The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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r v 0 L. XXIV.---N 0. 52. IE8TABLDJHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JAN. 21, 1888. 106 KAIDEJr LAKE, Co m e r o t Pearl Street. WHOLE NO. 1196 PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56., I No. 167 WATER STREET, S.A.:N'CEW'E,;p;j &, EW'.A. "Y' .A., :No. 8:1. B'tree't, .N'e"''T 'Yorl&, Handsome Life Size Chromos of Mrs. Cleveland Finest Cle8i"'li8Vana Cigars. nso iiPoiiTERSot'iilvaNa ECiG1Ans 1ANii PLEiFel108acco. BADLY "COALING TOBACCOS" CB.BLES T. SEYMOUB, ESTABLISJIED 1869. A R!t-OUR.ElD BY-:J:J\I[PC)R,TE]R, oF Chaskel's" ANTI-COAL" HAVAN. A f. !! Price per Gallon $6; I n half b&rrel and bbl. lo t s ss. ,..A"''IIIIIIIIIIIit ...:.... Full d i roc tions witk goods, Price List mailed. Tobaccos from-the San y Dlst;lct Speclaltj. JAMES CHASKEL & CO., 180 Fron.'t N'e-vv "York. Maautacturersot Trade Mark of ----* I 1 T (.., 1 Inside the bale, on the WElL & CO. 1 I\. & .A I Is !!asted a label, R d. 1868 & ISJ" w ____ -..J W.&C. wlthourelgna-egJStere IR 4. "T" ture. lfeglstered In 18815, CHOICE VUELTA ABAJO HAVANA TOBACCOS, Marked W, & C., ue b;y our Resident Bu;yer In Havana frvlD tlu Flnesl Plaat&Moal, ."WV"b.ere :o.c: GU' .A.l!III"O :Is U'l!l ed. Many Brands imitating CLOSELY ours are offered and sold to the Trade as W. & C. A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid by us for Detection of the same. Also Import Sumatra.. WElL & CO., 65 PINE ST., NEW YORK. &, 00., IMPORTERS OF l!AVANA LEAF TOBACCO Trade Mark. Trade Mark, \\E LAS VEGAs 16 Cedar St., New York. O Jl I r -4. J. J. A. Calle San Nicolas 128, HAVANA, CUBA. 1.a A. & c. 8 H. IICHUBA.BT, .-A.A.JlON SCH:UBA.BT, Wlll, SEIHUBA.B'l', S.CHUBABT a CO., IMPORTERS OF HAVAN A J f.r 93 John St., New York. Cesaroo Vigil, I JWade c1gars our spec1auv. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO' Mo&TEBer G-EO. P. LIES & ce .. Havana Loaf mubacco Manufacturers of Ciars II 13S M:AinEN LANE, nearWaterSt., NEW YORK. J] lJ 1 D .57CALZADADELMONTE, HAVANA,CUBA. 1 140 Maiden' Lane, M. a E. SALOMON; CALi:xTo :r:oPEz & co: "R"C>-:K. Havana Tobacco Packers and Importers of PXN'El VUELTA ABAJO TOBACCO Exclusively, Sol No. 86, No. 3 Gedar St., New York. HAVANA, l CUBA LA ISLA" C. L. JACOB Y GUSTAV JACOBY. 1VJ['_I_ METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY NEW S JACOBY & CQ &o1e't or ., B. El:. :ati:.A.N'US, Factory No. 3, 3d District. .a.MsTBB.a.M, uoLuNu. FOOT OF &2' d EAST RIVER, SlJXATRA TOBACCO :N 'YO:EI..:K.. lu Prlllle Qualldea alwa7 ou Baud, THE HAVANA TOBA.CCO \ I "\'-' ,_,.,; I 1-i T. g \ I \ ........._, I \ :13;a "Va::n..a, cu. 'ba = I N'e""VV 'York.: :N' e>. :1.92 Jl!":r e>:n: t B't:r ee 't. LUIS MARX, Pres. MAX T. ROSEN, Sec. & Treas AUEBBAGH a CO., %l!WE:POR.T:IDR.B CUP HAVANA and SUMATRA TO:EIA..CCOS, 179 Pear1 N'ew "York. ,8, 'fi & 60 Eut 24 Street, CIWCIWW.A.Tl, 0, BraodaOIIlcet,.].8t., H.A.VAWA. C'D'BA. #.;. LOUIS NEWBURGH, Packer o Linle Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish Oace; 141 Weot Pearl lllreet, CJ](CDIJIATI, O, W arehouse: -Germantown Couo:ty. Ohio GOODWIN. & CO.'S and Smoking _Tobacco. Poot of Crand St., 'East N. Y, COIIP011WD POlL, P .A.TEJIT HETAL, aua all tile varie'V,.e o of PoU bcnna to the Trade. PRIWTIWG OW FOIL b Bro ... aua Colora, aua with dill'ereutofleolc>aa of Or...-'taUoa, for TC>B.A.OOC> .A.N'D CXG-.A..'.R. LABELS. Oa.p-u.1e ror Plata, cc:aored or Omce AIMress :1 No. 186 GRAND ST. NEW YORI FRANKLIN!:.. .!!ST:.!..'' SARTOIUUS & GO., %l!WE:PO:EI..TJDR.B o Havana Tol)acco, BERNAZA 32, 171 PEAR L STREE.T, CORNER PINJt STBUT, -111ANUJI'A.CTUBER8 eF-CIGAR BOX LUlYIBEB, X:DIII:XT.A.TXc>N SPA.N'XBEI: [CBDA.Il) 11ll:ll:ltp'or'te:r &pa.:n.:lh. Oecl.a.:r / GB5'711 eoD't &:l::s::th. '&'t:ree't, O:l:n.o:l:n.:n.a.'t:l, Oh.:lo., \\\\\t\ R. WILLIAMs '\ Proprietor of the Co, little Giant Buncher, I 02 CHAMBERS STREET. NlW YORK iBYMAN & BRO .. Tobacco & Snntf IAHUF ACTUREBS, ; PITTSBURGH, PA. j SV'l'rEB BROS., Dealers ID. 'rOBACCO; Chica&"o, _Dl. cttra.r-Manufacturers wlll find lt to their advantage to. deal :withQ


2 ESTABLISHED 1864. Havhig the Largest C1rcuiatJon of any Trade Paper in the World PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MORNING BY THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISBJHG CO., 105 Ma1den Lane, New York. (East Hartford and South Wmdsor) run from 12 to 15c through assorted and will average more than 13c so far All leaf IS to be assorted by growertJ I AOOX Jan 17 1888 NICW YORK STATE OFFICE OF GAZKTTE AND FARMII:R S JOURNAL BALDWillliVlLLE N Y Jan 16 EDITOR TOBAOCO LEAF-Yours of January 11 at hand and contents noted It ts d1ffi ult to get w1th any accu racy J 1st then Jmber of cases ra1sed m New Y 01 k S tate for 18ti7 From the tnformat1on I have at hand however I should say there was produced 10 the State about 30 000 cases Pnces ranged from 9 to 20 cents per pound Yours truly J F GREENE PENNSYLV ABIA OFFICE NEW ERA :r'HE TOBACCO LEAF. merchant m that etty left for Cuba vta Tampa, on Thursdav evenmg -Howard L. Johnson succeeds the firm of Pnce & Johnson he havmg purcbaesd the Interest of h1e late partner Mr Johton will carry a full hne of tmported and domes t1c tobaccos -A first class man who IB thoroughly ac quamted wtth the manufacture of cut plug long cut straight cut and Cigarette tobaccos will ftnd an excellent pos1t1dn m a leadmg bouse. See advertisement on third page -S Auerbach & Co the Pearl street 1m porters sold 160 of Havana leaf to a promment Western JObber 100 bales to Alles & F1sher of Boeten and 7a bales of Sumatra to a New York JObber Th1s will do for one week -S Barnett the Water street leaf dealer and Importer sold 161 bales of 'Very 'fine Ha van& to Alle3 & F1eher c1gar manufacturers of Boston These bales comprised an ent1re THE WASHINGTON TOBACCO CONVENTION. BRIEF SESSIONS. Little Aceompllslted-Press ExcludedThe Leaf's B P G Gets the I Facts All t11c Same WASHINGTON Jan 19 LANCASTER Pa JaB 14 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF-Our est1mate ot the c1gar leaf crop of vega 1\n:J to be one of the finest ever It Will be seen by read1ng the procee lings of the NatiOnal Assoc11H10n of T .. bacco Manu facturers g1 ven m detail below that no ac t10n was taken by them either for or agamst the proposed repeal or reductiOn of the tax on tobacco m Its varmus forms The c o n vent10n held two sesswns both of them somewhat brief and mformal and devoted almost entirely to routme matters, such as the electiOn of officers and the selecttoo of EDW ARB, BITRKE, ;JOHN G GRAFF, Editor, Buslneu JB:anqer A C:::OIIPLETE TOBACCO LEAF FOR SALE The only authentic file of the TOBACOO LEAF m ex1stence These volumes compr1se every paper published s1nce the first tssue up to date a periOd of 24 years Each annual volume 24 tn all IS neatly bound and m good order Tb1a ftle contos a complete h18tol')' of the tobacoo trade of the Un1tecl States and the Ia. ws relatmg thereto passed by Cou from year to year up to the present t1me There IB no publicatiOn m ex1stence like these files by wh tcb all facti! relating to the robacco mdustry-1t11 laws rules and regulattons-c&D be ascertamed The Umted States Government as well as foreign governments may find th1s file of ll:"reat Interest Prtce reasonable Address File TOBAOCO LEAF office New Yor.k CONVENTION NOTES The conventiOn w&ll smallmpomt of 'Dum bers h was d1gn1fied and SOCiable as usual The pre811 boy11 were kept out 1n the cold but they managed to hold of u seful and llelpfu.lttemUERTON WI!! Jan EDIT R TOBJ.COO LEAFThe 81 W1sconsm tobacco crop w1ll ;r1eld freed vartety balance Seed leaf About 1 500 caoes have been sold to date at priCes rangmg from 13c Ill bundle (one crop Olltllide llm1t) to 8c m bundle The average pr1ce IS 10c m bundle and farmers ji:ene ally are disposed to accept the avera,;e otfer Respectfully F W CooN BUSDI"ESS MENTION Hermann Jsaac of New Orleans bas fitted up a handsome office m the 8tewart Bmldmg and will hereafter make h1s residence m th1s c1ty Mr Isaac IS tba sole agent m the U u1ted Sr.ates for the celebrated Gao: b10r clay and bnar p1pes and for L Lacroix Fils of France the largest manufacturers of c1garette and copJmg book papers m the world The d1str1butmg stote at New Orleans will be con tmued but the busmeSB w11l be conducted at the New York office W1ta th1s 1ssue we present the cla1ms of a novel tobacco @ Crap mach me to ou readers While It 18 the first announcement m prtnt the mach me IS not an experimental one by any means as 1t has been m use m a number of factories and has given umversal satlsfac t10n for eome t1me H the machrne will accompbsh all that 1a cla1med for 1t-and the p.ropr1eto1 a 1t will-It IB certamly a most desirable addition t0 the hst of machmery for ctgar manufacturers use 'I be most umque and valuable d6lvtce con nected w1tb thlo machme 1s the arrangement of the kmves for cutting the filler There ts no danger of their bemg broken or the machme lDJUred by the presence of nails or other small foreign sabstances fed w1th the scrap ut,to the mach me One set of the kmves or cutters 18 bmged and any bard substance "Ommjl; m contact w1th them moves them back and permits the passage of the fore1p substance after w h1c h the kn1v'es fall m place again It IS cla1med that the stock needs to be fed but once through the TroJan macb1oe to be perfectly cleaned Tne filler and fine <:lr smokmg tobacco are sepa1 a ted from the (hrt wbtcb drops mstde the b o x and 1s confined thEre eo tnere IB no dust fiymg about the room The Hiler 1s also separated from the smoking tobacco and both are deposited on the tloor m separate p1les Wet or dty stock may be cut w1tb equal fac1hty A simple throw of a lever changes the adJustment from wet to dry scrap The s1ze ot the filler to be cut may be regulated by chaBgmg tlfe perfo1ated plates through wb1cb the stock passes the change requumg but a few m1tiutes time 'Ihe durability of the TroJan Scrap Machme 1s a point that not been overlooked Not a dollar t1 worth of repairs has been furntshe d to any of the macbmea they have now m Heretofore the shafts of the rna h1res have been 1ron hereafter steel sbaftR will be used and the life of the machme thereby leog bened A further tnqutry 1utu be m e ritS of The TroJan may nut be unpro litable to those who are m need of a mach1ne of th1s kmd We refer our readers to a quar >er of a page card on lifth page of Foster H1leon & Co referr10g to then renowned Sbe Cl Agam 1t see1ns that somebody bas 1m1tated tbts brand and Foster H1lWn & Co s prompt action m the prem1ses deserves credn Everybody 1s enmled to She but not to tb1e IdentiCal Sbe so manufactur One hundred and fort:r seven rephes were receaved from dtfferent firms covermg the whole country and tnclusave of CahforRl&, wllb the followmg result -ers and JObbers better look sharp 97 proceed10gs have been and wall be Instituted agamst any mfrmgemeut upon th111 brand In favor of reta10mg the tuternal revcuue tax on c1gars, In favor of retammg mternal re7enue system but desumg a reduction of the tax In favor of total abolition of tax In favor of free leaf tobacco1 In favor of a untform tar1tf on all 1m S Jacoby & Co the Ftfty second street 10 manufacturers have had a prosperous 40 yetU' Of tbe1r famous Metropolitan brand tlley doubled tbe1r 1n 1887 One of the1r ported tobacco 88 In favor of present tariff 10 In favor of a reductiOn of the tanfl' 1 The foregomg ld sent you 1n pursuance of the resolutton adopted by the conveut1on. Y our1 very respectfully MORRIS S WISII: Secretary THE DOJlBBTIC CIGAR LliiAl!' CROPJI GROWN IN 1887 SohCilmg mformat10n from some of our d1toua.l brethren and correspondents rela 1ve to the product and pr1ces of our home n1gar leaf giOWD ID 1887 we have recetved the follovmg replies for wh1ch our thanks are tendered IIASSACHUSKTTS EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFIt s to the amount of to haeotl t,n pounds or cases at tb1s t1me I have consulted w1th a number or wellmformed paru s and they-takmg the 1886 crop for compauson-est1mate a fallmg off from .2li to 33 per cent 10 pounds but as It IS bemg packeco and mgars were closed by the Sber1tf on last Saturday L1a bliltles $19 OIJO OBITUARY. EDWIN H WEED Tb1s gentleman d1ed aged 51 years of lung and throat dtsorders at b1s late residence 1 9159' Lexmgton avenue th1s City on Mon day from wh1cb place h1s remama were re moved for mterment m Greenwood Ceme tery Thursday mornmg accompanied by relat1ves of the deceased and many adm1r1ng fr1ends and bu smess associates He was con fined to b1s bed only about three days but had been m poor health tor a year or more before he d1ed Mr Weed was well known and h1gbly es teemed In the tobacco trade bavmg all hie life heen 1dent1fied w1th 1t 10 one way and another W1tb his brother Robert lately de ceased he was for a short t1me 10 manufacturmg tobacco but for many years h111 attentton was to transactions I..Q leaf !._obacco :M R H Arkenburgb forme1ly and Charles F Tag & Sons latterl:y employ10g h1m as tbe1r representative m some of the1r tobacco trade operatwns An 1ntelhgent upright kmd hearted man he left m dy1ng m any friends who w11l long mourn the and unllmely clos1og of h1s carfl<'r 8ustneaa New and Ue movala the permanent comm1ttees It then ad Journed mdefimtely to call by the appropriate committee The hvehest d1s cuss1on ensued wh e n the queshon AT< o Mosler & H a r r s who esale e&! tobacco assoClattoo have Impressed upon the mem & C o ciga manufactu e r s d sso v e d I berRh ofh the hWayslkandt hM eaus Comfmittee D&N s R c F p Fortune & uo c gars tc suc.:eeded Wit w om l e y ta e t e necessHy o a re by Wooden & B""' bate claue covermg all unb10ken p ackages to Fnoo Dak J L Strass & Co -.ho esale aad reta.ll c1gars the hands of dealers and that the bill con tam and tobacco succeeded by J H e illSturW & Co FREl!ONT Neb --Ch&s H ComBE c gars and tobacco sold a clause makmg the appl oprlatiOD Ont -Lovell & Mille r manufacturers d s X .. utTY Mo -0 G Hull who esale cbars ao!d out plug fine cut and smok ng prefer the reten IIIILwuxu w s-F F Adama & Co tobacco maoufac twn of the tax while a few 8maller manu turers ooorpo &ted as the F F Adams Tobacco Co .llloa< &, Ala Kelly & Carone lcb obacco and mgars now facturers who expenencmg a dimllliBhmg & Co cigar manufactu volume of trade due to vattous causes attrt rers dlaoolved bute the loss of tbetr busmeos to the tax and PoRTLAND Me -M A Jewell & Co wholesale tobacco etc the tax regulatiOnS fave>r total abohcwn and damaged by fire i08ured b k b h h b 1 f b d PoRTGA>D Or H Rosenfe d & Co wholesa e tobacc o etc t Ill t at WIt e a 0 I t10n 0 t a tax an dlawhed repeal of alllawarelatmg to tobacco they will be able to re estabhob their bus10e s on a eat Reported .Falloree and BuslnfiM Ar1sfactory basts Tb1s 18 true largely of S<>uthern manufacturers who adhere to the Thoee Picture PoLICE HEADQUARTERS NEW YoRK Jan :.!0 EDITOR Sil seem to have arrived at the end of the1r tether 10 the matter of pte tures They commenced w1th beautiful womeu then the clergy of New Jt>rsey and now the police captams of are bemg ,;1ven chromos I suppose the best look mg sergeants will follow Then what! Let me make a suggeetlou Take the Rogues Gallery and publish the handsomest men and wome n rascals we have Thts wtll ex pooe v1ce and teach us to appreciate v1rtue ONE WHO WEARS GOLD LACE Still Thev Ject of the meetmg There were but e1gbtoeu membe s present but as the call extended only to manufactu1ers 1t was not expected that there would be so large an attendance as on former occas1ons when dealers growers and c1gar manufacturers also partiCip ated m the dellberatlODI!! Yet more arr1vals were ex pected under the call and 1t w a s agreed that there should be no formal orgamzatwn of the cenventwn unt1l the tardy ones b a d reached the c1ty The eess1 o n whtcb las t e d only a short t1me cons1sted therefore of stmply an mformal chat from wh1ch by the way the reporters-the of the ToBAcco LEAF among them-were expressly excluded on the plea as one member ex pressed It that I here was likely ta be a ltttle family quarrel wb1ch should be l!t!ttled be fore their deliberations would be open to the pubhc The meetmg was bowever very brief the convention adJOUI mug until 10 o clock A M Wednesday morntnjr January 18 wnhout takmg acuon upon any quest1on to come before them As developed from talks among the membe s afterward 1t ap peared that there was a of v1ews fir a t as to wb1ch the assoctatlon should re commend the enure aboiH1on of the tax on tobacc o or Its retention and Recond 1\S to the best method of havmg the1r act10n pre sented to Congress There was a feehog among some of the members that the ume of the conventiOn was a little early and that 1t would have been better to havo wa1ted 1 n til tbe mtent10n of Congress on the subJeCC of taxes had more fully developed Dr 1 R Spence was of tb s opuuoo He seemed to thmk that 1t was hke gropmg 10 the da1 k 111 determmmg what course to pursue before Congress had shown Ita band In o der to arnve as far as po s s1ble at what Congress was dI S posed to do after the ad JOUloment the members went to the C:.p1tol to mterv1ew merubB!s and 1ovest1gate the matter fo themselves I diVIduallv Bahev mg that the1r futu1e dehberatwns woald de velop tbe1r sentiments as to the removal or retentiOn of the tax and other matteis to come before them the tepreseutatlve of the TOBACCO LEAF 1 eframed from bothermg Lbem md1v1dually wttb leadmg q u.est10na Tfie followmg 1s a hst of the members who were present and recorded their names as mem bersDf tbe association -Geo H H o pkml! of John J Bagley & Co A A Barllett of the Globe 'Iobacco Co Chas B Hull of the Amertcan Eagle Tobacco Company all of Detro1t M1ch Wilham and Theodore Mar of Marburg Brothers Wischmeyer L H Newdecker and G w Gall of Bltl more Md A C Marshall of Dayton Oh1o Geo W H elme John A Sterry Theodore E Allen and C 1 E A McAipm of New York G W Sm1tb and Paul C Edmunds of I ynebburg Va T R Spence of Cmcm nat1 Oh10 E A CampbPll of Newark N J Harry We1ssmger and E J E oree or L'>UIB v1lle Ky S W Venable of Petersburg A Block of Wbeelufg Va J S Carr of Dur bam N C S muill H""' Austm and J Vf Woods1de ot Philadelphia Pa SECOND SESSION 'The conventiOn agam met at 10 A M Wednesday and orgamzed by re electmg the followmg officers for the ensmog year Gw W Helme pres1dent Dr 'I R Spence v1ce prestdent John W W <>Odslde secretary and treasurer Mr S1edlf,r the former treasurer no longer m the busmess t t was thoug&t best to combme the offices of secre tary and treasurer The busmess of the con vent1on was almost ent1rely rout1ne The questiOn of the reteotwn or aboht10u of the tobacco tax was not formally presented and there was no exprusewn of v1ews m the con vent10n e1ther for or aboht1oo Ad IDIBBIOD of sentiment was however shown when the questiOn of the appnmtment of an Executive Committee came up and the dis cnss1on was almostaltoge&her on thiS subJect While there was no direct allusiOn to the sub Ject of taxat1oo the 1ssue ra1sed as to the formatiOn of the Executive Cvmm1ttee and the manner m wb1ch the future conventiOn should be called 1f 1t was dectded to call one mdJCated that there was a d1ve1 slty of opm10n on the mam questiOn regard1og the tax on tobacco The questwn of appomtmg an Executive Committee was referred to a comm1ttefi' m wh1cb there was a very lively debatP Harry We1ssmger of Loutsv!ll" represented !he m1oorJty and was very com bat1ve He voiCed the sentiments ot tbo!IO who favor a total abolltwn of the tax and wanted the Executive Comm1ttee an:lus sub committee so formed and org m1zsd as to favor the class of maoufacture1-a of whtch he was the representative The Executive Comm1ttee wllB finally selected anll appomted as follows -Geo W Helme E A McAlpm and Wm buchanan ef New York Wm S K1mball of RoebeR ter E A Campbell of Newark N J P Lor1llard Jr of Jersey C1ty John W Woodside of Philadelphia G W Gall Jr of Balt1more P H Mayo 6I RiChmond Va S W Venable of Va G W Smtth of Lynchburg Va C G Hoi land of Danv11te Vu Juhan S Carr of Durham N C R J Reynolds of Wmston N C T R spence of Cmcmmtt1 P J Sorg of Middletown 0 Harry We1sswger and E J Foree of Lomsv1lle K v R >bert Ham 1lton of Ky S 8 Baker of ChiCago C B Hull ot D Catlm ami Jametl G Butler of St Loms A M T1 '"ley of J JUISJana Mo B Le1dersdorf of M I aukee W1s A C Ma1shall of Day ton 0 S Hel'nsbeim of New Orl La Wm Je kiiiSOr> of Pittsburg Pa A Block ot Wheeling W Va and Wm 1\, Marburg A sub comm1ttee was also appomted con "'st iD!' of the followmg named members Geo W Helme E A McAlpm Wm Bu chaoan W S K1mball E A Campbell P Lonllarcl Jr John W Woodside G 'V Gull Jr S W VenablP Wm M Marburg H W el8smger G W and Chas B Hull For the gmdance of the Executwe Com m1twe and the sub c ommittee the followmg 1 es.:llutlon was adopted -Resolved Tbut H shall be the duty of the Execut1ve Committee and sup committee to gtve careful attention to any proposed legts lat10o by C ongress relatmg to tax on to bacco and regulatiOns gove1 mng the same and that the a s s oCI Ltlon may be called to gether at any time by the maJoruy of the oUb COillmltttoe Dr Spence offered the followmg resolutiOn wbwb was adopted w1tb very httle d1scus ston and w1tbout oppositiOn -Resolved Ihat the Natwnal Tobacco As havmg illfilt 1n, coufe.rence and bndmg thut the VIews of Congress and 1ts probable actwo on the questwn of tbe to bacco tax are undeveloped and unc8l ta1 q tbarefore we believe 1t atiVIsable that no ac t10n be taken on th1s question at the ptesent t1me The association then adJourned mdefimtely VISIT TO THE PRILSIDICNT Immediately after the of the convention a maJortty of the members went 10 a body to the Wlme House to pay the1r re pecta to the President and had a very pleas ant for malmtet v1ew w1th h1m but there was no expressiOn of v1ews on the 8UbJect of the tobacco tax Secretary Woodside mtroduced the members and all were rece1ved very cord1ally by the President The conversatiOn was entirely of a personal character and was very brief there b mg qu1te a number of otber awanmg to be pres nted wh1ch made 1t necessary to cut the1r mter v1cw short 'I hey wAre the first ones rece1ved at the public tecept1on wh1ch was then bemg held CALL UPON THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY The same members then VIBited the Tteasury Department and called upon Secre to:ry }j a1rcbtld They were very cordially received The mterv1ew was more m the nature of busmess than that w11b the Pres1 dent They were mtroduced by Mr Wood s1de who as Gne of tho spokesmen of the part y sa1d l have the honor to mtroduce to you a number of the members of the Natwnal To bacco Assoctatwn of the Umted States We call to pay our respects to you I m!ght st'\te that while we are somewhat d1v1ded 10 opm10n as to the q,nestwn o[ tobacco taxa t10n Aome of us betog m favor of total aboli t10n I tl:imk I am safe m say1ng that the rna JOrlty of us agree with the Pt e s 1dent m the sentiments expressed by him m b1s message on the iUbJect of revenue R ecogn zmg tbe fact th!it tbe condition of the 1reasury de m ands some reductiOn of the t axes we are w11lmg to subm1t to a red uc"on et the tax on tobacco but 1t seems Important that Ill order to mumtam our mdustr1es as they ex1s. and keep our labormg peopl e employed some of the tax should be retamed If we have a low tax we ate willing that the reetrtcttOilB m TAN. 21. regard to tho sale of leaf tobacco by the deale!." shall be en tlrely removed that 1t shall be free the same 11s that of any other pro duct of the farm Mr A C Marshall also addreeod the Secre tary He called h1s a Lo the fact that for over twenty yl"aro manufacturers of to bacco were compelled to adopt and adhere to methods e>f and their bust ness p10spenty was 1 ow dependent upon the con timed extotence of these condttlons He 8ald tt at the manufacturer of emokmg to bacco Instead of establl.hmg a reputation and bus1uesM for bulk packmgs has been compelled by law to pack goods m small packages and the repeal of tbe tobacco tax and the leglslllt!On attendmg 1t would take away f10m h1m the protectio n wh1cb he 18 entitled to 1a a busmess wb1cb has been establisl}ed m With the reguJatione enforced under the r"venue laws Not only would the reputation of h1s brands and biB busmees be destroyed but: the machine!')' n11cessary for the transactiOn of 1t under the revenue laws would be wortbleee The num ber of b1s employee s would be decreased fifty per cent and the busmess of the JObber who sells h1s goods would be ahke uufortu nate Mt Marshall sa1d that to cate for all these mterests he regarded as protectiOn of a b1gh order The S ecretary of the Treasury listened Tel'J" atteunvely but reframed from commlttmg himself to any defimte hne of pohcy w1tb ref erence to the expressed v1ews and w lShes of the tobacco men He was d1sposed to call forth a free expressiOn of opmton from his VISitors and to th1s end mterrogated them very closely as to the etfect the aboht10n of the tobacco tax would have on the different branches of the trade In th1s connection be stated that he was m accord w1th the well known VIews of the Pres1dent on the tax questiOn Iu speakmg of the regulations adopted m the execut1on of the revenue laws some one hmted that he obJected to the regu latwn regardmg mspect1orwfficers Why, sa1d the l:>ecretary JOCosely 1t the other brauca of the revenue serVIce IS req utred to go through the bustles of the la(heA you cer tamly ought not to ObJect to au officer of the Internal Revenue Department gomg through your factories Tb1s pleasamry waa YerJ" much enJoyed all around and a very g00<1 fee1mg CODtlDU,.Ild lDku'VJeW One thm'g tl'ie Secretary asked tliem and that was whether any of them were mterested m the tanff on Sumatra tobacco He that he had had considerable t ouble wtth reenforcement He was told that tbe1r assoc1at10n was not m any way con cerned m the daty on Imported tobacco WIth reference LO the etfect of the abolition of the tax on tobacco upon the mternal revenue system he eatd 1t would be necesear:y to continue 1t on account of the collection of the taxon whiskey and oleomargarme The farmmg mterest reqmred that there should be tnls protection fro m the manufacture and Bille of oleomargarme and th1s would be an Important factor m settling the question H1 attenuon was called to the fact that a large volume of Government bonds would mature w1thm three or four year@, and thai tf the tax on tobacco were abolished 1t m1ght become necessary to reenact 1t as 1t had been found to be a vety succes!l!ul method of raiSing revenue He wade no reply to this remark and mdeed made no pos1t1ve state meot on any subJeCt but was content to call forth the v1ewe of Jus wb1cb were g1ven m an easy conversatiOnal way The party left feeling very mucb pleased w1th thetr call VISIT TO THE INTERNAL REVENUE BUREAU They next pa1d the1r respects to the Com miSSIOner of Internal Revenue who recetved them pleasaHtly There was however no extended 111 ervtew on the quest1on of taxa t1on and after they had been heartily greeted personally by the CommlSSlODer they retired The partv then returned to tke Ebb1tt House where they dispersed B P G Plug Tobacco .RegiStered Jan 16 8 a m Harry WelSeme;er LoUisville Ky Lq No 2823 For ReJt lBtered Jan 17 1 p m J E Cartaya & Co New YorK Ml 1\.nlta No 2824 FerG1gars Jan 17 1 p m J E Cartaya & Co New York Don Pcpc No 2825 FJr C1gars RegiB tered Jan 17 1 p m ;r E Cartaya & Co New York Old Richmond No For Plug and Smokmg 'Iobacco R egistered Jan 17 8 a m Hall & Austm Providence R L StaK'e Beauties No 2827 For Ctgars R egistered Jan 19 10 a m H Ham burger & Co Lancaster Pa La ()orona de Dlamaulcs No 2828 For Regtstered Jan 14 11 a m Geo W Nwhols & Co New York Ml OJ"!;ullo No 2829 For Cll!ars RegiS tered Jan 14 11 a m Geo W N1cbols & Co. New Ymk Lc Mien No 2830 For Cigars ReJtlS tered Jan 14 11 a m Geo W Ntchols & Co New York THE TF._Jr lmporJer and SUMATRA, and faoker of SEED LEAF l:obaoco,l92_fROrtT ST., ABU fulton. NfWJOM. t


JAN. 21. Ia the CII'Rr Factories of New York City. As current rumor goes, the following were the developments in cigarmaking circles in the week just ended:On Monday night the Strike CommiUee. bad a consultation with Kimball & Crouse and tried to settle the pendinfl: difllculty. But the manufacturers would settle only on the coRditions that they bad previouely of fered. They had no tenement bouse work and demanded a reducti.9n of the rates from liO cents to 11 a thousand, according to the kind of cigars. The committee would not ac. cept those conditions and the men were in structed to strike in the morning, which they d .id. In the afternoon a number of men representing themsel vee as a committee from the Knights of Labor cigarmakers in this city called at the strikers' headquarters in First avenue and said that they would promise the International Cir;armakers' Union the aupport of 8,000 cigarmak:ers who are Knigbte of Labor. Aa there are not so many cigar makers in that organization in this city, Sec -retary Dampf looked upen the visit of the Knights as a scheme to induce the cigarmak era to strike so that their placee could be ftlled by members of a rival order. No fur ther ad vices came from the headquarters iri Buffalo. The Strike Committee called Tuesday at the factory of Brothers, and the members of the firm to reecind their decision to reduce the wages of their employees liO cents to 11 70 a thousand. The proprietors are said to have replied that they could not do so, inasmuch as their agents bad started out on their travels through the country with instructions to sell cigars at a reduction from old prices in propO!'tion to the reduction they bad imposed on the men. The Strike Committee then informed the firm that they would be obliged to order a strike, and did so. Nearly all the employees, to the number of 350, 100 of whom are Interna tionals and Knights of marched out, and the 29 Spanieh cogarmakers employed in the place also went out in a sympathetic strike. At the factory of Louis Ash & Co. a strike occurred, but it is reported that the opera tives are now all at work. Wednesday afternoon a strike was ordered in the factory of Sutro & Newmark, calling out nearly 400 additional hands. The strike was ordered because on one floor, where al mos t 200 hands are employed, the firm de cided to begin making a cheaper grade of cigar, paying $2 l ess for making than for the next highest grade; On a vote the other 200 decided to strike; On Sunday afternoon a number of union cigarmakers intend holding a to begin an agitation !or the abolition of the tax on cigars. Should Congress remove the tax it is said the large cigar factories will be broken up, as that will enable every cigarmaker of small means to manu!a.ctYre cigars on .bis own account, as be will not be required to give and all the implemtnts be will re quire will be a piece of board, a knife, and a pot of paRte. The striking cigarmakers are picketing the factories that are on strike. Thursday they complained that the police drove'away their pickets. The Strike Committee intends to make a complaint te Superintendent Murray and to apply for an inJunction against the police restraining them trom interfering with the strikers and pickets. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 18.-Tbe members of local unions Nos. 100, 165 and 293 held a special meeting last night, when resolutions were adopted Tbat it is the sense of the organized cigar makers to resbt any and all proposed reductions in their wages, and that they will fight any such attempt to the bitter end Resolutions were also adopted instructing the members of the union now on strike to return to work pendior; the approval of their applicatio n to go en strike. IN CONGRESS THIS WEEK, 8ENATJC-Petitions were presented from At lanta, Ga for the repeal of the tax on alco hoi; from Lead ville, Col., against the removal of the tax on lead ore, and from tobacco manufacturers ior the abolition of the inter nal revenue tax on cigars and cigarettes. HousE-Mr. Kilgore of Texas moved for abolishing the tax on tobacco. Thursday, in the Ways and Means Com mitee, Major .McKinley succeeded in placing his Republican colleagues on record in of the repeal of Lhe tobacco tax by moving that the bill be reported to the House. Some discussion ensued, from which it appeared that the Democratic majority was averse to considering any specific tax reduction bill at this time, preferrmg to take up that class of bills in oonoection with the general tariff re duction bill which it is the intention of the committee to present to the House. Finally Mr. Breckinridge of Arkansas moved to defer the consideration of Mr. McKinley's bill until the general subject of revenue reduction is taken up by thll committee, and this motion. prevailed by a strict party vote of 5 to 4. Tbe subject is expected to come up again at the meeting of the committee next Tuesday. PHIL.&DEJ.PUIA. l'IOT.BII, Mr. George W. Newman bas filled his trunk with a varied and complete of samples of leaf tobacco, and started on his maiden trip for the firm of Young & Newman, 62 N. Front street. Being an individual member of the firm, the trade he comes in contact with may look for a first class assortment of stock. We ask for the young firm encouragement which will receioe appreciation. Tobacco dealers generally seem to be well satisfied with the past year's business. Luxury Tobacco Works, 151 North Third: street, conducted by the familiar name of Fr1shmutb Bro. & Co ., are moving goods of their owa make since the New Year with astounding rapidity. No wonder, eve1 y article made by them is the same the year through, and the public bas found it out. The trade is waiting for the action of Congrllllll. Let go the grip of tax on tobacco in every form I Several Southern tobacco manuf&cturers have paid toe Quaker City a visit the past week, and judging from their smiling facES businees must be good. (lbem.uu.,; Valle)' Grewer. The meeting of the Tobacco Association on the 5th instant was attended by represents tive tobacco growers from Steuben, Chemung and Broome counties in this State and from in Pennsylvania. The meeting was opened by the secretary at the request of President Morse. He >ah.l that the Chemung Valley tobacco groweN who were not present at this meeting and who bad not j omed the al!llodation were not doing their uuty to themselves and their and they were not treating fa1rly who were giving valuable timP to the work in the results of which all growers are alike interested. Ptesictent Morse bas probably contributed more money directly to the association than any other to bacco grower, and besides be has given several months ot valuable time, much bard work to further the objects of our orgamzat1oo, H e bas already accompliehO?d enough to pay many times ove r the cost of our &88ociation. The recent favorable ruling of the TreMur.Y. Department was due, no doubt, to our representatiyea at Washington and as much, i f not more than .to any else, the credit is due to. the president of our associati11n. President Mol'!le gave an interesting ac of the work done by the represent& tives of the tobacco growers' associations mode9tly refraining from any allusions to individual except aa be was com palled to explain by questions from those seeking information. We will not attempt to report his remarks except in a detached way. He said: "I went te Washington and I have done the best I could. I met worthy representa ttves and co-workers from Wisconsin New England, Pennsylvania, and from the 'Bald winsville district in this State. We were all farmer tobacco growers. We found the in terests to which we were opposed represented by lawyers, who had prepared elaborate ar guments, but we found that farmers, when they are in earnest and have a cause to pre sent, receive respectful attention from the authoritiel at Washington. I believe we shall accomplish correction of the tariff law affecting our industry. We have secured the favorable ruliug of the Treasury Depart ment, w bicb enables the customs officers to enforce the law much more effectively than formerly. we must not be coRtent to let the Jtta.tter rest here. We must have the law itself corrected so that we are not de pendent on the favorable rulings of the TreMury Department."-Chem.ung Valley, N. Y., Reporter, Jan. 17. A. Celeb:rated. Houae "Wia.oae Dulneaa Founded Owe.r PIR:F Year H. SCHUBART &: 00. OF NEW YOli.K. ...... There is scarcely any line of business that can be mentioned as being represented In New city at .the present day !D. connection with which tbere bas been such a wonderful develop ment and expansion during the experience of the present generation a.S in that which bas to do wi t h the handling of leaf tobacco upon a wholesale sco.le. Even thirty years ago the annual transactions In this line were but a mere fraction of what they are to-day. During the last half dozen years or so the cigar manufac turing interests of N e w York have been growing at a tremendous rate, so that this Is now the greatest cigar manufacturing city In the world; and, of course, the handling of leaf tobacco has kept pace therewith. Then, again, New York is the headquarters of our great and growing export trade in leaf tobaccoan Inter est that in itself bas most imposing proportions, and a phenomenal developmeJ;J.t of which may be expected in time to come. A copartnership announcement that has appeared in the daily newspapers within the last few days reminds the reporter who writes this that we have at least one h ouse in the leaf to bacco trade whose history covers a .period of over half a century It is that for a number of years carried on under the style of H. Schubart & Co. The rounder of the business in question was the late Henry Schubart, who died on No vember 1, 1 887, at the age of 73, after an active hlll!liness career o f more than half a century. H e was one of the oldest and m os t widely known tobacco merchants in this country, h av ing established himself over Ill ty years ago. During tbe whole of that lengthy period b e bore a most !J.onorable reputation in the trade, and was esteemed liB one of our highest au thorities upon everything rela\ing to the pro. ductio n, the consumption, the distribution and the exportation of l eaf tobacco, both domestic and imported. In 1!l80 Mr. Scbubart took into partne rship his two sons, Mr. Aaron Scbu_bart and .Mr. Wil Jiam Schubart, under the firm style of H. Schu bart & Co. These two gentlemen have just formed a new copartnership under the old firm style, and viill carry on the business as before, at 160 Wate r street. Both gentlemen had b ee n connected with th9 business of the house for many years b efore coming partners. They are looked upon as two of the ablest .and most popular m e n in the trade.-New York Com mercial News. -------CURING THE 188'1 CROP, .My non wetting curing process for '"new" tobacco bas now been so thoroughly tested that all who have had leaf treated ey it declare it to be the greatest succees of the age. I can take the 181:!7 touacco as soon as it can be got Into cases and i.ather comeR to harm it. .My process i s perfect booause I make a perfect climate in which I place the tobacco, and keep it there until it is perfectly cured, and it cannot be cured or processed enough to harm the leaf, I guarantee that. For when the process bas cured out all the s,.p and green juice and fermentable matter, it must st.Jp for want of food or ferment; and no matter bow long the process is kept up or contmued, the fibre of the leaf and the oil and gloss are oover disturbed or injured. 1'hese are facts that have been proved In many thou sands of cases. Last year I had only room for ::uriog some S. 000 cases at a time ; this year I can cure 30 ,000 cases at once; so you see bow the business must grow. Ship lots to 188 Pearl street, and carload lots to Pier 48, East E.ivPr, New York. which is opposite the warehouses. Do not neglect or you will be very sorry when you eee other merchants with ready to sell six months ahead of yo 1. Yon take no risk on the pwcess, as I guarantee that your goods cannot be harmed a farthing's worth. I have already received Revera.lsbipments of the 1887 crop and they are doing finely and will soon be ready to use. Send in some cases at once. D o not neglect to test this and remember that the tobacco is not taken out of the cases and that not a drop of wate is put on it, nnd that I guarantee a perfect ;:ure. I have cured a goo d many thousand cases of "new tobacco" this way, and I know that I now have the rigbt thiug, for no risk is run of spoiling a single leaf. This process will cure, age and refine cigars after they ara packed and stamped and "cased," ready for shipping. without band ling a cigar and without injury to stamps or l abels, and improve tbem beyond rec'ognitio:1. H .. vana or Sumatra are brought to :1 grand quality and. not removed from tha Don't believe it; try it I I guarantee succees beyond your expectations. tobaccos for plug, pipe, chew lOll:, Cigarettes or export are brought to a quality unheard of. Bright leaf is not made Clark, but grand quality. Dark wrapper brought out glossy and tough. Never any tender leaf by this non wetting proceSB. Me@srs. Sutter Bros. of Chica(l;o, Ill., have adopted the process and will process and ciire tobacco !or "the trade" in that section. Send for circulars, etc .. to CHARLEt! S. PHILIPS, Tobacco 'Curing and Re Sweating, 188 Pearl stree$, New York.-Dec. 28, 1887. 1192-99 CHEAP STORAGE, LARGEST AND FINEST WAREHOUSES IN THE CITY LOWEST RATES. Our new stores. 550. 662, 554 and 556 Water st_reet, and 806, 807, 809 and 811 Cherry street, P1er 45. E .. .;t River, all under one roof, in one block, with a driveway throu$h the building for loading and unloading m poor Wf!atber, have a capacity of about thirty thousand cases. We are in a position to give the tobacco trade the lowest rates of any bouse in our line. It costs about as much per case insurance in country warehouses as for both storage and insur ance with us.' Did you ever figure it out? Well, do so, and taen get our rates, and you will see that we are correct. Tobacco ages to a finer quality in city warehouses. oolors come from poor curing, as a rule. Store your leaf where it will cure the beet; THE TOBACCO LEAF. it is juet as cheap, when you consider the low rate of insurance on our etol'l!tl. Please call or send fer rates, and greatly oblige, CHAs. S. PHruPS, President Philips Tobacco Co .. 1l:l8 Pearl street, New York. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FOR WEEK ENDING JAN. 20. Weatern Leaf-The market bes been quieter than last week, but is steady, and sales since the first instant have amounted to perhaps 6,000 hogsheads. Particulars will not be known until the end of the month. In dark tobaccos the sales were almost altogether in low grades, and at an advance of onebalf ceLt a pound. Small lots have been sold daily for home trade, but prices have not altered since the beginning of the month. Low grades, it may be said, in a general way, are moving with some celerity and at a. positive advance. Transactions in leaf ef importance have not been reported. Any thing in the lower realm, with light color and suitable for manufacturers, it may be added, is readily taken at full to fancy prices. A good spurt, if not a boom, bas at last reached this city, and strong as is the position at the West, it is evident that shippers are finding a satisfactory market here. Virginia Leaf-Inquiry moderate. Cigar Leaf-Messrs. J. S. GANs' SoN & Co., brokers, 181 Water Street, report to the ToBACCO LEAF as follows :-A fair amoum of buMiness bas been done, with sales of 1,750 cases, divided: 800 cs. 1886 Penn. Seed leaf... 10 @15 300 cs. 188.1-85 do. do. 9 @14 206 cs. 1886 Dutch.............. 9 100 cs. 1886 N. Havana ... 18 @26 100 cs. 18136 State Havana...... 6 100 cs.l886 Wis Havana. ..... 7 @10 150 cs Sundries............... 7 @28 Divided as follows:-To manufacturers .............. To city trade ................... .. To out of town ................. 900 cases 400 450 .. .... : .............. HavanaThe market was not quite so ac ti ve as it las t week, yet a very satisfac tory business was done. Nearly l ,OQO bales were disposed of by importers, at prices rang ing, for the bulk of it, from 85c to $1.05. A. few choice lots brqught $1.15 to $1.20. Infor mation from Cuba states that the temprano cut is very fine. The tobacco In the field is suffering for want of rain. If the drouth continues it may curtail the yield of wrappers, but the leaf will probably thicken down into good fillers for use in the U niled SLates. Quotatiom-(Wholesale Prices). Havana Fillers-Very common 60 to 70 Common ...... 75 to 85 Good to med.. 85 to 95 Med. to fine ... 95 to 105 l!'ine .......... 105 to 115 8uperioo ...... 115 to 125 Yara-I and II cuts W!sorted ... 65 to 70 II cuts .................. 75 to 85 Sumatra-There is nothing special to re port. No larges:lles have been made, though tkere are rumors of large transactions pend ing. Shipments from Holland have almost entirely ceased. Pdces continue very firm. The sales reported amount to 260 bales at $1.40 for good leaf, to 11.75 for fine goods. Plug-We have to report a very moderate business the past week, but in the main it is satisfactory. We hope, early in February, to see much larger orders. To sell it is only necessary to shade prices a trifle, The ex ports were 114,477 pounda. Brights: Quotattona. Navy 4s, 5s, 6s, 3s ......... 20 ,!4 lbs, lOs and Pocket Pieces ..... l!O ll-inch light-pressed. . . ... 30 Gold Bars .............. ........ 30 6 and 12-incb twist ............... 25 Blacks: to 30 to 80 to 50 to 50 to 40 lOs, 12s, JQ: las ........... -to 17 & 20 to 26 Navy 4s, 5s, 3s and" lbs. -to 17 & 20 to 26 Navy lOs or Pocket. Pieces ........ 18 to 25 Negrobead twist ................... 23 to SO Smoking-Demand steady witb, possibly, a slight increase. Cigars-No reported change. DOIIIE!ITIO K.EOIPTa. follow articles were received at tbe port of New dudng the week: By tho &v llailnoaD.-J H Moore & Co 60 hhds Pollard, Pettus & Co 22 do;. Kremelherg & Co 7; order 110 do, 84pkgs. B1i IJu lJ.udson &-RailrLootholf5: TH Ha l Ul; Ed Stake 10; E Bach & Son 3; J Mayers Sons 5: order 2. 811 tlu Nt1JJ Ymk and Ba1 tford i:JUaf1Weal Lma F Schulz 35 cs leaf. BJi 1114 Vld 1Jut10inibn Toe! .t Co 10 hhtl s : F E Owen 4 do; Kin Lev o 'obacco Co 23: Jos Luowe 2: 'J H Moo re & 0o 13: Oelrichs & Co l: H 10, T Wats o n .t CoG W N Huxall 50: J D K i elly. Jr, 5 do, trcs, 50 mfd; P Lonll ard & Uo 2U J;!Jds, l8 trcs, 3 bx; sam ples, 5 do snulf, 9 cs nkg: Au ; tin,Nochols & Co 42 cs smkg, 1 do wftl, 5 cads, 12 !Q: cads do; Thurber, Wbyland .t Co 10 cs smkg, 15 kegs ml'd L Miller & t!e n 1 < 0 cs smitg, 1 do cigaretttos : Ben' nett, Bloa ... ll; Co 20 cs mkg: 28 ,!4 IJxs mfd Jas 111 Gardiner a cs srukg, 82 cads mfd: .Martin & Broadhurat l cs smkg, 20 bales do ; 6 cs mfrl, 111 bxs do, a kego do;, Carroll & Co i! csmfd, 8 31;-bxs do; Gilbert Lloyd 50 cs mfd : W & A Leaman 4 do; Ernst Mueller & Co 10 %-bxs do; Jo9 D Evan & (Jo 1S2 do: Smith, Tay lor & Perki s J.QO do : E & R Mead Jr liB do; H 1llanaelbaum 20 cs smk; Wise & Bendheim 26 do; J J Grogan 8; Silverstone Bros 2 : Allen cl Ginter 118 do cigar ttes and mkll' Park & Tilford 4 de cigarettes; W Dessauer 6 cs 'leaf 2 bxs do; Mrs G B Miller & Co 14 bxs snuff; 88 hhds, ca smkg, 47 do mfd, 422 bxs do. 11 -bxs do, 312 ,!.1-Qxs do, 50 do, 335 cads a .. 8 pkgs leaf. Btl !114 .ftiIA Y rn-k &nd Baltimor 7'ra'IW{JUI'taiJOn Line-Funch. Edve & Co 16 hhds; LDe BebibD 300 do; Wise & Bcndbeim 2 cs smkg: Payne's Son To ba cco Co do; H P J o hnson 5!1 do, 1 cs ci'(ars. UOtuttDtu {rom Wut-A C Rodriguez & Co 14 cs cigar; J E Cartaya& Co2 do; Koenogsberp;er, Fa.k .t \!eyer a: ME McDowell 4; S Serpa 2; F H Leggett & John C!!phie & Co2; Max Marx & Co 27: Freed & Malga 1; M Bam born 8; Baker & Du Bo11 1: P Polialski & Co 80 B R Web ster & Co S ; W A & Uo 1 : Stra ton II; Watt : G Alces 11; Best, Russell & Co 8 Wagner & Kellam 1 : I Reinitz 3; M Barranco &'co 10 H R Kelly .t Co 13; Esberg Bachman & Co 17; 'p & J Frank Raper & :Barker 8; E H Gato S; Perea Bres 2; order, 1: Sideman Lachman .t Co 6 do 1 pkg do; G W Nichols cs cigars, 8 bales scraps: Set7; F Garcia Bro & Co 121 F Garcia Bro & Co 121; Gans Bros & Rosenthal 28; W A &yd & ()o 20; Schroeder Bon 41; Ja E Ward & C<> 60. Ci!(ars-Purdy II; Nicholas 38 cs; Max Marx & Co 3; W H Thomas & Bro 6; Straiton & Watt 10: Esberg Bachman & Co 8; E ReJI'ens berg II; G W Faber 7: H R Kelly & Co 7: Carl Up m8nn 6; Miehaelis & Lindemann 3; P & J Frank 4 Acker, 1llerroll & Condit 88: Park & Tilford 60; Kunhard & Co 1; F Alexandre & Boos 87: order 1G8: M 1 do, 1 Cil cigarettes; Ja.s E Ward & co 163 do, 29 do. J:a:POKTS l'rom the port or New York to foreldam-Su hhds, 2 pkgs (200 lbs ) mfd. U. 8. of CI>Wmbia-10 bales, 2 pkgs (240 lbE) mfil. V'ruguay-9 hhds, 3 c;, 3 pkgs lbs) mfd. Yenezuela-65 bales, 35 pkgs(4,000 lbs) mfd. I:XPORTB FROM THE PORT OF NJ:W YORK TO I'ORKIGN PORTS I'ROJI JANUARY 1, 1888, TO JAN. 20, 1888. A.frie& ...... .... Amsterdam ....... Antwerp ........ .. A.ustn& .......... Hhds, 13 110 11 A. us tralia.... . 34 BreRlen.. .. .. .. .. 8Hi N. A C ol.. (Janada .............. .. Uentr&l America. . Uhtna and Japan... .. .. Copenhagen .......... lt:as t lndies .. .. ... France ............ 1,108 G :bra ltar.. ...... 18 Ul&Sgow.......... 54 lio.mburg......... fi8 Italy .............. 1 ,730 Li Yerpool .. .. ... 77 London. .......... 93 Other .Britll!h Port!!. 36 ............... .. Mexoco ............ .. New Zealand, etc. Portugal ............. llotterdu.m . 129 ilandwich Islands. :>pain .... :........ 500 Seuth America.... 10 ::!wcdtn & Norway WesL lnrli.,. .. 47 Various ports .... ... 4,892 Cases. Bales. 1 15 13 1,183 10 1 ,040. 334 226 135 3 4 2,841 10 4 2fi4 68 75 6 5 2 1,100 Lb mfd. 650 500 320 216,440 -9,5411 2,066 6,692 1,700 6,702 15,433 18,545 13,054 6,149 25,766 8,880 1 ,275 62,037 ao 60,797 85,5i6 8 ,526 540,871 CLARK8VILL.1:!1, 'J.'e11n,, Jan. 17. Me..,ro. M.. 1:1.. ()lark & Dro. 'l'ot>acco Hrokers, reporL to tbe ToBACCo L&AJP:-Receipls are very light, and the supply for the breaks is. drawn at most from the old stock, which is shrink ing steadily. The sales for the week ending to day were 410 hbds The marltet was ftrm and otrong at the advance quoted in our last week s report, with an upward ttndeacy on all gra.Qes of lugs. : QUOTATIONS. Frost.ed lugs ........................... 2J4'@ 8 Lugs-Commn ....................... 4" Medium ....................... 5 @ 6 Good ........................... 6,!4@ 7 Leaf-l<'rosted ......................... 3,!4@ "" Common ...................... 6 @ Medmm ........................ 8 @10 Good .. .. .. .. ............ Fine ............................ 13 @15 The blizzard, accompanied with a heavy sleet, ba, put a stop to all operations in the loose tobacco market. TIJe general t.endency being to bold back tile new crop, tbe regular f u r new tobacc(" will open later than usual on the breaks, though scattered offer ngs will be made until the new crop commences to move regularly HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., Jan. 18.-Mr. Ucr,, V. Tuompson, Tobacco Hroker, reports to the 'J'ou.t.ccc La;AF:-Market this week irregular at times, but generally higher. Sales about 400 bbds, mos t of which was sold in l o ts privately showing an alloauce of from to 174c o n prices of September ana October last. Receipts are very lL! ht. of new crop m the country to Be higher thon similar graaes of old ell on the Board. QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common ................. 3 00@ 3 75 Frosted ................... 2 00@ 8 00 Medium... .. .. .. .. ... 4 00 5 00 Good ..................... li 00@ 6 06 Le&f-Uommun ............ ...... 5 511@ 6 50 Frosted.... . .. .. .. .. 3 00@ II 00 1\lt dium .............. : .. 6 GO@ 7 CiO Good ...... : ............. 7 50@ 8 50 Fine .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. B 50@11 00 W l'a[Jf)CrS ...... .. ; ., ., ., ., ,11 00@17 00 A Corner In White Hurle)' To,aooo. CINCINNATI, 'J an.l6.-The Evening Telegram ha.o follow JOg: "The large t<'>bacco manu firms of & Myers,. ef St. Louis; Bucbamm & Lyall, of New York; Fmze r o! Louisville, and the P. J. Sorg Oompany, of Middle1owo, Ohio, and one or two other firms, have secured a cor ner on almost the enl.ire product of what is knoovn the White Burley tobacco diRtrict, The Wh1te Burley district extends in almost all of counties in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky a n d West Virginia, from Louisville up to and includinl1,' the first county in West Virginia bordering on the Ohio River. All of this territory bas been traversed by the agents of the firms mentioned, and it is sai!L by Qne of the best posted men on tke breaks thn.t Liggett & Myers have at least 8,000 000 pounds, bought principally in Bath, Gallatin and Floming Count1es Ky. some in 08io and Indiana. L} all have secured fully 8 000,000 pounds 1D Brown, Clarmont and Adams Counties Ohio, and much of it in Maaoi:t and iug counties over the river in Kentucky. Fmzer Brothers have obtained about 2 000 -000 pounds in Robertson and Counties, Kentucky. The P J. Sorg Com pany has 1,800,000 pounds. The entire product of this district is not more than tbio tythree and one third per cent. of the ordinary crop, or in figures about 50,000,000 pounds, but the larger part of it is said to Continued on Last Column. 3 JUNGBLuTH & B.AU'l'ERBEBG, TOBA. CCO MANUF'RS' SUPPLIES SUGAR, GLYCERINE, PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL. FLAVDR.S, &c. SOLE WESTERN AGEN'l'S FOR MAC ANDREWS &. FORBES' LICORICE PASTE. LO'U..1&V:111e, LOUIS .F. FBOIYIEB, CIGAR BANUF ACTUREB. 77th St., 3d and Lexin'gton Aves I'ACTORY Jl'o. 362, 34 DIB:r., JI'EW YORK. Best on Eanh. OF DURHAM Tobacco leleetea Leaf froa GOLDEJf BELT ollfertk Carolba. Tz7 it I Sold on Its own :H..U. fOI' "Umoc Profit. orDo DOt offer ,.,....Icy, furniture, g1tte, or agree to pay your rent. taD YOII lato partnerablp, set a broken Jec, or keop70W' pa ...-from couotlng"oo mucb, or f*'lorm any -r DUracle ..1/El But do promlote ID 8Ift JOQ the Smoldng Tob&ccc -., UJe mara& at aalow a J1111e u Ill ooll8llteltt Wlthqualll;y. Z. I. LYON & CO., Durha,m, C. JUL:I:C> J. C>R.DET::X., SI:EE:J::E":E":EJSJ:G-dt 00 DII:DII::J:BS:EOJSJ: DII:EB.O:EE.&.N'T. SPECIAL ATI'ENTION TO l'URCHABING AND. SHIPPING &, 'Lea.f Be& oCrefereneea :fllralohe4. P.o. Box 304; cable Ad4reH _.or6 J11aee to Wheelfnc. We are alway a In the marke t for Tobacco CJia&IIDca, II Cllq 1 ueOJeaD and dr7 and DOt musty. BLOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. FOR RENT-Tobacco warehouse at Lancaster, Pa.: storage cap&ctty fmm 300 to> 5,000 each; rent from $ 300 p o r annum upward Apply to Bauman & Burns, innrance and real estate agents, Lancaster Pa. 1189-1196 A YOUNG MAN fle sire a sotuation a s STI:UP PER FOREMAN. Cau gioe bet of references, Address UHARLES APPLl!.R, 309 E11st 37th Street New York. 1100-97 WANTED-A co mpetent Cigar 8alcsman for the New England and adjacent Address THo&. H. HALL, 209-211 E ;st 37th Street. 1t96-97 WmT MATTHEWS, 78 Warren street, New York. 1196 L. H. LIGHTFOOT, Late with E. T. Orump 8< Oo. Leaf Tobacco Dealer, omce: Tobacco Exchange BUilding, P. 0. BOX, No.2. BICUI'IOND, Samples of every grade furn!abed oo>n a1i.d ea.cb package guaranteed up w u.mple. R&r&aucES: Cbaa. WatklDa President Richmond Tobacco Exchange: Allen & Qiuter: Kinney Tobacco Company; Pla.nters National Bank. J To Bnnrs of Ci[arotto Pauor: I beg to announce tO my friends and to the trade generally that I have opened businees DISSOLUTION NOTICE. in New York: city, and that the same will be The firm of Price & J o hns o n has been dissolved conducted l1y me in. connection with my New by the death of tbe late Mr. Won. Price. Hav Orleans distributing house. ing bought his Interest I shall the busi My New York bouse will sell cigarette and ness at tbe old store, and am responstble for all copyinK book paper on reels or in reams or outstanding debts. and wi f l sie:n in liquidation for books by tbe case only. all debts due the firm. In connection with my paper business 1 11!16-98 HowARD L. JouNS\)N. have also to announce that I am now tbll A BUYER 'S PORITION DE8IREO by an ex. sole agent for the United States for 1be celeperienced Holland Sumxtra mao as rel'lresentati ve bra ted for an American importing concern. .A1dres let GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES. ters to "D. G 8. ," Tobacco Lear etlice. 1196 With the assurance tha.t all orders addressed to my New York or New Orleans office will receive prompt and careful 'atten-H. H. MEYER, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENT, 1218 FARNAM ST., OMA.HA. NEB., represents the most reliable New York anc;l Penn sylvania factories for both cbea!J an d fine cigdrs. Consignments whicb will be dispnoed of to best advantap;e to shippers, are snlicoted. No storap;e charged. Refers to jobbing tralc 1llissnuoi Rover generally. 1 19412t9 HENRY C. DOBSON, -Only Manufacturer of the-GREAT PATENT SILVER BELL BANJO, 1270 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. No l. ...... $20.00 No. 2 .. -... :125 00 No 8 ........ 80 00 No.4.. ..... .' 40 00 ........ 1>0 00 No. G ........ 75 00 No.7 ........ $100 00 UP" Beware of WORTHLESS IMITATIONS of this GB.EAT ngne GENUINE unless st mped 1"ith my name, number and accompanied wil h A. guarantee certil cate by me, and ha.vinathe: duplicAte rmmOOr Sent b.Y to any part of the United States Ask tor t1Ucat.e and seei that numbert.-orn'"sponds with. the num ber en the banjo. Diascram mPthod without $1 00 Regular Note Book tor Banjo. $1.00. Sent by mall on N"celpt of price. Address for .. d circulars. HENRY C. DOBSON. 1270 Broadwa}. New Yo1 k City, U.S A. lUtS :&:.ey e'C PICADURA CHEROOTS. a fT. P. tr. X. Priucipal Depo\8:-192 Broadway, earner Jola st.; alld 4811 Broadway, comer Broeme, New York. The above llrand, havl11g been copyrighted, th< trade is cautioned not to Imitate Lhe same under \he penlty of the law. Eacll. package, 111 clleroots In tin foil, bears a yeo lew label with an X 011 the face of the and a white label aer0118 o11e end. of packagt>, on wll.icb are the hl4tlals, J. F. J .X. Also imported Key Weat and Domestic Ciuara all grades at WholeB8le. .. 1187-98 J. F. J. XIQ':IES. SPAJUSH LANGUAGE Most quickly and idiomatically spoken ey the MEISTERSCHAI'T SYSTEM, Only 20 lessons being sutHcient for entire lll$8t8'1) of everyday business converoa tion. Private lessons. Correspondpgce, PROF. CORTINA, A. M., of Madr.d, 1182-1200-oow 111 W. 84th st., New York. tion, I remaiu, yours respectfully, HERMANN ISAAO. Address P. 0. Box 2,443 New York. ug51207 have been Eecmed "by the firms named and others secretly .en;raged :with them Ln, through' thH lndi,.o'tapolis local 11nion ; to restrain Hol & Cq vf that city, from Uing: a label which claimed to b e a 'counterfeit of tile. famous 'blue lab&l" adopted by the lntsrna tional Union. The complaint sets forth a history u( the union, its objects and pur, poses, among which is to secure tbe manu facture of superior cigars, and it alleges that tne defendants are trespassing upon its ril!hts. The union claims to baYe aside $5 000 for prosecuting suits of this nature, and to have been successful4n other S tates where tba u e gf counterfeitstonitslabel was sbown. Tbere are suits to 'follow against other in the City against whom in upon the "blue label" arll a.l leged .. lnternationaJ Cigar Factory .. 16, 3d District. Avenue A. cor. 7ath St.. New Yor.IL


4 HENDERSQN, Ky., Jan. 18, 1888 EDITOR TOBACCO LJUJ'The tobacco manufacturing mtereet m Hen derson now ranks as one of our leadmg m dustr1es, and both of our large establtehments are runnmg on full ttme, and constantly sending off large quanttttes of manufactured goods. Thetr dfferent brands of tobacco seem to llave pleased the trade and gtven general satisfaction, and tt IS only a questton of time, and not far distant, when we expect to compete wttb the oldest established houses in the country The Robards & Ketchell Manufacturing Company IS owned by Mr J D. Robards and .Ji!On, who are both p(actical tobacco men, and fully able to conduct tbetr busmess on a grand scale, and keep up the reputat1on they have deservedly acqutred. The Thos. nodgeCompany are rqually eo. and both estabhsbmenta are well supplied w1th all the modern apphances, and are contmually addmg whatever machmery ts necessary to prosecute their busmess successfully. G.G S. COVINGTON, Ky., Jan. 12 EDITOR TOBAOOO LEAF-Tax patd for December, 1887, m the Stxth D1etr1ct of Kentucky:was as follows: Ctgars.. . . $1, 60 Tobacco...... ...... 17,069 94 Tax pa1d in the Ohto Dtetrtct for De-cember was as follows: Tobacco. $127 844 25 Ctgars. . 36 055 35 Ctgarettes. 629 45 Snuff.. . .. . 132 88 Thts is m the Ftrst Dtstr!Ct of Oh10 only. Total amount pa1d for the year 1 887 -Tobacco ........... $731,233 87 Ctgars 395,797 87 Ctgarettes . 4 346 45 Snuff.. . :. 1,309 72 DANVILLE, Va, Jan. 17. EDITOR TOBAOOO LEAFManufacturers have been fairly acttve since Dec. 1, and look for a good busmess thts sprmg. Sbtpments;for December,1887, 34.8,901 pounds. Value of stamps sold m December, 1887, $27,912 12. Saleij from Jan. 1 to 14., $15,767.6i Shtp menta,197.095 pounds. Total shtpments from Dec. 1 to Jan 14, 545 996 pounds. Value of stamps sold, $43,679 76. PAULO. VENABLE. The Internal Revenue collecttons at the Winston, N. C., office on tobacco and c1gars only for SIX months ending Dec. 3 1, 1887, amounted to $277 618 90. Mr. Harry Weieemger, m compliance w1Lh the earnest request of tbe directors of the Lomsvtlle, Ky., Board of Trade, has accepted the presidency of that oody for the tlnrd term. .FACTS AND FIGURES Ollr THE TOB.'t.CCO TRADE OF BICHM:OJiD, '!['HE MOST IMPORTANT AND CORRECT SUMMARY OF STOCK ON HAND PROPERLY CLASSIFIII:D EVER COMPILED-TOTAL VALUE OF LEAF STOCK IN THE RICHJIIOND WAREHOUSES, ETC. Under direction of the w1de awake president of the Tobacco Exchange, Mr. Charles Watkms, and the wtse and wtlling Board of Directors, the followmg statistics were or dered to be made m December last, and whtle therewereserious doubts and fears expressed as to the posstbthty or obtainmg any fatr ap proximate to correctness m the problem un dertaken, we can but refer With no little de gree of gratitude and pride 1(0 Use work that practically proves itself as herewith sub mitted to the trade and pubbc, while we add that the same has passed the critical examul8 t1on of the officers of the Exchange, composed as 1t is of representat1vfle of all 1ts branches of busmeee. We hope it wtll be useful as a start and guide in the nght d1rec tion and will form a bas1s for futnre refer ence. The work is one never before undertaken, but the labor Involved and the means by which this information was gained is of minor importance. The trade of North Carohna, by askmg for thiS mfermat10n, spurred us on, and we should now hk6 some other markets to fellow smt m th1s line There are so many deductions to be made from the facts given herewith, that we will have to mmt some, yea, most of them and other valuable commente tdl some other tune. It must be borne in mmd, however, the dealer and manufac turer may have large stock in the hands of CJommiSston merchants and other agents, be sides large quantities m leaf tn factor1es, etc. This statement deals only with the ware houses, and only a part of the private onw. We are thankful to the trade for the1r mam feat confidence in giving us correct and painstaking figures, and are happy to say that only in two or three cases was there any refusal met wtth, and any small dtscrepancy in not acoountmg for llearly every package In warehouses must be attnbuted to such tn divtdual cases. The exceptions make about a small 1 per cent., and we can congratulate the trade on any such approxtmat1on, as It was pred1cted by some that the stock held here could not be accounted for by 10,000 hogsheads. It was found not practtcable to g1ve closer cla.ssill cat1on m order to be clear. It 1s proper to state that, 10 class cutters, we belieYe many English sh1ppwg br1ghta were Included un der this head. In regard to cl!.L8111fy1ng by date of inspection years, we found that such data would necessarily prove inaccurate, Inasmuch as a system of remspection of old and double ol. $325to350 3 75 to 4 00 4 00 to 4 50 4 50 to 5 00 5 00 to 6 00 6 0 0 to 8 50 N ommal Nommal P l ug Fillers. Cuttmg. Common ... Medmm ...... Good Fme ..... $800toil00 13 00 to 17 ()(t 18 00 to 20 00 20 00 to 25 50 Wrappero. $10 uo to 00 12 00 to 15 00 15 Oil to 20 uo 20 00 to 25 50 Good . . $23 00 to 25 00 F1oe . . 29 00 t Smokers. Com moo red . $ 6 00 to 7 00 Good red 7 50 to 9 uu Cemmou colory to brzght b 00 to 11 00 Good to br1ght 11 00 to 18 00 1 ALEx. HARTHILL, Tobacco Broker Total....... . . . . 499 W.m. G :Meter ok.t:o.'8 Aanual Tobacco Good brtght fillers held by comm1sston 8tBUsUc8 merchants. . .. .... 2,773 Good br1ght 111lers held by manufac-turers . . 1, 064 Good bright fillers held by dealers 883 Good bnght fillers m storage... 127 Total.. . . . . . ... 4 ,8 47 Medmm held by corumts-ston merchants . . . 1, 708 Med1um bright smokers held by dealers. 1138 Total.:.... . . .............. 2 ,346 Cutters held by commus10n merchanta.l,633 Cutters held by manufacturers . 193 Cutters held by deal era... . . 680 Total ....................... 2 506 Bright wrappers held by commiSSIOn merchants . . . . 1,464 Brtght wrappers held by manufacturers. 286 Bright wrappers held by dealers...... 142 Total . . . . ..... 1,892 Str1ps held by manufacturers ... 245 The sum of tnese classes added proves the count correct, namely, 26,329 hogsbeadii! on hand. 'l'hat stock stored and m the hands of manufacturers, deducted from that aeld by comml8Sion merchants and dealers, wtll give a fatr Idea of what Is on hand for sale, which will appear later. As a spectalttem, we note sale and dehvery of sh1pment of nearly 500 packages smce makmg up these reports, while we know other brtght grades have been largely reduced m the past two weeks by sale and shipments. WILLIAM E. DIBRELL. LolnUle Tobacco lllarll:et, LoUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 14. Largely incr-d otfermgs of as well as old crop home trade tobaccos. w1th acttvd demand at generally well sustamed priCes, were the leadmg features tbts week. Burleys-Of old the offenngs were much larger than last week. for all of whtch the demand was good from leading manufacturenz, at firm prices throughout, w1th h 1gher patd for 1 hogshead over the highest httherto. Otherwtse wtthout change, wtth scarc1ty of good to fine colory cuttmg. Of 1887 crop the offenngs were also much larger, and during the early part of the week rather large for the demanilat the h1gh prtces paid last week, consequently prtces were uregular, and 1n some cases lower, but to wards the end of the week, and at the close, former prices were well sustamed, w1th 29c paid for a hogshead of wrappery leaf-the best thts season. All the better grades taken by Ieadmg manufacturers, and generally very desirable leaf. Heavy-In old llark sorts the market pres ented no new features, the character of the offermgs and demand about the same, wtth pr1ces very firm, Canada bemg the most active buyer for New dark was m rather mcreased supply, with offermg nearly all low gradetl, wb1ch were In good demand, and @alee of all luge at }4 to Otherwise unchanged. Green Rt ver fillers were more freely offered, and met wtth a good manufacturmg demand from leading buyers for leaf w1th character and in good order, wtth 18c pa1d for bel!t col ory sold. Last week's prtces fully sus tamed. Lower grades taken mostly by Rpeculators. Ltght bodted red fillers were also more freely offered, mcludtng speculattYe lots, wh1ch at ttmes were rather trregular, but under reduce d offermgs at end of the week pnces became somewhat firmer, wttb specu lators tn the lead as buyers, and prtces remam unchauged. Nondescripts were agam m good supply Dry, although rough factory, lugs wtth any color sold }4 to htgher, quotations fl!lr wh1ch are that much for trash and common lugs. The sales pnvately thiS week From tb1s elaborate report we extract the followmg:LOUISVILLE, Ky, Jan. 1, 1888 1887. 1886 Offerings In Dec,... 8, 792 5,393 Rece1pts 10 Dec.*. .... 12 ,14 0 3,422 Dehvenesm Dec . 7,774 5,467 Offermgs for the year. .. 135192 125,566 Recetpts for the year 123 569 103 475 Dehvertes for the year .. .. 102,653 97,690 Stock Jan 1 1888 36 431 15 515 Includmg 5,214 hogsheads erroneously omttted m prevtous reports Fretght. all rail. to.New York 25o; to Bal ttmore, 22c, to Phtladelph1a, 23c, to Boston, 30c. Rece&pt& of Western Crop m HogsheadB at Seaboard and m Western Makets. 1887 1886. New York ............ 81,817 94,o60 New Orleans ...... Baltimore.. . ... Philadelphia .......... 5 834 10,788 9 067 11328 4 77R 6,597 Richmond . ..... 22 500 22,500 New:><>rtNewsand Norfolk. Boston .............. 23,158 7 ,251 154., 405 Lomsvtlle. . . .123,569 Cmcmnatl ............. 62,074 St. Lou1s .................. 14,1PO Paducah ............. 17 ,548 Clarksvtlle . . Hopkmsv11Ie .............. 12 817 Nashville............ . 5,649 Evansvtlle . . 7,126 Mayfield .................. 13,128 Well tern markets ........ 297,367 15 634 161 507 103 4.75 58,467 8 263 12,441 35,89 5 11 ,330 6,622 5,533 9,208 251,234 Stocks of Western Tobacco m Hogsheads n1 Western and at Seaboard. Lomsvtlle. . ...... Cmcmnatt St. l.touts. . . Paducah .... ... Clarksville. . . Hopkmsville.... ... Nashvllle ........... Evansville .......... Mayfield ............... 1887. 1886 36,431 15 515 13 972 15,126 9,547 5,672 3,807 1,058 9867 3.257 1.32a 1,141 46 704 98 895 110 Western markets. .. 79 621 Seaboard. . 44 994 41,173 39 533 Total, Dec. 31. .. .... 124 615 Western Crop in Hogsheads. (Estimates Revteed ) 1887 E!LSt Kentucky and adjom-mg Burley Kentucky and Tennessee, dark d18tr1cts...... Indiana and Ilhnots do, .... Mtssour1 do, ....... 35,000 60 000 3 500 4,500 80,706 1886 95,000 125,000 12,t00 10.000 Total. . . 103,000 242,000 V1stble and Prospect&ve Supply of Western Tobacco tn Hogsheads at Home and Abroad. (Kentucky and Tennessee. Indiana, Ilhnois and Mtssouri Crops ) 1887. Stock m Ltverpool, Dec 1-Leaf.. .. St6mmed... .. Stock 1n London, Dec. 1Ll!af .. Stemmed Stock m Bremen, Dec 1 Stock m Antwerp, Dec. 1 .. Stock abroad .. Stock at seabo11rd. Stock m Western markets 10,242 20,367 2,164 18,418 3 913 2,337 57.441 44,994. 79, 621 1886. 8 94.0 20,492 2.655 14 774 5.271 3,428 55,560 39,.533 41,173 Total stock ...... 182,056 136,266 Total, Dec 31 ... 285, 056 378 266 V281ble and Prospectwe Supply of Amer.can 1'obacco m Hogsheads at Home and Abroad (Western Vtrgima. Maryland Crops) and Ohw Stock m1887 1836 1885 L1 verpool Dec 1. 48 542 45,623 3U L ondon, Dec 1 34 990 30 668 25 i Bremen, Dec. 1. 8,(02 10 901 4 ,50 7 Antwo>rp, Dec. 1 .... 3 039 4 799 1,530 New York, Dec. 31 .. 43,44.2 38,709 so 405 New Ozleans, Dec 27. 1 84 224 400 B altimore. Dec 29 29 410 26,oo2 13 728 V trgmta. Oct. 1 22,154 27 154 1 9 633 LoUisVI lle, Dec. 31 36 431 15 515 9 730 Cmcmnat1, Dec 31 13 972 15,126 12,616 Other Western Dec. 31 29 218 10 532 8,560 VtAtble supply, stock Crop estimates Western crop V1rgmta crop (lnsp ) Maryland crop Ohto crop 269,384. 225,313 156,998 103 000 24?,000 255 000 35 000 4 5 000 45 000 30 000 35 000 35 000 4. 500 15,000 12 000 Total, Dec. 31 441,884 562,3 13 503 998 Eastern Markets l"HILA.DELPHlA, Jan 19 -Mr A. 1oullcCo Inspector r e ports to lle To a..cco LEAl' as follo'#s -Ha ndlers of manuf&c ttu ed t<>bacco seom to be agretably wzth the past wetk' s buszness Stock 1; JOllwg m, but so ftti a ve1y moderate am"Juut accumula.teQ, whiCh does not exactly meet the v1ews of JOb bets, as the steady advaRce of 1aw matenal ie. having: n. cone spc,ndug mtluence on the manuf ac tured artJcle Bmokm g touacco has rece1ved as but very ht tie of the go ahead buuuess 1mputed to other branches lt wtll conoo V1gars sho" no decrease m demand. Low grades sttll hng fire are domg excellently H ecetpts for tbe week-7 SOl boxes 8 514caddJe, 5,3-1> ca ses and 469 vat Is fioe cuts Seetl LeafThe trade m leaf tobacco smtable fm c1garll IS sttll cvclined generally to manufacturers uuymg such stock as for wants and yet da 1 l y report! can be gathered of sales of 100, ao of d1ffezent g1ades of stock. so that th e total aggz egate up very agreeably and shows dealers he1e must the stock de Hred Better thmgs, especially m pnce, m ay un que tw nably be looked f01, and not a long way off Sumatra brmgs a b1gh pnce, hence closely scru t1mzed for texture and y1eldmg quantity Havana moves along as usual Rece1pts fer the week-109 cases ConnectiCut, 456 cases Penn syl vama, 48 cases OhiO 65 cases Ltttl e Dut ch, 38V Wtsconsm 61 cases YOlk State, 138 bales Sumatra, 316 bales Havana, and 388 hhds Vtrgmm and Western leaf tobacco foot up cases Connecllcut, 598 cases Pennsylvauza, 46 cases OhiO, 26 cases Ltttle Dutch, 40J Wtsconsm, 52 c ases Ymk tltatc, 69 bles Sumatra, 139 bales Hav ana, and 23 hbds of Weste rn leaf 10 transtt direct to manufacturerE Efport of leaf tobacco-To Ltverpo<>l, pet sir Brm h Prmcess, 39 lbs, to Antwetp, per s tr Swuze!land, 20,751lbs Total, 60.733lb. Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. U., Jan 18 -Hendetson Bros, Leaf Tobacco Broketi, report to the To nAcco LEAl' as follows -Hece1pts have been very heavy week. aad pnces were hzgher yestez dny than &ny d"y of the season All grades are 1n llong aad are read1ly taken at outtde are p lease(!) W!th pr1ce!!, aod the etop Will be marketed as soon'" possible QUOTATIONS-(New ) Smokers-Common bnght . . 2 @ 4 Medmm 4 @ 6 Good... ............ 10 @14 Fme 15 @20 Cutter.-Vommon ................... 12 @15 !let!mm 1o @118 Good.... .... 18 @22 Ftne @30 Wrappers-Vommon . @12 Medmm @ 8 Goo d @25 Fme and fancy @60 BAL'I'lMORE, Md., Jan 19.-Mesars E. W tecbmeyer & Co tobMco mer chants, to the TOBACCO LEAF.-'l'he markel for Maryland, is almost ent1re ly nommal, for there are no oJl'ermgs of any destrable g1ades, m fact, there te none of such ;;ta de m first hand Tue net recetpts f or the year are 1>7 hhds. Ohio contumes strong. but the market has been qutet the past week l::!ales of about 20 h!tds only have been re porlcd, Inspe cted tbts week-177 hhde Maryland, 116 bbds ObJo, total, 293 bhds Cleared same penod-Per sir Bengore Head, for Glasgow S2 hhds, 14 trcs VJrQtnza str Concord a, for Glasgow, 24 hhd. 27 trcs str Hermao, for Bremen, 344 hhds .Marylaod, H Kentucky, 80 Vng1n1a stems TOBACCO STATEMENT. Jan 1, lSeS-Btock oa band 111. tobacco warebeuees and on shipboard not cleared . 211180 bhds lnspected thts week . 293 bhds Inspected do . .. bhds &%ports of Maryland and Ohio smce Jaa 1, laBS 344 hhtia :!htpped coastwtse ana re IIlllpected ........ 1,418 hhds 8tock m warehouse tbia day and ou 28,473 hhds 1,762 hhds ahipttuard not ctearoo. . 26,711 hbds otoclt tJme Ill 1887 . . llbds !lauufactured t obacco qUJet 8mokmg Tobacco-Our m!lnufacturers contmue ran ly bus)' lllNUlNNATI. 0., Jaa 18 -Messrs Prague .t .&latooo, Leaf Tobacco Brokers and Re dryers of Outtmg Leaf and Plug Tobacco, report as follows to tha TOBACCO LEAP -The brtak8 dunng the put week were large and the recetpts conmue of good tze but there WllS by a compafl0 hhds betog offered to day WJtb market exceedmgly acttve and pnces btglJer on all me::. LOTTIER:JS Paper T..3g -ANDBLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Genuine DURHAM Smoking Tobacco. Ner. York, Boston, ChiCa[o. St Lffi!IS and Cmcmnatr. CRANE'S PATENT LINEN PIBBE lV !IES.1 THESE UTENSILS ARE WELL ADAPTED FOR TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS. Light, Durable, Air and re-Sample and Dluatrated Catalogue furniShed on appllcatlon. JAMES COLDSMITH, 744 BROADWAY, NEW YORK:, To the Cigar Trade of the Pacific Coast. HENRY W. FISCHER,== 302 California Street, San Francisco, Cal., has thiS day been appomted agent :Messrs. MERRY & MORALES, manufacturers Havana, Cuba, and all orders for the product of this factory ought to be to bun C. ElR.DT, General for the Umted States lBO PEARL STRF::ET, NEW YORK. 'Ve be;; to iuCol'm the Trade that we have on this day appointed Mr. C. ERDT, of 180 Pearl Street, New York City Sole Agent for our Cigar Trade in the United States, and beg that all communications in regard thereto be hence1'orth addre81ied to him. Havana, December 24 1887. J. F. BERNDES & CO. 1c btgber lli ary land ond dark tobacco subI QUOTATIONS. sututs \\ete dutl and easy. owmg to the hbetal of I Dark B 1 fermgs of the 00@17 00 Common lea f . 6 75@ U 25 18 00@20 00 9 00@10 00 Medmru leaf ... 6 25@ 6 75 20 00@22 0() 11 50@12 50 Good leaf .... 7 00@ B 50 23 00@25 0() 12 50@13 50 F1ne l eaf. . 9 00@11 00 25 60@27 14 00@15 00 Selectwns ......... 1 2 00@14 00 28 00@36 00 OG@16 00 LYNCHBURG, Jan 19 -Messrs Bolt gg Schaefer < Co Buyers and Ran of Leaf Te: bacco reeort to t he TOBACCo LEAF !l8 follows 22 00@30 00 The re ct pts m our ma tket. whJCh reached 410,000 MA:.lUFACTURING PLUG sTOCK pound& last week, have mcreased a htzle, aod tf tbe Common fillets, dark . 13 00@14 00 weathet ts favo1able "'II pr o bably be qmte heavy Medmm fille1s. some color and body. 16 00@17 00 from now on l'be arger proportiOn or our :>Jier Good fillers red and good body I8 00@22 00 JOgs conststed of bught grades mclud1ng some Fme fillers, bngbt and good boay 23 0 0@28 00 vezy fine tobacco, the best of whtch sold at GOc for VANV 1LL.E, va., Jan 17 -Paul v. Ve11.wrappers and 35c for cutters Dark tobaccos were able, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to tbe To offeru:.g a fazr selectiOn and tbe best pnce paJd for BAcco LEAl' 8.8 follows -Recetpts contmue fatrly same was 1 3J8c. Our market on the whole ts very lazge on tbts matket, but With warmer weather w 111 strong. howmg a constant upward tendency, aud be much larger Pnces on all grades have an up all grades are meager demaodat very full pnces tendency, WJtlJ a strong acuve demand for PADUCAH, Ky,, Jan 14 -Puryear everythmg c o mmon F1llers and smokers are par & c.-. Tobacco Broke r s, 1 ep9rt to the tlcularly acttve ann have aclvaoced sharply FJDCe LEAF as follows -lila! ket ftrm as far as lbe sman 1. 01 Hock t$ m beter dtmaod, una some sale mdicate anythmg at all WeatheJ qUJte cold.. large sa les have ueo;n made mce Jan. I. l!bds. QUOTATIONS. Rece1pts for week . .. . 30 Bmoker11-Common.. . . ..... 4 @ 6 Recetpts since Jan. 1 43 Medmm col.;ny ............... 6 @ 8 Offenngs for week .. .. .. 13 Gootol do . . 8 @10 Offermgo fer year 36 Good bnght .......... 10 Net sales for week .. . . 11 Cutters-Common bright...... . 12 ((115 Net sales for year... . 29 !ledmm bnght 15 @20 Good bnght... 20 @25 Fme br1ght. 2S @30 Fancy bnght 80 Fillers-Common .. 5 Medmm ... 5 @ 6 Good .............. 7 @ 9 Fme 9 Fancv ............. 12 @15 Wrappers-Common 12 @15 Medmm. .... 15 @18 Good . 18 Fme ............... 25 @35 Fancy . ..... 40 @66 Exira bncy ................ 60 @80 DURHAlU, N.C., J1111. 18.-Meura. Webb & Kramer, Leaf Tobacco Dealers, report to tb e ToBACCO LEAF as follows-Very heavy breaks pre va1led m most of the warehouses tbts week The openmg sale atE J ParnslJ 's mammoth warehouse. wh1ch bas been JUSt completed, was the eveut of the market Pnces ruled lugh as 1s u>ually the case on such occaswos Wrappers of medmm and good grades were m good emand. Cutters showed au mcre ased otreogth, and the general tooe of the market was strong. N. C., Jan :8 -Mesrs Lewi s & Thomas, LeHf Touacco Commission Mer repoz t to the TOBACCO LEU' as follows Owmg to the extreme bad. ramy and sleetmg weather 1ece1pts have been small tbts week, though we have bad sHies at each wareoouse every day Prtce keep up well, and a strong demand for all grades preva1ls We were glad to see Mr J D. Neal. Jr, of RIChmond Va, on our sales to day Copl Fason, of Raleigh, and otters. were also on the mrakel thJs week gocd .18 @25 Good lo fioe. . . . 25 @35 Faocy 35 @40 Wrappers-Common ........... 111 @20 Common to medmm 20 @80 Medium to !(ood . ....... l!O @45, G9od to fioe .............. 45 @60 Fme to faocy . . . 60 @80 LOUISVILLE, Jan 18 -.Mr. A Fal coaer, Secretary of tbe Tobacco Board of Trade, report to tne TOBACCO LEAP u follows-A ma.rke dtsceru that our market IS growmg every day high er, and there IS much qmet tradmg not reported January 19-Roa.ds are bad and weather harsh, but htgb pnceo of dark leaf has caused very !loo.1 breaks of loose tobacco tb1s week, With 163zle paid as hzgbest pnces agamst l3c heretofore An age pnces 1oese are to On Cnange all grades are more active, w1th perhaps only dark sb1ppmg somewhat mact1ve. but beld more strongly than heretofore As compared wtth December the market may be constdered as a attle boom alreadl. an !I those who have closel;r read these reports wili note that the pred1c 1 ed actiVIty ha come, and come rather early We have bad several speculattons day turned here already West VuJJDJa leaf I& selhog up to to day, aod scarcely anytbmg under 13 cents ()utters brought 28 to cents. auj very many wra,pers 39 to 41i cents 1'he wholeo market IS up h1gher on fillers. SCOTTSBURG, Va., Jan 10,-Mr C G. Davenport reports to the TOBACCO LEAl' -The lo cal markets have fully opeoe

.. TAN. 21 THE TOBACCO AMERICAN EACLE Manufacturers of the following of FINE Packed in Pails, F Glass AMERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOKINGc SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, .. Tifi Boxes or Glass Jars. GRA..NULA.TED. SMOKING. LONG CtTT SMOKING. Smokmg Tobacc! stork, cold Sprai' Myrtle Navy, Eagle, t. H. ... Baltimore, Md., j ......... ..... (l Spray of Cold", Morning Home Comfort, Kiner's Favorite, Jumbo, miner's Long Cut LEOPOLD KILLER & Crown of Delight Tar, Cherrv Un1versal Favonte; Clipper Fawn, Plum B k r -c d u:--4. 0 t I roo ana a .IIUALure, r1en a -.. Sun Rise Clock, Lucky Cut Plug, t:i:i t::hambers St., NEW YORK CITY J)istributing for the Dew.l?rop Bargain. Bijah's Choice Favor1te Invincible Brudder Bed,. Clever Elk. THE MOElLER ) & ASCHERMANN. MFG. GO., ::'l ::a.5:.A.N'UF.A.CTUR.ER.S OF Lucky; Club, '. .. \. Dime Ram, f D;troit Mixtures; Navy Clippings Green Corn. DISTRIBUTIXG AGENT BALTIMORE AND VICI:NITY. --------Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Dandy, Frog Long Cut, FacioFJ, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail. Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Spanish, Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride NATIONAL PROGRESS BUNCHING MACHINE COMPAN'Y: .JUNE, 1887. OFFICE OF SECRETARY:-214 AVENUE C, NEW YORK. A. ROESSLER. .. .................. of Wm. Wicke & Co .. New York. l LOUIS El'TLINGER, ................. Schumacher & Ettlinger, WM. A. BROWN. .................... Brown & Earle, ADOLPH BRUSSELS, ...................... Tbe Lichtenstein Bros. Co., ADOLPH LEWYN, ................... Lewyn & Martin, JOS. OPPENHEIM, .................... Levy Bros., A. C. SCHUTZ, ....... ........... Inventor, .. l .. '1'RUSTEES, .. I J FLEXIBLH. CRE!iBLBSS CI&!f liJLDS m SHAPBil ..... .... -AND MakerS! SEND FOR 1LLUSTRATED C.AT.ALOOUE. I AGENT8--N. SHELDO N & SoN, 828 N 3rd Street, Philadelphia; AUG. BECK & Co .. Chicago, 111., and St. Paul, Minn.; 'G. J. HEL JlltRICHS LEAF ToBACCO Co, S&. Louis; W111. H. MEYER, 7 Weo t Front S&reet, Cincinnati; Eo. ASCHERMANN, :Milwaukee ; BACHMAN & Co., San Francieco, Cal. 1188 XI1"ter:.:1a-Uc::I1a.l. Tobacco Refrigerating Company. INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK. l M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES President. h.::!/ ... :;-:" AT DARIUS FERRY, -. ')Ul. ,_.. New York, J.l& .. : J \""-' \ i S S 6 ;!j Lancaster, Pa., M OPPENHEIMER, --s-Treas. and Sec'y. X _....: Edgerton, Wis. N' ,,. Y" MAIN OFFICE: 13R WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We call tbe attention of Tobacco growers, J)ackers and manufacturers to the advantages derived from the use of our system oftreatinr: Tobacco. First: The ABSOLU'l'E prevention of decay. Second: The. of color obtained, and the retention of lustre aucllite. '.l'ltird: The GREATER yield of wrappers, compared with tobacco of the same cured i:i:t the natural way. We had in the last season over 7,000 cases, bales and hogsheads on storage under our Refrigerating System from different parties, aJl of whom speak in.the highest terlll8 of the superiority of tobacco treated under this system. Tobacco consigned to F. C. Linde, Hamilton &. Co. at the various points will rective proper attention. ::a::ro-tec-t A. C. SCHUT%, Pres.; L. ETTLINCER, VlcePres.; JOS. OPPENHEIM, Sec. and ';l"reas. !I Makes 5,000. Scrap Bunches per day, with a Single Operator. I I i SKILLED LABOR NOT REQUIRED 200 IN USE IN. NEW YORK CITY ; 300 IN USE IN THE UNITED .STATBSJ l .. MACHINES PUT UP ANYWHERE ON ar Send for Circular and full information. 1173-6m Seo'y, 214 .A:ve:n:u.e C, Yorke-:J::M:PC>R.TER. C>F TOEAOOOS:J ,. 1W!9 BRAND.-oF CIGARS 'W"e have instituted legal proce.edings against certain parties who have BRAZENLY imitated our We herewith notify all Jobbers and Retailers that the GENUINE and original "SHE" Cigar .bears the Cancellation and Caution Notice of Factory l, 3d District, New York, and all others are F:R,..A;.l:JDS! F :R, .A. 1:.7 D S I I F "t..T D S I I I ; HILSON &:co., S. W. cor. 39th St. and 1st 4-ve., Y City.


6 GRAND YUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. Lopez a Jfe:nras No. 26, Co., ..,.. ...... J < <. I \, LEADING BRANDS: LOPEZ & CO.," HUqo," "FLOR DE REMATES,, "CELIA." .lULl US HIRSCH, Sole aepre.en1lat:.-.e ;;a &be Volted TOBACOQ LEAR JAN. 21. Grand Hotel Pasaje, .=. -Gl ... m .. QQ = :I CD OQ 0 "ii = t-m ., OQ .... CD c en E 0 n; --0 E c:t 1: _. ... CD CD ;:a '!'he LARGEST aDd. only :rtiiST-CLASS HOTEL on the l.slaDd of Cuba; dtuated.ln the best part of the city. Eullrted. Improved, new 8&bltory arrauremeuta new management. Xept under Amer!C&D .U European plans. Completr d.e EdnarCI.o CJu&IJio" "(Taloa ()]alJ,U "La Roalna," & u Chaniploo." Calle de San Raftael No. 116. EXCHANGE MARKET REPORTS. LANCASTER, PA. 1ntellig e ncer, Jan. 18 :-A few dealers are in the field looking after '87 leaf and are buying some lots of Havana and Seed leaf. Follow are a few of the transactions: Wm. Di etrich, of Rohrerstown, sold 3?i acres to Wm. Shultz at 25c Amos lilarnisb aold 1 ?i acres to Lacbenbruch at 22c throup;h Samuel 0. Frantz aold 2 acres to same at' 22c through; Jacob Spangler sold 4 acres to Harrison Shirk at 25c through. All the above sales were in Rohrerstown and vicinity. There is but little Havana le!t for sale there but there is a large quantity of Seed leaf, 'most of it very good. Meesre. Wm. Shultz, Frank Pentlarge, Lachenbruch, Brownstein and a ll!w others are reported buying Seed leaf at pr1ces rang iog from 5 to 15c through, though no indi vidual sales are reported. A good deal of the '87 crop of, Havan11. was1 delivered at the city last week. John Brimmer received abOut 25,000 pounds, Skiles & Frey about 150,000, and equal quan titiee .were received, at .several warehouses. The quality of the tobacco Ia reported &II gen erally.beinc very good, though in some cases the rrades were badly &IIBOrted and the buy ers resorted to the usual method of "dock iog" the growen. There W&ll some growling on the part of the latter, and one farmer at least reloaded his goods and teok them away from the warehouse. There were some hundreds of casea of old tobacco bought and seld, the following being reported : Skiles & Frey bought 120 cases of old Havana, and sold 60 c&lles of Seed leaf and Havana D. A Mayer bought UO.caaes of Seed leaf and Havana, including Penoeylvania. Wisconsin und Ohio growth, and sold, W cases, a.ssorted; Mr. Rutter, of Intercourse, b&ll sold hie packing of '81> Tbe local cig.u trade 1s flourJshm(!:, most of the factories being in full blast. The. manu facturers generally favor a repeal of the in ternal taxes on cigarP, as it would enable them to compete more favorably with the big factories of New York and other cities. We were shown a few boxes of cigars this morning made of Seed _leaf, with Penosyl vania wrappers. The c1gars were of hand 1!0JOae shapr, the wrappers fine and and it would bother an expert to distinguiah them from Sumatra. It required S?i pounds of wrapJlf'rtl, at 40 cent1 per pound, to cover :t.OOO cigars. It wo11ld have taken 2?i pounds or Sumatra. at 11.50 per pound, to haye cov ered 4be same number. The coat of the wrappere w&ll 11.40; the cost of wrappen would have been 13 75. The ctgar maker receives 14 per 11, 000 ; the New York cigarmaker would have received not less than IS per 1.000 to cover them with SumaLra wrappers. These facts and. ac oount in some me&llre for tne mcreasmg dfl maad for Lanc&llter county Havana leaf, as well &II for the rapid increase of trade amonlS Lanc&llter cigar manufacturers and the de cre&lle of trade among New York manufac turers. It is well knwn that great numbers of ao called Sumatra are covered in the larger factories with Pennsylvania Ha vana. MIAMISBURG, 0. Bulletin, Jan. 18:-Few sales are reported in the field, and these were small lots at widely varying vrice s. One jag, about 200 ot SpanlBh was soJd for immediate delivery at. something more than 14c. An other lot, between one or two acres, was sold p. t .. known to be more than 1.0c. ExteDeive damage to leaf, hangmg a_od down on sticks, resulted through excessave moisture from rain and fog Thursday and Friday. Over pools of water collected in alteds, around the sides of sheds, and particularly about open spacee, the leaf was turned as a hat," and will so rl!main. All va!'ietie3-Seed, Dutch and Spameh-shared in toe destructive wtlueoce, ,but Seed and Dutch, tate crops especially, flcured most conspiquously iD 1081. The misch1ef did not extend to any tobacco atripped .In bulk, and the damage to HABA.NA, CUBA. Spanish in the aggregate is relatively small. because that varie> y grows and cures rapidly and is always ready for stripping before any other aort. We have reports from all quar ters showing the area of exceeeive moieture to have been quite throughout the cigar leaf district of the Miami valley, and that hundreds of sheds were involved and thousands of pounds of tobacco ruined. WISCONSIN TOBACCO MARKET. Edgerton Tobacco Reporter, Jan. 13:Aside from the tra01actioos of one buyer, M. H. Soverhill, nothing is doing in thiR market toward moving the 'S7 crop. His sales amounttonearly 5 0 0 cases, and 10 cents isap parently the limit in price. The "more recent purchases made by him in this section are: F. Atwood, 4 crops, 18a, 10 and 1Jic, bl.; Robert Bullis, 3a, 10 and ll.ic. bl.; Coon & Harmon.lia.lO and bl.; Geo. Mableson. 2&, 10 and l?ic, bl. ; Richard Toynton, 7a, 10 and 1?ic, bl ; P. Sweeney, 2!i, 9 and 1?ic, bl.; John Ablett. 3a, 10 and 1a, 6e, bl.; Geo. Simmons, 7a, 10 and bl. ; W. E. Shoe maker, lOa, 10 and 2c, bl. 1 Other sales are: Chas. Ablett, Sa, 10 and & Howard, 5&. 10 and l?ic; E Bry:ley, 2?ia. 7 and T. M.cKage, 1?ia, 10 and 2c; C. L. Richards, 2a, 10 and 1?ic. wbo have been riding claimthat growei'!! are softening down aomew hat in their asking price as the sorting time ap and the prospect of obtaining her pl"ices in tbe bundle does not improve. The trade in o!1 continues moderate and is mostly confined to the export grades, for which there is still quite a demand. Tbeshipwents of the week are about 200 caees to E .. atero points. Jaueeville, Jan. 11-Many of the .farmers have prime crops .in which there ia a good per cent. of choice wrappers, and they are unwilling to part with them at 10c in the bun dle, the kighest prevaliog priCe. when they consider the ruling prices in the markets and hign prices paid for Sumatra, also looking at the fact that the above men tioned figure is a fraction lees than tbe.aver age prices received by them for the five years ending with '86. The average received for the five waa about in the bundle. Bales of '87 are few and far between, with prices at 5 to lOc in the bundle and 9 to llc assorr.ed. M. H. Soverhill, F. C. Greene and Sanford Soverbill are the only dealers handling new go?ds. Tbe market for old tobacco is still bnsk. F. C. Greene; Baines, Hl!ddles & Co .. L. B. Cade and otben are buying in liberal quantities, with prices ranging from 4 to 7c, H;. W Childs, of Childs & Son, Edgerton, Is p1ck10g up export goods. He is riding with J A. Decker. Mr. Cqilds. h&ll in this market 'about halt of the time for the past three months and' baa boueht nearly 2,000 ca&M of export tobacco, which he bills direct to Germany. Nearly all of our dealers report a good re tail trade, with an occasional shipment of larger proportions. M. H. Sovarhill started up his sorting Man day with 30 persons, under the fostering care ofT. E. \Velsb foreman. HAVANA. IN CONNEC'I'Jr.1JT. The farmers are exceedingly astonished at the weights of the 'b7 crop. The growers have all the fall that weights would be hgbt, but they did not anticipate anything like the result they find &II they come to weigh the crop and compare with av erage years. One grower who never bas less than 2,uoo-pounds per acre, and oftener 2 ,200 pounds, bas only 1.600 pounds on the aver age; another who u sually co tints on 1,800 or 1,900 pounds, hM only 1.100 p :mods average ou S acres; aaother bas 1 500 pounds average on several acres i ,OJO pounds h&ll been the rule. All thiR tobacco is apparently of as large growth as in any former year. It is the extreme lhlllness of he leaf that does it in deed, the through tHe HArtt'ord and South Waodsor section, if not elsewhere, will fall more than 25 per cent. IBM Chan last year. The bulk of tbe.crep having been sold at 12 to 15c atll!orted, the growers will not Estrella St. 79, :M:a:n. o:r HAVANA. SEBASTIAN AZCANO, Suarez 68, Habana;-:--Calle de 8an llanael 90 -, toa. HABANA1 CI:JBA. "ESTELLA" GRAND GIGAR FAGTORY Te l etono 1,():17. CIGAR FACTORY Most Selected Vegas of VUELTA ABAJO. .-<>F-Lea41ac BraDhl FLOK DE SBB.&STI.&N .AZCJ.&l'e .. -= CD PLOK DEL P.&K.&ISO. ... Q:> BL NIAG.&B.&, LA. ll!IP081CliO!fo en ;c PANdo Q:> a:: .....: A.. B.A.l!W'CE&, ... ca :& Sole Propri etor or the well-known and celebrated. Brand of Q:> "'CII ca ... PARTAGAS CIGARS <0 OXG.&.B.:IDTTEIB 1-1158 and 160 INDUSTRIA ST., (EstabUsb&d 1846. ) H.A. V ANA, CUBA. NOTE.-Thls brand has been regi stered. In the Patent Oftlce at Washington. Infrlngen 'will be prosecuted to the fulleat extent o f the law. G-.A.TO, -lllaaaraetl'rer of Pine-CIGARS, .ct that the Havana weighs the most. Growers have always claimed that could nflt r;et anything hke the weigh sin H>xcept the p:rower .-W. F. A.. in New England Home BtJa. IN VIRGINIA. Richmond State, Jan. 18:-Tbe Richmond tobacco m .. rket is now in a position than at fillY time within the past five or six years. The buyers are beginning to realize tile fact that it is to their inLerest to sustain, as in past, this market, in order to con centrate large and varied stocks of leaf. To day there is n"trt.""a market in the world so at tractive &II this. The advance in prices since the holidays has given a lively tone to the trade. and holders wbo had been waiting for the boom are in the best of spirits. The stocks of leaf in Richmond reach nearl;y30,000 hogsheads; the upland markets are almost depleted, eo the orders will eome to Richmond with a rush. During this week the tobacco transactions bave been .-ery satisfactory. In loose the &Illes bave footed up nearly 20:1.000 pounds. Of this 120.000 pounds were ta generally bav ing an upward tendency. Upon the whole tbe week can be s11mme d up as closing well both for buyers and sellers. Among the recent visitors to the Exchanp,e are J W Thompsou and E D. New York; G. S. Baltimore; J ohn Smith. of t:lmitbvule; C. P Ellis Chas e C.ity; T. D Wright, Durllam, N. C., alidoTbomas 8 West, Bedford. IN ORTH CAR8LDA.' L :: Reidsville 7'imea, Jan. 18:-Tbe yrice of leaf tobacco is giving satiefaction al ruund in our market. The shipments of factory goods are ne&rly 1 0 0 per cent. greater than durio.g December. It is thought tbat the tobacco crop the season will be increased in this sec tion and a larger crop produced than the last one. Warrenton Gazette, Jan. 13 ,-Despite the bad roads, the high prices paid here for to bacco brought it in from our own and the counties of Vance, Franklin and Mecklenburg. Tobacco is elling here higher than it wu.s ever known to be. 1N FLORIDA. Q 1incy Herald, Jan. 14:-Two hundred and fivtl men are now at work for the Syndicate company clearing land, plowing, etc., and rapid progrese is being made. Me81!rs. Gillmore and D cle laa Veca.. Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. FOR BALE BY PA1Pk IG TUlorcl Acker, Herrall. & Coaclit. lfew York, D. L. TRUJILLO & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, -MANUFACTURERS 011'-Fine Havana Cigars. New York Office: 119 WATER STREET, cor. Wall Street. Se1llag Aceat fot> the Weot: G. GOLDSMITH, Nc>, 126 Sa Salle Street, Claieaco. m, replenish the empty warehous es o f Spain. Poor "Where' s your share!" A s k Mr. Wenk. C. M Garth, of Bockee, Gartb&Schroeder, of Ky atLended the sales T11es day. "The Old Guud." S F Beaum:mt, is the Clarksville repre s e o f this firm, who are tl;le largest purchasers of rich faL lugs offered on the Western m arkets. Slugs, your black darkey is a bumP:Iing this week. Aeauming as a fact that all old stock will have bBf!n sold and shipped by the 1st of March, it is time that we look cautiously, candidly into the future of the new crop. The continued rainy, givy weather of Decem ber, and thus far in January. bas enable d farmers to strip out their crape. At least at the present low figures. There h&ll not a eingl e hogshead of sweet old tobace<> sold since the development of the short crop in June, at within two dollars of its actual v!llue. Ev"ery hogshead of red fillery leaf will go for a n .Auaericao plug filler. as a substitute for Burley. G "rmaoy has bougbt no in 1887. Speculation is rife, and the bull horns off the bear; money goes begging. The boys in the furrow" are on top one& more. S 1lck to your two acres to the handtwo tbous,.nd of twenty-dollar to bacco-and plenty of hog and hominy" areyours. Shake! The Tobaeeo Ta:o:. two-thirds of tile entire product now in WASHING T ON, D. C. Tbe Senate took bulk, ready for the prize or ttelivery to the up the resolution offered by Mr. Brown loose dealer. The first important factor in on January 4 declaring that the practice of the future value of any commodity i3 to asthe Government for the first three quarters. certain by correct data what is the actual of a century of ita existence was correet, in product-what per cent. of an average year collecting the nece3Sary r"veoues at the ports. baa been produced. StatisLical reports should or other boundaries of the territory by tariff. be accurate. No mere hearsay, with so except in cases of war, and that there beingID';ICh off, for ove_r or .The a large suJ,"plus in Lhe Treasury, which it is of any farm 1s a quest1on

.. lfm. cf UJo.f Importer and Manufacturers of 11 107' and 1109 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Trade lllark., We b9g,o to eatl tba at taotfon of the to onr 1af'g8 assortment ot Novelties and Specialties suitable for Advertising PurpoleL I Lozaao1 Y. Penda, EJ&T.A.:B::Lo18::EI::EJZ> '1867. M. Alvarez. PE1VX:..A..& &, MANUFT'BS OF CIGARS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. 1 l AIo ID1porter Oi &, LE.A..P TOB.A..CCO, 1108 Pli!I.A.:E'I..:E.o JSr:m""'l"lP" "Y"C:E'I..:K. CuBAN HAND-MADE CJGABS. ft'' -1114 Sansom St., "\\\\1\\\\\\\\U PBILADELPHI.A. t\.\\\\ \\\ I \. WlRRliiTEO PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. W. T. HANCOCK, Su.,.,.,.aor to SalmoD, H&DOock &; Co, MANUFACTURER OF Fine Coil, Light Press, Twist, Navy and Sun-Cured TOBACCOS, .. To the Cigar .and Public Generally,: It haviag come to our notice th&t unscru.. pulousa.nd plra.tlcal m&Dufaeturers have in!ria.ged upon our celebrated brand ot OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by slightly changing the and color of label, we take this opportunity ot cautioning the public and trade against buying such goods. under pena1ty ot law. Our brand Is reglstere:t a.nd protected by bw. Notice Factory No. l'i, !:!nd Dist of Virginia, on each box: also our name on lAbel, etc P. WHJTLOCK,'. KICH!WION.D, VA.. BALBIN, MONTEALEGRE & CO., -Importers and Deelen InHavana Leaf Tobacco AND CICAR8, I 03 Maiden Lane. lew York. Tobaeco Frelaht .Rate In He&"ehead. Per 100 Pound. (Reported by E. C. Franke&: Co. ) Louisville-New York, 25c; Baltimore, 22c; Philadelphia, 23c; New Orleans, 30c: New Orleans by river, 23e; Richmond, Cincinnati-New Y"rk, Baltimore, Philadelphia; New Orleans, 33c; New Orleans by river. 25c; Richmond, Clarksville-New York. 42c; Baltimore, 89c; Philadelphia, 40c; New Orleans, 25c; Richmond, Paducah-New York. 29c; Baltimore. 26c; Philadelphia, 27c; New Orleans, 20c; New Orleand by river, 20c; Richmond. 35c. St. Louis-New York, 3lc; Baltimore, 28c; Philadelphia, New Orleans, 30c; New Orleans by river. 3'Jc; Richmond,-. Hopkinville-New York. 49c; Baltimore, 46c: Philadelphia, 47c; New Orleans, Richmond, Evansville-New York. 29c; Baltimore, 26c: Philadelphia, 27c; Richmond. 37c. Nashville-New York, 37c; Baltimoru, 34c; Philadelphia, 35c; New Orleans, 14.50 per hhd; New Orleans by river, t3.25 per hhd; Richmond, 89c. Mayfleld-N"w York. 36c; Baltimore Philadelphia, 34c; New Orleans, 25c; RICh mond,--.. -Charles Darwin found backgammon a great mental relaxation, and he was very fond of novels f l LEAF TQBAC. C .0, 193 Peart St., New Our .latest sample collect ion just issued, contajns : WINONA. FLOR DE RALEIGH. BRIDAL BOUQUET. IVORY PURE. REGALIA DE; LOCK & KEY. EXTRA G. MECHANICS' FIVE Also. a very rich ELP.::;K s e t. All Iebel.< a? so furni>hed blank eo:c: : : :. e EX'i'I:A G. wE desire to call the /rind attention of the Cigar Trade to our ORIGINAL AND BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF 12 DIFFERENT Of .. 0 8, a NEW STYLE ADVERTISING CARDS of very unique 2nd tistk: appearance, reprt:senting a collection of special selected portraits of some well known American and European Actresses. Our Cards are .. MOST ELEGANTLY finished, aRd FAR SUI'ERJOR to the ordinary goods sold i,1 tile mar/ret, which as a rule are thrown away and costly at any price, while ou,.. Cards will be carefully preserved, if for nothing else hut their artistic merit which undoubtedlf makes them A M9ST DESIR ABLE AND LASTING MEDIUM FOR FINE CLASS ADVER.,TISIN6. We sell them at wholesale and retail at a very reasona61e price for th_e quality. Size of Cards 61J4 x 4 3J8 inches. Full Sample Sets of 12 Cards will be sent prepaid 6y mail for $1.00. No Samples given gratis. WITSCH & SCHMITT, Art Lithographers, 94 BOWERY, NEW Y()RK. ;


8 TH.E TOBACCO LEAF. .... CJ. '-' c. HaU&u, .. I'. W c>o.-d.. F. c. HAMILTON & co. Heyman oros. & Lowenstein, St.orarre& Tobacco Inspection 1WA:Nolcroxns oF ciGARS. 6 424 to 432 East Flfty .. nlntb St., New York. AdYaneea oa S&oraae Reoelph of Jllerdaanclloe a SpeelaliJ'. Cold Storage forToba.cc0: ST, .. OHNS p,,R&:, N, T, EDGERTON, WIS. 406 .& 408 Bat 83d 8&., 111. J". LANCASTER, PBli!N. FIRST-CLASS W AKEHO'D'SES: c. & 11. !,!,. B Depot, 8t:. Soha' Park, I'JS, 180, 182, ]84 & 18\'l Pearl Street and. 142 Water Street, 406, 408 & 410 Eat Thlrt:r&!'llrd scree&. Principal Office, 142 WATER STREET, NEW Cer. W. LeDI.oa and N. Prince 81 Lancaat:er, Pa. EDGERTON, Wft. BltA]II'CHES -PHILADELPHIA-A. B. FOUGERAY, 68 North Front Street. LA N &J.A.STBR Pa -H B. TROST 118 S Queen Street; GEO. FORREST, 167 N. Queen S.._t. HAR"I .li'oKDo c:. .... .-1'1: F. HURLBURT.' 154 State Street. SlJPPIELD, con a.EDWARD AUSTIN V''I'FIELD, Muoi.-J. 11: l'. CARL. CINCINNATI, 0.-W. W HALES, 9 Front St...,t. 11-li.TTON, o.-H. C. W GROSSE and W W. HALES. 25 South Jelferson Street EL!KIRA., JC,-W.'fi. LOVELL JKDGIER"I'ON, Wle.-T. B. EARLE I Emu.w RosKNW.&.w-:-ts.U.c Roi&NWALD, HENRY RoSENW.LLD, SIGKU"D RoaBNwAJ .D. I I E. ALD & BRO. 1 1 .. '' & El]Jorters of I 1.;: 1 .45 WATER STRF.ET, NEW YORK. .;;; ... .. ,'a 'iiScuER, .JOHN T. l!IIELLOB, .J'J", &. OC>. X:N'SPElCTC>R.S. STORACE. 149 "''tt'U'a."ter 1!!11:ree1:. lSI e....,..,.. V"ork.. pp-OO'D'NTRY liAIIPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO .&I RAJfCHE5-L.AI'i'c.t.8TER, Pa,t F. tr.CHROEDER. 21 North QuefJilst,; J. C ffiVIN 238 1...-m lrAryst. CONNECTIClJT: F. SISSuN, 245 5tate st., Hartford; C. E. GRIFFING, Danbury; .f',.: llr. llALL, New lllllford. EDGI!BTON, Wlo,: C. L. CULTON. DAYTON, O,: W T. OAVIB,llllllloearsst. BALTIMORE, !'lid.: ED. WlSCHIIIIEYER.t:C0 27SouthCalvertst. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured -and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRO.NT STREET, NEW,YORK; .:HE VIRGINIA TOBACCO Established 1836. :as:. G.A.:E&D:I::N'EI:R. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 77 Fro:n.1: &1:ree1:, :N'o,.,.. V"ork.. sPORT ORDERS FOR PLlJG T6DACCO PROMPTLY II'ILLBD. D'.kARTIN & :EIBOADHURST, TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. u:tr Exolusivamente para Exf)Orta.oion. llllAlfl!l"FAVTlJRER 011! Cigar Aaol IJDpor&er <>i GERM:AN CIGA.B MOLDS, (SoJe .t.pnt II>J" lKN8n, OSENBRVECit & CO.) .t.W lttii.LI F.AcTORYt "' 311 & 313 E. lith St., 316 to 321 E. lith St. N"e"DV TQ:rk.. :.LEVY H: GIGA RS Cor. AVENUE C & 13th ST., NE\Y YORK. .. :, Th. e .HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., OF I 132 23.l. ST., lfEW YOIUL '..\!==::;;;_; 'P.o"' or---------Waxed :J!"or "W"ra.pp:l:n.s Tobacco. : \JOld In to I!I:J.< t b:r uun:CENSEN, _98 Malden l.a:trleo ,'' .... WORLD CIGAR FACTORY We...., Bole Pn>priotors or the rello1rillg Braads,aball prooecute any iDfringemant, 'lis.:,SPECKLED BEAUTY, DOTLET,' tJE;AUTY SPOT FRJCKLED BBAUTIJE&.-WEKTJI.Eilll[ .t; SCHU'RR, 4.03.09 J:a.t Sev-Ueth lit.' J(.,.. York. TO CIGAR XAMUFAC'.tDBERS. o I .... WORKS PERFECT WORKS PERF,ECT. Il'IPOR'I'E.BS OF SANCHEZ & CO. PARRY & CROSBIES. Vuelta Abajo liverpoo1. LEAF TOBACCO, England. 169 Front Street, New York. ROSENTHAL lllaaataet1arer ol GIG-..A.RS. Factor}t No. 1030, 3d District. 341 to 35 I East 73d Street, :N'E"''tt'U' V" 0 ::E'I. :&:: ::EI. .A.:OT'& IMPROVEDTOBACCOGBANULATOR Pa&en1ed Noyember 1880. over 48 :L:a. 'Uo. PERFECTION STEAM DRYEB.. Cylinder of Dryer is 3 Feet Diameter and 15 Feet Long. Patented JaJy 28,. 1885. 1 Ov-er l.O :l:n. u .. e. w. GUL AS,.& !Kaelllne-. llalllmore, !KL P. W. JI'BLGNBR & DalUDlore1 Md.. WJII. 8, ltiBBALL a: co., BoeJieler, N.Y. Please send for circulars and References.. JOHN B. ADT, Manufact,uer and Patentee, Nos, 33<1, 336, 338, :UO & 3-rom;;;;;Bqgm'"" Tobacco CoinmlSSlon Merchant 6 Ft1nchurch Bu!ldings, london.-E. c .. England. --8P.t.NIIIH LINEN A.ND FANCY 8TBIPIKD COTTON GOOD. PlJTTING lJP 8JIIOJ[ING TOBACJOO, -411.87 db 4.59 Elroo:D:Lo roo, .....,.. "York. -.:aro. 'WV. CJ..A.B,:E&OTrT, Sole of tbe Famoua and World-RanoWDed llraDda of YIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, ..... .. THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE DEPOT AND ACENCY &.i.G!IL&!X., .'BETWEEN THE .ACTS." The above Brand or HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made ollly by OF TBJ: HAlroi'AOTUBBS OF Nos. 209 I East 37th Street;'New York. 254 & 256 Canal St., ... Corner or Elm St., / .tw.1Ve"'GGIT "Yc::>rk. .. -ALSO""'----.: .... MANUFACTURER' OF FINE CIGARS. WISE & BENDHEIM, E:a bl.:l.shec:J. 1.830. AGENTS. Bondy & Lederer SOUTHERN & WESTERN TOBACCO. SAWYER. WALLACE & CO. Manutacturen of And Dealers in J leaf 4-.Tobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave., NEW YORK. L. Haha, HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO., CIGAR MANUF No_s. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., Factory No. 8, 3d Dfst. NEW YORK COMMISSION lYIERCHANTS, 18 Broadway, New-Yort G. REUSENS, WELLil:8 BUILDING, 18 1/r. 20 Broadwy, P.o. Box 3440. NEW YOKJL JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBAGCO BROKER, 54 Broad &'C.,. .N"E"''tt'U' TOR.:&:: .JOBJI OA'l*J:US., Broturl ST., IEW,:JOII. VALIANCE HENRY SIEBERT, Christian Jensen. Tobacco and Ceneral llianuracturer Commissi.on PROl'RlET O R _, .. 320 & 322 E. St. g NEW YORK. John Brand IMPORTERS OF & HAVANA AN'D o.-Seed Lea:f 60 toM Fenns:rlvania Ave,l { 125 Holclea Laae. El.:D:L:I.r.a., :N". "Y'. .N"e,.,..verkO:l1:y Nos. 1318 &. 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK Factory No. 160, Third District. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, "fanutac1urer ot the VeJ9b"rated Banner Brand Fine Cut "J _3e1:1:er 1:ha:n. "the Ele-t. "CHIC" Smokbac Tobacco, of Fine Virpma Leaf. SAil. B. SCOTT and BEN. HAXTON Cigar., wm; H. Tem, l're8. 111. D. l!II11lo, Viel'res. Deaj. F. Hax&oa,Bec. and Gen'l !lanager. 78 Broad Street.. 8UCCJI'B80R. TO H. RADER .t; SON0 TOBACCO BROKER, No. 24 Street, .N"E "''tt'U' T 0 ::E-1.:&::. FERDINAND DZIUBA, TOBACCO Commission Merchant 78 & 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW YORK. M of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New Ynrt ELIAS BACH & SON, PAC"ERS OF, .Leaf 166 Water 6t., New York. ELUS BPINGAKN. ......_,.. a SPDIOAIU<. E. SPINGA.RN & Co. IMPORTERS OF Havana and Sumatra, AND PACKERS OF Seed .. Jeaf' Tobacco 5 Burling Slip, New' York. Chas. F. Tac & Son, of Spanish And Dealers In o ll kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St., New York. II. w. VENABLE, E. c. VEN.&BLB. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. s. w. VENABLE a Co. IMl'ORTBRS AND DBAI&BSIN Q,f ... a-Jt VINCO .. .. .. ST. GJlOHGJ!, NaYJ"o ,." .. BIG PIVB Cl,ti;NT- MOGtJL t" TRIX .1"6K.BS, SPRBAD EAGLE, "' Black Goods or eaeb o! above gt'&deo. AIBo I> great ftl'letyot Fboe Ooedll Dpled' ... Southern traae. under the following popular .BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, ADMIRATION, FLORIMII:;L and RAPIDAN. The foYow!ng are our Ageats for the sale or onr Manulaotured Goods:-C. W. VAN ALSTINE, !3 Central Wharf. Booton. !'llaoo.; ARTHUR l'IAGEN dt CO, f8 North Front 8t_.,, l'hll&Mlphlo Pa. : F F. O'REILLY, 225141 Commercial Stree,, Portlaod Me: W, G. ADAMS, St7 Water StM"e" Ynrk c1ty; WM SEEAR. Charleoon. S.C.; l'. H. l!lUliANK, 78 South A, venue Atlanta, G&; E. B. FERGU WN Jackson, Miss.: 8. Q. 8EVI!tll, Little ltock, Ark.: N. H. CIIIWITIAN. GalnstO!l. Tex ; .J. T TOWNES 1>0 Randolph 1-treet. Chlcalt". DL; C. a OONIC8. 98 J eiieraotl AYenue. Detroit. lllich : L. P IITERN, P.ttoburgh, l'a. : P. W. CAVANAGH, O:neh.._ F. S. I.AWRE'i'CE Vioksbu.,.. :IIi...,. The P. J. SOBG CO'S A. LOWENSOHN, lliapoz-W .......... TOBACCO and CIGARS. 137 MaideR Lane-., XEWTOBL Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LHAF TOBACCO. 169 WATER ST., NEW TORI. ''SPEAR HEAD'' JUS. LEDERMAN.& SONS, PL"':::TG TO::EI.A.CCC>, Unive sally Popular, has mot wih a Greater Bala since its introduc. <.ion than. any other Plug tn the'Cory:-"'V' lSI OEE:J:O. J. B. Pce Tobacco Co., V" .A.., Packen aad Dealen L E A T 0 B A C C 0, 140 MAIDEN LANB, Bet. Wa:er &: Froat Street., Jn:W YO JUt. L. SPEAR & CO.. Paellera et lVi. LINDBEIIVI, L .EAF TOBACCO. ; LONE JACK & BROWN BICK.. ; Manufactory: St., Lynchburg, Ya. ; fiNE BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, CUlLS, Aad lmpor&en ot Havana. Tobacco, 191 Pearl StFeet. New York. OT'IIel'll ... u-and promptl;r attended to. Price Llllt .... tOft o,pplleatlon Light Pressed and. Smoking Tobaccos. 184 Water 8t., New York.


! t TAN. 21 .. CHAMPION CIGAR FACTORY: li!ANUFACTU1lRB OF FINE CIGARS. Cor. 2d Ave. & 22d St., ftew York. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AN D DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO. Cor. Wall and Pearl Sts., New York. \\. .EN DEL & Dno.. Factory No. 278, 3d Dist., N. Y. lllaaaftletarerao or the Celebrated Braad r :;;: .. of 4Jicar I Queen Etlzabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445-447 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK. of S u m a: t r a T o b a c c o 5J{ Bowery, NeW -OF' A. Lichtenstein, Son & Co., Danli.J&cturer of CJ;GAB.S,. 309 E. 59th St. New York. e co., .A.rn.h.e1:.:a... : LOUIS GRAFF, SOLE AGEN'l', t'OS MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, &ad :l'eDC!Ilarcb Bui!clbr.g., ., f.ond-. .t;. C.. c. F. HAYE, H. DUYS, ]R., ADOLPH MOONELIS, Agent for Amsterdam Firms_ in SUMATRA and JAVA C IMAGNUFACTUARER O R F s SUMATRA TOBACCO, TC>BACCC>, 195 Pearl st., New York. 175 Pearl Street, New York. lve. D and I Oth St.. New Yllrk Larce Aooortrnento Alway on Band. G. HARKEMA, LUKWEL & TIELE, i L:" GERSHEL & BRO., PA CKERS A l H > DEALERS Ill SEED LEAF TOBACCO, SWORN TOBACCO BROKER. Sworn Tobacco Brokers, SampleRooms: BrakkeGrond. OF ROTTERDAM, Bee to recommend them11elve :foT the Oflloe: 0. z. VOORBURGWAL 286, purchaoe or Sumatra and ;, a..-a To-191 PEARL ST., A t d H II d bacce on &Jae Dutch l'IIarke& .. mS er am, 0 an R e ference: H. d e M azie re, Esq. 41 BMad l!t, k New York ____ ..;.....___ _P.o_. Bo-x-2 14._N wY-o r k ----J. H. A. GEBING G REISMANN Al TINK & PAPPENKEIM coMMissioN MERCHANT Sworn Tobacco Broker. S f T b LEA FTitBAC c 0 o. I uma ra acco, J AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND 1"16 WATER ST., NEW YORK. CUPID CIGAR FACTORY. Leaf Tobaccos J r 143 WATER ST., v Factory No. 26, 3rd District, JI_.HaldenLane, %liTe._. I Basch & Fischer, S IMPORTERI OF HAVANA IITATB 911' NEW YORK. SEED uiFbTiiiacco. I U5WATER ITBEET, of JNO. W. LOVB. Bear Mat4ea Laae, JIEW YORK. S. E. cor. First Ava. & 74th St. 8. ROSSIN&; soTs. a NEW YORK CITY. PACKEIIIJ OJ' seed. Lear. AND Dll'OR'l'EB8 01 HAVANA TOBACCO, 173 Water St., New York. 'H. &, GO., E. & G. FRIENO. & CO., Importer. aud Dealen br. LEAF TDBACGO, THE CELEBRATED FINECUT 1 1 I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I 129 MAIDEN LANE, Q:EiaiJ"'gV%NG TOlEii.A.OOO, NEW YORK. lAnd aJlldnds of Tobacco. !?EH r.s, I o.m( Shiold.'ll LB!P TOBACCO Manufactory & SaJesroo111, cor.lvenu.e 0 & 1Oth St. New York. 190 PEARL STREET, Buchanan a Lvall, NEW YORK. -. 1'\1 10l. X.. SITR.B:IIIT, 1'\l'B'W' VOR.::K. H "17'0E' NIG & CO OOza.ZD.eroj,al. :lraotc:>ry, Brc:>.-,&l.y:u., J!liT. v. o .D. t 11Iau11J\lctare the Celebrat.ed Braude of HAV!NwAhotAeNieDDeSHieHrllnLHAF :E L "1:1 G-T 0 B A. 0 0 F&N.CY DA.B.K. NAVIES; TOEI.A.OOOB, 226 Pearl Street, New York. CAPITOL CIGAR FACTORY Jl. SIL'VERTHAlJ' II: CIGARS, 808 E. 71st St. New York. l'ANCY BRIG'IIT NAYIBIIII .Jr:U'C'&::Eit, IIITA.ND.I.BD BRIGJIT l'r.I.VIESJ &.A.:I:LOR.'& O:EI:O:I:OE, IITAl'IDAB.D DABIIE. :l'r.I.YI-. r... <>l lheoe goods lllworldwit ot their lllelit& IF BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. 011 Trade-Mark n-x is Embossed on EYery I'IUC. BRANCH OFFICE:No. H CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON. Brooks' Patont Gross Holo Load Soals 'Nftteat llarcb so. l8'llli. E. J. BROOKS & CO., .1 m j .i i ftl .At il i f October 111. 18'4 lU DEY STREET. XEW YORK. ,,,,,, tJl'fl' l EXCLV!!iiVELY, 213 Pearl Street, New York. I u. CLARK & BROTHER. IJ' fOBACCO BROKERS ................ "" ....... ....._ ,.'-> .......... _.. llauulaeturer of MEERSCHAUM AND. AMBER GOODS, AJUl Importer of FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 69 WALKER STREET Comer Broadway, -HI>-Vienna, Austria. Send for Catalogue aud Price Ust, as I have no T raveJlinc Salesmen. 9 Antonio Gonzalez, -IJIU.IICIB'J:.KII. -00\f. :J::n::1.por'ters o f :E3:a.van.a : AND PAClKBBS OF I HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO. I Seed. 245 Pea,rl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. .... 180_Pea.rl New York. G-"D'ST.A. 'V TOBACCO & CI_GAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENCY,.J Herald Cinar Factory 6 a M W. P RA GER. Man u facturer o f Cheroots, Ne.w York: GARCIA & VEGA. (fonnerJy QarcJa aowners o t '"La Duqueslt& 1 1 and "La. Rosa D e M.a:vo brands. N e w Yorka.odB&TAD&, eaiie N o. 100; T O LEDO o1t D e LEON muufactuoers of F.xclusively Spauloh H&Dd-lllade Clear A. w. Foote a Co. _aa_ ... _W'I!,__;..Ky-West;....;;;,Fia .;.._; 125 MAlDEN LANE, NEW YORI. J. R. ANGULO, HOWARD l. JOHNSON, MANUFAcmJRER OF Successor to PRICE & JOHN SON Clear Havana Cigars, Importer. KEY WEST, FLA. LEAF-:TOBACC O MAX MARX. 14 Warren St., N. Y.. soLE AGENT. 119 Maiden LADe. New York "DE CAPO" CIGAR FACTORY. JACOBY & BOOKMAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 336, 338, 340 & 342 East 38th Street, 'Y'OR.:a;:;. FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. SCHLOSSER & MANUFACTURERS OF FINE Cnban Hand-Made ci[arsl Have Removed to 71 Ne'"OV S'tree't, N'e-vv "York. Perd.. Oppen'he:lmer, IMPORTER OF H.A.. VAN .A.. LE.A..F Tobacco FREIGHT BROKERS, FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY. Ocean. R.a.i:e, &i:ea.ZD. or &a11. P. 0. Box 3,152. 4:3 Exchange Place,, NEW YORK. FRED. SCHULZ, Packer aacl Dealer br. Seed: ADd Importer of Havana Tobacco, 224-2.26 Pearl Street, New York. G. FERNANDEZ & : Gtl. lmpe:rter oC Havana Tobacco. 206 Pearl St., New York. _.OS. S. GANS, MAX G&NS, :MEYER BROS. Packer of and Dealers Jn and Leaf Tobacco, %liTo. 1150 &1:ree1:f :N Yorke BRINXOP'S. SINGLE PLUG. MACHINE. Patented { Unl&edS&atee,l'IIay3I_,l8Sl, Canada, .J"11.n. 31, 18tS2. FOOT POWER. Will m ake plugs of all alzes, from 1 to 4 Inches wide and from 4 t o 12 Inches long. better 'abil'\ cheaper than any other ma.cbJ:ne in the m arket. and is n o w i n use :In o v e r one bULdred of the larKaJil factories in the United States. Correspondence solicited, Address J. H. BRINKOP, Qntney, IBiaol .. CANALS X. Barranco & Co.,.. Proprlelorao ot tho irt l m tnJ i El & La dB' I '''''' 'JV!JPIJ MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS. J'BANCIS F. ADAMS. ll!:ot&.llahed 18,"1.) HENBY 1'. AVEBIL P. P d.a.Q:I.& &, 0<:., ot the Collewtac Cele'brate4 BraDIJ ec FINECUT CHEWINC 1r. SMOKiNQ TOBACCO. Chewing: Tally Ho I Aromatic. Smoking: Peer!eu. Excelsior, Standard. ...._ V:K:I!Ill!llo J. G. FLINT, Jr., JOHN P. GOELZ & CO., MANUFAcmJRERS OF Jlaaafaelurer or CIGABS, FINE _CU_lD-CHEWING 2.:1 to 299 We.t Water Street. Second Ward BaDk Bulldlnc, MILWAUKEE, WIS. Smoking Tobacco, F. Milwaukee, Wis. THE PEASE TOEI.A.OCC> CUTTING MACHINE. KEY WEST, FLA. KEY WEST, FLA. P.o. Box wo. 10. 66 Barclay St., New York. SEIDENBERG & JIANUFAC'rURERS OFNew York & Key West CigaFs. 327 East Slxtythli'd St., New York. JOHN H. McGOWAN COIIPANY This Cut shows our PATENT DOUBLE."EIIl Finisher With Patent Retainiug Lock for We control all Patents for PreasiBg or. bacco from BOTH ENDS -:o:HYDRAULIC -==-. Mould Presses -:o:-.. Moulds, H .YDRAULIC and 'W-.J! Boxing Pre sses, Bands and Seg-ments, Steel Finisher '' Plates and Tins, HAND aad POWER Send,for Catalogue .6PLEASE WlU'D OU R ADDRIDSS PLAIN, aud rfllM Nl this paper in addressing ua.


10 TilE TO.BA.CCO Philadelphia Advertisements. &. T.A.XTT, Importers of Havana -AND I".AC.KEB8 011' Seed. Toba.ccc:.. :CommisSioa Mer;baDts ftr tbe Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. f 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. I B:R.O& : Packilrs, Commissioa lerchants and Wholesale Dealers m FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, Manncactarer of Fine Cut and Smoking Tob ac co -ANDLuxury Fine Cut I n Foil. :119,ll!11, 223 & 225 (!. u a u:r sa., PHILA D ELPH IA.. I l l I'RISHM'UTH BRO. & C::O,. } 151 N. 3d St. and. -"' r YOUN G & .Baltimore A.dvertlsemca.ta. WIYI. A. BOYD a CO., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND SUMATRA, SeedLeaf Tobacco, 33 South Street, BaJtimore. EILL:J:S &. CO., MA.NUPA.C.TURER!I OP BENGAL CHEROOTS,. .A.leo Impor&en of, Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. NEWMAN, a.:n.d. e>:f X..ea.:C Te>ba.ccc:., 8 2 'N C> :Ft. T:EE :&":Ft. C> 'NT & T .Fl.BET, .E"'JB:XX.. E JJE"'JB:X .A., E"' .A.. BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE A MERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE C iCAR FACTORIES, P.A... .. &, C<>., OF SMOKING TOBACCO, S:o. -.:a:f:f a.:n.d."t"tes, 181 WEST PRATT ST., BALTIMORE. JULIUS CO., PACKERS OF SEED LEAF and IN 11ts .A.R.O:EE Western Ad:verUsement& I. L. DUNLAP & CO., W. G. M:Ell:R & CO. .._.,._ to JDA>. B. & Co. LOUISVIl:.LE, Ky CINCINNATI; o., R. :MEIER & CO., Manuftl.ctaren of' NAVY TOBACCO, C::INC::INNATI. O, And Acent. Cor Promlnen& Vli'Kiala Manatacturer of L E A F ;_ T 0 B A G C 0 Twist & Plug Tobaccos. F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, -JOHN E. PERxms, JAM ES C I:RNST P alm Leaf Tobacco Works. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS "PERKINS & ERNST, MANUFACTURERS O F S w. C::Or Vine & Front Street., Fine Plug Tobacco C::INC::INNATI, o. Blue Gra...:.s (Extra Finer. P a l m T PA.t. D rumstick. BRANCHES: Blue {a.y, Key Note,>rfl_r. Peon y P lug. 0:-cJiltar To.,at"eo. 0FJI'tC11: .AMD F ACTORY: ClarkvJIIe T eonz-Dark Tobaeco. 1$9-16'\ Pike St. COVINGTON. Ky. Beary Gellle, 188'7. Beaao.Damua, THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO., Suc.-rs to Honry Gei88 and Stickney & Gordon, Manuf a e&arer o r all Klad. of 0 :1: o-.A: :R. :EI C> :lE: El s. :ln. X..a.be1 O:lcar R.:lbbon., and all o&h e r Clr;arm.a.kera' Sapplle Large Stock of all tke Leadlwc La'bel Houoeo C::oiUitaatly oa Biaaol, 98 OX...A."!!Z'" &TR.:JDET9 HENRY GEISE, B EN NO D AMUS, GEO H. SULLO. THE GEISE LUMBER CO li!ANUFACTURERS OD' SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATIO. N Ciga.r Bc:.::E Factories: 101 & 103 Eaot 8th St., ClinobUaati; ahd We o t Virg i aia. Oftlc e : 93 C::LAY STR EET. C::INCINNATI, 0. Tin Tags, CUT a n d E MBOSSED Jn Plain or Fancy Dei;rn. of Plain. Gllt or Colni'Od Tin at Lowest Prices Sa.mple 'J:'ags and fu}j informatio n furnished on application. J M. ROBINSON & C o .. 225229 W.2d&I'>2 U C::ctra\Av CX:N'OXJ:ST:N' .A. T:J:. C>. W. BEST, Chicago; LORIN PALMER, New York; W, H. RUSSELL, Cbloago. Bes-t, &. Successors to JOHN C. PARTRIDG E & CO W -HOLESALE TOBACCONISTS. Sole Proprietors or the Gcnniuc 'GOLDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' Ci[a-rs. lS'7 X..a.k.e st. a.u.d 4.1 CJh.:loa&o, .:J:11. SOLE AGENTS FOR TJil!: FOLLOWING WELL KNO'IVN l'llWS:-ITRAITON &: STORM'S Cigars aud Clgarett.s; D. a n 1 .cALl'DI & CO.'S P luo: Toi>Mco; LOZAN0 PEN DAS & C O.'S Havana Ciga1'8; II F. G RAVELY' S 'Plug Tobaeco; W T. BLACK,VELL & CO Du rham, N /It CO.'S" MAYFLGWER, Detroit. Mich.; J W. CARRO LL'S "f-ONJ!l JACK, hbufllt'. &CO.' S "OLDJUDGE,.el'obacco and Gigarettcs; S "BETWEEN THE ACTS," and KINNEY 'fOBA.CCJO CO. '8 Cig arettes.. AGENTS D'OR E H GATO'S KEY WEST C IGARS. WM S KIM.BA.LL & ro s VANITY FAI!l TOBACCO & N. y B. SUBERT & SON, L .. PINCOFFS, BUYlClt AND SELLER OJ' Leaf BcraDS, 231 E RANDOLPH STREET LEAF TOBACCO, xn. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, 01. HEIDSIECK rAN. 21 Admtisements from East, West & South. H"'""-'L'L Sima. E lL Sima. J1J1oe S!u:r& HINSDALE SMITH & (EST ABLII!BED 1840. J Paellen and. Jlobbe ... of Gonnocticnt Sood-IBaf Tobacm _.....,_ IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 21, 23, 25 HamDiJ..eB St. SDriDKBeld,Mass. WM. L. HUNTTING & CO DEALERS IN AND PACKERS O F Connecticut & Havana Seed Leaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD, CONN. A. F. RICO & CO., L11PO RTERS OF Havana Leaf Tobacco, 18 Central Wharf, BOSTO:N, MASS. t', H 1IA Y O. :!'ROllAS ll. TKIXOOfl P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND. VA. 1118'l'Al!J.l8JIBD B't ROBEBT A. JIA YU I8IL Orlclnators ol 'he 'yl e anti DalliO 1\T A. 'V'Y' T C> ::es .A. 0 0 ..-,. NAVIES A SPECgLTY lN ALJ-JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant Por Parchue of I.EA'F TOBACCO, a.xc::a::D4o2llil%) v .&. .. V. S. WRIGHT, S uccessor to Edwanl Peynado & Co. .. DIRECr I MPOR TER OF CHOitE H -AVANA llOLE AGENT FOR Lozano.Pcndas Cisar Hanna Go oils. dKAWCHE!!-Loulsvllle Hotel and G alt House Stands. C. P. APT, Leaf Tobacco Broker,. S O U TH ROSTON, VA., All grades Virgini a and Nort h Carolina l ea.f bought on order. An experience o f se'f"en fe&rB. Correspondence solicited D. E. SOULE, Packer of and Deal e r in HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, NEW ftllLFDKD, C O NN, W. F. ANDROS&, Commission. Dealer, E&ST H.A.RTPOBD0 CONN, Will Buy o ld or new Leaf for Dea l era or Manu facturers tlirect from the g r owers. Twenty years' experience. PLUG c. HUBBARD, : S KIMBALL & CO'II!i VAriU'Y FAIH h CW.'..ITH.' l'IC"F'1ER, N, y L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS & DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. UIPORTERS OF sumatra and Havana, 100. Ill ARC STill;!ET, PH.LADELPHIA. IIDIRY T FREYER. A UGUST FREYER & EISENLOHR, Paek.en aad. WJaoleale Dealer Ia LEAF TOBAG CO, I 13 North. Third Street, Philadelphia. --------'HER' J L.&.H'FI, Pa.okar aaol Dealer ba LE.&.F T>B.AOOO, 231 and 233 North Third Street, Phlladel])hla. I lllANUFACTURERS or I!IIl'IIBRIP EXTRA0 "PORT," "P. H. DIIM:HOFP'S GERMAN," and Other Brauda o f Smoklnlc Toba.cco. Also" HERRE DE L.l. BEINB," SWEET NBCT&B1 &Del otber Brands of Paper &nd All-T obacco Cigan> tteo. New York Office: 66 South Washington Square. TOBACCO. Grower & Packer of Leaf Tobacco, FLA. VORED W1TB: TJJlll CELli:BRATI!:D CHAHPAGNJC WINlll PIPER HEIDSIECK. NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, x..e>U1&'V'::a::x..x..m. r. R. & I 1 omo SEED LEAF TOBAGGn A N D Day"ton., o. No. I 15 Mould Stogies, Orden c or and Home Tracle PITTSBURGH, p.a,, J P"-omptly Atten d e d To. X. "WV". Livezey&. Cc:.. POPLAR and WHITEWQOD; PLANED and UNPLANED, ANDIMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Imitation Cedar manufactured by our P ATEN T proceso is only PERFECT Imitation or Spanish Cedar. Prices and rates of freigh t givea upon application. HA.TPIELD, l11&8S. MILLER 4 HERSHEY, Dealers in Leaf Tohacco P e t erbur&', Co. Pa, HOLT, SCHAEFER & CO., Buyers f)f Leaf Tobacco. Li'N C HRtiRG, VA, Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker &I()HMOI'ID, VA. PAUL C. VENABLE, Leaf Tobacco Broker. DAifV.LLB, VA.. REED &. McCEE, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, E D W ISCHMEYER, BY. W ISCHMEYER. ED WISCH MEYER & CO., .T. J. DUNN & CO.,, Unt'ted. S'ta.'tes Oia"a.r 1W.I:a.:o.:u1"a,c'tc:.:ry, RALEIGH, If. Cl. W _-A. BOBBITT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, OJUI'OBD, W. Go ........ 1. D1JNl'J, 110'7 EIR.C>.A.D BT E"':la::J:X...A.DEX..ilP:EE1.A.. e HENRY HEYMANN T>:EI.A..COO MERCHANTS c&or:r N o Phll e lpn Theobald & Oppenheimer, BATCHELOR BROS., OF Da ... cae&arera oc FINE CIGARS, KEYEAST A.'1) DEALERS];{ _CIGARS Splll1sh and Dnmestic Leaf robaccol Jre.Dt Jrortla TJaho or Dark K e oweal e d Wru.ppero, or ()f any House I n the State of Marylalld whlcb we make a speclalt;r. PEIC>R.:J:.A., XX..X' Mnutacturer o f all Styles of a9 8, C&lven S1 aUIDlore, Mel, C:l.gar Bo.Xe&, A. R. FOUCERAY, -AND oEALERmTobacco Inspector. Cigar Manufacturers' Supplies. Appoint

JAN. 21 BosiBess Directory or AdTcrtucrs. XEW YOR.IL ...,_ ot-. 100 Pearl .l.rftdt ot J'riDgant, lat Water lllleb & BoD, 1645 W&&er llnDd ;rot Oo. llili llaldea LaDe on.wrord 1t. 11. a BoD, Jte w-, Da-D llroo.JtaWacer Day, Joho. B. ot Co. L'll Halden L&De ...._. Wm. ot Oo. lMII Peo.n. l'alk, G. ot Bro 171 Wate. J111e4m.a.n. Henry, 162 FrtJ'C Wrfeed E ot G ot Oo. IIIII .tlald"" LAM. llroo. & Roeonthal, 160 wacer. lhndlel L. & Bro. 191 l'eari. 6reenspecht I'll. 191 Pearl Bamblu'lrer L 11o. 174 w ohuon H. L 119 !llaide" laae <1111C B & Co. Ml Pearl .aQrm&D. Joa. ._Sons, 140 Malden lane. .a&vtn II. B. corner Wall &ad t'e&rl Llndhelm H 191 f'eerl. !layers Joe Sons, 198 Pearl """""-" I'll. & Co. 171l Wot.r Pulver. Dickioson & Co., 178Pea.rl a.Dl&IU1 G. 176 Water. Booenwald E. ot Broo 141! WatM BooolD 8 & Sooa, 178 Water Balomoa G. ot Broo. ISS M&Wen laDe. l!cbroeder & Boa, 178 Water. Sobubut H. & Ce. 160 Wate. llobW. J'red. Pearl ep.r L & Oo, 184 water Bplq...., E. & Co. 5 BW'llag 8llp Stein ot Simon, 211 Pearl. Tag :1lao F ot Son, Front. Upmaoa, C&rl. -3 E 59th. Wahllc Chas F. IUd av. Wolt Thoo. Jr. JW Front .,,,._1. -w..,_ Ledf Doiab& Ford. 78 BeuseaoG.J820Bro&dway. SAwyer, Wallace&. Ce. 18 Broadway. Siebert Henry, Broad.. Waro/IOIOIU for l'lM 8iJio OJ .lfllllfond BmotWtWI IIIDer L. ot Soa. IM Ch&mhenl Maouf&ctured Tobacco tor Export. -J.M. 77 Froot. lllattln & Bro&dhurst J95 Pearl Thompaon, Moore ot bO, 83 Froot. o-..-.............. BeFMollroaert & Oo. 48 ot 48 --PIMP Loaf'lbbaoOo-. oauu John. 011 -. lhoo' Bonl J 8. & co. 181 Water Oobome, G. M Bro&d. PauUtoch Ill. 1711 Pearl 11:. A iU Beover, 11\'dftM. tlmlth W 0. aod Co. 48 Exobaup place -ur oJ amoltlftQ1ato4 To-.t 14&11. lb Wall lluollDer D,' & Co. 178 ud 178 Du&De. Qoodw1D & Co. t-of Gf&Dd Street, B. B. IDooey Bma 51b t.o 5115 W-lllld IA1m&n J. H. 11'-116 Llber$y aod 1111-UIIledat Mc.Upta D. H ot Oo. oor Aveo .. D aod ,._..._ 11111er lllr8 G B & Co 97 Columbia. tJf O..,ara Arguelleo Brothen, 172 Pearl Alvarez Ill. 213 Pearl. .AJOh L & Co. 77113rd Ave 8oDa7 &: Leaerer, 70th at. and tat &Ye. oCartaya J, E. & Co. 3 Cedar Condit Stephen G., 4411-447 E. lot;h Deft&noe Cigar Haoutacrorv, 22lh238 Eaot 41as Foote A W. lk. Co. 1i6 Malden Lane. l'rey Broe lk. Co. 11142-1848 A. l'romer L F 17th st. cor. 8d and Lexington aq. .ll&hn, BMlSIIel & Co. 4J!3.429 E.63d St. Ball Thoo. li. 209-211 E 37th. Heymao Broe c1: Lowensseln Mtll Bofma.nn F. 1Sl8-J3:20Avenue A. l.oooy d. & Oo., toot of 62d. St., Jacoby&:: BookmAu, 88th .t, near !st &'t'. Jooooha Sam'l & Co E. tl8d. .J e088n, Chnstlan, 82C E. 7Sd Street .... utma.n Bt os. & Bondy, 1211 & 181 flr&IUI. &erbo .. 81)1 .... 1014 to 11110 l!eooDd .a. aod 110 lo 8H lrlttv-rourtll JDmb&ll. Orome and Co. 85 Warren. Le"J' 61'08, .& venue 0 ana l lth Street. Brothera Oo. ?'07 to 'i10 ld a.enae. .Uchteasteln A .. Son dl Co. 809 Eaot'69th IJea Geo P & Co. cor. 80th st aod avenue A Love J w 11180 lot ave. aod 4U8 B. 7itllllt lleDdol M. W & Bro 15 1-llSoworv lleouella A dt Co A VAilUe I> and lOt.b at. Ottenber,: S cor. 2d av .t 22d st. Pobalokl !', & Co. 58 We.rren awdrlcu .. & Garcia, 2lh'i4 Gold. !Rooentbal Bros. 341-851 E 7Sd 8&Dches aa4 liaya.._ 8 1 Pearl Upm&Dil C&rl. 406-406 B. 59th. Wertheim & Schltfer, 403-409 E. 70th It, ImpM'1lll' or Butii4Wa Duyo B. Jr. 1'711 Pe&rl Fa.l.k, G &: Bro, 171 Water Freloe, ll:rneot, lti Water 6ralr L. 1015 HAlden Lane. !l&ye C F 198 Pearl Blr!!!11t. Vlot.ortuo & Oo. 1511 W&&er lfotoenwald E & Broa 145 Water. :lil&)omon II. & E 1111 Malden lane, SohrOOder It Boo, 178 Water llehmld L. 188 Water. 1!plngam E ot Co., o Burling llllp. WeU It Oo. 645 ...,.,..,....or B-01--. & eo. ta ceaar. A.Uflrbaeh Simon .t Co. 179 Pe&P' J Ba.lbtn, Montea.legre 4 Co., 103Kaiden Lane llenlhelm J & Boo, 18ill'o&rl llr&Dd Jot Co. L'l5 Malden L&u 'D!az B. & Co. 101 Water Femand.,. Q. ot Co. M h&rl Freise, Erneat, 14ii Water. I rteam&D & Co., IiiilS Pearl 6&Nia F. bro. & Co. 117 W&t.or Qons&l .. A !80 Pe&rl erl'll. Berma.noa, 172 Water _..avana TobaccO Cd. 192 i'I'ODt Lopeo, Oa.llzto. & Co. 8 Cedar .J.oweosohn A. 187 Halden lane. ,Loi&DO J: endaa & tJo. BOO Pe&ll ll&rtlneo oor & Co., 1111 water llllr&Dd& F ot co. ll2lll'ear& Monte]o M A 191 Pearl. Oppenheimer Ferd. ll&lllalden l&ne t;atomon G. & Broo. 188 Maldea laDe. ,.Sanchez & Co 169 Front. 1!anchoz d: Hay&, 81 Pearl Barf,Ortna 4 Oo. 171 Pearl M &. E. 8b :M&Iden Lane :;Seymour Oh&.li. T 188 Front v Morton & Co. 187 Poarl Vigil C, 140 MaldcmUA Oloat--1JOIJd TNoue. (l!Oeke John J, Co. 1811 Grand .Manutschwerl of OlgM Bfbbeft.e. Wlclacco 1/&ggfftq Pe....,D A. Harriman ot Oo. 467-459 Broome Cigarette Puper. Isaac. Hermann, Stewart Broadway and Chrunbers JI&Dafaoturva o V&>< Paper. -"111!erschl"'l Mtg, '82-284 GMlellwlcb T .he Sphinx Cigar factory. & NEWMARK, 2d Av. and 73d St., New York. Factory No. 412, 3rd District. Ed. do Oo., Manufacturers of Havana Cigar FJ.a,vors, CIGAR COLORING, P.t.STE SWIKIETENINGl!l, Ea.t: l!31eoo:n.d. &t:., C1:n.o1:n.:n.a.t:1. C>. Label and Stamp Varnish, C and Oo.JJ.jEast 14th L Fibre Wart1. Goldtmith J. 744 Broadway Mfl.r or Meerschaum and Amber Goods. Weis. Ca-rl, 60 Walker a r,BAXY. 1(. Y Maa"f"""""' of ToOacoo. A 8o1U1, 8!2 Bro&dwav AI!ISTERDJl.l!l, Hollao4. 8tDorn. Tobac:;o BTu_, 1. Gebing J. H. A., 0 Z. Voorburgwal200 & 223. Barkema G 0. Z. VoorbUfl"l'&l 286. .&R.XHEIIII, Holla>lcL Dlro. m """"""' o.ftd Ja-Froweln a Co. BALTUIOR.E. Jld. 8e o;outb Ubarloo 111..-feld Joe. It Co, 89 German Bhuppel B. 2 East Baltimore Saeerlnge r ot Co. 13 B. Howard Uave""'''' 6eo. P & Co. 81 Boutb Ch&rlN It Wleolunevo Zd. & eo. 8111ioutb Oalven ,. TeOacco "'"""'...-..... l'etaaer F W & Son, 90 8ollth Oh&rlee. Ga1J & AZ, 28 Barre _,,. Brolllers. 146 t<> 149 South OUrloe Wllldoa H. & Co. 1 8 1 W Pratt .r"at.nt B&n. BoUMa. Unverzact 6eo P 81 South Charleo Man.ufocturer of Cheroots. Efils H. 4 Co cor. Baltimore and Sharp. ltn'tr. Licorice Paete. Young J S &:. Co., cor. Boston and Elliott st. llnjtr MnrAlntry. Adt John B. 1132 342 N Holliday. BOSTOK, lllau. Cigar Box Manufacturers. Strieder J. W. 2109 Waahington at. Importer of Ha'V'Ina Tobacco and Cigara Rico A Co. 18 Central Wharf OCgcr .Ma.n.urocturera AQetUt Wtchcoel< B. w., 191ndla Street Jobbers in Domestic Cig&l'S and Leaf Tobacco. Daveaport J, Jr 96-98 Broad BROOKLYN. N. Y. Jfo7lutacturw of 7\n. liamUton & LWey, 88 Bridge st. BUFFALO .III.Y Decller ;,. s .......... ....a IaeiMro of 8eod Lear Bulfalo Leaf Tobacco Co. Limited, llain, CHICAGO. Ill. "-' ,.,.. 6lgan, "'"" Tob. Fueha Gust&, 41 WabaJ\h av. ,VealoN In F ure/qft GAd Doasatlc :c-t Tol>aoot>. Becll: A. & Oo. 44 aod oU1 Deuboro. S&Ddb&goa T, 17 W Baodelpb llnberl ll. & Son, Ialit. Handolph Butter Jiro-N. !lib aoo &Od 41 State Jl[ft/trl. or n .. Bbtl, ()roolOib L. 4118. Water Tofoc>ryer. watt' s Uniform Tobacco Drver, 8il lla.rket OIJfCDilf.ATI. o. /J0>: lJo., 98 Clay. Tr<*, 11. W. N. C&nal lilanntacturer or 'l1n Tan. B,oblnlonl.IIL &Co.MI Wlldand IIICeoR&J AY Tobacco M&nutacturofL Dunlap A. L. & Co. 58 B 2d Lea! Tobocco .. OObrm&DD F. W. ot Son, oar. VIDf> aod hoat. Mftn. of I.Jlgar Moldo IIJller, Dtlbrul & Peters, 161!-109 B 24. Mnttrs of B&van& Cla'ar l'la'l'or. Berghauoen Ed. Co. 41 E. 2d. Frle&, Ale:x. & Bros., 46 E 2d. Mnftrs or Tobacco M&chlnetT. llcGowan Co, John B CLARKSVILLE. TL>J Tol>clooO-.. (1&rlt II. B. .. lin> Dohrmann F. W. & Soo. KeDDedy J&8. T. COVINGTON, Ky. Jl_.,,...,....,.. of P!ugl'obacco. Pel'ldns a l:rnst, 1 59-165 Pke. D.AXVa.LE. v .. at&d Broiler 4,. Leal Toaclac:o 'ileMerML J&m"'" A. & Co Hickson R L & Co. LJ.j Brolrlra. 8lrlcUI/ OA Onier. FerrellP. W. PMn!>ll J B. & Oo. Ve-P.C. Maou:tacturer ot: and North Carolina. Smoking Tobacco. Trowbridge Wm. H. Dl:TIIIOLD. Germ .. y J(a.nula.cturers o f Clgar-Box Labels. Gebruder Kllngenbellf. DETROIT. JllloL .v.m- of CMt01"9" li""'-g Tob. at&d (JjgGn American Eagle Toh& .cQ Co ........, Toh&COO Co 58-69 Larned ot DUJUIAII. X. C. Mma.t&tc:JCtUren or 8fii&OidM 2\M>aoclo. lllactwell'o Durham Tob&coo Oo. Lyoll Z. L and Co. llfro oJ liiftd OiDar Comn-Jl.-..,.lo. Havana TobacCO Co. 6t Prndo Manufacturer OJ Cfgon. Aze&nO Sebastian. Suarez Ba.nces .Juan A., 158-160 IndUBtrla street. Cueto Jua.n & Co., Estrella 19. Colmenares & Prieto, Celie de S&n Rafael 115. Cortina. y Gomez, Calle de la Estrella 134.: De Capote Jllora & Co. Calle del Rayo 28. Est&nillo Junco & Corujo, BelascO&ia 84. La. Cal l e de San Ba.tael 99-101 Manuel & Co., Figuras 26. Murias Fell>: & Co Calle de Ia Zauja 6g, )llrand& F. Calzada. del Qrdetx Julio J 22 Obmpta at. Roger Pedre, 49 Factona street. llenduel .. R., Calle del Kayo 63. Manuel. Estrella ISS. Belgao &: Garcia, Sltloa 117. HEXDER.SOX :&:7, 7 'oiHICCOBr.. Slanghter G. G. HENDERSON, 1'1. (l, Tob Bro-. Lewla .&: Thomao, .JANESVILLE anJ ALBANY, Wlo, I'o.t;k,.,. of "'"" n. .. ler t" Greene F. C. &AN!IAS CITY, l!lo, W ooiMale ne.Iero In Mntd and Bm.l!:!r Toaod Qlgano, alloo Bmolaooo """'"""-" Fo""' Tobacco Co Pllnpl, Doerlloefer & Co 18th aod )(ala Meier W. 1>. & J::'! l'obacco. O&Dawa:rJIUDeo F. comer ICightb.,.. Jl&la Lewio, lllch'd M VI0-911 Weot Jlala lleler Wm. G & Co. Gil Sevent.lo Naah Geo. P. IOH Weot Main ot lmportor <>J 6'..,..,... Olgllacco. Ad&mo F F. &: llo. Flint J. G ot Co. ara,..Ufact1&ror of Graf Wm. & Co. Goelz John 1' & Co. 298-2119 Weot Water. XEWARK, X, J. Kanufactt1rera of Tob&cco.. campbell ot Co BrtdJrOIIt NEWPORT, XY. Maftu(actu,.era oj OioarBo:& .Lannbm' Llve .. v I w. & Co. OXFORD, N. (l,_ Leaf Tobacco Brol Arch Young & Newman, 6:! N. Front lmi)Ortar of Havan& Leat. Portuondo, Juan F., 1114-lltl:i Sansom. Importers of Havana. and Sumatra Tobacco. C!'O&&h J B &: Co. 11!4 Oh .. tnuo. MM&utacturen or exaan. Batchelor Bros. 1231 Chestnut. Boltz, Clymer & Co. Dunn T J. & Co 207-009 N Broad Etsenlohr 0, Market (jray, MoraleR & Dalton. 514 Pine. Holloway & Swrum 706 Market Lasa IlL lWliM, 29 8 11 tb aod 802 Chestnut Wiener & Co. llOtl M O ntomtU"J" a"'aue Portuondo Juao F. lll4-1!1 6 S&DSOm '(beobald & Qppenbelmer. 111 Nort.a. IS4 l!!ftrs or Flne-Cu t and Smoking 'l:obacce. Frlahmuth llro. ot Co, 101 N. 8d aod 228Quar,.,. TobaooO F"""oray .L R. 68 N. FJ'OD' Manufacturm-t ej .L1.coriu The lllellor &: Rittenhouse Co 218 North 22d. Jl!r Allent fur Plug at&d -ng ToNooo. KeU,. F. X. Jr. llll Arch OigMBoul Trlmminge Harrill Geo 8 ot Son, 716 Arch "'"""tacturor ot Jlalpl< Bcoecl> S...,, Stew&ri, Ralph & Oo. 141 Al'eh StreM. and Mttrs or Smoker;S Artic:es. Zorn Geo 4 Co., 526 Market. St. PITTSBURGH. Pa. .....,.,., rof oad Jealr:leooa &. a w. 919 Libel noM"'""""' of Srl,..lf at&d a........,. To6oceo, Weyman & Bro Q1JI:NVY,' JU, Brluop J, H BA LEIGH, N, C. 1Aa/ To""-' Broluor. Reed & McGae. IUOHII8JI'D. Va. .Ito." lif-er Tol>oc><>o """ lllgar&llon Gloter. .llanllf<>Ct- of pj .... a -"'I Tobre .... 8r!wlring WluroiOO '!' 18!1 tlt&M Mm>Waeturer of "Peerlea" GAd,_ 6'iow-0Mt TofJlRcCO and 'Vanitw F'ab'' &M.oWwo Toi>Jrf Towne, Fuller & Co., Packers of Leaf Tobacco 1 Manuf'trs of Cigars, 41, 43 & 45 Hampden St., Springfield, Mass. R. LINDHEIM, President. rt ck. a :.::ax =Bs Ill I CIGARS, LEA.F TC>BA.OCO. 1 II 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 1 ... 310, 314 AMD 316 F'IFTVF'OURTH STREE7, J N'E"QV. ARGUELLES BROTHERS, SnaniSh Ci[ar Preprletora of the BranC.t LA FAJIA., LA TUYA, LA !UTA.; 172 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. VIce President. LICHTENSTEIN BROTHERS COMPANY. Incorporated September 6, .1886 l!il 'Q'. C O:J!JBII!I oa.& LICHTENSTEIN BROS. &i .. CO., No. 50, Third District, N. Cor. 38tiJ Street and 2d .. EARLE, Factory No. 1307, Third District, N. Y., Cor. 38tiJ Street and lit Avenue. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, .. and Monuf;cture: of Ci[ar Mannfactnrersl PI DeS & Smokers Articles, ..... Avenue, ..... Stee 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. SalesroDm: 129 & 131 _Grand St., New SteaiD Cigar. Box Factor.,.. 8&, 100 a.:a.d. :10B :l'oJort:h Ca.:a.a.1 &t:., 01D.o:l.:n.:n.a1:1, <>. .Aloo IIIIUiufacturer of the Ven-rea &Del Imitation Ceolar Clgar-Bo:o: Lum1ter. Sample farnlahe4 on A.pplleatlon. Send for Prloe-Liot. Tbe onlJ Jl'ae&ory Jn the We& earrle a coJDplete 'ock oC all Label PnbllhM tn tlae 1Julced R. L. HICKSON & CO PURCHA!IBB!!I cnr JQHN D SKILES, JAMES B FREY. DUTIES IJIPOitED OX TOBACCO Ill FOREIGN COUJfTR.IES. AIJSTRA'LIA-Maoutactured tobaeco ImpOrted, '12 pound duty. Australian manuta.ctared tobacco, JU&de 4il domestic I eat. 24 cents a pound 1Dtem&l tu:; made of t.orelill leaf, 4S c ents a pound taL BELGllJM -Leaf tobacoo and stems, 70 trancs per lilt kilos: manufactured tobaceo. cigars and cigarcttfll, aoc IOOld. loa: other k:lnd.8,1ocludlng stripped t per <.-ent. ad valerem. PRAGUE & :MATSON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS & REHANDLERS, OXN'OXN'N' A. TX, o. RUSSELL'S TOBACCO CHALMERS & MURRAY, 'i6 Reade St., X ew York, SOLE .&.GENTS. We always on hand a full supPIJ of Knives for Pease or Buck eye iuld Rogeno Machin.., and make to order .Knlvea or aoy pattern. piasters .......... .... 97.4 Spain-Peseta or 11.0 France-Franc ... .. 19.3 c "ntimes.... . . 19.3 Great Britain -Pound Sweden-Crown....... sterling.............. $4 8% ... witzerlanc1-Franc ... Greece-Drachma...... TdpoU -Mahbub o! 20 Ger. Emoire-Mark... 28.8 pnl.StPrs.... .. .. 82.9 Holla"'d Florin or guilTurkey PitLSt r...... 4.8 der................... as.r\ 0 s o r Colombla-fl).dia.-RUfee......... 45 Bi Peso .... ............ ,_ 91.8 A kilo 2.5 p ounds. A 11fe n ni g or one cent. An shilling equals 2t ceo :;. Au Engllilb peDny cents. a cigar. Charle y I" ;Don't care 1f I do. 'So we that mv wife gave me for a Christmas present." "]):,. come to think of It, Tom, I 12:11ess I don't feel like smoking t6day. "-Boston T1-anscript. The annu111 meeting of I be Tobacco Leaf PublishlDII: Ca. for tile election of officers will be held at its offices 08 faturday, Janullry 21, 11!8!!. between a and 4 P. lf, H T. DUJ'FIELD, Inspector of ElectioiiB. B. A. TOBACCO MACHJNERY, TOOLS AND SUPPlltS t FINE CIGARS -FOR GR.OWEIUI .AXD IIAXUI'ACTURER.S or TOB.A.OOO. ..a.. ::l!"e>a.a.:m&T db OC>., SAI'L JOSEPHS &, co., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 322 E. 63d St., Oftlce and llaleeroom: Between 1st and 2d Av., 282 Ninth Ave., New York. N'e-vv B. DIAZ & CO., IJD.port.ere HAVANA LEAF-TOBACCO, .L.v__{ 11)7 WATER STREET, JI'EW YOR.X, GEO. &, CO., IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS OF PIPES, l)22lltiAR.KET ST., PHILADELPHIA, A Ca.talol':ua and Price List that sllould be in the hands of every d ealer iu the country. conr.a ninga. description ot all tbe pipes mMe. par.lcularly A111BER, BRIAR a.od CL .. Y PIPES, w th every k n l of t!MOKERS' ARTIC LES Swedish. Par lor, Sulphur a d Safety Matches; Italian 'Vu.x Matches in Fancy Paper or Tin Boxes n!AlLED FREE. SEND FOR O:i& La&e& Novelties Maae a SpecJaUy. Generai.Agents: New York Tobacco Machine eo..., I 04 John St & 9 Platt St., P. O, Bo:o: 2183, NEW YORK. I j / \\ ,_"' ,. .... l


GRAY, MORALES & DALTON Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE HAVANA CI&AIS; 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. CIGAR BOX M:ANUF ACTUREB., AGENT FOR THE IK:P::B.OVZD art Agent for the Williams Little Clant Bunching Machine. .W IUNllFAGTURERS' SUPPLIES. """m. IN SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LUMBER. 2109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. Ltablia:bed about 15'70. GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG,, "E:D1boer Show Carda and Fancy Labela tor Beer, Wbae, l'rulto aad Cigar Box. Labels a Specialty. ae-Dela fbr Private Lal>et. eonlllantly on hantl. Order. receive b:r EOKIIIEYER & CO., 42 Beaver Street, New Y.rk, Sole Acento. ".t:"'HE TOBACCO LEAF. JAN. 21 BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO.' l HONEST' POPULAR, I I Is the Most UNIFORM. REUAB.LE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market SATISFACJORY 1 Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce tt THE VERY BEST, I I 8 ed d well's Durham Smoking Tobacco, and find Ituat m the lmme Jate eectton of country that. produces a grade of Tobacco that m texture, the most Uti>factooy of all I ..... tried. flavor and quality is not grown eleewsere in the world, the popularity of these goods)s only YERY BEST limited by thfl quantity produced We are in pcsition to eomma.nd the choice of all 1 have found no oncith .. c:onti -lit .\Cilt that complar:S I A BI'.Y!IIil'l'll otfermgs upon thtS market, and spare BO pams or expense to give the trade the 1 Wl.!F II SUCCESSOR TO John Anderson a Co., !UNUFAOTURERS OF THE "S 0 L A G E :J:J 6":EJ:on..ey an. d. o' 1 FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET, .A.:u.d. 1:1.9 All1d. r:J.g:J. Cedar 1311: N':J!JVV' "Y"Oa.K.. "'NNON EXTRACT "WV'ORKS. :maa:mNc:m OF HAVANA CIGAR FL.AVOR Ta.:XPX.:IIJ CCNCENTa..&TED. FILLERS. FOR BOXES. UP'" Price per pint, 16; per gallcm, $40. VV':J::r...Lo NOT :BI"V .4.PO.R..&T3D. ll&mplebottlos to make ONE GALLON of STRONG .LA.VOK sent on reeelpt of amount. WE ALSO li!ANUFACTURill I D'l:a b1:lh.ed. 1aea. &. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA CIGARS :K..ey an.d. York.. Office and Salesroom&: No 58 Warren St., New York. ALWAYS ON HAND KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO 1W.AN17FACTORY IWrABLISDED lf7a. IITAI'ILft L. PLA.T'I'o Pr-et. 87 COX."CrllWI::EI:J:.& &Ta.::m:mo:r, .LVEVV' 'YCa.K.. -HANUFAC'l'UREBS OF THE CELE-BRATED-PLAIJr I'IlfE CUT CHEWIJfG TOBACCO IN BLUE PAPERS -J:!o,) 1:7 Jl!'" Jl!'" 8 = ZURICALDAY & ARGUJMBAU, 28 Beaver St. New York. (P 0. Box 244.5.) Importers of Licorice Paste, ROOT, OLIVE OIL, &e. We otrer tor S&le the EXTRA I'INE ,.----.--. RoseScented Maccaboy ,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman .&X. One Oz. Foil. H L I1\ Aleo, Plrot and Seeond quallty Smoktn.:, In Blue Papers. SWEETENED FINECUT--Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. MAT A.PPLE an PRIZE LBA.F PINE(JUT, Ia Foil, l KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., ( ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. CJIGA.B. (JOLOR!I Dry and in Liquid. All 8PEOIA.L JI'LA. VOR8, if deolred, made to order J H. MERCENTIME & CO., I RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, ....... 36 WARREN NEW YORK, JIU.NUFAOTURERS OJ' mGH GRADE CIGARS. AND DEALEIIS IN 11EI.4.JI!'" TOEI.4.0000 l'aoiooz7 '1'86,14 Dtot., N.Y. Bole Proprietors of lho following Bnds:-1111A.TEI'PIA.LA, .IIIIOliZB .ROSA. DEL NORTE, RIO HOND00 158 Chambero Street, New York. LICOBICE PASTE! lHE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO .LG7 llWI:.A :XDlDN :E.o...t!!t.N:m, NEJVV' "Yomr. r Manufile&urer ol FINE HAVANA. CIGARS, 20, 22 A 24 Cold St., PLI)R DB VIOLE'I"I'A., EL PRIMERA, PLOR DE ltlo\.NTA"ZA.S, LA.I'ERICHOLE, ROSES, NEW YORK, KISI'IET. E .. ISTMO, VEGUEROS, OUR TERRITORY, The rn..le h&vfng demanded a Superior and Cheaper Article than tbo.t bltherto used, this Comptii!J' "'ID&Du.factur! ng,andolfaring f orBBle, LICORICE PASTE (under the ol<'-"'d&nfonl" brand) of& QU.u.rrr ALLEN .,R,. GINTE'D a.....;.P....;.RI;;,;CID;;.;"F....;.hl;;,;ch....;.ca;;.;;n.;;;;hardl;;.;.;;:.y.;;;;k;;;..ll to;;;;:.:..::""'..;;:""'.:;.;pt&;;;;.ol;.;. t.o;:.:..::all;;.;.;ving;::.;.;.t t;;;..a ;.;.;rial.;;;.' ______ ,1 .. ., Samples tut>nlshed upon application. LICORICE PASTE. Brandoot II I I I STRAITON & STORM, NEW YORK, All Cigars of onr Manufacture bear the luter:nal Revenue Number ot our Factory, ', d'l'/ LATEST ST"VLES. -'SPECIAL STRAIGHT CUT packed in the followiac atyleo: DRESS, WHITE CAPS, CROSS COUNTRY, LATEST ENGLISH. .LA. TEB-x" N"C>VELT:I:EB. Speci .al .Favours. Size. Made from the choicest Golden Vugrma and. finestTurktsh ca r efull;r selected from the best growing plants; speCial cunng, spectal cut, and finest French rice paper. .&;;:YPTIA.N FLOWERS CIGARETTESt CLEOPATRA. 'l'bis new brand is made of the finest blend o f Yenidge. WEAVER &; STE11RY, LIMITED, '78 P1:a.e l!l'l:ree'l: LICORICE! GREEK LICORICE ALL SPEIOIALTIES I'OR PLUG AND nNECUT TOBACCO, Olive OU, T()nca Beans, Gums, Flavors, POWDERED liCORI.CE ROOT and PATENT POWDERED LICtJRICE. A.B.OM:AS FOR SM:OKING TOBACCO. LICORICE MASS FOR CICARS. ---WM. E. UPTEGROVE .-, Da.c:::., Cedar -!'ORe I GAR BO.XES. Standard Wire Nails. Foot of Enst I Olh & lith St. XEW YORK. SPANISH LICORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU & TUFi," S: o formerly "P I LA R." ,..,.. -MANUFACTURED BY'0 0 OARENOU & TUR. Q"' Factories, ZARA.GOZA, SPAIN. g' Office, 13 Cedar Street, New York. 3 ,2-Sole Agents for the States of North Carolina and F-g ;s DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Va. R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY, SPANISH AND GREEK -LICORICE. PASTE. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. FLAVORS FOR SM:OJUNG TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AND I'INECUT TOBACCO. Special atten&lou &I von to Manut'aeturert M.edley. AU Good l!lhlppe d Pree on Board. prSamples :furnished and special quotations given for any a-t"ticle required, -----THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY, 818 N. 88d. :Ph.Ua.d.e1phSA, MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH AND CREEK LICORICE PAS'l'E#. &. 'V. &, P. :.:=-. l5ilc"'1cl.d.e:r, JIIA.l'(UJI'A()TURE.B8 OP LICOBIGE PASTE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT & J:XT.LIOORICE.. Alae 'DEALEJIUI b. DRUGS aa4 LICOB.ICE ROOT. 4o Oed.a.r near Pearl lltreet, 'York. LICORICE PASTE. ES.A.X..T:J:DC>a.:m :D.II::J:x.ti.a. ;r. s. Y c:;:n.1n.3 de Co.; L:i :rn :i. 'ted. (JOHN S. YOUNG, Treasurer.) !IIANUI'ACTURERS 01' SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. .Cor. Bost-on & Elliott Sts ., Baltimore, Md. : AJl Goede by u are to be of the bee' qnallty. D. BUCHNEB a CO., The Miller, Co., Greaseless Vert1cal Top, J>Ing & Fine Cnt Chewing & Smoking Tobaccos, Snnlf & Cigarettes. -MANUFACTURERS OF-' Tin Linea & Flange Top GOLD COIN CIGAB MOLDS, -HEWING TOBACCO. et.g-a.:r Etc., Etc. Manuracturen or all Braads formerly Manu1Bc tured by Tbos. Hoyt & Co, .J. G. BLANCHARD, 17 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, La., AGENT POR SAID (JJTY, 413-417 E. 31st Street, cor. let Ave., New YOI'kl 166, 167 4 169 1:. Pearl St.1 Clnolnnat11 o Depot aod Apncy for the Pacific Ooast: 800 4 308 Battery Street, San Francisco, Cal. Cigarettes & Smoking Tobacco ,. New York Depot .... .............. 23 Warren Street. Depot in Chicago ............. 50 Randolph Street. San Francisco Depot .......... 207 Battery Street. Depot in London, E land .. 55 Hoi born Viaduct. FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THREE KINGS,, Perique and Virginia.. MELLOW MIXTURE, Turkish and Perique, TURKISH and VIRGINIA.. PERIQUE and VIRGIJi'JA., t;ENlJINE TlJRKJSH, FLAKE CUTS, EsPECIALLY ADAPTED FOR THE PIPE. 'V'a.ll1:l1:y :l!"a.1r. C>1d. G-oo1d.. Granulated. A New )fu:tUN. Fragrant Vanity Fair, Superlative and Cloth of Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People er refined taste wbo dei.ire exceptll"'na11y fine Cigarettes should use out" Stral., 4Jn, up in satin pa.ck6ts and boxes ot lOs, 20s, 50s and JOOs. Om Cigarettes were never so fine as now. They cannot be !'U.rpa.lfled for purity and exceJlence. hly tho purest Rice Paper used. Elabllhed J 8 48. 14 Fir& Prl:ze M.ed.u.h. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N.Y. 5" 2-oz. FINE CUT. DEPOT FOR THE ABOVE POPULAR BRAND: Leopold Miller a Son, 155 Chambers St., New York. VANILLA BEANS, TONKA BEANS, OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL ROSE, ANGELICA ROOT. IDDGE&OLCOTT I NEW YORK. Brand Spanish Licorice. A Boa! Good Arti c le. In cues ll40 lba. each, /"\ 'Z ,.,_\' /_ '"\/. S.nnfi Nanco ) /\" 7 '\..,/ I '\ /; t". Y It n.n t!: f> DRA.ND. Strong, Pure and of Good Flavor. Licorioe Root, Ordbaar:y & Selected, In Bales and Bundles. POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. Ground from Fiuest Imported. Eagle Brand Powdered Lioorioe. Made !rom ihe Fioest and Sweetest Root; free frem any Adulteration ..,. OLIVE OIL. HAocbor" brand ot superfine. g:: OIL, io cases 10 one gallon tin Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction CAMPBELL & CO., l!l:annlact_,... oC Fino Cut & Tobacco. Anti Dealen Ia SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., WheleHle aatl Relall, SG-22 St., Newark. N .J .. Jacob Honkell, MA.It11PAcrli&E.B OP CI&AI BOXES. SUPERIOR MAKE AND PBIJlll: QUALITY 01' CeClar 'VV"ood.. MANUFACTURER OF ALL KlNDB OF Cigar-Box Labels. 29'7 Monroe St. New York. Dofianco lannfactol'J. Succesaor to D .. k co., fi9, 231 & 233 E. 4lot St,, New York. The followiug Brands and Trade-marks &be ROle and excluffive provertT 6! tbe DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, any one anywhere with in the reack ol the la"' S of the land who will Imi tate iu any manner any of these brands and trade.. marks, or use any name or label thereof, wtJl at;: once be prosecuted just the same as any thief who would steal any other valuable P<'I80nalproperty:Defiance, Mphloto, Jupiter. Old Judi<'!, Sigma. Moss Rose, Our Boys Saii.Json. None-such, Sueceea. Sno* Flake, Hearts' Delight, BlgTilinl' Our Castle. Game Rooster, Virginius Pluck. Saprisb, MeK, Gu ... liver, Pkintagenet. Fearnaugbt, The M6n!.ezt.Lina, Commercial Club, Booton Club, Unl"ersal Stan dard, Solid Value. The Fashion, Lone Star Goklea Curls. Fa.lstnff, El Engagno, PJcadWo The harken. Las Gracias, N. s. Factm No. 97313d con. Dist. NewYort D. HIRSCH, General .lllanacer, Hamilton & Lilley, JU.NUFACTUBEBS Oi' TIN.TAGS All crade of Plain, Coloretl Emlt010a.a. and Enameled Tags Made to Order. 38 BRIDGE ST,1 BROOKLYN1 N. Y. '-l'


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