The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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/ ... voL. xxv.---No. 6. rBSTABLiiiHED 1884.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 1888. 106 IIAIDEJf J..&l(E, Oonoor of Pearl -. WHOLE NO. CHOICE TOBACCO. \ (' \ Q. ,, Cor. 1st Ave. & 31st St., ., All Partlee are '-.) any Infringement NEW YORK, Cautioned against \ ;\ "' i\t :\.. of thla Brand. .M "r. t ,+ t\,.l\l\.\1 tl\\.l\l'l" ,.. an1fjac urers 0; v. MAa-riNEZYB""Oh a co. C!gar Boxes # Ribbons. o:x.::m :El!WE:PO.R. T::I!IB.B, N'o. 09 &"tree"t, "'Y'ork. .. F. GARCI.A, BRO. & CO.. -(SVOOEUOllS OF FELl% S:pa,n1sh CeO.a,r. IMPORTERS Of HAVANA LEAF Lone Jack Cigarettes TO:S_A GOO, l PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56, No. 167 WATER STREET, -va.:n.a.. CliABI.ES T. SEYMOUB, ESTABII!lJQ!D 1869, Xl\POR.TEE=l. OF_ HAVANA ti'J TOBACCO. Tobaccos from the San Juan y Martinez District a 8peclalt,. 100 Fron:t &'treo't, York. RECOMMENDATIONS. -AR'&-CUR..El::O -BYChaskel's "ANTI-COAL" Price per Ga Uon $4; In h&l! bane! and bbl. lots $5. Fun dlrectlotul wit1t. goods. Price Ust mailed. JAMES CHASKBL & CO., Manuracturel'l J:L for Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 .Mulberry St&. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 Franklin St. SILVER SURFACE FOIL COIIPOtnrD FOIL, PATERT IIETAL, &lld all tlle d:Urerent vart.JVof FoU known to tlLe Trade. PRIRTIRG OR I'OIL in Bro...., ADd Colora, aaclwttla .u..r....t li.edana of for TC>B.A.CCC> .A.N"D CJ:Q..A. '.El. Oa.p"'11e Plata, (lc,1ore4 or Slamped. :.1 No. 186 GRAND ST. NEW YORK; n 88 FRANKLIN ST., CHIC,AGD .Havana BI:RNAZA a-. &. \\\\\tl R.. WILLIAMs \ Proprietor. of tlLe Cfl Little Giant Buncher, I 02 CHAMBERS STREET, N8Y YORK.s -Tobacco, j 171 PEARL STRB&T ....... Uall ... l8 .. WHYIAN&BUO. & Snnii


.. : ESTABLISHED 1864. Having the Largest Circulation of any Trade Paper in tbe World. PUBLISHED :EVERY SATURDAY MORNING BY THII: l'O:BACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO., 108 Malden Lane, New York. COR. J>EARL STREET. EDWABD BlJRKE, Editor, JOHN G. GRAFF, Business Jlanqer. OUR NATIONAL DEBT. The public debt statement issued Thursday shows a dscrease of t7.75& 366.67 during the month of This makes the reduc tion since the beginning of the fiscal year $76,974,0.22. The total debt is $1,700,765, "178.64, and the debt less available cash in the Treasury is $1,202,454, 714.82. GOOD NBWS FOR IMPORTERS OP' LEAF TOBACCO, The delays to which our importers of tobacco have beea subjected for some time past iD having their goods appraised will probably cease. Mr. Thomas Roberts, for many years an attache of the Appraiser's office, has paaaed the civil service examination, and has lleen apiJointed to the posttion of assistant to Kr. Hamil. He will devote his whole time to &he examination of leaf tobacco, and it is expected that with this additional help the work of the office will be greatly expedited. 1!'Hl!l TARIFF BILL-WHAT WILL OUR TOBACCO GROWERS SAY P With his usual alertnes11 our W asbington correspondent has in another column deaoribed the long-looked-for new tariff bill, which WBil reported Thursday to the full Committee of Ways and Means, as it affects &he tobacco interest. His communication will be read with Interest. Examining the bill as reported to the committee it appears that the internal revesue question is left for future consideration. It ,recdmmends :TOBAOOO. All tobacco in leaf, unmanufactured and not stemmed, thirty-five cents per pound. BIIIOKERS' ARTICLES. Pipes, -pipe-bowls, and all smokers' articles whatsoever, not specially enumerated or pro"ided for, fifty per centum ad valorem; all common pipes of clay, twenty-five per eentum ad valorem. Licorice is referred to In detail in the letter allove mentioned. In the same letter will be found the views of Ohairman Mills and other members of the House on the tobacco clause. That there will be a sturdy fight waged by the growers againat tbis clause may be taken fer granted. "l'HE J. S. GANS' SON & CO.'S FAILURJI--ARREST OF SAHUBL J. GANS. The failure of this firm of tobacco brokers, which w!Li! briefly announced in the pre.vious edition of the ToBAooo LEAF, involved losses in the leaf tobacco trade of this city amount ing to between '37,000 and $40,000. The total indebtedness of the firm is said to be about $60,000, whereof about $20,000 are obligatioos outeide of the tobacco market. On Tuesday criminal proceedings were in stituted against Mr. Gans!Jy Messrs. G. Falk >&;Bro. and Mr. G. C. Kienbusch, examina tions in the respec ti..-e cases being set llown for to-day at 9 :30 A. :r.t. at the Fourth Dis trict Police Court, In Fifty-seventh street. Uaul this preliminary -bearing is had it does not seem appropriate to comment at length on the matter, there always being two sides to questions at. issue relating to failures as in other things that inspire debate and di11erin opinion among men. It may be said here, however, that this particular fail ure, while causing, as the L&u stated last week, general surprise, has in it some features which are regarded by some persons aa of reprobation. These features need not now be named, but that they have as 41Urned form and shape in the public mind is made manifest not only by adverse comment heard in the market, but by the arrest of Mr. One esteemed patron of the LEAFand we are pleased to be able to state, only -ooe-expreesed the opinion to one of its repnaentatives that it had failed to do its duty in the way it last -week announced this fail..e. This patron was a heavy sufferer by the failure, and naturally felt grie..-ed at his 1088. Jle wanted all the facta make known through tile LEAr as to Ilia own and the crediten' loBSel!', together with reproval of the tinn that had failed. In ume, we feel confidellt, this complaining patron will approve of This journal might bP'e told last week all it knew by rumar and goN. report concsrning thia case, jWit ati it mipt tell this week what is rumored and lkoGwn, but what good can come from such revations f They do not haaten the pay-e-of a dolrardue, and they do affect the commercial standing of creditors. We etated last week that J. S. Gans' Sgn & Co. had failed; that they were an old and Bllteemed firm; that their failure was due to speculations outside of the tobacco trade, and that their tobacco brokerap business was not affected and would be continued as usual All this was true on Saturday, a week ago, and is equally true to-day. with the exception that S. J. Gans and Darius Ferry, who composed the firm of J. S. Gaos' Son & Co. have dissolved partnership, BR will be seen in another place in this paper .A week ago these gentlemen assured the owriter of this article that their brokerage INsineBB would be continued in the old name. .iln the interval since, the firm has dissolved, awl Mr. Gans has bees placed under bail on .charge of G. Falk & Bro. for $5,000, and charge of G. C. Kienbusch for $3,000. the determination of this matter by Jecal 11rocedure, the LEAF does not feel warran-in expl"B88ing an opinion pro or con. It entertains the hope tlmt a satisfactory eettlelllQDt will eventually be made, and does not douW that such will be the outoome of &he present unpleasant situation. broker leaf tobacco amountinJ!: in value to $3,941.65, and though .receiving cash or ite equivalent from the buyer, gave to & Bro. in liquidation his own note, whicll ha. not been paid. The complaint of Mr. Kienbnsch is said to be founded as follows :-January 13, 1868, he sent samples repreSPnting 91 cases of "Little Dutch" tebaccGl to Mr. Gans, with the understanding that .the lot should be sold to E. Hoffman & Son. He effected the sale, got tbefb:m's note, made out to their own order, sold the note and kept the proceeds, amount ipg to $2,516. As briefly described from the standpoint' of Mr. Gans these transactions are reported as annexed: His firm bought 143 caseR of Seed leaf from Falk & Bro. on four months' time, to be paid by note to their own order. Falk & Bro. receiVlld that note and r11ceipted in full for it. Gans afterward sold that lot of tobacco to E. Bach & Son. Mr. Kienbusch sent a lot of samples to Gans' BRking him to try to sell the leaf they represented without having Kienbusch appear as seller. Gans sold the geode to E. Hoffman & Son. In these divergent theories will be seen the lines of argument of plaintiffil and de fendant, and the fact that in court, and not in are the rights and wrongs in volved to be determined. When all the particalars are disclosed, the LEAF will be found among the first to publist:. them, affsct whom they may. Meanwhile, it narrates what has been revealed without intencled prejudice to anybody, as is its custom. Nine of our city leaf tobacco 'dealers have been losers to the extent of from $37,000 to $40,000, a con portion of the amo.unt in money loaned; while outside of New York, Mr. Gans affirms, his late firm is indebted to no person in the tobucco trade. WHAT IS THOUGHT OF IT. Referrin,; editorially to the cigar factory scandal in Montreal, nn account of which appears in this week's LEAF, the Montreal Daily Star of February 10 says:-It is most painful to read the evidence p:iven by Mr. J. M Fortier before the Labor C o m mission. There is no humane citizen of Mon treal who will not feel humiliated and grieved to find that any employ:er of labor in the city could abuse his power over his hands in the way Mr. Fortier describes. It is evi dent from Mr. Fortier's own testimony that employment in his factory is to girls and children generally, not service, but slavery, and slavery too of a very degrading kind. If one of his enemies had a week ago said in public that Mr. J. M.. Fortier bad, in his own factory and 10 the presence of his operatives, administered corporal pumsbment to a grown up girl in a most disgusting manner, he would be looked upon by the public as a mali,; nant lisr, and they would expect to see him without an hour's delay prosecuted for an in famous libel. Mr. J M Furtier admits that he punished a girl in such a way and un der such circumstances. and so obtuse are the man's sensibilities, so brutalized h68 he be come, that be does not appear to think that the act is in the slightest degree reprehensible. LOCAL -Leaf market is dull in all its brancheP -Abner & Debls are busy filling orders. -The trunk lines nnnounce a ten per cent. reduction in freight rates. -Zuricalday & Arguimbau. importers of licorice, have moved to 2 and 4 Bridge this city. -Collections this week with our jobbers show a decided improvement over of last week. -Spear & Co., the Water street leaf dealers, are in a fair way of settling their difficulties. -The failures during the month of Febru ary have bad a tendency to trade and confidence generally. -Henry Friedman, the Front street im porter, holds yet a good stock of the finest Sumatra of his own selection. -I. Reimtz, the Maiden lane importer, has returned from Havana. Mr. Reinitz went thither to purchase leaf tobacco. -Powell, Wenigman & Smith's cigar fac tory, Forty-second street, this city, was totally destroyed yesterday by the b1g tire. -A. Lowenshon has just returned from Canada, wbera in sp1te of the rigid cold weather he succeeded iu selling a large quan tity of leaf. -Mike Frank leaves to-morrow for Binghamton with a trunk full of Havana samples. His long rest bo;s made him 'hunger for the road again. -Joseph Powell, who recently married the lovely daughter of the F1fth avenue millionaire, Colonel Mason, is worthy of and well qualified to gain such a prize. -M. Castro, buyer of Havana tobacco for Fred. Schulz, has retumed from Cuba. His purcbaoes are reported to be qUite heavy, con sidering the high pr1ces prevailing there. -The Undertakers' Hope" (not registered) is the name of a brand of cigars smokP.d by one ol the actors in the Corsair." time you take a puff you can hear the angels fiappmg their wings. -We answered this week twenty-three inquides from fourteen different States referrmg to cigarmaking machinery This shows that the trade everywhere is wakmg up to the new order of things. -Horace R. Kellv & Co., manufacturers and importers of Havana cigars, are very busy. They sold in January and February of this year than during the cor responding time in any previous year since the firm's existence. -S. H. Severson, dealer in leaf tobacco of Stoughton, Wis., bas been here for the past week with samples of old goods. He claims te have l'xcellent warehouse facilities, and IS looking for a party to represent who is desiroua of packing tobacco m Wisconsin. -Mr. Niemeyer, of the J B Pace Tobacco Co. of R1chmond, stopped in town over Wed nesday on his return home from Boston this week. Business in manufactured tobacco in the .New. England States, be says, is quiet. -J. F. J Xiqui!B, the old-time tobacconist anll manufacturer of tee Picadura cheroots, of 67, 192 and 489 Broadway, this city, advertises a large of H"van"-cigan for sale at very low figures. Mr. Xtques will move soon mto an elegant new store corner of Dey streer, just opposite hiS head quarters, 192 .tlroadwny. IN TOWN THIS WEEK. -Joseph B1mberg, Detroit, M.tch., dealer in leaf -G. N. Holdcroft, representing the Globe Tobacco Co. of Detroit. -Mr. Pierce, of Hall & Pierce, tobacco and cigarettemanufacturers, of Chenango Fvrks, N.Y. I '. BUSINESS TROUBLES. HORAOE WEBSTER &; C >., NEW YORK, have offered to settle ao 50 cents on Uie dollar, L. SPEAR & CO., NEW YORK. Meetings of the creditors of this firm have been bela, and 88 cents, 6 9 monshs en dorsed notes, have been offend. Jl. &; E. SALOIIION, !lEW YORK, The allfCSd groundll on which criminal proceedings were commenced BfJ:ainst Mr. Gans by Messno. Falk & Bro. are that in the Jatter i&l'li of December, \887, he sold as their We that the banks that are creditor& of tbi& firm have signed, accepting the offer of 40 cents, and that it is probable that the oLber credttora will follow auit. ::r.HE TOBA.CCO LEAF. MAR. 3. OBITUARY. co., S-u.oceaora "to :JD. :&:.EX..X..V c*' JOSEPH LEDERMAN. L'!.st Saturday the Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade of this city held a meetiog at its rooms to take action upon the death of Mr Joseph Lederman. The meeting was largely at. tended, and much regret was expressed by those present at the death of Mr. Lederman. Col. E. M. Crawford was chairman, and in his address spoke of the loss the trade sus tained by the death of their fellow member. Meal!lrs. N Lachenbrucb and Geo. Mayer also addressed the and bore testimony r o the esteem in which Mr. Lederman was held by those who knew him. The following resolutions were adopted: WHEREAS, The Lear 'l'obacco Board of Trade Glf the city of New York has learned of the sudden death of one of the oldest members of this trade, Joseph Ledermall, therefore be it Re8o1ved, That the sterling qualities of the deceased, the heroic manner in which be fougb.t the battle of life, the example of honesty and industry which he presented throughout hie business cnreer, the genial and kmdly disposition he manifested to all, cause his death to excite in us, his associates, the deepest regret, and w!lllong preserve his memory among us. Rll80lved, That the sincere sympathy of this board is extended to the bereaved family, that the board will attend the funeral in a body, a.'nd that a copy of these resolutions be eent to the family and published in the trade papers. ESTABLISHED '1839. SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, YORK. 11R8. LO'l"''IIIlR.. The funeral of Mrs. Mary Hutcheson Lot tier, w1fe of Mr. Lawrence Lottier, Jr., took place to-day at St. Peter's Cathedral. The church was crowded with friends of the de ceased. Mass of requiem was offered up for the repose or Mrs. Lottier. Rt Bishop Keane, 10 well chosen and words, paid a high tribute to the estimable qualities of the deceased as a wire and mother. P.A.CTO:R.'Y' LARGEST BUILDING IN o-r ::Eir :lck Xr on.. Dimensions, l81ii40 feet, ctvlnlf floor space of over 1141.0are feet, and affording ample room for 1,300 h-d-. At the conclusion of the solemu. services at the church the remains W 6re conveyed to Hollywood for burial. The pall-bearers were :Messrs. W. L. White, S. A. Ellison, E. T. Crump, Manfred Call. J. Caskie Cabell, Geo. B. McAdams, Wm: Nolting A. A. Scott. Honorary: Gen. Peyton W1se. Dr. R. G. Cabell, Dr. John Knox, Messra. John Ptircell, John M. Higgins and Garrett F. Watson.Richmond, Va., State, Feb. 25. OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. The New Tariff' Bill-Leaf' Tobacco, Tobacco Growers, Tax, Etc. W ASHINOroN. D. C, March 1, 1881!. The new tar1ff bill wu.s not laid before the Ways and Means Committee by the s ub-com mittee on customs duties last week, simply because all the Democratic members of that committee ,..were oat satisfied with it. But changes were made and surface harmony se cured, so that n is now understood that 1\ll the Democrats of the committee will favor ADAll SHIELDS. immediate and favornble action on the bill Mr. Adam Shields, the well known tobacco thus agreed to. This morning the bill was manu!acturer of Albany, N. Y., died on presented,and on next Tuesday the discussion Thursday, March 1, at his residence in that In the committee will commence. The Re city. Mr. Shields was born in 1798, and was publicans will of course endea..-or to amen:! up to his death the oldest livmg tobacco the bill as to its tariff features, and will then manufacturer ia this country. He com offer substitutes, and if EJOSsible w1ll agree to menced the tobacco busine!s in 1819, on a submit te the House, when the Democratic small scale, as might naturally be supposed, measuracco; given revenue reduction proposi tiOn is announced, chattel for SloO neither side and no leader can state h1s iuten Naw Yua&, N Y.-.l:la.11, .bathew B and .Margery J.; cigars. I etc, :two JudgmentR .g.mstlor $686 t10nv, tiS said ill're On geod au_thOTity that l'Koll.U, IU.-NJchnJas Bath, m .... utacturer, given chatthe Democrats of the W tbacco, gtve freedom to the growfor f600 d t d '-t d WINosoa. Oablt', ci&&r ma.uufaeturer; execution ers. an o re uce Lne ax on c1gars an mga 111ouou ror IIH. rettes In order to pass their Lartff btll. And it is certain that President Cleveland, Speaker Carlis le and other Democratic leaders are ex ceedmgly anxious to Iiave the tarifi tight P.nd before the Democratic Presidential Conven tion meets next June. But one of the u.blest Democratic politicians now in this city bas come to the conclusion, and quietly but with regret expresses it to his friends, that this Congress will not cbange the tariff laws, at least not during this session. Tlere are so many powerfl!l interests who prefer to delay final action rather than be sacrificed on the altar of reduction, that one pretext after another will be found for preventing consid eration, burdening the bill, when reported. by amendments that will disgust ita framers, and then consuming time in useleBB dis cussion until the hot weather and hotter po litical campaign compel an adjournment and consequent postponement of the tariff and internal revenue que3tions. B. P. G. OUR BOSTOX LETTER. The Cta;armkero' Strlke-Retall Cicar Deal ero Appeal for Fuumoial Aid Ur. Their Strv.gcle the Sunday Law. A. NEW A.!ISOCIA.TION OF !IIA.NUFA.C TUKEKS, EDIToR TOBAOOO LEAF-Inclosed you will find clippings of Mon day's Boston Herald, which may be of in terest to your readers: The outlook io re gard to a settlement of the strike is not very encouraging, as neither side seemil to be willing to concede anything, so that the end seems BR far off as ever. From the circular or appeal of the retail cigar dealers here you can se& what the out look for them is at preil6nt. They have taken the liberty of acknowledging, through your vl\lued paper, any contribution whiCh may be' sent to their treasurer. Mr. H. M. Hyams, hoping that by so doing they will strengthen their cause. The hearing in to the sale of cigars and tobacco on Sunday before the Judiciary Committee will take place on Friday, March 2. I \VIII mail you particulars of the same at once. so you can have it rdady for tb1s week's LEAF. Respectfully yours, H J. O!ROULAR OF RETAIL CIGAR DEALERS. BosTON, Feb. 28, 1888. The retail dealers of Boston are to day in the deplorable position of asking for financial aid from their friends in the job bing busmeBB, in order to save many from financial ruin. The cause of all tbis is that they are obliged by law to close their stores on Sunday, wh1le apothscanes, news dealers, fruit d e alers, restaurants and hotels mon opolize their Not only on that day, but customers who buy their cigars on Sun day in a certain place are apt to go there on week dnys, and we therefore lose trade con tinually. Ae the law now stands, these peo pie are allowed to sell on Sunday, w bile we are obhged to close, which IS better explained in the following. Our old-time cigar and tobacco dealer, Mr. James Kester, 981 W;o.shmg ton etreet, Bos ton, did that which the court here recently 5aid was lawful on Sunday, namely: sold cigars and tobacco, for w h1ch he was lined ten dollars, and from wh1ch sentence be ap pealed. The injustiCe of this verd1ct IB all the more glaring wbE>n it is considered tbnt another Judge of th" same court, only a. few d'ays previouP, ruled that tobacco being a druJ!:, as such can be sold on Sunday, and that dming saloon keepers who were charged with selling said drug on Sunday had u l egi timate right to sell the same on that day. Such is justice in our courts. What is law ful for one trade is unlawful for another. Nothing therefore remains for us to do but to appeal to the Legislature, now sitting, for relief. For this purpose funds are required, and we therefore earnestly appeal to your p:enero8ity. Contributions may be sent to H. M. Hyams, 764 Washington street, Bos ton, and will be acknowledged through the New York ToisectiOns. stsmpP, Government detective sur vetllance, bonds that have to be given by the for himself or firm ana every mgarmaker employed, is really a protection to the c_epitalist who owns a factory. Any c1garmaket; is prevented from going mto for himself, as be has not got. the capital to first pay license, give a bond. and buy stamps, all of which must be paili. for in cash before he hBil started; and this :i& the reason wB_y all the larger manufacturel'8 want to retam the present internal revenu& systef!I, knowing that it helps to make thencb r1cher keeps the poor man down tt>o do the work w1tbom any opportunity for ad Previous to enforcement of tb& mternal revenue laws, any toba1> could. we1gb tobacco out of barrels m1x 1t to su1t consumers, in their presence but tobacco can now be only packed in 2 oz.,.. 4 oz .. 8 oz. aod 16 oz. packages or boxes and be sealed by placing the stamp tb& opemng, before leaving the factory. I atn often requested customers to 1 ake two o r more kinds of tobacco out of al readY; stamped, and mix them. If I do so I am h _able to arrest, tine and imprisonment" for m1xmg tobacco without having a manufacturet 's license, yet I cannot get a license to manufacture at my store, because the law prevents th_e manufacture of tobacco, cigar rettes and at the place where retailed. Tbe lo.w alo prevents the farmer who growe. tobacco from manufacturing even for hi&. own use, but he must sell1t to (capitalist& known as) dealers and make returns of hi& sales to the Government. I mos.t respectfully call your attention to the UnJustness or the law as it now exists and bol11 as a dealer and consumer would urge upon you to do away with this unjust. tax, and I would also respectfully !"('quest. that if there is 11-ny change l'.!lade there 111iaU be a clause IDSE;rted to give a rebate for all full stampAd packages in the hands of dealerB when the Jaw takes effect. Very respectfully yours, JOHN BI..AIELY, 238 Broadway, New York;. 'rbank The NE!w York TOBACCO LEAr's general make up 1s of the finest material iu the to bacco news m"rket. It is fresh, to \b& pomt, and c;;.mes from all quarters of the globe, each and every ed1tiou, No wonder It 80 finely. Any paper with eoterp_rtse hke the LEAF can prosper in thiscountry.-Ciarkaville, Teml tel e, Feb. 26. "WV"OTP. Jr lmoorter of BA V ANA and SUDIATR&. and Packer of SEED ti=:AF Tobacco. 192 FRONT ST., Rear fultoa, IEWJORi. ., r I t


... / MAR. 3. ftar Special VJrKIDI& (JrO (lor.repend.enee. SCOTTSBURG, Va., March 1. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFLast week tile weather was to some extent drying throughout this and the enter prising tobacco planter availed himself ?f the opportumty to burn and prepare hts plant beds ]j'or four or five days the work went bravely on, and enough seeds have been sown for the '88 other year crop. I ca.nuot g1ve you, llB yet, anythmg accur ate as to the comparative acreage to be plan ted this year In the "bright belt;" but, at any rate I am sure that there w1ll be some in in the immediate vicinity of Scottsburg and Clover. In the "Vernon" or western sec tion of the county, where the finest tobacco bas heretoFore been raised, it is quite probable that the incrAase, 1f any, w1ll be very small. There has been some weakening on all grades since last report, caused partly by want of movement In larger markets, and partly by the rush farmers are maktng to market their crops, thus ti\Bking the facilities of buyers for handling so much tobacco in .softorder. QUOTATIONS, F1llers-Luga ........ ...... 3 to 5 Common. ........... 5 to 7 Good ................ 8 to 12 Fine to fancy ....... 12 to 16 :Smokers-Common .......... :; to 5 Medium colory ... 5 to 8 Good ................ 8 to12 Fme ...... : ........ 12 to 15 Cutters-Common ........ 111 to 20 Medium ............. 20 to 25 Good .......... .... 25 to 28 Fme to fancy ....... 28 to 35 Wrappers-Common ......... 16 to 2U Medmm ........... 20 to 25 Good ........... .. 25 to 35 Fme ............ .. 35 to 50 Fancy ............. ,50 to 75 Inside 6gures on many grades are nearer correct. There ts not any disposition to press prices on fancy lots of any grade. Fraternally, C. G. DAVENPORT. Maehnaetta Tobaeeo. NoRTHAJIIPI'ON, Mass., Feb.-211. 'EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFLocal packers of this sectiun are about winding up thetr packing business, having packed less than usual, for the reason that choice crops were few: but those few were choice and sold at figures. W. A. Wil son in North Hadley has packed several hundred cases of fine goads for a New York house, paymg from 12 to llic in the bundle; Dickinson Bros. about,'300cases; S. R. Cooley and D. A. Graves, m Northampton, about 200 each. Some of the fine lots sold in Hatfield wer" Warner Bros., 18c assorted; M. N. Hubbard. 15c in bundle; Fred. Carl, 15c assorted; Philhp Carl, 15c assorted. In Whately, Wells Smith, 15c in bundle; Graves Bros .. about 18cassorted. In East Hampton, W. N Clapp, 15c in bundle: L: Thayer, in bundle, and T. Slattery, 12c m bundle. Not over half the crop bas been sold, and a good part of that unsold was more or less hurt by water, but the seconds will be fine. CoR&. SPECIAL NOTICE. 1887 HOUSATONIC TOBACCO NOW CURED AND READY TO WORK. By calling at my ofiice you can see samples of 'he '87 crop which has been cured by my nonwetting process and which is now ready for the manufacturer. It is in such a state of preservation that it cannot spoil. It can be kept for ever This cure has be.en in sixty da \'S, What a great savmg 10 ttme and all rieks avoided, and no tender or soft leaf. Any leaf put into the process now can be ready to work by the first of May, and all leaf cured thts way w1ll yield at leat twenty dollars a case more wrappers. I wish every J>acker of '87 leaf would send me a few cases -and prove what I claim. If you want fine, tough, g\oesy tobacco, this is the only sure way to get it. It ia the only process without a particle of risk and much to gain. I have several large of different States now cured, which I c81l show. Send your address for catalogue and circu lars. Obediently youra, CHAS S. PHILIPS. Tobacco sweating and curing, 188 Pearl street, New York. Some Genuine Havana Clzr PU for the People' Preslden&. President Cleveland will be a man to be 11nvied by all lovers of extra choice tobacco when b,;, receives the fragrant and costly gift which has heen prepared exvresslv for him by Mr. J. E Cartaya, of Key West and Cuba, who now in th\nd others of the tobaccotradeofHtchmond, Va, wh1ch city doeil the humess in the manu facture of tobacco in l .he United States, pays more of the revenue of the Grtugal. ...... 2,601 2,497 Mediterranean...... . 222 40 Italy and Austria .......... 1,359 2,566 Sundry exports ......... 716 473 Total ............. 10,089 JoHN CATTUS -Kentucky Tobacco-Our market durmg the past monlh was only moderately active. wtth of 1 ,600 hhds, of which for export 550, manu facturers 900, and jobbers 150. 1'o this quauttty, however, several lots ought to be added whteh are presumed to have been sold. but are not yet reported. Prices have been steady, with greater for all grades of leaf and good lug, whereas nondescript grades and common lugs ars easter m priCe. 1'he Western market.s have been variable. They opened strong and but a qmeter feehng itself soon mamfest, and priCes became easter on frosted and common lugs, whtle holders of better grade8 remained firm in their v:ews, which brought about a geat many reJecttoH s on the part of owners when they considered the utds not adequately high enough. The receipts of new tubacco have fallen off considerably during the past weeks. The quality of same, thus far seen, ta far from ll&tisfnctory, and a good deal of ne 1v tobacco is not in a very condtt1on; notwithstanding all this, new tobacco sella at correepondmgly higher pr1ces than old tobacco. V1rgmia Tobacco-A fair demand prevatled the past month. with sales of 450 hhds at ste1dy prices. Desirable grades of bnght to bacce and also dark wrappers are scarce, and fetch full Varginia Leaf-There was more life in Vtr. ginia Leaf this week and some fair sales were made of dark wrappers and bright THE TOBACCO LEAF. fillers. There is a good stock here grades, but buyers are not abundant. Quotattons of all I IMPOKTI!. The arrivals at tbe port of New York from e1gn ports for 1he week mcluded the followmg con Dark Dark. Com. lugs., I Com. leaf .. 7 @ 8 Good lugs .. Good leaf .. 8 Fme leaf. Ctgar Leaf-1'his was a very dull week; some sales, but few of any importance. Negottatl ns are on foot between manufacturers and packers for some large packings, but packers firm and not w11ling to make such concessions as manufacturers desire the thing t s yet in status quo. In the Connecticut Valley old goods are picked up in a It vely style at 15c. and over is paid for old leaf runmng late. SJme Philadelphia packers have made large sales this week-so it is reported. Messrs. J. S. GANs' SoN & Co., brokers, 131 Water Street, report to the TOBACCO LEAF as follows:-The sales this week foot up 1,280 cases, of which280 cs. 1881-S5 Pennsylvania.. 9 300 cs. 1886 Pennsylvania. ... 10 @16 200 cs. 1886 Dutch .... ,...... 250 c&. 1886 Wis. Havana...... 7 150 ca. 1886 State Havana ...... 10 @20 100 cs. 1886 New Eng, HaviUla. 13 @30 Divided as follows:-To manufacturers .. To city trade ................... To out of town ................. 500 cases 400 380 T "tal ........ ,. ... 1,280 Havana-1'h1s market made a very good showmg this week in spite of the general dullnese of the tobacco market. Nearly 600 bale& were sold at 65c to $1.05. Some fancy lots brought $1.18. Quotations-( Wholesale Prices). Havana E'illera-Very common 60 to 70 Common ...... 75 to 85 Good to med. 85 to 95 Med. to tine. 95 to 105 Fine .......... 105 to 1115 Superior ..... 115 to 125 Yara-1 and II cuts assorted .. 65 to 70 II cuts .... ... .... 75 to 85 Sumatra-Another week has gone, and still the a.nticipated activity has failed to put in an appearance. Everybody says it must come this month. So 1t would seem, unless the smoking habit is on the dechne. Not more than 275 bales were sold, and all in a retail way. Tbe demand in the Western markets is reported to bo improving, and this w1ll make i t.self felt here before long. Prices remain firm for the finer grades. Plug-The past week showed no improve ment in business. Sales were entirely of a retail character. There is a good stock of to baccJ here now-most of it well bought and in good condition. The exports were 201,747 pounds. Bnghts: Quotatums. Navy 4s, 5s, 6s, 3s ..... ,,,., .20 to 30 >4 lbs, lOs and Pocket Pteces .. .. 20 to 30 hght-pressed ............. 30 to 50 Gold Bars ....................... 30 to 50 6 and 12-inch twist ............... 25 to 40 Blacks: lOs, 12s, M ........... -to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy 4s, 5s, Ss lbs.-to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy lOs or Pocket Pteces ......... 18 to 25 Negrohead twist .................. 23 to 30 Smoking-Demand steady, Ctgars-No change reported. DOMESTIC KECl.EIPT&, The following articles were received at the port of New York dnring the week: By tho JG1u &ilroad-J H MGore & Co 352 hilda. Pollard, Pettns & Co 11i0 do: M Abenheim & Co 47: J Cattus 6, M Pappenheimer & Co 188. C B Lockwood 13; Sawyer, Walkce & Co 10; H Stebert 7, order Ut> do, 120 pkgs. 1J1J thf Hudwn R&Hr .Railrcad-Meyer & Men deiS6hn 60 cs leaf, F Schulz 56 do, oruer 124 pkgs, 12 hhds. 1J1J 1111 PennBJ!lMnw Railroad-M New burger & Co cleaf. J Buozl & Son 13 do, C H Spttzner & Son 7: Pulver, DICktnsoa & Go 8, Cnlhnans & Rosenbaum 40, E Bach & i:lon 1: Esberg, Bachman & Co 20, H KGemg & Co2, M Ltodhe1m 24; K11fe & Voges 6; L & E Werthetmer 23, Ga1l, Ax & Kuchler 4, N & Bro 17; L Sylvester, Son d! Co 6 bales do ; F E Owen 57 bhds; W 0 Smith & Co 12 trcs, J Ellinger & Co 2 cs cigars, Jeff1eys & Co 4 do: J He t henngtoo I, M Rewba r t 5 HE Walter & Co 1; C BUtkhulter 1unwn 8t.a7118hip Li7UJ-J H l\l oore & Co 8 hilda. Pulla1d, Pettus & Co a do, Saw yet, Wallaca & (;o \3; M Abenhe1m & Co 16, OelriChs & Co 26: H S1ebett 23. K1emelli>eg & Co 54; E Mueller & Co 15, P Wright & Sons 5, C E B1ll, Jr, 12, Buchanan & Lyall14, A D Straus & Co V do, 1 Yo bbd, 1tl1ddieton & Co 10 do, 2 do; FE Q,.eo 20 hhd s, 23 tt cs, P Lonll ard & Co 3 6 do, 6 d@, G kegs s oull', 31i bxs do, 1 bx samples, W 0 Sm1th & Co 35 hhds, 23 tcs, 276 cs mfd, % -bxs, 2 csd; de, 10 c s l eaf, 5 cs 3 do mgaettes and smkg, 25 do ctgarettes, 14 llxs samples, J D Ke lly Jr, 67 llbd s, 181 c mfd, 25 % bxs uo, 14 amples; W Duke, 8on & hllcls, 20 cs smkg, 144 do Cigarettes; A E Outerlnidge 11 hbds, 3 %" hhds, 3 bx& samples; Pems ton & Co 1 hbd, 14 saml>les, Jos Lhowe 1 tc, Thompson, Moore & Co 87 cs mfd, 400 bxs 2 cads do, 2 cs smkg: Leopold M rlle 1 & Sons 125 cs smkg, 60 cads mfd, bxs llo; yrkell, Douglass & Co 88 cs mfd, 5 k( bxs do, D o han, Carroll & Co 3 c mfd, 45 da, Marlin & Broadhurst 36 cs mfd, 120 bxs do, oO bales am kg: F H Leggett d! Co 10 bxs smk;, 20 M bxs mfd, Jos D Evans & Co 15 bxs mfd, 10 pkgs ao, Jas M Gardwer 42 bxs wrd, 32 cads do, Alln & G1oter cs smkg, 135 do Cigarette ; W1se :! Bendhetm 40 cs smkg, H ll1audelb11um 1 do, llogert & Hayden 2 do .Ill H Re1Jer 2 do, }',Heeg 4. 111 Sachsl9, Clark, Holly & Ketcham 20: Ausllo, N1chols & (;o 6: 8 (.) .111alum2,l\1c0oy&C<:.t, Jeffreys & Coli, E A A d ams & Co 7il cs mfd, Weber & E,.kme bxs. Thurber, Wbyland ,'1; Oo liU Ja bxs, Park Jt Tilford 4 cs Reade & Co 1 bx Wm Ile>nutll & Co 1,000 bxs p \pes, C B R o usa 20o do, Butler B1os 100 do, o1de1 65 bllds, 13 tcs, ilO cs mkg. 15 bales do, 124 cs mftl. bxs do, 16 bxs do, >4 -bxa do, taa )1;-bxa do, 30 1-16 bx s do, 164 cads ao, 90 ao, lU bLJckets do, 34 cs Clgatettes, 18 pkgs lenf, 14 do. CJoaatwm (1om Ker! "Weal (2 weeks)-Esberg, Bachman & Co ol cs Cigars; K l tlU BIOS I do, Bemlbe1m Hros olio Co 3, A H Oates & Co 1 Purdy & NJClwlas 2t, J C Joysl!u & (;o l, J\l C Clark 2, E H Gato 10, Hememan Bro 2. E l Gollo Ctgar Factory 4, J\1 Sombarn 5. S S P1erce & Co S, M E M c Dowell & Co 7, G. ucb & Co 1 E Sanchez 1, J E Uartaya Co 7. 0 W N tch ols J A Bachman & Co 1 <:1 A lees 3J E R Webster & (Jo 6. Lllwnlcld Bros & Uo 2. B1adley & Lee l, Bach, Corry & Uo 1, Dunn J P Pohallu & Co do 1 . By th4 NtJUJ York ""a Ballomoro Tranaportat1011 Lin-Fnnch, Edye & Co 380 hilda, 2 bxs samples; H P Johnon 34 cs smkg. Cocutwi88 Jrom Tampa-Sanchez & Haya 28 ca cigars, 6 bales tobacco. &lgnmentii-Genoa-Drder 9 cs p ipes. Leghtmi-Or) mfd. R<>tterdam---66 cs. &n Domongo-5 pkgs (921 lbs) mfd U. S. t bales, 3>l pkga (4,S20 lb) m!d. Vawncta-1 pkg noo lbs) mfd v ........ la--4 bales, pkga (4,900 lbs) mfd. UPORTB B'ROII THE PORT or lllll:W TO B'OR EIGN PORTS B'ROid JANUAIIIY 1, 1868, TO MARCH 2, 1888. Hhds A.fnca....... ..... 26 Ams1.erdam ... .. 4 'lll A.ntwerp _.,,,.. 74) Austria ,, ..... Oases, 1 23> 586 AustraiJB,.. .. .. .. 112 13 Balea 714 23 Lbs mfd 1 ,.500 1a U76 BICw:.ten, ......... 1,9Q7 1,1169 528,783 700 28,145 Bntlsh N A. CoL, Canada .. ,,,,,, Cenhal.Amenca .. Chma and Japan .. Copenhagen ... East lndtes .. ... France ............ 2, t21 Q:braltar ..... ,,, 40 Glasgow ......... 303 Hamburg. 142 Italy ....... "" ... 2 669 Lt Yerpool . 24 7 London........... 748 Other Brtlll!h Porte. lla Malta ............... .. ){eX!CO ,, ...... .. .. New Zeala11.d, etc. ..... ,, ..... Rotterdam, 442 Sandwich Islands ... Spain ..... ..... 8 ,291 South .A.monca. 41 ilwetlon & Norw ay 21 West lnihe.. 201 VarHJUS porta ..... 13,810 10 1 2,1Sa 1 499 450 1 277 3 23 8 223 1,506 224 fj 1 26 2 1,422 212 26,860 19,197 2,350 18,799 100 50,218 78,849 21,449 liS 906 47,794 372 19,484 1,956 150,661 1,400 200 235 11>7,563 200 202,911 5,126 o, 798 1,443,47-6 CLA.RKS VILL.E, Tenn., Fe h. 28 Me88rs. .M. H. Clark & Elro., Tobacco Brokers report to the TOBACCO LRAII':-Our r ece1p1s of new crop a r e very full, as we h s ve b a d a long band liug seaon, there al s o a.n inchoatwn to ma1 k e t the crop eally. 'l'he breaks arc now com posed almost of new for whtch pnces are% to ;J;ic l ower than thoae rulmg two or three weeks Selle res1st the decltne (a. por twn of wbiCil IS c>used by the bad order of the o.trenngs) by free reJe ction of btds, The ClOP i s luggwg vety ltgl!tly. over 20 per c e ol., a 4U per cent y1eld of the pr ev i ous ClOp, but th,; was JOdJCated wh e n tbe cwp was eecured The pnces f or new tobacco hvmg ea ell off, o u r quota uous now re p re sent both crops QUOTATIONS. Frosted lugs ...................... ... 3 @ 4 Lugs-Comm, n, ............ .. ...... 4M li :Medmm ....................... 5M 6JQ: Good .......................... 6}i@ 7M Leaf-Frosted ,, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 Common ...................... 672@ 772 1\fedmw ... .... ............. 8 @10 Golld ......................... }'we ....... ... .. ......... 1 3 @15 Sclectwns ...................... 16 @18 The loose tobacco ma.rket is v ery qUJet, mainly fr o m I!Je bu\1<. of the clOps, wh1ch are s v ld 1 u this way, having lleen disposed of. HENDERSON, Ky., Feb 29,-Mr. G. G. Slanglt.tet, Leaf and Stnp 'l'obacco Bruker, lC ports to the TOBACCO LBAII' as fellows :-Our to bacco markeL c0ntmues quJPt but firm at present pnces. Sel e ctwn, or the better part of the crop, contraues to urmg good pnces, whlio the lower grades are not so h1gh. Receipts now are becoming small, as the portion of the crop 1s about all m, which lbtwes a poor assortment to seiP-ct from. The market now IS very regular and Bot addicted to so mooy spasmodic and 11 will hkely continue until tbe whole crop is delivered. The crop Will likely turn out to be a tbird of the usual quullty m tbe Henderson D!s ncl, but less through tue dar!< dtstricts generally. The make of str1ps "' the waole West w11l hkely not exceed eight thou hogsheads, a large portion ef wbJCh IS put up on o1der by Eoghsb and Insh manufac ture1s. Very little of the crop is suited for dry leaf purposes. and qmto a small per cent will be marle. l:lowmg plant land IS now in season, but ve r y little has been a one m tb1s daect19n on ac count of the g1ound bemg too wet HOPKlNSVlLLE, Ky., Feb. 29 -Mr. Gc". V. 'l'uompson, Tobacco Broker, reports to the TonAcco LEAF -Sales of the week opened today Otlod leof and lugs boto old and new, sold well, wh1l e common and low grades we1e some what lower than last week. l:!ales w11l continue for orne lime to come. unless pnces get much higher. Receipts light QUOTATIONS Lugs-Common ................. 3 00@ 3 71! Medmm .......... .. .. 4 00 fj 00 Good ................. ... o 00@ 6 50 Le&f-Common .................. o 6 50 llledmm ............... 6 50@ 7 50 Good ................ ,. 7 50@ 8 liQ Fme ................... 8 50@11 00 .................... 11 00@17 00 INSPECTOR'S MONTIILY m;POUT, MAUCII 1, 1888. Same lime 'l'h1s Year. last yea r Hhds Hilda. R ceipts for month .... 1,052 Hecetpts for t!Je ye.r ........ 2,985 1,842 8ales tor past muotb... .. 692 520 Sales for the year., ...... 2,107 1,413 Sh1pments for past month 4 77 482 Sb1pmeuts for tbe year 2 95!i 1,510 Swck on hand ....... 3,25a D. F. SMrrHscN, Inspector. PETERSBURG., Vo., Feb. 25.-0ur market has ruled q LJiet and steady at the decline. Recetpts ot loose aggregate 52,00@ pounds thts week, made up of a larger proportiOn of mfel'lor and nondescript grades We tbought good to fair working lurs had more frtends this week, and sold a shade Continued on Last Column. 3 JUNGBLUTH & RAUTERBERG, TOBACCO MANUF'RS' SUPPLIES I SUGAR, PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL. FLAVORS, &c. ilOLE WESTERN AGENTS FOR MAC' ANDREWS &. FORBES' LICORICE PASTS. LoU::I.SV::I.11e., LOUIS F. FROMER, CIGAR BANUF ACTURER, 77th St., Sd and Lexington Aves. l'A.CTOBY No. 351, 3d WEW TOBit. JUL:I:C> J. C>B.DET.:X::., dl BPECIA.L ATTENTION TO PUBCHABING AND SHIPPING"ars &, Lea Rea& of' recereneea f'uralllhe. P, 0. Box 304. Cable Addreu ".Jo.nlaD. Buyers goin.r t Havana are reqQested to calL } on their arrhal. for intormatJon w'hiah will SAVE them TildE and IIONEY 00 SA.Jf YGKA.CIO BTB.EET, lEE A "V .AM' -A.. I Frauk Pulver, Horaoe S. Dieldaaon, D&Jiiel H. Dickbuon, EllaJaa Dlol<1J&Ha. PULVER, DICKINSON & CO., Packers Seed -An.d. :I:xn por-ters or HAVANA ToBAcco, Speo::La1 N'o"t::l.oe pr W A.JfTED FOB CASH, -Ad CIGAR CUTTINGS 1'01' Domeatlo ana kport u-Give TVJJ place to WheeU.. We are always In the market for Tobacco CUttiDp. u _,. =-olean and dry and DOt musty, BLOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. FOR SALE-A fine cut a&d smok10g tobacco manufactory. now runmug &nd doing a fair husi ness in New York: city. Owner retmog from bust ness. Address '' Success," Tobacco Leaf 1197-1'.109 WANTED -A BJtuatwn by a yonng colored buy about eighteen yearo of age, has had a good educa two and wr1tes a fair hand. Is thoroughly acquamted wtt!J horses, bemg a son of a well known horse tramer Best of 1eferences given by the manager of th1s paper. Addross "0. A.," this office. 1198-lf CIGAR 8ALE8MAN WANTED to represent well known city factory m the East and West. Ex cellent chance and liberal terms for thoee having established trade Addres OT 1'6 HRPPENIIEIMER care of F. Hep peobeimer's Sons, North I'V1lllam street, New 1:e1k. 12)1-02 A. CA.RD. 'l'be unders1gned great p l easure in inform mg the trade that he has laserl for a term of years aud now occup1es entue bothhng 56 FULTON ST., BROOKLYN, where greater facilitle are a fforded to meet the coostaDtly growmg demand for fine cigar. The s u ccess o f th1s factory 1a manufactuung fine band made cigars IS a suffic1ent guarao1ee that all goods are as P. J SuLLIVAN, ManufActurer of Fme 56 F'ulton Street, Erookl; n Telephone CtLll, 1 14), Brooklyn 1202 L. H. LIGHTFOOT, L&te Wltll E T Crump & Oo. Leaf Tobacco Dealer, omce: Tobacco Bniliilll, P. 0. BOJC, No.2. HICHIIIOND, V .&. Samp1es of every grade furnished on applica.Uoll aud each package gua.ranteed up to sample. RD'&l\DCKS:-Cha.s Wa.tkms, President Richmond TobELCCo Exchange: Allen & Ginter: Kinney Tobacco Company; Plaaters N al.ional Ba.nk. HENRY C. DOBSON, -Only lllanufactun!r or theGREAT PATENT SILVER BELL BANJO. 12"'!0 BB.OADW AT, JIIEW YORK. No. 1 ... $20 00 No.8 .. 3 0 00 No.6 ,,., 5000 No.7 ... higher than last, but poor short leaf and lnng nondescnpt leaf were st11l neglected. We quote poor scrappy lugs at *2.50 to $3 60; WANTED. *4 to $5; good to fatr working lugs AcE NT f .J. t f t f as to leaf, *5 58 to $7; poor short le'O\f, $4.50 Or liDpOhan ac ory 0 r to $5.50; gummy and darker, $9 tO $8; meCIGAR Box LABELS dium to fatr workmg leaf, Sli75 to $7.GO; medmm to fair shtppmg lea.f, $8 tCl $9 50; Reference s required. Address "G 0 12." Tu long nondescript, $7 to $9; m edmm to fair bacco teaf office 1199-1202 shipping le a f, $8 to$10; fine $11 to $14; medium to black wrappers, $9 to $10; :a;;::ey ea1: PICADURA CHEROOTS. TradeM:ark : tJ'. P. ;r .X. Principal Depots:-!W Broadway, corner Joh1 st.: and 489 Broad corner Broame, New York. The above brand, hniog been copyrrghted, the trade is cautioned not to imitate the same under the pe11alty of the law. Eaca package, conta.mmg 10 cherootll in tin-foil, bears a yCllew label wtth an X on the face of the laltel and a whi1.e label across one end of pack>!, on which are the initials, J. F. J. X Also lmported Key We11t and Domestic Ciga.."8 all grade. at Wholesale 1198-122 3 J. F. J. XIQUES." To Bnrors of Gi[arotto Pavor. I beg to announce to my friends and to the trade gPnerally that I haye opened business in New York City, and that the same wtll be conducted lty me m connection Wlth my New Orleans distributing house. :My New York h9use w11l sell cigarette and copying book paper on reels, or in reams 01 books by the o>ase only. In connection with my paper I have also to announce that I am now the sole ae;ent for the U mted States for the cele brated GAMBIER CLA.Y AND BRIA.R PIPES With the assuranc" that all ordPrs ad dressed to my New York or N e w Orleans office wtll receive prompt and careful atten t10h, I remam, your respectfully, HERMANN ISAAC Address P 0 Box 2,!143, New York 1195-1207 F. F. F.-F. F. F.-F. F. F. Means Fme F11ler Flavor, The best tllmg ever manufacture!\ for that pur pose, as 1t con tams no mc llcllterl flavor, but g1ves the toba<'...CO o. fioe sweet Yara" fh. v o r Twenty years' experience m our tmsineQS bR.S brougiJ.t tin ... Eew fh-olcovery 10 extstence Try some and we ar sure y u "111 he mo r e than pleased, that under stand the mantnuln.tion of tobacco Pmt b n1Jle (Jt: per gall6o, ,6. Full ducctiOn. s,LINO COllEN & Co' 1201-26 55 Btoad street, New York. H. H. MEYER, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENT, 1218 FARNAM ST., NEB., represents tbe most rehable New York anker Mr H G. Vetterletn. It is presumed a line of W 1sconsm samples is the cause of the present clow connectiOn. The leaf houee of r.oeb, Block & Co North Thtrd street, IS about to go mto liqui dation. Sorry, for there were young, ener getic members of the firm, who maae it a to the leaf trade of the ctty. It is very agreeable to notice the regularity or business performed dally at the warehouse of L. Bremer's Sons, 322 North Third etreeL No wonder. Every artiCle known to the trade can be found there PR.EV EI:R.OS. Cigar No. 16. 3d District. ta-42-1348 Avenue A. cor. 7oth St.. New Yor.


manufacture M. E. McDowell .R .. Co., -ciGAR MANUFACTURING IN MONTREAL, CANADA. not kaow about the pumshment oC Goyette Q What do you call cheap labor f A I @@ 1g He could not say 1f there was money pa1d t) tbmk you baTe had a good 11lustratwn aoa &. eettlethechsrgeofGoyetteagamsttbeman Q Doyoumeaocb1ldlabor A ldonot 18 605 CH&.STfJUT ST., PHILADS:LPHIA, -rile LIIIHJr fJommlaaloo Elicits Iaterestlq Te.tlmony Belatlnr; to tbe aaaer of Dollllf .BIHIDC88 who beat Goyette. Some m e n pa1d ten cents thmk that class of labor 1s cheap, as they de aox..:m .AG-E r-. 'T& FOR. a week for gas I made the law m my fac atroy stock L tory that employees should be charged Cor Q Do you know 1f wages have mcreased 6 0 T TIE :J s gas. I do not know what t s done w1tb fines durmg the past five years 7 A Takmg them @IU ....J:::"U on employees Most o f them ure rem1tted on the aTerage, I beheve they hiive mcreaaed @12 Ia SOme oC t'lle Factorlce BDd the Wll)' Aprcntlcel are Treated. ePBB.I.TJV SP.ANKBD, KICKED .&1!10 PUT IN THB "LOCJKUP." From the Gazette, Montreal, February lOU!, 1888, we the followmg teet1 mony, om1ttmg some of the mqlllrles of the CommlSSloners, to !lllVe space The Gazette observes-"The Labor OommiSBlOn met m the C1ty yesterday afternoon, under the presi dency of ex Judge Armstrong Tes1imony was g1ven under oath OIG.A.R JUNUI'AOTURKRS. Kr. J ll: Fortier sa1d he employed about as many apprentlc6lll as JOUrneymen. I do DOl .know the age of the but I gave firict matruct10ns a couple of Yllars ago that DO employee should be under 14 years A few mon\hs ago I nouced that a few unde r 14 had.maae their way 10 w1th the assistance of their parents, but lately ap; a m I gave 1ns truc tiODS to the same effect. If I emplY a child under age 1t 1s the fault of the parent or the wtor. The apprent1cea are under the control of lhe manager and foremen o f different de partmente. These apprent1oea are treated by the foremen in the same manner as 1f they were their own ch1ldren, or as f they had charge of them m school I do not know &bat apprentiCes h,ave been beaten Lhan when, 1f they committed faults a parent or teacher would them. U 18 not to my personal knowiAdge that children b&ve been beaten I understand that they have been loea.ten for cmr e ct10n I do not be1ieve 1t the duty of a foreman to \teat a child I mean by beat10g, beatmg a ch1ld when he does not de 88rve 1t. I understand that beatmg means llurtmg, but 1f you h1t a child lightly I do not consider that would be beatmg I behave &bat foremen have the right to touch the ap prentiCes w1th a rule or w1t h the hand to cor rect them To my knowledge this means of correctiOn has been used 10 my factory W e Jlave had no experience of bad boys Wlthm a year, at! we haveagoodclassof boys now In prev1onalears we had lots of trouble t.b.em. I one disobeyed ordel'l! or destroyed the t.obaooo the foreman would Yery likely hil him on the lingers w1th a foot rule It 1s DOL to my knowledge that a foreman brutally beat a child, but 1t 1 s possible m my absence They have never been authorized by me to beat children I have g1ven them mstruc tiona to correct children and was told to do 80 by the Recorder The Recorder m court told h1m so durmg the hearmg of a case whe n &be foreman hit a boy by slappmg h1m on the face H e sa1d "You must D!0. Ovl reau's duty was to look after d n ngll about the factory generally, and he was a general watchman. Goudreau may have taken boys to the pr18on 10 the cellar and locked them up. To Mr. Helbronner-I do not wish to paJ' mgara not perfectly made. I did not and I suppose the others remam m the cash and that a better c lass of goods 1a b emg sold @1o .-:--Bper Ta.z:r TCJ> box There may be a spe'llal account for Q Do you thmk that the wages have m @25 fines, but I do not know Durmg the ept creased equal to the cost of hvmg 7 A Am @40 -AND-tbH: 1 find lt costs me J3St BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S say 1f the firm made a profit on th1s cbarp;e Q Is the HUpply of labor 10 your trade M.r. t1ces There were no rules prmt11d for the pense to ourselves We furntahed them v!Lh factory, but apprentiCes were fined for d1s mone y to pay thetr and on tbe1r 11r obeymg any orders of the foreman For nval here advaned them money to fmms b mis behaVIor 10 two cases h aTe fined apprenthe1r homesm a number of cases We cla1m t1ces after 1Df01mm g ther and the by brmgmg the men out we were benPfiL m g money was remitted to the parents after the different trades as they were all con ApprentiCes have not been beaten m h1s f8c sumers At the time, they we e not tory, should discharge a foreman that woultl brought out to take the b ead out of the othe beat an apprentice Had not beenacqualnte\1 workmen s months, as has been stated 10 wltb Ulon Geondras, he knows nothmp; Of some papers We have s1gned this party bemg beaten w1th the cover of a by our old hands to the effecr None of our mould, knows notb10g of any other boy hands were discharged 10 consequence of the bemg be aten for breakmg a scale H1s fore importatiOn of L he foreigners mansa1d that he never beat this boy Knows Q D1d you make any engagement w1th Georg" Robmsou and worked him He these men before leavmg Europe 7 A 'We was discharge d once f\lr gross lazmess and ar;reed give them steady employment for earelessness Robmsorr worked 1n the a spemtied time at the Peale of wages a 9 mg department and w1tness could not under was pa1d our Cnad1an workmen stand bow he could any one struck m Q Dul you guarant ee them a oetam apartment Hs foreman has often p r10ef A At the same scale g1ven a little slap to boys Children were Q D1d they know what that w,\S! A never beaten w1th h1s approbatiOn Badly The y bad a pretty go o d 1dea made cgars, called are taken out Q What were the reasons g1 vory but are pa1d extra tor that serVICe Q Were not some o f tbe'e men arrested? Tb.e< e !):Iris are what are called str1ppe1 s A Two of them were cap1 aae d wbo oea u o !\.n ordmary s rl would turn out about 900 money, and who we wete mformed mte nded mga r a per aay With a mould Mr Wood(eXto run away tended an mv1tat10n to the commss 1on to Q Wll.l! there a str1ke on at that time! A v1s1t hls factory and look over same, ask10g Nt> any questions they hke Q H ave yon any trouble with your Ov1de Grotler, c1gar manufacturer, em ployeesY A No We treat the m like lades ploys 12 to 15 apprentiCes and 30 JOUr and gentlemen When they fail to conduct neymen He has l0cked up an apprentice themselves as such for the sakeoC orJet and named Lefebvre m the sweatmg room durmg the1r fellow workers we d1scharge them a d1nner hour Tbe boys and r;uls are m1xed Withou t order no establishment can be co11 up together, necessanly 10 a small ducted properly 'lhls boy b ehaved badly, and so was placed Q Do you find you do not make as many 10 th1s room and blS father sent for. H1s s a les 10 large centres on account of not hav father asked witness to cause the boy's ar mg the Union labels on the boxes 7 A. I am rest Wuness suggested a beatmg Tbe boy not bound to answer that questio n I tbmk was fifteen yeal'l!-old and was kept m a room We are able to sell our goods Cannot say for a <-'Ouple of hours The room was cold whether 1t 1 s on account of the persnas1ve No tines were 1m posed on apprentlCes Cbll manner of our travellers, or whether I t 19 on dre n may be w1tbout hts knowledge account of the good standmg of the house Has had compla1ntR of ct:.ildren bemg Q When the excl3e duty was decrease d to b eaten, but he always tr1ed to treat them 13, d1d you g1ve the men the benefit! A Ou kmdly 1f they m1sbehaved at first and on a customers cla1m e d the diff e r ence, and second offence he !Sent for the parents of the wnh the1r claims the cl a 1ms of the em apprenuce The witness deme d the charges ployees and the cempetmon of cheap labor, of Duval and showed how on several occa there was nothmg left Sloos be had befnended Duval and got him Q Were the wages lowered $1 per M.. A 011t of trouble With h1s fellow workmen, even No g01ng to the trouble of walking home With Q Do you pay the un1on scale of wages? h1m on several occas1ons He showed that a A We pay more 10 some cases I thmk the man With a yeu r s less experience than average 111 h1gher than the un1on rntes Duval, who worked overtime, as he was m Q Can you Lell the difference between the dus tr10us made $8 90 when h1s wages was pru:es p::ud here and 10 the West, say To only $1 66 An apprentice worked overtime rontof A The manufacturers 10 'I:o10nto was free to do so or not 1f he pleased and he c a1m to pay more, I th1iik we pay more d1d behave that 10 cases he bad known n baa been a combmat1on there, I am lDJUred the apprentiCes' health, although It sorry to say, agamst our goods m1ght have that effect He encouraged ap Q Dui the manufacturers here put the1r prent1ces 10 mdustry by paymg \hem for he .. ds together lo keep down the wages! A domg more work tkan the1r task: and be We certamly would not be a party to any could show that apprentiCes had been paid tbmg of tloat sort, as we are capable of man theu wages when they would not fulfill 81lillli our own busmess taek He would produce WltneB ses to show The evidence bemg closed, Mr E H DaVIs he had told some of the apprentlCes who com gave a general mvltatlon to the CommiSSion plamed that they were not fit to be cigar to VISit the factory of S Dav1s & Bone, makers and that he would reheve them from statmg he would be pleased to Ehow them the1r mdentures1f they w1shed He b elieved through the and g1ve them the sa.mtary cond1t10n of h1s factory was every famhty for 1nspectmg the workmg of good as It was mspecte d by the officers of the factory The bulldmg bas s e p a rate en the B Jard of Health Apprentlc9 s earned all trances for m ales and females separate flats the way from $4 to $5 Some earned as low for the sexes, nod separate closets as $2 a week who were expett at thetr and was h rooms on eacll work TKSTIIIIONY Oil' 8 DAVIS & SONS We reproduce Lbe followmg speCial to the Toronto Everung Globe MoNTREAL FAb 14 On Thursday last, be fore the Laoor CommisSion, Mr E H DaVIs, of the firm of S Dav1s & S ons appeared and sa1d that although no charges had been m ade agamst the1r estabhsbment he thought 1f 1t possessed any better features t h a n "'thers the public shouhi know 1t lbe comm!Ssloners refused to take a voluntary statement Mr Dav18 was therefore sworn and deposed as follows Q How long have you been 10 the bue1 nesij I A. De you mean the firm 7 Q. Yes A Smce 18 6 2 Q Da you employ many hands! A We do Q Of what does your labor prmc1pally c o n s 1 st! A Prmcipally of men Q How many men have you? A. We have about 600 operatives Q How many men! How many women! A. Fr<'m 350 to 400 10en Q Would you tell us what the average wages of the men would bel A Generally epeakmg between $9 aDs T < ta l bU V/j luo Western & S!luthern Markets ASHEVILLE, N. C., Feb 2Q -J1e..,.leron Broa, L eaf rei'< rt t o I o BACCO L&All' 8J: r. llows -Hceo mts DOl been so heavy tb1s w ek a the "eal ber bas beett quate cool ant! wwdy Pnt e a were about the same as la s t qu o led There was but few fine or fancy lot.a offered aad the qualtty m general was below the week JUSt past.. Balea will not be large uottl 8 change m 'he weather Some of our larger planters are holdmg back tbeu crops for h1gher prices, whiCh they claim will come later 10 the apnnr We hear of but little said of preparmg for the next crop l!:xport.s or Maryland and OhiO smce Jan 1 laBS 1,794 bhd.a 'hi pped coastwiSe ana re tllBpected o 299 hbds 8 t o < k m warehouse Una dav and on sbLpbo arU not C!ea.rea .:!toe k t1me In 1887 Tobacco-The r e I S more a ctiVIty 1n o ur ma1ket ami pnces tlrm Exp01ted to Bremen Hi lbs lo L ond n 46 ca Jeully devoid of 01ders wb1cn acc o unt s m a meamre for s ome of the dullness When bu,, ne s bt"v e ver re ... umes Its normal stage we looK. Cor an actave and strong market a ga m necepts Rre stall II ut te unrav<:uable weather bu t fa1mers re up a great deal of the new crop nd redrymg 11, wiBc b w1ll probablycmta1l rece1pts duo m g tue eaily sea ou of the year T t tal offenngs for the year to date 7 578 libo:ls of wllwh 1 154 were now agamst I I 043 bbd s same t1me last year uf WhiCh 2 05! were new Rece1pls fur the week 442 bhds Hece1pts s ame week last year 1 061 hh ds The breaks were very light the past week 1n fact smaller than dunn.; any week for a l ong t1me lind to a certamty never were as smallm tbe past leo years 178 bud s n e w were offered the averaf,e pnce of wh1cb was 9 U7 Cmcmoatl-20 at 3 70 to 19 75 J\loms----11! hhds at 2 10 to 17 Muuru-1 hhd at l! SO to 18 00 hbd s at 4 0 to 20 6 0 Bodmann-62 hhd at 2 00 to 18 Of the 13.8 hbd e 18 soH fr o m 1 25 to S llO 69 f rom 4 UO to 5 90 5:! fro m 6 00 to 7 90 47 from 8 00 to 9 'io 87 f10m 10 00 to 14 75 115 tram 15 00 to 1U 5 and 10 from 20 00 >o 20 75 SEIJID LII:AF II.ARXII:T Offermgs Rejections Actual aalea Calon bnght ,12 llledmm bnght JG @20 G ood bnght 20 @25 Fme bnght 2S @aO Fancy bnght 80 F11lers-C o mmon 5 MediUm 0 @ 6 Good 7 Fme 9 Fancy 12 @ 1 5 Wrapper B-Common 12 MediUm 15 @18 Good 18 Fme 211 @35 Fancy 40 @06 Extra fancy 60 @80 DORHA.M, N. C., Feb 29 -M.eeara. Web b & r Leaf Tobacco Dealers report to the ToACCCO L.BAF as f ollows -Very much wmd With contmuous o p n weather has prevailed dunng the week and rendered crusty and unmorke1a ble Race1pts have been li g hter, and the tone of the market generally umntere tlng LOUISVILLE,Feb 29--lalr A FacoatT Secretary of th e Tobacco B o ard of Trade, r e por1 to tQe Ton.A.cco L.BAII' as follewa Smce my last re port the markd bas been w1lhout any new teatures No rene twn fn m the depresswn of the past month 18 observa!lle and boyero &Dd sellers >1111 remain apar t I he recetp s of the"'"' crop show a morlff 10 v lunoe but d u uhtless the greater part of tt dostmeJ for tbt< ntarket w11l pass the breaks ere the seosnn IS h alf g ne Tile ag1tall o n relative to the tox questiOn Will naturally tend t o nns eltle hmmess and It 1 s J)O,.ible 1bat tb1s caw bmed w1th the macliv1ty of some of tbe heav1er buyers and the al.tsenci of pecu1atwn may for a t1me kee p pnces at sometlung hke tbe pre.eot btms Pre paratiOns are now 10 order for the commg crop and tllese fr o m all W8 can lear.n are on no stmted scale Burley seems to be the fu v oule "Rece1pts for the past week were 1 056 hbtla agam t 3 450 bbd s fo t same week lst year Sales for the week m o nth and ye.r and corre sp o n d m g penod of three former y!lars we1e a s fol lowsWeek M o nth 1831 7149 8 806 11 776 8 o95 J3 76 Y ea r 17 762 20 229 23 Vl7 22 1685 2 408 10 New c10p sold to date, 5,031 hhds QUOTATIONS Dark 260@ 325 3 75 4 00 400@500 5 2o@ 75 5 7 5 @ l> 25 625@ 675 700@ 850 9 00@11 00 12 OQ@l4 00 Burley 850@950 1() 00@12 00 12 50@14 50 lli 00@17 00 18 00@20 00 20 00@22 00 23 00@25 00 2li 50@27 28 00@36 00 LYNCHBURG, Va., Mar 1 -Meura Ho lt, Schaefer .t; Co Buyers and ltanllers of Leaf To bacco reeort to the TOBAOCO L'EA11' as follows -Rece1pts m our market show a consu1erable nc crease from last week. a flgures, owm g to the 'old and harsh weath e r at the begmnmg of tho "eek stil l they are moderately large and offer a fa1 se lectinn the bulk of them coos!Stil'lg of dark grades Pr1ces on the whole are unchang e d lug s somet1mes a httle uregular, and t he demand for all grades keeps up very well J CRANE'S PATENT LINEN PIBBB WAIBS. THE8J: UTENSILS ARE WELL ADAPI'ED FOR 1 TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS IJght, Durable, Air and Water..Tight.. t'F" Sample and Dlnatrated Catalogue turnlahed Oil a)JI>IIca&loD. MAYFIELD, Ky., Feb 25 -Puryear Myles lli Co L eaf I obacco Brokers report to the To BACCO L.BAF as follows -Qualit y mamly very poor, JAMES COLDSMITH, 741 BROADWAY, JrEW YORK. pnces sllglJ.Liy lower c1es of the new law All this has brought: w1th 1t a feeling of uncertamty, and, to IKlme extent, stagnatiOn for the present Agam. Hbcls unt il Wltbm the last few weeks, tbe market Rece1pts for week 123 w"s l e d by and m the hands of dealers and llece1pts sooce Janury 409 specuJatOI B W bO, With golden VlSIODS ahead. OJfenngs lor week 58 forced all home t rade, as well as Stlme export-Off e nngs for yea r 479 sort s up to the last notch and now that Ne < sales f u r week enher their money or pluck or both have-. Net "" les for year 459 gone, the1r droppmg out of the market lately Fit maT nATES PEn 100 roo,;ns as buyers baa r arUJ ally brought thmgs down To New York all rail 5 to the bard pa.o l a w of eupply ana demand. l 'o New 0 lexns, 25c w1th too much of the one vastly too httle B o t o o rate< oc above New York and Ph1ladel of the other nod s o home trade sorts bav& phaa 2c, und Balt1more ac below been dull and lower a s they w11l probably PADUUAH, Ky., Feb 2rr-Puryear Myles r e m a111 until the tax questiO n takPs defimte Cu T Jbacco Brok c 1 s reports to tbe shape and busmes C0 1 ts to the 1 osAooo L E .. F as follows -The ma1kct for the past bowed little an1mat10n Bu mess was dull m all o l d g1ades wh1le there was a dec tQe 1n da1 k new to bacco especially were common lu,l's and red leaf olf 1 to cents from early Februay puces whole the heav1er d a rk ste:nmmg and hppmg leaf has held up be Ler Pnces en tbee hav e beeu ea'ler o.lso wnb a good prop ortiOn o f eou e offe1ed We n ote a &II ht tmpruvement m pnces tha wek and to day there more life 1n all sorls of .tobacco, and th e very much loose breaks md1cate that there IS but little to market aud hereafter sahs Will be chJCfly of tobacco I quote fin e dark l eaf at 1. to cents, short leaf o to 7, long me diUm leal to go&d to very good dark g to lugs 2%: to Burleys-Out of only 113 hbds old offered th1s week, 20 tillers sold w1thm the ranee of last week's prwes, w1th a wrappery at 24 cents-the highest for old th1a week_ PriCes for low grades nommal at present. Yesterday a lot of "Imported" Mhsour1 fillers were offered, by the old samples, when reJec ted two weeks ago, but three hogsheads were btd On and reJected, the balance were passed leadmg buyes for manufacturers not.. makmg a b1d 'Wes t VIrgwta br e aks hav e Improved Rece1pts are much lig hter and the crop smd t o be about all 1n market Our break w11l be the largest for such th1s month Cutters h ave agam rallied to 20 to 40 cents, wh1le lew wr,.ppers bnng ove1 40 t o 45 cents MediUm wrappers and nondescr1pt bngbts are doll and h ave ruled lower w1Lh a g1eat m any taken 10 Old darks qmet The lrade bas sent as delegates Geo Peyton W1se, MaJ F Boykeo and Mr P eter Mayo to W a s baoglun with a pet 1t1oo askmg r ehef from tax ag tatwulnd actwu on Ldx question, favormg total abolitiOn h o wever Mr Jno K C u t.dre T the well knewn maaufac turer 1s a cand1date for CILV treaurer H brother S I Cb1ldrey has j u st retu rnene ol our oldest and mo>t popular monu M.r L Lottler and h,. three sons conduct a v er y and prosperous man1:1factuung builness but tbeu loss m wife and mother has ooen a mast t ry 10g one Mrs L o tller was excee d mgl)' popular ami notably chantable SOUTH BOSTON, Va., Mar 1 -Mr G P Apt Tobacc o Boker rep orts ,s follows to the toBACCo LEAF -Our rece1pts have fallen oO' Ill most to notblog tb18 week, and w11l n 0 doubt c u ntmue llgbt duuog Marcb All g 1 ades are a little stro11ger !bough not quota.bly h1glle r The remarkable firmness exb1b1tel by all thQ l oose markets of gna and N o rth Carolma nnder the heavy rece1pts of the pa t few weeks IndiCate, I thmk, h1gher pnces f o r th e fut ur e Dark Lugs-Comanon to medn1m Medmm 10 good Dak Lear-Comwon to medmm MediUm te good Smckers-Commo n to medtuJB Me llum to good Good to line F1ller-<.:ommon to medmm Medmm to good Goodl'to tloe Uurters-Common to medinm Medmm to good Qoorlto fine l!'ancy Bright W1aj)pers-Com Mc3 to goed Goofl hdine Fancy Mahogauy Wrappers-Com J\iedm m to 11 od Good to fine 3].(@ 4 4 @ 5 4"@ 6"t@ 8 4 @ 6 6 @II 9 @14 7 7 @ 9 9 @I' 10 @IIi 15 @20 20 @211 28 15 @20 20 @85 86 @IIIJ 60 @7/i 8 @ll 11 @IS 20 @25 LONDON, I e8 15 Messre Grant ChambeiR & Co report to the T oBACOO LEAl!' -We have 1 >report an act1ve matket, w1th a very pron unced feehng on the part of unporte1s to h ld for highe r pr1ces for llll descnptwns of American tobacco Consder able sales have lately been effected at ad vanced pnces Substitutes m moderate de mand Western str1ps havt sold freely, and for the better classes an advance has been realtze d on previOus pnces Virgma has uot operated In t o any Important extent Maryland not Ill request Ob10 moves off ve1 y s 1owly In Cavendish no change to re port LoDlovllJe Tobaeeo IDarllec. LoutSVILLE, Ky Feb 25 -Exceptmg for one or two s pemalt1es, th1s week has been the most 1rregular and dullest marke t we e bad for many months. w1th more perfect m d11fereoce on the part of a ll clasees of buyers, partwularly toward the c lose of the week R gardmg home trade sorts, most of the larges t manuf1t ctnrers m the country are carrytnK e x( v e l y heavy stocks of old and n e w l e" t uurl m as a protection agamst an tlctpate I h1gh!'t PJ 1ces later on, consequent u pon t lc Vt'r) Nmall crop of 1887, such stock In 'ausmg monetary strmgency On the other b and, j obbers of the manufac tUPlll artode led to fear h1gher prlCes of lP f ,ml nfmufactured goods, are loaded up ht' .vt ly w1th the latte r while retailers are worlnng down to tbmr last box, fearmg a re d uct1on of the tax, tf not 1ts entire abohtwn th1s session, wh1ch, 1f changed at all, must changes by manufacturers m r 2:es -.nd we1gbts of plug, to meet the exgen New Bulley-Otfer10gt>, 184 hhds more than last week, embracmg some very desuable medmm to fine fillers and cuttmg, whtch "e e-. strengthened all week, until yesterday wcJu Sl ve, by free buy10g for the l eadmg E811tern factory as w ell as by a fresh manufacturmg. buyer from St Lou1s I advance medmm. tillers to g ood lc, anti line with Moe cuttmg at 21 to (quoted as nominal las t week), and h1gbeet for new crop thiS we e k Smokers-Common red dull and nearer ms1de figures, wluch, much m1xed and. sofr, were very Irregular up to the close, wnb some sold at 4 to 6 o Colory was aiBO very and nearly all reJected, with br1ght.. common 1c better on 1ns1d e and &ood hgher on outs1da figures To day-The h1gher grades ot leaf were again duller, aad lower than durmg the week The lower grad811 aJso. closed weaker Heavy-W1th lighter off ermgs of old than last week, all export styles were exoeedmgly Irregular, buyers takmg a few now aud but apparently afra1d of soruethmg or other_ Afncan leaf w1tb quality 81ld leogth, and heavy tillers and wrappers SUitable for Can ada were taken more freely, and up to late priCes generally I reduce trash and common lugs ).lc, medmm lugs and good lugs j.4(J, and all grades of leaf w1th outs1de. ligures only for scund dry order. New Crop -Quantity about the same as last week. Some of the best Tenneesee and L'>can county. Ky seen th1s season offered to-day, the for mer selling at 18, 18 80 and $9 40 w1th low grades at $5 25 to $7 10, and the latter at 18, $9 40 $10 and $11, nearly allshor'-but fair to good quahty Quotatwns are unchanpd, but. for lugs nearer ms1de ligures Green Rtver IUlers, both old and new, were Without new featurea and unchanced. Light Red Ftllenr-Old very dull and meet ly reJected New lugs and leaf rather moreactive, export buyers taking a few at unchanged and a good many rejected. Nondescnpts-Oid and new 1n larger aupplv qu1te dull and urrgularly lower. The weather, wh1ch was soo mlld for the. seascn, 1 now e1:trem6ly cold, Wlth snow today ALEX H..&.RTWLL, Tobacco Broker. ()loeiDD&tl Tobaeeo l!Karlle& CINCINNATI 0, Feb 25 -Our thisc week baa shown no 1mprovement, but on the. contrary pr1ces were a shade eas1er on med1 u m to good &ld fillers. CoiQry BOrts were lDt better demand, wh1le for other grades very httle a01mat10n prevatled Oll'ermg dur10g week 398 hhdeActual sales durmg week Receipts durmg week 442 CUTTING LEAF Old. Common logs, nondescr1pt $7 00 to $9 00> colory 10 00 11 0()Medmm 11 00 to 12 ooGood 12 00 to 13 00 Common leaf .14 00 to 16 0()-Medma 16 oo to 17 ooGood 17 00 to 19-00. Fme 21 00 to 23 ()() New Common lugs, nondescript 5 00 to 7 fl() colory 8 oo to 9 Medmm 10 00 to 11 ()() Good .11 00 to 12 00 Common leaf 13 GO to 14 ()() Med1um 14 00 to 15 ()() Good 16 oo to 17 00 l!'me 17 00 to 19 00 HANUI!'AOTURIN G PLUG STOCK Old. Common fillers, dark 12 GO to 18 50 Medmmfillera some color& body14 00 to 16 00 Good tillers, red and KQOd body 17 00 to 20 00 Fme fillers, brght .20 00 to 23 00 New. Common fillers, dark ,10 00 to 18 00 Medmm fillers,BOme color & body 13 00 to 14 00 Good fillers, red and good body .15 00 to 17 00 F. W DOBBKAlU( & SoN, Tobacco Broken. I f


' i MA-R. 3 5 Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Jars. SMOKINGS, Packedin Tin. Foil, Paper, Tin or Glass Jars. AMERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOnNG. Cold 8pra NatlonaiLeacue Crown of DeiJsht Cherry Myrtl& Navy, Smoking Tobac!! L. H. NEUDECKER G:RntJLATED SIOIING. LONG CUT SKOitiNG. Stcwk, .. Home Comfort, Kiner's Favorite, Eagle, Old Tar, ltnive:rs&.l Favorite, Fawn, Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Lucky, Club JUlhbo, mer's Long Cut Bull Frosr, Detroit Long Cut Duke & liandy, Frog Long Cut. Baltimore, Md., DUTBIBUTIRG 1"011.. .... Clipper Double "five, ?acto Plum, BALTDIOBE AJID VIOIIIITL ies'f' CKonoco, Bed TaiL I A j)JPt'Y PJurn B k Oriental roo Sun Rise clock;. Dew t;)rop Bargain. Favor1te Invincible Clever Coada Mixture. Lucky Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, Brudder l!i ed, Elk. Smoki;;gTobacco / THE MOELLER & ASCHERMANN M _FG. CO., PLEDBLE. CIE!S_ELESS CI&!I IOLDS AD SllAPDl -ANDMakers' SllDDYes. SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CAT. !LOOUB. )( }( l( U1ll l ,, r, : 1r v y \, 1 1 FLEXIBLE, CBEASELESS CIGAR IIOLD. Dime Ram, Detroit ll:ixtures. Navy Clippings Green Corn. Cable. ackina.w, Present Use, Green Corn, filpanish. Labor Union. Wig Wag. German, Chopper. Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. The Xn:te:r::o.a.'tl.c:::o.&rl. Tobacco Refrigerating Company. INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK L M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES Preddeat. /..:;y -.,;,- DARIUS FERRY, /il'.i\TENTE' D \%\ AT vtce-Pretltdent. \S\ Df!i-New York, \ t S S G ;!f Lancaster, Pa., M. OPPENHEIMER, Trea8. and Sec'T. ....,., ; Edgerton, Wis. "'" t\r" .. MAIN OFFICE: 13R WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturers to the advantages derived from the use of..,ur system Tobacco. First: The ABSOLUTE preveutton of decay. ScconP SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, I SPECIAL NOTICE TO BOXMAKERS AND LITHOGRAPHERSl '' '' for Cie:ars, / We herewith give due notice to aJl Cigar-Box and Lithographers that we shaJl protect our rights. Box and Label Ma.kers who sell Boxes or Labels under the Brand and Title of : :' .. ';?. i.c <. .. .. I. t.! : : 'I .. 0 ./M 0' ,,,, 0 .... 0 SHE make themselves L:J:.A.BLE and will be prosecuted as 00--==::POSITI V EL Y L A ST NOTIC::al.==-FOSTER; HILSON & CO., .. ; I


GRAND YUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. Manuel Lopez a Co., LBADING BRANDS: . .. ANOBL 4 Co., "VICTOR HUOo, D REMATES," '' CELIA!' FACTORY OF IAMUHL RODRIGUEZ, No. 133, Havana, cuba. LIUJ>OIG BRANDS: mL -AND-U Flor de Manuel Rodriguez." TOBACCO LEAF.. Grand Hotel Pasaje, Havana. .= :-l a. CIS r.... ., Ill :I ID = i 'iii at:! .... = liD at:! .... CD Q en E Coo') 0 -"'11:1 = Cl -CD &; 'Doe L.AJIGJ:ft ... oa1y BO'l'II:L llll ._ lllucl et OoiloJol -.1 Ia 1M-pan fll .... ...,. .......... ....,-.._-.,......,_w,_ ., .......... ... --p-. OompleM &00 m...,....... for...._, :P. OA.STR.O .-, 00., PROPIIIBTORS. FEIJX lDJ'BIAS & 00 CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, catlo do la Zania 69, Havana, Cnba. Calle del :aaro JVo. 63, Haltana LBADING. BBA.RDt!:- L& Gratitud N "Remignton, ., "Rosa Co baD&." "Flor de Roaendo Reoduelea," "La Bociedad Comercia}, ,, '' La Rosa," J'lor "Hi Caridad. u MAR. 3. Havana, lataw i Koy tat, na. The celebraled BL R& YO Y-D8 fllllr, :New York om-1 a CII4IM' A FABRIClA Dll TABACOS DX.A..Z &; co LAGRANADINA" -AND-&IUIJr.&:fH.oe, 36 :BE.&. V'ER. &T., N'EJ">g''l7 'YC>R.;a;;;. .leJul B, Day, Chaa. P .& 'bbeJ'. --Paeker. aad Importer <>1--TOBACCO,= 121 M:aJ.den, New York. So that all other branches of the tobacco trade,_ Har&lary and Probable l'lnrder. as well as cigars, suffer as cigarettes become Tobacco buyers who made the Baum House more popular. And the worst of it is, there is their headquarters rat Miamisburg, had been no money in cigarettes, as there used to be five paying out money, and the b11rglars, who sup years ago, when they sold for 20c a package. posed a large sum of money would be placed in Now, all that we malher in the air. "Ladies,'' she began, "this morning the object which I bold in my hand, and which I am given to understand is a cigarette, was found in Mise Rapide's room. Mise Rapide, have you any explanation to ort'er of this scandalous circum stance?" "Pp-pleaae, Miss Duxbury," eobbed the culprit, hiding her face In her hands, "III didn't mean to smokethem-II only bb-bougbt them for-for-for the pictures!" moment later all of the paper had dis appeared, not a particle of ashes or other residue remaining, "Now, that paper is so thin arid of such fine quality," he continued, "there can be no especial harm In it. The paper used on the best brands of cigarettes is as good as that and some of it even better."-Washington, D. C., Star, --0 26 Totals... 131,365,161 119,395,210 96,411,630 Totals.... 3,4 9, 7 3,761,577 3,900,559 Decrease dur -'How can you afford to give a five-cent cigar and a shave for eight ceBtst" waa asked of a Randolph street barber. "Ob, I give 'em the cigar first an' they go aw&y without the shave, or I shave 'em flrllt an' they skip without the cigar. "-Detroit Jr'ru Pres&. An uninterrupted gain has continued to dis lng Dec. 2,315,605 5,068,066 2,4.84,8s2


MAR. 3 --.;..y-.:E TOBACCO I .. tJ-...1' llftllld 101 BROADWAY, NBW YORK. : ............... ..,., 11oew &o eall "' M te-or. Ole 'l'nde to oar 1arte .....;_.,,of N--Ill' eolal"-lllltel>le t.i Mow I ., ...._, fl. Le-.o, y, ........ 1&87. &, lVIANUFT'BS OF GIGABS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY .l.lo lm.porter o C:J:G.A.R.S &, LE.A.F T>:&.A.CCO, BOB &TlR.EI:BIT, 1\T::&J"VU" CUBAN HA.ND-JKAUE tiffi.A.BS. l, 1 ,114 Sansom St., ftC\" t. PBIUDELPHIA. f\\\\1\\\\lvu { !. n.\\\\ \\\ '' WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FRO; ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. w. T. HANCOCK, MANUFACTURER OJ' Fine Coil, Light Twist, Navy and Sun-Cured TOBACCOS, :l=t.1.ob.:b::l.o;n.d., V a. 1\TC>TXC:JI!J. c) 1\NUFACTUREd BY P.WHITI.!l!iii':'RICHMDND.VAi To the Cigar and Public Generally, It having come to our notice tlla.t some unscrn.. ttulous and pir&tie&l manufacturers infringed upon our celebrated brand o! OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by slightly changing the name and color o! label, we take this opportunity of caotioning the pubiic and trade generally against buying such goods, nder penalty of law. Ourbrandfsregistered &nd pretected by hw. Notice Factory No.1';", 2nd Diat of Virginia, on each bOx: also our name o n lAbel, etc. P. WHITLOCK, RIQHi'IIOND, VA, BALBIN, MONTEALEGRE & CO., -Importers and Dealers inHavana Leaf Tobacco AND CICARS, I 03 Maiden Lane, New York. SCRAP BUNCHING MACHINE CO. HAND MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,500 PER DAY. POWER II 5,000 ONE GIRL OR BOY CAN OPERATE EITHER MACHINE. Bener than the Best Hand-Work. 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. For terms particulars and references apply to ADOLPH lEWYN. Sec'y. No. 1228 Second Avenue, NE'VV' THE Cutters. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY 129 &. 131 Crand Street, New York, P&TENTEES AND Ill\ PITRE LICORICE PASTE. Our Friend, Mr. JAMES C. McANDREW, of New York who has hitherto had the sole agency for the sale of our Licorice Paate throughout the United Sta.tes, having retired from busin e ss we now aasume the direc tion of sales, assisted by the same able sta.1' heretofore employed in the work. We hope that this closer contact with our customers, by bringing us a more intimate knowledg e of their requirements, will be found very satis factory In rega.rd to the manufacture, which we have pursued for more than thirty our. constant aim will be to produce an article of U n i form purity and excellence, the high quality of which can be relied en under all circumstances, and which will continue to be sold a IIIIH aader the Lawo ot Uae under the llollllexedcustoma.ry Trade Mark ... 11aUed sc&e. Mac Andrews & Forbes, N'o. BB A.TER. STR.EET, You, 1st January, 1888. P. 0 Box 28. I{a &0e. 60S EAST 69tJ& STJU:ET, NEW YORJL CAMBRIDGE l"..r:l.e a1: "VP"e"t F1e>r:l.c::l.a9 a.:a.c::l. "Ye>rk. 0:1.-ty. Oftlce &Jad Salearoom:-51 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK, D H McA.Ip!D & Co TROJAN Scrau HAND and POWER. SIMPLE DURABLE EFFECTIVE! Dearstyne's Pat. Apr. 5, 1887. ALL SHAFTS OF STEEL. Poln& of 4 dYantace POIIIIMeed by l.he Trojan t CUTS WET AND DRY SCRAP. Cannot be Injured by Nails or Fore_ign Sub stances fed in with the Tobacco. ALL FILLER CUT UNIFORM AND OF ANY DESIRED SIZE. co..fplete Separation of from Smoktna and Filler. .NO F:Lo 'Y:J:l.'.l Gr ::J:)'[J" 8 T. When Dry Scrap will make 60 per cent. Ieos W"aote tluua AllJ' otller machine. Oe>"t rec::l.-u.oec::l. "to a nll::l.:a.:I.Ji:::l:l.-u.:a:1,;;;;;:;; .. &, Ce>., I 378 N'. Y. MAZERES, FRANCe.. ANCOULEME, FRANCE. L. LACROIX FILS, -MANUFAOTUR!CRS OF-ci&ABHTTH PAPER IN BOOKS, Reams and Rolls, and Copying-Book Paper. ::EKER.1Y.I:A.11111il'J!IIII' IS.A..A.C, Sole Aceat' and Attorne7 ill Fact for the lJ:oited Stateo, Also Sole A .gent for the lJnitod Stateo for -=GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.=ottice---stewart Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washington & Vestry Streets, 1\TEJ"VU" O:J:T'Y. Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Address P.O. Box 2,443, New D:l.a"t:r:l.b-u."t:l.:n.(!; .A.5e:n."ts "the Gr&"""' 01a.y P:l.pelil. FOR THE PACIFIC COAST,-Mlchalltlchke Broa. tk Co, San Francisco. ::HICAGO-Spraguc, Warner & Co. !!IT. LOUISF. R, Rtce & Co. PIIILADELPHIA-M. Newton, Fox & Co, P. Gaerra. Y. Cu...., GUEJUI,A HERM'ANOS, Packers and Importers of HAVANA TOBACCO 172 Water Street, NEW YORK. Estrella 63, HAVANA. David Buehner&: Oo u "' Catlin Tobacco Co St. LouJa. F. F. Adams & Co, Wilwau.l:ee. JOS. MAYER'S SONS, LEAF TOBACCO, 193' Pearl St., New York" CJNCJNNATI. -176 R1oe Street Our lat es t sample collectio n j u st issued, contains : WINONA. REGALIA DE ORO. FLOR DE RALEIGH. LOCK & KEY. BRIDAL BOUQUET. EXTRA G. IVORY PURE. MECHANICS' FIVE. Also a very rich set A (I labels also furni s hed blanlc \e EXTRA G w desire to call the kind attention of the Cigar Trade to our ORibr/NAL AND BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF 12 DIFFERENT a NEW STYLE ADVERTISING CARDS of very onique '2nd artistic appearance, representing a collection of special selected portraits of some well known American and European Actresses. Our Cards are MOST ELEGANTLY finished, and FAR SUPERIOR to the ordinary goods sold in the market, which as a rule are thrown away and costly at any price, while ou!' Cards will be carefully preserved, if for nothing else bot their artistic merit, which undoubtedly makes them A MBST DESIR ABLE AND LASTING MEDIUM FOR FINE CLASS ADVERTISING. We sell them at wholesale and retail at. a very reasonable price for the quality. Size of Cards 61/4 X 43}8 inches. Full Sample Sets of 12 Cards will be stmt prepaid by mail for $1.00. No Samples given gratis. WITSCH & SCHMITT, Art Lithographers, 94 BOJYERY, NEW YO.RK.,


8 THE TOBACCO LEAF. I DEPOT AND ACENCY .F. .. G:'i.INDE, ... iiiiiiitoN &co. .. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein THE BEST ALL fl'OBAOOO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS." Storage & Tobacco Inspection AdYaaee ea 810race Heeelp&e or Jlerellandlee a Speelalc:r. Cold Storage Warehouses for Tobacco liT .I'O.BJIIf8 PABil, 1'1'. T. BIHiiEBTOl'l'9 WIL o& ... lid II&., 1'1. Y. LAIUJAIITBB, PBI'Il'l'o FJR.STOLASS W ABEJ10t1SES: 1r. J. 41o B. 2. a. :De,.c, ac .l'olla Park, Jtl, 110, liS, 184 4lo 18G Pearl.,.....,, aad Wacer S&rHI, oe, os 410 ... Tllln:rt!lll' XN"SPECTOR.&. STORACE. 1..,9 &'tree .. V'ork.. _.. Cl0t1WTBT SAIIPLilf& .II.OIIP'rLY A'T.EXDED TO IIBAlfOBES-L&NVASTEB, Pa.1 F. ecHROEDER. 1!1 KorthQu..,..H.: J 0 IR'Vl;l{,ll88 llar:r JONNII:OTICtJT 1 F. BISSv, 245 !!tate at. ll&rtford ; C E GRI!'I'ING, l>aa"t.ury; II. New llllferd. BDGIKBTON0 WI 1 0 L CULTON. D.t.TTON, 0.1 W. T. :vm_ liM e.-no&. BALTIIIOBE, llld. 1 ED. WlSCHMEYER & 00., i17Bouth Oall'MII&. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. VIRGINIA AGENCY, Established 1838. ii'.A.&. ZW:. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 77 :Jr'ro:a.'t &'tree't, V'orl&.. .-..__IISPOHT 08DEII8 POB PLtJG TOB.t.VOO PII.O!UPTLT JI'J:LLBD. ZW:ARTIN & :BROADHURST, FOR EXPORT, t 95 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. 1:1'"' Tabacos Exclusivamente para Exportacion. ------ta:.tllf1!1PAtlTVBBB 811! Cigar Dozes, And Importer <.l GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole fOr llle .. r-. 0811:l'I'DBIIIWI A; ()0,) SAW JIULLt Jl.&VTOBT 311 & 313 E. lith St., 316 to 321 E. lith St. 1'1-ldATenue, y-.,rk... LEVY BBOTBEBS, FINEOIGARS Cor. AVE-NUt C & 13th ST., NEW YORK. The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., IIIANtJPAVTtJBEHS OP, 11311 II I!;U GBEElfWIClB liT., !fEW YOB.K. Ra.mmerschlag's Waxed. Paper, :Jro:r To"baoeo, Sold ID Qaanlllle &o 8-"' bJ' C .JOURCENSEN, 98 Malden Lane, New York. WORLD CIGAR FACTORY I We are Bole Proprletora ot the f e llowtng ....,n.Jm<>W1l B"'nds, Uld ah&ll p..-rut.e any infrlngeruaat, viii.:-SPECKLED BEAUTY, DOTLET, BEAUTY 8POT1 FRECKL'ED BEAUTIES. WERTHEIII .tl SCHIJTi:R, '03-,08 Eaa t S.Veatietll St., !few York. .......... A. PERSON, RABBDIAN & CO-t -A11Gt1ST11S 'l':&EADWF'LL.-&H>Tobacco biiT.tTIOif SP.t.lUSH LINEK A.ND PAllfVT ATBlPED VOTTON GOODS FOR PtJTTII'IG VP S!UOIING TOB&VCO. nu>da:BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, ADMIRATION, FLORIMl:;L and RAPIDAN. 137 MaideR Lane, The foUo"'lnfl' are onr Ageolo for the aale of o11r Manufactured 9oollo :-C. W VAN ALSTINE, 18 Central Wharf, Booton. XU..; .ARTH'OR HAGICJ! .t 00. 1 8 North Front Btreet, Pa.; !iF. O 'REILLY, Commercial Street, :Mo. : W G. ADAIIIS 97 l!t New York '-'ty; Wlll SEEAR, CbarleRten 8 O.; P H. :J!U& '' SPEA R HEAD '' PLU"G TOB.A.CCO, i:Tnive sally :Popular, has met wih a Greater Sale since its introduc. don than any other Plug in the .Market. Pao1:orya-0::13:%0, Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LBAF TOBACCO, 169 ST., NEW IOIIl JOS. LEDERMAN & S01fS. Paeken aad Dealen Ia L E A F T 0 B A C C 0, 140 MAIDEN LANE, S..t. Water It Front Btreell, !fEW YORK. 4.117 .., ... ae Elroozu.e &'t:ree't, "Y'ork.. J:N"O. CA.R.R,OLL, J B p T b c 1YI LIND.&;&. -lllanufacturer of the Famous and World-Renowned Branda ot ace 0 acco o., VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, JR..XO::&rJM:ON::J:JI, 'V.A. L. SPEAR & CO., 'Packera o1 LEAF TOBACCO LONEJACK& BROWN DICK. liiA.Nl1UCTtJHER80P J Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va. fiN.E BRIGHT NAVIES,t TWIST, c-OJLt, 191 Pearl Street, New York. cmterareopeetfall:rooucfledadpromptl:r-edto. PriceL!to&-oapplle&tl.... Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. Seed Lea.1' &ad ._per&en of '11111v&att-Tobacco, ... .-


MAR. 3 .. CHAMPION CIGAR FACTORY. KANUFAC'l'UBERS OF FINE CIGAR.S. Cor. 2d Ave. & 22d t.. York. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER OF H .AVA.NA, AND DEALER IN ALL .KINDS 011' LEAF TOBACCO. Cor. Wall and Pearl Sts., New Yort \\. i\. ti\ENDEL & 8110 Factory No. 278, 3d Oist., N. Y. lllaaunoecarer. oc cbe Celebrated Braau ol Clear., Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, L.a Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445 E : Tenth Street, NEW YORK of Gi[ars, s u 111 a t r a T 0 b a c c o o. I 'I or\r.a Bowery, NeW -OFd3 .0_9..._. __ A. Lichtenstein. Son & Co., Mana.lactarere o f CIGARS,. ,.. t: .... ::'!' ..,. SOLE AGENT, 105 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, ..a lreMilarcib Bldlllblceo t..Bdo-. &. o., aJrado 309 E. 59th St, New York. --C-.-F-.-H-A-YE-, --H-. _D_U_Y_S_, J-R-., ADOLPH MOONELIS, Agent for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA C I S ..., Larce "o,tment Alway on Hand 115 Pearl Street, New York. lve. D and lOth St., New Ynrk G. HARKEM:A, LUKWEL. & TIELE, r & BRO., SWORN TOBACCO BROKER. Sworn Tobacco Brokers, PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SampleBoom8: BrakkeGrond. OF ROTTERDAM, SEED LEAF TOBACCO, OfBoe: 0. z. VOORBUROW AL 286 to reeemm.ead Cbemeel're for Che D 1 purehae of 8nm.atra and .Jaya To-191 PEARL ST., Amsterdam, Holland. bacee ou u.e oucc b m:arkou. Re!ereoce: H. d e Mazlere, Esq., 41 Br<>ad lit. New York_ _P.o_.s_ox2t4._N_wY_ orlc. ___ J. H. A. GEBING, G. REISMANN, Sworn Tobacco Broker. ALTINK & PAPPENHEIM, OFflOES AND SAMPLE ROOMS : sumatra Tobacco. 0. Z VoorbUI'I\WBI !l90 & ll23 LEAF T 0 B A c c 0 J AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. l'J8 WATER ST,. NEW YORK. DAVIDSON BROTHERS. Havana and Seed Leaf Tobaccos 143 WATER 8T., ._.111&14enL&De, :Dire._. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF, HAVANA AliA..._._ SEED LEAF TOBACCO, U5 WATER ITBEET, ... r lllalden Lane, NEW YORK. .. JL BOSBilll. & ROSSIN & SONS, PACDIISOJ' seed Lear. .&BD IMl'OR'l'EB8 Oil BAYANA TOBAOOO, 178 Water St., New York. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Importer BDd De&lere in L E A F T 0 B A C G 0 IS29 MAIDEN L.ANE, Ow. FarPD, l =" Ja f NEW YORK. AHNER & DEHLS. JJ.IIV'C>. "'VV'. LO"V'E, MAN U FACT U R E R 0 F F IN E C I GARS, Factory No. 28, 3d Dlotriot, N.Y. S. E. corner I st AVENUE & 74th STREET, NEW YORK CITY. ::D. H. McALPIN & co., ... -, ILlNl1F ACTUllEill! OJ' THE CELEBRATED FINECUT 1 I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I LEAP "TOBACCO II And 190 PEARL STREET, 'Onward/ 'Gold Shiol.' 'Sailor's 8olaco' & 'Sllvor Shiold.' r='f.' t=NEW YtiRK. Manufactory & SaJesroom, cor. Annue D & I Oth St. New York. H. co., Buchanan d: Lyall, HAltANA AND SHHfl LHAF w o. 101 -vv .ALZ.. T02!t.:IIE. J O'O:rllla:a:D.e:reila1 Pa.otory, lB:ron.k1y:u., 2!11'. v ..,..,, .. re ... ronowtnc Oelolt........... ot 9 .Antonio Gonzalez, "WV":as: &, ao Xmpor"ters of Havana .UID. P..t.C.KEBS OP Seed. Tc::ba.ccc: 245 Pear l and 20 Cliff New Yvrk. I HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO.! 180 Pearl Street, New York. --------------. G-.:TST.A. 'V Havana Cigar Manufactory of TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENCY, A. w FOOTE" & CO., York; .M. W. PRAGER. Manufacturer or Cheroots, NiiW York: GARCIA &: VEGA. (tormerl.y Garcia a 1:iJrJ La 'De, JSI'e"'VVP" "'Fork ":01-?'-rPo"oque aita ,E. aond I LaRosa DeM.ayo" bral!ds,New York&lld.Baaaa, cane 11 Cl 0 K J U,.1 De L N, ma.m.u!u.cturers of ExclUSively Spantah Clear o n A N D s : avaHa gars cy w li, li'Ja. ; "La Doncella cte Orleans," "La Flor de Salvini,'' __ ..;...,..:.___;,;,.;.;:;....:.. _____ --" ForE?St and Stream, Rod and Cun," "American Field," ''Hyacinth," "El Contesto," "Java," "Key West." FREIGHT J. R. ANGULO, HOWARD L. JOHNSON, BROKERS, MANUF ACTURER OF Succesoor to PRICE&: JOHNSON -Clear Havana Cigars Importer. FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY. J L E A F T 0 B A c X.o""QQ"e: Ocean. -tea:D1 o:r 8at.1. -:CO,. P. O .Box3,152. 43 Exchange Plooe,-NEW YORK. SOLE AGENT. 119 Maiden L&De. New York. "DE CAPO" CIGAR FACTORY. JACOBY & BOOKilAN, MAN"QFACTURERS, 336, 338, 340 & 342 Eai.t 38th Street, FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. SCHLOSSER & CO HANUF ACTURE!tS OF FINE Cnban Hand Mado Ci[ars, Have Removed to N"e-vv :N'e-vv "York. Perd.. IMPORTER OF HAV AN .A. LE.A.F Tobacco MILWAUKEE. ADVERTISEMENTS. J'RANCIS F ADAM S [EA'taltll ahed ISnJ HENRY F AVEIIIL F F &, Cc::., M:aoaOlctul'en ot tbe folloWIDC Celebrated B ran do. ef' FINE-CUT CHEWINQ & SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Chewing : TaJly Ho t Arotnatic. Smoking: Excelsior, Standard. .A. JOHN P. GOELZ & CO., l!ANUFAOTUREES Olr J. G. FLINT, Jr., li'Iaaaf&cturer of CIGAB-S, FINE. CU_lD_CHEWING 2tt3 to 299 W011t Water Street. l!eoood Ward Baolr. BulldiDg -MILWAUKEE, WIS. Smoking Tobacco, F Milwaukee, Wis. FRED. SCHULZ, !G. FERNANDEZ & GO. Packer aad Dealer in 1 Jm t Havani.TObaccu. 224 Pearl Street, New York. 2o6 Pearl" st., New York. .JOS, S. GANS, 111:.\X GANS, MEYEU ROSENTHAL. GANS BROS & ROSENTHAL, Pn.ckerw ot a.nd Dealen lo and Tobacco, :N'o. 150 S-treet, :row e'Q'V York. BRINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG MACHINH. Patonted { UoltedState9lllayS1,181lo 1J Canada, Sl, 18tl2. ., 1 l Will make plugl!l of aU mzes, from t to 4 Inches wide aod f rom 4 to locbes long cheaper than any otber ma.c.hioe in the market, and Ia now in use in over one hw;.dred o f the la.rgeit,&. tactorlea In the United States. Correspondenoe solicit.ed Address ;J, H, BRINKOP, QDID"Tt DUnol .. CANALS Pro-prleCore ot Cho 81 m !.:U 1 t El Progreso & .La Flor d&. '' f 'J 'q. ''''p' Guanes Cigar Factories, KEY WEST' FLA. KEY WEST' FLA P.o. Box llfo 10. 65 Barclay St., New York SEIDENBERG & CO., MANUFAtJTlJRERS OF New York & Key West Cigars._ 327 East Slxtythird st., New York. ED. WISCHMEYER, HY. ED WISCHM:E_ ER & CO., TOB.A.CCO COM!viiSSION 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST.. Baltiinore. lid. TO:U.A.0008, ..... 226 Pearl Street, New York. .-.-""' ..& 0 0 THE JOHN CO:MPANY. THE PEASE TO::EJ..A.CCC> CUTTING MACHINE. I M. SILVERTHAU & CO., -MANUFACTURERS OF" Beauty Dots" 306 E. 71at St. New York. MANUEL ALVAREZ1 .EXC:LVSIVELl' 213 Pearl Street, New York. (!!::!'!YILLIL ..._ l.. ... .... ,.....-&&-PX..A.::to.fET, FANCW DAR&: NAVIES; .N:EIPTUl.OirE, J!',\NCY BKIGDT NAVI-l ... X.U&lE!E, aT.&NDAB. BBIG.DT N.A.VIBSJ B.A.:J:X.O:E't.'S O:lEI:O:J:O:EJ, ST.A.ND..t.RD D.&.BK. !f..t.VJIr..., "'pala

10 I-AEAF. MAR. 3 Philadelphia Advertisemen'ts. ( &, T.A.XTT, 'Importers of Havana AND J:".&.CKERS OF .Qaltimore Advertisemontl!ll. WM. A. BOYD & GO., IMPORTERS OF Seed. Lea Te>ba.cce>. Commission Merchants for the Sale. of Manufactured Tobacco.. H AVA N A AN 0 S U M AJ R A' f 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. l TELLER. BR.O& t Packers, Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in 'FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, J 117 North Th-ird Street, Philadelphia. And Packer& or Seed Leaf, 33 South Stl'eet. Baltimol'e. E. BATCHELOR & CO., _Packers Seed Leaf and of Havana and Sumatl'a Tobaccos :t 09 :N'or'th. 'VVa.'ter &'tree-t. LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, ltlanurae1orers of" Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER CUT PLUG -AND. Luxury Fine Cut in Foil. I FRISHMUTH :BRO. & CO., 151 N. Sd Slree'C and 1219, Z21, 223 & 225 Quarry St., PHIL,\.DELPHI.\., YOUNG & ELLX& &. CO., 111&NlJF.&.CTlJRER!l OF :SEN GAL CHEROOTS, .1.1100 Importer. of Cigars, Cor .. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore, I J NEWMAN, a.:11c:J. Lea.:f GD lSl FH.C>N'T 1 BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMERICAN OS AND ENTERPRISE CICAR FACTORIES, P.A.. :rl3r. &. CO., J'IJ.\'>lJF.\.CTiiRERS OF SMOKING TOBACCO, S:o:u.:f:f" a.:n.d. Ciga,rettest t 81 WEST P _RATT ST., BALTIMORE. JULIUS c9 & CO., )E-ACKERS OF SEED LEAF and IN TOBACCO, 115 SIT LEWIS BREMER'S WHOLESALI!: DEALERS IN lEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A Large Aasort...,.ent of aU ldnds of L4paf Toba.cco coaetantly on hand. L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS & DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. IMPORTERS OF .Sumatra and Havana; No. Ill A.ll:t::H STJ!UlET, PHiLA.DELPil!UA. ...... AUGUST EI:SEN ... O f!R FREYER. & EISENLOHR, Packers and Wholesale Dealer in TOBACCO, J 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. f 'BEN" J L.A.BEI, Packer anil Dealer in LE.A.P TO:EJ.A.CCO, 231 and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. .. .-ory Ne. Phlladelpllla.,., Theobald & Oppenheimer, BATCHELOR BROS., MAI\'UFAC'l'IJRET'S OF KIDEayu:ctErA ..... SoTr PINE CIGARS, A:rm DEALERS IN CIGARS, Spanish and Domestic Leaf Jl'e, 111 Jl' orth Thlrd Street, I231 Uhestnut St., PHILADELPHIA. .PHILADELPHIA. .A.OEN'i'B rca .,.,... MILLER. 4 Pi:T!:Bs CINCINNATI MQLDS. STIU.PS ETC. "' EST&BLISH-I 846. f 1PANI&H ciiffi FACTORY. &eneral Commission Mercbants, LASA. & MILLOS, .._, STREET 802 Chestnut and 29 s. lith St. )0 North Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA. ----------1 F. X. KEI.LY, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco. Agency, :us AJI(iD n., J:"hhlatlelplll .. r&. CIENERAL AGENT FCB WILSON A McCA!.LI. Y78 PLUC I ALSO MANUFACTURERS 01!' I "liiiNERSO EXTRA," "PORT. "F. II. BISEJHOFII"S GEKJIIAN., ,.0<1 -Other Brands of SmokinaTobacco. .. Also "HERRE DE LA REINE," "SWEET NECTAR,,; and other Brands o! Paper and AU-Tobacco Cigarettes. New York 66 South Washington Square. SNEERINGER & CO., JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., '3 Soutn Howard St., BALTUIORE, Importers of Havana I PACKERS OF 41W P.lCJCI:RS or r And Dealen In SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Havana & Sumatra Tobacco, ao cerman st. Baltimore. Togetherwiih the LARGEST Stoek Q f Welllvltetheattentlon of MannracturerstoOGI' 'P 'C'.G-T C>.:B A. 0 0 ltGck of Dak .,... Ot any House In the State of Ma.rylaad. tvhlch we make Westei'D .Advertisement& I. L. DUNLAP & CO., ......,.,- to Jno. B. Clanet & Co. CINCINNATI, 0., Manufacturen ot NAVY TOBACCO, A.nd .&aents for Promlnen& Vfr:;r;lllf.a oC Twist & Plug Tobaccos. F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, lEAF TOBACCO BROKERS S, W. Cor. V!.no & Front Streeta, CINCINNATI, O BRANCHES: lftla&miRbura. o:-c;1a;aT Tobat"co. CJarll.sviiJe, J'enn:-DHrk 'J'obneeo. \V. G. MEI'ER & CO. LOUISVI:l:.!.Z, K;y R. MEIER & CO., CINCINNATI. O, LEAF ;-TO BAGCOJ .Jon"t E. JAl!E3 0 :ER:iST. Palm Leaf Tobacco Works. PERKINS & ERNST, MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Plug Tobacco Blu o (Ex ra Fine). Palm 1 f"af Drumstick, Blue .73-y, Key :Sutt(rfly, Penny PlUi{. OJTJCII: J.l9'\ Pike St. COVINGTON. Ky. HenrJ' Gelae, 186'7. Benne Damna, THE GEISE. CIGAR BOX CO., Successem to Henry Geise and Stickney & D'Ianafaclorera of' all Kld ot C X G-.A. R. El 0 :lK: E S. :llt:L :X..a.'be1 C:lca.r H.:llo'bo:a., and aU o&:her Cle;arm.lllterat 8oppUea. ....... Stock of all the Leading Labe l Houa.. Cenet<.tly on )J&Jldo 93 O:X...A. ""JZ'" &TH.EJEJT O:J:N'O:J:JSI':N' .A.T:E, O. H. BTALLO THE GEISE LUMBER CO., MANUFACTURERS OB' SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Ciga,:r Bc::m: L'U.IX1ber Faotorieo: 101 & 103 Eaot 8th St., Cl.noiml.atit and Weot VirJrl.aia. OBlce: 93 CLA.Y STREET, CINCIJI'NATI, 0 Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED [n Plain o r Fancy De.l;rn, of Pl ain. Gilt or Colored Tin a.1 Lowest Prlcea_ Sam p i a Tags and. ftili information tu.nrlshed on application. J. M. ROBENSON & Co. 22-1>229 c.,,tra\Av. CJ: lXT 0 :J:N"N" .4. T:J:,. <>; W. BEST, Chicago; I .ORIN PALMER, New York; W. H. RUSSELL, Cl:lcago. JEies"t, R.-.:asseJ.1 &. Ce>., Successors to J OHN C. PARTRIDGE & CQ. W -HOLESALE TOBACCONISlSB Advertisements from East, West & south. H:mG>A.LB Bli:J:OE Connecticut & Havana Seed Leaf Tobacco, EAS. T HARTFORD, CON A. F. RICO & CO., DJPORTER9 OF Havana Leaf Tobacco, t 8 Central Wharf, BOSTON, MASS t ll. lltA YO. !'HOlllAB l>:J'KIN80 P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact,rs. RICHMOND. VA. ICII'l'ABJJml]m BY A.. KAYOOriglnatorB of the sty 16 an4 D&ID6 zo.A. V"Y. T <> JB A. 0 0..,_ NAVIES A SPECIALTY IN Ai.L !llZ1I:8, JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant For Pllrclaue ol J:.EAF TOBACCO, :Ja%C:U::DI:t0l!lil 'V .&. V. S. WRIGHT, Successor to Edwartl Peynado &: Oa. DIRECT IMPORTER or CHOICE HAVANA SOLE AGIINT F08 Sole ProDrietars ortM Genuine J GOLDEN CROWN & 'DIAMOND' Ci[ars. Lozano,Pendas& Co.s Clear llarana Gaoal 3'7 a.:a.d. 4.1 1!11:a'te &'t., Ch:loa.5o SOU!: AGENTS FQR THE FOLLOWING WELLKNOWN FIR!IIS:-BTRA.!TON & STORM'S Clga!s a11.d Cig-arettes;; D H 1-tc.ALPDT & 00.'8 TobMco; LOZANO. PEN' DAB & CO.'S Havana Cigar.: I> F GRAVEI.Y S Plug Tobaeco; W. T BLACKWEI.L & CO .. Durham. N. C.; J. J. BAGLEY &'e()O'S "MAYF.LOWER," Dotrolt. Mich.: J. W, CARROLL'S 'J,ONE JACK," Lynchbur!r Va. .JOODWIN & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE "eTobacco "nd HALL' S "BETWiilEN THE AtJTB." and KINNEY TOBACCO CO. '8 Cigarette&. AGENTS FOR E. H. GATO'S KEY WEST CIGARS. WM S KIM.BALL & CO'S VANITY FAil! TOBACCO & ClGARU'tES .RO!:IHES"J:ER, N.-'l; B. SUBERT & SON, L Lear. scraDs. 231 E. HANDOLPH STREET, LEAF TOBACCO, cn:loa.;;o, xu.. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, UL Hotel MD4 Oan &.Stands. ::a:::y. 1 D. E. SOULE, Packer ot and Dealer In HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, NEW MILFORD, CONN. W. F. ANDROSS, Commission Dealer, E&.ST H&RTFORD, CONN, Will Buy old or new Leaf tor Den.lei"B or llaDufacturera 4iirect f om the growers. Twenty years' experience. SILAS C. HUDBARD, PIPER HEIDSIECK Grower&PackerofleafTobacco, H.t.TFIELD, !11Jl"8 PLUG Co MILLER & TOBAC Dealers in Leaf Tohacco FLAVORED WITlt TBB Lanc-&er Co .Pa. CELEBRATED. PRONOUNCED BY JUDGES CHAMPAGNE ,wtNPl HOLT, SCHAEFER&; co., PIPER REID SIECK. Buyers of Leaf Tobacco The Finest Chew Extant. NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS, L <> X.E0 :H: Y. R. & W. JENKINSON, I O'NEIL, MANUFACTURERS O F ', Packer nnd Dealer In I OHIO SEED LEAF TOBAGGO AND Day"ton.. 0 No. t t 5 Mould Stogies, Orders S"or Export and .;orne T:ada PITTSBURGH, PA. j Promptly &ttcnded To. X. e L:i"Vezey &i C410o POPLAR and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPlANED, -AND-IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, ::S:::"Y". IJ?Itatlon Cedar manufactured 1p': our PATENT process Is the on13' PERFECT Imitation o f Sparush Prices and rates o freight given upon application L11"NCIIBVRG, VA. Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, .RICHMOND, VA, PAUL C. VENABLE, Leaf Tobacco Broker, DANVILLE. V.&.. C. P. APT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, !lOlJ'I'H BOSTON, VA, All grades Virgini a and North Carolina leal bought on or8er. An e x-perience of seven yeam. Correspond6nc e sol ic ited. COLEMAN BROS., J Buyers and Tobacco. Scrapo and Stems on Commiadoa. JOHN D. SKILES JAMES B. FREY. S::R.ILES d) FR.F-i"Y, ) I P&.CKER!I OF .&.ND DEALERS IN Ponnsylvania Sooa Loaf & Havana Sood Tobatso, 61 A 63 North Duke St., La'lcaster, Pa. PEORIA CIGAR B8X CO., Ed. WISCHMEYER "'co. Henry Hoklas, Prop., Tobacco Commission .Merchants, :J?EJOH.:J:.A. 39 !l, sr 'laUlrnore, Md. M.anure.cturer of all Styles of Ci.gar Boxes, A R. FOUCERAY, AND 1' o bacco Ins pecto r. Cigar Mannfactnrers Supplies. App<>intod by the Phlladelphl Board of Trl\de. __________ ....;._ 83 N. Front Sl,, Philadelphia, Pa. E. 'i'OREE. N. FUREY. GEO A. FOREE./ JAS. 1 HENnEnsoN & en. Foree Tobacco Company, DEALERS IN MANUFACTUilERs OF V1rgmla and North Carohnt. LEAF TOBACCOf FINE NAVY TOBACCO, ... .. "' ., Jrderfl Solicited LOUISVILLE, Ky. Retorenceo oN. N -Sbeiton. 1>': X. llu:toz>. a. c. !.J....,HA.nit N. E. R. MIT CHELL &: CO., Bost<>n F. c GREENE, JAMES T. KENNEDY, o'T'oiAcco. Leaf Tobacco BrokerJ Albany and Janesville, CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. 'V'V:J:SCON'.B1N' Refers bypermlaalonto'!(-rs. Sawyer, wanCo., New York: The-:,. Schwartz 1/i. Co., Louis-Fine Cigar Leaf a \"'ila. Ky. L Abner Harris, Loulslll<>, Ky, ; H. H. 1 R Clark IE 11ro .. R W. Macrae, C88hlr: A. H.,, Amp e St

l MAR. 3 Business. Directory of Admtiscrs. NEW YORK, 8ood Leaf"'"' B""""" Tobacco .Var""""" &!mer &: Dehls, 190 P!l&I'L .ANwlt & J'rlngant. 151 Water llllell & Sou, 166 Water on.wtord E. M. & Sou, 188 w-DA'Yidaon BroL 143 Water Day, J oha B. & Co. 121 Malden Lane Sgert Wm. & Co. 246 P-L l'alk, G. & Bro., 171 Wate. l"'leclman, Henry, 152 J'r'lRU \ l'rloa4 E. & G .t Co. 12P lt&ldOD LAlla. 8ua Broe. & Roaenth&l, 150 Wa&er. L. a: Bro. 1911'earl. Clreenspecht M. 191 Pearl a-biUIIonle. ameo G. 64 Broad. P&ulltocb lL 179 Pesrl lltoppel, E. A :U Beaver. Freight Bro.. Bmllb w. 0. and .ll.zcbauge plaee -r of I ""'D & 101 W&ll ....,.,_D. a: Oo. 173 aod 1711 Duane. 8oodwtn It Oo. foot of Gralld Street, E. B. m-ey Broe. lloill Weotlllld J.Qman I. H. 114-llG Liberty and 118-!Jt OedR lle&lpiD D. H. & Oo. cor A venue 0 aa4 Tea-. lllller llln B. a: Oo. 97 Columbia. Ar!rllelleo Brothers, 112l'e&rl Amlreol\1. 1113 PearL Ash L. & Oo. 779 3rd Ave. SO.Oy a Leoerer, '70th at. ud let ave. Cartaya J .a:. ol: Co. 8 Cedar. Condit Stephen G 4MI-447 E. lOth Cigar Jlanufactorv, 4ld Foote A. W. I< Co. MAlden Lane. .-re,-Brae. & Co. Jl542-1348 Avenue A. Jl'romerL F 77th st. oor. 8d and Lexington an. .Babn. Br118801 & Co. 423-4ll9 E.68d St. Ball 'thoo. 11. 1!09-211 E 37th. Heyman Broe. dt 1.011'0Dif M&lden Seymour Chaa. T 188 Front Vep. ltlorron II< Co. 137 Pearl VIU O, 140 Malden lane Well& Oo. 661'1ne Jloftu,_.... of &or WM (Noaro. ll&rr&DCOIIL & Oo. 66 Bare_..,. BUinpr J. & Co .. 61 Jlnrray. Qato E. H 39 Beaver l!eldeaber& and Co. 327 East i84. v. Jl,arw1eo Ybor & Co. tiV Water -'""' f or. ,.,.... Broe. o1: Bondy, 1Jtlaa4 Brklr Pipet ....., of """"'---alb Wm ol: Oo. 1111'7-'lOill!road...,. R"mfmUD aroe. &: 8oD4J't 1J8 ud 111 Qnad Wels, Carl, 69 Walker J1o,.,.,_,...., of Lleorioe ,.,.,.. C&renol! & Tor, 18 Cedar. llac Andrews & Forbes, 66 Wuer IICUdder 1!. V. & F. P 4 Cedar. lltamford .Manutaotarlng Oo. IIW llaY
f)rler atgar .llloldo. Dtolol H. W. W II:IOTeath 11. Qoedwtn 1: Oo. toot Graod st. 11: a Ball Tllca&8 B. ION11 B B'ltb. Oo. WefRlllol 1l1ofl;n. or To-aod Ollar Lt.bela ud Trim ao.:u'l.:":a aadlN N. 'WIDiul .. ......,. Loula E. & Oo. n-w cor Pearlud-. -umacher & J:ttliner. 82-311 Bl W-& l!cllmltt. IN llowery. ll(fn Ha,..,... Oipr Fla-. OIIUbl Ja&. ....... ce, liS John IFrlee Ale1 & Bna 92 Reade ....,...une J B. & Oe. 168 Ohamben FIG""rlwg &true,.. DodP & Olcot .ll/frl. of (}IgOr llloldl. J)QimJ1 d: l'e....,.llfc Oo. '18 B lilt'* Oroolle .oo.,_ 7111 ,__, Jl..u ..... mod TUow. QreKe JobD J. Oo. 188 Grand Jloft"tactwer of Ol9or Bib-. wm. a 0o. oor.iot avo. and Blllot. RueMI1 Tobacco KD.IYII. (loalmaN ud .Morray. 76 Reade. Sole AftDtll .llacAiftortl Jor elgar -..,e. 1'111-183 Lewis lt. JlacAifl"1/. 11 Y Tobacoo 'llacbloe Oo. 104 John .t 9 Platt 'Jinfirl of Liftte Glat John &. WilllamB Co .. lOll Cbambers Tobacco lWaoD A. H.antman & Co. 457-8 Broome Cigarette Paper. Hermann, Stewart BulldlnJI:, Broadway and Cbamt>era The Sphinx Cigar Factory. SUTRO & NEWMARK, ....-: 2d Av: and 73d St., New York. Factory No. 412, 3rd District. Eel.. ::aergb.a. c;e:, Co., Manufacturers of Havana Cigar Flavors, (JJGAK COLORING, PASTE 8\V.Eil:TENINGl!l, -clo1 EJa.a1: &eoo:n.d. &1:., O:l.:n.o:l.:n.:n.a.1::1.. e>, Linef\ Fibre Ware, Ooldemith J 744 Broadway Hftr ot Meersebaum and Amber Goods. Weis, 69 Walker Progress Scrap Bunching Machine. Progress Scrav Bunclting Machine Oo., 12. 8 ALBA'NY, Jf, Y. ... ....,aotu ....... 0/ ,..,_ .. A. Son& 822 Broadway AIIISTBRDAIII, Holla.a41. 81Dorn Toboo. I'Nweia&Co. BALTIMOR.E.Md. 8ood Leal Gild Iii',.,.1 8Utft BolW'1. UaTeragt Goo P 31 South Oharleo Nanuf"cfurert of Bengal Cherotttll. Eilla H. & Co ., cor. B<tmore and Sharp. Jlftltrt. Licorire Pa.te Young J. 1!. o1: Co., cor. Booton and Elllott st. Mnjlr Tnbace0 Dryer. Watt's Uni!orm Tobacco Dryert 881larket mwc:onr..a.n. o, rJI{JIYI' 11-797 W. Stb. 04JBr """ TobaccQ Broiuf' loh.nSO& W A. 18 West 2d.. IMf/ Tobtw:co. R & Oo. Newbnrgh L., 143 W. Pearl. 7'ot>O """'"'"""" JfereNMa. rracue a: Jla...,u, VIne and Froat Jta,.utacnoron or (}jgar-aGelae (Jigarbo>: Uo 98 Clay. Trost. 8. W. 118-1011 N Canal Manutaetnrer ot Till TuB. Ji:OIIIDIOnJ. 111. & Oo 225 W2d andlliiOeat;raJ A Tobacoo Manufootluera. J)unlap A. L. & Co. 58 II: !id Lea! Tol>a<>OO-.. l)obnnann F. W. ol: Sou, cor. VIDft ud _., Jlflro. of Oi{lar .llloldl. :.Miller, Dtsbrul & Peters, lM-1159 E lid. Mnftr& of Hav&n& Clar 11aTOJ', BergbaUIOD !: Dohrmann F. W. ol: Son. )[ennedy Jao. T. COVINGTON, KJ'. lokmt&.fac*Ur.,. of Pt"'/ T.,..,_, Perldmt & Ems, 1511-1116 Pke. DAlfVJLLE. Va. Dollleo'l a014 Br<>Mro ,,. 1--.t 'Relulenoa. Jm"" A. & Co IDckaoD R. L & Co. LuJJ 7bbcJco '.Bro1rMI. Blnalw o,. Order. F.....UP.W. VRaable P. C. ll&nufa.cturer of and North Carolina Smoking Tobacco. Trowbridge Wm. H. DJ::TMOLD, Germaay; ]llanufaeturen of Clg...-Bo:o: L&bela. Gebn>der Klingenberg. DETROIT.IIIolo. """'" Of 07&e1ftflo!IA dm<>irfft{l Toll. mod Oigorl 4merlc&n Eagle Toba co Co. -TobaccO Co. IIJI-611 Larned"' DURHAM. Jr, C. AfCJfliVfacturen of 8molri"9 Tobaooo. BlaclckttloU' DuriiBM Blaclcl<:o9 Broiler Tboml*> Gee. V HAVA'NA Cuba, CfgarOoM"'iaiotoJI_,.. Havana 'lob&COO eo. 64 Prado Jfota."racn..rer o} Olgora. Asc&no Sebastian, Suarez &1. Banceo Juan A. 158-150 Industria oVeet. CUeto Juan & Co., Estrella !9. Colmenaretl & Prieto, C&lle de San Rata8 !:Ill. Cortina y Gomez, Calle de Ia Estrella De CapototJa,d.e Lns LANC.iLSTER, p.., Packers ot and Dealers In Leal Tobaooe. .....,1 Jacob L. 213 W Klog ot Bklteo I& Frey Gl-811 N Dult:e at Iuuraace and Real -te. llauaman & Burns, 10 W. 01'1Lngel!t. LIVERPOOL, J:Da. Tobacco Bro'Ura. l'an7 & Oroobles, 28 Pa.r&dlae Stree&. LONDOJII9 Bac Tob&oco, Olgar and Leal ltferoban'l. Qratr L. G l'eAcburcll Bulldlngo, E. 0, LOUUVILLE, KJ' PfU{I Jlo&t&ttlactornro Fo,.... Tobacco Co. l'IIDI!a<. Doerboefer o1: Oo 18t b and ltfalo IIefer W. u. ot J:.rll Tobooco Broker& Oallaw&Y James F comer Klghtb alld llab! Lewfo, Rlch'd .M VJO-glo. Wesldala Meier Wm. G. k. CA. C3 Nash Goo. P. 1014 West ltfalnot Gf a-ana ()jgan, Mmtu/actnrua .Agent.. Sobetrey L. C. & Co., 184 4111 av Tob. Alft/tri' Rupplt'es, Licora.te, FlatJOr, de. Jucbluth & Raut. Veublo II. W. o1: Oo PHILADELPHIA. s-1 LeD,t mod B .. ,..,... n>oacco w ... .,._. L. & Co 111 Arch llakshelor E. .t: 0<>. 109 N. Water ............ Lewla Ilona. 822 North 'l'l1ml Donan o2 Taitt 1111 Arch Freyer .t EIBenlobJ.:t118 North lid. L&be Benj. 231 l'iortb 8d ltlcBoweu .Ill. Jt. a Oo. 608-80C5 Oheotnu$ -J. Blnaido& Co.li2Nortb w Teller llrobertJ. 117 l'lortb Third Vetterleln. J ol: Co .. Arcb Young & Newman, 62 N. Front Importer of Havana Leaf. Portuondo, Juan F., Sansom. Importers of Havana and Buma.tra Tobacco. Oreacll J B & Co. 184 CbOitllU .. 11' .... _.,......, or G'IDcln. Batchelor Bros. 1:181 Chestnut. lloltz, Clymer & Co. Dunn T. J. o1: Oo. 207-209 N. Broad Ell!eulohr 0. Market Gray,ltforaleo il: Dalton. Pine. Holloway & Swaun, 705 Market. Mllloo, WI! 11111 and BOll Cheotnnt M&ne, Wiener&: Co. I lOti .. enue Ponnondo Juan F. 1114-lllb &noom 'l'lleObaidl& Oppenbelmer, 111 Nonolld Mitra ot FIDe-Cut and Bmoldng Tob&oco. J!'riabmutb llro. & Co, 151 N. 8d and 2211 Qu&rrJ 'I'60aclcao-ei(Jor-"""" 4lleD a GJDter. -fA/act.....,. ot Plug a ToiJGc>oo Hancock W T. Jlayo P. H. o1: Bro., 15 '1111. 81 Pace I. B. Tob&COO 0>. 1..-/Xooacoo.. Orllmp, E. T & eo H Colwnblan moe&. Dibrell w. E. JJghtfoot L. B '[obaccO hcbange Building w-Ja&.ll. of O:d Virglfw.ia Cla.erOGU. Wh!Uock, P. .. Jlll1bleer ot Oo 1111 Jla1n ldotr of "Virginia Star" Cheroots. Hillblaer Chao. 13 >!oun 18th BOCHEBTER, y, of. 81a.Uld" 6'it1t: 0.1, 'BtlJ, Bow S..Oidng, mt4 h Im.PeTIllooo alld Jl:imball w B. & Oo. BPIU'NGFIELD, ._ ,.._,&Jobt>or or Smith B .tl!eu, :ill llamp6a Pool<.,., ot Sud Leo/ aftd Mroftr of Oi(lan. Town"' Fuller o1: Co 41-41111amJodllll fi TROY. Jr. Y, Trojan Sorap Maehines. Dea.rstyne & Co. 878 River St WHEELIJIQ, W, Va. -..rtn of Ha.aoa. 80ed, T(J!and StocleOipn aod Dealensln .-. Te-abD a BraDdfaM. 11193 .Ma1n It DealeT ... ()jgar O...Hoop. B!ocbBroo. WI'NSTON, Jr. C. Tobacco Brokel'll. Oolem&D llroe. YOR&, Pa. Manntacturw JMObLlls,.t Towne, Fuller & Co., Packers of Leaf Tobacco Manuf'trs of Cigars, 41, 43 & 45 Hampden St., Springfield, Mass. R. LINDHE. IM President. IT II &. MANUFACTURERS OF fi,NE CIGARS, AND DEALERS r:; LEAF TOB.A.CJCO. JJ 10.14, 101611018, 1020 SECONDAV.ENUE, 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREEi', :N'E VV 'Y" C> FI.:J3:. ARGUELLES BROTHERS, Ci[ar M Proprletora of the Br ...... 1 LA FAM:A, LA TUYA, LA RITA. 172 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. W. J. BROWN, VlcePresident. LICHTENSTEIN BROTHERS COMPANYm Incorporated September 6, 1886. MANUFACTURERS. OF CIGARS. &"D'OOEJ&IBO::E'&.B TO LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., Factory No. 50, Third District, N. Y., BROWN & EARLE, Factory No. Third District, N. Y., Cor. 38th Street and Avenue. Cor. 38th Street and 118t Avenue, Ofti.ce:-?0? .A."'V'e:n...:ae, .. KAUFMANN BROS .. & BONDY, lmporteos and Monuf;otuoe7 of Ci[ar M & F Avenue, 32d .. aa ........ 1 ... 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Salesroom : 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Steam Cigar. Boz Factor eo, ii.OO a:n.d. :102 N or'th Oa:n.a1 &-&., CI:I.D.o:l.:n.:n.a1::1., =>. A .. llaD'Idaoturer of the Veneered and Imitation Cedar Clgar-Boz Lum .. er. Sample fllnaf.ohad. on Applioa.tloa, Send for PrloeLiot, Tbe OJllf Factory In tlle w ... that earrte.a .ock of all La.el Pnbllk'!MI tn tbe United R. L. HICKSON & CO., PUKCHASEB!I 411F virginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, Dan. "Vi.11e, V a. ----Orders and Corrospondence oolioited. Beot of Reference given. UlfiTED STATES INTERNAL REVE.NU':& TAX ON 'LOBACCO, ftomestlo ud Imported, $8 per ll; clg&r8ttM wetghlng not oTer three Jbs Jjer M, per .ll; cig& a.ud eheroots weighing over three lbs pet" ll, $3 po.r K; ma.nulil.C' &ured tobacco aodanuJr. per poun. Cigarettes pu& up In paclrwes welgblnjr leoo than one twentieth of a pouad or Ieos. shall pay a duty "' 84c per lb. of 29C, as heretofore, and on damP or m ofet 8nllirt when over 40 per cent. of when put 1D packages ott.bU li llllleiiOII, l.,pec ,a, weight, ENGLAJ.."D-ManuCactured Tobacco--Cigars,. ea per Cavendish or Negrohead, 4s 6-d per lb. Cavendillili tJr Negro head ms.nufactUIf'd in bnnd, 4spPr lb. Other mauyfactured tobae: o. 4"' per lb. Snutr Ci'lnUtlning more than t3 Jbe moistur c In f"very 100 lbs weight ther eof, 3s9d per lb. S[]u:tr not coutei11ing r.oo t!Jan l3lbs of io every 1001M: there .. f, 4s 6d per lb. Uumanufacturtd T bacco0 lbs or more of P "Oit:tUJ"\ji n every 100 )b8 there(. f. S.-i 2d per l h. CoutaininK lf:ll's t.J-an IV lbs otmoi8ture in 10 lbs Wf'it,;ht there<> f.: s d per lb. In lieu fit tb& d rawback aUowal>1e before May a 1887. there is now allow ed. the of 3s 3d named in section 1 ot the Manufac tured 'F-obAcco .1.ct;, 1S63. GERMANYCigat'fl ancl 270 marks per 100kiloa duty tobncco in rolls and snuff ftour, 180 marks per 100 kllo.q Juty. Pressed tob.flcco, marks per 100 ldlos duty. leaf tobacco and sums a::. marts per 1(.0 kll&S duty. StripiJ or stemmed leaf, ISO marks per 100 kilos duty. HOLLAND-Tobncco in rons or leaveH and unpreaJed stE-ms, 28 8uty t'f'r 100 2t cents duly _pPr 100 kilos Manufa.ctlrred tobacco, smur. carret.d by R.-lrieFt. under the direct! on of the G&vern ments of those countries. VALUE OF FOREIGN COINS. Cents., Ce-Austria-Fiorinorguil Haly-Lir&.. ....... 19-.o. ...... 4!'>.8 .. 9&.1 19.8 l.tberta-Dollar. ....... lOO Bo livia-Peso.......... 96. 5 Mexico -Dollar. .. 19.1511 BrazJl-Mil1 eis.. .. 54.5 Norway-Crown... HL&. British N. America.-Peru-Sol . . . -o!} DoJ'ar . ... . 100 PortugHI-JdiJre : s or Ventral Amer.-Peso.. 91.8 1,000 reis ............ ll. cs; Chili-Pe,o, gold...... 91.2 Russ!.Rouble of Jilt \lo Denmark-Crown... 26 8 ............ If ':D111 J!lcu&dor-Peso........ U1.8 &ndwoch r.Jando-DoJ. Egypt-Pound nf 100 Jar.... .. .... .. .. .. ]G()o n:: .. 10 1. Great Bl'iainPound Sweden-Crown..... 16 8' sterling .............. $4 8% wi lzertanrl-Franc .. 19.8 Greece-Drachma..... l9A TripoU-Mahbub of laO Ge r Emrire-Mark... 23.8 pta.s :ers.... . . 82 g. Hollar<1-FJorin ur guilTur.lct>y-Piast r ..... 4.3 det....... ... . . s.q. 5 u s. or Co J omb!o. -l'ldia-RUJOO.. 45 SJ Pes o ................. 91.& A kilo equuls J)(lttndR A pft>nni g equaJH .2% nt one. ceut. An sh-illing equals ceu o. All Enrllab. penny equals 2.1 -An almost eite in R ichmond i9 the old Castle Thunder h ctiou. Where this famous war prison once Rtood is now occupie d by t b., mammoth Old Dominion tobacco works of Myers Bros. & Co. Ca.stle Thunde..a well known JJiacA in the d"yR of Dixie. Th1s wa_s where Confederates kept their own prlSCi>nerR. Libby Prtson RS is wen known, was the abode of such of our friends -the enemy-as fell into our hands. Up on Frankliu street, near Ffteentn, was Castle Lightning, another priRon hOIIRt'l. now de voted to better uses.-Ric hmond State. TOBACCO MACHINERY, TOOLS AND PRAGUE & MATSON. FOR GROWERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO. :EE, .A., FC>lE'I.::E'&.EJBT db OC>,, J!WI:a:n.-.:L1'ao1:'U.rer-. T b General Agents: New York Tobacco Ka.chine CO., 0 8CCQ1104 St. & 9 Platt St., BROKERS AND REHANDLEBS. 0. B. DIAZ & CO., Importer HAVANA_LEAF TOBACCO, A ( / -v-\. l57WATJ:lt STREET, 'NEW YORK.. GeEC>. :.i!:OR.:N' &, CC> IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS OF PIPES, 622 HA.RKET ST., PHILADELPHIA, A and J>rlce List that sl&ould be in the hands of every dealer tu the count.ry. oonta nlnsr a. description or all the _pipes ma1e. par MEERSCRA UM. A \tBER. BRIAR and Cl ... Y PIPES, w th evey I< M of S:!IOKERS' ARTICLES, Swedish. Par lor, Sulphur a. d Satety .Matches; It&ll&n Wa.x .Ma.tches l.n Fancy Paper or Tin Boxes. MAILED FREE. BEND FOR ONE. Late& l'i'ovel&le l!Iade a 8peei&UJ'. P. 0, Boz 2183, NEW YORK.


tt GRAY, MORALES & DALTON Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE HAVANA CI&ABS, 514 PINE STREET, :PHILADELPHIA, P A. J. "VV". STR.IEDER., CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURER, AGENT FOR 'l'HE Qgar talllile MaciJme Agent for the Williams Little Ciant Bunching Machine. CIG!1l .MANUF!GTURERS' SUPPLIES. DRALE& IN SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LUMBER. 2109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. Eata'bliahed about 1570. GEBRUDER. KLINGENBERG, :J:):J!JT.:aii:OX..:J:), GE:E&.:D.A.:r.l 'Y', &d.'tho5rapher, Typocra.:pher, En1boera. Slaow Carda and FaDC:r Labela fo., Bee1-, Wille, Fraita and Preoervea, Cigar Box. Labels a Specialty. 1. ftew Deleo Cot' Prlva&e Labela eon.tantlJ' on band. receive by ECKMEYEB. & C:::O., 4.2 Beavel' Su-t, New Yoa.k, sole AtreDta. KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., 35 WARREN NEW YORK, Jlf &..NUl!' A."ZAS, L4. PEBICI!OLE, ROSES, NI!W YOllK, KISMII:'II.' BL ISTitiO, VEGUEROll, OUR T Samples furnished upon applicatio n. Jl STIWTON & STORM, 'II I' ... l'fEW YOB.JL All Cigars or onr Manntacture bear the t_ btenaal :a-eDue l'f1llllber of our F...,to..,., r d. 4?1 STRICTLY PURE, FINEST HIGH-CLASS CIGARE TTES. SPECIAL STRAICHT CUT, IIPacked In tyJea of FULL DRESS, LATEST ENGLISH anEI.A.OOO CC>., (Successor,) NEW YORK. WEAVER & STERRY, LIMITED, '7'8 P:I.Ja.e &'tree"t. lSI e._ 'Y'ork., SPANISH LICORICE GREEK LICORICE ALL SPECIALTIES FOB. PLUG AND FINE-CUT TOBACCO. OHve Oil, Tonca Beans, Gums. Flavors, .POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and PATENT POWDERED LICORICE. FOR SMOKING TOBACCO ...,. _ .;;.;;L..;..I __ WM. E. UPTEGROVE .-, EI:E&.C>:, Spanish Ceda.r -roa-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nails. Foot Ot EGst I Oth & lltb St. NEW YORK. rrHE TOBACCO T.i'!AA_F. MAR. 3 TOBACCO.' r HONEST, POPULAR,] Is the Most j UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market. .LAND SATISFAC.TORY I Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce tt THE VERY BEST. 80CCES80.R TO J 6hn Anderson & Co., XANt!F AO'l'UllltBS OF THE A OE,'' De"'\7'V '' an. d. o' 1 FINE tOT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET, .A.:n.d 110 a:n.d '191 Cedar II!J""t,, JST:m-.gv 'Y'O:E&.K.. UNION. EXTRACT 'WV'ORKS. Elii&EIN'O::EJ C>F HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR FOJ\ FOR BOXES. pr Prlce per pint, 18; per galloe, t40. VV'Xr...X.. NOT E'V ..A;lPO.R..A.TEI. 8&mplebottleo at t2 to make ONB GALLON ot IITBONG WLAVOR oet Oil receipt ot amount. WE ALSO IUNUFACTURil ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. CJIG&R COLORS DryMd lo Liquid. All SPECIAL formerly P I a. A R." ('";) 0:, -MANUFACTURE D BY-00 =j CA.RENOU & TUB. Fnctorles, ZARAGOZA, SPAIN. ;; Office, 13 Cedar Street, New York. 8 !f.; S ale Agents for the States of North Carolina. and Virginia, g :$ DAVENPORT & MORRIS Richmond, Va. R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY, ..: 48 Cedar S"treet, N'e"VV 'Y'ork.. SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT an d POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. FLAVORS FOR SMOKING TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR. PLUG AND I'INECUT 'rOBACCO. Special attention &lve.o. to Dana:rae&urerat Me41eya. AU Gooda Free on BoaJ'd. B""' Samples tumiehed and 8pf! Cia. l quotatio n s given for any article required ----s. "V. &. F.:.::-. &cu.d.d.e:r, IU:ANUFCTUBEBII' OF LICORICE PASTE POWDERED LICORICE B.OOT & POWDERED UT. LICORICE. .Alae llEALER.S :ba 'DRUGS ....t LICORICE BOOT. 4 Cedar &"tree"t. Dear r-rl sreet, N'e-'Y'ork., LICORICE PASa.'E. ::a..&.x..Txnoa.:m .-r ... s. Yo-u.n.g L1.:DJ..:I:ted. (JOBK, 8. YOUNG, Treuuler.) DI.ANUF.AC:::TUBEB.S OF SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. Cor. Boston "-Elliott Sts., Baltimore, Md. All Goad manuraetared b)" u are 'io be ot tile -ate.& aJIJ' l'lew York Depot ................... 23 Warren Depot in Chicago-............ 50 Randolph Street. San Francisco Depot .......... 207 Battery Street. ::Jepot in London, England .. 55 Hoi born Viaduct. MIXTu.ltES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THKEIIII: KINGS Turkish, Perique and Virginia. ltiELLOW ltliXTIJH.E, Turkish and Perique, and VIRGINIA. PERI(lUE ADd VIRGIJ!IA. QENUINE TURKISH, FLAKE CUTS, EsPECIALLY ADAPTED I!'OR THE PIPE. 'V.a.:n.:l'ty Fa.:l:r. Sa.12%1A&"'l1.Jt:l.d.1.,. Granulated. A New .Mixtur e Vanity Fair, Snverlativa and Cloth of. Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People ot _reftn&d taste desire exceptionally finf'l Cigarettes should use only our St:ral:!ht Cut., up in satm pacnts and boxes of lOs, 20s, 60s and lOOs. 1 Our Cigarettes were so fine as now. They caHoot \)e fo r purity and excellence blvthopurestRicePaperu sed. E 1tabl11hed 1846. 14 Flrl!!it Prlze Ittedal1. riM. S. KIMBAll & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N Y. "DOUBLE 5" 2oz. FINE GUT DEPOT FOB. THE ABOVE POPULAR BRAND: Leopold Miller. & Son, OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL ROSE, ROOT. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. & CO .. l'!laaufac''"'"" Fino Cnt & Smokin[ Tobacco. Ao4 Dealer Ia SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., Whele-Je aa4 Reho1), :19-22 Brid&-e St., Newark, N .J Jacob Henkell, OF CI&AI BOXBS. Dofianco Gi[ar lannfactorJ. Soeeeuor &o D, Blne._ 4t Cle.e. 229, 231 & 233 B. flat t.. -YOIIro D. BUCHNER a CO., The Miller, Co., Greaseless VertiCal Top,. Tho foiJowillg Branda &Del 'J'ncle.-W.-801e and ezchudve J)l"npee'ty et &be DxnAM
riotl X. ewtUver. P l antag-enet. Feamau,rh&. The lift. .... Commercial C lub, :Booton Club. UniTWMl. _, dard, J!!llld Value! Tbe J'aUlob, Loae ll&ar, 11e111oa Ca rls, Falawr, E :moe-l'iu


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