 8elzed aDd Del' Cap&alo A.rre&ed for VlolallDir Vua1'om BosTON, May 9.-The most important cue toms seizure at this port for many years was made to-day, when the large Province town schooner Rebecca R Nickerson was taken into custody by the United SDates spector8 and Capt. Arthur W. Tatner was placed under arrest. The seizure was for violatien of the laws prohibiting the landing of merchandise from a v6lssel from a foreig H port between sunrise and eunset without special permission. The N ic kerson ar;rived at Charleston, S. C some time ago. with a qar@:G of fruit and' cocoanuts from Bara.coa.. At Charleston' it is said that -Capt. Tatner took on board, without the knew ledge of the customs officers, a large number of cigars anaseveral cases and parcels of wines, rum, and other dutiable commodities. On arrival at Boston last evening Capt. Tatner made arrangements with Capt. Thurston, of the schooner Mary J. Elliott, of Boothbay, Me., from w bich place Capt. Ta.tner also hails, to take .aboard his vessel the cigars and liquors, upon all of which be had neglected to pay any duty, and transport them to Boothbay. Capt. Thurston, who claims to have known nothing about the crooked nature of the transactions, readily agreed to do tbe busi nees, &ut before it wa.11completed the Custom House officers made the seizure. The penalty for the offense is forfeiture of the goods, a fine of twice their value upon the Captain, and the possible forreiture of the vessel. The latter is owned by parties in Bq ston, Booth bay aod Provincetowu. Capt. Ta.tner's ex cuse is that he was making his last voyage, ana the were intended for his own use. Actios like this would quickly break up cigar smuggliag at the port of New York. Why is it not taken 1 LOUISVILLE, May 11.-Mr. A. Falcoaer, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to the TouAooo LBA:r u follows:-Receipts and ollerings h&ve increased very considerably since my last report, thereby giving full scope to the buy ing element to spread ilelf. Without lleing qUota bly higher than last week, the market is undoubted ly steadier and more regular on the basis of tlte !are rise in v aluea. Whether it' ia a staying market re. mains to b2,900 35,931 Burley. 2 00@ 2 75 2 75@ 3 50 3711@ 450 4 75@ 5 76 5 75@ 7 00 .. 7 00@ 8 00 -@8 50@10 50 HOPK.LNSVILLE, Ky., May 11.-lir. Ge1J. V. Thompson, Tobacco Broker, reports t o the TOBACCO LB.UP:-M&rket for the week opened to d&y. No ch&n&e to noLe either in quality or price. Sates will probably reach 850 during the week. Re ceipts are on the QlJOTATIONS. Lugs.. .. .. .. .............. 1 50@ 4 25 Common leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4o 09@ 5 00 Medium.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 50@ 7 00 Good ....................... 7 00@ 8 50 Fine.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 50@11 00 .................. 11 00@17 OQ THE TOBACCO LEAF. 8 NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FoR WEICK ENDING MAY 13. Western LeafSales of a retail character to manufacturers are about all reported by the great men of Broad street and Broad way. The only news is that the French types have been examined, and are thought poorer tb&n usual. It is said by factors'that France is be coming more and more every year in. her and yet makes lower and lower types. One prominent examiner of the types now on exhibition ae.ys: It will not be easy tQ supply the demand, be cauee the types are so peor; while on the other hand it will be difficult to meet the Italian want became it calls for so much thai is exceptionally good. It is claimed thit.t few, if any, of the old contractors are willing to pater to the French requirement, because they are never certain the tobaecos they forward will be accepted, they being often declared too liglat or too heavy, and as a consequence are frequently rejecied. If r;rades even twenty per cent. better than the types ca11ed for are forwarded, the same liability to disapproval ill often encountered. Tii day the Italian contract will be awarded, and it is to be hoped and expected our old purveyors will be the fortunate recipients of the order to supply. Western intelligence is to the effect that prices at Clarksville are a quarter of a: cent higher. At Louisville the market is especially strong for Burleys. For the wp,ek just ended E. A. Stoppel, tobacco broker, 24 Beaver street, reports as follows:RllOEIPTS. Week. Virginia ........ .'.. .. 829 New Orleans..... .... ... 0 Baltimore... .. .. .. 0 Western ............ 455 Month. hhds. 1,I26 0 58 898 Total. ..... : ...... 1 :2s4 2.082 'Week. Exports........... 961. 1:725 Very little business was done in. Virginia leaf thjs week The sales comprised a few blacks for export and some common smokers. Trade seems to be at a standstill. Buyers do not purchase with anyvim, and when they do buy it is in small lots. Manufacturers do not take advantage of the tobacco that is on the New York mar ket for sale. At times it can be bought at lower 'rates than at the .West or South, but instead of helping New York market along they seem. to do all they can to build up k,li:S (1,930 lba) mfd M OPPENHEIMER, --n r, ., .. ')/' Tl'ea. and Seey. "J,trj-...;rt{)/ Edgerton, Wis. ) thili-1 pkg (28 lbsimftl pkgs (6,1:148 lbs) mfd. M:a.ln OfBce: 138 Water Street, New York.." Ouba-20 pkgs (4,260 lbsi mfd. lJutcll. Enbug-16pkgs. (4,o22lbsJ mrd. First: The ABSOLUTE prevention of decay; Haure-12 hhds. Hayti-llhhds,sobaies Second: TheUNIFORMITYofcolorobtained and the' pkgs (5,270 mfd t re ent1on of lustre and life. London-76 hhds, 47' cs, pkg; (1,67llbs) mfd. Aalt<>-f>pllgl720ibsJ mfd Th-ird: The CREATER yield of wrappers, compared New Zealand-IS! vk'!'s mfd. th t b f h Rotteraam-70 bbas, 6 bales. WI 0 aCCO 0 t e same grade CUred i n the n .atural pkgs (1,914 lbs) fu(d. Spa;:ish i'assessions in .Ajrica-18 bhds ; i' We had m the last season over 7,000 cases, bales and hogsheads on storage under our mfU.d i:J otGolornb.a-187 bales, 54 pkgs (7,33 0 lbli) ,Refrigerating System from """'erent parties, all of UJ.I.l' whom speak in the highest terms of the pkg (SO Ills) mfd. ,I J superiority of tobacco treated under this system. ,.,. r alcncza-500 hhds. .. 0 VenezWlla-5 bales, 37 pkgs (5,444 lbs) mfd I J T b F C L d H ... 0 acco consigned to In e ami ton & Co EXPORTS B'ROM THill PORT 01' NICW YGRX TO I'GR J{J, 0 at the ll!GN PORTS moM JANUARY 1, 1887; TO pomts .... will rece1ve proper attention. MAY 13, 1887 ',. .. Hhdo. CMes. Bales Lbs m!d. A.fncr....... .. .. 213 59 602 Amsteri.lam ........ 548 251. 567 10:463 A.ntwerp .......... 1,506 1,921 4 5 9 20,192 Austrus . . . . ... Australia.......... .23 .' 20, Brerueo ........... 8,245 5,702 BritisL .N. A. ()ol. UanadH. ...... Uentral .. Ubma a'nd .Japan ..... Uopenhageu .. . 89 .l!:ust 1nmes ..... f 19 France ......... ... I, 70 u:bro.lt1n.... .. 872 .. .. .. .. 338 H.aml!urg ......... 6,1167 Itllly .............. 2,238 ...... 2,483 London ...... ..... 787 Otber 81'itlsh Ports 107 Malta ............ Mexwo .......... New Zealand, etc. Ponugo.l......... 306 Rotterdam,. 431 :landwicb Island s ... :pain ............ 5,631 Scmtl 1 Ammit'.8. 356 Swet!tn & Norway West Indies. . 49.5 VarloUB ports ........ 1 16 6 7 1 3,188 .10,151 1 21 231 2 88 10 410 16 250 2,151 510 II 30 10,041 28 93 220 5 ;045 82 775 781.7so 17,493 23.556 55,510 5S,e32 14,774 11!!,847 6,600 169,296 116,268 61,819 7,380 22,630 115,578 2,190 86,a22 3 606 262,688 7,516 36,161 160 105 866,598 1,550 369,864 9,956 18,720 13,500 30,451 2,964,209 DOMESTIC REC,EIPTL 1 he following articles were received at the port of New York during the week: By tilt ru &it-oadr-A C L Jr; 0 Meyer 10 hhds: J H 1t'Ioore & Co 11 do: R Siebert 2: Oelrichs & Co 15: M Pappenheimer & Co 24; order !56, 66 pkg. B11 thd HUIU81i B.&t>tr RailrDad-Gans Bros dl Rosenthal 49 cs leaf: D J Schill 30 do; H Koenig & Co 60: J Bunzl & Sons 68; F H Leggett & Co 50 pkgs mtd; order 143 hhds, 103 pkgs. .. By th Ptn'7181/l11ania Bailroa.d-E Bach d! Son 74 leaf ; G C K ienbuscb 81 do: Meyer & lllendelsobn 10: J Bunzl & Son 32; Schroeder & Bee 13: E Spingarn & Co 17; A Cohn & Co 7: L G e r shel & Bro 5; M Hartman & Co 1 ; E &: Co 8; Arendt & Fri!lgant 2; Joseph Lederman & Sons 4: M ()ppenbeimer 10; J Seligsberg HI; Jose S Mrlhto10, Y do siftings: Steiner & Co 9 cs cigars: R 1 do: Richey & Co 1; Theo Ristow 2: J Ellinger & Co 1: Geo Bunnell!; J F J Xiques 2: B Fishe r & Ce 1 : Isaac Somers 1: Thurber, Why land & Co 3: Wagn er, K ellam & Co2; J Lesser 2; J Hethr ing ton 1: W A Leggett & Co 1 ; H Wirt Matthews 5 cs mfd, 1 cad do, 5 pkgs do: G W Helme Co 4 bxs mfd. 1 pail do, 5 pkgs do, 34 l>)lls soull', 37 "'bbls do, 732 bxs do 64 pkgs do, 4 kegs do: 0 C K'rauss 1 c cigars: order 65 hhds, a bale leaf, 1 pkg mfd 236 bxs snulf, 2 dG, 8 bbls do, 5 pkgs do, 5 cs cigars. By the Baltimore &nd Ohw Bail1oad-J H Moore & ()o 29 hhds; order 61 pkgs mfd. By tlul C.mtrai 1t B.: o( NtJtJJ Schwarz kopff & Co 8 csleaf; J 111eyer & Co 1 do; C H Spitz ner & 'don 2: J MMon & Co 8; a H Scoville & Co 1; Schroeder & Bon 2 do, 1 bale: Gans Bros & Ros enthal1llo, 1 do: 111. A Montejo I bale; Davidson Bros 2 do: E & G Fr.end & Co 1 ; S Salomon &; Son 3 cs do. By the New Y01k and New Suaml>oat Line -B Brod 9 cs leaf; E Fritz 2 do: E & Bro L Neugru;s 44; G Rtismano 38; Jos Mayer s Sons !8: J Delmonte 10. B11 th4 Old Dominion SI.Mmshiv bim-F Dzinba12 hhds : Krell'lelberg & Co 15 do: Jarvis & Co 140: H 8iebert 79; John Muir 47: Vincent Loeser 14: Polla rd. Pettus &; Co 55, E C Edmunds 1 ; Sawyer, Wallace & Co 236: FE Owen 6: J H Porter 2; A A Smith & Co 7; D Blichner & Co II do, I trc :' KiE ney Tobacco Co fi do, a do: P Lori! lar d .t Co 80 do, 24 do, 2 bxs amples: J D Keilly, Jr. 25 hhds, 40 cs mfd: W 0 Smith cl Co 25 hbds 3 trcs 66 cs smkg, 28 do cigarettes, 4 do cigarettes 11nd smkg, 57 cs mfd, 40 bn do, iO }4bxs do: W Duke, Bon & Ce10 hhd. 148 cs cigarettes; Gilbert Lleyd 5 mfd, 75 cs do, 10 bxs llo; Martin & Broad hurst 11 roM, 40 bxs do, 136 do, 4 %bxs do: Leopold Miller &: Sou 1oo smkg, 6 bales do, 16 cads do: Middleton & Co 30 cs m!d, 84 bxs de 78 cada do; Thompson, Moore & Co 4 cs smkp;, 151 do mfd, 10 bxs do 59 cads do, 20 "'-cads do: Jos D Evaus& Co 3 bxs mfd 611 % bxs do, 10 "'bxs d<>: Jas :M Gardiner 4 cs smkg, 6 d e mfd 5 bxs do, 100 cads do: Allen & Ginter 115 cs smkg, 77 <;to cigarettes; Mayer Bros 20 cs smkg, 1 do long cut; I Kaufman 36 cs smkg, 8 bales do; ME Mc Dowell & C0 9 cs smkg, 10 do cigarettes: Ro'i!ert Flemhg 20 smkg: F H & Co 18 do: J J Grogan H!: Clark Holly & Ketchum 20; H Wirt MatthQWS l; 'l'hurber, Why land & Co 40: Bennett. Slo&n& Co 41}: S Ottenberg & Bro 1: A & L Weiss 1 cs mfd; E & R Meail, Jr, & Co 5 7iJ bxs do: Dshan, Carroll & Co 8 bxs do; Park & 'filford 4 cs cigarettes : F l:!chulz 1 bx lear : order 88 hhlls, 131 cs smkg, (il bxs mfq, 60 % bx s do, 68 }4bxs do. 4 cs 27 pkgs : eaf. B1/ llu Jl/tJtJJ Y 01'k and Bo.ltimqr 1?ansp01'tat" Li'll"Q':I:&'V':I:X...L:m, :K.y, (J} J FBOME., CIGAR M:A?N UF ACTUREB.. dJ ,.. . 77th 3d and Lexington FACTOBY Jlo, aM, scl,' 1ST., S..Ieoted. Lealfloom GOLnEK BELT of Korth Carolina, TzT lt f Sold on its own l[erits tor a Llvllllr Profit ar Do not otfer jewelry, furniture, gift., or agree to pay your rent, take you Into partnership, set a broken Jeg, or keep yonr gas meter from counting too much, o r perform any other miracle ...a:f But do promise to give you the best Smoking Tobacco o-u the at as low a price as Is consistent with quality. Z. I. LYON & CO., Durham, N. C. &pec1a1 N"o"t1cea ....W AJITED FOR CASH, ..Q ,.DIGAR CUTTINGS I For Domestic aDd Ezport Uoe. Give rate of :rvn. JVt:n :vlace to Wheeling We J are always in the market for Tobacco CuttiD8& it they t -ole&n and dry aDd not muaty, 1 StOCH BROS., Wheeling, __ w. Virgmia. FINE HAVANA Also Seed Scraps, absolutely clean, AND READY FOR USE. Righeet prices pa.Ul for Seed Cntl:ings, and TOBACCO DUST FOR SALE. F01 pmc6& sample s of all a.bove goode, apply tO JOSE S. MOLINS, 273 Pearl Street, New York. 1ll9 IMPORTANT NOTICE. $300. Three Hundred Dollars $300. .A.R.:D. STRAITONe STORMS PINNACLE We hereby offer 'fbree Hundred Dollars t$300) Reward fsr the detection and conviction o.f any per aon or persons imitating ?nr PINNACLE cigar the 1 form ef the tip of which is shown by the above cut Dated New York, April13. 181!7. 1156-68 WANTED-A Salesman for the New Englaa<;i States to handle a line of from upward, on commission. l:!tric ly factory-made Good r ef erence required Address L. !l. Y.. office of the Tobacco Leaf. 1160 FOR SALE-Forty gallons lioe distilled t o bncco fiavor .. t a veryreasovableprice Address Fla vor." care of tLe Tobacco Leaf 1160-dp A FIRST ..;Lai:!S RESIDENT AGENT wantert in Chicago and Cinc. mnR.ti, on commission, to repre sent a Third District New York factory illakmg r;oods from $18 to $50. Address .. B. E.," Tobacco Leaf, New York 1160 CITY SALESMAN WANTED-A well-known ci1,"'lr factory, making and medium goods re quires the services of an experienced sslesma,; for grocery, hotel and drug trade. State references Address "Reliable ," this office. 1159-61 FOR SALE-A Pease <..:uiter No. 3 in good repair. Appy to Union Tobacco Works, Louis ville, Ky. 1159-60 FOR SALE-Strictly llrst-cl&ss pica dura, in bales of about 100 lbs 115.2-64 J. H GREGORY, Key.West Fla. W. 0. SMITH & CO., Auction Sale of Tobacco. Woodrow & Lewis, auctioneers, will sell at auction on Wednesd"Y May 18, at 12 o'clock, at their salesroom, 94 Pearl street, near Han ?Ver square, New Yo.rk, for accoun' of whom 1t may concern: PEREMPTORY SALE, 90 cases tine old Wisconsin leaf tobaccowrappers, tillers and binders. Terms cash.: C. JOURGENSEN Is a Pri.,ter, General Maautacturin& Stationer, and Revenue Bookaa"d Bl&l!li:l at 91! Maidenlane New York. HAVANA SCRAP!:!. Th e DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY olfers fr>r sal", in quantities to suit at 59 centa per pound. thirty cases of fine Havana scraps all of the finest Vuelta Ahajo tobaaco. warl'l\nted pure and clear. For sample address De6.ance Cigar Manu. factor y, E ast 41st street. New York. 1155-t.f 'I' HE .:".Sanufaetured. by John Jl'. 8trattont> ... Ma14en Lane, New York. Pa"te:n."ta. BON. A. H. CRAGIII' & SOli', 914 F ST., WASHINGTON, D. C., Attorneys and Solicitors ol Patents, Trade Marla, etc., and all matters befor. e th .. Executive Departments or Ooo&Teas. Refer to 2nd Nat. Bank. Send stamp tor corl'ellpbodeace'. Hr. H W Cragin was fo:tmerly &880Ciated with W. P Burwell and was an Examiner in tbe Patent otllce. 115-81 Pa"ten."ts. TRA.DE MARKS AND LABELS. HENRY WISE GARJIETT, Att orQey at I,aw and Counselor in Patent Cases. WASHINGTON, D. 'C. Refers to Second National Bank.WMbington, D. C. Send for lnveBtor's Guide. 11114-86 :Key PICADURA CHEROOTS. Tradel!:lark 1 J. F. J. X.. Principal De)Xlts:-192 Broadway, corner Joha st : and 489 Broadway, corner Broeme New York. The above brand, hniBg been oopyrlghted, the trade is cautioned not to imitate the same uader the peaalty of the law Eacli package, containing 10 cheroot" in tin foil, bears a yellow label with ab X on the face of the laael and a while label across ODe end of package ws:-Receipts of dark tobacco are light this week a.nd prices rather firmer: the better leaf sell readily for pric e.. Brightf are still dull m all so r ts, fillel'$ es'/'ecially contlauing low and slow. A round lot o old wraJ'lper& was reported Ia L week as soJd. w i th besvv lossel!. 'l'here are some new reordered tiers being sampled: but few sales have ,b<;en Outside of cigarettes, aod chetly for export, manufacturing bas been dull this week. FOR SALE. P. POHALSKI & CO .. 1113 Chambers street, bwe always on haad A1 KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS ud T AllLE SCRAPS. Loweat mar ket prices. 1144-1169 DIED.-'We regret having to announce tbe on the lOth instant of Mre J. V. Bach, w1fe of the late J. E. Bach, of tbill city llfiB of E. Bach, the leaf tolla.cco merchant. I


4 '1"'HE TOB.A.OOO LEAF. MAY I4. A Cilood laeaa Oppor&uaUJ', Apparea&ly. A corre&l!Ondent wh018 capability and in we can vouch far has written us .Ul" letter. We the comm!Jnlea tiOh tlefore our readers in ordtll' to gt ve its such assistance in hia laudable view as is legitimately within our -provir.ce. A_a we do not feel at liberty to engage m bust n.ees enterprises outside of the direction of is based on information that a system exists of sending cigars manufactured San Francisco t. Victoria, British Columbia, and returning them to s .. n Francisco the provisions of eection 2.600, ReviSed Statutes. They are then stamped with toms stamps bearing the words Domestic cigars-Reiml;x>rted." chan_ge our frequently expressed opinion that the '86 Havana must eventually find a profit& ble market. IN TIRGINIA. &:.::aXES&, &; ef this journal and l..ave not time tO llo 80 even How lllucb ll'erelKD Tobacco lll:ay Tra-rellero if _. si-mPlY invite for our corree PerU&e4 ao Brlq la&o Prance. poRill98"ic119bt the \tlMition tradaellll!n pARIS, April 30, -who may be inclined to take an.mta;est 1n It. The 'question is being frequently asked, Letters care of tlfe olll.oe of 'the Hii!tbe IIiOi'[ellt arrived for tne free import L&Ar-'to C. G. D., ScQtteuurg, VIr ation of tOba<%1o 1 Can Jdni&, w1ll be forwarded unepeolld to tbeirr go8iife ll&i free entry, 1gnonng the ilelttination. ties bOnds I Or is tlie--present pro-< 1 SOOrrili'C'BG, Y-., May 5. JIOP* a tric&. o Custom House brokers 1to EilrroB TOBAOOO LB:AF-la of '\Je ef May, 188J. i We, Yeur esteemed letter came d'lll,r to hant_. scrupu ifttf.YI follow the Government and I grate!ul for wor r'f!gtllations, Le Tabac, organ of La -.nd fo!' toa.l m J:;.B.U:. Rfgie Fraucalile, would be glad to ,knO'f Since writing to you I have lleen 1n cor!'e8 what is so that we may not ha!e P.ODd_::iLb the trade that baa been hand-the misfOl"ilne of giving useless and va1n ling Qll QC IDI m!Plufacture-, a11d,hm !Uivice. e happen by a strabge hazard to reeei'l'ed assurances that I could sell ROods know tba certain C 1stom House agents are enough to make good money. A pany at ewleavoring to obtain the entry free of duty Chase City efters to donate a lot for the sake of foreign tobacco which they declare to be ef ..ett4I!J.i$jag a factor.y. I can sell from perdOnal effect& and part of travellers' bag 1,114111r-'i1Vl0,000 :u-and gage. On of these agenJ;e, the whole busmeas, tDcludw.: .koepmg the certain Custom Houl!eB accept such docu bOJPks. menta without insisting on the permit from P not dailnl ld aponge upon your Jd.nd the oontnbution8 ifldirecfes (interng revenue) JUilllllo fill1t 1der circumstances," knowmg dsmanded by the law which bas been iu th'll gr6at to b8 _secured,_! llope existence for the past seven years. you will pardon me for aga1.n thrustmg Tobacco imporlied. in this manner enjoys private aftairs on your attention and askwg the high privilege of being exempt from all your aid. fol'IIlnlitiee, namely the bond and ite subae 1 can run the proposed busmess of quent discharge. fa.oto1triliiJ on f700, and wrtte liD We protest in the most energetic manner uk you tf there 18 any possible_ chance of against such proceedings. In the cBSe _alraisinr; this small as caplt'!-1 among luded' to, of the entry of a pound of sooferlati b liobacoo menin your City-to be m shares tobacco, the package camtl from LQndon !>Y. eac,li, _and &o pay seven per expnlSS and was 9ent to a stranger tem ceo-.. aemt-a,DD,ual dtVldends, payable 'porarily residing at Paris, who ought to have llelilay m l!abh M:ay and at a provided himself with a permit to import designated, the stock and mtereat toballco which WQuld be furnished by the w 1!8 by a lien _lot, fix Regie. A cigar factory will soon be started at Lex ington by parties from Lynchburg. Richmond Whig, May 10 :-At Lynchburg tll.e tobacco sales at the se'l'eral warehouses last week fell short of the preceding week rY several hundred thousand pounds, but still wae very fine, amounting to as 111Uch as 955.600 pounds of pretty fair ,;rades, and some very line, with pnces well maintained. The receipts from internal revel:lue last week for manufactured tobacco, cigars and snuft amounted to f7,757.69 IN NORTH CAROLINA. Durham Tobacco Plant, May 4:-For week ending Saturday, the combined of leaf tobacco at the warehouses amoumed to 370,4.24 pounds. SJ:ioking tobacco shipped, 79.696 pounds, worth $30 198 31. 7,696,700, worth $25,067 11. Snuff, 1.850 pounds. Revenue receipts for the week. $12,139.40 For the month of April, $57 715.26 Banner Warehouse: Number of pounds sold, 188,440. .Mr. T B. Reade, of Person county, made the best averagto, $54 .4!1, and also took the largest check. $479. Reams' Warehouse: Number of pounds sold, 181,984. Mr. S. A. Long mado the best aYerage, $50.34, and Mr. S. P. Terry took the largest check, $291. The plug tobacco factory of Corbett, Pat ton &; Co., Durham, was destroyed by fire on the night of the 9th inst. Nothing was saved. Loss $16,000; insurance about $12,000. It is suppoaed the factory was struck by lightning. IN FLORIDA. 5 l'-f...t1 KEY WEST. Equator, May 5:-Mr. A. M. Castillo, of Uastillo & Co., is now in New York. Mr. E. is a way, but is expected daily. While absent his factory works full banded. 1:h.e X..arae: :l:u. 1:h.e -.gv or1d.. stock -depos1ts m llank The baspitable"spfrit of Ftaace relelises at Obase City. The deposits, however, to be foreigners from the formality of a permit of IUbject to my check for be purpose of carryimportation' and prepe;ration of a bond wbeb ing on the business, and. for that only; and they declare their goods to the customs'oCeeda ali lialiB to .be duly oftici&ls of the frontier. The circular No. 313 for \he benefit of the the ortg1nal of the 25th o( April, 1881, has special allusion capital and all interest &o be patti at the end to this question. Tlie Custom House otllcets of &laR6 pan or on. the fin.t llonday of May, collect soe dul.iee of tbeee "remnanlill," and 1880. In caee of mismanagement on my if the quantity is insignificant, allow it to JNU", the stockholders have the pass scot free. We will admit further that imd power to oloae the INlaweae ali ttq1e wben bar;gage arrins unaccompanied and for tbeir benefit. ooeuact to this ieffect to tObacco, tha5 the Custom H?use be duly recorded m ecklenburg county, officials 8hould apply the same rule 1n a Mr. Barranco deserves all is said of him. a man and enterprising citizen, Key West has reason to be proud of him. 101,, 1016. 1018, 1020 SEOORD AVE., aacl 310, 312. 314.. 316 EAST FII'TYFOUR.TH ST., NEW YOBJL Va., and in New Ylll"k Oi'Y' broad apirit. But to allow 800 grammes to Fraternally yuurs, C. G. D. be imported as a "remnant" of a traveller's supply, as reoentlr happened without auPHILADBLf.JU& l'COTB& tbority from the Regie or furmshing of L. Bamberger & Co., 111 Arch' ftreet, will bOnd, 'is to upset and annul the work of our lbow up a large line of Connecticut 1886 at legi slature. Itis a pteceeding that our love ... time, if the amount of new Con-of equality before the law forces us to pro...., b nounce reprehensible. cut 088811 going into the ware 01118 18 If such proceedings are tolerated, the ledger anY1!f(terfon. of the Rue Dupbot, where every honest and M:r. B. A. Van Schaick, agent for P. Loril-law-abiding citizen can open a credit for the Jarcl & Co .. bas givtm notice that his place of importation of ten kilograms of tobacco per buaiDeae will be closed, from the 1st of May annum, in one or more shipments, will be &o lat of 1 4 l'. M. during the week, rendered Thankf, however;-to the aad on a at t ._ obligfDS"disposi\ion of cjlrtain lnctlrmfliaries, One 1W lloales _!Of a y .. lla,.. this city will very soon occupy an extensive for "remnants of stocks after the trips of wareh01118 on clqant ah'eea, Wbieb travellers." Thli tobaOOI)_ the conmust eventually p ibem in til h-6i1t trot of tbe Re'gitS 'o1Bcttru-its permissions rank of leaf and -it noes. Judging from the manner in wblch era W'e liave no basi tor an instant to exof oipr leaf are atoribX btrw lM.f in ti'U!IlT plain thelle Ci'i01tlr':ail4 devices. We have warehouses, it is safe to predict the leaf notified a Custom House braker who is in merchants of this city are not going to be criminated. If the Custom House and inter left, but ratb11r a. general a.aeortm.ent will be nal revenue officials do not succeed in coming fodblL -liD an understaudinp; about illegal import& A larKe importinc house of tiona, the matter may develop into a still Ranoa las' 'Week made s fine greater abuse. The subject is a bui'Diog oue __ .._ f DO bales. and must not Olllosteightof. The Adminis-o t.ration is already iu posseeeion of 'he names Gray, Morales & Dalton, m&;UUfacturers. of of the railroad stations, tbe dates of receipt, CUbaa lari'BU!de !Wvana OJgan, 1114.Pine the name of the Custom House agent tbruuib .&rest, shor\11' open a branob. s&Ore at wbbm tbimportations haYe been made, streets, for aDd we hope that the matter will be poll8 of llltrodUcinr; to cODIUmers thiAI' thoroughl_1inveetiltated and the continuation Cial brands. l!l88Brs. G., !4-& D. are of his !lagrant abuse suppreilaed. If the every make thear store a gem, 11h Inaugurated seven years ago is all the latest theit let a ;n11w one be made. Do not let us remain hesitating between two principles, DIIUIW.I!'OLIII l'CoT.BII. 1 one of which has fallen into desuetude, and The welFlttiCSiv'ri' l ctg&'i d'8allln "W1laicJrel & the has_,not_ yet been applied. It is a Drew have wholly remoctelled their store quest.ion of tor our Import and have made it tiDe of the most taSilly ar--era, w!lo ca!lnot 1ndifterent. closest ranged and eleglint"cigar etnporluma otthe will be gtven to the subJect by our Northwest. These young men ha1'e now both a House and an been engaged in the husin88B for a considermternal revenue pomt of view. able time and their success is a fair speci to the 800 grammes 1mmen of young men of energy, charac portation, the dJCtiOnar;v gtves the gramme &er and ability can do in tsis field. as 15.438_ g _rams e., 1 24th of an o_z. A. Bar-Alvarez, representlDg the well Scaferlati 1s a made up known cigar manufacturing firm of Lopez France. _and IS sold m Freneh stores m &; Barbarrosa of New York, has been in our South near Wasbwgton square, cU,for ten days. He went away with a and elsewhere. oi)nsiderable number of orders. ------One day last week there were twenty-three The Pb.llade1Pbla Tobacco Trade. olgardrummersattbe Hotel Ryan in St. Paul: The Philaaelpbia Tobacco Traae Associa Among the veterans were Louis Hirscborn, tion held itsannualmeetiugMay 9, which was of Boeentbal Brothers; Kimmelstiel, James largely Mr. L. Bamberger, as vice Davis, of Bondy & Lederer; L. L. Schloss, president, occHpied tae chair. The treas of R. Moone &; Bro.; James Reynolds, of urer's report showed a very encouraging nett Binr;bamton, N. Y.; Mr. Aartm Goldemith, balance. The following officers were duly aoccmpanied by Mr. Garcia, of the firm of elected for the enuinp; year :-Arthu-r a:agen, Garcia & Rodrijjtuez. president; LeoJ)6ld Bamberger, vice-presi On mr visit to Stillwater last week I dent; George W. Bremer, treasurer; Arthur stopped 1n to see that prince of good feUows R. Fougeray, secretary. W. S. Conrad, and found the store full of or Directors:-Joseph A. Bremer. M. E. Me ders going out to all parte of the country. Dowell. Ed ward Batche lor, F. X. Kelly'. Jr. JBPSON. John W. Joseph Loeb, William Wl5tJOl'CI!IIN LBTTBB, JANESVILLE, Wis., Jrlay 8. EDITOB TOBAOOO There is not a great deal of news to report iu the tobacco market for the week past, lmt there is a slightly better feeling in the trade. As the olci Bre gradually moving off at a little h1gher pri008, attention naturally turns to the balance of new left iu the grow ers' hands. llanufacturers report busineBB triCking up, and the local leaf dealers are en JOying a goo& trade. The prices for all kinde of leaf are firm, aDd r.s the old saying "Bleeeinp brir;hten 1u they take their wght," so tt Is with the "85" crop. No olii.e aeemed to want it, aDd now as it gete aoarce manufacturers want it, especially fer llbrder and workinc stock. The plants in beds are fully ten days earlier than they were a year ago. There will be fully 33%' par cent. lees acreage planted this season than for the paat two years. Shipments from here the past week were 205 cases. L&AJ'. Special Crop Correspondence. SoOTTIIBURG, Va., Hay 5. BDr1'Uit TOBAOOO LBAJ-llllbe my last report there has been a par tial aeeeon, and good breaks have been at Boutb Boston, Scottsburg and other local JIIIU'kete. Last week's quotation& have been fully 8118tained for all tobaccos. The inferior grades can't ralfy. Farmers show less spirit iu preparing for the coming crop thiUl I have ever tbem. M:any of them, ewing to the failure of the coi'D crop on tile lowlands last year and tba inferior grade and low prices of tollaooo are in very straightened circumelancea and will have difficulty in runninc their crops. U powillg wh811\t and oat crops prove pel tliey may "rul)" Ulrough. There are oertainly great and depression l)re1'ailinC in this entire section, and mora Uaan two-thirds of the farmers are feeling Ule effect. Dark tobacco can never again be proiW.bly raised in this section. The sweet JUncured Wiers of \he border counties of Virginia are a the past. It must be "tlnlhte or ao D. BeJmpe....,. DoHIIe (llpn. W A.SillNOT<>N, lt:ay 5.-Aeeistant Secretary lfaynard has inslructed customs officers to 888 \hat domestic ciiJ&rB exported fer the purpose of being re-tmporr.ed, are not admitted to entry uoder provisioos af sec-' tion ll,500, but to require them to be turned over to the collectors of Internal revenue for such procedure aa naay be found ucler the internal nvenue law. TIWi action Oaspary, I. J Dohan, M.r. Max Bamberger then offered the fel lowing, seconded by Mr. David Teller, which, after a general expression of views, was unanimously approved:WBERBAS, Arthur R Fougeray bas been samplmg for years to the entire satisfaction of the trade, therefore be it Resolved, In order that Lhe leaf wbacco traae of this city may have a recognized Leaf Tobacco Inspector, we, &II the Tobacco Trade A880Ciation, do hereby elect and acknowledge Arthur R. Fougeray &B the author ized Leaf Tobacco Inspector of Philadel'pbia. IN VONNE<:Tif::lJT. New England Bomestead:-Tbe arguments against Havana do not apply to either Connecticut or Housatonic 1'&lley, except perhaps to a small section in Connecticut e6pecially noted for its excellent quality of Seed leaf. For a number of years before the introduotion of Havana Seed in these valleys, crops were,-very to grower, dealer and manufacturer, and 'each' was anxious to get some "old-fashioned Seed leaf." We were told that .the seed run out, and the lind was exhausted and would no longer grow desirable-etc. -The leaf was too thick and coarse. Fashion called for a smoother, more glossy wrapper. Havaaa Seed tl.lled the bill whe n properly grown and handled, and it is used more extensively than ever. Tbe only trouble is, not enough of the finest grade is sown to supply tB.e demand. It has and can be grown .in these valleys to cempete succeBIIfully with Sumatra, and _pay much better by the pound or acre than Seed leaf. The low prices' of the past three years caused some growers who were unsuccessful in getting good crops of Havana 1o go back to Seed leaf. Mow they find themselves in a worse box, There is no call for Seed leAf "od they have two to four crops on hand_. Our soil and climate are adapted to growmg the finest Havana Seed in the country. We can not as a rule compete wiLh other States in growing Seed leaf. Our Hav11na Seed has brought highest market prices. [W. W. Sanderson, Franklin county, Mass. u I York Age, May 11:-Tbe local leaf trade is inactive and but little is doing. A few dealers, however, ere buying and packing HaY&Da Seed, but there is lio general mo1'e ment as yet developed looking to the lifting of this variety of the local crop. may be thai; the crop is being bought quietly &o a greater extent than is to be eeen by outsiders, as was the case with the Seed leaf, nearly all of which was takell before outsiders knew anything about it. We eee no good reason to Mr. L. A. Graux, of .Messrs. Lord & has recently finished ten very comfortablll cottages ou his land near Division street. Mr. S. 8. Wolf left for Nel>l' York ;yesterday in the inten-st of his factory. Messrs. Lord &; Co. of Factory 77 are bard at work, full handed. Energy and pesever ance have served this firm well, judging by their growinr; but>iness. The F. R. &N. Co. have &IIBUred the Mal lory Line that there will be no further dis crimination either in freight or passenger business against them. Quincy Herald, May tobacco crop proml888 finl)ly. Look well to it, farmtors, for you are contesting for a grand future. IN Wl!i(;ON81N. Edgerton Inde3J, May severe wind storm of Monday did considerable damage in this vicinity by blowing down tobacco sheds, fences. etc. A portion of the hon rooting on W. W. Child'" warehouse wae alao blown oft. Eastern Markets. t".U.J.LAlJ.KLPHlA, May 12.-Mr. A. H. ; lougeray, Tobacco lnapector. reports to tile Touooo LBu aa fullows:-Another week of grad uallv imp oving busineSB in manufactured tobacco. There is no ruoh. but a steady tncrease. The de mand iB generally for atandard urand Nevertbe less all gra a general impression prevailing that tcbacco will go in tl:e near !ulure; and we learn that in some places they are asking more for the new crsp than it will here on the breaks But if they ahould determine to set another llll e crop tuis year, their holdtng back for a big advanee will nrove a mistake. Total otlerings for the yar to date, 24,290 hhJE, of which hilds were new, against bhtls ame time last year, of which 11,68U buds were new. Hhde. Recetpts for tlw week ............ 1,047 Recetpts same week !liSt year. ..... 794 At tile Cincinnali warehous& e hbds tine colory leaf were sold that brought $16@17.7G, the IaUer being the hi!thest price for eome ttme. For new there was a good steady with no cbange from the preceding week. All grades tilat were dry and in good order found a ready sale at good prices, but thoae soft and in bad order brought only nominal "figures. Of the 696 hhds (ol4), SG sold from 1 .30 to 3.V5, 91 from 4.00 to 5.95, 124 fror. 6.00 to 7.9.1, ass from 8.00 to 9.95, 120 from 10:00 to 18.75 and 8 from 15.QO to 17.75. or the 663 hhds (new), -805 sold from 1.00 to 3.9), 281 from 4.00 to 5.95, 93 6 .00 to 7.95, sa from 8.00 to 8 VO and 1 at 10.00. The following, l&ken from MeSBrs. W m G Meier & Co.'s circular, shows tile stocks on hand in all W &stern markets May 1 : ta87. Louisville ............ 17,358 Cincinllali. ........... 6,4ti6 St. Louis .. .. 6,S35 Cl.rksville .......... 7,3-58 Hopkinsville ......... 2,643 Paducah ."." ...... .... 2,4M Nashville ........... 1,052 Evansville............ 36!1 Mayfield .............. l,Ot5 Total ... ...... 45,450 BEKD LKAJr MARKET. Jts86 19,959 8,093 4 42t 9,075 4 111\J I!: IOJ 2,1()2 9U9 l,"IH Tile offerings of cigar or Seed leaf were 138 cases, classes as follows :-71 cases Ob o, 50 cases Wisconsin, 14 cases Little Dulch and 3 cases In diana. Cm:es. Offerings.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 138 Rejections.......... .. .. ..... 87 Aetual sales.. .. . . ..... 51 The breks Saturday we1e larger tllan for s everal weeks. Tilere was Jess activity in the bidding than noted heretofore, caused by tbe m a j>rity ot the of ferings being high in case and mvre or Jess dam aged, and owing to the same cause over ilalf Bf the sales were rejected. Ther e h a good Elemand for all cla>ses that are in good mder, and Ibis kiad is very scarce, but. when fouad, orings lull pnces. 8ales were as follows:-l\'hami Warebouse-123 Cales, prices as follows: 59 cases Oili<>, 33 (new} at 1.00 to 10 00; 26 (old) at 1.00 to 13.150; o9 cases Wisco n s in Spanbb at l.OV to IU.OO; 15 cases DuJ.Ch at 1.00 to 7 .10. Globe Warcilouse-15 cases, prices as follows: 12 cases Oh10 at 1.00 to 13.00; 3 caee Indiana at 11.50. Messrs. F. W. Dohrmann &; !:\on's c ircu lar "ys: Duriug tile pa;t month transactieus in our market were very small, owing to unfavoralole weather f.,I handling. A more animated market prevailed for all !!rades of bolil new and old toba cco, and pt ices were generally iligbcr lluoughout tbe month, es pecially for the better 'rades of leaf The offerings of new were confined mostly to the lower g r '\des of lugs, while good colory lugs and stripping leaf were exceedingly scarce. CLAltKSYI'LLE, Tenn., May 10. QUOTATIONS. Messrs. !Ill. H. Clark & Bro., Tolla.Ceo Brokers, Fillers-Common. 1 @ report to the TOBAOOO LB..ur:-Our receipts are Medium. .. ... 8 @ II good, and the sales for the week ending to-day overe Good .. 6 @ 9 955 hhds. The trlarket was very irregular on leaf, Smokers-Common bright. 2 @ 4 often showing larg e wlvances, and then easing otl Medium. 5 7 again Luga were also irregular, medium to good Good .. .. .. .. .. 9 @12 clooing from M to "tc bigber The light Fine .12 @18 ranis o'f last week gave moderate planting season& Cutter-Common. ........ ... ... -. 9 @12 to those havinll: plants and land ready, anli small Medium .. .. .. 12 @15 plantmgs were made. With a good general rain a Good .. .. .... 15 @20 regular pitching of the crop would be attempted. Fine............. . ........ 30 @35 quoTATIONs. Wrappers-Common ............. ..... 10 @12 Luga-Commn .................. ..... ;.1 0 3 MediUDl ........................ 12 @t7 Medium ........................ SJoi{ 8;!4 Good ........................... 11:! @215 Good ........................... 4 @ 4).! Fine. .. .. .3tl @45' Leaf-Common ...................... Fancy .......................... 50 @65 Me1um 8IL ... ............................ """ BAL'UMORE, Md., May 12.-Messn. Ed. Good ......................... 8 @10 Wischmeyer & Co., tob&eco commi88im merFine. ...................... 11 @13 cb.ants, report to the ToBACCO LEAF:-'file Marv Seleeti0ns ...................... 14 @17 land market was very active last week, goed > &rades DURHAM, N. c., May 11.-M.eura Webb particularly iii demand. Buyers are stiiBU& Kramer, Leaf Tobacco Dealers, report to the lated in view of the necessity of lllliug the French ToACOO LEA.J' as follows:-This week is a live one contract and the very good demanQ from other foroa the Durham markel. Receipts are full, in con eign markets for a llesirable article. The general sequence of the .fine seaaon just bad and farmets impression, also, ihat production will not be as bad a magnificent "stripping" time. Quality of large this year tends to stJtlen prices and> Bellera tobacco marketed ranges among thd medium and are more than ever hopeinl. Inferior and frosted lower grades, as for some time Jl&St, and otlerinJl:s are still dull but for COlBlllOn there is some little do not show the general' impr case at this time of Y ,el'-r, :Prices are sleady. inquiry at present, ana the market is nommally QUOTATIOMS. eaay. Lugs-Trash to common .......... o 75 @i 2o l118pected tbia week-730 hhds Maryland, 11 Ken Meaium to go9d.. . . .1 50 50 tucky; t.ol&l, 74lllnda. Common leaf .............. 2 69 @3 50 Cleared88111eperiod-PerslrLero. forRol&erdam, Medium leaf ............. ... 3 00 @4 50 477 hbds Maryland, 30 hhds aad 66 .IJlld,s Virginia; per str Baltimore, for trca LYNCHBURG. May 11.-!ltleaera. Holt; Virginia a lema &nd g b)lda Vir&inia tobacco; per Schaefer 4li eo: Buycn aud llanlo\Jera of Lea! Toatr surrey, for lAndon, 81 hjJ.d8 anti )62 trcs. llaocO, report to the ToJi.&coo .lmA.7 lia-follows:-TI>ROOO IT"-Taqll'r. 1 The "Teoeipt;s In our > market continue to be full, of-Jaa. 1, 1887-Stoc:k oa handia tobacco wareheu-feringii laa"t week reacbing obeut 1 1 ,000,000 pound8 ; and on ahipbo&r-& not Cleared 23,0118 .kbdlt &ad will be the same thla week. J The aelecbon relnapeded lhil week ..... ... 7'1 llb1l's main unsatiafaciory, and what lillie there ia [B'BpeCIM previoualy .............. offering o good ilue tobacco iuellin'g at very laigh ,tlgnrea. ; The-common aoEI riondilscript' gradll8, af-b:porta of Maryland aud 26,680 liliAe &bough they> ate plentlful r have advanced and sell at ttHo higher tban-duriDJ last month Bright tobaccvil are 'JICliloCe, and prices for aame ara high. The of our market is stroiig-, wilb. a i"aeral Ohio ainoe Jaa. 1, 1BS7 1>,0118 ::llupped coalltwiaa &nd :re 1D8peeted.. .. .. 1' 981 hhds 7,0211 hhda stock In warehollle tbia day aud on wpboard not cleared .... 11!,601 b.hd8 Stock aame time in 1888 ............. 12,468 bbds1 .Manufactured tobacco continues quiet. Smoking Tobacce-Our manufac\urm are fairly buay. -:.: and active demand. I PAbUCAH, Ky,1 May 6.-T. H. Puryear, Tobacco Broker. repecially when a little color or character iB s'bown : Furl.her raias this week, pving a fair ban4ling aeason. Stock .May!, 2,t58 bhd8. LA. CBlJZ RO.J"A PURE TRAOE MA.. Havana .. Cigarettes ARE OF PURE &GENUINE"VUELTA A BAJO" LEAF Jijo_ leaf-use<; in hts own in IIB,rana. !. Th1s tebacQo 1a and manufactured b,; the most eXperienced banda, wUilout being submitted to Claemical preparation of any sort, t!Jns produclag a PURE, oB:Nuora aad BllPKBIOR ARTli!LE, which qualities the connoioseur l!ilj quickly iliaco'l'er t.od The Paper '!8ed by tbill company is of the Yery belt, imported directly from l'ruce for &ur own nee. The "BED CROSS., Havana Cigarettes are put up in packa of lOti lllld till< retaillu,:respccti1'ely llo aoa 10c. LlllBJlaL Dri!COUNTB To THE 'l'BADK. OUR NHW TOBACCO DIHECTORY. No Tobacco or Cigar Merchanr can Afford to be Without lt. ONLY A. LIMITED NilllBER YET TO BE DISPOSED OF. sen. d. i.:n. 'You.r Orders <>:n.oe. 'fhe Book contains the Names of a ll Cigar, Cigarette, Smoking and-Snuff Manufac turers in the United States a.nd Cuba; also a aluable List of Jobbers and Wholesale Grocers in all the leading distributing points in the cotmtry Price, F ive Dollars. Hhds. Hee<'tpts for week.... . .. . . 5t5 Receipts since Jan. l. ............... 3,343 01feriugs for week. . . . . 613 f o r year ...... ............ 3.386 .Net sales for week................... 427 .Net sales for year ...... ............. 2,763 QUO'rATIONB. Lugs-CowmQn (dark)-red or colory ... 2 @ Medium do ................. 2J.i@ 2;!4 Good do ................. 2;!4@ 3'4 Fine .!o ............. .. 3%@ Leo f-Low do ................. 4}a Common follows:-Our market 'opens u p pretty lively tllis and fo r sound Burley also for low to week. Our long looked !for and much needed sell medium Burley .leaf. Prices have been s ons have at last come and we !lave nit more w o rds steady wit.bout any material change. We of complaint against the The tlrst r eal quote old crop:good season 'we hay e had this year began -last Fnday, and the weed bas lileen in ood stripping order Ql:JOTATION8-(0ia> CROP.) ever since We now look for heu;r breaks in all < C Burley. Old style. of our warehouses, and from present mdicatioM we Otnltlon 1 GO@ 1 75 1 50@ ). 75 will not be disappiBted For the past sixly days Good lugs.. . . 2 00@ 2 25 2 00@ 2 25 our0 sales have been lill:ht. <d tn conSEquence Common leaf ...... 4 00@ 4 60 3 50@ 3 75 prices Loave been still. This bas no doubt stimuMed. to good leaf. fi 50@ 6 00 4 00@ 5 liO lated the farmers to market tileir crops as fast as Bright. polsible'; 11nJ while we look for nospecial decline, Common lugs ..... . . . .ll GO 3 00 priCes will ease oJf some tittle and orders will be Good 'lugs. . . . 3 50@ 4 liO tilled wilb more promptness than heretofore. Prices Common leaf .... _.... . 6 00@ 6 remain about the same as last quotation s. Ne.xt Fine bright smokers...... 7 cOO@ 8 GO, week we hope to report more fully. CommonJwrilppers ............. 10 00 QUOTATIONs. Med to gooq bright wrappers .. 20 00@30 00 Fillers-Common, green ............... 1).!'@ 2 Fine bright wiappers ........... 35 00@50 00 Common to medium ... .......... 5 g :1r J.'llny Tobacco co.uaea.. Smokers-Common ...... ...... ...... 2 @ 4 Yesterday afternoon Messrs. Myers Bt-otl'teh! Common to medium.... .... 4 @ 7 & Co. r!fBived notice that the Government oon Medium to good ...... .......... 7 @10 tra.HforsupplyingtheUnitedStt.tesNavywith Good to tine ............... 10 @1o tobaccg been awarded to them for'f,bl8 year. Cutters-Common to medium .......... 12. @16 ll'his IS' !l d ecide d confpliment to" thia enterprlsMedium to good ................. 16 '@26 ing hblll!e.,, Messrs. Myers Brothers & Co: bad Good to fine 211 @30 J eleveli bidaers against them, lncludlng<-BOme of Fancy .. .30 'the ruost prominent tobacconists lnt:htireolilltry. Wrappers-Ce>mmon to medium ...... 18 @t5 Of these four were from Riohmond, t,wo fl.'o.JD. Medium to good ................. 25 @40 New York, Buchanan & Lyall .auq F LQrlh G90d to fine .. .40 50 lard &l acco continue from the City of M:exlc., and very little of. the. 86 c .rop bas -been diligencia from GU!'Cl.alaj!U'L oftered on the breaks so far; no.t .enougb of Oentral R!illJII'&Y Cvmpany il a any grade to give reliable quotations. The branch line from the l&tt,er wbich wlU. principal clemand during the month has run to San Bias oearly panwe& the old been lor medium to good bright wrappers stage route. T)


MAY I4. THE TOBACCO LEAF. AMERICAN EACLE .Manufacturers of the folloWing celebrated Brands of Tobacco : 5 .... I :. .. FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. CA VENDIS:S: SKOltiNG: Eagle, Old Tar, .. Universal Favorite, Fawn, Canada Mixture. Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, Br!!dder BAVEMIYIRS &. J:LDIR, No. 117 WaJI Street, New York. Standard in its Purity and Uniformity. MADE WITH A SPECIAL VIEW TO THE WANTS OF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Dally Quotations will be fornlshed and Orders 8lled from our omoe, 111' WaJl Street, New York, or by RENB.Y U. FRANKEL, II SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin. Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. GRANULATED SKOimTG. LONG CUT SMOXING. Smoking Tobacc! Spray of Gold, Morning Dew, Lucky, Club, Dime Ram, Detroit Mixtures, Navy Clippings Green Corn. Home Comfort. Miner's Favorite, Jumbo, lliner's Long Cut Bull Detroit Long Cut Duke & li'andy, Frog Long Gut, Factory, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail. Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Spanish. Labor Union, Wig Wag German, Chopper, Bow Wow, old Hickory's Pride. W. F. :BALTIMORE. KD., Distributing Agent :tor. the South. r THE MOELLER & ASCHERMANN MF6 CO., :JY:AN""UPACTUR.ER.S OP. t. PLBXIBLl CIB!SBLBSS CIGAI IOLDS AID SIUPBil. -ANDCi[ar Maturs' SllDDllHS. SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOQU& I CYLilmBIOAL CJGAB SBAPBB. FJeETIBLB, OREASELESS OIGAB MOLD. Ftae,-IM Wa&-8&ftet, New York;. IV. 81teld-& f!lon, 1118 IV, ilrd kreet, ............... .... Deek & eo., IU,, -d 8&. Plllll, BIIID.; G. 6. Hellllerle.. 1-r To1t11-eo., lilt. .Lo ... ; Wa. R. 7 WN& Prall& ....... 011... U ... .&.ca.aa-.; Bd:eiW, ..... oil C.,, 8lla Pr-11111, 0111. '' Key West Cie:ar. FACTORY: KEY WEST, FLORIDA. A.. E. MASSMAN & CO., -N"". E. Cor. an d ""Market Streets, P H IL A nELP __ H __ I A HENRY U. FRANKEL, TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIES. UCORICE PASTE, i. ) TIN FOiL AND STRIPS, FLAVORINGS, GUMS. TOBACCO SUGAR, GLYCERINE, I YASELIKE, SOLE AGENT IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA FOR Puetz' PEERLESS Ping Tobacco lachine and latrrand's Patent Float No"te Ad.ver"t1ae:a:n.en."t on. p aae 7. Addre all Inquiries to :1.81 Tb.Arcl. Stree-t,-LQ,-,,.,.U,e. :FC'3'e AMERICAN HAND A Five-Cent Havana-Filled Cigar. The U88 of Molds abSorbs the moisture, ftavor and aroma of the Tobacco This Ciga.r being made by Hand, reta.iu these Eesential Qnalities, eft'ects a Closer Union of the Binder and Wrapper, and ill noli eo Easily Broken in the Pockel The Cigars are made by American W ork:mel!a who Cleaner in Pereon&l Ha'bi.ts and the Work-Bench than Foreigners, whoae [' only claim to Superior Worlrmansbip .' is their Foreign birth. Americana excel them at the CigarTable aa in all other InduStries. A Rewa.i-d ofllOO.OO will be Paid for the Discovery of any Art;J;.,!' :8cial Flavo:ring in these Cigars. KEQISTERED .Jm SUb, I886, 8 a. m. MANUFACTURED BY J G. GOOD""M AN, P.A..


6 THE TOBACC O LEAF.' MAY 14. ::-JIWD VUELTA ABAJO CIGAR F ACTORY. -"'"' = ""' = --rei ..a Manuel Co., C "U. ba. Lopez. & :s () -= "CS c. -= -Ill ;; = ca II --s::: "' = = .. Qp liD = = > Ill =-.. = "' = :z: 0 """ z = cs)8 ...= c::> .! "' ::: 'i """ = .. =-.. cd Ill :or:. Ill = :s = C) "iii = bs No. 26, Havana, Gnba. II I-liD fl) CIIQ CD Ill a en E n; c.-) 0 --0 ::E a 1: CD lCD ? LEADING BRANDS: u MANUEL LOPEZ & CO.," VICTOR H UGO 'l'loe LARGKST aad only li'IR8TCLASS HOTEL OD the Jolud ot Cllb&; IIAWed ill the bellt Jl"'t ot the city. Enlarged. impro-..ed., new sanitary arranements, new manacemot. K:ept UDder Am..llrlieaD &lid ll:urope&B pi&DI. Complete aocommodatlon for otraageno. "c::::: "'"' = cd H FLOR D E REMATES," CELIA." CRAND CICAR FACTORY O F M ANUEL RODRIGUEZ, Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuba. P. :aa:. CA.&TR.O 00., PROPRIETORS. FEL I X :IIUBIAS & CO CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, G-ran.ct 01Kar Pao"te>ry, LA FLOR CUBANA. R. RENDUELES. C8lle del Ba;ro No. 63, HaiNma FLOR DE F. CABAL Y CABAL. Lea.dmg :Bra.nds:-Flor del Alio, a Emilia, Ft11r de Carlot&, Allelardo od Elaiea, Flor de F. G. Granda "Eudora, RoB& de San LEADING BRANDS : :J!I X.. :J!I N G-:m X.. '' -AND-U Flor de Manuel Rodriguez." Gallo do Ia zania 69, Cllba. LRADING BRAI'!Ds:-" La Gratitud" uRemignton,'' Rosa Cub&na." i Flor de Roeendo Rendueles ," "La Sociedad Com &rcial." II La Rosa/' '1 Flor Indiana "Mi CarirlRI't Calle de !an RatBel 7 101, HABANA., CI5BA. THE lii:&N1JII'.&CT1JRBK8 01" CIGARS, HAVANA TOBACCO CO. II Havana, Cuba. Estrella St. 79, LIMITED. B1rands :-"La Estrella," "Fl11r de Sei!ll& & Garoio," La Ro&;ta," La Flor de Alfredo SelgM," "Para Todos," "La Felicia," "Flor de In _cian Sanchez," and "Flor de Bianca." C1Kar :a&:a:n. "U.fao"te>ry e>r HAVANA. 148 CALLE R.oya1 C::l..gar Pao"te>ry, DE CAPOTE, MORA & CO., Calle del llaJ'O No, llS, Habana, v..., Le&diag BrFCD c. OND ., O'lG-.A..El.:liJTT:IiJ&, 168 an 160 INDUSTRIA ST,, ESTA.NILLO, JUNCO & CORUJO, BELASCOAIN 34, HAVANA, CUBA. d 28 Paradlae Street, (Nab"shecl tat5.) HAVANA, CUBA. NOTICB,-Batabllohed In 1840 by the reliable manufacturer &alontno Carun.,llo liverpool, England. lfOTK.-Tilil br&Dd Jo.., been l'tlllotered ill t.he 'OIIIoe as WaohiDgtoa ibofr!Dgers will be proeecutecl to the fulleet extent of_tbe_law. with the Honor Prize at. the Universal Exhibition of 1SS3. --ing of abou\ $110,000 more t;o hie lllltiefactien than to his financial credit. Finally, he came to this country, his rela tives not his rather eccentric be havior. His fortunes became low, and he re sorted to the teaching of French and music for a subsistence. But a romantic attachment to one of his prettiest pupils turned his atten tion elsewhere. He was an excellent judge of the finest brands of liquors, and it BUll' gested an occupation. He became a travel ling sal@eman for wholesale liquor houses, and his ready command of many languages was EO useful that he readily got a salary of $5,000 per year. Hie secoud wife was the pretty La. Crosse girl who now suee him for divorce. After his wife left him' Campbell travelleti for Ascher mann & Co. the Milwaukee wholesale cigar dealers, but for some reason he left them and drifted back to Minneapolis, 'where he smothered his pride and took a position as barkeeper. He iii now out of employment, but seems to ha.-e plenty of money. His little son, the present plaintiff's offspring, is the next heir to about ,000.-St. Louia Globe Democrat. & Talk VUil Hou, .l"elln G. Carllale Ao& Tax and Tarur. At Louisville, Ky., Tuesday, Mr. Carlisle said to an interviewer:,,I believe the next House will unquestion ably pass a bill to reduce very materially customs duties. I do not, however, expect to see the passage of such a bill as the rev enue-reform Democrats would like to have. B11t I think there willi.Je a substantial reduc tion. You eee, we have 11ow arrives at the point in tariff agitation where the reducion of taxation is absolutely necessary. The large and growing Treasury sur11lus makes it necessary. There is no possible way to escape it. All the methods proposed in that direction are for the molit part absurdities. The sentiment for a reduced tariff is growing steadily, especially in the Northwest. Now, coupling this growing sentiment with an ab solute necessity for a reductioB, I think it re quires little power of political prophecy to assert with confidence that a must come. The bill r educing the tariff must be passed, however, with the help of Rupublican votes. 'l'be defection in our rauks caused by Mr. Randall and other protectionists will put it out of the power of the Democrats to pall8 a tariff revision bill, unless they are aided by roveaue reformeril from tbe Republican ranks. It will not be difficult to obtain a sufficient number of recruits, in my opinion 'l'he Republicans in the West and Northwest are getting more and more nervous on the tariff qusstion. In the .l!,orl.y-eigbth C.mgress all the' Republican members, except one, froll'l .Minnesota for the Marrieon bill. The gentleman who failed to vote with us was not re-elected. At the last Congress we got all but one of the Minnesota members. In the n ext Congress the Democrats have three members from Minn{'Sota. something very unus)lal, y4)u Tnis indicates the growth of revenue reform. A Republican Senalor p,rominence and ability I!Qtd tp me a short time ago that the nextCungr&ss do something towa1 d reducmg the tariff or there would be an open revolt on the pa1 t of the people On the w bole, the prospect is very encouraging for the trieuds of revenue reform." '' ld there any likelihood that the scheme to repPal tbe internal revenue taxed will suc ceed I" reduce it, one half or one-third. It is a cherry tba.t 1f bitten at all may as well b& swallowed entirely. It is true that the tax yields an annual revenue of nearly $30,G:JO, 000. But in order to get a similar reduction in the customs list it might be well to let the tax on tobacco go. The whiskey tax should be left undisturbed. You will find that those t<>riff reform Republicans, of whom I spoke a moment ago, are all opposed to repealing the internal revenue taxes." ROSA DE SANTIAGO Seaator' Nrro.,. l). KEY WEST Fla., :May 7.-Rumors to the effect that Senator Sherman and party nar rowly escaped being kidnapped in Cuba have been thoroul(bly investigated by the corres IIUNuFACTUBED BY PEDBO BOGEB, From the Tobacco of the Finest V egas of the Vuelta Abajo. Eatahliahed in 184'7 at SAD.tiago do las Vegu, Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. FOR SALE BY P..n. & Tillord aa4 Aokar, Berrall a DoacUt. )]".,.. York, venient to purchaee his tobacco or cigars at. the same time -Chicago Independent GrOOf!r. I pondent of the World and are found to have England, arose upon a petition for an injunction some foundation. h happened when John to restrain the defendants from infringing the Sherman, Mr. ,Miller and Mr. McCook and .plaintiffs' trade mark. The defendants opposed party were on a visit to Guanapay, near Ha-the granting of injunction' upon the ground, vana. Tbe plan was well laid and the ban-among others, that the use by the plaintiffs of &fier the larplaa, diHi were led by Mat!lgas, the most cele-the term" Habana" upon their cigar boxes was BosTON. May 5 ....,-Tbe Cigarmakers' Inter-braced and boldest of the Cuban outlaws. r itse!J' a fraud, since there was DO Havana tonational union has perfected a. scbeme which The first information of the narrow escape of bacco in the plaintiffs' cigars. The court, in it proposes to attempt to carry through, and Senator Sherman was given by the Key West granting the injunction, said that It had been which for monumental cheek surpasses any Equator, which published the following:-proved that the word "Halilana" was in comthing in the gift enterprise line ever at- From private lettere from Havana we mon use on boxes whether coming from one tempted. The information comes from a. 'learn tba.t a party of kidnappers or outlaws. part of the world or anothe11, and that it had member of the International Union, and ap comprising the m011t dangerous elemomt of been in use in that way for a great many years. pears to be given with all seriousness. Th& the Cuban banditti, had arranged to capture He agreed that if it were a fraud the mere fact plan proposed is that the Government should J obn Sherman on his recent visit to Ouba. that all the cigar merchants, manufacturers and loan the Cigarmakers' International Vnion The projact only failed by a difference in retail dealers i!l London bad practiced this the sum of $75,000,000 for cooperative pur time. l'be plot was well arranged, and the 'fraud would not assist the plaintiffs nor would poses for a. period Qf fifteen years at 10 per ba.nditti were in sufficient force to capture it prevent the court expressing a strong opinion cent. per annum. If this is done it is proSherman's party, but fortunately for the dis-adverse to such a fraud. But it had been proved posed to erect five immense faotoriee, on& tinguished gentleman's safety they left the that the use of this word "Habana" on aJl sorts each in New York, Cbicag6, San Francisco, plantation, which was intended as the scene of boxes bad been continued for at least twenty-Richmond and Key West. In these factories of the outrage just five minutes befote the five years, and one witness said be could not it is estimated there would be a working 11 remember the time when the "Habana" capacity for 65,000 cigarmakers, 6,000 paok-'J'his atcount was made the basis of several did signify that the cigars came from Havana. ers, laO,OOO 8trippers, 1,000 clerks, and 500 sensational reports, which have been denied, It, no doubt, originated when there were none foremen. The idea is, of course, to give the but tile story IS true in every particular. The but Havana cigars. It had not only becigarmakers more pay and less work, and at capture was to take place while the rarty come a custom of the trade, but he must take it tbe same time provide tho coneumer with were on a visit to the sugar phmtation o Don to b e a custom well known to every purchaser good cigars at a minimum price. This grand Pedro Lamberto Fernandez. Although Senof cigars. H e agreed that the court must probut halloonish scheme, the member says, i& a tor Sperman had with him a body of the teet the public, not only the wary, but the un-really being seriously considered, and tk& Civil Guards the robbers were in sufficient wary. According to the evidence it was clear members of the union can see no reason whr force, bad me. t them, to capture the en-the ordinary of cigars must know;;when th_e should not come forw&r4., tire body and bold them until they could they purchased a "Ha?ana that wtth the mtlhons needed. reach the mountains, where the Senator tl:ley were not buywg a. crgar made m Havana,\ would have been held as a hostage. A dif-but that it was manufactured som ewhere else. ference of five minutes in time SomaWhether the use of tile word" Habana" in the tor Sherman and probably an international first instance was wrong or not, hiB lordship difficulty. was not to say. It did n_ot indicate, When the banditti appeared and learned and had no: mdicated for a long senes of years that Senator Sherman bad gone, they basti to wary or unwary, perhaps nadoed the oerseer and treated others on the mexpenenced few, who were buywg a 2d or the plantation to many severitiee. The Cuban 3d Havana for the first time, that the word was prese, acting undt r instructions from the used In such a way as to a fraud. The de have suppressed all mention of (endant was rather m a _that, tbe and it is probable that Senator beca.use be used the himsell'. In hiB JUdgSherJllan is not aware of the great danger be ment aJl manufacturers, rmporters, and dealers eecaped. at liberty place the on Mr. E H. Gato, the leading manufacturer or cigars, and lcrdship not in Key West and a Cuban by birth, who re believe 1t bad caused the deception to cently returned from a visit to Cuba told the any one person up to thiS time, and he WIIB World f!Orrespondent that the story' waa uncertain it would not in the future. doub,tedly true. Should Grooera lieU Cle;ara Reoenl Le&al Deetatoaa. Formerly it wa11 a serious question with .Assignment for Creditors-Preference-many grocers whether it was practicable or Lawyer' s Fees.-A direction in an assignment not to sell cigars. It has been found to be for creditors to pay the lawyer who prepared it extremely prolhable, and now one rarely a reason!lble fee fllr his services is not an ungoes into a grocery store without, finding lawful pref e rence, according to the decision of a showcase full of all varieties of cigard the Supreme Court of South Carolina in the which sell at from five to fifteen cents case of Verner vs. Davis eta!. apiece, and frequently running even higher. Ct&arenea Defealllelll. The anti-cigarette ordinance of the University of Pennsylvania has already had bad reAults. One of the underj!:radua.tea, it ia supposed, has written the following: Alas, what college ever knew S o etrange a warfare a.e a. few Zealots are ,making at the U-Niversity crf Pennsy I The cigarette. that harmless thins, Young Dr. Wbitli says bas a sting Keen as the veriest wMp on wing, Or even worse, and hence .ke Says it must go. But be should pa,uae Ere he enforces blueet laws Tlrat e?er gave a studentcaUse To fail 'em! Oh, Dr. White,. young Dr. White, Now, don't y01.1 know it isn't right To make a niab smoke out of sight Or else inhale 'em -Philadelphia Daily NeW& Preeident, W. C. Morse, of Pamted Poe; vice-president. F. E. Smith, of 'l'ioga, Pa.; secretary, C. V. Farr, or Tio ga, Pa. ; treas urer, W. H Lovell, of Elmira.. Finance Committee appointed by President )lorse-G. W. Hoffman, Elmira; R. C Lock wood, 0. B. L')well, Ttoga. The following are a part o f new Board of Directors: James E. Farr, Big Flat.B; W H1.1 was successively at the of Leipsic Berlin and Heidelberg. He was an apt student and oon was as complete master ot the Low German and High German and French tongues as of his narive H e also epoke the Spanish and Italian languages fl.uentlJ At one time be took service wiLb th& Grand Duke of Scbleswig-Holsteili, and he l d rank of colonel in army. It is said that at Lhe Lime he succeeded in ditipoa I think there wi)l be no repenl of the in ternal taxes, and there certainly ought not to be Yet it might occur in the ffol'ls to get through a. brll reducrng the ta.r11f that some comp omi>es would be made. Uuder the mcumsances, with an opposition &n!l.te, t1Jid wtth a divisi

'\ MAY I4. SUMATRA -AND OJ!' TilE-lAVAl! TOBACCO ifm.lflemuth Importers and Manufacturers of w 110r attd 1109 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Trade lllaPk. We boor to 8,.u flhe a& to)ntlon of the Trade $0 ovllu-ce 1UII!Or&ment or Noveltleo and l!peclal&leo oul .. ble for I 'VEGA, MORTON & 00:;., : a:a.c:l. X2:111por'*er HAVANA TOBACCO, 187 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. ACUILA 100, HAVANA. M. "Alvarez. B. Lozano, T. Penda, E&T.a..:BX..1&:EEED :1.&87. LO:i'SA.N'O, P:ED8'X.A.& &, lVIANUFT'BS OF CIGARS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. AliiO lm.portera o.t &, LE.A.F 209 p;m.a.,::E'I.X.. &T:R.EEJT. r. J. o;' .a..roiea, "York. WHOLESALE WAREROOMS: 371 BROADWAY." 213-229 East 33d Street. Genuine. FrJ3nch Briar-Pipes, Meunted with ID:I' new AmberiDe Houthpleeeo. iD large variety aud moot -.tal deoigDS, IDoloding man:r origillal atyles not shown eJs. where. P1pe. iD all grades at lowOGt llgu.....,J The Lallret and Finest AssortmODt or SMOKERS' ARTICLES. Of Bvery Deocripllon. A Large ..r "SCBEJIE SETS" aud ADVERTISDIG. NOVELTIES ori&in&1 and unJqoe. WALKINGSTICKS oc .. CUBAN llAND-1tfADE OTGABS. 1114 Sansom St., ,, PBILADELPHIA. WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. EDelaud' Tobacco Tax. The debates in the House cif Commons on the budge t raise the inferenc e which w e ex pected, that the cabl e garbled the dispatch about the tobaooo tax. The Chance llor o f the Exchequer is quoted aB reporting In his budget a recommendation to reduce the leaf tobacc o duty by four pence to the pound sterling. His recomme ndation WW! in a.Jl probability to reduce the tax by four penc e or about eight c ents to the pound of tobacco The reduction as the cas e was first r eported would have been only about one and one-third cents per pound, but as the recommendation was probably made It would be eight cents a pound. The latter would b e about 8 per cent. of the value of a taxed pound, which is about ninety cents to a dollar for aver .. age grades of our tobacc o On the first of this month there were 69,406 hogsheads of North American tobacco in the warehouses of Liverpool and London alone, which is about twenty thousand hogsheads above the averages of late years. Of these stocks, 41, 639 hogsheads were Western tobaccos, almost wholly Kentucky. At 1,200 pounds to the h<'gshea.d, this would be 83,287,200 pounds of all Americans and 49,846,800 pounds of Ken tucky tobacco. The abolition of four p e nce, or eight cents, on the duty would eithe r cheapen this tobacco or increase holders' profits by t6,658,176 on all kinds and $3,987,744 on the Kentucky conting e nt. The dlfl'erence In prac. tical effect will proli>ably be divided in s o m e proportio n or other between holders' pro fits and cheaper prices to collSumers. The remis sion would also doubtless help the market s till more In another way-L e by stimulating con sumption and aiding in the distribution of ware house stocks which have long been seriously and increasingly burdensome to holders. Whatever tax reductio n may result will apply, of oourse, to the leaf tobacco of all kinds from all nations, -and at all points, as well as at Lon don and Liverpool The latter only is included in the above references T4e total stocks of all kinds of leaf tobac co in the b o nded warehous e s of the United Kingdom on March 1 was 112,799,980 pounds, which was about 40 per cent. larger than the average of former years. A fourpence reduction on thls total would amount to $9,023 998, in a total tobacoo reve nue which averages about $40,000,000 a year. The rate of consump tion is about illty million a year on which 4d a pound would count for about $4,000,000 Chancellor Gosch en stated in d ebate the foreible fact, which all the tobacco men o f England will be ready to verify, that the impo siti o n of the. four-pence tax in question has so injured trade.that the Government basnot receiv e d any profit to balance the loeses the tax has brought upon the trade The corollary of this is that Its repeal will increase consumption. This four .pence is really a war tax-a survival of the D'Israell financing for the extra expenses of the Egyptian and Turkish wars_.-::-Loujsville (Ky.) Couf"ie1: Journal. DutiES DIPOS'ED ON TOBACCO Df FOREIGN COUNTRIES, AUSTRALIA -Manufactured tobaooo imported, '12 cents. pound duty. Australian manufactured tobacco, made ol domestic !eat. 24 cents a poUDd internal tax; made ot tonleD leaf, 4 8 cents a pound tax. BELGIUM-Leaf tobaooo aud tem!l, 70 'francs pel' tOI; kilos: manufactured tob&ooo cigar& and 210\ !nl.::cs per tOO ldlos: ether klnda, lnclu In pack..,..,. w eig hiDg 10111 tban one twentJetb of a or le88, shall pay a duty of 34c per lb. Instead Gf 211e, "" heretofore, and on damp or IW) anu1r. when conta.inlnat Ovel" 40 cent. of wheD pu& In packapl of-._ 0 lila eMil, II> ftlcbt.; 'Jt:NGLAM)_fdanl>factured Tobacco-Cavencllt!b aa4 .,. l'l'OO.ead, per pound, 4a tOd; all ot.her kinds per pound, 4s 4d. Bnufr, containing over 13 p ounds moisture fa each 100 pounds. f& td per pound, and .Y whea contalning 1818 than 18pounda; let.f tobaCco, containing in every 100 pounds 10 or more eounds ot moisture, 8s 6d JH3r pound ; when containiu.c lese !.han 10 p ound s of moisture, 8a IOEI per pound. GERMANY Olgars and clgaret les, 270 marks per 18& Jdloe ;u:.:aour, Leaf tobacco and stems, 85 ma.J< s per dal;f. Stnpe or stemmed le&1'1 180 marks per 100 kilee duty. BOI.LA.ND-Tobacoo fn l rolla or leaves and l1.DDl'e88ed stems,28centsducyper 100 k.IIOI!ll: pressed lliem.E. i6cent8 duty per 100 kilos llar.ufaalured tob&oco mull, c&l"Z'OQI, _etc., $4.80 duty per too kilos. Cigars, $16 duty per too klloo. Thetobaceo Industry ot Austria.. France. Italy ADd Spa.i n Is controlled by Regieo, und& tbe di LEAF TOBAC. CO, 193 Pearl St., New Our latest s;mple just issued contains : HONEY COMB RED HOOD *BOODLE. GOLDINGS. LIITLE DANDIES. SHIP SHAPE. BE LIT A. ALDA. OLD FISHERMAN. COLD SNAP. Th is set has iM popular Gird Top. FROM Witsch & Schm:itt, 94 BOWERY, NEW YORK. Red Stocking, .Garnet, la Viloria, la Scala, Miss Polly, New Magnet, Prime Choice, Jerome, While Queen, Our Set, Little Sunbeam, National Gem, Our Club, Hudson Club, Rosa Fina. v a large of Fancy Blank Labels and Elegant Embossed Flaps.


,8 l ; And Warehouse Cofmpany, 1'. C. LINDE, HA:MIL:rON & CO., P:rop:r1e"to:r. I Prnclpal Oftlce: 142 WATER ST., NEW YORK. whouse N u m b 6r. COUNTRY SAMPLING PJ\OHPTLY ATTE.NDLD TO, y "gV' :-HUDSON RIVER R. R. DEPOT, .Jeb'o Park. GREEl'IWICH ST., Moo. 74, 76 and 78. PEAB.L ST.; Noa. 178, 180, 182 and 186EAST 33ol STREET, .Noa. ,08 and 410. WATER ST., No. 142. :LANCASTER. Pa. Warellouae lloa,l'f.PriaoeSt. R. 113 Nor.>B.A.COC> :XN'SPEJCTOR.S. STORACE. "'gV'a."te:r 81::ree"t. JSI _e,.,.;r 'Y'o:rk. r;r COUNTRY &AJIIPLIN& P!LOMPTLY ATTENDED TO,_.,. .8RA.NCHES-L.t.NCA.STII:B, Pa,1 F !SCHROEDER. 21 North Queen st.: J C ffiVIN, 238 tlorth Xary st. CO"NEOTIC11T 1 F. SISSu,, State t. Harttord; C E. GRITFING, Daabury; ALL. New 1111ford. EDGI!KTON, Wla, 1 C. L. CULTON, 0.4. YTON, 8, 1 W T. JIA VIS, lll4 Scears t. 8.4. J,TIMOBE, Md. I ED WISCHMEYER dt CO., 2'/Soutb Ca!YWaxed Paper. Pc>r Sola 1a .. to ... ., 0. .IOURCENSEN, 98 Malden Lane, ew Yorll3 l !llareb 30, 1875. l'atentecl f October 1<11& -Brooks' Patunt CrOBs Holo Load Soals e WITH RUSSIA. BEIIIP VOBD. '!'he SAFEST aod liliii!T CORDING BllAL llDd CORD tor ases cont&kd:Da' Clg&ra &ad Tob&ooO, etc. yet offered to c. Our CI< by m oat 1 of TNnk IJnoe, promlneat Rallroed FreJ&bt UDeo &ad Ex Oomp&Bfes ibroughout the country. WheD eases an aealed with these aeala. railroads tlMm lnt-claM frelcllt,luter.d ot doub l e flrst.elua aals done when .-Ied. turiliilied upon E. J. BROOKS & CO., 51 DEY STB.EET, .NEW.YORK. lYI. LEAF TQ:BA CCO, \ 191 Pearl Street, New York. THE TOBACCO LEAF. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, THE BEST TOBACCO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS." DEPOT AND ACENCY OF THE JLUIUJ'ACTURI:S 01' &.W.&An&!X. 1WAN11FA.CTDB.EBS OF CIGAB.S. 424 to 432 East St., New York. .lPao1:ory 811 Brc'l. Ooll. EU.-'t. TO CIGAR WOB.KS PERFECT T. H. MESSENGER & CO .. .DIPOn'BRS .il!D DEALI!:BS .. Leaf Tobacco, Cigars. LICOHICE PASTE, tal JIAIDBN !'IBV ..CO&&. r-t ToiiMeoiD. Bales and Hog&heads.:nr l"enn&s Markete, WORKS SANCHEZ & CO. OP Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, 169 Front Street, New York. ROSENTHAL IIIena-&arera of -OIGA RS. No, I 030, 3d District. 34 I to 351 East 73d Street, 'Y'OR.:B:. DAVID G. HIRSH & A. LOWENSOHN, The above Brand of BA V ANA TOBACCO CIGARE'ITES mode O!lly by Nos. 209 I East 37th Street,' New York. ::EI:ra.n.oh. o:m.oe:-78 :Eiarol&7 &1;. MANUF A.CTUREB OF FINE CIGARS. :a..a..x..orx:a.:oa.:m, --'2254 a. 256 Canal St., Oorner of l!:lm St., 1\Te._. 'York. WISE & BENDHEIM, AGENT& Bondy & Lederer souTHERN & wEsTERN ToBAcco. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO. Jl .Prn.::bu.aka. Maautacturen COMMTSSION F c MERCHANTS, lHC 1s Broadway, New Tort And Dealers In -' Leaf 70th St. & 1st Ave., NEW YORK. '!f. L, Hahn. G. REUSENS, WKLLES BUILDING, 18 & 20 Broatlwa;r, P.o. Box .NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO 54 Broad. HAHN, BRUSSEL & 00., .N'EJ"gV' 'Y'O:E'l.B:. JOHll CA.:t-..!0& CIGAR MANU F ACTURERS, Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429'East 63d st., Faotory No. 8, 3d Ojst. NEW YORK Tobacco Brotor, 13'1IEAYER ST., lEW 1-. VALIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY HENRY SIEBERT, Tobacco and Ceneral Christian Jensen, PROP:&o:rOR 334: 63d Street, NEW YORK. Commissian 78 Broad Street; .N'B"UV' hnllfaet1ll'er -<>. CIGARS. EIDL A. STOPPEL. ...,!( .... H. RADER & 80X0 Paekera oc SEED LEAF Importer .. a hporter And DeaJm In TOBACCO and CIGARS, J: Brand TOBACCO BROKER, No. Beaver Street, .L'G':J!J"UV' Havana and Tobacco. 137 Malden Lene, IMp 0 R T E R s 0 F 111 Pearl St., New York. (h""""717swawl!l.) nw YoBK. ... ... Seed Lea,1" Tc::abaccO. oo to M P.......,.l ... Dia A-.l -OFriCES{ hiS Idea x..... :I!UZD.:I.X'A 1"1J', 'Y'. I' LC>U'XS GR,.A.FP, ,To.baCco Commission. Ftlnchurch Bu!ldings. London. E. C.,. England. FERDINAND DZIUBA, TOBACCO Commission Merchant, 78 & 80 Broad Street, 199. NEW YORK M. GREENSPECHT. Packer of Lear Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New Yort ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, 166 Water 6t., New YOf'ke ELaS BPINGA.RN -SAJIOBL H. -...., 223, aas, 227_ & 229 East 73rd St., New York. E .SPI!(GA.B.N &Co. Ill PORTERS Oi' Factory No. 160, Third District. Havana and Sumatra, AND PACXBRS OP Seed leaf Tobacco 5 Burling Slip, w.!l:'m. New York. I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I Chas. F. Tac & Scm, 18 HAMPDEN ST., SPRINCFIELD, MASS. Fa.o1:or7 lSI o. 10 10-th. D:L-t:r1o1:. Packers & EIDorters of Tobacco, A. PEBSoN. HARRIXAN 146 WATER sTREET, NEw YORK. E M CRAWFORD & so -AUGUSTUS TREADWELL.-I II, J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., L bDJU.LKBS II( Jlll[JT.&TION SP.&NIIIH LINII:l'l A.ND FANCY STBJPI!D (JOTTON QOODII D.t.N111'.t.ClTUKEB; OF 0 J 1 'V' .A.. ea o acco .., 4:: 'Y'or:a.: 71 N E BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, CUlLS, lSB Water St., New Yort s w. .. c. nuaLE. Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. M. Oppenheimer, BANNER TOBACCO. COMP. Leaf Tobacco lilallufacture ll.lld ol!er Trade the follewiDg Celebra&ed Brando oC J PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cnr. Randolph. DETROIT, 138 Water St., New York. .. Hirsch, Victorius & Co. TIUll Al'IID .J'OIU. .. M LHAF TOBACCO .SPAB.l.D B.&GLE, .. Black Goodl of of aboYe gradea. Alao a greet ftltety ot Plae Goocla adopeol.., ...... "Ele1:1;e:r "than. "the Ele't -TJIUE BLUE, CRANCER, "CHIC" SmoldJog To'baeoo, ofl'ine Virpn.ta Leal, I SAH. B. SCOTT IUld BEN, HAXTON Cicara. ADMIRATION, Fi:-ORIMfl;L :and RAPIDAN, w ... B.Tefi,PrN. :a:.B.IIUUe,VIcePres. Benj.I!'.Hil.l

, MAY I4. S. OTTENBERG & BROS llANtl'F ACTURERB OF FINE CIGARS, 340-342 E. 231 St.,,New Yor-k. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, Am> DII:ALER IN ALL IJNDS 01' l:fAF 0, \\ t. tiENDEL & 8110 Factory No. 278, 3d Dist., N. Y. lll-ron ef"tloe Celebra-Brlaof Cl&ar Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK JunfactnrtJrs or Giws, 8 a t tfo. ltJv 'fot"- 11 m r a Bowery, Ne"" -OFPR.O'VVE:J:N CO., Antonio Gonzalez, -.ll!IPIUir:&a o-I HAVANA bEAF lOBACCO.I 180 Pearl l!few York. CELICiin'INO PALACIO, FERD, HIRSCH. ELESTtNO PALACIO & CO., lllANUF ACTUREB8 01' I H A :V .&N A CXG-.A.Fl.S. I ll"aotozoy, liil:.ey '11:1'U'et JP"l.a. OtBoe: 2 BURLI.IIIG SLIP, near Pearl St., NEW YORE: Herald Cigar Factory. 9 "'WV':J:,W:. EGG-EI:R.T &. CO., XJ::l:1por"ters or ::E3:a-van. a AND PACKERS OF Seed. T zea,1" Tc:ba.c<)01 245 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. ---------------------------G-'U&T.A.:V TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGCY, 4.1 '11:1'U'abal:L ,a;ve,, Cl:L:loaso, 11L -AGENCIES-H eOO Y & 00., N ew York; LANDA UER & JCIJ.J(, Xed!..,. Grade ClpN, York; M. W PRAGER, :Manufact urer ol C h e r oots, New York; GAR CIA & V&GA, (f ormerl y -& or La. Du q ueaita and La. ltoSa De .May ... b rands. 'New York H Oal18 H u e l Aquua. No. 100; TOt.. EDO D e L EON, m nufac.turers oi Exclusivei y l::lo.ndK .da cJe&r avaua U gart;;. Kt:y \ Veat Fla. ; UROS & GOULSTON, Lan caster. P a FREIGHT BROKERS, FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY. ::E.oo,gve"t Ooea::a. B.a"te, &ll"tea:a:n. o:r &a:ll., P. 0. Box 3,162. 4:3 Exchange Place, NEW TORI. A. Lichtenstein, Son & Co., 126 llA.IDEN LANE, NEW YORIL LOlJIS GBAFF. SOL. AGENT, HowmL. J-FRED. SCHULZ, I G. FERNANDEZ & GO. c I GABS,. JIIAiftJI'AvrtJBBBOP PRICE & J_(lJtftSPN PaokeraaclDealerba Jmper&era of ..... Seed. Lea1; H -Af,'NA In,uJ TOBA11GO 309 E. 59th St New York. Havana t'' -co, 11, ...... -..u_ .... H. W. STO. VER & CO., ow -""' ...... _. ........ __ A. !0., SlJilH! .... & J!V l KEY WEST, FLA. j ...... I ::.::-.::.::--cIGARS, Bremen, Germany. "DE CAPO" tiGAR .fACTORYa GANS lve. D and lOth St., New Yort J:ACOBY & BOOKMAN, and snani tori' f Tol llaJlPfl L. GERSHEL & BRO., Pollifz ci: Michaelis, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, Ull ll Ud.l .bbU, SEElriifFToBicco, 1Sumatra Tobacco, ..... No ..... .... ... AIISTEBD.ot, HOLLAND. FANTASGA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. MANUFACTURER a FINE CIGAR! G. REISMANN, c. F. I H. DUYS, JR., COMMISSION MERCHANT Agent for' Amsterdam Fnms m SUMATRA JAVA Cnban Hand -Made ADd DMier"' X1IMia ot SUMATRA TOBACCO, / LEAf T 0 B A C C 01 196 PearJ st., New York. 126 laidea Lana flew York. Have Removed to 1'18 WA'rEB 8'1'., lfEW YORK. LarKe A-:rtmeaf Alway oa llaad. 1 I DlVIDSON BROTHERS. G. H ARKEIIA, LUKWEL & TIELE, Havana and Seed :swoRN TOBAOGO BROIHR Sworn Tobacco Brokers. f T b i OP' II TT' DAM, 0 accos Sample Room1: Brakke Bell" &laem.aeiTee ror..,.__ ,... ot aad .l"aTa r .. .,_,.,, 0. z. VOORBU.n.G AL-a. baeee oa &Joe Dalelo lllarke&. 143 WATER ST., Atnsterda ; Holland. l'.lq., lltlltltalllmi.&De, ,.,. "raa. 7;- 71 Ne-vv &"tree"t, N'e'W" York. Office & Salesroom: 282 Ninth Ave., New Yilt ___,.. ..;...;.. IMPORTER OF SHHD LEAF TOBACCO, J IHA VAN A LEAF Tobacco Factory No. 26, 3rd District, u.a Dat.cle::a. x...a:ne, "York.. 16CI Water St., New York. l Basch & Fischer, 1 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA ,aaa ....... -r ,:14ftT Laue, 'j.:t;W YORK. -"' 8. iiossiN & soNS. a l'ACitKBS 0!' seed Lear. AND lMPOlft'BI!8 Oi' HAVANA TOBACCO, In Water St., New York. ll'l'.l.rE eF .EW YoBI. JR. I. tOVB. j s. E. cur: 74th St. NEW YORK CITY. D. H. 'McALPIN i GO., !LlNUP'AC'l'UREBl! 0"1' E. & G. FRIEND & CO., THE CELEBRATED FINI:CUTI I VIRGIN lEAF and NAV e .. NEW YORK. I T02ii.A.OdO. ll Mn\:1 BJlkfDds dfSm Jdng Tibi.obo. .&BJfEB & DEBJ'M; A1oo o f the weO-lrno'"' !lraadaot llrigllt Pluc Clllnrlac: I Lla u DEALEBSTOIIN a 'OnwarD,' ShioHI,' '81ilor's Solaco' & 'Sllvortitl11. ar Db Mllnlllf!lllti,V & Salesroom, cor.lvenue 0 & I Oth St. New York. BRANCH OFFICE: No. U CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON bouis Ash & Gn BXCL1l'IIVELY1 213 Pearl Street, lew Yorl J E. CANA:;:,.,s M Barranco & eo .. Pl'oprJelol"'l o.f lh :M:ANUFA(]l'{)RER OF li 1m 1 itt! J!tJJ .AI. ft i El Progreso & La Flor de 'f'' f. 9J J J" 11' Guanes Cigar Factories, KEY WEST, FLA. MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS. f'BAliCIS "1'. ADAMS, IJ:."tablialao4 UU.'I'J BENBY F AVEB6. F. F .A..d.&:D1& &. Cc:.., Daa.aftLe1aJ"ers oC the Colfe"Wluc (leJera&ed. BraDdM t FINECUT CHEWINC a. SMOKINO l"OBACCO. Chewing: : Tally Ho t Aromatic. Smoking: Peer!eu. Excelsior, Standard.l J GO., I FINE GUT 'CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, MILWAUKEE, WIS. TO.B.A.UC<.J CUTTING MACHINE. .... I NewYork&KujWest Cigars 11 II H. McGO:WAN OO:IIPANY With Patent Retaining Lock for tbe pn188ure We cont rol all Patents for Pressiag To. bacco from -:0:-HYDRAULIC PUMPS. -:&:-Mould Presses -:0:Moulds, HYDRAULIC Whell Boxing Prelll!ell, Banda 8Dd l!licments..Steel Fmilber PlatM and TiDB, HAKD aad POWER. WRINGERS. S e n d for Catalogue. PLEAf!E WRin ADDRESS PLAIN, aad rfLer &o in addressing ua. .. '.:


10 MAY I4. .Baltimore Advertisemea.te. I. L. DUNLAP & CO., W. G. MEIER & co. Advertisements from East, West & south .._ ._. to Jno. B. C!.aet & C.. LOUISVILLE, Ky. H11111DALB81om. E.IL Sima, Elross-ra, R. MEIER & co.. HINSDALE SMITH & CO [ESTABLISHED 1840.) CINCINNATI, 0., ltfanufac&aren oC NAVY TOBACCO, &. T.A.:J:TT. Y :tDporters of aavana WM. A. BOYD c1: CO., CINCINNATI. 0, Packen and .Jol>ben ot .&ND PAtJK.ERS OP SEED LEAF TOBACCO. CDIIbllssiun Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. ,}"! .07. ARCH STRE.ET, IMPORTERS OF L E A F T 0 B A G C 0 Gonnoctlcnt Soad-lBafTobacat &nd Aaent l'or P.romtneoc Ylri(IDia ,;Manufacturer oC Twist & Tobaccos. f:--EI:R.OEL, ,, ; :. . 1 .iommission Merchants aad Wholesale Dealers in I 'FOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACGOJ I I 7 North Thi-rd Street, Philadelphia. Seed Leaf Tobacco, 33 South Street. Baltimore. E. BATCHELOR & CO., Pa,ckerfl of Seed Lea. f and Importers of Havana a.nd Tobaccos :: 09 N"or'th. 'tree't, EL:i:..:J:S & CO., 'JII&NUPA.CTUKEKS OF BENGAL QHEROOTS, A.lao lmperter of LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, Manofactu.rera of Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco -AND: Luxury Fine Cut In Foil. co., ass ole 125 quarry a., f : PHILADEJ.PUIA. Cf.M', Cor. Baltimore and Baltimore. -JULIUS VE-TTERLEIN & CO., :PACKERS OF SEED 'LEAF and DEALERS -IN TOBACCO JULIES V.El'TEJ;I.LEJN, M. E. McD.owell & Co., I 603 IL 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, Paper Ta.g -ANDBLACKWEll'S. DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S GenuiQe. l)lJ'BHAM Smoking Tobacco. New York, 'Boston: Chica[01 L o uiS: and Cincinnati. f. W, DOHRMANN & SON, JoaNE.PaattilfB, JmaC lilRKST. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS S, W, Cor. Vine& Front Streets, MANUFACTURERS OF cixciNKATI. o. -.. Fine Plug Tobacco Blue 0...... (Extra Fine), Palm Loaf Drumstick BRANCHES: Blue .Jay, Key Note, .Butterfty, Pe.iny Plul'. Oz-tJjaar OJ'J"IoJ: AD (lJarknlll, 'TeDI-Dark Tobaeeo, 169-18:> Pika St. COVIIfGTOif, Xy. Deary GeiM. :JD:ta b11h.ed. 188'7 Renno Damae. THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO. lluaoeuol'll to Heory Geise and Stickney & Gorlloa, 11Iannfae11h'ere oC all JUade of C:J:G.A.R. :&0:3r:EI&. Dea1er t.:a. X.abe1, Q:l.sar :E'I.:I.bbo:a. all other Clcar-JDaker' Suppllea. Lara Stoek of Geo. S. & Son' . HEMRY GEISE, BENNO DAMUS, GEO H STALLO THE GEISE LUMBER CO., MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH CEDAR. CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATLON ::J:..u.::a:n. ber' M'Lean Avenue, CiBcinnati; and Wet Virginia, OIHoe: 93 CLAY STREET, CIKCINNATI, O [n Plo.ln or Fancy Plain. Gilt OP ()olo....t Tin at Lowest Prices. BampJ& Tags alf4 full .., m rorrna.tion fu.rnisbed on application.. J. M. ROBlNSON & Co. W. 2cl o1t Ce:otral Av 0, W. BEST, Chicago; J .ORIN PALiriER, New York; Bes"t, R."U.ssell C<.,-WHOtESilfiOBiCCONISTS: Solo Pmrietors of ti!B ffflBnil6 'GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' GiR;ars. IS'7 I!!J't. and. 4.1 S'ta'te 1!1-&.o Oh.1oaso0 :Ell SOL!!l AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WlllLLKNOWN I'IIWS:-8TR.UTON & STOilK'I Clg&rll aad C!n""tteo; D tt. 'McALPD< & CO. '8 Plug Tobaeeo LOZANO l'EN DAS & CO.'S Havana; :b F GRAVI!:LY'S Plug Tobacoo; W. T. BLACKWELL & 00 Dur ha-C:J:G-.A.R&, 18 Central Wharf, Boston. t'. a. iU.TO. P. ttMAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'n. RICHMOND, VA. lll'.l'.ABf.181mD BY JIOBJ:Ift' A. 10. YO WI. Ori.lrfDatono ol &he atyle &1>4...._ W .A. 'V""Y" 'T 0 EI.A. 0 0 WA VIES A SPECIALTY Ilf ALL 8IZJ:8. JAMES M. WISE, Commission. Merchant .LEAF TOBACCO, EI.ZO-:DII:O:L\1 2:J, 'V .A.o V. S_. WRIGHT, Peyn&d.o & 1 lllREC'l' OF CHOK:E HAVANA BQL$ A GENT :roa:: jLozano.Pendas & cu Clear Havana Goods HR.ANCHES-Lablsvllltt Hotel and 9< H"""" Stanao. ;a:...o-u,,....,.,..:t11e, B:.y. I IL :Dealers in Leaf Tohacco Peterebura:, .Pa ... J i R FOUCEt:IAY, T o b,a c co I n s p e..c..t or Appoip.ted by the PhUadelphla oC Tnlde. 63 N Front 8'&.'9 Phlladelphta,.Pa. C, C. DAVE .. PORT, Leaf Tobacc;o. Broker, SOUTH BOSTON, t'Ao HOLT, SCHAI:F.R & CO., Buyers -of Leaf Tobacco. LW'NCHIRJRG, VA. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, N. cor .. Canal and Monroe CHiCACO. D. W. BRACC, WHOLESA.L:b; DEALERS IN 11 LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A m,p Aeaortment of all ldn4a of Leaf Tobaooo oOJUtantly Oil hancl. L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. IMPORTERS OF Su:anatra and Havana, .... o. Jl1 .UU::R STREET, PHILADELPHIA. HENRY T FREYER. AUGUST EISEN, OHR. FREYER & EISENLOHR, Packera aacl Wlaolele Dealen la LEAF TOBACCO, I HANUFACTURII:RS OP "MINERS' EXTRA," "PORT," "P. D. BISHOFI"S GEHIIIAN,tt and Other Brands of limeldq Aloo "HERRE DB LA REINE," "SWEET NII:CTAB,tt &Dd other Brands or Paper and AU-Tobacco Cigarettes. New York Office: 56 South Washington Square L. .. Buyer of Leaf.'Tobacco. Bill SUBERT, PIN'COFFS, PETERSBlJRG, VA.. 'YHOLESAJ.E DEALER t!{ BUYl!:H AND Si:LLER 01' :a: .a. .a. Tobacco Gattill!s.and ScraJs, PAUL c. VENABLE, !DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO An Leaf Tobacco Broker, 231 East Randolph Street, LEAF TOBACCO, o:a:zo.a.o-o, :z:z...x.. 43 S. Chicago, IlL DAI'fVIJ.LB, VA. Wm. E. DIBRELL, PIPER HE:IDSJECI( Leaf Tobacco Broker, .KJCHM.OND., VA.. PLUG ---. -----------REED & McCEE_, TOBACCO. Leaf Tobacco Brokers, KALIHGD, N C. FLAVORED WITH THB l'llONOUNCEl> BY JUDGES OELEB'R.ATED CHAII!PAGIIE WOOl w. A. BOBBITT, PIPER HEIDSIECK. Leaf Tobacco Broker, O:XII'GRDo l'f. C7o The Finest Chew Extant. NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, :i:..o'U'::r.e'V"xz...x...:m, :a;: r. H. T. JENKINS, W. S. O'NEIL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, T J DUNN & OHIO SEED ii!FalTOB!GGO . co., 1 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. L. C. SCHEFFEY & CO., Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, LOlliS VILLE, K Y 'D':ni:ted S"ta. 'tes C:lga.r :wia.n:u.fa.c"tc:ry R._ & W JENKINSON ... rHOS, 3, 1!10'7!109 :t"ooTOJR..'T:lES: ::EI:E'I.c:>.A.X> B'T e HEN.RY' HEYI!I:A.!'fN. PITTSBURGH. PA. Prolll_p&ly Attended To. C. C. SLAUCHTER, -SNEERINGER & CO 'Jl!V'O. C.A.R.R.OLL, L f d s T b GUGGENHMER & co.. ., Bole!la.nnfactureroftheFamomandWorld-ReoownedBrandsof ea an tnp 0 acco Broker, l3 8outb. Howard St., B<illiOKE, VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS HENDERSON, Jiv. MANUFACTIJRERSOF PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS A.DdDeal........ LONE JACK & BROWN DICK: A!(!) IN Havana & Sumatra Tobacco Manufactory: Twelfth st., Lynchburg., va. Hanna and DomestiG Lear Tobacco Together wi!h the LARGEST Stoe k 9( I <>Nero reopeetCully sollclted and promptly attended io, Price List oent on appllcatfoa. I 'P :J:.Jo'U'G 'Tc:> ES .A. C c:; C> Cor, Lombard & Cheapoicle, BaltbnDre. Of any House in the State ..:!_!!arylaad, T Pe"''" No.1 napiUa. Theobald & Oppenheimer. BROS., MANYFAC'I'IJREI!S OF J3J3. nannca.,, ....... oc FINE CIGARS,_ KEY-EAST CIGARS 1!131 Cbe1tnut St., .PHD, ADELPHIA., AND PEALERS IN suanHh and Leaf Tobacco, I x .. 111 Nortll TJaira_ Street,_ I JIRIT.AD&PJII4.o .l.llEln'll -......., IIILIJIIR. DUBRUL & PK'I'mlll CJNdDili".I.TI CJGAR JIOLDil, 8'llBAl8. ..... I ...:.-------------------Saooeaoor to SalmoR, Haaoook & Co FINE COIL, MAifUFACTURER OF. LIGHT PRESS, TWIST, NA. VY and oro::a.A.oooe, R.:J:p::a::.t:O]S"D, V .A.. P.A.OE &:, S:J:ZE:E&, P A A I-rs S & OQ Manutbeturen or the Celebrated. ...J;:U..L:3.... \..J .....: ., "Pumrr" Granulated, Cut Plug, Long Cut a11d Cigarenes; CIGAR IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO .RALEIGH" cut Plug; A BR.A:USS, N'o. a .NO:E'I.'T:lES: &'T:E-t.:m:mor' ......... I 1 ----.-.......... -w 11. ucoBS : FAVORITE" Cigarette and Long Cut; BEJ:N'J. L.A.BB, i W1ENR. l1uSEPH MERFELD. & CO.,: ""STRAIGHT WEB" Cigarettes and Straight Cut. LEA.. P p'ToEi..A.oco, "O.j! :axc:a:M:e>N"n, v..a.. 231 and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. GIIJAB IAIIIPACTIJBHR& 1 SEED .LEAF TOBACCO; : .. PRAGUE & MATSON, E8TADLI8HBD 1848. \ nt'6 to tttt JloDtcOJDel'7 .... ,.., -LEAF lOBACCO BROKERS & ,ALDO SANK & l r II .II PHILADELPHIA. !"blchwemakeaspeci_<7. -ro:e..a.coo ,PANISH CIGAR FAGTORY. 1:121 -cxN"cXNN", 0 -AND. ROOKE BROS., -' M. KEMPER & SONS, Seneral Coinniissiofi Merchants, LA.S.A. & MILI.OS; onraetrm otlbe (Jelebra&ed lmport'ers of Havana, xoRTH sTREET 802 Chestnut and 29 S.llth St. TOLTEO' AND PACKERS OF 30 North Delawar.e Avenue, PHILADELPHIA. SEED LEAF TOBACCO PHil. ADELPHIA. All long Havana Filler 5c. Cigar, 13 & 18 Lombard St., __________ ,.:__ _____ ;,_..;._..:.._ __ :WIUTE FOR AGENci':J BALTDIOILEi :=3.A.L'r:J:.DII:c:>:J:-I,EJ, DII:X>, > ED. \VISCH:MEYFR, BY. WISCHXIIlYER. ED WISCHMEYER & CO., TO:&.A.CJCO COMMISSION 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore, M:d. T. H. PURYEAR. Buyer-of Leaf Tobacco, P.&DUC&H, KY. M. H. CLARK & BRO., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, CLARK.SVILJ.E0 PADUCAH., HOPKIN,.VILL& C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. COMMIS8IOll IIIERCHAli'l'8 AND Dealers in LeafTobacco !& N. IIIaiD St. S&, Lou! a, llloo C. J. MORRIS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, EVANSVILLE, IND. PARRY & CROSBIE 'Te> 28 Paradhe St., Llver'P

, MAY 14. Directory of; UWtiscrs. NEW YOBJ,L &ed LMJf "'"' lfa.....,. Tollacco IVo1: Dehl8, 110 l:'e&I'L The Sphinx Cigar Factory. Arelldt ell Friqant. 151 W&ler llaeh .t Boll, 166 Wll&el' ll&rlleU &; IIIII Wa.ter -.t ll'loaDer. IIIII W-. BraDd J .tOo. !jl5..,_ Orawlord .... .t Boa. H8 ,_ 161 wKclrer$ Wm. a .Oo. 145 hUt. J'alk, G. oii:BrO., 171 Water. --.r rlteil4 &, lt G. & Oo 1111 &JdOD LAM --.a _.ri&b&l, ... !hnl!el Bro." lti G-htK. m p...,.J r.o. 174 w...-..;; Hlnlh, DAvld G : Oo.l77Pe&rl"' '" ll:eemc _, & Oo. Pearl Lederi:iat.D'J(. &; 9oos,140 Maiden lane Wall Li.Ddhelm ll Pearl. & .NEWMARK, .. en' Joo Sons. 193 Pearl Neoi111llllt!" x. 11. Oo. 112 w-Factory Na. 412, 3rd District Oppeahelmer 14. 18i Water Prlllo .t Jobmlon. 119 l!aldeit lane 11e11mam1 G. 176 Wawr. a..leaw&ld E .t Broo. 145 Watet iiGiom B. 1: So .... 171! Wattor ll&loiDoa G .t Broa. .t Boll, 118 w..__ Bel,'-gha "U.s en db -co., Manufacturers of Cigar. FIB!vors, CIGA a COLORING, PASTE SWEETENINGS, --.,..41. E"t ll!!l,eoe>:n.d S"t., O:l.:o.c:l.:o.:n.a."t:l.0 O. l!lola'llllrt B & Oo. HO War.r ll:aaufaeturero .;, W az PapFred. :ii--2!8 Pearl n;., Gl'*"'wloll llpe&r L .t Oo, 184. Water ToOaceo &. ol: Oo. 58W' ... .SUP, PeNpn A.JilMrilll&l',.& Go, 457,.41SY-II-'I!o .. iitelll H. 211 Pearl. "'"'"''''ctt""'"' of 7\n Tolgo Tole eliMI' .t Bou, Jt'4'll'rolll Banuh<>n & LIUer,--51111-546 W, 8811. ..._...,..oar!. 400-403 E 59th. Label oBd R!AmB Varnlsb. .-Reed Chaa c. aad Oo. llll East 14tb Walalllr Chas I'. 14 ti a-.. Tobacco Machinery. Wolt 'l'beo. Jr. 111!1 l'ront IJlgar Bunr.blng a.nd Rolling l!l&cbloe OomJl&llT VlrllftiUI-W..,..,. LMI 7 SUp. Dllua Ferd. 1B-3l BroAd. 7' ohnceo Suoar. -DB G. 1810 Broad,.ay. H&v!)ineyera & Elder. 117 Wall. Sawyer, W&llaoo .t Oo. 18 Broa4way. a BA-Y y llleben .BeorJ,18-3JBroad. I -.&oo .. 1'oa, Qlarteo 1'. & -. 184. l'roaL i Mll-. ALTOONA, Pa. lODer L. & S.L 165 Chambetl Manufadute r 9 f Qigdrf.. .,;:..utact;red Tobacco fOI' ll::lq>ort. ,S. R. 1001l Eleventh av au.u-J.Il. '1'1 .nut. I AI.DSTBRJ)AI.D HoUa"Jlcl, Kartm & Broadhtml&, liO Pearl T>erfler irl Sumat,-a 1'obace9. 'l'bempooa.'llooro & Oo. tllll'ronc. PoUlt. .t. llllcbaeU... Orrimlmu.fancer Ill .. Bolli!, ll6: W. LombaN. J ..;..' Oo 4V CA&rS. -.t L,yall WI Walt. .. I., ,,_ '! 'ld,Jos & Co Q<.rma Bachner D. cl: Co. 173 and t.5 Doane. ..... ') i Jgb'" in' er & C.o isS Howard Qooclwla /k. ...... B t r Unv r.fg,. Qeo. p .. Co. a I Soutb Charleo at f!;::..Bf'""lll. 114-118 a..n9-W'o1.d..l .\ ....... EQ. <' Oo. 89 So u til C&lven McAJpbl D. B. & Co. eor .A:venue 0 a.od Tea.r.n. "':..l, 1 Tobacco Mti. 131 5 I'-Frey Bros. 1M2-134M A.?eoue A t Manujacturer11 of Ciga.n. Fromer L f 77th st. co.r ;.j.j p.nd Lexington avs. Men ken Aug. & Bro. ::!4 Soutb Paca.. .liahn Bt'Ussel & Co. E 63d St. M'<."'''' ctun!!r or Beng .zl C h e ro6ts. B&1l fl. 11}9-.211 E 37th. mms H. at Co., cor. Baltimore and Sharp. He:rman rl" i 64-4.82 E 5Ytlt Bofq>ann F. E 18d. BOSTON. lllaaa, Jaooo:v lJo fooL of5:&d 8c., lllaac Wnr ,.. rmpOl te of Havana. fobaeco atldC1gur. Jacoby & trookmau, 88th ct, near 1st av. Rico A. F a Co. 18 Central Wb.arf 'JCIOieDbl !'am'l & Oo 322-l!ll4 E Md. Jenseq,. ChristiAn, 33-1 .1.:.. tSd Street utgar .ManuttJCCurer .ADeatl Broa. a. Boudy, 119 a: 181 Grarul. Hitchcock. R. W., J9 India. Stl'Mt l.erM c 8ftea, 1014 to llllJ Seooad &v, ud Jobbers in Domestic Cigus and L eaf Tobacco. 311 Warren. Daireoport J. Jr Bro'ad l.e'ft .a.roa. Avenue 0 -a J8;D t!tree,. BREMEN. Germany. Brothel"8 Oo. 707 to 719 2d. avnue. Dealers in Sumatra and Java Llcbteastetn A Son .t Oo, 109 East $9tlr '* H w c LIH Qeo p & Co. cor. 80th st. and avenue A. St.O'jer 0 Lo. .t Barb&rrosa 62 Vesey. BlJTF Ai.o, R. Y Lopez J 8t. Co liS-l'm Greenwich. 1 ''"' Batmn.o. attd T ot 1.0'f6 .1. W. 10118 l8t an. &110 400 & 7'tb 01 Bultalo Leaf Tobacco Co. Lim;ted, MaiD. lleadelll. W .t Bro. 16 14 Bowel'f lleoneUo A II Oo .. A VADue D aJJd IOtb '-1 CRJCAOO. W. OtteBbei'Jr s tsroo. 340 E 2:ld .,l>d s-ow.., 71>11 Palacio o. & Oo. 2 Buding slip AIJ6!>i ""' 'JiQart, v---.. Pohallld P. &:: Co. tM Uh&mben Gustav, 41 Wabash av. Rodrltruez &: Garcia, 20-24 Gold. W'AOieaok l)wJen in aAd .DomeeUe Rooentbal Broo. E 18d. ; Loaf Tobacoo. S&nches and li&:f&, 81 Pearl M A. a: CG. 46 Dearborn. SchlOHSer &. eo 71 New Street Sa.nP.bageo T, 17 W Rand&Jph -ea-.: ud Co, 11117 East 6Bd. 11. 231 E K&nd olpb SI:LOtWeD, B. A 2819tb ate. .Brom.ers. 1J)b &nd 157 Lake B&IICIIelbel'l!: M. ill Oo., !OHM 8out.b .tr1ftb A'f6. -a-ro 1 Fi,...O..I CMt<>mg .t Blow"'"' 71>11. Btraltoll ct 'torm, 208 Eaot 21'111. "' Oo --A 46 Dearbon! haro .t NewmarK, 1 ..cor. 18d stand !14 a?. Beck A. -81J?ertb&u Ill. .t Oo .306to'311 E 1In To/Joc"""UU Wate!' -ATI 0 Rosro Oo. 685-71!1 W. ltll, 8chml4 L. 188 Water. Cigrtr a'ttd Tobacco Btoleer 8IJIBprll E & Co., 5 Burl!Dg sUp. lolaD8011 W. A 18 West 2d. Well& Oo. 6& Pine L"""". IMJ!C)I'Url Of -Oltlan-"Oielacoo ""''"""""" MercAo<> Bro1oer& fep. ldortoa & Oo. 18'7 Pearl ""'"" M B .t 8"' Vilfll C, 140 M.a14en laDe Dohrmann F W. &. Son. Well& Oo. 16 Pine Kennedy JaB. T. 11..-r.......-ero Of l

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