The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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\ / ( voL. xxrv.---No. 30. fBBTABT.UHBDlSM.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1887. ........... ....... I ........... -... ... WHOBE NO.l174 ---S'rade M'ark of -NOTICE. l 1 '7fT ( "'1 1 ln81de the ltale, on tile WElL & CO. 1 I \ & A "'. J bast, Is paM:ed a tbet, 'W "W.&C.-.'wlthoureiKna Retistered in 1868 & 1874. -r: .. _,... Retetered In 1881. OUR CHOICE I ., VOELTA ABAJO HAVANA TOBACCOS, Marbd W, & 0.,.,. Mlected bt oar Beoldeln lla1er Ia B:a-bciti t1o ""here :ne GV'.ABI:O iS oaecL Mur imitatins CLDSR-Y ours are offered and sold o as W. & c. A L.,I!RAL REWARD will be ,pl\ld by u for the Deteotlon of the eame .t I Also lliport WEU; & co., 65 YOBI. PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56. I ::E3:a va:n.a. PACIED IB BOIES. Photograph in each Box. A BOLDER FOR EACH SCBB.ODEB I&: BON, Packers or. seed Lear G.J "'"t7f .f"' ?' I '1 \; Iliiporters of Tobacco 01!' '1'IIB J'01...1.0WJl(Q IUIIKB1 .J lntriJfblc 'upoD the1e :rov. TradeMarks --OBABLBS T. SBYlYIOUB, Also lun,ortere of SUMATRA. 178 WATER ST., N.EW With each two M. ;.:..,. .-&, oc:>., ESTABLISHED 1858, X:M:POR.TER. OF. 93 John Street, New York. 188 Fro:n:t S'tree't, 'York. I g I JAMES CHASIEL & CO.'S BUSTA SALOMON & BROS. J ,A_A .. ACii'UiM;OPiams 138 MAmEN LANE, :uearJatcrSt, NEW YORK 57 CALZADA DEL MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. I CAiixTo LoPEZ & -co:: Packers and Importers of FJ:l.'WE VUEL TA ABAd8 lOBAC'GO. ExcfUsiYOiy, II ANTI-COAL" COLORINGS. B.A.JIPLER-ln order to I!IYe mannfo Mao a to try 110t only one, bUt&Il our we hae P!l t up IUDPle oaeee coata.laJDg II&Dlplee of allllle above, thenr belmr IIUlllcleat quantity ofl'lavor to ftavor at leul 11110 lllrecmOu for ""'accompany eoch II&Diplo. Wo have put il>e"""' of tb--at U.. rate of To oUola D&l"tlM Wbo, after ncb a c.e, 881);d an order amountiDg to at leoot Pol worth of.FI&-ror, wewlllrefund the P Jlllkl for -pk ....._ IMPORTERS OF GliB TRAGACANTH. 140 Tane, 1 LA ISLA" Sol No. 86, 1 TRADBJWOC No.3GedarSt.;NewYork. HAVANA, 1-------c. L. CUBA. C7f{ QJ/. Cf3-ue-;n / 81GilUIID JAOOBY. GUSTAV JACOBY. L fG". IETROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 .;ATER ST., NEW J;Laccfn!J!wku/ S JACOBY & co Bol.e't or :'}. (}. /p.!J, @;a, J B. ::E3:. :M:.A.N"US, Factory No. 31 3d l;)lstrlct. &m:STEan&m:, uoLL&ND. FOOT OF 52d 8T ., EAST RIVER, S'UKATRA TOBACCO Ia Prlllle Quauu ... alway oa Hand, HAVANA TO.BACCO COMPANY, I .... 1 "-----' \ I "'\' _) '--/t" I t..J T. ( (} :K.&lE'UE. I ,_, -\ .. ........ I \ J.---" .BA V ANA, CUBA: 148 CaJle Animas. NEW-YORK: 192 FI'Ont Street. LUIS MARX, Pres. ROSENTOWER, Sec. A Treas. SDYION .4UEB.BACH & CO., SuMAtrRA I 'I' I .ft ALEX. FRIES & BROS., Havana Flavor, lit B!!&bB STBEET, KEW YOBL d,,jS 60 U Street. CDJCIKKATI. Q, .,._om.;., BAV AKA. O'BBA. -. :.l 1., I I r LO'OIS'.IE,W'BURGH, l, 1 I"aollerc tittle 'utch 8 Zimmer's Spanish. oaeea lf1 w .. a P-rJ CJKCDJNATI, O. Jllontgomery County, Ohio. GOODWIN & CO.'S s or '", ,, .,1 JJ f B4V ANA LEAF TOBaCCO Trade M.ark. Trade Mark. \\E LAS YtGAs 16 Cedar St.. New York. O r -4 J. A. Galle-San lficolas 128 HAVANA, CUBA. A. & C. S WM, lleH118&BT, The Jc::hn J. Crc::eke Co., NEW YORK AND CHICAGO-MANUFACTURERS OF .. P-ure TJ:N" FC>:X:X... :ror P1-u.a Factories-lfEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 Mulberry Sts. 84, 86 & 88 Frantunst. SILVEB SUBFACEu FOIL! ClOIIPOUlfD I'On, PATENT IIETAL, ... a ;.u the oWrereat bo,.... tl,'.tJu, PRIJlTIXG ON'I'OIL ia Bro._ aad Coloft, ...a whh oUA'er-t ....... of Qraa..,.tatlea, tar TOBACCO tr.A.N:O L.&BEL&. 1 Cap-u.l.e ror Plaia, Clelor .. or Jl&aJoji .... omce AIDess : 1 Jo. IBi GRAIID. ST. .,RE, W -:,. ,88 Jrl jQ II 1 I lJJOd .-:1 I") I & CO. _w. 0 r'l!ll. IIJJ -1 ... 1 11 "' U ;.tb rU ,J J1J fll_' !Jut IJ ... u J .. J Havana w BERNAZA 32 HAVANA., CuBA. E. :1:]1) .A.7'B:R.Q .9Q:t .. 'J 8P' c IGA.' :Rll BOXI L UM-BEil, TOB.$000&, 179 \\\\\\\ R. WILLIAMs &, :&:A. 'Y .A.9 1 Proprieton olth. Co, 1 ,_ 1\To. 81 Pearl. &'tree't, .lSI' e._.. 'Yor:JK, 1 1 I ineSf Cle8f'TaYa:na Cf ars. Cigarettes and Uttle"'Gilot BuliCTIBr, lLSB .. iit..w at 'uii Foot ofCrand St., East River, N. v. 102 'STREET, NEW YORK. SOr.fQ BROS., b L !!.F TOBACCO. Chicago, DL We.wte:rn Cigar Ma.nufacturers will fb1d it to deal _... _,_ -----... ...... ... .. -.,_ -'::.;: --..,:: .....


2 The Tobaeeo Leaf. ESTABLISHED 1864. the Clrculatlon of -7 '!lfrade Paper in the World. PUBLISHED 8fERY IO:ntNING BY 'l'IIII It is a foregone conclusion that ill the cur rent decal year. ending June 30, 1888, the ttome wants for manufacturbig purpos8il will not be 18811 tlian they were the past fiscal year; indeed, it is probable they will be while it is morally certain that the export demands for the interval between now and the end of 1888 'fill be quite as large as they have heretofore been in any similar period of time. It follows, then, as a oeces llary consequence that prices mua.t advance, B.ll.d that. now is the time to buy. (" W Alll,TS IIIII liiOJfEY. ne of the commercial travellers doillg bueineea tn Wiitffiington ftled euit Monday against the District to recover $1,200 for six yea111' drummers' tax paid by him and now declared by the upreme Court t.o be uncon Thls snit, if aoccessful, will be .a.BVISEDilAT.BS FOR A.DV.BBTJIIEJJIENTS. Oae Sl:x T ..... Ye&r. lllonthll. MOI>U... "Pou..-UD.oaeooltuQil... .... &14 II P--over tiro columllll.... 411 24 14 -r.enb'"'la:hC ll oneoolumn....... 4& 2.1 14 ..._ty...etlllttUnaoYertwocolumna 80 45 25 followect'by many others of like-nature. The p enomenal succeae of their Little Giant Buncher, which, siDll8 j&IJ intro ductiOI'I in Aprtl, has yeen steadily jl:aining IUilon.---.our manufa;cturera, baa al ready occasioned a cbRngA in the manufac turin!!' departme.nt of tbe John R. Williams Co. This week t ey moveJnto their new and commodious quarters, perfect in every detail neoell88ry to auooessful operation of large macli ne shop. land which give company faeili\ies for supplying the mjiebioee in quanti$iee to meet the extra i!emand The rapid increase of orders for TOBACCO LEAF. -----BUSINESS TROUBLES. A number of judgments in favor of. the Independence National B:mk wers entered in the Common Pleas Courts, Philadelphia a few days ajto. Battin Bros t.obacco mer chants, 211 North Third street, confessl.ld judgment in favor of tile bank on a note for *14.000, dated June 2, 1887. and indorsed by J Hall, who recently served a t erm of imprisonment for paseiol{ paper on the bank. Two judgments in the baok1s ,favor, aggregating Henry & Sou upon no ea dated July -19 laat, were alllo placed on file. In the w llicb Da-vis _.){al'x, tQ.e cigar manufacturer t 56..J(anroe street, br.ougbt "to t.he partnershi bet'teen IP.maelf and Nicholas H. DeNyse, whom. he alleges, bas been exceeding the powers given to him by their partoel'llhp agreement in money on sales. etc applic,.ti.on waa made before Donohue, in Supre111e Coun, Chambel'l!, ursday, for the appointment of a receiver. Counselor David Laventritt made the application, and Mr. Marx was appc>inted receiver of his o !Vn property, flling a bond in the ef $8,500 t.O take gQOd care of it. ms and I I Curc.&.oo, Ut-CbapiD 8t Gore, wholM&le and retail cigllt"s etc. ; licensed to Incorporate; stoek, 1800.000. CINCINJU.TI.O -Louis A. Massa; cl,;ara and tobacoo: 110Wout CLAusvn...LK. Mo.W P. Boone, tobacco maDufacturer; DOW & BooM. DA.l"""""" P Pnroell, cigars; liijvertislng to c loae oat. D&IU80M, lJ'e:o:.-Eppeteln & Weotheimer, cigars, etc.; dis IIOived. BAIITIOoe, Neb.-J Harry etc.; ... I\!:OIIt. LounrviLL&, Ky.-Ehrm&nn & Leadley, wli81eoAle clpro; dlaoled. KEY WEST, FLOKJJ)A. (SPECIAL TO THE TOBACCO J,EAF.) KEY W.a:sT, Aug. 13. )I:DITOR'TOBACCJO LEAF-Business here during the last week: baa been rather slow. ll.an1.tfactuters are bavin11, a very bard time procu.ring sufficient leaf to run their fact:>ries, as the new -is coming in to Havana. very slow, a nd as yet the only Key West firm that has received any new leaf ie Messr.. Villamil, Pino &; Co. They recei oiled 55 bales by the Mascotte last Tues day. C&ye ano Soria bought 180 bales of new t.obacc last week while in Hav.ana. He says t.liM nltbougb the Cuban crop willoe small tbie year, tho qualities of the same are excellentr-in fact, the best for the past five years. The Havana preBJI Mr. Sorlas opini@n. Enrique Canals bas dieeolved .partnership with our friend Mr. Penicl!e. 'This gentle m n inreillls co:atnke f.or himself in fn ture. H e will embatk in the cigar manufac tunag .t1 ad e. and I hope he P-lay succeed. I aJD afraili Mr Canals will miss Mr. Penicb who was formerly genelal 6f his fact.ory. Messrs. D L. Trujillo & S .ms have purchased aoll'le 200 !bales of new tobacco, but will, not work the same until S eptember. 'llbis information waR givon your correspond. ent by Mr. Remigio of said ftrm. H.A.MII:I.. Laor Grievance. AUG. 20 Davis manu TRADE MARKS REGISTER ED. facturer, who bas accumulated wealth-in b1s trade, which be bas been prosecuting for twenty five years, alleges tba.t he bas been the Jupe of Nicholas H d e Nyee, hie partner. L!l.llt winter de Nyee, who lives at Mattea wan, N.J., went to Marx ana told bim that he wae salesman for several big cigar houses down town, and doing for them a. business of sever al millions of do!lare. He pictured to Marx in glowing color the ad to be de rived from all86ciation in business with him, and prevailed upon the old man to enlarge his business aud take him (De Nyee) partner.sbip. On January--1 "the new partnership-was formed under the firm name of Davie Marx & De Nyse, and tbe premises 56 Monroe street, formerly a church. secured for a fac tory and warerooms, and buainess "'as begtlB on a large scale. The junior partner d1d not putiu auy capital beyond hie experience, but be was by the partnership agree menti f OID q11ving tQ do With the finances Of the firm from sijl;ning ita checkl until his money int rest should i crease. To establish In court In caae ot Jnrringemcnt or traudu lent ownership in a trade-mark or lt 1 necessary to prove prionty of use, or first use a tter abandonment by the original owner; and to n1ake aueb pfoot at all timee available, tbe TOBJ.OCO L&&Jo Puaus&JNG OoliiP' have o augurated in t.helr edlce a perfect system tor tht reg1stra tio-;t &!ld of trade-marke aad labels of t Tery de-. acnption pertalnjng to t h e tobacco, cigar aad cigarette ID tert"Sts or t):dB country, and at lotoer f'Dk thari a.nywhere else obtainable. THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHIIIG CO. will reJottoca of .. . .. liO the Little Giant show& an appreci,tion on the part of our manufacturers of its value 118 an auxiliary in the cipr indu(wy, whfob its genei:al excellence merits. Rtmli'OOD CITY, C&l r Roeenlleim & !&dig, cigar Dl&llufac. tu.rers; d.ia&olved.. A delegate from Progressive International Cigarmakers' Union presided at the meet Ing o the Xobacco :\Vor kers' Sectl9u of the Central Labor Union U5 Eightlh street Sun day night. New del egates were admitted from the Fortitude Xs8ociation, Ciga!l Packers' Union and Progressive Internatioual Cigarmakers' Union No. 10. It waa decided to levy a PF capita tax or t\"o cents upon the different represented In this section to de fray t.he expeDBes incurred by the section In the McGlynn parade,. and also to pay for a band o f musi c in the Labor Union parade collected the amount some time before rA 13 10 a m J. W. Strieder, Boston, few days later C M. Bennett, a large dealer Mass. in Trenton, replied to a for a remit 3d Edition. No. 2629 For Cigars and tha _DeNyse bad called to collect the obacco Regi,etered -i\:Uf!Ust 13 a.;m. .LOCAL bill before It was and had taken a note A.lsfelder Bros. & Bejacb, Cincittna.l, 0 he had bad d18coun(ted at a Tnmton Tlllrd Edlttoa. 2880. For Oiga.ra and Special Adve:rtlement on Seventh Pace. -Western leaf tobacco is a good Following this came a el;atement from D. Tob acco Registered. 1_3. 9 a_. m. 0dborne & Co., of Newark. that 20.000 cigars Als felder Bros & BeJacb, Cmcmnatl, 0. One Six Three Year. Months. Konebl $85 5'5 SU .....,._..,..for idTertloemeato and 111'->rlptloao lloouJd U..18be m&depayablebyP. 0. by eheclOB the wrapper" or paper of article to bold just. now p H -.. b R' h d to'-'--J-Crrr. N J illexander Rice, clgal:a, etc.; judlnn8nt =BYO, t e IC mon UIICCO against for 1304. i manufact.urer, and family are travelling m .liD' You. N Y -J. Ttawnlebeck, clgare; pea clllattel E !IJOI'tKage for $&00. arope. 041-6 l it. The cas e was deemed vall Iriternatlonal Cigarmakers' Union No.144 comp laln etl that organized work-Jovuauon. men did not altogetbe pfttronize those saloons Society of tbe Army ef Virginia-'lltll places where J;llue_ Iabel of bacco manufacturers. "Tbree months bene"," said one of tile o)iiABt tobl\cco merchants to us yesterday, Kentucky t.obacco wlll sell for auoh ae were never heard of before." Annual Reunion .:Wheeling on the 23d the International Cigarm&.kers UmonJs ecog24th, 25th and 26th of August, 1887. niz e d J was also stated that tQ.e members. of 0FFIOE OF COMMITTEE ON TRADII:8' DISPLAY. t.he union were ca thl t.o patronlze o nly umon 1 August 16 baFber sh ps EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFThe Jacason of Ciga.t_ettemakere shipped to them bad not been ordered, 'that De Nyse had come to get tbe cigars of-them, bqt thex t):linkingit had refufl!!d &o lei him ht;'ve them. !Similar word from L F Herde!l of Etiazbeth. and inquirY' r e fact that De Nyse had sent in fraudulent orders from different sections of the country and dioposed of the goods to other parties, '"eceiving.-the cash. As far as Mr. Ma.rx cau ascertain the amount which DeNyse has appropria Cl over whatt be was entitled to under the partnernhip, is not more than *2,000 or $3,000. These facts are all set forth in the complaint of Marx in an action to dissolve the copartnership and secure a temporary injunc'tion Tea training DeNyse from acting 88 a j!artner. The injuuctioo was obtained J 11ly 20 and wae on =foreign oullocrlller &nd those In tills country realdlDa e of lhe larger cltlee the date upon whleh tile aub doD baa eo:plred or will expire. Our subscrlbO"' wi.U take notice and remit accordin&"ly. When the subiollpUoa is paid the d&te will be cbangea, which will oene ... .-pt. -F. P. representative of Sallchez & Haya. will leave for the West in a few days. The many friends of this popular SUGGESTIVE FIGURES. firm wmsend rejoicingr The Executive Committee of the Reunion r-eported that lab?r-savmg machinery was >out has devoted one day of the. celebrJltio.n, the to J;le mtroduced lD t.he factory Dukes & So.ns, llll'b of August, 00 a display of our industrial whtch woilld. throw-about one undred hands and commercial progrllllli The opportunity out of Some of the band!> had of presenting to thousands of visitors the in been cut down five to SIXty cents dustrial capabilities of this eectiou in a grand per thousand lt was also reported proceaeion is as exceptional as it may be machinery _was, about to be arx !!HYS that he has o t been_ financiallY' crippled by the acts of his partner, but that he bas ,;ained much in experience.-N. Y. Daily News. -L. Pfini!'At of Pllnj!;St, Doerhoefer & Co, aad Southern Lear Tobacco the manufacturer of th" popular ... JondDue to Advaaee :'Piper Heldaieck" l}rand of plus tobacco, made aaspioious in tbe history o his city illtrod!lced 11!the factor;r of _Kmne) ;"lros. l!i-OfHce Gazette, Aug. 16, and ber neighbors by a and imposternattonJI Ctgarmak:ers UDl)D; No.2'!? reported INVENTION& In Prlee. SBOBT SUPPLY JJf 1888. Reason to the contrary WI one may, tbe cooclaaion is forced upon almost every eon identified with the tobacco indiJI!Itry t the prices now prevailing for Western Sout.hem leaf t.obaeco IIVill ROt only maintained for many months to come, but mast necessarily advance beyond their pr aent limilHere ud ihere a buyer will be found who is reluctant to theee facts, but .they are as plainly writt.en for ihose who have eyes to 11118 ai the old-time .. Mens tekel" on the wall. Jlanufacturere are gr&llping the significance of the llitua : tion. They are paying current prices for wuts, and laying in stores for future use while the opportuniiy for barKain is at their disposal. They have increased thail: rates so as to correspond, in some de gree, with the higher rates they are abliged to pay for leaf; and will be the last to chuge the programme now inaugurated. It will not be long before buyers of every kind and degree will accept conditions as they flncl them, and so prepare themeelves_for the greater expansion that .sma ineYitable in 1888. The unsolved p blem now is, What will the harvest of 1887 lila I Of course it is un solvable, but the signs are ,that it will be meape in quantity and unsatisfactory in quality. It may prove better in both respects than ia aaticipated, but it can hardly at ihe beat make anything like &II anrage. Estimates. made with some care place the yield at !lO per cent. of an average-some making it 46 per cent. of last year's growtH Well, last year's growth waseat.imated as an nexedHhds. Maryland .. .................. 35,000 Ohio ................... ...... 18,000 Virginia .................... 38,uoo Western at seaboard ......... 150,000 Total .................. .241, 000 The to\al growth of hogshead tobaooo in 1886 was estimated at 257,000 hogsheads. These figures, preeuruably, do no' incl-ade t.he pro duct of North Carolina. But the latter in wit.h all the rest, a 40 or even 50 per cent. estimate foreshadows a amall crop this year. Until the crop coml!ll forward, how ever, no one cau tell what it will amount to, though it is certain it ;w"ll be much smilller than usual. The o U.S posili of holders lies in and is shown by the visible supply July 1, the annual requirements for home consumption and the demaada of for eign countriefh and outside of these data one Deed not look to ascertain the fact that price& will be upheld and augmented. A.t the high average of 1,200 pounds to the hogshead the following official exhibit of reqairemen&e is presented:Hhda. Home consumption fiscal year ending June 30, 1887 .................... .Export, calendar year 1886. 230,645 Total.. . . . . . :18-l,869 The visible supply of hogahead tobacoo, iDclading all domestic kinds, was-July 1, 1887 Hhds. Louisville .. . .. .. . . 211,835 All oiher Western markets ........ New York ............................ 39,984 Richmond ........................... 24,981 Bremen............................... 8,1183 Bremen, steDlll.... . . .. . 2,091 Liverpool, leaf.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 16,575 Liverpool, strips ...................... London, leaf... .. . . . . 11,360 London, stripe ........................ 15,981 Antwerp .. . . . . 868 Total. .............................. wae in our market and us wit.h a call IVemen (Gerll}&ll) reperter will oblige by sendingllirePQr&e. We.havebeen looking for his drat letter. Just now' we are lookililt to tl)at old and very important market very anxioasly. -J. H. MerlrSn,ime. the cigar davol' muufaoturer of this city, ia sojourning at Avon Springs. N. Y. Mr; Wm. Lamm. of same firm. will leaYe for on a basi and pl.easareo tour. -Fr&m !l'ampa, the jp'88t FJorida point, It iA reported that busin-is bril!k and that V. Martinez Ybor & Co. and Sanchez & Haya are makiiig elab orate preparations for the fall trade. -W eetern leaf is very firm. and iC ..U lli8DI don't fail. history will repeM itself, aDd ex porters and manufacturers will be glad to get wbat they want for such fiii.'Uree ae ruled in 1874. Cover yoal' shorts, gentleman I -Kank:o Rose, repreeentinJ1; the IA&f pack ing and imJIQrting bouae of Wm. & Co. ; baa left {or the West. Eggert & Co. are 11upplied with a large stock of fine leaf, and Mr. will no Jloubt meet with sacelias. -S Sanche., of the dl'!Jl of Sanchez & liaya, aad imJKII'ters of fine Havana cigare, who baa been absent on a European tour, is expected home in ber. Y. Haya, of above firm. will apend balance of the at D' TOWN THIS WEEK. -Benjamin Labe, the Philadelphia packer ef leaf. -George E. Waggner, the Baltimore leaf dealer. -Emil Poenatel, the oldtime Pitteburgh cigar manufacturer. -Joseph Bishop, one of Connecticut's old eat packers of leaf tobacco. -Charles Young. of Ed ward Batchelor & Co., leaf merchants of Philadelphia. -Tbe son of Mr. Robert Dinon, tobacoo manufacturer of Australia, was in this city this week. Bueineee and a desire for recrea tion brought him here, where he is welcome, as was hie father before him. OOBR,I:SPOJfDEJfOE, ing indastrial ill the display, that some e; t .he c1garfuakers. worthy of the occasion, creditable toour in had been by :Jacob Stahl of Mon;JSBDla CIGAR HoLDER .. -Frank A.. Wash dustria.l resources and emblematical of the haq been provided wttb emp loyment and lfvmg tnjl;ton, D. 9 F1led June 9. 1887 .. community of interest seq apartments by the firm Gl!!Ser, As. art1clo of manufacture, a !',I gar holder tion at Reading; Pll. It was doo!ded to dJStnbute cons1etmg of a sheet or plate havtng a handle The success of the demorletration appeals five hu!ldrad subscription in the dll!erent a_nd with 1!-n for the recap to your active interest, and indulging tho shops, ill order to rais e finanoial. for tton t;Jf a thn mner. wall or of aa1 d hope of cordial approval, may I request to thelocked out employees who are still open1ng hems more o!' y1eldmg be advieed if ou or your re reecntatlve will Thus the Saloon-Keepers the outer or port1on, sa1d plate ha!WII: b.e preeeot on y the 25th in'tM Reunion Association S25 and the J ourn!lY a througli Its and beiog provuled trades' dis Ia f Trul ou men Brewers Uwon $100. The Arbitration w1tb a handle, the tuner wall 9r edge of the p A:GUBTUS repY ctgRr manufacturer Stahl, and t.he or heat resisting means. If the LEAJ' be not on the oc matter was referred to the Central L abor Union ,.... H F k A. F w b Cb P II h' lite vGAR OLDERran ou.., ae a1rmao o ac or 11 rary aon ResolutioDB were proposed condemning the to D C F'l d J 1 9 1887 '18 reqll8B1ied to 888 ihat t.he LE..A.I' has a good action of the COunty Committee of the United tog 0 1 e u Y report ofthe display made by the t.obacoo in Lab art cl di So ialiats b t bac1gar-holder terest.-ED ToBACOO LlcAI' or P Y ill ex u ug c u a su coos1stmg of two connected plates, each re stitute was offeree:!. and adopted the oeeaed on ita inner edge, wherebl an open Central LaborUwon t? try and differ-ing is formed betweeu the edges o the plates W..or AJf11FAClT11&EB8 .&.BE DOUIG. enc_ee between the different factions ill the for the reception of a cigar and a spring for (SPECIAL TO 'rilE TOBACCO LIIIAI'. ) Umted Labor party. actuating sa1d plates eo as to en,;age a cigar in the opening aforesaid. Internal revenue collected from July 28 to On Monday the foreman and the tw elve cigar-August 10, inclusive, in the Firat District of makers of J. W. FeW's fact o ry, on Liberty FOR ToBACCO BoxKii.-Edw. Ziesche, nlio (Ch ) e+r;:;at r efused t.o go to work, the trdubl e that Ban Francisco, Cal. Filed Dec.' 20, 1886. 018 le&go :,.. The combinatien of a tosacco-box with the T bac .. 1 71k 9" ca this aciion having grown out of an o co ...... ...... .. .. .., u d h th removable metal frame, provided on its inner C 8 955 43 alleged violation o. an agreement rna e Wlt e '"" lg&rs... ... . . . foreman, J. 8. Blous e of Mill ersvllie. To a resides with the adait_ted t.o bear against Snuff .. .. .. .. . .. 66 24 porter of. the New Era the latter made t h e folt'be end of the box, and' with the lid hinged Cigarettes .. .. .. .. .. .. 11 00 b thereto, said lid prov1ded with a pane of Revenue for export, Second District Virginia:Tob o. Cigarettes. Lbe. No. June ........... 631.277 4 658,500 July ........... 1,231,000 Bales in Second of Virginia:Tobacco. Cigars. Cigarettes. Lbs No. l'iPJune 1.568 ,8112 27,558 .000 July .. 237,275 26,384,000 The internal revenue collections for the Fifth District1 of North Cuolina for tile month of July wer'e:-Tobacco ..... ... ........... 159,577 6-l Cigars ..... : .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 546 75 liiA.S8.lCHV8.BTT8 TOBACCO CKOPII, lBY OUR SPB:OIAL ) Buyers have been riding about in the to bacco towns of Hampeh1re and Franklin counties during the past ten days aDd have boue;ht A .. me small lots at advanced prices. The lurge lots will not be sampled until after the new crop is harvested. Over 500 lowing statement t at mormng: In )rlay be was induced by llfr. F.ehl t.o accept glass and button. the foremanship of his factory, a etipulated Cm.a.R.-Heraclio Farias. Guadalajara, Ja sum of money being upon. The lisco. Mexico. Filed Aug. 21, 1885. Patented on various pretexts was n o t kept, so in Mexico July 24, 1884. Blouse on Saturday notified his employer that A cigar the filler of which is composed of helntended leaving. His fellow-workmen bad the tobacco 1\8 herein described, free from expreeB"ed their intention of leaving also l! the nicotine and other deleterious oils, and in a agreement made with him was not 11.ept. That light, dry, entangled, spongy and filamell morning Blouse opened the f actd r y as usual, t6ua form. and then demanded that FeW should k eep his ART 01' .MANUFACTUWNq TOBACCO FOR CI promises or he would quit work. An agreement GARB.-Heraclio Faria&. Guadalajara, Jalisco, not being reached, the forem!LD did as he Mexico. Filed Aug. 27, 1886, Patonted in threatened, and the men wentwithhlm. At the Mexico ,July 24 1884. and April 7, 1886. time be came to work for Fehl he was prepar-The method of t 1eating tobacco for the ing to start a cigar factory himself In Mille rs-manufacture of consisting in extract vill e, and this Intention he will now carry--into ing the nicotme and delet.erious oilS from the en'ect.-?ancaster (Pa) New Era, Aug. 12. tobacco of which the filler ie t'o be composed, by subjecting the same to the actiou of water mixed with salt and vinegar, then inclosing the tobacco in a suitable coarse textile cover, fermenting it, subjecting the same to pres sure, then cutting the tobacco into filaments, and finally drying the same and working it into a spongy condition. Dl!;j!IGNS REGISTERED. Tha eama&ra "tJuU."-No. 1. caess are held in Hatfield by five farmers. The Inte rnational Oigarmakers' Union No. 237 has retained Lawyer A. P. Wagener on behalt of the lockedout cigarma.kers of the fac tory of Jacob Stahl, In Morrisania. Mr. Wa gener has examined the proceedings in1 the Tenth District Court under whicb ten families w e r e evicted, and claims that the tenants were dispossessed without legal proces s, and that, therefore, Jacob Stahl, the landlord, became a trespasser .He has therefore begun eleven suits for damages Stahl in the Supreme Court. The first is an action by Paulina Vera, a woman twenty-two years old, who at the time was sick in I> and whOm an attempt was made to re move, by reason of whicl1 she became so Ill tl:iat slie bad to be remov ed t o the Harlem Hospital. In this case 85,000 damages are claimed CIGAR LIGHTER AND GUTTER 8TAND.-Josepb Kaufmann. New York:, N.Y. Application filed May 20. 1887. Serial No. 238,924 Term of patent, years. EDITOR TOBACCO LauIt is all Spanish '86 crop. It will not be ., ready for buyers until sampled in September, The law does not say out of wb1ch, but A number of sales were madein H14tfteld only "of which 85 per cent. of leaves. It Hadley and Deerfield last week at from 1 to does not say o11t of 100 per cent. take 41 per 3 cents perpound in advance of any pre cent. of the heaviQ.r and make a "Io\", vious offers. of that at 35 cents rate, nor out of 100 per Farmers in Hatfield and Hadley report a cent. take 1111 per cent. of the 75 cents stand good growth in the '87 crop. Grown in a ard and make another lot of that. Tbe law wet eea8on it w111 be a fine thin leaf. and not llliY so !lor thM. No ever. probably lighter in weight by 30, pound& per of makmg a Ie_af u::tt un acre than the '86 crop. The crop is well til the tUne come to-ll'pli batrs. Ttl,! ri 8d and the cutting is well along. mAkers of t!JUI Sumatra law in 'te lided 10 s G. H .. 1D11ke all of tt to pay a '15-cente per pound Hampshire county Mass., 16 1887. duty; but they made a big blunder when they put "100 leaves" to the pound, and now try to make it mean that by assuming that every leaf of SUmatra is of fineness of tex ture to be awtable for cigar wrappers. Let such try t.o sell som'll Sumatra that comes here, and in a practical and an honest way find out what is and what is not. No bale of leaf that I ever saw had 85 per cent. ot its leaves that were "suitable "-able to suit.-aay tine cigar manufacturer for hill fine cigar wrappers. Nature cion't produce all top leaves, all middle .leaves, or all under leaves. The present ruling" ill an assumption of w bat thfll law neither says, nor was it ever dreamed, and to me it is so manifest an injastice that no people worthy the name of freemen ought to accept it as the meaning of our law. Test it in the courts. E. W. DICDRSON. Philadelphia, August 12. PHILADELPWA, 17. EDITOR TOBAOCO LEAFAfter a somewhat extended investigation of the 1886 crop of Havana leaf tobacco, we find that the tropical heat here advanced te "suitable age" the Havana leaf atore:l here in bonded warehouses. The advance in age bas been very rapid in the lii&Horty days. This crop of 1886 will not sutler in comparison with that of any other crop, we predict. Reapecffully, JoHN B. CREAGH & Co. abor No&ea. The one thousand white cigarmakera in Ban Francisco, Cal., have amalgamated and begun a war of extermination upon the Ohineee employed in this industry. PHJL.lD.BLPHU ,NOT.BII, The s:y;mpathy of the entire tobacco trade of tbis ctty is extended t.o llr. Arthur Hagen, the president of the Tobacco Tra!le A.esocia tion of Philadelphia, by the death of his be loved and charitable wife on last Sunday morning. Her eociai))e characteristics and benevolence have made her le geode of friends, who deeply feel her loss. Mr. George Alce11, the New York cigar agent, ill paying the Q11aker City trade a dying visit this week A few sales of new leaf ara reported, satis factory in every respect. It now looks as if considerable of the new leaf will be sampled in the next thirty days. Under the new r;eneral instructions of the th& port of Philadel pbia can receive Sumatra leaf quite as satill factory to merchants as any other pert of entry. .J'ooe' Jlxecator aaala& 'he Seal Roek Tobacco ()e-paDJ' In actlon3 by Gustave adolph Roh leder FranciSco Hauser, l 'rederi ck: Seggert, Amelia Mahler, Anton Berka, Ohli-les Kuhn, John KlUiner, Frederick Chudoba and Freder lck Vera, 11,000 damages is claimed In each case for being illegally dispossessed. The summoDBef! W6re served Tues.;lay on Mr. Stahl Mr. Wagener clal to have discovered that serVice of the papenf on the tenantS was made by the Marshal's clerk, and that the service was certified by the Marsbal ,as having been made by himself. Charges will lie preferred agaiDBt the Marshal and an application made to remove him. Lecal Maners. F. W. Spreen filed a rather novel suit against Robert Laidlaw yesterday. On the 28th of last January Spreen's tobacco factory at 18 Public Landing was destroyed by fire. The insurance companies agreed with Spreen t.o arbitrate the loss. Robert Laidlaw and R. 0. Bliss were appointed arbitrat.ors, and if they could not agree a thud man was to be appointetl. They agreed on all but the damage to some machinery. Laidlaw placed the damase at S215, while Blise' figures were $677. A third man W!'B t.o be called iu, but Laidlaw said it was not worth while, ae he would repair the machinery for the money he namea as damages. This proposttion was put in writing and accepted by Spreen, and the insurance companies paid the S215. Spreea alleges that Laid Ia w has since re fused t.o comply with his agreement. He therefore says he was damaged $480 more than th,) amount he received, Rod 11,000 by reason of a suepenaion of his and sues for these amoants.-Cincinnati (0.) En qutre1', Aug. 14. At Covingt.oo. Ky. on last Monda,-, suit filed in the United State3 Court by Cbas. Bodmann & Co., of Cincinnati, against J. A. Sebree and N. 0. Bedding, of Owen county, for the recovery of about 40,000 pounds of t.obacco. An execution was issued and the tobacco levied on. lleriq-OJaarc .A.calaat Ouaa Poatal Autb.oritieo, ( -f? The following dispatch was receive. d at the Herald office Thursday:J;!AVANA, Aug. 17, 1887.-A.n El Pueblo newspaper has started quite a stir in official circles this morning by openly charging postal officials here with abstracting v .. lua blee from forei!{n letters and otherwise tampering with mails from the United States. Peculations which have been carried on for a long time appear t.o have been chiefly made from Key West mails. Frequent complaints from that point have been received, and in vestigations resulted in the detectio n of the criminals. The names of several postal em ployees are given and the Captain General cas been asked to commence criminal prose c utions. A reporter ot HBrald called upon the Postmaster, and was referred to Assistant Postmaster Gaylor. .The latter read the dis patch carefUlly, called his aBBistant, Mr. Jones, having charge of Cuban matls, and both declared that this was the first time they ever heard of American letters being tampered with on their arrival in Havana. "If they had been," said Mr. Gaylor, "of course we would have had any number of complaints from Havana houses. It is more likely that the thefts alluded t.o refer to letters coming from Key West, and the authorities at W ought to be able to tell whether any complaints have reached them from Key West. There, I think, is where the trouble lies, ae tkere are many Cubans working in Key West making cigal'!l." An 1m porter of Havana cigars said:-" This of courBA relates til Key West only. They have Cubans at work in Key West making cigars, ana as these Key West cigars some what interfere with the sale of those made in Havana, there is a natural antipathy be tween the two sets of workingmen. Still, I do not know whether the remittances sent by the Cuban workingmen from Key West to Havana' people have been interfer&d with to any great extent." BALTIII(OKB l'IOT.BS. Crop New._ Nw England lilomMtead, A.UC7 20:-Had ley-Some growers have their tobacco. T4e growth is '1.!11 is some c:omt>laint otl fro w and grasshoppers. Sunderland-The crop is rather light. Some farmers utting this week. "Weston-The few pieces of tobacco in town look well Newtown-The busy eeason bas arrived; and green worms art> abuudaot, and the rank growth makes it oece811ary to work with care. There is more complaint. from the black fly than eeason. C11tting will begin this week. There is not more than onQthird tbl!' acreage of three years a10. ,iddletown-Tobacco is being harvesmd. Wellington J ottnson has housed four a.m-es. The crop is damaged by the late showers, othel'wise it would be a good one. lJ!aat Windsor-The crop will be an average oue. -We have not had any bail, and with or three weeks more cif fine wea,helj I think the crop of '87 will be one of the beet ever harvested. Some will ovmmenee out'ug this week. Granby_,..'.Many pieces of tobacco al'8 ripen ing up .very fast and several will begin cut ting this week. The

/ ( 20. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET GlallgOW-Henderson Bros 13 cs teltacco pipes. King8ftm, Ja.-'-B Mora I ce cigars. .i.,ondbnW S Kimball & Co ; bales tooacco. FoR W.IIEJ[ ENDING AtrG. 19. .lt<>ttwctam-G Falk & Bro 288 bales Sumatra; C t d F llaye 61 do: Laden berg, Thalman & Co 31; F Western Leaf-The market ts qute 80 Schulz E6: Pretzfeld & Co 247: I Hamburger&' Co steady, and a good retail business is the chie( 828: Hirsch. Victorius & Co 94: L Newgass 62: H feat .ure. The large bu_yers are etill appar Friedman 68: M & E Salomon HlO: L Friedman & Co 203: 1:! Auerbach & Co 289: Schroeder & Bon ently holding oft though there is evidence 868; E Rosenwald .e Bro 418: Cullmatis & Rosen that they are operating when grades and baum 100: E l::lpingarn & Co 80 : order 441. pries a are w their liking. The reported sales St J ohn P R.-Florio & Rubatero 1 cs ci&ars: h 11-.o f 2, 753 bales tobacco for ezport. for the week sum up about 400 _..s, 0 Forwood & Ce 80 aeroons to-. which 260 for export. Prices for all grades bacco. are firm, and for 1!'8( a little higher, if any V6ra OMuF Alenndre & Sons Ci bales tobacco, th Ill C8 cigars thing in the way of a change, as ere 18 a u_,.. Price c1 Johnson 110 bales: 110arcity thereof both for Regie and special & VilEClhu 11 do; B Lopez ol: Co demands. We haTe beard of. severallarp A L & C L Holt f4: F Hlranda & Co 90; G Salo Orders tha canno be filled owina to the fact men & Bro liS; Davldaon BrDB112; A Lauterbach 18; Vega. Morton & Co 144; F Gercla, Bro & Co that good grades are limited in quantity and 21r;l;.Carl UpBlBDn 68 : S Auerbach & Co 65; Ju E held at above the views of buyers, Ward & Co 314; 11' Alexandre .e Bona 9118: H & E The sales include about GO bMMh-dt ot Balomoa 6 bales acrapa: onler, M hales \Obaooo, 6 .....,.... aera11s. Cigars-Lozano, Pendaa & Co tl cs: wrappers for home manufacwnng accoupt. E Regensberg'l> dll; HE Flaherty 8 : Leo Stern 2: Th rted ---- .... Wee 'n HJ118111BD Bros 4: Aviles Broe 1: H Roseafeld & e repo copiOUS 1'11W111..,....., "'1 Co3:MBomborn2:GWll'aber8;Strai\Oa&Wau. some localities, haTe lightened tbespe.QUlatiTe II: Michaella & Lindemaan B: Purdy & Nicholu 24: movement there, i' is aQPCNDOBII,l'luUb.. a Tilford lll: Acker, Morrall & Condit 45; E has been no perceptible alteration here, Chis He,len,sbelrg 5; 0 A Salomon & Co 1: H We bater & VO: F Aluandre .t Bone 68; Ju E market not yec having fi111 responded ea otprettea; Cadenas & Coe the upwar4 tendency of tie Western aJ kets, though it is steadily tendinll' in direction. A crop shown us ruu in substance as annexed :ILLINOIS, 4-ur. 11.We are as dry as eTer here. The .eJ1f1P. ja is a fail. ure. I have lleen teit bacco disw aad -but fut! Jhi(land, from Liverpoel will not J!Oftnds Hy friend, who, ;reu know, is not inllerel>ted in tobacco, has reeently taken a drive over ao miles equare, and says ao' over 100 to the acre can be made of crop& hB saw on his ride. The is small, the scalk bard, the leaf narrow, crisp, headed like a cabbage and not longer than one.'s hand. Our people, the writer of the letter observes in addition, cannot prize or haul tobacco at such a d117 t.illn. The Wiie hM PUIIIid bacco to eome out and make much in secCAn of OOIQltry. Letters from Sw'itzerlaod and from Ant, warp bu:rers, which beea shown us; indicate a readiness to accept the situation as it exiSts. The SwiBS dealer, who baa recently bought liberally in this country. in structs his buyer here to pay 18 cents, if he muRt, for good to fine leaf like that shipped to him t'wo weeke and eoetiog 16 cents. For the week just ended E .A.. Stoppel, tobacco .24 Beaver street, reports as RECEIPTB. Week. hlids. Virginia ......... 1,000 New Orleans.. .. . 0 Baltimore............. 146 Western.............. 881 Total. . . 1,977 Week. Exports . .. 1, 936 Month. bhds. 4,587 3 201 9,411 14,182 Month. 7,065 Heaey Leaf: Light Leaf: Lugs ...... 4 @ Common .. 7 Medium .... 9 Good ...... 9 @10 Fine ..... Belectione .. 13 @15 Lugs .... Commen .. Medium .. 8 0 (}oo(L ..... 10 Fine ..... Selections .13 @16 Virginia Leaf-This market is inactive, only a few sales having liMn effected, so far s reported. Quotatwna. Dark. Dark. Com. lugs I Com. leaf 7 @ 8 Good lugs.. Good leaf 8 '" Fine leaf .. Sud LeafWith the exceptien of a good demand and firm prices for new goods, the market no special features. lnepec tion samples come in very slowly. A nom. ber of sl!les of small lots of old tobacoo have been made. Messrs. J. s GANs' SoN & Co., brokers, 131 Water Stree" report to the TOBAOOO LEAF as follows :-There has been considerable in. quiry throughout the week, and although the volume of sales is still small, a feeilng prevails. Total sales 1, 789 cases, of which-300 ca. 1885 Wisconsin Havana. 300 ca. 1886Ohio .......... p. t. 150 ca. 1885 do .. .. .. .... .. 250 cs. 1886 New England. p. t. 300 cs. 1886 Dstch ............ 100 ca. 1885 do ...... .. 188 ca. 1881-83 Penn .... ;_1_50 ca. 1881SPenn. HaT .... p. t. JJJvided as follows:9 @ .. .. 9 @16 To manufacturers........ . 760 To city trade.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 550 To out of town. . . . . 439 T ctal .. o ..... o ............ 1,739 bales were taken at from 60c to $1.05. Quotations. Hanna Fillers-\l'ery common 55 Good oommoa 80 Good to med .. Hed. to fine. 95 Fine ......... 195 Superior ... 1111 Yara-I and II cuts assorted .. 611 II cutll .................. 75 to 75 to SIS te 95 to100 to 110 to 125 to to 85 Sumatra-300 bales have been sold at prices ranging from Sl.85 to $1.60 A correspondent writes us as follows con csraing Sumatra:-" The demand for Sumatra is very lively, especially for new goods, as old tobaOOos are nearly cleaed out. Extra flue parcelB fetch as as muchas$2 to $2.15, including 75c duty, and it seems as if manufacturers of fine goods pre fer these kinds of goods to the heavy 35o duty tobaccos. The sales of the week were about 270 bales, but double the quantity would have been sold if the last importations had been appraised." Plug-Trade continues quite good, and sales would have been largely increased but for the difficulty of getting suppli118 from the manufacturers. Higher prices are predicted, and will follow. The exports were 121,851 pounds. Brights: Navy 48, 58, 6s, Sa ........... 20 to 30 lbs, lOs and Pocket Pieces ..... 20 to 80 llioch light-pressed .......... 30 to 50 Gold Bars ....................... 30 to 50 6 alid 12-inch twist ............ 26 to 40 BlackB: lOs, 12s, llts ........... -to 17 &; 20 to 25 Navy 48, 5s, 3s and 17 &; 20 to 25 Navy lOs "r Pocket Pieces ...... 18 to 25 Neuohead twist ................. 23 to 30 Smoking-Demand steady. Cigar-Inquiry good, as usual. IMPOBTL The arrivtJe at Ulo pon of :Now York tram tor eign pons for \he week Included the con llipmoii\8:-Amltwdam--A Cehn & Co 28 bales Sumatra; E R06enwald & Bro 822 do; Bavemeyers & Vigehus 7; Ladenberg, Thalman & Co 4ll; F Schulz 14; Landman ct Bernheimer 62; Weil & Co 61; C F Bayo 17; G Falk& Bro lilt!; E Bpingarn & Co 14; Cull mana & RosenbBllm 82; & Bon lltl. OiuMd BoliooThe baud Bros 472 bales tobacco. At Philadelphia. LJCOBIOB RoOT.-Mellor & RltteilhoU18, per l'ore ninl(en, from Seville, 2, 748 pli:ga. At Baltimere. LJcoBIOB RoOT.-J. S Young & Co, Duca de Galllera, from Beyrouth, 927,8110 Ills. Licorice Spanish: P6T lb. "Sterry H:x." ...... 26 G. C." ....... 26 <;Jarenou & Tur.".25 F G.": ...... 26 rurkt:llh: ,.. "Wallis Ex." .. 26 "W. S." .......... 16 Pitar ....... 24 I' T. W. 8." ........ 18 "C. C. y Ca." .. h "A. 0. 8." ..... ... 16 ---' From Ule port Of New York to foreign pona fo tllti week endiDg Aug. 19, 1887 .. wen u hbds. 1 ca, 25 balM. :a-ll hhds. Ooponhag.m-56 hhds, 1 pkg (20 lba) mfd. pli:gs (240 lba) mfd. D'>nuh West l.W..:..-1 hbd, 1 pkg 17 lbs) mfd. Duldl. East lndiu-11 pkgs (1,1110 lbs) mfll. Dutch West lntli-111 bales, II pkgs (446 lbs) mfd Jl'rfflCh West l'IUI.U8-8 hhds GkugOtD-294 hhds. 17 pkgs (2.992 mfd Bamburg-501 hhds, 31 ca, II. bales, 17 l,lh gs (1, 764 lbs) mfd. Bayti-3 llbds lilvng Kong-1 plr.g (100 lbs) mfd Japan'I pkg (100 lbs) mfd Li..erpool-1190 hhds. Limdtia K'l/ !rut-Baker & DuBois 14 cs cigars; W E Pan.ons J r 7 d; Castro Bros & Co 7: S1demaa, Lachman & lJo 8: S Serpa 3; Adams 8milh, Shewing & Co 3: W A Leg&atl & Co 1: Jabez Feery & Co 8: P Pobalslr.i & Co Stl: M E McDowell & Co 8 : J & Co 41: M Bombra 4; 111. J Btnemella I ; B Diaz & Co 3 : Mftll: Jllarx 16; F MediPa !1: B Waaaermannp: Punly & Nicholas Ill: F H Leggeu& Co 8: Straiton & Watt 9: H Webster & Co ll: Foster, Hitson & Co2: Lewis & Whelan L Gresnball & Co 6; E B l)alton 1: Keenigsberger, ll'alli: & Meyer 11; H R Kelly & Co 112: A C Rodri guez & Co 18; G & R .Mc.Millan 1: Eaberg. Bach man & Co 13: Jl Harry Mayer 1: Perea Bros 4 : D J Boehm & Co2: Sprague, Wsrner & Co2; W 8 Dennis I; X Barranco& Co 11: P & J Frank 3;0 F Rawson 1 : Beet, Rnaell & Ce 18: E R Webter & Co II; JADe Leon 1; a W Nicholll11, 3 sks scraps : t!eidenberc & Co lit CB cigars, 7 billet totoacco: G Alces 2ll es cigars. 1 bale acraps: J Ueinitz 16 do, 6 do: Celestino Palacio .e Co 18 do, do; orrler 1 do, 9 do: D L Trajillo & Bone 4 de, 10' do: Lozano, Pendu & do: Pret.zfeld & CoS bales sc aps: Bloch Bros 4 do: H A. Jeitlel & .Co 2 do, 1 bale cut t.lDgs. from 1bmpa, FIG-Sanchez & Haya 12 ca ci!&rl, 40 bale1 do. Reeen& Lecal Deelalea .. lNBUB.U'C. POLIOY-As&IGJniD'l' TO REL! TIVL-;-A JMII80D a.igued an infourance policy i88utd upon hie own life to a cousin who lived witl! him &9 an adult male member of his family, IIDd was independellt of him for employmeu' and eupport, on ao agreement by the assignee to pay the -mente ne cessary to keep the pohcy in force, This as was held. void by \he-Texas Su preme i.n the case of Price vs. Su preme Lodge of the Knights of Honor. 1'Iu.Dlli MARK-LniL-SuRvtv AL r.F Ac TIOlf.-ln the case of llatohard va. Mege, tht! Queen's Ben;:h Division of the High Court. of. Justice (Eo_glan,ciJ W!ld that an acPcfu for the publication tif fli:ISe and'maliciou' statement calculated to injure the plaintiff's r1ght of property in a trade mark was put an end to by the death of the plaintiff after the commencement of the actien only so far as it was a claim for libel. but survived in re spect of so much of the publication as im pugned the right of the plaintiff to sell un der hie trade-mark CONBIGN:.NTW AREHOU8EMAN'8 RIGHT TO RII:TAPf PROPERTY FOR ADVA!IOEB.-The New York Factors' Act (1830) only per sons dealing in good faith with the apparent of property; hence, whl're a ware houseman advances money to a commission merchant on grain consigned to him for sale, he cannot retain poi!Session of the grain as security for his advances, if he knew at the time that the merchant was wrongfully using the property to raise money for him self. So held by the New York Court of Appeals, in the case of Dorrance vs. Dean. ASSIGNMENT FOR CREDITORS-MORTGAGE OF ASSIGNED PAOPERTY.-In the case of Estes vs. Gunter. recently decided by the Supreme Court of the United States, it appeared that an insolvent debtor, immediately before making and recording a general assignment, executed and recorded of certain real estate inoluded in the in which he secured sureties on his note: It was provided that until' default the debtor was to remain in possession o f the real estate conveyed. The court held that the assign ment was not rendered invalid by the re servation of the posseBSion of the land mort gaged to the debtor. -----Tile Sale of Cisar llloree. The excellent profit realized on cigar has given a great impetus to the sales of ci gars in retail grocery stores. The fact that they assist to draw trade in other branches bas also helped to make the custom more general. In order to u.tend his trade in cigars to the utmost possible limit, a g0od stock is the first necessity to the resail merchant. It should not be high-priced, but should allow II'OOd honest. value for the money. In order to meet the wants of thf'l patrons of retail grocery stores, many brands of nickel cigars have been placed upon the market, the majority of which are excellent in quality and allow the dealer a liberal profit. Meritorious brands of five cent cigars seem to suit the retail grocery better than any other kind. although many dealers have secured a II'OOd demand for ten cent grades. But the nickel cigar ia the dealer's sheet anchor. and the success of this department depenl!!s in a great degree upon his judgment in selecting goods to suit the tastes of his patrons. It is advisable to dis play the cir;ar stock as attractively as poFSi t>le in a convenient show-case at the front of the store, and the various advertising novel ties, show-cards, signs. etc., should be placed in some conspicuous position, as they are a great help in making sales. Large are given with some brands, to be placed on the outside of the store or across the sidewalk. and when they are neat and handsome are probably the form of advertisement used. But the !levices for advertising cigars are so novel and numerous-in fact, their name is legion -that the. merchant will hardly be at a loss in this respect, provided he will only make proper use of them.Merchants' Review. TJ"ademark Deelloa. Exact simtlitude is not required to consti tute an infringement of a trade mark so as to entitle a party complaining ef it to protec tioo. This point was. illustrated in the recent case of Parlett et al. vs. Guggenheimer et al., deoilied by the Maryland Court of Appeals It appeared that the plaintiffs were maoufac turers of plug twist chewing tobacoo, and that their tralie mark consisted of the words "Golden Crown" marked on the boxes in which the tobacco was packed. and. in Bddition, four tin tags of a parttcular size. hape, lettering and position on each bar of the tobacco, each tag containing also the words Golden Crown." The defendants adopted as part of their trade mark the words "Colden Chain," instead of the werds "Golden Crown." In every other essential particular the imitation was so cloee as to mislead the ordinary purchaser. l:he Court said that if the only question in the case was whether the worjs Goldbn Chain" coosti tuted an infringement of the words "Golden Crown," it would unhesitatingly declare that they did not. but these W'tlrde formed only a part of the respective trade marks of the parties, and that the imitation in other respects was close and apparently intentional, and therefore it ordered an iojunction.Bradstreet's. The "Mountain Dew" Clear. Since prohibition has reigned supreme in Atlanta, Ga., the whiskey men have tried in many ways to serve out the ardent to their customers in such a way as to not be de tected. The latest thing is the Mountain Dew" cigar. This cigar is very large and proportionately long. .But instead of being made of choice Havana leaf, the outside is made of hardened paper, which is hollowed and is said to resemble a genuine cigar so closely that an old-time cigarmaker cannot tell the difference. This device is filled with pure old "Mountain Dew whiskey. A customer who understand11 his business will walk in and call for a couple of Moun taio Dews," throw dowa a dime and go his way. All be has to do is to clip the end off with his knife, put 'he cigar m his mouth and give the end to be lighted a slight upward tilt. It is feared that if this business is not stopped that there will be one cigar store to every two persons in Atlanta.-Lunchburg (Va.) .Advance. I TEAF .. Pest omce NAtice. Foreign mails for the week ending Aug. 27 will close (promptly in all cases) at this office as followsTUESDAY-A.t5:30 a.m. for Europe. WEDNESDA.Y-At6:30 a.m. for Europe; at 6:30a.m. for Belgium dtrect (letters must be directed per Westernland "); at 11 a. m. for Venezuela and Curacoa.; at 1 p.m. for Progreso (letters for other Mezican States must be directed "per Panama"). THURSDAY-At 8:80 a. m. for Europe. FRIDAY-At 3 p. m. for Carupano and Oiudad Bolivar. SATURDAY-At 9 a. m. for Ireland (letters for Great Britai ,, and other EuroJ?Elan countries must be directed "per Aurama"'); at 9 a. m. for France, Belgium, Nether lands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Por tugal; at 9 a. m for Scotland direct (letters must be directed "per A.ochoria "); at 9 a. m. for the Netbet-landa direct (letters be dtrected "per Rotterdam"); at 9 :SO a. m. for Norway direct (letters be di rected "per Geiser "; at II :30 a. m. for Great Germany, Austria, Den mark. Sweden. Norway, Russia and Turkey (letters for other European countries mus' be directed "per Fulda"). Mails for the Society Islands close here Augu8t 24 'at 7 p. m. Mails for China and close here August 25 at 7 p. m Mails for Australia, Ne\V'iZealand, Sand wich, Fiji and Samoan Ii!l'linds close here September 16 'at" 4 p : ni: Mails for Cu'il cloee at this office daily at 2:30 a. m. .. HDRY G. PEARSON, Postmaster. Post Office, New York, N.Y. Aug. 19, 1887. & Valuable K.lad oC Toaeeo. JUNGBLUTH & RAUTERBEB.G, TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIES:. SUGAR, GLYCERINE,-PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL, FLAVORS, EXTRACTS, Ete. SOLE WESTERN AGENTS FOR JAIIES C. JloANDBEW'S LICORICE PASTE. Manufactured by Measrs. McAndrews -t" Forbes, of Smyrna and Newarlr, N. J LOUISYILL:E, The lobacco Refrigerating company INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK. ll. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSI!S' Preldent. .. / -s- DARIUS FERRY, Iii .,J\TNTE :IJ \\\ AT th.. \ New York, Vlee-Presldent. \ .Ll&. 9-; ; j M Pp M R .. \ tSSG ;If Lancaster, 0 ENHEI E /.,'' Trea. and8ecl'J". Edgerton, Wis. 'I N.'f, \)'! .. MAIN OFFICE: 13A WATER STREET, In the spring Mr. Wm. Chenoweth burnt two brush heaps and carefully sowed his tobacco seed. In due time the seed germinated and made plants, which, at a prope r time, werf'l set out Into ground made ready for their reception. We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturen'to,the They throve and grew well under Mr. Cheno-advantaces derived from the use of our system Tobacco. weth's assiduous culture until they had six First: The ABSOLUTE prevention of decay. leaves. No woriWiattacked the vigorous plants, Second: The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the retention of lustre 'nor did dry weather retard their growth, and and life. our friend began to congratulate himself on his Third: The GREATER yield of wrapper1, compared with tobacco ot the good fortune in having secured a variety oi tobacco which the pestiferous worms would not same erade cured natural way. aseaJ.I, and which did'nt care what kind of We had in the last seal!oo over 7,000 cases bales and hogsheads on storage onder 1our weather came along. A neighbor or two, howSystem from different parties, all of whom speak in the highest terms of tbe' ever, eyed the vigorous plants suspiciously, and supenority of tpbac!lo treated under this system. Mr. C.'s daughter had the temerity, finally ; to Tobacco consigned to F. C.Linde, Hamilton & Co. at the Tarioaa tobacco plants were n o more nor less than mul-points will rec.ive proper attention. lein plants! Mr. Chenoweth was not cootl.dent enough to bet on them, but he was loath to admit, which he soon did, that she was correct, and all his labor had een In vain. But the conundrum 18, what kind of seed did he sow? and why did mullein come up so luxuriant instead of tobacco?-Waynuvilh! (0 ) f.tiwt1. Tobacco Tax: Of the $117.000.000 of internal col lected from and tobacco for the yPar endPd June 30, 1887 the contribution of Vir was not quits $3 000.000 Most of thi Virgini" contribution was i .n. taxes on tobacco Now, if the people of Virginia "'Ctually paid even this smali proportion of the tobacco taxes they might prove somewhat onerous. But the planters who raise d the tobacco did not pily this money: They acted only in the capacity of agents of the Gov.ernment in col lecting it from They have, ho..-ever, foolishly persuaded themselves that if the taxes should be abelished .they would ob tain as much for their as before. and on this ground they encourage the cry for a repeal ef the internal revenue system. It is only where the planter ch.e ws or smokAB all the tobacco he or where tlte distiller of apple-jack is his own customer that he pays Lhe taxes. In such cases the burden of mternal revenue taz is no doubt very great; but are exceptions to the gen era! rule that the prvd ticers of tobacco and whiskey are not tbe consumers of their own products.Philadelphia (Pa .)Record .Aug. The Tolllaeeo Ptcure o:t &he Dep_artm..8a& of ,\crleR11ure. Lpartment had statistics sent te it, as published in the report, and the memorial urgently protests against what it terms "the wrongful and damaging of the tobacco interest." Cutom.a 081cer .&:wake. lnepectors Brown and O'Dooahue, of Sur veyor Beattie's force, wPnt on a little tour along the beach between Bay Ridge and Fort HamiJt.on yePterday. They met J ohn Nash, of 170 Degraw street, Brooklyn,' with a wagon which contained 20,000 and 15.000 bundles of cigarettes. Tbe tobacco was seized by the inspectors and taken to the Barge Office. Nash wAs arrested, but was after wards released. The customs officers say that the cigars and cigarettes were thrown from a vessel which arrived in the hBy Toes day night from -N. Y. Times, .Aug. 11. Tobccco Tax.& boJUion. The Ohio Republicans stand firmly on the Rmdall platform. If too much revenue he collected," they declaJ:e in tlleir reaolutionA. the first stPp in the reduction thereof shall be the abolition of the internal tax npoo American-grown t9baoco.-Philadelph.ia Ru ord Wipe out the internal revenue tax on whiskey and tobacco. Wipe out the whole internal revenue system. ThiA is the wily to dispose of the surplus in the United States Treasurv. It is the way to prf'lvent a snr 11lus. Down with the Commercial Gazette (Rep.). Ca.toJa Deelelon. The.Collector of Customa at New York as sessed duty at the' rate of 76 per cent. ad valorem on a recent importation of certain cigar cases, under the pro'l'i@ien fur "all smokers' artir perform an:r -miracle. ....:! But do promise to cl..., 7011 the befi Smoking Tobacco oe lbe ......-at low a J111ee a 1 Is OODIII&tent with qualfty, Z. I. L'YON & CO .. Durham, N. C. N'o't1ce _. W .AJITED I'OR CASH. _.. CIGAR CUTTINGS Give rate ot :.Viii J"iiW place to We 8N alwayo In the market for Tobacco CUWDp, U they ole&D llbd dr,. lllld oot muot,., ,BLOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. l C. JOURGENSEN ls a Printer, Lithoppher, General Stationer, and I'Ublishes Revenue Books aad Blank at Ill! Maldenlane, New York. SITUATION WANTED in an office or wre house by a ymng Scotchman with a llrst edu catirm, and who h1111 been in this ceuntry for sev eral years. Writes a splendid hand Willing to d8 anytbinJI:. Steany employment desired rather than high wages References will be given by Mr. John G. Groff at this <>ffice. 1171-tf WANTED-By a Havas& importer, a got>d ales 111an having an e>tablihed trade East and Wes1 and fist-<:lass refrence. State terms. Addres s .. Havana," care T ohacco Lea.r. 1174-dp TO LEl'-Cigar shop, with t..bles, extra otock, pack ing and casing rooms: alsn nffice occupied .j:ty the late Henry Stahl. Will l > e Jet to right party al re&Son&ble term' .' Inquire on premies 209 Ea t IOih st .. New York. 1174-75-d p 2 SLIP, NEw YoRK, August 15, 1887. Mr. Michael E. Flaherty is n,, longer in our em ploy. 1174-76 CELEsTINe PAr .. ,.,cro & c9. TO LET-FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. NOTICE. Having gone out of the cigar manufacturing busiuess. I ofter for sale very chea ply two power bunching (.J .ll. Willioms' Co. patent) also a numbe r of Miller D. & P.'s llest moldt, ai fol10ws:_ No. at Mold. Quantity. No. of Mold. Qua1atity 4.218 .......... 44 4.808 ........ SG 4,256 .......... 3 9 4,018 .......... 211 3,o07 .. .' ....... 63 s,\!97 .......... so 4.586 ........ 15 4586 ... ,.; .. .. ]6 ........... 12 4,467 .......... 1Ci ......... 20 fl.287 .......... 30 4,286 ......... 20 8, '96 ......... 116 4.';106 ........ oO 4.186 .......... 16 ...... ... 43 4.51.5 ... ...... Snme of the m l) ldA new and haven't been used. Al8o cigQ.l'mttker:s boards of M. D. & P.'s make. Adrtress FnANK CHAMBERLAIN. .. Albany, N. Y. e,;.1: .. PICADURA Tracle-Mark ; ..... Principal Depots:-192 Broadway, corner Jolla st.; and 489 Broadway, corner Broome, New York. The above lln.nd, hsviag been copyrighted, the trade is cautioned not to imitate the same nnder the peaalty of the law. Eaca pe.clr.age, 10 clleroots in tin-foil, bears a yelaw !abe\ with an X on the face of tbe lahel and a white label across ou end of package, on wlt.icb are the initiala, J. F. J. X. Also imported Key Weut and Dome@tic allarades at Wholesale. 1173-98 J. F. J. XIQUES 1.J"oha P. Straitoa' I CELBBBATBD BRASS 8ARD DfSTB.1JIIEJITS. ALSO _.ola II', l&raUOD .. Gold Trumpet A.ccordeonl tbe hand10melll Acconleona in the market Jobo F. Stratton's Pic colo Accordenns. John F Stratton's celellrated ATTENTIDN To lease for a term of yean, the Harp Guitars etc, etc .. etc. southeast corner of 73d otreet and Avenue A, llve .lORN II', IJTR&.Tl'OI'I', story building with! four tenements and store lllll><. 49 mlaldea l.ane, New You. .eparate or tngetber. engme elevator. etc. complete 8UitKble for cigar manufaciUrer. 1174 Tnos F McLAUGliLIN, 1252 3d aVF. FfiR SALE-Purl Casing; Machine, cheap No use for it. In goo;l Great labor Blld ma. terial saving. DrNorELDRR & LrBKO, 311 Fulton st., N.Y 1174 WANTED-A position to travel throueh New England and part nf 'be West. by an experienced Cigar Salesman. Five years' established trade. Present en!la!lement exp ires Sept. I Good rea sons for changing Will make liberal (salary only.! terms with a home. Addreos ADOLPH BACH, Suite 31, Hotel B!ll!ton, 111888. 1174 Yerk. County, Pa., Tobae:oo. Mr. A. .El Craley, of. Craley' vlle, Lower Windsor, who l;tas been in th9 cigar and to bacco business for twenty ftve years, writes us under date of August 6 from Craleyville as follows:Having just a drive of three d oyd on an impectiog tour in the townsbips of HAllam, Windsor, Lower Win!lscr, ChaRcefol' l Lower Chanceford, Fawn, Hopewell. and parts of Harford cou.nty, Md., wilh the mainobject to find what the tobacco amounted to this yeilr, and after looking through all the above terri tory I was able, I' think, to give an opinion. I must Pay that such a crop of leaf tobacco IMPORTANT TO CIGAR MANUFAC was never before harvested in York county. TURERS. The acreage is fully up to and as large as I am in possesPion of a pa.terit for the former yet\rs, and the crop double .as large as purpose of neutralizing the nicotine from previous years. 1liany farmers will have W tobacco ueed in t.he manufacture of cigars. put up more shedding, as the present crop is It does not injure the flavor of tobacco, but so large that the present shedding will not rathe r i .mproves it. No smoker will u < e any near hold thE> crop. thing else after smoking a cigar prepare

.............. all .. __ ____ -(Reported by Wm. G. lloler & Co.) Receiptl from Stocks on band Jan'. 1 to Aug.1. Aug.l. 1887. 18B6. 1887. 1886. Louisville ... 'f.9, 700 75,212 8ll,257 24.820 Cincinnati .... 86,574 38,989 16.127 14,045 St. Louis..... 7,820 5,156 7,728 6,069 Clarksville ... 81.170 91,770 12,604 10,968 Hopkinsville. 9, 725 9, 788 3, 798 2,741 Paducah 13,,57 11,096 8,192 4,179 Nashville..... 4,928 6,801 1,643 991 Evansville.... 5,387 4 576 889 798 Bayfield .. 10,890 8,085 4,263 1,880 Total ..... 199,601 185,923 87,501 64,991 "S'oltaeeo Prelaht Hoaeheatl Per 100 Poua4.. (Reported by E. C. Franke &: Co.) IAouinille-New York,25c; Baltimore,ll2c; 'Philadelphia. 28c; New Orleans, SOc; New Orleans by river, 23c; Richmond, Cincinnati-New York, Baltlmore, Pbiladulphia, New Orleans. 33c; 'New Orleans by river. 25c; Richmond. Clarksville-New York. 42c; Baltimore, S9e; l'hiladelphla, 40c; New Orleans, 25c; Bichmond, York. 29c; Baltimore. 26c; 'Philadelphia, 27c; New Orleans,' 20c; New Oi-leans by river, 20c; Richmond. _32c. Bt. Louis-Ne'll" York, Slc; Baltimore, 28c; Philadelphia, New Orleans, SOc; New Orleans by river, SOc; Richmond, -. Hopkin11ville-New York, 49c; Baltimore, 46c: Philadelphia, 47c; New Orleans, Bicbinond, Evansville-New York. 29c; Baltimore, UC; Pbiladel:ohia. 27c; Richmond. trlc. NMbville-New York, S7c: BaltimQre, 85c; Philadelphia, 36c; New Orleans, $4.110 per bhd; New Orleans by river, $3.25 per hbd BichmoDll, 8llc. Mayfield-New York, 36c; Baltimore. SSe. ; Philadelphia, 35c; New Orleans, 25c; Rich-mond, J.. ,. Eastern Markets Aug. 111.-Hr A. R. IilajleciOr. repOrtl to To..._ooo aa followe:-Business in m;onufac tuxed hard tobacco still continues brisk. Dealeu do -not se<>m to 1oe able to obtain autllcient goods of popularized brands 10 fill their daily orders. hence atock Is aeeded and at once goes int<> the bands are Dear conaumera. The condlti<>n of the aoa' ha.o a decided favorable aspect toward advance of price. Price has changed, which '!las brought about conaiderable inquiry for certain grades of Smoking tobacco moves quite lively Cipra are selling excellenUy, md ah '"' steady Improvement. Snu1f moves with increased rapidity. Receipts for the week-5,8011 boxes, 4,916 caddies, 1,3111 caaea and 521 paila ftne cuts Seed Leaf-No trouble to of quality old leaf. Binders and tlllera are the first consideration, but desirable wrappers find a ready market. Tbe '86 leaf Is slowly but gradually blilng brougbt ori tbe market Some of it abows quality to an extra ordinary dgree, which as we advance to the end of the yen, must become very valuable. Sampling bukward, at le&At 30 davs behind. Tbe outlook for the leaf trade is very encoura.ging and muet boom up to the advantage of the whole trade A few amall ltJts of new have found a market, but the bulk of the trade ia heltling o1f, waltig for events. Sumatra i being bandied quite Jivelv. If not sat isfactory. Tbe advance Ia paid, but the aiOck i8 ecrutinizell very closely, HllVana moves out or store with ita usual regullir ity. Receipts for the week-179 cues Conpecticut, I'll o caees Pennsylvania. 87 cases Ohio, 46 cues .Little Dutcb, 801 cases Wi!conaln, 1015 casee York State Seed, 809 bales Sumatra, 221 bales Havana and 280 hhds Virgioia and Western leaf tobacco. Sales show 98 cas ,es_ Connecticut, 866 cases Peon :sylvania. 51 cases Ohio. 27 caoes Little Dutch, 106 cues Wiocoosin 89 caEes York State Seed. 288 baieA Sumatra, 147 ba1ea Havana and 20 hhda W em leaf in transit direct to manufacturers. Export of leaf tobacco-To Liverpool per str British King, 59,807 lbs; to Antwerp, per atr Rhyn land, 27,64llbs Total, lba. Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. 0., Aug. 17.-Headersoa Broa., r-f Tollacco Brokera report to the ToIIA.OCO 'IJBAF as follows :-There has been but little &obacco sold on this market for past two weeks, and a nrv small quaatitynow ill the couutry to be mar keted. There baa been a very rainy spell e! about three weeks, anti the crop has Improved wonder tully. The late planting wUl do mucb better tbaa it could be hoped for at ene time. With good -80118 we ma:r look for a fair 'balf crop There was IIOld in tb11 market for July :04..192 lba, for ,181.81; averace, $9.78 ForJuly,1886, U7,5111 'lba, for $10,000.51; average, tll.iB. QVOTATIOl'fB. ....... ............... 1 0 M:edium ......................... 3 @ 5 Good ........................... 6 08 Bmeker&-(Jommon bright ............. 2 0 4 Medium ........................ II 0 7 Goof! .... ....................... 9 012 Fine... .. ...................... 12 @18 Clutters-Common .................... 9 @Ill M:edium ........................ 12 @15 Good ........................... 111 ooo-Fine.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ SO @35 Wrappen-Commoo .......... 10 012. Jledium ........................ 12 @17, Good ........................... 18 @26: Fine ........................... 80 @411 Fmcy ........................... 50 @611 BALTIMORE, Md., Aug. Ed. Willchmeyer & tobacco comml88Ien mer c:ban.ta report 10 the TOBACCO Llu.F:-'fhe market for hao been very act!ve all this week, aDd sales will foot up fully 2,500 hbda, or nearly all the inspected receipts Prices are and '\he ait11ation ia in favor of the sellers. The de mand for Ohio ia very cood. and the market ia firm and pricea strong. Tbe sales this week were 201 hhda, chiefly for export 10 Dnlaberg. One hundred and twenty hhds Kentucky tobacco &rnTed .laere thia week loy steamer W eaer from Bremen. Inspected this week. 2,811 hhda :Maryland, U7 hhda Ohio. Total, 3,358 bbds. Cleared same period-Per air Boaton City for Glaagow, 80 hhda Virginia: per str Lord O Neill for GlaaJOW, 101 trca Virginia: per str Maryland for London, 142 hhda Vir11iaia: per atr Baltimore for Liverpool. 145 bbda. 20trca Virginia; peratr UrbiDo for Rotterdam, 481 bbds Marylalld. 210 bhds Ohio, 83 hhda Virginia. 68 hhds Virginia atems; per atr :Bretwe.lda fgr Rotterdam, 1162 hbda 400 .hhda Ohio 5 bhds Virginia, 82 hhds Virgmia stems. TOBA.COO ITA'l"IIJOB'l'. lu. 1, 1187-SIOck o:a. band ia tobacco wareheueea aDd on shipboard not Clearef white for the balance ef tbt s and next year warrants present and even higher prices. Re ports Jtlade by planters and shippers lead to no en as to crop prospects, and none but what admit no'll" that the 1887 crop will be the shortest since 1874, when less than 20,000 bhds of white Burley 'll"as grown; conaequently llolders nave great confidence ia. the near future and do not hesitate to reject when prices are not up to their 'Tiews. Tbe Globe sold 27 hbds at 15.00@18.00, the Bod mann 52 hhds at 15.00@20.00. the Planters' 2 bhds at 15.00@111. 75, the Cincinnati 29 hilda at 11!.00@ 18. 75, the Morris 28 hhds at 15.00@28.00, the Ml ami 18 bhds at 15@18.25, making lli1 bhds aelling at 11!.00@28.50. The olferlnp for the week were 1,881 hilda, and receipts for tbe we.k 2.806 bbde. The 1,801 bbdo olaned aa followa: 95 h'bds com mon trash 298 hbda &ood traalo e.t 6.00@7.95, 21il hbda common and medium at 8.00QI.9 95, 267 bhda gAod Juga at 10.00@11.71!, 454 hbds common nd medium flllery eaf at 12.00@ H. 75. bllds good llllery and cutting leaf at 15.00 @19.711, 17 hbds choice fillery and cuttioc leaf at 20. 00@28.60. Bales for the week-Miami tlrst, Globe second Bodmaon third, Planters fourth, Clncnmati llfth and Morris sixth, Mr. Jebn Wright, of JobD Wright .t; Co., large ma1mfacturere of R1cbmond, Va., was on the breaka to-day; alao, Mr. Thoma Wells, president of the Firat National Bank of KJ. &BED LBA'J' TOBACCO. Ohio 49 ca&ell: 8 cues commo amokera at 2.40@3.10, 4 caaea meilium filleraand binders at 4 .00@6.4Q, 5 cases common wrappers at 8.00@9.!)5, 11 caeea fair wrappers e.t 11.UO@I4. 71!; 6 cases good wrappers at Ui. 00@\7 .50, 18 cues choice wrappers at 20.0\1@24.25, 2 cases fancy w1appera at 28.000 34..00. Indiana, 24 caaes-11 cases common medium smokers at 1 .00@8.90, 13 cases medium fillers and binders at 4 00@6.80. Obio Seed, 12 cas-1 clil!e com111oa and me dium smokers at 3. 80, 7 cases medium fillers and biollows:-There has been no change of anr. importance in tbe situatlon of the toba'Cc;o crop. fbe drouth bas extended ao long U"to aerlouslv allect it bo t h as to quality and a leaaeaiug in pounds, and from present mdlcatl?n enr)'tbiug point& to a crop of poor quality. of tbe _crop will be Uited for making s trips. as it is devoid of spreaJ of leaf and wil l be wanting In length. We have jut had a hght shower of, but it was followed by such in tenoely bot weather thai little benefit will be de rived from it. The rains bave only been hgbt showers and very partial, nd tbe larll:661 tobliCCO grow lag districla generaily have had noae for over a month. LYNOBBURG, Aug. 18. -Kaura. Holt, l!oha4!fer a. Co., Buyera aad of Leaf To bacco, report 10 the ToBACCO Llu.F u follows:Our market o1fers little of Interest, our receipts being largely composed of low tl'd unsound tobacco, with a small proportion only of good and de alrable grade!. The market is firm and active, thongh at times Irregular, according to the more or le88 active competltien, the poor bemg oe inducement for a full attendance of buyers, me.ny of whom are closing up tbe.r season business Recent rains me.tei.ially benefited tbe crop especially the first planting, which proa;iaes a I(Ood yield, while the late planting has a very irregul"r stand, and taootly is small yet, with many billo missing. Mucb will yet depend oa a fnorable September aad October. With tbe extra care be. atowed on the tobacco in the field we hope for a cr<>p of good qw.lity and Body, thereby increaoing the yield in pounds, thougb it cannot considerably exceed the present eatimate of 60 per cent. if we have a late !all. Our own district. with a propor. tionately larger plantiDA: than the State aa a whole, may show a still better result, tb, The curings have \Ieen too few to form amy judgment:ot color yet. Ia West Virginia toe crop is put at about 50 per cont., a quarter of tbat at a bad stand. Very much tbe same state of a1fairs is reoorted from aouthweot Vtrginia. Northwel!tern ltage over job hers as moat of the leadin,; manufacturers an nounce in recent circulars that they reeerve tbe right to dechae speculative orders. Notwithatand ing the advance manufacturers agents are making no exertions t.o e&les, and are only taking or dero subject to prices ruling on day of hipweot. Retail dealers are not blind to what this indicates; here again they bave the advantage of the jobberthey know what the goods cost them when tbey gi'fe the order while tlie jobber Is" buying a pig 111 a poke." Many wholesale houses have even advanced the on old stock on hand in order to protect illemselvea by averaging up. while in order to mak.e. tbe mot of an exCited matket, are <>llcring auch goods at prices. Alth6!JI:'h turers of smoking tooacco bave nol advanced prices, aome of them have instructed their repre 11611t&tives here not to he too eager in aoliciting orders. Cipr manufacturer& are in the same plight aa tbe manufacturers pf tobacco. With tbe heavy ad vance on Sumatra ,leaf all the grades have followed in Tbis, however, does not atlect the price of cigars as mucb aa it their quality Dealera demand the usual regulation profit an II ve cent and ten-cent clgara, and manufacturers must necessarily meet this demand All the choice Jrr&des of leaf IObecco used by cigar manufacturers han advanced from 50 10 100 per cent. duriDi: the past twe months. The leading m!lnufacturers here however, bave bad a good stock of raw ma terial on band. Chinatown wiil feel the effect of the a4vaoce more keenly: hut as a Chinaman io equal to any occaaioo th .. t ca\ls upon the beat effort& ef gauius, his cousiD, the cabbage will aoon come 10 I,Ui rescue. Markets. BR.EMElf,July 80.-D. H. Watjen & Oo .. tobacco brokers, report to tbe TOBACCO LEAT as follows:Western-Salee on the spot and. to arrive, 3,463 hhds, apinat 4,028 hbds in July, 1886. Stocks in first hands:-June00,1887 ....... Received sinoe..... 559 Total .. ........ 5 693 Duliveries ......... 3,182 Stocks to-day .... 2,511 .. Same lime 11181. 1,764 1,97i 3,732 1,498 2,234 Light. Heavy. Common lugs.. . 18@23 pf. 20 pf. Medium lugs ..... 24@27 2G@28 Good lugs. .. .. .. 28@80 29@33 Low leaf.. .. .. .. .. 38 86@42 Low medium leaf 37@41 42'5 Medium ieaf ..... 43@50 48@58 Good leaf.......... 58@62 60@68 Fine luaf .. : ..... 60@71 70@75 Virginia-Sales on the spot and to arrive, '19 bbds, against 204 hbds in July, 1886. Stocks in first bands :June31l,1887 .. .. .. 2 869 hbds. Received since.... 274 Total ....... 2,ll43 DeliYeriee. 506 u Stocks to-day .. 2,137 Qti'OTATIONS. -time 111!6. 2,346 1,255 8,1101 692 2,909 Common lugs ..................... 20@24 pf. (}O8 alo been received from .a Philadelphia hou .. e, but no purcha-have been .. made. Notwithstanding the very of medium .good 1lnd fine leaf manu 'li'liowed no apecialjiDXiety. .to &uy. and .,for t be beat offered to,day ,upported: oy specuiJLtors, who bou,;lit few this week Red' 11rash. common and me dium ra p:ed 'Bearer tlf e ouwide figuret of last WJ!ek. Good lugs to Rq satisfactory to them an4 in will tell Just _bow of. the parched fie.lde s .urance companies to cover risks on w11l be by the ra1pe. It was the, which< may remain bare for some time. medmm set that suffered. !llost, the early 'During the. week .tne weather remained! plammg hemg too far adv .. nced, and t_be very s4l. t ,ry the day, with a cooler. uot far eno!-lgh along to be ,;rootly m night semi occasionally. Jured by the dry weather. 1 ., The transact.10na of the week' are consider ably Jess than the pre-v:ious ones in this marAL EX. EARTHILL. ket. Some of the buyers here left tbe field CllB.lN TOB.tcco .&No CIG.&R NBWI. on account of the advance in the asj!::ing Price Cur...;nt, August tal price by growers, claiming that tobacco can Leaf-Our.' mark"t still continues combe bought cheaper in New York than of pletely paralyzed and no transactions of mo far mere in Wieconsin. A tew Eastern buyment have come under our notice. Oa th& ere are still riding, and several hundred caaes oth11r hand, well as manufacturertJ have been purchased. The followinl!f sales continue operating in the country, payiughave reached us:-Jens. Rutland, 23 es, 8 full prices. Supplil!!l of new leaf are for theo and 7c. wand b; Ole Aaby, 30 cs, and present not heavy, but as buyers abstaia F. Huber, 40 cs, 6)ic; J. McCarty, 25 from op_eratlng stollks will no doubt soon ace, 8 and 6c; J. Ginnie, 28 ce, Sand 5c; B. F. cumulate. Compton, 26 cs, 7c; S. Marsden, 8 cs '83, 7c; Cigari\.l.No variation has taken place since Henry Waruer, 6 cs Seed leaf at 6c; 21 cs, 9, our last issue. 5 and 2c; Slall!g Bros., 24 cs '85, 9 and 2c; A If we are to b elieve what the Partida Lib Bricksen, 42 cs, 9c; 0. Stllrke, 20 cs, N. eral of Mexico says, the moat celebrated HaPeterson, 12 cs, p. t.; S Wileman, 16 cs, 10 vaua cigar brands are taleilied on an exten4and 2c; John Olson, 12 cs, 8c; D. Pierco, sive scale by the cip:ar manufacturere and 34 Cd, 10 and 3c; G. F. & W. L. Pomeroy, 57 expqrters in that republic. Cigar dealel'A'cs. ? t. and. abroad should take due notice Tbe shipments of the 'll"eek coD;) prise four of this fact. carloads, viz., New Orleans, 66 cases; Paila BusinesS" at Sagua has been quite acti-ve delphia, 58; New York, 45; Quincy, Ill, one during the past days, and. larp:e sales were car cutting stock, at from 125 to $36 qtl. Janesville, Aug. 10-There has been but two light showers since the 2d of July, and with the thermometer ranging from 90 to 115 degrees every day. Tobacco can make liLtle or no growth. are not a dozen fields of healthy, good looking tobacco in this v .icinity. The drouth is the most prolonged and intense that bas eTer visited southern Wisconsin. There is a good demllind for high grade fillers and prime wrapper stock at gradually rising tlgures. Several!' Eastern t,myers were here, but could do but little, as tbe farmers have got their holding prices too high, so the buyers think. This is the result of the iin&fP.nary bo ,'m talked i.bo4t by the Gazette. That boom busine8fl bas done more Don't Stand Over BurzaiJa& Cfaar.. Ella Snedeker, aged 25, of Long Island. City, had ller skirts set on fire while standing over a still burning cigar, which somebodfl had dropped on the dock at the foot of East Thirty-second street. Theyfi_amed U.P all around ber, and William Cl'OIIS and John Davis were considerably scorched in putting the fi11.mes out. She was badly burned and was tq Belle'!ue Hoepital. -A. bill recently introduced In the Georgia legislature prohibits the use of chromos In packages o f cigarettes. **' .x.a PVGER, &, 00-. CIGA.B M&BOI'ACTIJBlPSt Xey Weaf,. na.. a.nd 51 .111'1'a7 Street, !lew "IL ...


/ AUG. 20. AMERICAN EACLii Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco : FINE CUTS, Packed in, Pails, Foil, Tin GlasS! Jars. AMERICAN EACLE. CA. VENDISH SM:OIUNG. .,_ Myrtle Navy, Eagle, Old Tar, Fii:r:E cuT Cold Spra.-LEOPOLD mLJm & Sol' National Leacue 133 ()hamber St., Crown of Delight. Univerial Favorite, Fawn, NEW Cln ChertY East Clipper Double Jive; Plum B k -... E Oriental roo Sun Rise Clock, Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Invincible Clever Canada Jlixture, Lucky Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, Brudder lied, Blk. NATIONAL PROGRESS BUNCHING :MACHINE COIIPANY. INCORPORATED .JUNE, 1881. OFFICE OF SECRETARY: 214 AVENUE C, NEW YORK. 1 I A. ROE..'ISLER. ................... of Wm. Wicke & Co., New York. LOUIS E'Pl'LINGER, .................... Schumacher & Ettlinger, WM. A BROWN .................. "Brown & Earle, r TRUSTEES. J ADOLPH BR USSELS, . . ......... 1,be Lichtenstein Bros Co.. ADOLPH LEWYN. ........ .. .' ....... Lewyn &: JOS. OPPENHEIM, ....... : ............ Levy Bros A 0. SCHUTZ, .. .. . .. .. .. .. Inventor, .. A. C. SCHUTZ, Pres.; L. ETTUNCER, VlcePres.; Makes 5,000 Scrap Bunches per day, witfi a Single Operator. S;KI:bLED LABOR NOT REQUIRED 200 IN IN NEW YORK CITY ; 300 IN USE IN THE UNITED STATES. MACHINES PUT. UP ANYWHERE ON TRIAL. SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, .GB.ANULATED ...SMOJHNG. stork, Spray of Cola!, Morning Dew, Lucky, I Club, Dime Ram T Detroit Iixtures, Navy Clippings Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. LONG CUT SMOKING. HOJDe Comfort lliner's Favorite, Jumbo, iner's Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut e DUke & Dandy, FrogL6 glmt; Facto!'Y, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail, -Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. Smoking Tobacc&, l. H. NEUDECKER. _,, Baltimore, Md DIS'rBIBUTIJfG .AG.EJI'.I: :l.'a.o FLEXIBLE, CBEASELESS CIGAR MOLD. fir Send for Circular ond full information. 1173m tTC>S. Seo'y, ..___ The. 1,..1 B VERY FINE AND PURE. (;()lU ranu. In cases220 lbs; 32slabs each IMPORTED LICORICE .. \to I \ A I \ 1\ IMPORTED LICORICE STRONC, PURE AND OF COOD FLAVOR. Licorice Boot, Ordinary and Selected, in Ba.les and Bundles. POWDERED LICORICE PASTE, ground from finest imported. EAGLE BRAND POWDER(O LICORICE, made from the Finest and Sweetest Root, free from any Adulteration OLIVE OIL. "Anchor" brand of superfine. pure SALAD OIL. In cases, I o one gallon tin cans each. ... Sheldon & Son, 3!18 N. :lrd Street, Philadelphia; Aq. Beck & Co., Chicago, Ill,, a 'nd St. Paul, Minn.; G : .J Helmcrlchs Lear Tobacco Co., St. Lf)Uls; Wm. H. Meyer, 1 Welt Front .street, Cincinnati; Ed. A!i14!henaann, waukee; ElbCI'Jr, Bachma n & Co., San Francisco, Cal. 11112-6'1 DO YOU KNOW IT ALL? THEN. DON'T READ THIS. Would yo u like to make the best F I V E C E N T C I C A R in this country and not use n. single sprig of HAVANA, and yet mako a fn.r bette'r cigar than half Havl\n a and half Seed or Hav.tna Seed would make, and or m that mu c h extra.? You can do so i f you will use my "casing" for wetting your Fillei;S. It is gr,and for Wrappers and Bind ers as well C H E APE R, as well as better, than any other. This is the r e sult of T WEN TY YEAR 8' experience curing anu sweating an dimprov:ingtobll.Cco. I will send you a five gallon trial order, with full directions, for the small sum of $3.0.0. Do not S!IY th:s cannot be done, but' give it a fair trial. I guarantee satisfaction. Can!lot l eave the cigar. Is NOT a "box liavor." AddreSf! CHAS. S. PHILIPS, 188 Pearl Street. New York. The only successful curer JIDd I'e-sweater of tobacco in the world. If you wish to do your own swe.>ting nnd curing, send for large illustrated ca tal og u e free. By. my latest pl'O cess I perfectly CUI' e and bring to fine quality and glossy colors without wettmg the lea., and avoid nll dangH of tender leaf. No matter how green, row uncured or fleshy the leaf may be success guru:anteed. The only process in existence that will du this. 1173


GRAND YUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. lVIazauel Havant .N1JII'ACT1JBBB5 ep -AND-FLOR DE F. CABAL I CABAL. Leadmg Branda:-Fior del .UO. La Emilia, Flo>r de Carlot&, Alle-.lo and Eloisa, Flor de F. G. Gra.oda "Eudora. Rosa de San Antonie. .Valle de 5an Raftael 9D y 10 .. DA.BANA, C_,.BA, :U:.A. V A.N .A CIGARS, "ESTELLA" GRAND CIGAR FACTORY -OFEstrella St. 7 9, CORTINA Y GOMEZ. C1ar u.:rao"tory or HAVANA. SEBASTIAN AZCANO, Suarez 68, Habana. B.oyall. o:a.aar Eaortory, LEADING BRANDS: CORTINA, MORA Y CA 1 DE CAPOTE, lORA &: co., Telefono 1,021. L-41DC Braa .. l PLOB DB SBBllTI&N .&ZCA.!IIO. CIGA R FACTORY of the Most Selected Vegas of VUELTA ABAJO. FLOR DE CORTINA, SHAKESPEARE, Calle del B&J'O No. Habana, Caba. LeediJqr Brands: Plor de Dlaarleo,, '' PJor cle B4aar4o CuUJlo1Jt tJatoa CJialt," "La Roalaa," & "Cha.m.ploa." FABRICA DE TABACOS. PLOB DEL P&B&ISO, BL llfi&G.&B&, LA IIIIPOSICIO!'f, lr.t.l'll'fYo AND OXG-.A.B.::BIITT::BII&, -OFPRIVILEGIO. ....... Calle de Ia Estrella No.-134 ... PARRY & CROSBIES. "llGNON" COLIENARES &: PRIETO, 168 and 160 INDUSTRIA ST., (Established 18415. ) ESTANILLO, JUNPO & CORUJO, TOBACCO BROKERS, 28 Paradise Street, Calle de San Baf&el No. 115. HA.IIANA, ClJBA. HAVANA, CUBA. NOT&.-TblA brand bas been registered in the Patent Olllce at Washlngtoa. Infrlngen will be prooecuted to tho fulloot ezieU ol1helaw. BELASCOAIN 34, HAVANA, CUBA::d NOTICB.-Eatabllohed in I 840 by the reliable manufacturer ARtonlno Caroneho with the Honor Prize at the Universal Exhibition of Alru!terdam, 1888. _,.. __ Liverpool. England. IN VIBGINU. Virginian, Aug. 11:-We have 1111cht:ole another week of heavy buainees :im Ule t.obaooo trade, receip!S beiDg tn the t -....i&k&orbood of 9PO,OOtl pounds. This was 1 apoaeci largely of the r1ff raft, so to speak, 4-c::rop. A great deal of it was frosted, never have found itll .way to the -*et had t .here been no .advanoe in the ..-or it. Much was also moulded and in crr-1 bad condit. ion, and even some of the IMII&. parcels bad a tinge of mould, which is aiwa;yt1 damaging to the sale. W"Uh the!M' r11asons, as well as the 1 1!Niaa which will no doubt impro'l'e the very -filiAl. crop prospects of a week or two ago, the -..di:et w811 somewhllt dull the past week and lower. Tbat this decline, howdullneils must be of only a tempo.-ary aaw.roe, there can be no doubt, and as soan as die II'!!Bvy offerings are leBiened, which must ease at an early day, prices of a short .t.ime Fiince will doubtleea be restorAd. .Z.IIere caa be no doubt that the present age in tobacco in this State this year is ffae ewaUeBt we have bad for years, and -..ll.ile propitious seasons may go very far to wazd:& makiBg a good yield still, a full crop eut by no possibility comefrom a half plantliiacWith this view of tke, we can't bas bello and O'\n be grown in Jetf![!l'IIOD as in any other portit n ot this and we would be pleased to learn that onr rarmArs will make an pffort to secure Hr. premiums. It will prove ''boom" to Edgerton lVisconsin Tobaoco Reporter, Aug any county that secures and off those 1!:': -M. K<>.mpPr. leaf dPaler of Bultim>r<>, ar T b b d b h f rive(! in this ma k6t Saturd y evening, and premmms. o BellO IS oun to e t e u -ba since been in the growing sections. ture payinl!: crop of Florida, and tile county that demonstrates that its soil is peculiar The pe"ple who so <:ertain that. thete is ly adapted for its suocesRful cultivation a hig boo:n in Seed leaf tobacco are 'respect will be fortunate. lands will rapidly fully r"ferrr>d t" the N"w York market enhance in value. Make aa effort to secure quo tPd i this wpek'd from the LEAF these prizes. and not only benllllt yourself anti Journal fact of the matter is that personally, but every man in the counly. the boom is Rll in Suutbern tobaccr>s, and the leaf mttrkets are about as dull as ever. You now have the weed in successful grvwth 'Ve only wish that tbe assertions of our over -the finest that was ever anywhere. contid .... t friPnds were true. Now be careful in the curing process and A Mr. R Rumrill. of Fulton, was retu1n then compete for the premiums; You can ing hom with a lmid of tobacco oases last secure them all by a very slight effort, and Friday ,.f,eruoon. he slipp!'d t1Dd fell between it will pay you. the which became frightened and Jaaper Courier :_:Mr. J. J Jenks and Mr. starr.ed to run. He managed to stop the Polhill have housed about 4 .000 pounds of toLPam, but in the fall suffeted tbe dislocation bacco from their llve-acre patch. Most of it of his shoulder ad had hi baud cue by the is quite well. and after undergoing tbe horses' He brought back to aweatmg_ proces will be ready for market towt1 some two miles. and his re Tobacco 18 quoted at 30 cents per by Dt, Lord, an\1. was able to return, Mr. J. who 1s the h ome the same evening. "weed" tb1sseason, IS delighted w1th b1s crop, Ed 1 _.__ A 18._ .. p 1 and declares be would not give one acre of gerton n...,..,, ug. Sl ran-, u ver tobacco for four acres of cotton. It was de-bas secured about 850 cases of '86 monstrated long ago that the soil here is well cro.p, and lat Wedueday morntng left f.>r adapted to tobacco culture, and no doubt Mr aLated that he b':re would pay well to raiMJ in large w1th. the of puroh&!lmg q';l1r.e IN KENTUCKY. heavily of Wtsoonsm, but the price wae 100 hur;h for the quaolity of the goods to warrant his purcbasiug any more at present. Neeted Teltaeeo. ;&flliilod 18f'IA than usual in the State. In favLouisville Courier Journal, Aug. 16 :-Capt. .... localities the crop is fully up to 95. In Anderson, of tbe Blue Wing. was -clistricts it is poor and as low 811 75. Saturday with an ancient bill of sale"for six -n-is a remarkable absence of worma this hogsheads of tobacco which were brought by The other day, Mr J Kropp, a tobacco deabeing exceptional. the original Blue Wing ro the old Ninth ler of this city, bought at the Clarksville Tobacco Os:titl'll Torchlight, Aug. 10: --The tobacco street warehouse in, 1857, from the Ken Exchange a hogshead of tobacco put up by ewoap Jeere but the exact amount were sold, il.nd still appeal'l! that Rome in "good spirits" over bis investment and is not bll obtained. Smoking tobacco people are never satisfied with what they "stimulated" with the hope that be will sustain 25,456 pounds, worth ts.706.4L. get. The old time crop named waos raised no serious IOBB on it, and says rather than a 11. 394 ,880, worth $37.491.28. Re and shipped by Mr. G. W Simpson. man of t:;quire Morehead s unlm-"peacb"-able ._receipts for the week, $9 309.22. Arrange!llents are made here for the character sbowd be "brandied" as a fraudulent Tir

' / .. NOTICE '1'0 'raE TRAK &T:R.:I!J:I!JT, lifm. Md Manufacturers of ,., 10'1' GM 1109 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Trade We beg to ea.n oho at ten\1011 or tbe TNde &o OW' lar18 """"mneut o f N o Teltleo and BpeclaltiM oultable for Purpooel. Y. Pend.a, :m&T.A.2!1::Lo1&:EI::JD:J:) 108'7. &J.are. PE:N'D.&.& &. Dl6ftU T'BS OF GIGABS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. AI-:..Operten o CJS:G-.&E&IEI &, LE.A.F 1108 P:I!J.A.B._::Lo 80Z":Ii'a.:&::IDT :N"::EIW'" "J!""O:R.S:. -WB.&X RAND-M&.DE CJGABS. 1114 II .16 Sansom St., PElLA DELPHIA:. 'To the Cigar Trade and Public .:,. Generally. It ho.viog com e t o our notice that Aom e UMCnl :ou t ous a.nd ptratie&l m anufacturers have infringed "Upon our celebrated brand o OLD YIRGtNIA CHBMJOTS b1 slightly chancing the name and color o! label, we take""tbis oppqrtunlty o f the p ublic ud 100<1 generall y bu,y.WC ouc h goods, under p enalty of law Our brand Is reglsl ered. and protected by I ,w. 'Notice Factory Ito 17, end D ist of Virginia, on cac.h box: allo our name on label GI(ITED STATES REVENUE TAX ON TOBAdCO. Clgano. d o mOIIIc aad lmpoTt ed, S8 II; cigarettM not over three lba per M, 50c at; and aheroote weigb lna' o,e.r t.bree lb& 11. IS per 114; manufa.c 4W1Id tobaceo and snulf per )10111*1. 8c. OHAilGE8 F O R l:JCBNBII:S Plm ANNUlll Ma.nufacturen o f cigars. a n4 cheroots. J6; .ufaotl.lrers of tobaCco and Sllbft' f&; c1ei.l8n1n lllAUUlactW'88 o f tol>&cco, liMO; cr.....,ra 1111eanot!aceo ltj, IMPO RT DUTIES ON TO:BiccO. CJgal'!l, 82.110 per p<>und and 2ll per ceat, ad valorem. CIJI:ar. s&ine ao cigars, lllcl udlng lot.enil> l 'fax. Leaf >85 per oeo t of whiCk is wrappe.J:JJ .eJd\101' more than lw 1o&veo te tbe pouod, 73 eents_pe r lf}!remn ed. $1 per tJOUDd all other leaf ost. stem.mea, SScentaherpound.. T o bl.cco 40 cents per _pq_a.nd. EM-ems, cen t9 -jMlod. and5per ant. ad v alorem. Com"-on clay p ipea, 8ri per cent. &dk ....a-rem partll o f pi I"'" 75 per oeu t. ad val orem; all BlllO ,....., artk eo, 75per e c n t. ad nlo...,...; ... ulf-b, and most of them had anywhere from three to five c hildr en of var io u s ages. T here were young g i r l s o n the verge o f womnnhood and young boys juststart. ing out i n lif e and every day i n going to and from thei r work, and in the w h en they were at home, t he v i ce ove r w hi ch t hey Jived was flaunted in their very f aces. H o w co uld t h eir young m inds be other t h a n contam'nat ed? The Wnrl d reporter went to F isher, po inted out t h e evil h i s pl ace was dolng. and told him t hat h e must c l ose up or t h e for ce of the I a\v w o ul d be used to compel hi m to do so 1Ie closed up for a fe w days, and the -World leal,'ned that h e had reopened A reporter yesterday called o n P o li ce Ca pt. i n w hose p recinct the ciga r s t o r e Is, and tol d biJ:n about the H e sard h e T ecentJ I n v estigated n comp l a m t ngatost it a nd lla.d f o un d no ev id"n ce. H e w a lk e d over there with the r e p o rter and o n e o f hi s ward d e t ectives, a n d was conv i nced. H e or dered the " ufacturtrll lty MaoAndrewe & Forltee, of Newark. Apply to James C. McAndrew, 55 Water street. New .-cJ.e -eke Vat.._. .._II I{a MJ6 & &08 EAST Cilhla ITBBET, WEW YOILJL CARL UPMANN dD The following Labels and Brapde are our copyrigh_. property, a n d we caution Manufacturers and ou.agains$ usmg the same. will N ,.._.. "CAMBRIDGE '' I.-Cl!l lr.d Grauulaled llllxwre& A purely orlclnal Idea. Jlonufioctured of tho m.-......... &obacCoil. HARVARD," MlRBOR.G BRif$., J ()JlarJM at., B<iftOBB, Md, oated. SP A.NISB GIRL, The Panorama, Mark _Twain, Andyl" Jackson T _he Traveler9 Hard No. 1, Seat of Spain, ; WM.' CRAF & -n lo DBBIIUJJ IIBQ!IJITS .. .... ctrar Jl[anll&oturera, Mllwliukea. !1!4 -LABEL AND sTAMP VilrNisa a snc11itt r. ].WI'X'H,.A.l!llif':O.A. &, do. JJIPOB.TEU OF Dll'ORTD or :ii:A. VAN A 'l'OBA.OOG. Trade-larts : 11 Amurll:a, & Flor fa 1. A. 1. aaa a;o .. TOR.K:. An4 4el Moat. 199, Hayaaa. EBNEST I'BEISE, B. ALFONSO & CO., ( F OR JOBBIN G TRADE.) FACTOIUES:-No,lland. 296, DUtriet ...,.._.. lii&NUP&uruBEB8 011' HAVANA CIGARS. B..&.::LoT:J:JY:OB.:m, JY:cl.. Maaataettu"en ef Uae CJelebra&od IIIIPOBTEB OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. Trad e J...A. JULIA BRAND. MArk. -'-'Baron's Seal'' PACKER OF SEED LEAF. No. Ut WATEJt STREET, NEW YORK. Faator,-Jf o, 123, H:E"J!"" ::P1a. New York Otlloe-No. 97 MAIDEN LAWE. Long Havana Filled Five Cent Cigar. -----______________ _, THE "Belcher" Cigar Cuflers & BONDY, Ul9 4 131 Crand Street, New York, P&'f'BI'fTBBS &l'iD l![AI'fUP&crUBEB!II, FLOR DE ANS-EtMO ZAMORA lSI o. B&. FINE VUELTA ABAJO CIGARS. NOTIC E :-1 warn m y old c u stomel'l,l not to use any cigars but unde r the No. 89, as my n a m e h M been used t o se ll s purious cigars. .A.. 2:..A.:w.i:C>:R..A.., P. O. Boz 1M. PUETZ' i Plng Tobacco lachine. WE BEG TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF V 'l'OBA.CCO :KA.NUF ACTOBEBS tD desirable qualities of VASELINE u compared with Olive, Sesame and oth9r Oils. The.e advantagee are: lat. Entire freedom from rancidity, no matter what tempewature or manip-ulaUoll u ill subjected eo. Sd. The auWior flniah and it give& the wrap. 3d. The tramee. llhe8lil and are always clean, 11weet, and not subject oxidatiOn or rust, frOm accumulat.iOua of eoaying TegeW.ble matter. 4th. Al5iolute Pllrity and uniformity 11" us. Out price il 16 cent. per pound nen, put up in fifty-pound tina, paclted for abipmea'-two tiu in a cue;-freigh$ paid by us. Orders may be 18Dt w us clirecft ia New York, or through our Weatem agent. r. Henry U. Frankel, Uti Third St., Louisvllle,.Ky ., wbo will aJSD 411 ilrpDt orders from s&ook kept by him tor thai; purpose. CHESEBROUGH MANUFltTURING CO., IIOLB 1'1141'1U .. ACJTVIUUU, o. M STAT. STR T, NW YOitll P, Gaerra, Y. Gae...-GUEBRA HERMANOS, and lmportere of ,.._ HAVANA TOBACCO 172 Water treet, NEW YORK. Eetrella &a. ,,A HAVAIIAe JOS. MAYER'S SON Our latest sample collection J ust issued, : IVY GREEN. PR ETIY PEGGY. LA REGEN CIA. Sl:IIFT BOSS. MECHANICS' CHOICE. HENDRICK HUDSON. PEARL OF CUBA MEDORA. LA GRAN B RETANA. TIT desire to call the tind attention of the Cigar Trade YY. to our ll/PINAJ. AND "BEAIJTIFIJL ASSDRtME/IT OF 12 DIFFEREN.T a NEW STYLE ADVERTISING CARDS of very unique and artistic appearance, representing a colection of special selected portraits of scnne .k11 k bown American and Euro ean Actresses. Our Cards are MOST ELEGANTLY finished, and FAir SUPERIOR t the ordinary goods sold in the maf'ket, which as a rule are thrown away and at any price, while our Cards will be carefully preserved if for nothing else but their arlistic mef'it w }lic/1 undoubtedly makes them A MOlT ABLE AND I,.ASTING 'MEDIIJM FOR FINE CLASS ADVERTISING. We sell them at whole.$11l e and retail at a very rea8onable price ffH' the quality. Size of Cards 6 1J.s x 4 3Je iiii:IHis Eu/1 Sample Sets of 12 Cards will ba sen t JN'paid by mail for $1.00. No Samples given giYltis. WITSCH .& SCHMJ.TT, Art lithogr.aphers, 0


(). :Lta"9' CJ. Hamll&oa, :P. W. Coaii.Uu. f F. C. LINDE, .HAMIL TON & CO. Storage & Tobacco Inspection on S&oi'IIIP Beeelplll or l!lerehaiullM a SpeelaU}'. ... ) J .-1 lilliAN& BVSCJRBBt .TORN T. IIIBLLOIIt .Jr. &; oo. :XNSPEOTOR.S. STORACE. 14.8 "'lgV" a'te:r 't:ree't. 1'il o"VV Y -ork. w-OOUlfTB.Y ILI.IIPLDI'& PBOIIPTLY ATTEXDED To.-... BB.AJICJBEI-L.I.NCASTBB. Pia.: F. I!CJIBOII:DBB. 21 Queen at..: J : c. illVIN, 228 6rth Mary o&. (JOJINEOTICtJT 1 F. SISSuft,lllll&at. st., Hartford; C E. -GRlFFING, l>aJibury; I'(JI .LLL, N-IOifol'd. EDGI!BTOL'f, WI: C L. CULTON. DAYTON, e.: W. T. P.LVIII ll!t-roat. BALTIMORE Ill .. I ED. 27SontbCalverht. _:rHOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco_ for Expon, r 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK; m1E viRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. Established 1836. .;, J.\1.1:. G-.A.R.D:D!III'E.R. TOBA'CCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 77 Pro:a.1; a'treo1;0 :N"e'OV York.. OllDEBII FOB PLtJG T8BA.(J(JO PROMPTLY JrJLLED, & :EIB.OADHUB.ST, TOBACCOS.FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL NEW YORK. 1ar Tabacos Exclusivamente para Exportacion. "WV'. 01.' Cigar Boxes, And Importer c.t GERMAN OIGAB MOLDS, (Sole A&"eut :for l!le .. ro, 0/SENBBiiTE(JK k CO,) SAW MILLI 1 F&CTORYt 311 lc. 313 E. llth.&t., 316 to 321 E. lith St. -,cork. LBV. Y BROTHERS, .... .. -A"Uouarua TBBADWELL. f!tf>Tohacco :IJIJTATWN 8PANIIIH LII"'EN &l'ID 'JI'.I.l'ICY "8TBIPBD COTTON FOB PtJTTIMO tJP SIIIOJI[JNG TOB&CCO, 111aa7 ab 4.1:19 :Eiroo:a1e Bi:roo't, .N"o"VV 'York. :te-36 HAMPDEN ST., SPRINCFIELD, MASS. J. B. Pace Tobacco ;!R.:EOWca..U. 'V .A. lii&N17FA(JTtJBEBa OF fiNE' BRIGHT NAVIES, TWI-ST, CIJILS,Light Pressed and Smoking-Tobaccos. -----..___ Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, :ntJ"&NOFA.C"rOBERS 01' diGA.B.S. 424 to 432 East Ftftynlnth St., New York. aa'to:ry 811 S:rd. Oo11 D:t.'t. TO CIGAR WOBXS PERFECT T. H. MESSENGER & CO .. SANCHEZ & CO. .AlCD ISUE118 D Leaf Tobacco. Cigam. IMPOBTEB80F Vuelta Abajo -LICORICE PAS'TE, LEAF TOBACCO, .. 1 IU.DEl'l LANE, NEW JCO&a. Jar Tobacco Ill Baleo aud ilossJ;leads Mali<..._ 169 Front New York. .. -ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, lllaDutae,aren ot CIGARS. Factory fCo. I 030, 3d District. 34 I to 351 -East 73d Street, JO:E:.::N' El. .A.:i;:T'S IMPROVEDTOBACCOGRANULATOR Patented Noven1ber 2, 1880. :7-ve:r 48 :t\l.l:-ob.1:n.e 1:n. 'Ue. PERFECTION STEAM DRYER. Cylinder of Diyer is 3 Feet Diameter and 16 Feet Long. P.a&eated .l'ol}' liS, 188.'i. <:>...,.er l.O J:llll:aoh1:a.e8 :l.:n. Ue .',' THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGA_B.ETTE DEPOT AND ACENCY B E T W E EN T H E OF THE OF &. Wu&!IL ll, N .os. 209 I East 37th York. 254 & 25& Cana St., i Comer of Elm St., -ALSO- :N"e._. "Yo:rk. IIANlJFACTliREB OP FINE. CIGARS. Ea1:a. m11hed J.&ae. WISE & BENDHEIM, AGENTS. e-r, souTHERN & WEsnRN ToBAcco. SAWlER, WALLACE & F p COMMISSION fiB Ig 18 Broadway, B=. New Yorl nd Dealers b1 -, Leaf obacco, 70th St. & 1st Ave., NEW YORK. W. L. Hahn. HAHN,BRUSSEL & CO., CIGAR MANUEACTURERS, Nos. 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., Factory o. 3d Oist. VALIANCE CIGAR Christian Jensen. l'ROPRIETOR. 334: East 63d Street, NEW YORK. NEW YORK :IIA.N11FACTORY. Manufacturer CIGARS. G. REUSENS, WELLE!! BUILDING, 18 ol: 20 Broa4,...:r, P, o. Rox34to. JIEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORBB, BROKER, 64 :a:road. JOBll C.A1"'ii!US., Tobacco Broler, 13'JifAYER ST., IEW')Yoa. HENRY SIEBERT. Tobacco and Ceneral Commission 78 Broad Street, .N":J!J"'IgV" EIDL A. STOPPEL. John Brand & Co., M. so. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO BROKER, AN' D PACKJ..Rs .,., No. Beaver Street, Seed. Leaf Tc: ba.ccc., .N"E"'IgV" -yo:n.:a;:.. FERDINAND DZIUBA, \GAR F TOBACCO \jF. 223, 225, 227 & 229 East 73rd St., New York. Factory No. 160, Third District. I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I & of Tobacco, 146 WATER STRF.ET, NEW YORK. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY GREEltSPECHT. Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New Tort ELIAS BACH. & SON, !PACKERS OF lobacco, 188 Water 6t., Ne'!lf York. SPINQ.LllN, f .....__ !Wnm. H. I!PDIIwol. -E.SPINGABN &Co. IIIPOBTEBS OJ' Havana' and Sumatra. AND PACJCml! OF SeedleafTobacco 5 Burling Slip, w!t!'"s'" New York. Cha.s. F. Ta.go & Son, Importers of Spanish A.nd Dealers in 1>ll kinde of LEAF TOBACCO, 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, 184 Front St., New York. llhauracturm ot'dae (JeJebrated E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. Cut bDlU.BLEIIIICINCO "CHIC" SaoJdac To'baooo, ot l'loe Loaf. SAJI[. B. SCOTT aJa4 BEJI. HAXTOJI Clean, 6 w ... a. Te.n, Pres. a. Mm., VI c e-Pres. BeaJ.F. aauoa,Sec. &11d Geo'l]l[anapr. 1 8 -Water St., New York. w. vuaL., vzN&BLL :at. Oppenheimer. s. w. VENABLE a Co. Dealer Ia oa..r-eor. .. leaf Tobacco, Maaufacture&lldol!er .totbeTradetbefollowibg(Jelebntd Brand ot' PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBAlGOSa. 138 Water st., few Yort I I


/ ( AUG. 20. .. CHAMPION CIBAR FACTORY. llANll'F AC'l'UBIIlBS 01' FINE CIGARS, U0-342 E. 23d St, New York. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF AND DIULIIlB IN ALL XIND8 OJ' LEAF TOBACCO. Cor. Wall Pearl Sts., Hew York. il IENDL 1 8Ro., Factory No. 278, 3d Oist., N. Y. --ren or tlao celol>ralod Brand ot Claar Queen Kllzabeth, Queen of &cote, La Flor de Cubanae, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo. Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK. uf Gigars, s u ID a t r a T o b a c c o o. 15 -OF-3{ Bowery, Ne-00 ::Eitol.l.a.:a.d. A. Lichtenstein, Son & Co LOUIS GRA.FF, SOLE AGENT, Maaulaeluren of I 05 MAIDEN LAN I!, NEW YORK, CIGARS, .... .._.._ ... ...... ,. 309 E. 59th St., New York. H. W. STOVER & CO., A. GO., :SUI!TI! It JAVA TOBACCO, C I GARS Bremen. Gel'lilaDy... lve. 0 and lOth St., New York 1 c. F. KAYE, H. DUYS, }R., & BRO., Agent. for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA PACKERS DEALERS IN TOBACCO, TOBA.OOO, LEAF TOBACCO, 19& Pearl &t New York. 175 Pearl Street, New York. 191 PEARL ST., LaraeAor&mea&a.A.lwaraoaBaa4.. t New York, G. REISMANN, t COMMISSION MERCHANT AD4 Dealer In aH IOnda ot tEAF TOBACCO, 118. WATBB 8T,. NEW YO'RK. DAVIDSON BROTHERS, and Seed G .. HARKEMA, LUKWEL & TIELE, SWHRN TOBAGGO"BROIHR Sworn Tobacco Brokers. I OF' Sample RooDUI: Brakke Grond. lie& lo roeemllliiea themaelYe cor &he pu.rcbae of 8amatra an4 Ja-va ToOtBoe: 0, z. VOO'RBU'RGW AL 288, laeee oa &lao Da&ela M:arlu&a, Amsterdam, H _olland. Esq., -------CUPID leafT obaccos 143 WATER ST., I Factory No,, 26, 3rd District, IIT.I.T8 eP NEW YOKK:, -lll&lolenLAM, :N"-s I SEED J I &a -Niter &t., Nevil vbrk. .; ; 1:; ;dol ;, it ... ; Basch & Plllcher, JNO. I. LOVR. S. E. cor. First Ave. & 74th St. NEW YORK CITY. IMPORTERS OF HAYAaA sEE, o LiiF.ToaJtco. 0; H; 1M WA'l'ER ft'BEilT, "' OJ' &..a: THE ... 8. BOSSIN'&'&elftl. PA.CKBRBOI' seed Le&r. AND Dll'OR'l'li:B.S or HAY ANA TOBlGGO, 178 Water St., New York. H. SJLVE'RTHAlJ' & 00. Manufacturer CIGARS, RXCLtrliiTELT1 213 Pearl Street, rtew York. CJ:NO:I:N:N A. T:J:, 0. A. R. FOUCERAY, Tobacco Inspector. Appointed by the Phfladelphia. Boa.rd of Trade. 61 N. Proal S&., Plallaelphla, Pa, L. C. &CHEFFEY & CO., Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, L01JISVILLE, IY, Antonio Gonzalez, -'"N'IITBB oI HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO.I l80_Pea.Pl New Yo1'Jr. CELIIB!'[NO PALA.CIO, FERD, HIRSCH. CELESTINO PALACIO & CO., lll.UIUFA.CTUREBS 01!' H.&. V :Jraotory, :Key ::IIP"l.a OtBoe: 2 BURLING &LIP, near Pearl St., NEW YORE. 125 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. DE CAPO CIGAR FACTORY I JACOBY & BOOKMAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 336, 338, 34:0 & 34:2 East 38th Street, 'YOR.liE. !J. .1.1'18 P.I.CJIUDIS OP Seed. T ea,f 24D Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. FRANK P .tJL VER. IMPORTER OF HAVANA,. .I.ND P.I.C&:EH OP FREIGHT BROKERS, FORWARDIN. G TOBACC O A Ooea:a. :EW.a'f:e; lilt or l!la.:ll.. P. 0. Box 3,152. J3. F;Jcha.nge Place, NEW YORI.. FRED. SCHULZ, G. FERNANDEZ & GO.. I HAmttill.ToBACtJ Havana. Tobacco, ...... :o 224-226 Pearl Street, Hew York. 206 Pearl New Yodr. ..JOS, S, G.I.N8, :Mol. X GANS, MEYER KOSBNTB.I.Io. GANS BROS & ROSENTHAL. FlliTAscA and1DaiilSfL8af Tobatcu, Cuban Hand .. -Tor... I Have Removed to rPatontod { ValtedStalo,n:arSI,l8111. ,71 &'tree't, 'York. u u caaada, .Jan. 31, 18U. ADVERTISEMENTS. I'RANOISF. A.D.u!S, IZR&.u.Joe4 JN1J HENRY F. AVEBIJ. P. P &, Oe lllaaaftaelarer8 of' tlae Collewla& 4:!elelralod ef FINECUT CHEWINC & SMOIUNQ TOBACCO. Chewing; Hl Aromatic. Smoking: Peerless. Excelslor, Standard. :;'ld;%X."C7 .A. 'O':IIE;&:m, JOHN GOELZ,& I J. G. FLINT,. Jr., UNUFACTUREI'ISOJ' Jl(aaafae&Urer or c1 G "r& as, FtNE cuJND_cHEWING 283 to 299 Waot Water Street. Smoking Tobacco Second Ward B&nlt, Bulldlnr, MILWAUKEE, w1s. F. Milwaukee. Wis. CUTTING MACHINE. JhebpJ:rea&......,w .. \ U i u.-, Cincinnat-i, 0., H. S. a.;. This Cut shows our PAfEN DOUBLE 1END With Patent i,ng Lock f01r the pNBSure. We control all Patents for n.. bacco from -:o:HYDRAULIC PUMPS. -:e:ould Presses :o:-. T Moulds, HYDRAULIC and \V-.r 1.... Boxing Presses, Bands and Sec menta, Steel Finisher Plates and Titi.s,. HAND auod POWEB.


10 THE TOBA.CCO I ... AUG. 20 Philadelphia Advertisements. &, T.A.XTT, Importers of Havana Ar!IID PACKERS Olr Seed T Commission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. I 07 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. TELLER. B:EC.OS Packers, Commission. Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOB.ACCD, 1 17 North Tb.lrd Street, : P.hiladelphhi. -WM A. BOYD a CO., I IMPOB.'l'.EBS _..o F.......__ HAVANA And I SeeJ! Liaf I_ & CO., Packers of Seed Leaf and Importers of Havana Sumatra Tobaccos :I 08 1\Tor1:J::L &1:ree-t, a LUXURY TOBACCO lllaauftldaren ot Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco -AND-Luxury Fine Cut In Foil. II ftQRMVTII BRO. & oo.. f 111 N. a 1ft. aad Sl e, n1, SS3 4o: SSG QU!'J;IT, St., PHIL&DBLPHU M. E. McDowell a co., .603 A 605 CHE.STNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, SOLE .A.G:J!J L'o T& -AND. BLACK.WELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO Genuine DUBHAM: Smoking Tobacco. New Tort, Boston, ChiGa[o: Lonis and CinGinnati. lEWIS BREMER'S SONS,. WHOLESAL1!: DEALERS IN 11 WF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 fiiORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A arp Aeo-t of all Idalia of To.aeoo ooaotaatq halul. c, '. u. \t '5 lr'dH n.o-\1 I t1:--,1r. \, L BAMBERGER & GO., PACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. JJIPOBTERS 01' and .Havana, o. Ill STREET, PHILADELPHIA. IOINRY T FI!RER. FREYER & EISENLOHR, LB t 13 North Third Street, P _hlladelphla. .. ..... IT lire. Pltlla1 ... a. Theobald & Oppenheimer, BATCHELOR BROS., OP -J3.l3. 111 ..... .,,arera oc OEWJ:NE OIGAB.S, KEY-EAST AND DEALERS IN CIGA.B.S svantsb and DBmcstic Leaf l'fe. 111 Worth Tldrol_ 8trMt, Cbetltuut St., PRJI,ADBLI'Jil&. PHII,&DELPJIJ.&.I .81Clft'11-.... IIILLER. CINODOIATI OJQA.1t JlOU>I, --. .&leo I.iporten of Cig-ars, Cor. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. I ALSO IIANUFAOTUBER8 OP "MllfERS' EXTR&,n 'I PORT," "Ir, H, BlftlHOJrJrll Q-11&1110 -Otber llraDdl of llmokiJt,ir Toboece. Also" BBRBB DB LA RBIIfE,, SW'EBT !lfBCJT&Iqttud oa.or Jlraadlof Paper and AU-Tobooco Clgr.rettee. New York Office:' lf6 South Waehlnpon Square. p_ A_ ER..A..CJ ss-& -eo., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO; Po A BR.AUSS, lSTo. 0 T:EE1::R.D _!I'TI-I.EEIT, P:EE::EL.A.:!:):I!ILP:EEX.A.. W. M .JACOBS BBJ.W'J. LA"B'FI Paeker aDd Dealer ba LE.&: P TC>-:&.&.000, :13 I and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. EST&BLI8HED 1846. J JPANISH ciGAR FACTORY. General CommiSSion lercbants, L A.SA & MTLLOS, 31 sTREET 802 Chestnltt and 29 S. II th St. SO North Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA. 11M to lU' Koata......rr ,&-PHILADELPHIA. We laYite the attention or Manufacturers to oa.r .of Dark Reowea1ed Wrappera, ot wlllch we mate a specialty. KOOKE BBOS.. M. KEMPER & SONS, Mannftle&arere.of &lle CJele ...... ,.. Importers of Havana: TOLTEG, All Long Havana Filler 5o. Cigar. SEED LEAF_ TOBACCO, 1 3 aID Cheapelde, 116 West Lombard St., (WRITE FOR AGENCY. ) BALTDIOBE. EJ.A.X...TX:DII:OI-I.:JD, l!WI:D. I. L. DUNLAP & CO., W. G. M:Ell:R & 00. Advertisements from East, West & Sontb. hoeuu .. e te J-. B Cl .... & C.. L017ISVIl.LE, K.;r. Bua!DALB Slrm!. E. H. 111mB, :m.---R. MEIER & co.. HINSDALE SMITH & CO .. CIJrCINNATJ. O, [ESTABLISHED 1840.) CINCINNATI, 0., l!Januftle&anra oC NAVY TOBACCO,' Paekera and .Jollhra oC &nd Acenta for Prominent Vlratata :Dianutae&aren of' Twist&. Pl!-fgTobaccos. L E A F T o B A G c o l Gonnocticnt F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS s. W. Cor, l'l'oat Stnete, ". -CINCINNATI. O. (. Mtam'ieba.J'i o i _._ :ta:_;.,_,reba<"ee. Cl'i..r.IOLYJJ1e, .. 'eo11a-Dilrk 'J 'obaeeo. r r JOBN E. PmKniBt ,.,. Palm Leaf Tobacco Works. PERK.I,NS &. ERNST, lllA!WFACTUII&RS OF Fble Plug Tobacco Blue Gras& (Ex rs. Fine). Palm J .est. Drum"ick, :Blue .lay, Kef Note. Penny OirrtcE AJFD F..a.aroaY:.. 169!> P:lke St. COVJNGTOW, .J[y. Hen"ry Geloe, E'ta 067. Benne Damu. w 'EBE 'ciGA:R BOX CO., Snooe688rs to Henry Geise and Stickney &:. Gordon. Mau a fttetarera of all oJ CTG.A.R.. I Dea1er :l:n. O:lsar and aU oher Sa ppJie Larse Stock of all the Leadintr Label Hoaoeo Ceaotaatly on H&lld. 83 OX....A. "Y 0::1:1\TO:J:.N:l\T .A.TX, 0. HENRY GEISE. BENNO DAMUS GEO. H. STALLO THE GEISE LUIIBEB CO !IANUFAOTUREBS OF SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Ciga.:r Factorleo: 101 & lO.J Vlraiuia. Oflloe: 93 CLAY STREET. OINCilOIATI, 0. iD CUT and E,MBOSSED (n PlaiD or J'acr Deo1JD; of PlaiD. Gilt or Col.,... _.....,_ IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 21, 23,25 St. SDrinrlela,laa. A. F. BICO & CO DIPORTX118 01' JO'BACCO -ABD-Cl:_G-Aa.s, 18 Central Wharf, Bot'on. i', B. liA.YO. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco I Manufact'rs. RICHMOND, VA. n BOBJCB'Il' A. .IU.1'0 ,_ Orljrloaton of the otyle ..,.. -:&'G.A.V'"Y TOEJ.A.OOe:.. NA 'I'IES A SPECIALTY Ilf ALL IIZI:8, JAMES M. WISE, .Commission Merchant Jrer ... of LEAF 'lOBACGC), I B.:ECB:D&Ol!QD, .......... S. WBIGBT, Succee110r to EdwaMl'efDade .t _oa. DIREC'l' lMPORTER OP Till &I Low .. L Pricoo Somplo Ta10 an fub Information furulahed '"' appUC&tlou. J. M;ROBUfSON tHOitE'KAVANA tlf5-229 O.Z.tralA"T 0::1:1\TO:J:.N':l\T 4"::1: <>. 2" W. BBST, Chicago; LOJUN N-York; W H. BUSSELL, CJI1IcoaO, R.ussell &; Oe>., 8 ........ 1'11 te JOHN C. PARTRIDGE .t 00. TOBACCONISTS. Sole PrDDrictors or thB &mile 'GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' CU:ars. ts7 X...a.llr.o &-t. a:a.d. 4.1 &1:a1:e &1:.. Oh:l.oaso, :Ell. SOLE AGENTS FOB TO FPLLOWI!fG WELL-KNOWN l"'JW!:- l'l'BATI'ON .t STORM'S O!gaTB &lld CilS, N. w. cor. Canal and Monroe Sts., CHICACO. B" _SUBEBT, L. PINCOFFS, WHOLESA!. E DEALER. IN IIUYEll AN]) IELLli:R C. :e: :N .a TobaccG G.Httin!s lllln ScraJs, DoMESTic LEAF TOBAcco LEu '""'rr"OBA.cco 231 East Randolph Street, :J:Lox.. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, Ul. PIPER HEIDSIECK PLUG TOBACCO. VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va. prders -....poetf)llly 110llclted and promptly attended to. Price List oellt OD appUcatfoa. I T. Baooeoeor to Sal-.cra,llaaoook & C.. FINE COIL, IIANUFACTUBER 01' 'LIGHT PBESS, -p t "! I ,., TWIST. NAVY anf TOEJ.A.OOO&, SUN-CUBED R.ZC:E3::a4:C>:ND, V .A. .. P.A.CE &, SXZER, M-UfBeturel'l or the Celebrated .. Granulated, Cut Plug, Long Cut a1d "RALEIGH" Cut Plug; FAVORITE" Cigarette and long Cut; "S'l'B AIGHT WEB" Cigarettes and Straight Cut. V .A.. E. J VOREE, N. FUREY, GEO .A. FOREE. F X. --T T y J AJ=t-' r., Fofee Tobacco Company, HAPPY THOUGHT llANUFACTUBER8 OF rn b A. .a.o acco FINE NAVY TOBACCO, 118 ...... Ky. WILSON &. McC.AI.LAY'8 N.ll R. MITCHELL /11. CO Boston. PLUC 1"0BACI.!OS, .. _-__ .........._._..... 80LE AGENT J'OB Lozano.Pendas&CGJCI8ar Baml Gaois "t

/ AUG. 20. Business Directory of Admtims. NEW YORK. Seed Leaf and Tobacco .t Dehlo, 190 'Pearl &nDdf .t Fl"lag&n. IM Water 11aeb .t llt l'rleDd K. &: G. &: Oo. !liP Jlaldeo Lane 9aBa Droll. &: -ntha.l, !50 Wa&er. a-Mel L. .t: Bro. 191 Pearl QreeDJIP"Cht H 191 Pearl lbmbUJ'Ifer t .t ""' 174 w_, Hirsh, David G. of Co 177 Pearl Koellla B. &: Oo. 1M Pearl Lederman Jos. & Sons, 140 Maiden l&ne. Le'fln K. H. corner Wall and rearL Llncllleliii H 191 Pearl. Joe $oos, 193 Pearl H. /1. Co. l'l:l Water Oppealaetmer Ill. Iilii Water Prloe ,e Jolmson, 119 Maiden l&no Pulver F 178 Pearl BoloG. 17G Water. -nwald E .t: Broe. 141! w .... 8. & Boos, 173 Water llalomOil G. & Bro&. !38 Mal"en lane, -.ooder &: Boa, 178 Water. IJcllubat H. &: 0... 150 Water llchul& Fred. 224--226 Pearl Spear L &: Oo, 184 Wat.,r llpiDganl E. &:. Co. 6 BorRng 81lp litein B. 211 Pearl. Tag lias F &: Bon, Front: UpmaiiB, CUi. COII-40l E 69th. Wabllg Cha8 F. 14 2<1 av. Wolf Theo. Jr 18 Front .,..._, ,.. w .. r-.r Illdab& Fen!. IP Dr<*!. Beuoeaa G. 18-110 Bro&d&J'. Sawyer, Wallace & Ce. 18 Broadway. Btebert Benry. 7s.ght Bro,.,. .. Bmlth W O.IODII.Oo. 48 -r Of Sm<>IUAI/ and OA ud Tear.n. 11111er !lira Q. B. &: Oo .. 97 Columbia. .llaATclcNreno or O &DC! Oo. 115 Warren. A-0 ..... 71tll8>r-. 8rothen1 Oo. '1117 &o 711 lei,..,..,... Llchteuteln A .. Bon & Oo. lllll ll:&ot 19th Lle8 Geo P & Oo. oor.Slth It and &Yell,. A. Lopez& Ba ............ 62Veoey. Lom! J W. 111110 lilt aTe &M t0811:. 74th It lleadeiK. W & Bro. 161 Bowen lleoDella A a Oo., AY4-1116 Boath ntt.h Aft. Btr<on ct otorm, 1108 &&at 271h. lavo & Ne.....-a. a. -r. cor. 71ld It aDd ld ..-u ._a Oo.ll06 to au E. n.a u-. 192l!'ront ""-OallXtO. /It Oo. 8 -Lo111'eDIIOhD A. 137 Malden lane. osaaO,leu.du a: Co. 108 Pearl lll&rUne& Y oor a 0...,1111 \Vater ._.r T a a oe. t6tlll&ld JAM. lllr&DQ& F & eo. 222 l'ean Jl[onlitl O M A 191 Pearl. Oppenheimer Fenl. 116 Maiden lane Batomon G. &:: Bros. 188 Maldeu lane. Banehoz & Oo. 169 Front. l!aDCbs ct Bay&, 81 Pearl Banorlus& (;o. 171 rear! 'l&lomoa K. & K. 115 :ll&iden rSeymourOhaa. T. 188 Front .,.a. lllorron It Oo 187 Poarl VlgU C, 140 Maldea lane Well& Oo. M Pine .. ,.... "' .11.<1/ w ... -H. &: Co.llll Barel&y III1IDger 1. a eo .. 01 Murray. l!eldenberl: and Oo. llil1 East 68d. v ..........,. Yt>or .t: Oo. 1111 Water ....., ........ 0/ =lMid 4 ... Kaa.fmaDIIroL .t: oab, 1-1&1 Qraad ,., Olaw -"'1-K.&a""OQD Jlro& & BoDCIJ', 119...., 101 -IIQ BIGL 1189 ... ..._.. Demuth Wm .t Oo. 101'-501 Sro& a Co. cor lie a"' and Bht at -... 8poftiM .. Oodar. u..-.. w.-.. aDd 11ro, 415-C\'11 -Teoauo -e' Cigar Molda. ........ B. W. Bl-1 W EleYenth 81. of OftiGrd'-'4 N. William Neamaa Loall K. &: Oe. n-w cor. harl aDd Elm. llchUIIIACher .t 3!l-l!6 Bleecker WIIIIOh &: BabDII"-M ll:traa.. Dodge 1: Olcott LuJ _., tWI Oord. J1r0eb Dey. ll/trO. of Olqar JloltJo lllller, Dullral Oo., 413 E Blot I'IR.IIIII. 'l'iPw. Groelle lohn l. Oo. IB8 Grand b&HmGCOO lladlinerv /or OIDar Btra...., 8. &: Co, 179-183 Lewis at. 2'cll>Utb Cbad Merfeld Jos. It Oo. 89 Germaa Shuppel B. 2 East Baltimore< Bneerlllller & Oo. 13 8. Howard Unvenagt Qeo. P. & Co. 81 South Oh&rlea "a.cameVtlr Ed. 1/i. Co. sg SOuth C&l1'en To0Goco .Jfa.ftU/a6&1Wm"l. Feigner F. W. &: Bon, 00 !!Oath Charlee. llail.t Ax. 91 ilaJTe Gupenhelrner & Co., Lombard & Cheapelde Marbe.rg BI'Others. 146 to lt\f tk>Ut:h ll.aat'ae. l'Bt and 157 Lake JIro Co 681>-m W eth, Cigar otad Tobaooo Broker lehn8oB W A. 18 W...t lid. LeG,/ TobaDco. Meler B. 4: Oo. Newburgh L., 143 W PearL 2'obacOO c.;omm&uwn Pn111U0 a Matoon. Vine aDd J'rolll JlaiWt...,.ren or Getae Cla'ar-box Uo., 98 Clay. Troet. 8. W US-111!1 N O&Dal :tlanutacturer or TID Taaa. J 1L & Oo. ll2ll w !Ill and 110 OOJ>gaJ A To:tlanUt-DunJap A. L. .t; Oo. 66 E 2<1 UGJ 2'oi>GCOO _,_ llOb1'1DaDD 1!'. W. & Bon, cor. ViDA and hot> -111-MR .t Br<> Dohrmann F. W. & Son. KtODDedyJaa. T. COVINGTON, K,-. IIG"'to.ctvret" of Plug Tebacco. Perkins & Ernst, 159-165 Pke. D.&.JIV1LLE. Va. ond B7'04fer lt1 TobCicco llfla4en<>B.J&m ... A.&:Oo 'l.'boolllll W F Bro1t.IJra. Bn-ictltl Order. ....,._.. J B. & Oo. Venalolel'. C. DJ::TMOLD, Germaay. ot' L&belfl, Qebl:q_der Klingenberg. : DETROIT.IIto ... of Ohetm"!! r:JmolrifO!l Tob. Cl! .!Jlaolm>eU' Durham Oigtlt'e-. mactweil'o Durham To-Oo. Qoobera W. H DAT'l'OJI, O. .Peau 1'obllc 87-oloer. w. L. McGhee: locatioa, "Golden Belt" ot N.C. II.&RTFORD. of'Qollerllel, SA.NESVILLE &.LB&NY, Wle. P.w-of and Dealor ;,. Lea/. Greene F. C. KA.N8&8 (JITY, Mo, Wholeoale Dealen In Kat.e Tobacco Co. "Doerhoefer & Co. 18Lh and Main XlierW.Q.It.J:' J.mes F. OOft!HII'! Kl:ghtb IUid lllala Lewlot.!lich'd M West Mala lleler wm. fi. & Oo. 1:3 8e-.entll Wrl&'ht qf &acana Oi(jGro. ();?eUfa.ctunr& .Agenta Schelfey L C. &: QO .. 184 4th aY Tobacco Commission M erchant. Naah Geo P. 1014 West Main st Tobacco Machine a.nd Toba.coo llanufacturers' Supplies. Frsnlcel H U. 151 Bd TOO. Mn!tr1 SuppUes, Licot ,,e, Flavor, etc. Jungbluth&-Raur.eroerg. LYJfOHBUBG,Ya. Jfa.A .. /oc.furerl oJ (7qJoreCC.. Lone Jaclc Olganitte Co. ot B&lok!ag TobaCCO. Bolt. sl'-:::t:' aoc::"- .....,.._,._ IIIDDLETOWJf. O. MaMifGC11<1'6" ofl"'ui P. eo. MILW.&U.KEE, Wla. IIAffr <>! CMtDi"{{ atWI -..g l"l>/JuGcooO. "-8. w. & Oo. Buyer of r-t Tob&cee. Dr& D W. PRU A DELPJDA. 8oed lA4f atWIBa""""' wa..BaoiL. &: Oo. Ill Arch llatchelor 11:. dl eo. lOG II. Water JsNmer' a Lewis Bona. -Tbiftl JiloD&D "' Taitt 1!11 Arch Freyer & J:laenloh!, liS North Bd. Labe Benj. 281!!83 l'Oorth Bd McDoweuiL JC. &: Oo. II08-JJ5 Ch81tDu* -J.IIJD&IdO&Oo.llllNorthWTeller Broohen. 117 Jlortb Third Vetterleln. J. a Oo .. II> Arch lmj)Ortor of Havaaa. Leaf. Po11Uo11do, Juan F., Sansom. Importe1'1!1 ot Havana. and Sumatra Tobacco. 0rea1r11 J B & Oo, 184 CheotDUt. of EMcmra. Brauoo, P. A & Co. 8 North 8d. Batchelor Bros. 1.281 Cheetnut. Dunn T J &: Co 207-2011 l'l. Broad EilenlobJo 0, YS61Market Gr.,-. M:otaleA 4 Dalton, Sl4 Pine. HoLloway & Swaim, 705 Market Lao& at lllllloo, and 802 Ch-ut Manp, Wleaer &: Oo. 11418 Honljromery aYenae Porr.uondo Juan F. 1114-111& Banoom l'beob&ld & ()pJ)ellllelmer, Ill Norto 811 Mftrs of Fine-Cut and Smoking Tobacco. Friahmuth llro. & Co, 151 N. Bd a.nd 293Quarry J'ODgeii&y A. R. 6ll N. Front Mu.nufMt'UrM'I 9} lMtn-iu l'all!o. The Kedor& Rittenhouse Co., 218North 22d. .l(fr' .Agmt for Pl"'l and -"" r.-. KeUy F. X. Jr. Arob Oigl.llrBoz LabelbGooo and Olga.-. -411"" & Ginter. Pace &: Sl&er. Man'I(Get,...... of Plug a -AQ To!>....., Butler ct WUson. Hancock W. T llayo P B. It Bro., 15 7th 8t Pace J. B. Tob&oco Oe. l..-/'1'--.. Crump, E. T. &: Oo Cqlumblan Block. Dibrell w 11: WiaeJas.JI[. Maft'\d'acturer of Tokooo 11. IIUIIhlller a c... t8011 Main ROOBESTER, Jl', Y, Jla"u.fGOtw.nwt o/ "BhUld '' Jt'iu Out, ''BiUr Boil'' 8IRolc:itiQ, Gtld'" Long aut & Oo. liM IIW It Mfrlt'U/'r of 'N-.e 8Y.ftA! a-t Q.w,d W'flk!A '' GAd Ez.preu '' Srn.oJri"' Tobaooo. Wllalell T. lllllt&te ....... ..,...,.rer 0/ "Purieu" ...... PIGMlOtd 2bk\cCO mad ''VIIMI)IBbW'' ltlmball W. 8. & Oo. ROTTERD.&,' Hou-.t Sworn Tobacco Broken. Lnk-.rel and 'nele. SPRINGFIELD .._ of ConMCt_, 1--.t 2'o6acoo 8Jaltb a. a sea.. 110 Bam'pden l'twloor't 0/-L.f and .lf"/tn or oigao-o Towne. Fuller&: Oo. 41-46 Ha.Dl)Jdoa at Ma.n"facture' oj CH.oan. Springtlold Cigar Oo IS-$ lla'mpden It ST. LOUIS, Jlo. TobaoooW-{Iorml-0. B. .l Oo. 191 lll&rbl SOUTH B08'1'01i'9 Va. LM.f Tobt.-.8-rMn. Daveaport 0. G WHJ:ELUIQ. W, Y'a. of a.-. ...... Seed TIP. ud l!t.ogleClgara aDd Dealera In ,_. Te-JI[IIbn a Br&ndfaoo. tllllllllala 11 -"' Cfi/c. The customs duty upon tobacco IDd lo Ill areued from20 to 80c per lb. and on tmpon.ed. tobacco troa 20 to 80c per lb. Cigarettes put up In pack....., than one twentJeth of a powtd or less llhal1 pay a duQ' at ll4c per lb, instead of 29c, ae heretofore, aDd oa :!:l:;i molet l!!uutr1 when oout&lnl_. over 40 ceot. or when pul lll of 0 ...... IADPII' 'hlcht. Tobacco--Cigars, !5s lb. Cavendish o r Negrohead, 4s 6d per lb. Caveodiab or head manufactured in bond, 41s per lb 1 Other mauutacttintl toba.c o 4s p e r lb. Snuff containing more than 13 lbe of -..--I moisture In Pvery 100 lbs weight thereof. 3s9d per lb. Soafr ,.ot eonb.tntng more than 18 Jbe (If motstnre tn f!frerY 100ftiB welgbt tbereof, 4a 6d per lb. Unmanufa.ctllred Tt.beocOContatnina-10 lbs or more everylOOlb& wvlltl* thereat, S. 2<1 per lb. Conl&inlng le,. tloan 10 )be of moloture in every 1011 l bs weight ther6('!, as 6d lb. In lieu of the dr&lVback a.UowablA before May 81,1887. thereisnowallewed the or 8s 8d named in section 1 of the Manuf&c.. tured T obacc o A ct; 1863. 98, 81;.0 Allo Jlallufact.rer of the Vea-red ,..d Imitation Cedar Cigar-Bo:o: "'.;amhr. on AppUoatioa.o Send for Prioe-Lt.t. l Tile Factory to the Wec thac a complete tock. ot" all Label LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, Orders and Correspondence Solicited. Best References Clven. F. C. GREENE, Packer of aa4 Dealer Ia T-EAF '.rOBACCO, Albany and Uulted IIAJrUFAOTURERS OF fiNE NAVIE-S, Chewing & Smoking, E=L1ohm.o:n.d., -va. Ha.mmerschla,g's Waxed .Paper, lll"or To'baooo. llold In QneBUU 10 ... bJ' 0. oiOURCEN&EN. 98 Malden Lane, Retw YorkJ P. 0. Bo:o: 2183, NEW YORK. and eiaarettes. 2713 markl per" 1001dlaK duty Sm ok n2' toj>AC:C:o in r o lla and toutr H.our.l., ft'&rb P e r 100 k il o s duty. Prefised tob a cco, t-5 marks per 100 ldloe duty .. r.eaf and stems 8 l marks per lloO kilos duty. Strips o r s t emmed leaf, !80 wa.rks per 1001dloa duty. BO'tJ ,.(ND-Tobttt."CO in rolls or and stt>ms l:lutyr er 100 ldlos: pre8Seli centar duty ?r l(lp kilos., Manufacturt>d oobacco snuir, ("arrete. e tc., $t.80 duty per IOU kilos Ci gars., IU 100 kUoe. The tobaccq industry o f AustriA., Frtlnce. Italy 8Dd Spal l8 by Reeie F, unde r the dii'ecdon o t the Qevet'D' ments of thOBe countr i e s DIAZ & CO., Jmpor&e:t HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO; 16'TWATER STREET, MEW YORK. 'WATT'S lJNIFORk TOBACCO DBYEI. lJ aed by all leading To baoG4t 88 Market Chicago. i i I 322 E. 63d St.. Between lilt and lld A v" N' e-vv ""5?"' ork. W. H. QSBQBN, Leaf Tobacco Bro.ker, DURHAM, N. C. Buying on Order a Specialty. -ee-Durbam Tobacco Co. ; E. J. Par=\.. Bank f Durham; Eug. Morehead dl. C o., __ :.. --------282 Ed. WlSCHMEYE.fl a. CO Tobacco Commission Merchants, 39 S, Calve,., sr .-.aUlmore, Ittd. ., ..-... ...


GRAY, MORALES & DALTON Manufaoturw. of CUBAN. HABD-HDE B!VANJ CIGARS, 514 PINE PHILADELPHIA, PA. KIMBALL. CIUIUSE & CO., 36 ft., .. W YOBK, K.urtrrAort1BES or mGH GRADE CIGARS. A.MB l'lii!HPJ!S Dr TO:& I'_..,. 1'16, .. Dbt., y. e J'Nprietors of U.. tollow!q Jlr&lodet-111J.I.UIIALA, BROJI&B 11-A .. .808.1. D&L NORT&, RIO BON ... .. ...,. 11111-YI ........... EL PRI ..... .. LOB 88 B AIIS.U, LA P-JICI .... 'lmW I-K, lb8a:B'r, BL l!l'l'lllO, 0118 TlliiRITORY. "rHE TOBACCO AUG. 20 BLACKWELL'S I HONEST, POPULAR,] Is the Most UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market LAND SATISFACJORY Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce h THE VERY BEST. . ,' r v ..-aa..w.a ......._,,...fa .... .,..........,.J lbw You. April N. li!IM. Siruated in the immeoliate eeouon of country that produces a grade of Tobacco that in text!lrll, For tea ortweln years 1 haYe u$od Black well's Dvbam Smoking Toba.cco, and find }( th lh05l satisfactory of all ( han triod. I gave Thomas CaTiyle a pound of it, aa we: ftavor and quality ie noli grown eleewkere in the world the popularity of tbgoods .is only limited by the quantity produced. We. are in position to eommand the choice of all YERY BEST. i smoked IOðer and he warmly praised 1 1t. I laa..e found no t.bacc;o oa tli$.her GODti BltiMII offerings upon this market, and spare :ao pains or expense to give the trade the 66EI:o:n.ey a:n.c1 o' FINE &UT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET TR.:EPZ.:EI OO:N'O:EI:N'TR.A.'1'0111D. FILLERS. FOR BOXES. ... l'riae per plat, .. ; .... -....... "UV:E:r..r.. 1VOT :111V' .A.POR..A.T::m. ::m.--.b:U..-hecS 1aaa. P. PO:EK.A.Tw&,.-x & 00._ IU.NUI'A.C'l'UBERS OF HAVANA. CIGARS a:n.c1 York. Office and 153 Chambers St., New York. ALWAYS ON HAND KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. The Mrs. 6. B. Miller & Co. TOBACCO lWLAXVI' A.CTOKY. ............. .,.. ............................. .. 87' OOLV:a:B:EA. TR.:m:mor., .N:EIW TOR.:&. -IIANUJ'AC'l'VBEIII or THJ: CJ:LBRA.TliD-PLA.IK nJIE OUT OHBWIKG 'rOJU.OOO IX 8L11K P.&.PEBS !B1'UV.-.-.. Rose-Scented Maccaboy ,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentlema11 -:EG-:N' .A.L Oh.e"CCIV:I.- Oae o .. PoU, Al-, Plre& aad .. eead Qall&7 -oklac, Ia Ble Papel'!l. SWEETENED FINECUTDark and Lisht Grape. Forest Rase. Club. lilA I APPioR aad PBI&B LB.& PINE-ClVT, Ia .oiL SP.A.N'l:&U LICOB.ICE PASTE. z .... t Webelrt.o .. n : '-'ren &Dd Dealero t.o thla 8t7l'SBlOB IUICl f11BS ar:,"l:.....ta fM tloe I,!Weo of ft'ortla CaroJi.a allll VIrginia: aoBBJB, lllck IIIOIMl, Ya. Lleol'lee Heo1-AJI"aal aad .AUeaa ... Selected &Dd Ordla&fy. to make Ol'I'B GALLOl'f ot ITIIOR& PLAYOa,'IOifl* II IJ ""'"UDt.Nca for klmlltl. ..... .,. ..... Dr7 ... 1RLiqaK, .u ... .u ....................... .. .... STRAITON & STORM, RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, Alao P11re llpaoal OlJYe ell In b&rrelc, ud Spomllh, li&UNl and Freaeh, Ia -and boUieoi. ZURICAtDAY & ARGUIMBAU, :28 Street, New York J. H-;--MER -QENTIM.E & 168 Olaaa'!left a--. ._. York. aafae&nn ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS, SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c.,' JaWYOJUt, All Cigars or onr Manufacture bear the htenaal Jleve -'bar ol oar 1'aeto27, LICOBICB I 20, 22 a. :24 Cold St., :N'e"CCIV York. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CD CAMPBELL & CO., JJian.nae&-.ra or FiDB cut & smom! Tobacca, And Dealen Ia NEY TOBACCO COIPANY ALLEN a GINTEB, ..... .... "'oaiJ atten!ion to their now Pocket Case, In which they ..... now pacldq tholr celebrated .... Ld at a PIRICBcwlllcloocan h&rdl.By falllto bec&l"'., to &ll!PprlDg II Arl&l. s T E :1:), 'V ...... J ac 0 b Hen kell \ Kaa11f-t1U't>n of Fiae Grade ill Standard Br&Dda of wEE T cAp 0 L a .. Spanish imported, In Bond or Duty Paldr olgarettes & Smoklng Tobacco JJIAN11PA.flT(IHEH ... 0 :a- "G. C." "F. G." & "Wallis Extra." CI&AB BOXDS FinestFrenchRiceP&per. HigheotCiasaSkllledLaoor. G .Por sale by !. rn New York Depot .................. -23 Warren Street ,D AllgoodsmadelWierour '1: ArauJ.m.bau C.REFUL PERSONAL SUPERVISION. ::18 SoleAcentI'Or&be11al1eclll&a&Maadlaaaota. C) Depot in Chlcago ............. so Randolph Street. sUPERroRlllAKZANDPRIXB:QUALlTYOI' Tboonlygenulnobeartbetac-81mlleaipatureof 0 ;:3 21 aarl 31 S0111'H WILLIAII JiEW YOBX. _=: san Francisco Depot ........ .'.207 Battery Street. Cedar t,R. HilLIER'S SON COMPANY, In London, England 55 Holborn VIaduct. .. ElVER & STERRY, Ll ITED, 70 P:l.22.e an-ee* :Ne"CCIV Y:k. SPANISH AND GRE( LICORICE PASTE-. LICORIGE GREEK LICORICE POWDERED LICORICE. ROOT and POWDERED UCORICE PASTE. Alii SPEOIA.I.1'1E8 I'OR PLVII A.JrD' J'lllfE-croT 'rOBAOOO. Gllwe OU, Tonca. Beans, Gums, Flavors. EIIIJ LICORICE ROOT and .PATEIT POWDERED ARO.AS FOR S:IIOKING TOBACCO. L'CORICE MASS FOR CIQARS. -WORLD CIGAR FACTORY. We are Sole Pr9prletora of the followintr weD-ImoWB Brands, and ohall &ny 'l'lz. : BEAUTY, DOTLET, SI:AUTY SPOT, FRECKLED BEAUTIES. WER1'BJ:II( SOHII'I'ER, Ea.t Sev-tietlt. St., New York. WM. E. UPTEGROVE dJ :EI:JR.O., Spanish Cedar -:ro.a-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nails. Foot ot East I Oth & lith St. YOBK. LOPEZ & BARBARROSA, --nnoroaa u vma.A" .&ad-.erJiraa .. or I'INE HA. VAlVA. CIGA'RS, 52 VESEY S'I'JuiZ'r. *EW YOBK. n.A VOBs. FO. SKOKING TOBACCO. .ALL IPJ:OIA.I.1'IJ:a ro:il PL110 AXD I'IKE-DlJT 'I'OBA.OOO Special attention ct-&o lllan1111P.e&reret !Wedleya. All Goo IIJoJ.pped Pree Board. _.. Sampleo and opeclal qaoi&Uou!Pvea for any article required, ----THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY. s. 'V. & P. :.::-. &, IIIAN11PAlTUREHII OP LICORICE PASTE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT II; POWDERED J:XT.LICORIC& Abo 'D:EA.LEB.S ill DBVGS a:ad LICOIUOE ROOT. 11o Ood.a:r 81:r* near Pearl 8&reel, N'e"CCIV York, CABENOU a TUB, JJIA!'I1111' .l.lT11R-S DP SPANISH LICORICE PAS.TE. Factories at Zaragoza, Spain. Factories at Moussac, Card, France. We lake pleasure In loformil1& our cuatbmel'i thai we ll&ft o-ed.., omce a No. 13 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK Sole .l.&ell&a f')'r of !forfll aad Vlr' .. la I MESSRS. DA'fi:NPORT Richmond, Va. LIGOBICB :DXlt.aX.o Co., L:I.'I"D 1 'ted. (JOHN 8. YOUNG, Tre&I!Urer. ) !J[.&.Jfl11'A.OT11RERS OF SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. ,--Cor. Boston & Elliott Sts Baltimore, Md. All Goed maouractured by a are aaaraateed o be oC &he beat Illy. The Miller, Dubrul & Peters Manufact'g Co., BUC HNEB. a a o MANUFACI'lmERS OF ., Greaseless Vertical Top, JIDII1fl1ctrs. ofPlnl and Fine ont Chcwinund smoking Tobaccos) snntr &Cigarettes Tin Lined & Flange Top BOLD COIN CIGAR MOLDS, CHEWING TOBACCO c::JI.tira.r sb.a.pers. Etc .. Etc. Manufaoturere of alit Branda formerly ManufaoHo:rt&Co. .....-elphla oaleeD. Baehaer & (lo ._ssa l'l'or&h Tllllrd ll&rM&. ....,._..0 uace-D. Buc.!luer & Co., 11 waltuh .&eaae. :er..w .orleans ufBce-. tt & Co,.. 34 Caael 8&ree&. :na -G L Sob11110n 7'7 Haaover 8&ree1 ...,_.,....,,.,4n1, L. k Co 11.0 DanerJ' S&ree& I tor PaeUle ,.._ -.:arno .., ,, -. ... Terrltorlee. 413 E. 31st Street, cor. 1st Ave., New YOI'k; 166, 167 a. 169 E. Pearl St., Cincinnati, 0, Depot and Apncy for the Pacific Coast: 306 308 Battery Street1 8an Franclsco1 Cal. MIXTURES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. c B T THREE KllfG!I, Turkish, Perique and VlrgiDia. iga.r 0][ .... A.LLOW IIIIXT11HE, Turkish and Perique, 'r11HKISR and V.IHGII'IIIA. PERIQUE and VIHGIJIIA. QEN111NE T11HKI!IH, FLA.xl: OUTS, EsPECIALLY ADAPTED FOR THIC PlPIC. 'Va:u.:I.*Y ::lf"ai.r. &A1D1A5'U.z:i.d.:l., Granulated. A New Mixture, Fragrant vanity Fair, SnperJatire and Cloth of Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT COT CIGARETTES. People ef reaned taste who delllre exceptionally line Cigarettes should use only our S&ral&hl la1, llloalln packot. and boxeo ot 10., 10o, I& aad 1008. Our were neTer 110 fine u now. They caBDOt M .-urp8.ued for purity a.Dd excellence. hly the plll'Mt Rice Paper \lied, Bll&abllahecl J 848. 14 Plnl Prize Meclala, II. KIMBALL & CO., Pe2rless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N Y. "'DOUBLE 5" 2oz. FINE .. CUT. 297. Monroe St. New York. Dofianco Manufactory. 8ue... aor 10 D. Blreela. ol< 4lo.1 229,231 233 z. net lt.. -Y._ The toll owlag Bro.nda &Dd Trad .. 11161'1ao boftl2 the sole o.nd e:o:elwolve pn>J)erty ef tbe DEFlANCJ: OIG AR MANUF A(Jl'ORY, any """ anywbere Wltb In tbe reacll ol the l&ws ot the land who will lmi tate in any manner AllY of lheee brands and. trade. marks, or uee any: name or label will U onee be proeecuted juat the Yme as aay thJef who would ate&! any otbr valuable Jl"rBOnal property:-Dellance, J!l, phleto, Jupiter. Old Jud,.,, Moss Rose Our Boys. SamooD. Non&illlch.Bu-. Bilow Flake,-Heartl' Dellght, l!ljf'lbinl', OurOutle, Game Rooster, VirglniW', Pln<'k. Hoc, Oalller. Plantagenet, Feamaugbt, Tbe ontezuma, Oommercial Club, Bo8toG Club. UnfTera.l Staaderd, Solid Value, Tbe Fashion, Lone Curia. Faista!. El Enpgno, Pleadlllo, The..........., Las Gracias, "' s. Factory No. 973, 3d Coll. Dist.lfewYort D. IDBSCH, Geeral Haaaaer. DEPOT I'OR THE ABOVE POPULAR BRAND: c. J. MOBBIS, Leopold Miller a Son, TOBACCO BROKER, 155 Chambers St., New York. E .VANSVILLE, IND. MANILLA BEANS, TONKA BEANS, OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL Ros E, ANGELI!A ROOT. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. Ha.milton & Lllley, TIN.TAC8 All :;rrad" o:fPlatn, (lolored, Babo.eie end Bnam.eJed. aa.:-Ma4eM Order. 536-54<= West 23d Street. New Yort .M. H. CLARK & BROTIOOt .., rOBACCO BROKERS ...........


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