The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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voL. xxv.--No. 16. IBBTABLI8BBDl8M.] NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 1888. 106 11DBK L.UI'E, Col'll e r of Pearl lltreet. -WHOLE NO. Trade Mark of -, SPECIAL NOTICE. 1 ,7( r (., 1 Inside the ltale, on the WElL & CO. 1 I \ & ..A : 1 Is r,Julted a label, R d. 1868 I _ "t... W.&C. wlthourslna B81Stere In & I 74. T "'T" ture. Regletered In_ 18815. OUR CHOICE CHOICE ABA_lO TOBACCO. _!!!ke&tk ('\ \ &i ,, Cor. 1st Ave. & 31st St., '# .-All Parties are ;0 '-.J. any lnfrlngen:-ent NEW YORK, .Cautioned against :\ i\.l .. f of this Brand. .....-::::=:::: M ,.r, t ,r ::::::::::---.. t\'ll\l\\?1 tH\il\, .. t\,"' r ant!faG u-rer s J VUELTA ABAJO HAY AlA_ TOBACCOS, v. MABTi'iiz YBoB a co.. G!gar Boxes .. aox..:m X:ai!I:Po.aTEn.s, ."WI7b.ere G..:Y.A.N'O 1.s -usecL N"o. e 9 "VVa'ter &'tree't, 'York. U Many Brands imitating CLOSEtT ours are offereb and sold to the Trade as W. & C. \F F GA. RCIA BRO & co lmpotters &, Dealers i n 1 1 A LIBERAL REWARD wiU be paid by us for the Detection of the same .!) e Also lmiiGrters of Sumatra.. WEIL & CO., 65. PINE S T., N:EW YORK. ... .... Spanish Cedar. scHROEDER a BON, 1 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF Lone Jack Cigarettes T Q :S A 0 Q Q, -r. 1V:m:m:o mo oFTHEFOLLOWINGIIlARKS: RECOIIENDATIONS. : PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56 I No. 167 WATER STREET, A Holder for Each .&11 pa'ru ...... UD.IIOD ... alaet lnMal(ln upon th-nour ......... an.a. N' 'York. Clgarettei O::S:OXO::III JEIOO:K:BI:O ::a:.a.:v .&..N .A. ::r::a:x..x..:m:n.a .A. BP'!IIIo::a:. LTV. 1Vo. 17& B'tree't 1Ve"'ll'V "York.. &.A.N'CEI'EZ &, "Y' A. .., :N'o. 81 Pear1 B'tree'l, .Ne._. "Yo:r:la, Finest Cle&rliBYBna Cigars. AwarUd Hljrlaettt lletlal at Ezlllltloa, 18'18, l'ld.la4lelplda. ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO; CBABIES T. SEYlVIOUB, BSTABI JAilED 18H. X'N':POR.TE:R. OF till. TOBAO(JO. Tobaccos from the Sari Juan -' y Martinez District a Specialty. 1QB Fron.'t &'tree't, York.. &USTAV SALOMON. & BROS., -of Tobacco No. 138 MAIDEN LANE, near Water St., NEW YORK. 57 CALZADA DEL MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. !IIAIU:IBL LOPBZ, B11GBNIO LOPBZ, GAiixTo LOPEZ & co; .. Packers and Importers of FXN'E VUELTA ABAJO TOBACCO Exclusively, "LA ISLA" No. 3 Cedar St.1 New York. C. L. Sol No. 86, HAVANA, COBA. IIJOllltTJID J.I.OOBY. GUSTAV J.A.OOBY. ... .... ..... .. METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER ST.,. NEW YORK, S JACOBY & Co ol.e .&.aeZ1't o:E' ., :a. ::a5:.A.N""''S, Factory No. a, ad Dlstrlot, AIHTBB .&lll, ROLLAK FOOT OF 51d ST., EAST RIVER, &Ull&.TB.A TOBACCO %'Q TOR.:&:.. h ....... lllHI .. alwa7e Beall. A Photograph in each box of Ten Cigarettes. FOB IALE BY ALL PBJlfOJPAL DEALEJUI, 8 BADLY BlJB.NING -AND-(1 COALING TOBACCOS" OUR.:&JD -BY-Chaskel's "ANTI-COAL" Prloe per Gallon 16 ; Ill h&lf buftl and b b l. Iota 16. Full cllrecll01>1 wlllt rood& Price Ust m&llecL JAMES CHA.KEL A CO., Kaaufacturers of Hanna Cigar & Tobacco Fluors, Colorings, etc. 93 John st., New York. ATDti:LEC.,A.T.x &, CJO .. JIIPO-.TEU 01' HAVANA TOBACCO Tra4e Tra4e l'larll. \\E LAS VEGAs 16 Cedar st.. New York. oIl'-4 J. J. A. Calle Sat licolas128 HAVANA, CUBA. A. & c. S H. Ku: sc:a:riBAi.T a co:,-IMPORTERS oF HAVANA lPaoJILer o:E' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 1Vo, 180 .A.TBR. BTR.B:BIT, "YO_lR_:K. Cesareo Vigil, r :a:an.CJ.. :M:ad.e o1aars ou.r spec1a1-ty. I DU'ORTQOB' G-EO. p_ LIES & co., Havana Leaf Tobacco,. 140 Maiden Lane, -=T.:.:.:o:...:::b::.:.:a=:c::....:c:..:..._o_Co:.__ YOR.B.. ALEX. FRIES & 01' Havana ,Flavor, te BJ!!ADB BTaEET, JI'EW TOBK. '41, 48 a 10 J:eet U Btroet. CJJI'OJlOIA'l'l. O, llnDeh It .An-tat., BAV AliA. C'VBA. LOUIS NEWBURGH, PeelER e.1 I AU Parties are Cautloaed Against N'o. ea The J. JI'J:W YO-.K AJI'D CBJCAGO--IIAJIUFAOTUBJ:I\S 01' PureTxN' FOXL :ror P1u.a Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby i 163-165 Jfllberry StL CHICAGO: M, '86 l 88 FraUlia 8t. SILVEB ACE. FOIL! COIIPOUJI'D I'OJL, PATJ:JfT IIETAL, _.all tl&e a:ur.r-t YoU b._ to tl&e TJraQ. PBJJI'TDIG Olf ,FOIL Ia Bl'ODM aa4 Colon, ...a wUJa er--tatloa, t.. TOBA.OOO e A.N"D OXG-A:El. L.A.::EI::ElLS. Oapu.1e :E'or :Eio't't1e; PJala, or ..._..._ Oll.ce -Adtress :1 Jo. 186 GRAJD. Sf. JEW 88 FRA:JILII -. "'u"Jilvv ... SARTORIUS & CO., Zl!WEPOR."W o Havana _Tobacco, THE HAVANA TOBACCO I 'York LUIS MARX, Pres. MAX T. ROSEN, Sec. &. SIMON AUERBACH a CO., X:Bi!I:POR.TBR.& OP HAVANA AND SUMATRA TOB-ACCOS, ..... IUltl WHt r .. rl B&ne&, CJJI'CJJI'JI'ATJ, o. Wt.nlloaM: -Ge1'11Wltoonl llonlll0""'1'1 Co Ullty, Olalo GOODWIN & CO.'S 8KRNAZA 81, BAV..ARA, TRADE: 171 PEARL STRR&T OOUDPID.-.n. ltEW YOB&., -, :EJ. D .&T.HR.O_ 00-. ''"'-AN11PAClT11'.BIUI OF. OIGAB BOX LUM:QEB,. o:m:z:.&.R., X:DXT.A.TXOJ!IQ lP.A.JNr::a::a: O:JO:O.A.R., V'Bl.'llr:BIB:R.B:O [CJBDA.R) X..UlWtJEI:III.R.. ::I.:DOI.por'ter o:E' paZ1:l.-h Cedar a:a_cl. :Bi!l:aheaaz:Ly. ll!l:l.s'th B'tree'l, O:l:a.o:lli::LZ1a't:l Oh1o. -.


EDW A,BD BVBKE, Editor. G. 'E"e....._ ,.., tbe'r, E,JNGLE COPIES ... .... ............. .... 10 cents. OneYear ........... : .$4 j SlxlllonthB ............ .. Anaaa] !laberlptloa Abroad. GR1U.T BRM'A.IN &l'ld CANAJtA .. $5.llnesonecolomn ..... 45 24. 14 l!'wenty-ei,ht lines over two columns.. eo 45 25 J"lttyollx Uneaone column .... .... 80 :IIi 'P.Ifty-slx Unea over two columns 160 CS One column ... ....... .......... 801 175 9 S Jralf colamn ......................... 180 100 55 C)oe line nt bottom ot page. . . 50 .. 8peelal A.d.ver&l.emenC on Pint. Pace. 7ourteen Jines Ol"er two wide colnmM .... (one year) .... $100 henty.-elR'bt lines ever t'fVO wide columns. do .... 175 Founoen .llD IIIDgle coluUlll. . 4o 55 Speelal .&dver&lemeot on SeYenth Pace. One stx Three Year. M.o n i ha. Jlontbs l'ourteeallneaoertwowldecolumna 1M $25 tiiAOJauoal'Je&le.., .1.50 for each 1.-.: Bpeela) Notleew-'"W&LtS," ''For Sales," et<:., not exceeding eight lines, '1 for 8&0h fnsertioD. Remltt&Doee. for advertisements and sublcriptions should always be made payable by P 0. Order or by l>&eeo Leaf Publhlhiog Co. ..... Under no c!roumstuceo will we deviate !rom tile lllioYe prices --=-RBLIGION AND TOBACCO-; _Methodist Conferehce is no\'f ilf 81!, this city. usual with this holy body and holy bodies incorporated generally has taken Its "cUStOmary shy at the Te bacco Habit." Some of the poly men have emb aced the OJ:l.POJ)tunity afforded by the Conference to inveigh against use of bacco in any form by students, preacliers or bij!bope of Methodism, but have ut their feet right square down upon sucl:: ar rant and the result is, that so far as this particular Conference is concerned, Heaven may be reached by the "truly through Methodiani even if the smell of a cigar or pipe or the stain of a quid be per ceptible as they enter the "golden gate" and tread the "floors of jasper." New York Sun of Tuesday, May 15, eays:. Shall Methodist Bishops be prohibited from indulging in the tobacco bitt The question baa been taken up. and will again be brought up, in the Methodist Conference now in ses sion here. Several memorials on the affirma tive side have been referred to a committee, which is embarrassed in the preparation of an answer that will be acceptable to the delegates at the Conference. U a Bishop is to be prohibtted.from smoking a pipe, or chewibg a quid, or taking a pinch of suulf, why should a doctor of divinity or even an ordinary divine, be permitted to enjoy such indul gences1 If Methodist clergymen are to be forbidden to use tobacco, why should Melho dist laymen be allowed to "tl If the habit is wicked or sinful, h:v mou it be ...._.Law JleJatlac to BnbHrlben to l'lle.., .. tolerated at all, in easel Can it be right paper for a layman to which is wrong for a Bisbo!;t! There in a Ma 11t1bacrlbed or Ia D81lole tor the 11 _. perooo ordon...,. pa robe dlscontlollcj,j. the pu er may coatmue -payment Ia maS S86 299 732 345 L L. Total, 8 137 bales. On May 1 the arrivals of the new crop amounted to. .... ... 23,090 balelf Of last year's crop still in impor-ters' hands. . . . . 771 u Total stock to day, old and new .23,861 Tobacco Manufacture In Ne'W York In .& prUJ 1888. TRADE MARKS REGISTERED. To establish In court In case of lnfrfDPm.ent or leat claim, ownel"8bip In a trade-mark or laltel, it is necee sary to prove priority of uae, or ft.rst U86 after abandonment by the original owner; an4 to make such proof at all tJmee available, the To.u.cco LEu Pom.mJDMa COIIPANY have ID augurated In their fllce a perfect ayatem for tJle registra tion and cataloguing of tn.d.e-marks and Iabeii ol tl'fery description pertaining t() the tobacco, cigar and cigarette Laterests of this country, and at lowtw rata than are uy where else obtainable. TH& 'l:OBA.CCO LEAF PUBLISIDNG CO. wUI ........ ter, dve certificates of registration and publ18h weekly ln the dne style exhibited below all trade-marks and tor 75 Ceflt& Each. !IPECIPY THBIB 118& Per one and firms acnding ut for registration should be-partlcnlar to lljlecify the nee or uses to which the trade-marks are to be, or have been, put; whether used for cie-ars, cigtu"llttes, smoking, tine-cot, tobacco, or snuli. If the ill to be used for cigars, it is needless to regist e r it for cigarettes, smoking, fine-cut, plug tobacco and snuli, er any one of these, in addition for a trade-mark can be held only for the goods, or ql&SS of upqn wbioh it ie actually used Say 'Vhen. No. 3103. For CijEBrs. Regis tered May 9, 9 a.. m. Wm. Gra.f &; Oo. Milwaukee, Wis. Boston Part)'. No. 310, ForCigare. Regis$ered May 10, 8 a. m Philo Wil :.Cox & Co., Binghamwn, N.Y. Red Skin. No. 8105. For C1gf\li8. Regjstered..iltl.ay 10. 8 a. m. SPlith & Champion Oneonta, N. Y. W.JIIiamtll. No. 3106, For Cigars. RegMay 10, 8 a. 111. F. Heppenhetmer 'SISons, New York. Koeka.way Lonll' No. 3107. FOI" Cigars. Registered May 14, 10-a. m. L. Miller & S o n, New York. New llat. No." 3108 For Cigars. Registered May 14, 10 a. m. L. Miller &: S:}n, New York. "Tile Capital City Cl!l'lir. No. 3109. For Cigar&. .Registered May 14, 10 a. m. J> Co. Boston, MaSP. h2,563lbs.' G I N 3110 F c .Reg" 8 820 .. res am. o. or 1gars. 1a. "May 15, 1 p.m. Sues &Uhlendorf, Ctgars ... ... : .... 95-11. 724.610 Ne. Chtcago, Ill. Cigarettes ....... 8 .788 37-" 17,576,7(0 TIDRD DISTRICT, N :Y. Tobacco ........... $23,498 30-293,728 lbs. O.S[:.erl Snuff . . . 514 096,426 QI!O. FEHL 4 CO., Proprietors of the following registered brands of cigars:-"Blue Ribbon." "Georl(e'a Home," .uBright Star," "G. F. & Co.'s Monogram," "George and Billy," and "St. Louis Fair Diploma." n 154,530 4651,5:m,153 No. Cigarettes......... 8,967 80-17,1134,600 10 .246 '" r Cigars ......... : ........... No Cigarettes .............. ....... 35,511,340 As pared with March/ .A:priFspows returns as annexed-Toba.eeo, incl"t!&lle .... ......... S:10ft, decrease ............... Infrinl!"ements upou abOve brands will be prosecuted b law. South Breadw-ay, St. Loala, o. Died &Dd Tobaoeo is now being attractions. On side of tbiilnagni(l oa Satulday. tor 111& PM.t \WO JVeetw iAih.W.t, ftceaC uditodum will IJe. fo ,und the Art This is good news, for 'he signs of ville, Hopkinsville, Paducah ani! ] liepartment, th& floral reli9s 9f t-.:::::'::..-;::.. of a well known New y ,its so freely'}lroffefi!d from IUm&bly, f;o ment, and paid allfeections of'thiscountry'{lond many DOirttc)DEI--1 d-.e on the sutiject. 80-.ftl -tfade and York. of tbl! r(])ld World. merce suffer il). the-" long Saturday and the day of atijoarnment, they have suffered sj))ce the day in December. IN ,APRIL. The eported sales of tobacco in tbil! 9it io April amounted 3,500 baieL ..<()f"nlfa 100-baieil were JIJold. Crop of "Pennsylvania: ....... Cro of 1882-tennsy -.. CP. 1868-l'tnrufyl ania ...... Crop of 1884-Pennsy 1 vania ....... .Crop of 1885New England ..... ..... do Havana .... Crop of 18S6-New 1..... SJ>o do Havana... 'lllu Penusylvania ....... do Havana 500 New York Havana .. 710 Ohio ................ .250 Ohio Little Dutch. liOO Ohio Zimmer Spanish 200. Wisoooaio Havana 1,000 Crop of 1887-New Total .... ...... ...... '1260 'T .. .. .. .. .. .. .. liOO .. .. 500 ia noveL made for awardIptu,.,w in t-his exbibili, v iz: seven aod one cold medal for manu factored tobacco, three silver medals for 5iiVE)r, two gold and one bronze med,al for feaf obacco, s1lver medal for cigarettes, and ftve silver medals for tobacco and cigar All necessary ibformation on this subject Ca'\1 lie by addre111ing Lee H. Brooks, Esq., Chairman, Cincinnati, 0. MJaaepotl So,.,., S"r-Alvaru &-eo., cigar tmufacturers' agents, have done and are d qing a splendid tmsiness. They have sepured Lhe account ot Antonio C"rl!sfro, the well known Havana m .. nufacturer, anii. have connec Lions at Key West. The ftrm has rece>ltly opeoed a branch at 21 Wabash avenue, Chi cago, which is in charge of Mr. G. E. Emer ick, of that city. Ramon Dobar,anesl formerly genel"al manageL E. Canals, ef Key W eat, has estab lished himself in the cigar business under the style of R. & Co., and ie meeting with success Increase for, the year 1888 1.8i2,200 Revenue collections for to&acco, snuff and cigars for the week endiogto-aay, $1,;,992 08 A Df _HAVANA and SUJIA'l'BA.. and Packer of SEED I.EAF. 7obacco. 192 fRONT ST., ------f


, MAY 16. NEW YORK :rDBACEO MIRIEr Sumallrabe .-les sinoa our issue willappl"'Jtim&te SfiO bales. One sale of 70 FOR WEBK ENDlllrG MAY lJ. bale11 waa Dlade to an uptown manufacturer DwUh Weat Indie3-8 bales, 147 pkga ;16,496 lbs) mfd. F'rln 57 do, 7 do; M J can occupy their leisure time in cutting Beoem e h s 6 balescraJ?s: J S Mohns 8 do; Schroeder coupons oil' their bonds. All grades of Vir-& Bon 1: order, 1 cs c1gars. ginia tobacco are selling low, except fine ciga Co5 Superior ...... 1111 Yara-I and II cuts assorted ... 65 II cuts ................... 711 to 70 to 85 te 95 to 105 to 115 to 125 to 70 to85 The arrivals 11\ the port of New York trem for eign ports tor the week included the following con ail[ilmenta:-.Amllcrd&m-A Cohn & Co 112 bales Sumatra; H A Batjer ct Bro 100 hasketa slay pipes. Bremen-Monop11le Tobacco Co 3 bales leaf to bacco; W Capelle 33 do. .M a manz lla-T J Owen ct Co 62 bales leaf to bacco Vera Crwo--F Alex a ndre & i:!ons 18 cs c i gar s. Friedman & Co 53 bale s ; Loz a n o P e ndas & Co 1'3 do; Prelzfeld & Co 20: Dominguez & Co 55: P & J Frank 5; F Miranda & Co 176;' J Brand & Co 6 3: J Bernhe1m & Son 43; I R e initz 185; A L & C L Holt 8 RoBBin & Sou 29; C ohn & L e opold 68; Weil & Co 193 ; B Diaz ct Co 285; David son Bros 52: F Garcia, B r o & Co 189; Landman & Bernheimer 123; F Ale:tandre & Sons 180; order 2 88; F o ster, Hilson & Co 24 do, 17 b all's st e mmed: Schroed e r .t Bon 139 do, 8 2 do; Jas E Ward & 9o 1,070 do, 3 .cs d<>; J W Wuppe r mann a bbls scraps. Cigara-Hyneman Bro s 5 cs; H R Kelly & Co 3 du: B Wassermann 5; Purdy & Nich o las 23: WE Par s ons, J 3; B a chm a n & C o 8; ME McJ)owell It Co 3: Carl U pmann 3; P 1ft J Frank 8; W Strai ton JO; C Vi dl6; W F Taylor 4 : L ozano, P end a s & Co 2 ; G W Faber 14; F W Junge & C o 1 ; H Strau s s g ; :Mic haelis & Lindemann 3 ; E Reg ensberg 4; Her bet B r os 1; Acker, Merrall & Condit 45: Park & 'l'ilford aO; JIIB E Ward cf Co 181; order 104; F Alexand re & SoRB 40 do, 2 bbls cigarette s ZXPORTS From the port or New York to forell!'ll f'M}rts lor week endinll: llay 12, 1888, were aa fQllARA. M. How A.RD. -Edge rton W i sconsin Reporter. FACTORY Jl'o, :JH, 3d DIST., XEW YORK., : 1 JULXC> J. C>R.DElTX., &:EEZPPZ.N'.Q. dt OC:.JY:DII:X&&XO.N' SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PURCHA.,SING AND SHIPPING .Cigars, &.. Leaf Belt ofnf'erence fu.rahhed. P. o, Box 304. {lable A.ddre ".Tordaa BuyenigoiD2teHav.:'naarerequestedtecan} ....,. SA,;.. YG .... A,..IO STR.E on their arrival. lor i u formation whieh Wiii uv ,., "' "' ET' 84 VE them TIHE and MONEY. :EI:.A. 'V .A.1'Ilil' .&.,-I Packers .A.:n.d. ryn pe>r'ters o:r HAVANA ToBAcco, Speo:l.a1 N"e>'t:l.oe ..-WAJI'TED FOB CJABH, .,a CIGAR CUTTINGS l'or Domtlo -a Ezport u-. Give rate :rom r.-place $0 Wheellq. We .,.. elftyll In tbe market tor Tobacoo CuUIDp, U tbeF lid olean alld dr:y BDd net mlllty. BLOCH BROS., Virginia. WANTED-A poition a s f o r e man er a uperin in a first cla s s ciga r factory (any p a rt of the country) bY, a middle aged Grruan whe has held simll&r position i n Baltimore. Best of refer ences Addre ; s A B., 1 ,834 East :&Iadison street, Baltim ore, Md. 1209-12 OFFI C E TO LET-A s m a i l desir able-f ront of fice ot No. 4 Burli n g slip ; s uitabl e 'fo r a broker. R e o I p e r 1\nnum. A p p l y to ARTHUR BURL, oo th e p r emis es. 1212 W A NTED-A firs t-class CI.CAR SALESMAN f o r a fac t or y m akini only very fine goods. Ad dress, wi t h parti c ul a r s uc F .. care of A W. M AAS, 119 M erc e r stree t, N e w Yor k. 1212 water is URed, wh{cb forms a deposit Oft the fal s e bottom. Duriug the drying the air holes should re main open. The weight of tobacco used should be ten grams (150 grains). It should be weighed in a flat rectangular bl'888 drying tray, about four inches long, two inches WANTED Th e uge11cy of an A No. 1 Cigar wide, (!.nd three-quartere of an iA depth, House to represent in St Loui s on ala r y G r c o m -which must be tared. If brass is not Db missio n Addres s L our s HALLE, care H alle Wine 1 tainable, tin or zinc may be used. tray Co., 506 St Charl e s stre e t St. Louis Mo. should bear a number; and its tare ehould be ----------:-----...,;,1,;,21;,;0-;..;;12.._ verified, and corrected from time. The. A SALESMAN wit h years with weighing sheuld be done as quickly as pos tb e Southern. trad e is ofle n for an engagement with sible, especially in the case of snuff, and the a first clao1 cigar mannfacturcr Addre118 .. s s .. tray placed in the stove. A numbe11 of trays this office. 1812 may be put in side by Aide, so long ae the eur H. H. MEYER, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENT, 1218 FARNAM ST., OMAHA, NEB., represents the most reliable New York and Pen sylvania factories for both cheap and fine cigars. Consignments, whi c h will be disposed of to bes& adV&ntage to shippers are solicited. No storage charged Refers to jobbing trade ea Mi118ouri River generally 1194-12111 r...r.r. face of the tobacco fn all is in contact wUh the air. Equal duration. of ths drying process is also an essential, as tobacco coritaiDs volatile constituents..:.ammonia, nicotine, etc-which are developed after the abstrac tion of the moisture. The duration of the drying process has been fixed at two hours, reckoned from the time the water in the water stove is in strtmg ebullition. At the end of these two each drying tray ia again weighed, and ten grams being taken aa the unit of ineasuremenL, the lo88 of weight will give the percentage of .absulute humidity: thus, if the loss of wPigbt be 2'34 in ten grains-i. e., !?3 decigrams 10 100 grains-the humidity will be 28'4 The best in the market Genuine Havana ta s te per cen.t In weighing Ill heat. the tobacco loses a little weight, but, on the other hand, and flavor Duplicate orders tell the tale Prices : the dried toba&co absorbs a little moisture, DelermlnaUen. ol l!lolalnl'e In Tol>acco Pint bottle $1: allon $6; S!IJllple bottle, with so that one may be held to compensate the, BY HERR A S CHMITTER, TECHNICAL DIRECTOR directioas, $1. Goods gua.ranteed unsurpa.ssable. I other. I IMPERIAL ToBA.0CO HA.NUF A.CTORY, STRA.S: Address BURG. & Co The Tobacl'o In From first to last, from the seed to the ash, 1201-26 55 Broad treet New York An isteresting official report has just been tobac co is contiouia.lly under the influences issued on t-he finances of Portugal, and inciof moisture, with which it is intimately inp A. E & d ental reference is made to a new financial corporated. In the various stages of its pro by which t_!lo Government acquire" gress from seed-growth to consumption, to-. OP EVERY QESCBIPTION. monopoly of the tooacco industry and trade. bacco contains the following percentageti of By the law of August 18 1887, an association moisture,_ Show _Framed Paintings, Engrav of existing compaoiee acquired ihe exclusive Per l'ngs and Chromos for Gl'fts.. right of manufacturing tobacco, in return In the field ...................... .. 80 to 90 0 for which they guaranteed to the State a After drying...................... 28 to 35 WILLIAM LEVIN yearly revenue of $4, 250,000. Although the After fermenting . ,,.. ... . 10 to 20 r best r esults were anticipated from this law. Fermented raw tobacco a& geMraJ: 1203 15 37 De. i Street; N:ew York. it h(l.sbeen found that such ditlioulties have lyimported in England .. .'. .... 10 arisen in carrying out its provisions, incon-(If the p ercentage is !elj.!!, the 'to :E'I.. ::at. eequence of conflicting interesta among_ thebacco iii subject to a higller duty.J BRO .. ER, CIGARS & rroB A.CCO., compantes, that the Government have abiilidAfter manufacture into snuff...... 30 to 45 -"1; oned it, and now propose the alternative After manufactur9 into chewing to JII'o. 116 Eaat Pearl Street. plan o f a State' monopoly or Regie. It is: bacco .............. ...... 40 to 50 p. o. Box 101. clnelanatt, o. shown that as the tobacco manufacture baa Tbe moisture is determined with the help Refers by permiss ion: already fallen to a considerable extent illto of the apparatus known ali a Gay-Lussac Third National Bank, Cincinnati. the bands of one would beno stove. Tbe eminent chemist de R. M & Co difficulty in working a monopoly. lt i11 cal fines as absolute humidity t'he loss of weight J. lJ. Hopple & Co.. culated that at the present price lhe net per cent. experienced by tobacco when dried Ford. Eaton & Co., profit to the Trea11ury would be 1 4,500,000 per 11t 100 deg. c. (212 deg Fabr.) 11 The Samuel W o odside Co., annum, which will be largely increased by ex This absolute humidity is really relative Manufacturers de $ i rine: to be r e presented in Cin portation to the colonies and a suppression humidity, as the total moisture-in the tobacco clnnati are requ es ted to correspond with me. the contraband trade. lt is 'further calcu is not got rid of by drying at 100 deg. c If 1210-18 lated that if the price were slightly increased tobacco dried at 100 deg. c. (212 seg. ]!'ahr ) from 13 339 reis to $3 510 reis per kilogram, be furthe r expose d to temperatures of 110 ; "VUe'C tb ereceiptswouldbeincreasedbythesumof deg. C (230 d e g Fahr.), 120 d e g. C : (248 deg. PICADURA CHEROOTS. $875, 000. As these calculations are made witll F abr. ), 130 de g C (266 deg. Fahr. ), there will out reference to a probable increase of conbe further los s es of weight of 3 p e r cent., 6 Trad.,..l!lark a e _umptioo, th e Government anticipate that per cent., 10 per c ent. and m o re. This loss -. "'r:"" tJ' the receipts under this h ead will amount to which is progreBSive with tbe increase of U ..-;-- $ 5 60,0 .00, a t whic h llgure th(l V Rta r.d in temperature. is eas ily accounted for, if it iA Principal Depots:-192 Broadway comer Jolla proposed estimates.-London Tobacc. o Trade borne in mind tli11t, besides. hygrciscop i c st.; and 489 Broadway, comer Broeme, New York. Revie w, May 1. moisture, the contains certain quanThe above brand, hniog been copyrighted, the tities of water in a state of combination with trade is cautioned not to imitate U!e same under the its various salts, as the malates, citrates, and peaalty of the law. Eacil package, 10 oxalate s of potash, lime nicotine, llDd chero)ots in tin-foil 'bears a yellow label with an X on the face of the Iatoel and a white label across ooe that these are only liberated under the in encl of packag., <>n wb.ich are the initials, J F. J. X. fluence of temperatures above the boiling Also imported Key Weat and Domestic CigBI:'II point of water. From what has just been all grades. at Wholesale. -A N e w Y ork m e r chant; who does a n exten siv e bus i u ess in Cub a has b ee n entertnioing a weal t h y citiz e n of' Havana for several d a ys. On a r e c ent Su n day the Cu ba n and his wif e w e r e to sail for home. A t the last momen t the merchant thought it would b e the pro p e r thing to send some !l o wers t o his d eparting friends o n bo ard the ship. So h e hastil f dispatched an olil.ce boy t o a ll o r is t s t o purc h a s e s oL;Qe JI.o w e rs. "Get ab out $25 w o r t h and I will leave the s e l e ction to you," w e r e his Instru ctions to the b o y, after telling why h e wanted the !lowers. He the n acct>mpani e d his fri end t o the steamer, and just as a ll asho r e wll9 c ri e d, the office boy rushe d up the g a ngplank car ryin g two broke n On e bore the Ins c rip t i o n : "We me urn your lo88," said, it will be apparent that the-determinaJ, F. J. XIQUES. tion of the absolute h 'umidity of tobacco lnust be performed with care and method if results admitting of comparison a-re to be ob tained. Tile apparatus used is a Gay-Lussac water stove. It ie not practically correct to assume that the tam perature is 100 deg. C. It is so when all the apertures which admit of circulation of the air are closed; but when these are open, the temperature is about 92 deg. C. (197 6 deg. F.), and varies with the size of openings. For this reason all the Gay-Lussac stoves are approximated to one model, so that variations of in different sets of experiments may be disre garded. To get perfect ebullition, a charcoal fire or a powerful lamp, or, what is more conve nient, a Bunsen gas burner should be used. The vapor should be received in a condenser, and the condensation water led back. Risk of damage to the stove, or an explosion through overheating after evaporation of the water in the stove, is then avoided. The con denser is especially necessary when ordinary Continued on Last Column. HENRY C. DOBSON, -Only Manufacturer o f theGREAT PATENT SILVER BELL BANJO, lllld the other, G o n e to anothe r shore." 1210 BROADWAY, XEW YOBK. No. l ........ PJ 00 No. 2 .. ... :$25 00 No 8 ... ... 8 0 00 No 4 ..... ... 40 00 No, G .... ... &a 00 No. 6 ........ 'll 00 No, 7.: 1100 00 -We heve r e c ei ved fro m J. B Hale a piece of tobacco tbatis f orty oJd; .8Dd yet It is w e ll pres erve d and has .a strong llavor. It was give n to John Hale by his father some y ears before the father's death, and h e has been o f W ORTHLESS of thla dead tw e ntyeight years. Whe n it wasgivenw GREAT BANJO; none GI>;NUINl': unlll8S stamoed with my h t ) f th t t Js, n a m e number and acc ompanied wft h a guarantee cert;ft. lDl I Was e e v e r a years 0 age, S O a 1 cate signed b y me. and having the oiunllcte numbe r Sent known t o be m o r e than f orty years old, but ite by Expre .. c o. D. to anvpart ot the United S t ates w ith e x ac t is u .oknown-Oarthage Mirror. out extra charge for packing. Ask f o r the certtflcste and .., see that the numbe,r correspoDda with the number on the Th 1 t t t' f tobe-lt d banjo. Instru c t !oa parlol'8 110 'lrran2ed tbat each pupil l o -e a es VIC 1m 0 ...,..0 Ill & 8& ta\ll[ht ""t::!:'ij Fun of this m.trume nt b y my case, indeed. H e is 70 y&are old, has smoked for sixty yeare, and last be married a tor Banjo, $1.00 Bent by mall on recei p t oforlce. woman four years his senior. TobaccG tor illustrated clrcalara. HENRY c DOBSON, m o Broad. smoking affecGed hia brain. w&J', New York City, U. 8 .&.. 1103 Herald.


4 Eastern larkets PHILA.D:Bi.PHIA. lla7 1'--111' R. "7oupn. Tobacco Inspector repone to tlle To:aAOOO u follo.,.:-lt mu be admitted there ie aom& bullinelll dolug in maDufact.ured bacco but It Ia of \be kind tllat gives very htUe If auy eacouragemen\ to the and yet tlie jobber Auda a fair remuneral.ion for his trouble aud hit trade a howa activity. branda are bandied cautioualy. The dllference ID ice of new and old brand 18 t.oo coualderable while bualneu hal beea fairly act1ve f?r the week it baa uot been accompllahed With satJS factiou. Fine-cute moderately brislt. Smoking Tobacco-The numerous brand seem eertain to roll up 11 fair week'a buaineaa In the agmoderate steady demud, withoat any 1pec1al noticeable bua 1ne11 l ife. Receipt& foot u p 5,820 bosea, 8, 728 caddies, 4,115 cuee and 240 paila of fine cuta Seed Leaf-Taking an imD&I1ial survey of thiS market for leaf t o bacc o suitable for ciga ra, the only fair oonclnsion \bat can lie dra'!'n is m so far u \be aggrepte amo u nt of bualllell 11 ooncemed it hu very perceptibly IWPJ1!ved In the W!lCk put but the unfortunate part 18 that the reahza tlon of protlta doea not 11tia fy or justify the out Jays heretofore made -by packera or dealers. There ia undoubtedly something wrong In the mode of JwuUing cigar leaf t obacco, eepeclally \'Y the )lackera, and they ahould certaialy now, after ml!'l'y yeara of regretful experience, change their tact1ca, ud tight battles for them s elves instead of e thers, u heretofore Sumatra lieirut Ita own competitor n ":"',per leaf, Ia doing well but careful scrutiny 18 exe r eiaed moves along very atea.dily Rece1pta fer the week-100 cues er&-Common ............... 12 @liS lledium ........................ 15 @2:1 Good ..... ...................... 80 @40 Fine ............................ 40 @50 Fancv .......................... 60 @75 BALTIMORE, :M.d. May 1'--Measra. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co., Tobacco Com.miSBien Mer clwlta report to the ToBACCO LB.ur:-The market for Maryland is very tlrm, and trade Ia re ltrlcted by the light receipts, which this week were 151 h11da. Sales were about !100 llhda at full prices. Ohio Ia quiet, with llttle iaquiry hapected this week-1119 hhds Maryland, 56 Qhio and 1 Kentucky. Total, W llhdL Cleared IIIDe perlod-Strpl..lnneaota. for London, 18 North Caroliaa, 33 hhds, 111 \rca Virginia: str Lero for Rotterdam, 116 V U'ginls, li8G Virgnla 810 Ollio, 168 )(arylalid; lir Bheia, for lkemen, 110 Maryland, 1.20 Vlrgiaia, 10 Kentucky. 'I'OJU.CXXI lu. 1, 1188-Stoclr. oa hand Ia &o'--' warellell8M and on llhipbo&nl not Cleared 17,11711 llhda IDapected this week .. .. .. .. 2116 llhlla luJiected previously................. 6,381 hhda 84,663 bhda of Maryland and Ohio aince Jaa. 1. 1il88, and shipped coutwiae 16,594 bhda Btoclr. in warehouse Uli.l day and on llhipboard not cleared .,, ........ 18,!189 bhda &ook IIIDe time m 1887.... .. .. ... 4,082 bhda Manufac t ured Tobacco-There is little activity in our mark e t and pric es 11r m Expot\ed to Bremen, 1,760 Jbs; t o London, 4,640 lba. Smoking Tobacco-Manufacturers are fairly busy. OINOINNATI. o., May 12.-Meure. Prague A llataea, .Leaf 'l'obacco Broken aud Re-drvera o! Cutting Leaf and Plug Tobeooo, J:epOrt as (ollctws SO tiM TOBACCO LBll':-Our tobacco market baa contillued to show more evideace of mcreaaing 1trength and activity this week. The offerings Jiave been much larger than the preceding week and were verY. evenly divided between the old and :new, and bot&. were In active requmt at. a shade laigher pricell, but w e make no change m quota tlons, Reports from tlle couutry coutinue to come in regarding th e damage to plants, and a good many farmers claim they will now plant com In place of tobacco ,--tsse -...., ..--1887.---Week "iear. Week. Year. Hhda Bhds. Hhds Hhds. Total offeringa ... 496 l2,80ll 1,2112 211,MO "Total otYeringa new .. 209 8,?11 726 8,840 Total olferinga old ... 2 3 7 8,lilll 626 16,1100 Rejections ......... 1M 186 Actual &ales ......... 842 1,066 llecei pta ........ 211 949 The sales were aa follows:142 hhds Mason County Ky., District. 145 Pendlet o n 4.0 Owen c. 32 Blue Graaa 86 hhda Bro wn County, 0., District. 11 Eastern Oh10 4 W eat Virginia. 27 .. City Claasitlcatien of Pricea-22 hhda at UiO to 8 96: 42 hhda at 4 00 to 5 .95, 58 hhda at I 00 to 7 .95, 49 hilda at 8 .00 t o 9 96, 203 hhds at 10 00 to 14 7G, 120 hhda at15 .00 to 19.75, and 7 bhda at 20.00 to 24.75. C I NCDINATI QUOTATIO!fS. Cutting Stock-l:!moking Lugs. Old. Scraps and Infer i or Trull ... ........ S ()()@ 5 00 Common Dark ..................... 7 00@ 8 00 Common Bright ..................... 9 110@18 60 Jledium Bright ..................... 11 OO@UI 00 Qood Bright ...................... 18 00014 00 Stripving Luga. Common Bright .................... 10 00@11 00 Medium Bright............... .. .. 11 00@12 00 Good Bricht ........................ 13 00@111 oo Fine ................................ 17 OO@a2 00 Leaf. Medinm Bright ....... .. ............ 16 00@18 00 Good Brigb.t ......................... 20 00@28 00 J'ine Bright..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. None. Manufacturing-Plug Fillers. Common Dark ...................... 12 00@15 00 ll.edium .......................... .. 16 00@18 00 Good Bed ................... ........ 20 00@22 00 Fine ............................... None. Cutting Stock-Smoking Lugs. NWJ. Common Dar k ...................... 5 00@ 6 00 (J o mmou Bright ..................... 7 00@ 8 00 IediumBright ..................... 9 00@10 00 Qood Bri ght .... .................... 11 00@12 00 Stripping Lugs. Cmnmoa B r ight.................... 8 00@ 9 00 :t'!ediumBri ght ..................... 10 00 00 (toad Bnght ......................... 12 00@14 00 Fine .......... .... ............ ... 15 00 00 Leaf IediumBright ...................... 14 00@16 00 Good Bright ...................... .. 18 00@20 00 Fme Bright .. .. .. .. .. .. .. None. Manufacturing-Plug Fillera Common Da1k.... .... ........... 11 00@18 00 :Medium .. ......................... 14 06@16 06 Geoll Red .......................... 17 00@20 00 Fine ................. ............... None. BICI:D LUI' KA.]U[J:T. Thete was a good atteadance of buyers, but very little serviceable tobacco offered-mostly dama&ed by frest-ilut the market was fairly active. Olfer inga, P2 cases and 20 rejectiena. The Horria House had 27 caaea, and rejected 14 caaea new Oh10 at 2.10 to 9.70, and 18 c..aa Wllcoallin old at li,10 w 11.711. OLAK&BVI.LLB. 'rean.. llai 12. -X--. X. B. (.,'Jark & lko., TobliCCO Brokera, report to the TOBAOOO LBU :-Our receipt& fOI' \be week were 694 hhds. The salea for the so far as reported, amount to 1 ,9111, may be added to, as a great deal of prl.vate tradmg is going on. The market has been. act1ve and ex cited all the weelt, which greatly increased toward the cl011e. Tile bulk of the purcbaaea seem tG be for speculative account, u baa been the C&8!' for the put two weeks, the regular buyers of and French tobaccos having virtually re tHed from the market Lwo week& ago. Unfortunately the con tinued dry weather, delayin& the planting of the crop and causing many plant bed to become over grbwn gnes an additiOnal stimulus to the apecula tJve : and should we again have a abort and late plantin&, prlcea weuld run unprecedentedly high, arod the acenack. Burley atylea have main taiaed \be ht.e advance, and, judgang by the in crease of otdere 1n the ha11ds or broli:en, there is every rea&an to look for a atill further IUivanre Ia the Immediate future. New dark leaf and Juga are ill aotive request at pricea alightly in exceaa of last week's fiJtUrea, while old tobaccos or similar grades are still left severely aloae The average quality of the this week has been rather ow. This applaes llotll to dark and Burley styles The continued dry weather is having a bad effect on the seed beds and on vegetation generally. The usual spring complaints are rife, but a week of seaEonable weather would materially change the tem per of tbe plaater and the outlook !or the coming crop. Receipts for the week were 284 hogsheads, again t 2,887 hhds for same week last year. S&lea !or the week. month and ye a r and cor re sponding penod of three former years were as f ol lows : Week M o nth Yea.r. 1888 ................ 1,211 2,878 82,667 1687 ................. 2 ,839 4,489 45,428 1286 ..... ....... 2,226 4,618 64,277 1685 ................. :3,682 6,991 55,581 12,249 hbds ol' crop of 1887 sold t o date against 86,289 bbda of crop of 1886 sold to sam e date in 1887, a.ntl 45,558 ilhda of crop of 1885 sold to same date in 1886. QUOTATIONS. Dark. Trash. ................ 2 50@ S 25 Common Juga. . 8 76@ 4 00 Medium lugs. 4 00@ 5 00 Good lugs ............ 5 25@ 5 75 Common leaf .. ll 71>@ 6 25 Medium leaf .......... 6 25@ 6 75 Good leaf ........... 7 00@ 81!0 Fine leaf ............. 9 00@11 00 Burley. 850@ 950 10 00@12 00 12 50 50 15 00@17 00 18 00@00 00 2000@22 00 23 Ofl@2li 00 21150@27 50 LYNOHBURG, Va., May 12.-Meaars. Holt, Schaefer & Co., Buyera and l'lan oUera of Leaf 'l'G bacco, re110rt to \be ToBACCO LBll' as follows: The receipts In our market were a little heavier than last week, reaching 498,700 lbs, against 842,800 lba duriag preceding week, The total since Octo ber 1, 1887, amounts to 16,0117,1100 lba, against 1<6, 18G, 700 lba during 181De period lut eeaaon. Offerwere ra\ber conaletlnc te a lar&e extent of common and nondll!!cript which were in act.ivedemandand a little weak e r occaaionally. For all good and substantial grades there is much inquiry, and those are oelllnif at very full prices. Every day this week we had refre h iog showers, combmed witb. a good seaeon for striking tobacco. We 111ay look, therefore f o r full receipts from now on. MAYFIELD, Ky., May 12.-Puryear, Myles & Co., Leaf Tobacco Broken report to the ToBACCO LBA:r as follews :-Quality medium. Marke t ali&htly lower. Hhds. Receipts f o r week ...... ,........... 255 Rece i_Pts siroce J11.nuary 1. ........... 2,626 Offenags for week. .. .. .. .. .. .. 501 01feri11gs for year ................... 2,93 4 Ne& sales for week......... .. ... .. 355 Net &ales for year ................... 2,448, QUOTATIONS, Lu--Common (dark)red o r colory ... 8)4@ 4 Medium do ................. 4,!4@ G* Gooa do ................. 11 @ 7 Fme d o ................. 7 @ Leaf-Low do ................. 7)4@ 8,J,j: Common do ........ .... 8).(@ 9Ji MedJUm do ................. 9Ji@ll* Good do .. .... .. .. .... Fine do ................. 14 @17 li'RIIIGJIT RATES PBB 100 POUNDS. To New York all rail .................... .47c To New Orlean, all ................ 25c. Bosto11 rates Gc above New York, and Philadel phia 2c, and Baltimore Sc below. PADUCAH, Ky., May 12.-Puryear, Myles & C9., Tobacco Brokers, re p ort to the ToBACO LBAJ as follows:-Quahty fatr l y good. Market steady and tlrm. Weather favorable and receipts will aow be large. Hhds. for week... .. .. .. .. .. 235 Receipts since Jan. 1.. .............. 8,62 5 Offerings for week............. 572 Offerings for year ................... 4 ,232 Netsaleaforweek ................... 517 Net sale. for year ................... 3 ,628 Q UOTATIOl'IB. Luga-Common (darlt)-red or colory .. 8).(@ 4 Medium do ................ 4).( G9od do ............... 6 @ 7 Fine do ................ 7 @ Leaf-Low do ................ 7M 8M Common do .. ........... 8M Medium do .. .... .... .... Good do ................. 11* 1 8)i' Fme do ................ 14 @17 RATES 011' TRAN8PORTATION, Rates to New York all raJ!, p e r 100 lbs ...... 42c do w ate r and r a il, do .... .. 39c do New Orleans all rail, do ...... 2 0 c do do do wate r .................. 17*c B o ston rates 5e above N e w Y ark, and Pbilad e l phia 2c, and Ballimore ilc below. Foreign Markets. AMSTERDAM, May 5.-Messrs. Schaap 4t Van V een report to the TOBACCO LEAF: The first eubecr1ption for 8 137 bales Sumatra on the 15th inst., particulars of which have already been given by our printed note of the 1st, is for the present certainly most in teresting for your market. Not before the end of next week can lln opinion bo given. Of 5,946 bales Java offered to-day by sub ecription, 5,087 bales were sold. There were Impotted 18,688 bales Sumatra, 689 balee Java, and SO hogsheads Maryland. Stock to-day :-23,864 bales Sumatra, 4,452 bales Java. 1,999 bales Manila, 1,500 bales Turkish, 84 hogsheads Maryland, and 40 hogsheads Virginia. BREMEN, April30.-D. H Watjen & Co .. tobacco brokers, report to the TOBACCO LEAF as follows :-Western-Sales on the spot and to arrive,..73 hhds, against 146 hhds in April, 1887. Stocks in first hands:-March 31, 1888 ..... 2,111 hhds. Received since.. .. 448 Tollal.. : ....... 2, 559 Deliveries......... 186 Stocks today .... 2,373 QOOTATIONII. Same time 1687. 5,907 429 6,336 247 6,089 Light. .Heavy. Common 1ugs.. . 20@23 pf. pf. Medium lugs ... 24@27 26 Good lugs ..... .... 28@30 29@34 Low leaf. . . 88 38 Low medium leaf.. 40 46@50 Medium leaf ....... 50@65 52@60 Good leaf .......... 60 62 Fine leaf. ...... 70@711 75@ 8 0 Virginia-Sales on the spot and to arrive; 194 hhda, against 620 hhds in April, 1887 Stocks in first hands:March 31, 1888 2, 780 hhds. Received smce. 257 S&me time l i87 3 437 255 ROTTKDA1il, April 28.-Mr. N. Van Mens, sworn tobacco broker, reports to Lhe TOBACCO LEAF:-During the week DO trans actwns have taken place. Arrived from Manila by steamer, 1 214 bales Manila A bra I A B C; 4,128 bales Java. by str Burgemetater der Tek, 1111d 800 bales Samaoun. Next week May 2, there will be a sale here of 9.095 baleti Java and 1,421 bales Manila. In Amsterdam there will be a sale of 5,946 bales Java on May 4 GLASGOW, May 1 ...,-Messrs. Wm. Con nal &Co.'s circular says:-The market con tinuee very quiet, and few transactions have taken place during the month. The receipts (c::mverting tierces to hogsheads) bave been 65 casks. the deliveries 894. and the stock in bond 6 822 against 5 120, 4,5 39, 2,465 in the three precedin,; yearl.', and against 6,349 in 1881. QUOTATIONS, d d Virginia Leaf-Common to ....... 4 @ 6 Bri ght .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 @13 Strips-Common t o tin e ... .... 5]4:@12 West e rn L eaf-Cemmo n to middling ... 4 Good to tine .. .. .. .. .. 5 @ 7 S trips-Commo n ............... 5 M @ 6* lliddlin g ............... 7 @ 9 Good t o tine ... ......... 10 @ ................. 10 @-LIVERPOOL, May 1 -Parry & Cros bi e s, in the1r circular of this date, say : -The bus i ne88 of the month may be recorde d in very few words. One transaction about 800 hhds strips and small retail salea within quota tiona. LONDON.-Grant, Chambers & C o., in their circular dated May 1, say :-The past month bas been remarkable from the fact of there having been scarcely any inqUiry in the market, resulting in a very m eagre amount of business. In American growths the transactions were restricted to small pur chases made by the trade, but only to ths ex tent of immediate requirements. Holders remain firm at the ruling prices, especially for good and fine gradea. Substitutes have only been dealt in to a moderate extent; in consequence ef the scarcity of colory de script1ons, operations have been upon a limited scale. For cigar tobacco there has been a fair inquiry. Imports. 786 hhds. 9 8 2 bhds, against 1 140 in the c orres p 0 Fancy hogsheads ....... ........... 54@60 Ground leaves ... ................. 10@46 Ohio and Bay-Sales on the spot and to ar rive, none, against 11 hhds in April, 1888. Stocka in first hands:-March 31, 1888. ..... 136 hhds. Received aince. 6 3 Total ......... 199 Deli veriee. . . Stocks today... 199 QUOTATIONS. Same ttme 1887. 297 119 416 130 286 Inferior to common .............. 22@27 pf. Greenish and brown 28@36 Medium to fine red ............... 38@54 Common to medium spangled .. 40@68 Fine spangled ana yellow... . 60@85 Stems-Stocks in first hands:Same time 1887. March 1. 1888... 598 hhds. 2, 070 Recmved since.. 356 5 9 9 Total. ..... Deliveries ...... 9 5 4 501 Stocks to-day, 453 QUOTATIONS. 2 ,669 611 2,058 Western manufacturers ...... 4 @ 6 pf. do. strippers ............... 4 8 Virginia, inferi0r to common 4@ 6 do. brown to good brown... 7@ 9 do. gGod to fine red. 8@11 Seed Leaf-Sales on the spot and to arrive, 1,100, against 820 in April, 1887. Stocks m first han !is:-arch 31, 1888.. 440 cases. lleceived since .. 2 066 Total.. .. .. .. 2 506 Deliveries ....... 1 896 Stocks today. 610 QUOTATIONS. Same t1m e 1@87 3,120 830 3,950 960 2,990 ......... Average lots 38 pf. Pennsylvania... ... 46@54 do Havana Seed 44@52 Wisconsin do. .. .. 39@46 (JI)nnecticut do. quotations, waich are those of 188t week. Soft, mixed, bPated and !unked hogsheads taken largsly by redryers: and with competition, prices of such ruled higher on common to medium fillers. Resales from last week paid in some cases t o 1c ad vance this week. O l d Burleyw88 in much reduced supply this w eek, with an advance ef to ;!4c over recent sales of better grades. Demand good and ahead of the offerings. Hi.:hest for new and old this week, 2lc. Heavy For all grades of old there we.s a better demand-even the lung n11glected old trash participating-with higher prices from the lowest grade up to medium leaf in elusive. Export good lugs to medium leaf were strongest, and freely rejected at our l88t week's bids and sales. I quote trash M to higher, common and medium lugs *c, and good lugs to med1um leaf and at out.side figures. Good and line leaf nom inal-from scarcity-and all old manufactur ing stock scarce, in demand, and very firm. Offerings thia week. 279; last week, 268. In new crop the market was mort. active all round aleo, excepting for trash in bad order; wh1le for all m fair to good order the de mand was active, with higher prices paid yesterday for Clarksville district styles by speculators than any week hitherto, although very httle strictly good leaf, and none strictly fine was or has been offered in our market of late, For tobacco in fair to good order I quote 88 higher, trash M to *c, coru. mon and medmm lugs *c, good. lugs to me dium leaf -'4 to The outside ligures are "tkose for all strtctly heavy good lugs to good leaf. D emand active and atlead of the sup ply. Offered \his week, 400; last week, 434 hhl,is. Green River Fillers-both in .olci and new -without new features as compared with last week. Light Bodied Red F zllers-Offerings of old very hght and unchanged. O f n e w, offering s also hght, very firm, and all grades with color in demand, both sp,!lculative and manufacturin!!:, at full figures. Nondll8cript-Old trash in better demand and prices nearer outside figures paid, New firmer, but unchanged. Weather, Plants, etc.-The weather in this neighborhood hae been quite warm, and ex cepting partial rains, he.s been too dry, and vegetation has suffered. Seed complained of he.s afterwards in some instances come up. Iu some cases, out of the eame lot, seed sown one day has come up, while that sown some days later has not. Again, beds that were rolled over after being sown produced good plants, while out of same lot of s e ed sown, but not rolled over, no plants appeared, all leadin,; to the conclusion that frost or some other unfavorable condition W88 the cause of the seed not germinating. But whether ao MAY 16. -------M. E. McDOWELL & CO., 603 & 605 CHESTNUT ST., BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Connino Dnrham Smokin[ Tobacco. New York, Boston, Pittsburg, Ghicago, St. Louis and Gincinnatl. CRANE'S PATENT LINBN PIBIB lf AIBS., THESE UTENSILS ARE WELL ADA.l'TED I'OR TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARE'l'l'E MANUFACTURERS. Light, Durable, .Air and e"" Sample and IDuatr&ted Catalogue flll'1llohed oa appllcaUoa, or ROt, it is not now a question so much a want of plants, as the probability of an unfavorable or late plantmg Transactions for th1s and last week:Tbi week. La t week. Hhds. Hhde. 1886 Burley. .. .. .. .. 14 49 1 887 Burley.. .. .. ..... 890 SOl 1666 H eavy .. .. .. .. z-79 268 1 887 H e a vy....... .. 400 434 1886 Nondescript..... 6 64 1 88 7 Nondescript..... 5 5 36 So ld a t auction ..... 1, 143 1 152 Sold privately.... . 68 84 Reject e d..... . . 3 04 8 0 Neaal e s......... .. 9 0 7 886 R e c e ipts............. 284 408 R e ce1pts this time last year, 2,38 7 hhds. Rec e1pt s for th1 s year to date, 22,758 hhds; for las t year te d ate, 40,127 hhds. Compa n s on of s a l e s for week, month and year:-1888 Week .... 1 .211 Month .... 2 37 0 Year ..... 3 2 ,667 1 887. 2 2 3 9 4 4 3 9 45, 428 1886 2 .226 4 518 54,277 LOUISVILLE Q U OTATIONS, Burley Smokers. 1885 2 682 6,991 55, 5 8 1 Common red. .. .. .. .. 6 0 0 to 8 00 G ood red ............... 8 00 to 10 00 C ommon c o lory ....... tO 00 to 14 00 Good bright ........... 14 00 to 16 00 Burley Plug Fillers. Common .............. 11 00 to 13 00 Good .................. 18 00 to 20 00 Medium ............... 1 5 00 to 16 50 Fine ................... 21 00 to 22 50 Burley Cutting. Common ............ .. 15 00 to 17 QO Good to fine........... Nominal. Medinm ... ..... ....... 17 00 to 20 00 Burley Wrappers. Good .......... .. ...... 21 0() to 23 00 Fine................ Nominal. Green River Fillers. Common ............... 5 0 0 to 6 00 Good ................... 8 00 to 9 00 M!ldmm ................ 7 OQ to 8 00 Fine............... .. Nominal. Light F1llers. Common ............... 5 50 to 6 50 Good ...... ....... ..... Nominal. Medium ................ 6 50 to 7 00 Fine................... Nominul. Nondescript. Trash .................. 2 25 to 2 75 Common lugs ......... 2 75 to 3 25 Medium lugs.. . . 3 25 to 3 50 Good lugs...... ....... .. ...... HEAVY, 1886 1887 Trash. .. .. .. 2 00 to 2 50 2 50 to 3 00 Common lugs 2 50 to 3 50 3 00 to 3 50 Medmm lugs. 3 50 to 4 25 3 75 to 4 75 G ood lugs .... 4 110 to 5 0 0 5 00 to 6 5 0 C ommo n leaf. 5 0 0 to 6 00 6 5 0 to 7 50 M edium l e a f. 6 50 t o 7 5 0 8 0 0 to 9 0 0 G o e d leaf. 8 0 0 to 10 00 9 50 to 10 0 0 Fme leaf..... N ominal. 10 50 to 11 75 1 887 C R O P BURLEY. Plug F1llers C ommo n.. 9 5 0 to 12 50 Me dmm .... .. 1 3 00 to 16 00 Good ......... 17 0 0 t o 1 9 00 Fme .......... 1 9 00 to 21 00 Wrappera. Cutting. 1 2 00 to 14 0 0 14 00 to 16 00 1 8 00 to 20 oo Nominal. Good 21 00 to 23 0 0 J;'me ... 23 00 to 24 00 Smokers. Common r ed.. . . 6 00 to 6 5 0 Medmm red.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 50 to 8 0 0 G oo d red.... .. .. .. .. ........ 8 00 to 1 0 00 Common colory t o br1ght . 11 00 to 12 00 M edmm colory to bright ..... 12 00 to 14 0 0 Good colory to bright .......... 14 00 to 15 00 NEW LIGHT RED FILLERS. Lugs. Trash ... 8 0 0 t o 3 5 0 Common ... 8 50 to 4 00 Medium. 4 0 0 to 4 75 Good ...... 4 75 to 5 50 Leaf. Com ..... 6 00 to 6 50 Medium ... 6 50 to 7 0 0 Goo d ... 7 00 to 8 00 Fme ....... 8 00 to 9 00 NEW NONDESCRIPT LUGS Tras h ... 2 25 to 2 5 0 Common ... 2 50 to 3 00 Medmm 8 00 t o 3 5 0 G ood .. .. .. N aminal. ALEX. HARTHILL, Tobacco Broker, Claelana'&l Tobacco Market. CINCINNATI, 0 May 12: -With larger offer ings th1 s week our market continued active for all kinde, coHimon to medmm gradea of new sbowing a slight advance. Geod to fine old leaf was offered more freely, for which a bette r inquiry prevailed, several lots also being sold pnvately at high figures. Hhda. Off erings during week ......... 496 Actual sales ......... : ...... 342 Receipts ........... ........ .... 211 CUTTING LEAF. Old. Common lugs, nondescript .... $6 50 to $8 50 colory.. .. .. .. .. 9 00 10 00 Medium '' ...... 10 00 to 12 00 Good '' ......... 12 00 to 13 00 Common leaf ................... 13 00 to 14 00 Medmn ................... 14 00 to 15 00 Good u ..... 16 00 to 18 00 Fme ................... 19 OQ to 22 00 New Common lugs, nondescript .... 5 50 to 7 50 colory ........... 8 50 to 9 5 0 Medium '' '' .......... 10 50 to 11 50 Good ......... 12 00 to 1 3 00 Common leaf ................... 18 0 0 to 14 00 Medium ................... 14 09 to 15 00 Goo d ................... 15 00 to 17 oo Fine ................... 17 00 to 19 00 MANUFAC T URING PLUG STOCK. Old. Commou fillers, dark ........ 111>0 to 12 5 0 Medium fill ers, some color& body13 00 to 15 00 Good fillers redand&"ood body .. 16 00 to 18 00 Fine fillers, br1ght & good body.18 00 to 20 00 New. Common fillers, dark .... ..... 9 50 to 10 50 Medmm fillers, some color& b00y11 50 to 18 50 Good fillers, red and good body .. 14 00 to 16 00 Fine fillers, bright & good body,17 00 to 19 00 F. W. DOHRIIIANN & SoN, -Tobacco planters all over Kentucky are growlmg about the qualit y of seed sent out from the Louisville market. It is said to be scalded, and it will not grow. Probably a scheme of the Louisville tobacco trust to cut down the crep of '88. The farmers should buy their 11eed in Paducah, where tlley may be certain of the pure qui!L-Pa ducah, K11., News, l:la11 JAMES COLDSMITH, 744. BROADWAY, JfZW' YORK. N. T. White & Co., Tobacco & Cigar lanftrs' Agents, I 19 EAST FIFTH ST., KANSAS cary, llo, -BEST OF REF.ItRENCES GIVEN'. The Moser Cigar & Paper Box Co., MANUFACTURERS O F CIGAR & PAPER BOXES, 208 Elm Street, ST. LOUIS, llo. Receipt and Stock Ia all Wea&eru Market (Reported b y Wm. G. M e a e r & Co .) Receipte from Stocks on hand Jan. 1 to May 1, May 1, 1888 1 887. 1888. 1887. Louisville ..... 22,163 35 ,284 35,945 17,358 Cincinnati .... .. 7 470 10,541 12,179 6,466 St. Louts .. ..... 3,461 3 960 8,067 G.835 Clarksville .... 13, 428 9 707 13,841 7,358 Hopkmsville ... 2,923 3,336 4,260 2,1"8 Paducah ....... 3 155 2 828 4,497 2,4118 Ne.shyille ...... 1,128 1 889 1,489 1,052 Evansville..... 647 1,440 710 865 Mayfield ....... 2 ,235 1,472 2,037 l,Olri '.i'otsl. ..... 56,6H> 70,457 83,025 45,4110 Tobacco Frel&hl Kalealn Dep.lleua Per 100 Po an (Reported by E C. Franke & Co ) L oUISVILLE, Ky. May 1, 1888. York, 35c; Baltimore, 3Sc; Philadelphia, 82c; New Orleans. 27c; New Orleans by river, 23c; Richmond, Cincinnati-New York, Baltimore, 27*c; Philadelphia, New Orleans, SOc; New Orleans by river, 2lic; Richmond, Clarksville-New York, 55*c; Baltimore, Philadelpbia, New Or Ieana, 35c. Paducah-New York, 44*c; Baltimore, 41*c; Philadelphia, 42*c; New Orleans, 28o; New Orleans by river, 17*c St. Louis-New York, 4l*c; Baltimore, Philadelphia., 38*c: R ichmond, tl}Sc. Hopkinlivi!le-Naw York, 119c; Baltimore, 56c: Philadelphia, 57c; New Orleans, 42*c; R1chmond, 51*c Evansville-New York. Baltimore, Philadelohia, 4!l*c. Nashvi!l" New York, Baltimore, New0rleaus,2lc; Rtehmond, Mayfleld-N., w York:, 45c; Baltimore, 43c; Philadelphia, 43c ; New Orleana, 25c EXCHANGE CROP & MARKET REPORTS. MASSACHUSETTS. BOSTON, Ameri can C u lt i vator, Hay 12:-Farmers are prepanng the flelda for 1he new crop. C arloads of stable manure are con stantly coming to all of our atations. Cot tonseed meal and cotton hull ashes are al ready m the farmers' sheds, ready to be ap plied as soon 88 the land is plowed. Heavy manuring is the order of the day. Quite a number of our growers are putting in an acre or two of onione. They say they don't propos e "to put a ll their eggs under one hen." Every acre of omons takes one from the tobacco crop. One farmer who baa for merly grown eight or ten acres of tobacco, this year has eight acres of onions and only two acres of tobacco. A few growers of tobacco will put in a full crop, but the tendency is to decrease the acreage. Parttes are lo okmg for cheap goods, osten sibly for shippmg, and on that account they cla 1m that they must buy at shippmg figures. W e cannot learn of their a sin&le of t obac c o. That plan don't work here. Our farmers know that very small quantities of New England tobaccos are shipped, and they also know that the firms seekiug for sbippiog goods are not exporters, but sell to manufacturers or jobbers, and when they want to buy our crops for only four or five cente per pound, it only excites a smile of derision from the grower. SPRINGII'IELD. New England Homestead, May 12:-South Deerfield-R. Gunn & Son have sold 'heir crop of 85 at 12c C. E. Williams & Son, R. L. Ward & Son and A. A. Cooley have sold their crops of 87, good lots, Bat iefactory pricea. Enfield, Conn. Randall Boatwick has plants up and growing in frames. The plant8 will be ready for early setting, wh1ch Mr. Bostwick has found by experience to be the most successful. He has purchased 21> tons of stems to c ompost and use as fertilizer U(>On his tobacco field. Brookfield, Conn.-Tobacco beds are gen erally coming up well, though very slowly. The acreage will not vary much from that of the last two years, although the outlook i& not very en couraging. As no one keeps extra help to ra1se tbe crop, the lo88 on an unsuccessful one IS not so much of a disap pointment aa it would otherwise be. Thera is a tendency to more of a mixed aystem of farming thaa for a long time, so that there may be succesa somewhere along the line. The troubles for the past two years make everyone dread to begm tbe necessary work for raising, and the more axperience one has the disguste a he becomes with the whole business. Wilson's Hybrid, which has been quite generally raised for several years, is gettmg out of f avor with the grower&, as many thmk this variety more Bnsceptible to damage from many causes than the older varieties, consequently many are back to them. PENNSYLVANIA. LANCASTER. New Era, May 12:-Trade circles report business as quiet, alth6ugh the fact remaiu that a very considerable amount of good& changed hands. A H. Hershey, of East Petersburg, sold 260 clloBes to Oblinger Bros. & Co. and 47 cases to Allen Creasman, Sons ContinUed 011 Si:x:th Page, -


5 ,.1 Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco : '-" .._. ......... UADX HARK. FINE CUT, FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes Jars. AMERICAN CA. VENDISH SMOKJNG. Cold Spra7 Nationa I Lea-rue Crown of Delight. Cherrv Clipper Pium 8 ook' -Oriental r Sun Rise Clock: Dew Drop Bargain. Favorite Invincible Clever Myrtle Navy, Eagle, Old Tar, Universal Favorite, Fawn Canada Mixture. Lucky Cut Plug, C i e, !rudder Ned, ......... Elk. THE MERCHANTS TOBACCO COMPANY, I>A. 'YTC>N"., C>:E3::XC>, Manufacturers of the following Celebrated and Popular Brands o1 I I SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. GRANULATED SMOKING. LONG CUT SMOKING. Stork, Spray of Cold, Morn'ing Dew, Lucky, Club, Dime Ram, Detroit Jiixture& Navy Clippings Green Corn. Home Comfort, lliner's Favorite, Jumbo, lliner's Long Cut :Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Dandy, Frog Long Cut, Plum, :Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Cable, llackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Spanish Labor Union,. Wig Wag. German, Chopper, :Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. Smoking Tobacc! .L. H. Baltimore, DISTIUBUTJl'fG AGEJfT BALTDIOILE AXD VICDJT'I'i.r == Refrigerating Company. INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK, E. M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES President. V,Y AT DARIUS FERRY, l'i\TENT. E Q .. 1.,.U otn.. .,.,.. New York, \ ,, J PI ue: Tobaccos: LAWN TENNIS, SWEET HUT, GOLD HAWK. The facilities of this Company are such as to fill any Orders with promptness and dispatch. JOHN B. BRICHT, President; CHARLES A. PHILLIPS, VicePres. and Treas.; DAN. J. McNAMARA, Superintendent; 1209-12 A. A. BUTTERFIELD, Secretary. .... / DO YOU KNOW IT ALL? THEN DON'T READ THIS. Would you like to make the best FIVE CENT C I CAR in this country and not use a single sprig of HAVANA, and yet make a far better cigar than half Havana and half Seed or Havana Seed would make, and save or make that much extra? 'You can do so if you will use my "casing" for wetting y6ur Fillers. It is grand for Wrappers and. Binders as well CHEApER as well as better, than any other. This is there-' sult of T WEN T Y YEAR 8' experience curing and sweating and improvil!.g tobacco. 1 will send you a five gallon trial order, with full directions, for the small sum of $3.00. Do not say this cannot be done, but give it a fair trial. I guarantee satisfaction. Cannot leave the cigar. Is NOT a "box flavor Address CHAS. S. PHILIPS, 188 Pearl Street. New York. 1 .. 8 .$6 ;:!J Lancaster, Pa., M. OPPENHEIMER, -(:-Treas. and Secy. Edgerton, Wis. ""'"r l\.'"' MAIN OFFICE: 13R WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manufacturers to p,dyantages derived from the use of our system oftreatin&: Tobacco. First: The ABSOLUTE prevention of decay. Second: The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the retention of lustre andlUe. Third: The GREATER yield of wrappers, compared with tobacco of the same Jii:'rade cured in the natural way. 'we ha.d in the last season over 7,ooo cases, bale!! e.nd hogsheads on storage under our Refrigerating System from different parties, all of whom speak in the highest tel"IE-s of the superiority of tobacco treated under this system Tobacco consigned to F. C. Linde, Hamilton & at the various points will receive proper attention. .A.N"D OF ,., The only successful curer and re-sweater o tobacco in the world. If you wish to do your own sweating and curing, send for large ill.ll!ltrated catalogue, free. By my late s t pro cess I perfectly cure and bring to fine quality and glossy colors without wetting the leaf, and thus avoid all danger of tender leai No matter how green, raw, uncured or fies:hy the lea may be, success guaranteed. Tho only process in existence that will do th!s1183 SEEDLEAF TC>EACOOS, a:::s-In giving your order, please say that you saw this .. ldvertisement in the .. Tobacco Leaf.'" PRICE THREE DOLLARS. FOR -I THE A FEW MORE COPIES OF THE 1887 CAN BE HAD AT THE OFFICE OF TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING 1201 105 Maiden Lane, New York.


' ,, THE TO:aACOO MAY 16 A FEW. MORE COPIES OF CAN BE HAD AT THE OFFICE OF THE D. L. TRUJILLO & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, -MANUFACTURERS OF-==Fine Havana Ciga:t:s New York Office: 119 WATER STREET, cor. Wall Street. f""' -------.,. _------SelUDc Aceat for the Weot: G. GOLDSMITH, No,l25 Sa Salle Street, Chlcaco. IU, .A.:R,:I:> G.A. TO, -Maautactl!rer HAVANA GIG A R S, CONLYj 1Jode r FaeiOrleo Noo, 13, 38 and 50, KEY WEST, FLA. c:>:ftlce, as JEIEJ.A. "V::EI::E'l. &T., Toba.cco Leaf Publishing OoDlpany, .Grand Hotel Pasaje, C" .: 'a =-ca -..... .. Qa I :I CD = 0 a; crq = l-I co crq .... CD a en E c;; Co') 0 -= 0 ::E I: _.. ;I -CD I:D ::::::LA DE SANTIAGO CIGARS, MANUF A CTURED BY PEDRO ROGER, From the Tobacco of the Finest Vegas of the Vuelta A..bajo. Eot&llliohed Ia 184.'7 at Saatiaco de lao Vea:ao. Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. FOK BALE BY p..,k II; Tot-a aaa Acker, IIen-aU Cea.Ut. Jfew York, "ESTELLA" Grand Cigar Factory -OF -Cllaa. P, Abbe)', Jlred.J. Da..._ 'l'he LARGEST and only FIRSTCLA.BS HOTEL on the Island ot Cab&; l!ltuated In the best pari ot the city, .Enlarged, Improved new!Ary arranremen ts, n e w m.oJ)agt!ment. Kept unde r American aDd European plans. Compl ete accommodation for strangers. CORTINA GOMEZ. D.A. Y" &.. co --Paokero aad Importer ef--LEAF TOBACCO,= 121 'Maiden Lane, New York. -&""'Co--of Sellersville ; Skiles & Frey sold 100 I ered his '87 .crop of tobacco. acres) toatJM!JS'.' sold 1011 cand bought 40, 1 day to Sutter of Orfordville. Here and R. a Brubaker bought 286 cues, the cetved for this erop the snug little AUm of whole aggregating 887 cases, an increase of $1112, and considel'l! it a verl return 1137 over the tranuctioos of last week. For from four and a half acres o land. the week of Iaiit year 250 cases were sold. IN PENNSYL V A.NIA. Lalit year's crop ba9 been leav1ng the hands YORK. of farmers q!Pte rapidly, It is diJDcult to Dispat c h, M.11y 7:-We uodershnd much how much remains unsold, but the quaJ?. of tobacco crop of 1887 remains in the tity is not 110 great as to hurt, even hands of the growel'B, yet unsold. The finest. should remain until next season. Bee1des, 1t moet perfect crops were generally token and is principally in the bands of persons who fair average prices were paid. The crop on are abunda11tly able to bold it. It_ could hand yet uosl"ld, of 1887,, will all be wanted have been still more cloijely sold up 10 case in time, but there is pleotf of time for tho. the owners had aceepted the prices offered, buyer. He can afford to wait. The chances but the tendency just now is toward are he will get it cheapE'r by leaving it lay prices ana not in the direction of lower ones. until the grower tires of it and is willing to Reports reach us that the plani-beds are part with it for anything he could get. gettinJ along finely, as, indeed, they shoW.d What a pity our tobacco growers could not in thl8 very fine weather. If the latter be better organized. If they had a farmers' prov,ee 88 favorable during the next ten tr11st or ,li tobacco trust to manage the sal!l as it' is iiDW, we may expect to see the early of their crop of tobacco; by such arrange .Planters at work in their tobacco fields. mente this 1887 crop of leaf would be as well The J:eeeipte at the warehouses contmlie sorted, cased and cared for. and cured when Iarp, although net comparable wit'!what ready for consumption, as if it had been tbey were eeveral months ago. There lB SOtOe bought by the dealer. Its value would be very excellent as well 88 some very poor enhanced and there could be no depreciation bacco among the Seed leaf, but the latter IS or loss, and the grower himself might use it f14id to be email, compared with the former, as collateral security to borrow. money on, which is, as a rule, very good. until it could be sold at a fair market price. Inqutrer, May 1.2:-Tbose who to But as It most of this tobacco is in bulk know say that let111 than of waiting for purchasers. It is believed that 'f57 Seed. leaf grown in this county, has nearly one-half of last year's crop remains paesec1 out of the bands of the growers, and yet unsold, mostly broad leaf or exoort that what is left can be .readily disposed of goods. In all about s,ooo.,o oopouuds of York at ruling prices. There are a nur:nher .of couoty's. Seed leaf may yet he in hands buyers in the field, but they find growers m of oul'farmere. clined to be a little stiffer in their jlemands It is a question our tobacco growers should than heretofore. Prices range all the way give serious thought, what had be .st be done from 6 to 15 for wrappers, 4 for seconds and in 1888 to overceme the defective sales of J for fillers. In a few weeks it is expected their 1887 crop. It must be remembered the the balance of the crop will be bought up. finest tobacco, most perfect and best cared The following transactions in old leaf are refor always sells and brin!lts the best prices. ported:-D. A. Mayer 110ld 65 .The remedy seems to be 10 not putting QUt fiO lecal manufacturers; C. C. Kendtg, Sprmg too much tobacco this year and to give close r ville sold 340 cases '86 Seed leaf to a New attention to what is planted, raising more to York manufacturer; Skiles & Frey sold 90 the acre, finer goods and getting more per caees Seed leaf and Havana in lots; R. H. pound. Say that three acres were Brubaker bought 2811 cases '85 Havana; B S where five acre& w ere raised before, and Kendig & Co. sold 161 cases and bought 143 2,000 pounds to the acre were raised on three cases Seed leaf and Havana. acres, making 6 .1JOO pounds, and this could he sold at 15 cents, the total value would ue 1900. Now, if five acres were planted yield ing 1,1100 pounds to the acre, total weight, 7,500 pounds, selling at 10 cents a pound, be cauee not so go9d, ouly 1750 would be real ized It .. m be noticed then, that three acres of carefully raised and cured toba c co can be made more valuable than five acres of the ordinary farming, and in this way a shorter crop of good le..t would bring the old crop on hand in the market. WISCONSIN TOBACCO MARKET. EDG.BBTON. Index May 12:-Buyiag in this market has been somewhat retarded during week by the rainy weat!ler, although there has been a number of purchases made. Prices do not materially change. A good crop will bring as much per pound tod{l.y 88 any time during the Seai!OD. The market has been somewhat. streng&hened during the week by the arrival of Mr. C. :M. Gager, of Philadelphia, and Joe. Hernsheim, of New York. Since the former arrived he hBII ridiDg most of the time and the amount .of hi8 purchases are not known. Other Eastern buyers have notified their represeota tivee in this State that they will he here for busionext week. The weather of the past week has been ex cellent for plant-beds, which will push for ward rapidly if warm weather follows. The following sales ha:ve been reported during week :-Lars Kravid, 6 acres at 9c, and 2 at 6c; C K Norley, 41i es at 9o; Andrew Lee, 6 acres at 7, 3 and T. Oftelee, 25 cs at 9 and 6c; lver Skaar, 12 acres at J. Leary, acres at 8, and Sc. ShipmeoLII aggregate 606 cases to E3ster points. Deerfield, May 9-Tobacco market Shipments, 50 C88!'8 J ANESVILLII:. Gazette, May 10:-TobaCoo circles are be coming decidedly lively. New leaf is being bought in liberal quantities, and prioes are a trifle firmer than at our last writing. Com petent authoritiee place the amount of 'f57 leaf already at fully half the en crop. One reason for the advance was the demand shown in New Y orlt. Seed beds are in excellent shape and are grewiniJ finely. Mr. A. F. Towoeend, of Magnolia, delivHe WonJd Rather Smoke &han be a Bl&bup. NEW YoRK. May 12.-Rev. Dr. L d3 CO., PROPRIETORS. Cortina, Mora y Ca Flor de Cortina. Shakespeare, Privilegio. Post Oftlce Notice. Foreign mails for the week ending May 19 will cloee (promptly in all cases) .. t this office as follows:-WEDNESDAY-At 5 a.m. for (let ters for Ireland be directe d p e r Aller") ; !'t 6. SO a. m for Ireland. ( i e t 1 er for Great Britain and other Europe"" ""'. tries mtlst be directed "per City of Rome ) ; at 5 .80 a. m for Belgium direct, (letters must be directed "per Belgenland ) ; at 8 p. m. for Belize, Puerto Cortez and Guate mala. THURSDAY-At 6 .3 0 a m. for Europe; at 11 a. m for Venezuela and Curacoa; at 1 p. m. for Campeche, Cbiapas, Tabasc o and Yucatan, (letters for Tampico and Tuxpam diroot, and other Mexican States via V era Cruz, must be directed "per Manhattan" ). SA TURD A Y--At 7.80 a. m. for Norway direct, (letters must be directeJ "ner Isl!md") ; at 7.80 a.m. for the Netherlands, (lett era .mus t be directed "per Z:ulodam "J; at 7.3 0 a. m for: France, Switzerland. Italy, Spain and Portugal; at 7.80 a. m. for Ireland (letters for Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Ans,ria. Denmark, Sweden, Nor way, Russia and Turkey must be directed "per Servia" ) : at 7 30 a m. for Europe (letters for Ireland, ]j,raoce, Switzerlaud, Italy, Spain and Portugal must be directed "per Eider"); at 9 .. m for Scotla!!d direct, (lett -ers must be directed "per Circas sia"); at 3 p. m for Guatemala and Puerto c,...,. tez. Mails for the Hawaiian Islands c l ose here May 16 at 7 p. m Mails for China and Japan close here May 17 at 7 p. m. Mail s for the Society Islands close here :May 25 at 6 80 p. m. M .. ils for Austra lia New Z eal .. od, Hawaiian, F1ji and S amoa n Islands close here May 25 at 4.3 0 p m Mails for Cuba close at this office daily at 2.30 a.m. HENRY G. PEARSON. P ostmaster. P ost Office, New -York, N Y ., .May 11, 1888 A. T&Ia Slllaker Whe l a .Joker. There is a gentleman in Texas who is wh:J.t might be called a "daisy." H e wrius to the Blackwell's Durham Co-operative Tobacco Company: Enclosed please End two pipe checks. I will be glad to receive a nice quality of pipe I am tireJ of co.-u coos, so dv some tbiqg handsome. 'have been smokicg your tobacco now for 75 years ilud you ought to do i' up in shape. HARRY --, Presidio, Presidio Co., Now fro m this we learn two or three lessons Oue that lies upon the face of the paper, that t o b acco does n:J shorte n life l:leveoty tive ye .. rs! S a y he began smoking cigarettes when be was five old, he 1vuuld now be eighty years old I So we find a. man who hW!lived at l .. ast fuurscore yeard has spent seventyfive of those years smoking Bull Durham smoking tobacco. Before-J. R. Green was born, bAiore the founder of tbtd popular brand saw the light o f day, we find H .. rry Moss, or we migh' callllim (what a c omp .. he would have matle for old Jack Falstaff!) quietly smoking Blackwell's genuine Durbaw amokiug tobacco while tigkting Apaches in the wild W eoot. D o es any one dare asBert that tobacco is injuriouf Before Col. W T. Blackwell could tell .. piece nf g ulden belt" frow a ruulleio old Hal was smoking the "only genuine" on the lonely march acros e the prllirie. Then tell us smoking tobacco shorten life I While Mr. J k!. Carr was throwing rocks at robins and sparrows in the tall oaks that shade tb11 beautiful University of the State, H a l was smcking genuine Durham in .. hut made eut of deer skins. Sev.,nty live years I What a smoker I He ought to have a pipe, two pipes-iu ehon, he takes the caktl. Send for Eli Perkins and tell him to send the belt to Texas. Even McEl wee'd .. nte bellum Durham is young compared to the only genuine. Seventy-five years ago I Be fore Mexico fell, I before ohl Andy Jackson saw cott.on bags at New Odeans, old C A L L E D E LA ESTRELLA No. 134, v .A.N' .A.. Hal had cleaned cut several two-ounce pack\ "I guess you don' t tumble to what a fence aglli! of the 0. G. D L!lt 'er go.-Durham, IS. A fence ain' t a fence, it'd a place kept by N. C., Tobacco Plant, May 9, a mao who buys stuff from the crooks. H e's a fence, and his place is a fence. You jus t Can Yea Talk New York. A cigarette manufacturer had o c ca s ion a few dass ago to employ a detective, and the delice te mission was to a friend, who recommended a mao of long experience, with a reputation for astute neos, discretio n, pluck and perseverance. An appointment was made, and the manufacturer met the detective in the vestibule of an uptown hotel. The detective must have received an accurate description of his emplo y e r, for he was lounging in the doorway when the manufacturer alighted from a cab and h e ste pped aeross the sidewalk and broke the i c e w1th: I wonder if you were the party I made a date with." .Malle a what!" queried the proprietor of the cigarette factory. "Made a date, an appointment. I rapped to you the moment you arrived. 'You whMf Rapped t o you -knew you. as it were, said the d etective. I think I fell up against you before in this joint or somewberes else. Ain't you the party that want s me to g e t onto the mug that touched you for your roll when you were lush the other night !" "Are you the detective whom Mr. Elkiog ton spok e to for mel Your language is in comprehe n s ible to me, but I you kno w what you are talking about. We will go into the cafe and sit down and see if we cannot corue to some understanding. I am afraid that I will have to a s k you to explain every other word. They proceeded to the cafe, and down at one of the tables with cigars and B a s i's ale before them. 'Now, said the manufacturer, "I will con fide in you. I was slightly indiscreet one night last week and lost my watch, pin and and I want to recover some of the Of course I understand that I cannot get any of the money back. and will probably have to pay well to get back the pawatch and the pin." How many bones did you lose!"' How many what!" B.mes-cases ; what was the. boodle worth!" .. Ab, boodle! Now I catch your drift. There was *230 in the pocketbook, but let that go. I want to get back some papers of no value to the tpieves. and I would like to have the watch and pin, for both are keep sakes. My chief desire is to avoid publiciLy in the matter." stake me with twenty-five bonee and I will go to work on this case and I'll have that mull" to ri_ghts inside of t wo days. "How IS that 1" "Just put up 125 for a st&rter, and I will get _your stuff. It may cost more before I get tt, but that will do for a siarter. '-Oh, certainly," and the manufacturer banded over twQ tens and a five "Now, my friend," he continued, "I have just one _question to ask you, and it rflally ootb1ug to do with the case. Will you kmdly tell me what language this is that you speak f" "Tnat! Why, that's New York. You want to learn that language if you intend to go around much in this village. You never go mto a push anywhere liut what you hear talking it. I can rap to a man in a mtnute tf he' s a stranger in this city just by his talk." Do yeu talk York, gentle reader 1-N. Y. Sun, ..May 18. NEWS FHOIIII CIJD.a. (Spencert s May o.) Leaf-There was some stir in our market during week and about 600 of Remed! os were purchBB'.ld for the United States trade at prices not made known. An other lot of 400 bales new has been reported, sold to a manufacturer .. t Tampa Some Vuelta AbajJ leaf of last year'" crop al11o changed chiefly for the use of our manufacturers. new leaf ie coming in very slowly, and owtng to the const!'ut dry I em perature, which preventM f'!-rmer from p 1ling up their tobacco and bandhng same in proper condition, sup plies of more consideration cannot be looked for at present. Cigars-The trade is almost at a standstill, not only on account of the reduced aemand, but also owing to the imp01!9ibilily of manu facturers making satisfactory deliveries for want of suitable wrappers. Thh will oblige within a abort t ;me sev&ral or our princip .. J factories to stop wor kiog unttl the oe'v leaf can be made available. Shipments of new Pntidos c:igare haYe been insignificant far the time being. L arge sales at high prices were effected during tb!J past in 8anta Clara leaf, the supplie s of wbtcb are now !JUite reduced. The ::>pan ish steamer Miguel M Pinillos has loaded at Gibara 10. 01JO bales leaf tobacco for account of the Spanish contractors. Then the manufacturer gave the detective a detailed accvum of his experience. as w e ll as he c ould it, and gave him a fair Wloe<>ooln 'I obacco Noteo, description of one of the wen whom he sus H. B. DeLong and C L Wulff, of Janes pected of robbtn,; h1m ville, were in town yesterday. .. 1 I am onto mug that d1d the I Wm. Eggert, Jr. of New York, has lleeo trtck. sa1d the detecu ve. riding from this marke t the past week .::How is thati" Jos. He:osheim, of _New York, 'l;rrlved I I know the fellow that touched Tuesday mgbt and bas JOlDed the list of buy you ere of S 7 tobacco : :That what 1'' Nathan Bimberg, of Detroit, POD of Jose That pulled away your stuff-:stole your Bimberg, has been at .1.1ilton Junctio n for money aud wawb. several weeks in the putting up of a Ott packing of tobacco. : Yes; I am ont o him now wit!J. both feet. During the heavy wind last Thursday I that mllf( anotber-tt'lCk once, and evening, a large tobacco shed 200 feet long, I thwk I can sb .. ke btm down now, and find on the Richardson farm m Porter was blown out for the stuff and where it was from its foundation and batlly broken: planted. Mtller & Pu,nam, of Stougbtou who are .. My dPar f _nend, I do not understand you. undoubtedly the largest buyers the '87 You htm, you say. What does Wii!Consin tobacco, are shipping their to? ., bacco to Mil"(aukee as fast as packed. where .. Sent h1m Smg Smg. they have leased one of the Paul ware ., And !'hat 18 sbakmg btm down 1 houses for storage. Sbakmg down. when you shake a C. M. Gager, of Cook & Gager, Pbiladel down you. stand btm up and phia, came Monday evening and has since he" got about h1m or what he knows. been riding wtth Pease & Pyre Bros local "Ob, yes, I comprehend now; and when representatives of the tirm.-Edgerto'n WiB you say planted, you mean that the Mtuff has consin Tobacco Reporter Mayll been buried eomewll.ere, do you not I" "Naw, I don't; I mean that it is stuck away In some fence." Do you really mean tell me that a clever th1ef would be so simple as to hide his plunder in a fence f" -"Why is a play like a cigar?" "Becaus e wb e u it' s g oo d ev e rybody wants a boL When it' s bad y o u may puff and puff, but it w ont draw."-Detroit Free Pres J .&. New Rule Co:aeerntng Sale. The r egular monthly meeti ng o f t h e Tob As sociation was b.e ld to-day, Presid ent J. T. Edwards in the chair. On m ot i o n, the rule s w e r e su s p e nd e d so that sales a t t bll w a r e h ouse s w ill in future comm ence at 9 o'c l ock The chair man call ed a t tenti o n to the practi ce of s elll;Jg 120 piles o f t o b acco p e r hour, a nd state d that t h e r ules o n t h a t subjec t coul d not be enf o r ce d and thought so me acti o n should b e taken in m atter. 'fhe buyers w e r e t oo s l o w in bidding and many pil e s were n ec essarily passed, to injury of t h e ( Ianter. V a ri ous mo1 i ons and suggestio ns were offer e d, and finally a !Jio tl o n, made by Capt. F T. L ee was ado pted, 1 r o vidiog that the president an8: eac h m embe r r the Executi ve Committee be fin ed $ 5 f o r eY" r y failure t o e nf o rce the rul e r equ iri n g tha t 1 0 pil e s shall be s o ld every hour -the rule not to b e op erative until ten !lay s a fter its a d op ti on. The pres ident .stated tha t the n e w rul e sho uld b e rigidly e nf o rced, and the associa ti o n th e n a djourned.-Lynchburg, Va., Advance, May 9 The A. uatrallan E.xpoUlou a ad A Uea a;: .GIDieri V isi t o r s to t h e w a r e r o om s of Alle n & Gint -er a t t h e n ortheas t corne r o f Cary and Sixth streets' to-d a y w e r e a mply r epaid thei r tro uble. There was o n ex hibition the m ost wonderful and b e autiful disp l a y o f cigar ettes smoking l eaf and o ther tobacco s ever made, n o t only in Ri chm o nd but i t is co nfidently stated in the world. 'l'he e x h ibit i s t oo l arge and o f too great a vari ety f o r s uch m e nti o n as it d ese r v es, and at t entio n can o nly b e call e d t o a f ew leading arti cles Espec iall y p r o min ent is a f ac s imil e of the l ea f d e partment a t S ixth nd Cary s t r e ets mad e e ntir e ly o f tob acc o ; ther e is a s hip in full sail mad e o r c igar e tte s; a gl o b e o f t o bacco, with l a n d and sea and the diff erent divisions of the earth marke d and l ette r e d ; a c igar ette pyramid a ca nn o n cove r e d with cigar ettes From weap o n the v isitors t o the M e lbourne Exposition will b e b ombarde d with cigarettes. Then there is a s tar, the o ld N ewport mill leaf tobacco sci s s o r s, and m any othe r d esigns which are marvels of skill and b e auty. Wha tev e r may be the attrac tio n s at. the Australian World' s Fair the r e will be few that will e x ce l this one, the produc t o f Ri chmond skill and labo r, far both white and c o l ore d co ntributed to mak e the dis play. This embrace s leaf t o ba cco cigar ettes smoking tobacco and all the produc ts of the mam m oth conc ern o f All e n & Ginter the full list a nd d e s c ripti o n o f whi c h w o uld take up m o re sp ace is a t command. The wh o l e is a c r ed it to the w o rld-renown e d firm and its. o perativ es. M a j L ewis Gin te r is n o w in N e w York. In June h e will sail f o r Melbourne. The Expositi o n o p ens in August. Such a display a s the above wo uld be a great additi o n to our own Expositi o n and t t is h ope d that s o mething simil a r will be the r e s h own.R ichmond, Va. .Stste MaJ17. CharterlbC Corporation A c h a r te r was granted In the C ity Cir cuit Cour t y esterday to the "Allen & Ginter Incorp orated," L e w is Ginter, president; John Pope v icepresid ent; Thomas F. J e ffress, secr etar-Y and treasurer; and the above and Milt

, ifm. d Imporlm and Manufact u rers of w o lOt' and 109 BROADWA. Y NEW YORK Trade Dark. W e beg to co.n tho at teutl011 o r the Trade to our 1&1'1'<' aaaorlment of N o v eltleo and Speclaltlesoult&hle for AdYartlslng Pn--. F. ARGUELLES, J. LOPEZ. .. -ARGUELLES & LOPEZ, -:MAN1JFACTUKERS OFCLEAR HAVANA CIGARS EXCLUSIVELY. FACTORY AND SALESROOM: aaa Pea.:r1 s-t., 'V'c:::rk. PHILADELPHIA. ---,, \\t l WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM IRTIFICIIL. FLIYOR. W. T HANCOCK,. P:R.OG-:R.ESS Suooeo r t o Salmon, Hancock Ill: Co. MANUFACTURER OF Fine Light Press, Twist, Navy and ... TOBACCOS, rn on.d, v a. N'CT:J:O:J!J. To the Cigar Trade and Public Generally. It having come to our notice that some unscrupulous and piratical manufacturers have infringed u pon our celebrated brand of OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS ". by slightly changing the name and col o r o t l abel9 we take this opportunity o! cautioning the publi c and trade generall y agalMt buying 5uch goods, under penalty of law. Ou r brand Is and pretected by bw. Notice Factory No Dlt of VIJ'CI.ola, on each box : also our name on label. etc. P. WHITLOCK,", RICH!WOND, V &o BALBIN, MONTEALEGRE & CO., Importers ud Dealet'll in-Havana Leaf Tobatco AND CICARS, I 03 Maiden Lane. New York. SCRAP BUNCHING MACHINE CO. r HAND MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,500 PER DAY. POWER II II 5,000 II ONE GIRL OR BOY CAN OPERATE EITHER MACHINE. Better than the Best Hand-Work. 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. For terms, p arti culars a n d r efere n ces a pply to ADOLPH LEWYN. Sec'y. No 1230. Second Avenue, KanfrnB,Jln Bros. & Bondy, 129 aDd 131 Graacl Street. l'few York, Pa&entee o lt.b.e Nl.-w "V CUTTER. CD :::9 g I ca n -CD =-CD g liD =-CD = CD == u5 ICI.. ca -o= ..... d'CI =CD I en en""" E en .._ c::; Cl ..... c:aCI ca .CD QQ .._ i::3 = == CD iZ CD ..c: Ct ""= Cl ..... -Cl 1::1:1 ::::::11' -CD Cl en ca Cl:l '"" CD Qii' = ..c: .... t-C'D Jlelcht.of Cutter 'T iacbeo, illcl11., HANUFACTURERS OF KEY WEST AND NEW YORK CIGARS. "" LA BELLE SENORA and EL MONTERO DE KEY WEST. Satbfaction GuariUlteed I Trial Order Sollolted!. Send for Priee Llat I Faoi:or:l.e a't K.ey a:a.d. N'e-.,v York C:l.i:y. D11TIES IM:POS'ED OJf TOBACCO q FOR.EIGJf COUHR.IES. AUBTRALIA-Mannfactured tohoooo Imported '1'1...._ pound duty. Australian manutact tobacco: m.ade -domestic l e af, 24 cents a pouml. Internal to>: made leaf, 4e cents a pound taX. BELGI1J1t!-Leaf iOb&CGO and ote-70 frai.cs pel' i01 kilos.; manufactured tobacco, clgan and a fr&ocs per l!Xl';ldlos: ether kinds, including stripped lOll francs Pbr 1 00 EUoa. CAI'IADA-Oa tobacco the uclse duty on foreign 1 whlch formerly )"88 20c per lb. but of late years beet reduced. to l!c, b restored to 20c. The duty on'ciOmestic leaf, which up to 1888 was Be, and waa tllen recluced to 2c. il! advaneed to !>g. The customs duty upon tobacco 8IUdr ts)a .,_ froiiDiiJ to 80c per lb, and on unporled tobacco rru. 20 to 80c per ib. Cigarettes put up in pack"""" weigh Jar: tea than o n e -twentieth of a pouad or less lhalJ a doty 0 84c per lb, of 290, &a h eretoroi-e, and OD or moist j when contatniag oYe r 40 ceut. ot ='l,fut n pack&geo oftiMIIi oa._.,1.,perlob ENGLAI>'D-ll!anufactured Tobacco-Cig!U'!! 5o per 1' Caveod1sh o r Negrohead, 48 (id per lb. Cavendh;h t>r Negro. head manufactured ia bonW, 4 s per lb. Other manufactured tobacro. per lb. Snuil' containing more LhaJt t 3 lbe ot moisture 100 Jbs w ei!Z'bt thereof, 8s 9 d per lb 8Dulr contBJIHng mo1 tban l3lbs of moisture in evPry 1 00198. Wetght 4S 6d per lb. Unmanufacturpd T bacco Oontaining 10 lbs or more oflTioistua"tln every 100 lbs weight:. thereof, 8s 2d per l h. Containing le!'!R tPan 10 Jba ot moisture in every 10 lbs weight there('lr lis 6d per lb. In lieu of the drawback allowable tbereisnowAIIOWet1l the of 8s 3d named in section 1 of the Manufactured 'l'obacco Acto, 1863. GERMANY and cb:rarettes. 210 marks per 100kJ Jow duty. tobacco in rolla &JJd s nuft' flo u r 180 '''arbl per 100 kilos duty; Pressed tobncco, t-5 mark& per 100 ltUOB dutjy Leaf tobacco o.nd stems 8 5 maa kR per 1tJll k ilos duty. Strip'S or stemmed leaf, 180 warks per ll.iO kilos duty. HOLLAND-Tobncco In rolls or leaveM and unpre.eda, Wleoouoill and Ohio "''gV'. :&. l!WI::BI:E'1.8:EII:ON', :Biat 8aa:l.:a.a-.,v, l!WI::I.oh.o MAZERES, FRANCE. ANCOULRME, FRANCE. L. LACBOIX FILS, -lllANUFACTURER B OF -ClCABBTTB P !PBB IN BOO IS, Reams and Rolls, and Copying-Book Paper. :K:S.A..A.C, Sole .¢ and Attorae:r ill Fact for th.e 'United Statee .&lao Sole AcOilt for th.e United State for -=GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.=ottice---stewart Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washington & Vestry Streets, N':J!J"'V VO:E'I.K. CZTT. Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York. D:l.i:r:l.'b'U.'t:l.:a.a ..&.ae:a.-t i:h.e Gr-a,.,.,.b:ter FOR THE PACIFIC COAST.-JllcballUehke Bro1 k Co. San Francllco. CHICAGO-Spral(ue, Warner & Co. ST. LOlJIS-F. R. Rice k Co, PHILADELPHIA-Ill. Newt-, Fox .... &;._Co....;.' ------ JOt MAYER'S SONS, FormeriJ of 122 Water 8treet,> LEAF 193 Pearl St., New.YorkN .. Our latest samp le c ollection just issued, contains : WINONA. FLOR DE R A L E I G H. BRIDA L B OUQUET I VORY PUR E REGALIA DE ORO. LOCK & KEY. EXTRA G MECHAN I CS' FIV E A lso a very rich BLA K set. All labels als o furnished blank : :,. EX TBA 0. W itscft & $eft mitt, ART LITHOGRAPERS & PRINTERS, Just issued Cl '\'ers fiue cor r ectiou of lew li9ar naf,efs, tfte desi9us of -wfticft "re MGn:GnJ. &1NQ1:.. T:HQN Vn. We will cheerfully mail Samples to the Cigar Trade on application. 9+ 2ower9, New lforfi. ..


8 -...r 4l. Llae CJ. 4l. Hamll&on, F. w. 4loni" 4< 408 Bllt ISd lit., 1'1. Y. L.I.NCA.STER, PENN. FIRST-CLASS WAREHOUSES: .&. W. (j, & B. Depot, St .J'ohD's Park'J 1'1'8, 180, 18't, 184 4< 1815 Pearl Street anol 142 Water Street, 406, 408 4< 410 Eat !!trees. Principal Office, 180 PJ:;ARL STREET, NEW YORK. Cr. W. Leon ae4 N. Prlnee t!Jl8.,. Lancater, Pa. EDGERTON, Wft. R. FOUGERAY, 68 North Front Street. LAN ....-lUll, R.TROST. IIMS.Qu ee n Street; GEO. FORREST, 167 N. Queen Stnlet. HAR'I ...... C.aa.-B. F. HURLBFBT, 1114 St.teStreet. SliFFIELD, 4lonn.-EDWARD AUSTIN. IIJ.II.TPIELD, !Ua .. ,-J. & P. CARL. ()INtliNNA.TI, 0.-W. W HALES, 9 Front Streel .. .&ITON, 0.-H. C. W. GROSSE and W W. HALES, 25 South. Je!ferson Street. ELMIRA., 6.. W:.,W. H : LOVELL. BDGBRTON, Wlo.-T. B. EARLE. St<>Ktrl. 'rOBACOO XN"SPECTOR.S. STORACE. ],4& .... r a-tree-&. :Ne"'ll'' --COUNTRY SAIIPLIN& PROJIPTLY A'n.-..._ TO.-AQ BRANCHESL.t.NCASTEB. Pa. : F SC'HROEDER. 2".20 Nort h ]lulberry st.: .J. C. mYIN. 328 North Mary st. 4lONNECJTICUT: F. SISSON 245 State st, Hartford: C. E. OIIIFFJ.NG, Danbury; P N. !IALL. New Milford; W. B. MUSON, Portland. WISCONSIN: c_ L. CULTON, Edgorton; P TANNERT, Stoughton. OHIO: W. T. DAVIS. 509 E First st., DQton. H.t. LTIIUORE, Md.: ED. WISCHMEYER & CO 27 South Calvert st. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco _for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW .. tHE VIKGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Established 1836. -.A.&. :D/.1:. TOBACCO MERCHANT, 77 &"tree"&, :N"e"'CC'V "York. ,..___.PORT OBDEUS FOB PLUG T8BA4lCO PRO!I[PTLY .-JLLED. & BROADHURST, TOBACCOS FOR 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. J:r" Tabacoe Exclusivamente para Exportacion. "WV. lii.&.PrVJI' &CTliRI!R Cigar Dozes, A.a Importer ot GERMAN CIGAB :MOLDS, (Sole Aaent ror !l[eU' OSENBBfliWK oli: 4l0.) S.I.W IIILL1 P&CTO.HYt 311 & 313 E. lith St., 316 to 321 E. lith St. NCufdAT-:N"o"VV "York. LEVY. BROTHERS, :E' I .:N H: OIGA RS i The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., !l[olNtrP.t.4l'I'URBRS OF 4 'CNT&.JEed. E-ape:r. ""> Ia GREEXWICR BT., JJEW YORK. t Bammersch1ag9S Waxed Paper, ::li"or Tobacco, llol4 fn QaantUie to Sui& bJ' C. JOURCENSEN, 98 Malden Lane, New York. !8'71. byL ...................... .. eo. tn t'he -otllee of tile L:l:b.rart&lll o f Con...... ... WORLD CIGAR .. We are Sole ProprWors_of tho f oUo..-!n&' &lid sha.ll vig6rously prosecute any DOT LET, eEAUTY SPOT, FRECKLED BEAUTIES. I WERTHEIM & SCHIFFER, 403W9 East Seventieth St.,-New Yark. I --;-.&': J'EBSON, RABB.DIAN & CO .. t -AUGUSTUS .ni.EADWFt.L.-IIPA.NUH I.Il'rEM A.ND PA.NCJY dTRIPED 4JOTTON GOODS FOB PVTTIJIG liP i!IIUOIUNG 'I'OBA4lCO. -ce'7 o!b :Sroo:D1e' &"tree-c. .New "'Jr"prk. TD.E TOBACCO LEA.F. MAY 16 Heyman Bros .. & Lowenstein, 1WANUFA.CTOBEB.S 01' CIGARS. 424 to 432 East Flftynlnth St., New York. Paoory aa. Brei. Ool.l.. :E:U* TO CIGAR II.A.NUFAC1'0RERS. WO"&KS PERFECT. WORKS IIIIPOB'I'ERS 017 SANCHEZ & CO. PARRY & CROSBIES. Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, Liverpoot Englana 169 Front street, New York. ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, Manufacturer of OIG-..A.RS. Also l'tia.uufacturers of the c e l e b rated MEXICAN PUFFS, ALL TOBACCO CIG-'RET'I'ES. Factory No. 1030, 3d District. 341 to 351 East 73d Street, B. .A.:i::T'S THE BEST ALLTOBAOOO CIGARE'l*l'E DEPOT AND ACENCY "BETWEEN THE ACTS." TheaboveBrandof HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETI'ES DUideODiylo7 -1'.::-. .... / ALSO-. _. ,.-" MANUF ACTUKER OF FINE CIGARS Bandy Lederer, Mannfifeturen of Fine Ci[ars, And Dealer8 In } Leaf __ Tobacco, 70th_ St. & I st Ave., NEW YORK. JOHN BRAND&. CO., G. PFISTERER, IMPO RTERS OF H A VA N A, LAHR, R.B.. EIIIL A.. STOPPEL, ..,..,_..., H. RADER & so, TOBACCO BROKER,- No. 24 Beavef' Street, .N":m....,. "YO:Et.B.. IIIPBOVED TOBACCO GRANULATOR WHITNEY'S COMBINED TOBACCO SHAVER. PalMate November i, 1880. FERDINAND DZIUBA, TOBACCO over 4.& :Daob.i.D.e :1.u. 'D" PERFECTION STEAM DB.I'EB. Cylinder of Dryer is 3 Feet Diameter and 15 Feet Long. Pa&en&ed .Jah' iS, 1885. Over l.O :Dtl:aoh.1n.e 1n. "C'e-I aeterenee...._,g, w. GA.IL & .a.x, 4 Machine_, lla1Umore, Did. F. W. FELGNER. 4< SON, BaUIJDore, Md. W!11, S. KllURA.LL 4< C)O., KoeheUer, N.Y. Please send for Circulars and References. JOHN B. ADT, Manufacturer and Patentee, Nos. 332, 334, 336, 338, 340 & 342 North Holliday Street, B.A.LT:J:l.\4C>R..EJ, :M:D. J:N'O. llol6 Jlanufactnrer of the FamOUI and World-Renowned Brands <>! VIRCINIA SMOKINC -TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lync"hburg, Va. Orolero ,._trully soUcited and promptly attended to. Pri c e List sent on appllcatfell. B. Pace Tobacco Co., 'V' .a.. III.I.Nllli'A.4lTtTRER8 OP FINE BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, COILS, Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. It i s d e signed particularly for the Re tail Tobacco Tradeandisusedfor shaving tobacco for smokers' use This is the only ma chine that will shav03 all ,lrizes of plug, twi s t and P erique tobacco. For sale by A.M. WHITNEY, Patentee and Sol e Manufactur er, 1210-22 Pawtucket, R. 1. Nos. 1318 & 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK. Factory No. 160, Third District. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY Com mi sslon Merchant. 78 & 80 Broad Street, P.o. Box 199. NEW YORK. M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New Yort ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, 166 Water 6t., Rew YortE. Et.wl 8P.IMG.uN, ,_:__ &Jnw. H. a-. ----E.SPINGARN&Co. II!POBTEBS OJ' Havana and Sumatra, AND PACKERS OJ' Seed .. IeafToba.cco 5 Burling Slip, New York. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, IMPORTERS AND DBA.LERS IN Leaf Tobacco, 168 Wa.ter St., New York. :A-LOWENSOBN. 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, CDf'. Randolph. DETROIT, TOB!aperterA ... 'II! tile 4lJbrated CCO and CIGARS, Bal'UlerBrandFineCut 137Malden Lane, ":I 'tha:.,._ "tho JB cr.-,. m Wtorllt.l JfEWYOJUL H CHIC" Tobaooo, of Fine Virginia Leaf. SAM. B. SCOTT anol BEN, HAITON Cl.gan, H" h y t & c WIDo H. Teft'&, Pres. Ill. R. !Ullle, VkePreo Beuj .... Haiton, Bee. and Gen'l Manager. lrsc IC oriUS 0: w:VENABLEac-o. LEAF Oflloe:-cor. ef Byrne anol.Halltax Street., PETEJUIBUB.G. VA. 169 WATfR ST NEW YO Factory:-19 Seeeri Dfatrle&, VlraJ.ala. ,1 Rfl Manufacture and otfer to the Trade tile folle'lrill&' CJele bra&ed Brand ot PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: Jos. LEDERMAN. & soNs. lllah,?sany Na.!J', In all .. lt7Jea. Boafll .a! ne..!t 1'lup. ST. GilORG:f!, NBYJ'o IIIG Jrl VE CENTBB .. 1t .. MOGUL, 1 u .. TRIX AND JOKli:S, SPREAD EA.GI.E, B lack Goods ol each o eboTe gradeo. AliiD gi'OU 'I'U'Iety ol ,_ OoattB atJtoplled _.,. 1 .. .. Soutbe.rn trae.e, under the following popular br&Dd..s:BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, ADMIRATION, FLORIMf:;L arid Thef:oll owif1gare our f o r the sale-of our Goode:-0. W. VAN ALSTINE, 1 3 Central Wharf, Boston, ?.lass: F F. O 'REILLY, 227\.-6 Comme rcial St., Portland. Me.: 9'i Watfoor St., New York City; ARTHUR H AGEN & Cd.: 68 Front St ._ Philadelphia. Pa.; L. P. STERNE, PU18borgh, Pa.; J. T TOWNES, 21 Wabash A vo Chwago, Ill. ; W. "TUNSTALL, S E cor. Ex Place and Commerce St Baltim ore, !lid.; TaOS. H. FROST, Charleston, 8. C.; C C TWITTY, SP&rtonburg. S. C.; WM. M. CROO KSHA:NKS, 12WheatSt. Atlanta, Ga ; A J FRIOU, .TackROn, Miss.: E G LANGHORNE, Little Roek. N. H. C.JllUS'fiA!f, Galveston. T exas; !'HOB. D. CONDON. St. Josepll, lllo ; F. S. LA WHENCE, V1cksb..-g, Miss.; JNO. B. BOYD, ChattuOO&. Tenn.: COOPER. cit CO., lllemphia, Tenn. GEO. ZC>.R.:N' &, CC>., G. IMPORTERS & MANUFACTYRERS OF PIPES, 522 MARKET ST., PHILADELPHIA, A a.nd Price List that s1tould be in the bands of everr dea.Jer iu the country. a description of all the pipes made, po.rlicula.rly MEERSCHAUM, AMBER, BRIAR and CLAY PIPES, with every kino. o r SMOKERS' ARTI C LES, Swedish. Parlor Sulphur &1 d Safety Ma&.ches; lt.allan Waz: Hatches in Faucy Paper or Tin Bo:r:es .. .. .. DIAlLED FREE. SEND FOR ONE. Latest No'reltlea !!lade a Speelal&J'. Pack.era and Dealer. In L E A f T 0 B A C C Di 140 MAIDEN LANI!, Bet. Water & Front Streel8, NEW YOB.K, L. SPEAR & Packen ot Seed. Leaf &n4 IJDporten ot Havana. Tobacco, 184 Water St., New York. S..BOSSIN &G PACKKBB 01' '-i seed Lear.\ AND Dt1'0I1'l'BB8 Gl' HAY AHA TOBACCO. 173 Watel' St., ew YCMt.


.. MAY 16 THE TOBACCO LEAF. 9 .,__, -....o...on-S. 'OTTEiiERG & BROS .. :MAJIUIFA.C'l'UBGIS OF FINE CIGARS. 2d Ave. & 22d St., Net York. \\. i\. IENDEL & BRo., laB1lfacturnrs or CHAMPION CIBAR FACTORY. No. 278, 3d Dist., N. Y. M:uo.etren or tbe Clelebra&e4 Braa .. otCicanl Queen Ellzabetb, Queen of Soots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion," Champion, The Sweeteat Thing on Hand. R .omeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. A:ntonlo Gonzale119 I HAvANA 'LWToaAcco.l GUST.&. "V P'UOEKS, Havana. Clga.r Ba.nufa.ctory of TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENCY A W FOOTE co "''V'ab-.h .&.-ve,, Ch1CiiAo; j ., AGEKCIES-McCOY .t CO., New York; LANDAUER .t KA.IM, Medl""' York; li. W. PRAGER, Manufactut'er ot. Cheroots, Now York; GARCIA .t VIrGA, G ... a J.IIIS :all:a:lde:a., N e"''V 'Y or I&. 'toaza1 1 .. ,) owners of "La Duqueoita &nd "La Rosa De Ma.yo" brauds, New York ud .... eau. H e Aquila No. 100; TOLEDO 4t DeLEON, ma.nufa.cturen of ExcJuaiely 9panlah KaM.Ilade CleM' S T E P H E N G C 0 N D I T B R A.. N B 8 : ava.aa Cl&&rB, Key Weet, i'la ; "La Doncella de Orleans," "La Flor de Salvin I," __________ '-o. 1 5 ;-orV.. Bowery, Ne"" 445-447 E. Tenth Street, '.'Forest and Stream, Rod and Cun," "American Field," FREIGHT A.Lichtenstein,Son&Co., NEW YORK. "Hyacinth," "EI Contesto," "Java," "Key West." .,. :tu:autae&ureno ., Forwarding Tobaceo .CIGARS, .. .. ......... 309 E. 59th St:.t New York. *' oo., Clear Havana Cigars, Importer. P.o.Boz3,152. 4a :m:Echa:a.e P1aoe 'Yor-. ADOLPH MOONELIS, :r.o1118 .... ;;:-;== .. G. FERNANDEZ & GIL 105 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, S d. Le lm.perten t c 1 s -;:;;;;.. ... Havana Tobacco. lye, D and lOth St., lew Tobacco c M 8 r chant ... 206 L!GERSHEL & BRO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAL, "PACKERS AND DEA.LERS IN 6 Fen church BuHdings, London, E. C., England. Packer of and Dealere Ill c. F. HA YE, H. o uvs. 1 R., ....... :!:=:-Loaf Tobatco, k New Agent Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA :No. :LBO Ne-oov Y'ork. G REISMANN SUMATRA TOBACCO, TOBA.OOO, FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. 196 Pearl St., New York. tt.. COMMISSION MERCHANT Larr;eAeoo:ttm.en& .uwa:r oil Hand, 115 Pearl Street, New York. SCHLOSSER & CO., BRINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG MACHINE. F A.Dd Dealer Ill .a Klllda of :MANU:!' AOT1JREllS Ol' I'Il'fE' LEAF T 0 B A c c 0 J G. HARKE:MA, LUKWEL & TIELE, c b H d M d c Patented WATER lOW Tetu<, SWORN TOBACCO BROKER. Sworn Tobaccn Brokers, nuan anu .. auo SampleBooms: BrakkeGrond. OF ROTTERDAM, DAVIDSON BROTHERS Oflloo: O, z. VOOJU111BGWAL 286, Bee &o recemmead tbemoelTeo rortbe purchase or Sumatra and Java To-t Amsterdam, Holland. bacce on t ... Dutch J!larkec .. Havana and Seed PRefereoce: H. lie Mazlenl, Esq., u Brea.d Have Removed to Street, 'York.. 0. Box 214, New York LeafTobaccos J. H. A. GEBING, N __ 143 wATER aT., Sworn Broker. Sworn Tobacco Broker .... llfal.enJ;a.,., -oFFI0ES A.ND sA.MPLI!l O:lllcc & Samvle Room: OostsilliCI15 o. z. Voorurgwal k .a, ROTTERDAM. I Ba.soh & Fischer, AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND, RmrEB!INcE:-Mr. J s. GaDs' Son, 1a1 IMPORTER& OF HAVANA water st., New York. _. .. ,...,.., dZ..O. W. LO'VE MANUFACTURER OF FINE CI.GARS, ear 111aldell Laao, 1IEW YOIU[, l'aeto:r:r l'fo. 28, 34 Dletrict, K, Y E. & G. FBIEND & CO Importer aa4 Dealer :ba LEAF TOBACGO, 129 MAIDEN LANE, Goa. Fmmm, l .. f NEW YORK. :M:.. A:S:NER., DEALERI!f LHAP TOBACCO, No. 190 PEARLSTREET, NEW YORK ---.....;---I S, E. corner 1st AVENUE & 14th STREET, NEW YORK CITY. H. KOENIG & CO., ;;::=:=:::: ===::==:=::=::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;. HAVANAoi!NnDsiin.LHAF D:li H. McALPIN & GO., -JLlNUFA.C'l'URERS 01' TOJEI.a.oooe, 226 Pearl Street, New York. I M SILVERTHAU & CO., -l'IU.NUFAC'l'URERB OF-" Beauty Dots' O:J:G-AE=l.S, 306 E. 71st St. New York. -MANUEL ALVAREZ, P:ER'B iltlil .tttlli EXCL1JIIVELYt 213 Pearl Street, New York. I. H. CLARK &: BROTHER, ToBAcco BRoKERS, CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky PADUCAH, Ky. A. R. FOUCERAY1 Tobacco Inspector. Appelnted by the PWJ.delpbla Board of Trade. 81 No 1'roll' S&,, I>,bllatlolp ... a, Pa, THE CELEBRATED FINECUT 1 ; I VIRBIN LEAF and NA_VY I And allldDds of Smoking Tobacco. A.IID ....... ...... the well-known Bnul&l ol Brf&'ltt Plug C3>ewlolc : 11 'Onward,' 'Gold Shiold,' & 'Silvor Manufacto & Salesroom, cor. Awnue D & I St. New York. B 'uchaDaD a L.,.aii, lSI o. 2.01 .A.X..L 8TR.:J!IET, N':BI"''V' :B"aa'l:or7 Bro.,,IE.J.y:D., M'. y. an.-taro tho toltoWIIlc Celebrale:J:O:I!J, STA.l'I'DA.RD DA.RK. I'IA.Ta. l'be ._-. ot th-goods llworld the IDcreosiJlc -* of them .. proot ot &!leU merlla tr BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. Our Trade-Mart TT-L. is Embossed on Every l'luc.1 BRANCH OFFICE:-No. U CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON MEERSCHAUM AND AMBER. GtJOOS, Aa4 Importer of -FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 69 W AI.KER STREET Corner Broadway, VIenna, Austria. Bend for Catalogue &nd Price List, as J h&ve no Travelllne Salesmen. Oppen', IMPORTER O:t' HAVANA LEAF ,._..,obacco I'OOT wm mote pluge of an .._, !rem 1 to 4 lncllN llide and from 4 to Ill IDebeo long, be&&er ...., c-per than an:r_ Other machine In the market, aad lo now In U8e In o ... r olie lumdred of the factorlee In the United Cornopondence oollclted. A.ddreol J. H. BlUlfKOP, -a11111ey'; KEY WEST, FLA. P.o. Box ]l(o. 10. The celebrated BL RA.YO VBRDB New York omce' : 3 CedBI' St. SEIDENBERG & -CO., MANUFACTURERS Ol' __ M_t._w_Au_KE_E_A_D-=-V. E_R_T._sE_M_EN_T_s._ New York & Key West Cigars J'RA.NCIS F. A.DA.MB, [ lii''TJ IIENRY F. A.VJ:IIS. P ... & 0<., :Manutaeturen or the Collawlntt Celebra&ed.Jlkan4 er FINECUT CHEWINC A SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Chewing: .Tally. Ho : 327 East Sixtythlrd St., New York. 'Y' 4'7 :au.rra.7 &'tree'&, .N'o"''V 'York., 801011!: PROPBIBTORS o TIIB Smoking: ... Excelsior, ,Standard. .A. V:S.EJE, "''V'XB. :: ltiaaaftle,arer or JOHN P. GOELZ & CO., l'IU.NUFACTUREBS OF J. G. FLINT, Jr., CIGABS, FINE CU_LCHEWING 213 to 299 Woot Watft Street. Becond Ward Bank Bulldlq, MILWAUKEE, WIS. Smoking Tobacco, F. Milwaukee, Wis. CUTTING MACHINE. PB.ENCH CJIGARETTE PAPER. I GA1WEI :I: E R, CLAY and, BRIAR Plitt, O:lare't'te :E'"aper :l:u. ROUSE Il'f PARIS' 1'1' RUE BERAXGZW. THE JOHN H.llcGOWAN COIIPANY. Cincinnati, H. S. A.. This CUt shows PATENT DOUBLE EID Finisher .Press,: With Pa.teat RetainiDg Loek far retai.J:lin the We control a.ll Patents for PreaJiq baooa from BOTH E:N"DS. -:o:-. HYDRAULIC PUMPS --:e:Mould P-r.esses -:o:-Moulds, HYDRAULIC and 'WMif" Boxing Presses Bands and Sec ments, Steel Finisher Plates a.nd Tins, JLUfD aad POWER WRINGERS. Send for Catalogue tf"PLEASE WBi.rJ...ADDRESS PLAIN, and rtll6 _. this p&JMlr in a.dckang aa.


Leaf Tobacco, North Third Street, Philadelphia. 33 Street, Baltimore. E. CO., Packers of Seed Lea, f and Imporlers of Havana a.nd Sumatra Toba :J 08 :LVor'tl::L "'li:I'V'a.1:er l!l'&req't_,. BENGAL Abo lmporteftl or Jiaautactaren of' Cor .. Baltimore and Sharp Streets, Balthnore. Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER CUT PLUG -AND-LUXUry Fine Cut in Foil. :FRISHMUTH BRO. & CO., } 151 N. 8d l!ltreet nd s:111, Z2I, 223 & 226 Qaarrr lit., PHIL,\.DELP.HI &. YOUNG & NEWMAN, 3E?ack.ers a.:o.a. Lea.:f Toba.cca., EIB :;:.... F:R.Cl."iTT SIT:R.EET :!?.A., BOLTZ, CL YME. R & CO., FLOR DE AND ENTERPRISE Ch.: .-'\R FACTORIES, PA. .:--< JULIUS :VETTERLEIN. & GO., .:E-ACKERS-OF SEED :J:-EAF and :J:::EAJ.ERS IN TOBACCO. "L'------------..A.B.O:Ja: BT.R.JI!IJI!I'T f.' EWIS BRIMER'S WHOLESALI!i DEALERS JN -*tfAf" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACGOS, f a22 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. a 6.Mic Assoi'-Dt of aD ol Leal To\aooo ooaotantly OD haDoL L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS & DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. IMPORTERS OF 1Sxnatra and Havana, ito. 111 ARCR STREET, PHILADELPHIA. AUGUST EtSE!'ILOIIR. FREYER & EJSENLOHR Packers aad ....V..ole .. le Dealen Ill TOB4G CO, 1 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. )"' '*' .. ;;"' J 81-41. 1PANISH CIGAR FACTORY. .. -AND. l:r,nl Commission Merchants, MILI.OS, aTaEET 802Chestnut and 29 S. II th St. Sa Delaware Avenu_e, PHILADELPHIA. "' .. 11:1LA DEL P BI A. __ ,;;,..;.;...;,;;;,;...;.,;;;.....;., ___ ? :""' amEcJiiE.. J. ALVAREZ, --Importer otto A. Ill FREeBIE.} ...... or FINE CIGARS Farms In Cuba. a..soutl:l Fourth street, 119 South Second St.,,IIDBtlDhia, Pa. FHI ... I ALSO liU.NUF Acn'UREBS Of' "MINEKIP BXTII.&1 "PORT," "P, H, BII!It:.HOPI"I G-ll[AN,ft &ad Brandi o! Smokin&' Tobeeoo. Also "HBKBB DB L.A. REINE," SWEET NElA.EI,. 1\4::1:) UOS to I!U llentco__,. A-PHILADELPHIA. MAY 16. Adrcrtisements rrom East, West i SOuth. w. G. MEIER co., I R. MEl E R & co.' LOUISVILLE, ,KY. CINCINNATI, O. Dealers in BURLEY .DARK TOBACCOS. I. L. DUNLAP. & CO., f W. DOHRMANN & SllN, hoo-to .Jno. B. Cll-' & Ce. LEAf TOBACCO BROKEBS CINCINNATI, 0., 1 Jlaautaet.nn ot S. W, Cor, Vine & Fll'oat Stll'eet., NAVY TOBACCO, ()ll'fCilUI'ATI, o. Cor Prominent Vlrr;hda Maau.tacturen oC Twist ct. ..Plug Tobaccos. BRANCBJ:S: Dllam.lba.r. Tobaeeo. -229W.2d&l\2 c...,tralAv CX:N'OX:N'J!\T 4'T:J: 4:>. BES T, Chicago ; PALMER, N e w York; W. H RUSSELL. Ch1cago. Eles1:. &, Snooeesors to JOHN C PARTRIDGE .t CO. W -HOLESALE TOBACGONitTS. Sole Provrieton nr Genllina 'GOLDEN CROWN & 'DIAMOND' 07 X.ak..e &1:. a:D.d. 41. S'ta1:e S't.,, ::EUo BOLE AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN J'JlWS;: I!ITRAITON & STORM'S Cigars and Ck:antteoi. D H. McALPD< Ill; CO.'S Plug t obaoco.; J.OZANO. PODAB Ill; CO.'S Havana Cl,;ars: B F ORA VE Y'S Plu1< Tob!Wco; W. T BLA C KWELW & CO .. Dur- ham N C.;J. J BAGLEY It CO.'S "MAYFLOWER," Doorolt,M!ch.;J W CARROLL'S "LONE LynchbW"Jr. Va. -, GOODWIN &: C O '8 u OLD JUDGE "Tobacco arid 01garettes; HALL' S BETWEEN tHE ACTS and KINNEY tOBACCO CO.'S Cigarettes. AGENTS )'OR E H. GA tO'R KEY WERT CIGARS WM S KI.M.BALl & GO.'S VANITY FAIH fOBACCO & ClllARETTES .ROCHESTER, N. Y, B-.. 81!1'1'11, ll B. 1111Ma, 1:-. s.n., HINSDALE SMITH & CO.;. [EST4BLU!HED 18tO.J Paekeftl aa4 .Jobeno of Gonnoctlcut Sood-IaafTobacco -m--IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 21, 23, 25 Hamudon St. SDriBl&eld,lm. WM. L. HUNTTING & CO., DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OF Connecticut & Havana Seed Leaf Tobaccq, EAST. HARTFORD, CONR. A. F. RIC, O & CO., IMPORTERS OF Havana Leaf Tobacco, I 8 Central Wharf, BOSTON, II ASS. 1' B. llAYO. molllAll ll.'l'KIN80lr P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND. VA. IIB'l'ABtJIIIUID BY llOBIZI.' A. JlA'Ie ,_, Orfelnatonl ol -&he otyle-B&lll8 5.4.V'Y 'T4:>ES.A.OOQ. NAVIES A S PECIALTY IN ALL SIZJ:8, JAMES -M. W.ISE, Commission Merchant LEAF TOBACCO, :C, 'V .A. L. H. LIGHTFOOT,. Late with E T. Crump 8t Co. Leaf Tobacco OIDce: Tobacco Exchange Bnllding;, P. 0. BOlt, No.2, RICHJJIOI'fD, VA. Samples of every grade furnished on appllcatloa aad e a c h package guaranteed up to sample. RuIm<--Cbas. W&tldllll, Preslde!K Richmond tobacco Exchaage; Allen o!l: Giner; KIBD8)' TQo bacco Planters Nation&! Bank. L. PINCOFFS, V. S. WBIGHT, B SUB E RT & S 0 N BtlYEIU.m> S'ELLEil OP SUccessor to Edward PeyllAdo & Co. -Dealers In all kinds ot' Tobacco Cntlin!S 8lld ScraDS CtGARS 1 Leaf &. Havana Tobacco, AU Wholeoala Dealer.. Jt;t BOLE FOR 231 E. RANDDL1H STREET, 4 I 3 E 8 AWl' 8'.rOBCAh.OCOI,II Lozano.Pcndas&Co.3ClcarHavanaGoau Ch:lea.;so, :i.U. ater freet, Joago, IIRAli!CHES-t.oulsvlllo Hotel &ad Galt a.,_ StandS. X..o-u.:la..,.,..t.11e .H:y. 1 JOHN OBERHELMAN, JOHNE.PlmsC :ERNST. Palm Leaf Tobacco Works Leaf Tobacco Broker PERKINs ERNsT, -AND. MANUF AC'l'URERS OF Commission Merchant for Fine Plug Tobacco Seed Leaf Tobacco. Blue o"""' (Extra Jl'lne). Palm T.ea!, Drumstick, Specialti es : Sumatra and Havana Leaf. Blue .Jay, Key Note, Butter1ly Penny Plulf. 85 West Second St., Cincinnati. 169-165 x,.. R. & W. JENKINSON, w.s.O'NEIL, MAJIUJ'AOTURER!l OJ' Pae.ker aa4 Dealer In OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO AN Day'to:n., o. No. I 15 Mould Stogies, Order foP Expon and .Ho-e Trade PITTSBURGH, PA. j ProDlptlf Attended To. Ll.vezey &, . POPLAR and WHITEWOOD,' PLANED and UN PLANED, -AND-IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, .N':BI"'Ii:I'V':I?OB. 'T Imitation Cedar manufactured b'/our P.&TENT process Ia tl>e only PERFECT lmltatlonot Spanish OOOar. Prices and rates o lrefifht lfvea upon appllcatlon. D. E. SOULE, Packer of &ad Dealer in HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, NBW lii1LPOBD1 ()ONN, W. F. ANDROS&, Commission Dealer, B.&!IT HARTFORD, ()l'fl'f. Will Buy old or new Leaf for DealerB or Maauta.ctur6rs direct from the growers. Twenty years' uperlenee. MILLER A HERSHEY, Dealers in Leaf Tohacco Pe1ereburK, Laneaater tJo.1 Pa. HOLT, SCHAEFER A CO., Buyers of Leaf T .obacco. L'111N

, MAY 16. BUSiness Dirootnry or A.dmtiscn. JrBW YOBK. A.bMr lol, 190 lWrl ..._t & Frlqant. m{ Water Ji.eb & Son. 1M Water Brand J & Co.J42 Wa.terst (ft.wrord Ill. IL a; Son. 118 w11&-Br<& w-D&y, Joha B. .tOo. !2llhlden Lane 1aert WilL .t; Oo. 116 l'8arL I l'alk, G. & 1'11 Wate. ..__ ._,., Jsg-Water -It. & Cl. & Co.-r..... Bros. & Ros<-nthal, 1110 WateF. -1 L. & Bto. 181 l'e&rl Qreenspecht IL 10! Pearl BambU.I'IIM' L .t: Co. 174 Water Jo111Dao11 B. L. liUialdea laDe Lederman Jos. & Sons, J{() Malden lane. Llndhelm IL 191 Pearl. llar.on' J.,. lioDa, 193 Pearl ....,_,_r IL & Co. 172 Pulver, Dicldoson & Co., 178 Pearl -G.1711W&* -w&ld E & Broo. 1411 W&tiel 8 : It Bo1111, 173 Water lllllomoa G. & Br001. 138 ll!&lden lane. -.oeder & Bon. 178 Water. ..... bart B. & OR. 160 Water -ul& Frod. 224-2!6 Pearl llpear L & Co, 184 Wat"r llpiDpnl E. & Co. 5 Burq Sl:p -., & Simon, 211 Pear IJJIID&IIDo earl. 400-400 E W&bilc Chas F. 14 2d av, Wolf Theo. Jr. 1112 Front VIrgo" Ia """ w..,.,. r-r Dlllal>a Ferd. '18 SO Broad. .......,neG.i820Broadway. l!aW)'er, Walloce & Ce 18 Broadway, -Beary, 71H011roa4. W-for fA4 &II Of JYGIMV'Gnli 8rR<>Wnq IIJIIel' L. &-Boa tM Chambers -.Manufactured Tobacco for Export. liArdiDer J. JIL 11 J'root, llatUn & Broadhuret, 1915 !'earl Moore & Co, 88 Frono. __ --.ilroCIIerl.t Oo. ".t 48 Uti],__ n...tliaa John. ts3 ... er Eller, lfaurioe &: Son, 188 Pearl (lana' Boo, J. B 131 WatAOI Paulltoch IL 133 Water Stoppel, E. A., :U Beaver. :8\'dghf li.-oA:ero: l!mlth w. o. aad co. 48 ExcU.,.e _,.,., O/ BrM/clf>V aftd T-. -DAD & LYall. lUI Wall -.,er D. & Co. 188-137 .llnlberry, &ooclwln lk. Co. foot of 9ftDd Htl'eet, E. B. IDaDey Broo to 1125 w eat ll!ld tQm&n J. 1L 114-111 Llbert'r aod 1111-1111 Oed&r llcAipiD D B. & Oo. cor A venuo D IUid Tealili. .._lira&. B. & Oo. 117 Oo!WIIbla. ll("""fDY 1! .t Co., fqo& of bid. & ., CAll& &lver lecoby ..t Booknuln 88th t, near !st a?. J..-Sam 'I &llo.E 63<1. a..ufm&n Broo It Bondy, 11 & 181 GraDll. &erbo lit SpieM, IDit to 1181 l!ecoDcl AY, and liD to 314 F!fty-roarta KimbalL CroWle aod Co. 315 Warren. Ln'y .Droe., Avenue 0 &Da TStb Street. LletlteDBtein Oo. 18th at sad 1st aYe Uchteasteln A.. Boo&: Co. 309 East ftith ot UH aeo P lk. Go. cor, 80th and avenue A. Love J. W. 1860 l8t ave'. and toe E. 7tth af -del M w. & Bro. It t-2 Bowerv KeoneUs A & Co., A none ]) &Dd lOth Ill. Ottenberg S Bros. cor. 2d av. & 22d st. Poh&lokl e. & Co 17 WMren Bodrleuez & (.lare!a, l!0-24 RQsenthal Bros. 841-861 E 73d. l!ulob.ez aod llayo, 31 Pearl Schlosser Co 71 New Street and Co, 827 East 63d, Sbotwen. S. R., 282 \Jth -olber& .l'rl. C_o_.llb9-ltl Soutb Fifth Ave, 8tr<oo i:t :i'torm. :uti 27th. latro & NeWDUU"K". 1 ..,.. cor. 73d st &Dd 2d &T. Bll"""""u liL oil: Co. 3CJHo 311 E 7lol Uomann E 09th. Wenllelm It BebiJ!er 403-4()9 E. 70th ot. .lmpl'earl .......... Enrelt,.J4l! Water. -Loooaard & Co. .. -Qvo1a F. &ro. Ill Oo. le'/ Water Qoa&lesA.ISOPearl --I'll Water aavua-Oot.llllllroal '-Qollxto. & Oo. 3 Oecl&r LoireDoolua A. 1111' -.._ ,_, teadu& Oo. IIIII Peul -.u-au--.-..r &Oo.e!ll'ean = ll A ltl Pearl. olmer J'erd. tt5lrlddea JM. a.zomoa G. & 111! lllakl l&De. ..-.. .t Co. 118 Front. --M. a &-r.>beceo eo. sr. _.._ 8eymOW ()baa. T. Jlltj Froo' .!. ..... 11-C.O>. JI'IE'Worl VIIIU C, J{() Maldea lane Well& 00. 66 fiDe -.....,__,.,of Iew w Diii1K!'l' J .t: Oo_, llnrray. O&t;o E. K, 881Jeaver ... d Co. Ifill' Eutl34. v. -YborC..Co: 'W-CliGW l'lpo&l Kalllm&IUI Bros. 4 Bowly,lfi aa411l Qnlljl )lay Broo. t 7 Murray -....-.z:t wu ot Jleeuall-......, 94 .. 11ritJr ft..-und of --Demuth & Co. .Broa4wQ' sr....-.eroe. & _,., 1111 aa4 tal 6.-4 Wels, (iarl, Sll Wallr:e I JIGtlfstfu,.era of Putc. 115-86 Wliltehall .. Jtac Aodre'{a & F orb., M W li!Oildder 8. V. 9 Beod z-r Tof>aoooCbarleo. & Co w .... r. e. Linde. 1lamlltoa & Oo. ISO Pearl -.. J:rlcba H. W. 81!1-821 East'Elevehth St. BeDkoll Jaoob,lllll &Dd,iillll llonroe .; 1 Btreusa, S. 179-188 Lewis st. WlcU'WIIII8a.ll po, eor oraYe1!114lllt"l j .. 0/oar-Bollo CodM. u....-w & imd Bro, .tr≪'lllllllMI .EmpQner o t {)lqJI.r MoW.. DtaUIL II'Uiiaeoo XnJeo. ObaiDIIn aa41lnrrq, 76 Be&de., -....... .._ s. 1'/t-188 lflo lit. """"""" Machi.....,. 11 y Tob&ccOllaehioe Co. IOol John & i Platf ,.,..., ., Lillien Bt. W.-.. Pap ... '1't.ll H&mmereclllac Jl(fg, eo.--w!U Importers of Frenob Cigarette Paper, III&Y Bros. 47 lolurr&y SUTR o & NEWMARK, 2d Av. and 73d St New York. Factory No. 412'. 3rd.District. Mftr of Keersehaum ,.mber Goods. Wei8, Carl, 69 W&!ker Progress Scrap Bunching :uachiae. l,'rogre81 Scrap Mo.chlo e Ce 12ilo 2da.v. ALBANY. 1.(, Y. JlatifBCtv....,., of Toi1e It""""Boyd W A. (k. Co. 88 South --419 East &oinbiu-d Kemper IL 116 W. Lombard. Kerel St. LIVERPOOL, EDJr, Tobaoeo Brokers l'llrl7 & 28 Paradise lltree&. Tol>aeeo, Ol&'ar and Lear llerobaa1 GftllrL. 0 l'eacburoh Bulldlnp, & 0, LOtTISVILLE, Ky Plug Ta8aoco lli< .. UI'aclu ....... Foree Tobacco Co. Leo,( tooaceo. Meter W G. <\Co. Tobaeco Br9km-l. I BOSTOJr. Ka ..., C&llawa:r J&iiiM F. corner Jr.lghtb &lld Kab Cigar Box Manufacturers. Rfch d M 881 Strleder J W. 21011 Washington st. linporter eJ ll.....,... Olgal;1, Importers oJ Tol>acoo """ Wrfcht V,l. Rico f> F .lt Co 18 Central Wh ll( f ,.utacturero .A.gentr. Cigar Ma.nracturera .AQII!ftU Scheft'ey L. C. & Co 184 4th a.v Hitcl:Jcock R W J9 India Street t 1 Tl Mnltra' Supplies, Licor&ee, Flawn, etc. Jobberll iB Domestic Cigars and Leaf Tobacco-J]IDgbluth & Bauterbjorg. Da,..aport J, Jr Broad LYWCHBURG, Va, BROOKLYN. N, Y, Ma,.v.Jactv.reroof Oigareltu. Lone Jack Cigarette Co. 1..-..utactv.rer- ot 7\n Tagl. Hamilton "' UlleJ, S6 Bridge ot. Dealer '" and I aclH:ra of Sud LMif Bnft'alo Lest Tobacco Co. Llmlted, .M&ln. CHICAGO,m. Agm'l.t tOOt" etgar, Ch.eunng and s-olnft.O Tob. Fucba GW!t&V, 41 WaliiWl av. Wloolelale I>ealM '" Fo rolqo< G<>co. Becll: :A. (k. Co. 44 aod 46 Dearboro. Bandh&geJJ T. 17 W RaodGJph -rt ti. & Son, !IBl E. H&noeo<>tWI """ ll'/'rt' Age>oCL --& eo. 51 Lab> and 4lSt&te Mn/trl. of Tm FoacCO Dr7/er. W&U' a Uniform Tobacco Market ourcillrJrATJ. o. Manufacturers of Krolan, Feb & Co.: 'l, 8, 9 E ; 6th St, Ctgar .fkJ 1.-uriiiNir. 1 1'he It. D. All>ro Co. 1581>'78'1 W. 6th, Leaf TObac co R. & Oo. NewbW'gh L., 143 W .l'ear PriiCDe .t: )la&80Dt &nd ll"roat .. ,.,.ran,....,.. Qelle CJc&rbO>: co 93 OJay, Troll&. 8. W. 1111-1011 N. CeDal M&nutactarer of Tin Ta&L llooblnaon J M.. & Oo. ilill W :lei and IIGCeDftl A To'bocoolll&Dufaetarerl. DunlaP A. L. It; Ill lid lAGJTobclcoo-L Dobl'll>&lllll'. 'W. & Bon. oor. VJiliO uul Leaf Toba.cco Broker io Sumatra, Hav&ll& a1'd Seed J;,eaf. Oberhelman ,John; 85 W. lid l l{flrl. of !--MoiCo. Pe.rldns & Emst, 'Pke. DAJlViLLJ:. Va. DeoN>-1 of OM!Cing a"cl Bmokil\il TObacco. Adams 11'. F : & eo. .., lfliot J. G. lk. Co. ot Ctgora. Gr&f m II. Co. Goelz John 1' & Co. 29.3 We&t W.iter. A-fc.K, M anufacturers ot. Tobaceo. C&mpll<'ll & Co l!0-22 ,Brldceat NEWPORT, KY. Jl.anu(acturey.a.of OigarBoz Uvezev I W &. Co ST. LOUD .... Cigar aod Paper Boxee. Ci&'ar and Paper Box CO. iCS-114 Elm TROY. Jr, Y, Trojan Scrap X&obl-. D!'lltyoe & Co. 378 River 8t WJIIlELDfG, W. Ya. JIDftl'll of Bavaaa. Seed. Tlpaad and J)ualen 1D t.e.l Te-... JlaiiD. 111118llaln It Doalerl" Qlgor o..m-. Bloch Bros. WDfS'l'OJf Jr. O, Tob&eoo Broken. Colem&D Bros. YOBS., ... M&Dutaeturer of OlllaNo A. II __ ...__._.__ ....... --' Centennial ExpoSition SPltEISS MANUFACTURERS OF .FINE CIGARS, "' u. s. A.. l1 OPENS JULY 4--CLOSES OCTOBER 27' I Celebrating. the I OOth Anniversary of the of the Northwes Territory. A ND D E ALERS I N T TO::B.A.COO. ,.;. 1016, I AVEN-U, li .. ., 31 3l2, 3(4 ND 316 F'II"TYFOURTH STREE7', N"E v.:7 'Y c:> :El.:EE.. t ISIDRO SPANISH CICAR lANUFA&TIJRll TOBACCO LA RITA:. One of the Principal Features. R. President Incorpor-ated Septen1ber .. &'C'OOB&&OR.& T.O LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & . Factory No. 50, Third D'lstrict; eor. 38th Street and 1st _<\.venue. Importers and Pines & Smokers' Attic ... York. c -igar TJae iii. the West. ea. 100 o-.--.1 s-t.. Al110 JI&Dv.faoturer oftM VeJ&-re4 ...a lm:itattop Oetlar L1Uilloer. Sample i'arDi&lul4 GD AppBoatioa. s-d7for p .,ioeLiat, Tbe only p..__elor:r 1D .i.l!-e 'WI!f Jlaa& !'loek oc aU Label .PublhhM In &h" R. L HICKSON & CO., S. R. SHOTWELL, CIGARS, r l Vice President. 3 .1. Graad 014 -.!II a a. PARKERS BUllG, W Va., May 7.-There has jllllt die d near Spurlockville, in West Virginia.. 'rhomas Eggleston, at the adv&nello trac t his life a (ew more yea;rs, the advised an occasional d ose His memory a IDOJ.'VEl), no treat wa.s enjoyell loy those who knew hint than .to hf)ll.I' him rel9.te 'ill cidents of a ago with the freshness displayed tp.orning Notes and othl'?.' details were easy for .him, and it seemed plea.Sure to him to t e l l how and when and ce:rtal.n olltica1 He had outiived all liiB Ctiildren ana many or grandchjldren. Five ge,qera.tions look buck to him as their ancestor, and during his lnslo days s everal hundred of kinsfolk were seen at his bedside. On e pe!Juliar nablt he had was. to take smoke from a large pipe' retiring e scouted the ide'a t6at fD-LENOX LAW AND COLlECTION CO Room 53 & 54, 88 81., CHICAGO. We respectfully solicit Collections from Bankers, Merchants. Corperationa and Individual& Refer to any Bank In Chicago. P E. 8-r.I.MLE'f, S P McCoMZLL, Sec' y aod Treas. 11!06-&1 ..l.ttorney. pointtMI to hin1self 85' )p)ow:JK:t oldl. ru>'ie:FieP.t, -wlth.,nt my-pipe. I ..,._ arly century and a:; ell by 88 Market street, Ref--P. Lorillard & Oo,.__ :New York. D B McAlpin .t: "" DaVId lhloliDer & 0o II II Oll1ln To-eo., st. LouloL F.F,. Joa&Oo., 'WUwaukee. ==-===== t-:Gelner.l nts: New Y n St & 9 Platt B. & CO., Importer HAVANfLEAF ) { ./C .. .. ,-" ____ ..,., IBJWATEK STIU:IlT, EW YORK


12 THE TOBACCO, MAY 16 2 BLACKWELL'S DURHAM I GRA. Y 1 MORALES & DALTON Maaufaotu...,. of CUBAB HAND-IDE BlVAI!. CI&!IS, 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. "VV. &TR.IEDER., CIGAR BOX M:ANUF.ACTUB.EB, AGENT FOR 'I'HE tiline Agent for the Williams Little Clant Bunching Machine. CIWll!lffil'ACTURERS' SUPPLIEB. D&Al.ER. IN SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LUMBER. 2109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. EatablhJuod aboat :uno. I HONEST, POPULAR,] Is the lost UNIFORM, Smoking Tobacco ever placed an the Market. LAND SATISFACTORY Hence Dealers and. Consumers Always Pronounce it THE VERY BEST, .... For -ortwcl""yeanlh&ve-il,;ck- wll" Smokina-Tobacco aad. find Situated in the immediate secoon of country that produces a grade of Tobaceo that in texture, the """' satisfactory or .u 1 .:a .. tried. I cave Tho,... Carlyle a pound tl it u we :flavor and quality is not grown slaewllere in the wollld, tho popularity of these goods .is only VERY BES'I', oftcD amobdt .. cober andhewanaJ d limited by the quantity producetl. are in pcsition to GOminand the choice of all le' ftiiiWM offerings upon this market, and spare ao pains or expense to give the trade the 1 I I!UOCEBI!OB TO J o;hn Anderson a Co., JIAJIUFA.O'l'UUB8 OP THII: ."SOL A OE,'' De-vv '' a:n.d. o" FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and'll6 LIBERTY STREET, .A.:n.d 119 a.:n.d. 111i11 Oed.a.r 81; J:Sr::EJ'VV' UNION EXTRACT "'WVORKS. :m."tA'bu.-.ocs 3-&ea. E-. &. XANUFA.c:tDBEBS OF HAVANA. OIGABS, ::&.e37 'VVes"t a:n.d.. "Yo:rk..Offlce and Salesroom&: No I 7 Warren St., New York ALWAYS ON HAND KH WEST CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. ZURICALDA Y & ARGUIMBAU, 2 aacl St., Kew Yuko [P. 0. llo>: JH5. ) Importers of Fine Licorice Paste, The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO D'.EA.NVF.ACTOBY :an.. nNLEI' lao .L&TT1 GEBR VANA:mc:miG1\TOA::EJ RC>FFLAVDR .-,, :Biz:t::a. bo-er-. Dow Oartla aJUI. r.....,. LaW. lor Boer. Wiao, l'l'aita aatl Prourvee. 8'7 OOL'D'l!WI:EI:I:.A. .N':JD'VV' -HA.NU1!'4C'l'UREB.S 01' THII: CELEBBA.TJ:D-PLA.l:N I'DfE CtrT OHEWIJfG TOBAOOO llf BLVE-PAPEBS & ]!il 'C' ::JP ::p & I Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman "SXG-1\T .A.:I:A" One Oz, Poll, Aleo, Flrot and 8eeoatl Qaallt;r Smokllac, In Blue Papen. ROOT, OLIVE OIL, .t;o, We olfer for Sale *he EXTBA I'I:NE fe(UU (: Cigar Box, .Labels a Specialty '*---lti;n f"or PrlY&Ie Labei. eolU&aa.$)J' oa. laaa.IL oren reeelye b7 EOIUIIEYE& 411 00 .. 1.2 Bea ._t_ Xew York, Sole Aaea.t.. H KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO 86 wE ST., XEW YORK, ow mGB GBADE mGABS. AJID DII!.J 5B8 Dl a; TO:&.A.OOO l'aoto.F .... Dlat., y, ot. $be followlac Brucla>-eu.a.....-&LA, aao .....,. Jll'eBTB, RIO BON-. .. ....,. DB VIIOLBTTA, BL PBIKBBA, .. LOB DB IIIANTAJIZAS, L& P-llIES. / SPECIAL STRAICHT CUT, PACKED IN SQUARll: .AND OVAL POCKII:T CASES, iEc Y P T IAN FLOWERS, Cleopatra size. Yenidge blend. SWEET OAPORAL, Tke Standard of the. world. "J"O:&..A..OOC> O<> (Sacce .. or,) KEW YORK. WEAVER & STERRY, LIIITED, 7& :r :l!ile"VV To:rk.. II' AN ISH LICORIGE GREEK LICORICE I ALL SPEOJAL-TIU I'Oa PLV8 .&.KD I'DfE-CVT TOBACCO, Clllve OD, Tonca Bea.ns, Gums, l'l&vors, LICORICE ROOT and PATEil POWDERED LICORICE. JlBO:IIAS FOB S:IIOKING TOBACCO. LICORICE MA88 FOR_ OICARS. .., Spantah Cedar -J:OB-CIGAR BOXES. 8tantlard Wire Nail. Foot of Eost I Dth & lltb St. FOR FILLERS. FOR BOXES. aP-Price per pint, $6; per galllm, 146. .. l.'lirO'T JID'V .A.POR..A.TEI. !!ample bottles at .2 to make OlliE G.I.LLON of ITBONQ JII'L&VOB 11011t on ..-1pt of amount. WE A.L80 llA.NUFACTUBE I:S&ENCES fer TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. CIGAR. COLORS Dry N1d In Liquid. A.ll 8PEUIAL FLAVORS, it deolred, made to Older J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., 168 Oluun'bera S._t, New York. LICORICE PASTE lHE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO l.a'7 liW A I I +;W %a.A.X:III, Xlll-ov' ( !be l'rlitle demanded a &perlor aud Cbeaper Article thaa -bltlaerlo tblt Com..,.; SWEETENED FINECUTDark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. club. l!I.I.Y &PPLB an PRIZE LEA.III' FINBC1TT, ba FoU, RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, lllaa.JIJlle&aHn ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS1 201 n & 24 Col .. at., AT LE .... T ..2., G"' .... TTEll, __ aA,W &.1.11 LI,.OBICB PASTE 'V.A. V ol FiDe Grad. .. t.a 8taatlarcl Braatla of Spanlsh_lmported, In Bond or Duty Paid. Clgarettes & Smoklng Tobacco Traae llll'll ''G C ""F G "-"W 11 E t = ar a 1s x ra. :2 For .. ,e loJ' Arau:l.n:l.bau 'VVa11:1.&, j :a Sole ¢ f"or lhe 1Jnlte4 S& and 1d. G-o1d.. l!lla1z:t::a.atr-u.:n.d.:L, Granulated. A New !lfu41. POWDERED LIOOJLICJ: PASTZ. Gronnd trom n-Imported. Eqle Braatl POW1l.....t Lteorleo, Hade from lhe Floeol alld 1!-Booc, froe !rem au:r A.dsherattoa OLIVfPjL. bra1u1 otauperilsle, pure SA OIL. 1D -10 """ &aDoD da cans e&d:L. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteetl. CAMPBELL & co., _lllaaaAe._ot Fino Gnt & smom! Tobacco. ........ SNUFF, PIPES, &c Wlloleeale a-._ M-99 St Newark. JI.J. Jacob Henkell, III.&JII'IJ .. &ftD' ....... Cl&!l BOXBS. IRJPEBIOR llAD .I.JQ) PRDIJI QVALIT!' OJ' Cedar 'VVOod. OJ' .&.LL KDIDI 01' Cigar-Box Label& 297 Monroe St.llewYork. &OLD COIN CIGAR MOLDS, GHEWING TOBACC_O. Ot.gar Shapers. .. Hamilton & Lllley, IUNUFACTU:UII8 OJ' 418-417 E. 31st Street, oor. let Ave., New YOI'kl -ufae&uren oC all Braade Cormerly lii:-Diaoo tured by Th011. Do)"t 4 Co. S 6. BLANCHARD, 11 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans. La., &GBN'r I!OB 8.&18 CITYo 1601 167 A 169 E. Pearl St.., 31nolanat11 0.1 Declo' IIIII Apney for the' Pacifto Cloasta 800 & 308 Battery Street. 8aR FranciiJOO, Cal TIN.TACS Allcrall of Pla!a,Coleroll -11e ..a. aJUI. Eaam.J.ell Tqe Jlatlo to Ortlor. 38 BRIDGE ST.1 BROOlLYJrl lf. T. Son, BrokerScB Pear1. R'e"'WV I


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