The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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I . -.. VOL. XXIV.--NO. 50. rESTABLISHED 1864.1 NEW YORK, SATURDAY,.JAN. 7, 1888 106 MAIDEN LANE, Coraer of Pearl Street WHOLE NO. CH.OICE TOBACCO \ (' \ Cor. lsi AVe. & 3!sl81., All Parties are C .) any Infringement Cautioned against \ ..!-' of this Brand. NEW YORK, v. MABTINEz YBOB co. C!gar Boxes X:DIEPO.R. N'o. 89 &'tree't,. "York;; Ribbons. PR.NCIPE ALFONSO 56. :E3:avan.a. No. 167 WATER STREET, "York.. &, "Y' .&., m-o. 81 Pearl. 8'tree't, .Ne"VV Y'orl&, & Dea.!ers !n PACKED IN BOXES. .. ,if" Photofaph in each Bot A. BOLDER FOR EA.OB CIGARETTE. Handsome Life Size Chromos of Mrs. Cleveland F Cl IIANUFAOTURERSH OF. c With each two I. ...... f!tR,!U(RfS. .. .. ....... c._ ALSO IMPORTERS OF HlVlJIA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. BADLY u -COALING TOBACCOS" T. SEYlYIOUB, OU'R.ED -ABE-Trade M:a.rk of -""' :: SPECIAL NOTICE.' 1 'i( T (..., 1 -Inside the bale, on the WElL & CO. 1 I \ & ..4 1 Is !!aeted a label, R d. ISSS & 1874 'W _ """-W.&c wlthourIIJnll" eg1stere ID T 1""' ture.-Regletered 1,:. 1888. OUR CHOICE _1 VUELTA ABAJO HAVANA Ha.rked W, & c., are eelected by our llealdeDt BuJer In Ha-tr.r.. tilt FIDellt l'l.a"'*"' G'V'.&.N'O i.& 'Used.. Many Brands imitating CLOSELY ours are offered and sold to the Trade as W. & C. A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid by us for the Detection of the ame Also Import Sumatra.. WElL & CO., 65 PINE ST., NEW YORK. SCHRODER a BON, Packers o:r Lear -ANImporters of Havana Tobacco All parties are Cautioned OF THB FO!..LOWUIG .ldAHIC.8: Infrlllll{ing upon these rou:a TradeMarb Also l 1mporters of SUMATRA. 178 WATER ST., NEW YORK. &. OC>., lJriPORTEBS OF HAVANA LEAF TO.BACCO T.rade lllark, Trad ark, \lE LAS VEGAs, 16 Cedar St.. New York. o. I 1' -4 J. J. A. Calle San Nicolas128. HAVANA, CUBA. A. & C. & EIIT.ABLUBED 1868. -BY-II. aCHIIB.&&T, .&.&R&If IKJIIIU&.&BT, ... MHUBA.&T, x:au;ooi":m-OF B. SCBUBABT a co., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA 188 S'tree't, York. llalluta.ctuNrsof .AD.d. Packer or SEED BUSTAV SALOMON & BROS. I 1 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, nuOBTEBe G-EQ. P. LIES & QQ., I 57 II Havana Loaf Tobacco, 140 Maiden Lane, M. a E. SALOMON' c.&LIXTO LOPE:&, B.a.xuEL LePEz, BVGBiuo LOPBS. "YOR.:J:I:.. I CALIXT() LOPEZ & 00., Havana and Sumatra .. Tobacco I aackers and .Importers ef ... -.-r...,.. Cft3-tu-nz-,_ j; All Partlea .. .. oF FOLLOWING llABKS: 0.. InftlnciDc VUELTA,--ABAJO ... TOBACG.&;'O ...... E .. x..-::.llcluslvely, < t1; -;i.. 1 X' upe:o::--, I(j.aj &Laud Against -.. ----.- -.::;._ Trade IIMW 'l:l / / lf7J..-No. 05 Lan.e,. "York. ..r v I 6.9. Of&-tc.ftnz.Mta, l!"t"a. LA ISLA" Sol No. 86, TR.+.D.IU.Br. No.3 Gedar St., New York: .. I II C.L. SlGBUliiD UOOBY. GUSTAV JAOOBY. .... .... L IETROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 ;ATER ST., NEW YORK. S JACOBY & CO &ol.e .a..e:n't or ., :a. :E3:. ::acJ:.A.N"US, Factory No. 3, 3d Dlstrlot. oLL.a.N. FOOT OF 62d ST., EAST RIVER, EIUBATRA TOBACCO :JD'VU" Ja Prim QaJIUe alwar Hand, HAVANA TOBACCO COMPANY. El:a-van.a, LUIS MARX, Pres-. I vork.a MAX T. ROSEN, Sec. & Treas SIMON AUEBB.CB a CO., Z::aPOR.T211R.. O::IP BAV ANA and SlJMArRA. 179 Pear1 &'tree't, York. ALEX. FRIES & BROS., Havana Flavor, 81 BZA.DE STREET, NEW YOJUL U, .&8 a: 6G Ea.t 2cl Str .. t, CD'CDOIA.TI, 0. Bruelo omoet 12 BA. V A.lf A., C'UBA. LOUIS NEWBURGH, Paellr Linle Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. ..... ...... ..,._ ............ .. ODICDIK4Tl, O. ,.._, ____ _, .............., B.A.OOO .,.A.N'D 0::1:0-.A'.El. LABELS. I. Oa.p-u.l.e ror ::Eic:>'t'tl.e, Plain, C&Jrecl or l&d, Address : .. Bo. 186 GRAND ST. BEY YORK; 88 FRANKLIN ST., SARTORIUS & .CO., .. 0 .. Havana TQbacco, I 171 PEARL 8TRE&T, B.RNAZA 31, ... NEW YORK, :EJ. D 00., .. -lii.&NUPACTURBIUI 61!'-CIGAB BOX LUMBEB, BF .A..NX&::EE %:DIE:ET.A.T%0lNI V"EN'EIEJ:FI.E:J:) ['VBIUR] :E.o'D':DiE::Eili!IR. 1zoct.por'ter &pa::u.:l.h Cedar &:EI.d. :DIEa.h.e>sa:ny. 805.1. 'VU"e't aree't O:l.:no:l.:n:na't:l. Oh:I.O. &:. \\\\\ll 1\. WIU!Aitfs Proprt.tor. "' tU Little Giant Buncher,, -u .... liSt. WHYIAB & BRO.. J .; Tobacco & Snntl IAHUFACTURBBI, _Po_o_t _ot_c_ra_n_d_s_t._, E_a_s_t a_. _ve_r,_N_._Y, __ 1 0_2 _cH_A_MB_ER_s_s_TR_EE_T._N_l.W_Y_O_RK_.e_, __ _PL_'J 1 s:urrB&. BBOS.. Dealen lD LEAF roBA.cco. ChleaifOt m. w.aera a.rar Xanutaoturen wm ftnd it to ihell' advantace to deal ..


.. ---ESTABLISHED t 864. Having the Largest Circulation of any Trade Paper in tbe World. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MORNING j BY THE -,OBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO., lOG Malden Lane, New York. OOR. PBARL BTRI:ET EDWARD BtJRKE, Editor. .iJOIIN G GBA;Fil, Batlaeu Mauager One Year aEVIIIED K "TJUI POR ADVERTJIIBJII:EI'IT8, One 81x Three Year :Mooths. Months ,,.. $14 "' 45 24 1 4 45 !t 14 so 41 2.') 80 45 25 160 M 45 soo 175 9J 1!11 )\Jo !\5 II() Special A.dvertt.eenle on Plrat. Pac Vourt.een11Me oer two wide <-OlumDII (one year) .........,oty--e(J!ht hoP.& o'er two w1de coh.lmns do .-ourteen smgle colur 111 do SIOO I"' !\5 Special Adver&leDieDtlf on Seventh Pace. Ooe S 1x ThN" Ye Lr Moo hs Months :a-meea lines overt" o wide eolu.m.ns $&) 115 Bemlttanees for advertisements and subsc"tpttons shou1d ...aways be made paJ abl e by P 0 Order or by eheck to 'Io-.:co Leat Publish ug Co e-Under no circumstances wlll we deviate trom 'the ..-..v. price& We wiU hereafter print upon the wrapper or paper of ...,,. tore1gn su&scnber ami those in this countey residing w.tstde of the larger cities the dlite upon "W"biCA the sub ecrlptlon ha8 expired or will expire tJur eub8cribors will please take notice and rem1t When the suberlptlon is tho date '9.111 be changed.. whJch will serve a rece-Ipt "l'Hil CIGAR LEAF 'IRADE OF NEW YORK. Our customary vllnual exh1bit:l0f trlilleac tiOD'! m Cigar leaf m tbl8 City 1s for want pf space-like many other Important matters1!8nt over to our next week'd ed1t10n The j!gures, complied expresely for us 1t Is pleasant to state, are encoura,gmg and will not spoil by keepwg another week DJ 'l'HE BJilNATE AND HOUSE WEDJtE/).DAY About noon Wednesday Senator Sherman 4ehvered an elaborate tax antl ta.rllf speech Among other observatiOns made by h1m were theseThe trad1t1ons and pohcy of the Amertcan people were agamst mterual taxes They were a neceestty dur10g the 1J&r, but now, if CQDtmued, they should be reduced a.nd the tax on toba.oco espec1a.lly should be re :uutted Tltough not a neoestnty, hke .and meat tile use of tobacco was so general that Its tax was a burden to the farmer and to theconsumer. The spec1al taxes on recti liers speCial dealerP, ettlls etc yteldmg an nually $6 200 QuO, ought to be repealed and the1r Lmpo-1t10n left to the States, and the tax ou and beer m1gbt be so modified that the States cGuld make taxes on the con eumpt10u of theseartlclee a bounteoualjource of revenue andOitt>ht'il But however was a feature ot detart and perhups t feature of e -" On the same ., :qusuu:ss MENTION We pr mt on our 7th a cut of n new .clg&l'-cotter: made by Ferd Baumgarten of He cla1ms thc..t lnk mveutwu 1ojunng the wrapJ ,llbt ctu:mlmade to maoy cuLCers aow on the I 19 "" of Frank of th1s c1ty, cfqnilb{\'l!ide, of iliadley, J4IUJ8, have Jfhe eomb1nat10n will re to "'-11 coocerqed, The stylti'..,' lfi'e [lie Pulver, D1ciUDSOn & Hllf}DJ;,l_& Oo and Olimt fllBI)ufacturl!u have n J41Plgqi_I!f,ed a new feature lo their bumetie wlirch cannot f11rl of p'\l!tlng their go6d'i: more bef9 e tho trade aQd.J!'Ven the put:J\ie Wilen Mr i:a Havana a few weeks ago be arranged for a speCial warehouse for tbe purpose of ba vmg roll ftllel'll booked, aud m CubL The great benefit of this new method muat be very apparent to the tmd.e, lna3 much ae tb1s prepanng Oilers 10 the Spamsb style makes the leaf mellow, and has a ten dency to improve the 01gars cona1derably Mr H1lson alao made by wb1cb hiS firm wdl unport all tbell' own PICadura for a flve.-cent mgar The office of Foster, H1lson & Co. 1n Havana IS Prado, E quma Colon. F. W. & Son, :Balt1more have sued the followmg ctrcui!Lr -We begtomform the tra.detbat we will from th1s date d1scontmue our depot m New York city, and will hereafter supply the trade w1tb our smokmg and cigarettes direct from our factory at Baltimore Md where all orders Will receive prompt and careful at tent1on Tbankmg you for 'past kmd favors we aohmt a contmuance of the same J L WoODFIELD agent, Mercantile Bu!ldmg, New York NB:WYORK Jan 1 1888 GENTLEMEN -I beg to mform you that I have thiS day wtLbdrawn from the positiOn as manager of Melll!n F W & Son's New York office, and have established my self 1n the JObbmg tobacco busmess 1 w11l retam for the present the olil VenCia\lon who h'lve not y e t o erll 011 led Up 11 for thelrfcheckare earneMLiy d to end -the satn'l to Hearl Roeu 1Yt<.11:1, E q tre!l.Surer of tJul-assoCJa'twn I -Geo :a French" a gADLieman for many years c ;uuecfPd wrth Nil# :Yorlr"s leac[ to bacco tfaJe, ha" ... taiJh"hed hnnelt under hts own name at *66 Wate r lrlr Freno will dealm o 1gn and leaf 1 -ft 1a n th extreme 1>leas rc and gratitude lbl't w!nnormce to the many fnends of Mr Jwcob enkelj was so danger ously 1 IS 1mprovmg May a kmd ProYt are the licfe of -&>4iutJfvi116JFfor hiS lov mg purents ,...._ meetw;; tlil nnaqtporato North AmeriCan Macbmery Co w11l be held to day for the purpose o[ elecllng officers a11d fonnulAting plan11 for placmg tbe Boehm eagar maebine ou the market We are m formed that JOO have already been ordered -The fr1ends of W: lr[ LeVIne will be pleased to learn tbat he made a sat1sfactory settlemen* or. the last day of the past year w1th Waener & Co, Ph1ladelpb1a, and the I!Ult be bad &JliDAt them for breach of contract baa been withirawn, after pend for one year -We congratula.te our fr1ends S Goulston and George B Harr1s those two well known Boston gentlemen upop thell' succeedmg the old bouse of Susmann Bros No other two men could be found who are more worthy and well quahfied to become the successors of th1s ret1rmg firm May prospenty and happmess follow Messrs Susmann Bros Mr Charles Schroeder the Watl'r street I"af merchant, has agam met Wlth a great affl1ctwn. Another belC!Ived httle boy, only s1x years of age, was earned a few dayA ago to h1slast restmg place 'Ih1s 1s but one of a number of dear little ones Mr Schroeder bas We extend our sympathy, and hope our w11l put h1s trust 10 God, who who ha8JI. to t.ake k I I IN TOWJf THIS WEEK._ -C W Elhs, of R. L Rose & Co dence, R L -H. Vetterlem, the popular Philadelphia leaf broker -Wm Mange the PblladelpbLa cigar man ufacturer-ManR;e, W1ener & Co. -Me881'1!, Young & Newman the Ph1la delphia leaf merchants-a new firm. HOUSE COMMITTEES. WAYS AND MBANB Mills of Texas, Chairman McMLIIan Tennessee, Breckenridge ef Arkansas, Breck enridge of Kentucky, Turner of Wilson of West V1rg111I&, Soott of Penney! vama, Bynum of lnd1ana, Kelley of Penosyl vama, Browne of lnd1ana Reed of Mame, McKmley of Ob1o, Burrows of tobaeco etc sold out lteJOrtetl and Buslnl'll Ar raogementa. ciEV.Urm 0 L Thos. P Bwg ciganr and tobacoo, lliven tor $I flO ELIIJRA. N Y.-J.jt.D es A. Wilkey & Son tobacco cigars OIOied under..bhattel mortaage LUiliUNG M1eh -David &>hrendt tobacoo a.nd clprs ctven chattet mort2age tor SSW ....._, PIIILADOLPIIJA P--Ell JOD&f cigars asslned Joeeph Jlaub1tschee.k, cJg&riJD&uufacturer J PIT'I'STOl'l Pa -Peter Krautz tobaeeo assigned 8Ya..ACUft N Y -Quackenbush Smith &: Co c1ga.r m&BU .facturers closed by sheriff OUR SCOTTSBURG, VA, SPECIAL SCOTTSBURG Va, Jan 5 EDnon ToBACOO LI':AF-omce Dccemb"r 2a but httle tobacco bas 1'Xpo;e 1 I t ale on warehouse flo

J'aa. 7. I Sole owaen aad maaafiacturer of the BLGBS A OOBB'S Pateat Jlle:dble aad Oreaaelea Ola'ar Moulds and Sbapen. MANUFACTURERS OF r O.A.BLB .A.DDBJ188 I F L EB:X,BLm. FLEXIBLE, CBEASELESS CIGAB MOLDS and SHAPERS, TESTIMONIALS. LAMBERT & BuTLER, IP and 142 Drury Lan. e, W. C. LONDON, sth, 1887. Tlte M oel/er &-Ascllennann Mfg. Co., DavenpM"t, Iowa; DEAR SIRS :-Replying to yours of the 19th ult., Shapers quit_e safely, an_d we have found them satis factory We will .wnte aga_m when we want more: in the meantime you m1ght mform us what discount you can allow for certain quantities. Yours truly, LAMBERT & BUTLER. CREME DE LA CREME CIGAR FACTORY, 143, 14 5 and 147 St. Maurice Street. MONTREAL, July 3oth, 1887. EttU/ Berrer, Esq., New York: DEAR SIR :-In repl;y to your favor of the 11st mat., I beg to say that the Elges' Patent Cigar Shape_r .purchased from the Moeller & Aschermann Manufacfunng Company has given entire satisfaction,and fulfilled all that yo11 claimed for same. Yours respectfully, J. M. FORTIER. A. J. Gray J. -. Bailey. W. 0. ShelburR, A. J GIIAY & Co. Fine Cigars and Cheroots. No 1313 Cary Street, RICHMOND, VA., March 24th, 1887. We take pleasure in recommending the El&es' Cigar and be lien it will fully accomplilb its design, be sides being a big saving in stock. A. J. lr Co. RELIANCE CIGAR FACTORY, Tasse, Wood & Co., 6:r McGil Street: MONTKEAL1 June 18th, 188y. Emil Berger, Esq., New York: DEAR SIK :-I received your letter a couple of days ago, and am glad to hear that you are doing so well. The machines arrived here in good order, and I am h1ghly pleased with them1 having found them to surpass anything of the kind I have seen before, and to be even better than you represented them to be. I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you soon again, and trust that we may 11000 do more business together to our mutual ad'\lantage. In the meau time, if there is anything I can do for. you m Montrea! I shall be most happy to be of any to you. Hoping that you will favor us with another VISit m the near future, I remain, Yours truly, A. REDLICH. DAVENPOKT, IoWA, December Jd, 1887. Tile Moeller&.Ascllennann Mjg. Co., Iowa: DEAR SIRS :-Your Flexible Creaseless C1gar Mold gives us tbe best satisfaction of any mo!d we have ever used We think the same unexcelled, and w1sh you good success. Respectfully yours, OTTO ALBRECHT & Co. AUSTIN, MINN., Nov JOtb, 1887. Moeller&Ascllermann, .Davenport, I a. GENTS :-Please send us one Sha per, No. 259, 4 5-16 inches, the same as the one we have now and five Creaseless Molds, No. :13z, 4 inch Send soon as you can. Yours, etc., MORTIMER & MASTENBROOK. H I could not get another Shaper, I would not take $so for the one we are working H. MoKTIMER. DETROIT, MICH., Dec. 21st, 1887. & Asclttrmann Mfg. Co., GENTLEMEN :-The Patent Flexible and Creaseless Molds that we bought of -you are giving the best satisfac tion We are well pleased w1th them .. Yours truly, BURK, RICH & Co. NICHOLAS KUHNEN, Manufacturer of Fine Cigars. DAVENPORT, IowA, December Jd, 1887. We have used the Mold manufactured by the Moeller & Aschermann Manufacturing Company for some time past, and pronounce th<:m All rhat is claimed fc;>r them,,Jn the productiOn of a creaseless, flexible bunch, w1ll be fully substantiated by a trial. NICHOLAS KUHNEN. RUDOLPH PRIESTER, Manufacturer and Dealer in Cigars and Tobacco. DAVENPORT, IOWA, December 1St, 1887, Tile Moeller&Ascltermann Mfg. Co., Davenport, Iowa: GENTLEMEN :-1 am using the Patent Cylindrical Shaper, and the Flexible Creaseless Molds. Both are unexcelled in producing a spongy, creaseless, hand-made-likebunch, and J take pleasure in pronouncing them the best tools for the purpose ever introduced. Yours truly, RUDOLPH PKiEsTEK. Dt:TII.OIT, MICH., ant, 1887. i'!u Modler &-Alfllermann Mfg. Co., Iflflfa: GENTLEMEN :-We have in our use from 300 to 400 of your Flexible Creaseless Cigar Molds, and state with pleas ure they give perfect satisfaction, and we recommend them to the trade in general. Very truly BIE8GER1 BURDICK & 0 JosEPH M. PoRTUONDO & Co., N E. Cor. 9th and Walnut Streets. PHlLADELP1flA, November loth, I887. GENTLEMEN:-Please 'tend us four. Shapers. Noo: us .... The six Cylinders of same number received yesterday. We are respectfully yours, JosEPH M. PoRTUONDO & Co. P. s.-With this order send two extra Cylinders, No. 215. ELGES' PATENT Ci'LINDRICAL CIGARSHAPER. Letters Pateat, 3JA.d07, !f'ov. 1, 1887. FLEXIBLE, CREASELESS Letters Pateat, 378.&07. Office of BROWN BROTHEKS, Cigar Manufacturers, zz8 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Dec. 22, 1887 To Moeller &-Aschermann Mfg. C(/., Davenport, ItJWa. Gentlemen-We have been using your molds in our factory for the past year, and must say they are the best working and most satis factory of any we have ever had, and in future you can depend that when in need we will order. no others. Respectfully yours, BROWN BROTHER.S. !f'ov. 1st, 1887. Office of GEO. MOEBS & Co., Importers & Mfrs of Havana Cigars, 92 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Mich., Dec. zoth, r887. Mess Hantzenroeder &Co., Mansfield, 0/ti(l. GENTS.-This will introduce Mr. E. Berger, of the Moeller & Aschermann Mfg. Co., of Davenport, Ja They sell Molds. We know they are su periorto the : Miller, Dubrul & Peters, of Cincinnati. If you can do anything with Mr. Berger you will confer a favor. Yours, with kind regards, GEO. MOEBS. we have so far 600 different szes and shapes, and for our mutual benefit, we shall, in the latter part of January, mail to our patrons one of the most useful Catalogues ever presented to the trade. By close attention to the wants of our customers, we shall to make it to their interest to deal with us. ... Please address all communications to Simon Hernsheim Isidore Heraaheim Joseph Hernsheim. Sigmond Bellllont, LA BELLE CREOLE CIGAII FACTORY. NEW ORLEANS, February sth, t887. To Whom it May Concern: This is to certify that we have introduced in our factory the Elges' Patent Cigar Shapers, and we recommend them to the trade in general. Respectfully, S. HERNSHIHM BROS. & Co. ANTONIO DEL PINO & BROS. Fine Key West Cigars, KEY )VEST FLA., April I6th, J887, Tile Moeller&> Ascllennann Mfg. C(/., Dtlfle1t/10rl, I-: GENTJ.EMEN:-We beg to hand you herewith our draft, five days sight, on Augustin del Pmo, at 88 Beaver street, New York City, in the sum of $337So, in payment of your bill under date. of the 15th u.It. The goods received have given such satisfaction that we have to request you to, at the earliest possible moment, ship us a duplicate invoice. Let them be precisely similar to the first lot in every respect We are yours very truly, ANTONIO DEL PJMO & BROIL JoHN HOFLING, Foreign .and Domestic Cigars, Tobacco, Snuff, Pipes, etc., 307 King Street CHARLESTON, S. C., March nd, 1887. Moeller&Asclttrmann Mfg. Co., Davt!!ft"l, ftJ!INI: GENTS:Having given your Elges' C1gar Shaper a seYere and long trial, I pronounce it the best article out. Please send me two more, and oblige Yours, }OHN HOFLING. J. F. Fine Clear Havana Cigars, corner Green and Simonton 5itreets. KEY FLA., February 17th, 1887. Messrs. Moeller&Ascltermann, .Davenport, Iowa: GENTLEMEN:-! take pfeasure in saying that your Elges' Cigar Shaper is entirely satisfactory, and is the best Shaper I know of I found it to make a uniform wmk, spongy and creaseless, and in my opinion just as fine a cigar is made with it as if entirely made by hand. Yours respectfully, }. F. NAVARRO. E A. Kitzmiller. Established 1867. R, P. Duff. P DuFF & SONS, PITTSBUKG, October :liSt, 1886. Moeller&Ascltennantl Mfg. Co. Davenport, Iowa: GENTLEMEN:-We send you by express to-day a sample of cigar mold. We want "Creaseless," same size and shape. Will pay cash and want your very lowest prices. Very truly yours, ., P. DuFF & SoNs. 1 98 and 200 Clark Street. CHICAGO, January I21 1887. Moeller &-Aschennama Mfg. Co,, .Davenport, Iowa: I have bought one of the Elges Patent Cigar Shapers, and find it works to my entire satisfaction. Cigars made with the assistance of this apparatus cannot be distinguished from hand made c igars, being uniform in ap peani.n c : and perfectly creaseless, and of free s moking quality. It is a pay ing investment for the manufacturer, as about o)ne pound of wrap can be saved on each thousand cigars It is also a benefit to the workingman, as he can produce more cigars than by hand I consider them a success. H. B. F'RANKLIN & Co P. RODDY, Fine Cigars, 422 Washington Avenue. ST. LOUIS, April 8th, 1887. To Wl1om it May Concern: I have purchased six of the. Elges' Patent Cigar Shapers, and find they are unexcelled for their merit. Cigars made with the assistance of this Shaper cannot be distinguished from hand-made cigars, smoke fn! e and are spongy. It is a saving of stock and a benefit to the workman. I recommend them to the trade. P. RODDY. CHARLES W TUNT, WHEELING, W. VA., July 2Jd, 1!187. Moeller & Ascltermann Mfg. Co. New York: DEAR SIRS:-The" Elges' Patent Cigar Shaper" that I bought of you is doing fine work and is giving entire satis faction Am more than pleased with it.. I hold up both hands in praise of "Elges' Patent Cigar Shaper," ami say Eu'reka! Eureka! Yours truly, CHARLES W. TUNT. WM. F. MARZYCK, Manufacturer of Fine West Cigars, JACKSONVILLE, FLA., May 3d, I 887. Moeller&Aschermann Mfg. C(/.; :-Please send as as possible ten Shapers complete, including ten Cylinder s containing 25 Molds for Shape No. 108. And also ten extra Shapers for No. us. Send as soon as possible Very respectfully, WM. F. MARZVCK. --....,.H w. WIECKING, Manufacturer of Cigars and Dealer in Smolr.illg Tobaccos. LANSING, low A 1 Pecember nd, r886. Moeller & Aschermann Mfg. Co. .Davenport, Iowa: Enclosed please find draft andJlostal note for $14.70,less express charge, in payment of your bill, $15, less 2 per ceot. The S,haper works to 011r perfect satisfaction. Yours, H. W. WIBCitl$. THE MOELLER & ASCHER MANN MF'G,. CUi, Davenport, Iowa, U. S. A.


u "' .. ... ,.::;-, ':.J' I ./.; !. "''-: .: !} "- !: r .,: : .J: ,. / On and after -this -date i.n-J ,'' I:._,' :. .t. l. -; 'c i saine treatm.ent as iii the best .. thereby making our fillers m.ellowand fine .flavor. .) j ;),.. i : ; .:: .......... : ... :J.: otL


i I I r: JAN. 7. 'TirE .AND a:GARMA.KERIJ, No ebaage lil the att.uatioD has !been discrosed this week. Morrie s Wise, counael of oee or more of the cigar aillloclat.i0118; said Wednlll!lday:-"Tbe cigar han decided to act ,. 811, &i18901Btl0Jl.q, ret'llrnillg w tenement work and reducing wages, because thsy feel that by doing 10 would greatly inflame their eruployEles and provoke a gen-eral dlaturltance or tlbe btisiaeM; They want to.bave the workingmen anclw.omen under,etand that tlle CJPl' b\18inell8 leaving this town. It is nos a of epecnlation'. It lis down in black and white in t.lle .recofda of the Jnternalrevenue returlll. 'l'be men i)an see i5 just 88 wei) 88 the eQI.ployer. h is go ing w be more marked &I! the cost of llJ,IWU :facture dc!Creaaes here and increaelll!l in Binghamton, I;.ancaeter and other places. M:anufactur.ere by thl'l!e fac1ie to own employees, and them aet calmly -on the mauer, can reaeh a better conclueion :individually by and with .less fric\ion." Wertheim & Schiffer of 407 E 'ast Se'l'er. 'teenth street and Louis Ash ot Third avenue and Forty-eighth stteet posted notices in their shops that they would reduce the wagee -of the\r men per cent. on all the lower grad811 of cigars. '!'heir employees decidtld to remain at w ork until they had heard I he vote of all the unions upon tbe question w bet her or not sbey shoul&arne with great interest. He makes the strong contentio n tbat: 1. The practice of the union in refusing to ..allow its membe r s to work in the same lac tory ovith non members makea 1t an unluw ful con;)bination. 2. The union label is not a trade mark, and .not entitled t o protection 'as such. vve do not. c re to furest"ll the ac1ion of the Generol Term by commenting upon this case in advance of its decision, more espe cially as the case will in all probability, ulti IIJately go to the Court of for a tina! ndjuuication. But if an uniucorporated uudy of "orkmen who m ake obtain anu bold u trade lllllrk for tht'ir labor, theu we "'ll havo the E pectacle preented to us Of_ a 111an's ov.,rcoat ueariug the varicolored labels o f the Weavers' Unioli, whose mem bers \,ove the cloth, of the Dyers" U uiou, whose members 'dyed it, of the Button makers' Union, whose members made the buttons, ot the 'l'hreadmakers' Union, wh)Se .members made the thread, of the Silk \'Veavers' Union, whose members made the .linings, o f the Velvet Weavers' Union, YVhose members made the in the collar, of the Union, whose members cut the -coat, of the 'l'ailors' Union, whose members made it, of the Printers' Union. whose mem bers printed the size ticket sewed on it, and of the Retail Salesmen's, Union, whosem'timated rece rpte at the this year ar6 from 6 0,000 to 70 000 bhds, both of old and new tobaccos. Virgiuia tobacco has be.en in good d emand during the pBilt month, with .BWtlll of 700 hllds at firm pnces VIrginia Leaf-Reported sales small. Quotattons. D ark. Dark. Com. lugs .. I Com. lea f .. 7 @ 8 Good lugs .. Good leaf .. 8 Fine leaf Me88rs J. S GANs' SoN & Co., brokers, 131 Water Street, report to the TOBACCO LEAF as follows:-The year 6pens with a moderate amount of busines s, and prices for all sorts very firm. 'l'ota1sales this week, 1,050 cases, of which200 cs. 1886 N. Eng. Havana; .. 12 @35 100 cs. 1886 do. S eed ..... 13 @17 200 cs. 1886 Ohio.... . . 8 @10 200 cs. 1886 L ittle Dutch ... .'.... 200 cs. 1881 -85 Pennsylvania.. 9 150 cs. 1886 Wis. Havana.. .... 7 @10 THE TOBACCO 3 I>4Yi4ed: as followt :. iilr To 4, cu. To city 'rad.e. .. 500 To ouG of t;Qwn............ . 150 T Jtal. ................... 1,050 Havana-Fillers sold to the extent of 500 bales, mostly in small Iota. market has been void of any ac'i vity. Coaeiderable tobacco sold during last year wae shipj>ed this week. Pric1111 remain the same. -An out -of town 6rm is for a lar,ge lot of Havana held by one of our importing firms. The sale had not been consummated when. we went to pr8811, but it' w88 ft would likel.f be to-day. Iiavanil Fillers-Very common II to 71 Good common 80 to 85 Good to med 88 to 95 Med. to fine. 95 to 100 Fine .......... 1o5 to uo Superior ... .. 115 to 125 Yara-Iandllcutsassorted ... 62 to II cuts ................ : 75 to 85 Sumatra-Not moro than 275 bales sold at prices. ranging from $1.40 io $1.10 : As soon as the cigar factoriss resume opera tioof! a brisk demand is looked for. Plug-Although the beginning of a new year and people are busy with their and in ventoriee, they report a very fair busi ness doing and the prospect bright. We hear of no change in price!!' except with one factory, which raised tl]em lq this week. The exports were pounds. Bright11: QuotatW?U. -Navy 4s, tis, lis, 88 ......... 20 J4 lbs, lOs and Pocket Pieces .... !0 light-pressed ...... 30 Gold Bars ................. 30 6 and 12-inch twist ........... 25 Blacks:. to so to so to 50 to 10 to 40 lOs, 12s, M lea ........... ....:.. to 17 &; 20 to 25 Navy 4s, 5s 3s lbs.w 17 &; 20 to 25 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces ......... 18 to 25 Negrohead .. : .............. 23 to 30 SrookingWithout change in demand. Cigars-The cigar market is less active, owing to labor disquietude, the month's tax returns a product of only 63,822,506 cigars, No change im.ported DOJIIES'iiQ BECl.uoft. 'l'he follow article& were rtcelved at the port of New York du. ring the week: Br th1 &>-ill 7 pkga. IJr tlw HudR!m Rswr i:!cbulz 112 cs lear; order 88 hhd, 146 cs, 41' pkgs. Br thl p..,.m,_,lNma .R...:lroad-Oelrich & Co 1)4 bhds: Cbas F Tag & Son ll bales: M W Mendel & Bro 21 c& leaf : Arndt & Fringant 87 do; E Rosen wald & Bro 71; A Cohn & Co 140: Kremelt.erg & Co 160: N L a chenl:Jruch .e 1; 8 Jo.ephs .at Co 22; J Ba sch 27: Levy Broa 49: 8 Lewiii2tiD. Nich ols & Co 26; L Weslbeim erll; Arms tro n g Bros 3: Wi s e & Bendbeim 7 do long cut smkg; Allen & Ginter 40 cs c igar e ttes; Mrs G B Miller & Co 15 bxs snuff; order, fi bhds, 19 66 cs smkg. 2 bale s rlo. 2 bxs do, 5 M-Ires mfd, 45 < c s do. II pkgs tlo, 886 bxs do, 2 95 M -bxs do, 110 Ys-bx do 76J earls d o 17 cs cigarettes. 7 bxs sampl t M Bomhors 2: S1arks & All en 1: B ake r & DuB u u 12; E H GatoS; .r;l Golfo Cigar F ctory 2: Kl aube r & L e vy I ; Keifer & Co2: S iaeman, Loch m a n .t Co 29: U ondwt t & Sons I: U Jos lyn & C o I; Franklin &Bacr 11: Barnett & Co 1 : Mux Marx 39; A C R odrig u e z & Co 22: J Henkel! 16: J F Niie 1; U U Hickel & Co 1: G W Faber:! : G Alces B4: S 8 Pie rce & Co 6 : E M Harrl8 1 : H R Kelly& Co 30; I R e ioilz 9; M cKi nlay .t tlemple 2; E J\lay 1 ; Bendheim Bros & Co 4; C U Ro en!Jerg 1: K a emgsberger, & Meyer 4 : ll1 C Philiips 1; F H & ()o b: J A l:l-.chman & Bro 1: P PP-. balBki Uo 30 do, 1 pkg do; iieidenberg A G e nzal ez !iU: Almirall & On 4 7: B Diaz C o 4:i; Gail, Ax & Ku ebler 25 ; P & J Frank 16. Cigar-H Strauss 4 c&i!es: Michaelis & Lindew anr. ll do. G W 16: GAm>iuck&Co1; H Meozet 1: HRKrd 14 : Strait01' & Watt 6: E Regensherg 4 : Acker. Merrail & CLndiL 3; Jas E Ward & Uo 204; order27. --, 0 From t he port of Ne\Y Y nrk tn foret<:" f'(lTV< !01 the week ending Jap. 6 ltJ88, l"ere aa Amsterdam-11> cs, II pkgs (500 lb) mfd. AnttDerp-11 bhds Arg E11.1Jt lndies-7 pkg (888 lbs) mfd. Brituh PosseBSwns in Africa--3 pkgs (300 lbs) lbs) mfd. British W611t JndW-21 bales Centml America-2fi bales 86 pkgs (2,066 l!>s1 mfd. China-1 ]Okg (60 lbs) mfd. Copenhage-n-tO pkgs lbs) mCd. J)utch Wut Jndiel.:....jj bales, 105 pkgs (V, l';lllbo) mfd Ecuador-H !;a lea, 8 pk g s (300 lbs) mfd. Genoa-63o bhds Gibraltar-511 cs, 600 pkgs (15,483 lbs) mfd. GlaagOIJI-49 hhds, 35 pkgs (6,160 lbs) mfd. p Cl. hhda. Harli-2 llhds, 4 ca. Japan-8plrge (800 lba) mfd. LitMtpOt>l--10' hbda : London-30 bllds, JIS cs; ll pkga (240 lba) mfd. J/Mko-t:; cs, 82 pkga mfd. Naptu-218 bbrll!: 1 Newfoundland'-46 pkga (11.861 lba) mfd. N1JVJ -pkgs (87;861lbs) mfd. bhdw, t7 cs, a biles. S nlande7-00obbds U. 8. ot Colomllia-276 bales, 81 pkgs (11,645 mf J)BrtneNblp, set & -broken le&. or keep rour gaa Dieter from eountlng"oo much, or perform 1UJ7-.. nJ!racle. But do p...,., 110 111ft J'OQ the -Smoking Tobaccc .., thellllll'kel&S as low a pile 111 IIIConslstenhrlthquallty. & CO., Durham, N.C. J'; OR.DET.:X:, db l.\II:EJR.OEI:.A.NT. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PURCHASING AND SHIPPING Cigars .&.. Leaf Tc:ba.cco.t ocrecerenceo Cnralohed. P.o. Box 304. Cable ".TordiUl,tt "Business Law f o r Business Men is the title of our new department, whereof the first number. appears m this issue. The science o[ m o deri1 lmsinees, the keen compe tition of modern 1'-:1. -;. SAVE them TIME and MONEY. V ,Al!G' ..&.. editor. -. . .,..,-----:--Tobacco Repone. Ma88achU8etts Tyringham-The tobacco crop is nearly all down aad stripped. A portion of it was sol<\, early in the season, and the rest remains in the hands of the growers. Springfield-Leaf dealers and packers have virtually withdrawn from the fillld f r the present. They have bought largely in the bundle this year, and before purchasing further wish to sort the purchases and get the average proportion of wrappers which is yiehled by the crop. The flea bite is com plamed of very generally. Towne, Fuller & Co. have purchased crope in Suffield, Conn. 68 follows: Seth Jackson, Seed leaf at 10c; John Stioey. Havana Seed at 16c; Walter Lyons, H avana at 14o; Joseph Gregg, Ha vana at 16c; Joseph F. Adams, Havana. at17c; Samuel Barr. at 17c; E. A. Russell, Havana (8.000 lbs) at 18WIIp, If tiler I c:ae olean and dry and not muoty. 19LOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. FOR Rll:NT-Tobacco wan:h o u s es at Lancater, Pa. : storage ca'poc1ty from 300 t" 5,000 eases each; rent from $300 ptr auuum upward. A pply to Bauman & Burna, inurance and real estate agents, Lancaster Pa llll9-1196 DISSOLUTION. NEw Yorm, D ecemb\' 1887. Notice i s herehy given tbe par tner s hip here tofore exi > ting between }1iguct Lluno atod Aurulio Sanchez. -tbe firm o f M. Llano .l. Uom pny, is tbis clay dissolved. The business will be couwmed at tbe old stanu by 11i, r u e l L'aun, who will !Jquidate tbs in debted .. es; OJf the firm, 11nd wbo i s bereby aUiho riz ed to r eceipt for and set tle all o ut s tanding s due tile firm. MIGUEL LLANO. HENRY C. DOBSON, -Only "Manu!a.cturer of theGREAT PATENT SILVER BELL BANJO. 1270 BROADWAY, NEW YOR.X. No. 1.. ..... $20 00 No_ 2 ........ $25 00 No. 3 ....... > 0 00 No.4 ........ 40 00 No. 5 ........ 50 00 No.6 ....... 75 00 No. 7 ........ $100 00 W" Beware o f WORTHL!l:SS IMITATIONS of GREAT BANJO ; nQne GENUINE uAless Bt'Lmped with TAT name, number and accompanied wi t h a gua rantee certJJIcate e.tgned by me, and tho duplicate number. Sent by Express to an y part of the Uu..ited States Ask t o .. thecertiilcate u.nd see l hat tbe numbe r corresponds with the numb e r o'n tbe banjo. without not es, St 00. Regular Note Book for Banjo, 81.0 Sent by mail on receit* of price. Address for illustrat,.,d circulars, HENRY C. D OBSON, 1270 Broap.way, New York C'iLy, U 8 A. H. H. MEYER, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENT, A UUELIO I:!ANCHEZ. r ?3 and 95 Maiden Lane New Y ork. 1192-9 4 1218 FATINAM ST., OMAHA NEB., PARl'rib and F. Hutt. Plorld.a Tobacco. The development of the agricultural re sources of Florida during reeent years has been :very rapid. Florida fruitsnowhave a world-wide reputation and the industry is in creasing every year,. new orchards being planted and devices for. shipment being in vented. La.tely Florida has come forward more in the way of tobacco production. It is declared by tobaccre is said to be a very small territory favorable to the pro duct:on of tobacco, but what there is of it is incomparable. Tbe climate there is very mucb like that of the West Indies. The pro duction per ,acre is very large, and won_ derful prosperity is predicted for tobacco-growers. A writer in a recent issue of the Florida Times Union says that '' 500 to 700 pounds of line leaf can be pGduced per acre. Tbere are cases on record where the yield bas t ebled these fi,;ures." Large companies are already becoming interested in tobacco grow in11; in the State. Parties from the North are liberally expending tbeir montoy in deyelopiug this industry. Their faith is sbowu by the manner in which they expend\heir means,. ,and is founded on a .thorough, scienl. iti c irive.;tigation of the in that locality. 'It is that the time is near at hand when }'lorida cigars will be fully qual, if not superior, to any cigars made' in tue world. The State already contains over two bundred cigar factories, most of which are Cuban leaf; but it is thought that the Florida leaf will soon take the place of the imported article as soon &a better grades can be supplied to the larger manufactories. With her vast resources for producing tropical fruits and the development of the tobacco growing industry, Florida has not a bad future before ber. Chicago Grocer. -"Wbat are you with that cigar, you little raecaH" exclaimed a father ad dressing a son. ''Ma said that if I tit the cat agio she'd make me smoke, an' I hit her agio au' amsmokin'." signed firm. I::CHROEDER & BoN F. A. St;HKOEDEK, 1 M. BoN, E A. SCHROEDER, J. HAZELWOOD. NEW YORK, Dec. la, ltl87. 1192 94 FOR SALE, to clo s e the estate o f the late J ohn Bramm, llis old tobu.cco and c1g:ar ntlsa, wiLh fRctory b Dd on L o ug aud also bis valuable and celel>ruted Lundy Foot" s nuff r eceipt I nqu ire fur particular. of 11114-95 c. A. SCIIIHRER, 47 F l earne d the tol>acco umiue s s in Germany and H olla nd, wact po&itiu u iu a. l eaf toua.cco bou s e o r cigar clcrk,,sa le sman or buyer. Addres s "G. H. '1'.," care of J obacco Leaf 11114. A YOUNG MAN twenty two years of age, "ith tive in Llle Sumatra trade in AmsterdtLw. H olla nd wont s posi tioa in tolla cc o mess o r eiglt. r fa.}:tory. Fas.t class refer. euces. Aclctrtss ., office of Tobacco L eaf. 11U4 :&:.ey e't PICADURA CHEROOTS. TradeMark 1 .,. p. ;r. .X.. Principal Depots:.-.:192 :BfQiulWIIY corner Jobs at.; an!l4BII Broadway, co{nef BrQi,me, New York. The above brand, hniag been copyrighted, the trade is cautioned not to imitate the same under the peaalty of the law. Eacit. package containing 11) cheroots in tin-foil, bears a yeilow label with an X on the face of the lal>el and a white label across ou end of packagt>, "o which are the initials, J. F J. X Also imported Key Weet and Domestic Clg!Lt'l; all grades at Wholesale. 1137-98 J. F. J. XIQUES. SPANISH LANGUAGE Most quickly and idiomatically spoken II:; the MEISTER.BCHAFT SYSTEM, Only 20 lessons being e ufficient for entire mastel') of everyday bu s iness convenation. CIIISSe8. Private lessons.!lce. PROF. CORTINA, A M., of Madr.d, 1182-1200--eow 111 W. 3tth st., New York. Rtver generally. ll9l-1219 WA NTED-A sa lesmn for S ou.k, als o one for W est to carry a line o C New York ci.-r frnm 100 to $B:O, on c o mmis sion. Addres s "F. K./' officeTo bacco L eaf. 1191 Pest omce Notice. Foreign mails for the ending Jan. w j ll close (promptly in all cases) at this office as follows-TUESDAY-At 10 a.m. for Central America and. S outh PnciHc (letters for Guate mala. Cost.a Rica and Chili must be di rected "per Colon") : WEDNESDAY-At, 11 a m for Venezuela and Curacoa; at 12 m for Europe (J"tters for Ireland must be directed "per Elbe''); at 12:30 p. m. fl;lr lrlll&nd (letters f

................ -: Hr. JGhn W. Young aDd Geo. W. Newman, recently connected w1th tbe leaf tobacco house of Ed w. Batchelor & Oo.. have formed a copartnership UDder the flrm-name of Young &; Newman, eet.abhahing themselves at the eligible locauon &2 Front atreet, PIUWefpltia, for the purpoM ot of e'f'ery article at\acbed to tbe importmg and domestic leaf tobacco buein... Beiug aoli pauemen, wnh ample mean11 at the1r oommand, and a keen pract10al knowledp of the wante of the trade, they are fully competent to meet any compe tition ot!eNIL A &rial or aaminatlon will full,1 est.abliah these faotll, aDd wm the appro bat1on ol tlie moet critical leaf buyer. Olve ......... ......... ..... riM ., Clllclaaau. Bmoken-Common ................... a 5 Common to medium .. "'"" II 0 8 them a call The followJDg taxee have been pa1d on cigars. cheroots and cigarettes by she lai ger ciJr;ar factor1ea of tb1s oity from January 1, 1887, to January 1, 1888 Quanti&y Tax paid. $53 611 50 11,205 70 110ld, Roth, Bruner &; FeiSt .. 17 870 500 D p>d ............... 18 @25 Good to fine. ................. llf J'ancy ........................ 80 ...... 711 ....... IJ CD18 Commoa to medium 18 Ollti Medium to .............. 211 @40 G90d to fine ................... o @ISO Fine to fancy. .. .. .. ...... 80 @80 HOPKI.N8VILLB. .ft7,, Jan. 4.-M.r. The tobacco Wade of Phlladelphia were deeply grl8ved to learn of the fate of AuUstua Lauterbach m Oenwal Park, New York, on the Jd inat., by sudden falling of h1s horse, and tbrowmg b1m so as to str1k:e b1s bead and brmg about a concua lion of the brain. Mr. Lauterbach's face was faliuhar to the whole trade, and hence the sad followmg blS auddea deeth. Hannhe1mer &; Co ...... 2.633,100 7 899 sg R ltl. B1sbop & Co .. ll 744,590 8,383 A. DaVIS, Sons& Co ... 2,268,000 6,804 -C&ncmnah, 0 Enquarer, Jan. S. The Commercwl g1ne the list as followsHer& JS a hat of the amount of Cigars and oheroote sold by the leadmg c1gar manu rae turers of thiS otty durmg the year of 1887, 118 per taxes pa1d to the U. 8. Internal Revenue Department: Geo. V Tuompeon, Tob&ooo Broker, repol11 to tbe 1'ouooo l..KU:-8alee of the new year opened lo-day. The o11ennga ma1uly of the old crop. A few bogebeads common new appeared on the markeL No cbaoge to note 10 pnces, tbongh there wu more demand tllau for aome wr:eka pllllt. Rece1pta l1gbt Plan ten are holding for m ucb b1gber pncea than now ruling. Price oetoc pa1d for tbe new crop 18018 are from 2 to Be hJgber than similar 'ooda of old are now eelbog. QUOTATIOJflll. Lup-Comi)IOD .. .. .. . .. .. a 000 8 7Ci Frosted .. .. .. .. .. 2 000 3 00 .llediWD ...... 00.. 0 00 Good ................... II 00@ 6 W Leaf-Common .. .. .. .. .. 5 liil@ 6 W Frosted .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 6 00 Medium .. .. .. .. .. 6 60@ 7 oO Good .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... 7 60@ 8 60 Fme .. .. .. . .. .. 8 SO@ll 0 0 The trade p;anerally 10 every branch of the tobacco busmees have now about footed up the Dr. and Cr. accounts and know how they 1tand and have now turned their attention to br.iahlug up thmga within and without for a fresh start wJtb a new year. The past bas been agr-ble .and satiSfactory. If the pret>ent does no more, 1t will do excellently for the tQbacco trade. The firm of Allen & :Manhall, 185 Arch street, are A No. 1 Cuba hand made floe Clg&n, WhiCh, judging by the steadily lnoreaemg demand, llave certainly obt.amed "the approval of the trade and con aumen. Travelling leaf tobacco aaleemen are now beginning to get tbe1r samples 1nto shape for dlSplaymg on the road. They apeak en courag1ogly of the future prospects. Gray, Morales & Dalton, cigar manu have certamly a umque and per(eot re\all c1gar establishment at the north east corner of Eleventh and Chestnut streets. Juhua Yetterlem &; Co., 115 Arch street, have exceeded their expeot.atlons in the sales of leaf tobacco las' year. !few Torll 8&a&e Toaeeo Grewen Ia Coaaell. From the Gazette and Farmera' Journal of llaldwinsVJlle, N Y., dated December 29, we extract the folljwlog relatmg to the late meeting which 1t r eported at length:-The meetmg of tobacco growers, held at Association Saturday afternoon, was very largely attended, every tobacco growmg dl8tr:lct of this eectwo bemg repres' nted. The meeting wa.e-ca.lled to order by M. Tobm, who stated the rums and obJects of the gatherlog. J. B. }{unn, as charrman of the Committee on OrganJzatJOn, reported the actJOD of the com mittee r ecommendmg the following gentlemen as to c )Dduct the buslneee 'of the To bacco Growers' Association of New York State. Pree1dent-M T ob in Vlce-Pres1dents-J W Upson, J. M Tal mage,C Crowell D A Munro Jr, J A. Culver, Daniel Gumaer, Jonathan Wyckotr, Wm. Sum merville D W Gndley Secretary-C. P. Co rnell. Treasurer-J F. Greene. Executive Committee-W Tappan, D. C. Toll, A. H Toll, J. W. Upso n, W J Johnson, With the president and secretary. Moved and seconded that the officers be de clared elected. Carried uoantmouely Wallace Tappan then presented, m behalf of the Committee on Resolutions, the followmg Resolved, That this conference of tobacco growers IS most emphatically In favor of the abolition of the mternal reve nue taxes on to bacco and all other restrictions pertaining to the of manufactured leaf, mcluding cigare and and to this end most respectfully request the Umted States Senatore and mem bers of the House of Represeotativee from this State to use thei r best efforts to accomphsh such abohtJoo. We are In favor of extending the greatest possible freedom to the and other manufacturers of leaf tobacco consiStent with the Interests of the growers and the coun try and believe the time has arnved when the sur'plus revenue of the Government sboulu be wisely reduced Resolved, That we are m favor of the speedy amendment by the F1ttJeth Congress of the tantr law relatmg to the 1m port duties on for eJgn leaf tobacco, and respectfully demand at the bands of the present Congress that "all leaf tobacco con tamed In any package, bale, box or bulk, any part of which 18 euttable for wrap pers, If not stemmed, 75 cents per pound, 1f stemmed, $1 50 per pound on the whole coo of such pack age, bale, box or bulk of tol;)acco Reao lvecl That m v1ew of the great Impor tance of protectmg the mterests of the growers and others mterested In the culture and manu facture o f leaf tobacco, w e deem 1t highly fssen tial to properly s ustam and keep up the Tobacco Growers' Assomation of the State of New York, and to furthe r 1ts obJects by liberal contnbutiona to a fund to be judlmously used m behalf of the aaeocJatJon at W ashlngton, urging Congreae to abolish the exmse on tobacco, and to amend the eXIstin g law relative to the import duties o n fonngn leaf. ltesolvecl That we pomt With pride to the favorable results of the efforts, a1guments and labors of tb e tobacco growers' aaeoclatJoos of this an l other States m effecting the adoption of AssiStant Secretary Maynard's JUdiCIOUS rul Ing making the smgle l eaf the umt m the ID spectlon of Sumatra tobacco, thus compelling importers to pay the highest duties, and causIng by such rulmg, as we have good reason to believe, an advance m the pnce of our domestic leaf of from two to three cents per pound. Ruolved, That we congratulate the growers on the fact that they are now placed on a firm and favorable bas1s, and m order to m .lntain that basiS and to keep up a proper o rganJZation and to promote the successful cultnatwn of to bacco and to protect It, the producers of to bacco are earnestly r equested to use every rea8onable effort to shield domestic leaf against foreign f oes and the unJust demands of greedy importers, and against those who would rob the cultivators of tobacco of the JUSt rewards of their lab r Reaolved That copies of these resolutions be sent to Pres1d ent Grover Cleveland, Mr Fair child, Secretary of the Treasury, Assistant Sec retary Maynaid, f'enatora Evarts and Hiscock, Han James H Belden, r epreeentat1ve from this dlstnct, and t o all other repreeentatJvesm Con greee fiom the State of New York. Elm1ra tN Y) Gazette, D ec 29 -The meeting of the Chemung Valley T obacco Growers' Asso ciation atLawrenceVJIJe Fnday was not largely attended. A resolution was passed 1188eeemg each acre grown Within the diStrict covered by the associatiOn 25 cents to pay the expenses of a representative at Wasbmgto n to urge theretention of the present duty on Sumatra tobacco, and to urge placing, It possible, a duty A committee was appomted to r ece ive the money A meeting of the associatio n will be held In this mty January 5 'I"he Tobaeco Auoelallon et Lpeb..-.. The regular monthly meetmg of the Lynch burg Tobacco A s sociatiOn was to have been held to aay at 12 o'clock:. but there bemg no guorum, the 11880Ciatlon, at 1 o'clock, adJourned. The secretary, however, read the statement of salee, sbowmg that there was sold durmg the monh uf December 2,480 790 pounds The total ales for the tobacco year I887 were 4 007 009 pounds The sales durmg the preceding year amounted to 1 168 030 an mcrease for 1887 over 1886 of 2,838 979 pounds From I869 to 1!185 there was sold m thiS market 83V,391,580 pounda.-Lynchburg, Va., Advance, Jan 3. -It a gentleman h olds hiS lighted cigar behind him while m conversation and a newsb o y stepe up and puts hiS mouth on the end of the c1gar and commences smokmg 1t, and the gentleman lets go m surpnse, leaVJDg the cigar m the boy's mouth, hilS the boy stolen the CJ.gar?-Boaton F&bre and F'abrw. OJGARS. Roth, Bruner &; Feist Krohn. F:>i911 & Co ............... HaasBroa ................... .. H. 'l'iettg & Bro ................ .. S Lowenthal & Co. .. Frua Bros .................. .. L New burger &; Bro.. ..... R. M B1shop & Co. .. .. .. . .. J H Lucke & Co.... .......... Mannbe1mer & Co.... .. ...... .. CIIICROOTs. Roth, Bruner & Feist ......... J H. Luck:e & Co ................ Manohe1mer & Co .............. L. New burger &; Bro.......... Eastern Markets 10 295,500 8 870,000 7,110,500 6,482 500 955,000 4,225,750 4 198,500 2,744,500 1,403,500 950,200 7,575,000 2 331 750 900 461,760 PHlLADELPHlA, Jan. ._-Mr. A. R rougeray, 'l'obacco Inspector. reports to To BA.CCO u fullowe -The few days of the new year that have come and gone have been br1sk in receipts of manufr.ctured tobaccl!l. Dealer& do ool eeem to be afr&td they will have too much on band. Bale have been hght In comparison to reee1pto, whiCh appueatly meo:llhe approbation of dealers, as they believe mora money Will be made by re liLIUIDI the goods Smokm& tobacco shows Increased life C1gal'll mr>ve steadily, especially the rehable brands. Low hang fire. Snuff a full share of tbe orders Receipts for the week-8,010 boxes, 7,3:.13 cadd1es, 3 46.5 CBBes, and palls of line cute 'Seed Ltaf-Dealer m ctgar le a f are well satisfied w1tb the paot yeat's busmees They clatm no extra profit, bu t a steady anu sausractory bu mess, and go tnto tbe new y ea r w1tb a clean st<>ck and ao Improved outlook for \be year's trade. So fllr but lltt e bas been done beyond getting stock JB sbape and 10 curectly unG&ntand tbe1r own positiOn to a a1cety The few sales made were of uch grades as requlreil fvr Jmme dtate u e 8evero.! firma are tn the market lookmg a.ronno! wbo mttst shortly buy c<>asJderable, m fact, sa1d parttes have now seve al lots under negot1at1on Some good work may be looked for. Sumatra moves extrtmely well H vaaa baa a demand wb1cb lll uacontrollable Hece1pts fer the week-39 cases Vonnectlcut, 289 C8ll88 Peansylvama, 63 C8888 OhiO, 2'.l0 cases W1sconsto, H ca.ea 8t.ate lieed. 87 bles Sumatra, 21i!i bales Havana, and 314 hbds of V1rgJn1a. and 1V estero leaf tobacco Sales prove to be 30 cases Coaoecttcut, 287 eases Pennsylvama 48 cases Obto 319 cases WoconsJn, 82 clllles Y o rk: Stall per sir .Bnt1sh Pnnce, 74,169 lbs., 106,91:14 lbs Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. C., Jan 8 -Headereon Bros Leaf Tol;tacco Broken, report to tbe To &ACCO Lsu-as follows -Our sales opened to day wtth heavy recetpts, wbtcb w1ll coolmue for s"me time, 88 tbere are now m I be warehouses to bacco euough to sell for tw o we e ks Pr1ce. opened ab\Ut the arne as tney were before tbe We caa 868 no Improvement m qualtty ov t r tbe bruks of a month pst w Jtb g ood sl< m.nd for all grades of tobacc c There was s old m thts 10 Decemloer, a87,114lbs, fer $74,84S i7, an average of $12 74 QUOTATIOI'IS-(New ) Smokers-Common bnght ........ ll @ 4 Medmm ..................... 4 @ 6 Gootl .' .. ........... 10 @14 Fme .. .. .. .. .. lli Cutter s-Common .......... 12 @Ill Medium . .. lii @18 Good . ..... 18 @22 F1ne ......................... 22 @3U Wrappers-Vommoo.. .......... ..... 8 @12 Medmm ............ 15 @ 1 8 Good.. .. ...... 18 F10e and fancy .. .. .. . 85 @60 BALTIMOitE, Md., Jan. 5 -Messrs. F, & Co tobacco comiiliSSitin mer chants, ret ort to the ToBACCO LBA -'fbe demalld for gooa grades of lllarylaod. cootmues but as the oiietiags are extremely light, sales are few aud far between 'l here are some deouable goods In sec ood bands, but holders do not press them oo tho market Ob10 JB very Orm and priCes ilave an u ward tendency l:lales reported th1s wet k are only bbde In-pected this week-193 bhds lllarylaod, 124 bhd Oui o total, 817 bhdo. Vle ated same Wed ........................ Fme .. . .. .. .. .. 13 lai1Ci The loose mark e t ha. c o oltaued steady at prev1em pnces, but stuce tlte tnal sales of new crop on breaks dealers seem to buy freely HENDERSON, .N. C., Jaa 4.Mes.l'll Lewis & 'lhom!Ul, Le.U Tobacco CommtssiOA Mer cbnl6, report 10 I be TOBACCO LEAF as follows Uur markel opeoeu with smallales first part of the week, but were much hen1er to day. P nces started where left o:ir before the bohdays We do not expect full sa l es now until we bave another str1 pp1og season. Tben our market Will be abud dantly upphed aga n r year . ....... 21,861 Net sales for week .. .. .. .. .. ... .. 3 Not sales for year .............. te,6S3 RATli:S OP TRANIIPORTATIOJfl Rates ta New York, wa.ter a.nd ra1l, per 100 ll>s, 35c do do all rail, do do 29c do New Orleans, all rail, do do 20c do do by water, do do 26c Boston ra.tea s above New Yerk, and Ph1ladel ph1a 2c below. JUCHMOl'fD, Jaa 4.-1V. E. Dibrell, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to the TOBACCO LB.t. as follows -After qmte a. long recess the tobacco trade 888embled yeterday, wben a ve y good bust aess w&& done 10 common grad88, llllers and smokers, wbtch was fo, lowed up to day by furber sa les of same grades and also a few olol wrappers The maio featu e, however, was tbe sale uf Wet VIrginia bnp;b1;8, the first of tb1s season. The best lea.f brought 47c at aucuoo, wbtle the best cutters aold a.t Tbe quallly does not meet expect& t 1 ons, and In gener .. l the character 11 vet y nonde sc11pt so we canuot count mucb on bnglrts fr o m that qu.rter the huhday a aales of llbveral large Juts of bnght cutters w t re made, sbowtng oometbJDg more than ordtry Interest 10 grade and d e notes tire s hort upply Tue market 1 geu erully flrm on all n.J we exp ec ta&ood bust ness In January, with larg loose s .. Ies Tue cro p Js commg eo very fast 10 thJA sect1on The general tobacco bu me>B u f WIIB sau fac tor y A few Burley buy ero he 1 e prullted largely by tbe n ;e 10 that gr .. ole, w b1\e most deler o and manufacturers havo dune a steady good buomess, mcrea .ed facJhtJes, extended t ade, and are 1n good con<11Lwn. Tbe changes 1u fitw s for January baTe beeo few anti mos tly ummportaot B oy1un Se1don Co IS a new m a uufacLuno g plug tlrlll The former ts 1 he partner of \he fitm of l:loyk1o, l:llaod & Co, Peters burg Va. Tbe old fum of St.aples & Blair, dissolved by death of Mr Blur, IS succeeded by Staples "" Mat Ill!. the la.tler gentleman bemg an old employee u! the ftr m M.r Jno Endero, formerly a large leaf 1h1pper, ha.s accevted the ageacy of Harper' New Yotk Life losuraoce Uo The very bnlhant mamage of Mr J B Pace's daughter, l.)arue P .. ce, wttb W C H1te, of Louts YIIte, takts place to d"y Mr. Lew1s Lightfoot, formerly withE T Cruml' & Co .. tobcco broker. baa opened an office for btm>elf 1n the same hoe at Sbo ckoe tlhp. Yoaog Mr Ligbtfo o t I S pnpular anti well acquamted wtth th Northern Weslem trade Mr. E K Vteter and 11r L outa B o rcllers, the lal ter Jbe Au -tro Hunganan tol!acco buyer, are ollll ab sent m EuropP. M.r. Alfre trcs. Tetlil re cetpts for tb ee months to Docember 81, 1888, 5,2Ul! bbds and 264 trca. De111ertes for two m o nth ending November 80, 1887 &,ii42 htcls o.nd Sl5 t iCS. Dd1veues lor one month endmg Decemhe < t887 1,861 hbds and tree Total deltvenea for three month s endtng December 31, 1887, 7 bbda an c l 940 trcs T v t"l dehvenee for three m o otlJ eod1ng December 81, 1t86, 6 683 bbds Ires STOCK ON HAND Inspected December 8:, 1887, 21 904 hbds and 1 331 tr, s. un10spected, Decemller 81, 1887, 5 1V8 bbd and 180 tree Total stock on band December 31 1887, hbds and 1 ,461 trcs December 81, 18!!6-lnapected, 18,140 hbds and I 279 trcs, umnspected, 6,g12 bLd aad ltca Tntal 24 4511 hhds and 1,421 trcs December lll 18<6-Iuspecle t i, 12,41fi bhd1 and 111V trco, umospected, H,' 76 bbds and 88trcs. To tal srock, 16,0\11 hhds and I 001 trco. O.cembe1 31, 1584-lDBJ>ected, 6,789 and 227 1rco, uninspected, 1 477 bhda and 21 tra. To tal sLock. 7,ll7d hbda and 248 II Co. RBCELPTtl o LOO&B TOBACCO. Three months to Decemller SJ, 1887, 1,807,5114 pounds same Lime 1886 770,16il pountls, ame tm .886, 8 671,518 pounus, eawe t1we 1884, pound INEPECTION8 Inspected dunog tllree mon.hs eadmg December Sl, 188 Leaf, bnght, 2,827 bbds aud 6< trco. leaf dark 1,736 bnds aad 87' trcs, leaf, Wtolern, 361 hbds and 2 trCII T0tal IDBptCIJOn9 three months end Jog Decemloer 8t, 4 V24 bbds and 444trcs same uwe m hbds and 781 trcs same ltRie 10 lb85, 6 781 bbds ana 420 trcs, same ttme 1n 1884, 8,883 hbds and 185 trcs SAN FUANCISCO, Dec 81 -The Groc' r 1111d CIIUnlrg Merchant says -Thts bemg the pe nod of Jhe year wbeo all tbe travelling salesmen re\lre from lbe roa.d for a &e88vo, propomog to new httle 1& done In bUt-!lOetle bebtdea takmg account of stock b'rom tbe statemeol;& made by tbe ge&tlemen who represent the d1ll'ervnt tobacco h o uses 10 lbiB ctl, this bas been 11 prosper ous year, mdeed, 1f ene IS to fully credit the mar JAN. 7 veDoUI e&orlee of big salee made by some tra.-ellers, Jt would be founcl that the Ptoe1llc cout 1s the largest of tobacc9 and c1gara of any sectloo In the Untted l:!tatea. YEB.lEIEI &, &:P:K::Ei&S, FINE CIGARS A.e wual at thla time our local clga.r manufac turere are sbutuor up sbop In order to take account ef stock and make N&dy for active preparations nut week. Some of them, bow,ver, cannot eveu a.-all tllamel.-ee of Lbla opportumty, be1og far be blot! Ia orden. --Al'ID--i.:n. Lea:r, 1014, 1018, 10181 IOSIO ------Foreign Markets. 310, 3112, 314 A 318 FIFTY FOURTH NEW YORK. L 0 N D 0 N, Dec. 2I. Hesare. Grant, Chambers &; Co. report to the ToBAOOO Lui>:-Tbe past week has been marked by no parllcular dem,and for any growth of tobacco, consequently the sale of Amer1can has been upon a bmtted scale. Pr1cea, how ever, continue very firm. Substitutes have not manifested any partiCular actiVIty Weatern strips have only been taken to a moderate extent. F1llery clll8888 are in suppl). V1rgm1a bas not attrac ted any particuhn atteouon. Oh10 Is only 1n moderate demand, and the coarse clas888 are much neglected. Maryland difficult to plaoe. CavendiSh cont1nuea m retail liemaud. CIU.NE'S PA.TBlft LINEN PIBBB I !IBS. 'l'Bll:8l: UTEI'IBIL8 ARB WELL .LDAPBD I'OB TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARETTE Light, Durable, A1r and Water-Tight. &ar l!&mple udllluatrak!d Oat&Jocue 011 appllca&loa, JAMES COLDSMITH, Keeelpla tlloek la all W eetern lllrkela. (ll.eporkrd by Wm G lJIIoler & Co ) Receipts from Stock:a on band Jau 1 to Dec 1. Dec. 1 1887. 1886 1887. 1886 Louisville .. 111,429 1V0,058 82,065 I7 5ti0 Cmcinnat1. ... lilj,631 67 098 15 ,15!1 17,841 St. Lon1s ..... 13,150 7,312 9 272 5,603 Clarksville ... 40 415 S5 4.83 10 359 2,939 Hopkmsville. U I0,970 8,535 1,419 Paducah ..... I7 339 12 389 5 ,081 1,812 N&abvdle.... 5.501 6,590 1154 42 Evansville 8 9U 5,842 984 82 Mayfield ..... 13,096 9,199 1,190 177 ... 278,778 244,436 78,799 47,475 Toltaeeo Frel&]a& Ba&eeln Bcdr.ea .. Per 100 Pound by lC. C Franke a: Co ) Louisville-New York, 25c; Baltimore, 22c, Philadelphia, 28o; New Orleans, 30c; New Orleans by nver, 28o; Rtchmond, Cmcmnatt-New Yerk, Baltimore, Phtlad&lphta, New Orleans, 33c; New Orleans by river, 25c, R1chmond, Clarksvllle-New York, 42c, Baltimore, 39ch Philadelplaia, toe; New Orleans, 25c; R1c mood, Paducah-New York, 29c; Baltimore. ll6c; Pbiladelpbta, 27c; New Orleans, 20c; New Orleall8 b,Y nver, 20c, Richmond, 85c. St. LouiS-New York, 81c, Baltimore, 28c, PbJladelpbl&, New Orleans, SOc; New Orleans by rner, SOc; Richmond.-. Hopkinsville-New York, 49c, Baltimore, 46c: Philadelphia, 47c, New Orleans, Richmbacco trade for the new year will commence on Tuesday next, and the e 1s no reason w by f>rJCea should not be hl!l;h from the first The cb1ef reason for th1s opimon IS that the buyers are aoxwus to settle d o wn to earn e o t work as sovn as possible, and Will be eager to buy largely. Another reason 1s that the crop Is better than u su11l, and will necessarily command satiof ctory priCes Our country fnends may expect a bnsk: de maod for all good grades, ana w1ll do well to bnng m the1r tobacco as early as convement IN KENTUCKY. LoUISVIlle CourterJournal Dec. 28:-Ao ext1 act from the last tssu e of the Hew York ToBACCO LEAF IS appended, concermng wh1ch a wora or two of reetrJCtlOo 18m orde1. It I S not truo that the West 1s rece1 vwg back from Europe iiU<.:h tobaccos as a e taken m the l!;uropeao trade. The shipments uf Burley to bacco to Europe were an experJmeot at a t1me of abnormal cheapness m tbat type, and, nut selhug even at very low priCes because of 1ts qualities bemg appremated, the r1se he1 e afte r a l ong hollllllg created mducementil for reshipment. The or1gm,.l shipment was a misadventure. There have btten no reshtp menta of the types Europe uses 10 trade. IN WISCONSIN. Edgerton Tobacco Reporter, Dec. 30 -Joe Blrnllerg, of DetrOit 1s husLhng arouud the market pomts of th'l Scalo th1e week A portion of the cold storage warehouse 18 bemg put mto shape for use by Audrew Jso son for storage durmg the wmter mootb&. W IJ. Herr, tob .. cco dealer of L o m s VJlle, spent the week m this mark:et supermtendmg the puttJOg up of a large nruer tor atemme\1 tobacco, wbteh the N. W. Tobacco Co have secured, W H. B1sbop bas opened h1s sortmg rooms m the Arthur wareltouse With a force of lif teen sorters, wh1ch w1ll soon be Increased Spencer Gove w11J supermtend the puttmg up uf the purcbase d by M1. B1shop. IN CALIFORNIA. FranciSCO Grocer and Canner, Dec 29. -The local tobacco market IB very strong for all grades and lmea, 10 sympaby w1th the advance m the raw ruater1al E!>st. and also higher fre1gbts m next month. S<> far as can be acertamed rotall dealers are not carry mg any larger stock than tbe1r trade calls for, preferrmg to buy as requm;d. Tb1s course IS probably caused the different agencies ac ceptmg orders coadmoned that the goods are to be billed at the pr1ces ruling on the day of shipment. Tbe local c1gar trade coutmues act1ve at full pr1cee It J B cl .. lmed that more hoh clay Cigars were sold than d urtng any prevwus hohday season. The b1gher cost of Seed leaf w1ll necessitate an advance 10 pr1cea, part1c ularly spec1al brand11. Tobacco Mexteo. Consul Mackey, of Nuevo Laredo, m h1a report on the tobacco crop m M exiCO, -The Mexwan wrappers and filler& will com pare w1th the Cuban crop Tbere are four c1gar factortee m Vera Cruz employing 1,000 workmen, and several other 10 tht1 d tfferent CILIPS. The c1gars sell from 120 to 1200 per 1 0 0 0. Heretofore there has been a preJudiCe Mext-:an leaf because not properly pack:ed and assorted for shipment; but smce more cate IS bemg pa1d to this mat \er, 1t IS cla1med that 1t IS 1nc1 easmg m popu l anty m New York and London, where 1t IS manufactured and sold as H avaoa ltlaf The finest tobacco JB grown m the Valle N atwnal, between the States of Vera Cruz and Oaxaca, whiCh IS entirely devoted to the crop. F1ller leaf sells at from 16 to 60 cents p e r pound, and wrappers from 40 cents to $1 20 per lb The culture of tobacco IR so mew hat BJ&ular to the practice m the U mted States, but a season. WbatPlyWe bave but one lot to report. Graves Bretbers sold 9 !ICres of choice leaf, to be ted. on pr1 vate terms, but was cons1derable belter than any prev1ous sale In town. We hope to learn the figures for our oext Hartford, Jan 1-Mr. BIJUr of New Y k: has contJuuet.l h1s purchase" h ere and m thiS YJCimty, and has bought some over cases a s It Is esumated, of Seed leaf. Puce same as g1ven m my hte report, 14c 10 the rnam. Gl11sLoobury-A few additional lots have been sold at ft om 14 to Only one lot sold at h1gher figures, supposed to be all Havana. le I& Tobacco &IJat So&ala Hla t The St LoUis Republzcan of the 24th mst. puhhshed qune a lengthy art1cle, sk:etchlllf!> the hfe and ad ventures of Wilham J. Hames. of St LoUis. W J. or Jack as be 1s more familiarly called, was l.torn, 10 what IS now Tenn8111le8. 011 Christmas day. 1787, and IS now a few days over one hundred yea1s of age. He 18 a hvely old b oy, IS abuut s 1x feet b1gb, and tbou(Cb h1s shoulders are now stooped, he 18 still tolerably stra1ght The casual obaerver would never guess .lum to be over seventy ) ears old. He we1gbs one hundred 1\Dd s1xty pounds, and eats tbc ee solid meals a day, and chews seventy-Jive cents worth uf tobacco a weflk. He has chewed tobacco, and quanti t1ea of H, for e1ghtyli ve years. 'l'hwk of tb,.t, 'e reVIlers of the weed t Just tbmk: bow l01og be mJ&ht hve were not for tbe to1Jacco bab1t. He m1ght have been good for one hundred years more. Bu'" worse than that He has drank wb1sk:ey wben he felt like Jt for the past eighty years. He owns up to bavm,; been drunk "a few times," but n ever nussed a real good "tl:lntty to pumsh a horn of "ood whiskey. He weal'!l a No 7 hat and No. IO shoes, and never had a per"onal light in hiS hfe. H& was never m Jllll was never arrested, and never st1 uck a human bemg m anger. He says he never ues cuss words, only when angry. disappomte d or annoyed-never for recreation. He 1s etJll1n act1ve busmeee, and has been rumnng a staLJOoary engm&ID hiS present position for the past five years. To cap the chmax he has voted the straight ticket fer e1xty five years. -The first automatiC Cigar store made its appearance 10 Cb1co.go yesterday, and was Lhe cause of much excitement. Dunng the mornwg 1t was firmly fastened to one of the of Kohl & Middleton's Clark Street Museum, and In appellraoce 18 not unlike a letter box w1th a glall8 front and two com partments. In the upper portton IS a tobacco hcenee; 1n one dJvJJon are l;:mg Havana fillers at a mckel a Jill, wb1le on the other 1t is "all Havana," for wbJCh the tax 1s one d1me. A slot m the frame work on each aJde rece1ves the cma, the CJgar forthwith fallmg Into the expectant hand at the oottom of the box. The l:etter box arrangement was charged wuh the two brands when it was set up, some employees of the museum a' once proceedmg to test the bone8ty of the affa1r TheJr faith WIUI rewarded every t1me and a crowd q 1t1ckly gathered to see the contrlvnce A., the day progressed the crowd became CORLmually greater and more open m.JUthed. The crowd eteod gapmg at the macbme by the hour, finally castmg a mckel m Its maw and rece1vmg tbe1r quan tum o[ rolled tobacco with a 1rm of woudermg dehgbt The tobaccomsts m the neJgb borhood, bearmg of a new boom, came to the spot and lo oked on m d1sgust.-Chacago Trtbune. -"Have a smoke, Suneon?" said his friend, as he passed out a fragrant Havana. "No, thank: you, I've sworn off." "Well, put one m your pock:et to smoke to morrow." oc:> CIGAR XANDFACTOREBS. Key West. Fla... and 51 llurra,y Street. New Yor.Jr


, I TAN. 7. Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco : lll.UL FINE CUT. FINE CUTS, Packed in Pruls, Foil, Tin Boxes or <::?!ass 1 ars AMERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOKING. Cold Spra National Leacue Crown of Delight : Cher17 Clipper Double Five, MJrtle Navy, Eagle, Old Tar, Universal Favorite, Fawn Canada Mixture. SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass 1 ars.: ..... GRANULATED LONG C'C'T SMOKING Stork, Spray of Cold; Morning Dew, Lucky. Club. Home Comfort. IIiner's Favorite, JlllJlbO, IIiner's Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Dandy, Frog Long Gut, Facto!Y, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red TaiL Smoking Tobacc! L. H,. NEUDECKER,. ;/ Baltimore, Md., DJSTIUB'DTIJIG AGEXT FOR. "'l BALTIHOBE .Ali'D VICIXITT. Plum 8 oo k Oriental r Sun Rise Clock, Lucky Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, Brudder l'ed, Elk. Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Dime Ram, Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Invincible Clever r; THE MOELLER & ASCHERMANN MFG. GO., p r.J' lY:.A.N"U"F.A.OTUR.ER.S OF .PLBXIBLB.-CIB!SBLBSS. CIG.O lOLlS m SIUPDl -ANDMatRrs' snuullet SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CAT.ALOGUB. Detroit llixtures. $panish, Labor Union, Navy Clippings Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Green Corn. Old Hickory's Pride. Perea 124: East 14"01 &-t.. Bil'e"aT: lmponers and Sole Agents for the United States and tanada of the Celebrated ''ISABELLA" AT MANILLA, PHILLIPINE ISLANDS. The from the above Factory are made and packed after the styles made by the best Havana factories The ISABELLA FACTORY employs 4,000 hands and Is the largest cigar fa.ctory in the world. The cigars trom this factory al'e well"known all over Europe, and are unsurpassed for quaJity and workman_shlp. A trial of these goods will open a ew trade for you. u8'-u9& SHELDO N & SoN, 828 N. 3 r d S t r oot Phi l aile lph ia; Auo. BEOK & Co. Chicago, Ill. and St. P a ul. Minn.; G J H EL KII:JUCHB LEAF ToBA.COO Co, S t. Lou is; WM H IliEYER, 7 Wes t F r ont Stre e t Ci q cinnat i ; Eo. A s c amrut:. p lN, .llilw auk:ee ;._EsBB:R G Send for Price List to PEREA BROTHERS. 124 E. 14th St., New Yort Sole BAC HMAN & Oo., Sa n Fran c i sc o C al. 1188 The In "te::r:o.a.Uen.a.l. Tobacco Refrigerating Companya INC ORPOR ATED UNDER THE LAWS O F N E W YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES Preldent. .:::!/ -.,:...- DARIUs FERRY, ./fr PATNTEU AT ....... tb... -... New York, Vkoe-Pretildent. \ 0 II D j tSSG .;!f Lancaster, Pa., M OPPENHEIMER, -2-Trew;. and Secoy. "Y Edgerton, Wis. MAIN OFFICE: 13R WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We call the attentlon of Tobacco packers and 'manufacturers to the de:rlvcd from tbe use ot our system Tobacco. First: The ABSOLU'rE prevention of decay. Second: The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the retention of lustre r.od life. Third: The GREATER yield of wrappers, compared with tobacco of the same K?de cured in the natural way. We had in the last season over 7 000 cases, bales and hogsheads on storage under our Refrigerating System from different parties, all of whom speak in the high est terms of the superiority of tobacco treated under this system. Tobacco coDBigned to F. C. Linde, Hamilton lr. Co. at the nrious points will rect ive proper attention. DO YOU KNOW IT ALL? DON'T READ THIS. Would you like to make the best F I y E CENT C I CAR in this country and not use a single sprig of HAVANA, and yet make a. far better cigar than half Havana and half Seed or Seed woUld make, and save or make that much erlra? You can do so if you will use my u casIng" for wetting your Fillen. It ill grand for Wrappers and as well C H E APE R, as well as better, th&n any other This is the result of TWENTY YEARS' experience curing and sweating and improviag tobacco. I will send you a five gallon trial order, with full directions, for the small sum Of $3.00. Do not say this cannot be done, but give it a fair trial I guarantee satisfaction. Cannot leave the cigar. Is NOT. a. "box 1lavor." Address CHIS. S. PHILIPS, 188 Pearl Street, New York. The only successful curer re-sweater of toba.cco in the world. If you wish to do your own sweating and curing, send for large il1118trated catalogue, free. By my latest pro-0088 I perfeotly -eure and bring to fine quality and glossy colors without wetmig the leaf, aid thus avoid all danger of tender leaL No matter how green, raw, uncured or :fl.eslay the leaf may be, succesll guaranteed. ThG only proceBB in existence will do ibis. 1173 1183 8fr In liYiiiB your order, please say that you saw this.Advertidment in the "Tobacoo Leaf ... AND OF SEED LEAF 152 NATIONAL P:aOGRESS BUNCHING X&CBINE COIIPANY! I INCORPORATED .JUNE, 188't. OFFICE OF SECRETARY:AVENUE C, NEW YORK. A ROESSLER, ................ .... of Wm. Wicke &; Co .. LOUIS El' TLINGER, .................... Schumache r &; Ettlinger, WM. A BROWN. .................... Brown & Earle, ADOLPH BRU SS ELS .......... .... Tbe Lichtenstein Bro8. Co. ADOLPH LEWYN, .............. Lewyn & Martin, JOS. OPPENHEIM, .... .... ...... Levy Bros., A. C. SCHUTZ, .. ... .. . Inventor, New York: .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 l J A. C. SCHUTZ, Pres.; L. ETTLINCER, VlcePres.; JOS. OPPENHEIM, Sec. and Treae. r-'' THE '' PROBRESS a -uNCHIN8 MACHINE" ,, .-:, l 200 IN USE IN NEW YORK CITY; 300 IN USE IN THE UNITED STATES. j' MACHINES PUT UP ANYWHERE ON TRIAL. Br Send for Circular and fl111 information. 1173-6m \ ..


6 GRAND YUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. Manuel Lopez a Co., Havana; -LEADING BRAND81 \ MANUEL LOPEZ & CO.,"' "VICTOR HUGO," 1 FLOR_DE REMATES," "C.ELIA.' I .JUI.ItiS HIRS,CH, SOJe Repretlen'tatlve In tbe "lJotted !'iltate, I 42 BEAVER Sl:REET, NEW YORK. ORAND CICAR FACTORY OF MANUEL noDRIGUEZ1 No. 133, Havana, Cuba. LEADING BRANDS: Ex.. ENG-EX... -ANDFlor ,de fVIanuel Rodriguez." Sltio1 117' 'Havana, Ltmaioar B:raods: ..:: .. L& Est rella. "Ffer de Selgas & Garcia," La Rosita," "La Flor de Alfrelio Selgas," "Para Todos," La Felicia," Flor de In clan Sancbez," aud "Flor de Bianca." R.c;>ya1 c:1.aar1 Pao"tory, TOBACCO nEA.F,.. Grand Hotel Pasaj e .c ::IIIIo ., CL. ca I!! .._ -ca.o :I m = () Cii C1l:l = & ..... fO C1l:l .... CD Cl en E 8 -;& -= c 1:: =-CD i=' ..... '!'Joe LABGII:S'l' and ooly FIR8T.OLA88 HOTEL on the Jaland of cub&; sltualod In the best part of &lie city, Eol&rged, lmproYed, new ll&llitary arranpmenta, new ID&IlalleJDent. Xopt under Amerloaa u.d Europeu. pi&Ds. Complete accommodation for strangers. CASTR.O d3 PROPRIETORS. FEUX ltllJBIAS & co .. CIGAR Havana, -C:l:gar-:act:an U.:rao"tory o:r SEBASTIAN AZOANO,_ Suarez 68, Habana. '"" ca -= c.,:) = ca :E "' \ ..;; -"""' ::EI ""' = _, ::: -= -= r::::l :>-:. = ""' = ...= :: ..,-= .,... :z; = ""=' """' = -::: R. RENDUELES. del Rayo No. 63, Habana. LEADING BRANDS: Gratitud "Remignton, ., "Ros a Cuban a," ., Flor de Rosen do Rendueles," "La Sociedad Com ercial, H I I La .Rosa ol Flor Indiana "Mi Caridad." jo Estr1!lla St. 79, HAVANA. JAN. 7. Havana, Matanzas & Key West, FJa. The celebrated EL KAYO VERDE Olpr. New York OMce: 3 Cedar 81. -AND-' FLOR DE F. CABAL Y CABAL. Leadmg Brands:-Flor del Allo, 14 Emilia, Fh>r de Canota, Allljlardo ucl Eloia. P'lor de J.l'. G. Granda "Eudora. Rosa de San Antonie. Calle de 'San Rathel 99 7 10.. DAD&NA., C(jBA.., "ESTELLA" -.GRAND .CIGAR FACTORY 'l'elefone J,l!lif, DE CAPOTE, MORA & CO., CIGAR the Most Vegas of VUEUA ABAJO. ..=-or--Lea41D a ........ Calle del Bayo No, 118, Habana, Cnba. LeodlDg Brancbn "J.l'lor cle FJor de B4aar4o Cu1Wo0tt .. 11Dio!' !6La Boslaa1H"' "C.amploa. DE T COS. PLOR BB IIBBAIITIAN PLOB DBL P.AB.AJso. BL NI.AG.&B.&o .L& IIIU'eeiCliOae ---. P.ANI'f1ro m "ell ca .... ..... ..- -011'-..... .... m CL. Cll m .... ,.... = CD <:!!!. tn CD .... CD !?-CORTINA Y GOMEZ LEADING BRANDS: CORTINA, MORA y CA., I FLOR DE WB.TINA., SHA.KEH"EA.RE, II & I 0 I __ C OLIEBARES & PRIETO, ..,.., O:EG..A.:Et.BTTB&, 188 and 160 INDUSTRIA HA VAN!., CUBA. ST., ESTANILLO, JUNCO & CORUJO, BEI.ASC()AIN 34, HAVANA, CUBA. PBI"VILEGIO. Calle de Ia l!:etrella N o 184 'HAVANA. Calle de 8an No. HIS. IIABANA., CUBA.. NOTJ:.-Tbla brand h.,. been registered Ill Olllce at Inf.tngers will be pruoecuted to I tbe fulleat enent of 1he law. NOTICE.-EotabU.hPd In 1840 by the reHable manufacturer .&a"'DIDo CaraneJao with the Honor Prize &t the Universal Exhibition o f A.mAterdam, 1883. NEWS FHO!II CI!BA. (Spencer's Price CUrrent. Dec 23. ) Leaf-A quiet week has again elapsed and transactions have been m ostly Umit.ed to low graded goods. Fine Remedios leaf has now al most entirely disappeared In first hands, and the little that is left is held at rates above buy er's views. In regard to the coming crop advices from 1:he country continue favorable. A few showers of rain would just now be very serviceable. Farmers are in high glee, particularly on aceount of the sound condition of their tobacco, the worm plague not having made its appearance for the time being. Cigars -The demand Is still very weak and chie fly limit ed to fine sized goods. The high prices obtained this year for the l eaf have induced growers to extend their planta tions, prlncipa ly at SancU Spiritus,llemedlos and Yara. Timely rain showers have considerably Im proved the prospects for the crop In the Vuelta. Abajo, and we hear that the cutting that was inaugurated last week in a few districts WllS sub f!ellUentty extenllecl .with good to several othel"lt. -Mr. Julius Hirsh, a tobacco broker of New York and agent in the United States for the sale of the cigars of the celebrated Havana brancl "La Venc edora.," hilS arrived here on a business tour and we cordially welcome him, wishing him good su,ccess In his raD.Sactions. We have had an opportunit7 oi seeing the two splen did.. mahogru,ly cabinets built by oJder -of the managers of tj1e "Heory Cia:\>" factory, for the purpose of expcsin{} in II&!De cigars cat the International JllxhibltiOD to be held next _year at Barcelonh. According to one of our Remedios exchanges, several lots of fine leaf' r e main unsold in -that locality. 8a'YIDC alltbe renCen& Pleeee Go& Ia Clle T,.: o gentlemen stepped into a cigar 11tore yesterday. and one of r.bem and .paid for two cigars. The cigura cost 10 cents each, aud the man who sold them handed back, _in l!bange for the silver dollar that bad been tendered him, 80. cents in 10 cent pieces. Thereupon one of the young men lau,;hed vociferously, and the other, who had bought the cigars. pocketed the eigiH dimes with an expression nppi"Oaching chagrin, and P.aid: "Just my luck. by George. However," said he, after lighting his cigar, "if tltere's any more spending to be done. old fellow, you've got to ao it, fur I'm broke" When the young mau lef < the store tbe cigar man tur.,ed to a reporter wbll had wl_t nedsed the and said : Do you kuuw what that mei.LDS f" "No." "It mean young fellow who bought the eigat s i s at the same time 80 cents ahead and c ;nt s behind He is ahead in money that he will save. aud _behind in money that 1 e pruloably wanted to U E e to day." I doi,l"t ed wben you adopt the plun to see the number of dimes in CJrculalit.ln." "Now, when you come to think of it, a dime is no small sum. If you save all tbe you go>t m change_ you save neady one-half of yeur small I'"Xpenditures. lf you are not free with your money,, your Favings will of course not amount to a great deal; they will come to an interesting sum in time. Tbe plan I!E'ems to be, as 1 said. devised fur the purpose of making pe ople who money freely save a part of theit pu-cket money. I& is a good thing, too, iu the way of teaclol ing a man flugality and ihrift. I bPlieve that any one who learn3 to save in small things will not be long in learning to save in large things. Try the thing a while and see what comes of it."-St. Louis Republ-ican. Tile robaeeo Tai. The tobacco tax is a decidedj hindrance to fanners raising this crop. Thl'"y Are not free to sell to whom they please and as they please, but must market their crop under various restric tions which are imposed upon no other agricul tural product, and the tax falls to quite llll ex. tent upon them. Oq this point Silas G. Hnh bard of Hat.fteld, president of the New England Tobacco Growers' Association, is reported by the Springfield Republtcun as saving: "Tobacco is the only product of our agricul ture that pays a direct tax to the Government. It amounts to 12 centS a pound when made into cigars. When lt Is considered that the average price obtained by our farmers for the last six GIG A R S, :Fl.B:. .J"_ollu B. Du.y. Ch P. Abbey .ll'red. J. Davis. B. D.A. "Y' CO --Paekera and Importora of--=LEAF 121 Maiden Lane, New York. watchword. Frant.ic cheerinj!;l All tbt> surrounding labor organiz'l. tions arA with them heart and soul. aud ready to stand U)' tbPm. if tbe shoulu ae nne euch proportions. to their last dollar. Sem\at .io-1 Aud HU on dll the bosellil' tougucs ti e ,,f lie and their imagination fail to invent new iu ceu1ives, and Lbe adj"ums in j'tbilalion at the proepect of these gret\t Imaginary forces 1n motion to ,,. u,h the1r so call"'d "enemies. Alj this is the work of t -he most heartles. s > figure' he can show that he stands In his principal's says It Is for his inkrest to keep on the tax. I give a highly interesting pictue of the ehoes as to the businees in hand. believe t4at this $30,000,0 U O annual tax comes struggle which is going on between the dift Don' t transcend authority as agent, or partly out of the farmer and partly out of the fereut nations for the domination of the you will become personally responsible. consumer. The bond system is a bad feature world's market. It is importaut t.o note th .. t Don' t accept a chattel mortgage unless the of the tax law, for, while it benefits the rich England has strengthened her position in schedule annexed contains every articl9 t,o.,be. manufacturer in aiding lilm to monopolize the cotton, sheep'8 wool, ya1n and dry goods, in covered by the lien. business, it curtails the natural rights of the spite of all crises and 'fhd same is Don't forget that a chattel mortgage is, :ln w1 h 11 1 1 d h b th "th B 1 A h fact, a I bill of sale. cltJZeus sma cap ta an t ere y creates e case w1 e p;mm. ustrtil. o e cup1es t e Don't think that compound interest wil.l render class distioctions. The bond, -the Government second rank in the above indnslry, and alicense and the espionage of reventic detectives with 10 per cent. a res.pec t .. ble position a con',rallt usurio us. prevent all freedom of trade and freedom of in linen yarns. lu leal .her uud leather Koods Don't forget that there is an implied guara-nty manufacture. The o w Is obnox1"ous to tl1e the leading slates are G ana d F in selling goods by sample. ,' : erm .) 11 canv3 ; Don't sue for one-half of a demand unless you farmer by reetlicting his sales .. to the favored but while export of l!'n1ce sank florn waot to lose the other. buyer who holds a special p ermit purchllSed 47 7 per cent. to SB 8 per c enr., tha t of Ger Don't refuse the call of a Sheriff to aid him in from the Government. In a word, it is antimauy rose from 27 4 to 33 p e r cent. 'fh.; American iii principle and opposed to spirit of AUI!tria went up fr(Ivery dime that comes into your pOSBession. You are never to part with a teu-eeiK piece under any circumstances. Whenever yc.u receive a dim" iu change put it away, and when you get home ulace it in n box or re ceptacle for safe keeping. The more dimes is au enormous f und of money to carry them per cent.,;that cif Austria from 8 0 to-2.1 through the struggle. Loud applause! A cent., and that of France from 4.3 to 2 9 p e r telegram is read eaying that the men at the cent. Ia machines England w11.11 eimilt value of the pure tlilver contained in such cains, based oo the price Ailyer. in London for tlte tbree ended 24. The averageprice of 11ilver fo. r t -bis period, with nchang& at par, wus $096.645 per ounce Hne. a decline from the sam" pet iod of last year of 3.89-100 cents p e r ou11c" fine. '!'his occ.,sioned reduc tions in the valnal, iohs.:Of the following coi1111 from Junu ... ry J., 1887 ; ,the florin ol Austria f orn $0 35 9 to $0 3"<& 5; tbe of B)livia from $V 72 7 10$0 69 9: the sucre of Ecu.ador from $0 72.7 1 o $0 69 .9; tiDe rupee of lnd1a ftom to 34.6 1.0 fi8 33.2: th& silver yen of Japan fr.,iu $0 78 4.10 f0 75 3; tile doJiar Termii of Credit. o f Mexico from $0 79 to $0 75.91; the of Pe.rbaps we are no& bRdly off in \he m<>tter Peru fr,,m $0 72 7 $0 69. 9; the ruble of of eredits after hil. 1'11e following olata rAltusia from $0 53 2 to $0 55.9; the mahbub garding the of credit ull.JWt>il. in va of from $0 .6S. 6 'to SO tbe pe!IO of d ous C ( IUntries are derived froru repone of the Umted of Colomi.oia. from w 72.7 Unlt.eq Str.tes consuls published by Lhe Gov t : > t.u 69.9; tbe bolivar of V<>nezueia from ernment: $0 19 :l .to t.o H. Heretofore Venezuela bas In "-,credit,of fi20ntha1 a!)c ep,' had,the ,d upJe standard, huL by til:& 'law of ance ISl"Pquued t"o be ee l. m settlement of May 27, 1887i1 "si!ver was the standard -the iev'oic e "\

i JAN. 7. SuMATRA -A!ID. o-, THE-t B!V AI! TOBACCO :N"o. 1108 P:BI.A.R.ll:.o BTR.EIEIT, 1101 and 1109 BBOADW A Y, o I i I .I j to o< tho at tolatJoa oHbe Tradetoourl&rlre ua<>rtmentof NoTeUieo.aad Speelaltleasolt&blefor A&. "HARVARD," MARBURG BROS., 1C5C9 8, ()harle II&., NO'riOE TO 1'iD: TRADE. The following Label& and are our copyrighW property, and we caution Kanulaccuren and agaius' using the same. lDfriDAemenfil will lie oatecl. 'SPANISH GxRltw --..., The Mark Twain, A 'ndy Jackson The Traveler, _B<iftOBB,Ud, Hard No. 1, Seal of Spain. "V,EGA, 00., IMPORTERS bE HAVANA TOBACCO, WM. CRAF & h-110ra to BBBI!I.I.JI ITS eo., i Cigar Xanv,facturera, Milwaukee, w...1 LABEL AND S -TAMP VARNISH A SPECtALn. 18'7. 'PEARL STREET, NEW YO_RK. PRINCIPE ALFONSO 105, HAVANA, CUBA. PEARL ST., NEW YORK. M. A. MONTEJ0,--=1 IMPOeri:B OJ' HAVANA: TOBACCO. Trad4l-larfs l" nor de 1. 1.1. .... 191 Street, New:vork. HaVana. Leaf' Tobacco and 111111 I!!JT., i WATT'S UNUo:ui: Aa4 4el JIO.te 199, Jlay......, I TOBACCO DIYRi. ERNEST I'BEISE, ::& .A.:I:PO:N'&o, 1Joe4 an 1-ac Bmolr!ac Te...._ 11 ....... '-'o. MANUFACTURER OF CLEAR 'HAY ANA CIGARS, 88 Market street, Cldcago. lief-to-mPOaTBae Havaaa & Sumatra Tobacco. PACKER. :EE.ey Pl.a. P. Lorlllard .t: Co.. New York. l>. B MeAlpln .t Co.. .. h -Bn !MO. Faetertes M and 1113-na .. td liuC"hner" Co h Catlin Toba. "Y' w o. as. FINE VUELTA. ABAJO CIGARS. NOTICE:-I warn my old customers not to use any cigars but under the No. 89, as my name has been used to sell spurious cigars. P, 0. Boz 134.. .Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy. 129 &lid 131 Grand Street, New York, of tb.e New 'V CUTTER. :a.1cJA -Catte. '1' ill.._, i...ilBACCO, 193 Pearl St., New YorkN I W)th MERRY CHRISTMAS Ol' HAPPY NEW YEAR a, ordered No. 6688. Inside Dlnnl:, Happy New Yiar. NQ. 6694. Nl!w Yeara Bouquet, 6689. Outaide t' '' 1 ''... u .. &l.ta. ms. 6690. Flap " 6698. u oO:ts. 6691. lnllide Blank, llerr)' Christmns 6697. GUll tads of a boO:. OJ:GAR.. R.rNGS Vlrit.h :U:err;v or Ha,pp;y NeVIl" Year. I we desire to call the /rind attention of the Cigar Trade to our ORifJINAL AND BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF 12 DIFFERENT a NEW StYLE ADVERTISING CARDS ,of very unique and ar tistic appearance, representing a .collection of special se}ticted portraits of some well lrnown America,, and European Actresses Our Ca_rds are MOST ELEGANTLY finished and FAR SUPERIOR. the.ordj[lary goods sold i,, fire which as a rule -are thrown away and costly at any price, while our Cards will he carefully preserved, if for nothing else but t;trlistic merit, which undoub-tedly malres them A MBST DESIR ABLE AND LASTING MEDIUM FO/l FINE CLASS AD.YERTISiNG. We sell them at wholesale and retail at a very rtdiona6/e price (or the quality. Size of Cards 6 1f4 x 4 3 j 8 inches :Full Sample Sets of 12 Cards w1'li be stmt prepaid by mail for $1.00 No Samples given gratis. WITSCH SCHMITT. Art Lithographers, !)4 B .OWEBY, NEW .YORK.


8 THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., r 1 Manufactured and Leaf ."J obacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. "rHE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Estabrlshed 1836. JA.S. :as:. TOBACCO : c -OMMISSION MERCHANT, 77 Pro:n:t &"tree"t, JSre"V MD.. \ L I .f .. t ; TOBACCO COMMISSION t CHURl:H BUILDINGS, Leaf 1Jobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave., .Proehaaka. W. J... Hahn, HAHN, BRUSSEL. & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., DEPOT AND ACENCY OF THE OF W.B:LLES BUtLDING, 18&20 ............ ,., P, o. Box SUO, NEW YORK.. G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, Broad &"t ... .N'EI"CCV "VOJR.U::. .JOBlV OArl;OS.. Tobacco Brolor, factory No. 8, 3d Oist. NEW YORK IJ'llfllfR ST., lEW IDa VALIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY. HENRY SIEBERT,. Tobacco and Ceneral Commission Merchant; 78.80 Broad_ 8treet, PROPRIETOR. -o.,Christian Jensen, Manufacturer .N"E'V17 320 & 322 E. '3d St. NEW YORK. C I G A R S EIDL A. STOPPEL,. John Brand IMPORTERS OF. HAVA.NA AN'D P.i.CKLK8 OS' Seed Lea:f Tc:baccc::., 60 to 1)4. Av_ o.} -Qf(JC[S-j 125 llaldea Laae, El.ll:n.:lr.a., J:\T, Y'. l .N'e......vo 'Y"erk.O:I:ty Nos. 1318 &. 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK. Factory No. 160, Third District. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, J{aaalaet..,en ot ... (lelera&e4 Banner Brand. Fine Cut "i .:Se't'ter "tha:a. "the Be"t ... M cine" S.Oldac Tollaeeo, ., na. VJ.rclala Leaf. SAil. B. SCOTT aa4 DEN. KAXTOW Olaan, w-. H, T&rt, Pres. lii, B, M:lll .. Vi < e-Preo. Rellj.F, D.,...a,Sec.IIII4Gea'l ......... l51lCCDIOB'l'O M:. B&DER ol; SOW0 TOBACCO. BROKER. No. 24 Beaver Street, .N"E"'VV TO:J:-t.U::.. FERDINAND DZIUBA, TOBACCO Commission Merchant. 78 & 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW YORK M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobaccot 191 Pearl Street, New Tort BACH. & SONJ! PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, IIIPOBTERS 011' Havana and Sumatra, .oLND PACKERS OF Seedleaf Tobacco 5 Burling Slip, New York. Chas. F. Tag & Son,. of Spanish Dealera ln .D kiocts of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St., lllew York. II. w. VE:.&.BLE, .. (l, V.UBLE. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON s. w. VEN A BLE. a Co. IMPORTERS AMD DUIZRS Uf 0._ s-Cor. ef :Bpa. aa4 R..uta. SW..ta, PETEJUB'UJtG, V ..&.. L f T b .,aeiOI'J'I-le ...., ..... Dloi&rle&, Vl,..tala, 1 llaallfactuN 11114 o&r to t.he'l'racle 1M .. llrin&" Clelebra&e Braa4 of e a 0 a c c 0 PLUG CHEWING and ,SMOKING TOBACCOS& 168Water St., New York. IUIIIB.OD0 Jlla.kocaaJ Naq0 ID al 11tJ1-. 8a-.lla u4-... ... ._. ......... VINCO .. ... sr. GBORGB. Brie._, l'f'I'J' BIG Wit'B CllllNTBR JIOGVL 1 TKIX 11.0ND M 8PB.BJI.D B.&.GLB, 81-Goods of eaeh or r.boTe grad... .&JIG &I'I"'OIt YMetJ ar .,.. Goa a!apeldJ I .... Bout.hem trUe, under the foUo'II'IDg popal&r br&llda:BLUK JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCEII, ADMIRATION, FLORIMI:L and RAPIDAN. Tbe lollowinc are OW' Ageala for the l&le of 01U' lllannradured Gooda:-C, W VAN ALI!TINJ!:, Yll Oeatral Wharf, Boetoa, llul.; ARTHUR !lAG EN .t CO F! Norih Froat Street, Pa.; !:. F O'REILLY, 225l4i Commeroial Street, Ho. : W G. ADAMS 117 Water lit Now York ll,..'liy; WM SEBAR. Cbarleflltea. N.C.; P. H. EUBANK, 78 Soutb Avenue. ALl&llta. Qa; E. FEBGU. Jackaon, JIIIIL; S. Q. IIJ:VIItK, Little :Rock. Ark.; N.H. OKRISTIAN, GalestOB, Tex. ; J. T TOwNES,l50 Raudoll'h "treot. Cblca .... DL: C CONES, 98 Je1fei'IOD ATonue, Dekolt, Hlcb ; L. P ITEBN, Plttabu'lrb, P&.; P. W, CAV JI.NAGH, Omaha. Neb.; F. S. LA WRE'ICE. Vicbbu"', lllaa. The P. J. SOB.G CO'S A. LOWENSOBN. r..-... ... .... TOBACCO and CIGARf. 137 MaideR Lane, __ Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LHAF TOBACCO, F.A.JY:C>US ''SPEAR. HEAD ; "" 169 WATER ST., NEW YORK. '' JOS: LEDERMAN & SONSr TOBA.OCO, !Jmvo sally Popular, has met wih a Greater Salo since its don than any other Plug in. the MarkeL.ll"a.ol;ory :N 0::13:%0. J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., R.%CJ:IEEDII:ON':J:, 'V ..&. M:.&.N'I7Jr.&CTVBIE.R8 OP Paeken aa4 Dealen Ia L E A F T 0 B A C C 0, 140 MAIDEN LANE, 116t. a: Front at.-, KEW TOBX, L. & CO., ...... _., And lmpor&en er FINE BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, CIJILS, 11-Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. Havana. Tobacco, 184 Water St., New York. ,j' .. -


I .. CHAMPION OIIAI FAOTORY. JU:NUF.LcruMII8 or FINE CIGARS. tor. 2d ave. & 22d St.. ffeYr York. M. H. FactorJ No. 278,, 3d N. Y. .. ra .......... queen Ellzaleth, Qlleen of Boote, Antonio Gonzales, -IBI'ICNITBa ... :.&liD P.I.CliUUU or-Seed T eal 2415 Pearl and SIO Cliff'. New York. I HAVANA lEAf TOBACCO. I 180 Pearl Sbree\ xew York. GU"ST A "'V' :Ett TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS'-AGENCY,. r -tMPORTER OF HAVANA., AtmDEALDIN AIL :IJlm8 o lEAF TO:BlCCD. La Fior de Cubanae, Coeur de Lion, Champion,. The &weete.t Thing on Hand. l Herald C1gar Factory cor. wan and ?ml Sts., Net Tort. t. & BRo. Romeo, Roral Eaale, The Fern. ST.EPHEN G. CONDIT, 415-Ul E. Tenth Street, NEW _YORK. .tannractnrors of Ci!ars, s 11 in a t r a o. ISL-B ... "fof\1.. -01.1'. ..-a owery, He..-. .._, oo --S:o11a:a.d. .. -_ -l.:ticlllenstein, Son & Co., LOUIS GRAIT, SOLE AGENT, 105 MAIDEN i.ANI!, -....... _._.,. ,._.._ ..... CIGARS,-309 E. 59th St, New York. __ ----_;.....--. C. F. HAYE, R., ADOLPH MOONELIS, Jcent for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA MANUFACTURER OF SUMATRA TOBACCO. T<>BAOOO, C I G A R S 19D Pearl at., New York. 175 Pearl Street, New York. lve. 0 and I Oth St., New Ynrk e GERSHEL & BRO PAcmRS A'IH> T.Jti!S IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL ST., r.. GEBBHEL, New York 8;lal. :Pao'to:ry, :U:ron.k1-y:u., m-. "*' Lmap.DEA,LERSOBIN ceo :PLuGIhToocaAcco Jill ll PX....a..NET, 4'ANCY D ARK. NAYIBS; I!'ANCY BHIQDT NAYI.IIal 190 PEARL STREET. .IPX..'O&EE, 8T.UIDARD BBIGftT l'fAYIBSI NEW YORK. a..a..xx..o:R.s cD:oxo:m, STAI'IDABDD.&aJuuv--. __ """ repu&asloa ol Uoeoe good& Ia worW-wlole, ...a &loe IDcreaalDc ...... or t.bem .. '(lft>ol ol. lbelw -H. KOENIG & CO., arM OF IMITATIONS.-Wholeale Dealm In Our TradeBra p-x. is Embossed OD EYery rlq. HAVANA AND -SEED LRAF BRAN C H O FFICE: No. U CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON -Tort; H. W.PB&GBR,Il&Dutactureror Chereoia, Na w Yo rk: G ARCIA & V.cJA, (fol'lllerQo WonztLI,)owureot ''La Dul' 'a.HU ,.A -l u -,.\..,.w tu w:a.Jd.l:tayaaa.o.Jie JtelAqu.U& No.lOO; TO LED 1 .i: m uuf. H I H era ot r x .. f<"'!u :J\ rfaod-Made C'le&r A.W.Footea.Co. 125 JIAIDEN LANE, NEW TORI. "DE CAPO" CIGAR FACTORY. JACOBY &; BOOKMAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 336, 838, 340 & 342 East 38th Street, Jl'ii"::EJ"''::''I7 'YO:R.H:. FREIGHT BROKERSt FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY ::l:..oo""DVe't Ooea:a. B.a'te, or &aU, P. 0. Box 3,162. 4:3 Exchange Place, NEW YORK .: FRED. SCHULZ, -G .FERNANDEZ & Paoker aa4l De&ler bi lmper&era of Seed. H IJI b avana J 224 226 Pearl Street, Jew Tort. 206 Pearl st., New York. .J'O!I, S. GANS, li'IA X G ANSi IIJEYER ROSBNTD.&L... J GANS -HA-Y AN-A i SCHLOSSER & CO., li![AN111' ACT11BEaB OF l'llii'E Have Removed to 71 N'e""'7V S"tree"t, N'e""'7V "York. Pe:rd.. Oppen', JBPOBTEB OF HAVANA LEAF Tobacco MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS. l'lU.NCI8 F. ADAMS il:ata.liahed lS.; J r IJ]Um. Y _F. A VBII8., r. r.-.._ct.&:Kn.s &, .. cc:.., Maaataituren of lhtt Colle..-tac Cele.rate4. et FINECUT _CHEW'INC & SMOKINQ_'f'OBACCO. Chewing. : TaJly Ho I Aromatleo Smoking: Peer!ess, Excelsior, Standard. .A. "CT:&;;:BI:B19 I JOHN P. GOELZ & CO., JU.NUJ'&CTUREliS OJ" J. G. FLINT, Jr., ..... raecare r o r CIGARS, FINE CU_l0_ C .HEWING 113 to 299 W eot Water Street. Seeond Wanl Bank Bulldlnr;, MILWAUKEE, Wl8, Smoking Tobacco, F. Milwaukee, Wis. S.TEA.II POWER. FOOT POWER., Will malte p l1J80 o f all slzeo, frem 1 to 4 Inc h"" e &Dd from 4 t o Inc h"" l ong, be&&er ... c be&per than any other machine i n the market, and i& now in use in ove r one hur.dred ol the tactortee ln the United States. Correepondenoe solicited. Addreas 1 J, H BRilii'KOP, quincy, IIUnoh. E. CANALS, M Co.,_ m 1m .AtA.:iCTURE. r m i 1 El Progreso & La Flor de '' f' Guanes Cigar KEY WEST, FLA. KEY WEST, FLA. r. o. Box Jfo 10. 66 Barclay St., New York., a CLE:AR CI -CARS FLA. SEMPLE, sou u-litw Y!:: -SEIDENBERG & CO., 11Alii'11FACT11BEB8 OFNew York & K -ey W .est Cigars. 327 East Slxtythlrd St., New York. Broots' Patont Gross Holo LBB. d THE WITH R l181J14 Hl!:li'IP COB Jh4t Jor 226 Pearl Street, New York. TO:Iii.A..OOC> CUTTING MACHINE. THE JORll Jt BcGOWAN CO:IIPANY CAPITOL CIGAR FACTORY Jil, SILVERTHA.11 & lllaoateturere oC CIGARS, 90DE. 71et St.NewYorll. MANUEL ALVAREZ1 l'UoatoMil llareh 30, 18'111. r Oc:tober 1 6, l d'l8, 'ftle !!AFES'l' o.n.t BEST CORD IN G -SEAL o.o! COR D ro; """""contak>log(ll.....,. aad Tobecco, elo.. J K offeNd to Oar Or 001 H ol e W ire Lead Seala we II ,.. b y moet fill Tnlnk Llnee, p rominen t Railroad J'reljrht I ,_ aad Ex Oompanlee tbi'OUjl'hout the eountf7. Whea C&IIM aN eea led w ith these seal .. rallro&6!r carry tiMm -....,._ f..W.Ilt. lute&

10 Tll'E 'rOBA.CCO IAN. 7 -:-:-= Philadelphia Advertleements. ............ Ad was 'lw&811 ... 1-CSz; ImporterS. fJf. Havana W ., !: .. AN. o Seed. T Commission Merchants for the .sara of Manufactured Tobacco I 07 ARCH 8TREE"'', ,, I Pacers, Commission Merchants aad Wholesale in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF North Third Street, Philadelphia-. 33 SOUth BA.TCBELOR & c o., Packers of Seed Lea. f and' Importers of Havana a.nd Sumatra Tobaccos Ill ... .. :108 a:r'th. "ogv'a.1:er &1::ree1:, Phpa.G1.e1pl:;Li.a.. 1 EX..L:I:S &, CO., &NVPACJTV .. B8 OP :BENGAL OHER00TS, Aloo Jmper&en or LUXURY TOBACCO !llaautaelareN or Cig-ars, Cor .. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore, Cot....,. Smoking -.urn. Luxury Flne Cut In Foil. NEWM.AN, I:K%1pc::r1:e:rs c::f Lea.:f Tc:ba.cce, 69 ..,.., PA... -------------BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMBRICANOS AND ENTERPRISE GBO. &, CO., G ;IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS OF PIPES, 622 KABKET ST., PHILADELPHIA, A Ca.t&loaue and Price List that sllou ld be in the bauds of every dea.ler tu the conta1nlmr a description of all the pipes maoe, paroiculariy AI!Bllli, BRIAR and CLAY PIPES, w 1tb every kino of SliOKERS' ARTICLES, Swedish, Parlor, Sulphur aud Safety K&tchea; lt&Uan Wu: .llatches in Fancy Paper or Tin Boxes CICAR FACTORIES, PA. .MAILJ:D FREE. SEND FOR ONE-Laleo' Noyeldeo llatle a 8peelal&y; JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO., PACKERS OF SEED LEAF and IN TOBACCO, 603 It 605 CH&:STNUT ST., PHILADLPHIA. -AND-BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Genuine DURHAM Smoking Tobacco. Ncr. York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Lmis and Cincinnati. tEWIS BREMER'S WHOLESAL:&: DEALERS IN .. LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ., Wr!re Aaoortmeat of all Idalia .t Leaf To.aoeo -taatl:r Oll laaauL 1:..: BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. BXTRA1" "PORT1 "P. H. Bl!leHOPP'S OBRIIIANo" ao4 Other Brands of llmoklq I ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF JJIPOBTEBS 01' and llavana, Also 11 HBRBII DB LA RBINB0 "8WBBT NECTAR,,. ADd ot11er IJrauds of Paper and All-Tobacco Cigarettes. New York Office: 66'8outh Washington Square. ito. 111 ARCB STREET, PHILADELPHIA. U5ll T. FRE'ilER. AUGUST EISENLOHR FREYER & EISENL O -HR, Plldlen aa Wllol-le Dealan Ia LEAF TO BAG CO,-I 13 North Third Street, P .hlladelphla. _T. J .. DUNN & U'nl"ted. &'ta.1:es Ct.a"arr :J:Wa,n:u1'a.crtc:rg, "'O"r :So Dll'I'IIN, lil07 M'OZ'I.T:&: :EIZ'I.O.A.::O 8T :I?:&XL.oi!LDBLP:EI::Z:.A.. e DENBY HBTII.&NN. ll'aecoJ'}' 'No. 1, Phlladelpllta.Theobald & Oppanheimer, . llla ..... JWfWAcrouP.S oF SNEER1N&.ER & CO., JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., 'KEY EAST OE*INE CIGARS, 13 Souta, Importers of Havana AND DEALERS IN < PACKERS OF LEAF UJ) 01' Sllanllh and Domestic Leaf TnbacCll .aad Doalero SEED LEAF TOB CO CIG.A.B.s, l11JforthTJdrllS ....... Havana & Sumatra T011ac-no Ac U31 ftemau& st., pJDI,D'IILPJD.A.. U II 1 89 Carman St. Baltimore. .PHILADELPHIA. aiD!ft'll ...,. .,.. IIILIJIB. DUBR!JL & N1'ml8 Together wllh the LA RGBIIT 8toelr ef We blnee the attention of Manufacturers to ov OINOIJD(&Tl CIGAR JI()Ul8. IITR.U'8. -. 'P X... 'D' C3r T 0 :& .A. 0 0 0 of Dark Heeweated Wrappers, ol -ef any House In tbe State of lfarylaad, --make a 8jleCiaity ...... : B.B. 1B8TAift.l--184 .' CINCINNATI, 0., ._l!J'aaari.e&an' n or NAVY .. TOBACCO, B.. )IEJEB. & CO., cnrcUQI.a.u.. Aad .a..,nt ror Promlaeal Vtrl(lala Manutae&aren of' Twist&. Plug Tobaccos. F f. W. DOHRMANM & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BRQKERS works. WM. L RUNTTING & CO., & ERNST, D&ALERIIU.ANDPACKERSOF S. W, Cor. :VU.e & Froat Street., OIXCII'flf..&TJ; o. Fine pftACTuT;,ba.cco o:a:ozo:m Blue n ..... (Eha I lmlmstick. Connecticut 8/, Havana ntue.ra: : Seed. Leaf Tobacco, BRANOBES: DIIamtllbare .. o:-Jlpr 'I'Obftreo. Clarii:YIIJe 'l'eat-Dark TobaNo. 159-16" Pike St. cn .. r JI'oTOJf, KJ'. EAST HAR.TFORD, CONN. Hoar)' GeiM, Bi:a. 'bl.:l,.h,ed 1&87. Beane DOUDue, THE GEISE CIGAR BOX. CO., llu......,rs to Han17 Beise and Sdctney a Goldoo. ....... e,arere or au KIDU ol BO:lEBs. :1.21 O:lsa.r Z'l.:lbbo:a., and all o&er 8uppl1eo, Large Stoek of all Leaclbaa Lael Houoeo' Ceaotaatly ell Baad. 88 OX....A.. 'Y &THEJEJT, O:EN'O:Z:J.Vl.V .A..TX, O, BENKO DAMUB, THE GEISE LUMBER CO., MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEEREIT & CEDAR IMITATION Bc::::s:: ber l'aotorioo: 101 & 103 Eut 8th St,, Ciaobuaati1 aad Wut VJ.i.ctata. Otllee: 93 CLAY CINCINNATI, 0. Tin CUT and EMBOSSED fn Plain or Faacy Do!of;rn. of Plain Gilt or Oolrorool :.'l'il1 at Lowest Pricea Sample!'s and fuU tnform&tion furntshed vn o.pplicat!on. J. M. RO'BII'lSON &. Co. 225-22S W. 2d & 11:! c...,tra1 Av __5!_XN'CXJ:!J.NA..TX. <>. W. BEST, Chicago; LORIN PALMER, New York: W. H. RUSSELL, Chlcago. Hes1:, R."U.ssel.l. &. Cc:., Saccessors to JOHN C. PART RIDGE & CO. A. F. RICO & CO. Dll'ORTJlRS or HAVANA 1:EAF TOBACCit -AND-oxa.A.a-s!r 18 Central Wharf,. Boston. Ji. H 1lA YO. !!'BOBAl! .&:rKIN8011 P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. T Manutact'rs, RICHMOND. VA. l:ii'!'Al!Ll8HED BY RODJ:In A. 41A YU .... OM&inalon of the IRyle an4 -S'.a.V"Y -r'e>Ja.a..oo.-.. NAVIES A SPECIALTY I:>l ALJ, GIU:S. JAMES M. WISEs Commission J Merchant V. S. WRIGHT. Suc.,_,r to Edwani Peynodo o!t C... DIREC1r Dll'ORT.B:R OF CHOlCE HAVANA TOBACCONISTS. Sole PraDrietors of the &clllline GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND" Cigars.. """"<18-. .... o-.&1-v,ue, s::v. tS7 X...a..k.e &1:. a.:a.d. o&1 Si:a.1:e 1!!111:.. Oh1oa.1Jo, :1:11. BOLE AGENTS FOB TlDI J'OLLOWlNG WELLKNOWN niWS:D E 8 0 u L E ITRAITON o!t STORM'S Ciga!'B a11d CljADIJClA .... ILL M. H. CLARK & aao Leaf Tobacco Br-Okers, CLARKSVILLE, PADVVAH1 UOPKINSVILLB. J. RfNALDOSANK & co.: ,pavron FACTORY .. .,'-t,t. WlEIB I M. KEMPER & SONS. FE.: VOREE,T bN.FUREY.cGEO.A.FOREE. F. x. KEI,LY, Jr., TQ:S.AOOC> ) 41110 uaca 'f#(L Importers of Havana, oree 0 acco ompany, HAPPY THOUG.UT -Aftn AND PA.oltEBS oF llAlnrFACTuaEns oF 1 n C. J. MORRIS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, BVAN8VILLB0 IND. illGAB DIDPAL10BHR& .SEED LEAF .TOBACCO, FINE NAVY TOBACCO, so North Delaware Avenue, ll08tom'tcoaort .a.---116 West Lombard St., LOUISVILLE, K;r. WILSON & McCAI...LAY& P B I L A D E L P H I A. pH 1 LADE L pH 1 A. :B.A.X...TXnll: <>X-I.E, l.\11:::0, )1. E AJ:-ents:-A. R MITCHELL 1!: CO., lloAoD. PARRY & CROSBIE&. To' :&roJ&.er-. as ..... .... .. wn ....... ._


7 BuiDcss. Dircctry of .Unrtlson. XEW TOB.JL -IAAfQfttJ B-,......_ ,..,.,_, -a: Dehlo, 1110-u-dC a: Frblpu,, Ill Wa&or -&Boa,II8Water -J&co.t--r-_ .. ._ __ 118W-0.--143W_, Da:y, Joha D. a: Co. 121 Halden LaDe 11:cPr$ Wm. a: Oo. 1116 I'Wwi. hlk, G. a: Bro., 171 W&te. J!lledm&a, Beary, llill l'dool4 &. & G. & Co. 12P Jlaldea La-. --.I; -Dtihal, 1110 w ...... L. .t; Bro. 191 l'earL -nspecho !IL 1V1l'&arl BamiiWIIV L f'.o. 17f w lr.oeDJc B. .t Oo. !186 Pearl Lederman Joo. & Boos, 140 Malden lane. r..ta K. B. corner WaH and !'sri. Unclbelm H 191 Peer!. li&y8111' JO. lions, 193 Pearl -IMutrer H. It CO. 172 Water Price & Jolmlon. 118 Malden lane Pulver, Dlcki oson & Co 178 Pearl --...,G. 178 Water. -wald E .t Broe. Ioiii 'W--8.& Sons, i78Wllalomoa G. & Broe. 135 lllal4en laD!" lobroedor a: Boa. 178 Wa>er --B. & C... 110 Wa-Freel. 224-226 Pearl 8pear L & Oo, 184, W&t4rlr 11p1Dpra E. & CO. 5 Burllaa 81lp atein H. 211 Pearl. 'he Elula J' a: SIHJooo... BoaJ J. 8. & co. 181 W&Mr Oollorae, ameo G. 154 Broad. Paulltsch M. 179 Pearl IIM>ppel, E. A 24 Beaver, JITelgM Broloera. BmiUl w. 0 and CO. f3 ExchaDce place -r ot Booo<>lll.., T-. -"liM & LYall, lUI Wall -D. 4 Co. 178 and 178 Duane. Boodwln it. CO. foot of Grand Street, &. B.' IIDJmeJ' Broe. 57& ro 525' w22d LaJmaa> !IL11f-116 Liberty and llf.-121 . H. 4 Co. oor A enue D ucl Tealill. 111J1er llln G, B. & CO. 9'1 pollllRbl&. JfcmUIQCIU...,.. of Ol(laro ArgUelles Droohero, PearL Alvarez M. 213 Pearl. Ash L. & Co. 7'79 3n:l Ave. -: 8ooGJ' It LPO.erer ?lltb tot. 111!4. 1st ave. cartaya J. E. .t co. a Ceaar Condit Stephen t<. 44M47 E lOth Deftance Curar J(aou.tacrorv. 22'J-238 East 41BS Foote A. W. a: Co. 1:15 Maiden Lane. l'rey Bros. A. IJ"romerL F 77tht. cor. Sdaud Le:z::togtoa &VI. Itaim, Brussel & C o E 68d St. li&ll 'lhoo. il. 2011-211 E 37th. Beyman Bros. l .owensra, lC. 5ttll Hofmann F. 1318-18'20 Avenue A. Jaoooy d. & Co., foot ot &:!d. t:Jt., East River lacoby 8t. Bookm&o, 38th IJt, near 1st at'. J'MeDha B&m'l 4 Co 322:1.'!4 E 68d. z.,.,..,n, Chnslian, 320 E. 73d Street &.utman BIOS. & IJondy, 129 & 1311Jnm4: &erbe & s-. 1014 to 10510 lleoond A 9, ucl 110 tO S1f Y!fw-rourtll Kimball OroU .. e and CO. 3.'5 Warren. Le'l' erda, Avenue 0 ana 18th Htrt. Brothen CO. '101 oo fl9lld &ftDUchteestelu A .. Sou & Co. 309 Eas n Uee Qeo P & Co. cor, BOth st and avenue .,A. Loo'e .1. w. tJI80 l8t and 4Qoj Ill. 'lftll .. llelldel M. W &. Bro KecmeliaA &: CO., AX!l!!!l8 D !!!If JOI. b n. ottenberli! S Bros, cor. 2d a v 22d st. l'oii&Jiid !.', & Oo. 1113 Uham, Bodriguez Ill 20-24 Gold. -otbal Bros E 78d. ilaDolles an4 llaya, at Pearl Schlosser Ill Co 71 New t!treet -berl! and Co, 89'1-lld. llbat1l'ell. B. A, B Lil ave. -olber1f .M. It Boa_., J1ftb Aft. 4: """ -rl'tll. 8uCIO.a NewmarK, 8.1 yr cor. 78d R &Di'lld &Y. IIJftrUI&U II. .t CO. 3011 00 811 B. '111111 u-\JIIrl. 406.f03 & We1u s : a co. 1.57 Waoar P"ttrD&Iler ,.....,. )lerm&IIOI, 171 .. If&-TobaooO C.. 192 trton' Lopes, U&ll:rr.o. a eo. a -.... !A1Nnloim A. 137 llaldon lane. .,_, te-& uo. QP.,I llardDM 'Y oor a Cu., au "'Mer Ktr&Dda 11' & Co. !!2i I'Mtt lloBteJO Jl A 191 Pearl. ()ppenbelmer J'erd. 11ft Mafdeu -IIIIIOJDOD G. & Droe. 138 ldaide Jane: $>nolle& a co. 108 FronO. Banoh .. ol! Ray&, 81 Pearl --& ()o. 111 Peo.rl M .t E 1lo :Malden r-Beymour ChaiL T. !88ll'rom ega. Morcoo It CO. 187 l'Mrl VIKU c, 140 Malden laue Well& Co. 111'1De -,. ....... 0( ... ., ,.., Cllllllra. -II. .t Co. etl & Co .. 5\lllnrra:y. Qato "E. H 38 Beaver and Co 89'1 ERn lid. v. Ybor It Ce. IN W&Mr ,_.,.._..,a. ,...... Cautmann Broa.lll. Bond:y,lill and lllGntad ., ... -, ..,... Briar 1"1,... """ ._....... of 8o>loloora' ADemutb Wm Ill Co. 507-501 B-.lwaJ .,fw....,,. llma W ..... Jlofl,.-..,..,. t>f IJieOrioo -. Qarenou & Tur 13 Cedar. Mac Andrews i: M Wal doWIIIoOf B..'f a:;r. P 4 Cedal. 1111 w. .StenT. Umltid, 71 Pilla, .....,...a. w-&Go. waa4111. w-G&rdlner. J"as :M ?"'"Fro!lt IL Son Company. 43 C led&r 11ac Ah-ft..!t Forb<&, Ill WafA!! "' .. ver & Llmitea., lllttrrl''" & i8 ,: .-,r ,....,._ ltluter' R. Berry, Limited, 71 Pine. s..a Liar 7t>IJaooo n.IQoJlbfriiL a: 0a t4Y w....,. .. e; ........ & 00.141 w .... ___ ,.\ JfatW(I!IICturerJ of (',.'tgar 801&. -II. 'W. 1 8l&,lllll -..sa_._. .. J1100b. &JUI :11115 lllolll"Oe lltr&U88, s. l7ll'Lewl.s st. ldr .. Dd W:ll:.and t Jltt.alklrter ot J(c)W.. 111 -H. w. ta8t ElenDth So. -= tfDedWin & foot Grand ol. II: II a.D 'l'bo_. B. 2011-ill E. 87th. Wlllltlllll .-. ot TobecOO and bt,zar Labela &114 Trim mlnJP. .._.,tletmer' a 8011.1, F:, :AI OUid N 1'1. Wmt.m -l.oula 11:: &: c... DW cor. l'&arl and Blm. l!ebtiiii8Chr Ill Ettlinger, SZ-36 Bloecker -& Bohml!*.llf lloweey. 14/rl Bava,... l..'accoIDII'vee. ..... ..._. 'MII.oade, Sole.._ ... VueliH.' fg. Co., Illreo-..... ;,.....,... Clgrw ........ ,. ..... -8. 178-183 Le-.... Tolliieoe MocM1Mr7. II Y To-Co. IOIJ'oi>D. .& 8 J'lala -fin. of t11ont BvMAer .Jalul'IL Wl!llalbll CO., !Oil Chiombehl .. ...... ,oc- of 'l'm ,....._ a LUiey, 1)811..646 w. 22d. SUTRO & NEWMARK, 2d Av. a'ntl 73fSt., New Yort. Faittory Na. 4i 2-, 3rd District. : :met. ::e Oo., Manufacturers of Hs;.vana Cigar navors, Cli:GA& ClOLOJJ.ING, P.I.8TE ..,1 :llla't &eoo:a.d. 8't.. C:l:a.o:l:a.:a.a't:l. e>. ._11faet.r .... of W&:JO: Paper. !t.e llammerochJag xr.. c...-Qreeawfeb Label &ad Mamp Varnish. -Cbs C. and C0.112E&&t 14011 Li .. Fltw. IVaru, GOidmlth J. 7ff Broadwa:y 'lllnr of Heenoobaum and' Amber Goode : W eis, 69 Walker .ALB.AXT T. .llmotrJ'-. I llreer'8 .a.. lieu& 8112 -'ll'ar Al118TERD.I.lll, Holland, 8uJronl, 'lbbooco Brv1Nr. H&rkema G .. 0. Z. Voorburgwal288. ABNHEUI, Hollaad. Dlra.lw.ltl&_h.andJ-J'roweiD & co. B.ALTIIIOB.E. Md. Seed IAA/and.HII'""''" Jt..-. llo:rd w A. .t co. 83 -er-1111 Lombard Kemper!IL 4: 8oDB,116 W. Lombard. Kerckh>tr & CO. 01> t100Cil l.lbalW Merfeld Joe. & Co, 110 German 8buppel B 2 East. Balt.imore llaeertnger Ill Co. 18 8. Howard UDverzag& Qeo. P ,. CO. 31 South Cb&rleelt Wlloluner &d. .s: ee. 89 l!outh IJ!I.Ioen TolHicco ll'e12Der J'. W. & Boll, 110 8oath a.u & .a.:r. ll8 Barre J[arbtJ'JO 1411. to 141 BonUl ()karl Wilkins H. Ill Co 181 W. Pratt ...,,.,., Sf-Rollocco> -A. a oo. ff uuU41 Dea Bandhageo T 17 W RaodGiph 1111.,.... li. Ill & llu>ter ,llrotlle"' Ill> aoo=> Bro1Wt lob_, w .1..18 west lid. Meier B. & CO. 1 Newburgh L., 148 W. Pear. :z...-...... -.1(---. ,..q.. & Jll ....... n, VlDO and J'ro&t oq,w.-. &elM (JigarbOX llo" 98 Cla:y. Troot. 8. w 118-!0lll'O. Canal H&naf&clurer of TID Tan. JloblmtOill. J1. a CO.IIIIII Wild and IIIOoatni.A.'t' To-Han. I Leo! .,._., IJOI>flll&lllll'. 'Jfl/. & Boa; oor. """"-l'lwt. Jllfro of 1..'1f1at' MoW& lllUier, Dubralllt I. B. IlL l\lilftft of lla-Claa Bergh&usen M Co. 41 E. FrieL AieL & Broe., 46 E 2d. Jlloftrs or Tob&ooo lllnGOW&D Co. John H OLABIUivu.L. 1-.!r.-... Dohrmann F. W. & Son. KenaeMif- of Plug :re&a<>oo. Perkins a Ernot, Pke. D.AXVfLLL Va. R-Jam"" .L .t 0.. Hie- IL L & Co ()011>111080Wf lAGj BrtHtln. rerrenP. w. P..l"IIOD J. IL & CO. VenableP.C. Mao.utar.cturer of and North Carolina Smok1D&' Toba.L-co. Trowbridge Wm. H. D!:TIIIOLD. a-...a.y. of Cigar-Box Labe}a. DETROIT.aDeJo, ltftrcr of OJLeoM"9 & llmolri"g Tol>. and Clgan j.merlcan Eagle Tob& cco Co. __ Banner Tobaocv Co. M-611 L&r-w:N at DURHAM. X. C. t wa. .... utacturer or Swwllina 7\)buCDO. )r:well't\ Durham TobaccO Oo. LYon Z. I alld C.. IIJr Uf Jjltt '8 .f>tln,BM macnrell's Durllam 4f'ob&coo Co. DAYTON.O. 'Totmcr".o OU.ttfff' Buckeye trOll anil W!JI:kB. J:'ao/llf>f'Mid .. C)hw O'!loDW. 8. : EAS'I' H ,UlTFOKD, Coon. Packers and De:1ters in Lea! Tobacco. Buntting, Wm. L. & Co. V AN!!VJLLI., bui. ... .. tanoa .lfiWcAaAtl.. orr11 C I & Co 1'1. 4lo V>af "''Obat'CO -t.. W. L. McGheti; ioeaOIOII, "Golden Bell.' of H.ARTNBD. O.aa _. .. L. B. 146 State n BOPKJII1iVu.Lz, .. .,. H.AV._.A c..-.. [ f'obGceo ... Tob&CCo;tjil. "l'niAI<> S.I.NESVJLLE ani 4LB4NT, wte, ot-Doakr ;,. l#>l. &41'1'848 CliTY, lllo. Wliloleoale Dealeroln llnfd lllld ...._ To-.o and Cllpra, aloo Smoken ......... llloebman J .a.. .t Bro. N1 Del&-. Bo_,., .....rllom#me LMJf-IWelleUoa J. 0. .& Co. 801 Dela1l'&re ot EET WEST, Fla. .6.1fonso of Olpra. ADguloJ. R. C&rta:ya J. E. 1< Co. ColHie L B. Trujillo D. L. 4 Sons, Zamora A., P 0. Box 184. LA.XC.ASTEB, Pa. Packero of IUld Dealera In 1A&f 'fDbll4oo. L. 213 W. Xing I It Fre:y 81-68 N. Duke st luuraBoe aud Beallllsoaoa. B&ulm&n a: Bnrns. tow. OrallgeBo. LIVERPOOL, Eq, 1'obacco Brom1. Parry & Croobi.,., 28 Paradise Btreel. LONDOI'I, Eng. Tobacco. Cigar and Leat .Merchant Graft L. G P"eRCburch BuiJdinP,, E. 0, LOUISVILLE; lb Pltlq 7bboooo .ll. P.1014 West Maln s t Importer otllavafkl. OigarJ .. Wright V,ii. Mr.mutact1trt.rt Schetrey L C Ill Co., 184 4tb av Tob. Majtn' .Supplies. Licora re, Fl...TJDr' d.;. Juugbluth &: Rauterberg. LYNCHBVBG. Ya. Manujactu.rera of Cir;r..rdt61J tLone Jack Cigarette Cp. Manufacturer of SwokJng Tobacco. CarroU John W Tobacco CGmmtutm& .!tlerc..'WlnU. BolO. 8c-er .t CO. XlDDL.ETOWJf'. O. Manu[tiet'ltt&rl of l'fu] Tollulolng TobGcc:o. -' I Ma.tV'acturera I Graf Wm. 4 Co. Goelz John 1' & Co. 298 Weso Water. XE' 'Haauta..tunmlof Tobaeco. campbell ill. Co. 20;;112 Bridge st KY. .lfoAufcrcfurer of QiilarBec Ll1"e.-r l. A Co. OXFGRD N. Cl. 1A&f Tobacco Brolrer, lllobbllt W A. 1'Dr7Mr T. B. PEORl.A, Ill. Cigar Manutacturers' So:ppUea. Fe<>tla Clear Box Co. PETEJUIBUBG. Ya. Gnd I lw. Ll/ ., ........ 8. w .t Co. pHJJ.A 8oJOd LMJt """H""""' n-. w..auio-L. & co. 111 Areb Bar.ullelor E. t 101 A.rcll J're:yer .t: BlaenloJu::, 118 North 34. Labe Benj. 23J.eilS l'IOrtb 8d M.cBoweU JL JC. "' CO. 8'JI>.J6 CbMIDa Bank J, .Bbl&ld.O ,1: 0o. at North Was.r -Bro.bllra. 117 .North Thlnl v.-a. J. & eo .. Young & Newman. &lN. Front. ImpoJ'"t.N' of Havana LeAl. Portnondo, Juan F 1114-llltl Sansom. ,. Importer'B of Havana and Sumatra. Tobaooo. Oreaab J B & IlK Cbeotnm. of Olt/Grl. Batchelor -111111 CheltJ!ut. l!oll;z, Clymer & Co. DWm T CO.IQ7.0 B. BfOjld J:laenlohr o. Y86 llarket tJray :MoraleR & Dalton. 514 Pine. HOl1011'&Y Ill SWAlm, 7QII Marke I.Ma-klflg Tobacco, Weylll'an & llt o. "' qlliNCT Ill. IJjrogle Plug Jlach;ne. -o:op.J, IL t .:..' B4LE.lGII, N. C. 1 I. ;& .. '1 .. B&ncee Juan A... ,9 ... ;' cue> Jnau Ill co.. .. d a..-'Rafa81 11&. Colmenares& Prle&O,.., "' 8 Cortioa y Gomez, cane de Ia Bltnll& 181,. De {)&J)Ote Mora 4 Od. -nlllo, 9V-10L La Graoadina, Calle de Ill Lopez H.aouel Ill 00., de 1& Za$ til. ()1-detx JuUo J :.&. Pedro, 49 Dduele s R., !!'; rlguez ll&nu ao & Garcia. .. IU::Iil;ll .... "'::'' 'YOBK, Pa. Manutactverora.Jocob.L ..,., Fuller a: Packers of leaf Tobacco i Manuf'trs of Cigars, 41, lll3 & 45 II JOHN D SKILES, P.&CEBRS 011' .&ND DE4LER8 11'1 Ponnsrlvania Sood Loaf & Havana Sood Toba&oo. .61 4. 63 North Duke Lancaster, Pa. ARGUELLES .BROTHERS. J .. Ci[ar Pnprletoft of ttae'Bi&.Lt LA FAJtA, LA. LA .172 PEARL ST., NEW W. BROWN, VlcePresident. September 6, -1886. LICHTENSTEIN & CO: r Factory No. 50,.-.Third Districti N.Y., BROWN & EARLE, Factory No. 1307, Third District, N. Y., 4.. .. .. ., Cor. :ll!ith Street and 2d Avenue. Cor. 31!ith Str-eet Avenue. Oftl.ce : -?07 .A.. "'Ve::n. "U.e, .. N" e"VU 'Y' ea, 100 1 Ofil %\1 or-t-:1:1 ca.:a.a.1 &'t.. C:l:u.o:l:u.:a.a't:l e>. .Aiao lllaaulacJturer ot'tlle Vaneer.M aa4 IDdtatlOil Ce4u-Ciaar-Boz L11mloer. Sample farubhe4 on Application. Bead lnr Price-Lbt, Tlae OJJIY 'JI'aetory 1n tloe Wt t'llal earrle a eil, l!c. mu.RGES I'OK LIOKW811:8 I'D ANNUM. "Manufacturers of ciprs, ..,.d cheroot;s, rna; ufacturers ot W"blu:x:o aud sallff, $6; dealen ln .. toi>G.)co,ll!-40; de&lerllla le&C Jill. IIIIPOBT ON TOBACCO. ..,. 50 onnrl and ad valorem. Cl_ g-arl. rlg&T8, P n fnc1ddiuc tnter11f1ol till X Sum&tra l eaf ettes. same as ctra t f h'ch 1 .. wrappers wt>i2"hlnll':' more tobacco. 85 -per c<-n 0 U:.,. 17!\ f> u I'TlonDd if stemmet. t ,han 81 St per oenta ;guod. T qbacco Havana lea d Ste Hi centR J>e1'" pou':ld. Pipes and 40 cents per pntm ms. tt. 5 ctmt. a4 eo;: pipe bnwlR. SUO,., ..,....; -.:d-:.t;;-.. 71 per cent. A.d v:a o:nufr-boxes.and chewing tobacco pouches. 3S per ad valorem. DUTIES IIIIPOS'ED OX TOBACCO Dl AUSTRALIA -Manutactured tobaoco Imported, '12 .,.-., duty. .Australi a n manUfaetltred. tobacco, made _. 1 leaf, 24 cents a ponnd Internal tax; made of toJUcl a pound tax. DEL GHJ M-Leaf tobacco and stems, 70 francs per n .!l J 3.n.ufactured .tobacco. cigal'll and Cagarcttes, 30C per 100 .lriJos: other kind.s,including stripPed fraucs Dt:r 100 iitilca. ci'EBMANY -Cigars aod clgaretteo.li10 martS per 1tollll01t tobacco in rolls and snuff .ft.our, 180 mArks. p e r 100 kiloH Juty Pressed tobacco. as marks per 100 Jdloe dut y. Leaf tobaCco and stems g;, mu.rks per 1 0 0 kilos duty. Stdpl'!l or stemmed Teat, 180 ma.rka per 100 kUos duty. In rol'ls or leavetl and unpressed stt-ms. 28 cents ftuty Per 100 kilos: pressed st-eiiUI, 21 centa duty pPr 100 kiJos. Ma.ouJ'a.ctured totlaeco sm1ft, carrets. etc. ,&!. 80 dut:y per IOU kilos. Clpn, duty per lOll kilos. The toha.cc0lndust.ry of Austria, France, anti ._,. 1s co .i1trn11P.d hy RPJtieRt under the direction of the 9t.Wel.,_ ments of' tliose countrlea. I J ,.. FOBEIGK C!'Dts.l : :' r '\CeDI& All8tria-Fiorln Q r gull I!al:y-Lira.... .. .. .. 19.6 der ........ 4.6.& Japan-Yen .. ...... .. 98,7 Bel,Ouin-Frane. ... titS lJberta-Dollar ....... 100 Bo iia-PeS<> .... ;..... 96.5 e>t-Pound ,;r 108 Jar.... .. .. .. .. .. 100 plaotQro .............. f4 97. 4 Spain -"' lW Fraoce-Frapc ... .. lSt3 Ct>...ntiples .... G..,..t Brlill.lii-Pound Sweden-Crown...... 116S .............. $:1 8 -wiizerland-Frano ... 19.8 Greece-Dracbm&..... 19. Toipoli -lllahbub',<>l :... Ger. Empire-Mark-.. 23.8 plasters .... .9 Hollar:tctFJorln or gull 'rurkey-Piut r 1 .. a der.. ......... ... ... 88.S U S. ol' Colorrfb'a 9 8 -.. r. .. 46 8< Peso ... '... ...... I. A kilo equals 2.5 Pounds. A ptenni g equalR cent. :A.n E1jglisb shilling equal6 24 :% cen 15.. equals :tJ centa. 1 /


. \ \ I'Z .J A .N. 7. GRAY, MORALES & DALTON BLAOK.WEl.L'S DURHAM. TOBAGGO. Manufacturers of CUBAN HANDMADE Is the lost .. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacoo ever placed on l HONEST. POPutAR,) the !artet. HAVANA CI&AIS, 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. LAND SATISFACTORY Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce it' TH. E VERY BEST, Situated in the immediate sectiGn ul country that produces a 'grade of Tobacco that in texture, RaTor and quality Is not grown. elsewaere in the world, the populit:r of these goods is only YERY limited by thfl quantity prodl&Ced. We are in pcsiti o n to the choice of e.ll .1) !JJ, < fferings upon this market, aad spare EO pains or expense to give the trad' e the 18 ... l For ten or twelve yc=:S"JYhe:!; I w ell's Durham Smoking Tobacco aDd find ;. the most satisfactory of all I h. .. tried gave Thomas-Carl yle a pound or it, as I .tea smoked together, aad he warmly prais-er! I have found no tobacco oo eitli.Ol'c;oUL i-I ;J". "VV. s:r:Ft.IEDE::FI., BOX MANUF ACTUB.EB., :P. &, 4-GENT .. Oar dlile .John Anderson a llANtJF AC'l'UIIBB8 OP' THE A GE :J:J OF lUVAN:A CIGARS. '"VV'es"t a:n.d. 'York.. and Salesroom&: 153 Chambers St., New, York. ALWAYS Oft HAND KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. .. "':13:on.ey an. d. o" Agent for the Williams Little Clant Bunching Machine. JUNUFACTIJIIEI!8' sUPPLIES. DEALEI< IN sPANISH CEDAR ciGAR Box LmER. I 2109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. --------------------------------------Lta1tllaloecl allo1at :1510. GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG, :J:)EJT:ati:O:E.a:J:), G-:J!IlR.:DlE.A.:ZO.i'Y, Typosrapher, Elltlll1'boe:ra. lllaow Card and F....,:r L&ela for Beer, Wiae, Frldto &llcl Pr-rv. l:igar Box Labels a Specialty. I I -Detcn tor PriYa&e La'be .. eon-n&lJ' on hand, Orden reMIT .. b:r EOKIIEYER & CO., U Bea..-ar str-t,lf-Yerk, Sole ...... to. KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., 36 WAJUU:lf lfEW YOR.Jt, M.UfUJ'AOi'tJBJmS 011' mGH GRADE CIGARS, 0 AND Dli:AI BJI8 Df lta31D.A.F TOEI.A.OOO l'aet.ory '1116. llcl Diri., lf. Y. lole Pnpr!eton of foUow!Dg Bo'&llda:. JtO!!IA DEL NORTB, RIO HON-t .L")R DE VIOLBTrA, EJ..' .LOR Dill: .. LA P-l(JHOLB, RO!!IE!!I, N.W YORK., KI!!I!IIB'I', BL IBTIIIO, VBGUBRO!I, OUR TJIIRRITORYo Sample& furnished upon application. FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 11. 4 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET, "UNION EXTRACT :ma&:mlliTo:m o:JPO HAY ANA CIGAR FlAVOR TlR.%P:E.a::m OOl.VO:J!IlliTTlR..A.T:IiJ:J:). FOR FILLERS. FOR BOXES. w-Price per plot. 16; ... ga.lloa, lftO. NOT :JD'V l!amplebot&leo at P to make OJ!iB GALLOI'r of !!ITBO!fQ II'LAVOR IODt 011 receipt of I.DIOWit. WE ALSO MANUFAC'l'UBlll ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. CliGAIL ()0LOR8 Dryaod In Liquid. All SPECIAL PLAVOR!!I,ll desired, made to order J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., 158 CJ&ambera Street, J(..,.. York. LICORICE PASTE I lHE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO x..A.l!lil'::m, N:m"VVtt"' "YOJR.3E. r The Mrs. G. Miller.&, Co. TOBACCO IYW.. ftARioft 1o. ........... 8"7 OO:E.a"C'D:B::E.&. &TlR.EIEIT, ..l.'lir:JD"VVtt"' "''r'OR.:K. -IIIANUF.!.eTUJII!!BS OJ' THE CICLEBRATBD-PLA.Il'r F:UU: CUT CHEWUfG TOBACOO Ilf BloU.E PAPERS 8 1'011 "C' :JP" :JP" 8 I Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,lmerictnGentleman "&%Gl!IT .A.:E.a Oh.e"VV:I.D.S, Oa.e Oz, Poll, Alo, Pint& !!leeond QuaiU:r !!lmoiU11r;, In Rlae 1 Paper. SWEETENED FINE CUT Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. IIIAT APPLE aa PRIZE PINB-(JUT, Ia -U RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, llaautae'Carar Ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 &. 24 CoiGI St., Ne"OV 'Y orl&.. .,., 1'nole laaoiq dom&llded a Suporlor aDd Cbo&per Artlcl 11>aa bW>el1o uaod, W. LIOODICE J"ASTE(llllderltbe ol< dllaford" brMidjofaQUALI'n' ALLEN a GINTEB, ,.,.d at a PRICII wlllclt. can ltanllT lal1 to be>le to &II jll'riztg It & maL LI""OBI""E p ASTE. 'V.A.., V V M&ll.t&oturer of Fine Gracleo ln St.mdard lir-a. of STRAITON & STORM, :f,; Imported, In Bo'nd or Duty Paid. U 0.-! "G C ""F G "v.uw 11 E t s .. ex_ a 1s x ra. 2:! Cigarettes & Smoking Tobacco JO:W YORB:. All Cigars or onr bear the. Jataraal lf_._ ot our FaetGr7, m LATEST SUGGESS IN HIGH GLASS CIGARETTES. NE'V\7' BR.A.NDS. lWhite Caps, Cross Country; Latest English, A11d the Popular "FULL DRESS." All edra ba. UnqeUoDaltlJ' tJae CJ&oieeot Clcarette DUUl.t&otared, 'SWEET CAPORAL, CAPORAL, CAPORAL ST. JAMES ., :K:Xl!IT.NEI'I!"' "POEI.A.OOO 00., Z\Te"VV 'York, SUCCESSORS TO KINNEY BROS. I STERRY, LIMITED, 78 P:l:u.e r 1"11e"VV 'York. $P!NISH LICORIGE I GREEK LICORICE I A.LL SPIB(]JALTJES l'OB PLU& .&lfD l'llfE- 8 = -MANPFACTUBli:D BY-l OARENOU & -TUR. S Factorle., ZARAGOZA, SPAIN. l Office, t 3 Cedar Street, New York. t= New York Depot ........... ; ....... aa Warren Street. Depot in Chicago ............. 50 Randolph Street. San Francisco Depot ......... Battery Street. Depot In London, En and .. 55 Hoi born VIaduct. MIXTliHES FOR PIPE OR CIGARBTT1 o:t'HaE K.ING!I, Turkish, Perique and VIJ'I'inl&. ltiE&.LOW lti.IX.TV&B, Turkish and !"edque, TURKISH and viRGIN I.&. P&IQUJII and VIRGI.I&, c;lEftUINE TURK.I!!IH, FLAKI!i CUTS, "EsPJCOIALLY' ADAPTED J'OB TBIC PIPB. 'Va:n:l1:y Fa:lr. Granul&le /_/ "\ 'Z '\ v J\ '/ i y leo t\:" RBAI'rD. 81rong. Pure and of Good FlaToo. Lloorloe Root, Ordiaary >I! 8elootea. In Bales and Bundlea. POWDERED LICORICE P.&.STE, Grc>und from Flueot Impomod. E.,.J. Br-a Pcnrclarecl Lloorllllade from the Floeol; and 8-Boot, fN6 frem any MulleraUon "' OLIVE OIL, "A110hor" l>r&nd """" SALAD OIL, lA 10 pllon tin ...... O&Ch.. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. & 00., ........ ._ ..... ot Fino Cnt & Smomg Tobacco. Aacl Dealen Ia SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., llt'lll-le ... Retail. M42 St.; Newark, 11. 3. JaGob Henkell, Olr CI&!I BOXBS. IIUPIJ:810B IUXI: .uiD PIUJO QV.ALI'ft' OJ' IUNt1l' Af]l'1l]tD 01' ALL JIJIIDII OJ' :E.a::ETB:OGR..AJP:a::z:O DODGE. & OLCOTT. Clga.rBoz La.bels. 897 Monroe &t. New York. B.&.:E.aT::E:BG:OlR.m ..-. &. Youn co., L1rn1"tec1. (JOBll B. YOU!Ill, -.) SCAifJll'AC'l'l1RJ:B8 or SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. Cor. Boston a. Elliott Sts., Baltimore, AJl Go ... maaatae&arecl b7 a are aaraa&eecl so be er the be .. taUc:r. D. BUCBNEB a co. The Miller, Dubrul & Peters Manufacts.Co.,. .o::., KANUFAC'l'URJ:RS OB' !:i'::E; GreaselesS Vertical Top, Plug&: Fine Cnt &: tobaccos, ,-in Lined & Fla111e ,-op GOLD GO IN; ciGAB .MoLDS, GHEWJNG TOBACCO. Shapers. Etc.. oC au: Braad1 ror.erl:r -uftle-: Ull'ed tiJ Tllo1. Do:rt & Vo, 418-417 11. Slat atreet, oor. let Ave:, New Yorkl lee, 187 & 11. Pearl at., Olnolnnatl, o., 'G. BUICHARD, 17 Tchoupitoulas Street, lew Orleans, La_., 11D4 Aaencr for the Pacific Ooutr ,&G .. T JPa SAl. 4JI'I'Y, .:4<._ _. & ... a.-., atreet, Frarioleoo, oaa. NEW YORK. nananco tuuract9l'J. u-r to D. BlrH._ &: (Je,. at,l3t & 233 tat x-Tbe toDowlag Brtt.lldlt ILtld ,___ ......... llle _,le and __pl!)perty et the DKn.Ala'C. OIGAllllANUli'ACTOBY, ai>y ODe aanrhel'e WIU.. lA cho u&cll of Ulo Jawo of tlie lud wbo Will h11J. -In any manaoy of lbbrenda and ll'llderoarks, or use aDJ" name or label thereof, will a& OllCle loe p,._.,ated Juot tbe o&me &D)' tblet wloo woold stoal &Dy otboor 'f&lualtle )lt'I'IIOil&i pi'OJIII'fif':-Detlance, M phlote, Jupiter. Old Judjre. Hoa! Our 8Dow Flake. lleal'tl' lieugtot, lllg'lblal< OUr


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