The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I NEW SATURDAY,., FEB. 18, 188B. "' 105 MAIDER L.&XE, voL. xxv.---No. 4. CESTABLISHED 1864.] Comer of Pear l Street, CHOICE ';rrade Mark .of ---* S;ECJAL NOTICE 1 T ( 1 1 Inside the bale, on .the WElL & CO. 1 I\ & .J 1 !!asted a label, R d. 868 4 w ---"""' w. a.c. wlthourslgna-eglstere m I & 187 T' ..,... ture. Regletered In 1886. CHOICE ,, (' \ ,, A Cor. 1st Ave. & 81st St., '# All Parties are : C \J any Infringement NEW YORK, Cautioned against \ '-. of this Brand. t\,ttd:e ._\\\l\Y\t' v. a co. (3jgar_ Boxes VUELTA ABAJO HAVANA. T .OBACCOS, EIO:E..o:J!J :Enii:PO.FI. 'TER.S, N"o. 89 'VV'a"ter S"tree"t, "Y'ork. .. F. GARCIA, BRO. &CO ... -[SUCCESSORS OF FELIX GARCIA,]Ribbons. I mpot ters & D ealers in Marked W, &; c., are oe lected b y our Resident Bu:rer In Ha vaua fro;1l tbi f Flneet "11111V"he:re :n.c: GU .A.l!V'O i.& 'Used. Many Brand. s imitating CLOSELY ours are offered and sold to the Trad e as W. & C. A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid by us for the .Detection of the same. Also lmpQrt Sumatra. WElL & CO., 6 5 PINE ST.,. NEW YORK. SJ?a,nish Ced.a,r. scHROEDER a BON, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF Lone Jack Clga' rettes Lear Sumatra and of BavanaTobacco T 0 E _A 0 0 0, .-...... ... PACKED IN OFTHEFOLLOWINGMARXS: D', -. '+ PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56. No. 167 WATER STREET, Photograph in each BOX. :E3:a 'V an.a. N" "Y' ork.. A HOLDER FOR A.Jl partie. are eaatloned ecatoo l lnfi'IJiclnc upon roar trade marllXL for P1 ug Tobacco. o. e ar t.J ew or I c j u BA. MAJRJ!'AC'I'trREBS OF Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Grosby & 16J:l65 Mulberry Sts. GHIGAGO: 84, 8 6 & 88 Franklin St. SILVER. SURFACE FOIL! TRADE MARK. C. L. S I G M UND JACOBY GUS T AV J ACOBY. L. METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER ST. NEW YORK S. JACOBY & c o., :a. Havana Ci[ar Flavor, 92 READE S'l'BEE'I', NEW YOBIL !8, 4<8 a: 50 Eaet 2d Sueet, CINCiiRRA'I'I, 0 Braneb omce: 12 Arse...U St., HA V ARA. CUBA. --. Factory No. 3, 3d District. uoLLA.N. FOOT OF 52d ST., EAST RIVER, SUMATRA TOBACCO LOUIS NEWBURGH, EJ"'DV 'Y'Ofl.:&:.. In Prlme Q.uaU&tee on Hand, Paell.A.R., CE:J:).A.R., 'V'EJXTEER.E:J:) [ CEDAR) :X:D:Lpore r s o r IEJpa:n.:Lsh. C e d a r a.:n.c'l l.\l.l:a.h.oga.:n.y. EJSB-'711 "'DVeat S:l.:xth. &1;reet, Ci:n.o:L:n.n.a.1::l., Oh.1on \\\\\l-\ R. WILLIAMs '\ o f the Co, and smoking Little Giant I :El.\I.I::E"' 0 :E'I. 'TE:E'I.SI 0 F' HAVANA. AND SUMATRA l OBACCO,S, WBYM4N. & BED. Tobacco & SnnJI MANUFACTURER&" 17e PE.a..:E'I.:z::.. aor:E'I.:m::mor, :N::m"'DV "Y"o:E'I.:&::. Foot of Crand St., East River, N. Y, I 02 CHAMBERS STREET, NlW YORK. P ITTSBURGH, P A roBACCO, wlll ftnd it to their advantage to. dea.twithwt -' \


2 ESTABLISHED 1 Having the Largest Circulation of any Trade Paper m the World. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MORNING B Y THE -l'O.BACCO LEAF PUBLISHING 106 Malden Lane, New York. OOR }'EARL STREET t ARD BURKE, Editor. G. GRAFF, Business :nanqer ?. 'I"erlh 1.b.e Paper. BDIGLE COPIES On e Year .BEVISED RATES FOR ADVBRTISE!IIENTS. SIX Thrt"e M o nths :Months 114 &8 24 4 24 !4 45 211 46 !!!! 86 45 !75 95 !00 55 llpeelal A.dvertlement OD Plre'l Paa:e. Yourteen lines ov ert" o wide eolumnt ( one year) $ 100 .,._enty-ei,v:ht Jinea ever t w o wide c olumns do 1 5 .Fourteen linea amgle columa do M llpeelal ..t.Yertloemento on Seventh Pace. One Stx Three Y ea r M o n hs Mo nths Poorteeallnes o vertwowide c olui11D3 18; $15 $115 Dlooolntlon No&leeo, $2.60 fo r eacl1 I nsertio n SpeelaJ N otlce..._ W ar.ts For Sal es e tc not e x c eeding eight lines $1 f o r each Inserti o n Remittances tor advertisements a.nd s ubscriptions shoul d always be m&de payabl e b y P 0 O rd e r o r by check t o To bacco Leaf Publlshlng Co ar Und e r DO circuJDStoiiCell Will w e de'>'fate trom abovepricee TJte Law Relatln& to Stlbserlber. to Newopaper" ln!ot-Any person who takes a paper regularly from the poet o fllce. Whether directed to his name or another or wllether he ha oubecribed or Is reoponsf&le tor the pay Second-If aa;y person o l'de1'8 1118 paper to be discontinued lle must JMQ'" all arrea.rages o r t h e pubUsher may coatioue CO eend B UD.tU paymen t made EWd the whole amcnmt. whether It&! taken from the offtce or sut t We will horeafter print upon the wrapper or .,.per of ....-y foreign sullocriber and those In this country nlSidlng -de of the lal'l!"r cltfea the date upon whlclt tile sub IIOl'lptloD has OllJ>ll'ed o r will O llPire OUr subecnbo111 will tate notic e and remit accordiJll')y When tbe subiorlption Is paid the date will be changed, which will aerve ua receipt. THE BOSS IS DISCERNIBLE, Often m constdermg the dtvergent chums vtews and a cts of c1garmakers and ctgar manufacturers wh e n strtkes have occurred or been threa t ened, w e have the questiOn, Who ts Is 1t the proprietor of an establishment or ts 1t h18 employees, as dtrected and controlled by labor umon leaders! As events have ebbed and flowed 1t has b een dtfficult to dtsaern at ttmes WhiCh of the contendmg forces ts, and ts to be, dommant, which, mother words, IS boss Our eoocept10n always has been that the proprietor should enJOY that appellation, and that to d eserve 1t 1t was only necessary for htm to be fatr and square w1th hts employees H18 own 1s hts own 1t ha.s always seemed to us, and we can thmk of no emergency 1n hfe when the reverse of that proposttton can be -demonstrated as true as between htm and an employee _Wtthm the past few weeks the ctgar tn dustry of thts ctty has been severely tned by the dtverse senttment extstmg between em players and employees Some manufacturers in thts mterval have deemed 1t necessary tG reduce thetr wage hat, and have some of thetr ctgars made m apartments owned o: controlled by them outside of tbetr regular factortes These manufacturers had a legal and natural rtgbt tl!l act upon thts conceptton of duty Some ctgarmakers, on the hand, obJected to tbts actton on the part of those manufacturers and where .d1 rectly mterested they had a legal and natural rtght to obJect and act upon the ObJectiOn All up to that pomt was well and strtcL!y Wlthm the hoes of the prtvliege of the re specttve parttes But the dtvergence dtd not stop there It bas not done so more than half dozen ttmes m a dozen years Under the fiat of the Interoattonal Umon the c1garmakers to be affected were pre vented from workmg for the wages proposed, though to everybody 1t was evtdent the scale was a necesstty in the conservation of the Cigar trade of New York mty and the man ufacturers mterested were deterred by ptckets, strikes, boycotts, admomtions, etc frem maktng_ such use of the1r premtaes as seemed to them proper Even the conces ston by manufacturers to watve apartment work and asstgn a factory floor to such men and women as were only qualified for cheap work has been decrted and 18 contended aerunst 8y the rulers of the etgarmakers The episode 1s a lamentable lilustratton of the drtft of labor sentiment at the present day Fortunately, the turn m the ttde 1s not a thmg remotely seen It IS very near, .much nearer than IS concetved by those who are blindly or purposely effectmg the de preseton of the mgar mterest of thts ctty The stand taken and DO\V mamtamed mdt VJdually by the manufacturers who are assertmg and defendmg thetr rtgbts wtll 1f perststed m, result m success to tbem >nd thetr Interest All honor to each and all of them for what they are domg alone m the absence of general assoctatt ve effort serve, na,Y, court thetr fate. How pattent and constderate the firm for weeks have been 18 cbromcled even 10 the pubhc papers that anunaavert upon thJ eJectment By; what hBII been done by a few st.urdr and unfimchmg .firms 1It appears to t.lst th&1ilt may; ali last -The Boss 18 Nobody desues to curtatl the legttimate prer-ogattves of the InternatiOnal Umon of Ctgarmakers, but the unwarrantable as sumpt10ns of that orgamzat10n must be stopped, and stopped speedtly Firmness on the part of manufacturers, mgarmakmg macbmery and apprenttces wtll qUickly make very clear the way to the end of 1ts dommat10n HE KEPT HIS PROJUBE. He had calls to make, a dozen or morebusmess calls, every one of them It re qutred elevated and cross-town horse car tranatt at full speed to enable htm to effect them all10 the brtef ttme at h18 dteposal He was an energetic man, had made hts afternoon bank depostt, effectually done up hiS office routme, left bts desk m good urder for \be morrow's eccupatton, and 10 due course wended h18 way on calls divergent bent Money was not an uncommon thmg m hts pocket, socettmes he had a good deal of It there, and when be started on hts round th18 time he omttted to fathom hts exchequer Vehtcular locomotion m New York City Ion g1tudlll8l or latltudmal-cabs excepted-IS not expenstve, but everytbmg 10 thts world IS relative When one begtns a JOUrney. as thts parttcular he did, With only seventy five cents, 1t only takes ten five cent fares m the best regulated bob tatls "-to eay uothmg of the Ls-to leave htm wt,th a quarter H e was left wtth a quarter, a smgle quar ter, and the great metropohs, wtth tts mant fold allurements, fizzes, sours, hots-well, no matter, all around htm He couldn't afford hbtdmousmdulgence, even tf he thought of 1t, whtcb, fortunately, he dtd not, but, m stead, he suddenly thought of her There was a darbng H e r ho"me, to whorh m the mornmg he had promtsed to bung, wtthout fall, a coveted household arttcle "The shades of mght were falhng fast What was to be done I It was too late to return to the office for funds, but that arttcle must be had, cost what 1t mtght-be obtamed how It mtght Its pnce was 12 75 That wasn't much, but 25 cents was so much less that he stghed m contemplatmg the vast dis partty. Once 111 doubt IS once to be ved Where be happened to be stnndmg, cogt tatmg means to ends, was oppostte the fine store of the Hodgman Rubber Co m Broad way In th18 store was what he was seekmg as well as mnumerable !toes of other tlungs useful and ornamental He entered w1tb hts 25 cents and attracttve presence He W81! met by the proprtetor-anothe r attrncttve presence The meetmg was cordtal The appended dtalogue tlluetrates how these strangers talked together Temporanly Impecumous Patron -"Have you --on Propr1etor-'Wo have Patron -' What ts the pncei' Propnetor $ 2 7 5 Patron (after telling Ius Bituatton) -"Will you kmdly allow your messenge r to brmg one of the thmgs I want to a frtendly mer canttle house a cross the street, where I w1ll get the money to pay for ttl Proprietor -"It wtll not be necessary for you to be to that trouble, Blr Please take one, or half a dozen If you hke, and send payment whenever convement for you Your appearance IS sufficient guarantee to me tbat I run no rtsk m trustmg you Itlneed not be satd the courteous merchant was the followmg mormng 10 recetpt of a letter of thanks with $2 75 mclosed Moral-It ts always safe to trust but somettmes 1t ts Moral No 2-Fathom your fore startmg on a JOurney SALES OF DOliiiESTIC CIGAR LEAF NEW YORK CITY !lN JA.NU A.RY ISS'l AND 1888, SALES JANUARY 1888 Crop of 1881Pennayl vawa Crop of 18 82Pennsvlvanm 250 Crop of 1883-Pennsy I vama 427 Crop of 1884Pennsylvanm 352 Crop of 1885-New England 115 Pennsylvama 495 do H .. vaoa 500 Crop of 1886-New England 300 do Havana 447 .. Pennsyl vama 1355 do Havana 200 New York Havana. 313 Oh10 600 Ohto Ltttle Dutch 928 \V1sconsln Havana 708 Total 7,340 Dtvtded as follows To manufacturers To 01ty trade To out of town To export Total 7,340 Export of Seed leaf and Cut tmgs smce Jan 1, 1888 4 4B4 Same t1me 1887 2 614 SALES IN 1887 AND 1888 1887 1888 Cases 7,840 January Cases 10,723 .. .. JI'EW YORK CITY TRADE IX FOREIGJI' LEAF TOBACCO STOCKS Havana Cuba Bales Bales 1, Total Dchv'd s10ce Stock Feb 1 39 605 7 942 47 547 8 588 1888 38 959 Same t1me Yara Bale s 971 9il 5 0 92 1 C.en fuegos Ba les 111 111 111 1887 48 303 25 582 75 Sales of Spamsh tobacco 10 J aouary-Ha vana, 4 800 bales Y ara, 50 bales SALES IN 1887 AND 1 888 January 1887 B a les. 4 000 1888 Bales 4,800 BUSINESS :JIIENTION, At Thomas H Hall's 'Between the Acts" Cigarette factory, m sptte of ge&eral dullness busmess 1s brtsk, and the orders now on hand for thts famous and popular brand of smokers' dehgbt w11l move the machmery for several moaths to come The actual sales of Between the Acts" m January last are far ahead of those of Rame month last year Mr Hall's push and thorough knowledge of the art of have made th18 brand famous m both hemiSpheres of the world Messrs Stewart & Howk, the successors of Mr J Casey m the ctgar box manufacturmg busmess at 382 Hudson street, thts ctty, are pusbmg ahead, and now number some of our largest manufacturers among theu patrons They use all the tmproved mgar box ma chmery mvented by thetr predecessor, Mr Casey, and are enableJ to produce excellent boxes at the lowest pr1ces The old and popular house of F Happen hetmer's Sons, lithographers and manufac turers of mgar labels, have agam thetr facthttes so as to be enabled to more promptly fill orders from their fast and rap tdly mcreasmg trade F Heppenhetmer's Sons are nusy, espectally 10 thetr art1sttcal department, where new and handsome labels are constantly destgned Some of the most beauttful and latest labels are Mtranda,' "Flor de Braganz11.," 'Donna Frances," 'Im pertales," and that ptcture of "La MonJ a," and then the Mtstletoe Mac Andrews & Forbes, successors to James C M'Andrew manufacturers of he ortce paste, are workmg theu factor1es under the new regtme to thetr fullest capamty, and no doubt get tbetr share of the patronage of the many tobacco manufacturers of the Untted States Mr C J Le Quesne, pushmg, never-fadmg and popular repre sentat1ve of the house, has JUSt returned from a Southern tour and states that tobacco manufacturers generally are busy, and as far as Mr Le Quesne' s orders were concerned he got plenty J.OCAL ifOTTDrGS, -All ctgar manufactureril are busy. -Strtkes don' t move on, but have a down-ward tendency -Messrs A QQnzalez and M A MonteJO arrived from Havana thts week: -The leaf market ill rather qUiet Old leaf IS what ts wanted Who ha.s got ttl -EvlCttons and convtcttons of the true state of affatrs have suddenly dawned upon the mmds of cigarmakers -M Llano the Matden lane Importer and manufacturer of ctgars, left for Havana to day to make hts usual purchases -C1gar macbmes and rolhng and bunchmg machmes are bemg put m leadmg up town factortes as soon as they can be made -Leonard Friend Frank and Mr Well the Matdan lane leaf dealer, ate m Wtsconsm studymg the s1tuat10n there -E Hoffman & Son, the Water street leaf merchants sold 500 cases of 8 1 '82 and '83 Pennsylvama tobacco to a manufacturer -Ge o S Boaz the Paterson, N J ctgar manufacturer has returned home from h1s European pleasure trip He says he had a glortous ttme, and feels greatly benefited m health -Wm Eggert Jr of the firm of Eggert Mtller & Co Cmcmnatt, vnll be tdenttfied hereafter wtth the firm of Wm EJ!'gert & C.J of this ctty The Cmcmna.t1 firm wtll be contmuPd unde r the style of H enry Mtller & C o Mr Eggert Jr, I S at preaent 10 Wis consm on a purcl!.a amg tour -" Vtrgmta Flakes," a flake cut sohd 910ch long, m a d e of the brtghtest tb1ee years' old Vtrgmta leaf, ts a n e w brand of smokmg tobacco JUSt tssued from the great tobacco works of Wm S K1mball & Co R oches tat The l! lakes are packed tn e]Pgantly d e co rated oblong tm boxes Call at 11 Warren street th18 ctt y -Mr M J Dohan, t h e venerable Phtla delphm Importer and tobaccb m erchant, we had the pleasure of seemg m our s anctum sanctorum Mr D ohan, who IS onl.l of the best known tmsmess men of the Quaker Ctty, wtth wh.ose mdustries he has been connected for half a century, looks bale and hearty as he dtd years ago ------IN TOWN THIS WEEK -S DaVIs, the Montreal mgar manufac turer -Gustave Fuchs, Chtcago's chant -Stgtsmund Rothschild, leaf Detroit -G J Helme'rlCh s J r the St Louts packer and tmporter -C Kollenberg of Elliel Chtcago leaf m erchants -Marcus Feder, the Cleveland tobaccomst headquarters at Wtse & Beodhetm s At Key West next week BUSINESS TROUBLES. .Ill & E SALOMON, NEW YORK A meetmg of the credttors of tbts firm was held o n Monday, and ti:le commtttoe ap pointed by the credttors r eported a plan o f settlement, whtch we hear wtll very hkely be accepted The commtttee recommend the settlement be at 40 cents on the dollar, 20 cents cash and the balance m notes payable m three stx moe and twelve months satts factouly Indorsed, securtty to be f urmshed by a t1 ansfer of the assets to a trustee The creditors present voted m favor of t he propo sttton, and Connolly, Lewmson &; Mack, the attorneys of the firm, though behevmg the amount to be patd rather large. accepted tor thetr chents Ernst Thalman of Ladenburg Thalman & Co was chosen and hts firm we understand, guarantee the payment of the notes The committee places the as sets at $233 496, which ts an m crease of $55 437 over the firm's appratsal It mcreMed the value of stock 10 bond and pledge d $27 437, and the equtty 10 real estate $22 0 0 0 'I he firm does not con cede the $22,000 addttiOnal eqmty m real estate what the commtttee found, as 1t says that the same IS enttrely covered by the m ortgage gtven 10 favor of the state of Morttz Salomon before the The e are about $100 ,000 of attachments agamst the assigned estate and there 1s a con fe8sed JUdgment for $20 000 If no amicable settlement can be arrtved at by whtcb these attachments and JUdgments can 'be removed all lurther httgauon stopped and a forced sale avotded, 1t IS perhaps needless to say that the disclosed assets will pay only a sm,dl dtvtdond to the general creditors not secured by preference or hen BYRON A SHOTWELL NEW YORK The stock and machmery at M< Shotwell's factm y have been sola by the Sner1tf, t:tllililz mg about $1 400 1 L B CONDE the KPy West ctgar manufactural has made an at,.;nment to R amon Alvarez ot ctty li'or some ttme Mr 1 Conde has suffered from a form of msamty whtch would become vtolent at ttmes 'I he dtsease ts hereditary Hts w1fe and famtly were compelled to leave htm a short ttme ago they being afratd to hve wtth htm whlie these spells were on Mr Conde ts well hked m Key West and has the sympathy of the trade there Hts thmk that he would ulttmately re c over tf he would place h1mself under the care of a phystctan and gtvc up bust ness for a few yearF The halnltttes and assets are unknown, but tt IS satd dollar tor dollar wtll b e patd Mr Conde bas re a l e s tate m Key West valued at U5 000 McKm lay & S e rupl e sole agents for Mr Conde w t ll represent for the present the asstgne e who wtll contmue to fill all orders sent htm Ed Semple left for Key Weet Tuesday mgbt to complete some busmess arrangements en tered mto by his partner Mr McKmlay wh1le there a few ago Some of the morning papers, m referrmg to the evtchon of tenants Tuesday by Messrs Jacoby & Bookman, speak of the occurrence as tf 1t mvolved cruelty and bore a resem blanca to the much-talked of eviCtions of tenantry m Ireland Only Ignorance or malice could mspue such a compartson The evtct10n of Insh tenantry appeals to human sympathy because the poor people are for one cause or another suddenly drtven from "holdmgs," land or tenement, whtcb they have occupted for many years, whtch t.bey have Improved, and m many mstaoces, ereated and made valuable Between the Irtsh, about whom we read, and the twenty-one or more fapuhes evtcted thts week from their tenements by Jacoby & Bookman, tho dtff erence IS as broad as the dtfference between day and mght Accord mg to all accounts the tenants evicted by this firm were comfortably housed and well treated The trouble with them was that they would netther work nor pay thetr reus, and both \lecause the International Un1on bossed them nolen8 vokns Well, they were bounoed. Who shall say they did not de--M Lmdhe1m, the Pearl street packer and tmporter, baa sold this week a full line of goods, among which were 80 cases of Housatonic runmng, also two vegas of Ha vana leaf of hill own tmportatton G A LATHROP & 00 RICHMOND, VA wholesale dealersm liquor and ctgars, on last Saturday llled a deed mak1ng an assignment Ltabthttes 182 000 The first preferred creditor tB S P Lathrop father of the sam tor member of the firw, who IS mdorser for about $40,000. BIEMESDEJIII'ER BROS LITITZ PA :fhe Btemesderfer troubles at Ltttlz are growmg btgger day by day We have al ready ment10ned that Kendtg & Co Sktles & Frey, Bausman & Mast and D A Mayer bad tssued of r eplevm agamst the to bacco levted on by the Sherttl as the property of H I N Btemesderfer & Bro me;ar manu facturers of Lttltz and Saturday Juhus Vet terlem & Co tssued a wrtt of reolevm for 1300 and Sneermger & Co for $750 agamst the same tobacco In addttton to these wnts of replevm Messrs D A Mayer, Bausman & Mast, B S Kendtg & Co and Sktles & Frey have en tered SUits agamst H N and Jerome Bte mesderfer, tradmg as B1emesderfer & Bro under the act of '69 to prevent them from ji;Oods to defraud credttors J a leaf tobacco dealer caused an attachment to t8sue a,.amst the tobacco of Bemesderfer Brothers, of Lttttz Lancaster, Pa New Era Business Cllanges, Ne'!f Firms and Re movals. CoRNWALLIS Or -D Carllle tobacco etc sold out DuanLD WlS -Chas Link curar manufacturer out. e stimated l oss 1800 not m sured Alick Nel s on ci gars etc burnt out ineurd d HANNIBAL., Mo -Hickma n Bros. Cigars a.nd tobacc o tfsed to sell out LIBUTY Ill B F Grover cigars toba.cco etc s o l d out Los ANG&t.&S a...t-Dav1s e Co wholesale ci g ars, dis solved LomaviLLB Ky -Brunn Btos & Co cigar manufacturers Isaac Brunn retires M.ILJIORD Mass -G G Martin &: Co cigar manufacturers sold out NBw YoRK N Y -Stralto n & Watt wholesale c[gars adver tlse will dissolve Marc h 8 1888 Oau.aA Neb -Matson Bros &: P erfect dissolved P:B:IUD&LPBU Pa Wm. J Donald tobacco and c 1gar s sue ceeded by C J Donner Pmun.o C&l Mc Clintock Bros cigars. etc dtSSolved Sioux CITY Ia E F le1shma.n tob&e conl8t seld out Kw ms Tenn -H J Eckerly & Co wholesal e tobacc o etc s o ld out Moon A Mosel e y cigars and tobacco d i ssol v ed tteperted FaUurea and Buslneilll ran&"ements. CHEYENNE Wy -N P Pl ant. ci g ars etc glvtm t r u s t deed and chattel m o rtgage f o r CoLuiO!Du o -John Ca.shatt c i gars etc realtr for $" 250 EvANS V I LLE Ind Herman Glass wholesale cigars g1vea chattel mortgage for $J 0 0 8 MoNTRIUL Can -D Lapointe cigars etc demand o:t a.sslgn mentmade NEW YoRK, N Y David G HIJ'SCh & Co tobacco judg m ents a.gams t for $201 and $156 N O R T H YAK-IliA Wash T e r W F B arnhart cigars. e t c bill o f sale t o creditors OMAHA Neb -Houser & Woodland who l esale and retail c 1 gars and tobacco gtve n ball of sale fo r 18 000 PORTLAND Or D B Loucks c1gars, etc realty m < n t gagef r $MO ST P .. u L Mion-E Proc haska. c i gar m anufacture r give n bill of safe f o r $900 WILLU.X PORT Pa.-John Spellisy c 1 g a.r manufacturer, ad vertised to be sold out IN CONGRESS THIS W.EEK In the House Monday, under the call of States, the followmg btlls and resolutions were mtroduced and referred -By Mr Townshend, of IlhnotsP ermtttmg farmers and producers of tobacco to sell leaf tobacco 10 any quantity to dealers or to any person without restnct10n, and re pealmg all laws tnconststent therewith By Mr Hatch, of Mtseourt (by request) To prohtblt fictmous and gamblmg transac t10ns 10 arttcles produced by Amencan f arm mg md us try By Mr Brower, of North Carolma-A r11s o lut10n mstructmg the Commtttee on W ays and Means to report what progro,s 1t bas made 10 the constderat10n of btlls repeahng the Internal Revenue taxe s and to state a t what ttme such btlls are ltkely t o b e r e p orte d to the In case the commttte e t s una hie to agree upon these btlls tt ts mstr u c t e d to report tha t f act to the House and tho btlls shaH be placed on the calendar 1 WASHINGTON Feb 1 3 -The H o use Com mtttee on Pubhc Buildmg3 and Grounds to day fin ally d emded to make a favor a bl e re port on the btll of R eDre sentattve Co x pro vtdmg for the erectiOn of an Appratsers Warehouse 10 New Y ork ctty The btl! re qutre s the bUlldm g to b o located north of Ltberty street and wtthm five blocks of the Hudson R1ver and appropnates 1800,000 for the purcbas e of the stte and $70 0 000 for the erect10n of the butldmg An Important pro vtston au thortz e s the Secr etary of the Treasury mstea d of erectmg thts butldmg to purchase one or two sttea m the same loca tJOn, m all embracmg an aren of not less than 70 0 0 0 feet for the erect10n of a new Custom House and Appraisers' Warehous e The prtce to be patd f o r stte or s ttes I S hmtted to $ 1 500 000 Another provts ton authorizes the purchase of the present A p pratsers Warehouse and stte 10 heu of the other sttes at '800 000 The Hous e Commtttee on Ways and Means, t o whwh was referred Mr Mtlls btU to pro vtde for the purchase of Umted States bonds by the Secretary of the Treasuty, Tuesday r epotted the bill back to the House wtth a r ecommendation that 1t pass l'he comnnttee says, 10 1 ts 1 eport that the act of March 3 1881 authortze s the Secretary of the Treasury to apply the surplus money m the Treasur,to the purchase or redemp t10n of Umted States bonds But thts pr.o vtston Is contamed m an annual approprta t10n btll and doubts have been entertamed as to the authonty of the Secretary now to purchase b onds under 1ts provtstons, and as his autbortty has been ques tiOned and the matter IS of such grave Importance he has declined to purchase bonds under 1ts pro VISIOns No Semetary of the Treasury smce the enactment of the l a w bas eve r purchased any bonds under 1t '.l:he commtttee, therefore, baa deemed 1t proper to remove the questiOn out o f the do ma10 of doubt and cunsequeotly report the present btU favorably Mr Burnes of M1ssour1, Wednesday made a terrtfic assault upon the Department of J us ttce, accusmg 1t of fay_ormg wtth large al lowances the fleetest footed employees of the department and espectally those nearest the throne Mr Rogers of Arkansas re plted characterizmg Mr Burnes' language as undtgmfied and unworthy In replvmg to th1s Mr Burnes denounced the arrest by wholesale of offenders agamst the mteroal re' eoue laws Mr Randall-The esttmates of the Depart mentor J usttce were always most unsat tsfactory of those from auy department of the Government Commg to tbe arrest of offenders agamst the ulte t nal revenu" Ia ws, he declared that the way to get nd of that complamt was t.:> abohsh tbe mternal reve nue laws Then m a humorous way and wbtle he declared that a wmk was a s go o d as a nod to a bltod horse ho duecwd the at tentton of a certam committee of the House' to what he had been saymg and m t1mated that tf they had not heeded tha t matter they bad better attend 1 o tt Thts provoked general applause on the Repu bit can Htde but wBR rl'cetved w1th stlence by the DemocratR To :Mr Randall' s evtdent aston tsbment Mr Burnes who bad JUSt b een de nouncmg the mterual revenue system tn formed Mr Randall Lhat the would at tend to that but It "as first determmed to attempt to reduce taxes on the necessaries of ltfe before taktng the tax off of tobacco and whtskey A. COMPLETE TOBACCO LEAF FILE" FOR SALE. The only authenttc tile of tho ToB Acc o LEAF m extsteoce These volumes comprtse every paper publtshed smce the first tssue up to date-a periOd of 24 years Each annua l volume, 24 1n all ts neatly bound and m good orde'r Tins file con tams a complete history of the tobacco trade of the U mted States, and the laws r elatmg thereto passed by Con. j!;ress from year to year up to the present tttne There ts no publicatiOn m existence ltke these tiles by wbtch all facts relattng to the tobacco mdustry-tts laws, rules and regulatiOns-can be ascertamed The United States QQveroment as well as foretgn governments, may find th18 file of mterest Prwe reasonable Address, File," ToBacco L!i:AF office, New York. OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. THE BILLS AND CIGA.R ETTES W ABHINGTON D C Feb 16 1888 Hon Samue l J Randall of Pennsylvama IS not on the Ways and Means Comm1ttee of the House of Representatives 10 whtch com m1ttee all tarttf and mternal tevenue leg1sla tton must or1gmate But he 1s regarded as the leader of the protecttoniBt wmg of the Demo cratlll party, and therefore the an nouocemeot that he has prepared a tar1tl btl! has caused much comment Hts btll 1s stmliar 10 many respects to the one mtro duced by h1m last Congress, but makes greater cooces;noos to the low tanff men of hts party He bas not perfected 1t in alltts detalis yet, and probably wtll not do so unttl the tartff reformers of the W aye and Means Commtttee make thetr report That com mtttee by the way, bas no regular meetmgs now It adJourned subJect to the call of the chatrmao, and wtll not be ltkely to meet be fore 1ts Democratic members agree substan ttally upon a tartff and mternal revenue measure It wtll thcp be called together and the Republican members wtll be allowed to v ote agamst the report of the sub commtt tee who have the matter 10 charge, after wbtch by .:.a BIIIJOrtty vote the sub com mtttee's btl! can be reported favorablv to the House It IS now believed that thts btll wtll be teady to be thus voted on m commtttee early next week, proVIded the confitctmg opt mons of the maJonty relative to the rates of duty on art10les m those schedules whtch have not been added to the free hst can be harmomzed It IS understood that Mr Mlils the chatrman IS &tlil anxwus to 10crease the hst of art1cles that now pay an ad valorem duty but IS voted by those who believe 1t posstble to prepare a compromtse btll whtcb, by merely reducmg mteroal revenue taxee to a nommal sum, mcreasmg the free hst and reducmg the duttes on necessartes, wtll command a maJOrity vote 10 the House .MR. RANDALL'S BILL IS mteoded to reduce and equahze the duttes on 1mports m the way favored by most of the Democrats, but on account of 1ts tend eocy toward protectmg the mtereets of Penn sylvama and because the reductton of duttes m It 1s not very great, wlll UQt Pfl fllvQr!lbly f rece1ved by the Ways and Means Commtttee when 1t gets there The commtttee s btU 10 1ts present shape-at least such ts the behef here, as the opmtons of the members are known-wtll reduce the mternal revenue tax on manufactured tobacco, ctgars etc to a oommal sum, ::tad abolish the tax so far as 1t affects growers but Mr Raodall'a btl! abohshes 10 emphatiC language all mteroal revenue taxes on tobacco whatsoever It IS satd that Mr Randall proposes to wake the leaf tobacco schedule of the tantf law read as follows Leaf tobacco of the reqUisite stze and of the neC!lJlSary finene s s of texture to be sUit able fm wrappers and of whtch m Qre than one hundred l eaves are reqmred to we1gh a pound, tf not stemmeq seventy five cents pound, tf stemmed, one dollar per pound STRAWS The t artff reformers have hoped to agree upon a measure on whtch both wmgs of the D e mocratiC part y could umte but the d e bate m the S enate and a little dtscusston tha t took place m the House yesterday, eltcttmg applause on both std e s of the ques t10n and causmg constdera ble e xCit ement are straws tha t show whtch way t h e wtnd bl ows The d1scusston r e f erre d t o w a s b e t w een M r R andall and Mt Burnes o f Mis soun T h e former s p o k e of the g r oss lDJUB ttce w buc b IS done t o moocent and unoffend mg Citiz ens by proseouttons unde r the mter n a l revenue laws and satd By all m eans those l a ws should l:e r epeale d But the !at t e r d e cl a red b e wanted to say t o the s entle m a n f r o m Pennsylvama and to the country that he vould remove the burde ns of tartff taxatiOn and reduc e taxes on neceseane s be fore he would undertake to le ssen 10teroal revenue taxatton The debate 10 the Senate to whteh I have referred hkew18e showed a radtcal dtfferenc e of opmton among the Democrats and assists t o prove that there 18 danger of a storm 10 the Democratic camp and perhaps 10 both camps befor e the Prestdenttal nommattoos are made Senator Chace of Rhode Island who 1s one of the ablest tartff advocates and one of the best pes ted men on the suP J e C t m Congress told me to day that the d ebate m tb.e S enate thus far conv10ced htm that party hne s w ould not be drawn tightly 10 t h e cons1deratton of these questiOns, and tha t n etther party would be able to hold tts forces together when the tu.nff aad 10ternal rev enue btll come s before the Senat e for dts cuss1 o n and amendment CIGARETTE S Speakmg of Chace remmds me that he was selected and cordtally consented to mtreduce a bill last Monday by request of the v Vomen'slJhrtsttan Temperance Uuton to prevent all persons 10 the Distnct of C olum bia from sellmg gtvmg or furmshtng any ctgarettes or tobacco 10 any of 1ts forms to any m10or under stxtee n years of age The penalty named t s $25 for each off enc" or 1m pnsonment not to exceed thtrty days An other btl!, m language exactly the s a me, was mtroduced tp the H o use of Rapresentattves on the same day by Mr Hemphtll of South Caro!ma by r equest of the same p antes u se e m s that the W C T U are 10 earnest m thts matter and propose to w age w a r outsJde of the D1stnct o r Columbta also Mr Chace, although a wealthy and energetiC manufacture r and pohtlCtan, ts a Qua k e r and a beltever m the theory that ctga rettes are poisonous and very IDJUrtous to all, espeCially the young and dolls not best tate to 6 a y so bills however were stmply referred to the two committees on the D1str1ct of Columbta, and wtll doubtlesR sleep the sleep that knows no wakmg B P G DANVILLE, Va, Feb 13 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFManufacturers a fauly acttve ness for January and February to date Amount of manufactured touacno shtpped from Danvtlle f u r January, 188 8 496 149 los amount of ta.x patd $39 6n 96 Amount ehtpped from February 1 to 13 218 333 lbo, amount of tax patd, $17 466 60 'l'otal shtp m eot from Januaty 1 to date 714 482 amount of tax patd, $57 158 56 PAUL 0 VENABLE Mr J Rtsque Hutter, deputy collector, furmshe s us the f ollowmg statement of reve nue collecttoos for tobacco, snuff 'and ctgars for the week eodtng to day ,11,440 52 Col lttcttous 10 Danv11le for week endmg Frtday the lOth 110 099 05 Lynchburg Va Ad t:an c e Peb 11 York Pa Dtspat c h Feb R -The Cigar bu.mess ts sttll boomtng m Seven Valley There are no less about one hundted and fifty hand8-that 18, 111 ctgarmakers and strtppers-m the dtfferent s liops m om place at present and 'would be more makmg mgars tf there were more room m the shops for benches, as there IS ready sale for all the m gars made there One of the manufacturerd Is g omg to put up a n e w butldmg, so he can gtve work to one hundred hands Pleaaan& Dientlon. Our esteemed contemporary the T O BACCO LEAF last week entered upo n the twenty filth year of 1 t s cxtstenc e, a fa c t w h t c h p r oves that a trade pape r can fill a long and useful career, and does, by 1ts attamment of a prtme age, prove 1ts necessity IU!I an organ among tts clients We extend to 1t our sm cere coogratulatiQDS and hope to congratu late 1t on the attamment of fifttetb btrth day m full 76 For Ctgars and Ohe roote Regtstered F e b 15 8 a m S Levy & Bro Albany N Y RoebesterNo 2 8 77 For Ctgars Regts tared Feb 15, 2 p m Dowler & Cates, St Louts, Mo Cedar Beauty. No 2878 For Regtstered Feb 17 7 30a m T J Dunn & Co Phtladelphta, Pa Atlas. (Adopted Dec 23, 1887) No 2879. For Fme Cut Chewmg Tobacco Regts tared Feb 16 8 a m Cha11 Breneiser & Sons, Readmg, Pa Olinda. No 2880 For Ctgars Regtstered Feb 16, 4 I? m Lozano, Pandas & Co New York CORRECTION Llronda. No 2 858 For Ctgars Regis tered Feb 9 8 SO a m. Hessle1 n Bros., Chtcago, Ill OUR LONDON J.ETTER. L OI>DON, Jan 30, 1888 E DITO R T OBACCO LEAFNo great change has taken place tn the condtt10n of the market smce last wrttmg Prtces cootmue firm and transactions have been fatrly acttve The demand has mcreased for Western grades and an advance m these at an eatly date IS by no means tmi>robable A slight advance has taken place m Japanese vanettes, for wbtcb there 1s a firm demand The Merchandts e Mark;s Act of wh1ch m formatiOn was giVen 1n a. prev1ous commum catiOn 1s b emg vtgorously enforced. and several se1zures of Improperly registered g oods have already .taken place One of the noveltles of the season emanates from the Cigarette trade Tbi IS a prod ucuou of Messrs Phtllip Morrts Bros & Co 10 whtch the ObJeCtiOn a ble sttckmg substance generally employe d for f astenmg the ends of the paper 1s no n est Thts IS effect e d by the p a p e r b emg lapped together, when great pressure t s applied and a roll formed mto whtc h t h e toba c o IS tnserted A meetmg of Engltsh tobacco growers was held o n the 19th mst when tt..e prospects for the ccmmg s e a so n w ere fully dtsc u s sed The sec re tary r eporte d that arrangements h a d b een m a d e wtt h t h e V t ctorta D ocks Co to hold t h e B n tts h tobaccos m bond unttl sold, tha t arrangemen t s h a d been made for brmg mg the s u b J ec t b e f ore Parhameot durmg the commg a e s s10n wi t h a v1e w to the reductiOn or r e mo val o f duty from home grown tobac co3 and tha t the outloo k for the present y ear w a s partiCularl y go o d Your correpondent, when recently m Ltve rpool VISit e d the establishment of Messts Cope Bros & Co, whtch 1s probably the largest tobacco concern m the U mted Kmgdom The firm 1t may be added by way of explanation w a s started m 1 848 by two brothers, Messrs George and Thomas Cope, the former the present maoagmg dtr6Ctor of the company, the latte r smce deceae d The busmes s has stea d1ly mcreased smce Its foun dation unttl It .has r eached tts present gtgantu" p roportiOns 'I he sample room was t!rst VIS tted Here IS to be seen t o bacco from all quar ters of the g lobe and m vartous forms-in hogsheads from N orth Amer10a,,m skms from South Amenca m mats-from the East, and m cases f r o m !!:J.v ana In the spmmng room (where gtrls are mostly employed) 1s p10ducee1 tba specialties of Lhe fitm such as Ltmerwk Twtst Nallrod," etc The question as to who are the consum ere of chewmg tobacc os m Great Br1tom ehc Hed the reply that sallors, and certam labor ere tn whose avocalluns smokmg IS not posstble durmg busmess hours, are the sole p atrons of the 'ca.kt" The l a est tmprove d machmery 18 used m all classes of the manufacture and thts IS espeetally apphcable to the smokmg mtxtures for whtch tne company 18 renowned As tn the spmmng department g1rls are employed exclustvely m the cuttmg rooms, where the tobaccos are prepared tmxed, placed m packages and labeled for Th1s firm was the f.irst In England to em ploy female labor, and express themselves as well wtLh the result Between 1 200 and 1 3 0 0 are employed The salartes aver age m the department, from to 3 0 shllhngs weekly, the work bemg patd for by the ptece 'In the ctgarette depart meot fE>male labor answers admtrably, the gtrls bemg very m the work The younger hands are employed m smppmg off ends of the tobacco, unttl graduatmg to a. btgher branch of the manufacture : Messrs Cop e & Co produce excellent Ma mla cheroots, also Havana mgarettes made of Havana toba.cco and covered with 1t, which have a great sale The snuff department 1s an Important part of the works The consumption of thts seems to be on the mcrease, contrary to popular suppositiOn Ltke chewmg tobaccos. 1t 1s used mostly by those workers who are unable to enJOY the luxury of a smoke durmg work hours One of the features of thts huge meot that It IS entirely self supportmg, that IS to say, the necessary prmtmg, box m akmg coopeung milchme work and label m a kme; IB done on the premtses A reatauraRt admtrably conducted, IB connected witbt the factory for the benefit of employees A.. benevolent fund, wbtch renders mvaluable asststance a lso extsts Taken all m all the factory of Messrs Cop11 & Co 1s a model )De, the leadmg features of wh1ch might wttb advantage be copted by many a great estab ltshment One of the stghts of London wttbout ques hon tS the Docks, by whwh SG Kathaune s the London, and Vtctorta aud Alb e r t In t h e huge wa1 ebouses connected. wtth these all the tobacco entermg the port. of Londeo IS storea Your representative lately patd a v1stt to these, and had the good fortune to haYe a CICerone m Mr Chapman. the supermtendeRt (a well known authority on ail that appertams to the Engltsh tobacco trade) Some td e a of the extent of the storage famhttes may be gamed when It 18 satd that the warehouse s of the London Docks have a. floor area of 4 847 000 feet and can stot e from 17 0 000 to 260 ooo tons of I!;Oods accordmg to. their description, alter makmg due allowance for gangways and workmg epace, and m the vaults there ts room for hqutd or other goods equal to 121 000 p1pe s of wme he and grananes of the Albert Dock afford a floer area of 3 040 000 feet, anci could store from 240 000 to 27,000 tons of goods but the very large space reqmred for goods m traostt reduces thiS to between 1<10, 000 and 162,000 tons, accordmg to the1r desCllpttoo The toba.cco floors of the V tctorJa, lf placed m hue, would reach five llllles. W. E. CABSON. .-.. Jr.9 lmoorter of HAVANA and SU:IIA'I'BA., and Packer of SEED J:EAF 7obacco,j92JRONT ST .. aeu_!ulton, IEIJORL.


/ FEB. 18. Reaaona Why New AppralHn' Sterea aud a New CaatoDJ. Houlle Ia Dealred. WASHINGTON, Feb. 15.-In reporting favor ably Rep esentat1ve Cox's bill appropriating $1,500,000 for the purchase of a site and erection of an Appraisers' Warehouse Ill New York city the House Comm1ttee on Pub he Bulld1ogs says that the prMent warehouse, while conveniently located, 1s a leal!ed build ing, poorly adapted f.'lr the appraisement of imported goodP, and the rental is equal to eight per cent. on an appraised valuaLion of the property at $810,000. The Custom House building, over a mile distant, should be lecated near tbe Ap pra1sers' Warehouse, as delays of twenty four hours now occur frequently, owing to their distance apart. The Custom House ts too small for the business and a new budd ing 1s now necessary. In case s1tes are pur chased for both warehouse and Custom Hause the sale of the present Custom House would, in part reimburse the Government for ltR outlay, as the ground on whiCh it 1s located is extremely valuable. The amendments to the or1ginal bill recom mended by the committee relate s1mply to deta1ls. We say, and judge every Importer in New York city w11l say, all the above is true. Our importers want a new Custom House and new Appraisers' Store3, and prefer to have them closer together than they now are. PHILADELPHIA NOTES. The difficulty existing at A. R oi g & Langs dorf's fine Cigar factory, on account of the tirm]l1efusal to allow the workmen the unfair hab1t of takmg 'thretl cigars each day per h11nd, has been adJusted to the ent1re satisfactiOn of both parties, so that the full quota of old hands have now resumed work as usual. The firm of J. D. L ehr & Co .. tobacco nnd eigara, Market st1eet, above Second, were closed out by the Sher1ff on the 9th mst. to satisfy a JUdgment creduor. The many fr1end of the courteous gentle man, Mr. Wm C. Hermann w1ll be -pleased to hear that he ha3 b ecome assoCiated wlth the rehable Cuban c1gar manufacturers, A. Roig & Langsdorf, Arch street, below Seventh. Th1s IS undoubtedly an advantage <>US connection for both p!lrties, and must result beneficially to buyer and seller. The manufacturer of fine cigars at 22l3 North Front street, in the peroon of Mr. Frederick Wambach, 1s meeting w1th un usual success 111 the mtroduct10n of his new brand of straight five-cent Cigars, "leland Queen." They freely go, and orders follow. Tho "Danealia" brand of cigars, manufactured by A lien & Marshall, 135 Arch street, are certainly all that is des1red for a nickel. If the steady demand for the brand is any criterion, an increased force of hands 18 necessary. Mr. P. C. Fulweiler, the fine cigar manu facturer, Arch street, ha.s returned .llome from Cuba, after a sojourn of seTeral weeks. He looks the picture of aealth, and reports the. purchase of Havana lea.f just the thmg for appreciative smokers. Mr. M. Leopold represents trade brisk for the different brands of hard tobacco manu factured by John Fmzer & Bro., Lomsvllle, Ky. Venable's brand of "Vmco" seems to have become firmly roo.ted in this market. Go where you wlll, the brand of hard tobacco called "Vmco" holds a promment place. The trade is waiting patiently the abolis'h ing of the internal tobacco tax. Not m vam is the hope. NEWS PHO!ll CVB.t, (Spencer's Price Current, tO ) Leaf-Busmess bas been qu1et dunug this week, owmg to the dull staoo of tradlillll all the conswming markets. Some demand is prevailing, however, for cutters at pr, u;es rangmg from $18 to $22 per qtl., accordmg to quahty and Bl.Ze. Stocks of all kinds of goods are at th1s t1me but insigmficant, espeCially 13ne leaf, and prices are 1u consequence fully maintained. The crop prospecLS iu the Vuelta Abajo dietricts are very gratifying, and a fioe though not abundant y1eld may now be loolred for. The late showers of rain have also somewhat 1mproved thecond1t10n of the leaf raised in the Part1dos, but on the whole' the favorable change of the atmosphere came too late to make up the great damage caused by the prolonged drouth in said district. The tobacco grown 10 Remedios 1s re:ported to have suffered severely on account of the absence of ram, consequently the chances for a light and leafy growth smtable for the German markets m this region are for the time being exceedmgly poor. On the other band the capaduras may lurn out to suit the requirements of the Umted States trade. Cigars-The demand continues dull, and ()n the whole manufaclurers have been <>bhged to reduce their work. In accordance w1th the petition presented to the Government several weeks ago by the AssociatiOn of the Havana C1gar .Manufac turers, 1 t has been resolved that Bald assoCiation should be consulted before grantmg the mscnpt10n of any new cigar or cigarette brand. According to last ad vices from Sagua the erop in that locahty is considerably reduced -on account of the prolonged drouth that has prevalled. AccorEling to a colleague, the crop at Re medios added up 47,753 bales, of whiCh 1,062 were exported to New York, 42,458 were sent coastw1se to Havana, and 1,037 remam stored at said place. The benefit received by the leaf in the Vuelta Abajo, from the showers which fell last week, coufirmed, and though reduced, the crop 1s expected to turn out of excellent .quality. CJonuectleut Valley Tobacco Markel. Assortmg contmues, and some of the grow -ers have nearly fimshed th1s part of thell' work. Our correspondent at Deerfield wr1tes, under date of Feb. 13: "The growers here are assorting the 1887 crop. All say that 1t weighs very light, some lots lesa than 1,000 pounds to the acre E'rom 9 to 12c in the bundle don't pay very large profits." Th1s corresponds with the statements of two other correspondents from Shelburne Falls aud Amherst. Whately-The work of assorting is well under way, w1th the same complaint as to the lightness of the crop. There are some ti ve or six lots of old goods remaming in the hands, and two or three lots of '86 goods. Hadley, Feb. 13-There have been some .sales of the past week, but the prwes ()f only two small of old Seed 1taf are ,given at Be. The Kellogg Brothers have sold some (they have been canyin!!'; three or four crops); the pnces have not been made pub liC. Hayden's, CBnn.-The farmers have not yet timshed assortmg. There were a few .sales last week; the prices ranged from 10 to 14c through. .Mauy a1e holdmg for better IJl'lCes. WethersJ.'ield, Conn.-There is not much .stir m tobacco. Some of the best crops still :remam m the growers' hands. '!'hey ara koldmg for better prices. The extreme cold weather has made u d1fficult to show our goods. Our correspondent at Wapping writes: "The md1cat1ons for better priCes mduced -some of our best growers to hold on to the1r crops. This we thmk IS well enough when the grower IS sure of having an A1 crop, but we have never thought 1t wise to hold a poor -crop or even an ordmary one. We tbmk it wise to sell such crops on the first fa1r offer. We notiCe the sale of three crops, one at 14c through, one at 12c 'and one at ll),ic.-Boston, Ma8B., American Cultivator, Feb. 18. New England Homestead, Feb. 18:-South Deerfield-There have been no sales of to bacco for several weeks and but little of the .new crop is sold. A lew growers have com-menced a9sorting; others are waitinll,' for a buyer nr for longer days. While nearly all prefer to sell 1n the Lundle, spring IS near and the leaf must be assorted. and that work w1ll soon become general. The good crops turn out well, while the medium to poor con tam but very few wrappers. Sunderland-Tobacco is being in some inatances by the grower. L. W. Fairchild is employing a small set of hands as sorting for the raisers. West Hartford-The tobacco warehouse of C. Griswold .is giving employment to the usual of wen in assorting and pack ing. The toiJacco packed here 1s mostly brought from out of town, comparatively little having been raised _here the past season. I hear of 1 )ot of 2, 501} lbs having been sold at 14c jn the bu.ndle. ---NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FoR WEEK ENDING FEB. 17. Western Leaf-The raported sales for the week amounted to SOO of which 130 were for export. A letter rece1ved Friday from the West assumed that 500 hogs beads had been sold here for Spam at 5).4 cents per pound, the same to be delivered at the West. Inqu1ry among the commission merchants of our market d1d not just1fy the assumpt10o. Neither d j d the same proce dure verify the rumor wafted on breezes from the West that large lines ftom the-in fact, the whole of the-syndicate had been taken. Papa," said the boy, I neal'ly sold my dog to day." "Yes!" eagerly responde:l pap11. "How near, my boy," papa inqu1red, "did you come t'l a sale! Boy-" Why, I asked a man if he wanted to buy a dog, and he said No.' If he had sa1d I would have sold him. l'he market is firm, and prices a1e higher than on the first instant, but big transfers have not been effected he1e in the past week or two, all rumors to the contrary notwith standing. Manufacturers are buying &par ingly they are awaiting the solution of the tax quest10n; and the R eg ie buyers, It is said, can, for a ehort t1me, leave the bal ance of their reqmrements unfilled. A month hence, it is believed, the latter will increase their purchases both for current needs and to get a httle ahead for th11 1888 contracts February lB moat always-dull, and trade usually improves in March, when the foreign markets commence buying mor.e freely. Dark tobaccos seem hkely to advance within the next few weeks. 1 For the weBk just ended E. A. Stoppel, to bacco broker, 24 Beaver street, reports as follows:RECEIPTS. Week. hhds. Virginia. .. .. .. .. .. 760 New Orleans .......... Baltimore ........... Western ............. 866 237 Total. . . .. .. 1,357 Week. Exports ............... 1 ,673 li/Uotatwns. Month. hhds. 1,454 860 1,110 2,924 Month. 4,241 Light Leaf: I Heavy Leaf: Lugs ...... 5 @ 7 Lugs ...... 5 @ Common .. 8 I Common 7 Medmm .... 7 % Mcdmm ... 8 Good ...... 9 @14 Good ...... 10 llJ.i Fme ...... J Fine ....... ll)>i Selections.. none. Selections .13 Vtrgima Leaf-The market was more ac tJve than durmg the preceding week, and we note among others fa1r sales of smokers and cutters, w1th black lines for export. li/uotatwna. Dark. Dark. Com. lugs .. 4),i@ I Com. leaf .. 7 @ 8 Good lugs 5),i Good leaf.. 8 Fme leaf. Cigar Leaf-If old leaf and fancy Havana Seed wrappers were to be found our market would be boommg; but buyers come and go, from within and w1thout, sorely disap pointed. The sales this week are limited, owing to the above fact. A Water street packer sold 500 cases old Pennsylvama to a manufacturer, and a Pearl street packer about 100 Housatonic. Both sales were made at a good living profit. Other and smaller sales were made, and the footing is pretty fair. A Maiden Lane packer sold, just as we go to press, about 300 Pennsylvania Seed, and a Water street broker 150 cases Little Dutch. Messrs. J. S. GANS' SoN & Co., brokers, 131 Water Street, report to the TOBACCO LEAF as follows:-A moderate business 18 being done, w1th sales of 1,579 cases, divided280 cs. 188l-85 Pennsylvania.. 9 @14M 50 cs. 1885 Pa. Hav. Seed, p. t. 240 cs. 1886 Pennsylvania ..... 10 150 cs. 1886 Pa. Hav. Seed ..... 10 69 cs. 1884 State Havana, p t. 140 cs. 1886 State Havana ...... 12 300 ce. 1886 W1s. Havana...... 4 %'1U 100 cs. 1886 New England, p. t. HO cs. 1886 Dutch............ 9 @11 150 cs. Sundries ............. -. 7 D1vided as follows.-To manufacturers ..... ....... 600 cases 500 To city trade ................... To out of town ................ 479 I .................... 1 ,579 Havana-The market this week has been very quiet, less than 400 bales being sold. There is no change in prices. The Vuelta district wll.B favqred on Fl'iday and Saturday li!I.Bt wnh much-needed showers, so we are informed, whiCh will tend materially toward redeemmg the crop, whicli has been suffering for moisture for the past six weeks. Quotatl0718-(Wholesale Prices). Havana Fillers-Very common 60 to 70 Common.. .. .. 76 to 85 Good to med. 85 ta 95 Med! to fine ... 95 to 105 Fme .. ....... Hl5 to 115 Superior ...... 115 to 125 Yara-1 and II cuts assorted ... 65 to 70 II cuts .................. 75 to 85 Sumat1a-A average business was done, mostly in small lots The sale of tho week was a lot of 50 bales, wh1ch brought $2 a pound. The ma:ket is becoming stronger. Dealers have been on the anxious seat for the past few weeks over the rumor that the stock of one of the largest holders of Sumatra would be thrown on the market. The1e seems to be little cause for fear,however. Plug-Busmess has contmued about as usual, though jobbers are not at present buying freely. From the South a demand was noticeable during the week, and among the sales for that fair lines of NaVJea Brights and general assortments were dis posed of for Flor1da. The exports were 141,470 pounds. Bnghts: li/uotatums. Navy 4s, 5s, 6s, 3s ........... 20 J.4 lbs, lOs and Pocket P1eces ..... 20 hght-pressed......... ... SO Gold Bars ...................... ,30 6 and 12-inch twist ............... 25 Blacks: to 30 to 30 to 50 to 50 to 40 lOs, 1.2s, ].{Iss ........... to 17 & 20 to 25 NEWy lOs or Pocket Pieces ........ 18 to 25 Ne&l'Ohead twist ............... 23 to 30 THE TOBACCO LEAF. Sm-oking-There has been no change in tbe I buyers at Hi t o 17c. The receipts of the new crop k t b k t f t d tend to keen stocks up, but the otncks of old to smo mg o acco mar e eo ar as repor e 1 bacco, no l onger rep'enislled f10m the conn but all popular brands have sold readily, as try. are bemg stead i ly <.hminiibed and warehouse usual, and at full prices. men expect soon to close them out. CigarB-Thls tr!lde is resuming its normal QUoT.t.TIONS. condition the recent unrest of the cigar-Frosted lugs .. .. ... ...... .. ...... 3 4 . Lugs-Comm-.n ....................... 4)d@ 5 makers no longer const1tutmg a hmdermg Medium ........................ 6).4 6)d factor in the trade, and the average weekly Good ............. .' ............. 7).4 volume of sales is reported. Leaf-Frosted ... .................... 4J,i 6 1 DOIIIESTIO B.ECEIPT&. 'Tbe follow articles were received at the port of New York during the weelt: 1 By th Biru RaiUoi.d-Pollard, Pettus & Co 70 hbds; J H Moore & Co 110 de. S B Edmonston & Bro 1; M Pappenbe1mer & ()o 50, :M. Abenheim .t Co 11; 01oler do 28 pkgs. Btl tho P.mn811lfi; & Co liO: L Ge1sbel & Bro 6, Cullmans & Rosenbaum 7, J Bunzl & Sons 23; Kiffe & Voges M New burger & Co 1: J Le sser 1 cs c1gars; J Elhnller & Co2 do, G F Clayton 1; Austm Nch c ls & Co 3, Waguer, Kellam & Co 1; R C Wllliams & Co 1, Weber & Erskme 3; J F J Xtques 1 Bennett, Sloan & Co I; W1se & Bendheim 1, Allen & G1nter o cs snikg, 28 do crgarettes. Thurber, Whyland & Co2 cs mfd, 19 pkgs do, H Man delbaum 1 bx mfd, order 61 hhds, 6 cs c1gars, 56 bxs mfd, 2 pkgs do. By tl;.e New Ymk and New Haven Transportation Lone-Joseph Mayer's Sons 38 cs leAf; C 1<' Wahhg 6 do : A Ames 4, Free & Vocke 24, A H Scovrlle & Co_ 4, A L & C L Helt 1; order, 1. By th4 Old Dom1naon LiM-Oelnchs & Co 126 hhds: WaiJen, Toe\ & Co 20 do. Kinney 'l'ol!acco Uo 14, Jolla Mull 103; H Se1bert 11: Buchanan & Lyall 20: Kremel berg & Co 53. P Wnght & Sons 176, Ernest Mueller & Co 11; FE Owen 6: J H Moore & Co 1; Pollard, Pettus & Co 4 8. C E Bills J r 14, Slayden .Z Boswells 3 W Duke, Son & Co 4 hilda, 44 cs Cigarettes: P Lerillard & Co 6 t1cs; Jos D E'vans & Cu 5 do, 47 cs mfd, 40 94-bxs do, 5 do; W 0 Sm1th & Co 60 trcs cs mfd, 1 do smkg, 1 do siiikg and cigarettes, I! do Cigarettes, 3 bxs samples; R W Cameron & Co 100 Ya-trcs mfd, Thompson, Moore & ()o 30 cs mfd, 40 bxs do, 11 do. 1>6 cads do, Dohan, Car roll & Co 43 cs mfd, 1 94-bx !lo, Jl\8 M Gardmer 4 cs tmkg, 00 cads do; & Broadhurst 4 cs mfd, 11!5 % -bxs dl9, 53 do, 5 Ya-bxs do, 1 cs Cigarettes Allen & G mte r 20 cs smkg, 103 ao ci ga rettes, J D Kielly Jt 85 cs mfd, Leopold Miller & Bon 40 cs smkg; 'fhurber, Why land & Co 60 do; B L Merchant & C<> 2, A Aschner & 2, J J Gro gan 4, Jacob L Kahn 9, Weber & Erskme 5; Carha. t Bros 5@ M -bxs d o; F H Leggett & Co DS do, J E Lloyd 1 cs cigarettes; Wm Ruben s 1 bx sam p ies. R .M Allen & Co 1 do: Read & Co 1: Austin NIChols & Co 1 snuff; Kaufman Bros & Co 75 bxs pipes; order, S7 hhds, 15 trcs, 61 cs smkg, 4 bales do, 251 cs mfd, 260 bxs do, till do, 11 do, 50 ).4-bxs do SO Ya-bxs do, 170 116-hxs a.,, 509 cads ao, 20 kegs do, 68 cs cigarettes, 15 pkgs leaf, 1 crade reeds. Btl till JVw Y uric &nd .Baltmor 1h.&mpurtan.m Lme-Funch, Edye & Co 26ll hhds, 2 bxs BILmples; H P Johnson 38 cs smkg. By tho HtidMm Rwr RaiWIIad-F Schulz 57 cs leaf, order, 2 hhds, 470 pkgs. By th e Danlntry and Nurwa!k Ra1l1oad-F Schulz 45 cs leaf. Common ....................... Medmm ..................... .... 8 Good .......................... Fwc ........................... 13 @15t Selections ....................... 16 @lS i The loose tobacco market has been fairly quiot, Without large transactwns. and some country dEal ers seem to prefer makmg purchases on the Board, where plices seem relat1vely cheaper than in the Planters are very st1ff m their demands, and firm m their prices. WINSTON N.C., Feb. 16 -C<>leman Leaf \ Tobac c o Brokers, report to tlffl 'FOB.t.Cco LEAF -Again we hav e to report very heavy reCClpLB and a strong market. T&kmg everytbmg mto consideratiOn, prices have been remarkably well sustatned, and we eaa n ote a dechne since our last report. The character of offenngs has not been so good tb1s week as last, the proportiOn of dark fillers and wrappers bemg greater. QUOTA'l'IONS Smoker-Common to medmm ..... 4 00 7 00 to good .. ........... 7 00@11 00 Good to floe .. .............. 11 00@15 00 F.llers-Common to medium .. 4 00 7 00 Medmm to goo d ........... 7 00@10 00 Good to fine ................ 10 UO@lo U O Cutter-Common to medmm ...... 14 00@20 00 to good ...... ...... 20 00@25 00 Good to fine. .. ......... 25 00 00 Wrappers-Common to medmm 1 5 00@20 001 Medmm to good ............ 20 og@25 00 Good to fine ................. 2t> 00@35 00 Fme to fancy .............. 35 00 00 Special Crop Correspondence. OLMSTEAD, Ky., l<' eb. 14. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFThe r e is but httle of mterest to report re garding the movement of the crop or the loose tolilacco market. Since the 1st of Jan uary there has been much weather unsuitable for the work of delivery, but almost cont1nuonsly su1table for handlmg m the barns. Hence while deliveries are light the crop is in a forward state of prepare.twn for dehvery, and as soon as conditions become favorable a much freer movement will begin. The loose tobacco market is qmet, and I have l:.eard recent transactiOn. I have heard of sales of a ccnsiderable number of crops at a round price of 10 cents, but just now there seen;s to be a stationary condmon. T. E. B. A Tebaeeo Suit, 3 JUNGBLUTH & TOBACCO MANUF'RS' SUPPLIES SUGAR, PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL. FLAVORS, EXTRACTS, &q. SOLE WESTERN AGENTS FOR MAC ANDREWS & FORB.ES' LICORICE F. FBOMEB, CIGAR M:ANUFACTUBEB. 77th St., 3d and Lexington Aves. FACTORY No, :J:Jil, 3d DIST., NEW YOBX. JUI....:I:C> J'. OR.I>ET.:X., ds > SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PURCHASIN! A.ND SHIPPING '{It to call,} SO SAN YGNACIO STREET. 1 on their arrival, lor information whioh will ..J SAVE them TIME and MONEY 'V' ..a,.;N" .A.. Frank Pulver, Horaee S. Dlokinaon, Daniel H. Diokinoon, / DICKINSON & CO., Packers of Seed Leaf: -.A..:n.d. :I:'I"n por'ters o:r l,.S PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Coatwm f'I'Om Key West-M E : McDowell & Co 21 cs c1gars: A Cahoch & Co 1 do: A C Rodriguez & Oo 17, Eest, Russell & Co 13. Green hall & (Jo 7, Schwaab & Zimmerman 1; Biebenhauer, MQyer feld & Co 6: J Ellmger & Co a9; G W Cochran & Co 1; H R Kelly & Oo 19, Kuphal & Leopold I; G G1nocchio & Uo 2; S1demau, Lachman & Oo ll; D Osborn & Co 7. Bendheim Bros & Co 2; Scherer & Kranisb. 1: Feder B10s 8:-Wm Sutter 1; JADe Leon 1; Drlworth Bros 2, Foge&Dickman2: 0 W Van Campen & Bon I, Duke Fwke 1 : B Wassermann 1 : E>berg Bachman & Co 10: Bak e r & DuBois 9, Purdy & N1cholas 13: N B Manning 3, F H Leggett & Co 2; G W Nichols 16, S Leli man & Bon 3; E R Webster & Co 3; J E Cartaya & (Jo o; Btraiton & Watt 5, Meyer Bros & Co 8: Marx & Co 34, Freed & Malga 2, E H Gato 2; 01 dtr 2; G Alces Ia do, ll bales scraps, Celestmo, PalaciO & Co 45 do, 1!i do; P l'ohalsk1 as do, 3 do, D L TruJillO & Sons 6 do, 4 do; & Co 37 do, 7 uo, B Page & Son 1 pkg C111;ars: J S !fo hns 17 bales scraps. Wertheim & Sch11Ier 10 do, N Kubuen 2U do, l Remitz 11 do, P d; J Frank 5 do. Isadore Levis, for Caroline Fried man, va. John D Skllea James B. Ji'rey. trading as Sk1les & Jl'rey:; B. F Eshleman and W. T. Brown for plaintiff and Nauman for defendants. Th1s was an issue to determine the ownership Of certain to bacco. In 1872 Leo Levis, living in St. Louis, gave his sister, Caroline Friedman, the sum N'O'ti.oe of $1 ,5 00, with which she" ent into the leaf tobacco business, tradmg as E. C. Friedman. She gave her brother power of attorney to buy tobacco, and he bought twenty-one cases from W. K. Hiester & Co., of th1s city. The firm of E. and Aug. Friedman have failed, (E. bemg the cusband of Caroline Il'riedmanl, Messrs. Skiles & Frey seized these 21 cases of tobacco on an attachment, gave bale and this issue was framed to 'deter mine the rightful ownersh1p. Depositions had been taken m St. Louis, and these were read. For the defense it was claimed that Mrs. Friedman bought more than $5 000 worth of tobacco from W. K. H1ester & Co., of th1s c1ty, although 1t W6S not shown that her brother had given her more than $1,500. Indeed 1t was claimed that there was no IIIIPOKTS. 1'he ILrl'lValS al tile pon or New York trom for eign ports lor I he week mcluded the tollowmg con Signments:-Antwe1p-Wm Demuth & Co 788 bxs p1pes; or der, 64 bhds. B1emen-Wm Demuth & C" 2 cs. Rotte?dam-W H Van den Toorn 13 bales Suma tra order, 67 do. Havana-'l'obacco-F Schulz bales, Lozano, Pendas & Co 30ao, Schroeder & Bon 43, Landman & Bernhe1mer 78, J Bernhmm & Bon 60. C V1g1l 42; M AMon eJo 100, E Hoffman & Sou 161; M Lmdheim l!S. J Shack 16; order. :.l Au erbac h & Co 8 do, 2 bbls scraps: Jas E Ward & Oo 3 cs cut. Cu:ars-Purdy & NICholas 30 cs, U B Perkms 4 do, M Barranco & Co 2; U W F aber 5: Cahxto L opez &: Co 6 L 2; H U Kelly & Co 11; Max: Marx & Co 9, Pdrk & Ttlford 14; Acker, rall & Condit 2, ME McDowell & Co 1S. J:l Strauss 3. Hyneman Bros 7; Jas E Warrl & Co 150; order, 114, Esberg, Bachman & Co2, Kunhardt & Co 1. EXPOB.T5 From the port or New York to foreign l><\rto r the week ending Feb. 17, 18S8, were M followsAmstmdam-177 hhds, 151 cs, 10 pkgs (1,000 lbs) mfd. Anam-2 pkgs (210 lbs) mid. Ant'WM'p-61 hhds 76 Cl' Repu/Jlw-11 pkgs (1 ,S40 lbs) mfd. Bmd/md-1 pkg (1761bs) mfd. B"n-96 bhds, 227 cs. BI'!Btol-1 pkg {100 lbs) mfd. B'UilJh Austra.l!a-315 pkgs (54.817 lh s ) mfd. Bnt pkgs (13,950 lb > l mfd. .Londo'TI-96 hhds, 31 cs, 46 pkgs (6,836 lbs) mid. New Zea!and-109 pkgs (20,465 lhs) mfd Pkl>ppm e Is!ands-1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd 'U. B. of bales, 59 pkgs (S,465 mfd. pkgs (3,000 lbs) mfd. IIIXPORTB JI'ROil TBII: PORT 011' Nli:W YORK TO I'ORll:lGN PORTS II'ROJI JANUo\ltY 1, 1888, TO FEB 17, 1888. Hhds. ,\.f rica .. .. .. .. 13 Amst erdam... . 32S Antwerp...... . 2tS8 Austria ........ Ouea l 234 407 A.'uslraha... ........ 71 13 Bremen ........... 1,ii26 3,1o8 Bnt1sh N A. Col.. ()anada .......... .. Central America Cbma and Japan ... Copenhageu ...... 10 East !miles .. .. .. .. France ............ 2,B56 1 G:braltar.......... 18 1 ,320 Glasgow .......... 160 Hamburg......... 142 Italy .............. 2 461 L t verpooll.. .. 119 LondoD ........... 514 Uthel' Bntllih Ports. Malta ............... .. :&leXJCO ........ New Zealand, etc. Po1tugal ............ Rotterdam . 177 Sandwich lslan4!l ... SpaiD ............ 2,499 South Amcnca.... 17 Bwctltn & Norway 5 W esL lodte.. 142 Varrous pm ; ts ,. 10,656 49:3 433 ... ;112 3 6,214 Bales. Lbs mrd. 204 23 906 829 170 5 1 1 2 1 ,065 184 1,830 1,600 7,392 397,222 2S,14o 1,700 14,369 21,049 23,936 40,001 276 1!1,4S4 1,956 137,0Sl 1,400 200 128,221 200 147.755 8,620 B,o84 1,07S,962 CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., Feh. 14. Messrs. .M.. H. Ulark & Bro. Brokers. report to the TOBJ.CCO LBAF:-Rece1pts were full this week, but planters are not pressing upon the market, and the sa les for the week endmg to day were 297 hhds. The market was uoL materl&lly changed, Leaf and luge of dea1rable quahty were pushed to tbe top notch, but tohaccoa out order or of nosdescnpt character were not 1n act1ve dem!llld. Some fine leaf of the new crop found g-WANTED FOB CASJL CIGAR CUTTINGS l'or Domestic an4 J:zpori 17-om rate ot iVUI' place w Wheellftc. We are al-y In the m&l'ket for Tobeocollutlilnp. If U1eJ c:&9 olean and dry and not mlllty. BLOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. D H. ANDERSON, 785 Broadway, New York, hs unequalled faciht1es for prcducwg photographs any size and quantity. Estimates furmshed. <>VIdence that the brother had absolutely FOR SALE-A fine aad smokmg h d d manuf actory, now runDllll!; a nd d01ng a fa1r husJ-glven er 101ny money, an It was argue ness in New York City. Owner ret1ring from busl from all thiS that the money ':'hiCh to ness Address .. Success, Tobacco Leaf effice. the purchase of the 21 cases smzed by Sklles l197-1209 & Frey belonged to the bankrupted firm of ----------------E & A. Friedman, and that Sk1les & Frey, who were creditors of the bankrupt firm, had a right to seize the tobacco. The case was submitted without argument and Judge Livingston charged the J\lry, who returned a verd1ct for defendants, Messrs. Sk1les & Frey.-Lancaster, Pa., New Era. &nonda,;a' Succe In ProduclnK Havana '.l'obacco. For eight years the g1owers of domestic Havana tobacco in Onon::laga and the adja cent counties have made rapid etridea in tne right duectwn in producmg Cigar leaf. The old style of Connecticut Seed leaf has been discarded, and Havana Seed tobacco has taken 1ts place. Grand results have followed. The farmers have learned much and have advanced 1n a most commendable man ner in the new methods of assortmg. Fillers are now put up neatly; bmders are rnade to appear almost like wrappers; wh1le the modtJrn wrappers are as neat and cleanly 10 appearance as though they had been taken out of a bandbox. The grower has learned that 1t is for his interest to assort and care for his tobacco as well aR he can and m ac cordance wlth the moot modern and approved methods. The success of Onon-:laga growers has been marked durwg the last eight years, for 1t 1s now admitted by the trade that the Havana tobacco pro(luced and packed in this section is as mcely and cautwusly cared for and assortea as any Cigar leaf ra1sed m the N ortbern tes. The Pennsy I vama, Con nectiCut and Massachusetts growers do thmr wor k well, no doubt, but no better than the Onondaga producer The barns and assort ID"" houses here are, in most mstances, well to promote success 1n assoriog and packmg leaf, and the sheds are well for curmg 1t.-Baldwmsvbacco from the H.iver to Black water. It was the business of these viewers, or tel lers, as they were sometimes called to est1mate and restrict the number of young plants, that there might not be overproduct10n, lest the church income might suff e r from too low prices. -F1o m "An Old Church," by Ma1 "JI Gay Humphreus, m the Amerwan Magazme. !&. Lar&:e Plan1er. WANTED-A situatiOn by a young colored boy about eighteen yeare of age; has had a good edaca twn and wntes a fair hand Is thGroughly ac quainted w1tll horses, being a son of a well-known horse tramer. Best of references g1ven by the of th1s paper. Address "C. A ," th1s office 1198-tf PARTNEI:t WANTED in a valuable mvent10n, havmg succeeded, after several years of expen mentmg in establishing "perfect long filler bunch ing maclline making &II s1ze and sb&pes and also discharging autolllatlcally the bunch m the mould The same machine, by s1mply changing the feedmiJ: apparatus, 'wll l also mak e a perfect SC!ap bun ch if desired For further particulars address "Bunch ing Machme," office Tobacco Leaf. 1200 WANTED. A C EN T for important factory of CIGAR BOX LABELS. References required bacco Leaf office. Address "G. 0., 12,'' To1199-1202 :K.ey PICADURA CHEROOTS. Trade-ltlark ;r F tl' .X. Princ ipal Depot s :-!92 Broadway, eorner J obJI st. ; and 489 Broad way, corner Broeme, New York. The above brand, haTing been copyrighted, the trade is cautioned not to im1tale the same under the penalty of the law. EacB. package, containing 11) cheroow in tm-foil, bears IL yellow label with an :x; on the face of the laael and a white label across one end of packagt>, on which are the J. F J. X Also imported Key W eat and Domestic Cigo.ra all grades. at Wholesale. 1137-98 J. F. J. XIQUES. To Bnrors of Gi[arotto PaDor. I beg to announce to my friends and t? the trade gPnerally that I have opened busmeHs in New York CJty, and that the same will be conducted hy me in conoect10n With. my New Orleans house. MvNew York hguse will sell cigarette and copying book paper on reels, or m reams or books by the aase only. In connection with my paper business 1 have also to announce that I am now the sole agent for the United States for the celebrated GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES. With the assurance that all orders ad dressed to my New York or New Orleans office w1ll receive prompt and careful attention, I remain, yours respectfully, HERMANN IS.t.AC Address P. 0 Box 2,443, New York. 1195-1207 L. H. LIGHTFOOT, Late with E T Crump & Co. Leaf Tobacco Dealer, Otficc: Tobacco Exchan[c Bnildin[, P 0 BOlt No 2 VA., Samples or every grade furnishe d on application asd each package gua.ranteed up to sample. R&FZREKCEs-Chas Watkins, President Richmond Tobacco Exchange. Allen & Gmter, KinneyTcr bacco Company; Planters Nat10nalBank. HENRY C. DOBSON, -Only Manufacturer of the-GREAT PATENT SILVER BELL BANJI!. 1210 Bl\OADW A Y, NEW YORK To. t. ..... $00 oo No. 2 .. -... :s:es oo No. 8 SO 00 No.4 40 00 No. 6 50 00 No. 6 75 00 No.7 ....... $100 00 I "fr fP !QI (s Looooooij 0"' Beware of WORTHLESS IMITATIONS of .thiS GREAT BANJO; nGne GENUI!'Io"E ualess stamped wi'b DJy name, number and accompanjed with a guarantee CAte signed by me, and havfn$r the du'Pllcate number. Seat. by Express to any part of the U.a1ted States Ask tor thecertitlcate and see that the number correspond! with the aum ber en the banjo Diagram mP

4 TOBACCO LEAF. FEB. 18. Eastern Markets .-PBILADELPHlA, Feb 16 -.Mr A.. R J'ouger&y I obacco Inspector reports to I 1e ToJIAOOO LEAl!' as follows -1 he bust ness ef hand hug manufactured tobacco seems to have come to a tem porary moderate demand, whtch has been brnught about by the unexpect e d dullness whtch has sud deoly fe.llen upon tbe jobbera wbo always bow Wise JUdgment 10 thttr a.ctton and are reatly to meet any emergency that m&y artse W htle conHderable stocll has been recetved the past week a portton has gone 10to the hands of !Uients for future dtstn butioo 'lrade has been confined to wants wlatch as soon as commerctal hfe comes to a sattsfactery arrangement eopecnally the dtftlcult) between capttal anti labor, tbe bnom wtll be sumed and upward and forward wlll be the march of trade Ctgars are handled 10 mederate aaounts Soulf bas a steady demand Recetpts for the week 6,514 boxes 5,023 caddtes 8 301 cases and 3S7 pb!ls of fine cuts l:leed Leaf-1llere '" evtdently no rush 1n bust ness the past week m the mampulatwn of to bacco sunable for ctgars !<'me wrappers are too scarce to create the llvely demand that would un doubtedly follow the preence of such a grade of gooEis Bmders at1d tillera are sold to moderate amounts and do not bnng the pnce old de lrable stock has l.een heretofore noted for at tllis season of the year UpJJn the whole but few large b1lis of Seed are sold The general sales are of such amount as would answer the pu poses for a hmtted ttme The change w t l l come ana that soon posst bly before some of our buyers t&re ready Pnces remam at about the same ll!umatra moves freely wtth a dec1dcd preference gtven to fine goods Havana-Show up a first clais arltcle and the sale that follows 1s and sat .. factory Recetpts fer the week..-40 cases <.Jonnectlcut 301 cases Pennsylvama 33 cases Obto 62 ca>es L1ttle Dutch 24U cases Wisconstn 63 York IState 136 bales Sumatra 8o9 balea Havana aud 2t!ll hhds VugJotaand Western leaf tobacco Bales show 48 cases Conoecttcut 808 cases Penosylvana 30 cases Oh10 29 cases Ltttle Dutch 206 cases W cousm 49 cases York State t!4 bales Suma tra bales Havana and 27 hbds o f Western le a f m tranSJt dtrect to manufacturer E Export of leaf tobacco-To Ant wet p per tr Nederland 18 a29 lb per Etr Waes!Aod 13 G!U lbs to Ltverpool per str Bnt1sb Pnnco 59 701 lo to Cardenas, perscbr J May, 1 lata! 91i9 lbs Western & Southern Markets. BALTIMOltE,: .Md Feb 16 -l\Iessrs E Wischmeyer & ()o tobacco commtBStn me chants, report to the l OBACCO LEAF l he market for Maryland contmues q met but tlrm nod transac tiona are restncted by reas o n of light ollenngs The sales for lbe week however have been about 2110 bhds 'I he m s pectton Su bhds and retuspec twos 226 hbds constitute about tbe numbe sold Ohto Is qutet With sales-of awut 60 hhd tl!mng the week at trooger pnces R"cetpts are very hgbt and bolders are not pressing stock on t)Ie market Inspected tbts week-256 hbds lllacylaud, 86 bhds Ohio 6 hbds Vtr!(tma 1otal 348 hltdB Cleared some penod-Str Amertes for Bremen 4104 hhda Maryland 30 bhds Vtrgmta, bhdo Keulucky 38 hbds V11 gmm Hems st1 :Montana for London 10 trcs Vtrgtma str Rtpoo Ctty for Leghorn 1 484 bhds K e ntucky str Polyneuan tor Ltverpo&l 7l trcs Vug1ma for Halifax 3 bhds Ken tuck) TOBACCO STATEKENT Jan 1 1888-Stock on hand 111. tobacco wareheuses and on shtpboard not cleared 28 078 hhds Inspected thts wee!< 348 hhds Inspected previOusly !lv1 h hd s 29 377 hbd Exports of Mary md and Ob10 smce Jan 1 1388 I 5o5 b.hlor and body Good fillers red and good b<;>dy 14 00@15 00 16 00@18 00 10 00@22 00 ()( @28 00 New 12 00@14 00 16 00@17 00 18 00@20 00 DAN,'ILLE, Va., Feb 14 -Paul 0 Vea able Leaf I obacco Broker reports to tbe To BAcco LEAl!' as follows -Sales thts week are full w1tbout matenal change m pnce The demand seems equal to the upply and prtces are stt:II on all grades of plug fillers from common t& fine Wrappers t>re more plenttful than IB the of the crop and are taken at full figures Cutters and smekers vary very: httle Ill prtce except to get htgher We expect full sale tbts month Smokers-Common QUOTATIONS. Medmm colsry Gool'l do Good bngbt Cutters-Common bngbt llledmm bnght Good bnght Ftoe bnght Fancy bngbt Fillers-Common Medmm Good Fme Fancv Wrappers-Common .Medmm 4 @ 6 6 @ 8 8 @10 10 @12,li 12 111116 15 @20 20 @26 25 @30 30 5 II @ 6 7 @ 9 3 00@ 8 75 Frosted 2 00@ 3 00 Medtum 4 00 5 00 Good 5 00@ 6 50 Leaf-lJommon 5 W(a. 6 50 Frosted 8 00@ 00 ?tiedtum 6 50@ 7 50 Good 7 50@ 8 50 Fme S 50@ 11 00 W fll.!']Oers 11 00@17 00 LOUl8VILl.ol!l, Feb 15 -.Mr A J!'alcoaer Secretary of tbe Tobacco Board vf Trade reports to the ToBAcco LEAl!' as fo!lows -The tone Qf the market can hardly saul to have tmprovcd stnce my last repm t ts nfe on the subJeCt of the present depresswn tn values Whether tt IB one of those transient movements occur mdependently or dl calculattoo or wbetller 1t 1s the prelude to a generally lower scale of pnces for the rematnder or the naaoo temams to be seen The reJectiOns ou the breaks sttll remam btgb avetag10g close on 25 per cent of the olfermgs mdtcatmg a wtde dtvergeuce of vtews between the buyer and the sell All styles of tobacco wtth out erceptton h>1 2 7a7 3 3 3 1 2 Mal es of ne\\ crop te d at e QUOTATIONS Year 14 ao6 1tl Hi4 17 007 17 8111 3 292 9 IU7 14 OUt! Dark Burley Trash 3 00@ 3 50 8 50@ 9 50 Common lugs 3 75@ 4 00 1u 00@12 00 Medtum lugs 4 00@ lj 00 12 50@14 50 Good lugs 5 25@ 5 7a 15 00 Comwou leaf 5 7a@ tl 25 18 00@20 00 Medmru leaf 6 2o@ G 7v 20 00@22 00 Good leaf 7 00@ ts 50 23 09@25 00 Fmc l 6al 9 00 0 l 25 00@27 'iO Selecttons 12 00@14 00 28 00@36 00 .1\lAYFIELD, Ky., Feb 11 -Puryear M1,les 11 Co L eaf 1ob acco Brokers report to the fo-BACco L:sAF as follows -No tk19 week Recetpts for week Hecetpts smc e Janua1:r I Offe11ngs for year Net sales for yeat Hbds 9G 22a a86 .ts6 FRRIGDT RATES PER 100 POUNDS To New York all ratl To Oileans 2oc Boton rates 5c above New 1' or it and Phtladel pbta 2c SEP o:IIcnng and comparattvely h1gher than ohl tubacco Receipts for week Recetpts smce Jan O:IIenugs for week Olfeung for year Net sales for week Net sales for year bets 97 380 61t 76 RATES OF' TRANSPORT A l'ION Rate to New Yotk all t utl per 100 us do watet a nd ratl do do do New O t leans all rat! f uew and old wrappers changed hands Mei >!>i@ ij 6 @ 7 6,li 7Ji: 7 @ 8 1:! @ 9 9 @10 10 @12 tbat tbe oreal bulk or the bands QUOTA !IONS Smokers-Common Medmm Good F10e Cutters-Comm n Medmm Good Ftne Fancy F1llers-'-'ommon llledmm Good Fme to fn( y Wrappers-Common :Medmm Good FIDe Tbe land keops on wet plant patches and not 4 OO@ G on 600@Vf0 9 00@12 {JO 12 00@'8 00 12 (;0@1. 00 15 Oil@ 0 UO 20 00 25 00 Ha rQ@40 01 5 OO 1 vo 7 Cu@ 9 00 9 Ot@12 t!O 00@ 0 00 12 00@16 00 16 00@20 00 20 00@36 00 30 00 o1 OO@OJ 00 lm ned btfore Chnstmas Unless we have dr weather tn a few days the que \ton of ea I) p ants will assume seuous proport10ns SOU'IH BOSTON, Va, Feb 16 -Mr E P Apt T bacco Btoker teports foi ows to tb e 1 o BACco LEAF -Our bteaks have fallen off constd erably swae my Ja t a c k Pnces firm on all grades wJth a <ght au vance on common lug SOUTH BOSTON VA TOBACCO JBRKET [Reported by J !\. Ph ill ps ()lerk of Commer c a l AssocJalton and Oftle1lll Heporter o f the ::>o uth B 0 1 7 79-1 b a les brought m the market, 6,094 were sold and cuttmg kmd well pa1d fo1 while 1 700 bales wm e take n 1n Importe d SIIICe our lat 2 S07 bale s Java Stock to day 9 2o2 bales J ava fi6' Manla 771 Sumatra 1 500 Turk1 il, au! SoU ilhds Maryland BREMEN, Jan 31 -D H WatJen &Co tobacco 1Jroke1s 1eport to the TOBACC O LEAF as follows -vVestern-Sales ou the o pot and to aru ve 881 hhds, agamst 1 D5Q hhds 1u January 1887 Stocks m first hands -Dec 31 ll387 Stocks to dav Common lugs Medmn lugs Good lugs Low leaf 2 445 hhd 831 1 934 QUOTATION!> Light 2 0@23 pf 24@27 28@30 33@40 40@45 501il)55 60@70 70@75 Low medmm leaf J.fedtum leaf Good eaf Fme leaf 6 oa9 1 514 5 145 Heavy 22@2u pf :to@28 29@34 38@4t; 46@50 52@60 62@72 75@80 Vtrgtma-Sales on the spot and to arnve 246 hhds agamst 115 hhds m Januarv, 1 887 Stocks m first hands -Dec 31 1887 3 06" hhda Rece1ved stnce 238 'lola! D ehvertes Stocks to day 3 015 .. QUOTATIONS 3 793 211:! 3 575 20@24 pf 25@30 1ln@45 46@n4 5 8@6 4 68 32@40 45@65 Maryland-Sales on tho spot and to arrtve 747 hhds agamst 456 in January, 18 Stocks m first hands Dec 31, 1887 Received s1nce Stocks to duy 922 hhds 421 .. 263 hhds 110 3i3 155 2115 2 10S 1 312 10@15 pf 1t!@t3 38a0 54@bJ 10@46 52 HENDERSON, Ky Feb 14 -Mr G G Slaughter Leaf and 8tnp Tobacco Bruker re ports to tbe ToBACCO LEAF tts f !lows -Our to bacco market st1ll contmue, firm and active wtth spmted competJttno Sea oos are very favorable for baodhng and 1t 1s likely the crop wril soon be m the bands of dealers The larger porton of tbe crop still shows 11 to be a bngbt one and qUite a small per cent ts dark wh1ch causes the greater portwo to go mtG leaf 1t betng better adapted for Burley nbot1tute s or home trade purposCII and the make of stflps a nd dry leaf for England or Ireland Will be smaller than for twenty years past bestdes the btgb pnces bemg pa1d m the West for the raw ma.tenai and the low pnces across the Atlaottc wlil not JUSttfy puttmg tobacco mto strtps 12 @13 13 @15 Bught smokers 10 to 45 bril(ht and sun cured fillers 6 to 35 bnght wrappers 20 to 7o 8TEH1i-Liconce, .li to 1M, brown to bnght 1M to 2 QUOTUIONS Inferwr to common Greemsh and bt own Medmm to tine red 22@27 pf 28@36 38 4\!@58 60@85 On accauot of unfaverabla weather very httle preparatiOn ts betng made toward another crop a nd only a small portiOn of plant land 11 sown Tbete IS a very great destre among the farmers 10 the dtstncts where dark tobacco 1s gtown t@ plant Burley and should they cootmue 1!1 thetr present state of mmd tt Will no doubt largely curtail the make of the next dark crop Market firm and active Common to medmm pangled )j me am! yellow tn first hands 1 414 hhds 2lu 1 629 159 Same tnne 18)6 1 730 Same time 188 1 859 57 l 802 Dec 31 1887 Rece1 ved Since 1 397 case 1 6i7! tune 1 I 031 E. McDowell & Co., 603 &. 605 CHE.STNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, SC>X..E .A.G-E N TS :J..,.C>:Fl. Stocks to day 3 730 SilO 2 900 LOTTIEE/S Paper Tag Ql:OTATIONS OL110 Average Jo s 39@42 pf Pennvlvantn 46@53 do Seed 43@52 -ANP-W1sconam do 4 0@ 47 Cvnnecticut do 42 BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S LONDON -Grant Chambers & Co m their cucular date d 1, say -During the early part of the past month cons1de1 a ble demand was expenenced HI th1s ma1ke but tt Hlbgequently subSided 1ut o a state of I mact!VIty and 111 the latter part of tho month c'lt cely any 10qu1ry prevailed Thu sales "f Amecau tobatJCO howevet, sum up to a mode 7 hhde agatust 9a9 111 the correHpnndmg month of last 'eat 34 422 bhds agamst 29 Ill 1887 24 o 14 1D 1886 19 9o5 111 1865 18 696 1n 20 200 m 1883 and 27 7 45 Ill 1882 V1rguua lea{ and have not, to any great extent attracted the attentiOn of buJ ers consEquently transaction have only b een upon a cule Kentucky and Mtssoun-The supply ot leaC B of such u han ted cbar"cter tbat there 1s no scope fot any transactwns ot Importance Fur sLrlpB whiCh constituted the bulk of ttie of the momh there was a fa1r mqmry S')a:e considerable changed llanus at cu rent rates, and fu her would have been had holders shown any mcltna t10n to submit to reductiOns on the1r askmg prwo s Ihe posttwn of the holders of all classes appears very secure and It ld gene t ally thought w1ll b"' set engthene d late t 111 the year .1\iaryland -Tbete ts but Itt tie demand Oh10-Rather m01e uumess h ts been done Pnces butng no htghet bet e Lban theJ were last} ear befot e the ttse tn otbe1 descr1pt10ns of AmeriCan leaf took place we may expect to tial Contment'l bu)e I eSJrtwg to \hli! matket whe1e tnew Is a coustdeiable stock ot medmm and low qualtues which could probably be bought cheaper than In the Umted :::>tates Havana c1gars have found buyers at prtces accollllng to their relative values Havana Cuba and Yara-No ttanactwus of mtet est to reporc .1\.antla cheroots and ctgars have sold !reel} The better cla%es clean anefo1e, cou s1stwg of red trah to comtnon 1 ed and colory Good lugs sold at o.J-. to 13% cent o r a n ave age of 1 0 20 per hundred nth 12 reJocted Io day 20 mor e of the same sort bt vught from 5 to 13% cents or an a v e 1 age of $9 per htmdteu pounds wlth 9 1 e J cCt .,d N,;w Butley wag m lmge r supply wtth a few mOte mediUm to good cuttJn0 For the better grades of tiilm s p1 ICed were 'ery ru egulur and 1 to 11' cent lowet and b 't tor speculative buyet s puces of hem would have l>een weaker Sttll Common till ers were ti me1 tban othets although neater 11J81de fit;ut es SAllet s found 1t hard to obtam over 21" cents for tillers and 24 cents for wrap pets New smokets wete fmrly "upported and unch wged exceptmg for colory to bright whtch I reduce 1 cent an outs1de Cuttmg rather nommal throughout Tl1e aboence of the two leadm)l; St Lou1s bUJ e s yeste1 day one of them to day and the leadmg buyer off the market to day was felt all the more at the close of the week 'lhe very hght offermgs of old Emley tillers of late and at pt esent Is how ever the bet evidence of the strong back bono of holders, who feel perfectly confident thM the present weakness ln Burleys 1s more spasmodic than chrome, and that they will appear agam With renewed strength when manufacturmg generally IS mote healthy and money more plentiful Heavy old export dark BtJ lea were both m demand and pr ces Irregular, w1th trash M a n:i common to good luge .li cent lower gen .. tall) with lent rather nrw aml D y soutni lugs and leaf st1ll and ll!Ul New CIUJ.l was duller and i o vet wtth llruJ" olf.,ted t!JH week I q oe 1 cent and ull otuer M to Ji: luwe.t L at 111 bettet demand \JI)mwon and tmn sustallled generally and a fe.w !Jbds HeHaerdon and vVebstet count es Ky good 8old at 8 to 10 cents and fine liL 10" to 11% cents With se\ 01 al reJected at 1:! to 1V% ceu Gt een Rt ver Ftllet s-Old was 11gatn m small suppl), but, w1th few buyers \\ere dull and lower to" atd the close of the week wnh common 1 to cent lo" er un dmm ceHt good 1 to 2 lower wnh 1 he very few tine otfetell rl\tuer better Ells tamed and 16 ctut" the lnl'hest A prtnkllug u f ne Clop '!feud showed shot t sm dl bten hllt:I y leu.! "Jth color liUll quality whwh were mostly reJeCted as below uolllel v1ews Pnces about the same as quoted hereatter for new ltgbt bodied CRANE'S PATENT LINEN FIBRE fARES. THESE UTEI>SILS ARE WELL ADAPTED !FOR TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS Light, Durable, Air and Water-Tight. @"" Samp l e and Jllutrated catalogue !urnlshed Oll apphcatlou. da1k lugs than seems to be here at pres'nt Weather exceedmgly cold, wlth and Cobacco nates In Per 100 Pouud ic Pbtladelphta, 35!>ic New Orleans 27c N e w Odeans by r1ver, 23c, Rtehmoml, 30Hc Cmcmnatl-New Y.:nk 33J{c Baltimore, 3l"c Phtladclphta New Orleans 32c New Odeans by r1ver 25c Htchmond 30"c Clarksville-New York 5o"c Balttmore 52"c Pbtladelpbia, 53"c New Orleans 25c Paducah-New York Baltimore Phuadelphta 42}ic .New Orleans, 2JC, New OJ!eans by nver 20c Hopkw ctpally 8 e e d leaf lbts per tile large t U tii OUHu received at any one p >ckmg huu e 111 011e day fo1 a long t1m" past Othe1 packers rece1ve d dllltug the week quan titles both of Havana and Seed leaf A conespondent \vrltes us that lvit Amos Shenk of Manor township dehver.ed a two hot se load ot tobacco at a L9.ncastet ware house ou Febt uary 10 amouuttog to $1 200 [be nau e of the buyer not gtven ne1the 1 IS t 1 1 e pnce per 1 ound If tho prtco p e t pouud wa 30 cents 1t would 1 eqmre 4 000 pounds to make $ 1 200 and 4 000 pounud to an uupt ecedented lottd for a two hore tea m May be tt "as a fout h o t se team Lmcaste1 Exmmner Feb 1a -The local tobavco tmuket ba been fauly durmg ,be past '-eek und ubout hve hundte{l. of old goods changed hands Sktl e d & 1r1 ev old IU ease s B ::> KendtM & Co bougut 1 8 9 r a s e s und sold Bu e 'e put t:b t mg both Hava 1a and S eu lt af ut U t e 1 887 <.;rop tn ull pat o f Lhe c ounty payrug gov d tor desirable goods Our C urchto vn cotre"pondent wutes l'obtccold llJVIllg out 1 ttp ulv D eHtve n c.f Huueybrouk tuok HI > lJuut 70 LUO pou 1ds on last H'3 t s n e uf t!te bU) ers I his lle!bOll and IS ()CIJ good pi ICed tot good good" Our Washwgton b orough wutes as follows -We ila"' haJ dut1ug the last week another httle sp 1rt 111 the mal k e t for tho weed l!:h purchased Sullle four or five lots ot Seed lea{ a. 14 o 2 pa.msh 1s almost entirely out of the ma ket sttll we a e able to 1 ep n t tbe ot 01 e ct op ext u a.;"o' ted at Irue.,saled ot tleeu leaf u1e 1ep01 at 3% 4 a.nJ. tk .. JAMES COLDSMITH, 744 BROADWAY, NEW YOR.K, greater dscrtrnmatton as te the actual ments of the goods purchased WARREN ILL Sentmel, Feb 10 -Ten and two seems to be the best pnce gomg IA thts market and thtil only covers a selectiOn of the best cropP Cap Campbell and G S. Wrog were m La fayette county last week and purchased two crops of several acres at 10 and 2 There IS considerable good tobacc:> m this eecuon which we presume cau be bought at fi;:;nres approxtmatmg 10 and 2 qualt y constdered I It IS expected tbat the Frt!'dman warehouse he1e w11l be opened for a packmg thts spnng WISCON:3IN 'IOBACCO MARKEr Edgerton Tobacco Reporter Feb 10 -No change whatever m the market for the new crop smce our last report One or t\vO buy ere the field entuely to themselves and buy what they please at about theu own fig ure al wal s drag under such c1r cumstances Sales reachwg us are Henry Ma1 den 4a 8 and 7c m bl R-:>bert Bruhn, 2a 8 and 1}ic Ill bl \ P Mo pney, 5a Be wand b m Ill Win Doug a a b 7 nn" illlc In bl Cha n 3a 9 and m 11 Seve al Eastern buJ era ba ve come m to the Stato the past few days and ..-e have hopes that the cond1 Ion w11l brighten somewhat. 1 bet" 1s s Ill an mc eru;mg demaad for the relUuauts of the old remammg ln the State low .gt a des espeCially betng 111 ex.!el lent demand vVe I eport the toliovmg sales ftom tiJst hands I M Dodge 50 6c W P Woodwott!J 31 cs 6c A A L')per 8 00() Ills 86 m buudle at 4 c 12 cs 85 at Be J A Dec ker 26 cd 3"c G VT D anner 6 cs 9, 5 and 2c La\1 Hilt z 11 CF, 7 and o Durmg the week G R Rumnil purchased about 22o ca-ed flom growets m Greene County Miller & Putnum h a v e also received about 6UO boxe d Ill ue VIClmty of Ft the lew week :::>tougbton ate re ported to be pwkiDg up all 1 be old goJds to Otl obtUID d 1ue lupments of the "eek a1 e compara tJvely hgllt Nt>w Yulk, 68 co Janesv1lle, 3 cu1s uundle J over btil IS buy tag and sort10g, havtng some 4(} persons eugaged l1l sorL1115 1oom L B \Jar le has u ou.,ht llO '-'"of 8 7 to date Htboard & Gvll<.ten .b' C Greene and others p1ckwg UJ.l au ctop, prices, I) to 9v IU the buudle I he market f o r old goods B 1n fatr cond1 t10n I! 0 uret n > has about :.!00 cs 85 11nd 86 ?er ry W II Ome pmcnases lhe gemal couuLeuance of H 'vV Culids of Edge< t o u t d oeeu auuut our w a 1 ehouses where he 13 t1 v mg the powe1" of Ins s1l very vuwe aud o c ll Jell ve smtl e li!JOU our unsopbls twated a11d evet ct eu Lut> tCco dealers E vV Godd n ot the lear tirm uf Rib bat d & \iu.cuJ e that t h e e ld about 60 UUU pounds ot :::lpunt,ll tob,.,ccu uf the 1 88 7 crop !Jere a watt 11 g IJ l crs and goud Judgee pronounce 1t equal to tho crop llas ever purcnused l oo"' Purves has bought E Hanson s and J:l.anoou'tl ct ops ot alJ u uu 5 ucres at 9)i;tJ per puuud w ti.Je IJuudle llllcrs exduded orung now IS the 01 der 0[ the day and the pt:r ceuL uf v. tap(Jers uuutually ld g N U 'I be KuoUy queUoo. The Ron R N of WJs

, ftADE J!ARK. FINE CUT. LEOPOLD KILLER&. SON Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: -FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, : Foil, Tin Bgxes or Glass Jars. AMERICAN EACLE.: CAVENDISH SMOKING. Myrtle Navy, Eagle, Old Tar, SME>KIN(lS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Boxes or Glass Jars. GRANULATED SMOKING. LONG C'OT SKOltiNG. Home .Comfort, ltiner's Favorite, Jumbo; lliner's Long Cut Stork, Spray of Cold, -,.. -,t" .. 5 l:i:i Chambers St., NEW YORK CITY Distributing Agts. for the East Cold Spra National Leaue Crown of Delight Cherrv Clipper Double .Five, Universal Favorite, Fawn, Morning Dew, Lucky: Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Frog Long Gut, Facw!'f, Plum, DISTBIB'UTilfG AGEXT BALTIMORE AlfD VICJlOTY. I .. .. Best Oronoco, Red Tail, : ', Ca.ble, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Plum B k -Oriental roo Sun Rise Clock, Club, / Dime Ram, I ... ... ... ... Dew l?rop Bargain. Favorte Canada :Mixture, Lucky Cut PlugJ Bijah's Choice, Brudder lied, Elk. Detroit Mixtures, Labor Union, Invincible Clever Navy Clippings Green Corn. 082.-aOit-. & ASCHERMANN MFG. CO., 41 JY:A.N"UPACTUR.ERS OF FLBXIBLH.-W!SBLBSS CI&!B IOLDS AD SH!PW. .. -AND:.Ci[ar Makers' SnDulles. SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED f:YLIJIDIUCAL CIGAR BHAPEB. FLEXmLE, CBEABELEBS CIGAR MOLD. -. AGENTS-N. & SoN, 328 N : 3rd Street, Philadelphia; AUG. BJWK & Co., Chicago, Ill., and St. Paul. Minn.; G. -.T. HE_ f, MKRIOHS L&u .. ToBACGQ CQ, St.;Louis; ; WII4. H: MEYER, 7 Frout Streeil;' Cincinna.ti ; Eo. AsCHKRlU. Nif, l!(ihvau-kee; EsBE_RG ; BA.CBMAN & Co., Francisco, Cal ; . .. .. .. ,. O:R. .:N'O : ,. ?t." The !Bet rcmalnw that Tobacco tn the lear or _manuiB4,llured Into Smoklnlf tobacco, etc., In THill eountry needs to be kept fresh, and after or .triads and' reconunendatlons tbe onlf decent and rca8onable method lilrthat or the tindenlgned. Fancy Boxes; Cigar .Cabinets, Leaf Cabinets, Covers, Endorsed by thousands in use. Show Case T ray,s, Stock Chests, Moist Rooms; Wall Cabinets. Prices to suit the times Qhas. N. Co., 115 l!llire"''i'V' ""Src.:rk. -\ Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. The 0 Refrigerating Gompany. INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK. .. &' E. M. CRAWFORD, ?f r '-' e AT DARIUS FERRY, {[' l,i\TENTEU\'e\ ... ...,. New York, .J.U., ... \ t S s G Lan!laster, Pa., M. OPPENHEIMER, --sTreas. and Sec'y. Edgert on, 'fis. "" :( l'\r '-" \\ Y" MAIN OFFICE: 13R WATER STREET, NEW' YORK We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturers to the advantages derived from the use of our system of treating Tobacco. First: The ABSOLUTE pr'event:ton of decay. Second: The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the :retention of lustre &nd life. P TOE A CGCDS,. SPECIAL NOTICE TO BOX MAKERS AND '' ,, for Cie;ars, We herewith give due notice to all CigarBox Makers and Lithographers that we shaJl protect our rights. Box and Label. Bakers who sell Boxes or Labels under the Brand and Title of SHE make thems.elves L::J:.A..:EILE and will be prosecuted .as. 1 .... CO IEPE:N'I.A.:N'TEJ. -=:=POSITIVEL-y LAST ., I I I 1189 \ FOSTER, HILSON," & eo., Manufacturers.


GRAND VUELTA ABA.JO CIGAR FACTORY. Mt.anuel Lopez a LEADING BRANDS: LOPEZ & CO.," "VICTOR HUGOt "FLOR REMATES," lULl US. HIRSCI:I, Sole :.a the Untted BEAVER STREET. NEW YORK. TOBACCO LEAF.. Grand Hotel Pasaje, Havana, Cuba. 'l'lle LARGJ:S'l' uc1 only J'IRST.CLASS HOTEL on the laland of Cab&; lllu&led Ill the beot part of the city, Enlarged. lmpro?ed, MW sanitary .......:Drements, new managemeat. Kept under American uc1 European pl&n& Complete accommodation for strangers. P. JY:. dC 00., PROPRIETORS. qra.:n.d.. O::l..gar J. E. CARTA VA & CD., L!. FINE CIGARS ca11e del nayo No. 63, uabana Havana, Matanzas & Key West, Fla. CRAND CICAR FACTORY OF FEI.IX MURIAS & CO MANUEL RODRIGUEZ, CIGAR MAN UP ACTURERS, LEADING ,BRANDS: .. L.\ Gro.titud," The" celebrated EL K&YO VERDE Cigar, lr)i B -AN1\ l "Remignton,'' "Rosa Cub&na," "Flor de New York omee: 3 Cedar ... EstreUa No. l33, Havana, Cuba. LEADING BRAND S : ./.], !'\. Rosen-"lli Carirlad." __. "'Flor de Manuel Rodriguez." &, G-a.:rcia., Itfaautac.&nrera oc J. FAD RICA DE T4BAC08 LA GRAN;Al)INA .. -AND-FLOR DE F. CABAL Y CABAL. co li'I&N1Jir&CTlfREHS OP HA. V A.N A. Leadmg Brands:-Flor del Allo, La Emili, Fls r de Carlot&, Al!elardo and Eloia. ii' l or de F. G. Granda "Eudon, Rasa de San AntoniG. 8ltlos 117 Havana, Cu"ba. LeadiD&' Brands:-" La Estrella ," Flor de Sei&u & Garcia," "La Rosita," "La Flor de Alf..OOo "Para Todoa,,. La Felicia," "Flar de Ia clan Sanchez.,. u.d "Flor de Bianca." B.oyal. O::Laar Pao"tor'37, O::Lgar ::act:a:n. u::rao"tory-o:r SEBASTIAN AZCABO, suarez 68, Habana. Estrella St. 79, HAVANA. Calle de Rafael 99 y IO:t. HABANA, CllBA, l "ESTELLA', GRAND CIGAR F AGTORY DE CAPOTE, MORA & CO., Telefono l,OU. ,CI.GAR FACTO_RY of ttl Vegas of VUELTA ABAJO. -eF-aile del Bayo No. Habana, Cuba. Leadlu& Brands: "IPJor d.e XaDrteo," ,. JI'Jor cle maaar4o Cad.Jio,ll ()Ia It," ''La Rolaa," A: Lea.Uq Br1lll4al PLOR DE 8EB&8TI.I.If ,.I.ZC&l'l .. PLOR DEL P.I.RJI.IIIOo EL lfi&QJI.BJI.0 L& llii ... ICIOX. PJI.Ndo -Q ..... CD en .iiQ c:c RABRICA DE TAB A COS. JU .A.N' .A.. :&.A.l!III'CE&, I I & N 0 N" COLlEN-ARES & PRIETO, a.,De. de San HaiRe I No. 1 13. D.AB.&NA, CIJJU IN PENN8YLV ANIA. 'sYND!CATE NOTII:B. Lancaster E;Wminer, Feb. 111:The band Quincy Herald. Feb. 11:-Tbe company t!Omest man in the tobacco trade stood before p&ld in wages, last ,1,304 to ite 836 the register of the Hiester House last -night employees. -Mr. J. Ehrmann. He ill now on!' of the The company's work is behig pushed very h-viest buyers in our market and 18 reprempidly on all the plantations, a:nd b:y the seJited by Mr. Cyrus Mr Ehrf:Dan_n close of this mqnth the logrol_lmg V.:tll be thinks the ll161lifest liest.Iny of tl11s nat1on IS nearly finished, and then plowmg will be to absorb Cuba and the rest of the West commenced on an extensive sc:.l e. As the Indies and thus be lord of the tobacco, sugar company will plant 1,000 of and molasses ki!1gdom of earth. nearly seven million plants w1ll be Mr. Max. Bamber.:er, of the great firm of and when one thinks of the al'\vunt of labot L. Bamberger & Co., with the bean of an in1'olved in setting out,, Irishman and the of an. elegant and curing this fabulous quantity, an 1den. Frenchman, discussed the tobacco of c m be formed of the. colossal operations l f the day with Mr. George Browmte m last syndicate. night. There were two oysters to_every we e k Mr a'!d Mra Oppenheimer and story, and so both stomaob W!'re ll Fred. Storm w II be b re bapY Mr. B;.mber-=er believes 10 h1gb Ueneral Manc.ger Oorry is ,daily receiving tarisf, tbe potency of Bismarck, the glory of applications for IISmples and mformation re Germsny and the invincibility of the Uriited garding tbe company'" work from cigar man-ufacturer in, all parte of the country, and up Newburger bas ooncluto this lime .be has distributed seed eion that he will not let tbia r:lor1ous c;rop of 11o10ong the farmen1 to plant 600 ac.res Lanoaster county. go into .stranger hands !'nd of tollacco. and with what information can will take a shy at it himiiSlf. Do not be sur-be' gathered now it lookq as if 3 000 acres will priaed if be gobbles up in a short time anybe in tobacco in this county. alone tbe thing from 500 to 3 ,000 caset!. When he season,,. The next step w11l be the starts look out for a lively time. erection of curiiTg"sheds. Sole Proprietor of the well -known and celebrated BraDd of PARTAGAS CIGARS ....., O:EG..&.JR.EITT:JD&, 168 and 160 INDUSTRIA ST., (EmNiahod lM5.) HAVANA, CUBA. liiOl'B.-Tbls brand hoa been --Ill the Patenl Olllce at Wasbino:ton l)ifrlage,.. wlll be prosecuted to the f1111Mt RMDC ot 1Jae law. CIGARS, CvNLY.) UuoJer Factorle0 Noo. 13, 38 and .:;o, KEY WEST, FL.&. Elra:n.oh Ofti.oe, 36 BE.4. 'V'E:Fl. SIT., ..,ohn B. Day. .ll'.red. J. Dan., :&. D..A.. 'Y' &.. 00 --Packen ..... lmportara of-.=LEAF TOB.ACC.O,= 121 Maiden Lane. New York. ThAr e waP a dP.,id e d increase m bulk toTlaa& Tax on Tobaeeo. llr.'Geo. Brownstein, the popular tobacco bu,yer from San "Franciaco; and whose opmion bas coll8iderable weight in tolN!.cco circles, says crops C?f Havana Seed which he bu reoltnved !"nd 18 packing, there ia a great future for thiS class IN OHIO. b11cco reAmboat to Clarksville. of its a cts upon the entire country. Is it Iiot cinnati brellks. W. W Hales eyed This loolwn b and? This is cl8BS in the interest h-l and back-you can never malte anythitlg dealer m audi-nlserof p!aot Dun of th? f e w a: tbe expense of tJ;te m a ny. Permit but what it ia out of 1 t !" There was pr.ofol!nd Ky .. to tbe CIJ Tue .sday to look classes to rev1ve the lost art of silence aft'er that Cigar leaf resembles mto Lhe condition of m Arket preparatory shtl"buildin g in this-country, unshackle our com chew1ng stoCk as. much' as a woOden to,ft)fure. purhh.asea, r e portll shm crop.< m e roe l>Y t!l e repeal ?f this act, and fe w shoe does a full rigged schooner. over 111 territory. Y<;ars I believe we. compete MeRSrt'. F. w. Dohrmann & Sons, CincinThe tbrPe bu}k recPt vmg houes. of B. M. w1th the best manttme p owers for the carrymg .ati, have discontinued their branch war.e Colaman, Mr. Gardoerund Mr. have trade of the w o rld. adve'c'turous y outb house at this place and removed. Mr. Louis been v ery busy lat ftod scope for the1r energ t es, and a new F, Dohrmann, who r e preRented the lir!'n in !l'he stemmenes of Mesl'R Harvte and mdustry woul d b e opened .to as a n!!-tlon. Miamislmrg made many friends who will re Sp1cer ha_ve been mop.,ratlon tht week. a_nd There are but very I tma g m e who want gret his d eparture. fr? m md 1catwn s IH hkely that more strtp tr:ade, pure aRd s1mpl e; doubtless the w11l be-put up than was expected, maJon.ty of our p eop l e are m favor of a taril! IN KENTIJCKY. Courier-Journal.)j'eb .11 :--Graves is a fino county, and Preacher W o rrell. who represents it }n the. is Pt;O.t,ld !'f it: .But the honest olf r, the Mayfield Demoorat, he eays.:"BeforA closing I wieh to call your attent,1on to one line of immoralhy which is a disgrace to the county. I have reference to the nest ing of t o bacco. Tbis .is wrong, as reclama tiona show, and ougbt t e be sto(>ped. vVe can put an end to thi dishonorable practice only by the passage of a law imposing a heavy penalty upon the transgressor. I call upon the farmers of the county to help me, by your petit i o ns, throughout tbe county, to the L e!j: islature for the passage of a law aga m,;t tb1s evil. I have a bi:l now drawn to that end and ready for presentation." The Owenton News says unde!'Btand: through Dr. Foster, of this pla. ce. w bo has, a brother-in Jaw in the office of B t os., manufacturers of plug and fine cut t o bacc o s. of Lynchburg, V a that they intend in a few months to locate a manufactory in a cutting leaf district somewhere in Kentucky. Now is the opportunhy for 0 weuton. Au etlort made by the people in that direction lDiKht avail the town and county mere tban would be accomplished for years by the mode of raising and sh1pping all our tullacco Owenton i locaoofftJr of. toe assorted, for April deliv ery, he uudecided w h e the h e gaiued or lost by belling u ow at 70. '!'he opinio n is about evenly IIi ided whethe r 'he sbriuka11e and ex!J"""" of oruug would not have eaten up let us wllit anii see what our wise l egislators d o in the way of revising the talill'. 'l'hey are be ginn ing to r ealize it is an issue that must be met. "As to the internal r eve nu e, I trust that so much of i t will be r epealed as relates to tobacco aud cigars The Government n o longer requires th" r e v e nu e derived therefrem. Yes, I kno w that som e of the manufo.cturers and some of the cigarmakers are opposed to its r epeal, but tlte mo ti ves that prompt each are very p ec uliar. The manufacturer i magines tbat to removo the in t e rnal r evenue woulu be to aiminish his business, because so many others w o ulu engage in it; that is to say, the workman who now works ror him him!!elf dispose of the product. of his Jabot; or, in dthe r words, they would d eny to that w hi c h many of them bave enjoyed themselves-a small beginning. Then, again, t he y fear that the boxes bearing their brands might be r efille d. The fact is, they are at pres ent refilled in spite of the stamp; in f act, the stamp is l(n inducement to r efill them Then, again, wbat prevents a manufacturer from put tiD!\' his name on eac h box of It would be ratbe, hazardous to make use of o.nother mau'sname. tlje difference, --"'l'he clgarmake r s cla i m tbat to abolish the internal revenue w ould diminish the strength o! -On the e&bl e car a mang?t aboatd their union, doub tl ess because many or the with a sua o kin g cigar. H ere y ou ,must P.Ut workmen would s t rike out for themse l ves aud that Qut," said the "Veil, g<;t b ecome small bosses They wouid prevent this m_e some water, and I put 1t out; I cant do It see1ningly. I b o ld that with neither of these Wltbout w a tet. :F;verybody und the tllings has the Government any concern. fellow helu biB smoking cigar 1t died o_ut !or "'!'hen the temperance people oppose the rewant of a moutb to vutr t t. -Omcuw .ah En peal the y look upon tobru:co as a twin qutrer. sister to rum. Others again claim that tbe tax -Tbe M assachusetts pastor dismissed for n eed not be paid because it is quite o ptional smoJting tobacco wuy l>tl saiLI to have gone out with people to smoke cigars or not. Let us ex under a cloud. amine. ln tile first place the p r ovisions of the ..-! = .... --CORTINA Y LEADING BRANDS: CORTINA;MORA Y CA ... FLOR DE COllTINA, SJ_IAKE!iPEARE, PlliVILEGIO. de Ia Eetrella No. 134 HAVANA. .LA ROSA, DE SANTIAGO ciGARS, MANUFACTURED BY PEDRO BOGER, From the Tobacco of the Finest Ve gas of the V"!lelta. Abajo. EatahUohecl in l8i7 at SAD.tiaii:O de lao Veit:ao. Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana FOR BALE BY Park & Uford aJid Aeker. Herrall & Concllt. Rew York, D. L TRUJILLQ & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, -MANUFACTURERS Ol!' ==Fine Havana Cigars New York Ofllce: 119 WATER STREET, cor. Wall Street. SeUinc .&11:-t for tluo Weot: G. GOLDSMITH, No. 12:; Sa Salle Street. CJdoaco. W, Int ernal r e v e nu e law covering the manufacture of cigars have never been compiled with fully, nor waa it intended tha t they sho uld b e; on the contrary, there were very c unningly interw oven with this law certain cond iti ons that it was im possibl e for the manufactur e r to com ply with and at the time that the moiety system was in vogue large r even u e to the r evenu11 collectors, etc. This metb od of blackmaflinrr p oopl e .ls'bapplly done a!VaY. with, but the law 'remains. ,, .. "Take, for example, tbe passage in th:e part of the l a w wbicb 11peaks empty cigal' boxes. If a person has in his possession a n empty ciga r box on which the stamp ha.s not been thoroughly d es troy e d, h e Ia liabl e to a fine, and e v e n though the box be a harmless gift, and the possessor of the same quite inn ocent, still he i s liable to a flo e of 0 or imprisonment for o n e yea r. How would tbe e n tire people of thi s country feel il' a law of the following kind were applied to them. After descr i bing at length what i s lawful a n d unlawful, and what p ena lti es are a t tached there to for any violation {and, in f act, the English language i s almost exhamted in terro rizing those who would in any manner violute or per mit to b e violated the inte t : nal revenue l aws of the United States) the c l osiag of this particula r paragraph goes on thus: "He (the vio lator) s h all, in addition to the dsewhere prov i d e d in this titl e for such offenses, forfeit to the Uuited States all raw materia l and mniiufactureq or partly man ufacture d tobacco and cigars and a ll macbmery, tools, im plements apparatus, fixtur es, b o xe s barre ls and al l otber mate rials whi c h shall b e found in his poBSess i o n, or in his manufactory and used in his busin ess as such manufac tur e r together with his estate or int eres t in the building or fa ctory and the lot or tract of ground on which such fa cto ry or building is l ocated, 11nd all appurtenances there unto belonging.' "For seve rity this would do credit t o Russia -nothing is left but life. This is the penalty attached to a law that no one has e ;er. be e n ab l e to comp ly with, and which i s vi o lated day a ft e r day throughout tile and breadth ot thi s l and "The workmen w h o posseas the ability and could probably save the m ea n s and work on their own accoun t are tlebarred from so doing, for, loy the requirements o! the r eve nue law, the y must furnish a b on d with prope r s curity for $500 beiore they can labor a t their occupation. They must also k eep a certain set of boo k s, so comp licated that it taxes those competent i n c l e rical work to carry out the requirem ents of the l a w M en have been born and grown to manhood under the shackles of a law which does not p ermit them t o work: at tbeir occupa tion without the s:mctlon of the United States Government. These p eo pl e are therefore driven into faetories wh e r e the law, so to say, il! com plied with, and cigarmakers have sun k l ower and lower in the scale of what we co nsider well-to-do mec hani cs. "Now, let u s see, from a moral and temp er ance standpoint the ell'ec t upon these P!J'Wl e Probably morittban half. of th e cig&r.makers in New York are compelled by thei r necessities to work l onge r than the .eight houl'8 whlch their u nion permits in factodes; hence they take their hard earnings buy wbacco from an illicit leaf dealer, pay far more tban_ It is wort. h be of t h e underhand manner in which it is bo ught, take it to their homes, and behind locked doors make the same into ciga e. The chl ldr en are awar e that their fath e r Ia d o ing something wrong that requires secrec y and after these goods are made the wife, and quit e freqUently the daughters, take these cignrs In covered basket!! stealthlly to saloons, braving insult in o rder to dispose clandestinely of these ciga r s, and in most instances the saloon keeper pays but half in cash and expects the workman to drink outthe other half. This, I imagine, neither furth ers temperanc e n o r good morals. It i s rather the first step to "So m e peopl e ihsist that. a cigar is a luxury and ought t o be taxed. Well and good-so i s a bat for thn.t Nature pro-:ided a nat ural covering foa the head, and It w e dispensed w ith hats t h ere w ould pro bably n o t be so many bar e spots observabl e in the parquette of a theater. But whether luxury or n ot, the Government do es not require the r evenue and I think our "industry ought to b e left to It s natural development-permitting those engaged in this occupat i on to pursue their business without being needlessl y hampered by tht> Gov e rnment. I ther e fore hope that the internal revenue wUl be abolishe d."-N. Y, Star, -Of the o f tobacco in its various f orms, at least ninety pe1 cent: are of the poo r e r ci!JSees, so that tbe millions of dollars collected in internal revenue are paid annually by the men who earn from $1 to 52 per day. Tobacco is not a necessit y, w e hear, bu t It is the poor man's luxury and he feels th e tax, and they are the men least able t o pay it. When this mon e y was needed to save the cou ntry, the poor man paid his s hare chee rfully. It is not needed at all now, and with an overflowing treasury why not take off the tax on the poor man' s cigars and tob acco rather tban reduce the customs tarill' and throw American labor in competition with the c heap labor or Eu.ope.Yolc, Pa. Dispatc h, Feb. S -Several days ago Frank Unnewehr entered suit b efore ',;q uire Hornberge r to recover $16 from Joseph Ruvenburg, due for manufacturing cigar boxes Cons tabl e Elford attache d 1,5UU cigars to satis f y the claim, Yesterday Daniel Bloch appeared before 'Squire Bright and swore he wa.s owner of t he c igars, and OonetableJohn son replevined them from Constable J. B. Elford -Cincinnati EnquiHlr, Feb. t.


/ FEB. 18 TOBACCO _,--'"-:E '&, -AND OJ' THE- ,. 11 'H!Vlll, ] TOBACCO flm. f!emuth Importer and Manufacturers of 1107 a.nd !S09 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. I Trade !!lark. We beg to caU tho at of the Trade to our large assortment of_ Novelt!es and Specl<l ell'su.ltab l e for Advertising Pul'Jl09"". B. Lozano, Y. Peada, 1867. D. Alvarez. PE:N'D.A..& &.. MANUFT'RS OF CIGARS, CUBAN .. AND MADE ONLY. 1 ) Alao Importer Ot '&, .LE.A..P_ TOB.A.CCO, DOD p:I!J..&.::EI..:J:.a I!IT:R.EEIT, :N'Jii"'VV W. T. HANCOCK, :.::a:R.OG:R.E&& Sueceaaor to Salmoll, H&llcoek & Co, MANUFACTURER OF Fine Coil, Light Press, Twist, Navy and Sun-CuredTOBACCOS, B.:lcb.m.on..d, V a. :N'OT:rc:m. .ro the Cigar and Public Generally._ It come to our notice that some unscru. vulous manufacturers have upon eur celebrated bland o! OLD YIR.GINIA CHEROOTS by tlae name and color or label, we take t.bfs opportunity of.cautining the publlc and tmdo K'enerally against buying such __.goods. under peoa-lty ot law. Our brand i s registered. and protected by hW. Notice Factory N O 17, 2od Di s t ot Virginia, Ca.cb box : also ou.r name on label, etc. P. WHITLOCK;' BICHI!IOND, V.t.o BALBIN, MONTEALEGRE & CO., Importei"B and Dealers in-Havana Leaf Tobacco AND CICARS, I 03 Maiden Lane, New York. SCRAP BUNCHING MACHINE CO. HAND MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,500 PER DAY. POWER 5,000 ONE GIRt OR BOY CAN OPERATE EITHER _,., II 'r' -MACHINE.--Better than Best Hand-Work. i I 800 IN OPE_RATION. For tenns, particulars and references apply to ADOLPH LEWYN, Sec'y. No. 1228 Second _Avenue, NE"VV Kaufmann Br()s. & 129 and 131 Gralld Street, IS' ew York, P v& of tlae New "V'. CUTTER. ""0 iD n CD Hefcht_of Cutter ,.inches, h0:olu11ng Mahoe;any ba,.._ Fillished In Niekel, Braes and Antique BroDZe. LICORICE PASTE. Our Friend, Mr. C. McANDREW, of New York, who has hitherto had the sole agency for the sale of our Licorice Paste throughout the United States having r etired from business, we now assume the direc tion of sales assisted by the same able sta'; heretofore emp l oyed in the work W e hope that this closer contact with our customers by bringing us a. more intimate knowledge of their requirements will be found ver y satis factory In regard to the manufacture, which we have pursued fo r more than thirty ;years, our constant aim will be to produce an article of u n iform purity and excellence, the high quality of which can be reli e d en under all circumstances, and which will continue to be sold Dder the Lawa ot the under the annexed customary Trade Mark. 81atea. 1 Mac Andrews a: Forbes,. No. :3:5 "VVA.T:EIR. STR.EET, NIEW YoaX, 1st January, 1888. P. 0 Box 28. :;{a NOTICE TO THE TRADE--,06 & WS EAST 59th STREET, NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE" The following Labels a nd Brands are our property, and we caution Ma.nufa.c turel'll against using the same. Infringements will tmted. .. / Lolw fltU t=:! (lranulated l!lx-A pu.-el;y Ol'faina l Idea. Jlanufnctured oC tho mClll& diDice tobolcc:o.. y_,. kfcb& ViriiDla Loac ----CU&._ MARBURG BROS. .... ,.._ ___ VEGA, MORTON & CO., SPANISH The PanoramA. -Mark Twain, Andy Jackson The Traveler, Hard No. I, Seal of Spain,) WM. CRAF ct. COe -lueeea.., ... Co HBK!!l&lf IBG!UTS .... Cigar Manufacturers, Mllwauke8p IMPORTERS OF_ HAVANA TOBACCO, LABEL AND STAMP VARNISH I -SPECill1I. 187 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. PRINCIPE ALFONSO I 05, HAVANA, I' ... .: _, M. A. MONTEJO.-:J llllPOim:B OJ' HAVANA TOBACCO_ Trade-Marts: r'America"' & "Flor de 1.1 .... No. 191 Pearl Street, Havana. Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, DDS PE.A.::EI..L SIT., :N'E"'VV "Y'OJR.:&;. Alld Cahada 4el Mollte 199, HavaJLao WATT'S UNIFORlL.. B .A.LPON'SO, \ I -TOBACCO DIYR MANUFACTURER OF CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS, ::E.ey "VVes't, F1a.. J EB.NEST FREISE, Factories l!ii'D' lilT. Whell euttlu,g Dey Ecrap will make 60' pe': cent. less waste than 'any other m.aohiDe. Cot of recl:u,oed. 1:e> a. Sc11d t 'ur Clrc1llars. DeELn-s'ty:r.t.e 378 ':E'l.:l...,..e1-Q1:reo1:, T::EI..OY', N'. 'Y'o ---<---,-MAZ:ERES, ,, FILS,--MANUFACTURH:RS OF-CIGABHTTH P APHI IN BOOKS. Reams and Rolls. and Copying-Book Paper. :EIER,Dm:A.:N':N' Sole AceDt and Attol'lley In Fact for the Ullited States, Alao Sole Agent for the Ullited State for =GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.=ottice---stewart Building, -Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washin.gton & Vestry Streets, :N':I!J"'VV "Y'O CXT"Y'. Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York. FERD. BAU!IGABTEN, llfallufacturer of the ImCIGAR== -=CUTTER. Pat. Dec. 20, 188'1. 460 DILLWYN ST., Philadelphia, Pa. __ 1 The Cutter to B:dver tise with. It does not break S&mplea eeat on receipt of One Dollar. fl94-1'lll6 JOS.-MAYER'S LEAF TOBACCO, 193 Pearl St., New CoNOINI'lATI.-176 Our b:es t collection just issued __ contair::!; : WINONA. -REGA:LIADE ORO. FLOR' DE RALEIGH. LOCK & KEY. BRIDAL BOUQUET. EXTRA <:;. IVORY PURE. MECHANICS' FIVE_ Also a very rich BL P.'\:K s e t. All labels al so blank : ,\e EXTRA G. WE desire to call the kind attention of the Cigar Trade to our ORIGINAL AND BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF 12 DIFFERENT a NEW STYLE ADVERTISING CARDS of YfJI'Y unique 'lnd artistic appearance, representing a collec-tion of specia l selecterl portraits .of som'e well known Ame rican and European Actr(]sses. Our-Cards are MOST ELEGANTLY 5nishefl, and FAR SUPERIOR to the ordinary goods sold in the market, which as a -,.ule are thrown away and costly at apy price, while our Cards will he cal'efully presel'ved if for nothing else hut their artistic merit which undoubtedly makes them A MBST ABLE AND LASTING MEDIUM FOR FINE CLASS ADVERT/SIN/l. We sell them at wholesale and retail at a very reasonaUe, price for the quality. Size of Cards 61j4 x 43Ja inches. Full Sample Sets of 12 C ards will he sent prepaid fly mail for $1.00. No Samples given gratis. WITSCH & SCHMITT,. Art Lithographers,. 94 BOJYERJ:"', NEW YORK.


8 ....,.. 4l. Llade, c. c. HaBill&oa, lt. w. ()uDkUu. F. ,C. LINDE,.-HAMILTON &; CO. Storage & Tobacco lnspeotion A.-aaeee oa Storace Beeelpt ot l!lerchandJH a 8peelaltJ'. ST .J'OHNS P .\BK, Ill. Y. BDGBKTO!II, WIS. -406 k 408 Baa& 884 St., 1.'1. r. LAl'IC&STBK, PBNl'l. FllUIT-clLAIIS W ABEHOl1SE8: ... c. A; H. B Depot, St. J'oll.a'a Park, 178, ISO, 18!11 184 .tc 18G Pearl Street and 148 Water 6&reet, 4061 408 .tc 410 Baat Thlrtyt!1Lr4 !Ureet. Principal Office, 142 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. (Jer. w. Lemea aa4 N. Prince 8te Lanc-&er, Pa. BDG-TON, WH. a&lrQII:-PHILADBLPHIA-A. R. FOOGERAY, 63 North Front Street. L4N Pa.-H. R. TROST llti S. Queen GEO FORRI!:ST, !67 N Queen Str...,t. HAK'I .-eRa coaa.-11. F. HURLB URT, M State Street. StJPI.I'IELD, Coo a.EDWARD AUSTIN. 'B4.t:i\BLD, 111-J. & P. CARL. CINUINN&TI, 0.-W. W. HALES. 9 Front Btret. .... ..,_.., Q.-H. C. W. GROSSE and W W HALES 11!1 South Jellenon Street. BLIIIIRA, :. 'lr.-W. &. LOVELL. BDGBRTON, Wla.-T. B. EA:'RLE: ltoBBK'W'.LW, ':s.uc B.oaurwALD. HsMaT Rosaw,a_Ln, StGIIUtn> RosiXWALD. i E ROSENWALD & BRO. I & of Tobacco! 145 WATER STRF.ET, NEW YORK. ... IIIK. BVSCJRBB, .I'OHN T.l'II:BLLOR, &, CO. '-rOB.A.COC> XN"&PECTOR.&. STORACE. 1.4.9 1!!11:ree1:. J!iil e"'PV 'Y'orl&.. IF" ootnrTBY BAKPLDr& PILOJIPTLY ATTEJfD.ED TO .-. .... CIIEII-L.l NCAS'l'BK0 Pa.z F. 21 North Qu-ot.: J 0. mVIN. :188 -..:w..r.t. 1 F. SISSvl'l, 245 !!tate st., Hartford; C E. ORII"I'ING, Danbury; lllllfotd. BIKIBRTON0 Wla,z C. L. CULTON. DAYTON, o.z W. T <2b.'n8'.. tiN Sceiars st. B<IIIIOBB, 1'11:4. : ED WISCH.l!EYER /1; CO., South Cal-.ert st. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., ManUfactured and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, a:BE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Established 1836. 8..&:&. :a'L TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT. 77 Jrro:u.1: &1:ree1:, l!ae"'PV Vorl&.. -IDIPOKT OKDBKII I"OK PLVG TOBACCO PKOIIIPTLY II'ILLBD. & :BROADBlJRST, TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. 9"" Tabaeos Exolusivamente para Exportacion. lll&l'r.I1JP.I.ClT1lB-86 Cigar Dozes, .t.D&Impor&er GEBJKAN CIGAB MOLDS,. (Sole .l.pat n>r Mealll'B. OI!IBl'IBBIIJIClK k CO.)' MW .BILLa JP&CJTORYo 811 & 313 E. lith St., to 321 lith St. -iiiA-.'l.o. Ne._ Torllr.. l j LEVY. 'J!WEa:a.-u.:r.i.o1:-u.rer FIN ... 7H: CIG-ARS Co1'.,AYENUE ca. 13th ST., HEW YO'RK. J .. : The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., l'II:ANVI.I'.t.CT1lREK8 01" 111ft 61 23.\ GB.EEJIWIOH ST., XEW YOBK. ;. :. ,. ""/'. : : Ha.mmerschla.g9s Waxed Paper, For Tobaoeo, 8ol4 In Qaaatltlea to IIIli& bJ' C. 98 Lane, New York WORLD CIGAR FACTORY. .. We are Sole Proprletorw of the fellowintr weD-Imown Branda, aod BJ;lall vlgorouatly p roeecul.e any "\iz, : SPECKLED BEAUTY, DOTLET, IIEAUTY SPOT, FRECKLED BEAUTIES. WEB.THEDI & SCIIIITEB. ,03-,09 Ea.t Seventieth St.. New York. A. PERSON, HARBDIAN & CO-. "'!> ... -A1JGl18TUS 'I'JU:ADWF'LL.- I .M:ft.t.TiO N SPANISH LINEN &ND P&NCY _.TRIPBD COTTON GOODS P9R PllT.TJNG VP Sl'II:OIUl'iG TOBACCO. -4i..a7 do 4.&59 Elroo:tDa.e &1:ree1: 'Y'orl&.. ? M. LINDBEIM, LEAF TOBACCQ; 191 Pearl street. New York. ... ---=.=-=.. TH.E TOBA()CO LEAF. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, 1WAN1Jl"A(T.['DB.ER8 OF CIG,AR,S, 424 to 432 East Flftynlnth St., New York. :IP'ao1:or7 811, Sa-d Col.L. D1a1:. TO CIGAR WOKKS PEBFECJT. WOBKS PEB.I,'ECT. SANCHEZ & CO. PARRY & CROSBIES. ll!IPOKTEKSOII' Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, LiverpooL England. 169 Front street, New York. ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, lllaaun.eeur.n of CIGARS. Factory No. 1030, 3d District. 34 I to 351 East 73d Street, TOB.:B:.. B .A.DT'& IMPROVED TOBACCO GRANULATOR Pateoaee. A NoYeaber 20 1880, over 4.9 :all:aoh1::a.e :L::a. U Cylind e r of Dryer is 3 Feet Diameter and 15 Feet Long. Pateated 88, 11185. O'Ver 10 l!WEaoh.1:u.e 1:u. u-. FDK].'fACE DRYER. "BET.WEEN .THE ACTS." The above Brand of H.A V ANA TOBAOCO CIGARETTES made o!ll;r by Nos. 209 I East 37th Street;'New York. ... r... '"" ..... .. .... ..... 1. f -AISO. MANUFACTURER' OF FINE CIGARS. :m.ta.lo11h.ed. 1938. DEPOT AND ACENCY OF THB liU.NUF .A.C'1'UBES OP C.I.G!IL&a EI.A.X..T%:BII:OB.B, -d-254 a. 256 st., Oomor of J:lm Bt., York. WISE a. BENDHEIM AGENT& Bondy & souTuERN&wEsnaNroo&cco. WALLACE & CO M .Prn.:baaka. :Manu1kcturen of And Dealers'ill J Leaf Tobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave., NEW YORK. W. L. Haha. HAHN, BRUSSEL" & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS,' Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., Fai:tory No. 8, 3d Oist. NEW YORK The Whitney.Tobacco Shaver. It is d esigned particularl y for the Re ta i I Tobacco Trade and is used for shaving t obacco for smokers' liSe. This is the only machine that will shave all sizes of plug, twist and Perique tobacco. For sale by A. M. WHITNEY, Patentee and Sole Manufa cture r, Pawtucket, R.I. Nos. 1318 a. 1320 R.E, .:aott:D. LO'VIS G:E&.A.E-:E, Tobacco Commission 6 FEtnchurch B u!ldings, london, E. C., England. "WV'. CJA,R,R,QLL, !!ole lllanufacturer of the Famous and :Worklllenowned Brandl of VlliCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, OAoe :-CJor, ef aad HaUta.x Streeta, PETEB8Bl11'1.G. VA. IMPORT JEllS AND DBALBBS IN Paetorys-19 See .... Dlatrlct, Vll'clnla. L f T b Haaufactnre and ol!er to the Trade tloe foll<>wins Celebrated Krantltl of e a 0 a c c 0 J_I!!!CDS: 168 Water St., New York. ST. GEORG& Brl&he NaYJ't A. LOWENS0"1171W .IG JI'IY.E C JENTBK, .. .. .D..1, .. 1 DIOG"UL t TKIX JlND ,. -- ----_. IIPBBAD B&GLB, Allloagi'MtftrletTcl .... TOBA. ceo nd CIGARS. Southern tra4e. under followiD,g popular brand.B:-a BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, ADMIRATION, FLORIMI::L and RAPIDAN. .137 MaideR Lane, The following are our Agents for the sale of our Manufactured Goods:-C. W VAN AI..S'l'tNJ!, 18 Central Wharf. Boston, Mass.; ARTHUR H.AOEN < CO., PS North Front Street, Pa.; F F O'REILLY, Commercial Street, portland Me. : W. 0 .ADAMS, 97 Water l!ltffi! Now York c1ty; WM SEEAR..b.; F. 8. LAWRE!IiCE Vicksburg, 1\l..iss. XEWYOIUL Hirsch, Victorius &, Co. The P. J. SOBG CO'S LHAF TOBACC01 F..A.:aott:ous 169 WATER ST NEW YORK. '' SPEAR HEAD. ,, JOS. LEDERMAN & SONS, PLU'G TO:EIA.CCO, Univa sally Popular, has met wih o. Greater Sale its introduc. don than any other Plug in the Market. J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., 'EI.::EC231:Di!I:ON'D, 'V .a.., Packen aad Dealen lD L E A f T 0 B A C CO, t 140 MAIDEN LANE, Bet. & Front Btreeto XEW YOBK. LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. Manufactory: Twelfth Lynchburg,Ya. FINE BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, CIJIILS, &ail Imporler of Havana. Tobacco, 184 Water 8t., New York. oentonappllcatlnn. Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. ,.


I / FEB. IS CHAMPION CIGAR FACTORY. IIIANU'F AC'rUIU:RS OF FINE Cor. 2d Ave. & New York. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF H.AV.ANA, AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO. Gor. wan and Pearl Sts.l New York. \\'ll MENDEL & eno.. Factory No. 218, 3d N. Y. Ma11ufaetren or the Braaolc -.. "-... oJ ()lear 1 Queen-Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK. lannfat!nrors of 1s 11m t r a fro. I su or\\. -'1! Bowery, NeW -OF. CO_.,: A. Lichtenstein, Son & Co., .a.r:a.l:Le1sa.. .. :') :... -, ... Maoufacturera of CIGARS, LOUIS GRAFF, SOLE AGENT, 105 F!ftAIDEN NEW...:YORK, IUIIt. Jl'aolaech t..i.. C., 309 E. 59th St; New York. -------------------------------c. F. liAYE, H: DUYS, )R., ADOLPH MOONELIS, Agant for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA C IMANUFGACA TUR K R O R F s SUMATRA TOB.A.OOO, 195 Pearl St., New York. A .. o}tment Alway on nand. 175 Pearl Street, New York. lve. D and I Oth St., New Y11rk G. HARKEMA. LUKWEl & TIELE, r GERSHEL & BRO., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, I 191 PEARL ST., SWORN TOBACCO BROKER. sworn Tobacco Brokers, Sample Rooms: Brakke Grond, OfB.ce: 0. Z, VOORBlJllGWAL 286, Amsterdam, Holland. OF ROTTERDAM, IJerr to reeemillea4 themelve :for the porcbafJe oc Sumatra and Java Tobacco 011 tke Dutch Market. ..., R eference: H. de Maziere Esq., 41 Bread et. r. 0 Box 214, New York. L. GERSHE L, N y .._ s. GERSHEL, ew J H A. GEBING, G. REISMANN, Sworn Tobacco Broker. & PAPPENHEIM,_ : OFFICES AND SAMPLE ROOMS = sumatra Tob ace 0 0 Z. & !.!2:1, LEA F T 0 B A c c 0 J AMSTERDA.lll, HOLLAND. AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. 176 WATER ST., NEW YORK. DAVIDSON BROTHERSe Havana and Seed CUPID CIGAR FACTORY. leafTobaccos J Factory No. 26, 3rd District, STATE OF NEW YORK, 143 WATER ST., :ftu..-Malden Lane, I Ba,sch & Fischer, i IMPORTERS OF HAVANA t JNO. W. LOVE. .. .. t Near Malden Lane, NEW YORK. l:o4 S E cor. first Ava. & 74th St. s. RossiN & soNS. N.EW, YORK CITY, PACXERS OF seed Lea:r, AND IlliPORTERS OJ!' HAVANA TOBAGOO, 173 Water St., New York. H. McAL.PlN & CO., \ OF THE FINECUT 1 E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Importer and Dealers in LEAF TOBACGO,j 129 MAIDEN LANEl TOB.A.OOO, I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I NEW YORK. And aJlkinds of Smoking Tobacco. II A.l8o lllaDUM.etU1'6rs o f the we!l-tnown Rranda o: Brlgbt Plug Cbew!d& : I'Onmd/ 'Gold ShioM,' 'Sailor's Eolacoi & 'Silvor Shiold.' LEAP TOBACCO Manufactory & Salesroom, cor. Avenue 0 & I St. New York. sTREET, Buc:hl.lnan & Lyall, JoHN A. DEHLI!. } NEW YORK. mo. 101 .a.x..x.. Ef'TR.EI:IDT, 'YOR.::JE. Cfo:uazu.ero;la1 Broo.k.1y:a., N. T. H. KOENIG & CO., -Maaatloeture the toHowtnr; Celebraleoea:n.. or &a11. P. 0. Box 3,152. 43 Exchange Place, NEW YORK. FRED. 'SCHULl,. IGI FERNANDEZ & CIJ. .:.ealer in Importers or H T b avana. 224-226 Pearl Street, New Yorlr. I Pearl st. New York. JOS, S, GANS, III.\ X GANS, !11EYER nOSE:oiTHAL. GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAL; Packers of and Dealers in N'o. 150 ISI'treet, N e"'OV Y'ork., BRINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG MACHINE. Patentod { UnltcdStntes,May31,18Sl lJ U anada, .J"a.n. 31, . STEAM POWER. Will plugs of. all sizes fr.;1m 1 to 4 Inches wid8 and from 4 to n Inches Jonp:o. better and cheaper than any other machine in tbe market. and. i.s nl;!w in use fn ovt:r one huradrcd. o! the largesS in the United States. Correspondence solicited. Address J :Q:. Illlnol8, E CANALS M.Barranco&Co Proprietor of tbn )IANUFACTURER OF L Fl d IT! i El Progreso & a or e : illl,l GuanesCigarFactories KEY WEST, FLA. KEY WEST, FLA.' \, P.o. Box Iio. 10. 65 Barclay St., New York. SEIDENBERG .. CO., > HAinrFACTURERS OF" New York & K :ey1est Cigars __ 327 East Sixty-third St., New York.' ,. ... THE JOHN H. McGOWAN Oi:n,cinnati, 0., Y.tJ. A ,.. Th is Out s hows our PATENT DOUBLE Finisher Press, With Patent Loek for the pressure. We control all P atents for Pressing Toba. cco from BOTH ENDS. :o:HYDRAUliC PUMPSa. -:e:Moutd -:o:-Moulds, HYDRAULIC and WbMI'Boxing Presses, Bands and Beg mente, Steel Finisher Platies and Tina, HAND and POWER WRINGERS .. Send for Catalogue.'-'7PLEABE WRITJt. OUR ADDRESS PLAIN, and refer il' this paper in addressing ua.


Philadelphia Advertisements. ,&, T.A;::J:TT,f .. of Havana .AND PACKBB.S OP t "Seed Tc:ba.cce. Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. o1 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Packers, Commission Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, i i 7 North Third Streetp Philadelphia. Baltimore Advertisemootll. WM. A. BOYD & CO., IMPORTERS. OF And Packer& c:::..r Seed Leaf Tobacco, 33 South Baltimore. E. BATCHELOR_ & CO., Packers of Seed Lea. f and Importers of Havana a..nd Sumatra Tobaccos 3 09 Nor'th. B'tree't, 1 LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, Manufacture r s o f Fine Cut and S mokin g T o b acco. CHOWDER CUT PLUG -AND-L uxury Fine Cut i n Foi l FRISHMUTH BRO. & CO., } 151 N. 3d Sireec: and 219, 221, 223 & 225 Qua r r y S c. PHJL,\.DELPHiol.. EK. ELLX& -&, CO., l'I&NUFA.()TUBEBS OP BENGAL CHEROOTS, A.leo Importers of Ci.gars, and Sharp Streets, Baltimore, YOUNG & NEWMAN, ::JEa.ckers a,:o.d e:f"' Lea.:C Teba.c cQ), 82 :N O:El.T:Ja: F:El.C>N"T ::l?:n. BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., PLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE C ICAR FACTORIES, PEIILA.DELPEI:I:A, P.A. lll.lNVF,lCTtiBERS 011' ... SMOKING TOBACCO, &:o. u:l"':l"' a.:o.d"t'tes, s1 WEST PRATT ST., BALTIMORE: JULIUS :VETTERLEIN' & . .. ........ F-ACKERS OF SEED LEAF and :DEALERS IN TOBACCO, 11&51 .A.:El.O::EI: LEWIS BREMER'S. WHOLES ALll: DEALERS IN 1 .. lEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. & Larce of all Jdacla of Leaf Tobacco coaatantly on hazuL : S KI!T.BA1.L "s l!OCHESTER, N, y L. BAMBERGER & CO., '"fACKERS & DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. liiPORTEBS 01' Sum,atra and Havana, No. Ill ARC STREET, PHILADELPHIA. 1111:!ffi!!: T FREYER. AUGUST L OIIU. FREYER & EISENLOHR, Paekero aad Wholeaale Dealer In LEAF TOBAC c o, I 1 3 North Third Street, Philadelphia. BEJ:N' J. L.A.::EIEI, Packer and Dealer ba LE.A.P TC>::EI.A.CCO,' 231 and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. ) I Paecory N o .1, Phlladelpllla... Theobald & Oppenheimer, -BATCHELOR BROS., M.U.'UP"Am"UREE!8 O F )3.)3. -' KnE-yU:'EreAnSoTr PINE CIGARS, A ND PEALERS CIGARS, Sttanish and Domestic Leaf robacco, lflll North Th1rtl Street, Chestnut St., PRIJ' ADJ:LPJUA, PHILADELPHIA. .&8Bn'8 I'Da .,.... JIILLJm, DUBllmo .t. PI:TUI! OINCiiNXATI CIGAR !llOLDS. STR.\. PB :&To. I MANUFA CTURERS or .1 ''IIIINEBIP EXTRA," "PORT," "P. H, DISeHOII'P'll GBBI!I&N,rr a n d Oth e r Brau ds o f BmokiDJr T o bacco. Also "HERB DE L& BEINE," SWEET NECTAR," and other,Brands of Paper and All-Tobacco Cig arette& New York Office: 56 :South Washington FEB. 18 Western Ad:ve:rtsement& Admtisements from East, West & Soitth. w. co. HiNSiiiiE SILMITH &co .. $1NCINNATI; . P k[ESTABLISdHED I840. J Mannlllcturenot ___ & :MEIER & CO 80, .Joben ot NAVY ToBAcco. CINCINNATI. o. Gonnocucnt Sood-IHafTobacco And Arrent11 f o r Prominent VIrginia _....,.._ Maanfaccnrenof l EAF" IMPORTERSofHAVANA., Twist & PI ug Tobaccos. 21, 23,25 Hamp!Hln St. SprinfHBld,Mau. F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS S, W, Cor. Vine & Front Streets, CINCINNATI, O BRANCH ES: IU1 aDII8bnr:r, 0:-tJi:,.tar 'f'f)b at>co. C l arkvllle TOb acco. J O RS" E. PirRirrN8, J AIIHS C J:RNBT Palm Leaf Tobacco Work s PERKINS & ERNST, MAI'o"lJFACTURERS OF Fine Plug Tobacco Blue Grn .ss FJne). Pal m l Aa.f DrUmstick, Blue .tay, Key Note, Butte-rfly Penny Plu g 0JI'FICE AND FACTOnY: 1"5916' Pike St. COVINGTON, Ky. Henr:r-. GeiiiO. -180'7.. _Denne Damu, THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO., S ucoessers to Henry G eise and Stickney & Gordon; lUanafac'tnrer of' all Kind ot C X G-H : ::S: E &. :l:u. O:lsa.r :El.:l'b'bo:u.a,. and aU other Snppll... -r Large Stoc k of all the Leading Label Houaea Constantly on Hand, ea ox...A. "'2" &T:El.JI!JJI!JT, oxNC:J:.LVN .A.T:J:, o. HENRY GEISE, BENNO DAM US, GEO. H BTALLO. THE GEISE LUBBER CO MANUFACTURERS O F SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Ciga.r ::Eie:m: L"U.zn.ber Faotoriea : 101 & 103 East 8th St., Cincinnati; and Wes t Virgiaia. OfBoe: '93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI. 0. !Tin Tags, CUT a .nd EMBOSSED ln Plain or F aMy Design, o f Plain G i l t or Coloreot Tilt at Lowes t P 1ices. Sample Tars n.nd fulJ information f u rnished on .a.pplication. J. M. ROBINSON & Co .. 225 W.2d& C""'traiAv CXN"OX:NN .A.T:J: O. W. BEST, Chicago; L O RI N PALMER, N ew Yocl<: W H RUSSELL, Ch!cagO. ::Eies"t, &, Successors tO JOHN C. PAR TR IDGE & CO. W -HOLESALE. TOBACCONISfS. Sole PrODrioton or GcnniD8 I GOLDEN CROWN. & 'DIAMOND' Ci[ars 3'7 X..a.k.e St. AD.d. o&:L &'ta'te St.. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN nru!S:-8TRA1TON .t B'l'ORM' 8 Cigars and C!Jraretteoj D H. CO. '8 T obaooo; LOZ AN@ PElf DAS & CO.'S H av ana C IPnJ; II. F G R A VELY'S Plu g T obacco : W T BLACKWELL & C O .. Durham, N :m BA.GLEY &'.CO.' S MA.YFL0 WER," Detroit. Mich.; J W CARROLL'S LON& JAOK," chbu'lt"._Va. GOODWIN &CO.'S "OL D JUDGE'"eTo bacc o and Cigarette.; S ".llETWIIEN THE ACTS ,'" and KINNEY TOB.&.OOO CO.'S Cigarette&. AGENTS FOR E H. GATO'B XII:Y WEST C IGARB. WM s Y.!MDALL & co'S VA NIT { FA Ill Tfl!!AfTC I' ('ld.l.RETTES ROOHESTER, N y B. SUBERT & SON, L. Lear scraDs, 231 E. RANDOLPH STREET, LEAl' TOBACCO, oh.:toa5o. xu. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, UL WM. l. HUNTTING & CO., DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OF O:Ja:C>:J:CE Connecticut & Havana Seed Leaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD, CONN. A F. RICO & CO., B I P ORTERS O F Havana Leaf Tobacco, 18 Central Wharf, BOSTON, MASS. i', B. !ItA TO. ::B:OlllAII l>:l'IWI801l P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs, RICHMOND. VA.. I:S'l' In ROBE!n: A. !!.A YO.-. Origlnarors ot t h e styl e and by the Philade lphia Boar0 F. c GREENE, JAMES T. KENNEDY 1 LEAio'i"oB.Acco, Leaf Tobacc_o Broker, Albany an d Janesville, CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.-.......... ... ,...-.... .,...,. ....... .,. Refers bypermil&loa to 1(....._11&.,;;., Wallaoe ""' ...,,...,,. a Co. New York;; Schwartz ct CO.. Louis-Fine Cigar Loaf' a Specialty. Tllle._KY.LA bner Barril, L outovil

" FEB. 18 BusiBcss Directory of umnscrs. YORK. Beed IAGfand Ha""..a Tol>ao ..,._ Almer & Dehla, 1110 PeAl'L .l.rellde & Frtagant. !01 Water llaeh & Bon, 166 Water Onwrord li:. 111. & Son, 118 wBros. Water Day, Joha D. til: Co. 121lolalden Lane J:ueri Wm. &: Oo. NO PeML J'allr, G & B ro. 171 Water. l'ltet1m&n, HeJUY, 1111 Proat l'rleDd li:. &: G. &: Oo. ll!IIJI&Idea La-. 9tuul Bros. &: Roeenth&l, 1150 Waler. Qonllel L. &: Bro. m Pearl. Qreenspeeltt M. 191 Pearl ll&mburlfer I lt ""' 174 Water J oJmsoa H L. 119 lolaldea lane Koenlc B. &: Oo. Lederman Jos. & Sons, 140 Malden lane. LeYID ll. H. corner Wall and t'earl Llndhelm ll. 191 Pearl. llayera' J oa SOna, 193 Pearl lfeulturger M. 11< Co. 1'12 wPulver, Dickinson & Co., 178 Pear Beiiiii&Dil G. 176 W&tet'. Boeenwald E. &: Broo. 1411 Waloor -o 8. It Sons, 178 Water l!alomoa G.&: Bros. 18S llalCiooo a..u John. tiS Bea.Yer 8oo:t J. 8. &: 00. 131 Water O.home. ameo G. 5i Jlro&4. Paulltsc!! Stoppel, E. A 114 Beaver. Frsenthal Bros. 841-351 E 78d. llaochez and llaya., 8 1 Pearl Schlosser & Co 71 New 8treet lieldenberg and Co, 8Z7 East 68d. Shotwell, B. A 282 lttb ave. Bt&cDelherg M. 4!56 8out.b Fifth A1'6. Straiton d; 208 B:lu!t 27th. Butro & NewmarJt. s. T. cor. 78d st &Dd 9d &T. SU..ertbau M. & Oo. 8011 to 311 E. 7lot Upmann U&rl. 406-40811:. 09th. Wertheim &: Schlll:er 403-409 E. 70th It, lm.portM'B or Bumatra Wrapp..-1 Doy. B Jr. 175 Pearl, tJ & Bro, 171 Water "' Freise, Ernent, 142 Qratl L. 106 Mald e n Lane. Haye C F, 193 Pearl Jllrech, VlotorilUI olt Co. 169 Wa..., Rosenwald E .!t Bros. 145 Water. B&Iomon M &. E. 06 Maiden lane, 8ohroeder & Boa. 178 Wa.ter Sobmld L. 138 \Vater. Splngarn E & Oo .. 0 Burling slip Well Orf.,., or Ra-'l'llll4ooo -.l.lmlrall & Oo. 16 Cede.r. A.uerbacb Blmon a: Co. 179 Pearl Ba.lbin, l'tlontealegre ._Co. 103 Maiden Lane Bernheim J. &: 8o!!J_lll2 Pearl Dia& B. &: Oo. 151 water lternandez G & Co. 20& .Pearl Freise, Ernest. 142 Water. rrteomao Ltocnard &: Co., llOil-Garcla F. Ilro. oooo ,...__ ftDke Cbarl08. & Oo 149 Water 1'. e. Linde. ll&mlltan &: On. ttl w"""' Jtanutacturen of 01!10" BOoiDSL SriDbll B. w. 81!1-391 B:lu!t El.......,t.b "" -u Jacob. manti 291111lonroe svauss. s 1711-188 Lewis st. Wlclr-llo. IMl Cbamhen F/400ri"'l El:trooto. lJQdge & Olcott Jf!trl, of Olgdr Koldl. lllller, DuhrUl l'eton JUc On .. 418 E 31lt ...,."'_,....,.of OrooAto Ooapotlltd 2'M 1o4J, Tol>ao. Medium Gntl-._ Oro<>J Jlochi"""!'. l'l Y Tobacco &chine Co. 104 John & 9 Platt Mn.firs of .l.tidte Glant John R. Wllllam8 Co., 102 Chamhero Tobacco Baggltog. 1'enoa A. Jl&'l'lm&D &: On. Broome Cigarette Paper. Isaac, Hermann, Stewart Building, Broadw&y and Cham ben 8t. .r on. Rem=enob'ac life, Oo, ,._._,loll L&hel &lld BtamJI V&mloll, Jleotl Chu. c. and Oo. llllll:&ot IW. The Sphinx Cigar Factory. r JUTRO & NEWMARK, 2d Av. and 73d St New York. Factory No. 412, 3rd District. Ed. ::aerKl:l.&" d3 Oo., Manufacturers of Havana. Cigar Flavors, CIGA.B . Lfftel& Fibre Waru. Goldrmith J. 744 Broadway J\lftr ot Meerschaum and Amber Goods. Weis, Carl, 69 Walker Progresa Scrap Buncblng Machine. Pro(lreM Scrap Bunching Machine Co., 12:S "2d av ALBAJIY, If, Y, MatiVfa.:lrvr of To-. -A. lion& llllllllroe t10utb and 157 Lake Jfm>/f'O o! n ... o.a 0/WtMftjl .t: SaolliRQ !lbll. Beak A. .t: Co. M arul. 48 Dearborn Wholual<7 7'obao._ .. 'II. B & Bro Dohrmann F W & Son. Kennedy Jaa T. COVINGTON, Ky, .,...,.,fBCtto- of Plu.g Tobacco. Perklml a Ernst, 1 5 9-165 Pke. DAJfV.ILLE. Va. DeCIIeo'f anti Bro""r ,,. LM11 JlflllldeNf\D., JamM A.. & Co HlckB<>n R. L &: Co. LM! Bro/ulra. Btrlc# Oft Order l'errell P. W. Von&hle l'. C. Manufacturer or Virf.nia. and North Carolina Smoklnjj; Tobacco. Trowbridge Wm. H. DI:TMOLD. GermT. J(anufacturen ot Cigar-Sox La belli. Gebruder B:llngeoberg. D:BTBOIT JllloJI. .llto71n 0/ CM-"11" l:lmalriftg !lbb. """ American Eagle Tob& ""' Co. ....,... ToOo. 118-61 Lamed ot DUJlHAII, Jf, O, Afcmutacturert of 7bbGeco. Blackwell' Durham Tobacco Oo. lift' o! BtaclnHU' Durlt4"' Olgareftea. lllackWeil'o ])urbam TohaooO Co. DAYTON. O. Peatt t obacco Ou.ttd, Buckeye Iron and Brass Werks. J'a,c.lu1r8 '""" .... OMo &L Q'l'lell W. B. EAST HARTFORD, Coaa. Packers and Dealers in Leal Tobacco. Hunttlog, Wm. L. & Oo. V.AJfSVILLio, b.4. 7'ok>> OOMMUifot& .lforc.\aioM. Q. J .t: On FRANKLINTON N, (),, Lea! 'l'obarco l!robJr. w. L.llcGhee; locatio&, "Golden.BeWot N.C. IIAR.TFOR.D, Co.,. DerJior'l '" Beed IAGfBaal L. B 148 State st BOPKIJfS'VILL& KJ' Tbompoon Gee. V HAVAJfA OaM. TobacCO Gntl Oiflelr aomm-Jfll&"YADA Tob&cOO Co. tt4 Prado Mafoch&.ren OJ OIDao .ac .... ..,_ .... Fame Tobacco Co. l'IIDI!o. Doerhoeta. & CO. 18th and MaiD Heier W !>. &: J':."' .l'o&acco. Tol>ao Oallawv JIUllee 1'. oomer IClghth ,..d ll&b! Lewia..!Uc4 d VIO-Il19 W-lllala Meier wm. G. k On "' Bf'YADtJl Noah Goo. P. 1014 West Mala st bnpo7'Ur aflla"""" OiflGN. Wrjght V.i. Mllftu.tactttrt:rt Agent.. Sj:helfey'L. C. & Co., 1 84'4th av Tt>h. Mnftrs' RupplieB, Liconce, Flavor1, etc. Jungbluth&:: Rauterberg. LY:NOBBURG, Va. Manufacturer of CigareUa, LoDe Jack Cigarette Oo. ot Smoldag Tobacco. Tobacoo O<>mmlaio7l .lforciiCIIIIa, Holt, Schaefer .t: Co. MIDDLETOWN. O. Jla.nufMI.vnr ofl'&'Ui lOri P, J, &: 00. MILWA1JKEE, Wb, Jln.ftr1 of and -"11 Tobao. Adams F. &: eo. J. G. & Oo. Ma,ufactur.,. of Gra.t Wm. lit. CO. Goelz John l'. &: Co. 293 West Water. :NEWARK, :N. J, Manulactorers of Tobacco. C&mphell & Oo. 20-22 Bridge at NEWPORT, KY. Man.u(octu1"et"l oj CigarBoz LuMber Livezey I W &: Co. OXF9RD, N, a.oM. J.l'r!Bhmutb llro. olt Co, 151 N 8d and 111111 Quarry 'l'8l>aoc:O l..._car. Fougeray A. R. 68 N. FreD' Jlanufacwrm IMOriu Prulf. The llellor & Rltteohouae Co., ilij Norch .22d. J(fr'l .Ag.,.t fur 1'1"11 -7111 Kelly 1'. X. Jr. llll Arch OigM' ]J()Ql LilbelB a.nd 7Wmminga Barrio Gee. 8 & Son, 7111 Areh Jf""utacturorl o/ BolpN 8cotch 8rw,ff. Btewan, Ralph .t: Oo. W Arch Street. Importers and 1\Utl"S at Smokers' Articles. Zorn Geo. & Co., Ma.rket St. PITTSBUJlGH, Pa. Ml\fr of "'..Lon.g Thrt LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO.,. Factory No. 50, Third District, N. BROWN & EARU Factory No. 1307, Third District, N. Y., ()or. 38th Street and Avenue. ()or. 38th Street and 1st Avenue, KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, lmporte. Al110 Man'lifaoturer of the Veneered and Imitation Cellar ClgarBo:o: Lumber. Sample fnrniohed on Application. Send for PrioeList. The oply :Factory 1n t"b 'V& &bat earrleA a complete oc all Label lD. the United R. L. HICKSON & C0.9 P URCHASERS OF Virginia and North Cal,olina LEAF TOBACCO, Da:n. vi.11e, V a. Orders and Correspondence solicited. References given. UNITED STATES INTER.N.AL REVENUE TAX ON TOBACCO. Claars domestic aRd imported, S3 per M ctgarettee we!ghini' not over three per .M, We per .M; c i5tarettes and eheroots weighing over three lbs perM, $3 per M.t manu!ac-$Ured. tobacco and snuff, per pound. 8c. OHARGEB FOR L!CE!18E8 PER AZ.."NUM. Tobacco tn Canada. The outside markets for raw leaf continue firm. with an advancing tendency owing to the strong statistical position "f the product. The Ioland Rwenue D epartment has cancelled the licens e of 11Ir. C of St. Catharine3, as a cigar manufacturer, b ecause he baa failed to renlle r such account. and rtl turnR as are required under the pro,visions of th" Inland R Avenue If M'ssrs. S. & Sons adopt n price li t as pro pos e d in a recent issue of this paper it will mel'lt with the hearty support o! the j obbing tradP. A .number of j JboerF, who read the paragraph in the Grocer, havtl written expre8sing a. hope that the scheme would be c .1rried out. Some of them. in fact, the f01mation of n ombination of in order to ensure succes !. Canadian Grocer F eb. 3. Manuta.cturers of cigars, cigarettes an Jlf& ..:t> might. per 1 lt, Cavendish or Ne2rohead, 4S 6d per l b Cavendl$.b (}F Negro. head manufactured in bcmEi, 4s per lb. Othe r tobaC "O, per lb. Snufr contai11ing more than 13 Jln; ot moisture in Hery 100 Jbs weight thereof. as 9d per Jb. 9"" n1r not containing more t!:lan J3lbs CJf moisture in evE'ry lOOllls weight thereof, 4s Gd per lb. UnmanUfactured Tubaf;tOContalning '0 lbs or moro ever y 100 lbs Wt>igltt thereof, 8..:; 2d per lb. Containing ll'IJtS tllan 10 lbs of moistm"e in ever y 1 0 'lbs weight thereof, 6d. per l b. In J1eu of 'l.h6 dl'awback aiJowablfl be(ore.May8', 1 887 there nowellu'f1 .. d! the drawback of 3s 3d named in section 1 o! tbtt llamrtautured 'l'obncco Ac t 1863. OERiUANY C il{ar s and 270 pC'r lOO'koo duty Smok.lngo tobacco in rolls and snu.Ir ftour. l&J II IU'k'9 per 100 kilo s Juty. Pre-Psed tob11cco. 65 mar ks per 100 1: os-duty. l fl"aftobacco and 8> marks per lU) kilvs dl.lly. Strips or stemmed leaf, 180 warks per 100 ki1os duty. HOLJ.AND-Toba<.:co in rons or Jea.ves and !';!ttr 100 kHos: sten1fl, il l Ct-)r1tt dnty p r 100 kil('IS Mn.nufacturt'"d tohAccn. stn.1fT, l 'll.l'l ttls,. etc, S 80 duty per IOU kilos. Cigars, !h duty per l'r ldlns The to Parco industry ot Austria, FranC"e. Italy ourl Firrtin J S hy t.he directiou of Uo'r\lt..t-" rnelltS of tbotSC couutl"ies. VALUE OF FOREIGN COINS. Austr'a.-Fiorin or guil-Italy-Lira.... ... .. 1!l...t" Cents., Ce.t:ta. .-.-1CJ' Bo'ivia-Peoo ....... 96.5 Mexico-Dollar. ...... 99.8 &1azil-.l\til e is... .... M 5 Norway-Crown %:6..8 British N America-Peru-Sol . . .. 33.0> Dol 'ar . ... . 100 Portugal Nilre s ol Ce ntral Amer.-Peso.. 91.8 1,000 reis ............. S1 CB Chili-Pe-o. gold...... 91.2 Russi t Rouble or Jlll Denmark-Crown... 26 8 kopeks. . . . 918 Sandwich Wands-DolEgypt-Pound nr 100 lar.... .. .. .. . :Mlll" .. ::::14 HU:. Great B ri am-Pound Sweden-Crown....... i!t:IS: .... ......... $4 8% ... 1'9:! Grl't!ce-D.tadnna. ... 19 -. T1 ipoli l\labt.miJ of Oer Emtire-Mark... 23.8 pi&[' P I S .. .... H:!V HoiJa a-I<,,flrin or guilr..' 4-3 de1.... ... ... .. ..... ?J U. S ot: Culombn-hulia-Rufee .......... Pe!-!o ... .. A 01..-E A kilo equals 2.5 pounds. A pfenni g of Ollll 1eut. A.n English shilling :.!1: Y.i cent). An Eogtisb cents. -Pierre Lorillard is now cruising in U e Florid a ports in his yacht the Reva. H e has a strange fancy for Oriental names and his fit-st. yacht was culled the Radya.-Hartford Pest. -The Grange W:arehouse Ass oc iation vs.. 1'. F. Owen et al. In this case the warehouse com puny suetl r m o n e y advanced on u grow ing crop o l t obtwco and which w as not :re paid, was prom i sed out o r the o r the su.le of the tobacco. The court h e ld a "parol contract" to be strong and biudiug in such CUSE'B and ufliJ med the judgment. Uarkl!v i lle Telilt .:. l'hi unic1e. F b I 1. advalorem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SAI'L JOSEPIS &, co., CIGAR IANUF AGTURERS, 322 E. 63d St., Betweea !stand 2d N'e"VV 'York.. CIGARS, Omee Rlld 8alflBrOOm: 282 Ninth Ave., New York. B. DIAZ & CO., Importer HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, / / -,,_\. !57 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, GEO. &, CO., IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS OF PIPES, 622 MARKET ST., PHILADELPHIA, A &nd Price List that sl!ould he In ihe hands of every dealer iu tbe country. oontalnin.lf a descriptloll ot all the pipes made, particularly MEERIJCH&UM AHBEB. BRIAR and CLAY PIPBijdrlth every kind of SMOKERS' ARTICLES, Swedish. Par-' lor, Swpuur aod S&fety lolatcheo; Itall&n W&J: llatches Ill Fancy Paper or Tin Boxes. .., ,.. lUlLEB II'REE. SEND FOB ONE. LaNo-rei&Ie a speetau,.. TOBACCO MACHINERY, TOOLS AND FOR. GROWERS A:ND MANUFACTUJl:ERS OF TOBACCO, :13: ..&.. FC>:E'I.:I:'t:E&T oo., General Agents: New York Tobacco :llachllle eo.., 104 John St. & 9 Platt St., P. 0. Bo:o: 2183, NEW YORK.


I2 GRAY,MORALES & DALTON Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-WE lAVAN! CI&AIS, 5 t 4 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. ir. 'VV. CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURER, AGENT FOR THE IKP:ROVlCD Clar t Agent for the Williams Little Ciant Bunching Machine. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIES. DEALER. "' SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LUMBER. 2109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. EotabU.hed about 1570, GEBRDDER KLINGENBERG, G-ER.:aai:.A.lloo.l 'Y, &,, ::&:z:a::Lbo-er Show Cardo and Fancy Label. for Beer, WiDe, Fruita and Preoerveo, Cigar Box Labels a Specialty. Deatan :for P.rlvate Label conatantly on hand. Ord.ara recelve4 by ECKHEYER & CO., '2 Beaver Street, New York, Sole Aaeata. A : KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., 36 WAIU\Elf ST., NEW YORK, M.ui'UB'AC'l'UREBS OB' mGH GRADE CIGARS. AND DEALBBS IN 2:.11BAF TOBACCO l'acto17 '186, 24 Dt.t., N. Y, lole Pr&prletora or U... following BnUldo:-G11ATIALA, RROiiZE III:Jt)t .... ROSA DEL NORTE, RIO RONDO, I.I'L')R DE VIOL BTl' A, PRIJIIER&, I.I'LOR DE IIIA.NTA'OiZAS, LA I'BRIVHOLB, ROSES, NE'W YORK, KISIIIET, BJ.ISTIII:O, VEGUEROS, OUR TERRITORY, Samples furnished upon applicatio n. STRICTLY PURE, F INEST HrGH-CLAS S CIGARETTES SPECIAL STRAICHT CUT, it I o .. rae.ked In otylea o1 FULL DRESS, LATEST ENGLISH and WHITE-CAPS. SPECIAL FAVOURS, (Club Size and Opera !llze) ECYPTIAN FLOWERS, Cleopatra size. SWEET CAPORAL, Tae Standard of the world TOBACCO CO., (!ucceasor,) NEW YORK. WEAVER & STERRY, LIIITED, '78 :E"':I.D.e &ttoo't, :r\1 ''York. LICORICE GREEK LICORICE ALL SPECIALTIES FOB PLUG AlrD FINEoCUT TOBACCO. OHve Oll, Tonca. Beans, Gums, Flavors, IOWOERED LICORICE ROOT and PATENT POWDERED LICDRICE. .;AROMAS FOR SMOKING TOBACCO. ,_ ___ L_I C...;...;;;O...;.R.;..;I..;;C;..;;E;;.....;.M;;.;;.A;;..;;.;:;S.;:;S....;..F.;:;O:.:R.:....;C:.;I:.:C::.::A:;:.R:.:.::S.:.. --WM. E.UPTEGROVE ::a:a.o., Spanish Cedar -:roa.-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nalls. Foot of East I Oth & lith St. NEW YORK. rrHE TOBACCO FEB. 18 BJ..ACKWELL'S DURHAM r HONEST, POPULAR,]. Is the Most j UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market. LAND SATISFAC,.TORY J / "' I '--Hence Dealers and Consumers Always_ Pronounce it THE VERY BEST, (trom.Bii" .lr.H.l.fu..acal'f ,,., JllrMcAit-J For ten or twel ve yc=:s 1 = :-vcU's Durham. Smoki n g T obacco and find K the m os t sattsl:t c tory o r all I have Situated in the immediate secUon of country that produces a grade of Tobacco that in texture and quality is n_ot grown elsewhere in the world, the popularity of these goods is onl; lumted by th11 produced. We are in pcsition to E:ommand the choice of all offerings upon this market, and @pare H O pains or expense to give the trade the YERY 1 gave Thomas Carlyle a pound of it as w e ?ftcn smoked together, and h.e warmly' praised ('> 1 lt. I found n o t obacco BOCCESSOB TO J o:hn Anderson a Co.,. ACTURERS or THE "SOL A O E," De'VV" '' a:n.d. o-ther FINE tUT C .HEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET 9 All1d. 118 and. '1D1 Cedar 1!111:., Y'OR.:K., UNION EXTRACT "WV'ORKS. :ma&:EJN"CEJ OF HAVANA CIGARflAVOR TR.::J::E"'X..JIJ CON"CBN"TR..A.TEJD. FOR FILLERS. FOR BOXES. ar"" Price per pint, $8; per galloa, ..,.-..gvzLoX.. ll!lirOT :m'V bottles at $2 to make ONB GALLON or STRONG WLAVOR sent 011 receipt or WE ALSO MANUFACTURE ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinde. CJIG&B. COLORS Dry and In Liquid. AU 8PBVIAL II' LA VOR8, I! deolred, made to ord e r J. H. MERCENTIME A CO., 158 Chambero Street, New York. LICORICE :PASTE! lHE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., l.G7 x...A.l.'lil':m, r E't'abU.h.ed. E-. &, CO., MANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA CIGARS a:n.d. N'e'VV" "York. Office and Salesrooms: No17 Warren St., New York. ALWAYS ON HAND KEY WEST HAVAhA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO life. ft'.1.5Lft L. .LATT0 Preal4eat. 8'7 COX.."C":aai:EI::J:.A. &TR.EIEJT, YO::E:'I.:&:.. -JIANUF-1-CTURERI! OF THE CELEBRATED-PLAIN FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO IN BLUE PAPERS 8 1\J "[J" Jl!'" Jl!'" 8 I RoseScen!,ed Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman &::J:GN" .A.X.. Ch.e'E>;, One Oz, Foil, Alo, Plrot and lleeond quality In Blue Papera. SWEETENED FINE-CUT--Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. M.I.Y APPLE and PRIZE LEAF PINEVUT, In Potl, RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, Diaoutaeturr ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 If. 24 Cold St., ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver St., New York. [P. 0 Box 2445. ] Importers of Fine Licorice Paste, ROOT, OL{VE OIL, &c. W e off e r :lor Sale the EXTRA FINE !be l'no4.e ba-ring demanded a and Cheaper Article t.ban u.-t bltherto uaed, ComPIIDl ALLEN a tllui at a PBICBI wlllcll can hardly lall to be aco .-ptable to all g!Tlog It a trial. LIGOBICB, Braadaof 6 i .... ... f i Cigarettes & Smoking Toba ceo 0 8 For8ale by i A.ra'1.11rnba'1.1 ;:I Sole Acente :for Ule 11aUed Sta-aad canada 5" c::;, 0._ t .. 21 aad 31 SOUTH WILLIAH 8'1'1\!I',.ET, NEW YORK. """i SPANI H LIGORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU & TUR," 1-1 -formerly "P I L A R." M -:MANUFACTURED BY '0 0 """"'!::!;d OARENOU & TUR. S Factories ZARAGOZA, SPAIN. ll' Office, 13 Cedar Street, New York. !;d Sole Agents for the State of North CaroliDa and Vlrgl.aia, .., :S DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY, 48 Cedar 'York. SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. fLAVORS FOR SMOKING TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES FOa PL11G FINECUT TOBACCO. Special aUentlon clveo. to ftlanuCaeturerat Medley. All Goode Shipped Free on Board. furnished and special quotations given for any article requJred. ----THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY, D:J.B DOd. &ttee't, MANU FACTURER8 OF SPANISH AND CREEK LICORICE PAS't .-eDseRII1al .tBe4aJ tor" Clllea.-, IUU1 GeMral .. ALSO H. .t: lt. ":BRAND STICK LICORICE, ALL SIZES. &. 'V. P. :E-. Sc', LICORICE PASTE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT & POWDERED EXT. LICORICE. Aloe 'DEALE:RS iD DRUGS aDd LICORICE BOOT. 4 Cedar l!lli:reei:, near Pearl lllreet, 'York. LICORICE PASTE. B.A.X..T::J::Da:OR.EJ :Da:::J:X..X..8. ;r. &. Y" o"U..:n.g Co., L:l.rn 1 'ted. (JOHNS. YOUNG, Tre&IIUrer .) !:IIANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. Cor. & Elliott Sts., Baltimore, Md. :) All Gooci.111 manufactured by us are :rnnranteed to be of the bet qnallty. New York Depot .................... 23 Warren Street. Depot in Chicago ............. 50 Randolph Street. San Francisco Depot......... 207 Battery Street. Depot in London, En and .. 55 Holborn Viaduct. !'tES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETT E. THREE KINGs, Turkish, Perique and Virglnla. BELLOW MIXTURE, Turk ish and Perique. TURKISH and VIRGINIA, PERIQUE and VIRGIJIIA, (;:EN111NE T'lJRKISD. FLAKE CUTS, ESPECIALLY ADAPTED B'OR THE PIP. ''ty Jl!'"a.:l.r. Ol.d. Go1d.. Ba.1D1a.t;, Granulated. A New lllixturo. Fragrant Vanity Fair, Superlative and Cloth of Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT _CUT CIGARETTES, People &f refined taste who desire exceptionally tiM Cigarettes should use on!. y our Stralgbt (Jut, lit up in sahn packE:ts and boxes or lOs, 208, 50s and JOOs. Our Cigarettes were nev e r so fine 8.'111 now. They cannot Re f'lllrpa.$88d for purity and excelleDce tho purest Ric e Paper used. E atabllabed J 8 46. 14 Plrs t Prize Medals.. rtM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N. Y. "DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE CUT. DEPOT FOR THE ABOVE POPULAR BRAND: Leopold Miller a Son, 155 Chambers St., New York. VANILLA BEANS, TONKA BEANS, OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL ROSE, ANGELICA ROOT. DSIDGE&OLCOTT Uniformity, Accuracy ancf Satisfaction Cuaranteed. CAMPB:ELL & CO., of Fino Gnt & Smokin[ And Dealera In SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., Whele-le aad Rean, e St .. Newark, N.J Jacob Henkell, IIIAN1JPACJTVRER OP CIGAR BOXBS. &UPERIOR 1\IAKE AND PRIME QUALITY OB' Oed.a:r MANUFACTURER OF ALL .K.lND8 OF 1o::J:TJ9:0G-R..A.P:EE%C Cigar-Box Labels, 297 Monroe St. New York. Dofianco _Ui[ar Manufactory. Sncceor to D. Hlracb & Co 229, 231 & 233 E. 'lot St., New York. D. BUCBNEB a CO., The Miller, Co., TOB.A.CCO c I v t I T The rollowiBg Brands and Trade--marks being the sole a nd exclmdve property at the DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, any one anywhere with in the reacll of the laws of the land who will iml tate in any manner any of these br&nds and trademarks, or use any name or label thereo f will 4$ onoo be _Prosecuted just the &arne as any thief who w ould steal any otht!r valuable pe:rsotml property:!l


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