The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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VOL. XXV.---NO. 22. rESTABLISmrn 1864 NEW YORK, WEDNESJ?AY, 27; 1888. 105 MAIDEif Com&:r; ot Pearl S t r ee t WHOLE NO. 1218 _!!!ke & td Cor. 1st Ave. & 31st St., "I' NEWYORK, CHOICE VUEL TA ABAJO TO BIG CO. All Ponies alvcs. SCHROEDER a BON, Packers or Seed Lear AND I M P O RTER S OF____: THE JACK CIG-RHTE C OMPANY, Sumatra Havana Tobacco OF THE FOL LOWING JILU!KS: Awarded Higheot Medal at E:drlbition, 1876, Philadelplda. ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. C HAS K El' S OLDEST, STRONGEST AND 1 CHABLES T. SEYMOUR, C>P Havana Cigar Flavor:s &. CC>., HAVANA TOB> A .mno \!. jl. .:l1'-IV Deocriptive Circular of a ll our dilfer-nt_ b rands of Cigar Flavors mailed IHPQRTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO Tobaccos from the San Juan io4 y Martinez District a Specialty. l!W' dE! 188 Fra.., 1; S'tree't, N' 'Y or.k. See that every bottle bears cur label and capsule wi t h our name &Rd 57 CALZADA DEL MONTE, CA.LIXTO LOPEZ, I!IA.NII:JEL LOPEZ, E UGENIO LOPEZ, CALIXTO LOPEZ & CO ... I Packers and Importers of F:J:N'E VUElTA ABAJO TOBACCO Exclusively,. ''LA ISLA'' TRADE MARK. C. L. JACOBY. No.3 Cedar St., New York. GUSTAV JACOb>. Sol No. 86, HAVANA; CUBA. L. 138 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY A.!;eXL 1: e>-r S. JACOBY & CO., B. H. MANUS, Amsterdam, Holland. F aotory No.3 3d District, SUMATRA TOBACCO FOOT OF 52d ST., EAST RIVER, NEW YORK. .. l'rlm e q ualu le alway s o u l and THE HAVANA TOBACCO COMPANY. L1J'!WI:1TE:J:). "----" \ I \'-' f_./; 11-I .T. c:g \ ,,-, ,........ I \ ....... ,"' J.--"" V'a::n.a, 01..1 ba "York: LUIS MARX, Pres. MAX T. ROSEN, Sec. &. Treas SIMON AUERBACH & 0.,. :El!WI:POR.TER.S OF HAVANA AND SUMATRA TOBACtlOS, ... Kii: scuUiAiT a co::,BT. I I IMPORTERS oF HAVANA A.:a.d. Pa.1..1r Spec:lal. -ty. 1 IMPORTER OF G-Eo_ F. LIES & H L f rp h Manufacturers of Cigars Cesareo Vigil, avana ea l.4o Maiden Lane, .M. & E. Salomon .Tobacco Co. OF ;.;....._........-------HaVana and-Sumatra. Tobacco ref ft !}. 0. I p,g, ([Ja. ALEX. FRIES & BROS., IUlRJI'AOTtrRERS OF Havana Ci[ar Flavor, --912 READE STREET, NEW YORK. 4.8 & 50 East 24 Street, -CINCINX.A.Tl, 0, B ran cl!OMce: HAV.Al!I'A. Cll'BA.. P. Gerra. Y. Que,_ GlJEB.B.A BERIIANOS, Packers and Importers of HAVANA TOBACCO 172 Water Street, Estrella 83, NEW YORK. HAVANA. GOODWIN. & CO.'S and Smoking Tobacco. Foot of Orand St., East River, N.Y. COMP{)UND FOIL, P A. TENT METAL, and all the dijfe:rent varie'tr' e s o f Foil kDown to the 'Prada. PRINTING ON FOIL in Bro...., and Colora, and with diJI'ereD t ( .leaigD o of O r:a.amentation for I T<>BA.CCC> tP,;.AN'D -Cl:G-.A"..R. Oa.p-u.1e -re>r Plain, C&lored or StaDJpecl, 01HGB AIMress : J No. 186 GRAND. ST. NEW YORK;..., 88 rRANKLIN ST., CHICAGO. BERNAZA 32, STREJT,' HA V AN'A, CuBA. LUM.BEB,.-C .IGAB BOX I!IIF .a....N:r&Ja: CE:E>..A.R., :EJ'!WI::J:TA.T:J:ON SP.A.JXT:J:&Ja: V'E:N'EE:R.E:J:) [CED&R) X.."C'J'!WI:::EI:J!I.R.. I o-r Spa.n.:lh. Cedar a.:n.d 085'711 8:1.'""-'th. &-.:ree't,'t:l, Oh.1o. LOUIS NEWBURGH, Packer 04 Linle Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish Otllee: 141S Weot Pearl Street, CIXCIXN.4.TI, O, MOntgomery County, Ohio WEYIAN & BRO. Tobacco & Snnfl MANUFACTURER&v PITTSBURGH, PA. SV'r'rEB_ BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, m. Cia'a.r Jla.nufacturers wUl find it to their advantage to with,wt ........ .-


/ ESTABLISHED 1864. Baving the Largest Circulation ot' &IIJ" Trade Paper in the World. PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY MORNING BY THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO., t.OB Malden Lane, New York. COR. 1'EARL STREET. EDWARD BIJRKE, Editor, .. OHN G. GBA.FF, Buslnel8 ManB(ler, .J Term .:.r the Pa. per. BINGLE C!;IPIES ........... -. .... .......... 10 cents. Oae Year .... ......... $4 1 Six Months ......... .... !lll Annual Suboerlptlono Abroad. GR&lT BRtTAJ111 U.lld 0AN.ABA.. $5 .04: :BUKEN, and the CoNTIMI'!ST ...... 5.04 AUB'l'B.MJ, etc., via England .... ..... ..... 6.0<1 emu ... ................... .............. ...... ... G04 aEVISED FOR A.DVERTISE!!IENTS, 1 One Six Tb _ree Year. Months .Months J'ourteen lines one column ..... ...... $14 $8 J'ourteen lines over two columns..... 46 24. 14 IIJ'wenty-eight lines one column........ 45 24 14 ,_..eoty-e i$'ht lines over: two columos.. 80 45 25 Jnlty-six: lmes one column .. ; . . 80 45 25 Wty-stx lines over two columns ...... 160 sa 4 5 One column ............................ 806 95 Half col11mn ............................ 180 100 ODe line nt bottom of page ... .. .. 50 Bpeelal_ .i.dYerUoemen& on Plrt Patte lines oer two wide columns ..... (one year) ... $100 IJ'wenty--ehrht tint>scriber and tho86 In this country residing -The burning ef Foster, HilROD 0. S -de of the larger cities the date upon which tho sub. cigar factory :Monday morning, J uoe. 25, was -'t>Uon has expired or will e:rplre. Our subscribers will h l t d t d t t fi es Jle!uo! lake notice and remit Whon the subone of t e arges an moe es rue tve r iartptlon 1a paid the date will be cb&llged, which will serve in the annals. of the cigar industry. areceipt. -Wm. Eggert & Co., the street Notice to AolYertllersChanges in advertisements should be handed in not l&ter than Monday noon to insure theu inserlion in the foiJ.owiog issue. .THE IBSUE. Prot.,ction or Free Trade ; this is the isslie 1111 which the present political campaign is to be fought out. -Let this palpable fact be forgotten when the ballots !JaSt No vember.' -, MOBDA.Y, JUNE 25TH, 1888. The was a notable day'in many re specte, its warl:llth giving it distinction, for one thing, and political events signalizinp; it for another thing. On that day Tippecanoe _and Morton too ca1Jle prominently to the fore. The new Emperor of Germany made his first and a good speech to the Reichstag. In the House of Commons, England, Ron. John Morley moved to censure the GOvern ment for. ita administration of the Irish Crimea Act. .And other things were done the same day. IT lS COOLER. It was hot at St. Louiil. It was hotter at Chicago. Thanks are due for the breezes blow& from the west: _Cleveland and Thurman, Harrison and Korton; good names and true. May the bet ter win. Blaine it might have been, Sherman it might have been, but it ill neith&r. Of course the "Plumed Knight" feels better. His cablegrams the Convention Monday, and letter of conTatulatioo to the nGmioees now in course of preparation in far:away Liolith gow in beautiful, bonnie Scotland, will for all tilDe attest that he at this moment feels betller. Good boy, Jimmy; may you live Ion and always be happy. 1888 TOB,&CCO CROP PROSPECT. In another column,-extracts from repre aentative contemporaries are presented, packers. sold a good many big bills during the week. This old house holds large pack iogs of trne Connecticut binder leaf. -S. Auerbach & Co .. the Pearl str eet im porters of Havana and Sumatra tobacco, have enlarged and greatly embellished their offices. They now have splendid facilities -Reports of high being paid_ for the new crop in Cuba cootmue to pour m upecutioos under (,lf every work the false pret.eoce of mgmil.'!l, and the exposing frauds and tune s .ecurmg to vindicating the law. htm steady and remu nerati ve employment. "You pays your money and takes your choice.,. This chestnut may be thus rendered: "Read these excerpts and cast your ballots i _nclioation impells." lG will be ooticed that the St. Louis boys were flowery and it is some R,. "EE FtteL"Y' &, 00 ucooor 1io. R.O::EI:EIR."%'1 :m. .., co. ESTABLISHED 1831o OFFICE-a&-SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, LARGEST BUILDING IN :EE.ey "WV'es't. .a..:u.d. BrJ:ok a:a.d. :Ero:a..-Dlmensloll,.!l, feet, alvinlr floor, epa4le O,l over -.uai-e feet, and ample room 1,300 times called-in their tax and tariff diction, while the laddies at Chicago said "right out in meetin'" what they thought about tax and tariff. A GREAT GAll!lE OF BALL. (BY .OUB NEW BASEBALL REPORTER). "Now, Ed, let her go." These were the words of command given by Tom Flaherty last Saturday, nnd two stages started from the famous hostelry of Herr Gottlieb Muller on their way to Grand Street Park, New town, L I. The boys were o -ut for the day aud meant to enjoy themselves. After an enjoyable ride of about one 'hour {barring the ozone of Newtown Creek) they arrivea at the park, and at once commenced to pick out the nines. Mike Flaherty and Frank Morton tossed up for choice of innings. Mike woo and placed hie men in the field. The nines were composed of the following boys from the trade:MIXE'3 NINE. Mike Flaherty, Charlie O'Brien, Fred Richter, J Zion, Dave Lobeostein, Billy Ball, Sol Hamburger, Manuel Gonzalez, Ed. O'Brien. .FRANK'S NINE, Frank Morton, Tbeo. Berg, Will Louis Miller, Charlie Simonson, Herbie_ McGee, Hen Beal, Robby Watson, Hen Lutjeo. Frank Morton, whilo;. making a. very diffi cult double-play in the 8rst inning, was dis abled, but succeeded in putting his two men out amid great applause. His place was filled by Dick De Luna, who proved a very good addition to the nine. It would be use loss to give the full details of the game, but some cf the players deserve great credit; the more so, as they only play half a dezeo games a year. Theo. Berg and Billy Ball did wonders behind t he bat. Will Flaherty and Fred Richter in kept the runs_ down in the five last momgs Had they pttched from the start the score of both clubs would not have been over a dozen runs, but there was plenty of fun anyhow, and something else also. Well, who could blame 'the beys if they did "irrigate." It came out in the sun. Charlie O'Brien played first base to perfection-and in fact all the boyi did well in their respective positionsmore than was expected of them. In the fifth inning Mike Flaherty made the crack hit of the day. Everybody thought it a home run; and so it would have been if he had only put on a little spurt, but be died on the home plate, when every one expected to congratulate him. However, this is the fate of all great ball players; but everything goes. At the end of seventh inning the game was called by Umpire Billy Lynch, a member of the New York bar. Billy's decisions were not disputed to any extent, as be was armed with an old cavalry saber, and it would not be well to dispute a Mr. Geo. Slater turned on the.beverage and sandwiched 'tbe crowd. Nobody went home hungry-not even the young man who eat the '27 sand wiches in succession. Score of Mike's nine .............. 2& Score of Frank's oiM ............. 22 After the game Mr. Beverly Saunders made the p,reseotation speech, with the "Muller cup,' to the winning nine; and Capt. Mike F.laherty responded, thanking Mr. Muller for his generous donation, and all present for the way they conducted themselves through out. Charlie Simonson amused the boys in the evening with some recitations and songs; also Capt. Mike, Bev. Saunders, Mr. A Bel mont, Purdy and Baron Von Ankio. Frank Morton and 'l'om Flaherty in a duett were horrible. The boys sang, "For we're all jolly good fellows." All hands had a great time on the way home, and according to Reo. Beal even the moon was full. T o m Flaherty saw to all their wants and tended to the scoring also. 8U81ne81 New 'Firm!! and l'temovals. ELMIRA. N. Y.-1\lanly & Daly, cigars and tobacce; sue ceeded by Manly Bros. .MoarLE, Ala..-Fermier & Borst, tobacco and cigars: sold out. NASHVILLE, Tenn.-.John M. Gtbbs & Bro., wholesale andre tail cigan aad tobacco i sold out. Nn YoRJt, N. Y,.....;J etTreys & Co. wholesa.le cigars and tobacco: Arthur Jeffreys., sole -proprietor, admits his son; :irm style now Jetrreys & Son o.uu.ANn, Cal.-Gray i!L McCloud, tobacco, etc.; bumt out. PrrrsFIKLD 1dus.-Jacob Eisner cigars; sold out. ST. Loms. Mo.-H. R. Schoenbec k & Co .. c igars; dissolved. SAV.A.NNA..H, Ga.-H. Myers & Bros. wholesale tobacco, etc.; S. M. ana M A. GOOdman admitted. Heported and BustneaB Ar Ltv.ERPOot.. N. Y.-G. F. Swanger ll Co., cigar manufactur-,. ers: NEW You, N. Y.-Julia Haehnert, judgment agaim, t for$116 Julius Wollman. cigars; judgment against for $679. J ST. CLAia. Pa.-Wm. Weaklin, cigars; confe.,sed judgmO discllara-ed TowANDA, Pa.-T r. Corbett, cigars; in hands of sher OORRESPONDENCE. COWANSVILLE, P. I., Jo,ne 20. EDITOR TOBACco LEAFEnclosed ple ase find lOc. Pl!\ase send in returu copy_ of your paper. H you adver tise the "Universal Cigar Branding Machine" the p ape r will be suffici ent; if not, will you kindly the address 'Of the manufacturer and let u s know b y postal card or letter, that we may correspond with tbemY We are very anxio us to learn their address, and by complying with the above request you will confer 'l great favor upon, Very truly E. B. GREENE. The machine you refer to is manufactured by J. W. Stri eder, 21() 9 Washington street, Boston, patticulars of which you will find in his card on our last page.-EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF. A GREAT FIRE. Foster, Hilson & Co.'s Cl.rar Manufactory, With A.lllts Contents, In A.shes Llclltcnstelu Brothers Company's Factory and Stock Damaged Mainly by Water. Particular and List of Insurances so Far aa Aooerta.ined at This Date, Monday forenoon it became known throu ghout the city that Foster, Hilson & Co. 'd cigar factory had been burned to the ground, and, iocidentaii,y, Lichtenstein Brothers Company's stock ser iously daiD aged by water early that morning. The particulars and r esults of the fire so far as made public, as the LEAF goes to press, are thus narrated in the New York Times of Tuesday:-'l'be large cigar factory of Foster, Hilson & Co.; on the southwest corner of Fint a venue and Thirty-ninth street, was utterly destroyed by fire yesterday morning, involv iog a loss (iocbdiog the damage to the sur rounding property) of over 1300,000. The fire was one ot the most dangerous that the firemen bave had to contend wtth for a long time, but fortunately was not attended witb loss of life or serious injury to any person. 'l'here were nearly 500 human bei'nKs in the cigar factory at the time the fire broke out, but all escaped safely. '!'!he burned factory was surro und ed by tenement houses, which were in danger, and the excitement among the tenants was intense. The factory which was destroyed was a. substantial brick structure six stories hi gh, (the top story being a Mansard,) hootiog 100 feet on the west side of First avenue and 65 feet on Thirty-ninth street. Adjoining it and ooveriog the rest of the First avenue blogk and fronting on Thirty-eighth street is a companion building, numbering 665, 667 and 669 on _the avenue, and is occupied as a cigar by the Licb.t'IDst.>in Brothel'S Com paoy. In this building 900 men, women and !Joys were employed. A good fire wall di vides this building. from tba adjoining fac tory, a ad but for this the entire block would have been destroyed. The fl.oora of the burned building were occupied as follows> Cellar, boiler and engine rooms; first floor, office and shipping depa'rt ment; second floor, stripping department; third floor, drying rooms; fourth floor, bunch makers; fifth floor, cigar maki og; sixth floor, packers In these various dep artments there were at work when the fire broke out nearly 500 operators, men and women, boys and girls, the greater majority of them baing Bohemians. The fire appears to have originated on either the fifth or sixth floor of the building. Its could not be ascertained. yesterday, and probably never will be No fire used throughout the building except in tlie b piler room in the cellar. It was reported that in the packing room oue of the men was breaking the factory rule by smoking, and, when surprised by the foreman, threw the lighted cigar away and thus caused the fire. The flames b roke out soon after 9 o'clock and spread with great rapidity. The packers were at work on the sixth floor, and passe d out of the scuttle to the roof of the factory of the Lichtenstei n Brothers Company and throu&h that building into the street. The work people on the doors below the fire re ceived timely warning of it, and there was at once a terrible excitement among them. Fortunately there were two sta.irways-one on First' avenue and the other on Thirty ninth street, both removed from where the fire started, and these were ample for the descent of the workpeoplo. There was also a line of fire escapes on the First. avenue front of the building, and lieme of the men descended by it to the street. Tae 900 emiJloyees in the Lichtenstein fac tory, although in no immediate bur ried out of the building. Tbe tire had mean while spread threugbout the top floor of other buildings 'l'here Wl\8 a delay in send iog out the alarm, and when Battalion Chief Fisher arrived be ordered a \bird alarm to be sounded. This was followed by special calls for several more land, the two tire boats and Water rower No.2. Before the reinforcements summoned bad arrived tlie entire building was in flames, and the heat was so intense that the firemen were driven out of it. The heat set tire to the tenement house on the northwest aoroer of First avenue and Thirty-ninth street and a tenement bouse and lumber sheds on the east side of First avenue. The rear portions of the teocm.,nt on Thirty-ninth street, ad j (' : 4:ag and to the west of the fac tory, '.'fer c also o n fire, and the Lichtenstein factoiy was also threatened, as the Mansard ro!lf wM ablaze in a number of places, and at one time it looked as the entire !}iock was doomeekiy ln tbe line stvle ezhlblted below all tra

... \ I I l JUNE 27. GOIISIP Fl\011 THE BJ\AKKE G'ROJO)E. AJrsTEBDAlll, June 10, 18BB. The second sale took place on 7th of this month, and the tobacco in this auction showed a better character than the importations in the beginning of the season. 'rhere were about s,ooo bales first leQgth, half of which was very common tobacco, and the other half most desirable weed. The tobacco burn! fine but had plenty of holes, and as a rule was hght m weaght and colors. 1 About 1,500 bales found ready purchasers. Rosenwald Bros. and Schroeder & Bon bought the bulk of the goods sold. I observed that Americans were Vilry re luctant about buying so -called medium goodil, and the good tobaccos brought a very hagh price. One lot Deli H SLI wus sold at $3.00 -a pretty faar prace for new tobacco, but 1t was a small lot of about 10 bales, and the purchaser probably wanted to show his cus tomers the finest of the new. Most of the goods sold to Americans were light m colora, which is strange, conaidermg the large quantities of these grades in New York to day, but I must eay that thas crop does not coB tam many dark tobaccos, as the weed had plenty of ram. The Sumatra Salvation Army from the other eade has been remforced by the arr1 val of Mr. Merfeld from Baltamore. :People here were very much surprised to see the advertasememt an the LEAF of the M. & E. Salomon Tobacco Company, but we, who know America only by reputataon, must admare a country 'here one can come in the field agam on the same horse, wath a dafferent saddle, and enter the 'race once more. Cullmans & Roeenbaum, through thear buyer, Laverge, bought some 150 bales fine goods. Thas purchase doea credat to the "elephant man," who more and more fol lows Ed. Schroeder m the knotting of his four in hand. Ed. is 10 Paris at present; the balance of the Yankees are 10 Germany waat ing for the Fourth of July, when the next sale wall take place. They will celebrate the independence of the Bmted States after the sale IS over by setting off several buncl!.es of tire crackers. We hope to see lots of our old friends here at the next sale, and promJse them some fine tobaccos, as large lots of celebrated marks arraved last week, and the real busi11ess will then commence. More anon. LANXAT PHJL.I.DELP.BI.I. NOTES, lllr Albert Marburg, of the firm of Mar burg Bros., Baltamore, moved around among the trade, look10g after the mterests of tbeu popular brands of tobacco. A. J. Hammel, of the firm of A J Ham mel & Co., leaf packers and dealers, of Day ton, Ohao, paad a VISit to a large number of our leaf handlers. Mr. Cohn, of the firm of L. Cohn & Co New York, dealers 10 leaf tobacco, made a tour to the warehouses of the leaf merchants here. Thts gentleman and Mr. Hammel were under the specaal care of Mr. H. G Vetterlean, the tobacco broker, Mr. Charles Volkmar has erected for the El Compas c1gar factory at 1906 and 1908 North Saxth street, a new brack bmldmg of three stones, wat h a wadth of aboat 38 feeL and depth of 109 feet. Thas bualding contains all the new amproYements known to modern Ameracan architec ts, with partacular attent aon paad to hgbt, air and convemence of employe& as well as employer. The El Compas eagar factory 18 under the super visaon and gmdance of C has. W Mecke & Co., as fine eagar manufacture1s, and from the well earned reputatiOn of these gentle men, as well as the established populanty of tbear brands of cagars, tbear future course must be mcrease ami advance at every step, for they have the combmation of attentaon. knowledge an4. pushmg energy, wbach must tell at every move they make to Improve the manufacturmg of mgars. A E. Massman & Co ., northeast corner of Third and Market, are meetmg watb splen did success m the constantly amprovmg de mand for thear brand of "Weddmg Cake," Key West eagar. No wonder, Phihp Ertheiler, Esq as eoach10g the estabhsbment. Hot weather! Stall "Happy Thought," "Rebecca" and ''Vinco "retam tbe1r fraends among the consumers of the weed. WHAT lriANUFAOTURERS ARE DOING. DANVILLE, Va., June 22, 1888. Shipments of manufactured tobacco from Danville, Va., for May and June show a de crease as compared wath the early spring menths. A better trade IS looked for from this tame out, and July will no doubt show a gam over May and J u11e Manufaetured to baccoshapped m May, 350,408lbs; from June 1 to date, 310,028lbs; sta.mps sold at Dan VIlle from May 1 to June 22, $52,834.62. PAUL C. VENA.l!LE. During the eleven months closmg June 1, the Wmston manufacturers paid tax to the ameunt of $499,024.60, showmg her shap ments of manufactured tobacco to have been 6,237,807 pounds. NEWS PBOI!I: CUD&, (Spencer's. June I6 ) Accordmg to the general belief the manufacture of new Vuelta Abajo cigars will not be of any amportance before the month of August, on account of the uncured condataon of the leaf heretofore receaved from that lo cahty. Partido u:aanufacturers will be able to turn out thear goods 10 any quantaty toward the end of thas month. The activity contmues unabated at Santa Clara on the part of speculators, who have operated heavily and at full prices in the new leaf, while advantageous propositions have been made by some Havana merchants for the totahty of the old leaf left for sale 10 that locahty, of which a lot of 100 bales was sold to a cigarette manufacturer at $29.50 per qtl. ------.&llen 41:: Ginter' ExhlbU at 1be Melbourne ( .& uralla) B:xpoUion. The exhibit of this firm is perhaps the most elaborate, beautiful and umque that has ever been sent out of the country. They have spared neatber pains nor expense m gettmg up somethmg to reflect credit upon them selves, thear State, and our country. Indeed it would be dafficult to amagine bow tobacco could be mampulated mto so many ways, yot these gentlemen have around themskalled laborers, and we may say artasts too 10 thear l10e. To gave our readere some idea of what they sent out, we append a partial hat of their magnificent exhtbai:-A mmtature tobacco factory (fac stmale of their leaf factory) made ent1rely of spun to bacco, and whach took over a male of thas twasted fibre in its construction. A raised star. This very large and beaut1 ful work, hke the above, was made of spun and leaf tobacco m varied shades, a most dafficult piecfi of work, requirmg much labor and skall 10 ats perfection. A. pound cake and sponge cake by our fraend Cayce, who as celebrated for his to bacco cakes, and whach are tempting enough to eat. A globe three feet in diameter, of leaf and spun tobacco; the countries, oceans, seas, r1vers and mouJJ.tains represented by the different shades of tobacco; altogether a most wonderful piece of work 10 tobacco. Miniature hogsheads-the heads open and covered with plaw glass showing the beauti ful grades of leaf tobacco used in the manu facture of thear "Vargama Brights" and "Rachmond Straight Cut" cagarettes. The old mall at Newport, L I., entirely of very unique. A howitzer made entirely of cigarettes ar ranged in the most tasteful and beautiful manner; also a mawature Cyclo(lll made entuely of Cigarettes too. Then there were tobacco signs, pictures, show cards, and what not. It would be worth a trip to Amtralia almost to see thas fine display, Mr. Gmter, the senior member of the firm, left last Thursday, June 14., for Melbourne. in company with other friends, to be present at the opemng of the Australian Expoeitlon, whach 10 all respects Will be a ,;rand one, we learn. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FoR WoK ENDING JUNE 23. Western Leaf-No sales of magnitude are reported, but it looks as if some were on the tapis. The transactions, as announced, were of a retaal character. Secrecy prevails, as at dad last week, when we commented upon the p6rnicwus practace of saymg Lit tle or nothing done." In response to our observations on this point, one of the big Western operators writes: "Secrecy has, perhaps, lost your market mere than all other causes combmed." Those are words of truth and wisdom. We deprecated last week "negations and mtamataons" in market reports, but our types made "negations" gotiatwns, whach it 111 to be hoped they will not do thas time. The prospect is more favorable for in creased busmess 10 New York than 1t was of late. Mr. Wenck, of Baltimore, was in Tbnrsday, talking while here, possibly, wath has coadjutor tebacco for Italy. One of the part1es actmg here 1n the interest of the Italian buyer has gone, it is saad, West. So runs the week's record; we give it as it ie graciously reported to us, word for word. Virgtma Leaf-We note sales of brights and export leaf, as, also, of Burleys, but not of much volume. A local factor just from VIrganaa saad to us that stocks m Vargmia of merchantable kinds are scarce, and holders of what IS available very firm. There is plenty of nondescrapt leaf, but that as not what is wanted. Rain, he said, was much needed in eome of the producing districts, and unless at soon comes an advance in praces 1:!1 a natural sequence of the suuation. Quotahona. Dark. Dark. Com. lugs .. I Com leaf 7 @ 8 Good lugs .. Good leaf .. 8 F10e leaf. Domestw Ctgar Leaf-Though the sales of the week have not been extravagantly large, a very handsome business was done, and the outlook for holders as very flattering. Several large sales were made at good round figures-500 cases of '87 Pennsylvama Spanash and 400 cases Zimmer's Spamsb, the first to a. leading leaf house, and the second to a m!lnufacturer. Many other transactiOns of limaller damensions took place, and were very satisfactory to buyer and seller. The stock of. Ztmmer's Spamsh IS about ex h austed, and thas 400 case lot was packed by an Ohao firm. Old Onondaga leaf was looked after sharply, but there as hardly any left. A 1,500 case lot belongmg to an cld and well known packer 10 Syracuse wall be taken care of next. In the tobacco sectiOn busmess as revavmg, and all grades thus far inspected turn out very satasfactoraly. J. S. GANs' SoN, broker, 131 Water Street, reports to the TOBACCO LEAF as follows:The ltst of sales as below speak for them selves. Our market IS more active and a good feelmg prevails. I p a rtacularaze sales700 cs. 1887 Penn. Hav. Seed 22 @25 300 cs. 1887 Penn. Seed leaf. .... p. t. 106 CB. 1885 OhiO.... . . 500 cs. 1887 Ztmmer's Spamsh ... p t. 250 c11.1886 Was. Havana...... 5 100 cs. 1886 New Eng. Havana 11 300 cs. 1886 Pennsylvama.. 120 cs. 1886 State Havana..... 8 200 cs. 1886 DuLCh. . . 9 200 cs. Sundnes.. . . . 5 @30 Davtded as follows:-To manufacturers.... . . . 990 cases To city trade ................... 1,300 To out of town.. . . . 486 u To Export . . . . T v tal. .................. 2, 776 Sumatra is selling mGre freely, but in v!lry SI;Jlalllots. The wathdoowals from the bonded warehouses are large, which IS a healthful sign. The importataons of new Sumatra thas week apprllxlmate 1,000 bales. Thas makes a total to date of 1,118 bales, aga10st 3,285 at t1me last year: Sales smce our last report amount to 325 bales. This includes about 70 bales of very common stuff. An examanataon of the new tobacco which ar raved yesterday wall cause our manufacturers to demde whether they wall rest on thear oars, or pitch in and secure a future supply of old. Havana-The hot weather seems to have a salutory effect on this market. Tobacco is selling steadily at a hv10g profit to amport ers. The sales reported are 700 bales at 60c to $1.10. There seems to be an actave m qmry for somethmg fine for about 55 or 60c. This demand comes from manufacturers making contract cigars for a price whach leaves no margin. They are trying to get square on Havana, but have been rather un successful so far. Those who are paymgextravagant praces 10 Cuba for goods smtable for the market, should remember that we are not suffering from a tobaccG famane, and that they are liable to burn thear fingers af they lm8.f!:ine that our manufacturers are at thear mercy. There as a hmat to everythmg, gentlemen! Quotatwna. Havana Fillers-Very common 60 Common ...... 75 GQod to med. 85 Med. to fine. 95 Fme .......... 1\!5 Superaor ...... 115 Yara--.-I and II cute assorted ... 65 II cuts ........... ...... 75 to 70 to 85 ta 95 to 105 to 115 to 125 to 70 to 85 Plug-Demand moderate, wath 141,839 pounds for export. Stocks are 10 course of reduction, and the outlook is brighter than at has been. About 250 grocers from the West and South west have been in. convention at the Grand Central Hotel and the Mercantile Exchange thas week, debating sugar trust matters, and before they leave the caty some good orders for tobacco are hkely to be left. Mr. Im busch, of Mtlwaukoe, was president of the two meetings already held. Mr. Holly, of Clark, Hully & Ketchum, thas city, repre sented has firm in the conventions. It was rumored that a meeting of the National Tobacco Association had been called within a day or two to reaffirm here what it recemmended an conventaon in Washmgton last January m respect of the tobacco tax. From reliable partaes we learn that such a meetmg was contemplated during the week, but has not yet been held, and may not be held. THE TOB:A.CCO Bright.: Navy 4s, lis, 6s, ,_s, Ss .. ....... 20 lbs, lOs and Pocket .... 20 hght-pressed ........... 80 Gold Bars ................ 30 6 and 12-10ch twlBt ............... 25 Blacks: to so to SO to 50 to 50 to 40 lOs, 12s, 18s ........... -to 17 & 20' to 25 Navy 4s, l>s, 3s and" 17 & 20 to 25 Navy lOs or Pocket ......... lB to 25 Negrohead twist ................... 23 to SO Smoking-Demand faarly active: Ctgars-No change reported. DOIIIEIITID KED.BIPTa, The followmg artacles were receJ.ved at the port of New York durmg the week : Bv RaUroad-C B Lockwood 198 hbds, M Abenheam& Co 6 do H Saebert 84; Oelrichs& Coo, F Dzmba 4; J H Moore & Co 85; M Pappen he1m11r & Co 6, 8rder 118 hhds. 8fi pkgs. Bv tM B'!Uls. G C Kaenbusch 1 bale do, EM Crawford & Son 2 C Burkha lte r & Co 1 cs ctgars, J Elhnger cl: Co2 do, Berry, Wisner, Lo nm&n & Co 1. J F J Xtques 1, Stetner & Co 2, L Mtller & Son 1, D Buchaer & Co 1 bx mfd, Older 392 hhds, 115 pkgs, 1 cs leaf, 6 do CII!:Srs. By tlw Bal timore &nd Ohio Railroad-Order 112 hhd, 75 pkgs By tlUJ N1Jt1J York and New Haven Steamboat Lme p Rart 13 cs leaf, J Lo8 enstetn 17 do, A Lankermg3J.BBrod69, G Schwab 1; WmEggert&Ce 1, C !:! Phahps 3. lJJ/ fJu Old 1Jomm1071 SUamiTtvp LJM-M Aben hetm & Co 62 hhds, Oelnchs & Co 10: FE Owen 2. Kmney To b acce Co 14; Sawyer, Wallace & Co 15, Ernst Mueller & Co 21, P Wrtght & Son 1, M B Nash 3 Buchanan & Lyall, 12, H Saebert 41 do, 1 bx samp les, J D Kelley Jr 200 hhda, 5 trcs, 9 cs mfd, 2 bxs eamp l es, Martm d; Broadhurst 2 hbds, 1 cs mfd 120 bxs do, 26 racks do, 1 samples; R M Martm 28 hhds, W Duke, Sen & Co 5 hhds, 12 cs smkg, 223 do Cigarettes, W 0 Smith & Co 419 cs mfd oO 94 -bxs do, 15 cs smkg, 2 do cagarettes a ud smkg, 8 do cigarettes Thompson, Moore & Co 140 cs mfd 91 bxs Elo, 49 .!4 -bxs do, 25 cads do, 5 cs smkg, P Lonllard & C e 12 trcs, 1 bx samples, Allen & Ginter 15 cs s mkg, 203 do ctgarettes, H R Kelly & Co 1 cs smkg, L Wertheamer 9 llo, Hob soo, Pyle & Co 10 do, W tse & Bendhelm 1 cs mfd, Dohan, Carroll & Co 101 do, Weber & Erskine 5 bxs do, E & R .M.elid J r llt Co 50 M -bxs do, Carhart Bros 21 !11-bxs do, E Cohn 2 cs pipes, orl:!er, 552 hhds, 9 1 trc, 11 cs smkg, 1!97 do m!d, 148 bxs do, 10 ;li'-bxs do, 70 J,l-bxs do, 263 cads do, 25 ao, 20 buckets do, lo do, 76 1-16-bxs de, 1 cs ctg&rs, 5 do cheroots, 13 do cagiL rettes, 1 bx samples, 4 tube. Ooa&tUJtse from Key d; DuBois 16 cs ete:ars E s tab took & E&ton 1 do; W S Denms 1. C C Baer 1, ReuJ, :&1urdock & b'ascher 1, W A Leggett & Co 1 Moore, Bremaker & Co 1 Banghart .Bros 1, R 10 PerKms 1, Perea Bros 1; Rosenthal Bros 5, F H Leggett d; Co2, J Q Hergot 1, C C :&1tller 1, Merww, Collins & Co I; B Daaz & Co 3, W F T aylor 2, Koemgsberger, Falk & 1, H Du senbe rry &; Co 3, E T Jl1ehl1, M E McDowell & Co 3, Euerg, Bachman & Co 33. M Barranco & Go 7, G W Faber 2, Purdy & Nicholas lS; Jno J Davie s &: Co 1, Stdeman, Lachman & Co 5, G Alces 9, M Somborn 1 Woodruff Ctga.r Co 2, S Serpa 2, B Wassermann 5, La Hacaenda C1gar Co 1, !) L TrnJtiiG & Sons 1 F oster, HalsGn & Co 5 A C Rodnguez & Co 19, Max Marx & Co 7, Pohalski & eo SO, Wallace Straaton 7; G W Nachols 15, H H Moore 1, Best, Russell & Co 18, Dilw o rth Bros 4, Feder Bros 1, D Osborn & Co 1 E R Webster & Co2, Wm Wicke & Co 1; H R K elly & Co 40, Bendlietm Bros & Co 3, order 5 do, 8 bales scraps, Greenhnll & Co2 do, 1 d\J, J Ellmger & eo 32 do, 12 do, E H Gato 3 do, 5 do, P & J Frank 8 do, 16 bales scraps and cuttmgs, Setdel1-berg & Co 38 cs c1gars, 28 bales scraps, 1 cs tol!acco, F Garcaa, Bro & Co 2 c mgars, 1 sack w r a ps, J S ll1ollns 2 bales scraps; L Sylvester Sen & eo 7 do CoaBtUJ!86 ]1om Tampa-Sanchez & Haya 10 cs ctgars 5 bales sc aps. ---lllllPOBTS. The arravals at the pon of New York !ram for e Jgn port8 lor the week mcluded the !ollowmg con sagnments-Amsterdam-E Hosenwal d & Bro 257 bales Su Pretzf eln & Co 27 do, Schroederd:Bon 241, orde r 103, C P Haye 169, L Sclmnd 191. BordeaurJJ-111 Jarvis & Co 1 pkg t.obacco. 68 bales t o bacco. Hamlnug-H R Baltzer S bales to19acco .London-Ordea 9 cs tobacco, 3 do cagars. lcotterdam-Wm Demuth & Co 655 cs clay ptp3s Smyrna-MacAndrew & Fotbes :!,417 bales 11 conce root, 500 cs hcortce paste Havana-Tobacco-F Gareta Bro & Co 412 bales, Schroeder & B on. 63 do, F Schulz 51; 1 Remuz 6, Gans Bros & Rosentbal5, F Alexano1re & Sons 147. Ctgars-G W Faber 6 cases, Wm E Pat sons, Jr 5, E Regensberg 4, Ack er, Merrall & Condat 50, Parlt & 'l'llford 33; F Alexandre & !5ons o8, Hyneman Bros6, J W Wuppermann 1 2 c 1 garettes, 1 cs ptcadura :lOX PORTS .From the port of N e w York t.o foreign l')Orta tor the week ending J nne 23, 1888, were as fol10ws : Am.'ite>dam-16 bales, 5 pkgs (500 lbs) mfd. A.ntwe-rp-(j hhds, 36 cs, 64 9alea Republ!c-25 pkgs (4,000 lbs) mfd. Bre,.. en-209 hhds, 204 cs, 190 bales BntiBh A.uatr.Uia-ll cs, 411 pk,1;s (74,567lbs} mfd. .Bn.t!.Sh EtUJt lndus-2 pkgs (200 lbs) mfd. Brt .. h Guzana-9 hlods, 18 cs (1,050 lbs) mfd. Bnt1sh HondU1'a8-1 bale 30 pkgs (683 lbs) mfd. Possesswns m Athca-12 pkgs (1,040 lbs) mfd. Erituh We.t lndzes-3 hhds 1 cs, 4 pkgs (861 lbs} mfd. Oanada-416 bales Clt>l1r-2 pkgs (200 lbs ) mfd. pkg (100 lbs) mfd. Copenhagen-tO pkgs (1,310 lbs} mfd Ouba-6 pk1:s (1,120 Ills} mfd Dutch East Indtes-7 pkgs (6111 lbs) mfd. nutelt West ln,BIB lbs) mfd. Maltt:-10 pkgs (1,600 lbs) mfd. .M""""o-24 bales. New{Oilndland-f34 pkgs (3,9'78 lbsl mfd. Ntn;a &olw-2 pkgs (100 lbs) mfd New Zealand-118 pkgs (19,2811 lbs) mfd Peru-2 pkgs (640 1bs) mfo!. .RQtterdam-170 hhds Spamsh PosBeBBWllll m A.fru:a--26 hhds, 25 cs, 10 pkg s (1,600 lbs) mfd U.S. et bales 37 pkgs (4,036lbs) mfd Uruguay-1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd. VenatUta-52 bales. EXPORTS FROM THE PORT 01' NEW Y(}RK TO I'ORJliGN PORTS I'ROII JANUAJtY 1, 1888, TO JUNE 23, 1888. Hhds Cases Bales Lbs mfd. Afraca .. 97 91 Amsterdam ........ 1,317 632 113 41,663 2S,634 46,584 Antwerp .. .... 1,222 1,144 1,262 Austna.......... ... Australia. .......... 594 149 Bremen ........... 3,655 2,481 Brttash N. A. Col. 11 Canada .............. Central Alllertca.. 1 Chma and Japan ...... Copenhagen....... 91 East Indies . ... France .......... 3,402 G .bral tar....... 70 Glasgow. . . 407 HI!.IIl burg. 945 Italy ............. 4,393 LaTerpool .. ... 621 London ........... 1.810 Other BrttlBh Ports 171 Malta ................ Mexaco ..... ... 7 New Zeale.Rd, etc ..... Portugal.. .. . 66 Rotterdam . 1,897 Sandwich Islands .... Spain ............ 2,101 South Amenca... 148 SweElt:n&Norway 110 West lndtee. 592 V ariollS porta .. 10 22 4 3,220 31 8,507 "38 1,155 2 794 11 154 10 1,753,701 4,668 700 2 46,596 4,645 300 11 59,466 40 so 116 23 174 4,548 728 50.058 40,499 17,229 145,26S 59,780 76,024 194,976 63,246 188,314 888,116 624 78,872 4,987 493,653 1,400 8,391 633 414,385 1,980 513,6ti2 8,640 29,630 17,026 21,03$ 4,547,7<10 DVE'R TOO LATE. Do not for a moment thmk that it is now too late to put your 1887 tobacco mto the non-wetting curiBg This process as not to simply hasten the cure, but to cure the leaf perfectly, and thus brutg it out tough and strong and avoid all tender leaf. Tobacco comes from the natural summer sweat soft, cheesy and tender, because our season as not long enough to allow the ferment to pro<'.eed to a finiSh. I can accomnhsh more 10 days by my process, which is night and day, than the natural summer sweat wall do m a whole season. I can guar antee that any and all tobacco that as cured by this process wall come out of the cure tough and strong. I produce a quality never before reached by any process. I do not force the cure. I give the tobacco the degree of heat and a proper amount of m01st ure, and keep those coaditions correct night and day untal the cure IS perfect. This pro cess is JUSt as !cientlfic as the manufacture of high grade wmes. On the 1st of Septem ber, or when our tobacco stops sweatmg, 1t IS only about half cured, and then Is the time at goes soft and tender, because the fer tu.ent as checked by the cool mghts. By my process the ferment IS never checked and the tobacco cures to a fimsh, and it is utterly Impossible to over-cure or over sweat a case by my process, and I do not care how long the case IS left m the process. There as no such thmg as mjuring the fibre of the leaf or of removmg any of the oil. The process 18 a refimng one only, and as the cure advances It loses ats power to harm the leaf, and in a short tame the tobaccg IS beyond all harm from the sweat or cure, and It can be kept indeftmtely. After thas cure is completed, the tobacco does not need to be resweated, but simply wet to put It 10 stnppmg order and only as you wash to work at. I do aot remove the tobacco from ihe cases. All cures ahke, and no tops, sides or bottoms, which is anothtJr great advanta,:e. The sides never dry out. The whole mass k11eps soft and phable. Send me a few cases and test the process. Baggest thmg on the earth for bmders or fillers; no must nor mould. The expense is only one cent a pound actual weaght when I receive the goods. I have thousands of cases 10 thas cure; call and sea them. I have a capamty of thtrty thousand cases. Do not be afraid of fill10g me' up. I GUARANTEE succEss The finer the leaf, the hagher tbtJ prace, _more the for thas cure and save at from getting tender. I wall guar an tee at wall come out strong af you have not it before I ,;et It. Do not fall to send me at least a few cases, and next year you may wish to cure your leaf early, and you will thus knew what can be done. There as no reason why our tobacco should not com mence to cure an December, or just as soon as at can be packed. lf we lived 10 a tropacal chmate our tobacco would cure at once. What IS to hmder us from havnag a proper chmate 10 our bmldml(s and a perfect one I Respectfully yours, CHARLES S. PHILIPS, Tobacco Curing, 1215 188 Pearl street, New York. Storm and F'lood In Havana. HAVANA, June 24.-Thas mty was visated last mght by the meat severe ram storm ex perienced for the last twenty years. Several buildmgs were struck by hgbtmng, causmg constderable dar:.1age At 56 Aguala street, a pravate dwelhng occupied by Delmaro Veytaes and famaly, hghtmng struck 10 the back room of the second story, ran along a gas pipe and Aet fire to the gas-metre, wbach set the house on fire. The flames were quwkly extmguished by the fire department. 'l'he Union Club house was also struck and got ablaze, when the Fare Department was agam called out. The quarters of the Guardaa Cavtl, the Macbina, the Cabanas, Fort Munas, a eagar factory and several other large bualdmgs were more or less dam aged. In Guanabacoa, near Havana, the El Ehco Club house had ats rear walls demol Ished and the fioormg all torn up. Ma.ny streets of Havana were mundated to such an extent that household furmture was washed out of houses. The water rose from sax to eaght feet. --:-----Note FreDl Tenneee. The bulk of the '87 crop has been received, and muc h of it sold. The remnant, after July l wall be nommal. The plantmg as now conceded to bean average one. Heavy lugs may advance m the late autumn or early wmter, but much depends upon the develop ment of the present crop. We look for a good consumptive demand from Spain, Italy, l!,rance and Austria. New York has been culled untal her leavmgs are scarcely mzed as stocks. All sales that can be effected on a "pay out" basas to shippers should b e accepted. Our warehousemen, seven firms, assasted by M. ,H. Clark & Bro., wath the Elephant and ProtectiOn and Captam Gracey, wath the Old Grange remodeled and oolarged, the New Secur1ty wall furmsh ample storage for 1889. The sales I!lade Wednesday by Kendrick, Pettus & Co of 93 hogsheads, leaf and lugs, averaged $10 40. In thas sale Holman, Scott & Oo., of Robertson county, had 16 hogs heads, whach sold an average of $13.50. J. W. Adams & Co. also sold a lot at 12 cents average. J. B. Barker, of Logan county, sold 8 hogsheads leaf and 1 lug at $16, $15, $12 50 and $7.50. F. E Foust, of McAdoo, sold wath Hern don, S:allums & Co. has crop of 6 hhds at an average of $12. 75, 50, $16, $12 50, $22 50, $11, $8. If half the exertion to ad vance mdi vidual ambitaon was darected to a repeal of our onerous tanff dutaes and a wipmg out of tobacco tax, the people and not the blatherskates would be benefited.-Glarks Tenn Tobacco L eaf, June 22. .1. Jiew Poalal Regulation. Postmaster-G enera.! Don. M Dackmson has issued a notace to all postmastets that the Presadent has approved the act which, among other thmgs, provides as follows: "And all matter otherwase mailable by law upon the envelope or outsade cover or wrapper of which, or postal card, upon whach m decent, lewd, lasmnous, obscene, hbellous, scurrilous, or threatenmg dehneation, epl tbets, terms, or language, or 10 juraously upon the character or conduct of another, may be written or prmtod, are her@by declared to be non mailable matter, and shall not be cGnveyed In the malls, nor delivered from any postoffice nor by any letter carr1er; and any p erson wlio shall know10gly deposit or cause to be deposited for maaling er dehvery anythmg declated by thas sectwn to be non mailable matter, and any person who shall knowmgly take the same or cause the same to be taken from the maals, for the purpose of cuculatmg or das posing of, or of aadmg 10 the CirculatiOn or dasposltaon of the same, shall be deeme tT. C>R.DET.X., c;t, D5:ER.O:&:.A.:D.T'Te BPEOU.L A'l'TENTION TO E'OBCRA.BING AND SHIPPING -< Cigars&, Leaf Tc:'bacoc:h Dee& orrerereacu f'llrabhe4, p, o, Bolt 804. ()able Addr-".:Jor4aa. on their a.rrfval. for information whWh will ""' G.ft .... .a. Buyers goin" te Havana are rt!qlleoted tG call } ...... 8 a-YG-aCIO s--SAVE them TIME and MONEY :&:.a. 'V' .oi!!III.m' 1 Mexlean Clcara. What is the charm in these Mexican ci gars! I thmk them bot, dry, tasteless, thirst provokmg deluswnsl Thousands care for none other-regard them as the perfection of smokmg I I may be wrong ; they may be right. It may be old prejudice on my part, and sound judgment on theirs. Before the 10troduction of the Turkish cigarette, boys commenced tobacco mostly 10 the form of Pickwacks, Queens, or Pellons, and eo got inured-at a cost, certainly, of some sickness-to full flavors in their mouths, and of such to tbas day are those wl::.o deligbtJ 10 a fine Havana cigar. Mexican tobacco as grown from Havana seed 10 a soil which has not been exhausted by repeated crops of tobacco and recruited by manures, as the soli of Havana has been for many years past. So that now we find, in about three years out of every four, Havana cigars are e1ther' rank or tasteless, a good qualaty of crop depending on a comblnataon of weather influences which only eccurs abtmt once in four years; while the Mexacan comes year after year with but slhdtt varaatwn. There are l!!ome people who beheve that the taste for Mexacan mgars wall die out, and that fine Havanas will reassert thear supre macy; and perhaps they are raght, but that will not be until we get another crop fine m quahty and abundant in quantaty-at least, I hope not, for there are quite few enough fine cigars now to supply the demand for them that at present exaets, and they are dear enough, 10 all conscaence; therefore, from a smoker's pomt of VIew, it 1s to be hoped that thos e who prefer Mexwans to Havanas may long contmue to do so. The Import cannot be less than half a milhon mgars per month from Mexico, and at would be little short of a calamaty to the smokers of Havana cagars af the present hmited sup ply of good Havanas sheuld be aalled upon to satisfy so larl!';e an 10creased demand.Tobacco Trad e Review, London, Eng. Beating the Sunday Liquor Law. The schemes devased to beat the law in St. Louis JUSt now proves that the Yankee does not have an exclusave corner on Speo:l.a1 N'o1i:l.oe _. W .&JITED I'OB CASH, CIGAR CUTTINGS l'cno Doaeetlo -a Ezport u-Giverate place to 'W1teellltc. are al-;roln the for If f111r l:&e olean and dr;y and aot must,y. BLOCH BROS., WheeRng, W. YirginiL WANTED-A saleaman t.o represent one o! the largest cigar factories of Bmgbamt0n to the job bmg trade m the West and Northwest Must have knowledge of the business and command of 'trade. or need not apply. Address P 0. Box 198, Bmg halllton N Y. 1218 tf YOU NG MARRIEV MAN desares a situatloa 1n leaf tobacco or eagar busmess as mdoor salsa man or otlierwtse. Thgrou g bly experienced. H. K., care Michel d Eckstem, 134. anEl 136 Canal street, New York. 1218 A SALESMAN who has travelled South anumber of years for large Cigar manufacturers and controls a very large trade in that sectiOn, is open for an engagement. Address "L M.," care Leaf. 1218 FOR SALE. UNION CICAR LABELS. THEW ANTS OF THE PUBLIC liiUST BE liiET_ "Twofets" with them on are eq_ual to any Seed and Havanas Without them. Please address 1218 B ALBERTS, Lithographer, ST. LoUIS, Mo. OCEANIC HOTEL, Van Sicklen Sta.tion,Coney Island. Thtrty five minutes f10m York, vi a Sea Beach R. R, 15nunutesvtaProspectPark &Coney Island. Now open under enttrely new management. LINDEMANN & GREENE, 1217-20 Proprieto111. P P. mventive gemus. There as a perversity F:&.a.....ror. about the Western man that always comes The bllSim the market. Genume Havana taste out boldly whenever he thinks that has raghte and flavor Duplicate orders tell the tale. Pnces: are encroached upon, and smce the I Pint bottle $1 gallon $6 sampl bottl 'th Sunday law anto effect hundreds of men J e e, WI who would not care for a drmk on Sunday, 4ir,ectlou,_ $1. Goods unsurpassable. to say notbmg of the legion who can't live Addr.!l"s twenty-four hours without one, now start, 1201-26 SALING CoiiEN & ()o., M Broad atreet, New York. and wath the avowed purpose of gettmg a mp at all hazards. A certam class of saloon men are quack to note thas, and are thus stamulated to extra exertaons to supply the wants of tharsty customers, and at the same tame dodge the responAabahty attached to a dascovery by the agents of the law, m thear allegal traffic. Tae "cocktail cigar" is B.Jileat httle device that has JUSt found 1ts way mto the pockets of the sports. Where it ortgmated as not known, but at as safe to say that at wall be a popula r brand wath the tapplers en Sunday. The "cocktail" as, in appearance, hke an ordmary 01gar, but mvestaga taon will reveal somethmg more substantial than the ord1 nary tobacco leaf. Runnmg through the center of this new brand ;s a long, thm bot tie filled watb whaskey. The cork as placed at the tap, JUSt where ihs usually cut off for smokmg. It is presumed that the purchasers of these cigars will be thoroughly mstructed how to mampulate them and JUSt how to reach the rach juace that is htdden away m thear hearts.-St. Louts Globe-Democrat. .1. Good Word ror 'he Glrla, Miss Katae Herndon has been assisting on the Grange warehouse books, wratmg up the revenue, calling off, etc. H(lr presence calls up followmg hne of thought: F1ret, the benefiCial presene of females 10 om count mg houses and stores. There as someth10g 10 the very presence of a tidy whate apron and neat frock that calls out all the 10nate man an our nature-110methmg that braght ens our wit, softens our all nature, cultivates our manners and makes us tbmk better of the world. Her presence as an estop to wranglmg and a quaetus te boisterous daspu tataon. Second, opens up a field that as peculiarly woman's work. I would not make of them brazen saleswomen behind grocery and produce ounters, nor shappmg clerki for warehouses-" they are not built that way';" but no office was ever so ele gantly furnished as one where "bib and sat enthroned at an oaken desk. Don't construe thas as an advocacy of the thard party movement with the woman suffrage addenda. Nay, verily, for we fiaunt to the breeze out Democracy-Grover, Frankae, the Red Bandana and our Tenn., Tobacco Leaf, June 19. One Toueh of Na&ore. The wmd was high. his hat blew off And rolled along the street. Great Scott'" be craed, and after It He ran wath mmble feet. It stopped-he reached it-as he stooped To take at up, a gust Came suddenly, and off the hat Went m a wharl of dust. The sage, the fool, the grave, the gay, Young:, middle aged and old, The tall, the short, the lean, the fat, The tamid and the bold, The rach, theopoor, all laughed to see The dwer whul and sp10-Tbas 111 the touch of nature, sure, That makes the whole world kin. -Boston Courier. -One of the best advertasing schemes we have beard of recently was the one adopted by S 5. Sleeper & Co., proprietors of the N. & S." cagars, through thear Southern and ageats, F. R. Race & Co., of St. LoUis, Mo. To each delegate to the Democratic National Conventaon was presented an elegant, plush-covered box containmg ten of the celebrated "N & S." cagars, "wath the compliments of S. S. Sleeper & Co." duly 10-scnbed thereon, and a beautaful tablet en closed explaamng the character af the cagars. Thas happy tho11ght of S. S. Sleeper & Co. secured them "an anchor to wind ward" without any suggestion to "burn this" (let ter), but wath the desire mamfe11t to "put them where they would do the most good." -New England Grocer, June 8. :K.ey "'l'Ve"& PICADURA CHEROOTS. T:rade-!Uarka tr. F. tT. X. l'rincipal Depots 57 Broadway; 191 Broadway; corner John st., and Br11adway, corner Broome, New York The above brand, having been copynghted, the trade is ca11tioned not to imitate the 118Jlle uader the penalty of the law. Each packa,;e, containing 18 ca e roota an tan foal, beara a yellow label wath an :X: en the face of the labellllld a. whate label across one end of package, on wbacharetheamtaals,J. F. J. X. Also imported Key West and Dom.eatic C1gars, all grades, at Wholesale. 1198-1223 J. F. J. XIQUE&. H. H. MEYER, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENT, 1218 FARNAM ST., OMAHA, NEB., represents the most rehable New York and PeDD sylv)Ulia factories for both chea11 and tine cigars, 1 Constgnments, which wall be dtspoaed of to besl advantage to shippers are solicated. No storage charged. Refers to jobbmg trade ell. Mi18ourt Rtver generally. 1194-12111 HENRY C. DOBSON, -Qnly Manufacturer of the-GREAT PATENT Sll VER BELL 1270 XEW YO'RK. No. 1. ...... PJ 00 = No.2 .. :125 00 :No.8 ...... 8000 No.4 4000 !! .. G.,.,, ... 110 00 No.6 .... -?A 011 No, J ........ IIOO 00 Beware of WORTHLESS IMITATION'S of GREAT BANJO, none GENUINE unle88 stamood with m)F name number and accompanied with a gua.rantee certift. cate slgnod by me. and baving the duplicate numbe< Sent b;r Express C 0 D to any part or the United States with out extra charge for packing. A.8k for the certiHcate and see that the number corresponds With the number on the ba.njo Instructio n so that each pupil a. pnvately Full know lodge or tbisllllltrument by lll7 method or teaching guaranteed in a course oftwentyleseon& Diagram method Without notes, S!OO Regular Nota Book for Banjo $100 Sent b;y mail on receipt of price AddreB f o r illustrated clrculal)l, HENRY 0 DOBSON, lll70 Broad-way, New York City, U.S. A. liM T'RADE lliA.'RK NOTICE. We hereby notifv the trade in general th&t we are toe manufacture111 and sole and exclusive O'WD.J era of the famous llraad of ctgars LIBERTY DELL. ThlB brand lias been capyrighted and regilteretl in tlie Patent Office in W ashmgton, and been m cONTINUED USB by us for many years, wo warn and give notice hereby that we shall protect our rights again t infrinQ;ements, according to law. 1218-25 HESSLEIN BROS Chicago, Ill. Forthcoming Auc f Sale. By Burdett & Dennis, St.;) No. 29 Bur ltng shp, on Fraday-, June 29, 12 o'clock, withm their store, by order' cf Hon. M. T. McMahon, U S Marshal, choaef'l Havana cagars-assorted favorite brands-seized for vaolataou of the revenue laws. She Wa Ved to It .. Saad one Austm crex ) woman to a ladyfnend. "YGu should make your husband quit chewmg tobacco. If you ask l!.am to qun he will gave at up, won't be !" "Yes, he'll give up chewing if ask him to, but I'm not gomg to do 1t." "Don't the taste of the tobacco make you sick when he kasses you Yes, sorter." "Well, then w:hy don't you ask ham to quit I" Because there are three or four other women 10 thas he IS always kisemg, and the tobacco makes them a blamed sight sicker than it does me. Yoll seo I've got sorter used to at."-StfhngB.


PBI'f.ADEi.PHlA., Pa., June 25 -Mr. A.. n. Tobacco Inspector, repqTt8 to the ToIUCOO LBu u follows -Another week of very fair buune88 m tbe bandllng of manufactured bard to ljaceo : AI gt"lldil a'ld branda aeem to have friends m need. Pncee remam firm except oa low grades, wh1ch are steaacco now planted than at th1s t1me last year ,--1888--. r--1$87---. Week. Week Year. Hhds Hhds. Hhds Hbds Tots! offerings .. b91 16,186 1,190 34,923 Total ofiermgs new 331 5,639 948 14,924 Total olfermgs old 360 10,547 242 19,999 .Actual sales... 530 1 ,095 Rece1pts.. . 661 2,146 ReJeCllODB 161 9:i Claas!llcat10n f effenags 1!!6 hbds Mason County. Ky, D1stnct 139 Pendleton '" 72 Owen 57 Blue Gras s '10 Brown County, 0 DlStrict 83 Eas tern Obw 35 West Vngmt a 4 lnd1ana 45 City Classtficatlon of prices -30 hhds at from 2 00 to 3 90. 22hbds at4 00 to 5 95 86 bbds at 6 1U to 7 90; 38 bbda at 8 00 to II 75 169 bhds B11rley at 10 00 to H 75, 236 hbds do at 15 00 to 19 75, 160 bhas do at 20 00 to 24 liO CLARKSVILLE 'J.'enn., June 23.-}1essrs M. H Clark & Bro 1ot>aeco :Brokers report to tbe ToBACCO LBAI'-Recetpts are falhn11: oll'. Bales for the wek e ndmg to day were 979 hhlls The market was st10ng for all grades except fiae lugs, w1tb an advance on lear suitable for Bremen of ),! to The quality of the breaks was the llest that we bave had for a 1!/ng t1me, wh1ch added to the act!v1ty of the !:!peculators were qUiet, and the ofienngs were taken by the re,;ular trule. QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Commt.n . ,. ... 4% Jlled!UlD......... . 6;!.(@ Good ....................... Leaf-Commou .............. 7 @ Mechum.... . 9 @11 Good........... ........ Fme ............. 14 Choice selection ............ 16 @18 Light and part1al showers have coatuued to fall, amal1 plaat1ngs. Petllaps 90 per ceJl$. or tlie crop is now pitched, but full re pialitiacs Will be reqwre in many pl&eea The planting seems smallet than contemplated early m the year. DA.NVILLJll, Va.,June22 -llr, able, Leaf 'l'obacco Broker, rell<)tta to the TO JU.OCO LBu u follows -Sales this week have been larger than for some 'weeks past, and the quahty of tbe oa'enng better than the week before. Pr1ces have been kept up and the demand for all grades IS good. QUOTATIONS. Smoker........COmmon ................. 4 @ 6 MedlUID colery. 6 @ 8 (}oat( do . 8 @l 0 Good bnght .. . 10 Cutters-Cammon bnght .............. 12 011i Medmm bnght ............. 15 @20 Gooo bnght 20 @25 Fme bnglot.... .25 @30 Fancy bnght . 30 Fillent-Common . . . 5 Medmm. : 5 @ 6 Good.. .......... 7 @9 Fme 9 Faocy . ........ 12 @15 Wrappers-Common . ......... 12 @15 Medium..... ........... 15 @18 Good . 18 Fme ........... 25 @35 Fancy ..... l.. ......... 40 @00 Extr& fancy ....... 60 @80 DURHAM, N. C., June 22.-Meeara. Webb & Kramer, Leaf Tobacco Dealera, report to the To:u.cco L&Ar 88 follows -Rece1pts th1s week lhow a decided over tboae of the past tbtrty days and with a decided Improvement m \he &eneral character of offerings the market ehowed an unproved feeiing. Wrappere were more freely offered than during any week tb11 ye&r, and were taken up at fair pncea F11iers were neglected and the demaad for them wklch ex! ted aeme lime ago 11 eaeier. Pncea are steady. IJL, 23 -Mr.. W. 'I' Noel. ToLacco Broker reports to the ToBAOrk, a11d ph1a 2c, &nd BalumoreSc oolow. lUCHMO:ND, Va., June 23.-W. E. D1breil, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to the ToBACCO Lr plaNtS fram >taltiDg off and tloe cro p Will be curtailed by drouth and b!l ns for planting tbe secona lime while many contend only half tile Clufl 1 s set Bud ta odoul! luly well It 18 generally tbougilt that t!O per cent woll oo t;nccesfnlly planted \\lib a good tnu. but tloe last week bas thrown the crop baclc very mucb, no duul>t, with the thermo111eter n the Dinet1es lllr P Whotlock of Old Vuguna. Chcooot" fame, lim New Yo1k on bu s mes s, wlo!le b1s busl ne s Loere booms still The J B Plice Cn are at present m WID\'; mto th e n new ractmy Rdohlwn next tbeu aheady ample 91ll o n e and have put 10 tbe newest ud best macbmery to be hall Theil new factoo y has every couvemence f or LIRndhng a largely Inceaed bU'l ne's whil e tloen o ftlces a re model departments of neatness and practical convemences 'lha.t hberal m1Hded And w1tbal modest tobacco CILIZen, Mr Thos c Wlll18ms bas JUSt oofore hiS departure for Melbourne, Australia, g1ven the :Ha p t1t College of ll1chmvnd a check of *10,00!1 fo1 tloe endowment fund Jll1 8 A Ell1on, of Cullmg swortlo & Ellison, manufactur e rs, IS 1mprovmg after & !eng rest 111 mral d1stncts. A tbc promonent R1c hmond tobaccoDJ sts 1n oftlce 10 Ibchmond are J N Culhngwortlo, Pos t master, Jno K Ch1ldrey, Ju s t mstatled as C1t y li ensurer Mr. M Iies '1'01 plu, Auditor, and others. :Messrs Myers Brothers&; Co are makmg a very fir.e Burley plu.;, bavmg secured as manager of rhe aepartment a true expert from one of L o ui SVIlle' s famous facto11es Success to them 'l'he Expo sitiOn 1a makmg a healthy progr ess Tbe ques tion now ts what to dG w1tlo the etow rs w1ll urely come bere from all quartets One mterestmg feature after anotloer I S bemg added Double tracke d and doubled electnc railroads w1ii run to the grounds SAN FUANCISCO, June 15 -The Gruc,. and Count1y .Me>cliant sa ys -Wb1le general buslIS It tloes not matnally affect the de mand for the necessities of hfe Sales of manufactured t o baoco suited to the pubuc taste gener ally contmue uniform Fancy goods, destr ned for tastes. may somet1mes a tem potary set back. but tile popular brands of navy chewwg and plug cut smokmJr are 10 no "ay s.ftected by dull tomes There a1e art1cles ; Sl'ch as weal and fhm teo, coffee and s ug a r t at can be 1lspensed w1tll by son1e people uDd ... r cer 11.10 ex treme circumstances, but when 1t comes to tolJacco when conmner a ie obhged tn cu1 tall tbe1r al!ow ance of ttn s Important staple. want gaunt famme must devastate the l an d Foreign Markets. LIVERPOOL, June 14 -MeserR l'arry & repoo t to t!l 'l'OBAOOO LEAF -In our last we sa1d that the dullness m 'h1s to bacco matket was unprecedented, 01 worTATIONS. Old Burley Smokers. Fun ked ttash 4 50 to 7 00 Common red.. 7 50 to 8 00 Good red. 8 00 to 10 00 Common colory.. 10 00 to 14 00 Good br1ght.. 15 00 to 18 00 Old Burley Plug Ftllers. Common.. 13 00 to 15 00 Good . . 19 0\J to 22 00 Medmm... 16 oo to 18 00 Fme. 22 00 to 24 GO Selections.. Nommal. Old Burley Cuttmg. Common Hi OU to 17 ()0 Good to fine. Medmm ........ -:-.11 00 to 20 00 Old Green R1 ver F1llers. Common 6 00 to 7 00 Good . . 8 00 to 9 00 Medmm .. 7 Oll to 8 oo Fme. . . .10 00 to 12 50 Old L1ght Fillers. Common . . 6 00 to 6 50 Good 7 00 to 8 00 Medmm . . 6 5') to 7 00 Ftne . . Nommu l. Old Nondescript. Trash . 1 OJto t 50 Common lugs ........ 2 0 0 to 2 50 Medmni lugs .... .. 2 5 0 to 8 50 Good lugs ...... HEAVY. 1886. 1887. Trash. . 1 00 to 2 00 1 50 to 2 00 Common lugs 2 00 to 3 00 2 00 to 8 50 Medmm lugs: 3 00 to 4 00 3 50 to 4 50. Good lugs 4 00 to 5 00 4 50 to 5 00 Common leaf 5 00 to G 00 5 00 to 6 50 Medmm leaf 6 50 to 7 5'0 6 50 to 8 00 Goad ]Aaf. 8 00 to 10 00 9 00 to 11 00 Fme leaf Nommal 12 00 to 14 50 Outside ligures are for Clark!vtlles. Good 1 88 7 OROP BURLEY. Plug Folle1s. 13 00 to 15 00 .. 16 00 to 18 00 19 00 t') 22 00 22 00 to 23 00 Nommal Wrappers. 18 00 to 22 50 Fme. Smokers Cutting. 13 00 to 15 Clo 16 oo to 1 8 00 18 00 to 20 00 Nom m a l. Nommal. T1 ash, frozen, m1xed, soft 4 00 to 7 00 Common r e d 7 50 to A UO Medmm red. 8 50 w 9 00 Good red 9 0:1 to 11 0 0 Common colory to 11 00 to 13 50 Medmm colory to brtgbt 14 oo to 15 00 Good colory to br1ght. . .15 'oo to 17 00 NEW LIGHT RED FILLERS. Lugs. Trash S 00 to 4 00 Common .. 4 00 to 5 50 Medmm 4 50 to 6 00 Good. 5 50 to 7 00 Leaf Com ... 6 00 to 7 00 :Medmm 7 00 to 9 00 Good. 8 00 to 10 00 ll'mq 11u 00 to 1:.! 00 Outs1tle figures are for red ned NEW NONDESCRIPT LUGS Trash 1 to 2 t O CommoQ 2 OG to 2 50 Medmm l! 50 to 3 00 Good N onnnal. Cloc::lnuatl Toba.cco Diarket. CJNCINNA1I, 0 June 23, 1888.-0ffermgs tb1s wee k were agam comparatively light but better m quality than for some weeks past. The sawe act1ve demand of last wee k prevaile d and pnces for all grades show nn advance, but more particularly bright smokers. wbJCb were h1gher than any t1me du11ng the year. Offenngs durmg week .... Actual Sii6 Hopkmsv11le .. 3,827 5,472 3,987 3,958 Paducah. 5 477 5 946 5,089 4 625 Nashvtlle 1 ,395 3,279 1,484 1,890 Evansvtlle...... 907 810 657 Mayfield .... 4 059 4,369 2,786 2,807 .... 70,989 107,757 79,832 62,303 Nonde8Crtpts-All grades of both new and old neglected and dull at the reduced quota -An mveterate smoker w1th a good Cigar and nothmg to light It w1th 1s an mstance of through-, matchless mtsery. t10ns. The weather Wtl.l! extremely hot JUNE 2'i ----IWSTHH. SUMATRA LUSTHH. LUSTRH Our new Lustre we guarantee will gwe to domestic wrappers a natural and perfect Sllmatra Closs without any sticky propemnties. Our Havana. Tobacco Oil has the actual mgredtents of the richest Havan& tobacco. -One gallon will make 60 gallons Concen trated Flavor t This we also guarantee! Our Box FJ.a, vor has no deficiences. and must be tried to be appremated W1th our Vegetable Speckling Compound, an exceptionally valuable preparatiOn, Cigars can be speckled. We ask no one to buy before trying these goode. A sample of each we furmsh gratis on applicatiOn. CALIFORNIA DISTILLING WORKS, 40 'VV" a.'te:r &'t:ree't, .J!'We""ODV "Y" o:rk.. CRANE'S PATENT LINEN FIBRE I AlES. THESE mENfOILS ARE "WELL ADAPTED FOR TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS. Light, Durable, Air and Water-Tight. c:!r Sa.mple a.nd IDuotrated Catalogue furnished Oil appllcatJoD. CROP PROSPECTS. Tli:NNESBB:E. Clarksv1lle Tobacco Leaf. June 12 -I hereWith send you a of farmerd and the number of acres of tobacco they contem plated pla.ntmg and planted -Total Contemplated Acres 20 20 12 75 40 70 13 45 16 38 3U J3 25 80 15 50 16 35 29 630 Planted Acres 5 & 3 15 4 3 4 2 4 3 10 3 2 15 2 8 s 7 2 96 Th1s I S a correct statement from farmers around Pembroke, Christian county. Ky., June 8 1888. H H. BOLLINGKR Cl&rkSVII!e Ch1omcle June 16 -In order that we m1gbt the true cand1t1on of the amount of tobacco set, we have brtefly mterv1ewed the !ollowmg plantexs who have the cttv th1s week Ron John B Corban n f Corbtmdale, was m the Cltv Tuesday H e Bald they bad a good ram Sunday and the farmers tn bts neighborhood set ut all of tlietr plants, but not as much as au average crop 1s planted Mr S D Tmsley, of the 16th d1strtct, says they had a hght season Sunday. About a half Clop IS planted and plan to scarce. Grass hoppers are becommg numerouA. Mr Thos Thompi!on, oE the 1nh d1str1ct, says they bad Lhe b ea t ram Sunday mght thut they have had elnce the 9th of Apr! Nearly all the plants m the ne1 ,;hborhood were set out, but bewg scarce v ery few fin t s hed planmg Not au av'.lrage m o p set Dr. B ll J.foodJ, of the Sango neighbor hood, says they h a u a very hght season Sunday-a good deal ot tobacco set out, but and dry weather ate telhog on tbe Mr John Oneal, of the 21st dtstrlCt, says tt.Jey had a lght season Sunday, and that about 50 or 60 per cent of the crop has been planted. Not more than 20 acres had been plan ted before that time Plants scarce Mr T L Jlfabry, of the 4th a1stnct, says m b1s 1rumediate ne1ghborbood they had gooll 1 ams Saturday and Sunday, and that nearly a n average crop was set Monday In po twns of the distriCt the season WQS light. Claksville Toba cco Leaf, June 19-We have bad tine for the past ten days. I thmk: there IS 11. full cro p of tobacco set, w1tb a very fatr stand The heavy ram. and wmd Ill the northe 1 n part of th1s county and Pouth Cbn8tlan Saturday evenmg blew down much and oats and washed tobacco plants badly 1n some places R MCDANIEL. Rmggold, Tenn, June 18 In T11gg County the1e has been planted probat;ly the largest crop of tobacco ever 5et The ent1re plantmg I S m as good condltwn as could b e des1red Out "orms have ceased thea depredatwns altogetl:er, and the pt oapects are fl>\ttcrmg (or the finest crop for many years Tbts statement apphes also to the western edge of Cbr1st1an county. J W. DAWSON. Montgomery, Ky, June 18. We have JUSt had a splendid season, and have got lOll per cent. of a crop planted Twentyfi ve per cent. of It has been worked once. The future looks br1ght for a eplend1d crop A B. BEALE Shllob, C&lloway County, Ky. WIBOONSIN. Edgerton Index, June 21 -The past week bas been all 11. wbacco grower could Wish for -warm showers occasiOnally, and. there are but few farmers who have not the larger portiOn of year'o1 crop 111 the lialtl. Help was m demlllld day .Messrs Pomeroy & Pelton bad 26 11.t work: in the1r :wh1le secured all the help they coald to set the1r coops. Edgerton Tobacco Reporter, June 15 -A year ,.go June 13. the great bulk of '87 tuoacco was set July let wtil come nea1 er the end of the planung season tb1s ILLINOIS Senttnel June 21 -The recent retus and hot sun have Advanced the plant wg condltlORS matenally, and week ma.oy growers commenced settmg The plants aro lookmg fiuely, and "t present the outlook for a fau crop 11!1 encourng1ng. PENNSYLVANIA. L.:mcaster New Era, J uoe 23 :-The weather durmg the week was unfavo'able most of the tobacco plllnters Those who got out thetr plants two weeks ago. durmg the mo1st, cloudy weu.tbe1 wete fortunate. Smce that t1me there hns been tho hottest of suns and no ram, and the consequence 1s that plants now set out have a hard t1me of 1t. Some had to be watered, wb1le those planted more recently are m danger of drymg out. L1ght rams are very much needed all over the county, and ure w&nted soon. We thmk: three fourths of the crop has been set out, and more would have been had the weather been favArable. New England Bomestead, June 23.-South ampton-A large portton of the tobacco to be set tb1s season 1s already out and nearly all of she raiSers here wlll be through settmg JAMES COLDSMITH, 'Ui BROADWAY, NEW YOBK. present week. Not quite so large an age wlll be set th1s season, 11lthough 1t W'rll fall short hut a httle of 1t. Middletown-Most of the farme1;11 have gtven up tobacco growmp;, but a few st11l suck to tbe husmesa The weather ts un favorable for settmg plante. Sherman-Farmers are busy settmg the1r tobacco plants. Nearly all are settmg less than last year, and sorue h&ve gtven It up enttrely. Warehouse Pomt-Tobacco setting 1s well along. about one half of the crop bemg put out last week., Cut worms are not so nu merous as formerly. Most of the old crops are out of market EXCHANGE CROP & MAHKET REPORTS. NEW YORK. BALDWIN S VI LL IC. Gazette, June 21-The ma1ket here has experienced no changfl smce our repur& Buyers have been r1dmg. the purchases made, as a rule, are not numeroue. Snyder bas been out th1s week, but up to laet mgbt had mado n o purchll.Ses I Fran kel ba9 been up few crops of '8 7. A S. Josephs of New York, bas been m the market Lb1s week He has bought about 100 ca-es of old and ue '", pa} mg from to HI pu1 "'H' e prmmpally made m Lhe v1cmny of lliempb1s, Cato and Mert dum He 1 s recelvlllg some crops today J B Munn has aiRo n ude a few purchases among them D 0 'l'homas' crop of, we be: heve. 13 aCies R eported pnce 10c Work among the growers m about the same stage of n!l vaucement week-prepar tng ground and settmg Many ure watermg m tbe1r plunts. The fault must be found with the growers as hereLofore, vtz : If you do no& report yo;mr sales to us you do yourself aod } our growers an IDJUS t1ce The buyers ure o f ourse, mterested m keepmg priCes p rud as qu1At as posstble, and 1t 1s thea anti vr v1lege to do so. By mform1ng one anothe1 of youo sales and rece1pt you are arl better pn&ted as to the exact state of the market We have repe&t edly urged thrs mf\ttotl and t1 ust the growers w1llsee It as we do James A.'('levelly, of Memphli!, d ehvered 16 of '84 to Jobu T Sk111ner last Fn da.y Eleveu <:ents was thA pi ICe pa1d W I Talmage set out e1ght at:rrls of to bacco last Thursday South Hanmbai-Tbere IS not much to bacco set 1n this sectiOn and the plants "-' e qmte back: ward 'l'ne moat of our ll"row ers a 1 e tittlug thea ground aud will p10bably set the most of thell tobacco w1th10 ten days 1f th!l weather ts favorable The 1 887 crop 1emams unsold. PENNSYLVANIA LANCAS"PH:R Iuqmrer, June 23 l!'ollowmg are the tran.llettous 10 old tobacco reported w1thm the past wee k Rk1les & Frey sold 189 cases ca1efly '86 and '8 7 Seed leaf and Havana and b ough caees D A 1.1uyqr s old 16 8 caees '86 Seed leaf to New York parues and 60 to Cons1deubb quant1t1es of 8 7 leaf are st1ll bemg recetved at a few of the ctty ware houses. though the greate r number o f them have been closed 'l'h e amount of '87 t obacco packed m L'lucaster county may be approxlm!ltely reached by takmg the number of to bacco C

JUNE 27 THE TOBACCO LEAF. ... :: 'I'BADM ::U:ARK.. FINE CUT, Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco:FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Bo xes or Glass 1 ars. AMERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOKING. Cold Spra National Leasrue Crown of Delight CheriV Clipper Double Five, Plum 8 k Oriental roo Sun Rise Clock, Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Invincible Clever Myrtle Navy, Eagle, Old Tar, Universal Favorite, Fawn, Canada Mixtur&. Lucky Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, Brudder lied, Elk. SMOKINGS, Pack e d in T i n Foil, P a per, Tin Bo xe s o r GlaEs 1 ars. GRA.NULA.TED S MOKING. LONG CUT SMOKING. Stork, Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Lucky, Club. Dime Ram, Detroit Mixtures, Navy Clippings Green Corn. Home Comfort, !liner's Favorite, JUDibo, !liner' s Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Dandy, Frog Long Cut, Factoi'y Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Cable Mackinaw. Present Use, Green Corn, Spanish Labor Union, Wig :Wag, German, Chopper Bow Wow, O l d Hickory's Pride. ... Smoking Tobacc L. H. NEUDECKER ... Baltimore, Md DISTBIBUTI'!lG AGERT :t'O& BALTIMORE AlQ) VIm'ITY.smokl;;g;:obacco :08s-80:tS-j ,, .A.N":O C>F SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, Fraak P11lver, Horace S. Dlckhuoa, D&Diel B. Diokbuoa, .Eliaha D lcldD.IIO:a. PULVER, DICKINSON & CO.! An.d. T"D") por"ters or HAVANA ToBAcco, l TS PEARL STREET. NEW 53, 55, 57 a.:n.d. 59 Powdered Licorice Boot. WE OFFER $1,000 Reward if it can be proven that we use adulterations in the manufacture of our Powdered Compounds, or Flavorings. We make only the BEST and STRONCEST COMPOUNDS and FLAVORINCS ... We assert without fear of contradiction that our goods ar!3 better, purer and con sequently will go further than anything turned out by any Licorice Manufacturer in the WORLD. Special attention given to the powdering of f.twuits. Write us for samples and prices. 121( WOOLSON SPICE. CO., TOLEDO, DO YOU KNOW IT ALL? THEN DON'T READ Would you like to the best F I V E C E NT C I CAR in this country and not use a single sprig of HAVANA, and yet make a far better cigar than half Havana and half Seed or Havana Seed would make, and save or make thn.t much extra ? You can do so i you will use my u casIng" for wetting your Fillers. It is grand for Wrappers and Binders as well. CHEAPER, as well il.s better, than any other This is there sult of TWENTY YEARS' experience curing and I will send you a five gallon trial. order, with full directions, for the small sum of $3.00. Do not say this cannot be done, but give it a air trial. I guarantee satisfaction Cannot l eave the cigar I s NOT a "box flavor." Address CHAS. S. PHILIPS, 188 Pearl Street, New York. The only successful curer and re-swes.tQr of tobacco in the world If you wish to d o your own sweating curing, send for large illustrated catalogue, free. By my l atest p r o cess I perfectly cure and bring to fine quality and glossy col ors without wetting the leaf, a.p.d thus avoid all danger of tender leaf. No matter how green, raw, uncured or fiesh.y the l eaf may be, success guaranteed Tho only process in existence that will do this. 1211 In giving your order, please say that you saw this .. ldvertisement in the : Tobacco Leaf."' "U.:rao"t"U.rera o:r "t.l:l.e de1el:>ra "ted. FINE BETTED THE BEST." "CHIC" SMOKING TOBACCO, OF FINE VIRGINIA LEAF SAM. B. SCOTTiiAND BEN. HAXTON CIGARS. .... : ';....._ :11. B. MD.LS, Vice-Pres. 121 5 .A. BENJ.I'. HAXTON, Sec. and General Manager Wit. JL TEIT'.r, 'Pres.' -..:..':!1.


6 THE TOBA:CCQ l"iEA.F. A FEW MORE .COPIES OF CAN BE HAD AT THE OFFICE OF THE Tobacco Leaf Publishing CoDlpany, D. L. TRUJILLO & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, -MANUFACTURERS OF-==Fine Havana Cigars. New York Office: 119 WATER STREET, cor. Wall Street. Sellinc Agent for the W eot: G. GOLDSJIITlf, No, 125 Sa Salle Street, Chicago, m. G..& TO, HAVAN A :ID.oe. SS :EIEli.A. "VEli:F&. ST N':JD'VV" "'2'"0:F&.:S:.. (lh Abber. .Fred. DavJ..a. El. D..A. V &; co and lmpo:riero or=LEAF TOBACCo,=-121. xa.tden. Lane, New York. DUTIES 1111P08'ED OJII' TOBACCO Ill FOBEIGJII' OOUJII'TBIES, AUSTRALIA-Manufactured tobaooo Imported, 71-pound duty. Australian manuf&etured. tobacco, made lid domestic l e&f, 24 cents a pound internal tax; made o!tonfp lea!, 48 cents & pound ta:x:. BELGHJM-Leaf tobaeoo and stems, 70 francs per :ltlt lilos; manuf&etured tobacco, clprs and dgarcttee, !:aocs per J Widlos: other kinds, Including stripped t.oboMloeo 1nw francs wr 100 Kiioa. CAN ADA-Oil tob&<:eo the e:xclsednty'on forelgnleat which fonnerly was 20c per lb, but of late years h88 bPen reduced to 1 2c b restored to 20c. The dut y on domestic leaf, which up to tBBa was Be, and was the n reduced to 2e, l.! advaQeed The cus t-oms duty upon tobacco snuff I s ln creased frorti:OO to 30c p e r lb, anlanted in the hurry without proper prepara-grain and hjs live stock, in.his home market, wh1ch will certainly be regretted as the man y families who are now stru!l'gling ulong .season progresses. on from $250 to $300 a year would find their cut worms are reported to be unusu incomes doubled. Tbe exclusive right to use as a trade mark a word coine d and given currency by a manufacturer is not-affected by a subsequent use of the word by the public in a d escriptie sense. .Selchow vs. Baker (93 N. Y. 59) ap proved. Trade JJfark "Celluloid" Infringed by the Use of the uord ''Cellonite"The word ''Celluloid" is a lawful trade and the word "Cellonite" is sufficiently lute 1t to produce mischief which is within the purview of the law. -ally troublesome in the fields l.ast week, Moreover, the production would be inand in Mome instances the maJority of the creased and the pipe of the workin"man jplants were ruined. are an abundance would cost him less than it does now when .of plant!! for resetting. and the vacanciee the is making it a penal of -can easily be filled in. !The worms are .doing to cuhivate the plant. Ex Senator the greatest damage on fields allewed to Wllhams, of one !Jf the_ grow to weeds and grass. Ground plowed tobacco_ planters Ill .that State, 10 a The EvolnUon ot the Clay Tobacco Pipe, and in the fall or eRrly sprin,; is mainly_ free I spQech.In the Senate. m _1882, speaktng of .How n 1o Made. from this past. The shipments of the week reductiOn of tf!-X from 2'1. to 16 cents .awouM to 75 eli to lJ:I.I.Stern points. ''The nearlJO doubled m etgbt There are f e w industries the processes of ______ .:.__ years." Mr. also gave,lhe followwhich are more interesting than that of the ing explanation of the opposition of the large manufacture of clay t obacco pipes. The write r Post Office Notice. manufacturers to the reduction of the tax, r ecently wandered-more by chanc e than inter-Foreign mails for the_ week ending June quoting from 8 manufacturer whom he re-est-into a factory where many bushels of the will close (promptly m all cases) .. t this ported as having saiG!, in answer to the ques popular clay pipe are daily made and s hipp e d office as follows : tioJJ, "Why are yo u aj:(ainet the. reduction of to all parts o r the cou n t ry. Over 5,0 0 0 g ross or THURSDAY-At 6 a. m for Europe (letters the tobacco tax?" "I will just tell you. nearly a million cheap clay pipes, are annually 'l'h f h t th U t d sent out from thi factory a l one. f9r Ireland must b e directed "per Rugia"). ere are ew es... a m.en B 1n e m e S t th t d 'tal t carry 0 th" Said the proprietor o f the establishment vis i "ATURDAY .. At 7 a m. for Norway direct ta es a comman cap 0 0 15 d h k d b h "" bus iness, and the larger the tax the more t e w e n as e Y t e wnter for some !ufor-(letters must be directed "pe: capital it takes... matio n concerning the manner in which the '8.t 7 a .m. for Great Bl'itain,Ireland.Belgiurn f d t b fit pipes were made: "We manufacture more than and N etherlands (letters for other European 'l'his increase Q pro 9Ctwn mus ene d d'II t t' d d ") the smoker, and smoking is aa almost uni a oze n eren van e 1 es an es1gns of cla y countries must be directed "per Aurama ; versa! habit that must be recognized in dealpipes. This is the latest." .at 7 a m. fo Germany, Austria, Denmark, Th f And the maimfacturer exhibited a neat little Sweden. ".T orway. Russl a and Tukey (let-ing with the question of taxation. e ree f th dd' h li 'th 11 d h b 1 'I" p 1pe o ere IS ue, WI an exce ent lik e ter" for Great B,I t l n, Ireland, Belglum tra ers say t to acco IS a uxury. nat r G Cl I d d a f t I t 1 1 t ness o r ove r eve an carve on the b owl, and Nethe .. lands, vJa SouLhampton, must s a qpestwn .as e. I 3 a uxury 1 d th 1 d "0 t p "d b h 1 h h h an e egen ur nex res1 ent stamped be directed "f,er Elbe"); at 7 a.m. for the a ouL t eon Y one 10 w lC t e poorgeper on the stem. Netherl .. nds, ( etter must by dJ'rected "per ally indulge, and its cost should not be in-'Tb 1 d 1 k' th t d b th t 1 b d e cay use n rna mg e pipes, wen on .Z'I.Ilndam ") ; at 7 .30 a.m. for Scotland direct crease Y a tax atblB no 0f y a ':'r ben the manufacturer; "is obtained c hi efly from pits m us' bed'r .ected "per Furnessia") upo n the consumers. ut on a arge num er 1 ted N J lth h th 1 g ot farmers of tbe North and South. The oca m ew ersey, a oug ere 1811. arge .at 7,31.' Q, mfor i'rance, Swilzerland; Italy, truth is that the people who declaim most bed of clay being workedatGlenCove, L I. The Jlpain anti PortuiP,'al; at 10 a. m for Camloudly against tobacco as a luxury, and in clay costs $Sa ton at tjle mines, but, with freight Cl!iapas, Tabaeco and Yucatan (let-favor of upholding the tax, are the represencharges, etc., it amounts t o about $1 per ton tere tor Tampico and Tuxpam direct and tatives of the monopelists. The whole free before it Is landed at the factory. As soon as for other Mexican Slates, via Vera Cruz, trade movement is in the interest of the it arrives the, clay is spread out and sellBOned must be "per City of C',oluuibia"); whiskey and tobacco rings.-Lo:ncaster (Pa ) by being exposed to the heat of the sun, which at 10 a m. for Central America and South T. 2 generally occupies several days. It is then PaCific Porte, (letters for Guatemala must .,une 1 mixed with water and passed through a m111, lS moffensive bullets at any man who made hims Jlf the least conspicuous. The table 3 were tilled, and clouds of to bacco smoke filled the room. Every window was open. Amid much noise and not a little difficulty, the Garland Orchestra, under Mr. Charles L. Reitz, started their music with tho overture "Fra Diavolo." The con ductor probably never had more cordial cheering, n o r any tha t continued longer. waen well under way about twent:y men marched in, lockstep style, ringmg four or five oldfashioned, melancholy cowbells such as the poet, no doubt, meant when he said the "drowsy tinkling lulled the distant folds." They were by no means drowsy, for their loud ,jingling broke the leader of tl!e orchestra tontirely up, and he lowered, his baton, conquered by the cow music. It was very laughable. A dozen or more young men would march around the room in the lockstep, 11moking cigal'll six inches long, and crying "hep, hep,. hep." Long-drawn cheul'8 for a particular State were followed by sharp raha from another club, and half a d oun cheerful leaned over the ap plauded by cracking their heels to,;ether, and ssying slowly and impressively: "Ho kie, pO-kie, tl v e c e-nts a c-ake." 'l'he clay pipes never stopped fuming for a second. Sometimes packages of tobacco passed across the room, grAtang a prominent nose, and, whenever a man went before the curtain, he was a good targe t. All this was done in the beat spirit-not boisterously for young men, but indicated only an exuberance of animal life in men who were growing up, healthy from exercise on their wheels, and happy to be associated with so many of their own age from all parts of a great free land.Baltimore American, June Locked Up, A young man named Pugh Williams was arrested at Lynch's warehouse oil Saturday, cbaJged with attempting to obtain money from the proprietors of the warehouse by false representations. It seems that M -W. P Thurman, of Bedford, sent a. lot or to bacco to the warehouse te be sold, and after had been knocked down to thfl purchaser, the the pounds and the prwe'l>btamed was r emoved, and another tag substituted, bearing the J;Iame of D S Dawson. Williams applied for the moaey, claiming tbe tobacco to b e his own. H e was arrested and locked up for a hearing this morning. His statements were so vague and contradictory that the :Mayer could do no more th_ a.n adjudge .him guilty of att.Gmp ting to obtam money by falee representations, and he was accordingly ordered to jail for ninety 'days. He was next arrained upon )!;nj Dined tor Counte.rfelllDJP: CIKar Label; Marriott B:osius, attorney for Joseph M!JVey, president, and Frank Gastiger, D. 8. H .JCks and H Brownstetter, trustees of the C1garmakers' No .. 126, Ephrata, Satur day filed a b1ll m eqmty against Joseph Brendel, The plaintitfd set forth that Bren del, who is a cigar manuracturer in Ephrata, has counterfeited the labels of the Cigar makers' Union, and is using his spurious labels 09 the goods which he manufactures. They also state that h& now has in his pos sessiOn 29,000 of the counterfeit labels. In bill ti.J.ey admit that the J.Jnion is not and that the labels are not copynghted, butused only as a guarantee of the goods. made by the uniorl. The Court j:(ranted the usual preliminary iojunction. Lanca ater, Pa., New Era, June 23. The Tobacco .r.x. -lfi,rnchburg Virginian, June 20. ea. Smusll:led Cl;::an Seized. Three cases containing 35 000 cigars valued at and shipped to fitm of Joseph F & Co., 287 Chestnut 8treet, have been by the _Cus>m House officials on suaplcwn of been presumably b_y seme one connected with the Corean LegatiOn at Wash!ngton. A young Corean stu dent at the Lmcoln Institute says that the c1gars were duty free; that they w_ere sent to htm from the Lflgation to be disposed of, and that on the advice of a he sent them to Tobias & Co. Tha' Is the tirm's onl. v connection with the matter tb_e goods been cenigned to w1thout the1r knowledge.-Philadelphia Re cord June 20. Th.e CJure fs Open Care. That merry season of the year has arrived when the donkey with the ciga rett e or five cent cigar climbs upon the front end of. a street car and proceeds to send his obnoxtOUR odors streaming through the vehi cle. Lucky is paseenger who eecapes an full of ashes 1f the breeze is stiff enough. Of. tbe cat conductor never observes. th1s nuisance until some delicate woman calls attention to-it. 'l'he Broadway line s especially afflicted with the smoker on the front pla.'form. [f smoking on the cars is to be at all, why cannot the gentle men who mdulge in the pastime be trane ferrea to rear platforms in -N. Y. World, it. is found to pass the M1lls bill then let the Democrats of the H ouse of Representatives pass a simple resolution repealing the tobacco tax, and the sooner tbey do 1t better. They have the power, and on the1r heads th& blame will rest if the trade is. not relieved of the paralyzburden that IS upon it. It be ais guised that the people of the tobacco St!ltes are getting restive. Petition after petition from planters and manufacturers have gone to Congress for relief. They have seen thd business on which tbey rely for support re duced to a state of prastration, not paying for the actual cost of production and manu facture. They bave seen their toil go unrf'warded or pay the scantiest and m011t meagre returns. Ther have seen tbis in th& face of broken promiSes until patience it; thread bare. There ar:e loud and deep from theruraldilltr1cts. l'herearemurmurs Ohio 1888 ()r p loud and deep from the manufactories. _op roapeel, Factory hands are without employment and A 10 rell m and cloee around banda are. without living wages. Hun-aturday ahernoon. Liberly cirede of thousands of people are more or less a 90 was bl ed. Dayton Tbe on tobacco, eitl::er in the field or country ro nd Vl8lte .!lin spot!!. m the factory, for their living. They see hauhng water from tbe th1s depression and they attribute it to the m1les mto the country, to water out tax. They know that the needs of the Govt er crops. ernment do not require that tax. They Mr. Jacob Z1mmerman, east of town, know that a huge surplus is pil e d up in the pumped l'larrels ?f water AVery day Trelll!ury. thus crippling trade and com87 of Zimmer' s Spauisb.merce. Yet this tobacco tax-a &amts urg Bulletm, June 22. war twenty odd years aft'lr --the war! Is 1t strange that there is wide AIC Pell11pon a Day, spread discontent, and will it be strange if F' L' Democrats who have never wavered before ra t wcoln Man-\Vheredid you get that remain from the polls when the election smt you wear! It fits sublimely, comes which is to aecide the fate of parties I u ought a stick of chewing gum and it in Sick and sore, weay and w:as m aR 1\ premium. And where worn-smarttog unde r disappotntments, diamond pm you are wearing come and cramped 1n their pecuniary I condltlOnP, w1ll 1t be strange if party fealty .. t given to me with a ping of chew falls and falters 1 'l'he last feather may fieem mg tobacco. "-Lincoln Journal. hgbt, but 1t 18 that which breaks the c&mel's -----\ back. VALUE OF FOREIGN OOIKS. It is simply an; this tax is kept on a-great but langu1shmg mdustry. It is s1mp1y preposterous bec1 use it is not needea. It is simply cruel b ecause it wrings from the sweat and toil of honest labor all the P .rofit there is_ it. It simply stupid and s1lly becaJ?.Se It IS alienating friends. If the DemocratiC party can afford to d.o without Virginia and North Carolina in the coming elecuon, then let the tax remain. For we tell the repesentatives of the party at Washington that tliere is grave danger that these States may slip their moorings and glide into the Republican port if affairs remain as they are now. We know whereof we speak. Yve know the deep discontent that is abroad and we call on the Democrats in Congress to re move the cause of it, or they may be re Cents./ Cen< Austria.Florin or gullItaly-Lira.... .. .. .. .. I9 .1i der.... .... .... ...... 45.3 Japan-Yen .... .. .. .. W.7 19. 3 Llberla-Do11ar .. : too B o 96.5 Mexico-Dollar. w. .... M.5 Norway-Grown... ... :111.1 rDo11l Am erica-. Peru-SoL............ 33.1 Jar. \ .. .... 100 Portup.I-MiJre i s of Amer.-Peso.. 91.8 1 ,000 reis ............. $1 08 gold .. ,.. 91.2 Russia-Rouble of IOO' 1 Eemnark-crown.. 26, 8 kopeks............ ... ft I cu.a.d.or-Peso.:.. 91.8 Sandwich 181&nds-Bol 1 EKn>O-Pound nf tOO lar.... .. .. .. .. .. <110 Pl8.Sters .............. 14 97.4 Spaln-Pet:eta of 1110 Fra.nce--,.Fmnc. .. .. .. 19.8 c entimes . ... .. H.l Great Brlra tn-Pound Sweden-Crown. ...... 28 8 sterling ........ .... $4-l"wilzerla.nd Franc. 10.a G reece-D.racbma..... I9 .a Tripoll -Mahbub of :ao HGerlla. Emp1re-Mark... 23.8 plaoters.............. 89.!1 o 0<1-FJorin or gullTurkey-Piastr...... 4 8 1 .. --...... -....... liU U. 8 of Colombla-.......... !16.84 Peoe ................. Ot.t A kilo 2 5 pounols A pfenning 4ua.ll "'of 0118 cent. An English ilhlllln& equali 24.:% All. JM!nny QOOii.


JUNE 21 -BlVD! 1"ol'o. SlOB STJE'IL::BI.::BIIT, 1"ol':III"VV 101 a!id 509 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Trade Mlarl<. We beg to call tho at of the 'l'rode to Olll'l.&rge &IIIIOrtment of Noeltleo and Specfaltl .. oultoble for Adowtlllnll J'u.rp.-. F .ARGUELLES. J. LOPEZ. ARGUELLES_ a LOPEZ, -MANUFACTURERS OF-CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS EXCLUSIVELY ... -FACTORY AND aaa E-ea.rl. S"t., "Y'c:::rk.. CUBAN HA.ND-'MADE OJGABS. 1 i 14 Sansom St., \. WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. W. T. HANCOCK, .Sacoeaaor t o Salmon, Hancock & Co. MANUFACTURER OF Fine Coil, Light Press, Twist, I 1 ;i' Na.vy and SwiCured TOBACCOS, R:l.cb..:::r:n.o:n.d. V a. lSTC>T:J:OE. the Cigar Trade aud PuiJlic Generally. It haviog come to our notice that some unscru. :J>Ulousan d p iratical manufacturers have I nfringed 1.1pon our celebrated brand o! OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by changing the name and color of label, -we take thiS o f cautioning the public "Bntl trade ag .Jinst. buying such goods., under penJity o[ ln.w Our brand Is registered and protected by l Fa.ct.ory Xo. 17, 2nd Dlst ..,t Virginia, on eac h box: also our name on 1A.be4 .. tc. P. WHITLOCK, Rl(JHMOND. VA.. BALBIN, MONTE.ALEGRE & CO., -Importers and Dealel'S inHavana Leaf Tobatco AND 1 03 Maiden Lane. New York. SCRAP BUNCHING MACHINE CO. MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,500 PER DAY. POWER 5,000 .. ONE GIRL OR BOY CAN OPERATE EITHER MACHINE. Better than the Best Hand-Work. 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. For terms, particul1111! and refer ences app ly to ADOLPH LEWYN. Sec'y. No. 1230 Second Avenue,, 'YC>R.::E.. THE -Cigar Cutters. 129 & 131 Crand Street, New York, P.I.TEI'ITEE!I AND IYJ'\'< UP.\f"TURER"' MANUFACTURED BY Mac Andrews & Forbes :from the finest Roots, of their own collecting, curing and importing and sold under the annexed .cus tomary Trade Mark. Having unusual facilities, mor e than thirty years' experience of the busi ness, and every improvement in the manufaeture, they are in a positi o n to offer to the Trade an article of Uniform Purity and Excellence, tlfe high q uality of which can b e reli e d on 'under circumstances. 'VV .A.TER. &TR.EET, (P, O. Boll: 28,) LEAF. \ r "\ CARL UP.MANN, .. HARVARD," ........ OM. J BALTI.IIIOBB, l!l:t1, ;.. .. SPA!fiSH GIRL 0 The Panoram11, Mark Twain, ., The Traveler, Hard No. 1, Seal of Spain,. 7 YEGA., & OQ., --IMPORTERS Of. HAVAN' A .TOBACCO, WM. CRAF A 8a--n to HBBI!IAJi 8EONJTI( a ... Cigar Manufacturerll, A. 187 PE"RL STREET, NEW .. YORK. PRINCIPE ALFONSO I 05, HAVANA, DrPOil'l'D 01' HAVANA TOBACfJO. I l ,. : 11 America" & Flor do 1 .&.1. No. 191 Pearl Street, New York. ERNEST FREISE, II!IPOBTEK OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. Jlo, 142, WATER. STREET, JrEW YOBK. ,N. T. White & Co., .Tobacco & Cigar Manftrs' Agents, f 19 EAST FIFTH ST., KANSAS CITY, Mo. Havana. Leaf Tobacco and, StASI ST., N'E"g'V' TOR.3. -BEST GIVEN.-. F. LoZIUlo1 Alld. Calaad.a 4el Mote 199, Ha.,......_ Y. Pendaw, :1.887. LO.ZA.N"O, :PEN":J:.A.& &, CO., MANUFT'BS OF GIGABS, CUBAN HAND MADE Alao Importer O< &, LE.A.P TOEI.A;CCO, 209 PJI!J.A.JE'ILL, N'E"g'V' JU'L:J:US &, CC>., MANUFACTURERS OF KEY WEST AND NEW YORK CIGl\RS. Our Leadluc-Key West B.randa1 LA BEI..LE SENORA and EL MONTERO DE KEY WEST. Satiofaction Gnt.ranteeol Trial Ord....,. Solicited! SeJld tor Price Lbt Fao'to:r1es a't :K.ey &ll1d. N'e"''E::'D' 'York. 01'ty. m-"liend for Samples &Jld Pricea. OfBee and SalMroom:-fll MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. 121 4 TROJAN ScraD HAND and POWER. Simple! Durable! Effective! ALL SHAPTS OF' STEEL, Dearstyne'a Pat. Apr. 1887. CUTS WET AND DRY SCRAP. Cannot be Injured by Nalls or Foreign Substances. fed in with the Tobacco. ALL FILLER CUT tr:NIFORM AND OF ANY DISIRED SIZE, Complete SeparatioJl of Dirt lr<>m Smokillg aJ>d Filler. N'O :J:>UST. When cutting Dry Scrap wUl make 60 per cent, le10 vaote tluua .. )" other machia.e. R.Jcewoi'D, Ta. June2. 1888. MesPrs DEAPSlYNE & Co, Trry, New York-Dun f:.1as: Encl(Y.-ed p]ease flnd my check in pal m ent for the Scrap Cutte r, as per e t lclosed bill. which you w111 t>lease receipt and return at your conven i enct. lt 5Z'ives m e areat pleasure to state tbtl.t I have been in the for nearly t.wentytbree yeal"!l. and used many differe n t of scrap cuttent. but I find yours the '\"KRY B. that I ever enme acrosJol, and I wHI cheerfully add my name to recommend the machine to the t rade. Yours respectfully. P. WHI TLOC K. !lEND FOR CIRCULARS. 878 JE'IL1-v-e:r S'tree't, BOXES -FOR-. TEJA.P TOB.A.CCO. Ia 8boob o boGk do,.. 1 -oompete ba priooo ill eo-oottout. p.,...,-1 ......ta, Wboo..U. .. d Oldo "GV. a. :ma-t MAZI!RES, FRANCIE. ANCOULKMI!, FRANCE L. LACROIX FILS, -MANUFA.CTURICRS 011"-CICAIETTE PAPEI IN BOUlt Reams and Rolls, and Copying Book Paper. :J:S.A..A.C, Sole .Agent and Attorney in Fact for the UJlited Statea, Aleo Sole Agent for the UJlited Stateo tor -=GAMBIER CLAY AND. BRIAR Office-Stewart Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washington & Streets, N'E"g'V' TC>:E'I.:K. O:J:T'Y. Distributin store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York. :J:)i.lil'tr1 b-u.'ti.%1.5 .A..eli11;S -ro:r 'tl::Le c:;,.a:a:3, b:1er "JT :1?1pe. FOR THE PACIFIC COA.ST,-.Miehalltsebke B r os. & Co. San Franelseo. Warner & Co. ST. LOUIS-F. R. Rlee & Co, PHILADELPHIA-D. Newton, Fox & Co. JOS MAYER'S SONS,. of 122 Water Street,l LEAF TOBACCO, 193 Pearl St., New YorkN SBlND FOR. SAMPLES OF OUR. Cfc 1\fffciGN L,\BS "DEMOCRATIC" and "REPU BLICAN." Also "SECOND TERM 11 Label. 'l'hey are the :finest r W itscft S cftmitt, ART LITHOGRAPERS & PRINTERS, just Q fine cor. rectiou of lew li9Qr tfte (jesi9us of wfticft MGl't GltJ&JNQ.k> T:KaN Vn. We will cheerfully mail Samples to the Cigar Trade on applie.ation. 9-4 New .. ..


8 ;aP....,II. (l, ....... (l, (l, ............. llpeelal, F. C. LINDE, HAMILTON & CO. Storage& TobacCo Inspection .A.clYaae"" on ll&orqe Beeelp&a oC Merehanclle a MpeelaUy, ST .I"OHN'II P.t.BK, N, Y, BDGBBTON, WIS. os & 408 Ea & SIA II&., !I, Y. LANVAIITBR, PBN!I, 3 93, 895 & 8117 Greea-le b S&. J 8!1 Rea!) b II&., N, Y. I'IBST-OLASS W ABEHO'&SEII: W. Y. & H. R. ll. D epot. 8t .J" oil' Park; 1'78, 180, 18!t & 186 Pearl lllreel ancl 142 Water s&reet ; 406, o8 & 0 Bal '.l'blr&)'&blrcl S&r c Principal Office, 182 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Cor. W. Leaon and Jf. ,Prineo St Laacater, Pa. Cor. Froat and St..., Eqertoa, Wb. BJI.AlfCHES:PHILADELPHIA-A. R. FOPGERAY, 68 North Front Stree t LAN CJ.t.aTEKo P a .-H. R. 118 8 Q ueen Street: Gi:O 'FORRES T, 167 N. Q ueen Street. B&BTPORD,4luan.-B. F.RURLBUR 'l', I M State Stree<.. NEW IUILFORD, CJDIIDo-C. 'F. 8CROVERLING B &LDWIN,.VU.LE N, Y.-R. F T HORN. ()URNI"'G.._N, Y.-H. J :rRAZEE. H"TFIBLD, Mao,-.J .t <'INflll'INA'I'I, 0,-W. W HALES, 9 Fron t Street. D"YT ON, 0.-H. 0. W. GROSSE W, W. HALES, 25 South Jelte""'n Streel. EDGBR'I'ON W I T D. EA R LE. 'll:l>wael'tooEN'fULn, tsAoAc ltcJo.KonrAUJ, lbNnr ROBENWALD. S IGI!OND RosENWAJ.n. I I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. II Pacters & of Tobacco, 145 WATER STRF.ET, NEW YORK. PB.&NK BVSCHBR, .I"OHM '.1'. MELLOR, .l"r. &; CC>. TOBACCO INSPECTORS. \ &TC>&l..&.G--E. :1.4 9 B'l:ree'l:, 'Vor.k.. Br COUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED BBAJICHES-LANl.&II'I'EB, Pa.: F. SCHROEDER, 220 North Mulberry st.: J C. IRVIN, 328 North Jiary ot. C O N NBCTIOUT: F. SISSON, IM5 State ot, Hartford; 0. Eo GRIFFING, Danbury; P. N. IIAI.L, New Milf ord; W, B. MAXS ON, Portland. WISCONSIN: 0. L. CULTON, Edgerton; P. TANNERT, Stoughton. OHI01 W T. DAVIS, 009 E. First ot., Dayton. BALTIMORE, M d.: ED. WISCHMEYER .t CO., '%l South Calvert st. :fHOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW 1WARTDl & HROADHDRST, TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT; 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. J:ir Tabacos Exclusivamente para Erportaeion. a.&Nt!1.AtJTUBBR eg B oxes, A.ncl Importer ot GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole' lOr BeHn, OIIBNBBfiiKlK CJO,) II.& W JIULL & lr A.ClTOBY I 811 & 313 E. lith St., 315 to 321 E. lith St. a-lldA.,.eaue. :N"e'VV Y'ork. LEVY BBOTBEBS, Cor. AVENUE C &. 13th ST., NEW YORK. The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., MA!IVPACJTUBBRS OP 132 113.1. GBEEJrWIOH ST., JIEW TO:a&. Bammerschlag9S Waxed Paper, ::E"or "VVTrapp:l:a. Tobacco. Solei Ia Claauu.,. te Shit l>:r C. JOURCENSEN, 98 Maiden Lane, New York. WORLD CIGAR FACTOR 't I W e &l'fl Sole Proprleton of the f ollow ing weD-known B rands, and I vlgol'OIIIIQ' viz.: SPECKLED BIEAUT'f 1 DOTLIET, SPOT, FRECKLED BEAU IE&. A. J!EkSON, RARBJY.&lf' CO-. -AVGUS'I'lJS TBBADWFLL.-fitf>Tobacco a.IS'.&\a.R 8PA.l!I'J]fH J.INBl'll AN.B PA!ICJJi 14'ka'R"BD 4 0TTO.N f'1>N.D8 POB .. UTTIJIIO V'P dt ... Elrooma.e B'tree't0 .N'e'VV ,'IVL' !l.:EAF< T ,OBACCO, 181 Pearl street, New York." \ Heyman Lowenstein, D'LANUFA.W:DKRBS 01' CIG.&.KS. 424 to 432 East Flftynlnth St., New York. :."ao'*ory 811 Brd OoU. D:t..'to WORKS PERFECT WORKS PEB'I\ECT, SANCHEZ & CO. PARRY & CROSBIES. I POB'l'BBS 011' Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, Liverpool, England. 169 Front street, New York. ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, Maaufacturera o'f CIG-ARS. Also Ma.Dufacturers o t the celebrated .M:EXICAN PUFFS, ALL TOBACCO CIG.t.RBTTBS, 1 Factory No. 1030, 3d District. 34 I to 35 I East 73d Street, 'YC>&l.:K.. & JUNE 27 THE BEST ALL TOBA.CCO CICIAB.ETTE DEPOT AND ACENCY "-BETWEEN fHE ACTS." Tbe abat-e Brand of VA.NA TOBACCO CIGAJIJI7l'l'E8 ma4e b.r Nos. 209-21 I East 37th Street. New York. ;,,: .. JOHN BRAND&. CO., Il\IPORTERS OF MunuJ'acturen o f Fine A.nver 4.8 all:a.oh.:l:a.e 1D. u-. PERFEC'l'IQN STEAII DRYER. Cy linder ot D ryer-is 3 Feet D iameter and 15 Feet L ong. 1 Pateuted J UJJ" 12 8,. 188$. C>'Ver l.O llao:la':l:a.e :l:a. U-. It is designed particularly for the Re taii.Tobacco Trade and is used for shaving tobacco for smo k ers' use. This is the only machine that w ill shave all sizes of pl u g, twist and Perique tobacco. For sale by A. M WHITNEY, Patentee and Sole Manufactur e r, Pawtucket, R.I. 1318 &. 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK. Factory No. 160, Third District. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY TOBACCO Commission Merchant cl. 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW YORk. M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New fort ELIAS BACH & SON. PACKERS OF Ueaf Tobacco, 166 Water 'lt., New Yorle. ELI..lS BPINGARN, --L !!JWEL H. s-E. SPINGABN' & Co. Illl'OBTEI!S O F Havana and Sumatra, AND PACKERS OJ!' Seedlea.fTobacco 5 Burling Slip, New York. E M. CRAWFORD & SON. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco, 168 Water St., New York. A. LOWENSOBN', 53, 55, 57 & DETROIT, BannerBrandFineCut 137Malden Lane, uJ'.,:Se't1:e:r 'tha.:a. 'the Ele't" lfEW YOIUL "cmo" Smoldac To'baooo, of l'ine Virctala Leal. SAM:. B. SCOTT .... d BEJI. HAXTOJI Clg..... Ht"rsch, Yl.ctorlus & Co. :.efere-. W, Oolll. & .&X.,., BallCim,ere, 11'. W, FBLGNEB & SON, RaUl-ore, lllcl. Wftl, 11 .B:I.lii..B.t.LL & CJO,, Boeb.,.&er, N. y, Please send for Circulars and Referencea. JOHN B. ADT, Manufacturer and Patentee, Nes aa:l, 3:U, 336, 338, :UO & :U!l North Holliday Stl'eet, MD. Jl!V'O. &Ia lllaDutaeturer of tile Famous and WorldRe nowned Rranda of ( VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. JWat;i-:.ofactor:'f: T!'elfth L!'r;cht;;.ng, Va. Or4en -tfully soU c lted and promptly to. ...,c.> List sent o n appllcatiGII, J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., lli'I::J:O::EEllWEOD1'D0 V FINE BR.IGHT-NAVIES,4 TWIST,. CUlLS, Light Presse4 and Smoking Tobaccos. W m H. T etn, Pres. M. B. MJUa, Vi<'e P r es. Heuj. P. Haxton,. Sec. and Gen'l Manager, s:W:VENADLE.CiC'O. tBAF TOBACCO. 169 WATER ST., lEW YORK. OJilae :-cor. ef Byrne ouul HaUta:o: Street, PETEBSBU:&G. VA. Paetery;-19 lleeeacl DICrlcc, Vlrclnla. !lanut&cture a n d otrer to the Trade til fol l owlug Celel>ratecl Br&Dcl oC PLUG GHEWING and SMOKING TOBACOOS: JOS. LEDERMAN & SONS. NIMROD Mabocaay l'lay;r0 ID all u4 -... liloo.d 'VINC O .. H .. .. ---"21:-ST. GEORGE. Brl ht Naq 810 61\"B (lJiNTBB M.O G-U L 1 u .. TRIX AND .. .. .. IIPII.IU.D EAGLE, w Bl""k Goods of eOch o t abG,.e a-rad.., ....._,. J!'Mt ftrtety ol ,_ "'*""....,.,... Clll11 I ... Sontcern true, under the f ollowiiiK popular b l'lllldB:. BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, eRANCER, ADMIRATION, FLORIMRL and RAPIDAN. C: Tbe following are our Agen ,ts to r tbe sale of our Goods:-C. W. VAN ALSTINE, 13 Central Who.rf, Boston. Mus: F F Commerci a l St .. Portlsnd.llle.: W G. 97.Wator8t., New Yor.k City; ARTHUR HAGEN .t 68 North Fro?t St.BPhlla1elphia. Pa.; L P. STERN E Pltmburgh, J'a J T. TOWNES. 21 W abash Ave, Chicao:o, Ill., W. TUNiiTAI.L, S E cor. Ex Place and Com me;e.; St .. Baltimore, llld.: THOS. H. FROST, Charleot.; F B. L AWRENCE, Vickburg,ll! iss. ; JNO. u IIOYI: !::b&tta ooon. Ten !I.; COOPS& II; CO. ,Ileml>iaio. Teon. G-EO .ZO:R.:N' &, CO., IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS OF PIPES. 6211 IIIABXET ST., PHII,ADELPHIA. A Catalone and P rice Liot m.t lilt.ould l7e ID the hands ot dealer iu t h e count.ry. oont-&intnc a description o f all t b e pipe& lll&de p&ro:icular!T MEERSCHAUil, AllBKR. BRIAR an d C LAY P lPii:S, w ll.h e v....,. k1114 o f BIIIOKE!!S' ABXICLES, Swedish. Par i tai.'Ul Waz. Mal.chee I n Fancy Paper or T ill Bo"'"" lltAlLED SEND .FOB O B Latellt l'foyeiCI .. Bacle a llpeelaltJ'. Packen ancl Dealera J.a L E A F T 0 8 A C C 0, 140 MAIDEN LANE, Rel< Water&: Fron t Street., NEW TO lUI:. L. SPE A;Q. & CO., Paeken o t Seed. Lea.f And l.mporlen ol Hava.n2.. Tooa.ccfi. 184 Water N-ew YorK. S. BOBS. r.a.e&:UBor 1,.,, Soed r ', .a.ND 1lill'OM'a8.. HI Y Ill TOBACCO, 178...,. !t, 111"1 ....


'v .... JUNE z7 THE TOBACCO LEAF. 9 .. CHAMPION CIGAR FACTORY. MANUFACTURERS oF Factory Wo. 278, 3d Dist., N.l FINE S. JIJ:aa-.olren Bra .. Cor. 2d Ave. & 22d St., New York. \\.'I MENDEL & BRo., lannfactnrftrs nf Gi[ars, -o. IS Bowery, M.aunS:acturer or C .IGABS, 309 E. New York. Queen Elizabetb, Queen of Scots, La Flo,r de C11,1banas, Coeur de Chiuhplon, The Thing on Hand. Royal Eagle, The Fern. :Toltacco .. -OF-. co .. .A.r:111b. e:l:A:1o :EJ:o11a:111cl.. _, ....... -" ADOLPH. MOONtus Loms GRAFF, soLE AGENT, -UIS he. _o and St. Ynrk Tobacco Merchant GERSHEL & BRO., PAOKERS AND DEALERS IN 6 Fmchurch Bu!ldings, London. E. C., England. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, I c. F. HAYE, H ouv -191 PEARL ST., S, )R., k g=:mt: New York.. Agent for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA G REISMANN SUMATRA TC>EJAOOO, 196 Pearl St., New York. COMMISSION MERCHANT Larr;e -'-<>rtment A.lwaye on Hand. 175 Pearl Street, New york. And Dealer Ill all Xlade ot LEAF To a A c c Q, G. HABKEMA, -LoKwEL TIEL E. 11 WATER sT., xEw YORK. SWORN TOBAGGO BROKER. Sworn Tobacco Brokers, OAVtDSON BROTHERS. Havana and Seed SampleRooms: BrakkeGr.ond. OF ROTTERDAM, Otlloe; 0. VOOBBURGWAL 286, Rea-to reeem.menol theuelvee f'ortlle of" Snmatra and .J"awa ToAmsterdam, Holland. bacc& on the Dutch I!Ia.rkete. R eference : H. de Ma.zlere, Esq 41 Bread !lit., P 0. Box 214., New York, leafTobaCCQS J. H. A. GEBING, N VAN MENS 143 wATER sT., Sworn Tobacco Brokeri Sworn Tobacco Broker J'euMaldenLane, :N'e"CCV' TO*'... OFFICES AND SAMPLE ROOMS: omce & Sample Room: Oostsinge115, o. z. Voorburt:;Wal & 223, ROTTERDAM.--Basch & Fischer, AMSTERDAM HOLLAND H.EI'ERENCE: -Mr. J s. G&ns' son, 1s1 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Water St., New York. Alll'l ..... ., SEED LEAF TOBACCO. JN'<: MANUFACTURER 0 F FINE CIGARS, Faotorv Ne. 26, 3d Dbtrlot, Jl. Y 1M WATER ft'IUET, lf-r lllalden llfEW YORK. E. & G. FRIENB & CO., Importer. Blld Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 129. MAIDEN LANE, Go. Fan:ND, } EDW.ARD FIUND. Ja NEW YORK LltOlUU FRIEND. DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, No. 190 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. 1 S. E. corner lst AVENUE & 74th STREET, NEW YORK CITY. H. KOENIG & CO., ;;:::::=:=::===:::::==:::=======:::::;. D H. McALPIN & CO., Wholeale .Dealer In HAVANA AND SEED LEAF TC>::EI.A.CCC>ISI, O F 226 Pearl Street, New York. THE cELEBRATED FINE-cuT: M. siLVERrHau co.. I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I "BOBuiJifbts" j C Q. S ...,:. Aim llaa..-urers of the well-l:a.A.oo oi Ed. WISCHMEYER &. CO. Tobacco Commission Merchants, 3 9 8, Clalvell'& 81 .-.aulmore, l', I. H. CLARK & BROTHER,. ToBAcco BRoKERS, CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. PX....A.::J:V'ET D.'-Kii. .IST:E:J?T'UJ:Sl'EoJ l'A.NCr DHIGDT N&YIBSi PX..'D'&:EI:. ST.t.NDABB BRIGDT C:%%C>:J:CE, D&RII. JII'&YDUI. tue reputat!on o! tohese gO()(ls 1.-worldwid.e. a n d tb.e klcreasinc salM of them ll proof of UJ.eli merf. IT BWAR2 OF IMITATIONS. Our Trade-Mark TY-L is Embossed on l'luc. BRA.NCH OFFICE:No. U CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON.: .. Jlanufaoturen of MEERS G H A U M AND AM B E R G 0 0 D S, And. Importel'fll of P ADU(JAH Ky. FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES, A. R. FOUCERAY, Tobacco Inspector. Appeintcd by the Philadelphia Board of Trade. 63 No Pronl 81., PhUaelphla, Pa. 69 W .ALKER STREET Corner Broa4way. Vienna, Austria. Send for CataJ()jl1le and PriCe List. We have no Tra.velliD&" Salesmen. .Antonio Gonzalez, -IJUIICIBS'BIII. o. I HAVANA LEAF tOBACCO. I 180 Pearl Street, New York. "WV'D'.I:. EGGBE&T &, :I:mpor"tera or Havana Havana. Cigar Manufactory of A W -nOOTE RM ,..0 -111.1 oogv .. -.:; .. Jb.:loo. ., V ., .AGENCIES-McCOY&: CO., J'e, w York; L A NDAUER&: KAIM )[edlum Grade York:. W PRA.GER,ll:&nufac tw:er of Cheroots, N.;w 'l'or k ; G ARCfA &: VJCGA, (.ronMJiy' -&a 11111 X..a.'D.e "Y'or.k. owutns u.C 1..a I.Juq l kt>lt.u. UJl(l La. ttosa De Mayo'' brands, New York a.oi:lilaYana, \.::&'a. ] J eLo\quU'" .So, lUI; TOLEi,V & O o iJEU.N, ta .. ot FXclusively Spanish Bao4--M&de p_,.,... M K .o\. N .D s 1 Havaba \\ t,H, Jl'la : "La Doncella de Orleans," "La Flor de Salvini," "Forest and Stream, Rod and Cun," "American Field," "Hyacinth," E' Contesto," "Java," "Key West." L. C. SCHEFFEY &; CO., Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, J.OUJSVJLLE, K Y, FREIGHT BROKt Forwarding Tobac e a Specialty. JACOBY & BOOK.IIAN, .1'08. s. G&Ns, MAX MEYER CIGAR.MANUFACTURERS, GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAW. Packers of and Dealers In Domesti& and Lwdf Tnbacr, N'o. 130 "''IV'a"te:r Sl"t:ree"tf e"t'V 'York. FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. BBINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG IAGHIHH. SCHLOSSER & CO., ]I[AJ(UI' ACTli'BERS OF FIXE Cnban Hand -Made Ci[ars, Patlnted 1 =-...... Have Removed to 71 S'tree't, ""'5Cork. Pe:rd.. Oppe:n.b.ei::o:1er. OF HAVANA LEA.F Tobacco I 11 a X..a:111e. l.'loT e...,..,.. 'Y' q:rk.. SHOTWELL'S F)NE CIGARS, Office and 8aleroom: 282 Ninth Ave., New York. THE PEASE CUTT1NG MACH1NE. .a:.LJOUIL POWER. FOOT POWEJt. b Will make PI1J1:'1-0f all olzes, (n>m 1 to 4 inches wide &Dd from 4 to 12 l nchM long,, bO\tOr ....oill 1 tha.n any_other machine lit the mafket, sud fs now in uSe in over one hwadred of the factories in the United States. Correspoudeuce solicitOO. Address J. H : qntaq, .llbao-., J. t OlRlAYA: & c I CANALS, l!lan::=:r. of Y iif1fuu. KEY WEST 1 FLA. The celebrated EL VEBDB P.o. Box No. 10. New York OID!C: 3 Cedar 8.._ SEID.ENBERG. & C .O., MANUFACTURERS OF New York & Key West f 327 East Slxtythlrd St., New York G.A.1WB:J:ER-CLAY and BRIAR PIPES:"t"te :E"ape:ra :1.-a. .B.eaZD. HOUSJ;. IN PARIS, t 1 RUE THE JOHN B. McGOWAN COMPANY. Oincinnaft, 0., If. s. A.-. With Patent neuwnng Loek fOP' the presure. We control all :rre.m.g'.!nlr bacco from BOTH ENDS -:0:-HYDRAUliC PUMPS.. -:e:-Mould Presse -:o:-. Moulds, HYDRAULIC and Boxing Presses, Bands and Bee-menta, Steel Finisher rlates and Tins, HAND and POWER WRINGERS for Catalogue f1'LE&SE ADDRESS PLAIN, aB d relet ,... this paper in addreesins a I


THE vro.BA.CCO I .... E.t'-.F JUNE 27 PhUadelphla Advertisements. &, T.A.:KTT Im.porters of wm. BOD a co., w. o. MEIER a co., 1 R. MEIER a co., LOUISVILLE, KY. CINCINNATI, O. llolonAu: Slam, lt. B. 11mB, Bliiaa a.m.. HINSDALE SMITH & CO .. [J:ST6lJI,I!!JD:D 11Jf0.) Paell.era aa Jlol>ben t AlfD PAClKBBB 011' Seed. T Cammission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA Packers, Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in fOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Leaf .Tobacco, 33 South Street, Baltimore. E. & CO., Packers of Seed Leaf and Importers of Havana a.nd Sumatra. ccos !I 09 M"or'th 'VV"a'ter IBI'tree-t, LUXURY m:aauraeturen or Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER CUT PLUG -AND'LUXUry Fine Cut in Foil. FRISIIIIUTH BRO. It 00., } 151 N. 3d 8&roet and 219, 2211 2i1 & 225 Quarry 8t., PHIL,\.DELPHI&, ED. WlSCIDOCYil'R, HY, Wl!>CHMEYER. ED WISCHBEi'ER & CO., TO:EI.A.CCO COMMISSION MERCHANTSs 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST .. Baltimore. M:d. YOUNG & JE=-a.ckers an.d. X:D:I..pC])rters c::f Lea,f Tc:::ba.ccCJ), 88 :lSI O::E'LT::EI: SIT.H.ElET P::EI::J:X...&.Z)EX..P::EI:Z.A.o P..&., BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE CICAR FACTORIES, PA. JULIUS YETTERLEIN & CO., .. .. ACKERS OF-SEED LEAF and IN TOBACCO. .----------------111S .A.::E'LO::EI: I!I'T.H.EJET, P::EI::J:X...&.DEX..P::EI::J:.A.. LEWIS BREMER'S WHOLESALll: DEALERS IN a LEAF" AND. MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. & Large Aeaortment of all JdJula of Leaf Tobaeco eoaetaatly oa haacL 'J,; S KlM:SA:Lt & COC"S VAi'IUY PAI!l TOBArt'O & rHHf'ETTF.S le attention of l!!anufacturers to oar ctGct of. Darll. Reeweated Wrappera, of. wbich we ma.te a speclalt;r Dealers in BURLEY and DARK TOBACCOS. I L. DUNLAP & CO., 1111011-to J ... B. m-t & Gt. CINCINNATI, 0.1 I!Iaautae&rel'!l or NAVY TOBACCO, F. w. DOHRMANN & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKEitS S. W. Oor, VP,.&:Froat Street., CIRCIJrJfATI, O. GOilllOCtlcut Sood-lBaf Tob&CII --IMPORTERS of HAVANA, 211 2 3, 25 HalllDIIIII St.SDriJLicld.las. WM. L. HUNTTING & CO &ad ror Prominent VIJ'Irlala or BRANCB112!: DEALEI!S IN Aim PACKERS OF Twist & Plug Tobaccos. IU:llliDIII>ara, 01--tncar Taeeo, O::EI:O:J:OEJ VlarkYille9 Teoa-Dark Tebaeeo. HeJUT Gelae, E'ta 188'7. Be- ,;DtmlDI, THE GEISE mG.AB. BOX CO., to Honey Gelae and Stickney &:. Gordon, IU:aaaraetarera or all KIDde of C:EG-.A.:R, :EIO?K'E.&. %)ea1er :lD. Z...abe1, O:l.sar ::E'L:I.bbo:a. anti all oOoer Vl&ll.l'maker., 8oppUe., Large &took of all the LeacUac La'Hl Roueee 0-et&atq OD Raad, 88 OZ....A. 'V IBIT::E'LEIEIT. O:J:l.VO:J:JSI'J.V .A.T:J:, HENRY GEISE, GEO. B. STALLO. THE GEISE LUMBER CO., : 1!IANUF ACTUR!lBS OJ' SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED l CEDAR IMITATION Ciga,r :Eic::JE :f..,torl: 10loltl03 Eaat 8th St., Cilu!!DaaU;aad Welt Vf.rabia, Oillce: 93 CLAY STREET, CIJfCIRNATI, 0. TinTags, CUT and EMBOSSED Connecticut & .. Havana Leaf Tobacco, EAST CO"NN. A. F. RICO & CO., IMPORTERS OF Havana Leaf Tobacco, 18 Central Wharf, BOSTOR, IIASS. It, ll. II:A. TU. P. H.IAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND. VA. D'l'.AB1.181DD rn noa. -. Orl8ln&t<>ra ol! Ule otrlll -:LV .A. V'Y T 0 :EI.A. 0 0 .,_ NAVIES A SPECIALTY IM ALL SIZJ:8, In Plain or Facy Deol;pl, of Plo.ln Gl1t cr Colonel, Tin at Lowest J'rlces. Sample Tags and full Informa tio n tUI'Dished on appUcatlon. J. M. ROBINSON & Co,. JAMES M. WISE, 225-229W,2d&62-" Oe:!tralAyo OXJ.VO:I::N'l.V AT:J:. O. Commission Merchant JOHN OBERHELMA..N, J OBNE.l'lwrnnd811Ce ooliclted. ,_ COLEMAN 8R08t WINBTOJII', Jll'o Co Buyers and Han4Icrs or tear foJJaa, Sorape aad Stem. oa Comtel/ S.Usfactloa aua,....leed. r4. REED & McCI!I!1 Leaf Tobacco' JI.&LEIGDt )II', 0. BSTABLIBR-11148. E. E. WENCK, RINALDO SANK & CD., TRI! M. KEMPER & soNs. E JVOREE. N.FURBY. GEO.A.FOBE& JAS. A. HENllERSON & cu. Importers of Havana, Foree Tobacco Company, DEAliEllSIN W. A BOBBITT 1 i.eaf Tobacco Broker, O:DI'ORB, Jf. ci. ooo 1PANISH CIGAR F AGTORY. GIJillllllSSlOI IBrckant ;eteral Commission Merchants, LASA & MJLLOS, s. w. cor Charles & Lombard Sts., Sl ROR.TR WATER STKEET 802 Ch d 29 S lith St :Eia1't:I.Zir1ore, -AND. estDUI an 0 Special attentklll peld to home mannfacrurera 10 No.rth Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA m=e'":;.. --------------PR.IL A DELP IliA (lllSTABLIBHEl 1857.) X. S. :fB.EC1..,BI.....,.E, 6. v r(Butncces!Or to A..f Fine Havana Leaf Tobacco mann ac rer 0 l,fl U My OWD selectiona direcLiy from the Farma In Cuba. 18 .. .. ll9 Sonth Second St.,RdlllDhia, Pa. F. X. KELLY, Jr., HAPPY THBUGHT -Tobacco Agency, liS A1W11 .r.; ftlladelplala, Pa. GENDA!o AGENT FOB WILSON a. McCALLA"t"S PLUC TOBACCOS. -Ai AND PACKERS OF MANUFACTUBERS OF Vlrguua and North Caro.llnt SEED LEAF _IOBACCO, FINE NAVY TOBACCO, 116 West Lqmbard St., LOUISVILLE K 'Jr.lersSollclted. Doll:%) T N. SluliCeD, F. X. k-. a a N E. Ar: e nts:-A. R. MITCHELL .t: 00., Boston. lJolland. .,.,t,: co. UIG!B IUIJIIACTDBHR& atoe to nu ._._,. APHILADELPHIA. JAMES T. KENNEDY, c. c. s.LAUCHTI!R, Leaf Tobacco Broker, Leaf and Stnp Tobacca &mall. cLARKSVILLE, Tenn. IIIINBBJUOe &'Ire llet.l J>y D81'1111111oll to ......... ...,..,... w..u.. Thea. Sohwarta & Oo., LooJe. .Ole, L Abner Harris, LoWsvllle, XY.;_IL B. Clark 111'0 .. B. W. -Oaahler; A. 110W811, Cubler; .las. L. Qlun, Vubler, aartnllle, Teall. PUR.YEAR, MYLES & CO., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco, P&DVCl&B, KY. M. H. CLARK a. BRO., Leaf Tobacco CLABK.8VILLE, P48VC.I.U, HOPKIJII'SVDoloBo


.... I f I JUNE 27 Bniacss Directory of .UTOrtiscrs: JrBW YOB.B:. lJNd .VA.-H. 1110 PearL uoad& a ll'rtqaaS. :111 wa Boa. 1M w-Brand J'.& Oo. 1411 Water at" 11. 11. a BoD. 118 w n.'l'ldllon-HBWDay, Job B. a Oo 1ll1 Halden Lane .. ert Wm. a Oo.lN6 Poo.n. l!'ali, G It Bro., 171 Water. l'dedlll&Dt Henry, 162 Water ftloll411.& CJ. It Oo. IW .llaldell LaM. llro8. It Roeon&b&l, !50 wuw. lhnllel L. It Bro. 191 l'oarL QreelllpeCbt H. 191 Pearl Bamblll1f0r L f'.o. 174 '\VJolmooll H. L 119 lllaldea l&ne Koeoll&' H. It Oo. 2tll Pearl Lederman J oo. & Sons, 140 Malden J&ne. Undhelm H. 191 Poor!. llayen' Jos ions, 193 Pearl lfeulnlrl!er M. 11: Oo. 172 Water Pulver, Dicldnson & Co 178 Pea.rl ISelnl&n.D G. 176 Wa.rer. IIOHDwal4 E It Broe. H5 Water -8. lk. Bona, !711 Water llalomoa G & Broo. ISS lllait4 Teo!A 11111er Mre G II. & Oo. f7 Oolumbl&. JlcmufB0tVror11 or (7jgBro ArRuellea Isidro, 172 Pearl. Aoli L. & Co. 7'19 3rd Ave. Arguelles& LopM, 2'l2 Pearl BoDily .t; Leo.erer 70th st. and let aTe. Cart&ya. J. E. & Co. 3 Cedar. Oondlt Stephen G 445-447 E lOth Dellanoe Cigar .!lanufactorv, 1!211-2113 Eaat 4111 J'oote A. W & Oo. 125 Halden Laae. Fromofr L F 77th st. cor. 8d and LeDngton a .... Ba11D. Bl'\1!1!01 &: Co. E.83d St. B&ll TkOII .a. I!Q9.21J E. 87th. BeYD>&D Bros. Lowenstein, 424-4.82 E. lllltll Hofmann F. 1818-1820 A venue A lacooy t1. & Co., foot ot 62d St., East Bier Jacoby & Bookman, 38th .t, near !M av. J-t>bs Bam'l & Oo. E Gild. &o.ufm&n Btoo. & Bondy, 1211& 1111 GraDII. liMbe It Bt>le..., 10a to IOilll l!eoolld an4 110 to 8Jtl'l.ftvfourth Kimball Orouse and Co. 35 Warren. Le.y .broa A yeoue 0 aaa l 8th UCb.toDIIteiD Brothers Co 88th stand 1st &To LlcbteBStein A .. Son dl; Oo. 309 Eaat 59th II Lies Geo P & Co. cor. 80th st and avenue A. Loe J w 18110 lot ave. and 4011 E. 74th et lllmdellll. W .t Bro. 151 Boworv Meonells A & Co. 1:J &D.Oll" Tur, Whlteb&ll Mac .a.ndrewo It F & Oo. oor tat a'N and Slat It Decaler ... 8paftUil Cedar. IJJ*CIO'N w B. -Bro. 4115-C75-I-"" Ofgar Jloldo, atc11o1 H. W. S!Ji.M i:U& EleTenth at. 11oe4w1n a Oo, r&raDd et. .E a Ball Tllom&& B. I E 87th. JllmiQ TobiiCOO Oo. Wei& IN J1aRn. of Tobeooo Uld 01ru1.-and Tdm .._..,h-r'o 8o,!!:1\t."lill llllIMMu. WilD WilL a eo. cor.tat a'N. au4 8111& et. Tobacco ltnlTII. ll111'n,J 75 Beade, Bole Apntll JIBCAI....., for 0lgBr 111111'1/'...;.._, --. 8. 119--188 Le-. 11 y Tob&ooo JlacbiDe Oo. 106 John a 9 Pl&tt Williams' Suction TabJe. John B. WllllamB Oo., !Oil Chambers, Agenlo Tokcco' Bawflog. A. Barrtman"' Oo. 4M'-t6V BrLome Clg&retto Paper. llaac, Hermann, Stewart Bulldlng, Broad10&T and Chambers Bt. lltir. eo.-.aNGnMwtab x-orten of FreDch CigareUe Paper. Jl&yBroe.4711-.. Lit&e" .Fibre Waru, Goldrmith J 744 Broadway Mftr of l\ ;,.d Amber Goods. 'Y els & Co. 69 Walker Progress Scrap Bunching Machine. Piogress Scrap Bunching Machine Co., 1230 2d&v, ALBAlfY, .K, y, JlallufOe!JatocG 'A' Br.,..,.,.,. Boyd w A.. &: Oo. 33 Boulll Jleoker Broo; 419 East Lombard Kelllper M 116 W. Lem'l>ard Kercl!:holr &: Oo. 06 t:!OU\Il Ub&r* Merfeld J os. & Oo. 89 German Saeerlnger & Oo. 18 B. Howard Un..,rzagt Qeo, P. 1C Co. 31 South Cb&rleo a& WlacOmever JW. & C.. 39 South IJalert. ToOaoco JlmftU/ash4ren. J'elgner F. W.& Bon, 90 8o11th Chari ... Gall at 21! Barre Marb.,.rc Brothen. 1411 to 149 Boutb Toi>CIro, Choftl.e.ltlc Lo<>r Tof>Bcoo. Bee!!: A. It Co. and fa DearbOrn. IJIUidb&gen T, I Z W BandQlpb llubert U & Son, 1181 E &ndolph Sutter BrotheN. 151> and !57 Lal!:e JIBft/rl o/ .P'IM-0d Olaetoitlfl .t; -"9 Toll -A. & Oo. 44 &Dll411 I>Mrboi'D 7'oi>Cicoonloto end Jl'!'rl' Bolt. B-u a Oo 57 Lake &oDd (1 state Mn!ln. Of Till Eotl. CreMe J<>hn J 81. ot Buyer ... d Beller f Cuttings and l!cniP! aad Wholesale Dealer 1D x...t Tob&eco PlaeoCro L. 48 8. Wt.ter TobaccO DN;er. Watt's Uniform Tobacco Dryer, 88 Market CllfCIJII.A.TJ. O. Manufacturers or Cigars. Xrolua, Feiao & Co .. 7,8,9E.6thSt. (J'{!a,r Boa: Lu'f'Pob#r. Tile 11. D. A.JI>ro {',o, 1185-787 W, 6tll, Leaf T obacoo. !llleter R. &: Oo. Newburrll L., Jill w. Pear Te/JCJCO(> 00111--fa. Pr&rDe &: Mateon. v : ne and Front JIBftutcr.torero o1 OlgGr--Gela> arar-bOx eo,. tNt Clay. Troot. 8. w. 118-IOi ... C&nal MallufactUNr of TID Tags. )loblnaonJ. 11. &: Oo.ll25 Wlldand 1180alv.IA Tobaoo&lllanuf....taNn. DunlaP A. L. &; Oo 58 E id Le Bohnn&Bn F W & Bon KeDDedJ' J8o8. T. cOVINGTON, Plug ToPtorJdna a lt-rus<, 159-100 l'ke. D.AJIV.ILLL V DociNra ctld Broloen lt& 1--.1 8--. Jamea A. & Ce HJo]t:BOn R. L a: Oo. LMI/ .8rD.Url. J'wre]lP. W. VeaalJieP.C. lllanuf&ctll'er o f and Nortb Carolina smoki.n& Tob&oco Trowbridge Wm. H. D:t.'TIIIOLD, Ge....-J'. ]l(anutacturers or Cigar-Box LabelL Qebruder KJJngenberg. DBTBOIT.IDall. -"" oJ Cl!eallft9 smow., Toll. -OIOan Amerlc&D Earle Tob& :eo Co. -Tob&oOO Oo. 58-68 Lamed. DuBHAIII, Xo Co -ur-ors-IIIACkwell' Durham Tob&oOO 00. IIJn of -u Dur-m--. BlackWell's Durh&m Tob&ooo Oo. DAYTOKo 0. ,....., ro11acc:0 ovtter. Baekefe Iron and Bno88 WerkL J>rrdtlr and b""" ()lgGr Ba&n& Tob&ooo Co. 64 Prado Manufacturers of Cigars. Cortlu& y Gomez, Calle de I& Eotrella 184. Mlranll& F. eaooad& dill J(onte Ordetx Jullo J ro Ban Ypaclo at Roger Padre, 49 Faotoria atreet. 7,_ Bro.,.,, SJ&Dghter G. G HBNDBR80N, N. 4/o Lewllt .t; 'J'homae. J'ANBSVILLB aa4 .A.LB.A.KY, WI., Packer or and Dealer In Leaf Tobacco. Qreaaei!'.O. K:A.N8.&8 JITY, liio, Tobacco and Cigar 1\Iannftrs' WhiteN. T. & Co 119 East 51h &t Waoleeale Dealers Ia Mufd ILild llmklr Tob&eoo and Cigars, alao Bmokera Artlillea. Bachman J A & Bro. 54! Delaware It Daler ill Ba"""" 4nd Do,...W: Leaf lllftchet.on J. C & Oo 301 Delaw&re a& KEY WEST, Fla. C"allals E Manuf&eturerw of Olgau Cartayt. J. E & Co Trujillo D. L. It Sons, LANCASTER Pa. Packem o r and Dealers ill x...t Tobacco. l!'relr Jacob L. 211 W. Klogo ot Bklfes &: Frey 8 1..(18 N. Duke st lnauraBce and Beo.t Estate. Baui!ID&ll & Burns, 10 w. Or&uge st. LIVERPOOL, TobM(J() Brokers Parry .t Croebl ... 28 Paradise BW'eet. LONDON Eng, Tob&oco Cigar &nd Leaf lllerehan1. Qndr L. 8 I!'Oiiebureh Buildings, E C. LOUISVILLE. K7 1'1"11 Tol>acoo Mum>(ac!urer. Foree Tobacc o Co Leal fobacufacnnd Dtaler '" LM.f Toi>CI> Tv-w....-. llambe. 100 N. Water ---Lewlo l!oos. 822 North Tblrd PonaD & TaltiiO'I Arch Freye r .!1: ElsenlohJ,:, 118 North 8d. Labe Benj. 281 "orth 8d McDDwelllll. .!!:. /It Oo. 603-005 Cheetnul Bank J Blna!do It Co.ll2 North Watlel Teller Bro.tlero, 117 :lorth Third Vetterleln. J. &: Oo 115 Arch .. Youua-& Newman, 6 2 N Front Importers of Havana Leaf. .Alvarez J 119 South 2d. Portuoodo, Juan F., 1114olllli Sanaom. Importers of Bav&na. &nd Sumatra Oreai:h J B & Oo. 184 ebeatnut. .llan.t.lrfacNren or B&tcblllor Broo 1281 Chestnut. lloltz, & Co .. Dunn T. J & Co. 007-009 N Broad -nlohr 0 986 Market Freebie M S. 18 Bc ut.h 4th. Uray, M.oralefl & Co. 514 Pine. Holloway & 8wt.1m, 795 Market L&sa & .Mllloo, 29 tlllth 802 Chootnu& Wiene r & Co 1106 Hont,wm81'J" aveaue Por\nondo Ju&D F, 1114-1116 Sansom 'l'l!eobald" Oppenheimer, 111 Nort.D Ill llftra ot J'IBe-Cut "!Jd Smoldag Tob&coo. Frlsbmut.h'llro. & Oo, 15! N 8d and228Qu&rrJ 'l'ob,.,.fW,.g, alld lmJ>erlal" LAnr4J OVI. Whalen Rich. & Co. 184 Hilt II Jtr Dozes. M030J" Cigar and Paper Bo:.: Co i11J8.1114 Elm st TROY, N.Y. Trojan Borap .Maeblnes. Dearotyne & co. 378 Bler 8c WBELIJIG. W, Y llluft.nof eeecL Tit-ana lltoPeotran au4 Deal-In teAt TobaooO. IJlBhD &: Brandtau. Jllll3 11&11! Ill: Deaien lA Oii1B.A.CCO.. ,t 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUIE, 1]310, 314 AND 316 FIFTY-FOURTH STREEa; :L'W E VV 'Y' C> --...... -r-BLACK.WELL'S DURHAM tOBACCO CO.'S Cennine Dnrbam Smobn[ Tobacco. New York, Boston. Pittsburg, Ghicago, St. louis and Gincinnati. ISIDRO "ARGUELlES, SPANISH CIGAR MANUFAC'l'IJRHB, Proprietor of the Bl'alla.l LA FAMA, LA T .DYA, LA 172 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. President. Vice-President. Incorporated September 6, 1886. &"''OOE&&O:Ja& 'X"C> BROS. & CO., Factory No. so, Third District, N. Y107 Cor. 38t1 Street and tst Avenue. BROWN & EARLE, Factory No. 1307, Third District, N. Y., Cor. 38tb. Street nod lst Avenue, C.::r.D.ce :-38th STREET and 1st A VENUE, KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, lmporteos and of M annfactnrersl PlDCS & Smoters ArTicles, ...... An 32d .. aa ....... 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Salesroom: & 131 Grand St., New York. Steam Cigar 'Box Factory. The 1D the Weot. 98, 100 a:111d. :1.02 c::a:111a1 &'t., O:l:1110:l:111:111A't:l, C>o Alooo lllaaui&Clturer of the Veneered aad Imitation Cellar Ciga.r-Boz Lum'ber. SampJe fu:rniahed on Application. Send for Priae-Liat. The onlJ' Factory tn tlae Weat t1aa& earrlea a complete toe!< of iaJJ Labela Pnbllah .. tn tb .. UnU.ccl B. L. HICKSON & CO., PVRJHASEBI!i 0 .. and Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, Orden aad Correopondenoe solicited. Beat of aiven. 'UJI'ITED STATES INTERN.AL REVENU.& TAX ON TOBACCO. Cll<>rted, S8 per M ctgarerteo elghtng not over three lbs 50c J1 ;.cigarettes a nd eheroota weightwrovertbree lbs per lf, sa per ll; lll&DU!ac lured tobacco ...a onutf, !tc. .. ElBARGES J!'OR LICJ:lii'Bl!:B PEB ANNUli. 111aautactUren. or c1prs, clprettea &nd cheroots, 16; afact.urers of tobaooo &o.d ellff, 16; de&lerl in manu of to&>aeco, ta-40; de&lent lA leaf tob&ceo, $111. .. . IIIPOJlT DUTIES ON TOBACCO. Paat and Preaeo&. In the clays that are gone tbe value of not o nly t o bacco, but all agri c ulturQ.l producJ; was base d up on supply and demand. Corr ec t sta. tistlcs gave correct iaf ormatio n as to supply, and the demand was approximately estimated Upon this basis pric e s )Ver e determi ned for the current year, ca.using a d ec line, a od, vice vusa, shortage forcing au advance Aft e r values wer e o n ce fixed that w ere to rule during the season, there w ere onl y sllght fluc tuations. If by midsummer drouth or. short pl a nting and a decreased acreage clearly indicated a l essened supply, thls fa c t was antici-pated and an advance r e latively equal was the seque nt. There w e re n o bulls or bears to-force up o r down the value' o f products llB might best subserve the irindi'O l'!avana leaf, 811 cenla per pound. Tob&oco manUfactured. K N I v. E s 40 centa per pound. Stoma. 15 oenta per JIC)IInd. Pipes an pipe bowlo,,l.60_pertrf0118.&ad 5percent. -ad valorem. Oom 0 mon cl&yplpee, 85percent. ad aJorem; part,sotplpea. 75J>flr cent. ad vii.IOrem; ill ameken' articiMt 10 per o8ot ad v&lo< rem; oBulrbu .. andchewlngtob&ooo pouChes. 85 peroell'We b&ve alwaJ'll on band a full of Knles for Pease or Buck eye iJDd Rogero 1dacblnoe, and ni&ke to order Knhea of 11117 pat. tarn. ad valorem. agement to s pe c ul a tio n to infl ate or depress ptices !or 11elfish ends. T o illustrate: Italy throws overboard the old contract system ana enters the o pen markets of the W est llB a direct purc haser. After an examinati o n of old New Y o r k stoclrs she find s only 1,50 0 hogsheads suitable for her w ants. Her factories, o wing to failure of the o ld contm ctors to make their March deliv e ries, are idle. The g reat tax gatherers, her toba cco indus tries, fail to r espond to her demands for money. tlhe b ecome s :\ free buye r and shipp er. American manipulation and intri gue, ever watchful and quick-w itted. perc eive that her pressing wants are supplied by recent Western purcba-es or 7,000 hogsheadS... Her wants f o r the year a r e 17,000 hogsheads, plus a shortage o n o l d contract of 5,000 hogs heads, or a total requi'rement of 2 2,0 0 0 hogs heads, whi c h minus her recent purchase, leaves a demand f o r 15, COO hogsh e ads. These shrewd m anipulato rs, anxious for a finger In the pie, effect a l e t up, a withdrawal of Italian buying s u p p ort, c rying, yes worse, l y in g about an immellSe ever-planting. ;I taly withdraws her ord ers from the Westaffects indiffer e n ce; weak kneed W es t ern holders gro w n e rvous, then shaky, finally yield tq the apparent inevitable and accept a decline. The t o b acco is bough-t by I taly, "nay, verily," but by the shrewd manipulato r. Italy a t home demands a secoDd d e liv e ry. 'Western brokers are struck byllgh\ning with orders to buy The nation's trellBurr is running low-mote boodle is the cry of her offic i als. Now, it's not p oo r Western houseme n, with hardly money enough to run a country corn mill, that Italy has to ftght1 bu't manipulation, bac k e d by cheap money rrom Antw erp a nd Bremen. Up go ptices above the May advance! Who is the beneficiary-Italy P Nay, v e rily! Th e Western producer or loose dea:ler1 Poor weak mortals, the y "takea sick ... ear)y in the fight and let go How true, "To the vi cto r o e longs the spo!ls. "-Clarksville. Tenn., Tobacco J,eaf. June 15 -Electric lamps (1\r c lij1.'hts) ate good for destroying tobacco fiiee Mr. Lindsey, wh& goes around evo>r:v :morning to replace th& c arbons : to ok 169 flies fr o m two lamps alone one morniog. insects fly against the fiamo and singing their wjnj!;e f a ll to the bot tom of the glass they until removed by mau who attends tbe lamps.-Hend er80n N.C .. Gold Leaf. WATT'S 11NIFOB.Ia ., TOB!.CCO BIYBl 1J'....t all 1-dina: Smokbaa: To'bace M .... ...taet.:ren. 88 :Market Street, Chicago. Ref-to-P. Lorlllard & Oo,_ New Yor:l<, D H McAlpin ct; t.:o., .... u Dald Buchner &: Co '" C&tUn Tob&ooo Oo., St. Louis. 1!'. F. Adams It Oo. Wllwaukee. TOBACCO MACHINERY, TOOLS AND I'OB. GROWER! A.ND IIIAJIUFAOT'IJ'AERS OF TOB.A.OOO. :z.: ttl !'" cr'). c..): =--< C<'J 0 -.... CD :0 c. PARRY & CRO&BIES. Toloaooa S8 Paradl.e l!lt., Llver')H>Oio .... :a:-.a.. oe> General Agents: New York Tobacco Jlacblae I 04 John St & 9 Platt St J", O, Boz f(&l, NEW YO'RK. BRO;KERS CINCiNNATI. 0. B. DIAZ & CO., .lmportel'll HAVANA_LEAF TOBACCO,\ L...,_, 161 W ATJ:R BTB.EET, XEW YOB.B:.


I2 THE TOBACCO LEAF. JUNE 27 GRAY, MORALES 8 GO., BLA-CKWELL'S DURHAM Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE r HONEST, POPULAR,] Is the Most 1' UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the -Market LAND SATISFACTORY I!VANA CI&ARS. Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce h THE VERY BEST, I .2... .... ......... ________ .....;... _________________ ..___________ Fo r 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. S ituated in the immediate section of c ountry that produces a grade of Tobacco that in texture, fia 'vor a n d quality i s not g rown elsewhere in the worl d the popularity of t h ese goods : is only limited b y tha quantit y produc_ed W-e are in p o sitio n t o Gomm and the choic e of all Dwha m S m ok.iag aod find H: the aatJsrac tory o f all 1 haYC & rled. I J gave Thomas Carly l e a. pound o r it as we VERY B ESTi ?ft mokcd t ogethe nd he warmly' praised -, 1t. 1 have foun d no t obacco O Q e i lhai. ltCQt &.bat SOIDin:s A _offerings upo n this market, and s pare :ao pains or e xpense to g ive the trade the y J "VV. CIGAR BOX M:ANUF _.,CTUB.ER, AGENT FOR THE' J.,.. "L...D A d R... c DIP:S.OVlCD V:NIVlC::Et.SAL erSOn 0., Drandinfr ..... Dl 111115 1111 ":a:o:ney :Oevv" a:nd A8,len-.:f'w the Williams Little Ciant Bunching Machine. fiNE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, IW11FAC1'Ul!ERS' SUPPLIES. DEALER IN SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LUMBER. 2t09 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. 114 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET, GEBRUDERblW&KLiNGENBERG, DEJTDOZ..::J::, G-EI:E'I.:DII:.A.:zoil "'2""' of Flne Gradeo in Standard Brand Cigarettes. & Smoking Tobacco ar Box, ,Labels a Specialty.New York Depot .................. 23 Warren Street. _. BMtcn A>r Prtva'e Label cone&antl)' on hand. received b)' ECKMEYEB ct; Beaver Street, :New Yerk, Sole Aeento, KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., 35 WARBEX ST., :NEW YORK, MANUFACTURERS OF mGH GRADE CIGARS. AND DEALEB:S IN EIEI.A.F TOJEI.&.CIOOe l'actcnT. 'T65, 2d Dist., X. Y. lole Proprietors Qf the f ollowing B nLadoi:-G11.&T Elii:ALA, JIHOIIZE ROSA. DEL NORTE, RIO HOND80 PL'JR DE VIOLETTA, E L PRIMER.&, Chicago Depot ................ 120 Dearborn Street. San Francisco Depot . .. -226 California Street. Depot in London, England .55 Holborn Viaduct. 'D"NION EXTRACT "WV'ORKS. HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR 'T:E'I.:EP LJEJ CIOJSI"CIEJJSI"'T:E'I..A. 'TED. FOR FILLERS. FOR BOXES. l=!r Price per p int, $6; per gallon, $40 1\TOT E'V ..&.PO.R...a. T:JD. I EJ"ta.bll.b.ed. 1aea. ... P. & MANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA .CIGARS, ::K.ey "VV'es"t a:n.d. N'e"'VV Yo:rk..' Office and No 1 7 Warren St., Ne' w York. ALWAYS ON HAND KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO Bln' .. liii,JmBD lftL ... AliLft lo. .LAT'J' ..._..ea&o 87 CIOL't::T:DII:::EI:J:.A, &T:E'I.EJET, Y"O:E'I.:IE. -MANUFACTUBEBS OF THE CELEBRATED -PLAIN FIJfE CUT <:HEWING TOBAOOO IN BLUE PAPERS 81'\J't::TFlP&I ZURICALBA Y & ARGUIMBAU, 2 -d 4. Bridge St., Jf...,. York. [P. o Box IH4G.l Importers of Fine Licorice Paste, ROOT. OLIVE OIL, .t;e, W e offe r for Sale the EXT .& FINE Rose-Scented Maccaboy ,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman EI:J:GJSI" ..a.::a:.." Oae oz. Fotl, Abo, Flret and See o n d qualltJ' SJDoklncr In Blue Papero. SWEETENED FINECUTDark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. IU.A.Y APPLE and PKIZI! LII:&F FINEVllT. Ia Foil. SPANISH LICORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU & TUii," formerly "P I L A R." I ..,o -MANUFAOI'URED BYCARENOU & l:C Tu--=-1-1 ...I:llJe "" C":! FACTORIES: ZARAGOZA, SPAIN. g> Office: Kemble Building, 15 Whitehall St., N.Y. [ t:c Sol e A gent s f o r the States of North Carollna and Virginia, :;.. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Ric hmondr Va. PLOK DE M11.NTA'NZAS, L.l. I'Blll()HOLB, R OSES, NEW YORK, KIS!IIET. EI,..lsT:M:O, VII!GUEKOS, O U R TEKRJ.TORT. '1 Samples furnished upon applinotion. bottleo at $2 to make O N E GALLON of STRON G Ji'LA. VOR sent on receip t o! I .,. WE ALSO MA..' dlutford" braod)of r. QUA.LlTY ..., d at.& PRiem wblcl> non hardly t.Lil to be ""0dptable to a.ll glvi.Hg a trial LICORICE PASTE. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AND FINECUT TOBACCO, Special auentlon etve.o. 1o l'llanufaeturer' Dl e d l e J. A.JJ Gooct. l!lhtpped Free on DoiU"C), l:1r S amples furnished and special quotations given fo r any a'l't i c l e requi r ed. -----THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY! e1a 1\T. eact. &wee$,. Ph:U.&del.ph1ao, MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH AND CREEK LICORICE PA!ft'B. Jllletlala)\'ll!tleil tor "Pan'J'. (lb-.-_ Ge-.1 ..... JencB o l ALSO H. ct; R E JRAifb STICK LICORICE. ALL SIZES. &. "V. &. P. P. &c"U.d.d.e:r, l!IANIJFA.VTVB ERS OF AI-'DEALE:RS in DRUGS aDd LICORICE BOOT. 4 Oedar &1:ree1:, near Pearl Stree&, 1\Te"'VIT Y"ork.. PASTE. JEI.&.Z..T:J::aO:E'I.EI :az::a:..::a:.. ;t' &. Y'e>"U.D.K Co., L1.:n11."ted. ( JOHK S YOUNG, Treasurer ) OF SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. Cor. Boston & Sts., Baltimore, Md. e All G oed mallUfac&ureil fiT u :uar&Dteed to be or the bea t qnaJ.Jty. D. BUCHNER 4 0 0., The Miller, Co., 01\TEI:J:::J::.A. TOJEI..&.CIOO ll33, 136 4 137 MULBERRY STREET, NEW YORK. Greaseless Vertical lop, P.llg &: File cut Chewing &8ntokj;;T;baccos, snmr & Cigarettes. Tin Lined & Flange Top GOLD COIN CIGAR MOLDS, GHEWING TOBACCO. Oi.g"ar Sb.a.pers. Etc.. l-'lanufacturen or all Bl'IUid8 formerly MauuJBctured by Tlios. Ho;rt & ()o. S.. BLANCHARD, 1 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans. La., AGII:IU' ll''R S.I.IP CITY. 4f3-417 E. 31et Street, cor. let Ave., New YOikl 1681 167_ & 169 'E. Pearl St., o. Dep a AaencY for the Pacific Ooast1 ZIOG & 308 Battery Street. San Francisco, Cal. RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, ltl nucacturara o t FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 & 24 Cold St. FOR PIPE <.'R CIGARETTE. THREE KINGS, Turkish, Perique and Vlrg[nia. MELLOW MIXTURE, Trkish a.ud Perique, TllHKI!!lH and VIR G INIA., P E R i qUE and VIRGIJII.&, ;:ENUINE T URKISH, FLAKIIl CUTS, ADAPTED FOR THE PIPE. 'Va:n.:f:ty Fa:l.r. C>1d Gre>l.d. &a.1:a:l:1a.C"U..lt1.d.::l,. Granulated. A New Mixture. Fragrant Vanity Fair, SnDErlativa and Cloth o r Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People e f refined tMte who de8l r e fine Cigarettes s hould use on}..your 8tral :;:ll 1 C ut, up in satin pack6ts and boxes of 106, 2Us, 50s and 1008. Ou r Cigarettes were never so ftne noW. They cannot be mtrpa.ssed for purity and excellence. l'nJythepurestR!cePaperUBed. Eotabllo h e d 1 846. 1 4 Flra' Prize :Dedalo. rtM. S. KIMBALL & CO Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N Y. "DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE CUT DEPOT FOB THE ABOVE POPULAR BRAND: Leopold Miller & _Son, 155 Chambers St., New York. Grand Hotel Pasaje, -= ,.. 'C =-ca Gl ... ...... bQ m ::s a:t = C) Cii Gl ..... = ., m ... Q C'D E (I) 0 ca c,., 0 :E --0 1: _.. -CD c:a a=-'!'he LA.RGJ:ST and o Diy li'DI S'Nl LABS HOTEL oo the !'alaD d of oltuated I.a. the best pan of the city. Enlarged, improved, new sanitary arranc e ments, n e w manageme nt. Kep t UDder .&merican -Europe.o plans. Complete ',""'O I!llllodatlon f o r strangero. P. m:. Castro & Co .. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. CAMPBl:LL & 00., 1Uanucaet1tren Of Fino Gnt & smokin[ Tobru:co. And Dealen In SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., Wllele-le and Re&all, 88-"2Z B rid&"e St., Newark, N. J Jacob Henkell, lft.l.l!llJP.I.CTVBER OJI' CI&AI BOilS. SUPERIOR MAKII: 4NI> l'RUIIC Q U ALITY or Cedar "VV'ood. MANUF A.aruRER OF ALL JIINDB 011' L:J:T:EtOG-:E'I..&.P:EC:C Cigar-Box Labels, 297 Monroe St. New York. Dofianco Ci[ar lannfactol'J. sueeeeor to D-. HlraeiL etc erty et the DEFIANOB OrG A R MANUF A CTOR;i", any ODe 811nrJ>ere wltloo In the reach of tho laws o f t h e I&Dd w h o will 1mJ. tate ln. any mann e r any of lbne brandB and trad& marks, or use &nJ: name or label thereof, wUl at once be proeeeuted j ust the same a s any thief who "'ould steal any othr va.lualll e pM!Onal propert)': Deflance, Mphlato, Jupiter, Old Jude, Sifrma. Moos Rose, Our Boys. Bamoon. Non


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