The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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v 0 L. XXIV.---N 0. 3 6. !ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCT. 1, 1887. 105 MAIDEN LANE, Corner of Pearl Street WHOLE NU. 1180 CHOICE TOBACOO. All Parties a.e \ 0 8 any Infringement Cor. 1st Ave. & 31st St., "# Cautioned against \ ..!-::\, of this Brand. NEW YORK, \. --v. MARTINEZ YBOB & CO. C!gar Boxes SOZ...E :J:JM::PQ.a.TER.S, N"o. 89 s-tree-t, "York.w Ribbons. F. GARCIA, BRO. & CO.. tmpotters&Dea!ersin IMPORTERS LEAF Spa,nish Geda,r. dt L J k c rroE_A coo, one ac 1garettes PACKED IN BOXES. PRINCIP. E ALFONSO 56, I No. 167 STREET, ::E3:ava:n.a. "York. &, "Y' .A.9 M"o. 8:1. Poa.:r1 S"t:reo1: Vo:rJ& Finest CleBr"'HBYBna Cigars. Awarded Hiahot llledal at J:zhibition, 1876, :Philad.JpJda. ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. CHARLES T. SEYMOU-B, I ESTtBI.ISJD:D 1869. OF i-J y 188 Fro:n.'t S'tree"t, "York.. Photograph in each Box. A HOLDER FOR EACH CIGARETTE, Handsome Life Size Chromos of Mrs. Cleveland With each two M. :13: .A.II!I .N' 0 :m Q "[J' .A.::Lo. BADLY BURNING -AND_.:. "COALING TOBAccos" -ARE. -BY...;;;a Chaskel's "ANTI-COAL" Price per Gallon $6; lo balr barrel and bbl. lots $5. 'Full directions wltlt. coods Price List mailed. JAMES CHASKEL & COn Manufn.cturers of 8USI'AV SAJ.QION & BROS. -Trade Mark of --. -* SPECIAL NOTICE. I 1 T (..., 1 Inside 'the bale, on the WElL & CO. 1 I \ & ...l 1 Is a label, R d 1868 & 187, 'tJ. -_ "ttt. C. with our slgna-egiStere In 4. T "T"' ture. Regletered in 1888. CHOICE VUELTA 'ABAJO HAVANA TO_BACCOS, Ma.rked W. & c., are selected by our Resident Buyer In Havana tro"' tlu P!aJlt&tiloDI, G-.:l'".A.J!IIIil'O :Is 'Used. Many Brands imitating CLOSELY ours are offered and sold to the Trade as W. & c. A '"-IBERAL _REWARD will be paid by us for the Detection of the same. Also Import Sumatra. WElL & CO., 65 PINE ST., NEW YORK. SCHRODER & -BON, Packers of Seed Lear -AND. Importers of Havana Tobacco All pa-rties are Cautioned apinst OF THB FO!..LOWING MAIIKS: D upon these FOUR TradeMarks Also. Importers of SUMATRA. 178 WATER ST., NEW YORK. &, CO., IIIIIPORTJ:RS OF B4 VAHA LEAF TOBACCO T.,ade 111ark, Trade lllark. \\.\\\\ \lE LAS VEGAs 16 Cedar St., New York. o ]11 I r -4 J. J. A. Calle San Nicolas 128: HAVANA, CUBA. A. & c. 8 H. SCJHt!BA.BT. .AARON SCJHVBA.RT, WIK, lltJH11B.I.&T. B. I a: co., IMPORTERS oF HAVANA .A..u.d. b-r SEED LEAF TOBACCO, N'o. :1.80 "VU' S'l!':E'I.EIET9 N'E"VU' C:l.gars 0'1..1r G-EO. P_ LIES & CO., 138 iwAinEN LANE, nearWaterSt., NEW YORK, l H L r Ql b .Manufacturers of. Cigars, 57 CALZADA D ,EL MONTE, HAVANA, avana ca 10 acco Corner of Eightieth Street and Avenue A. CJ.ALIXTO LOPEZ IIIA.Nt!EL LOPEZ, E11GENIO LOPEZ. LOPEZ & 0 .0., Packers and Importers of FZN'E VUELTA ABAJO TOBACCO Exclusively, 140 Maiden Lane, M. B. SALOMON, NE'VV' :J:JM:::POJR.TE:E'I.& OF ____ ......;_ __ _;... Havana and Tobacco lnfrluglulf upen theae four ''LA TRA.DE MARXNo. 3 Cedar St., New York. Sol No. 86, HAVANA, CUBA. rtf 6r j; Jte:aj cff;L6WC(l !J!uzhat/ !}. (}. /p.:J. J. C.L. BlGliiUND JACOBY. GUSTAV JACO!I'i. L &C:E31:1YI::W::: I ., METROPOLITAN CIGAR 138 ;ATER ST., NEW YORK. S. JACOBY & CO., :e. Factory No. 3, 3d Dlstrlot, .t.JDsTEaoa., HoLLa.No. FOOT OF 52d ST., EAST RIVER, SUJIATBA TOBACCO :N Ia Prime Qualldeo alwa7 oa BaJ&d. I HAVANA, CUBA: 148 Calle Animas. I NEW YORK: 192 :Front Street. M. Sec. & Treas. SIMON AUERBACH & CO., I :J::aii:POR.TER.SOF BAV ANA and SUMA'ERA TO B.A. COOS, 179 Pear1 S"tree't, N'e-vv"York. ALEX. F .RIES & BROS., IIAJnJI'ACTlTRJ:BS OF Havana Flanr, Be BEADil STBJ:J:T, JfEW YORK. 46, AO J:aat tol Street, CIJI'CIJI'JfATI, 0, BranebOtllcer HAVAJfA. CUBA. .J-: LOUIS NEWBURGH, Paeller o, little Dutch & Zimmer's OSee: 141 Wed Pearl Street, CIJfCIJfl(ATI, O. Wa.rehouse:-Germ&ntoW'D llontromery County. Ohio GOODWIN & .cO.'S and Smoldng Tobacco. Foot of River, N.Y. NEW YORK AND OHICAGO'--MANUFACTURl:RS OF P'1..1re TZN' Fe> XX.:. :ror P1 u..g 'X-obacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & Mulberry St&. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 Fra:!klin St. SILVER ACE FOIL! COIIIIPOlJlfD FOIL, PATENT KETAL. aad aU the varle-1{ eo of Foll boWD to the Trade. PRINTING ON' FOIL m BroDJOe a:ad Colora, .,.a with dUrerent IJ.eoia .. of Oran>l1eJ&t&tioa, for TC>B.&CCO.,. .A.N'D CXG-.A.'.R. LA..BELS. -ror Plain, Clciored or Stamped. Olllce No. 186 GRAJD ST. NEW YORK;,.. 88 rRANKLIN!!...!!ST.:.!..., & eo., :Z::aii:POR.T:JIIR.B ODP BERNA%A 32, 171 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK CIGAB BOX LUMBEB, S :P .A..N'1'8:EE OED.A.:E'I.0 :J::M::J:T .A. T:J: O:N &P .A.l.V:J:&:EE CED .A. :Et. V'EJ.XTEE:E'I.ED [CJEDA.R) Z... 'C':aii::S:J!J:E'I., ... Sp.a:n.:l&h. Cedar l.\l.l:ah.oc;a:n.y. "VU'o: &:l::s::."th. S1:ree1:, C:l:n.o:l:n.u.a.1::1.9 Oh:lo. \\, WILLIAMs '\ Proprietors of the co, Little Giant. Buncher, I 02 CHAMBERS NEW YORK. .WEYMAN & BRO., Tobacco & Snntl --MANUFACTURERS, 1 PITTSBURGH, PA: I S'U'l".fEB BROS., Dealers in LEAF IIanuf'acturerswill find it to their


!'Jae Tohaeeo Leaf. ESTABLISHED 1864. the Circulation of an7 -.rade Paper in the World. PVBLISHED ltERY SATURDAY MOlllNING DBACCO LEAF PUBLISHIHG C0.5 1015 Malden Lane, New Yorlr .... OOR. PEARL B'l'REII:'1'. ------:..... w ..t.BD BtJB.KE, Editor. .. ON G. GB.&FF, Du1lneH -RII'er 'l"erm oC lb.e Paper. !liNGLE COPIES ...... .' ..... ................ 10 cents. Oue Year ............. $4 1 Six Montlu ............. f2 Annual Subt:riptlonl Abroad. 6RUT BJHT.I.JM and CANAB& Baax&N, HAKBUG and the CoNTINENT 5 04 AOBTRALU, via England. . . &.04 eeu .................... ..... .... .... ............ 504 .EVISED FOR .&DVERTISEIIIENTS. I I One Year. Ytmrteen lines one CQlumn ..... ..... $25 :J"ourteen lines over two columns.. 45 Jines one columB ....... 45 .-.renty-eight lines over two columns.. 80 JVty-irix lines oDe column ........... 80 :J"lfty-aix lines over two columns .... 160 8Dei column ................... 800 Balf ooJumn ................ .......... 180 C)De line ut bottom of page . . Six Three Months. Months fl4 $8 24 14 24 14 46 25 46 25 86 45 175 95 100 M Speelal .&4Yer&leeaeato oa Flrot Pa.-e. Yourteen lines oer two wide columns ... (oae year) .... $100 linN eTer two wide columns. do .... 175 .UUrteen lines aingle colum:a... . . do !:5 8peelal .&4Yertloemeato oa SeYeath one Six Three Yed.r. Monib.s. Montb6 a,arteenlinesovertwowidecolumns $85 $45 $25 ltemlttanoes for advertisements and subscrfpUons should lllways be made payable by P. 0 Order or by 4Jheck to Toaaooo Lear Pnbllshlng en. ..-Under no circumst&noes wll we deviate from the .atove prices. Law .Belatlto Sai>Hrlltera to New .. paper peroon who ta& paper _.,woly from the _. ofllce, whether directed to his or a.nother, or Wllelber he baa oubocribed or 18 ....,ponsll>le for the pay. Beooad-U any person orders JJJS paper to be discontinued. .. most pay all the publleher may coatlnue eo-It until payment '" made, and eoU..,t the whole whether it ia taken from the omce or nat. liOTIC.B TO SUBSCRIBERS. We will lsere&tter print upoa the wrapper or paper of ....-y foreign ouloscriber and thooe In t1o1a COWIIry reiddlng of the l.arger cities the date upoo which tile aub bu ezplred or will el[J>Ire. OUr aubocrlbcl'll will take notloe and remit aooordlntri,Y. When tbc oubiarlptlen iB p&ld the date will be ch&Dtrea, which will oene ... receipt, WHAT IS THE BEASON P In reading the leaf tobacoo estimates of eur circular writers and statists, we notice 'be tobacco of North Carolina is never included is their summaries of stocks visi llle. What is the reason i As long ago as l1l79 the product of that State. for that year wu about 27,000 hogsheads, and in the inter'Yal since she has largely increased her pro ducing capacity. North Carolina leaf entera "t'ery largely into the tobacco manufacture of the United States, and some of it is ex ported to foreign countrif's. Statistics, there fore, intended to show the annual growth and consumption of domestic leaf which jgncre so great a crop as NorLh Carolina puts upon the market yearly are, at the best, only partial in their reliability and 118efulness. !l'b.e long prevailing custom of gueBSing at the Carolina in the reckoning of the Virginia crop bag ceased to be satisfactory where ap proximately accurate data is desired for commercial purposes, -bbtb at home and abroad. One has only t@ think of Durham. Winston, Reidsville, Oxford, Henderson et al in the State, just as one thinks of Rich mood, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Danville etal in to realize, without considering appropriations elsewhere, the importance of North Carolina leaf tobacco and the neces sity for placing it as a oistioct entity in the ClllJTent tableil of tobacco grown and cou sumed. To sum up the apparently available supplies of the world with this factor omit t.ed, and, as is now and then done, with llarylaod and Ohio also omitted. is like pre l&nting an algebraic problem for solution with the "unknown quantity" neither pre llicable or inferrable. LEAVE IT AS lT IS. The following resolutions speak for tbemeelves, and very plainly, on the subject to which lhey refer. They were adopted in convention Tuesday, as will be seen by their date: BINGHAMTON Sept. 27.-The Cigarmakers' Internatienal Union, now in session here, to day_ adopted the following: Whereas, An agnation is being vigorously prosecuted to abolish the internal revenue OB cip;ars and tobacco ; Whereas, Experience has demonstrated that the agitation, even, of this subject has llatl the effect of ke<'ping thousands of workers in our trade out of employment for months at a time; Whereas, The internal revenue system, so far, at least, 11.11 it applies to the manufacture of cigars, bas bad the effect of developing it from a mere sporadic calling ioto a fully established industry by which nearly 75,000 of our people earn their livelihood; and Whereas, 'l'he abolition of the internal revenue on Cligars would not benefit either the producer or by reason of its fcactional bearing on each cigar; therefore be it Resolved. That we, the representatives of &be ci'garmakers of the country, in conven t;ion asserubled, protest respec t fully, but em flh&tically, against&ny interfe1ence with the 1nternal rev.,oue on cigars. Henceforth International Union Cigar makers will be expected $@1 range on the side of those who the abolition of the to bacco taxes. The action of the Union in thie matter is timely, and being s:>, will have in ftuence in shaping the courRe of Congrllllll on the Tax and Tar1ff questions the coming win ter. The j(eneral drih CJf opinion, as ex wessed vy Press and Public, is in the direc tion of the abrogation of the taxes now im posed upon the of tobacco, even if no other alteration be made in our National Excise system; and the decided stand made by cigarmakers officially assembled and speaking at Binghamton can hardly fail to change tae course and force of opinioq, as it has hitbe1to been assumed and argued that. of all men, cigarmakers were the most de sirous of freedom from internal revenue restraints and restrictions. Previously they have been foremost and earnest in declaim ing agamst the isolation to wh10h tbey have been subjected for a quarter of a century by the internal revenue laws, and their sudden of view-if the change really extends to the masses of the craft-will be regarded with disfavor by those who are seeking the end of those laws, with gladness by those wrho seek their continuance, aad with surprise by everybody-themselves included, probably. THB FROST Al'D THE TOBACCO SIT lJ.t.TION'. What the late frost has done to tobacco is !8Cribed in a general way in another col umn. At this date no estimate of aggregate damage is presented or possible, but it is .-aonable to conclude that it is of oonaider able magnitude. In portions of Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tenneesee aad North Carolina the cold wave swept with uncommt>B destructivenees over sections de voted to the cultivation of tobacco, and when the harvest is ended it will probably be found that the already small crops of the States named will be materially lessened by the divertisements of the unwelcome Arctic visitor. As acoost>queoce of the known and inferred injury inflicted the various markets ahow in creased firmneBS. The Louisville CourierJO'Urnal of September 27 remarks:-There was a very buoyant feeling in the market en account of frost news, and bils ruled materially higher, both for dark and Burley tobaccos. The offerings were light and the temper of the trade was not fully represented, but some sales both of Burley and dark tobaccos were regarded as '1 to ,1. 50 higher. The CincinnMi Enquirer of September 27 observes:-A number of prominent shippertl, both from Kentucky and Ohio, were on the breaks to-day and fully confirmed the dispatchee about the frost ::laturday morning, and state that the dam11ge done was very great, es pecially in bottom lands, where in some CM'!" whole patches were entirely ruined. Th1s will aid materially in curtailing the very small crop that was planted. The Enquirer of the 28th instant says: Tbe ofteriogs were comparatiYely large to day. The assortment of tobaccos offered was of a generally quality. market prevailed, sbowmg a vast lmpro_ve ment over the previous day, close attention to sales, and compet1t1on was spiriwd for everytbi_nJI: offered at _an advance of fully 2c; in fact, 1t looked as If there was another boom. In Richmond, this city, everywhere in fact, the iolluence of the frost on the future course and condition of trade is recognized. THE MEASURE OF SUCCESS IS SUO.. CESS. So long has it been acknowledged that almost an axiom bas the collocation of words become. Among men in these days who can fairly be mea&ured by this standard is Mr. A Strasser, president of tlie Cigar makers' International Union. This gentle man is the bead, front, brains, bone and sinew of this great organization, and has been so from origin. He may be salt to have brought it into beiag, and with it has fougM many battlee with opposing forces. and most always victory has honored him ey perching on the banner which he held aloft. He b as defeated Progressives, Forty-niners and hosts recalcitrant innumerable, until it may be said of him with truth that he is a bigger man than Powderly or George, the latter with Dr. McGlynn superadded. In his time he baa done much and effective work for the branch of Labor of which he is head. in testimony whereof his coadjutors the other day at Binghamton presented to him a hand HOme gold watch. Manifold as are Mr. StrasBSr's achieve ment.s, one achievement that should, if it do not, most distinguiSh his name adown the vale of the centuries is his coup in getting the boys along with him at Binghamton to resolve that the Internal Revenue system id a good thing for the boys. BilBide this, hiij previous triumphs, and those of his lieuten ants, may well ,. pale their ineffectual fires." Only such discipline ILl! be and thPY eaforce could inspire a sentiment palpably differ ent from the one they formerly entertained and professed. As a leader and director of men of his guild Mr Str888er_is an anequivocal success. He has won his laun:L! and wears them soberly and becomiugly. He is master of the situation. He bas now only to apprehend that by and by there will be pi;>ing voices which will say, "You are boss by well earned right, but we are still journey men, when we all along hoped some day to be pr<>prietors.'' -----BUSINESS liiENTION. The old-time leaf tobacco brokerage busi nees carried on under the firm name of Henry W. Fischer & Bro., will bf'reafter be known under the style of Philip Kelland & Co., at the old stand 178 Pearl street, this city. Mr. Henry W. Ficher retains an inter est in the firm, but will be absent much of the time. We wish the new firm that suc cess which they so truly deserve. IN TOWN THIS WEEK. -Jno. P. Hier, of Syracuse. -T. Soule, lh" New Milford packer. H Wright, of Springfield, Mass. -J. S. Kimmelstiel, the Chicago cigar mer chant. -W. A. Johnson, cigar broker, of Cincin nati, 0. -Geo. P. Nash, the Louisville, Ky., leaf broker. -J. F. Navarro, the Key West cigar manu facturer. -Ramon Solis, president of the Cigar Cn. of Denver, Col. -G. W. Tanner, the Providence, R. I ., cigar manufacturer and inventor. -Emanuel Solomon, Jr of the ciRAr ftrm of Boltz, Oppenhamer & Co., Fort Wayne, Ind. -Charles Crawford, representing the old Philadelphia t.ubaoco merchants aud packers of leaf tobacco, Dohan & Taitt. J.OOAL .JOTTUGS, -Lf'af market boomin"-at the several headquarters as well as in the fields. -Money market tight. Yet there is plenty of it somewhere. -Western tobacoo crop as short as the '87 Havana. -Leonard l!'riedman has returned from his European tour. -Mr. Calixto Lopez leaves for Cuba, via Tampa, to-morrow, -Julius Jaeger, of Jaep;Pr Bros. has just returned from Europe, accompanied by his family. -Frank Pulver dispo sed of 435 cases Con necticut and Massachusetts to out-of-town buyers this week. -Jame:J Bishop, the v11terao. tobacco packer of Hartford, has retired from busi UIM!S. -Charlie Crawford, who talks like an old mariner oa yachting subjects, came over from Philadelphia to witness the great race on Tuesday. -C. F. Haya, the Sumatrl\ importer, wbe bas been coafined to his home for ten days with a blood-poisoned foot, is again at his office. He had a narrow'oscape from am pulation. -United States Commissioner Shields held Moeee Reslick, of 13 Sheriff street, in '500 bail Tuesday for trial for imitating a well known brand of cigarettes. The wrappers ri'HE TOB.A.CCO LEAF. OCT. I of $be ciga'l'8ttes we'l'8 exactly simHar to the brand, but the tobaoco waa vastly mferior. There were no stamps on the pack The detective. seilled S,GOO bwulles of the cigarettes. -Mr. Albert Kramer, of Web'> & Kramer, leaf dealers of Durham, N C., is visiting the city in company with his brother. Mr. Kramer is one of the brl;t;hest of Durham's tobacco men. -Silas G Hubbard. of Hatfield, Mass .. the preeident of the New England Tobacco Grow ers' Association-" and a capital presi dent, too "-was in town this week and gave us' a call. Mr. Hubbard came to this city to attend to 1ome private business. -Simon S trauss, the Lewis street cigar box manufacturer, whose factory was partly aestroyed by fire some time ago. bas rebuilt the same and ttle entire establish ment with new ma::binery. Mr. StrauBS will move in on or before the 15th of October. -Elias Bach & Son sold to Ja.Ager Bros., the New York cigar manufacturers,lOO cases of C0nnooticut, 100 of Pennsylvania and 400 of New York State. Bros. have largely increased their capacity and do a very extensive business. -In some of tbe down-town tobacco Phops lockAd boxes are kept for customers who buy cigars by the box to keep their purchases in and help tbeme&lves on the way to Ol' from work m the morning or evening. This prac tice has been in OJ?eratiQn several mon thi! in some Western cines, it is said. OBITUARY. S. ROSSIN, Samuel Rossin, head of the leaf tobacco warehouBS of S Rossin & Sons, 173 Water street, residence 717 Madisou avenue, this city, died on Friday, September 301 in the Adirondack Mountains, after an illness of about three weeks. .Mr. Rossin was born in Bavaria and was 68 years old. He built the well known Rossin Huuse at Toronto, Canada For the past thirty years he was identified with the tobacco of New York. He was a mtJDber of the Harmonie Club, a Director of the Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews, and took an active interest in all charitable works and benefit associations. He leaves a widow, two sons. and three daughters, all grown up. His death wa.e a painful surprise to his many friends and ac qtJaintances. On announcement of his death on Saturday last the Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade of the City of New York convened and the appended resolutions were passed. Mr. E. .M. Crawford, president of the board; Mr. W. Dessauer, a former partner of Mr. Rossin; Mr. M. Lachenbruch and Mr. A. Lauterbach paid feeling tribute te the memory of the deceased. Appropriate resolutieos were adopted and published by the Home for Aged and Infirm He brows, RE!fOI,UTIONS OF THE LEAF TOBACCO BOARD OF TRADE. WHEREAS, our highl.f esteemed friend and assoc1ate, Samuel RoBBm, bas been taken from our midst; therefore be it Resolved, That the leaf tobacco trade of New York expresses its deep and heartfelt sorrew that it loses one of it3 most useful and esteemed members. Resolved, That in him we have lost an honest, upright, generous friend-one who was distinguiijhed for his broad charities, his genial dispu@itioa, honesty and integrity. Resolved, That the greatest sympathy of the leaf tobacoo trade be offered to his family in their bereavement. Resolved, 'fhat a copy of these resolutions be to the family of the decsased and be published in the trade papers. w. DE,.SAUER, M LACHII:NBRUCEl, A. LAUTERBACH, C\JmrnittEe VID BRIDGES. A telegram Wf\8 received yesterday at 5 o'clock P. M. aonouucrng the death of Mr. Briuges at Bremo Bluff, l!'luvanna county, where he bad been ill for about one munttl. Mr. Bridges was one of our oldest citizens. He had been for years J?romin.,nt 10 the trade, and at the ttme of his death was secretary of the 'l'obacco Exchange. He was widely known and held in general and 1'BIIPPCt. The Tebacco Exchange met to-day and paSAd resolutions uf respect to his memory. -Richmo' Va ) State, Sept. 2 _asiug. Messrs. A. Del Pino & Bros. are now work ing full banded aud repurt orddi'S pouring in. This fi,rm manufacture largely for .Messrs. H. R Kelly &Co, of your city. Me!tt!rs. Rosualdo Perez & Co. report busi oe:!S as on the increase, a.ud this week have been in large quantities, Messrs. Elhoger & Cu. 'd t .. ctory is work ant.! wiLb a full force Mr. Ellinger is expecwd to return here shortly, and there m .. y prob!!-bly be some changes made in the persuooel of the factory. recestly returned from Ha vana repon this year'ti cr. op as fair in qual ity, but very in first-class wrapper G.E.O. Huelneu ChallKe8o ljew Firma and Re mova111. / FRDioNT, Neb.-H. G. Breitenfeld, cigars; now Breitenleld 6 M urer GossaN, Ind.-Wm. Koch, cigars, etc.: burnt out; i nsured. F'ed'k. Mehnert, toba.t.oco. e c ; burn out; iusured. M.ARntVILL&, Bmss, etc.; burnt out. NEw Yonx. N Y -8 & ti ona, whole.Yie lt'al tobacco; Rossin deceased. Pmu.aH:LPHIA, Pa.-.E G Steane it Co. wholf'fl le and rPta.U wbacco, cigars and smokers' articltti; E G. SLeane cont.inuea Wlder the same t:n.yle. Keported and Hu.8lnN8 .&.rn&nfCeneu lis. Cmc.t.oo m.-J. P Rice, etc .; attached for S596. o .-M v. I:J. Wt'i..:hell, cigars and wbacco; .realty mortgage fo r ,.,,01-80 can elled fuaa BBl 'RG, Pa .-BennMville Kemmerer, tobacco and cigars; sold ou" by the &berltf, K.llfus CITY, M.o.-J. L. Hanley & Co., and ret&ll c hcara ; A81:dgoed. NawYu Jt, N. Y.-JosephGreet cigars; judgment against tor $1. 2 Aa.ron Maaa. tobacco; assigned. Ou...L008..l, lowa.-T J & L. tor11nk Blackston e cigars and tob&c..-eo; two suits aga.insr. tor $:!.045. PBILADIILPdU., Pa.-Jas. L Grant, ci5ars. etc. i sold out at auct1on. &M FJU...-ciSCo, Cal.-Christian cJga.r manu facturer; given reals.y mortag('l!or S2 :,w 8M C&l.-Louia 8. C&v&lluo, cig&ri:l; conveyed realty fori1,4W. Reeelved lhe Premium. Mr. E. S Hubbard, of Mtddletown, Conn., was awarded firs t premium for Cunnecticut Seed leaf, and first premium for Havana Seed leaf, at the eighteenth State Fair held at Meriden a few days agfl, .Yom K.lppnr. The great fast day of &tenement, or Yom Kippur, was universally observed Wednes day. the day was kept sacred by a greater number of Israelites than usual could be judged by the closed doors of many of the leading busweBS establishments in all parts of the city. Ll&'htlnli 4JIIfan at LibertY' Torch. "SI.Pp on the platform and get a light, 11 said Mr. John Blakely, the Broadway cigar dealer to a customer yesterday. The_plat form was a few inches above the floor. Upon it stool a pedestal, on which was a small model of the Liberty status holding in her uplifted band a small nickle burner. The weight of the customer upon the platform lighted a tiny jet of gas. When the weight was removed the flame disappeared. "That's a big thing," said Mr. Blakely. "It saves gas and looks pretty at the same time." Mr. Joseph de Susini, formerly, a cigarette manufacturer of this city, is introducmg the invention to the traae. The lighter seems to be a good one, and will no doubt meet with a large sale among the leading retailers. PHILADELPHI.& NOTEs. J. H. Meyer, dealer in leaf tobacco, of Cbi cago, p! the Quaker City a visit the past week, which proved advantageous to all parties concerned. Mr. Benja.min Labe, leaf dealer, 231 North Third atl'tJet, is well satisfied with business this year so far. Theobald & Oppenheimer, fine cigar manu facturere, Ill North Third street, are having an increasing demao:i for the brands of ci gars w hicb they give special attention to. Joseph Loeb & Co., 211 North Third street, are domg a very satisfactory leaf trade, not only here, but at their New York office. The younger memb rs seem to partake of the vim and push of the semor, hllnce buEiness must move. It is a busy hive at the. fine ci11:ar manu factory of Mauge, Weiner & Cu.; 11U6 tO 1114 MoutKOille .ry avenue. 'l'h.,lr receut hlive caused a very pleasant The firm or Loeb, Block and Co., 306 North Third st eet, are muviug leaf tob!lCCO quite fretly. Every member of the firm mtJans buiness. John W. Wartman, Third and New streets, been very succeBSful in his sales of the '86 leaf tobacco. The E>nergy displayed by the leaf firm of Juhus VeLt.erl.,in & Co 115 Arch street, shows what CliD be dona when the bead of tne houije means business. Goods move ia aud out very rapidly. FROST lN THE TOBACCO FIELDS. HENDERBON;Ky: 24, EDITOR 'l'OBACCO LEAl!': Cunsiderallle frust last night. Killed to bacco in low lands. Half of erop not housed G. G. SLAUGHTER. PETERSBURG, Va. Sept. 25 :_Tbe1e was frust beru this mo1 ning. and also in tbe coun ties near Petersburg. Fortunately t!J.ere was not enough to do much if any damage to the tobacco cmp or (!ther vegetation. LYNCHBURG, 25.-Tbere was frost thruugnun this part of the State last night, and there are fears of great 'Joss in the to bacco crop. It is estimated t .hat one thild of the crop id yet in the tidd. LYNCHBURG, Va.,. Sept. 26.-Dispatches to the .Advance in to inqUiries all through Lhll LObacco region sh ... w the crop to be eriouIY iBjured by lroijt, Probably one fourth of the crop is ruined. Richmond (V a.) State, Sept. 24:-Thdre was frost iu Obio and Kemucky l .... t uight, and there will be heavy frost iu Virginia to night, as will be seen by referenc e to our we .. tber report in another column. Eal'ly this moruiug telegrams were received by tobacconists from Cincinoa1 i stating that there was heavy frost in that sectiun last night. There was also frost at Asheville last uight. It wil l be a day or two before the damage to tobacco can be ascertained, but euougb is known to give the market a boom. Poicbs were already firm, but it will be al mot impoBSible to buy lar ge lots in the I\ext few days at anything less than fancy ligures. In Kentucky it is estimated that the frost caught at least half of the Hurley crop_ and about 60 per cent. of the dark crop. Up to yesterday not more than half of the V ilglnia crop had been cut, and with the cuttinK to 'day. on tho frost scare, a great deal of good tobacco will be almodt ruined, becaue cut green. It is estimated that three-fourths of the Nortt Carolina crop has been cut. The leaf dealerg uf Richmond are naturally very much excited over the news to day, and all l!Olders of tobacco are figuring up fine profit.s. Reports from Campbell county, one of the largel't tobacco raisiug counties in Virginia. indicate that this ) ear's crop, the fiuest ever raised, bas beeu almost entirdy rumed by frost. Richmond (Va) State, Sept. 26. Mr. A O>tei'ICb telegrams to day statwg that the tob!lCc O in lew places in Heu t.lersou C.uu1y, Ky., was kdled laL night by frost. H e has received telegramd, from Tenn., eta.tiog that the to bacco m thlit secti, n bad been badly injured by trust; lll;u oue from Famville. Va., stating that the tobllcco iu that Dtligbborbood hall been sli"htly it1jured. T t .. Krams to-day from A s heville, H e nderOH, Winston and Oxford, N C .. and Jrorn tbe Lyochburg tobacco district report the dan.age by frost to tobacco to be equal to I rom une third to one-half of the crop. lu the West the damage seems confined to the Budey district, except in the lower per tiona of the dark tob11cco district. Cincinnati Enquirer, Sept. 25. BATAVIA, 0; 24.-Batavia and the surruuuuiog cuuntty was vidheu by a severe frost last night, greatly to the damage or crops not yet ga1uered. About one h!ilf of the tobacco crop bas not yet been cut, and will be injured to a considerable extent. In some places ice was formed. The leaf to bacco crop was not over 50 per cent. of the crop of 1886, and the damage of the present frust will reduce the available crop to about 25 per cent. of yield of 1886, GLENCOE, Ky., Sept. 2!!.-The frost last night damaged the tobacco crop over 50 per cent. in this and adj Jioiog counLies. All the crop on the river and creek bottoms is almost a total loss. Cane was damaged some, but corn was all well matured and out of danger. MAYSVILLE, Ky., Sept. 24.-Heavy frost night; great damage to crop; about one-fourth housed. OWENSBORO, Ky., S ept. 24.-A heavy frost occurred througtlout Daviess county last night, doing great damage to tobacco and vegetables. On the lowlands the tobacoo is ruined. Owing to the drouth, 'l'lhicb killed the tobacco on uplands early in the season, threefourtbs of the. crop is in the bottoms and the proportionate is very great,: DAYTON, Ohio, Sept. 24.-A bard frOit this morning killed the law leaf tobacco stand which will amount to two thousand boxes of Seed leaf to growers of this valley and ut terly ruined the late vegetable prosp'ects. LYNCHBURG, Va., Sept. 25.-There was a frost tbrour:hout this section of the State last night, and there are fears of great loss in the tobacco crop. estimated at one-third of the crop yet in the field. EvANSVILLE, Ind. Sept. 25.-No doubt that the growmg tobacco has been seriously in jured in the region of country in southern n and ladiana and Kentucky, of which th1s IS the centre. Reports are gimeral to this effect. The .tobacco in bottom lands is badly injured. It is too soon to venture re liable estimates of loss on the crop. Louisville Courier-Journal, Sept. 27. PETERSBURG. Va., receiv"d here to ,day is to the etr.:ct that there was 11: sharp fro .. t in _s3me o f the adjacens ceunt1es Sunday mormng, whwh did consid erable_ the to6ac co crop, one-half of whiCh 1s r:ow m the field. On the riv< r and creek bottoms the was greatest Telegrams r!lceived from various p6ints i.i North Carohna state that the tobacco bu been badly injured by the frost. In the to bacco distdct of Lynchburg the damage done by the frost to the tot.acco is said to be qual to from one-third to one-half of the In the Danville tebacco growing dis there was ashght frost yetoterday mom mg, but damage has not btlen so great there. Reports from Teonesaee are to the etrect that the tobacc o in some sections of that Stale had suffered severely from the frosL OWINGSVILLE, Sept. 26 -The frosts of the las t three mornings have played havoc with the unaut tobacco crop of this region. With the decreased the drouth and the frost, the farmers cannot realize over 20 per ceo of the u.ual crop. Sept. 26:-Tbe to to bacco In th1s county by frost IS not serious. 8HELBYVILL11:, Sept. 26.-The frosts Satur day and Suuday mornings injured to BOrne extent the fall crops. T o bacco that was ee' out late and ha I not rna ured enough to cut was damaged cousider auly. DANVILLE, Va., Sept. have been received here from all parts of the to bacco country cootiKuous to Danville, and all go to show that no damage has been done to To establish fn court ln caae ef or fraudu lent claim, owuerebip In a nademark or label. it 18 near. sary to prove priority of use. or ftr8t uae a.fter by the original owner; and to make such proof at all ttme. available, the To.ll.&.cco....L&.&r PuB.t..UtBING UOJIP.L.'n' have ill augurated in their w.mee a for Ut regie..,... tion and cataloguing of. tr&demarka and labels of t: "61'7 de-scription pertaining to the tobacco, cigar and cigarette IJt-&nd at lower raka than are &llJ' THE T08AC(.J 0 LEAF PUBLISHING CO. will rea1star. give cert11:1cates ot registration and pubUsh weekly ln uae tlne stvle exhibited belo .N &11 trade-marks and for 75 Cents Each. SPE()IFY THEIR 1J8E. Persons and firms us tJade marks for slwuhl be .. r to specify the 11110 or uses to which the trade marks are to be, or ha.a been,_ put; whether usea for cig&rs, cig&rettes, smoking, finecut, p l ug tobacco, or anulf. It tho name is to be used for cigars, it is needless to r egis t er it for cigareLtes, smoking, fine-cut, plug tob&cco and souff, llr any one of thee, in &ddit.ion, for a trade-ma!'k can be beiJ only for tbe particular goods; or class of good, upon which it is actually used. Volunteer. No. 2675. For Cigarettes Smukmg and }l'ine Cut Tobacco. tered 24, 1 p rn. Wm. S. Kimball & Co., ... N Y. Tom Tom. No 2676. For Cigars. Registered Srlpt 8 a. m Chas. W. Mecke & 0.>., Philaddpbia, Pa. :1. W. B. No. 2677. For Cut Plug Smoking. Regt,tered i:lept. 26 8 a. m. J. W. Bene diCt, PortHurun, M1ch. Ill. & M. No 2678. Fus Cigars. Registered tlept. 26. 8 a. m. .MtJkelburg & Moffie, Boston M .. ss. 67. No 2679. !<'or Cigars. Registered 29, 8 a. m. Mekelburg & Mvffie, Boston, Mass. Old <:omrades. N?. 2680, Ff)r Cigarettes, Swvluug uud FmeUut Tobacco R e gis tered S e pt. 29, 8 a m Wm. S. Kimball. & Cu .. Rhlbester, N Y No. I Spindle. N > 2681. For Cigar11. Regiat ureu ;;le pt.. 30. 8 a. m. Flood & Choate, Lowell, Mttse. A .EuJ Ollled.. Henry Miller yesterday filed suit in the S rperior Court agatndt A. Bir.tsall, R. Beck with, George "Biermann, George Cline, Otto Ro oax and John Blake to enjoin: them from attempting to pe1 .iluade his employees to quit their work. He has iu his employ one James C. Ault, who not a. member of the Knighw of Labor organization. Birdsall, Beckwith, Biermann and Cline are also employed by Miller in his gold and ail ver-plating workB, and are Knights of Labor. They tried to persuade Aul' to join the Order. He re fused, and they then demanded of Miller that; Ault be discharged. This demand was refused. The four men named, with Ronax and Blake, who were not employed by M1ller, then thrt>a tened to cause all his employees to go on a strike. The four men quit, and, it is alleged, have sines endeavored to intimidate, and have annoyed and harass ed Miller's employees, trying to get them to strike. Judge Peck iesued a order to prevent their actions.-Cincinnati (0.) Enquirer, Sept. 2!!. Jr., _.Importer and Packer of SEED LEA.F 'l'obaceo, 192_fRONT ST .. ABU fultoa,


\ > i OCT. I. .THE TO:OA.COOT,EA.F. 3 BOW TOBA.CCO IS II.A.BK.ETED .&liD rush auctioneer and bny11ra to another MAlfll'F.A.CTUaED .A.T LOUIS houe, and eo on till the g1'8.nd round fs made. commercial confidence, and. what is best of Rll, a firm of gentlemen. The partners are E. J. Foree, George A. Foree and N. Furey every one of whom by long experience is master of every detail of this moat intricate VILLE KT After the sales the farmer contrults with __ his factor (the warehouseman), and if the branch of busineRS. at which his h(>gRheamR marli:ets on the I'COf'e of q_uaC!ty. But Since goes to Europe, some to Africa; but the bulk the Kentucky Bhlegrass drstrlCt to goes to American mR.oufacturers. How is It the fro!'t !lA a gr_owmg section manufactn!'lld t Come with me. I will (wh}eh It has dotie the ?f take you to tbe model factory of this great as White 'Burley) LonlBVIlle tobacco city. whAre y?u will see how "plug" 18 t.r ahead 'ID _the matrer quahty, as she and I will also mak11 you arquainted has been 10 the quantuy of her. saJes; with some gentl P-meo who know all> be "ins for Wb1te 'Bcarl_ey, hkA the ot.ber prmcrpal Mld 011ts" o( converting raw leaf into deli proclvcts Qf this matchle88 Kentucky Bluecious -chews. WA wtll rto to tQe factory of "He is remembered as a Lrue mao of high and rare type-a man wilh an unswerving loyalty to principle." Sursly it is something LO be the sons of such a man. During the war Dr. Foree had a son on either side. One of them, the l>\te Lieu ten ant Alfred Foree, of the United States navy, woo heroic di.tinction by .sacrificing his own hfe to eave that of his commanding officer, off. the coast of Nicaragua. Sv great was the estimation in which lle was held by the people of this commonwealth that a tablet his her(lism was carved at State expense by resolution of the Legislature, w bile a cenotanh in the naval cemetery at Annapolis stands as a tribute to his gallantry from hill brother efficen of the navy. He Iougbt through the war on the U uion side. EDW ABO JAOEBOK I'OitSI&. :grass region, is the king of ite kind. [t 'has the finest fibre, the most delicate !flavor, and 'iB withal the most inoOCUSmokers or cbewe....-1 llllk, are not Americans the most active, energetic. eoter_pising, invent ive prog_reBBive, maoly race of mortals on the we inhabit t Now, if t?bacco is tb.e curse it is cracked up to be. of being what we are, would we not be a nerveless, puny race witbQnt pride of aoeestry'or hope of posterity 1 But wb-rher tobacco be health ful or harmful. remains the place where the of it gets from the field and baru mto the swim of commerce. And no eity in the Union has ll feature of greater in-,' .:,'1' But Mr. E. J. 'Foree, the head of this estab lishment, followed the other flag-the flag that loet. May be his middle name had some thing to do with lobe side he choee, for his mother WBII a double ftnt cousin of the illus trious "Stonewall" JackBOo. Now, how ever, like most of those who wore the gray -at least, ef those who did the figbLiog-he is as true to the stars sod stripes as any mao in all the North. As the bead of the firm, he has general supervision of lobe entire business. Mr. N. Furey has been e011;aged in tobacco N, FUKB:Y, manufacturing richt here in Louisville for h F T b b .. the past twenty odd years. He is a native t e oree o acco Company, ecause 1t 18 of the Emerald Isle, and as fine a specimen one of the finest, most modern, best equipped of tile .. fine old Irish .,..0ttemao" as Jives on anll best managed in America. .. Arriving at the corner of Fifteenth and this side of -lobe Atlantic. He is the." office man of the firo;. streets ws enter an elegant counting As has been stated, Mr. Gelrge A. Foree room, whose restbetic appointments and ex quisite furnishings nre unsurpassed.' west of is the practical manager inside the factory, New Yvrk city. It is certamly tbe 'finest and no man in A.merica is better fiHtd to office in the city of Louisville. The first manage large robacco works than he. He man we meet is one ot tliose gemal, uoas-began with the A. B. C. of the business, and hil!:b-bred Kentucky gentlemen bas mastered every detQil one by one.' He whose company makes one feel ilf 'better was a long time on the "breaks," where he humor with all mankind. Tb-is is Mr. Ed-got to be an experL judge on leaf. ward Jackson Foree, the head o f the firm. Among the brandd that l sampled while at We tell him we desire to look through the the Foree Tobacco Company's factory, that factory. and he turns us over 1o another known Bll Foree's Ro.iubow" struck me as agreeable gentlemen, his brother. MT. :3eorge tbe perfection of a good chew. It is made of A. Foree. who is .m!\oager of tbe factory the creme de la creme of picked leaf, is deli proper. Under his courteous.gtridaoce let us ciously flavored, and, by reason of its mild now go along tbe route 8 hOfi:Sbead af tobacco ness and purity, can but com,mand 'heap travels in the procees of plug manufacture. proval of every connoisseur. In fact, DOthEntering the elevator we go -straight to iug better can be made. the _top ..floor. Here are found some dozens "Canada Navy," a dark, waxy plug, of fresh .from the "breaks." all with a toOthsome fl'4vor peculiar to itself, 1s pulled to pieces that the leaf may be picked another brand of pGpularity. over and assorted. Gaze for a moment on a Among the other brands of the Foree To thing of beauty. if not a goy fer ever-a bacco Company may be mentioned Pre great white floor, immR.culately dleao. covmium Fig," tbe Kentucky gentleman's chew;' ered with piles and piles of rich, "colory "Big Pull." a smoking plug; "Good Heii81Aaf, the cream of a crop grown .00 virgin. ure." which is just wbat iLs name implios, Bluegrass soil-the very best tobacco in all as is Blggebt and Best," a chew for the the world. Breathe the 'fragrimce millions. 1'hs sales of this factory have so far this year far exceeded the entire output of and every indication pointe w a steady fu ture increase pruportiooate with the merit!! of the men and the guoils they kansas Traveller. Sept. 10, 1887. a-eJtua. N Griswold Lorillard, second son uf .Pierre Lorillard. lias been ill at poeumunia, but is now ou the way to recovery, we are to state. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FoR Wir;Jrx ENDING Sa>T. 30. terest to the visitor than this city bas iu its J floating forth from this :gold tinted silken &obacco market. which has taken possession weed of lux:1ry, lying here outspread in all of and mooopolizu d a large district in the its native purity and beauty; aoJ. very heart of the cit y. Talk about the French of scene, turn your eye yonder, out through market of New Od"n"! That great cou-the factory window, and see the clear Ohioglomeratioo of tishrnon!(ers. pie-plants. huckto day as limpid as n mountain brook rip sters, et id genua bur. a sideshow 1 0 piing down the falls-the finest river scene this big circus. 1'h.-ChicRgC> Board of Trade? along the Mississippi's larger'tributarres. That is out a small boy' game of ma.rbles to But beck to our tobacco. After being a giant's game of b all eompared with this picked aud sorted tbe leaf 'is tbrowu upon an megethereao market whe e every package endless frame thll.'t goes vevolving on and sold is a verhable Jumbo. There and at through a long steam chest-the latest and other commercial one sees but men most effective appliance yet invented for and hears but anJ bowls. Here be moistemog the leaf-tfrom wblcb 1t emerges sees thousands of bugA barricading soft und pliant for the et.emmers. who, each the pile d on dray tilling vaq t build in h e r little stall, de'f tily w itbdraws the lent's iogs. It is the sight of tbe hogsheads. tbe coarse rib, laying out 6gs heads for export Sawyer, Wal lace & Co. 1'his .Ja.:ge transfer was a wei come event ill tf'ade -circles here, and the query, afLer congratulatioos, was, What is its destination f T&at -it was for -Regie account was generally admitted, but opinion varied as to which of the \Regies. .Probably those who inferred it for -Spain were nearest right. There was oo improved.demaod for gen eral trade. iooludi-ng lines for home and foreign use, Atricaos being embraced in the latter category. Bremen adviees, though eneouragiog, indi cate uncertainty in that market as to the real situatiou b.ere. ilt .is difficult for holders there to realize how shgrt is the ,present and prospective supply in and some of them seem to be .e;r,pecting that ere long some ef our holders w ill be seeking an out let in Bremen at the ;prices -there in favor. The signs of the times .are at present against this anticipation. For the week just eac!ed rn:. A. :Stoppel, bacco broker, 24 Beav-er street, reports ,as follows:RB:OEIPTS 1'0& tii(@N'l'H. Sumatra-A general dullneBB has pervaded the inarll:et this week. This is partly caWHid by the activity of manufacturers in' securing everything fine in Seed leaf wrappers. But as the supply is very limited, it is expected they will soon turn their attention to the for eign article. Sales of 275 bales are reported at from $1.40 to $1. 75. Plug-It is stated that I!Ome little faUiog off in ordera was perceptible this week, owing to the fact that the fall trade nearly over, and that the further advance in the prices of tobacco deters buyers from operating until they use up stocks on band We hear of several orders refused at prices prevailing some weeks ago. Trade is running on regu lar goods, jobbing lots seeming to be out of the market. The exports were 383,004 pflunda. P. Lorillard & Co. close brolam IU .&.-. pleo: John Muir 3 bbds 1 bx eamples: A. D ::ltnms & ()o 8 W Duke & Co 11 hhds c. cigarettes: Th,Dipson Moor e& Co 110 cs mru: 41:1 hxs <10, .J,(bndo 86ca.Js do: Leopld Moller & Son 12 cs smlst -split -in two when the stem was drawn-are laid out on frames, which are littei Uito tall, ,broad racks tbat run on whee ls and ruabe d straight into the drying"Muse, wbeuce it comes forth dryer thau any tinder. '['be drying room of the Force Tollacco Company is the of its kind. ia all Arperice. It reminded me of. tba bot room;.of a bath, only there was a mouster fan revolv ing all the time and so arranged as to mod erate the beat to meet the retuiremeots of the different stages iu the pro:JeBB of .mois ture elimination. The racks tw'e attached to: au chain th .. t moves w ith t<>l1toise-. gaited regularity thtouglt the nreot.of bot air. The leaf now. sweet anli dry, is -mois teoed again and gently stecAmeti into "order" for the machines that make iL U!to lum,ps, which are wrapped by deft Hngtlrll, read,y .for Western ................ 17,625 hhds. New Orleans............. Hamburg ........ 10,517 lt&ly .......... w .-erpool . .. 4,o29 '92 9 46 7 12 I W,652 1 29 1,848 12,1>48 18,241 Adams timith Sber win & Co 3: F H Le11gett & ()o: 253,166 2: B Serpa 1; Best Russell & Co 8: B F .Moore & 198,223 Co 1; .II. DuBors11 : Esberg, Bachm .. u & Co 29; Greenhal1 & ()o 4; G W Nichols Wagner Kellam & IJo l ; Reid, Murdock Fiscber 1;; M Harry Mayer 1: Fa.k & Meye r 12; H Ro!ieofeld & Co2; W A L eggatt & Co 1 : J A 2,238 De Leon I; J K Sweeney & Uo 1: Sprague Warner 28,9U2 & Co 8; B C Gilmore 4ts do 5 d& 100 Lozano. Pend as & Oo 1tl da, 2 do : H R Kelly ..t. 770,14l 15 do, 20 do; Cele tino Palacig & Co 40 do 18 do Soliciting your patrouage for the new firm, and thauking you for peat favors, I remain. repctfully, HENRY W. FISCHER. : the molds and finishers," wb.ieh pr.ess .'iut.o v .arious styles and shapes., 'l'o gi>'e the . I details ,of the intricate haodli.og of the to-are made;, that the If>uBVIJ!le bacco leaf from the hogshead to the fioisbed breaks the moet impressive mart! plug might prove untuteresting to -the j!jeR Baltimore ................ ;i66 u Virginia............. ..... i98 Total. . .. .. .... .6,4i!!9 SALES' FOR THIC :RO!fTilil. Export . . . 1,.683 Jobbers .. .. .. .. 26 ... Manufacturers .......... J 860 Tota11 : t, 618 "" "EXPORTS FOR THII: 'JIGN'l'R. !Aaf ............... ..... 14-,215 .. .. Stems.................. 33 "-' scene m tbe world. I erality of readers, so I'll c ut it sb.ort by sayThe comes here ff'om the cr:>untry iog that in arranged faetQry, : ... In telA pt!IAtH-'s barn -where the machinery is-the very 8ae .. t all4i.. Total. 14 2 8 I' lB )mzed so compaet a 01&88 .t.b&t where the operatives are the mDr, until the shipping room: re sellm1: well. The crop lB a very head by to the b1dder. is l'eached, whence it goes "forth to ew-ery bright one, it is said, and it is also said that 'Yhataretbe breaks marketintheUnion. 1 k to"--tb. h plam that there are a number of oftlcralm ltrs before th :Z.:ecutiM Depanment.s ar Con,_ Refer to 2Dd Nat .8&nk. Send olamp for OOr:eti]>O<' Mr. H W. Orog1n fonnerJ7 f'Woodat.od with w. P. Bu .... on atld w&o &n Exainlner In the Patent Oftloe. PICADURA CHEROOTS. tJ' F tr'. :X. Principal Depots :-192 Broaclway, corner st.: and 489 Broadway, cornerBroeme, NewYortr. The above llrand, haviag 'beeB copyrighted, U. trade is cautioned not 10 imilale t.he 811Dle under 1M peaalty of the law. Eaclo package, contain in& M cllert>ots in Liofoil, hears a yeo lew label with liD X on the face or the lat.el ud a white label aci'088 0111 eDii or package t>n wilicb are t.heinit.ials, J F. J. X. Also importeil Key Weat and Domestic all grades. at Wholesale. 1173-98 J. F. J. XIQUE&.-. ALSO _.olaa F, 8tratW ... Gold Trumpet Accordeons the handaomel& Accordeona in the market. John F. Btratton'll Ploo colo A..ccordeo01. John F. Stratton's c:eleHaiM Harp Guitars, et

4 8ecelp&e aa .. 8toek In all Wea&erD lU.A&rkel (Beporied by Wm. G Meier It Co ) Receipt!! from Stocks on hank ware housemen sold m round lots 276, 150 and 100 bhds colory to bright hig;h grade Green Rivers on pr1vateterms, and all to New York dealers. One hundred of darks were also die_poeed of privately. Light bodied red lugs and leaf in light sup ply, and when.11weet in good demand, with common and medium lugs to higher. Good lugs to medium leaf atrong at outside .ligures, and 1ood leaf higher. Nondescript without ruaterial change. Weather last tw;o days very cool, with frost reported last night in bottom lands in different parts of the country, but amount of damage uncertain. The 'United States Government returns for August show an increaee th1s year for the month of $473,015 on chewing and smoking tobacco alone, with additional increase of $29,638 on cif!,arettes. ALEX. HARTHILL, Tobacco Broker. Eastern Markets PHILADELPHIA, Sept 29 -Mr. A. R J'ougeray, 'l'obacco Inspector, reports to ':le To:a.a.coo LBA11' RB follows -A fair trade m manufac lured hard tobacco is shown in the week's l)usinesa. l'!taple brands han the first call. Pnces are stuady Fme cuts show considerable life. Smokmg tol>acco recc1ves the usual weekly no tice. Cigars-1t[anufacturers are having an encouraging busmess. Snuff moves very steadily. Rece1pt.s for the week-4,215 boxes, 5,102 caddies, t,MO cases and 2il0 pails fine cuts. Seed Leaf-Handlers of leaf suitable for cigars are having a steady bu-mess. The ebortness of 1tock of alll,dads has given a brisk demand tor all a-radea and styles of goods of the '86 growth. At the same lime a moderate amouDt of fine wrappers ie to be found among the Havana Seed, wh1ch :a very desuable and finds a ready mrket from appre -c:iat1ng consumers. Sumatra, as usual, is having an open field, with out a com!"lttor. Havana sells well at a fair margin Rece1pts for the week-110 cases Connecticut, 814 cases Pe .. nsylvama, 59 cases Ohio, 310 c&l!es Llltle Datch. cases W1scons1n. 101 cases York State, es bales Sumatra, 159 bales Havana, and 130 bhds Vugtma and Western leaf tobacco. Sales allow 71 cases CoanectlCUt, 515 cases Penn sylvama, 48 ca s es Ohio, 39 cases Ltttle Dutch, 402 cases W liCOnsm. 131 cases New York Bt&te, 52 balet! Sumatra, 296 bales Havana and 21 hhds Western leaf m tr&nslt d1rect to manufacturers. Export of leaf t ob acco To Antwerp, per str Weternland lbs to Liverpool, per str :Bntlsh Kmg, 69,734 lbs Total, Western, & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. C., 27.-Hes.derson Bros., Leaf Broken, report t"O the To :BACCO LEAJI' as follows -There bave been no sales mnce our la s t report, and as the e is so httle old now 10 the country we may not expect any sales until tile new begms to move wbich Will n o t be be fore the m1drHe of Oct 0 ber We have bad quite a cold snap and f10st en the mght of the wh1ch d1d considerable damage in some localities, Wh1le others we1e not so badly frosted, owmg to the dry weather. Some partie report one f ounh of the cro p damagerl, wh1le others thmk th1s too much. At best our httle crop ts considerably hu r l. QUOTATIONS. Fillers-Common ... ...... ............ 1 Medmm ........................ 8 Gndon, 41 hbds Kentucky 83 hbds Yr gw1a 10 bhd Maryland, 23 uerces North Ca1olina. str Peruv1an, for L1verpool, 33 buds Kentucky. 15 uerces Vtrgm1a. str Mam, for L1verpool, 31ll hhrls Mayland, 156 hhds Kentucky, 104 hbds ht1ds stems TOBACCO 8'l'ATBKBNT. Jan. 1, 1887-Stocll oa hand n tobacco wareh"uses and on ehipboard not cleared . 23 0!18 b bds !lllpected this week . . 1,964 hhds Inspected prevwusly .. . . 4o, llmu 6ti,185 llhdll &xporte of Maryland and Oh10 8tnce Jan. 1, 1@87. 80,839 h!JW. Bhtpped coastwise and re Inspected ............ 3 ,191 bhd 88,530 bhdlo Stock tn warehouse th1s da:v and on shpbo&rd not c1earea .............. 31,655 bhdlo Stock same IIQle m 1887 ... .. bhds Manufactured tobacco continues qmet Exported to AntweriJ, 1,600 lb, to Rio Janeiro, 50 lbs. Smoking Tobacco-Our manuf ac turers are yet busy and have full ordera at advanced pnces. Vll'IUll'lliiA'.L'l. O.,Sept 28 -Messrs. Prague &; blat.eoo, Leaf Toba.! Bales dunng week ...... 1 ,260 Rece1pts lilunng week.. .. .. .. .. 786 Our market conuuued very tbrougllout the week, and prices closed generally stronger for all grades. Olfenngs were comparatively small and poor in quahty, showmg that holders of the better grades are firm and not dtsposed to accept preenl The Burley d1strict experienced 11 severe frost IRBt mgh.t, wh1ch damaged considerably the crop remammg uncut, but to what extent canRot yet be learned. CUTTING LEAl!'. Common luga,nondescnpt... 8 00@ 7 50 Colllmon lugs. colory. . 7 50@ 8 56 Medmm lugs. colory................ II 50@ 9 50 Good Juga, colory........ .. .. .. .. .. II 50@10 50 Common leaf...................... 10 5C@ll 50 Medium ....................... 11 oll@t8 GO Good leaf .......................... 14 00@16 00 Ftne leaf ......................... 16 00 11LUIUFACTURING PLUG STOCK. Common fillers, darl<.. .. .. .. .. 9 00@10 00 Methum fillers, some color ........... 11 00@1a 00 Good fillers, red and good body ..... 14 00@17 00 Fme fillers, bnght good body... 11:! ()(,@25 00 DANVILLE, Va., Sept. 26 -Paul C. Ve11 able, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to the To BACCO LEAJI' 8B Collows.-l:!ales are poorly supplted with old stock, and new bas not begun to come in yet of sufficient quant1ty to make a market Farm ers are bu s y cutLmg and cunng The new that has been marketed shows go8d color, body ami ize Pnmmgs have been maketed m a very small way th1s ye"r and do not bflng enough to pay for sell iDg. The we&ther is cool and trosty. A"out one th1rd of the crop is yet on tbe h1ll. QUOT.A.TIONS-{Oid Stock.) Smoken-Common. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 @ II Medmm col8ry .................. 5 @ Goott ........................... 7 @ 8 Fme bright .................... 8 @12 Fancy bnght .................... l2 @16 Cutters-lJolDDlon bright .............. 12 @Hi Mi!dium bright ............ ...... 15 @18 Good ..................... 18 F1ne ...................... Fancy hnght.. ............... 25 @35 Ftllers-Common dark ................. 4 @ Common co,ory. .. .. .. .. .. 4 @ 6 Good colory ........... 00 ........ 6 @ 8 Fwe bright ..................... 8 @12 Fine to fancy ................... 12 @t5 Wrappers-Common hugbt ............ 10 @12 .Medium bnght .... 00 ............ 12 @16 Good bright ................... 26 @25 Fme bright ..................... 25 @31i Fancy bnght. .................. 50 @65 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., 8e)1lt. 27.-Mr. Geo. V. Thompson, 'l'obacco Broker, reports to the ToBAcco LEAll' :-Bales of the week O)Jened and clo.ed today. Sales about 4.0 hhds. No change to note lD pnces. are looktng for cous1dera ble advance, hence Lhe light cffelmgs We had frost on the mgllt of the 23d, and tobacco was c a n siderably damaged. About 4.0 per cent of the crop was m the fields at that lime. Lat nigut asd lo day we have a fine ram. QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common .. . .. . 3 VO@ 3 75 Frosted .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 00@ 8 00 Medmm... .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00 5 00 Good .................... 5 00@ 6 50 Le&f-()ommon ................ 5 :ill@ 6 oO Frosted .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 0 0 @ 5 00 Medmm ...... .... : ...... 6 50@ 7 50 Good .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... 7 50@ 8 oo Fme .......... .......... 8 50 00 Wrappers ..................... 11 00@17 00 LYNCHBURG, Sept. 28 -.Messrs. Holt 8chaeter 1/r, (.)o. Buyers and l'lan 'lers of Leaf To bacco, reoort to the TOBAcco LEAF 98 follows:The rece1pts m our market havmg been exceed ingly mall, we bad nl}ti.Jmg of inte1est to 1ep01t of late. End w land tobacco h!H parLly been badly. Farmville aDd Dovtlle dtotricts seem to have escaped-at lea s t ODiy vey s hl!ht damage '" reported from lllere. As to the total daw!ige done 1t 1s ilfficult to gtve a c01rect estlm>ttc, but from past expenence suc'h d umage 1s always uuderesLI:natell and Will appear to Its full extent only after the tobacco hs been cured W c w11l bne no !lilies ot any consequence t efore the begiumng of Novemher, when we shall coo llnu e "OUr reports regularly, unless m tile meautunc sume tumg of should occur. OXFORD, N.C., Sept. 28.-M.r. W A Bobbitt, Leaf 'l'obacco Broker, reports tn the ToBAC co LEAF as follows:-We bad a Eli2"1lt frost m this uction on the 24th and but 1t amounted to nothmg 1n th1s ecuon, but htLie tobacco bemg out, and a small proportion of that 1s hurL Ou the 2Sd we llad a heavy break of tobacco (all new,, the four 'IAtge warehouses bemg c1 owded. OD I be 2ilh was the openiJi sale ot the Banner Warehouse (a new bume coDi'@ 4 MedmlR.. .. .. .. .. .. 4 9 Good ........................... 7 @lU F1oe ........................... 10 @15 Fancy ......................... 15 @18 Cutters-Common ................. 12 @IIi Medmm....... .. .. .. .. .. lli @20 11ood ..... 0 ... 0 .......... 0 0 0 0 0 Fme ..................... 23 .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ 28 Fillers-Common ..................... a ((jj li Medwm........ . ... 5 @ 7 Good......................... 7 @10 FiDe ............................ 10 @14 Edra ........ .' ................. l4 @17 W rapper>-Cemmon ................... 15 @ 2 bledmm ....................... 22 oood ....... ................ aJ ([!,45 Fine .......................... IQ,U5 F .. ucy ................... ....... 6.'i @75 PADUUAH, Ky,, Sept 24 -T. H Puryear, TobaccoHrolter,lepttstotbe TouAecoLEAFILS lol lows .-Markel wao very strong, though quot ably bigber. The proportiOn of low grades was very e Tbetc were hgbt the first of the week, btit the weather the last few days h.,. been cool and harsll. Rbds. Reco;Ipt.s for week .. ... .. .. .... .. 163 Receipts smce Jan. 1. .............. 16, 197 Offenugs for week.. .. .. .. .. 462 IJtfermg for year ................ 17,902 Net sales for week ................... 418 Net sales for year .................. 15,540 QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common (dark)-red 01 colory 2!i'@ Jlledmm do ................. Good do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5% Fine o ................. 672 Leaf-Low do ............. .... Common .tlo ............... 1t1edmm do ................. 971 Good do ................. Fme do ................ @-Selections, (dark or colory)... -@ RATKS 01!' TRANI!PORTATlON Rates to New York, water and ra1l, per 100 Jbll, 35c do do all ra1l, do do 29c do New Orleans, all ro1l, do do 20c do do by water, do do 20c Boston rates Ga above New York, and Pbiladel ph1a 2c, and Balt1more 3c below. .RlUH.i\IOl!D, Sept. 28.-W. E. Dbrell, Lear Tobacco Broker, reports to the ToBAcco LEAF as follnws:-The froot excitement was very conta geous Saturday and M o nday, and telegrdn:S were very numetollil from all teu .. cco secuon ot tht Ma1ket falfly ac uve al interval, w1th o:ood stocks ollellng, but sellers ratller JD(.IIffe,ent lately. Sept. 29.-0ur ma1 ket has not been as ac!lve as 1t would have been after the frost reports were it not for the strmgency in money matten. A good many contract ollero have been refused on th1s acc o unt. Sun cured leaf 1s hgher and tn much better demand for all grades. Shtppmg has agun !Jeen qUiet. Blights llave so!Ji spa11ngly, but at gooli p11ces, tncluamg some few faded wrappers Fillers and smokers hltve been dull In tenor m&lket.s have bad lull breaks, and very high priCes a1e reported for and cutters. Flllels are teported ratller sea ce 1n new. 'l' he old crop, 188> and IS n o w p1 &eLICally allm this market, and wb1le pnces are SLllllow lind rather depressed, we look fur a b1g Improvement when the demand from sheer necessity lu ns this way later on. The blight crop Will be curtatled by frost to the extent of one half the plantmg 1n southwet Vu l(llU& and West Vuj(lDlll .. U!impbell, Nottoway, Nelson and Amherst counties sullered also heavily by frost. These are dark tobacco count1es ID 01he parts of tlle bnght be l t the frost has been more or 1ess severe, as is up in cunngs In the !asL few days. A ,few pnmings are coming in at SOc to $1 per hulltlled, and t.h<> warw rapy speh w1ll prooobly lmDg w some leaf next week but buyes a1e not pa tJaularly anxwu s tor it, under heavy stocks and tight money matters Thete I S ome demand for VtrgiDia red a11d low grade lugs for tile West already. We tb10k the trade f10m all >ectwns Will sosn turn Llns way for a fine crop or new dark and brt!(llt, as well as for cheaper old gl!ides The fir st of October ts tbe be gtunJUJ: of o ur new to!Jacco yeJt.r. Foreign. Markets. AMS'J'E.RDAM, Sept. 15.-Messrs. Schaap & VanVeen to Lbe TOBACCO LEAF: Tbe result of the subscrtptton for 22,725 bales Sumatra tobacco was as fullows:-Bales. Marks. Valuatron. 792 Arnst. Del1 C1e I S B, 696 I SB 823 1 v, 141 860 K & K I B I Deb, 234 J H I Deh, 382 w & V S I Deh Laugkat I B, 291 S I Deh, 323 W 0 I B. 88 I X, 582 Arnltem1a Deli, 552 D ell Ba M1j, 143 50 No. 542 I 1,093, 116,!i' 583 Deli Ba Mij, IT ,L I Dell, 1,o18 r 1 6oo, 597 D e h Ba MIJ, I T L I 141 No. 1,601 1 2,197, 125 283 Dell Ba Mij, I Tandem 1 No. 857 11,139, 139 Sold at about 208c. 208c 140c. 183c. 163c. 172 c. 138c. 138c 133c. 120c. 13Bc 138c. 148c. OC-:(. 1 SF' XES&, :EE. E R El S &, e:f Pi:n.e 1:l::Le Larse: :l.:a. 'tl::Le l 11014,1016,1018,1020 SECOXD AVE., anti 310, 312, 314. 316 EAST FIFTYFOURTH ST., NEW YORK. 466 Deh Ba M1j, I Tandem I No. 1 ,140: 1,6('5, 358 Deli Ba MJ. No 800 I 1,157, 300M G. No. 11 300 521 J T I Deb, 248 P&G, 540 PayaJambu Lan kat, 884 P & G, 795 L PC IT, 62TEA, 451 S & Co, Deli I E Botx>ngan I 18& Co, I B.> bongan 1 S A, 76 Sumatra I B. 649 Gambier I Drlli, 386 Gambler I Deh, 157 K & L I Ddi, 674 Deh Maatschi, 584 I A, 835 I Dd1 Teewa, 998 T R I Deli, 657 J L I Pukaran I Deli, 489 J L I Deli, 289 F 1 Deh, 968 Ass'n I L, 868 G E I Lankat. 677 W & I kat, 372 D S M D f L'mkat, 865 N & G I S B I Se nembah, 654N&GITI 622 :xK. 294 t1 H I Frankrurt I Estate, 255 B.S. T. Co I Tan:.a rau, 170 1713 76* 106 170 103 29 101% 158 165 % 89% 176 192 161 148,!i' 1593 156 150Jq 122,14 244 B & H I Paloh Kemiri 1 Serdan,;, 136 203 c 104c. 104c 75c. 203c. 183c. 213c. 223c. 196c. 189c. 132c 198c. 17 2c 176c 146c. 169.;. 134c. 25c. 152c. *Not granted. Again for the better lots very high prices were paid. From Germany the competition was not so great as usual. Amencan buyers made bus1:1ess Tery lively. About 3,000 bales 35c goods, fi;, for the Uuited States, were sold, and for the finest lots prices went up to 340 cents Dutch On October llagam 2u,000 to 22,000 bales w1ll be off ered. A lot of 32 bales Ceylun was sold at nearly 95 cents. Steck to day, 35 !.119 bales Sumatra, 11 917 bales Java, bales l'urktsh, 831 bales Ma nila, 150 hhas Maryland. Mr. Henri circularofSept. 14 says: Sales at thtl inscrtpt10n auctiOn yesterday and to day of 23,385 bales of Sumatra and 32 bales Cey Ion were as follows : Jungb & Holler, Bremen: 32 bales Ceylon, H J V m a dtamond, 95c; 255 bales Sumatra, SST Co I Tamaran, 85ll. W uste & Hmtzen, Amsterdam: 795 bales' Sumatra. L P 0 IT, 175c; 234 bales do, J H Deli, 185c; 248 bales do. P & Co, 214c; 583 and 597 baleg do, Deh Ba My I T L I Deli, 14Qc; 372 bales do, D S MD I Lankat, 14lc. B. H. Manus, Amsterdam: 451 bales Su matra, S 0 Deh 1n Equae, Em diamond, Bo bongan, 103c; 1 bale do, S 0 Deh in Bobongan, S B in dtamond, 157c; 792 bales do, Arnst Dell Cte 1 S B 206c; 696 bales do, Arnst Dell C1e, S B, 2li6c; 323 bales do, W C I B, 135c; 88 bales, W.. 0 1 X 135c. Altink, Pappenhetm & 0<)., Amsterdam: 649 bales Sumatra, Gambier Deh, 200c; 386 bale3 do, Gambier-Deli, 200c Jacob Ankersm1t & Zoon. Amsterdam: 582 bales Sumatra, Arnhem1a Deh, Selig & Fleck, Amsterdam: 860 bales Su matra. K & K B 1 Deli, 140c; 384 bales do, P & Co., 136c. Pavenstedt & Pauli, Bremen: 382 bales Su matra, W & V S 1 Deh Langkat I B, 165c. & Scbalwyk, Rotterdam. 291 bales Sumatra, S I Deli, 175c. Herschel. Enthoven & Co, Amsterdam: 521 bales Sumatra, J T I Deh, 186 c. 868 bales do, G,E I La.ngkat, 178c.; 657 bales do, J L I Pkavan I D eh, 191c.; 294 bales do, S & H I 136c. Gronmg & Co., Amsterdam:' 540 bales Su matra, Puga Jambu La.ngkat, 200c. Meyer & Strauch, B emen: 466 bales Su matra, Dell Ba My i Tandt'm \ Dell, 200c. B uroemann, & Co. Bremen: 358 bales Deli Ba My I T H I Deli, 195c 'W. Lehmann, Amstedam: 998 bales Su matra, '1' R I D e h, 198c.; 968 bales do, Lang kat I Assoete I L, 174c., 674 do, Del Maatschy, 185c. Gebr. R"'pehus and Fn1z Olie & Co., Am ster dam: 835 bales Sumatra. Dell M1 1 D ell Toewa, 225c.; 654 bales do, N & G I T I Se nembah, 17lc. J M Heymann, Dusseldorf, and Polhtz & MIChaella, Amsterdam: 283 b11le:s Dell Ba My 1 Tandem 1 Ddi. 150c. Andr. Hoyermann & H artmann, T H. Engelken & Co, and H W Stover & Co .. o52 bales Sumat1a, D e h Ba My. 120c. Lessmg & "Ruseufeld, F1 ank:furtonM: 489 bales Sumatra, J L 1 Dd1, 134c E Schleicher, Rutterdam: 584 bales Su matra, Deli Maatscbs.ppy 1 A, 21 5c. Cbs. Mayer & Co., London. 865 bales Su matra, N & Co, 1 S B 1 Senembab. 149c. Hoyermann & Co., B1emen: 677 bales Su mata, W & K 1 B I Langkat, 126c. U uknown: 35 bales Sumatra, Celdo 1 Deli, 95c. ; 25 bales do, N & Co I H. 68c ; 6 bales do, B S, 50c ; 62 b!lles do, T E A, 32c.; 76 sales do, I B soc.; 244 bales do, B & H 1 Pulo k Kem111 1 Sendang, 154c.; 289 bales do, F I D e ll, 200c. 1'o vartoYS buyers present at thll auction: 594 bales Sumat1 a, G r 0 1 Lobo Pakan, 114c 157 bales Sumatra, K & L I Deh 823 bales do, Doh C1e 1 V, 16(Jc ; 300 bales do, M G y90c.jji22 b01les do, K 1n c1rcle, 125c. ...---CRANE'S PATENT LINEN FIBRE WAlES. THESE UTENS!I.'l ARE WELL ADAPTED FOR TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARETTE MANUF'ACTURERS. Light, Durable, Air and Water-Tight. W"-Sample and nlustraied C.talogue furnished on appllcatlon. LONDON, Sept. 14.Grant j Chambers & Co. report to the ToBACCO LEAF .-Notwitbstandmg all the unfavorable reports as to the crop. there has been an ab s ence of acttvity in thlB market and the S:lles of Amencan tobacco have been upon a very hm1ted scale. p, ices remam firm at the late ad vance. Substitutes have only been sp:lringly dealt m In Western but few small sales .have been made, and the trade shows no mchnatron to add to the1r stock. V1rgm1a has only been dealt in to a very moder"'te extent. Muyland and OhJOS >me lew tl'ansactlODB in the latter growth. Cavendish has continued dull of late. EXCHANGE MARKET REPORTS. HARTFORD, CONN. Times. Sept 22:-ln Wethersfield the crop is all gathered, and the samplers who have o.t work lately pronounced it extra II ne. The color is remarkably good th1s year. Tue Adams & Hanmer Tobacco and Produce Company have handled since about June 1 1 200 cases of Havana and Seed tobacco. Abuut 600 cases of this amount have already been shipped, and 600 cases will soon follow the others to market. Post, Sept. 2!:-There was a heavy frost in the BUrl ounding tow us last Dil!;ht; but as the crops are housed no damage may be looked for m that dtrection. Cged that d ur1ng the present year lte has been engaged m buying and sell mg leaf tobacco in the region of Clark and Mvnrgomery counties, and has mRde ship ments to Brannm, Brand & Glover here. have made advances of money to assiSt h1m. Such advances have been repaid and d1scbarged by the proceeds of tobacco sales and by the clahp agamst them for the loss by fire of about $3,000 worth of tobacco June 25. .The firm is still mdebted to Morrie on account of the loss, and 1t 1s asked that such _amounts be subjected t0 the1r claim. It s stated that, m order to conceal his property from hts credttord, he has been con d ucnog the busmess 1n the name of h1s mother, Calpema Morr1s. It 18-Mked that Brannin, Brand & Glover be. compelled to d!Cloee shtpments made by him to them in b1s mother's name.Lcuisville Courier Journal, Sept. 22. Lltlga&lon A bon& Tobaeeo. F M11ls Parrish & Son and Smith & Curd sued J uhn Hupkihs, of Jeffersonville, in Equ1ty y esterday to recover $204.09 on the sule of three hogsheads of tobacco sold the plamtiff. Parrish & Son acted as brokers for SmiLh & Curd, and the tobacco was delivered to them for safe and s old to the defendant. The tobacco was dellvered to Hopkms' order. He was also dehvered the usual tobacco notes. for the same, and was mdebted to the first. plamtiff for the be.,efit of the coaeignors in the above sum. On l'bursday last they drew an order upon Hopkms to pay the amount but be refused, and m consequence an ar: tacl:lment was asked.-LoutSvllle Cou1ier Journal, Sept. 24. Vl&:armake.r Elect Oftlcera. BINGHAMTON, N. Y. S ept. 26 -The Inter national Cgarmakers' Umon, 10 convention to day, re-elected A Strasser president and chose the followmg vice presidents: G. W. Perk:me, of Albany; Samuel Gompers, of New York; GeorgeS Warren, of Montreal; F. H. G1ll, of Grand Rap1ds; August Stmmel of Chicago; W1lham H Roerr, of St. Lome: Mo ; Charles P. Oyler, of Baltimore. H. J. Jones, of Mob1le, Ala, was elected treasurer. A handsome gold watch was presented to Mr. Strasser, who served for several yeal'B as president.


f OCT. I 4 EACLE THE TO:OAOCO LEAF. Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco : FINE CUTS, Packed in Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass SMOKINGS, l'acked in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin BPPEN"::EIEI:M:, seo'y, .No. 914 .. a.:ven:u.e o, Ne"OrT York.. AGI';NTS-N. Sl1eldon & Son, 328 N. :Jrd Street, Philadelphia; Aufl'. Beck & (;o,, Chicago, Ill., and St. Minn.; G .J Helmerlchl Tobacco (;o. St. LO)uis; Wm. H. Meyer, 7 Front Street, Cincinnati; Ed. Aschermann, MU The use of Molds absorbs the moisture, l and aroma of the Tobacco. This Cigar ll>eing made by Hand, retains these Essential Qualities, effects a Closer Union of the Binder and Wrapper, and is not so Easily Broken in the Pocket. Cigars are made by. American 'ij. who are Cl eaner in P e rsonal Habits and at the W o rk-Bench than Foreigners, whose only claim to Superior Workmanship is their Foreign birth. Am ericans excel them at the Ci g ar-Table as in all other Industries. A 'Beward o:CJlOO.OO will be Paid :for the Discovery o:r any Arti :flcial Flavoring in these Cigars. p.-I.STEBED .1'11NE iNdl, 1886, S a. m, MANUFACTURED BY J. G. AN, LANCASTER.., P.A.. waukee; Esbcr!f, Bachman & San l'ranclsco, Cal. 1 t 67 DO YOU KNOW IT ALL? THEN DON'T READ THIS; W ould you like to make the .best FIVE CENT C I CAR in this country and not use a single sprig o f HAVANA, and yet make a far better cigar than half H avana and half Seed o r Hav ana Seed would make, a.nd save or make that much extra? You can do so if you will use my "casing" for wetting your Fillers. It is grand for Wrappers and Binders as well. C H E APE R, as well as b etter, than any other. This is the result of TWENTY YEARS' experience curing and sweatingandimprovingtobacco. I will send you a five gallon trial order, with full directions, for the small sum of $3.00. D o not s ay this eannot be done but give it a fair trial. I guarantee satisfaction. Cannot the cigar. I s NOT a "box .fl.n.vor." Address CHAS. S. PHILIPS, 188 Pearl Street, New York. The only successful cu rer and re-sweater of tobacco in the world. If you wish to do your own sweating and curing, s end f o r large inustrated catalogue, free. By my latest pro cess I perfectly cure and bring to fine quality and g lo s sy colors without wetting the l eaf, and thus avoid all danger of tender l eaf. No matter how green, raw, uncured or :flesky the l eaf may be, success g u aranteed. T ha only process in existence that will do this. 1173 In giving your order, p 'lease say that you saw this .Advertisement in the. Tobacco Leaf: TO .TilE. TRADE! Notice is hereby given to all Manufacturers and are the .Sole and Exclusive owners of the BRAND or Jobbers that We TRADE MARK for Cigars known as '' ,, And wo willuromutly and an fnriDer to infrin[e nuon onr title to Tho name HILSON & -.r).lec. -.. -:-::....-:::-:-... -' --, ........


6 GRAND YUELTA ABAJO C IGAR FACTORY. Manuel Lopez & -co., Havana, Cuba. b._ LEADING BRA.NDS: LOPEZ & CO.," "VICTOR HUGO," "FLOR DE REMATES,U "CELIA,, eiULIUS HIRSCH, Sole Repreaenlallve In the lJnUed 8tate, 42 BEAVER STREET, NEW YORK, _TOBACCO_ Grand H otel Pasllje, Cuba -= 'a ICL as Gl .... -.. QO m ::s G) ::::s 0 a; CR:I Gl t= ., m .... CR:I ID g CD E "' 0 "iii ""' 0 ::E "'CC 0 I: ..... -CD c:D ? The LARGEST and only Fll!ST-ed between the said lever and the sliding jaw, the pin pa&sing through the end of the ana the washer and in terposed between the said pin and the fixed end piece of frame. The combination of the cap provided witb the side grooves and holes, the extension pi ece provided with a fillet and dowel pins, engaging with 1!aid dowel-pin holes. and the shde also pro vided with a fillet and with the flanges, en gaging with the side grooves in tbe cap. EVAPORATING Al'Ll House on Monday. Pal,ll Wi iton Sentinel Sent. 22:-Abcut seven Tannert. of represents the firm or hundred pounds of n ew tobacco r lD WIco,nm.. (this yeaT's crop) were sold at the Farmers' E. C. 'lalla d, from E:lgerton. was m town Warehouse y esterday. averaged about WP!>k look":g 11P. 1886 t obacco for t .he t9 per hundred. This is the first of the seafirm of elm B os of y;o, k .. He nd sold at a very fair price considering the acre crop of 'Ihomas Quilty, paywg 5 cents f o r wrappers and 3 cents lor Jr. M .YA, Walker, one of our latgest tobmders; also John acre cop for bacco buyets is building a handsome resi 5 cents for wrappers and bmderd and 2 ceuts d(>nce on street. for fillers. He !'leo bought between 20 and We Jearn from a Salisbury paper that 3? cas<'s of cbmce tobacco from the. Dane MessrP. Payne & Lunn, t obacco manufactu County. Toba?co Asoclatwn, to, be dehvered f th" cit h ve given an order for at Madison the Company s warehouse. re':'s o 115 y, a -Sun Count1-yman bn, k .wlth which to erect .a large steam facThe Supreme Court has r enilere d a decision t?ry lD Salisbury, and Will. return there to in the case o f the Ed gerton Tobacco Manu hve. We regret to !earn this, a s both gentle fa cturing Co vs. Croft, which affirms the men are excellent Cittzens. of the CircHit Court An action was From the Enterpnse we learn that Mr. T. Ed 'eo T A. Wiles, of Winston, has Iee.sed the Jordan b,'ougbt by the. gerton agamst om Warehouse at High P intand will open it for ()roft, ef Janesville, to compel_tbe payment P of assessments upon stock held by hm. tobacco _sales on the. fit st ?f Octo bet 1Mr. Croft demurred to the complaint, which wat! Wiles wlll his family to that P.uce overruled. 'l.'he case now returns 10 the 81! BOOn .as poss1ble and wlll enter at once 10' Circuit Court to be tried upon iLs merits. h1s busmeas. Durham Tobacco Plant, Sept. 2i:-The sales of leaf tobacco at the warehouses have been small. 'l'be exact amount was not ob tainable. Smoking tobacco shipped, 51,826 pounds, worth t16,87 6 .2 4 Cigarettes, 10,876.040, worth t;l5 657.63. Snuff, 2,060 pounds. Reve nue receipts for the week $13,119.97. Franklinton Dispatch, Sept. 23:-The to bacco crop is pretty well housed, and for color was never better. The Greensboro Pat1iot says:-Mr. H W. Cobb, one of our most progressive and wide awake tobacconists, will con:.meil.ce in a few days the construction of a mammoth leaf to boocco fnctory iu Belle Meade avenue, 40xl00 feet, four stori es high. Hiram IS ever abrea"t with the and can far enough ahead of him to see that Greensboro must froDI force of circumstunces, location, etc. even ;t;,.;.obacco market of P1edmont, I() I I ( IN FLORIDA. Qu uc Herald, Sept. 24:-We had a very refreshing rain la"t Weaneslilly, which put the tobacco "'in case," and the growers have been busy putting it in shape for market. Mr. B. Vugt, of New York, arriv. ed laet Thursday afternoon. We learn b e will pur chase tobacco for his New York houe. Mr. H L Ray s old to Mr. McLean, of Connecticut, forty acres of h!Lntmock: l and one mile ef town, on the old stage road to Tallahassee. Mr. MeLean is an experienced tobacco grower and w11l send for h1s family at once. He also has the option of a forty acre for his father-iu law, who is to come to Flor1da to live. We h ope soon to see 'a number of families located in and around our bea11tiful town, and no doubt, ii the proper are offered, they will oome. Mr. R a y givee Mr. McLean one-acre half a mile of &own, on which to build a residence. IN' W I IK: ON8UJ. Edgerton TobMco Rqxn ter, Sept. 22:-Nio Cremer, cigar manutactu.rer, of Chicago, has Queer Cle;ar Label. Special 8ecreL Service Officer Eves made several important seizures ot cigar labels day b e fore tbat 11:0 to show bow tbe smokinlo( public is duped. The fll'flt l o t was taken from the. factory of Juhus Knopf, and, while the labe ls themelves are forbidden by the Government. there was another reason for tbe seizure. The labels in question are R bout the color and fize of cigar stamps placed on boxes. They are pasted on the op posite t>nd ot the box from the l'llld are engraved with t o the t>ffm that tbe toiJa cco from whieh the cuntenrs of the box is made i s impo 1 t ed Havana tobacco. All the words are engraved in small letters the word imported, which is eugr,.ved in large letters It i s tbe lhmg o n the b ox ; and at once cvnvPys w the buyer the idea t.oaL be is get ting an imported cil!ar. This also i s in vtola tion of the rules of the Govervment. 'l'b e other labt-i S seized, of two diff ereut cbarac t e rs, very much resemble the grnuine ci(l;ar tamp, aud were taken from tlie factory of W. W Buzmau. A.lwgetber there are 42.8U9 labels, and tbt:ir fVIZUre i s lo o k e d upon liM a good piele of wor k by Mr. Eves.-Cmcin nati (0) Enqui1er, Sept 24. :Pourth Vlaaa Ma.U "Fourth class matter" is the definition of all sent through the mails not exceed mg "'fuur pounds for each package thereof." HithertO it has been allo watJle to include on tbe envelope or cover of the abuve any advertisemen!B of the "samples" or mer chaudille aenL, with other particulars, "GIIl88, with care." By a reccnG regulation of the Poet Office Department, now in effect, all "fourth cl!l88 ma"er" must hae only 'the writing or printing on the faoe or surface of euob pack ftKee or any thing ueept the oame aDd addl'elill of the sender, preceded b7 the word 'from.' SbouJcl the number and name of the.articlee enclosed, or any other writing or printing, e:..cept that described above, be inscribed on the package, it will subject it to postage rates. Pa.k & Tillord aad Aeker, Kerrall .t; C-clito :New York. M .. ny thousands af packages of the above character pass throu!!;h the New York Post Office every day, the in the reguIa.ions will interfete seriously with the business of merchants, and especially those in the s&le of dry goods. D. L. TRUJILLO & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, It is undflr stood that several of the more prominent merchants have engaged counsel r o get a reversal of this decisioa from the Postmaster-General, and if that should fail there will be an appeal to the courts. -MA.NUFA.CTURERS OF-==Fine Havana r.l'he Drummer' New York Office, I I 9 Water Street. cor. Wall at: "Would you like to see the avenger!" inquired a Philadelphia drug traveller of are porter at the Union depot last evening. If you would. follow me to the baggage room." "There," said the drummer, while his eyes danced with demoniac glee, "is the avenger," and he p ointe d to a harmless black trunk of ordinary size. "'.A. beauty, isn't spr!lad an e legant aud excellent Slipper, to wb1?h all the party "paid r es pects, Until after midmght they enJoyed their socib.l. reunion.-Carlisle (Pa. ) Sentinel. Sept. 23. FOREIGN NOTES. bel See how modest and unassuming he FROM "ronaooo," LO!IDON, SEPT. 1. lookil as he stands there with all the repose -The establishment of a Regie of tobacco in that ma:ks of Vere But Servia has greatly contributed t o the unpopu curess h1f", h1m, up end. h1m, and the Iarity of the Government and the of drummers vmce rose to a mild crescendo. theGarachanlne Ministry. The reporter obeyed, but all h1s strength we.sinsufficient to move the avenger so much -According the the yield as a hail' s breadth and his caresses revealed of the harvest m Sumarra m 1886 was nearly the fact that the in'nocent looking trunk was bales, about 15,000 more than the prein built of solid iron. Vlous year. "Oh, he's a John Sullivan. He's solid -The German and East African Plantation clear throul('b. We had him built that way Company, the dire ctors of which are Count on purpose," chuckled the traveller. Behr andD:". Schroeder, bas sent .. You see," be went on in an explanatory to East A;fnca !AJ commence the cultlVatwn of way, we commercial men have beQn the tobacco lD vanous parts of the province of victims of the baggage smashers on the Bee Usambara. Line between Cleveland and Indianapolis to -A.s it is intended to. introduce the tobacco a frightful extent. We have protested, pe monopoly into Russia, the Minister or Finance 1 ir.ioued, pleaded and threatene d, but all to bas ordered statistics to be collected. Accord no purpose. Our sample cases and trunks ing t o these, 255,000 persons are engaged in the \Vere invariably returned to us in ruins after different branches or the tobacco trade, and a trip uver that road between the cities menthere are i25 factories of tobacco. tioned. A.t the last meeting of tbe American -The director of the Khedive's Customs, M Travellers' Association a number of us hit Ca.illard, bllS gone to Constantinople to discuss upon and raised a pool to have that airy little the subject of the importation of Turkish to riuket over there cast, and made up a sum bacco into Egypt. It is impossible for him to e ufficient to pay the charges for extra weight keep out of the Valley of the Nile the Greek: over the line for a yea" tobaccos, which are imported according to trea-"But what are you going to do with it!" ties, and the Persian tobaccos which are im" Do with it! Why, in the morning I'm ported according to an arrangement lately made geinlo! to start him over the Bee as far as my with the Shab.-Le aba.('trip extends. Tben I turn him over to fOme -In the year 1888 there is to be an Internaof Lhe other boys and they check him over tlonal Exhibition at Brusse ls, at which prizes tbe road. So you see for a full year we'll to the value of 500,000 are to be giv e n kPep those fiends of trunk-smashars wrest for a competition in answering a number of ling w1th the avenger between questions, the solution of whld.t is of import HOd Cleveland. Aftertbey've wrestled with ance for industry. Twelve of them relate to bim for a w bile I iml!.jl;ine their eurplus tobacco. Information can be obtain ed from the vitality will exhaust itself to some extent, committee, 22 Rue des Palais, Brussels. aud our truukR will proflt by their growing weuness. "-PittBburgh Times. Safe Home. Mr. Jacob Livingston and family and Ron. F E. Bellzhoover and niece have arrived in Carlisle safe and Bbund, having enjoyed their European trip to the fullest extent. They were delighted with it beyond all expect& tiona. They were all glad to get home again, after their two months of sightseeing. A.t the home of Mr. Livingston they were given a ro7al reception by his_ employees. This was an entire to them. The house was beautifully decorated. .A.cro88 the hallway Wl\8 swung an evergreen arch on which were the words "welcome home" in scarle\ flowers. In the diniirg-room was -With a view to inc the tobacco culture in India, a scheme has been set on foot to in duce the Government to emp l oy a number of American cu ltiv ators, distribute them over the country, and thus teach the people, wherever practicable, to cultivate the weed. It is be lieved that if this were d one a great trade would be opened up to native producers. -The Byzantis, one of the Greek newspapers in C o nstantinople, criticises severely the man agement of the tobacco Regie of the Ottoman Empire. It asserts that the company bas a! lowed all its capital to be devoured, and that It now possesses nothing but useless manufac tured goods. Smuggling has become perfectly irrepressible, unl, ilB all the subjects o f the Ot toman Empire are killed one by ene,-Le 2'a bac. -A.cco;:diug to the rep u 1 t from M annheim In the 7'abak Zeituug, dated Aug. 15, this year's tobacco crop is likely to be an entire failure owing to the .contin ued dioutb. Even if the long-wished-for heavy rain were to come the yield could not be even an average one. Old tobaccos are consequently in greater reques1i every day, and the dealers are iu high spirits, as they are able to sell at a sl ight profit the 1886 tobacco, for which it was generally considered that too high a price had been l!iven. -During the year which ended o n the 31st of March, the Monopoly Company of the Rou manian Tobacco Regie sold 3.13 mill. kiloga. of tobacco for amoking (1885-86, 3.49 mill.); 9.!8 mill. cigars t1885-S6, 9.28 mill .); 65.63 cigaretteS (1885-86, 51.09); and 14,865 kilogs. tobacoo for snuff i188:Hl6 15, 63 kilogs.). The receipts amounted to 28,967,897 francs, and the net profits to 20,381,868 franca The yield of the yea.r 1886 is of rather better quality than that of the previous year. The average price at the present time iS 0.60 to 0.65 centimes the kilog. We learn from a retum just published that last year the number of tobacco shops in the g i ft of the French Government was The list of those successful in getting themse lves ap pointed to the shops, or bU1'1!uux de tabac, as thlly are called, is interesti.I1g. Several ex -M.P.'s have b e en appoin ted to keep tobacco shops M. Taillandier, for exampl e. M. Nadault de Buffon, formerly Advocate-General is in the list; and so i'i Barreme, widow of the Prefec t of the Eure, who wua assassinated. 'l' hen the widow f Pereira is iu the list, and so Is ii'Jadame Gougeard whose husband was Minister of .Marine in the Ga.mbetta Cabi net. -The Madrid Ga zeta has published the sta tistics of the new Spanish Com pany. The founders, who hold all the capital, are: The BanK or Spain, with 60,000 shares, at 500 pesetas; the firms of Wcisweiller & Bauer and Urqulgo & Co., each or wllich h o lds 12,000 shares; the Bank of Custile and the Marquis de C ampo, each holding 8, 0 shares; the Bank Hispano Colonial witll 6, ... 0 the Credit Mobilier Espagnol, l1ll well as the firms Heine & Co. and L. and R Cohen, d'Auvera & Co., in Paris, with 40,u00 shares each ; and th!) Banco General de Madrid, with 2 00 shares. The powers of the com puny are limited to the man ufacture of toba{]CO, of which they have the monopoly, and the sale o r tobacco according to the law paBBed on the 2 2d or April; 1887. The company will continue to exist as long as the agreement made with the State. The capite! of 30,000;000. pesetas can be increased or dimin ished. The company baa also the right of issuing preference shares. Two to ftve per cent. ot the net proflt is to be devoted to the formation of a reserve fund until the latter amounts to 10 per cent. of the capitaL The Council of Administration will receive 2 per cent, and the re mainder will be divided among IIJiareholders.-Tabak Zeih111g,


N"o. DOS PE.A.JR.X... &TJR.EET. N"E"''X7' "'!!r"C>JR.K.. flm. flemnth C@ Importers and Manufactur,e:rs of 107and 509 ,NEW YORK. Tra.te !Wark. to 0,.n 'tho at tantloo. ef tbe Trade to our 1&1'118 .....;'rtment or Noeltles and Speclaltl .. oult&ble for Ad'I'Ot't&dll&' PuTpoaeo. I Lozau.o1 ll. Peuda, :1.887 111 uvare-. &, CO., lYIANUFT'llS OF CIGABS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. ,. Alao Importer Ot &, LE.A.F TOB.A.CCO, DOD PE.A.PI.X... &TPI.:BIDT. "'!!r"C>JR.:&:. ODBAN HAND-MADE CJoARS. \ -. 1114 Sansom St, PBILADELPHL1. 'To the Cigar Trade and Public Generally. : It haVing come to our notice that some pulousand r-ira.tical manufacturers h&ve infringed upon our celebrated brand ot OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by slightly changing the name and color ot labe l we take this oppartunlty ot cautioning the pubUo and trade ag ... inS\ buying such goods, uJ:J(ler penalty ot l a w Our brand is registered and protected by 1 w. Notice Factory No. l'i, 2nd Dls t of Virginia, on each box: oJso our" name on la.bel, etc. P. WHITLOCK, RICHMOND, VA.. 'lJKITED STATES INTERNAL BEVE.NVE r TAX ON 'IOBACOO. r dcmeotle &ad lmporte4, sa per Ill l clga.rett .. ,.etghing not over three lbs per M, OOc 1\1.; cigarettes and lheroota w ei.china' o"Pr three lbs per 14, $3 per K; manufaoo &ured tolJ&ooO a.nd onulf, per pound, 8c. 'i OIURGES J'OK LICII:NSICS PER Al>o"NUM. Ma.nufacturero of cll!&MI, clf!IU"'t""" aod eberoota, $11; maeu.facturers of tobacco and snjdf, $6, dealers in manu1act\11"8Q et tobacco, dealera In eat tobaooo, r ... l DIPORT l>UTIItS ON TOBACCO. 12.00 por pGUDd &Dd 115 por eeat. 00 valorem, Oilflll' ettes same u, includiDJ( internal tax. Leat tobacco, M cent. of whic:h l8 wrappera weighing more than 100 leaves te the pound, ceota per pennJ; If stemmed, Sl per 1>0UDd all otber l...C ""' IIIAiruDed, as cent. pt'r To bacco 40 oour.a per .JlO'UDd. Stems, 15 cents pel' Pipes and p ipe bowl-, ,l. W perand 5 per eent. ad Valorem Common clay pipes. 85 per cent. vaJerem partaotpif\P' ...,erceot.adva.lorem; allsmo-. i':'r ad Ta1oremj snuff-boxea an4. cheW'" \111 po':"clles, ttr cent. ad Talorem. VALUE OF FORJ;IGN COINS. Cents.! Ce nt& .Austria-Florin or gull Italy-Lira .. .. 19.8 7 der.... ........ ...... -45.9 Japan-Yen......... .. 99 Beljl'ium-Franc....... 19.8 Libe ria-Dollar ....... 100 Bolivia-Peso.......... 96. 6 llelllco D ollar. ...... 99.8 .:Brazil -.Mil.ei8... .... M.15 Norway-Crowll. .. 26.8 British N AmericaPeru-Sol ....... .-. ... 83.e Dollar. .... 100 Portugal-Mllre1s of ()entral Amer -Peeo.. 91.8 1,000 rels .......... .$1 C8 Cbili-Pe,0 g(,Jd... .. 91.2 RUIJI!i,-Rouble 100 4 :a s!:rwl::li iai&nCis:.:.BOi- '18. Egypt-Pound o f 100 lar.... .. . . 100 pla.stel'l! ............. 14 SpalnPeoet& of H l O 193 l"ra nce -Franc... .. 19.8 c ntimes .... .. .... Great BrialuPound Sweden-Crown.... 26 6 sterling: ......... ..... $4 8 -w:J,zerlanrl-Franc 19. 3 Greece-Dratbma. . 1\l,.'j TnpoU -Mabl)ub of 20 Ger. Empire-Mark... !l8.8 plasrers ._... ....... 829 Holla.nd FJorin or gullTurk:ey-Past r ... 4.3 der... .. .... .. .. . 88. 6 u s of Oolee .......... 4 5 81 Peso......... .. ...... A kilo equals 2 5 pounds. A preuni g equals .9% of oue cent. A'n Engli s b shiiJing <.-quais 24 cen s. All ""English penny equals2. t c ents. Unmanu factured. Period. lbs. 1886. 34 970,222 1887 .25, 467,140 tured and" Tma.1 Snuff. Quan'..lty. lbs. lbs 2 .168. 363 37 138 585 2,175,969 27,643 .109 HOME CONSUMPTION. Manufa.c Total VaJue. 395 1 547 ,199 fac t.ured. tut ed and Total Snuff. Quantity. Period. lbs. lb>. lbs. 1886 ........... 29 421 091 1887. ........ 29,751, 843 1, OH9 107 30 46U 198 l,U69,5H 30,821,417 EXPORTS. Manufac-UnmanutuJ'ed and T otal rae ured. Snuff. Q1.1antU.y. Period. lbo lbs. lbs. 11:!86. 3 8611,92[ 706,095 4 567.01? I 181:!7. 3 ,736, 140 -845,036 4 ,51:H,l76 STOCKS Total Value. 21!2,299 254, 289 Stock .July 81. Increase. D ecrease. lbs. lbs. Unmllnfd. 1886. 94,1:!n.B:. Ancl Oalaada tiel Monte 199, Havana. .EI.A.R.ON" dki CO. B. ALFONSO & CO., CIGAR MANUFTRS ; l!JA.NlJPA.CTlJBEBS OP (FOR JOBBING TRADE.} I' AC'l'ORIES : N oo, li ancl 298, Dlatriot lllarJ-Jan4 I IMPORTER OP HAVANA CIGARS. Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. Trad LA JULIA BRAND. 111art. :zwl:ct.. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. No. 1'2 WATER. STBEET, NEW YORK. FaototT No. 123, :&:JI!JT 'VV':J!JBT1 1 et &he Celebrated 1'' Baron's Seal'' Ne.,.. York otlloeNo. 97 MAIDEJI' LAJI'E. OUR NEW TOBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY. Long Havana Filled Five Cent No Tobacco _or Cigar Merchant can Afford to be Without lt. Y.a ..,... G'UEB.R-4. HERM'ANOS. ONLY ,.A. LIMITED NUMBER YE'r TO BE DISPOSED CF. Packers and Importers of ., Se:n.d i.:n. 'Yo-u.r Orders a"t-<>:n.oe. HAVANA TOBACCO The Book contains the Namea of all Cigar, Cigarette, Smoking and Snuff Manufac turers in the United States and Cuba; also a valuable List of Jobbers and Wholesale Grocers in all the leading distributing points in the country. t 72 Water Street, NEW YORK. Estrella 631 1 HAVANA.; Price, Five Dollars. ]OH. JACOBS & MEYER, DEALERS IK SUIATRA & JAVA TOBACCO,-Bremen, Germany. FLOR DE ANSELMO ZAMORA. F.A.OTC>JR. T lSI o. BD. FINE VUELTA ABAJO CIGARS NOTICE:-! wa.rn my old customers not to use any cigars but under the No. 89, as my name has been used to s e ll spurious cigars. .A.. P. 0. Box l!W, PUETZ' i -PEERLESS J Plug Tobacco Machine. TILLMAN PUETZ., Jr., Sole Inventor and Patentee, ST. LOlJlS, Jlo. This machine-emlneot l>dvaotagea worthy the consideration et any enterprisfnc tobacco manufacturer. via:.:-1. Labor saving 2 R&.pidity. a. Absolute ae c urity troq:1 dents tu h&Dds. 4 Perfect tlnish ot work. 5. Increased otttput particularly in email work as it su.9dtvidea the Jump in proeeoaaaltpasseotbrou,o:b the machine. 6 Au delivery ot tbe lumps on WraJ)per table, thus eaTing time and accl dent. 7 liB l>d&ptabillty to any kiod of work, large or small, thick or thin. and lte e&Sf atl;IWII ment for dUI' kinds ot work. Clrculal"8 shewing where &.heRe machines are now in use., as well as pllotograpU. when dell red. AU inqutrfes a.e to the &bo1'e will recl!live prompt attention. .. ther lD peraon or by ct>rrellpoJKieDCe, from HENRY U. FRANKEL, BOJ.B .t.GBNT IN THB lJNITBD STA.TES ,UID CJA.NA.DA, 161 Third Street, Louisville, Ky. WE BEG TO CALL THE A.TTENTIOY OF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS to she desirable qualities of VASELINE as eompared "ith Olive, Seeame and oshar oils. These advantages are : 1st. Eutire freedom from raocidiy. no matter what tempel-ature or manip ulation it is subjected to. 2d. The superior ftniab and protection it gives the wrapper. Sd. The sheets and m o uids are always R"eet, not sub ject to oxidation or rust, from aooumulat1ons of liecaymg vegetable matter. ,th, Absolute p\ll'ity and uniformity KUManteed 11 u1. Our price is 16 per pound pu.t up in flftypound tins, packed for shipment, two tiDB m a case, fl'elght pw.d by. us. Orden may be sent to us direct in New or through our Weatem I!'Pilt. Mr. Henry U. Frankel, IIU Third St. Lou:svllle, Ky.9 wlaO al8G All urgent orders from stock kept by him for that purpOse, CHESEBROUGH MANUFACTURING CO., 181.8 .o. 24 &TATB STREET, NIEW YORK. ----JOS. MAYER'S SONS, < FormeriJ of 122 Water Street,) LEAF TOB A .CCO; 193 Pearl St., New York" Our latest sample collection just issued conta ins : IVY GREEN LA REGENCIA. MECHANICS' CHOICE. PEARL OF CUBA. LA GRAN PRETTY PEGGY. SHIFT BOSS. HENDRICK HUDSON.} MEDORA. BRETANA. This set has Ote popular Card Top ; W desire to call the kind attention of the Cigar Trade to our ORIGINAL AND BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF 12 DIFFERENT 0 a NEW STYLE ADVERTISING CARDS of very unique and ar tistic appearance, representing a collection of special selectei portraits of some well American and European ActressetJ. Our Cards are MOST ELEGANTLY finished, and FAR SUPERIOR to the ordinary goods sold in the market which as a rule are thrown away and costly at any price, while our Cards will be carefully preserved, if for nothing else hut their artistic merit, which undoubtedly makes them A MBST DESIR ABLE AND LASTING MEDIUM FOR FINE CLASS ADVERTISING. We sell them at wholesale and retail at a very reasonable price for the quality. Size of Cards 6 1/4 x 4 3J a inches. Full Sample Sets of 12 Cards will be sent pr.epaid by mail for $1. 00. No Samples giv_en gratis WITSCH & SCHMITT; Art Lithographers, 94 BOWERY, NEW JrQBK.


8 ..... e. Lt.... e. e. -Hto, r c. IIAMIL TON i GO. Storage & Inspection A.dYaa-eo Storace BeeelpU of a Specialty, Cold Storage Wuehouses for TObacco ST .J'e&NS PAfti, Jlr, To EDGERTON, WIS, 406..1c 408 Eae& 184 S&,, N, Y, L&Nc.A.STEB, PEN1'1, FIRST-CLASS WAREHOUSES: .. s, c, a. H. !:.. B. Depot, St. J"ell' Park 1'1'8, 180, 182, 184 k 1111'1 Pearl S&ree& aad 142 ?a&er llfrt, 408, 408 &< 410 Eaet Thlr&J'-&!llr Sh'eet. Principal Office, 142 WATER STREET, NEW. YORK. (]er. w. J.eaea aa4 N. Prlaee 8ta., Laae-&er, Pa. EDGERTON, wn. BRA.JrCHEB:-PBJLADEi.PBIA-A. R. FOU:GERAY, 63 North Front Street. I.AN,.,ASTBB, Pa.-H. B. TROST. 118 S. Queen Street; GEO. FORRI!:ST, 167 N Queen liltret. BAB'IIrOBD, CODJI.-11. F. HURLBURT, JMStatestreet. SIJPP-IBI.D, Coao.-EDWARD AUSTIN. B&Tl'l)lii:Lit, lllau.-J. & P. CARL CINCJINN-'.TI, 0.-W. W. HALES, 0 Front Blntel. .&TTON, 0.-H. ,C. W. GROSS!t and W W. ;iALES, Jetlerson Street. ELIII:IRA, Y. W. H. LOVELL. 11DGBRTON, Wle.-T. B. EARLE. V-.. Al'fK .BiiiMlBBB, I'OBN T. l'II.'BI.LOB, .Jr. E-:I::N'OEE:EI &.. OC>. ..-o::a.A.COC> :J:N'SPECTC>R.S. STORACE. 14.8 'tor &'tree'&. 1'1 e"':>V" "'F' ork.. BAIIPLIN& PILOIIPTLY ATTENDED TO .at BR.Al'fCREII-LA !'I CASTER, Pa,l F. 21 North Queen at.: J. c. mVIN, 288 .. rth Mary st. COif l'IIU:TICIJ'r 1 F. SISSu.N, :1!45 State ot., Hartford; C E. GRIFFING, Danbury; 1\ K ALL, New lllllford. EDG FBTON, WJe, 1 C L. CULTON. DA. YTON, O,: W. T, J)A.VlS,Ii141Sce&rsst. B.t.LTIII18RE,II1d.l ED. WlSCHI!EYl!:R.t:C0.,27SouthC!'lertot. MOORE & CO., Manufactured and leaf Tobacco for Expon, t STREET, NEW YORK. VIRGINIA. TOBACCO AGENCY, Established 1836. ...-..a.s. 1'L G.A.R.DXN"ER. TOBACCO COMMISSlON MERCHANT, 77 Jrro:n:t &'tree't, :N'e"'E>V' "'F'ork.. SPORT ORDERS FOB PI.UG TOBACCO PROII1PTLT II'ILLED, D'.J:ARTIN & BROADHURST, 1 TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, t 95 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. "VV. lmAI'I' OII'ACTUBER 86 Cigar Boxes, And. Importer e..i GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole Apn& for 111eoon. OSENDRtrBC.K. k CO.) S.&.W I ; FACTORY 311 A 313 E. lith St., 315 to E. lith St. N'e"''V" Vc.:>:rl:s.. BB;OTBEBS, I A. PERSON, HARRDIAN & C0-4 -AUGli'ST'US TREADWELL.Tobacco ll!UTA.TJ.ON SPANISH I.INBN AND l'A.NCT STRIPED COTTON GOODS FOB PUTTING UP SIIIOKING TOaa!cco. o&D7 d:t 4.118 Elroo:n::Le Ell'tree't, .N'e'VV' Y"ork.. [18-36 HAMPDEN ST., SPRINCFIELD, MASS. Jl!"a.c'tory No. 1. 10-th :E:J:l'tr:lo't. J-. B. Pace Tobacco Co., 'V .A... IIIANUII'.&CTURHB.II OF FINE BRIGHT NAVIE'S, TWIST, COILS, Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. 1'\S.A. "Y' I._ IOI.B PROPRIETORS 011' TBB I \French Cigarettlf Paper, .ALSO JIOLB .&GBNTS FOR 'rilE V. L .AND. C!.I.NA.D.I. OP TH. r G.A..1WlEIX:EI:R-CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES. :Et:e:a:n::L-'House In Paris: 17 Rue.Beran11er. J o 1I;EA F r TO BA CC(D, r. 191 Pearl Bt& eet, ew York. TOBACCO TiEA..F. Heyman Bros. &, OF CIGARS. to 432 East Flftynlnth 8t., New York. :.Oao-tor7 811, &rd. OoU. JO:la't. TO WORKS PEIU;J:CT. T. H. MESSENGER & CD .. SANCHEZ & CO. JMPOR1'ER8 AND DEAI.ERS Ill Leaf Tobacco Cigill. LICOHICE PAST'E, HI IIU.IDBN LANE, l'IBV JCO&B. 1.-t """""""illllalea and HogahelldaLnr Fcrelp Markets. lliiPOBTEBII OF Vuelta Abajo LEAf TOBACCO, 169 Front Street, New York. Factory No. I 030, 3d District. 34 I te 351 East. 73d Street, :N':Jii'VV lEI. .A.;DT'& IMPROVED TOBACCO GBA.NlJLATOR Pa&eated NoYember 1, 1880, Over 4.& :DIJ:aoh:l21e :l.:a. "C'e PERFECTION STEAM DRYER. Cylinder of Dryer is 3 Feet Diam ete r and 15 Long. Pa&eo&ecl .J'aly 28, 1885. OV'er 10 :DIJ:a.oh:l:n.e :l.:n. 'Ue. W, G&.IL k AX, 4 lllaebloee, Balllaaore, F W, FBLGNHR k SOl'f, BaiUmore, IIJd, Wlll. !1, K:lliiBAI. l:o k CO., Boellealer, N, T, Please send for Circulars and References. JOHN 8. ADT.-Manufacturer and Patentee, Ne.. 3:W,a:u, 336, a.u North 11Plll4u ::El.A.LT:I:::ati:C>R.E, :M::O LONDON, E. C., ENGLAND. THEBES-TALL'rOBA.CCOmGABF!I'iE DEPOT AND ACENCY "BETWEEN T=HI AGTS." Brandot HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES madeoalyb,r ::EE.A.LL, Nos .. 209 I East 37th Street, New YQrk. -'.' ,._ -:-,, -ALSO----OF THE II.ANU!'ACTmtli8 OJI' &.JlML&U.. EI.A.X.T:El!WI:OR.;a. -.a.t254 & 256 Canal St .Corner ol Elm St., :N'e._. Y"ork.. IIANDF.A.CTUREil,OF FINE CIGAR$. :m-talo-1:lah.ect. 1aae. WISE & aENDHEIM, -A.GJ:.II'l'B, Bondy & J;.. e de r e r, so,urHERN & wEsTERN roa1cco. of. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO. Fine And Dealers leaf __ Tobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 18 Broijdway, B!;rJI:r. New Yort G. REUSENS, WELLES BUILDING, 18 & 20 Broawrl& aad l'lap. VIN(JO u .. .. I ---a ----.... ST. GHORGE Drip& NaY.f .. MIG 5"1YK ()ilNTJI:B, '' .. MOGUL .. 'I'RIX .J'OKES. 8PKti.&D BAGLB, "' .. Black Goodo of each of aboTe gnl()ea. AlBD gnat ftl'let,f ol J'lae Cloedl adaplie4 Southern tr&'ont street, Philade lphia Pa.; F. F O'RJ:ILI,Y 225!4i Commercl&l Portland Me: W. G. &DA!IIS, 97 New Yod< Cit)'; WM. SEEAR. 9harleot&n, R. C ; P il. ltUUANK, 78 .South Avenue, Atlanta, Ga ; E. R. 101!!. JadU&I 140 MAIDEN LANK, '' SPEAR. HE.A.D. '' Bot. Water It Fronts-, lfEW YOBKo PLUG TOEI.A.CCO,


OCT. I 81110!0 On'DDIIG, HRJOn 0'l"l''lh&liS. OTTENBERG & BROS .. O F FINE CIGARS, 340 E. 23d St, New York. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS or LEAF TO-BACCO. Gor. Wall and Pearl Sts., NBw Yort. ft. il MENDEL & Bllo Factory No. 278, 3d Dist., N. Y. MaaafaeiJ"Cn eC the Celebrate 4 Braad ot C4rl Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Ea&le, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT,, 445 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK lannfattnrors of S t T 0 : b a c c 0 tlo. 15 u m a r a 3f Bowery, OFO<>., A. Lichtenstein. Son & Co., .A.r::a.h.eJJD.. Maau.tacture n of LOUIS GB.AFI\ SOLE-AGENT, ,. I GABS 105 MAIDEf4 LANE. NEW YORK, V ...... r-ahlnoc!" (.end-.. L C.. Elllrla& 309 E. 59th St., New York. c. F. HAYE, H. DUYS, )R., A. GO., Agent for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA cIGARs SUMATRA TOBACCO, TOBACCO, 196 Pearl st., New York. 175 Pearl Street, New York. Larce A ortmeDt8 AlwaY on Baud. lve. 0 and I Oth St., New York GERSHEL & BRO., PACKERS AND DEALERS I N SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 19J PEARL ST., L GERSHEL, N y k 8. GERSHEL, ew Or G. REISMANN, l COMMISSION MERCHANT I And Dealer In aH XlDds of G. HARKEJIA, LUKWEL & TIELE, SWORN TOBACCO BROKER sworn Tobacco Brokers, OF ROTTERDAM, Sample Room1: Brakke Grond. Bee to reeemead themaeiY.,. Cor tile OS..e: 0. z. VOORBURGWAL 286 purehaae. oc 8nmatra an .Jaya To baeee on he Dutch ltlarke,._ Amsterdam; Holland. Esq., 41 Bread et., CUPID CIGAR .FAClORY. Factory No. 26, 3rd District, LEAF TOBACCO, j 1'76 WATER ST., NEW YORK. 9F NEW YORK, DAVIDSON BROTHERS. ; Havana Seed 1: Leaf Tobaccos i W. LOVE. S. E. cor. First Ava. & 74th St. 143 WATER ST., j ..,. M ald e n Lane, Ne-To.-Ja. lol Basch & Fischer, a IMPORTERS .:OF HAVANA -Aacl ...... el SEED LEAFTOBACCO, D. H. McALPIN & GO., 115 WATElt ITBEET, Jl.u!UF AC'l'UREB!! 01!' s. RoSSIN & SOa;s. THE CELEBRATED FINECUT a I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVYI HAY AHA TOBACCO, TO:EI.A.COO, 173 water st., New York. And 8.11 kinds of Smoking_ Tobacco. E, & G ,' FRIEND & C 0, 1 Aloo ol the ...., l l-kn own llrands of Brljrht Plug Chewing: II 1 E AFrTD airc G 0 1 'Onward,' 'Gold Shiold.' '8ailots & snvor Shioln.' 129 MAIDEN LANE, Manufactory & Salesroom, cor. AY1lnue D & I Oth St. New York. Goa. FluEND, El>wJ.RD FJuJOO), Ja NEW YORK l.KoM.t.R8 FILBl'ID, AHNER & DERLS, EA.LERS IN LB!P TOBACCO 190 PEARL STREET, =r.t=-l NEW YORK. B. KOENIG & 00., : WVOll:f!A I DX4Lii:B8 Ill HAVANA AND SRBB LBAI ?' TOB.A.OOOS, I 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. CAPITOL CIGAR FACTORY J[, SILVERTHAU & ftlanufaeture n or CIGARS, MANUEb ALVAREl1 EXcLUSIVE L Y 213 Pearl Street, New York. I H. CLARK & BROTHEit I fOBACCO BROKERS I o!'IILLE.. ........ Buchanan & L1fall, W 101. "VU' .A.X...X... TC>JRlliiE:. Oo:m:a.zn.ero!lal. lracrtory, Elron.k.l.y::a., N. v. lllan1ll&etare the tono:wtnc Alolebrated Braa4 ot :PL'V'G PX....A.::to.r'ET, FA.N O Y DARK NA.YIItS; J!oJ:IiJPTUN'E, l'ANC Y BRIGHT i'IA.YI-1 FX...U&:E!r, STANDARD RRIGliT NAVJBSJ C:EEO:J:CE, STAI'fDARD DARI l'fATB8. lbe o these grod.s lilworli l wkle, and tllolncreaolna' B&loe of them Is proof ol their merlta llr BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. Our Trade-Ma[k n-L is Embossed OD Every l'luc. B R ANCH O F FICE : No. H CENTRAL WHARF, BOST O N Brooks' Patont Cross Holo Load WITH R VS!IIIA.. HEMP COR 'l'be S AII'E8'1' ..... .I!Eil'l' CORDING SEAL ,., CO RD for eases contaiaing Ofa'ara and Tobacco, etc. J ,t; oll'ered to 1M c. Our OrHole W ire Lead Seals...., I ..., by most of e Trun k Lines, pl'9minent RAilroad Freight I ues aBd. Ex Jft08 Oom p&aieo the country, Whe n caoes are oealed with theoe oealo, r&llt'Oft6a eaTT7 tbom .. --f""&llt,-or 4oub' e Arak:laoo &8 js done who>n -l'rlc_ e.....C... H ole Oordl_ng Sealo. SUO per 1 ,000: Oommoft Lead Sealo. S& to "' per 1, 001 Cemmoo Wire Lead 11M11, II to llli!Or !,GOO; Cord,liO cen to por I h Preoseo, ....... dill, .. MOIL. ...,.pies tunUsbed upon applic&&loa. E. J. BROOKS & CO., 51 DEY STREET, NEW YORJt, PRAGUE & :MATSON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS & REHANDLERS, C:I:N'Ol:N'N' .A. T:I:, C>. A, R. FOUCERAY, L. C. SCHEFFEY & CO., Tobacco I n sPector Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, Appointed by the Philadelphia. Board of Trade. 63 N. Front St., Phllaelpkla, Pa, LOUI SVILLE, KY, 9 EJGG-JEIR,T &, CO =f-l::n1por'ter o:r ::E3:ava.:n.a AND PACKEBI OF Seed. x e&f Tc:b--.;._ 246 Pearl and 20 Cliff, Streets .. New VERt IMPORTER OF B.A. V ANA, Herald. Cigar Factory. Seed A.W.Foote&Co. 178 PEARL sTREET, NEw voRK. 125 liAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. G-'U'&T.A. 'V --=----------' -TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENCt 4.1 .A.'Ve,, Ol:L:I.oaso, :11.1.. J 0, tviLLIP .... R M I CPJumr..E & J QHHo":SL.O AGElfCIES-MoCOY & co .. New York; Lb.NI:lAUER & KAIM Med ium Grade Cigars, It n York; 111': W P RA.GER, Manufacturer o Cheroots, N o w Y ork; GARCIA & V I. GA (formerly Ga.rcla .t Cl H c ga s l es,) ownel'l'i of 'La Duqueslt& ,, and "La Rosa De Mayo" brands. New York and Hava.o.a, \..l!iolle ear avana I r lJnperter, co--m.l .. l o a r t' N.o. JOU. m .. nuf&cturers or Exclusively tipantsh Ha.od-lLde ( 'lear -. ., Havana CiJi!:ars, K e y \'fest., Fla..; STRAUS::i tiROS & U O ULSTON. Pa FREIGHT BROKERS, BE CA.PO" CIGAR FORWARDING TOBAcco A SPECIALTY. Ocean. E'l.a1:e, llil1:ea.zn. o;r l!!la:l.l.. JACOBY & BOOKMAN, P. 0. Box 3,152. 43 Exchange Place NEW YORK. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, FRED. SCHULl, G. FERNANDEZ & GO. 336, 338, 340 & 342 Eas t 38th Street, Paaker wad Dealer t:a. rm..,orte n or !-----.N-:m_"VV7'_'Y_O_E'l._::&;.--:-. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO Havana Tobacco, ..a.:N':o o:x:a-..&.:R.a 224-226 Pearl Street, New York. 206 Pearl Street, New York. FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. .JO!i, !1, GANS, JII ,\X G&N!J, li1.EYI>K KOEN' l 'HA.L, SCHLOSSER & co F GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAL, IIANUF .ACTU:aEIUI OF FIXE Pac k e r o f and D ealera lo Cnban Hand-Made Tobaccn, No. :LillO "VV7'a-ter S-tree-t lSl Tork.. Have Removed to 7l. Ne"'VV S'tree't, Ne"VV "Y-........ Ferc:J.. IMPORTER 01' HAVANA LEAF Tobacco MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS. FRANCIS 11'. ADAII!S [l!:.ta'hllolaed 184-'TJ HENR Y 1!' .A. VEil&. P. P. .A.d.a.:o:1s &, 0: 1"-aau:taetorer oC 'the ColJewJnc Clelrate4 JlraD411! et FINECUT CHEWINC & SMOKINQ 'tOBACCO. Chewing) : TaJly Ho % Aromatic. Smoking: Peer!ess. Excelsior, Standard. -;;::;r .a.. :m, "VV7':J: a. JOHN P. GOELZ & CO., J. G. FLINT. Jr.. l!laaatacta..rer of lllA.ImF AtmJREIIS 011' CIGABS, FINE CU_TND_CHEWING 213 to 299 Weat Water Street, Second W&rd Bulldlnr, MILWAUKEE, WIS. THE PEASE Smoking Tobacco, F Milwaukee, Wis TC>EI..A.CO<:> CUTTING MACHINE. B1Ulkqelroa&Bru BRINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG MACHINH. Patontod { tJnllecl Statea1lllay31,I81ilo ll 1J Canada, Saan. 31., 1 8 82. STEAK POWER. FOOT POWEB,. Will make plugs of all sizes, from I to 4 Inches !VIde and from 4 to 1 2 I nches long, better and cheaper than any _other machine in the market, aod ls now i n use ln over one huuired. o f the large&& tectorles In the U nited States, Oorr..,pondenoo solicited. Addre.u J H. BRINKOP, qutney1 lllloolo. CLE:AR -OICARS WEST,. FLA. & SEMPLE SOLE ACENTa U-... S 252 WARREN' ... ;;: .. .-":'':;: MANt.TF ACTDBEl\S OP .Nework& Key West Cigars I! 327 East 8lxtyth1rd St., New York. Jl THE JOHN H. McGOWAN CO-.P ANY Cincinnati, 0 .. H. S. A ... Th is C u t sho w s o u r DOUBLE END WJth Ptent Retaining Look fo r the press u re. We control al l Paten ts f o r Prelill!iag Tobaoco fro m BOTH ENDS -:0:-HYDRAUliC PUMPS -:e:-Mould Presses -:o:-Mou lds, HYDRAULIC and Wbeel" Boxing P resses, Ban ds and Se g m en ts, Steel Fiaisher Plates and Tins, HAND and POWER WRINGERS. Sen d for Catalogue. PLEASE WR:rr. OUR ADDRESS and refer t.. this paper in addressi n g us.


10 Philadelphia Advertl .. menta. i :J:O:EK.A.:N' &, T .A.XTT, Im.porters of :Bavaila .AND-P.I.CKJPUI ._.. ,. l Seed T ea.1' Tc:"ba.ccc::. Commissitln Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. TEiiLLE'R. Packers, Commission Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Baltbnore Advertlsemeate. I. L. DUNLAP & CO .... ewJ ... B.Cl-'&C.. W .... .II : BOYD R-co CINCINNATI, o., .I.WAJa ., lllannflletnren or NAVY TOBACCO, Leaf Tobacco, And Apa1e for Promtueuc Vll'l{lata MaDufaeaarera Twist & Plug Tobaccos. F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS S, W, Cor, Viae&; Front Stroete, CINCINNATI, O. BRANCBES : 0:-t!:&e;ar OlerkavtJJe, '.J'obaeeo. OCT. r W. G. BEDB. & co. Adrertisements rrom East, West lSOntb. s-r. 8ImB. 1 B.llllmr, Elloe B.. BEIER & co., HINSDALE SMITH & CO .. CINCINNATI. (i), [ESTABLiilHED 18t41J Paekers .lo ....... or LEAf _To BAG co. Gonnoctlcut Sood-IoafTobacaJ _..,.,..._ IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 21, 23,25 St. Sorin[field,last A. F. RICO & CO IMPORTERS or JoHN E Patx.Di"B, J .ura C ERNST. Palm Leaf Tobacco Works. PERKINS & ERNST, MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Plug Tobacco HAVANA 1.EAF TOBACCO Blu e (Extra Fine) Palm T E"af, Drums tick. Blue Jay, Key Note, Butt e-rfl.r. P enny PluK. OFF!CE .AND FAuronv: 159-16'\ Pike St. CO,TlNGTON, Ky. cxa..a.n.s, 33 South St:reet. Baltimore. .Henr:r Geloe, E:a.b1:L.hed 1&8'7, Benn Dama. 18 Central Wharf, Boston BATCHELOR ., THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO., Successors to Henry G eise and Stickney & Gordon, Maoafacta.rera oC aU Ktod.a or c :.:: G-.A. :H. :EI 0 ::lE. Eii s. 1;', B. ltAYO. P.l:l. MAYO & BROTHER. Packers of Seed Lea, f and Importers of Havana. a.nd Su:ma.tra. Toba. ccos ;) 09 m-or'l:h. "'U'a'ter &1:ree1:, Ph:l1a.Gl.e1ph:la.. :J:Jea1er :Ln. La.be1a. O'lt;ar M.Dd all other ()l,;arma.k.era' Supplle Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND. VA-Large Stock of all the L.,..ding Label Hoasea Cenata..tly oa. Haa.ol, 93 OL.A. Y' OXN'OX.N'N' .A.TX. O. I:B'l'ABU8HBD :sY ROBER'!-a. AAYO ... ELL::t:EI &, CO., MAN1JPACT1JRBRII OP BENGAL .CHEROOTS, .A.lo IDlporte.r of C:l.gars, Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. ----------------------------------------LUXURY TOBACCO Jllaaa.naccaren or line Cut and Smoking -AND-LUXUry Fine Cut In Foil. HENRY GEISE, BENNO DAMUS, GEO. H. STALLO THE GEISE LUMBER CO., MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Cigar Be:.: L'U.z:n.ber Factories: 101 &; 103 Eaot 8th St., Cincilmati; and Weat OfBoe: 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI. O. Tin CUT and EMBOSSED In Plain or Fancy Desl;rn, of Plain. Gilt or Oolored Till as Lowest Prices. Sam Tags and full 1nformatJon furnished on applic&tlon. J. M. ROBENSON & Co. 220-229W.2d&52CeZ!tra.lAvo CXN'OXJXJN' A.TX. <>. Orljrlnatol'll ot the style and namo %V .A. 'VY' T <> JB .A. 0 0 .-,. NAVIES A SPECIALTY IN ALL 8IZ11:8, JAMES M. Commission Merchant .-or Pllrebue LEAF .'rOBACCO, R.XCB:KOmXJP VA.. V. S. WRIGHT, Successor to Edward Peynado & Co.. DIREC'l' IMPORTER OF CHOIE HA.VANA SOLE AGKNT FOR JULIUS & CO., W. BEST, Chicago; LOilli'i PALMER, New York; W. H. RUSSELL, Chicago. Eles't, a,,.,sseii &, Cc:., 81100M80rs t<> JOHN C YARTRIDGE &: CO. Lnzano.Pendas & Co.s Clear Havana Goods o.1 LEAF TOBACCO 231 East Randolph Street, o:a:::a:oA.o-o. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, OJ. PIPER HEIDSIECK PllONOUNOED BY JUDGES PLUG TOBACCO, -FLAVORED WITH TRB CELEBRATED CHAMPAGNE WlNlll HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, !fEW !riiLPGBD, CONN, SILAS C. HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of leaf Tobacco, H&TPJELD, !rl4118. MILLER & HERSHEY, Dealers in Leaf Tohacco C. DAVENPORT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, S01JTH BOIITON0 t'Ao HOLT, SCHAEFER & CO., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. LWNCHB1JBG, VA, Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, &ICHJIIONDo V.A, PAUL C. VENABLE1 Leaf Tobacco Broker, DANVILLE, VA, REED 4. McCEE, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, :RALEIGH, 1'1. C. The Finest Chew Extant. W. A. BOBBITT, PIPER HEIDSIECK. Leaf Tobacco Broker, NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, H. T JENKINS, Leaf Tobacco Broker. WARBENTO!fo No C : .T. J. DUNN & eo., r PRACUE & MATSON, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, X. Li."Vezey &. Cc:. c. c. sLAUCHTER, ; -.:J"ni'ted. S'ta.'tes Ci.g"ar W'IIDIIo :S. bliNN. 80'7 JEI:E'I.4;>A.:J:J ST., HENRY HET!riANN, CJINCJINNATI, Oo ,.. .... El::&l.llllir J :b.&BEJ, Paoker .a\l Dealer Ia LE.&P TOBA.CCO, :131 and 1233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. E8TABLJ8H-,'846. '.l'IIJl 1P ARISH CIGAR FACTORY. CommiSSion Merchants, LASA & MILLOS, s1. NoaTa sTRJ:ET 802 Chestnut and 29 S. lith St. )0 North Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA. PRILADELPIIIA. GUGGENHEIMER & CO POPLAR and WHITEWOOD, PLANED and UNPLANED, Leaf and Strip Tobacco Brotar. IMITATION CEDAR ANFOR CIGAR BOXES, KY. MANUFACTURERSOF I PACKERS OF LEAF I GARS,, Havana &nsnniaetti" Tobacco : :&:.Y". T. H. PURYEAR. hnltat!on Cedar manufactured b'lour PATENT proc.:S.Is the only PEBPECT !mltat!onot Buyer of Leaf T bAftftL Hanna and Domestic Leaf Tobacco I Together wiih the LABGE!IT Stoek e f l I 'PLUG TO::EJ.A.OOO Spanish CAda.r. Prices and rates o freJght given upon application. JNC>. C.A.R.:R.OLL, PADtJC.AU. KY Sole Jllanufacturer of the Famous and WorldBenowned lkands of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, M. H. CLARK & BRO., LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. Leaf Tobacco Brokers, Cor. Lombard&; Cheap side, Baltimore. Ot aoy Bouse In the State JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., Importers of Havana .&Jil) PACD:BS or Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va. Onlono respectfully sollclte.d and promptly )Lttended to. Price Llat sent 011 appllcattoB. -' T. SaoCieuor to Salmou, Haaoook &; Ce. IIANUFACTUB.ER OF .-: .. COIL,. LIGHT PRESS, TWIST, NAVY-and TO:EI.A.OOO&, 'R.:J:CI3:JY:ON"D, V .A. .. :.:a.A.CEI &, &XZER, lllanu&eturen of the Celebrated .. Granulated, Cut Plug, Long Cot aRd f'il r!lrDttDft "RA LEI.GB" Cut Plug ; FAVORITE" Ciarette and -long Cut; uoe to m tcomUT A..--.:: "STRAIGHT WEB" CiDarettes and Straight Cut. PHILilDELPHIA. >rhlch wemakoaopeclattT. t1 SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 39 Cerman St. Baltimore. VA. :KoOKE BROS., M. KEMPER & SONS, FOREE. N.FUREY, GEO.A.FoRE:m. F. X. KELLY, Jr., of Ole Celebrated Importers o( Havana, Foree Tobacco Company, HAPPY THOUGHT T 'OLTEG' SEED LANDEAPAFcxmsTOoB .. ACCO MANUFAbaooo :Eirok.e:r-. ll8 PanwUM 8&,0 LlYerpeul, E JACOB L. FREY, 'Dealer In anA Packer of Leaf Tobacco,_ p 213 W..t Kina, LANCASTER; P.A. JAS. A. HENllHRSON & GB, DEAL1!:1l8 IN VIrginia and North Carolln LEAF TOBACCO, :J:Ja.vme. V'a. Smokers Bright IAaf a SpecialV. -"dera 8o1icit2d. J', X.JIII..-,0.. !Iollaad.


t I OCT. I Buiaess Directory of Admtisors. REW TOBIL ,..... LMJfmod11---.,._ -" Debl8, 1111 PearL ..-&J'rlqana. Ul w ..... ...... & BoD, HI! Water '8rud I & Co. 1116 ar-tOid &. IL & BoD, 118 W-a ....... 148 .,_ -...n Wm. &: Co. IN&-. & Bro .. 171 War... -......., Hear:f, 1111 ....,_, '--& -nU>&I, 11i0 w-. L. & Bro. 111 I'Nri. eneDIP"Cht 111. 191 Pearl _........,r L .t t'.o 17f Water Lederman Jos. & Sons, 140 Malden lane. Le.m IL H. corner Wall and !'earl LIDdhelm H 191 Pearl. Jlayen' JOr llpiDpnl E &: Oo. 5 Burbg 8llp litein H 211 :!'earl Tile Cltaa J' .t Son, 11'4 Front. "->a, C&rl. E !59th. Wahl!& Chao F. lUd av. Wolf Theo Jr. 192 Front .. GM IV..,_ Le4t Dtdab& Ferd. 78 80 Broad. e.u.enaG.1820Broad .. ay. Sawyer, Wallace&. Ce. 18 Broadway. llebin Jlenl')', 7S--l!O BI'OII4. ,-....,.,Jar ta.e 8Gi<1 Of..,_,_ -.. L. .t Sea. 11111 Obambi!f Graad lltrMt, Ill: K. lllaDeJ a .... 5)b to weat 21c1 (A.yman J. H. 11<1-118 Llberlif and 1111-1111 Uedar lld.lpiB D. H .tOo. car Avea11e D ...a Telllb, 11111er Kra e B & eo. 111 OoiWRbJa. ..,...,.,.,......,..,..of cc_.. Arguelleo Brothers, 172l'earl. Alvarez M. 218 PeRrl. .Ash L. & Co. 7'79 3rd Ave. &oaoy 4 Leo.erer. 70th at. and lBt a-.e. BrowD a; Karle, cor. bl:J&.b St. a.od tat .A.l'eJille Ooodlt Stephen G -7 E lOth Deftance Cigar .Manufact.orv, m-238 But 418C J'oote A W & Oo.> lllaldon Lane. J"rey Bros. 11J42-1348 Avenue A Promer L F 77th st. oOZ'. &t and Lexingtoll an ll.&hn, Brussel & Co. hl !lam 'I II: Oo 822-384 E. 63d. Christian, 334 E. e8d Street &.t.utman B100. llill & 181 Grancl. &erb& ll 81'!088. 1014 to llfl) lleoond A?, and 110 co aa J'lttv-tourtll Kimball. ()roUfle a.nd Co. $Warren. LeYy Juoe, ATeooe 0 aaa J8r.n tfueel. Uott,t;eaaWin Brd'thera Co. 701 to 119 id &Teo. LlchteBBteln A .. Bon 12 ('.o, 809 East 69th 11 u.s Geo P & Co. cor. 80th st and avenu.. A. t.opez & B&rbar...,..., Vesey. Lo.e J W. 1380 lat ave. aoo 409 E 14.tb A lleDdel M. W &: Bro. 161 Bowe" J(eoaelts A. & Go., A Vf'IDUe D and lOth' at. Ottenbertr S d: 840 E 11&1 Poh& P, & Co. 168 Uhaml>Prs Bodrltruez & Garcia, 20-24 Gold. BGoenUllll Broa M1-3 I E T.ld. 11uJebeS an4 'l&ya, 31 Peul & co 71 New :)treet -eaberg and Co, llll7 East 68d. BbOf;weU, B Yl.b a' e IJC&cJ>eiOOrg M B. Co .. lt>l-1111 Boalll .nnh .1.9._ Stralt<>n 4 torm. 2U8 East WTh. IIWtlrO 4'. Newmar. a .,. cor. 73d !It &lld !Ill &'Y. 81lverlh&U 111 ..t Qo, 1111 to 81! 11:. 1lal U pmann C&rl. 4to&--f0' !_ '9th. Wertheim & Bchltrer, fOII.4D9 E. 70th ot, I.mpin'fNI or Bumalra .:"" l)uys B. Jr. 178 Pearl J'alk, G & Bro, 171 Water l'reJse, Erne:;t, W a tao Graft L. 106 Malden Laae. Baye 0 1', 193 Pearl JUracb, iJ W&1'M Booenwa.ld E. It Broo. Water. S&lomon M. Ill E. tl5 Maid ea. leone. Bobr'Oeder It S.Ml. I 'its W Bobm1d L. 188 Water. Splnga.rn E & Oo Burllng Blip. Well dl Co. 61> P!De -of RatlOOIO AJmlrall & Co. 16 Oeo&r. .A.uerb&Ch Slwon & Co. 179 Pearl Jlemholm J. & !!on, 181! P-.1 Brand J & Oo. 1ll5 lilla dea Louae 1>1a< B. A Co. 157 Water Fernandez G. & uo. Pearl Freise, Ernest. 142 Water. Jrlo. 222 Peart llooteiO M A 191 Pearl. OppeDbetmer fi'erd nr. Maiden lane IJelomou G. & BroR 138 Maiden fjanchez ,t; Oo. 169 --. tJan<:hN .e JI&Ta. 31 Pearl IIJanorlUR at (;o. 171 Pea.r"i ll. & E M 'Wah1en l.aae f!eymour Ghai. T. 183 Front !ep... :Mon.ou & o-. 18"1 E"-.rt Vlg11 c, 140 Maiden Well& Oo. ill> Pin or Xq wm CMQan. Barranco 11. A Co h& Barclay Jallnger J. & Oo 51 Murray, G&to E H 88 Bea.:ver Seidenberg a d Co. W East 63d. v. Jla.rt;lDea Y'oor JR 06. t;\1 Water lfaiOtlfa-en ot .11-....., -.IEaBfm&DD llroo. & Bondy, Granc1 IBJ)erlfll"e f OloJII A.-. t[aufm&DII Broo. & Bond.v, 12!1 and 181 Gru4 'll&J Brol. 389 Broadway. Br1Gr Plpu """,__. of Bnw'-'' .trliola t>emuth Wm & Co. liOT-5011 Broa<1way M;J'08. &: BonclJ, liY ADd 1&1 Cilfu4 Jlcmufocturer nf .uoorioe PoeM. or()arenou & Tur, 13 Cedar. e.a.udrew .huut'M t 56 Water 4!oudder B. V. & F. P 4 Cedar. Bt&mford Manutacturin, On 1"' Maldea Lane Weaver Limited, 79 Pine. -""J)()t"'ter ot Ptuk. Wabace & Co ill""" 81 8. Wtu-. Qardiner. M. "n'll"ront iller's R. Son Cowpany, 46 Cedar M,cA.JldreW .J&rn... C M War .... 'fi'Mver & Stem. Limited, 79 Pine. o1t ArgWmhaU. *' -er of ""'.Blllier1a R. Sou Company. 46 Cedar Weaver & Stem, Limited, 79 Plno. -.__, 1'01><1000 ---Obarl.._ & (;o. 149 Wa:oer r. 0. [,lnc1e, il&mllto<> & Co. 1411 Water Jlanu-t-.cturer of bu:oet.. SriCh.o H. W. Eas' ll!leveuU> 8&. BeDkail Jacob. $.1 and 2911 Mooror ,Strauss. S 179-183 Lewis st. Wloke WlW&ro &. Uo. cor l8t ave and 81ft at /:Haler m .; OII)U.rllt:n VJ>IiOIIrO" w K. and Bro, r.uc Telttll In1.purter o' Cigar .Voldl. llltolta B. w. ltaot Eleventh St. Jlanuta,cturer.t of fXotJ.t'fl!tsel. Qoedwin .t cO. loot Grand ot Ill R --TI>ODIM B 1'1)9-211 E 87th. Kb>ae7Tob&eeo ()o. Weot21d "1&llftn. of 'l'oh&oe<> &lid O!Jrar Labell anc1 Trim m!Dga. Heppeahetm 's Bona, F., :II! and 1M N Wlill&m llew::a&n LoulB 1: It <'u. DW oor P....,.,la.nd Jt1m. d!ohumacher It EtiJ!oger. SZ-36 Bleecker WI-.t Bebml"'-114 Boweey. Mfr <..:i9ar J'lattor. (Jiaakel Ju. and Oo, n John ,l'rlee Ales. 11 "Bme. Wl ReadP-11ergentlme J H & 0<>. 158 Ghambelll Fla""""" El:tracu. fl)odge k. Olcott Oor JilrOUlers. 889 Broadway. Jllon,.tiJChWerl ot ()jgor BibbeM. 'Wicl1:e WilL .t Oo. oor. 1st an. and Slit It, lt"oMeU'e Tobacco Knlve& llurr&Y. 76 Beado, Bole A&enta Vaeellne. (lbeoebi'OUIIth llb:. Co 24 State. Tol>aCOO JI..:. :-; UTRO &; 2d Av. and 73d St., New York. Factory Na. 412, 3rd District. Ed. Bergh.atise:n. d:3 Co.,. Manufacturers of Havana. Cigar Flavoi'S, CIGAR COLORING, P.A.STB SWBETBI'IJNGS, llila.'t seoo::t11cl. 81:.. O:l.::t11o:l.ll1ll1a.1::1., 0. Mnf-i:r-3. of Littae Gunt J'ohn &. Williams Co., 102 Chambers T-B&W'"'I Penou A HarrimaD .t Co. f57-469 Broomo JfGn.Mfacfu,.l!rl of 7\ta 7bga. Hamilton & IJlleJ, 1136-646 W 118d, Label and StamJ> Varnll!b. -Ohaa 0. and Oo. lH Eaot 14tll Lin.e" Fibre Waru. Goldo R-o-. Doyel W ..L .t (lo. 33 Boulh -.. Broa. 88 Lombard Kemper lll dl Bona, 116 W. Lombard. Kerckbotr lOUd> Ubar1 llm'eld JOo. P a Co 81 South Ohar1' w..... &d. 1 oa. 89 South O&lvon 7'6lHJooo l'elner J!'. W. & !!on, Ill BollUl OharleL GaiT & .u. II! Barre Guggf'nheimer a: Co Lombard & Cheapside. Jl&rbV.rC Brotllen, 146 to tklutob O&lar' .. Pa;C-.t steM Bollera. Vnenagt 31 SOuth Oharlee Olpr Manufacturers. ll&ron & Oo. Guggenheimer & Co., Lombard & Cheapside. JI:OOlero, 1111> and 157 Lake .llavn of :n .... eoa Olwtmft{l I& 8adWft9 Toll. -A. .t eo. and t6 Dearborn TobscCon.itf atlcl Jl'!'r' .A.Qoetlta. Beot. a-,..n & Co. 57 Lake anc1 41 8.Mnttro of Tin FOil, ()roolr:e Jobo J 84 Franklin st Bor &rld Beller et Cutt!Dgo and llcraJIII u4 Wbol-le De&lor 1D Leaf Tobacco. PIIIOOib L. B Water llnttnl of Plug, Fine-Cut Obewlng and Rmlra. ll!lghtyNavyTobaccOWorka. Oanalandllonroe 'l'ohl .ooo L>r,er. Watt's Uniform Tobacco Dryer, 88 Market (lllfOINRATI. O Utgar B-I'Toat. Jt.Jfn. of Molde. lllller, Debrul /1; Peten. 11115-1611 E lid. Mnftn ef Ba., Cigar FlaTor. Berghausen Ed. 41 E. lid. Fri ... Alex. & BrO Pke. o.ANVu.LE. v-. DeaioraaaWJ' /..NJj TobaccP .8rolrlro. Ferrell P. W J'I1Jm 0. ll. Peanl<>n J K, Qo. Ve-l'. C. Gernuuay. )(a.nufe.cturers of Cigar--Box Label&. Q<>bru4er Klingenberg. DETROIT. JIIJell. \ Jlr"" of (;"'Mfnn.g a. l:fm.OICI"'ff Tob GtWI American Eagle Toba co Co. Banner TobACeO Co. Larned DUR.BAJI, c:l. MaavtOOno-not 8-IIJal!kwell'w Durham Tobaoco Co. Lyon z L and Oo. oJ lJla.cktoeU' Durha"' (Xgorcdea. Bl&ekW'eLl'a Durham Tobaoco co. Dealer in Leaf TobaccO. (JebornW. H DAYTONoO. Peatj 'obacco OUtttr. llaekeye Iron and Brass Works. J'fJ<',IUir a..a ,,. a.\lo I:J<4. Q'lllell w. s V A}I(SVILL1.. bd. 'J"oM.CCO OotiiIUUm JlerCAGua. llorrlall 1 .&0o FRANKLINTON, N, C, LltaJ 1'obOrOO Bn ... W .L.llcGhee; locatioa, "GoldenBelt"otN.a BA.R.TI'OR.D, Oo:aa ,_..ami "' -LJf Haas L. B. State st BOPKDISVILLE. Jt,-. TbOmpoon Gee. 'I' HAVANA c:l'ba, Cigar aomm-.v..-ca Bavao& TobaccO Co. 148 Oalle ADimaa Jla,.vfactuur oJ OfQan. A..zcano Sebastian, Suarez; 68. Bances ,Juan A._, 158-160 Industria street. Cueto Juan & uo., Estrella tt. Qolmenares & Pr!e!',,Calle de San Rafael 115 Cortina y Gomez, uwe de 1& Estrella 134.. De Capote Mora & Oo. Oalle del Ra.yo 28. Esta.nillo J un & OoruJo, Helascoaln 84, La. Calle de San Rafael 99-101. Lopez )la.nuel & eo., Flguras 26. Murias F elll< & Oo., Oalle Ia Zallja. 69. )ltranna F, CalzMod& dfll Monte lVIJ Pedro, 49 F&etorla street. JtendueleR, Oalle del Rayo 83. Rodriguez M.a.nuel. EstrellA 183. Belgaa /1; Garcia, 81tloo 117. HENDERSON K;r. 2'Di>ocooBrolw1. I!Jaughter G. G. HENDERSON, N.C TobI'f, BJac. Tobacco, OJgar and Leal' .Merehallt. lira!r L. 6 Feachurch BlllkiiDa1t, 111. 0. LOUISVILLE, KJ' Foree Tobacco Co. l'!lnga1, Doerlroefer It: Oo. 18tb ...t 111ala uat lleler W G. & Oo. Oallawa:r James II". corner Xigbth aad .._. Lewla. Blch'd .111 u1o.-nq wlllala JJeier Wm. a. a: c;s N.18b Goo. P Wesi111aiA It Importer of lla.,..,... CXgara. Wri&htV.i. M utacturr.r ..dDm't.l. l!che!rey I. 0. & Co., 184 Oih a.-Peerlest5 Plug Tobacco-Ma.cbine alld Tobacco Frankel H Supplies. Too Mn./tr1 Supplies, Lieor trt!:, etc. Jungbluth & Ra.uterberg. LYJIIc:lHBUR.G, Ya. Jlo,.ufodurero of Olt/ardC... Lone Jock Cigarette Co. ot Bmoldrrg ToMooo. _,..,...._ oem .. -..-ca. Holt. Bchaeter & eo. IDDDLETOWl\', 0. Man.ufactv.r&r of l'lu; n.o.-, llaq:P,J.&Oo, !IIILW&VKBB, WI._ -ttr of Oh_,j"f1aad Ac1ams F. F. & eo. Flint J G .t Co. ltctflU/acfurer of Olgara Graf Wm. &: Co. Goelz John l'. & Co. 293-2!19 West Water. NEWARK, N.J. Hanu:tact nrera ot. Tobaoco. Campbell & Co. 20-2:2 ot NEWPORT, KY. oJ OagarBo3 L"aber Llvezev I. W. & Co. OXFORD, N. (J, Leaf Tobacco Broker. Bohblrt W. A PADUCAH, robcO. Veooable S W & Oo Buyf\r of Leaf Tobacco. Br3.Jfa;D W PHILADELPHIA. Seed Leaf and Tobacco WarMoua. Jlaml>erot..r L. & Co. 111 Al'CII llatcbelor 11:. rl' o. 109 N. Water lJNmoro Lewis Bo08. 322 Nort.b 'l'hlld ])obaD 1 Taitt 1D'i Arch Freyer & North 8d. LabBenj. :?31 l'iorth 8d M.cDoweu 11 .&C. & Oo. 608-005 Cheatnu$ Ban&: J. Rln&lao & CO. 1:&2 North Wc..Teller Bro.-tle1"1'. 117 North Third Vetterleln. J. & Co .. 11> Arch lmportflr of Havana Leaf. Portuondo. Juan F 1114Ulti Sansom. Importel"8 of Havana and Sum&tra Tobacco. co leald .. on .a. & w. et9 Llber liJ' .lla1lt4f'ro of 8rnd.tHcGee. R.IOHH8ND, Va. Jla.,oifsctvrorof Brrwki"" !Xgclr ,. .., ettM. .\114'1-n & Gtnter Pace II: Sbol'. JIGnoifacl,....,. f 1'11111 olt Tokcoo Butlor HancockW. T. Mayo P. H & Bro., 1ft_ l' St Paoe I B Tob&CCQ Oo. IAQI 1oiKICcO IJrollet-t. Ornmp, E. T II: C<>. 4--li Columbian Bloclt. Dlbre!l W E WII!OJu.M. M -u.rac-tu er ot Oid Virgift,ia Che-roots. 'Whitlock, P Mu,..-....ra.cturen oJ ToNooo BCIQ& IL lllllhloer .t Oa 18011 Main ROOHESTER.. Jll', y, of '"Sllkld Jf' O...t, "BtUw BfJII' 8rllolci1t4, a.ncl'" IMperial'' Loft,g OUt. Wllale.n B co & r.o. lit MIL at; .Jl.a"'t:ur, of u li'i:tt.e O..t aNi WBicll,. and u E:l:pred 8ftl.olrift.g TolHiooo. Wlralon T. 1811 8,..,. Jforo'tlf""*,.rer of "Pw..-tul" mod .!'laMs 8'1-ou.f ToM.ooa and va,..itw Ta.l.r'' 7'obaooo ami JDmb&ll w s .t Oo. B.OTTERDAII, Holl&ad Sworn Tob&ooo Bro.t:en, Lukwel &Dd Tlee. SPRINGFIELD, Hllmltll B & Bon. 10 B&mpd l"uvvao>oo "'a...-. Do-r 0 .t R. .t Co. 128 llarket SOVTH BOSTON, V&. Davenport 0. G. WHEELIJII'G. W, Va. llnftnl of Havarra, seed, TIP. anc1 8togle Olpn anc1 De&lers ID .-.: Tob&ooo. lllahD .t, tiiiiB lllaiD Dealotl '" OlgM v..tUflj/1, Bloch Broe. YORK, Pa. llanufao&IINr of Olpn, JlaJer fl 'I .IOBN D. 8KILJ:S, .I.UOS B. I'B't', Towne, Fuller a Co., Packers of Leaf Tobacco 1 Manuf'trs of C _igars, S::EE.::J:LE& d3 ::I.PR.E'""2'", PACKERS OP AND o.a.LBJlS IN Ponnnlvania Sood Llaf & Havana sood Tobacca, 61 & North Duke ,st., Lancaater, Pa. ---ARGUELLES BROTHERS, Ci[ar Proprietors of the BriUldo : 41, 43 &. 45 Hampden St., Springfield, Mass. LA FAMA. LA TUYA. LA RITA. 172 PEARL ST., .NEW YORK. LICHTENSTEIN BROTHERS COMPANY, Incorporated September 6, .OFFICE 101 cor. THIRTY-EIGHTH B :Ew YOBL --...... t No. 50,: 3d Collection District, N. Y. Nos. 707 to 719 AYenne, and 235 to 239 East ThirtyEigbtht Street, New York. KAUFMANN BROS. & BO-NDY, lmportero and of Ci[ar & Smotors F enue, 32d .. 33d suee 129 & 131 Grand St., aro':!":.,., New York. salesroom : 129 & .13' 1 Grand St., New York. Steam Cigar Boz Factory. TlLe Larceat in the W eat. ea. a.::t11cl. ::1 ou l."ooo orb. &1:.. O:l.ll1o:I.Jt:L:b.a.1::1., o. .&leo H&Duftwturer oftba Veneered aDd Imitation Cedar Clgar-Boz LuDi'ber. Sample farJPahed on A pplioation. Send for Prlcel.Ut, The only Factory In the We& that ea-rl"fell!l a complete tock of aU Label Publlllhed In the W. F. THOMAS, LEWIS & THOMAS, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, Orders and Correspondence Solicited. Best References Clven. F. C. GREENE, p...,ker of aad Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO, Albany and Janesville, XSIOON'81N' Fine c:lflrar Leala Speolalty. Ample R.oom. "United BUTLER & WILSON JIAN'UFACT'URER.S OF FINE NAVIES, for Chewing & Smoking, R.:l.chmo:n.d., v a. Hammei'Schlag's Waxed Paper, .:lli"or Bold ID QnanUUM ra ... ..,. 0. .IOURCENSEN1 Malden Lane, New TOBACCO. KNIVES. CHALMERS & MURRAY, 76 Reade St., New York, SOLE .&.GII:NT!J. WA have alwaYl'l on hand a full supply of Kniea for Prase or Buck t-ye and Rogers Machines, ll'nd make to order KD!ves of any pat tern. DUTIES IKPOSED ON TOBACCO Dl: FOREIGN C011lfTIUES, AUSTR&LIA-Manufactured tobacou Imported, 'Ill.,.... pound duty. Australian manutaettu'!ld toba.oco. made 4il ilomestic.leaf, 24 cents a pound internal tax; made ottanlp: lea.t9 48 cents a pound tax. BELGIIJM-Leaf tobacoo anc1 stems, 70 franes Jill' -kilos: manufactured toba.oco. cigars and"' cigarettes. per lotlldiOB: otller kinds, including 1ou traucs :pt:r UN Eiloa. --._ CAN ADA -On tobaccO tho ezc!se thty' on forefcD lear which tormerly wa.s 20e pe" lb, but ot lat.e yeara reduced to 12c, t. restored to 20c 'Ph<> dut:tr on domeotlo leaf, whteh.u-p to 18S3 was Be, and was then redoeecl to 2e, IIJ ad vaneed to 6c. Tbe customs duty upon tob&cco antdf IIID oreaaed from 20 to SOc per lb, and on 1m ported toballco from 20 to 80c per lb. Olgaretteo put u" ID pack-weJKblng than one-twentieth of a pou.11d or less.. shaD pay a dotJ' of. 34c lb. instead of 29c, as a.t 011 da=:ai mmst snuff, w:ben eontainl!Jg over 40 ee11t. ot m. when put' in pacllasea of-Slwtli' Ga.--. Hill*' weight, ENGLAND-Manufactured Tobacco-01"81'1!, 5jJ. per lbl. Cavendish or Negrohead, 6d per lb. Qtvendiah or-Necro head manufactured in b1nd. 48 J)t"r lb. Or her manut&ctnred tobac o, 4s per lb. Snutr containing more tba.n 18 &be of moisture in f'very 100 Jbs wejirbt there(lf, 389d per lb. Sod not containing mo l S lbs of moil"ture in every 100 18e thereof, 4s 6d pet" lb. UurnanufacturE'd T t /bacco 0 lbsot"more otollstunsin every100lba w .. lii thereor, 3R 2d. per lb. Containing Uan 101ba of moisture in every 10 lbs wPight therNtr. :: s 6d per lb. In lieu of tbe d rawback allowable-before May 3 18M7, there is now allewecl the drawback of 8s 3d named ln section 1 or the Manulac tured 1'!Jbacco AoD,1868 ; OERMANY -C"I!

I T2 ,..rHE TOBACCO OCT. I GRAY, MORALES & Manufaotr.,. of CUBAN HAND-lADE HONEST, POPULAR,] Is the Most UNIFORM, RELIABLE Tobacco ever placed on the Market. lAND SATISFACTORY T I HA-VANA GI&!BS, Hence Dealers and COQSUmers Always Pronounce it THE VERY BEST, 1 c, .. ... ..,;,.,,..:..w) _______ ..;...___ Haw Y oaw, A prilld, 1884. For ten or twelve years J b a n UM:d BlackSituated in the immediate section of countcy that produce s a grade of T o bacc o tha t i n t e x ture, I fla _vor and quality ls not grown elsewhere in the 'world, the popul a ri-t y of these goo d s is onl y VERY BEST. 1 gnvc Tho m as C orlyle poun CJaJ. -Arold Polla k ole Clo., loSG DaUer,-Slreell Pael8.e (Joaat aotl. Terrllorle.. '413-417 E. 318t Street, c_or. 1st: Ave., New YQI'k; 188, 1 .87 A 189 E. Pearl St.1 Clnclnnat11 0.--Depot and Apncy for the Pacific Ooaat1 .., 308 4 308 Battery 8treet1 San Franclsco1 Cal. OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANI{JM, OIL ROSE, ANGELICA ROOT. ZUAICAluAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver St. N e w York. [P. 0. Box 2445] Jmpotters of Fine Licorice Paste, ROOT, OLIVE OIL, &c. We offer for Sal e t h e 'EX'l'RA. FINE ,...-----.. COUHaJANO ... '"''4 Brand Spanish Licorice. A Real Good Article. In casea 240 Jb8. e""h I'll lUI /. .'-?/.: \ <'\'ianr1 franco> '/J\" -:/ '/ ,t v 1t:o.R ,tfB R 4 N D, Strong, Pure a n d o f Good FOavo r. Lioorioe Root, Or.U...a17 & Beleoted., In Bales and Bundlee. POWDERED LICORICE PASTE, Ground from Fiu ... st Imported. Eacle Braud Powdered Llcorice, from the F h .est and Seeteat Root. tr ,e !rom any OLIVE OIL, "A11chor" brand o f s uperlln .Pure SALAD OIL, in Cfo&eO 10 one gaUon can s each. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed, CAMPB:ELL & CO., Manunaecaren ot Fino Gnt & Smokin! Tobacco. &nd Dealen Ia SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., Wbl-Je and Re&aU, BrJcJa-e St., Newark, N.J. Jacob Henkell, IIIAJIIU.&CTIIIKBD OP' CIG!I -BOXBS. IIUI'ERIOR MAKIC AND PBIIIIC QU.t.LlTY OJ' JUNUll' A Q-ame Rooster, P l tK't, S.orlati lie, Gul live r P l antag6n et. Feam a u ght. The ii'ootemma, Commercl!l! Club, n Club. 8f


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