The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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. v 0 L. XXIV.---N 0. 17. rmlTA BUSHED 1884.] NEW SATURDAY,MAY-21-, 1887 lN IIAIDJ!IJJ ------C H 0 ICE TOBACCO. & t3. \ (\ \ c C.r. lsi Ave. & 31al81., '1/. All Parties are ""' \ any lnfrlnJ(ement O.uttoned aplnllt \ J of thle Brand. .NEW t\\\l\,\t --------...oil V. MABTI'NEZ YBoB. co. O!gar BOX..B TEIR.8, N'o. a9 &-tree"t, N'e""gV "York. Ribbons. F. GARCIA, BRO. & CO.. tmpoders&D8ai8rsin IMPORTERS LEAF S:pa,:nish TQ:S_ACOO, I I PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56. No. 167 W -ATER STREET1 ::E3:a v-a:n..a. N'e-vv "Y"ork. &, "Y' .A.9 :N'o. 81 :!?earl. &'tree-t, .Ne,;ov-Vorl&, li!ANUF A.t'I.'URERS O F Finest Clear Havana Cigars Awarded Hi& .... t Jledal at EzJ&1:1oa, 1876, Pldladelploia. ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. Ma.rk of -:: s p 'EciAL 'NOTICE. I 1 T {..., 1 Inside tie In leo; on ttllle & CO. 1 I\. & :..4 .I. is a _. .. ._.,, R I d 868 & 874 w ---"""--w.a.c. wlthouralgna es1stere 10 I I 'T. ....,.. ture. Regt.tered In 18811. 'cHOICE .1 i A HAVANA TOBACCOS, llarkecl w.&o., ... -.,. :o.c:: G'V'.A.R'O :1.& 'Used. 'Many Brands imitating CLOSELY ours are offered and sold to the Trade as W. & C. A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid by ue for the Deteotlon of the same Also Import Sumatra.. WElL & CO., 65 PINE ST., NEW YORJL N ............. .,,, lh" ""......... .," .. IMPORTERS OF I h HAVANA' LEAF TOBllCCO T xa:te Dark, Trade lllal'k. 1:1.' GUST .AY SALOMON & BROS: I i ,.h1 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, .. Ci[ar&TobaccoFlams B. SCBUBABT c1: CO., JAMES CHASKEL & CO.'S 138 MAIDEN LANE, near Water St., NEW YORK. l l J M p() R T JIA vAN A DA DEL MONTE HAVANA CUBA onJyone1 b u tallourFlavors,weh&ve put up sample cases containing SEE' D L flavor at least 500 ciga rs. Directions for use accompany each sample. 57 CALZA samplesofalltbeabove,tberebeingsufficieutquantltyofeacbFiavorto EAF TOBACCO, We have put the })rice of these case& a.t t h e vf"ry low rate ot S2. T o 11uch parti es who, after ordeting such a c a se. send an order au\ountfng to at N'o. 160 'VV'.A.TEFI. N"E'VV' 'VO.R.JEE:. All:ade Cigars <>-u.r Cesareo Vigil, G-EO p LIES & 00., CALIXTO LOPEZ & CO., Packers and Importers of FXN'E IMPORTER oF l Manufacturers Cigars;. VUELTA ABAJO TOBACCO Exc,usively, !Havana Lear Tobacco 8.L ISLA" Sol No. 86, I lYI. a E SALOMON, D E No. 3 Cedar St., New York. HAvANA, l 140 ]U::a,iden I ane, :J:lWt::I?OFI. TEFI.& o:r c. L. CUBA. 'YOR.:K.. Havana and Sumipltra Tobacco 8lOKUIID JAOOBY GUSTAV JACOBY. L IBTROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 .;ATER ST., NEW S JACOBY & CO sol.e ..&.se:R1't or ., B. ::E3:. Ali:A.N'U&, Factory No. 3, 3d District. &ft8TERD.&ft, HOLLAND. FOOT OF 52d ST., EAST RIVER, :N :m,gv 'VOFI.JEE:. Ia Prime QuaJUieo al...,.aJO oa Haad. THE HAVANA yoBACCO,COMPANY, .... ___ \ I \'-' f_./; 11-i.T. ;/I X', 1--\ HAVANA, CUBA: 148 Calle Animas. I NEW 192 Front Street. LUIS MARX, Pres. M. ROSENTOWER, Sec. & Treas. SIMON AUERBACH a: CQ., :I::Daii:POR.TER.B 0:11'" BA V ANA and Sl.JMA'FRA. TOEI.A.:.CCOS i l ...... 179 Pearl. B'tree"t, "York. ce;el./ J;-/accd {}. k @'a. ALEX. FRIES & BROS., Havana Flavor, Be 'RJ!ADE ST:aEET, NEW TO'RJL I j&, & &0 Eaot td Street, OIRCIRNATI, 0. Brandl Olllce: 12 A.ra-,].f!t., HAVANA, C'UB.A.. LOUIS NEWBURGH, Packer of linle Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. Olllee: 141-14 3 Weo1 Pearl 81ree1, CINCINNATI, O. Warehouse: -Germantown, Montg omery County, Olaio GOODWIN & CO.'S tt The Je'hn J. Crc:K::k.e co NEW YORK .A.ND CHICAGO--JIANUFAOTUJ',EBJI OF .!..:. I Pure TXN' FOIL :ror Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby_&l63-165 lnlberry St&. CHICAGO: 841 86 & 88 I'rallkliB St. SILVER SURFACE .FOlic! COMPOUND FOIL, PATENT KETAL, all t'lle ditferet varietleo of FoU bo..,... to the Tn/cle.I J PRINTING ON FOIL ill BroDM and Colowo aad with ditrerent deqno of tJrnameataUoa. for ITOB.A.CCO .A.N'D CXG-.A..R. L.&BELS. Lamce AMreS8 CHICAGO CO., Havana, BERNAZA 32, 171 PEARL STREE.Vc11 OORNER P ll'! E II'I.'REit:T, '' I HAVAN'A, CuBA. NEW YORK. -ftANUFACTURERS eF-' CIGAR BOX LUMBEB: J U IJ JJv I :J:J:IWI::J:T .A. T:J:c:> :N &P OEJ:EJI..A.Fl., .flltU (p 'V'El.VEEJFI.EJ:J:) [CEDAR) :J:.M'U:a.tE:&EJ.R.. 1:b:porter Bpall11h Cedar a:ELd. J.\ll:ah.e>SAli:Ly. &1:.::th. Street, 01ll1o1ll1li:Lat1 Oh1o..


a:'HE TOBA'!r to be dl.oeon&IDued .. m-pay all ..........._, or the publloher may coatla1NI to (t Wltll )IIQ'meat l.o mad!>J aad oolleot the whole -&. whecherlt l.o IU:ea from liD8 ollce or aH. JIO'l'IO. TO BUBSOBIBBBB. W wtB hereafter print .._ the wrapper .,. ,._ of "forelp aaloeoriber ..,d til-In t111.o -atry niddlng of the larpr cltleo the date upan which tloe IUb ...tpt1oD bu expired or 11'111 ezplre. our BU-riboro will ...... -aad WileD the ...... .......,.. II paid lbe date will be ohaDcid. whlob will ...., -p&. 'l'B. VALU.Iil OF BBGIST.IilBIJIG Ill OUR TB.ADB JllABX BUBBAU. In the trial of Condit va. Glaccum in the Supreme Court on Tuesday l88t, a report of which will be found in another column, Judge Patterson admitted 88 evidence a copy of the TOBAOOO LEAl!' containing the notice of registration in tb9 Tobacco Leaf Trade :Mark Bureau loy the plamtiff of the brands in diepate. A. word to the wiae is aufficient. The imported Havana Scrape sold by Schroeder & Bon are not dirty factory IICrapa. but the clean abort fillers remainmg of their fine Booked Semi-Vuelta and Vuelta A.bajo fillers. THE WOBX OF THE SUJilATB.A. IllllPOBTEBS' EXCHANGE, This aBSociation, in its efforts to procure a fair and equitable administration of the law, considers it of great importance that the ex aminer, whoae duty it is to classify leaf to bacco for purposes of duty, should have all &he information obtainable to aBSiat him in arriving at a proper conclusion. The 88SO ciation b88 furnished to the collectors and appraisers of \he various ports where Suma tra tobecco ill received the marks and sub marks under which tobacco is aold in Holland. It h88 also furnished ahem with estimatea of &be average weight of leaf of thmarks 88 and published by the sworn bro ken in Amsterdam. The Collector of the l'ort of New York h88 DO direct jurisdiction in the matter, but unier new regulatioD8 the Appraiaer will fur Dish hlDl with the marks appearing on the matting of each and every bale in an inYoice; and if the wei,;ht is to govern the rate of duty, be will know 88 well88 the examiner whether the tobacco h88 been cllllllli fled. Schroeder & Bon's Fine Vuelta and SemiVuelta Booked Fillers are sold in bond or duty paid. They are in proper condition to be put on the cigarmakers' tables direct from &he bales. TWO IMPORTANT TRADE MARK -'(:V' 1.-\''i.'\" Tile Leaf" Admitted a Evidence In Coon, Mr. Stephen G Condit, the Ten&b street cigar manufaaturer, brought two aeparate actioD.II on Tuesday last in the Supreme Court acainat his fo:"mer partner, Mr. Wm. Glac cum, for infringement of two trade marks. :Mr. :MorrisS. Wise appeared for the plaintiff, and Bri8888n & for the defendant. Judge Patterson was on the bench. The court room was crowded with prominent cigar manufacturel'il, oi,;arbox manufactur81'11 and lithographers, who had been sub P. 1885 0 ........ 0 ....... .. 0.110,637,233 1886............ ....... 123,220,610 MILWAUKEE. 1885 ...... 0 ........ . .. 114,7 26,566 1886 ......... 0 0 ........ 0. 47,072,166 STA.Tll: 01!' LOUlSIA.NA. 1885 ................... 0 .. 41,5S5 190 18S6. . . . . . 39,280,960 BTATE 01!' !!'LORIDA 1885 .... ......... 0 ........ 66,475 656 1886 ... .... 0 ......... 0 71,980,8.20 SAN I!'RANCISOO. 1885 ............ 0 ......... 160 339,233 1886 ........... 0...... .. 145,6JJ,286 STATEIIICNT OF OIGABS MADE IN EAOH I!T.A.TE IN 1885 AND 1886, 1S85. Alabama..... 1,702 ,100 Arkansas... . 2 .135.426 California . 163 11S,4S3 Colorad0..... .. .. 17.066 910 Connecticut . 29,897,388 Delaware......... 3.479,050 Florida.... . 66.475,656 Georgia.. . . 2.S35,540 llhnoie............ 169,821.260 Indiana....... .... 41,S16,720 l(lwa.. . . 44,444,276 Kansae......... 15,S91,410 Keatucky.... 32,151.000 LOUISiana.. . 41,5S5 190 Maiue........ 4.24G.293 Maryland... .. 92 642,133 Massachusetts.... 91 974 176 M1cbigan.... . 83,2H .370 M1onesota. . 29.411,80(,} Mi88islnppi... .. 400 Miseour1.. . . 63,046 833 Montana . . 373,SOO Nebraska.... . 11,692 ,360 Nevada..... . 295.000 New Hampshire... 3,369.653 New Jersey...... 64,036.4S6 New Mex1co...... 25,SOO New York., ..... 1,122,765,646 North Carolina... 2.348,156 Ohio.............. 245 040,633 Orer:on........... 1,265,780 Pennsylvama..... 742,7841,1143 Rhode Island..... S,875,040 South Carohna.... 1,136 .620 Tenneasee .. ,. . 2.889 .916 Texas ....... 5.412.880 Vermont.......... 3 388,680 V1rginia.,........ 28.874 116 West Virginia.... 41,228 160 Wisconsin........ 88,819,610 1886. 3 .841,486 2 623.773 148,083,993 7,347,770 82,503.236 3,410 .000 71.980.820 2,462,643 1S5,441.6SO 41,181.146 43,242.976 16,363 380 31.11S 380 39 230,960 4 336 970 97,303 913 100.993,340 S9,6S1,120 30,867.333 153 226 63,059 146 607 500 13,867,736 1,15S.OOO 3,428,S03 66,053 .906 35 300 1,157.987,913 1 971!,610 265.790,526 1,379,S96 S15.6S7, 543 10.431.500 1,047.673 3,04S,706 5,160.826 3 347,970 25,165.403 40,587,996 80,334,266 The Vuelta Abajo> and Semi VueltaBooked Fillers offered for sale at Schroeder & Bon's are absolutely pure, each vega and each grade being etnpped and packed separately. I:IUIIIn-CbaolrMo New Firma and ae. movala. DDna, Col.-.1. Ill. Parfet, clo. CaL-Wri&bt & King, cigars and tobacce: about to discontinue. TotoY, N Y -0 H McGrath, and tobacco; sold out WAJUtGI'I'ON N. C.-Jenldna a Elam, warehousemen; now Geo. B. EiAm and H.tT. Jeakins, leaf tobacco dealers; removed to He.odenoo, N. C where Lhey wiU cootlaue the IILIIIObwdnOA. Reported. FaUuree ao4 Busln-.&r BoBTOJI, Masa.-Horatio N. Borden, ctgara and tobacco; etea ch&ttel mofor 11110. CKILLIOOTI!IE. Jllo -W. B.Boothe & Ce., cig&r maoutactaren; given chattel and re&l estate mortgage tor ISJ60. EeG...WOOD, Dl.....(). A Ctutl.o, clprs; eten ch&ttel mortgage fOil' 1800 .JoU&T, lU.-H B. A.Jmll, clpn; llen chattel mortgage for 11110. llllltDOT&, lll-.1. J Bodeaer, clprl; pnn ch&tl.el mort ....,Iad.-l!'raDk Shook, clprl; len chattel mon-forl711. 8CJWI&u Va.-Bu'*-.t: Mo.eleJ, --coo; Judcmua. for m oaa1not H 0 a-. T .... ltiD'l'll, lad.-BMI & I!'Niercbl, tohoooo; clea real -1110r1pp for 14,1011. tieo the of the oldest. c1gar manufac-.C, -On our market among h1s trlends we HANNIBAL lllO, turer of the Northwest, Mr John Hart, of saw Mr Juse Blanco, of Havana. Jesse R o bison bas l:lougbt out tke entire 594 Stillwater sreet. St. p.,ut, who ha been -We will mall Messr8. Kuhles & Stock, of store and factory of C. W. H olm s for.merly 10 business thirty years Mr. H art came to St. Paul. Minn., the information Lbey desire a manufacturer. J W. McDamel an St Paul when he had a few thousand pAople next week nld band m the busmes s, manages affaud for only, nnd was a mere vllag, ,. He is a gemal -Mr. L1gbt. of Geo. A. Kent & Co Mr Robison. Mac can do it, too. and well read gentleman, full of uformatlon hamton, wM in town th1s week. So was B. QUINCY about everything to that great city. Le vy, of Albany. d h .. oct can bartlly realize that to day ha "One goes an anot er comes, l8 a com Ill -Mr.' B. Rendueles, of the "Flor Cubana" mon but ee it is. The old tobacco 140,000population. tbe actua cigar factmy at Havana, has been VlBitmg factory of Mr. Goodman, better known a o llr. Hart looks hke a man ef furty and does our cigar merchante for a few days. the Tob twco Works, or in year8 a large business. -Mr. Juhus Hirsch, the sole agent in the gone by 88 the Gem Clly Tobacce Works. A.. Neuburger, son of M Neuburr;er, of M United l:ltatea for Manuel Lopez & Co.'s Ha ceased to exl8t, Mr Goodman eut hl Neuburger & Co., the Water street leaf deal vana c1gars, made a fiymg trip to Boston stock on hand and retiring. F1ve able gen er11, I met m St Paul and Mmneapohs. The this week. tlemeo, for ypars employed m the above fac young man was on a tour of inspection for -Mr. Stockton, of Salomon & Stockton, tory, have eet&bhshed themselves under the hie c igar factory. cigar jobbers of Jacksonvlle, Fla., was in style of the Eagle Tobacco Company, and V Martinez Ybor & Co .. of YborC1ty, Fla .. town thie week and called upon several of will make floe grades of plug tobacco a a nd New York, the renowned Clll(Br manufa our manufacturerd specialty. The followmg are the names of uers. were represented m the Northwest by theofficers:-HenryBreder,preRulent; h M A. L F 1 'lh --' f h -The Cigarmakers' International Union ie H t e1r r l<"be man. e tr""e o t IF 8chwaameyer, maoa.ger; Henry erzog, sec 1 S p 1 d M 1 voting on a city in which to bold Its next "' d 1 hou>e IS so arge m t. aU an m neapo I F bienmal convention. The unions of the New retary. Their "Ou Time bran equa" anythat de'alers have to wa1t several months be thing 1 ever saw, and they consider n the d fiJI d 5 T York didtr!Ct voted in favor of tb1a City. beet, the handsomest and the finest in tloe tore or ere are e r f,.. -Mr. G. Fernandez, the Havaaa tobacco Jaod, One of the delightful features of my visit importer, for Cuba on Saturday even Henry Mayer's eon, Alexander Mayer, bas here has been the call made upon the St. mg last. H1s object the examination of the opened at 124 Main street, Galesburg, Ill Paul Journal of Comme1 ce and cordial new crop, and to purchase any dee1ra1Jle old a handsome mgar empormm, such 88 the receind from Mr J R. Foulke, tobacco to be had. = .--::::--""""-...-...;.. good people of that little City never bad. proprietor, and Mr. 0 S. Chamberlain, ad -Mr. Manue(Lopez, of the Veocedoracigar 'l'he fiuest of showcases and other fittmg managtW, Tbe1r paper is but factory of Ha'Yana, sailed from this city for have been purchased, and it is co8s 1dered the threo weeks old, "but it is a most vi11:0rous .Europe a few days ago. Before leaving he handsomest of all in Galesburg. front111r yearlinK. Or ite16 pB m vmerce .B"ard of Ttade and Jobbers' Umon. h d Th = 11 be at cigar store means, by remodelhug and newly v entyt Ir street e rnam OJ..UCe WI h 1 b b Th ar1d 1s mee'l.Jlg w1th hearty and cordial supth dd b af furnishmg his w o e esta l1s men&. e e new 8 ere ter. counr.ers, showcases, fix tures and Jookmg port from 1ts own community. Success to -It ie estimated that 12,000 additional glasses have all beeu made to order by ex it. I predict that m a short Lime it will be hogsheads of leaf tubacco w1ll be required pert workmen and tastefully displayed' the most valuable trade paper of the North annually iu Great Bntam, now thtoL less Peoria' millionaire distillers can now have west. water 1e to be used under the new law ID the f H Cl manufacture of tobacco. Uncle Sam l8 willthen own prvate boxes 0 eory ay A. couple of weeks ago our types made me behind l uck anti key at fr1end N1ehaus'. f h d h h mg and can spare what may be wnnted. say ir> .. one o my urr1e paragrap s t at Thomas Fallon and H P. Boyle have H b ld -All this week a contest over the property everv pound of avana leaf to acco so m formed a copariUership under style of 'l'bos. of the late John A.nde!'llon has been in the .Fallon & Co for the purpose of jobbng St. Louis was effected by the repr-ntative arena of one of our city courts. This time It clavana and domestic of an eminent New York importing firm. IS .. warne d granddaughter, who wani.Bfrom the dead millionaire tobacconist's estate more DAVENPORT. wb1ch I named. Of course the word ''every" money than she h88 been allowed to date. The many friends of Mr. Nic Kubnen, im-should have been many. followed by Ita -Tae s1dewalk committee of porter and manufacturer, will be pleased to necessary sequence pounds. But for the hanlle eppoe1te Lozano, Pandas & Co.'IJ fac-learn that tb1s am1able gentleman hiiPol! entire vigilance of readers of the LEAF I would mot tory eal!>aged for dlvertlsement on Mondal ly recovered from a long mdispoeition and have known of the erroneous rendermg of In the P0"t!ID8 Q{ 8tr'-I"Dt.I!Ome Of tbot fil'ill 8 }A 0 USUal, attending to his extenSiVe bU8l -UL w .., my copy, and I now basteB to seek its rectifi contented employees. olicemen marched neu. .As stated ia tbeee columns at the the offenders to the StaLion House, where time, Mr. Kubnen and Otto Albrecht, an cation. they were fined. other oldt1me tobacco merchant and hfe -Mr. Louie F. Fromer,. the uptown cigar long friend, have made a trp to California, manufacturer, took a run over to Boeton the aad only a s&ort time ago returned from other day for the first tune 10 a year. Mr. NAw Mexico. Butb firms date back as far 88 Fromer'M friends in Buaton number a legion, 1854. and they ao luaded b1m w1th orders 1bat we The Moeller & Aschermann Manufacturmg should not be surprised to hear of hie addmg Uompany, manufacturers of the dex1ble Cl an L to hie factory. molds and report busy t1mes. -It 1 s said the cigar-packers of New York They state that' the1r mold baa been succtl88bave reiolved to expel any member of their fully introduced m Havana 88 well as the un1ou wbo residea 111a tenement bonae owned Umted States. by a manufacturer. This decision 18 The Davenport Ctgar Manufacturing Com said to be the employers threaten to paoy are busy 88 bees and ship their brands dscharge tboae who reful!8 to dwell in their far West. houees. Well, well I what next? ST. PAUL AND .MINNEAPOLIS. -Among the v1aitors this week In market One who> stays at home" or goes to forcircles, 10 add1twn to thoee already meneign countnes for recreatwn and eight-see1ng t10ned, werR M1. Geo. Bremer, of LewiS hardly does justlctl to h1s own country, and Bremer's Bona, and Mr Loeb, of Loeb, Block certamly cannot Intelhgently speak ef the & Co., Phlladelph1a; .Mr. Mart, &f Schafer & push and won lerful tlnd never excalled en Mart. and Mr. Joseph Schafer, of Daytoa, terpr1se of our West and Northwest. When and M,-, Harr1s, of Mosler & Harris, Cmcmthat great editor, the late Horace Greeley, nati. told h1s young country mun, "Go West, OBITUARY. CALEB J, HANMER Yesterday morning at 11 o'cl.xJk Caleb J Hanmer, of Wethersfield, died at b1e resi dAnce in that town. He was a native of Wethersfield and w88 one of its prominent buem888 men. being engaged in the wholesale t.obacco buRineee 08 a member of the firm of Adams & Hanmer. Mr. Hanmer repre aeoted hts town in the Assembly in 1S72 and 1873. was first selectman for several years and has filled other offices of trust.Hartford (Conn.) Post, May 16. ROBERT !II. WEED. Mr. Robert M. Weed, at one time quarter m88ter of the SeYenth Reg1ment and treas urer of the Bui!Jiag Fund of the Armory, died at h1s rAIdence 96 Lexington avenue, on Tuesday. He was born in Stamford. Conn .. sixty-three years ago, and came to New York in 1847. Re obtamed a position as accountant for A.1 ken.burgh & Bryan, tobacconists, and three succeedmg firms, and finally for Charles F. Tap; &: Co., with whom he bad been for seventeen years. The funeral took place yesterday, and was attended by many members of the trade. To Mt&blisb In court 1n er ln[ringem_., or fraudulent claJ.m, ownerRhlp ln a trade mark or la.b&J, it la neceesary to priontr of WJe, or first auandonmeo.* by the or1gtn&l owner: and to ma.k:., such 1-'roof at aU available, PDBlblllMI UO.PAYY hae t. a.ugura.t.ed in their fllce perf..ct. for t.Btt registra tion and cataloguing of trad.e-marka &lltl labels of t.1ery d scnptlon pertaillling to the toi:Hwco, C1giW' tt.nd t. tert>skl of this country, and 1M "-tosr ruld than are &a,J whf'lre else abtaioab1e THE TOBACCO LltAF PUBLISHING CO wUI -gi 9& cerUHcates ot reatat.ration and pubUah Wf"etly 1D aM ftn e atvle exhibited. belov. &.11 tra8e-ma.rks and labtU tor 715 Cents Each. 81"ECJPY THEIR lli!IB, Persons and firms scohng us marks for liou!iol be prllcul n r to specify lhe uae "ruses to whiCh the t1ade marks are to or ha-re 11eeu, put, whether useo for Cl!!&rs, cigaret&ee, m"" ing, fine cut p lug tob!U!CO, or snulf. If \he uame 18 l.o be uaer favors. Any in each package of "Lone .Jack" thing our friend11 have to commnmcate to and are away a handsome hfe s1ze the LEAF M1. Jepson will attend to for us. chromo of MrP. Cle'Yeland to each purchaser Lopez & Barbarrosa and C. Schneider & Co., of 2 000. Mr. Wright informs us that tkeir New York H B Keller & Co., Pennsylvanew'brand of Ruby" cigarettell iecausmg ma, and De Seto B10a, Pblladelphia, are quite a ripple in the trade the houses this gentleman represents m --It ie reported that the reduction in waccs Cigars. made by Lozano, Pendae & Ce the cigar A.t St. Paul the following firms are the manufacturers of Pearl street, whose men heaviest d1str1butors of tobacco and cigars: are on strike, bas already had the effect of Mmneeota Tobacco Works, D. F. Mkc a similar reduction in the shop of Car&hy, proprietor, 39S Jackson l!treet-(my Ghio & Rovira. 161 South Fifth avenue. The tbank11 to thlB gentleman for favors) ; W. 8. cij!:armakere have struck. Dennis, Fourth and Jackson streets; Wm. Since the above was written the str1ke has Maas, Fourth and J acksou streets; Alben collapsed, and thll men are going back on the berg &: Conhaim, 373 Jackson street; A.. employers' terms. Fetsch, Third street; M1tcbell & 3pink, 33S Jackdon street; Miller Bros., 117 E.1st Third -R Monne & Bro .. the manufactur street; M. Conba1 m & Co.; Cooha1m Bros. & era, gave orders to their foreman on. Monday Co., 410 Jackeun street; Peter Otto, 109 East last to discharge half a doz e n of their Cuban Third street; C. H. Iltner, 312 Jackson street; employees, who, owin,; to drunkenne119, &.ad Verplanck Bros, 11S-12fl East Seventh street, been neglecting their work This incensed said to be the largest jobbers in cigars in the the other hand workmen, who threatened to Nortbwost; Mark Bros., Wabasha avenue; quit work. Before they had time to do so, Louis Batz & Co., 329 Robert street; Adam however. the firm discharged all the ,;rum-Fetsch, biers. They have sent several committees August Beck&: Co., the reputable and old to the firm, but they have refused to see any of them. They are employing new men 88 Chicago tobacco mercbani.B, established a they need them, and have experienced no infew years ago a branch at 810. Paul under the management of Mr. Ernst Werner. Tnia con"Yenience whatsoever. firm does a 1 .. rge Northwestern buamesa in -The National C ross Country Association plug, leaf tobacco and smok1og and chewmg b88 the honer of l!.olding the first smoking of their own manufacture. concert in this country. Wedneeday night Kohles & Stock, with factories at 127-129 some seventy members met at the Casino on East and 864 Rollert, are the largest Sixtyeixth street and Third avenue and had c 1gar manufacturers of St. Paul and employ one of the concerts at which the Prince of at t 1 m811 100 or more banda. This firm was Wales delights to seek recreation. It was eetabhehed in 1876, enjoy an excellent repu probably -ieee formal than thoee held at tat1on and do a very extensive bU111oe88 from Prince's Hall, Piccadilly, but the members the to the Pacific coast. bad all the more fun. They sat along the side of the room at tables, drank beer, filled Kennedy & Chittenden, of 317 Wab88ha the room full of smoke and liatened to recita etreet, ill uother reliable firm-on the style tione and songs. The amusement is all fur of our New York Acker, Merrall & nisbed by members of the club, and it is pro make fine groceriee and fore1gn and domes posed to have them frequently during the tic delicacies and the tmportatlOD of Havana summer. cigars a special feature. They are the pioneer -Morris Friedsam ill the only remaining of choice brands, from the island Internal Revenue Collector of Republican an tecedente. He officiates 10 the Th1rd Collec M1tcheleon &: B(l!!ncer, both gentlemen of tion D 1strict, this city, to the eMiafaction of New England blood and principles, and na all taxpayers H18 d 1etrict is the largest mer t1vee of that beautiful tobacco section, Suf cantile district in the country. In it there field, Conn., opened about three years ago an are 1.800 mgar manufacLurers, a large num eetabhahment for the sale of dom&Btic and ber of rectifiers and wholesale liquor dealers, foreign leaf tobaeco at 409-411 Sibley street, and 70 brewers. In the last fleCal year the and have succeeded splendidly. Chnton Collector handled 16,000,000, and the collec Spencer ie the son of my old fr1end Alfred tion of thie amount coet the Government in Spencer, and be and Mr. Mtcheldon both salar1es and rent a trifle Ieee than 150.000. A. coming from that world renowned tobacco man named Eddy Cahill wants to take Mr. section, and from good old tobacco-ra1eing Friedsam's place. If &e eecuree it, Demostock, bid fair to make tbe1r fortunes io th1s crats good and true will fill the eightydve far Northwest. high places in our internal revenue s7stem I had the pleasure of meeting at the office A.laet poor mugwumps! Collector Fr1edsam of the above gentlemen M J. Sheldon, Esq., should stay where be ie. of Suftleld, a gentleman known to almost .A assortment of various quantities of Stripped, Booked Havana Filler8 alway on hand at SoBROIIDER & Boll'S, 178 Water Street, New Vork. every old packer of leaf tobacco. Mr. Sheldoa, who ie a retired gentleman, had just re turned from a sojourn in California, and was on his way home, accompanied by his only child, a lovely daughter of eighteen. lliJI The tobacco manufacturmg mterest of Henderson 18 growing in importance all the t1me They have all the faCilities that any other places have for making good goode, and can successfully comper.e m prwes. They buy the very finest tobacoo and have the moat modern machinery. Besides, they ba ve the very best of workmen. some of them having spent almoet a hfetime in the bus! ness, and their wo .. k shows up beautl[ully. A. great deal of their tobacco closely approxi mates the very Virginia brands. The Robards & Kitchell m&nufactory have m creased the1r machinery power and are turning out some superior brands, both o! navy and plug. They are men who can be rehed on in every particular, they being of long experience in the tobacoo t.rade and haVIng an establihed reputaLion. The Tnomas Hodge manufactory are domg an extensive busin888 and out some bandaome tobaccos This firm IS perfectly reliable in every particular, and their goods have giYen ent1re sat1sfact10n at home as well as abroad. Mr. Thoma& Hodge, the mana,:er, IS a h ve business man and 1a deter;.uned not ta be excelled in giVIng the trade the nry finest brands of Kentucky tobacco. G. G. SLAUGHTER. "M.erl1 Brloc U Reward.." The hmits of the c1 y were Greenwich village on the weet s1de, Broad way up to Fourt.b street m the centre. th9 Bowery to Second street down to the East R1Ve1', Neither liquor nor drug nor Cigar stores were then so plentifully spread over the town as now. Broad way and tile side etreel.s toward the Nonb Rt ver were chiedy occupied 88 pri'Yate reei deuces. The only cigar store on that avenue was the one on the north side of the C1ty Hospital, estabhebed by John Anderson, and pres1ded ove1 Dy that handsome you11.g girl, Mary Rogers. whose mysterious death-her body having been found drowned m the N or'h R1 ver on the shore of the Ely818D Fields, Hoboken-created for a t1me a good deal of exc11.8ment and gOBIIlp. The ch1ef looations for other noted cigar stores were in Chatham street and the Bow-Io a talk with the New York city representaery, of which I may have more to say here tive of the John R Withams Co. to day we after THE OLD .IriAN. were informed that th1s tirm's new bunching machme, the "L1tthi Gant," is meeting w1th great success among our cigar manufacturers. A.s we mentioned m a prevwus !esue, 1 ts wonderful simplicity of construction, to gether with perfectness of work, provee so taking with those who come only to examine the machine, that they rarely leave w1thout orderiog one From not needmg that expensive auxiliary to every manufacturer steam power-the L1ttle G1ant seems to have a demded advantage, as 1t can be equally useful In large or small factories While the policy of the company eeeme to be the coo servative rather than aggressive, the output of the machines after an mtroduction of two months must certainly be very satisfactory k> the management, 88 they are always being used in some of the best factor1ea m tbie city and Brooklyn, 88 well as different pointe through the State and West. Leaal Counselor A. Levy has sued Robert B1bber, cicar manufacturer, and Thomas J. Brenack, endorser of B1bber'a note, In one of our city courte, on behalf of B Grotta, leaf tobacco dealer, upon a note made by Bbber. Bibber, it is believed, h88 absconded and left behind him the enQorser to settle. MeBBrs. O 'Leary & Feeny, of Glens Falls, N. Y., mentioned here last week, han set tied the claim held against them by Mr. S Ruffel. .& BeYeaae Deellea Reladaa &o Vlsare&&e. WA.BHNGTON, May 19.-A. New York firm recently made application to the Treasury Department for permission to stamp certain imported cigarettes m packages containing 25 cigarettes each. A.s the Jaw requiree ci garettes to be packed in packages of 10, 20, 50 or 100, the applicants offered to attach to eaob package of 25 cigarettes tax paid stamps of the denominauens of 10 or 20, or to join the two packages of 25 under one stamp of the denominatiOn of 50. In a letter to the Coll&ctor of Customs at New York on the subject, Assistant Secretary Maynard says that the last-mentioned method alone may be adopted, 88 it will result in the formation of packages containing under one &tamp the legl number of cigarettes, and the Collect()r 18 therefore authorized to permit the stamping of every two when bound topther ink> one Wl&h oae stamp of abe d& nominatioa of 110. A.. BIK Fire Ia DauYIJle, Va. One of the largest fires ever eeen in DaD ville, Va., broke out Thursday morning io the large wooden factory of Pemberton &:; Penn, which commuoic .. te6. to the1r brick factory and thence to a large fourstory frame factory of the same firm. The dames destroyed a wooden shed under which was storea about 75 hogsheads of tobacco. On the west, the dames communicated te the large briCk factory of W. U. Shelton, which was also consumed. together with aeveral frame buildings 1n the rear. All of the fac tories burned were stored with leaf tobacco, some loose and in hOKSkeads. Pemberton & Penn lose about 1,500,000 pounds of leaf and W. U. Shelton about 750,000. The frame honi1811 were uninsured and the loee ie total. The 1088 on tobaooo and factories is abOut 11.60.000, upon which there ie an insurance of $138,653 Several other factory owners baa their stock somewhat damaged by waSer and in handlin,; during ia remoYal from the building, but their loBS is small. The ftre is eupp!)sod to have been of incendiary origin. l"alaataJa]ata. Y eeterday merning Judge Thayer rendered a decision in the 0888 of Tillman Puetz, Jr., vs. Goorge W. BroD8ford The suit W88 in the nature of a writ to restrain the defend ant from infringing on a patent riiJ!ht po& sessed by the plaintiff for compressmg leaf tobacco' into pfuga. Puetz, the original pat entee, transferred a th1rd interest in the in vention to Valentine Keaner, from whom Bransford obtamed the to nse the pro cesij At a later date Puetz obtained another patent, covering materially the same inven tion, and denies the right of Bransford or any one claiming title through h1m to carry oa manufacture by means of the machine 188t patented. The defendant claimed in his cross bill one third interest m the new pat ent, under the conveyance under the origmal patent, which ia allowed by thl' court on the ground that the conveyance included tbe in ventioo, no matter how many patente mighi be iBBued upon it. .A aecond claim to an in terest in the maohioe, on tbe ground of being a joint inventor with Puetz, and 88king to have the original letters patent declared void, was dismill8ed for want of evidence. Thil decielon diepoeea of the principal ot def811118, and a daoiaion for the plainti1f wu rendered.-& .l.ouill Globe-.Demoorat,Mar 17, I'


, MAY21. liT, P&17L &ND IIIINI'IB,\POLIS, That these two cities of the Northwest are marvels in growth and enterprise ie conceded by all who have seen them. From the St. J:'a.ul Globe we clip the f1>llowing :POPULA.TION. The steady growth of St. Paul is shown by the official as follows:-1838. . ... 8 1872 .......... 25.500 1847..... .. 110 1878 ... .. .. .. 27.028 1849 ... .. .. 400 18711'.......... 38 .17H 18110.... 840 1880 .......... 41,498 1855.... .. .. .. 4,40() 1881 ....... 50,900 18116 ..... .. .. .. 5 630 1882... .... .. .. 75,885 18117 ........... 9 978 1888 .......... 88.878 1860 .. ......... 10 600 1884 .......... 99,822 1865'' ... 18,210 18811 ....... 111,897 187J ........... 20,800 1887 .......... 1211,000 1871. .......... 24,300 .-IGURIIS SBOWI'I'G THll: AOTUAL rAO'l'll UP TO JA'I'UARY 1, 1887. Popula\ioa Jan. 1, 1887.... .... .. 126,000 Increaee 1880.. . . 84,000 Heigh\ of building ......... Storie3, 11 Increaae of bullineM flriD8....... 1 .mu \be wholM&le trade. tsG,OUO,OOO Manufacturing eetabli8bmenw... 9811 Increaee in 1886 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 72 Value of products manufactured. $40,000,000 Number of banks................ 18 Capital.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ,&,4110. 000 Surplus and undivided prof! te. 12. 144,210 Deposits.. . .. . . 4811,!147 Exchan,;e ........ ................ 148.768 864 Loans ........................... $19,181.288 Miles of tributary railroads built. Amount expended bf railroad companies on maio lines of rail road running into St. Paul. ... $50,411,838 Aggregate of poet office busine88. $4 289,102 Uaited States customs receipts... $136.213 Churches erected................ 20 Cost of same ... :............... 1212,500 Total number of churches in city. 105 Schools and colleges in the city. 55 Value of public school (27) prop erty ................. : ....... .. Pupils ................. $933,618 9,980 $105 ,618 Amount Pxpended in 18811 ...... Amount expended on union stook yards..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $8110,000 Aggregateealesof lumber ........ 15,318,046 Amount expended on improving Mississippi river between St. Paul and Keokuk ........ ... Amount expended on upper Mia sissippi and tributaries ....... Receipts by ra1l (care) ......... Shipments by rail (cars).... .. Number of p.arks in f:lt. Paul ... Total number of new buildings erected ..................... .. Capital invested in same ....... Busioess bl'ks arid houses erected. Residences erected ..... ; .... ${90,000 112 613 74,618 28 3,459 $9,655 ,279 321 1 .24 2 $2,788 324 $3,174,1119 City treaaurer's receipts ........ City treasurer's di1bursementa .. Amount expended on public works and unprovemeote...... $1,372,094 Milee of streets graded.......... Expended by water board .......... $310,336 of pipe laid.. .. .. . .. .. 67,484 Total miles of service laid... . 18"' Total teet of water mains in city. 453 .988 Expended by tire department.... $225 588 Losses by fire.................... $406 .674 Expended by police department.. $118 260 Licenses collected. . $!09 712 Miles of sew.ers built. . . 12 Miles or sidewalks laid. . 50 Mlles of streets paved.... . liiNNEAPOLIS. From the Minneapolis Newa we extract the annexed:A pcrtion of ;Minneapolis, on the east side of the river. waa giYen the white man's seal as early as 1846; the late Franklin Steel, the n at Fort Snelling, having driven the first etake, to use a frontiersman's phrase. Tbe Territory of Minnesota was organized in 18i9. Tbe site of the city. on the west side was a part of the Fort Snelling military reserva tion, and was not put into the market till 1855, when it was sold, including the river front, for .25 per acre. There were no im provements on tlie territory thus sold, no use for the great water power except to turn the cru4ie wheels of a tumbledown feed mill and a more Wmble-down saw mill with a sin gle up and down sawi both mills used for the mere convenience o the Fort. These mille stood below the mai11 fails which ran dirfiCt ly acros s the riYer, straight as an arrow, with a beautiful cascade of about fifteenQr twenty feet. At that day there was no Minneapolis, '6nd no organization of a town, but these soon came. Tbe old suspension bridge directly under the present. one, the first that ever spanned the Millsi88ippi from its source to the Gulf, was erected in 18114 by a stock com pany charging toll Population soon came, the hum of industry was beard and the rush -ipg of waters and of rolling wheels made "music in the air." The memorabla years precedmg 1857 were aglow with promise, and the air was as full of castles as were the minds of the people wilh "great expect& tiona." Iu 1872 the city of Minneapolis claimed a populatiOn of less than 15,000, and. to the ad ditional 145,000 of today the mty stands forth as the miracle ef the upper Mississippi. To-day, where so lately all waa in a wild natural state, the screams anll cries of wild animals affording the only mW!ic by night, and the winds and waters alone breaking the almost equal silence of the day, a city of at least 160,000 populatiOn, with 100 churches to draw spiritual electrieit:y from the higher spheres, with a uniYers1ty the pride of the with echools free to all, requiring hundreds of thousands of d ellars annually for their support, with its millions of bankmg capital overtaxed to supply tbe wants of busine88, with ita factories render ing vocal all the surroundings of th\l ciLy, with its aaylums for the pPOr, the orphans, and the stranger within our gates, with ite pal"tial its mammoth hotels, and ten storied marts or commerce, 1ts m11ls converting the rugged pine into every conceivable form for the uses of man,. its. wl'gnificent structures for grinding up 175, 000 bushels of wheat every twenty-four hours and turning out 35,000 barrels of flour to 'feed the naions of the earth as the result of this wheat consumption, the product of tbe mills shipped to all parte of North America and Europe, and connected by bands of steel with every portion of our broad land and ali jacent cou'ltries, which the locomotive treads with its immense loads of people and property. Who shall deny that it is one of the wonders of the age, and yet her constant cry is "Excelsior," and her uuquenched am bit.ion is still to be found in the van of all en .terprises. allimprovemenWI, all. that will en rich a and redound to tbeir best Such is Jrlinneapohs to day. In QDethlrd of a century she bas developed more than many of our older cities in a. century. Kew Datle. In Great Brltala. On and after the 21st day of May, 1887, there will 1te charged upon tobacco importea into Great Britain or Ireland the duties fol lowing, that is to say:-Tobacco Manufactured, vis. :Per lb. Cigars ..... ................ ........... 5s Od Cavendish orNegrohead ............... 4d 6d Cavendiah or Negrohead manufactured in bond .............................. 48 Od Otlter manufactured tobacco ..... 4os Od Snuff 90ntaining more than 18 lbs, of moisture in every 100 lbe. thereof... .. ............... ... ........ Ss 9d Snuff not containing more than 13 lb11. of moisture in every 100 lbs. weight thereof ... ............................ 4oe 6d Tobacco Unmanufactured, viz.: ContaiuinK 10 lb@. or more of moi11ture in e.-ery 100 I be. weight . 81 2d Containing less than 10 lbs. of motsture in every 100 lbs. weight thereof ...... 8s 6d In lien of the drawback now allowable on tobc&eco, there shall, on and after the 31st day of May 1887, be allowed the drawback of Sd 3d in Section 1 of the Manufac tured TobAcco Act, 1863. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FOR WEEK ENDING MAY 20. Western Leaf-Sales were few tlie past week, but manpfacturers were looking at lines which may be taken later on. On Saturday, May 14, the Italian contract for 16 500 hogsheads of Kentucky was awarded, and, as was to be expected and was predicted in this column, the> old-time local representatives of the Regie have the buying to do. The names of theee parties, it is a chest nut double dyed to state, are G. Reusens, Toe!, Rose & Co., and M Abenhelm & Co. How much in the subdivision of favor each is called upon to go into the markets for, we, of coutae, do not know; nor is the matter im port&nt, It is enough to kaow they are still at the front, aa they deserve to be, and our only injunction to them is: Give the trade a booet I The Cl&rknille requirement hRI not yet been adjudicated, 300 or 400 hogshead,s perhaps in all. i'or the week jiJBt ended E. A. to baeco broker, 24 Beaver street, reports aa follows:RIWIW'TII. Week. hhtis. Virginia.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7113 New Orleans.... .. 0 Baltimore ..... :....... 0 Western.............. 323 Total.. ........... 1,076 Week. .. .. .. .. .. 619 Month. hhds. 1 ,8 79 0 58 1,221 8 158 Month. 23!l4 Virginia Leaf-Very little was doing in Virginia leaf this week. A few bright cuttars and smokers comprised the sales. It is reported bv good authority that farmers South will not put in a full crop this year. If this is so, we may see a little more activity this summer and better prices. Quotatwna. Dark. Dark, Com. lugs .. I Com. leaf,. 7 8 Good IUKS .. Good leaf.. 8 Fine leaf. Cigar Leaf-The market has not been ac tive, though sales footed up 1,530 cases. For old Seed leaf there w a s a contiBued demandperhaps a little more perceptible than at any time this month-for both local and interior manufacturing account. .M.e88rs. J. S. G.ors' So & Co., brokers, 181 Water Street, report ta the TOBAOOO LEAII' BB f1>llows :-Quietude prevails. Total sales foot up 1,5110 cases, of which280 cs. 1881-82 83 Penn ........ 11 lliO cs. 1885 do ........ 12 150 cs. 1885 Penn. Hav. Seea ... 8 @21 200 ca. 18811 New England Hav. 8 @12 200 cs. 1885 Wisconsin Havana .. 5 @ 8 200cs. 188t Datch ..... : ........ 200 cs. 1885 do ............. 9 @11 150 ca. Suadries ................ 7 @28 Divided as follows:-To manufacturers ......... 600 cases To city trade.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 400 To out of town................... 530 T tal .................. ; .. 1,530 Bavana-Reported sales were 400 bales of fillers at 60c to $1.05 and 175 bales at 85c to $1. 20. Quotati01Ul. Havana Fillers-\Tery common 55 to 75 Good common 80 t.o 85 Good to med .. 88 ta 95 Med. to fiue... 95 to 100 Fine .......... 105 to 110 Superiot ...... 115 to 125 YaraI and II cuts assorted: .. 62 to II cuts .................. 711 to 85 Sumatra-Of this variety of leaf we hear of sales of 200 bales, some of the new crop being embraced in the lot. It is said the new Sumatra of the April sale that bas arrived shows some very fine leaf, with some that is heavy, thick and not well fermented. That which is best in the arrivals is sound, leafy, uniform in color, thoroughly fermented, and regarded with favor by all who have seen it. An Amsterdam cable of May 16 says the sale to take place there May 25th is not likely to yield much desirable leaf for this country. Plug-1he past week shows a fair amount of busine88 and probably an increase of or ders for the better grades of tobacco. We hope for a continued, good steady trade, and do not expect any particular boom. Tbe ex porta for the week reached 188,658 pounds. Bri{Jhta: QuotafaontJ. Navy 48, ISs, 6s, 3s ........... 20 "' lbs, lOs and Pooket Pieces ... llO light-pressed.. . ... 30 Gold Bars ....................... 30 6 and 12-inch twist ............... 25 Blacks: to 30 to 30 to 50 to 50 to 40 lOs, 12s, "'188 ........... -to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy 4s, lis, 3s lbs.-to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy lOs erPocket Pieces ......... 18 to 25 Nea:ohead twist ................... 28 to 30 Smoki'TI{J-We note no new feature in this department of busine88, but can report the usual steady inquiry. Cigars-Both manufacturers and import ers report a fair but not active inquiry. As noticed a little unrpst in the labor circlei! is observable, but tl:.ere is no likeli hood of its e,t present, ,IMPoan.' t 'he mivalll at Ute port or New York lrem tor etgn port.s ror t he week Ute following COD li11nment.s :.. AmstiJTdam-Schroeder & Bo.n 1!15 bates Sumatra; E Hol!enwald & Bro 48 do ; C F Haye 87: G C KJenbllSCh 27: G Falk & Bra 119; Leonard FriiKI man .tOo 75: Hirach;Victorius & Ctt 77: .M. Aben-' heim & Co order 1:10. ih'MM11-He.vemeyers Vigeliua 8 b alea leaf ; G .t Bro do, ca Seed leaf. P.rldrmo-Order 3 pkga tobacco Ponu-Order 1 ca cigiU'S. HaNna& ReitzeDlll.ein 241 bales: B Dtaz & 09 17.2 de: Schroeder & B n n 611: Gradle& litrotz 73: John Brand & Co 75; E Spin gar" & Co 8: Cohn .t Leopold 18: Wetl & l:o 16; Me.y,rich Bros & Co 4Y; F 8cbulz 30; A Gonzalez 247; Kimball Crouse & Uo> 29; F Ualcaguin<> ell: Sartorius & Co 71!: E Botfman <; Bon7t:l; order 124; I!' alexandre & Sons 40: J & lion 45 do, 18 bal.,. scrap: M Stacbelberg & Co 80 bags pica otnra. Clgars-Byneman Bros 4 cs; Eaberg, Hacb man & Co 8 do; l:i M Morris 4; t:!triton & Watt hi; H Rosenfeld & Go 4; W H Tbomas & Bra 19; H Straus 8 ; G W Faber 2: M E McD o well .t Co 13; Sanchez & Haye. I; H R Kelly & Co 6; E Regen& berg 5: P & J Frank II; L Blumgart 1 : Pendae & Co 3; B Webster & Co 14; .M.icbaelia & Lindeman 2; M Echeverria & Co 2; Purdy & Nicbolas12; Acker, Merrall & Condit 81; P .. rk & Tilford 86; order 138; F Alexandre & Sons 90 do, li do; Jaa E Ward & Uo cs cigara, 81 do cigareLteo, 8 bbla do. .Receipta .of licorice at port or New York for weelt enotiug May 20, reported expl'e88ly for the ToBAOOO LLUP : LcoBIC. E RooT-Stallman & Fulton, per Olympia, from Naples, 2li pkge (4,9311 tbs). LiooBICB PASTE-Thompson, Moore & Co. per Hector, fr oNl Caanlll, liO pkgs (10,848 Ills). Licorice (Juot&horUJ. Spanish: Per lb. Sterry Ex." .. 26 "G. C." ....... 26 F. G." ....... 26 Turkt.ah: Wallis EL" .. 26 .. w. S." ....... 16 Pilar ....... 24 "T. W. 8." .... 16 "C. C. y Ca." .. 24 "A. 0. S." .... 16 KXPYRTS l.l'rom the port or New York to foreign porta foo t be week ending May 20, 1887, were u rollews:AUMnll--804 hbda. .4f7ioUI'Itibu.rg-1 es, 80 balea 2 pkgs (660 lbo) mfd H4JIA:....11Jihdo, 81 bales. J-8 pkga (ll4CIIbo) mfd. u.s. etCWt>mbi'U &itroad-M Pappenheimer & Co 10 bhds: J B Moore & Co (j do: A C L 0 Meyer 12: Pollard Pttus & Co a5; order 76, pkl[&. IlJ! 1M Jiudml RN'f' Falk & Dro 80 co leaf : order 1311 hhda, 212 pkgs. IlJ! tM &ilrOnse then tendered o. payment of if24 and costs, a total nf $a7. This was refused, and the Alderman rendered judgment for the plaint ffs for full amount of claim, $72 An appeal was taken, but before the case came before the courts, it was settled, the claim being paid, less 15, and casts of suit.-Lan castel' (Pq..) New Era, May 15. The Duro ot Toboaceo. All ash analyses of tobacco show lime to be one of its leacling constituents. Farmera wl:!o have followed up tbe practice of an nually applying one or more barrels of lime per acr e to their fields during the last five have found om that the burn of theit tobacco has been greatly improved. The questioB of the imporlance of lime in producing a white ash and a free burn has pasE ed beyond the stage of theory. Hut.J dreds of successful growers in the Counec tiilut valley will, if called upon, testify to the nece88tty of the use of li!D!l to produce tlw good buniog qualities n..ow r equire d by cigar manufacturers. Lime is also required as a fertilizer for to bacco. A9 a coustituent part of the leaf, it is at least next iu importa.nCil to nitrogen and potash. W bile it i true that most of the tobacco sections of tbe Northern States have limestone oils, that of the Connecticu t val ley. both in Connecticut and Massa.cbusett, is deficient in Jime. Successful growers u e nitrogen and potash freely to produce a v tg orous growth, and Lhe use ot linie is being increased from year to year to get a goou burn. A certaira high grade superphosphate which cos t 140 per too, w ben zed at the Connecticut station four years ago was found to contain the p ercentage of potash, nitro gen and phosphoric acid guaranteed by the manufacturer, but this was a 1!11 .alysis and showed the other constituents of the compound, including 3.86 per cent. ot chlorine, which would not appear in the or dioary aoalyais of commercial fertilize r re quired by law. It is evident that ,. farmer could not safely use such a fertilizer for t c bacco without Injurious result& to the bur u. Farmers should not be misled in the use ot fertilizers, but carefully avoid all muriates or chlorine compounds. Experience and science have suggested the wisdom of not using any 9r potash salt on tobacco that contains over 2 per cent. of chlorine. There is no doubt that in some soils. un der certain peculiar nditions w ben in tb" process of chemical action, deleterious. acids are liberated and taken up in quantities suf llcient to produce poor burniug tobacco. In s Jch soil a good supply of lime would neu tralize the acids and make them harmless. to the plant. The practical remedy is to apply good air slacked lime and the best catbona.te (cotton hull ashes) or sulphate of potash sowed broadcast in the quantities that have already been malle familiar jn the columns of the Homutecd. -S. G. Hubb.!lrd, president New England Tobacco Growers' Association, in New England Homestead, May 14 Closinc of Foreign .mails at the Post 011lce, .New York City. Foreign mails for the week ending May 28 will clode promptly in all at this otfice as fellows: TUESDAY .:....At 1 p.m. for Cruz and Progreso; at 3 p m for Europe. 1 WEDNESDAY-At 1a. m for Brazil and for Chih and the La Plata countries; at4 a.m. for Europe, (letters must be directe4 "pet Saale "); at 2 :SO p. m. for Europe. THURSDAY -At 1 p m. for Vero. Cruz. t!ATURDAY-At 6 a m for Europe, (letters fo:>r France, Switzerland, Spaip and Portugal must be directed "per Em.i.ria "J; at 6 a.. m. for Europe, (letters muit be oi rected. per Elbe "J; at 6 a. m for France, Switzerland, Italy. Spain and Portugal; at 6 a m. for Scotland airect, (letters must be directed. "per Furoessia. "); at 6 :30 a. m for the Netherlands direct, (letters must be directed per S!lhiedam ") ; at 6 :30 a. 10. for Belgium direct, (letters must be directed "per Noordlaod "). )(ails for the Sooiety Islands close here May 2-! at 7 p. m. Mails for Austmlia, New Z J&Iaad, Sandwich, Fiji and Samoan Islands cloea here May 27 at 4 p m. Maild for China and Japan close here May 28 at 7 p. m Mails for Cuba close at this office daily at 2 :SO a. m. HENRY G. PEARSON, Postmaater. Post Office, New York, N Y., May 20,1887. -Omaha Man: "Say, John, there is an attempt being made to uoycott cigars made by Clllifornia Ooinamen." John Waw Stog:' "Whatee fb1" "Because they say that Ubinamen are filthy creatured, and a man should not put into his mouth anyLhing that their hand have touched.'' .. That aile light. My folks not makee ciglar; Lhey live in Cbinaand ma'kee tea." .. Dvn't they use their bands to tba.t." "No, they usee feetee. "-Omaha World. 8 The X:o:te:r:a::&a. Uc:::a::&al. Tobacco Refrigerating Company INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD, WAREHouse Prealdent. .._, /' ..-._,:,....._. DARIUS FERRY, /jiI'A TENTE_,IJ AT I L I lli.. \ New York, Vlce-Preelden&. \ \ U j St La caste M. OPPENHEIMER, ---n r, a., .. "lj Treu. -d Sec'J'. / Edgerron, WI& Main Ofllce: 138 Water Street, New York. We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturers to the advantages derived from the use o f our system of treating Tobacco. First: The ABSOLUTE prevention of decay. Second: The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the retention of lustre and life. Third: The CREATER yield' of with tobacco of the same grade cured in the natural way We had in the last season over 7,000 cases, bales and .hogsheads on storage under OU1' Refrigerating System from different parties, all of whom speak in the highest terms of superiority of tobacco treated under this system. Tobacco consigned to F. C. Linde, Hamilton lc. Co_ th6 various pomte will recive proper attention. JUNGBLUTH & RAUTERBERG, TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIES: SUGAR, GLYCERINE, PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL, FLAVORS, EXTRACTS, Etc. SOLE WESTERN AGENTS B'OR JAJD:S C. lloAJiDREW'S LICORICE PASTE. X...C>U:J:&V:J:X...X...E. :s;:.-y, LOVIS F. FBOMEB, CIGAR 77th St., 3d and Lexington Aves FACTORY lfo, 362, 3tl DIST., NEW YORJL ,. Best on Eanh, OF DURHAM Selected Leal from GOLDBJI BELT of Borth Carolina, Try it I Sold on Ito own M e rits for & Profit. or-po not otler :Jewelry, furniture, gttto, or-tG par your rent, take you Into partnership, set a. broken or keep your ns meter from counting to. much, or perform aDJ' miracl e ..aJ But do promise to give 70u the -Smoking Tobacco 01 the market at as low a price asls ooosl8tent with quality Z. I. LYON & CO .. Durham, N. C. g-WANTED FOR CASH, ..a DIG.A.R CUTTINGS j For Domeotio aad Eq.ort u..,. Give rate of !;-va:a :f;;;;;:i to Wheeling. We 1 &1'8 alwayo In the market for Tobacco Cuttlogs, If they -olean IIDd dry and not mnaty. ; BROS., Virginia. I FllfE HA YAIA SCRAPS, Also Se6d Scraps, absolutely clean, AND READY l'OR USE. Bighaet paid for Seed Cuttings, Scrape nnd !'OBA.CCO DUST FOR SALE. J'ot pricu and samples of aJJ abo-ve gooda. appJ.y to .!OSE S 114:0I..INB, A'J3 Pearl Street. New York. lilY IMPORTANT NOTICE. $300. Three Hundred Dollars $300. a,:JD"gV' .A.a.:J::). STRAITONl: STORMS PINNACLE We hereby offer Three Hundred Uollara ($300) Reward fer the dete c tion and conviction of any per aen or persons imitating our PINNACLE <'igar, Uie form sf the tip of which ill s hown by the above c ut. Dated New York, April13 18e7. 11&6-68 t.:LOSING-OUT SALE. Notice is hereby given tbat the business for maay yeara conrs of our home are making AOIJOle pur_chases. Price& remain unchanged. h IS esttm,ated th'\t between five and six thousand ca.ees of the 1886 crop have been. pur!lbased. -The proud house of Hapsburg yields to no other imperial establishment in the mat of acCtlmplisbments. The Fm !lress of Austria smok..., the strougest Ameri ,an cigar as ,.asily RB she burns the mildes' Luu.itJville Courier-Journal.


Toaeee JpGr&a aad. Bxpol'1.a Uai$ed Staliell for the nine months ending 81, 1887, tue same compared wit.b. ool!Nsponding of 1886 DIPORTS OJ' TOBA. Quantitie8--(In lb8. ) Nine months endin& UJI 1 u bl9 for March 81. 1887. 1886 : wrappers .... 34 .7?'7 t6. 616 All other._ .... 18,89t,8?8 1S,061,77ts Total .... ..... 18,4211,15& KaourAftt.n,_ of cae ... .., mgar-etaes and che-roots ........ .. n (t"1 Leaf suitable for .... -411. cnher', ...... Total ....... of clgareues and cheTotal.. ..... .. 835,18a .... $82.HI6 6,793,ISOO $6,8J7,671 2,1118,7117 79,89-& $2,608,1&1 -$86,2(!1 6,886,880 t6,7%2,161 2,&2S,2H 68,28-J ---$2,591,47& EXPORTS 0.1' DOIII:IITlO TOBAOOO. QUantitieB-(ln lbe.) Liiit .... "... 2114,611,878 234,162,161 Bliems and trimmings .... "" ....... l4. ... M Bliema and trimmings ...... .. Oiprs" ... .. ..... All other manufacture& of 8,19S,02& 1 817 100,7t7 $22,752,999 t7,762 S56, 864 2,091,990 Total....... $25,,66 ,8311 9,067 904 l,S98 89,239 $22,191,820 194 010 :W, 199 28t,646 2,06G,218 EXPORTS 011' FOREIGII roBAOOO. QuantitieB-(In lbe.) Leaf 1111itable fer wrappers..... 131,676 All other.... 741,&96 --Total ....... 87S,872 llanufactures of cigars, cigar-ettee and che. roots .......... 12,884 Values. :r-f 111it&ble for 1887. wrappers $117,&911 A..ll other .. ... S7&,491 Total ....... $498,090 )(anufacturea of oigara, cigar-ettea and che-roo&B .......... 19,10& All other ....... 14,770 Total ....... $88,8711 1S1 481 868 201 --99t,682 U,otli 1886. $104,568 ti6,868 tri81,til 29.8U 12,917 $42,74 KD'ORTB, BY COUNTRIES, 01!' DOMIIIITlC LIU.II' TQBAOOO, Quantdiu-(In lbs.) Great Britain and Ire-1887. land . . . 61, 880 760 Germany............ 64 866.498 France... ............ 28,876,576 Other countries in 1886. 58.086 50,756.256 28,688,541 Jlexico .............. at, 9110,211 80 G70. 709 4 ,771,1144 6 972.S92 1,068,287 1,124, 716 Central American States and British HondurM ..... .... West Indies ........ .. Republic Un1ted S&ates of Co-lombia .... ..... ... Other countries in South America .... Asia and Oceanica Africa ...... : ........ Other counh'iee ..... 11!.359 S,S12 .07& 968,666 846,1&1 79t.m 2,1176,055 2,000 1'' ,Total ....... 2114,611,878 Valuu. QloearBritain and Ire-1887 .,;laud . tM87, ot1 Oermany 5,t21,1171 fta'ace .... .... _... .. 2,178,134. 6lller oountriee in Mexico .............. 6,699,4.8t 1,085,704 108,702 108 868 1,829 172 879 976 Sts2,028 927,768 1,Ul.S90 2,122,205 1750 284,10,161 ''"" .. 886. $6, !los. 661) 4.462,606 2,461,267 6 8011.0t7 889,147 120,2t& ._ .... TOBACCO LEAF. MAY 21. Eastern Markets. report to tbe ToBACco L'Jiall' under d11te of May 14:EIP.:W:ESS l"HlLADJU.PHIA. May 19.-Ml:. A. K Tobacco Inspector. reports to the ll'ouooo 1&AI' as fullows :-Trade ill manufactured tobacco appears to move along in the u ual manner, except the ripple of annoyance and doubt by tho reducti9n made by some of the m&nafacturer in their brands of large plug. It 1s true, llhil market is n<>t affected like some others, for the. t-on that the size is popular. Never tbeleas, caused a of and briQP the surmt e that, p08111bly, II may be eized plug deaired here which will next come a reduction. ilfobaooo-A nry trade in the dtlferenf ,radei' is the week's accomplishment Cigara-Mncb for nearly all the salable brabda otead1ly receiviog improving or ders. / its full share of for tbe week.-2,789 boxes, 8,5ti0 cad d{l!l, 8,810 cases and 818 pails of fine cats. 'idpon of manufactured tobacco-To Liverpool, per 1tr Lor:i Gough, 4 ,926 lbs; to Cardenas, per schr H. B. 1,481 lbo. Total, 6,a57 lbB. Leaf-Another week of 'modente activity in the sales of leaf tobacco suitable for cigar pur nooes Purcbli&es are, aa a matter of neceBSity, ooaftned to binders and filleu, with an occastonr.l sale of cho.ce grades of wrappera. Of course fine wrappers are very deirable, hut the requirements now demr.nded have made it very tlonable if U would be possible to gow a domestic wrappvr which would meet the demands of manu far.turcra. Sumatra-There is less trouble te sell and when 0t!erings week ......... 1 ,282 hlldo l:iales during week, new ......... 626 &les during week, old ......... 440 Receipta me color ..... . Ity 3"" Good ftllers red and good body .... Receipts for the week-130 cases "" Fine tillers, bright ana good body .... Pennoylvr.nia, 9i) cases Ohio, 40 cues L i ttle Dutch, 166 cases Willconain, 198 casea York State, DANVILLE, Va., May .tll-Paal U. Vea-92 bales Bumr.tra, 186 bales Havana and 203 hhds able, Leaf Tobr.cco Broker, reports to the To Virginia and Westera leo.f tobacco. BACCO LEAP 88 follows:-Receipts for past week Balee have \lean 68 cases Conaecticut, 401 cases have been large, but of poor quality Farmers Pennsylvania, 40 cases Ohio, 29 cases Little Dutch, have taken advantage of the good seasons to handle 18 cases Zimmerman Spanisb, 76 cases WiscoliiiD, and market largely Pnces for tobaccos of good 80 cases Stat.e 8eed 70 bales Sum!ltra bales quality have advanced aomewhat, with a fair de Havana, aatl 18 bbda W est.em leaf In tranait meetmand for all gradeo. W rap!>llrs arescarce and to manufacturer the demand very otrong We look for full ales; <:I" PAD.e Ct.rrars. 'the :a:...a.r'* :I.D. 'tho :Let.. E:xponed of leaf tobacco-To Ltverpool per str but not ao heavy as former years, as farmers do 110t Lord 611.882 lbs; to Aatwerp, per str Belseem disposed to force toliacco ou the market at H1,207 lbs; to Cardenas, per schr H. B. the present low prices for common grades Ritter, 1,6211H; total 102,210 lbs. QUOTATIONS. 101-&, 1018, 1018, 1020 SEOOJrD AVE .. -d 310, 312, 3U. 318 EAST FIFTYFOUR.TH ST., EW TOR.K. Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. C., May 18.-Headerson Bros. Leaf Tollacco Brokers, report to the ToBACOO Llr..tF as follows:-Receipts are much larger this week but uot crowded at all, and not as heavy as we expected after the season came so the leaf could be bandied Some tine wrappers and cutters were offered, but the larger proportion of the sales consista of low to medtum grades. P r ices ruled high all the week, with a tendency upward beat cutters going u biib as llic. QUOTA'I'IO-Fillers-Commou. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 Medium ........................ 8 Good ........................... 6 Bmak .ers-Common bright ............. 2 Medium ........................ 5 Geotl ............. ............ 9 Fine ... ........ : ............... 12 Cutt.ers-Common .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 Medium ............. ........... 12 Good ........................... 15 Fine .......................... 80 Wrappers-Commo n. ............ ..... 10 :Medium ........................ 12 Good ............... ............ 18 Fine.' .......................... SO Fancy.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. liO @5 @9 @4 @7 @12 @18 @12 @15 @29 @86 @12 @17 @25 @46 @65 BALTIMORE, Md., May 19.-Messrs. Ed. Willcbmeyer & Co., tobacco commissi n mer chants, report to the ToBACCO Llr.All': -Tile mar ket for Maryland tobacco iB very active, and 11ll de airable grades are readily taken at full prices. Tbe comm on grades are bemg gradually worked off, and the condition of the trade is generally oati ofac tory. There is DO demand of any moment for Ohi9, and the market is nominally dull and un changed. lllllpecle8 this wook-l>47 hbds Maryland 1 Vn> ginia, 2 Ohio; ttal,MO ltoda. Cleared same period-Per str Baltimore, for L iverpool, 22 troll and 84 hhds Virginia ; per str Ben gate Head, for Glasgow, 42 t.bds VirgiDia: per str Ame ica, for Bremen, 126 hhds Maryland 56 bbd Virginia and 1114 lthds Virginia otems; per str Wan drahur, for Antwerp, 24 hbds Kentucky TOBAOOO BTATIIIDUIT. Jan. 1 1887-Stock oa handi11 tobacco and on Bhipboar not Clearecl 28,088 llhds lnapected this week .. .. .. .. .. .. MO llhds lDIIpeCtetl previOUily.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 ,582 hlida hports of :Maryland r.nd Ohio aince Jaa. 1, 11187. 5,32( bWa Sluppecl coaatwile and re-llllpeeted ...... ... 1,1126 blldl '1,249 bbda Fillers-Common dark ................. Common to medium .............. 8 @ 4 io highly favorable, not only for handling but for I Commoa coiory................ 5 growth of plants and planting Good co lory.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 @ 7 .Hbds Fine ..................... 8 @10 Re<-..,Ipls for week ................... 704 Fine to ancy ................... 10 @12 Receipts since Jan. 1 ................ !,047 Smokers-Common .................... 2 @ Olferings for week......... . .. 542 Mediumcol&ry .................. 3 @ UlferingafQryear ................... S,928 GoCMI .......................... 6 Net sales for week................... 440 Fine bright ..................... II @ 8 Nctoales forvear ................... 3202 Fancy bright ............. -... 8 @10 QUOTATIONS. Cutter&-Cemmon bright .. .... .... .. 7 0 II Luga-Comm11n (dark)-red or colory ... Medium .................. ,. i 9 @12 Medium do ................ G09d ................. ........ 12 @lli do 2a-"@ ugh net as much has been brought Medium .................... 4 00@ 6 00 in 8.11 was expected after the splendid seasons we Good .. . ..... T 00@10 00 have had Most of the farmers are busy plaoting, Fine ........................ 10 00@18 00 and next week we lo o k for very heavy receipt Filler&-\Jommon ...... ........ 3 00@ 4 ()0 The quality does not 1m prove; in fact 1t is ge n e Medium........... ...... 4 O&@ 6 00 ally c mceded that the bulk of the fine tobacco of Good . . . . 2 06@ 10 00 this crop has been market e d We bear C9nsider Fine ... ..................... 10 00@12 00 ble complail>tof the ll.ies, but hope that to day's Cutters-Medtum ................ 8 00@12 00 and yesterday' bot s uu had a good effect upon Good ...................... 12 00@18 00 them. Prices are altout the same and the demand Fine ........................ 20 00@26 00 active. Fancy.. .. .. ............... 28 00@86 00 QUOTATIONs. Wrappers-Common ............. 12 00@16 00 Fillera-Common, ............... 2 Medium .......... ....... 16 00@22 00 Common to medium. .. .. .. .. .. II Good ....................... 26 00@45 00 Mo:diumtogood ................. 5 @ 8 Fine ....................... 45 00@6? 00 Good Is fine ................... ,. 8 @14 Fancy ....................... 6:l 00@80 00 Smokers-Common.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 @ 4 HOPKINSVILLE,Ky.,May18.-Mr.Geo. Common tomedium.... ... 4 @ 7 V Th T b B Medium to good ................ 7 @10 T ompson, acco1 f rhoker, rkeports to the Good to fine .................... 10 @15 OB.ACCO LB.u!':-oa es o t e wee opened tbia CUtters-Common to medium .. ....... 12 @16 rooming. Market atronger on common and medium u d t d 16 ""''" leaf Sal ill be all. ....e Ium o goo .. .. .. .. .. .. .. this, w am as we only sell one day Good to fine .................. ... M @30 Fancy .............. ............ 30 QWOTATIONB. Wrapper&-Common to medium ........ 18 Luf:S ...... ...... .... .. 1 50@ 4 2li lledinm to good ................. 25 @40 Common leaf ................ 4 09@ li 00 G9od to fine ..................... 40 @50 lledium .................... 5110@ 7 00 Fiaeto!ancy .................... 60 @811 Good ... "" .. .. 7 000 8 liO FiDe .. -................. -.. 8 liO@ 11 00 BAN FRANCISCO, May 1S.-The G-rocer WraJ>118rs ............. ..... 11 00@17 00 and CeuntTY Merchant says :-Trade con LA CRUZ CROSS" PURE I T .... Havana. Cigarettes 1 OF PURE & "VUELTA-ABAJO'' LEAF a, Leaf Tobacco Broltera and Re dryers of Cutting .Leaf and Plug Tobacco, report as follows to the Touooo LB.u!' :-The gooa seaaon for bandllag aad prizing tbe new in the country which .bas ;lrevailed since our last report baa brought forward large receipts and produced as a coaoequenoe large olferinge r.t auction. Tbe market bas been acLive for both old and new Common r.nd medium gradee have been in active requeat at stronger pricee, and the better kinda are growing to some extent quite acarce, and pricee have advanced on this kind r.t leaat from 1 to 2 cents This week the market Ia active for all kinda, with large salee and receipts. Of the 626 hbds !oH) 47 aold from 1.110 to 8.110, 1()6 from 4.00 to 5 85, 1711 from ti.OO to 7.9.'1, 128 from 8 00 to i8 from 10 .00 to 14. 7li and 3 at 15. 00, 15 00 and 15. 75. or the 726 hbds (new}, 298 aold from 1.0 to 8.11'1. 2112 from 4.00 to 5.115, 98 frem 6.00 to 7 .90, 87 from 8.00 to II 9S and 1 at 10.50. BI:ED IUIU[ft. Tlle offerings of cigar or Seed leaf were 78 cases, cl&88e4 r.s follows :-2t cases Ob o, 8 cases Spauiall, 24 C&8tl8 Little Dutch, 111 C88e8 Iudiua, and ll cases Wisconsin Casee. Olferinga...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 78 Rejectiou. .. .. .. .. . ..... .. .. 10 Aetnal sales .................... 118 Tlte breaks Saturday were small and there was a decided improvement shown in the market over the preccdtng aale although there was no matario.i dif terence as to the quality cf the tobacco olfered, it bemg mostly damaged, with nothing of a deairable quality for cigar purposes. Anytbmg aouod and in good order (and this kind i a ocarce article) is sought after, and when found 'buyers pay full prices $ales were as follows : Mtami Warebouse-65 cae8. prices as follows: B cases Ohio, 4 (old) at 5 .00, 5.40, o.eo, 12.25; t (new) at 1.80, a.IJO, 4.00, 6 .70; 13 ca s es Indiana at 4.70 ; 8 cases Ohio Spanish at 8.00, 2 .49, 2.40. 4.90, 10.25, 11.00, 11.110; 24 cases Little Dutch, 5 (new ) at 2.50; 19 (old) at 1 45. 3.60, 2 .20, 2,60, a.10, 2 00, 1.00 1.00, 6.10 6 60, 6.80 7.1i0. 6 .10, 7 10, 8 .20, 8 .60, 8 90, 8.60, 9 80; 2 cases Wisoonoin (new) at Globe Warohouse-18 cases, prices as followa : 16 cases Obie at 3.60, 1.00, l.tlO 2.10, 1.00, 1 .00, 1 .80, 1 .90, LUO, 1.00. 2 .00, 8 20, 1 00, 8 86, 4.18, 6.00; 2 cases Indina r.t a w 3 .60. ., F. W. DoiDUUJIK & 8oK, Leaf ToHcoo Brokers, fore a slow but co11stant advance Good "' and :line tobaccos are in otrong demand and sell commencement of the year. Manufacturers' -at same high figares As to brights, the bulk of agents are having a quiet time of it, as they them i8 prollal>ly maneted by this time; offerings, }lut in good work during the recent excite therefore are on!,small, and everything is taken ment. Although jobbers are amply proat full prices The wne of our market is strong, vided with good assortments, none show any with a upward tendency dispositioa to cut prices. LOUISVILLE, May 1s.-Jtr. A. Falcour, Allen & Ginter have opened a handsome Secretarv of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports store at 226 California street, for the display to the ToBACCO LBAI' as follaws :-Prices coatinue of a full liae of tseir brands of tobacco and well sustsined at last week s quota t ions. With the cigarettes. This bouse has exhibited the exception of the usual. irregularities inciden t t9 same refined taste in fitting up their new specniative seasons, the market is andoubtedly a eample room that they have in all the other strong market all round. The opeculatiYe element details of their extensive business. geaerally l9oke

f MAY 21. THE TOBACCO LEAF. _..,... _,...... ....._.., -. AMERICAN EACLE DAnK HABK. FINE CUT, LEOPOLD KILLER & SON Cold Spra,.National Leacue Crown of Delight Oher17 ... ... 133 Chambers St., NEW YORK. CITYt for the Clipper Plum Oriental Sun Rise Dew Drop Favorite Invincible Clever BAVEMEYEBS cl ELDER, No. 117 Wall Street, New York. Standard in its Purity and Uniformity a MADE WITH A SPECIAL VIEW TO THE WANTS OF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Da.ily Quotations will be :fornished and Orders fllled from our Ofllce, 111' Wall Street, New York, or by HENRY U. FRANKEL, 111& 161 'l'hird street. LOUISVILLE, KY. .:. HENRY-U. SUPPLIES. .. -LICORICE PASTE, FOIL -AND STRIPS, FLAVORINGS, GUMS. VASELINE, TOBACCO SUGAR, GLYCERINE, SOLE AGENT IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA FOR TDiman Puetz PEERLESS Ping Tobacco Machine and Matrnind's Patent Float No"te .A.dver""t on. page 7. Addre all Inquiries to .... II .. FACTORY: KEY .. I THE MOELLER () & ASCHERMANN MFG. CO., ; l .A.CTU:::R.E:::R.S OP FLEXIBLE, CBB!SBLBSS CI&AB IOtDS AND SBAPBBt -ANDCi[ar Makers' SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED C.A.T.A.LOOUE. FLEXIBLE, CREASELESS CIGAR MOLD. AGENTS--Andrew Fine, 16" "'ater Street, Ne'X.York; N Sheltlon & Son, 32!1 N. 3rd Philadelphia; Aq .,. Becl' & Co., Chicago, Ill., and St. Paul, lllinu.; G. :1. Helmericlu Leaf Tobacco Co., St. Louis; Wm H. Mleycr, ::C ')' West Front Street, Cincinnati Ed. Aschermauu, Milwaukee ; Esberjf, Bachman & Co., San Francisco, Cal. ;::: .A:MERICAN MADE A Five-Cent Cigar. I The use of Molds absorbs the moisture, flavor an:I of the Tobacco. This Cigar being made by Hand, retams these Essen-. tial Qualitie11, effects a Closer Union nf -. the Binder and Wrapper, and is not fl. O Easily Broken in the Pocket. -h;{t. Th) Cigars are made by American who are Cleaner in Personal Habits anti at. the Work-Bench than Foreigners, only claim to Superior Workma.n.shi p is their Foreign birth. American s excel them at the CigarTable as in all other Industries. A Reward of$100.00 will be Paid for the Discovery of aD7 Artl flcia.l Fla.voring in these Cigars. BEQISTERED .JVNE Nth, 1886, !I a, m. MANUFACTURED BY J_ G .. G-OOD:::JYL.A..N, fll r LANCASTER., PA.. '' _C,ie:ar. WEST, FLORIDA. A. E. MASSMAN & CO., N. E. Cor. Srd and .. i:M:ark:et Streets, P:S:ILADELP:S:IA:


6RAND VUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. -------------M anuel Lopez & Go., l'i!mB No. 26, Htlillf Cuba. "MANQEI:. LOPEi a co:,"-"VICFO Jt .Hu(Iot REMATES," "cELlA." !ole la tbe 1lalle4 ---Grand Hotel Pasaje, :13:av-aria, C" -= =-as Gl ._ .. -:S( CD ::::1 0 Cii CR:I = Gl t--OD CR:I ._ CD Cl en E 0 'iii 0 ::E Cl II: --CD 1!9' an4 oDly FIBST.e!roD plana. Comp lete accommodation tor lltrangen. MAY 21. ...... _..__ .:; Q;i "' 1::: 0 --..,. Q ril -. A Ill J2 :I dC:1 .! :: .. :z:; Ill """ ""=' -= -.....:l 42 BEAVEB aTB.EET; lfEW YORK. FACTORY OF P :a:. C.A.ST::A;O PROP.RIE1'0RS. Ci.gar .Fao-t6-ry F ABRIO A D B 'I'ABACXJII .. LA GBANADINA" FELIX :MUBIAS & CO,, MANUEL RODRIGu-E z Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuha CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, LEADING BRANDS : .------... LA FLOR R. RENDUEI;E $ cane del naro No. oo, _Aifo_ j FLOR DE F. CABAL Y qABAL. Leadmg-Branda:-l'lor Alio La EmiliK, F l8r ije Uarlola, Alliellrd o 111111 Eloha, Fl 1 he taken p lace, perhaps> 200 caes, a t 1\tJnur, Florida product> & permanent placf". 1\nd .-fl former prices. Sales ua:-J. D nitevalue in the which will i11 1 vine, cs, 7 and 4c; )3:. Bjoin, 40 cs, 8J; C. be the aqcQmplihment,of much, t\)uLid incur any liability in not presenting for payment or acceptance, or collecting such cheiiK, bill of ex change o r promissory note on that day. And pro vided, further, that in constlllling thiS seqtion every Saturday, unless a whole holiday as afore said, shall, until twelve o'clock n oon, be deemed a secular or business day. And the days and half days aforesaid shall be considered as the first day of the week; co mmonly called Sunday, and as publlq holidays o r half holidays for all purposes whatsoever as regards transaction of business in the public offices of this State, or counties of this On a ll other days, or half days, such offices shall be k ept open for the transaction of business. LA ,ROSA DE SANTIAGO CIGARS, L'1.<1CflRter Intelligencer, May 18: -The Knutson. 40 es. p. t. sary. Jatelligencer a week ago that The p lant beds stand greatly in need of Cold, d routh and improper planting ha v .. b tll.t frufu the cle..m.,d It up: In some Aquarius is neglecting his duties. earliest plantings. Jt'ai<" pnces. have been ,paid for It; for 111 I! lid continues in an easy way, with no ehunge S d !ll !l gro" th.ALHJu1111"rce bill as injul"ious to its !I ill in the county. tiel' tile next. B re-weigbed the tobacco at gr-eat tobacc'! trade, and fnvor M When tbel'e ha.ppenil to be a Cl"Op of SeP.d his hc m and foutld a sfi.ort. the l'hereirt an .A:frican iu the .;ore o _ut _th>H ttre -me<.l. Cha. Stu!Yl!i': of 'Little h<:>dge,tuw _(i)_oJJKJJ!BB t_bat they 'Britain, smd to Gersbel & 13to. his (our Oue of the tobacco iado ;not understand w11l have a acres at 12. 5, 2. and Abram mop vented IJy A A. Siinmons. IU. llr."P;.ct: .. .of three acres, iu Colerain, for eight has l>een received by F c. Collman. r18 'I be petitiOn her merchants _to :Tu_dge Chroug;h Some little of the packing-a of main featur e is a. wooden wheel with fingers thll of t'be.!JJ;swn, Seed leaf been Fold by local pucke1s, which on nearing the dropping that IS only r.urpassed by it is said to have come o u t iu good table catcheil theplant --car-1.'-ying i.t to a. Lomsvtlle 1n the magmtude of Jts tobacco .style. J. H. Clarke, of Cains. L' we. e not so "'"II l'"id for adjacent oounti.E!II. and, the planteu al"e, a. namely:-The 1st day of January, commonly .all theillabors. A grPat part or rh' .lia\'ll"tla rule. well pleased with the result of theil' called New Year's Day; the 22d day of Febru.Seed is ou hand ye1. howPver thP :oeeu leaf id a.ry, known as Washington's Birthday; the 30th well soltl up. q uemly less"' Ln" H14 v.u.lla 'l'obaceo b.lul sold to-day at all rang of May, known as Decoration Day; the 4th day ldnd will this .;euwu. iog from $2 liO $40 per 100 pounds, according of July, called Day; the first OHIO. Miamisburg B ulletin, May 13: -0ld and new stocks are steadily diminishing. T h i s i s the st.o y in brief. There is constant inquiry Lor '8!1 Spamsh and Dutch, and a deal ot sometbin,; el.!e is circulating nuder the false wie of these ;onperb growtltd. Genuine '84 leaf of these varieties a cigar to be remembered. In 86 Seed aud Dutch we have the sublime c&nd ridiculous "ometimes blended in the -me leaf by 1 u"t o r b ouseburn. It is the crops tbat a,.., II w 1 lre rage. and these .are very fascinating. D11maged crops go too. aud the changes that are wrought by re ;handliog, in passing through the warehouses, are so striking as to challenge credulity. :Planta are coming on nicely. WISCONSIN. Edgerton Wisconsin Tobacco Reporter, May 1.3: -The transactions of the week have been largely confined to '85 goods. Of these to 'baccos 8Ver 800 boxes have been taken by the New York firm of E. & G. Friend. and consist mainly of packers' holdings. The prices realized show little or no improvement over the average figures paid for these goods the 'past season. The following sales have reached us :-G. H. Rumrill, 50 cs to Child, :26 cs to Friend; F. C. Greene, Janesville, 15 cs; 'Chas. Atwood, 42 cs; H. B. DeLong, 125 cs; Anderson & Stoughton, 25 cs; Har rington & Devoll, 65 ce; And. 268 cs. It is that from 4,000 to 5,000 boxes of these goods yet remain in the State, ma1oly iR packers' hands. There have been no material caa.nges in to quality, but o f tile otreniigs were of Monday r September, to be known hereafter undesirabl e gl"ades. as Labor Day ; the 25th day of December, Danville Regiater, May 13:-A lot of toknown as Christmas Day; any geneml electiotJ bacco of 702 paunda, c onsisting of two j!(rades day in this State; every Saturday fl"om twelve a n d includin g green tips, was sold for Mr. J. o'clock at, nool} until twelve o'clock at midnight, R Bryant, of Lhe counLy, at Acree's ware which is hereby designated a half holiday, and house yesterday for Au average of any day appointed or recommenaed ,by the uearly forty cents a Gove,rnor of this State, or the President of the I N NORTH fJAB.OLL'\'A.. W a.l"renton Gazette, May 13 :-There is great competition here among our buyers, and to bacco i d selling well. The have been tine for setting out plants and growing crops. Henderson Gold Leaf, Ma:r 12:-Business has been quite acti VII, in tobacco circles for the past week. S 'i leo have been good at the several warehouses and a more lively feeling animates the market way. All goods of color are in d emand at full prices; common and nondescript stock, while low in price, brings value. No finer seasons for setting out t0bacco plants could be desired, and far mel"e have made good use of the opportunity offered. While the flies have been an annoy ance to many, we hear of no scarcity of plants. and they are in fiae condition consid ering the backward spl"ing. We believe it is the intention of planters throughout this sec tion to put in less tobacco this year and en dea.vor to e;row it final". IN :I'LORIDA, Lake City Tobacco Plant, May 14 :-It is clear that there will not be so lal"ge an acre age planted to tobacco through this section this year as was at fil"st hoped and indicated. Without further backset, however, the crop will be sufficiently large to take the industry United States, as a day of thanksgiving, or fast ing or ptaye r, or other teligious shall fora.ll-purposes whatever as regards the presenting for payment or acceptance and of the protesting and gi Ying notice of the dishonor o f bills of exchange, bank checks and promis sory notes, made a.iter the passage of this act, be treated and considered as the first day of the week, commonly cialled Sunday, and as public holiaays or half .holidays, and all such bills, checks and J;l.Ofes otherwise presentable for acceptance or payment o n any of the said days shall be deemed to be payable and be presen table for acceptance or payment on the secular or business day next succeeding such holiday; but In the case of a. hall holiday shall be pre sentable for acceptance or payment at or before twelve o'clock noon of that day. Provided, how ever, that for the purpose of protesting or otherwise holding liable any party to any bill of ex change, check for promissory note, and which shall not have been paid be!ore twelve o'clock at noon on any Saturday, a demand of accep tance or payment thereof may be made and notice of protest or dishonor thereof may be given on the next succeeding secular or business day. And provided, further, that when any person shall receive for collection any check, bill of exchange or promissory note, due and presentable for acceptance or payment on any Saturday, such person shall not be deemed guilty of any neglect or omission of duty nor KANUF.ACTURED BY __.--. PEDRO B.OGEB., From the Tobacco of the Finest Ve gas "Of tlie Vnelta .Nbajo. EatabUoll.ed fa SaattaCo de la Vegaa. Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. lJ'OR SALE BY SEC. 2 .-Whcnever the 1st day of January, the 22d day of F ebt; ua.ry, the 30th gay of May. the 4th day of July or the 25tlr da.y of D ecember Park & Tilford aad Acker, JlerraU a:;_ .poadit. lfaw York, shall fall upon Sunday, 14te next Monday followThrou&b Trame Kale ing shall be deemed a public holiday for all or CHmAGO, May 15.-The arrangement recently any of the purposes aforesaid; how-made between the Eastern 'and Western roads ever, that in such case all bills of exchange, r<:lgarding rates and divisions on through tr-affic checks and promissory notes made after tbe between seaboard points and Mis SQuri River passage of this act which would otherwise be points has been made public. The agreement presentable for acceptance or payment on the r is that on traffic to an!l from the seaboard tor said Monday sha.ll be deemed to be presentable ritory of the Eastern trunk lin es the through for acceptance or payment onthe secular or rates and divisions thence to and from the M is business day nextsucceediog,s\lch holiday. souri ;River poiuts, south of and including SEc 3.-Thls act sliall take effect on'_9l.e tenth Qouncil Bluffs, whel). the classifications east anq day after its passage as certiJleu by tlie Secre-west of Chicago are the same rates shall be as tary of State. follows: New York business, east bound, west It will lie borne in mind ttl at in coni'Orlnity wiLh this_law, notes dfaftsfallin_gdQe qn Sunday, when that day is a holiday and is celebrated on Monday, are payable on the Tuesday following. Notes and drafts falling due on Saturdays hereafter can be presented in the and lJI'Otested on the follow ing Monday if that day does not happen to be ebserved as a holiday, when they go over until Tuesday. There is not9ing m t)le Ia that compels an emplOJer to iffsconfinue biismess on Satur day afterncon or on those days. It simply forbids the transaction of banking busineBS such times. llcareue lmoklnc. o f Chicago, first class, 86 cents ; c lass, 69 cents ; third class, 49 cents ; fourth class, 35 cents ; fl.fth class, 3u cents ; wheat, 25 cents. East of Chicago, first class, 71 cents ; second class, 61 cents ; third class, 49 fourth class, 35 cents ; fifth class, 30 cents ; wheat, 24 cent11; packing house products, 25-eents ; other grain than wheat, 20 cents, when from St. Joseph, or Leavenworth. Packing house prod11cts, 30 cents ; wheat, 27 cents; other grain, 22 cents, when from Council Bluffs and Omaha. The same divisions will prevail west of Chicago on Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore business. On west-bound traffic the divisions will be the same as east-bound on the first three classes, the through rates b eing the same both ways, but on the three lower classes the lin es from New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston will charge and k ee p their full l ocal rates to Chicago. The Hucr;e& aa4 die 'l'obaeea Trade. Dl". Joseph Mulhall in the St. Louis There iii no doubt thali Mr. Gc>schen coo Democrat:-! am tl c4@rette smoker niyself, I and I;; a defender of tlie habit, or, at least, an siderallly surpriRed of' the apolo for it. The ch8rm of the smoking of. Lbbacco trude w hep in ha Bud get. speech/ he sliated his intention to uco the tobabco cigarettes, by which ,I not the pul!" In and d 8 "a h ,; b I' out of the mouth of the smoke, but Its lnhaladuLy frow 88 6 to t u,. a o 1s mg tue tion, is the quick and powerful stimulant it gives "obnoxious we have con the smoker. The cigar smoker says to the condemned since its imposition in cigarette smoker, "What enjoyment can you 1878 by Sir S tafford N orthcote. It is curious get from smoking that tiny roll of paper with that for several years-{lfter thi& addition to its little pinch of tobaceo? Why don't you the duty was made. the lead inK manufao use a cigar or a. pipe?" To which the cigarette, turefll and others or llnized more or less smoker can reply, if he wants to argue, "MY powerful a.gitalidits inst it, and absolutely cigarette js a more pow rlul stimulant than ilie res'ul the increased charge re cigar," and he prove it if the other will sub ll),amed BuL uow, when has mit to a test. The stimulation of tobacOO.Ja; been no on the part of the tr!lde-: caused by the absorption of the nicotine by the no t even a sohtary deputation-the duty 1s system. The smoke of a cigar or pipe reaches unex_pectedly to tbe old :;ate! only the mucous membrane of the mouth, be. W1th regard to h1s of makmg tt cause it is not inhaled. The cigarette smoker 11lega.l to sell tobacco conw.mmg more 35 inhales the smoke of his cigarette, and it cent. of of conroe IS some touches not o nly the mouth but a.lso the throat, of opm1on m respect 1ts probable and the membranes all the way down absorb ut1hty ;_and e_vefl hear VIew: expressed the stimulant. The cigarette smoker, too, canth!"t th1s restnct10n of molBture Will nqt_ per not smoke a weak cigarette with enjoyment, m1t to_ be sold a.t 3d per oz. With a for the pleasure.ofthesmokeis caused margm of to the_de'llel" and by the contact of the smoke with the membrane. retal!er: In VIew the now 3a pel" cent. It. must grip the throat, so to speak, to produce. tobaccomsts mo.y have to the pleasure. As to the evil el'fects of cigarette ful m the1r pul" no less than m tha1r smoking there is much exaggeration. The sales, so as to steer clear of the order. habit can be justly charged with only one inBut that, on the whole, the redU:CtlOB of the jurious effect which is not produced by other duty w1ll them to_ g1ve their customers kinds of smoking. That is an irritation or the a b,etter artwle 1s the opu;uon of throat, which is noticed by almost all confirmed 'I he proposed hm1tatwn of ID!Jisture m cigarette smokers in themselves. The idea that !llanufactu_red tobacco to 35 parts m the 100 the smoke penetrates the lungs is a vulgar and IB one whwh to be httle understo?d, absurd pne. It never gets beyond the tidal air, and from the quest1!JnS whiCh and that means that it never reaches the lungs. have been asked as to Its meamng, we are Cigarette smokin"' causes irregularity of the sul"e that many members of the trade a.l"e heart beats, what is known as "tobacco heart," laboring under great delusions respecting 1t. and dimness of the vision, but these effects are Some have told us _that as the. Chancellor of produced by tho use of tobacco In other forms. Exchequer sa1d leaf as_ Imported con Boys, of course, are often permanently injured tamed 15 per cent. of water, 1t followed that by it, but for adults it is a superior smoke to a to such tobacco only 20 of water cigar, and no more harmfuL could be added to make the 35 per cent. of !llOisture. T!Jis is not so. The fallacy-creeps m by not understanding the diffel"ence be tween in and on one h undred. Tbe 15 per cent. mentioned is in one hundl"ed pounds the 20 lbs. of water pl"oposed to be added i; on the hundred For the pur:>os e of directing attention to this difference of reading, we ha_ve prepared the following short table showmg the quantity of whicb may be to process of manufuctur" to bring it tile proposed n e w law. To work closely. it would be nf!<'.essary to know the amount of moisture in leaf when .from bond; and we expect that in ttme the broker wHl eousidel" this determina tion a ,part of his duty. so as to relieve the small manufacturer of th11 trouble of determining the moisture for himself. The table below shows the amount of "'liter to b& added to unmanufactured tobae o PO that the manufactured arti cle shall contain 85 per cent. of water. moi8ture in .the unmanufactmoelf tobAcco! andpdunds weight of water which can be added to every ioo lbs. o f such tobacco : 10 11er ceQi; of water. 11 u u 12 ., 13 14 15 16 u ., 38Jbs. of water. 36 9 u u 35 3 .. 338 32 30'7 29 2 .. .. .. .. Nd allowance is made here for Joss o f moi)ltdre durin.; manufacture. which at some 1;18ns of the ye!lr would be from 2 to 4 per cent.-London Tobacco Trade Review, May 1. ... 11TIES IIIPOSED Olf TOBACCO IJI F O R EIGJf 001JXTRIES, .AlJSTRA.LIA-Manutactured tobaeeo lmporW, 'Ill_.,. pound duty, Australian manutactllred tobacco, made cit domestic leaf, 24 cents a pound. internal. tax; made btfornfpt leaf, 4e cents a BELGiuM-Leaf tobaooo and otems, 70 francs -:IGI .tilos : manufactured tobacco, cigan and C:igarct1iell. !n>ncs per 100ldlos: otherldnda,IncludJna ll&ripped """'-1llfl traucs P<>r 100 lf Isadore Friedman, 409 Sixth street, caused $ 1,000 damage. co ... Importers of HA. V A.:NA 'fOBACCO,__, 164 Water Street. New York. I )


, MAY 21. '&, ---..... .BtVAI! 110'1' alld IJ09 BROADWAY, NBW YORK. FACTORY: 213-229 East 33d 8treet.1 French Briar Pipes. Mounted with 1117 new Amberino Houtbpleceo, In largo Tarlety and moot -ful deolpa, lnclud!Dg many original otyloo not lhown els4 wbere. < P:lpe In all grades at ligures.) Tbe I..aqeat and Flaeet Aliortmant of 'SMOKERS' ARTICLES' -or Bery Deocriptlon. .A. Large Aooortme..t el SCJHEIIE BETS" and JIOVELTIES 111Jl1llisbocl7 orlclnal and UDique. W AJ.KJNG STICKS H 14 Sansom St., ,, PRIL.ADELPHIA. The Tobacco Moltare Problem in Grea& Brl.C&l ... Our representativf! aUended at the Labgr. .atory, Somerset House, to ob::.ain the latest otJicial inforD;Iation with regard to the moist ure restriction of 35 per cent. in manufac tured tobacco. Will not our representative) the manufacturer find great difficulty as regards the normal-moisture in tobacoo1 How can be coaduct opennion witk safety unleaa he knows deHnitely normal or natural moisture in the leaf wben it enters factory? Mr. Bannister said: I must know the nor -mal moisture to work safely; but I think eventually the brokers and unmanufactured tobacco mArchants will find it advisable to have eacq,,. parcel of for and the percentage ucketed upon _;it. But will not the condition of the tobacco when it is in the bonded warehouse varyfrom its condition when it is in the factory 1 Mr. Bannister: Very probably; but we can-oot help that. Will the analysts obtain samples from manufacturers as well as from the retailers! Mr. Baonilter: Certainly; 1111111ples will be taken at manufactories from tobacco ready tor sale. Tbe same rule will be applied to rthe. manufacturer as to the retailer. But in hot wl'ather may not the manufac turer produce the tobacco with. say, 37 per or 38 po:r cent. in it, as it will be sure to be under 35 per cen t. when it reaches the .retailer! Mr. Bannister: Certainly not; it must con -tain no more than 38 per cent. In manufac turin11,, a more than the exact propor rtion of water ruay be added, as. of course, tlleJ;e will be a loss of moisture during the .stages of manufacture; but the articlo when .ready for salt> must contain no wore than 85 ;per cent. of moisture, that. is to say. 100 lbs. -<>f tobacco may consist of 65 1bs. of dry and Sli lbt>. water. Is this table showing buw much water the manufacturer way aUd corro.ocL 1 Mr.. Bannister: Yes, it appears correct. In -11scertaimog bow much water may be added to produce a manufactured -4og nearly 35 per cent. of moBture, 1t rs first ,necessary to know the normal moisture in -the raw tobacco You know that there must be 35 parts in 100 of tobacco, therefore .having the normal moisture it is simply a of three" I'Um to find out bow much :YOU may add: Thus: multiply S5 by 100 (less the amount of normal moisture in the leaf to bacco), divide by 65. Then subtract from the dividend the normal, and you will have the .quantity of water you may add. the normal moisture is 15, thom Sti multiplie4 by 85-2. 975. which divided by 65-45 50 65. ;Subtract the normal 15, and you have 30 60 65 as the amount of water you may add to 100 lbs. of unmanufactured tobacco with a normal -<>f I 5 per cent. What security have the l'gtailer8 against ndon. Thi8 firm .are manufac of the nl)mer .. us inRt ruments usod in chemistry, and are very old _established. Mr. Mercer, the of the firm. told our re{1resentative that hi finn bad prepared the moiKure' in to'baceC', in accoraauce wit h the Inland .Rnosnbe' 'l'bey comprised a baltu1ce, set of weigbt.e, copper water dryingoven thermometer, tin pans, Bunsen burner, and The plan to adopt in testing tobacco is to take a portion represen ting the bulk, and from that portion to take 100 grains, or any other 'veight will do. The object of this is to get a fair average sample. Two. at !ea-t. of samples should be put in tin pans whose weight a1e knowa. Then weigh the pans again with the tobacco. place the pans in the copper drying-oven, see that the water iu the oven or bath boils to get to 212 llegreee. then heat for about six hours. The samples should be weighed several times during the heating. until the weight remains constant. The difference between the weight of the pan and tobacco when dry will show the moisture there was in the toba,cco. In reply to the question as to how the manufac t.urer could IU!certain the normal moi3ture in unmanufactured tobacco, Mr. Townson said the gjleration would be conducted in exactly the same way. He. added it was very neces eary to uae an accuralie balance. ILLYIITRATION: Weightofpan ................. 6UOcraine. and moist tobacco 164.00 dry 1154.00 Tobacco taken. . .. .. 100 h Loss by weighing. . . . 10 u Moisture ..................... 10 per cent. -Tobacco, London, Jlla111. ,-r "BReWN & EARLE, of PI.D.e Oi.M'ar& Factory 1307, 3rd Dletrlct, New Ycrk. ear. aa"th. S1iree1i a.:n.d 1s1i .a..-ve:n."U.e, PROPRIBTOBS o 'l'HJ: FOLLOWING POPULAR BRANDS : .. 1307." .. O"U.:r :a:ra.:nd." !"I 1 -Ftor d.e Palaeo, tu:Datleello, Weao, Gaaa1lell .'r)l'l'ee Bno& .l"aek, Climax, c;ra;ker, OrtentRl, -T,1'lo, Nickel P1ate, Nordeck, Queen Dee, I_vor7, Nix, Braud, etc., ete. ... .. _,.,,,...;.-; aaoler doe Laww tile lJalled ... LIQUORICE PAttE The undersigned continues to sell Pure TurkiBh Liquorice Paete under, the accompanying brand as man ufacturell by MacAndrews &. Forbes, of Smyma and Newark. Apply to C. McAndrew, 66 Water street, New York. A.t;e:u.1; Cor 1;be V:u.i:tod. ...,..._ I{a .o& '08 EAST 69tll.. .TUJ:T, liEW TOJUt. Ul7 PEA.RL ST., CAMBRIDGE Loea 01& (9ruu!Ued .A. pmely orlclnal Idea. .-........s of &he ID ......... &o-..-. ....... ViiPia ',IARBURG BROS., lUl 8, lit., .I.LTIII4P&B: 0(); HAYAliA. P. &, 00. UlPOB.TEB.S or Havana Lea.f Tobaeco and liUIB PEJ.A.B.X. II!!IT :N":&I'Vtl" Aad Clalaada del ll01ate 199, Ha......., LABEL AND STAMP VARNISH A SPECIALTY. THE B. AI.FO & CO., M.I.NVP.I.CJTVIUIJiia eJr HAVANA CIGARS. Trade LA J1JLIA Faotor,-Jfo. 113, :K::mv Fl.&. If-York otllao-No. 9'7 IIAIDEll LAJfE. ERNEST FKEISE, lliiPOBTJa& 011' Havana 8 Sumatra Tobacco. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. Jfo. Cigar Cutters KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, 129 &. 131 Crand Street, New York, PATENTEE!! ANI> l!IANUPACTIJRER!', FLOR DE ANSEEIO ZAMORA V lll1 o. BD. FINE v AJI4JO .. OIGA.BS. NOTICE:-I warn my old customers not to use any cigars but under the No. 89, as my name hM been used to sell spurious cigars. ... P.o. :a..JM. -.-v T. :Jr'1aA NOTICE TO THE TRAJQ:. The following La\lels and Brands are property, and we caution Manufacturen against uail'lg the same. Iu{rioaemeala will 1te .._,. CIJiiud. I SPANISH GIBL. M. A. MONTEJO, IMPORTER OJ' HAVANA TOBACCO: Trade:llarks: "America" & "Flor de 1. !.1.''9 191 Pearl Street, New York. B!&.R.O::BI' -&, cc::-;; CIGAR MANUFTRS I (FOR JOBBING TRADE.) I' ACJ1'0RIES :-lloo. 11 aad 188, Dlatriet 311:cl.o lllaautaetarero eC &he Clele...._.. ''Baron's Long Havana Filled Five Cent C fgar-. SOLE AGENTS : McKINL.t.T & SEKPLE .......... New y.._ P. Ga._err. Y. &...-,. GUERRA HERM'ANOS. Packers and Importers of HAVANA TOBACCO 172 Water Street, NEW YORK. l!etrella DB. HAVAK.A,;. Our latest sample collection just issued, contains : WE BEG TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF to $he desirable qualities of VASELINE as eompared with Olive, and othll!' oils. These advantages are: 1st. Entire freedom from rancidity, no matter what tempe1-ature or manip ulasion it is subjected to. 211. The superior finish and protection it gives the wrapper. I 3d. The frames, sheets and moulds are always clean, Rweet, and not subject to oxidatWn or rust, from accumulaW.ons of ecaying vegetable matter. 4th. Absolute purity and uniformity WU"anteed b.y us. Our price is 16 cents per pound nett, put up in fifty-pound tins, packed for shipment, two tins in a case, freight paid by us. Orders may be sent to us direct in New York, or th1 ough our Western agent. Mr. Henry U. Frankel, 151 Third St., Louisville, Ky who will also till urgent orders from stock kept by him for that pul"poee. CHESEBROUGH MANUFACTURING CO., SOLE lii&NUP&CTURERS, No. 24 &TATE STREET, NEW YORK HONEY COMB. RED HOOD. *BOODLE. GOLDINGS. LITTLE DANDIES. SHIP SHAPE BE LIT A. ALDA. OLD FISHERMAN. COLD SNAP. Tl;is set has the-popular O.rc! 'Zbp. FROM Witsch & Schm.itt, 94 BOWERY, NEW YORK. Red Stocking, New Magnet, Little Sunbeam, Garnet, Prime Choice, National Gem, La Viloria, Jerome, Our Club, La Scala, White Queen, Hudson Club, Miss Polly, Our Set, Rosa Fi And a large assortment of Fancy Blank Labels and Elegant Embossed Flaps.


, 8 I Soml Leaf Tobacco lnsDection And Warehouee Company. C. LINDE, HAMILt.rON. & CO., E"'ropr:l.e'tor f Principal Oftlce:. 142 WATER ST., N ,EW YORK ':fOBACCO INSPECTED, SAMPLED AND STORED. G -:cl1'tln for each Case when oto.ed &nd delivered Case b7 C&8e aa pllr WMeo bouae Numbar. I CJOUXTB.T SAJIPLIXG PB.OliiiPTLY ATTEXDED TO !'" ,...;..l"'gV ..a.:n.:m::a:oU&::I!I& -HUDSON B.IVEB. B.. B.. DEPoT, 86. Jehn' Park. GB.EE:RWICB ST., Roo. 'U, 76 and 78, PEARL ST., Roo. 1'18, 180,182aa.d 188. EAST 3:W STB.EET,Nos.408, ,08 aa.d 410. WATER ST., No. U2, :LANCASTER, Pa., Warelaouoe IM.K.PrlaoeSt. :EI:H...A.:N'ClEII:J!ll&l PHILADELPHIA-A. R. Jl'(iCiGERAY. 68 North ll'ront Street. Pa,-H B. TROST 118 S. Queen GEU, FOfU o.-;N W. l'!ALES. 9 Front Street. UAYTON,__O.-H. 0. W. 8R088E sua W. W. HALES, !II South Jellerson 15treet EL!ft'IKA, No Y.W. H. LOVELL. lft'ILTON .;J1JN()TION, Wla,-T, B. EAllLE. .. A.NK :JOHN T. l!IELLOR, ;,r. &, OC>. l!rC>B.A.O.OC> STORACE. 1.49 S'tree't, lSI Y'c:>rk.. IF' COU111TBY SAJIPLIN& P'B.OMPTLY ATTENDED TO .J.Q BB.ANCBES-LANCJA.STBR, Pa,: F, 15CHROEDER. 21 North Queen ot.; J. C ffiVIN, 238 ...... h ll&ry st.' CONNE()TICJUT: F. SlSSvN, :M5 State st., Hartford; C E GRIFFING, Danbury; .... IALL, New Miltord EDGl!BTON, Wls,: C. L D.t. YTON0 0,: W T. :I>.LVIS 124 Sceal'S st. DALTII!IORE, Jnd.: ED. WISC HMEYER & C O ., 27 So u t h Calv ert st. JW.J:ARTIN & BROADHURST, TOBACCOS FOREXPORT, 195 .PEARL. STREET, NEW YORK. W"" Tabacos Exclusivamente para Exportacion. _:THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., ,. Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Export, ( 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, j Established 1836. J.&.&. D'.l:. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, '77 Jrrc:>Zll.'t I!!II'tree't, 'York... EXPORT ORDERS FOR PL1JG T6HACCJO PROMPTLY .-ILLED, MAMVFACT1JRER fl(l' Cigar Boxes, A.nd lm.porter c,l GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, {Sole A cent fOr l!lesoro, OSENDR CECK k CJO,) SAW IU.ILLa FAVTOKYo 311 4. 313 E. lith St., 315 to 3.21 E. lith St. N'J&.1'2d ATenu e "Y"c.:a.:rk -LEVY BB.OTHEBS, IN H: CIG-...A..RS -l OOr. Avenue 0 d3 181ih S't .,.. TD.S TOBACCO. T4EA.F. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, OF CIGARS. 424 to 432 East Fifty-ninth St., New York. Pao'tory 81!1, &rd. Ool.J.. :E):I.B'to TO CIGAR 'MANOFACTOB.ERS. WORKS PERFECT. T. H. MESSENGER & CO .. Dll'Oll'rER8 AND J)ll:ALERS 1111 Leaf Tobacco, Cigcn. LICOHICE PAS'rE, 181 IIIAIDEN LANB, NEW .i'O&&. Loaf 'tobacco in Bales and ilogsheadsmr Markets, WORKS SANCHEZ & CO. llft'POR'I'ERS OF Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, 169 Front Street, New York. ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, ltlau unaetu.rer ol GIG-...A..RS. Factory No. I 030, 3d District. 341 to 351 East 73d Street, :N'EJ"'gV DAVID H .IRSH & CO.. A. LOWENSOHN, Paekers of SEED LE.A.F Importer aa.d Exporter ot And Dealera In TOBACCO and CIGARS, Havana and Sumatra Tobacco. 137 Maiden Lane, 111 Pearl St., New York. NEW YORK. LC>U":J:& GR,.A.FP, THE BEST ALL"TOBAOOO CIGARETTE ."BETWEEN THE ACTS." -. The above Brand of H,& VANA TOBACOO CIGARETTES made oD17 by DEPOT AND ACENCY 011' THE lllANUll' AC'l'URE OJ' C.)W.,!IL & !1 :EI.<:E:aii:O:R.:JB, -A2254 a. 256 Canal St.,. Oorller of Kim St., :N'e"''IOV' 'Yorllll.. Bondy & ... 1 SAWYER, WALLACE & CO. lllanufkctlll'en of And Dealers In _7 LeafUobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave., 11'1. .Tame BraMel. r W. L. Hahn. HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO. r .,. ... 9 C _IGAR MANUF Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d st. I Factory No. 8, 3d NEW YORK VALIANCE CIGAR .HANUFACTORY. Christian Jensen, Manufacturer PROPlUE'I'OR .' -OJ'-OOMMISSION 18 Broadway, New Yorl G. B.EUSENS. WELLES BillLDING, IS .It 20 P. o. Rox suo. NEW YOIUL JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBAGCO 64 Broad &"t.., ,N'EJ"'gV 3-0Bl.V CA.'l*l!OS., Tobacco Brolor, 13'llfAYER ST., lEW yoa HENRY SIEBERT .. Tobacco and Ceneral Commission 78 Broad Street. .N'EJ"'gV "Yo:n.:a::. 334 East 63d NEW YORK. CIGARS. EIUL A. STOPPEL,. John Brand IMPORTERS OF AND P.i.()KJAl8 Co., HAVANA Seed Lea.f T:baccc:::a, 60 'to 5-l -"f"ICES. 125 Malden Laaa, Ell.zn.:l.ll:'a., N". Y'. 1:1 ( l WOOUfJOR TO H. B.AD.t;B .It SOW. TOBACCO BROKER, No. 24 Beaver Street, 'YO:I'4.:K., FERDINAND TOBACCO Commission Merchant. 78 & 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW YORKM. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobaccot 191 Pearl Street, New York. Tobacco Cmnmission Merchant \ FE1nchurch Buildings, London. E. c .. England, ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf HAMMERSCHLAG M'rG CO., liJ:AIIi' liP AClTtl'RERII Oil' 182 & eM GB.EENWICB sT., XEW TOILK. Hammerscbla,g's Paper. :Po:r Bold ... ............... 0. oiOURCEIISIEN, 88 Malden New Bronb1 Pllont GroBs Bolo Load Boals WITH BU8SIA HK!II:P COIUJ. 'l'he SAJ'EST ...,. BJIIJT CORDING SEAL and CORD tor .-.ling cases cont&Wng Cigars and Tobacco, etc., yet offered to public. Oar Or0116 Hole Wire Lea.d Seals are in use bv mO+tt of ihe Truak LIDes, prominent Railroad Freight Lin"" aiod Ex Comp&ales throughout tbe country. WbeD case& are aealed with these aealll, r&ilroads ea.rry lhem u treJclt.t, illlllteo4 of4oubl<> llnJt.cla8s as is done whon ..-.. --. 'E. J. BROOKS & CO., 51 DEY STREET, NEW YOBlt,-LEAF TOBAGGO 191 Pearl Street, New York. l, 18-36 HAMPDEN ST., SPRINCFIELD, MASS. :&"ao'tory lSI o. 1. 10th D:l.'tr:lo't. A. PERSON, HARR,...A.N & CO .. -I -._' 223, 225, 227 & 229 East 73rd St., New York.' Factory No. 160, Third Distri-ct. I EDw.A.R.DRosBMWALD, IsAAc RosKM'wALD, HENRY Rosli::NW uU. D I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I & nf TobacCo, 146. WATER STREET, NEW YORK. 166 Water 6t., New Yorke ELUS 8PING.l.RN, ___ SAKUBL H. SP!NG..,.,. E.SPINGARN &Co. IMPORTERS Oi' and Sumatra,. AND PACKERS OF Seed leaf Tobacco 5 Burling Slip, w.!'r!."'St. New York. Cha.s. F. Tag & Importers of Spanish Asd Dealers In ell kiDds of LEAF 184 Front St., New York. E. M. CRAWFORD & SOl. TB.EADWELL.J. B. Tobacco Co., L IMPOfRTJ!RSTANDbDBAI.ERSIN ll!IITATION SPANISH LINEN A.ND FAN()Y STKIPII!D ()OTTON GOODS 'V.A... ea 0 acco, l!IAN1JFACJT1JRER8 OF .4a7.., 4':: 'Yora. fiNE BRIGHT NAV.IES, TWIST,. COILS, 168 Water St., New York. w:VENABLE(JaCEo. Light Pressed and Smoking M .. OfBce:-Cor.ofB:yrueand,Halila.:aa:Str;et.,PETEBSBUitG.VA. B ANNE R y.oBACCO c OMPANY eaf Tobacco, Faetory:-19 Dr.trlet, Vlrr;lnla, L Mamltacture and offer tQ the Trade the toUowlug l:lele1>ra&ed Branda ot PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DET.ROIT, 138 Water St., New York. liial>;?lfaD.J' Na!Y 111 .aod Be115la 8Dd :ReadY., l'IDII& ST. GEORG'If, Drlch' Navy, MIG Jl'l VE ... M f IUOGUI., .. .. TRIX AND .J'OK.lUf., u 8P.&.I!:.&D EAGLE, Black Goods of e&eh of above gnLdeo Aloo a gre&t Yarlety of. ]l'lae OoGds &cfa.pted eopeolalJrtD .. Southern traAJ.e, under the following popular brands:-- BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, ADMIRATION, FLORIM2L and RAPIDAN, TbetoYowinlt are ou; ior the ale otour Goods:-C. W. VAN ALSTINE. t3 Oentral Wbarf, 808ton,; ARTHUR HAGEN &: CO; f8 North Front Street, Pbila.delphla, Pa.; F. F. O 'REILLY, 225"' Commercial Street, Portland, Me : W G. ADAMS, 97 Water Street, New Yor.k Cltr.; Will SEEAR, Charle!lt<>n. S 0.; P .. R. EUIIANK, 78 South Avenue. A .tlants, Ga. ; E. R. FBRGU Jacksoo, .Miss.; S. Q. SEVIER, L1ttle Rock. Ark. i N.H. CliiRISTlAN, Galveston, Tea::. ; J T TOWNES,_50 Randolph Str.eet. ChlcaJl'O. ni. : p. E CONES 98 Jellerson Avenue, .J?etrolt, ; L. P. BTEBN, Pittsbur,gh, Pa. ; P. W. CAVA.NA..GH, Om8.6a.. Neb.; F 8. LA WREftfCE Jl188. The p.c J. SORG CO.'S. F.A.:M:C>US HEAD'' :.?L'UG. TOB.A.OCC>, Unive sally Popular, has met wih a Greater Sale since its introduction than any other Plug in the Market. .rao1:ory -.M::XDD.X..EITO'VV:N. 1 a.uraeturera ot the Hirsch Victorius & C Banner Brand Fine Cut o. .. tHAF TOBACCO, SAllll. B. SCOTT and BEN, HAXTON Clear. v;..,H,Tell"t,Pres. JII.B.l!lllla,VIce Pres. Kenjo'F.Hnxton,Sec.&ndGen'lManager. 169 WATfR ST., NEW YORK.' ZW:.A. 'Y' JOS. LEDERMAN & SONS. IIIOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE French Cigarette Paper, .ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOB THE 1), 8. .AND CANADA. OP TOE Clay and Briar Pipes.'t't,.. ,,dAper,. :1.:&:1. 1 ROOBB l1f PAB.U, c:IE BEltANG'ER, .... Paeken and Dealer In L E A F T 0 B A C C 01 140 MAIDEN LANE, B e t. Water cl Front Str.e e te, NEW YORK',... L. SPEAR & CO.. Pacllen.., seed. T e s '6 .......... Havana Tobaeoo. IMW..., .. ael,llewYadl.l I'


, MAY21. IJnlolf ()ri'DBUG, HJ:KitT o-u&i4-liaaw< OrftNBBIIO. S. OTTENBERG & BROS a.tJIDl"ACi'UBER8 Oi' FJNE CIGARS, 340-342 E. 23d St., New YoFk. M. H.' LEVIN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, .A.lm D' IN ALL KINDS or ro co. Cer. ,-Jew York. il. tiE. NOEL & 8110 I CHAMPIDI Clf4f ft'lOliY. Factory No. 278, 3d Oist., N. Y. --""" of &Wlihra...a ..... ...., of ()Jcar.J Qu.-n Elizabeth, Queen of Scota, La Flor de Cubana, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetetlt Thing on Hanci. Romeo,. Royal Eaale, The Fem. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445-"7 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK. IBllnfactorurs nf Ci!ars, S "'. .bJuo "' t n. 0 c c 0 o. /Av 'fO'\f.. alii r a .A.-D a -.>t Bowery, Ne'lf -OFd::! CO ., A. Lichtenstein. Son & Co LOUIS GRAFF, SOLE AGENT, llaaafaelrere ot c I GJI.B.S,. ...... ... .. 309 E. 59th St., New York. H. w. STOVER & co., A. GO., SUI!TI! &: J!V! TOBACCO' CIGARS, Bremen, Germany. l. 0 and I Dth St., hw Yurt L. GERSHEL & BRO., Pollitz a Michaelis, SEEJrLifFDToBicco, Sun1atra Tobacco, 191 PEARL ST., AJISTERDAK, HOLLAND. L: z=m: New York. G. REISMANN, c. F. DUYS, ]R.t, COIMISSIUI MERCHANT Asent for Amsterdam firms SUMATRA and JAVA LEAFTira1of SUMATRA TOBAcco,, l'f8 W.&TEB :NEW .. 12S Maiden Lane, New York. DAVIDSON. BROTHERS, Havana and Seed Leaf Tobaccos 143 WATER ST., -llaWen Lane, M'e"VV TOS'lll.. G. HARKEMA, LUKWEL & TIELE, SWORN TOBACCO BROKER sworn Tobacco OF ROTTERDAM, SIUilple Rooms: Brakke Grond. to Mlllaiead &hemHIYu torOAoe: 0. z. VOORBURGW .&L 288 pareh .. e or 8nma&ra and .Jaya To' haec on 1he Datcla ld:arke&a. Amsterdam, Holland. :.;:v:::re. &q. 4t Bread ... Factory No. 26, 3rd District, ft'.&TII ep ._,.. ,lfORK. Baaoh & Fischer, I =Tffi 1 Woar al ea JIBW YORIL i .. .. JIOI!8III. 8. ROSSIN & SONS. YH U ,U. f. -VB, I ". S. E. cor. First Are. & 74th St. 1' Aera ot tile f'oJlewlag Celebrated et FINE-CUT CHEWINC & SMOKINO .TOBACCO. Chewing: : Ho t Aromatic. Smoking: Peer!ess. Excelsior, Standard. ..... "C';aE::m:m, "''D'V':J:&. JOHN P. GOELZ & CO .. J. G. FLINT, Jr., l!UNUF ACTUREBS OF CIGABS, FINE CU_ L _CHEWING Mauofaetarer of na to 299 Weot Water Street. Smoking Tobacco, Second Ward Bank Building, MILWAUKEE, w1s. F Milwaukee. Wis. -------------TOEJA.CCC CUTTING MACHINE. t .,o ".: 9 &, 00., ::J::n:Lpor'ters of van..a .&l'ID P&CJKEBS OF Seed Lea.f Tc:: "ba.ccc1 248 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. o--us-r..&. -v TOBAC'CO & CIGAR AGENCY, 1 4.1 "VVraloah 4Ch:l.oaco,:, ::r.11. AGEXOIIIS-llcOOY I: 00 .. Now York; L.U!DAUER .& lUIJI, Hedilua Grade Cf&an. ew York; H W. PRA-GER, llnufactllrer ot CherJUI, New York; GA.RCIA. 1: VICGA ) (formerly .t ownera ot u La Ouquetdta and "La Ro&a De Mayo" brands. New York and Baana., Calle Hava '\."ll::. IKOO ; TOL-EDO DeLEON, m nufacture111 ot Exclwdvoly Bp&nloh Baud-Made

10 8altiJnore A.dvertiseme.uta. &, T.A.XTT .. 1'inporters of Havana WM. A. BOYD c!: CO., AND PACKERS OP SEED LEAF TOBACCO. CDmmisslon Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. !07 ARCH STRE.'ET,. PHILADELPHIA. w-TET-TER-BR-0&., i I Packas1t. Merchants aad Wllolesale Dealers in { .FOREIGN .&, OO.MESTIC LEAF TOBACGO, l 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. .A.:n.d Paokera or. ... .. .aa .south Baltimore. E. BATCHELOR & CO., .Packers of Seed Lear a.nd Importers of Havana. Q.Dd Sumatra Tobaccos ::t 09 N'orth. B1:ree1:, Ph.:l.1a.de1ph.:l.a.. I &, CO., EENGALNUFACCRiEROOTS,f .&.lao IDlpor&era of Cigars, Cor. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, of f.bie Cut and Smoking Tobacco -ANI>-LUKUI'J Fine Cut In Foil. JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO., PACKERS OF SEED LEAF and DEALERS IN TOBACCf' JULil'JS V.ETTERLEIN, M .. E. McDowell & Co., 603 & 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, Paper Ta.w Tc:ba.ccc: -ANDBLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Genuine D -URHAM Smoking Tobacco. New York: Boston, PittsbntR:h, ChiGa[O: Louis and CinGinnati. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, WH0LESA Lh: DEALERS IN 8lfAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A z-g. Aooortment of all kinola ol Leal Tobaooo ooaotantly oa hand. : S K!MBALL d Other. Brands of' Smokinc Tobaooo. Aloo "HEKDE DE LA BEINE," "SWEET NIICCJT.A.B,tt &J>d Bl'llllda of Paper &Dd A.H-T obacco Clgare"""New York Office: South Washington Square. T. J DUNN & CO., S"ta. "tes. O:l.g-a.r :IWia.:o. u1"a.c"tc:::ry, ...... D1l'NN. B0'7B09 1VOE'I.'T::O:: ::BE'I.C>.A.:J:) &or !10 HENRY HETIIIANN, .._rr No.1, Phlladelplla.. Theobalrl & Oppenheimer,. .BATCHELOR BROS., MANUFA.CT'JREI!S OF Maauracluren oC PINE CIGARS KEY-EAST AND EALERS IN t CIGARS, Spanish and Leaf Tobacco, Jio.lll North Thi.rol Stren, 1!131 Cllestnut St., I'HIJ,AD&PHIA. '' B .B. PHILADELPHIA AGElm! -TBs ot:. PS'l'llllll CINCINN ... Tl CIGAR JIIQ lil. STR.+.PB. ID!o. GUGGENHEIMER & co .. i MANUFACTURERSOF PACKERS OF LEAF I GARS, Havana Tobacco Hanna and Domestic Leaf TobaGCO Toether wloh the L A Stoek of I Cor. Lombard & Cheapdde. "P 07-" 'D" H G-1'T E! .A. C <> "....;"y ouse---n...;,;& ;.;. ;.;;ta;.;;te p_ A-:SR-A..USS & 00., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO _.A_B_B.A_u_ss .... ____ N'.......;;o..;.' &'T:J:-I.EE'T :.::-:13::J:X. -XJEX.P .... J .---.-. W. M JACOBS EIE::N' J. L.A.EIEI, Paoker aaa Dealer In TOB.A..CCO, Dl and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. IIIITABLISHED 18.8. ll t'6 to It' If. lloaqomery A vo:n.a., PHILADELPHIA. JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., Importers of Havana A1Q) PAOD:IIS OJ' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 39 Cerman St. Baltimore. We D.vlte tbe attenti&n of Manufacturers to our lto>ck of Dark He.wea&ed. Wrappers, of "hlch we make a specialty. MAY 21. I. L. DUNLAP & CO., W. G. :MEI-'ER & co. Adrertisements from East, Wesu Sontb. ....... "'" te .Jno. B. Cl-.t & .C.. LOUISVILLE, K:y c INc INN .AT I' o., Hlln application. M. ROBINSON & Co. 225 w.2d&52U c .... tra\Ay, __.52. :I: lSI' O:J:N"N' .A. 'T:J: C>. W. BEST, Chicago; LORIN PALMER, Now York; W. H. RUSSELL, Cblcago. :Bes-t, &, Cc::., Successors te JOHN C PARTRIDGE .t CO. WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS. Sole Proprietors of the Genniuo r GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' Gi[art 3'7 X.a..IE.e &1:. a.u.d. 4ol. &'tate B"t.1, :J:1l.. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWIYG WELL-KNOWN J'IRI!lS:-ITRAITON .t STORM'S Clga!8 aod Cigarette.; D H. & CO.'S Tobaoco LOZANO PEN DAS & 00.'8 Havana ()igaro: :& F GRAVELY'S Plug Tobacco; w. T BLACKWET.L & CO .. Durh&!R. N. J. J. BAGLEY MII.Y"FL0WER," Dotruft. Mich.; J. W. CARROLL S "LONE JACK," bu!'K._Va.-, GOODWIN &CO.'S "OLD JUDGE''eTobacco and Bigarettea, '8 BII:TWKEN THII: A.CTS." &Dd KINNEY TOB.+.CCO CO.'S Cigarettes. AGENTS .FOR E. B. GATO'S KEY WEST CIGAllS. WM S KIM}lALL & CO'S VANITY FAIR TOHAI'I"C & ClCiA}(E:CTES ROOHE.}I'EX, N. y :MIGHTY NAVY TOBACCO WORKS. E. 0. A.X.X.EN', Pre>pr:l.etor. MANUFACTURERS OF PLUG, FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TC>BA..CCC>S. -..+.ND. CXG-.A.R.&, 18 Central Wharf, Boston .. t', a. KAYQ. !'llOiuJi ll.111N81A P. it MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND, VA. 81ftAJIIJIIJDID BY ROBJ:lft' A. KAYO wt. Oril!ilnators cl the Ryle ILIOil """"' -.A. 'V"Y" :a .A. 0 NAVIES A. SPECIALTY IX ALL 8IZE8, JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant For Pnrelaaaoof' LEAF TOBACCO, a,:J:O:S:DO:JSI 'V .A.. V. S. WRIGHT. Successor to-Edwari Peynado & Co. I>IREC'l' IMPORTED OF CHOitE HAVANA \!OLE AGENT FOB Lozano.Pcndas & cu Cigar Hanna Goods tH. 43 S Wat!!f Street, Chicago, Ul. PIPER HEIDSIECK PLUG TOBACCO. FLA. VORED W1T1I T1111 CELEBRATED PRONOUNCED BY JUDGU CH.+.HPAG!!E WINll The Finest Chew Extant. PirER BEIDSIECK. NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, X.O'D"X&'V:J:X.x.:m, :K r. WANTED. S. O'NEIL, omo SEED iiiFalTOBACCO R. & W. JENKINSON, Or4er Cor Export and Home Trade PITTSBURGH, PA Promptly A.ttended To. SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. Manufactoi'J: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va. Orders respecttuny solicited and to. Price List sent on applieatlol\. Suooeo110r to Salm.oa, Haaoook & Ca. FINE COIL, llt&NUFACTU:RE:a OF LIGHT PRESS, TWIST, NAVY and SUN-C,.....O"R..,.,ED V .A.. PETERSDVRG, VA. PAUL C. VI!N.ABLI!, Leaf .Tobacco Broker, DANVILLE, VA, Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, RICHMOND, V.&.. REED 4 McCEE, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, RALEIGH, N. C. W. A. BOBBITT, Leaf Tobacco Bro"er, OXPORD, N. Q, H. T. JENKINS, Leaf Tobacco Broker,. WARRENTON, 1(, C, L. C. SCHEF.FEY 4 CO., Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, LOUISVILLE, K l' HBNDERIION, KY. T. H. PURYEAR. Buyer of Leaf Tobacco, P&I)UCAII. KI, M. H. CLARK 4 BRO., Leaf Tobacco CLARKSVILLE, P.&DVCAH, HOPKIN!!IVILL& C. 4 R. DORMITZ:ER 4 CO. COM.MIB8ION lllEBCHAN'I'S AND Dealers in LeafTobacco 2 N. lllala sc. 1 sc. Lout, MO. &, SXZE::a.., c. J. MORRIS, ManldBeturen or the eetebl'ilted Leaf T 'obacco Broker, "PlJRITY" Granulated, Cut Plug, Long Cut and EvusviLLE, IND. "RALEIGH" Cut Plug; _P_.A_R ... c B .. ROS I _ES. "FAVORITE" Cigarette and LongCut;' Tobacc o .,_ STRAIGHT WEB" Cigarettes and Cut. Paradloe 81"' Llnrpeol, Eaa. n.xc::a:JM:ON"D, v A... .JACOB L. FB.EY, Dealer ID aa4 Paeker Of PRAGUE & MATSON, tEAF toBAcco BROKERs & REHANDLERs, Leaf Tobacco, CXN"CXN"N".A..TX, C> .. 213 W .. t Kine Street, LANCASTER, PA. 1PANISH CIGAR FACTORY. -AND-" Commission M _ercbants, LASA & 31 sT:aEET .802 Chestnut and 29 S. lith St. XOOKE BROS., M. KEMPER & SONS, ED.G.FOREE, N.FUREY. GEO.A.FOREE. F. X. KELLY, Jr., T!llan0 .... c'L"r oTrtlleEc ...... :;:; Foree HAPPY THOUGHT J AS. A. HENJJHRSON & Cu. .ao North Delaware .Avenue. PHI1ADELPHIA. ----PH IL.ADELPHI.A. "' Tobacco Agency, Atl Long Havana Filler 5c. Cigar, SEED LEAF TOBACC0,-1 FINE NAVY TOBACCO, 111 ... ., J!a. 13 4 16 Cheapside, 116 West Lombard St., LOUISVILLE, K:y. WILSON 4 McCALLAY'I (WRITE FOR AGENCY. ) B<IIIOR.E. ::B.A..X.'T:J::Da:C>1'1..EI n.I.I:XJo N. E. A...,nts:-A. R. MITCHELL & CO .. Booton. PLUC TOBACCOS. Di:A.LEIIS IN VIrginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, :J:)a..;D":I.11e. "Va. Smok.,.,. "o/ a 8pedalt7. .Refe,_._ 41. N, ...,_, 1'. X. Jill.-. 0. I


I MAY 21. Business Directory of Advertisers. JfEW YORJL 8eod /AGfo:Jft. 11111 Frcat '-U&lll11, ToMcoii:Diva Sole,llo,pa&o v-uno. (Ia 11 I .,. Jltc. Oo It State. -CX9atr ..If_,..__ --8.4 00, 1'19-1l!ll Lewis .. _JI ___ 1'. .J.u a,,_. Label aad Rtam'J' Varnish. Beed Chao 0 ad Co. 112 East 14th 1\.hacco Sugar. Bavemeyen a Elder, lli Wall. .a.LBAII'Y, Jll', Y, .IC..,...fae!vnorl of Qreer .. A. So 822 :Kroadwa.Y .&IIIS'rBRD&JD: HollaDil. DJlert fR .!Um.atJ'a. TobGcco. Polltts & llllchoells rol)ac o -Br,,_.,. Barkema G 0. Z Voorburgwa.l 286. AB.NHEIIIl, Hollaad. DWa. in sumatra and Java Tobar.oo Fro'lfeln It Co BALTIJIOI\E, lid. .&kd Leaf and 7\lbstiCe Jt Bo7d W A. &; ('o, 81! South Bro&. 98 Lombard Xem-M. d: SoDS, 116 W. Lombar4. Kerckhoff Ill. Oo. 4V ttollt!l Ub&rta lllert'eld Joo. omootl< Toloaooo. Beck A. & Q.. 44 and 46 DearbOrn. Bandhagen T 17 W Rand&lph llunert u. 11131 E. ll&ndolvh Butter Jtro>hero. tllb and 157 Jo!G...,,.. o/ PJ ... O.I OlwJtoi"f /k. 8aoilm9 To/), -.II. .t Co. 44 and 46 Dearborll GAd Jf'/'n' Agn.a:. Beot. ;a.,...u Oo. lfl Lako and 0 Btate Mnftn. of Tin Filii. Oroolo:e Joh)l J 84 Franl/wr. 'lbe 11:. D .A.ll>re Co. llllr>-78'1 W. Otll, Ci(Jar mftd TebcJcco Broiler Jobn8o w. A. 18 West 2d. MeiM' IL a: Oo. Newburgh L., 143 W Pearl. 7'oOGCCO ()01R.Miln011-l'ra&'UO If. VIDe and Front Ge4H Olgar-bO:o: Co"' 91 Cla:p. 8. w 118-1111 ... Canal --of 'l\a Ro-J. Jl.& Oo. w lid and eiOeootral .ll.'Y Tol>aOOO Jolanutactven. Dulllap A. L & Oo. 6811: lid lAG! 7bl>sg &molllla{l 7'oll. CHid American Earle Toba oo Oo llaDDel' To()o, IIJI-69 LaTned at D11B.HAJI, Jf, Co .,..,...,...,_,ors.....-.Durb&m Tobaceo Co, Lyon Z L and Oo. .,.. of Jlla.,_ll' DuriMnol BII.Ckwell' Durb&m Tobllceo Oo. Dealer in Leaf ToMcce. (Jebenl W. H. D.A.YTOJI',O. l'el1ooo ........... OutU. Bnckeye Iron and llnoB& Werko. J'udtll' t.Nid ./:NtJJM:I .,. c.. BMJ. o._w.s. &VADVILLio. Ja..a. 7'o11GC00 ()oMtrrfOII ....,.olaaU&. -o.J.aeo .. R.A.lUtLIIfTONt 111. CJ. lAo/ 'l'o&-160 Iodustrla street. CUeto Juan & \JO,, Estrella 1t. Colmenaree & Prteto, Calle de San Rafael 115. Mora & Co. Calle del Rayo 28. no Junco &: Corulo, Belalco&ln 14. La Gran&d.ina, Calle de San Rafael 00.101. Lopez )lo.nuel & Co., FiJi .llloatel\19 Roger Pedro 49 Factona street. Jl,enduele.; & Calle del Rayo 63. Bodr!rlle Manuel, Estrella 188. Bel&U &; Garcia, Slt.ioa 117. JIEII'DEJUOII' 2-Br.. ill&1tPter G. G HBifDBRII01110 If. CJ, ---Lewis &: TilomJIA, DeGkr in Haa"a aftd Dom'1hc liiJtchelaon J 0 & Co 801 DeJaware at KEY WEST, Fla. Mtt-nufacturere or Clgan. A.ltonao B It Co. Angulo J R. 'anala B. Oonele L. B. Z&mora A P. 0 Box 134 LANOAS'J"ER, Pa. PaokenJ of and Oea.lera ID Le&t Tob&ooo. Jrrey Ja.coo L 213 W. Mt Bklleo .._Frey> Duke lit Insurance aJ]d Real Estate. Ball8lll&ft lt Burns, !0 W. Orange St. LIVERPOOL, Ea& Tobacco Brok8'rs. Parry 4 Oroobl ... 28 Paradise t..ONDOI'I, Enu:. Tobacco, Cigar aud Leaf' Merc.ban1 llraJf L 6 Feachurch Buildings, E. 0. LOUISVILLE. K:r Plug .IC ..... ,.,acn.r .... Forf'le Tob&eco Co. PIIDJefor It 0... 18th and MaiD uaf roeaoeo. llleler W G & Co. 7bbaccoBr-.. C<awa.r Junes J'. comer Blc'htb aU llaa ImfX)rUr oflla-OlgGr. Wri&'b$ V.i. ""CJntttacftu-en .Agent. 8cbelfey L. c. It Co., 184 4th ... Tobacco Comtn.i88ion Mercha.nt. Nuh Gfo.o. P 1014 West Main st Peerleao Pl"l'( Tobacco llachlne and Tobaceo lla.nufacturei'B' duppllea. Ft:ukel H. U 151 8d Too. Mttftr' Lico t e, Flavor, de. Jungbluth & &:uteroerg. LYNCHBURG, 11a. Jlatt".fodurer oJ Oigaretcea Lone Jack Cigarette Co llauutacturer or Bmoklag Teloooco. Ad&m8 F. F. It eo. l!'liDt J G & Co JlattUfacfurer of Olgara, Graf Wm. It Co. Goelz John l". & Co. 293-299 West Water. NEWARK, N.J. Haautacturers of Toba.oco Oampbooll & Co. 20-22 BridtrO lit NEW ORLEANS, L&. Mnjtrs v r Red. Oro'' Hav''"" Ciga ettea. Ramon, Havana Cigarette llfg, Oo JfEWPORT, KY. Jfa-nufactu,.crt of O.garBoz LuMber Livezev I, W & Co. OXFORD, 111. C. Leaf Tobacco Broter. Bobbllt W,/t. PADUCAH, KJ' l'nryMr T. H. c PETERSBURG, Y ... ...._,..,.,.,.,.. O/ PIUfiGM cmd m Leaf TooloooocO. V.,...bleB. W.&Cd. Buyer of Leaf T&bacco. BragrD. w PHILADBLPHJA. 8ood LN:If cmd a ......... Totoacoo w...-. Bambernl L It Oo. Ill Mch Jlatobolor 11:. of: Elo. 1011 N. Water ..... LewiiBon& S!l!l!lorth T1llrd -4 Taitt 10'1 Mch Freyer 4 North 84 Labelo a1Ul 'IWmming. Harrill Qeo. B. & Son, ns of &otM Bwtll Stewart, Ralph .t Co. 141 .\Nb Street. PITTSBURGH. Pa. KAfrl of Thread .. u It MOd .ICdd ... Tol>aooo. J .... ltlB!OD B. & W, 919 Liberty Btreet QlJINCY, Ill. 81-Plug JtCJCIIi .... llrlal.f::'! Olflor 4.Daa &: GIBter. Paoe&Bber. -flof., Pl .... & Butler ct Wll8on. Haneook W. T. .._,.o P. B. & Bro 15 '1111. Ill Paoe J. B Tobaceo Oo. 1-'7-.. Crump, E T & Oo .. 4--li Oolumbiall Block. Dibrell w. E. Wiloolu.JI. JI. IIIUhloer. 00. 1808 JlaiD BOCJJIEIITEB, Jf, Y, .11,......,...,_. ef"8Mdd" J/'iM Ol&t, "BIU' ii;;;-; -""'.. ImJ)Orial" Larog Olot. Whalen B;cll. It Co. 11 lllllot JIGRU/'.,. of fltiM" ltrle OMt 4tld u W--" oM .lCzprNJ Tolxl.eeo WM!fliiT,1811Bl or'th. St., O:l:o.o:l:a.:a.a't:l, A:eo lllanufaoturer of the Veneered aod lmitatlon Cedar Ciga.rBoz Lumber. Sample farJahlaed on Application. Send for PrioeLiot, The only Factort In the '"e81 that carrie a CODIJlete atock of all Label Publh5hed. la the U ul1ed !'llotlUe. W. F. '.rHOIAS; VALUE OF FOREIGJf COIJfS. ll:)a:o.v:l11e, 'V'a. ,&ustri8 -Fl0rin or guil . . 19 8 Cents., Cento der............ ...... Japan-Yen........... 99.7 19 .8 Liberia-Dollar ........ 100 Bohvla-Peso.......... 96.5 M:uico-Dollar. ...... 90. 8 Brazll-.lllfi,els.... .... 54.5 Norway-'lrowo. .. liii.B Jlr1tish N Amenca.-Peru-Sol .. .. .. .. .. 88.0 Dollar . ... . 100 Portugal MOrels of Central Amer. -Peso.. 91.8 I,OOOrels ............. $1 08 Chill-Pes o, gold.. .. 91,2 Russi,.-Rouble ()f 100 Denmark-Crown... .. !18. 8 kopeko............... 73. 4 Ecaador-Peso . . 91. 8 Sandwich Ialands-Bol Egypt-Pound n! 100 lar .............. .' ... 100 piasters .............. $4 97. 4 Bp&ln-Peoeta of 100 LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, 'France-Franc... .. 19 .3 Cf'ntimes.... . . lll .3 Orders and Correspondence SoUcited. Great Brloaio-Pound B)l'eden-Crown,...... 1!8 8 sterHng .............. $4 8% Wiizerla.nd-Franc ... 19 3 Greece-Dre.chma..... TriPOii-Ma.hbub ot .20 Ger. Empire-Mark. 23.8 plasters.... . . 82 9 Holland-FJorin or r...... 4.8 Beet References Civen. der................. 38. 5 U S. of Colombla.-lndia-Rufee .. ,..... .. 45 84 'Peso .... ,.... . .. 91.8 A kilo equals 2.5 pounds. A pfenni g equals one cent. An Enli:lish shilling equals 24 '3;.8 cen s. An nglish -penny eq uals ..!. l G. PFISTERER, LAHR, ye and Rogers 111&chines, nnd make to order Knives of any pattern. P. 0. Boz 2183, SAI'L F. C. GREENE, NEW YORK. &;00-.. Paeker of aad Dealer in TOBACCO, CIGAR JANlJF AGTURHRS,I I ,Fine Clgar Leal a Speclalt)'. 322 E. 63d St., Ample Storqe a-. Ne-vv "York.-JULIUS ELLINGER cl3 co., CIGAR IANUF AGTURBRS :FACTOJUESt lEY WEST, FLA., and NEW YORK W. H. OSBORN, o!TicE, Leaf Tobacco Broker, sa-Murray st. NewYork DURHAM, N. C. Buying on Order a Specialty. Ed._ a. co. a-rea-Durb&mTobeccoOo.: E J Par-1 Tobacco Comm1ss1on Merchants, rioh li&Dk ot Dnrb&ai; Eng. Morehead <& Oo., B&Bkers. j 39 8, ()al'Yeri 8&., BaUIore, "';d Patontod-J 1Joltecl .......... ,. 11_, I Ill. = U U lCanada,Jaa. FOOT POWER Will make plugs of all .. s, 1 tu 4 inches wide &IUt' fro m 4 to l!Z inehes lo..D.2'. better and cheaper than any other nH.IChine in the rnarkAt. and is now in use In over one hun

I 12 GRAY,MORALES & DALTON Manufacturers of CUBAN HANDMADE. HAVANA CIGARS, 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. I llria'bliaJaed a'bo11t 1610. GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG, DEJT:U:OX..D, G-BR.lllo!E.&.2101 "Y, T-ypos:raph.or, ll!lzn.'bo-o:r-. Acnr Carcla .... FaDOJ' La'lteb for Beer, Wbaa, Fr111ta aacl Pr.._.. ... Cigar Box Labels a Specialty. -.r ll>r PriYa&e LaiHt .. eoaa&aaiiJ' oa llaDd, Orden neel'l'ed bJ' EOIUIIEYEB a: CO. d._ ... .., BW..t, Xow Yorl<.llolo ...__t., KIMBALL, 86 WAaB.J: AND DE u 1M!!! D1 2:.BIA.:IP TOEI.A.OOOe F-torT 186.24 Dbt., X. Y. lole Pr.prleron <>f Uut followlu&' Bt'Uibo-811A.Tt!IIU.L.t., BRO,.ZB lllBB4 .. BOS.t. DEL NOR'I'.IIC, RIO HOl'l-t PJ..I)B DB VIOLI bo-llt fl to make ONB QA.J..LOI'I of IITBONQ JI'L.&. -QD...,.,. el &meu.Dt. ft A1S) ll.A .. l'Hli'AC'I'UIIIII TOBACCO s.. a..a.rr ....-... 87 OOLJUlt4lii:J:.&. TR.BlDT TOH.2E. -IIANUJ'4C'l'UBERS OJ' THE CBL&IIBATBD-PLAIX FIXB O'UT OHBWIIIIG TOBAOOO IX BLUE P.APEBB U:Pll"8: SP.A.N'ZSH Ll CO RICE PASTE. z ...... 6 j ESSENCES for TO.ACCO Flavors of all kinde. ....... CJOJ.eaa l>r7 .... Llqalll. .U IPBC:Uio .......... If ................ J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., --168 Chamber Street, New York. lrloOB DJIC Jll.lNTA "Z.&.S0 L.l P-ICJHOJ. .. ROSES. l'IBW YORK, BISJIIJBT, BL. VJICGUIKRO!!I, OUR T-BITORY, B&n1pl es furnished upon appUcation. Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotcb, French Rappee,lmerican;entleman "B:J:G-N .&.:a:.. oae oa. Poll, .t.Io, Jl'lral aa Seeoa qaaUIJ' Smoktac, In Blae Papen, SWEETENED FINE-CUT--Dark and Li8ht Grape. Forest Rose. Club. aOd Dealera ro tbla SUPERIOR.,.. PVIW So l e AJienf'l for tileof Vlrglnla: x-r.. DA VEl'IPOBT "' IIIOBRIB, Bleil mODd.Va. Licorice Roo&-.lrqoD .&.H... sOiected and Ordlury. MAY .t.PPLB aD PRIZE LB.t.F' JI'INIIClVT, Ia Jl'oU. II }\ STRAIT ON & STORM, NEW YORK. II I :00 I oballvigorou.lyproaecuteanyinfringeruent,viz.:-RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, Also Pure Spanloh OllTe Oll In and Re8ned Spanish. It.alitul and Freoch, ta oaa1 and bottJes ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, All Cigars of our Manufacture bear the SPECKLED BEAUTY, DOTLET, Manfae&arera ot -- N ..__ F -BEAUTY SPOT, FRECKL,ED BEAUTIES. ,28 Beaver Street, New York. & CO., Banutaeorera of IDtenuu Revenue umuer WERTHEDI a: SCHIFFER, FINE HAVANA CIGARS, d. j o -td d/a/e __ -... 4oa-4oe Ea.t seventieth st., ... Y .. rk. 20, 22 4 24 cold st., FinD CUt & TOb8CCG. "DOUBlE 5" 2oz. FINE GUT. "lro:rk. &c., KINNEY TOBACCO COIPANY DEPOUOUBUBO-:POPUL&Uam. ALI.EN a GINTBB, 08-00Brl ....... N-N,J. oog leavetocallattentiontotheirnewPocket Case, in which they are now Leopold Miller a: Son, or-. ..... v -., Jacob Henkoll, their celebrated brand of cigarettes .._.. '-" .1.-,. 155 Chambers St., New York. Manutacturers of Fine Crades in Itu.Nu.a.crv RER oP SWEET CAPORAL STANDARD BR.ANDS OF CI&AI BOXES.' Cigarettes & Smok1ng Tobacco SUPER!ORMAKUNDPRIHE QUALrrYOP Cedar 'VVood. New York Depot...... .: 23 Warren Street. oF ALL KINDS oF Warranted abso lutely fre e from any flavoring or impurities. F inest grades of old and thoroughly cured Virginia and Turkish Tobaccos. Finest French Rice Paper. Highest Class Skilled Labor. All g oods made under our AREFUL PERSONAL SUPERVISION. LOPEZ & BARBARROSA, Daoufaeturer oC &be '' :M::J: V:EG-A.'' .&nd Other Brand et Depot in Chicago ............. 50 Randolph Street. San Francisco Depot .......... 207 Battery Street. Cigar-Box Labels, The only ge nuine bear the fac -s imile signature of FINE HAVANA CIGABS. Vesey Street. Rew York. Depot in London, England .. 55 Hoi born Viaduct. 297 Monroe &t. New York. LICORICE PASTE J. JH:. x...Ao -y-:z.w:.A.N". nonanco Mannfactou. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., WEAVER & STERRY, L:IIITED, '7'8 P:l:a.e &t:ree't, o,;;ov -r-o:rk. SPANISH LICORICE! GREEK LICORICE I o#Ie t& alll!lvlng It a orta1. LICORICE PASTE. Spanish Imported, in Bond or Duty Paid. g>!::::: :rradel!Jarlu "G. C." "F. G." & "Wallis Extra." l'or sale bJ' g, "" ArK"U.1.m. "ba "U. d3 'VV al.l.:la, Sole .t.cenla cor abe UaUed Slatett aad CJaDada., i g 28 aDd 31 SOUTH WILLIAM STJLJ:ET, XEW YO:RK.. .. _--4 R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY, .. SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED UCORICE PASTE. FLA VOB.S FOR SM:OKING TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PL'UG AND FINE-CUT TOBACCO. Special aUenllon a1ve.a 1o Maau.Cae1arer' Med.MJ' All st.ppe4 Pree Board. gpo-Samples funtishod and opecia l quotations given for any article required.-------THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY, 210 N. Ul!d &tteo'l9 OF SPANISH AND CREEl. LICORICE PAS'rE. ll!r(leDIC!DDlal Medal a.JW:anl.ed Cor -.-. ...... J!l MaDa.taei&ere." ALSO :M. & 1\, 'ERA14'D STICit LICORICE, ALL IIZES. s. V". &, F.:.:=-. &C", Jll.t.N11JI' .&.(JTIJRBBS OJI' I Aloe 'OEALEBS ba DRUGS aD4 LICORICE ROOT. D. BUCHNER a: co., 4 &traet, Dear Pearl c>NEJ:J::O.A. TO:B.A.OOO The Miller, Oubrul & -Peters Manufact g Co., OFFICE-173 4 175 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF .... ) anufacturers of Plug and Fine Cut Chewing c I y r+ I T Smoking Tobaccos. Snuff & Cigarettes. reaso ass OrdCB op, &OLD COIN CHEWING TOBACCO Tin Lined &Flange Top CIGAR MOLDS, Manufacturers of alit--=:I!.._ Etc Etc 8randeformeriJManufao.. tured bt T"oe Hoyt &Co. IPblla4alphla -eeD. llacbner a: ()o,, 218 Norah .. ...._ Vhleaa:o Odlee-D. DaGhnqo A: v 61 Waltah A.Teane. Naw Orleana Oatee-D, Btl<'llaer & lOot 14 Claoal Slreelo L. Jollnoo0 'Jf HaaoYer S&roelo G J]veetea. Tes--1 ... GIN' .. 'o. 413-417 E. 31st Street, cor. let Ave., New Yorkr 185, 187 4 189 E. Pearl St., Cincinnati, o. Depot and Apncy for the Pacific STJCCESSOR TO John Anderson a Co., M ANUFACTURERS OF THE c;'S 0 L A 0 a::n.d o"ther FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS. 114 and 1 16 LIBERTY STREET, MIXTURES FOR PIPE OR C IGARETTE. THREE KINGS, Turkish, Pel'ique and Virginia. MELLOW MIXTURE, Turkish and Perique. TIJR..KI8H and VIRQINL\.. PERictUE aBd VIRGINIA, GBN11.1Nii: TURIUI!I, FLAKE CU'l's, Ji:BPJ:qULLT A.l>APTJ:D li'OR filii PIPE. VANITY FAIR. OLD GOLD. SALMAGUNDI, Granulatet. A New Mixtnrc. ITY FAIR, SUPERLATIVE and CLOTH OF GOLD H:.:J:lt4EJ.A.Lt11' 8 &.A. T:J:N &1iraig1::l.'t C"U.'t C1.gare't'tes. Peopl e et refined taste who deaire exceptionally ftne Ciga.rettes should use only our Straight Cut, ._.t up in. saUo. pack.:,ts aad boxes or: lOs, 208, &Os and :JOOs. Our Ciga.rettes were never so fine a.s now. They cannot 'be surpassed for purity and excelleoce. JnlythopurestRicePa.pel'used. Es1.ablbhed 1846. 14 Plr1U Prize Dl.eda.l. rtM. S. KIMBALL & CO. Peerless Tohacco Works, Rochester, Y. !laD Jl'ranciiiCOt (JaJ,-4 rnel PoHalt a: Jo,, I iO -letTIIIneq -l'lleUie Clo.an4 TerrUorle 308 4 308 Battery Street, San Francleco, 8ue.ceuor to D. Dlnell. ilk tJo., I!W, 231 a: 233 E. 41at St., X ow York. The toUowlng Bra.ndl! ud Trad&-mukB l>riDir tile so1e s.nd excluslve __ properfoT et the DEFIANCJ: CIGA R MANUF A,CTORY, uy ooe anywbere with in the reach ol the laws of the land wbo wW lmi tate in any manner any of theee bnnda and trademarks, or use any nam.e or label thereof. will a$ O DCe be prosecuted just the N AOJ thief Who would steal e.ny othe r valuable pt'!niOnal propel'tJ : D efiance, Mt-phisto Jupiter, Old Jude. Sigma, Moss Rose, Our Boys., SamAon None-eueh, 8uccela, Snow Flake, Hearts' DeUght IUgTblntr Our CUtlet Game Rooster, Vlrginltll', Pludt. S.__prioU. lila. 61sl Ii.,er. Plantagenet, Fearnaught. The llootenma, Commercial Club, Boeton Club. U nt., el'MI 8t&a d&rd So li d Value, T.he Fuhlon, I.oae C urls, Falatnlf. El Engagno, Ple&dlllo, Tile _._ Las Graclas, N S. Factory No. 973,3d con. Dist.lewYDrt. D. HIRSCH, O..eral ....._.. C. J. :MORRIS, TOBACCO BROKER, Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. Hamilton & Lilley, llANUFACTUliJ:II8 or TIN.TAGS .an g>-a.iea orPtalD, Clelo...., and BnaJDetM lllade '&o Order. 536-54-= Wast 23d Stract,Bcw Yort LEEREl' & BLAISDELL MA.NUFA L TUREBS OF CIGAR BOXES 168-170 E. watnr st.. avracnse, K. Y. DULER8 lN ALL 01' THE LA'J:'II:BT I!TYLJ:8 CllQAB-BOX LAIIICI,!! .A.ND TIUIIJilNG!j, J. LO:.:=a:EJ:.iiiK &, oo. Manufacturers of La. Eleanor," "La. and other brands of Clear Havana Cigars, ll3-ll5 GREENWICH and 50 CORTLANDT STREETS, lEW YGRK: I'


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