The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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VOL. XXIV.--NO. 38. rEBTABLISBED 18M.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY 15"'188.7. .. .. 106 KAmEN LAJIII, cOmer' o t Pearl Street ..._ : J"' of --* 8PECIALNOTrCE. 1 ;'( T (-, 1 Inside the bll1e, on the WElL & CO. 1 l' \ A I Is, Jlafr.ted _.a label, All Parties are Cautioned against any Infringement of this Brand. No. i67-WATER &TREET, .&, M'o. 81 Pea.r1 B'treet, .N"e"S'V 'ror:IIL, c aTHaYBna c rs. CHAB:t.ES T. ESTABLISHED 11169 J::.1:PC>H..TE::E\ OF .. 188 Fro:n."t 'York.. GUS!!' A SAIIOION & BROS. -BY-ChaskePs "ANTI-COAL" P r l oe per Gallon S6; I n halt barrel and bbl. ,lots $5; F ull directions wltll good& Price List mailed. JAMES CHASKEL & CO., lla.nutacture rs of Havana Cigar&: Tobaeco Flavors, Colorings, etc. 93 John St., N.,.. York. R d 1868& ISJA 'W' -1 w W.&.C. 'wlthouralgna-eglstere m '1. "T' ture. -'Regl.ered trf O'UR CHOicE ... VUEti A .ABAJO HAVANA TOBACCOS, Marked W, c .. are oelected b y our Resident Burer In H a vana fM.n ti n lNDeot l'I&Dtati.oar, "WV"he:re :u.o G'O'.A.MO :is Us.ecL Many Brands imitating CLOSELY ours are nffererl and sold to the Trade as W. & c.' A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid by us for 1he of same. Also Import Snma,tra,. WElL & CO., 65 PINE ST., QJW YOB.K. I. .. JMJ -. Of HAVANA TOBACCO. ,. Cesareo Vigil, ;-.:a:a:n.<1 I 01gars ou.r & IMPORTER OF GEO. p_ LIES & CO. I 138 )[-AmEN LANE, ncarwatcrst., NEW YORK. Havan a Tobacco 'Ma'nufacturers. of C._igar;., 57 CALZADA DEL MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. Corner of Eightieth Street and Avenue A CALIXTO LOPEZ, lii&NUEL L8PEZ, B1JGBNIO LOPIII:Z. CALI;xTO LOPEZ & C .O., Packers and 'Importers of:F.J:N'E VUEtTA ABAJO TOBACCO ExGiusively, \ LA ISLA" TRADE MARK. C. L. :No. 3 Cedar St., New York. Sol No. 86, liAVANA, cuaA. ref. rePY.' j!-/ O F THE FOLLOWING MARKS : /!e.a/ c;La-ccu !}. (j. 16!1.' The J. Co., NEW YORK AND CHICAGO-MANUFACTURERS OF ALEX. FRIES & BRQS., FC>J:L for Pl.u.g Tobacco. Factories-NEW YQRK: 38 ]rosby & 163-165 Mulberry Sts. CHWAGO: 84, 86 & 88 Fral!klill St. SILVER SURFACE FOIL! JAO U!lY ..... G U STAV J ACOBY L. METROPOLITAN CIGAR.FACTORY _138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. S.,JACOBY & CO., :a. Factory No. 3, 3d District. .u.lsTsan&lll, Hor.uN:n. 't='OOT OF 52d ST., EAST RIVER, S11M:ATRA' TOBACCO J!o,J In Prime quaiUlea alwaJ oa Hand. -&6, 48 & 60 East 24 BV..t, CINCINJrATI, O, BranehOI!Ice: HAVAI'I'A. C'UBA. ,tHE HAVANA JOBACCO COMPANY, I LOUt' S Lx:M::x'J"ED. Little Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. "-----( Oaleez 141 Weat Pearl Streel, \ I CINCINN.dTI, o. iliT I',-, ,-......... 1--\ TR.A.::OE HAVANA: CUBA:. 148 Calle Animas. I NEW YORKt. 192 Front Street. LUIS MARX, M. ROSENTOWER, Sec. & Treas. COMPOUJID FOIL, PATENT METAL, and all ... of FoU lmo1n1 to the Trade. PRINTING ON FOIL :ba Bro...., and Colora, and with of Ornnmentatioa, fO&' TC>:EJA.CCC> ""AN"'J:> Cl:G-.A:.R. L.A.BELS. ::EJo't1:e, Plain, C a lore d or SlaDlped, Ofllcc AiJ.drcss : I No. 186 GRAJD ST. HEW YORK; 0 88 SARTORIUS. & CQ ODP Ha:vana 171 PEAR L STREE. T ... .. BERNAZA 32, CORNER PI!!JC STREET. HAVANA, CUBA. TRADE MARK. NEW. YORK. SIMON A a co. .wHIDN"'&Bio. J;lA. Little Giant Buncber, 179 Pearl. spree"t, rNe-vv "York. Foot ofCrand &t., East River, N. v. 102 CHAMBERS STREET,. NEW YORK: -PITTSBURGH,-Pl. Kauuftl.oturen w111 ilnd lt their a.dvau.tace to deal -c" ., _... ;.


, 2 The Tobaeeo Laf. ESTABLISHED 1864. the Lar&'ei ClrcoJatlon'of au7 'l'rade Paper in 1ihe World. PUBLISHED IVERY SATURDAY MOlllNING IOBACCO -LEAF PUBLISHING 108 Malden Lane, New Yorlr. OOR. PURL STRIDI'l'. bWABD BIJBKE, Edftor NHN 0. GR.&FF, Duslaeu Manqer. 'l'er11I11 of" 1lle Pa.per. SINGLE COPIES .. ... .......... T ... IO cents. One Year.. .. .. .. .. .. $4 1 Six .Months .. .. .. 8'J Aaaual Suberlptlon .&broad. 0Ri!AT BtnTAJN and CANAJU . $5 04 BRR:IIIEN, HAKBUBG and tbe G.04 AUBTRALT.&, etc., via. England........... ... .... 5.04 Co& .... ............ .......... .................. 50i aEVISBDB.l.TB8 FOR .l.DVEBTISE!IIENTS. One Six Three Year. 1\fontbs Months Yoarteen llnes one oolumn ......... ft.5 &14 !8 :J'oorteen hnes over two co;umns..... 43 24 14 Twenty-eight lines one column.. ...... 45 24 14 lines over two columns 80 45 25 Yift.y-etxluesonecolumn ........ J''' SO 45 25 :J'Iltr-etx lines over two columns . 160 8rl 43 One oolamn .... .................... .. 800 175 95 Bait eohtmn ........................... ISO IOO 55 One line "t bottom of page .. .. .. .. .. 50 lpeclal A.dvertJement on PJr& Pa:;e. Poorteen linN over "-' 0 wide columns. o .o.(ooe year). 0 0 o$100 Jint't8 ever tv.o wide columns. do ... 1';'5 Fourteen lluea liingle colwna_... ... .... do ... es Speelal-A.dvertlsemen& on SeYen&h Oue Six Three Ye.r. ll.ouths. lloot.hs 185 115 125 llemlttanceo for advertlaements and oubocrlptlons ohould alwa,_ be made payable by P. 0. Order or by oheck to Toloeeco Leaf Publiahing Co. CYUnder no circumsta.nees will we deviate from the above prices. 'rile Law Helatlul' 1o Suberlben to New.papen. who takes a paper J'elrU.]arlylrom the (Milt ofllae, whether directed to his name or anotlaer9 or ,......... be has BUbscrlbed or not, Is re8J)Onlli81e for the pay. s-d-ll any person orders Ills paper to be discontinued M ..-r Pl'7 all arrearages, or the publisher may ootlnue tD -..1 ft untU payment ll!i made, and egllect the whole whe&.ber it is taken from the ofDce or net. :NOTIOJI TO SUBSCRIBERS. We wlll_hereafter. print upon e wrapper or paper of :et!f.!oregn suliMicnber and those jl'l tbis country resldlng of tbe larJ!er cities the date DJ>OD wbleh tile aub IICI'IpUOD baa eq>lred. or will eJIICI'IpUon fa paid tbe date will be wblch will oerve receipt. UNCLE SAM A SELLER. On Wedneeday there was sold at the Bar1t9 Office, located at the foot of the Ba.ttery, this city, a large lot of merchandise that had been seized for one reason and another. by our Custom House cftlcer&. In the lines of goods disposed of at auction were ab0ut 100,000 and German c igars and about 200,000 Havana cigarettes. ably this stock represented captures from smuggl&S, whereof mention has been ma.ile in the LEAF from time to time. From the BOle of the cigars 1!-nd about .6, 5QO were realized, the cigurs bringing $80 per thousand. and the cigarettes $7.50 per thouI!&Dd. In the list of )luyers of these seized goods we find names as follows:-Machiaa, Dwyer, Curtiss. Hemger, Wellman,'Luckey, Rosenbaum and Phillips. FOR FINE, DELICATE FLAVORED VUELTA!!WRAPPERS EsPII:OIALLY-AND GENUINE RI:M:E DIOS, 1886 CROP, GO TO JNO B. CREAGH & Co., PHILADELPHIA. WBSTER.N LEAFBITUATIO:N AND OUTLOOK. Trade is not speculative just now, prices being generally so well advanced as to re quire a large sum of money, when money is not over-abundant, to purchase with a view 'o holding for a furLher rise; but the domi nant feeling here and at the West is that the holders of Western leaf are masters of the situation, owing to the absolute ceFta.inty of an uncommon _shortage in the crop of 1887. Some people fay the crop was tqual to a one and a half crop, and that, therefore, there will he plenty of tobacco even after allowing for a ecant yield this year, but the receipts do not justify the assumption. The receipts at the Weet this year only show about 20,000 more hogsheads than last year, and to offset that increase there is a large falling off of direct receipts in New York which usually come here from the country. Ordinarily large quantities come here direct from Lhe rehandlers, an' d redriers, but this customary volume of tobacco has this year gone to Louisville and other Western brealt markets and swelled the receipts there while lesaeoing them to the same extent here. The Regie buyers Ray they ha.-e shipped 'heir first needed deliveries, and are now ahipping of their 'second or de liveries, and have nearly enough bought ro supply their wants. What these gentlemen say in tbe course of trade is, of course, to be implicitly relied upon, but it is a noticeable facUhat they are still availing themselves of bargains when they find them. The receipts in all the Western markets from January 1 to Oc1ober 1, 18&7, and for the same period in 1886, were, aocordiog to the statistics prepcrad by E. C. Franke & C? as follows:-Hhds. 1887--' --.............. -253. 89! 1886 -.. .. -... .......... 232,565 The in Ntw York, including 15,820 hogsheads ot Vir@:inia, from January 1, 1887, to October 1, were 69,719 hogsheads, against 101,978 hogsheads in the same time in 1886 The sales m the Western markets compare as annexed:Juonary 1 to October 1-Hbds. 1887 ...... -............. 24ti 401 18!16 ...................... 2331Ui6 !for the same time the sales in New York were-Hhds. 1887 ..... .......... ... .... 17,839 1886 ...... ............... 14,494 Th e exportS' from New York from Jao\1 ary 1 t.e October 1 were 60,332 hogsheads, and in 1886 in the same' interval, 92,696. From New York and Baltimore the exports from January 1 to October 1 compare as follows:-, Hhda. 1887.......... -.... .. 811,097 1886 ................ -..... 114,115 The reported visible stecks in the United f tates October 1 were 2.05,914. hogsheads in 1887, and 164,400 in 1BB6. Tkis is Bll increase of 41,514 hogaheade, but the whole 205,1114 hogaheads are little if any more than will be consumed in domestic manufactures between now &Dd October, 1888. IM:PORT.IID LBA:I' TOB.&.COO I:N :NBW YOBK BONDED WAUIIOUSlil. The appeailed olllcial table shows the Cus tom House transactions in Imported leaf tobacco in the' month of September: O:R HAND 8&PT. 1, 1887. PouBdB. Leaf tobacco ................ 5,541,425 Entered' warehouse in Sumatra ................... 310,578 Havana . . . . 418,611 Total. .. ........ ::. .... 6,270, 614 ', Withdrawals in September 'l'ransportatioo .. . . 65,286 Exportation .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 31,502 Consumption ........ ...... 1,147,886 Stock on Oct. 1, 1887 .. : 5,025,946 FOR FINE. DELICATE FLAVORED VUELTAI!WRAPPERS EsPECIALLY-AND GENUINE RKMEDIOS, 1880 CROP, GO TO JNO. B. CREAGH & Co., PHILADELP!jiiA. SUSDI'ESS JIEJITION. P area Bros the cigar importers of 12{ East ll'ourteenth street, this city. have been appointed sole ap;ents in the United ::ltates and Canada for the sale of cigars from the I sabe lla factory at Manila, Phillip10e Islanas. Tlli factor..employs 4,000 hands and is the largest institution of the kind in the world. For years its productions have been sold all ovPr Europe And have an e nviable reputa tion there. Last year the proprietor of the factory determined to place goods on the American market, and with this end in view a practiCal clgarmaker who is familiar with the sizes, Rty Jes and shapes of cigars made in the best Havaba factories was secured to superintend ttle manufacture of cigars for 'he Americi m markets. That the scheme bas w orked well is proven by a look at the goode already by Perea. Broa. They cannot be told hom the prod'uct of Hava.ot\ factories; and what i.e, perhaps, more impor tant, they are colored. In the Jreat demand for lightcolored cigars they should meet a ready sale. Those persons who imagine that a cheroot is the only thing in the shape of a smoke made in Manila will hava their ideas when they see the cigars now being produceg at the Isabella factory and 10ld by Perea Bros. J H. Merp:entihl e & Co .. proprieto.-.. of lh Union Extract \Vorks, 158 Chambers street, this city, and manufacturers of dgar flavors, have issued a new and handsome cil cular about their different flavors to improve all kinds of SeP.d 'tobacco, giving it the aroma of Havana. They also make a large variety of Eosence Tobacco .Fiavors for 9moking,fine-cut and plug, varying from $28 to $4U per gallon. Messrs. Mergen time & Co. make all kinds of special flavors to order. &:; Eaton, the promiuent import ers of Havana cigars, of Boston, have coo trive' d a; new and very useful idea. by having some of their finest brands of Hav&Da cigars packed in tin boxllB lined cedar. and the outside handsomely ornamented. This fea ture is an entirely new one in the cigar trade and must at once recommend itselt to the dealer as. well as to the smoker, for 11uch boxes will not o _nly _keep cigars_ moist, but will 'prevenr'the detenorat10g of the davor. An experiment wns made whh a 1260 per mille cigar and the resuU was excel l.ent. Mesers. Estabrook & Eaton have ap plied for a patent. The following are wme of the leading brands of this firm:-Im ported: EL Picarillo," "Siempre Fresco," m tin boxes, cedar llned; "La Lola," La Brunswick," "Cloth of Gold," '1 La. Alber tus," La Fama," La Elks." Domestic: "La Normandi," 22Z," "Marguerite, 11 "La Rosa de Shal":)n," 1 La Rosa Perfect'>," "Puritl'oi," Link." We refer our readel'IJ to a card on page of J. W. Strieder, of 2109 Washington street, Boston. Among the many great factories of that city Mr. Strieder's cigar-box manufacturing establishment deservea men tion, as it ia the most complete and largest in the New England States, and supplies hundreds of cigar manufacturers with boxes, labels, ribbons and, tools and utensils of all descriptions needed in a. cigar manufactory. Mr. Strieder is also the sole New England agent and treasurer of the improved Universal Cigar Brandinp: Machine, and agent for Williams' Little Giant Bunching Machine Mr. Strieder' s establishment, under the able D)anagemeot of Mr. L. Alberti, is perfect in aU its details, from the lumber yard to the printing room. He also imports his own lumber. Among the old packers of leaf tobacco in the Connecticut Valley perhaps oaoe are be t ter and more favorably knovn than Wm. L. Huotting & Co., of East Hartford. For many years heretofore they were connected with the best of New York's firms as buyers and packers, and seldom or neve r did they mietake their important position, tu& always bit the right spot. 'fbese gentlemen now announce liO the leaf tobacco trade of the Unted States that they have esta.blished themselves as jobbero in all kinds of Connec ticut and Havana S ee d leal tobacco for the purpose of dealing directly with lea.t dealers m the several cities of the land. Being raisers of tobacco for many years, having all poss1ble experience of what the different sections East o r West need mostly, we take great pleasure in recommendmg these trust wotthy and' able gentlemen to the consider& tion ot all who want Seed or Span1sb. Con necticut leaf. P. F. Dearstyne, of West Troy, N. Y., is in town introducing an improved scrap rna chine recently patented by hrm. We hear that he already placed several of his ma ch mad in some of our leading' factoriea. Mr. Dearstyne claims that bl8 machine will cut wet or dry scraps, and cut more for the power expended than any otller machine made; that his machine 1s so constructed that it cannot be injured by nail or any foreign substance; that all the tiller cut 1 ; perfectly cleuo when discharged; the coarse or smoking is screened frvm the dust and fand, and the filler and smoking is charged outside the box on the floor pn dif ferent sides of the box, the sand or pust dropping inside the b o x. He guarantees to make SIXty per cent. waste than any other machine made, whe u uoed for cutting dry scrup. Wo:J willsborLiy puulish a cuL tot the wachine, with prices and other informa tion. G. Goldsmith, of Chicago, while on a visit to the E!l.llt a short tiwe ago, made arrange mente with Schlosser & Cu., of this mty, and Strauss Bros & Goulstou, ot La.ncaster, Pa., tc. repreoen t tll e m in the Western States. Mr Goldomith uloo represents D L Trujtlto & Sons, the Key West cigar manufacLurere. In tbe latte1 tirm's goods he has built up 11 trade, and will no doubt be successrnl in placing the goods of the two additional houses w hlch ,l:re will represent. FoR FINE, DELICATE FLAVORED VUH:LTASWRaPPEitS ESPEOIALLY-ANn GENUINE REME DIOS 188fi CROP, GO TO JNO. B. CREAGH & Oo., PHILADilLPHIA. IJf ;TOWN THIS WEEK. -E. Lipkau, of Chicago -M. E Shattuck, Worcester, Mass. -F. S. Conderman, Hornellsville, N.Y. -F. P. Norton and William N. Fisher, of Boetou. -Mr. Goldberg, of the Lillies Cigar Company, Kalamazoo, Mich. wan nee&. The New England Tobacco Growers' Asso ciation will meet in annual conventioa in Hartford on the las' Saturday in Ocrober. Extremely important measures will come before the meetiug. r.l"'HE TOBACCO. LEAF'. .LOO.Aii -The demand for '83, '84 and 185 Bs and Ca js good. Biller, of Chictlao leU for home Tuesday. -Mike Flaherty is doing the West in the mterest of the Carvajal factory of Havana. -Leonard Friedman &; Co. received this week 328 bales of Sumatra wbacco, per Ems, from Bremen. -The demand for 1886 is eepe emily good, now that they are p,etty well out of -Smoking on the Brookly n Bridge has week been prohibited by the tru11tees of that 1 famous public thoroughfarJl -Francisco Alvarez, of Havana, panied by Mr. Ferd. Hirsch, of Pa lacio & Co., left for the West a few days ago. -E. H. Gato, the Key West ciF&r facturer, who has been stopping in New York for the past five months, left for home on Wednesday. -MJ\ Vogelsaugt, the Sumatra agent, has closed his office without the usuat form of Some say he hashied him self to Af1'1ca, where he is interested in lands. -'rhe_ buyi_ng_ of_1887 cigar leaf on the poles contmumg, It IS mferred by careful ot>servers that there are too few, rather than too !fiany, fine 1886 wrappers to supply the commg Beede. OCT. t5 co., A Edison, the distinguished inventor, IS s1ud to have evolved a new tobacco pipe. We still pertiQ.aciously cling to our meerschaum, briar and occasional corn..cob aevertbeless. PA.CTO:R.:'Y' LARGEST BUILDING IN -L. E. Gumpert, representing the El Hombre V1vo factory in tine Havana cip:ars has. to the city after a succf!BSfnl bus1ness tlirongh the State. Mr. G in tenil& leavmg on hrs Western tour in a few days. "El Hombre Vivo" ia his watchword. -:-Though the market is comparatively qu1et, domestic c igar leaf is good property to hold. Ciga.r manufacturers are gradually re ducing their stocks, and may he expected to be more active in a short time. Bind ers and fillers, at least, are sure to be in good demand very soon F o R FJNE, DELICATE FLAVORED VuELTAS_: WRaPPERS EsPECIALLY-AND GENUINE REMEDIOS 1886 CROP, GO TO JNO. B. CRIUGH & Co PHILADELPHIA. .a..u.d. a.:a.d. Xro:a.. DlmensiOJ.ll 185:x40 feet, .rivin&' door space of over 22,000 square feet, and aft'o ample room for 1,500 hands. cigar trade, he said, waa very good with country may accept the heavy September t....r'W' them, and he looked for a good trade all sales in New Y ... rk M the keynote &f futue around. The late labor troubles in their' transactions. we all know it was a factory were amicably settled on the basis pretty well settled fact that cigar leaf E MARKS REGISTERED. ?f des1res, and no further trouble crops of all sections and de3criptioos would 18 antiCipated f11ll short of the usual and hence Mr., C. Keene, of Buchanan_ & the high figure pai_ d for alt grades Lyall B New England bllltlDeBB upon bemg and the almost entire cleaninll: out of odds asked, "How is trade, and what IS the outand ends of the finer goods In the Nortblookt" replied: "We are having our usual a.mptbn, Hatfield and H11dley section the good trade, and have every reason to expect 1886 crop ie eagerlv looked after and bought it to so continue through tbe balance of the up at figures such as farmers have not year,: and added, "During past year we witneseed for several yean-18 and 19 cents. have_ had less of real than for and even more, is being paid for packiogs of many years. Our contem,.,.orarles eop:aged from lOU to 200 cas es A Hadley cencero m manufacturing plug tobacco have for the bought a few daya ago 125 ca.iles Hatfield To eitablish In court lD case of fntriogement or rr...tulent claim, owuefl!hip in a trade-mark or lalJt,J, it 1s neoe. sary to prove prlonty ot use, o r ftrst use after abandon!Deld by the original owner: and to make such proof at all timiS available, the TOJUCCO LEU' PUBLISIIL'I'G CollP..L'n' have Inaugurat-ed In their eftlce a perfect Bystem tor l.hfl registra-tion and of trade marks and labels of ct. acnption pertaining to the tobacco, c lg&r and cigarette iDterests of this country, and at lower rate. thaJi are aawhere else obtainable. THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING 00 will _....., JBr & Co., ex pressed an undQYbted belief 10 the stabilitY of prices. He said that the limited prices on certain leading brands-as in the case o f the B. &; L-work injury to those dealers who are sufficiently honest to adhere to the terms of their sworn contract, inasmuch as cutters" are always to tie found who will invent means w so far evade their contract as to make a good profit for themselves and deprive their competitors of their sales. The cost a low was retailed on as low or In the section above mentioned a big threea lower bas1s than lL fourths of the 1887 crop is Havana Seed "Manufacturing, as Buchrmao & Lyall do. and from what l seen, and I saw lots of exclusively fine tobacc-os, that uro es pecially it, it is curing down nicely. 1'he color and design e d to pay a fair profit to the retail tex&urd .are very even and the leaf is silky, deale1 and gtve the _co?snme r the very be!lt but It IS two-third crop. The old leaf tobaCCO that grows, It IS need less to t e ll rou of all descrlptiODS-SOme of Which ie beld by that our brands have grown in popular favor, packers-bas b e en reduced to 1\ small quan aud their already strong hold upon the affectity. Farme r Stronr;, of Northampton holds tionA of tradmg and consun;tiog public '83, '84 and '8 5 crops In the Suffield, Es3t has matenally strengthened dunng the peH artford and Sou_tb Windsor sections and riod ol endeavor to foisL upon the trade toall along tbe east side of the river the same bacco whesa only merit was its cheapness. conditions prevail, w1th tjlis th4t ''Cheap tobaccos are just now out of favor, a large portio n of the 1887 crop is Broad leaf and judging by the stocks of them reported but some of the leading farmers on that on hand througboat :New Eogland, they are of lhe river persist in raieing it and find pur likely to h!J in !!ght request from first ha:1ds chasers tor it. Moot of the 1886 crop iri these for some time. sec t10ne was by packers early in Speaking for myself I now aud the eub the s eason at figures ranging from 14 oo 18c. joined observations;-Good, suitable tobacco is beld by the follow M.r. Bauerlein, of the Milwaukee ciglr 10g leudmg farmers and dealers: manufacturing fi m of Wilham Gn\f & Uo.. G.raves & Tucker, Northampton, 150 cases is d oing the New England S t ates. M B!luer-18155 Broad leaf. !em r eceived many in B c s :on-Altred Grave's, Hartford, 150 cases Spanish and why not! his firm b eing one of the leud1887 crop, very fine He sold his 1886 crop, ing ones in the West. 125 Gases, for 19"c. W R. Wheeler, of the cigar manufactur Silas Hubbard, of Hatfield, sold his :1__886 ing firm of Wheeler & Oliver, will l eave in a croo. 120 cases, for 19c, and holds ten ucre s few days on a trip to Europe. 1887 Spaorsh. J. H. Pierce & Co jobbers in lEla and J T holds 7 5 1887 Spamsh. coffee, are Lhe N e w Eo gland agen ,ts tor tile W -H Hatfield, holds 12? cases old tobacco manufacturing' firm o f ThomBA Spamg h of 1886 Clo p, and 80 ot 1887 crop. C Williams & Co of Richmond va T c J D Porter l.iolds 75 cases of 1887 crop Spamsh Wilhams & Co. s brands are p opular articles B o f H tf d h ld everywhere s r .. o a.r or o s some good 1886 and their entire crop of 1887. E K. LeaVItt has establishe d a houEe_on Edward Aus tin, of S uffi e ld, has 50 cases of Central Wharf for thfl P}Hpose ot aelhog tin e 1!185 Spani s h New York and Pennsylvama Cigars. Barker-& A ld en, of. Thompsonville, have a L P Benet, a ger.tleman many years a large lo t ot fine 188 4 wrappers, and 200 cases Cigar manufacturer 10 the mty of and of 1886 See d and tlpa nish. who a few years ago w ent to California to C. H. Ptlase, of S"uth Windsor, has twelve sis _health, has and re-acres of 1887 crop .:3panis b. estabhshed h1mself at 13 Fane ml Hall square Fre d A. Kl[III:, ot S outh Windsor holds as n manufacturer of and j obber ln some tin e 1886 and 1887. Mr. one of the nicest stores in J L. Siguor, of ll:ast Hartford the old of the most prominent l0cations of the time packer and plante r, can show some ex-city. celleo; leaf ot the '85, '8 6 and 87 growths. F. Abraham, of 25 Court street, \las com menced the mauufucture of meerschaum goods, and now m .. kes 11ll his own pipes. from the p lainest to the moat elaborate and handsomely carved styles. In fact, he makes p1pes and t!mokers' articles a specialty, a nd does a large busines s. R. W. Hitchcock, of 19 India Wharf, is1one of the 1argest d1stnbutors of Pennsylvania cigars in the New England States, and W P. Kitt1edge & Co. au(). E. S. Goulston may be counted as ranking 'way up as heavy sellers of this line of merchandise Heyoeman Bros., the Havana. cigar im porters, repor& very brisk, with a ,.:ood demand for the fine grades of the best manufacturers. F. A. & Co .. jobbers in manufac tured tobacco of all kinds and cigars, have moved into a larger and better builtling than the former one at 76 Portland street. These gentlemen are considered among the largest dealers 10 tobacco, having the cusrom of many hundred retailers in Boston alone, be sides a large trai!le outs1de of the city. C. H. Carruth & Co ., established in 1835-over halt a century ago-pe1haps the oldest tobacco concern in the New Engla nd States yet iu twenty-three years I nev e r visited the firm when :Mr. C. H. was not right then Rnd there in his store hard at work. This New Eogland,enterprise! J Wright & Co p l ug manufacturers, of Richmond, are doing qmte a busmess East. Mr. A A. Radway, one of the firm. super111 t ends their branch at 290 Stute s tr eet Th eir "Master Workman" and "Pride of Vtr 11;inia," both bright mee t wiLh p o pula1 favor. I. Kaffenburgh, well known as Boslon's importer of leaf tobacco, i s a preLty good looking youug man, but if you him, as I did, in the grand uniform of the and Honorable Artillery Company, just re tuming his company from a trip to Montreal, you would say he was uosurpaBBa. ble. J. Davenport, Jr .. formerly Davenport & Legg, another of pioneer tobacco firms, ha.s purchased the war house 1!6 and 98 Broad street. Broad street is one of the best localities of the city, and many o f our lea.diog tobacco people have dwelt in it for years. DavenporL's building is well adapted for a tobacco warehouse, havmg large lofts an!l fine basement facilities for domestic and imported leaf tobacco, George L. Johnson, jobber in tobacco and cigars and smokers' articles, reports an increased businesa.. Mr. Johnson established his trade eighteen years ago, and his "J" cigars, hand made, and "J chewing to bacco are popular wherever sold, CONNECTICUT V.u.LET CIGAR LEAF. My observations the last few days, while visiting the Coanecticut Valley section from the New Hampshire lil'le to Hartford, were such as to satisfy 111e that the most sanguine of dealers and packers of leaf all over the HARTFORD. Business in H artford is excellent, and every packe r f. 100, ef Philadelphia, a few nights ago, a resolution expressing sympathy for the contlemned Anarchists of Chicago was de feated by a very large majority. used. O. U. A. M. No 2689. For Cigars. Regis tered'Oct. 8, 8 a. m. Wm. )srael P!illadelphia, Pa. li'lq. No. 2690. For Cigara. Reg1stered Oct. 8, 8 a. m. Santiago J ,Coil & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Order American Firemen. No. 2691. For Clgars. r Registered Oct. 11, 8 a. m. Union Cigar Co., Union, N.Y. N. No. 2692. For Cigars. Registered Oct. 12, 9 a. m. Maurice llowen Boston, Mass. Ceutreboar;d. No. 2693. For Cigars. Reg-Istered Oct. 12, 9:30 a. m. Henry Fraiser Bosron, Mlllls. Dublin Plua-. No. 2694. For Plug and Cut Plug 'l'o bacco. R egistered Oct. 18, 8 a. m. Babcock: & Brigham, ProVIdence, R.I. Chlppie. ;No. 2695. Fur Cigars. RegiE tered-Oct. 14 8 a. m. Herrmann Fend rich, Evansville, Ind. No. 2696. For Cigars. Regis tered Oct. 14 8 a. m. Herrmann Fend rich, Evansville. Ind. WHAT M:AJfll'FACTUBEB.S ARE DOJX&. (REPORTED FOR THE TOI.IACC O LEA.I'.) The Internal R evenue receipts in the Chica.:o, Ill., District from Sept. 21 to Oct. 11 1887, were-' T o bacco ....... $11,661 58145.769 C rgars .......... 18,578 88-6,126,126 cigara Snuff. . . 52 56-667 pounds. DANVILLE, Va. Oct. 10. The past month has been fairly active with Danville manufactu.-e rs, and they report a good husmess. Amount of tax paid at Dan ville office of Intern a l R evenue for Septem ber, $41, 062.96; amount of robacco shipped 522,035 pounds. P-AUL C. VENABLE. The Internal R evenue collections in the San Francisco district for the first nine months of the year compare as f.,llows: 18 86. 1887. C1gars and tobacco ...... 341,582 361 656 -San Francisco (Cal. ) Bulletin, Oct. 11. RlcH!IOND, Va. Oct. 1S. Our revenue are as f o llows for the mouth of Septemb e r in thie district: EXPORTS. Plug ..................... 845.033" pounds. Cigarettes ............ ... 3, 013, oou No. STAMPED TOBA.COO, Cigars ........................ ...... $9,185 63 C rgarettes........................ 12,313 75 Tobacco ........................... 189,900 16 W.E.D. OBITUARY HENRY nALL.MEYER, JR. News has just reached us of the death of Mr. H enry '!Jallmeyer, Jr. of the firm of H. pal!meyer & Son, manufacturers and jobbers lfl Cigars and tobacco, of .Pittsburgh, Pa. The d e ceased was twenty-nine years of age. Mr. Dallmeyer was a. mao of rare business ability and was rapidly acquiring a position among hghts of the Keystone State. 'I he firm of which he was a ru'llmber is one of best and oldest in Pennsylvania. We extend our sincere 8ympatby to the father who bas l

... OCT. t5. TRANSPORTA'fiO. BA'fES. (RATES IN EFFECr SEPT. 1, 1887, IN CENTS PER 100 POIJNDB.) Delaware Lackawanna and Wutern Rail-. wau: (Tobacco unmanufactured in hogsheads or cases, carload.) To New York from Oswego... ...... 18 Elmira ......... 18 Binghamton... 1B Scranton....... 17 Buffalo.......... 19 Grand 'llnutk (Tobacco unmanufactured in hogsheads.) Boston and Portland to Obicsgo.... 85 Detroit...... 27 Boston and Portland from Chicago.. 40 Detroit Chi009t 'I!IITid .t.Jlt()JI. Railroad: (Tobacco unmanufactured in hogsheads. ) Between Chioago and BIO?mington.. 22 4 10 .Spnngfield.... 211 4-10 East St. Louis. 2! 6 10 :Mexico........ 27 ii:aMas City... 35 St.Louis and Kansas City.. 30 Glasgow ..... 25 1!68. Missou11i Pac ific Rail wau : {Tobacco, unmanufactured, in bogeheaus.) St. Louis to Jefferson City. 19 Kansas City .. .. .. .. 30 Leavenworth,.......... 30 Atchison ........ ...... .'. so St.-Joseph............... SO 0maba .................. SO :St. 1Louis from Jefferson City .. '..... SO .Kansas City. . . 30 Leavenworth......... 30 Atchison............. 30 Sr. Joseph............ SO Omaha .' ............ 30 Me,ohantB and Miners' Transportation Co.: (Tobacco, unmanufactured: in hogsheadsper hogshead.) Ballimore to .:Boston ... 0 12 eo Savannah... .. .. .. 2 50 Norfolk............. 1 00 .Providence... . 2 50 Baltimore from Boston. . . 2 50 Savannah, .......... 2 50 Norfolk ... _......... 1 00 Providence . . 2 50 Portlancl Steam Packet Co., Winsor Line: (Tobacco, unmanufactured, in hogsheads.) Between Boston and Portland.. 10 00 Providence to . 20 00 Ocean Steamship Companies. (Tobacco, per White Star .Line, New York to Ltv< puol. ................. $4 80 Guiuu Liue, New York to Liver pool........... . . . 3 60 Arlcbor Line, New York to guw ................... .. ..... 4 20 Inman Line, New York to r :ive r pool ........................ 4 20 North German Lloyd, New York to Bremen .. :.................... 6 00 -General Tran!latlantic, New York to Havre.: ........... _....... 6 50 (Tobacco, in cases, per 40 cubic feet.) WbiteSta1,Line, New York to Liv erpooL .. . .. .. .. .. . $3 60 Guion Line, New York to 4 20 .Anchor Line, New York to Glas-gow ......................... 3 60 Inman Line, New York to Liver pool. ......................... 3 60 North German Lloyd, New York to Bremen, per case........ ..... 1 50 General Tran&atlantic, New -York to Havre .................... 600 to700 ... Buetneas New Firms and l'te mova1s. -t>lNV1LLE., Va.--.R H. Herndon & Co., tobacco; T T Lee deceased T. J Peno & Co., tobacco; T J. Lee deceased. DAYTON, 0.-Ten:y te Schroyer Tobacco Co.; d1ssolved. DUBUQUE, Ia.-Dewstoe. Glasser & Bra.dley, wholesale to bacco; tmcceeded by Glasser & Bradley. HrrE's Cai.-Braru.on & Leonard, cigars, etc.; solved. Los AJ{GKLI'B. Cal-J N. G regory, sold out. LcnnsvU.LE1 Ky.-Lee, Burk., iJL CO., wholesal e Cl&&l'S, dig.. solved. .I. E. Starr, cigars and robacco; sold out. PKILADJLPliiA, Pa.. -Simon 'Volt, cigar manufacturer a.nd wholesale dealer: succeeded by Wolf & 'I 'uck. .RaovtoKNOE, R.l.-..Wesley C. COOk, tol;la.ccoand cigar;); ad vertisfng busmess for sale. RrcBMOND, Va-T. J. Lee, tobacco; deceased. ST. Louis, Mo.-.Peter .Rubn cigars, etc.; deceased. WILI..UH S B ORG, 0.--J. Peterson, cigars; sold o u t. .Reported Ji'atlures aud Bus1Df'll8 Al'rauaceuleJ.l ts. DolTON, Mass. --.Rn.chel Isa.acs,; given chattel mort 1age for $6UO. BaooxLYN, N. Y .-Walter Haslam, cigars; given chattel tor $350 BUFFALO .N. Y.-WllJiam:1Bird, tobacco, cigars, etc.; !liven biH or sale for S=-JOU. -Ca.Awroo f!VILLE, Ind.-Otto Schlemmer, wholesale cigars, etc.; given re u.lty mortgagt;; r:or t)l,:.!OO B..uutiSBURG, Pa.-.J. E. Cununmgs, cigars; judgment agelnstfot Sl,flOO NEW YoaK N. Y.-0. A. Lovejoy, cigars; given chattel mort.gage for $5vU. Abraham J\1. llettmau, cigars: judgment against for S232 PBJ..LAD&i,PBIA, .Pa.-Cbas. F. Knodle,., et a.l., ClK&l' manula.<: turer; l:$.iued for Jonathan H kush, cigars, etc.; judgmeQ.tagai-nst forSl'i7. & Bro., and retail tobacco and ctgarS, uecution,lor $.'\ 1 00, Va -W. D. Tompkins & Co! tebacco commis sion-, etc.;.assighed. 'f" .&r. IAulB, .Mu.-Wm. H Kline, and tobacco; sued. :STooKfON, Cal.-M. J, Ga1Vl0, cigars, etc. : for $rt L O lliscbarged; conve) ed realty for SY9l WATIDlLOO,lllL. c Kmg, cJgars. eve.; chattel fo1 PHILADJU,PJII& NO'FIUI. One of PlliladelpbiOoL'd widoawake nnd en terpriFing houses. A. B Cunnin10bam & Co., of 35 N0'rtb S.,ventb street, bought a few days ago of tbe .J. B. Tobacoo Co., -Lhrougb -their agent here, Mr. W. T. Reiloolds, oue hundred tbouERnd pouod11 of plug _tob o cco, to be dPlivered in equal sblpmentll, all t.> be taken m tbe space ot four monLhB. Tbis we consider the best proof Philadelphia i8 to the front as a. plug tobacco _mar ket. 'l'he brands bougbt are comparal1vely The strike among the cigarmakers at Boyertown fur tbe,advance of $1 per thousand by the employees oflP. A. Braues & Co. bas resulted in B & Co. removing all their effects to their factory at Greenville, .Montgomery county, Pa., where peace now Migns. Mr. Samuel D. Weiser, familiarly known as "Uncle Sammy," is gradually regaining his old friends' trade by his special attention to the views and tastes of public, who can Jll'OCUre a ,;ood cigar or a palatable piece of tobacco at his retail &stablisbment, 35 South Sixth street. HerrmaB & Coli, fine cigar manufacturers, have changed the scyle'of the firm name to Santiago J. Coli & Co., Spanish Cigar l!'actOry, 132 Arch street, where they will be pleased to continue the encouraging businees which has been so gratifyingly extended to them. The future of the cigar leaf trade is cer tainly very flattering. ------. -Jenes (amoking)-These are something like cigars, eh, old boy Brown (dubioualy)-Yes-er-s1mething like 'em. What are they i-Charl.JBtown Enter-1rm,. BIO 'W'oiR aa .. Die L- Victor 8. Wolfe, who is said to be a notori ous swincller, is lqcked up at Police Headquar ters. He is chlarged by Paul Madison with giving him a wortbl8!'s check for $90 for the rent of a room at 322-East Forty-third street. Wolfe got $52 in chanc.e. Detective Sergeant H-eldelberg traced him to B11he victims of Wolfe, bas had the swindler. placed under $3,1>90 bonds. -----large lot of soods suitable for tlie united States. The lower grades of Sumatra in this market, which have heen neglected for the past eix weeks, now receiving more at tention. Th& market this week bas shown more animation than usual, and we bear of 360 bales being sold at $1:40 to $1. 95. Plug-In lines_ for home consumption trade b!len fair, tbou15h stiffening prices, incident to the ad van elf in leaf, curtt.ils trans actions for this account as well as for export, the latter showing shipments of only 72 ,253 pounds. We bear, however, of orders filled for f oreign trade which probably are not in eluded in the abovll figures. Brighu: Quotatwns. Navy 48, 5s, tis, 3s ....... 20 .!4 lbs, lOs and Pocket Pieces ..... 20 >l-Inch ligbt-pressod... . ... 30 Gold Bars ...................... ; 30 tS and 1.2-inch twist ............... 25 Blacks: to 30 to 30 to 50 to 50 to 40 10s, 12s, .!4 Iss ........... to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy 48, 3s lbs.-to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces ......... 18 to 25 Nee;rohead twist ........... ...... 23 to 30 Smoking-Demand steady and satisfac tory. <.>igars-llarket unchanged. IMPU&TB, 1'lu srr1Vallllll the pol1 of New York from formgn pons lor r be week illcluded the following conetrnmen\8:-Hymen. A,.t,.erp-F Schulz 68 bales Sumat a. We acknowledge an invitation to Zion! Brem<01>-Leonarl Friedman & Co 428 bales Su church, Thirty-eighth street B'Jld Madisoal matra : Eichhorn & Carpenter 7 bales. avenue, at 6 P. H., Oct. 21; to witnees the 1 Oarthagena-H 8 Forwood 8S bales tobacco, 287 union in marriage of Miss Christine Cook' 11eroon do. and Mr. Wallace Str'aiton. We tender in ad GlaogOUJ-Wm & 600 bx! p1pes. vance of the nuptial ceremony our congratu Kmg1ton, Jllo-S Mom 2 cs Cltlars : Prm, Forwood t.o-;tb_e young cou pie. & !!!t!,kg gigars. Ml8l!r W1lhe Stone. the o_f Mr iJ. Vera (.h-m-F .z Sons 18 cs cigars; c W. Stone, _tobacco broker1 of L Pierson & Co 1 do. was mart:ted on Oct. 5 to Mr. lr. F. Spink. The hlok place at the_ Second Preaby F Bro & Co 574 d", Scheeder & Bon 68; terian church. in &bat city, and was Price & Johnson 12D; Weil & Co'S66; F &; attended. Co 75: A Gonzales 10: Jas E Ward & lJo F Alexat>ler '""S ons 3 ,), SS do cut. 50 do picadura: ){ & E Salom'On 16 do ijcraps: P Espinal, Bro & Co 1 NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET do cut. Cigars-Howarcl Ives 2 cs. F Grcia, & Co 5 do: ME .McDowell ;t Co 10: !lichaelis & Lindeman 2; E Regensberl( 4; G W F .. ber 7; Hyoe man Bros 8: Straiton & Wtt 9: WE B ar nett l; H Straus 8: J!;;berg. Bachmu 6: H Hosenfeld if: lJo 5: Purdy & Nicholas 26: E Hawley ;J5; Park & 'fJ!forJ 59: A cke r, Merrall & Unnlit 36: order 73; F Alexandre ,'lz; 8ons 53: E Ward & Co 215. FoR WEKK ENDING GGJT, l.4 Wutm-n Leaf-OR the surface the market seems quiet,-with reporaed sales of, 300 hogsheads, of whicl:i 200 for. export, but by rumors more has been .. dene the past week than is announced. It is regarded as certain that at leagt 2,100 hogsheads DaYe been t:l.ken for Spain within the past two weeks, as inti mated in our previous_ editiea, and there are indications that even more has been done for export acco.unt-Regie as well as open ketf. When the veil. of is lifted .E. A. Stoppel, tobacco broker, 24 Beaver street, reports as follows:-Week. bhds. Virginia.. .. .. .. .. .. -'537,' New OrlelmB .......... Baltimore.:........... 01 Western. .. .. . 47.5 Total. .... .. .. .. \1., 063 Exports. . .. .. 1, -'502 Month. hbds. 1,035 111 1,421 2,567 3 ,687 Vi1gima Leaf-Concerning staple a CJmmission merchaut writes us: "'Notbin)l: doing iu Vuginia leaf his week worthy of mention. Everything is Eurley .now, and some good Sll'les of it have been made. Manufacturers send orders South and West, and pay more money there than they will pay here. In fact, they use this market to reduce their average." Tbe Lynchburg of Got .:1.3 days:"The offerings of tobacco the past; week the warehouses consisted of a few small lots vf the old crop and several parcels of the new. The receipte were so small that tbere was very little life and .activity manifested. Prices were about as they have been for several weeks. One or twe goooUUJh .duslmlin-1 pkg (1\10 lbs} mfd 1 Brtuh JJJ,ul I"dies-47pkgs ( 6,608 Ill} mfd baU.h Weot hhrts; fi bales, 00 pkgs (7,624 lb) mfd CaM.da-55 bales. Central Avumca-iiO bole. tliili-5 pgs ( 175 Ius) mid. Gopenlwgen-68 burls. Uu/Ja-JU pkgs (1.600 lbs) mfd. JJzniJJl West lndfes-1 bb J. I pkg (5 lbs) mfd llulcl West lndies-188 mfd. Ji'renoh West hllds. Glauow-12 hlls 20 pkgs (3.520 Ius} mfd. tiamwtl1'fl-55 hbd<, 5i cs, 2 pkgs (200 lbs) mfd Ha vre-10 hh2 90 0 34 12,998 113 227 8,574 6 375 1,274 121,015 117,669 80,657 260,4-48. 13,241 29v,oV7 211,901 136,8a6 18:!,410 268,0H4 2,412 28,902 8.478 5>2,901 14,999 55,232 1ll5 100 S13,41tl 77,938 63:474 31,625 63,744 DOMESTIC R.I!CEIP1.'1\. following art i cles were rEceived al the port of New 'tor& dua.d-M .A.benheJm & Co 15 hC.d s; W 0 Smilh Bar.A. Biumlein & Co 4: E Hwley bl; B Gtotta 9. Cullm .. ns & lluenbaum 87 .l Hamuurget & Co 1 hale do: H Wtr t MtLhew ; 7 bu mfll, 14 pkg llo; Julius Ellinger & Co ll cs cigars; ::lteiner & fJv 3 do; T tal: ................... 1,350 H Legg;tL & Uo 1: J F J Xiq:res I: R Schrduer Havana-While this market! caenot ,be t : LeoJjold Miller & S .>n 1 do, J bbl s nuff: Lilien tbal Tobacco :M.fg'Co, 1 bbl snuff: G W Helme Co called excited, it is certainly very feverish. 15 bxs mid, 8 : kgo do, 1 trc sn uff bbls de, 47 Rumors l!ave been freely circulated during do, 47 pkgs do, 6 crares uo. 2,219 bxs do: the week of large eales that are p ending.' One oas Jr 2; Geo F Young & Bro 1; Harry May & Bre 1; Heinemann Br<>s 2; WrlghtitutLon & Jac ks o n 16: Grommes t Ulrich 2; Robt Weber 1; W F Ball 1; Conduitt 's BoWl 2: E R WebLer & Co 4: I Reinitz 5; Thos W Derousse 1; C A Raphe lye 1; M J Benemelis I : Feder B ros 2: J ohn Cashatt 1; F W Van Kampen 1: W 8 Dennis 2 ; M Barranco & C" 11; Freed & Malga 2; Sideme, LJLCbman &Co 24: Best, Russell ct Co 8: J Barber & Co2: Shattuck & Co 1; J A Bachman & llro 1: P & J Frank 6; La Haciend 1 Cigar Co 2: Esberg. & Co 23; A It Mitchell & Co 1:'in. Nichols & Ce 1 : M E Mc Dowell & Co 4; L ela lld Smith & Co 3: Btraiton ct Watt 2; M StacheltJerg & Uo 1: B Wassermann 1; Rosenberg & Co 1: A C R odr iguez & Co 11: Estabrook & Eaton S; D L Trujillo It; Sons 4; F H Legq;l'tt & Co2; Koenigsb e rger, Falk & Meyer 8: W H Ellis 1; M Somborn 2: A Speckart & Co2: Werneke & Uoerr 1; P Pohalsl: J E l lin.;er & Co 48 do P d.o ; H R Kelly & Co 24 do, 8 do: El Golfo Ci gsr Factorv S do, 2 do; C Palacio & Co (i3 do, 19 do: Baker & DuBois, 8 do. 2 do; G A Ices 6 do, li do : B Disz & Co 1 cs cigars, 5 sks s craps; Green hall & Co 8 do, 7 do; G W Nichols 10 do ; 2 do ; H Rnkin 6 bales scraps. CLARKSVILLE, Teon., Oct. 11. M-ra. M. li. Ulark & Rro., Tobacco Brokers, to the 'l'onAcco LBAJ' :-Our sales for the week eading t o day were 870 hblls. The market was rather 1rreg uta r dunng the week. being stronger on leaf, and uregularly. ;l4 cent lower on frostt niglit, killing what tobacco that was out. QUO'l'.ATIONS. Lugs-Common .. .' ............. 3 00@ 3 75 Fros ted ................... 2 00@ 3 0(1 Medium.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00 fi 00 Good ..................... G 00@ 6 50 Le&f-Uommon .................. 5 59 6 50 Frosted....... .. .. .. .. 3 00@ 5 00 Medium ...... :.......... 6 50@ 7 50 Good ........... .. .. .. .. 7 50@ 8 50 Fine .................... 8 oO@Il 00 Wrapj'lers ...................... 11 00 00 Oct. 12.-Mr A. .Fa!coa er, Secretary of the T obacco Board of Trade, repo rts to the TonAcco LEAP as follows:-Tbe l atter part of the past wetk found the market in a rather weak conditton, and rejections climbed up to nearly 20 per cent of the offerings. The speculative mania has, to" large extent, ceagefl, and the is sust..iued by t he regular staff of buyers. Exces sive offel'ings of Burteys last led to 11. tem porary surfeit, and pticos receded all r ound. Hold ilra, however, kept firm, aad all who wanted tobacco had simply to bid generously and it was thetra. These weak day; in the midst of a stroug market indicate nothing, for the day following priCC'I gen erally resume their former trength. Sales yester day and have been o n a ltberal scale, rejections have not been reduced relatively fro\ll lat week's range The this week, so far. have been largely composed of dark tobacco Colo ry Green River types have been in good demand at prices f111ly np to la st week's figures, while Hegie styles appear to be solllewbnt easier. Common dark lugs were lower to day and rejections are aum.erous. Burley styles of the better grlldes are well upporled in ye sterday an d to-day s sales, but the lower graa:Ies for the week, month and vear, and corre spondtng period of three fo rm er years, were as fol lows:We ek. 1887 ........ 8,283 188 6 .. 0 2.035 1885 ..... 0 1,072 1$84 ....... 7 .07 Month. 8/>15 2,o49 2,555 QUOTATIONS: Dark Ttash ................ 3 00@ 3 50 Common lugs ......... 3 75@ 4 00 Medium lugs ... .... 4 00@ r, 00 Good Jugs ...... .: ... 5 ,2!l@ 5 7 5 Uommon leaf ......... li 75@ 25 Mectium leaf .......... 6 25@ 6 75 Good leaf .. .. .. .. 7 00@ !; leaf ............. tl7o@11 50 Selections .. .. N Year. 106,998 107,974 108,138 66,4ll7 Burley. 5 75@ 6 50 6 75 7 75 8 00@ 9 5 0 9 75@11 50 12 00@13 75 14 0 0@16 iJO 18 00 23 00@2. i 00 26 00 00 'Jltc Tobacco ltlnnufactul"lnr:: and Interest ot Henderson, K.y. The Henrlerson. (Ky.) Journal in a trade is sue, under date of the 7th, thus refers to tbe tobacco maDufacturmg and stemming in teres's of Henderson aud the county: ''Tvo of chewing and smolimg tobacco use $95,000 of cap1tal em ploy 130 operatives, producinp; 900,000 poun!ls of tobacco, vulued at $225,600 Tbis mdust1 y bas begun within the last two o1 three years, and th\' goods produced are in ve1y great demand. "Tnere are ihl Henderson eighteen tobacco stemmeriP s, preparmg tobacc_o for the foreign market, bejug, t)lc largest strip' rnut ket in 1he wQrld, w an investment of 000 in buil}liogs and machmery, work 960 employees, witl:l an a(ltive capital .of $868,000, Rroaucing during the seasun just closed, with an unusually small crop, 2,588 bog8heads Of leaf and 6 824 hogsheads of strip",' ot stemmed tobacco, of the estimated vnlue of $1,350,000. Tbere a1 e also at points throughou t the county eighteen Qtlier tobacco stem maries, coi!ting $70,000, with an active capital of $239 000, 32'5' bilnas'. handling 6'9 of leaf tob_ai:co arid 1, 775 bogsheads of 'strips,' p f the estimated value of $36,0, 000." 8 bbts snull:, 294 llxs do of them is a lot of nearly 1 ,000 bales 10 Hav-1 M ..,. k ., T7 Tobacco CJulllvalleo In CJJ'pru, b' h a.w..,etJJ.uallchwidt & Co 1 c leaf: s .Salomon if: t>on 1 TObf:iCCO, .li\to the grape, flp uri!!!:Jes exceed: porters are asking themselves is whether do; Alexander Bros 1': Lee, Kuhn & Co 45: B Brod togly 10 m"'ny parts Qf Cyprus; and, like the they can afford to take hold of the new crop 37; Joseph Mayer' Sons 18; llr001& Rosentbal grape, ite quulity could_ doubtless be im at the exceedingly high ligures which are 27; & R9senbaum 67; D Lev & Son 16; proved ver.x much by skilUul cultivation. G RCJsmann 9. 'l'bitty yearti a 'go it was still grOWijl in col)sidbeing asked and receiv41d for that tobacco in' Bv tli.l Old Bw.m.hi, Lim-Kinney, arable quantities. At the present day there Havana. 'Will our manufacturers pay the. T obacc'o Co 30 hhds : R ;M Allen & do; FE not a hundred acres of tobacco in the prices whic h they would be compelled to Owen 7: J 111im 6 : Oelrichs & Co 21; A H 'Cardo:r:o island. Tt.e weed is subject to enormous IO;J H Co 4: H t:\iebert 15; Buchanan & taxation; and it ieasier aud cheaper to colY RemediOS .eold fi esly lh1 s week at ad. Lyall 129: Pollard. Pettus & U9 18: Siegel& Fin lect the tax at the Custom House gn toe im vanced _figures. Samples received of the new kelstme ll; :&1 .A.benbeim if: Co 11; Kremelber& & -ported article than by on the growing Vuelta Abajo iudicate that the 1887 crep will Co 16; J D Ketlly, Jr, 57 do, 30 cs mfd; P Lertlcrop or newly gathered leaf throughout the lard & Uo 17 hbas, 7 trcs, 11 bxa nuff, 1 do sam 1 d Th d b tl ld f t.e the finest marketed for many years. 'It pie: W 0 l:!mitlt & Co 66 hhd, 471rcs, 291 cs mfd, 1 s an ere IS, DO t, a great e or has th.e oldtime aroma about it that bas been 21 bxs do 16 cads do 17 cs &mkg 8 do cigarettes fraud upon the revenue a vartety of w_nys d k' 6'd t 2 d 1 1 b d m the of such a crop and the culttva sadly m1ssed formany years. WrapperR m an on & Co 7 hbds, 141 cs cigarettes; Mar-as een tscoura ge even m ng IS tbis market are very scarce and are com-tin & Broadhurst 20 hhds, 29 cs mfd, 40 bxs do, t1mes; or, the rules as manding fancy pricf.s they are to 01 ?3'-bxs do, 40 %-bxs do; H W Peabody & Co 1 regards growmg, har_veetmg stormg and be found. The German murll:ets have matrc, 1 bx. G Lloyd 90. cs mfd, 8 rscks do, 2 pkgs sale (necessary, or OODSidered to_be _necessary, do, 25 do, 6 _M-bxs do; Dohan, Carroll & Co to prevent fraud) not only entatl trouble and ter1ally ad':anced the of goods ?eld 2 cs smkg, 2 mfd, 2H oxs da; Allen & Ginter 37 expense upon the growers, but al?pear to the there .A.s htgb as 1SO pfenmgs were obtamed cs smkg and Cigarettes, 81 do cigarettes : 18 do smkg trouble-hating Cypriote to be msurmountrecently for _tobacco which bas been selling 40 bxs samples_;!, D Evans & Uo 8 co mfd, 6 sble barriers to cuhivation. Within the last th t 86 f d Sal th' do, 0 do, lhompson, Moore & Co 3 cs smkg, year or two however some r;ood tobacco has ore a p per poun es IS 8,do mtd, 85 do, 9 )1!1-bxs do; Arnold Cheney&: been the at Omodos and Ayo week, 650 bales at 6ac to $1.10. Co 47 cs mfd J .M Gardtner _2 bxs mfd, 1 cad do, Theodora. and it is J'ust possible that with a Jeffreys & CG 11 cads do; L Mtller & don 20 cads 1 Sumatra-The lsst sale but one for this do; Thurber Why land & Co 50 llxs mfil, 6Q cs cightt e the plant may prove a season took place in on Tuesday arettes: F H Leggett & CG 46 ;!4 -bxs mfd, 1 pail valuable arttele o(. export. The. best Cy and Wednesday of this week. Prices ruled do ; Weber & Erski ne 12 ,!4-oxs do; Sbarp, Taylor prua tobacco is sa1d to be pecuh!lrly well & PerkiDll 18 do; Carhart Bros 2ll do (8 adapted for the manufacture of c1garettes, high, as usual. We are informed by cable !IC bxs do; R J :M"cCa1ferty 4 cs smk,;:; J J Gropn and should find a ready sale at Alexandria, that $1.40 per half kilo was refused for a 20; Bogert & Haycion 8 ; WJSe & Bendhelm 10 doif not in England.-London Tobacco. /"' 3 JUNGBLlJTH & RAUTERBERGt' TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS" SUPPLIES: SUGAR, GLYCERINE, PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL, FLAVORS, EXTRACTS, E&e. SOLE WESTERN AGENTS FOR J.&.ID:S C. McANDREW'S LICORICE PASTE. Manufactured by Messrs. McAndrews dt Forbes, of Smyrn.& and New&rk, N. J J LOUISVILLE, KY. X:K1'ter:K1a.Uc::na.1 Tobacco Refrigerating Company. INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES' ......... Preddent. AT DARIUS FERRY ?$fPAlENTED ::::. .;:=. New York, Vlce-Prelident. \ .Aol& .. v 4.1 -J '1 ,.,. ;:! Lancaster, M. OPPENHEIMER, Trea1. and Sec'y. ..,._,;; \.Y "'-'"-'/ :Edgerton, Wis. MAIN OFFICE: 13A WATER STREET,. NEW YORK. . We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturers to the advantages derived from the use of our system oftreatint: Tobacco, lFirst: The ABSOLUTE preventto11 of decay. .trhe of cdlor 1!-nd the ,etention of.lns$re andhfe, Third: The GREATER yield of wrappers, compared with 'tobacco of the same grade cured i:i:t the natural way, We had in the lHBt season over 7,000 cases, bales and hogsheads on storage under our System from different parties, all of whom speak in the highest terms of the superiOrity of tobacco treated under this system: Tobacco consigned to F. C. Linde, Hamilton &. Co. at the :various points will recive proper attention. 77th St., 3d and Lexington Aves. pay your rent. laJ J C>R.DET.:X., :J:J:>J C3r db C 0 l.\1!1:1\i!I::J:I!iiiiB:J:O SST 1\i!I:E:Fl. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PURCHASING AND SHIPPING ck, I..ea.f Tc::ba.cco. Bel oC .reference turalbed. P. o. Box 304. fJabJe A.ddre u .J"ord.aD." Buyers goin'l' to Havana. &rerf\Q.uested to call,l on their arrival. ror intormation wh1ch will f SAVE them TIME and MONEY, Bpeo1a1 l'Wo"t1oe ...-WA:NTED FOR CASH. .._, 1CIGAR CUTTINGS l'or Domestic &acl Ezpon 11-Give rate place to WheeJtae. we lll'ealwayoiD the market for u lobe)' are olean and dry and not musty, BLOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. C. JOURGENSEN Is a Printer, Lithogra13her, Gen eral Mrumfacturing Stationer, and )')Ublishes Revenue Books aad Blanks t 98 Maidenlane, New York. SPANISH LANGUAGE Most qu;ck l y and idiomatically spoken by the MEISTERSCHAFT SYSTEM,. O"ly 20 lessons bemg sufficient for entire master} of e:veryday business cottversation. Classes. Private lessons. Corresoondence PROF. CORTINA. A.M., of 1182-1200-et>w. 111 W 31th st., New Y o rk. WANTED-A well-kn0wn. good salesman and expert in the lea f tobacco business desires a positioll with a fir s t class house Good references. Address C. S .. Tobacco Leaf WANTED-By a prActical CJgar manufacturer who bad a lar11e' factory for the last 20 years, po sLtion as superintendent. foreman o r Very best r ele rences. Ad d ress "M. Z.," office o! the 'I'oha cco Leaf. 1182 WANTED -A reliable Sale>man, on sla r y or commission, to sell a gener.l line of Pennsylvaniu Cigars for a reliable fctory. NoNe n eed apply who c annot furDJh gnod references. lllmt com mand a trade in New York. PeumylvAnia, Michl Ohio and Inc Hana. Address u thi office. 11 '1-82 < A perfect L o ng-Ftller Bunching Mnchine. Simple io construcl ion nnrl can be mauufao\UJed at a low tigwre. Address" Buuch Mac!Jine," this dlice. 1181-tf 'ARRANGEMENTS' are desired 'to he effected with a reliable manufaciUrer for Pup plies of Cut Smokmg, Cigarettes, Bright. Twist. and Light Pressed Tobaccos., with sampled and quotations, Exporter," office Tobacco New Yorkctty. 1177-tf _FOR SALE. One KINNEY M.A. CHINE for straibt cut, long cut, coarae -cut and cut p l ug; one ROG- ERS MACHINE cutting fine cut, cop.rse cut, long cut and cutting Both secvnd hand. Will sell cheap. PACE & SIZER, 1181-83 Ricbmont blaze in the fac;tory turned nnd did most effectual work in subduing tbe flamee. -An old merchant on Main street advances the theory that it is a g oo d idea for bueiolli!IJ firms to give their bookkeepers a inter est in the profits. He that this ooncea sion to thew will increase their vigilance. He claims that many bookkeepers will, for a proper consideration, sell information of the dealings of their bouse to a rival establish ment, When one firm knows where another buys and sells itll goode, and on w bat terms, it has an advantage which can easily be used in a profitable manner. Tke bookkeeper is the only employee who possesses infor mation, and it it is obtained at all, muSt come from him. To give him a small interest, the merchant says, insures his Louisville Courier Journal.


.. ----lleeelp&a ... Stoelca Ia all Wea&eno lllarllaU. (llepoNd bJ Wm. G Keler& Co ) &ceipta from Stocks on hand Jan. 1 to Sept. 1. Sept.1. 11187. 18B6. 1887. 1886. Louisville .... 92,581 86.182 87, 080 211.U5 Cincinnati .... 46 946 44 644 20.890 19,219 St. Lottie..... 9 683 5.882 8 285 11,482 Olarll:sville ... 86,060 84 814 14.531 7 412 Hopkinsville. 11.444 10 587 4 667 2,344 Pad1JC8b ..... 15.lll 11.785 6 774 8,915 Nashville... 5 ,373 6,486 1 735 351 Evansville.... 6 .079 4 981 803 552 Mayfield .. 12,531 8 748 4,890 1,036 ...... 285,808 213 ,509 98,655 66,406 To ... Kat .. In Rea;ahea Per 100 Po .. aad. by E. C F ranke & Co.) Louwville--New YoriL 25c; 22c; Pbiladelpb,ia. 23o ; New Orleans, 30c;! New Orleans by river, 28c: Richmond, Cincinnati-New Y ork, Ph.iladelpb,ia, N!lw prleans, SSe; New Orleans by_r1ver. 21ie; R10hmoud. Clarksville-New York. 42c; Baltimore, 39c; Philadelphia, 40c; New Orleans, .Uc; Paducah-New York. 211c; Baltimore, 26c; Philadelphia, 27c ; New 20(l; New Orlean$ b7 rfye r 20Cf Richmond. S5c. St. L6ms-New York, Slc; Baltimore, 28c; Philadelphia, New;Orleane, SOc; New Orleans by river, S Oc; Richmond,-. Hopkin11ville-New-York. 49c; -'6c: Philadelphia, 47c; NewOrleaDII Richmond, 29c; Ba)timpre, J6c; Philadelphia, 27c; Richmond, 37c. Nashville-New York, S7c: Baltimore, 34c; Philadelphia, 35c; New Orloans, $4 .50 per bhll 1 Ne.JV Orleans by river, f3.21i per bhd; Richmond, 39c. Jllo'fleW-New York, 36<>; BaUimore. 3:J.c; Philadelphi, S4c; New Orle&ll8, 25c; Rich mood,-. __ ____ Lew:hYllle Tol>auo Oet. I, 181f, SO: an,d sales 25\1 mo;re last week; lll;Mer offerings of Burleys, with higher market until Thursday;, larger offer iuga of dark and Green River and fi'OIIted aDd, 'rash luge, the latter generally lower, were the leading features of \be markes this week. -Bllrleys-Until yesterday, when two leading buyers withdrew, the market w&.ll very ...aiYeand generally highertrash luge show iog advances not sustained sinco-wbicb I CJllOte now uncllanged, but nea er outside figures. Common Jug a to medium leaf ad 't'&nced anli &UIItained at to 1o ovr last week' s prices. The better grades fully sustainecl, the market for such being 1\rougly supported by the heavy purcbas91.1 9f \be leading St. Louis buyer. During the week US hbds filler s were eold pri'vatelyby ware housemen ,n t Hie The price of the 5 arrive maturity. The Western crop will more th&n hkely fall short of the well authenticated etim&tes made of while the quality generally will"undoubtedly fall f&r below any estimate made of tbat a month ago. Ol 559 bbds recorded as sold pri vately this week:, 270 formed part of the 500 lot mentioned week as solli thAn. ALEX. HARTHILL, Tobacco Broker. Eastern MarKets PHILAD.ELPHIA, Oct. 13.-Mr. &. R J'ougeray, Tobr.cco inspector, report& to l1e To Bacco L&u aa follows :-The usual spirited demand for standard braocls of manu f actured hard tobacco contioueo, with no appar e n t change in price. Fine cuta m ove very enc ouragingly Smoking tobacco tecei vea a fair amount of calls 1Lt full figures. Cigars-M&otifacturero are doing a oteady bu s i DCall at eatbfllctory pr i cer, wblle favorable indica tiona point to an mcreased trade very IIOOil. SnuJI m o ve o v ery r eg ularly Rece1pta for t be week-6,llt 0 boxeo, 4, 708 caddies 6,8111 case s aorl 346 pails line cuts. Export ot m a oufcmred t obacco-To Barbadoes, per ecbr H&rrie t B., 1,869 lbs. I celpts continue light. Of Ohio we note roalca of, 11M hbda for Duisburg. Ma1ket 1ulea quiet and s t eady Inspected this wcek-678 hbda Maryland, 1211 hbdo Ohio; total, 803 hbds. Cleared same period-Per str llarylaod, for Lon don, H i bbd Vir,o:inia, 24 bllds Kentucky; elr :Mareca, for Antwerp 29 hbds Virgl11ia, 11 bhds Ohio, 488 hjlds Kentucky: str Henriette H.. for lloUerd am, bhdo Mar)' land, 10 hilda Ohio, '76 bbda Virgioi s tems; str Albano, for Rollerdam 482 bhds Maryland, 800 hbd Ohio,-21) bbas Vir j!t nia. 259 bbdf' Virl!ioia stems ; str Donau, for Brewen, 269 bbd s Maryland, 60 bbds Virginill, '" hhds Virginia stems, hbds Kentucky Mtema. TOBACCO IIT4 TmiOill'l Oct 1, 1887-1:\tock oa hand ill tobuco warebeuaea anc;l on ahipboe.r4 no' Clll&l'ed ll6.6111 llhda l1111pected th11 week .. .. .. .. .. .. bhds l.nspecWd pre't'ioualy. .. .. .. 48,0M bhdl 70,518 hbd bporw of :Maryland and .O,luo eince Jaa. 1. 1M87, .82,0S4 hbob :!hlpped JCO&Stwi.oe IWd re LUpected ............... 6,956 hbda -39,040 hbdo Stock i!1, warehouae thlf day ud on Bhipbo&rd DOl CIOJ'reO.,., , .. 81,478 hh\1. Stock same time in 1888 ............. 32, 0 o 2 bbds !Ia nafactured t o b..cco continues quiet. Exported to A n tw e rp, 5,280 lbt. Smokiog Tobacco-Tmde wit!! our mllnufactur er sla e k e nE:,d up somewhat lately i bo\tgb all con tinue fllir l y busy ; Vl.NUUIJ!iATl, o Oct 12.-:Mesara. Prague .t; Mr.t.eon, rat 1'obacco Broken and Re dryers 'i'r Cutting Leaf and Plug Tob6cco, U) follows to thv ToBAcco LlUP :-Tbe breaks sJhc.... tir Jut r e por t hav o been curtailed by the sbippen '!nll warehousem e n c o q cl ud ioe:, aftllr a few pening day. .Medium to go?f! and flae leaf, o r which taere wu a goorl &UJOply, was i n a c tiv o demand at full quotation. Common lug and medium t o good trJt s h beld lo ac t ive "' quest, brio gior; full prices 'burday the oft'cringa contlnu11d heavy and there WJUJ oo material chnge in tbe fr o m the 'l'reviou s day Friday the llreaka were a( only nominal size, and a iii) provemcot was sli o wo, there being a mo r e active dem and and prj ces were a shade h1gller The m R r ket can be guoteq u closing strong, with all classes io active dem11nd. Of tbe ,hbda, 21 solJ from 2 .50 to 11.90, 39 from 4 .00 to 5.95 175.fro"' 6 .00 to 7.115, 287 from ts.OO to 9.115. fr n'm1 0 .00 to l4. 'Mil from 1&00 to 75, 97 from 2 0 0 0 to 24.00, and 6 from to 28.00 The s al e s rep o rte d fa t Tue> day were as follows : 28 bh!ls com m on tra s h at ... .... 2 60@ 5 50 33 bbds good lra < h at ................ e 10@ 7 9(1 41 hilda common lu g s at, .......... ... 8 00@ 9 20 hhds IU!:S at ........ .... 10 00@11 75 hbds c o mmon and medium filleryat.12 00@14 76 42 bbds 110od tillery aad culling leaf at.15 U0@1 Y 5 0 'bbds ch o ice fillery and cutting leaf at 20 SEJID LlllAII' JIARKET. The offerings at cigar or Seed leaf were 79 C83CS, classes as follows : -27 cues Obw, ll1 cases Wiscuosiu Spanish, aud 21 cas e a Ohio ca..-es. Offerings . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 79 Rejectiooa .......... ................ JO '' Actual salee ... ; ........... .. .. 69 'l' h e quality of the breaks Sturday was an im pr o v em eot over tho previous sale, ana w1th a good atten d an c e of buyers prtBeot a firm, active m.rllet was shown for !ill grauo,.. Commoo to good smok er and medium to good tillers and uind.,rs were in active dema.11d at full price .&ledtunl and good wr a pp e rs held in a c t t ve request at full11gur s. F o r line wrappers comp etition was spirited, and high price were realized lloe lot of 12 CllS6o Ob. o 8paoisb sold, belongiag to Mr. D. M Hess, brou ght an average of 23.00 (!.10 to 80.25), tbe best of the year 7 11 caea prices u folio we: 27 c .. es Ohio at 1. 90 to 13. 7r i; 111 c"""" wiscoasio Spanish at 1.00 te> 11.50; 21 caseo Ohio t:lpailisb at 11.50 to 110.2.'1. Va., Oct. 10.-Paul C. Vea abl, Leal' Tobacco, report& to the ToBACCO LBu aa followa :-1'his market is oow fa1rly supplied with all graties or new and a 'mll asson m e nt of common old PriCes for new are stilf and welL maintaieil on 1111 grade.. The de maoli ia strong fur wrapj,ers, and llOme very pretty lots hllve been olfered. 'l'he crop has been oafely cut al!d bou ed in Ibis district It .. bows oize &lid bedy, but not oo mucbcolor ""w ... an icipaterta to the 'l'oBAOOO ,LBAP u folloW. : The week' buaiaeo baa been om II aad the market void or liCe. Wi111t few sa t es of cutten, fil,ero and Wrllj>pers wer., m&de were at good pri ces for s oun remnia fiun,. Manufacturers c on tinue o v e r sol d and manufacturer' agents f o r th e popul a r bran ds s how n o grea 1 anxiety to in crease sale s The recent adv,.oce iu p r i c e bao di re c ted c o n sideral>' e alle oli o n to goods previou s ly rather slow o f sul e aod j<>bl>ers wb9 o ller e d bor gains in tbe!e lu e s have oee o prelly weir cle a a e d OUL t:lmoking tobacco in packag e s continues Ia show inc r eased f,.v o r ov e r ligl>t pressed Virginia nod cable c o il, which indicates tbe new coutcrs n o w flo cking to th e coBllt are m k!ny: serious change in tho old o rder of things. Plug cut is al o leading granulated goeds henily. Fme cut cbewmg toha c c o although showing liB great activity. still holds in favor u regardo popu. Jar hr,.nd s. We Jearn that th e s ales of .. A mericao &gle" have alm o s t doubled lu volume siuce last year in \hi Foreign Markets. Sept. 80.-D. H Watjen &C::.> .. tobacco brokers, report to tbe TOBAOCO LEAl' follows:-Western-Sales on spot and to arrive, 329 hhds, against hhda in September, 1886. Sr.ocks in first hands:-1 Aug.81,1887 ....... 2,169 hbds, Received since ..... 2, 954 Total. ...... .... 5.123 Deliveries ........ 2,313 Stocks to day ... 2 .810 QUOTATIONS. --18811. 1,864 7 458 9,322 5 690 8 732 Light. Heavy. Common lugs .... 1jl@2S pf pf. Medium luge ... : 24@27 ':,25@28 Good luge ....... 2tl@30 2!1 Low leaf ........... 33@38 36@42 Low medium leaf.. 37@41 42 Medium leaf .... 43@1i0 48@58 Good leaf. ......... 53@62 6U@68 Fine leaf ........ 70@75 Virginia-Sales on tho epot and to arrive, 168 bbds, against 66!.i hbds 10 September, 1886. hands: Aug. 31 1887 .. 1,993 hhda. Received since.... 502 '' .. 2,495 Deliveries. ... 814 S&m e time 1!1811. 8,669 3,U5 6 114 2,629 Seed Lea r-No holde r ol cigar leaf oeetl oft'er his atock on tllv ma1 ket if he does oat expect to eell, as every J!:rllde of l e af stock oeoms to have some borer who can mnipu l ate tlie same profitably. The movement or lcf is very regular anu eocourag lor;, yet m!irgio s are lig ht, ana on ly by doing a heavy Will it count. Ntvertbelesa the prospect& are d i l y l o oki u g more fav o rable aud mus 1 prove advant!lge o us to parties who in>illt upon hold i ng d es irable tuc k Sumatr a .... u ual, finds ready oo.le. Havana Is a very o ati s fac\ory article te deal in if it baa q u a lity Rece1pta for the week-lOS casea ConneCticut, 470 C8loes Penn s ylvan i a, 42 cases Ohio, &0 cases Little Dutch, 269 cues Wisconsin, 130 <:aaeeState l:!eed, 6S bales t:lumtra, 157 bales Ha Tana, 21 buds Wet.ern leaf io trBllsit direct to 'maou!acturere Export cof leaf t o ba cco-To Liverpool, per etr Briti s h P 1 io ce, 72,450 lb s: to Antwerp, per str Belgeoland, l 8,ll9d lba. Total, 00,8441 I Its. Western & Southern Markets. ASHKVlLLI!:, .1!11. V., Oct. 12.-Headersoo Brae., Leaf Tolll\000 Br oken, report to the 'l'o BACCO LEaP as foll ows:-Tbi market bas at a etaod till o r o"'e t ime. as the old crop hBll been aold and tile n e w b a o a t commenced to l.llOTe ... yet Our war d l o u...,m e o adverttse s aleo aom tbe 18th on. aud ,. e ex fie t fllir sales ot new from thai time. Tlle crop 1 uow well boustd, aud a fair t9 good crop in co l o r 1\od s iz e t o be tlla rketed tliia wmter. Bales in this mark.e t from Oct. 1, 18d8 to Oct 1 18S7 4.:11.,396 l b s ; value, $160,6118. 31; average, flu.w. Qt10TATIO!l8, Fillers-Common ...................... 1 @ Medium ........................ 3 @ 5 G o od ........................... 6 @II Bmoker s -Oommo n bright ............. 2 @ 4 ....................... 5 @ 7 Good ........ ................ 9 @12 Fine ..... .................... 12 @18 Cuttero-Co lllm o o .... . .. .. .. .. 9 @12 Medium ...................... 12 @Hi Good ........................... 16 @110 Fine................. ........ StJ @811 W rappers-(.;omm o n ................... 10 @12 Medium ........................ 12 @17 ........................... 1S Fme ........................... 30 @46 Fancy.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 60 @65 BALTIMOUE. Md., \9ct. 1lf.-Messrs. Ed. WOOilmeyer & (.;o. tobllCco mer chant., report to the ToBACCo Llur: -The ma1 ket f<>r Maryland tot>accrt is rather dulL but firm for desirable expo r t gr&Oes Infer ior is neglected and is very ditHcult to sell, even at low tl&ures. Re Good leaf ..... ........... 58@64. Fine leaf. . .. .. .... .......... b'7@80 QUOTATIONS. 8mokers-Commoo .................... 2 @II Common eolory cuttings ...... 21@35 God do .......... 40@65 .:Mediu ............................ II @ 8 Good ............. ,. ............. 8 @tO Fuoe ................. .... ...... 10 IQI14 Fancy .................... 14 @ lt! Maryland-SalAB on tbe spot and to arrive, Cutten-Common ....... ... ........ 487 hhde. a,;aiost !UO in September, 1886 Medium .. ...... ............... 16 @20 Stock& in banda: -Same time 18811. U_ood .......................... 20 Fme ............. ... ........ 22 Aug. 31, 1887...... 775 hhds. Fancy ................. : ...... : .27 since::... 719 Fillen-Oowmoo ................. ..... 5. --Medium ........................ 5 @ 7 Total .......... 1,494 2,285 669 Good .......................... 7 @ 1 0 I:eliveries......... 710 Fioe ............................ 10 Eura .......................... Ill @ld ................... @tO Medium .................... llv @ l O Oood ........................... 80 ((114 i Fine ..... ....... ........ .... ,46 @ti5 F..ncy ........... .............. 65 @CO PADUVAH, Ky., Oct. 8 .-T. H. Puryear, Tobacco Hroller, rep .. u to the ToBA..CO LBAP as lol lows :-Market a little irregular, bul mainly strong at former prt e es Quality very poer and propor Lion of lugs very lar&e. Weather rol' aua harsh but no fr011L '' .l!hdo llect"tpts for week.. . .. 229 Receipt. since JBll. 1 ... : ........ OJieriugs for week ...... .. ... .. 671 Offering for 'year ................. 18,799 Net sales for w e ek.. .. .. .. . 4Htl Nut salea for year .................. QUOTATIONS, Lugs-Common (dark.)-red or colocy ... Medium do ................. 3}!@ Gooa do ................. 4}i@ Flue o!o ................. Leaf-Low do ..... ......... .. Common do ................ M e dium do ................. Good do ................. Fme do .. .. ... ...... @-8eleclions (dark or colory) .... @-JU.TII:S OP TBANIIPOBTATlO.N. Rates to New York, water and rail, per 100 Jba, 35c do do all rail, do do l!9c do New Orleans, all rail. ao do 20c do do by water, do do 20c BoatoD rateo Se abon New Yerlr, and ,Pbiladel phia 2c, and Baltimore 2c below. Stocks to-day ..... 784 1,616 QUOT4TION8. IMferior and fl'OIIted .. .. .. .. .. i0.15 pf. tiouod and good common ... Middling .. ......... ..... ., ... 26@32 .Good to fine red and colored .... Fancy hogsheads. ...... 65@64. Groundleaves .................... 15@48 Ohio and Bay-Salee on the spot and to ar rive, 6'7 hhds, .. 54 in September, 1886 tu lirsL 8aae U111e 11181. Aug. S1, 1887 ..... : 234 hhds. llutl Received since.... 261 347 Total.. . 495 Deliveries .. .. . .. 261 Stocks to day. 234 QUOTATIONS. 615 298 323 Inferior to common ......... 22@21 pt Greenish &nli brown. .......... 28@36 Medium to tine red ...... ......... 38@54 Comm m to medium spangled .... 40 Fine spangled anil yellow .......... 6U@85 Stems-Stocks in first hands:-S&me tllne 181!6 Aug. 31, 1fo87 ..... 2,388 hhds. :l,U:ll! Received since... Sli7 849 Total..a ...... 2,745 u Deliveries.... . 179 ,., 3 881 1,145 Stocks to-day .. 2,566 2,286 The &.bove delive:ries include 114 hhdil Vir OCT. IS :EE ::asa ..... FI.D.e Eh.a.:I.J.c:l.:l.:a.s 1:he La.rse-t :l.:u. -the 'VVorJ.c:l.. 1014, 1016. lOIS, lOltO SBOOKD .&VB., .... 310, SU, 314, 316 wr ST., in:w inia stems, balance of W '8Lelll8. CRANE'S PATENT Seed Leaf-Salea On the epot arri.,.e, 1,620 cases. agaicet in September, 1886 Stock in hantle : Aug. 31 1887 .. 1,500 cases. Received since .... 2,398 flr&llle t.lma 18ttl. 6 110 LINBN PIBIB I AlliS. THESII: .A.RE WELL ADAPTED FOR Total ........ 3 898 Deliveriea .... 2 318 8 942 2,8UI TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARETTE MANUli' ACTURERS. Ligbt, Durable, Air and Water-Tight. Stocks to-day ... 1,580 6 130 QUOTATIONS, ar Sample and Illustrated C&talogue furnished o n applic&tloo, Oilio .............. Average los 89@42 pf. Penney 1 vania . 48@ 5 5 do Havana Seed '' 46@54 Wisconsin do. . 43@ 5 0 Cunnecticut do.... ., '5 AMSTERDAM, Oct. 1.-Since ou1 laet report Lbere were sold, partly by subacdptiou, partly u.t public auction, 7 155 bales Java and 136 bales J a p a n, while 1 ,7tili bales Suma tra, not granted by !ormer subscriptions, found buyers. On the 12t h o f tbiR month 20. 766 Sumatra and 55 bales Cltlylon will be offered by tender. In Maryland business r e m ains very dull Oo the 5 t b about 650 bbds c ome in publ i c ea'e at Rotterda m while o" the 26 t h about 200 bbds will be s old h ere in the samA way. Imported: 3.,085 bale s Sumatra. 1 672-b a l es Java, 565 bale s M anila and 300 hbde Mary land. Stock te d&y : 37 839 bales Sumatra, 11,995 baltlll Java, 427 bales Japan, 897 bales ltlanilu and 450 hbds Maryland. EXCHANGE MARKET REPORTS. Buyers not seem at all anxious to buy. I y e t a hmtted number of are reporte1! which are a s follovs :-Jens N d l so n 7 "s, R. 0 Hartze ll, 13 c s L. Christen so n S 3 an1t A Amundeoo, 4 c s 5 c ; F Fla h erty 6 7 and 1 Joe. Brando n, 3 7 and 2c: J. P olla rd 5 cs. L K1avi c k ti cs, 5 and 2c ; G. Burthe 89 cs. 9 and 2 c ; L K. Lte, 1 8 cs, Andrew Humphre y 11 c s 5c; J Humphre y. Hcs, ric; O live r Jacob s m 110 11 and C. L Culton, 1 2 c s toW. W Child; J ohn D etmas, 8 c s, 6 3 and P v m eroy & Pdtou, 5 c a 5 c There i U ?tbing !lew about the '8 7 cro p, only that 1t IS showtbg up splendidly. The bas b een very good smce it was bung 10 the she d and the outcome appears very f a v o ro.ble. A few m ore weAke will place 1t out of the danger period. It bas been re p o rted that oue of Ollr buyers otfere t o con for. tile new crop at a very fair price. 'I b e slupmeots of the week will aggre.,ute 250 cases. LANCASTER, PA. crop Newa. Lanca.Ster Examiner, the pat B week or ten days several buyers have been aston Ame rican Cultivator, 15:busily engaged in picking up choic e lots of The. floe welltbe r duriug September and thus 1887 crop of 1.obacco, Amoog those who far 1U O ctober has been admir&ble for the are buying are Henry Sbi:lfner and Job" late crops. are curing down rapidly F. Brimmer, and there are wbobave w,here tile plants. are ripe .. Late green or un been named. Thus far tbP y hnve con ripe plants very often get some of the' t o p Hoell their attention to Havana Seed, picking le&v e s frozen. and poasibly this sea.son will out the choice lots on the p o l e e, and paying Rhow some of this oort, though as far n s we good prices for them. Thomae Furnio s of s e en, there are but few green leaves Britain, sold an etgbt acre l o t, and VISible. These l&te crops sometime s contain John J. Long, Of Drumore, eold his crop. very many fat or uncured stems which afte r Mr. Harsh. below Strasburg, s old three acreo, &nd w!'en they como' to Lbaw out receiving 25 cente for bi. wrappers. The buy tnJure the other leaves if taken do"n a n d ers make it a condition that the growers shall piled up, as the:y col o r other leaves, and tbe y not say anything.about the sale. commence heatmg m tbe p1Ie. throwing ttl e Aa tobacco is good a word whole mass into the sweat. SJ care 8bould about tbe methods employed bv orne buyers b e used t o l e t these g e t dry before t u k will be protitabJe to tbe growers \\ bo iog down, o r taKing d own only dUCb a qu .. ngoods to sell. Tbe dealer buys a lot from tity as can be reaoily 'handle d aud the t&t Mr. A at 18 3, nnd another from Mr. B stem sorted out, when tlley may be llung up at 24, 5, He goes to Mr.. C to btiy hie to-_by tips to dry. bacco nod him that be b ought a lot Str 1P.JHOg wtll 'll. e d one qu1te early, as tbe from A. at 18 and 3, and studiously &voids t o early cut pieces are pretty w ell cured now. tell that be paid b (p;be r pl'ic e s to B all of It I S P obuble that .of the stnppmg which is legttimate and honorable, atill the alre&dy doue IS of such portwns of the crov farmers shoul.old 175 two or three r o ws 1uto the.p1c c e. ca&ea ot Seed aud H&van& B s Kendig & B ales of o l d orQps, llli we stated last woek. Co. bought 158 cases, &od soicl 170 caes; D. are m the valley, as tbe gre&t bulk. Binkley of Safe H&rbor s(Jlli 60 c&l'es f of the Clo p s are our. W.e quute from 1tl88 Seed leaf to N.,w York parties, and Eby our HS follows:& Rutter of Intercourse s old 156 c11ees of North Brotbere sold 32 '86 Seed and 50 cases 'of Havona to New cases o f Havana Stled '86 cro p at \5.; York parties. I do not know of any other Jot of ___ 86 unsold around. here and only two crop" of 8 5 tobacco. DAYTON, 0. Dayton Journal, Oct. 1l : .Mote lucky growers are beiug conet11ntly reported from all neighborhoods, and tbe list of losee11 by frast is sbaving down to the Journal' s figures, f60,000 in the valley, more Seed leaf th&u Dutcb being ruined. Tenants witb small p .. tches arll Lhe chief .but are many landowners who are in the crowd. c_rop ... of othe valley, based upon Joulmal reportl!, out the frost b1tteo tobacco, are for 3 000 c&ses of Spanis h, 4 000 cases Dutch, 8 000 to cases of Seed le&f; a total of about 16 000 of cigar leaf aa tba Miami Valley crop of 1887. The number of growers who are ready to eell old and new r.obacco present .prices bas increased. but none are willing to yield a point to buyers. MIAMISBURG, OHIO. Bulletin, O<}t. 7.-No sales reported during tho week. Etirly have cured re. markably well iu spite of the drouth, Late crops are &eldoin in conditiJn for Lion. WARREN, ILL. Warren Sent i nel, Oct. 6:-The remains of the '86 ::rop will aggregate about 300 caeee. Last week a grower seut to town about'200 pounds of tine leaf, but it was not in con dilion to sell. While it was apparently of tiue quality, it bad not beeo properly c&sed and bad not gone through tbe sweat. As a result be hauled hie tobacco bome. We hear of a portion of a few fields that were caught by frost, but the lose wall small. All agree tbat our '87 crop will be a tine wrapper crop, and considering that the is ehort of goods good prices are expected. Sales of green crops are reported in other markets, but we have yet to hear of the first sale in this section. EDGEl-tTON, WIS. Index. Oct. 8:-A little less business was transacted iu market this week than there was last, though prices remain heretofore. Whately. O c t 10-;-Th B crop iecuriog finely, shows no whtte vema, good culor aud v ery tine. Hdd firmly for reasonable prices. Al ready tbe work of preparation for another crop bas begun. lnd icatione point to a larll!'er crop another year. W1udsor, Cono.-Our reporter at Hayden Staiou says: "Tvbacco curing in good aqd m .1St of tbe 'growers are well plea. ,ed witli tJ. te crop and .. tbe pri,Ces ,it will {lroba1,ly bl'in g. Tb{lre h a ll'lleon but obe' s&ll! of the uew crop here. Understood t o b e 16c iu tbe buudle" Oct. 9-The quality of the crop P ornbei to bs fine and silky. It ap peat'S to be cured nearly .enough to \V tl h'lt ,;old aCJes at 14<: in L. B Hough tou, 1" 11cre s aL 15c ; ErasLUR Tyler 1 acre at 17c in the bundle; Dr. G. F Barber' 1 acJ;_e at p t 'l'he first three Jots to of Con ne.,ticut, and the ltLet to 'l'ayl.Jr of N. H.-Moet if not all of tbe 87 cro p n f tobacco been sold the past w .. .. k tn 1 N All e n. of Connecticut. I. S Hill "olcl 1 a cres at 15c. A B. 2 acr s 16c Otuer parties bought of El. H. Day 2 ac1eij JH S 0 Davenport, 2 acr8.! at F. ftke, acre s at. George M Wl'igbt, 3 ac1es aL -A mercantile bouse recently advertised for a boy, and among about a hundre d ap plications received wae one worded as fol lows: "Gents: I am a orphan. I have n o father and m other. I war.t the place bad. It beets b e l h o w b ard timee ie and h o w is money." .He got the place .-Cincinnati Enqui r er. -Car Driver-"You can't smoke iu this car," Passenger- Why not 1 .. Becau& e there are ladie s in the car." .. Why. thJ<.t' s tbe reason I have to smoke; I want to d eaden the smell of musk and patchouly."-Barper's Bazar. JAMES COLDSMITH, 744 BROADWAY, NEW YOKE, J. H. A. GEBING, Sworn Tobacco, Broker. OFFICES AND SAMPLE R OOMS : 0. Z. !l90 & AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. WM. L. HUNTTING & CO., DEALEI!S IN. AND PACKERS OF C:la:C>':I:C:EI Connecticut & Havana Seed Leaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD, CONN. Tbe .1 3.S,OOO Tobacco Sale. W ell-informed men on Maio street say thM tilt; $135, 000 tobacco s a le m&de Tuesday by Mr. H enry P. Thompson \o Mr. M. I. Barker is the largest single of the year m anyAtaple ptoductinany city o f the United S&ates. Not even in Chicago o r New York has there been so exteosiYe a purcha3 e Mr. 1.'bompeon, the eeller has b een unusually fortunate this season.' He bou ght heZLvily of the fin e r of Burley tobacco, and whe n the rise c&me on the right side of the market. He bas 800 b o g s beads of tobacco lefo, and can dispose ef, the m at as good a profh as he did the of 500 on Tue sd&y. His friends say that bls pootit f o r the seaon work cannot fall under 115 0 000, and m a y l&rgely exceed that sum Of cour)le it r e4uire d gooli deal of capital; courage and C11uuou tp work such a dAal bin; Mr: l'bompsoo has undoubtedly done Louisville Courie1-Joum1,1l, Oct 6 a a Draar. B osroN, Oct. George Barwell of P&rk quare, WliS to -day fined in the Mu: $10 aud costs for sellinlt ene livecent cigar on Sunday 2 to Frank H 'fhe proeecuc'10n wa's brought; .bout by tbe Jewtoh C1gar .Associa uou. Until r ecently Jewis h cigar dealere were allowed to open their shops on Sunday, provided they kept closed on Saturday. R e ceutly tb1s has been stopped, so the Jewish d ealer s are u o w .lookiog attor the druggists. :t'he defendaut, m his plea, said that, mg. to Webster a drug was as al)y w b1cb intended to relieY6 pato or suffermg, whether it be liquid er olid. He ciaime. d 1o be allowed b.v law to keep open fOOd fa1tb. In giving a dects!Oo tbe said :"A 'drug' ie which is for the o.lleviatioo of, and we often serve tob!iooo as a medicine, althougb doctors do oot often include it in prescrip1 .ions. li can a case where a celebrated English phySICian reeommended the uee of a mild cigar to a patient who had never smoked before and this cured him. The gentleman smokeS. to this day, and his brother is a well known. physician in Boston to day." Ttle Court, however, iwposeli a fine and the defendant-appealed. Will ..Make Tw-o-eea& Bate. CHICAGO, O c t. 10. a rCI!ult of negotiations wttb the Commercial 1.'ravellers' Pro tective Association, tbe Minne.or.a and Northwestern R:iilway has g1veo notice of with drawe:l the Western States' A -BOClatlOD, a .nd b&ll COUI!SDted W plaoe OD d&le two-thousand mile tickets at two cente per mile. In a lette r to the Tavellers' Aeeo ciation, made public to d11y, filtick. uey, of the Minnesota and Nort.hwestem pledges hie road to the wi hdrawal and vowisea to immediat .. Jy make the reduced should 11n} oLher road in the as sociat ion, by cutting ate.., him at liberty to break the preSfilllt cou\ract. Iu any Lhe reduction will be by the Mmnesota and Northweijtern on the 1st of January. A...1 that Made Him a sava&"e. TORONTO, Oct, 11.-Io August last EdwiU'd Graham threw a divpe r of vitriol into the face Sie .vert, a young cigar and tobacco man 10 th1e City. Sievert "as blinded and terribly burned. Gr&bam is a lunatic who bas on occaeiuns exhibited a for inflicting cruel' aud pain on his fellow men and on unimulo. Yesterday at the trinl, a man testifleli that Graham' wh. l e working for him, used to treat his tle wit h excessive cruelty. His object in do ing was, it is thought, to see them suffer pain. No other objoct to eee the result of. tbe de .. dly work of the vitriol on young Stevert can be imagined for his as sault on the man, wit h whom he had no pre vio'!-s a s !'oci ation., Gr .. b&m waa BeDt to the'y at Kmgdtun for lite.


.. l OCT. 1S THE TOBACCO LEAF. _,_. f AMER_ICAN EACLE ; UA.DK IILUlL FINE CUT. Manufacturers: of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco : FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. AMERICAN EACLE;/ SMOKINGS,-Packed in Tin Foil, Paper., Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. GRANULA.TED SMOKING. LONG C'C'T SMOKING. Stork, Home Comfort, Miner's Favorite, Cold Spra,. Natlonal Leacue Crown of Delight Cher17 Myrtle "Navy, Eagle, Old Tar, 'Qniversal Favorite,. Spray of Cold, Morni'ng Dew, Jumbo, Jliner's Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Dllke & Dandy, Frog Long Gut, en pper Double Plum B k -.Oriental roo Sun Rise Clock, Dew l?rop Bargain. Favorate Invincible Clever-Canada Mixture, Lucky Cut Plug1 :Bijah's Choice, Br. udder Bed, Elk. :NATIONAL PROGRESS BUNCHING MACHINE COMPANY. INCORPORATED .JUNE, 1881. OFFICE OF SECRETARY: 214 AVENUE C, NEW YORK. A. ROESSLER. .. .................. of Wm. Wicke & Co., New York. 1 LOUIS ETTLINGER, ................. Schumacher & Ettlinger, l WM. A BROWN. .................... '' Brown & Earle, ADOLPH BRUSSELS, .. ...... -........ The Lichten stein Bros. Co., TRUSTEES, ADOLPH LEWYN, ...... .... ........ Lewyn & Martin, J JOS. OPPENHEIM, ................... '' Levy Bros., A. C. SCHUTZ, .. . . . Inventor, u A. C. SCHUTZ, Pres.; L. VlcePres. ; JOS. OPPENHEIM, Sec. and Treas. I Lucky, Club. Dime Ram, I Detroit Mixtures, Navy Clippings Green Corn. FactQ!'f, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Spanish, Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. -AND-i ; THE. '' PROGRESS BUNGHING MACHIN'' tr I \!J Makes 5,000 Scrap Bunches per day, with a Single Operator. SKILLED LABOR NOT REQUIRED. 200 IN USE IN NEW YORK CITY; 300 IN USE IN THE UNITED STATES. MACHINES PUT UP ANYWHERE ONTRIAL. 'W Send for Circular and full information. 1173-6m eros. seo'y, .N"o. .A:ven:u.e c, N'e"'DV 'York.. 124 East; 14-tb &"t., mporters and Sole Agents for the. United States and Canada of the Celebrated -FACTORY MANILPLA, PHIL-L-IPINE ISLANDS. 'l'he Cigars from theabove are made and packed after the styles made by the best Havana factories. 'l'he ISABELLA E.L\,CTORY employs 4,000 _hands and is the largest cigar factory in the world. The cigarsfrom this factory are well known all over Europe, and are unsurpassed for quality and workmanship. A trial of these goods will open a new trade for you. Send for Price list to PEREA BROTHERS, 124 E. 14th St., New York, Sole Agents. ,. ''{'\ SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CA',rALOOUJL -:1 I 1:. J AGENTs-N. Sheldon & Son, 3!!8 N. 3rd Strcct, Philadelphia; Aug. Beck & Co., Chlcngo, Ill., aull St. Paul, Jill on.; G. .J. Hclmerlchs Leur 'I'obacco Co., St. Louis; Wm. H. Meyer,_,-West Front Street, Clnchmatl; Ed. Allchcrma&nn, ll'fll waokcc; Bachman & Co. Sun Francisco, Cal. 1152 -67 :-k '!'he use of Molds absorbs the moisture, flavor and aroma of the Tobacco. This Cigar being made by Hand, retains these Elsen tial Qualities, effects a Closer Union of the Binder and Wrapper, and is not so Easily Broken in the Pocket. The Cigars are made by American who are Cleaner in Personal Habits and at the Work-Bench t.J:lan Foreigner_s, whose only claim to Superior Workmanship ia their Foreign birth. Americans. excel them at the Cigar-Table as in all other Industries. A Reward of $100.00 will be Paid for the Discovery any Artl flcial Flavoring in these Cigars. .Jl:JNE !Uth, 1886, 8 u. m MANUFACTURED BY LANOA.STER., PA..; TR.ADE! Notice is llereby given to all Manufacturers and Jobbers that -we the Sole and Exclusive -owners of the BRAND .or TRADE MARK for Cigars known as ,, we will uromutlv all fnriDer to infrin[e nuon onr to the FOSTER, HILSON & C()., Fao'tory No. 1, ard D1&'tr1o't, N. y-


' GRAND YUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. lY!anuel Lopez & C o., Us No. 26, Havana,, Gnbt l LEADING BRANDS: LOPEZ & CO.," "VICTOR HUGO," "FLOR DE REMATES," "CELIA." I tiULIU8 HIRSCH, Sole Repre.entat.lve In the lJnUed. !lltat.eq, TOBACCO LEAF .. Grand H otel Pasaje, O'U. ba. ..= ,... -ca Ill .... .... toiQ .. ::ll cu = 0 a; = Ill ..... IU 10 CIQ .... CD Q en E "' 0 n; "1:1< 0 ::E Q 11::: --CD CICa ? 'l'be LARGJ:s:x' and only FIBSTCLASS HOTEL on the IslAnd of On he ; In th e bea t part or, the clty. Enlarged, improved, new sanitary arranK8ments, new management. K ept under American and European p la.ns. C omplete acc o mmod ation for strangers. ca -= c:.,:) = ca :E ca c:::ll OCT. IS .. 0 "" u A "" A 42 BEAVER STREET, NEW YORK OA.STR.O do OC>., PROPRIETORS. G-ra:n.d. O:lgar Pac"tory., J. E. CARTA VA & CO., ORAND CICAR FACTORY OF MANUEL RODRIGUEZ, Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuba. FELIX MURIAS & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS,'" LA FLOR CUBANA. R. RENDUELES. ()aile del Rayo No. 63, ( Llli!IT E D], ltlaaallae,urer ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS, & Key West, Fla. The c e l e brated EL HA.YO VEBDE Cigar. LEADING BRANDS : mx... m:No-m:x...c, AND-Calla do la Zania 69, Havana, Cuba. LEADIIIG BRANDs:- La Gratitud," Remignton,' Rosa Cuban&," "Flor d e Rosendo Rendue l es," "La Socieda.d Comerci&l," ''La. llosa,: 'Flar Indiana, .,Mi Caridad New York omce: 3 Cedar St. de Manuel Rodriguez." Sltlol lU' Havana, Cuba. J. :O::J:.A..Z &, co IU:A.NUIVA.ace as they can get for starage. After the big Ex: position of 1883, and before it was decided to haYe another one during the following year, a New Orleans firm made a good offer for the building, expecting to ship the lull\h e r used in its construction to the Crescent City and devote it to some. there. It probable that the buildmg will yet be sold simply as lumber. L'V TENNESSEE. Clarksville Tobacco Leaf, Oct. 7 :-The election of Tobacco Inspecrors for the ensu ing year was held by the Tobacco Board of Trade Monday evening. There were between thirty and forty candidates for the poition. but the old board, T. L Porter, P eay, W. F. Buckner and R Ellis, was re-elec ,ted. An election in the face of so much opposition is a endorsement of the capacity of the gentlemen composing the old board, and Af their conscientious discharge of the duties of the office. Clarksville Chronicle, Oct. 8:-Au old landmark in thilil city is about to come into use again. as 1\\r. B. F. McKeage, who reprll!!ents a Philadelphia syndicate, has purchased the old Bryarley tobacco stemmery at Lbe comer of Fourth and Commerce otreets, and is placing it in order for resuming business there the coming season. The property brought $7,000, and is to receive a metallic roof and other improvements necessary to make it a first-class bouse. Durham Tobacco Plant, Oct. 5:-Tbe sales IN WISCONSIN. of leaf tobacco at the warehouses are larger Edgerton Tobacco Repo r t er, Oct. 7:-Oliver every day. The exact amount was not ouJacobson. or Albion Prairie, bas s o ld hi s '86 tainable. Smoking t o b cco shipped, 52.425 crop to Paul 1'annert, or Stoughton. The lot pounds, worth 3 0 365 .27. Cg a r e ttes, 10,-consisted of 110 cases. 14 of which 766,000, worth $35 5!l2 80 R evenue rec e eip t s 11" And the balanoo per pound. for the week. '14,ll9 4 2 Revenue receipts W. W Child & Son htove finished hipping for month of S eptember, $5l,008 99.. ten cars of '8 5 tobac"o this week. 'l.'he There was a tremendous tobacco break of the entire lot have been strapped with yeeterday. The Gl o be and Banner ware-iron for an export market. houses were full to overflowing. Every foot Naleon Coon, or BrodhE ad, hns raised about of space was oc c upied,, and several wagon 200 plants of a very fine variety of Spanish loads of tobacco under the shed wait tobacco this Reason The seed came from iug for a chance to unload. After 1 o'cl ock the I slands and is pronounced by double sales were begun, and even then night experts to be something extra I:ne. came too soon. N 0. Fansler returned last week from a The great and powerful weed that com-two months' trip in Minnesota in the inter forts and soothes is the staple of this section, eats of the N. W. Tobacco Mfg Co He and at Durham its sale reaches enormous brought orders with him for about 30,000 proportions. Over fourteen million pounds pounds of cut tobacco, which the company Of leaf tobacco were sold in Durham since are now tilling He also reports a good sale Oct. 1, 1886 The farmers bring their to-on cigars. becco to DurhBIIl because it is a steady mar Culton & Mcinnes is the name of a new ke$ all the year round. In summer and win sampling finn who represent the Charles .&er, as well as in spring and fall, the buyers Finke& Co. Inspection Agency in this State. are upon the .nfarket and the highest pricee Mr. Culton has BI!BOC'iated with him Mr. are paid. The output of manufactured toMcinnes, who has"had considerable experillacco for the year amounted $0 about 4,000, ence in the tobacco business, and are pre 000 pounds of amoking tobacco. about 100,pared to attend all orders in this line. The 900 pounds of chewing tobacco, 110,1100 pounds partnership does noi extend to the leaf of snuff, and 860,000,000 cir;arettesl buainess in which Mr. Culton ill Relations between the Edg_erton Reporter IN 01110 and the Lancaster (Pa. ) New Era seems to be Dayton Journal, Oot. 11:-It is reported badlf strained. This week the New Era that the old Cooper cotwn faotory is to be publishes a article from the Rllpor-SEBASTIAN Suarez 68, Habana. TelefoDO J,ll8f. CIGAR FACTORY of the Most Selected Vegas of VUELTA ABAJO. -OF-Leacllnc Bran.t.n JI'LOK DE 8BBA.8TIA.N .I.ZOA.l'l .. JI'LOB DEL P.I.B.I.I.O. EL l'fJA.GA.KA., LA. ll'lfi'OSICJIO!f PA.Nl'IW, A.. B.A.:N'CEEJ, Sole Proprietor o f the weD-known and celebrated Brand of PAFlTAGAS CIGARS -= Cl) .... Cl) en "iiQ a:> cz: -4 -OF-I .... ::oo:" ::c CD CIQ u; -CD .... CD c::L CORTINA Y GOMEZ. LEADING BRANDS: CORTINA, MORA Y CA.,. FLOR DE CORTINA, SHAKESPEARE, AJID O:I:G-..A.B.ETTEJ&, 168 and 160 INDUSTRIA ST., ESTANILLO, JUNCO & CORUJO, BELASCOAIN 34, HAVANA, CUBA. 1c .alle d e I a Estrella No. IS4 PRIVILEGIO. (Establlshed 1845.) HAVANA, CUBA. NOTJ:.-Thls bran d b as b een r eg istered In the Patent I Otllce at WashlnRton Infrlugers will be prosecuted to the fullest extenli of the taw. NOTI()E,-EstabU.b e d In 1840 by the rell&ble manufacturer A.atonlno or -yard adjoin ing the T i dings office is a tobacco plant is now in flower and seed. But the curing of it, so that it would sooth the smoker or chewer, has been tbe diffi c uJt,y. The air h ere is eo muc h dryPr than it is in the to b a cco country that the curers of tbe weed in thi s sect10n cannot follow tbe methods of E astern toba cco manuracturere. Our air dries out the lea' v e s too quickly for the devel ol>ment of the quality. Th e growers must have a new method of cure, m order to make tobacco a profitable crop. Mr. Powhattan Bryan wa.s t1. tobacco grower back in Old Vir ginia, and be is now and has been for many years a farmer near Grass V.alley. On his farm! be has raised and experimented with the weed. He does not dry' in a barn, as they do in the humid climate of tile Atlantic seaboard, but be. uses a cellar as a tobacco barn. The d ampness of the cellar gives the leaves the proper color. and tbe cure results in sure and good tobaeco. David Bryant bad some of the cured leaf on exbibition_at our late fair, grown on his father's place near Grass Valley, and good judges pronounce the quality as That was the opinion of a gentleman from Richmond, Va. who is in the tobacco business and who was present and examined the samples. Of course a pre mium was given. There ie no reasoa wby tobacco will not be profitable here, when dampness is used in the proper way in the curing procees. Experiments will soon show bow to spray water into a curing house. Vallel/ (Cal ) Tidings. The Dealer In au Smoker or Cla:ar Since the abolition of the drummers' liceDBe taxe s we, the undersigned cigar manufactur ers of this cily, tlnd that our business has suffered and is suffering in coneequence of the large influx of cigars manufacturAd elae whe r e Therefore we would ask: the citize n s of Richmond to co -operate with us in a demand for home-made goods, thereby enabling us t o give employ m ent to at least the same number of hands, if not more, than were formerly employed. We have all read through the different editorials of the press that Richmond is destined to be a large manufacturing city but with out the aid of the citizens, and "Pecially the merchants, we will be unable to continue our share to the advancement of the m anu facturing interests or our cil.y '!.'his appeal. long deltberation among us, b ee n d eemed necessary in order to r emmd our m erchtmts and iD general tha t this impo rt ant industry should be fostered and eQCOUJ a.ged, wpecially as our goods compare with and in moat eases excel goods m anufactu red elsewhere In addition to the above facts. let it be that by patronizing and encouraK mg home_ md the mone y circulates and remams amo11g us. In order that the public may be enabled to d e s ignate our goods, we liava caused a label to ba printed aud registered, the same to ap pear on e v ery box of cigar s m anufactured o:r us. The above f.Ubmitted tc> the public by the Uniun Cigar Manufactur ers' Protective A ssociation, No. 1, of Rich mood, V a. R. Wagner, J ohn Krausse, Jones & Tyler Krug Bros., T H Ligon. P. C. Salamone: J H. Goddin. G H aake, Thomas Shea,. Sol. Wis e Rowe Bros., B. Gresse t t Bros. Pollock & New, Jams Halloru n J T Hall, Geo. Talbott. -Richmond (Va.) State, Oct. 8. -A. peculiar kind of automatic machine il set up _at a g.reat many public houaes and st_ores m Berh_n Germany. On puttin g a n1ckel mto a sht 1t wtll band out a c igar or a pie c e of chocolate or candy. The n ovelty of the thing made business done bl the au!A;)m atons a success. But o late people have commenced putting worthless p ieces of metal, intentionally shaped like a nickel. into the silt, and thus robbing the proprietor. One. of them -found the other day twenly seven such counterfeits deposited in his cigar automaton within one hour. -Mrs. Cleveland aBnounoed in St. Loliiit that she did not object to tobaccos111oke. We feel authorized to announce that Mrs. Cleve land is already re-eleated "first lady o f land. "-Macon Telegraph.


.. .. t OCT. IS THE TO.BACOO LEAE. .... '&, --::1:3!14PC>:E'LTEI::E'I.B C>F' 1 -AND OF 'rH&,.., l TOBACCO .Ji r :N' o. .go::-;:m..A..::E'I.:Lo BT::E'I.EET, 1"Q"EJ"'IgV'. Ve>::E'I.:S::.' _, lfm. ltlemnth Importers and. Manufacturers of .W D G01 Gl'ld 1109 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. ,. Trade Mark. We beg to ea.ll tho at of tho Trade to our 1&1'118 asoortment of Novelties n.nd SpoolaltlesllUitable f<>r Advertising Purposes. Lozano, \ Y. Peodaa, EST.A.:J3X..:I.&:EEEX> 1887. LC>.Z.A.::N"O, &, CO., OF CIGAB.S, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. )Dtporter OJ CJ:J:G-.A.:R.S &, LE.A.P TO:EI.A.CCO, CIJBAN HAND-MADE aiGABS. 1 .114 Sansom St., nn'' .-! PBILADELPHLL ,\\,1\\\\\\Uu tl \\\ WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. P.WHllLDtiK':'RICHMDND.VAA To the Cigar Trade and Public Gcne.-ally. It having come to our notice that some unscru. vulousa.od piratical manufacturers have infringed Upon cur celebrated brand of OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS -by slig h tly changing the name and color o! label, w e take this oppartunlty o f cautioning the public and trade gene ra1l y against buying such goods, unde r p cnulty of lmv Our brand is regis tere:i and pro tected b y Lw. Factory No.1";' 2nd Dist of Virginia, o n each box: also our name o n label, etc P. WHITLOCK,. -Il.ICHitiOND, VA.. 1JJUTED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE TAX ON TOBACCO, Cigar&, domestic ud imported, $3 per X; elghlng not over three lbs perM, 50c lit; eig876Ltes and the roots bing over three lbs per M, $3 per l\:1; manufac 'ured tobacco and snu1f, per pound., CHARGES FOR LIO!ii!fSES PER ANNUli. ll!anufooturers of cigars, cigarettes and che""'ts, ts; ufacturers of tobacco and sopjf, &6; dealers ln of tol>acco, $2.40; dealers In leaf tob&ceo, $12. IMPORT DUTIES ON TOBAOOO. Cigars S2.W per pound and 25 per ce.a.t. ad valorem. Ofga.p. ettes, sa.ine as including internal taX. Lea.t tobacc!?l. 85 per cent. ol wliicli is wr&ppera' more lw leaves te the pound, 76 eents per peund i if stemmed1 Sl per pound all other lea.f net &telBIDt'd, 85 centa per pound. To bacco :h.a.nutacoured, 40 cents per _poound. Stems, 1 !i cents pet' (ound. Pipes and pipe bowls, auw and 6 per eent. a.d valorem. Common elay pipes. 80 per cent. ad valorem; ad valorem; all smok ers' articl es, 75 ..,uli. ad Talorem; snulr-boxesand. cbew\Dg tobttOC>o J18t cent. ad valorem. VALUE OF FOREIGN COINS. Cents. Cenll Austr!a.-Fiorinorgullltaly-IJr&.... ........ 19. 8 der ... ,....... ...... 45,8 .Japan-Yen. ...... 99.7 Bel,Oum-Franc ...... 19,3 f:Jberia Doll&r ........ 10n Bo:Ivia-Peso.......... ll6,5 Mexico -Dollar. ..... 00. 8 Bradl-M.il1 ei8... M.5 Nor'\V&y-QrowB. 25.8 Jlrltlsh N. America-Peru-Sol .. .. .. .. .. 3;1.6 Dollar ... ,, . 100 MiJre i s ot (Jentral Amer.-Peso.. 91.8 1,000 rels ............. $! CS (Jhtli-Pe. o _gold ...... 91.2 Ruui.-Rouble o t 100 Denmark-Crown.. .. 9&.8 kopeks....... . .... '73. 4 :a:c.o&dor-Peoo ...... 91.8 Sandwich lslands-Doi-Egypt-Pound nf 100 far.... .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 0 0 plasters .............. $4 97.4 SpainPeseta of 1ti0 J'l'&nce-Franc.,. . 19.8 cPntimea .... . . 19.3 Great. BrilatnPound Sweden-Crown..... S sterllnJr ...... ....... $4 S 'h! --wt;zerland -Franc ... 19. 3 Greece-Drachma. ... 19. 3 ot 20 S:.: der.. ... ....... ...... 38. 6 U. S of CoJombfa.......... -16.!U Peso......... .. ...... 91.8 A kilo equals 2 .5 pounds. A pfenni"g equals .2% of cent. An,English shilling equa.l8 24 An English penny equals 2.l3i cents. (JOJDIUOD Sense Needed lo the Poet omce De parament. It is vory R,;ident that t ho law officer of tae Post Office Department i s deficient in com mon sense. A few days Postmaster Pdaron was notified that senders by mail of merchandise might print their business cardl! on the wrapper, but the "law officer of the Department" now advises him that "words descriptive of the sender's occupation o r in cases is not permissible un der the law," and subjects the packuge to let-ter rates. We admit that _the language of the law may b e forced to this construction, but the absurdity of the ruling consists in the fRet that it bas always been held by the Depart ment that when two or more classes of mall matter a r e enclosed in one pllckage the whole is subject to the highest rate ot postage chargeable upon any part of its contente. Now printed matter (except newspapers) is rated as third-class lind is mailable at 1 cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. The sender of printed matter may print anything he pleases upon the wrapper that is not ob scene. Merchandise, fourth-class matter, is mailable at 1 cent per ounce, twice the rate upon printed matter. Now the sapient Jaw officer of the Post Office Department comes and d ec lares that to inclose matter subject to at 1 cent per ounce inside of matter subject to postage, if mailed alone, At 1 cent for each two ounces makes the whole pack age subject to letter rates or two cents per ounce I Could absurdity go further! The fRet is that business men will never obtain their rights under the postal laws until they appeal to t h e courts for them just as they are forcea to do for protection against illegal ex actions under the customslaws,-New York Journal of Commerce. Destrnct.lYe Fire In Conoy, Pa. A tobacco warehouse at L0cuRt Gnve, Conoy township. 01vnod hy Wile y was completA!y dest1oyed by fire on 'ruesday afternoon. 'rhe warehouse, whic h FUtl'ered total destruction. contained at the time a large quantity of new and old tobarco. the destruction of whic h will fall heavily upon the owners. Among the losers in this in stance are Isaac Stehman, one.hal f acre new; Aaron Geistwite, one acre new; Jnbn Maiz, one-half acre new, and R e uben H ammond, "l'IB acre new and six ca8es of o l d tobacco. T ais latter lot is the complete crop of Ia t y ear. oo which he expected to realize a hand"ome profit from its sal" this season.-Lan caster (Pa.) !Yew Era, Oct. 8 Bnaloeaa St&:"HII. An unusually large demand has been made for internal revenue starups for t{)b"-<'Co, etc.: principally for cigarette&, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is bu sil y engaged in printing an extra supplv of those stamps. It is said at the Treasury Department that dealers in to bacco believe that the short crop of this year will reult in an of prices for that commodity, and are preparing them-set ves accordingly. H. N. (ETTINGER & CO., Commission Dealers in Tobacco, HAMBURC, CERMANY. Undertake the SalfJ, on commission, of SEBD Lt.:_.F and KBN' I'UUKY TOBACCO, and make also cash ad vancee on cousigaatioBs. Correspondence solicited. 1 l 82-94 & Df.EanU1"ae"ture:rs of Pi.D.e;rs Factory HJ07, 3rd District, New Ycrk. Cor. aa'tl:l. S'tree't a:n.d. J.s't A 'Ven. -u.e, OF THE POPULAR BRANDS: .l"'lo.._ .. -..... .... H Jl'lor de Pal..eo, ltfoDtleene, Weno, Gauntlet. Three Ktnee, Dlf'ot Jaek. CJimax, Cracker,_,.Ortestnl, Trto, Nlekel P1at.e, Nordeck, qoeeu Bee, Ivory, Nix, Golden Brand, ete.; e1c. LIQUORICE PASTE The undersigned continues to sell Pure Turkish Llqu'orlce Paste under the accompanying brand as man ufactuK"II by MacAndrews Forbes, of Smyrna and Newark. Apply to lYJcAndrew, e ,,...,.. -er dle Lawa., -11DJI .. saas., 55 Water Street, New York, o1o .&so:a.-e 'or d:l.o Vat.-eod. ._.._, I{a ' ,08 & W8 EAST 69th STREET, JlfEW YORK. CARL UPMANN, CAMBRIDGE Lona em l!lranulated IIDz-1 A purely orfclnal Idea. aoutt.,tured ot the """"...,. &ob&ccol. HARVARD," 1'tl7 llrfrh* VlrKb!la LoDe MARBURG BROS., 1145 s, Cha11le !It,, -BALTIIIIORB, lll:d, The following Labels and Brands are our copyrighted property, and we caution Manufacturers aad othen against using the same. Infringements will De .--cuted.' rSPANISH GIRL, "The Panorama, Mark Twain, Andy Jackson The Traveler, Hard No. I, Seal of Spain. MORTON & CO., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, WM.' CRAF & Sueee1101'11 to HBRR4Jf SBGNITS 411 .... : Cigar Manufacturers, Milwaukee, Wle.1 LABEL AND STAMP VARNISH A SPECIALTY .... 187 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. PRINCIPE ALFONSO 105, HAVANA, CUBA. .. 0 : Jaeob Be.-nlleliD (late of Veca & Dernhelu.J .. It J. BernheiDI & Son, 1111;1;. .. :z .. :E"'.a.oker a.:u.d ::I::D1por'ter o:E T .OBA.OOO, 182 PEARL ST<., NEW YORK. 6 Calzada del Monte, Havana, Cuba. OfBc :-112 East Fourteenth Street, Jri!'W YORK, IIL\N ES:-P4Uadelphia., Boston Cllieego, Cllnclnuell, St. Louis ... CH Milwaukee -P. :a!I::J::EC..A.:N'D.A. 00. M. A. MO-NTEJO. Il!lPORTERS OF JMPORTEB 07 f'; HAVANA TOBACCO. Havana. Leaf Tobacco and Ciga,rs, Trade-Marks: 11 America" & 11 Flor dB, 1. A. 1. No. 191 Pearl Street, New York. rarara P::I!!II..A..::E'I.:Lo a or: :N"E-gv And Cabada llel Honte 199, Hav....., ERNEST B. ALFONSO & CO., EI.A.ROlM' &, co. -CIGAR MANUFTRS l'llANUJI'.&CTURBR!l OP. (FOR JOBBING TRADE. ) FACTORIES :-Nos,ll and 288, District HU'J'lanll. HAVANA CIGARS. IDPORTBR OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. Tr&d LA JULIA BRAND. Mark. B.A.LT:X:Dii:O::E'I.:m, :all:cl.. l!Iaantac&nren ef 'he Celebn&ed PACKER OF SEED LEAF. No. 142 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. I Factory No. 123, :&:.EV -gvE&T, F'1a.. Seal '7 N .... York Oflloe-No. 97 HAlDEN tAKE. OUR NBW TRAUB DIRECTORY. Long Havana Filled Five Cent Cigar No Tobacco or Cigar Merchant can to be Without lt. Y.Gae-HERMANOS P. Gaer:ra. GUERRA ONLY A LHIITED NUMBER YET TO BE DISPOSED CF. se::n.d. :ln. 'Yo-u.r e>rd.ers a't e>::n.oe. Packers and Importers of 1 HAVANA TOBACCO The Book contains the Names of all Cigar, Cigarette, Smoking and Snuff 11-Ianuiac turers in the United States and Cuba; also a valuable List of Jobbers and Wholesale I :72 water Street, NEW YORK. Estrella 63, HAVANA. Grocers in all the leading distributing points in the country. Price, Five Dollars. ]OH. JACOBS & MEYER, DEALERS IN SUIATRA & JAVA TOBACCO, Bremen, Germanv. FLOR DE ANSELMO ZAMORA F'..A..OTO::E'I. Y lSI o. &9. FINE VUELTA ABAJO CIGARS. NOTICE:-! warn my old customers not to use any cigars but under the No. 89, as my name has been used to sell spurious cigars. P. 0. Boz 134.. :&:.E'Y F':J:.o.A., PUETZ' s PEERLESS Ping Tobacco Machine. TILLMAN PUET%, Jr., Sole Inventor and Patentee, ST. LO'BIS, Ho. 'I'hl8 machine )>088e1JS88 eminent advantages worthy the .consideration ef any eoterprislDg tobacco manufacturer, viz.: -1. Labor saving. 2. Rapidity. a. Absolute security from acci dent& W hands. 4. Perfect ftnfsh ot work. 6. Increased Qlitput e&paclty, particularly in mnaJI work, as It Btlbdhides the lump in pro.,_1181t passes through the machine. 6. Au tomatic deli?ery ot t.he lumps on Wrapper table, thus saving time and precluding accl dent. 7. 118 ad&ptabillty to any kind of work, large or smallil thick or thin, and Its easy a

8 Advance oa storqe Receipt ot lUerchandle a Specialty, Cold Storage Warehouses ST .JOHN'S p,\JI.I, l'J, Y, EDGER'.I'ON, WIS. .k. 408 Eae& S3ol IIC., !'1, '1'", LANCJo\I!ITER, PENJ.'f, l'IRSTCLASS W 8J. w. c. & :!:. B. Depot, 81. Soh' Park, 178, 180, 182,184 & Pearl Street aad lol2 w;ater 406, 408 & 410 Eaol ThlrtJ'l!llrd Street. Principal Office, 142 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. Cer. W, Lemon and. N. PrlDce S1a., Lancater, Pa. EDGERTON, WIS. BRANCHES -PH*L&DELPHIA-A. R. FOUGERAY. iS North Fwot Street. LAN Pa,-il: R. TROST,118 S Queen Street; GEO. FORREST, 167 N. Queen St, HAB'J ..... ()oaa,-B, F. HURLBURT, 154 S-SUFFIELD, Coaa.-EDWARD A'USTIN. H.I..TFIELD, J!laeo.-J. & P CARL. CINCJNNA.TI, 0.-W. W. HALES. 9 Front Str..,t ... AYTQI'I, 0. W. GROSSE and W. W .HAbES, !15 SouthJefferson Street. ELIII:IKA, ;,y., \Y.H.LOVELL. ,J!!:,Gllj:RTON,Wlo.-T.B.EARLE., .,_.l..l'f K ilVSCJIIER, .TOliN T. I!IELLOB, Jr. P::I:J!IIii':EEEI &, 00. "..."C>::B.A.COC> ZN'.SPECTC>R..S. STORACE. 149 lSI e"'I:1'E7 V'o_rl&.. IF' COUNTRY BAIIPLIN& Pli.OMPTLY ATTENDED TO I BB.AJrCRES-L&.NCAS'I'BR. Pa.1 F. I!CHROEDER, 21 North Queeo st.; J C. IRVIN, 238 ..,rth lllary st. CJONNBCJTICUT: F. SISSUN, State at. Hartford; C. E GRD'FING, Danbury; P\:lf. IAJ..L, New l!lltorcL EDGERTON, Wla, 1 C L CULTON. DAYTON, O, 1 W. T. OA. VIS. 12' Scears st. BALTIMORE. Md. : ED. WISCHMEYER .It CO 'ifl South Calvert $t. .)HOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Established 1836. J.&.&. l.W. G.A..Rr:I:IN"E:R TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 77 Fron:t N'e"'I:1'E7 v-orl&.. BllPOR'J' ORDERS FOR PLUG T8DACCO PROMPTLY II'ILLED, & BROADHURST, TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. aT' Taba.ooa Exolusivamente para Exportacion. -------lriAftl:JP.I..CTURER 0/H Boxes, ADd Importez ot GERMAN CIGAR :MOLDS, {Sole Ageat Cor lller. OSENBReEC.K k CO,) SAW l!liLL: PA.CTORY> 311 4 313 E. lith St., 315 to 321 E. lith St. ______ ..;.N;c- 2d A.Yenue. LEVY O:EG. A RS Cor. AVENUE C & 13th ST., NEW YORK. LOPEZ & BARBARROSA, or the VEGA" An4 Other Braude of I'INE HAVANA CIGARS, 62 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. WORLD CIGAR FACTORY. We are Sole Proprietors of the following well-lmown Brands, &nd shall vi go rowsly prosecute any intrtoge m ant, viz, : SPECKLED BEAUTY, DOTLET, BEAUTY SPOT, FRECKLED BEAUTIES. WERTHEIM: & SCHIJ'FER, 403 East Seventieth St.,-New Y<>rk, --------------.......... A. PERSON, HARB:otAN & C0-4 -AUGUSTUS TREADWELL. IIIIIT&TION SPANISH LINEN AND 'FANCY STRIPED COTTON GOODI FOR PUTTING UP IIIII OK lNG TOB.I.()CO, o!I.G7 ct! 4.59 ::E3re>e>:ID:1e' l!il1:ree1:, .N'e,.,..,.. "!!i!"'orl&.. J. B. Pace Tobacco Go., a.:J:O:EI:DI:I:C>N'D, 'V':A, !IIANVFACJTUKERS OF FINE BRIGHT 'NAVIES, C .OILS, Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. "Y', aae_aa.o..&XJ'VV..a."Y", JSI:III'VIT SOLB PROPRIETORS 01' :;l'DB ALIIO IOLB AGENTS FOR THB Uo S. ANJII 4lAN.I..D& OF THB G.A..DEI:J:EI'H. CLAY ANDBRIAR PIPES. :1.-a.oa:D1-. ttouee in Paris: 17 Rue Beran11er. fro JM. LINDBEIIYI, I!E. A F' T 9.B A C i 191 Pearl Street, New York. THE TOBAeOO LEAF. WORKS PERFECT T. MESSENGER & CO .. Leaf Tobacco. CigcR --LICOHICE PAS.,E, .I!I.I..JDEN LANE, NEV .il'O&a, 1:.-t Tobaeco In Bales aDd Hogsheads .mr P'crol!llt Market., WORKS PER!jllCT, SANCHEZ & CO. Il'IIPOBTERSOF Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, 169 Front Street, New York. ROSENTHAL !llapufllehlren of CIG..A.RS. Factory No. I 030, 3d District. 34 I to 351 East 73d v-oa.:a.:. B .A.DT'S IIIPROVED TOBACCO GRANULATOR November 2, 1880. _over 48 Dl:l:aoh.:ln.e ;1.-'D'e PERFECTION STEAM' DRYER. Cylind e r of Dryer is 3 Feet Diameter and 15 F e et Long. Pateated .July 28, 188 5, Over 10 J.\oll:aoh.:ln.e :ln. Uae. Relereaceii'-G, w. G.\IL & AX, ol IU'aehlneo, Balllnlre, ill:d, F. W, F.B.LONBR & SON, DahllllDre, 1!1 ... VB, S, IHIDA.LL & CO., Roeheoter, N, Y, Please sendfor -and References. JOHN B. ADT, Manufacturer and Patentee, Nos. 334, .336, & North Hol.llday B.A..LT::J:::M:e> am, :U:D ( @l.-ra/ . f f .... y 1 v COMMISStO N = M H RCHANT . 6 FENCHURCH BUILDINGS, LONDON, E. C., ENGLAND. And Dealers In, Leaf .LTobacco,_ G. 18 & 20 p, o, Box SUO. NEW YOais;; 70th & I st Ave., NEW YORKJ JAMES G. 111::-': ...... a, U--ruo--oel, ----W.-L. H-ahn! TOBACCO BROKERJ j H:A-HN, BR.USSEL & CO., 54 Broad. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS oyo:n.:a.: JOBJI Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., ) Factory No. a. NEW YORK Tobacco Broter, VALIANCE CIGAR BAlrirFACTORY. 13:1BEUER ST., IEI .. IOII.j Christian Jensen, Manufacturer HENRY PROPRIETOR 334 East 63d NEW YORK. -a.:a;. -. EMIL A. S'l'OPPEL. John Brand a Co.l' ]I[, sow. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. BROKER, AND l'.t.cJu.ns 0_. No. 24 Beaver Street, ,1 JSr:m-.gv-v-o:n.:a.:. Seed Leaf Te>baccc-., 60 to M Fenno:ylvaPia Ave.} -OFFICES-t 125 Halden Lane, E1:D1:l.r.a, 2\T. "'2". .N'O'V17'Yerl&. Nos. 1318 & 1320 AVENUE A, NEW Factory No. 160, Third District. I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I & of Tobacco, 145 WATER STRF.ET, NEW YORK. FERDINAND TOBACCO Commission Merchant 78 4 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf TobaccG. 191 Pearl Street, New Yort ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF 0(! Leaf .T obacco,1 166 6t., New Yorke ELUS SPINGAJL'V, ,___ SA>tUKL H. SPING.t.lUI. ... "' E. SPINGARN &Co. IMPORTERS OF Havana and Sumatra, AND PA C KERS OF Seed .. Jeaf Toba.cco 5 Burling Slip, New York. I Chas. F. Ta.g & 8911, lmpt#::-ters of Spanish BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY LEAFD eaTOBACCO,' 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, 184 Front St., New York. ltfanufaetarero of the Celebrated E. M. CRAWfORD & Banner Brand Fine Cut !!!PORTERS AND IN -CHIC" Leaf Tobacco, SAM. B. SCOTT and BEN. HAXTON Clgara, l6B W l Sf N J k Wm. H. Tea-t, Pres. !loB. l!IIUo, Vic e-Pres. Beaj. P. Haxton, Sec and Gen'l Manager. /l er 0 ew Of s. w. VENABLE, E. c. VENABLE. A. : S.W.VENABLE&Co. 1 OBloe;-cor. TOBACCO and CIGARS. 8raade ot '137 Malden J PtUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: (Pormerly1?8WaterBt.) WEWIYO!l& Ntl!lao, lllahocaa:r NaY)', 1n a11 Smootb R-dv l'lup, --.---...;1 VINCO .. .. 1rsc tetortus & Co. ST. C:.ZORGE llrlp' NBVJ' .. 8IG .1'1\'B 169 WATER ST NEW YORK The foUowinJ< are our Ageala for the oolo of our Manufactured Gooda:-C. W. VAN ALBTII'IE. 18 Ceutf"' Wharf', Booton, 1daoa.; ARTHUR HAGEN 6t CO., !S North Front St""'t, Philadelphia. Pa.; F. F Commercial Street, Portland :Me.: W .G.ADA.lll8,97WaterStreet,NewYotk JOS LEDERMAN & SONS Cltk; WM: SDAR;Ch&rlteRten. 8. C.; P. H EUBANK '78 South Avenue Atlanta, Ga. ; E. R. FEBGU \ Jackl!on, lWI!8. S Q SEVIER, IJttle Rock, Ark.; N H. CllRISTIAN. Galveston. Tex.; ;J, T. I TOWNES,_ 00 Randolph street. Dl; C. E CONES. 98 Jeffei'BOD Annue, Detroit, Mich ; L. P C STERN, PitU!burgh, Pa.; P W. CAV A.NAGH, Omaha. Neb:; F. S LAWRENCE Vicksburg, llllss. Packero aad -lero Ia 'The P. J. SOB.G LE_Af J11A.JW:OUS 140 MAIDEN Bet. Water & Front Streea., NEW. YOBK< ''SPEAR. BEAD'' L. SPEAR & oo .. Unive sally Popular, ha.s met wih a. Greater "Sale its introducuon than any other Plug in the MarkeL of Seed. Leaf And Importer of 'l'oba.cco, 184 Water St., New York.


I r OCT. 1S .... -.nro.oo ........ lbalwl Oil-. S. OTTENBERG & BROS CHAMPION-.. CIRAR FI8TORY. IIAJWII'A.C1'01SBS C. FINE 340 E. 23d St., New York. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, Al(D DKALJ:B IN ALL Ja!IDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO Cor. Wall ani Pearl 3ts., Jew Tort. "'I. IENDEL & Factoiy let 278, 3d Dist., N. Y. Baaa-tiuen oCIIM.CelehrateoLBraade olcq&nl Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweeteat Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The P'em STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445-.UJ E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK. TC.:>BA.CCO LA.P. Pearl Stzeet, ITew York. -. FRANK V2R. OF HAVA!VA, Herald. Cigar Fac1ory. See a Tobacco,. A.W.Poote&Co. sT_REET, NEw voRK. 126 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. G-'V'&TA."V F'UC:ET&, TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENCY. lllDnf'nllfnliOrs of njrrars -clo1 "VVTa.bah .A."Ve,, Oh:lca.5o, o.,tJUibftUD s am' atr a .Tobacco' J. 0, & JOBH_N ..... SL.O_ JN-.. AGl:NCIES-M cCOY&:CO .. NewYotk; Lil.NDAUER&;KAIM,MedlumGradeC!guL-... -,... -<"":' York; M. W PRAGER, M anufacturer of Cheroots, N o w York; GARCIA .t V&GA, (fo r meti.J --:v Cl H c .. or IJuquesita and u H:Osa"-De Jd.ayo '' br ... l l d S New York ud H'Yaaa, "" Bowerv, Ne.. -=-oF. ear avana [liars, llaaper1era, I L I Aqu lla No. UJO: T O.EOO 1 O..l.EON,m, n u!acLurers o r Exclu.; v o ly"-'1 cl3 co.. a w--4ava ... Cloaro.Key West,...._, STitAUS::! IV Tor :I&.. Have Removed to 71 Ne"'f.7V &"tree"t., N'e"'f.7V ""2"ork.. l:a!'OllTEll OF HA. V .A.N A LEAF Tobacco MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS J1UJfCl8 1!'. ADAJII!, (Zata:u.Jae4 UU'IJ JIJCNBY 1' A VDIL P. P .A.da.:m.s &, Maaanae&uren of the CullewiDr; C)eleltraled BruO! ef FINECUT CHEWINC & SMOKINQ 'TOBACCO. Chewing'.: Tally Ho t Aromatic. Smoking: Peer!ess. Excelsior, Standard. .a. 'D':S,:m:m. BRINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG IAGHINH. Patented { lJal&e48&ate.,MaJ'Sl,l81ll. Caaad.a1 188i. STJ:.&II POWER.. FOOT PO,..._ wm mate plup of all IlioN, f l'flm 1 to 4 lncbeA wid e o.nd from C to I I -loqr: cheaper than o.ny Otloer maclliD e In t.he market, tm d 18 no w In uae In""" OM-ol-.._.. tactorlea In t.he1Jnlted 81&,.., ConeopondOooe eollclted. Ad"'_. J. H -BIUKKOP, II ;2 .., SEIDENBERG & CO., CIGARS FINE CUT CHEWING' OF New Yor .. & KeyWest c MILWAUKEE, was. JW

, .. 10 TilE TOBA.CCO t: ... E.AF. OCT. IS Philadelphia Advertisements. &, .T.A.XTT, of Havana AND PACKERS OP Seed. x ea:l" Commission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA.-T:EJLT-ER. ::.aa.os Packers, Commission Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF iOBACCO, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Baldulure Adve:l"tlaemeate. A:n..d Pack.era or Led Tobacco, 33 South Street,Baltimore. E. BATCHELOR CO., Packers of Seed a.nd Importers of Havana a.nd Sumatra. Toba. coos ::t 09 l.'iror1:h. B'tree1:, ELI..i.X& &, co., LUXURY TOBACCO Dlauuftle&aren of Fine Cut and Smoldng Tobacco -AND-LUXUry f'ne In Foil. ll ft-IW.RII'DTJI BJW, & DO,. f Ill l'i'o 84 Sl, anol ale, ftl, IU ao I U QUIUTJ' st., PHIL&DELPBI&o J'II:&N1JF&C 'ri7KEB8 OP BENGAL, Cor .. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore, 603 4 605 CHE.STNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, LOTT::J:EB/S Ta.g Tc:ba.ccc::. -AND-. -BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Genuine D'UB.HAM: Smoking Tobacco. Naw York1 .Boston Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. L!Hiis and Cincinnati. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, WHOLESALl!: DEALERS IN WF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 fiORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Aeortment ol all i:hu1e of Leaf To'baeoo -tantly on Jaaa4. b -BAMBE.RGE' R & GO., PACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. IIIPOaTERS OF and Havana' :ffo. Ill ARCII STREET, PHILADELPIIIA. T. FREYER. A U G US T ElSENLOHR ,.. FREYER & .EISENLOHR,_ ,... I Packen alltl Wltole ... le Dealera In LJ.:.AF TO BAG CO, I 13 North ,Third Street, Philadelphia. CIGA.B.S, 1!131 Cbelltnut St., .PHILADELJi"HIA. Al!o'1> :DEALERS lN Spanish Domestic Leaf Tobacco1 l'l'e.llt Worth Third Str.t, JIRILAD'IlLJIHJA. -;---AGII!n'B-TD XILLBB. CDICDllf&'l'l 'CIG-Ul JIOt.DII. .....,, I ALSO MANUFACTURERS 01' ":MINERS' EXTBA-1 "-PORT," "P. H, Bl5eHOP .. S OBBIIIAI'i' tt &ad Other Bnmcla ol Bmokin&' Also "BEBBE DE LA BEINE," NECTAII,ttandotberBruclaof Pa per and AU-To baeeo Cig arettes. New York Office: &6 South Washington. Square. GUGGENHEIMER & .. M A!i"UFACTURERSOF I PACKERS OF LEAF TDBACE,D IGARS,' Havana &Siaira Tobacco, Havana and Doma s tiC Leaf Tobaeco I T o geth e r wlih the L A Stoe k er "P X.. "[J" G-T' <> :B A.. 0 0 0 Cor. Lombard&: Cboapoide, B altimore. or any H ouse I n the S ta.t e o r Marylasd __, A_ & CO., _CIGAR IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, A 8R.AUS8, N'o. 8 .N'c:>B.T:&: T:&:Xa,D W K JACOBS 'EIEJN' J. T-&'EIEI. -. -Packer and Dealer fD LE.&.P T -OB.&.OOO, Dl and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. BSTABLISHBD 1148.. .. TKZ I J. 1PANISH CIGAR FACTORY. BenerarcommiSSion Merchants, _LA SA. & xrLLOS, sTREET 802 Chestnut and 29 S. lith St. )0 Noith Delaware Avenue, PHILADKLPHIA. 1 PHILADELPHIA. JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., Importers of Havana AD l'&OD:IIII. 07 CIG!t SEED LEAF TO.BACCO, -.aDUl". 39 Cerman St. Baltimore. 1108 to m& llontcoaea'J' A-PHILADELPHIA. We llmtetbe attention ol Manutacturen to oar -ol Dark Heewealed Wrapopera. ol wlllab we ma.k e a opeclail;r. KOOKE BBOS., M. KEMPER & SONS, lllaoaJUIrera of'llae Celehraled Importers of TOLTEO, ANDPACICERSO!r AU long Havana Filler 5c. Cigar, SEED LEAF-TOBACCO, 13 & us Cheapslde, 116 West Lombard St., (wRlTE FOR AGENCY ) B<DIORE. :B.A.X..T'I.l!WI:O:J:-I.E, l!WI:Do I. L. DUNUP & CO., W.. G. :HEI.'GB & co. Advertisements from East, \Vest & ..__,. to J ... B Olaaet & C.. Ky CINCINNATI, O., of' NAVY TOBACCO, B'INIIDAL& SJrmr, E. IL I!Jmoa, J!loooe !lxms; R. MEIER & co., HINSDALE SMITH & CO.. [ ESTABLU!BED 1810.} Paekere &lid .Jollbera ot CINCINNATI. O, &nd &a:ent for Prominent Vlrltlllla l!lanaracta.rera or Twist&. Tobaccos. t E A F .. ._ T o B A G c o Gonnocncnt Sood-laarTobacw _....,_ F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS So W Cor. VIDe&: Front Street., CINCINNATI, O. B RANC HES: Dltamlabarc,. 0:-Ci:;ta r rabaeco ()Jarkavllle, T eD11:-Dark Tobaeeo. J O S N E.' PII:!LEINS JAKE'S c. ERNST. Palm Lea f To b acco Works P E RKINS & ERNST, l!ANUFACTURERS OF Fine Plu g Tobacco B l u e G r a.-:..q (Ext ra. F i ne) Palm T P a f Drums tick, Blue lay, Key Note, Butte-rfly P enny Plull 011'1i'I CB: A::t'D F ACTOR.Y! 1 591 6'> Pike S t CO'!TiNGTON. Ky. H.eJU"y G el..,, Eta. bl.:l.h.ed. 188'7. Benne Damue, THE GEl;SE CIGAR BOX CO., Successers to Henry Geise and Stickney & Gordont IU:annf'a eture r a of alJ Kind or C:K:G.A.R, :l.:a. Label., B.:l.bbo:a., and all ot't!er Clatarmaker&' 8upplle La.-ge Stoc k of all the LeadiDg Lallel Houses Constantly on Hand, 93 OL.A. 'Y' STB.EJ:BIT, OXN'OX.N'l.'ir .A.TX, O. HENRY G EISE, BENN O DAMUS, GEO. H. S TALLO, THE GEISE L'UM:BER CO., MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Cig"a.r Be.=-: L'-1xn ber Factories : 101 &: 103 Eas t 8th St., CIDcimaati; and Weo t Virginia. OIB.p e : 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0 In Plain or FaC'.f Desli!n, or PlaiD G il t or Oo l<>reol. Tin at Lowest Prices. Sa mple TaR's full 1nCor wa.ii o n furnished application. J. M. ROSENSON &. Co. 226 W.2d&52 Ce:!tra\Avo _!;;!'I.N'OXNN" .A.Tr.. o. W. BES T q,Icago ; L ORIN P ALM ER, N e w York; W H. RUSSELL, Cbfeaco, :E&'U.sseii dr, Cc::.., Suceessors t<> J OHN C PART RIDGE Ill. 00. W -HOLESALE Sole P r opria t ors of the Gennina 'GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' iS7 La..k.e &1:. a:a.d. 4o:J. B1:a.1:e &'t.., 2:11. BOLE AGENTS FOR THE FOL LOWING WELL-KNOWN J'IRl\18:-STRAlTON It STO RM'S Cigars &lld Ci!'arett.,. ; D H. !tcALPDIII/. CO 'S T oba 800 LO Z ANO PEN DAB Ill. CO.'S Hsvana Clga,.. ; 11. F GR A VELY'S Plug Tobacco: W T BLACKWELL& C O Durham, N C. 'lliJ J BAGLEY &' CO.'S YFLOWER," D etroit. Mich.; i W C ARROLL'S LONE JAC K, chburg, Va... GOODWIN Ill. C O.'S "OLD JUDGE e T o bacco and Cigare t tes HA 'B THE ACTS and KINNEY TOB ACCO CO.'S Clpret tes. A GEN T S FOR E H. GA TO S KEY WEST CIGA RS. WM S KIMBALL <>o CO.'S VANITY FAJll TOJJACCO & CH;AJTTTES ROUHl:.STEP., l'!. y IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 21, 23,25 HamDden St. A. F. RICO & CO .. IMPORTERS or HAVANA 1.EAF TOBACCO -AND-C:J:Gfr...A.R.&., 18 Central Wharf, Boston. l'. H. llATQ. !'ROIII.AB A.TKIN I!Ol'l, P H MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND. VA. IIS'l'AB!J!IJDD) M &. ,JU.YUOriginators of the style a.n._ llADI& 1'V .A. 'V'Y' T <> Ja .A. 0 NA 'VIES A SPECIALTY IN ALL SIZES. JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant For Pardiot Successor to Edwar4 l'eyujlo Ill. (JQ. DIREC"l' lMPORTER OF CHOICE HAVANA BOLE AGENT FOB Lozano.Pcndas Cu Clear Havan a Goods a:sltA..NCDES-LouiRfti.IA tee aod tialt. BoliM tstands. .S:E.-y D. E. SOULE, Pack e r ot. a.nd Dealer I n HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, NEW J'II:ILII'ORII, CONN, W. F. ANDROSS, Commission Dealer, E!lST I I \ R 'I'FURO, ('ONN, 'Vill Bu y old or n e w T ... eat for Deal el"!'' o r Mantt facturerR dh-ect t o m the Twenty' experien ce. S I L A S C. HUQBARD, :MIGHTY NAVY TOBACCO WORKS. Grower & Packer of taaf Toliacco, :m. 0 .A.LX...EN', :E"'rc:>pr:l.e'tc:>r. MANUFACTURERS OF PbUG, FINE _CUT. CHEWING AND SMOKING TC>B.A.CCC>&, Canal and Monroe Sts ., CHICACO B.. SUBERT L PINCOFFS, WHOLESALE DEAL E R tN BUYER AND SELLER 01' :a: .a. .a.-Gnttln[s BB.d.ScraDs, DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO And Who l esale De&lor Ia 231 E ast Street, LEAF TOBA:CCO, o:a:xo.A.ero, :z:x..%.11. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, IlL PIPER HEIDSIE.CK PLUG TOBACCO. FLAVORED WITH TBll CELEBRATED CHAM PAGNE W1NB PIPER HEIDSIECK. NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, LO"C'XS'VX:X:.X...EI, :S.: Y W. S. O'NEIL, .MANUFACTURE R S or Pac k e r and Dealer In OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO AND Day .. to:n.., o .. No. I 15 Mould S togies, O rders l'or EX]IOl"t and Home Trade PITTSBURGH, PA. 1 Promptly Attcndea To. x. &. Cc::.. HATFIELD, liASS. MILL.ER 4 HERSHEY, Dealers in Leaf Toflacco C. C .-DAVENPORT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, SOUTH BOS TOI'i't VA, HOLT, SCHAEFER 4 Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. L l'l'i'CIIBVBG, VA., Wm. E. DIBRELL,. Leaf Tobacco Broker, JUVHJDOND. VA., PAUL C. VENABLE, Leaf Tobacco Broker, D&l'i'VILLE, TAo REED 4 McCEE, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, RA-LEIGH, N. 0. W. A. BOBBITT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, OXPcpBD1 N. Cl. H T. JENKINS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, WARREI'i'T91'1'1 N. l POPLAR and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPLANED, PRAcuE 4 MATsoN, -AND-Leaf Tobacco Brokers1 CINVINN&TI,,O, IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, :ES:'Y". C C SL6UCHTER Imltat l Ced uf t d b o A I o n a r '?a n ac ure 'l ou_r PATENT process Is the only PEBFECT Imitatio n of Spams h Cedar. Pri ces and rata! 0 fregbt giv e n upon applicatio n Leaf and Strip Tobacco Brobr,. Jl!llif<>. JIENDEBSOI'i'. KY. Sole ll!anufactur e r or the Famous and World-R enowned B r ands of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va. Orders respectfully solicite d a n d promptl y atte n d e d to. Price List ee n t o n a p pli c ation. Successor to Salmon, Haaoook .!t 'Ce. C IL li!IA:NUFACTUBER or 0 -LIGHT .PBESS, 'I'WIST, NAVY'anf TO:B.A.OOOI!J, R.:J:CU::M:C>N'D, V .A. .. P .A.CE dz:, Baouftaetnren or the Celebrateet "P'UB.ITY ,. Granulated, Cut Plug, long Cut and CigaretteS' "RALEIGH" Cut Plug; FA VOBITE" Cigarette and Long Cut; "STRAIGHT Cigarettes and Straight Cut. VA.. E.:; -roREE, N .FUREY, F. X. KELLY, Jr., Foree Tobacco \ HAPPY THOUGHT l!ANUFAcmJBERS oF T b 00 Agency; FINE NAVY TOBACCO, n? A.B: LOuiSVILLE, Ky. WILSON A McCAI.LAY'8 N E. A, R. MITCH E L L 111. co., _Boston. PLUC TOBACCOS. T. H. PURYEAR. Buyer of Leaf Tob&COiti P.&DI7lAII., &Yo M. H CLARK 4 BRO.i Leaf Tobacco Brokers. (l_4.11K8VILLE, PADITCAB1 .OPKIN$VILL& C .J. MORRIS, Tobacco Broker. EY&NSVILLE, IN .. PARRY 4 CROSBIES. ., .I Tc:>ba.oo<> :Brc:>ker-. liS Paradle sa., LIYerpeol, Eu&o JACOB L FREY. / Dealer Ill anol Paeker of Leaf Tobacco, f11 213 Weot Street, LANCASTER., PA. JAS. A. HENllERSON & C6, DEALERS IN Virginia and Nort-h Carolln LEAF TOBACCO, 'Va.. &m oken a Spedalt,r. 1'. :L ... -.a llulland.


' OCT. IS BDJilcss Directory of Umtlscrs. KEW YOIUL 8oec1 iAafKe J>IMe ,_..r of s-o_, a...s I; Lyall, lUJ Wall lluclmer D ot Oo. 173 &Dd !I'll Du&D"Qoodwlll It Co. foot ot Gnwl Street, &. B. ; KIDney BroiL to lillf> W ... 22d '"""J. lll.l14-IIILII>erty.and !111-111 s r.od Jlr.yr., 8 1 Pearl Seh1o11Ser & Co 71 New St-reet 8etcteBbet'R and Oo, 327 East 63d. Sbonren. B. A tll.b ave. -oloerg 111. & Oo. 104 8ou&b J'lttll A .. e. lltraltoo .t torm, lid! East 27th. laVO 4 Newmark. a .,cor 78d n &Dd 2d a..-. lllvertll&li'IL o1: Oo. IIlii to sn na Upmann llarL -IIi. b9th. Wertheim & Bchllfer, 408-409 E. '/11th lit. I.,.,-' Of BumtltN Wf'411P'" Du;ra R. Jr. 175 Pearl J!' U It Bro, 171 Water l!'relse Emeot, In Water Graft L. 1011 Malden La Baye 0 1!', 193 Pearl Jllnoeh v..,..,n,.. o1t Oo. WaRoaenwald E. & Broa. Wacer Salomon M 4 E. lli Malden l ane. Bohroeder it Boo. 178 Water Bohmld L. 138 W&ler. llJ>InWV" E dt Oo., 5 Burling .Up. W oil dl Oo. M Pine ,.,.,....... "'-,__ ..tlmi..U ot ao. 16 ceaar. Auer-Blmon dt Oo. l '19 Pearl Bernheim I. dt Bon, 182 Pearl BraDd .I' & Oo. 125 Maloiea Lsae I>laa'il ol Co. 151 Water Jfernu.Ddea. Q, & CO. IMil'eu1 B'reise 1 14:1! Water. 1 rte!21l'eart llooteto ll A 191 Pearl. 0p'P"nhelmer J'ard. 115 Malden lA118 8alomoD 8. & Bros. 138 Maiden lane. & Co. 169 Front. l!al1cbes .e Baya, 81 Pearl SartOriUS & Oo. 171 Pearl :M. & E. 8b Ma.lrten 0ba.a. T Front Morton II. Oo. 187 l'earl Vlgtl C, 140 MaldeolaDO Well /II. Co. till Pine u ...... ,.""""'"' of .B.qo WNI .. Barranco Ill. & Oo. Barclay 'RlllnP"er J & Co., 51 Murray. tGato E. H 38 Beaver Seidenberg and Co. 827 East 63d. V M&rUD N Ybor lk. Qe. tftl Water -U/0-0/ lltld ... -S:.Ufm&DllllrOI dt Boody, 1211-131 Gl'&DII lmfJ()rtf'lr'l ..,( Clo,. .Pf.rM Eaufmaon Broe. ot Bond>, IIIII and Ill &..- .., Broo 889 Broadway. of BrM'-'' ll)emuth Wm & Oo. 1!07-5C9 Bro&n-y B:autmann roe. &; BoDily. 1:!1 and llll Colru' Jtantifa.ctur,-, nf Licorice Put.. .. ca,renou & Tur, 13 Cedar. lll&Au\lteW Jarnea C. Dri Water -6cudder S. V. ot F. P 4 Cedar. B&arnford llanutacmrlng C.. 111'7 llaldeo lAM weaoer It S&ern, Limited, '"'JOoi"U!r of /..A.ciJttrlCe .F'o.lle \Vall&ee & Oo. &Dd 11 B. WlllluD Gardiner. Jas, M 71 Front fHllller's B. Son COmpau,r, 46 Cedar llo..A..ndreW 0 M Warl' Waaver ot Bterry. IJmited. '19 Pine. Jklt'laOOO _, __ ,J'IDI-821 East Eleventh 8\. or O!(Jnrelt4 Goodwin It Co. too& Grand ot, E R Ball 'Ibom&ll B. 1'011-811 E. 87th. KtoueY 'l'o-o UO. W..SII2ol liiDnn. of TobaCCO and Cllrar Labelo and Trim-, mlugs. Bep'P"aheomer'o Bona, F., >2 ..00 24 N. William Nenlll&D Louis E. & Ct1. n-w cor. Pea.rl and Elm. Schumacher&: 32-36 Bleecker Wltoch & SObmltt. il4 ilowery. llfr B a"'sn.a Otgar Flavor. (Jbukel Jaa. ano Oo, 93 John f'rlee Alex. N Broe. 112 lleade :Mergentlme J H. & Co. 158 Chambers Flr:.wring E:r;tract. Vodge & Olcott (Jordit&g Load 8e4ll and Cord. Broel. of 1\n 1'RQ1a. llamllton & Lll1ey, 586'-648 W 234. Label and Stamp Varnish. Reed Chas C. and Co. 112 En.f\t 14th Line" F'bre JVares Goldsmith J 744._.Broadw:a.y ALBANY, J(, y, of Tobacco 4ilreM' I A. Bona. 1:122 Broadwar .&lliSTBRDJ.JU, Holland """""' 'fbbtle o Brvlceu. Gebiug J. H. A. ; 0. Z. Voorbnrgwa.l290-223. Harkema G 0. Z VoorborgW&I 28G. ABNHEJIII, Hollaaol. DW1.It1 S..JnAtra mid Ja_T_ :rro.-dt Oo. BALTIIIOBE, 114. BudlAaJ and H,.....,... To1N1t'C0 Boyd W .1.. & (11). 83 South Hecker Bros. 98 Lombard ... Kemper M. te Sons, 118-W. Lombard. Kerelrman Shuppel B. 2 East Baltimore -ringer ot Oo 18 8. Howard UDversagt Qeo. P. a Oo. 81 South Charleo R Wlaobmev Ed. Ce. 39 llouth QaiVS' 7bboec0 B'elll'ller F. W. & BoD. 110 Bou.tb Cbarlea. 8alf & Ax. ill! Barre G-nhelmer & Co., Cheapolde. Jlar't.Z'I Brodlers. 140 w 14' ttouwa c.....--lbt.,.t sr .... Bo!Un. Umenacc Geo P 81 SOuth Charles Cigar Manutacwrei'R. Baron& Oo. R Co Lombard & Cheapsde. Koolldlroe. Qbe&pMid Jla.ft.u/acturer of Cigar._ M:encken Aug. &:: Bro. South Paca. Ma-n.uf a durerA" of Bet1gal Cher06 t8. Ents H. 1/L Co., cor. tlalttmore and Sharp. )ln. t s l.&cori(' e Paste. Young J S. &: Co cor. Boston ant.! Elliott s.t IIA/tr Tnhncro MnrA(fl.t,.y. \ Adt .John B, 332 342 N. Holliday. BOSTON. Ill Cigar Box Mn.nufa.cturers. J. W. 21C!l Wnshlngton st. Irnporterc of Hat:Y.Jona TobACco (tnd Cigar.. Blco A. F ol Co. 18 Central Wharf Mat111.tGctlw.,.. MHall IDtcbcocl<. R. W 191Ddl& Street Jobbers in Domestic CigArs and Leaf Tobacco. DaveAport J Jr 96-98 Broad BREMEN, GerJDauy. _Dea.1e1"'8 ill Sumatra and Jacobs Job. & i\leyer. BllTFALO,JI.Y tn. HAMNI l.IWII Tn.ollll!r n' ....._.. l.AGf But!alo Leaf To-o Co. IJmlted, 85 Main. CHICAOO,W. .. _. ,.,. Gh FuClhsGustaV, 41 ViabMh av. WhuluGio De4kn "' J!', rei91' --lie Tobaoco. Becl< A. & Oo. and 46 DearbOrn. Sandbagen T, 17 W &ndelph ilut>en ll. '!Ill E 8a-Bro an 1&'1 Lali:e ,.,,.. o/ n ..... o..t ot &tooirillg 'l'o6. -A. .tOo. 44 and (6 DearbOrn aftd .11'/'ra' -'-"" -. :a-..n & Oo. &'I Lall:e and 41 State Mn/trl. of Tit> 1!'<>11. erooa John J 84 Franklin Itt Bu7W &Dd Beller of Cuttlnge &Dd l!arapo aad Wholeea.le Dealer In Leaf Tobaooo. l'!DOolb L. 48 B Water Ji1Dftn of Plug, Fine-Cut Cbewlnl!' and )IIghty Navy Tobacco Works. CenA!and MolllOO j''oooccn Dryer,'a Uniform Tobacco Drye r 88 Market CINCUDrATI. O, .Boa: .Lum/Jf!f The E. D Albro Co. 686-79'1 W. 6th CiQar ai>li Tobacc:o B1'"'-' JebDBOD W ; A.. 13 W ... t 2d. L,f Tobacoo ...... R. .t: Oo. Newburgh L., 143 W. Pearl Tobacco t..'flmnu.mon Mere-kant.. Prague k MateOn. Vine a.nd FrODI Mon.ufach,Yer or Cigar-Boo:e&. 9e11e Cllrarbox Co. Clay. Troat. 8. W. N Canal )l.anufe.oture r of Tin Ta.g&: oblll80nJ. Ill. & Oo ll:!fiW 2d ADd I>OCeDa-&1 Ao Tobacco Manufacturera. D\mlap A. L. &; Co. 58 E 2d Lea! Tobaccu llr'OkeTI. J)Obrmano F W. &:. Son oor. VIDA &Od h'ODf. .Jfth of Oigar Moldt. lliller, Dubrul & Pereno. IM:1:111 E 2d. 'f)lnftrs of Ci!tar Flavor. I Berghauoen fi:d. Co. 41 E. :ld. l!'rlea. Alex. & Bros .. 46 E 2d. Mo!trS o! Tobacco Machinery, lloGowan Co, John H CLARKSVILLE. '1'...., LJ :l'ol>ru>co Hron,.:rtrM B &: R1"C' Dohrmann F W. 8L Son. KennedyJa.o. T COVING'I'ON, J( J' \fa".utacturerJt of Plt'f1 1'ubacco Perkins .t krust, t 591G5 Pke. DANVfLLE. Va. and Brolwrrt ift. Leal Fobtleco Rendenoa. James A.. & Co 'l'bo.,....WF (.bmm......,.. LMJ Tobaoof> JJrolulra. sn-ictlu o,.. Order. B'errell P. W ntnnC. )1. p.....,n J. R. dt Oo. V-ble 1'. C. Di:TIIIOLD. Germ .. ay. M:aoufa.cturers o! Cigar-Box Labels. Gehruder Klingenberg. DETROIT. lll1oJl. Al,.,,.,., of (Jh.em&n.Q :::Jmoklng Tob. IMid 01Qort .lmerlban Eagle Toba. co Oo. B&nner rutJ&ceo Co. Larned at DUBHAIII. N, C. "'"'"tacturera or Snw-"'no 7\)0ocoO. Rlaclr.well'A Durham Tobacco Co. Lyon Z. L and Co. M.Jrt of JJlali Dealer ;,. -Lea.fHaas L. B. 146 State st HOPJ[INSVUdoEo K:r ToboocoB....-. Thompson Gee. V HAVANA Calla. 'l'o-eoooBroMra. I!I&Dghter G. G. HBNDBR80N0 N. Cl. ToiHicoo-.. Lewll 1: Thomao. aul ALH.\NY, Wt. 0 /"C.ItA'r" of and in Ltsaf. K A..N8 1\S on I C & Co Delaware ot KEY 'llli'EST, Fla AllooRo ot Angulo J R. 4 a.nau. 11:. C'&rtaya J. E. 1< Oo. Oont4t'l l..o. H TnljliJo D. L: & Aons Zamora A P. 0. Box: 1 34. LANOAS'L'ER. P .. Packers of aud Dealers in Leaf 'l'<>l>aooo. l'rey Jscoo L. 213 W lit Bkilee lit Frey 61-68 N. Duke st lllBur&llce aud Real Eatate. Bauamae ot B1lros, 10 W. Orange 8L' LIVERPOOL. J:Jaar, J'obaMo Parry ot 28 Paradi"'l Street. LONDON9 Enr;. Tob&ceo. Cigar aod Leal Me:robaa.\ Graft L. 6 F encuurch llulldillj(l!, E. 0. LOUISVILLE. K7 'ptug I'olw'.JCW MtJtnt/acturer Tobacco Co. i l11ugtu. Doerhoofer & Cp. and. MaiD Lo4 ro-lleler W G. & Co 70boooo BrCallaway Ja.rut'JS fl"_ corner 1\rad llaaa Lewlo, RlcL'd ill Wot Maia Meier Wm. q .t-f"n N.Yh P. 1014 West Malo IDlpOt'tor ofll<"'""" i.'igar. WrlghtV.Ii. M tnurr acht'ff"'" .Agent., Schelfey L. C. & Oo., !Sf 4th av Peer!-Plug Tobacco Machine and Tobacco Manu:ta.cturers' Supplies. Frankel H U. 151 8d Too Mnjt ra' Lico. e, Flavor,, etc. Jungbluth & Rauterberg. L,YJICHBUBG, Va. lfaftujocltin.g <>nd -"'I Tobaeco. Ali and Dealer m LoJ V-8. W.otOo. Buyer o! Leaf Tobacco Bra.ggD. W. PHILADI;LPRIA 8Hd LoJ and Ru"""" To/loocO w........._ Bamoe.....,r L. & Oo. Ill Arch Batubelor 1:. ct o. U :N. Water J:snmer! S LeO Sons. 822 Nol1ih TbJrd Taitt tm Arc h Freyer & Eisenlobr, US North Sd.. Lab Benj. 281-28:1 North 8d M.cDoweu .M.. & Uo. 60J...tl05 Chestnut Bank J RIDaiOo I! co. 32l'lorth w .... r Teller Bro .. bers. 117 North 'T'hird Vetterlein, J. & Co ll.J Arch lmll!lrtN' of Havana Lear. Portuoodo, Juan F., 11!4-llli\ Sansom. Importers of Havana and Sumatra tobacco. Creaa;b J B & Co, Cb .. tnuL. of Ciaan. BTa.usi!'\P A .&. Co., 8 North 3d. Batche or Bros. 12.'i1 Chestnut. Dunn T. J. & Oo. 207-209 N. Broad EIFU>nlnhr 0, Marke t MoraleA & _Dalton. 514 Pine. HolLoway & Swmm, 705 Marke& LMa dt MUioQ, l'9 tt llth and 802 Ohe&tnut J4anlt'8, Wiene r It Co. 11Qti &Yeo.ue Por1 .uoodo Juan F. 1114-lllb Sansom t'lleOh&ld & Oppenheimer, Ill Norto lid Mttrs o! Fine-Cut a.nd Smoking Tobacco. Frlshmuth lilro & Co, N 8d and 2211Quarr7 "reoGcc:o l""'P"Ck>r. P'ougerSy A. R 68 N. Front. Manufal&ufaeNre!'B of "Poerleu" and flaao n... fJuf ToMceo a.nd "VGRittl EoW'' Kimball w. B. ot Co. ROTTERDAM, Hollaacl Sworn Tob&cco Broken. LukWel &nd Tlele. SPBDIGFIELD ._ Po.dlerII.Jobber or u"""""Uotol 8mlth B. a Bon. 20 Bampolell o!Bud Leaf and Mnflra of Ofgaro To'tflle, Fuller & Oo. 41-411 a...-... ST. LOUIS. Mo. -.....w.....-0. dt B. dt Oo. lll8-80tlTH BOITOIIJ0 Va. Leo/ 7'obclcxio BruMr. D&oenport 0. B. WBEELIJIG, W. Ya. J1Dftn of 11&1'&11&, Seed, Tlpaod llklcleCJpra and DMlere 1D La&f 7'obMoQ. lli!lthD It 18118 llaiD .. .llooloroln Cigar B1ooh Broe. Towne, a Co., Packers of Leaf I obacco 1 Manuf'trs of Cigars, JA.JO:B B. I'RBY. ,l'A.CKERS OP A.ND DB.I.J.EBS Jll( Soo d & Havana Sood-Tobacco, 41, ,..3 & 45 Hampden St., 8pringf1eld, Mass. 61 A 63 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. ARGUELLES -. Ci[ar Proprietors of the Brands: LA TUYA, 172 PEARL ST., LA NEW YORK. 6, 1886. OFFICE : 707 SECOND AYENUE1 / THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET1 NEW VORL-, Factory r N o. 50, 3d Collection District, N. Y. Nos. 707 to 719 Second Avenue, and 235 to 239 East ThirtyEigbth Street, New York. KAUFMANN BROS. & lmpotte .. and Monufactu-: of Ci[ar Float Avon ... 33d ....... _12_9_&_1_3J_.G...;..ra_nd ..... S_t..;..' _Ne_w_Yo_.rk.---i. Salesropm 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Steam ea. Factory. r c:: 3:. AI110 Jila.acl:acturer of the Veneered and l=itatlon Cedar Cigar-Boz LUlllll'ber. Sample on Application. Send for PriceLbt. The only Factory In the Wet that earrtes a complete 81ock of' all Label Publlhed' in the Cl:l ,.., = LEWIS & THO:MAS, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, Orders and Correspondence SoliGited. Best References Civen. F. C. GREENE, Packer of and Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO, Albany a.nd Janesville., :J:&OC>:N'&1:N' Fine Cigar Leaf a Specialty. Amyle Storace Boom. 1J nUed / XANUF ACTUBEBS OF FINE NAVIES, for. Chewing & Smoking, R:l.ohmon.d.., v a. Hammerschlag's Waxed Paper, 3i'"or Tobacco. 8o14 Ia QaaaUUee ID ..U 0. IOURCENSEN. 98 Malden Lane, New BUSSELL'S TOBACCO KNIVES. CHALMERS & MURRAT, 76 Reade St., Now York, 80J.B A.GBNTS, WA have always on hand a full supply of Knives for Pease or Buck eye and Rogers Machin88, nd make to order Knives of any pattern. D'DTIES IMPO!tED OK TOBACCQ 1J1 FOREIGN COUNTRIES. AUSTRALIA-ll'lanu(actured tobaoco Imported, 'Ill.,..... pound duty. Australlao ma.nUlactured tobacco, made .. domestic leat, 24 cents a poUDdiDternaltax; made ottorefp leaf, 4S cents a Pound tax. ; BELGIDM-Lea! tobacco and stems, 70 franca por M ki los; wanufactured tobacco, cig&l"8 a.nd ax: per 1 00 ether kinds, inclnding 1fllt fro.Lt(..1J ver 100 ltiloa CANADA-On tobacco the excise duty ron foreign leaf' which rormerly was 20c perlb, but or late yean ha8ebeell reduced to 12c, i!' restored to 20c. The dutY. on domestic lear, which up to 1SS3 was Sc, and was then reCillcect to 2c. a. advanoed CO So. The customs duty upon 1mulr Ia ID creased from 20 to 80c per i.b, and on imported tobacco fl"'OIl 20 to 30c per lb. Cigarettes put up In packues weighing leu than one twentieth of a pouad or less, shall pay a duty ot 84c -per lb. instead of 29C, &fl he-retofore, &Bd on dap1p Ol' moist snuff, when conta.fni!J.g over 40 per cent. of when put l11 paclrageo of lees tbali 0 lbe .all, Uc welgb.t, ENGLAND-Mann[actured Cl6 per I' Cavendish or Negrohesd, 4s 6d per lb. bead manufa<:tured in bond, 4 s pf:'r lb. Other manufactured tobac o. 4!4 per 1b. Snuff containing more tban 13 lbs of moisture in Pver)lOO IUs Ss 9d per lb. not contniuing 1p01 ethan 13lbs o f moisfure in every 100 lbs thereof, 4s 6d per lb. Unmanufactured Tvbacco l 0 lbs or more of JTlOisture in every 100 lb8 thereof, Ss 2d per lb. Contain IEtfla tlan 101bs of moistura in every 10 1 lbs weight there0f, : a 6d per lb. In lieu of tb& allowable beforel\Iay t&s7. there :Is now allowed the drawback o t 3s 3d named in section 1 of the Manufac tured 1'obaooo Act, 1863. 1 and ci2'a, 270 marks per lOOkiJM duty Smokin tobacco in rCflla and snutr flour. 180 marb per 100 kilos duty. P1efl;se1-'"if' P undtJ" the direction the Govern m ents of tho!:u cnuntrleR. B. DIAZ & CO., lmt,ort'crs HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO. 157 WATER STREET, NEW YOBJL WATT'S UNIFOB:Ii. I TOBACCO DRYER. 'Usod by a!l loading Smoking Tohaao, 88 Street, Chicago 1'. J.orlllard & Co D H ot Co., David Buchner & Co Catlin Tobacco Co., Rt. Louis. F. F. Ad&IDII &: Co, WllwaukeJ, JAMES T. KENNEDY. leaf Tobacco Broker, TOBACCO MACKINERY, TOOLS AND SUPPLIES, t SAI'L JOSEPHS CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. Botero b7 to 11eesre. Sawyer, WaBaoe Co., N ew York: They. Schwarta & Co., Louis Tille Ky.;_Abner Rarris1 Louisvill e, Ky.; &I. H Clark II. .tiro .. B. W. Macrae, A Bowell. Oasbler; Jas. L. GlllD, Caahler, Cl&olamlle. Tellll. ,.......,..,., B. A. SHOTWELL, ......,.......,., :rmanU.racturer of CIGAR MANUFACTURERS FINE CIGARS, I 322 E. 63d St., Between lot and 2d W. H. OSBOBN9 Leaf Tobacco Broker, DURHAM, N. C. Buying on Order a Specialty Refl!:rene -Durham Tobacco Oo. ; E. 1 p,.... rllih; Bank General Agents: New York Tobacco :Machine 00.. 104 John St. & 9 Platt St., P. O ; Boz 2183; NEW YORK.


_____ .. _, .GUY, MORALES 1 DALTON MaDUfaotu,.... of ClJBDl HAND-IDE IAV !I! CI&!IS, 514 PINE STREET, _PHILADELPHIA, P A CJ:& BOX A.B:UI" A.CTUBEB, AGENT FOR 'THE .. the Williams Little Clant Bunching Machine. IAllll!CTl!RERS' SUPPLIES. DEALER IN SPANISH CED!Jt CIG!Jt BOX LUMBER. .2!09 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. -----------GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG, DETBIEO:Z:..D, G-:IIIR.JIWE..A.::N Y' Ci E Typosra.pher, :Bimbor -..... aad l'aao:r Labela for Beer, W:bae, l'ruito &lld PreHJtV ... Cigar Box Labels Specialty. .,;... --.:.> R>r Private-Lbeu eea-a&l)' oa .. ad, Orden J'eeelve bJ' SOJUD:YEB & CO., d If-.-.._.t. -Terk, SoJ. .&pat.. KIMBALL, CROUSE&. CO., 36 WAJUU:Jf ST., BEW YOBK, IU..!IVJ' AOl'l1JtEit8 or BIGH-GBADE-OIGABS. A.ND DllAr aps l1f TOB..A.OOO 'fii6, U Diat., B. Y. lo!le l'roprielon ef U.. followiD&' Bludei-8U&TI!:BIA.LA, BKOI\liB I'll .. .& .. 1108& DBL NOBT.. BIO HONJJeo ...,. DB VIOLBTTA, Jt:L PBIIIIBBA, lrLOB DBIIIA.NTAOiliAI, LA PBBICJHOL .. BOSE&, NIIW YORK, KI!IIIliBT, ... JT!IIO, VBGll'BBO!I, Oll'B TBBKlTOBTo B&mplel furolahed u-, appllcatloo. STRAITON & STORM, .li'BW TOBK, All Cigars or onr Mannfactnre bear tbe .... ealle BIURHJt of 0111' Facto17, d. o1d'fl!UI,. RI.1-DIBSS u .... W !oaal:d,' the choicest Cigarette manufactured. Under no ckeumstt.ncea will the hich d t.hese goods be changed. Dealers wishing to A&CUre a. lntppl,Y forthe coming season plaee their orders. These cigarettes. although costing more than otbPrs, are well--Wol"tb ...-..-eoaee w*:ed and always give the most entire satisfaction. No one should be without them. ......,...,. in following styleo (aoaorte4): .._.. (new) POCKETCABES. CROSSCOUKTRY (newJ tor the !laddie, WHITE-cAPS (new) for the Beaelo, and tlu> alwayo populAr "FULL DRESS" Package. :J&E;X:J!WM':IIIY: TOEII.A.OOO 00., N'e-vv SUCCI!lSSORS TO KINNJ!:Y BROS WEAVER I STERRY, LIMITED, 79 &tree-&. ::N e-vv rorli!E.. PISH LICORIGE GREEK LICORICE &1.1. 8PEOIA.LTIE8 FOR. PLUG A.JfD I'INE-cUT TOBACCO. OCT. x5 I HONEST, POPULAR, 1 .. Is the lost UNIFORM. RELIABLEJ Smoking ever placed on the Market. ... LAND SATISFACTORY -Hance Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce h THE VERY BEST, 1 ....... .-.. ... ,, ... ,..uN,JBN. For ten or yean I uMd. Black-Si,Uated in the of country that produces a. grad4 of Tobacco that 1-n -xtur6 well's Durham Tobacco, ... d find "' II'Q Q' I M. the most satisfactory of all 1 han tried. fla.vor a.nd quality is not grown elsewher0 in the world, the popularity of these goods is only YERY BEST, 1 "'"" Thomas Carlyle pound of It, .. we H ?ftcn smoked tos;cthcr, and he 1ll"al''ldy. pnaiscd mited by th11 quantity produced. We are in position to 80inmand choice of "a.ll 1 I ba .. found ... bol:co onoithuCOA., :tiAN'UFA.C10'0RERS 01" HAVANA. CIGARS, ::K..e37 ee"t an. d. N' e-vv ""'S?" ork.. -=-=s 0 L A 0 E,'' Office and Salesroom&: 153 Chambers St., New York. ........ o:n.ev :Oe-vv" a.:n.d. o" J ALWAYS ON HAND KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET, .A.:111d. 110 a.:111d. '11111 Oed.a.r &-&., ::N"E"'VV" TOR.:&:., 'UNION "EJXTBA.CT 'WV'OR:S:S. li!J8IEIIBN'Oli!J O:P HIVINA CIGAR FLAVOR T:E'I.XP:Z:..JIIII OOM'O:IIIM'TR..A.T:BJD. FOR FtLLERS. FOlt BOXES. ,_. Price per piDt, $8; per gallo-, IJL "':l'VX:r..:r.. M'OT :BJ'V .A.PO.R...A.Tm l!liom)'.ebpttleaatf:.toDI&D of ITB 8 -OUDt. .. .,. I WJ: 4LSO JUlroi!'AC'I.'UlUC J """""' E&SENCs for T08ACCO Flavors of all kinde. ae.&8 ()Oio0B8 DrJ'IIIIIild.lqllkl. AiiU':B()ut. UW:I., It ............. J. H. MERCENTIM_ E & CO., 168 Claam'Hn &treet. -York. r LICORICE PASTE I THE STAMFORD ,MANUFACTURING CO The Mrs. 8. B. Miller & Co. TOBACCO 1WANVF A.CTORY. IIIIT.&BLIIJDBD Ute. d.&lfLft L. .li.I.T'r ...-.ea&o 87 OO:Z:..'C'DII:::B%.&. I!IT:E'I.E:BJT0 AT:III"'VV" y O:E'I.:&:.. -MANUFAOTU:RERS OF THE CELEBRATII:D-PUIJ( FDI'E CUT CH.EWIKG TOBACCO IN BLUE PAPERS BN 'C':JP:JP&e RoseScen.t:d Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,lmericanGentleman BXGN' .&.X." One 0&, Foil, Al110, Flnt aad lleeoad quaii&J' Smoklac, Ia Blue Papera. SWEETENED FINECUTDark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. lllAY APPLII and PBIZB LBA. FINBClll'T, Ia Fell, RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, ll[aautae&ar.n ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 & 24 Cold St., .I.G7 llllt A "CDlii!IX :a:..m, Y'OJRlliE. f 'l'be 1rwle domanded a lla-">r &lid Cl>eoiper Article lbaD bltllenoiiiiOd, tbll IOI&IlufaeturiJic,.udelrerlngforl&le,LIOOB:ICEJ'Ali'I'J:(underlrbeol< 811aford"lnDd)ofaQUALI'!T ALLEN GINTER, at PRICJiwblclo """ bardiT fell to be ..,. ..-pt&ble to &II cf..U.C tc a trial LICOB.ICB PASTE I R.XO::EEDII:OND. 'VA.., J llaa-alaotarer of FU..e :ba Btaatlard Braada of a oi Spanish Imported, In Bond or Duty Paid if-c tt s k. T b 0 I ::II !llarltu ''G. G." !"Wallis Ext;a." l lgare es & mo lng 0 acco It Forllaleby l .A.rKU.1.:D1bau. = g Sole Aa;en&a 1br &hell'aUed s..-&Dd Claaada, i 0 :1 28 &Jld 31 SOUTH WILLLUI Ulo.\JP:T, NEW YOB.Ko SPA.NISH LICORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU & TUR," t: -fo.rmerly "P I L A R." --MANUFACTURED BYoQ' Q CA..RENOU & TUR. r>O !=i il Faeiorles, ZARAGOZ", SPAIN. ll' :; Office, 13 Cedar Street, New York. [ ::c Sl :;.) o e Acente for tbo States or North Carolina DD4 Virlrbda, '-' ;:s DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. R. HlttiER'S .. so N COMPA.NY, 11.8 Oed.a.r &1:ree't, M'e-vv Y'orli!E.. SPANISH AND GREEK LI"CORICE PASTE. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. FOR &m:OKING TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR. PLUG AND FINEC'UT TOBACCO, 8peelal at&eatloa a:IYea '&o l!laaal'ae&arer' Medley All Goeda llhlpped Free Oil Jioard, nr-SampJee furnished and special quotations given tor RDY article required. New York Depot .................... 23 Warren Street. Depot In Chicago ........ .... 50 Randolph Street San Francisco Depot .......... 207 Battery. Street. In London, England .. 55 Hoi born VIaduct. lUIXTURES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THREE KINGS, Turkish, Perique and Virginia.. MELLOW MIXTURE, Turkish and Perique, TIJHKII!IH and VIBGINIA, PBRIClVB and VIRGIJIIA. QENUINE TURKISH, FLAKII: CuTS, EsPII:OIA.LLY ADAPTED J'OR THE PIPE. 'Va:1111ty Jra.J.r. Granulated. A New MIIarts' Delight., Game Rooster, Vlrginhu, Pluet l!oprlotl Motf GniUver, PlantegEnet. The MhoezUm Commercial Club, Boston C Jub Unt.,.ersai dard, Solid Val UP.. T .be Fashion, Lone St.a.Jo boldea Curls, Falstrur. El Engagno PleadJIIo, The &r'an, Las Gra.ctas, N s. I ... Factory No. 973, 3d Coli. Dist.JewYort D. HIRSCH, Geaeral :Kaaaaer, Hamilton & Lilley, lrLUI1JF .AIJTURERS or TIN.TACS .lllcraolea oCPlala, ()olON


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