The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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f I I VOL. XXV.---NO. 24. BIITABIJ8HBDtiiM.] 'NEW YORK WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 18 88. 106 XAJDEJI' LA.JIE, Conaor o t Pearl S t ree t. WHOLE NO. 1220 CHO.ICE. v,u_ ELTA_ ABA.,.J,_o TO. BA'CC. 0. Trade Mark of ..;.-,.,_.,;,._,,._. NOTICE 1 (., I the bale, on the WElL & CO 1 I & A .. 1 bast, -Is paB'ted a ; \) Cor. 1st Ave. & 31st St., '# fiegistered in 1868 & 1874. T : "'T"' ture. Regl-8tered In aaao. \ (' c )\ w ..., -. ':J'\rl ,All Parties are \ -'-) . NEW YORK, Cautioned agalnet OUR CHQICOE .... v. MAB'rimEz -noR a co. .. BO:E.a:BI %:DII:P08. T:BIR.&, N"o. ao s-tree-t, Y"ork.. ) Ribbons. "'WV"he:re G'V'.A.111111'0 :is "UsecL & CO Many Brands CLOSE!.Y ours are and sold to Trade as W. F GARCIA, BRO /mpoders &. Dealers in A LI"BERAL REWARD win be paid by us' for the Detect16 n of the same. -lSVOOEUOBS or FELIX &ABCIAH,JA-v ANA 'EAF Spanish eedar. IMPORTERS OF OWNERS OF THE CELEBRATED ToB_A ceo, Language of flowers Table.". : Or, Courtship Made Easy. .T:E3:E R. -On e o f a s e ri e s of fifty Flo wer C a rds, with the sen o-., 5&, I 102 cHAMBERs NEw voRK. _O:I:Cir.&R.BTT:m&. scHROEDER a BON, 1 ; &, "YA., Th e purity a nd d e lici o u s natural aroma of our .,...,. ,.,... I f 1'\TO.. 81 Pear1 IE!J"tree"t, 5"evv cigare t tes spe ak for themselves. .:.:-ac..ICO..ers o:r Seed Lear I OF THE FO LL OWING MARKS: ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA -CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. C HASKE L' S CBABLES T. SEYMOUB, Havana Cigar Flavors HA. l-J. TOBACCO. _, .. Tobacoos from the San Juan Y .Martinez District a Specialty. 9r BEWARE OF IMITATIONS .EJ &, 00.,. IIIPORTE:as OJ' I HAVANA LEAF 1BB Fron. "t S "tree"t, N 'York. Bee tbat every bot tl e bears our label anc1 with our name aad &d.u-. Trade .lllarl<, Trade lli:ark. .\lE LAS flGAs 16 Cedar St.. New York. 0 .. I r -4 JAMES CHAS'K-RL & CO., 93 John Street, -New York. -J. J. A. C alla 8au Nicolas 128 HAVANA, CUBA. 1, A.: & O. Cesareo Vigil, 67 CALZADA DIEL MONTE, CJ.t.LIXTO LOPEZ, l!I.I.Nl1EL LOPEZ, E11GENIO .LOPEZ, LOPEz.& CO 01&ars <>u.r mroRTEB t)]r G EO. P. LIES & u L f m b Manufacturers of.' Cigars avana ea 10 140 Maiden Lane, M a E. Salomon Tobacco Co. Packers and 1 mporters of P:J:N"E VUElll ABAJO TOBACCO ExClusively, NE"VV' :a: 1ft Ot:J!" b .... -__________ avana an uma ra To acco ''i. J LA ISLA" rtf 6Y: Sol No. 86, InfrtDgins .-. upon the.e four ................. s_t-:-.1 N::e:-w_Y-:o:::rk:-:. :::::HA:::' !}. (}.1:! SIGMUND J.A.CQBY. GUS T AV JAOOblC. L. C7f8' IETROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER STli.EET, li"E W YORK:, &o1e .A.5e:n:t o1': S. JACOBY & B. H. MANUS, Amsterdam, Holtand. Factory Jfo, 3, 3d DUtriot, SUMATRA TOBACCO fOOT Of 52d SJ,, EAST RIVER, NEW YORK, In Prime Qualltle ahvaye on band, THE HAVANA. TOBACCO COMPANY. %..o1:DII::J:T::JDD. \ I 1 "\' __ f.-/t"' I C!...-,1. \ ,,. l X ........ I \ ,.--, EEa-van.a, 0"11ba: 1 84 PB..&DO. Y'ork: :No. 1911 :J!"ron: t LUIS MARX, Pres. MAX T. ROSEN, Sec. & Treas SIMON_. AUEBBACB. & :J::DII:POR.TEIR.& OF HAVANA AND SUMATR. A TOBA.CCOS, 179 .PEJ.A.B.%.10 STR.EIBT, TORX. H. SCHUBART, &.&BON SCH11H AKT, Wl!.i. 8ElHUB.t.KT, ALEX. FRIES & BROS., Havana Ci[ar Plavorl Ill BEADB STREET, XEW YORK. I I .6; '8 & 60 Ea.t u str-t. o. Brabeh<>mce: HAVAJfA. ClJBA. P. Gaerra. Yo Ga-. GUERRA. HEJUIANOS, I Packers and Importers of H A V ANA TOBACCO Water Street, NEW YORK. Eetrella 83, HAVANA.. GOODWIN_ & The Job..u-J. Crc::c::k.e co., :NEW .YOR.X .&JfD CHICAGO-MAXUFAOT-UB.ER.S OF Pure-T:J:N PC>:J:L :ror J?l.u.g Tobacco. Factorkls-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 Mnlberry Sts. CHICAGO; 86 & 88 St. SILVER SURFACE FOIL COIIPOUlfD FOIL, PATEJfT METAL, ana all the cl:Urere:at varietle of ,FoU bo1l'llll. to the Trade. PRIXTING ON FOIL ln Bro-and Colon, and vl.tlL a:urer-t6edpia,ot Or....J;;-tattoa, tor TC>B.A.OOC> O:J:G-.A.:El. Lomcc ciii : co., %DI!EPOR.TBR.8 o Havana :Tobacco BERNA%A 32, 171 PEARL STREE-T, CORNER P lll'lll IRRJZ'f, HAVANA, CUBA. -T::EI:E E. D .A.LB:R-Oco., -l!I.&.N11P.t.EJT11REBS &P-'" \ CIGAR BOX L UMBEB, OE:D.&R., %:DII:%T .&. "J;"%0lSI &P OB:D.A.;E'l-, f 'V:EI:NEER.EJ::J:) [CED.t.ll] :J:..o"D':IIWEEIB.E'I.o 1:11Xl!-pOr"ter o1': Bpa.ZL:I.ah. Cedar a:n.d. 'DV'ea"t &:l.z.i:h. .. O:l.:no':l:nna-t':l; Oh.:l.o. l LOUIS NEWBURGH, WHYIAN & BBO .. ... P acker o !0 B. SCHUBABT a CO., IMPORTERS oF HAVANA and Smoking J obacco. Little Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. Tobacco & Snntr .A.D.d. Paok..e:ra o1': SEED LEAF .._... ......;... __ Foot of River, Ne Y. -ee 1 41 W eo t P e a r l Street, CllfCili"Jf.4.TI, 0, Warehouse:-Germantown, lllontcome17 County, Ohio. MANUFACTURERS, I PITTSBURGH, PA. .. '.


ESTABLISHED. 1864. ]laving the Largest Circulation of 1m7 Trade Paper ia the World. PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY MORNING BY THE "JOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO., tOG Malden Lane,New York. OOR. ,J'BI.RL STBp:T. ED.1V ABD BURKE, EdltJr. .JOHN G. GRAFF, Dualne11 Jllanqer. Tenn. ut the Pper. Bil'IGLE CoJ;>iEs .......................... .. 10 cents. (JneYear ... : ....... $4 1 Six Months ............. Annual Abroad. Gas.AT Barr.J.IN a11d CAN ABA . $5.04: JJ;aaJO.N. IUKBuaa and tbe OoNTINL"fr ......... 5.04 .AUBTIULU., etc.', via England.,,, ......... , Cml& .... ... 04 aEVISED KA.TJI:S FOR ..t.DVEKTJSIKl'!IIKNTS. One Year. linea one column .......... '$25 urteen linea over two columns ... : 4 5 enty-elght lines one column. . 45 ..-wenty-e!Jht lines over two columns.. 80 linesonecolUD:Kl ...... 88 PlftY-slx lines over two columns ..... 100 ()ne column .......................... .. 800 Halt colamn .. ........ ................ 180 One line at bottolll ot page ......... : 50 Six Three Months. Months S14 Ill 24 14 24 14 45 25 45 25 ill 45 1'115 95 1110 M Special .&.d ver".emen1 on Plr& Pa&e. 'l'ourteen lines over two wide columns ..... (one year) ... $100 JlnP.s ever two wide columns. do 1 75 lines single columa ...... . do -. 55 8pedal ..t.dverllot>m'ln&a on llevenlh Pau:e. One Three Yealr Mon t ha. Months l'oarteea llneo over two wide column.l 181> $45 $:15 JMolullon Nollee, $!l.50 tor each IDsertloa. 8peetal Notlee ..... 11War.ts." "For Salee," etc. not erceedlng eight $1 for each insertion Remittances for a.dvertlsement8 and subscri,tions should always be made payable by P 0. Order or by check to Tollacco Leo! Publlshlng Co ..... Under Do circumeta.Dces will we deviate from tbe &bote prices. Notice to Advertben Changes in advertisements should be handed in not later than Monday noon to insure their inserlion in the following issue REM .EMBER. The tobacco, cigar, cigarette and other branches of trade directly or indirectly iden tified with the tobacco industry will do well to remembe r the opportunity presented for e. ll"and exposition in this city of their handi work announced in another place by Mr. Morris B. Wise, secretary of the National (;ligar Manufacturers' Ass.ociation. T6BACCO JIIANUF AVTURE IN NEW YORK CITY IN JUNE, 1888. SECOND DISTRIOT. Revenue. ... $14,176 28-177,203 lbs. Snuff............. 195 76-'--2.447 Cigars .... ... ... 39,091 80-1.3,030,600 Ne. Cigarettes ....... 10,574 85-700 TIIIRD DISTRICT. Tobacco :......... $23,620 00-294,000 lbs. Snuff . . 339 684, 246 Cigars ........... 171,795 07-57,265,023 No. Cigarettes .... -. 10,727 60-21,455,200 .. TOTAL. Tobacco ... _................... 471,203 lbs. Snuff. . . . 6, 693 Cigars _.: ....... ....... 70,296,623 No. Cigarettes .................... 42,603,900 This is a splendid exhibit for the month aRd shows that our city is having its full sbare of current trade. LOCAL TR.ADE Uf HAVANA TOBACCO IN .JlfJfE. STOCKS. CienHavana. Cuba. Yara fuegos. Total. Bales. Bales, Bales. Bales. Bales. Stock June 1, 1888 ....... 44,4117 686 111 45,263 :Bec'd since .. 7,406 37 7.448 Total ..... 1>1,878 686 148 112,706 Sales and Re-shipments .. 7,71111 1211 87 7,gl7 ---Stock July 1, 1888 .44,118 111 44,789 8&\ee of l.iJNmish tobacco : 6,000 bales; Y ara, 121) bales. BALES. 1887. Bales. January ....... 4,160 February ........ 4,500 K.uch.... 4,500 April ........ _. 5.500 Hay..... ...... 4 500 June ... 4,600 1888. Bales. 4,800 2.405 4 ,000 3,500 5,000 5,1100 aALEa O:F DOIIESTIC CIGAR LEA.I' IJI JfEW YORK CITY .,11'1 .JUJIE. In J "une tbe salea were 10,749cases,"against. 4,439 the same month last ,Year. Crop of 1881"....: Cases. J>ennsylvanili .. _. . 50 For export Crop of 1882-. Pennsylvania ....... 100 Crop of 1883-Penneylvauia . 4 .60 Crop of 1884-PaiiiBylvania . 130 Crop of 1885New Euglaud. . 250 I vauia. . 360 -do Havana .. _. 200 ()biG . . ... 106 Crop of 1886--New England.. . 567 clo Havana 49(1 Pennsylvania........ 761 do Havana 525 New York Havana._ 800 Ohio. ..... ... -. 150 Ohio LiUle Dutch ... 775 Ohio Zimmer Spanish 100 Wisconsin Havana... 845 Crop 1887Pennsylvania.... . 500 Havana .. 1,600 OhioZimmerSpauish 1,280 Wisconsin Havana.. 500 New YOl"k IJuaria. .. 120 Total._.:.,,_._ .10,749 Divided as fdllows:.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. I 275 200 l!OO 675 manufaeturel"lil. . . 4,534 cases. city trade .. ...... .............. 3,540 B tro out of town u ............ N .. !,20Q 11 !:Q export .. ... u u............... 675 Total ........ ............ 10, 74.9 '' E:qllOrt of domestic Cigar leaf and cuttings sillce Jan. 1, 1888 .. ___ .. _... 17,102 cases. .sam. time 1887'. .... ... 15,671 SALES IN 1887 AND 1888. 1887. Cases. January ........ 10, 723 February ...... 8,476 March. . . 6, 582 April .. .. ... 6,250 Jrlay...... ..... 4,863 June ........ 4,439 1888." Cases 7,840 6,165 7,00li 7,260 6 757 10,749 THE TOBACCO LEAF. JULY II A LEAF TOBACCO CATALOGUE. :Many of the largest dry goods houses in this country, instead of sending out mail Lo buyers catalogues showing aample3 of their goods aud giving prices. These catalogues are gotten up iu the moat expensive manner and often number e. hun dred pages. The sellers look very upon these books, for those receiving them lay them aaiile for future reference, thus he.viug a drummer for-the sellers witJi. them all the year round. A large leaf tobacco house we hear baa now under consideration out' of a like catalogue. The book will be of good size, a small sample of leaf tobacco will be attached to each page, and $he price by bale will be given. How the idea will work if carried out remains to be eeeu. If the books are sent out, they m!r tainly .will attract attention by their novelty. There .are difficulties in the way of the scheme, which our leaf tobacco dealers will readily understand GOOD WORDS FOR OUR 1887 DOMES TIC CIGAR LEAF BY A GOODJUDGE OF THE ARTICLE. From various sGurces we are still in re ceipt of oral and written commendation of the cigar leaf grown in 1887 in the. States which produce this style of tobacco. Mr. Bon, of Schrqeder & Boo, recently said in these cplumns that our farmers through their extra efforts in 158 7 to produce fine tobacco hail done more to raise the standard and improve the situation of domestic cigar leaf than all other impelling forces in or @ut of Congress combined. By again producing e. good eerviceable crop, he said, they bad restored the home product to its former position in public estimation. Talking a few days since ou this subject with Mr. I Bijur, who knows what good to bacco is when he sees it, at. his warehouse, 127 Maiden lane, that gentleman spoke aa "A great many cigar manufacturers are almost tired of Sumatra. It seems to me that the large majority would be better off if they could undo what they have done in inducing so free a use of foreign leaf for wrapping purposes, and bad relied on the productions of such of our farmers as make it an object to raise such tobacco as will be seen this fall, and which was here in 1887. It would be a great stimulant to our growers if our mamifilcturers would discard all foreign tobaccos except Havana. So far as I now caqjudge, the 1 887 crop of domestic leaf is so much superior to any tftiug we have seen in the last ten years it may be ct;mfidently expected manufactur ers will avail themselvea of the opportunity -to secure a sufficient quantiLy for their fu ture use for the better classes of cigars. By doing so they will benefit not alone them selves but the jobbing trade, because an entirely different article from what has been had in the past nine or ten years for smoking will be introducecl. to the public. In saying this I do not allude to auy one particular class, but speak for al_ l classes I believe all of the domestic tobaccos will show superior ity not only in fineness of texture, but in quality and yield. Especially will tbie be the case iu reference to the Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I do not wish to be under stood that because I deal only in Connecticut leaf I can on that .account have no words of praise for another article. I have seen eome of the finest classes of Pennsylvania as well aa of Lhe Broad leaf of that State heim, the president of .tbe company, aa always wide-awake. hastened to Baltimore, and there sold to .M.eeera. H. Cone & Sons about half a million of such cigars aa they would not send to their regular trade. The filamaged stock-of raw material totally unfit for use has been soldby the insurance companies at auction, and the Lichtenstein BrQII. Company will sell through !!&me channel a Jarge q uan tity of leaf less damaged, in order to avoid any possible chance of using same in their factory. Mr. Sol B. Lichtenstein. the secre tary and superintendent of the corporation, is running through their mammoth estab lishment directing his army ef auliordiuates to baateil to their rjlllpective departments to resume with full force and new vigor. A. Leewenberger, the Bowery jobber in manufactured tobacco and cigars, reports the jobbing trade very brisk. Mr. Loewen berger imports pipes aad smokers' articles and does a very prosperous business. His warehouse is at 26-28 Bowery. LOCAL .JOTTIJIGS. -M." W. Mendel is at Long Branch. -M. W. Mendel & Bro. report business improving. -S. Stein, the tobacco broker, is fishing-in the Catskills. -Bingbamten cigar manufacturers repor. t business good. -A. Gonzales and family are spending the summer at Sea Girt, N. J. -E. S. Sutro is summering at his cottage at Long Branch. So is B. Newmark. -A. C. Rodriguez & Co., the B eekman street cigar manufllcturers, are busy. -Ira A Whitman,. Sutro &:: Newmark's chief traveller, will leave for Chicago to-day -A. H. Scoville, the Water street leaf dealer, sojourns as usual at his cottage, Bay Shore, L I. -Foster, Hilson & Co. are busy filling or ders. New location, 226 and 228 East Sixty third street. -Henry Ottenberg is oooling at the Thousaud Islands, aud Simon Ottsnberg in the Adirondacks. -H. Schubart & Co. hold 500 cases of fine old Penney 1 vania, both Broad and Spanish leaf, principally B's aud C's. -OttElnberg Bros. work now on Western orders, and are far ahead for J uue and July than for same time last year. They are busy. -A few samples of the new !!'lorida wrappers have been shown in this market lately, and are highly spoken of by those who ex amined them. -Gee. Storm summers at Saratoga, l>eter Miller at Black Rock. Conn 1\nd John G. Bert, with-Straiton & Storm, will go to Lake Ronconli:oma, L I -The J. B. Pace T o ba'!co Co of Rich mond, have moved into their grand new fac tory. where they have got a capacity of 15,000 pounds a day. -Both F. Lozano andY. Peudas spend the summer at Cornwall, and M. Alvarez at Sea Girt. These gentlemen constitute the firm of Lozano, Peudas & Co. -The Appraiser's Office is subjecting our importers to e. good deal of troqble with their new Sumatra. Some goods entered three weell;s ago have yet been appraised. -There wae a good Rprinkliug of tobacc o merchants at Coney Island last Sunday. The -way some of the m ordere d for dinner proves that there is to bs e. boom in Seed leaf this fall. -George Fabian,wHh Wei! & Co., will embark in the cigar manufacturing business in September. He will employ Spanish workmen, and manufacture clear Havana ci only. --Lozano, Pendas & Co., the New York and Tampa, Fla., manufacturers, re port business very In both facteries they work: full time ami have plenty of orahead. -There is considerable talk indulged iu by oertain parties in the street regarding possible coraers Ill Seed leaf tbis fall. Might aa well ,issue an orde!" to stop the East River from running. --Charles Boeremsky. the young tobacco broker, is making a Western teur for the purpose of acquaiu$ing himself with the trade. Mr. Boeremsky deserves the favors of the leaf merchants. "I further believe thl).t even if prices should be above the present 'market rate manufacturers will lind it to their ad van tage aa regards wrappers for cigars of both the finer and cheaper classes of Seed and Havana to buy early and liberally. sCoffers may laugh at this idea, but time will con vince them that this is not e. merely ary idea, aa I can prove by facts, our neglected home leaf -aaving once more commenced to show the superiority to which it was al ways entitled. This is not my opinion only, but it is also the opinion of with whom I have conversed. They are glad to give a trial to our domestic tobacco, where formerly t)ley used)lothing but Sumatra. -Hermann Isaac sails on Saturday for France, to consult his bouse there in refer ence to a big order which he bas received for copying-book paper. The order is said to be the largest ever given by an, American house. Some email samvles of Connecticut now show a remarkable yield, and if we can be lucky enough in this country to raise another crop like that of 1867 all will be well for the home But it depends entirely upon the action of ou. r growers and how far they are willing to put their shoulders to the wheels in assisting us in producing and baudling our domestic tobat:co so as not to again lose the slight ad vantage we perceive now. .It is to 8e regretted that just now, when there is a little glimmer of a good trade in our domestic leaf, our farmers have resolved -At J'!mes M. Qhaskel's chemical works, 93 Joba street. this city, business is very brisk. Mr. Chaskel manufactures constantly new and popul a r fl.avore for cigar aud to bacco manufacturel'l!, aud his many years' experience has gained him the patronage and confidence of the leading manufacturers of Lhe land. -Speaking tO us about tobacco in the HouBatonic, Conu., valley, Mr. Henry 0 Warner', of New Milford, said:-" The 1887 crop of our ooction. which I have been sam pling, is the beet I ba ve seen in several years. It is uniform in color, thin in texture. giOBBy, and will yield extremely well in wrappers. As to the crop of 1888 it may be said that, owing to the lateness of the season bad weather, the acreage will be lees than in pre vious years, though it is yet too early to speak -positively on this point." IN TOWJf THIS WEEK. -A. Blumenstiel, of Hot Springs. Ark. -Henry 0 Warner, tobacco packer. New Milford, Conn. to raise this aeaaon onehalt the quantity they formerly raised. But for this state of. affairs we have to thank our greedy import ers, who acted in concert to A tic tobaccos, and the -farmer for self -preser vation tries to protect himself by reducing -J. H. Neimeyer. manager of the J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., Richmond, Va. National Exposition of the C11ar and Tobacco Indnatrlc In New York Cit)' his acreage. "It is probable the f887 crop will yield a largequantity of wrappers, but there will be a great lack of fillers. and it will be well for manufacturers to provide tbemse l vee with a sufficient quantity of that a,ticle. Little Dutch and Zimmer's Spanish are likely to be brought into req uisitioli. "All reports go to show that the new Sumatra will not be imported thi s year so free ly as previous crops have been, and, accord ingly, old stock iu tho hands of present hold ers will reap the benefit "It would be well for leading manufac turer11 to dismiss the idea .that if they could import tobacco free of duty they could then better compete in foreign markets with their cigars. I would rather see them paying more e.Uention w the attainment of excellence in quality, instead of quantity, and conceive that in this way theywill increase the de mand for our home productions both in this and other countries." BUSIJIESS llllEJITIOJI'. The fire fiend recently on his destructive journey from 'fhirtyuinth str;,et and First avenue to Thirty-eighth street, of sameavenue, and finally brought to terms of sub mission by the abie :F'ire Department, but not without. doin.g immense pamage both by fir"' and water, I R now almost forgottep.. The Licbteus\em Brothers C ompany, who but a few days ago were adjusting tbeir damage with the. insurance companies, are uow en gaged in e. more pleasant occupation by getting ready t o fill their greatly accumu lated orders with as much promptnees as circumstances ill permit. Immediately after the settlement of the corporation with the fire insurance companies, Mr. R. Lind'JIRCULAR. NEw "YoRK, July 10. DEAR SIRS: A meeting of the Execu tive CommiLtee was h eld at this office on the 6th inst. for the of c onsider ing the question of the holding of a National Expositivn of the cigar and tobacco indus tries, in all their various branche s, in the city of New Y ork during \be ensuing autumn or winter. The plan of operations includes a display of tobacco in all its forms-manufactured and unmanufactured-such as cigars, cigarettes, smoking. chewing and plug tobaccos, snuffs, etc. I& will also comprise an exhi bition of all inventions in cigar aud tobacco machinery, cigar lithography, cigar box and cigar :ibbon making, packing, etc., thus practically illustrating the manipulation and manufacture of all these forms of the manu factored articles, as well as diSplaying the growth and culture of tobllcco It is part ot this prOJect to provide for the award of prize11. medals and dipbmas for meritorious exhibits. It no argument to advocate the hold ing of this National Exhibition, aud every assurance has already been received that the same can be made a complete and practical success. Iu ordei, however, that a consideration of the highly important ques tions involved in the subject may be secured, the members of the Executive Committee b,ave resolved to ask the co-operation of the leading and representative firms in tbe various stated branches of the tobacco industry to meet in conference and to effect a proper organization. You are, therefore, respectfully invited to attend such meeting, to be held at this office on Wednesday, July 18. 1888. at 2 o'elock P lll., and it is eaioestly that your firm be represented at tbis meeting without fail. By order of the National Executive Committee. MoRRisS WisE, Secretary, 50 and 52 Exchange place, New York. H.. y.E'ETJ"Y' &, CJO., --.or 'k: .R.O:&:&:E'l.T :m. KW%.%.T .., 000 ESTABLISHED J839. .OFFICE 28 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, NEW Y _ORK., LARGEST BUILDING IN :EE.ey .A.::nd. o:r Br:lok a::ncl. Xro::n. floor space ot over !N,OOO teet. -4. afl'ortltnw ample room :tor 1,1100 hanct.. LlbcraUty a Sure Did Cor Popularity. Through a circular being distributed among the trade we notice the Jno. R. Wil liams Company have reduced the price of their buucbiug machine, the Little Giant." This is a step in the right direction and an evidence of enterprise that we like to see at a time when the "poor public" is howling, "down with monopolies." The Williams Company, during the early months of introduction, put their buncper out on the lease plan, and after e. year of successful bueiness the Little Giant is to-day as popular a3 ever, and now (to quote the circular)" the experimental stage having passed we consider it due to the public to place our Little Giant machin11s on the substantial basis alone secured through proprietorship. .. The price at which the. Little Giant is now offered will make tbe bunching machine a good investment for every manufacturer who makes scrap goods, no matter in what quantjty. On'Ce J:laid for it costs nothing to keep, draws no wages, aud is alwaye ready for work. "We predict that it will not be long before the bunching machine will bold the same relative _place in the cigar factory that the sewing machine does in the domestic economy. "The new terms are as follows:-For $25 the machine is leased f o r six months, with the privilege of purchasing the same auy time within three months from date of lease Of! the additional payment of $75 in install menta of $25 each, payable ou the first da.y of every third month thereafter. A. manufacturer thus secures a three months' trial of the mac)line on the payment of $25 before he needs decide w bather or not be wishes to purchase, and in case he doe s not take advauta"e ef the option offered, he baa the use of it for six months." GOSSIP FROM BRAKKE GROND. AMBrERDAM:, Jupe 26. The tobaccos which will be offered on the 4th of July contain a few thousand bales for America; but the question remains, if tex ture and colors are fine enough to suit that oountry' s taste and demand. Americans are busy looking over .different lots, aud exclamations like, ., Looks like Ohio I Do they sell original weigbU" and "How much are seed cuttings worth nowadays?" ilre frequently beard in our sample rooms. I leave the meaning of these jokes to the imagination of your readers. But there are some very nice goods among the parcels, and as we have only a few buyers, they will probably all secure some fine suitable lots. MGBt of the members of the American colony here are looking first rate. Their so jouro in Germany has given them e. more Ileal thy a,Ppearance. There 18 a rumor of a few more arrivals before next week. We should like to see some well -known faces. but it seems they have not made up their minds yet. I hope our friends may get there in time. Mr. Pret .. feld is doing the Dutchmtin on billiards. Be is a very fine player and a smart buyer as well. Yours very truly, LANKAT Picnic. "La America" is a benevolent society composed principally of Cubans residing in tais city, and since its erganization has given aid to many worthy persons in distress. To enable its members tneir friends to paas e. plellllaut afternoen aad evening and to increase. its funds to be expended iu charity, it gives every year a picnic-the fifth o ne tak ing place on Monday, July 23, at Wasbiuf!; ton Park. The former picnics of this soci ety have always been enjoyable affairs, and this one will be no exception, provided the Weather Bureau does its duty, for they are well managed, have good music, and lots of pro tty girls are always present. OB,TUARY. GEORGE E. WAGONER. BALTIMORII, July 9, T obacco Board of Trade met at their rooms, 35 S 8uth Gay street, Saturday, July 7. at 3 e'cloiO\k, to express their sorrow on learning of the de3tb of one of their members, Mr. E Wag,;ner. Mr. Wm. A. Boyd, president, was in the chair; Robert Stewart, secretary. Mr." Boyd spoke in terms of praise of the character aud career of Wagguer. who bad. entered on his career in Mr. Boyd's counting-room. Mr. Kooke, Mr. Neu decker and others spoke also in a feeling manner. On motion. of Mr. Kooke, a committee of three. consisting of Messrs Kooke, Parlett and Stafford, was to draft a series of resolutions. RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. At e. largely attended meeting of the Tobacco Board of Trade, held this d a y. the fol lowing preamble and r esolutions were adopted:-WHEREAS, It ha11 pleased an all-wise Provi' dence to take from our midst and from his sphere of usefulness, in tbe ;fullness of his Mr. George E. Waggner, our late as sociate; therefore Resolv e d, That we deeply deplore the loss of Mr. Waggoer, a mao beloved as a mem ber of our board and respected as a merch-ant. R e solved, That as his asseciates we deeply regret the loss of one w h06A character and commercial rectitude have called for our ad miration aud confidence. Re11olved, That we tender to his widow aud family our heartfelt sympathies in their great afiiictioo, and that we attend the funeralm a body. Resolve d, That a copy of this preamble and r esolutions be transmitted to the family of the deceMed aud be published in the daily papers. G F. KOOKE, JOHN F PARLETT, J. B. STAFFORD, Committee. W. A. BoYII, president. ROBERT STEWART, .secretary. BUSINESS TROUBLES. WACKERBARTH & JOSEPH, NEW ORLEANS. As this firm bas uot yet finisned the state ment to be before its creditors, the exact ameunt of liabilities and assets cannot be give n. but the aeseta are estimated at U06.000, whiltl the liabiliti es are about $91,000, of which b e tveen Sll,OOO,and $12,eoo are secured by pledges. It i s said the firm owes ueal"ly $11,000 to relatives, which if an exten sion is granted it will not be called upon to pay. The probabilities are that au offer will b e made of 50 c ents in six months, 14.od the balance in 18 and 24 months. Buslnellll New Firms and l'te movals. AuSTIN, Tex.-Ha.rris & Mackin, so!d out. BozxliAN, Mont.-Slusser, H e nke & Plohl, cigar manufac turersi now Slu!,s e r dt Pfohl BU'ITE O n v, Heyman & Co., cigars, etc. j dis solve d DBTK.OIT, Mlch .-John L Nebe. cigars; sold out. Eunu, N. Y,-E. J. Burbag e, cigar manufacturer; suc ceeded by Burbage & Buckbee. Pan .&DELPBU Pa.-H. Goldamith & Co ., cigar manufac,turers; Abc D ettelbach admitted; ST. Minn.-E T. Murphy, cigars, etc.; sold out. SAN FRA.MCtBOO, Cal..,.G. <.:ohn & Co cigar manufacturers; damaged by fire. Keported Failures and BustneiiiV Ar AllRON, Pa..-Peter R. Albright, c igar l{lO.nufacturer: judg ment agains t for $6tJO. BOSToN, .Mass.-Keyon Bros., cigar manufacturers; in in so lv ency. CrncrNNATI, 0.-.Tohn H. Schawe, cfgars; -realty mortgage for $4,000 canceled LINCOLN, Neb.-J. A. Keith, cigars, etc.: given chattel mortgage for $1,500 and bill of sale tor $500. Loa Cal.-Wm F. Marleau, ci gars; assigned. Mass.-Pbil1 p e r cigars, etc. ; assigned Cal. E Gumpert, cigars and tebacco: mortzage for 1500 dischar$i!:ed t conveyed realLY. for SWO. TOBACCO GROWN AND JJIANUF.A.(lTURED IN ENGLAND. Messrs Cope Bros. & Co., limited, the great English tobacco manufacturers, have cour teou sly !ent for our inspectioa a halfpouud package of cut tobacco reJilreseotiug leaf grown in Engbod and manufactured in their factory at Liverpool. 'fhe sample is a novelty to us, and our thanks are tendered to the firm which transmitted it. No letter accom; panying the parcel. we are una:t>le to say from w bat variety of seed the leaf was growp, and about all we can do is to briefly describe its appearance as manufactured. Presumably the specimen is what is known as '"shag" though about this we are not sure. Its cut is excellent, as migb t be expected from the source whence it came. It is as dark: in color as Perique tobacco, and to an Amerit:an smoke r seems only lacking in pungency, e. cir cumstance probably at this momept due to ita newness. Since the above was in type we have re ceived the appended communications and the samples to which they refer. We here cbeedully start e. good circulation for both: TOBACCO WoRKS, LORD NELSON ST., LivERPOOL, JuDe 27, 1888. EDITOR T oBACCO LEAB'On the 2M of this' month I forwarded to you one half pound of English grown to bacco as a curiosity. To -day I forward you in e. box e. few one-ounce samples, together with a few copies of our circular, and would ask you to distribute the samples and circu lars. For some time past we have beou very much exorcised about the growing of to bacco Why can't we grow tobacco!" is one of the periodical political conundrums used by either side when out of office. In order to give the project a fair trial we pur chased the last crop 11>rown in this country in 1886, gave it tbe best possible treatment, and distributed the wbole "crop on the 12ta day of this month. Accompanying eaah sample there was a circular and small pamphlet. lu tbe pamphlet we stated the .question as briefly aa possible and gave a list of books and pamphlets containing information use ful to !Dteuding growers of the plant Tb.J subjec t brought under the of the members of the House of Commons. Each member had an ounce sample on the 13th ot this month. The Chancellor of the Excheque r no hope to tbe of any relaxation of the law in his favor. With us the growing of tobacco is not so much an agricultural as a fiscal question. Nine millions sterling is raised au.uually as duty on the tobacco consumed in this country. 1'h e raw leaf before payment of duty is (rou!';hly speaking) worth about one million sterling. Supposu:tg our agriculturists were able to grow all tbe tobacco used in this country (and our smokers depraved enough to use i t) they would benefit to the extent of one-quarter or one fifth of a million s\ in the shape of profit. The question would then resolve itself into this: Will the Gbverument imperil the revenue derived from tobacco (at present amounting to nine mil lions ste rling) in order to allow the agricul turist to reap a profit of, at the very outside, one-q uar\er of a million sterling Yours respectfully, JOliN FRASER. ToBAcco WoRKS, LORD NELSON ST. LIVERPOOL, June 12, 1888. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFWith this we have plellllure in submitting small sample of tobacco, which we guaran tee to have been grown in this country. It was planted aud grown at a farm in Kent, anEI. was cured by ourselves. Since the time of Charles II. it represents one of the first experimental crops brought to maturity and passed through the various processes of manufacture. Although the crop, in its en tirety, has yielded a parcel of about 1.000 lbs weight, we regret that this doe11 not admit of our sparing each of our friends aud numerous clients more than a quarter or half-pound sample box. That the apparent desire to revive the cultivation of the to bacc o pl a m in the United Kingdom has ex cited considere.ule intsrePt is evident from Lbe vari@UB press notices that, at intervals, b,ave been published during the last eiKhteen mouths. The subject is by no means ex hausted, aud we doubt not that you too will have some opiaion to offer on this rather novel ad venture-an orinion likely to be guiding aud helpful to al concerned. As yet the project may be regarded aa in its initial stage. The mere reariur: of tobacco plants seems to be comr-aratively eaay; but whetlle. r the enterprise can be pursued successfully while _current excise obligations remain, represents e. probiem that awaits future solution. Yours faithfully, BROTHERS. & Co., Ltd. TRADE MARKS REGISTERED. W'" Application. for Reglatration, oa:oept from. partiea "Well ka.owu to ua, wW not; be noticed anleoo accompanied 'b:r Reglatratloa F-. To establish fn court In ease ot lnfringemt!'nt or frauduleat chUm, ownei'Bhip In a trade-mark: or Jaltet, ft fa neceesary to prove priority of uae, or tlrst use &fter abandonment by the original owner; and to make such proof at all timee available, the 1'0:BAOCO Lu. P UULISHINO CoKPJ..'i'T have iD augurated in their t!Jftlce a Perfect system :tor Mgist.,... tlon and cataloguing of trade-marks and labeJa of t. very d&o script ion pertaining to the tobacco, cigar and cigarette a. a.nd at lower rate than are amy .. THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO. wUl reglstv Jrive certlt1c &tes o f registration and publish weekly in th8. stvle exhibited below all t ra

JULY II. WHAT MANUFAOTURERS ABE DOING. EDITOR TOBAOOO Lli:AF-ST. LouiS, July 3. Amount of tax paid by manufac turers on tine cut cliewing, plug and smoking tobacco during the month of Juoe wae t275,269.95, 3,440 ,874%' pounds. Thi8 does not mclude ccgarP, cheroots, cigarettes and snuff. Yours truly. CATDIN TOBACCO COMPANY. Cc.VINQTON, Ky., July 5, 1888. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF. Tax paid for June in the Sixth District of :Kentucky was: Tobacco., .............. _. ito, 794 02 Cigars.................... 1,477 65 Trade is very fair among the factories, and few predict anything like a boom this year. None of tbe manufacturel'l!l made -any of the cheap goods, and they appear to be glad <>f it. Lovell & Buffington are fairly busy and re port that dem.1nd continues good for time of the year. Senour & Gedge report trade tolerably good. Perkins & Ernst say trade is nearly ae ,good ae laet year, and the demand is for a better grade of goods. Their orders are mostly for high priced tobacco like "Palin Leaf and Blue Grass." Tax paid in First District of Ohio for June was ae follows: Tobacco.. .. .. .. .. .. $105,205 13 Cigars....... .. .. .. .. 37,179 90 Snuff.. . . . . 82 72 Cigarettes. .. .. .. .. .. 200 00 Of this amount Middletown, Ohio, paid $96,352.06. Jobbers in Cincinnati are doing very little in manufac ure d tobacco, and report trade rather dull. The cheap goods (20 and 22c etuff) had a little spurt, but even that has gone. EYerybody is praying for Congress to get the smallpox, ae that may help to adjourn them. XXX:X:. PHILA.DELPHI.& NU'I'E!l, The enterprising and popular member of the t.rade, Mr. ;B. H. Van S cbaick, with his family, leaves for New York to-morrow to take the steamer for an extend ell tour of the Continent of Europe. As Mr. Van Schaick is an observing geptleman with a retentiv. e memory, be necessarily becomes a pleasant and genial companion, with what is still bet ter, an ir;tellectual mind capable of commu nicating his travels VIvidly and understand ingly to others. Hence a treat is in store for those who may meet him on return. All join in saying, God be with him. I regret to note the death at Tylersport, Montgomery county, on the 6th iast .. of Mr. :R. R Cressman, a large cigar manufacturer (If long standing, who was personally known to the trade herefor many years. He leaves an honorable, untarmehed record. Joseph S. Vetterlein, the fine cigar manufacturer, corner Fourth and Chestnut, is meetmg with enviable success in the sales of his' special brands. Teller Bros. are the weekly recipients of their special brand of Havana tobacco via eteamers tram the isle of Cuba. Missionary work hae again become a promi nent feature in the tobacco interest to this eity. Manufacturers seem determined to keep the mill going. We want the tax off. Wbyi BeCBUiiiS the Collector of the First District of Pennsyl vania shows that the smokers put into Uncle Sam's pocket $886,224.46 for taxes, consumint; 295,408 .000 cigars in the fiscal year ending June 30 last. In the same penod for enuff, $62,268 26; for tobacco. $73,972 55. We are citizens by name, but desire to enjoy the $me privileges accorded to other mercamile interests. The crop of '87 Pennsylvanianow has the appearance of being able to pull the packers -out of the bed of mire tl}ey have been com pelled to waddle in for a long time. bteraal Revenue Receipta from the Tobacco Industry of the United State Cigars and che-May, 1887. roots .......... $960.208 4ti Cigarettes.... 66,392 55 Special Tax : Manufrs of cigars 52,208 69 'Snuff:... .. .. .. 43. 855 36 Tobacco, manuf. .1,300,947 lti Dealers in leaf tobacco, not 25,000 lbs....... 1. 99 Dealers in leaf.... 24,054 09 :Retail dealera in leaf tobacco .... Dealers in manuf. .Mnfrs of tobacco. .Pedlars of tobacco 556,857 00 2 810 /ill 6,783 55 Total ...... $3,015,412 35 May. 1888 $964 916 91 72,091 59 60.426 75 52.824 23 1,251,882 54 1,57l 25 22,605 60 625,398' 75 2,850 00 6,795 15 $3,060,762 77 NEVER TOO LATE. Do not for a moment think that it is now too late to put your 1887 tobacco into the .non-wetting curing process. This process is not to simply hasten the cure, but to cure the leaf perfectly, and thus brisg it out tough 8Dd strong and avoid all tender leaf. Tobacco eomes from the natural summer sweat soft, cheesy and tender, because our season is not long enough to allow the ferment to _prooeed to a fimsh. I can accomplish more 10 sixty days by my process, which is night and day, than the natural summer will do In a whole seaeon. I can guar antee that any and all tobacco that is cured by this process will come out of the cure tough and strong. I produce a quality never before reached by any process. I do not force the cure. I give the tobacco the right degree of heat and a proper amount of moist ure, and keep those coaditions correct night and day until the cure is perfect. This pro-cess is just as ecientif!c as the manufacture of high e;rade wmes. On the 1st of Septem ber, or when our tobacco stops sweatmg, it is only about half cured, and then is the time it soft and tender, because the ferment is checked by the cool nights. By my process the ferment ia never checked and the tobacco cures to a finish, and it is utterly impo88ible to over:cure or over sweat a case by my process. and I do not care how long 'the caee is left in the process. There is no -such thing ae injilriog the fibre of the leaf or of removing any of the oil. The process is a refining one only, and ae the cure advances it loses its power to harm the leaf, and in a short time the is beyond all harm from the sweat or cure, and it can be kept indefinitely. After this cure is completed, the tobacco does not need to be resweated, but simply wet to put it in strtpping order and only as _you wish to work it. I do uot remove the tobacco from the cases. All curPs alike, and no tops, sides or bottoms. which Is another great The sides never dry out. 'The whole maes keeps soft and pliable. Send me a few cases and test the procesa. Biggest thing on the earth for binders or fillers; no must nor mould. Tbe expense is only one cent a pound actual weight when I receive the goods. I have thousands of cases in this cure; call and sea them. I have a capacity of thirty thomand cases. Do not be afraid of filling me up. I GUARANTEE 8UCCEI!II. The finer the leaf, the htgher the price, the more the necessity for this cure and it from getting tender. I will guar antes it will come out strong if you have not wet it before I get it. Do not fail to send me at leaet a few cuses, at1d next year you may wish to cure your leaf early, and you will thus know what can be done. There is oo reaeon why our tobacco should not com mence to cure in December, or just ae soon as it can be packed. If we lived m a tropical climate our tobacco would cure at once. What is to hinder us from haviag a proper climate in our buildinll(s and a perfect one Y Reepectfully yours, ClllRLII:S S. PHILlPB, Tobacco Curing, 1215 188 Pearl street, New York. NEW YORK TOBACCO M -ARKETFOR WEEK ENDING JULY 7. Western Leaf-The week does not appear to have been an active one, even after making allowance for the customary failure to report transactions actually effected. There wae SOIJietl.ling doJle for both home manufac turing and export account, but apparently not a great deal for either. Some large purchases have 'lately .'been made for the othQr'Side of tll.e Atlantic, and in the list of shipmeQts, if in no .other way, we probably by and by hear something definite about them. J. H. MoORE & co.'s TOBAcco 'ciRCULAR. NEw YoRK, July 2, 1888.::-Tite market dt1r iog.the past month ruled rather steady, w1th moderate transactions; -the total reported sales footing up 1.676 hhds. It is thought, however, that about 4,poo hhds additional have been sold, principally to the buyer for Italy. The several Western markets ruled strong and higher on Burley tobacc'J, also for the better grades of dark leaf until nearly the 'close of the month, when 1>hey became somewhat irregular at rather easier for all ![rades. Crop advices report that a full planting hae in r!"ising dark tobacco, while m the Burley ditiIcts about 75 per cent. of an average has been set out. The several foreign markets continue quiet. The French contract was adjudicated .. u the 8th ultimo, as ad vertisecl, tor about 6,500 hhds. and awarded to four differe _nt lndders. The sales for the month comprise 1 .394 hbds for export. 232 to manufacturers, and 50 to jobbers Our quotations are for old crop and lll!IY be considered nominal. Neither do they include factory trash or unsound tobacco. The P.xtreme figures in hp;ht tobacco are for such as are specially cUted and adapt!Jd to home-trade purposes. Virginia Leaf-This market is reported ae dull, with sales only of a retail character. Quotattons. Darlc. Darlc. Com. lugs .. Good lugs .. 47{@ 5% I Com. leaf .. 7 @ 8 5Y.@ 6Y. Good leaf. 8 lGY. Fme leaf. 11Y.i Domestic Cigar LeafWhile there are no important transactions to note, we are cer tain that new well adapted for wrapper purposes are being watched closely ty dealera and manufacturers, who will in the near future be heavy buyers, and a very firm feeling prevails among holders of good '87 tobacco, and particularly in Pennsylvania Havanal:3eed. J. S GANS' SON, broker. 131 Water Street, reports to the ToBACCO LEAF as follows : Notwithstanding the usual July a very fair trade is being done, with sales of 2 200 cases. of which900 ca. 1887 Penn. Seed leaf.. p. t. 400 cs. 1887 N Eng do. do. p. t. 150 cs. 1886 State Havana...... 8% 300 cs. 1886 Pennsylvania...... 7 @12 UO cs. 1886 Duteh............ 9Y.@ll 100 cs. 1886 New England ...... 12 @14 100 cs. 1886 New Eng. Havana 13 @30 150 cs. Sundries................ 7 @30 Dtvided as follows:-To manufacturers ................ 1,063 cases To city trade. . . . . 639 To out of town. . . . . 498 T taL .................. 2 200 Sumatra-As we have predicted for some time past, the common and medmm grades of tobacco are now having their day. As there is now only a very limited stock of fine goods in the market, manufacturers are turning their attention to the "next best." There was sold yesterday a lot of forty odd bales, which baa been lymg here for a long time, and wall about to be returned to Hol land. The price obtained was a low one, but heretofore the holders have been unable to obtain even an offer on the lot. This is a straw which shows which way the wind is blowing. It looks now as if all the old stock, regardless of quality, will be bought up be fore long. The sales since our last report amount to 375 bales at $1.18 to $1.85. The sale which will take place at Amster dam during the latter part of tlilis month is not expected to be much of an improve ment on its predecessors, so far ae goods suitable for this market are concerned. Bavana-This market is not quite as ac tive as it might be, although goods move off in a regular way. T.he sales since our report foot up between 500 and 600 bales. Quotations unchanged. Quotatwns. Havana Fillers-Very common 60 Common ...... 75 Good to med. 85 Med. to fine. 95 Fme .......... Hl5 Superiot ...... 115 Yara-1 and II cuts aesorted ... 65 II cuts .................. 711 to 70 to 85 te 95 to 105 to 115 to 125 to 70 to 811 Plug-The demand is steady, as usual, but not active. For export the official an nouncement shows the transf6r of 189,490 pounds. The trade is waiting for tbe action of Congress, as it has been doing for about seven months. Bnghts: Quotattons. Navy 48, 5s, 6s, ;,s, 3s ........... 20 lbs, lOs and Pocket P1eces ..... 20 light-pressed. . . ... 30 Gold Bars ....................... 30 6 and 1:1-inch twist ............... 25 Blaclra: to 30 to 30 to 50 to 50 to 40 lOs, 12s, ........... -to 17 & 20 to 25 Navy 48, 5s, 3s and 17 & 20 to 25 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces ...... 18 to 25 Negrohead twist ................... 23 to 30 Smolcing-Inquiry good, without percepti ble change. Cigars-Our local manufacturers report improvement in trade. The rolling up of 70,000,000 cigars in June, as shown by the revenue returns m another place, is sug gestive of something like a revival of business. DOMESTIC B.EO.EIPTII!I, l'be following articles wece received at the port of New Y. or& during the week: By IM Raii;I'iebert 24; .l\1 Abenlleim & Co 41, Oelrichs & Co 9; Pollard Ptltus & Co By 1M Hud.Mm R;w.-Railroad-G Salomon & Bro 29a cs leaf, order 34 do By 1M Railroad--E Rosenwald & Jilt o Sa cs leaf; E Bacll u 20; W A Leggett & Co 2 cs cigars; Sleiner & Co2 do; J Ellinger dUo 1; S C Brown & Co 1 ; Thes Hart 1: C Burkhalter 1; order ij6 hhds, 37 cs, 10 cs cigars. Ry 1M Ballimore &nd OMo Railroad-P Loril lard & Co 20 hbds; C H Spitzner & Son 48 cs; F C Li11de, Hamilton & Co ll do; order 141 B11 t.M Old JJomanimshi'p .LAm-Pollard, & Co 38 b.hds: E W Dotld 28 do; Buchanaa Lyllll74: A F Smith 14. J H .llioore & Co 137; Kinney Tobacco Co 9; A H Cardozo 6; Oelrichs & Co 10. P Lorillard & Co 3 do, 16 tros, 2 bxs samples; J D Keil ey, Jr 188 hhds, 60 trcs, 20 cs mfll, 1 bx samples; W Duke, Son & Co 2 o bhds, 40 cs smkg, 208 do cigarettes: W 0 Smitb. & Co 30 trcs, 22 cs smkg, 216 do mfd, 2 do leaf, 53 do cig arettes; Thompson, .llloore & Co 58 cs mfd 196 IJxs do, 2 cails do, 20 do, 6 cs smkg, 2 bxs samples; Allen & Ginter 10 cs smkg, 122 do cig arettes: Dohan, Carroll & Co 1 cs mfd; Je D Evano & Co .0 do; Erllllt Mueller :1 09 6 do: E & R Mead, Jr 41; Co 40 cs smkg; Mayer Bros 20 do; R Ascbner 1; J F J Xiques 1; Weber'& Erskine 14, 16 J,(-bxs nifd: Carhart Bros 10 ?!)-bxs mfd, 60 }4'-bxs uo, 78 Eh>: ME .Mcl>owell & Uo 6 cs Ctgarettes; Leopold Miller & Son 6 do, 190 bxs p1pes; FE Owen 1 hx Pamples; Martin & Broad hurst, 26 ell mfd, 100 %-bxs do, 49 racks do, 80 baleumk!(: order, 647 hltds, 74 Y.-hl:ds, 7 trcs, 97 cs smkg. 265 cs mfd, 821 bxs do, 25 ),( -hxs do, 824 cads do, 6 cs. leaf, 26 do cigarettes, 19 pkgs leaf, 6 bxs samples 1 cs cheroots. By the '&dtzml'e Line-Order, 603 hhds, 11 pkgs. Iii:POBTII, arriva.J.s at lb.e port of New York from for etgn ports for the week included the following con atgnmenta:-Liwl'pooi-J M Ceballos & Co 2 bxs tobacco. Smyrna-MacAndrews & Forbes 2,968 bales li cortce root Vel'a Oru.z--F Garcia. Bro & Co 80 bales tobacco; E Rodriguez 6 do; F Alexandre ct Sons 54 cs cigars Hava1UI-Tobacco-.-Ooon & Leopold 35 bales; F Garcia. Bro & 'Co 998' do; Carl Upmann 9: Sarto rms & Oo 46; A Gonzalez 331; John Bra11d & Co 26; M Stacbelberg d Co 96; Wei! & Co 299; V Mar tinez Ybor & Co 185; J Bernsteta & Son 136; Vega, Co 76; M A Montejo 70: Sclllos!er & Co 88; A H Scoville & CG 6; J E Ward (t Co 151; F Miranda & Co 201>; Gradle & Strotz Ill; 8 RoBSin ct Son 12o; C Vigil 65; Guerra Hermanos 60; Lozano, Pend as > Co l:l; Garcia & Vega 22: 111 B6808a 38; Munoz & Co 23: J Marti 1; F Alexandre & liens 1U8; order 201; Foster, Bihoo & Co 24 do, 10 bal(s picadura: J S Molina l)bls scraps; 8 Auerbach & Co 18 do Ctgars-M E McDowell & Co 21 cs; Carl Upmann 2; & Co 2; Esberg, Bachman &Co9; HStraus7; HRKelly&UolO; CBPer ktns 8; Sanchez & H a ya 2; L Blumgart 1 ; P & J Frank 14; B Wa sermann 10: W FTaylor 8; Purdy & Nicholas 41l; Michaelis &-Lindemann 8; Lozano, Pendas & Co o: Max Marx & Co 5; W E Parsons, Jr fi: E Regensberg a ; W Straiton U; G W Faber 7: W H 'l'bomas & Bro 25: Park If Tilford 66; Acker, Merrall ct Condit 70; F Boultbie 2; Hyne man Bros 5; F Alexandre & Sons !Ol do, 4 cs ci gars and cigarettes; order 183 cs cigai'S, 2 do cil(ar ettes anti pwadura; J E Ward & Co 247 cs cigars, 6 do scraps : E Gorgoza & Co 6 trunks cigarettes; Cadenas Coo & Luciani flo. 1 bale cigarette pa per; A Wassermann 11 hbls cigarettes, J W Wup permano 1 cs 2 bbls scraps. EXPORTII!I l!'rom the port of New York to foreign l>(lrl8 roo tbe week ending July 7 1888, were 'as follows:-. Amsterdam-11i9 hhBs, 25 pkgs (7,176lbs) mfd. Antwerp-1 bhd, 49 cs. Argentins .Republ i Q-100 pkgs (17;600 lbs) mfd. Bordeauz-1U hhds. B-razl-5 pkgs (62G' l9s) mfd. Br.,..en-396 hhds, 42 cs, 319 loales. :&ilish AmtAlill-14 hhds 11 cs, 371 pk_5s. .8-l'itish lndus-6 pkgs (1>24 lbsl mfd. Brt?.sl Guiana-8 hl>ds. B?'l!i.l!h P08sesswns i n A(?"U:a-! hhd, 28 pkgs (1,960 lbs) mfd B1'iti8h We6t lndies-2 hhds, 1 pkg (28 lbs) mfd Oadlz-500 hbds. Oanada-525 bales. Central Americ!t-20 pkgs (2,200 lbs) mfd. Olnna-21 pkgs (3,860 lbs) wid topenltagen-54 bhds, 6 os, 6 pkgs (1,100 lbs) mfd. Ouba-20 pkg s (3,600 lbs ) mfd. Dutch West lndus-4 hhds. G!tugow-26 hbds. hhds, 1 cs, 102 bales, 8/l pkgs (1>,490 lbs) Illfd. liayti-o hhus Bull-300 bhds. LiVe?'jJ(J(Jl-7 bales, 1& pkgs (2.640 lbs) mfd London-5 cs. 40 pkgs (5,380 lbs) mfd. Me.mco-1 bale, 2 pkgs lbs) mfd. New Zea!and--308 pkgs (53, 122 lbs) mfd. bales. 26 pkgs (3,956 lbs) mfd. & nta?uur-650 hhds. Btocklwlni-5 bales. U. S of lhlombia-143 bales, 36 pkgs (5,260 lbs) mfd Uruguay-6 hhds. Venezueta--20 pkgs (4,412 lbs) mfd. EXPOHTS FROM THII: PORT or NJCW YORK TO rOR EIGN PORTS FROII JANUAitY 1, 1888, TO JULY 7, 1888. ffhds. AJnca....... ... .. 98 Amsterdam ..... 1,561 Antwerp ......... 1,228 Austrta .............. Australia..... . 688 BreRlen ........... 4,247 British N. A. CoL. 11 Canada .......... .. Uentral Amertca Chtna and Japan ... 145 East Indies ........ .. France ........... .4,612 Gobraltar .......... 90 Gl88gow.. .. .. .. 445 Hamburg ......... 1,304 Italy .............. 4,3n LtYerpool . ... 621 London ........... 1 .360 Other Bnttsh Ports. -871 1\Ialta ...... .......... MeDco .. .. .. .. .. 7 New Zealand, et.c. Portug!l.l.. .. .. .. 92 Rotterdam . 2, 153 Sandwich Islands ... Spain ............ 3,251 South Amen ca.... 160. Swctltn & Norway 11(} Westludie .. 617 Various ports ......... C&Bes. Ill 667 1,193 ioo i,':il. 10 28 4 8,806 31 3 ,1>08 38 1,2S3 2 794 11 156 Bales. Lba mfd 113 ,1,269 43,623 35,810 46,584 10 1,864,252 4,982 700 2 46,596 /5,280 416 11 3,982 47 80 117 23 240 4,796 I) 748 44,149 18.329 164,212 59,980 76,024 196,592 61,016 189,949 387,732 720 78,872 5,187 582,017 1,400 12,347 633 47!,997 2,180 523,172 8,640 84,066 17,524 22,868 4,941,817 (JftOP PRO!IPEQT!l. NEW YORK. Horseh!adH Chemung Volley Reporter, July 5:-Tbe rains of the past wee.k: have proven a god-send to our farmers. The crop is nearly all planted, and is looking as w&ll or even better than could have been expected under the circumstances. It is a fact that the present season, in the case of plants set by the planter the same day with others planted by hand, the former are most ad vanced. What the result might have been in a wet season, of courae, cannot be deter mined. The crop is being planted at least a month later this season than last, but 1f the fall shall bo late perhaps the product may not vary considerably. IN THE CONNECTIOUT VALLEY. Boston American Cultivator, July 5:-An other quiet week has passed in the CoiJnecti cut Valley. The are busy hoeiog the growing crop. Very many are going over it a second time. and the plant& show a good growth. The Havana is standing from six to ten inches high. This is true of all the earlier set p1eces. It is probable that the growers will not sell much of the '87 crop until it is through the sweat. It will be about the firat of S eptember before it will dried off enough to warrant sampling. It is poesible that sales may be made before that time. Packers appeared to be afraid to handle the crop, fearing damage occurrmg in the sweating process. It is ttme to examme the heads of cases that are sweating. Our write:-Glastonbury, Conn., June 30-The tobacco is most all set out, ana IS looking well. On 60me fields the cut worm iY working badly. I hear of some pieces where the plants rot otf Early set lots look finely. J. M. Grtswold & Son sold about 100 cases of '85, '86 and '87 crop on p. t. Suffield, July 2-Setting is about finished here. Have had a good time for it. Cat worms are working badly on Eome pieces. Some of the early set is ready for the sect:Ond hoeing. Hinsdale. N. H.-Tobacco. was all set as soon as the 20th, and looks well. We have had pleaty of rain. Cut worms are trouble on some fields. Whately, July 2-Tobacco i11 locking welL The 12 acres of W. T. Smith is doing finely, and so is the 15 acres of S. W. Allis. VIRGINIA. Lynchburg Virgmian, July 5:-A Halifax correspondeot writes: Rei'orts from the crops show that hardly an average acreage of tobacco has been planted, dry weather and scarcity of plants having crippled most of our planters. Much complamt is also made of the ravages of wire aud cut worms. -Edgar Wakeman says that the United States can have Cuba almost for asking, and that its value to this country would be incalcu lable. Perhaps the surplus could be well em ployed in buying that island.-.Balt. Amer. Jrae,ory Kete at Key W8at. Messrs. Toledo & Co. are daily building cottages. They already have quite a ctty to themselves. Me!!Brs. P. C. Someillan & Co. have a and steady increaee of orders, and are doing a first-rate business. Mr. C. Soria since his return has taken on additional force te enable him to meet contracts made while abroad. B. Alfonso is d&ing a good, live business at the present time. He is working a good force and turning out a fine cigar. F. G .Marrero, in spite of several bad licks, is 0 K. again and will in a short time make up a lot of fine Key West Havanas. Mr. E. H. Gato, who has been in Havana for the past week, is expected home to-night. When he gets back business in his factory will hum. Messrs. Villamil, Pino & Co. are now doing the heaviest business that they have done since they have-been located in Key West. We congratulate them. .Moss & Co. are keeping up their reputation ae one of our b1g tactories. They have a force at work and are hugely satisfied at their business prospects. The factory of El!mger & Co. is a busy hive of bees just n<>w. The weekly ship ments are very large, but nothing to what they Will be within a fow weeks. Messrs. Horace R. Kelly & Co.'s big brick factory is never idle. They manufacture the finest grade of goods, guarant-eeing every box and brand. They are one of the big institutions of tbiii city. 'l'be factory of Koeuisberg. Falk & Co. is under the management of Dr. R. J. Perry during the absence of Mr. Falk. They are doing a solid business, take an active ister est in the prosperity of city aad are a big addition to the place. Messrs. A. M. Castillo & Co. will aeon be in their new and handsome factory. Castillo C1ty is one of the prettiest suburbs of K e y West, and the cottages are the neatest and most attractive. Really we are taken in" with this firm's enterprise. The irrepressible Gregory is again on deck with a b1g force. He is so thoroughly Re publican that he will have a new brand of cigars out in a few days to be called the Harrisen and Morton cigars. Send us a box, John, and we will do them like we will do your candidates later on-smoke 'em out-." Messrs. D. L. Trujtllo & Sons, while not the largest factory, are among our most import ant ones. They are thoroughly alive, active, far seeing men, and their influence and busi ness capacity will prove of great good to the Island 0ity. They are the originators of the scheme to have Key West cigar manufac turers adopt /l distinctive brand in addition to their private brands. 'l'hey have our in fl.uence and wishee.-Key West, Fla. Equator June 30. ------Herrnau Oelrich tor Mayor. It is among the probabilities that the next mayor of New York w n be an old Balti morean. The successor of Mayor Hewitt may come from the Ctty of Monuments. Herman Oelricbs is mentioned as tho next Dsmocratic candidate for the mayoralty of New York city, and if nominated would, of be elected. Mr. Oelrichs halls from Bahimore and went to New York to find fortune. He has become wealthy, and, of late years, has taken much to politice. He is one of the best known men in New York. He is a member of a half dozen clubs, and is ae populat in the world of society as in the world of finance. He hae been elected a member of the Democratic National Com mittee, and has become active in local poli tics. Just now there is much talk of nom inating Mr. Oelrichs. Mayor Hewitt would not accept the nomination. He knows that he would be defeated by a large majority. Amos J. Cummings wants it, but his constituents prefer to have the pictureeque journalist sod statesman at Washington. Cummings' fnends have tried several times without success to start a boom for their man. Amos J. Cu.mmings' chances the mayoralty will not tmprove as long as he repreaents a dtstrict in Congress.-BaltimO?e American. The Morehead Convenllon. The Tobacco Convention to be held at Morehead Ctty in August promises to be a large as well as an interestmg of the t o bacco men of the Old North State. The Wmston Tobacco Association held a meeting a few days ago and discussed the election of delegates to tbe convention. The appointment of delegates was to the president, Col. A. B. Gorrell. Our to bacco men are enthusiastic over the proposed big meeting at Mo_rehead .--Winston, N. C., Sentinel, July 5. The QueaUon of the Hour, NEW YORK, June 29, 1888. Editor Journal of Commerce: In your editorial of the 28th inst., "Let the door be wide open," you say, "Better, however, than a wtder foreign market is a larger home consumption, and this can be obtained by removing the burdens of taxa tion which now prevent many from p 'ur chasing the supplies they greatly need, and by multiplring the number of consumers." Will you kmdly enumerate the articles which you class as those that many greatly need and cannct now afford to purchase on account of the high taxes or the protective tar1ff I How is our export business wade less by the tariff! Is It not a fact that we do not export c1gars because and on account of the high rate of wages in the manufacture of American grown leafi If the duty were to be entirely taken off all tobacco coming ta this country, manufact'ured or unmanu factured, would that open to us the markets of tbe world for our cigars at the present rate of wagesi If European cigars were al lowed to come in to us free of duty what would become of our cigar business and all the people now employed in tue manufacture of ccgarsY C. S. P. 3 'JUNGBLUTH & B.AlJTERBERG, TOBACCO MANUF'RS' SUPPLIES;) SUGAR, GLYCERINE, PETRDUTUM. TIN FOIL, FLAVUU; &c. SOLIII WESTERN AGENTS FOR MAC ANDREWS & FORBES' LICORICE PASTL LO'U.:I.&V:I.11e, LOUIS F. FBOMEB, CIGAR IIA.NUF A.CTURER, 77th St., 3d and Lexington Aves. FACTOBY Jro, 36e, 3d DIST., NEW YORK.. JUL:J:C> J. C>R.:OET.::X., ab SPECIA.L A'l'TENTION TO PUROHABING AND SHIPPING O:l.gars &, Lea.f Tc:bacoe. Bet oCreJ'erence :ta.ralebed.. P. o, Box 304, JabJe A.dclreN h.J"ord.aa, on their, arrival, for information whWh Wiii "" .c:a.ft Ml .... &n s--YG.-ACIO 8A VE them TIME and BONEY, lEE.&. 'V" ..&.1\T .A.. I Fr&llk Pulver, Horaoe S, Dicktiu.on, Daniel H. Dicldnaon, Eliaha DicldnaoJL. PULVER, DICKINSON & CO v Packers of SeedLe .A.3:1d Xyn por'ters or HAVANA ToBAcco, .& Unique ot &he TobaeeoniB&' .&rt, Speo:l.a.1 N' O't:l.oe ... WANTED FOR ClASH, CIGAR CUTTINGS aad Eaport u-Glve rate of :..;;;, 7""" place to Wbeeuac. "'Vo are alwayo ID $be market tcr Tollea cn&Uitp. K tiler Qe olean and dry tiDd DOl; musty, BLOCH BROS., Wheefing, W. Virginia. Last Tuesday forenoon a representative of the Foree Tobacco Company, of LoUisville, Ky., A. R. Mitchell & Co., Eastera agents, brought into our office a veritable curiosity. It was nothing less than a unique picture. frame, made, even to the cord that sus pended It, of the twisted leaves of tobacca. Without attempting a description of the en closed portrait, we will endeavor to give an idea of this wonderful frame. It was nearly square, each side consisting of four parts, arranged side by side. The first, or out SITUATION WANTED from now to January side one, was a braid of tobacco; the second 1, 1888, to eell leaf tobacco, it her eo salary or was also composed of the leaf, arranged in a commission, by an experienced mao Address straight grain,and the third wae twisted. "J. M .. office of Tobacco Leaf. 11!20--21 T_he fourth mner portion, l!ke the out: WANTED, SALESMAN-A Philadelphia fac Side, was _braided. Ellcb of the-four _corners tory making hand made cigars from $27 to $75 per of_ the picture was With two M. warats a first olss salesman having an estabsticks of tobacco, Slmilarly constructed.11ished trade with cigar jobbers in the West or The cord was also made of tobacco, and was Southwest. Address, wilh references, "Cigars flexible as tow, and as pliable almost as 1 Lock Box 1093. Philadelpbta, Pa. 1220' stlk, and most beautifully constructed. Tw() elaborately finished taesels depended from OCEANIC HOTEL the ends of the cord, and these laet it would be hard for the casaai observer to guess of Van Sicklen Station Coney Island what they were constructed. The whole was of a beautiful golden brown color, such 'fbirty five from New York, Sea as only perfectly cured tobacco of the finest R. R.: 15 minutes via Prospect Park &. Coney grade possesses. The workmanship was Island Now opi m under entirely new management. very remarkable, and the who is one of the company'a twisted plug work-LINDEMANN & GREENE, men, must have possessed a wonderful de12l7-20 Proprietors. 1\'t'ee of patience, and labored a long time iu its England Grocer He Smoked Despite the Remonatra11Cea of a Woman. The possibilitiee of woman in the line of impudence have never been satisfactorily meaeureiil, pMhaps because man has no means of rightly estimating anything so vast. An illustration now and then helps one toward svmething of an appreciation of the extent of this quality, however, and a case in point may be cited here : A railroad official who was somewhere in the neighborhood of the northern boundary of New England, not to be too definite, was suddenly summoned home, and, taking an with a special car attached, be 9tarted for Boston. Somewhere near the middle of the route the special train stopped for water, and the passengers waiting for a tr3in due a few minuoos later, came crowding to go on board. They were, of course, stopped by the brakeman, .but one woman, despite all representations a'ld remonstrances, made her way by maio force into the private car. 'rhe official for whose the train was de signed had gone to send a telegram ahead, and when he returned he found this intrus ive passenger. Discovermg how matters were, be chose rather to accept the situation than to have the woman expelled by force, and the train accordingly startod with two passengers instead of one. Retreating to the extreme end of the car the gentleman lighted a cigar and composed himself to read, but in a few moments his fellow passenger came bearing down the aisle toward him evidently full of rage. "What are you smoking hAre fori" she de manded. 'This isn't a smoking car." "No, is my private car," he respon ded. r. :E'. F ::t; ::t; ::t;"l.a.....,..or. The best in the market. Genuine Havana t&Bie and fiavor. Duplicate orders tell the tale. Prices: Pmt bottle, $1: gallon, sample bottle, with directions, Goods guaranteed unsurpassable. Address SALING Co BEN & Co 1201-26 55 Broad street, New York. :U:.ey e't PICADURA CHEROOTS. rra4e-l'llark 1 a-. P. er. X.. Principal Depots: 57 Broadway; 191 Broadway, corner John st.; and 489 Bl'(ladway, corner Broome, New York The aboYe brand, having been copyrighted, the trade is caationed not to imitate the aame uader the penalty of the law. Each ;packa&e, containing 18 clieroota in tcn-foil, beara a yellow label with an X en the face of the label aad a whtte label across one end of package, on which are iaitials, J. F. J. X. Also imported Key West anll Domecttlc Cigars, all grades, at Wholesale. 1198-'-1223 J. J. XIQUE&. HENRY C. DOBSON, -Only Manufacturer ot thoGREAT PATENT SilVER BEll BANJO, uno BROADWAY, KEW YORK. No, t ........ P'J 00 No. B .. -... :$15 00 No.8 ........ 8000 No.4 ........ 4000 Ba.O ........ 0000 No.6 ........ not Reply.-If the high rate of wages prevent our export of ci11;ars and the burden of taxa tion was so much removed lbat workmen could take a lower and still live better and save more money, would not that solve the problem to their advantage! No one proposes to take the duty off foreign to bacco, although with the cheap land in this country we ought not to need any protection for the _proaucts of the soil. No proposition has been made by any one to European cigars free of duty; but as we said we see no objection to allowing honest, b.ard-workiog forei11;ners tG come here, .earn their cwa living. and make more customers for cigars and all other American manufac tures. There are maay very deirable goods made itt this cou.ntry no 1v slow of sale for the "But smoking is offen&ive to me, and I hllve you smoke," the woman con tinued, with a superb disregard of his re mark. No.7 ..... .. 1!00 oo CJr-Beware ot WORTHLESS Il\IITATIONS of tllla GREAT BANJO; none GENUIN!: unleoo stamped with IIIJ' name. number and accompanied with a guarantee ceri;tftcate Qy metiand ba.vlnc the duplicate number. Sent by Expre!B a 0 to any part of the United Stateo with out extra charge for packing. Ask Cor tbe certiftcat.e and see tb&t tbe number corresponds with the number on tbe banjo. Instructloo so arranged tbar. each pupil ill t&UR'ht ptivatelv. FUll knowled_e of tbtaill&trument by DIJ" meLhod ol teaching In" ottwe"'Y lesiODII. Di&l!'1"&m met.hod without notes, 11 00 Note Book tor Ba.Tijo, St 00. Sent by mAil on receipt of price Adflre88 for Illustrated circula....,,. BENBY C DOBSON, 1270 Broad-reason we assigned. J A.Uachment Bond.Dlen Snecl, Xenophon Hanna and Horton Hanna, doing business as Hanna Bros. at 9U5 Franklin avenue, as dealers in cigars, comm.eneed a damage suit in the Circuit Court yesterday against Lichtenstein Bros. Company, S M. Lederer and Jacob Weias. It appears that. Lichtenstein Bros. Company took out an attachment against H. R. Schoenbeck and Fre d. C. Stange to col lect $484, and executed a bond with Lederer and Weiss as bondsmen. The Sherilf, following directions, levied upon a number of cigars as 'the property of Schoenbeck & Stange, which Hanna Bros. cl:;rlm belong to them. They sue for the penalty of the attachment bond and $900 damages. The petition is filed by Virgil M. Harrls.-St. Louis Globe Democrat, July 3. --,Mary Wynkoop, colored, aged 80 years, of Newburg, N. Y., bs.s for some months past been confined to bed with paralysis. She W86 an inveterate smoker and was furnished with pipe and tobaccb after meals. Last night her family looked after her ae usual and lefG the room. When they returned they founti the old woman so badly burned that she died at an early hour in the morning of June liS. Sparks had fallen from her pipe and set fire to her clothing. "Madam," the gentleman said, looking at her coolly, "you forced your way into this car when you were told that it was a private one, and it is only by my suffarance that you werlj allowed to remam. You are indebted to me for your passage to Boston, and I came into this end of the car se that the smoke should not trouble you. I choose to smoke, and if you don't choose to endure it you may step off at any moment." The woman glared at him a moment in baffied rage. You are no gentleman," she hissed at lenll(th. Then abe retreated to the forward part of the car, and maintained a sulky silence un til Boston was reached.-Boston Courier. To111 Oehtl&ree' Slorv. Col. Thomas Ocbiltree, with a suspiciously red handkerchief in his hands, which he vigor ously protests JS n o t a "bandana," tells this story: "Whe n Thwman was in the Senate one of his fellow-members was Henry G. Davis, of West Virginia, the father-in-law of S. B. Elkins. An important debate came on, in which Thur man took a leading part. In the midst of it Davs went to sleep with hie h ead on b,is arm on his desk. Thurman etopped to blow his nose, and it is one of his p ersonal peculiarities that on such an occasion be literally wakes the dead. On this occasi o n he woke Davis, wh 'o, in early life, wae a Baltimore and Ohio brakeman, and who, as he opened his eyes, caught sight of Thurman's red bandana waving in the air. In his half dazed condition he coupled the sound and the bandana into a railroad danger signal, and grabbing his desk he attempted to twist it around like an oldfaslaioned brake before be remembered where he was and began to laugh at his delusion." way, New York City, IT. o, .A.. u SeH/ It is stated upon good authority that a sale of 2 ,000 hogsheads to Itali;w purchasel's, and 1,500 t G Spall).\!h l;tegies, was elfected in New York about. June.20 Our. own opinion is that an active Regie order. trade will at once spring up,includJDg the entireol Southern Europe. To this will be. added. strong competition by Ger many. There-may be-no decided advance. Prices will be firm and -well supported. Having now assumed their correct scale of values, based upon true trade data and information, fluctua tions will b e slight. and depressions will be but momentary. have no real grounds to expect a d ecide d advahee,' and while it is hard to sell in the fac e of a certain loss, It Is, we think, the best way out of some ruinous purchases last spring. It is suicidal to think that in the wane or a season, after the great b 'ulk of the orders havebeen filled, that there will be an unnatural advance !or your be11.efit. Sell.-Ctarksville, Tenn., Tobacco Leaf, Julu a.


4 Eastern Markets A B 'ougeray, Tobacco l.llapector, r o tile Toaa.coo l.B.ur chan wOi\h notmg has taken place the week m the handling of l(WIJl{ljCtured hard About the 11sual sales of popularized standa'M'llri11ds (makmg allowance for the holiday) have been made, w1th no alteration Ul pr1Ces, except the low grades, wh1ch have JDOved,forward two po1nta Fme cuts liold theu own In pr1ce sad demand wery sat1sfactonly Smoking Tobacco-All br11nds and kmds find .ale 1n more or less quaat1t1es C1gars-Trade 1s very fau, wh1ch IS about the acknowledgment of maaufacturers of reliable Snutf-Demand keeps up excellently Beee1pts for week-8,\180 boxes, 3,762 caddtes, cases and 180 patla of fine cuts Seed leaf li movmg not bmkly, lout very stead1ly, Will>. sales confined to good grades (Jf bmders as well as sound ftllera with quality. Wrappers, bemg few, e generally kept and sold 'In a rets1l way at satu!factoryilgures Holders of '87 Pennsylvama are begmmng ttl thmk they w!ll be able to 11et out the mouth of the packers' bag 'WlLb. a pleasant profit, and not work as heretofore in packmg tobacco for the grat1ficat10n of dealers and consumers We are glad the change 1s so promiSing Sumatra-n comes on the market and receives \he notice gone very qmckly Havana shows the onakness which has belonged to the demand for some t1me past Recetpts far the week-32 cases Connecticut, 287 cases Pennsylvama, 63 cases Ohio, 112 caaes L1ttle Dutch, 163 cases W!Scooliin, 1e cases York State, 217 bales Sumatra, 238 bales Havana, and 232 hbds Vugm1a and Western leaf tobacco Bales for the week-31 cases CennectiCut, 890 cases Pennsylvan1a, 44 C&lles OhiO 84 cases Little Dutch 184 cases Wtsconstn, 23 casea York State, bales Sumatra 215 bales Havana, and 10 hhds of Western leaf 111 trans1t duect to manufacturers Export of leaf tobacco To Ltverpool per str Bmtslt. Pnnce, 48 701 lbs, to Antwerp per str Westetnland 12,850 lbs to Glasgow per str Prus stan 9 876 lbs, to Aatwerp, per str Nederland, 16,244lbs Total, 87,171lbs Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. C., July 6 -Headerson Bros Leaf Brokers report to the To BAcco LEAF as follows -Rece1pls have been hght for some ttme, wttb but little now tn the hands of plaoters to be marketed Pnces contmue low on. all kinds, w1th notbmg m strong demand Crop reports are more favorable, and 11 looks now as If there would be a full average crop for thts sectiOn Bales for June, 126,860 lbs average, '9 11 QUOTATIONS-(.New ) Smokers-Common @ 5 Mdum @8 Good @15 Cu&tera-Common @18 Med!UDl @22 Good @26 Fine @38 Fillers-Common @ 6 llledmm @10 Good @12 Wrappers-Common @1o Medtum @25 Good @40 F1ne @50 Fancv @75 BALTil\IORE, 1\ld, July 9 -Messrs Ed WISChmeyer & Co Tobacco Mer eunts, report to the ToBAcco LE.ur -There con t.mues a very good mqmry for fine Jllaryland Beconds but the grade IS very scarce, and of course Bales are few For other qualities values are about .11teady and wtthm the raoge of quotatiOns ReOOIPts have been hgbt owmg partly to the holiday and cb1efiy to tile fact that farmero are engaged tn threshtng Sales reported are abaut 500 hbds Ohio has been wtlll sales of some fiO hhds Iaspected thts week-421 hbds Marylan!l, 460 ()hto Total 881 hhds Cleared same penoacco-There ll! httle acttvity m our market and pru!s-flrm Smokln& are fauly busy Telln,, July 7 -Messrs "M H Clark & Bro Tobacco Brokers, report to 1.he ToBACCO LBAF .-Our sales are now j!'ammg on the recetpts and unsold stocks, an.d were for the -week endtn&' to day 1,091 bhds Substan\1al and fat was uregularly strong The poorer k1nds were !Q:c lower The offermgs are 110w takeu by lhe l8gittmate demands and pan tn duect hne to consumers Our receipts m June (mclmllng ware house tranifers) were 4,27a hhds Sales m June, 3,378 hhds Stocks, July 1 14 672 hhds, of whtch about 7,000 hhds are unsold stocks The weather ia bot and dry, and we suppose no further attempt at plantmgs wtll be made A close count of the output of Western atemmenes shows the make of .str1ps this season to he between 7,000and 7,500 hhds QUOTATION!. 5)Q:@ 6,!4 7 @ 9 @ll 14 16 @18 DAlfVILLE,Va July 7 -Mr PaulO Yea able, Le&f 1'obacco Broker, reports to the To JIAOCO LEu 1111 follows -There IS no change e1ther m receipts or pnces to report oa this market The q11al1ty of the rece1pts IS verv goed, and for com moB fillers and fine cutters aad wrappers tile de mana IS strong, but for tobaccos pnces are easy and the demand p30r Reports from the growmg crop are very favorable Sales for June, 1888, 2,586,628 lbs Bales from October 1, 1887, to July 1, 1888, 25,3ii8,862 lbs QUOTATIONS Smoi:ers-Common 4 @ & Medium colery 6 @ 8 Gooti do 8 @10 Good brtght 10 Cutters--C em111on brtgbt 12 @15 Medmm bnght 15 @20 Good bnght 20 @25 Fme bnght 2S @ilO Fancy bngbt 80 J'illera-Common 5 Medmm 5 @ 6 Good 7 @9 F1ne 9 Fancy 12 @15 Wrappers-Common 12 @15 Med1um 15 @18 Good 18 Fme 211 @85 Fancy 40 @60 Extra fancy 60 @80 HENDERSON, N. C., Julv 7 -.lllessrs Lew1s II. Thomas, Leaf Tobacco C o mmtsston Mer chants, report to the ToBACCO LEAF as follows Notning worthy of report on our market smce oar last Recetpts contmue hght wtth no ruatenal :hange m prtces We have bad good ra1ns 1n thl& 1Dln1edtate section, though we hear of senous com plamts m other sections \QUQ1ATIONS Fillers-Common. 3 @ 5 MediUm 1 6 @ 8 Good S @12 Fme 12 @17 Smokers-Common 3 @ 5 Medmm 6 @ 9 Good 9 @13 Fme 13 @16 Wrappers-Common 10 @l:i MediUlb 18 @22 QQod 2li @M Fme 35 @50 QUOTATIONS -(New Crop) Lugs-Common ... . II 50@ 4 50 llled111D1. ,;. 4 00@ ij liO Good 5 50@ 7 00 Leaf-Uommon 6 59@ 7 50 M!llhum _7 50@ 8 50 Good 9 00@10 00 Fme 10 00@12 00 Wr&J')MlrS 12 00@17 00 LOUISVILLE, July 7 -M.r A Falcoaer, Secretarv of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to aa fellows -Under the com bmed mfiuence of large receipts and orders to sell tho market has shown a further dechne, both m Burleya and dark tobaccos The lower grades of dark trasb. and lugs, whtcb. were supposed to have already touched bottom foun8. tl!.emselves c< mpletely neglected Dark leaf of exceptiOnal quahty very scarce m our market bas held Its ground better than any other grade Long tobaccos sUitable for rehandling purposes contmue scarce Green r1ver styles m good cond1t10n were m de mand, but at pflces hardly satiSfactory to han!llers Burley tobaccos, but more particularly commQn and metimm, suffered another dechae from last weeks prteea It ts dtffi.cult to asstgn a reason for tlle present declme m Burley tobaccos, The stock m the var10us markets ts verv llmtted and allm s1ght, and the condtt1ons generally are such that a strong market, With a tendency to greater strength mtgbt have been predicted wttb safety The un expected, as usual, happens Crop reporl:' contanue to bear a more hopeful as pect than formerly and Wtthout entermg Into de tuls 1t w1ll .ot be far from the mark to asume that the dark crop will be a full average and the Burley crop Wtll be ltttle short of an averag3 one Recetpts for the week were I ,373 hogsheads, sgamst 2 761 hhda for same week last year Sales for the wee'k, month and year and corre sponding penod of thlee former years were as fol lows]{onth lek, month and year, and for four years w1th comparisons 1888 1887 1886. 1885 1,462 3 997 2 662 3,012 1, 462 4 057 3,960 4 664 Year 45,915 71,397 76,272 79,176 Of 1887 crop sold to date, 18,487, of 1886 crop sold to same date 1u 1887, 54 590, of 1885 crop sold to same date m 1886, 63,014 hhds. LOUISVILLE QUOTATlONS Old Burley Smokers, Funked trash 4 50 to 7 00 Common red 7 50 to 8 0() Good red 8 00 to 10 00 Common colory 10 00 to 14 00 Good hr1gbt 15 00 to 17 50 Old Burley Plug F11lers. Common. 12 oo to 14 00 Good 17 00 to 19 00 Medmm 15 00 to 16 00 Fme 20 00 to 23 50 Selections. 23 00 to 26 O()o Old Burley Cuttmg Common 13 00 to 15 QO Good to fine Nommal Medmm 15 00 to 17 00 Old Green R1ver F1llers Common 6 CO to 7 00 Good 8 00 to 9 00 Medmm 7 00 to 8 00 Fme 10 00 to 12 50 Old Ltght F1llers Common 5 00 to 6 50 Good Nommal Medmm N ommal. Fme Nommal Nondescript HEAVY 50 to 1 50 150to250 2 50 to 3 50 1886 1887 Trash 50 to 1 50 2' 00 to 3 00 Common 1 50 to 3 00 3 00 to 3 75 Medmm lugs 2 00 to 3 50 3 75 to 5 00 Good lugs S 00 to 4 50 4 50 to 6 50 Common leaf 4 50 to 5 50 7 00 to 7 50 Medmm leaf 5 00 to 7 00 8 00 to 9 50 Good leaf 8 00 to 10 00 10 00 to 11 50 Fme leaf Nommal 12 00 to 14 00 Outs1de figures are for Clarksv!lles. 1887 CROP BURLEY. Plug FJ!lers 11 oo to 13 00 14 00 to 16 00 18 00 to 00 .2000to2200 Good 23 00 to 24 50 Wrappers Nommal fj'me Smokers Trash frozen, mixed soft Common 1ed Medmm red Good red Cuttmg 18 00 to 15 (1Q 16 00 to 17 00 18 oo to 20 00 Nommal Nom mal. 400to 600 650to 750 BOOto 850 9 00 to 10 00 NEW LIGHT RED FILLERS, Lugs. Trash 3 00 to 3 50 Common .4 00 to 4 50 Medmm 4 50 to 5 00 Good li 50 to 6 00 Leaf. Com 6 00 to 6 50 Medmm 7 00 to 8 00 Good 8 00 to 9 00 Fme. Nommal, figures are for redr1ed. NEW NONDESCRIPT LUGS Trash 1 50 to 2 ()0 Common 2 00 to 2 50 Medmtn2 50 to SO? Good.. Nommal THE GROWING TOBACCO CROP 0!' 1888 From all Western pomts my correspond ents th1s week refer to the excess1ve heat durmg the week, at the same t1me such hav mg enabled growers to clean out the over grass 1n the1r crops For the plant mgR and replantmgs last week IR the sh1p ptng and stemmmg tobacco d1strcts, m Ken tucky and Tennessee, ram IS now needed. But correspondence and the pereonal VISits of fnende who have bl!en over the ground JOID 111 the fact of a full crop bavmg been planted, and that 1t looks well and IB domg well The crop of Owensboro sorts will be cut short at least 20 per cent owmg to that much Burley bemg planted In coun t10s where a full crop was not probable two weelts ago, average crops are now assured In Ilhn01s and some parts of M1ssour1 less than an average IS probable, but enough for trade reqUirements In the Green R1 ver d1str1cts the old fash wned heavy bod1ed filler sorts w11l form only 40 to 50 per cent of full crops, but probably qmte enough to sufil.ce, the balance bemg m Burley Ind1ana w1ll furn1sh an average crop, where weather has been faTorable and crop domg generally very well In the regular Burley diStriCts, from coun ties of Brown, Clermont, Bracken, Pendle ton and Mason, down to Shelby county, whlle several of my reports refer to the crop as a full one planted, With a good stand and domg well, the maJority of them refer to the early need of ram to enhven and start ahead tbe large plantmg and replantmg done durmg the general rams last week-the heat th1s week bemg umversally excesstve and hard upon the newly planted Some count1ee re pert only a moderate stand of 65 to 75 per cent and planting all done The crop as a whole w1ll be Irregular m c;rowth, as well as bemg to some extent qu1te late but after the great "transformation scene" wh1ch sue ceeded the rams of a week or ten days ago, as great a change for the better may come agam w1th the next equally good season, so that w1th favorable weather and the great mducements for growers to make every plant thiS year tell, I expect to see an aver age crop of Burley m 1888, or as large as m 1886 m tne Burley d1strwt Three weeks ago no such prospect was m s1gbt, when large growers rehed upon fifty acres out, now m creased to 100 and 150 If, however, the prospects are not ent1rely satisfactory m d1s tr1cts above referred to, and should the crop there not turn out well, the probabilities at present m southern Kentucky (to sa.y noth mg of Ind1aua, M1ssoun and West V1rg1ma) are such as to clearly md!Cate that 1u stx or e1ght count1es the crop of Burley wlil be much larger th1s year than bas been gener ally expected, or has been grown there for several years West V1rgimaIrregular m Putnam county w1th 70 per cent of average Kana wha county bad fine rams on 5th, late plant mg much Improved, and crop generally prom1smg In V1rgtma good and qmte general rams fell smce last reports, affordmg plantmg sea sons m datk tobacco count1es mentiOned m my lae t, but latest reports say that not over two thuds of an average crop cau be made there, and w1th lands put m corn and peas where tobacco was mtended At present probab1ht1es generally appear to favor not more than an 1887 crop 10 dark tobacco In the br1ght distriCts the prospect generally IS much better, owmg to frequent rams and fine weather, Danville and South Boston re portmg crop growmg mcely and weather all that could be des1red From North Carolina the reports, wh1le better than they were, are not as favorable 011 the whole as des1rable Ashev!lle pros pecte are good Salisbury reports bad stand und mJury by excess1ve heat and drouth Durham complams of great want of ram, and at present only 75 to 80 per cent of an average probable reports good rams but httle planted owmg to plants m beds too large aud so many burnt up Redsv1tle reports, on 5th, crop cond1t1on about "statu quo Fertilizers considerably washed away June plantmg won't be much, w1th about 80 per cent p1tcbed m Rockmg ham county ALEX liARTHILL, Tobacco Broker {Jlnclnnatl ro bacco DJa:rket. CINCINNATI 0, July 7 1888 -Our market d1splayed but httle th1s week ex cept for colory grades The offenngs were generally poor m quality and on the nonde scr1pt order Medmm to good new fillers showed some act1v1ty at t1mes, but pnces were very 1rregular Offermgs duru'lg week Actual sales Rece1pts CUTTING LEAF. Common lugs, nondescript colory Medmm Good Common leaf Medma Good .. Fme .. Hhds. 404 220 890 $7 50 to $9 00 10 00 o 1100 12 00 to 13 00 14 00 to 15 00 .14 50 to 15 50 16 00 to 17 00 18 00 to 19 00 20 00 to 25 00 H,A.NUFACTURING PLUG STOCK Common fillers, dark 11 50 to 12 50 Medmm fillers, some color& body14 00 to 15 00 Good fillers red and good body 18 00 to 19 00 Fme fillers, bught & good body 20 00 to 26 00 F W. DOHRMANN & SoN SpeCial Crop Uorrespondence. CEDRON, 0 July 5 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF-IndiCatiOnS are for ram to day There were fine growmg showers yeste1 day, and a full crop IS now m the field w1th a govd stand The May plantmg IS now ready for toppmg, wh1ch 1s very early for tli1s sectwn-m fact, too early for a good bod1ed leaf All tbmgs favorable from now on Will msure a lnrge crop m Brown county dlstnl)t B OLMSTEAD, Ky, July 7 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFI have no coange to report m the crop situation W1th the plant1ng fully com plet ed, nothmg remams now t o make 1t but seasons for growmg and matuung 1t So far 1t 1s makmg good prograss m growth, but much of It IS very foul w1th weeds and grass and w!ll requ1re time and much labor to get It mto goon conditiOn T E B. From E. c. Franke & Co '" robacco ()Jrcnlar for the Month of June. 1888. The anx1ety as to the plant10g of a dark crop has come to an end, a full average crop havmg been set Of Burley tobacco also a fa1r crop has been planted Our market durmg the last days ot the month for Bu!ley has been Irregularly lower, and some of our country packers showed the1r opmwn of tbe market by makmg some addHwnal pur and hold the1r own stock oft' the mar ket Dark low, common Juga ana low leaf were entt.rely neglected, only iReg1e and bet ter grades of leaf were a httle m ore m de mana at advanced puces There ltl herdly any fine or even good dark tobacco otl'ered or leh for sale m th1s market and most of the stuff offered IS of Yery nondescript and com mon quallty HOPKINSVILL&-K;r., July 6 -Mr Geo. V. Thompson, To6acco Broker, reports to t.bc 1 OBACOO LEU -Bales thiS week only 102 hhds ll.arket h1gher on all grades except very common lui!!! Crop nearly all marketed. Receipts very Havana c1gars have sold pretty freely Havana, Cuba and l

I Manufacturersof the followirig celebrated Brands of Tobacco: FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass 1 ars. AMERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOKING. Cold Spra National Leacue Crown of Delight Cherrv Clipper Double Five, P .lum B k Oriental roo I Sun Rise Clock, Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Invincible Clever Myrtle Navy, Eagle, :Old Tar, Universal Favorite, > Fawn, Canada l'tlixture. Lucky Cut Plug, lUjah's Choice, !rudder Ned, Elk. SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass 1 ars. GRANULATED SMOKDffi. LONG C'C''l' SMOKING. Stork, Spray of Cold, Morning \ Lucky. Club, Dime Ram, Detroit Mixtures. Navy Clippings Green Corn. Home Comfort. ]liner's Favorite, Jumbo, lliner's Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Dandy, Frog Long GUt, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. 5 Smoking Tobacc! L. H. NEUDECKER, ..., Baltimore, Md:, DISTIUBtrTDrO AOEKT BAi.TDIOl!Ul AKD VIODrlrL/ TllADEli

6 THE TOBACCO JULY II A FEW MORE COPIES OF -. CAN BE HAD AT THE OFFICE OF THE Tobacco Leaf Publishing OoDlpany, D. L. TRUJILLO & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, OF-==Fine Havana Cigars. New York Office: 11. 9 WATER STREET, cor. Wall Street. -. Sellhtg Agent for the W-t:,G. GOLDSKITH, No. 126 Sa Salle Street,'CJdoaco, DL GA. TO, -II&Dutaetorer ot Floe-CIGARS, l>eFo B. D.A. "'V" &. co .. aacl Importer of--.. =LEAF IJOBA.CCO,= 12lllahien Lane, ew D11TIES lliiPOSED O:N' TOBACCO Ql' FOREIGN OOUl'fTRIES. AUSTRALIA-Manufactured tobaooolmll!>ried, 'II ....... J)OOnEl duty, Australian manula.ctured tobacco. mad -Cit 'elgn leaf which formerly woo 20c per lb. but of late years has bee reduced to 12e, I restored to IIOo. The dutY. on domestic leaf, which 1888 was 8c, and was then reduced to 2e, le advaMed. to The customs duty upon tobaceo snwr Is in creased frodl to 80c per lb, au on imported tObaooo from 20 to 80c Clgarettos put up ID pac;k...-es welghllll!' 1..,. than one twentieth of a. pouBd or 113118., shall pa.y a duty o : 84o per I b, of 2GC, &8 heretofore, and on da.!DP 01 mofst snuff', when con! O'fel' 41 per ceut. of when put ID of lea& 111M II IIIII eiiOb, 1*' pel' lb ENGLMi'D-1\fanutactured Tobacco-Cigars, 58 per Ill. C&veDdish or Negrohead, 4s 6d per lb. Ca.vendiih f)r Neg-ro. head ma.nufa.ctured in bond., 4s per lb. Othe manufactured tobacco, 48 per lb. Snuff e<>ntainillg more tha n 13 lbs ot "moisture in every100 lbs weight thereof, Ss 9d per lb. Snuff_ not containing more than 13lbs of moisture in every lOOlbs weight thereof. 415 6d per lb. T obacCDConta.ining 10 lbs or mor e of moisture in every 100 lbs weight thereof, 3s 2d per lb. Containing lees than 10 lbs of moisture in every I be weight thereof, oell, 9 ca at D. R. Smith, 11 cs at 8 and 2c; W. Teirney, 4 cs at Martin Devine, 22 cs at 6).t"c; E. C. Watson, 20 cs at H. Chideste,r, 8 ce at 6<:. Also of '86 tobacco: W. H Pomeroc. 23 cs at 10 and 3c; Slagg Bros .. 22 cs at John-Carpenter, 17 cs at 9c ; Nelson Taylor has sold a 36-case packing to H B. DeLong. A fine llh@wer July 3 aftorded the growers a chance to complete their plantings and to cover up the tracks of the cut worms. The new crop is now practically eet and in most instances doing finely. The cut worm is re ported to be about ready to take its summer -vacation, and farmers are correspondingly )Jappy. The shipments of the week are 225 cases to Ea.stern points. Janesville-Our market ha.s been unusually active during the past week. Capt. Wilcox, Norm Carle for L. B. Carle. F. C. Green, H. B. Delong, 0. D. Rowe and Conrad Bros. have been on the road nearly all of the time for the week past. Several others are riding and. buying in a less active mnnnar. There has been more real business done in buying during the past week than for aDy similar period for over a year. South of a li'ne drawn east and west from this city the '87 'crop bas been bought up as clean a.s poseible "at prevailing prices. Only a few craps are. unsold in the section men tinned. While our dealers have been so eager to get a liberal quaatity in their possession, they are not bidding against each other, and prices for '87 in a majority of sales range from 7 to 9c w. and II. asst., with choice crops a shade higher. ( H. B. Delong ha.s been going about in a seemingly quiet manner and baa litained poseession of about 350 cs '87 si11ce.June 1 J. A. Decker shipped eleven carloads of export goOIIs last week to Germaoy via New York. Head Bros. sold a carload of olil goode to a Chicago firm last Friday. Increase week ending July 7 .... 272,200 palling all crowned beads to amen his smoke. Sold from Oct. 1, '87 to July 7. '88 .. 20,685,30() Mr. T. C. Williams, a prominent Richmond Sold from Oct. 1, '86 to July 7, '87 ... 21,873,000 manufacturer. is also in town, on his way to -----Melbourne. The products of Mr. Williams' for the tear 1888 .......... 1.187,700 factory are largely 130ld in Australia. The Revenue collections for tobacco, snuffs and small profit on cigarettes hns induced many ciJZars for the week ending to-day, $9,152.o 9 dealers to seek relief by encournging the eale Collections in Danville for week ending of cigarette tobacco. The "Melrose," which F d J 1 7 $7 380 11 is specially adapted for cigarette smokers, rl ay u Y put up in. two-ounce packages, each package .t. contatnjng a beok of. choice rice paper. is IN NORTH CAROLINA, I,)URBAM. Tobacco Plant, July 6:-At a recent meot .ing of the Board of Trade the subject uf a bonded warehouse for Durham was dis cussed and the matter was referred to a com mittee for further consideration. We hope soon to be able to report some d e finite action in the matter. During the year 188 7 Blackwell's Durham Tobacco Co paid internal revenue taxes to $229.506. and State, county and town taxes amounting to $10,013. 23. During the month of June just this firm paid internal revenue taxes to the amount of $38,000. Big money, when we stop to think about it. IN WISCONSIN WiBconBin Tobacco Reporter, July 6 :-The bow to circumvent the wiley little cut worm which has played such havoc in the tobacco fields the past season is ooe that puzzles the. growers most of all just at present. The usual remedy prescribedkeep the fields free from weeds by plowing often-seems to have failed, in man[ instances, of perfecting a cure for this evi Never in the history of tobacco raising in the West bas the worm worked so extens ively. One reports llnding 28 worm11 in a single shovelful of d.irt taken from his plant-beds. Farm!lrs who toave taken the Uf!ll;al precaution in frequent working of, th,etr. tob::Lcco fields and tiod the pest still plentiful, are at a loss to know what to try next. The r,.W of July 3d placed the ground in shape again ft)r plantioll,'. Joe Reiling returned to New York Satur day eYeJI.\ng after a three weeks' 11tay in this market. ( favorably received by consumers, and exten sively pushed 8y dealen everywhere. In order to fiil all the requirements. the manu tacturers of this brana are putting in every package photographs of all the famous pro fo}ssional beauties-not little blurred reprints, but full-sized perfect photographs. This movement will develop a dett .. ess of the fingers that so largely prevails in all the Spanish coilntries. There is not a dark eyed senorita who l>VOUld think of smoking a cigar ette that she did not roll up for herself. For first pove months this year the sale of cigar stamps in this district reached a value ol $189,860.99, aainst $184,2511 59 for the covresponding period last year. when the {act is considered that there are nearly one hundred less registered factories in thi>i collection district now there were a little over a year ago, the exhibit indicates that this lecal industry is in a flourishing condition. The odoriferous alleys in China town have ceased to be the manufacturing center. At .present large, well ventilated factoriee, cleanly kept, employing picked men from the best skilled labor that can be procured at the highest. wages, are engaged in this city manufacturing cigars that caanot be excelled in quality and workmanship. As an instance, it is not out of the way to say that one factory-that of Herman Heyneman -bas made and sold, during tile last fiscal year, the enormous amount of 2 672,150 cigars uf one brand-that of the "Flor de Heyne man"-a cigar. that ranges in price from. $65 to $120, aud that competes with and, in m ost inetances where they are introduce find s greaW!r favor. than tbe best'. brands of im cig_are.. Some Io&ereatlo&" 8plnlon1 .. The following is the opinion delivered by and concurred in by Justice Van Brunt, tof!;ether with a dissenting opin 4on of JusticeMacomber, in the caseof Os borne v. R o gers, decided at the February term of the Supreme Court. These opinions are printed in full both on account of the in terest and importance of the subject and also to correct certain mi11apprehensions that arose from a brief review of the case printe4 soon after the decision wa.s rendered. should be regtrrded as in default and that the plaintiffs should have the right to enter judgment instantly upon failure to pay any one of the notes at the bank: within banking hours ou the last day? Or did they intend that the defendant should have just as much time as the law gives to the maker of ordi nary commercial paper, that is to say the whole of the last day before be should be deemed in default! The argument of the resJ)flndents is that the word default in the stipulation means simply a neglect or refusal to pay upon pre sentatiou the appointed place during bu11iness hours on the day named, and some case s are cited in which the word is used in this sense. Thus in Enheridge v. (44 Barb. 69, 74). the Court says: "The note wa.s disbonore d in the bands of the'holder after presentation at a reasonable hour Oil the day of its .maturity. The omission to pay on presentation was equivAlent in law to a refusal to pay by the maker. The latter was then in default, and although he could not be sued an that day, as the law will not notice fractions of a day; still he must die charge his 'liabifity without imposing on the holder any further trouble. So in Oborn v. Moncure (3 Wend., 169), where 1t was held that an action brought against the maker of a promissory note on the third day of grace is premature, Sutherland J says: "No tice to the indQrser on the third day of grace after a demand upon the maker and his default of payment is good, although it need r.ot be given until the following day." 'l.'hese cases. however. would be more impor 1f there bad been anything in them to call for p articular care in the use of the term default. There w_as _not; and they alford us ltttle a1d m construmg this stlpu The question before us comes down to this: Can a man l>e said to be in default upon a written obligation for the payment of money when as yet no ri ght of action has accrued against him tbeteuu 1 I think not. It seems to me that the defendant upon the execution of the stipulation acquired pre cisely 'tbe same rights as any otbtu maK:er of commercial paper in respect to the notes to w bic b it referred. He was entitled to the whole of the last day to make payment and he waR not in default until that day had .fully e lapsed. It is sa1d thac this construc tion ignores the obligation to make payment of each of said notes "according to its terms," but I think this phrase must be read in the light of the law applicable to such instruments, wit-h a knowledge of which both parties are presumed to have acted; and un der the law payment at a place other thaq the bank, and after banking hours, if made any on the-last day, is deemed to. all in tents and purposes payment according to the terms of the note, ina.srnucb as it suffices to prevent any suit thereon. Francis Pares Osborn, et al., respondents, against Williain C. Rogers, appellant.Appeal from order denying motion to set aside judgment and e:xecution.-Adam C. Ellis for appellant; i'. R. Coudert for respondents. Bartlett, J.: This was an action upon an account stated in which the plaintiffs sought to recover of tne defendant $8,678.87. The defendant made default in pleading, and o n May 24, 1887, the plaintiffs appear to have been entitled to enter j udgmeat by default. On that day the attorn, brothers, sne eze with care Upon invitation of Frank Baines we in llpected the new curing process of C. S Philips, OJJBrated by Bai1:1es, Hedd:les & Co. 'Fred. Loeb, of Loeb & Co .. Philadel phia, W&l! in this market Tuesday for a short stay. Mr. M. Rosenshine, who is one of the Jar gest leaf dealers in the United further informs us that there is more of tbe choicest quality of cigar leaf sold in this in v oportion to the number of factories, than many other in tl\e CO.!Jntry. This is a looul industry that every Californian should re gard with We know that the majority of dealerij are not over-sympathetic; that they will be wfiuenced by their best intereste. We therefvre wish, most sincerely, to call Lheir attention to plain truths. Under the etipulation the phi in tiffs were bound to r efrain from causing judgment to be entered unleBB the defendant .bould make in the payments of any one of said notes ac.cording to ita terms;" and the ques tion presented for our d etermination is whether the defendant can be deemed to have mt\de such default before the expira tiun of the day upon :which the fifth note was paya ble. '!,'he law in this is p er fectly well settled that no right of action accrues upon a Jjromissory note until the last day on which it is payable llas wholly pase:l (Co11tineutal NMional Bank v. Town send, 87 N. Y., 8). 1'his action, it is true, is not based upon the promissory notes which Macomber, J. (dissenting) : The right to enter judgment already existed, and hence, as 1100n as any of the seventeen notes was dishonored, the plaintift was at to proceed. Sneeze in the presence or t)le free tradaire. -With bowed head and modest mten we en tered a large room completely filled with to bacco of all kinds, and the mercury in tbe thermometer was getting up in the world faster than the agile ladder climber at the firemen's tournament, while the perspiration waa forming an incipient cataract o,er the Probably the largest crop of '8 7 tobacco controlled by one grower delivered to Sanford Soverbill at the depot 1'uesday. The grower was Holvar Bjoin, of Christiana, and the crop cousisted of 1&7 tilling nearly seven c-ars. At 8 cents per pound a check for 13,000 was given in payment. -"There comes a funny customer," said the proprietor or a cigar store. "I have just pqt a fresh bo:x of cigars on the counter and when he I cannot assent to the proposition that 'the d efendant. had. the whole of the day upon which auy of the notes matured in which to pay it, but I am of the opinion, on the con trary, that under the written agreement he wa.s in def11ult it he failed to make payment at the bank within the usual banking hours. An impor.ant part of the agreement is "that Wipe, brotheril wipe with care! Wipe in the presence or the free tradalre. A Cleveland wipe with the message rare, A Thurman wipe with the bruldannaire, A Bill Scott wipe with the big dollalre. Wipe, brothero, wipe with care Wipe in t),le presence or the free trada.lre. -Spring/id URian. I t


I JULY II JUJAN! TOBACCO No. 1108 BTR.:m:mor. Nliii"''V' lfm. IJemnth d Imporlers and Manufacturers of W D lf(fl a nd 509 B R O A DWAY N E W YORK. Trade Dl:ark.. I VIe beg to call at tent! on of the Trade to our large .....,riment of N ove ltles aod Speclaltlee mltable f o r Advertising Pn., F, ARGUELLES, J. LOPEZ. ARGUELLES a LOPEZ, 'l'IIANIJFA'V', lSI. 'V'. ----FOR----TPE.A.P TO::EI.A.COO. Ia Sh9cika, or knock dOWJl 1 c!!.a oompete prloe in C.,.;.eetlout, P .... o7l -rouda, WbooJUin aad. Ohie El. :Dii:ER.BIHC>lSI", ::EJat 8a5:I.ZLa'VV, MAZERES, FRANCI!. ANCOULEME, FRANCE. L. LACBOIX FILS, -MANUFACTURS:R S C.JGAIBTTH PAPBB IN-. BOOIS, Reams a nd Rolls, and .A.:N':N' ISAAC, Sole Aceat aad. Attorn!'T in Faot for the Statea, Ala o Solo Aceat for tlo.e United Statea for -=GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPEt=. Office---Stewart Building, Broadway &' Stl:eet; Warehouse--Washington & Yestry Streets, Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street; 'New_ Orleans, La Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York. ::I:J:ltr:lb-u.1::1.::a.5 .A.&e::a.t r'o:r the Glr&:D1b:ter .. ., FOR THE PA LEAF T .OBACCO, 193 Pearl-St., New YorkN "DEMOC RATI C,. an d "REPUBLICAN." Also 118 ECO N D TERM" Label. They are finest Ka.d.e l -w .$cfuuitt, ART LITHOGRAPERS & PRINTERS, Just issued. "ers fiue correctiou of lew li9ar tQf,efs, tfte desi':Jus of wfticft -THaN Vn. We will cheerfully mail Samples to the Cigar Trade on application. 9 New tJorfi.


8 ..,...., .... c. LID4e, c, Ba...U&oa, Speelel, F. W. CoakHD. F I c. LIN 0 E, HAMIL T 0 N & co. Storage & Tobacco Inspection A4vaaee oa Slorace oC:M:erehaa4,.e a llpeelal&y. Cold Storage Warehouses ST. ;JOII!I'III PARK, N. Y. BDGERTON, WIS. 406 k 408 Eu' as sa. N.Y. LANCJ.ASTER, PENN. :19S, S95 & 39'1' Greeawlch. ll&.; Beach St., N, Y, FIBST..CLASS W AREHOUSU: J!l. T. C. 4: H. B. R. Depo&., 8&. Solin; Park; 1'1'8, 180, 181 k 186 Pearl Slrooel "'f 141 Water Street; 406, 408 k 410 E .. a Tblrt}'thfrcl &reel. Principal Off1ce, l&a PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Cer. W, Lea.,. IUld If Prl>toe Sto., Laucuter, P&, Cor. l'roat IUld HUIZ'J' Sta., Eqertoa, Wi.o. R. FOUGERAY 63 Nort h Front Street. LAN o TBR Pa -H R TRQI!T, 118 8. Queen Street: GEO. FORREST 16 7 -N. Queen Street. tl"n"'RTFJRD 'cona.'-B. F. BURLBUR'l 1M State Street. NEW .IIIILFOKD, UOJ>a.-C. F. SOIIOVKRLING 'BALDWINSVILLE. No Y-R. F. THORN. CORNIJIIoG.._N, Y,H J JrB.AZEE. HATFIELD lllaao.-J .t; P CARL. CINC11NNaTI0 0.-W. W H ALES, 9Front .Streot. DaYTON o,-ii. 0. w GROSSE and W. W. HALES, 25 South Jelrerson Street. JUMiiBRTON, wio, T R. li:ARLE. EowA..RD .RosRNW:U, ts.u.c Bomurw'M.D,. HmriaY Roeuw...._LD, Sto11uxn RosENWALD. I I I E. ROSENWALD & BRO. I I Pactcrs & of Tobacco, t45 WATER STRF.ET, NEW YOR.K. PRANK. RUSCRBB, JOHN T. MELLO II, Jr. FXN':EE:.E TOBACCO INSPECTORS. STC>FI...A.G-E. :L4B N'e"'OT Y<>r.k.. SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED BRANCHESLANCASTER,_ Pa.: F. SCHROEDER, 220 North Mulbeny st.; J O. IRVIN. 328 North Ma.ry st. CONNECTICUT: F. SISSON, State st. Hartford; C. OJ;UFFING, D8.1lbury; P. N. !IALL, New Mil!ord; W. B. MAXSON. Portland. WISCONSIN: C. L. CULTON, Edgerton: P TANNERT, Stoughton. 01110: W T. DAVIS, 509 E First st., Dayton. Dd.LTIMORE, llld..: JW. WIBCHMEYER & CO., 27 South Calvert st. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., rl1nufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW & EIBOADHUB.ST, TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. w Tabacoe ExcliJI!ivamente para Erportaeion. IIA1'11t7FAVTt1RBR Gar Cigar Boxes, And 1-porter &t GEB.M'AN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole Apa& for Mean OSENDRifJB(lK. k CJO, ) SAW l'IIILLa FACTORY> 811 A 313 E. lith St., 318 to 321 E. St. Nte.i'2dA'Yenue, N"e"""" T'c-trl.E.. LEVY BROTHERS, Cor. AVENUE C & 13th ST., NEW YORK. The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO.; liiAl'lt1PACTt1RBB8 OP 188 u.t. &BEDWICH ST., NBW YORK. Ba.nnilerschla.g's Waxed Paper, :JPor Tobacco, lol4 Ia Qaaalllleo lo lllaU bJ' C .IOUROIIENIIIEN, 98 Malden 'Lane, New York. TOBACCO KNIVES. & MURRAY, 'l6 St., Xo'Ml!' Ta:rk, SOLB AGBNTB. .. W e have always on hand a fuU IUP. of Knives for Pease o r Buck eye iollli Rocera Mach!nM, and mak! to order Kni-ot an:v pattern. ,4. B ON, HABBJWIA.N H, CO., -A'UGUSTUS TBEAJJIWEi.L.' B _aggiug=- ITATION SPANIS LINEN A'l'ID FANCY, STRIPED COTTON GOODIII POR PUTTING UP I!IMOK.ING TUDAC()O, 4.G7 d:t 41:18 B)t"Oc;:lD3-f!>. TD.E TOBACCO LEAF. JULY Ir Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, 1VL&N1Jl'AC1:DB.JBS OF. CIGARS. 424 to 432 East Flftynlnth St., New York. -TO WOKXS PERFECT WORKS PARRY & CROSBIES. SANCHEZ & CO. IRPORTERS 011' Vuelta Abajo TOBACCO, Liverpool Englana 169 Front street, New York. ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, llllanut'actarero of CIG-.A..RS. Also Mauutacturers ot. the cel ebrated MEXICAN PUFFS, ALL TOBACCO CIGARETTES, Factory No. 1030, 3d District. 341 to 351 East 73d Street, B .A.DT'S ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE ",BETWEEN T _HE ACTS." HAVANA TOBACCO CIGA.RETri:S madeoulyby' Nos. 209 I East 37th Street/New York. -. .. -ALSo-_ DEPOT AND OF THE llA.NUF .A.C'l't'BIIS OF &.I"&!IL I !I B..&.LT:J::JIWEOJR.:III, -A.'Jo254 & 256 Canal st .. Corn ot J:ba at.. WISE & IIENDHEIM, AG&m'& Bondy & SOUllfERN & .WESTERN TOBACCO. SAWYER. WALLACE & CO. l'IIanutketmoers of CO)tMTSSION' MERCHANTS, 18 Broadway, New Yaat. Fine And Dealers In ) G. REUSENS-, Wm.LliiS BUILDING, 18 & 20 Blooatl-..,., P. O, Hl>x 3UO, NEW YOJUL Leaf Tobacco, 70th St & 1st Ave., .-JOHN CATXOS, Tobaccn Broter, JOHN BRAND & CO., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA, 83 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. AND PACI!ERB 01!' Seed Leaf Tobacco, &0 PeanYanla, Elmira, N. Y. siLAS c: HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of Leaf Tnbacco, RATPIELD, nus. HENRY'. SIEBERT, No. 142 WATER STREET, NEW YORK lU:. Prncllaka. W. L. Halto, HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, Nos. 423, 425, 427 429 East 63d St., Fattory No. 8, 3d Dist. NEW YORK Tobacco and Ceneral Commissioo Merchant, 78 Broad Street. .N'EI"VV _EIIIL A. STOPPEL, ...,_.,... Jl, BADER IIOJr TOBACCO _BROKE. R1 No. 24 Beaver Streettt .N:JIJ'VV 'Y'OR.:K. IIIPBOVED WHITNEY'S COMBINED TOBACCO SHAVER. FERDINAND DZIUBA. over 4& 'D'e "PERFECTION. STEAM DRYER. Cylinder of Dryer is 3 Feet Diam ete r and 1 5 Feet Long. Pa&ea&ed ;Jul,-28, 188S. O-ver :Bacb.:I.D.e 'O'e. 8etel'Oil--o. W, GAIL k AX, 4 lll&eblaeo, llalll ... ore, !lid, II' W. FELGNER 4c SON, DaltlJDore, M4. WM. S, KIIIIB4LL k ()0,0 Roeheter, N, Y. Please eend for Circulars and JOHN B. ADT, Manufacturer'and Patentee, Nos, 332, 33<1, 336, 33S, :UO & 3<1!l North IJolllday Street, EIA.LT:J:::a.ti:C>R.E, :M:D. It is designed particularly for the Re tall Tobacco Trade and is used for TOBACCO Commission Merchant. shaving tobacco for smoken;'use. This is the '78 A 8Q Broad Street, only machine that will shave aJ] sizes of plug, P.O. Box 199 NEW YORK. twist IWd P erique tobacco. For sale by 1210-22 A. M. WHITNEY, Patentep a.nd S o l e Manufacturer, Pawtucket, R.I. fACTony F.HOFMANN, q Nos. 1318 & 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK. Factory No. 160, Third District. M GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leal Tobacco. 191 Pearl Street, New Tort ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Ueaf Tobacco, IIIPOIITli:IIS OP Havana and Sumatra, .A.ND l' .A.OKJ:RII or Seedleaf'Tobacco 5 Burlins SUp, w!.e:ra New York. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. UlPORTBBS AND DB4LKIIS IN Leaf Tobacco, 168 Water St., New York. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY 53, 55, 57 & omo1r. TOBACCo -;d' CiGARS. Ba1'.ner Brand Fine Cut. 1s7 Malde11 Lane, -uf ,.3e-t'ter 'the Be'*" CJiotmf) !'IIW-M. ) JO:W TGall. H CHIC .. Smoldac Toloacoo, of FU.e Vlrgbda Leaf. H h v SAM. B. SCOTT ... d BEN. HAXTON Cfcan. 1rsc 1ctonus & Co. Wm. H. Teft'l, Pres. Jl[, D. Millo, Vke Prea Deoj,' F Haxloa, Bee. and Gen'llllanag..r. J s. tHAP TOBACCO! Oillce:-cor. of B;rrae aud Hallfa:z Streets, PETEBSBU&G,'VAo -19 Seeoa.t Dlrlc&, Vlrclnla, 169 WATER ST., NEW TORI. Man.u!acture and olfer to &he 'l't-ade the foiJQwing Clelebraled Brand ot -PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: JOS. LEDER AN & S .DNS, NIMROD Na,.,., In all otylse, 8mootll ao4 -...., a Jt-dv Packen aad Dealen ID. VI NCO M -,r-. -----,. : : : : l E A f J 0 B A C C 0 lUOGUL, '" ... a.x "ND ;JOK.BS, M r SPilJU.D Ed.GLE. M BlackGoodso!eachot above grade.. FboeQooicludoptehllb ..... .140 M.AIDIEN 'LANE, Southern tra-. ADMIRATLON, F.Lo.ORIMIU'l' and .RAPIDAN. L;SPEAB & COe. l!ole Jfantitacturer of the Famoua and World-Renowned Brands ot G The foll owing are-our Agents for the sale of our Good:-C. W. VAN Central Wherf, P&eke' ro ot Boston. Mass : 1!'.1!'. O'IIEILL Y. Coplmerclal St .. l'prtlond. tle : W. G. Al'-1>.111 r. Wat..,. St .. New VIRCINIA SMOK1NC TOBACCOS, York City; A RTHUR HAGEN &:'C'o .. 63 North Fro"tBt ... l'lL.;'L. P. STERNE,Plttl!burgh, Pa.; J 'l'. TOWNES. 21 W abash Ave, 0blca.r;o, lU.: W 11. TUNSTALL, S E cor. Ex Place and Com--=::1!!!--d. X.,.--..,. LONE JA. cK & B R O w N D.,.. CK me"c" St .. Baltimore. 1\ld.; TROB. H. FROST, Charleston. s C.: .c. c Spartanburg, s. C ; WM. :M ClilOOI(SHafety Jlla.tches; Wa>: llfatches in Fancy S._B.OSSIN &; SO:RS, l'J.CB:IIIIII 01' .. Seed ::.:..ear., A.QIDWj dCII' LEAF TQBACC0, FINE BRIGHr"NAViiT,'TwlsT, cous, 191 Pearl Street, New York. Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. Pape.r or Ttn Bo:z. _. HA.lLli:D F'>.f,:;. BEND FOE ONE-Late& NoyeUlee Dla4e a SpeelaUy, HI Y AlA 10Bl000,' 178 ... !ty !ntiP!. I I I I I


JULY II THE TOBACCO LEAF. 9 liiMoM Orn:lnmiiO, BIWWI OrnliBimG. CHAMPION C .IGA. R -FACTORY S. OTTENBERG & BROS IIAlWFAai'URERS 011" Fac-tpry NQ. 278, 3d. Djst., ,N. J. &, co.; J:m.por"tera or AltD P..I.(JKBBS OP Seed. Leaf FINE CIGARS. Car. 2d Ave. & 22d Sf., Ne\t York. i\. 1\END,EL.&._eno., lannractlll'flrs uf llo. 15 3{ Bowery, NeW JllaaaQoe&1U'cra of' tho Celelorateol Braa .. ol Cta:aru Queen l!flzabetb, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanae, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Swee.test Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal l!agle; The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, A. Lichtenstein, Son & Co.; -------_ 44_ :Mannlaetnrera o f CIGABS, 309 E. 59th St:..t New York. co., ADO LPH MOONELISs MANUFA CTUiillR OF CIGAR' S lve. 0 a n d I Oth St., N e w .A.r:u.he1:J:U.. lEI:o11a.:u.d. LOUIS GRAFF, S 'OLE -AGENT, 105 MAIDEN LANE. NEW YORK, ADII 2'aaflvra.,. lii...Utlbatl:w. f.otadmo & C.o Eatrta.IJ,. G-:RtAE*OE*,. Tobacco Commission Merchant ; L GERSHEL & BRO., P ACKERs AND DEALERs IN 6 FE!nchurch Bu!ldings, London,. E. C., England. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL ST.,. 0 c. F. H. DUYS, JR., i. O N ew y C)rk Agent for Amsterdam firms m SUMATRA and JAVA G; REISMANN, Te>:eacco,. COMMISSION MERCHANT Aoo o l:tJnento Ahvay on Hand. 175 Pearl Street, New York. F And lleB!er a all JDDda of 245 Pearl and 20 Cliff Street", New Ycrk. .. GUST .A. 'V Havana Cigar Manufactory of ... A. w. FOOTE a co., AGENCIES-McCOY & co., Now York; LANDAUER .t: KAIM, Medium Clgart, .lire York: M. W, PRAG ER. Ma nufactu-rer of Cheroots, Yo rk; GARCIA o1t VEGA, (formerly Ganlf& a 1DIS Lan.e,. Ne""'''/Q/Q" 'York. owners or "La nuquesit& 11 and H La Rosa De M.a.yo "brar:ids. New Yor k and Havana., Calle DeiAquila. No, 100: TOLEDO olt DeLEON, mnutacturecs of Exclusiyely Spanish a aaoL-IIIade Cie&l' B R A. N :n s : Havaaa Cia:ars. Key West, i'la. ; "La Doncella de Orleans," "La Flor de Salvfni," "Forest and Stream, Rod and Cun," "American Field," "Hyacinth," "El Contesto," "Java," "Key West." HOWARD t. JOHNSON, C H F Successor to PRICE & J OHNSON, L. SC EF EY &; CO., Importer Dealer and Commioaion Cigar Manufacturers' Agents, lEAF MerohaT:aOt u.B A C CO LOlJJ!IVILLE, KY. 1 1 119 Maiden Lane. New York. FREIGHT BROKERS, F or wa rdin g Tobacco ..._ .J'I _, a S pecialty. -----. -Lowet Ralei,Steam or SAl .. P, O, Boz 3 ,152. E:::JE:.ob.a.ll:l.&e E"'1a.oe, N e:vv 'Y,ork. FRED SCHULZ, G. FERNANDEZ & Packer aad Dealer :In Impo 1 ____ _,;,;, _______________ Seed. Lea. r e r Of' Havana Tobacco. "DE CAPO" CIGAR FACTORY. & BOOKMAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 336, 338, 3 4 0 & 342 East 38tl1 S t r eet, 2M-226 Pearl Strnet, New York. : 206 Pearl st., New York. JOS, S, GANS, l!l; J l X GANS, .lllEYER ROSENTHAL. GANS BROS. & ROSENTHAL, P acker o f and D enlel' in and Leaf Tobatco,. lSI'o. 11:10 a.'ter S'tree't, lSI York., BRINKOP'S. BINGLE PLUG MACHINE. LEAF T 0 B A c c 0 J G. HARKEBA. LUKWEL & TIELE, 118 WATER sT., NEW SWORN TOBAGGO BROKER. Sworn Tobacco Brokers. SampleRooms: BrakkeGrond. OF ROTTERDAM, Patonted { UnltedState,IUaySt,l811lo lJ fJanada ..J"an. 31, 1882 DAVIDSON BROTHERS, Ofllce: 0. ;II. VOORBURGWAL 286, Bee to reee-end theJDelve for the purc hase oC Sumatra and .Tava ToAmsterdam, Holland. baeee 011 the Dutc h m: arke ta. Havana and Seed P ReOference : B de Maziere, Esq., 41 Broad !!t., Box 2 14. New Yor k. LeafTobaccos J. u. A. GEBING, iv:.;:;.___E-N--.s.-.43 wATER sT., Sworn Tobacco Broker. Sworn Tobacco.Broker ....... MaidenLane, 11ire"'i1V Toao-.., OFFICEs AND SAMPLE ROoMs= Otlice & Sample Room: o. z. Voorburgwal 290 & !!23 ROTTERDAM. Basch & Fischer, AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. RE!'JCRENcE:-Mr. J s. Gans' s o n 1s1 IMPORTERS OF HAVAWA Water St., New York. Alld ....... SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 1M WATER STRuT, Jlear m:atde n Lane, .1\fE:W YO:ftK. JBI"O. ""PV. LO"V'E, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, F&oto"'i' Ne, 28, 3d Dtstriot, N, Y; E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Import and. Dealer ba LEAF TOBACCO, 129 MAIDEN LANE, Om! F RDEND, t EnwRD Fonam, Ja NEW YORK FRIEND, M:. .A.::E3:NER., DEALER IN LHAP TOBACCO, No. 190 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. I S. E. corner 1st AVENUE & 14th STREET, 'NEW YORK CITY. H. KOENIG & CO., nmNA'!NiiSHED.LHAF :. Q : H. McALPIN & GO., ...,,, KANtlFAartllUiliiS 01' 1 THE CELEBRATED FINECUT1 M. SILVERTHAU & CO., MANUFACTURERs OF. T:>::El.a.ocos, 226 Pearl Street, New York. i I VIRGIN LEAF and NA.VY I "Beauty Dots" C:J:G-.A.R.S, ;,:. Allo Kaausaetlll'81'8ol &bewell known -II 306 E. 71t st. New York. I 'Onward,' 'Gold Shiolft' 'Sftilor's Solaco' & 'Silvor Shiold. ) f Manufactory & Salesroom, cor. Avenue D & I Oth St. New York. Leaf Tobacco Broker Buchanan a: Lyall, lSI o. 101 'VI7 .A.1a::I:A 'Y'C>:E'l.::IE. .,. O'ozn.z:a.ere;la.1 Pao'tory, B:roo.k.1:y:n. :rsr y RichJ:n.ond, Va,. :Manq1&cture the Celebrated Brandl ; t :PL"UG-TOB..&.CC of\ Ed. WISCHMEYER 1c. CO. Tobacco Commission Merchants, 39 S, (Jalven ._. 4ilaltlmore, :M, I. H. CLARK & BROTHER, ToBAcco BRoKERs, PX..4.:r..I"ET, F A N -CY DARK N AVIES0 .N':El:E"'T'C'N'E, l!'A NCY BRIGHT NAVI.EIIJ .:Ji"Xa'C'S:EE, lliTANDAKD BRIGHT NAVIESJ S.4.:;I:LC>:E'l.'lE!J OlEI:C>:t:C:EJ, DARK. NATIBII. hoe repa-., of u. ... gooda ill w o rlol-wid e, and l ll e Increasing saleol ot &bom ill proof of &bolr merit& lr BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. Our Trade-Mali 734 is Embnssed on Every Plus., BRANCH OFFIOE :-No. 14 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON. & ce>., Maunfaoturer of CLAR KS.VILLE T e nn. 1M E E R S C H A U M AN 0 A M B E R G 0 0 D S, HOPKI N S VILLE, Ky. PAD UCAH. Ky. A.R.FOUCERAY, Tobacco Inspector .Appointed by t h e Pblladel pbla. Board o f Trade, 81 N. arroal St,, Phtlaelpllla, Pa, Aad Importer of FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS." ARTICLES, 69 W A.LKER STREET Corn e r Br oa dway. VIenna, Austri a. Send f o r Catalogu e and l'rlce List. W e have no Travellinc Sales m e n. Perd.. IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEA.F Tobacco 11D Lall:l.e, 'York: FINE CIGAR, S ; Oftlee and Sale:roumc 282 Ninth Ave., New York. THE PEASE TOB.ACCC> CUTTING MACHINE. Jlaoke7elr-o1tBruloWorb,D..,tola.O STEAM POWER. I'OOT POWER, Will m&ke plugl. o f all sizes from 1 to 4 Inches wide a n d from 4 to 12 Inches long better and! than machine in the market, and Is now. I n use itl ovel' oDe hWidred o i .the large.& factories iD the Uwted States. Correspondence solicited, Address J, H. BRINXOP, (llllaey, DUnol1, SEIDENBERG & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF New York & Key West Cigars 327 East Slxtythird St., New York :as:.A. 'Y" .a7 :DII:u.rra.y &f:ree't, me._,-"YorJs. 8.0LS PROPRIETORS OB THE PB.ENCB CIGABEl*J,'E IMPORTERS OF ALL KINDS OF French Clay ;t,nd Briar Wood Pipes.'t'te E"'a.per 1111 Ree1. HOUSE IN PARIS. 17 RUE BERAWGER. '. THE JOHN H. McGOWAN COMPANY. Cincinnati, 0 U.S. A. -Tllis Cu t s hows our PATENT DOUBLE END Finisher Press, With Patent Retaining Lock for re}a.ining t he W e c ontro l all P a t ents for Preesi.Bg Tobaoco fx:om BOTH ENDS I I -:o: -, HYDRAULIC PUMPS. :1!1:-0 Mould .Presses : o : M o ulds HYQRAULIC and wa...t Boxing Presses, Bands and 5ett -inents, S tee l Finisher Plates and Tins, HAND and POWEB WRINGERS S end for Catalogue PLEM!E WRID. OUR ADDRESS PLAIN, &Bd refer this paper in addressing


JULY II PhUadelphla Advertisements. of aavana Weatera Admt!semcnts from East, & south. CO., .w. MEIER & co., 1 R. & co., LOUISVILLE, KY.. CINCINNATI, O. .&ND P.&()J[BBS .oF. Seed. Lea:l" Tc'ba,ccc::. Commission Merchants for. the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. T .. ..,T-T-ER. Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in :FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO,. 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Leaf Tobacco, 33 South Street, Baltimore. E._ BATCHELOR & ('0., Packers of Seed and of lla; a.nd Sumatra. Toba. ccos :109 l!!l'tree't, ,:J?:t:LUa.Gl.e1ph.:l.a.. j TOBACCO WORKS,-lt'Ianufacturen oc Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER CUT PLUG -AND-Lu_xury Fine. Cut in Foil. I FRISHliii'UTH BRO. ct; CO., } lSI N 3d Street and !U9, 2211 223 & !US quarry St., PHIL,\.DELPHI&. ED. 'WISCHMEYER, HY. WlbCHM&l"ER. ED WISCBMEiER & CO., TC>B.A.CCC> COMlVIISSION MERCHANTS5 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST Baltiinore. Md. YOUNG & NEWMAN, BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE CICAR FACTORIES, PA. JULlUS :VETTERLEIN & CO., OF SEED LEAF and DEALERS IN TOBACCO. Dealers in BURLEY and DABK TOBACCOS. .1. (._-_ DUHUP & CO., .._ ... to Jno, B. Cl._t & Ce. CIN.CINNATI, 0 '., l!l'anutae&anra or NAVY TOBACCO, &ad' Aa:ento cor Promlnen& Vlraillla Jll:anutae&arera oc Twist & Tobaccos. F. W ; DOHRMANN & SON, -. LEAF TOBACCO BROKEBS &. w. Cor. Viae ct; Front Street., CIXCINJifATI, O. BRANCHE: l!llamlabarc., 01-CJll(ar Tehaeeo. Vlark8'YIUa, Teaa;-Dark Toaeeo. Bear,. Gelee. :BItabllh.ecl. 1887. Beane.,... .... THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO., SllClCOI!89nt to Boney Gefle and Stleklley .t Gonion, Jll:aDaflle&nren oC all Khd ot C :1: GA. R, B 0 'lK" E s. Dea.1er :l:t:..oaloeJ... C:l.sar aDd aU o&lller .. 8nppHe.. Lara Stool< of aU tke LeacU:ac La'bel Hou... Cautaatl,. on Jlaad. 88 OX...&. 'Y l!!lorR.EJ:BITo .&.or:X, llli:NBY GBIBE, BENNO DAMUS, GEO H. STALLO. TlQ GEISE LU:IIBEB. CO., SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION,r Elc::JK Factories: 101 & 103 Eaat 8th St., Ci:ao:l:a:aatit a:ad Weot Vira:Wa. Oflloe: 93 CLAY STREET. CINCINNATI, 0. Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED In Plain or Fancy De.lgn. <>f Plain Gilt orColored Tin at Lowest Prices. Sample Tags and fub information furnished application. J. M. ROBENSON &. Co. 220 W, 2d & 1>2-U Ce:!tra I Av C:J::N'O:J::N':N' .&.T:t:. O. JOHN OBERHELMAN, l.eaf Tobacco Broker J'OBN E. PERG:JpB, J'AME:S c I:RNjri' Palm Leaf Tobacco & ERNST, -AND-JI!AlEJX..P:EE:t:.&.. J. G-. PLX:N'T9 Jr.. CHOICE HAVANA CtGARSJ f; LEWIS BREMER'S ; WHOLESALI!: DEALERS IN AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. c-se A..aortmeut of aU ldJula ef Leaf ., ... taatlJ' oD haDd. L. BAMB -ERGER & CO., :PACKERS &."DEALERS IN LEAF lliiiPOR'!;'ERS OF Sumatra -.nd Havana, llfo. Ill ARCH. STREET, PHILADELPHIA. .-mll'!' '1' FllEYER. AUGUST EISENI..OHR. FR.EYER_ EISENLOHR, Paeken aad. Wltolnale Dealen In 'LEAF TO BAG CO, t 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. 'BEN'J. T.&HEJ, Paoker aad. Delller la LE.&.r Ul and 233 North Third Street, Philadelphia. I AU!18 n&NUFAC'I'UREBS OP "MINERS' :BSTR.&0tt cc PORT," "P, H, RltleBOPptS OBKM.&N,tt and Other Branda o! 8moklnc T obacco. Also 11 HBBBB DB L.& REINE," SWEET NE()T.&K,tt and .;u_ llnmds o! Paper and All-Tobacco Clgaret&es. New York Office: 66 South Washington Square. 1_' G(.(): u:RCK H 0 f f' & (:'(} LrA.r 1 DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACCOS.! SOliTH f'HAJnES ST, BALTIMOHf!>, MB. ----..__ :.-..-. .. : . ... :M:U"t"'Tatikee, "gV':I.a.. SOLB AGENT FOB 1VLA.NUFACTURER OF TOBACCO. Lozano,Pendas&Go.sCicariaranaGoou FINE CUT: "May queen," SliiiOKING: "PleatlDII: mood," HoW a1111 Galt B-i.n granulated or cavendish. "Bock,'' cut p lug in tinfoiJ, and cut or granulated in fancy bags Stands. Z..o"'.:L_ :EE,...-. 1 Weodpecker," granulated ... KhtK 8trd," long-cut. F. c. GREENE. TbeioserCigar&PaperBoxCo., Packer of a:aol Dealer in 'LEAF TOBACCO, MANUFACTURERS OF Albany and Janesville, Cigar &, Paper Boxes, "gV':J:I!!I CON'S:E.N o 208-214 Elm Street, Fine Clear Leaf a Specialty, ST. LOUIS, llllo. A:aq>1e Storaae Room. _____ .....;.. ___ B. SUBERT & SON, L. Lear scraDs. 231 E RANDOLPH STREET LEAl' TOBACCO, ::a:.n. 1 43 S. Water Street, Chioago, Ill. -R. & w. J E N K I N s 0 N I PITTSBURCH, PA. W. S. O'NEIL, Paeker and .bei.Ier l a Te tb.e Whole-le Trade excluIYe17. We control the output of ma11y or the best racto-Orde:ra Co:r Ex-por& and Hom.e Trade' riesin Pennsylvania. Write fo r samples and prices. Promptly Attended To. I. T-l:vezey &. Ce. POPLAR and WHITEWOOD, PLANED and UNPLANED, -AND-. IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, or. ::&::. 'Y. Imitatio n Cedar mo.nutactured r our P .& TII:I!I'T proc608 Ia tile only PBBPBVT Imitation o! Spa.niah Cedar Prices and rates o freight.givea upon app Heation. JOHN D. SKILES, JAMES B. FRltY. D. E.SOULE, Packer ot ADd Dealer in HOUSATONIC -LEAF TOBACCB, NBW l!IILPOBD, (JOI!I'!'I', W. F. ANDROS&, Commission Dealer, BAST H.&RTPORD, VONI!I'. Will Buy old ol-new Leaf for Dealen or J4ama. facturera direct from the growers. Tweaty yean' experience. MILLER A HERSHEY; Dealers in Leaf T .otlacco :Petentturc, vo., Pa. HOLT, SCHAEFER A CO., Buyers of Leaf .. YN()HHVRO, V .,., Wm_. E. DIBRELL, Tobacco BroktJr. &J()HJII:ONO. V.&, PA_UL C. VENABLE, Leaf Tobacco Broker D.&l!f'YIJ.J. .. Y.l.o J. DUNN & OO., r ., "D"nl:teci &'ta.'tes ---PA()KERS OP AND DEA.LBRS IN Ponnsrlvania Sood Loaf & Havana Sood Tobacco, C. P. APT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, > 801JTH BOSTOI!I'0 V.&, AU grodee Vfr1rlnl& and. North. carou-teool bought on orier. An ezperieuce of seven years. Correspondence 1<>Uclled. S. DliJJIIl'(, 807ti08 DR.O.A..:I:> or., HBN&11' HBTJII:A.NN, SNEERINGER & CO., JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., 13 Sonui Howard. 1!1&., R.&J.TIM:OR, Importers of Havana PACKER& OF LEAF AB' P.wD:BaOI' .&nd Dealere In SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Havana & Smnatra Tobacco, a9 cerman st. Baltimore. T ogether with the LA. BGB8T Btoek e r w blvlte the attention ot Manu!acturen! to oar 'P X.. 'C' G-or 0 ::1!3 .A. 0 0 0 ttoJ ot Dark Rewea&ed wrappers, ot or any HoWle In tbe State o! Marylaad. ..-!llcb we make a speclal t,. 61 A 63 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. PEORIA CIGAR BBX CO., JACOB L. rn,n, H H kl fll op Dealer In and Packer or .. leaf T obacc o lll&nufacturer o! an Btyloa or J 213 w .t Kf:aa street, Cigar Mannfactnrers' Snpplies. LANcAsTER, PA. -. COLEMAN BAOS.t WINIIT01'(1 N, (). Bnyers and Hanatcrs or Lear full-, Scrap ...a Steme on Ct..._ Satlafactlon REED A McCIEE, Leaf-Tobacco B.&LEIGH1 N, 4l. BST.&BLI8HIIB_IS48. J. 1P!BiSH mG!i P!CTORt E. E. WE,.CK, LEAF TOBA:C.QO M. KEMPER & SONS, E ;JYOREE, N.FUREY, GEO.U'OREF. J A 8. A. HHNllERSON & C5. w. A. B 'OBBITT,-Importers of Havana, Foree Tobacco Company, DEAL&lS m Leaf Tobacco Broker. -Aml-Jaeral CommissionMerchants, LA SA. & muos, 802 Chestaut and 29 S.llth St. "10 North Delaware"Avenue, -PHIL .. DELPHIA FHILADELPHIA. A -lorcllDt= s. W. cor Charles-& Lombard Sts., :Eia1 't:l.::11:111ore :D!I:d. Specja) attention paid to home. m&Duf&eturers maera 1'. X. KELLY, .Jr., (ESTABuSHEi Ill!>?:) T J ALVAREZ HAPPY THOUGHT !L S. :rRECHIE. -Importer ot' F' H L fT b Tobacco Agency, -.unractnrer or FINE CIGARS !!tly llll :::e: ..... FarmalnCuba. WILSON A McCAI.LAY'' ts south Fourth Street, 119 South Second St., Phlladel"hia. Pa. PLUC TOBACCOS. PHILADELPDI.\, P -AND PACK&lS OF .MANUFAaruRERS oF : Varganaa and North Carolina OJU'oau, If. c. SEEitir-Af :lOBACCO, FINE NAV. Y TOBACCO; 116 W.est Lombard St., LOUISVILLE, Kw: > '>nlers&licited. PURYEAR, MYLES & CO., -N,llbe!Wa, F. Jt. Jlu.-toa. 0.. :a.&.x.._or:t::De>:n.::m. lWI::J:>. N E R &,, Boston. tful)-i Buyers of Leaf Tobacco, ... I I W\EI-I JAMES T. KENNEDY, ..., una c. c. s_LAUCHTER, Leaf Tobacco Broker, I'ID'IID WIIIRDlfiiiRDtmO Leaf aad Stnp Tobacco Bro8. cLARKSVILLE, Tenn. U11J.U aJl11UfJlUJUilJlllll, IIBNDBKSOif &.... .1: CoijNew"York; Th-llcll.-.tOo., LouJa. 008 tom& llloaqoJIUirT A...-.lo. .nle, I Abner Hllrril, I.oaJnW., ICJ',; liL H Clark Jlro, B. W HMnoe. CMIII,..; A. Howell, PH I LADE L A. CUbier; ,_ L 01uu, OUbier, aarknllle. Taoa. PADV()

JULY II BUiloss mroeiory or .unrtisers. JfEW YOJUL ._. IAaf ow4 BotKitiCI ibboooo tV ...., ..... A.-.M, 1110 PauL .... .t l'rlllp.Dt, I'll Water .. .., .t 11o11. H6 llnDd J. & Co. 142 Water st Da-..rom &. 11. a: lloD, 111 wBrae. 148'111'-D&T, Joha B. .t: Co. 121 Malden Lane .__ Wm. & Co. IMii p....,_ 1'1111<, G .t: Bro., IT! Water. -. Be1117;leiWater .._&.&I! .tOo. IW .lll&ldeD LaM. ..._ L. & Bro. I i i l'earL lilreeupeeht II. 181 Paul a-burlier L .t: C'.o. 174 Woter J-..,a H. L. 119MaldeelaBO B. a: Oo. 1!26 Pearl Lederman Joe. a: Sons, 140 Ho.ldeo laue. u..sbelm II. 181 Pearl. 11-qen' Joe SoDS, 193 Paul -""-" M a: Co. 17:1 Water Pulver, DioJdoaon &Co. 178Pearl ....... '""G. 176 'Vater. -WIIId 1!:. It Broe. 14li Water -B .t: BoDS, 178 llllomoa Q .t Droc. 138 Ho.llmer D .t Co. 188---137 Mulberry. Cloodwln a: Co. foot or Grand Street, E. B. IIJDne,Broo &I& to 15211 Weot :illd f.&Tm&n J. II. 114--IIS Llbertr and 1111--111 Oedar lldlplD D B .t CO. cor Aveaue D aad Tea& -111r11 G. B .t Oo. 91 OolwnbiL ...,...,.,.......,..or QIGIIn Ialdro, 1?9 PearL .&all L. .t Co. 7'19 8rd Ave. Az-cuellee & Lope<, 222 Pearl Boeay &: Leaerer. 7Uth st. &Dd kt &Te. Cartaya J. E .t Co. 8 Cedar Ooodlt Stephen G., 1000 -" .a.-o. and 110 lo 814 Flttv-fourtll Kllllb&ll Crouse and Co. 85 Wa.rren. aroa. A Yenue 0 aBd JS&.b Street. Uebtenatelo Brothers Oo 33th stand 1st a-re Uellteaetelo A.. Son a: Oo. 3011 East 59th .. UN Geo P & Co. cor. 80th 1:1t aod &Tena.e A. LaftJ.W.1380 lltave. and 409Jt. 74tb.U -111. W .t Bro. IS 1-2 Bowe" JIM>neiJB A .t Qo., A D a.od tOtb ot, Ottonborg S 81'011. cor. 2d av .t 1\'td st. l"obo.loild 1', &: Co. 11 Warren Bodrlgueo It Garcia, W--24 Gold. -..thai Bros. 841--351 E 78d. --aad ll&Ya. S l Pearl -a berg and Co, 1!27 East 68d. lllloW'en. S. R., 282 Vtb. ave. iiiiiOilell>erg Jl. & 109-tel south J'lltb -'-"IIV&Iton .t <'lorm. '"-" Jtaot 271 b. laVO a: Newma.ra-. 1. ..,.. oor. 78d st UIClld &T. -u 11. .t Co. IIIXi to 311 E 71at v_.. '-""'-E. Ollt"'-lmpoYtilf'' Of Bumah'a WriJflPM'I. l)ap B. Jr. 1111 Pearl ll'all<, 1i .t Bro, 171 Water ....,...J_JJ:rneot, 142 Water Qnft .._ tOG Jlaldea L&D8. BaTe 0 r. 1113 Pearl lllriocll. vloiSOriuo a: 0o. 1118 w .._,wald E. .t: Broe. 146 Wa&er. Womon .M. .t JJ:. Tobacco Co. 11Ci Mo.lden lane, ..,_.,. & Bon. 178 Water llollmld L. 138 Water. lllltDP-"!! E .t Co., 6 Burllnullp. Well e Oo. 66 P!De. -of ar.-o, ..umlro.ll .t Oo. 16 Cehelm J. It Bon, 1110 P-1 Brand J. It Co 142 Water sL J)la& B ll Co. 157 Water hni&Ddes G .tOo. M 1'earl ........, JJ:rneot. 142 Water. -1-ro.tOo --&aNI& F. bro. & Co. 11'1 Water -A,!I!Ol'aul -Bennanoe,l'IIIW&Mr .......... -()o. l!liii'IOilt .__ ()o.ll:no .t Oo. 8 Cedar LoweDBOhn A. 187 Kaldon lane. .c.a.&ao, J: endu a Co. U Pearl -..una Yoor 4 Oo., W 'Water' --., .t Oo. --lloate)o Jl A HI! Pearl. Oppenhelmel' :Fen!. II& llaldeo lane -moo G & Broa. 188 ll&idealane, l)uiChes & Oo. IIIII Fron&. --cf: lk,J'&, 81 Pearl .....,...aa&Oo.171Peul II. .t JJ:. Tobacco Oo 811 Jl&ldeD ._ lleJ'tllOUI' CbaL T. 188 Front Morton a: Oo 187 Pearl 'Y11D 0, !40 )laldoD lf.U 'tt.U& Oo. 16 PIDe _r...,..,...., or 11.or "'"" atal!"'' J .t: Oo.. &I Murr&,J'. Qa1io lC. H 88 Bea:,.er lloldeaberlt and Oo. 8'.17 East 68d. T ......,_ Ybor .t: Oo. 1111 Water --., a... _,.,.., 8roo. .t Boa47,t!lllaa4111-...,. Bros. 47 .Murray of _. _. -of -Wm .,..,.ann Boaor, 118 and.lll 6rMd. Wels a: Co. 118 Walker Jil .. ,.,.,_...,., .fooau. c.r-oa .t Tur, 16-811 Wblteho.ll Jlac And rewa & Forbes, 06 Water ilaUdder S V .t F. P. 4 Oedar. IIUDford llaDuractnJ'ID&' Co. tM' -.-a ._ --& Sterry' Limited, 1i Pine. _,_w, or Ll Ill. a-an Jooob.I!U8 ano1 !llllllllonroe -1!. !'19-183 Lewis st: Wlab William 4t Oo. cor !at ave llot at '" OI'I(IJOhwerl Of OI and Clg.or Labela andTrlm-mlnp. Beppeabelmer'e Sons, and 94 N. W1l.Uam ........, Loula B & Oo. n-w cor Pearl and B1m. llalmm&Cbor .t Ettlinger, ll2-36 Bleecker ,._a: llebmltt. 94liowery. Jlll'r .ll"""-014lar F-. ClMIDI .Ju. ...... 1111 John ftleeAieX. --""Reade -....t.lme J B. & 0... 168 Cbambere Jlffr. of Cigar JlolelOo, 104 J oba & Platt; WIUiams' Suction Table. Jolla B. WIWalllll Co., 102 A&-eote 'lb/Ja< B&Wltoe--A. Harriman .t Co. 461---111811.Cig&Tette Paper. 11uc, Bermaaa, Stewart Building, Broadway aad Cbaml>en 8t. ._..,..,........of Was Importers or Frenc h Cigarette Paper. ...,. Broe. 41lllurray THE TOBACCO LEAF. lT The Sphinx Cigar _Factory. r ........ ,. SUTRD & NEWMARK, Ji,. .. 2d Av. and 73d St.. New York. Factory No. 412, 3rd District. Mftr of Meerschaum aod Amber Goode. We!s & Co. 69 Walker Progress Scrap Bunching J' l'ro1an &Dd !57 Lalte ,...._Oo&t .t: Tob. -A. .t eo. 44 an4 411 Dearbom 2'okcc<>ftiltl ""d Jl'f'n' ..._ -..._u a: Oo. rl/ LAke aod (llltAte ll..tln. of n.. Fot1, Crooke JoiUl J. 84 FrankiiD at :811781' """ Beller .r cu.tttnaa aa4 Bcrapo &ad Who1M&Ie n-ter 1D IMt TobanOO. P1aoo1b L. 43 B Water Toi>Moo Dr7/flr Watt' s Uullorm Tobacco Dryer; 8B llarlr:et ontCIJfJfATI. O. Manufacturers of Ctgars Krohn, l'etaa & Co .. 'T, 8,. 9 E,IJth St. 'olgan' JJqz Lum/JM', '!be JL D-A!l>re Co. 11111>--181 W ltll, Leaf Tobacco. -R. .t:Oo. l'lewburgb L., !48 W. Pear 7'oOO """" .. -a; Kateoa. V:ne and FroDI .11111,.,.too...-or ClciM-Qeloe IJCar-bO>: Uo., 93 Cia,-. orr-. 8. w 118-11111'1. {)anal II&Dura..tunlr of. TID TaaB. 11.& Oo.ili W2daodlll0olltiral A-. Tob&ce<> III&Dufacturerll. DunlaP ..L L. & Oo. 68 E lid r-r 7bllaoOO _._ J)ollrm&IID F. W a: lloD. oor. VIM &lid """'' Leaf T o bacCO Broker in Sumatr&. Havana &flod Seed Leaf. Oberhelman John, 85 W. 2d Jl/frl. or IJigar Mo., .. Jllller, I)abnal.t Peters. !16-11111 &. lid. .Mnrtno of Havana Claar FlaYW, l!'rlel-AieL a: Broc t8 JJ:. !1<1 JIDftn of Tobacco llaeloiDMF. JloliO,_ Oo. John H OI,ABKBVILLL T-. IAQ/ 7bllaoOO!Iohrmann r. w. ll Bon Jteaaed:r Ju. T. CJOVINGTON, &:To of 1'11111 :r.r..-. Perldll8 .t: EmB. !511-166 Pke. D.A.JfV.ILLB.V ..,.._ atwiBrOIIerl I-t 2'llbdeGO Re.-L Jam.., A. .t ce Bick8oD R. L & Co. lA&J BroMra-Btrtc:tlll ... Ordor. Perrell P. W Veaable 1'. C. III&Dufacturer or Virclola and North C&rollna SmokiDi: Tohacco Trowbridge Wm. H Dl::TM:OLD, Gei'III&AJ' Mauutacturera of Clgar-Boi L&bel8. Qebruder BJ!ngeoberg. DETB.OIT Jl1ola. of (l/&eoC1108 .. dm<>lri"g Toll-Olgor American Eagle T oba ,co Co. TobaCCO Co 51-69 Larned ot DUB.H.A.M Jf, 0. Afon.U(actuun Of 8?J&O*'t14 Tobacloo. BlaCkwell' Durham TobaooO Oo. 'llfn O/ Jnacln60U' Durha"' Olgare-1118Ckweaa Durham Tob&OOO Oo. : DA Y'l:OJI, O, p...,. TobacCo a..tter. Buckeye Iron and Brass Works. J'QdtM'B /JnG "' ()luo 8eL Q'lloll w 8. .&V .AJfBVILLL lad. Tobacco Broke r. l'loel W. T. EAST BA.RTII'qKD, CJoua, Packers and DoalerH in Lea'( Tobacco Hunttlng. WmL. & Co. B .\.ST SA-GIN& W, Blch. Pine Boxtss tor Leaf Tobacco. Jlerahon, W. B. .. RAN&:Lll'i'I'ON, N. (), r-{. 2'obaccO Bro-. W.L .MoGhee: ooatloa, "Golden Belt" of N.El, Jl.A.RTI'ORD. eo,..,_,.,"""-'"-r-rJ1aa11 L. B. 146 State .. BOPKDIBVILLBo Jt7 B.A. V .AJfA Oa1ta. 7'oOO cm4 (Jioar Oooft-JIHaan& TebAcOO Oo. 64 Prado ot Clgara. Cortina y Gomez, C&lle de Ia Boltrella 184. )lftrauoa F. Qa.asAda dflllslonce lWI Ordeli Julio J 50 San YK'oaclo 8C Boger Pedro 49 Factoria stree'-BEJfDERSOK. &:7 2'-Brollerl. Blangbter G. G. HENDERSON, lt', (), TobdcooBrulcen. Lewll.t ThoiiiAII JANESVILLE a11.d ALBANY, WI .. Pa.cker ot and Dealer In Leaf TobaoCQ. G-MF.C. lLANS&S (liTY, l!lo, Tobacco and Cia'ar Mrumttrs' Agents. White N. T. & Co 119 East 5tli, t Wnoleoale Dealers In l'dnfd aod BmiQr To...._, D_bmaand Olgara, o.leo Smoke111 Artfulee. n J A. .t: Bro. 541 Del&waro ot Deolttt- '" Baft&A(I. o.nd DotJwoltlc IAaf llltcheioon J 0 .t Co 801 belaware et KEY WEST, Fla. C'aaala E .Manuracturen ot Olg-. Cartaya J E. 11: Oo. Trujillo D. L. & Sons,"' L.A.JICASTER Pa. Pack-era ot and Dealers In Leat Tobacco .Frey Jacob L. 2 1 8 W King ot Sldfes a: Frey 61-68 N. Duke ot Insurace and Real Eetate, BalliiiD&a &: Burns, 10 W. Orange 111. LIVERPOOL, J:aa, 1"olla1JUJ BrokMB Parry & Oroobl..._ 28 PBradlee Street. LONDON Bng, Tobacco, Olgar and Leal Merchaa.\ L. 6 llulldlngs, E. 0. LOUISVILLE. K,Pl"ff 7'oi>Cicco ........ ..,.._ ...... Foree Tobacco Co. ( Ll.f tooacco. Meter W. G a: Co Tobacco Bn>-.. CaiJaway .Jamea J'. comer Elghtb ... Jlala Lewio, Blc:h d .H. 881 .Mala Importer of !l...,..,... (ilgllr' Wright V.i. .Agent1. Schetrey L. C &: Co., 184 4th av TOO. Mnftrs Licors ce, Flavor, etc. Jangbluth & Rauterberg. LYNCHBURG. Va. Manufacturer oj Oioaretta Lone Jack. Cigarette Co. Manufacturer of SJUoldng Tobaoco. carrou JollD w. ToMcco Merc.ILc'Jtl,h,. Holt. Bobaefer a: Co. l'IIILWAUKEE, WI, MAnt-I Of Chewing 11"d StnOIAftll Tobacco. Adams F. It'. & eo FllntJ. G &Co. of Cfgan. Graf Wm. II< Co, NEWAR.K.N.I. Hanulacturen of Tobacco. campbell & Co. W--112 Bridge st NEWPORT, KY. Manufacturers oj Lulltber Livezev I. W. & Co OXI"8BD, N. (), Leaf-Tobacco Broll:er Bobblit W. A. PADUCAH, K7, l'obaMo ..,...,.,.L Ptuyur, Myles & Co. PEORIA, Ill. Cigar :tdanutacturen' Supplies. Peoria Box Co. PETEB.SBURO, Ya. of 1'1"1/ cm4 llwtollmg -Dealer ... Leaf Tobaooli. Venable 8. W. ll Co. Beod LJf """a ...... w.-. Bamllerl{t>r L. & Co. Ill Aroll Jlatuhelor E. <1': Elo. IIIII N. Water Jlrem12 Hurth wTeller Bro.beno. 117 North Third,rleln. J a: Oo .. !15 Arch Young & Newman, 62 N. Front Importers ot. Havana. Leal Alva.rezJ, 119South2d. Portu.ondo, Jua.n F., 1114-1111\ Sansom. Im.port.el"l!l o t and Sumatra Tobacco. Oreai:D J B &: CO. 1114 Cb .. tJIU .. M'tmllfllc,..... of c:HQrcwe, Batcbelor Bros. 1281 Ch..,tnut. :Bolts; Clymer ll Co. Dunn T J. & Co. 20'7--4!09 S. Brol\(1 Elseolobr 0. ff86 Market Freebie .M. S 1 8 South 4th, ttray, M.oraleA & Co. M4 Pine. BoUow&y & Sw&t.m., 7Q5 Market Lua & .MIIIos, !Ill 8 tlth aod 802 Obeotuot JI&DA'e, Wiener -f; Oo 11116 Mont,.omery a-reane Ponuondo Juan F. 111-1-1118 Baooom 'Oieob&ld o1: Oppenbelmer,lll Nona 114 Mflrs of Fine-Cut and Smoii:IDg Tobacoe. l!'rlabmuth llro. ll Co, 161 N. 3d aad 1118 QuarrJ J'oapra,-A. R 118 N. l'rs{ lilanuftMJW,..,., MJ INm-iu Pruu. The lllo.llor.tBli:Oenhouoe Oo.,218l'lorth 22d. Jllr' .dfl""f for Pl"ff et&d ,..,..__, Jtillb' 1'. X. Jr. llll Arch OigM:&.l tJnd 1Wtnmmga, Harrla Geo. B a: Boo, 716 Arell -Jactvrert of Balplt -fiiMI. Stewart, llalph .t Oo. 141 A-nlb St.ree\. !mpGrters and Mttrs ot Smokers' Articles. Zorn Goo. &. Co., 526 Market St. PITTSBURGH, Pa. of ''.Lotag "' B&tMMr'' aiOd Jlild S...Olri,.q Tol>aooo. JealdaiOD R. .t; W. 919 UbertT-llll7B.A.COO.. { I] 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECONDAVENUIE, k 3iO, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREEi, !1 N'EVV 'Y'C:El.:&:. -----603 & 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, A.GrElN'T& :&"<:a, BLACKWELL'S ouRHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Ccnninc .Durham Smokin[ Tobacco. New York, Pittsburg, Ghicago, St. Louis and Gincinnati ISIDRO ARGUELLES, SPANISH CICAR MANUFACTIJRHB, Proprietor of t!lae LA TU i' .A:, LA. RITA. 172 -PEARL ST., NEW Y()RK. R. President. w. J. BROWN, Vice-President .. LICHTENSTEIN-BROTHERS COMPANYm September 6, 1886. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS.--suoo:maaoa.& ore -BROS & CO.; Factory No 50, Third D i st r i ct. N ... Y., <:or. 3SUJ Street and lit Avenue, BROWN & EARLE, Factory No.-1307, Third District, N. Y <:or. 3Stb Street and 18t AvetJue, C>ftl.ce :-38th STREET and 1st A VENUE, 'Y'c::rk. KAUFMANN .BROS_ & BONDY, Import ...... of M annractnrcrs, PIDHS & Smokers ArtiClHS, F, ... Avenue,-.. 33 . Alao lllaaufaeturer of the Veneered a:acllndtatio:a CIHlar Oigar-Boz L1UD'ber. Sample furniahed on AppUcatio:a. Send for PriceLlt. fte oal7 FacterJ' 'ln &he Weat that earrte a comple&e tocl< of' all Label PnblbhM lD th., VoiCed. .su:ce B. L HICKSON & CO .. r PURCJD.A.SEK8 Oil' Virginia and NorthCarolina LEAF TOBACCO, Dan. y1.11e, v a. Orclera aacl Correapo:aclelsce ollcltod. Bet of ReferenoJI UlfiTED STATES INTERNAL REVENU:t; T.A.X ON TOBACCO. aaan, domeotlo ud lmperted, 18 per M: clgar6tteo etgh!ni'.not over three lb8 Jter M roc .N.; <:larettes aod tbel"'Ot& Wefghi.wr OYer three llS8 ):(, f3 p8C lli manul&e &ured tobacco ana snulr, per pauiod, lie. OBA.RGJJ:B J'OR LIOBNBltl3 PER ANNUli. or c1pn, cigarettes anol cberoota, SO;,.... ufacturen or tobocoo aod anulr, ao, dealel'llnlll&ll.,IOilWc, tll-40; dealer& IDleat to""""" ui:PoRT DUTIJJ:B ON TOIIAOCO. alan, 18.M per pouDd and 25 per oeot. ad valorem. ettea, Mme as c1gan1, includlllg lnteroal tu:. 8umatr& leaf lobAcOO 85 per oeot. or which lo wreppe.-. wei;rhlng more than toOie&Yet!tothepouad, 'lllcentepor t;OODd: l!otemmed, $1 per pouod; all other leaf not stemmed, M ceota l'lavana leal, IIi centvagon to the City Hospital. he wAnt to Chicago and starteil a. wagon labeled::: Bad Debts Collected." Instead of himaelL driving, the collector engaged a colored professor of the manly arG and prospered.Philadelphia Recoro. -Herman Ma.erbo ld an aged mis e r, was found sitting dead, with a pipe in his mouth, im a :chair at his home on B ond street, N. J on Tueoday night. H e is supposed to have died of starvation. Although he was known to hav e money, his wlfe was lying on a bed in an adjoining room weak and unconscious from want of food The cottp l e were known to be eccentdc, and It is b e li e v e d they have beeOr deliberqtely starving themselves to death. They have rich relatives in Providence, R. I. -Judge Hicks bas rendered a decision in tbe old 888ignment case of D. W Vinc ent, formerly engaged in the tobacco business on avenue, Minneapolis, whd failed two yeare 3g0. It was establis h ed that prior to making tho -assignment Vincent had secreted several hundred d ollars worth of goods. This action prevented Vin cent from securing the benefits of insolvent act, and the property will be distributed among creditors.-Northwe3t Trade, Ju'tW' 30. VALUE OF FOREIOJf T ripPli-Mah'bub of .20 Oer. Emoire-Mark... 23.8 ptasr.ers.... ..... ... SI!.P Holl&ri(1-FJOrin or gullTurkey-Piaat r.. . La der ................... 88.S U S ot Colomb!afndi&-R'l!'ee .......... 45.8; Peoo .. ---........ 91.& A kUo equals 2.5 pounds. A pfenni" g of ceut. .An aMWng equals 2.:l a}i ccn AD {>euny equals cent&. TOBACCO BBYBB 'Bood b7 all leaciJ:ac SmoJdnc -Tobacoe Ha:atd&ctaren. 88 llarket Street, Chicago. Rare,.,. to-P. Lorlllard & Oo.. New York. D H McAlpin ..t Co., '" 11 DaVid Buchner a Oo II '" Catlin Tobacco Co St. uls.. t?. F. Adam&&: Co, Wllwau.kee. TOBACCO MACHINE.6Ys TOOLS AND PARRY' & CROSBIE&. Broker-. lt8 Para.Uae St., Llverpeol, :S.._ PRAGUE & MATSON, Leaf Tobacco BROKERS AND BE HANDLERS, CINClNNATI. 0. B. & CO., lmporten HAVANA_ LEAF TOBACCO, l '\.-'. / Lv-\ l:6'f WATER STREET, XEW YOIUL I'OR GB.OWEIU' AJJ lli.&.K1JI'ACTlT&IlRS OF TOBAOCO, :a: .A.. :J!"CE'C.R:J!Jiil"r d) f"--'C General Agents: New York Tobacco )[g..chlne 04 John St. & 9 Plan St.. P.O. Boa: :U8J, -NEW YO-RK.


--THE TOBACCO LEAF. JULY II GRAY, ,_,ORALES & CO., DURHAM -TOBACCO. --. Manufactureis ofCUBAN HAND-MADE POPULAR.) Is the Most UNIFORM, _RELIABLE -Smoking Tobacco LAND SATISFACJORY ever placed on the Market HAVANA CI&_!BS, Hence D _ealers and Consumers Always Pronounce it THE VERY BEST, j !h;w .YoAif, "-prU lei 1 881. --------------------------------------J For tenor twelve years Ih;tnased B lack:-"'ell"s Durham. Smoking Tobacco. and find 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. Situ a t e d i u the immediate se c t i o n o f c ountry t hat produces a grad e of To b acc o t h a t in texture, flavor a n d quali t y i s not g rown else w llere i n the worl d, the popul arity of theslil g o ods ;is only limite d by the quantity produce d. We c are in p os i t ion to the c hoice of all ftii ... W. offerings upo n thi s marke t, and spare :no pai n s or expense to giv e t he trade the H: tbe most satasfactory of aU I t ried. YERY BEsrn' I ,. !U:ut &bK riYh, fA -CIGARB .OX M:A.NUFACTUB.EB, AGEN T FOR :Z:K:P3.01l':Z::C V:N:Z:V:ZB.SA:Z:. tallli'l Agent for the Williams Little Clant Bunching Machine. tlG!lt MANIJI'AGTURERS' SUPPLIES. DEAUJt lN SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LUMBER. 2109. WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. Establiahed about 15 7 0 GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG, :J:):I!J T:Dol.l: 0 :J:.o:J:), G-ER.:Doi.I:.&.J!oil "'5?'", Typocraphera, ED:1b o er Skow Ca.rclo and Fano ;r La bela for Beer Wine, Fruits and Preserves. John .Anderson a Co., X ANUF ACTUBEBS OF THE A OE,''. ... --. '' an.d o'ther I FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, I I 4 and I I 6 LIBERTY STREET, .A.:nd 119 a:n.d 1121 Cedar Sl1: :N"EVV" 'Y"C>B.::O:.. ALLEN & -GINTEB, B. X C:J3:lll4 0 :ro.l X>, 'V" .&.. ; lliiiULafaotnrers of Fine Grades in Standard Brando of Cigar Box, .Labels a Specialty. Cigarettes & Smoking Tobacco ew D eol&"D for Private Labe l o eonolanUy o n hand, Ordero receive by ECK lliiE Y E R & CO., 42 Beaver Street, N e w York, Sol e Aeenta. KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., 36 WARREN ST., NEW YORK, 1rU JI!UFAOI'YRim8 011' mGB GRADE CIGAR& AND D EALBB:S IN 1a:ID.A.::P oorQ:a.a..coo. J'aoto17 76li,. 2cl Diot., N. Y. llole PntprletoF HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR TR.:J;:E'X..E OC>:N"OBNT:E'I..A.TE:E). FOR FILLERS. FOR BOXES. ar-Price per pint, $6; per g aJI OD, $40. vv-x:r..x... NOT :JD'V" .&.PO.R.A.TD. Sample bottles a t 1 2 t o make O N E GALLON of STRONG .. L iVOR sent on receipt of amo unt. WE ALSO MANUFAaruRE ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. CliG.&R. COLOR !I Dry and ln Liquid. All SPECIAL FL.& VORS, fi d esired made to ord e r J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., 158 Chamber Street, New York. LICOBICE PASTE! lHESTAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO l.G7 '1M" A :J::J:)lllll.\T :J:.o.AJNI":JD, NEI""VU' 'Y"C>::E'I.lliiC. 'l'he "l'rode ba-.!ng demanded a _Bupen;,r and "Cheaper Article than !bAt. hitherto uoed, tbls OompaDJ ilmanufaeturlng, and offering !or sale, LICORICE P.ABTE (under tho olll 'l!&nford" bnwd)of a QUAUTr and a.t a PRICIII wblcll can hardly fall to be aa u. a111s, ::1 Sole .&lfents cor &he UnUe d Stac..., and CJanada, 5' 1ooo1 21 and 31 SOUTH WILLIAM STl.llf.lET. NEW YOR:L -t R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY ..; 1BGGo :.:. &. MANUFACTuRERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, a:n.d 'Y"ork.. Office and Salesroom&: No17 Warren St., New York. I -ALWAYS ON HAND KEY HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE S ICRAPS. I The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO IIST.&BLISDBD lt"Mo ftAl'ILft L. .L.&rr. PI" 87 OC>:J:.o"C":Doi.I::BXA. I!!IT:E'I.EEIT, .N"EVV" 'Y"C>B.::O:.. HANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED-PLADr FINE CUT CHEWING TOBApco IN BLUE pAPERS -s ::N "C" :po :po Sll Rose-Scented Maccaboy ,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman "SIXG-:N" .A.L Che-..:;ov:l:n.c, One o z F oil. .&I so, Flrot and Seeoa d quality SJnokln r; I n Blue Papen, SWEETENED FINE-CUT--Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. MAY .&PPLE and PRIZE LBA.F FINE-CUT, Ia F oU, SPANISH LICORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU & TUR," formerly "P I LA R." -MANUFACTURED BYCARENOU& TUR. FACTORIES ZARAGOZA, SPAIN. Office: Kemble Building, 15-25 Whitehall St., N.Y. Sole A gent for the Sta.tea o f N ortb Carolina aacl Virginia, DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, !llanufaetarer ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 24 Cold St., MIXTultES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THKEE KINGS, Turldsh,-Porlque and Virginia .LU:EI.LO"" MIXTIJRE, Trkish and Perique. T UK.KISH and VIRG I NIA. PERIQU E and VIRGIJIIA. (;fENl)I N E TURKISH", FLAKE CuTs, EsPECIALLY ADAPTED -FOR. THE PIP& 'V"a:n.: l :t:v Fa:lr. C>l.d G-ol.d. Granulated. A New MixtUN. FraV'ant Vanity Fair Spperlativ e and moth of Gold. K imball' s SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. Peopl e e t re!lnod wte who desire exceptionally !Ine Cigarettes should use only our Stral,;ht Cut, up in satin pack6ts and boxes or lOs, 20s, lSOs and 1008. Our Cig arettes were never so fine as now. They cannot be RUrp&ssed for purity and excellence. tilJ:ythepureetRicePa.perusad. B tablla h e d 1846. 1 4 P l rMt P.rlze Medal WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Peerless Tohacco Works, Rochester, N. Y. "DOUBLE 5''-2-oz.FINE CUT. DEPOT FOR THE ABOVE POPULAR BRAND: ZURICALDA Y & ARGUJMBAU, 2 IULcl4. Bridce St., New York. [P, 0 Bo x .944.5.1 Importers of Fine Licorice Paste, ROOT. OLIVE OIL, &0 We ofter for Sale the EXTRA FINE SPANISH LICORICE! GREEK LICORICE I -4-0 Cedar 'Y"ork: J SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE Leopold Miller R ... Son OUve on, Tonca Beans, Gums. Flavors, I POWDERED LICORICE ROOT ami PATENT POWDERED LlcnRICE. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. -155 Chambers St., New York. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. CAM:PBEI.L & CO .. AROIIAS FOR SM:OKING TOBACCO. FLAVORS FOR SM:OKING TOBACCO. -LicoRicE MAss FoR cleARs. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AND FINECUT TOBACCO. : Gr-and Botel Speelal attention a;lvea to lllanacaeturen l'ledleyo. WM.' E." UPTEGROVE .., Spanish Cedar --11'0&-CIGAR BOXES. Standard Wire Nalls. Foot of Enst I Oth & IJtb St. NEW YORK. AJl Gooch !lhlpJH'd Free e n Board. r=tr" Samples tnrnished an4. special quotations give n tor any article required. ----THE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY, 81& N. IIDd, MANUFACTURER O F" SPANISH AND CREEK LICORICE PAS'rB. _..,.Dfeaalal ...... : ..,...,., pt Malin-an." ALSO Jl. & It, "BBA:KD 8'l'ICK. I,ICOIUOE, ALL SIZES. s. 'Vl. &. P. :.:=-. Sc'U.d.d.e:r, lll.&l'I"U F .A.CTliKERS OF LICORICE -PASTE POWDERED LICORICE Jt()OT & POWDERED EXT. LICORICE. Aloe llEALEBS in DRUGS a.ncl LICOBICE ROOT. 4o Cedar Sl1:ree1:, near Street :N"e-..:;ov 'Y"oi-k. D. BUCIINEB. a GO., TheCo., 33, Greaseless_ Vetttc_al Top, ) ( I 1 Ping&: FiDe Cnt Chewin-g snmr & Cigarettfs. TinLinet{ & Top GOLD COIN CIGAR. MOLDS, CHEWING TOBACCO. Shapers. Etc .. 413-417 E. Slat Street, eor. 1st Ave.1 New YOI'kl o f all Cormcrly Manufac tured by Tbos. Hoyt & Co. J. 6 BLANCHARD, 11Tchilupitoulas Street, New Orleans. La., -.&GENT FOR S.&ID CllTYo ,.. 166, 167 & 169 E. -Pearl St.w 0.. Depot 11011 Aaency for the Pacifio Coastr aGO & 308 Battery Street.. San Franclsoo, Cal. .&:! .., .c::L. ca G) ... .. t:IQ :II CD 0 a; G) 1-ctJ Q E 'iii 0 0 :E II: CD 'l'h e LARGEST and only FIBST-CLABS HOTEL o n t h e I:sl&nd of Caba; oltuoted !n the best pa n or tlte city. Enlarged, Im p roved, new sanitary arranements, new management. Keot und e r AmericaD. aad European plans. accommodation for strangers. lllanufaeta.-81'11 ot Fino Cnt & Tobacco. .&nd Dealera In SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., Wheleale an RetaU. 88-ZZ Bridee St Newark, N.J. Jacob Henkell, :lii.&NVF.&ClTilR.BR 01.1' Cl&!l BOXES_ SUPERIOR 1olAKlC AND PRIJI(J: QUALITY 011' Cedar IILOt""UFACTURER OF ALL KINDS O F X..XTEEC>Gr:E'I..&.P:13:%0 Cigar-Box Labels, 297 Monroe St. New York. Dofianco Gi!ar Manufactory. Sue eeor to D. & co ... 229,231 & 233 E 4ht St., New Yorlro The following Brands and Trade-m&rko_bein g the sole and exclusive property ef the DEFIANCB CIGAR MAJ:..'UF ACTORY, any one anyWhere in the rea.cll or the laws of the lan d who will f JDI. tate in any manner any of these brands and &rad & marks, or use any name or l abel thereof, will ali once be prosecuted j ust the 8&llle as any thief wbe would steal any other valnabl e pM!Oill>l property:Deflance, Mepblst<>, Jupiter, O ld Jud ,.., Sigma. Moss Rose, Our Boys. Samson, No n e-euch Succeea. Snow Flak.,, H earts' Delig ht, !l!g'l'bing, o:u-Caatle, Game Rooster, V rglnlus. P luck S&prlatl Meg G ulo llver, Fearn a ughi, The ii'tn teziuna. Comm6rma l Club, Boston C l ub. Unl"Ye rsal. St&a .. d&rd, Sol!d Valuei The Fashion, Lone Star, Goldell Curls, Falst&lf, E Engagno, Ploadlllo The ll&'.ien; Las Gracias, N. S. Factory No. 973,3d aon. nist. NewYort D. HIRSCH, Hamilton & Lilley, TIN.fA&S All c ra.deo of Plain, Colcirecl Em'looooetl. ancl Ena JDelecl Taa llila.cle to Order. 38 BRIDGE ST., BROOKLYN, N : Y.


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