The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I I I '. 1 VOL. XXV.---NO. 20. msTABLI8HED1864.) NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, 1888. 105 MAIDEJf LAJfE, Coi'Ror ot Pearl Street. WHOLE NO. 1216 PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56, ::E3:a "V ana. No. 167 WATER STREET, Or, Courtship Made Easy. One o f a series of fift y Flo w e r Cards with the sen timen t i t c o nveys, p ac k e d in \)ach b o x o f LONE JACK. RUBY and UNKNOWN. O:J:Gr.A.:JaEJTT:J!J&. -=::!!! .ta. &, "Y' A.. T h e purity and d e l iciollll natura l a r o m a of our cigarettes speak for the m sel ves. l.VO.. 81 IEI"tree1:, JNre_"P117 ,_..orJ&, .MA N U F AiJTUitJI: D BY Finest CleBr"""'HiYana Cigars. co_MPA_NY,_ Awaried Jliahest Mecl&l at Ezhibltloa, UI'T8, Plailadelplda. BADLY BURNING ALSO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. CBABI.ES T. SBYlYIOUB, B&TABUUD:D 1861J, ::EJK'POR.TER OF HAVANA ti'WJ T():PACe0. Tobaccos from the San Juan y Martinez District a Specialty. 188 'Pro:n.1i S1iree1i, York. GUSTAV 6 BROS., Havana Tobacco -AND COALING TOBACCOS" A BE-CUFI..ED -BY-' Chaskel's "ANTI-CUAL" Price par Gall o nS&; In hal! b&rreliUid bbl. l ots $5 F ull directions w!tlo good8. Price List mailed. JAMES CHASKEL & CO., llanufacturers ot Havana Cigar & Tobacco Flavors, Colorings, etc. 93 John St., New York. Vigil, IlU'ORTER t>l!' TEI:E JOEI:N' Fl.. CO., I 02 CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. SCHROEDER ) -AND IMPORTER S OF-Sumatra and of Havana T .ohacco &, 00.;, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEA:Jr TOBACCO. Trad4> M:ark. 1 \l LAS YlGAs 16 Cedar St .. New York. o. I r -4 J. J 4. Calle San NicolaS128 HAVANA, CUB4. A. & c. 8 Tratle l!lark. 1 M:ac:J.e C1.gars our speo1.a1"ty. i G-EO_ P. LIES & J ) fto,; 13. 8 MAIDEN LANE, near Water St., NEW YORK 67 CALZADA DEL MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. l!IANl:JEL LOPEZ, E1JGENIO LOPEZ, ().ALIXTO LOPEZ, Havana Tobacco,. CALIXTO LOPEZ & CO Packers and Importers of PXN'E VUELTA ABAJO. TOBACCO Exclusively, TRADE I!ARK. C. L. Sol No. 86, I No.3 Cedar St., New York. HA v a A. LA ISLA'' SIGMUND JACOBY. GUSTAV JACOln. Le METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, Sc:>l.e .A.I!;e:n"t c:>-r S. JACOBY & CO., B. H. MANUS, Amsterdam, Holland. Factory Jfo. 3, 3d Diotriot, SUMATRA TOBACCO fOOT Of 52d ST., EAST RIVER, NEW YORK, In l'rlme qualftleo ahvayo on hand. THE HAVANA TOBACCO COMPANY. \ I \'-\ ,.f_./; 1 I-I .T. c:g\ ,,.,.,-, ,-......... 1--\ "Va:n.a, C'\.1 'ba = I :N'c:>. 192 Frc:>:n't S'tree't. LUIS MARX, Pres. MAX T. ROSEN, Sec. & Treas S IMON AUERBACH. & CO. X:Dii:PO:JaTE:JaS OF HAVANA AND SUMATRA T O B ACCOS, U. :SCH1JBA.RT, AAnOJ'\' :S fi e oica of O raa-.-tatioa, for TOB.A.CC<> 8A.N"D CXG-.A".EI... LABELS. l BERNA%A 32, 171 PEARL STREE. T ':1 CORNER PINE IITREE1'1 BA V AN'A, CuBA. NEW YORK.. l!IA.N1J FAT1JRERS 9F- t C IGAB BOX L UlYIBEll,. 131? CE:J:JI.A..:Ja, :J::Dii::J:T .A. T :J: 0 l.'-1 SP .A.'JN':I:S::Eit CE:J:>.A.:Ja, V'EJ:XT:i:UE:P.:.E:O [CEDAR] :Li'U:Dii::BE.R., <>-r Spa:n:l&h.. Cedar Si='th 9-t:ree't, C1=c:l.:n.:na:t:l., LOUI S NEWBURGH Packer O.i I M PORTER S O F HAVANA LinleDutch&Zimmer'sSpanish. .A.:ncl.. Pao:ker s o f Cigarettes and Smoking Tobacco omee : UJ-143 Wet P earl S&ree&, WEYMAN & BRO. Tobacco & SnnJf SEED LEAF TOBACCOM 7 '1. Foot of Crand St., East River, N.Y. :N'oo. 180 .A.TE:Ja ST:E'l.EET, N'E"W" 'V'C>.a.:a;;. PITTSBURGH, P l SU'.r'.rEB BBOS., Dealers iD LEAF '.rOBACCO, Chieago, m. W Cigarf Manufacturers wlll find it to their advantage to with, WJ


2 tii ttilttt Lilr. ESTABLISHED 1864. ::JavfDg the Largest Circulation of _,Trade Paper ia the World. PUBLISHED EVERY WED.NESDAY MORNING BY THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING co., r ,oB Malden Lane, New York. COR. J'lllARL 8TREIT. EDWARD BlJRKE, Editor. .JOHN G, GRAFF, -Business Manaaer. T'erm i>f tbe Paper. 'SINGLE COPIES ....................... ... 10 cents. One Year ............. $4 I Six Months ...... ....... $2 Annual Subeerlptlons Abroad. GRUT BPTTJ.IN and CANADA .... ,., S5.04 BaKKEN, HAHBUttG and CoNTINL""cr ......... 5.04 AOBTB.AI.JJ.., etc., vJa England ...... ..... 5 .04 CuB.t. ................................... 5 04 .IIVISIID K.\.TES FOR .&DVIIKTISEI!IENTS. Six Three One Year. l'l>arteen linea one column .......... 525 l"ourteeo llnes over two columna..... 45 !'wenty-eight Jines one column ....... 45 'l'went.y-eiR"bt Unes over two colUIIUl8.. 80 Months. M onths J!tftyslx Uneaone cotuma ............ 80 Uuee over two colw:tuuJ ..... 1ao One column ..... .... 308 Ball coh11ron ....... ......... 180 ODe line ut bottom ot page. . . 50 a1' as 2ol 14 24. 14 45 115 45 25 80 45 175 95 100 M 8peelal A.d:ve_rUMa&eat8 oa Plra& Pal(e. 'l'ourteen Hnee OYet two wide columna (oDe year) . 1100 ever two wide columDa do 175 Uaea alngle colam.a.... .. ... do 05 peelal AdTOI'UHaoa&a oa l!loYea&la Pa&e. One Six Three Year. Honih&. lloatla& horteeallDeeo-.ertwowldecolumna tar. $415 1811 .._ladon l'lo&lee., flJ,58 for each Liloertloa .. eetaJ "For Sales," etc not ez:. ceedlng eight Uneo, .I for each Insertion. ltemlttt.nCea for advertt8ementa and eubecrlptlona ehould .twayo be made payable by P. 0. Order or by check toT<>llereo Lea! Publishing eo. liP""' Under no clrcumst&ReM wlll we deviate from tbe aboYe prlcet! rile Law RolaUD& \o IDioHriiH>n \o New papen. ll'lnt--Any per11011 who ta1ttw a-_.,]ariy from tbe ... o111ce, whether -to hill DIUI1fl or anotUr. or -he haa .. --or DOl,lo respo1181ltle for tJoe pr.y. BecoiMl-U "117 pen1011 urden hloto be di8o0ntllllllred or wlll .expire. our aubecrlbero will tAII. Ia paid the date will be clla.npd, which will oervo --pt. Changes In adverUaementa lhould be handed in 1lOt later than Mondar noon to iDaure tbeu inserlion ill the following ilaue. Hold on, neighbor I not too fast. Be as aelflllh as you ,._, but don't do too much blowing for youraeU; it look nicer when others do it for you. Always act on the .never foraet that all-regulating plumb line. The twenty-four years' old LlnAJ' has also, as you know, a Trade Mark Bureau; -&berefo're yout:a can hardly be called the only ODe. We register trade marks, but are very careful in all instances to return the fee when after searching we fllld that you or wo had :registered the brand before. True it is that some manufacturere register in obscure country papers which are not known outside of their towns, which is folly, as the intent of the Ia w is to give a r&istration as wide a publicity as possible. True Is, also, that :your .Bureau (like ours) fills the bill in every respect; but don't overlook the fact that we !lo regi8ter trade marks according to law, and that our certificates have been use.d succesa fully in courts, and that we keep our Bureau going to serve the cigar and tobacco trade and to earn an honest penny. large measure the freight and exohange pro ducers of the nation. When they are pinched,. the great railways, canals and rivers will bear lese produce to the markel:f than when they are prosperous; and the exchanges, banks, insurance companies-all the arteries of trade aDd commerce; every individual, in fact-will be correspondingly affected. Agricultural prosperity is the base of na tiona! prosperity, here and everywhere; and, accordingly, whatever retards the pr!{grees .of farmers-be it mal-legislation or unfavorable seasons-binders in equ(Ll-more than equal-measure the material advancement of peoJ'Ile in other industrial pureuits. I say more than equal measure,' because the man who bas to buy every morsel of his daily food from grecers when prices have been augmented by a reduced volume of farm produce, is at a disadvantage with the farmer whose cellar and barn are supplied with a t leas t the necessaries of lif e when de pressed, the farmer can with lu:x: uries and subsist upon what he produces, consequently be is better able to stand a s iege of hard times than a worker in most other fields of endeavor. But farmers as a class do not like to live as hibernating animals do. They desire to share in the pleasurable things that ptbera produce as well as in their own. Give them fair compensation for their products, and, like the genw homo the world over, they will put as much of their money as they can spare into the cbaooels of trade iB all their ramifi cations. They are numerous, and when prosperous good buyers. Sound policy, there fore, dictates that they should be encouraged as muck as pOBSible by legislation that will enure to their benefit. ''The growing of tobacco is an arduous and often unremunerative businees in all aur tobacco producing States. Growers have the elements and forces of Nature, the tax, the tariff, the fashions arid the varying tastes of buyers to contend against; and what with them all it is latterly next to impossible to calculate upon even a little profit in the pro duction of this staple. I, like many others, have grewn for a number of years what the trade concedes to be fine tobacco, and in doing so have worked harder and with more care on my mind than ever before in my life, yet my earnings therefrom have been con tinually leesening in amount, the cause being foreign competition, against which our tariff law as enforced affords very limited protec tion." "WHO WANTS FBJ!lE TRADE P" One of the LEAF'S staff asked thill question last week, and a letter in response in another column of this edition ahows that there is certainly one well -known man of intellect who dares answer promptly, "I do." In the Cobden ranks of the "tight little isle" there are several persons still living who are equally brave, but in this country of the double-dyed free traders have only oourage lio declare their preference for a "tariff for revenue only"-vide Democratic platforms, New York Times, Evening Post, "Pareee" letters, Oourier -Jounwl and other authorities anent. Mr. 9ppenlleim, unlike these distinguished caterers to public opin ion, takes a step in advance-where he is ueually found in affairs that demand or in vite his attention-and courageously eays:-"I desire to go on record as one of our cigar manufacturero' who is most heartily in favor ef free trade-absolutely free tradeso far as affects our industry," etc. There is no uncertain sound hare. Exactly what he tkinks Mr. Oppenheim states in language that cannot be misunderstood. Quite as intelligible is the dominant reason he gives for the declaration he so frankly submits. He says:-"We have the leaf that must be used at our door, and if we could get our Sumatra and our H"vana free we could make cigard of quality aad sell them for less money than they are now sold anywhere in tbe known COLL.BOTOR ll.A.GO.N .&J!fD TOBACCO world. Our half-empty fact.eries IKPOllTliiRS. would be booming with business; our unem "Tae Custom House gives on each importa-ployed would cater for business in _Europe, Asia, Africa. South America, etc., taon, at the request of importer, an order etc. .. .. Make leaf free and the tobacco to the inspector i:1 charge, of the particular market. of the world will be right here in tile warehouse where the tobaooo Is stored, per-city of New York." mitting the importer to draw out a number FGr the full text of M.r. Op1Jenh,eim's argu of I!Batplea. ment, from which these leading points are "It is a wellknown fact that samples of taken, readers will refer to his clever letter. imported tobacoo after beiDg shown for a He says the was a "little previous" in few times are useless for the purpose of sale, its query and sequential as'umption. We Uld the consequence is that eample orders think it was exactly on time, as Mr. Oppen are soon exhausted, and the inspectors refuse heim is in this instance, tariff or no tariff, io have any more lirawn. or a half and h"lf mean between the tw111 ex "Before the S!Ivent of Collector llagone to treme.!, being the question which full-grOli'D oftlce we aever bad any such trouble or diftl men, from President Cleveland to the rest of cuUy, and it has never been claimed that the us, are most diligently con!Jing to day, Be Government was defrauded on account of tween now and election day in November ihe more liberal policy in regard to the dra,. let us all do what we can to eay something lng of eamples in vogue prior to. that time. pertinent concerning it. The LBAF welcomes "The importer gives bonds for the pay. to its columna full debate. ment of the duties due to the Government, Sumatra and Havana leaf fre e of duty in and the weight ot the various packages is this country would surely lessen the cost of taken on arrival at the dock in New York, floe cigars here to the extent that the duty and the importer pays duty accordingly. He forms a part of the cost. tut it is doubtful if has given bonds, pays the duty on samples cigar manufacturers would find a better which he may draw, and can see no reason market for their products io Europe than why the Collector should have changed the they now do, in consequence of the exemp regulations." tionfrom duty, or be in anyway benefited by So spoke an importer to a representative the change. The free trade that Mr. Oppen of the LEAF when called upon for informa heim's broad visw takes in implies reciprocal QoD relative to OLe of Collector ){agone's free trade, but where CaD it be foundf Look latest vagaries. at this:-W. C. MOB8B O.N Tlllil SUBJECT Oll' THB TOBACCO TAX .&J!fD TARIFF. This gentleman, who is president of the Chemung Valley, New York, Tobacco Grow81'S' Aesociation, favored us on Friday, while making a social call at this oftlce, with an expression of hie views on the leaf tobacco aituation in and 011t of Mr. Morse aaid:-"All that could be done to secure favorable legislation in the interest of tobacco growers and the tobacco industry in all its branches has been do_ne by delegates and memorials ouring the past winter and spring; but no good result is yet perceptible, and I doubt if any change .in the tobacco tax and tariff will be made. This is a yea. r in which politicians LmA1I' TOBAOCO AND OlGARS. Austria-Hungary, monopoly. France, monopoly. Italy, mooopqly. Spain, monopoly. Foreign leaf and manufactures of tobacco are admitted to these countries through out sidere only for private use and by special ptr mission, and then only at h1gh rates of duty. BJLG1Ulll-Duty. Leaf per 100 kilos pounds). $13 51 Cigars per 100 jtilos ............... 67 90 DKNIIURKLea{ per cwt, about....... .. .. .. 3 99 Cigars per cwt, about............ 22 80 GI:RIUl'IYL,af per 100 kilos................ 20 28 Cigara per 100 6' 26 NKTHERLAJIDB-GR:UT BRITAINLeaf per pound ................. Cigal'a per pound ............... .. CANADALeaf, free. Cigars per pound, $1.20 and 20 per cent. ad valorem, plus iritsrnsl tax. MJCXICO-8ti 1 84 Leaf per single kilo. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 09 Cigars per kilo.. .. .. .. .. .. 4 82 HONDURASLeaf per pound ................ .. 40 Cigars, monopoly. BRAZIL-Leaf per 100 pounds.............. 1 26 Cigars per single $0.38, and each with extra charges. We might enlarge this list of countries levying duties on our tobacco prodNcts, but this is long enough to show that recip rocal free trade is not among tbe things now availa ble, so why on tile ground of fair n ess alone should we open our ports to the free admission of foreign tobacco pwducts1 Each country mentioned above protects it self by tariff to the extent of ita needs; why, then, shall we not do the same! Mr Oppenheim'li lilaeral theory of free trade would allow not unly the total leaf product of Sumatra, Havana, Mexico and every other country to come here without duty, but also the cigars made io foreign lands. In our judgment the ports of the United States made free and the foreign porte uamed con tinning as now protected by tarilfe and pro hibitions, our domestic tobacco would be out of employment, and people on the island of Cuba; in Germany, and perhaps in Mexico, would be making a good many of our cigars. Havana and Germany made fifty per cent. of the cigars sold in this country between 1850 and 1861-2-until, in faot, the war tarilfe and iqternal revenue system now continuing, and under which our cigar industry has grown vast, ordered a halt in the progreSB of foreign competition. Our home-made cigars are excellent, millions and millions of them being first class, none better in the world; 'but it is not easy to realize how their position as a merchantable commodity at home or abroad can be im proved by allowing additional millions made in other lands to have a free entry in tbe race with them. Of course Mr. Oppenheim' s idea is that .if by freedom of entry we garner tbe b('8t foreign cigar leaf, we can force foreign consumera of cigars to look to us for their sup plies, and the conception, as far as it goes, is absolutely correct; but the trouble is taat by freedom here our tobacco growing interest will be killed outright-not by Havana leaf, which aida in absorbing our domeetic Itiaf, but by other varieties not uaed in connection with leaf. Tbia nak cannot properly be taken, and ought not to be; for latterly it has been hard, up hill work foJ; our patient, plodding tobacco growers. Furtlaermore, once seek by free entry to attract foreign leaf, forsil;n governments will in retaliation and for self preservation, one after another, open their ports to cigar leaf and raisetheir tarilfe on our cicars. Our importe of foreign leaf of all kinda for the fiscal year ending J une30, 1887, amounted to 17,519.194 pounds, and was valued at 68,704,9lkl. This quantity was not large, but it made our domestic cigar leaf "drag its slow length along," and it is so dragging today. In view of this well-known circum stance we cannot but think it wiser to leave leaf duties as high as _they are new than take them off altogether, and venture to again inquire:"Wbo wants free trade" BUSINESS -IIENTIOJf, Mr. William Levin, 31 Dey street, New York. well known in the trade as a leader in his peCialties, has recently placed in 'he market a whittt and gilt frame, adapted for shaw cards, that for neatness, beauty and cheapness surpasses any of hie previous efforts. This gentleman invented the bronze frame some four years a&o, and although his arenow counted by the thousand, the bronze frame of his make is still the best produced. Mr. Levin manufactures iq I! large way oak, ash and other wood frames, as. also gilt and gold and ail ver. The California Works, an old and reliable institution, offer to the cigar trade an article which they claim will give the cigar a real and genuine Sumatra lustre, without any sticky propensities. Tbe Cali fornia Distilling Works' Havana 'l'obacco Oil, their Box Flavor and their Vegetable Speckling Compound are all articles which every manufacturer should have. They are guaranteed. The Philadelphia. cigar manufacturing firm of Gray, Morales lt Dalton will hereafter be known and do business under style of Gray, Morales &; Co. Mr. Dalton, wbo has with drawn and associated himself with H Mabn, and under firm qame of Dalton&; Mabn will ,continue the haodaome retail and jobbing busiaes in Chestnui formerly owned by the first named house. B.Jtb firma have our best wishes tor their &uccees. The Chas. N. Swift Manufacturing Com pany, of 115 Chambers street, this city, the only mapufacturers of moU.teniog articles for tobacco and cigars, have just built for the cigar importing firm, Grommes &; Ullrich, large caaes for storing Eic!l one of these moistening vaults bas a of boldiog from 10,000 to 60.000 and more cigArs and keep them perfectly. Sprague, War.ner &; Co., in tile same ci,y, will also have large cases built by the Swift Manufacturing Company. Tbefollow'ing courteous invitation was re ceivej today. r thank my friends. but am sorry I cannot attend:EI Compas Cigar Factory. 1906 8 North Sixth Street, Pltiladelpbia, Pa., Charles W Mecke & Co., proprietors._-'l'be pleasure of your company is at the opening of their new building, on Friday, June 15, from to six o'clook:, P. .11. Compliments ef Cbarles H. Volkmar. To Mr. John G Graff. R. Hillier's Son Company, the New York importers and m11nufacturers of drugs and licorice powder and paste, reporo. business very fair in spite of dullness among most of our manufacturers. Mr. A. J Mao sell, a gentleman v/bo bas repre'!limttod tbii old house for several yearH, hall just t eturned From a vAry successful Western trip. Tue Hillier' Sou Co. do a large trade in aud Greek li corice paste aud belong 10 the are to have most to say; the next President is to be elected, and Congreesmen-even those desirous to do as much as they can for the relief of the tobacco interest-when courteously receiving information concerning -the burdens aild of tobacco grow ers North, South, East and West. will say, 'Well, what bearing will your wishes, if graated or refused, have upon the party ls@ues of the day Y' The seems to be, How can politJcal capital be acquired f not How can eur depreHed induswies be revived r Oougre. is making a great mia&ake in igaorillg to the extent it does the appeal of the farlllers, for they are the feedere and in a Leaf per 100 kilos ............... 28 leadiuK firms who deal in tobacco manufac turer .. supplies of all and every dedcriptioo. Cigars per 100 kilos.............. 16 00 PORTUGALLeaf per kilo............. .. .. .. 1 81 Ctgara per kilo........ .. .. .. 2 85 SWJDIN-Lea1 per 1CO ki)os........ ... .. .. 13 60 Cigars per 100 kilos. .. .. .. .. .. 40 8! SWITZERLANDLeaf per quintal (lOO'lbs}, about.. 83 per quintal ....... : .. : .... 111 SO TuRXBYLeaf per 100 kilos, about :..... t 88. Cigars per 100 kilos .............. 132 00 Tbe old importing house of S. Liniogton's Son, of this city, I:IBB changed proprietors. Mr. T. B. Linington, the youngest eon of the late Stephen Liuington, wbo was connected in buPiuess with bia father, b,. .. purchased tbe entire interest of this wellknown house from his brother Theodore L w bo beCM me propr1er.or a few o.g.... Tile name of this old aud reputable concern dates back as far as 1831), and as importers of cigar11 it has always rankedamong the of New Yvrk-in fact S ephen Liointcton was Wle first importer of Havaua and Ma nil& cig&rB in thi1 oountry. Mr. 'f. B., the praent. proprietor, who wu brought up from TUNE r3 :EKO:EL&.CIJEI R. ':EE HKT""'fr &, 00., -oor 'to .R.O:EDII.R.T :Ill. "E.a%.aT CO. EST.ABLISBED J838. OFFICE SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. BUILDING A.u.d. ::Sri.o.: azi.d. %ron. Dbneulollll1 1Mx40 1'eet, _.vlnlf floor spaee of over !lli,OOO teet, atrbrdiDif 81Bple room 1br 1 ............ a boy in his father' s business, poBSesses the tact to rua a large establishment, and is a gentleman of ability and bas a thorough k:now ledge of the cigar trade. Dr TOWJf THII!!! WEEK.. -1. Kaffenburg, Boston, Mass. -Thoe. Melainger, St. Louis, Mo. -Henry Grodjlnski, Boston, Maes. -Louie Hiller, leaf dealer, Chicage. -F. Lowenthal, of Lowenthal &; Meyers, Albuquerque, New Mexico. -Geo. Bremer, of Lewis Bremer's Sons, the Philadelphia tobacco merchants. -Morris Bamberger, of L Bamberger & Co., the Philadelphia leaf LOOA.L JOTTIJfGS. -Seed leaf is at a pr!lmium, judging from Sumatra reports. -Mr. Julius Beer, of Weil & Co., has taken up his abode at the Branch. -All outgoing steamers ar!! too crowded to &((COmmodate Sumatra buyers. -The cigar machine is coming I AU-is well 'that ends well. There is nothing like perse verance. -Our leading imoorters show prudence and wisdom; 4,000 bales on band will go a good ways. -Amsterdam hotels are auffering for want of our American guests, or rather Uncle Sam's greenbacks. -Jos. Lederman & Sons take posseBBioo of their oottage at Long Branch on the 15th of June. It is a very handsome place. -Oigar manufacturers West are very anxiously looking for machines on electricity. Wait a little while and you will get all you want! -We have had to register Bandanna" and Old Ro LEAF will makJ a minute and thorough investigation of this machine, ond our readers can rely upon a tru,bful aad unbiased report. The '!'erses kindly furniibed by our Scotts burg, Va., correspondent will a-ppear in our next iiaue. OUR 'W ASHDrGTOJf LETTER: W BBINGTON, D. C June 11, 1883. What will the action of the St. Louis convention have upon the tariff and iot.:lrnal revenue questions in Congress f Tbat con ventiou was entbueiaRtic, nominates a strong ticket, indcrded the President's tariff reduc tion and the Mills bill, which is now being cons-idered in tbe House of Represent& tives. In its tariff plank the convention managed to please the protectionist Demo crate as well as free if we can judge from-the satisfaction shown by both sides when the subject is mentioned. But uobiasoJd thinkers here cl .aim that very little comfort can be derived by the protectionists from the action oi the convention, and an swer the inquiry with which I began this lt>tter by bolaly asserting that it is now more probable that the Mills bill will pass the House and be greatly amended in the Senate, and then returned to the House in time to l"ermit lished the subttance of an alleged decision of tbe Commissioner of Internal Revenue Co the that ligl,lt weight packa,;ea would not be sezed, as the Governmeat ia satisfied when the full amount of stamps due is put en a box, leaving individual grievanCB!I to be settled by the courts. It now transpires tba$ this publication wu, to eay the least, prema ture. Such a letter was written in reply to one of the many that have been received but the Commiesioner hal not yet signed.' and although the officials of the Bureau pneraU:r regard th!'t letter as exprssive of the policy of tbe Bureau, yet some believe the Com missioner may conclude to change the policy and attempt to protect these buyers who have learned to regard the stamps as in a certain degree certi'lcates of the number of cigara, etc. io a box, believing that manufacturers put as much in a box as the stamp will carry. B. P. G. a compromise measure to receive the Presi liB JOSEPH OPPillfREIII LIKU rau demial approval, and thJs become a law. TBADE. They this oompromise will be th!l work We print to-day a letter from Mr. Joseph of a conference committee, wtll consist of a 0 h slight increase in. the free list, a slight re ppeo elm, of tbe firm of Levy Bree., Ule ductioo in some of the priocipalschedules, large cigar manufacturers of Avenue 0. a reduction 'in the internal revenue tax on C'omiog as it doee from one of a firm that cigars, and the repeal of all taxes on man-gives employment to over 500 hands, it will iJe ufactured tobacco ami all internal revenue read with much interest by the entire trade. laws directly affecting or taxing the dealers in and gro.wers of leaf tobacco. They claim 'l'be letter referred to is in answer to the foltbat the Republicans will not agree to greater lowing line published in the Local tariff reduction, and the tariff reformers will our last issue: "Who wants free trader-none oppose a repeal of all internal revenue laws o f our' tobacco or cigar manu!&cturera. n in order that the increasing in the Treasury may strengthen the sentiment ih NBW YoKE, June e, 181& the country favorable to a reviiSion of t!:le EDIToR ToBAOOO L:uJo-tariff. But they donot speak with great You were a little "previous" when you in !lonlldeoee. They limply aay it is mure your Local Jottinga, your o'wn probable now that there will be such legis question, "Who wants free tradef-noue of lation \hie year as I have described. vur tobacco or cigar manufacturei'IL" I cle-No matter, however, what men's guesses sire to go on record as one of "our cipr may be on tbls subject, the fact remaius that manufl\cturers'' who is meat heartily ill favor the He use is censideriog tbe tariff bill under of tree free trade-so far rules that permit a. determined minority to IB lt affects our lndUdtry, and also in favor off e r and d1scues amendments until the hot of 0: much free-er tr,ade on almost everything weather and approaching campaign forces else Bow taxed for the sake of taxation an adjournment. Nothing but ao arbitrary rather than for honest protection. exercise of power will enable the majority to I am in favor of free trade O!l tobacco. be change these rules. Consequently, as the cause free leaf will enable to 11ell our c1gars bill consists of sixty seven pages, more than wherever cigars are smoked; whereas "pro half of wl.ucb are filled with lists of articles tectioo" to our ''Buckling i1,1dustry" limits our and thus subject te thousands of amend m.e.rket to the boundary lines ol the United menta!. and as the thirty-fourtb line on the With the Progrees buochin rna second page has not yet been reached and chloe to, make our bunches, and with tbe may not be reached until Wednesday, owing Williams, the Schmalz, the Flatow and the to interest taken in the debate on flax, n a w wonder we will soon have at' work to the reader can own conclusion. To our bunches, we can co)Dpete with the bo sure, it is true that the Senate Finance socalled ','pauper labor" of the w.orld, and Committee hearings and favors a our machmes will make such cigars as the revision of the tax laws. It is also true that aforesaid paupers poa;,ibly make, for no amendment to the Mille bill has y e t b een less money than a pauper anywhere can live. adopted in the House unless it had b ee n preWe have the leaf that must be used"'" our viously adopted in the Demooratic caucus. and if we could get our Sumatra ancl But still the maio facts as to the opposition. our Havana free we could mak11 cigars of any length of the bill, limited time before the qualtty and sell them for ld88 money than final adjournment, aecessity of diacuesing and are now !JOid anywhere in the ll:nown passing the annual appropriation bills and world. Instead of New York and other other nece888ry hills, speak for Lhemaelves ufacturing centres Bbowmg a falling otf, we To -day business relating to the District of would soon show that million cigars i8 Columbia was in order in the House of Repnot a quar'Br of a poBSibility. Our half-empty resentatives, and the friends of mnoy imfactortes would be botJming with busin018; portant public measures and general pen s ion our. uoell!plo:fed saledmen would cater for bills will surely consume much time here ID .Europe, .A.ei' Africa, South after 'in trying to have tbeir matter disposed Amenca, etc., etc.; all our kindred iodus' of. To -night there will be o. Democratic ries-tbe printer, lithographer, cbox maker caucus, at which plans will be suggested and case maker, tobacco grwer, and perhaps adopted for hastening tbe final vote porter, mould maker. macbmu budder, and on the Mills bill. Evidently the friends of a host of others-would ge' the of .our this bill at last perceive that something must boom The. tobacco who amagtnes quickly be done, or It will be talked or protection helps b1m, would be a Tast. amended to death. gamer on account of an heme do THE NAVY CONTRA.OT. The examination by Secretary Whitney of the Navy Department relative to the tobacco contract aiYarded P. H. Mayo &; Bro. of Richmond, Va., hils not injuted tbe standing of that firm, nor hurt anyone bUL the instigator of the investigation. In an interview with PaymMter-Generall!'ulton, tbe official who awarded the contract. I ascer taiued that be bas received information from many sources whiflh convinces him that A. F. Carman of city has made tile com plaints. The P .. ymaster General doesn't be@itate to denounce Mr Carman in em pbatic terms. He says Carmen promises to secure contracts for a consideration. and olfere d to get a contract for Mayo & Bro. if paid for It. and is now mad becau s e Mr. Mayo spurned his offer and put him out of his office. It seems from the statement of the Navy D epartment officials that it costs $600 to advertise for prop'eeals, aud that on tbls occas ion the advelti@emeots were duly published. But there bas been some dissatisfactio n as 1 o tbe quality of the t o tiacco recently furnished to tbe sailors, and as tbe sailol's have to pay for the tobacco (the Government simply buy ing it to sell to 'be sailors cost pnce). it was decided to raise the atoud'ard somowbat. Paymaste r Gene1al Fulton told m e the Mayo tobacco was selecten as t h e standard by a b oard of officers in New York from samples furnished by thirty dealers, and wbo did not know at the time who furnished the sample finally adopted as the b .est f9r cbewio!l, smoking and keeping. He also said that each bidder had a sample of tbe standard chosen, and thus tbat the standard had been 'l'be contuld plaoe in New York city, aod agam prospenty would take tbe place of d& preesion in that branch. In cooclUBion, I beK to call your attentioa ta tbe proceediDgs of the last national con vention of cigar manufacturer held in this city io October lBit. You will find a resolu which paSBed by a large majority, ask log that Congrllll8 pass a law providing for he.. leaf; and if tnat be not done, tbai a uniform rate of duty be enacted. P,otectioo to labor" and to the "infant inis demagogiem pure and simple. Tile present tariff iu no sense gives any protee tion to labor. Ciprmakers are cheap tosay because there are more of them than ate orders for cigarP. Reverse tl;"' case, and Mr. Strasser and International U aion would be on whi'B borees, layins d!llwn schedule we.would sooner or later be compelled to pay if we wanted to fill our orders. Consequently, 75 cent Sumatra and 150 per cent. wool and various other don't help bim; but, as a matter of fact, keep btm poor mdeed. But dayligat is dawning. and Lhe farmer boats of the l!lnd are beginniDK to that protection is dead against tbem OD everything they buy and on everything tbe:r ..ell, and they won't much longer vote the continuance of their unnatural burden. All the wealth of land will not Ulen be ill hands of the protecLed few, but will 8ca5 ter mightily, and be enjoyed by a mucb larger number of the ciLizenl of tile beH country under the face or heaven. Very trulJ' yours, Joe. OrPUUUI, of Le17 Brae. I


TUNE I3. THE TO:OAdam-l:lchroeder & Bon 10 bales leaf to bacco; order 3 cs cigars. Vera Oruz-F Alexandre & Son 24 cs cigal'l. Havana-Tobacco-RothschilLI & Schroeder 49 bales: Vega, Morton & Cale awfully high. Only 3,000 bales fit for America, and half of them very inferior. Finest lots all sold." Other ad vices from Holland state that there will not be more than 16 OOG bales in the present crop fit for the United States markets. This inform& tion ought to cause a sharp advance in the pl'iceij of old goods, but then tobacco is un like any other commodity in this respe t. The sales reported since eur last issue aggre gate 300 b a l es, at $1.45 t o $1. 80, an!! 60 bales low grades at $ l.1U to $ 1.20. 1-16-bxa do, 224 cads clo, 9!! ]4-cada do, 45 kegs do, 9 es cigarettes, 10 pkgs leaf, 8 !Jxs samples.. Coa8twiso Jrom Tampa-BIUichez & Haya 111 cs cigars ()lJlelnnau To'bauo l!lerke\, CINCINNATI, June 9.-0ur market continued very active and higher this week on all grades. Offerings were more liberal than for I!Ome weeks, a portion being selections of old, which from 23 to Hbds. OOerings during week... . 672 Actual sales... .. .. .. .. .. 524 Receipts .................... :.. 651 CUTTING LEAl!'. Old Common lugs, nondescript .... $6 50 to $8 50 '' colory ........... 1l 00 10 00 Medium ........... 11 00 to 12 00 Good. "' ........... 13 00 to 14 00 Common leaf ................... 13 00 to 14 00 Mediuo. ................... 15 00 to 16 00 Good .... __ ... ........ 17 00 to 19 00 Fine ................... 19 00 to 25 00 New. Common lul!;s, nondescript . 5 50 to 7 50 '' colory .. .. .. .. 9 00 to 10 00 Medium ......... 11 0 0 to 12 00 Good .......... 13 00 to 14 00 JUNGBLUTH & B.ADTERBEB.G, TOBACCO MANUF'-RS' SUPPLIES SUGAR, GLYCERINE, PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL, FLAVORS. ; &c. SOLI!) WESTERN AGENTS FOR MAC ANDREWS a. FORBES' LICORICE PASTL Lo_u.1sv11.1.e, LOUIS F. FBOIYIEB, CIGAR .MANUFACTURER., 77th St., 3d ar:-d Lexington Aves. l'ACTOBY No, .362, 3d DIST., NEW YOB.IL Plug-Business seems to have been satis factory t o who have Navies, black and bright, at low prices l!'or the finer grades the demand appears to be only moderate. The exports amounted to 14.8 071 pounds. Common leaf .. : ................ 13 50 to 14 50 JU.LJ:C> J. C>R..DET.:X:., SEI::J:PP:J:J:STGr l.\4E::E'l.OEE...a..NT. Brights: Quotahons. Navy 4s, 5s, 6s, 3s ........... 20 to 30 M lbs lOs and Pocket Pieces ..... 20 to 30 light-pressed ............ 30 ,to 50 Gold Bars ....... : ..... .......... 30 to 50 6 and 12-inch twist ............... 25 to 40 Blacks: lOs, 12s, M las .......... -to 17 &..Jjl to 25 Navy 4s, 5s, 3s lbs.-to 17 rYi,cCO to 25 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces ...... :; .18 to 25 1\ledium ................... 15 00 to 16 00 Good ................... 17 00 to 19 00 Fine ................... 19 00 to 22 00 MANUFACTURING PLUG STOCK. Old. Common fillers, dark .......... 11 50 to 12 50 Medium fillers,some color& body14 00 to 15 00 G;ood fillers, red and good body .. 17 00 to 19 00 Fine fillers, bright & good .body.20 00 to 25 00 New. Common fillers, dark .. ... .. 10 00 to 11 00 Medium fillers, some color& body12 00 to 14 00 Good fillers, red and good body .. 10 00 to 18 00 Fine fillers, bright & good body.19 on to 23 00 ],. W. DOHRMANN &; SoN Nee:rohead twist ................... ts to 30 Speo1al. N' o't1oe Smokmg-No change reported, the demand continuing IUl usual. _. WANTED I'OB OASJL _.,. Cigars-Cigar report only 'CIGAR. ClJTTINGS a moderat e business. The volume of tra!ie l'w Domeatlo -c1. EzpOlL't uduring the week, however, has probably 'We been up to the usual average. arelllwayo In &he market tor TobaccoCIIUiap. 11: u,. ere olean alld dey alld DOt musty, DOJIEsTxv aEvmrTa; SLOCH BROS., Wh.eeling, W. Virginia. rhe following articles were received at the port of New :1: ork during the week: By tile Railmad-C B Lockwood 124 hhda: M Abenh e im & Co 28 do; D Dows ()o 65; 0 Meier 1; C Erdt 24 cs leaf; order H hbd s B11 qu 1Juds9n Ratlroad-Cullmans & Rosen haum 25 cs leaf: A Cohn & Co 118 d o ; R C William s Co 28 pkgs; order 354 hhds. By the flailroad-J S Gam,' Son 84 leaf; Kimball. Urouse ,'t Cn 130 do: G a il, Ax & Kuch : er M ; F Sahu l z 112; order tl23 hhds, 139 pkgs. By tlte New Ymk and New Haven Steamboat LineO S Philip s 1 cs ieaf; L Gerhel & .Bra 7 do; G L a ng II; G Schwab 2; order 11:1. By tht Nt11l Y< k and Hartfor d 8/Mmboat F Schulz 89 cs leaf. l:Jp II<* Uld lJammitm l:!tMmshi'IJ & Co 34 hbd: J W i Le&Co'odo: S awyer, Wxllace JG Co 20o: E :l'luelle1 &; ()o 4: C H Lockwood R M Martin 74: P Wriabt & Son 1 : l:l; Siebert 19: A li Cardozo 4: A A Smith & Co 3; Kinney To uacco Co 9 hhds, 17 trcs; P Lorillard & Co l:i do, do, 1 box samp l es; J D Kieley. Jr 202 do. 1U do, 2 do, 35 cs mftl, 10 bxs do; F E Owen 5 hhds I bx samp l es;' Buchanau &. LyaU 84 ao, 3 do: W Duke, Son & Co 17 bhds, 50 cs smkg 196 d o crgar ettes : W 0 Smith & Co oO trc, 620 cs mfd 5 bxs d o 12 % bxs d@. 40 cails do, 10 cs mkg, 10 do c igar ettes, 1 bx samples; Thompson, Moore & Co M cs mftl 20 bxs do, 20 J,j,-bxs do, 81,!4 bxs do; A.llen & Ginter 11 cs smkg. 166 do cigarettes; Mar ti n & Broadhurs\ 35 cs mfd, 104 bxs do, 14.2 hales smkg: Austio, Nich o l &: Co 10 c s sm)nt b_y my method of tea(' bing sruarantf>ed in A couNI:e oftwP.n'y le-ssonL Diaa-ra.m method withnut notes. St.OO Note Book forBaujo, $l.OO. Sent by mAH on receipt o _fprlce Adftr8M tor Ulnstra.ted circ\llars, HENRY 0. DOBSON, 1270 Broad way, New YorkClty, U. B. A 1UI3


4 THE TOB.A.COO LEAF. TUNE r3 TRADE MARKS REGISTERED. To eotablleh In court In ...., ef or trauduleat cl&lm, ownenhip in a trade mark OJ' laHJ. It ill :necer .. ary to prionty ot or flrBt UH after abandonment the ori&ina1 owner aDd to make mob.. proof at aU Urnes &"'Y&ll&ble tbe Tou.oco L&.u' PuBL18BDIG CollPNT bae in in tbelr efllce aol)edect system for tll4!1 Uon and cataloKUIDr of trade-marks aDd label a of t "er'f 4e-8Criptioo pertalolng t<> tbe &obacco, clpr aod ctgareaeiD lereets of this count.I'J', aDd a& 1otDer ....,_ thaD are &D7 00 wlll retster aie certlftoatee of regiatration and publl8h weekly ln the he atvle exblbltedllleiow aU trad&-marke aDd labels for 76 Cents Each. 8PBOIII'Y THEIR 118. Pe"'nl alld tlrms scndmg us hade lllllllkl for registration sliould be particular lo specify the Ulle U&eB 1o which the trade marks are to be, or ha'n! been, put; whether ueed for c1gars, IJDoliinp;, IIJie cut, plug \obacco, or snutr. ,If the D&IDII il w be used for Cigar&, It 18 needless to lt for cgaret.tes, smoking, :line-cut, plug toliacco and nulf; Dr any one of these, m addition, for a trade mark can be hel:l only for the ptu tiCular :::or class of goods, upon which 1t actU&ily Terbena. No 8140. For Reg1s tered June 7, 8 a. m Stephen Fuguet & Sons, Pa.. Batehel. No. 8141 For C1gars. ReglB tered June 7, 8 a m Stephen Fuguet & Sons, Philadelphia., Pa. Satr Nb:. No 3142. For C1gars. Regts tered June 7, 8 a.. m. Chas. Thebus, Eva.nsvllle Ind. Bandanna. No 8143. For Smoking, Fine cut and Plug Tobacco Registered June 7 9 a.m. Lawreace Lott1er, Richmond, Va. El Sol de Cayo Huewo. No. 8144. For June 8, 10 a.m. Ed wa.rdo H. Gato. Key W eat, Fla. Bandanna Wltlp. No. 8145. For Whips Registered June 11, 8 a. m. Peck & Whipple Co, Westfield, Bandanna Campalan Whip. No 3146. For Whl'ps Regswred June 11, 8 a. m Peck & Whipple Co., Westfield, Mass. H. H. No. 3U7 For Cigars. June 11, 8 a. m. H. Hambro, Boeton, M8.88. 5Uver Tips. No. 3148. For Cigars. Regis tered June 11, 8 a. m. C. Remberger, Vicksburg, M1ss Owls. No. 3149. For Registered June 11, 4 p. m. B. Kumm, New York. Our Nl&ht Owls. No. 3150. For C1gars. Registered June 11, 4 p. m. B. Kumm, New York:. ::11 Sum. No 8151. For Cgars Regll'teed JunA 8. 4 p. m Geo. P L1es & Co New York. Ha Sum. No 3152. For Cl!'ars. RegiS tered June 8, 4 p. m. Geo. PLies & Co., New York. ,. Partner. No. 8158. For C1gars, TwlBt a.nd Plug Tobacco RegBtered rJune 11 8 a m Wm. Lmdsey & Co Re1ds v1lle, N. C ------GEO. FERL & () 0 0 Proprietors of tbe following regia t.ered brandsot mgars -'Blue ''George sHome, 4 Bright Star, G F 8r. Co 's Monogram, 'George an&. B1lly &nd "St Louis Fall' D1ploma Infringemtnta upon above brands will be prosecuted bylaw South Broadwy, St. Louis, lllo. OUR CHICAGO LETTER. CmOAGO, June 7. EDITOR TOBAOOO LI!:AI!'-Ma.nufacturel'tl, JObbers a.nd leaf dealers here a.ll report trade Lh111 week muah better, and the ouUook for the fall trade very en couragmg I am tnformet;l by dealers tha.t the crop of 181l7 W1sconam tobacco 18 turn mg out very tiue, and tba.t there I S a. large woport10n of wrappers. The crop 1s bemg rapidly bought up and 1s brmgmg h1gh prices, wtth prospect of go111g still htgher. C1ga.r representatives on our streets from your c1ty do not d1mm1sh aay. Among them we Bot10ed Mr Sanchez, of Sanchez & Haya.; and H A. R1chey, of 98 Front street, y;our c1ty. L Spear, of & Held, stopped w1th U8 a. few hours on hlB wa.y to W1econem ths week. On h1s return from Milwaukee he WJll no doubt do up the numerous dealers here m hts hoe-no doubt w1th prefit to the 881d dealers as well as hunself Mr. Geo. W. Newman, of Young & New man, lea.f dealers, 62 North Front street, Philadelphia, alway!! brmgs sunshine and spreads gladnesa wherever he goes. W1th that gemal and happy dl8pos1t10n tba.t characterlzell the man, he generally carries away w1th h1m some good orders George IS al wa.ys welcome wtth the boys. The Se1fert Cgar Co announce 1n a. mrcu lar the followmg: "We beg leave to mform the smoking fratermty that we have epened the greatest and moet commodiOUS es tabhshment extant." J T H. Our 8coUebarc 8peelal. 800TTSBURG, Va., June 9. EDITOR ToBA.OOO LI:U'For several weeks our local markets have been wtthout apec1al features; and, therefore, I have not written the LEAF. The mdtca tions a.ll justify the oonclus10n that the '87 crop of this &!!Ctlon Is nearly all m the hands of dealel'll. There l8 what 1s called the "tail ends" of the crop-sma.ll parcels of nondeacrlpt a.od 'small lots of all gmdes still behmd m hands; and there is here a.nd there, perhape, a full crop held by some old fogy who would not sell even at a. dolla.r a. pound, holdmg back hs tobacco to let 1t "funk a.nd brmg him 10 cents per pound. But vf both of theE sorts there are lesa thatt usual On our market Messrs. Hudson & Whit low, warehousemen and lea.f dealers, been rece1vmg some splendJd crops wh1ch were purchased privately some t1me a.go, and Hudson & Moseley, manufacturers, haYe la.1d m a. la.rge eupply of medtum to very fine workmg tobaccos The goods of tllis firm t; GR lUNDS. FJUTZ BBOS. n. GEO. p, LIES & co. Opbdo-. of .Jade Taft ill. tile" Choaa4 Bepb lio" Cicarroa Caaeo TAJ!'T, J.!....Th1s is an action to set astda a decree m thl8 court a.t epecia.l term, wllermn the pla.mt1ffs m c11.11e a.t bar, Bros were esJomed from sellwg goods a trade mark found to be the property of the defendants, Geo P L1es I!L Co. The evidence m the proceedmg to set the aecree a.s1de was heard a.t spema.l term, and the reserved for th1s court on a. bill of ev1dence. Both parties are engaged m the ma.r.oufa.c ture and sale of c1gars. Lies & Co have their factory m New York. while ll'r1tz Bros are a. Cmmnnat1 firm On A'pnl 21, 1887, MorriS S. W tse, attorney for L1es & Co eame to th1s c1ty to mstltute proceedmgs IICtllnst Frttz Bros., to enJom the latter from I!Bllin,g the1r c1gars, known ae mga.rros. 111 boxes bee.rmg the words 'Grea.t Repubhc C)ij::arros," a carmme embosses sealm the outs1de of the box, a.nd a.n ms1de label With a picture of a goddeBB of hberty. He went to LouiS Kramer, of Kra.mer & Kramer, attorneys at la.w, of this c1ty, and stated his purpose, and b1s Wli!h to employ the Kramors to effect It Kramer told him that Fr1tz Bros had long been h1s chents, a.nd tba.t he d1d not w1sh to take a. case aga1nst them 1f they obJecwd Otto Fntz, eemor member of tbe firm, was sent for, anel the Situation explamed. He told Kramer that he would rather be sued by a fnend than by a stranger Wise then sta.led the cla.1m of hlB chents to Frttz and ae Fr1tz admits, included the ca.rmme aea.l a.nd the goddes11 of hberty label, There was some dlscuuwn, which ended m no agree ment A pet1t1on for IDJUnctwn waa then prepared, whwh, together w1th a number of t.LtiOns of the petitiOn to be twe, and enJOID IDg Fruz Bros. from usmg the ttade mark 'Great; Repubhc," and any Sign or ImitatiOn of L1es & Co 's Ill conuectiOu there w1th. The decree w a s sunmitted to FtJLz, and he and his brothar kept H several days Fma.lly he returned the decree to Krame1. He says that the decree as or1gmally druwn contained the words "deviCe and to wh1ch he obJected, whereupon Kramer stt uck: them out. Kramer says tbat the de cree a.s ente ed 18 exactly as It was when be 1t to Futz, F tli Z thought It 9. httle broad and he explO" "York.. parts of the1r trade ma.rk after an agreement 1 CALIFORNIA DISTILLING WORKS, had been reached eecuung everythmg, and second, that he fraudulently misrepresented to Fr1tz Bros the effect of the decree wbtch tl:iey held for a. number of aaylffor constd eratiOR Frltz sa.ys tha.t Kramer told him not to show the decree to a. lawyer No matter bo;v evil were Kramer's 1nten liOns, such rema.rk to would been foohsb and most likely to defea.t the purpose to h1m Its m herent 1mprobab1hty affects the cred1b1hty of all Fr1tz's statements. The burden I S on Fnlz A.9 to all the d 1sputed fa.cts happenmg before the decree was entered, Futz a.nd Kramer the only wttnesses, and they contrad1ct other Fr1tz has at least a.s much 1nterest m th1s matter a.s Kra.mer If he thought that the decree afl'ected nothmg on his box except the word11 Great Repubhc," tt 11 ihfficult to see why he also changed the shape o f hiS box a.nd the number of the goddesses and then submitted 1t all to Kramer and to Wtse for approval If his understandmg of the decree was us he says, he need only to submitted the "ords Great NatiOns" for approval. More over, when Fntz found out from Wise's let ter the extent of h1s cla.un under the decr'ile, l t would seem natural for him to haYe con suited either a la.wyer or a. court as to the effect of the decree, If the claim of W1se was so dtffereut from b1s own. Instead of this, he took no steps m regard to the decree untl the penalty for dsobed1ence was sought to be wfllcted. Loms K1 a.mer's letter to Wtse sent With the "Grea.t Nauons" box certamly contums a contradiCtiOn of his expressed vwws upon the stand, and 1f the cu cum stances did so fully susta.m hiS eVIdence m other respects h1s explanatiOn of It would I.e unsatisfactory He put a poor constructiOn on hiS own decree, and d1d so, we have no dobt, a.t the request of a former chent, a.l lowmg h1s g o od nature to overcome his JUdgment We cannot, there!ore, g1ve the lette r the evidential wmght m th1s case cla1med for 1t by counsel for the pla.mt1ffs Counsel urge that Kramer wa.s really at torney for both parties m the Ill JUnctiOn SUit, that Fr1tz haCl a. ngbt to rely upon h1m as h1s coun!el The ev1dence 1s very elear that Kramer fully to Fritz that he was L1es' attorne y, and that unless an al!;ree ment could b e reached, he must employ somebody else. Indeed, Kramer urged Ftii z to consult some one else, RO both W1se :-101 hhds, Sl cs, 47 bales 1 Bnush Amtrallll-96 bhds, 90 cs, 412 pkgs 171, 169 lb) mfd BI"IU8h Eq-2 bbds 15 c, 12 pkgs (2.112 lbs) mfd llaytv-17 bbds, 4 pkg s (2UO Jbs1 mftl' L we1pool-S1 hbds t; bales 128 pkgs (19 407 lbs) mfd .Marse p IB not above 80 Se who have good bright tobacco can alford "to hold," a.nd at the Lime "to hold a. stiff upper lip." Yours fraterna.lly, C. G. DAVENPORT. The locatiOn of the Cmcmnull Centenmal bmldmgs could not be unproved upon any manner. 1'Qe mum UUI!dmg occupieS W u.shwgtt'n k, and anot.h e t the canal from Tw elfth to Fifteenth stteets In add1t10n Lbese bmldmg" are connected wllb Musc HJII, stLu&tt'd betweeu LOem 1 htly are witbtu ten to fifteen mwutes' wt

JUNE 13 THE T O BACCO LEAF. 1 AMERICAN EACLE Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobaceo : FIN E C U T S Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. I ; AMERICAN EACLE... CAVENDISH SMOKING. GRANULATED SMOKING. LONG CUT SXOXING. Smoking Tob!c!! 'rBAJ>K IU.lLL FINE CUT. C old Spra National Leacue Crown of Delight. Myrtle Navy, Stork, Home Comfort, Jumbo, lliner's Favorite, Kiner's Long Cut Detroit Long Cut Frog Long Gut. L. H. NEUDECKER. ,Eagle, 101d Tar, Universal Favorite, Fawn Spray of Cold, Morning Bull Frog, Duke & Dandy, FacWnr, Best Oronoco, Cable, Baltimore, I Che,... Clipper Double-Five Lucky. I Plum, Plum 8 k '--' Oriental roo Canada Mixture. Club. Bed TaiL ackinaw, Green Corn, Sun Rise Clock,' Lucky Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, Brudder lied, Dime Bam, Present Use, Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Invincible Detroit llixtures. Navy Clippings I!Jpanish, Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Clever Elk .. Green Corn. Chopper, Bow Wow. Old Hickory's TRADB IUJI][, Smoking Tobacco .... Eastern Markets PHILADELPHIA, Pa .. June 11.-MI. A.. n. Tobacco Insnecwr. reports to tlleTo JU.oco L:a:uu follows :-The movement of mawu factured tobacco the put week still shows a strong ten<.iency to give low grode brands of manufacturers the preference. Never theless t_he regular old brands of un d?ubted stock are da1ly moving forward to the pos111on 1n tbe market wbrcb they held lor so long a tirue. Therefore it cannot yet be claimed that buiness is atisfactory, but gradually assuming that sbape. No cbn,;e m price, except a small aavance now and then of the low Smoking tobacco burns along at the usual speed Cigars--Fairly improved tll)me manufacturers are runnln11 fu 11 f01 ce Snuff-Moves o\it of store with ito usual vim. Receipts for t e week. a,672 boxes, 3,101! cad dies, 4,105 cases and 1411 pails of fine Seed Leaf-A very creditable amount of Cgar leaf feund purcbasers last week, Pennsylv .. uia holding !lrmly to tbe front positi?n, especially in pounds sold. Price s are low ond seem to be ad be aive. Binders and tillers are the moat Oil caaionally a wrapper &Mie 18 reporled, ":bleb unquestionably would be ofteuer and larger 1n wount if the gooda could be shown. It is bulieved tbe '!l7 cror Will fill t -he bill. or ninety days more wil tell the tale. Sumatra soils alonl! freely in ales. Havana moves with ao <>ase and sallsfact .ron which almost amounlll to" poa1tive oleluion. Not aa effort is made to disturb the charm. Price is scar<'.ely questioned. If the stock bas quality, all ia sereoe. Receipts fer the week-liS cases Connecticut, 918 cases Pennsylvania, 62 cues Ohio. 29 cBI!es LitLie Dutch, 12fl cases Wisconain, 69 cues York State, 129 bales Sumatra, 240 bales Havana, anti 182 hbds Virginia aod Western leaf tobacco. l!lales for the week-88 cues CllDnecticut. :l60 caFes Pennaylvan1a. 28 C&iCS Ohio, 44 cases Little Dutch. Ill caeea Wiscousin, 47 York State. 89 bales Sumatra, 286 bales Havanll, and 18 hhds uf W eHern )e&f in transit direct to manufacturers. Export of leal tobacco: To Liverpool. per str British King, 51,870 lba: to Antwerp, per str Noord land. 15,432 lbs. Total, 67 lbs. Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. C., June 9 .-Headerson Bros., Leaf Tobacco Broltera, repor\ to tbe _'l'oBACCO LEAl!' as follows:-Receipts have been heht for some time, anti will co&tinue so, as tbere is lmt litUe tobacco now in tbe country to he marketetl. Prices are orne higher on all kiods than they in May. There w11l be an average crop oeL 1n tb1s sectioa of the State, o.nd reports come to that pl"nts are growing off nicely. Sales for Msy, J0o,768 Ills at an average of f8.3U. Fer M .. y. 1887, 508,616lbs; average $10.67. QUOTATIONB-(.New .) Smokers-Common .. .. .. .. . 3 @ 5 .Medium.... .. .................. 6 @ 8 Good ....................... :12 @15 Cutters-Common .................... 15 @18 Medium ....................... 18 @22 Good ........................... 22 @26 Fine .......................... 28 @33 l'illers-Common ...................... 4 @ 6 Medium ........................ 8 @lU Good ... ........................ 10 @12 Wrappers-Common ................... 12 @15 Medium ........................ Hi @25 Good ........................... 30 @40 Fine ............................ 40 @50 Fancv .......................... 60 @75 BALTIMORE, Md., June 11.-Messrs. Ed. Wiacbmeyer & Co. 'J'ollacco Vommissim !ler cll&llts report to tbe TOBACCO LEAF:-Tbe market for is fairly active for desra"le eltport grades, those for flllln;; theFregcb contract. Bales for the weok have ben bh,ls. Ohio bu been in fair request, anol eome Improve ment is noted in the Bcco Brokers. report t.o the TnRACCO J.liAP:-Tbis month will show large falling off iu receipts as compared with last year. as the t>Uilt of the crop bn.s I elL plan te rs' band. Our ealos for tbe week endmp: to day were 857 bbds. The market irregular anl ), trl lower on Regie leaf, but lirmand strong on Bremen sort and lugs. Sellers, looking o.t tbe aufavor .. ble crop prospects, rejected over oue third wf the bids Tllere feems to be a disposition to freely to your maket tbis year, wbicll if your factors encourage, will result in a decided move ment. The general character of tbe l>reaks was medium, with fair general sluppiug order. QOOTATIONS. ....................... 8%: 4% 111edium ........... ............. 1)).4 6).4, Good ........................... Leaf-Common ........................ 7 @ Medtum ......................... 9 @ll Gat two weeks from tbe ground parc"ing out below tbe roots, and from tbe condition or tbe plant beds the plant supply diminishes daily. Perhaps 30 t o 35 per ceat, of the crop in tbe field is a fu l l estima te. Despondent plaeters predict anntber crop, but J!'OOd soakil)g rains within a week wouid av e t this disaster. UA.N V J.LLE, Va., June 9.-YIIr. Paul U. Veeable, Lea! Tobacco Broker, reoorts to tbe 'l O BA.CCO LKAP u fellows:-Recei ,-ts on thi s market llave been moderate this wee I<. witl.t an. active dcrua o d for all grades. Prices bavJ stiffened up somewhat in the p81!t ten days and a more active market is Jooke8 for $ales for tbe month of Uay amount to lbs. Sales from Oct. 1, lo!l?, to June 1, 18Sd, lbs. QUO'l'ATIONS. Smokers-Common .................... 4 @ 6 .Medium colsry .................. ts @ !l G!IO>i tlo .................. I! @10 Good bright .................... lU @12% Cutters-Common bright ............... 12 @15 Medium bright .................. 15 Good bright ..................... 20 @25 F10e brigbt. .. .. .. ............ 2;> Fancy bright... ._ ............. HO @iH).i ll'iflers-Cowmon ...................... 3U,@ o Medium ........................ 5 @ 6 Goou ............................ 7 @ 9 Fine ............................ 9 @12% .l''ancy ......................... 12 @15 Wrappers-Common ................... 12 @15 .Medium ...................... .. 15 @18 Good .. .. .. .. . ..... 18 @22J.i Fine ............................ 25 @35 Fancy ........................... 40 @6tl Extra fancy ...................... 60 @80 EVANSVILLE, Ind. June 9.-l\lr. W T Noel, 'l'obacco Broker, reports to tue 'l'OBACCOJ LEAF:-I have lo a"ain report small tran sac tions for the week. Receipts still continue exceedingly small, partly on account of poor prizing SP.8l!uuo, and an ind;sposition 011 tbe part of tbe strippers to sell, being unwif ing to accept current prices. A small line of very fair ltahan leaf was sold at an average of 'l;l.( wbicb would cfaos as good Bs When we cao have good prizing seasons, and wbeo it. is fully dem,.,nstrated wbllt tlle piau tin!{ will l,e, I look for increased re ce ipts and sales. I have change to report in prices. QUO'rA TIO:KB. Lugs-Common ................ 2 00@2 50 l\{eriium ................ 2 'llmuon ... ........... 4 ou.,.o OU .Medmm ................ 6 00@7 50 Good. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@9 50 HENDERSON, Ky., 1\loe 9.-Mr. G. G. Sl&ugbter, Leaf a.Dd Strip Tobacco Bruker, re1215 ports to the ToBACCO LEU' as fvllows:-Tbe most notice.ble feature itt our tobacco is,. ''etter feeling on all grades of goods suited to manufac turing pmpoaes. The crap gwwn last season is better ad11pted for manuf .. cturtng than any we have ever known in th e whole history of the trade, it a clear hrigbt, very leafy rmd clear of fire or m o ke. It can be bougiJt for al.Jout hal! the price of Burley tobacco, and is a pkndid substitute. We look for au active demand later on. Very little bas yet been done in the way o! exporting and the number of bogbeads to be exported will be smaller than ever kneen very good this week, witb large offering of CGmuon st< ck. Prices have advance on common fillers. Wltb that exceptioa they re main about tile same. 4UOTATIONS. Fillers-Common dark or green ...... 3 @ 5 C o mmon to medium ........... li @ 8 Medium to good ............... IS Good to floe ................... 12 @15 Smokers-Common ........ : ........... 3 @ 5 Couomon to me gop question. Despite the past unsea;o nable tbemvages of the cut worm, and other drawbacks, tbe general impression appears to be that au average crop will eventually be put out. Receipts for the week were 1,5 0 0 hogsheads, again>t 3,874 bbtls for same week lost ye .. r. Sales for the week. month and y e .r aud corre sponding period of three former years were as fol lows:-Week. Month. Year. 1888 ................ 1,7 2 2,189 38.451 1887 ................. 3,632 fi,V9U 57,516 ..... : .......... 4,87a 64,4oo 1685 ................. 3,133 6,333 66,891 14,837 hhds of crop of 1887 sold to date, against 44,66_4 bhds of crop of sold to same iu 1887, anu 53,186 hbds of crop of 1885 sold to same date in 1886. QUOTATIONS, Dark. Truh ................ 2 60@ 3 25 Common lugs ...... ... 3 75@ 4 00 lugs ... 4 00@ 5 00 Burley. 850@ 950 10 00@12 ()() 12 50@14 50 Pure Powdered Licorice Ro.ot. WE BUSINESS WE OFFER $1,000 Reward if it can adulterations in the manufacture of Compounds, or Flavorings. be proven that. we use our Powdered We make only the BEST and STRONCEST COMPOUNDS and FLAVORINCS ... We assert without fear of contradiction that our goods are better, purer and con sequently will go further than anything turned out by any Licorice Manufacturer in the WORLD. Special attention given to the powdering of fruits. Write us for samples and prices. 1214o Good Jugs ............ 5 2Fi@ 5 71! Vqwmon leaf ......... 5 75@ ti 25 Medium leaf.. ........ 6 25@ 6 75 Good leaf .. .. .. .. .. 7 00@ 8 50 Fine leaf ............. 9 00 00 15 00@17 ()() 18 00@20 00 20 00@22 00 28 09@21i00 25 50@2760 Ll:NCHBURG, Va., June 9.-Me&llrs. Holt, & (Jo., Buyers ILild .l.'lanlilers of Leaf To bacco reoort to the ToBACCo LEAl!' 1111 follows: m our market continue to be v ery ligbt, reaching <>oly 607,400 lbs this week. which swells the since Oct. 1, 1887, to 11!,91311,200 lbs against 19,004,000 Ills dUI'ing same period la s t season. Of ferings were very uLsatisfactory, the greater por tion con i s tio g ol cowman and nondescript grades, while good aad tloe leaf remains very scarce. The latter i in strong demand, as usual, and brings very full value but tbe lower grades also showed more stren gtb, and with a better demand for such prices advanced slightly. The weather bu been hot and dry this week:, and farmers have been un able to plant. It is estimated, however, that about 60 to 70 per cent. of a crop baa been set out. Bales of @tamps last month for tobacco. .. amounted to $79,143.44 in the tlixtb District of Virginia. MAYFIELD, Ky., June 9.-Puryear. MT,Ies .11 Co .. Leaf 'l'obacco Broker. report to tbe l'oBACCO LEAP a s follews :-Quality fairly good. Market slightly easier, in the main, but prices oc casionally lull Hbds. Receipts for week.................. 670 Receipts J11.nuary l. .......... .4,720 011'edngs Jar week .................. 414 Olferiugs for year .................. .4,691 Ne' sales for week.... .. .. .. Net sales for year ................... 8,633 QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Commvn (dark) ................. 8 @ 4 Medluw do ................. 4 @ 5).( Good do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5).i@ 6).i Fine de ................. 7% Leaf-Low do ................. Common do ................ 9 MediUm do ................. 9 @11 Good uo ...... 11 @13 Fine do ................. 14 @16 FRtiiOIJT :RATES -PER 100 POIDIDS, To New York. ................ .... SOc 'l'o New Oleans, all nil. ................ 25c. Boston rate 5c above New York, and Philadel phia 2c, 11.od Baltimore 3c below. PADUCAH, Ky;, Ju. ne 9.-Puryear, Myles & c ... T,>bacco .Brokers, report to the ToBAeco LEAF "s follows :-Quality poor an.t market lrregu. lrly luwer by .J4 to lc. :Weather highly favorable Hece1pts for week..... .. .. .. .. .. 742 Receipts since Jan. l.. .............. 6,219 OJferings for week .................. 518 CJifcrinl( for year ............... 6,627 Net sales for week.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 860 Net fales for .......... : ........ 5,577 QUOTATIOl'IS, Lugs-Common ( r lark) ........... .. 8 @ 4 Medium do ................ 4 @ 5;!. Good (jo .......... ...... ti}t Fine do ................ 6}t@ ::: .'.'.'.'::: ::::: Medium do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 @11 liooee large sales in V1rginia and North Caro linn markets to Narthern, Western and Caaada firms, and this suely should''our buyers and manufacturers to know what is beint; qone with such, and to profit by such evi hhds maa.. will be bought this year. It is 500 or more bhde will be included, left GYW" from former contracts, while perhape .UO hhds of fine tobacco besidea is probably-. ready boua;ht, which will leave, if we ue correctly informed, only a few hundred heads to be bought on this market. Tbis_. tract bas dwindled down for Virginia a..r very much, and does not create the ment it used to do. The Messrs. Gray &:SoD.' represent Mr Leopold ffeuffer, of Me8srs. E. 0, Nolting & Co: are the frie-of Messrs. D. H Waeljen & Co., of Bre-. as the .l!'rencb centramora. Mr. William H Jones, the brightwrapper mao, is buildiug a warehouse adjoiobJc Sbockoe, which i" nearly completed. b wia. be a model and convenient one for his and st.orage and sample-room for his marks of wrappers. 'Mr. F. H. Wulkop, of Ky., a member of the well-known firm of W Q. Meier & Co .. Louisville, and R. Meier & (b. Cincinnati, 0 was on 'Change to-day. Jlr_ L. H. Lightfoot is the popular repreeentaat.e> of these large firms. Messrs. J. H Johnson & Co. of are again at work, aRd are ready to the world with their renowned Burlli!!F 9rands, "Dixie," ''Dime," "Half Dime" "Square," besidss tb.,ir famoua Gravely "Extra Chew," "Indian Chief," "Red Tag" and' 'Lucy Hunt." This concern is tired of waiting on Congress for the tax. BX'081TION NOTES. Mr. Adolph Oaterloh is yvest in ,tbe terest the leaf tobacco departmeJU.:. Her.:Js. the right man for the place, and will e_. mand a hearing and get a good exhibit ooe a our Western friends. Mr. E. H. Simpson will probably to North Carolina in behalf of "the 'm'ant.Jfturers' iaterest. A live au d widely party to all leading manufacturers ('an M. secur_e the interest _anl_l the best showing:df.. our stater Stnte m thiS hne. I t ( : ... I Mr. F D B'lrksdale and wife leave RidJ.. mond to for Liverpool, to be -eral in Europe. The Etruria ta1aJs them out. A pleasant trip to thein.. -.' Mr. Charles D Hill is again safely at 11ome from a trip to England. He quotes a ratbe!r dull market and a big surplus of nondetiCripl; goode, which depresses the market abrOIWl. just as at home. Messrs. Henry Lauts & Co., of Baltimoftll;,. have the French contract for 10.000 bbds of: Maryland tobacco, through their friend!B. Messrs. P. Smiuhr;tysen & Co., of Amsterdam.. We learn this contract was taken at figures. Mr. E. K. Vietor, as amateur photographer.:. has amused himself in taking pict11res of ,..;, plant patches and other crop scenes io u., country. He will follow the various cesses to cornplotion of the plug. These in teresting collections he proposes t.o send to lOs. friends in Bremen. -A. good deal of fun was recently calllilil by .1' suit brought ag\inst a tobacco ftrm-.f_ Chicago by n. small dealer, who claimed ,._. he had betln swindled in the quality of a kJt. of cigars be bad purchased, iu which a grilil watch was thrown in valued at $40. TJ:e plaintiff claimed that the cigars were vary bad. The defendant proposeli to prove ,bat. the plaintiff was 1u1 anarchist and was Dt*. supposed to know anything abo11t the qua)Ry of a good cigar. The court took a di1fereat. view of the action, and thought that too cigars had better be tried by the jury aoct-.. journed the case until the week. -Critenon,


I I THE TOBACCO LEAF. JUNE r3 A FEW MORE COPIES OF CAN BE HAD AT THE OFFICE OF THE Leaf Publishing Gon1pany, D. L. TRUJILLO & SONS, LA ROSA DE SANTIAGO GIG ARS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, -MANUFACTURERS Ol!'-Grand Hotel MANUFACTURED BY PEDRO ROGER, From the Tobacco of the Finest Ve ga s of the Vuelta Abajo. ==Fine Havana Cigars. 0"1.1. 'ba. New York Office: 119 WATER STREET, cor. Wall Street. Selling Agent for the W et: G. GOLDSMITH, No. 125 Sa Salle Street, Chfoace. m. EX'U .A.:E&XO G-.A. TO, -Manufactl!rer Pine-CIGARS, d3 CO., PROPRIETORS, Cortina., Mora y Ca., Flor de Cortina,. Sha.kespea,re, Priyilegio. 121 M'aJden La,ne, New York. will .Special Crop Corre&pondence. 1 commence to set this week. agent, W. Allen. CIIDRON, 0 June 9, 1888. IN THE CHEMUNG VALLEY. BOSTON. _Eorroa TOII.t..OOO LEA.F-Chemung Valley Reparter, June 7 :-On American Cultivator, June 9 :-The weather ..Dry and warm. Abo.ut one-half the cr_op b M J s v Du bas been very good for those wbv had plants but aufferint; for want of ram. Sunday, in com!Jany Wlt r. an -large enough to transplant, as the weather 11 th b d zer secretary of the Chemung Valley To -has been cloudy and Just damp enoug n o t.s are now turning ye ow m e e s A d th ou .. tl b t d pJnt baccoGrowers SBOCiatton,we rove r suve the labor of carrying water. Bu alas, .,..__e planters have een wa ermp; an_ ... f h ll t g President ....,... d Tlil claim 1f their "'portion t e va ey VISI 10 only few are fortunate mourh to have plan_ ts illc for eeveral ays. ey Moree, whose residence a mile o 1 .plants are not set they will in 0: few be Painted 00 ttle banks of the Camsteo of sufficient size. Probably a arge maJOrity ITOR TOBA.OOO LEAF. 6lready set. He will plant 35 acres. On a field: S. Graves hl.lll sold about 50 cases o Is We bad rains in somelocahttes durmg the f f 11 t"o bas 1886 crop at good figures. A few acres toh. h bl d h Ia ere t large number 0 arms a sma por 1 0 bcco set out last wenk, H S. Hubbrd tuk_ .........,ent week, w 1c ena e l e P u. u d ,... .. h res set Q ...--tb favored sec been plante ru.orse as_ two n.,. the lead. PJnnt beds are tbm in som. e -" out more tobacco tn ose h h 1 t and he IS hearty 10 h1s ,.., and I now thi_uk 60 per CPnt. ?f the wit t tl new Pan er, parte of the town. Many will begin setting of this county 1 a planted. are this week. The average will ue fully up to doing well, yet with plenty of soon quicker than those set by hand. He will set that of last year. a1Jo11t a full crop can b e planted. C. 0 B. Ius usual amount of t\venty acres this season. Some seed beds .left uncovered have been OLMSTEAD, Ky., June 9 slightly injured by frost, but probably _no Dm>a TOBACCO LEAF. serious damage bas been done. One pomt We had a moderately good plantmg season which shows the in w hicb the Gill. 7th inst., lMting UOLil the pre4ent, and all Chemung valley tobacco is held in the m!lrCbe_plants<> were set out. So much ket is the fact that scarcely a crop .he former planting had been uns'old here, while in o_tber tobacco IJy the cut worms, graoshoppers and other sections buyers are actiVt>. Mr. Mo1se does .iiilaoots that large replanting was neceseat y not sell to buyers, but disposes of his own ll!a.ving a reducedsupply of J>lants f _or new crop to manufacturers by t_hereby -ge. Plant beds also failed rapidly un-securing a much better...vnce for h1s crop. 4etthe severe heat and drouth of the past He hM over thirteen tons of his '87 crop on -a;, which still further reduced supply. hand, and it would do the heart of any 'J:Ite plant supply for tbe present IB fully exgood to see bii They are s!mply lilllueted and much of the mtended tir has -.eeo, received bere durmg the pasL week. I. Jrm,nkel is receiving his purchases made for q. Falk & Bro. E Z Fruzeo has been mak ...g ilome purchases for E Bach & 1\., Ba.cli is here assisting h1m In rece1 UJtese purchases this week. J. H. IB lilllying forJos. Mayer's S ; ms, but. we tearn Ruling pnces sa1d ta have ueen pa1d. Plante aro com1011: frmed an.! more carefully cured and handled, will bring more money per pound. In fact two acres of carefully raised leaf is often wortn more than five acres indifferently raieed. Next -year it might be a benefit to York county if our growers would plant a fulla.cre age, a full crop, M it will be included in the next Government census report of 1890. IN VIKGIJ."flA RIClDIOND. State Junll"6:-The tobacco market is far fnlm active; in fact, it is dull. But, to use the phrase of _the trade, "there I s a ter feeling," espeCially m dark grades Ihe planting in Kentucky hM not been tory to the farmera. The cut worm bas pl11yed havoc with the hills. In Virginia not more than an average crop is being planted, so that there is no danger of an excessive yield. IN OHIO. DAYTON. Jourrw.Z, June 5 :-E:J;cept in South Atlantic coMt region and in the far North west clear weather now prevails over the country. In and west of the Ohio valley a general rise of temperature is now going on, and the condiCALLE DE LA ESTRELLA No. 134, v .A.N' .A.. t i.,ns are forming for t .be expecwd warm spell. I This is just the weather ttl at. planters f the I Miami valley have been would come with the opening of June. Numbers are ready to go on with the trar:splanting of the young tobacco, but the beds are crowded yet. The fields in all this are ready, soil loamy aRd mo! s t, everythmg favorable_ if the weather remams steady. Foreign Markets. LIVERPOOL, June 1.-Parry & Crosbies, in their circulut of this date, aay:-We re peat last month's remarks, omi,ting the one Important traQsaction, and adding that we h a ve beard of oifers f-irmly declined with thanks and hopes for better things in the near future Prom E. C). F'ranke & Co.' 'J'obaceo Circular for &be 1Uoa1b. ot .May, 1888. LONDON, June 1.Messrs. Grant, Our market for all Burley grades, and Chambers & Co. report:-There really especially the l v w st,Yles, advanced and is nothing of any interes' in this market tore $1.50 to $4 00 above pnces of four weeks ago, port, owing to tbe almost entire absence ,of with a strong tendency of further inquiry during the whole of the past month. Rome trade generally has been dull No doubt the limited extent of tba business the last few months, and tho falling off of done in American tobacco can be partly ac manufactured st.ock in jobbers' hands has counted for by the fact of many of tbe large been considerable. Of aark tobaccos most operators having freely supplied their wants all grades above medium advanced gradually in the early part of tbe year. Holders con and were firm throughout the month. Old tinue firm at current prices, with no appar dark lEaf of character was also to disposition to make any concessions, ward the end, with more inquiry and less in especially upon the better grades. The bu s i clination to sell unle s full prices were ness done in all classes ot subgtitutes has obtained. Only the low grades of dark, old been upon a very limited scale, and the same and new crop, are uttel'ly without friends, but may be said as to cigat toba-:co. as the value of the same is so low many of 728 hbds. Deliver ies 1,095 bbds. the owners say they can alford to hold them against 876 in the corresponding month of unlil times change for the better. 'l'he c o n last yea1 Stock, 33.550 hhds, 27.740 dition of a large quantity of new tobacco in 1887 23.8 8 7 iu 1886, 18,742 in 1885, 16,882 in (1887 crop) wag very doubtful. There has 1884. 17,978 in 1883, aud 24 ,189 in 1882. been very much comph1int about the dry, Virgima Leaf and Strips-In the former cold weather and the cut worm, the worms but few salsa haye been effected. Tbe ar destroying in many sections large quantities rivals continue large. For the latter there of Iob .. cco !Jl .. We hear of on., instance baa been but little iniJ.uiry Kentucky and where some .six to seven acres were entirely Missouri-The business done both in leaf and destroyed by .this pest. Only two or three strips bas been upon an limited plauts were left standing by the worms, scale. The finest classes of strips are now probably to give seed for a next year's har in a small compass. Maryland and OhioVltimore, were 728 bhds; deliveries, 1,094 hhds; and 47)ic N e w Orleans, 2lc; stock, 33.529 bbds, against 27,740 in 1887, Ricbr:.ond, 23 .887 in 1886, 18.742 in 1885, 16,882 in 1884, Mayfield N w York, 45c; Baltimore, 43c; and 1?,9i9 in 1883. _Substitutes ha!e. been Philadelphia, 43c; New Orleans, 25c. dealt m t o a very fau extent. V1rg1ma leaf KeceJpta and Stocka in all Weatern !Uarke&a. (Reported by Wm. G. Meier & Co.) Receipts from Stocks on band Jan. 1 to June 1, June 1, 1888 1887. 1888. 1887. Louisville ..... 25,626 48,67!> 34.048 22 .912 Cincinnati ...... 8 ,633 16 ,498 11 ,02 8 8,199 St. Louis ....... 3 ,721 4 .851 7.193 6.799 Clarksville .... 17 ,34.4 16 171 13 ,407 10.436 Hopkinsvillo .. 3 827 5,472 3,9Er7 3 .958 Paducah ....... 5,477 5 .946 5,089 4,625 Nashville. ...... 1 ,395 3.279 1,484 1,890 Evansville..... 907 810 657 Mayfield .... .. 4 ,059 4 ,36 9 2, 786 2,807 '.l'otal ...... 70,989 107,757 79,832 62,303 and strips have not sold to a. large extent. Leaf and Strips-There have been no sales worth special notice. Maryland antJ Ohio-'l'he latter continues in better demand. ROTTERDAltt, May 26.-Mr. N Van Mens, Sworn robacco Broker, reports to Lhe 'l'OBA.CCO LEAF:-Since my last report there were sold 25 bh1s Maryland from Messrs. K. Schaedtler & Co .. on sailing conditions; 15 hhds Virginia., from Messrs. Doorepaal, Loopuyt & Co.; 153 bales Manila, 4a CagaJ an, and 78 4a Isabella, from Messrs. P. MP.erkamp van Embden & Zoonen, at firm prices (which were n:>t granted on Wednes day, May 2 by public sale). Oa the 13th of next month there will be auc tioned 1,282 bales Cavalla, by Messrs. Schip pers & de Jager, and 203 bales Greek, dam aged by Pea water A.rriVd dllring this week: by the steamrr Pnoceas Marie. from Java. 354 balet! G B 1M 798 Soekowono 1 M. for Mesel'l!. A van Hoboken & Co. ; 503 S M U, and 45 S M U I G, fot Messr-<. '.l'. Koniog & van Wtlden. Dy from Sumatra, 368 P v D A. J K, and 517 Mandi Angin 1 Deli, for the 'l'abak: Maatoch. ArendiibUJg By steamer, via Liverpool, from Samsoun, 200 Samsoun, for Messr. Hartlaub & Co. Bnsinellll begins to receive. Post 011ice Notice. Foreign mails for the week ending June 16 will close (promptly in all cMes) at this office as follows-THURSDAY-At 5 30 a. m. for Europe (let ters for Ireland must be "per Gell erL"); at 1 p. m. Camptche, Chiapae, sco and Yucatan (lettero for Tampico and Tuxpam direct and for other Mexican S t ate9. via Vera Cruz, must be directed "per City of Washingwn"); at 1 p. m. for Progreso (letters must be directed "per Panama"). SATURDA YAt 6 30 a m. for Ireland (letters for Great and other European countries must be directed per Servia"); at 6 .30 a. m for ll!urope (lettera (or Irelond be directed per Etder"J; at 6.30 a. m. for France direct (letters must be .:lirected "per La Normandie''); at 6 SCI a. m. for Scotland direct (letters must be directed "per Devonia"); at 6 30 a. m. for the Netherlands (letters must be "per at 3 p m. for Norway duect (letters must be directed per Gei ser'') Mails for the Hawaiian Islands close here June 13 at 7 p. m. Mails for China and Japan close hereJune15 at 4.36 p.m. Mail& for the Society blands close here June 24. at !1.:30 p. n:. Mails for Australia, New Z ealand, Hawaiian, Fiji and Samoan Islands close here June 24 at 4:80 p. m. Mails for Cuba close at this office daily at 2:30a.m. HENRY G. Postmaster. POiitOffice,New York, N.Y., June 8,1888. !ltn:ular Afl"alr In a Clhl.,.&o Clfl(ar !Jtore, There was a strange scene in a Molll"ae street cigar store that have served Gaboriau well for the opening chapter of a n o vel Two men, one middle-aged, the other young and w e ll dressed &pparently very friendly, came into the store together. The elde r orde r e d cigars for both and then stood at the counter writing something on the back of a card. As h e wrote his young friend stepped quietly up b ehind him, s e ized his l eft ear with his thumb and fingers and cut it off with one sweep of a. p ocket knife. B efore the people in the cigar store could interfere the young man co o lly slipped the ear into the pocket of his spring coat, walked out into the stree t and disappeared. Tb.e man whos e ear wa.s cut oJf seemed dazed for a moment and leaned heavily agdinst the showcase,--while the blood ran from his wound in a stream. He was hurrie d to a doctor's office and his hurt b ound up. So far the story is mysterious enoug h, but this is not all. At the doctor's office the wounded man gave the evi dently assumed name of Jack Stevens and refus e d to say anything about his antecedents o r his connections, or whb his friend was or why his friend should cut his ear ofr. The poli ce, who w ere called in, could find out nothing more about these matters, and when the sur geon had finished dressing the wound they let the suspi cious Mr. Stevens wander away. He l os t no time in getting out of sight, and now neither r eporters nor can find any trace of him. About all the ci{;ar store people can say about the affair is that the men seemed to b e strangers in Chicago, looked like prosperous business men, and tbe ear-cutting WM done so quickly that the man with the knife was gone before they knew it. The gentleman who lost the ear seemed very little concerned about It and w ,nt away with amazing equanimity, The polic e can throw no light on the mystery.


JUNE t3 ... OE ., c:Jc., "" SU:M.a!L;FBA -AND OJI' 'l'IIB- HAVll! TOBACCO ""4 N'o. BOB PB.A.JR.X... STJR.EIEJT, c lfm. lflemuth d Importers and Manufacturers of Wn and 109 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Trade lllark. We beg to e&ll tbe &t tentiOD of tbe Trade to oUl' 1ar1re 8880rtment of Novelties and Specialties IIOitable Purpooes. F. ARGUELLES J. LOPEZ. ARGUELLES 4: LOPEZ, -JIANlJFACTUBERS OF-FACTORY AND SALESROOM: aaa :Pea.r1 &"t., 'Y"c::rk. PBIL.t1DELPHI.A. ,, tt\\\\ \\\ f\l \. WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. W. T. HANCOCK, :.::-:a.oo-:a.E&& 8'a0ceeaor to Salmoa, Hancock ol: Co. MANUFACTURER OF l'ine Coil, Light Press, Twist. Na.vy and Sun-Cured TOBACCOS, 1R:lol:l.mon.d, Va. BV 'l'o the Cigar and Public Generally. It come to our notice that some unscru. pulousand piratical manut&CfA11'8rs have ln!rlnged upon our celebrated brand o t OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by ellghtly changing the name and color of label. we take thJs oppor-tunity or the public aod generally aka.Jnst buying such goods. 1mder penalty of. law. Our \lraDd la regletered and protected by bw. Notice FIICtory 2nd D!s t of VIrginia, on each box: a1oo oar name on !Iobel, etc. P. WHITLOCK, HICHMIOND, V &. BILBIN, MDNTEALEGRE & CD -Importers and Dealers inHavana -leaf Tobatco AND CICARS, I 03 Maiden Lane, New York. SCRAP BUNCHING MACHINE CO. HAND MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,500 PER DAY. POWER 5,000 ONE GIRL OR BOY CAN OPERATE EITHER MACHINE. Better than the Best Hand-Work. 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. For terms, parti culars and references apply to ADOLPH LEWYN. Sec'y. No. 1230 Avenue, N'E'VV Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand Str-t, New York, Paceatees oc tll.e New 'V CUTTER. Heiaht of Cutter 'l inoheo, lnclating :Mahoga117 'h .... Ftaished ia Niekel, Brass o.nd Antiq-a.e Dro....,. JIANUFACI'UBED BY Mac Andrews a Forbes from the finest Roots, of .their own collecting, curing, and importing, and sold unde r the annexed customary Trade Mark. Having unusual facilities, more than thirty years' experience of the busi ness, and every improvement in the manufacture, they are in 11 position to offer to the Trade an article of Uniform Purity and Excellence, the hlgh quality of which can be relied on under all circumstances. O::a:loe-66 STR.EET, ( P. 0, Be:o: 28.) TOBACCO LEAF. 7 -NOTICE TO THE r&ADE. .u6 & '08 EAST 69th BTILEET, :NEW YOIUL CAMBRIDGE '' LoiW CIU a:::l (!lranulate4 ._ J. pnrel:r orf JI!"X... 'Y:J:N Gr ::1::>'0' BT, When cutting Dr7 Scrap will, D>ake 60 per ctmt.leoe waete than any other machine. RJCBII'ONo, Va., June2." 1888. MeS@rs. DEAli8'1TNE. cl: Co ., TrCiy, Ne-w York -DEAR Stu: please flnd my cheek i n payment for the Scrap Cutter, as per en c l osed bill, which you wJll please receipt and return at; your conTenience. lt itiYes me great pleasure to state that I have bC!eO in the cigar business for nearly twentythree years, aud have used ma.ny dift'erent kinds ef scrap cutterS, but I find yours the V.&RY BEST that I ever came acrosil. and I wUI c heerfully add Jll.Y name to recommend the machine to tbe trade. Yours respect!ully, P, WBULOCK. !lEND FOR CIRCULARS, &, qc:., 878 JR.:I.v-or N. y-. The following Lal;lels and Brands are our copyngbtel we _caution M:anllfacturen and otbagatnss usmg the same. lllfrinpmea will M ,..._. outed. SPANISH GIRL. The Panoram11, Mark Twain, Andy'!" Jackson The Traveler, Hard No. 1, Seal of WM. cRAF a. -;"'\. --n lo RBKJ!LI.W 8BG1Qft & .... Cipr Manufacturers, Milwaukee, M.A. Dll'OaTII:a OJ' HAVANA TOBACCO. Trru!B-Marts: "America" & "Flor 1. A. I. No. 191 Pearl Street, New York. ERNEST FREISE, lliiPOBTBK OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. No. 142 W ATEJt. STREET, NEW YOIUL N. T. White & Co., Tobacco & Cigar Manftrs' Agents, f 19 EAST FIFTH ST., KANSAS Jlo. -BEST Olr BEFEl!.'li:NCES GIVEN.-a-aead for Sample and Prloe .. 121, S:BIND FOR. SAMPLES OF O't.T.R. BOXES -FOR--T.JB.A.,P TOB.A..COO. Ia or bock down I can compete Ia prlo-'.ba P .... :rl Yaala, Whce..U. and Olde 'IIDV". ;B. 8as:l.lr1a...,....., l!lll::l.ol::L. MA:ZERES, FRANC. FRANCE. L. LACROIX FILS, -II[ANUJ"ACTUBICBS OF-CI&ABBTTB PAPBI IN BOOIS, Reams and Rolls, and Copying-Book X&.A..A..C, Sole Agent and A.ttoraey Fact for the Uaited State, Also Sole Aaeat for the Uaited State for -=GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.=-Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washington & Vestry Streets, Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La; Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York. :f'e>:r 'the G-a:n:1b:le:r Ol.ay FOR THE PACIFIC <:OAST.-Jllcballt8Cbke Bros. & Co. San Francisco. CHICAGO-SpraiJUe, Warner & Co. ST. LOUIS-F. R. Rice & Co, PHILADELPHIA-JI. Newton, ro:s._&_c_o_. -------C/tlVffltiGN 1/tBE.LS "DEMOCRATIC" and "REPUBLICAN." Also "SECOND TERM" Label. They are the finest r W itscft & $eft mitt, ART LITHOGRAPERS & PRINTERS, '""e just "er-g fiue cof fectiou of lew list"r l"f,efs, of -wfi.icfi. "re Men en.1G1NQ'k.-'tKQN Vn. We will cheerfully mail Samples. to the Cigar Trade on application. 94-:2ower,, New Yorft.


8 TIJ.E TOBA.CCO TiEA.F. JUNE t3 -F:c: uNoE;HAM'ili'iiN &tco:.. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, Stora"e & Tobacco lnspectmn 1"'f'A'NOFA.CTDBERS oF CIGARS. 6 424 to 432 East Flftynlnth St., New York.. .&41Yaaeea oa S&ora&"e Beeelp& ot' M erebaad11e a tJpeelaUr. Cold Storage Warehouses for Tobacco liT .J'ODI'I'S PARK, 1'1', T, BDGERTOI'I', WIS. 4.08 4< 408 Eal IJ3 d S t 1,'1. Y, LA.NtJASTER, PBNI'I'. aes, 195 4< S9t Qreenwleh St. ; 82 Reac h lt., N, Yo J"I:RST-cl.&8!1 W AR.EHOll'SEI! Jr. Y. c. & H. K. R. D epot, s c .l"obn' Park; .J 1178, 180, 18!1 4< 188 P e a r l Street aad 142 Wate r ..s&reea; 408, 408 & 10 B .. l Thlrl)'lhlrd Street. Prlnctpal Office, 182 PEARL &TREET,.NEW YORK. Co7 W. Lemon aatl lf, Prinoe Sta., L&Jloat.-, Pa; Cor. Front .... a HeJIZ')' Sta Eclaertoa, WS.. BR.AlfCBEB-PDIL.-.D BLPHI&-A. R FOUGERAY. M North Fron t Street. LAN. CA.TER Pa;-H R. TRObT. liS B. Quee n Rt,; G EO. 'F ORRES T 187 N. Queen Flreet, 'ABTHHBof1 Dn.-B. FoBUBLB U ft 'l', t54 Stale Str..,. NEW IIIILFORD, ()onn.C F. IIOJI O VJ:BLING HALDWJNSVJLLE1 N. T.-R i'. T H ORN. Y,H J :J'RAZI:JD. H "TIPIBLD, Mao J 4 P CARL. 0.-W. W HALES, 9 Front .-.-, DA.TTON, 0.-H. C. W GBOBSE Dil W W. 23 So uth J elfer>lon Stroot. JUJGBHTON, WI -T. B. EARLE. I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I & EIDorters of Tobacco, 146 WATER STRF.ET, NEW YORK. lla.&Ri & a'i78v&BR, ;JOHN T l!IBLLOR, .J'r, &, CO. -.rO:BA.COO XNSPECTO::R.S. STORACE .. 14.8 "'GV'a'ter B'troe't, 1'1 a;rcoUNTB.Y IIAIIPLIW& PROIIPTLY TO .at "'BltANCHESL&I'I'CJ&!ITEB, Pa.: F. SCHROEDER, 220 North Mulberry st.; J C D VIN 828 North Kary at. V O IIII'I'BVTitJUT: F. SISSON 245 State at, Hartford; 0, E. ORIJI'FINO, Danbury; P N. IIALL, Now :Milford; W B. MAXSON, Portland. WJSVO N S II'I'I C. I. CULToN, Edgnton; P TANNERT Stoughton. OHIO : W T. DAVIS, 009 E. Fil'llt Dayton. BA-LTIMORE, Md.1 ED. WIBCRMEYER & CO., 27 South Calvert st. :fHOMPSON, MOORE & CO. l Manufactured -and .Leaf Tobacco for Expon,83 FRONT STREET, NEW 'hiE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Established 1836. J.A.EI. :IW:. GI-.A.:E&:J:I:KN"ER. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 7 7 P:ro:a.'t &'t:ree't, 1\To..,.,.. 'Y'ork... -<-"--, IISPOR'r ORDERS FOB PLVG TGHAtJ()O PH.OMPT.LY JI'ILLED, '1'0 CIGAB WOJtES l"ER.FECT. WOB.KS PJ!!!!O'! PARRY & CROSBIES, co. Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, Liverpoot England 169 Front street, New York. ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, Hanufae>turero of CIG-ARS. Also K&nut&cturers of the celebrated BEXICAN PUFFS, ALL TOB&tltJO tJIG.&RETTES, Factory No. 1030, 3d Distrlot. 34 I to 351 East 73d Street, 1\TEJ"'GV' 'Y' <:.a. :a;:. El .A.DT'& THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGA.'RErrE DEPOT AND ACENCY & WJ!i[lh 'EW'ATJ.. --A'I-254 &. 256 Oana. l St., Comer o t Elm St., 1\T e"'I::V 'TO!&" :II:.. WISE & BENDHEI,M, AGEMTII. J:j e de r e r SOUTHERN & \YESTERI TOBACCO. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO. -aftaetaren Of Fino And Dealen In Leaf ..._Tobacco, 70th St. & I st Ave. NEW YORK. JOHN BRAMD &. CO., G PFIS'l'EB.ER _, lMl'O RTERS OF 0 t H A VAN A LAHR. porler GERMAN CIGAR (liofe .&aeai n>r 111:-ra. OSEI'I'-tJE(JK & tJO,) SAW JIIILL1 FA.CJTOBYt 311 & 313 E. lith St .. 316 to 321 E. lith St. Na.:lld.A...,o ue, 1\To._. 'York.. LEVY BROTHERS, F-:ENE Cor. AVENUE 0 &. 13th ST., NEW YORK. The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., IIIA:N'CJI'A.VT'CRBHS OF 'Wa-'W'ed. Paper ... laW GBEEJIWIOB IT., BBW Waxed :Paper, Por "'GV'ra.ppll:a.s To'baooo, Sold Ill Qaanllllee to llhl1& 1>7 C. JOURCIENSEN, 98 Malden Lane, New York. WORLD CIGAR. FACT1JRY W e are Sol& Proprletoro o f the f..UowiDg weiJ.Imown Brands, aDd shall vlgel'OIIIIIy prooecale any viz .:' SPECKbEQ BEAUTY, DOTi.ET, BIAUTY SPOT, FRECKLED BEAUTiES. WERTHEIJI & SCHUTER., 4.03W9 Ea.t Seventieth St., liew Yerk. .A. PERSON. RAKRJXAN co .. -AUG17BTUS 'l:UADWFY.L.-S,.A.NOIOH LINEN A,Nit JTb ... I!D 'I"Ol'l! t:!o.lul>U R l't" 4.8'7 _., 4.58 .Eiroo:a:1o B'tree't, .N'e'"OV I M LEAF T .OBACCO, ,. 191 Pearl Street. New York. cavor 4.8 :DII:a.oh.:L:a.e ':l:a. 'D'-. ._ .... _. w. GAIL & AI, 4 lll:aehlae, Ralllalore, llldo p, W, JI'BLGNER 4< IIOl'f, Dalllmore M W J W. 8. k co., Koebeter, N.Y. Please send 'for Circulars and References. JOHN B. ADT Manufacturer and Patentee, 1-. a:w, 33ol, 336, 338, UO & lJ'I!II .Nortlt Holliday Street, VIRCINIA SMOKIKC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DiCK. T111:elfth L!'r:ocht.urg, Va. Onlt>ro I"'OIJ))Ctftllly oolic itod and promptly t o, hie.> List seo l 011 aj,pHetoa J. Tobacco Co., :E'I.XOJEE:DII:ON':J:J. 'V' .A.,o OP FINE BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, C .O'ILS, I Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. It is designed particularly for the Re tail Tobacco Trade and is used for shaving tobacco for smok el"!l' HSe. This is the only machine that will shave a.ll sizes of p l ug, twist and Perique tobacco. For sale b y A.M. WHITNEY, Patentee and Sole Manufactu r er Pawtucket, R.I. Nos. 1318 &. 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK. Factory No. 160, Third District. BANNE. R TOBACCO COMPANY "'i ,3e't'ter 'tl::J..a.:n. 'tho Ele't" "OHIC" Sao.,._ To'baooo, of Fine Virgbrla Leaf. SAM, B SCOTT ana BEN. HAXTON Ciga...., Wm. H. Te:fl"t, Pres. D. B. Mill, Vil'ePres. B e o j P. Haxton. See. aud Gen'l Manage r 78 & 80 Broad Street, P.Q.Box 199. NEW YORK. M. GREENSPECHT9 Packer of Leaf Tobacco. 191 Pearl Street, New Tort EtiAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf Tobacco, 166 Wate 6t., New York.. BJ', &Jrola. a 8PDolwar. E.SPINGAB.If &Co. lliPO BTE BS OJ' Havana and Sumatra, AND P ACXERI! OP Seedlea.f' Tobacco 5 Burling SUp, New York. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. U ll'ORTIIBS A N D DBALEBB Ul Leaf Tobacco, 168 Water St., New York. A. LOWENSOHN, BEW YOB.JE. Hirsch, Yictorius & Co. s. w:VENABLif&a o. LHAF TOBACCO, OBloe:-oor. of B,Tne .... a ltreeta, PETE:RSBUltG. VA. 169 \YATfR ST llfW YORK. Pact.or)" t-19 8ect utd Bletrlet, Vlr&fola. ., P llfallllfact1areand o11er to the Trade tlle followiog tJele b r a aed Brand ot PLUG GHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: JOS. LEDERMAN & S{)NS, I'I'I!IIROD, lllallocaaJ' l'l'a-.y1 In al atr-. llmooUa,. ADd Rnuooh Ml4 -.,.,. l'tllp. VJNC O .. .. .. --,r ----,. ST. QEOKGBjl Hrlch' l'l'aJ'o ., ,. ., 81G JI'JVE () I'I'TBH MOGUL., t" .. TRIX AND .J'OIUI:S, SP&Il:AD EAGLE, ,. 10 Black Goods of e&cl1 of above Am a..-'IU'Iety til Flae Qooo& 8l1lqJiie4....,.,..., ... Boutl>ern tnWe, under tho foll owing popular braDda:BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, ADMIRATION, FLORIMi:L and RAPIDAN. The following are our Agents tor the sal e of o u r W VAN ALSTINE: ,3 Central Wharf. Boston, Mass: F. F O 'REILLY. 227}i Commer cia.! St Me.: W G. ABAll". 9':' Wat<>r"8t. New YorkCily; ARTHUR HAGEN & CO. North FrontSt ... Phlladelphia. Pa.; L P STERNE, Plti>!bu,rgh, P a : J r. TOWNE:S 2l"Wabash Av e (;)htcsr:o, Ill.; W n TUNSTALL. 8 E cor. Ex Place and Corn me;c.: St... BaJtlmoro, Md. ; TROS. H. FROST, Charleston. S C.: C. C TWITTY, Spartan bun<. S.C.: WM 111:. CSI.OOKSHAN.KS, 12Wbeatl:lt Atlanta, Ga ; A. J. FRIOc'. Jackson.ll11ss .: E G Rock. A:rk.; N. H CHRII!TIAK1_Ga'veston, Texas; "'lOS. D. OONDON F S LAwRENCE, Vickl:borr, Miss. ; JNO. BOYC, e hattaoooJnr nf 8MOKEPS' AR l'ICLES, Par lor Sulphur tt .:l sa.rety Matches: Lta.l:an Wo.x Matches m .Fancy Paper or Tin Box MAILED F'>.F'l FOR ONE. Late& N oveiUe lliad.e a SpeelaU .,-. Paeken aad Deale n Ia l E A F T 0 B A C C 0, 140 MAIDEN LANE, Bet. wa:er & Front Btreeta, WEW YORK. L. SPEAR & CO .. Packer ot .&.nd IDI:porce ot Hava.n.. 184 Water YorK. S. .ROSSIN & SO'N'S. PACitBIIII 01' seed AND llli'OB'l'KII8 HA YAIA TOBAOOO, 173 .., .. 8t., ... y,.,.. 1 I I


t JUNE I3 ADOLPH MOONELIS, MANUFACTURI!:R OF CIGARS lve. D a n d I Oth St., New Ynrk .A.r::u.he1:au.. :EEo11ali::Ld. -LOUIS GB.A:FF, SOLE. 105 MAIDEN LANE. NE W YORK, ..... 'ld1nes 1:...nd""' t,;,. CLC>'U:B:S Tobacco Merchant .. GERSHEL & BRO., SEEDLE'Af'foBicco, Fanchurch Bu!ldings, London. E. c .. 191 ST., c. F. H. DUYS, JR., k g:Rt: New York, Agent for Amsterdam Fnms m SUMATRA and JAVA G. REISMANN SUMATRA TOBACCO, TOBAOOO, 196 Pearl St., New York. I COMMISSIOI MERCHANT A .. ol'tment. A.hvay on Hand. 175 Pearl Street, New York. .AD4 Dealao .... ]Dildo ol LEAF TOBACC01 1'18 WATER. ST,. NEW YORK. G. HABKEM:A, LUKWEL & TIELE SWORN TOBAGGO BROKER. sworn Tobacco SampleRooms : BrakkeGrond OF ROTTERDAM, TOBAOCO LEAF. ,antonio Gonzalez, -UU"CaB.'Dia 05'-I HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO. I 180 Pearl Street, NeW York. HOWARD L. JOHNSON, EJGI.GBR.T &. cic:l..; X:D1por'ter 'o:r Seed. 246 Pearl and 20 Cliff' Streets, New Yvrk. GUST..A.'V FREIGHT BROKERS, Forwarding TQbacw a S pecialty. L. C. SCHEFFEY 4 CO,, Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, successor to PRICE a; JOHNSO N, Loweot Oeean Bate-. Stea or Impor t er. Dealer .... a Commiodon P_, _o._Bo_z_a,l-62.-:--4."-_ a_E_x_o.;_;h=. Merohaat ba .c. FERNANDEZ & GIL I s d. Le Impor&eriJ or LOUISVILLE, K Y, Havana Tobacct DE CAPO" CIGAR FACTORY 1 224-226 Pearl Street, New Yart. 206 Peart st., New YCN'Ic. JACOBY & BOOKMAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 336, 338, 340 & 342 38th Street, .NEI"'il''li7' 'YOR.:&:.. FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. SCHLOSSER & CO., MANUI' ,&CTUR.E:as 01' I'DiE Cuban Hand -Made .JOS, S, GA.NS1 l'!l l X GA.NS, 'Jl)'EYllll r.:o JJ::o;'lrHA.L. (}ANS BROS. aifSDaiiiililear Tobm:cu, N'c:>. 150 a1:er S1:reo1:f lSI e'VIT "'Ji!"ork. BBINKOP'S BINGLH PLUG MACHINE. Patonted { United State, M a y 3 l tJ C anada, .Jan. 31, 1882. DAVIDSON BROTHERS, Ofllce: o. z, VOOR.BURGWAL 286, lie=: to reeemmend :fort Have Rem oved to purchase of' Sumatra and .J'&Ya ToHavana a n d Seed Amsterdam, Holland. bacc& o n te Dutc h Marketa. 71 S'tree't, 'York. R e f e rence: H Mazlere Esq. 41 Brflad l!t leafTobaCCQS J. H. A. GEBING, N VAN MENS, 143 wATER sT., Sworn Tobacco Broker. Sworn Tobacco Broker P. 0 Box 2 14, New Y o rk. .. lfearMaidenLane, TOS'JILe OFFICE om & S s SAMPLE RooMs' ce ample Room: Oostsinge! 15, o. z. & 223, ROTTERDAM. BasCh & Fischer, AMSTERDAM, HOLLA ND. REFEBENcE :-Mr. J s. G an s' son, 131 IMPO .. TER8 OF HAY AliA Water St. N e w York. ........... SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 1M WATEit ft'BEET, 1'-r Matde n Lane, OW TORE. E. & G. FRIENB & CO., Importer. ancl :Dealers Ia LEAF TOBACCO, 129 MAIDEN LANE, Qua. F a n o,D, } EDwARD FRIII:ND, J a NEW YORK L&oNAR FRIKND. DEALER IN tEAP TOBACCO, No: 190 PEARL STREET NEW YORK. Whole .. Ie DeIer In HAVANA AND SHHD LHAF 226 Pearl Street, New York ... M. SILVERTHAU & .CO., LO'VE MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, Factorv 3d Dktrtet, N, Y IU:2i..I!LIIII. POWER.. FOOT POWEB. WU1 make plugs of 'ill! sizes fNm 1 to 4 I n c hes wid e and !rem 4 to :12 I nches l ong '-r ... ...... ....,.-.-'W-. -t.---. cheaPrrespondence oollclted. Address IMPORTER. OF ,J. u. BR.INKOP, qDID'tt HAVANA LEAF Tobacco J. E. CAl\TAYA 1.18 Dll:a'ldeli::L 'York. CANALS, of. SHOTWELL'S FINE CIGARS, Ji.1mil!=;;jJJdmi FINE HAVANA CIGAB 41 l' Ul t J P 9 Havana, Matmas & Key illlt, Fla. KEY WEST, FLA. P. o. Box Jfo. 10. T h e celebrated EL KAoY9 V.BRDB New York omcc: 3 Cetta. 8t. SEID.ENBER& & CO.,. MA.liiUI'ACTUR.ER.S 01' New York & Key West Cigars. 327 East Slxtythlrd St., New York. Dm:.A. 'Y' 11.'7 :Du.rra'F. &'tree't, Ne"'P" Yor:as. "Be8Uiy"(f0ts" And ... M -Aloollaaulaeturersofthewen .JEI.A.CO Ed. WISCHMEYER A CO. Tobacco Commission Merchants, 19 s, (latven .... 41a!11Dlore, M.t. I. H. CLARK & ToBAcco BRoKERs, C LARKSVILLE Ter;m, HOPK INSVILLE, Ky. PADUCAH, Ky. FOUCERAY, Tobacco Inspector. A pPFll.' 9 OJS[C>:J:CE, STANDA.RD D AHill NAVIES. re-putAtto a o r t he86 goods U; wor1 6 wlde. and 'he increasing aalel of them ta proof of. their naerita nr BE:WAR.:C: O F IMITATIONS Our Trade-Mark "E'-L is Embnssed on E very t'luc. BRA NCH OFFICE:-No. H CENTRAL WHA R F, BOSl'ON.: Manu:faoturera of MEERS G H A U M AND AMBER G 0 0 D S, .And lmportero of FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTIClES, 69 WAI.KER STREET Corn e r Broadway Vienna, Austria. Send for Cata!Ojflle and Price List. We lmv e no Tm"Yemn.: S:Uesmen. THE JOHN H. McGoWAN coiiPANY. -Oincinnatt, 0., lt. a. A. Tllis Cut shows ourf .PATENT--DOUBLE IRO Finisher W i t h Pateil.t Retainmg for retaining the pNIIIIUI'8. W e alll'atents for PressiBg 'fa. baoco from BOTH ENDs : o : HYDRAULIC PUMPS. : e : -. Mould Presses -:o: -M o ulds, HYDRAULIC and ..._. Boxing PreBBes, Bands and Berit -m ents, S tee l Finisher Plates and Tins, HAND -a POWEB WRINGERS S e n d fo r Catalogue. PLEABE-WBHit OUR ADDRESS P L AIN and ...,_ t hiJil paper in


l:o THE TOBACCO J: ... iE.AF TUNE r3 Advertisements. Baltimo're &, YD. .._ GO T:mpo:J:ters of Havana WM. A. BO ., AND PACKBBS oP IMPORTERS Ol' &eecl. Te>ba.cce>. Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. 107' ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA f EIR.OEI .A.n.Cl Packer. or Packers, Merchants and Wholesale Dealers ill Se. ed Leaf To hac. c o, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. LEAF TOBACCO, 117 North .Third Street, Philadelphia. 33 South Street. Baltimore. E. BATCHELOR & CO., Packers of Seed Lea. f and Importers of a.nd Sumatra. Tobaccos :t 09 N'or'th. "'D'V.a.'ter 81:ree't0 LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, l Dianaf'ac&oren or Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER CUT PLUG -ANDLUXUry Fine Cut in Foil. PBISJDIUTB BRO. & CO,, } 1&1 N. Bd Street and 'lll90 !l!U0 !tiS & 225 Q,uarr;r' St.0 PHILilDELPHIA., = ED. WISCHMEYER, iiY. WlbCHllE).'ER. ED & CO., TCB.A.COC COMMISSION 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore, lid. YOUNG& NEWMAN, ll? a,:.1d. Lea.f "1i1:bacco., GD N ST.Ft.EET9 JP..A.. BOL }Z, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE' CICAR FACTORIES, P:E3::J:L.A.DELP:E3::J:A, PA.. JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO_., OF SEED L:;EAF and :J:ilEALERS IN TOBACCO. IEIIT.Ft.-ET lEWIS BREMER'S WHOLESALJs: DEALERS IN AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, P .HILADELPHIA. ... loarc Aaaortm-t or all kbu1a of Leaf To'baeco --taatly OD hand. L. BAMBERGER & CO., & DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. liiiPORTERS OF and Havana, lfo, 111 AR()H STREET, PHILADELPHIA. aJ:IAI,Y T FREYER. Al:TGUST El'SENLOHR. FREYER & 'EISENL_QHR, Pack.er8 aad VlloiN&le Dealen 10: LEAF TO BAG CO, t 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. 'BE:N"J. LA"EEEJ, Paolter and Dealer ill LB.A.P TOB:A.CCO, 231 and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia I AU!<:> MANUI'AOTUBEBB 01' I UI!(JNEBS' EltTR&,n "PORT," "P. H. BISeHOPP'S GBRI!(ANo" &nd Other Brands o t Tobacco. Also u HERBB DE LA REINE1 "SWEET NECTAR," aDd otlaer Brands ot Paper and AU-Tobacco Cigarettes. New York Ofl'lc,e: 56 South Washington Square. ,T. J. DUNN & CO.,r "'Cr:nl:tecl. &'ta"tes :LY.I:a.Z1"11faotprsr. --.I .VlfN, lil0'7-sl09 DrOB.TlE!E BT IIBNBY HEYMANN. ... I rt No. 1 Phlladelp .... SNEERINGER & co.. JOSEPH MERFELD & BATCHELOR BROS., Theobald & Oppenheimer, 1a soutD Howard sa., Importers of Havana ifv:"EANS,I mEAcnGARS, .. LEAF. sEED CIGARS. svanlsh Tobacco, Havana & Snmatra TObaCCO ao cerman st. Baltimore. Together wltb the LA BGBST Stoek :.: ber Factorieo: 101 & 103 East 8th St., Cinohuoati1 and West Virpaia. Otlloe: 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. I TinTags, CUT a 'nd EMBOSSED (n Plain or Fancy De61;rn. of Plain, Gtlt or OoloNd Tin at Lowest Price s Sample Tags and tub tnfo.rmation fu.rnfshed. ;;>n application. J. M. ROBENSON & Co. 225 W, 2d & ti2U c...,tra\ AY O:ZN'O:J:J:Sfl.'\7 .A.TZ JOHN OBERHELMAN, JoaN E PEaxms, J .wES C J:a,...,. L f T b B k Palm L eaf Tobacco ea 0 aCCQ r0 er PERKINS & ERNST, -AND, MANUFACTURERS OF Commission Merchant for Fine Plug Tobacco Seed Leaf Tobacco. Blu e CJ,a (Exira Fine) Palm f D rumstick, Specialties: Sumatr10 and Hav&Da Leaf. Bl u e Jay, Key Note. But terfly, P e nn y 85 W t S d St c t' I OPin e & .AN D flS flCOfi ,1 lllClllfiB l, 1596> Pike 8t. COVINGTON. Ky. J'RANCIS F. ADAMS, IEa:taloliohed 1847,] HENRY F AVEillt r. r. .A.d.a.:n:::a.s &, Oc:., MaD.utactu:re:ra oC the ColJa"W"Iu g Celebrated Brandfl! et FINECUT CHEWINC & SMO.K.INO 'f'OBACCO. Chewing : Tally Ho t Aromatic. Smoking: ,Excelsior, Standard. :J::L! -,;:::;r .A. "CT:P:,E E "DV':J:&. A. F RICO & CO., HlPORTERS OP Havana Leaf Tobacco, 18 Central Wharf, BOSTON, lli[.ASS, a 'llAYO. molllAS li.TXDiliiJIII. P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND. VA. IIID'.Alfto111BKD n BOBI'.BI' a. JIA'ID ._ Oriaf natonl ol the oty le an .,. N'A.'V''Y' TOJaA.OOeo NAVIES A SPEC IALTY IJII JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant Por ParellRH ef LEAF TOBACCO, 'V ..a.. L. H. LIGHTFOOT, Late mth E. T. Crump&: Co. Leaf .Tobacco Dealer, Otlice: Tobacco Exchange Bnilding, P. 0 BOX, No. 2, RICHMOND1 VA. Samples ot every grade lurnlsbed on appHcatioD aad each package guaranteed to aa.m.ple. REn..-:-Cbas. W&tlilns. President Richmond T obacc o Exclmoge: Alhm &: Ginter: Kinney Tobacco Coapany; Planters National Bauk. V. S. Succe880r to Edwanl Peynado ol; Oo. nutEC'r IMPOBTJ:B 01' J. G. PLX:N'T, Jr., CHOiCE HAVANA : J:WI::l1"' "DV':Is.. SOLB AGENT F0B OF TOBACCO. Lozano.Pendas&Co.sCloarBanna&oodi FINE CUT: "M:ay Q.ueea," '"Diadem. SMOKING: "' Plea&.lu:r Cloud," in granulated o r Cavendish. "Back,', c u t plug in tin -foil, and c u t or'Ci in fancy bags d.U.AliCH1ES--LoaiPIII Bo&ll &ad. GAl& Ba..e ,. granulated. h &toe Blrd1 l oug-cut. 8tands. X..0'11"V't.lle9 :EI:.7 1 F. c. GREENE, .Themoser.Cigar&PaperBoiCo., Packer of aacl Dealer ill LEAF TOBACCO, MANUFACTURERS OF Albany and Janesville, Cigar & Paper Boxes, 'VU:J:&OONSXN'. 208 Elm Street, I'Ulo Cfcar Leaf a Speolalty. T u Ample Storaae Room. ___ s_._L_o_s_, __o. __ ..., B. SUBERT & SON, L. iear J!! scraDs. 231 E RANDOLPH STREET LEAF TOBACCO, xu. 43 S. Water Street, Chioago, IlL -R. & W. JENKINSON. PITTSBURCH, PA. Packer and Dealer 1 u cHEAPuciGARs OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO Day"ton., o. Te tho 'Vhole8ale Trade exclual vely. W e c o n trol the output of many of the best fac t o Ortlerlif Cor Export: and Home Trade t e s i n Penm;yl vania. Wri t 6 for a.ud pri c e F Pronlptly Attende d To. I. ""''VI7'. Li-vezey &, Ce>. POPLAR and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPLANED, -ANDIMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, :E'l. T, :a::: 'Y'. Imitation cedar manufactured by our PATENT process is the only PEBPE()T Imitation o f Spanish Cedar. Prices and rates of freight given upon apptlcation. D. E. SOULE, Packer of ud Deeler'ln HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, NEW MIL'II'O&D, CONN. W. F. ANDROS&, Commission Dealer, EAST H&BTFOBD, CONN. Will Buy old o r new Lea.t tor Dealerl or Xano fac t uren direct from the &TOW'81'8. Twemty years' e;EperieDce.. MILLER a HERSHEY, Dealers In Leaf Tohacco HOLT, SCHAEFER a CO., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. LJ{N()HBtJBG VA. Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, R.ICBI!(ONDo VA. PAUL C. VENABLE, Leaf Tobacco Broker, DANYILLBo 'FA. JOHN D. SKILES, JAMES B. FREY. I 'c. P. APT, Leaf Tobacco Broker,. 8011TH BOSTON, VA. PA..()JI;;II:RS OP A..ND DE.I.LIIRS IN Ponnsrlvania Sood Loaf & Havana 8ood Tobm:co. ,61 a 63 North Duke St Laneaster, Pa. PEORIA CIGAR BOX CO., JACOB L. FREY, Dealer In and Paeller ot Leaf Tobacco l>tonufacturer ot all Btyloe of J C:Lgar, -AND DEALER IN-213 Weot K:iJqr Street. Cigar Manufacturers, Supplies. LANCASTER, PA -AU grades Virgin!& and North C..roUD& leaf bought o n orier. AD experleuoe ot soven TeanL Correspondence solicited: COLEMAN BROS., WINIITOIJ0 l'fo C. Bnym and Handlers or Lear tobaa, Sorapo aacl Stem. OD Oom'"-S&tlstactloo &11&-teOO. REED a McCEE, Leaf Tobacco R.A..LEIGH1 N. 0. 11146. E. E. WENCK, J. RINALDO SANK & CO., Tl!l! M. KEMPER & SONS. E. JVOREE, N.FUREY, JAS, A. HENUERSON & CB. Importers of Havana, Foree Tobacco Company, oEALEns IN A. BOBBITT, Leaf Tobacco. Broker, 1PANISH CIGAR F !CTORT. G01D11USSIDI 'IRrckant kseral.Commission Merchants, LASA & MTLLOS, s. W. cor Charles & Lombard Sts., r 3l.KORTB WATER STRE:t:T 802 Ch I d 29 S Jlth St 1\l.l:d.. -AND-. estnu an o Special attention poid to home manufacturers JO North Delaware Avenue, -,..,.rs-.. ------- 'PHI-LADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA. (ES T ABLISHET 1815?.) FRECmE;. J. ALVAREZ, < -Importer of' FineHavanaLeafTobacco llnnractnrer or FINE CIGARS }ly own selection s directly from t he Farms In Cuba. 18 so .. 119 South Second Pa. ._ F. X. KELLY, Jre, HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agencyt J U AB< J B sr., PblladeJpllta, ra. GENERAL A GEFr FOB WILSON a McCALLA"l'B PCIJC TOBACCOS. .... ...-, AND PACKERS OF MANUFACTURERS OF 1/Irgi.haa and North Carohn\1. SEED LEAF.,.TOBACCO, FINE NAVY TOBACCO,, 116 West Lombard St., LOUISVILLE K 'Jrden Solicited :M: :J:.oi.E :D4:J:) Y .Referen"""' -41. N, SlocltoD. X.llu.-t. SclJII'&rto &; Co., Lo

JUNE 13 Business Dircctnry of !dYcrnscrs. NEW YORK. -IAGf and Ha"""" Tobacoo tV-. 6J:mer M, 190 Pearl Ueao!t a: !'rillgant. 151 Water & Son, IM Water -Brand J. & Co. 142 Wa.ter st Orawtord E. lll. & Son. 1118 W&GU Da"Yfd8on Bros. 148 Water Day, Joh.a B.&:: Oo. 121 Maiden Lane IICgert Wm. & Oo. lH5 P...q. l'alk, G. It Bro., 171 Water. l"'::edmaD.. Henry, 162 Water l'rleDd E. & G & Co. !21> l\laldon Lab& Qua Broa. & Rot!ontbal, 1150 Water. -el L. Ill Bro. 191 l'&arl Greenspecht M. 191 P6&rl Bambnnrer L lk r.o. 174 Water Jotmson H. L. 119 Matdealane XoenJg -B. & Co. 221> Pearl Lederman Jos. & Sons,l40 Maiden lane. Llncllleim M 191 Pearl. Mayers' Jos Sons, 193 Pearl Neuhurger H. & Co. 172 Watef Pulver, Dickinson & Co., 178 Pearl Befsmann G. 176 Water. Roaen,;ald E. &: Bros. 145 Wa.teJ Boesln S. &:. Sons, 178 Water Salomoa G. & Bros. 13S Maide n )ane. 8chroeder & Bon, 118 Water. 8cbub&rt H. & Ce. lf>O Water. licbulz Fred. 224-2!6 Poorl Spear L Ill Co, 184 W atO -""-John. 118 lteaver Maurice & Bon, 188 Pearl Gans' 8oa. J. S. 181 WuerPaulltlch M. 188 Water 8&oppel. B. A., :14 Bee.ver. height Brokero. lllllltb w. 0. and eo. 43 Exchange m-_,., 0/ Smo/Ctflll ...... c::Mtci"C To-. _D .. & J..y&ll. IOI W&ll -D. & Co. 188-1117 .Mulberry. Qoodwln It Oo. foot <>f Gnuad Stl'eet, E. B. DoDey Broo. 5Jb to li25'W811t :i2d ...,..... J M. 114--110 &lld 1111-111 Oedar IIG4lpiD D. H. & Co. oor A..,n..., D u4 Tenlb. 1111!er Kr1 G B. & Oo. f1l OoiWRbla. ..-ovtac"'""" of ArlrOellea IBidre, 172 PeorL Aali L. It Oo. 'i79 3rd Ave. .Arguollea & Lopez, 222 Pearl -..,. .r; Leaeror "'Itb ot. and 1st aYe, (Jartay& J E.&: Co. 3 Cedar Condit Stephen li., -7 E. loth Deftance Cigar ll&nulactorv, t29-238 JCut 41st J'oote A. W. & Co. 125 ll.aidon Lane. l'romer L .ll". 77th st. cor. ad &od Lexington ..., ll&bn, Bruosellt Co. 4:!ll-429 E 68d SL llall 'l'hoe. il. E 87t.h BeTUUUl Broo ba Som'l & Co. 1122-834 B. ll3d. a..atman Baoa. & &ndy, 1111 & tal-4. IIIMW It IOU to 10110 a-AY. aad 110 to 1141'1ft'f.f..-11Dm1Jall. C!'OOI!e and Co. 86 Wure11.. .....,. AYeaue C -d Jltb 6tree&. Llollteoneln Brotbera Oo. 88th at aad 1st &ft A Son & Co. 309-ll8tb lit Lleto Geo P & Oo. cor, 8001 t and a""""" A. ........ .r. w. 1880 lit ae ...... iOII 1:. ?4tb .. -Ill. w. & Bro. 111-1 Bo .... lleoaeUa A. &: Co., .A.VfiiiDQe :b &IU110tll IlL Ottelabel'll: S .e. Broo. cor. 2d av. & :lid lit. Pob&laJd P, & Co. 17 Warren :BDdlUuez & Garcia, !10--24 GOld. -.,thai Broa. 841-Ml E 78d. -aa4 liaya, 81 Pearl llchloeoer & Co ?1 New 8treet Oo, 827 But 68d. llw*weU. 8 &, 282 Vtl1 ave. ....... elberg lll 4 Co: 8ontb l'lflb A .... Stralton d: 'torm,'208 Eaot 2'71h, lka-It Newmara. 1. ,. cor. 78d R &lid 14 aY. -u 111. & Oo. 805 to 311 E. 718& u__.,uarL-E. &llt.b. Wortlleim It Bchlj!er -Ill. 'llltlb ot. Of /JUmatrG Wr..,..,... Dayw R. Jr. 1?5 Pearl l'aJk. Q & Bro, 1'11 Water lfreloe. Brneot, 142 Water Qralt L. 105ldalden Lane. l!laye C F,19a Pearl Blncb. Vlct.orill!' & Oo. 151 Water -wald E. It -. Water. lalomon M. &: E. Tobacco 0.:.. d.5 l!alden lane. llohJOeller & BoD. 17S Water l!cbmJd L. 138 Water. l!pingam E & Co Burling 811p. Well#Z Co. 116 Pine. -of Ba....,... 'l'o--m.n. AJm1N11 & Qo. 16 Ceaar. Auerb&cb Simon & Co. 179 Pearl Balbln, ll.ontealegre & Co., 103 Halden Lane Bernheim .J. & 19J Pearl Brand J. It Co. H2 Water ot DIM B. It Co. Water Feno&Dd"' 0 It Co. :4.10 Pearl l'relae, Emest. 142 Water. -Lo-oDard .t Co.. :1011 Pearl Q&nla F. bro. It Co. 117 Water &oua188 A. 1110 Pearl QoerTa R...,....aa, 172 Water BaY&D& 'robaooo 0>. !Ill! I' roll!. t.opeo, CaUsso. & Co. 3 c..dar LoWenaobD A. 137 .ll.alden lane. .Lou.Bo.leodu & \Jo. jQ(J Pearl .-.,,. l!oor 4 C...., ""Water J(JNDd6 F & Co. 1122 l'e&ra A 1g1 Pearl. OppeD'U"mer Ferd. llCi Kaiden laDe a.IOIIIOJJ G. & Broe. 138 ll.aid81ll&De. il!o.DCbea & Co. I 00 Front. llll!tlhe& d: Bay&, 31 Peatl IIK&l1. Wallaoe It Co. Slllaad 118. Wearenou It Tur, 15-25 Whitehall Hillier' R. Son Company, t6 Cedar J1ae Forbel, 56 Wa"'r w-& Bterry, Umited, '19 Pine. _......,. & ArJrU!mb&U. 2 and 4 Bridp or f'ouJrlff"l IAoonce. B!lller'B R. Son Qompany, 40 Cedar Wver .r; Sterry, Limited, I'll Pillo. Seed r.-r 7'ol>aooo ,..__ I'IJJD Charie6. &: Oo. t4Y w_, J'. e. Uaule, 1ilamlltoll & Co. I!IJ Pearl of Ot{JM /.tuiiJea. llrfobJI H. W. 816-811 Bast Eleventb !H. lleDk&ll Jacob. 298 ADlll ace0. llediu"' aood .'l'juw, QIOOII:e John J Co. 1811 GraDacCO Mael&in..-, JOr .llanl4/'accva-1. -B. 1'19-18.'1 Lewil! st. 7'ol>aco8 Jla<'-hiMrJI. N Y Tob&oCO Machine Co. li>l John 9 Platl Williams' Sucti!")n Table. Jobn B. wiJIIamo Co., lOll Ch&mbero, Agents Tobo.cco --A. Barrlm&D & eo. w.-Broome Claarette Pape.r., Berm&nn, Stewart BUildinlt, Broad. way ..... Ch&mJ>en d&. .......... !MP -lallllc.Oo._.... __ ol. J'NIICb J'apet. \ I THE TOBACCO LEAF. iJ The Sphinx Cigar Factory. SUTRO i NEWMARK, }' ? 2d Av. and 73d SL New York. Factory No; 412, 3rtl District. Liner& F,b,e Wmes. Goldemith J. 744 Broadway .Mftr qf Meerschaum and Amber Goods. Weis & Co. 69 V{ Progress Scra.p Bunching Machltie. Progress Scrav Bundlillg Machine Co., 2da.v. ALBANY .If, Y, Ma'ttufact-u.n::rs of Tob(JI}OO. ireer'1 A. Sou. 822 Droadw&v .&MSTERD&.Ll.l, Holland, SWorn Tobacco Gebing J. H. A 0. Z. Voorburgw111200 & 223, Barkema G .. 0. Z. Voorburgwal ARNHEIM, Hollalltl. Dl.r .. ln. Bu.matra c:nuJ J afJa Tobacoo. ll'roweill .t eo. BALTIMORE, Mtl. Seed Leaf ana Haeco. Beck A. & Co 44 and 40 DearbOrn. I!&Diibagell T. 17 W RandGiph 9ubel"t lS & Son, %31 & H&ndolph sutter &romero, !lib and L&lbfJr. The B. D. Albro C',o. 686-78'7 W fttb, Leaf Tobacco Mel .. B It Co. Newburgh L.,143 W Pe&r TobaCCO vommWm Merc/&aMa. l"''aa'Ue & llataon, and Front Mo.a"far.!'\Wer of Ci{Jar-Bowea. Getse a.a.r-box co., 93 Clay. orr-. s. w. 116-109 N canal Manufacturer of Tin Taga. BobinliOJlJ. M.&Co.2!15 WlldandiiOOeatr&l AY TobaocOlllannfacturerL DunlaP A. L. It Co liSE lid Leo! n>ba-169 E lid. Mn.ftrs of Hav&D& Cigar Flavor. J'rlel. &lex. & Br08., 46 E. 2<1. Jllnrtrs 6 f TobaCco Machlne<)'. KoGoW&D Co. John R CLARKSVILLE. T-. ......... M IL &: Br<> Dohrmann F. W & SOn. KennedY Jas. T. COVINGTON, Ky, Ma.nufacl"''""' of Ftug Tobacco. PerkinS& Brns, 159-161'> Pke. DAJfVfLLE, Va. CMK1 BroJwrtJ '" Leaf TObaoDO .. J9orDf'IR A.. a: Oo f Bickson R. L & Co. lAG/ Tol>acc:<> JWDirMa. 8triellrl Ferrell P W P. C. Mannt..cturer or and North Carolina Smoklll<: Tobacco. Trw: w. L.lllcGhee: )ocaUoa, "Golden Bell" of N.C. .HARTFORD. Co ,......,.. """ [Jealero t .. -LJf ToL. B.1t68tatellt HOPKil'fBVILLil. KJ< ftomp8011Gee. V HAVAl'fA Culta. 1'obOO r .v...BaY""" TobaCCO Co. 64 Prado Mllft16factVret- O J r.toar Cortina y Qomoz, C&lle de Ja Estrella 134. mrano.a. fl'. Calzlj,d& \lt"l 1!4'4 Orde:x Julio J. 50 San Ywua.c1o st Roger PedrE>. 49 Factorla street. BENDEl\SON.KJ' 2 obaoo0 Broloor. l!iolueh&er G. G. U.NDBIISON, Ill. (). To....,.. B.-._ JAw1a&Tbom811. .I'A.NBSVILLB ALBANY, .... p..-Q/-"DM .,.,, lf'.AN8&8 lllo. Tobacco and Cir:ar MaEuftrs' White N. T. & Co 119 East 5th,' W 110168ale Dealero In lllntd arul SmlrJr Tobacco and Cigars, also Smokers Artfclea. Bachman J A It Bro. Ml Delawaro in Ra.,e1"a and,tt&o lllltcheuon J C. & Co 801. Delaware st KEY WEST, Fla. ranala E Hannfacturers of Cigar& Cartaya J. E. Ill Co. Trujillo D. L. & Sons, LANCASTER Pa, Pl<>kers of and Dealers in Leaf Tob&ooo. Frey Ja.cob L. 213 W "' 8kileo /It Frey N. Duke at' Insurance and Re&1 Estate. BalliiD&D .t Bnms, toW. Oranae lit. LIVERPOOL, Tob= Broker Parry & Cro&blos. 28 Pa.r&dfse Oi!trM&. .LONDON, Eog, Tobacco. Cigar and Leaf Graft L. 6 l!'eACburcb Bulldiugs E. c. LOUISVILLE. K,-' Plug Tol>aooo Muvtaclren. Tobacco Oo. Meter w. G. 1t J:." rooacco. Tobacco ar-.. -Oa.llawa.v F comer Eightb &lid 11.a1a Lewis, Wch'd Ill 831lii..U. lmpc>rUr oJ ll""""" CJ(gar .. Wrl&ht V.lil. Mt.Jnutactute1'JI .Agent,, Sohetfey L 0 Ill Co., 184 4tb av TOO. Mnftrs Flavor, etc. Jungbluth & Rauteroerg. LYJfCHBURG, Ya. Manufacturer 1)1 Cigorettu Lone< Cigarette Co. ot SJUoklag TobAoeo. Tol>a009 Ot>mmlulotl .11............_ Holt.. Bcbacfer .t Co. MIL W A. UKEB, Wla, !lftftro of Oh-"11"'"" -"'I Tobaooo. Adams F J'. & tJo Fllnt J G & Co. of Otaar Graf Wm. It Co. NEW ARK, Jr. J. Manulactnrers of Toba.cco. Campbell & Co. 20-:22 NEWPORT, KY. Manufacturer oj Cigar-Boz LufJibtJr Livsze v I. W.Jit Co. OXPQRD, N.c. Lea.f TobaCco Broker, llobblft W. A PADUVAH, K-7 l'ObaMollrolun. Ptlryu.r Myles & Co. PEORIA, Ill. Cigar Manufacturers'_.8uppUes. Peoria Cigar lrox Go. PETERSBURG. ,-,.. JfaRoufao,;ure.,.. of Plug and t:Jmo/A"ff and Dea'iero in LtJaj Tobaooo. Venable 8 W. & Co PHILADELPHIA. &ed Leaf and Hlilt1at\O TOtx:lccO W&rMotuel, Bambenror L. & Co. Ill Arch Batoheior E ricl Paau. The Mellor & IDttenhouse Cc., 218 North 22d. iirfr' Ag.,.i tor Plug '""' 8molttno ,..,._, Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 Arch Oigksa:G, LalJel.l! and 7Wmmi-ng Harris Geo. 8. & Son. 716 Areb Manufacturer of Ralph:" ScotcA 89611#. Stewart. Ralph & Co. 141 <1.1'\lh liltree&. ImJ?orters and lllttrs of Smokera' Articl es. Zorn Geo & Ca 526 Market St. PITTSBU:RQH, Pa. of "Long Thread," BantMr'" CIU:Id Mda 811'okd'CillB.A.CCO,. ,_ II 1014, 1016,1018, 1020.SECONDAVENUIE, 603 & 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA., 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREEI, J:"J:E 'VV '' C> l .A.GrEN'TB FC>R. BLACKWELL'S. DURHAM TOBAGCO CO.'S .Durham tlew York, Boston. Pittsburg, G ,hicago, St. Louis and Gincinnati. ISIDRO ARGUEllES, SPANISH CIGAR MANUFACTURHHJ ProprfetoJJ of the Bra.nlllf I LA FAMA, LA 'l'UYA, LA RITA., 172 PEARL _ST., NEW YORK. R. President. W. J. BROWN, Vice .. Presider.t. liCHTENSTEIN BROTHERS coMPANY. Incorporated September 6, 1886. B'C'OOJI!IIBBOR.B LICH'l'ENSTEIN BR.OS. & CO., Factory No. 50, Third o istrict, N.Y., Cor. 38th Streel and lst A"enue. BROWN & I EARLE, Factory No. Third District, N.Y.,.. Cor. 38th Street -and 118t A"etJoe, O::Di.ce : -38th STREE'l' a.nd 1st AVENUE, "Y"erk. KAUFMANN. BROS. & BONDY, lmporte .. and of M & Articles, Floot Avenuo, Md .. -swe-129 & 131 Grand St., Bro':.4':.,., New York. Salesroom: 129 & 131. Grand St., New York. steam Cigar 'Box Factory. Capacity, .r.u,uu1u OS, l.OO a.:tt:Ld. 10B Nor'tb. B't., O:l:tt:LO:l:tt:L:tt:La.'t:L, <>. Aiao lla.nutaeturer of the Veneered and Imitation Vellar Ciga.r-Boz L1UDber. Sample farniahed. on Appllcation. Send. for PriceLiat. .The oaly Factory ID tlle Wa"C tllat earrle8 a .. 1ock oC all Labela Publlahed tD tJa,.. United s-.ace R. L. mCKSON & CO., PURCHASERS OF Virginia and North Carolina LEAF Da:n.v1.11e., va. Orders and Corrospond_ence oollcited. Best of ReferenceM .:lvou.. VARIETIES. -Small manufacturers of cigars in Philadel phia are said to be affected by the c l os ing o f liquor saloons t p the extent that at least 200 workmen will be temporarily thrown out of employment -"Tobacco Boy" was beaten a few days ago at Baltim o re. "Tobacco Boy" is a trotting horse and took partio a race. young pretty girl was notice\\ on our streets tbe ether day chewing a cud of to)acco.-York, Pa., Age. -The latest "victim of tobacco" is a sad VALUE OF FOREIGN VO:orB. Cents., -Auatr1a-.Fiorinorguil Italy-Lira.:.......... 1a" der.... ........ ...... t6.8 Japan-Yen ............ flll'1 BelgiuJR-Franc.. ... 19.8 l.iberia-Do1Jar ........ lC8 Bolivia-Peso.......... 1111.6 M""ico -Dollar. .. .... !lfi.e Brazli-Mllrels... .. ft1; 5 Norway-Crown. 2&.! British N. America-Peru-Sol .. .. .. .. .. Sl'l.ll Dollar. .. .. ... .. 100 Portugal-lltilreio of Central A.mer.-Peso.. 91.8 1,000 Fela ............. $1 Cblll-P&o, gold...... 81.2 RU881o-Rouble of lOll Denm&rk-Crown... 2115.8 kope.ks....... .. . '12 Ec..Wor-P680 . 81.8 Sandwich Ialands-llol Egypt.--Ponnd of 1611 Jar.... .. .. .. .. .. .. ,oo plasters .............. $4 f11.4 Spain-Per ata of 1110 . 10.3 c.-ntimea.... . . Jab. Great Britain-Pound Sweden-Crown .. ,.... .s aterllng .......... ... 1' ""Wii:zerland-Frane ... 111:8 Greece-Dra.chma...... 19.a Tripoli-1\labllUb of 00 Ger. Empire-Mark... 28.8 paaoters ... :........ lliiV Hollaod-Florln or gull Turkey-Piast-r......
    ,_ lndla-Rupee.......... t6.84 Peso......... .. .. .. ,....... A kilo equals 2.5 pounds. A pfennig equals Jl9jjof .,.. cent: An English 8bllling equa ls 24 i.iji cents, AD Eng\liill -penny equals cent& Koaad. "IJp. Ranchmen twice a year have what they ea1J a "round up." In lieu of a better expreesiOB. allow us to style what may follow a "rotmil up." Friday, June 1, 1888, we found the crop of '87 in the dark districts not over 45 per cent. in quantity, and mu c h of it ruined in order.. Half has already gone to orders for consump t i on, most of which bas been delivered. For the last month it matters not by whom Italian styl es have peen freely token and DB promptly delivered. Breme n has been a cautious buyer ror the past fortnight. Rich fat snuffers, both lugs and short leaf, have steadily advanced to an eight dollar limit. to be resting content with h e r partial purchase of miserable hard sweated and frosted stock o! old, delivered about Christmas. Aust .ria has made very purchases as yet. It the early sale of Clar.k.s ville wro.ppersmadein New York was to partlea other than Austria, and It Is true, as that 300 additional hogsheads can be so placed. then all fine tobacco is in a very strong position.. There is a noticeable fli.ll-otl' in the per cent. or fine tobacco offere d on the breaks now and .u. month ago. There has been no flrst-clllllS sea son in the Immediate vicinity of Clarksvilla. Christian county has received good local. showers and has a better l!ltand and more age set than any other section. and Cheatham and the north end of Montgomery aounty out about 40 per cent. of a crop badly missing.-Clark.wilte. Tobacco Leaf. IJJ(ITED STATES INTERNA..L REVENUE TAX ON TOBACCO. case indeed. Be is 70 years 6ld, bas smoked WATT'S 'UNIF. QRltb for sixty years, and last week be married a Cigars, domestic ud Jmperted, $8 per II!; ciga...,ttet treighlng not over three lbs JM?r M, 50c petl\1.; and eheroots weighing o ver three lbs H, $3 per lll; manufa.clured tobaCco aaid mutf, per pound, l'c. OHARGES FOR PER ANNUM. -Ha.antacturenl of clpro, clgarettM and cheroot&, ts; mu!' of tobacco and n.!,l11', $6; d&alen In Jll&Dulac'Qu-11 ottoil&olco, p.40; -.mleat tobace<>, $1i. To-:----bacco a-mok-I TOBA.CCU BIYB.I. ing affected his brain.-Toronto Globe. DI!'ORT DUTIES ON TOI!ACOO Olprs, sue per pound and lll5 per cent lid valorem. ettes. aame as cigars, Including Internal taL SUmatra -Wba.cOO 85 per cent. ot which Is wrappers weigbing more \han tOO le&Tefl to the -pound, 7C:. cents pt.r J..Ound; if 51 per pound; &II otberla.f not stemmed,lllloentaperf pored. Havana leaf, 35 cents per pound. acto 40 cents per pnund. StemS 15 cents per pound. Pipes and pipe bowls. $1'.00 per voss. ad 6 per cent. ad valorem Ocm mg.n elay pi pee, ceat. ad Talorem; ef pipes. 75 per cent. &d. Bll smoke1'9 articles, d> per eent. ad valorem: snutfbexlll and chewing tobacco poudles, 8S per .,.,..t, sd valorem. RUSSELL'S TOBACCO KNIVEs. PRAGUE & MATSON, .. PARRY&. CROSBIE&. Elrok.erBfl Paradlee 8t,0 Ll-rerpol, ._ BROKEBS AND CINCINNATI. 0. B. DIAZ & CO., Jmportera r-C HAVANA LEAf. TOBACCO, KEW YORK. CHALMEnS & MURRAY, '1'6 St., Jfnr York, SOLE .&GENTS. We have always on band & Cull oupplr of Knlveo for Peaoe or Buck eye iilld Ropn .Machi'IOI, and make .., 6l'der ltDivell of ....,. patwrn. 'Beed lty aJl leaclinc Bmoldug To1oaaco llaaufaotiU'erll, 88 Market Street, Chicago.. .lief-toP. Lorlllard & Co..,__ N-York. D. H. McAlpin .t -David Bucl:ilier a: eo. Cotlin,Tobacco Oo., ik. Louis. F. F. Adam.IJit Co., Wllwaukee. --..................... OBACCO. MACHINERY; TOOLS AND NR GROWERS A!O) IIAl'ITrFA()'l'1T.8EBS OF TOBACCO. ..a... General Agents: :New _York '.fob91CCO eo.. I 04 John St. & 9 Platt St.., p, o. Boz fiSiJ, HEW YORK.

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    .. JUNE I3 GRAY, MORALES & DALTON Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE. HAVANA. CI&!IS, 5 t 4 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. J. BTB.ZEDE::El., CDG.A.R BOX IIANUFACTUB.EB., AGENT FOR THE %K::E':ROV:B::D VJ.q'l:Vli::RS.&:Z:. ar talllil tiline for the Williams Little Clant Bunching Machine. GIJIIANDF!crnRERS' SUPPLIES. DBALER "' SPAHISH CEDAR ciGAR BOX LUMBER. ... 2.109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO.\ .' I HONEST, POPULAR,! Is the lost UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever on the LAND SATISFACTORY Market./ Hence Dealers and Consumers. Always Pronounce it THE VERY BEST. Situated in "the immediate of country that produces a grade of Tobaceo that in texture, flavor and quo.lity is not grown elsewaere in the world, the popularity of these goods is only limited by the quantity produced. We are in pcsition to co:ommand the choice of all offerings upon this market, and spare BO pains or expense to give the trade the StrCCBSe<>B TO Job Anderson a Co., P. & MANIJFAC:tDREBS OF HAVANA. CIGARS. ::K.e-;y an.<1 "York.. llANt!P'ACTUREBI! Ol!' THE "SOJ:. A OE,='' ... an.d. o" FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and 116 LIBERJ'Y STREET, .A.:a.d. 118 a.:a.d. '1111 Oeda.:r S"t.. :N':I!J-.gv" Office and Salesroom&: No.17 Warren St., New York. ALWAYS ON HAND KU WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS The Mrs. G B. Miller & Co. TOBACCO ZURICALDA Y & ARGUIMBAU, 2 and Brl.qe St,, New ToriE. [1'. 0. Boz lNe.l GEBRunERKl:fNGENBERG AL1EN a GIJiTEB., J :E'LXO:EEDiEO:l'.l ::1:), 'V .A.., DI'&BLISRED lnL lft'ANII.Im .... LAt"ro .,._.e ... 87 I!!ITR.::I!J:I!JT0 .N'::EJ-.gv" TOB.:&:.. -IIANUFACTUREB8 OJ' THE CELEBRATBD-PLAUI' FDrE OUT CHEWING TOBACCO IN BLUE PAPERS Importers of Fine LicGrice Paste, ROOT, OLIVE OIL, .t;o, We otrer for Sele the EXTKA I'IXE :J:):BfTJIWE"OX..:E>o T llaov.faoturere of l'ille Graw.'s ill 'standard Brand o! Cigarettes & s moking lobacco. Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,AmericanGentleman IB:Z:G-N' .A.X. Oh.e"VV:l:a.c, Oae oz. Foil, .&lo, Firat and Seeoad quality la Blue Papera, '------....... IMPORTED LICORICE BB.&ND, l r I } Cigar Box, Labels a Specialty. New York Depot ................ 23 Warren Street. ------. fbr. Prl ..... te LaiNilll contan11)' OD hand. Orclel'll reeelved by Chicago Depot .............. 120 Dearborn Street. SWEETENED FINE-CUT Dark .and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. !IJ.AY APPLE aod PRIZE LBAII' FINE-CUT, Ia Foil. Very Flae aad Pare. Ia-aso 1'-1 82 ala .. -ell, BDliUIETEB-& co., d._..,_ Street, Jfew Terk, Sole A!r .... ta. San Fran D t 2 ... e C lif I ctsco epo a orn a Street. KIMBALl, CROUSE & CD., 36 WRB-Elllf ST., JfEW TOBit, Depot in London, England : ss Holborn Viaduct. UNION EXTRACT lUllltJJ'AOI'I1BBBS OJ' :EISSEN'OE OF ..:::::::::::::.. HIVANA CIGAR FLAVOR H l'aotor>F '186,14 Dbt.. Jf. T, lole Preprlelon of &he follow!Dg Baaaclao-Q1J.&TII:li.IALA, 8KOWZB ...... .BGS.& DBL NORTE, RIO HONDeo JI'L')R DB VIOLBTTA0 BL PBI!IJ.ERA PLOB DB III.&NT.&lliZ.&81 LA. PBBICHOL .. ',j BO.ES. NBW YOBK., K.ISIIIE'I', BJo. .IITIKO, VEGUBBOS. OUR TEBBJTOBYo Samples furnished upon appUcatlon'. : & STORM, lO:W TOB.Jt. All Cigars of onr lanntacmre .bear the : lateraal ... lr1Uil11er of o11r r 4/1 TJE'I.XPX..JII IFOR FILLERS. 'FOR BOXES. JF' Price ..... pint, 16; ..... galloa, ... 1\TOT ::IDV .A.PO.R..a..T:IIL $2 to make ONE GALLON of STRONG Jii'L&VOB sent on ..-Jpt of WE ALSO IU.NUFACTORIC E881!NCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinde. Cll&.&a llOLOBI DryMd In Liquid. lii'LAVOBS,If dellred,made.tooa'der J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., 168 Oham'ben Street, New York, LlCOBICE lHE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO 1.87 DIE. I I r..BI1\T 1o..a..1'11T:III, ( demanded a l!laperl.oy and Cheaper Article lhan """" b-Dfled, tbla Com,)omauulaeturlng,-olfedngforoale, LICOIHCE J>ASTII: (UDder tile ojt> duford" -.Dot &QU.IJ.l'lT IIDd at a PRICID wldcll caa hardl7 fall to be ...,... API&ble to all jliTIRg It a trial LIQOBIGE PASTE. ::f _; Spanish lmported, In Bond or Duty Paid. g> !::: 0 .s: rk .. "G c "" F G "o. "W II' E t a 2 .: 11 a 1s x ra. 0 Fnr Sale b)' !; C": cttQCIAL A.rgu.:l.:tn.bau. ct, -..A-,... poj 8 Sole ..l.a:ent J'or lhe United s-., aad Canacla, S' g F 4 VOUBS o ........ =: '""" ....... --..""'YO""-:-o The Best CJgarette R. HILLIER S SON COMPANY, 41.8 1\Te"VV 'York.. WARRANTED STRICTLY PURE. SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE W E AyE R & s TERRY' L Ill TEa. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE 79 Pln.e ,street. 1\r e"'I'V York.. FLA VOB.S FOR SMOKING TOBACCO. SPANISH LICORICE GREEK LICORICE I ALL SPECIALTIU I'OK PLUG AlfD I'IJfE-cUT TOBACCO. -ALL 8PBCIALTlE8 I'OB-PLUG AlfJ) I'DI'E-cUT TOBACCO. Speelal aueatto.n cJv&o 111aaaflle&arer_, 111edler .&ll Good IDllppecl Free en Board. OJive Oil, Tonca, Gums. Flavor&, W"Sampleoturniehedandspeclalquot&llonsglvenroranyarllclerequJred.---. NIDERED LICORICE ROOT ind PATENT POWDERED LICORICE. AROMAS FOB SMOJmNG TOBACCO. UCORICE. 'MA88 FbR CICARS. WM. E. UPTEGROVE .., Spanish Cedar -I!OB-. -...... ... AR BOXES. s. -v. &, P. P. &c'U.d.d.e:r, lll.&l!fUJii'..I.CTUHBJll Olil' Standard Wire Nalle. Foot of Enst I Oth & IJtb St. EiiCOBICE. PASTE KEW TOBit, POWDERED LICORICE B.OOT & POWJtEB-ED J:li:T,LICORICB. Alae 'D:EALilJUI ba DRUGS 11114 LICOlUOE KOOT. 41. &'ts-ee"t, near P!""'l 1\Te"VV 'York. LICGBICE PASTE. l!WI::Z:X..X..-. ;r s. Yc:n::a.n.g c;t, Co., L1rn :1. "ted. (JOJil( S. YOUNG, Treasurer.) OF SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE, Boston & Elliott Sts., Baltimore, Md. 0 All Goed JDilnufllctured b;r u a:re to be oC lhe bet qnallty. D. BUCBNEB a a o., The Miller, Co., 133, Greaseless Vertical Top, 111g &: FiDe Cut Chewing Snuff &:Cigarettes. Tin Lined & Flange Top S. BLANCHARD, &OLD COIN MOLDS,. EWING TOBACCO. 01ga.r &b.a.pers. Etc .. Braud ronnerl:r __ .....,_ lUred by Tbot. HoJ1 & Co. 4J3-417 E. 31st Street, oor. let Ave., New Yodel 1661 167 & 169 E. Pearl St..-0.. I 1 TohoupitouiB$ Street, New Orleans. Depo$ 8 Aaency ror the Paciflo O:iaata .&QBN'' .FOB ........, ciTY. l 300 A 308 Batte"' Street. Ban Francisco, Cal. SPANISH LICORICE PASTE. I Sole brand "CARENOU & TUR," formerly "P I LA R." -KANUFAcmrRED BYCARENOU & TUB. """o ,...., FACTORIES: ZARAGOZA, SPAIJr. ..... Office: Kemble Building, 15-25 Whitehall St., N. Y: S[ ;;_;; "" Solo Agento for the States of North Carol lila and Vfraillia, :::;1 DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va --.. RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, of FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 4 24 Cold St., MIXTli.RES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THBE.: KINGS, Turldab, Perique and Vlr(rlnl&. 111ELLOW 1111XTUBE, T.rklsb and Perlqoe, 'I.'PRKII!IH and VIRGINIA. PERIQUE and VJRGIWIA. QI!:NUINE TURKUIH. F'LAKB: Cum, EsPECIALLY ADAPTED 'FOR THII: PIPIC., "Va.:a.:l"ty c:>l.d G-ol.d.. ll!!lla.l.U1a.t;-u.:a.d.:l Granulated. A New Jlallxtun Fragrant Vanity Fair, Superlative and Cloth of Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People relined t&ste who dMlre exceptionally ftn Cigarettes should UBe only our Stral&ht Cn'o up i o satin pa.ck6t& and boxes of l O s, 20s, 50s a n d ltXIs. Our Cigarettes were never 110 One now The y cF.tnuot be tor purity and excellence. Jnlythe purest Rice Paper used 1846. 14 Firat Prize WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N. Y. "DOUBLE 5" 2oz. FINE DEPOT I'OR THE ABOVE POPULAR BRAND: Leopold Miller 6c Son, 155 Chambers St., New York. OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL ROSE; ANGELICA ROOT. ..... Brand Spanish Licorice. A Real Good Artlole. In -1H0 lbL ...... ,\\'OJ(;,>!!> tSan'u). (i.'i:anco ... A,, .r. :.(I t'l).a \\ fo. ,.. BH&ND. Pure and ot Goocl J!'laYOr. Ltooriee B.oot, Or.U..U,. & ......... In Bal... and llwull ... POWDERED LIOORICJ: P.&STE. Ground from Fl,..t Impotied. Eaa:le Brand Pow4ered Lteorto .. .Made from lhe Fioest and Sw-Bool, tree frem any Adlllleratlon OLIVE OIL. Aachor" llraad ot ..._a-. pure SALAD OIL. Ill .,._ 10 """ pJioD &Ia C&D8 each. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed & CO .. lllanafllc&1H'8111 Fino Cnt & smokin[ Tobacco. .l.nd Ia SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &o., Wble-1 ana RelllUo H-22 Brid&"e St Newark. l!ll. 3 Jacob Henkell, DI&N1JF.I.Cl'I'IlBBJl Olil' CIGAI BUlBS. SUPERIOR MAKE AJiD PRII(g QUA.Llt'Y OJ' Cedar l!lANUFAarURm OJ' ALL XIli1D8 OJ' Cigar-Box Labels. 297 Monroe 8t. New York. Dofianco Ci[ar lannfactorJ Snceeuor to D, Hlraeb a: Clo.. 229,231 & 233", Un St.. Xew Tllll'lro The followlag Branda and Tnde-marks'beiNrtbll 110Je a.nd exclwdve property Ill. the DEFIAlrOll CIG.tilMANUFACT<>RY, wf&Ja. In the reaclt of the laws of tlieland wbo will lmt tate ln any manner aay ot these bnlnds &Dd uademarKs or use any name or label wm. a& once :be proseeuted just the oame as any thief who would steal any other T&l""':>le property:Defiance, M < phlsto, Jupiter. Old Jodllck; So_priott. Meg GuJo Uver PlantagEnet. Fearnaught Tbe :r.t6ate&Uma, Commerc:;ial Club, Boston Club. UDI'f'enal. liard, Solid Value, Tbe Fashion Lone Star. Goldea Curls. Falsaalf, El Engagno, Pkadwo, Tbe liMbD; Las Gracias, N s Factory No:973,3d aorr. Dist NewYort D. HIRSCH. Geaeral Meaa.-. Hamilton & Liiley. lltANUF .&.C'l'UREBS OJ' .TIN.TACS AU pad ... ol Plain, Colored ED.l! .. ..a. and Eaameled Taca Macle to Order. I 38 BRIDG.E. ST., BROOKLYN, I. Y I I 1\ I j


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