The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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( I VOL. XXIV.---NO. 25. rB8'1'AIILraHKua&4., NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1S87 PRINCIPE ALP'ONSO 56. any lnfrlnll{ament of thl Brand. No. 167 WATER STREI:T, N"e"OV Y'ork.. T. SEYMOUR, ESTABI.JSJIED 1868. :Mark of ----* SPECJAL NOTICE. 1 (.., 1 lnelde .the ltale, on WElL 1 I \ & ...( 1 le paeted a iabal-, Rl d 1868 & 1874 W -..:. -_ "ttL u .w.&C."wlthourlgna-qtStJrll ID T' ture. In CHOICE ABAJO HftVANA TOBACCOS, I "WV'b.ere n.e Gtt .A.BI'O J.a tl. ._ Many Brands imitatinc CLOSELY ours are offered and sold to :rrade as W. &'C. lm'POiters c& DealerS' iii A LIB.ERAL RIEWARD will be paid by ue for the Detection of the me. Also Import WElL co., so PINE sT.;'NEW -roni Ced:a,r .. ) n Plaatosraph in each Box. :abmNo." I 128 WATER .T ., NEW YORK; A BOLDER. FOR. OIGABETTE. SUMA-T-RA. Handsoltl Ufe Size mr.os of Mrs. Cleveland J:JY:P<>::R.T:m:R <>P With each two .. M. !.: ... t-J, f 188 Pro:n. "t &"tree"t, Ne"OV -York.. i JAMES CHISKEL & CO.'S Trade lllarll. r Trade ftiii'IL. <1. ) LAS VEGAs 1 Ceda.r St., :New Y O -4 GUSTAV SALOMON & BBOS. ... o.JMPORTERS HAVANA TOBACCO, II Iss mmr r..&.KE. w tater at., BEW YOBK, .. DEL MON"J'E, CUBA. I CAi:iXTo LOPEZ &-ch.,. Packers and Importers of P:J:N"::m .I t I .,VUElTA ABAdO ?T-OBACGO Exclusively, No. 3 Gedar St., New York. HAVAr-JA, I M LA ISLA" -Sol No 86, C. L. CUBA. SIGlllUMD JA.OOBY. GUSTAV JA.OOBY. L METROPOLITAN CIGA_R FACTORY 138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. S JACOBY & CQ &lol.e or ., B. H." :ati:.A.N""C'S, Factory No. 3, 3d District. .a.lllsTBRu.a.m:, sor.r.uu. FOOT OF 52d ST., EAST RIVER, SUM:ATB.A TOBACCO 2\1 Ia Prime Qaall&tee al-' oa Hand. THE HAVA.NA TOBACCO COMPANY, HAVANA, CuBA: 148 Calle Anlma.s. I NEW YORKt 192 Front Street. LUIS MARX, Pres ..... M. ROSENTOWER, Sec. &:. Treas. SBVIOR 4UEB..BACH c1: CO., Olll" J. J. Calle San Jicolas 128 HAVANA, CUBA; A. & C; tlfi. Cigar & TobaccoFlaYors .. AITI.COAL" & COLORIIIGS. u OOsareo Viplf ctt.aa.r-..; .ou.r speo_1a.J."ty." _. 01P GEe:>. F. tns & eo., Hava Lp r m b I .pf Gigal\a, na ua 10 acco, Corner of Eightieth arid 140 Maiden Lane, lYI. c1: E. SJlLOlYION, YO::R.:K.:. X:D/I::PO::E'I.'T:BI::E'I.I!II Havana and Sumatra Tobacco. ((}. ft: &Lau-d !}. (). I (!.9. ALEX. FRIES & BROS., Havana Flavor, 18 az&DE IITBEJI'l", WE'W TOIUL .e, 48 115 60 z..t 114 lltriet. OIJfOIJfJfATI. O, JIAVAJrA. 01hl.&. LOUIS NEWBURGH, Paeker Lints Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. oacet 161 WMt P-rJ Street, CUIOIJfJfATI, O. Warel:I.Ouse: -Germantowu.. Jl:ontgomery County, Ohio. OF THE FOLLOWING MARKS : All ... r 1 4 1 ""_ ,_ upon theae Cautioned ..l .J... ., ;,:_De 8 four Against ---------.- <-.":., TradeMarkt N"c;>. 8=:5 :atl:a.1.d.en. La.n.e, N"e"OV ""'5?'"ork.. The Jc::hn J. Crc::c:k.e Cc::., JfEW TOR.K AJfD CHICAGO-KAJfUI'ACTUR:ERS 01' Pure TJ:N" PC>:XL :ror Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby i 163-i65 :Mulberry St&. CHICAGO: 8( 86 88 Fra'Ulil St." SILVEB. SUB.F'ACE FOIL! COIIPOUJfD FOIL, P A TEXT KETAL, -a all tlt.e cHtrereat Yarietioo of FeU bown to tlae Trade. PJ!t-IXTIJfG OJf FOIL in Bro ... aad Colero, ... a witlt. dUrereat 4eoiano of 8rna...,t&U.a, fuo TC>::BA.OOO AN"D C::tG-.A.R. J:,AEJEL&. Oap-u.l.e ror JEio't'tl.e Plaia, Colored or St.apod -UIIIIIrb Adtrcss: lo. 18& GRAJD ST. NEW TORI; 88 rRAULII sr SARTORIUS .. & CO., Zl!WI:::PO:a.Ta or Tobacco, BERNAZA 32, 171 PEARL STRE&T, :NEW YOBK. .AT-HR.O CO., lll.I.NlJF.A.CTlJRB&8 eF/. G IGAB BOX L P.A..N'%8:&: O:IDD.A.:IR. T X:DII:XT.A.TXO:L"'J P.A.$'i[XI!IIB: OJI!JD.A.JR. V'JI!IN'JI!IEJJR.JI!I:J:) [CBD.A.R) X..."D'l!WI:JEI:BI.ft.o .BA V and .. SliMATRA. 1za.por'ter1Pi or Bpa:a.:l..-h a::e:a.d: &BGl.l. 'VV'e't l!ll:l.:s:th l!ll'treet, 0:1.:1:1o:l.:1:1ll1&'t:l. O:b.J.o. 179 Pea.r1 N"e"OV' vor J:s.. R. WILLIAMs WEYMAN. & BRO., &, :&:.A. V .A., Proprletore oftlt.o Co, -:--I.To. a1 :Pearl. a-tre_ e ... 'Y'orJ&, TobaCCO & Smtlf Fine.f cttuifTaYBna Cigars. Cigarettes and Smoking Tobacco. Little Giant Buncher'. 'rmPACTURERS, ALSO wrTOBACCO. Foot ofCrand st., East River, N. v. 102 CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. PITTSBURGH, Pl. 1 ) 11 i 0i I ) : t l '-I / S'UTTEB BBOS.,"haJ.era in LEAF .. 'rOBA.OOO;Chiod&'O,DL WNte:r.-nCf&'u' Jla.nufaoturerawJll fJnd It l;o ibelr \ ..


The Tobaeco Leaf. ESTABLISHED -1864. the Cboulat'of &a7 '!trade Paper in tbe :W.or(d. BY 'l'IDI 015 Mald.en Lane_, N w ......,'-'-= .... COR. PEARL BTREI:T, 8DW ABD BVBKE,, Editor, MON. G. GRAFF, ..... WIIUJt ADVJI:RTI8Bft.El'IT8. 8ix Three Konth.v $14 $8 IN M 2f cs :ill t: : !'IS II& 100 liD \.Japeelal ..lcl:vertle-enta oa Flra1 ee. lbftrt.en Bne-oTer two wide columns (one year) 1100 t\\o ao 1,..5 '->II@>M lliD&Ie col.....,. ... 41> :: 8peelal AolverU-eal8 lrlfth Ploce. One @f2: 'lltree ]'ear Moatlla: llontlul .. OTer two 'll'ldo ooiUIDDII $85 SS5 Beoutta.nees for odvertliemor.ta and tQPuld altvaya be made paya.f&le by P 0 Order or br check to Toa Loa! Publishing Co l:rUDdar no ciroUD.liJt&Dces will we 4evi&te rrom the --Jlrilliol' -..e Law Relatlnc o Subacrlltera 1o New .. "pen. JllrBt-.ADy perBOn wh.o takes a paper reWarly from the .. oGlce. whether d.lrecte(l to his name or anot.)er, or -er be has ouboerll>ed 0< not, Is reopOoall>le for the pay. --U any person ordersllls be dlscontiDued lie alllt pay all a,rrearageo. or the publl8h"" coatlnoo 10 Mild ft UntO Ia IIIAde, and tlie whole UDount. wllether it i8 taken from the oftlce or net ,.. will --priDt -tile--....... ill ....-y foreign au'Mcriller and tbooe In tllfli coontry -ug .. lolde of tbe larger cllles tbe upon wblcb the aub ICripUon baa expired or Will Our ...-ooro will take not1ce &od remit a.ccordmJY When the subicrlptloa iB paid tbe dato will be changed, wblch Will """e .. .-.... A 8CB-.IOIB '1'0 PROLONG 'l'HII REIGl'f OF HIGH TA,XES Al'ID TARIFFS. Mr. Morrqon, of lllinots, iii an Inter-State Commerce CommiBIIioner. He does not feel at home tn his new vocation, at the same time be is not, eo far as known, at present laboring for a hortzontal duty on imported merchandise. If he is doig m the line of pubijc eervice, outaide of thtng to lawfully adju11t domestic treight rate!!, it is to deviee w ys and means for back to Oongresa, where he is waD ted long !lS he will stay there. Mr. RaBdall of Pennsylvania, likewise. til just now givmg Ul! a rilt on tax and tariff e.x ert10ns m tbe main, appareutly, tatn ment of bucohc \!liss. which he well deserves. At this particular j uncLure neither of theae dilltinguished statesmen ill pl&nnmg a; coors& of..prouedure for a reduction of the revenue; accordmgly, netther can have had any han4,_m the concoction of the dev1oe for that appended below, which for oool effrontery surpasses anythmg of late broucht to the surface of public a1fairs. The tax earners ana payers of the United States are here mv1ted to read the followJ.n with WI much composure as they can command under the circumetauces:Duriog the past few days a correspondence has take11. place between the Secretary of the Treaeury and Edward L Andrews, of the New York Bar, acting m a representative capacity, in reference to a plan for the dis tribution of the surplus w h1cb is e.ccumulat ing in the Treasury. At the present .-ate of .l'eceipt this fund bids fa1r to aggregate more 'than one hundred ilhons of dollars by -the next meetmg cf Congress. It IS necessary for the busmess of the country that some plan be dev1sed for the release of this la.rge sum to the channels of trade Optmons will, of course, differ as to the most expe d1ent to adopt. ..The suggestions of Mr. Andrews, on behalf of the State bond holders whom he represents, embody some curious htstotJCal facts, and deserve much coninderat1on from a pubhc as well as an m terested pomt of VIew. In brief, the plan IS to dep951t the surplus in the national banks of the couo try in the ratio of representat10n m Congress; there after, to return thei r l'espectlve proporuons to the States that are not m default upon tkeu bonds owned by the United f:!tates Government and other holders. The pro portlon thus ultimately commg to the sol. vent States tB esttmated at $80,000,006 The banks are to retain this amount until lation has been adopted by the debt paymg Sta$ee for Its final d1spostt1on. The balance of the surplus, amounting to about $20, 0 0 0 000, lS to be held.J the m trwst, subject t o arrangelilellte t:he defaulted S tates on the one hand and' $hll Federal Government and tts fellow bond holders on the other hand No assumption of any State liabtltty by the Un1ted States is contemplated. On the the d1str1 bution of the surplus is co be UtlUzed to se t award at Centen nt!U Expo, ttJOn, 1876, Grdod Puze Gold Medal at Wmld's Exposttlon, New Orleans 1885. Austm, Ntcbols & Co., of th1s CJty, have is sued a very handsome Illustrated catalogue of their tobacco departmel'l. The book con tains not only a hst and pr1cee of their brands of c.gars and tobacco, but al11o finely axe euted hthograp of the b o xes contammg their c1gars. I "' We halfpened to some he packers' saDl,llles o f (;!.91 Peadstreet) '86:0onnec Ja ana Seed IW4 canno ratr stJating that mucli ot this s ty l e of tobacco in the Conneeti cut crop.Silmatr will not be wanted. :Vega & .Morton, the Pearl street Importers, sold most of thetr '86 packmgs of Havana tbb&eco durmg the 11111"' ten days at excellent figures. We call attentiOn to the splendid brand of Key West c1gars, .. El Golfo." It IB a favorIte among smokers. P Pohalski & Co., the Key West Havana c1gar manufacturers, hav.e copyrighted a new brand of clear Havana Clgars, "li'Irst Con s I." P. P. & Co are one of the oldest ctgar manufactUrmg firms and have always en joyed the reputation for selhng and making nrst class such as their renowned "Monte Cristo," "Conque1 or," and many otbers too CO ment1on. L E Neuman & Co., the New York litho. grapbers, repbrt-thmr busmess good, with plenty of erdenior from out of to w.n heulijlll. IN TOWJf THIS WBE:K. -Joseph SchrOeder, of Balt1more ._ -Mr. :Merfeld, of Merfeld & K emper, of Baltimore, was A pllrchaaer on our -Edmond H Smuh, of S prmp;field, Mass Leavmg here, he will jom bts family at hiS villa at Westbrook on urns at West End Hotel, L:Jug wh1ch have been subJected to these occur Btancb. reaces by havmg so-called uoion workmen -A Gonzalez the Havana.JJDPoner, spends 10 the1r employ, have had the e ffect of start hie vacation fn due and style at Chat mg an mq u1ry among dealers as to the cost ham, N. J of malung the goods they are handhng. aad -David Htrsch, th 7eteran mervery many of them have learaed that It 1s h u..,h b not at all necBSsary h1gb prices must be c ant, graces SOCiety at .... e ... o ac wit paid the Cigarmaker to obt&ln good goods, Ius presence. and that as this one 1tem of wages patd for -"Shacks," father and eon, the tobacco the construction of a enters Tery large broke(! soJourn at Brother Van Cott's ly mto 1ts cost; and, further, that as the Great Neck, L I, workmanship shows for 1tself, it doea not -Frank Pulver the leaf eater, who Y! follow at all that the "b1g" factorres are the now doing New York State, sent in only ones which can and do make good hantlsome otders this week. ""' goods. Thts has g1ven the non-urnon fac -M. Newmark, of Sutro & Newmark. has tories in New York and elsewhere a boom, purchased a hand11ome cottage at. Leug while of the umon factories which have Branch. Congratulations! sot been wtse enough to abandon that system -Ferdmand Htrsch, of Celestmo Palacio have unquestionably been gradually losing & Co., IB enJoy1ng coolmg zephyrs and their trade. A w1se buyer in any hne will buy fragrant atmosphere of Saratoga from the cheapest man when sattslied the n't any sensible reason why and ffHilil,l' re the every'article offered for sale should not be so fijaufell Bouse, Catskill Moun tams. offered and bought striCtly on tts mente and -L. Carvajal. tne Havaua there 18 no reason why Jolin Smith, who un manufacturet, w1lll!ooa visit thl&...City. H e del'8tands the business of mgarmakmg and will visit many of our watering places before operates a non-umon shop, caooot make as hts X good goods for less nwney as Tllm Jones, who -The tlel inar del Rio, possesses no greater knowledge of the busi of A. Gonzalez, M,. d Marqmsa are nei!B and g!'ts higher prices for his product pected to arrive 1 rl'ell.Is mty by steamef' (rom 18 permitted to dii!figure _his boxes Cuba Monday. 11 with sorts of so culled umon lal_lels I81lued to him by a self constttuted organiZa -Messrs. Pen as and Alvarez, both of the bon on terms that talP.Osed from heart dts ease. The deceaseCi gentleman was well known and very popular in the trade, as he was a mao of fine character and of a lively, sootal nature. "Ged BJe Yo a, BoJ' !'-' Ex United States Asststant Treasurer aud ex Pollee ComnfiBSioner Thomas C. Acton while walkmg in Wall street yesterday, met the f.prmer revenue officials, Capt. Brockett and Capt. Chalker. The heroes of Dl&IIY a grand p1ece of detective work told the gemal Mr. Acton that they were doing a cap1tal busmlilss as detectiveil for merchants and others-no d1vorce busmess or anythmg dtrty -and that 10 addition to this work they bad opened an tnquiry agency, which they be heved to be the first of its kmd established in this city, for furmahmg people wit h reliable mformation After hsten10g to thetr statements Mr. Acton said, "God DleBII xeu, my hoye, you deserve success. lf you had opened an agency of this kind tea ;rears ago it would have been more profitabfe for you than so long in the Government se I sllall say the beet word I can for you 5o all my friends who may need your services, aJld I hope you will \lllll my name as w-reference of your honesty and fair deal iog.n The official title of the agency is tbe ":Metropolitan Protflctive and Detective Ap:ency and Confidential Inqutrf Office," and the office is si5uated at 5 Wall street, Dear Broadway. A VI')' ti'Om VeRueetleut. WABliiNGT 111, July 11.-C. C GoOdrich, general agent Hartford and New York Trans portatton Company, wr1 es to the Inter-State Commerce Commtssion that "the most out rageous wroogdomg on cargo freightA 1 s practised by the New.York and New Eugland Ra1lroad and the Connecttcut Western Ra1l road man endeavor to drtve out and destroy the water commerce. The roads, he says, having fixed a reasoble,, rate to Hart ford, have put m force ah enormous local t&rtff from rtver-pomts to mland towns, tbue deprtviog mlaod pomts from all benefit of water competn10n, and compellmg shippers to siiDIIl all nUl. Tuesday Teodoro Perez's men struck for the same reason, but wtth as htt\9 success for the Clgarmakers as at the first named factory. mormng the operattves m La Rosa Espanola factory, Seidenberg & Co proprietors, sent a committee to the manage tequestmg that more wrappe1 s be g1veu out to the mgarmakers to enable them to make a larger quantity of Clgarsduring the day, and also askmg ooe dollar e>xtra pay nn the make of a spemal Size mgar known to the trade as "P10a Tbe manager refused to comply wtth etther of these demands, and cause quently every oparative makmg tl'lese spectal stzes abandoned the factory and as yet have n o t resumed work. As soon, a str1ke occurs in a factory a comm1ttee IS appointed b,y the strtkers to go CO every factory, get up 10 the reader's pul plt and there express the motives that haTe caused the sti:tke. This seerus to be a queer custom. Nevertheless, It is practiced both on the island of Cuba and at Key West Late reports from Cuba indtcate that a very poor crop IS a Ltclpated, and the probabilities 'aFErthat.owhat lmle is success fully cured will b e sold at exorbltant pnces, and more especmlly If the wrappers should fall i_nto the haods of the many speculaters wbo are always on the lookout for bargams Mr. Cayetano Soria and J H. Gregory, two of our moe promibent manufacturtJrs, left lor l."iew Yo k yesterday b) the Plant hoe steamshil' Olwette This IS the first trtp made by a teamer of the Plant hn<>, and I cSan safely say the Olwette took a very large freight and over forty passenjers. Our manufacturers' earnestly hope she may be continued on the hne between aug ,New York, for 1t would be an advantage to the cigar trade. Mr. Lozano, of the firm of Pend as & Co left for Cuba last mght to look the new tobacco now commg m. H. Tbe Aeu4ed Newr York State Law Relatln&: te tilll&ll and Prl&ell Ia .rrad.e. Chapter 691. An Act to amend the Pen,al _Code by addmg au additlOnal sect1on theret0 to be known as "section three hundred and th1rty-tive A." l 'assed June 2. 1887. Section 1. The Penal Code 18 hereby amended by incorporati11.g therein aa addrtwnal sect10n between sections three hun dred and thirty five and three hundred and six, to be numbere d "sect10n three hundred and thirty five A," and to read as follows:Section 335 A. No 1 person shall sell, ex change or dispose of any article of food, or offer or attempt to do so upon any represen 1at 10n, adverLISelllent, nottce or mducement that any thing other than what is Bpeclfically stated to be the subJect of the sale or ex change, IS or IS to be dehvered or recer ved or m any way connected ltli oracpairt of the transact10n as a g1ft, prtze, premaum or re ward to the purchaser. Any person vwlatmg any Of the prOVISIODB Of thtS shall be deemlld guilty of a misdemeanor and, 10 addiLlon t.hereto, shall be hable to a penalty of $26, to be recovered, w1th coste, by any per son smng therefor m his own name. Sec. 2, This act shall take effect July}, 1887. (REPGRTED FOB !'BIC 'lOBAOOO LEAF ) DETROlT, MICh., July 11. Tbe amount of internal reveuus tax paid in the D1lltr1ct of :M:ichtgan (Detroh and northern aod easter& M:1chgan) the month of June, 1887, was as follows:-; On tobacco .... $8l,(J00 94-1 OU,611 pounds On mgaril 18 784 85-6 26 616 cigars. I am a httle late in reporting this month, but was only able to get the returns to day. Trustmg the above ia satisfactory, lllm very trulyyours, W. B'. HoNROI!l. ,., DANVILLE, Va., 'July 11: arpatrt on manufacN.JllS of tobaccB tiLion. but in so doing they are not domg just1oe to themselves, tor the prace on a few bands ought to be higher than on a box; and then the profit would not be much, for plug tobacco ts sold at such ligures nowadays 'that the mao who sold nothmg else than plug tobacco would have to go under, or live on salt. There IS another thing which ought to be rigated. Moat all the tobaccomets sell plug tobacco 10 the same quantrty at the same pru:e to th011e wantmg to use It them eel ves as to those w1shmg to sell agam. Reason says Lhe prices should 11ot be, even in such cases, one cent hiflher CO the consumer.-New England r any one of these, in addition for a trade mark can be hel;l only for &he particular goods, or of goods, upon whlci&Jt 111 aetuaUy The Wilson. No. 2575. 'For Reg l !!tet ed July: 9, 8 a. m. Eastern Ctgar Co West fie tl, Mass. Rena (by p e rmiSSIOn of Mr. W. Redmond). No. 2576. For Ctgara Registered 9, 8 a. m E!LBtern C1gar Oo., WBII,I.eld, Mass. The Only Kel. No. 2577. For Smoking Fine cut uod Plug Tobacco. Hegtstered J uTy 12. 1 p. m J. Wright & Co., Rich mond, Va Only :&er. No f57 For SmOkmg, ecut au4 Plug Tobacco. RegtStered July 12 '1 p. m. J. Wright & Co., Rfuh mond, Va. No. 25741. For Cigsnr. Regiitered July 13, 8 a. m. David Hal!riil. Jii.oeh. ester, N. Y. GOODHAND CLARK AND TH.I.DEL (], SNOVER A.G.I.INST LYJ11l.I.N VLO(]K ET.I.L. This action, which was brought by the plamttffs to restram tho mfrmgement of the tratle mark belong1ng to the plailltiBe for str1p11ed smoking tobaccos, a fao.ailllile of wh1cli devwe w1ll be found below, came to an abrupt termmation by a complete 1111rrellder of the defeodants, who offered judgment that a deollOO of perpetual injunctiOn be rendered against them in sa1d act10n, and also by pay the sum of $500 damages. Judgment bas accordmgly been rendered m favor of the plamttffs. perpetually restrain mg the-defendants from the Ui19 of eaMl QeYice or any imttl!ltion of plaintiffs' paCkage, aod the damages have been p11.1d. Morris S. Wise aJ>peared for plaintiffs. Neri Pme. Esq. of Bmghamton, N.Y., represented the defendsmts. Huetueu Cb.a.utcell, .New .Fum11 and Be movaljl. AKSTDD.A.K. Holland -H B X:ruseJD&IID, tobacco breker hiUI formed a COD&rtnersh1p With Salm A Be Beer, firm nam6 S&lm, De Beer & Krusemann BIRIIISG-H.Ail, Ala -B L Wtt.lton tobacco, Me, dis8olved CINOINNTI, 0 -F W 8Dreen. tobacco manufacturer; sold out. !t;;!'t: Pa.ulitsch, leaf tobacco broker; emoe CGl-Morgan ..t LlCtyd, clral'l!l, etc; John Jlorp.a 'RJCBIIOND, Va J N Boyd & Co, leaf tobacco: clat11qoj by fire, tully msured A J Gray & Co cigar dJasoled SAN Ftt.t..MCISOO, Cal-Goldate1n &: Mairson, cigar manufacturers. dissolved 8U'l'l'U, W&l!li Torr -HuntJey & Manw...U., tobaooo e&c daoiYed. Yo.,.GS'l'O'fl'. Pa -C :M Bbafer, c1gara aad to'-'o; 10lcl Keported .FaUurea and BuRlneu ArBURLINGTOM, low&-W H & Co., wlloi-.Je &Dd ret.a.l oiga1'8 aod tobacco\. attached for 1174. Cmc.!.GO, Boersc.n. cigar manuf&cturer; .... rea bill of sale tor $1. Ev 4l

JULY 16. We&tern Leaf-Sellers do. not report any sales for this week, but eome have beea made at atiffening pricee. Tb41 talk of thA market rune in this way: "Trade is quiet. Os, 12s, }4 Ills ......... ,.to 17 & 20 t; W H Thomas said to us: "A letter received to-day from & Bro W H Crosman dJ Bro 2 : C B Perkins 2; M li: MeDowell & Co 7; Park & 'rilford 62; Acker, Trittll.' county, Ky says that not IIiOre than a Merrall & Condit 46; order 97: Lyon & lJo I; J one third crop can be raised hare. A dispatch Franklin & Co 6; J J Prendos & Co 6; F Alexaniire from Clarksvlle yesterday said the market '\rtll tm the week ending July 15, 1887, were aa foll0ws : hhds I cs .An twerp-259 hhds. .d.rgenti'M hhds hhds. Bn!IUln-28 hhds, 824 cs, 406 bales B>iti8h. .d.ust...Uia-132 pkgs (26.263 lbs) mfd B ntish. Eas t .lndiea-15 pkgs (2,640 1bs) mfd British. Guiana-5 hhds. British. Hondum1-B pkgs (186 lbs) mfd Erilill lVeotlndW-11 hhds, 1 caEe, 6 balea, 52 pkgs ( 4, 797 1 bs) mfd Uanada-826 bales CadzZ-411 hhds. Oenrral ..imdri-18 balea o pkgs (372 lbs) mfd. Cl!ina-10 p gs (1,204 tb) mfd ( ope-nluzgen-18 hhds, a pkgs (702 lbs) mfd. Uuba 9 pkgs (6, 700 lbs) mfJ. Dut.t,h East ind.iu-5 pkgs (300 lbs) mfd. Dutch Guiana-6 hl:.ds. Dutch West 1-Mia-10 bales, 43 pkgs (6,406 Jb's) mfd. Jilrench Gu1ana-1 hhd. Jllr e?Wh W e.ot Jndiu-2 CS. Genoa-00 hhds. GibraltM-99 cs, 130 pkgs (51,696lbs) mfd GlasgoiD-124 hhda. Bamburg-125 hhds 15 pkgs (2,160 lbs) mfd Hayti-14 hhds, 89 bales. Hwi-65 hhds. Japan-1 pkg (1GO lbs) mfd. Lubon-60 pkgs (7,488 lbs) mfd. Li.,>pool-80 hilds. London-28 hhds, 28 cs, 65 bales, 110 (20,110 lbs) mfd. Neo:ito-1 pkg (200 lbs) mfd. l kgs (6.162 lbs) mfd. New &aiand-263 pk.Js (48,185lbs) mfd. Roturdam-211 hhrts. Spam.h i1l .dfMM.--1 hbd, 20 cs. U. 8. et Colomb<4-340 bales, 7ti pk g s Jbs) mfd Uruguay-1 hhds. Venu.ula-14 bales, 113 pkgs (18,666lbs) mfd UPOKTB FROK THIC PORT OF NICW Y()Kit TO FOR Bl!GN PORTS FKOII JANUAitY 1, 1887, TO JULY 15, 1887. Hhds A.rrica .. .. .. .. 868 Amsterdam.. 979 Antwerp ...... 2 .238 A.ustna .... .......... Oases 43 264 2,404 Aust ralia .... .. .. 90 41 Breme ........ ... 4,281 7,892 British N. A. Col.. Canada .......... .. Central America .. Chma and Japan ... .. 117 East lndies . 19 France ...... ... ... I ,970 G :braltar .. . .. 885 Glasgow .......... 642 Hamburg ......... 7,487 Italy ............. 2,888 Li-.erpoo l .. .... 2, 71}5 Laudon ........... 3,046 Ot.her British Porta 881 Malta ............ Me:r,tco .. .. .. . 00 New Zealu.d, etc. Portugal .. .. 4118 Rotterdam.. .. 77Q Sandwich Ialandll. .. .. Spain ............ 8,280 Boulh America. .. G42 Swefltn & Norway 59i Weet lndieo. ...... 720 Various P.Orta ........ 1 6 G 7 1 484 10,161 1 26 674 3 88 111 485 17 898 1 Bales Lbs mtd. 488 11,729 1,2Q2,954 12,136 131,628 4 44,600 3 ,426 2,897 84 10,3111 31l2 113 6 ,851 6 376 1,069 74,710 73,478 199,114 13,241 289,574 158,686 81,049 7,880 49,090 1)09,183 :a,aas 7,166 11,626 8112,064 14,999 89,766 165 100 521.912 467,964 51G,llli 11,716 27,1>96 19,861 36,432 4 ,410,711 DOJIEIITlCl BEClElPTa. Tilt followinK artlclea were received at the porL ot New York durini the week : BJ/ til .ll1'U RIJiWodd-Willi&ms & Terhune 87 hhds ; Pollard, Pettus c! Co 88 do; M Pappenhelmer & Co 80; J H Moore & Co 74; Oelrichs ct Co 44: Kremelberg & Co 11; Ca 12; H Siebert 32; M Abe nheiw & Co 43; J H F May e II; order 284. BJJ the H'll.dltm R1-&ilrcrad-Order 293 hbda, 1,1110 cs leaf, 134 pkgs do BJ/ tho hn118J!lt>ania Railrood-L Spear & Co 28 ca leaf; li Koenig & Co 25 do; L Sylvester, Son & Co 1; Straiten & Storm 10; Price & Johnson ,1; A B luwlein & Co 8: Jose S Molins 1 ; H !::lchubart & Co 1 bale do; Moore & Co2 cs R Schreiber 3; C Burkhalter& Co 2; Ju SleTm I; G F Glayton 1; lt'itzpatricl< & Case 1; Bogert & Haydon 1; Steiner It Co 1; Schwartz Bros 1; Wagner, Kellam & Co J Ellinger & Co 1; Jeffreys ct Co I: D Buchner olo Co lb bzs mfd: H Wirl Mattbrws I do, 12 pkgs do: Fitzpatrick & Cas 2; Leopold Miller & 1:\on 5; Wise ,-e Bea!lheim 1 do, bbla do; G W Helme Co 6 bxs mtd, bbls do, :.!4 bbls snd, 2 bbls do, I,Ci81 bxs do, 48 pkgs do, 1 keg a: J Sehgsberg 82 cs lea(; order 3 do, 23 c ; c1gars, 2 bbls snWf, 3 do, 411 hxs do, 1 keg d.,, 8 pkga mfd Bw Uw 1l R. D/ NH Spitzner & ion 26 ca leaf; A W &888rman 1 do; Max 1; L Sylvester, Son"' Co 10; M Hartman & Co 1 : Pretzfeld & Co 2 bales do. B11 tho Ne.. York and NeVJ HaNn SUamiloat .Uni Wm & Co 11 cs leaf; Joseph. Mayer's Sons 9 ; J S .M.olms 18: H Hartman & Co 6; B Grotta 1 : M Reichert 1 ; J Delmonte 1 ; E R11senwald & Bro 22; G Reismann II ; L Goldsclnnidt & Oo 8; B Brod 10. 1111 u.. Old .Domi...O.. 8IMMiuJ&ip berg & Co 82 hhds: John MYir 89 do; M A.henheila & Co 9; Kinney Tobacco Co 28: David White a!: J F Jrdau 7: A H Cardozo 5; H !::Iiebert 188; J H Moore & Cb 21; Joha Ca.ttua 26; J H F Mayo 8; M Abenheim"' Co 21; John Muir 211; E Mueller & Co 26; Cllarltll F Tag .t Son 18; F Dziuba 6; Oelrichs & Co 88; E W Uodd 1: Buchanan c! Lyall 15; Pollard, Pettu & Co 18; Staple & Bain 40; A. D Straus & Co 8 do, bhds, 8 bu samples; J D Keilly Jr 1108 hhdl, 12 1rca, 15 cs manufactured, 8 \ -----------0--WAB.NING. NOTICE is hereby ,.iven to all manufacturer, jobbers and retail dealers of cigar11 that we are the sole an I axclusive owners of the brand or trademark tor cigarros known as 66G:H..A.Bii'D together with the SYMBOLS, DEVICES, SEAL AND GENERAL STYLE OF OUR I QRIGINAL PACKAGE. Our exclui-.e ownership bas been determined in the several actions brought by us, 1 and" in w liich decrees were rendered in our favor-To wit: in New Y;ork Superior Court on October 20, and in the Court of Cincinnati. Ohio, on :&Uy 21, 1887. WE VIGOROUSLY PROSEOUfE ALL INFRINGEMENTd OF OUR TITLE, MA.ME. DEVICES: SEAL AND STYLE OF PACKAGE as applied to cigars or 'cigarros to the fullest extent of the law, and shall h ereafter claim full damages in all actions breugbt by us for infringemen\s of this brand. CEORCE P. LIES &. CO., Grand Re public Ci&ar Factory, 1166-73 bx oam!'les : 0 Meyer & Co 87 bbds, i bx aamples; F E Owen 82 do, 1 d<>: Middle&on & Co 1 do, 4 do: Peniston & Co 1 do. l do; R MAllen & Co 13 do, 1 do; W Oull;e, Son & Co S hhds. 55 cs cigarettes: William & Terhuue tree; James H Roche & Son 2 do, 1 do; L Oersllel & Bro 11 do; I rlo: P L o ril larll & Co 18 do, I hbl snuff. 1 ke&' do, \ bx samples; W 0 Smith & Co48 hhds, 12 cs smkg. 159 do mrd, 60 '4 b18 do1 21 cs cigarettes; Thpmpson, Moore & C ts2 cs mfo, 2( bxs do, 18 cads do: Gil u ert Lloyd. 18 ca m(d: Funch, Edye & Co 6 do; Dol!sn Carroll & CoM; Martin & Broadhurst 8; Joseph D Evans & Co 45 C8 mfd, SO bxs do, G do : B ogert & Haydon 20 bxado; Carhart Bros 10 do; Wise & Bendlleim J P' .1 Xiques 20 cs smkg: B Donop & Son 8 do: M H Reids tu; James M Gar diner mfd, 20 1.(-bzs do; Allen & Ginter tl8 cs smkg, 44 do cigarette; .M. E McDowell & Co, 4 ca long cut smkg; Leopold M ; ller & Son 4 do, lll bxa m1d, 10 cads do: R Fleming I cs cigarettes; J L Kahn I do; Silverstone .Bros 2: A A Smitb & Co 1 bx samples; Auatin, Nichols I! Co 1 bx snuff: or der 189 hhds, 18 trcs. 57 cs amkg. 4 llalea do 20 )1(trcs mfd, 100 cs do, 196 bu do, IIIIi )I( bxs do, 35 do, 260 cads do, .10 do, 7 cs ciga rettes, 2 bxs aamples, 65 bza pipes Bw Uw N-Yorlc "'"' &1Cimorw 7r.o...,.tanon Line-R P Johnson 17 cs smkg; S H Payne 21 do; W J McDonald 1 : order 1 -CoiJiltVJiu from NeVJ Orlean&-Order 2 hhds. Coa3t1Diu from Tampa, Jilla-Sa.nchez & Haya 14 cs Tobaeeo S&a&lUe froClrelar of W. G. Meter lc: (lo1 LOUISVILLII:, Ky., July 1. 1887. 1886. Offerings in June ....... 15,863. 12 ,785 ... ..... 16,646 12 ,641 Deliveries ........ 12.574 9 ,202 Offerings since Jan 1 ... 67.821 72 3 0 6 R e ceipts 1. ... 65,316 85,550 v e t '. 1 : 53,84:7 50 141 SwckJuly1 ........ 26,984 25,139 No 200 Third District. New York City. amount of insurarce they carried was $4,500. Sawyer, 'Wallace & Co. were in surance to the amount of 194,000, but no de cision ha.s yet been reached in their case. The insurance companies have formed a syndicate for the purpose of buying up the damaged bAld by the last named firm, and will probably do so Thrre are many fioatiug policies of buyers riot yet adjusted, because the tobacco so in sured bas not all been located. It is now be ing traced up by the adjusters. -Louisville Courier-Journal July 7. Since the arrival of the steamer Newbern in port she bas proved a veritable bonanza to tbe Custom House Inspectors, who have thus far made three seizures of cigars on her. amounting in the aggregate to 15,000, valued at $800. The last seizure was made Friday afternoon, when 3,500 cigars were'found in a false bulkhead of the sail-locker of the steamer, evidently constructed for smuggling purposes. Friday morning 4.000 cigars were seized on the frehl:;ht deck of the steamer near, an open jort. Thei!S were encased in jute bags, an the attention of the custems in spectors was drawn to them by an attempt to lower one of the bags into a small boat which pad been .hovering around the steamer. The cigars first seized were discovered in the coalbnnkers.-San Franciii'XJ (Cal.) Bulletin, Jul1J 6 Baldwinsville Gazette, July 14:-0ur mar ket continues to show signs of some activity, and sales are constantly being made at, all t;bings considered, pretty fair pr1ces The importation of Sumatra i s the only thing that keeps prices as low as they are, as a shortage in s erviceable domestic leaf, which is quite apparent, woutd necessarily advance QUOTATIONS. the. price. Li g ht. Heavy Among the new arrivals in the field this Common lugs ........ 3 00@ 4150 11.50 week are: J Cohn, of New York; A J. Bach. Good ......... ti.OO@ 6.00 6.60@ 7.60 of E. Bach & Sons, and Jos. Ifernsheim. Mr. Uommon leaf ...... 6.00@ 7.00 7.00@ 8.00 M Fringant is still inthe field, and among lllediulll 7.00@ 8.00 8 .06@ 8 .00 his purc hases during the past ten days we G o ed .... .. 8.110@11.00 9.60@12 OO have the following: James Moss, Cicero, !i cs Fiae .11.00@!4.00 12.00@16.00 at 13c; J. C P armerter, C ic ero, 9 cs at 10c; Burley. Chas. Ston e, Cicero, 6 cs at 9c; A.. G. Corn .. 5.50@ 7.00 well, M a r cell us 8 c s at J.Oc; E'rank Benton, ood ........... .. .. 8.0 0@IO.OO Benton's Corners. 7 cs at llc; J D Dewey, i0'd.m.on .. ...... 10001200 'Van Buren, 13 cs at 10c; Alfred Morgan, e mm ....................... 12.00@14.00 PI> 6 t 9 B M G 8 Good .... : ................... 14.00@17.00 oomx, ca o. c; ryan ann, cs at Fine ............... ....... 17.00@20.00 12!'4c; Preston & Doran, 12 cs at lOc. RECEIPTS AND STOCKS ll! ALL WESTERN MARKETS. Boston 'American Cultivator, July 16:-In the valley reports reach us of diminished Receipts from St8Cks on hand plantings. At E!I.Bt Hartford and South Jan. 1 to July 1 July 1 Windsor the shrinkage amount! to 15 per 1887 1 8 86. 1687 1886 cent. or a trifle more. In Wappinw, Conn., Louiville ...... 66,816 65,1100 26,984 25,189 ., Cincinnati ...... 25,671 11,861 11,837 the shrinkage is fully one third. St. LJuis. . 6,249 4,489 7 ,<141 6,000 North Hadley--One crop of '86 Havana at Clarksville ..... 23,119 27,747 10.779 14,1144 lOc. The growinp; crop is looking well here. Hopkinsville... 7,611 9,780 8 ,847 4 ,074 This is true G>f all this region. Topping of Paducah ....... 10,856 10,0911 6,486 4 ,037 many early pieces mQst begin as eoon as the Nashville...... 4,270 5,896 2,273 1,6aa lWtb to the 25th inat. The season thus far Evan s ville... .. 8 .61i1 4.040 629 I .OBll has been very fine for tbe crop, and the Mayfield....... 7 ,H06 6,662 4,800 2,667 plant& stand from a foot to fifteen inches Total. : .... 164,070 11>8,828 74,400 69.809 high. There are some late pieces to w hicb this will not apply. Pl'elcllt Batetr or Tobaeee n-o-Dlll'erea& Wetera lll:arket. Meears. E. C. Franke & Co., Louisville. Ky .. in their circular dated July 1, J687, give tbe following rates on tobacco in hogsheads:Louinille-New York, 25c; Baltimore, 22c; Philadelphia, 23c; New Orleans, 30c; New Orleans by river, 33c; Richmond, Cincinnati-New Yerk, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, 33c; New Orleans by river, 211c; Richmond, Clarksville-New York, 42c; Baltimore, 39c; Philadelphia, 4t!c; New Orleans, 25c; Richmond, Paducah-New York, 29c; Baltimore. 26c; Philadelphia, 27c; New Orleans, 20c; New Orleans by river, 20c; Richmond, 32c. St. Louis-New York, 3lc; B<imore, 28c; Philadelphia, New Orleans, SOc; New Orleans by river, 30c; Richmond.-. Hopkinsville-New York, 49c; Baltimore, 46c: Philadelphia, 47c ; New Orleans, Richmond, Evansville-New York. 29c; Baltimore, 26c; Philadelphia. 27c; Richmond. 37c. Nashville-New York, 37c; Baltimore, 35c; Philadelphia, 36c; New Orleans, 14 .50 per hhd; New Orleans by river, 13.25 per hhd; Richmoali, 32c. Hayfield-New York, 83c; Baltimere, SOc; Philadelphia, 32c; New Orleaas, 25c; Rich mond, -. 8&op Ca&Uac PrleThe cut in prices on -cut and plug te bacco still continues. and the result will be tbst some manufacturere or others will be forced to the wall, nor is it always certain that in such an unreasonable struggle tbe firm with the longest purse will wiu. .A. fif. teen per cent. reduction in the price of plug tobacco in a business whose turnover is in the millions, is harder to bear than the same rate on a manufacturer of less pretensions. A tl.rm stand taken by the manufacturers of gooo fine cut and plug would in the epd bring prices to a remunerative basi8. The vast mass of conumers are not tempted by the cuts in prices. The real sufferers are the manufacturers. and ultimately their em ployees; for where one manufactory tries to cripple another it is but the hurling of its thousand hll!lds against the other thousand. all to no usefully competitive purpose. The public is not benefited. A few thaskless and ungrateful dealers reap the distributed bene tit. The fight goes on for glory. and the cent& which find their way into the pockets of a great host of retailers amount to little in their great aivision, whereas their aggre gets is of VBI!t consequence and worth to the wbacco manufacturers collectively. We are pleased to eee that one firm (Spence Bros. & Co. of Cincinnati) bas taken a bold stand in this matter and has made sn advance of 3 cents per pound on ita low est r;rades and 3 Qents on the medium grades of fine cut. The National Tobacco &view bas repeatedly protested against a cutting which to little lese than commer cial euicide under the false doctrine of kill or cure, The TOBAOOO l&Ar is aleo agitat ing the aubject, and eU!f_Jesta a convention of manufacturers.-California Grocer and Canner, Jul11 2. The l.oalY.tlle Plr&'-AdjaaUac &lle l.oe. The adjusters of the Board of Underwrit ers have nealy completed the adjustment of losses sustained in the recent tobacco fire, and will in a few days report the result of their investigat ions. The lose of Brannili, Brand &: Glover, pro prietors of the Boone Warehouae, bas been fixed at '45,000. The loBS of B. Mills Parrish & Sons. of the Banner W rll'ehouae, ia in pro ceea of adjustment, and a decision will be reached to day or to-morrow. Their loss will be about tlO,QOO or ,11,000, while the 8pringqela New England Homestead, July 16:-Hatfteld-As a whole, the crop prospe(t never was better all through the Connectiet: t valley. We have bad plenty but not too much rain, and no wind or hail. Canton-The plants are now doing very well and tbe pr011pect is good for a good c r o p. Wethersfield-The acreage will not vary materially this year from that of last year. In all about fitty acres will be grown. In WeLherafield the plants look well and about the usual acreage is set. Wareho use Point-Tobacco is well started and most pieces are very even. The season thus far bas bee n \}ou sually favorable. Simsbury..,-Tobacco never looked better o.t this seas on. About the usual acreage is set. Pest Oftlce Nfttice. Foreign mails for the week ending July 23d will close (promptly in all C11888) at this office as follows. TUESDAY-At 1 p. m. for Europe; at 1 p. m for Porto Rico direct. WEDNESDA. Y -At 2 a.m. for Ireland (letters for Great Britain and other European Countries must be per City of Rome"); at 2 a. m. for Europe (lettel'l for Ireland must be directed per Saale "); at 10 a. m. for Central Amer1ca and South Pacific Porta for Guatemala must be directed "per Newport"); at 11 a. m. for Venezuela and Curacoa; at 1:30 p m for Europe; at 3 p. m. for Belgium direct (letteFs must be directed "per Western land '1). THURSDAY-At 1 p.m. for Mexico (letters mu&t be directed per City of Puebla "l. SATURDAY-At 4 a. m. for Europe (letters for France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal must be directed per Etruria"); at 4 a. m. for France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portug!\1 (letters for Great Britain and other European countries must be directed "per La Beurgogne''); at 4 a. m. for Scotland direct (letters must be directed per Anchoria "); at 4 a. m. for the Netherlands direct (letters' must be di rected "per Zaandam"). SUNDAY-At. 10 a. m for Mexico (letters must be directed "per Mexico "J. Mails for Australia, New Z ealand, Sandwich. Fiji and Samoan Islands close hera July 22 at 4 p m ; mails for the Society Islands close .bare July 24 at 4 p m. j ml\ils for Cbina and Japan close here .July 27 at 7 p. m. ; mails for Cuba close at this office daily at 2 :30 a. m HURT G PEARSON. Postmaster. Poet Office, New York. N. :Y. July 15, 1887. Pair. On the 18th. Htb, 15th and 16th days of September next the Connecticut State Agri cultural Society will bold its annual agricul tura.l and industrial exhibition at lrleriden. The following are -the premiums for tobacco: 2 lbs Connecticut Seed leaf tobacco. gro"th of 1886. lll'lt premium 13, eeoond '3 ; 2 lbs Havana tobacco, growth of 188&, first pr& mium 13, eecend 12; 2 lbe Sumatra tobacco. growth of 1886, first premium $3, eecond $2. -Wm. A. Verona, a cir;ar manufacturer, wbo induced Gussie Merritt, tbe 15-year-old daughter of John Merrict, of 585 De Kalb av enue, Brooklyn, to leave her home and live with bim, pleaded guilty to aseault in tbe 'bird degree, Thursday, and was remanded for l!!entence. He has broken down in bealtb since bis arl't!8t, and rheumatism ball made him a cripple. -The man in Hotchkieaville who. &A he eupposed, eo wed a large bed of tobacco eeed and watered and carefully watched over the young plants only to aee them develop into ftne thrifty mullein&, can now be able to sympathise with a certain little wife of a JUNGBLUTH & RAUTERBEB.G, TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIES: SUGAR, PETBOLATITJJ, TIN FOIL, FLA. VORS, EXTRACTS, Etc. SOLE WESTERN AGENTS FOR ;r.&AJES 0. lrloANDBEW' S LICOBICE PAST& LOU%&V'%LL:m, :Ky. Tobacco .. Refrigerating INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES Pre1ldent. .::t / DARIUS FERRY, (f{' I,ATENTEIJ '\%\ -. ,,11 .,.. New York, AT VIce-President. \ \ -J ... J :t.SSG ;;/ Lancaster, Pa., M OPPENHEIMER, -s-_.,.; N' ,, \'\-Y' Trea1. and Sec'y. Edgerton, Wis. MAIN OFFICE: WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturers to 'the advantages derived from the use of our system of treating Tobacco, First: The ABSOLUTE prevention of decay. Second: The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the retention of laltre and life. Third: The GREATER yield of wrappers, compared wit)l tobacco of the same &'rade cured in the natural way. "YV e in the lal!!t,n over cases, bales ,and Oil; storage under our System from different pa;ues, all of whom speak w the highest the supenor1ty of tobacco treated .under this system. Tobacco consigned to F. C. Linde, Hamilton ct. Co. at the varioul peints will proper attention. LOUIS F. :MANUF 77th St., 3d. and Aves FACTOBY Jfo. 3b2, 3d DIS'I'., NEW YOBK. Seleeted Leaf fro GOLDEJI BELT of Jf ortla Carollaa. 'r17 It !loki on ItA own lllerlto for a Lh1q Proll<. UP" Do not oftor je,..elcy, furniture, g1tt., or-"' ,.yyour reat, take you Into partnership, aet broll:en leg. or keep your gas meter from coUDUnc 1;oe ..ucb, or perform an:r otber miracle ..llf1 But do promilre to ctve :rou the boot Tobllcco .,. 111e 1ll8lil:eC at aa low a prloe asia oonslltent with qu&11&7. Z. I. LYON & CO .. Durba.m, N. C. ... W.A.JITED FOB CAIIH, _.. &pec1al. r-wo't1cea PICADURA CHEROOTS. CIGAR CUTTINGS tr. F. tr. X. l'or O..tto ... d Ezport u... PriDcipal Depots:-193 Broadway. col'ller J'ola 01'"' nr.te :r--.;;; = place to Wheeling We 1t.; &ll.d 489 Broad way. comer Broome, Ne Y orlr. al-71 Ia the market for Tobacoo Cutting&, It the7 The above br&nd h&Tieg '-ll copyrighted, tile _...., ud dr7 and-m111t7. trade is cautioned not to lmltate the under tile BLOCH BROS. Wh ,. w v penalty of t.he law Eacll package, contaillin(ll' lit I ee mg, Jrgmla.t cller.JOIR in tin-foil, bearu yeii

PHILADBLPHIA. July 14.-Mr. A. R. Tobacco lnspec&or, reporta &o To-..oOo 1AuJ u followe:-A nry atronr; demand _,. manufa.ctured hard &obacce oontinuu, bl,lt pillcipally condneeveral good aales made, am.,gg which se the following : The Bodman Warabouse otfered 161 hhds, averaeing 18.01, and realizing 27,090.10. Messn. A. Botf"m&D ' 118 follows:-The wek has opened '!ll'ilb very full receipts. F1llera have lieen .offered, ami now seem to '.>e the grade mOilt in de mand. 'l'hi hoe tof leaf lias mattrially advanced, with prospect still of "biKher figures. Wl'lipper otf.,Nd more frt!Biy thia week, and Eola to eager buyers very full prloea. A fa1r llae of me dium mahoganies were on sale every day, \bough In limited quantity. Cutlers are showing up ratller scarce. as also smokers. Prices are atron&. QUOTATIOl{S, lilmolnited lo cahties. and some additional planting baa been made With overgrown plants and scant seasons the chances are that only a small percentage of the plants set will do any good Take it, the amount set will not be over 5 per cent., whtch will not be more lban sulllcient to make up for re planting. To sum the whole matter up, \be situa tion is ne better te-day than it was ten days ago Trash to commoa lugs ............. 2 50@8 00 Medillm to good lugs ........... 8 00 Common leaf.. ................... .4 liO@fi Medium leaf ...................... 5 50@6 50 Goodleaf ......... ............... 6 50@9 00 HOPKINSVILLE, July 12.-Mr. Geo. V. Thompson, Tobacco .uroker, repqrta to the TOBACCO LEAF :-!:!ales of the week ovened this morning. Market very irregular. Lugs aad common leaf decidedly lower. Balee will not be very large from present indications QUOTATIONS. ................. 2 00@ 8 25 Medium.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 liO@ 4 25 Good ..................... 4 6 00 Leaf--Uommon .................. 4 Ml@ 6 00 Medium .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 7 50 Good .................... 7 8 110 Fine ............... ; .... 8 50@11 00 Wranen ..................... 11 00@17 00 LOVI8VILLE, July 18.-Mr. A. Falcoaer, SecretarT of the Tttbscco Board of Trade, reports to the ToBACco LB.U' u fellewa:-The market remains about stationary at last week's prices. At the market would indicate a& easier tendency in dark tobaccos, but on lnveatiplio a would be found lbal it only applied to wbaccos in bad con d!lion and otherwlae not d1111irable, while good con ditioned leaf wu fully up to last week's figures. A good magy re...-!ewa are finding their way to breake, and aa may be auppoaed are not reahztug expeclal ons, owing to coudition Burleys of all lra(lee oonlinue well supported, "nd the finer gradea are appreciably higher last week. The weather Is still hot and drouthy, and tbe few ahowen we bad, wbile doubtleu helpina: lbe crop now in the ground. will add ve y hltle to the acre age of tile com lag crop l:!ales to day and 1esterday have been very large and prices unchana:ect. Receipt& for the put week ware 2, 781 hhu, agaim' l,ll80 hhda for same week lut year. 8alea ror the week, month and year, and oorreIIJ)OildiaJ( period of three former yeara, were as fo lf>wa:Week. Kon\b. Year. 1887 ........ 2.117'7 4,0117 71 ,39'7 1881 ........ 2,8611 8,1180 76,272 1881) ........ 8,012 4,66( 79,176 1184 ........ 1,747 9,1171 110,686 Dark Traah. .. .. 2 1100 8 00 CollliiiOn Juga.. .. .. 8 50@ 4 00 .Medium lugs .... 4 7.5@ fi 110 Good lugs ............ 6 6 25 Comrqon leaf ......... 6 50@ 7 00 Medium ltiaf.. .. .. 7 5>0 8 00 Long leaf .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 8 llO Selections ... ........ II 00@12 00 Burley. 31i0@400 450@ II GO 5 6 60 6 71i0 7 75@ II 00 9 60@10 00 1110@1(1 00 PADUCAH, Ky., July 9.-T. H. Puryear, Tobacco Broker, rep .. rts to the ToBAiolCO LBAII'u folJowa:-The market waa somewhat higher the fore pari of the weell:, but lbe latlit!r part waa a little ea.ier for luge and poor leaf Quality mainly was extremely poor. Durinl'i lbe wee.k: mederately good rains have fallen all over the district, and there has been a small additional planting. Hhds. J(.,._..,,pts for week.. .. .. .. 727 ReceiptS since Jan. 1 ............... ll,OSS OJferings for week............. .. .. 961 Offering for year ....... .......... 10,Ii0il Net salea for week.. .. .. .. .. . &IS N ct sales for year ................... g, 440 QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common (dark)-red or colory ... 2!/4@ 8,!14 ldediuDl do ... ...... GOO<'l do ................. 4).(@ Fine do ................. Leaf-Low do ................. Common do .. ............. 7"' Medium do ................. 9 Good do ................. Fine do ................. 11 @14 BelecliODI, (d1o,rk or colory) .. '14 Q16 RATI&8 011' TBAN8POBTATION. Rates to New York, water and rail, per 100 11J6, S5c do do all rail, do do 29c do New Orleans, all rail, @ 8 Good .. .......................... 8 @12 Fine ............................ 12 Cutters-Common .................... 15 @18 Medium ......................... 18 @22 Good .......................... 22 Fine ............ ............ .. 80 @3(1 Fancy .......................... 35 @40 Wrappers-Common ..... ........... .12 @15 Medium ......................... 1.5 @25 &>od ............................ @ali Fioe ............................ 35 @65 Fancy ...................... ... 65 @90 SAN FRANCISCO. July 8.-Tbe GrOCIYI' and (]quntry .Menlwnt'says :-:Mr. G W. Wttmore; manager of the C hicago of tl!e Lig;ett & Myers Tobacco Co., died in Omaha on the 30th ult .. from the result of a fall which be had recei'Ved ten days previou s It wu a nainful surpri se to tbe trade here Henry Sutlilf. one rf the o ldest tobacco. n is1s, was obliged to make 8n Mr Sutliff bas been in bminess o n Kearny s treet for thirly yars, and by his b one t industry and business Ius secured the goodwill and confilenc e of cve1y mnufac tn r er in the country. The imrroved con diliv n of !be l qcal maoufactu r ing husiue s s is best sbowu by the heavy in 1 the In1ernal Rev e nue l o x paid in thi< dislnct on ciga and tobacco durin( the piiSt six 111o nths. Tbe total r ecdved ly tbe Governm ,nt on thio ac c o unt for tbe periofi mentioned i t288 183, an increase of near l y ft5.000 on the corre.pondieg m o nths last yta1. -Last wePk James, a farmerlivingnear Monticello, Wayne county, Ky., was tried in the Federal Court, charged with selling five cents worth of twist tobacco. There was no evidence that be wa.s In the habit of 't elling tobacco. DoBB pleaded guilty to have sold the five cents' worth, and a nomioal punishment --was sus pended. Foreign Markets. BREMElf,June80.-D.H. Watjen&Co., tobacco brokers, report to the ToBAOOO LBAr as follows:Western-Sales on the spot and liO arrive, 1,8611 hhde old and new crop a& hardening prices, comprising 817 hhds lugs. 665 hhds medium grades, and 3M hhds better grades, against 3,356 hhds in June, 1886. Stocks in first hands:-M:ay 81, 1887 ....... 5,917 hbds. Received since..... 188 To,!:&l 6.106 Deliveries......... 971 Stocks to-day .... 5,1St QUOTATlONI:I. S&mellmel886. 1,11113 1,742 3.8311 1,581 1,754 Light. .Heavy. Common lugs.. . pf. 20l> pf. Medium lugs ...... 24@27 Good lugs ......... 27@29 28@32 Low leaf.. .. .. .. .. 34@Jl8 Low medium leaf .. 36@40 38@42 Medium leaf ....... 42({945 45@54 Good leaf .......... 46@54 56@62 Fine leaf ......... 58 85@72 Virginia-Sales on the spot and to arrive, 777 hhds, almost exclusively old crop at low prices, against 470 hhds in June, 1886 Stocks in first hands:-May 31, 1887 ... .. 2,865 hhds. Received since.... 242 '' Total. ........ S,107 Deliveries. . 738 Stocks liO-day .. 2,369 Same time 1886. 2,064 3,670 1,32t 2,846 QUOTATIONS. Common lugs ..................... 20@24 pf. Good lugs. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 26@32 Low leaf .......................... 36@44 Medium leaf ...... ................ Good leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... 58@64 Fine leaf ......................... 67 Common colory cuttings. . ... 21 do ..... ..... 40@65 Maryland-Sales on the spot and liO arrive,\ 311 bhds, mostly common grades, against 216 in June, 1886. Stocks in first bands;-May 31, 1887 .. 9S7 hhda. Reoeived since.... 897 Total .......... 1,384 Deliveries......... &38 Stocks tf FI.D.e CH.Iil'a.r&. .N'e"'ICCV' :ll"ao'tory Jt.oarse't :lD. 'the 1014, lOIS. 1018, 1020 SECOJfD AVE., and 310, 312, 314. 316 EAST :FI:FTYFO'UR.TH ST., JI'EW YOR.K.. and what little demand there is for the latter is for the more colory grades only. Havana cigars have lleen in li,mited demand. Manila Cigars and Cberoote-Quite a retail business bas been done. Stocks are slightly increasing. Old goods, which are mostly out of condition, are mostly unsalable, while recently imported, when sound, real ize only moderate rates Mamla liObaceo is now ery seldem inquired for. Mexican r;oes very slowly. There is good liObacoo on the marliet, but the manu facturersseem indisposed to pay the moderate prices asked. Sumatra-Only a moderate business has been done. In Holland recently very high prices were paid for selections. Seed Leaf The busiohas been co111fined, as is generally the case, to fillers, (;or w bich there is a good demand, and clean dry cuttings are searoe. A parcel of leaf for covers and bunch is now on the mar.ll:et. Turkey-A little more than the usual busi nese baa been done in this grow,h. l!'me cuttingleaf is scarce. Java-A fair demand, but difficulty is experienced iu obtaining this growth in good condition. Dutch and Ger man-A little has been done in the former, for which more inquiry bas been made; in the latter, moderate transactions have taken place. Japan-The lower qualities have been m demana. and a fair business bas been done. In colory classes the finest have been t .aken, and stocks iu first hands have been consider ably reduced. Latakia-Much neglected, the only inquiry beiug for fine quality, of whic\1 there is extremely little to be had. Some medium lots are being offered very cheap Negrohead and Cavendish-Little businessliO report. Stalks and Smalls have sold to a fair extent at a reduction proportionate to the alteration in the duty. LlVERPOOL, July 1.-Messrs. Parry & Croebies' Monthly Circular aays :-The cry of wolf in the shape of scarcity of phmte, re duced planting, worms, drouth, etc. has been making itself heard with gradually increas ing force. and recently we have cablograms raising limits, and in some instanct!s taking tobacco off the market pending develop mente. The alarm has the more effect just now because prices are low and the risk of reaction is comparatively trifiing. The prac tical result is a good businees at certamly higher prices than were obtainable two months ago.. We should say about a half peony to three farthings on the lower grades of strips (fillers, etc.,) and a farthing to a halfpenny on medium useful. Fme strips are scarce, especially colory Western, and the advance on 11ucb is more irregular. There are reportR of purchBI!es on speculation. IN IIIASSACHIJSETTS, Boston New E'TI{Jland Grocer :-The ad vance in the price of low-cost tobacco ha10 9een followed during the week past by a like movement in those of higher grade. Realizing the extremely low price lately rul ing, some of our dealers have taken advan tage of the market by laying m heavy stocks. We hear of one sale of .Mayo's plug made a short time since by Mr. A H. Jelly, repre senting Stephen Tilton & Co., for this facliOry, of over 40 000 pounds; probably the largest amount of plug 80ld in many years on our market for one delivery and home consuwption. IN NORTH CAROLINA. Reidsville Times, July 8:-The Tobacco crop at present is not a suecess. and it will take a good d!lal yet to bring it out. The weed on the market is selling high. Ware housemen say that good t;ohacco is up one hundred per ceut. Oxford Tarch.light, July 5:--0n last Friday we had the pleasure of seeing something of the crops in this sectien. They are all look ing well. The stand of tobacco is not very good, but what there is is good. Greensboro, N. C ., Jnly2-A primary convention of tbe tobacconists of the State was held here this morning to select a time and place for holding a State CWtvention. Raleigh, Durham, Henderson, Reidsville, Hirh Point and Greensboro were represented. The place chosen was Morehead City, and the time August 17. The primar:y liO-day was well atteuded. and an interestmg occaeion is expected for the .State Convention. -Newe and Obaerver. IN OHIO. Dayton Jmtrna.l, July 12:-Tbe drouth sadly interferes with the growth of tobacco, and farmers can only look for compensation through a lase and favorable fall season. This threatened shortage in the crop of 1887 gives a tone of confidence liO holders of '86 and '85 tobaccos. IN KENTUCKY. At Flemingsburg, Jt!ly 12. W. S Dudley, Jr., bought 1100,0 00 pounds of liObacco at 14t' a pound, the highest average paid there for years. .Augusta, Ky., July 5-0wing t o the long spell of dry weather in this section the tobacco cr:>p will be short. Thol!e well in formed say that the crop in B racken county will not be over 30 per cent. of what it wa8 last year. No amount of rain will save it now, for tl:le plants are all burn<>d up by the excessive heat of last week.-Enquirer. IN TENNESSEE. CRANE'S PATENT LINEN 'PIBRE i ARBS. THESE UTENSILS ARE WJJ:LL ADAPTED FOR TOBACCO, CIGAR: & CIGARETTE MANUli'ACTURERS. Light, Durable, .Air and Water-Tight. IF' Sample and Illustrated Catalogue turntahed 011 appllc&tloD. JAMES COLDSMITH., 'TU BROADWAY, JI'EW YOBJI:, Ky .. will fall short of the '86 planting one-! weE>k, but have resumed their usual quiet. balf. 0. D Rowe some 130 cs '86laat week; Thfl c .. ntral tbiR week three hogsheads Conrad Bros. also liberally. T. Ill. for Rev. G W. Featherst;on, of Robertson Sayre. the local buyer of Herosheim Bros. of county, at high average of 83-one at New Orleans, shipped two cars of wrappen $20, oue at .75, and the lug .9. 70. liO his firm teday. llATA.KA. July 5-Tbe recent rains oomCROP AND MARKET NEWS. PENNSYLVANIA. Lancaster Examiner, July 13 :-Theusual summer dullnees is upon the tobacco market. and the sales are few and far between, all that have been reported for the past week or ten day6 not aggregating more two hun dred cases, Skiles &; Frey. B. S. Kendig & Co., Eli Shertze r and others having said abdut that amount to manufai:turers. The buyers are yet picking up stray lots of the '86 Seed, but nearly all of last year's crop has been pack:ed away in the warehouses. The cold storage warehouse of F. C. Linde, Hamilton&; Co., of New York, at and L amon streets, which has already been fully described in ;;bese columns, is now ia full uperation. The big ice tauk at the top of the building is kept filled. up, and the hundreds of cases of tobacco that are' already 6tored in the big refrigerator are kept in a tempera ture that averages below 40 degrees. You need an overcoat when you get inside. George Forrest is in charge. Of the growinQ: crop there is nothing new to say. '!'he weather thus far has been all that could be desired and the crop is flourish i g. Lancaster lntelligencer, Jul;r 13:-From all sections of Lancaster and adJoining counties the reports are to the effect that the '87 to bacco crop is growing gloriously, and if the weather continues propitious a large harvest will be gathered. Reports from Ohio and Wisconsin on the other hand are to -the effect that the drouth bas been so severe liO the tobacco growing districts that not more tb11.n half a crop can possibly be secured, while, if the drouth con tinuee, little or none will be harvested in some sectio ne. OHIO. Miamisburg Bulletin, July 8:-Business of the week; is a repetition of that last reported, with the addition of iirmer and higher prices. There is sharp interest now in small as :well as large bts of everything 11erviceable in the shape of cigar leaf. It is creditable, withal. buyers and planters have not their heads" in the ruslr'-that the have not essayed liO play speculator, and that both have come together on such terms as afford a reasonable margin on one side and a safe one on the other. Prices for '86 Dutch range from 5 to 9c. Seed commands 7 liO 12c 'l'he new crop is coming on nicely. A great deal of tobacco was planted during the week. R-.ins are local in various sections of valley, and while in sgme quarters the soil was put in condit1on for pl!lnting by the rains, in others were watering out. All this taken into account in the esti mated acreage, published last week, and there is no re&son now to alter the statement that the area planted for '87 in Ohio cannot exceed two-thir!ls of a crop. It will probably be less. WISCONSIN. Edgerton Wi8conain Tobacco Reporter, July 8:-A much more hopeful view of the situation 1s taken by the of tobacco swce the drouth of five weeks duration has been broken by cupious raind during the Wtl6k: past. 'l'he elf.,ct of the abuodan1 ehowerd has been almost magical in recuperatiug the sullt!riug crops as well as the drooping spirits of the farmers. It ld seldom tha. t the growers have had a more favorable time for completiug their planting than the past week, and where the plants could be obtained tbis work ia now very generally linished. In some sections a sbortage of plante is reported, and a portion of the will remain unset. There ia scarcely any improvement notice able in the market tor cured tobaccos. A light trade still continues at mo3t of the .market pointe and prices rule as low 118 here-tofore. The sales reaching us are: Nels. Teigen, 10 cs at 6c; M. Lougset. 17 cs at 9c; B Bussey, 6 cs 84 Seed leaf at 7c; George C ,xhe,.d, 8 Cd 't!5 at 6c; S. H. Severgon. earance of things. Over six inches of water altogether has fallen here.The last of the tobacco plants have been planted, and tke newly planted field a present an even s\Bnd. Not half as much t;obacco has been planted this year as last. We bear of no sales of '86 'tebacco in this vicinity. There are some very fine Iota of '86 liObacco here. Several car-loa.d.3 can be liad around here and Lodi. Patent Office Gazette, July 5, 188'1. INVENTIONS PATENTD ClQAR BUNCHING MACHINE.Herrman J. Bacbran, New York, N.Y.. Filed March J8, 1835 In a cigar-bunching machine, the combina tion of four rollers arranged around and equidistant from a > central point, ibe upper roller being carried by a hinged frame, and each having at one end a gear-wheel, oae or more belts passing around three of said roll ers and sufficiently slack t;o form a pocke' or trough to receive and bold the tobacco to be bunched below the fourth roller, and a central driving gear which engages and drives the gears of all of 1 he rollers, substan tially as and for the purpose described. In a cigar machine, the combination of a aerie!' of rollers provided with gears at ooe end and carrying one or more belts, a cen$ral shaft carrying a drive gear, whick meshes with the gears of all the rollen, and a band wheel carrying a ,pawl. and ratchet.-wbeel with which the pawl engages, the gear and the ratcbet wheel being secured upon the shaft, and the band-wheel loosely mounted thereon, a foot lever, a cord attached to said lever and passing over the wheel, and a weight, or its equivalent, at tached to the cord. CIGAR BUNDLING MACHINJ:.-Gustav Leiet, New York. N Y. Ftled Nov. 17, 1886 The c ombination, with a base board having longitudinal ways, adjustable horns euided iu said ways, clamps for attaching the horns to the base board, a literallyadjustable back having fixed rods in the eyes of thebase board, an adjusting scre'lf applied to the back, and a sleeve applled \o the base board. CIGAR TIP CuTrER. Cornelius Knudsen, Denmark, 888ignor liO Charles John Wilson, San Francisco, Cal. Filed April 22, 1887. The cigar tip cutter herein described, con sisting, essentially, of a hollow pillar soitably sJpported and having side flanges and apertures, the vertically-moving qutter head haTing its stem inserted into the hollow of the standing pillar and being provided with cutting blades, the spiralopring winding around the stem of the cutterhead and supporting the same, and the operating cam-lever bear ing and preBBii11!; down the cutter-head when actuated, to t.he effect of clipping off the cigartips passed through aperturt!S. CoHBINIID TOBAOOO WRINGER AND SPIUCADICll. -Ada m U Drayer, Middletown, Ohio, aasignorliO Wilson & McCallay, same place. Filed Feb. H. 1887. The combination, with the endleSB belts ar rauged in an inclined p(Jsition one above the other, to t -ake the tobacco from the casing tub and spread and wring it, and traveling in opposite directions, two cylinders, arranged on a lower plane and inclined aud traveling in oppoeite directions, an inclined chute be tween said cylinders and the delivery ead of the endless belts, the cy Iinder as the upper end of the chute, endless belts and ioclwed trough between said belts and the cylinders. The combination, whh the sprocket whAels and endless chains passing tliereover in an inclined position and traveling in opposite directions, of the drive wheels, guide wheels, the drive chain over said drive wheels and nlider said guide wheels, the cy Iinder and coone.ctions between said drive wheel and the shaft of said cylinder. TRADE MARKS R ,EGISTERED. CUT AND DRIED OR LONG-CUT SliiOXING ToBACCO.-G. w : IJail & Ax, Baltimore, )(d. Applicatio n filed March .so, 1887_ Used since Apl'ill, 1865. "The word 'Navy,'" DDt)'" en !lumatra Tet.aeeo. Virgiui .. Jeaf and strip8 have been moder atel y dealt iu. There have been inquiries for da1 k, full bodied sorts. whiuh are scarce. Keutucky and Mis oouri-Bome coniderable tho grades was pending. but tile infvrmatioo above relerreu to prevented sales. A moderate business has beeu done iu the better grades, and prices Wl:'re paid at the end of the mouth. ltJDd and Ohio-The stock of the former is very limited, Clarksville Tobacco Leaf, July B:-The eec tion around Trsnlon, Ky., was visited by a good rain last Sunday. New leaves have t ormed on tbe tobacco that was 80 badly useJ up by the l;tail. and the plants are growing off mcely. 'l'he yield of wheat wa. qui'e unsatisfactory. Robert C. Wbitnel, of Murray, Ky., writes us that after close investigation be is sa tid lied the tobacco crop in Calloway county, Jaue..ville, July 6-Dame Nature came to the rehef of our farmers Friday by showering the surface of our par.;lit:d lields. l'hen &&tun SatUl'.:iay, between the livurs of 4 to 6 p. m we were treaLed to over three in of water, putting tbe fieldrl in mvet t:xcellent couditioo for Tobacco may now he said to be about all Our aealers werP somewhat active lat ELIURA, July 11 .-The tobacco growei!Il of the Cnewung Vad" y and northern Pennsylvania are unitell in their opposition to the propo>ed reduc;tion or abohsbment of the llto;ll import duty on Sumatra tobacco. A large meeting been h e ld, and C. W. M o rse. a wealtby g ro wet, of Painted Pns" will represent this region at the tobacco men'& m WashtugtJ n till Lhe20tl'l iusli. For additimwl readi'TI{J matter 866 Pllfl$ 1.. -c;x.y.TJN'G-:EJR. &, CO., CIGAR XA.::NOFAOTORERS, Key West.-Fla., and 51 :Kurra,y Street, New York.


\ l \ THE' TOBACCO LEA.F. 5 AMERICAN EACLE ManufactUrers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: 'l'lLADY. MARlL FINE CUT FINE CUTS, P acked in P ails Foil, Tin Bo x e s o r Glass J ars. AMERICAN EACLE. SMOKING. Cold Spra Natio'nal Leaa-ue Crown of Delight Cheri' Clipper Double Five, Plum 8 k Oriental roo I Myrtle Navy, Eagle, Old Tar, Universai Favorite, Fawn, SMOKINGS, P acked i n Tin F oil, P aper, T in Boxe s or G las s Jar s G RANULATED SMOKING. LONG CUT SMOKING. Stork, Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Lucky Club, Dime Ram, Home Comfort. Miner s Favorite, Jumbo Miner s Long Cut Bull Froe:, Detroit Long Cut Duke & ])andy Frog Long Cut Factory Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail Cable, Mackinaw, TRADE MARK Smoking T o bacc& L. H. NEUDECKER: Baltimore, Md., D ISTRIBUTING AGENT FO& BALTIMORE AND VICINITY, ------Sun Rise Clock, Dew Qrop Bargain. Favor1te Canada Mixture, Lucky Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, Brudder Ned, Elk. Present Use, Green Corn, Invincible Clever BAVEMEYERS cl ELDER, No. 117 Wall Street. New York. --Standard in its Purity and Uniformity. Detroit Mixtu res. Navy Clippings Green Corn. Labor Union Wig Wag German, Chopper Bow Wow, -Old Hickory s Pride. THE MOELLER ASCHERMANN MFG. CO., JY:.A.N'UF.A.CTUR.ER.S OF FLEXIBLH. CBEASELESS CI&!B IOLDS AND SBAPDt -ANDMators' snuunes. S E N D F O R ILLUS TRATED CATALOOUJL MADE WITH A SPECIAL VIEW TO THE WANTS. OF-TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Da.lly Quotations will be furnished and Orders :H.lled ft-om our Ofllce, 117 Wall Street, New York. or by BENBY u. FRANKEL, 11111 151 Third Street. LOUISVILLE, KY. TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIES._ UOORICE PASTE, TIN FOIL AND STRIPS, FLAVORINGS, VASELINE, SUGAR, GLYCERINE, GUMS. SOLE AGENT IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA FOR ""man Puetz' PEERLESS Ping Tobacco Machine and Patent Float No'te .A.CI:ver't1.seD1en. 't on. page 7. Mtl,... all Inquiries to 151 Thtrd &t:aee-t. Lc:'"t a'V111.e :E.3' II '' FLExiBLE, CREASELESS CIGAB MOLD. I A(;;EXTS-Andrew Fine, 164 "'uter Street, New York; N S heldon & Son, 328 N 3rd Phila d e lphia; A q ... B "U..r Orders a"t C>:n.oe. The Book contains the Names of all Cigar, Cigar e tte, Smoking and Snuff Manufac turers in the Unit e d States and Cuba; also a valuabl e L is t of Jobbers and Wholesale Grocer!! in all the leading distributing points in the country. Price, Five Dollars. ( MA.NUF4CTURERS OF THE CHOICEST GRADES OF "i J .r Avenue. I New York. mces: 675 ,.& 677


, 6 VUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. ----------------------Manuel Lopez & Co., lie:nras No. 261 Havana, Cuba. LEADING BRANDS: MANUEL LOPEZ & CO.," "VICTOR HUGO," "FLOR DE REMATES," "CELIA." .IULIUS HIRSCH, Sule Repreentatlve In tbe UnUed Stnte TOB.A.CCO LEAF. Grand Hotel Pasaje, ..c: :Do! =ca Gl ... -.. 1) I :::s cg = () a; OQ c: Gl 1-I fl.) ... OQ C'D 0 (I) E a "" 0 ._ 0 ::E 0 I: -C'D IZI := Tile LARGIEST and only FIRST-CLASS HOTEL on tho Island of Ollb&; situated In tho beot par$ of the city.. Enlarged, improTed, new sanitary new management, Kept under Alnerica.a ad Euiopean plans. aocollll?odatton !or strangers TULY 16 42 BEAVER STREET, NEW YORK. -r--P. O.&STR.O d3 00., PROPRIETORS, G-ran. d. 01.gar Pao"tory, FABRICA DE TABACOIS CRAND.CICAR FACTORY dF MANUEL ROD.RIGUEZ, FELIX MURIAS & CO CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, ---LA FLOR CUBANA. .. LAGRANADINA" -ANDFLOR DE F. Y CABAL. Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuba. LEABING BRANDS: EJ X.. :m 1'1 G:m X.. -ANDU Flor de Manuel Rodriguez." Gallo do la Zania 69, Havana! Cuba. R. RENDUELES. Calle del Rayo No. 63, Habana LEADING BRANDS:-" La Gratitud" u Remignton, ''Rosa. Cubana," '' Flor de Rosendo Rendueles," "La Sociedad Comercial," La "Rosa Flor Indiana Mi Caridnd." Leadmg Brands:-Flor del Alo, La Emilia, F le n de Carlota, Al!elardo aod Eloia, Flor de F. G. Granda .. Eudora, Rosa de San Antoni9. Calle de an llaftHJI eo -, 1 .. HABANA, CIJBA. &e1gas &, Ga.rcia., D:J:A.:iil!!: &, co "ESTELLA" GRAND CIGAR FACTORY lllaaufae&aren of MANUIJ'..t.CTURERS OF HAVANA Sltlo1 tu: Havana, Cuba. Lead Brands :-" La Estrella," "Fler de Belgaa & Garcia," La Rosita," "La Flor de Selgaa," ''Para Todos," "La Felicia," u Flor de In clan Sanchez," and" Flor de Bianca." 01.gar Fac"tory, 'FIG.A.:.RO' DE CAPOTE, lORA & CO., Calle del Raro No. Habana,. Caba. Leadiur Branda: "Plor de Maarlco," h Plor do E4.aaro Caa&lllo1t1 .., Union Clulll,, '' L a Roliaa," &: "champloa.." FABRICA DE TAB A COS. IIGNON" COLMENARES & PRIETO, 01.gar -u.:rao"tory o:r SEBASTIAN AZCANO, Suarez 68, Habana. Telefone 1,027. Leacllac Bran .. a li'LOR DE SEBASTIAN .AZCJ.&.l'l .. PLOB DEL PABAI!I01 EL l!fiAGAB.A., L.A. ll!I:POSICJIOJ(, II'ANl'IYe .llgie The Regie pays connoisseurs of the smoking fraternity on the well, as far as our own section of the State is (This misses our ftrst estimate not more than the Turkish Govemment a large sum for the other, that the quality o f the tobaccos ld did con::erned, for our people were totally un 5 acres. ) t obacco mon o p o ly, whi ch includes the taxation n o t suffer in the least from the trifling addi skilled in its cuhure. cure and manipulation, Iu Suwannee county, adjoining at Little of a ll tobacco exported from Turltey to her de-twnaltmpost. The outcome of the preceding and would have found a large crop an eltJ River: R F. Rogers, 2 acres; J. J. Painte r pendencies, such as Egypt and Roumania. To is that a reducti on of a Md an ounc e o n the phant on their hands. As it is. the.y are Branford, 2; H D Riggsbee, Welborn, 1; evad e this tax the ex pedient WIIB adopted of duty would I e s0 much W118te or energy in the gaining experience with small quantities that and Col. Garey, M; total, 5M. first shipping th e tobacco to England and other form of s d fu the Exchequer, and would only will be of grPt>t value to them another year, In Baker county, adjoining: At Olustee, R. countries, and then reshi. ping it to Egypt, etc add to the profits of the best paying trade in when they will have much m ore to handle; B. Wes, A. Lord and others, say 5; and at or course tile 'l'urkish' Regie soon discovered the country. But, in place of sacrifi c ing for, instead of being discouraged, in nearly Sanderson, Wm. Jennings. and oth'!rs, what was being done, and they required that all 000 for no useful purpose, Mr. Goschen might every instance 1 h ere is a determination Macclenny not. reported; tot!il, 8. tobac\)o sent to England should pass through easily confer a real benefit upon all smokers, largely to the acreage next year, At Madison. in Madison county, Mr. C. tile hands of tbeir appointed agents in L ondon and upon many farmers and others in the agri and many w11l then plant who this year Lightfoot has acres, and others enougb who, before banding over the delivery notes, cultural int eres t now vainly stJ uggling to make did not. One cause of the small acreage this to bring the total probably up to 10 acres. were instructe d to obtain from the owne r of the b oth ends meet. Let,at a first cost to the r ev year, particularly in C olumbia county, was At Jacksonville C H. -Britz has 5 acres, t obacco agual;llntee that i should be consume d enue of probably not more than to tht. unfavorable weaL her of the earlier and I: M. Wilhelm ana others of Wild wood, in Great Britain, or, if they thought it ex p edie nt, ,000 (in place of the ,000 n ow months, which caused a great loss of young Sumter county, 7 aJres. to deliver the tollacco only on the payment of to be thrown away), 8d per pound, or p e r plants; but the greatest hindrance was tba Tc.tal reported. aside from Columbia and the duty. ounce be taken off the duty for British _grown very general failure to get plants at all-a Gadsden. 35M acree. The right of a foreign Government to hamper tobae<_ID and we should at on?e gam s ev great many seeds being lasL in tne beds. This '!'here is also some grewn near Fairbanks, in this country is now being tested by an eral of no mean 1mpo rtao;we. wii.B partly from bad eeed and partly from in Alt;Lchua county, and some in Bradford; a actwn in the Queen's Bench. It appears that The poor would have EngliSh, Improper sowing. Both troubles will be ob little in L eon and a good deal in Jefferson; the Egyptian Ugare t e Company have bought Scotch and Ir!Sh_t obacco at a ounce less viated another year. as the people are getting some in Hernanda, Polk, Putnam and at l!'t. and paid for in the tobacco-growing districts of \ qualJty.,ror t!'tan he now pays for the experience and saving seed which will be Myers, iu Lee, and lio doubt in otberd as Turkey a quiWtity of tobac co This the y weed An fresh and sound. well, but we are not in p o ssession of the shipped through the Regie. They applied to mdustry would JUSt fi;hght fillop We have visited within th!l p118t -two or names of growers or the number of acres the Regie's agent in London for the delivery needed to render 1t commercmlly succ essful; three weeks a majority ofthe tobacco now cultivated: u te but he refused to give this up without a loss the revenue would, at first, be almost grown in this county. and have direct reRECAPITULATION. fee C::r Is. a bale and a guaruntee that the tomappremable, ar:d would disappear entirely in a turns from other sections 1!.8 p;iven belew Total reported-Gadsden county, 153 acres; bacco wllB for home consumption. They have few years; .and m many parts of the country-:The crop generally is lt>oking finely, and Lhe Columbia count.y, 87 acres; scattering, 35 to supply the latter requirement on the I _may 8af m Ireland espemally a boom of thiS character of the tobacco is good in nearly total, 274 acres. ground that a part of the tobacco cannot be kind, slight as i_t would make all the every instance, carrying unmistakable marks Probable tolal-Gadsden, 165 acres; Co used in their own business, and they do not see ence between poverty and the of the Cuban quality, It is ripening well lumbia 100; other reported sections, 3S, ; why they should be prevented fram selling the tQ pay a modeiate rent. ar:d has. been but little troubled by the worm. scattered over Jefferson and other portions tObacco to any one who is willing to buy it. As -------and the growers can rest pretty wtll assured of the State, 50; total for the State, 350 'acres; matters stand, the Egyptian Cigarette Company of au. average of twenty live cents a pound and Lhis we think covers it without being have no control over the goods they have for it. Some will receive more and sume lese out or I he way ten acres on vither side.-bought. Ta prove their right to them they according to quality and handling. Lake City (F'lorida) Tobacco Plant, July 9. have applied for an injunction to restrain the The total acreage of tbe State, it will be agents of the Regie from d o ing anything with seen, is but about 850, of which Gadeden the tobacco This really means a claim for the county shows 165 and Columbia 100, the rest CJUB.&N TOBACJCO AND CJIGAR NEWS. restitution of their goods. The Egyptian Cigarbeing scattering. Some of this will (Spencer's Priee Current, Jw.r 9 ) ette Company recently called a meeting of at the rate of 1.000 pouncta per acre, and Leaf-The market continues still vAry quiet, Turkish tobacco importen to obtain their views some not more than 200 or 300. It is safe to but au improvement may be expected so soon on the matter. The meeting WIIB well att have compla.ined to the City Council that their business is seriously damaged by the amount of smuggling going on. '!bey allege that tobacco is sold liB low as 3s per lb Is actually 6d under the duty. They ask the Council to make sellers of tobacco and cigars pay licenses of aud respectively. No decision has been come to. -Several tobacco manufacturers waited on the Tll8mauis:n Colonial Treasurer in Hoqart Town on April 16, to protest against the pTO posed incr ease in the excise duty on tobatoo. They represented that the increased duty wo vld greatly injure not only the manufacturers, but the growers of tobacco, that the importation of American leaf would almost totally cease, that. the expected revenue would not be realized and that a great number of employees in variou's to bacco factories would thrown out qf employ m ent. Bachau, one of the Molucca Islands, which are situated between Borneo and New Guinea north of Australia, bll8 come into notice 118 tobacco producer, and the material grown there hils brought fair prices at Amsterdam. The ftrst trial in this line in 1884 resulted uufavor-FOR SALE BY Park II; TUford aad Acker, a; New York, ably in consequence of faulty planting and car against their tobacc os, and in d oing this 'mW!t le:"s curing. Or last year's crop fully 30,000 have impr o v erl the quality of the article ma!!le. kilograms are expected t o be brought to marAnd why th e y have succ ee ded, I think is be k e t. It is intended this year to materially in-cause of the large quantity of imported leaf crease the area under crop in Eachan. used. Eve ryon e must know the superiority of -Complaints are rife regarding deceptive the Am erican to tho Colonial. The returns of warking of bal e s of D eli tobacco by changing IHSt year sb1>w that the local factories Imported P into B. The letter B signifies the best to more one-fourth American leaf. bacco; P stands for poor or p etty, and betokens -For many years past, states an Alexan cheap and inf erior kinds. Bales l ettere d with drian corr espondent, cigarettes have formed a the second of the alphab e t naturally v ery imp ortant article 0f export from Egypt, but command reacher sale than those ma1 k ed other. since the introduction of the parcels post into wise, a:b.d find no want of demand When by that country the exportation has assumed pro simply tacking on a semi circle to the lower portions that were n eve r dreampt of. Leaf to part of the letter P, the mark of inferiority bacco for making the Egyptian cigarettes In can be changed into one of superiority, and tended for exportation is brom:rht in IJ1:>tn the value of the bale so operated upon raised Turkey and Greece. The 18 es by hundreds of dollars, the temptation to alter timated at piastres (one piasthe mark becomes too great to be withstood tre24-25d ) of which Turkey supplil'B about Sometimes the original marks are erased and 10,000,000, Great Britain about 7 000 000 and those of an accrFdited com_pany supstttuted. Gre ece about 5 ,000,000 piastres. 'Among the This form or counterfeiting is hard to check, importers of cigarettes the Italians head the but the other variety can be obviated by chooslist. One of the principal exporters in Alex ing some other letter which does not eas ily lend andria is Hadji N essim, who produces = itself to fraudulent tampering. about 70,000 cigarettes, and selids tllem m -According to the latest information the to Great Britain, Germany and Australla. Anamount of tobacco exported from Turkey in the other large ex porting firm is that of Nl'tlola year 1296 (March 1880, to Feb. 1881) was 8 927 Toccoa, which ships principally to Ita17. Ca412 kilogs ; in the year 1297 18tl1 J 12 21'2 540 ravopoulos, LagudakiS and Salaparta are also kilogs ; in the year 1298 (188<1-84).' 10:611:903 the n_ames of known firms. The price o f kilogs; in tbe yea.r 11883 84l, 10,299,289 the Cigarettes ranges to 60 kilos; aud in the year 1300 (1884-85), 8,913,088 tobacco IS also_ grown In pt. kilogs. The quantity exported there f o re since ThiS 1s known as kurn!, but it is not em year has decreased by about 3,000,000 ployedm kilogs. Of course the effect o f this retrogre sfor export, bemg mostly consumed m the couu sion is felt most in more districts where th e try. In the year 1885, 274,000 pounds of to cultivation of tobacco is the only m eans the in ba cco, tombald cigars were imported into habitants possess of gaining a living. The fact Egypt. that at the same time the quantity exported de -The Bank of Spain on June 4 preSented a creases, the quantity produced increases, is not tende r offering to form a company to take over surprising, as the tobacco planters now find a the lease of the tobacco mon opoly, paying the purch118er in the Regie, who is forced to buy Government dunng the {l.rst three years 90 000 their produce; 000 pesetas aunually, and during -Austria exparts annually a large quantity years a like sum plus half the profits. No other of tobaceo, about 3,000 bales to Gibraltar, 2,500 tender was presented. It Is considered certain of which came direct from via Fiume, that the Government will accept the proposal of Trieste and Antwerp. The remlllllder is de-the bank. A meeting of the shareholders of livered through houses of business in Hamburg the hank had been called previously. Barely Manuheim, Antwerp and Marseilles. The to: 200 out of 2,100 shareholders of the Bank of bacco consists chlefl.y of the commoner sorts Spain were present, either personally or by which are used for cutting, and finds a ready proxy; 139 to 39 approved of the proposed mo sale. The metric cwt. is sold according to its dificatiou of the statutes of the bll.1l.k to empower quality at from 20 to 27.50 franoo free Gibraltar the board to take a leading part in the estabThe tobacco has to be as free 118 possible lishment of a company to carry out tb.e tobacco dirt and dust, and must not contain anv green monopoly scheme of the Minister of Finance. or yellow leaves. The quality most es'teemed Among the minority are the largest sharehold bas short leaves or a brown color and very little era, many eminent fl.nanciers, capitalists and stal. ; s; it finds a re.ady sale at 25 francs the statesmen wllo share the opinion expressed in !lletrie cwt. The tobacco must not be packed the debates in the Senate and in all the leading m ,rush matting or Tut.e cloth, but qulte simply o.r Madri_d, adverse to the Bank or Spain in ordinary packing-cloth; each bale is to weigh nskmg 1ts capttal and credit in such a purely from I) to 62, -and is to be fastened with cords. indus trial enterprise. -A Sydney correspondent writes : Everyone who uses tobacco will admit that there h118 al ways existed a certain amount of prejudice against local-mad e tobaccos. Yet the manu facturers have struggled on year after year hoping to overcome this prejudice by improving the quality of their tobaccos. How far they have yet succeeded can only be estimated by the quantity they turn out. The retul'IIS from the Custom House of lost year show that there was manufactured In this colony 2,044 239 lbs, and for the same year only 378,676 lbs manufactured tobacco imported. That is, the local factories turned-out uearl;r m times. as much a.a thw:e was imported. This shows conclusively that they have overcome some of the old prejudice The Ojficwl Gazette of Madrid ha.s just lished the following royal decree : The mon opoly of manufacturing and the sale or tobacco In the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, Centa and the other Spanish possessions northe!!.St of is adj udi?Rted -to Bank of Spain, whwh can enter mto possesstou of the said ser vice as soon as the conditions required by article 11 of the above mentioned law have been ful filled. -Mrs. Tr!phenia Bevans, of Danbury, Conn., who is in her 103d year, on Monday Iaiit rode four miles each way in a carriage to a picnic. She l:tas taken snufl' since 1821, and says that good maccaboy Is a coDSOiatiou In her declining yeanr.


t 11YALE" I NOTICE TO THE TRAD& E r:ledma.:n. Cc:.., TE::E'I. S C> F' HAVANA TOBACCO flm. lfemuth If Importers and Manufacturers of 107 ami 509 BROAD W A. Y, NEW YORK. Trade !!lark. W'e ea.11 tha at t-'ntlou or the Trade to our large assortment of Novelties and Spe<:lalttee suitable !or Purpo8M. Lozano, \ Y. Penda8, 1887. M. Alvarez, LOZA.N'O PEN'D.A.&. &, CO., MANUFT'BS OF CIGARS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. .. 4lao Im.porter o' &, LE.A.P TO:S.A.CCO, D09 &T:5'1.EET, :N'lEI'VV' "Y" C> Fl.::B:.. P. J. clb & .Ne'9<7 "Y"or.l&.. WHOiiW!AiiE WAREROOMS: 371 BROADWAY. FACTORY: 213-229 East 33d Street. Genuine French. Briar Pipes, Muoted with my new Amberine Mouthpieces, in large "'ariety a.nd moe tasteful designa, iDcloding many original atylew not ehown eliE.wbere F:lpe in aU a' loweM ftgares. The LaJ:gest aDd A.ssortmeJtt of SMOKERS' ARTICLES Of lllvecy Description. .A. Large Assortment af "SCHEME SETS" aad ADVERTISING NOVELTIES omrprlsilo2ly orf&inal ud unique. W AJ,KINQ STICKS CUBAN HAND-MADE 1114 Sansom St., ,, PBIL:ADELPHIA. '-' \\\ WARRANTED PURE. AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. :N'C>TXO:I!J. To the Cigar Tra.:le and Public Generally. It having come to our notice that some unscru pulous and piratical manufacturers have infringed upon our celebrated brand of OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS" by slightly changing the name and color of label, we take this opportunity or cautioning the public and trade generally ag;:..inst buying such goods, under penalty of law. Our brand Is registered and -protected by l:..w. Notice Fa.ct.ory No. l'i, 2nd Dist ot Virginia, on each box: al!o our name on IR.bel, etc. P. WHITLOCK, BIC.DMOND, V "- -Most of the tobacco In the Philippine :Islands is pla.nted by small peasant proprietors, and lt is found very difficult to get tobacco of equal quality as can be done in other countries, Sumatra, for example, where the cultivation is carried on on large plantations. If he wishes to buy a large quantity, the merchant must enter into communication with from 200 to 800 peos anta, each one of whom has his own opinions about sorting, fermenting, etc., of the tobacco, and If the buyer classifies the single bundles with the greatest care according to their quality and size, he cannot poesibly classify each singl e leaf of each bundle, as the expense would be too great. On the large p lantations this sorting process is carried out with the greatest exacti tude, so that only leaves otthe same color, etc. are packed together. The European buyer can tell directly as soon as he understands the di1!erent ruarkingB, without opening them, what each bale contains. This circumstan ce causes other tabaccos to be much preferred to those of the Philippine Islands. A few larger plantations cer.tainLy d o e.Jdst here, but they stiU have to struggle with great difficulties, the ch i ef of which is the labor question. The native Is of very little good as a free laborer; b e lives from hand to mouth, and stops working when he b as ea lied enough to live for a time. It hiiB not been found practicable to substitute Chinese labor. It is hoped that things will improve if the Government favors the formati on of large plan tations and o f foreign companies, who would find here a great opening for the emp l oyment of their C!lpital. A great many of the smaller f ac tories, which used to flood the market with bad cigars, Have been closed. It is hoped that the cigar trade will improve, I n consequence of the improvement in the average quality of the cigars. In the yea,r 1885, 16,883 thousand cigars were exported to Great Britain from the Philip pii)Ifislands, and 36,636 thousand to Hong Kong. -The experiment of planting tobacco is being tried upon Colonel Platt's estate at Gorddinog, near Bangor. It bids fait to be successful. UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE TAX OJI' TOBACCO. Cia'ars, domestic a.11d Imported, $3 per M; cigarettee w-eighing not oer three lbs perM, OOc N.; eigarettes and dleroots weighing over three lbs per K, $ 3 psr H; m.anufa.c Alred tobacco and snu.ff1 per pound, 8e. CHARGII:S IJ'OR LICENSES PER A!."NU.II Manufacturers ot cigars, ciga.rett" and IS; II1l!llr"' ulaeturers of iObacco and,$6; dealers i n malJUlactu.Aii ot toAacc:o, 12.40; de&lera in leaf tobaceo, IMPORT DUTIES ON T6BACCO. Ciganl, 12.150 per pound aud 25 per eat. ad val"""". ettea. same as c .. including internal taX. Le&f cent. ot w&tcll is wrappers weighin& more tba.u lw leaves te the pound, eenta per peund; if steiilmed, II per pound; all other leaf net steipmed185centaperpowul. To bacco manufacwred. 40 oe uts per pound. 15 centJI per Pipes aud pipe bowls, SUO per II!'OU. &Dd 6 per rent. a4 valorem. Commoo clay pipes. 86 per eeat. ad valcarem i parts of pipes, 75 per cent. ad valorem; all amok en' artic:es, 75 p:-r eeot. ad Tatorem i snu1!-bo:zee&Dd. cheP \q SO 11r cent. ad Yalorem.. VALUE FOREIGN. COINS. Cents.!' Centa Austr a-Florin o r gull-Italy-Lira............ 19.8 der.. ...... .... ... ... 45,3 ... .. 99 7 Belaium-Franc.. ... 19.3 Ltbetta-Dollar. ....... lOU 8o ivia-Peso.... ...... 96. 5 Me:xico -Dollar .. ... 99 8 Brazil-Mil eis... . 54.5 Nol'way-Crown. 26.8 British N America-P&rn -Sol ... ........ .. Dol ar . ... . tOO Portug.R.::B;. 1' nd Calzada del Monte 199, Havana, ERNEST FREISE, li!IPODTBB OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. Jl'o U2 WATI: ll. STRTET, NEW YORK. THE B. ALFONSO & CO., l!IA.NUFACTUBBBS 011' HAVANA CIGARS. Trade LA JULIA BRAND. Mark. Factory No. 123, ::&::BI'V 'VV'E&T1 ::&"1a, Jl'e...,. York OtllceNo. 97 MAIDEN LAJrE. --------------------1 "Belcher" Cigar Cutters The following Labels and Brands are our eopyrighW w& caution Manufacturers and agamst usmg the same. Infringements willbe wted. SPANISH GIRL .. The Panorama, Mark Twain, Andv Jackson The Traveler, Hard No. I, Seal of Spain. WM. CRAF & CO., -eora to HBKI!I:A.W SBGlhT:tr e 110 .. Cigar Manu1B.cturers, Milwaukee, Wlea M.A. MONTEJO, DI1'0BTU. or HAVANA TOBACCO. Trade-larks : "America" l Flor de 1. !. 1." No. 191 Pearl Street, New York. B.A.R.ON' &, CO. CIGAR MANUFTRS (FOR JOBBING TRADE) FACTORIES :-JI'o.o. 11 Blld 296, Diotrict M&r)'llm .. :B.A.X..T:X:nl.l: C> Fl.E, nl.l:d.. Maautaeturera f' the Ce1ebrated ''Baron's Seal'' Long Havana Filled Five Cent Cigar. P. G11erra Y. CJge ..... GUERRA HERM'ANOS, Packers and Importers -of HAVANA TOBACCO 172 Water Street, Estrella 53, NEW YORK. HAVANA. JOS. MAYER'S SONS, (Formerly of 122 W .ater Street,> KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, 129 4 131 Crand Street, New York, PA.TENTEB!!I AND l!J:ANUJI'ACTliRERS, FLOR DE ANSELMO ZAMORA F.A.CTC>Fl. Y" 1"101 o. ae. FINE VUELTA ABAJO CIGARS. NOTICE:-! warn my old customers not to use any cigars but under the No. 89, as my name has been used to sell spurious cigars. .A.. ZA.1W.O:R..A., P. 0. Box 134. :mi!!!IIT,. F::E..o.A. PUETZ' rrBBHBSSf Ping Tobacco Machine. TILLMAN PUETZ, Jr., Sole In ...... tor ancl l'ateDtee, 8 T LO'B'IS, Jlo. Tb1o mochlne-eminent adanworthy the eouolderation o f any euterprbioc to'Mooo manufacturer Tis.: -1. Labor w':rt II. laereo.sed ostput e&pAelty, partteularly io omallftrli:' u It aubdivid .. the lump in P"" ceooaolt-through themochtue. 6 Au toma.tic delivery of tbe 1umpa on Wra.pper table1 thos saving time and precludiRit acci dent. 7 Ita adaptability to any kind of worl<, large or small, tblell: or tbta, and Its easy lUI jmmnellt forditferent kinds or work. Circulars Bh9Willg wbere tl!Me macllil'les are now in uee, as well as pltotograpliL, aent when d esired. All inquiries u to the alx:r,.e will receiv& prompt attention. either iD. person orbJ cerrespondence. from HENRY .U. FRANKEL, IOLB A.GBl'iT Jl!f TRB UNITIID I!ITA. 'J'.EI A.l!fD CA.NAD&t 151 Third Street, Louisville, Ky. WE BEG TO CALL THE ...4. TTENTIOY OF TOBACCO to 'he d6!!irable qualilliea of VASELINE as eompared with Olive, Sesame and oth.!lr oile advantages are: lat. Entire freedom from rancidity, no m.aUer what temperature or manip ulation it is subjected to. 2d. The superior finish imd protection it givee the wrapper. Sd. The frames, sheets and moulds are always clean, Rweet and not tubjece to oxidation or rust, from aceumulatione of llecaying vegetable matter. 4th. Absolute parity and uniformity U&ranteed b us. Our price is 16 oentl!l per pound nett, pu;. up in flfty:pound tina, packed for sbipment, two tine in a case, freight paid by us_ Orders may be sent to ua direct in New York, or through our Western agent, Mr. Henry U. Frankel, IIU Third St., Louisville, Ky., wbo will al8Q fill urgent ordel'l from stock kept by him for that pWJ1018. CHESEBROUGH MANUFACTURING CO., NLB :B&NUPAClTUaBBS. Jllo. 84 aTATE STREET, NEW YORK. .-. LEAF TO: BACCO, 193 Pearl St., New YorkR Our latest sample collection just issued, contains : IVY GREEN. 'PRETTY PEGGY. LA REGENCIA. SHIFT BOSS MECHANICS' CHOICE HENDRICK HUDSON. PEARL OF CUBA MEDORA. LA GRAN BRETANA This set has the popular Card Top. FROM 94 Bowery, New York. ------- La Beata, La fama, La 1 LOLA,* SALLY, .. ELMA,'" GARMA:


.... h red'll c. t HamH&tu, F. W. CuniUlu. F. G. LINDE. HAMIL TON & GO. Storage & Tobacco Inspection Advance -oo Storac e Receipt ot .n:l.e r cllandise a Specially. Cold Storage Warehouses for Tobacco ST. JOHN S P "'lRK, N, y, EDGER' I UN, IS, 406.4< 4 0 8 E a .. 33d 8t., N, Y. L&NCA.S ".I'ER, PENN FIRST-CLASS WAREHOUSES: ]If. '1:". c & & D epo1, 81 .Jo:hu.' Park, 1'78 180 182, 184 & 18U Pearl Street aod 14Z W a & e r Street, 406, 408 4< 4.1 0 E ao& '.l'hlr & y &!Jlr d Street Principal Office, 142 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. (Jgr. V L emon and N Prlrace L a n c a t e r P a EDGEH1'0N, 'VIS. BRANCHES:-PHIL"DELPHIA-A.. R. FOUGERAY, 6 3 N orth F r o n t Street. L-'_N 4JA.8T.EB, P a .-H. R T RO ST 1 1 S S Queen Street; GEO. FORREST, J67 N Queen St,., Hi\ R I FORD, CJoo o B F HUR L BURT, 154 StateStreo t SVFFJELD, Coun. EDWARD A.U$ T!N H.&.TF'IEL&, Mas 8 J &: P CARL. CINUINNi\'1'1\ 0 W ,V, HALES 9 Fron t Sttvet. TTON, 0.-B. C W GROSSE and W W HALES, 25 South J e fferson EL!IIIRA 11. y,W. H. L O VELL. F: D GER'I'ON, 'lo.T fl. EARLE. C:ii:AS. ._.OB.A..COO :J:N'BPECTC>:Fl..B. STORACE. 14.9 'V'ork.. 5r' SAIIPLIN& P&OMPTLY ATTEJI"DED TO ..a:t BRANCRES-L.&NCAIITEH, Pa.a F 2 1 st. : J c mVIN,288 anh lllary st. JON NE()TlCJtJT: F SISSvN, State st. HArtford; C E. GRIFFING, Daabury; PL"ll. )[ALL, N ew Jlilf"rd. EDGERTON WJ8,: C L C U L TO N. DAYTON, e,: W T D& VIS, 124 8ceani t. BA.LTIIIIOBE, Ill d. 1 ED. WISC H MEYER It CO ., Z7 South Calvert st. ;THOMPSON, MOORE & CO. Manufactured .and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Established 1836. J A.&. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, '7'7 ll"ro:u:t 1!11:ree1:, York. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLlJG '1 '8B.&()C0 PROI!IPTLY 5'1LLED, l.WARTIN & BROADHURST, TOBACCos FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Tabacos Exclu sivament e par a Exportacion ____ .;...__ "WV. ll.&l!lrG:TP .&CTlJREK 818 Cigar Boxes, A.od Import.e.l' t,.t _,_ GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole for J.ll"enra. OSENBRI'JE (JK. 4< CO,) SA.W l!.liLLl F.& CTORY> 311 A 313 E. lith St.. 315 to 3 .t l E lith St. N{.&."'2d Avenue, N"e"'OI7' LEVY BROTHERS, OIG-A.RS Cor. AVENUE C & 13th ST., NEW YORK. BB.INXOP'S SINGLE PLUG MAGHINH. Patented J lJatcedll&au .. Ma:rat_,l811. l Claaacl-. JI&R, Sl, 1811* &TEAll PQWER. FOOT POWER. Will make plugs ot all sizes, !rem 1 to 4 lncbes wid e and from 4 to 12 ncbes l ong, better and cbMper than uy other m a.chlne i n the market, aod is now In use In ov e r o n e h ULdred o f the largest 1adQrles 1n the United Sta'tf&. solic i ted. Add res.s \ J. H. BRIKK.OP, Qolacy, llltaol., llle HAMMERSCHLAG M'FG co.: & 13' GREElfWIClB aT,. KEW TOBIE. l. THE TOBACCO T ... EA.F. Heyman Bros. & OF CIGAR&. 424 to 432 East Flftynlntt) St., New York. :.-a.o-tory as, Brd. Oo1L :Eu -t. -----TO CIGAR ltlANUFACTDRERS. WOaK.s PERFECT T. H. MESSENGER & CO v llll'OKTI:IId IIIULU8 .. Leaf Tobacco. Cigaea. ---LICOHICE PAS'TE, 1 IIIA.IDBN LJiN.B, Nlnl' 1.-t 'l'oboloco In Baleo aud H ogsheads nr jl( arll: ete, WORKS PERI,'ECT, SANCHEZ & CO. 01.' Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBA(JCO, 169 Front Street, New York. ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, Maauftae&rer of CIG-ARS_ Factory No. I 030, 3d District. 34 I te 351 East 73d Street, J.'lii"EJ"'rT' THE BES T ALLTOBACCO ClGAREl.'TE DEPOT AND ACENCY o E T w E E N T u E A c T OF THE IIIANUFAaroRES. OF TbeaoovoBrando f BAVANA.TOBACCOcrGARETTESmadeoruyby &. i !X, -.a.'!Nos. 209 I East 37th Street., New Yo-rk 254 & 256 Canal St., -ALSo-Corner o t Elllll. St :N"o"VV vork. MANUFACTURER.OF FINE CIGARS. WISE & BENDHEIM, Esta.l:!>1i8hed. 1aaa. AGI!lNTS. Bondy & Lederer, Manufacturers of SAWYER, WALLACE & CO Fine And Dealers ln Leaf Tobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 18 Broadway, New Yorl G. REUSENS, WBLLEII BUILDING, 18 olt; 20 Broaohray. P, O, Boi SUO. NEW YORK. NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, 1 I Juaues u ruel. W L Hahn. TOBAGCO BROKER, HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO., B4 Broad &'t., I CIGAR MANUFACTURERS 3-0Bl CA.TTO&. Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., raelory No. s. 3 d Dist NEW YORK Tobacco Brotor. VALIANCE. CIG4R MANUFACTORY 13.EAYER ST., NEW JOII. Christian Jensen. )fanutacturer BENR"':' SIEBERT, PRoPRIEToR. Tobacco and Ceneral 334 Ea s t 63d NEW YORK. Commission Merchant, C I G A R S 78 Broad 'Yc::>:EI.:&:. -<>r-ElDL A. STOPPEL. DAVID G. HIRSH & co.. A. LOWENsoBN, John Brand & Co. 80 Importeranllhporteref IMPORTERS OF HAy ANA TOBACCO BROKER, TOBACCO d CIGARS No. 24 Beaver Street, Havana anA. odd SD-IIear;:aDT b an Seed. ba.ccc:., D u 0 acco. 137 Maiden Lane, :JO t o 54 1'-:rlvanfa A v e l -Df!:ICES-. 125 M old-Lane. FERDINAND DZIUBA. 111 Pearl St., New York. IFonaeri :r178wa>erat. ) NEW YORX. EJ.:n1i:ra, :N. 'Y. J r 1 .Ne-verk.cu7 \GAR F TOBACCO LOUX& G-R.A..E"E, Morchant !._ Ftrnchurch Bu!ldings, London. E. C E ngland. \JF. HOFMANN1Toay J 223, 225, 227 & 229 East 73rd St., New York. Factory No. 160, Third District. M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New York. ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, 166 Water New York. ELIAS S PINGARN, EDWAll.l) RosE>-wA.LD, IsAAc Ro a.,-wALD, HENllY Rcs,._'roNo RcsENWALD I S AIIruEL H. SPIIIOA.RB I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I I Pa lro Q & E t f T lJ Seed .. Jeaf Tobacco 1 Importers of Spanish s& HAMPDEN sT., sPRINCFIELD, MAss. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cnr. Randolph. DETROIT, 184 Front St., New York. Pa.c1:or7 1-'1 o. 10 10th. D:t .. tr:I.Q'to I l!laaufactarera ofllae E. M. CRAWFORD & Cut LelaliiPOfRTEIISTAoND bDEA.aiJERSciNc o "CHIC S ... khac Tebaeeo, of Fboe Virgiaia Leaf. J IIIII:r.A.TION BPA.NISH LINEN A.N D FA.NCJY BTRIP._D ()OTrON GooSAil. B. SCOTT ... cl BEN. HAXTON Cfcara, 168 W f S N y k. FOR PlJTTIIIiG lJP !il!IOIUNG TOB,UiJo, W. H. Teft'&, Fre8. 1!1, B, 11110., Vice -Pres Beaj. F Hax&oa, Sec. and Gen'lllauager. a er t. 1 ew or A. PEQ.SON, HARRIMAN & AUGUSTUS TREADWELL.Tobacco. -4GB ElrooZII:1e &ree't, JNre"VV York.. ,... Op nh 1m S W. V EN.&BLE, E. C VE:NA.BJ.E, .ua,, pe e er, J._B. Co., Leaf TObacco, Ba.mmersehla-g's .waxed Pap' er, FINE 'BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, COILS PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: 138 Wa\ar st., New Yort. H. h v Por "VVrappi.D.s TobACOO. Light Pressed and Smoking Tobacco&. DaJa_ocan:r N,!J'Ia ... ... BliiJia .... a-ott"-' rrsc ICIOriUS Co .... Ia ............... lit' !IT. Brie._& NaY:r1 I Gel I 0. -cliB ......, Yoltlo PRAGUE & liU.'l'SOl'f, i..\i>J:;:: :: S : : : : : LHAP QIOBACCO Suals LEAF ToBACCO BROKERS & REHANDLERS, '1 'Die UFES'l' ud BDII' OOBDI N G llKA.L at OORD t o r ADMIRATION, FLORIMI:L and RAPIDAN. WAlfR ST., NEW JOR.K. C:J:N'C:J:N'N' .A.. T:J:, 0... Tbefollo...m,. are ourA.geata fo r the oale of' our Manufactured Goods:=c. W VA N ALSTINE ,._,..., 1b 1 3 Oentral Wharf. Bocton. lllaa; ARTHUR l'IAGE N & CO. PS North Front Street, Philadelphl&, Pa.; o1 Trunii:Lines, prom!D entllallroad. ._-t,Jleo F F O R&IL L Y,:I25!4i Commercial Street, Portland M e : W.G. ADA.M.S, 97Wat.e r8trNlt,N ew Y odl: JOS. LEDERMAN & SONS, throughout the coutry. City; Will SEEAR, 8 C.; P H E UBAN K 78 Seutb Ave nu e Atlaot&, Ga. ; E. R. FICRGU Wilen.....,. ..,.. -led with th"'"' oeall, railroa6s carryi>Mm .a. ...... 7' -.::-.:::. .::::.0 Jackso n Mios.; lil. Q SEVIE R L i ttle Rock Arl<. ; N H CHRIS TIA N, Galvestoa T e :r ; .1. T oldoubleflrst.clalle &ala done w h n ... .-, ......... Ran d oll'h C hl c oge,"DI.; 0 E CON.ES. 98 J e fferson Aven u e. Mlch ; L P aaa ..,. .., _.......,. .., _,.9 _......,. e-_..., ...-, STERN .nttsburg h, Pa.; P W, O A V .&.NA G H. Omah a. Neb. ; F. 8 L A WRE'iOE. V i cll:sburg, JoJss. Prlee...C.... H ole (lording Seals, $7.50 per 1 ,800; Com m o a _. ----a .. ---,., ----Paekera aad Dealera Ia Lead Seal s. 14 to $6 per l ,!tOO; Commoa Wire Lead IMio; 11 to 181!.8" 1,900f Cord 00 cents per lb. !l

JULYI6 KAJI1l'll' ACl'UliBil OF FINE CIGARS, 340-342 E. 23d St., New York. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, A.11D D:L\LD IN ALL IDNDB or LEAF TOBACCO. Cor. wan and Pearl Sts., Now Tort. -a. ttENDEL & BRo. Factory No. 278, 3d Dist., N Y. Baa.aeaarere or llle Clelonlewuo FRIIDB..&.OOO ,_ PJr:.o.&.lliTET, FANCY PARK NAVIES, .N"EPTUN'E, FANCY BBIQDT l'IATIB8; .1PX.'UB::SS:r IT.&!OIDABD BBIG.&T !OIAVIBI I 8.4.::ELC>R.'& IT.I.l'fDA.BD DARK. ltATIB& ...,...._ eC -aoodaiM worlR:&:.. ""D'.I:. &, o W... o:r "A"avana. .I.KD OF Antonio I HAVANA-i.iif"'TDBACCO.I !24G Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. 180 Pearl New York. FRANK -puL VER, DIPORTEB. OF HAVANA, OICLII:81'INO PA.LA.OIO, FERD, HD18CH. CELESTINO PALACIO & CO., .AND PA.Cli[BK OF :ll"ac1:ory, :JP"1a. Seed Leaf Tobacco, Otllee: 2 BUJU.JJIJO SLIP. noor Pearl St. NEW TOJ\E. 178 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Herald Cigar Factory 'V TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENCY, -61 .&.-ve., 40h.:l.oaso, ::E.11. A W F t R.., c AGENCIES-:McCOY & 00., New York; L.UIDAUER &: KAIM, KedlliDl Grade Clpre, ._ 00 e 0 York; H. W.PR.A.GIIlR,Il&nutacturerof CheN>Oto,NewYork; GARCIA &:VIWA., (formerly G ...... a Honzttl e e,) owners of La Duquesita. and "La Rosa. De Mayo 11 brands. New York and Ha&na, OaHe JJel Aqulla No. 100; TOLEDO -. DeLEON. mttnufacturers of Exclusively Spanish Hand-Jiade Clear Bavaua. Ci&a'rs, West, Fla. ; STllAUSt; BROS. 11: GOULSTON, Lancaster, Pa.. 126 JLUDEN LANE, NEW YORL 11 DE CAPO CIGAR FACTORY. \ FREIGHT BROKERS11 FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY. Ocea::u. ora-.:1.1. P. 0. Box 3,162. 43.Exchange Place, NEW YORL FRED. SCHULl, G. & GO. Paelrer aad Dealer ill lmperaere er JACOBY & BOOIOJAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 336, 338, MO & 342 East 38th Stree*yc;,JR.:K. HAVANA LHAF TOBACCO Havana 'l'oba.cco, .41\T::o oza-.a.-. 224-226 Pearl Street,.New York.. 206 Pearl street, ew York. ----...:-.-------'FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. 30 G.I.KS. DAXGANS. DIBlrBKKOIBlfTII.U .. SCHLOSSER & co., .GANS or-Leaf Tobacco, Cnban Ci[3n, No. 10<> --or --0 0-T=>&. Have Removed to 71 Ne-,;ov N"e-,;ov "York. Pe:rd.. IMPORTER. OF HAVANA LEAF Tobacco MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS J'BA.NOIS F .A.DAHB. IEetaWUJoeol ls.'fJ HENRY F A VEil& F. P &.. Oc:., ftlaaaftlelarM"e Of lhO fOJieWIDC OeJeJtra.ecl BraD ... ef FINECUT CHEWINC a. SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Chewingc : Tally Ho t Aromatle. Smoking: Excelsior, Standard. .... JOHN P. GOELZ & CO., J. G. FLINT, Jr JIIANUII'ACTlJIUI:B8 OJ' ftlaawftlelarer of CIGABS, FINE CU_TND_CHEWING 213 to 299 Woot Water Beoood Ward Bank Bulldluc, MILWAUKEE, WIS. Smoking Tobacco, F. Milwaukee, Wis. THE PEASE B. A. SHOTWELL, FINE CIGARI Office & Salesroom: Z82 Ninth Ave., New Y.a -,, ____ ...:._ ___ SEIDENBERG & CO., 1 New Yo k&KeyWestCigars 11 327 Eaat Sixty-third st., New York. Jl THE JOHN H. llcGOW AN' CO liP ANY: o., ... a. A. This Cut show our PATENT DOUBLE END Finisher With Patent Retaining Loek for retain inc, the We control all Patents for Pretllliag Tobacco from BOTH ENDS -:o.:HV!DBAUliC '-UMPS. -::-Mould Presses -:o:Moulds, HYDRAULIC and Whllt Boxing Presses, Banda and Beg mente, Steel Finisher Plates and Tins, HA.lfD an4 POWER WRINGERS. Send for Ctttalogue. PLEA.SE WBID OTJR ADDRESS PLAIN, BBd to this paper iD addressing WI.


. '. 10 T.A.X ..... T. J'lll.porters of Havana W.M. A. B0YD a: GO., SEED LEAPFKETOBACCO. DIPOBTERS OF commission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. !01 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. i l .r:I."ELLE:R. EI:R.OB., Packt:,.,, Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in 11 .. A:n.d. Packer& o:r Seed Lea1f 33 South Street. Baltimore. BA TCBE'LOR & CO., .... of Seed Leaf :a,nd Importers of-Havana Sumatra Tobaccos :;t oa N"orh. VV"a.1:er &1:rete1:. :J?h.:l1a.d.e1ph.:la.. I ELLXS &, CO., l!aANUFA.CTURERS OF :BENGAL CHEROOTS, &1110 Importero et LUXURY TOBACCO Mau.ufac,ure:r or, Cor. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco -AND LUXUry Fine Cut In Foil. -J ............... "'. JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO., OF SEED LEAF and :DEALERS IN TOBACCO. .Jl[Llt:rS VETTERLEIN. M. E. McDowell & co., 603 A 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, Paper Ta.g Teba.ccc: -AND-BLACKWELL'S DURH'AM TOBACCO CO.'S Genuine DURHAM Smoking Tobacco. NBw York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chica[o, St. Louis and Cincinnati. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, WHOLE8AL:h: DEALERS IN 11LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. & Larp Aaoortme:at of aD kl:alla ol Leaf Tobacoo ooaatantly on hancl. L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF llriPOB.TERS OF Sumatra and Havana, Ill ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. HENRY T FREYER. AUGUST ElSENLOHR. FREYER & EISENL.OHR, Packer aHd Wlaoleaale Dealerl ln LEAF TO BAG CO, 13 NQrth Third Philadelphia. I ALSO l!lA.NUFAOTURERS OF "l!IINBRS' BXTR..t.,n "PORTo" "P, H, Dlle&OPP'S GBR!II&N,tt aDd Other Brands of Smokin&-Tobacco. Also "HBDDB DB L.A. RBUJB0 "SWEET NBCT..t.B.,H od other Brands of Paper .and A.U-TobO<:Co Ctgaretteo, New York Office: 66 South Washington Square. "CCD.i:ted. S'ta."tes 1Wa."'l..:l1"a.c-tpry, 'I'JIIHI, ;J, DWXN, Ja07-B09 ST P::EEX:Lo.A.DEX...:E"':Et1.A., BBNBY HBTl!aA.NN, Pactor,. No. 1, Phlladelpbla. Theobald & Oppenheimer, BATCHELOR BROS., .MANffii'AC'roREJ!S OF B.B. l!aaoutllclnren oC FINE CJG ARS, KEY-EAST CIGARS, 1!131 St., PHILADELPID.&; AND DEALERS IN SDanlsh ant Leaf Jfo.l11 Jfort'll Tl&lrd Street, PHU,ADBLPRIA. ,__ .a.&J:II'nl ..,. .,.. JIILLI:R. DUBRUL& CIN'OIIO(ATI CIGAR lll'Ot.Dii, S'l'JU,PS, II!G. GUGGENHEIMER & co., MA.NUFACTUBEBSOF PACKERS OF LEAF Havana &""snillaTra Tobacco Havana and Domestic Leaf Tobacco Togetber wllh the LA. BGB!IT Sroek gf I 'PX..."C'G-Cor. Lombard.& Cheapoide, Baltimore. Of any House In tbe State or Marylaad. p_ :s:a...A...uss & co_, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, .A BB.AUSS, N"o. B 'T::EE1R.D S'TZ-I.EI:BJ'T :J?::EE1X....A.D:I!IX...:l?Ja:X.A.. W. M JACOB& BEJBI'J LA'E'EI, Pacl.en eC Ace'nt 'for Prominent Vlrgl.ata Manufacturer of Twist &. Plug Tobaccos. LEAF To BAG co, Gonnoctlcnt Sood-IaafTobactJ F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS S W Cor. Vine&: Front Street., CINCINNATI, O. BRANC RES ; 0:-ct::ar l'obll<"co. Clarkavllle robaeeo! JOB'f E. PI:RnNB, JAllms C J:RRBT. Palm Leaf Tobacco Works. PERKINS &. ERNST, MANUFAOTURII:RS OF Fine Plug Tobacco Blue Ga...;s (Ext ra. Fi ne). Palm Tear, Drumstick, Blue Jay, Key No te, ButtPrily P enny Omcg AND FAoroav: Pike St, COV'NGTON, Ky. H e nry Gelae. E'ta. bl.:Lh.ed. 1867. Renno Damn TBE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO. Successors to H enry Gtise and Stickney & GorCo14 Maautac&urer or all K.1n4a oc CXG-.A.R. EIO:JE:E&. Dea.1ers 1:0. X...a.'be1 O:lsar :Ft.:lb'bo:n., all other Clear-maker' 8npplle. Lar&e Stoek of Geo. S. Harria 4t Son's (PhUallelphlal &Dd l!!o._.......,..._ & Ettlinger' (New York) Laliels Coa&taDtly o-. Hand. f 93 OX....A. 'Y' liiT:Ft.BET, .A.'T1, HEMRY GEISE, BENNO DAMUS GEO H. STALLO. THE GEISE LUMBER CO., l!ANUFACITURER S OF SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Ciga,r ::Eic::::.!IE Lu.:.:n.. ber M'Lean Avenue, CiDcin-.ati; ll.lld West Virginia. O:lll.ce : 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED 1o Pl&ln or Facy Desl;rn, of Pl&lit. Gill or Ol>loreol Tin at Lowest Pric e s Sample Tags a n d fub lntorma.tio ri fUrnished on application. J. M. ROBENSON &. Co. 226-229 W. 2d' & 52U Ce:o!tral AT< W BEST, Chicago; LORIN PALKER, New York; W H. RUSSELL. ClllcagG. :Best, &, Cc::..;, Su.,._ra te JOHN C. PARTRIDGE &; CO. TOBACCONISJS. Sole Preprietarx or thB Genuino 'GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' Cigars. 57 X...a..k.e &1:. and. o&:J. S"ta1:e 81:.., :Ell. SOLE AGENTS FOR TKJ! FOLLOWING WELL!Oi'OWN nRMS:--AIID--IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 21, 23, 25 HamDdAln St. SDriD!Deld,lus, A. F. RICO & CO. IIIPORTEBS OJ' HAVANA 1.EAF TOBACCO -AND-Q:J:Q.A.R.SJ, 18 Central Wharf, Boston. t'. a. UA.YO. !'HOitAS 1>.1'KINIIOI!L P .It MAYO & BROTHER, Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND, VA. lllill A.BJ,Jl!lmD In RO BJCR!I' A. II:A YO Otialnaton of the otyle au nalll8 M.A.'V'Y' NAVIES A SPECIALTY IN ALL 8IZI:8, -JAMES M. VVISE, Commission MerchanT LEAF TOBACCO, V .&.. 'V. S. WRIGHT, Successor to Ed want Peyn&do & Co. DnlEm 1MPORTER OF CHmCE HAVANA CIGARS. SOLE AGENT FOR r.omo.Pcndas& Hanna Goods Hotet and Bait Houoe t;tand s :&:.y, SILAS C. HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of Leaf Tobacco, HA. TFIELD, IliA. SS. D. E. SOULE, Packer ot &od Dealer in STBAITON & STOU'S Olgara and Olraretteoi. D. H McALPU! & CO.'S Plug; LOZANO PEN DAS & CO.'S H&vana Cinl'8; B F GRAVE .Y'S Plug Tobacco; W T BLA CKWELL 8t CO .. Dur HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO h&!D, N :ut BAGLEY & CO.'S Da lrolt,A!lch. ;_J W. CARROLL'S "LONE I J.AOK," GOODWIN & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE''eLobacco and NBW m:ILJI'ORI&, CONN, 'S BKTWJiEN THE AOTS," and lUNNEY TOB&CCO CO.' S Cigarettes. AGENTS FOR E H GATO'S KEY WEST CIG ARS Will 3 KlMBALL" COS L\N.rY !'AIR TOBAc'lG '. ,'Ibllf.l.TE,.; N. Y; MIGHTY NAVY TOBACCO WORKS. :11;1 O, .A.X...X...EN', Propr:le1:c>r. MILLER A. HERSHKY, Dealers in Leaf Tollacco Peteraburc, Lancaater Co., Pa. PLUG, FINE tUTNCHEWiNGOFAND SMOKING 1 TOB.A.CCC>S, souTH v.a.. N. w. cor. and Monroe Sts.,. CHICACO. B. SUBER'!', L. PINCOFFS, WHOLESALE DEALE R t N BUYER AND SELLER 0P :a .A. a Tobacco Cuttings and DOMESTIC .LEAF TOBACCO LEAF WhTOBACCO 231 East Randolph Street, :xx...x.;. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, IlL PIPER HEIDSIECK PRONOUNCED BY JUDGES PLUG TOBACCO. FLA VORI! D WITH TQ C ELJCBRA.Tlro C HAMPAG!IJ: WINZ HOLT, SCHAEFER A. CO., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. LW'NCHRUBG, V..t.. Wm. E DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, &ICHI!IOND, VA.. PAUL C. VENABLE, Leaf Tobacco Broker, &l'IVILLB. V..t., REED 4 McCEE1 Leaf Tobacco Brokers, &.&LEIGH, 1'1. Cl. W. A. BOBBITT, PIPER HEIDSIECK. Leaf Tobacco Broker, The Finest Chew Extant NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, :&:. Y. WANTED. W. S. O'NEIL, So con!-OHIO SEED iDEAF TOBAGGO R. & W. JENKINSON, Day'to:n.,. 0 Order Cor Export and Home Trade PITTSBURGH, PA. Promptly Attended To. X. ""VVr. Xtvezey & POPLAR and WHITEWOOD, PLANED and UNPLANED, -AND-IMITATION CEDAR FtJR CIGAR BOXES, :&:."Y'. Imitation Cedar manufactured b'/ our P A. TENT procesa Is the only PERJI'BCT lmltatloa of Spanish OAdar. Prices a11d rates o freight given upon application. C.A.:R.:R.OLL, Bole Manufacturer of tbe Famous and World-Renowped Brands of YIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va. Onlers respectfuny solic ited and promptly attended to. Price List oent 011 application. Suooeaaor to Salmon. II&Jlcook &: Ce. COIL, MAJI'UFACTUBER OF LIGHT PRESS, TWIST, NAVY and SUN-C'UB.ED R.:J:C:E3::::a,ct:C>.N'D,. V .A. P.&.CEJ &, &X:I!BiER,, 111-uJBeturen of the ()elebrated .. PD:&r.l'l" Granulated, Cut Plug, long Cut and Cigarettes: "RALEIGH" Cut Plug; FAVORITE" Cigarette and long Cut; ... STRAIGHT WEB" Cigarettes and Straight Cut. R.XC::El:l!'..ti:C> N'D,. VA. E. J 'f()REE, N FUREY, GEO A FOREE. OXPORD, !f. C1o H. T. JENKINS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, W.A.BRBNTeN0 !f, (l PRACUE & MATSON, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, CJINCINN-'.TI, C. c. SLAUCHT&R, leaf and Strip Tobacco Broker, HBNDE&HN, &Y, M. H. CLARK A. BRO., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, CL&Il&SVILLE, P&DtJCJA.H, HOPKINSVILLE. C. & R. DOWMITZKR A. CO. -' COJOIJSSION IIERCHANTS AND Dealers In Leaf Tobacco N, MaiD 8&. St. Lol, llle C. J, MORRIS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, BVA.NIIV[LLB, ll'ID, PARRY 4 CRO&BIES. Tobaeoo lliil:re>k.e:r-. ss ParadiM lit., LIYerpeol1 Bq, JACOB L. FREY, Dealer In aad Paeker or Leaf Tobacco, 213 W e.t Kbaa Street, LANCASTER, PA. -AND-Seneral Commission Merchants, LASA. &; XILLOS, 802 Chestnut and 29 S. II th St. KOOKE BROS., M. KEMPER & SONS, lllaaatlletarer ol'tlle Clelerated Importers of Havana, Foree Tobacco Company, TOLTEO' AND PACKERS OF MANUFACTURERS OF F. X. KEI,LY, Jr., THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, JAS.A.HENnERSON & DEALO!S IN 31 NOB. Til W ATE& STREET -AND) North Delaware Avenue, ?HIJ.ADELPHIA. All Long Havana Filler Sc. Cigar, SEED LEAF_ TOBACCO, FINE NAVY TOBACCO, 13 A. 16 Cheapslde, 116 West Lombard St., LOUISVILLE, Ky. :wJUTE FOR AGENCY ) BALTIJIOB.E. DII::J;)o N E J.pnts:-A. R. MITCHELL & CO., Booton. -ns .a.acu u., Pblladelplaaa. P GENERAL AGENT J'OJt WILSON A. McCALLAY'I PLUC TOBACCOa. Virginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, Dag-:1.11e. 'Va.. Smokers ani Bright Leaf & Speoialt7. 'Jrden l!olicitfld. ftefe- ll,llbelteD. 1'. X.llu..-Q a "'"'lana.. -


JULY 16. Business Directory of Umtiscrs. NEW YOBJL LMf<>M a-Tobacoo lf'Aimer & Dehl8, 110 P8ar1. ANndt & l'rlllgant. Water lllaeb a Son. tiMI wB&me"'s. 162 IVater lluob & J'looner, 1118 w-. BraDd I .t Oo. Jlaldell a....wtord E. ll. .t 8on. 118 ,.._ Davldeon-118W-Baert w ... "'()o ... -Fallt, G .t Bro., I'll Water I'ICedman, Henry, 159 l'rJafo rrtea4 E. It G. & Oo. 129 .tlalden LaMQua-.t; 150 WateT tlc*el L. I< Bro. IAI l'oarl Qreenapecbt Ill. 1g1 Pearl lbmbllrl!er L co. 174 Water Hlrola, David G. &. w.....-,... .,.. Bale 01 -.."'lllller L. 4 lloa.1MCII&mben llallutactured Tobacco tor I:EporL. lhrdiJler J H 77 Fl'Oilt. martin & Broadhurst, 1!111 Pearl 'l'hompoon, Moore & Oo, 83 fron CJomMIMfml ..,_ -.t;Oo. 41448 k""-I'IIIOo Lea! 'l'9baclOO .-.. ""*-Jobn. 1111 BeaTer llua'lloa:t I 8. & Oo. 181 W&tu Ooborne. am eo G. M Broad. PaullloQb M. 179 Pearl JC. A 24 Beaver. -W. 0. and Co. 48 Excluul&e plaoe .,;,..v.r"'---on .t LYall, 101 Wall Bucluler D .t Co. 173 and 175 J>uane. lloollwla It Co. f-of Grand Street, E. B. KIDney Broo. to 5215 West 2lld Larman .1. lll. 114-116 Llberi;J &UIU-121 o..lar lle.\lpiJ! D. B .t; Co. cor A Ton"" D ud Tealll. -Jlro 9 B .t Oo. 117 Oolwabt&. Jl<>""'ac"'""' ol Arguelleo Brothers, 172 Pearl .a.truu ll. 218 Pearl. Allb, J.Aulll 4 Co. '179 &I aT -ay & Lederar. 'i'Oih n. and t.t &Te. Bro1n1 4:: Earle, cor. 88th St. aad. lilt A."Y8D118 Condit Stephen G E loth Dellanoe !.-'!gar Muutaerorv. m-238 Eut 4115 Foote A. w. & Co. lllaidon Laae. Fre:r Broa. 1&12-1848 A. Jl"l"'mer L F 77th at. cor. 3d and LexiBgton ava. Bahn, Bru,_l & Co. &1111 lOth lit. Ottenbil"l: S .t Bros, 840 E :il!lcl PalaoiO c. 4 Oo 2 BurUng slip Pob&lold P, .t Co. IM Cham bora, Bodrlguez & Garcia, Gold. BGaentbal ,sroo. 841-3 1 E '13<1. 1. ll&Debe &ad ll.aya, 81 Pearl Scbl0880r & co 71 New t!treet 8818eab811t ud Co, 327 East 68d. SbO*Well. B. A 8fW tt.b ave. .. .. ll Oo.. lbt-1118-7lhb "'"' l!tra!ton Pin .lla.nuflil.t.:tut era of .i.ev W., Otoan. Barr&JlCO M. & Co 60 Barci&J BUioger J. It Co., 51 Murray. and CO. 327 East 68d. V, lil&nUI"" Ybor & Oo. 119 Water Bat.taa.a 8cr&PJ. llollllll J oee 8. 278 Pearl ........,__. 0/ ..... Kaufmann Broo .t .8oiiiiY. 119-181 Grallll 'Iliff :' lltMfmMJD Broo .t; Bondy, lllud Ill -.. BrOL 8811 Bro&dwar. .l"'jNN .... ,_..,. of """""'" D8ma&la Wm .t; 0o.118'1-'!0IJ1-"WQ &aufmann auoo a: llc!aGJ. ttllud 181 GINII' Jta!dellhell!' J'. J 871 of IAcoriol: Pule. Qareoou lt Tur, 13 Cedar. JMAadl'OW Jam08C. I!6 Water llcllllder 8. V 4 1'. P. 4 Cedar. .-ord JI&DIIlactul'lllc Oo 111'7 JlaWea SterrY' Llmlted, "'t Pine 1_.,. ot lAcorfoo l'Uole. .....--.w ...... .t;OO .liii-IIB.WJas Jl 71 Front HUller' B. Son OOmpaoy 48 Cedar Jlc,&llQrew J&me8 C. 56 WaUilr WMftf & 8ter'l7, umJted, 7t Pine. --'""'a Argulmbau, --_,_.....of ,..,.,...,._ BJWer'o B. 8on Company, 48 Cedar --& Sterry. Limited, I'll Pin. Seed L#Jaf ToDocoo hllfl IDUM. J1D1oe (lb&rlea. 4 Oo. 149 Water 1'. e. Uade, llamllWII a: oo. w-Jionut ............ ero._._ mrtdlll H. W. 8111-8il J:leftn&la 8&. lleDkall Jacob. iiV8 an41196 Jlonroe -Wllllall14 00. cor lot aT& &lUI lllltt -ift Bpcmioll CIIDar-Boo! w. B.Bro, te&-4711-Tea&la Imrx>rt.,. Cigar Moldo. ...... H. W. lllfi-881 i:Ul EltY""th 8&. Jl-0\f-0/ ClgoroBoMwln & eo. foot Grand n. E a lla111!lomu B IIIJII.IIll E. 87th. 1tJmaeF 'l'obacOO Oo. 616-all WOOit lilt llafln. of ToboGca and L&be1l and Tria and 1M 1'1. -.-1 l'leaDUUl Loula 11:. & Ce.n-w eer. P.rl and-l!cbumacber & E1;tllnpr, lth'l6 Bleeeker .t; Bcbml"-IM11oweey. lllr -Of9ar Fif/l, ._ Jiliet,bero. 889 Broad war. Jl....,.,...,_.. Q/ Ol9. M,.Jirs. of.Litttt GlantBuncher. John R. Williams Oo., 102 Ob&mbiu lllaa'llfaoturera of WlloS Pai_er. Tt.e Hammel'IIChiag Mfg. Oe. 282-!i84 Greenwich Tob&cro B&flgi"ff. PerooD A.. Harrlmaa a Co. C57-4511 Broome M,.,.,.,acn.,..,.. ot 7\n 'f'!'p& HamDton & Lilley, ll8fi..M8 W, 28d, Label and Stamp V arnlsb. lleedObaa 0. and Oo.11Ea8t 14t11 1\lbor. Baveme,.ers &:: Elder, 117 Wall. JU.BAJJY. If. y. Jl<>,.,.!actvrrman & Oo. 18 B. How &rd. Qeo. P. a Oo. 81 South ObMIM ot JCd. 1 Oo. 39 South CaiT ... 7WHJooo .Jtaft.U/act"'f"IWI.'" l'ellrn 1'. W. & 8on, 110 South CbariOO. QaiT & .A.%. liB Barre Gugeohetmer ll Co., Lombard$ Cbeapaide. J1arbt!.r1 Brothero, 14b to 14 l!oull> """"tVDveni>ll' Gon P 31. 8o1Jtb Obaflee Cigar M&Dutr.cturera. llaron& Co. Guggenbelmer 1 Co., Lombard & Obeapelde. Jtoolto Broo 13-15 .Jlan.ufadurer4 of Finf! Oigar1. Kencbn Aug. & Bro. PaC4. .Man"f"c"'r""' of lJengaL CMroetB. IW181i. & 00., cor. 8altlmore and Sharp. M"'tra. Liconce Patte. Young J. S .t Oo. cor. Boston aud Elliott st. BOSTOR, Maaa. Itnporter of Hamna TobBeco and Cigart. Rice A.. F. -t: Co. 18 Oentral Wltarf {)(Qflr MmLUfCICiaren .AQelltl BUcbeock R. w., 19 India Street Jobbenln Domeetic Olg&ro and Leaf Tobacco Dav-port ;'/. Jr 98 Broad BREMEN Ger:m-)'. Dealen: in Sumatra ad Ja-va. Tobacco. Sto-ver B. W. & Co BUFFALO,JIY t" H"'"'"" <>M Foe- of Sud r-r Butra!o Loaf Tobacco Co. Limited. 815 Malo, A""'l few Cfgor, <>owl -.., Toll. Fuehll Gustav. 41 Wabash av. DoaMn iA F r'eiqoo .... DotaaUc 1'ollacco. BeeJ< A & Oo. 44 and 46 DearbOrn. ll&Ddbagen T ; 17 W Eandelpb lu-....rt H 281 E H&ndolph Bueter Jlrotllerll, 156 &ad Lall:e ., .IIMI/r> 4 8aalo!ritl9 11ec11: A & Oo. 44 and 48 Dearborn Wl>oiuGniatl """ .11'/'rt' Beet. B....U .t Co 57 Lake and 41 M,.ftro. of TIA 7od. OroolRta. PragUe .t Jlataon. VIne and Front JfGR-utacturen ot Oiqaf"-Boeea. Gellle a.arboX co., 93 Clay. orr-, s. W 116-1011 N Canal Manufacturer o r Tin Tags. BoblneOnJ. K. & Co 2251V2dandll00entral AT TobacCO Manufacturera. DunlaP A. L. & Co. 58 E 2d Lea] TobacCO Dohrmann F. W. & Son, cor. Vln Dohrmann F. W A Soli. Xenaedy .J'os. T ; Ky. Manufacturer of Plu.g T8bacco. Perkins a: Erll1!,, 159-165 Pke. DANVILLE. V 1 .Dea&ert-GM Brolcen in.l.NJ,f Tobaoeo aeildenoJL.Jamee A-. a: Co TboiBIIi WF Leaf TobaecP .8ro1fwe. .I Stricti)! Oft Order. Ferrell P W. l!'llnn c. Ill, l'eonM>D J, B. 4 Co. Venable P. C. D:t:THOLD, Kanufactu.rers of Cigar-Box Labell. Qebnider JOlngenberg. DETROIT. IDola. Jl,.,... of Oh,etmng a Tab. A.merlc&n Eagle Teba :co Co. ... Banner TobaeeO Co. Larned It DURHAJI[. o. Af_,.,oc;;.. ..... iii 8""''""" Blackwell' Durball!. Oo. Lyo.n Z L and Co. .,., o! JJiackwell' V..rlla"' Cl/llll:r i" Lt.F. Greene F.<;. &:.I.N8.t.S fliTY, l!lo. Wboleeale Dealen1 In Mnfd aad BmU ToNGoe and ()lgaro, also Smoken Artfol-. Bacbmaa J. -A.. &Bro. WI Dala.._ Deolm-si Baao"a llltcbe.,on J. C. & Co 801 Delaware KEY WEST, Fla. llfanntocturara of apra. C&DaloB. Oon. 1011 N Water --aLewiBBoaa. 822 North 'l'IIIJ;I & Taitt 101 Arch Freyer 1 113 North &1. Labe Benj. 231 l'IOrth 8d McDowell .II. Jt. & 00. 603-605 Cheatnuc 8&nl< J Blnatdo & Co. :!2l:lortb W-r T&ller Bro"b.era.. 117 .North Third Vetterleln;J. & Co .. 129 Arch Importer of Havana Leat. Portuondo, Juan F., 1114-tllfi Sa.nsom, Importers of Havana and Sumatra Tobacco. Oreagb J B & Co, 1a on .. tnut. Manufacturer of etoan. Bra.UM, P A. & Co., 8 North 3d. Batchelor Bros. 1231 Chestnut. Dunn T. J & Cp. 2(11 ... 2()9 N. Broad Eisenlnhr 0, Market (Jra.y, Moales & Dalton, 514 Pine, Holloway & Swum, 705 Market Las&&-Mlllo!i1 :tit 8 11th &lld 802 Cbeatout Manp, & Oo 110t\ Monttromery avenue Portuo.ndo Juan F. 1114-1116 Sansom 'l'Ueohald Jt Oppenheimer, 111 Nortn 3d Mi'trs of Fine-CUt and Smoking Tobacce. FrWunuth Bro. IlL Co, 161 N 8d and 223 Quarry 'l'f>oacoo lnapector Fougeray A. R. 63 N Front .Matnufactul'fJ>'I GJ lAwriu The Dlteuor& RlttenboUHe Co., 218North 22d. .llfr' .dgenl for Pl"f) aowl BIRoW.., Toloaeoo, KellY F X. Jr. Arch OigM.Bo!& .l.abN cma 1'rlmmings. Harris Geo. B, & 8on, 716 Arch Manufacturer of BalpN d &otcl& Bfwl, Stewart, Ralph & Co. 141 Arch Btrae&. P llfr of Long Thread "BaMr '1 OIOd Mild Bmoki..., Tobaooo JesldJaton 1l4 W. 919 Llherw otraet .B!Gft'lf'r of Btr.'l\(f' ond TobGOOO, Weyman Bro Q'IJINCY, Ill, Si"ffU Pl"'J Jt<>Mitl& Brlllll:op J. H. RALEIGH, N. CJ, LJf 7'obolcco Brokacco Ce. lMJ/7-.. (Jrump, E. T .t Oo .. 4-4 Columbian Blocll: Dibrell W. E Wloelu.ll. Ma,.'lfactur.,. of To..._ B-ll. lll1l1biMr .t Co. 18011 Main RQOBESTER, J(, Y, <>! "BIIleld" Jl'i,.. c..t, "Billr Bmolrl,.g,_<>nd Looog Od WbaleD BleiL .t uo. liN ll!lJ It,1J/'r of n.." ftae VIR atld .. JVaecA 11 u .lllopreu"--. WUIPT.181111t&H ... .. .. _.._"'_ tJvl 7'oM<>oO <>owl "V"""W Blllr''..,....,., 2WNiooo ... OIJ ...... IDiatlall w II. .. Oo. ROTTERDA.K, Hollaacl Sworn TobiCoo Bl'oll:ero, J,ukwel uad Tlele. BPRIJIIGI'DlLD, ._ .........,.U.,.,_. of ComMoUov.t IAa.f 7'o6aeoo llaolth H. .. Ben, 110 ilampdea .l'bc:loOr o/ &ed lAG! mod JIEtaftr of 019(1ro. 'l'owDe. J'UIIer & Oo. 41-flllaooiccu It Manufactu-rers of L"dr. Springfield Cigar Jllnfg. Oo. 18-$6 Hampden st BT.LOUU,MDo .. -Dormltaer 0. .. B. .t 00. 1ll8sOtJTH BOSTOIII0 Va, Uu.f TuiHiaX> Brellero '" CifiOt' Coo'"B!ocbBroe. YOR&,Pa. KullfMI'liiW of aa-1-".t.IIIIW 11 loaN D. SKILES, JAMES B. FREY. F::A..E'Y', PAC&:BKS 011' .I.ND DEA.J.EKS IN 'Powne,_ & Co., of leaf Tobacco 1 Manuf'trs of Cigars, Ponnsylvania Soon Loaf & Havana s.ood Tobacco, 61 a. 63 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. Proprietor_ of tp Branda: LA FAllA. 707 SECOND-c or. THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET, NEW voRK. Factory No. 60, 3d Collection. District, N. T. Nos. 707 to 719 second Avenue, and 235 to 239 East !hirty-Eigbth Street, N&w York. IROS. I BON-D-Y; .. '129 & 131 Grand St., New York. H9 Grand St: New York. ttt C -The Lara;eot ill the West. .ll4 0 -' Box: E-1 . 8 ea, 100 .a-d. 102 Can.a1 &1;,, O:ln.o:ln.n.a1;:1., <>. 'Alao Ha.nuheturer ofthe Veaeerecl&acllmitat!Q.a Cedar L1UD'IIer Sam.ple fnrlliahed on Application. Send for PriceLbt. The o;;,ly Faletory In the WeAt that a complete RC" all Label Publlhed In 'lhe U nlted W. F. THOMAS, :I:Ja.:u. vuie, -v a. LEWIS & THO :MAS, 01' LEAF. JOBAGCO BROKERS, FINE NAVIES, Orders and Correspondence Solicited. Best References Civen. F. C. GREENE, Paeker of and Dealer ill LEAF Albany and Janesvllle, 'VV :J:BCJC>N'B1N'. }'iae Oiar Leal a Specialty. Ample Storace Room. JAMES T. KENNEDY: Leaf l obacco Broker, For Chewing & Smoking, SOLE AGENTS, We a.lwa.ys on hand a fuU supply of Kni-ves for P ease or Buck Pye and Rogers Machlnea, end inall:e to ol'der Knives of any pattern. J;l'JTJ:ES IHPOiiED ON .TOBACCO-D l'ORElGN COUNTRIES, AUSTRALIA-Manufactured tobaoco Imported, 79....,..& pound du-cy. Austr&li&n tol:t&eco, Jftade ell i:lomestic leaf, 24 centRa internal t.a:&:; made talfordcG leaf, cents a pound taX, BELGiulll-Leat tobaooo and etems, 70 tnmco:111t tilos: lllanufa.ctured tobaccoda aud. aoc. kiD lncl)lut up in pack&a'es weigbiDg Ia. than one twentieth of a pou11.d or less, shall pay a duty 34.c per lb. instead of OOc, as. heretofore, 4nd on or moist snuff, wben over 40 per cent. ot when put In packagee Ot 1-thali 0 U. eMil, 14o peclb Weight. ENGLA'ND-Manufactured-Tobaoco-Ciglirs !5s per lb Cavendish or Negrohead, 4s 6d. per lb. CaveDdlilb or Negro head manufo.ctuN;!d in bond, 4.s per lb. Other manufactured to'ba.'i.r o, '4s per lb. Snu:tf containing more than 13 lbs of moisture in every 100 Jbs wei.gbt thereof, 8s9d per lb. SoW! not containing mo: 13 lbs of moisture in every 100llJB. weight thereof'. 4s 6d. per lb. Unmanufactured T obaccoContaining 1 0 lbs o r more of every 100lbs weight t.bereof, 3s 2d per l b. Containing than 10 lbs of moisture in every lOilbs weight thereof, 8s 6d per lb. In lieu of tbe drawback a1Iowabl*' before May 81. 1"88?',-tb-ereiflaowalliJ,wed the drawback of 3s 3d named in section 1 of the Manufactured Tobacco Act, 1863. GERMANY-Cigars and chrarettes. 270 marks per 100 ki1M duty tobacco in ro11s and muff ftour,180 markl per 100 kilos duty. Pressed tobacco, 85 marks per 100 kilos duty. L ,ea(.tob a cco and stems 8 > marks per 100 kilos duty. Strips or stemmed leaf, 180 marks pel' 100 ld.R>s daty. HOLLAND-Tobncco in rolls or aod unpre&selt stems. 28 cents ttuty T"oer 100 ldJos; preeeed 21 centc duty"])Pr l 00 kilos Manufactured tobacco, soutl', carr&te, etc., 54 80 duty per lOU kilos. Cigars, $13 duty per 100 kilos The tobacco industry of Austria, France, Italy and Spaio 1s contr oJied by Regies, under the ditectioo of the Qe-yern. ments of those countries. B. DIAZ & CO., Importer HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, 157 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. WATT'S .UNIFORM TOBACCU -DIYHR. ll'aed by all ie&dblg Smokin& To'll....,o Manufact11rers. 88 l\larket Street, Chicago. toP. Lorillard & Co.. D. H McA.lpin &: Co., David BUchner & Co 11 l' Catlin Tobacco Co., St. LouJs. F F. Adams & Co, Wilwa.ulree CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. Befers by to lleioro. Sawyer, Wallace .t Oo. New York; The<>. Schwartz & Co ., Louis llle. it;. L Abner Rarrls, Loulovile, Xy,; Ill. H Clark lk. .oro .. B. W. CashiAr; A. Cashier; Jas. L. Glun, 081b!er, C larktrrille, Teon. General Agents: New Tobacco Co., S!I'L JDSBPBS &.. co., GJGAR IANUF AGTURRRS, 322 E. 63d St., Between IIIIi &ad lid A1' L. C. A 'CO., Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, J.O'IJISVIJ.J.E, KY, R. FOUCERAY, Tobacco Inspector. Appointed by the Pblladelpbla Board of Trade. 63 N. Fr

.L"'.HE TOBACCO LEAF. ----GRAY, MORALES & DALTON BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO. Manufaoturere of CUBAN II!ND-IADE lAVAN! CI&!IS, I HONEST' POPULAR,) Is the lost UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the larket. lAND SATISFACTORY Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce THE VERY BEST, II AKD DJ:u 'IB8 JJ1 l'aftu7 '1'81, 14 Dbt., Jf. T. .. .. fGIIowiDc .. ..,.&....-a.La., -" _... .. ....... DBlJ JlleBTB, rio DO ..... ....., .... YIOLII'I"I'.I., i PBIJIBB.I., ...... -................. .. Yoaa, ....... BL ,_... YB&11BBO.. OUR 'I'BIIBITOBYe Samplellfumlshed upen appUcatJ.on. ''SOL A OE :r, bluON. EJXTBACT "WV'ORKS. H.V NA GIGAR FLAVOR CJO_l!lirO:.Il!lirTRo.A..TB::C. ''' F'OR FILL.R.,. F'OR BOXES. w-Price per piDt, $8; per pllce, 140. "'::V%X...X... l!lirOT :llrV .A.:POR..A..Tm. STRAITON ct STORM, ... ,.. bott1ee at p to mal ... .r l! -"""'' AUIO 10 ESSENCE& for T08ACCO Flavor of all klnct.. :n:w 'TOBL All Cigars or our bear the ......_. ...;.._ -"-., ouo WORLD CIGAR FACTORY. We are Sole Proprietors of the tollowin&' ..... n.jonowa Branda, and shAll vlgoroQBly prooecute any lntrlllgemant, viz. : -SPECKLED BEAUTY, DOTLIET, BEAUTY &POT, FRECKLED BEAUTIES. WEBTIIEIII 41: SCIIIITER, 403 Eaat Sovoatleth St., New York. WM. E. UPTEGROVE .., Spa.ntsh Cedar -roB-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nalle. Foot of East I Oth & lith St. JIEW TOIUL LOPEZ & BARBARROSA, ......... ,.ren v:ma..a. '' A O&ller Bra of HJIE HAVANA CIG.AR.8, H VESEY BTBBET, JfllW YORK. tiMI.I.& (lOLOB8 --Llqldd. U 8PBCli..I.L .L.&Y--. ................. J. H. MERC .. NTIME a. CO., ._;,;, _____ Street, Jfew PASTE! 818 N. Sllli!lc:l .'tree._ NIANUFACTURER8 OF SPANISH AND CREEIL LICORICE PAS'rE .. tor MPwl&ft ... a-u-.. .. Je...,., 1!1 1.11-"' ---ALSO M .t: lt. "BRAlfD STIOlt LIOORIOZ. .ALL ...,._ &. 'V. &, F. P. SC'Ud.d.e:r, lllA"11F .I.ClTUBBBS 0 .. LICORICE PASTE POWDEllED LIOOBIOlll BOOT 41: POWDIIBED ..., Aleo llE.ALEJLII Ia Dli.UGS ...... LIOOBIOE BOOT. -& :ree1:, aear Pearl ll&ree&, 'Y'ork.. CABEROU a TUB, SPANISH uGOiiiCE PASTt Faotorlee at z .. ragozar &pain. Factorlee at Mouseac, Card, France We take plea!Jnre in lllfbrminc our eu1tomen that we hae opened an otllce at. No. 13 CE, DA.IJ t11"'REET, NEW YORK. Sole a.pau ror &i.e --or lfor&h Clarouaa aa4 Vlrctala MESSRS. DAY.NPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. LICORICE PASTE. ;r. &. Y' c:n.1n.g '*' Co., L1.n::L1. 'ted. (JOBN S YOUNG, Treuurer.) !.II.A.XUI'AOTUBEI\8 01' SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE ,... Cor. Boston a. Elliott Sts., Baltimore, Md. -.&ll Goed -fae&ar .. b;r aH craleed &o be of the hal nU1T The Miller, Oubruf Manufact'B Co., D. BUG BRBB a o o UUJFAltrOREiiB OF ., Greaseless Vertical Top, Jannractrs. ofPiu and Fine cut CheWinuni smonn1 Tobaccos I snur lCmarcttes TiD Lined & Flange Top GOLD COIN CIGAB MOLDS, CHEWIN!JOBACCO c:JI.R'a.r &b.apers. Etc.. Manutaoturera of allf randa fermeriJ_Manufaooo tured btThoa. .!ft &Co. PllDatllla 081ce-D. SaeJaaer suee&. ..::-0.::;. .. (lo,, ., ...... Bo'o ..... -o. L .Jollaaoa. 'Jf Haaower -Galvee&'oa, Texae-L .I.Oiene1 "' 0. IS8 aauerJ' S&ne&J tor Paetae ... JPraaOIHO, (lat.-rao ., Cl ... & Terrl&orle .. 418-417 E. 31et Street, cor. 1st Avo., New Yorkl 1015, 107 & 109 Pearl 8t.1 Cincinnati, 0, aui AcfJDtr1 for the Paeifto Oou\1 aoo & aoe 8attery Street, 8an Franoleoo, Gal CJ<>. CIGARS. :K.e3' and. N'e"VV" ""S!"'ork.. Office and Salesroom&: 153 Cha.nbers St., New Yorll. The Mrs. 6. B. Millor & Co. TOBACCO 1WAln1F .A.C'.fOKY. _.,.ABLJ .... ltte. ultft &."''o ..,, 'ha&. oox..v..-z..&. -Alroi'AC'l'UBUa .,_. TBJ: .... WIIP,dS)_ PLAJJf OWT OJu:WIJfG TOIIAOOO IJf BL'U& ....._ Rose-Scented Maceahoy,Scotch,French "8%G-l!lir .A..X." .., PoOl. .1.1-, PI,... Qaii&J' -ololac, Ia Blae ..-SWEETENED FJIE-CIIT Dark and lisht Grape. Forest Hast.. Cllt lll.I.Y .&PPLB aa --lloB.I.P .. N...v'l', Ia ..... "DEPOT POB THE .a.&OVE POPULAR a.a.JrD : SP.A.NZBH LI'CORICE PASTE. Webel't<>aalltlle_a_al""--..._... --Dealent<>tble article. ... x-., D.t.'RM'OBF& 1!10-.-Llcorlco Bool-.l.rqoa a.u-._ .t.loo 01'-tl Ia 'bainllr, and -ned Itallall ... :rn-. IR-.. dbollleo. ZURICAtDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver Street, New York. C. J. :IIOB.RIS, Leopold Miller & Son, TOBAGC0 155 Chambers St., New York. EVANSVILLE, IND._ VANILLA BEANS, TONKA BEANS, OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL ROSE, ANGELICA ROOT. DbDGE&OLCOTT I TOBACCO BAGS All SIZES 8 STYHS. I\. Nl1, v: Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuarantee ... Ba.mnton & LllleJ' All.,.....orPI...., Clolo,.., _....._ .... __. ................ .. 536-Mc.:. test 231 Street, lew Tort I H. CI.ABI & BROTimt r.OBACeO ..................... &II I I .,, r ..........


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