The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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VOL. XXV.---NO. 14. !ESTABLISHED tsM.] NEW YORK, Y, MAY 2, 1888. 106 M.&IDEK LAKE, Come r of Pearl Stf.eet WHOLE NO. 1.210 CHOICE All Parties ;:;re \ & any Infringement Cor. Cautioned against \ of this Brand. Jvf ,.r, t ,+ :::-:::::--... t\\\.l\,\t r u re r s 0 v. a: C!gar BC>X.EI :J:Da:Po.a.TEIB.B, R.bbons N'o. ae 'VV'a"ter S"tree"t., N'e"'QV 'York.. F GARCIA, & CO.. .-(S1100F.SSORS OF FELIX GARCIA.]. S:pa,n1sh Ced.a,r. ... IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF lone Jack Cigarettes TOBACCO, PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56,. :::E3:a v an.a. No. 167 WATER STREET, N' e"'QV ""'5?" ork.. 'Y' .A., :N'o. 31 E"'f'ar1 S1:ree1:, .N'e"'DV' TorJ&, RECOMMENDATIONS. A Holder for Each Cigarette. A Photograph in each box of Ten Cigarettes. FOR SALE BY ALL PRINCIPAL DEALERS, (! Trade Mark of ----* SP.ECIAL NOTICE. t 1 '-:.. T (..., 1 Inside the bale, on the WElL & CO. 1 I \ & cJ 1 is a label, -s -..J W.AC."wlthourslgnaRegistered in J 868 & 1874. T .....,... ture. In 188fi. ouR CHOICE J .VU.ELTA ABAJO HAVAIA TOBlCCOS, Harll:ed W. & :-l_lted by our Beoldent Bo7er In Havana fnrlll till) Finest "'WV'h.e:re GU' .A.l!IIII'O :is 'D's eel.. Many Brands imitating CLOSEtl ours are offered and sold to the Trade as V/. & C. A LIBERAL REWARD wiii be paid by us for Detection of the I I Also ImDorters of Sumatra. WElL & CO., 65 PINE ST., NEW YORK. SCHROEDER a BON, Packers o:r Seed Lea:r .AND IMP ORTER S OF-Sumatra and of Havana Tobacco OF THE FOLLOWING l!!ARKS: -\o PLUS ts. A.Jl par&le are eaolloned acaJnet lnfi'IBctlngupon tbe.e Conr trade C:J3:0:J:CE :SC>O::&:.EX> :EI:.A. 'V .A..N' .A. .A. B'PEO:J:.A.X.TTe :N'<>. 1'78 Street, :N'e"'DV' 'Y'<>r.k., &. O<>., IMPORTERS OF FiDest CIO&rWYana Cigars BADLY BURNING HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO J Awaraed Higheot Medal at Exhibition, 18'1'6, Philadelplaia. ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. CBAB.LES T. SEYMOUR, ESTABLISHED 1869. C>F HAVANA ti!Wi TOBACCO. Tobaccos from the San Juan f;, y Martinez District a Specialty. 188 Pro:n. "t. S"tree't, N'e"'QV York. -AND" .COALING TOBACCO&': -ABE-CUR.ED BY-Chaskel's "ANTI-COAL'. Prloe per G&llo n $6; I n hal! barrel and b bl. Jots $5. Ful l di recti ons w itlo g oods. Prioe List mailed. JAMES CHASKEL & CO., M&ttufacturen of Havana Cigar & Tobacco Flavors, Colorings, etc. 93 John St., ftew York. Cesareo Vigil, IMPORTER 01!' Tra:le !!lark. Trade Nark. VEGAs 16 St., New York. o .I 7' -4 J. J. A. Calla San Nicolas 128. HAVANA, CUBA. A,. & 0. 8 '"Ji:T SCHtfiAiiT c1: CO:;T. IMPORTERS oF HAVANA .A.:n.d. Pa.ok.e:rs or SEED T OBACCO, l N'<>. 160 .A.TE:E'I. 'Y'C>.R.::&:.. r--:Eia:n.d ::L'\ll:ade Ci.gars <>u.r Spec1.a1 "ty. GU'Si"AV SALOMON & BROS., Im.porters of Havana Tobacco No. 138 MAIDEN LANE, nea r Water St., NEW YORK. Havana Leaf Tobacco, G-EO. F. LIES & 00., M anufa cturers of Cigars f}orner of Eightieth Street and Avenue A. 67 CALZADA D .EL MONTE, HAVA.NA, CUBA. ... CA.LIXTO L O P E Z I!IA. Nl:JEL LOPEZ, EUGENIO LOI':EZ CALIX TO. LOPEZ & co; Packers and Importers' o f FXN'E VUEL TA ABAJO TOBACCO Exclusively, "LA ISLA" Sol No. 86, TRADE l!ARK. No. 3 Cedar St., New York. HAVANA, I C. L-CUBA. SIGMUND JA.OOBY GUS T A V JACOB Y ::.:... METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. S JACOBY & CO., &<>1 e .A.t!OE>JI11: <>'1: B. ::EI. ::JW:.A..N'US, 140 Maiden Lane, N'E'VV" .. ref r6Y. / ;La-u. 192 Fro:n."'t &1:ree1:. LUIS MARX, Pres. ,MAX T. ROSEN, Sec.&. Treas SIMO N & co., C>F .. HAVANA AND SUMATRA TOBACCOS, and Smokin g Tobacco. Foot of Orand St., EastRiver, N.Y. M. & E. SALOMON, C>F Havana and Sumatra Tobacco' COMPOUND FOIL, PATENT METAL, and all the dJjfereat varie1leo of FoU kno'W'I1 to' the Trade. PRINTING OK FOIL in BroDZe and Colora, and wit h dUI'erenttle s l.gno of O r n aD1entation. for I TC>B.A.CCC> ..A..N'D CXG-.A.'.El. L..A.BELS. Oapa-u.1ea 'l:<>r :S.o1:1:1ea, Plain, C&lore cl or !ltampecl. 01!lcc Ad-dress : J No. 186 GRAND ST. NEW 88 FRANKLIN ST., CHICAGO. SARTORIUS & G(!)., ZDII:POB.TBB-8 ODP r Havana 'l'obacco, 11 I 171 PEARL STREE-T' BERNA%A 32, OORNER PIMJJ: IITJtllll:1', .' HAVANA, CuBA. NEW YORK. J'IU.NVFA.CTURBBS eJP. CIGAR BOX LUMBEB,-B'P .A...N'::E&::EE XDII:XT .A. T:J:C>N BE"' .A.'JZ'J:J:SEI: CEX>.A.'FI., ) [ CEDA.R]'I:TDII::SEJ.EL <>'1: &pa.:n.1h. Oed.a.:r a.:21d. :1\ll:a.h.oe;a.:n.y. 81:s::th. S'tree't, Ci:n.o:l:n.:n.a1::l, Oh.1<>.. \\\\\t\ Rs WILLIAMs "'\ Proprietor o r the Co, Littl. e Giant Buncher, 102 CHAMBERS sTREET. New YDRK.c' btal>llohe4 18S'to WHYMAN & RIO.: Tobacco & SnnJf MAlUJFACTURERi.t PITTSBURGH, PL Cht9ago, wll1 find it to tbeir advantage to. -------.. ...... -' I


'l_""'HE TOBACCO LEAF. MAY 2. B.. :EE E*T'L"Y' &, deavor to claim priority of use fol' every fi:Ood trade mark regietered. When they see a title publiebed in the ToBACCO LEAF that seems kJ them worthy of grabbing, they write a. note to us or the party registering the brand, or beth, stating that they are the owners of said braud' arfd request the discon tinuance of the use of tlile.same. others calculated it at from 110,000,000 to 115,000,000 lbs, and we shall be eurpr!sed if we are 10 per cent short in our calculiitiOB for 1888. Then It ie difficult to account fully for the SG 000 hhds estimate of the Bura-oe-or 'to .R.OEI:ID.R.T :m. ::a::mx..x..v -co. co.; EIITABLISJD:D 1839 0 ESTABLISHED 1864. ley crop for 1888. SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Receipts in Cincinnati from Jan. lto Apr. 1, 1888, were 6,219 bhds, II types included. Receipts same period in 1887, 7,878 hhds. ':avlng the Largest Circulation of aQJ' T_rade Paper in the World. At first these statements accepted in good faith, and the rightful owner in most cases. yielded up his claim to the piratical manufacturer. Some six months ago, how ever, there was a brand registere d in this office wllich was given birth by an event which happened the day preceding the regis tration, the r equest-for which we received by Two days after the publication in the TOBACCO LEAr of thie brand we rec eived a letter from a cigar manufacturer in thie city calling our attention to the fact that he had used the ti tie referred to for ''some time, and would prosecute any infringement of h1s rights. Beceipts in Louisville from Jan. 1 to Apr.1, 1888, were 6,000 hhds of 1887 Burley crop. Receipts same period in 1887, 17 .423 hhds. PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAYfMORNING Eetimated purchases of 1887 Burley by manufacturers, 12,800 hbdtt, or about 14,000,-0GO lbs. Total, 25,019 hhds. This would leave 9, 981 hhds to be accounted for from the country on April 1. BY THill TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISIDNG co., It may not be amiss to suggest, owing to the high figures ruhng on leaf as compared with the prices of other articles which enter into the of tobacco, that thie is likely to be more or less a popular year for devices and suG stitutee. In this conne,ction we beg to say that while Burley leaf may be substituted for almost any other kind, thore are no subs ti tutes for Burleys, vnd wheD dealers come to the purchase of stock it is a question to be s ettled by their own judgment a s to the proportion Gr quantity of ques tionable brands their trade will stand. 106 Malden Lane, New COR. PEARL EDWARD BURKE,. Editor. .JOHN G, GRAFF, -Buslne88 Manaaer. TerDia ()C' tbe Pa pc:r. SINGLE COPIES ......................... .. 10 cen ts. One Year... . $4 I Six Months ............. $2 A.nnual SnbcrlpUon .&.broad. Gaw-J.T BtuTAJN aad 0ANAA . ..... s s 04 BEttii E N R.urnoRG and the CoNTIN&."'T ..... 5 04 AOSTRALI..l., etc, vi a Eng l and, ..... ,,,, ........ ft.04 O15 f14 $ 8 l'ourteen lin es ove r two cotumn s.. .. 45 24 1 4 benty-efgbt lmes one colum n . 45 24 J4 .. 80 45 25 l!'lfty-slx hues o n e colUDlm tbe omce o r Det. NOTIC.II TO SUBSCRIBERS. We will hereafter print upoll the wrapper or paper of :;:L.!oretgn sut.scriber ami thuee in this country reld.ding Of the la.rger citi e s the date upon wbkh the BUb -'Jotlon has eqmed o r will orpire. OUr subocriben will take no t ice and remi t aocordi.JJa1y When the mbicrlptlon Ia paid the date will be changed, wblch will serve U& receip t G. P'A.LX & BRO., OR THE PEOPLE, VB. J, S. GANS' SON & CO, This r.ase, which for several weeks has dragged its slow length along," owing to adjournments for one reason or another, was dismiseed yesterday, Tuesday, by Justice W elde of the Fourth District Police Court Fifty-seventh street, this city, after a full hearing and consideration of the testimony of the plaintiffs. -----BOUND TO BE HEARD. The Republica members of the Ways and :Means Committee ine t Thursday in the room of the Committee on Banking and Currency for the purpose of hearing about a dozen persons representing manufactu.ring interests and labor organizations. The statements of these persons in brief were to the effect that they desired to take exception to the remarke made on the floor of the House by the friends of the Mills bill that laborers and manufacturers derive no from the present tariff law. They also entered an energetic protest against the action of the Ways and Means Committee in refusing to aear from the representatives of the inter eats which would be affected by the paseage of the pending bill. -----WAITING :FOR THE LBA.F, Hew much the ToBAcco LEAF was miseod by its patrons who expected its delivery, as usual, last Saturday, has been demons trated by the numerous persoDal inquiries and postal cards since received, asking for an explanation of its absence from its customary places in the markets. The interest thus manifested by the friends of this journal who did not observe, or failed to re member, the announcement made on the subject in the edition of April 21, was anticipated and is duly appreciated. Their dieap pointment of four days' duration we e.xceedingly, but feel as.sured they will con." done it when they turD to the market columns in this issue and see for the finJt time in tobacco trade journalism full weekly reports from most of the tobacco markets in the United States. A few are still missing, but it will b e conceded a good beginning has been made in the direction of supreme use fulness in an interval or ten days, and it ie to be hoped all the markets will be heard from fn time to appear in the edition of W edn61lday, May 9. -The TOBACCO LJ:Ar now goes to press Tues day night and is delivered or mailed early each wednesday morning. TRADE M:ABX PIRATES, The following letter is a fair sample of many we have received on the subject of in fringement of trade marks. As the letter was not inte11-ded for publication we omit namel!. CJNOJNl'IATI, 0., Apri1 20, 1888. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFWe registered with YOil in 1885 a trade mark for cigars, and have used the same continuously ever since. By hard work we have built up a large trade in thie brand, and now, when we are reaping the reward of our labor, we find Messrs. --of your city are making and sellint; cigara under a similar trademark. We know they are fully cognizant of tlile fact that we are the owners of the brand, yet they persist in putting their goods on the Why do manufacturers continue to imitate and infringe the property of others I Common courtesy _ought to be sufficient to protect the work done by any manufacturer or jobber to make a cigar popular, and you would do a great justice to the trade by giving a little apace occasionally in showing up these unscrupulous imitators. Yours truly, A. B. C. While we have not investigated this par ticular case, we have no doubt but that all that is said in the above Jetter is true. There are some cigar manufacturere who can be called nothing but parasites. They do not seem to posse e s the ability to get up an original trade mark of their own, er the in clination to do the work necessary to intro duce a new brand, but the moment they see a cigar which has "caught on" to public favor >they set work to imitate it. There are other manufacturers, too, who en Here, we thought, was a case worthy of investigation, an4 we set to work to investi gate. W e communicated with the party who registered the trade mark, and it was ar range d to send to the manufacturer of the second part a dummy order for a sample box of cigars put up under the brand in question. The buyer was informed that the cigars were not ready, but would be, p roviaed the litho graphers did not disappoint him, the week following. This was enough. He bad taken the bait, and was fairly He showed fight first, but finally weakened, and offered the origina l owner a certain sum of money for the brand, which was accepted. Concluding, we repeat that this circular is inteaded for the correct information of the trade as far as we have been able to secure it, as to t he leaf tobac c o situation. We have endeavored to embody in it only figures b earing upon important poiats, leav ing our friends to draw their own con c lu s i e na as to the be s t p olicy t o be purs ued in connection with tae1r business in plug tobacco Very truly, J oHN FJNZER & BRos. GRATEFUL THANKS. Our faithful correspondents who have so promptly complied with our request to make, where practicable, their market re ports embrace the six business days of the week, and mail their copy immediately af ter completion to this office, are here ten dered our grateful thanks. Since that time we have had occasion to inquire into several casea of this kind, and most of them have resulted in the injured innocents being cornere d. If this piratical business is not promptly stopped we shall make it our business to "show up" some of the guilty ones i n a manner which they de serve. Of course our Cincinnati correspondent, and all others who have been similarly treated, are a ware that the courts are the proper places a t whic h to seek redress. They alone can issue injunctiens and award dama ges. The registration of a brand pre vents innocent parties froq1 infringing, and establishes the manufacturer's claim of prior ity of u s e. We would also state that eur registration certificates have b ee n accepted by the courts as evidence to establieh the date of first ownership. THE BURLEY PROSPECTHIGHER PRICES INEVITABLE. A correspondent of the LEA!I' residing at an important W61ltern break market con cludes, after an estimate of the holdings of the principal tobacco manufacturers and making due allowance for the yield of the 1887 crop and some diminution of consump tion consequent upon tax agitation, that Bur ley leaf must shortly take another big bounce in price. He -assumes that b etween June 1 and December 1 a period of six months, about 60,000 hogsheads will be wan ted for h ome manufacturing purposes, at the outside not more than 34,000 will be available in the same interval. In our con tributor's resume manufacturers are named who are likely to be looking for desirable lineli from May 1 to August 1, but the liet, of course, cannot properly be presented here. When their operations commence they will be duly noted in these columns, and the ear lier the date the heartier the welcome. This correspondent's calculations and esti mates, it may be remarked, seem warranted by tae signs of the times, and are incidentally supported by the conclusions of other in vestigators in the same department of statis tics, as per example:CIRCULAR TO THE TRADE. LoUISVILLE, Ky., April17, 1888. A number of letters received from our pat rons relative to the leaf' tobacco outlook particularly as it applies to the stock which enters into the manufacture of Burley plug led us to gather and compile as below such statietics as we think wiU prove interesting and at the same time valuable to the trade at large. We have obtained the subjoined figures from various sources of undoubted relia bility, and while they are in some instances approximated, the authority back of them is the best obtainable and their correctness may be most reasonably d epended upon. All figures herein given are extremely con servative, our desire being to keep away from everything like exaggeration. THE GENER.U. OUTLOOK. An inside estimate of the consumption of .Burley leaf by factories in the manufac ture of Burley plug, fine-cut and smoking tobacco in 1887 is 100,000 ,000 lbs. For 1888, making liberal allowance for surplus stocks in the hands of merchants January 1st, and setting aside the natural annual increase in consumption (say 5 )'er cent.), we will place the requirements of Burley leaf at 90,000,000 lbs, and submit figures gleaned from the market reports to April 1, 1888, in an endeavor to give the trade all authentic in formation liB to the prospects for a sufficiency of such stock for the year. On January 1, 1888, there was in stockIn Cinl.linnati (in round num bers), 14 ,000 hhds of say 1,100 lhs each, or .... ............ In LoUisville (in round num bers), 6,000 hhds of say 1,100 lbs each, or ............... .. The total Burley crop of 1887 is estimated at 35,000 hbds of say 1,100 l bs each, or ....... Pounds. 15,400,000* 6,600,000 38,500,000 Making total visible stock for manufacture m 1888, except stock held by manufacturers 60,500,QQO *We estimate that fully 3,000 hbds of this was on Jan vary 1st the property of manu facturers. This leaves a deficit of 29,600,000 lbs neces sary to make up the 90,000,000 lbs at which we estimate the requjrements of 11\anufactur ers for the current year. It is impossible to get at anything like an exact statement of what the stocks of manufacturers at;l{re but we will take the factory stocks in Louisville January 1, 1888, as reported to the Commiesioner of Internal Revenue as a basie, as. the etocka held by manufacturers here are doubtlese a fair average of general factory holdings. The stocks in Louisville January 1 were 2 ,727 hhds, or2,961,427lbs. The manufacture of Burley in L o Uisville in 1887 was 12 per cent. of the total output, and therefore we estimate the factory holdings at 12 per cent., which will provide a line to go by and give Ul! a rough approximation of all manufactur ers' sto cks of 24,678,500 lbs The s e figures are, doubt l e s s the most liberal that l\"OUld be made by any aut h ority c o n sult ed, but we aim to crow d the conservative sid e of the question all the w a y through, and present no figures that can be con s idered e x trava gant. 1 'bere is by no means a certainty of the year's manufacture being covered by 90,000 ,-000 lbs. January and l!'ebrq ary, 1888, were notoriou sly dull, and yet the during that period was at the of 95,000,000 lbs for the year. Against our estimate of 100,000,000 lbs for the 1887 manufacture, The Lancaster, Pa., New Era of April 28 bas exhibited in the annexed parat;rapb. 1ts customary liberality and courtesy:-That excellent trade journal, the ToBAcco LEAII', has changed the date of its publica tion. In its last iseue it gives the reasons for the change in the following words: "To en able the patrons and readers of the LEAr to see a glance the reported amount of busi ness done each week in the vario us markets mentioned in its aolumns is the reason why the date of publication has been changed from Saturday to Weanesday. Owiog to occasional irregularity in delivering of maile, differing dates of correspondence de signed for us in distant Western and South ern markets, and the varying days of publi cation of our exchange s, it bas hitherto been impossible for us to present calendar weekly statements of transactions. The next suc ceeding issue of this journal will in conse quence of this cJaang e m date of publication, be on Wednesday, May 2 instead of April28, but its fullne11s of accurate market returns will more than compensate for the brief lapse of time between issues." BUSINESS MENTION. John Oberhelman, a gentleman for many years connected wit h several of the leadi.Bg Seed leaf houses of Cincinnati, and who established. himself las t y ear under his own name as a leaf tobacco broker and Seed leaf commissien m erchant, has be(ln very success ful in his opera tions. Mr. Oberhelman has s!illd large quantities of goods, and through his perseverance and pleasant presence has made many friends and steady cust omers. He represe n t s Leonard Friedman & Co E. Ros enwald & Bro ., L S chmid, ef New York, and the old fir m of B. S. Kendig & Co., of Lancaster. Wilson & McC allay, the Middletown, 0., tobacco manufacturer s, have sent us the fol lowing circular about their "G. 8." brand of plug tohacco at 20c a pound:"'G. S.' is made in one shape only, 2x6 R. R., 8 oz two cuts, bright Virginia wrapper, and is packed in 30 and 18 pound butts. We will for a limited time offer thi& brand at 20 cents per pound. In selling to your trade you are at liberty to name your own price. Ne orders for more than twenty five 30 pound butts or fifty 18 pound butts will be accepted, whether the same is voluntary or sent in by one of our agents. Price eujlject to change without notice. 'G. S. is made from clear stripped leaf and sweetened with pure licor ice." Grill Bros. cigar manufacturers an'd job bers, of Evansville, Ind. are operatin,; fac tory 186 at Key West, Fla. The Mooller & Aschermann Manufacturing Company, of Davenport, Ia., have leased their factory to Frahm & Reupke, who will manufacture cigar moulds, shapers, shipping cases and packing boxes of every descrip tion, and supply the trade with the same class of goods formerly made by the Mooller & Aschermann Manufacturing Company. The cigar manufacturing firm of Emil N ey & Co., of this city, has been dissolved. Emil N ey will continue the business at lU East street. P. Whitlock, of Richmond, will shortly move into his new five -story building 2004 and 2006 Franklin street, n car Twentieth. The fact0ry is fitted up with all the modern appliaaces and will be devoted to the manu facturing principally of O l d Virginia Che roots a.Bd cigars. for the jobbmg ti ade has given up the jotr bmg ausmess m c1gars and tobacco, and will devote his whole time and attention to the manufactu1 e of the standard brand of the Old Virginia Cheroots." LOCAL .JOTTINGS. -M. Alvarez is traveling in the West. -John Navarro left for Key West on Saturday. -Jos. Lederman & Sons sold a few days ago 500 cases of 1886 Pennsylvania Seed leaf. The price paid was not g1ven. -E. A. Schroeder, of Schroeder & Bon, and Jos. Merfeld, of Baltimore, are on their way to Amsterdam. We hear of a few more wh8 are getting their grips ready. -Eugene Lipkau, of Chicago, is in town. He came here for the purpose of meeting his father, who arrived on t:lunday from Russia, and is showing him the sights of Gotham. -Henry Friedman has purchased the building, 162 Water street, and will move into it this week. A number of artizans are at work remodeling the office floor and im proving its appearance generally. -The firm of Ahner & Dehls has been dis solved. Mr. Michael Ahner will continue the business at the same number. Mr. Dehls ex pects to leave for Europe in June, and will make an extended tour of the Continent. -D. Pohalski, of the firm of P. Pohalski & Co., cigar manufacturers, this city, has gene to K e y West on business connected with the firm s new factory DOW in course of erection in that place, and will visit Havana. before returning home. -We regret to hear of the death of tbe wife of Mr. R Steinecke, of Steinecke & Kerr, the cigar manufacturers. Those who knew her in the highest terms of her as a wife and a mother, and we join in the general sympathy expres11ed by the trade for tho bereaved husba nd. -Geo. P. Lies & Co.'s factory is running to its full est capacity. The y have made a bit w i t h t h e i r B uffo s che roots, and are far behind in filling the orders which F V. Sim m onds has b een e ending in for the past two moo ths. Lies & Ce. are going to try and capture the pennant this year, tbey being now second in the race at production. -Mr. Max Rosen, of the Havana Tobacco Company, has returned from Havana. H1s company has done a very large business this Dlmeallon, 186xf.O feet, a1vln8" floor season, and ie preparing to go one better on the next crop. Mr. Rosen says the heavy rains wit h whick the island ef Cuba was visited two weeks ago has materially helped the new crop, and farmere are very bus y handling that which is cut. -J. S. Gans' Son, tobacco broker, 131 Water street, has alm011t alone adjusted the financia l embarrassments under which his old firm have for some weeks past be e n la boring, and is now again doing a flourishing business, effecting last week some very large transfers of Sumatra and Seed lear. We con gratulate Mr. Gans on his prospect of a speedy return to his former condition of prosperity. IN TOWN THIS WEEK. -Jno. W, Wartman, Philadelphia. -Sigmund Rothschild, of Detroit, Mich. -W. P. Bushell, representing Lichten Bros. of Philadelphia. -Theo. H. Boesger, the Cleveland, 0., to bacco and cigar jobber. -Sigo Meyers, of the El Modelo Cigar Fac tory, of Jacksonville, Fla. JIAY REMOVALS, NEW YORII:. W. A. Robinson, to 18 Broadway. M. Oppenheimer, to 371 Third avenue. Henry Friedman, to 162 Water street, John Brand & Co., to 142 Water street. Emil Ney, to 114 E ast Fourteenth straet. F. C. Linde, Hamilton & Co to 1 8 2 Pearl strest. Wm. Glaccum & Sons, to 302 East Forty fifth street. w : E. Barnett, to corner of Maiden lane and W a.ter street. Lichtenstein Bros. Company, to eighth street and First avenue. JIB. GRAFF'S NOTES BY THE WAY. WHEELING. Bloch Bros. (W*est Virginia) popular brand of tobacco, "Maii Pouch," is a perfect suc ces s and ia solli largely allover the West. Muhn & Brandfaes are busy filliRg orders f o r their H avana S e ed tip a u d sto gie cigars. Their leaf tobacco department, of which they make a specialty, is increasing in every re spect. A new firm, Brandfase & Loos, both well known Wheeling tobacconists, has been es tabliebed for the purpos e of manufacturing the brand of chewing and tobacce, "West Virginia. Hawk Eye," and it is stated that these gentlemen a r e succeeding admir ably. Wheeling now can boast of three to bacco factories. .. H. L Loos & Bro. are manufacturing, as usual, the finer grades of cili\'ars. Among their beet brands I may mention "La Flor de Robert Fulton," clear Havana long filler. Beside11, their own manufactures they sell Key West and imported goods. Augustus Pollak, in spite of dull times, gets a fair share of the stogie trade. His Urown" brand sells all over the land. Ebeling & Pebler, another old and reliable firm, have large orders from the West. DAYTON. At the old Buckeye Iron and Brass W orks at D a y t on, where the world r enowne d Peas e tobacco cutter ie made, it looks as if the to bacco trade was fleuris hing. The firm have built and sold fifteen machines since J anuary 1, 1888. The P ease cut t e r is doing work in many factories at home and m f o r eign countries. In Denmark and Swed e n it has take n a foo t hold Th e Buckey e I ron a n d Brass W orks are a m echanical labyrinth, w onderful m all their different depa r t m ents The propr i etors in tend b111lding large works o utside of D a yton. CINCINNATI. Registered in Cincinnati hotels I found this week Me ss rs. H orace R. K e lly of New York; Sol. Ro s ener, fOl'merly of S Jacoby & Co and sinc e April of Horace R Kelly & Co., New York; J Bloch, of "Mail Pouch" fame, Wheeling; A. Levison, with Schroeder & Bon, headquarterF Cb1cago; Isadore Mayer, with Hull, Grummond & Co Binghamton; M. B ijur, with S artorius & Co., New Y ork; F. V. Simmonds, with Geo P. Lies & Co, who has just returned f w rn a very success ful W6fltern and Southwestern tour; M B. Adams, Ed. Batchelor & Co Phila delphia; Jos. B Wertheim, with T. J. Dunn & Co Philadelplaia; S M. M c C o rkle. of McCorkle & Bowman, Lynchburg; W. Vor bauer, with Cullmans & Rosenbaum, New York; D. T Wbitbeck, with Geo. W. Nichols, New York. The C incinnati tobacco trade 111. all its branches-Seed leaf, breaks, cigar aad tobacco manufacturmg-is dull. very dull. I don' t know that in my expe ri.ence of twent y four years I ever found such univereal com)'laint here as now. And what is at the bottom of it! Not the Sherman boom, but this unfortunate Washington tax agitation. The j o b'ber and the retaile, be they ever so humale, know what is gomg on and just buy from hand to mouth-the old story which we I am sorry to say, have pictured many times before But this time the cause has wrought results worse than ever before. Previously the ques tions were tax advance Gr tax reduction; now everybody is prepared for and looking for abolition But it is vain to hope. Trades men have up their minds tbat both Mill s Tariff bill and Randall's Internal Rev enue bill will be put on the table, until eithe r Grover and Frankie, or-well, who! Sbermanlh a ve been made a fa i t accompl i Dr. Spence is at present in Orleans on a tour of pleasure. Krohn, F e i s s & Co., the cig a r manufac turers, r eport bu si n es s pretty fair, with o r d ers on hand for the foll o wing of their brands : "Medallo d e O r o, fine hand-made c lear H avana; "Standard A, "Ro se o f Shn r o u, "Our Last Effort, "He-No," "Ah The re, I Spy," and "Gold Bug, grand Havana ciga rros. Friend Brook s, o f B roeks' t o bacco inspec tion warehous e, who is one of the commis sioners for Cincinnati's C entennial Expos i tion, which will take pl ace this summer, ha9 kindly promised to furnish the LEAF with :EEey .& :Ero:a:a.. 8pBCe of over lr-1,000 quare t'eet, and aft'ordlnl' ample room for 1,100 baDda. such statistics for publication as will be necessary to put before the tobacco trade of this country and that aoroad. My thanks beforehand. The LEA!I' will do its duty. Roth, Bruner & Feiet, the Fourth street cigar manufacturers, will move May 1 into a new and roomy factory, 11-17 West Eighth street. The building is a six story one, with all modern improvements. The Samuel Woodside Company, jobbers and manufacturers' agents for Havana and domestic cigars, have moved to 41 Walnut street. I see the types in last iesue made a blun der in my remarks about Oaio '87 Little Dutch and Spanish. Mr. Louie Newburgh should have been quoted as a large holder instead of L. Newburger. Hr. Newburgh holds both '86 and '87 crops. Henry Straus, the importer of Havaaa cigars and agent for Horace R. Kelly & Co. receives monthly the finest and most popu lar brands from the best Havana factories. A. L Dunlap & Co., tobacco manufactur ere, in spite of dull trade, increased their sales in 1887 largely over those of 1886. The Geise Cigar-Box Company and Lum ber Company report a very fair business with steady orders from all parts. The Geise C1gar Box Company is an old one and was established in 1867. "Drive Cheroot" and "Third Edition are two brands of cheroots manufactured by Aalsfelder Bros. & B ejack and sell like hot cakes." Why, if the retailer can sell three for five cents and make a profit, should they not sell I It is the cheap and good article that is want ed in our days. The Banner. Leaf Tobacco House, F, A. Doeb e le, proprietor, is a new c o ncern, estab liehed last year, with a very fair chance for great success. Mr. Doebele deals in all kinds of domestic leaf as well as in Havana and Sumatra; and having been cennected form erly with one of tll.e oldest leaf hous es, is well and thoroughly able to conduct a large busines s Mrs. and Mr. Doebele celebrated lately the christening of their first son. Mr. J oseph Endress, of Germantown, one of the best known tobacco packers of the Miami Valle y was chosen to act as godfather, and his little godson was named "Joseph." He is sure to make a good tobacco man and sub scriber to the LEAr. Covingten tobacco manufacturers are complaining seriously about dull times and the action of the cutting Western tobacco Wby, ev!'n grocers and job bers dislike th1s undersellmg business, as it -with their legitimate trade, and many of them refuse to buy "cut" goods. Mr. Henry Scherer, manager of the old and reputable grocery firm of Wm. Glenn & S o ns, has had a very satiefactory ,vear of it. Gl enn & Sons doubled their sales m 1887 in tobacco and cit;ars. Mr. Scherer, too, discourages the buying of cheap plug tobaccos, and deals only in straight A card on tJ:ie third page of this issue of the LEAF of R. H. B1shop informs cigar and tobacco m!Wufacturers that this gentleman has established himself as a tobacco and cigar broker. Mr. Blshop is a man full of energy and has a large trade West, having been m the tobacco business twenty-two years. Here is a good chance for somebody looking for an outlet West. Men are peculiar beings-even tobacco men-never satisfied, never C

... MAY 2. BUSINESS TROUBLES. WEINBERG BBOS., OHIO&GO, Kraus, Meyer & Stein, attorneys in Chicago, haYe just secured a judgment in the United States Court for E. & G. Friend & Co. against Weinberg Bros., who failed some time ago. The action was commenced for fraud, aud in case a J\!dgment would be ren dared against the it would aho iaclude a body executi9n. This was issued the other day, but both of the have left the city for parts unknown. Kraus, Me:yer & Stein have placed the order for tbe1r arrest in the bands of a United States Deputy Marshal, who is anxiously awaiting their return. Last Saturday the attoraey for Bros. offered $1,000 cash .in set tlement, wb1cb Kraus, Meyer & Stein refused, as they would not settle except in full. OLARENOE M. MCLA.IIf, ST. PAUL, MIRN. Following is a list of merchandise creditors tpr amounts in excess of $100: -E. S. Jaftray, New York ........... $1.100 00 P. Lorillard & Co., New York...... 611 P. J. Sorp; & Co., Middletown, 0... 1,174 80 .. 1,558 60 Dru.mmond Tobacco Co., St. Louis, Mo ............................ .. Liggett & .Meyers Tobacco Co., St. Louis .......................... S. W. Venable & Co., Petersbur,;, Va ............................ To b. Co .. St. L:mis, Mo ... :. F. F. Adams & Co., Milwaukee, Wis ............................ H. Westcott & Co., Binghamton, N.Y .......................... Binghamton Cigar Co.,Bingbamton Lincoln Cigar Co ................ .. Estabrook & Eaton, Boston, Mass .. T. H. HIM!, New York ........... .. F. W. Feigner & So11, Baltimore, ltd ............................. S. Dobtiner, New York .......... .. J. E Kaufman, New York ........ M. Barranco & Co., New York .... J. H. Gregory, Key West, Fla .... Peter Sayler, 0 ........ : Brown & E!lrle, New York ....... 354 00 903 40 224 40 724 00 332 80 1,160 00 255 00 560 00 260 85 280 00 2BO 00 1107 90 345 00 420 90 240 00 3,396 50 720 00 Lichtenstein Bros Company, New York............................ 420 00 Glaser, Frame & Co., Reading, Pa., 17,009 secured by mortR-age ...... !teinecke & Kerr, New Ymk ..... D. F. Stier. Hanover, Pa ........ Weyinao Bros., Pittsburg. Pa .... Hirschpl, Bendbeim & Co., St. Louis ........................... Wm. Duke, Sons& Co., New York. Jno. J. Bagley & Co., Detroit, Mich. Juliua Becker & Co., New York ... B. Leidersdorf & Co., Milwaukee .. F. & Co .. Chicago. .... .. Allen & Ginter, Richmond ...... Sprague, Warner & Co., Chicago .. Lone Jack Cigar Co., Lynchburg, Va ............. : ............... Henry H. Prettyman, New York .. Marburg Bros., Baltimore ........ Globe Tobacco Co., Detroit ....... Cook, Strickland & Co., Bingham-ton, N.Y ........... : .......... Jacob A. Mayer, York, Pa ........ D. S. Erb & Co., Boyertown, Pa .. Levy Bros., 3 notes (endorsemeat). Allen, .Hoon & Co ., St. Pan!. ..... Banks. 8,948 77 1,438 60 1,460 85 108 00 77 50 373 00 100 80 264 75 406 72 147 30 108 70 115 40 173 72 8!12 90 195 00 457 70 787 50 357 50 328 45 750 00 135 00 Second National Bank ............. $9,300 00 secured ..... 10 ,000 00 Howe Bros ................. 4,(100 00 F. X. Morgdef, secured .. ... . 1,000 00 Statement of the ABBignee. ST. PAUL, Minn .. April 21. As the assignee of Clarence M. McLain, of this city, &low me to advhe you of the condi tion in which I finjl the : He Is indebted on merchandise ac-count In the sum of .............. $33,709 86 He owes sundry notes for borrowed money, the proceeds of which appear to have goDe into his bus! neee, in the sum of.. .. .. .. .. 31,815 00 He also Is maker of notes used in outside speculation In the sum ot; 11,1!0 00 Making a total direct lndebtedoees of . . . . . . . $76,664 86 He Is liable on sundry notes as in dorser, inventoried as "contln geut," the makers of which are probably good, in the sum of. . 5,818 89 }laking a gross lndebtedoees of. $82,483 75 He has real eetate Inventoried at.. 200 00 He has other real eetate mortgaged, the equity in which is inventoried as of no v&ue His stock and fu:turee inventory at. 15,093 19 His book accounts inventory at. . 32,685 11 Certain mining and other stocks, v&ue unknown. Of the book accounts permit me to say that It has not been his custom to charge anything to profit and lOBS, and the above amount named as book accounts include Ml the accounts on the books outstanding, and of that amount the sum of $13,005.86, old accounts carried on the ledger, are considered nearly worthleBB and are inventoried at 3100. The remaining sum of $19,679.25 repreeents more than BI.J: hundred accounts, scattered throughout, Wisconsin and Dakota, ranging in amounts from two dollars upwarde, and there will undoubtedly be a great lose in those. An examination of the books of Mr. McLain shows that be has been doing business a.t great loBS In both tobacco and dry goode ..stores for the past three years or more. I shall be pleased to answer any you may make not inconsistent with my duty to Ml creditors, and will gladly receive and carefully any suggeetioDl! made i.ti the interest -of the creditors of Mr. McLain. Very respectf ully, OscAR M. ME'l'CA13, Assignee of C. M. McLain. Tile Thlrltel..b. Anoual Keper& ef' tbe New York. Chamber of Coameree. In the ..Jompilation of this volume, which is now before the elect of the grand old Chamber, and which the city press is review ing with its customary approv&, Secretary George Wilson loas again put in some of his .good book-making work. In a book of 244 han:lsomely bound pages Mr. Wilson bas managed, as usual, to print aa much useful information concerning the proceedings of the Chamber of Commerce and the trade and -commerce of the city of New York for the year 1887 8 as the most exacting statifit or publicist could require for purpoe of ac eurately showing the importance and magm tude of the mercantile interesls of the great metropolis. His tatest contribution to the libracy of the Chamber, it may be said, is (ual in accuracy and cemprebensiveuess to its predooeesors by the same band, which is praJSe enouch for it. .&. Trade Jllarl< Trial, We givein this issue a report of a trial which is now going on in one of the courts in this city, and which is of apeclal interest to our cil;ar manufacturers, though from the many condicting phases of the case it can hardly be considered a test one, This case ;is the first one of the kind that has been tried under the penal code of this city. The trial was not finished at the time of our going to press. and therefore we cannot state in this ieeue whether the defeuliant had been 'found guilty or not. __,,....__ CJJuuace or Plna. The firms of F. C. Linde & Co. and F. C. .Linde, Ha;nilton & Co. ha.e been dissolved by limitation. A new firm has been formed with F. C. Linde and F. W. Conklin r;eneral partners, and C. C. Hamilton apecial partner. Tlle business of general atorage will be conducted underthe firm uame of F. C. Linde & Co., and the inspection and storaga of tobacco under the firm name uf F. C. Linde, Hamilton &; Co. llr. C. F. Linde willllontinue aa manager of the N. Y. C. and H. Railroad stores. 1 THE TOBACCO 'LEAF. AN INTERESTING TRIAL. Trade Marks and the New York. for eoal thieves; that since he came to New to step the counterfeiting of labels, and he York he had been in the cigar business, stock testified to having received it. He said brokerage, steel manufacturing, linimentBances had written to him from Havana inin fact, in half a dozen different businesses, structinf him to prosecute Moline. but that his principal occupation had been Jose Molins, the defendant, was next that of a private detective. He also said that examined. He stated that his business was when Moline was brought before Justice chiefly with South America, and be had often F.ord, that Moline had ofl'ered to sign a bond sent labels there wbeB ordered by his cos State Law. THE FIRST ONE UNDER THE PENAL CODE not to sell any more imitation cigarette Ia tomers. He was not a lithographer, and that Moline' lawyers refused to let lleught the labels from different lithograph him etgn the bond. Johnson testified that ing houses; that the lithographing stones in when the package of labels was handed to his office were the property of himself and of "The P_eople" the Proseeotor and not him be placed them in the safe in the office some of his customers. Mr. Moline said be the Owner or the Trade l'llark. of Mr. Kimball, and that both Kimball and first met Johnson in Aug. 1886, to the best of !limself marked the package by writing upon his recollection. Johnson came into his DOIIIEITJC GOO.QS l'I'D POREIGI'f L&DELS. 1t. office and, showing him lab.els, asked him if Cbas. E. Kimball and Frederick C. M. be could supply others like them. Moli11B Watson, a clerk in the office of H. M. Mor-said" Yes." Johnson never told him be was As our Jaws allow the registering of trade ril!, identified the package of labels. runnin& tobacco into Texas. Mr. Molina said k Robt. L Chavis, a lad employed by Mr. the Partagas labels were left over from a lot mar B in this country by persor;s who are Molina. testified to delivering the labels to of 50,000 ordered by L. Sanche" Quintanar, citizens of other countries, some of the cigar Johnson. He said he had seen labels whose name appears on it. He declined to and cigarette manufacturers of Havana sent to Mr. Moline' office, but did not know furnish certain labels, as they were copy formed a. league for the purpose of Jlrevent from whence they came, and &so that Mr. righted; he did not know that B!l.ncee bad h Molina dealt largely in tobacco prepared for llopyrighted this label. He bad received numg t e use of marks by manucigarette making. Chavis said that Johnson merous consignments of cigarette tobacco facturers here. and appointed Henry M. met bim on the street one day a nd told him from Bances, which were shipped to South Morris, of this city, their agent. Acting that if he would be a witness for the prose-America te be made into Mr. upon certain informatiol'l, Mr. Morris caused cutian be (Johnson) would pay him well for Molina said Johnson had offered to settle the h f J his trouble. matter for U ,500 when he was arrested but t e arrest 0 ose A. Moline, a commission Sargeant Phil. Reilly, of the New York that be made no answer to the offer. merchant, whose place of business is at 273 city detective force, said he bad searched the On Tuesday Mr .Molina was again put in Pearl street, this city, in August, 1886. Mr. officeil and wl\rerooms ef M0lins, and had the witness:chair and said tbe labels were left Molina was not arrested under the United found labels such as the search warrant OTer from an order given him by Quintanar. States law, but under the following sections called for. There were about twenty difl'er-He denied the interview in 1883 with Johnson, ent kinds of labels found in !o{glins' office, and said the goods were sold to Johnson by of the Penru Code of New York State, passed and Johnson selected the ones mentioned in his clerk. July 26, 1881:-the warrant. Mr. Moline wa.s perfectly will-The defense then rested. BE(]]' ION S6i-0ll'li'ENSES AGAINST TRADE ing be should search the place. He found J obnson was cross-examined, and swore MARKB.-A person who, knowingly, in a some!iLhographicstones, covered with paper, Moline personally sold him tbe goods in 1883. where provision for the punishment of the but they were not for printing tl!.e kind of The bill was made out in the name of offense is not otber'!'ise specially made by labels he was after. Anthony & Carberry, which latter name be statute: David N. Carvalho showed enlare;ed pho bad changed to Johnson. The goods men-1. Falsely makes or counterfeits a trade tograpbs of the genuine and the Imitation tioned are imitation Havana labels such as mark; or label. He said that he had been told which are sold genere.Uy by lithographers. 2. Affixes to anr article of merchaudiss a WM the genuine label. Ashdun Harvey, a lawyer, said he had false or counterfeit trade mark, knowing The prosecution then reslied. beea in Havana lately and understood from same to he false or counterfeit, or the Gen. Foster a9ked thas the case oe dis persons there that Mr. Bances was the suc trade mark, or an imitation of the trade missed, on the grounds that Bances bad not cessor of Partagas & Co. mark of another, without the latter's con been shown to be the rightful owner of the James R. Pasco, Charles B. Yeung, L. K. sent; or label; for it, from its face and from testimony, McKinney, W. A. Bass-business men of this 3. Selle, or keeps or offers for sale an arti proved that it was the original property of city-all said that Johnson's character was cle of merchandise to which is affixed a false Partagas & Co., and there. was nothing on good. or cOUQterfeit trade mark, or the genuine it to show that Mr. bad acquired the Gen. Foster sought to put in evidence a trade mark or an' imitation of the tradema1k right to it from Partagas & Co He cited the document showing that litigation was going of another, without the latter's consent; or decisions in the cases of the Manhattan on in 1887 between members of the Partagas 4. Has in his possession a counterfeit trade Medicine Co. vs. Woods (1U8 U. S) and Wm. family regarding the ownership of the trade mark, knowing it to be counterfeit, or a die, P. Fettridge vs. Frederick C. Wells (113 How-mark in question, but the Judge would not plate, brand, or other thing, for the purpose ard's Practice), where it is clearly stated that allow it, owing to certain informalities in the of falsely making or counterfeiti11g a. trade where one party obtains the right to use a indorsements of the paper. mark; or trade mark from another party (its owner}, Gen. Foster, for the defenl!e, asked that the II. Makes or sells, or offers to sell or dis the trade mark label must distinctly state that case be dismissed, as it was clearly shown pose of, an article of merchandise with such fact; that in the present case the label does that Bances had not acquired a legal right to a trade mark as to appear to indicate the not do this. the trade mark and was not tbe owner of it. quantity, quality, or character of the article, 1\{r. Davis contended that Bances had been The Judge sent the case to the jury, and but not indicating it truly; sold the label by the son of ita originator. Gen. Foster and Mr. Davis addressed the Is guilty of !\misdemeanor. Gen. Fosoor then said that Mr. Molina had jury, a.fter which Court was until SE(]]'ION 365-"ARTIOLE OF MEROHA.NIHSE" acted as agest for Mr. Bances and bad bought this morning. DEFINKD.-The expression "article of merlarge quantities of tobacco from Bances, and cbandise," as used in title, signifies any that the reason that Mol ins is being prose goods, wares, work of art, commodity, com-cuted is that both Moline and Bances ship pound, mixture, or other or large quantitit>B of cigarette tobacco to South thing which may be lawfully kept or offered America, and Molina is therefore seriously for sale. interfering with Bances' trade in that part of 81f:(]]'ION 366-TRADE MAKK DEFINED.-A the world. "trade mark" is a mark used to indicate tbe The first witness.for the defense was Tbos. maker, owner or seller of any article of mer-J. Sullivan, who acted as Mr. Moline' lawyer chandise, and includes, among things, when he was arrested 'lnd brought before any name of a person or corporation, or uoy Justice Ford. He said ,that Johnson, the letter, word, device, emblem, figure, seal, private detective, offered to get the matter stamp, diagram, brand, wrapper, ticket, for 11 ,500 or $2,000, but Mr. Sullivan stopper, label, or other mark lawfully refused the offer. adopted by him, and usually affixed to an N. Ponce de Leon, a member of the law article of merchandise to denote that the firm of Daly, Hoyt & Mason, and a promin same was imported, manufactured, pro E>nt member of the Cuban colony of this city, duced, sold, compounded, bottled, packed or said he had known Mr. Molina since 1869, otherwise prepared by him; aml also a and that the defendant had always borne an signature or mark used or commonly placed excellent reputation. He said that Mr. by a. sculptor, or other upon a Bances was tbe successor of Partagas & Co. paintm,, drawing, engraving, statue, or WilliamS. Middleton, a dealer in macbin otber work of art to indicate that the same ery, railroad supplies, etc., said that de was designed er executed by him. fend ant's character as a business man was S.B:OTION 367"AFFIXING" DEJ'INED.-A good. He did not know Mr. Molins except trade mark is deemed to be affi.xed to an in a busioesa way. article of merchandise when it is placed ia A C. of A. 0. Rodriguez & Co., any manner in or upon either dealers In Key West cigars, said he bad 1. The article itself, or known Molina since 1869, and that his repu-2. A box, b&e, bat;rel, bottle, case, cask, or tation, bo t h socially and in a business way, other vessel or package, or a cover, wrapper, was first class. He knew tbat'Partagas was stopper, brand, label, or other thing, in, by, a cigar manufacturer and dealer in leaf to or with which the goods are packed, inclosed, bacco, but did not know that be was a manu or otherwise prepared for sale or disposition. facturer of cigarettes. Mr. R odriguez testi TRADE MARKS REGISTERED. Sarah Bernhardt. No. 3081J. For Registered April 24, 10 &. m. Julio J. Ordetx, Havana, Cuba. -Warrior Kina. No. 3081. For Plug a.nd Twist Tobacco. Registered April 24, 8 a. m. Robards & Kitchell Tobacco Man ufacturing Cq., Henderson, Ky. Wilhelm. No. 3082. For Plug and Twist Tobacco. R'lgiatered April 24, 8 a. m. Robards & Kitchell Tobacco Manufacturing Co., Henderson, Ky. Deaeon, Tbe. No. 3083. For Registered April 27, 8 a m. Max Marx & Co .. New York. VIm. No. 3084. For Cigars. Registered April30, 8 a. m. G. Collins, Springliield, Mass. Ktug Lear. No. 3085. For Cigars. R811:ist8red May 1, 8 a. m. Seidenberg & Co New York. Fra Dlovolo. No. 8086. For Cigars. Reg ietered ftlay 1, 8 a. m. Seidenberg & Co., New York. Chief Justlee Fuller. No. 3087. For Ci gars. Registered May 1, 1 p. w. Wjtsch & New York. S.B:OTION 368 TRADE :MARKS DEEME& fiQd that cou:nerfeit Partagas and other Ha ''OOUNTERFEITED."-An "imitation of a trade vana "cigar labels had been used by manumark" is that which so far resembles a genu-facturers in this country for v"ry many .&NSWER8 TO CORRESPOI'I'DENTS. ine trade mark as to be likely to induce \be years. belief that it is genuine, whether by the use H. L. Stoothoff, tobacco broker, has known LouiSVILLE, Ky., April 25, 1888 of words or letters similar in appearance or J ohnson siuce 1884. About two or three EDITOR TOBAOOO LEAFin sound, or by any sign, device, or means months ago Johnson said he had gotten We have received an order from Eogland whatsoever. Molins in a tight box anti that it was a $2,000 for samples of cigars, but have been informed These sections of the code make the racket. that sample :packages wei!!'hing less than 80 offense of imitatnig" or "counterfeiting'' a Mr. Davis:-"Jobnson, knor.oing that Gen. pounds net are under the Englis h Customs trade mark a criminal one, the penalty lie Foster had been retained as counsel br law subject to seizure. this informatio n not more than $500 fine or one year imMoline, meant th&.t it will cost Molina 12,000 correctf Please answer through the LEAF. 0 t for lawyer's fees." T 1 B prts .omen l ru y yours, LANK. Mr. Morris and a private detecti'l'e named Gen. Fofiter:-"If Johnson had known at R y Th E ...,.. G d EPLYes. e law m ngl and. is, in Robert H Johnson made a chrge a"ainst that t1me that en. 1i'oster ha been retained b b a b k ,., 1 su stance, to t e en.ect t at no pac age of Mr. Molina of counterfeiting a cigarette as counsel, he woo d have said $5,000.' tobacco-leaf or manufactured-weighing label, tba 'property of J. A. Bances, of HaWhereupon the audience in the court l ess tban 80 pounds net can be entered at the vana, and be was arrested on August 18, room smiled quite audibly. Custom Houses in Great without lia 1886, and brought before Judge Ford at tbe B. J. Guerra, of M BatTanco & Co., dealers bility to seizure. S .maller quantities than 80 Essex Market Court. Mr. gavA bail in imported and Key West cigars, was a pounds of cigars, cigarettes, tobacco or snufl' the case was referred to the Grand Jury. capital witness. He, too, testill.ed to Mr. are admitted without objection. however, if Trtal hilS been postponed from time te time Molins' good character. Mr. Guerra said that the package is so made up as to contain 80 until it came up last Thursday before Re spurious Havana cigar labels were u ;ed by pounds of tobacco in some form. Our cor corder Smyth and a jury, in Special Sessions. our manufacturers quite largely. respondent, therefore, may send as few The label in question is lihe one placed on Recorder Smyth:-"Have you eTer ueed cigars as he pleases as a sample, but the "Partagas" cigarette. and bears on it tho counterfeit Partagas package in which they are conveye:l must names of Partagas y Ca. and the trade mark Mr. Guerra:-"No, sir; I don't care to embrace a total of tobacco of any or &I "La Flor de Tobaccos." On the side of the make a reputation for Partagas by putting foro.IJs amounting to not less than 8 0 pounds. label is ''Cigarilllltl legitimos de Parta.gas. his labels on my cigard. I use my own labels, ll:xporters usually make their sample pack Unillo importador de Ecuador, L. Sanchez for I wish my own cigars to make reputa-:f{es 82 pounds net, which makes reasonable "uintanar," and the aignature of J. tiona for my own trade mal'ks." f b k Wb k .._ Th h 1 a owance or fl rm age. en pac ages Bances. e witness sald his firm ad a genera are seized for underweight they can be re As the cage was "The People vs. Molins," store in Key West, in which they sold ali covPred by paying penalty of twenty-five Assistant District Attorney Vernon M. Davis sorts of articles. R eceiving orders from Key shilliugs each and furnishing evidence of appeared for the Jlrosecution, and Mr. Molina West for imitation Havana cigar and Lbeir return to the port of original shipment, was defended by General B enj. B. Foster, etteiabels, he had b ought such labels from which ev1dence is presented in a certificate formerly Assistant United States District Mohns, and that such labels were regularly from the chief customs officer and the Britit!h Attorney; Ellison, 3ill & Porteous promi and openly sold by lithographers. He men-Consul showing the receipt of tile goods at nel:tt patent lawyers, and Mr. Walter L. tioned aS= label that he had pur-the original port. This law and regulation McCorkle, Mr Molins' regular attorney. chased from Mohns. apphes to all samples of tobacco. whether Mr. Davis opened by calling attention to that Partagas was shot to. death for shipment to British ports or in transit the law, and said that the defendant was wh1le stttmg on tbe balcony of hts through the same. of printing, possessing, and counevemng. Mr. Guerra was 1f terfettmg a certain cigarette labe l. He then Partagas wao dead, and he replied [tmplymg read the _deposition of Guilliamo Lombard, death was a na,tural one]: who testified that he is in the employ of Mr. didn t d1e; J:te was killed '-a reply .f. A. Bauces in Havana; that Lombard gave which created considerable the orders for the printing of D ances' labels, On the third day of the trial H. T Duffield, which were &Nays printed in Havana; that of the ToBACCO LEAF, and M. Rosenthal, ot Bances had sold about eight million packR osenthal Bros., testified to the good charages of cigaNttes with label on during acter of Molins. the past five years; that the label was Aug. R oes ler, of Wm. Wicke & Co .. said adopted six years ago and is printed in four his fitm was c<>nsidered the largest cigar-box colors; he recognized the signature of Bances. makers in Lhis country, and that they sold On crUils -examinatioa the witness stated that boxes boLh to domestic manufacturers anJ to "J..a Flor de Tobacco" was known as part exporters. Sometimes they placed labels on of the trade mark, and that the tobacco the boxes when ordered to do so by domestic prepared for cigarette purposes WllS often manufacturers, and in that way bad used in bulk to be shipped to foreign counimitation Havana labels; but of late years tries. That both cigarettes and the cut tohad been careful about tbe labels they used. bacco were shipped to South America, but Gen. Fos,er then offered to put in evidence neither had been shipped by hishouse to the catalogue of labe ls made by Geo. B. New York for reshipmeut to South America. Harris & Son, and called attention to the list Robt. H. Johnson said he had known of imitation Havana labels it contained; but Melins for three years previous to 1!l86,_and the R ecorder would not &low the book to bad purchased labels from him. He said go ill. that on 1886, he had called at Molina' Henry M. Morrill was then called by the place of buBlness and asked Molina if he dsfeose, and after stating be had been in could. liluy imitation Partagas cigarette labels, business for many years, was shown oopies shlil'f!mg a label to the ones of two certificates of registration issued by put JD ev1dence. Mr. Mohps made arrangethe Patent Olllce at Washington. Both of mente to send Johnson the labels, which was them were for the words y Ca.'' In done on Aug. 11. On receiving the labels an ellipse, and were dated respemively Nov. Johnson opened the bundle and showed them 15, 1878, and July 23, 1883, and were to cover Mr. Kimball. General Foster cross-exam-cigars, cigarettes and srookinK tobacco. The wed Johnson, who said that be had buBiness certificates were issued to Htlnry M Morris. with Molina previous to the buy-Gen. Eoster called tbe attention to mgof these labels, and that when be bought the fact that in his petition, when applying them he told the defendant that he was en for one of the certificates, he swore that be gaged in the business of "running" tobacco made cigard and cigarettes in Havana, and Into from Mexico. He acknowledged a sked him when he first went to Havana. that thiB statement was not true, and that Mr. M.orris replied last February; but bt said be had been employed by H. M Morris to the petitions contained errors that were do detective work and procure the labels to made by the attorney wbo drew up the pa be as evidence against the defendant. per!!. He said that Bances acquired the right He sa.1d that when he callei on Molius in Auto use the label by purchasing it from Lbe gust. 1886, 'he was in the liniment business son of and that be bad assigned at 176 Broadway, room 2l, but he only kept his right to the trade mark tJ Bances shortly a. fa!' bottles, as his real business was that of after the issuing of the certilioate of regi3tra a pnvate detective. He testified that he had tion. A paper was shown MorriP, signed by gone te Colorado in 1871, and he was em a number gf the leading cigar importers of ployed there as a detective lQ.okout this commending his coune in trying The M:. I& E. 8alomen A.lenmea&. Pollitz & Michaelis, dealers in tobacco at Amsterdam, H o lland; Carl & Fritz Oley and other creditors of M. & E Salomon. tobacco importers, at 85 Maiden lane, who failed J anuary 23, 1888, have applied to Judge Barrett to set aside the assignment o n the ground that it was fraudul e nt. Judge Barrett has reserved his decision upon the main subject, but m<'-an wbile be bas issued an injunction restraining Q-ustave Salom on, the assignee, from disposing of or meddling with any of the property of the firm, except that he may sell 1,145 bales of He. vane. tobacco, now in bond, f o r a minimum price of $37,000, and 17::! bales of Sumatra to bacco, also in bond, for a minimum price of $26,60 ', provided the dutiee do not exeeed 35 cent a pound, and he must pay all the money which he may receive into toe Farmer' Loan and Trust Company. The chief grodnde of fraud Mleged by the creditors are certain mortgages of real estate and chattels, which were made without ex pressed consideration on the very day of the failure by Emanuel Salomon and the firm to the executors of Moritz S&lomon, the senior mem ber of the firm, while be lived, the preferences of f,6l,OOO which were named in the llBBign ment, and the statements of the financial con dition of the firm made by the surviving partners. Pollltz & Michaelis assert that in July, 1&;7, Emanue l Salomon was in Amsterdam pur chasing tobacco of them on credit; that in reepoMe to their inquiries he said that his firm was worth 3!l00,0 ) 0 above all liabilities. Ernest Thalmann, of Ladenburg, Thalmann & Co., bankers of this city, makes affidavit that, July 2&, 18S7, h e, on acc J. C>R.DET.X:., l!llEE:I:PP:J:SXTG-CO l!WI:l!WI::J:BB:J:O.JST l!WI:EJB.O::EE..&.NT, BPECIA.L ATTENTION TO l'URC11A.SING .AND SHIPPING Cigars &, Leaf Tc:bacco. Be& or reference. turalhed. P. o. Box 804, ()able .&dclre on their arrival. lor lntonnation whieh wm ..., .moo .. EET, to caD,} an s-TG-ACIO STR. SAVE them TIME and .MONEY. ::EE..&. V' .A.l!Oil' .... Fraaii:Pulver, Horaoe S. DIGJdaao11.0 Daalel H. Diolduoa, PULVE-R, DICKINSON & Co. Packers And :Xrnpor'ters HAVANA ToBAcco, 1 1'8 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. N'o'ti.oe .The (Jxf'ord, N. c., and Clarkn1.11e, Tenn., Railroad Celebration, u Deserlbed by our Rlehmond, lr' W .AJI'TED FOR. CASH. CIGAR CUTTINGS For Doaoetie ead. Ezport 11'-Qtn rate ..,.,. plllee to 'WheeliD&'. We -ahra)'llln the for 1'*'-Cia&l;lap. It Utor oleaD aDd dry aDd DOt musty, BLOCH BROS., WheeUng, W. Virginia. WANTED-A poition as foreman er ouperin te,.dent iu a first class cigtu factory (any part of the country), by a middle aged German whe bas held similar position in Baltimore. Best of references. Addre's "A.. B.," 1,834 East Madison street, Baltimore, Md. 1209-12 Va., Correspendent, "W. E. D." RIOHXOND, April 21, 1888. EDITOR TOBACCO LEA.FThe best part of the week just passed was taken up with the visit of our tobacce men to Oxford, N. C., and our municipal elec tions, which were events of more th11.n usual interest. From one to three days were pleasantly and profitably spent in Oxford. Richmond. carried 140 members of the Corn and Flour and Tobacco Exchanges, Chamber of Com merce, etc. who were most hospitably and lavishly entertained by the Oxfg'tdonians, AN A1 CIGAR SALESMAN, wb? bad sev and were the recipients of honors in many years e:rpertence .and knows all Jobbmg trade ways. The tobacco men of Oxford and Riehm fourteen States. 1,1 open for an I mond are much together in business, AddressFrum. H. CLARKB, Lock Bo:r334 Che&g.,, and their jubilee meeting was a happy one Ill. 1210 and without formalitie11 of introductions. ,WANTED-The "gency of an A No. 1 Cigar Among the distinguished tobacco men ioterHguse to represent in St Louis on alary o>r comested either in the tobacco trade of Oxford mission Aadress Loms HALLE, care Halle Wine or the Southern Construction Co., and to Co., o06 St Charles street, St. Louis, Mo. whom the success of the occasion of the --------------..;,1..;,2;;.;10-;..;.12;_ Oxford and Clarksville Railroad con'!.pletioll. H. H. MEYER, CIGAR AGENT, 1218 FARNAM ST.,OMAHA, NEB.-, repreaeats the most relia9le New York aad PeDil sylvania factories for both cheap &lid 11ne cigars. Consignments. which will be disposed of to beSl advantage to shippers. are solicited. No storage charged. Refers to jobbi1,1g trade ea MiiBonri River generally. .1194-1219P. BROKER,"CIG.A.RS & TOBACCO, Twelve new brick stores are being con structed, and property id advancing in v&ue fast. No. 116 Eaot Pearl Strooet, maetanatl, 0 The tobacco world knows well enough the P. 6. Box 104. Refe r s by permi ion : Third Bank, Cincinnati. R. M Bis bop & Co. J. C Hopple & Co .. Ford Eaton & Co., The Samuel W oodirlde Co., Manufacturers desirinll: to be represented in Cin cinnati are requested to correspond witb me. 1210-18 POSITION WANTED-A gentleman wl!.o he.s had seven years' experience as a trav e lling saleo man of muufactured tobacco with some of toe largest factQries in this co11.ntry is open for an en gagement with a fir"t-olii.IIS house Best of refer ences given. Territ

4 NEW toRK TOBACCO Mf.RKET FoR WEEK ENDING M.LY 1. Western Leaf-The market has not been an average amount of busmeBB was done dunng the week We leave particulars to our next e4ltl.ton, when the c!rcu Iars of our frteods wtll appear 1n th15 column, as usual. From Mesars. Sawyer, Wallace & Co that the1r Clrcular representmg the b118mess of Aprll m tins c1ty w 111 show no change 1 n quoto.ti01lB, but wdl mdtcate eales fer the month of hogsheads, of whtch 477 to manufacturers, exporters 2,449, and jobbers 61. Tile orecetpts m April, mcludmg V 1rgm1 a leaf, were 5, 603 hogsheads, and the exports 61875. The ctrcular of Mr. John Cattus, dated llay 1, says "The vartous Reg1es were our prmc1pal buyeftl-d'tlnng the past month France and Italy t-oo k about 1,000 hhds, anti Spam about !l 000 hhds lugs These buyers re maHl 1;,. -bhe market, and have bespoken -veral lots. Bestdes these aRies some 300 hhds wel'e taken for Boston account, pre 8Umably for Africa. The general market, boW1lver, 18 very qutet, as our manufac wrers pendmg the tax questmn, have done very iHtle, wh1ch can also be Btlld of the open European markets. Pr1cee remam firm, and pefb&.ps a bttle ad vance may be obtamed on IMf and the better clBSBes of lugs. The Weetem markets were fairly active, and registered an advance on luge and ]& 1 cent on leaf, ch1efly on new tobaoco, wb1ch sells censldera.bly htgher than old to baoeo the quahtv of last -crop bemg constdered unsatisfactory '".l'hlS, undoubtedly, 1s a. queer state of thmg, and must adJust 1tself, sooner or later, either 'y a declme on new tebacce or a nee on old -.ock. Several complamts were beard of the young plants, but there 1B not the 4oubli that a.n abundance of plants w11l be f!ound 1n oxlBtence for seLtmg out a large orop, wh1ch, most probably, wtll be done 1f She weather w1ll be favorable. France will award a new contract calhng for about 6,000 bhds on the 8th June next." A Clarksville, Tenn letter of April 28 ays -" The most ser1ous drouth ever known in thlB sect10n at thu season now prevails, wh1ch has retarded the growth of plants and prevents farmers from preparmg for eet;tlng the crop. A great many will not be able to plant before June." AN ORDINANCE. Be tt ordamed by the Board of Mayor and Alder men ef the ctty of Clarksville that section 101 of West's Dtgest, on page 100, be so amended as to read "Any person who shall be found gwlly of monopohzmg, !orestallmg the market, or regrattnJ eball be fined aot less than five nor more than weoty ftve dollars for each and evety ollense Paued second reading A p n112, 1888 JAB H SMITH Mayor It 1S thought by some people that thts urd1 nance was passed m the mterest of tobacco buyers-prmcpally to prevent the Regtes from bemg "cornered." If that IS true, the Bee combmat1on should show thetr apore CJ&tlOn by d1ssolvmg the1r "trust," which, it 18 bas been, and IS bemg used a gamst planters and dealers m Kentucky leaf. Vlrgmw Leaf-The total of Apnl's sales was larger than that of March and embraced .,biefiy bright cutters and dark wrappers. Very bright smokers can be had here now for about 8 cents, which IS a. lower rate than has prevailed for a long t1me Old cutters are worth here from 14 to cents, the etock of wh1ch 18 not large. The askmg price for new cutters in compariSon! w1th 18 htgh, rangmg up to 32 cents Sud Leaf-There seems to be a httle more demand, but busmeBB st1ll 1s far from satll!factory. Total sales, 2,194 cases, of whlch1194o cs. 1886 PennsylvaDJa .1100 cs. 1886 do. Havana 10 @18 150 cs. 1886 State Havana 10 @20 300 cs. 1886 W1a. Havana Seed., 5 @ll 1110 cs. 1886 New Eng Hav. 11 @28 .1100 cs. SundrieS. 5 @30 D1v1ded as follows. 'ro manufacturers. To Clty trade To out of town T v tal 750 Cll.8611 494 950 .. ... 2,194 Hooona-Sales smce our last report, 960 bal611. The market l8 very firm, and 1t IS almeet Impossible to obtam concesstons on -yUUng that can be claBBed as good or bet ter. Manufacturers who fall t.o secure then etocks at prevallmg pr1ces wtll cause for regret later on, as quotatiOns wtll cer &ainly co htgher m Lhe near future. The bulk of the goods sold brought kom SOc to .1.10; some as h1gh as $118 Sumatra-About 475 bales were sold at l1.t0 to $1.85. There IS no actiVIty shown, but goods are movmg off w1th more regu larity. Plug-Demand moderately act1ve, and pnnClpally for the better grades The small jobbers and retailers are not over suppbed w1th stock, but are wa1tmg for the adJust ment of the tax questiOn. Smoking-Regular weekly mqutry re ported. Csgara-No change perceptible. DOIIIEBTIO B.ECIEIPT8, Tile followmg articles were received &t the port of New York dunng the week Bl/ 1/u llrU Bail1oad-H 0 1 ebert 28 hhda M ..&benhe tm & Co 11 do M Pappnhe1mer & Co 17. C B Lockwood 32 Pollard, Pettus & Co 32 0 )[eyer II, Sawyer, Wallace & Co 14, A Lauterback t7 cs, o rd er, 246 bhds, 26 pkgs BIJ 1M litui18n &"'"' .&liln>Gd-Qrder, 537 hhds, JSSpkgs BIJ 1/u P"mt8JilMma Bail1'Nd-G C Kten busch 82 caaes leaf, M W M ende l It Bro 50 do A Coho & Co 1, Schrce.der & Bon 13 Ktfte 4; Voges 12, Jo seph Mayers Sons 11 J Bunzl & Sons 9, Joaeph Lederma n & Son 6 H B c hove rhog 4; Co2, E & G Friend & Co 1 bale, B Schrteber 1 cs ctgars, Thos Hat t 1 do, J Hethrmgton 1, 0 A Krause 1 Wag aer, Kellam & Co 1 C Burkhalter & Co 1, Jeftreys & Qo 1, Stetner & Co2 E H Leggett & Qo l, order, 773 hhds, 204 pkgs, 2 cs ctgars B11 1/u NeVJ York arul NeUJ Ho.fHlr& Steamboat Lin"lleadelsoho 4 cs leaf Frese & Vocke 49 do B Brod :llll; E Rosenwald 4; Bro 13, M Hartman & Co 10, J Goldschmtdt & (Jo 10 Bw 1M 0/A Dominum 1Mu-J H Moore .. Qo l2 bhds, Sawyer, Wallace & Co 811 d10, H Siebert 92 Kinney Tobacco Qo 15 A A Smtth & Co 19 Mtddleton & Co 10 Buchalllln & Lyall 12, ..& D 8traus & Co 5, E W Dodd 60 0 Meyer & Co 5. J M Parsons 10, Holmes & N tcbola 10 Oelnchs A Co 82, FE Ow en 2 do, 14 trcs P Lmillard & Co 7 do, l S do, 1 bx samples Howland & Aspln wall 6 lthds 4-hhds 1 bx samples, J D Ketley J r 123 hhds, 28 trcs, 5 CE mfd, 1 pq, W 0 Smith 4; lCo ll hhds 72 \reo, 20 cs emlig, 744 cs mfd, GO ;!lrbJLS do, 84 cs Cigarettes, Joha Mmr 47 hhds, 1 bx samples W Duke, Bon & Vo 81 hhds, 40 ca II!IDI 14 do, Joe D EY&Da & Co 80 do; E B !lead, Jr & Co bxs do, Sharp, Tay lor Ill Puktoa II do, 29 do; .A. & H ..Jlc.K:.IIZ4t i 01 liN&; .A.ualiD, lUOllole ol Co U do; Bogert :1: Haydon 1 do. Armtrong Bros 3 J H Faure nholz 2 J J 4 Josep h Anders 3 J ellreys & Co 4 cods mfd, L Wert bet mer 8 bales smkg Park & T1lfo rd 4 ca c1garettes, F H Leggett & Co 1 do order 307 bhd s, 48 c s smkg 90 bal es de, 2411 cs mfd 815 bx s do, 137 ).4 bxs do, 131 bxs do, 60 ).4 b x s do, 3 0 2 pkg do 421 do 12d cads clo 50 ).4 cads do, H 0 2 pkgs do 1 bbl do, lL pkgs leaf 44 cs c i garettes Jiy 1114 JVeUJ .!'orA: '11<1 BalU.,.,... Tramporlatwn Ll7U-Funch, Edye d\ Co 610 hhds, 91 bx s sam oleo, H P John so n 104 cs em k g Coa;ttAme fom Key W est-G Alces 9 cs CJgars P Pohal s k tl; Co 4 do & Co 29 Oele .. LIDO PalaciO 00 bxs pipes St Jago de Ouba-liflole Bros 1 cs ctgars, Lock wood & Geery 1 do, R M Barnett 1 S Forwood 185 se roons tobacco, 17 pkgs do Ha'DtJno.-Tobacco-Guerra Hermaoos 50 bales Pretzfeld & Co do J Brand & Co 14 P & J Frank 87 D av td son Bros 33 L o zano, Pendas & Co 9 1:! Auerba ch & Co 99 J Bernheim & Son 197 B Rosstn& S o n 47, C Erdt 19, C Vtgtl tl.l, G Varona & Co 229 Vega Morton & Co 79, Sat tonus & Co 184, G Munoz 17 Schroeder & Boo S4, A Gonzalez 164, Gans Br os & Rosenthal 63, F Alexandre lit Sons ISS, Jas E Ward & Co 69 order60, J Merfeld & Co 77, M Stachelberg & Co 16 do 6G bags C1 gars-8 & Sons li cases, Michaella& Ltnde mano3 G W Faber 4 E Regensberg 9.Purdy & N tcholas 48.; Powell, Werugman & Smtth 1, P .t; J Frank 2 W F Tayl e r 3, M .1!: McDowell & Co 9, Kaufmann Bros & Boody 1 G AmraUar-30 pkgs (4,800 lb s ) wfd Bamburg-4.0 bhaa Ba!lti-12 bhds L"""P''I-58 hhds, 2 cs, 74 pkgs (11,555 lbe) mfd Loruion-17<1 hltds, 41 cs, 140 pkgs (18,927 lb s ) mfd .KaUa-85 pkga (5 600 lbs) mfd Naples-15 hhds NellJ(oundlamt-?. pkg (336 lbs) mfd Nooa &utoa-2 (a1G lbs) mfd Botte1'dam-516 hh ds, 68 cs San Domtngo 2 pkgs (374 lbs) mfd Spanuh Posseuwn"n Afrca-17 hhds, 59 cs 1J. i3 of Colo:nb&a-230 bales, 79 pkgs (13,554 lbs) mfd v-uM--16 pkga (4,000 I be) mfd UPORT8 J'ROB THII: POR'I or Nll:W YORK TO J'OR Jl:l(}lll PORTS I'ROB J.ANUAAY 1, 1888, TO APRIL 28, 1888 .flhda Cases Bales Afnca 45 65 Amsterdam 774 681 28 Antwerp 1,253 783 25 6.ustn& Austr&lia 27 Bremen 2,673 "',41i9 3,4.58 Bntialt N A. Col 2 Canada 3,067 Central Amertca. 260 Chma and Japan Copenhagen 7 17 East Indies ..... France ........ 2,558 2 O'braltar 58 2,473 Glasgow ......... 819 80 Hamburg.... .. 219 054 1,786 Italy.. .. 8 ,609 Lrrerpool 506 3 7 7 137 300 London .. 1,086 891 5 218,389 Other Porta 171 1 460 Malt&. .... 65,012 Mextco 4 66 3,286 New Zeai&Rd, etc 20 269,324 Portugal 41 Rotterdam, 1,4G6 612 98 400 Band wtch Islands Spa&o ...... 7 ,774 633 South America 105 9 2,694 2711 685 & Norway 110 945 Weotlntlle. 447 106 4.28 350 684 V anous porta 6,640 2B 272 18,671 12,6o9 2,ll69,967 SPECIAL NOTICE. 1887 BOUSATON!O TOBACCO NOW OURI!D AND RII:ADY TO WORK. By calhng at my office you can see samples of the '87 crop whtch has been cured by my non wettmg process and wh1ch 1s now ready for the manufacturer It IS m such a state of preservation that 1t cannot ap01l It can be kept for ever Th1s eure has been effected m stxty days. What a great aavmg m t1me and all r1eks avotded, and no tender or soft leaf. Any leaf put mto the procesli now can be ready to work by the first of May, and all leaf cured th1s way will yteld at }east twenty dollars a caee more wrappers I wtsh every packer of '87 leaf would send me a few cases and prove what I claim If you want fine, tough, 1;lossy tobacco, th1s ts the only sure way to get 1t. the only process without a parttcle of rtsk and much to gam I have several large packmge of different States now cured, wh1ch I can show Send your address for catalegue and c1rcu lara. Obediently yours, CHAS S PHILIPS, Tobacco sweatmg and curmg, 188 Pearl street, New York. 1201 CHEAP STORAGE LARGEST AND FINEST W ARK HOUSES IN THE CITY AND LOWEST RATKS. Our new 3tores, 550, 552, 554 and 556 Water street, and 305, 307, 309 and 311 Cherry street, Pter 411, East R1ver, all under one roof, m one block, w1th a driveway through the bulldmg for loa.dmg and unloadmg m poor weather, have a stormg capiimty of about thuty thousand cases. We are 10 a pos1t10n to gtve the tobacr.o trade the lowest rates of any hollSe m our hne. It coats about as much per case for maurance m country warehouses as for both storage and 1nsur ance w1th us. D1d you ever figure 1t out! Well, do so, and then get our rates, and you will see that we are correct. Tobacco to a finer qua.hty m ctty warehouses. Dead colors oome from poor cunog, as a rule. Store your leaf where 1t will cure the best, 1t 111 just as cheap, when you cons1der the low rate of Insurance on our stores. Please oall or send for rates, and _sreatly oblige, CHAS S. ?HILIPS, President Ph1hps ToblloCco Co .. 1208-l.Jll 188 Pearlsueet, New York, THE TOBACCO LEAF. Eastern Markets PHILADELPHIA, Apnl Bel -tlr A.. R Fougeray, Tobacco reports to t.'le To BACCO LEAP as follows W btle tbts b as been along week, 1 till the h s ndhng of manuf a c \ured bard to bacc o shows very m o derate stndes t oward tmprove ment m busine s s The truth 1s trade ts v e ry, very qutet, and tt now looks as 1f tt ts not hke l y to make a forward un t tl the l aw m ake rs at Was h mgton have wtp e d out the toternal tax or uottl t becomes koowa tn a t nothmg wtll be done lhts The pnce that can be n amed for tobacco now ts uncertam It depenQs on c1rcum!ta n ces Manufacturers wtll keep tb mtll gomg Ftne cuts aro movmg slowly Smoktog Tobacco-!Jut plug t vbaccos are fast usurpmg the po s t two obta med by J.(rsnulnted f o r purposes S ome vety exce llent n ew brasL Total !be Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. C Apnl28 -Headerson Bros., Leaf Broken, report to the To BACCO LEAF as follows -Recetp\s have been hght for the past two weeks, owmg to cool, dry weather and a small quanllty now 10 the country to be mar keted, whtch wtll be oold along through the months of May and June Pnces have been somewiiat htgher o n all kmds for the past ten days, wtth but litt l e good to fine ollenng It seems now that tbe best tobacco was soli! first We bear a good deal of c omplamt of lite cold weather aod Jly destroymg the plants, aoU the crop IS nut as large as tt would have been had pnces remamed a they were to the wmter We bad frost three mghts thts week wbtch dtd much damage to the frmt crop, as well as )Oung plants QUOTA'l'ION8-(New) Smokers-Common 3 @ 5 Medmm 6 8 Good 12 @15 Cu&ters-Common 15 @18 Medmm 18 Go o d 22 @26 Fme 28 @83 .Ftllers-Common 4 @ 6 Medtum 8 @10 Good 16 @12 Wrappers-Common 12 @15 Medtum 111 @25 Go o d 30 Ftoe 40 @50 Fancy 60 BALTIMORE, Md Aprtl HO -Messrs E Wlacbmeyer & Co tobacco mer chants, report to the TOBACCO LBAF -Recetpts of Maryland contmue hgbt and whtle the quality ts fatr 1t generally lacks color Tlle demand for ex port grades whtch has bees constant for months past has recetved a further Impetus by the aanouncemeot that the French contract to be awarded early 10 June, calls for 9 000 hhda. Ohto ts quiet wtth httle demand at present Sales reported for tltts week are 2ii7 hhds Ma r yland and 39 l.thds Oh\0 I !Hs,PCcted thts week-3ll hhds Maryland and Obto Cleared same penod-Str Amen'Ca, f or Bremen, 92 hhds :lllaryland 5 bhds Vtrgmta, 6 lthds Kentucky 1aa hhds Vtrg tma slems str Polyne!Ia.n 154 bbds Ytrgm t a etr Mame, for Ltverpo o l 10 bbds V1rgm1a, 4 bbds Maryland str Oregon, for Ltverpool G8 hhds Vlrgtnta str 70 bhds Vtrgmt& TOBACCO IITJ.TBliBJIT Jan 1, 1888-Stock oa hand m tobacco wareheuses and on sh1pboard not cleared 27 975 .llhds loapected this week 3%1 hhEis lllapected previously 5,015 hhds l!:xporta of Maryland and Ohto since Ja11 1 1i88 3B Bll hhds and shipped coastwise 1 3,64l bhod Red 17 00@20 00 None SEED LEAF lll.t.RKET. '!'he were small to day a nd the ma1 ket easter for n e w 'I be House ollered 34 cases new at from 2 10 to 7 40 CLARKSVILLE. Tenn Apnl 28Messrs M li Vls.rk & 8ro TollaCCo Brokers report to the TODACCO LEAF -Our recetpts thts week were 885 hhds, for the year, 14,400 bUds Sales for tbe week endmg to-day were 988 .bhds Tlle market was very act tve a nd s t ron g, under strong speculative purchases, at an advance of ).4 to o n lugs to medmm. leaf Both qns.hty anu order of th e breaks sbowed twprovemeot 86 fe.,. hog s heads of the old crop n ow appear upon tbc boa rd that quotatiOns apply to new tobaccGs only 'lte stock ot o ld Jugs !tete free of fro s t, IS now te duced to about BoO hltds Manufactmers for th e past yea r have been llee of our IQW grad es and h ave taken pe1 h aps 4,000 hhd s trom u s uunno: tb e past season blbtpments to your market begm to go forward and your merchants' bms wtll soon show an as sortment of pur new crop Our weather bas been dry for some ttme, and ram t s now needed by the country QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Comm n 3;14@ Medmm. fi 6 Good 6).4 7 Leaf-Common 6}?.@ 8 ){ edmm... \ Go o d 11 @13 Fme 14 @16 Selections 17 @21 DANVILLE, Va.. Aml26 -Pan! C Yes able, Leal 'J obacco Broker reports to the To Bt.cco LEAP as follows Ollermgs on th1s market for tbe past week have been small and :>f rather poor qu.IIty The weather .bas been dry and cool to handle tobacco, and farmers are ad vautge of tt to prepare for the conuog crop .E'nces on all grades have an upwarQ tendency, and we can report a ftrmer market DURHAM. N c Apnl 27 -Heesra Webb & Kramer, Leaf Tobacco Dealers, report to tbe Toll.t.CCO LEAF as follows -Our market tbts week has httle to say for 1tself The prevathog dry weather has shortened rece1pts aod added to want of a season for rehandling tobacco The far mers are 10 the mtdst of thetr spnng work and can not leave the farms to market thetr leaf The crop has been marketed more freely dunog the past wm ter mouths tbao for many years, and from reports reliably l!athered tt IS safe te esttmate two thuds of the :N Carohua crop as sold. .EVANSVILLE, Ind Apnl 28 -Mr W T Noel, Tobacco Broker, reports to the ToBACC0 LEAr -Owmg to the extremely dry weo.tber that has been prevathng for the past two weeko wht ch bas prevented the handling of tobacco, our recetpts and sales have beon extremely h ght The crop now bemg marketed ts defictent m several respects betng generally very h11ht bod1ed and rather short, and most too colory for Regte purpose s But li ttl e of the better grades has appeared on our breaks as yet Have seen son;e f ew real good Italian types for almost any year, the only obJeCtiOn bemg too short for the stan8. LYKCHBURG,Va.,Aprtl28 -Mesars Holt, l'ochaefer & Co Buyers and lian oilers of Leaf 'I e bacco, to the ToBACCO LEAP "" follows Recetpts 10 our market are st.ll decrea mg and are very ugbt for thts t1me of the season, reachtng only 328,660 lbs thts week, agamst 44.6, lbs las t week Tbe total smce Oct 1, 1887, IS 111,216,400 lbs agatnt 11,996,600 lbs durmg same penod lt..,t seasou Our market on the wnole Is qutet hut steady w1th an acttve demand for all aestrable grade Pnces are about unchang e d The heavy frosts tbts week have done damage to some localmes to early vegetal!oD 1 obac c o plant s are rep o rted to have sulfered hkewtse, probably not to a ny great extent, and plants will not be lack mg .MAYFIELD, Ky Aprtl28 -Puryear Myles !I; Co Le a r 'fobacco Broker& report to the ToBAcco LKAP as f ollaws -Qualtty n o t as gooa as last week Market very strong R ecetp ts for week Rec e tpts smce January 1 Olleungs for week Ollermgs for y ear Ne t sales f o r week Net sales for y ear PRKIGHT RATES PER 100 POUNDS Hbde. 245 2 235 289 2,062 2a1 1,7611 To New York, all rat! 47c To New OIIeaos, all r"tl 25c Boston rates 5c above New York, and Phtladel phta 2c, and Balttm o re Sc below PADUCAH, Ky,, Aprtl28 -Puryear, Myles & C T o bacco r eport to the TonA eco LKAP as follow s -Quality s\!11 very poo r except. mg a few tine hhds Market very firm R ece i pts and sales rem a m light owmg to lack of hand hog weather Recetpta for week Recetpts smce Jan Ollenug s for week Offermgo for year Net sa les for w eek Net saleo for year RATES OF TRANSPORTATION Rates to New York, all ratl, per 100 lbs do water and rail, do do do New O r leans all ratl do do 20c do do do water Boston rates Ss above N e w Y e rk, and Phtladel phta 2c, and Balltmore 3c below SOUTH BOSTON, Va.,Aprtl28 -Mr. G P Apt, Tobacco Broker, reports s follows to the J o BACco LEAF -Our market has been w1th out speCial feature for several weeks Unfavorable seasons low prtces have served to l

. MAY2 .. ... AMERICAN EACLE THE TOBACCO LEAF. 5 Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco : FINE OUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. AMERICAN EACLE. C.A.VENDISll SMOKING. Navy, Eagle, t:iJ Old Tar, SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. GRA..NUL.A.TED SMOKING. LONG CUT SMOKING. Stork, Smoking Tobacc:5 IJ'RADX MAB K. FINE CUT, LEOPOLD KILLER &. SON IM Vhambers St., NEW YORK CITY, Cold Spray National Leaa-ue Crown of Delight Universal Favorite, Spray of Morning Dew, Canada :Mixture, Lucky, I Club, Cherry Clipper Double Five, Plum 8 ook for the East Oriental r Sun Rise Clock, Lucky Cut Plug, !ijah's Choice, Dime Ram, ; s Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Detroit Mixtures. ... Invincible clever Brudder lied, Elk. Na-vy Clippings Green Corn. -. THE MERCHANTS TOBACCO COMP.ANY, D.A. Y'TC>N, Manullt.cturers or the rollowing Celebrated and Popular Brands 01 Plue: Tobaccos: LAWN TENNIS, SWEET HUT, GOLD HAWK. The facilities of this Company are such as to fill any Orders with promptness dispatch. JOHN B. BRICHT, President; CHARLES A. PHILL.IPS, Vice-Pres. and Treas.; DAN. J. McNAMARA, Superintendent; 120 9 -12 A. A. BUTTERFIELD, Secretary. FREE TRADE or PROTECTION. The tact remaln8 that Tobacco in the leaf or manuractured Into Smokin!l' tobacco, etc., In THIS country needll to be kept l're8h, and after years of trials and recommendations the only decent and rca1onable method 111 that of underli!l'ned. Fancy Boxes, Cigar Cabinets, Leaf Cabinets, Show Case Trays, Stock Ghests, Moist Rooms, Home Comfort, Miner's Favorite, Jumbo, Miner's Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut L H. NEUDECKER; 1 Baltimore, Md.: i DISTRIBUTING AGENT FOB.. Duke & Dandy, Frog Long (;,ut, Facto!'f, Plum, BALTIMORE AND VICINirY;j Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Spanish, Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride The Tobacco Refrigerating Company. INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK E. M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES Prcildemt. 'V/ AT DARIUS FERRY, 11 "lit. ,.,.. New York, Vlec.Prcsldent. \ .AlA.. il-J tS.SG .. S/f Lancaster, Pa., M. OPPENHEIMER, Tress. and Secy. _,.# "r..Y Edgerton, Wis. t'lr 'f' MAIN OFFICE: 13R WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturers to the R. TEl H. C>F AND C>F Wall. Cabinets. Pail Covers, SEED LEAF Endorsed by thousands iil use. : Prices to suit the times. t Chas. N. Swift Mfg. Co., 1204 TOB..A:..OOOS, E 115 S-t 162 &"tree"t, 1 201 A .FEW MORE C .OPIES OF THE : FOR 1BB7 CAN BE H AD .AT THE OFFIC E OF THE. TO :SACCO LEAF PUBLISHING COMPANY, I ......... ( $&.0.0. .105 Maiden. Laae, New York.


6 T:U:E TOBACCO MAY 2 GWD YUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. Grand Hotel Pasaje, Manuel Lopez 4 Co., ::EJ:avan.a, O"U. 'ba. LOPEZ & CO.,"' "VICTOR HUGO/' "FLOR DE REMATES,JJ "CELIA." !'he LARGEST and onl)T FIRST.CLABS HOTEL on the lsland of Cab&_ ; sltualed Ia the belt part the city. Enlarged, Improved, new sanitary arranrements, new management. Eept UDder AmerlcaD ...d ll:uiopean plallll, Complete aeoommodation for strangers. IULIUS HIRSCH, P. JWI:. OA..STFl.O CO., Repreaentae:.:;-e tn. the UnUed !\1ate, 42 BEAVER STREET, NEW YORK. CRAND CIQAR FACTORY OF G-ran.Q. 01gar Fao'tory, J. E. CARTA VA & co., MANUEL RODRIGUEZ, Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuba. FELIX MURIAS & CO CIGAR MANUFACTURERs ,-.. LA FLOR CUBANA. R. RENDUELES. Calle del Rayo No, 63, Dabana [LniiTED], lllanuftoeturer of FINE HAVANA CIGARS Havana, Matanzax & Key West, Fla. LEADING BRANDS: m z.. m lSI o-E :La -j. -AND-..--Flor de Manuel Rodriguez." Cnllo do Ia Zania 69, Havana, Cuba. LEADING BRANDS:-" La Gratitud" "Remignton,'' "Rosa Cub&ns," "Flor de Rosendo Rendueles," La 8ociedad Oom-ercisl," llosa H Flor Indiana The celebrated EL KAYO VBBDB 0.., New York omcc: 3 Ced81' 8&. Sltios 11'7 Havana, Cuba, Brands:-" La EntTella," "Flor de Belgas & Garcia," "La Rosita," "La Flor do Alfredo Bel gas," "Para Todos," "Lt. Felicia," Flor de In clan Sanchez," a11d "Flor de Bianca." R.oya1 01gar Pao'tory, -A.RO' DE CAPOTE, MORA & CO., :aile del RJ'o No, 28, Dabaoa, Cuba. Leadinc Brands: "Ill or de 1UaDrteo1 "Plor de Eduardo Cao, ., UD1oa ()Jab," "La aolna,'! " SEBASTIAN AZCANO, Suarez 68, Habana. Telelono 1,()27, Leadlnc Bran4at PLOR DE SEBASTIAN AZ(l.l.l'l .. PLOB DEL P.&RAISO. BL NIAGARA, LA ll!IPOIICIO!fo P&NUo M.i Caridad." lli.I.NlJJl'ACTURRS OF / HAVANA !"-' Estrella St. 7 9, HAVANA. CIGAR FACTORY ot tire Most Selected Vegas of VUELTA ABAJO. .....,; m en 'tiD v FABRICA DE TABACOS "LAGRANADINA" -AND-FLOa DE F. CABAL Y CABAL. Leadmg Brands:-Flor del Allo, La Emilia, Fl8r de Carlot&, Abelardo 111111 Eloiea, Flor de F. G. Granda "Eudon.. R.:>sa de Ban Antonio. Calle de San Rafael 99 y 1e.. DABANA, C"CBA. -GRAND CIGAR FACTORY -OFCORTINA Y GOMEZ LEADING BRANDS: F.ABRICA DE TAB A COS. JU.A.N' .A.. B.A..:N'CES, Sole Proprietor o! the well-known and celebrated m cc ..... .... ca :& ::11:1 CD a:q c;; CORTINA, MORA Y CA.,1 "IICNON," COLMENARES & PRIETO, Calle de San Rafael" No, llli. Foreign Markets. &WSI'ERDAl'll, April 6.-Messrs. Schaap 4i; VanVeen report to the TOBAOOO LlliAB':fte &Ubscription of the 6th of April, amount"Dc to 7,31K balee Java and 55 bales Manila tiobacco. euooeeited well. 506 bales were DOt granted. Since have been sold 158 bales .J"av-a, not granted by a forme r subscription. Two hundred and sixty-three hhds Mary llllnd and 15 hhds ground leaves in public aile were for th great<>r part sold at reason-able figures; 43 hhds Virginia mostly taken in. Imported were 2,953 bales Java, 55 bales .-.niiA. also the first pa.-c els of the new at are called CiGok: au important position. Prices for American growths are very moderate, even 6Jr the grade3 that are most scarce. We be lieve.i.t ia the influence of heavy aggregate .tocksinour warehous_es, and of& large crop for th1s year, c.>mbmed wtth die that most of the large manufacturers flol461lough tobacco to meet their wants for .,... time to come. LONDON, April 11.Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co. report to the ToBACCO Lu:r:-Throughout the whole of the past -..ek this market has remained in an ex 11:emely dull and inammate state, coniref1U811lly there is nothing of interest to report. Holders ate. however, firm at present quoCaliODB. Substitutes have also been Rlow of ...._ B.>l b in Virginia and Western there luul been nothing done. Ohio has shared in of inquiry. Maryland is now y asked. for. ()avendish only dealt ia ill retail A.prillS.-'fhis market has remaiaed in a -ry inanimate alate throughout the whole ef the past week, and with scarcely any in 1'riey. The extent of busiuess done has beeR -.pun an extremely limited sale. Substitutes Jla.Ye also been slow of sale. Wester .. leaf &Dd strips have been generally neglected; however, r en:ain firm. Virginia has also been very sparingly dealt in. Ohio has ealy been t.aken to a limited extent. For :Maryland thare is no demand. Cavendish -'iuues in small request. 80TTERDAh, April 9. -Mr. N. Van ::lleos, sworn tobacco broker, reports to the Lli:AF:-Confirming my letter of the 3J inst. I now beg to r e p ort the foll\lwing: Alriv-als for the week were: Bv the st11amer l!loord Holland from Java, 2,1U5 bales Java of which'are 339 bales leaf, and the .relti consisting mostlr of Crossoh tobacco. :By the steamer Lacoma from Slmsoun: 300 Wftl Samsoun tobacco. By steamer Edam f'rom New York: 1172 hhds Maryland, of which 72hhds were sold on .sfoSeed leaf, and 22 hhds Vuginia. .aold t.biiJ week here, 6 hhds Maryland on <:Jonditions. -On t .e lOth inst. 86 cases Wieconsin Hav-Seed leaf; on the lHiit. inet. 6,111 ...... IIABANA, ClJBA. bales JaTa and 551 bales Mllnila will be brought in the market by" pub"ia sale. In Antwerp there will be a sale of 554 bales Manila on the lOth inst. April 14.-This week there were sold 4.816 bales JaTa tobacco at public sale at firm prices, and 241 bales out of hand before the sale Out of hand after the sale: 107 bales Ma nila and 31 hhds Maryland at secret prices. Arrived from Java by steamer Koningin Emma, 2,951 bales Java. From New York by steamer Amsterdam, 64 cases Seed leaf cuttinga. From Smyrna by St\lamer Stam boul. 1,285 bales Cavalla, 684 bales Treb1z on de and 343 bales Samsouo. The last four lots will be brought in public sale on the 19th inst.; likewise 365 hhds Maryland and Son born will b e auctioned, On May 2 ti.Jere wHI be a public sale of 10, 000 bales Java tobacco. Business in our market begins to revive in cousequeoce of small stocks held by manu facturers, who begin to make their purchase s. The weather is growing better now, as the cold i8 gone ------Heeelp.J. and !!U;ecke In all Weetcrn Markeh. (Reported by Wm. G. llleler & CO.) Receipt8 from Stocks on hand J e.u. 1 to Marc b 1. M _arch 1. 1888. 1887. 1888. 1887. Louisville ... 14,036 17,078 37,447 17,566 Cincinnati ...... 5 ,124 4 317 13,426 10,764 St. Louis ....... 2,669 2 ,015 9,476 6,649 Clarksville ..... 3,973 1,896 9,512 3 .061 Hopkinsville .... 830 3,255 1,334 Paducah. .. ... 897 353 8,790 1,230 Nashville....... 553 393 984 289 EvaotJVille... ... 350 297 680 265 Mayfield........ 409 163 950 265 ..... 29,070 27,342 79,520 41,423 Tobacco Prel&hl Ra&eln Hecheaob Per 100 Pound. (Reported by IIi. C. Franke & Co.) L oUISVILLE, Ky. Feb. 29. 1888 LouiiJYille-New York, S5c; Baltimore, S3c; Philadelphia, 32c; New Orleans, 27c; New Orleans by river, 23c; Richmond, 27!>ic. Cincinnati-New Yerk:, Baltimore, 31!>ic; Philadelphia, New Orleans. 32c; New Orleans by river. 25c; Richmond. 30!>ic. Clarksville-New York, M!>ic; Baltimore, Philadelphia, Orleans, 25c Paducah-New York. Baltimore, Philadelphia, 42!>ic; New Orleans, 20c; New Orleans by river, 17!>ic. St. Louis-New York, B altimore, Philadelphia, Rcbmond, 41_lic HopkioQVille-New York, 62!>ic; Baltimore, Philadelphia, 60!>ic; New Orleans, Evansville-New York. Baltimore, 39 )>tc; Philadelphia, 4ft!>ic. Nash Baltimore. 47c: Philadel phia; 48u; New Orleans, 2lc; Richmond, Ma,yfl.eld-New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, 25c. -Robert Hamil ton a farmer living in Wash ington Township, Ind., bas been losing a great deal o f tobacco of late by thieves. A few days aince h e placed a loaded shot-gun behind the door of the old hous e which he uses for a store room, Monday Alvin D odson, an honest neigh bor, was passing that way, wi.Jeo, overta k e n by a storm and attempting to enter the h ouse for shelter, he received the full charge of 5hot in the breast, from whiah h e died in the afternoon. -A traveller in Germany bought a large bill of goods in Dresden and one of the concern ha.nd e d him a floe cigar, which h e put in his pocket to smoke on the train. When he got on the train he found that he would have to occupy the same compartment with a lady and gentle man, a.nd as h" was suffering for a smoke h e took out his cigar and leaning over toward the couple he addressed the gentlemar;J, asking him lf It would annoy the lady lf he smoked. The German gentleman eagerly grasped the cigar, saying, "tank you, tank you!" and placing it in his mouth, lit it and settled back to soli<.l enjoyment. Brand ot PARTAGAS CIGARS -OF--CD ..... CD FLOR DE CORTINA, ttHAKESPEABE, AND O::EG-.A.:EI.:JDTT:JD& 168 and 160 INDUSTRIA ST., (Eatabllshod 18411.) ESTANII..LO, JUNCO & CORUJO, PlliVILEGIO. HAVANA, CUBA. BELASCOAIN 34, HAVANA, CUBA. Calle de Ia EstreHa No. 184 HAVANA. NOTE.This brand bas been In the l'ldelll will be prooecuted to NOTICB.-Establlfhed in 1840 b)Ttbe leuablemanutacturer Aa&onlao Caranebo with the Honor Prize a&. the E.s:hfbitfon of Amsterdam, 1888. E:J:"'':J" G-.A.. TO, -M.anutaetr.;oer of PineHAVANA CIGARS, ver some parts condition of business in general. of the Vuelta Ahajo, they w:ere not suffi Extreme prices paid during 1887 compare ciently to improve to .any extqot with those of 1886 as follows:-thA general appearance of the fielda. Cut-1887. tiog, which was inaugurated in some locali _. P00er Qtl, 00 J b l Vuelta Ab&jo1lllers ......... ...., @SSS ties early 10 anuary, yielded ut sma I rePartido ................ ..... .. ao ooo 60 oo sults. Tbe reports from Remedios were, on Remedloo ................. 18 000 44 oo 1886. Per Qtl. SS5 00 !10 003 3>.l 50 IS 00@ M 00 Cutters. Glba.ra. Mayari and the contrary, very satisfactory, as well as otberlnterlorolasseo. ...... 7 ooc 25 oo 6 ooo 20 oo those received from Santa Clara, where Extreme prices paid last year in the Vuelta growers. induced by the remuoeratiYe prices Abajo, for vegas, compare with those of 1886 obtained in 1886, had considerably increased as follows:-the cultivation of the weed. 1887. 18811. A favorable change in the weather, which loto to r Tampico and Tuxpam direct and for other Mexican Sta'tes Tia Vera Cruz must be directed "'per City of Atlanta"). FRIDAY-At 1 p. m for Progreso (leiters for other Mexican States be directed '":Jer B. cut at firs t in the Vuelta Abajo and Partido The exportations from the port of Havana being torn and worm eaten, considerably imin 1887 and 1886 were respectively as fol -paired the brilliant prospects of. the crop in lows:1887. 1886. Total. ......... 162, 743 187.94 1 those localities, a circumstance which conBales. Bales CIGARETTJCSThe exportation in 1887 SATURDAY-At 1 a .m. for Brazil and for the La Plata and Cbili and Dem erara; at 9 a. m for Norway direct (letters must be directed "per at 10 a. m. for Scotland <.lirect (letters must be directed per Anchoria"); at 10 a. m. for tributed to induce holders to enhance prices United States ....... -.. 134,934 117,772 amounted to 20,726,669 packages, agamst for the leaf of the previous crop, while that Great Bl"itain 67 6,100 19.549 ,828 in 1886. of the new one was completely neglected by Germany 10,498 SoRAI'S-Exported last year, 343,198 kilos, both shippers and manufacturers, who, baing Frao,ce ........... 7.223 11,297 against 212.789 in 1886. unable to form Up9o the first parceh re Spain ............. -.... 31,S68 34,203 N. B.-Exports of leaf tobacco and cigars ceived a p ositive judgment about tbe good Other parts ........ .. 1.483 to Europe, especially to the United Kingdom or defective qualities, of the g1owt h, remained and Gerinany, were much larger than appear aloof.. Total.-:---in above stateme nt, inasmuch as heavy ship-Owmg_ to the larg".number of Amer1can CIGARB-Dnrmg the earlier part of tfi!l-ments to those countries, tllil8ame as in pre m marke\, the_ year !'0 year under demand was well kep" vious: years, wel'fi effected almost weekly, ttvs, ,for Reirled1os leaf, 10 which up, sUpJilhM did not corr_espond wHil via New York. Santander and St. Thomas, large were effected at tlytbe tnqutry, to the scarcity-of prGper "':nd are. according_ly cnmprised in the expor I workmen complamed of by a great many ta"tion to ti.Je Uoittd Srates, Sp&i:n and o!.hAr France, Swttzerlaod, Italy, Spain ana Por tugal; at 10 a. m. for Germany, Austria, Denmark, 8weden, Norwa:v, Russia and Turkey (letters for other European tries via Southampton must be directed "per Elbe"); at 10 a. m. for Greac Britain, Ireland, Belgium and Netherlands (let .ters for Germany, Austria.. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia. _and Turkey must be directe1 "per A urania"); at 10 a. m. for tbe Netherlands (letters must be directed per P. Caland"J; _at 11 a m. for Venezuela. Mails for China and Japan close here May 8 At 5 30 p. m. Mails for the Hawaiian In Aprtl of elasaes ha:1 manufatlturera; but the demand !loon began parts. already de

lfm; lflemnth Importers and Manufacturers of 11107' ond BROADWAY, NEW YORK. LOZilllOt Y. P enda, EST' &, C<>., lYIANUFT"BS OF CIGARS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONI..Y. Alo Importer OJ CXG.A.:R.S & LE.A.F T<>EI.A.CCO, BOD PE.A.RX.. :N"E"'VE7 uuB.A.N HAND-MADE CIGARS. t'i 14 Siinsom St., ftC\" i _! ft\\\"t\\\\\\Uu { ,, t\.\\\ \\t t \. WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. W. T. HANCOCK,. S..OC.eaaor to Salmon, Hancock & Co. MANUFACTURER O.Jr Fine Con, Light Press, Twist, Navy and "' Sun-Cured TOBACCOS, V a. the Cigar Trade and Public Generally.: It having come to our notice that some unscru. ii)Ulous and piratical manu!acturers have infriilS'ed ca.pon our celebrated brand ot: OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS". changing the n&me and coior ot label, "'WW& take this opportunity or cautioning the public .and trade generally a.gainst buying such goods, .amder penalty"!. Ourbra.nd lq registered and pmtectecl by b.w. Notice Factory No.1";, imd Dist -at. VirgiDia, on each box: also our name on label. .. tc. P. WHITLOCK,' RICHl'IIOND, VA.. BALBIN, MONTEALEGRE & CD -Importers and Dealers InHavana Leaf Tobatco _AND CICARS, I 03 Maiden Lane, New York. SCRAP BUNCHING MACHINE CO. HAND MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,500 PER DAY. POWER II 5,000 II .ONE GIRL OR' BOY CAN OPERATE EITHBR MACHINE. Better than the Best Hand-Work. 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. For terms, and references apply to !DOLP, H LEWYN. Sec). No. 1230 Second Avenue, N"E'VV THE Cigar Cutters. KAUFMANN BROS & BONDY, 129 cYc; 131 Crand Street, New York, PATENTEES AND PURE LICORICE PASTE l!IANUFACTUKED BY Mac Andrews. & Forbes from the finest Roots, ef their own collecting, curing, and importing, and sold under the annexed Trade Mark. Having unusual facilities, more than thirty years experience of the busi ness, and every improvement in the manufacture, they are in a position to offer to the Trade an article of Uniform Purity and Excellence, the high quality of which can be relied on under all circumstances. O:f:n.oe-55 ST:Fl.EET, ( p, o. Boot 28.) ...::... VEGA, MO-RTON & CO., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, M. A MONTEJO.--=J Dn'ORTER OJ' 187 PEARL STREET, NEW PRINCIPE ALFONSO 105, HAVANA, CUBA. B.A. VAN A. TOBACCO. Trade-Marls: "America11 & 11 Flor ftc !. A. I. No. 191 Pearl Street, New York. & Soii.-, s. .. e ... WATT'S UNIFORDi. I Manu.faot-.rera. I 88 Market Street, Chicago. P I:.or!llard & Co., New York D. H. 1\[cAlpin & Co., .. David Buchner & 0o u "' Catlin Tobacco Co., St. Lou;s. F. F. Adams & Co, Wilwallkee. DUTIES IMPOSED ON TOBACCO D FOREIGN COUNTRIES, Havana. Leaf Tobacco a.nd Cigars, AUSTRALIA-Manufactured tobacco Imported ?It...._ pound duty. Austra.Iian manufactured made 4if domestic leaf, 24 cents a poundio.temaltu:; made offGrefrll lear, 48 cents a pound tax. SBS ST.; :N"E"'OE7 TOH.K:. Aad Cab&da l.el M .oate 199, Hav....., BELGIDIII-Leat toba<>oo and stema 70 fran011 per -kilos: manufactured tobacco cigars &nd cigarettes. a: Cra"cs pe. IWJdlos; other idiids,!ncluding !1)1 lraucs ver 100 ltiloa. ERNEST FREISE, GUERRA RERMANOS, CANADA-On tobacCo tho excise duty" on foreign leal which formerly was 20c per lb, but of late years bas beea reduced to l2c, i\1 restored to 20c. The dut:r, on domeatJo leaf, which up to 1883 was 8c and was then reduced to i!c f1 advanced to [l9. The customS duty upon tobacco anutr is in creased frol.tCflO to 30c per lb, and on 1m ported tobacco fruu SOc Cigarettes put up fn packues wetghillll' lea n one twentteth of a pouBd or Jess shall pay a duty o 34c per Jb, of 29c, as heretotm.e and on dam oi moist snulf, when containi!li' over 40 per Cent of Packers and lmportes, of mPOilTER OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. :,t';.t!'ut In packages ol-thaoi 6U.eidl, 14opeclb HAVANA TOBACCO 58 per ..-.,. Cavendish or Negrohead, 4S 6d per lb. Cavendbm or Nep!Oo head matmfaotured in b ond, 4s per lb. Other manufactUI'ed 4s p e r lb. Snwr containing more thau 13 lbe of m01stur e Jn every 100 lbs w eight thereof, 3a 9d per lb. Sou not containing more than l3lbs (If moieture in every 100 Jtle 4B Gd per lb. Unmanufactured T obacco Cob DtalllJng 10 lbs or more ofrnoi sturtslr, every 1001bs weight ereor, 8!i 2d per Jb. Containing lEIAS than 10 lbs ot moisture 1n eve .ry tO:J lbs weight thereof. (ls 6d per lb. In lieu Gt the drawback allowablA before MayS I, 1887, tbereisnowo.Jiowed the drawback of Ss &d named i n section 1 of the tured 'Jobacco 1863, PACKER OF SEED LEAF. No. U2 WATEK STREET, YORK. r I 72 Water Street, NEW YORK. Estrella 53, HAVANA. J'ULI'US EILL:K:N"'GE:R. &, CO., MANUFACTURERS OF KEY WEST AND NEW YORK CIGARS. GERMANY-Cigars and ciKarettes. 270 per lOOkfl;. duty. Sl?loklng tobacco in rolls and snuJI' flour, 180 marta per_lOO kilos duty. Pressed tobacco, 85 marks per 100 Jdloa Leaf tobacco and stems. marks per lUO kilos duty. Stnpa or stemmed leaf, 180 marks per 100 kilos duty. Our Leadln:: Koy 'Vet Brancbs: """ LA BELLE SENORA and EL MONTERO DE KEY WEST. HOLLAND-Tobacco in rolls or lea.v-,e!,l and unpressed stems, 28 c ents ttuty ner 100 kilos: pre!5Sed stems. 24 centa duty pPr 100 kilos Manufactured tobacco, snV:tf, carret.s_ etc., $4.80 duty per lOU kilos. Cigars, Sl6 duty per 100 k:lloa. Satbfaction Guaranteed I Trial Orden Solloitod f Send for Price Liat I The tobncce industry ot Austria, France, Haly and Spain JS by Regies, under the direction ot the Govern ments of those countries. Fa.o1:or:le a;1: :Bi:.ey F1o:r:lcl.a., "'Y"o:rk.. C:l1:y. Oftloe and Saleoroom:-51 HURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. I TROJAN ttAND and POWER:. SIMPLE DURABLE EFl'ECTIVE ., Denrstyne's Pat. Apr. 6, 1887. ALL SHAFTS OF STEEL. Po Iota of A dvau1a&e -po11eased b)" the Trojan 1 CUTS WET AND DRY SCRAP. Cannot be Injured by Nails or F .oreign Sub stances fed in with the Tobacco. ALL FILLER CUT IJN,FORM AND OF A.NY DESIRED SIZE. Complete Separation of Dirt from Smoking and Filler. J:sfO FX.."'Y"X:N Gr :J:)"O"ST'. Wlum. eutting Dry Scrap vUl make 60 per cent. leas waote than any other machiDe. Co: of Repa:Lr recl.-u.oecl. 1:o a. Send Cor 'Clrea.lar. BOXES --FOR-la Shoolul or boek down 1 Cl&D oompeto in prioeo in CoDDeetieat, Pemuoil vania, Wisoonoin and OJaio "'OE7. :B. Ea.-& :DIE:loho MAZERES, FRANC. : ANCOUI..EME, FRANCE. L. LACROIX FILS,. -MANUFACTURIRB OF-CI&ARHTTH PAPER IN BOOKS, Reams and Rolls. and Copying-Book XS.A..A.C, Sole Acent and Attorney in Fact for the United States, Also Sole Agent for th; Stateo for -=GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.=-otticeStewart Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washington & Vestry Streets, Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York. X>:l::r:lb-u.1::l:u.;; A.;;e:u."t r:o:r "the Grazn.b::le:r C1a.y :::lpe. FOR THE PACIFtC COAST.-l!llchalltschkc Bros. Co., San Franci8Co. (:UICAGO-Spraauc, Warner & Co. ST. LOUIS-F. R. Rice & Co, PDILA.DELPDIA-111. Newt-, Pox & Co. ---------------J os. MAYER'S SONS, LEAF TOBACCO, 193 Pearl St., New Our latest coll ection just issued, contains : ... WINONA. REGALIA DE ORO LOCK &" KEY: .. FLOR DE. RALEIGH. BRIDAL BOUQUET. IVORY PURE. EXTRA G. MECHANICS' FIVE. Also a very rich set. A l l labels also furnish!. bla11k ere:;-' : .ie EXTRA a. W itscft & ..$eft mitt, ART LITHOGRAPERS & Just fiue cor. rectiou of lew li9ar lat',efs, tfte desi'ifus of -wfticft "re MGn Gl'i-16-JN(:l,k. 'f:Jt(:l,N Vn. We will cheerfully mail Samples to. the Cigar Tra_de on application. 94 New !Jorli.


8 ....,11. v. CJ. c. Hamilton, P. W. C::::on.k.llo, F. C. LINDE, HAMIL TON & GO_ Storage & Tobacco lnsp_oction A.clvance oa Receipt ot a SpeclaU7.-Cold. Storage Warehouses forTobacc() 30HNS p,\ltK, N, Y. EDGERTON, WIS. 4,68 k 408 )\Caot 'SSd St., l'i. Y. LANC.&S'.rER, FIRST-CLASS W .&REHOUSES: W. c. & JL :!!. R. Depot, 81 .J'oho' Park, 1'1'8, 180, 18.'t, 184 & 18G Pearll!ltreet and 14Z Water Street, 406, 408 k 410 Eaot ThJ.rtyt!llrd Principal Office, ISO PARL STREET, NEW YORK. c::ler. W, Lemen. ao.ct N, Prince St., Laneater, Pa. EDGERTON, W.IS, BltAJIIOHEI :-PHILADELPHIAA. R. FOUSEIUY, 6:1 North Front Street. LAN tlASTE.IIt, Po.-H. R TROST 118 S. Qu ee n Stree t ; GEO FORREST 167 N Qu een HAR'I' II'ORD, Coiln.8 F. HURLBlffiT, 1 54 Stat e Street. SUFFIELD, Conn.-EDWARD A U S TIN. B.t.TFIELD, 1\'Iao o.-J. & P. C ARL. CINCJINNATI, 0,-W. W .' HALES, 9 F ront S t r o et. .... YTON, 0.-H 0 W GROSSE and W. W H ALES 2 5 S o uth J etrerson Street ELIIIIRA., I. Y,-W. H. L OVELL. EDGERTON, Wlo.-T. B. E A RLE I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I & of 145 WATER STRF.ET, NEW YORK. ... .&N<:B. R'iiSCHEK, .J'OHN T. MELLOR, Jr. &, CO. '!rC>B.A.COC> :XN"SPEOTC>B..S. STORACE. 14.9 S"tree"t. lSI IIW'" COUJIITRY SAJI[PLINQ PROMPTLY TO._.. BRANCHESLANCAST.ER, Pa. : F SCHROEDER 220 North Mulberry st. ; J. 0 mVIlf, 828 North Mary st. CONNECTICUT: F SISSON 245 State st. Hartford; 0 E. GRIFFING, Danbury; P N IIALL; New M:U!ord; W B. MAXSON P o rtland. 'VISCONSIN: 0. L CU LTON, Edgerton; P. T ANNER T, Stoughton OHIO: W T. D A VIS, 509 E. Fil13t st., Dayton. RA.LTilUORE, Md. : ED WI SCH MEYER & CO .. lrl South Calvert st. :fHOMPSON, MOORE & CO., -and Leaf Export, iJ r 83 FRONT STREET, NEW ...._YORK; 'rHE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, E 'stablished 1836. J A,&. :l\1.1: Gr .A.R,D:J::N"E:R. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT. 77 :l!":ro:u."t &'t:ree"t, J!\Te"C;'V Vorl&.. ...--..., EllPORT ORDERS FOR .PLUG T9BACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. & TOBACCos FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, .NEW Y()RK. air Tabacos Exclusivamente para Exportacion. JD:A.NUJF A.CTURRR.d UI' Boxes, And Importer &t GERMAN ClGAR MOLDS, (Sole Apn& for l!lem. OSENBBVE()K k CO,) SA.W lUILL: F.&CTORYt 311 4 313 E. lith St., 315 to 321 E. lith St. Ntu2dATenue, l:'Jevv York. LEVY-FINE OIG-..A..RS Cor. AVENUE C &. 13th ST., NEW YORK. The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., MANUFACTURERS OF Paper. .. Ill Ia.\ GREEXWICH ST., JIIEW YORK. Waxed Paper, For Tobacco, Bold In Qaao<te &o Sa.l.' I>J' C. JOURCENSEN098 Malden Lane, New York. WORLD CIGAR FACTORY. We are Sole Proprietors of the fallowing well :1tnow:n Brands, and &hall Tl&'()roualy prOBeCnte any Tiz : ---15!1E'CKb!ED BEAUTY, DOT LET, BEAUTY SPOT, FRECKLED BEAUTIES. WERTHEIM&: SCHIFFER, ,-4.03-4.09 Eaot SeventietllSt., New York. A. PERsON, RARRDIAN & co .. -AUGUSTUS l.'lUlADWFLL.-IBITA.'I'XON IIPAl.'fiiiH LINEN AND .P.&J'Cli GOODI FOR P()TTJJIG ()p IIMOIUl'iG 4D'7 dt 4.1519 El:rc;>ozn.e" &'t:ree't, .New York. ;1YI._1 I.; E A F r T 0 B AC C Q, -.. __ .. 191 Pearl Street. New York. TOBACCO LEAF. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, D5:ANDFACTDREB.S OF CIGARS, 424 to 432 East Fifty-ninth St., New York. :JI"ao1:o:ry 811, Brd Ooll. D"-'t TO CIGAR WORKS PERFECT WORKS PERI;ECT, PARRY & CROSBIES, co. TOBACCO BROKERS, Ab-aJO 28 Paradise Street, t E 1 LEAF TOBACCO, ___ n...:g=-a_n_u. 169 Fron_ t street, N ew York. ROSENTHAL !Uanoftle&urer ot GIG-..A..RS. Factory No. 1030, 3d District. 341 to 3&1 East 73d Street, YO::R.:S::.." THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE "BE-TWEEN .. JHE ACTS." Tbe above Brand of H.A V ANA TOBA CCO CIGARETTES made o!lly by Nos. 209 I East 37th S t reet., New York ....... ''.ql'jl _.....,.. -; r .. {'# .,_,.. .r -ALSo.. ._ MANUFACTURER' OF FINE CIGARS. E"ta. lol.:lahed 1836. Bondy & Manufucturers of And Dealers In J Leaf_ Tobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave., NEW YORK. JOHN &. CO., G. PFISTERER, H A VAN A LAHR. er 2, !880. over 4.8 :Dd:aoh:ln.e J.n. 1:7 PERFECTION STEAM DRYER. CyliDder of Dryer is 3 Feet Diam eter and 15 Feet Long. Patented July 28, 1885. Ovor 10 :Dd:aoh.:l:u.e :l:u. Ue. FURNACE DRYER. 84ltereneei0-G. w. G&IL & .&X, 4 1\'Iaehlne, Baltimore, 1\'Id, F. W, FELGNER & soN, Raltlmorc, 1\'Id, Wl!l. 8. KIDBA.LL & t(O., Kochea&er, N .. Y. Please aend for Circulars and .References. JOHN B. ADT, Manufacturer and Patentee, Nos. 332, 334, 336, 33, 340 & 34.2 iXorlh Holliday Street, B.A.I...T:J:1\li:C> Ft.::E, :M:D. "WV'. l!lole Jlfanufaeturer of the Famous and World-Renowned Brands of VIRCIJUA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK. & BROWN DICK. Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Va. respecttulll" solicited. an!l promptly attended to. Price List sent. on appUcatl o n J. B._ Pace Tobacco Co., El.:J:OlEE:Dd:OlSI':J:, 'V" .A.., III.&N1111r-"CTVREJU Ollr FINE BRIGHT TWIST, CDILS, Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. It i s designed parti cularly for the Re tail Tobacco Trade and i s u se d f o r --D sh avi n g to bacco f o r s m okers' use. Thi s is the onl y tha t will shave all s iz e s o f plu g, twis t and P e riqu e tob ac c o For sale by A.M. WHITNEY, P ate n tee and S o l e Manu facturer, 1210-22 Pawtucket, R. 1. Nos. 1318 &. 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK. Factory No. 160, Third District. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY 78 & 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW YORK. M. GREENSPECHT, Packer. of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New Yort ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, 166 Water t., New York. Er.u.a BPINGJUt, ,_ _......___. ISIIURL B. 8PIIolwlx. E. SPINGAB.N & Co. IMPORTERS OP Havana and Sumatra, AND PAODRS 01" Seedleaf Tobacco 5 Boding SUp, New York. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. L'I!:PORT.ERS AND DEALERS 1N teaf Tobacco, 168 Water St., New York. A. LOWENSOBN, 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT lmpore ... aa........,., J{hafac&arm of_the TOBACCO and CIGARS. Banner Brand F1ne Cut J37 Maiden Lane, ... r .3e"t'tor -the :Bet. (hrmerly !'II Watorl!t.) JIIEW YOBJL .. CHIC" Smoldac Tokcoo, of Fine Vircfnla Leaf. SAM. B. SCOTT and BEN. HAXTON Cigara. Wm, H. Tem, Pres. 11[. B. JJ.Illl, Vice-Pres. BeuJ. p, Haxton, See. and Gen'l Manager. Hirsch, VictQrius & Co. w:vENABLEaco. LHAF TOBACCO omae :-Cor. of Byrne aod Halifax Streeto, PETERSBURG. VA. 16 Jl'actoryl-19 Secoml Dhtrlc&, Vlrl(lnla. 9 WATfR. ST,, NEW YORJC. Manufacture and oll'er to the Trade the f o llowing Celebra&ed Brandl of ....... PLUG. CHEWINGand SMOKING TOBACCOS: JOS. LEDERMAN & SONS. Mah,!'caoy NaJ'J'o ln aUMatyiM, I!Gap .xl a-J.t l'lul& s r GilORGE, Brlr;h& NaYTo ()ENTB&, :: : : : : rRox ,.t.0ND JOKES, M EAGLEt B,lack Goods of eaob o f 2.bove gradeo. A'*> a g....t ol J1'ble Oood8 lldllpte! eopec1a11r .. Soutte.rn trUe, under the following popular brands:BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, ADMIRATION, FLORIML and RAPIDAN. The followtng are our Agents tor the sa l e o t our W V A N ,3 Central Wharf. ; F F O 'REILLY, Commer c i a l St. PortlRn d. Me. : W G AlM .M:o(, 9':' W a t<>r St., N e w York C 1ty ; ARTH U R HAGEN & 63 Nort h Front S t .. Phllad e lphi a. P a. ; L P STERN E P i t tsb urgh Pa.; J T. TOWNES. 2 1 Wabash Ave. Chlcao-o I ll; W B. TUN STALL. S E c or. Ex P lace and C om merce S t .. Baltimore, Md.; TBOS. H. FRO ST, CharJ,eston. S.C. ; C C TWITTY, Spartanburg, 8. C ; Will. III. CKOOKSHANKS 12 Wheat St. A tlanta, Ga. ; A. J FRIO U Jadoon Miss.: E G LANGJ;IOR NE, Little R oc k A r k.: N. H. CHRIBTIA.!f, Gal ves ton Texas; 'l'HOS D C ONDON, St Joseph lllo F S LAWREN C E, Vlckoburg, Miss.: JNO. B. BOYD, ChattanooJ

, \ MAY 2 THE TOBACCO. LEAF. 9 CHAMPION CIGAR FACTORY. MANUFAC'f1)IM!:RS oF Factory No. 278, 3d Dist., N. Y. FINE CIGARS. Cor. 2d Ave. & 22dSt., New York. \\. t\. MENDEL & BRo., lannfactarers of Gi[ars, flo. 1 .., 0c"- 53{ Bowery, Nelli --A. lichtenstein. Son & Co .. lllaaaCaetarcn of' tbe Celebrated. prauU 1 ot Cla;aru Queen El.lzabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. coNDIT, 445 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK Maoutactnrer ot CIGARS Sumatra -OF-. 309 E. 59th New York. co ::EEo11a:u.d. d---ADOLPH MOONELIS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS lve. D and I Oth St.. New Ynrk LOUIS GRAFF, SOLE AGENr, 105 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, Ltnd-.& c.. Enale.a.. LQUXS Tobacco Commission Morchant AD4 Dealer Ia all !DDda ot LEAF T 0 B A C C 0 G. HARKE:MA, LUKWEL & TIELE,, 1'18 WATER. sT., NEW SWORN TOBACCO BROKER. Sworn Tobacco Brokers. SampleRooms: BrakkeGrond. OF ROTTERDAM, DAVIDSON BROTHERS. Oflloe: o, z, VOOB.BUKGWAL 286 Bee &o recemmead &heD>aelve rortlle ltnrchase oC 8nJDatra and Jaya ToAmsterdam, Holland. bacco on &lae Du&ch l!larkea .. Havana and Seed ReJ'6rence: H de Maziere, Esq., 41 Bread !lt., P. 0. Box 214, New York. LeafTobaccos J. H. A. GEBING, N. VAN liENS, 143 wA,-ER sT., Sworn Tobacco Broker. Sworn Tobacco Broker -Halc\enLane, Ne"VV OFFICES AND SAMPLE ROOMS : 0. Z. & !!23, Basch& Fischer, AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. omce & samDle Room: Oostsin!ell51 ROTTERDAM. REl'RBENCE:-Mr. J S. Gans' Son, 131 Water St., N e w York. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AJIIJ .. ---SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 1M WATER STREET, lfeap l!laldea Lane, NEW YORK. ... E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Importer ancl Dealer in LEAF TOBACGO, 129 MAIDEN LANE, Gos. Flu,Etm, I f NEW YORK. .A..::EIN"ER.., DEALER IN LEAP TOBACCO, No. 190 PEARL STREET. .:J'1118'0. "'WV'. LO"VE, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, Faotocy No. 26, 3d District, N. Y NEW YORK. S. E. corner 1st AVENUE & 14th NEW YORK CITY. H. KOENIG & CO., ;;====-HAVANr)!inDsEEDnLEAF .-/. DJ..H. McALPIN & CO., ..... --....;.,. ILlNUP' AC'l'Uil.ERl! 011' v_.AntoDio Gonzalez, -:M-...... -llllft&BTEJA ow-... Ec;;.a.Ea.rr &, :I::n::1.por"ters o:r Havan.a. A.ND P.&CKEBS OF 1 HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO.! Tc:ba.cce 245 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New Yc.rk. New York. G-UST .A. "V 1.,. Havana Cigar Manufactory of TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENCY, A W FOOTE ,.R., co 41 .A.v-e,. Ob.:l.oa.50, :El:J4 i ., AGENCIES.,-McCOY & CO., New York; L A NDAUER & KAIM, Medium, Re7 York; M W. PRA.GER, Manufacturer o r Cheroots, N::::w York; GARCIA &; VEGA, (formerly Garcia & 128 3f.Ea:lc1.oD.., .ISI"e""'CJ'U' 'YOrk. owners ot. ''La Duquesita and '"La. Rosa De Mayo" brands, New York and B&van&, Calle DeJAquila No. 100; TOLEDO Ill, DeLEON, m11nufacturers oC Spanish BaDIIl-U&de Clear B R A. N D S : Ha.vaua. Cigars. Key West, ll'la ; "La Doncella de Orleans," "La Flor de Salvini," "Forest and Stream, Rod and Cun," :American Field," .. Hyacinth," "El Contesto," "Java," "Key West," J. R. ANGULO, HOWARD l. JOHNSON, MANUFACTURER OF Successor'to PRICE & JOHNSON, Havana Cigars, Importer. KEY WEST, FLA. LEAF-:TOBACCO MAX MARX, 14 Warren St., N. Y.. SOLE AGENT. 119 Halden Lane. New York DE CAPO" CIGAR FACTORY I Have Removed to 71 &"tree"t, 'York. Percl.. Oppe:n.b.eiZZ1er, IMPORTER. OF HAVANA LEAF Tobacco MILWAUKEE ADVERTISEMENTS. t'RANCIS F. ADAMS, IEtabliabed 18,'1.} HENRY F. AVEIIIL P. P. &. Oc: l'!lanutae&nrcr of &he Celebrated Brand'! or FINE.,CUT CHEWINC &. SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Chewmg: TallyHo I Aromatic. Smoking:__ Peer!ess, Excelsior, Standard. .&. P, O, Boz 3,152. FREIGHT BROKERS, Forwarding Tobacco a Specialty. Lo'W'et Ocean Ratea, Steam or Sail .. 43 El::s:.oha:u.ce ::E"1aoe1 N 'Y'ork.FRED.-. SCHULZ, G. FERNANDEZ & GO. Packer aacl Dealer m lmper&er or Seed Leaf. H T b avana 0 acco. 224 Pearl Street1 New York. 2oe Pearl st., New York .) .t'-t STEAK POWER. FOOT POWER., _. j. 'tr" Will make plugs of all Blzes, from 1 to 4 Inches wide a.nd from 4 to t2 Inches J ona-. better &Dill-cheaper tb&n an;r_other machine in the market, and I s now m use in O'Yer one hULdred ot the 1argea11 tactoriea lD the United States. Correspondence solicited. Address J, H. BRINKOP. qntlley, IWao .. J.uouC. rllllln'!"' HA.NUFACTURER oF Palm Leaf Tobacco Works.. -ttuu KEY WEST F LA Blue .lay. Key Note, Buttertly, Penny Plug 0FF10it A.ND F A CTOU.Y : P. o. Box Jl'o. 10. 159-16'> Pike St. COVfNGTON. Ky-.SEIDENBERG & CO., KANUFACTUB.EB.S OF New York & Key West Cigars. -t' 327 East Sixtythird St., New York. Y' 4'7 nu.rra:v .ISI"e'VV Y'ork., SOL PROPRIETORS Olr THE 226 Pearl Street, New York. "THE cELEBRATED FINEcuT' r M. SILVERTHAU & co.. I VIRGIN and co .. J. Jr., "B CIGABS, FINE CUT CHEWING FRENCH OIGARETI'E PAPER. eauty 0 S And aJl kinds of Smoking Tobacco. 283 to 299 We.t Water Street, CLAY and BRilR PIPES. ;r. ::E"a.pera :lu. ROUSE Df PARIS, ,. 1'1 .RUE BEB.ANGBR. I I Second Ward Bank Building, O:I:G-.A.R..S AJ.ollaDutadurersofthewen-tnownBnmdaotBrlabtPlugChewflla: MILWAUKEE, WIS. Milwaukee, Wis. so&-an E. 71t st. New ,j'Onward,' 'Gold Sbiola,' 'S!llor's Solacn' & 'Silvor Shiold.' THE PEASE THE JoHN H. McGow .AN comPANY MANUEL ALVAREZ, Manufactory &Salesroom, cor. Avenue D & lOth St. New York. Buchanan a Lyall, "1i'V .A.LoLo IBITR.EIET. "Y'C>B.:U:. JST. -v. the ronowtac Celebrated Brand ot ililil tttlii EXCL1111IVELY. 213 Pearl Street, New York. M. H. CLARK & BROTHER, ToBAcco BRoKERs, CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. PADUCAH, Ky. ALTINK & PAPPENHEIM, Sumatra Tobacco, AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. .N':JD::E"TUN'E I!'ANCY BRIGHT NA.VIEI!II FLU&:EE. ST,tNDA.RD BRIGHT NAVIES! STANDARD DABI N.&VIB& t>.e repulaeioD ot t.hese goods 1JI worl

10 PhUadelphla Advertisements. &, Im.porters of Havana AND 'l"A()Ji.EB8 Oil' Seed x ea. Commission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. I 07 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. TELLER. :a:a.os Packers, Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 17 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Bal11imGre Advertlsemea.tL wM. A. BOYD a co., w. G. MEIER & co.,\ R. _MEIER & co., LOUISVILLE, KY. CINCINNATI, O. IMPORTEBS OF Dealers in BURLEY and DAJI,K TOBACCOS. HAVANA AND SUMATRA' l. l. DUNLAP & CO., F. W. & SON, ..__to' .Jne. B. Claaet a Co. LEAF TOBACCO BROKEBS CINCINNATI, 0., A.n.d Packer or Seed Leaf Tobacco, 33 South Street, Baltimore. llfanunaeturen ot NAVY TOBACCO, &nd A&ent f"or Prominent VIrginia ln:anutacturera of Twist & Plug Tobaccos. S. W. Cor. Vine .t: Front Street., CI:NCINNATI, O. BRANCHES:, o:-VJKar Tobacco. Clarkvllle, Tobaeeo. DenrT Gelu, Etab1:1.h.ed Henna Damn. THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO., MAY 2. Admtiumcnts from East, Wast & Solrth. Bmmwo 8111'1'11, E. H. 8llrm, E!oos a-HINSDALE SMITH & (ESTABLU!HED 18CO. J Paeker aa.4 Jlobben ar Gonnocticnt Sood-IHafTobacm -.llll>- 21, 23,25 St. Svringfield,Masa. WM. l. HUNTTING & CO., DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OB' OEEO:J:OE Connecticut & Havana E. B ATCHELOR. & co., Successers to Henry Geise an<1 Stickney .t Gordon. lllao,afactarer of all K.lad. ot CIG-.A.R. Seed Leaf Tobacco, EAST. HARTFORD, CONN. A. F. RICO & CO., Pa.ckers of Seed Leat and Importers of Havana a.nd Sumatra Tobaccos :t 08 N'orth. "QV'ater Street, Ph.:l.1ade1ph.:l.a.. LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, IUanuCaeturer Fine Cut and Smo.k).ng Tobacco. CHOWDER C'UT PL'UG -ANDLUXUry Fine Cut in Foil. 1'1USBX11TR BRO .t; CO., } 151 N. 3d Street and 219, :&In, !113 & 225 QuarrT !It,, PHIL,\.DELPDIA., YOUNG ELLIS &. CO., lllA.NUII'A()'.I'UREBS 0.1!' BENGAL .. CHEROOTS, Al.., Jmpor,er of Cigars, Cor .. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Baltimore. & NEW .MAN, a.:o.d Te>ba.cce>51 QB ::N C>:EI.T::EII: FE'I.C>N'T IBIT.R.EIEIT, PEE:J:X...A.:J:)EX..P::EE:J:.A., P..A.. BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE CICAR .FACTORIES, PA.. JULIUS VETTIERLEIN & PACKERS OF SEED LEAF and :J:::>EALERS IN ---------.A.E'I.O::EII: &'TREE"1', P::EII::J:X...A.:J:)EX..JI?EE:J:.A., LEWIS BREMER'S WHQLESALI!: DEALERS IN 11 LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A l:.arga .A .. ortment or all Jd:Ach of Letd 'l'ollacoo oo .. tantl:v on haad. :: S KIMBALL & co:>s VAtER. Al':IGUST EISENLOHR FREYER & EISENLOHR, Packer. aaol Wloole .. le Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO, J 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. 'BEI:N' J. L.A.BEI, Paeker and. Dealer ba LEI.A.P TC>B.A.CCO, Slat and North Third Street, Philadelphia. I ALSO MANUFACTURERS or "MINERS' EXTRA.," "PORT,'' "I!'. H. Bl8t1DOJl'I"II CBRBA.N,M &Dd Other Brandaof Smokinjr Tobacco.. Also "HEBBE DE LA. BEINE," "!IWEET NE()TAK,M-0C1aor Blllnds of Paper and All-'foba.cco Clg.....,tteo. New York Offlce: 66 South Washington Square. _T. J. DUNN & CO., "'':J':o.f:ted S'ta"tes C:l.f!!rar ...... 3. D11NN, B0'7Sill08 1VOE'I.T::EI: ::&IE'I.O.A.::I:t &T., P Ja::J:X...A.:J:)EX..iP'::EII:::I..A. DENBY HEYm:&NN. SNEERINGER & CO., -rJ' No. 1, PllliIpllJa,,., BATCHELOR BROS., Theobald & Oppenhetmer. a-aaelaren or KANYFACT'URIIll!8 01!' JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., l311onUI. Howar4 BA.LTIIIIOBB, Importers of Ha :J:)ea1era :l.:rt:L X..abe1a, O:l.sar E'l.:l.bboD., and all otloer ()lr;arma.kero' !lapplleo. Large Stock or all the Leading Label House Cenota'ntlJ' on Rand. 83 OX...A. T S'TE'I.EEIT, O:J:N'O:J:.NN' .A.T:J:, c:>. IIENBY GEISE, BENNO DAMUS; GEO. H. STALLO. THE GEISE LUIIBEB. c o .. MANUFACTURERS OB' SPANISH CED'AR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IIITATION Ci.g'a:r L"L1ID ber Faotorie 101 &: 103.Eaot 8th St., Cinoinnatl1 and Weot VirgWa, Oftleet 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. Tin Tags, CUT and EM BOSSED 1n Plain or l!'a. W. BEST, Cblcago; LORIN PALMER, New York; W H RUSSELL, Chlca80o lEies"t, &, Cc::., Suceeasors to JOHN C. PARTRIDG E .t CO. W H -OLESALE TOBACCONISTS IMPORTERS OF Havana Leaf Tobacco, 18 Central Wharf, BOSTON, IIASS, 1', a, CA YO. !'BOIILAI< ll.'l'KINOOill P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs, VA.. Ml'"''..,., n a. .no ()rWioa&on ot. U.. aty .. --.A.'V'"Y NA TIEI!I A I!PIIXJ!A.LTY l:N ALL 1!1Zil8, JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant For hrch..., of' 'LEAF E'I.XC:B3401SI %),. V .&.. L. H. LIGHTFOOT, Late with E T. Crump&: Co. so1e Provrtetors or thQ Genuine t GOLDEN CROWN & niAMOND' Ci!ars, Leaf Tobacco Dealer, fS'7 X..a.l&.e S-t. a:rt:Ld. -&1 State &'t.1 C7h:lcaso1 xu, SOLE AGENTS FOB TltE FOLLOWING WELL-KllOWN rows:. om co: Tobacco Bnild.ill!, IITRAlTON .t STORM S Clgal'S and Clga...,tteoj D H McALPDI' & CO.'S Plul( TobaocojJ.OZANOl...l'EM .P. 0. BO.t, No. 2. HI(JDIIIOND, VA. DAS & CO.'S. Havana B VEo,.Y'S J>lu'f, W. 9_0 .. "'w-ham, N. C.,J. J. BAGLll:Y CO. S MAYFU>WER, Dotrolt, Mlcb. J W. CARROLLS LOII'E Samples of eve..,-gmde turnlsbed on appUcatloa JAOK," Lynchburg, Va ., GOODWIN &:CO.'S uoLD JUDGEn,Tobacco and G i garettesi al!ldeachpack&geguaranteedupto8&Dlple. lULL'S" BETWEEbl THE ACTS," and KINNEY TOBaCCO CO.'S Cig&nlttea. AGENTS FOR E H. GATO'B KEY WEST CIGARS. RumiC<-:--. POPLAR and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPLANED, -AND.r IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, .NEVV'POE'I.T, ::&::T. Imitatio n Cedar manutactucod by our P A. TEI'IIT J>l'OOOSB Is the PEB.PE()T Imitation ot Spaniah Cedar. Prices aDd rates or freight gtvea. upon application. HOLT, SCHAEFER 4 CO., Buyers ef1.eaf Tobacco. LlrN()HBVRG, VA.. Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker. &I()HIIIONDe VA, .JOHN D. SKILES, J'AliiES B. FREY. PAUL C. VENABLE, I Leaf Tobacco Broker, f DA.KTILLEo 'Y&. PA.tlKBBS 0.1!' A.ND DBA.LER8 IN Ponnsrivania Sood Loaf & Havana Sood Tobatco, 61 -\ 63 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. I PEORIA tiGAR B8X CO., JACOB L. FREY. Dealer In and Packer oC Henry Hoklas, Prop., PEOE'I.Z.A., ::EX..r.. lllanutacturer of an myles ot C1gar Boxes, Leaf Tobacco, -AND DEALER IN-213 Weot King Street, Cigar LANCASTER, PA. E J YOREE, N FUREY, GEO. A. FOREE. C. P. APT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, SOVTH BOSTON, VA, All grades Virginia and North Ca;..,llna !Ml bought on onier. Ao eZ"perieuce of seven ;ream. COrrespondence eolicited. COLEMAN BROS., WINSTON, N. () Bnycrs and Handlers or Lear i'obm, Scrape and. Stem. o:a C.......W."'Sa$istactioa .,.....,.teed. REED 4 McCEE1 Leaf Tobacco &A.LEIGH0 N. Cl. KEYEAST FINE CIGAB.S, AND :DEALERS IN CIGA.B.S, Spanish and Dtmcstic Lear !obacco, PACKERS OF LEAF AD vana ...... Dealere SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Foree FINE NAVY. TOBACCO B.B. JAS. A. HHNDERSON & DEA.L1lRS lJI and North Carolina W. A. BOBBITT 1 Leaf 'Tobacco Broker, OlD'.BDt Jl. C. tat c:llledllm st., .. .. nt JroriJI TJo1rd. s-..., ,pJIJLAD'ELPHJA, JIRTioAJJELPRLL >--' EBTA.BLIBH-11.8. Aifllln.'8 10a .,.. DUBBUL & ..,._ OIIIIOJln(ATI CIGABIIOUlli, -. J. 1PABISH ClGAR FACTORY. Commission Merchants, LASA. & MILLOS, 31 JfOB.TH sTJLEEr 802 Chestaut and 29 S. II th St. JO North Delaware Avenue, PHI-LADELPHIA PRILA.DELPIIlA. (ESTA.BLISHEJ 1861.) 1 S. I'B.ECBIE, J. ALVAREZ, {SuccesiOr toA.Il. FRECBIE. > Fine Havana Leaf Tobacco lanniactnrer of FINE CIGARS My own selections directly from the 18 119 Sonth Pa. LEAF rOBACCO, 'P X.. 'I:T Go T 0 B .A 0 0 0 ot. Darll. a-eii&M ll'rpper., oil I Of ...,. Roue b. &be of llar:rlaatl. wblch we mab 8J18C18ity. ::l:ta.u:l.11e. 'V' a. Smokera ..,.. Brlgbt Leaf a SpedaltJ', rJn!.,... mollcltod. E. E. WENCK, LEAF CIJJIIDliSSIDI IBrckalt S. W. cor Charles & Lombard Sts., Ela1', l!WI:d. Bpeclal a&kllltloa p&ld to home mauutacmrero '>rders. :F. X. KEIJ,Y, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, 11!1 AB()II lrlr., ........ lplllao Pa. QBlfEBAL AGENT VOlt WILSON & McCALLA"l'8 PLUC TOBACCO&. .... .. Bef.,_--11. N,llbel&ea, 1'. X. .... _O.a N. E Aents:-A.. It MITCHELL It CO. BOoton. LOUISVILLE, KT M. KEMPER & SONS, Importers of Havana, 1'. C. GREENE, : JAMES T. KENNEDY, SEED LEAETDBACCO x.EA.Fori'oBAcco, Leaf Tobacco Broker, J Alb d J "II CLARK8YILLIE, Tenn. 116 West Lombard St., any an aneSYI e, EI.A.X..T:J:l!WI:O::I.-t.E,, .D/1:::1:), VV':J:&OON'&::I.N'. a Oo3]iew ork: Tbeo. Schwarts & Oo., LoaJa. w111e. .llo.J't. Abaer Harrll. Louisville, KY.; lrl. H. -to. nmn DIIAII1DRim& 1108 ta Jfoatcaae&T A-. PHILADELPHIA l'in.a Claar Leaf a Spaclalt7, C1ar1t: It mo .. B. W ........., C&llhler; A.. Howell. Ample Storqe Boom. Culder; JaL L. 9lDn, c..bler, ClarkBVII!e, Tena.. ED. WISCHliEYirft, HY, Wll>OHiri.BYEB. ED WISCHOILEi:E& & CO., TOB.A.CCO COMMISSION 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST.. Baltimore. :Kd. ... 0. C. 8LAUCHTIER Leaf and Strip Tobacca Bndlr., IIIII'IIDB&SOo & ... PURYEAR, MYL.ES 4 CO., Buyers of Leaf T .obacco, PA.DU()A.H, KY, M. H. CLARK 4 BRO., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, CLA.B&SVILLB, PADVCIABt ROP&INSVILLBo J. MORRIS, Leaf Tobacco Broker, EVANBY:ILLB, IN8. .. -


f \ MAY 2. BUiloss Directory or unrnsm. .EW YOB.IL ..., LMfmwl a ..... ........ 1[, 110 Pearl. .-a: l'rlllc""'-m w...,. .t 11Ue D awl lOth Ill, Otteabel'lf 8 ct Broo, cor. 2d a. & 112<1 .c. Pobalsld t', & Co. 17 Wam>n Bodrilnez & Garcia, 00-24 Gold -ntbal Broe. 841-351 E 'l8d. lluobes and Jhya, 81 Pearl Bohlooeer .t Co ?I New Street. leMfenberg and Co, 827 F:-aat 68d. llloOnrell, 8. R., IIII!U lth ..... -elberg l!L It Oo .. l>t-1110 8011111 l'lhll A .... -ton ct otorm, 100 East 2'1111. lasro & NewmarK. a. ..... cor. 18d st &Dd Ida. BD..-u M. a: eo. IIDfi to 811 B na U_.. l.larl, 40II-4lr.l E. Wer&llelm & Schl1fer (()8.400 E. ?'OUlSC. IfWJJM'U'f'S Bumalrs lff'"PJNN"". Days B. Jr. 1'15 Peorl G & Bro, 171 Water ,._J :lmetlt, lti Water &nlr .... lllf> llalden Lane. 0o. I&P WaW -wald E & Jlroe. Waler, lalomon M. a: E 115 HllideJJ -.oecter &: BoD, t7i wl!cbmld L. 188 Water. lti>JDprn E & Oo., & BurliDc slip. 1Ve1r.e eo. M Pine. _..uro of B---or.-.. & Oo. I& Oldar. Auerbach 8lmon 4t Oo.l'll Pearl Balblo, Kontealegre I& Co., 103 HaldeD Laae BernbelmJ.&Boo,I90Pearl Brand J. & Co. 125 Halden Lane Diu B. & Oo. 161 Water l'em&lldOO G. & Oo. M Pearl ....-_ Enlest, 14ll Water. -Leonard a: Oo ... -Barela J'. &ro Co. 117W&Mr -A. 18> Pearl Qaerra Bermanoe, I ?'I IIV&Ier Ba-TobocoOCe.lllii!J'I'OD. LopM, Oall%to. a Oo. s 00t1ar r..o....-A. 18'1 lllalden laM. .r..c.aao, 1 eDd&8 a: Co. 9 Plul 11ar1meo Y oor 4t Co., 111 Walier -FaCo.'illlll'ean H AID I PearL OppeDDelmer J'ertl. 11& lf&ld811 laDe l&lOmOD Iii .t Broo l88 MaideR laDe. BaDcheo .t: Co. IIMI Front. --ct Bll,ya, 81 Pearl Bartorlua & (;o. 171 Peul '!Momon 1[. & E II& lll&ldea LAM Beymonr ()baa. T 188 Front !_ep. Monon & Oo. 11!7 ,_. v._u c. 140 Maiden lalle Will& Oo.lllll'lne 11-Ut_,..,.. Of X.., 'WM I:IIIDgerJ. 4t Co., 511lurray. Q&$0 E. B 88 Beover lleldeabertl: and Co. 8ll7 East l8d. v ......,..,. Ybor & Ce. ij9 Waler -., Olaor .Pipoo. E.a1llm&tiD Sroo. & Boad;y, 118 IQ en. llay Broo. 4llilllrl'&y __,. ............ 0/ Jl---DemuUI Wm .t eo: Broad...._,. ll:antmaPn Broil .t; Bo8GY, 1fi 11114111 Weill, Carl, 69 Walker Mma"rsaurert of LitJorrlol JIQaCe. (larenoll & Tur, 11>Whlleball Mac Andrews&: F&rbirs. 66 Waler lloudder S. V 8t F. P 4 ()eda{, lltamfonlllanu%actarbl8 Co. IIW r._ w ...... a ll&ern', Limited, 'Ill FIDe, UI!ulmMU. .t Oo. 11114 II a W._ careaou a: Tur, 15-25 Whiteh&ll IWller'o R. Bon Company, 46 Oedar 11ac AIMireWS $. Forbes, t5& Water Woaer & Sterry, Limited, 'Ill PIDe. Arllldm-. 11 and 4 Biidclt -... BJilier'to IL Sou Com]lllll7. 441 Oedar Woanr & lllen'J, Llinlted,_ :1 Plno. Seed LtJGf !\:JDGoco JR F atwa. nue Ohar\M. a: Oo. 149 w-r. 8. LID4e, .ll&mlltoa & Oe tl!() Pearl .... ofOttJOrJirlaU H. w. 811!-3111 East El-111 .. lleDMll Jaeob. 811114 illl51lODJOe 8 .171H811 Lewis st. WlaD Wllllalll& Oo cor 1st aft ud 8la 11 DeGler ;,. BpoftiM Jmporlor ()(gar Jloldo. lilloUB. w.a1J.381W-tllll. lilee4wla .t eo. toot Stand "'" E a 11A11 'l'lloma8 B. 1l()9.111 E. B'ltb. IIlii.-'febaoOO eo. oJl>.llll llafln. or-Trim 111, -Loala B .aCe.nwoor. Peul-Jlillll. .... -a: EtliliDI. Lin.t" Fibre Ware.. Golcltm ith J 744 Broadway Mltr of Meerschaum ud Amber Goods. Wets Carl, 69 Walker Progress Scrap Bunching Machi:ae. l'roo:reBB Scrap Bunchl ug Machine Co., 1280 ld&T, ALBANY.JII',Y, of Toiaooo. A Sou. 82211roadway AlliSTERDAM:, Hollantl, 8too1"'ft. Tobac c o Bro'llrlr Geblog J H. A ., u. z Voorburgwal210 & 22a .. U. Z. Voorburgwa!BI,. .A.RNHEIIII, Bollaad. Din.'"""""'""' Gnd JGM Tol>acoo. J'rowoln 4t Oe B.<IMOR.E, ... _r-, .. ..a u .. -"'"lloyd W A.. & {lo. 118 Boutll -er Broe. 4111 East Lomb&nl Xetaper Ill .e Bo .os, 118 W Lombard. KerclIIIGnl. Wenolt i!. B. a. w oor. Charles Md Lombard J'l>llnt -Rollero. Geo p 81 South Chari .. Jltm.U .fQctunrr Of llengol IIWia B. & Co ., cor. Baltimore and Sharp. Lkorice Pa6te J. 8. & Co cor. Boston and Elliott at. llnftr 7\lbacco MIIMi"'l'll Adt John B. 882 IWll N Holliday. BOSTON, 111 .... Cigar Box Manufacturers. Strleder J W 2109 Washington st. IMporter of Ha., Toi>ert :U. a: Son, :131 E. Kandolt>b Bntter aromers. Uf> and 1117 Lalte JlmtJro of FIM-Cwl 4t s.oltln9 To&, Beo1t A a Co. antl te Deari>orD Wiloluale TokcconW. and M'J 'ro' ...c_,.. -. Jt....U & Oo. 5? Lake and f1 Hnftro. of Tm Foil, J 84 Franltlln st IID7V aali. Beller f Cuttinl:ll and Scrape ud Wholesale Dealer 1D IAr.f Tobaoao. 1'lloOOib L. 48 B. Water Tobacoo DrJ!er. Uniform Tobacco Dryer, 8B llarket CIJII'CIJ(](.A.TI, O. 'Manufacturers ot Cigars. Krelua, :Feioa & Co .. 7, 8 9 E, 6th St. Ulg1111' .&n .ltumlwr. 'fU E. D. AIW. Oo. 11811-717 W. &Ill, Leaf Tobacco. ..,lerB.aOo. N-burgh L., 148 W Feu Tot>a<>O<> """""'--Prii'U8 &; Jl.ataoD, and J'roD1i Jl"""t: l)o., 18 ClaY. TroiiC. B. W. 1111-1011 Ill. Canal Kan..-rer or Till Jlohi'WOnJ )[, & Oo. 225 Wlcl &lld61Cleii1NI AY TobaOOOHanuf-l)uDlllp L. a: Co. 68 E ld IAO/ Toi>GCCO .-.. I)ObnnaDD 1'. W. a: Bon, oor. VIDfl <d J'roDt. Le&l Tobacco Broker in Sumatra, Havana d Seed Leaf. Oberhelman John, 85 W 2d Jlflro. 6/ !-'igar MolGCCO -f11ar11: J1. H & Bre J>ohrm&IIR F. W .t Son. Jtenaed.yJaa. T. OOVINGTON, Ky, Mo""'.fACturer of Plug Perlr:iDS .t; Ecns<, 159-166Pke. D.A.lfV.ILLE. Va. D-<>/01"1/ To&. -OiQtln A.merlcan Eagle T<>ba,eo Co. BanDer TobaooO Co. Lamed at DlJR.H.AK. C. Bl&OkWell'B Durham Tobacco Oo. Jllr ot -Dur-cx_..JIIaCkweil l Durham Tobacco Oo, D.a.rro. o, ..l"ttaoeTolloc<:oOttHer. JIQckeJe Iron 11114 Bra88 Werks. PrlclrM'B AM DtiGllrl ta CMio &IlL Q._W. B. E.t.ST HARTFORD, 001111, Packers aud Dealers In Leaf Tobacco. Wm. L. & Co. IV.A.lfBVILLioo JaoL !'oNooo Oma'lr'oa JIM" t='t Monti o. 1. a 0o B.,ST S.&Gil'l A. W, llllelll, Pine Boxes for Leal Tobacco. KerahOD, W. 'B. PKAl'IKLlltfTOl'l, N, C. Lt1o1 Toi> ... -TobacOO Co. 64 Predo OJ OtgGra. AzcanO BebaotiaD, Suarez IIacoo, Cigar and Leaf Jl:erchlat Gra1r L. 6 F .. cllurch Bulldblp, E. 0 LOlJISVILLE, Jb Phoq ToMcco ..... ..,...... FoMe T obacco Oo. LeG/ raoaoeo. llelet W. 1>. & Co. ToMcoo.llre ...... C&Uawa,y James II". corner Elghtb aa:d ll&.la Lewla Blch'd lll. 88JI[ala lllelor Wm Iii .t Co. 1011 Sevenr.Jt r .. porler ofll-. .... CHtT<>n. Wright :Motautacturen .Agent Bchetrey L. 0. & Co., 1114 4th av To&. MJtra Supplie1, Atcorace, Fl4tJOrl, de. Jv.acbluth & Rauterberg. Ya. Manufacturer o f Cigaretl.,, L o n e Jack Cigarette Co. of Bmokbtg Tobaceo. TobMco CemmioolMro Bro,_., Beed a: KcGee. IUCBII6JO), Va. Glfal" .Lllen a: Ginter. M..,.'4fGOIIW.,.. Of Pltog .t -lOCI Hancock W T llayo P B .t Bro. II nil II* Pace J. B. Toi>acoo ce. J.-.12'--L Crump, E. T & Oo. 4--5 Cel!IDiblen Bloelt. Dibrell W E LlglltfooL L. B .. T9t>aeco Elr:change Building WIMJaa.M. Hon.ufac"tu-rer ol Old VirgiMG CMroot. WhlUock,P. Jl__,_......,.. o/_B_ .. JIII1IIIHr Ce. taot lla1n llnfr of. uVInrinla Star" BA..OOO. IJ 1014, IOUS, 1018, 1020 J'" 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET, N'EVV ISIDRO ARGUELLES, SPANISH CIGAR MANUFACTURER, Pnp:rietor of the Bran LA FAXA, LA TUYA, LA RIT..L 41, 43 &. 45 Hampden St., Springfield, Mass. 172 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. R. President W. J. BROWN, LICHTENSTEIN BROTHERS COMPANY. Incorporate. d September 6, J,SS6 OF CIGARs avoo:maaoa. Te> LICHTENS1'EIN-]JROS & _.CO., Factory No: so, Third District, Y. Cor. 38th Street and Avenue. BROWN & 'EARLE, Factory No. 1307, Third District, N. Y., Cor. 38th Street and lit Avenne, KAUFM.ANN BROS. & BONDY, lmporte .. and of Ci[ar M annfactnnrs, & .... Avenue,-.. a3d 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Salesroom : 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. '= Steam-Cigar. Box Factory. Tile in tloe West. Capaoity, J.u,uuu ea, 100 all1d. :J.OD ::t'lll or'th Oa.ll1a.1 &'t O:l.:a.o:lll1ll1a.'t:l., e>. .A.J.., lllaaulaot'IU"er of the VeJleered and lmitatioa Ce ... r Cigar-Boz L111llber Sample fluoDialaed on .A.pplioation. Send for PriceLiot. Tbe oal:r Pae&ery In die w .. & '&ba& earrle a complete tock ot U Labela Pnbllb. .. In UuUed !l'tatea. B. L. HICKSON & CO., Yir@nia and NoFth Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, na:n.v-111e, va. Orders &Dd Correspondence solicited. Beot of Reference given. 1JJUTED ST.A.TES INTERN.A.L REVENUE TAX ON' TOBACCO. Cbrars, domestlo IUld Imported, S3 per M; c lgaretteo ntihlng not over three :rtf, 50c M.i cigarettes and lberoots weigh.lna over three lbs per 11, $3 por M; ma.nufa.c. &ured tobacco anilsnulr, per pouncl, Be. S. R. SHOTWELL, .t.LanuOLcturer et FINE CIGARS, I eHARGES JI'OR LICENSES PER ANNUli. Muuta.eturers of cigars. cigarettes anQ cheroots, $6;.Jllallt 081ee and 8alearoeau ..W,turersoUobaceoandsauff,$6; deolenlnmanutac-282 Ninth Ave., New York. Gll!tobaoco,l2,4 0 ; dealers IDleof tob&ceo, $12. DI?OBT DUTIES ON TOBACCO. Cigars, 12.&0 per pound and 211 percent. ad valorem. ettes. same as elgars. including Internal tax. SUmatra leaf tobacco 85 per cent. of which 18 wrappers webr:hlog more than toOleaea to the PQund, 76 cents pE.r I-Qund; It stemmed, Sl per PQUDd; all other leaf not stemmed, Mceotel Havana leaf, M cents per pound. Tobacco manufactured, 40 cents per pound. Stems, 15 centa per Pipes and plpe bowls,SI.50pertrfOBB,&ad5percent ad valorem. Com mon clay pipes. a& per ceot. ad v&lorem J)&rt8 ot per cent. ad valorem: all smokers' articles, 15 per oent. ad valorem; snutrbe:<88 aDd obewlngtobacco .voUChee, 85 per sci Talorem. RUSSELL'S TOBACCO KNIVRS. CHALMERS & MURRAY, 78 Reacle St., New Yor .. SOLE AGENTS. We have always on hand & full of Knives for Pease or Buck eye iiDd Rogers Machines, e od make to order ltDivea or any pattern. V.A.LUE OF FOREIGN 001118. Cents., CeDia gull Italy-Lira.... .. .... .. 19. 6 der.... ..... ..... 45.8 Japan. -Yen......... .. 99.'1 Belgium-Franc...... 19.8 J...iberia-Dollar ........ tOO 96.5 !tle>:ico-Dollar ...... -19 8 Brazii-Milreis... .. .. Norwal-QroWll... ... 111.8 British N. America.-Peru-:iol. . . .. 33,0 Dollar. .. .. .. .. 100 Portugal Milrels of CenLral Amer.-Peso.. 91.8 1,000 reis ............. $1 08 Chiii-Peo, gold.. .. .. 111.2 RUSI!ia-Rouble 6f 1(1(> Denmark-Crown... 26.8 lropeks ............... 'Ia Ecuador-Peso........ 91.8 Sandw1ch Ialands-Dol EgyptP ound ,.. t 100 t a r . . .. . . tOO piasters .............. $4 97.4 Spnln-Per eta of 1110 France-Franc.... . 19.3 cf"ntimea.... lSta Great Britain -Pound Sweden-Crown..... 18 8 sterling_ ............. $4 S F % Fwitzerland-Franc. 19.8 Greece-Drachma..... Trtvoli-Mahbub of 00 Ge r Empire-Mark... 23.8 plasters........ ...... 82.9 Holland-Florin or gullTurkey-Pia.stF-r.. . 4.3 der.... .. .... .. .. .. .. 38.6 U. S. of Colombia -India-Rupee.......... 45.84 Pes<> ................. e 91.8 A kilo equals 2.5 pounds. A pfenning equals .21H ot one cent. An shU ling equals 8:!4 cents. Ail penny equals ... LM cents. Recent Dectton Railroad,-PIJ.88e'nger on Freight TrainTicket-Regulaticn.-H. was on a freight train in the caboose as a paseeBger, but had no ticket. He oil'ered the conductor the money for his fare, but he refused to take it, as the rules of the company forbade his doing so, and words p!188ed between him and H ; the latter refusing to get off unless he was put off, and the conductor replying, as H. alletfed, that he was a "bummer" and a beat. H. was ejected, ,in the rain, between two stations, but no unneaessary force was used. An action was brought against the company for this ejection, and for the injury to H.'s feelings, and the disgrace he suffered from the conductor's language, and he had a judgment for S5!!5. The company carried its Ctl.;!le, Southern Kansas Railway Company vs. Htnsdale, to the Supreme Court of KanBas, where' the judgment was ravened. The Chief Justice (Horton), in the opinion, said: 1. H. was not legally on the train, as he bad no ticket. He contends that the com pany bad not po ete d notice that passengers were required to have tickets to ride on the freight train; but that is no defense to him, for he heard the brakeman say to the pas sengers in the cabo011e that it Willi necessary to h!lv e a ticket to ride on the ti'ain. In to thQ conductors and brakemen to give such notice were sufficient to bind the if they came to them. 2. It seems $400 were allowed for the injury to plaintiff's feelings by the words of the conductor, and $125 for the disgrace they put upo n him by such language. llut this is not an action for slander. &!ides, we do not see that the evidence shows that the coaductor said more than this: "If you are not try t o heat your way, and .are a gentleman, you will get off." T be judgment must he reversed. -Jones--"Who was that ma.n to whom you were just speaking I" Dumley-"Oh, he's a journalist.'' "A newspap e r man 1" "No, a nov elist." "Is be a successfnl one?" "Didn't you s ee the way he g rasped that cigar when I offer e d it to him?"-Chicago Mail, c=-=1 TOBACCO MACHINERY, TOOLS AND S.'"" == -J::l=-c=-=1 t-3 c= == tr.:l == _cr.:a z [Il !"" .:E en =-""' 0 -.... cv :0 cv :"" ..RoBT. S. }1oCORJilC&, President. P. H. SMITH, JR. Att'y, Manager. LENOX LAW AND COLLECTION CO., B.eom .r;s k 54, 88 Wahlngton 81.1 CHIC.A.GO. we respectfully solicit Collections from Bankei'Bt Merchants, and IDdividuala. Refer to any Bank In Chicago. p E SToi.Nlo General Acents: New York Tobacco :ata.chiDe eo.. 104 John St. & 9 Platt St., P. 0, Boz 1183, NEW YORK. I


12 GRAY, MQRALES & DALTON Manufacturers of OUBAN HANDMADE HAVANA Cl&AIS, 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. J. BTR.:J:EDER., CIGAR BOX HANUF ACTUB.ER, AGENT FOR ., (Succeooor,l NEW YORK. WEAVER & STERRY, LIMITED, '79 F:l.:u.e< &tree'C, lSI York. $PANISH LICORICE GREEK LICORICE ALL SPECIALTIES FOB PLUG :&ND FINECUT TOBACCO. OHve Oil, Beans, Gums, Flavors, POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and PATENT POWDERED LICORICE: ABOIIAS FOR SltOKING TOBACCO. L.ICORICE MASS FOR CICARS. ---WM: dt EIR.O., Spanish Cedar -:ro:a-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nails. Foot of Eilst I Dth & lith St. JI'EW YORK, --'TOB.ACCO LE.AF. MAY 2. BLACKWELL'S. DURHAM TOBACCO. Is the Most UNIFORM. RELIABLE. Smoking Tobacco ever placed on j HONEST, POPULAR,] the Market. LAND SATISFACTORY Hence Dealers aod Consumers. Always Pronounce it THE VERY BEST. For ten or twe l ve ye::St :::1 _,. t h e m os t saus f ac tory of aU ) haYO trie d Situated in the immediate sectkni of country that produces a grade of Tobacco that in texture, fiavor and quality is not grown elsewhere in the world, the popularity of these goods [ is only limited by the quantity produced. W e are in position to 101ommand the choice of all ftltl'"., offerings UpOn this market, and S}*'re HO pains Or expense to give the trade the YERY 1 .wc li' s Durham. Smo king T o bacco. find I gave Thomas C arlyle a or it as we BH5Ti amoked t oectbcr,an d he wa..nnJy'praise d H. I ha.e f o und n o t ob acco o.o.oithci'c;oat i -. A :me'Ca.b1:1.hed. 1aea. BVCCESSOB TO John Anderson a Co., P. &, 09., MAN'UFACTURERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, !IANUFA<1l'UltEBS 011' THE A OE,'' a:n.d. "York..' Office and Salesroom&: No 17 Warren St., New York. De-vv'' a:n.d. o" 1 ALWAYS ON HAND KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING 'TOBACCOS, 114 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET, .A.:u.d :J.:J.9 a.:u.d I:J.I!:J. Cedar & "ONION EXTRACT "WV"ORKS. :Eiii&ENOEJ OF HAVAN. A CIGAR FLAVOR 001\TOEJ:N"TR..A.TED. FOR FILLERS.. FOR BOXES. C!r" Price per pint, S6; per gallon, $40. N'OT E'V .A.FOR..&.T:JD. Sampl e bottles at 12 to mAke ONE G4 LLON of STRONG WL.t. VOB sent on receipt of &IOOWlt. 'WE ALSO HANUF AC'TUilll: ESSENCES for TOBAcc o Flavors of all kinds. ()IG.t.B. COLORS Dry and I n Liquid. AU SPECIA-L PL.I.VOHS,If deaired ,madetoorde r J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., 158 Chamber Street, Ne,... York, LICORICE PASTE! THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO l.G"7 :D a X:J:>':IDN' x..AN:m, N:m-vv vomr. f ,., l' having demanded a Super!O>' and Cheaper Arti c l e than tb.o.t lolth erto used, this The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO l.'VLUnTFACTORY Blrr.&BLJSDBD Iff.. ft.I.J.IIIoft loa .L.I.'I"ro P:rea:14eac, 8'7 &TR.EEIT -MANUF4Cl'l'URERS OF THE CELEBRATED-PLAIN FINE CVT OHEWING TOBAOOO IN BLUE PAPERS; &lSI 'OPF&1 RoseScenJ.ed Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman &:I:G:N" .A.L One Oz, Poll, AJo, Firat and 8eeond S.inokiDC', In Blue Papen. SWEETENED FINE-CUT Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. 111A.T .I.PPLE au4 PRIZE LE.t.JI' PINE-CUT, Ia PoU, I RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, Manufacturer FINE HAVANA CIGARS, :20, 22 4 24 Cold St., York.. iAmanufact urlng,nn dofre rlng f o r sale, LIOORI C E P.A STE (un der Ohe brand) o f a QU.A.I.IT'l ALLEN GINTER & PRIC E w Wcll can hardly lnil to be to all i t a trial. 1 LICORICE PASTE. .. 1'4 ,.; ... .illl 'll G) Q ... 1'4 Q Spanish Imported, in Bond or Duty Paid. g> t= Trade lllork.. G c F G & w II' E t .. [ s_ rt"". . a 1s x ra. !i. -For Sale by [ .A.rKu.1m ba u. a111s, Sole :for &he United States and Canada a' c 2t 31 SOUTH NEW YORK, -:;l_-1 SPANISH LICORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU & TUii," 1 o formerly "PI LA R." 0 ,.:, "' ("':> -MANUFACTURED BY '0 0 CARENOU & TUY'b ..... ""("':> 0 :: FACTORIES: ZABAGOZA,'SPAIN. en ] Office: Kemble Building, 15-25 Whitehall St., N.Y. f :'"", if: Sole Agents for the State s of North Carolina and Virginia, p. 0 DAVENPOR T & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. R. HilLIER'S SON COMPANY, 46 Cedar Y'ork.. SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. FLAVORS FOR SMOKING TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES FOB PLUG AJI'D FINECVT TOBACCO. Special attention &:lvea to ManoCacturer' Medley 1 AU Good Shipped Free on Board. Cigarettes & Smoking Tobacco New York Depot ....... ........... 23 Warren Street. Chicago D pot .. .. ........... 120 Dearborn Street. San Francisco Depot ....... 226 California Street. Depot in London, England 55 Holborn Viad1.1ct. MIXT ti.ttES FOR PIPE O R C IGARETTE. TH HF::.Z KINGs T urkish, Perique and Virginia.. .MELLOW MIXTURB, T1nkish and Perique, TURKIS H a n d VIRGIN IA.. PERiqUE and VIBGIIIIIA, KEN UINE T URKISH, F LAK E CUTS, ESPECIALLY ADAPTED F O R THE PIPE. "Va:n.:l.y Fai.r. Granulated. A Nev..-1t1i ;ture. Framnt Vanity F air, Superlative a n d Cloth of Gold Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People t:lr refin e d t.!Lste who excepti ona l ly fine Cigarettes should use on!y our Straight cut.., up in satin p a cke.ts and boxes ot 1 0s, 60s and lOOs. O u r Cigarettes were never so fine a9 now. They cannot lJe f o r purity and excellence. tho purest Ri ce P aper used. E atablb h e d 1840. 1 4 F i rat Priz e IQ.edal WM. S. KIMBAlL & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N Y. "DOUBLE 5". 2-oz. FINE CUTm DEPOT FOB THE ABOVE POPtlLAR BRAND: Leopold Miller & Son, furnished and specia l q uota.Uons given for any & 1'ticle required. THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY, 155 Chambers St., New York. VANILLA BEANS, TONKA BEANS,' .. Jeuce ot Maaataeture." ALSO 111, cl: B. STICK LICOR.IOE, ALL SIZES. s. 'V. &, F. :.::a., M.t.ftUF.&CTUBBHB OP LICORICE PASTE POWDERED LICORICE BOOT cl: POWDERED :EXT.LICORIOE. Aloe 'DEALERS b DRUGS aDd LICORICE BOOT. 4 Cedar &'tree, near Pead Street, Tork., LICORICE PASTE. EI.A.LT:I::DOR.E :aii:XX.X...Iil. J. s. You.n.g Oo., L1:D1.1"ted. (JOHN S. YOUNG Treasurer. ) !:JIAWUFACTUBEBS OJ' SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. Cor. Boston & Elliott Sts., Baltimore, Md. All Good manufactured by n are auaranteed 1o be of the be'& q,uallty. I OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL ROSE, ANGELICA ROOT. 1 DODGE&OLCOTT ZURICALDA Y & ARGUJMBAU, 2 aDd .t Briclce St,, Jrew York. [1'. 0 Box :u4G.l Importers of Fine Licorice BOOT, OLIVE OIL, &a. We olf e r for Sale the EXTRA FINE 1 :eonu; .._ ____ ..,. .... Brand Spanish Licorice. A Real Good Art iole In caaea 240 lbo. each, ,. J'I>IU! A /\ z? \;,.., /. i :\/. Franco. ) 7 ->:'':;./ ... I \Y. I ,-: DR.t.ND, S trong, Pure a n d of Good Flavor. Licorice Boot, o...u.u.:r,. cl: SeleoteoJ. In Bales and Bundles POWDERED LICOBICE PASTE. GrGund from FI".SI Eaa;le Br&JLd Powllereol Licorice, Made trom the Fioest and Sweetest Root. tree frm an y Adulteration OLIVE OJ:L, "A..:hor brand of auperdne, pure SALAD OIL, In caaea 10 oae pl.lon tin cans each. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. CAMPBELL & CO., !'II&Dufac&1Wen ot Fino Gnt & Smolin[ Tobacco. ... nd Dealers Ia SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c.; Whleaale an Retail, 88-22 Br-id&'e St., Newark, N. 3. Jacob Henkell,' l'II.I.NtlP .I.(JTliKEB OP CI&AI BOXES. SUPERIO R MAKIC AliD PRIJI'IC QUALI'n' OJ' MANUF A CTURER OF ALL Eilm8 01!' X..:I:T:.EOGR..A.P3:EXO Cigar-Box Labels. 297 Monroe &t. New York. nonanco Mannractol'J. Succeaor to D, Hlraeh & ()o .. 129, 231. cl: 233 E. tin St., New Y .... } D. BUCHNER & CO., TheMiller; Co., 133, Greaseless Ve111cal Top, The f o ll owbog Branda and Tnd.,.Jil&l'lal belwr &be aol e and ef the DJ&Fl.A.MCJI CIGAR .MA NUFACTORY, ADJ' ODellllywhere Wltllln the reach of the lawo of tl:ie land who will llld tate In any manuer an:r of thbranda and trademarlm, or use &DJ' name or label thereof, will u onc e be prosecuted just tbe eame as thief wbe 1rould steal any other Yaluable Pf!J'IODal property:-Defiance .Me phl.oto Jupiter, Old Judi!lng &. Fine Cnt Chewing&. Smoking Tobaccos, Snuff & Cigarettes. J. 6 BL,NGHARO, GOLD COIN NG TOBACCO. :Manufacturers of all Brands fo .. mcrly Monufuctl.ll'ed by Tbos Hoyt & Co. 11 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, La., AGENT POB S.I.ID CITT. CIGAR MOLDS, Etc-; .. .......... .. ...... 413-417 E. 31st Street, cor. let Ave .; New YCIIkl 166, 167 A 169 E. Pea;. st., Depot; IDd Apncy for the Paciflo Coastt 800 & 308 Battery San Francisco, Cal. Factory No. 973,3d CoD. Dist. NewYort D. HIRSCH, General ...._... Hamilton & LWe71 rtNATAcs AU poa4eo of Platn,ColohdEm'be...a. aDd Enameled Taco Made to Order. 1 38 BRIDGE ST., BROOKLYN, H. Y. I


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