The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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lsHI.GTON LETTER. THE TOBACCO ESTIMATES OF THE DE quired an addition of 56 per cent. to the State TRADE MARKS REGISTERED. 'Ia Tobacco Leaf. I ESTABLISHED 1864. LarlreH cUCUJa&toa ot r 'Wnde tn the 1J oi'l4. I 18BA800 LEAP POBLISHIIfG 00., '-1015 tllalden Lane, New Yorlr .:;. \ blwa .c Uae .,._, 11111'1GLK COPIES .. .. .. . H ""'*-Oae "iMr.. $4 I Six Montbo.... . .It *' llabeerlplloD A.road. 1 Oau'W BafT.&IN and CAKAJU. $5 G& I kttJl4tr, U.....au11ui and the 5 M Am'rMLU, etc via Engl&nd li Of (loa.t..... . . . . . .... 6 Oi Klumn .... $;!!! .14 $8 Fourteea 1t1lM over two col umns. 45 2-' 14 lines one column 45 24 14 oYer two columns 80 45 2li 80 4S 215 :nftY-olx llblo Ot"tlr two eohtinoa 1110 81 4S "'ae column.. . 30Q tr.; 93 ll&lf eolU'!'B r lBO t(IO M GDe Uo.e ottom. ot page 00 llpeclal &dYerUHme& o11 Plrl Pace. Tourteen u..,. over two wide columno .. '.(.-;rearl. $100 JlnPs ever two Wlde columns. do 175 \IJiee a!Dgle columa.. . do e5 L llpeclal AdYerUHmen&a on IJeyenth Pa:e. One Six "Three Mo nihs. Months 7oarteeaU.overtwowldecolumDI $86 l l 5 $:1 BemittaoGH for advertisements and subserlptloM ahould always be made payable by P 0. Order or by ehe.* to To-.:cO Leal Publlahlog C o gU ndet no CJrcumstances will we dM'i&&e -from the abovoprlc 2'1le La BelaiiDIJ" ao 8ubCl'lbere .. lfew ... papen, -t&lree a 1>&1>61' ftlllllerl;r from IU --otllce. t.o hll-ll&llle or lliaotber, or wi!Mher h&llaa aubocrlbed or n ot, lo reopoll!lll>le for lhe pay. any person his paper to be di8continued ._ muat paJ' all Lbe pubJiaber may coatinue .., d It utU payment Ill mlna; time exl\mming the r e cmls, but it was nearly tw1ce as much as the ports of S tate ageuts and count y correspond area nowdairued b y the committee to be the ents. It avowed Its conviction that no im area grow mg. Some of the State returns proper motives were'chargeable e1tber to the were eo abnormally lo w as to suggest the Commis s i oner or the stat1st1c1an, but en pr1!8ence of p a mo to an unusual d e gree, relarged Wit h some forc e upon what they allo wBnces such as eery State and claime d to be the untrustworthines s of the na"ttonal authority in statistical c ollection depart m ent's correspondents. They aske d h!ld found to be necessary. So much for that an oftlc1alacknowledgment of the1r un authont:r for data and tbe good faith of the trustworthiness be made, but thts the Qom 1mgmal esLimate This related to missioner and statiStiCian d ec lined w1tb em from ortgmal seed beds. The com phas ls to do The meetmg adjollrned wit h lllil.l;ee'il preaent assumptiOn of area rel&tsd to an understanding that the stat1sttcian shalr ]llants now counted as growing after an al again meet the committee aud examme 1 t s mos t unprece d ented drouth, Mr. Dodge documentary evidence, h ere referred to reports from correepondente (From the New York J o urnal o f Comme rce) 10 a great many COUnties as showing the WASHINGToN, D. C., Aug 22.-A commit greatly reduced acreage by reason of the tee of a d 0 z e n Western ana Southern tobacco drouth. The comlDJttee stoutly maintained men call e d by-appointment to day upo n the Fhat here was a confusion of acreage w1th Commisswner of Ag1culture to l a y b e fore product; the acr.eage 8lmply and h1m tbe1r against il l ways the are a ori ginally devoted by the Donge i ,f' eonnect1on witb Ilia rece lt report farmer to tobacco ; and that area uld upou tn.e acreage of tobacco planted this ne v e r a1d unde r no circumstances be subse year. After expressing !:lis confidence 10 the que11tly reported as lesa in extent, whateYer mtegr1ty of Mr. Dodga, CornmtssiOn<)r C o l might be the mtluences whtch prevatled to ma.n mtroduced that gentle m a n to the com lessen the producp. mitt e e, when Mr. D o dg e welcomed them to Oomml8sloner Colman in reply to this read the iovest1gat 1 on, and pro ceeded to a n edttol i a l assertion from the Louisville explam his method of makmg the eet1mate, Home Jo-urnal to the effect that an invest1ga wh1ch b e mamtamed expetJence had pro v e d tt\\)D showed a l a rgely d ecreased on to be a fair one. H e s howed that Jn K e n a ccount of the drou t h, To th1s Mr. Glover tucky the comparative acreage was n ever retorte d first that the Journal waa incorrect, fully l't'ported 00 tobacco, which 18 heavily and sec ondly that the reductiOn alleged was taxed, and qullted 'frllm a letter wntten b y ae compared with the lower estimate of the the Aud1tor of Kentucky, in wn 1ch that offi t obacco m,en and not as compared with the cia! WI ote of the State r eturns : "The y are Department's repo rt, Dunog tbe colloquy not gathered with care, and are greatly un wblch followed committee etautly de aer the truth." Mr. Dodge also OJ ted reports clared the unimpeachable accuracy of their from oLber States, and contended that hiS re own estimates based ae they were upon let port was a fair one unde r t h e Circumstance s ters from 25 000 o r 30.000 growers, and upon a s whateve r re?-uct100 e bol\ld now: b e mad:-a census LRkeo b_y agents o f their own who o n b1s est1mate waa due to an unprece d ented p ersonally travelled through the tobacco dts drouth, of the effects of whiCh there were no trJCt s. means of knowing when hts est1mat e was The committee s p ent a long time examin prepa r e d The comwi,tee was a fforded the iog the reports of State agents and county fullest mformatioo as to the authors o f the They came to the point rep0r!A upon which theestm:lates we 1 e made; tl:lat the estimated p ercentages for counties and 111 conclus10n the CommiSBJoner and lil t'. which produce but little tobacco were so w 1 tbout that the D part h1gh as to overbear those fro m the ment's report waa 1 ncot r ect, substantia ll y m which the bulk of the orop is raiSed, and .adm 1 t ted a poeeib lity that an overestimate thus the general acreage was made to appear bad been made, bot said the facts would be greatly 10 excess of what they claimed to be pro ved by inq1.1irtes' now 10 progress. tlie facts. They found for Kentucky 'that the The gentlemen of the committee expresaed returns showed a crop of abOu 52 per cent. thetr convictions tltat no 1mproper motives of that of last year, to which Mr. Dodge we e chargeable e1ther t o the Commissioner makmg allowance m accc rdance with the or the statistician, bu't wttb some pnnmples he .had alreH.dy explamed for on force upon what they cl a 1med to be the un der estimates, added 20 per cent. trustworthiness of tbe D e p 'i rLmem's corre LETTER FBOM STATISTICIAN DODGE. spondents. They su8stant1ally that W A.SHTNGTON, August 28 -The followmg an oftiCial of their uotrust letter from the Statistician of the .Agricul worthmess be made, but this the Oommia t 1 D t t d 1 sione r and Statisticia;u declined wtth em pbasie to do. tobacco men who have been in consultation Mr. Dodge stated frankly his willingoss8 with the Commissioner of Ariculture and to adm1t man oftlcialstatemeat that the re the Statisttcian since yesl;erday morning: ports now coming in and the iuformation brought by the comm1ttee made it seem W ASHINGTO!f, August 23. probable tbal hia origmal eet1mate of acreage Hon. Norman J Colman, Cemmissioner of was too high, and the meeting adjourne d Agriculture: with ap uodentanding that the Staueuc1an In accordance with yo11r direction I have shall again meet the committee and exam me consolidated the Auguet returns already re 1ts documentary evidence, and that then an ceiYed and reVtewed all data from other attempt shall be made to agree upon a atate sources up to date, together witlil that upon mentm accordance wiLb the facts and satis which the July tobacco report was based, factory to both sides. e s pecially for Kentucky, relative to which great difference of opinion has existed and much mtereet excited, as that State is the most prommeot in tobacco growing, usually producing ab<'ut four-tenths of the product of the U01tsd States. I find the law re turns, so faraa received, make all averago of, only 41.5 per cent. of last year's acreage, wh1le pr1vate returns from over 16,000 growers of Western tobacco reporting their own area m cult1vat10n this year in comparison with thetr acreage last year. make an area of even less than 40 per cent. The July report for Kentu cky, whJCh was based upon the returns of 66 correspondents, each representmg a county, made an acreage"of 63 per cent. of that of 1886. In the examina tiOn of these r eports and in view ,of the sults of a long e xperience of the tendency to acreage led me to place the Mr. Dodge eai d he was .arraigned In obedi ence to popular clamor, chal"l!;ed w1tb mak ing est1matee in certain W eeterll States smaller than bad been made for years, but yet too larp;e to sutt Lhe present v1e ws of the committee and its"chents. He was charged Wltb making euch estmJates wtthout of mformattoo on the subject from any quar ter. H e bad overwhelming data, wh1ch must be satiSfac tory to the committ,ee, for the disapproval of suc h charges. Really, the charge of h1gb estimate s was an after t .hought. Vutually be was held re!ponslble for the etl'ects of the drou t h, of which be bad no knowledge unt il nealy a m onth after or1gmal returns vf ac1 engo were m a d e H e could lurmsh author1ty for the esumat e and could sbow that the acreage was not the aroa now growing, and to wbJCh tob a c co men now refe1. R e had early learned that compar a ti"e &Ct eage wae nev e r f ully r eported, aud t0bacco, wh1cb is be .. vtl y taxed, the fall ure 1s most consp1cuou s. For example the cotton acreage, now aseumet.l t o b e 18,000 000, wo ulti have been scarcel y 10,000 ,000 it the returns had been acce p \ ed wltheut re viln o u. A,gain, prior to the of 1880, be estimated the acreage of cotton of the y ear Of 1879 a t 14 ,500,000, HIS SUC ce so r as statiStiCian, unaware of the n eces a1ty o f allowing for tb1s ten dency to low re turns, made the area for 1879 12,096, 0('0, thus fallmg i n t o an error of n e uly 2 000 OUO acres 10 two y earH. B e tween 1870 and 1880 the ex traordiHary ooderest1mate of t o b a c c o at traCLed In s attentio n and became a sourCJe of anx1ety aud annoyance. 'l'be census results of consumption and distribut ion showed just how much too low the 01igmale were. Tiley requir ed an addtLIOn of 38 per cent. to the area and 39 per cent. to t h e An ex ample ef Lh18 tendency wh1ch would b e ap preCLated was to be f ound in the fact that t h e Aud1t orofKe nLuck y published the sworn reLurus of assessors for 1879, makmg an ag gregal e of 109, 869,426 p ounds ae tbe product of L b e State. Tbe census enumeratv r d found 17 J ,120, 784 pounds, and the commerc ml move m e n t veutied the 1e s ult. It therefore re K entucky acreage at 78 per cent. ; R ecent r eturns have very clearly shown that a concerted effort wa3 made to reduce the area this year on account of recent low and unremunerative p r ices, and unfavor able conditiqos have aifected plant beds, and drouth has interfered w1th setting and growth to such an extent-as to render inac curate rules for revis ion usually adopted, whiCh have heretofore proved to be correct and neceesary I am therefore eaLisfied that the July estimates were too high as re ported. The indiCations of recent reports of th1s Department-the O h io Board-and other authorittes, pomt to a very low acrea,;e. ,J. R. DODGE, Sttist1cian. KEY WEST, FLOBmA. KEY WEST, Aug. 20. EDITOR TOBA.COO LEAII'Buswe s continues dull; very little doina;,1 aud several factories have closed, awaiting new tobacco. Old crop Havana fillers can not be obtained. Las t Monday a sale of twenty-six bales was effected in Havana; the pr1ce pa1d was 46 ceota per pound, which is much h1gher than the actual value of the new crop. Messrs. J E. Cartaya & Co. have abut down their factory for twenty daya, a walt mg new tobacco. HAJUCL. To Mtahll&b Ia court 1D cue .r IDfrl-t or freudoleD& -. 01n>eroblp 1D a trade marl< or -rio J>!O!" lJrlorlty of ._ or first u.e after....,._,.. bJ' tbe OftiUI&I owner; aud 1o malte ncb proof u .Uaftilable. the TOBAODO J.U.r eo........ .... _..,......In ftlce for liOn ud catalotruJDR of"ks ud lahello of eowq ... ...-lpdoa pert&lnlag 1o lhe COIJecco, clpr ud .._,_ ID tereota or Ulls couatry, end at lower roiU ... 1187 where -obt&ID&bte. TU TOIIACCO L&AJ' PUBi'J.SBING CO.Fwill ......._, Kle ..wlcateo of and J>Ubi8bweeiiQ'ln$he IDe otT Uhlblted 11e10 .. .u t.rade-mubudJu. for 78 Cents aoh. ql-z,1lt1 IIP&CI .. Y THBIB 11eB. Penou and firma senillng aa tiBde marke for reg1atratlon ahoul4 be put.icular to specify the use or u\o w!Uch the traiie marks are to be, or hne been, put, whether used for cigars, cigarette&, smoking, line cut plug tobacco, or &nulf. If the name is to be used for cigars, it is needless to register it for cigarettes, smoking, !toe cut, plug tobacco and sauff, vr any oae of the se, in addition, for a trade-mark can be hel:l only for the -particular goods, or class of goods, upon which 1t ia actually used. Imperial Toby. No. 2631. For Cigt.ra. Re(;i stered August 22, 8 a. m. Louis Amchel. Pittsburgh, Pa. Golden Eqle. No. 2632. For Cheroots. Reg1stered August 24 8 a. m. J. H. Fal iin & Co Baltimore, Md. Ox Tall, No 2&33 For Q1gars and Cigar-ettes Registered Aogust S a. m. L. Miller & S o n N e w York. l;:,e Opener. No. 263!. For Cigars. Registere d August 25, 8 a. m M. G. !leNa mara & Co, Albany, N.Y By8weelheart. No. 2835. Fol! Cipret&es and Smok.tng Tobacco, Registered Au gust :15, 8 a m. Sam 'I P. Greenstone. Lynchburg, Va. B. B. YBrB Clleroou. No 2638. For Che roots. Registered Augul't 28, 8 a. m. Manchester Cigar Mfg. Oo., Baltimore,. Md. R .. llt or Way. No. 2687. For Cigars. Reg1stered August 26, 12 m. F. A. l!'oril & Co., New York. BUSINESS TROUBLES. JOSEPH GANS N&W YORK, Has ILJIBigned to John H Conway, prefer. ring Jacob Gans, a creditor, in sum ol' $34( 44. Buslneu VbaDJCea. .New Firma and Jleo movals. FuiDL.n 0 -Charles I:. Gates. cU?:&ra, etc.: sold oqt. FOBT W AU&, lDd -Boltz, OppeDbe1mer & Co cigars; dia.. solved. URt.K488, La.-U. KoeD It Co., cigar lmporten; bUJ"JU, out; insured I & B efgeJ, whulesale and retail clpra;. \ !W

,.. ( AUG. 21. :OR.&ESPOXDEXCE. GoUip er Varloa K.luol l4Acxuu.o IsLAND, Mich. Aug. 23. EDITOR TOBACCO LI!A.FHaving spent the paet month in vi8itlng difterent cities, lake s and camps in this S tate, I find the tobacco industry in a prosperous condition. The jobbin11: houses and cigar fac tories at Kalamazoo all speak of f air trade and better collections than for some time paet. At Grand R apids I find: the cigar and tobacco trade drifting fro m the wholesale groct'!r&, and liquor dealers into the cigar manufactories and regular tobacco job biog hous e s ; yet tbese firms are compellea to buy \he l arge r portion of their cigar stock, as they only manufacture a certain class of cigars, to a strong union wbich die tatee the will of the factor and compels him. to buy largoly from Dayton, Cincinnati, Cbi eago, Mil waukee. ham ton, Syracuse, New York City, Westfield, Mass., and other Eastern pointe. This, Of ceune, limits manu factoring in this city, and if persisted in will force the manufacturers to buy entire!)'. P888iog over to IoDia, we visit the Prison, and find about one hundred and fifty bands employed in the cigar department, many of them coon or colored brethren, but they turn out lots of nice looking cheap goode, which find ready aale in &be lot !'Me cities, anll to wheleaale grocers using schemlllll as side in ducements. On inquring I find 90 per oent. of the inmates malee from twelve to tweDty ftve years of age. They claim that whilkey wu the cause of cbeir criminal aoY. The piMe ia k _, aad cleaa. The food is wliol11110me, aad cbe dillcipline is auoh u will aa old inebriaM to walk a auaicht liDe ,perfeotly within sill:tJ cla;re. anprevails. u no talking II permitted fro1n tl .A.. until 11. 80 P. or durmg the hours thfl priseaenl are out of their celle. A code of 8inala ie naed durins workiq -The KnigbMi of Labor dedioated a all at Ionia, which was lar&ely atMI!ded, and a train load of people came up from Grand Rapids. Tbe prooession was headed by some eighteen or twenty women earrying um brellae; then a btmd of music, and then came the silk badges of the K of L about sixty in number, some twenty of them employed in keeping saloona in Grand Rapids. A mao running a brewery at Ionia volunteered l350 caeb. to the sooiety, or its equi'll'alent in beer, and the equivalent wae accepted. I find tbe railroad.-in a horcibia condition in tbie State, and tbe difterent compaoieR perfectly indifferent to the comfort of their patro11s. Tbis fact is very apparent to &lly' one who travels in the East or on any of the railroads west of Chicago. Frequently all the in a car will reverse their seats and ride backwards, with handker chiefs tied around their necks to protect themselves from duet, while the engine emits volumes of smoke and cinders, jus;; as t.liey did some fort y yea'rs ago. While at East Saginaw, or better known l'ince the bill strike of 1884 as Emigrants' Paradise, they h a d a fire entailing a loss of manJ millions. This valley has be e n very unfortunate, so far as fires and atrikes are concerned; hut tbes e are things that Little Jake, so well known here, cannot control. There are no ciga r factories here worth men tioning, and what f e w there are are b ound as if slaves to the International Ciil;armak ers' Union, and the U nion says thBI!e maoufac turers mus t only m ake a certain ptice ciga r They als o will not permit the.manufact urer to buy any cigar s made elsewhere; and the name of a bunching machine is a s i gnal o f distress or a d eclaration of war. One year ago there were assemblies In tbis town, but n o w only three exist, two male and one female; but the Cigarmakers' Union is the m ost pronounced o f any, and a re suit this industry i a prostrated, and what few cigars are m ade her e are u sually sold wbich are t h e principal industry of t h e place. Speaking of bunching machines, I am in formed t h e rfl i s to b e a c onve n t i o n ol' c igar make r s hol d a t B inghamton, N. Y. on Sept. 2 0 eipeci a ll y to tak e a c t i o n for or a gttin s t the varj.ou e mach i n es u sed in this ind u e try. The time is ripe for suc h action, as t b e rn a chines are already p ronounce d a grand s u e c e s s a n d ore in u s e in ne11.rly all large citie s like T o edo, D e t roit, D al' too, Cincinnat i Louisville, Chicago S o u t h B e n d Milw aukee, Omaha, St. Paul, K a n s a s City and o t h e r Western cities. l:!hould the union declare agains t machinery they will simpl y s ig n their own death-warrant, IJS no body of men can prevent the tide of progress in this fre e and progress iv e country. Every class of machinery has had tke same obstacles t o overcome. There are m e n h ere who antago nize every inve n t i ol'l except those for distil l ers and brflw ere' uses. Tbere are m e n if they could get free beer, that would willingly blot out our present eystem e f transmitting meBBages and g o b ack to the p ony and r e l a y system; or tbe ox team instead of steam power. Bin@ihamton i s a wellkm>wn cigar centre of no small proportions, and the unio n v f cigarmaker s have failed to make the pl ace a union town, but a eftort will b e mad e to do so at this convention should the dele gates conside r machinery unfavorably. Then non-union shops will start up in every s ec tion and the present union shops be foread to make only high-grade goods. Tnis will neces sarily force many cigarmakers out oi em ployment, and tbe present blue .labels will advertise the goolia as highpriced and be coafined __principally to hand work and long fillers. Upon the other hand, if machinery is accepted by the unioa it will enable man ufacturers in this State to compete with New York city and Biogbamt oo. rn fact it will localize the trade. Instead of shops of fro m .2 to 7 bands in Western cities, and shops of 1,000 to 2,000 bands in New York, there will be shops of from 75 to 100 hands iu difterent cities. It will bl o t out tenement hous e work and iadustrious workmen so inclined a chance to provide homes for their families. Stopping at Detroit I find Brown Bros. the busieat factory in the State, employmg over lOO bauds, using machinery, and not encum bared by any union a cot 011 the Grummond line of I had a ple&88nt ride to Alpena, and thence on to llackiuac Island. This re .sort is destined to be the finest in America. The atmosphere and water are both clear and pure. Taking the steamer Gazelle I Janded at Patricks, among the .Lee Cheneaux lslandP. Indian guides await your a rrival .and row you out to catch pike, pickerel and muakallonge, until you llecome. dieguaLed with the aport. I enjoyed the hospit.altty ex tended by Captain B. C and family; Of Pittsbargh. One special fe .. ture of our -camp was 'bat of offering grace inate&d ot a blessing. We all joined in singing P... onli: the beech, hemlock and For the time we for11ot the base ball score, the boodle trial at aud the Cleveland invitations. anchor I returned to Mackinae, then to St. Ignace and PitoRka. and eball .eoen leave for Duluth, Milwaukee or C uica go. ALBS:ItT Jl'or VloJauaa &he J.l'aelory Law. BINGHAlllTJN, Aug. 23 -Several of the lead iog cigar m anufamurerij and others ruuniug establishme n t s employing a number of hands here were arraig u e d tbis morning b e f vre .Judge Downs to answer of viol11.tion of the law r e g ardin g facLories in New Y ol"lc. Philo Wilco x & C o w tre charged witb em "Pioyiog help under the legal age; witbout }lrot.ectiBg their elevawr 'by doora, .as required by law, and also fer not providing suitable fire-escapes on tlje outside of the building. Reynolds, Rogers & Co. Charles Butler & Co. H. Westcott & Son and M J, O'Brien were simply with failing to provide the required fire-escapes, and Lester & Co. for employing help under the l e g a l age. PeJll.linc t h e question as to the respo n eibility in the matter as be*ween owner a n d occupant of the building, the Recorder ad journed his hearins in the case unill Sept. 20. THE TOBACCO LEAF. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FOB WEE K ENDING AUG. 26. Weatern Leaf-There has b 0en more "look ing around than last week, and while prices are not quotably hi gher they are certainly not lower. The reported s ales were 3110 heads, of which 200 for export. The Western markets are reported general ly less active, but, as far as we hear prices for sound leaf are well maintained, and good to fine dark goods are ranging as hiih as at any tlme this season. A Thursday telegram from Clarksville saya:-"Sales, 1111 hogsheads to-day, with a firm market." ..... An Evanaville letter of August .23 says holders of good leaf are not willing '-' eell at preaent pricee. A Na..qbville. letter of the same daWieaya:-" Sale s lighter eve.ry week. For what is in warebous dealers expeot bet ter prices later on. W eatber again dry and hot." For the week just ended E. A Stoppel, to baooo broker, .24 Beaver street, reports as follows:BICOEIPTB. Week. hbde. Vu-ginia .............. 1,87S New Orleans. ......... BalUIDore............. .. Weetern ........... .2.1211 Month. hhds. 8,439 8 201 11,11.0 Total ............. 4,001 18,183 Week:. Month. Expone........ ... 7,01111 1o,2u Light LtJa.f: I 11"" LtJa.f: Lugs .. 0 Lugs ... Common 7 Commen Kedium. ... 9 Medium ... 8 0 Good ...... 9 @10 Good ..... 10 Fine ...... Fine ....... Seleotiona .. t8 @111 Selectiona 13 016 Virginia Leaf-Light businellS reported. Quotahom. Dark. Dark. Com. lugs .. I Com. leaf .. 7 @ 8 Good lugs .. li;l@ Good leaf.. 8 Fine leaf .. Seed .Leaj-Tr$de among jobbers this week h .as been very aatisfactory. Several large salee, some entire paekings1 are re.ported. Little DutcH of the 18811 crop was e6ld to the extent of several hundred cases li.'t advanced figures. S amples of n w goods are arriving freely, and, on the whole seem to give satisfaction. A Water street firm sold to an uptown manufacturer this 'week their nacking of Housatonic, which con sisted of 268 cases. We hear of Little Dutch being bought in the fields of Ohio at good prices. Mei!srs. J. S. GANB' SON & Co., brokers, 131 Wa"'r Street, report to the TOBACC O LEAF as follows :-Tb.e improved feeling noted in l!lnr last continue s Although the volume of sales is small, the prospects are encouraging. Sales foot up 2 088 cases, of whicb250 cs. 1886 Nf)w Hav. 250 cs. 1886 New England S eed 13!>\@111 263 cs. 1886 Peoo. H a v. Seed .. p t 125 ca. 1 885 d o .. .. .. 10 .2 150 ce. 1883 85 P enn. . 12 @16 1 5 0 cs. 1884 Wisconsin H avana. 11!>\@ 2 0 0 ca. 1886 do .... p t 150 cs. Ohio.. .. .. .. .. 8 @ 550 ca. 1886 D11tch .. .. .. .. .. 9 @ 1 0 Divide d a s follows: To manufac tUIers ...... ...... To city t r a d e ................... To out of town . .......... 800 cases 8 0 0 488 T v tal. ................ .... 2 ,088 Havana-This marke t bas' been tath e r quiet since our las t repo r t. Prices however, do not weaken. About 3 0 0 b ales sold at from 60c to $1.05, and 15u b ales a t $1.22. Q uo t a t ion8. Havana Fillers-Very common 1111 Goo d c ommo n 80 Good t o mad.. 88 Med. to fin e 911 Fine . ..... 1 0 5 Superio1 ..... 115 Yara-I and II cute assorted 62 II cuts .. .. .. ............ 711 to 75 to 85 te 95 to 100 to 110 to 1 2 /i to 67;l to 85 Sumatra-The dela y a t t h e Appraiser's of lice is causing our impo l'te r s a great deal of aunoyaace. Goods whic h arrived about August 1 ha, e not yet b ee n a p prais ed. The Appraiser claims to b e d oing all that i s pos sible with the help at his c ommand, but this is a poor solace to the importers. A fewlots were assessed this week at 6 0c and 62c. An active inquiry has pre v aile d but sales have been limited for the r e ason that buyers re fuse to clos e sales unt il t h e y kno w what the duty is to h e T)le impo rtations so far this year are several b a l e s leas than they were at the same time las t year, and this is solely attributed to the uncertainty as to duty. Much fine tobacco is looked for at the next inscription to be h eld during the early p art of next m onth at Amsterdam. The sales foot up' 300 bales at from 11.45 to 11.80. Plug-Bu3iness seerus to have been satis factory with every one the past week, and no doubt will continue brisk, as plenty of cus tomers are in town and ready to do business. It is quite like old times to see so many from the South. Prices remain steady. The ex ports were 178 554 pounds. Brights: Navy 48, lis, 6s ;is, 38 ........... 20 J.llbe, lOs and Pocket Pieces ... ; .20 >l-inch light-pressed ............. 30 .Gold Bars ....................... 30 6 and 1.2-inch twist ............... 25 Blacka: to 30 to 30 to 60 to 50 to40 lOs, 1.2s, J.ll'lts .. ......... -to 17 & 20 to 211 Navy 48, lis, 3e lbe. -to 17 & .20 to 211 Navy 108 or Pocket Pieces ......... 18 to .211 Negrohead twist ........ .......... .23 to 30 Smoking-A l;OOd demand reported. Cigara-Inquiry steady and quite up to the usual averag ... -----liiPUR.T&. 'l'be arrivals at tile pun or New York tram for ergo poriA tor r.lle waek included tbe following oon llgnmenl8 : Brf1l'ien.-Cha s T Schnei d er 6 b l es leaf ; order 4 do. & Bon 64 bales : L o z a n o Pen l a R & Co 1 7 d : E H offmn n & S o n 200: C V agi! t! & S u ; t!: t! B&rnet t 25: F G a rcia, Bra & C> 144: S Au c rbcu & Co 6 : & E Sal o m o n 78: Leop o l d tjiedenb cr g & Cu 10: Kim b all. C r o u se & Uo 95: C a 1 ix t o Lwez &ICo 8art o riu s & Uo 125: orde r 7;i: F Alex a n dre & Bons 10li: Jas E W ard & Co 379. U iua r C arl U pmonn 4 cs : 8 Fug u et & S uns 3 d o : Mic h alis & Lio demaw 4: M B arnooco & C o 1 : 0 H p rk i n s 2; G W .l!' ao e r 14: A1 E M c D owell & Oo 4.; H W eb s t e r & C o 2 2: W H Tho mas :t B r o 1 4 : Puri!y & N wllolas 21: P & J Frank 2 : F AlexaQdre & 6 8 E Re geb.s berg 4; Acker M e r r l l & C o nd i t 5 0 : P a r k & T il f o r d ::S7; or=le r 79 d o c g nuct cigars: Jas E Ward.., Co 200 cs c 1 g a r s 42 do cigar e t t e s; J W Wuppermann 1 case p ca d ura, 4 bbls cigar ettea. Lebo & Fmk, per Sidonian, from Naples, 21l pllgo 1,3,842 lba). Licorice ntatiom. Spani.Bh: Per lb 'Sterry Ex. ...... 36 G C ...... 26 "Ca.renou & 1'ur." .25 ''F. G." ....... 26 TurkzBh: "WallisEx." 26 "W. 8 ........... 16 "P'la o I "T W S" 16 1 r ... .... ..-a ....... .. "O.C. yCa." U "A. 0. 8 ........ 16 llltPOBTa l"rom the )!JOrt of .New York to foreign porta fo r t he w e ek ending Au g. 26, 1887, were as fol!Gwa: Amtt.trdam-100 hbd s hh ds 25 cs. A rg tnti ne .Bepu.blic-23 pkgs (4,000 lbs) mfd. Bazil 1 pkg ( 6 0 mfd. Brem..n.-410 bhUen ........... 3,517 11,911 U,960 BritialtN. A.. Col.. 60 4 51,78a U anada ... .. .. .. 4 .210 1 e entral A.merica.. 1 62 2,996 Chtna .. nd Japan 9 9 4,789 Copenhagen....... 112 8 46 7i1, 3 H East lndieo,...... 19 7 /j France ............ 8,673 11 1 3,241 G :b raltar .......... 38li 1,41i0 84 2 41,76 6 GIIIBgow ... 2 ,210 1 174,151 l:liWlburg ......... 9,888 10,641 14,988 100,3 7 6 I t aly .............. 4 ; 4 6 1 7 .380 LtYerpool ....... 3 8 8 9 29 143 8 0,9 3 0 London .... ; ...... 3 .91>1 1 0 3 2 352 214,73 8 Other British Ports 1,856 2 2 t>xs d o 8 5 plscnwal smkg : H P Jl)hnson 61 a o : S H Payne 12; W J :&lcDvnald 4. u-' """' fNWP-Wuc-Esberg, Ba c hman & C o a ca ci g ars: N B Mannin g 3 do : D J B o ehm & Co 3: 8tr a it o n .It W at t 4 ; G o o F Y o ung & Br o 1 : M StaciJe li; e rg & Co 2 : B est Russell & Co 10: Sid m a n Lachman & C o 1 3 : D L Trujillo & S o n 2 : J a b e z &. Co 1; Purd y do Nic h o las 23: E H Gal o 4 .M B u ranc g r! C ot>: M 8 omb orB 1 : Greenhll d; C o 4 : M J Benemeli s 2 : &lax Marx 13: Franklin Mac V d gll & Co:!: A J G ran ger 1 : L 1 : P Pobalsl S euth l Br 0 s 5 : E labrook & Eato n 1 ; ME d: Co 1 ; Lem l eio Br o s 1 : A.d ams, Switb, S u e wwg & C o 1 ; H W elosl e r & Co 10: Bend h e im Bros & U o 2 ; A 0 R utlrig uez & Co 19: I H e iuilz 6 d o 4 b x s do: .1 E llin g e r & Co2 cs c i gars 9 scra p-= L o z a no. P < u l a s & Co 19 dn 3 d o : Sddenloer..: Iii C o as d o 1 2 d o : G Al c e s 3 9 d n 4 de: l!dcstiuv P l K c i o & O n 14 do, fi d o ; P & J Frank 3 do 1 2 d o 1 1- l e H V k l o t 2 rs c i ga s I d o cig or etLes; G W N t c bols 7 c cig;a r s, 2 s acks scrops : Blucb B ro 4 brtlcs J 8 M n l i o s 8 tlo c rapo: Prct zfeld .!1j C 5 d o: lll>i z .t C o 3 : ord e r 10 b ale s leaf Gouriog in from every direction, n Gt withstanding an advance from two to six cents on all classes of goods. They are mak ing such a superior Jot of goods that the y have now fully established their llrands, and no one doubts the genuineness of their to baccos. The Thomas Hodge manufactory is one among the Iargeet in the 'Vest. Their plant is surpassed by none. and every facility required they possess. Their busines!l last month h11.11 been the largest for any one month for two years. G. G. SLAU. V Thompson, Tobacco uroker, reports to the ToBACCO LIIAJ' :-Sales of the week opened thls morning, prices ruling as week Now and t ben a llol(shead brings a sati s factory price to tlle ae11er. Froated leaf and common lugs are n e From present indica u ona aalea will not reach 50 hhds for the week Holders are for mu c h better prices in the near future. Rc ceipts are ligbt, aBd sales will probably be light for some time to come. QUOTATIONS. .............. ... 8 000 8 711 Frosted ................... 2 000 S 00 Med i um .............. ... 4 000 1! 00 Good. .. .. .. .. .. ... II 00@ 6 110 Leaf-Oommon .. ................ li 118@ 6 110 Frosted.... .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@ li 00 Medium .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 60@ 7 110 Good ..................... 7 110 8 liO Fine .... ." ............... 8 110@11 00 WrapJ)en ..................... 11 00@17 00 HENDERSON1 Ky., Aug. 94.-Mr. G. G. Slaughter, Leaf an a Strip Tobilcoo Broker, reports to the '],'oB".I:cco LEAr lill ft>llowa :-Crop p r o a pecta con>inue to j\row wone all the t ime in s tead of better The li g M sb..ower tbat fell in certain localities ten d a ys ago was n o t heavy enough to w e t tbe gr o und an inch belo w the s urface and being followed by an extr e mely bo t sun it has failed t o im p rove the c o nditi e n o f things. A.ll forward t o ba c cos, which inii!'ht oe said t o be two thirds of th e plantin g is prematurely ripening, aad tho bottom le8Ves are firing up and are worlbless, it }'!'ill h a v e to be cut in order t o save it. The replanting anll Jul y planting i s very small anti will hav e to be t o ppect to four or six leav e s and will re q u ire a very l a t e fall in o rder to it time to mature. Lar ge tra n sact i o n s are c o n s t a ntly o ccurrillg through tile c o untry and the larger p o rti o n o f g o od JlUrchaaes h a v e c han g e d b a nds, very li\ tle <>f th e cboi ce lole n o w being left in first h ands There has been an entire c hange o f pro g r a mm e in the weather and la s t night and ili i o moraing Jlre would hav e been qu ite com f o rtaiJle. Friend D o dge a t Wa s h i n gto n will ha ve to loo k over hi s fig ures allllin and see il b e has not faile,J t o cany u p the column s c o rrectly, for he certainly bas made an egr e gi o u s blun d er: put as na tore I s llalole tG err we sh o uld be c h a ritable an d give h i m ti!De f o r co r rection. Give a man a c b a oce f o r his wltite alley LOUlMVILLE, Aug 24.-Jrlr. A Falcoaer, Secr eta ry or the Tobacco Board or Trade, reports t o the ToBACco LBAP as f o llows :-In regard to t o b acc o tile Bu r l e y mark e t i s in a stran g e l y irre g u l ar cooditi o n Wbil e the m arke i s und o ubtedly l o wer t h a n it was t wo w e ek s 8in ce, w e d a ily hea r o f nu merous s ales at fig ures i n di cat > n g j u t the r ev er s e LW!t w e e k was a week of rej e otao ns a ll alon g the lin e a m o un tmg in the aggr e gate to 21l per cent o f tbe olf e riDJ(R, and about e qually divi d ed be tw e en d a rk aud Burley styles. No r ea lly fine Bu r l e y s h a ve been offered d u r in g the pas t f e w day s Holt! e r s of s u c h c o n a i!ler t hem, in v ie w of preseBt crop cond i f i o n s f o r a n adv a nce Ye sterda y aurt day Bur ley s t y les h a v e r ap i d l y a p pr e ci a te d in value nnd e r a n i m pro v ed dema ad ilu t d ark s lyl e s h a v e not sll., w n m u c h te n d ency t o re act. L o n g d a rk, s m tabl e f o r A f r i can han d l ers k eep s stea dy, a t pri ce whi c h have v aried but slig h ll y f o r seve ra l montts p a s t e Rece ipts f o r the past w eek w er e 2,398 h h as a g a i n t 2 ,3 50 hhds for sa m e w e ek las t year Sa les for th e w eek, m o.nt b a nd year and corr e spo n d ing peri o d o f th r ee form e r yuars, were as fol l o w s : Week 1 88 7 ........ 2 ,708 1 8 8 6 ........ 2 ,775 1 88-5 ..... ... 2.172 1284 .. .... 1,044 M o o lb. 8,0711 7,76 5 7,1l4l 4 ,6U QUOTA-TIONS, D a rk. Tras h ................ 2 50@ 2 75 Common lu gs. . S 0 0 @ 3 71l l u g s ..... .. 4 00@ u 0 0 Goo d l u g s. .. .. .. .. 5 2 5 @ 5 7 5 Uommo n leaf. . . 0 7 5 @ 6 2 5 Mediutl! l e af .......... 6 2 5 @ 6 75 G ood leaf .. .. .. .. 7 0 0 @ B 60 F ine luf. ............ 8 75@11 50 S e l ectio n s . . N onii n a l AU Explained. Year 90,203 9 0,824 94,274 118,129 Burl e y 5 2 5 @ 6 25 650 7 5 0 7 75@ 9 2 5 9 7 5@11 5 0 12 00@13 7 5 :t4 00@1 6 5 0 1 8 00@22 00 23 00@ 2.'1 00 26 00@27 00 Tbe extreme urge a c y manifested by the co mmittee of tobacc o growers to have the es the D epartment of Agriculture so mo difi e d as to show that t h e tobacco crop for tbid s eason will be n early if not quite a fail ur:e has caused no little inquiry and bewilder m ent. h has not been quite clear to the average citizen what effect Statistician D o d ge's estimate could have upon the r ain and tbe sunshine and the other beneficent o p erations o f nature. An old a.nd experienced office r of the internal r e v enue supplies a explanation: "Tobacco," he says, "is one of thoet' f crops tlia t will not keep. The tlmfst leaf becomes comparatively value-. lees after a few years. Now, if you turn to the s tatistics given in any of tobacco trode j ournals, you will find there are now iu sight, whe r e y o u can piit your fingers on tbem, 216 000 hogsheads, or about250,000,000 pounds, o f t obac c o of last year's c r op. To this must be added at least 110,000, 000 pounds more in the hands of dealers and speculators, not .in public I'Varehou s es. This .makes 300 ,000,000 pounds of. tobacco, most of which ought to be get rid of before the new crop comes in. The annual d emand for American tobii.(J(lo is 1100, 000. 000 p<>unds Of thii\ not les!l than 300, 000.000 p ounds is shipped abroad, and 200,000 ooo we consume at home. In. France, Austria, I taly and other European c ountries the deal iug in t obacco is a monopoly 10 the hands of tbe G overnment. They have their 11!gUlar agents 'in thiR country who make their con tracts a<;cord.iog te the. state of the market and the prospects of tbe crops. It is true d o not buy thd finest grades. Those go to En@:land .and countries where there Is uo Government monopoly, bilt these foreign purchases largely control the market. If it s h ould be believed that the incoming crop would be deficient in both quality and quan t.ity, foreign buyers would clear out the old stock at an advance of pric es. Any inaccu rate e timate of the bountifulness of the com ing crt>p tends to depress the foreign market, wbtc h after a)l, regulates prices here." Tben, in point ef fact, this is a movement t o 'bull' the foreign market!" W e ll, no; I would not say that exactly. I think in all probability Mr. Dodge's first re porta showed a larger outcome for this year's crop t h a n the subeequent drouth will permit. S t ill, I have no Idea theae is going to be a tobacco famine.-N. Y. 24. "l'ravelllli salemeu. to Pro&eet Tllemttelvel. The fir s t monthly m eeting of the Cagar and T obacco Salesmen's Association of New Y urk ""a s h eld at tile Grand U nion Hotel Tbursday evening. Tbie is an orga n ization e f sales men representing dealers in cigars, manufac ture d and unmanufactured tobacco, pipes aud smdkers' articles, formed in order to render their sales of more value to tbem s e l vee and their services of more pro fit to t b eir employers. Its first meeting was h d d Thurs a ay, August 18, when the foll 1 iwmg offic ers were elected: Presiden,, J. A Grant, of Powell, Wenigman & Smith; vicepresi dent, B. P. C. Henriques, of Arguelles Bros.; 8 JUNGBLUTH & RAUTERBERG. TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SUPPUES: GLYCERINE, PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL, FLAVORS, EXTRACTS, Ete. SOLE WESTERN AGENTS ll'OR C. McANDREW'S l.tCOIUCE PASTE. llanulacby M essrs. ldcA.ndreWll & Forbes, o r Smyrna and N ew a r k N J LOUISVILLE, KY ____ The Xn "terna.Uc:::o.a,J, Tobacco Refrigerating Companr INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK., I f l M. CRAWFORD, Preldent. v/' .-.._. I DARIUS FBIRY, //I,UiNTED ., "" -. gtll ::::. New York, 'it Vlce-Preeldent. -J J t M OPPENHEIMER t S : $B ;/f Lancasrer, PL; : A.'Trea. and See'J'. Edgerron, Wis. MAIN OFFICE: 13R WATER STREET, NEW YORK"! J. We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manu1aeturen to th advantaces derived trom the use of our system oftreatin&: Tobacco. First:. The ABSOLUTE prevention of decay. Second: The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the retention of lattre and life, Third: The GREATER yield of wrappers, compared with tobacco ot the same erade cured .in the natural way. "" yre ip the last seaso:" over cases, bales and hogsheads on storage under our Re.frigera .ting System from differ ent parties, all of' whom speak in the highest terms of the superiority of tobacco treated under this system. .. to F. C. Linde, Har:nilton ct. Co. at the TariOua pomts will receive proper attention., 1 LOUIS. F. FBOMEB, CIGAR IIAN'UF ACTUREB, 77th St., 3d and Aves. FACTOR.Y :No, 362, 34 DI8T., XEW YOIUL SeleotecliAat tro.. GOLDD BELT ol Berth Carolhaa. TIT ltf Sold on Ita own Merlbl ror a Llvlnc Profit. UPDo not otter jewelry, fDmltnre, gm., ar-te pay your rent, take partnership, set a broken leg, or keep your pa meter from OOUDting -much, or perform an;r -r 1111rac1e. ..AI:! B u t ,do promise to &ive JOG t.he beol; Smoltlnc Tobacco .,.. t.lle marlnwbic barethei&itials, J F J X. Also importe d Key W eat aud Domestic Clg anr. all grades at Wholesal e '".it 1173-98 J. F. J. F. 8&ra&&ou' 1 CKLBllBATED BR.ASS B&XD IBBTR.lJJIEKTB._ ALSO _.oha Jl', 8tranoa Gold Trumpet the Accordeon s in t h e mn r k e t J o bo Y Stratton a Pic colo A ccordeons. J'o bn F S t ratton's cele-rated Harp G u itars e t c etc e tc ,JOH N F. S TRATTON, 1186$. 49 Mal e a Laue, New York. 17 ae .A, oor. 76th St., New:


I .. eelpb aad Stoekln aU Wea&era M.arketa .. (Report,ed by Wm. G Meier & Oo.) Receipt!! from Stocke on ba Jan. 1 ,to Aug., l,. ,Aug. i. 188'l'. 1886. 1887. \886. LouisviUe .... 711,700 76,.1112 32 ,25 7 24.320 Cincinnati .... 36.574 33,939 16.127 St. Louis ..... 7,820 "' 5.156 7,728 5,069 Clarksville ... 81.170 31.770 12,604 10 ,968 Hopkinsville: 9 ,725 9,788 3,798 2,741 Paducah L 18.(67 11.096 8,192 4-,179 Naehville..... 4,928 6,301 1 ; 643 991 Evansville.... 5.337 '576 889 798 )Iayfield ..... 10,890 8.085 1,880 -----Thtal .... 189,601 ;:_ __ 'Tebaeeo Frelclll Rate.ln HeP.eadaPer ,100 {Beported byE C. Franlr:e 81. .) Louisville-New Yor'. B altimore, 22c; Philadelphia.:-%3qi N!;l1(1 0rJill'PII;-SOc; Orleans by r1ver, Cincinnati-New Yerk, 21Ji"C; Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans'. S.SC.; by river. 25c; RiohUtona, Clarksville-New Yorli:, 4.2c; Baltimore, 39 .c; 40,0; Orleans, 25c; B1chmond, t, Paducah-New Y rk:. 29C: Baltimore. '26q' Philadelphia, 2'Zc; e-.f OrleallS, 20o New Orleanlil by river, 201:1 Rchmond, 32c. St. Louis-New 31c; Baltimore, 23c; Philadelphia, 3Pc; New 'Orlealis b1 river, ao Rlchmond. lork, 49c; Baltimore, 46c; Philadelphia, 47e; Ne" ichmond, ., ENan9ViUQ-New York. Baltimore, JGc: Philadelohia, 27c; 37e. Nashville-New York, 37c: BaU@.oN, 85c; 36c; New. $4.50 per 1ah4; New Orleans by river, $3.2 per hhd Bichmonll, 32c. 01 .Ma:rfteJd-!New:'tork, Philadelphia, 35c; New-'Orleans, 2o5c; Rich-mond,-. t .. .. J ... Western & -South'ern Markets. 0.1 1 ... .1 .a. .1o t Good lugs, colory................... II 50@10 50 .,... c:!!' c:!!' ComiDontoraedmmetrippingleaf ... 10 00@11 00 .& .Merliumtogoodstrippingleaf ....... 11 U:ABSAOiilJSETTB AND CONNECTICUT. ...... -.:w..=,.;.. ....... Good ... .' ...................... 12 00@15 00 .... .,IL&& -......,._ -.a. .-; &.-..-.......,. Flneieaf .......................... 16 00@20 00 Boston .American Cultivator, Aug. 27:_,. 6 _, 11....,1 ....... ....._ 6 :1. 6 ..... ......... ....... 0 b h b ... -e...,.,.. ...,-ao.ory --u. ...... a15 ........ e -rso: :u. --.,..,. .. ...... Kpl'UF M JTUlnNa PLUG sTocK. ur to acco growers are aving an a un ,. 1 Oommon tillers, dark.. .. .. ... 9 00@10 00 .dance o! rsiny weather m which to secure Medium ftllera, some color ........... 10 00 00 the crop. Cutting is now quite the order of Good tillers, red and good body..... 13 00@16 00 the day. Th.ere are, howe'l'er, many Jate Fi11e tlllers, bright aad good body ... 17 00@25 00 pieces that are needing. s ome time yet to ma N. c., Aug. Webb tUre tthew. Many of these are suffering & Kramer, Leaf Tobacco De&lers, report to tbe badly from extreme wet weather. A growe1 ToiiAcco LBU!' as follows.-The week's receipts ,who has a field ef lata tobacco said to us to have been materially reduce.! by the conspicuous day:-" The rain of to-day will utterly ruin ablence or th e planters. They are ow In my crop. .As .BOOn as I can get on to the mids' of preparatipns for harv es t work, and many1 land with my team I shall plough it under. &!ready engaged.::..ln curing their earliest cut .U pre!lanHhe ground ill B() full of water that tlDgs. As yet, few results are ted, and will a team cannot go on it.'! We think that the not be tor some ten days yet. 011efi" gs are of. crop will be in the valley fully 300 rather 'a nondes6ipt owing tQ the hmited pounds or more to the a::te and we fear the supply. Some !.!Tades, however, snch as tillers, -' t t be to h b h are afratl10u eas1e<, qu ... t Y WI no up t e average, t oug d A b h of course there are many good crops. S o far not paused so, much by: a lighter eman .. as Y t e b d b d b genera l soft and damaged conditwn of much ef tb:e as we ave notace t ese goo crops are t e leaf on sale. The growing cmp reports are rather earliest set pieces, pieces were topped favorable, though much of it is spotting,.b y reaso from July 18tjl to the 25th. These pteces arel of the continued wElt' rbeing housed as fast as the weather will perl quOTHtoN!I. mit. We give from our correspondence the Smokers-Common .. ........... 1 50@ s 00 following Medium ..... : .............. 4 00@ 6 00 Hinsdale, N.H.,' Aug. 22,....-Mast of the to1 ,i \ Gaod ............ : .. .... 00@10 Otl bacco in this townie lookmg well, especially Fine ............. ---.... 10 P\1@18 00 on high lands. H. H Day comm.enced cut F ers-vommon .... ...... .. 8 QO@ 4 W ting last week. O[hers will begm to day. )leaium. : 4 d(!@ 6 00 Aug. 2.2 -One 'Sale of four acres 'Good.' ..... .. .... .... $ OU@1 0 00 of the '86 crop of Havana the past week at 1Fnie.: ... : ......... ........ 10 0012 00 HarveetiBg oftbe '87crop begun a Cutters'-Medium. .. 8 0012 00 week ago, aside froib. being drowned out 10 Good .... .. ...... e .. gg placea and entirely ruined, the amount of Fine .. .... .. oo 0 oo which is not large ia this vicinity; We have Fancy.. ................ 28 @ll Wrappers-Go}!\mon ... -' .. 12 00@16 00 to l'l'lpert the balance of the crop as not )1edmhi'. : .. .' ..... : ......... 16 00@22 00 really healthy looking. Good ." ..................... 25 00 00 Sunderland, Aug. 22.-Buyers are still Fme ....................... 45 00 plenty; 40 cases moved off last week: at 1 0 Fancy . ........... \WI 00!(!100 00 and llc H. D. Grave,, of this DANv0.:i:!E, Va., Aug. 22.aal C Yea-bought 25 cases in 'Hadley for about ;l.r, reb,n &ers There great plaint of too much rain -aud tile crop takimg second growth, w icb means -dark and red leaf to the farmer. The crop is re rain m this I sold at 20c,. marked weights -through. Out QUOT.I.TIONB. ting is being )lurr1ed as fast as t.b.e weather, 1ne ng t..................... .., Fancy .. .................. 10 @15 marked wei,;hts. One lot of 3,000 pounds Outtera-Uen'ullon brigiiV .. ............ 10 @12 at l{lc, and 4 cases at 1Sc, both marked Medium bright ............ ...... 12 @15 weights. ,lOU., 1016,1018,1020 SECOJn) AVE., and 310,312, 31-&. 316 EAST I'IFTTFOURTH li'l!., l'fEW TOR&:. 'I __ .....; .,; ".:;.,-....:.. -.1.1! I' I r "" at terms.and & P elton 20 cs of filfers l;o Child. The demand for'l9>1!. g 'rades lias stimulated quite a trade for stuck' wlrich b!'retc fore was not' wanted at any price. Good clean trash now btinll,' s ';!4 '1C 'per pound. CRANE'S PA'::fENT LINEN FIBRE .. WAlES. -. porte8 as growing very large and coarse, and tf tbe n!ny apell continue we may IGOk for a dark. laeavy crop, with but few tine bright cutters and 11' pen. 1 Q.UQT.i.T!Ol(l. ..................... 1 Medium ........................ 3 Good ............................ S.ekersLConimoit bright ............. 8 JlediUID .. ......... .. .. .. .. 5 Gootl. '. ..... '' ............ @18 Fine ........................ ;,.18 L@18 Cotters-Common. .. .. : .. : :-.. .. .. .. @12 Good bright .................... :16 @2tl 'Northampton, Aug. 32.-I have the sale of Fane .. ................. 20 @25 these lots to report: One lot of 12 cases of '85 FaDcy bright.. ............. 25 @35 at !tc, 12 cases of '86 at 12c, one lot of 8 cases" l!'lllers+(lomqaoll .. ... .. .. .. 2 @ 3 at 12c, and one lot of 20 cases of '86 at 10c. I cqioJlY. ........ : am told by our dealer, Mr. Cooley, that he Good c&lory .. ... .. .. .... 5 @ 7 bas sold hi& packing, of about 100 cases of Fine bright.. ................. 8 @l2 '86, which of course was .A No. llot, at 29c te fancy .... ..... .. .... 12 015 The crop ia well, where not injured Wn.ppe..a:-Qommon brl,;ht ............ 10 @12 by water. Medium bngb, .................. 12 @15 W th .. ld A -So f and 9ough t 50 cases; B. S. grades. Crop pwspects in g.:oeral remain fn9ra Kendig & Co. sold 167 cases, and Daniel A. lile, although the frequent heavy rains which M ,ayer sold 65 cases. paed ov.Jr BOID6 parts oc Vtrginia of late m&y Lancaster Intelligencer, Aug. 24:-One have caused SO!lle damage. Ir seasons c o ntinue half or more of the crop of 1887 has been favorabl e tbe }ield in pounds will exceed former houseli. The farmers who have finished qstnuates, and 1t is now hoped. that the crop may k amount to 60 per cent. their wor are jubilant in havmg harvested t>be best crop for ,many yean : and the far MAYFIELD, Ky., Aur. 26.-J. T. )lyles, men who have not yet finished cutting look Leaf TobaCco Broker, reports to tbe TOBACCO upon their broad acres with delight and ex LBu as foilows:-Recelpts t11is week. 287 hhds; pect to get their crops in in good condition. olfermgs. 481i; rejections, 110. Prices were gener But, alas, the interests of other people be ally especially on lugs. decline was sides the farmers have to be considered. from )4 to 34 from lut week. The late rains have 100 cases to Philadelphia and New York. Janesville, 17-We'are having weather just suited to the growing crop.' ,Growing tobaceo bas imp,r,oved wp.Qd!'lrfully iB its general E'lrly tobacco will be of l!ut perfect. l eaf, B!lyinr; is conUinued .in. a fairly bealthy ma.oner. S ome 300 of '86 and llr ram. Some heads and wag their tongues and speak of f the Crop 88 & very un8tl.sfactory one. They llold a& a Saerlflee, early patches" were cut to prevent it rom burn. ing or drying up in the fteld. claim to have discovered that the crop is The assignees' sale of the real estate, ma "too big;'' that the weather has been so cbinery, 'tools, stock on b&lld, goodwlll and PADUCAH,K;y,, Auc. 20.-T. H. Puryear, favorable to the growth of tobacco that it brands of theG1antTobaccoCompany, which Tobacco Broker, to the ToB.I.fiCO LBA.ll' as fol d k k 1 Jows:-M)Irket waa alitde lower for and com has overgrown itself; that the Havana Seed ass1gne some wee s smce. too pace yes mon leaf; otherwise about oteady. Quality still variety, instead of being small and light terday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the former very poor. At last we have had fairly good raina, leaved, has grown as coarse as Seed leaf, business eite. which have exteaded all over the district many of the leaves being three feet losg and The sale was made by order of the Fidelity Hhds two feet wide, with great veins in thetn that Trust and Safety Vault Company, assignees,, for week .................... 376 will unlit them for wrapper purposes. Of Messrs. Meddis, Sou[hwick & Oo being the Receipts since Jan. 1 ............... li,65 6 couree the Seed leaf crop is damned in ad auctionees, ancl was largely attended, nearOfferings for week... . . . 769 vance, as usual, as being tit only for bind ere ly all the oLher plug tobacco factories in the year .......... ...... ,15,721 and fillers. It is too big and 1t weighs too city being r epresented. Net sales for week. 664 much per acre, say tb.e d'ealer8. The intelli Despite this, and the fact thaw a large num Net sales Te&r .. ... .. .... .. 13,784 gent farmer will ta1te all such statements ber of business men of a speculative turn QUOT.A.TIONB. with several pinches of salt, and will heuse we1e present, the bidding was not at all In warehouoe this day &Dd on '80 03, hhd Lugs-Common (dark)-red or colory ... 2].!@ S)ol and prepare for w1th the greatest spirited, and nearly everything went at a altipboard not c1earea.. .... .. .. .. s Med' d 3u,. 4u 'bl d 'fi Jftock same time m 1886 ............. 30,126 hhds 1um o ........... .. ,....,. ,.. poss1 e care, an w .qen selling time comes sacr1 ce. Manufactured toloacco continues quiet. Goo8 do .. ........ .... demand a good living price for it. A gentleman who is capable of judging re Smoking TobaccoManufacturers are ver,l busy Fine t!o ...... .. .. There appears to be no doubt that Havana marked to a Courier Journal reporter that aDd have full orders at aol.vanced prices. Leaf-Low do ... .. .. .. Seed tobacco cultivated. year after year from the machinery ana fixtures, which sold for a r Common ao' ... .... .... its own .seed deteriorates in quality, and he total of $3,665 20, could not be replaced for ()INOllCNATL Q,, Aug. 24.-M881ra. Prague Medmm do 734;@ ll)q' .a. "&-n, Leaf 'l'o bacco Broker& &nd Re dryers of Good d ..... "" .... 11''-uu comes each year more and more like ,8eed .000. -0 .. ........ "" .,..,. 711 leaf. Instead of raising their own seed this The entire property was first sold as a ()uto Fine do "" .... "" .. ...:. @year and sowing it next year, they would do whole, aud was purchased by Mr. James ... ,. _. Selectlo:na, (dark'Drcolory)'. .... @b r r b d d f C O'Connor for $20,500. O'Connor was market opened somewha\easier the buyerf h&\1 taTIIB o TR.A.NBPOBT.I.TION. 1 ette I t ey got see irect rom uba, or d b \heir own way wilh bidding, but holdera ate not from some reliable dealer in acclimated Ha Sal to e representmg_ a syndicate which AMERICAN NEWS COMPANY'S (39 II; '1 St., Me.,. York.) W ELL-KNOWN BRANDS OF CIGARS. Conchas. 50 in box I P'lre Bra.od, Notable qua.llty. GO in box, looae. Conchas. 100 JU box, loose F'lre llraud Notable quality 100 to box 50 au box t '.I'rtx, SubUm&s 50 jn box. M PCJmes 10 n ln box, 4. bundles. Laa& Cll.. 100 illl box, 10 bundles. Bl\vana ft.llen. If.latlkltaLta, Pets. OOmbox: f bundles. Havana long filler. ;,.,. Bouquets. 001n b ox. Our Yftr:'" Delle du, Couch""" Fina No. 39, Concbas, Extra, 60111 box. Belle du Lac R eina Vlctofla IOOlll box SbuDdlea. No. 41, Co n cba.s, 60in box. Delle Qalntu9 iXX 6()10 box Nolar)'' Seal, Conchas extra 100 in box, 2 bundles, Belle Q.olalu: Qpncbe.s 50 in box 1 All long Havana Oller B elle Q.ululo, R e 1 u a Vicorla 100' 1p box 2 bUDdies Silver Oaf 100 in box, 2 bundles. AU Koa. del Mar9 R galia., Fwa so m box.' HaT&mL Cut filler F'Jor d e Oonc}\as 51J 1a box. S11aulb 5'" &Ina Perfecto 25 in box, loose. Very I Flur de .IU:on1cJa1r, Conchas de Regalia.. 50 111 neat 1Package. 1 box I harlot, Selectos. 50 m box, ba.nds FJor tte Moatelalr Re1oa. VIctoria 100 Jn bor 2 Pointer, 4" mcbes tn lengUI. 100 in box:, 2 bundles. Vuy cho1ce. 1 1 Plor de Montelalr Reina Victoria. Extra 100 tn box, Try Aaculn, Conchas. Superior COmbination. 1001nbox,1 2 bundles loose. J 1173-:'6 A Sam Die Order tor one or more above Brands S o licited. -------------------OUR NHW TOBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY. No Tobacco or Cigar Merchant can Afford to be Without lt. ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER YET TO BE DISPOSED OF. 1n. Orders c:>n.oe. I The Book oontains the Names of all Ci:gar, Cigarette, and Snuff Manufacturers in the United States and Cuba; also a valpa.ble List of Jobbers and Wholesale Grocers in all the leading. distributing poinfs in the copntry. 1 Price, Five' Dollars. held Monday morning at the factory build in g., The sale amounted to about $1,500 and consisted of tobacco factory fixtures and a little loose tobacco and m ,aterials. 'l'he pur chases were the Foree Tobacco Company, Pfiogst, Doerhoefer & Co., Schwartz & Oo .Wb1te & Co and others. 'l.'ile total of the property of th1s company has now amounted to about $27 500. -Louisville Courter-Journal Aug 19 Jl I A ,.,,Bank (Jb.eek Editor Cou?ierJomna t:-The Chicago bank-' ers have agreed to adopt a un\lorm check as lately recommended to the Banfbt the property, 'would con 'l'ENTHN.A:TION.ALBANKOFCR!CA.GO. Boato tee 5e bo N y k d Phl,ladel D ..., -"' The Louisville Courier-Journal of August p h d r& a n ew er an and aa far as it baa gone tho results have tinue and enlarge businesel. AccordingI2 reported under tho above head:1 ay to t e Of er of tba tol fhda, phia 2c, IUld Ball.imore 8c pelow. beeR very aatisfactory. I to the advertised terms, after the eale as a Yesterday promised a field event 'in the .. ... .... '. .... .... ... D''o,L: .. : .-gamat ""'"""' h 8 same tnne as. fe&r. S ,A.lf FBA.lfCISCO. A.ur. 111 ..:...The a.-whole, property was to t.e sold separately c 0 d C wu"' Hhda B Jty r (nance ourt. Ali tbe undertakers < i Bece' ta f th eek 112410 IIIWi .. ,. saya:-usin' OHIO. in parcels, and if the aggregate of tho bidl5 ID the chy bad be e n warranted for I uuning ..... ..... .......... J .. .. ,. __ }P for hew ..... k ... ,. ............ .,'mu to improve. Ordera ere coming ia (reeiT, and Jliamisbnr .. Bulletin Au .. 111 Activity in severalty exceeded tbe bid on the whole, hearses without hceme the few coal d al 1 ,. or t e &aiDe wee aa. year ..... ,., ..,.. lle&vier \han fOI' a loll" time preYious. "'he r.r ., ... .'he latter ws >-A vol' d and the eparae ; e !-IFS wu an. active demud (or medium to gootl uw I In aucb a th&Hhe;r. itl tb'is, continuea. Much interest is ;..les t{l be final "" who refued to pay cart license were aho The am aunt (in flgures) and the check nom-leaf, and full quotation& were rec e ived. Friday the wbat tbe ooda 11re g&ing to coat g!Ytt .!Dllo.i1ellte in, growing crop. Recent Upon the sales in severalty. the !;ids aggre waro-auted. these were all contmued ou b&, it will be n oticed, are placed on tbe extreme o1ferings we1e mall, and tnarket held aboll.t the 1 Uae;order With 'bia adnatap o.,er tqe J have im,P"!V:ed the condition 9f gated .,23.665 20. and the eparate sales thbreapcount of the a blience of H'ajur tjle righ1 t,dbut should not ,be ao near, elicb other 8.8 position noted the previoua day, and the they are freely themaelYea of tbl! 1Jl'lje, thousands aad 'I' p defeALlant's attorney. The most w arrahted to ea to erron Oil confu.sio .n in recording tbe 'week'aulea cllll be quoted aa tir.ID, with a &OOfl de tunity. a iliia" poundS that had not been cal fore replaced Mr. O'Connor's bid, and the man in the city o r State 'or the nation !lUD:}i.>er i9 tpejournal. The ll.bovelorm of check: aud for all grades. J tbe factory price of Ute per lmolullctd lty bought up,at popular, prices. brands, tiags, nf the F!lrmers' 'l'ol>acco Warehcuse, on eye, can 1Jbe< figure, the from 4.00 to 5 .110, 239 from 6.00 to 7.911, 280 from the maaufacturera of f&Yorite of tbe charms, stencils. lithographs, printed and Main and 'l.'welfth S[reett>. Tbe gentleman fllhng ,out of 1tne body aqd the signature; the 8.00 to 9.95, from 10.00 to H.75, 224 from producera or ltatb end chewiog, ho...J7ver1 1 '-' 1 r--0 advertiRingl matter. tin foil, etc. to C. H.' was euu1moned to answer thirty ntne war figur es naturally fall close to the oolumn in a .to 111.76, aod 1 at 22.2/i. I ad4ere to tl>e rut Qt only aqceptin& orders !. ILLINOIS. GabSon for Artlliur Ha gl\n, $5, 00. rants for obatructing the streets of the city book;: of np:y; "calling back" can be done quick, SEED LBAll' lURKRT. I to rnli'!g prices on Elay of Notwlth." Warren Sentinel,A:ug.1.S:....!.A heavy shower l'hel engine, boilers, force pumps; twelve with Lobacco hogsll eadA durin,; the month of ly, ana tile thumb or the left,. hand; in taking The oJferinKS of cigar or Seed leaf were 93.cases, standuirthla, heav,r orderal\re gomg forward 00, 1 ''Of rain on the mgbt pf the 10Lh-the first 1arge and eightee n .' stu aU hydraulic left un............ ,' : .. 10 W. F.,Andross, of East a:artfo,rd.-'1'\tiies certainly-more encouraging than Ll._t any. inonmold and washtu!i:J tanks, fiv e scribed:_ tou, ched. '"'he diversity do. ofcbecks is Actual sales ......................... 183 an in!iteresting to 'the, turle during the season, and if the wea1ther leaf boulxes, dEix1 tyfsebven .zinc LoUISVILLE. Aug. 23. -Forty suits insti IQOre,a.nn,oying to tile cashier er one who 1 d h on t & unproduQtiveness of tbe resen,ti &ea continues favorable for ten days or two an t utymne u ea oxell to .. oree tuted by H H Littell. superintendent of the has to q\jantties ot1 them than the out-The ouerings Saturday were arge, an t erto.a son. ,He aays that the u bee-1n 'e weeke growers may be agreeably di&ap Tobacco Compm"' for $945.70: s 'd uld mb & better attendance of buyers than at the pre IGns I 0 L T 1 b. '"'h. h t reet Company, against 61 er 'fO magme. ( .. ey,. -range :from tile aale, ,.0ti a strang, actie market prevailed i'h marklf.bly, UDI!r.:>ductiva, .and cioes pointed in having a much better crop thun 6 a ourcette P mac me."' lC cost .E. Gorin, of the Farmere' Tobaeco Ware minut!'l V edltipn to. the extended ttncompet)tion for irverytbiug on the, .scarcity ,of vegetables. in they have anticipated. $1,fi00, one stone machine. lot of racks, cut ho\lse, for obstructiDI{ 1 he streety all ir;; excellent to & V.ogt test C:a'Bes The tobacco trAde 'bas grown dtlllculty m keepwg the smaller mon tp good smokers nnd mediUm to good in New Yorlt. Boston, with-net erl6ugl( eoirnr. 1'W. M! of Nora, for $75. 1 1 1apidly. and both of :Mail._ stfeet be, ones 'JI:I. p,J,ilce, i.o. .an ordinary cash and binders wqre in active dema nd, briilgin,g full to supR\J the dejD&nd; the price of Tice, of Dubuque, Iowa, baa lately Thirty seven stemmers' tables; thirty'seven tweeu Erghth and Twelfth are nearly al wayi!J drawe r Mt.'lre Ill no. cow,p!l;ftmentt o that will acpricea. FJ>r medium to good and tine wuppers hall from per buehel to $.2 or $11.50, D. Myers 1 ,500 lbij llllers at large and small and lot of miscellaneblocked with hogsheads of tobacco clea: out ,of the larger ones. Why not, w'a _act1ve and Pil;Ited, full be-ordinarily at this tilpe they, should of E. Myers 400 lbs at of J:, S Fre11ch ous tobls to & Vog& for $42. to the car -track. Ouly about three feet next whtle the fl11ort 18 attr!4)tipg public attention mg r,ecet!ed for !!:11 goods of fJI.i9n. The be for 60 \o cents a ljushel; tbe tops 700 I be' a& lc,'of G:. H.'Wilcox 3 C8 at lMg. of SiJri Briokotf' plu!!' 'machines to White. & the warehouses are left for pedestrians. Jt t:p accomplish something still lot or Ph10 8P D\llb sold temarkablf Am ong of parsmps and turnips are affected by a l!:d.' Zeigle 600 lbs at 1c ;of N. Bbulri'4u lbs Cowles fo< 12761 On!l hvdraJIIc pump aud was the St ill further encraacbment, so as to Tbe wnter lately hl\<.1 the cu to measure qlight; cr9p .s'. short; at ;14c, of Jas. Hood 1 caee at liic, 'ot .A.. Kelcutting machiue to J S Willett for $81. block the car tracks that, brought on the a number of checks ,tbat in on a single above 20_00, s}iowing .that Jfne tobaccos al .. ays have,set but httle fru1t; the f"rt1hzat1on of 'sey l case at of G e o Stock S,cs at A large lot of miscellaneous stock, crude suits. The warehousemen say that th!-IY mail various the countey. Out o f t..ring t heir full value. There will be BQOther, fine corn IS not complete, and man:y: ear& only all of '81i growth, and used for what ii known and fixtures, and are preparing as f<>t as to store the total, twenty-two were o! differ en t lot of Dutch anti Spanish on sale aen l!aturday. half ''fobacco, bemg a fol,1age u.s"'CUtting etook." stock remau,1 e d unsold. and w!ll ,be tobacco. In retaliatiOn they w11l try to force each from the otJ;t,er. They ranged from N1netr three cases; prices follows : 21 cases cr11p, IS domg well, and tliere will be plenty <. c 1 of at ten o'clock S turday morning. the street car comoames to put conducto1 s SIX and one-quarter to nine inches in length l.>y Ob10 (qamageil ) at2.90, 3.65, S.OO, 8.10 ; 8.00, f3.110, of apples. The m)lch dampnessof late has The biddwg on the real estate. which conon all the cars. Only about 'onetbird now two and three-qua1ters to three and three1.00, 8.10; 3.40, 4.60. 5 2 5 4 .JO, 8.55, 4.110,1 5.00, probably had much to do ,with the present WISCONSIN. sisted of 105 feet on J efferson conductors. quarters in Xfidth, and not represent 11.()0, 6.00, 7.715, 8.00, 9.00, 10. 76; 18 cases Indiana con1lition ot "Not only do, 'fartpera Ws.!C0t18tn ReTXYt:ter, 105 feet fi'Ont on Green street,' and 210 the wide variation.o!ten foun<.l. The best dit 2 .0\l, 1.10, 3 .ti0; S.W, 5.00, 4.80, 4.20, 4.0!J. make the most money in a .dry season'Aug.,18-:,-There bas been a contmual declme front on Nmth street, ground and fourstory mensions about three by eight. 11.25,_7.00, 9.70,110.25, 12.50, 14'; '1 caeea which has an adag,e-but the market 11_1 the tobllcco trade durmg the week. Out brick bUilding, promised to be very lively, The "penny plug" is among the novelties and one-llalf. This seems to give ample room 8p!amsh (damal!el'IJ at 2.50 to 9.00:8 and consumers fare better in a season ot tilde of two or tbree.Eastern dealers who are 'but the property d1d notbring near its value, offered by the tobacconists. A new cent 1s im for the requlsite, matter, and is shapely and aged) at UiO. to L 75: 44 cases OhiO Spamsh at 6.00 ml)derate drouth,. and when ou1 hear the yet riding, tM field Is again left to the !peal and, alte r a little skirmishing between bedded in every ten cent piece sold, thus reduc ea.1nly handled. to 35.25. farmel'!l complain that they are. all (tried buyers, whn do not exb1b1t any great an:x;.ety Messrs. Henry Everson and Wilham F. Ru ing the priq e to the consume v to nine cents, Suppose our Louisville bankers go a 1!'. W Do'rrnM.urn & SoN. Leaf Tobacco Brokers, up.'" Mr. Andross says' : ,.These-about! purcbaamr;: '!'he "boom," if bel. Mr. Everson qu1t, and Mr. Rube l pur with n o d iminu tio n in the siz e of the plug.-further than the Ohicag6 aBsociation in deter-repott w the ToBAcco LEAF under date of statements are ao idle are ever ,was any, eVIdently has collapsed, and chased the tor $15,000, one th1rd Bu.ngo1 Commm'cial. 1 mining the' best proportions for a check andre20:-\ based on observation an\i careful matters, have returned again to. ver.y qqiet cash. remainder in one and two years at six commend it in tMir turn for unive!'llal adoption. Of'er ings durin! week ........ 1,439 hhds m _ade by, experienced g!'rdeners and com-methqds. 1:r'here has been some1 ntbblmg per cent. interept. At any rate, it would be interesting to hear fro m .A.ctnal sales durmg week : ... .1,0611 mission dealers, whose business it is to know alqng th,e hne, but the aggregate sal1011 fall, a The property being sold as it was, it is not -The Superintendent of the County Fatm the bankers on the subject. MAIN. Receipts durtng week .......... 2 2 6 0 1 in ad-vance the statue of ,generally." good .deal, shpn of other weeks. The sales now hkely the tobacco business will be re is very much elated over his success in the Prices opened lower this week for all &rides, ltut And yet in spite of all this ,talk have, not rew;lung us are: Hans Jopnson. 20 cs, 8, 4, sumed by the proposed new company, and it cultivation of the solacing weed known as recovered about the middle of the week, &nd con heard that, _. scarce T. A. Perry. 9 cs, 8 anti 2c; Ole is Mr. Rubel may establish a car tobacco. He .has one-quarter o f an acre tinned very tlrm until the close. .A.n increased de around here, or that crops are doing badly. 6 cs\ 7 and 2c; Went worth <'i; Scbmellmg, 20 r1age factory at the location, but of this he planted, and the average length of the lea! of mand prevailed for to god fillers as well cs, 6 and 2c ; H. Koocb, 13 cs, and 2c; M. gave no hint himself. the plants IS 34 inches. One of U1e inmate& &II commho!lhlugs, price_s on tb 1 ese sort 1 wedere compeaaauon. A Head, -92 !JS, _7c; John Ohnetad, 66 cs, Sc; The !>rands and gl)odwill of the firm went of the fp.rm, who claims to have had exten fraction 111; er, Wu e cutting sty ea reman un Wh 1g ttes their bl M M 16 8 R R B 22 8 f t d 1 1 fi t b e c ,. the cult' t' of tb cha r en c are vapora ow < onson, cs, c; cs, c; or an ex raor wart y ow gure, as 1 pro -stve expen n e n 1va 1on e nged. cuTTING LEAF. r In people's thrpaj:s a.nd chok e them, Qeo. Wentworth, 9 ca, 7o; A. Somers, 10 98, ably cost the old firm twentylive times as plant m tbe -celebrated tobacco district& of Corum on Jugs;nondescnpt and frosted 5 00@ '7 00 It is some co!Q!qrt to kno)V .> w, and b.; John Nutehen, 15 cs, 10c; 18 much as they brought to advertise the ,the south of Cuba, st.atee that he never aaw Common lugs. colory...... .... .. 7 50@ .8.L58 They kill the that BlJI.Ok!l. them, : 08, 7 and 2c. ConF3d Bros. of Janesville, brands alone. a leaf of better growth and quality.-Sanla luge, colory... .. .. .. .. .. 11 50@ 11 GO Wa8hington Critic. have also sold 'o Pease & Pyre Bros. 150 The contmuation of the personalty sale was Rosa (Cal.) Democrat. -'Unper the law the time allowed for tbe re demption of trade dollars will expire on September 3. 'l.'he amount redeemed up t6 date 1s a;. little over $7,400,000. The number of these dol 'iars estimated to be held in oountry by tbe Director of the Mint in his report to Congress was $7,036 000, and the slight excess in redemp tions Is a.ooonnted for by import.atione from. China and Japan. I I


: of the folloWing celebrated Brands of Tobacco: -., FINE CUTS, in Pails, Foil, Boxes 'pr Jars. AMERICAN EAC E : CAVENDISH SMOKING. Cold Spra National L:eaue Crown of Delight Cher17 Clipper DoubleJive, Plum B k Oriental roo Myrtle Navy, Eagle, Old-Tar, Unive-rsal Favorite, Fawn, SMOKINGS, Pack e d i n Tin Foil, P a per, Tiri Boxe s or Glass Jars. GRA.NULATED SMOJUNG. LONG CUT SMOIONQ. Stork, Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Lucky, Club, Dime Ram, Home Comfort Miner s Fav orite, Jumbo lliner' s Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Dandy, Frog Long Gut, Facto!'J, Plum, Best oronoco, Red Tail Cable, Mackinaw, Sun Rise Clock, Canada :Mixture, Lucky Cut Plug, :Bijah's Choice, Btudd9r l'ed, Elk. Present Use, Green Corn, Dew J?rop -sargain: Detroit Spanish Labor Union ... ... ... ... Favorte Invincible Clever :Navy Clip})ings Wig Wag, German, Chopper Bow Wow,TRAil!: MARK. Smoking Tobacco NATIONAL PROGRESS BUNCHING mACHINE COMPANY INCORPORATE D JUNE, 1887. OFFICE OF SECRETARY: 214 A'VENUE C, NEW YORK. A ROESS LER. .. ........ .......... o f Wm. W ic k e & Co., New Y o rk. ) LOUIS E1'T L I N G ER1 & E t tli nge r WM. A BROWN. . .... ....... Brown & E a rle, I ADOLPH B RUSSELS, ................... The Lic h ten tein B ros. C o ., TRUSTEE8. ADOLPH LEWYN, .. ... .......... Le.wvn & Mar tio, JOS. OPPEN H E I M .................... I"'vy Bros A C SCHUTZ . . . . . I nv entor, I J .. A. C. SCHUT %, Pres.; L. ETTLINCER, VicePres.; JOS. Sec. and Trea.a. :Makes 5,00U Scrap _Bunches per day, a Single Operator. SKl:LLED LABOR NOT' REQUIRED. 200 IN USE 'IN NEW YORK CITY ; 300 IN USE IN THE UNITED STATES. MACHINES PUT UP ANYWHERE ON TRIAL. fir Send for Cir cular an d full i nformation 1173 G m C>PPEN"::EIEI::allt, & _eo'y, fill.-& .A.-velt1-u.e o, :N'e'IIO>V York.. [P, o. Box 2446. IMPORTERS OF FINE LICOR1GE ROOT, OLIVE OIL, ETC., ETC. J "VV::&J PJI!"E:I.-1. Fe> ::E'I. 8 .AZ.. E EXTR:A FINE. Th ':D d VERY FINE AND PURE. e .. In cases220 lbs; 32slabs each IMPORTED LICORICE Br8.nd SPanish Licorice. In Cases 240 lbs each. Plr H I! ,.. ,,l, It /'\ZI'' /_, --/., Brand -'--- '/ J\ / ., v Licorice Root. Ordinary and Selected, in Bales and Bundles. POWDERED LICORICE PASTE, ground from finest imported EAGLE BRAND POWDERED LICORiCE, made from the Finest and Sweetest Roo. t free from any Adulteration OLIVE OIL. A nchor' brand of super:fbie, pure SALAD OIL, In pases, I o one gallon tin cans each. .......,....,. Old Hickory's Pride. J MA.N"UF.A.CTUR.ER.S C>F .ANDCi[ar Mators' SnDDYI :; .... "' '\; SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CATA.LOO'IJ& 'ii AGENT!t-N Sheldon & Son, 3!18 N. Srd S t.reet P h \hadelphla; Aug. Beek..t.< Co., ...,.. lcago, Ill., and St. Paul, M:tiia.; G. .J Helmcrlch8 Leaf Tobaceo Co., St. Louis; Wm. H M eyer, 7 Wet1t Front S&reet, lnclnnatl ; Ed. Aschermana, ...... waukee; E llb e ...-, llftcllJnap .tc ee., l!iaiiFrNicueo, Cal 115 2 DO YOU KNOW IT ALL? THEN DON'T READ THIS. Would you like to make the F I V E C E NT C I C A R in this country and not use a sing l e sprig of H AVA N A, and yet ma k e a far bette r cigar than half H avana and half Seed or Havana Seed would make, and save or make that m u ch extra? You can do so if you w ill use my 61 casing" for wetting your Fil l ers. It is g r and for W r appers and Binders as well C H E ApE R, as well as bette r than any other This is the re sult ofT WENT Y YEAR 8' experience curing and swt;Jating and imp r oving tobacco I will send you a five gallon trial order, with full. directions, for the small sum of $3.00. D o not say this cannot be done, b u t give it a fair trial. I guarantee satisfaction. Cannot leave the c i ga r. I s NOT a ','box flavor." A d dress CHAS. S. PHILIPS, 188 Pearl Street, New York. Th e only successful curer and re-sweate r of tobacco in the world. If yo u wish to do your own sweating and curing, send for l arge illustrated catalogue free By l)ly l atest pro cess I perfectly cure and bring to fine quality and glossy colors wet ting the leaf, and thus avoid all dange r of tender leaf No matter how green, raw, uncured or' fleshy the leaf may be ; success guaranteed. The only process in existence that will do this 1173 MANUFACDKERB OF '.rBE CHOICEST GRADES oF New York. I


-., IYialiuel Lopez a "0 Gl .. :::s TOBACCO LEAF.. Pasaje, -IU ca -= c.::t = ca ::E A al 0 0 >Q AUG. 21 .::-... t 0 co:::l """' u = Cl as ::: .a :::s c:l;i:$ u --= 0 ......... c:: .. o = Otl = IU r.l b > r:--,. JPas No. 26, Gl 1 A as <'l = 10 .... 0 Otl CD en :z: plaols. Complete aocommodotlon for strangers. P. :a.ct:. O.A.STR.O d3 OC>., PROPRIITORS. FELIX KUBIAS & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS," Havana, z ... Ill < 1111 ::::> = 1=-co:::l :z:; = -= '""'"' co:::l C&Ue del Rayo No. 83, Dab-a LEADING BRANDs:-" La Gratitud" "Remignton;' H Rosa Cnbana,, .. Flor de Rosendo Rendueles, La Bociedad Com-'La Rosa," Flor Indiana" .. IIi Caridad." lii:.&NU.I' .&CTUBEBS OF FLOR DE F. CABAL Y CABAL. Lea.dmg Brands:-ll'lor del Allo La Emilia, FJer de Carlot&, A'llelardo &Dd Eloiea, Flor de F. G. Graada Eudora," Rvsa de San Antonio. cane de 11an ., tet, HA.B.&NA, ClfBA. HAV .AN .A HESTELLA" GRAND GIGAR F AGTORY SIU .. 11'1 Havana, CRba. Leadine Branda:-" La Estrella,'' "ll'ler BeJ&as & Garcia,'' La Ilooila," "L& Flor de A.lfrello Belgu," "Para Todos,'' "La Felici&," "Flor de Inclan Saach!lll," aRd Flor de Bianc&." Royal. ot.aar Fao"tory, O:Laar. JY:a:n. u.rao1iory o-r AZOAHO, tuarez 88, Habana. / --OF-Estrella St. 79, HAVANA. LEADING BRANDS: CORTINA, MORA Y CA : 'FIG ARC)' DE lORA &: CO., felelono S,l1112'. ....... c ...... CIGAR FACTORY of the Most Selected Vegas of VUEL TA ABAJ9. FLOR DE CORTINA, SHAKESPEARE, Celie del IIIQo No. n, RBINma, CIIINI. JMdJDc BraRda: "ll'ler Baarloo1 "ll'lor Uaa.-.Io "17111oa Cla111 "La Rodaa," .It "CJllaaaptoa. TABACOS. WJoea---&IITU!'J .&!&C.&l'lett ...... P.a.a.uao, -l'JI.&GAB.&, LA. UIPOSIOI01111 Jl'.&l'flfYo Bole Proprietor of the well-known and celted Br&ll and would also make It dimcult for Lisbon and activity in the leaf market, and for LEAF-New leaf is coming in more freely Oporto to beeome markets for the export trade. the flrai time for many years in tbie valley' from the country, but buyers aa a rule still It was there fore decided to make free imp ortadealerl are buying growio!!: crops of Spanish keep out of the market, not wi,Jiiag to graol tlon of the. raw material thebasis of the new wrapper leaf. Tbia -condttion of. affair is. the h'igb prices uked for by eel! legislation; it beifig '' oolculated that there would caused by' the ruling of the Secretary of the ere. A lot of about 400 bales new Remedios be an illcrease in the consumption, and that the Treasury in lio the duty on Sumatra changed hano;ls for tbe GermJmJ trade at 11.1 contraband trade on the Iand .fro nti e r would tobacco. ThEl tieet judges nowasaert that the pdce reported tG have been about po gold cease. It Ia inclden1a!J.y remarked 1.!1 connection new crop will 20 cents per pound after per qtL with this subject, that the consumption of to curinf. Recent rams haYe worked a won Some very choice Vuella Abajo are bacco in Portugal scarcely amounts to 500 derfu improvement to growing tobacco. said to been 8ecured lately by the grammes (lib.) per head of the p o pulati o n per Broadlea.veoi varieties are making thousands Aguila de Oro and Flor do Morales manufac-annum, wh e reas in Spain it is mor e than doubl e of unexpected pounds, and Dutch is ehoiVing tories. The exquisite fine quality and bandthat amount. A provisional arrangement was prime quality. some appAarance of the tobacco tv made with the compan y on this basis but as Dayton Journal, Aug. 23 : Brightening be ranged amongst tile choice v11gas af this diffi c ulties arose as to the precise o f the outlook in this tobacco district is clearly year's growth tha.t will satisfy even the moat contr ac t, a nd as, morever, a decided oppositio n shown in the Farmers' Club report of this refined taste. We understand that stupend was manifest e d in some quarters to the pro j ect week, indicating that growers are likely to ous prices bave been paid for same, reaching of a monopoly in tobacco, the Government de. h f th ed d as high as $6 gold per carrot for tlrRts to c lded. on nbandoning it, and o n searching for receive as muc monAy or e r uce 1 some other m'ans o f obtaining a. net ncreas of Crop as for 'hat of --t year "rowers of tenths, and '"""gold per bale for tbe balance, e ...., ,J ...,.. 900 contos Jn the revenue from Little Dutch are m h1"gh viz., lHbs. 12tbs, 13 .Lhs ana 14tbs. y The decision at which the Government have CIGARS-Without any change. Tbe de-IN KENTIJCKT. mand is still very dull. arrived Is embod i ed in three proposals, o f wblcl) '" The a' Mantua has been email one may be adopted. The first is to protect Louisvllle Courier J011.rnol, .Aug. 20 : .- The this year and scant"' in wrappers. The new n ationul produce by increasing the duty on fortobacco men here are beginning to appreciate .,. eion manhfactured tobacco, a.nd by granting th t d -f th b '' vegas at Baja have auorded !!Btisfactory re .., e ex an lmpor_.ce 0 8lr UBin88,, BUl ts and been mostly BOld at high pricee to faYOra.ble COnditi ons to the importatio n of said a dealer yesterday, "and they are makH native-gr ow n tobacc o into the and at t bl a van a marmfacturen, tbe greaeer part mg preparations to carry 1 on m a suits. e the same time abolis hing the duty on r a w to-Th h "II be f having been ac.,uired by Sr. Pedro Murias manner. e ware ouees WI o a s1ze .. bacco so l ong as the actual rate of cons u mp ti on d h tb ld for the special of his grand factory, L11. an convemence muc superior to e o Meridiaoa. is main tained. The manufacturers will form an buildings which have been used so many J !12sociation and apportion among t h emse l ves the years. Two or three new and handaome At St. aco de Cuba *16 to '18 per q tl. i s annual to the State o f !b,Q50 copto" t b b t 1 t I d being asked for tbe Jurisdiction, and '18 to '-' o struc ures ave een pu up a. e y, an now Sa 1 f h (,444) proportion t o their rate of prod uch F H h d do. for gua de Tanamo ea at whic t e armers ouse as ma e arrangements tivn. As soon as there is an m creuoe in the 1 m f h b h h I kicee no rece.nt sale has been effected. Of or t e 1ggest ware ouse 1n t e couatry. ld ba porta.tion the Stab will impose a mod. erate duty d t th fi J a.yari o tobacco about 260 lea changed ..., r pre 1c at m ve years near y every com f 1 on raw tobacco, and thus participate in the pro-pany will have a new establishment." hands at rom 120 to *25 per qt fits of the industry. The manufacturers have It h th tob "II rt Sr. Gumersinur arm, aud, perhaps, giving half of them away b e fore getting there, you leave them in a cigar ehop 'fhe proprietor issues you a book containing fifty to one hundred coupons, as the nasa may b e Whenever you feel like a smoke, you drop in, get a cigar. not necesearily out of same box, llut from the case, where tb'ly are always fresh, and the tears off oue of your coupons. You then get your H avana at lower ratel!. even, than three for a quarter, saving something o ver a cent on each cigar.-.Albany Argus No llllerobe Ia Tobaeeo. There is one thing about tobacco that hae surprised microscopists, and which IS favorable to that E1istinguished Wiled. It is the purest of a ll vegetable sub when _placed under the microscope There l8 an entire absence of mJCro -org anism!J. of every description. W bile almost all in nature, even some of the acids, are alive with animated substances-bacteria, animalculre, microbes or fungi of some kind -tobacco is entirely free of everything of th& kind. It presents nothing to the microecop& but its fibres and texture-its organic struc ture. Nor does this condition appear to change. All through the different proces of its manufacture, after being removed from. the stalk, it preeenw the same aopears.nce. The microbe aJ>pears to shun tobaiico, proba bly because of Jt8 to th& lower orgauiem11.-St. Loui8


( AUG. 21. OE xl.ed'WXIan. ., ..... XDII:PC:E'I. T:ai:E'I.&I <: ::&" lAVAl! TOBACCO .. :No. ROB &T:E'I.EIET9 :NJI!J-.gv' 'YC:IR.ll. flm. lemuth Importers and Manufacturers of 1101 Gnd 1109 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Y. Peudao, EST.&.EI:Lo:I.&::EI:EJD 1087 &. OF CIGARS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. Alao lmporten O< &. LE.A..P aoe :N::m""VP" --uDBAN JIAND.'IIADE OJGABS. 1114 Sansom St., PBlLADELPBIA. To the Ciarar Trade and Public Generally. It having come to our notice that aome plllous&Dd plr&tic&l monufacturers h&ve lntril>l:ed upon eur cel6br&ted bland of II OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by oUghtly changing the name ond color o! label, we take this opportunity or c&otioning the public and trade genera.lly ags.i.n!t.. buying such goods, under pen.aJty o!l&w. Our brand Is registere.i aDd protected by Lw. Notice Factory No. 17, 2nd Dlst o l VIrginia, on each box: a.lso our name o n label, etc. P. WHITLOCK, ---VALUE OF FOREIOK COIKB. Cent& A.Ulltri&-J'Iorlnorgull-Italy-Uta.... ........ 19. 8 ........ ...... Japu-Yen...... ... .. W.7 Belllimn-Franc....... 19.8 Llberta.-Doli&F.... .... IIlii Bo :hie.-Peso.......... 1111.0 ll.exlco -Dollar. ... .. 9U Bra.zil-Mil=eis... . U.6 Norway-Crowa. .. 20.8 British N. America-Pern-t!ol ... : . .. liS. a Dollar . ... . 100 Portugd-Milreis ol1 llentn.l Am8r. Peoo 91.8 1.000 rela ............. $! re ChiU-Pe Trlpoll-Mahbub of 110 G e r. EmPire-Mark... 28.8 p1&8ters.:.. . . 82 t Bolla.nd -'Fiorin or gnU-Turkey-Paast r.... 4.3 der................. .. S8.0 u 8. ol Colombia-e .... ...... 411. 8J Peoo....... . .. .. 91. A kilo eouala 2.5 PoundS. A pfea.nittg .SIJt ot'"o n e centk An l:ni:'IIBh !!hilling equalS 24 cen... A.Ji "li:ngUsh penny cents. The &mber Trade Ia Praoola. The last numb e r o f the B e rlin Nation cqn tains an article on the East PrUSBiau Amber Trade," which is of consider.-.ble interest. Am ber was highly prized long b e fore smoking was kno wn in Europe, and in antiquity it ranked in some c o untries almost as highly as precious stones A regular trade route was op ened from tlle Black Sea to the Baltic by Greek merchants in searc h o f precious fossil urn., aud a Romau emperor sent a regu'ar mis sion to the Baltic, whi c h brought back enor mous pieces for the adornment of the arena during the games. In China it Is to this day much sought alter, for its beauty as an ornament and for the aromatic smell whi ch it gives off in burning. A rich Ohinaman bprns amber as w e burn pastilles, and this demaud is regularly supplied by importation from the Bal. tic The recent expansion of the trade, which has been v ery remarkable, is due almost entirely to the energy and enterprise..of ne man, Moritz Becker, of Konigsberg who has made a fortune ou t of amber, and who employs 1,650 men, w o men and children in his enormous business. In old days' the coast dwellers either pick ed up the pieces of amberthatwerethrown on shore aft<>r storms, or dragged down the cliffs of blue c lay in whicb the amber was imbedd ed, with l o n g iron-p ointe d poles. Moritz Becker, h owever, soon found that thjl best amber did not li e in these cli.t'Cs, and that there wo.s something better to be d o ne than to wait on the storms. The ri c h dep o sits lay out at sea, but In no great depth, and he attacked them directly with a flee t of diving-boats, instead of waiting f o r storms to do the work for him The di"ets work for two or three h o urs at a time with_ a kind of hook o r spade. Still richer results have, however, be e n obtained from the "amber !nines" which B e cker has o p e ned at Palmnicken and Kraxtepellen, near the sea, bu t still w ell inland. Here he has come upozran old sea-bottom which is n ow dry land, bu hi c h yield s the amber (that is gener ally r!lg'arded as an e xclusively sea product) in surprising quantities. He has to pay a yearly rent of 2,500/. per acre to the PrUSBian Exche quer, but makes an exceeding ly good thing of it nevertheless. The blue clay Is brought up in great masses, and then played upo n by water from a height much aft e r the fashion of gold washing in California. The smallest pieces which are large ly used in the varnish trade, are no longer sold by Herr Becker, as a Viennese firm has discovered a method of fusing several small pieces of amber into a large one, thus seriously menacing his interests, and he can only defend himself by keeping the small fragments altogether out of the ma.rket. The most int e resting question about amber left un settled is whether the Baltic coast Is destined for ever to k ee p the monopoly of t!li.\1 prq tl(;able product.Tobacco Trade Review. -At the beginning of this m o11th I Interviewed for a l,.ondon j o urnal .Qile Hr. Bidel ; a fa.mous lion tamer, who Is one of the strongest and most courageous men I have ev e r met with. Smokers will b e irlte rest ed hear that :Mr. Bide! does s moke, always did, .and intend3 to smoke. H,e sald it d.ltl not unsteady his nerves in the l east, and r emarkaoly steady nerves he p o ssesses ana h:B given proof or. Tw e lve to twenty a day iJ his usual allowan ce. -Anti Tobac conists are p llntlng out, and not without pride, that Pranzini, the threefo ld mur d e rer of the Ru e M o ntaign e Is a great smoker. So he is, unhappy man; and a go o d thinl!lit Is that he has such a consolation in his very miserable position in the condemned' cell a t La Raquette Prison. r.rhere i.e little sense, I think, in pointing such mora.IS. Prauzini smokes incessant cigarettes, and one cigar per diem. PROPBIBTORS 0 '!' TBlll I'OLLO'WING POPULAR BRANDS : .II --&.&&-Bra:Dd..': Plor de Monticello, Weno, Three K.Jnea, BGot .J"at!k1 CJIDJax, Cracker,-Oriental, Trto, Nickel PJace., Nordeck, q.uee Bee, Ivory, Ntx, Golden Braud, ete., ete. The undersigned continues to sell Pure Turkish Liquorice Paete under the accpmpanylng brand as man ufactuNII by MacAndrews 4 Forbes, of Smyma and Newark. Apply to C. McAndrew, oo Water Street, New York, 1 o1e .-or '&be l:Tu.t.'&ed -u...._ 13: TO.B.ACCO s{a ,08 & .08 EAST STREET, KEW YORK. CARL UPMANN, CAM& RIDGE Lo1W ca& .:;j Granutalecl Jltz-. A orlc!nal Idea. of the llii .......... CObocco& HARVARD," y_,. kfah& Virlb>la Loq Cu*. I B<IIII:ORB, !lid NOTICE TO THE TRADE. The following Labels and Brands are our eopyri&k' property, and we caution Manufacturers aud oft againsi usiug_ the same. will .. ,._.. outed. GIRL, The Panorama, Mark .Twain, Andy :Jackson The Traveler, Hard No l, Seal of Spain. ;vEGA, MORTON & .Co:; Packer a:n.c:l. X"!!'>:r-ter WM. CRAF a. CO., aeeeoJIOno &o &RIII&Jr BBGNIT. 411 .... Cigar Manufacturera, BA:VANA 'EOBAOQO, II 87 PEARL ST.ll NEW YORK. I -, ACUILA 100, HAVANA. LABEL AND STAMP VARNISH A SPECilln. Jlae. (la&e of Ve&"a .k Beru.helu,) P. &, CO. M. A. MONTEJO, IllPORTERS OF IIUORTEB OT HAVANA T .OBA.COO. Lea.t'Tobacco and Cigare, Trade-larks: 11Amcrica" & 11l'l8r ft A. I. No. 191 Pearl Street, New. Yoi'IE. aaa P::m.&.JA.z.. aor -yoa.a;. All4 Cabaol& 4el Koate 199, Hay.;...._ &. 00. CIGAR MANUFTRS. ERNEST FREISE, B. ALFONSO & CO., (FOR JOBBING TRADE.) FACTOJUES :-Moo. llaa4 2116, ::a..a.;.x..orx:as:o:JR.:m. 'IM'd. IIIIPeBTBil OP &l'f11P&CT1JBEBS OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. HAVANA CIGARS. J!Iaaufae1areno er the Cele..,_d! PACKER OF SEED LEAF Tr:w LA J'ULJ A BRAND. Kvk. ''Barou.'s l'fo. 123, .o. 1 .. WATEK STR.EET, NEW YORX. ::a::.:moy ::11'"1&. New York CMIIeeNo. 9'7 LAN& Long Havana Filled Five Cenr Cipr_ THE "Belcher" Cigar Cuflers ;. ;. KAUFIIANN.BROS. & BONDY, 129 4 131 Crand Street, New York, P&TIINTBBII &ND JII&l'flTP&VTVREHII, fiLOR DE ANSELMO ZA.MORA FINE VUEJ,.TA ABAJO CIGARS. NOTICE :-! warn my old customers not to 1111e any cigars but under the No. 89, as my name baa been used to llell llflurio\18 cigars. .A.. 2.:A.:a2:C>:R.A.. p, o ...... l:U. ::&::.EY :J!I&T9 :.OX...&.. PUETZ' .. j. i PBBILESS Ping Tobacco lachine. TILLMAN PUET%, Jr., Bolelnv611tor aad. Potea.too, ST. LOlJU, Ko. Th1B machine poMe88811 eminent advantages wortb.y the conaldemtioa at any tobaooo manut.act.urer, 'fi&.:-1.!: .. ... ":'..: II. lncreaoed output capacity, partiCillarly In omall work, as It 11\lbdhidea tbe lump ID pro. -as It-throwrh tho macblne. 0 Au tomat1c deiiTery of &he IUDi'pe on Wrapper &eble !Gus aaYIDg time and precluding &Ccl dent. 7. ltB adaotabillty t.o any kind o( woric, ....... oromall thlcll: or thla, and Ita eas.r 1U1o juatmeat tor diiereat klad. of work. Clrelllant shewlnc where U.ese maclllaes are now!& uoe, as well as plootocraplll. oent whea

8 8'k (). f 4". Hamilton, G. LINDE, IAMIL TON i CO. orage & Tobacco Inspection & .. Yanee on Storace Reeelpta ot Merebaodtae a llpeelaUJ'. Cold Storage for TobaC-co TOB.A.COO T..EAF. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, 'l'HE BEST ALLTOBACCO CIGARETTE DEPOT AND ACENCY D'LAN1JF .A.C:tDREBS OF CIG,A.BS. 424 to 432 East Ffty-nlnth St., New York. :IP'ac1:ory 811, Srd. Ooll. D:l: "BETWEEN THE ACTS." TbeaboveBrandof HAVANA TOBACCO CIG ARETTES IIIIIdeo!ll yby EEA.T .... Nos. 209 I East 37th Street., New York. OF THE MANUFACTURES OF &.i,GAIL&ll. _.,__ 254 &. 256 Canal St., ,57, SOHN'II PilHK., N.Y. EIH;;BRTOI'f,-wJII. J.l,.,l 406 .k 408 33tl. St., 11. Y. LAI'fCASTERo PBI'il'l. z::C 11 .... .. -ALSO-' ..,._,_ -. Corner of Elm St., Ne"'DDV "'S'"o:r:l&. l"IBST-cLA"Ss W .ABEHOll'SES: ,5 M:A.NUFACTUBEB ()F FINE CIGARS. &. Y. B.A.COC> ZN"BPECTO::R..S. STOR AC"E. oogv-a1:er &1:ree-t. :lSI e._,.. "V' ork.. _. COVJrTR.Y S.AIIPLIJf& PII.OIIIPTLY .ATTEXD:ED TO ..a Pa.a F Queen ot. : J c. mvrN. ......_....,..t: CONNBOTJCJ11T a F 818Su.N, 2U st. C E GRIFFING D&Jlbury; !lr. -.&.U..IIew llllford. EDGFBT8.Nt Wla.: C. L. CULTON. DAYTON, O.: W. T. D1i.YJS, UC Soeara ot. BA LTIMOR 1!, llld. 1 ED. WISCHJU!YER 4 C O 'r7 Soutb C&lvert st. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. TOBACCO AGENCY. Estabrished J 836. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 77 3ProZL1: B*ree1: :N'e..,..,. "'S'"ork.. 8JU'OR"r ORDERS FOB PL11G TeBA()CJO PROMPTLY JriLLBD. :W..:ABTI:N; & EIBOADHUBST, oBACCOS FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Er" Tabacos Exclusivament& para Exportacion. .,, sar 'oxes, ...... -:r .. GERWAN tOIGlAB BIOLDS. (SOle Apnt ror l'll:eura. OSEN-IIJBCK I< CJO.) SAW lliLLa 1 PA"Ve:r :all:ach:lZLe :lZL "C" n .Pcne.ltka. And Dealers In 1 L _eaf 70th St. & I st Ave., NEW YORK. V, L. Hahn. G. REUSENS, WKLLE8 BUILDiNG, IS & 20 Broadwa;r, P. o. Boll: SUO. :NEW YOIUt. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBAGCO BROK HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO., 54 Broad &"t cIGAR MANuFAcTuRERS. O-;:JR.;:::3E;;:. .JO.HlV Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429". East 63d St., failtory No. 8, 3d Oist. NEW YORK VALIANCE CIGAR MANUF ACTO BY Christian Jensen, Manufacturer PROPRIETOR. 334 East 63J). Street, NEW YORK, -or-CIGA'RS. 'ouacco Broter, &3-:IEAYER ST., lEW TOll HENRY SIEBERT, Tobacco and Ceneral Commission 78 a road Street, TOR.:K. EJIIL A. STOPPEL. atJGCIIIMba '1'0 Jl, BADER & so. John Brand & Co., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO BROKER, AI'II'B P.t.cKI&II ... No. 24 Beaftr Street, 223, 225, 227 a, 229 Ealrt 73rd St.,, New York. Factory No. 160, Third District. ls.A..A.O R.oluarw'ALD, RoamiWALD, St&"U!fD RosKJnr.u.D. I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I & BI]Iorters of 145 WATER STRf.ET, NEW YORK. JSTEioogv" TOlR.3Eo FERDINAND DZIUBA, TOBACCO Commission Merchant. 78 A 80 Broad 8treet1 P.O. Box 199. NEW M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New fort ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF teaf Tobacco, 166 Wate 6t., lle.w York. IIIPOliTEBS OF Havana and Sumatra, AND PACiti2S OP Seedlea.f' Tob&.cco 5 Burling SJip, York. Chas. F. Tag & Son, h]lporters of Spanish B .ANNER TOBACCO COMPANY LEAFDeruTOBACCO, 53, 55, 5-7 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, 184 Front St., New York. "!Q"aanfacturera orthe E. M. CRAWfORD & SON, Brand F1neCut L lMPOfR',l'.I!RST_ANDbD.Il.U.ERSIN ea 0 acco, S.AII. B. SCOTT aad BE:N'. R.AXTOX Cfcan, ISS W S N y k v-. H. Teft"R.E. JY:D. fo 169 WATER ST., NEW YORK. G RIRSH & Lo....m ....... sou-JOS LEDERMAN & SONS o "' .a.i ft' .ICI.I.'I City; WK SEEAR. .Charleoten.S. C.; P.H .IlUBANK,788outhAvenue.Atlanta, Ga. ; E.aFERGU Paeken et 80!!, Jacnon. Jllu.: 8. Q SEVIU, Ut&Je Rock. Arlt.; 1'1. H. CIIRISTIAN, Golv-a. Tez.; J. T t french Cigarette Paper, ALSO 80LB AGENTS FOB rHW: 11. S. CIAI'fADA OP THB w---aaA .,___ TO,.!IE,IIO Raadolph "treet. Chle..._ Ill: C. B CONES.Il8 Jolfenl

I ( AUG. 27. IJDIOM Orrs>IBBBG, II,Dit'l' Ooj IPB .... llnlwo ()rn>IB&IW. S. OTTEMBERG & BROS.. IIANUF ACTllliBB8 011 FINE CIGARS, 340 E. 23d St., New York. M. H. LEVrN, IMPORTER OF AND DKA.LE& IN ALL I;} LE.Af Cor. Wallsnd Pearl Sts New York. r GERSHEL & BRO., PAOKIIIII8 AND D:r..u.EBS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO 19 PIEARL 8T._,,. k 8=::t: New York G. REISMA COMIJSSIDI IERCHAIT ADd De&lor fa all XIDda of LEAF TOBACCO, DAVIDSON BROTHERS, I Havana Seed t Leaf'fobaccos 143 WATER ST., 1 ..,.llfaldeo :tau., Ne._. TOII"'IL. I &. 'Eia:.:u.e't't, 1 H .A. N' .A. I SEED TOBACCO, J J 162 Water 8t., New York. a :ill:aaftletarer or the' Celel>r!lte Brand f t.' O! ()l&ar& I queen Iizabeth_, Queen Scots, La 'Fior de Cu&anas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. Fac1ory. Jo,. 26, 3rd District, -ATB 8P NEW YORK. JNO. I. LOVB, S. E. cor. First Ava. & 74th St. Ba.soh & Flacher, IMPORT.R8 OF HAYA .. i. .,....._;_;..._.....:_ ___ A.a ..... ., SEE. D LEAF TOBACCO, 1M 'WA'rEB IITJI.EET. JIJear .l'llat4en Laae, :NEW YOKE. .. BOI!I!IIlll'. .. li.OI!IIIJI. S. ROSSIN & SONS. l'Aar:a& OJ' Seed .&.lllD dl HAY All TOBACC E. & G .FRIEND & CO., II'. SILVERTR.&.ll' & l'fafae&arer ot CIGARS, 213 Pearl Street, New York. A. R. FOUCIIRAY, Tobacco Inspector. Appointed by !he Phlladelphla Board of Trade. N ft ....... 1&., Pllllaulpllh, Pa. L. C. SCHEFFEY 4. Cigar Manufacturers' lg,nts, L81liSVILLB, KY. OELE8:l'INO PALACIO, FERD. HIR90H. CELESTINO PALAtiO & CO., :MANUFACTURERS OF ::S:A. V .A.N .A. C:J:O.:.A.R.S. J&"ao'tory, :IE.ey oogv"ea't, J&"1a. Omoe: 2 BURLING SLIP, ooar Pe&rl St., NEW YORE; Perc:J.. Oppenbel.mer IKl"OKT:BB OF HAVANA TiEAF Tobacco &, CO. Xmpor'ters or.. AND PA

10 Philadelphia Adverttnmenta. .Baltimor4!1 A.dvertisemeotll. &, TA.x-rrr, WIYL A. BOYD a co., Importers of Havana AND P.&CK.EBS OP IBPOBT.EBS OF : Seed. T ea:f Te"ba.ccq. _.., Commission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. 107 ARCH S_TREET, PHILADELPHIA TELTE::R. :EI::R.O& Packers, Commission Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 Philadelphia. '.A.:n.C1 'Packer o:r 33 South Street, Baltimore. BATCHELOR' & CO., Packers of Seed Leal' and Importers of a.nd Snma.tra, Toba. ecos :108 :Dil"or'th "W"a.'ter 8-tree't, PJ::L:l1a.-.e1ph.i.a. i LUXURY TOBACGO ... nflld'RI'en ot J1ne Cu.t and SmoJdng Tobacco -AJU)-Luxury Fine Cut In FoiL M E. McDowell a Co ., 603 A 605 CHE.STNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA. LOTTIEE/S Paper. Ta Toba,cce> i' -AND-1 t BtACK.WELL'S DURHAM TOBACCD-CO.'S Genuine DUBH.AK Smoking Tobacco. Hew York, Basten, Pittsburgh, Chicago, m. LoUis ani Cincinnati. .LEWIS BREMER'S SONS I WliOLESA.L:h; DEAT.ERS IN LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, [ 822 HORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. & l.ar8e Auortaeat of all Jdacle ot Loaf Tebaeao -taatl7 haacl. L. BA .MBERGER & CO., PACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF. TOBACCO. JMPOB'l'ER.S OF and Havana, o. 111 ABCB STREET, PHJLADELPIIIA. IPNRY T FREYER. FREYER & EISENLOHR, and Wllole .. Je Dealen In LEAF CO, 1 1 3 North Third Street, Philadelphia. ............ ., c:::Haars, Cor. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. I ALSO liiANUFACII'URERS OJ' "MllfBBSI EXTRA,,. "-BT0 :P, B. BlllflROPP'S OBBIIIAN,M and Other Brands ot. lmolduc T obacco. Also "BBBBB :DB J..l BBINB,n "8WBB"r NBCTAB0JJ &lid o ther Brands o f P aper &Dd A.ll-Tobacoo Cigare ttes. New York Office: &6 South Washington Square J. DUNN & ea., ( ,__So :DVIIN, 1107.808 :Dii"OB.T:B lilT., Pllli!EZZa.&.X:mZ..P:BZ.A.. BBYIIIA.NN. -..,.No. 1 JoUa&........ Theobald & Oppenheimer, BATCHELOR BROS., IIA.NUY' A.CTUREI!S OF ,. ____ __ ot PINE CIGARS I ANDHALERSIN :_ SJ3 CIGARS, BDaitsh and Dtl!lestic Leaf Tobacco, D1 Xertla Tlatrtl, 1!131 CII.Mtaul 8t., I'RJLADM PRIA. ,PIIJioADNoPJD.&. &Qiift'll -..;.. JllLLmL DUJiR..% .t ...,_ CJII(DJ(A.Tl CIGA.B EIA>II, ll'l'Riol'll. ...._ P. A ERA 0 SS & 00., CIGAR IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, ... JIR.AUSS, No. 8 .N"OlE'I.T:B P:&::E:E.t.AX)EZ..:I:":EEZ.A.. W. 111. J.&CO-'EIEJ'BI'J. T-.AHEJ, Puker aad DeaJ.r Ia LB.A.P TOB.A.OCO, ,231 and 833 North Third Street, Philadelphia. -,i...._.._ ESTADLISBBD 1848. .. t).\t,'f-. I CIJ. CIG!B IAIIJII!t'!OBKBK -11oe to m ._..-:r PHILADELPHIA. JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., Importers of Havana .\liD PA.IJKEIIS 01' SEED LEAF TOBACC[ 39 Cerman St. Baltimore. We aTlte i M atten ti on o f M anufacturers to our ttecll: ot Dark K-wealetl Wrapper .. ot. trblch ..., make a Bpeclal t J AUG. 21 I. L. DUNLAP & CO., W. G. MEIER & c o Adrertisements from East, West & south. ..... 11 to Jao. B. cn.-t fJ C.. CINCINNATI, 0., lllaaano:etaren ot NAVY TOBACCO,. X.OUJSVILLE, lt;r i B.. MEIER & CO., CINCINNATI. 0, B. H. Blfrm. E1Q HINSDALE SMITH & CO .. And A.rento f o r Promlneal Vlrglllla JJianatactare r a o C 'l"wist &. Plug Tobaccos. [ESTABLISHED 1840. I Paeken and .lo.l>en ot [ E A F u T o B A G c o Gonnoctlcnt Sood-Iuar Tobacm E. W. DOHRMANN & SON, lEAF TOBACCO BROKERS JoRNE.PBRl. HENRY GEISE BENN O DAMU S G EO. H. STALLO. THE GEISE LUMBER CO .. MANUFACTU R ERS O F SP!lHSH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Cl.gar B'e::m: be:r Faotorieo: 101 ol: 103 Eaat Stla St., Ciaobm.a.ti1 aad Weot Viratnia, 0.._: 93 CL.&T STREET. OINOINXATI. O LQ :aiN PALMER, N ew York; W, H. ChJcqQ, .. eseu WHOtESiiiTOiiiDNISTS. Bole._Pr.ortBtors or thB &minfiB CROWN & 'DIAMOND' Ciurs. fS7 Z..a.k.e &'to a.:a.d. 4.:1. &'ta'te &-t.. Cl::L:lcao :1:11. SOLE AGENTS l"'B 'I'D FOLLOWIN& WELL-KNOWN niWS: 8'1'11AlTON It STORM'S Cigars aad Cigarette.: D H IKcALPDI 4 CO. '8 Pllllf Toi>uco LOZAN O Pl!:lf DAS CO.'S li&TIIa& Clnrw II F G R A VJ:LY'S Pl ug Tobacco: W T BLACKWELL It IJ O Duro Jwa; N. C.J. J B AGLl:Y:i,. CO.'S "MAYFL0WER," Detro! t. M cb. : J W CARROLL S LONE .;u.CK, ;;L..;.;;;bl>m'R, Va. ,OGOO DWIN It OO.'S OLD JUDGE '4f"l'obeooo ana <:l!g&rettes: ( JULL 8 BETW1&EN THE A.CTB and KINNE Y TOB ACCO C O.'S Cigarettes. AQEN'l'B FOR E. H GAT O'H KII:Y WEST CIGARS. lDGBTY. NAVY TOBACCO WORKS. ::.1. o .A.X..X..EN" Prepr:le"ter. -HAXU.FACTUR.EBS OF -PlUG, FINE CUT tHEWING AND SMOKING TO::EJ.A.OOO&, N. W. cor. Canal and Monroe Sts., CHICA:CO. B .. L. PINCOFI'S, WHOLESALE DEALER I N Bt1YER A.l'l]) DLLllll1 01' :a: N" .a. Tobacco Gnttin!S and SCUDS. Do:rasTic LEAF ToBAcco LEAr w;.'OBA.cco I E ast Randolph Street, o:szo.A.a->. zz..z... 43 S. Water Street, Ch1cago, Ill. PIPER HEIDSIECK .Y PLUG TOBACCO. FLAVORED WITH TJ!Z OICLEBRA TED CHAMP A GNE WINK C:J:GARS,. 18 Central Wharf, 1'. B liU.Y Q. !"HOillA.S P H .IA10 & BROTHER, Tobacco-Manufact'rs. RICHMONDi VA. ROBDt' A.. JLt.YO .a onct-ol U.e olyle..,. ..._ :I.V.A."V"V NA.TIES A IIPII:CIA.LTY IN ALL 11IZ1:8, JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant LEAF TOBACCO, R:Ecaaao 'V .&. V. S. WB.IGHT,, llacce.>rto 4 Co. DIREar IHl'ORTER OY' CHOICE HAVANA CIGIRS2 Lozano,Pendas l cu Cigar Hanna Goou tUI.UICHES-Loul!!1'11110 H o tel and Oalt Ho St&nClB. JUO"U.1a"V"1.11e, B:.y. 1 SILAS HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of Leaf Tobacco, Packer of and Dealer !n HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, NEW I!IILPOHit, CONN. MILLER A H ERSHEY, Dealers In Leaf Totlacco C. C. DAVENPORT; Leaf Tobacco Broker, SOIJ'rll: BOSTON, 'VA, HOLT, SC.HAEFER A CO., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. L!i'NCHB1JRG1 VA, Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, &IC.HlU.O ND, VA, PAUL C. VI!NABLI!, Leaf Tobacco Broker, DANVILLB, V .&, REED A McCI!I!, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, llALIEIGH, N () W. A. BOBBITT, P IPER HEIDSIECK. Leaf Tobacco Broker, NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, Z..C>'C'X&"VZZ..X..:m, B:. '2" R. & W. JENKINSON, oxareaD, 11. a. H. T. JENKINS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, zn.ok:ln. Tobacco omo SEED LEAF TOB!GGO PRACUI! & MATSON, AN D Day"ton., O. Leaf Tobacco Brokers, No. f I 5 Mould Stogie&, Orden cor Export and .Home Trade P ITTSBURGH. P A PrompllJ' A.lleadect To. :1:. T-tV"e.zey &; Ce. and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPLANED, -A.ND--IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, .N":I!J"'gV"POB. T, :&:. "'2". Imi tatio n Cedar matmJ'actured b y ou P & TENT procIs the only PEBPBCT Imitatio n ol Sp&lli.ob Coldar Prices-ratea ot fre[llat lll en."f'in appU oaUo n. Q; C. Leaf_ and Strip Tobacco Broker, Bol e lfaonfacturer of the F&moua and W o rldBllD

l I l J JG. 21. 1rJS Directory or Alnrtlllln. XEW YOa& ('-' ___ .,. ...... &Dobii,IIOI'MrL & J'rl...,.s. tlil .. tllaii,IIIWCB.IIIW_, 1 & Oo. ----._ 1 ord&.x.a-..,._ 011-ltiWm.&Oo. ...... a Bro., m w.-Jlear7, Ill-II. a a a Oo. -'-. & -nlll&l, 110 I I. .t Bro. ltl l'eut. tX.IIIIhut L .tOo: 174 W'rid G. Oo.177 Pari &Oo.llillii'Mrl m&D JO& & Sollll,l40-.._ X. H. conlel' Wall ucl Pe6rl. -lll.'lllrwtt. "''J.-a-,1111-_ ... w .... &J-IIIIIIal4elllaae r F. 178 ....,.G,IIIIW...,.., owald E. & Broa. lt6 W&W .. s.a-.anw.-...,. G & ...... Ill laue. >Oder&Bea.I78W-. e. a c.. 110 w ..... Is Fred .__ P8&rl rL&Oo,JIM W&ler "'"' 11:. a Co. 11 BuriiD& I!Up oH.2llhut. Ell>u J' a lon, Fr<>nt. -----\lie 011aa J'. IUd ao. I Theo. Jr. IIIII J'r.t ""-"' ..... w ...... Ledf )!Ia Ferd. 78 BIMd. .. DB G. Ill. -"V yer, WtJI&ce111JA. 18 Broadwo,y.,,.,&Bon.IIMI'IHL --/WE OJ ,.. r. & ihen llanufactured Tobacco for kpor&. llu'dlDer ,J 77 l'mbt. 11art1D a Broadh1ll'BS, IIIII Pearl, !'Jaompeoa, XOON & Co, 83 Fro"" llbM_lll_, ---Oo. ............. --...... lloD,J. 8. & Oo. 181 w'"" Ooi>Orne. Jam111 6 54 Broad. l'aulltach M. 1111 Pearl IJIOppel, B. A 14 .n-ftgM Bro-.. alllt.h w. 0. and Co. "__, ........ t-..,. aw.c..c llwau & LYall. 1(11 Wall ahner D .t Oo. !'Ill udl'lll D-. o4wiD o1: Oo. foot ef Grand Street, II. IL 1D8J BrO& li.ll> t.o-Weot We! """" J, lll. 114-111 Llller1iF udllll-121 Qedar R. & Co. oor Aoenue V aad Tenu., ller 111'11 G B a Co. 111 Ool-bla. _,...,.....,.0,_ II!Uelllll Broth-l'llll'e&rl. X. 218 Pearl. ....,. .& r--. 70th at. and tot aoe. ..., & Barto, ocr .Sh 8t. and lot..__ .nee etcar Jlanutaowrv. EMt 011 e A. w a Co. IIlli Jlaloton Lane. Broe. 1S421 348 A "'eoue A.. .... mer L F mh st. oor. /kJ. and Lexfogtoo an.. !aim. 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TOI>OOO<>B... HAVANA O..M. !'oMeo8 tmd Ojgor Ooa...._ -.. rhtr Ba..-'lobacoo Oo. 148 OtJle ....,._ ManfoC'Nrt'l'"l OJ O'fOen .AMsiiO Sebaatlan. Suarez &3. JuanA., liWI-IIIOind-OUto Juan Ill. Oo .. Estrell& t t Col-& Prieto, Oalle de 8tm -01. Oortloa y G<>"'. Mora & Co. O&lle del BaYo Ill. J'atan(llo, & Corujo, Oeluooala IL L&Granadln&. Oalte d "Sao Bafaelllll-101. ""-lll&nuel/1 Co., FiJrurao Ill Kurias hils & 00., Calf del& IUrabd a F {)a.l zAd& d.-1 Jloo&e Jut IIacco .._._ oornerllilllfathaadlllala Lewlo,_Rioh'd lll Y10-lll1 West Kala -ooa. G .tOo.IOI-Wr!Pl l:--......... "'-" ...... .._tt. r. 0 .t Oo.,lSl.olth Toh&ooo Oommiialon lllerohant. N&ah Gee. P 101, West Malo st Peerl ... PIUJ! Toh&ooo Machine and Tobacco Frankel H Supplies. Tob MR.!tr' 'iuppliu, Lfcor 1 ce, Flal'OI"I do JUDcbluih ol: Ra:uterherg. LYJICHBVBG, Ya. c.,.._, r.o..e Jaek Cigarette Co. ll&Dut&eturer ot S..oldq 'l.'!>llttoioo; OarroU John W ,..,.,._a..,;,,.-... Bol*. Bollaefer .t Co. 0 lilDDJIBTO'WTlf ... o. 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Broad llloenlnbr 0, 1188 lllarket !Jra;r, lloraleo & Dalton. 514 Pille, Hohowa.z 8w&m., '1GO Market LaM IIJIJOO,l!lllllt.h Uld IIIII -W-oi:Oo.ll!ll Xoo.__ Pamloollo r, --rbOOI>&Id & Ovr>e-. tn Nona M JUtn ot Floe-Cutaod Tolhtllllllnt.h llro. a eo. 161 N lid u4 Qaan7 J'-A. B. 18 N. J'rHt JltmuftJIJWJret'O -.! I-* IWU. '1'lle -r-Oe.,ll8:Nort.h Ia!. l!f'r' ..._, (or 1'1111 .... ..-. .Jr. Ill .&.reb OigMBoe 7WIIIIIinfl, ll&rrloGee.8.oi:-.711Arall JfaMO,(aoltlt'ft't et B8li>M BoofM /lwlll -Balph. Co. 141 ........ .._ ...,.. of II Loftq ftread n M .... 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Ulbe r manuf.etured tobac. o, er l b Sn utr C Qntitluin){ more than 18 lbll of ru oistuTe In 100 J lls Wf)fht tberoof. 3t-J9d 811utl: n o t containing m o 1 e t.han 1 3 lt,a c}t n toi!lturt. t Jn rvery 1001118, W t{bt 8 wt>ight per lb. In lieu of tbe drawback ellowablfl. bef ore Moy 8 18fol7, thPreisnowallawed the drawb...-.:k of 8s 3d named in section I ot the llfanurtured f(")ba.ec6 Act, I8t3". G ER.fdA. N Y --Chzars and ciaare tttos, 210 markS per lOOtJtOR duty t o b iH!CtJ In r o llg and Muff flour .l9) U &tb per tOO kilos duty. tol)flceo. f-6 JarU per IGO'Idlee duty. Leaf. t o b a cco and Ptem" ff, marks per I W Strips or stemmt't.l l eal\ 180 w w ks p e r ](.'Q duty. ,. BOL LAND Tol)at.-co i n r o lls or Jeavev &nd unprftaed 1 er 1 00 kii(JR; II ceac. d uly ptt r 100 kilO&. H "nufactured tobacco. 11.11bft', e&rrfllll, etc. $ 1 .80 d u t y P<'' IOU klloo Ci gars, S J duty per 100 ldloe. tob acet.> lnduotry o Austria Frnce. Italy' &Dd 8pale 11y R f:'gieR, the direcUori of thw QeWra ments o f tbf\6 e countries. ..,;...;.;;...-B. DIAZ & CO., Importer HAVANA LEAF ,,., WATT'S UNIFOB& Weed 'bF all l...U.C Bold To..._ ... ..r..e.__:.. 88 Market Street, Chicago. ... to, P LoriUard a Oo. New "''orl<. D. B :McAlpin & Co. David Buchner a Co H ., Catlin Tobacco Co St. Loulo. F. F. Ad&ma a Co WI! waukee. / JAMES T. KENNEDY,-TOBACCO MACHINER-Y, TO.OLS AND SUPPLIES Leaf Tobacco Broker FOB GBOWEBS .A)(]) JIAJI11FAOTUBEB8 OF TOBACCO. J :a: ..a.. eli oo SAI'L JDSEfiS CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. Beten by oermloolon &o 1(-., Sawyer, Wallaae 1$ Oto:l_N-"1'ork; TJaeo. 8ohwata a Oo., Lonla...... AT L ..t.boer Barrio, LOIJinllie, Ky,; ]II, H. Oarlr .& 111'0.. B. W ._ Cllllll

i 1 I 1 CUB if{ -iiAND 'i!VAI! 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. :1:):BJT:aii:OX.:1:)0 ,.. .... eu.1o1 "bel F.-of 'La-..u tozo Beer. ,rm., l'ndta aad Prnerv ... Cigar Box tabOis a Spec18HY. ..._ p ar Pl'IYII&e LaiN!b u.-aOJ' ea ..... Orilen -!Yeti IIJ' & Bea ..... ....,..,., -KIMBALL, 36 W AJUI.Elll' ST., JrEW YORK, t STRAlfiJH BTDRM, JrEW YORIL All Cigars or onr lannfactire. hear tba JD x.... ...... .sTR!I&HT-CBr ,,, 0 I I 'tbe Cigarette m;.nutaetured. Under oo clrc umst&n thr big ... ''""' dt tlteae ood8 be c hanged. Deal'.-rs wishing to secure supply fo1" &ll coaoij.g JIII!W' Jtla.Qa i>rflers. Although eo&tlng 1ore than oth'U"S, are well worth ..._.......,a....., aud &IW&J-8 A'ive tlie moet satisfaction: o one should be tbelll ; ..t.-I"'P EXTRACT :m&E:N'OE OF .. ,, .. I RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, ,\ ,. 1 tBanatae'&aren of FINE HAVANA CIGARS,. 20, 22 ,a,,o24 c oad at r AUG. 27 oo., 'CIGARS, I CAMPBELL & 00., ..... : :Fino Cnt & smom! Tobacco, ll Aad Deale ... Ia 0 CIGARS, PJPES, &c., Whele .. le aod Belall, &e-221Bridge' St., N.J. '.a:' -, ____ ...;._ v-....... Ja t-o' b Hen-kell ef ru.. b. .' '. ; U .. tyfeo o ., uCKi:TrCAS. 'CROSSCOlJNTRY (ne wl 'for tbe Sad4le, I'"' I .,..' 'I I (DeJV) for the Heaeb, 8.1ld the, alwey& popular ,' I' r 1 L 8 p "' t, 1 1 F.lJLL DR 8 ac.._e. TOBA.OOO co., SUCCESSORS TO KINNEY BROS. rettes & Smoking T obaCfl o York Depot ... ...... ; l ... ; 23 .Warren -Street. CIC!I BOXBS. IPEOIALTIEJ' FOR. PLl1& AJrJ) eu...-eon, T()nca Beans, "' H 1 T fOWDEIED LICORICE ROOT and PATENT _aKO.AS FOR L1 CE O:N'B%D.A. TOB.&OOO oftiCE-XOS. 1'13 & l'Tfi D'D'AJI'E ITBEET, JI'EW TOBit. -..ractrs. of Pint and Fine Cut ChcWinl and Smoiint Tobaccos, Snnl & Ci[arcttcs Blleer & flo,._S38 !'rerl Thlr B&ree&, c:"alcacO tdlceo .. Baehoer & CJo, .51 ..-abaeb Aveau.e. AWe._. Orleau11 :IBce-. Huebne r & CJo., 84 ()aal S'&reea:. lBclsl:oft. :J'IMii!lilf. -G. L Sob aeon,. ,, U.aaoye.r sa.reel. & Co., 118 Battery 81ree'&l t'or PaeUlc t)oat and l 'errltorlea. Depot 81ld Apooy for the Paoifio Ooaet1 306 & 308 Battery Street, San Franoleco. Cal. Depot In qhlcago ....... .... so : Street. San F-rancisco Depot ..... ; .. : .2o7 1)epol) in London", E1{ d HolbornlViaduot. MANUFACTURER OI!'ALL xnms or 0 THREE KING.S,Turk:isb, Perique and Virginia. ""' 'MEI,LOU: MIXTURE, and Peiique, TUB.&:IISD and VIRGINIA, .PERiQUE and VIBGIXI..ti, .. COENUINE TURKISH, "' li'r.AKE OuTS, .o}I>APTED FOR ::ra:Lr. Ba.1zn.AC'1JD.d.:l., G ranulated A N ew OIL A L 'MONDS, ----! A,, '' n OIL GER-ANIUM, digb-Box Labels. .. ,. 297 Mqn.roe at. New York. .. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteecl,, I { Hamilton & Lilley, TIN,.TAGS All gracle oCPlala, ()olo...., l!la .. w ..... r. 536-54...:, West 23i Street, Jew Tort I [ CLARK &: BROTHill. I'OBACCO BBODBS ew&JUYILL&. ..._.. ___ ; _.., .. .-----....... .... pWve ... D ..... ...... llaiOI\ = 3 Bpeto: 8piJ>j Tag Upm Wah Woll


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