The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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I l VOL. XXIV.---NO. 29. rESTABL18UED1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY,.AUGUST CHOICE TOBACCO. .. \ ('\ \ ,, \ Cor. lsi A;,:-& 31st 81. 'q All Parties are C '-any lnfrlngem.ent Cautioned .against \ 1 ;\ ) .. \ of this Brand. NEW YORK, t\\\.l\.'l\"\. ..... ______ ...._.. ....____.-..--'./'--..---.....,...... v. MARTINEz YBOB a co. G!gar. Boxes Ribbons. :J:DPO.a.TER.S, N"o. ae 'VV'a"ter S"tree"t, N"e-vv F. GARCIA, BRO. & 00 /mpotters & Dealers in IMPORTERS-LEAF S:panish To 6 0 Lone Jack Cigarettes PRINCIPE ALFO.NSO 56. :Eia v a:n.a. I No. 167 WATER STREET, N"e-vv "York..; CHARLES T. SEYMOUR; ESTABLISHED 1869. GUSTAV SALOMON & BROS PACKED IN BOXES. Photograph in each Box. A HOLDER FOR EACH CIGARETTE. Handsome Life Size Chromos of Mrs. Cleveland With each two M 93 John Street, New York. JAMES CHASKEL & CO.'S Celehra'&ed B:rand.a & Tobacco Flavors Trade of ---* SPECI,AL NOT.IC-a-. 1 r ( ..., 1 I nsiq bale, on WElL & CO. 1 I \ & A 1 Is r,aeted a label, R d. 868 w _, --"" w.ctc. wlthourslgnaeslstere m I & 1874. ...,... ture. "Regletered In OUR .. case, oend .... order amounting to"' 9 'J east $00 worth of Flavor, we will refund the 12 paid for samp1e case. 57 CALZADA DEL ..MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. IMPORTEKS.OF GlJM TJIAGACANTH, N"o. ':Leo "W.&.TER. aora.EET, "Yc:>Fl.:s:.. C v ... ;1 d. Oi.gars Ou.r Spec1.a1 -ty. esareo 1tftAA' l G-. EO. P L:IES & GO. ... CJ&LIX'J'O LOPEZ, M&NUEL LQPEZ, EUGENIO LOPEZ, CAf;IXTO LOPEZ & CO., IMPORTER OF Tob .. acco, Corner of"Eightieth Street and Avenue A. r lj E. Packers and Importers of Fl:N'E VUELTA ABAJO TOBACCO, .140 Maiden. Lan,e, ''LA ISLA" Sol No. 86, HAVANA, I TR..U>E MARK. No. 3 Gedar St., New York. C. L. CUBA. SIGMUND JACOBY. GUSTAV JACOBY. L -e:;, METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER sT., NEW voRK. S JACOBY & CO sol.e or !PJJ. Y6g. ., B. Factory No. 3, 3d aoLuNo. ALEX. BROS., THE TOBACCO COMPANY, I HavanTfii Flanr, . 98 RBA.DE STILEET, XEW YORK.. R.TER.S C>F' li) and -.robacca ''I lnfrlugln upon th ... l four. The Jc::b.::n Crqc::k.e Cc:a., :NEW YORK A.:ND CHICAGO-MANUFA.CTUIU:RS Ol'f ,,. T:I:N' FC>XL ror 'P1u.g Tobacco FactorifiS-. NEW YORK: 38 .Crosby & 163-165 Mulberry Sts. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 St. SILVER SURFACE F "OIL! CO-MPOUND FOIL. PATENT METAL. aDa all the of Foll 1naoWn to the r PRINTI:NG OX FOIL b& Bro...., aaa Colora, .... a with .U.ereat aeoiaaa of tlrJ&am. ... tattoa, for TC>::B.A.OOC> O :J:G-.A.-R. LABEL& J Oap-u.l.e :ror Plaia, Clolorea or st ... .,_d, '" 011lce Address :J. No. 186 GRAND ST. NEW YORK; "'ff8 FRANKLIN!. Ltnla OSeeo 141 Weoot Par1 Street, O. lloui&omery County, Ohio HAVANA, CuBA: NEW 192 32, 171 ,PEARL 8TREE.Y, I i i ., Ca.lle HA V U'A, CUBA. TJWJE> I ,. ,M. ROSENTOWER, Sec. &. Tress. 1 t. LUIS MARX, Pres p..,..-..... eF-1 C JJOX L : SP .A..N:X:BEI: OE:J:>.A.R., Xl!WI:XT.A.TXC>N OE:J:> .A. V"E::N".:LE;n.EX> o:r. &pa:D..:ll!lh., a:n.d. 1 eaB-'7l.l. Oh.J.o'l' and 18S'f._. 1 .. .. w. WIL1JA4fs" S.A.N'C:H:jEJ,Z &:, Proprletoraofthe 1 Co, m"o. lPea:rl. "York., l Finest CleBrli&YBnB.' and Smoking Buncber' ALSOAIMPPRTERSheotrna'NtCisiARs'JNO PIDFeTDBACCD. of Crand East River, N. v.. I 02 B.E.RS S,TREET,, YORK. PITTSBURGH, Pl: WEYMAN & BRO. I t! fl Tobacco! & Snnfl. 'J .. I f I I I I l..l ... j ,, '0; (I 11'1 _t I I 1 ,, r BBOS., Cigar Manufacturers wlU it to deaJ witheWI.


\ \ 2 The Tobacco Leal. ESTABLISHED 1864. the Lal'&'elt Circulation of an7 Paper in the World. PUBLISHED Agriculture. who is supposed to be responsible for the figures. It occurs to us that the date of publication-June condttJOns, some of them very early, run mto a July re port-ts to blame for the mischief wrought rather than Mr. Dodge, wbo is not responai ble for the publicatiOn calendar. BUSINESS MENTION. ltEBY SA.TURDA.Y HOlllNJNG Blackwell's Durham Tobacco Company's business for the first six months of this year has been than for any six months pre viously. W1tb their export trade, of which they do considerable, and the enormous de mand for the Genuine Durham Bull" in the U mted States, it may safely be said that there never was a brand of tobacco established w h1ch met with such um'f'ersal popular favor than this. toBACCO LEAF POBLISHIHG CO.s lOIS Malden Lane, New Yorlf. OOit. PIUltL ll'l'IU:ft. :Bdttor, IOIIN G. GRAFF, Dullness liiiUIBI'er. .BVIIIED ll.t.TB!I FOR ..t.DVERTI!IEJD:ENTS. One Six Three Year Months Months 'l'oorteen linea one column Fourteen linea over two columns Tweoty-etghli lmes one column Twenty elJht over two columns IIUty.aix linea one column Fltty-sl:r lines over two columns One column Halt column One line n t bottom of page S25 st ss 45 24 14 46 24 14 80 45 25 80 4:5 215, 160 85 45 800 175 95 180 100 55 50 Special .A.d'YerUementa on Plre& Pa2e. J'onrteen lines over two wide columns (one year ) Twenty-ellt'ht linf'!S ever two wide columna do Fourteen lines aingle colum do $100 175 5 5 Bpeelal A.dvertlaem.enta on 8eYenth Pace. One Stx Three Y Nor :Mon, ha Months 185 $15 125 Bemlttabces for a.dvertiBement.s and subscriptions should always be made payable by P 0 Order or by eh eck to To"llltcco Lea! Publliobin Co. ..-Under no circumstances wtll we deviate from the aboTepriceo. ,...e Relallu11 to llbaerlben &o New .. paper.. pe.non who takes a from the ,... oftlce, whether directed to h1s name or another. or irloelller be buoubocribed or no_t1 Ia l'f!8ponoible for tbo pay, BecoBd-Il any person orde.ra BJB paper to be d18contlnued M muat pay all a.rrearagee, or the publisher may coatJnue to MOd ft until payment ill made, and collect the whole MKNDi. wlletber it :La taken trem the omce or net :NOTIOJI: TO SUBSCRIBERS. We wiU hereafter print upoa the wrapper or paper of ....,. foreign auNcriber and those tn this country relstding ..-de of the larger clues the date upon which the eub -.iptlon bas erpl red or will expire Our oubocribors Will take notice and remit When the aub-iortptlon is paid tbe date wl11 be chanced. wblcb Will oerve a receipt. A :NOTORIOUS FACT. When the writer of brief chronicle was iB his teens and Rn enraptured listener Sab bath anernoons at debates on tbmgs in eral indulged in at the old Tattersals Hallm Delancey street, a rugged but fiuent speaker there used to afford him and others present inexpreesible amusement by the uniformity of his way of commeacmg h1s addresses Whatever the topic under discuss10n, this sturdy d11bator was invariably found sup porting the s1de where the negat1 ve was v1st ble, and just as invariably started off on his bout of "fiinging language" with these words:-" Now, is it not a notorious fact, my friends He pronounced b1s notorious and fact as if divided and spelled "no to-ri-one facht," whJCh conveys an idea of the aspect of hiS stereotyped formula. Well, what about itt This-The incident of the long ago comes &o mind in connection w1th notorious fact, namely, that Assistant Secretary May !lard hMn't replied, as he was anaounced to do, to the very excellent appeals and argu menta concerning the appraisement of Suma tra leaf tobacco made to him by \he tobacoo JrrOWers' asaociationa, the Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade and the Sumatra Importers' Exchange. What is more, he intimates that he isn't going to make a reply to the communications of those eminently respectable bodies. He has written to the CollA!ctor of Customs at El Paso, Texas, about a certain Jot ef tobacco, informing him that the "leaf" is the unit, and that he must refund excess of duty collected-,.that ie, some of the extra 71S cents levied in that particular case where 35 cents ought to have been the duty-but not a word has he sent to the above-named organir:a tiona, so far as we know. Is Mr. Maynard afraid his leaf-unit theory will not stand the &est of court analysis, and so avoids committ;lng himself further t It looks so. It looks, moreover, as it hie Texas letter had muddled the situation more than it ever was, which is aaying a goocl deal. TBYilfG TO S'l'RA.IGHTB:N KA'l'TBBS. .As announced in the ToB..t..OOO LEAF two weeks ago, the July preliminary report of the of Agrioulture relative to the acreaee and condition of the growing tobacce crops was erroneous, the percenta,:es of both acreage and condition being placed at too high an average. The LIIIA.J' at tliat time, however, explained \hat the error resulted from the fact that the Department's figures were based upon the June reports of its correspondents, and predicted that a supple mentary report giving data ehowlng the changes in the situation effected by the bad weather of July would be iesued by the De partment as promptly as possible. As will be seen below, thiS supplemeatary report has been made public, and though it has \he appearance of being forced and lackmg ill omcial authority, it is much more nearly descriptive of "condition" than was its predecessor, and, as far as it goes, Will probably be satisfactory to those whe have complained about the previous report. Here IB what the OommiBBioner of Agriculture permits to be published over his name, according to Washington iatelligence dated August 10:-1'1111: TOB..t..oeQ CROP. The tobaooo crop is in hie-h condition in the Seed leaf States, averagmg nearly 100 except in Wieconsin. The shipping and ting districts of the West make an unprecedented report of low condition: Tennessee 70; Kentucky, 79; Ohio, 611; Indiana, 116 n: linois, 52; Missouri, 60. In view of the reduction m acreage, only a small fragment the usual cro p may be Tbe omCialmvestigation of area, now in progress will det.ermme autllerttatively the breaultb cultivated the present year. When the promised forthcoming estimate of area is preB811ted, the Commissioner will have done all that can be expected of him under the circumstances to corrjlet tlie mistake that bas been made. As is generally known, the July report has been severelyammadverted upon at the West and Southwest, and m this edition of the LRAI' will be seen evtdence of the unfriendly feeling that has been insptred against Mr. Dodge, statistician in the Department of We refer our readers to the advertisement, on fifth page. of the National Progress Bunch ing Machme Company. The following named New York mty firms are now using the Pro gress Bunch Macbme for the manufacturs of thetr scrap bunobes. They are makmg as good, 1f not better. work as can be produced by haioid, at one thud the cost:-Moooehs & Co, Frey Bros., Wertheim & Schiffer, Lewyn & Martm. S Otten berg & Bro .. Sutro & Newmark, Kaufman Bros & Co A. Worms & Co. Lou1s Fromer, Foster Hilson & Co., E De CBIItro, McCoy & Co Powell, Wt>mgman & Smith, Howard lves, S Jacoby & Co, Levy Bros., Brown & Earle, R. Monne & Bro, The Ltchtenstem Brt!ls. Co. Jos H1rscb, F. Hoffman, John W. Love, Heyman Bros. & Lowenstem. At the American News Company's cigar department they are busy, and that gemal gentleman, Mr C B Draper, manager, re porte heavy orders from the East and West. The sales of Cigars of th1s firm in the month of July last exceeded those of tlte same, time last year by a quarter ef a rnllhon. In other column we g1ve the brands of American Ne"'s Company. LoUis E. Neuman & Co, and manufacturers of c1gar labels,' of Pearl and Elm streets, city, have just issued some very beautiful and artistic labels under the followmg names -"Our Poet."" Br1gbtand Early." Lucky Fmd," "Kleoo," True AmeriCans," Rosa Onenta," Lovelorn," ''Bracer." Reeves, Parvin & Co.'s (Philadelphia) pamphlet, w1th many facts and figures about tobacco, 1s a very useful little book. Com piled as 1t 1s by an old band in the trade, Mr. T. 0 Van Horn, manager of the extenaive tobacco and c1gar department of the above firm, 1t affords the lover of the weed many cbarwing pomts worth wh1le knowing Reeves. Parvm & Co are the leading grocers of H. W. Erichs, the New York cigar box manufacturer and importer of cedar and other woods, is constantly receiving large shipments of cedar and mahogany lum ber. Mr. Encbs bas made th1s busmess a spemalty for several years, and on account of the enormous growth of bts bu> mess be bas enlarged h1s factory and mills. By bark Scott, from Ctenfuegos, he rece 1.-ed a cargo of 1, 546 logs of cedar and 269 l ogs of mahogany, which IS equal to S50,000 feet, and th1s 1s the fifth cargo tb1a year. S1moosoo & Hewlett IB a. new firm, with a neat and w e ll stocked store at 116 Ma1den Jane, where these young gentlemen have established themselves for the purpose ef retaiimg und JObbmg Imported and domestic c1gars Charles H S1monsoo lB the book keeper of E & G. l!'r1end & Co., and bas had many years' experience in the Cigar busmese. 'l'be1r factory IS at 468 S1xth avenue. 'l'be members of our down-town tobacco houses should kindly r.emember th1s young and new firm Leopold M1ller & Son, the Chambers street jobbers m manufactured SI'Doking and chew mg tobaccos and Cigarettes, report large sales and a very brlBk trade. In fact, the bulk of the busmess done durmg the last two years by thlB pusbmg firm entitles them to be re garded as the leadinl$ jobbers m manufactured tobaccos and Cigarettes in our mty. They are agents for the great Detroit American Eagle Company and Ellis' (Baltimore) Bengal and Tiger cheroots. As to their Cigar ette trade, Mr. M1ller states that they could have sold twenty-five million of one brand alone last month 1f the manufacturers had been able to supply them. .LOOAL .JOTTIJfGS. -A. Schubart is registered at Long Branch. -A. Wise, of Wtse & Bendhe1m, stays at Long Branch, and fnend Bendbe1m at Bath, L. I. -L. Pflngst, the Louisville tobacco manu facturer, and family are visitmg Lopg Branch. -The Stamford Manufacturing Co., manu facturers of licorice, are very busy filling orders. -Leopold Miller, the New York tobacco merchant, and family summer at Lake Ho patcong. -H. Friedman, the Front street Importer and packer of leaf tobacco. has received sev eral large invoices of Sumatra tobacco, and will continue to do so. -Mr. R. BeauvaiS, of New Orleans, who is the sale agent for the growers of Grand Point Perique tobacco, is in town. Mr. Beauvais says the 1887 crop of tobacco grown m hiB State is particularly fine. -Mr. W. M. Butler, of Wm. M. Butler & Co., c1gar manufacturers and jobbers of to bacco, of Nashville, Tenn., called on us this week. Mr. Butler has been vacationing at several of our seaside resorts. -E. Harrison Sanford, of the Stamford Manufacturmg Company, summers at Narragansett P1er. W. W. Sk1ddy, pres1dent of the same company, has just returned from a tour through the mountains of the Eastern States. -John Bain, Jr., of the staff of this journal, is havmg a good time at Lake Ho patcong. He writes that the weather IS de lightful, has to use two blankets every mgbt besides a night cap; plenty of fishing. especi ally blue fish; the fatr sex well represented. This is somewhat dtfferent from New York, where the weather IS almost intolerable. IJf TOWJI' THIS WEEK, -Col. B-atler, of St. Louis. -E. A Menter, leaf dealer, Cincinnati. -Mr. Opp, of Weinheimer & Opp, leaf dealers, St. Loui11. -H. Keay11, of Rogers & Keays, cigar man ufacturers, Albany, N.Y. -F. P. McCormick, of F. P. McCormick & Bro. jobbers of cigBrs, Chicago. CJorrelpoa4eDee About llamatra. NEw YoRK, Aug. 8, 1887. E!>lTOR TOBACCO LEu-This terrible bugbear on the Sumatra ques tion is merely the product of human seffiabness and muddled brains. In the first place the custoiiiB law m relation to It 1s an abor tion. lte stipulations, as far as they go, are 81mple and plain. The first is, if 1t takes 100 runnmg leaves or more of the bale, box or package to w eigh a pound, it shall pay a duty of 75 cents per pound; and 1f lese than 100 runnmg leaves of the bale, box or package to weigh one pound, it shall pay a duty of SIS cents per J?C>Und-prOVIded tn both CBISes, It shall be sUitable in leaf, q uallt;r and texture for wrappers. It is specilfc on these points: E1tber it must be 75 cents per pound, or it must be 35 cents per pound, and no interme diate figure is named, nor can it be substi tuted for the bale, box or package. The 85 per cent. quality clause deals with both grades alike, but the law does not say what the duty shall be in case the goods do net conform to the quality clause, which is a fatal omission to the bill and renders It nugatory. A. W. FOOTB. CI'IIE TOBACCO I". THAT UNIT. Where's the "urait ., ? What's the "umt" I Is 1t package, band or leaf I Answer. Maynard I True. you've done it; Try agam, or ask your Ch1ef. Try and tell us truly Where the law says. "in the leaf" We may find the" unit" duly As 't1s written m your br1ef. MAn are ecanning, men are llcouting What you say, and cla1m the hand, But for Fairchild's recent outing, Would be "unit" m this land. Others think in liale or invoice Is just where the "umt" lies; Dear Judge, tell us, what is your choice I Let us know without disguise. 'l'imes are dull and trade is waiting For a chance to boom "---ilxpand Speak out, Maynard, squarely stating. Ill it package, leaf or hand I Corree&too. An item in our last week's issue stated that Mr. H. A R1chey the well known tobncco and cigar merchant. represented the ctgar factory or Chrtstian S34 East Stxty third street. thts City. Tb1s, however. is an error, as the letters from Messrs. Richey and Jensen will s how. Durmga bur ned conversation between Mr. J enaen and our reporter Mr Rich' name was menti o ned Our re,Port e r was deceived by its similarity to that "f Mr. RIChey, and thus the m1stake was made. NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 1887. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFI am astomsbed to see by your paper of 6th met. that H. A Richev 1s now represent mg m the West Christian Jensen, the uptown c1gar manufacturer. As I presume the abo'l'e refers to me (since I know of no other H A. R1cbey in the cigar trade), I des1re to say your information 1s false. I do not know Mr. Jensen personally nor by reputatton. and why my name should be coupled with his I cannot understand. Furthermore I desire to say I quit, Decem ber 31, 1884, any mgar manu facturer, and confine my busmes9 to selling ctgars as a broker for such factories as m my judgment can produce the best and most reliable goods for the money, and w11l allow me to see that they are as represented. My successm tb1s buemess bas been so perfectly satisfactory that I feel safe to assert that 'I shall not change. Yours truly, H. A RICHEY. NEW YoRK. Aug. 6, 1887. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFThe Western salesman now repre sentmg ChriStian Jense.n IS known under the name of Irviog H. and not H A Rtcbey A dispatch order for 50 M wb1ch I JUSt received from h1m was bearmg that s1g nature Yours truly, CHRISTIAN JENSEN. Invllallen. NORTH CAROLINA We have received mvttottion s from the Ex ecut1ve Commtttee of the 'fobacco Boards of Trade of the State of North Carolma and from Mr W. A. Bobbitt to be present at the conventwn to be bAld at Morehead Ctty on Aug 17 The obJect of the conventton ts the of matters of mterest to the trade of that State. The gentlemen have our thanks for t h e courtesy extended to us CONNECTICUT. Through 1ts secretary, W. F. And rosa, the ConnectiCut State Agncultmal Soetety m ttes us to attend its 18th annual Fair at Meriden, Sept 13, 14 15 and 16, 1887. Oppor tunlty permJttiDfl:, 1t w11l afford us pleasure be present, or duly represented by oar effictent loc a l correspondents m both States on the ausplClOUB OCCaSIOnS named. BntneM Ohanr:es, New Firms pd Kemovals. LA GIWrCII COVINGTON, Ky., At. 1887. Trade contmues fatr, and somb ; fe w factories are very busy. The tax on ctgars exceeds that of June. sbowmg an tmprovemeat m thatfbranch of the tobacco trade. Wtth low taxes, cheap rent and excellent famlit1es 1t basiJ.I ways been a wonder that eome large cigar factory was not located m Co"1 .111;ton. Tax paid for June on Cigars. .... $1,859 55 tobacco. . 21,962.66 Factories are all busy and plenty of orders The recent rapid ad vance m leaf, w1th con sequent advance m pnces of manufactured ,;oods, hM. led many JObbers to place good sized orders at old figures, thong b mqutry among the factories finds no one caught on larg10 orders at low figures. Leaf still contmues firm, and all agree that prices must soon agam take another upward turn. Tax pa1d in first district of Ohio, comprismg-Cmcmnat1. Hamilton, Middletown nnd Dayton, for June was as follows: Tobacco,. ................ Cigars ......... Cigarettes,. Snuff, .................... $119,922 56 37,503 30 215.00 104 98 DANVILLE, Va., August 8 Manufactured tobacco bas been very active amce my last report, and all manufacturers here are workmg on full ttme Tax patd on tobacco, cigars and Cigarettes from July 1 to Auguet 1, *40,411 36; amount of tobacco sb1pped, 505 142 lbs Tax pa1d from August 1 to August 6, $15,456 48, amount shipped, 19S,206 lb s Tbts 1s a large over last month's and rnaoufactqrers look for a good trade thiS fall. PAUL 0. VENABLE The Buffalo Tobac co Works have sue ceeded Brown & Dav1s, wbo started at Buffalo, N. Y.. recently, and the followmg officers were elected at the meetmg held Saturday last: Henry Breitweiser, president, W1ll1am Dav1s, v1ce president; W. G. Brown, secretary and treasurer. The promment stockholders are H Bre1twe1ser & Bros. Mtl l e r Gremer & Co, U:>per & Donovan, Matt. Wagner and Fred. Riebl, and success must their efforts. Deputy Collector Chr1st. Knecht reports the following revenue collectiOns for Mont gornery county, U., for the month endmg July 31, 1887: Tobacco ......................... $2,742 65 Cigars............................. 7,576 35 LoUISVILLE. Ky Aug 10. Taxes paid on tobacco and c1gars manu factured m th1s mty mJuly are as follows.Piug anu smokmg.... $92,377 75 Ctgai8............ . . 4,3S9.20 Total .. .. .. .. .. $96,716 95 X. II DETROIT, MICh., Aug. 10. The >lmount of mternal revenue tax patd m the Ftrst d1strict of M1Chtgan (Detroit and northern and eastern Mwhtgao) durmg the month of July, 1887, was as follows:Oo tobacco.... .. .. .. $78 249 76 On ctgars and mgarettes. 17,832 48 Very truly, W. F. MoNROE KEY WEST, FLORIDA. (SPECIAL TO THE TOBACCO J,EAF.) KEY WEST, Aug 6. EDITOR TOBAC&O LEAFMany of eur most protmnent manufactur ers are at the action of the Mal lory Lme last Tuesday. The Carondelet ar nved from New York Monday evemng at about dusk, and 1t bemg too late she d1d not begm d1schargmg her freight, wh1ch ahvays consists of empty mgar boxes for our moou facturers, until next mormng. A.lthough freight was called for by 1 o'clock P. M tbe same day, It was utterly impossible to get the freight down at the hour ad vert1sed, and the agent requested the cap tam to hold ou awhile to enable the var1ous factories to send their goods down. The captam refused to waiG and sailed, leaving on the wharf over half of the freight tbaG was to be shipped. Many factones bad part of tbe1r goo.ts on board, tbe other portion remammg on the wharf. You can Imagme how provokmg thiS was, and bow contjlnted a jobber will be on rece1vmg a letter from some Key West manufacturer saying, "You have part of your goods on the Carondelet; the remam mg portion was duly shipped, but the cap tam woul8 not wa1t to take 1t m." Such was the case w1tb Messrs Alejandro Rodrtgnez and Teodoro Perez. These maHn facturers had over one half of their goods left on the wharf, and were obhged to engage drays at a late hour Tuesday evenmg to take the1r fre1gbt back to their factories. The Palma Sola factory was unable to make any shipment at all. Their whole shipment was bebmd. How mwch longer are we to be snubbed by Mallory and h1s crew I Has not Key West sufficient trade to encourage some other hae to stop ltere and g1ve our manufacturers a show 1 Mr. C. H. Mallory seems to Ignore theAe facts. I think he would be better posted tf he would subscribe to the TOBACCO LEu. I can g1ve h1m all the weekly records he needs that w11l only go to show bow well he treats Key West trade. Busmess 1s rather dull, although every body seems to be as busy as bees. Our lactones are all workmg preparmg freight for the Ctty of San Antonio, advertised to satl for New York next Monday, and It lB to be hoped our manufacturers w1il at least have a chance to sh1p the goods they have on hand. Yellow fever still continues, although the mortality has decreased considerably. The prevailing SICkness 1s now mostly among Cuban and nattve children, and is of a very malignant type. Reports were mrculatea around town yes terday that several Cuban mgarmakers had been attacked w1th the disease, but th1s re port 1s like many others that are circu lated regardmg Key West, and amounts to notbmg. The weather is very warm; people w11l talk, especially women; 1t IB mdeed a hard task to keep their mouths shut. Although it is very, very bet, we must be resigned when we remember Uncle George B Phtlhps' old saying: It will be hotter one of these days, boys, when you get somewhere HAIIIEL. Messre Julms Ellinger & Co. inform us that the statement of our Key West corre spondent in last week's IBBUe, statmg 1t 88 tllell' instructions to only employ Americans hsreafter, 1s not true.-[ED. TOB..t..Coo LEAF. .&.. ()Jaaaee lor &he Touq Den. The giddy young man of the per1od de lights in possessmg the ptctures of the beau ties of the theatrical world, and the giddier he IB the more such p1ctures he owns; there fore the twelve finely executed cards bearmg the portraits of twelve charmmg actresses, just produced by the htbographmg estab hshment of W1 tsc h & Schmitt, Will be e8f7er ly sought for by the aforeea1d youo11: man. These cards will be medmms tor ad vert1sing purpose s -The "stogie" is derived from the old Conestoga wagons, wh1ch used t o be so ou merous on the old national p1ke. The dr1ve1 e o f these wagons were m the bab1t of buymg cheap, strong Cigars, and bemg heavy smokers kept askmg for a cheaper c1gar than was then made. Over at Wasbmgton, Penn., o c1garmaker, m answer to tb1s demand for cheaper Cigars, evolved a long, slender roll of tobacco wbiCb he offered to the drivers at the rate of four for a cent. The new c1gar be came popula r among the mall drtvers and freighters, and was called the (Jooestoga c1gar, abbreviated afterward to "stoga," Wlll to "stogie. "-McKeesport Tunes. ASSIGNEE'S SALE 0.1!' PLUG TOBACCO FACTORY. As Asstgnee of the G1aot Tobacco Com pany, the undersigned wtll, on Thursday, Aug. 18, 1887, at 4 o'clock P M at pubhc auction, on the premises at the southeast corner of N1ntb and J eflersoo streets, in Louis v1lle, Kentucky, sell to the b1gbest bidder the Real Estate, Factory and Macbmery of aa1d Company. The lot fronts 105 feet on the south side of Jefferson street, and extends @Outhwardly along the east line of Nmth street, same Width as front 210 feet to Green street. The maio factory bUildmg IB 40x210 feet, w1tb wmg 65 feet, all thi ee stortee and basement, under metal roof Has large elevator, gas and water throughout. Tbe macbmery IB all nearly new and of the latest Improved pat tern, and has a capamty of 15,000 pounds per day-all m first class order and re<>dy for work as soen as steam can be The dry rooms are of the most approved modern constructiOn. and have a capacity of twelve thousand pounds per day We Will at tbe same time and place sell t h e office furmtnre, one wagon and pair of mule s, a quantity of flavoring and matenal m pro cess of manufacture, also the nght to manu facture all the braods of sa1d Company, among wb1cb are Acorn,' u Bon ton '" ''Telegraph," "Captam Jack, "Nox 'All" etc etc many of whiCh are well and favor. ably known m all parts of the Umted States Terms and manner of sale made known on day of sale. For further particulars ad dress FIDELITY TRUST AND SAFETY VAULT Co Ass1gnee G1ant Tobacco Co, 206 li'1fth street, Lmisv1lle, Ky. Evicted From Jacob Stahl' Hone. 'l.'he c1garmakers who whe re l oc k ed out of the factory of Jacob Stahl & Co. were ejec ted from their homes m the bUIIdmgs owned by the company Monday, and their goods ptled up on the stdewalk m front. When Stahl was informed by his' cigar makers that they would not make cigars m tbe1r homes, they recetved a month's notice to qu1t the apartments m which they lived. The month was up Wednesday, S, but JustiCe Rogers all owed th>em unt1l last Monday to find other apartments. He, howeve r, gave some of them only uottl last Saturday, but Marshal Robert Htll would uot turn them m to the streets on that day. At 11 SO A M. Monday the marshal and seven ass1stants arrtved and began the work of I'VICtiOn, The household goods were taken from the rooms and earned mto the street One fam1ly was m a partiCularly trymg SituatiOn. The daughter. a dark-hatred l(lrl of twenty two, was lymg on a bed m 11 dark room helpleAs from paralyats. She has been m that coodt tiOn for seven ,,.eeks, and the father, Fred. Vera, tned h1s best last week to find rooms to which she cou ld be carr1ed But smce the lockout the father has been unable to do any work to speak of, and the umoo allow s h1m only four dollars a week to support hts famtly ; oo. He went to Mr. Stahl m the m ormng before the marshal and h1s assistants arrived and begged to be allowed to keep h1s rooms durmg the day, saying that 1n the rnormng he would move hts fam1ly to some other apartments Everytbmg io Vera's rooms was taken out, and the marshal was woodermg how to get the g1rl out without cauamg any mjury to her, when Stahl's bo okkeeper ran up and sa1d that none of tlae SICk were to be put out. An ambulance was sent for as the only safe mea.ns of movmg her, and she was allowed to remam m her room w1tb her mother until 1t came. An ambulance from the Nmety moth Street Hospital finally took her there, and she w1ll be taken care of uot I her father fi11ds a home. Many of the temmts were f orced to sleep m the open a1r, and others were taken care of by frt ends near by. The trouble auamg from Lbe lockout of the cigarmakers culmmated IB a mFtss at Washmgtoo Hall, One Hundred and Stxtysixth stree,, Sunday afternoon The tenants who ,bad dtspossess w arrants eer.-ed upon them Thursday came out m full force w1tb their wives and children William Ruckle, a boss baker, was pre s 1deo t, and Charles Rousburg, ftoanctal secretary of Inte rnatiOnal Umon No 237, v1ce president. C1garmaker W. A. Hermann spoke at some length m reference to the troubles of h1s fellow-work men and the mjust1ce of Jacob Stahl & Co.m uamg the law m forcmg tbem from their homes. Reverend M We1ss of 3265 Tbtrd avenue cautiOned h1s he&crers usmg v1olence towards tbe officers who had their duty to perform in serYing the be to &J)e(:ify the 1ll4l or uses to whtch tbe trade marks are to be, or ha't'll been, put, whether used for cigars, oigarettea, smokmg, tine cut, plug tobacco, or snuJf 'If the name IS to be used for ctgars, it IS needleaa to register 1t for cigarettes, moklng, line cut, plug tobacco and sautf, or any one of these, In addition, for a trad e mark can be bel:1 only for tbe parllcula.r goods, o r class of goods, upon which 1t IS actually uoed Kalamazoo Bats. No. 2603. For C1gars. August 8, 9 a. m. Chas, 3ross & Co Philadelphia, Pa. "Cl-" No. 2604 For Ctgars Registered August 8, 8 a m. Frank H. Metnder, Kansas C1ty, Mo Electro. No. 2605 For Cigars Registered August 6 9 a. rn, Setfert C1gar Co., Cb ICago, Ill Our BctT No. 2606 For CigPrs Rei;is te' ed August 9 8.30 n m J Stemhet mer & Co Augusta, Ga Bets}" Hamilton No 2607. For C1gai'111. Hegtstered Auguet 9, 8 30 a m. J. Stein helmer & Co. Augusta, Ga. -Minerva No 2608. For Reg1atered August 8, 3 p m. S. G. Cond1t, New Yo1k Lrnn Item. No 2609 For Ctgar... Regis tered August 8, 1 p m lsnac Harr1s, Boston, MaSB. Libert}". No. '2610 For Fme cut ChewRegistered August 9 9 a m. Lake Erie Tobacco Co Cleveland, 0 Kentucky Flower. No. 2611 For FineChewmg August 9, 9 a. m Lake Er1e Tobacco Co., Cleveland, 0. Golden CrowB. No. 2612. For Fme-cut Chewmg Registered August 9, 9 a. m. Lake Ene !I'obaccoCo., Cleveland, 0. Blossom No. 261S. For Fme cut Chewme-. R egistered August 9, 9 a m. Lake Er1e Tobacco Co., Cleveland, 0. Sweet VIolett. No. 2614 For Fi11e cu& C bewwg. R eg 1stered August 9, 9 a. m. Lake Er1o Tobacco Co Cleveland, 0. Owl City. No. 2615. For Fme-cut Chewing. Registered August 9, 9 a. m. Lake Er1e Tobacco Co., (Jieveland, 0. Tbe Hustler No. 2616 For Fine-cut Cbewmg Regtstered August 9, 9 a. m. Lake Erte Tobacco Co., Uleveland, 0. Forest Q,ueen No 2617. For Fine-cut Cbewtng. Reg1stered August 9, 9 a m. Lake Ene Tobacco Co Cleveland, 0. Wyomlna-Valley Stripped. No. 2618. For Smokmg 'fobacco RegiAtered August 9 9 a. m. Lake Ene robacco Oo., Cleveland, 0 Hand)' Package. No 2619 Fur Smoking 'l'ot>acco. Hegtstered August 9, 9 a. m. Lake Ene Toi> .. cco O J Cleveland, 0 Donnie Brook, No. 2620 For Swokmg Tobacco. Regtstered August 9, 9 a. m. Lake Er111 Tobacco Co Clevel!lnd, 0. Double A. No 2621. Fl)r Smoking Tobacco Reg1stei ed August 9 9 a. m. Lake Ene Tobacco Co Cleveland, 0. BIIJ Job. No 2622. For Smokmg To bacco. 9, 9 a. m. Lake Ene Tobacco Co., Cleveland, 0. Bon Bon. No 2623 For Granulated Smok,mg Tobacco Reg1stered August 9, 9 a. m. Lake Er1e Tobacco Co., Clev& land. 0. Patent 01Hce Gazette, Ang. 9, 1887. INVENTIONS PATENTEB, CIGAR BUNCHING MAOHINE. -Ed want A. Kttzm1ller, Braddock, Pa. F1led Sept. 1, 1886. In a cigar-bunching machine the comhina t10n of a rec1procatmg frame provided with a 1 ack, a stationary frame having a filler feedmg mecbamsm, gearmg mounted on the statiOnary frame and mterposed between the rack on the rec1procatmg frame and filler feedmg mecbanl8m. The combination of the wrappwg apron, a movable support con nected te one end of the wrapptng apron, a remprocatmg buncbmg-roll, and an arm attached to the movable support and operated ao change the pos1t10n of sa1d supporG by the buncbmg-roll durmg Its to an:i fro movement. Weighted leverA connected teoneend of said apron, and arms, shaped as deecribed, con nected to the levers and engaging tbe bunclt mg roller. The combmaLion of a hopper, a cylinder havmg a feed pocket formed therein and mounted m the discharge end of the hop per, a rotatmg brush or rubber mounted m the angle formed by the and the side of the hopper toward wlucb the cylmderro tates m feedmg, and a bunchmg and bindmg mechamsm cons1stmg of a table, a roller and an apron. CIGAR BUNCHlNG M..t..CHINE.-Edwara A. K1tzmtller, Braddock, and George H. Culley, Allegheny, Pa.; sa1d Culley 88111gnor to John K Collins, Glenfield, Pa F1led Nov. 2, 1886. In a c1gar buncbmg machine, the combtna tion of a hopper banng a filler device mounted therem, a receptacle under the measurmg deviCe provided wtth a mg door or valve, the face edge of the door and ad,]acent edge of the opemng from tlte rt'ceptacle bemg con11tructed or shaped to effect a proportiOnal distribution of the filler discharged from the receptacle, and a recip rocatmg lug or projection fot operating the swingmg door. The combmat1on of a hopper, a swmgmg door pivoted at the diecbarge of the hopper, a weighted collar mounted on the pivotal shaft of the door and connected w1th said abaft by a slot and pin, a we12;ht attached to satd collar, a closing aprmg attached to the shaft, and a recipro catmg lug for opemng thA door. ART OF LoNG FILLINGS FOR Cl GARS.-Oscar Hammerste1a, New York, N. Y. F1led Jan. 7, 1887. The Improvement m the art o1 forming long fillings for c1gars, wb1clt consists in ar rangmg the tobacco m layers composed of two or more strips or leaes havmg their ends abuttmg or overlapping each other, the several layers being made to break jotnta w1th the ones adjacent thereto, compacting the tobacco composing such layers, and cuttmg or stamping the same in parts adapted to form the fl.lllngs. CIGAR Pi:uoRATOR -LeRoy W. Fairchild, New York, N.Y. F1led May 6, 1887. The herein deecr1bed perforator con eistmg of the comcal ring provided with the holes and the extens1on case, having mounted therem the en tting blade, spirally aletted tube and sprmg. Special Crop Correspondence. OLKsTJ:AD, Ky., Aug. IS. EDITOB ToBAOCO LEAFWe had good rains on the 5th inst., ex teodmg over a large tract of country, and to d1str1cts not favored by the local showers wb1ch fell durmg the past month. The crop bas suffered severely, not enly in thestusted and spmdlmg growth of the plant., but 1n the parchmg and drymg up of the leaves. It does noG seem to be making the proper growth for making large and leafy plants or for good yield, blld shows but little tendency to grow out of this condition 1mce the late rams. Under the influence of drouth tbe stalk has been prematurely forced out of the soft and pulpy state nece88ary for mak ing growth Into a hard and fibrous cond1t1en wh1cb promotes maturity. Much more rain than we have yet had will be reqwred to force it out of this condition. T: E. B.


I AUG. I3. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FoR WEEK ENDING Auo. 12. Western Leaf-The reported sales for the week amount to 400 hogsheads, 200 of which for export. It has been rumored that. the 9,500 hegsheads of syndicate tobacco, which it was supposed Spain had bought, had been returned to the original holders of that noted line of goods, and that considerable sales thereof had been effected the past week. Upon inquiry we found that three lots of the pooled tobacco, comprising 2,100 hogsheads, bad been withdrawn from the syndicate, and part of it sold, some previously; while the remainder was still under the control of Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. Th1s an nouncement is official; so our market is not yet lightened, as it was suppo11ed an!l hoped it was, by the timely transfer ef this now famous line of tobacco. The situation here is strong; though sales are apparently light. One of the Regie buyers is said to have been "looking around," but his purchases, if he made any, are not dis closed A factor says that while there is an appa rent over supply of luge and common classes of leaf, there is b 'arely enough of the desira ble grades of leaf to meet this year's requirements, even taking into account the stock of old leaf carried over. Since 1878, until this year, he remarked in continuing. there has not been a notable surplus of usef11l old tobaccos left in this market in March and April, and the exception this year is mainly attributable to the comparatively small re quirement of Italy last year, it then being about 15,000 hogsheads, against about 21,000 hogsheads this year, a difference of 6,000 hogsheads. Chatting with the Regie men results in talk all on the side of the interviewer. They say they dnow "nothing," all the knowledge and operations concentrating at the West; and what the condition there is is described in other selected and contributed articles. It is certainly good, and must soen he eo here. For the week just ended E. A. Stoppel, to bacco broker, 24 Beaver street. report3 as follows:RECEIPTS. Week. hhds. Virginia .............. 1,597 New Orleans.... .. . 3 Baltimore. .. .. 55 Western .............. 5,958 Total. ............. 7,613 Week. Month. hhds. 3 55 8,580 12,205 Month. 5,119 Exports. . .. .. .... 2, 587 Quotattons. Light Leaf: 1 Heavy Leaf: Lugs ...... 4 @ Lugs ...... 4M Common .. 7 I Commen Medium .... 9 Medium ... 8 @ Good ...... 9 @10 Good ...... 10 Fine ...... j Fine ....... Beleetiom .. 13 @15 Selections 13 @16 Virginia Leaf--No sales reported. Seed Leaf-Business is improving. s .. les of several hundred cases 1886 crops can be reported. Of 1BB6 Little Dutch, a number of lots W,;)re taken on account of their superior quality. One Western house purchased 100 cases 1886 Connecticut Havana Seed. Job bers as well as manufacturers are anxiously waiting for inspectors' samples. Messrs. J. S. GANS' SoN & Co., brokers, 131 Water Street, report to the TOBAOOO LEAF IUil follows :-No change to note. Dullness prevails. Sales 1,180 cases, of whicb400 cs. 1886 New England .... 12;14@14 250 cs. 1885 Q)lio.. .. .. .. .. .. 6 @ 180 cs 1884-5 Dlitch .......... 10 200 cs 1881-85 Penn ......... 150 cs sundries.... .. .. .. 7 @28 Divided as follows:-To manufacturers' . 400 cases To city \rade.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 300 To out of town. . . . . 280 Export ............ :. . . . 200 '' T .. .............. ...... 1,180 Havana-Considerable business was done in this kmd of leaf, but larger transactions would have taken. place if it were not that fine goods are scarce in this market, and "'at the condition of the hales is not satis factory, they being either in fermentation or not yet sufficiently dried to suit purchasers. The new crop in the field is said to have been nearly all \lought up at advanced prices. The reported sales were 450 bales at 60c@$1.05. and 125 bales at Quotations. Havana Fillers-\"ery common 55 Good common 80 Good to med. 88 M:ed. to fine. 95 Fine .......... Hl5 Superio1 ...... 115 Yara-I and II cuts assorted ... 62 II cuts .................. 75 to 75 to 85 te 95 to 100 to 110 to 125 to to 85 Sumatra-The dt>m.and has been active, eSpecially for new goods, and about 240 bales have changed hands. The question of duty has operated against larger sales. Several lota have been appraised, but on the owner protesting, they have been reappraised, llut without a satisfactory result being reached. Prices ranged $1.35 to $1. 65. Plug-Trade seems to he tolerably good, and we think sales would he increased but for the difficulty in getting goods from manu facturers-they are at least four weeks be. bind in their deliveries. Many visitors are in the city looking about, and will buy before going heme. Exports, 197,152 pounds. Brights: Quotatwm. Navy is, lis, 6s, Ss ........... 20 lbs, lOs and Pocket Pieces ..... 80 light-pressed ...... .. 30 Gold Bars ....................... 30 8 and 12-inch twist ............... 25 to30 to 30 to &0 to &0 to '0 Blacks: lOs, 12s, .!.( l'lls -to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy 48, 5s, 3B lbs.-to 17 &; 20 to 25 Navy lOs &r Pocket-Pieces ...... 18 to 25 Nea:rohead twist ................... 28 to SO Smoking-Demand about as usual, with, poesibly, a little more inquiry for interior ac count. Cigars-No change in this department. IKPORTII. J Bernh eim & Co 7 bp;s do. Cip;ars-M E McDowell & Co 18 cases: G W Fater 11 do; G Amsinck & Co 1 do; M Marx 5; H Webster & Co 23: M Echeverria & Co 2; Defiance Cigar Co 1; Michaelis & Linde man 3; Herbst Bros 1: Esbe p;, Bachman & Co 4 ; Purdy & Nicholas 81; A H Pride 5: P & J Frank 3; L Blumgart Ce 1; L & E Wertheimer 12; E Re gensberg 4; Pari!. & Tilfor.d 37; Acker. Merrall & lJondiL 58; E Ward & Co F Alexandre & Sons 99; order 104; Celestino, Palacio & Co 4 cs cigarettes; P Espinal -358 hhds. hbds, 57 gs (10,318 lb6) mfd. Hong Kong-5 pkgs (500 lbs) mfd. Hutl-110 hhds. Japan-34 pkgs (5,240 lbs) mfd Lit>Mpoot--300 hhds, JOB pkp;s (16, 765 lbs) mfd. Lmdon-88 hhds, 4.4 os, 1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd .Malta-6 pkgs (864 Jbs) mfd. Meri:o--18 pkgs (1,366lbs) mfd. MiqUtllon-50 cs. New Zealand-123 pkgs (20, 712 lbs) mfd RoltM-dam-52 hhds, 10 cs. U. S. ot CWombia-108 bale, 16 pkgs (1,960 lbs) mfd. U'Mtguay-2 pkgs (852 lbs) mfd. pkgs (2,461lb6) mfd ICXPORT8 J'RQII THE PORT OJ' l'!ICW YORK TO I'OR ICION PORTS I'ROII JANUARY 1, 1887, TO AUG. 12, 1887. t Hllds l)ases. Afr ica............ 447 43 Amsterdam... 998 265 Antwerp .......... 2 .4.59 2,915 Austria........... .174 Australia..... 242 Bremea ........... 4,927 British N A. Col .. Canada ........... Central ARlerica .. 1 Chma and Japan .. Copenhagen....... 172 East Indies. . 19 France ............ 2,920 G:braltar... .. .. .. 885 Glasgow .. ........ 1 ,675 Hll.lllburg ......... 9,387 Italy .............. 3,738 Linrpool ..... 8,353 London ........... 3,477 Other British PorLs 741 Malta ............ Mextco ..... ... 51 New Zea!a&d, etc. Portugal, . . 423 Rotterdam, . 889 Sandwic h Islands. Spain. .. .. .. 8,230 Seuth America .. 564 Swc6tn &Norway 651 W eat lndies. .. .. 811 ports ........ 53 9,706 50 1 9 46 7 1 1,2!!8 1 10,461 1 29 891 3 88 107 539 17 411 1 35,624 23,005 Bales. Lbs mfd. 676 245 12,522 4 4,132 2,996 5 12,475 138 352 113 220 7,042 6 ,375 1,150 94.658 11,268 41>,711 182,647 4.5,210 99,26i 87,629 211,488 13,241 241,766 165,726 167,612 7,880 6 >,930 2,238 18,382 6,992 428,62.8 14,999 39,760 165 100 593,525 465,014 566,591 11,716 40,201 4,595,052 DOIIESTIO RECEIPTB, The following articles were received at the port of New York during the week: Bv th1 J&rU Railt'Oa4-Pollard, Pettus & Co hhds ; J H Moore & Co 100 do ; Williams & Ter hune 422; M Abenheim & Co 265; F Dziuba 13; Ed}e 15; W 0 Smith & Co 371; M Pappenhei:ner & Co 43; Oelrichs & Co 30: H Sie bert 27; Kremelberg & 39: Mailler & Quereau 26; Watj en, 'l'oel & (Jo 1 ; S S.Edm<>nston & Bro7: order 2,1!18 do, 9 ploat LineB Br.xl 50 cs leaf ; l'tl Reichert 1 dQ; Kaufmann Bros & Bondy li; A. H Scoville & Co 116; E Rosenwald & Bro 31; F C Linde, Hamilton & Co 8; C Langenbach2Q. .81/ tlw Old Dominftm BUam&hip Li114-M Aben heim & Co 388 hhds ; F Dziuba 35 do; W H Koon & Co 1; Buchaaan .e Lyall 100: H Siebert 100; FE Owen 7; Oelrichs-& Co 48; !:lawyer, Wallace & Co 16; Pollard, Pettus & Co 28; Kim;ey Tobacco Co 28; Wat.jea, Toe! & Co 14; J Muir 21!; Kremelberg & Co 18; John Cattus 8; R MAllen & Co 211; John Devenny II do, 1 bx samples; A D Strau & Co 8 do, 1 do; Middle ten & Co 7 hhds, 8 hbds, 1 1 leaf: P Lorillard & Co 2 hhds, 14 trcs, 1 bx samples; J D Keilly, Jr, 489 hhds, 25 bxs mfd, 3 b:u samples: W Duke, Son & Co 6 hhds. 197 os cigarettes; W 0 Smith & Co 42 hhds, 26 trcs, 119 cs mfd, 16 do smkg, 2 do smkg and cigar ettes, da cigarettes; R W Cameron & Co 111 .!1(-tros mfd, U. ;)Ires do; J Wagner 1 tierce: Arkell & DouKiass SO mfd, 100 l;xs da; Dohan, Carroll & Co 100 cs mfd, 1 do smkg: Thurber, Whyland & Co lOOos smkg, 1 do mfol, 10 kegs de; Jll E McDowell & Co 15 cs smkg, lOdo ltmg cut, 7 do cigarettes ; Thompson, Moore & Co 10 cs ami<&, 25 do mfd, 12 cads do: Allen & Ginter 26 cs smkg. 111 do cigarettes; Martin & Broatlhurst 10 cs mfd, 86 racks do; Leopold Miller & S6n 6os smkg; Jos Lehman 20 do; Armstroag Bros 30: J M Gardiner 7 do, 40 cads mfd; Gilbert Lloyd 17 cs mfd: Park & Tilford 4 cs cigarettes; J W .McCullough25 bxs pipes; order 104 hhds, 6 trcs, 66 os smkg, 40 &ales do, os mfd, 787 bxs do, 2 fie arrlnla at t.he port of New York frem fordo, 175 Jq: -lJxs do, 20 do, 1,042 cads eigD pona for the week included t.he followin& COD do, do, 46 kegs do, 28 pkgs leaf, 20 os eiiJIDleDt8:-cigarettes. 1 bx samples. Falk & Bro 24 bales Sumatra; Leonard Friedman & Co 145 do; Pretzfeld &Co 56; Btl U.. N.u York &nd B Auerbach & Co 99; F Schulz 7; A CohR & Co 86; Line-Funch, Edye & Co 146 hhds. 1 bx samples; F 8cb1'04Kier & Bon 25. W Feigner & Son 4 cs smkg; H P Johnson @5 do; Br_,._H Vogelaang a tobacco; Muller, W J McDonald 5; order 13. Sclla.ll & Co 9 do; order 108. CJoallwiMi (rtl'll6 Kq Wut-G A lees 15 cs cigars; J }lueller & Co 2 bxs tobacco. A Bachman & ()o 2 do; M Barr&nco & Co 2; Lela nil, Bambttrg-Gai!, Ax II; Kuchler ll8 seroona ts-Smith & Co2; Straiton & WaU4; Baker II; DuBui baceo; Lan6maa & Dernbelmer 87 do, 1 case; D 13; J S Pierce cl Co 2 ; Leopold Miller & Son 1; Lo-A Hayer 1 case anutf zano, Pendaa & Co 9; Dilworth Jiii'OII ll; Beat, Ruo-Bros 15 cs ciprs. sell ., Co 9; Ettiager, Rosenberg & Co2; H R Kelly H_,..Tobacco-Lozano, Pendaa & Co 40 & Co 28; Geo W Niehola 7; E H Gato 8; Max Marx bales; F Hlranda & Co &I tlo; A Lauterbach 18; 7: Eeberg. Bachman & Co II ; A C Rodriguez & Co Yep, Morton & Co 128; C V1gill6 ; Callxto, Lopez 14; Bradley & Lee !I; A Oremata 1; B Dlaz & Co 2; & Co 209 B Rossin c1 Son 24; B Diaz olio Co 6; Bar H Webster & Co 5: .McKinley .e Sample 1; J A De torina & CO 43: ){Otaki 21; F Giebel 43; ,Jas E Leon 8 ; Greenball & Co 3; W H Ellie 2; Thos W Ward & lJo 108: F Alexandre & Sons 173: otder I; D L Trujillo & Sons 2; P Pohalski & 109 Schroeder & Bon H6. 17 bgs picadura: SAuer .Co 14. Freed & Jlllllga 3; W A Stickney 1 : Koemgback., Co 29 do, 4. do; Jose S Moline 2 bbls scraps; berger, Falk & Meyer 8; Brauues Bros 1; W S DenTHE TOBACCO LEAF. GRAND REPUBLIC CIGARROS. --oWARNING. NOTICE is hereby given to all manufacturer&, jobbers and retail dealers of cigars that we are the sole and t>Xclusive owners of the brand or trademark for cigarros known as c:;;.a..A.N'::I:'.t R.EP'U::EIL:J:C," together with the SYMBOLS, DEVICES, SEAL AND GENERAL STYLE OF OUH ORIGINAL PACKAGE. Our exclusiYe ownership has been determined in the several actions brought by us, and in which decrees were rendered in our favor-To wit: in the New York Superior Court on October 20, 1886, and in the Superior C()urt of Cincinnati, Ohio, on May 21, 1887. WE SHALL VIGOROUSLY PROSECUTE ALL INFRINGEMENTS OF OUR TITLE, KAME, DEVICES, SEA.L AND STYLm, OF PACKAGE as applied' to cigars or cigarros to the fullest extent of the law, and shall hereafter claim full damages in all actions breught by us for infringements of this brand. CEORCE P. LIES. & CO., Grand Republio Factory, 1166-73 nis 1; WE Parsons Jr 5; M Somborn 1; J F F l ana gao & Co 1 ; F li LeggeLt & Co 5; Purdy & Nicho !as 14: Leaadro Rodriguez I; order 3; Ueletino Palacio .t Co 21, 6 bales scraps; J Reinitz 4 do, 10 do: J Elling er 9 do, 8 do; Se1deuberg & Co 23 do, 11 do; P J Frank 0 do, 14 do; Perea Bro s 6 cs ci gars. 1 pkge do; N Kohnen 30 bales scraps, order 7 do; Lewls Bremer 's Sons 2 cs tobacco. LOUISVILLE. Aug. 10.-Mr. A. l"a.looller, Secretary or the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to the TOR.t.CCO LB.t.ll' as fellows:-During tbe lat ter part of last and the expired portion of tbe present week the market for grades hAS been com paratively quiet on the basis of tbe general decline noted in my last. Rejectivns have been larger than u sual, speculators in many cases having fail e d to realize tbeir expectattons. However, the legiti mate purchiLBing 1s increasing in volume, and several lar.;e manufacturers are again beginning to take a hand The C[\lltinued dry weather at thi late season will remain an important factor in keep ing the market well in sellers' hands. Green river styles with color'are in good demand, and are evi dently wanted as' substitutes for the more expen,ive Burleys. '!'he general run 8f the offerings bas been badly up to the average, and selectioas e1ther in dark or Burlev have not presented themselves. Tbe trade still winces under the Commissioner's report for July, and are looking around for sonoe plea to make him confess Sis error. ReceipLB for the put week were 2,997 hbds, against 1, 730 bhds for same week last year Sales for the week, month and year, and corre sponding period of three former yuars, were as fol lows:-Week, 1887 ........ 2,474 1BB6 ........ 2,886 1885 ........ 2.140 1884 ........ 1,897 Month. 2,474 2,386 2,006 1,1!27 QUOTATIONS. Dark. Trash ................ 2 75@ 325 Common lugs ......... 3 75@ 4 25 Medium lugs ....... 4 50@ 5 25 Good lugs ............ 5 50@ 6 00 Common leaf ....... 6 00@ 6 75 Medium leaf ....... 7 O U @ 8 25 Good leaf .. ........ 9 00@10 00 Fine lcaf ............. ll00@1800 Selections ....... 14 50@16 00 Year. 84,001 85,595 80,299 55,409 Burley. 6 25@ 6 26 650@ 725 750@900 9 50@11 00 10 50@12 00 12 50@14 00 10 00@17 00 18 00@20 00 20 00@23 00 THE MARKET IN AMSTERDAM. AuSTERDAM, July 27, 1887. EDITOR TOBAOOO LE.t.I'-SIR :-Enclosed please find the result of the su bscriptiGn for 24,895 bales Sumatra and 15 bales Borneo tobacco. Except 3,581 bales of more or less inferior quality, the whole quan tity found again 11. ready market, and was sold at prices, for the finest marks, a little higher then in June last There was very much competition from American buyers, and a large quautity of 35 cent goods will be shipped to the United States. Regarding the quality of the just sold tobaccos. it must be said that not many parcels of nice and good colory kinds came for ward. They were moRtly medium goods. and had therefore no strong from Ger many. Oa the 14th of September 25,000 bales will be offered, and among them really fine to bacco; which will certainly find a good reception again. The first 15 bales received here from Borneo showed a nice light character, fine color, burns white,and comes very near to Sumatra. Planters may be content with the fetched price of 1115 cepts for this little lot, and this may induce them to contiflue on this way, as their tobaccos will certainly tlnd a good reception in our market. Imported: 417 bales Java and 150 hhds Maryland. S()ld: 227 bales Malakka, 900 Turkish, 21.711 Sumatra, and 15 Bvrneo. Stock to-day; 26.452 bales Sumatra, 8 .6il3 Java, 831 Manila, 781 Japan, 1,598 Turkish, and 250 hhds Maryland. No. 200 Third District, New York (.,'lty. 187 A B I Deli No. 1451 11637, valued at 145, sold at 166c. 185 Alf I Deli, valued at 57, sold at 69c. 679 M & K 1 Lankat, valued at 137, sold at 148c. 551 A I Lankat. valued at 142, sold &>t 148c. 371 W B I Lankat, valued at 137, sold at 156c 1G92 N & G 1 Senembab, valued at 147, sold at 158c. 601 N & G 1 Senembah, valued at 134}4, sold at 158c. 590 N & G I P I Senembab, valued at 129, sold at 152c. 619 N & G 1 H K I Senembab, valued at 109, sold at 118c 340 H & Co. Deli I B obongan I Estate, valued at 73}4. taken in. 333 .M 1 J K I Bobongan, valued at 94M, taken in. 276 Sei 1 Toean I Serdang, valued at 131, sold at l56c. 263 C & R I Senang Kong, valued at taken in.. 230 H H I Bangabiog, valued at sold at 183c. 3 C, valued at 27, sold at SOc. SOH.t..t.l' & vAN Vu:N. PHILADBJ.PHIA NOTBS, Mr. Morris Bamberger's purchases of Su matra leaf at Amsterdam for the tlrm of L Bamberger & Co., 111 Arch street, is credi table to him, and placea the tlrm in th11 front rank of importers, for salea follow as soon as samples are. shown. E. Jonas, tlae manufacturer, 2i6 Arch street, is having a steadily improving demand for his best five c :ent brand of called El Comercio." Wherever they go a se.,()nd order follows. New York city leaf merchants were repre sented this week by Mr. Forehourer. New Sumatraleafis undoubtedly high, still. it finds ready sale at remunerative tlgures to importers. l&ern of In&ereat. In a cyclone Thursday alternoon in the vicinity of Pa., the roof was blown off John Dehaven's brick tobacco warehouse. MILWAUKEE, Aug. 11.-Dispo..tcbes from every portiou ef the State shows that night's rain storm was general, and that the drouth-!ltricken districts have been efl'ectu ally relieved. BALTIMORE, Aug. 11.-A. W. H enderson, of Baltimore, who was arrested in North lina on the charge of being a non-resident and selling goods without a State license, was to-day before Judge Bond, of United States Circuit Oourt, on a writ of habeas cor pus. Ttr.e judge released htm on his own re cogoiz!l.nce to appear before the court in North Carolina on the last Monday in November, with the that the authorities of that State shall make no more arrests for a violation of their law, which requires a license from non-resident salesmen. ,. IN NEW YORK STATE. The Albany Argua of Friday says: iu central New York, particularly those in Onondaga county, have gone more heavily than heretofore into the cultivation of tobacco. Their crop is large and in good condition, and there is every prospect of it bringing a good averuge pr1 ce. It is pre dicted by some kn()wing onee in the tobacco trade that the time i3 not far of!' when the tobacco raised in Onondaga county will excel the Sumatra leaf in quality, a a d can be bought for much less." IN NORTH CAROLINA. Durham Tobacco Plant, Aug. 3: -The com bined sales of leaf tobacco at the warehouses RESULT OF BALE. amounted to 324,231 pounds, and sold for 63 bales N & G I S B I Senembah (BSl, val $34,138, making an average of over $12 per ued at 43 old at about 133c. hundred for everything, including trash and 38 N & G 1 B K 1 Senembah (BS), valued at sweepings. 47. sold at Sm()king tobacco shipped, 44.895 pounds, 8 K P 1 Deli (BS), valued at sold at worth $13,638.33; cigarettes, 10,873.000, worth 7/ic. $35,800.90; chewing tobacco, 1,363 pounds, 13 S B (BS), valued at 86, sold at SOc. valued at $400; revenue receipts for the 399 Loaning I Deli, valued at 126. taken in. week, $8,275. 17; revenue receipts fot the 501 S SKI Deli, valued at 146, sold at 162c. month of July, $34,341 28 15 B N B 1 Ranou I 86 (Borneo), valued at At the Reams warehouse Mr. R. L Hollo157;14, sold at 185c. way made the best .average, $39.82, and .Mr. 599 Deli Ba Mij T HI No. 2011799, valued at N. P. Lea took largest check, $611 .61. 159;14. sold at 192c. At the Banne r Mr. M L Coley made the 389 Deli Ba Mij Tandem I Deli No. 468 I 856, best average, $29, and also took the larges t valued at 130 sold at 152c. check, $700. 278 B B T Mij I S K N o. 1 I 278, valued at 110, Seyer a! gentlemen made averages almost sold at llOc. as huge as those given, and many large 594 G T C 1 L o bo Pakam, valued at checks were received. The tobacco market taken in. l steady as a 'rock and tobacco sells high. 728 L P C I T, valued at 139, sold at 160c All grades are eagerly bought. 672 L P C I Padang Brabrang, V!llued at 138, Wimton Sentinel, Aug. 4:-The tobacco sold at 165c. acreage in Forsyth this year is very much 426 l::l & C Deli E I Bobongan, valued at107;14. reduced from former years. but the crop @Old at 120c. looks well and promises a yield of good qual 30 S & C Deli E I Bobongan, valued at 113, ily 8t8ck. sold at 120c. 235 s & c Dali s A 1 Bobongan, values at Warrenton Gazette, 'Aug. 5 :-Tobacco sold 116;14, sold at 1 2oc. unusually high here this week, but the old 190 s & o Deli s A 1 Bobongan, valued at crop must be about marketed by this time. 87, sold at 90c Mr. Tom Bolton sold primings here last 362 6 & c Deli T T 1 Be>bongan, valued at Friday at 15 cents a pound. They were the 92;14, sold at 105c. prettiest we ever saw. 3 s & c Deli, valued at 1207s, sold at 130c. Common tobacco is about 100 per cent. 1 1 d ld higher now than it was in April. 580 Arnbemia De i, va ue at 151, so at Reidsville Times, Aug. 5 ;-Tobacco CQD 172c. 181 Pabatoe Padang 1 Deli, valued at lOS, tinues to pour in, and we hear no complamt sold at 126c. about prices. 245 Arnst. Deli Cie 1 B, valued at 116,' sold Asheville Citizen, Aug. 4:-Mr. J. Wiley at 123c. Nelson, of Madison, was in to see us yester290 Amst. Deli Cie 1 D, valued at 126, sold tlay. He reports the growing tobacco crop at 125c. of this county the most uneven the planters 785 Amst. Deli Cie 1 V, valued at bave ever had, and about one-half. taken in. The wheat is very. good, while the corn crop 770 K & K 1 B 1 Deli, valued at 128, sold at promm; es to he superlatively so. 1S6c fl..\ --769 K & K 1 M 1 Deli, valued at 120, sold at J \' IN FLORIDA. 14Go. Quincy Herald, Aug. 6:-The tobacco crop 641 E G I valued at 97, sold at llOc. Ia being housed, and the planters are getting 480 E M: I valued at 145, sold at 175c. it ready for market as rapidly as possible. 262 J H 1 valued at 185, sold at 170c. The crop in this county will he large and of 180 J H 1 Deh, valued at sold at 170. line quality 879 W & V S I D&li Langkat I B, valued at Lak c Pla t A 6 Ca t 142, sold at 165c. e Ity vuu.cco n ug. :-p 219 L L, valued at taken in. W. H. Pasc_bal left with us Saturday a 205 H M & C, valued at 134, sold at 135c. of h1s tobacco crop. It 1s P!!nasylva-685 J T 1 Deli, vr.lued at 165, sold at 202c. ma Seed leaf and very fine, both 1n apptoo..r 193 E P 1 P & G valued at 103, sold at 122c : ance a.nd texture. Capt. bas 16 B c valued at30%, sold at 38c. acres m tobacco, and bas dlSpo_sed of h1s 719 Deli Maatschij 1 E, valued at 186, sold at crop at 25 cents a pound taken as 1t comes. 183c. Key West EqU&tor, Aug. 4:-Several of 275 Deli Maatsohij 1 E, valued at 176, solj at our larger factories complain that the lSaa. steamer, on her arrival here, leaves so quick540 Deli Mnatschij 1 K, valued at 167, sold at ly that much freight is left behind. 187c. Canals is building himself a tlne residence 1088 Deli Maatschij 1 P, valued at 136;1!, 110ld on Watson This pushing manufac at 148c. turer baa coined money since he started busi798 Deli Maatscbij 1 Deli-Toewa, valued at ness here. sold at 240c. Messrs. R. A Lord & Co. have moved to 447 Deli Maatschij D I Lankat, valued at El Progreso, the new Key West suburb. 149, sold at 178c. This factory, by the indomitable and 779 S & R I III I Deli, valued a' 114, sold at perseverance of its proprietors, has grown 130c. and flourished like a green bay tree, 648 K M 1 Deli, valued at taken in. Williams & CQ. are bard to 640 St. Cyr 1 Deli, valued at 163, sold at 193c control of our local reta1l trad_e and 'Yith 283 A B 1 Ddi No. 11 283, valued at 148, sold every chance of success. A Wrlhams c1gar at 166c. is now .the popular smoke for Key Weste1s, '." a JUNGBLUTH & RAUTERBERG, TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIES: StrGAR, GLYCERINE, PETROLATtrM; TIN FOIL, FLAVORS, EXTRACTS, Ete. BOLE AGENTS FOR .JAJIES C, MoANDILEW'II LICORICE PASTE. X...O'C'XB'VXX...X...:BJ, The Tobacco Refrigerating Company. INCORPORATED UNDli(.R THE LAWS OF NEW YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES Prelfdeat. .::! / -._:..--:-- DARIUS FERRY !${' I, AlENT EU \ AT ..,. lh. \-New York:, M .. cu u1 tSS6 ;... S Lancaster, Pa., M. OPPENHEIMER, Trea1. and Sec,-. l\rv. Edgerton, Wis. MAIN OFFICE: 13R WATER STREET, NEW .YORK. We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturers to the l'dvantagel! derived from the use of our system Tobacco. First: The ABSOLUTE prevention of decay. Second: The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the of hutre and life. Third: The GREATER yield. of wrappers, compared with tobacco of the same arrade cured in the natural way. had in the last season over 7,000 cases, bales and hogsheads on storage Refrigerating System from different parties, all of whom spea.k in the highest terms of the superiority of toba.cco treated under this system. Tobo.cco consigned to F. C. Linde, Hamilton &. Co. at the varioua points will rec ive proper attention LOUIS F. FBOlYIEB., CIGAR 77th St., 3d and Lexington FACTORY Jfo. 352, 3d DIST., JfEW YORX. OF DURHAM Smokin[ Tobacco Selaoted Leaf from GOLDER BELT ol Jforth Carollna. 1'17 It I Sold on lte own MoritA for a Living Profi t. Dr Do no offer jewelry, furniture, gifts, or agree to pay your rebt, take Jato pat"tnership. set a broken leg, or keep yqur gas meter from counting toe much, o r perform any -r mirac le ...J1i1 But do promise to rive JOU the best Smoking Tobacco 011 at u low a pile lUis consistent with quality. Z. I. L YON & CO., Durham, N. C. and this proves tbs grade and worth of the weed. Last, but not least, comes our friend, L B Conde, with his hundred employees. Key W et1ters are proud of the stroke of success that has followed Conde, arid the reputation that his cigars have gained is another wreath for Key West. Gato's factory, in spite of the absence of the propr,ietor in New York, continues to turn out its usual number of cigars, and they, as all know, are of the best quality. Gato's favorite brands are smoked from the Mediterranean to the Pacific .. The new factory of Luzano, Pendas & Co .. under tbe management of R. J. Perry, are fast extending their business here. We feel confident ihat the location of this house in our midst will be an important factor in the future growth of the Island City. The old reliable factory of Seidenberg & Co., under the management of Mr. Henry Moss, continues making its thousands of ci gars weekly. This factory is one of the old est as well as the best known. Their -brands have always met popular favor and have never ceased to grow in appreciation. IN WISCONSIN, Edgertoa WtBComin Tobacce Revorter, Aug. 6:-0. M. Gager. of Philadelphia, ar rived in this market Wednesday evening. Vernon county reports through its assessors 251 acres of growing tobacco. .Max and Joe. Ganslefthere for home Mon day evening, after purchasing about 460 boxes of '86 Wisconsin. The official figures of Dane county place the of tobacco r eported by the aSSPR sors at acres; of tobacco grown iu '86 5,289, 798 pounds are given. Mr. Frank Pulver, a Pearl street. New York, importer. arrived iu this market Mon day tovening. M Pulver i s making a tour of the gowing States with a view of pur cbasin!l: '86 tobBcco. At 4 o'clock Tbursd"Y morning a det. t ull tive fire broke out iu Orfordville. T lle Alarm was at once given, but bPfo, e fillmes could l.Je got under control H t mson't tobauuv warehouse wa.s entirely destroyed. TnelJss was fully $2.500. A large black cut worm is reported to b e troubling some to' acco fields. The worm works upon the plant just above the ground aad will gnck, within the store (hy order of Gen. M. T. Me Mahon, U. S. Marshal), 12,500 imported cigars, seized for violation of the Revenue laws. Also 10.000 choice Key Wast cigars. 11 ,000 domestic cigars, and lO,QOO Seed and Havana cigars .Tohn P. S&ratton' CELBBBATED BRASS .AND DrSTRUIIEJITS, N"o't1.czc lr W AJI'TED I'OR CASH, _.. CIGAR CUTTINGS l'or Dome.tio and Ezport u ... Glftl rate o t !:':!i"!o! :O...,;u to WheeJbJc'. We 81'8 al-y In the market for Tobacco CutUDp, U &hey an olean Blld.dry and not mUity, BLOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. C. JOURGENSEN [s a Printer, Lithogra11her, Genera.! Muufacmrin& Stationer, and publishes Revenue Books aad BlBDka at liS Maidenlane, New York. SITUATION WANTED in an office or ware house by a young Scotchman with a first class edu cation, and wh o has been in this country for &e1' era years. Writes a splendid hand. Willing to d& anything. Steady employment desired rather than high wags R e ferences will be given by Mr. John G. Graff ut this 1171-tt IMPORTANT TO CIGAR M.ANUFAC TURERS. I am in poeseseien of a patent for purpose of neutralizing the nicotine from t _obacco used in the m11nufacture of cigars. It does not injure the flavor. of t o hflcco, but rather improves it. No smoker w1ll u f fl[old. Quantity. ........ u 4,256 ........ 39 4,018 .......... 25 3,007 .......... 63 8,997 .......... 80 4,536 ........ 15 4 .5841 .......... 16 8,601. ......... 12 4,467 .......... 11! 8,162 ......... 20 8,287 .......... llO 4,286 .......... 20 8,1116 .......... 26 4,306 ........ SO 4,186 .......... 16 4,214 .......... 48 4 ,515 .......... 58 Some of the a boTe molds are new and hnen't been used. Also cigarmakers' boards of .M. D. & P.'a make Address 1178-74 FRANK CliAKBBRLAIB. AlbaDy, N. T. A.LSO F. Stratton' :&::.07 Gold Trumpet the hands o mest I PICADURA CHEROOTS. Accordeona in the market. John 1'". Stratton's Pic 'l'racle-JD:arJr: 1 colo Aceordeona John F. Stratton's celeurated Harp Guitan, ete etc., etc tJ' F tJ'. .:X:.. P, IITHATI'ON, 49 Jlaldea Lane, New Yerll.. Pa'te:n.'ta. HOJI' A. H. CIU.GIJI' & SOJf, 914 F ST., WASM!{GTON, D. 0., Atton>e18 and Sollcik>ra of Patent&, Trade lllar.... etc., aall all matters before t.h8 ExecutiTe Departments or 0ollgt"'OL Refer to 2nd Nat. Banlr. Send stamp for oorreopondellr. 11. W. Oragln wu formerly &IIC>Ciated with W P. Burwell and was an Examiner in the Patent Ollloe. UY-3& Prlnelpat Depou:-192 Broadway, comer Jol 11. ; ud -'811 Brc>ad "ay, comer Broeme, New Y Gr'a The abeve ln'and, hal'iag bee1l copyrighted, tilt trade le not to Imitate Ule aame under U.. peaalty of the law. Kacll package, coataininr 11 clleroota in tiafoil, hean a ye1law label with an X on the face of the lallel and a white label acroea OM end of package, an wllicb are the htitiall, J F. J. X. Alao imported Key Wut and DomuL!c Cht&no a.ll at Whole.We. 1147-72 J. F. J. XIQUI!S.


4 Beeelpta aad Stocke In all Western Marketa. (ll.eportod by Wm G Meier & Co } Receipte from Stocks on hand Jan 1 to Aug 1. Aug. 1 1887 18.36 1887 1886 Lomsville 79.700 75,212 32 257 24 32 0 Cmcm:b.att. 36 57'l 33 939 16 127 14 045 St. LOUIS .. .. 7,820 5.156 7 728 5 069 ClarKSVIlle ... 31170 3L 770 12 604 10 968 HopkmsVllle. 9, 725 9, 788 3 798 2,741 Paducah ... 13 457 11 096 8 192 "179 NashVille. 4,928 6,301 1 643 991 Evansville.. 5 337 'l 576 889 798 llayfleld. 10,890 8 ,08 5 4,263 1,880 Total. .199, 601 185,923 87,501 'Toltaceo Rateeln Hochead Per 100 Po and. (Reported by E C Franke & Co ) Louisville-New York, 25c; Baltimore, 22c, Phtladelphta, 23c; New Orleans, SOc: New Orleans by r1ver, 23c: Richmond, Cmctnnatt-New Baltimore, Ph1ladelph1a, New Orleans. 33c, New Ol'leans bvr1ver. 25c, Rtchmond. Clarksville-New York. 42c; Baltimore, "39c; Phtladelplua, 4tlc, New Orleans, 25c, Richmond, 1 Paducah-New Yook. 29c; Baltimore 26c, Phtladelphta, 27c, Ne,.,. Orleans, 20c, New Orleans by nver, 20c, Rochmond 32c St. Louts-New Yook, 31c; Baltimore 28c, Phtladelpbuo. New Orleans, 30c, N e w Orleans by rtver. S0c; Rochmond, -. Hopkmsv1lle-New York, 49c; Balttmore, 46c: Ph1ladelpbta, 47c, New Orleans, RIChmond, EvansVille-New York 29c: Balttmooe 26c, Pbtladelohta, 27c, Rt"bmond 37c Nashville-New York, :l7c: Balttmor@ 35c, Phtladelphta, 36c; New Orleans, $4 50 p e r hbd; New Orleans by rtver, $3.25 per hhd IUchmoml, 32c. Mayfield-N. w York, 36e: Balttmere. Philadelphia, 35c, New Orleans, 25c; R tdl, mond, -. 'The To-bae(l9J E$1t.ldate-An Open Le'Uer &o the Comnduloner of A::;rlenlture. Messrs. Glover & Durrett, of the LoUISVIlle Tobacco Warehouse. have the followtn g letter to Mr. Norman J Colman, CommiS sioner of Agrwulture. LoUISVILLE, Aug 3, 1887.-Hon Norman J. Colman Commissioner of A.grtculture, Wash ington, D C -Dear Str We take occasiOn to refer to that part of your agrwuhural report of July, 1887, m which you gtve an estimate of the of tobacco th1s year, as com pared wtth that of last year 10 the several tobacco States. Your estimate of tha acreagE! for is 78 per cent of that of last year; Tennessee, 95 per cent In diana, 92 per cent.; 90 per cent. and IllinOis ana Ohio. 85 per cent eacll It is to your report Ell! it concerns these States to whiCh we take exceptions, aud as the 11gures are so far at variance wtth the vtews or the people of these States, we take the liberty of you to gtve the bas1s ot your concluswnA. In the months of June and July we sent circulars toJ thousands of the tobacco growers in the States referred to, mquirmg a s to the acreage planted by them for each of the two years, and we recetved replies from 14,267 farmers. The ctrcular was stmple In form, and requested each party to gtve the num ber of acres planted by h1m m 1886 and the -number of acres planted thts year. We patd no attentiOn to general v1ews as to the com parative extent of the re@pecttve crops, but took the ev1dence of the 14. 267 tobacco grow era a.s to the1r indiVidual plantmg, and be lieve that an average based upon so large a representation cannot be materially wrong The replies from 7 530 Kentu(]ky farmers give tbetr tobacco crop last year at acres, against 27 2"-4 acres th1s year, or a ht Ue less than 42 per centf of last year's crop, against your estimate of 78 per cent. The .... 2,291 Indiana farmers give their tobacco crop of last year at 12 548 acres, agam&t 3,432 acres this year, or a little less than 28 per cent of last year's crop, agamat your estimate of 92 per cent. The replies from 1 890 Tennessfle farmers give thetr to bacco crop last year at 12,360 acres, agamat acres tb1s year, or a ltttle lese tlian 33 per cent. of last year's crop, agamst your estimatA of 95 per cent, The rephes from 1,307 Missoun farmers give thetr tobacco crop last year at 6,617 acres, agamst 1,329 acres this year, or a httle less than 21 per cent. of last year's crop, agamst your est1 mate of 90 per cent. The rephes from 793 lllinois farmers gtve their tobacco crop last year at 4 917 acres, agamst 972 acres tbts year. or a ltttle less 20 per cent of last year's crop, ngamst your estimate of 85 per oent. The rephes from 456 Ohio farmers give their tobMco crop last year at 4 671 acres, agamet 1,898 acres this year, or a little less than 41 per cent. of last year's crop, against your estimate of 85 per cent. It has been our custom for years to form an estimate of the growing crops as com paretlll'tth previous crops by this plan of in vest1gatton, and the marketmg of the crops has always shown that our estimates were approximately correct. It may be proper, in this connectiOn, to mentiOn that we are not dealers m tobacco, but do stnctly a com missiOn busmess. not bemg mterested In the purchase of tobacco eiiher dtrectly or mdt rectly, and arenot 1n positiOn to reap any material benefit from any advance that may occnr m the prtce of tobacco, and our only ebject m makmg the extenstve mvesttgahon referred to, as to the extent of the crop, was to form an intelligent conclusiOn as to the shortage of the present crop m order to gtve buyerB as well a11 sellers of tobacco the bene fit of the true s1tuat10n. We conce1ve that your estimates must ltave been based certamly upon a number of replie& much more limited than ours, and as we are not d1sposed to attribute any wrong motive to the "great unknown," we are forced to conclude that your correspondents are superannuated fossils of the KnowNothmg" party. n is possible that your statisuman may not hold in as high regard as we do the statements of the growers of to bacco concermng their own productions, but thetr eVidence cooclusi ve to us. A long experience has taught us that estt mates based upon the average of numerous individual reports have fatrly represented the general result. The advance m the prtce of such types of tobacco as are produced m the States m ques tion has been unprecedentedly rap1d, some grades have more than doubled m value m the past few months, aud the wonderful arl vance thus recorded has been solely due to the great shortage m the crop recently planted. Those mterested m tobacco, who 'relocated wtthm reasonable distance of the <>ducmg eec o n6, wtll not he IDfiuenced by 'griCultural report so wtdt> of the mBrk OUJ.' report, bearmg as It does the offiCial of Approval cannot fatl .ng wHght wtth foreogn countries, as they are m the bel:ef that reports emanatmg from the Government are wortbv of credence Your report IS, therefore, an inJustice to those who have mtlhons of dol Iars mvested m leaf tobacco. and ts at once a lever m tbe hands ef fore1gn monopolists w1th whtch to still further oppress the Amen can tobacco producers. The rumously low prtces which prevailed 'for tobacco durmg last year and durmg the early part of thts year were certamly dts couragmg m the highest degree to the to farmers of the West, and npw that .J have adopted the onl,r plan .of relief, t of d1minisbed productton, It is exceed tly strange that the machmery of the1r Government (which collects a tax of ., centA per pound from the manufactured tee<11 should furmsh a barrier tn the way of :1e leaf tobacco mterest reahztog the value ;f thetr goods, based upon the fact ot vastly .iimm1shed production. We have no personal benefits to reap by a discussion of your reports, but we Issue d on July 19, after much e.xpense and research, a very elaborate mrcular on the comparative production of the two years, and as the dtscrcpai:!CY tn your as compared wttb ours, IS so material, we feel 1t nght and proper to make a defenee of our posttwn, knowmg that our rPport, whole not be>Lrtnl.( the "ear marks" of Government approval, bers dostmctly the stamp of the truth. You can be fuomsbed wtth letters frGm thousands of farmers m the tobacco States wbn are not the of a pound of tobacc n (and, therefore dosmterestedl. "ho wall abundantly tPRttfy to the maccuracy of yoUt figures, and the pubhc would, no doubt, be g lad to have the number and name s of youo correspondents upon whose statement you predtcate your data. Yours trnlv. GLOVER & DURRETT. 'J o baeco Men Prote&. The teba;!CO men held a meetmg in thA office of the Enterprise .,arehouRe yesterday mornmg m order to attend to some of ti.Je bu81ness necessary for correctmg the errors of S t atist1caan Dodge of the Nauonal Agrt cultural Bmeau They assembled dtrectly after the sales. and nearly every warehouse was represented Hon. Albert Wtllts was also present The only busmess transacted was to appomt a committee to fm ther con alder the matter Those selected to serve on thts body were J. S Phelps Planters House, Wilham P Johnson, Enterpros e Houe, H Q Grmton. SawytJr, Wallace & Co James E Gorm, Farmers' House At fom o 'clock m the afternoon t .he mem bers of the committee met at the Enterpnse Hous e They dectde d 1t would b e b e a t to 10 vtte 'the Cmcmoat t, Cl arksville and other tobacco markets to JOIU, m tbe pffort to s ecure the removal of the person wbo publishe d the mos l eadmg stattsttc. Ac cordmgly the followiDg ctrcular l etter was prepare d and sent out to the different ware h ousemen m thPse markets LOUISVILLE, Ky, Aug 8.-To Tobacco Warehousemen-Gentlemen that you feel w1th us that great mJustice bas be e n done to the growers of t oba('co through out the }Vest by the maccurate repm t of the CommiSSioner of Agnculture w1th regard to the extent of bhe growmg crop !?f' tqb' ac'co, we r equilst and urge upon you, as representatives of 'the fa:trmmg intere, ts, to call a meetmg of your warehouseme n to appomt a committee to meet us m thts c 1ty on Satur day next, Au!!:US t 1tl, to mau(lurate a protest the report of the. CommiSSioner of Agriculture and to appomt a smtable com mtttee to VIsit Washmgton for the purpose of havmg the proper correctiOns made. The time is short, please act promptly and let us hear 1mmedtately as to your decJston. We expect representatives from Cincmnat1, Evansville Clarksvtlle, Paducah, Mayfield, Hopkmsvtlle and Nashville to l.le present Respeetfully,' James E Gorm. manager Farmers' Tobacco Co :Sawyer, Wallace & Co.; J S Pfielps & Co., propnetors Planters' Wareboue, P. Johnson & Co, proprietOrs Enterphse Warehouse; W. S. Eri warc1s & Co -proprietors Central W 1\rebouse, Glover & Durrett, propria tors Loutsvtlle Warehouse, Wbtte, Brown & Wbtte, proprietors Green Rtver Watehouse, Hare McLeod & Co, proprietors Falls Ctty Warehouse, Me guiar, Yancy & Co, proprietors Nmtb street Warehouse, Braum, Brand & Glover. Boone Tobacco Warehouse: C. A Brodges & Co., propnetors Ptckett Warehouse; Gtvens, Headley & Co Another meetmg w1ll be held Saturday afternoon at the Enter prtse House, after the answers to the letters are received, to make the final arrangements to forwat d the pro test to Washmgton. Loutsv1lle Courter Journal, Aug 9. The Tobacco Report o:f 1he o A.u;rlcullure. LOUISVILLE, Aug. 8 -The tobacco trade of thts cny held a meetmg to mght and sent out Circulars to the tobacco men m all the other markets of the State, requestwg them to co operate wtth them m stgmng a petttton to Prestdent Cleveland, askwg, in vieW' of Sta ttstlctan Dod,;e's recent tobacco report, that he be removed from hts positiOn m the Department of A.grtculture. HOPKINSVILLE, Aug. 4 -At the close of the sales to-day at the HopkmBvtlle Tobacco Ex: change, on mot10n of W G Wheeler, J. D. Ware, George V. Green and S. 0. Mercer were arpomted a committee to express the sense o the HopkmsVllle 'fobacco Board of Trade m regard to the July report of the A.g rtc.ultural at W asbmgton on the cond1t1on of the growmg tobacco crop. In pursuance of the mstruct10ns of the Board of Trade the committee presented the followmg statement The Tobacco Board of Trade of Hopkms vtlle, Ky situated m ChriStian county, the dark tobacco growmg county m the U r.1on, enter tbetr earnest protest agamst the r"port of the Department of AgriCulture at Wasbmgton for July, 1887, tn wbtch the acre age and cond1t10n of the growmg tobacco crop are grossly overestimated, to tbemjury of the tobaccoi/;rowers and detriment of tbe tobacco trade at large throughout the UniOn. The Department report 13 10 flagrant cootradtc twn to carefully prepared reports of the most trustworthy character from all the tobacco growmg dostncts. Ic IS a damagm,blow at a farm1ng mterest mvol vmg many mtliio!lB of dollars 'l'bts stupendous official misstate ment overestimates the growmg crop at least 100 per Cf'nt In respect to the Important dark tobacco dtstriCt commonly called the Clarksville dtstnct, of w b10h Hopkmsvllle and Chr1st1an county are the centre, we as sert, from personal observatiOn and mforma t10n of undoubted reliabthty, that the de partment report exaggerated the grow1og crop more than 100 per cent. under the most favorable condttlons, w1th a fjrobabthty that the crop wtll not reach 30 per cent. We 10 vtte an expressiOn of the Vlews from other tobacco boards of trade J.D. WAY, GEO. V GREEN, t'. 0 MERCER, C ommittee. Loul!lvllle Tobacco Market" A..u::. 61 1887. Under lighter offenngs Burleys 1veaker, dark sorts unchanged, Green oovet fillers fully hogher, and very bot, dry weHtber were the mam features of the market tbts week. Burleys-Offermgs were mostly low and medmm grades of red, the proportion of good and fine 1 ed leaf very small The mar ket has not regamed the ammatwn or pncee of two weeks ago, wtth greater mntlference ,on the part of buyers thts week, wb1ch even the smaller supplies fatted to exctte, and the sangmne Ttews of the holders pr1ces were not reahzed so far Trash and common lug smokers and medmm Jugs I quote %c lower. wtth all the better grades nearer mstde fgures, and selections tbts week a.e the htghest, wttb an occasiOnal bbd of medtum to good leaf 2c lower yester day, wttb only 23 hbds all sorts offered to day. Colory and bright nommal, from scarc1ty. Leadmg buyers took few, and speculators also head off exceptmg at lower figures. Almost the entire reJections thts week were Burleys. Old Burleys were wttbout auy new fea tures beyond part al;een done to e s tnbhsh the fact that the '86 crop shows up s ome very destres Lottle Dutch, 287 cases WI con m, 96 ca s e s Y or k State E'eed, 219 bales Sumatra, 301 bales Hav a n a and 820 bhds Vngoma and We s tern leaf toba c c o Sales show 86 cases Connecucut, 319 cases Penn syl v a ma, 49 ca ses Ohoo, 20 ca es Lottie Dutch li>9 cases W oaconsm, 116 cases York State Seed 123 bales Sumataa, 1> 8 bales Havana and 24 hlld Wet ern leaf m trans i t dnect to manuf a cturers Export ot leaf tobacco-To Laverpool, per s it Lo1d Geu g h 87,230 lbs to Antwerp, per str Nord l and, 18,165 lbs Total, 105 395 lbs -Western & Southern Markets. BALTIMOU.E, Md Aug 11 Ed Wischmeyer & Co, tobacco commiSSI" n mer chant, report to the ToBAcco LEAF -l' be acuve demand for M"-ryland contmues, and the market ts very firm fer all export grades The 1 e cetpt s are somewhat better, and sellers' flo n o t urge the ofiecu'lg stock. There os lottie demg m Obw but the market is strong and pri c es a shade heoter Most all the au cured tobaccos contmue wtthurawn from market, owners awattmg further develop ments. l u spected thos week, 1 979 b hds Maryland, 507 hhds Ob1o, 18 hllds Vorgima 'l'otal, 2,504 hhds Cleared same penodPer sir Laagharst for Ant weq 30 hbds Maryland, per str Mentmore for Liverpool, 62 bhds Vtrgtaaa, per str Pera for Rot tetdam, 345 hhds Maryland; per str York Coty for London 134 hbds and 1.04 trcs Vorgoma per str Belair for Bras tot lOB hbds Vu gmoa per str 1m bros for London, 60 bhds Vtrgmoa per str Ameraca f, r Bremen, 406 bhds !lar y ( and, 89 bhds Vuglma, 5 bhds Kentucky, 151 hhds Vorgma stems TOBACCO STATEHBNT Jl!oll 1, 1887-Stock oa ha.nd oa tobacco wareheuse and on shtpboard not cleared 23 098 hhd s [nspected thts week 2,494 hhds [nspected prevoously .. 22 554 hhds 48 146 hhd s Exports or Maryland and Ohio smce Jan. 1, 1&87 16,514 tt.Ms 8btpped COI\Stw1811 aud re mspected .. .. .. 3,759 hhrls 20 273 hhds .:ltock 10 warehouse this day and on shipboard not c1earea........ 27, 8.3 hbds Stock 8SUile tnne m 1886 . .. 28,808 hhds Manufactured tob1cco contmues qmet Smokmg Tobacco Manufacturers are very busy Ol:NU.ll'tll'tiATl, o 10 -Messno Prague & Matcoaa, Leaf 'l'obacco Brolr.ers and Ro dryeno of Cutting Leaf and Plug Tobacco, report as follows to the TOBACCO LBAJP -The sales smce cur last report have been conSider!lbly smaller than for the precedmg two weeka, but tbe market bas ruled strong aad act1ve for all sorts Medtum to good trash and common lugs have m acttv e re quest, also good and medmm leaf Total olfermgs for the year to date, 46,441 hhds, agatnst 42 665 hhds same tome last year Hbds Rece1pts f<>r tho week . .. 2 ,568 Receapts same week !liSt year.. .. Of the 1,545 hhds 26 sold from 1 00 to 3 70, from 4 00 to 5 90, 206 from 6 00 to 7 95, 252 f10m 8 00 to 9 95, 606 from 10 00 to 14 75, 375 f1om 00 to 19 75, 14 from 20 00 to 22 75, and 2 at 25 50 to 26 00 Tbts week ooened With liberal but w1th the market a shade easaer !ban last week, but to day's market has fully recovered last week's ac IIVIty, and pnces were stron fi6 to 17 50 9 cases OhiO at 2 80 to 1a 9 cases Dutch at 7 50 to 12 75,6 cases lndi"na at a 00. Q.UOTATIONS Cut tang Stock-Smokmg Lugs Scraps and Inrenor Trash 2 00 4 00 Common Daok ... 6 00@ 7 00 Common Broght 7 00@ 8 00 MediUm Bright .... B liO@lO 00 Good llngbt 10 50@12 00 8 00 10 50@12 ou 12 00@15 00 Medmm Bnght... 14 00.@16 01 G od Bngbt 16 50@18 50 Fane Bngbt 20 00@25 00 Manufactunng-Piug Fellers Common Da k 9 00@11 00 Medcum .... 12 00 G<>o.l R o d 16 00@18 00 F1ne 19 00@2f oo Vosttors on the tobacco sales the past week were llir J N Boyd of J. N Beyd & Co a leadmg and representative leaf tobacco firm of Rochmond, Va .&lr. l:!aAJ Reod, of tb e Sam RelCl Tobacco Comp ny, of St Joe, M o tobacco manufacturers Mr Brown, of the B t own Toh acco Company, of Montgomery CJty, Mo tobacco manufacturers Mr. Oaen of D. Scotten & Co of Detrmt, Moch tobacco manufaetnrer s .&fr Dwore, of Well man & Dwtre, Qumcy, Ill tobacco manufactur ers Mr J B P"rso11s, of the Lake Eno T"bacco Company, IJleveland, 0 tobacco manufacturers F. W DoHRMANN & SoN, Leaf Tobacco B r okers, r e port to the ToBAcco LEAF under date o f Aug 6 OEeungs week 1 ,545 bbds ales durmg week ..... 1,318 Rcce1pts aunng week. 2,otl8 Our market thos weeK centmued generally ac tove fot all g ades, and pnces remamed unchanged except f o r col 0ry sorts wll.lch were )I( to h gllet 'I he oifermgs were consoderably smaller than dunng the pi\St two weeks, showmg 'hat hold ers are veoy firm m their vaews and r mtei medt ate uades Quahty m o mly v o ry poor Weatbe1 hut and d r y all week on 1 st, 8,192 hhd> Itecupts for week .. neeeopts smce Jan 1 ..... Oll'ermgs for week J)fteung$ ror year : .... N el sales for week N ct sales for year QUOTATIONS Lugs-CommQn (dark)-rerl 01 col,ry MediUm do Good do J4"'Jne r'o Leaf-Low do Common ao 111edmm do Good do Hhd s 479 .. 1a,936 7 1 14,098 681 12,3 1 2 6 @ 7 6 @ 7 7 @ 8 Fme do .. 8 @ 1U 18 @15 Selectoons, (dark or co lory) ..... -RAIES OF TRAN91"0RAUON Ratee to New York, water .ind rrul,'per 100 lbs .' 35c do do all rat!, do do 29c do New Orleans, all raol, do do 20c do do by water, do do 20c Bost o n rate s 58 above NewYn c a n $ 50 m box I' {6 Srb1ud, quaht. y 100 lll box, loose :Mauhaua, 1001n b o x 4 bund1e s .x,C u limes Ill b o x i'.la u h auu, P ets 50m lJox, e b Undl es. H a \ ana l o uoo fill e r an III\ van a. fillers Our Yuru. 50 m bux '"' No. 39, C onch a s E x t r a M m bo H eile du, Con chAA F ma. 5() m b o x No 4l,,Conc1las K spec l a l 50m :ox lOU in b o x 2 bundles Nota.ry C onchas 100 m b o x 2 b undles Belle quinto Ooncha!ri.J\ 100m b o x \!bundles HaY aua. C u t fille r ... ar.. ga. Itt. m a flO m box SpaniMh 5'1'i Re m a Perfecto 25 m b o x loose Very dJe li 50 neat package I b _, e ega a m l harlot .. Co n c has Selectog 50 m box bands o x Puluters .. 4% mches In ltmgth 100 lD b o x 2 bund les R e iDa V t c t o na. 1 00 m box, 2 Vl.ry c h Oice Fl t1 n .rry C<>n chas Supe nor Combmation 100 i n b o x I or2 be di ontclaJr, Rema Vtcton a Extr a 100m un es 1173-76 A Sampl e O rder for one o r more of abov e Brands Sohmted ctsco manu f acturers assert, and wot h go o d oe .. -on, that they can offe r a bettr cog ar tor the m o ney than a ny o t h er s In th e c o u u lry Fore1gn Markets. LO:NDON.-Messrs Grant. Uhambers & Co, m their corcular dateli July 30, say.Dunng the whole of the thece has been but httle mqutry 111 th1s market, resultmg on of Ame1tcan grvwths summmg up but aH inetgotticant total, and cons1stmg of from the vanous go ades off e1 iog Importers contmue to bold fot the advanced rat es, and oakmg mto constdeoation the unfavorable statements re spectmg the growmg cro p, It posstble that even hogber may rule later on m the yem lt,Iom Heoder8oo, under date of the 16th mstant, we Jean. that the J 11ly plantmg se ems to he domg badly, and a veo y l arge part h'\8 alreadv dted" 'rhts has been caused by the excees1ve bea t. F10m the same source, as 11\te as the 26th we are a lso telegraphed that pnces contmued to ad vance, aud tbat not more w a n h alt a cro p cuuld be expe cted to b e ratee d Instr uct10ns have bee n received to oes bop to the Umte d States 196 hbds V\' estern leaf. as priC e s un the o t h e r sode a(e lngher tba n tboe that rule bet e These wtll be ohsp9.tch e d the earl y pao t of next month Subeen done 1 Imports 2 ,262 bbds Dehvertee,l\!23 bhds, aga10st 9i4 111 the correspw that but little mooe one thud of the year's acrcls are under ; culttvatooll f o r tobacco tbts year, and 1 t de-, pends now on the how many pounds of tobacc o these ncr s \YIII produce at pre sent the putlook IS rather The utterly and r1d1culous report; I ssue d by the Agrc ult11ral Department oo tobacco has been with the greatest tndiguatwn by the to ad e. It IS so very extrli.ordmat Ily far off fro m the truth or facts that It IS generally expected tbl't all men mter este d 10 the to'>acco trade, eoth e r m A.mer1ca 01 Europe, wtll b a better mf !TIDed so a9 not to be by the rPport I t ts to be hoped that the parties wtll b e I emoved from office and make room for some better and more deservmg men The U m ted States Government rece1ved last year on tobacco taxes $30 108 067 13, and a gr.>nd total for the last t weoty-flve years 1863) of $747.981 4.10 21, a sum lar,;e enoqgh to JUStify the trade to demand of the Governmeut to give some more and better attentiOn to correct stattsttcs and reporte as to the stand of the tobacco crop. Very reE C FRANKB & Co. Lmttivtlle, Ky., July 31, 1887. Havana Ctgars-'rhe trade bas been dull J!lonthly of the Lynehburc Tgbaeeo througbent the month Some old crop c1gars .& .. oelatlon. wtll be offered at public aucuon on the 5th proximo. Mamla Ctgars and rel!;ular monthly meetmg of tbe TO'Some few sales have been effected of recenL b,acco As. so<;Ia.twn of the mty of Lync':tburg 1mports. Mamla tobacco of good quahty B ba held yes;erday, President EdwardP m the m request, but undesirable classe3 are dtffi c au Ttie reported the eales for cult to place. Mex1caa contmues slow of July to pounds. for the year to sale, a parcel of tbos growth w11l shortly be 18t of offered at auction. The president saod that It became !its duty Sumatra--Only reta:l done. S aed to announce offiCially the death of one th& Leaf-The parcel of leaf lately offered was oldest members of tbt3 trolde, Mr Culvtn :1! ord. sold at fatr prtces. Cutt10gs cdutmue scarce He suggested that business at the be Turkey bas ooen slow of sale. The certt supended durtng the funeral serviCes. ficates requtred by shtppers as to the pay Mr. N R Bowm:1n moved that the chatr ment of duty very much restnct busmess 10 appomt a committee t o draft resolutions of all T11rkisb growtbs. Jay-a.!...Some few sales respect to deceased aud have them pubhsbed of the desirable classes bave been made 111 the papets as eman 1110g from the b Gard. but &hfre 18 In tie of that character Tbe motiOn was adopted, and 1 H L9.takla contmues neglected the bet1 e1 Flood, Powhatan Haynes and W L. Bilwman classes, wbwh are scarce, are Negro w eoo appoanted the commottee bead and Cavendtsh m lamoted demand Capt F. T Lee moved as a further mark S talks 10 reques t tlmalls -A. fair busmess of respect that"' fi >ral trtbute ba sent m the done name of the assoc1o.twn. Adopted and Messrs F T Lee, Wm Kmg and Jas. R the Circular or E c. Franke & co. Kyle were appOJotsd to attend to @ame. Ow1og to the extremely bad oudook for the The cbatr announced the following pall ne\V crop. pnces for Burley advanced from bearers General J. H. Smotb, Thoa. E Mur d a y to day at such a rate that they reached r ., H S W Younger and S L Moorman. -figures about double or 1 hree times as h1gh as Lynchburg Vtt gznzan, Aug 4 early part thos year. Tobaccos whoch were called dear one day were cheap the next Tbts state of affatrs lasted up to 23d of July, DorhaJn Del,-a:at'i. to I the Morehead City, N. c,, Tobacco Coaveotlon. when two buyers, who took the greatest pot two of all Burley offenogs for several' days, The Durham 'l'obacco Board of Tr$de met w 1 thdre1V at tbe same ttme entirely from the at the Banner warehouse Tuesday' mormng matket, without wa mng and not buymg abd elected the followmg delegates to attend another hog,ebead. Tht,s was mote than even tbe conventoon at More bead Ctty,August 11, our market could stand, and a reactton set 1887, m the mterest of the tobacco busmees: m for good $17to $25 Burley, which was only J. S Lockhart, R F. Webb, Dr J. L Watkme, checked by t)le speedy and prompt with R. K. Smttb, T. D. R H Jones, J. 8. draw10g of all such offermgs by our ware Carr, G. W Watts, S. F. Tomlmson, E. J. housemen. smce lmve. been about the Parrtsb. J B Cobb, I M. Reams, same as they were the mtddle part of the J. T. J. Y. vyhitted, J. S. Long, H. A. month. Reams. J. B. Warren, T A. Noell, R. T. Ftl.u The dark tobaccOs dtd not ex:pertence such j cett, W. Duke.-Durham (N: G.) Tobacco extraordmary advances, but gradually be Plant, Aug. 3. ca111e stronger and stronger, with slow ad vaocmg tendenme, only bavmg at short I DAMAGED BY STORM -R. C Lockwood, of times a more raptd mciinatmn to follow the Wellsburg, N. Y., bad bts tobacco crop dam Burley style of JUmpmg. aged by storm Aug. 2 to the extent of $1,000. J'"O"LrD& ET.T NGEB, &, CO., CIGAR KAN11FACT17RERS, Key West. Pia.., and 51 Murray Street, New York.


AUG. I3. AMERICAN EACLE 'rB.lDK IU.BL FINE CUT, THE TOBACCO LEAF. Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin or Class Jars. AMERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOKING. Cold Spra National Leaa-ue Crown of Delight Cherty Clipper Double Plum 8 k Oriental roo Sun Rise Clock, Myrtle Navy, Eagle, Old Tar, Universal Favorite, Fawn, SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. GRANULATED SMOKING. LONG CUT SKOXING. Stork, Spray of Morning Dew, Lucky, ctub, Home Comfort. Miner's Favorite, Jtimbo, Jliner's Long Cut Bull Froe:, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Jlandy, Frog Long Cut, Facto"', -Plum, Best Ofonoco, Red Tail, '. ._.. Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, >UBI: Smoking Tobacf?! l : H NEUDECKER, Baltimore, Md.,. DISTRIBUTING AGENT FOB BALTIMORE AND VICINITY. -Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Canada llixture, Lucky Cut Plug, Bij ah's Choice, Brudder Ned, Elk. Dime Ram, Detroit Mixtures, Navy Ciippings Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Invincible Clever Green Corn. Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. Smoking Tobacpo -'' NATIONAL PROGRESS BUNCHING MACHINE COMPANY ; fNUORFoR-ATED oJUNE, 1!!1!!17. OFFcli oF SECRETARY : r 214-22o YORK """ -,A. ROESSLER. ... : ............ ... ofWm Wicke & Co., New York. l LOUIS ETTLINGER, ..................... & Ettlinger, :: I > WM. A. BROWN. ................ ,; .:Jroown & Earle, .. "ADOLPH' BRUSSELS, .'. : .... : ..... "}'l;le Lichtenstein Bros. Co., } TRUST E!J. ADOLPH LEWYN. ................... '' Lewyn & Martin, 1 JOB. OpPENHEIM, ............. ;; ... Levy Bros ., ,, A. C. S()HUTZ, 1 ......... : .. ... .. Ipventor, 1 J SCHUT%, .Pres.; .L. ETTLINCER, Y .lcePres.; JOS OPPENHEIM, &ec. and Treas. .. . } -::a.ti:.A.NQ'F.A.CTURE::A.& OF. I BEXIBLE:. CBE!SELBSS CI&U .MOLDS. AD -AND_ J "' THE PROGRESS BUNCHI.NG I M .ACHINE" Mators' 1 5,000 Scrap Bunches per day, with a Single Operator. n SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED t SKILLED NOT REQUIRED., 200 IN USE IN. NEW YORK CITY; 300 IN USE IN THE UNITED STATES. MACHINES PUT UP ANYWHERE ON TRIAL. I'LEXIBLE, OREASELESS CIGAR MOLD. Efr Send for Circular and full information. JC>&. Seo'y, AGESTS-N. Sheldon & So,n, 3!1!!1 N. :Jrd Street, JJJiluclelplola; Ani!' Reek & Uo., Uhleqo, Ill,, and St. Paul, Ml,.n.; G. f .1: Dclmcrlehs Lear 'I;'obaeeo Uo., !\t. Louis; Wm. 0 : Meyer, 'f 'Vest Front Street, Uneinnati; .Ed .<\.sehermann, .BII-wauke,e; Esberg, Baclunan & Uo., Sa,11 Franclseo, Uol. 11112-67 ZURIk:LDA'Y & DB EIJID.&. :IN [P, 0, Box)l4.i5. IMPORTERS OF FJNE LICORIGE,. PASTE, ROOT, OliVE. OIL, ETC.,. ETC. : C>PP:EJJR. B.&.X..E EXTRA FINE -Brand Spanish Licorice I \ A I \ A REAL COOD ARTICLE. In Cases 240 lbs each. r Brand. STRONC, PURE AND OF COOD FLAVOR. IMPORTED LICORICE Licorice Boot, Ordinary and Selected, in Bales and Bundles. POWDERED LICORICE PASTE, ground ,from finest imported. EAGLE BRAND POWDERED LICORICE, made from the Finest and Sweetest Root, free from any Adulteration OLIVE OIL. "Anchor" brand of superfine. pure SALAD OIL, In cases, I 0 one gallon tin cans each. '-Office and Salesroom: 153 CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK 1169 '' Key West, Fla. MANUFACTURERS OF THE CHOICEST New York omces: 675


6 TOBACCO LEAF.. AUG. I3 GRAND YUELTA KBAJO CIGAR FACTORY. Grand Hotel Pasaje, 1VIanuel Lopez & Co., Cuba. bSBo. 26, .Havana,. cuba !I "1:1 -as !! ..... ..... lbi:J :I CD 0 ;a; aq Gl ...... = ID IU ..... aq 0 CD E en & fl! c;.., -- Cl --CD CD :=-'l'lae LARGJ:ST an4 only FIRST .CLASS HOTEL oo the lalan4 of caba; 1D the belt part of Ule cl&y. Bnlarpd, lmproTed, new sanitary arr&Dpmenta, new IJI&D&I8Dlllnt, Kept UDder Amerlc&D aDd European plaDe. Completto aocommo4atlon for str&Dgel'll. P. C.A.S,TR.O d; co., ,f: : :: PROPRIETORS. FELIX MUBIAS & co MANUF ACTURERS, CIGAR Havana, Gtoa.: ])an. urao"tory or .! ""' i = .. cc Ill :z:t .., "'=' ....... ,..Se; cc .....:l ,, N .n.<:1 .C1gar Fac-tory, LA F L 0 R RE. NDUELES. \ Calle del Rayo No. ea, H&bana l .... "&, olr HAV Estrella St. 79, HAVANA. I GRAND GIGAR F !GTORY --OF-Y GOME.Z. -o--LEADING BRANDS: A RO' DE & coi, SEBASTIAN AZCANo, 8u. arez: 68, Habana. Telefono 1,021 CORTINA, MOftA EA., FLOR C::ORTINA, SHAKESPEARE, baile del Baro No. ll8 Habana J vuu L-411lc BrllD .. I .LOR DB SI!:BA.STIA.N .&.ZCA.l'l .. LOB DEL PA.RA.I!I00 PRIVILEGIO. EL l'I'IA.9A.RA.9 Lea4ine Brandl!: LA. IIIIPOSIOIO!I. .a.NlfY. 11 Jrlor de Dlaurleo1 Flo.r de B4aar4o c-&1Uo1tt t?l.a.." "La BoUaa,-" k "Cla.amplo'D." -.... .A.. BA.:N"cSs, Sole Proprietor of the well-known and celebrated FABRICA DE IABACOS. JU'.A.N' ca ::& cu -= ea .... Brand ot. c '' I I & I O--N 'PARTAGAS CIGARS Al!D 168 and 160 INDUSTRIA ST., (:\l'ostabUsh-.1 18415.) 1--OF.:_ .... JUNCO & CORUJO & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, 28 Paradise Street, England. CO'L"ME'HARES., & 34, H .AV4NA, CUBA. lfOTICE.-EstabU.hed ID 1840 by the ,.;,liable man.;racturer Aoto;.lo-;. Caruocbo IlAVANA, CUBA. CUile de San Ra1'ael No. 1.1.6. NOTE.-Thlo brand has been registered In the Pata91 I Oftlce at Washind<>D wW be pr.-cuted to the tulleot extent of the law. With Ex:bl.bition of Amf'terdam, 1888 .. ---Liverpool NEW YORK. Elmira Gazette, Aug. 11 :-Thus far the aeason has been favorable for the growth of tobacco,and early crops are already being cut the country. The general crop will be l(oo4 unleee a sudden hailstorm lhould GODieup. PENNSYLVANIA. l!!trasburg Free PreBB, Aug. 6:-0ur farmers are. busy harvesting the tobacco crop, and that they are ''ery busy. The variouil of suckering, cuttinll: oft. banging on the outside scaftolds. transferring the sheds, together with haul ing odt manure and the early ploughing for next yilar!e crop all come at once. and, as a resuh, Sh'asburg is perceptibly depleted of ita transJent agricultural population during the and ou Saturday. The tobacco this year 1s all that could be The varioul Beida in this section loqk as though they had been made to the ord'er of the grower&. Laqcaeter Examiner, Aug. 10:-The local tobacco market has been comparat.iveJy lively during the past week or ten days over 1.000 cases changed hands. B. S. Ken dig & Oo. sold 379 cases and 281 Cllllell of '811 goods. Skiles & Frey sold allout 100 eases; Daniel A. Mayer sold 60 cases to local J B. Hostetter, broker, bo11ght 1.21 eases of '85 and eeld 96 eases to difterent Michael H. Kauffman ftve eases of '1:!5 and sold two cases to aNew York firm.' The IP'Owing crop from all accounts is one of the beet ever raised in Lancaster county. No mat'ter where you drive you see fields of tobacco in _condition. and a good portion of it. I!! already cut. 'X tl:i&t usually injure the leaf are scarcer than usUal, anjl tile hail fiorDIB b&ve damalte in certain sections. The Lancaster County Hail Insurance Company bas 700 acres inaured, and at their quarterly meeting on Saturday tke reports of losses did not exceed tiSOO or $600. OHIO. Dayton JO'Urnal, Aug. 9 :-Refreshing show era, not of long duration, but to clean the heavy. deadening dust of the to baceo leaves and pve the famisbipg plants a breath ef life agam, gave vigor to the stand, ao that growel'8 in this valley migbt; estimate the yield for 1887, and situat(on is dole ful enough. A field of tobacco that w ill fro duce five hundred pounds of Seed lea or Havana Seed, or tbre& hundred tM>onda of Dutch, is a rarit:y, and its owner a prince of patches. There IS not one cheering sign for the grower, except an almost certainty that prices will show features, and that at anv rate will bring him $311 to $70 per acre. The farmer or dealer who baa old crops on hand will make his money by hold ing firm at his present figures. The market is likely to develop clearly within the next thirty days, and after that rife speculation in cigar leaf. Jlfamisburg Bullett,., Aug. 6:-The spirit of this market is buoyant. Sales are frequent and prices firm. Little Dutch makes up the bulk of crops remaining in bands of plaatel'8 The de mand is good at prices quoted for aeveral weeks, and in some inetancea even higher figures are demanded. Zimmer's Spanish, now almost entirely out of market, finds favor with all classes. Exceptional crops held above the market in the spring have sold at 11 to 15c. WISCONSIN. Edgerton Indea:, Aug. 6 :-The past week has been hot and dry, but, nevertheless, liD bacco buyel'8, both local and foreign, Iae been active, and in the neighbOrhood of 1100 to 700 caaea have been purchased. Some of the buyers have beon fortuDRte enough to secure what they want of Wisconsin leaf, and have deeerted tho field. Other Eastern HAJI.&NA, C::UDA. a forrP. of a d jot aooo. T\irougboutf f 18 tithe. Tba country carries"compact plug of "Black Navy" territory of the Oriental 'and tlie T-he stemllts in a. Hole =m<>dus .,per-aad b'fen Another week of.roasting weatker without dry weatbe e 't "ll 00 water. biting off a chew, thrusts it back into his through Asia, the soothing bubble-bubble of the is :Oo remove""""tlieliOOif, wnlcnfita rain" is telling upon the growing crop, and if crop in thiAr isP[;: :in Y 8 e In a few. days the. 6x3-inch plug has water-pipe is he!"rd all across that broad co nti top of water chamber and fill the latter two the drouth contmues another week the prosiecea of H b 0 g ne Y ome dwmdled to nothmg ; the diSappearance of the nent to tbe Pac1flc c oast. Among the various thtrds w1th water. The Persian likes to fill it a for '87 tobacco will be decidedly will be ':::;a topped, and last chew is th.e signal for the of nations, however, the pipe itself assumes differlittle too full, and then expell the surplus by b1ous. A few of the set fields are bemg Newington-Th! seaao thus f h bee another cake. Prec1sely the same m;t sha:pes, and e a ch have some peculiar and blowmg down stem The neck is now re barvested. Sales reacbmg us are: John one of the t f n bl ar n programme constitutes the tobacco-using exdistinctive mode of preparing and smok ing the placed and the bowl fill ed with dampened to Pattel'BOU. 62 cs '86, 10c; E. Corcoran, 38 08 There bas h a;ora !31 to nown perlence of a large proportion of agriculturists tobacco, bacco, and supplied with a topping of live char 'tlll,-10 and 5o; F. Heller, 16 cs, 3,,10; F. blow it down and ::;:10:: 8 of the Western and Southern States. Many of The water,pipe of Turkey is known as a nar-coal .. The l owe r portion of the neck 4. 08, 6c; I. Hauke, cs, _6. 3 1c; J. of the eariY '!anted was ;: eJU:' these, however grow a &mall patch of tobacco glloh. Tbe 1vater cfiambet is usual! of lass down mt? the water; the stem leads Into the Splittle, '2/1 cs, 6, 4, J. Quigley, 2 cs. GC; ana all is rapid gr ast week, for their own consumption. Sorting out the aod rBfilemb)es asamll decanter with a fong thrrd of the chamber above the water A Kuoll, 21 cs, lie; A. Fidcllei',"3cs, 6; 3, Warehouse er b ed suitable leaves, they subject It to a oourse of Fitting In this :Oeck Is the bo'fVI o r tobacco re' lijle. Drawing through the stem causes the 0. Paulson, 26 08, 7lo(c; L. Hulse titer, 57 cs, a more vi us th -8 ow treatmellt with a mixture of rum and molasees ceptacle, in sllape not unlike ordlnar e f3moke to. IJBSS down the neck and up through 6. 4, L. E Wescc>U, 8 !JS, 6c; Irving cent wet Many and roll } t up In tighttwlsta. ,;t'hese bome-m6de CliP This is uaillilly made of brass or !uvf water in bubbles, thence Into the mouth and Went"orth, 18 08, 8, 4, Stocks tat, topplo soon WI ne twlsls answer all the purpoeee of the commo-but pashBB and pe<;>p4! of cons uen ungs o! the smoker. The smoke from all 26 cs, 6Me; Ole Hemollt!Ofl, 13 cs, 634c; .J, A. w esf Hartford-What fl Ide $h dity !rom Eastern factories The who sport nargilch heads of g 6 ld lichly ala water-p1pes into the lungs, but ita Jl888 Subey, W ce, 8c, wand b; John T. Kaasa 13 her f Ha d e ere are Ulle8 'boughten terbacker,"however, regards his ornamented The Sultan '6r Turke 11ge throrlgh "We water cools and purifies It to a ce, Tbomaa Abbott, 9 08, 8, 6 4c i s S 8 6';: van a, an arolookmg well neighbor of the homely twist very much as the jewelled na;gllchs of fabulous value J jJteli.t extent. .Many E_uropeans that have tried it Doren, IIi cs, Charles Litz, 8 cs, 7, 4C; &: *he finely: wearer of fashionable :store clothes" nowadays been imperial heirlooms for several think tlie water-pipe by far the led.!lt hurtful J. Graves, 15 08, 8, 4c; Jewett Farnum, 17 cs, m&tkf!l) deerease in th 0 crop IS e homespun jeans. East OuJ8ide the coffee shops and cafes of Cons tan: manner of using: tobacco. 5c; Nelson Johnson, 8 cs, 8c; H. 7 08, : Seed .is into f ve ac itll of th the smokers largely predomitlnople one sees "'Sober-sided Turks sitting by The best kaltan tobacco comes from Bhlraz C. Beckjordan, 08, 8c; R. Connors, 2-" hAre I!Pme large d g= 'Date over ttie chewers and on: the' wtrole the the ho'IU' smoking nargllchs In dreamy-eyed and Semnoon, of Shiraz being tbtl milder 08, II, Anton Cbr1Stenson,12os, Sc; I.ar11 that variety. s are evo k> CUstom of ebeWin'g may be said to blj on the of the passing throngs on the of the two Bes1des the kallan, many of the Severson, 11 08, K. 18 cs. v . pipes are much street; Now and then an attendant oes peasantry and charv6dars of Persia smoke the 10, 7, 5o; Andrus Boebon, 8 cs,"""S, H ; o: if 1 : 0 nnfl:; !Jie farlllers, ip. the towns and eWes the S!:eat -/vith a little brazer of live charcoal chibouk. This is!" pipe with a small earthenware Texley, 31 cs, 16, 5c. a. splendid crop. The wor':n"! tr:'bl: Engma.Jo.rity smo e cigars and plpe-toDf!!S. Thl! nargilch Is supplied with fire bowl and a strrught wooden stem about eight The shipments of the week 9 car t to F T lish custom of smoking brier-wood pipes by building a little pile of live co-on top o the Inches long. This stem is as thick &II a broom I d 400 1 to 1 any amount. yler will top his soon. on the street is beglnn' t rt -If b """ handle alto th 1a oa s. or cases. mam y ew Q.k. v-- _.. __ _. mg o asse 1 ... e some-to. acco In the bowl. The stem o the nargll c h ; ge er too rge to place In the J 'II A 3 G ................ or tlte last time. what In the Easte cit! b t t mouth It is k d b anesv1 e, ug. -row1ng tobailoP iJ ua....,obu B'""' i .!n es, u as ye to scarce-IS a pliable tube six or eight feet long, which smo e Y placing It against the a standstill. Each day tl!.e tobacco wilts bacco at "!lotit"file ill'e":"eseren1i-, admits ? f the pipe Iii tanding some distance from and suckmg as though exhausting a1r from badly, but revives at night and is kept alive 1 bei b ly a and""'cl'ga't-Stho1tilig' lld[:lle ab'd -smOker. The mouthpiece is usually of an wch pipe. The tobacco used In the cbibouk by what little. DJOistum iaAbs.:>rbed from the (aua IS T:" ng gwown t is year.-Hartford the time bas not yet arrived when a amber and much larger than the mouthpiece of comes from Samsoon, Asia Minor It is a very atmosphere during lifae nidlt. Our faftiaers onn.}-Aug. 4 can a pear, on the streets of an American city an ordinary pipe or cigar-holder Lon rows pale tobacco, and comes In the form of dust. go abou& seaaoiJ:ig tile s8:7 for "aifP.s of smo a plp6' somewhat in .of Dioh61! are built in the w!IJ! of a TqrklshgcoffeeTo _prevent it drawing through the stem a few rain," and eYei'J' cloqll i8 we4iched mCh Ute 'l'he ftnJ'-tleo& ation house of a size k> accommodate the grlllllll o f barley are sometimes put In the bowl care of a parent, but we gee DO "TbJs talk abJut fift,"-cent makes me & land tl!e 'P1"9P .. rtion 9f Jl hewers is w,hllllilot in use. h before tobacco. ram. tired," rellllll'k:ed a Che!ftnut t dealer the In tile Upft State&, chew-iii snuglY BbQUttb The kalian of AfgJ;tanistan is essentially the A chanJte has come over our market.-The other day. "I fn Havana and I 1 bit m ilo.. J.?freed arg;e_Ji last e p1pe. The Ti\rks are, one an.d aU in-same as that of Pers1a, though of a trifle dltrer-ad vent of" several Eastern buyers and greater know what I am talking about when I ,/,ay that ..._, U;! ate St;!;I,Ok, and they t shape. In Persia the custom when smoking acti'l'ity on thepart of our local dealers has the very finest cigar made can beaol!l. for twenty use the short, convenient pipe of briar-wood smoke vas hole w company_is to lift the bowl off with the light imparted new life un_to the tobacco lmsioesa cents at a profit. To make it cost tl.fty cents clay or meerschaum, bothathomeorwhenwalk: tobacco Industry of Turkey is now under the hand and inhale the smoke remaining In the and of sunshill.e penetra$6 the giOQlll ;yq,u may 'Yfap it In gold li) af, tie it with silk:, or lng abroad. The cigar is r!l(,'Ognized as the corcontrol of a monopoly called the Regie which water chamber before handing it to their neigh.,aa Qll llO long. 'Y do no& ..perfume the b .1J:J but cari't.Pitke the leaf:" rect thing to smoke, however on the street pays a fixed sum per annum to the unperial bor. The Afghans In performing the same 'to carry t'be l

l l l / 11YALE" NOTICE TO THE TBADE. ttlll! for Gftd 509 BROADWAY, Lo.sano, P. Y{HITLOCK, NEW l;"O.RK. Continued fmrn Sixth Poge f o r smokinR they wrap it in a piece of rag, pour water ove r it and thoroughly rub a.nd squeeze it before tJte bowl. The water-pipe ofIndia Is called the hookah, and in construction differs fr_ om the kalian. Tne water chamber of the ho9kah is very commonly the shell of a cocoanut; the stem and nec k of mqtal and all join e d to gether. The stem that the smoke is to be drawn up and the neck that it' passes down are close together, only the 1s long enm1gh to penetrate. be l ow the water line an;l t;he other merely enters the chambe r. The stulf smoked in the is a peeuliar preparation and can scarcely b e called tobacco. It consists of lllc o f bananas, lib. of rose 1 lb. of tobacco, 1 lb. of jaggeree, lees or cane sugar, a small pi ece of opiu m and a small quantity f carda mom seed. These. are plj!.Ced together in a mortar and pounded tO-a pulp. It is then placed in jars, hermetically sealed and buried in thP. groui m. If-a mild smolre it is buried for threemonths; if medium strong six months, and lf strong a year. Tills preparation is known 88 "goodakOII" and_ when seen the stalls of the looks very rnuQh likP Jumps of pitch : Both ill India and .\fghanista.n tobacco is called "tltnbakpo." The Chinese use a handsome Uttla water pipe made entirely of brass or sUvar. Jt fa allln one piece except the bow1,1.and neck, whlcp is merely a with tobacco. The pinch tobacco fills bowl and one ftlllpg Js, only expected to proVJde one or two wqiJ!B. The bjlay or the pipe contains a The long ciaw-like naUs ol the Celeatfll;late used in reach lng In this little box for I a piooh of i tobacco 88 deftly as a pall' of'\' of fqr l!J!:Ilt!ng. Th1s paper burns slowlY. apd when required fti>r)ightlngthe ,Pipe is blown intO ii. fl'amehY. -a }!ecullar puff ill} Q1llQ. a iD,fl!e putt; but aEurgP.ean ac qulres !tfi same abilit. orlly' lly fWn l!iderable )ltacti'l'a so'!_ Spani.-1.' G: vPrn rient b.!!!! made a. comtlfJW C!J\lnc:e 111 tobacco syste> by farming Lhe 'entire to a single firm of huyers, and diatr.ibutm. lL i" to been a J'esul, g.f .tjl enew 'hat the r Oj .hi[ ba$ ,bad an opportpnity of .having l:iis contr'act can celled, M w'"' h'ich-ne -probllbly very cbAerf11lly a,; ailed bioii elf. "'-Lotiisvil/.e Courier-Journal. ,08 & 608 EAST 69th STREET, NEW YORK. .laeol> BeraJoetm, (late of Ve&a &: Bernllelu.) Am> 'l'he following Labels and Brands are our copyrighted. property, and we caution M:anufactufel'll and othiiiW using the same. lnfrinsements will 1le AI CAMiiRlDGE ,, Lolli Cut r.::! Granulated J!!xnt-' &, 00.-IKPoRTE:r,tS OF JJI:POBTD 01' .. AN A TOBACCO. llarts: "A!llerica" l Flor fe 1.1.1. BA."R.OK &.. co. ,.. _,. ,. I ,.. CfGAR EBNEST B. ALFONSO & co., lliA.NUFA.VTilKBBS OP (FOR JOBBING TRADE) -F ACTOJUES ;;.;N_ ba ll -d'29d: Dlatriot KaryJaa4 B.A.LT:J:n.!I:O"a::J!J. li!Ed.. .lll.aaotac\Drera ter the Celebrated jtiiPORTBK 011 HAVANA CIGARS. Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. Tr&do LA JULIA BRAND. J!ark. Seal'' PACKER OF SEED L:;EAF. Faotory No.l23, I I "'gV:I!JST1 Fl.... No. 142 WATEK STREET, NEW YORK. I New York Olllce-" 97 MAIDEN LANE. Filled Five Cent Cigar. THE "Belcher" Cigar Cutters KA'U'niANN BBOS. & BONDY, 129 a. 131 Crlinci'Street, New York, PA.TENTEBII AND M.II.NUPA.CTVKEK!I. FLOR DE A NsEtM11 ZAMORA 'T :No. a e. VUELTA, ABAJ'O CIGAB.S. NOTICE:-! .warn my old customers not use cigars but under-the No. 89, as hBB been used -to sell spunous the'-'trra'pperr .... 34: ft iiee aiways not subonall.t On Of rust, frOm aeoumlila:W.ODi ,.mA'o!i$81' ; 1 1l I I 4th. i,t.M)l{ile and uliito mity !);y us. dtir is 16 cenw' per pound"Olnett, pUt up in fifty-pound tina, packed for shipment, two-tins 'CSSe;" freight paid by us. Orders may be sent to us direct in New York, or thJ'Ough our Western Mr. Hpnry U Frankel, 161 Third St., Louisville, Ky., wh' 'fill ordere f o toe kept by him for that purpoee. CftESHROOO MIN FICTURING CO., SOLE lUA.N UF A.C'I'UKBKS, 8o. 24 STATE STREET, NEW YORK. -----' ': P. Gaer.ra Y. Gae..._. GUERRA BERM'A'NOS, Packers and of -HAVANA T-OBACCO Estrella 153, K'AYAKA. Our latest sample collection jus! : IVY GREEN. PRETTY l-oA, SHIFT BOSS CHOICE. HENDIUCK HI}QSf)N. FEA.RL OF CUBA. MEDORA. LA GRAN BRETANA Tlis set has Ike popular Cl:wcl Top WE desire to call the kind attention of the Cigar Trade to ow ORIGINAL AH,O BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT I -OF' 12 OIFFEREH_T We sell them at wholesale and a.f a very rea,onab/e pric fo;. the q ualitj. Size of -"Cards 6 1 / 4 x 4 3J a inches. Full Samp_!e Sets of 12 Car.ds wi/j be sent epaid by for $1.00. No Samples given gratis. WITSCH & SCHMITT, 94 BOWERY, YEW rOBK.


...... c. Llod e C, c. HamiUoa, F W. Coaklla, F. 0. LINDE, TON & GO. Storage & Tobacco Inspection A.dYanefla oa Storace Deeelpll ot lllerchaud.lae a Speelal1J'. Cold Storage Warehouses for Tobacco liT .JOliN'S p,,HK, 111. Y. EDGERTON, WIS, 608 .It 408 Eaet lid !!it,, I'. Y. LAlli CASTER, PBJ'III', 'FIRSTCLASS WAREHOUSES: & '1111. A;; IL !:. :a. D epot, Be. Solla' Park, 1'1'8, 180, 184 k Pearl Street aad 14S Water, IU'eet, 606, 408 k 410 Eaat Tlllrt)'&'!llrd Street. PrlnciJial Office, WATER STREET, NEW YORK ()er. w. Leon and. N. Prtace Sla.,. Laaea .. rt Pa. EDGEIITON, WIS. -.&JIOHES:-PRILADELPHI&-A. R. FOUGERAY, M North Front Street. LAN ---, Pa,-H. B. TROST 118 S. Queen Street: GEO. FORR11:8T, 187 N Queen l!t.....,t. RA R'l ..... Voaa.-B. F. HURLBURT, IM State Street. SUFFIELD, Coaa.-EDWARD AUSTIN. l!laee.-J. & P. CARL. CINtliNIII&TI, 0.-W. W. HALES, 0 FroDt Stroet. .aYTON, 0.-H. C. W. GROSSE and W W .HALES, t5 Routh Jetrerson Street. BLil:II&&, L Y.-W. H. WVl!LL. EDGERTON, Wla.-T. B. EAI'tLE .. ANIr. HU!ICDER, .JOHN T, JIIELLOB, Sr. FXN':EE'"EI &. OC>. .-o:a.A.COO :XN'SPECTOR.S. STORACE. 148 Street. 1-'lew 'Y'c:n.-k. IF' COUNTRY IIAMPLIIIIG PKOMPTLY ATTENDED TO,_.. .aAlfCBES-L.l IIIC.l STBR, Pa.z F CHROEDER. 21 North Queen st.: J C. IRVIN, 238 ..... Jlary 8t; C ONNIRCTICU'I' 1 F. SISSv.:<. 245 State st. Hartford; C. E. GRIFFING, Danbury; JU.LL. New Milford. EDG llBTON Wlo,: C. L. CULTON D.l YTON, e,: W, T. III&Ylll, Jlll Scears ot. BA LTII!IOBE, Ill: d : ED. WISCHMEYER 4 CO .. 27 South Calver1 st. .. MOORE & CO., .. Manufactured and. Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. ftlE VIRGJNI.A: TOBACCO AGENCY, Eatabllahed .1836. ; .. il" AS. 1W:. G".A.RDDM'E:R! TOBACCO. COMMISSION MERCHANT, ,_ 77 :.Oro21t &treet. :N'e...,.,.. "York. JISPOKT OR-DERS POH PLUG T6B&CC O PBO!II:PTLY JI'ILL-, & BROADHURST, TOBAcco s FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, YORK. 9r Tabacos Exclileivamente para Exportacion. -----"WV'. JD..I.Nl!TPAVTll'BBR Otl' Cigar Boxes, .&.ad Importer c.t GERMAN OIGAB BOLDS, (Sole' fOr llleaera, OSENBHIIifB(J.K. k CO.) S.I.W IU.ILLI I PA.CTOBYt 311 & 313 E. lith St., 316 to 321 E. lith St. NC&o2dAvenue, N'e"gV' LEVY. BROTHERS, FIN""E OIGA RS Cor. AVENUE C &. 13th ST., NEW YORK. A. PERSON, HARRDIAN & CO"' -.&UGVST118 TRE.&DWELL.--itt>Tobacco -T.&TIO!f SP.I.NIIIB LINEN AND P.IINCY IITBIPI!D COTI'Ol'i -FOB Pll'TTING UP !!!II:OKING TOBACCO, .. a7 -468 JEirooz:a.e .L'Iire...,.,.. .. 36 HAMPDEN ST., SPRINCFIELD, MASS. J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., V" .A. !II:&Nll'JI'.I.CTUHEHSOF ; FINE BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, COILS, Llght Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. rench Cigarette _Paper, .&J.Sf) SOLE .&GBIIITII FOR THE 1)', S. AND Cl..ll'i&IIA OF THE CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES. 01caret-te Paper 1:a. R.eaz:a.-Rouse In Paris: 17 Rue Be ranger. lYI. LINDBE.IM, LEA F TOBACCO, TD.E TOBACCO LEAF. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, 1WANUFACTDB.'ERS OF CIGARS. 424 to 432 East Fifty-ninth St., New York. :IP'aotory aa. &rd. Ooll. TO CIGAR WORKS PERFECT WORKS PER!'J:CT, T. H. MESSENGER & CO.. SANCHEZ & DIPOB'l'EI!ll AND DEA.LEBII U. IIIIPORTZRS OF Lear tis Vuelta o LICOHICE ,.IIIUIB'E:N L A N:R NBW .toaa. LEAF. TOBACC<:>, "'"""""" 169 Front Street, New York. _. ROSENTHA[ BROTHERS, IM:aaullae&arera of -CIG-ARS __ Factory-No. 1030, 3d District. I to 351 East 73d Street, :l'T:BJ"''CV "YOR.JE. JO:El:N" El. .A.::DI)T'S IMPROVED TOBACCO GRANULATOR Pa1e11ted November. 2, 1880. ....... e:r 48 1:a. 'D"ae. PERFECTION STEAM: DRYER. Cyljnder of Dryer is 3 Feet Diam eter and 15 Feet Long. Pateated .Jal7 188.'1 ....... er 10 :DII:aoh.1D.e 1ll1 'D"e. THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO DEPOT AND ACENCY "BETWEEN THE ACTS." TbeaboveBrandof TOBACC O CIGA.RE'ITES madeonl7h7 Nos. 209-21 I East 37th Street:'-New York. .., :: ...... ,. -AI.So. ...... .-MANUFACTURER' OF FINE CIGARS. OF THE liiANUF ACTURES.Oll' &.W J&AIL &AX. -.&'1-254 A 256 Canal 8t., Oome r o t Elm 8t.1 "York. EtalDUhec:l. 1aa8. WISE &. BENDHEIM, Bondy & Lederer, lllanutacturen of Ci[ars, And Dealers In J Leaf Tobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave., NEW YORK. .W. L. Haha &GDTB. SOUTHERN & WESTERN TOBACCO. SAWYER, WALLACE'& CO. COJDIISSION MERCHANTS, 18 Broadway, New Yort G. REUSENS, WKLLII:S BUILDING, 18 & 20 Broachr&J', P. O, Box SUO. .IIIEW YOKJt, JAMES G OSBOaNB, BROKER1 HAHN, & CO., 54 :aroa<.'l &"t CIGAR MANUFACT-URERS ... ,. .JOBB OAHU&. Nos.-423, 425, 427, 429.East 63d St ., ; ..... Factory No s, .. NEw T O bacco Drotar. VALIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORy'. ST., IEwJ Christian Jensen. -Manufacturer .. liENRY SIEBERT, PROPRIETOR. Tobacco and Ceneral 334 East 63d Street, NEW YORK. -or. Commissitin CIGARS. 78-80 Broad Street, John Brand IMPORTERS OF Ein:L A. STOPPEL. #""\. 'rO vo.,; Jl. BADER & S0lf0 HAVANA TOBACCO BROKER, No. Beaver Street, .I.N'B P-"CKJAlS cnr Seed. Lea.f T4Dba,ccc::., 60 to 54 Fe=ylvall11a. Ave.} j 12& Jlolclen Laa.. El.:an.1ra. J:!oiT, 'Y'. 1 I 223, 225, 227 A 229 Eat 73rd dt., New York Factory No. 160, Third District. FERDINAND DZIUBA, TOBACCO Commission Merchant, 78 A 80 Broad Street, P .O. Box 199. NEW YORK. M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New Yort ELIAS BACH & SON,. PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, 166 Water 6t., New Yorke I I ELUS BJ'UI'OA&X, --i!:DW,UU> RooENWAL.'>, ls.u.c Roowrw ... ., HBIOtT Rosn-w.lLD, SIOIIU ND RoSENWALD, r E. SPIGA RN & Co. I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I [ & of Tobacco, 145 WATER sTRF.ET, NEw YORK. -Chas. F. Tag & Son, Importers of Spanish BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY LEAFDeaiTOBACCO, 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, .184 Front St., New York .-anafaerurera of the E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, Banner Brand Fine Cut IMPORTBRs U"D DJI.\LDS IN "CHIC" Leaf Tobacco, SAJI. B. SCOTT aad BElli. HAXTON Cigaro. ISS W S N Y Wm. H. Teft'&, Pres. ltl. B. Millo, Vic e Pres. HenJ. P. Haxton, Sec. and O..n'l Manager. ater t., ew ork. s w. v EN&HLE, c vBN.aBLE. K. Oppenheimer, s. w. VENABLE a Co. Bealer Ia otBoe:-Oor. of Byrne' and HaUfaz Street., PETERSBU&G. VA. Leaf Tobacco Pac'&orys-19 Sec&oH Bltrlet, vtrcinla. Maauf&cture and ol!er to the Trade the following Celebrated HraRdo of PLUG CHEWING. and SMOKING TOBACCOS: l38 St.,, New York. rereneea-c. w. GA.IL & Ax, 4 tuacbll n ....... ., !tid. Na;r)'. In ..,.Bous ... l'lllp. H1"rsch, VI"CfOri"US 8 CO. F w. FBLGIIIER & SON, Hlll&lmore, m d ST. Navy. N Please Y. E : : : LEAP TOBACCO JOHN B. ADT, Manufacturer and Patentee, BlaekGoociBofeaehofabovegradea. A.l8oagroatftrletyol :n...Goedtt11111peehopeaiID ... Boutbern trao'!ihGA J 0 S LEDERMAN & SONS Paekero or Jaclw>n, llll!!s.: B. Q SI':Vli!:H, Little Rock. Ark.; N. H CflRISTIA.N, Galvoatoa, Tex.: J T 1 S:E:ED LE.A.P baporter aall ......,"-' L. P. Paeken aa -.ten nama aiid ivini Tobacc[ The. P. SORG GO'S LEAF TOBACCO, 171 Pearl St., New York. Ew YbiU[., LC>"':J"x& Tobacco Commission 140 MAIDEN LANE, '' P.A.:M:OUS S P.EAR HE:A.D Bet. Water "'J'ront 8treela, !fEW yo ax., '' L. 8PEAB dG CO.. ....... :J:II'L'V'G Seed y a p 1f UniTe aally Popular, has met wih a Greater Bale atuoe its iDtroduo.. 101 Pearl street. New York. 6 Ff!nchurch London, E. C ... England. ------------------I ---tiou than any Plug tu the Market. lla'Y&Il& 'J'obaeao, "'-y..._ l f


/ AUG. I3. 'I"HE LEAF. S. OTTENBERG & BROS .. :!I.ANUFAC'l'UIU!:RS OF FINE CIGARS, 340 E. 23d St., New York. M. H. LEVIN,. IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AN D DEALER IN ALL KINDS 011' LEAF TlJBACC D. Gor. wan and Pearl Sts., New York. il MENDEL & BRo., CHAMPION CIGAR FAf.TORY. Factory No. 278, 3d Dist., N. Y. l![anufaetarcra of the Cele brate4 Brand of Cljfaroo Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445 E. Tenlh Street, NEW YORK. lannfat.turers nf s u m a t r a l!lo. 15 Tob-acco 3{ Bowery, ---A. Lichtenstein. Son & Co., Manufacturer of CIGARS, -OFF:El.C>"VV'E:J::N' db CC>., .A.r:11b.e:l:JU.o :EI:ol.l.a:11dc LOUIS GRAFF, SOLE AGENT, 105 MAI.De:N LANE. NEW YORK, k'-ol>.1J\'tl:l-li..,J]iin._, :...ndo ... F.natlo...a. 309 E. 59th St., New York. H. W. STOVER & CO., A. co., SHIATRA & JAVA TOBACCO, CIGARS, Bremen, Germany. lve. D and lOth St., New York C. F. HAYE; H. DU YS, )R., ;rl.-GERSHEL & AgentforAmsterdamFirmsin SUMATRA and JAVA PACKERSANDDEALERS.IN SUMATRA TOBACCO _TC>B.A.COO SEED LEAF 'fOBACCO, 195 Pearl. st., New York. 175 Pearl Street, New Yo;k. 191 PEARL ST ,1 Large AooGi'tmento Alwayo on Hand. L. oERSHEL. Ne York 8. GERSHEL, W .. G. HARKEM:A, LUKWEL & TIELE, G. REISMANN, SWORN TOBACCO BROKER Sworn Tobacco Brokers, COMMISSION MERCHANT Sample Rooms: B-rakkeGrond.' Bee: to f'orthe ADd Des1er Ill aH Kinds of purchaoe of' Sumatra and Java TL E A F T Ofllce: 0. Z. VOORBURGW AL 286, bacce on the Dutch ll:larke1o, 0 B A C C 0 Amsterdam Holland Rerereoce: H. de Mazlere, Bread J t P. 0. Box 214, New York. l'T6 WATER ST., NEW YORK. -------DAVIDSON BROTHERS. CUPID CIGAR FACTORY. Havana and Seed LeafY obaccos 143 WATER ST., Factory No. 26, 3rd District, I!IT&TE OF NEW TOKK, 1'-rllla.fdeoLano, TOll'la. I & ...... Ba.r:o.e-t-t. i JNO. lJ. LOVE, SEED TOBAtCO, 162'Wat'br s .. New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA .A.a4 PMken or SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 155 WA'I'EB STREET, l'lear !lfalden Lane, NEW YORK. II. BOI!Sm. II. B08Illl(. s.-ROSSIN & SONS. PACKEliS OJ' seed. Lear. AND IMFQR'l'ERS 011' HAVANA TOBACCO, t 73 Water St., New York. S. E. cor. First Ava. & 74th St. NEW YORK CITY .. ll And aJl kinds of Smoktng Tobacco. AJ.o JllanulactUI'ers of tbe wen-tnoWD Brands of Br!itht !'lug Ohew!Dc : II E. & G. 'fRIEND & co.. j'Onward,' 'Gold Shiold,' 'Sailor's Eolaco'; & 'Bilvor L E ifT O i)""c G O Manufactory & Safes room, cor. Avenue D & 1Oth St. New York. Gua. MAIDEN LAN I!, Buchanan, a: IMtall NEW YORK. No. 1Q"l. JS'ro.n""k1y:It:1, 1'11'. 'Y' a & DEJI:tS -.. Tlllaaallu:.1'1!J\e the 1'oHowlntr Celebratea araad. ot t 11 "J J. l DKALERSIN TO:EI:A.CCO I LB!P TOBACCO 190 PI:ARL 8TREI!T, NEW YORK. oro:a.a..oool!ll, 226' PEARl ST., NEW ----------CAPITOL CIGAR FACTORY Jl, SILVERTHAU & CO., lii&DUfaetnrera oC CIGARS, 805 E. 71st St. New York. PX.A.:N'E'r. NA.VII!!Si .N'EP'rU'N'E I"ANCY BRIGHT N&VIBIII FLUS::E%, STANDARD BRIGHT N&VIESJ I CEI:OXO:B. STANDARD D.&RK. N.&Y'IBII. rue repu ot theBe goOdS!& worid-witle. and \lle lncr6a.8lnK' sa.les them (!I ot their merita IT. BEWARIE OF IMITATIONS. OUr Trade-Mark D.-L is Embossed on Etery l'lq. :BRANCH OFFICE:-No. H CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON. Brooks' Patont WITH RUSSI.& HEli:IP COB. D '!he SAFEST and IIEST CORDING SEAL 1.r>l CORD f o r cases contakllng Cigars aod Tobacco, etc., 1 ot olf ered to tbe c. Oar Orm.s Bole Wire Lead Seals are h 'l8e by most of e Trunk Lines, promlnentRailroadFreigh(;::: .11esan4 Ex :awess COmpaBies throughout the country. When cases are sealed with these seala. rs.Uroa&s carry them u frelgllt, la$tead of double flrllt-clasa as is done whon .-led. Prlce,:...e,_ Hole Cordlna Seals, $7.50 per 1 000: Commoa Cording_ Lead Sealo. S4 to 16 per l,oo; Common Wire Lead !leUI. 11 to 13 tter 1,000; Cord, iO centa pe.r lb. Presses, --"4 dloo, S4 .w, l!amples furnished upon application. E. J. BROO-KS & CO., 61 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. PRAGUE & BATSON, MANUEL ALVAREZ. LEAF TOBACCO-BROKERS & REHANDtERS, llaa1dlacturer ot. illtl tltlii E.I.CL'UiiiVELY, -213 Pearl Street, New York. CZ:N'CZ:N'N .A. T::I:, C>. A. R. F'O.UCERAY, Tobacco Ins pect'o r. Appointed by the Phlladelphla Board of Trade 63 N. Front St., Phllaolelpllla, Pa. L. c SCHEFFEY A CO., Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, LOUISVILLE, KY, "WV'l.'W%. dr, OC.. Zmpor"ters o:r Antonio Gonzalez, .&ND P.&CKEBS OF I HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO.! Seed. Lea.f Tc::ba.cct: 1'11nyl ,,brands. New-york and Havana, Ca1 i':'J Del No. 100; m ot Exclusively lSpansh l:iand-Mt&.de HavaHa Cie-arK. J(py "et;t. ]Ja.: ST'l \US .._ .t' UL0.::.TON. Lanca.'iter. Pu. 126 l\LUDEN LANE, NEW YORK. "DE CAPO" CIGAR FACTORY a JACOBY & BOOKMAN, CIGAR. MANUFACTURERS, 336, 338, 340 & 342 East 38th Street, JXIE"'\jV" Have Removed to 7l.. :N'e-vv S"tree"t, :N'evv ""'5'Cork. IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF Tobacco NULWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS. I'RANclS F. ADAMS, lEatabliohed 184o'TJ HENRY F. A VEil!, F. F. ;&. Cc::., of the Collewiac VelebratellranQ FINE-CUT CHEWINC & SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Chewing,.: Tally ilo t Aromatic. Smoking:_ Peer!ess.. Excelsior, Standard. 'M:XX...-=:7' ..&. "CJ':p;:::m:m, 'VV'XS. JOHN P. G 'OELZ & CO., J. G. FLINT, Jr.,. Circi!aiis, FINE to 299 Weot Water Street, Second Ward Bank Building MILWAUKEE, WIS. THE PEASE Smoking Tobacco, 1 F Milwaukee, Wis. TC>:El.A.CCC> i CUTTING MACHINE. 1 --FREIGHT BROKERS. FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY. Ooea:11 B.a.-te, 'stea.:a:1 or Sa-:1.1, P. 0. Box 3,162. 4:3 Place, NEW YORK .. FREDa SCHULZ, G. FERNANDEZ & CO. Packer DeBler :In Importero of HAVANA LEAF TOBAGCO_: Ha:vana Tobacco. .a...m-:o axo-.A.JI'Ul'l, 224-226 Pearl Street, New Yark. :zoo Pearl street, New York. .70S, S, GANS, li:IA.X GAN!I, li:IEYER BOSENTH.&L, GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAL. STEAM POWER. FOOT POWEB, Will make plugs of &11 size&, freJll 1 to 4 Inches wide and from 4 to l!J Inches loog, better IDiil chea.J>t:"l" tha.n&nl_oj;ber machine in the market, and Is now in usei.J:lo ... eronehwo.dred of factories In the United States. Correspondenoe solicited. Address m -J, H. BRINKOP, qnlney, Dllnol._ "This Cti t shows oar PATENT "DOtlBLE ENB .. Finisher With Patent Retaining Lock fo:l!' retaining the prllseure. We control all Patents for Preeshtg To bacco from BOTH ENDS -:o:HYDRAULIC PUMPS. -:9: Moulil Press o -:o:-. ; J Moulds HYDRAULIC and W'-1 Boxing Presses, Bands and Beg-. ments, Stool Fip.isher ;' \.- Plates and Tins, ; HAND and POWER Send for Catalogue. PLEASE WRIA OUR .ADDRESS PLAIN, and retarthis paper in addressing ul!.


10 I THE TOBACCO AUG. ttilade.lp.nia A.d AdvertiseDLeDta. I. L. DUNLAP & CO., W. G. M:E:L'ER & co. Advertisements from East, West & south. ---to Jno. B. Cl11Det 41: c .. LOUISVILLE, Xy. Hlll>en ot .&l'ID PA.CKEKS OP IMPORTERS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO. &nd A.eent for Promlnen& Vlrglala Manufacturer of' Twist & Tobaccos. L E A F T o B A G c o. Connocticut Sood-loafTobacm llmrmssioo Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured TDbacco. f 07 ARCH STRE'.ET, .PHILADE\..PMIA. HAVAN'A AND SUMAIRA, .A.n.d. Packers or Seed. X.eaf Tobacco, 33 South Street. Baltimore. E. BATCHELOR & 09., Packers of Seed Lea. r and Importers of Havana a.nd Sumatra Tobaccos Jo 09 :N'e>r'th. &1::ree"t, LUXURY TOBACCO ]Daaufilc111rer. or Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco -AND-LUXUry Fine Cut In Foil. I) ftlpiMIJTH BRO. & CO., 151 N. 3d 8&. and S18, 8!119 !ISS oli: S!lli quarl"J' sa., PRILA.DI!LPHIA.. LOTTIER:1S Paper Ta.g -ANDBLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Genuine DURHAM Smoking Tobacco. lew York, Boston: St. Louis and Cincinnati. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, WHOLESALhl DEALERS IN LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 HORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. & aqre Aooonment of all kbula of Led Tobaoao ooaotaDtly on luuuL '' S K!MBA.LL CO 10.; VAl.rrrt FAJH _TOR;CCO N CHlA;LErTF.S N, Y. L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS & DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. IMPORTERS OF Suznatra and Havana, Wo. Ill ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ELL:K:S. &. CO., l'IIA.NUFA.C'.I'UKERS OF BENGAL CHEROOTS, ..llao Importers of Cigars, Cor. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. I ALSO l!IANUFAGI'URERS 011' "IIUl'IBRIP EXTRA.," "POKT9 "P. H. BIIH:HOJ.I'll"l GBBIIIA.N," &nd Other Brands ot SmoJdn&' Tobacco, Als o "HBKBB DB L.l. BEINE," "SWEET NBCT.&B," &lld otber Brande of and All-Tobacco ClgarelteL New York Office: 66 South Washington Square. F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, JOH N E PRRXINS,!:ES c J:RNBT. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS Palm Leaf Tobacco Works. PERKINS & ERNST, l1ANUFAGI'URERS OF S. W, Cor. Ville & Front Street., CINCINNATI, o. .Fine Plug Tobacco B l u e Gr&."UU (Exra Fi!te). Pa.1m 1 PAf, Drumstick, B lue .lay, Key N o t e, Penny Plui!C. BRANCHES: MlatnlsburL{,. Toba<'co. 0EJ'1CE A N D F ACTO RY! Clar.kvllle, renn:-Dark 'J 'obaeeo. 159'1 'Pike St, CO-,fiNGTON, Xy. Henry Geloe. 188'7, Denno Damn. 'l'HE GEISE CIGAR. BOX CO. 8uoce810rs to Henry Geise a n d Stickney & Gor4on, Mannrac&.arer o'C all K.tn4 of CXG-..A.R, Doa1er :ln. La'be1 O:l5ar E'l.:l.'b'be>:n., and. al'l other . HE!IlW JEISE, BENNO DAli!US, GEO. H STALLO. THE GEISE LUMBER CO., lllANUF ACI'URERS OF SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Ciga.:r ::Eif!,::lK: L'U.::D1 be:r M'Lean Avenue, &lld We111t Virginia. 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED 'In Plain or Fa4cy Deo16Il. o1. Plain Gilt or Colored Till at LowM t Price Sample Tags and fult tnt ormation furnished on application. J. M. ROBENSON. & Co .. 226 W.2d& 62U Co>otralAv O:J::N'OXN:N' A.TX, C>. W BEST, Chicago; LORIN' PALliiER, New York; W, H. RUSSELL, CbJoocO, Bes't, R,'U.s&el.l. &. Cc::., Suceessors te JOHN C. PARTRIDGE &1: CO. W -HOLESALE TOBACCONISTS. Sole ProDrictors or the GenniDB GOLDEN CROWN" & 'DIAMOND' Ci!art t:l'7 La..k.e S"t. a.:n.d 111.1 S"ta."te &1:.. Oh.:l.oas<>, xu. SOLE AGENTS FOR THll! FOLLOWING WELL KNOWN FIRMS:-BTRAITON & STORM'S Cigars and Cigaretteo; D B. lllc ALPB! & CO.'S T obOprie'te>r. MANUFACTURERS OF PLUG, FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TO B.A.. COOS, N. W. cor. Canal and Monroe Sts., CHICACO. B. SUBERT, L. PINCOFFS, WHOLESALE DEALE R JN BUYER AND SELLER 01' :a: .a. .a Tonacco Cnttin!S ana ScraDS, DOME(.' TIC LEAF TOBACCO A.nli Wholesale Dealer Ia "' LEAF TOBACCO 231 East Randolph Street, xx..1a. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, IlL PIPER HEIDSIECK PLUG TOBACCO. FLA VORJ!ID WITH TBII CELEBRATED IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 21, 23,25 Hamvd{:n St. Spring!cld,las&. A. F. RICO & CO IMPORTERS OJ' HAVANA 1.EAF TOBACCO C.l:G-.A..R.B, 18 Central Wharf, Boston. 1'. B. lilA YO. P.M. MAYO & BROTHER, Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND, VA. I:S'l AB:tJSJIED BY ROBER'!' A. JU.YO 'WIL O ri g inators ot 1ibe st:y le name ;Dil .A. 'V''Y' T JB .A.. 0 0 Q N AVIE S A SPECIALTY Ill ALL 8IZICS. JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant For P'R>'chueot LEAF 'l'OBACCO, E'I.XO:B:DOl.\l 'V' .A. 'V. S. WRIGHT, Successo r to Ed want P eyoldo & Oo. DlllEUl' IMPORTER OF CHOICE HAVANA SOLE AGENT FOR tozano.Pendas & Go.s Clear Ifatana Goods 6KANCJHE!<. LoUISVIIle Hotel &nd o.i.It Bouoe l!tands. .L.oe>'U.1 :&:.y. SILAS C. HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of Leaf Tobacco, HATFIELD, MASS. D. E. SOULE, Packer ot and Dealer in HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, NI!W MILFQKII, CONN. MILLER 4 HERSHEY, Dealers in Leaf Tohacco Peterbnrc-, Laneaa'ler Vo., Pa. C. C. DAVENPORT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, SOUTH BOSTON, VA., --HOLT, SCHAEFER 4 CO., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. Li'NCHB1JKG, VA., Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, &ICHJD.OND, VA.. PAUL C. VENABLE, Leaf Tobacco Broker, DA.NVILLEt V .1., REED 4 McCEE, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, RA.LEIGH, N. C. FREYER. AUGUST E!SENLOHR. PIWNOUNCED BY JUDGES CH.I.MPAGNE WINJI w. A. BOBBITT, FREYER & EISENLOHR, The Finest Chew Extant. PIPER HEIDSIECKi Leaf Tobacco Broker, Paolr.en aad Wlllole .. le Dealer. Ia NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, LEAF t 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. LC>"C':I.I!!I'V'XLX....E, Y. R. & W JENKINSON, W S. O'NEIL, Packer aad .Dealr In M.I.NUII'AOTURERS OF T. J. DUNN & co., ( -, ... j F S"ta.'tes Cigar OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO Day"ton. o. No. I 15 Mould Stog ies,-Ordero for Export and :.:om.e Trade PITTSBURGH, PA. Promptly A.ttended,To, -... 6o DVN. 80'7 ST., P:BX:J::..A..DELP:O::I..A... HEN&Y HI!Yl'IIA.NN, Li-vezey&. Cc::. .. Plo Philadelphia. 1 Theobald & Oppenheimer, IJATCHELOR BROS.. M.O."UFAOI'URE1!8 OF or EINE CIGARS, KEY-EAST AND PEALER8111 CIGARS Spanish and Domestic Leaf Tobacco1 Ko.lll Kerth TJahoh the L.I.BGBIJT Stoek o f I J 'PX...."C'G-TC>:EI.A.OCC> Cor. Lombard & Cheapdde, Baltiulore. I Of a ny House In "the State o f Mary !&lid POPLAR and WHITEWOOD, PLANED and UNPLANED, -AND-IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, :&:.'Y'. Imitation Ced&r manufacturod 7: our P A. TENT process Is the only PEKPI!CT Imitati o n ot' Spanish Cedar, Pr:lces and rates o freight given upon application C..A.:R.::R.C>LL, l!olo Manufaclurer ot the Famous and World-Renowned Brande of VIRCINIA SMOKINC LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va Orders respectfuDy solicited and promptly attended to. Price L ist sent on T. Suooouor to Salmon, Haaoook & Ce. P. A_ ERA USS & CO., FINE COIL, OF LIGHT PRESS, TWIST, NAVY and SUN-CtJRED CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, .... BB.A'DSS, :N'e>. B T:BXE'I.D ST::E-I.EET, P:BXL.A..DELPEEX.A... W. M. JACOBS TO::BA.OOC>I!!I, VA .. LEI.A.F TO:&.A.COO, 231 and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. -IH.DHBii> 1848. ilNALDO SANK& CO., TO :SA. CCC> -AND-IIIml Ctllmission. Merchants, llOB.T. WATER STREET \-AND- orth Delaware Avenue, TJIJ!I 1P !NISH CIGAR FACTORY. LA SA & 'IDLLOS, 802 Chestnut and 29 S. II th St. PHILADELPHIA. J :E-.&.08 &, &XZER,. <&t.,.\t,'i,. 11.ftB 1 OSEPH MERFELD & CO., BanafBcltoren or the Celebrated _... ... ,.. l). Granulated, Cut Plug, Long Cut a11d SEED LEAF TOBACCO, .. RALEIGH" Cut Plug; CIBAB 89 Cerman St. Baltimore. FAVORITE" Cigarette and Long Cut: We ta'rile the attention ot Manufacturers to oar uoe to llU -tc-err A ........ = ':.:::!'. 'Wrappen. ol "'STR AI. GBT WEB" Cigarettes and Straight Cut. PHILADELPHI.A. r-- 0 V .A.. ROOKE BROS., M. KEMPER & SONS, N.FUREY, GEO .A.FOREE. F. x. KELLY, Jr., Manaflle&anr of &lae Celebra&ed Importers of Havana, Foree Tobacco Company, HAPPY THOUGHT TOLTEG' AND PACKERS OF KANUFAGI'UIUIIRSOJ!' au tone Havana Filler so. cigar, SEED LEAF_TO.BACCO, FINE NAVY TOBACCO, 13 4 16 Cheapslde, 116 West Lorn bard St.' LOUISVILLE x WI Y'l (WRITE FOil AGENCY. ) BA.LTUIORE. nii::J::>.. N lil. Aients:A R. CO., Booton. PLUC --OJUr8RD0 N. Q, H. T. JENKINS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, WABKEl'IT9N0 N. Co PRACUE 4 MATSON, Leaf Tobacco CIN(JINNA.T19 0. C. C. Leaf and Strip Tobacco BroB. 1Hl:NDB.IJON0 KY, T. H. PURYEAR. of Leaf Tobaooe, I'.&.DI1C.AH KY. M. H. CLARK & BR9., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, ULA.B!'SVILLB,_ P.I.D1JC.U. HOPKINSVILLE. C. 4 R. DORMIT.ZER 4 CO. Dealer-sin Leaf Tobacco S N .Diata 8&., Lol., C. J. MORRIS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, BVA.NSYILLE, IN.D, PARRY 4 CROSBIE&, Te>'b.aooe> ::&re>k.or-. Paradhe 11.0 Llverpeol0 BDc JACOB L. FREY, Dealer In an of Leaf Tobacco, 'f'. 213 Wen :tUnc Street, 'LANCASTER, PA. JAS. A. HENJJERSON & C6, DEAIJ!:ll!l Ill Vlrglnla and North Carolln1 LE A.:F TOBA.CCO, Xa-.,gJ.lle. 'Va. Smokers a Sped&IV. Ref,..._._. -N. :N.-. ]1'. a. I


, AUG. I3. Business Directory of AdTCTtisers. NEW YORK. Bood Leaf and Ha"""" w.....-.. ...._a Dehll, 1110 PearL ...-a l'rllopnt. t51 water llloeh .t Bon, 1116 Water -" 8. 112 Wate -a: J'locaer,1116 w ..... -;J a Oo. II& lllaihe n G., E 10th Deft&nee Cle&r Manufactorv, m-.238 East 4JIC Foote A. w. & Co. 1115 Malde n Laue. l'rey Broe. llS-92-1348 AYenue A. Fromer L F 77th st. cor. Sd and LeDngtoa. an. I1abn, Bru ... l & Co. 4i3-429 E.63d St. 11&1.1 ThO.. a 1!()9.211 E 37th. Heyman Broa. Lowen&teln, 424-488 1:. oeu. Boflll&Dn F. 2211 E 73d. Jooooy 11. & Co., foot of 52d St .. Eao$ laooby & Book:mall, 88th 'It, near !A &Y. B&m l & Co. lJ22.1!84 E llad. leoaen, Christian, 334 E. 6Sd Street a.wtman Btoe. & lloody, 1211 a: 181Gr&Dd. llerho 8pl-. 1014 to 1(ll() BeooDCl no to at' YUtv tourtlt Slmball. Croue and Co. 36 W&rrea.. a..,. aroe, A?eaue 0 aaa 18th Street. Llell-.. Brothers Co.. 707 to 710 lid. anDu.. Llehteuteln A .. Son & Co. 3011 Eaat 19tb It Lies Geo P & Co. cor. 80th st and avenoe A. Lopez & 8arbarrosa, 52 V ese y. 1.oft J W 18110 1st ave. and 409 E. f(tb It -.til. w & Bro. 161-2 Bowerv a.GDeiJI A &: Co., A VADUEI D aDd 10tb A. OUenbora: S Bros, 340 E ll3d Pa1ac1D 0. & Oo. 2 Burling IIIII' Poballlkll', & Co. !Mllharnbonl Jl.odrlguez & Ga.rcla, 00-24 Gold. Booenth&l Broa. 1341-&1 E 73d. --and llaya, 81 Pearl & Oo 71 New -eaborlf and Oo, 827 Eaat Md. lb.ofnrell. B. A, 281 9th ate. -IIIDKS J1. & Oo., 1b(llill8oDUt 1!n1a .a..., SWrJtot> .e o'torm, l!08 Eaat ll'Tth. -a: lllewmarl<, a. -roor. 71ld It ILDd lid. aY. ..-u J1. .t Oo.IOII to 811 B 71R uc>rUt' o' Oigar .llokle. ll1rloM B. 'It'. 111">321 i;Ul J:IOYOD$b Ill. _.wtn t: Co. foot Grand 1. li K a.u '1'homaa B 200ol11 E. 37th. filr..aill Weel-lbftn. oe To-:;! Cipr Lr.bela &ad Trim J1e1* 1 be'JDM'II Sons, r, tUMi IN If. William ._ Loull 111. a: Co. n w oor. Pearl &ad Elm, llobliiiUIChor a EUIIJurer 81-'WIIIall a 8ohmftt, 94llowery. llll'r"e Jl"a,...a Of4&r 1'-. OIMbl Ju. an<1 Oo, 113 John ---I H. t: Co. !58 Cbolnbero 1/l.rtraet. llodp & Olcott Oordi"t1 Loacl 8oale --....... &.1. a 0<>. 61 Dey JINr. of Cigar Jlolde ..... Dabrnl l'etenllUg Oo., 411 II: lin Orooloe OOoi!>Ot<...S 2'la .IIIII, :ro-. Hod& .... --. aoeea ;JehD J Oo. 186 Grand ,__,..B_ ,..._ .. o. ll!lllaidea LaDe Qfgantte .....,., 11q JIO<>&ban. IlliG BroAdway MaV(a(:',.,..' Of Rlb&olu. ,._ Wm. a Oo. and 111& o&, -ua Tobaoco llurr&Y. 76-., Bolo Aaenla Vuellne. lllfg Co ., 24 State. 2'oiNlCCO JladU....-1/ Jor Jlll....,od11rera. -1\. & Co, 1'19-183 Lewis ot. JlacJ.It&erJr. y To-llaehlne Oo. Jobn a e Platt The Sphinx Cigar SUTRD & NEWM.ARK, 2d Av. and 73d St., New York. Factory NG. 412, 3rd District. Ed.. :aergh.a db Co., Manufacturers of Havana. Cigar Flavors, CIGAR VOLORING, PASTE SWEETENINGS, 4.1 Jl!lla.t & &t 01n.o1n.n.a.t1. e>. Jlnfi,s of Liltte (}Jant Buncher. John R Williams Co., !02 Chambers Tobacco B&Jiging. Penou A. Haniman &: Co. <&57...-f69 Broome ot :1\n. llamiJtoo a Lilley 686-646 w 28d. and Varnish. Reed Chu c. and Co 112 East 14tb Line" Flbre Waru, Goldsmith J 744 Broadway ALBANY, ft", Y. of Ureer' A Sons. 822 Broadway AMSTERDAM Hollaocl.. Btoom 1bbaero B"'ker. Harkema G 0 Z Voorburgwal 286. .A.Bl!fHEIK, HoU...d Dlr. '" Bl&matra aM Ja'!ICI TobMoo l!'roweln .t Co. BALTIMORE. Mol. BudlAaf cmd H11oon<1 T,_,.,.. ll-areJI<>t4eo lloyd W ..1.. .t C1o. M 8outb Becker Broe. 98 Lombard Kemper M. 4 Sons, 116 W Lombard. J[erckb.ol! dt 00. 4V tiOOtb Ob&rlM llerfeld JOB. & Co, 89 German Sneeringer & Co. ISS. H oward Unverzagt Qeo. P & Co. 81 S outh Charlet tt W'llaameve1 .Ed. CG. 39 Routh Cahert 7bbacco .lfa.nuJaeiuN:r&. l'el!rner 1!'. W .t Son, 91?8o11th Charles. Qal[ & Ax. 28 Ba"" GugKenheimer ll Co., Lombard &: Cbeapside. ll&rbl>rc Broth.el"8, 1-l:J oo ltW ttout.h ua .. de. Ptrtmt Stem Bolkt'L Unverzagt Geo P 8 1 South Charleo Manufacturers. Baron&: Co. Guggenheime r & Co., Lorn bard & Chea.psi de. Koo.&.411 Bros. 18-15 Cbea1)81dll!. Jlanufaduref'A o f ,.tftl! Oigan. Hencken Aug. I!L B rQ 24 So uth Paca. ManUft"I Cturer.s "'Bengal Cher oets. Ellis a:.&. Co. cor. Qaltimore a.nd Sharp. .MR1t,.s. Licorice Paste. Young J S. &: Co .. cor. Boston and Elliott st. Kn.jtl'" AIM"JI.itW ry. Adt Joho B 332 &12 N. Holliday. BOSTOJII, llaoo. of Havana. T obncco an.d Cigarl. Rico A. F &: Co. 1 8 Central Whar f Degar Manuf4eturere Aoeatt Hitchcock. R. W., 19 Ia Street Jobbers in Domestic Cigars and Leaf Tobacco. Daveaporl J Jr 96 Broad BREMEN Germaoy. Dealers In Sumatra od Java T obacco. St<>ver H. W 1 Co. BUFFALO,JI,Y Dealer in B...,....a OM T..,_. of 8ood LeVt 8. 1111 & II&Dre CO. 88&-787 W filb, Cigar c>M Tol>oeoo BrJhMoa W. A 18 Weet 2d lleler R & Co Newburgh L 148 W. Peerl. 7'r>/lOr Molde lllller, Dttbrnl& Poten. !M-1611 E. lid.. Mnftn of Ha...,... Berghawoen Ed. Co. 41 E 2<1. J'rleO, .t.le:< & Broo 46 E 2d. ll[ortn< of Tob&ocolllacblnery. lloQowan Co, Joho H OL.&J.UtSVILLE. T-. 1-.T Broloen. aan: )[. H. .. tiro> Dobrm&DD F W. &: Son. Keanedy J aa. T VOVINGTOrr, Ky, lf......,Getur.,.. of Pl"g T&bacoo Perkins .t Ernst, !69-165 Pke. DAlfV lLLB. V l)ea&eO'O liM Bro,_. en 1-' 7'obtlclca BeDdenoa. Jameo A. & Oo 'l.'boiUi w uaJ Too..-.8ro1crL Strldlw D Order. FerrellP. W. FllnDC.lll, Venable P. C. DJ::TMOLD, Germ,...y. Jl.auufacturera o t Cigar Box LabelL Gebruder Klingenberg DllTBOIT. lltola. .11f01"1t" of OhaCOO oc---.v-a.J.aOo PRA.I'IKLINTON, 1'1, (), Leaf 'l'obOC"' Calle de Ban Rafael 115. Cortloa y Gomez, Caue de Ia Estrella 184. De Capote Mora & Co. Colle del Bayo 28. Kotaoillo, Junco & Corujo, He1!>8c0&1n 84. LaGrana.dlna, ca.Ue d e San Batael99-101. Lopez Manuel & Co., Flguras 26. M.urias Felix /!I. Co., Cal l e de la Zauja fJSJ. Mirand a F. Cal z,.,da dPl Monte Roger Pedro 491l'actorla. street. R. Oolle del Bayo 63. Manuel. E"treua 188. Selgaa & Garcia, i:!itioo117. BENDEBSOl!f Jt,.. '!'okccoi!Yollera. Slaughter G G DENDEIII!ION, N (), TobdeoO Brolona. LeWis & Thomao. lANESVILLE anl ALBANY, Wlo. Packer of mn.d Dealer in I:Aaf. Greene 11". C. KANI!IAS CITY, Mo. Wholeeale Dealers In Mnfd ll.lld 8mkJr Tobaoco and Qigars, a1ao Smokel"' Artfcl Bachma9 J A & Bro. 641 DelaWAZ"8f:t Dealer in. n.n.d l)om...lfto J 0. & Co 801 Delaware at KEY WEST. Fla. AlfOiliJO of Cig&n. Angulo J R. '&Dais E Concl e L B. Zamora A.. P. 0 Box 134 L.4.JIOASTEB, Pa. Packers of aod Dealers In Leaf Tob&pco. Frey Jacob L. 213 W. Skilea &. Frey N Duke st Inauraace and Real Eeta.te. BaU51D&B &: Burns, 10 W Orange St.. LIVERPOOL. EJaa, Tobacoo Brolum. Parry & 28 Pai-a:dlse Street. LONDOI'f, Enc. Tobacco. Olgar and Leat M.erch&n'\. <:Jratl' L. 6 P"eA.Church Buildings, E. 0 LOUISVILLE, Kr Plug TGbaooo Mun.V/aci"-Nn Foroo T obacco Co. l"ftna1n. Doerhoefer & Oo 18th and MaiD Leaf ro&aoc:o. llleler W. G & Co 7'oOocco Callawv J.unea F corner E ighth and Mata Lewta,_!llch'd M Wee Mala llleler wm. Q. & eo. lmportq of Ua't'Ona Ci(Jan. Wright V il. UTIUfacturera .Agent& Schetl'ey L. C. & Co. 1134 4tb av Tobacco Co m mi&sl o n Merchant. Nash Geo. P 1014 West M,aln PeerleSIJ Plug Tobacco Machine and Toba.coo Manufacturers' Supplies F'raokel H U. 151 8d Tob Mnjtrs Rupplies, Licot J re, F'latlot"l', etc. Jungbluth & R&uterberg, LYJICBBUR.G, .... Manufacturef'a of CtgaretU.. LoDe 3 ack Cigarette Co. Manufacturer of S moldq Tobacoo. O&rroll Jollll W. 09mmUftOn. Holt. Scbaeter a Oo. JDDDLETOWJ, 0 JJlan,ufam:urr of P!tJJ 1bboaooo 1-&ov. Fougeray A. R 53 N l!'roD JIIIAI'Uf/JCtUrtJrl ilj INJoriu J'aRU The Mellor & Rittenhouse Co 218 North .22d. Jlfr'l Agefol far Plug and S....Tri"t1 'l'oka. XellJ' F. X. Jr. 11l1.Aroh OigM Boe Labtlil a114 7Wmminga, ll&rrla Geii. 8 .t 8oo, 716 A.Vatou/actur.,. of RGlp/1: Scold> 8Atlo8. Stewart. Ralph & Co. 141 An:h Street., PITTSBUBUH, P ll"fr' of aoocl ;Joaldnoll a. .t W .Vamif'ro of BA! liM 8moki"t1 To!Jaooo, Weyman & IJro. QUIN(JY, Jll, Blt&glo Plug AIOCIU,.... Brlnlo:op J. H RALEIGH, !If, (), IAG/ ToilGcoo.. ..,...._T.UIf .. r.o ".l'oorka" cmd PIacoo B...-. DaTOnport C. G. WHEELil!fU. W, Va. llnttnl or Ha......, Seed, Tl1>and Blogleotpra and Dealenlln Leaf TehoGco. MBbn & B......U.... 1*18 MaiD .. Dealer ,,.. Cigar 0ulfi"t1 Blocb Brae. YORK., Pa, .. -or Cllpn. Jaoob A. llla7e< JJ ;JOHN D. SKILES, JAIIIEB R r.Y. Towne, Fuller & Co., Packers of Leaf Tobacco 1 Manuf'trs of Cigars, db PR.E'Y, i I 41; a,.3 & 45 Hampden St., Springfield, Ma&&. P&VKERS OP AND DEALERI!I IN Ponnsylvania Sood Loaf & Havana Sood Tobacca, 61 lc. 63 North Duke St., Lancaater, Pa. I .. ARGUEUES BROTHERS! Ci[ar Mannfactnrcn. Proprletoro. of the Brands: LA FAMA. LA TUYA. LA RITA. 172 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. LICHTENSTEIN BROTHERS COMPANY, Incorporated SepteQiber 6, 1886. \ OFFICE 707 SECOND AVENUE, cor. THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET, NEW YORK. Fa.ctory No. 50, 3d Collection N.Y. Nos. to 719 Second Avenue, and 235 to 239 East Thirty-Eigbth Street, New Yort KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, lmoorte&C]<&gee of 1.-tJtaD II a. -.11, 14c ,.r ENG LAND-Manuractured eis per l-., Cavendish o r Negrohead, 4s 6d per l b. Cavendidl o r NttJI"to head manufactured tn bund, 4spe r lb. Uther mauufactU'itlt t oba.c o, lb. Snul't containing mor e t 13 lbe moist. ur e in ,_very 100 Jbs thereof. SsQd pt'r lb Bn. not contain ing mo1 ethan 13lbs of moi,lure iD e v Pr y 100ae thercvf. 4s 6d per lb. Unm anufactl:lred T baceoContaining 1 0 lbs o r more o r IT'Oleture In every 1 00 lbs thereo r 3s 2d per lb. Contain ing lt'lfiB ttl an 10 I be of i n every l Ollbs w eight thereof, 3s 6d per lb. In lieu ot tM drawback allowab)A berore MayS I, l&i7. there ls nowallowe* the drawback o 3s 8d named in section 1 ot the Ma.nub!Jo.. tured 'l'obacco Act, 1863. GERMANY-CJga1-s and ctarettes. 27'0 marks per 1000. duty Smokiug in rolls and Fnu1f flour, 180 marb p e r 100 kilos duty. Pre8sed tobacco. b5 marts per 100 ldlul duty. Lt'a!toh a cco and stems 8:; marks p e r H.1U Strips o r stemmed leaf, lSo .&:!eo llauufocturer oftlae Veneered and lmltatl.on Cedar ClgarBo:o: Lumber. Sample fDrnillaed on Application. Send for PrlceO:Liot. The only Factory In the We& "&haC a complete tock of" all Label .Publlhed. In the tJnUe d W. F. THOMAS, ::l:)a.u."'17:111e, Va.. LEWIS & TBOM'A.S, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, Orders and Correspondence Solicited. Best References Clven. F. C. GREENE, Packer of and Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO, Albany and Janesville, Fine Cfcar Leaf a Speelalty. Am"PJ Storago Boom. BUTLER. & WILSON IIAXUFACTUBEIUI OF FINE NAVIES, for Chewing & Smoking,, v a. Ha,mmerschlag's Waxed Paper. :lror 'Vtl"'ra.pp:ln. To'baoobe llold Ia Qnan&lU.. lo ... bl' 0. .OURCBNSEN. 98 Malden Lane, Rew York_ RUSSELL'S TOBACCO KNIVES. CHALMERS & MURRAY, 'T6 Reade St.,N ew York, SOLE AGENTS. w ... have always on hand a fuU supply ot Knives or Buck ye and Rogers Machines, And make to orde r Knives of any pattern. HOLLANDTobacco in r olls or and stems, 2S 1 w r 1 00 k ilos: p, ... ,., ...... ll Mt!lllfl, 2-l cea-. dnty pPr 100 kilos Manufactured tt.bc.cP, carrete._ etc., S+ 8 0 duty per lOll kHo!'l. Cigars St Outy per 100 k:.._ The tol,aeco indut<:try o! France. Ita l y and S I S hy Rt>Q'"iPil, under t h e directJon orthe Qeve,... ments ot: thm:;e t ("tunt des. B. DIAZ & CO JDI.porce.r HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, 15'T W ATEB STREET, l!fEW YO Bit. WATT'S UNIFORltia. TOBACCO DRYER "Boed all leadinc Smokfnc Tobaoao 88 Market Street, Chicago ReftiN' toP Lorilla.rd & Co., New Y o rk. D H McAlpin & Co., '" "' David Huchner &: Co '" Catlin Tobacco Co St. LouJs. F. F. Adams&: Co, Wilwauk: ee. JAMES T. KENNEDY i TOBACCO MACHINERY, TOOLS AND SUPP.LIES SAI'L JOSEPHS &. co., Leaf Tobacco CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. j Refers by permlooloo to lleoors. l!&wyer, Wallane a _New -york: Theo. SchW&rtZ .t Co., LouiiYille. AY L Abner Harris, Loul!lvlUe, Ky.; lll. H Clark & Hro .. B. W. Macrae, Caahlor : A. Cuhler; Jaa. L. GIUD, Cashier, Clarksvi lle Tenn. B. A. SHOTWELL, ]!(anufaeturcr ef CIGAR MANUFAGTURBRa FINE I 322 E. 63d St., Between 1st aod 2d Av ., W. H. OSBORN, 282 Ninth Ave., New Leaf Tobacco Broker,., l!:d. WISCHMEYER" co. DURHAM, N Tobacco Commission Merchants, Buying on Order a SpeCialty. ReRrl'ene TobaccO Co.; E. 1. pap. rlsh Durham; Euc. lforehead M C u., Bank em. 'la.Jtlmore, Md. FOB GROWERS AND IIANUFACTUBEBS OF TOBACCO, General Agents:. New York Tobacco :Ma.chine CO.. 104 John St. & 9 Platt St., P. 0. Bo:o: 2183, NEW .YORK. I


i 2 ,.HE TOBACCO LEAF. AUG. r3 GRAY,MORALES & DALTON .BLACKWELL'S. DURHAM T .OBACCO. Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE f HONEST, POPULAR, 1 Is the Most j UNIFORM. RELIABLE) Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market. lAND SATISFAGTORY I 1 I I HAVANA CI&ABS, Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce h. THE VERY BEST. [Fr om l.!lw Yo April Sd 1&4: j For ten or I have used Black-l :weli's Durham. SmOking Tobacco and fin d Situated in the immediate section of country 'that produces a grade of Tobacco that in texture, -t lhe most sall:-.r::.ctory a>tlob Olive Oil In barrels, and Relned Spamsh, ltalin.n and French, iu cans and bottles. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver Street, New York. & CO., ltlanu.fae11H'e.ra ot Fino Gnt & Smokin[ Tobacco. A.nd Ia SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., Wholeale a11d He&aU. 20-22' Bridge St Newark, N.J to E the ir nTewPocketc Case, inAwhich pthey (>roe now p R acking pAsT E. Brands of J aoo b Hen k ell, ,; Spanish Imported, In Bond or Duty Paid. Cl"&rettes Smokl IT T b lnANlii!'ACTVREB OP 0 "G. C." "F. G." & "Wallis Extra." 6 & no 0 acco CI&AR BOX.ES. FinestFrenchRJcePaper. HlghestClassSklllcdLab o r G) For sale by g,::;:: New York Depot .... < .............. 23 Warren Street. Allgoodsmadeun4erour I> 't .A.rg"1.1imba"1.1 db o::ICI C4REFUL PERSONAL SUPERVISION 8 Sole Agent8 for thelJnlted State and Canada, Depot in Chicago ............. 50 Randolph Street. SUPERIORMAKEAl>'DPRIME QUALITY OJ!' Theonlygenulneboo.rthefacsimilesignatureof 0 ;:il 29 a:O:d 31 SOUTH WILLIAM NEW YORX. San Francisco Depot .......... 207 Battery Street. Cedar MANUFAC!rURER OF ALL KINDS OF R. HILLIE.R'S .SON COMPANY, Depot in London, E and .. 55 Holborn Viaduct. :&IIXTURES FOH PIPE OH CIGAHETTE. L b Is \wEAvER & s TERRY' 1.: I M I T E D' 48 Cedar Street. "'llirork.. v!k .. 75 Street. Yor.k. SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. 'SPANISH LICORICE GREEK LICORICE I POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. ODGE &OLCOT. T EVANSVILLE, IND -Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed, Hamilton & Lilley, llANUFAaruRERS OV TIN.TA&S AU grade o:fP.latn, Colored Emboo...rl and Enuneted Made to ,Order. 536-Mcc West 23d Street, New Yort M. H. CLARK & BROTHER. roBACCO BROmS


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