The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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VOL. XXIV.-NO. 19. rBST..,.BLlMHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 1887. A FOR EACH OIGABETTE. GUSTAV SAIIOION & BROS. JAMES CHASKEL & CO.'S .,...... IMPORTERS OF HAVANA T 'OB4CCO, "ANTICDAL .. & coLORINGs. Ci[ar & Tobacco Flavors. Trade Mark of ---* SPE<;iAL NOTICE. WEIL & Co" I r (.., I lnalcte thQ bale, on the 1 1 \ & .A 1 Ia !!asted a label, R d. IB&S 87, 4 w W.&c. wlthourslgna-BIIStere m & I ....... tu're Reg .. ered In I BU. CHOICE J VUEL TA ABAJO HAVANA Marked w, & c;,. are oelected by our Residant B nyo In Havana from th;) Finest I :n.o. :I$ Many Brands imitating CLOSElY _ours are and sold to the Trade as W. & C. f A LIBERAL. REWARD will be paid by us for the Detection of the same. Also Import Sumatra. WElL & CO., 65 PINE NEW YORK. All partlee are Caatloned Also Importers of SUMATRA. _, __ 178 WATER ST., NEW YORK. 7 &.. OC>., IMPORTERS OF BAVAHA LEAF TOBACCO rrae llla.:i.. Tra4e !IIIU'k. \\E LAS VEGAs 16 New York. ()Sir -4 J. J. A. Calle San JHcolas 128 HAVANA, CUBA. A. & c. 8 H. 8CHUBA.BT, A.A.II8N 8CHl1BA.BT, Will, l!leHlJBA.&T, B. SCBUBART "= CO., 138 MAIDEN L.A.NE, Bllar Water St., :NEW YORK. ... so..r:: ... 57 CALZADA DE. L MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. IMPORTERS oF HAVANA Packer o-r of p. To aiJch J>llltie!lwbo, afler ordel'llllf aliD -er amonn&lag &o u ................. 1\MII,..Yio-mmp&e--.._ IBPOBTEB8 OF TIU.G.t.()ANTD. SEED TOBACCO, CIA.LII'I'O LOPBS1 liiA.l!llJBL L8PBll, BUGIIlOO LO .... CALIXTO IJ.tOPEZ & CO., -. and Importers of VUELTA ABAJO lrOBACCO Exclusively, ISLA" C.L. No. 3 Cedar St., New York. Sol No. 86, HAVANA, CUBA. lllO.IIUND JAOOBY. GUSTAV JAOOBY. L. IETROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER ST., NEW YORKL S JACOBY & GO &o1e .&.ae:n:t or ., :a. :E3:. :M:.A.N"US, A.MSTBBDA.Im, HOLLA.ND. Factory No. 3, 3d District, FOOT OF 52d ST., EAST RlVER, &UilATRA TOBACCO ]S) Ia. Prime quallllu al..;aJ' OD. Haa.d. THE TOBACCO COMPANY, ( L:I::M::J:T:EID. \ I \'-' t_./; I li.T.C:9\ ,,-7 ........ HAVANA, CUBAt -148 Calle Animas. NEW 192 Front Street.. LUIS MARX, Pres. GP M. ROSENTOWER, Sec. A Treae. SllYION AUERBACH c1: CO., I Xl!WEPOR.TBR.B O:.W HAVANA. and SUMA. TRA. TOB.A.COOEI .. 179 Pear1 S'tree't, "5?"ork. :N'o. 180 ..&.T:ma. B"l!"H.::m:mor. 'YC>H.::JEE.. :all:ade Ci.Kar C>tir &_peoi.a1"ty. DIPORTER eF GEO. p_ -LiL H ;s oo., H L f IP b lVInafacturers .of G igars, Cesareo Vigil, avana ca lYI. E. SALOlYION, 140 MaideR I ane, "'5?"0::R.:S.. Z:aii:PC>H.TBR.B C>:.W Havana and Sumatra Tobacco lnfrlnglnJr l upon theae ) rtf cff;Lcuc(l 5fwhat1 !fl.(). k 16!1. 6?1-e:Ckz(/41,d, The Jc:bn J. C:rc:c:k.e Cc:., ( ) ALEX. FRIES & BROS., Havana Flavor, .:_ Ia R'I!I'DIJIITJUZT1 JO:W YGBK. 441, M & 10 Ead U .Bt.eet, CIJII'CIJrWA"n, O, BraDela Ollloe: 12 .&..-..1St., II V .A.Jf A. ClniA. LOUIS NEWBURGH. Piaeller oc Linle Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. 08lee: 141 Wool Pearl 81ree&1 CX.OIJII'JII'ATI, 0. Warehooae:-Germall&o1r11, llonttrome.y County, Ohio GOODWIN_& CO.'S t JII'EW YORX AND CHICAGO-MA.JII'VFAOTVRER.S OF l P' .-rzN" FC>:I:L for P1rig Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 lnlbarry St&. CHICAGO: 84, &6 & 88 l'F,allklin St. ; SILVER SURFACE FOIL! I COIIP01J10) FOIL, PATEJfT METAL, aa.d all the cHA'ereJlt yarfetiM of FoU bo...,... to tha T:raa.. PlUJII'TI:RG OK FOIL :Ia Broaae ud Colora, aa.d with tHJrere:at dedc:ao of Or:aame:atatioa, for TC>::B.&.OOC> .... .AN"D O:J:G.A.R. L.A.::EIEL&. f ,. ror Elo't't1e. Plata., ., -IIIA.NUlB'A.CTUBBall 8111'-, CIGAB BOX. LUlYIBEB, &P.AS'ZII!I:&: OEJX).A..H. ;;J IEIP.A.NZS::EE OJIDD.A..H. :.. 'VENEJID:ELJIDD [CED.A.B) :J:.:a:ot.por'ter o-r ll!lpa:n.:lah a:111cl. 'VV'ea't El:l.::oo;'th. El'tree't. C)h.:lo. Eolab'.tolled 18:1'1'. Reserved for the & Son:-:-11 WRYMAN & BRO Tobacco & Snntr ---MANUFACTURERS. HA. V ANA ...... TOiiA.oco, l Little Giant Buncher. &82 PEARL sT., NEW YORK. & dol Monte, Cuba. Foot of Crand St., East River, N.Y. PITTSBURGH, Pl. / SOT-rEB BB.OS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, m We,stern Clga.r Ba.nufa.cturers wlll fbtd it to their advantage to deal wlthWI


!h T b L [ livmg pl'ofit to the manufactUrlll" no fine eut )Diportert'1 the liNt 4 was kno n that.. much of the 6 A a-It-ItA ta d h bb f 1 'h 25 Havaui 'Wl. lappers would we1gh more than V y ""y ehoul be sold t e JO er er ess an Ellch-ac Before Uac Secretary roo-leans the and that not more cents and thence upward for the fin e r gradee of Uae Treasury than 10-to liO)>eJ:-bedC of the class of Havana t1es &t' on anrage s z e made by the manufacturers A small leaf of a g1ven s ze may 10 the process of manufacture sbGw auf fie ent elast c ty and stretch to be SUitable w lllle a leaf of the same s ze will lack elas t1c1ty or become tender and for that reason wtll JJOt answer Ha.vmg satl8fied h1s mmd on th1s p01nt be must Judge of tile requ181te fineness of texture dollar per pound All other tobacco n leaf unmanufactured and not stem ned thuty five cents per pound 22 Stat 503 Upon the tnal 1t appea ed that leaf tobacco 18 usually de alt m at so m ch per pound by the bhle I hat n ne of ibe bales of the plain t1ff s tobacco had 85 per cent of them of the requ1s1te a ze and fineness and we1gbt to b& sUitable for wrappers tbal 1t was not stemmed and was llii888Bed at seventy five cents per pound agamst the protessof the pia ntiffs that 1t be at only thirty five cents per pound Es LIS 'w In proof of tb1s and 10 confirmatiOn of all leaf b rilugbt totb s market are as a rule sutt TAB HED 186"'ff. we sa1d last week take the range of qnota week the LEAF announced the fact able for-wrappers It was posed that of .v!Dg Lalyest 0 !l!rade Paper in PtTBLISHED tiOna of Mason county or cuttwg leaf Laet that a committee represent10g the ::>umatra all Sumatra leaf more than lOG leaves would tmpGrtera Exchange of thl8 01ty bad pre be requ red to we gh a pound At the last I:VEBY SATURDAY MORNING December and January low grades of 188f.i sented a statemeat of thetr VIews relattve bearmg on the subJ!l(lt before the Committee lltPck could bad at Cwcmnat1 for b b of Ways and Means a manufacturer of Hav cents and now they br ng to 9 cents to the of Suma"tra to acco m t 18 ana c1gars who :Oad but llttl of mediUm grades were then .,alling at t-o country tb. \be SeCretary of the ,['reaiiUry at tl)e artlele of Sumatra tobat!co gave thiS 1D and to-da:y: they are worth 10 to 13 Wuhlngton At our sollc1tat1on the com formation Md 81!Serted that more than 811 m1ttee courteously perm1t us to pubhab for per cent of Sumatra. 1t was then 1m while all fine grades have advanced from 4 the mformatiOn of those mterested the an ported was 'SUitable for wrapp,.ers and so to 5 cents a pound The 181!16 auttmg leaf bas tb1s clause' was haatlly framed But the 1n about doubled m value Blnce January 1887 nexed bnef of their arKument before the formatiOn was not corr.eet nd as a matter aq_d 18 still ascendmg ibe lower grades espe-Treasury ot!ic ala That this br1ef 11 a mas of faet there i8 no of leaf tobacco Webster m gtvmg the defimtxon of tex ture as applied to a plant defines the word as The dispositiOn of the several parts n connection w1tb each other or lhe manner m wh1cb the connectell parts are u ned Is the stem part of the texture of the leaf tobacco meant by the lawf If 1t 18 and the exammer 1s to JUdge by he must stop here 1t beingadmitted that the stems 10 every mstance we1gb more than liS per cent of the whole leaf If the stem IS not to be cons1dered a part of the leaf must he reJect every leaf wb1ch IS not wholly su table for wrappers or must lie classlfy every leaf of wb1ch the greater portion 18 suitable for wrappers as wholly subJect to the higher 'rate of duty and that of whiCh the lesser port1on 18 su t&ble as hel&ngmg to the ord1 nary class or to the exceptlooal wh1cb requ1res fineness of texture I Is the Lexture fine when t s ragged and torn! Or must he cut out that part of the leaf "bleb be ng of bad color coarse vem torn or ragged 1s u se less for wrappers i If any 'Part not sUit able for wrapperR of a partiCular leaf IS reJected and sepnrated the texture IS torn or IDJU ed shall the remamder be we1gbed to lind the 85 per cent and 1f he must we1gh the remamder IS he to we gh t w1tb or w tbout stems or must he estimate and make allowance for so much of the stem as proportionately belongs to tkat part of the leaf wh1cb 1s not for wrappers! Or how can he arnve at a conclusiOn satJ.e It further appeared !bat the plamt ft'd bad tb1s tobacco m Holland from whence 1t was Imported 10 bales as 1t came from where IIiwas ra1sed some of whiCh were composed of tobacco more than 85 per cent of wh1ch was of the mze and texture to be SUitable fur wrappers and of whiCh m,ore than one hun BY '1'118 ..... al .&YerdHIDODia OD :.'lftll Pqe. 011 II% 'lllrM terly expos1t1on of the vexatious 8umatra packed for the market 85 per cent of wb1ch emily to aod now questiOn we tbmk w 11 be conceded by all 1s IIUltable for wrappers :lt.uch of that whiCh reahz og according to color We have is packed for wra(!pere 18 found to be unsUJt J!I!08 m hiwda of a local manufacturwg who relid It Appended Will be found the able for wrappers after fermentation There fitm 1885 leaf bought about a year ago for decision of Jud,;e Wheeler as referred' to in appears to be no ot er reasonaole explana cents that would brmg 00 the breaks to'tiay the bnef in the case of Falk vs Robertson t10n of the 85 per cent clause than that 1t 11 t be appl ed to the wrapptng power of the 11 to 13 cents In furthf)r confirmatiOn of THE ARGUMENT af or IR otbet: -.ords there must "-m a our recommendatiOn of a halt n the progress 178 wATER STRUT Ns:w YoR][ ackage or Ji;IVeii. vmt of leaf tobacco ad downward 18 the appended copy of tbe.,01r May 25 1887 mlttedly all of gne class namely wrapper cular of The Sumatra Importers Exchange a cor leaf at least 85 per cent of leaf su table for SPENCE BROTHE$8 & CO CINCINNATI May 26 1887 pora.t1on organ z eli unde the Jaws of the wrappers m the known p.rocesses of man 1 State of New York hae a membersh p com facture to br Rg 1t under the 75 cent rate If pr smg the mporters of fully three fifths of th1s IS not the prope r defmt10n then there liJ a 1 the Sumatra tobacco 1m ported mto the but one other poes1ble namely tbe.t all leaf Umted States durmg the year 1886 Ameng 85 per cent of wh b as an abstract port1oo the ebJects for wh1cb the assoc 1at10n was IS known to tt.e trade as .. rappers IS subJeCt formed one of the most Important 1 s to .:lb to the duty of 75 cents Tbat de fin t10n w ll ta n a fair and eqUitable entorcement of ex make thousands of baleR of Havana leaf sub 1stmg Jaws 1mpoamg an 1mport duty on leaf Ject to 75 cents duty But the late decJBJOD tobacco In pursuance of tb1s obJeCt we beg of the courts stands m the way of a defln t10n to present the followmg whiCh would make the clause appl cable to Paragraph 660 of sectiOn 2 503 0f the tanft' such packages as con tam two abstract umts law reads as follows one of the wrapper and the other of the Leaf tobacco of wh1ch 85 per cent 18 of fillet class therefore 1t must apply to a umt the requ181te s1ze and of the necessary fine of wrappers recogmzed under that name by ness of texture to be sUitable for wrappers the trade but conta mng more than 85 per and of wb1ch more than one hundred leaves cent su1table for wrappers If doubt ex1sts are required to we1gb a pound If not as to what constructiOn shall be put upon the stemmed 75 cents per pound If stemmed law that wh1ch 18 m favor of tl1e Importer ol:le dollar per pGUDd All other tobacco 10 must be accepted &-a 2 C rcUlt N Y 1883 leaf unmanufacturell and not stemmed 85 Powers vs Barney 5 Blatchford 202 We cents per pound quote -factory to his own mmd when m tbe abstract 85 per cent of the leaf of tl e requiSite fine uess of texbure does not ex 1st m any g1 ven umt and no one can tell w bat proporuon of dred leaves would be reqmred to we1gh a. pound and some of wb1cb were composed of of mfenor qu'ahty and that of that of mtenor qga.hty was put Into balee w1tb the other with str ps of paper or clob. to mark the extent of each to lloa Imported whiCh were separated aga n af r lmportat on A verdict was d rected for t e plamt111's upon the suppos tiOn that e\\ch bale as a. uo t of quantity however made up was to be est rna e d 10 dete m n ng the rate per cent of quahty Tear Xoothl.llooU. ....,_ U..O nro wide coltlDilll 1111 $46 PI Under the almos t unprecedented low prices of leaf tobacce wh ch prevailed the latter half of last year and the first months or the present we reduced the prices of all our brands of nne cut chewmg to correspond w1th above cond1t ons For some t1me past there has been a. gradual at ft'enmg or pnces 10 va r1ous grades of leaf but w1tbm the last 30 days th" ad vance bas been very great rang 1ng from 25 to nearly 50 per cent Weare mchned to bf>lleve from the pecuhar state of the leaf rna ket that tb1s movement cannot now be checked but may progress w1th the seaeon notw 1thstand1ng recent reductions made by some promment manufacturers,. We are therefore compelled to make from th18 date an advance of 3 cents on our lowest grade and 2 cents on our medmm grades of fine cut leavmg fgr the present the higher grades .and smok1ng unchanged SPENCIII BROS & Co Th18 Jaw was framed w1th the apparent 1n In cases of senous amb gu tr of the act, tent to agamst Sumatra leaf to or doubtful clasalfication of art cles the COil bacco but 1t would fall 10 th1 s regard were 1l struct10n IS to be m favor of the Importer as not for the fact that a constructiOn duties are never 1mposed on the c t1zen upon wb1cb we consider wrong and unwarracted vague or doubtfulmterpreta.tiOn The law 18 put upon the Jaw when Sumatra leaf 18 w1ll certamly adm t of the coast ucuon-1 under exam natiOn and another more reason fact 1t IS the most reasonable-that by the 85 able wterpretat10n governs where other 1m per cent clau e 18 meant the wrappmg power ported leaf VIZ Havana tobacco IS under of the leaf a:Jd therefore that constructiOn cons1derat1on The law may or may not be should be adopted 1t bemg the most favor a vwlat on of the spmt 1f not of the letter able to the 1m porter If on account of the of our treaty with Holland the a.pphcat10n obscur1ty of the law or the pecuha.r proper of 1t certamly resulted m an unJust d 1 s tu1s of tile leaf It 18 found 1mposs1ble to de cnm1nat10n agawst Sumatra leaf tobacco a termme With any degree of cilrta nty that product of the Netherlands the leaf tobacco upon exam nat10n poseesses the leaf IS or Will be SUitable for wrappers except the manufacturer by actual test and he says Full 33 per cent m weight as well as m measurement of all leaf a.s1de from the stem IS not SUitable for wrappers Or WI I the Government say By texture IS meant only tbe surface nppea ance of the web of the leaf as It 18 Imported urespec t1ve of the tests of manufacture and With out regard to the stems boles tears and other lmperfectiOnft tmpa1nng the wrap og powers of the leaf If that be the deCISion then all Sumatra and all Havana leaf known m a general sense to the trade a s wrappers provided 1t bas the requ Bite hgbtaess of we1gbt w11l be subJect to a duty of 75 cents but If that was the mtent1on of Congress why d1d not Congrese say s mply All teo bacco wrapper leaf more than 100 leaves to the pound shall be subJect to the b gh rater It 'Was well known at the t1me when th1s act was passed that cigar leaf was class1fied by the trade m two greafioclasses namely wrappers and fillers and. s u c h !au gnlllfe would have been q u te pia n and easy to understand Upo n further constderatJOo of the subJilet; on notiOn for a new tr al 1t now seeme tbaC. sut!i 1ent at ten on waR not g ven to the com pO!'l JOn of the b a le s The qua.hty and ard of the supe 10r grade were not changed by b d10g the nfer or g ade m a separAble manner w1tb It mto a bale A dislmct.quan t ty of the superiOr qual ty subJect to the h1gber rate was mported w1th oocb of tbe bales It wa the same where 1t came from and all he way IUid .. fter 1ts a rival.. Act of Congress does not refer to any par t cular quantity as a basis for the 85 per cent It appea s to be mtended to apply any d s t net qua.nt1ty of the requ Site quail ties w b1cb should be 1m ported Tk1s IS dif. fr<>m the caee supposed m argument. of cloth made wuhm one of the aumber of threads to the mch at whiCh the rate of duty should boo changed There an art cle wiUI made on whiCh a cer tam rate of duty would be Imposed and th& article vouhi always rema.m the same Her& the ,artiCle was sought to be reduced by IU!BO c at10n w1tb another art cle durmg 1m porta lion and to be redtored afterwa de But the a Poc1at10n d1d not reduce nor affect 1t Bemlt anees t'or advertleements and subllcrfpt ons lhould 8Jwaya be made payab e by P 0 Order or bj-checlt to To-Leal Pub ishlng Co IF'Under no circumstances wW lVe de'Yi&te rrom the llbove prlces. ..... Law &elalfac &o llllbileriiNin to l'l"ew .. papeH. I'IJIII.-A.oy Jl"ftiOD who takeo a paper NgUiar y from the ._ whether directed to hJa name or anotber or Whelller be baa llllbocrlbed or ...,.poooll>le for the pay a-ad.,-U orders h18 l"'pe to be oued laeDUUt l'oY all arrearageaLior the may coatfnue to-ullttl p&ymeo made and oolloct the whole 11111011llt. wbeSber 1.8 talreo from the omce o net. It would be well If each manufacturer would act mdependently m tb1s matter as Spence Bros & Co have doni? mstead of wa.1tmg to see what others w1ll do httle or big but as th1s IS not \o be expected Come let us reason together IS what we a.dv1se "COME, LET US REASON TOGETHER I StiU Cuttbag Prioeo But Tired of the Un profltable&Dd UDD.aturallitrife One Firm .Already Hakeo an Advanoe of Two au,ll Three Ceata per Po11D.d on Fine- S Myers secretary of the El Modelo 01gaT factory of Jacksonville Fla. has be\ln domg our leaf market for a few days -The LJChtenstem Bros & Co corporatiOn have bought 265 cases ofT Soule & Co s fine pack1n11: of Housatomc Ha. Seed leaf at 1t IS stated 22Joi cents a pound -Mr Lul8 Marx pres1dent of the Havana Tobacco Company w1ll leav.e m a few days for the Ad1rontlack Mounta oa He w1ll be accompanied bjr ius wtfe and famllif -4mong those not otberwl8e who are oft' tor Europe and may drop m ll:t Amsterdam are Aug Beck ChiCago L New gaBS and A Cobn of tb s c1ty and a son of Mr L Bamberger of Philadelphia G 0 K1enl)uscb bas become a member of the Sumatra Importers Exchange whiCh body w1ll Hee if be must pay 75 cents pound duty on h1s recent mportat ons of Sumatra leaf As&lsla.ot Secretary acknowledge s the rece pt of b1s protest -A good many level headed tradesmen ask this scnbe bow t happens that Sumatra leaf has now to pay 75 cents duty that used to be paBSed at 35 'I be scnbe a on t know Wllo can g1ve the des1red mforma.t1oo? A large const tuency 1s anx a va1tmg a ca.tegoncal reply There are all sor&s of m ferences on the subJect; Look out for the revelations by and by sa.y some There 111 a scheme to boost the old 35 cent stock now here say others Quer:r howl Answer By makmg the new tmporta.tiODII pay 40 cents more per pound tbap the old We g1ve It up and b1de the revelat ions NESS "\t THOS F GRAY & CO act more han 3., ce n s duty from the art cle pound Sumat a leaf should be put upon the same It 1s 1mpract cable to ne byan ex footing Sumatra leaf tobacco we ghmg 101 amma.t10n of Sumatra leaf tobacco m the or 102 leaves to the pound IS mtr na1cally cond t10n m wh1ch 1t llllmportsd what per not wo tb mo e than leaf we1gbmg 98 or 99 of the leaf 1s of the requ s te s z e leaves to the pound The law should not be and the necessary fineness of texture to be stra. ned to exact 117 per cen.t more duty for wrappers Tile same may be from the one art cle than !rem the other l!ald of Havana leaf and appraisers have In all there was 75 em s per pound pa1d on frequently expressed the r mab I ty to g ve a less than 300 bales of Sumatra leaf tobacco pos1t1ve JUdgment 1n this regard Each 10 the year 1886 though all classes known pac!iage of Bumatra contams ftom 14 000 to to the rade as wrappers have been freely 28 000 l eaves and It cannot be ascertamed 1p Imported over 23 000 bales 10 all any case what percentage of the leaf IS su1t It w1ll not make a d ft'erence of more thlin a \lie for wrappers unttl 1t .e' all s hJected to $21 000 per year to the IGovm-nment 1f the the pl'ocelil!ea of No leaf to present system of a.ppra sement were con bacco m the conditiOn m wh cb 1t appears to tmued wubout protest or obJe t oa a small the exammer IS of the requ s te fineness of matter m any taspect e1ther as a protectiOn texture to be smtable fer wrappers The leaf to the AmeriCap. tobacco grower (jr as an must fire't be mOistened kept m a warm 1tem of revenue Th uncertamty of the plaae for 2 tp 481 ,hours to allow he JUdgment of appra1ser11 has been w a num water tp permeate through and all ber of cases demonstrated the we1ght of the fibres tlien the Rtem 18 extracted and leaf 18 not umform and HIS d t!icult to forln even then an approximate est mate only can a correct est1ma.te Sumatra leaf to!Jacco be made If holes or tears of a.ay magmtude has been appraised by them at 75 cents, the appear-and thAre IS not a perfect leaf m article has been exported and aga.m 1m ported existence-or 1f the fibre and texture 1s too w1thout any change ln the dispositiOn of the tlun or bas become tender by fermentatiOn leaf 10 the pacll:ages and appriUSeli at 35 much of the leaf 18 found to be unfit for cents on the second ImportatiOn Why wrappers Even after the leaf or the part should 1m porters be subJected to tb1s trouble of leaf whiCh m the JUdgment of sorters of and expense 10 order to obta.m the1r r1gbts 1 maay years exper1ence IS for wrap Sumatra tobacco 1s assorted by the !Srower pers has been carefully and g ven to m three classes VIZ Blad wb1ch m the skilled 01gar roller be finds 5 to 10 maJor ty of this 1s by per cent to be unsu t a ble on account of 1ts considered sUitable for wrappers Stuk natural defeots and that pe centage IS by blad (torn leaf) of whiCh the smaller por h1m reJected and goes nto the waste A twn 18 considered smtable for wrappers and manufacturer w1ll not buy Sumatra or Ha.v Kerfgood tobacco) which the ana leaf Without first testmg by s sample Its ttrower class1fioo as su1table for cuttmg up wrappmg power 10 the process of manufac 1nto smokmg tobacco for the p1pe But ture We say there IS no leaf tobacco n the everv plantation y1elds a dtft'erent class of world 85 per cent of wb1cb 18 smtable for leaf m s ze and texture and every grower wrappers In support of tb s assertwn we assorts and clasij1fies h1s leaf differently to state the follow10g add1t onal facts Some w1 I aBSort out very little stuck blad wh'icb will be ver1fled by every manufacturer others wlll be more careful ana clean the w!io has made the test To cover 1 000 blad more thoroughly The blad 1s assorted frcun to 7 pounds of leaf tobacco lD three or four grades accflrd ng to tbe na. we gbmg over 100 leaves to the pound ac tore of the product and Its SIZP. While 10 cord1ng to the fineness and soundn9!ls ef the first two-grades the ma.Jnrlty of the leaf, texture and &lZe ct the leaf are reqmred as a rule 18 su table for wrappers it often Tbese wrappers on 1 000 c1gars when sepa. happens that 1n the tb1rd class the propp1 t on rated from the filler will be found to we gb 1 )4 IS much less and that of the fourth class but to pounds only therefore at least one a very small portiOn IS su table for wrappers half and m many mstances a.s much as be assorts a.ccnrdmg to s ze and soundnese eighty pel' cent IS always lost for wrappers JUSt as the grower m the Un1ted States m the process of manufacture If 1t be sa1d and Cuba does General Sturgis the Ass1st that the stem forms no part of the leaf ant Appra1 se r of the Tenth DIVISIOn w New (though they are as a fact-part of the leaf York mforres us that b1s mstruct10ns to the nd we are requ red to pay duty on them) exam,jners are to class fy all Sumatra. leaf as the a.ns wer s the stems never we gb more wrappers and that be does so UI!On the 25 per cent o the Sumatra leaf there ground that the class of Sumatwa leaf wb1ch fore w1thout tak10g the loss of stems m con s brought to the Umted Stat es s known m s1derat10n there s st1ll not 85 p e r cent of the market as wrapiters and as undet Sumatra. leaf smtable for wrappers And b1s constructwn all 18 suitable for wrapper furtberniore we assert and are ready by there is no neces sity for COI!IIldenng the 85 sworn ev1dence to prove that a bale of Su per cent clallse But at the time when the matra wb ch w1ll yl8ld at least grower assorts h1s leaf It IS un ured and the e gbty five lea-veo to the hundred both sides texture undeve loped and what appears to of the sa1d e ghty five leaves heu g wl oily fit the grower to be su table because of the e z e for wra.ppj!rs ts so r&re an art1cle that It w1ll and soundness of the leaf a.t the t me of be' am to seek 1t The of the packing s often by the process of fermen texture ansmg from all &orts of msects from ta.twn through w h1ch all leaf passes de vel storms and rust the tears m pre par ng the oped mto an art cle of w b1ch but a propor plant for market and the tenderness pro Lon of from 40 t o 60 per cent IS BUJt .. ble for duced by the usual fermentatiOn are 10 wrappers The word wrappers n 1ts herent to every SIDJ(Ie leaf We feel conll broad sense a& used by the trade Simply dent that the Jaw 1mposmg a luty of 75 means what the packer cons1ders m h18 cents on any leaf tJbacco cannot be equJt JUdgmellt of suffiCient ze to be used for ably enforced We are satisfied 1f these wrappers 1f su tabfe by texture It does not facts bad been a.scertaml)d and presented at s1gmfy 10 fact leaf SUitable for wrappers. the tnal of the case of vs Robertson the In the Un1ted States the farmer assorts Ius JUdgment of the Court m the first mstance leaf 10 three dlbsses-wrappers bmders and fer the 1mporters would have been susta. ned fillers But the wrappers though so called The dec1s1on of the Court was basell Olil the bv the farmer and merchant and sold under fact admitted that part of the leaf d1d as an that name are as a rule not su table for abstract part of the umt belong to the class Wllippers and are therefore used as h nders subJect to the h gber rate sense and tb s doubtful10terpretat on of the law IS to be enforced then we would respect fully ask for clear mstruct1on to tl:tat effect In tl

JUNE 4. Jllit. GRAFF'S No;rEs BY THE wAY. cit;r of this .country the roost Important cigar of age, and yet in such a condition of un stores,. but to e:x;cel Geo. B. Chase's nope cab. curedneiie that it would spoil It by wetting it. DETROIT. Farley & Hoffman, of Rochester. designed It is i'm'possible to cure tobacco in At the old American Eap;le Tobacco Works and made the showcases. atid Minges &; our climate AXCept through artificial assist busioeell "in common with the other "fine Shale, of samo city, the cabinet work. The ance of heat and moisture. The laws of cut" factories o( Detroit, was v,ery fail:, 'I'Yit.b name of this new store iA Model Cigar nature must he known and obeyed. They a constant and increa.Bed demand for that Store." will not be forced. popular and renewned brand, the "American When tobacco is sampled while it is in the Eagle" fine-cut, and also for ''Stork" granu OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. natural eweat, as is now practice d, it is gen Jated smoking. erally found to be "soft," aa it is called, and One of the most delightful. pipe smok)ng it is generally supposed that this "softne38" tobaccos, put up and prepareq great The Tobaooo ..... atrain the or "tenderneBS" is one of the necessary con care and made ef the finest of leaf to be Department-Eztra S.don of Conere... .ditions of tobacco before the cure is finished had is their Cavendish," packed in I find this to be and have proved it to b e handsomely ornament.ed 'tin boxes, WASHINGTON, June 2 .-Hon. J. H Mayfalse and to ,be caused hy the t obacco not containing one poundeacb. Thae brand h1111 narlil, ABSistant-Secretary of the Treasury, bavmg been a state of fermentabeen a favonte for a loug time with I!Bveral I&J'B that the question has again been raised t1on, from the .time, by my process, ferBbe case reYeal a daspoeition to ooDI!ider thie mat-a muc capita or a year or wo onger & Co. for many years manufacLurerl of WI'-pracueally aattled and to adhere to tbe is neceBSary, there ill a open to all cigars in that city, bane removed to 92 exieHng reculattone to-the subjep&. so Inclined i but it is opiniOn, up Woodward avenue, where they have opened Indeed, Ml. Cbief of we by facta diSputed, a very haodson'l e and ell!ll:antly Division, has already lntimued tba\ the a re.fngerator adapted for the cigar store. It ia a veroy 'large w 1th ollangea aeked for by the Sumatra of the whtcq the handBOme fixtures and show-cases all will not be made, and the inatructone de bacoo tobafco. There are through, etocked with every concei.vable sired will not be gtven unless the parties who tbree-prmctpal causes of soft, chef!BY d d d tt are opposed are 'lirat nowfied and heard. musty, moldy, poor burn1,11g, poor variety of importe an c cagars. These parties hane no yet been notifi e d al poor colored tobacco. They commence wttb This firm occupy the entlre bmldmg and h ba ed h Th 11 f nart of an_ a "joini.Qg one. th.aU.PJM' pat;ts be-it is un, a .erstood at the :rreasury De t e to ceo c ey a ow .. .-., f t partment that a decision will be reach!)d too much sunhght and and are !"'o _mg used for eagar manu ac urmg purposes. witliiu a week. cool.. '!-'he atr sbou1d never be a condensing The Detroit Cigar Manufacturing Com .. condttwn. I& may be very mo18 ao long as. pant haTe rewoved f8 ..d 50 Eaet.Cqn EXTRA SI:SBIOJI.l'ROIIPBOTS. 1s warm erwugh to keep the tobacco from This-company r grower or cigar .. 1 packer. wets the "new" for any w.' B Dillingharil, a y gent.leman the agitation of llne.ncial together purpose whatever, it h81! got to spGil in one with a Buffalo tobacco firm, has with tbe n8ed of' m'tlre .time for the transac way or Water causee the l!tarchy himself under tbe firm name of W. B. Dilltion of publie business just before the nomi-products of ttie to swell, and in swelling ingham & 70 Woodward and 179 Jefconventions meet, are regarded in they rupture fibrp of Lhe leaf, ,causing Uetro_lt, for of dioatlve of an extrallflllsionr.of Congress. Per tender tobacco. 1 doif!ll( a wholesal"' bua1nee1 UrlWJ?Ort.84 and haps the most vi\al occasion for an extra sea 'htrdly. The conditions hejit and mois donMiltic cigars. firm Is eatd ]1o l!;eep si9q 41 &he enactment of some Jaw to relieve ture. which are nec8811ary t6 perfect.Iy carry' the largest stock of and do the largest bust the Treasury of the accumulating surplus in out fermentation. are not found in. our eli ness in cigars between Nttw York and the its vaults, and 5he supplymg of needed ap-mate for a sufficient period. qf time to bring lakes. They are direct Importers of Havana 'propriation s for whtch the last ses sion abqut a desiraple result... Our remedy is gocdL failed tp provide. Wit h an ex-.a session not -In checking fermentation but :in com-TOLEDO. would inevita!Jly bome fue coosideratio n lof mencing fermentatioB as aa possible, w. H. Harriso suooMIIOI"' t.o G. R..Massin-tar.iff._ and internal re11enue questions; but as and the earlier the' better. and contin)ling it ger, manufacturer of fine_cut and b 9th the Republicans and would correctly and to a fiaish, and Y(!l.\ then ,have smoking tobacco, reports b 1e \ bus mess grow-begin .at\ once to struggle for the vantage a tobacco fit for any purpose w hatever,a.nd at ing fast His Sun Flower" and "Good as ground, it is not by anv means certain tllat any time, and also m a condition to keep as Gold" ftn!l'out ana .. F G" smoking are as he results would be worth the expense. 1'he long as you might. wis.h. popl,llaJ: as ever.. 'reduced Democratic would find it The process has this great ad vantage: It Leland S 'th & C w!folesale than ever to accomp'lish anything. 'requires no exp!!n i_ve machinery to c ,rry _it mt o ., i arsand the Jar ,10 .SPite of fa_gt that the country seems to out. Any room IS simply kept at a certain of c dgsmoking desire a reformation of the tariff laws and heat and motsture, regulated by a tbermom-est Istza u ors.o P ug an 1 h :ve a eat the repeal of the tobacco tax laws. 'fbe pro eter and hygrometer, which any child can of e.ll tectionlsts' on the floor of the House of Rep-read. A farmer or packer can thus cure his run on etr p,opu c resentatives have the best and mbst expori crop. N eighbors can club together and cure J. J. M. A. lOc mgars. ., enced leaders and fear to coMider these ques. theJr crops perfectly. Large packers can, at Sternfeld & the e.H SmoklnJ Tobeooo o .. the m&rli:et &t as low & price as Is consistent witbqU&Ilty. ,, Z. L LYON & CO., Durham, N. and the old now on hand offers very poor se lections. sales, 250. bales, at from $1.20 to $1.50. Ja.s E Ward & Co 288 !: F Alex a ndre & Sons 181 do, 8 do. 9 bbls clp;arettet; Plll'k & Tilford, 40 cs cigan, 1 d<> picadul'll. Plug'-We 'can only report a steady,,mod erate trade 'past week. AI[! Bt.JCks are re duced the jobbers. will bu:y more liberally. There is every indication that prices must and will be "high;Jr, and the time is coming sooner than expected. Leaf. has ad vauced and still continues upward. They must sym pathise sooner "or later. Exports, 69,963 pcunds. Receipts of licorice at pon of New York for week endiug June !1,,reporLed expressly for tb.e ToBAcco LKAJ' LICORICE Ro!)T-A Merian per A de Abundo, from Cartha11ena. 9,083 pkgs (818,080 lbll). LICORICll: PASTE.:....Zuricalday ct Arguimbau per City of Montreal from Liverpool, l8 pkgs (9,fj88 lbB): per Mariuccia. frem Marseilles,IIO pkgs (11,9'11 lbsJ: per Spain. from Liverpool, 104 pkga (17.9411 Smoking-Demand fairly good, Cigms-No change reported. DOIIIESTIC KECElP'rB. Tile followmg artiCles were rece1 ved at the port ot New Yorl!. duling the weell: By llait.,.oad-Oelrichs & Co 52 bhd s A C L & 0 Meyer 6 do: D Dows Jr & Co ""''"1'-Pretzfeld & Co 2 cs leaf: J S Molina 5 rlo: E 111 Crli wford olV Son 1; Goltlsmttb & 1; J Loe'J & Co 4. By tlte New Y oik and NWJ Haun Steamboat Lme Kautmann Bros & Bondy 1 cs lear : L G uesto l do. M Hanruao & Co 19 do: Wm Eggert & Co 1: F Pulve 126; Max ReiChart 4: i\ioehler & Ratujen 1. By 1114 Old Dominwn ./,&1 .. -Ernest i\iueller & Uo 7 hhds : Buchanan & L)"all !2 do. J Wtlle & Co 31: Slaydor &' Boswell 6: Kinney To hacco Co 1 do; Oelrichs & Co 0; Julio Cattus Ill: J H Moore & Co 6o: Pollard, Pettus ,\:, Co 21: H Sie bert 70. A E Outerbridge II: 1 bx samples: Kremel berg & Coolll do, 1 do; John:Mrm II do, 1 do: AD Strolls & Co 8 do, 1 do: Middleton & Co 14 do, 1 do; J D Ketlly Jr 10 do, 1 do; P Loril lard & Co 114 do, 26 trca, 2 bxs sam pies ; W Smitb. It Co hbds, 611 LrCI!, 125 cs mid, Ja, do s10kg, 2.2 do cil(arettee, 1 bx samples; W Duke, Sons,& Co 2 hbds, 42 cs i:igaretLes; J A Portor 8 ?>ii hhds, L Gershel dl Bro9 trcs, Thomps on, Moore & Go 100 bxs mfd, 5 _14 bxs do, 111li cada do; H W Peabody & Co 124 cs mtd, 20 bn llo; Gilbert Lloyd 21fcs mfd, 110 %bxs do: Dohan, Carroll & cs mfd, I cad du; .Martiu n Edye & Co 67 hbds 1 bx SIUilples: H P Jobosoo 50 co smkg; W J l'lcUowell1 do, F W Feigner & Uo o Ooaltwl# f rom Tampa. FIG.-8ancbez & Hava 9 ca cigars ; 11 bales tabacco. I. PORTS. Tl!.e arrlvala at t.lle port of New York frem for e1gn porta tor the week included the following conAmslerdam-C F Haye 11 bales Sumatra: Laden berg, Thalman & Co 86 do; order 9. Bremen-Perry & Ryer 40 bales tobacco; order 42 do. Ha!I J)(lrta tor the week ending JuneS, 1887, were aa follti)ws:-.d.msterdam-58 hhds, 11 cs. hhds, 53 cs. Auentme Republw-37 hhds, 105 pkgs (18,4'd0 lbs) mfd. Bazi/.-1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd. Bemen-17 hbds, 8 cs, 245 bales. Bwh, .A!>Bir..Uia-41 pkgs (7.210 lbs) mfd. B tish, East l ndie.!-1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd. Bwh Guiana 4 hbds. .hntish We.tlndie.!-15 pkgs (1,109 lbs) mfd. Brit1.81!-Posseuwns in ..dfnoa-16 hhds. Oanada-310 bales CenfJra! ..dmeea--,-30 pkgs (1,650 lbs) mfd. Futch West lndies-4 bales. Ecuado-2 pkgs (200 lbs) mfd. French Guianar-2 hbds, 1 pkg (60 lba) mfd. GiiYralta-7 cs. Gliug0111-'-61 hhds, 52 pkgs (9,152 lbs) mfd. Gotlumbtrg-8 bbds, 1 pkg lba) mfd. Hamburg-56 hbds, 40 bale.., 1 pkg (10\l lba) .rd. Bayti-2 hbds, 1 bale .. Japan_. pkgs (600 lbs) mfd b""'poo/.-24 hlids, 00 pkgs (8,000 lba) mfd. London-16 bhds, 109 cs 108 pk&s (17,117-llba) mfd. pk& (50 lbB) mfd. Santo lJomng<>-1 pkg (40 lbsJ mfd. U. S. 9( G1l

I Eastern .Markets: ;piHLADJILPHIA. June 2.-llr. A. R. Tobacco IDilpeciOr, reportl \0 Ute Tou foUowa:-Dealere In manufactured tob8cco are-bet;inning to doubt the poasibility of any further reductlonJn the price of the manufactured article. A better feeling pe"ades the minoia of 41ealen and more good are being ordered. 8mokla4t tobacco demands the ueual notice. of reliable brands hold a ftry steady hand. Snuff moves very regularly. Receipts. fnr the week-2,981 boxes, 3,308 cad diel, 3,165 cues and 190 pails tine cuts. Seed Leaf-Dealers are doing a moderate bUll -In ailoit-irades of cigar leaf u are moat needed The IOtahi of all&alea are not larg.,, for the very aood re&8011 that Jeaf tobaceo II too low in tlgure w count up fast Wrappera of 1lrst quality qf .JiaTUahd are inquired for and can be sold, but &be stooltJJr store '" limtted. Pricea are still held entirely interest of beyers. &umatiilril and must sell, llee&uae Jt 11lls the .)lll than any. nther kind of ctgar leaf at off Tery reglllarly. -for the week-101 cases Connecticut, 810 e&IIIJII 82 cases Wi.Qlnjin, 410 cases Sllte Seed, 69 bales Sumatra, Ultl-.11!1' Ha.vua, 164 hhda Virginla and Western J 1eaf Jtove to be 311 CaPo Connecticut; cases rl'\laMylvania, 48 cases Ohio, 58 cases Little Dut'Cb, 101 eases WiocoDBiu, 60 cases State Seed, bales 142 bales Havana and 17 hhds Western r lBafin transit dtrect to Uli'DUfacturers. -" ll;xport ot leaf tobacco-To Ltverpool, pr steamer tllrldsh King, 54,810 lbs; to Antwerp, per steamer 'lioordlawi, 211, 768lbl. Tots!, 84,076 lbs. 'I Western & Southernr Markets. I ASHEVILLE. N. C., Ju11e 1.-Hea.denon Broe;, Lea(: "ollacco Brokera, report to the To-cx:o 'Liu.F u follows:-R-ipts have been light tar the put Jew days. We are now having damp, rainy weather, which wiU cause lart;er receipts, as &he farmers can baniile the leaf. We do aot expellt to &ee heavy sales again this season, as there Is but a limited amolUlt of tobacco .now In the ClOuntry. Prices are high on all colory tollacc01, and all gradee in gOi)d deiiJ.IIIId. QIIO'UTIQNB. J'lllera-Common...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 Medium ......................... 8 Good ........................... 6 Smeken-Common .. .. 2 .Kedium ...... : ................. 5 Gool!l ....... : ................... II Fine ................ .; ........... 12 ......... II Hedium ........................ 12 Good ........................... lli Fine .......................... 30 Wrappero--Common. ... ...... 10 Medium ........................ 12 Good ........................... 18 Fine ........................... 80 l'aaq .............. : .... : ...... 60 @ll @II ... @7 @12 @16 @12 @16 @20 @35 @12 @17 @25 BALTIMORE, Md., June 2.-Meeera. Ed. Wbchmeyer & Co., tobacco OOJIUililsin mer chants, report to the T6ii.l.cro LluP!-The market tor Maryland tobaccos very actin, W!peclallf for desirable export grades. The demand ia onl)' hmited by the com_paratiTely light receipts, and aellers maa.ifest Ieos anxiety tO aiSpbse or their holdings. Prices are steady with an upward ten cleDcy. OeiilDlon and ioferior tobacc os are being padually worked oft. Ohio is dull, and sales were oaly 80 bhdl this week, for home consumption. IDilpected thil wook-S34 hhdl Maryland, 2 bhda Ohio; tctal, 886 lllldl. Cleared l&llle peried-Par atr WBIOI) for Bremen, liM ll!ula Maryland, 82 hbda Virginia, bhda VIr ginia atelllS: per atr Mareco, for Antwerp, lla2 hhtla Ohio, 60 ilbois Kentucky and 12 bbdl Virginia: per 11tr Shalberg, for Bremen, l94 bbdl Vir,;inia ateme. 'l'OBJ.OOO I laa. 1, 118'1-Stock oa.hallclla.tobacco--.....-.h-..e pd on shlpboara not cleared .. 23,098 llllda thia week ................ 8841lhda h&Pected previously .............. 11,255 ___ '. 29,1ill bhda &xpoi1a of llaryland and Ollio Iince Jaa. 1, 11187 blloll. 81upped coastwise and re-mapeet.ed ............... 2,41J3 hhdl .. tltock in warehoUBe thia day &Dd on 1 ailipboard not ciearea ... 20.9114 bhda IMock l&llle time in 1885.. .. .. .. .. .. 16,891 bhda Manufaciured tobacco contipues quiet. Smoking Tobacc&-OIU manufac,\uers are fairly buly. '! CLARKSVILLE, Tean., :ilay 31. -X-. M.. Ji. Ularlr. & Jiro., TobeeCO Brokers, report to. tile ToB.&.OOO Llu.P:-Receipts continue large, and our sals for the week ending to day were 1,440 hhds. The quality &f tbe breaks was un118ually geod, many of our finest crops appearing on the market. 1'his l;avc additional stimulus to good and 11ne leaf, prices for which were very atrong. All grades were affected, and Jugs and medium leaf were irregularly higher. The market closej with a tamer feeling on the latter grades, and part of the adanco waa lost. The Jo?ol rains and favorable plantiog season no doubt induced mere conservative views. We had good rains on the 80th. extending over a large region, &ivin"'a good planting season, which without more rain Jbould put fully 60 per cent. of the crop in the flelrl. Plants are reported abundant in some parts of The district and rather scaree in others. Our -,resent market will encourage a good effort to put out a crop. QUOTAT'rONS. ....................... 2 f) 8 Frosted............. .. .. .. 3o(@ Medium. ....................... 3;>4 Good ........................... 4@o Leaf-Common. ...................... Fros.ted .......... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 @ Melitum ......................... Good .......................... 9 @11 Fine ............................ 12 @Ul Selections ...................... 16 @19 OINOlloiNAT.L o., June 1.-Messrs. Prague 6 Mat.eGn, Leaf Tobacco Brokers and Re dryers of CuUing Leaf and Plug Tobacco, report "811 follows w th11 ToBACCo LBAF:.,-The boom in-the leaf to bacco market is now started, and the activity preeented is refreshing to those who have watched li!l! preceding of dullaess and t;eneral inac 'ivity, and thought they were only a sample of what was to follow. But the tide lias turned, and now every one wants to buy. and both old and new tobaceo fejlls the impulse. .The advance establiahod ever sixty days ago is from I! to 3 cents higher at the _least estimate, and the market is apparentl y atilt on the up grad e h 1s only a matter of time, ud prebably short at that, when manufacturers will advance ptlce a and we hear of one who has alreuly done so. Speculators are taking bold, and with the light stock and a reduced crop as com pared with last year. everythn11: seems to point to a atill further advance. The Morris warehouse will have a special sale of flue old tobacco th1s week that will probably at tract quite a number of outstcle buyers and manufacturers, and we look for lligb prices, a11 that kmd ia ve1y scarce in our market. Of the 6115 hhds loH), 36 sold from 1. 90 to 8 V5, 43 from 4.00 to o.9o, 120 fro"' 6 .00 to 7.95, 26a 1rom 6.00 to 9.95, 227 from 10.00 to 14.5(!, and 6 from 15.25 to 17.50. or the 817 hho:Js (new), 214 sold from 1.25 to 245 from 4.00 to 5 95, 196 fr8m 6.00 &o 7.95, 109 from 8.00 to 9 911 and 6!1 from 10 .. 00 to 14.60 This week opens with an active market and prices strong on old and new. To-day's sales were as follows :-Of new there were 232. hhds. offered, the prices for which ruled quito firm, 6B hbds sell ing at 1.95 to 8.95, 62 at 4.00 to 6.95, .52 ati.OO to 'l.llli, 27 at 8.00 to 9.95, and 18 at 10.00 to 12.25. Ther\l were 158 h\lds of old oQ sale which brought good prices, 42 hbds selling .at 10.00 to 14.00. The 875 bbds classed as follows :-87 hhds com mon and common medium datk trash at 1.55 to 3.95: 78 hbds common antl common medium Jugs at 4.00 to 5.9>; 94 hbds medium and good medium stripping lugs at 6 .00 to 7.95; 66 hhds medium aad good medmmllllery aud cuUing leaf at8.00 to\1.95: All hhds good to choice fillera anoi cutting leaf at 10.00 to 14.00. SEJI:D LEAF IIIARKET. The offerings of cigar or Seed leaf were 94 cases, classee as follows:-43 cases Oboo, 24 cases Wisconsin Spanish, 6 cases Ohio Span1sh, 4 cases 1.ndiana and 17 cases Du tcb. Cases. Ofterings.. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 94 Rejectioa.s : ............ : .... .. .. .. 37 Actual sales .................... 57 '!'he o1ferings l:latun}ay were of fair size, and the market showed more activity than for several weeks. Common to good smokers and medium to good tillers and Dinders were in acti're demand and full11gures. There W\18 a fair Dumber of '. C&8E:8 of medmm to sood and ftue wrappers, aad they were In 11ctiTe demand at full prices. ,l5ales were as follows: Mtami Warehouse-58 cases, prices aa followa: 11 Ohio at from 2.60 to 10.50; 24 cases Wtscousin Spanilh at from 1.00 to 13.25: Ohio Spanish at from 6.00 to 16.50 ; 17 cases D11tch at from 1.15 to 5.90. Globe Warehonoe-24 cases, prices M follows: 20 case Ohio at from 1.00 to 4.85; 4 case s Indiana at from 1.25 to 4.00. Bodmann Warohouse-1i eaaea Ohio, __prices as follows: 1.00 t<> 13.00. F. W DoBR>U.NN & SoN, Leaf ToM-ceo Broken, report t<> the ToBACCO LBAF under date of May 28:-0ur market this week opened slightly higher for co lory grades of new, and during the week prices 'w.,re at times 1rregnlsr, but closed 11rrn. Meuium to 11ne old leaf conliuued in active de mand, prices rul ing very 11rm and a shade higher than Ia;t quotations durin,; week .... 1 ,1i12 hhds l:iales during week, new ........ 817 !:!ales during week, old. 1146 Receipt oluring week .......... 1, 786 Old. CUTTING LEAF. Colllmon dark and nondescripi. Coll'mon lugs, colory ............. .. Medium lugs, r.olory .............. ro Good lugs, colory .................. Common to medium stripping leaf Medium 1<> good stripping leaf .. Good leaf ......................... Fine leaf. ........................ 2 50@ 3 110 350@450 4 50@ ll l!O 6()()@700 7 OC@ 8 00 8 00@ 9 00 10 00@12 00 12 00@18 00 Nefl). Common luge, dark and nondescript 2 00@ 3 00 Common co lory .. .. .. .. 3 l!O@ 4 50 Medium lugs, colrted from other The llrst days, were noted for general ly prices: but as tloe week wore on and re cetpts came freel;rforward, thedisposition to up holfl .prices weakened, and the market perceptibly gavp way. Low grades were not aftected by easier priaration in tile way of sowing plant land. In mixing aronnd with tho dealers we lind they are very hopeful and seem tl'l in much better spirits thaa we have seeu them for several years. There ha.s been quite a speculative feeling along the lines I have tt o.velled, and several put chases have changed hands. Soveral prominent brokers have been traverstng the country, and whenevct a good bargain was offered it was immediately picked up. There will be a large falling oil' in the make of this season, and the very fullest estimate that can be made will not exceed over 22,000 hhds. This embraces the whole of the West. Some re dried leaf is being put up, but not a large quantity. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., May 31.-Mr. Geo. V. 1'hompson, Tobacco Hroker, reports to the ToBAcco LEAF of the week opened this morning. Sales will range from 4\JG to 500 hbds for the week. N< cbasge to note in quality -of offer ings or prices. We had a fine rain yesterday, ex tending over a considerable extent of country, and no doubt considerable plantiag will be matle. Receipts large. Q'UOTATIONS. Luge ....................... 1 60@ 4 25 Cowmonleaf ................ 4 09 5 00 Medium .................... 5 50 7 00 Good ....................... 7 00@ 8 50 Fine ........................ 8 50 00 WmllJ>ers .................. 11 00@17 J)O Receipts to June 1, 1887, 7,595 hhde : same date last year, 10,055 hhds. t;ales to June 1; 1867, 5,609 hhde; same date last, 6,440 hhds Stuck June 1. bhd., same date last year, 4.851 llhds. LXNCHBURG, June 2. -Messrs. Bolt, 8cbaefer o!e Uo., Buyers and .rlan<>.len of Leaf To llacco, re.,ort to the TOBACCo LEAF M follows:The receipts in our market are fairly large this week, with an abundance of low grades and only a small portion of good and fine lea f offering. 1'here being a general and active demand prevailiNg for all grades prices remained verv still', with a further upward tendency Our market on the whole shows a very strong appea ranc e. LOU18VILLE, June 1.-Mr. A. Falcooer, Secretarv of the Tobacco Board of Tra!le, reports to the ToBAcco LEAF as follows:-The specula tive fever iu low and medium class Burleys continues to gather strength, and un array of new faces on the breaks )nsicates very clearly tbe source from wbeuce the fact comes. Two mouths ago these men w o uld hanlly bave accepted a line of Burley tobacco as a pre s ent. 1\baccos are llrm, bot not quotably higher than fer two weeks past. Ther e Is an almost entire absence of anythi!Jg tine in dark leaf although $13.50 has been obtained for a ftae wrapping article. From all accounts the planting progresses satisfactoril}, and none of the usual complaints current at this season a!'pear to have much weight. Receipts for the past week were 3,503 hhds, againat 1, 720 bhds for same week last year. THE TOBA.4@ Ftne f!o ... ............. f}( Leaf-Low do ................. 3],4@ 4],4 Common olo .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4!-fi@ 5!-fi Medium do ................ 6!ii@ Good do ............. ... Fine do ........................ Selection&, (dark or colory)...... ...... lU.TJI:S OF TBANI!l'OJITATIOR. Retes to New York, water and rail, per 100 lba, 42c do do all rail, do do 4lle do New Orleana, all rail, do do llllc do do by water, do do 20c Boston rates a above New Yerk, and Philadel phia 2c, and Baltimore 3c below. HlUHMOND, June 2.-W. E. Dibrell, the TobaccO Broker, repo.rts to the ToBJ.cco LBAF as follows :-Our market shows less life to-day. prices see111_ to l!e maintained. Very little s)uppmg has been sampled yQt. Receipts are mod erate only. It cannot be denied that our market seo111s much more active for the past week. Western leaf and lugs, old and new, lod the advance twv weeks Heavy receipts notwitbstan Jing up went prices, till to-day in low grades we have 50 to 76 per cent. gain In values in a short while. Western leadwu a tll111r crop. and is a 1reaks hllve been heavy. We h&ve had very good planting easons, but ut most we cannot pjs.ce the amount planted at over _60 per cent. This reckoning is made upou careful inquiry and investigatiOn. QUOT-'.TIONS, Fillers-Common, green ............... 2 Common to medium ............ 5 to good ................. li @ 8 Good t8 fine ..................... 8 @14 Smokers-Common ............. ,_ ..... 2 @ 4 Common to modium... .... 4 @ 7 Medium to good ................ 7 @10 Good to tine ..................... 10 @15 Cutters-Common to medium .......... 12 @16 Medmm to good ................. 16 @25 Good to fine ..................... 25 @80 Faucy .......... ............... 30 Wrappers-Common to meoium ....... 18 .Medium to good ................. 25 @40 G'>Od to tine ..................... 40 @50 Fine to fancy .................... 50 @SQ Foreign -Markets. LlVERPOOL, May 20 .-Messrs. Parry&; Crosbiet'l report to the 'J.'OBACCO LEA.F as fol lows :-Since 'l'e last had this pleusure, this corner p f ,tQEl tobacco world bas been surpri61ld !Jy the actiou of the Chancellor of tho Exchequer reducill!; the duty and altering tl>e conditions of tuanufacture by limitiEg the amount of watAr < lontained in the manu factured article. These changes, which come into force to-morro'" have unsettled the for the time, and probably some weeks, perhaps months, must elapse before matters set'tle dow n into smooth working orde; : The .apparent effect is to the consump tiori of tobacco; but which class 011 grade of tobacco is to benefit is not yet known. The falling tendency of our market is checked, however, and common sound stripe aro a shade dearer. OLber sorts remain stationary. Holders are less anxwus to press sales, and 10 some cases are limits. :FE E R. B lSI"-&. S P.::I:E SEll. -::I" FI.D.e '. C:l.gars. J:!Jo-vv lrao1:or::v 'the 1oar-t :lu. -the_ ._1014. 1018. 1018, 1010 S.EOOXD AVE., aacl 310, 312, 8U. 316 EAST FIFTTF01JR'7H ST., JrEW TOllJL Special Crop Uorrespondence. SPHINGJ'IELD. Tenn. Muy 27. EDITOR ToBA.COO LJUI'-Tbe weather bas been quite seasonable for tlie ten days, wi1oh frequent showers, some of which ltave been sufficient for traDllplantin tobacco, and I suppose about one-third rcters C>n.oe. The Book contains the Names of all Cigar, Cigarette, Smoking and Snuff :M:anufao-. turers in the United States and Cuba; also a valuable List of Jobbers and Wholesale Grocers in all the leading distributing points in the country. Price, Five Dollars. Speo1-A1 :N"e>'t1cea ..-WA.XTEB FOR CASH, -'EI CIGAR CUTTINGS l'or DOJDeotio and Ezport 1Joe. Give rate at :.V:;;;u; J.:;;;t p)ace to Wheellng. We 81'8 always In the market for Tobaoco Cuttil>gs, I! they -olean and dry and not mlllty. BlOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. FINE HA YANA SCRAPS, Also Seed Scraps, absolutely clean, AND READY F O R USE. liigheet pric es f o r Seed Cuttings,. Scraps ;:.nd TOBACCO DUST FOR SALE. For priCQa a.D.d samples of all above goode:, appty to .!OSE S. MOLINS, ;t73 Pearl Street, New York. 1111 IMPORTANT NOTICE. $300. Three Hundred Dollars $300. .A.B.D. PINNACLE We hereby offer Three Hundred Dollars lt300l Reward f0r the detection and convictio"; of any per son or persons imitating our PINNACLE cigar, the form ef the tip of which is hown by the above cut. Dated New .York, April 13. 1887. VLOSING-OlJT SALE. Notice is hereby given th&t the business for maay years conducted by Ed ward He a at 43 Lib erty street, city of New York, in the purchase sale of tobacco and smokers' arlicles, is about to be closed up and the steck in t rade disposed of in lots to suit pucchal!ers. Parties _desiri. ng to examine and purchase the on band are re quested tG call at once. Dated New York, )lay 19, 1887. 1161-64. FOR SALE. P. POHALSKI & CO .. 153 Chambers street, alw,.ys on hand A1 KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS and TABLE SCRAPS. Lowest mar ket prices 1144-1169 Pa.'te:n.'ts. TRADE MARKS AND LABELS. HENRY WISE GARNETT, Attorney at Law and Counselor in Patent Cases. WASHINGTON, D C. Refers to Second National Bank.Wuhington, D. C. Send stamp for lnveator's Guide. llM-66 The copartnersh i p heretofore existing between the underoigned, under the firm uame Qf Soner, Cook & Gager, is this day dissolved by mutua) consent; l\lr. Joseph D. Sorver retiJing. The re maining parloeo s will continue aud ettle the busi-ness of the late firm. JasEPJI D SonvB, WILLI.AM H. Coox. CHARLES 111. GAGER. PHILADELPHIA, June 1, 18!!7. Tbe will continue the leaf tobacco butness at the arne 45 Nortll W&ter street, under the firm name of Cook<\ Gager. H. Coox. UHAl\LES l\1. GAGI>B. PatLAD E LPmA, June 1, 18!S7. 1183 EVERY or packer should test Mr U. S'. Plli l tp' new Dr me. 1168 KJ ST, Pia .. !llsy '87. I. the n"der.ign.ed. !Jave this loy made Max Marx. <>f New Yurk city, my l:iOLE AGENT, and hereby iufurm the public tuat satd .Marx will npply all my goods at_fac ;ory prices. J R AuGm.o. Tobacco JU:achlner)' for Sale. 16 Hydraulic Double EnJ l<"inisher Presses. Mc Gowan & Bli;s' 8 Hydraulic .lfloulol Presses. McGowan & Bliss make 1 Four Pluno:er Hydraulic Pump. McGowan a; Bliss' make 3 Brinkol' Improved Plug Machines. All u I(Ood as new. 1 Wringer. 2 1etts, 12 frameseach 3x12 Moulds (extra heavy.) Lot of I r ons anrl Tins. All of the above will be sold at a very l ow tlgure. either for lot or p01-tion. Ap .ly toW. E YAGBR, 1163-66 MW. 2d st, Cincinnati. 0. FOR SALE-Strictly tlrst cll\ss Havana pica. dura. in bales of about 100 lbs e&rh. 1152---64 J. B. GREGORY, Key West, Fla. :&:.e::v "'VV7 e't PICADURA., CHEROOTS.. Tradel'llarll1 tr. F. tr'. X. Principal Depots:-192 Broadway. corner Jollll at:; and 489 Broadway, corner Broome, New The' above brand, hning been copyrighted, the trade 'is cautioned not to imitate the aame under the peaalty of the law. Each package, containing 1G cheroots in tin foil, bears 11. yeo low labe l with an X on tfie face of tbe lal>el and a white label acr0fl8 oae end of package, on which are the initials, J. F. J : X. Also imporled Key West and Domestic Ciganr. all grades. at Wholesale. 1147-72 J. F. J. XIQUES. V Pa'te:n.'ts. BON. A. H. CRAGIN &: SON, 914 F ST., W ASIDIWTON, D. C., Attorneys and Solicitors of Patents Trade Marllill, ete &114 &11 matters before the Executive Departments or Concrea, Refer to 2nd Nat. Bank:. Bend stamp for correopoouleDCe. Mr. H. W Cragin was formerly associated with W. P. Buf'Well and was an Examiner in tbe Patent omoe. 1161-@8 ,,


' M:a.n11facturers ot the folloWing celebrated Brands of Tobacco : FINB OUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or_ Gl!!Ss Jars. AMERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOKING. Navy, .. Eagle, Old Tar, Universal Favorite, Fawn, Canada Mixture. Lucky Cut Plug, Jlij"ah's Choice, Brudder :led, Elk. :No. 117' Wall Street, New York. Standard in its Purity and SMOKING. Sto,k, Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Lucky, r Club. Dime Ram, t Detroit Mixture& Navy Clippings -ANDMakersi SnDDlies. SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOOU& MADE WITH A SPECIAL VIEW TO THE WANTS -. OF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Daily Quota.tlons will be furnished and Orders filled from our 01Bce, 117 WaJI Street, New York, or by U1l HRNR .'.-..... Y U -FBANKEL, Fine, 1&1 "'ater _Street, New York; N Sheldon & Son, 328 N, 3rd Sltrect, Philadelphia; .. B-J & Co., Chicago, Ill., and St. Paul, Minn. ; G. J. I-lelmericbs Leur To6aceo Co., St. Louis; WDJ-H.-llleJ'er 151 Third LOUISVILLE, KY. -.: '7 WeM Front Street, Cincinnati Ed. Ascbermnnn, Milwaukee; EsbCl'IJ, Bachman & ee., San Fran.e'-. ()aL AMERICAN A Five-Cent Havana-Filled Cigar. The Cigars aie made lij American LICORICE PASTE, TIN FOIL AND STRIPS, ; FLAVORINGS, VASELINE, The use of Molds absorbs the :flavor and aroma of the Tobacco This Cigar being made by Hand, retams these E;sential Qualities, effects a Closer Union of who are Cleaner in Personal Habits -and a1i the Work-Bench than Foreigners, whose only claim to Superior Workmanship TOBACCO SUGAR, GLYCERINE, -GUMS. f SOLE AGENT. IN. THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA FOR Tlllman Puetz' PEERLESS '' Ping Tobacco Machine and Maffran4's Patent Float No"te Ad ver"t1&e::t:r:l.en.1i on. page 7. II FACTORY: K.E I the Binder and Wrapper, and is not so Easily Broken in the Pock et. is their Foreign birth. AmericlloDS excel them at the Cigar-Table as in all other Industries. A Reward of$100.00 will be Paid forthe Discovery of any A.rtl. :ftcial Flavoring iil these Cigars. BECiitiSTEBED .n:JNE !Ulb, ISH, s a. m. MANUFACTURED BY X..A.NO ASTER., .. FLORIDA. A.. E. MASSMAN & C N. E. Cor. Srd and 1\l[ark:et Streets, P.HIL A DELPHI A .. I


6 H'II8CN, l!lole In the "UaUed THE TOBACCO LEAF. Grand Hotel Pasaje, E :;; s- a::a I Havana, f Ouba. 'l'lle and only FIBST-CLASS HOTEL ltl" tile I*Dd._!ll Oaba; -In the beot part of Jibe city. EDiarp4, Improved, new sanitary arr&DCemeniB, DOW ID&D&gemODt. and JCuropeaD pl&nl. Complete &e<:ommodatlon !or strangel'll. P. O.A.STR.C? d3 <::)0., ell -= e = ca TUNE 4. --... -42 BE.& VER BTB.EET, XEW YORK. PROPRIETORS. G-ra:n.CI. Ot.gar Factory, FABRICA DB TAB..&Cotl "LAGRANAD.INA" FACTORY. OF--RODRIGUEZ, Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuba. LEADING BRANDS : El X. :m N G El X.; -AND-U Flor de Manuel Rodriguez." I StttM ti.'t, Hayana,' Vuba. 'Lead. ln.: Brands :-" La Eslrella," Flar de Belgu & Garcia," "La Rosita," La Flor de Alfredo Belgu," "Para Tod os," .. La F elicia," "Flor de In clan San<;l;!eJ'." Flor de Bianca. R.oyal. Ct.gar Pao"tory, FELIX M:'UBIAS & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, Gallo do Ia Zania 69, Havana, Cuba. ct.aar u:rao"tory o:r SEBASTJAN AZCANO; LA FLOR CUBANA. R. RENDUELES. Valle del Ra) o No. Cl3, Habana LEADING BRANDS: La Gratitud," "Remigntont "Uosa Cubana." "Flor de Rosen do Reodueles," L a 8ociedad Comercia.l ." La :Ro.ea," Flor Indiana," Mi Caridsd." l'II:&N"U.II'&UT"URERII OP CIG-ARS, Estrella St. 79, HAVANA. -AND-FLOR DE F. CABAL Y CABAL. Leo.dlng Bro.nds:-i'Jor del A.Ao. La Emilia, 11' l9r de Cllrlota, Allelardo and Eloise., F lor de F G. Granda Eudora. .. Rosa de San Antonio. Valle de San Rafttel99-, 101, HADANA, VCDA. THE HAVANA TOBACCO CO. LIMITED. 148 CALLE ANIMA .c; FIG-..A.RO' DE CAPOTE, MORA & CO., Suarez 68, Habana.,.. Telefono 1,021. Leadlillll: Dranb i PLOR DE 8ED&IITI.&N AZVA.N00 PLOR DEL P&R&ISO, CIGAR the Selected Vegas of ABAJO.I ::S:A. V .A.N" A .. Valle del Raro No. 28; Habana, Vuba. LUIS MARX, Pres. ; EL NI&G&RA., LA. II!IPOSICIO!f, P&NNTo Ill ..... Leading Brands: M RosENTOWER, Sec. and Treaa. "Plor de M:anrlco,, h Plor de Eduardo Ca&Wo," Vnlou Clal," "La Rotoa," &: "Champion." a: -FABRICA DE TAB A COS. ..... .... m :::I!C Ill "C:I m .... 1--OF-I ,I&NON" .ll'!D 168 and 160 INDUSTRIA ST., (Established !8t5.) ESTANILLO, JUNCO & CORUJO, PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS; COLMENARES & PRIET_O, Valle de San BafBel No. HAVANA, CUBA. NOTE.-Thls brand has been l"OI!istered In the Paten' 0111ce at Washington. Infrlngera will be proeecuted to the fullest extent; of the law. I with the Honor Prize at. the Universal Exhibition of 1883 ----28 Paradise Street. Liverpool, England. HAB.&NA, CJUDA. TOBACCO EXPORTED FROM AND IMPORTED INTO THE UNITED STATES FROM 1877" TO 1886, INCLUSIVE. V .ALOES OF TO)IACCO IMPORTED INTO THE UNIT.BID STATES DURING THE TEN EARS FROM 1877 TO 1886, U!CLU SIVE-SJ'ECIE V: ALOES, ,. [-Note.-New clulillcation of imports went into effect July 1, 1884.] Year endinK June 301878. 1879. 1880. 1881. 1882. 1883. Dol lara. Dollars. Dollars. Dollars. Dollars. Dollars. 4,102,782 3,545,515 4,911,086 6,230,865 8 ,548,999 1884. DGllars. { 30.000 5 ,932, 163 1885. Dollars. 27,314 6,274,674 1886. Dollars. 37,175 7,792,832 Total................... 8,728,619 $.102.71)2 3.545,515 4,911,086 8,897,980 6,280 .866 8,548 .99 9 cigarettes and cheroots 2,002,347 2,269.267 2,2116,910 2,404.812 2.257.139 3,032,038 3,137,278 -All ether..................... 81,231 67,819 86,402 116,654 84.859 85.319 5.962,163 6,301,988 7 880,007 3,189,225 3,133 945 3 289,471 87,134 88,704 92,610 Total ..... 2,083,678 2,337,088 2,348,361 2,491,214 2,373,793 3,116,897 3,222,597 3, 2 76,359 3,217 ,649 3,332,081 -OF TOBAOOO IJI:PORT.BID INTO THE UNIT.BID STATES DURING THE TEN YEARS FROM _11577 TO 1886, lNSLUSIV.a:-Year ending June 30. 187?'. 1878. 1879. 1880. 1881. 1882. 1883. 1884 1885. 1886. Leaf suitable-for wrappers, lbs. 17 83 83 93 66 9 7 9 3 r 7 68 11 99 82o 1 893131 j 40. 761 31,411 48. 191 All other .......... f 5111 5 7 980 u 6 5 4 5 _llu 4 ""' 8 > 4 ; 12,914 .256 12.892 .854 15,647 .479 Cigars, ciprettes, cheroots, 536,524 622,805 619, 280 652,402 618,503 802,872 829,777 919,984 1,016,033 "VALUES OF DOMESTIC TOBAOOO ExPoRT.BID FROM THJC UNITED STATES DURING THE YlllARB FRO.III 1877 TO 1886, INCLUSIVE. (MIXED GOLD AND CURRitliCY V .&LUES PRIOR TO 1880. 1877. 1878. Dollars. Dollars. l:.eaf ............ _28,825,6%1 N 808,165 8teiD8 and trimmings.a .. a ....... C!f!ars. } 38,161 45,170 of. 8,i56,532 8,635,147 1879 DollarP. 21!,157,364 a ....... 53, 397 3,004.479 Year ending June 301880. 1881. 1882. Dollars.-Dollars. DoUars. 16,879,11)7 18,737,048 19,067,721 a ........ a ........ a ..... .. 67.82 1 94 ,559 113,717 1 ,9 95,345 2.047,282 2,24!(,431 1883. Dollars. 19,488,066 a ...... 96,901 { 2 560,262 1884. Dollars. 17,406.234 360 .52 6 82.306 248,890 2,199.261 1885. Dollars. 21.799,251 226 .535 52.066 317,653 2,371,800 1886. Dollars. 26,926 544 231,913 43.726 412,064 2 ,810,061 Total ... 32,020,214 28,484,482 28,215,240 18,442,273 20,878,884 21,480 ,860 22, 095,229 20,206 ,217 24,767,305 30,424 908 QUANTITIES OF DOMESTIC TOBACCO EXPORTED FROM THE UNITED STATES DURING THE TEN YEARS FROM 1877 TO 1886, INCLUSIVE. Year ending June SO1877. 1878. 1879. 1880. 1881. 1882. 1883. 1884. 1885. 1886. Leaf .......... lbs 283,973 193 322,!79,540 215,ih0,187 227,026,605 223,6_!;5,980 235,628 360 192,130.820 219 .:;121.207 281, 737,120 StEomsandtrimmings.c ...... c .......... c ......... c : ...... c ........ c .......... c ......... 15 ,021!,867 11,262,439 11,036,770 C!gars M. 1 1,150 2 082 2,299 2,583 3 ,546 4,217 3,885 f 3 110 2 21!.5 1 8 8 : Cigarettes ...... M f ( 79,032 102,6t9 127,946 BauD; .......... !be.. 2 ,1i88 13,334 18,522 15,883 18,841 6 468 15,103 a.... ... a... . a: ....... VALUES OF FOREIGN TOBACCO EXPORTED FROM THE UNITED STATES DUIUNG THE TEN YEARS FROM 1877 TO 1886, INCLUSIVE. 1877. Dollars. } 97,845 Cigars, cigarettes, cheroots. 155,079 All other manufactures of... 39,891 Total ......... 292 315 1878. Dollars. 152,522 184.221 26,948 313,691 Year ending June 301879. 1880 188L 1882. Dollars. Dollars. Dollars. D() 160 881 39.2,926 353,658 154,368 74,873 118,181 113.287 30,422 88,707 27 ,525 2 0 ,090 3t5,171 &01,566 499,864 460,978 1883. 1 88 4 Dollara. Dollars. j 4,769 317,288 I 311,474 87,951 62,1 34 21,6i4 41,234 426,863 419,611 188 5 Dollars. 110,209 463.161 62,794 103,:75 739, 439 1886. Dollan. 1.26,144 540,491 86.511 23,671 796,817 QUANTITIES OF FoREIGN TOBACCO EXPORTED FROM TliE U.NIT.BID STATES D URING THE TEN YEARS FRO.III 1877 TO 1886, INCLUSIVE. Year ending June 301877. 1878. 187 9 1860. 1 88 1. 1882. 1883. 1884. 1885. 264,860 408,689 271,604 882,840 704,134 786,930 9G4.015 { 81: :::: ""Cigars, cigarettes, cheroots. 61,319 55,792 70,282 41, 829 77,252 71,295 55,684 40,051 35,615 EBTIMAT.BID AREA AND V.&LUE OF THE TOBACCG CROP OF THJ: UNITIID 8TATEil, l!'ROIIl 1862 TO 188:J, INCLUS IVE. Year. Pounds. 1862 ..... 136,751,746 1863 ......... 163, 353,082 1864 .............. 197,460,229 1865 ........... 185,816,953 1866 ................ 388 128 ,684 1867 -.............. 313,724,000 1868 ................ 402,000,000 1869 ..... 393,000,000 1870 ........... 385 000.000 1871. ............... 426,000,000 1872 .... ........ 480,000,000 1873 ... ........ 506,000 ,000 1874 .......... 815,000,000 1875-.--. .... 522.000,000 1876 ............ 535,000,000 1877 .. ......... 580,000,000 1878 ........... 429,200,000 1879 ................ 472,000,000 1880 ... ... .460. 000,000 1881. ,. o .449,880,014 I 1882 ........ ...... 513,077 ,558 1883 .... .... 451,545,641 1884 ............. 541,504,000 1885 ... 562,731,000 Acree. 184 ,588 216,428 289 ,818 236,388 520.107 494.333 536.000 604,000 575 000 580, 000 584. 600 653,000 5 00,000 710,000 783,000 745,000 580,000 638, 000 610,000 646,289 671,522 638,739 75t,520 Value. Dollars. 16,397 ,69 6 24, 609 ft,335, 225 23,348 013 53,778.888 411283,48l 46,612 ,000 41.265 ,00 0 38,501l,OOO 41. 'Z48, 000 49 ,920,000 41,998,000 34 ,650 .000 41,760,00 0 39,590 .000 40,600,000 34 ,338 ,000 49,560,000 50,600,000 48,872,336 43,189.951 40,455,362 44.160,151 -48,265,698 :Value per pound. Cents. 11.9 14.9 14.8 1 3.8 13.2 10 : 6 10.5 10 9 8 10 ... 8.3 11 8 7.4 7 8 10.5 11 9 6 8.4 9 8.2 7.7 Yield per acre. Pounds. 1,019 755 823 784 746 635 750 651 669 734 821 77 5 630 735 730 778 740 740 754 696 764 707 747 747 8 Average value of yield per acre. Dollars. 121 84 112 00 12! 32 98 78 103 39 83 51 79 50 6S 3 2 66 90 7196 85 89 64 3 2 69 30 58 8 1 54 01 54 49 59 20 77, 68 82 95 11 64 32 68 34 60 94 57 49 1886 167 ,782 1,186.716 38 .646 :8"ee& of on Tobacco. THE BURNING QUALITY OF TIIE TOBACCO, GOOD OR BAD, ACCOilDING T O TIIE PREPONDERANCE OF FAVORABLE OR UNFAVORA.llLE FA<:TORS IN THE SOIL. Secretary Edge, in answer to his recent invita tion to the farmers of Lancaster county for their opinions of the street of different fertili zers o n tobacco, has r ece ived a large number of hlghly interesting letters. Among the number was o n e from Mr. E: K. '""Hershe y, of Cresswell, to whom the secretary has written the following reply: E. K. Hershey, Esq., Cressw e ll Post-office, Lan caster county, Po... DEAR Sm: Yours of the l Oth o.t hand and con tents carefully noted. Many thanks for your pro.ctical contribution to our stoek: of knowl edge of the effect of the various forms of potash upo n the burning quali ti es of tobacco We agree with y o u that it is always safest to use the hi g hel: grades of sulphate and t o avoid the muriate entire ly, but neither of these proposi tions will hold good as a universal rule, there being too many variations upon record to admit of their being declared In f allible. But, inc:Jependent of the grade or form of potash used muc h d epends upon t.he presence or absence of certain compounds in the soil T o Illustrate: as a baaS' combines with different acids with different degrees of affinity, and if, when comb ined with an o.cld for which It has a l ow degree of affinity, It is brought in con tact with another acid or acidulat ed base with which it has a. greater degree o f affinity, It at once deserts its !l.l.-st f ormatroh and takes u p another. Thus it is quite possible, in some soils, f o r muriate (which ca.uses tobacco to burn badly) to be gradually changed into a sulphate. That this is the case seems to be proven, that lf b y an &pplication o f muri&te the resulting to b acco is made to burn bo.dly, this defect is greatest near the mid-rib and in those portions of the le af ! t formed, and least in the upper leaves and in the outer edges of a ll of the l eaves, until in many cases tbe portion o! the leaf last form ed will bum well, while other portlon.e o.r e, from this cau se, comparatively worthless. In e x periments with tobacco, including differ ent-fertilizers and--soils, the Fre nch take an o.d vanced point and have a special experiment station set apart for exp e riments with this crop alone. The director of this station (Sohloeeing ) r eports the following; "The burning quality Is absolutely independent of the variety of tobacco, of thickness of the leaf, of its stre ngth, of its !l.avor and of climate It stands in relatio n on ly to the proportio n of potash salts and vegetable o.clds contained In the leaf, and co n sequently to the richness of the potash in the soil in whi c h It grows." If these experiments have been care fully made, it follows that the very best form of potash mo.y be neutralized by the presen ce or ab, s e n ce o f certain acids (vegetable) in the soli or plant. Schloesing further writes : This theory of the combustibility of tobacco has been estab lished by chemiCa.! analysis and by direct ex periment in culture. The ashes of tobacco that burns well contain and yield to wate r carbonate of potash ; those of badly burning tobacco con tain littl e or n o carb o na te, but yield to water only sulphate or muriate o f magnes ia. A cce ptin g these practica l r esults, whlcli have been dup11cated in Germany, we arriv e at the conclus ion that it Is possible, by the presence of certain vegetable acids in the soil, for the best forms of potash (the carbonate) to be re f ormed into muriate or s ulphate before all can b e utilized by the plant ; and of course, i f this h o lds good, it naturally follows t hat poor fdrms of potash may be converted into a carbonate by th!) prese nce of f r ee car bon lc e acid in the soil. The same authority' writes : "The carbonate of potash is, however, the result of the burning of malate, citric, tartarate and ocu late of potash, and the burning quality is therefore related to the presence of these so.lts in the tobac co. If enopgh o r the above named potash salts are In corporated with the badly burning tobacco, to g i ve an ash con ta!n!n g a /Certain amount of car bonate of potash, the tobacco is thereby made to burn well On the othe r hand, well-burning tobacco is caused to burn badly by impregna ting it with a certain pro portion of sulphate of muriate of potash." This, then, would seem to Indicate that the LA ROSlJDE SANTIAGO CIG-ARS, MANUFA.Ol'URED BY PEDB.OU:ROGEB., From the Tobacco Gf the Finest Ve gas of the Vuelta Abajo. ia 184'1 at delaa v..-.. Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. FOR SALE BY Park a; TUtora ... ct Aoker, lllerraU Jrew York PtlL VER, IDIPOB.TER OF H.VANA, &ND P&UKER OF Seed Leaf Tobacco, 178 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. form of a. carbonate was the best, but practice proves that this does not in all cases follow. Scbloesing further stat es that "The oxalate, mal ate, citrate and tartarate of p ol:ru!h, when h eated, melt befo r e they burn, and by further heating yielc! an inflated. highly -porous coal, for ho1dlng tlre. Bllt the con:espond ing salts o f mtlgllesia !Jive a. compact coal whic h is easily extinguish ed.' The Connecticut Agricultural Expe riment Statio n Report o f 1884 states that "Mine ral salts which fuse at the burning temp erature, s uch as chlorides of potassium and sodium, and phosphates of potad. and aod&m, hinder free burning. Fermen t!on, which reduces the quantity of and albuminous matters, acts on the wh ole to improve the q uality. It would s eem, the r efOl"e, that the burntng quality is good o r bad accord ing to the preponderance of favorable or unfav orable factors, and that it is always r elated in a. simple manner to the composition of the ash." All authoriti es, and theoretical, agree that bad burning is due to the presence of some thin g detriments! in the l eaf and that an analy sis or the ash .)Villshow what this is ; but our dlfliculty is to ascertain the m eans by which these detrime ntal co nstituents may be k ept out of the tobo.cco entirely. Many have assumed that the whole trou b l e is due t o the presence of c hl orine or murio.tes, and that all tha t Is n ecessary to avoid the d!Jilculty is not to apply any fertilizer which contains these e l ements. T hia is good in theory, but it w ill not stand the test of practice. On some soils and under certain circumstances the v ery best f orm of potash will give the poorest of results ; hence the assertio n made b y me at the meeting o f the Lancaster A gricultura l Society, that neither a c h e mical analysis of the leaf n o r of the soil, or of both, would give us a solution of our problem. If the y w o uld our course would then be plain llJld t h e result easil y arrived at. The fact is, that af r we ascertain what the soil, l eaf and fe1'tilizer contain we will!l.nd that when the soil and fertilizer are brought into contact, cer tain results are produced which entire ly nullify our theories and l eave u s entire ly in the dark. O f on e point we are, h owever, qnite _sure, and that is that the introquction o f any form of ch l orine or muriate (as common salt) will pro duce the result which we wish so much to avo i d, and that by the applicat i o n o f the high e r grades or potash we may, to a great ext ent, avoid the difficulty. In the investigation which ho.s been under taken, I am indebted t o the farmers of Lan caster county for much valuable inf ormation, which I hope o.t some time not far distant to and compile into one of our reports and get it into such a form o.s will malmm.eroial N B 1rill tmable anyboily to place the in the proper place: 1 Write across the back-Bot lengthwila.. 2. The top of the back: is the left end of the face. 3. To d eposit a check, write For deposit," and below this your name. A clerk having the power of. attorney to sign or in dorse checks can deposit his firm's checks by wri.ting on top .of the back, For deposit only to credit of--," and" below this write his own name. 4. Simply writing your name on the back of a check signifies that it hBB paesed through your hands and is payable to bearer. 5 Always indorse a check just as it appears on the face. For instaDl:e, if the check JB po.y11ble to" G Read," indorse "G. Read;" if to '"Geo. Read,". indorse "Geo. Read;" if to George .1!'. Read," indorEe George F. Read." If the spelling of the name (Jo the face of the check is wrong, indorse first ju!R. o.s the face appears, o.n<1 below, the pruper way. 6 If you '\"'ish the check payable to some particular person, write "Pay to-or order--." In_England all checks are payable to bearer. but m th1s country all strangers presenting checks for payment must be idsntilled by seme one known"to the banks. VARIETIES. NoticE!" has eeen served on the barber and cigar shops of Haddonfield, N.J prohibiting them from selling cigare hereafter on Sun4ay. -South America is coming to the front in cigar making. The quality of the tobo.cco is exce llent, and while the cigars are somewhat rougher than those from Cuba, they will bea.r comparison with the best brands. -W. 0. Foye, formerly in the grocery busines s at Bath, Me ho.s been appointed New England agent for S. F. Hess & 09. the Rochester, N. Y., proprietors of the Premium Tobacco Works. A good appointment and a good house to represent-New Englanll Groc er :V A.R-011111' A. Importers of IIA. V ANA 164 Watme Street.. New York


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They carried chairs, and sat without a word Before his porch, And smoked, and smoked, and not a sound was beard, Till Kieft came forth to take the morning air, With speech that would have burned them then and there, Ir words could scorch. But they, however savagely he spoke, Made no reply. Higher and thicker rose the clouds of smoke, And Kieft, perceiving that they would be free, Tried not to put in force his harsh decree, But let it die. -New York Sun. -Ex Mayor Charles Siedler, of Jel'Bey City, bas spent the last four or fivein Morrastown, but he bas now made up his mind to make his permanent home there. At present be is living in ths Fonda House, on Maple avenue, but a. few weeks ago he purchased Dr. Swan's fiae old residence on 'South street, opposite St. Peter's Episcopal Church, and is ba.vinp: it remodelled and re fitted. -A lady wearing a celluloid .bustle seated in a passenger car at R;lJ:Lnn, Indiana, in close proximity to a. burning cigar. The lady survives, although she is for liCe, while the celluloid bustle is a complete wreck. DUTIES IIIIPOBED. ON TOBACCO m FOREIGN COUl'I'TRIES. AtiSTRALIA-.Manufactured tobacco Imported. 72 cents, pound duty. AuatrAUan ma.nuta.ctured tobacco, made. ot domestic leaf, 24 centa a pound flltei'D&l tax; made of.tore.ia'D leaf, 4! cents a PQUDd tax. BELGiuM-Leaf tobac<;o and stema, 70 fraDCI per 200 kilos: manufactured tobaoco, and cigarettes, 80C fr&"cs per 100 l-Manuractured Tobacco-Cifl'Bl'8, 5s per lb. Cavendish or Negrohead, .CR &d per lb. C.vendish or Negro head manufactured in b41nd, 4spt"r lb. other manufactured tobac o, per lb. Snuff containing n.ore than IS lbs of moisture In to1.ery 100 Jbs weJtriJt thereof'. 8s l:ld per lb. Snutr not cootaloing mo1 tban l3lbs ()t In eyery 100 lbs wehrbt tht:reof. 48 (id per lb. Uomanufactured, T vbaccoContli.ining) 0 lbs or mor., of IY10isturein every 100 wnlgllt thereof, 2ft per lb. Containin 'lf' l(ljlfl tPao 10 lbs ot. moisture In every 10 lbA Wf'igbt therPClf. ?.aCid per lb. In lieu. of the drawb&ck beror.etblay 3',1887, there tsnowH.llowed the driLwback ot. 3s 3d named in section 1 'ot the Manufactured l'obaCco Act, GERllA.NY Ciga1-s ancl cla-aretteR, 2";'0 marks per 100 kilOA duty Smok!rur t(Jhacco in rolls and flour. 180 warksl per 100 kilos duty. tobacco. b5 marks per 100 kilos duty. Leaf tohacco and S.l marks pPr 1 1 u kUc..s duty. Strips or stemmtd leaf, ISO ILI&rks per 100 kilos duty. HOLLAND-Tobacco in rolls or and unpressed stt-m:s. ::!t) ('entJ\ tluty Nr ](l() kilos: ptt"$t'd flitemfl, 2+ centt; dury })f'r 100 ldJ os M:umfactured Whuccco. &nutr, carrutt-l, etc"" $4.80 duty per lOU kilos. Cigar&, Sb duty per 100 kilos. The tohaccoindustry or AustriA., France. Italy aml Spain l!l cnntrnl!Pd hy RPgiel', under the direction of the Govern. ments or those couutries. VALUE 01' FOREIGN COIKS. Cents., Cents, Austria-Florin or guil Italy-Lira.... .... .. der.... ........ ...... 4!'i.ll Japa.n,-Ytou......... .. {+U.7 19.8 Liberia-DoiJa.r ........ ]{)I BQiivia-Peso ...... .5 Mexico-Dollar. ...... 90S Bradl-Milreis... ... 54.5 Norway-Crown. 26,8 British N. America. . . . S:.i6 Dol:ar .. ... . 100 PortUKRl -MUre a of Central Amer.-Peso.. 91.8 1,00() r e ls .. .......... fl 08 Chili-Pe!!O, gold...... 91.2 Russi.:..R ouble of 100 Deomat'k-Crown.. 26 8 kopeks............... 78.4 Ecuador-Peoo........ 9U Sandwich blauds-IroiEgypt-Pound .-.r 100 lar. ... .. ... ..... tOO J,.U.sten .......... 14 07. 4 S.pain -Peseta ot 100 FraoCf'-Franc... . 10.8 c .. ntimes ........ HUl Great Britain-Pound Sweden-Crown...... 26 8 sterlinJr .............. $4 8" witzerland-Franc ... 19. a Greeoe--Dra.cbma.. .. 111 .. Tripoli-Mahbub of 20 Ger. Empire-Mark... 93.8 pl!lSiers.... ......... 82fl Holland-FJortn or gull4.3 der... .. .. ............ U. S. ot ColomblaTndla-Ru.,.. .... __ .... 45.81 Peso......... .. .. .. 91.8 A kilo equals 2.5 pounds. A pfennir-g ot one ceut. An English shilling equals ceu Ai1 "English penny equals ceuto. -Louis Mausbacb, the cignr manu facturer who went away a ago because Miss Hannah Goldsticker, of Newark, had bPgun a snit for breach of promise against him, has retumed and put a stop to legal proceedings. He settled Miss Goldsticker's claims upon him for t250, & EA1BJ.E, 1Wa:nU:f"ac1:'u.rers of OE"ine 1ao7, 3rd District, New Ycrk. Oar. 38"tl:l. S"tree1i a:n.Cl. 1s1i A. -ve:n. u..e, PROPlUBTORII o THll: J'OLLOWING POPULAR BRANDS : The undersigned continues to sell Pure Turkish Liquorice Paste under the accompanying brand as man ufacturll by MacAndrews 4 Forbes, of Smyrna and Newark. Apply to James C.Mc4.ndrew, 55 Water street, New York, o1o ir'or -tho '*-.._ f/a t06 & tOS EAST 69th STREET, l'IEW YORK. f 87 PEARL ST., .&1Q) CAMBRIDGE'' I..1>1W OD d Gnmuletecl !lli%tura A pure(T Ide&. X11m1troetured of lhe "'""* oiiDice tobeccoL ; HARVARD/'. 1'oi7 toriP* v-qbila __.:___ Cll&. MARBURG 145 8, Clll.arle st., iU.LTJIIIOKE, l!ld, NQTICE TO THE 'l'KADB The following Labels and property, and we caution Man..lfacturma ... .... using the same. Infrin8emena wil5 cated. -SPANISH. ciil&, The Pan.orama;.. Marie Twain,: AndyfJackson The Traveler, No. f, "Seal of Spain. WM. CRAF & CO.,. lueeueor to HEKMAJIJ IIEGNIT:& & C.,. Cigar .Manufacturers, Milwaukee. UlfiTED STATES INTERNAL. B.E.llJaiW TAX ON TOBACCO"o-Chra.r8, a:ad imported, SS per )1. ; cC=z"e!ghing not over three 1bs per 1\I, eoc per ll; dleroots weihlng o"'er three lbs Per .H. $3 per ll.; ..._... lured tobacco &Dd snuff, per. pound, Sc. OHARGEB FOR LIOENSE8 rER. AKNU._ Manufacturers or cigars. cigarettes tmdlo1leroo&a. !,!;.-.. ufacturers ot tobacco and snuif, $6.; tiealem4n man!'_ ot tol>acco, t2.40; de&lers in !ee.f tol>o.<:eo,.$12. IMPORT DUTIES ON Tf!BAOOO. :P.. :ftXR..A.:N'D.A. & CO. Olgarg, $2.50 per pound and 25 per eent .. ad .. ..-0...ettes. same as cigars. including inter06lttlaiE. Leaf ......_, 86 per cent. ot which. is wrappers more .. leaves t& the pound, 76 eents per peumf; ifstemmea,... ;p!W pound; all other leaf net .. eentlpeorpouMI. -._, ba.ccomanufactured;40 cents per _pouad.L Stema, 15._. per lJGUnd. Pipes and pipe!' t:ent. ad valorem. L"ommon clay pi'Des. SO pu :.&. valorem; parts of pipes, 75 percent. aci valorem; .U ...-... era' artic1es, p<>r eent. ad Y&(orem i tng pouches, ::s5 r ur cent. ad Yu.lorem. IMPORTERS OF Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, M.A. MONTEJOl7 IIIISI PE.A.:E'l.X.. &T JSI'E""DV' And Cahada del Hoata 199, HavADa. I LABEL. AND STAMP VARNISH A SPECIAlTY. THE "Belcher" Cigar KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, 129 4 131 Crand Street, New York, P.t.TENTEE8 .t.Nit IUANllPACTI'RI!KS, FLOR DE lNSELMO.-ZAMORA FINE VUELTA ABAJO CIGARS. NOTICE:-! warn my old customers not to use any cigars but under tbe No. 89, DB my hall been used to sell splpjOJIB cigars. A.. .Z.A.D'XC>R..A., P.o. Box 134. ::ao::mv "QU :maT, FX....&.. P 'C' E IIJ:! Z PEHILBSS r Plug Tobae_co Machine. TILLMAN PUET%, Jr., SoJe Inventor and Patentee. ST. L01JIS, Ho. This ma.chlne possesses eminent advantages worthy the conSideratloa. ef a.n;r enterprls1Dc tobaeco manufacturer, Yiz.:-1. Labor savlmr. 2 Rapidity. a. Absolute security from accl;. denta to h&Bd.B. 4. Pert.ect finish ot work. &. Increased o11tput capacity, particularly in small work, as it su.bdhidea the lump to pro. """"ult _..through 1.!\&mtichlne. 6. Au tomatlc deU.yery of lh lnmpo on Wrapper ta.ble, thus B&vf.ilg time and precludlnfir acci dent. 7. Its adaptability to ally kind ot work, lar&'e or sm&ll, thick or thlu. d lt.o euy u,. Jwnment for different kind11 of Work. Circulars elwwlng where these machiHes are now In use, as well as photograplaa, aent when desired. All Inquiries aa to the above wUI receive prompt a.ttentJon, eithel' in penon or by cerree spoDdence, from HENRY U. FRANKEL, .t.GEWT IN TUB UNITED STATES A:ND CA.NA.lU., 161 Third Street, Louisville, Ky. WE BEG TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF MANUFACTUREBS to desinble qualities of VASELINE as eompared with Olive, Sesame and othar oils Tbeae advantages are: ._ 1st. Entire freedom from rancidity, no matter what temperatUre or manip ulaston it is subjected to. lid, The superior finish and protection it gives the wrapper. Sd. The frames, sheets and moulds are Biways clea.h, sweet, and not sub< ject to oxidation or rust, from accumulations of tieoayiug vegetab'-' matter. 4th. Absolute parity and uniformity by Our price is 16 cents per pound nett, put up in fifty-pound tins, packed for ahipment, two tins in a case, freight paid by us. Orders may be sent to us direct in New York, or through ourwestem agent, r Mr. Henry U. Frankel, IIU Third St., Louisville, Ky., who will B1SG fill urgent orders from stock kept by him for that purpose. CHESEBROUGH MANUFACTURING CO., :SOLE l!IAI'IUJI'.t.JTUBEBS, No. 24 STATE STREET, NEW YORK. HAVANA TOBACCO. Trade-Marks : "Americau u Flor dr 'LI.:I. No. 191 Pearl Street, New B.A.R.Oli.V &.. C > CIGAR MANUFTRS (FOR JOBB.TNG TRADE:) I' ACTORIES :-Nos. 11 a:nd 296. B.A.X..T'ZJ:v.I:qR.E,. ltlanutaeturers et the eel bratecll "" Baron'i s Seal, Long Havana Filled Five Cent P. Gerra, 1r.: --GUERRA HERXANQ& Packers and lmportet:s of' HAVANA 172 Water Street, NEW YORK. JOS. MAYER'S SONS, < FormeriJ of 122 Water Street,> LEAF. \l'OBAQCO. 193 Pearl St., New York. .. Our latest sample collection just issued, contains : HONEY COMB. RED HOOD. *BOODLE. GOLDINGS. UTILE DANDIES. SHIP SHAPE. BELIT A. ALDA. OLD FISHERMAN. COLD SNAP. FROM WITSGH [ & 94 Eo-vvery, .Nevv York. -------La Be{Lta, La Suprema, La F ama, La ,;, SALLY -:;: ELMA ,;, l l ')


o w Cl. HamiUoa, Jf. w. C:oaklla, E D. LINIJE, HAMIL TON & CO. _,_ __ & .Tobacco &4v--oo Mora B<>eelpas ol nerehaa4lee a Speel&UJ', .O.M storage Warehouses ._,.::JOIIIItll PARK, N, Y. EDGERTON, WIS. ....a .& WS Eat 334 St., 1'1, lr, L.l.l'f().I.STEK,< suo. NEW YOJUL JAMES G. OSBORBB. TOBAGCO BROKER, C511: ::aroaet &"t .N':I!J"gV' .JOHll' CA.r:J'U& Tobacco Brotorl 13.'BEAYER ST., lEW 1-. HENRY SIEBERT, 78 Broad Street. .N'E""" "YOa.:K.. DAVID G. HIRSH & CO EMIL A. STOPPEL, A. LOWENsoHN John Brand & Co., M. R=:R; ImporterandEzporterof 9 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO BROKER, Paeken or TOBACCO and CIGARS A.l'i D P .t.CIUAlS 0., Seed Leaf TO\ba.ccc., ---. -----SEED LE.A.F And Dealer Ill Havana and sumatra Tobacco. Ill Pearl St., New York. 137 Malden Lane, { .. FERDINAND DZIUBA, !Formerly 176 W&terSt ) NEW YORK. -------------_ ... ... TOBACCO '\ \\1 t; c ro 11 r LO.U1& GR..A..FF, To]acco Commission Morchant .!_FEinchurch London E. England. 223, 225, 227 & 229 East 73rd St., New York. Facto;y _No. 160, Third District. / EowAIU>ltOSEZ..."WALD, ISA..Ac RosENWALD, HENRY RoaEWW,.u.D, SIG X OND RosEl<."WALD. I E ROSENWALD & BRO. I & of 145 WATER STREET; NEW YORK. ST., SPRINCFIELD, MASS. "DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE CUT. Jli"&Q'tory lSI o. 1. 10th. D:l."tr:l.o"t. DEPOT FOR THE ABOVE POPll'LAB. BRA.l(D: M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New York. ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, 166 Wate New York. SPING.ut.'Q', -..-__ SA>rUEL H. SPIN&aN, E. SPINGAB.N & Co. lliPORTERS OF Havana and Sumatra, AND PACKERS OF Seedleaf Tobacco 5 Burling Slip, New York. Chas. F. Tag & Son, Importers of Spanish bd Dealers In kiDds ot LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St.,'New York. A. PERSoN. HARRIMAN & co.. Leopo ld Ml.ller R-Son E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, All'Gll'STll'S TBEADWELL. IMPORTERS AND DB.ALlmS Dl 155 st.. New YOrk. Leaf TobaccO, :POR PtlTTING t1P IIM:OKil'iG TOR&C:CO.J. B. Pa ce Tobacco Co., 168. Water St., New. York. 4117 e El:r<><>ZJa.eo &"tree"t. 'York. s. w. v EN&DLE E. c:. vBIII&DLL v .a... M. Oppenheimer, FINE BRIGHTMNAViE's:8TWIST, COILS L f TBealerblll Light Pressed and Smoking ea 0 acco, BANNER fOBACCQ COMPANY st .. ew Yori. : :: : : 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, Hirsch, YICIOriUS & Co. JOK'I!.S,' :: : : Danutac1arer of't._e <::eJebrated 1 LEAF TOBA,,O .. BannerBraDdFineCut IJIJ BLUE JI:ANS, OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, .. :aener tha:n "the Ele"t" I ADMIRA-TION, FLORIMRL and RAPIDAN. "CHIC" Sm.okiq Tobaooe, efl'he Virgbia Leaf. '169 WATER ST., NEW YORK. ., .... Aieau tor the o f our Maolufactured W VAll ALSTINI!l. SAM. B. SCOTT aad BEN, HAXTON Ct.g,...., 18 (JentMLl Wha: W G.ADAMS,II7Water11to:Aet,New Yod< Wm, H. Tetn,Pres, !II,H.MIU,Vice-Pree. Reoj.P.'Haztoa,Sec.aodGen'IHan&ger. JO.S. & SONS' City; M1 llll SlljlAR; S.C.; P., a. 78 Sooth Aenne. Atlanta, 0&. ; E. R. Fli;RGU Ill lll.lo8. : B Q SEVIEM, Little Rock. Arl<.; II. H. CHRISTIAN, Ga!Tellt<>n, T"". ; J T. Dl ; C,l!l. CON&!-98 JelfoO"'J

JUNE 4. eriKnr Ori'DBDG, B:lanrl' Ot = BKBIWI' Ofti:IS : o : : o : -M o uld s, HYDRAULIC and Bo xing Presse s, Bands and mente, S teel Finisher Plates and Tins, HAND and POWER WRINGERS. Send for Catalogue. PLEABE WJDD O U R ADD RESS PLAIN, and refer .. this paper in addressing WI.


TOBACCO y...,J3lAF. IUNE 4. ll='htladelphia, Ad verttse:m":uu.. BROS., Merchants aad Wholesale Dealers In Baltimor-e Advertisemeot I Seed Leaf. Tobacco, fiREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, ( -' t 7 North Third Street, Philadelphia. 33 South Street, Baltimore. E. BATCHELOR & CO., sen -of Seed Lear f and Importers of Havana Q.D.d Sumatra Tobaccos ) 09 1\Tor1:h. "'gV'a.tor 8troo1:,'--.. ELLXS &. CO., l'!I.I.NUI" .I.CJTUKEBS 01" Aloo Jmpenen of Cor. ilaltlmore and Sharp Baltimore. ManJJtaeturen of' Fine Cut and AND LUXUry Fine Cut In Foil. Jl:JEitrS ... & CO., /' :E..ACK.ERS OF SEED LEAF and IN TOBACCO. Ui19 &T.R.:JgEoxt; P::EEX:i:....A.:J:>:J!JX..P::EI:X JOS. S VETTERLEIN E. McDowell a Co.,. C03 4 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, SO :LIE .A.GEI NT& :F'C>R. LOTTIEB/S Tag -ANDWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S &eauine Tobacco. ttT Boston, St. Louis and Cincinnati. fWIS BREMER'S SONS, WHOLESAL11l DEALERS IN AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, .322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. &. ....... 6aaort.Dent of all ldDda of Leaf Tobaooo -ta..tly OD hand. -:!M,BALL & VANUY FAil! ::uHAcro" liOUHISTJ!R, N. y L. BAMBERGER & CO., ... I.CIIIERS & DEALERS IN Mo. I11 ARCH STR1':ET, PHILADELPHIA. ALWAR. AUG U ST EISENLOHR. REYER & EISENLOHR, .Paell.en aad. Wltole .. le Beaten ln AF TOBACCO, 1:3 North Third Street, Philadelphia. I ALSO li!ANO'F ACTIJRERS 01!' "JIINIDI8' EXDA,H .. aT," "P. B, BIHBOPJII'fll OEBliiA.N,H &Dd Other Brando of Toboeeo. -Allo "DEBBB DB LA BEINE," "I!IWEBT NBCJT.I.B," and other Brando of Paper r.od All-Tobacco a.areU& New York Office: &8 South Washington Square. J.. _.DUNN & 00., 'U'r.d'ted. &'ta.'tes Ciga.r a. L. DUNLAP & CO., w. G. MEIER & co. Advertisements from East, West & Sontb. hiD to Jno. B Cltmet A Co. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Cl N c i N N AT I 0. J H BlllOIID&LI: 8llmr. ll H. lllaTrr. Ellnent Vtrctnla Paekera an Jo.,ben of' Twist [rA F c T 0 BAG C 0 GonnocUcnt 8BBd-lBafTobacco _..,.,_ F. w. DOHRMANN & /SON, J"_OBNE.PE!wNs, J".un:sC .li:!UiBT. IMPORTERS of HAVANA. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS 8, W, Cor. Vine & FroDt Stneto, -'MANUFACTURERS OF A, F .RICO & CO ca:N'ciNNATI. o. Tobacco DlPORTERS or Blue Gr&AA (Extra E:'jne). Palm T f>'at, Dnnns t1ckr 1 EAF TOB BRANCHE: Blue .Jay, Key Note, Butterfly, Penny PIUI<. M ACCQ Mlamlobur,.. l'obaeeo, Of'J'!cE AND l'Aaronv: (Jhorkovllle, 'l'eom-Dark Tobacco, 169'> Pike St COVll'lGTON, Ky. .. -AND-&epl'T Gelae, liD;aa. bl.!lhoc:l. 188'7 Deao Damna. THE GISE CIGAR BOX CO. Buooeooora to Henry Gelso and Stlclmey 41: Gonloa, oC aU Klad or :B0:3r:E&;. ::I:Jea.l.or .l:a. X..abel., O:lsar R.:lbbo:u.., aail all othe:r mcarJDa.kera' SappU arse l!ltcHok of Geo, 1!1, Barrio & SoD'a . O:J:G-A:El.S, 18 Central Wharf, Boston. B.. llA. YO. P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND, VA. I:B'l'ABt.II!HED B! ROBERT A. XA.YO-. Originator.a ot. the tyle and. name 'Z!fT .A. 'V'V T C> lEI .A. 0 0 _,. HEKltY GEISE, BENNO DAMUS, OEO, H STAL L O t NAVIES A SPECIALTY llf ALL iliZE8, THE GEISE LUMBER IIIAz-'UFACTURERS OF SPANISH CEDAR: CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Ciga.r I..a"1.1m ber :M'LeaD Avenue, Cincinnati! Alld Wet VirgiDia., Ofllce 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. In PI&Io or ot Plain. Gftt or Col<'14 TlJ:I at Lowest Prices. Sample Tags anEI fuia Information tu.mlshed on application. J. M. ROBINSON&. Co .. 2115 w, 24 6H4., Oel!l:ra l Avo: O:I:N'O:I:l.'laTN' .&.T:I:, <:> JA-MES M. WISE, MQrchant Pol' Plll'ell ... or v. s. WBlGHT. 8alCCeSSOC' io Ed'"''nl Peynado & ()Q, nmEcrr IMPORTER oF CHniCE HAVANA BOLE A GENT FOB .tozano.Peldas'& Co.s Clear Dayan Goods W BEST Chicago; LORIN PALMER, New York; W. H RUSSELL, tlotel llDd Galt Boooe Fest, :a,, .. &:&ell &. c:::Jc:., titand x..ou.:s. ...,...._ue, W -H01 ... ESSoceA..,...LEt<>JOTHNC.OPA.BBTBIDAGEC"'Goo.ON.ISlS .. L r Peterbar., Laoeaeter co., Pa. Solo Provricton of th8 Gcnnilc 'GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMO"D' Cilars.-ts7 X..a.k.e st. a.nct 11a1 State st.. :1:11. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELrrKNOWN !'IRIIIS:-sTR.UTON 41: S'l'Orut:'B Cigars aDd Clraretteo ; D. H. 41: CO.'SP!ugTobaoco; LOZANO. PEN 1 DAS & CO.'S Havana CiOj,. It. F GRAVJ!:J,Y'S PIUI< Tobacco: W T BLACKWEf,L lie CO .. Dur ham. N. -:.C O.'S "MAYFLOWER." Detrolt,lllch. : J". W CARROLL'!! ''LONJI JACK," bunr. Vt.. GOOD:f.IN & CO.'S OLD JUDGE" e Tobacco and Gll;areUes; '8 TBE ACTS," and KINNEY TOBACCO 00. 'S Cigarette& AGENTS FOB !p. H1 GATO'S KEY WEST CIGABS WJ.l s K!MllA:i.L & co;; >ANI:, FAI!I l!OOHE,rER, N y IIIGH_TYtNAVY TOBACCO WORKS. E. o .A.X..X..EJ:Sr, Propr:lo1;or. MANUFACTURERS OF P.lUG, FINE .cut CHEWING SMOKING .. TC>B.A.CCC>S, : N.W. cor. Canal and Monroe Sts., CHICACO. B. SUBERT, L. PINCOFFS, WHOLESALE DEALER tN BUYER AN]) SELLER 01' :a a .a. Tobacco Cuttin[[and BcraDs, !DOMEsTic LEAF To:sAcco LE ;-F 7oi.icco 231 East Randolph Street, ou:xo:.a..c:;r..<>. xx..x... 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, IlL PIPER HEIDSIECK PLUG TOBACCO. FLA. VORED WITH Tum CELEBRATED PJWNOUNCED BY JUDGES CHAMPAGNE WINE The Finest Chew Extant. PIPER BEIDSIECK. NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, x..ou::r.s-vxx..x..E, W. S. O'NEIL, -'Hand PEASE Unttor Packer and Dealer In IN GOOD CONDITION. OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO R. & W. JENKINSON, PITTSBUBGH, PA. Promptly Attended To. A. R. FOUCiiRAY, Tobacco Inspector. :&pOOlnted by the Philadelphia Board of Trade. <1 ,lH'.J J 63 N. Front S t PhUaCelphta, Pa. 'C. C. DAVENPORT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, S.,UTH BOSTON, VA. MOLT, SCHAEFER & CO., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. LYNVHDU:KO, V.I.. D. W. BRACC, Buyer of Leaf Tobacco, PETEBSDV:KG, VA., J PAUL C. VENABLI!, Leaf Tobacco Broker, DANVILLE, VA. Wm. 1!. DIBRI!LL, Leaf Tobacco Broker1 &ICJHIIIOND, V.I., RI!IED & McCI!I!, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, :KA.LEIGH, N, (), W. A. BOBBITT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, OXPOKD, N. C. H. T. JENKINS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, WARRENTON, N, () L. C. SCHEFFEY 4 CO., Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, LOUISVILLE, K Y, --. -N. 20'7 N'OR.T::EI: EIR.C>.A;:J:) &T., P::EI::I:X..A.:I:>EIX..P::EE:J:..A.. .. HENRY DEYI!IA.NN. SNEERINGER & CO GUGGENHEIMER & CO ., Solell&nufacturer of the Famous and World-Renowned Brando of C. C. SLAUCHTIER, Leaf and Strip Tobacco Broker, DENDEBSON, &1<". 13 South Boward st., DALTIMOKE, VlRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, 1m. JI(ANUFAcrruRERSOF LEAF LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. ,... TOBAC!,D.,!,GARS, Havana & Snmalra Tobacco ot" Tweot cg, v ... > Buana and Domestic Leaf Tobacco Tottether wlih the L.I.BGE!IT Stoek or I O...Sero sollcltod and promptly attended io, Price List oent on application, < "" I 'PX..'C'Go-TC>EI.A.OCC> "WW1 ..... IL;-."t "'-J; Cor,Lombard&Clleapdde.BaJtimore. OfaoyHo.-lntheSiateo!Harylad '...tt17IJ1J:iJle/jJQJG "'".-....,;' SuoooAor to SaJmo, Jlanooek & Ce, Theobald & Oppenheimer, FINE COIL, IU.XUFACTlJBEB OF MAN1Jlf' AcmJBEl!8 OJ' LIGHT PRESS,. TWIST, NAVY and SUN-CORED :E'*INE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN SJanish a!Hl Illlmestic Leaf Tobacco, TOEI.A.OOO&, T. H. PURYEAR. I Buyer of Leaf Tobacco, PADI1CJ.&Ji. IUC. M. H. CLARK & BRO., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, PAD(](JAII, HOPKINSVILLE. C. & R. DORMITZI!R & CO. COMMISSION JI(ERCHAN'l'S A'l<'ll Dealers In Leaf Tobacco 2 N, JJiatn s1.,-s1. Lnt-. CIGARS, Chettn!lt. St., Xo.1111fortll Tldr4 Street, p'RILAD'Bf.PJIIA, -:.PHIT.ADilLPIIJA. .fo.GlClift'll 1'0& T1D1 liOLLB. DUBIIUL ck PWl'mll Oifi'OilOIA'l'l CIGA.B JIOU>B. 8'IJRAP8, ..... --------------------P.A.CE &, EIXZEE&, c. J. MORRiS, -ofaetaren or the Celebi"Bted Leaf Tobacco Broker1 .. p-o ... rr.-tt Granulated, Cut Plug, Long Cut alld EVANSVILLE, IN .D "RALEIGH" Cut Plug; PARRY & cRosBIEs. FAVORITE" Cigarette and Long Cut; T 0 b-Cl Cl C> El r 0 J&. e r ., P. A_ ERA OSS & 00., GAR MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTER& AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, ,-.;..& N'o. B .NC>R.T::EE Tla::J:.R.:J:) SW:--.EJJIDT, P::EE:I:X...A.:J:)liDX..P::EI::I:.A.. W :M. JAOOaa. ac. STRAIGHT Cigarettes and Straight Cut. ss Pua.Uaoe Sl., Llnrpeol, Eq, v..a.. .JACOB L. FREY, PRAGUE & :MATSON, In an4 Paeker of' tEAF ToBAcco BROKERs & REHANDLERs, Leaf Tobacco, L.&.'HH, Paokar and DoaJer Ia YA-=w::.&.F TOB.&.CCO, 231 an'd 233 North Third Street, fl" 213 Woot K!Da Stroot, LANCASTER, PA. I We blvlte the attention of Manufacture"' to our "BBI%ARLISBED 1846. 1106 to m4. Hontcomary A......... ltock of Dark Reoweated Wrappers, of '.:BJBLDO SANK & co TRII -,.hlchwemakeaspeclalt,r. CJ:N'C:J:N'N'.A.T:J:, C>. ., 1PANISH CIGAR FACTORY. KOOKE BB.OS., M. KEMPER & SONS, E.J._roREE, N FUREY, GEo.A.FoREE. :F. X. KELLY, Jr., ali 'Commission .Mercbants. LASA. & IIILLOS, ... an octile (Jelebrate

, JUNE 4. Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. 8Hd l-eaf and Havrmo tt, lfK> II l5J Water -It Son. 166 "Water Bamer.t 8. 162 Wat,f!r _,b ill Flocoer. 1011 w-. Braud J .t co. 196lll&tdeD LaDe Ora-wtol'd E. H. & Bon. tee w ... D&Yidoon B-. 141 w_,_ Wm .tOo. 11411 r...rL J'aLt, G .t Bro., 1n Wate. J"Jiedman. Henry, 1!W Vr->RI l'rlelld l'l. ill (). ill Co. 129 llalden IAa..u Broa. II. 1M Water. &en.hel L.. Bro. 1!11 P"'IU'l. Oreenspecht M 191 Pearl RMHouf'IC'"'" l. no. nc Hirsh, David G. ct CO.I17 P.,.rl 1toen11r li .t Co. !126 !'earl Lederman Jos. & Sons, 140 M.we. }ue. Levto .M. B corner Wall and Llnd.helm ll 191 Pea, I. ll&yera' Jos Sons, 1 93 P earl Reuhurger M & Co. 1'7'2 Wa&er Oppenbolmor ll. 131 Water Prfce & Johnson, 119 Maiden lane Pulver F 1':'8 Pearl Jleitwantt G. 176 W&ter. B<>oenwald E. & Broo Water Boosln !! .t Sons, 173 Water 8alomou G. & Broa. 189 MaiEI.en.lane. Bcaroeder & Bon, 178 Bcbv.bart H & C.:.. 1.aO Water lilcbub1 Fred. 224-226 Pearl Spear L & Co, 184 Water E &: Co. 6 Bu.rlng SUp liiteln H. 211 Pearl. Tag ehasll' & l:!cn, Front. Upm&Dn. earl. 400-40 1 E 59th. Wahlljr Chas F 14 'ld av. Wolt Tbeo. Jr 192 Front "'-"' ................. Ledf Dslaba Ferd. '!S-110 B.-oM. llewJeno G. 181!0 B.-oM way. Bawyer, W&llace & Ce. I! Bi"'MW&y, lllebort lleD'7;--Tic. l1harlee r. & Boa. liM Y'roDL Wa-..-o /01' ll>e 8<110 OJ /JOio.Wftq ':'eke-. llll1er L. .t Sea. 155 (Jh..m beta Manufactured Tobacco for kpori. tl&rdlner fl.. M. 7'1 J'J'OIIt JlartiD & 1115 Pearl. 'l.'lwmpooD. Jloore .It 00, 81 FI'ODL OomIUf.Oft .....,....... ..,_ llrotllen& Co 41 olt48 ....._.._, 'n>llGccoo.-Jobn. Ill lleaver -. BonJ J. 8 & co. 181 Water Oobome, ameo G. M Broad. E. A 114 Beaver. Froigl>t Bf'OUrl. Smith w 0 and oo. 4ll Jxch&oge plaoe -"n of &;..;, a...C OMtoi"C To-...n & L;y&ll, 101 W&ll lluehDer D. ill Oo. 178 and 1715 Duanft 8oodwln 1m Co. foot ef Gno.nd !ltreel, &. B. lltlnney Broo. 51b to 525 Weot 22d r.,.man J. M.lloi-IIOLii>au M. & 00. 1105 to 311 E. not U pmann 406-40j IC. 09th. Werthei m ill Bchilfer. 403-409 E 7oth at. Importer 9f /!JUmtJIIr/J. Wr"PP''-DuYB B Jr. 126 Maiden Lane Fa(k, G IE. Bro, 171 Wa.ter vreJSe, 14lt Watet' Grd L 105 Maiden 'L&ae. 1 oH&ye c F 193 Pearl Klnfott. VicroriU!'= .t: Qo. 1511 Rosenwald E. It BroS. 14.-5 Water. Salomon M. Ill. E. lane. Bohroeder r1t Bon. 178 Water l!cbmld L 138 Water. Splngarn E & Co .. 0 Burllng allp. 'WeU & Co. 6[, Pine BB-'lbllCICOo 1110<1 Ill--. Almlrall & eo. 16 Cedar. Auerbach Simon & Oo. 179 Parl BerDhelm J. & Son, 182 Pearl Brand J & Co. 125 MaidA" LaDe Diu B. & Co. 151 WatEr l'ern&DdeK G. & Co. alb Pearl Freise Ernest. 14:.! Water. I rtemBan Lc<>lla1'd lll Co IIIII Pearl Qarata F &ro. & Co li7 Water A.. 180 Pearl Qu.erra Bermano&,; 1"12 Water 'l'obacco 192 l'ront LopeZ, ()&liito & Co. a &dar Lowensohn A. 137 :Maiden lane. ou,Do, t endas 4 Oo. 208 Pear 1 Jl,artlnem Yoor a. Cu. tJV 'Water -ager T. H & Ce. 161111&1den La-. JDre,nriWI It Co 171 Pearl ..._omoo M. &; & :H&Id.en C..U Varona G. & Co. IM Water, ,...,. Horto & Co 187 Pearl VIIIU c, 140 Maiden lane Well It Co. 16 Ploe .,,.,.,., ... .,.,..... of B.ll/ Wool B&rr&&OO M. It CO. 66 Baroi&J 'ZJ.Unger J. It Co .. 51 Murray. IJeldenher)l; ao""fllcl....,.l of L-1'I:JoCe. Carenou & Tur, 13 Cedar Ja.wel 0. 66 Waier i!cudder B. V. ill F. P 4 Cedar. __ IJT,amford JIIU>UblCtUJ'iDg 0o 11W ._ Wea"er & Btlll'n', IJmlted, '19 Pine. Wailaoe & Oo. It &ad 81 8. ,VQardlner. Jas M,_17 Frnnt ID1ller's R. Son \.iompa.oy, 46 Cedar ac.Aalirew .Jamea C M Wa;ra" 4 Weaer & Stelt'Y, Limited, '19 Pine. larie&IMT & ArJ!Uimbau. liB -er Jranutat:tur..-. BUller's R. Sou Company. 46 Cedar wer 4 8teiTJ, Limited, ':"P Seed Leof n.-1tDke Charlee. & Co l4V W r. e. t1D4e, llamll&oa & Oo. loll Jl....,.,-. f eo,.... -. Brich8 B. W. 8f&JIIII ltasl Eleveor.b 8L Beok&ll Jacob. lin an4 !IIIIi Jlonroo Wicke Wllll&m e Oo. cor lot avo r.od atat o& Deakr m SpaftiM L_.._ o..-. OptelrrOYO W, a lllld llro, tllll-4'l1i Eut TeaUI Im.porter e' Cfga.r Motd.t. DlciUI H. W. 615-8111 ta8t Eleventh St.. Jl-11j'llctllnlro Of ()jganU. Qcledwln & co. root Grand at, E B 11&11 Tbomao H. 1109-111 11:. 37th. !DDD8J' ToWooO WeotliM lbf&rL of To-&nd(llpriAhellllllld Trim BeppeB)lelmer' >42 aad Ill N. WIIU&m Neuman LOuis 1: .t Co n-w oor. l'Nrl and Dm_ 8chumachor ill Ettlinger, 32-36 Bleecker WRoch .t 94 J!owery. Mfr lla"""" (}lar F-. CbMIbaOOO, li..Uum <1M TU-. Jro&ll:e John J. Oo. 1116 Grand .mtem Cioarotle l"otJwwr, 11ay Jirotbors. sag Broadway. Maftutoonwer of OigtJr Rlb!>otu Wicke wm. & Co. cor. tat ae. and Blat at_ Ru-'Q'a Tobacco Knleo. Cbalmers and Hurray, 76 Reade, Bole Aaeall Vaoellne. Cb-broagb )[fg. CO., Ill !!late. l'ol>ciMi,.... for Cigar MBn/acturerl. 11. 11t 00, 1'19-1111 Lewlo ot. To/>tiCCO If Y Tob&COO Co. lOt JohR .t g Platt SUTRO & NEWMARK,. I 2d Av. and 73d St., New York. Factory Na. 412, 3rd District. Ed. Bergha. 'U.&e:n. d3 Co., Manufacturers of Havana Cigar Fla.vors, CIGAR COLORIN'G, PASTE SWEETENINGS, 41 :mat SeopJt:Ld. &'t., O:I.Jt:Lo1Jt:LJt:La1::1., 0. llla.D.ld'aotv.rer of Wit.z Paper. 'l't.<> Rammer.chl&lr lllfg: Ce. 232-234 Greenwich Tob0=6 IJ&ggi"fl. Penon A. &: Co. Broome or Ttn. 1ftgt. Hamilton a l..llley, W 28d. La.bel aDd St&mD V &mhJb. Reed Ch&8 C. aad Co 112 East 14t.b Tobacco Suaar. Bavemeyers A Elder. lli Wall. a l.BA'KY, If, Y, Jlmo'lfGCtu,..., of T-. .t.. Ilona. l:lllllroadw&T Alii8TEBDA!II Hollaaa. t" Bumatra PoWt. & llllehall.o. 8u:Jorn. 'f'obcrc o Ha.rk:ema G .. o. Z. Voorburgw&l 28e. .A.BNblll, HollaacL Dlrl, '" IIK...U.. AM JAVG Frnweln&Oo. 'BALTIMORE. 114. Seed Leaf arut HtJva.ft.G Boyd W .L .t Oo. liS Bout.b lteoker Broe. 18 Lombard Kemper M Bo011, 116 \V Lomhar4. Kerckhor!' & Oo. 4\1' tkuatb Ubarl llerfeld Jos. It Oo, 811 U<-rma Bneertnger &: Co. 11 S. Howard Unverzagt Qeo. P 111. Co. 31 S outb Cbarleo 8& Wlacamevel U 00. 391iouth Calen. Tol>aeco ManuJaahWfl'l. ll'ela'Dir F. W .t Son. 90 Bo"r.b Cha.rleo. GaiT & Ax. liS Ban'e QugJ,"E"nheimer &: Co., Lombard & Cbeapsfde. M&rbft.rc Brother& J4b to 14W tioout.b. \JIIcw:! Patftfd stem B<>Uera. Unve...agt Geo P 31 South Charleo Cigar Manufacturers. llaron Co Guggenheimer r Co. ; Lombard & CheapSide. Kooxw s r os. 18-16 NanufMturer of 1i'tn. 8 Oi para. llencken Aug. & Bro. 24 South Paca.. Manufacturer.!\' of B eny!l.l Che r a6ts. Ellis H. & Co., cor. E altimore and Sharp. BOSTON, Jl![aoo, .Emporler .. of Hf.l'tXJ'tl4 nnd Cigun. Rico A. Co. 1 8 C entral Wharf Oig"r Hitchcock. R W., l9lndia Street Jobbers in Domestic Cigf.J"S Rnd Leaf TobaccO Daveaport J. Jr. 96-98 Broad HREIBEN, GcrJDauy. I n Suma.tra and Tobacco. Stover H. W 1 Co. BUFFALO, .1'1. Y [)ealh'3ln l1a1Y-tna find of Leaf Buffalo Leaf T obacco Co. Limited, 85 Main. 'CHICAGO, m. .tgm.f fM OfgartJ, (]h.eJcing 11nd 8mold"t7 Tob. Fuchs GllBtav, 41 Vi abas h av. WJ&,oleaale Debler3 ln. F ( reiqn and DomeaUo Lwl Toboooo Beck A. & CO. 44 and 46 DearbOrn. B'andbagen T 17 W Randlpb llubert 11. 131 E Kandolph Buttler Jlromers. 15b aDd J57 Jl-.fro o/l'lmO.t UMwing & &owlring Tob. "ileal< A& Co 44 and 411 Dearborn Xobaeconill aAti Jl'f'' .AQelol&. -. Jl,....U .t Co 57 Lake and 41 State .lllftttro. of Tl" Fotl. Crooke JGhD J. e. Franll:lln ot Ru;rer allll Beller er CUttings and !lcr&J>!I &ad Wholesale Dealer tn Leal Tobacco. Plooo!b L. 48 s. Xaftro of PlJl';, Fine-Cut Elhewlnlr and l!mlqr, Jlla'hty. NavyTobaecoWo>kB CaoAlandJio..._ TOOncco Watt' s Uui[or m Tobacco Dryer, 88 )lft.rk e t VINCINlf.A.TI, O, VITT, lll.o, Wholeoale Dealers In Mnfd and Bmig To-u4 Cigars, also Smokers Article& Bachman ;;, .L oil: lko. Iiiii Delawa..-o ct Dealer in RG.ttcs"a nft.d [)()m.,hc IAG/ M..ltcbelon J C &: Co 301 Delaware at K.EY WEST, Fla. Manufaaturero ot Cigars. A.lfoDliO B. ill 00. Angulo J. R t anals E Oonde L. B. Zamora A P. 0 Box 184. LANCASTER, Pa. Pacll:era of and Dealers In Leaf Tobacco. ,.,.,Y Jacoo L. 218 W, Xlnc"' 8Jdles & FreT Gl-68 N. Duke at l 1........,.., and Real Eotate. llauomaa .t Burns, lOW. 0-St. LIVERPOOL. ... To/JauQ Brolrlri. Parry it 28.Patadlse. BtneL NDOl'f, Bq, Tobaooo, Clpr aad Leat Merehallt. L. 5 l!'oachureh BuUdlnp, E-C LOUISVILLE, K.J' Flvq7b..._ JI..,.U(...._,, Forf!e Tobacco Co. .l:'ftop<, Doerhoefor & ee. 18th and )lain Lea.J J'o-. lleler W. G .t Co. 7'obllcoo Jhoellen. Oallaway JtUDeo F cornar .!Cightb""" MUll Lew, Rlob'd H Weet Mala lleler Wm. G .t Co. IOIIBe..,o.-Imporl w A 13 Weot 2d. Batchelor E 109 N Water LeoJTobii()C(). Met..,.R. &Oo. N ewburgh L 143 W. Pearl TobaCCO uomm.i&noft. All!ft"oMIA&a, Prague a Mateon. Viue and Front Jlam&tactu rer ot ()i.gbiDIODJ. X. & Co. 225 W2d andliliGCOO llroiloera. Dobrm&llD 1' W, & Boo oor. VlntiCCO BroJoon, ,.._. B & Br<> Dohrmann F. W. &:.. Son. Kennedy Jas. T COVINGTON, Ky, lf(lft.'Ufactt'""' of PLug Tobacco. Perkins .t Erns t 159-165 Pke. D.A.'KV.lLLE. Va. ,__<1M BrolIUOWF /JroJt.wl. 8tridlfl 0" Order. l'errell P. W. J'lbmC. M, P.NOD J R. & ()o. Venal>lel'.C. Germ'!AT .Jianufa.cturers of Cigar Box Label@. Qebnbler fllngenherg. DETJI.OIT, llioh. Jt.two of OM: O 28. Estanillo Junco & Corujo, Relascoam M La. Calle de San Rafael 99. Lopez :Manuel & Co. Fbruras 26. :Muria.s Felix &:: Co., Calle de l a Zauja 69. F easd& Monte 1\19 Roger Pedro. 49 Fa.ctona s treet R., Calle del Rayo 63. Manuel. E strella 133. &: Ga.rcia tiitios 117. HENDERSON IJ' 7-Brollero, Slaughter G G. HENDERSON, N, C Tobcleco .!lroMrl. Lewlo&Tbnmao. alll ALB,&1111i' 1 Wla. of cmd DeaiheN. 117 No:'l.h Third Vetterleln. J. ill Co., 129 A.rch Import.N" of Havana Leaf. Portuondo, Juan F ., 1114-111ti Sansom. Importers o! Havana and'& Tob&ooo, Creagh J B & Co, IM Chest out of OfaCJn. Brauss P A. & Co.1 B North 3d. Batchelor Bros. 12:3 1 Chestnu t, Dunn T J. &: Co. 2074)9 N Broad Eleenlohr 0, Y86 Market Uray. D a lton, 514 f'ine Holloway &: Swaim, 700 .Markel> iL I) 11th aDd 802 Cheatont Wiener & Co. 11UH Mnntaotlllery aenae Pon.uondo Juan F, 1114-tllb Sansom Tbeobalno/rinq Tob&cco, Jeklo"'on R. &; W. 919 LlbeJty street Jllanuf"YI of liirt"Klf ana SMoking TobAMiM. Brln.ll:op J, H. RA..LEIC!'R, N. c. T..ea/ To""""'l, Brokero. Reed llcG""-' BICHII6ND. Va. Jla"vfof &owki"" Tobaooo """ ctvar fta. A.llfl'n &: Ginter. Pace & Sizer. Msnvf.;cttwer e/ Plug .t -"ff TobaecO Butler tf: Wilson. Haneock W T. x.yo P. H ill Brn. IB 7tll B* Pace J. B. Tobacco Go. Leo,/ ToiNJ<'oo Bro ..... Crump, E T. & Co., Columbian Block. DI""'U W. E. WlooJao. Jl. O/ To.._. 8Ggtt. J1. lllllh.l&er ill 00. 18011 llla1n ROOBEBTER. ](, Y. Jl'""''oohlNrl. fJ/ "Bh.i.eJd" O.t, am. S..Okin.g, Gtllod., Imperl

GRAY, MORALES & Manufacturer of HONEST, POPULAR, .. CUBAN MADE HAVANA CI&!IS, Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce tt THE VERY BESt.. 1 For I han ua.t Blade5 t 4 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. Simated in the immediate of country prodncee a grade of Tobacco that in texture, fiavor arid quality is not r;rown elii8Wilere in the world, the po,pularit;r of these goods only limited by th11 quantity produced. are in position to sommand' the choice of all welt' aDd find k: the tried. I YERY BEST. ftii!W1., offerings upon thia market, and spare .Bo pains or expense to give the trade the Eria'bJbUcl ..... :16'1'0. BUTLEB.& GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG, :J:J:IIJTllld:OX..:J:J G:I!IH.liii:.A.:N 'Y" ltd....., T"ypoara:phr-. :l!l:aa:bo-r-. --c-.ta .. d Fanc7 Lalo.Ia ter Beer, Wlae, Frw.J.t. -IIi Pr ......... :Cigar Box Labe_ls a Specialty. -.Desi&"Q PrlYate LabfJJa eonslaD&IJ' on hand. Order. reee1Yed bJ' BCKIIEYER & CO. 42 BeaYer Su-t, New York, Sole Agent.. 11 D KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., 3a WAP..REN ST., NEW YORK, JANUB'AOTURERS OD' mGH GRADE CIGAR& AND DEA.LElllS IN X..El.A.F TC:>:B.A.COO, F&etoey '1'65, 2d Dist., N. Y. Sole l.'roprl erors of Lb.e following B,.,ads:-GIJ&IJ.':t.D.\L.\1 DKO.ZE IIIBaA .. ftOS& DI>L N<>C'I'E0 KIU UUND61 PL'lR 'VIOL 1 1. PIUII'lli:RA.1 DE IUArw... > ZA!l1 L \ I "ERICHOLE, ROSES, NEW YORX, KISIIIET, EL.I>l'I'JBD, VEGUEUO, OUR TEKIIJTORY, Samples furn.isht' d .upon n.ppiicati on. -STRAITON & SJORM, l'O:W YORK. All Cigars _or our Manufacture bear the llltenaal lleYeaue Kaa of 0'81' Faotor,., -d. d-// n .... mNBY TOBACCO COIPANY 1leg leave to call attention to their new Pockep Case, in which they are now 1 iug their celebrated brand of cigarettes, FINE NAVIES, for Chewing & Smoking, R.:lobrnond, Va. "D"NION EXTRACT "'UV'ORKS. OOJ:1\T TE:J:J. FOR FILLERS. FOR BOXES. R:tr Prlea per pint, $6; per gnlloa, $40. "VV:X:LoX.. N'OT EI'V .A.PO.R..A.T:ID. &..-np"' bottles to make ONB '"'.I.L -LON of STRONG FL.& V080 "' amount. Wli: ALSO IU.N '?.i. .,.. ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. GMIAJI COLORS Dry amlin Liquid, L.& ........ lr ....... J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., 158 Chambers Street. lfew York. 8UCCES$OR TO J Co.,_ J!ANUII'AOTOliEBS 01!' TR1Ii c;c;SOL A CE,='' and other' FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and 116 LIBERTY ST-REET, -.A.:a.d 118 a:a.d 11111 Cedar St.. 'Y"OR.:a;, CARENOU & TUB, swEET cAp 0 RA L lii&NUPA.CTUREBS OP file& SPANISH L I C 0 RICE PASTE, !Finest French Rice Paper. Highest Class Skilled Labor. DB.I.LBBS !N All goods made under our Spa.msh Selected L1corice Root. CAREFUL PERSONAL SUPERVISION. Factories at Zaragoza, Spain. The ouly genuine bear the facsimile signature of Factories at Mou.ssac; Gard, France. We lake pi;--; LICOBICE. PASTE! WEAVER & STERRY, LIIITED, "78 P:lD.e :1\levv 'Y'ork. LICORIGE I GREEK LICORICE &l.L SPIICIALTIE8 rGB PL'DQ AlfD riJrE-cUT TOBACCO. Gibe Oil, Tonca Beans, Gums, Flavors, IIJWI)EHED LICORICE ROOT and PATENT POWDERED LICORICE. .AKOBAS FOB SIIOKING TOBACCO. LICORICE MASS FOR CICARS. WM. E. UPTEGROVE .., :ESR.o Spanish Cedar -FOR-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nalls Foot of East I Oth & lith St. KEW YOB.lL :.:. 17 Ll.vezey &, fOPLAR WHITEWOOD, PLANED and UNPLANED, -AND-IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES. B.V. h' lee Cedar lty eur P.A.TENT procellllil the oaly PERROT ..._ e1 Spaniolt. Cedar Pricel and ralell of freigM &inn pon application. THE STAMfORD MANUFACTURING CD., .1.87 liiE ro....-JN::aa"" "Y"o:RJE. '!'be 1'noole lla..tDc d-a..ded allaparfar Cheaper Arilcle lbaa -bltberto .-, U.S. OomPMr """ at a PBlCII whlclo """ 1&11 to be uceptal>le lo It a vial. i LICORICE PASTE. Spanish Imported, In Bond or Duty Paid. f !:::: na .a ........ G. C."" F. G." & "Wallis Extra." For llale bT 8, A.ra"U.:I.n1 ba '1.1 c;t:, "VV al.l.:l.a, SOle 1'or lllle 11nlled (!........ g 21 and 31 8011TH WILLI.AK STREET, NEW ,:-f R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY, 48 Cedar S'treet, 'Y"ork. SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. POWDERED LICORICE. ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. FLA VOB.S FOB. SM:OKING TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES I'OB PLUG AlfD I'IXE-cll'T TOBACCO, !!lpeelal aUeuUon ct-o llla.auaeanrera lll:edleya. .1.11 coool1 IHIIopped Free oa Board. J!P" Bampleo funtiobed Uld apeciAI qaotallo .. for IDJ' &rticio required. ----THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY, a::a.a N aac1. a-.-, Pbtl-.del.pb' MANUFACTURERS OP. SPANISH AND CRI:IK L:OOORICB PAS't'B. B. 'V. &, F. P. &, LICOB.ICE POWDERED LICORICE BOOT II; POWDERED EXT.LIOORIOE. AI .. 'DEALE'R8 la DB11GS and LICOBICE BOOT, D. BUCHNER a co., Btreet, near Pearl CS*reea, C>ATEX:J:J.A. TO:EI.A.OOO The Miller, Dubrul 8 Co., OFFICE-173 A 170 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. MAN_UFACTURERS OF -..ufacturers of Plug and Fine Cut Chewing c I vert' I T and Smoking Tobaccos, Snuff .. Cigarettes. rease ess .. ICB op, &OLD COIN CHEWING TOBACCO Manufacturers of 81"1lnds formerly Manufaoe tured bJTitoee Hort &Co. Oftlce-D. Hnelaner & co., 298 Norlla Third 81ree&, a-.,_co-.omee-D. Ba.ch_ner 6:: Co., 51 Wabah A.Teaue. .,_.._.eana OGlce-D. Dchaer & Co., 84 Canal 8&ree&. "L ft Haaoyer. 8&reet:. Tex ... -L. Gtu .. .tc ., ltlANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, a:n.d N"e-vv 'York.. Office and Salesrooms: 153 Chambers St.; New York. rs. G Mil er TOBACCO BST.I.IILJIR:RD Ufl, IIT.I.NLE'I' L, Pa...t..r r, Preatolealo 87 COX..'O'nii:EI:E.A. I!!IITB.EET, 'Y"Oa.:a;. OF THE CELEBRATED-PLAIN :FIXE CUT CB;EWING TOBACCO IN B .. UE PAPERS .. :1\1 '0' Jr :I!" 1!!11 Rose-Scented Maccaboy ,Scotch, French Rappee,Americail Gentleman "SI:X:GN' .A.X.. one oz. l'oU. A.loo1 Plra' and Seeoad qoalUy Smoklug;, Ia BJoie Papeh. SWEETENED FINE-CUT--Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. IU.A.Y A.PPLE aad PRIZE LBA.P PINECIJT, Ia Poll. H. 1: 0 :131: 0 r-. :x:::> "tT .A. Mnnufactu1 ero of Fine Gradeo in Standard BrJ>ndo of SP .A.N:J:S:S: LICORICE PASTE. z -'IVe beg to can theattent.lon ot 'l'ol>Acco Mumr-. turero &lid Doa.Iero to this SUPEIUOB aDd l'VB8 article. Sole Agento f<>r tlte State.! of NorLb. Carolina ua1 f VIrginia: Meaono. DAVENl'OR'r & MOiliRI8, Bleil JDODd.V&. Lleorlee Boot-A.raa:on and .&Uea.a ... &loeted and Ordill&l"J. Aloe Pure lll'aolllh OUYe 011 In and Reftned SpeDIJh. ItaliAn and Freach, lo .,..... &lld bottle8. & ARGUIMBlU, 28 Beaver Street, 1\!ew York. Cigarettes & Smoking T New York Depot ..... .............. 23 Warren Street. ADd neaJen 1a Depot In Chicago.... .... 50-Randolph Street. San Francisco Depot...... Battery Street. Depot In London, England Holborn VIaduct :&liXTURES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THREE KINGS, Turkish, Perique and Virginia. !BELLOW IU.IXTURE1 Turkish and Perique, T{J'RKISH and VIRGINIA.. PERiqUE and VIIIGIJIIA.. COENl;JINE TUKIISH. FLAKili CUTS, EBPXOIALLY ADAPTED FOR THE PIPE,' 'Va:a.i.ty Jl!"ai.r. Ol.d Gol.d. 8&l.""'"-A5'1:111d:l, Granulated. A New lllbtul'O, Frauant Vanity Fair, suverlatire and Cloth of Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People ar relined taste wbo detdre except.lnnally llno OrtT ..r Lb.e DEFLUICJ!l CIGAR MANUFACTORY, auy 908 UJ'Wbere wlt.Jl. In Lb.e reach of the lawl of ttie iaDd who wW Imitate In any manner any of thne brands and marks or any name or label thereof, will at proeeeuted juat the Nme as any t.hlef who would steal aoy other Taluable pMaOnal propel'tJ':-Dotlance, ll!.phlsto, JupltOJ', Old Jud..., Blllma. )lose Rolle, Our SamaoD None-auch. Suocea. SaowFiake, Hearts DeUght.,lllgTblnR, Our()utle, Game Rooster. Vll'll:lnlnP. Pluck. Baprillti, Xetr, Ga .. Uer. Pl<tageDet. Fearuaugbt, The :Moo!.emlma. Commercial Club, Boston Club. Unlenal S&aa dard, Solid Value. Tbe Faebloa, Loae Starr..Go_Carla, Felatalr.-El EDcA(I'Iio, l'lc:ad11lo, Tho.,......, LM Gracia&, N. 8. Factory No. 973, 3d con. Dist. BewYort D. HIRSCH, General lllanacer C. J. MOB.lUS, TOBACCO BROKER, EVANSIVILLE, IIID. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. Hamilton & LDiq, AOTUBil:.IIB or TIN.TAGS" .All P"Rdee o1'Plaln, CJoloHEE2: &, co. Manufacturers of .. La Eleanor," "La Divinity,". and other brands of Clear Havana Cigars, 113 GREENWICH ami 50 CORTLANDT ST_6_EETS. lEW YORl /


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