The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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I VOL. XXV.---NO. 30. rE8TABLI8BED18M.] NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1888. 105 MAIDEN LANE, Clol"D.or o! Pearl 8treet. WHOLE NO. 1226 CHOICE TOBACCO. !!:ke&tk \ '\\ 8 (\ Cor. lsi Ave. & 31sl 81., Trade Mark of __ .. JIO.* SPECIAL NOTICE. I 1 ''T (.., 1 In aide the bale, on the WElL co8 I I J I bast, Is pae.tecll a label, A w .. """ lth 1 W ___ """-"'" w oursgna itegistered in l868 & i 814. T ....,.. ture. Reglatered In \ 1 \J an:, NEW YORK, t\\t\d.\!; r --- VUELiA ABAJO HAVANA TOBACCOS, OUR CHOICE. SOZ...EJ _,. .:-'W'T d. 1"'To. oo 'York.. Ribbons. ...... ere .......... ....,se F GARCIA BRO & Co Many Brands imitating CLOSELY eurs are offered and sold to the Trade as W. & C. A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid by ua for the Detection of the same. I mpotiers & Dealers m II Also lmDorters of Sumatra.. WElL & co., 65 PINE ST., NEW YORK. Spanish Cigar Bunching Machine for $100: IMPORTERS OF e HAVANA LEAF LANGUAGE 0 F Fl 0 WERS d--=-" wltbtbe..,ntlment it conveys, packed .... .,.;-.... R.. CC>., in each box ot N"o. 102 ChaJO:XLbera Street, .N"evv "York.. Lone Jack, Ruby & Unknown CIGARETTES. The purity a.nd d e li c iou s naturA.! aroma o f our cigart:lk s speak :tu r MAl>'UFACJTURED DY SCHROEDER a BON, Finest CleBF'HaYBna Cigars. -TH-E Awarcled Bigheot Medal at Ezhibltion, 1878, :Pidladelplaia. c HAsKE l' s Packers o:r Seed Lea:r -AND IMPORTERS OF-Sumatra and of Havana Tobacco OF THE FOLLOWING l'dARXS: ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND lEAf TOBACCO, IIYIITl'hoNs. OLDEST, STRONGEST AND .CBABLES T. SEYMOUR, Havana Cigar Flavors :ESTABLISHED 1869, C>F ..t-J. 1oa Fro:n."t S"tree't, New York. &USTA-V SALOMON. & 'BROS., of Havana Tobacco No. 138 MAIDEN LANE, near Water St., NEW YORK. 57 CALZADA DEL MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. C.&J.IXTO LOPEZ, LOPEZ, EUGENIO LOPEZ, C ALIXTO LOPEZ & Packers and Importers of F:I:NE VUEL TA ABAJO TOBACCO Exclusively, ISLA'' TRADE JlARK. C. L. SIGMUND JACOBY. GUSTAV .JACOBY. :METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, &o1e or S. JACOBY & CO., B. H. MANUS,. Amsterdam, Holland. Factory :No.3, 3d Dbtrlct, SUMATRA TOBACCO fOOT Of 52d ST., EAST RIVER! NEW YORK, In Prime (lnalltle ahvuy ou ha,nd. THE HAVANA TOBACCO COMPANY. LUIS MARX, Pres. MAX T. ROSEN, Sec. & Treas SIMON AUERBACH & CO., O::E" HAVANA AND SUMATRA TOBACCOS, H. SCIIUD.&RT, .&.&RON SCUUDA.R'J', WIU. B. SCHUBART & CO., IMPORTERS oF HAVANA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, N"o. 160 "'DV' .&TE:R. ST:R.EET, N"E"'DV' u_ ............... GIVE Special quotatlona !or quanUiles. Descriptive CJrcu1ar of all our di.Jfenmt brands of Cigar Fla.vors mailed on appUcatloa 1 a;ir BEWARE OF IMITATIONS ._B See that every bottle bean! our label and capsule with our nflme alild address. JAMES CHASKEL & CO., 93 John Street, New York. Cesareo Vigil, IlU'ORTER 0F &, CO., IMPORTERS OF BAVA.A LEAF TOBACCO Trade Mark. Trade l'lark. \)E LAS VEGAs 16 Oeda.r S"L. New York. O ._I 7' -4. J J. 4. Calle San Nicolas 128 HAVANA, CUBA. A. & c. 8 :H:a:n.d Cigars O'U.r Speo1.a1"ty:-G-EQ_ P. LIES & CO., Havana Loaf 1Pn1Ja""0 Manufacturers of Cigars U 1 U IJ IJ f'orner of Eightieth Street and Avenue A. 140 Maiden Lane, ALEX. FRIES & BROS., IUliUI'AOTlJBEBS OF Havana Flavor, lilt BZADB STREET, :NEW TORJL (8, (8 & 50 East 2d Str-t. CINCDINATI. 0. Branebomee: 12A...._,]_flt., HAVANA. ClTBA.. rP. Gaerra. 'V GneYNI GUERRAHERMANOS,. Packers and Importers of HAVANA TOBACCO 172 Water Street, Estrella 53, NEW YORK. HAVANA. GOODWIN_ & CO.'S "+--+-' \ M a E. Salomon Tqbacco C>F' t'f; Havana and .Sumatra Tobacco Infrlnglnlf upon \ihese four The J<>hn J. Cr<><>ke C<>., NEW YORK AND .CHICAGD-HAHUFACTURERS OF P" T:I:N' FOIL :ror P1"U.g Tobacco. Factories-NEW 38 Crosby & 163-165 Mulberry Sts. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 Franklin St SILVER SURFACE FOIL! COMPOUND FOIL, PATENT KETAL, and all the d:ijferellkt varle-tleo of Foil known to PRINTING ON FOIL in Bronze and Colora, JULd with diJferent fJ.eslgno of Ornnmentatioa, for TC>:SA.CCC> 41":.A.1"'TD C:I:G-.A'.El. LA..BELS. Lomcc CHICAGO. SARTORIUS & CO., Havana Tobacco, BERNA%A 32, 17f PEARL STREE-T, CORNER PINIC l!lTlU:II:T, HAVANA, CUBA. NEW YOR!L TEKE E. D CO., eP--CIGAR BOX LUMBER, oE:o..A.n., :Z:l.\II::Z:TA..T:Z:O:N CE:OA.:R.i V"EN"EE:Fl.E:O [CEDAR] 1:0:,.,.porter& or Spa:n.:l.h. Cedar a:n.d. ea:::a-'711 "'DV'e ... t &:l:x"th. S"tree"t, C:l:J::u:>:l.:n.:n.a"t:l., BotabJ,Idle4 JSS"' "LOUIS NEWBURGH. Packer O Little Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. Cigarettes and Smoking ToDacco. omee: 1U-14S Weet Pe"rl Street, g 0 CINCINNli.TI, 0. WEYMAN' & BRO. Tobacco & Snuff Foot of Crand St., East River, N. y, Wareh ouse:-Germanto wn, Iontgom ery County, O hio I PITTSBURGH, Pl. SUTTER BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, W Cia;r:ar Manufacturers wUl ftud it to their advantage to deaJ with us --.


I ESTABLISHED 1864. .i!laving the Largest Circulation of aoy Trade Paper in the World, PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY MORNING BY THE IO.BACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO., f05 Maiden Lane, New York. COR. J'EARL STREET. f 4 "EDW ARB B11RKE, Editor. .-ouN G, GRAFF, Business M:anqer. Term \lf' tbe Paper. SINGLE COPIES . . . . . .. 10 cents. ........ ... $4 I SlxMonths ........... Annnal Snbscrlp&lona "'broad. BRTTAIN aBd CANAlU ... $5 04 BRRKEN, H.UIBUBG and the CoNTINENT....... 5 04 .A.uSTRALJ.&., etc., via England .. ........ ()DBA............. ..... .. .. .... ... ... ... 5 04 EVISED ll."TES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS. One Six Three Year, Months. Months lines one column ........... $25 J14 $8 urteen lines over two columos..... 45 24 14 enty-eight lines one column. . 4.'S 24 14. benty-e!$'htlloesovertwocolumns 80 45 25 :Fittyslx !mea one co!UIINl. . . 80 45 25 JrlltY-slx lines over two columns ..... 160 S5 45 One column .................... 800 175 95 llalt cohtmn .......................... 180 100 55 One Une nt bottom or page . 50 8peelal Advertlsemento on Firat Pourteenllnes over two wide columns. (one year) $100 ever two w1de columns. do .... 175 ..Fourteen lioes single colum:& ....... 00 00 do M llpeclal Advertloemenh on Seventh Paee. One Si.x Three Year. :Months, Months l"ourf;eenUnesOYertwowldecolumns l&i J45 lie Dluolu&loa. Notice, $2.50 for each lnsertJon. 11peelI Notlce.-"War.ts." ''For Sales," not exceeding eight lines, $1 for each insertion. BemittaDcea for advertisements and subscriptions should be made payable by P. 0. Order or by check to Tc>l>acco Leaf Publishing Co. W" Under no clrcumstances will we deviate from tbe above prices. Tile Law Relatln" to S.beerlbera to New .. paper l'lnt-A.Ily person who takes a psper regularly from tho pc;a otftce, whether directed to his name or anotller, or Wllether he has subllcrlbed or not11.8 reapo1181l!le ror the pay. l!econd-If any person orders Ius paper to be d.l.scontlnued lie must pay all arre&raM, or the publisher may continue to oend It untu p&yment 18 made, and eglloct the whole 111110unt, whether lt Ia taken from the olllce or Notice to Subscribers. We will hereafter print the wrapper or JNlpel" of eoery foreign .. llscrlher a.nd thooe In th1s oountr.-residing eatslde of the larger cities the date upon which the sub..:rtpllon hBII or wlll expire. our RUbscrihen wlll pleue take notice and remit accordlnrly. When the sul>oioriptioDl.s paid the date will be changeme and capacious new warehouse on Main street, are building a. la1ge addition to it, facmg on Ninth street, Louisville, Ky. -----LOCAL JOTTINGS. -J. H. Gregory, of Key West, is in town on business. -Mr. E. Spingarn has returned from the White Mountains. -Mr. S. H. Spingarn and wife are still so journing at Ems, Germaay. -E. Rosenwald & Bro. 1lave sold 400 cases of their 1887 Housa.tenic leaf. -Mr. Arnold Falk and family are enjoy ing themselves at Heidelberg, Germany -H. Schoverling & Co. have sold 200 cases of their 1887 Housatonic Havana packing. -H. T. Jenkins, Henderson, N. C., was in city this week, on his way to the British Provinces. -Pennsylvania, New York State and Housatonic Valley, Conn., Havana leaf is selling well: -In one Baltimore cigar manufactory forty Hammerstein cigar-rolling machines are in operation, and sixty more are ordered for the same establishment. -G. Feraandez, of G. Fernandez & Co., sails totiay for Cuba by steamer Saratoga. Mr. Fernandez intends makmg extensive pur chases of leaf tobacoo of tbe new crop. -"Costumes of All Nations" is the title of the latest illuRtrated album of W. Duke, Sons & Co. All the famous theatrical beau ties are charmingly portrayed in its pages. -Mr. Gustav11 Falk, of G. Falk & Bro., who a few days since was injured by an ac cidental fall, is, we are glad to note, again in good health and at his post of duty in Water street. -H. Hardcastle Morrell, tobacco broker, of London, England. called on us this week. Mr. Morrell visits this country in the interest of H. C. Haag. of London, and will shortly leave for the West. -Han. F. A. Schroooer has reason to be in high sp1rits at Shelter Island, as his ''Nap tha launch won the race in her class on Saturday and secured the prize-a brass can non-provided for the victor. -Col. E. A. Campbell was for three days the guest ef John Sterry at the latter's villa at Norwich, Conn., last week. Solid comfort llBd a rgood time generally may be in ferred from this announcement. -Mr. Pen!ias is home from Saratoga, while Mr. is still sippmg the refreshing waters of that charming summer resort. Mr. Alvarez has had his outing at Seagirt, }Ang Branch and adjacent places. -We hear that our article in the preceding number of the LEAF has had 1ts proper in fl.uence at the office of the Appraiser of the Port of New York, appraieements being now m->re just and satisfactory to importers. -The status of the 1888 crop, as outlined to us by a good judge, is as annexed:-" The crop is likely to be smaller than before. on account of the nature of the season. A.s a general thing the fields are uneven. ';l'he late rains, however, have been helpful, and if we do not have an early frost, a full crop may be secured. Some pieces are Iookin10 very fine." -J. T. Cremer. member of the Second House of the Parliament of the Netherlands, is in town. Mr. Cremer was for many years the administrator in Sumatra of the Deli Maatschappy, and to him that corporation largely owes its success. HCJ is now one of the directors of that company, and also a di rector of the Deli Railway Co. Mr. Cremer. accompanied by Mrs. Cremer, hBFI been making a tour of the world, and has just ar rived from S11matra, via San Francisco. and will sail for Europe by the steamer Saale to day. While in Sumatra be obtained con ce!!sions for a new railroad from Deli to Lang kat. -Buying in the field has already com menced around and about the Housatonic River in Connecticut. We hear of an East ern party who has operated in the vicinity of Kent and paid 16 to 20 cents a pound for what he has secured. We also hear that !lev eral of our big IOians, who worked for !ower wages than the Bohe mians. Then came the Russians, whe wl)re brought over by some charitable Hebrew gentlemen, taken in hand here and made cigarmakers on machines. You can see them working in Essex, Ludlow, Clinton and ad joining streets in basements. They work forty-seven hours without stopping, because they do not keep our Sabbath, and yet they do not earn more than $5 a week. Q. What effect have they bad upon the wages of Americans! A. The wages have been reduced sixty per cent. in the last twenty-four years. It is all piecework. In 1864 the majority could earn $30 a week; now $12 is the average. THE CONSUMER PAYS JUST AS MUCH. Q. Are the selling prices lowered i A. No. Th,. consumer has to pay just as much for his cigar. To day there are thousands earn ing from $8 to $12 on hand work. There are restrictions put by the employer on the num ber are allowed to make. You receive stock to make the cigars and you get only enough stock to make 200 at a time. They think that if a man is restricted he will turn out better wo1k. Q. To what do you attribute the reduction ot wages! A. To the influence of pauper Ia bar coming into this country. General SpinolaWhat do you mean by pauper labor9 A. People who come here without money and without any trade. Formerly a boy would have to be appren for four years to learn the trade. They can learn to make cigars now in four weeks, because of the introduction of moulds. To General Spinola-We have a certain knowledge that the manufacturers sub scribed $1,000 ''in charity" to bring over these exiles. To Chairman Ford-They stimulated emigratiOn. We had a big stnke in 1870, when immigrants arrived in WheneYer a strike for wages occurred foreigners were introduced. When these Rue sian exiles arrived I knew of manufacturers who took them by the hundreds. which leads me to believe that they subscribed for their coming. Q. Who were theyT A. Jacoby & Bookman. of First avenue and Thirty-ninth street, and Stachelberg, in South Ftfth avenue. To Congressman Oates-Last January there was a reduction of twenty-five per cent. in wages on some kinds flf jobs. In tse mould depa:-tment, if allowed to work full time, one would earn $8 a week; by hand work, 112 to Sll> a week. After a strike of fifteen weeks the places of Americans were tilled by Bohemians, Russians, Poles and Jews. Q. About how many workers are in the trade in this city! A. About twenty-five thousand. Q Why can't Americans give their ser vices for the same remuneration as foreign ers! A. They live differently; they live better. Witness added that on a certain grade (tive cent cigars) a reduction was made to the jobbers and dealers, but on the Seed cigars and Havanas "there is no reduction in wages. Ottenberg Brothers made a reduction of twenty-five per cent. on mould-made cigars and ten per cent. on band made cigars. We were acquainted with some of dealers in Maine and sent a committee there. The liealers said they could not why he should reduce wages and not reduce the price to them. They had the same experienc'l in Grand Rapids. M1ch. Referring to the firm of Kerbs & Spiess, he said if a worker to live in one of their tenement houses he or she would not be employed by the firm. "That is one of the most pernicious things in our trade," he said. "Then yeu have to pay an enormous rent for the tenement." FBMALE EARNINGS. Congressman Guenther-What are the earnings of females! A. The average is from $5 to $6 a week. For that she must work in a tenement bou11e fourteen t.-. sixteen honrs per day. In a shop she would be em played not more tban nine hours. A BOHEMIAN WOMAN AND FAMILY. A Bohemian woman, with a very pretty, br1ght looking girl, ten years old, appeared. The woman was a cigarmaker. She wore a shabby black dress, a gaudy shawl and a straw bonnet or hat tnmmed with flowers. Her daughter, Rose, had a clean white dress. The woman's name was Vepshek. a widow, thirty-seven years old, with three children in thit> country, and one. old enough to be at service, in Austria. Her youngest gir I, eight year a old. Wll.S not long ag& ar rested 10 the Fifth Avenue Hotel for begging. This woman knew only one or two words of English, and Siegfried Popper, a Bohemian cigarmaker, interpreted. Mrs. Vepshek started out with evasions and untru,hs, but, reminded of her oath by Chairman Ford, finally got down to facts. She came from Bohemia fourteen years ago. where she had worked at the same business. Sha now worked for Jacoby & Bookman. Her earnings in Austria were three, four and four and a half florins a week (averaging about $1.50 a week. Now, she said, she earned $7 or $7.50 a week. In Austria she worked from six A. !I. to six P. M.; here from eight A. M. to five P. M. When she first came to America she said she earned $10; threg or four years ago she earned $14 or $15 a week. She now occupied three rooms in a tenement house belonging to the firm for which she worked, and for which sb" paid $11 a month. Q Have you not sent out a little girl to beg because you could not supporo your B.. :EE' F*TL"Y' &, co &ueoe-or 'to .R.OJEill!li.R.T :m. .., oo. ESTABLISHED J839, OFFICE 28 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. Pac"te:ry LARGEST BUILDING IN :EE.ey "WV'e&'t. AZLd. JEir:l.ok aza.d. Xroza.. Dlmenllon, 186x40 feet, lvlnlf ftoor space of over H,ooo quare feet, and afl'ordlu;ample room t'or I,GOO 1um41a. family i A. A few weeks ago I did not make wages enoufith and I was compelled to send out the child to beg. Here little Rosie broke in in quite an artless way:-" I was not arrested in the Fifth Avenue Hotel. It was my sis ter Emma." Q. Did you not send both out to bog be cause you did not earn enough to support yourself I A. I sent them out to get some thing to eat, as I had nothing for them. Other questions were put to find out what her average earnings were, and they were found to be little more than $4. Later Mr. Guenther questioned her oa her earnings for the last three months, when her memory be came almost perfect and she showed that she averaged $7 a week. To Congressman Oates she stated that she was compelled to take rooms in the tenements belonging to the firm for which she happened to work, and that the rent was stopped out ef her wages in advance. It appeared that each employee had a card showing the rent due. The whole of the first wages were taken for the rent, and if necessary the second and third week's, so that the work man or workwoman received no wages till the rent was paid. It was under these circum stances, she said, that she sent out her chil dren to beg. She went on to tell that two rooms were rented for $9.50 a month, three for $11. There were twenty families in her five story tenement. In the factory there were fifty females at work. To Congressman Guenther she said she once worked for Seidenberg, but the rent he asked was so h1gh ($12 a month) she could not pay it, and so would not go into the house. The result was that she was dis charged. Before examining the next witness, Jose phine Horn, the Bohemian who has been here for eighteen years without learning English, the committee held a conaultation. They had in mind that some witnesses who had already given testimony were punished by their employers by being discharged. They wished to save the present witness from such a fate. As it was known she was before the committee it was decided to question her. Through the interpreter, Popper, sho said she came voluntarily to testify and was not apprel:.ensive of any unfortunate result. She had worked for one tirm for fifteen years. For the past few months she had been working as a "buncher" for Hirsch, in Fortysecend street. When she came to America she went to service for nearly tws years, then she learned the cigarmaking business, and has worked at it for sixteen years among her own people. At present she was earning $5 or $6 a week. Last year abo earned $9, $10 and $11 a week, but the wages were reduced, and, like a regular American brick, shestrllck. From this point it was hard to get any information from her. She said she was afraid of mjuring,tler own country people. The interpreter, Siegfried Popper, took her place as witness. Although a Bohemian he is a citizen, having been here six years. He is a cigar maker. He said the bosses" when seeking new bands preferred females. who, with scarcely an exception, could not read or write Tne Bohemians lived by themselves and did not try to become Americanized." He knew a man who was here eighteen years, of whom he asked why he did not become a citizen. The answer was he did not know what it was good for. When the internal revenue tax was lowered tke workmen bad one dollar added to their wages, be said, but in the winter of 1883-'84 it was taken off. At that time there was a great iefl.ux of Russian. Hebrews and the charitable Hebrew societies had them set to learning the cigarmakint;:. Immediately Boehm, of Seventy-fifth str.eet and &cond avenue, reduced the wages one-third. OHARITY AND STARVATION. "We went te the United Hebrew Charities' Rooms in Eighth street," continued the wit ness, "And asked why they set these people to compete with us-what was charity to them was starvation to The reply they made was, "We do not receive anything from you and we must do something for them." Popper gave a description of how the RuBSians hved. Many of them. he said, who earned 14 a week pa1d only $1.50 a week for board and lodging an:l saved the rest. They were afraid to be seen associating with Americans. Once when on a committee of the Central Labor Union investigating child labor in the tenements he came upon a family the head of which immediately rose and im posed silence upon the inmates. He found a ch1ld of seven years working at a table. 'fhe surroundings were disgusting. The wit ness asserted that the tenement house labor Jaw was alrealiy a dead From what he had seen be thought it hard for an Amer Ican to alinng and support his family in decency. OIGARHAKERS CROWDED OUT. Mr. Gompers said that during the late cigarmakers' strike in Mil waukee one of the largest firms there ad vert1sed extensively in Germany and Bohemia for help, which re suited in the arrival of quite a number of emigrants and the defeat of the striking Mil waukee cigarmakers. Another instance:Five years ago the manufacturers of New York advertised largely in the cigar making centres of Germany and introduced a large number of immigrants. I refer you to the files of the newspapers for a. descriptiGn of the Polidh Hebrews who came here at that time." Mr. Gompers went on to say that "some fel lows come here wltb a few dollars, get hold of boys whose parents paid $10 for each ch1ld ostensibly to teach him tho trade, and m a few weekd turned them out. These boys were now on the streets looking for work as skilled cigarmakere. To-day there were no ap prentices in the trade. Twenty years ago there were very few cigarmakers who were not natives or Citizens. 'l'hroughout the United States the cigarmakers who wereciti zeus were about seventy per cent. of the whole. In New York city the proportion was reversed." Mr. Gompers described the tenement houses belonging to the b03ses m whwh their eperatives worked. Suppose the rent of a. worker was $12 a month and the first week's wages $8, $9 or $10, the whole sum would be stopped on account of the rent, but the em ployer would open an account with the fam ily and lend it S2 or $3 to get along with. He v1sited 160 houses and did not find a single American in one of them. Mr. Gompers said bCJ was born in England, but came here when a boy with his parents. From the testimony of Mr. Harris and Mr. Gompers the Committee of Investigation will learn and, of course. credit the fact that these two gentlemen, though they be, have a warm corner in their hearts for native United States cigarmakers, and a cold corner in the same vital organ for cigar makers of other nationalities and races. This preference for the nat1ve Yankee is so thoroughly '"English, you know," that the committee, after listening to the dulcet words of the aforesaid witnesses, must have felt that there was something worth living for, after all. For these two English agita tors to work or live here, it was indicated, was all right; but for the German, the RYB sian, the Bohemian, the Pole, the Hungarian to make cigars here, or come here at all, was all wrong. Effrontery surpassing this has seldom been made public. Equally repreben11ible is this of Mr. Harris: ;, Wages have been reduced sixty per cent. in the last twenty-four years. In 1864 the majority could earn $30 a week; now $12 is the average." The majority of cigarmakers never earned $30 a week iu this or any other country, and probably never will. The average weekly wages in 186!l did not exceed $15 a week, while the premium on gold in same year was at sllch a height that the paper dollar, in which cigar makers and all. other people in this country were paid-when not paid in postage stamps-ro.nged_in value at from 33 to 50 cents only, as was the case for a long time afterward. Manifestly Mr. Harris had not, as Captain Cuttle advises, OYerhauled his log when he gave this part of his testi many. Cost of living considered, wages are higher now than ever before. MRS. VEPSHEK. This lady speaks in her own behalf in the summary above, and according to her state ment she has done much better here than in Austria. There she worked from 6 A. M. to 6 P.M., for an average of $1.50 a week; here, working frllm 8 A. M. to 5 P. M., she has re ceived from $7 to $15 per week. ployment in their f9.ctories, and from tbe weekly earning3 deduct a part of the rent that is due. Excepting drones or anarch ists, is there a rational being on earth who can object to so humane a busineee system as this I Yet these witnesses, it appears by the morning papers, "produced a sensation" be fore the Congressional Committee when testi tying on this point. It is about time such wanton theories of the r1ghts of Labor were severely rebuked, and possibly these ob servations are in the nature of a rebuke; we certainly hope they are. Mr. Haas, of Messrs. Kerbs &.SpieSB, as sured us that his firm rented their apartment houses to any worthy families applying for rooms-cigarmakers or others. The firm do not, as alleged, and never did, make occu pancy of their apartments a condition prece dent to the fllrnishinr; of employment. A peculiar circumstance in the investigation narrated in this article is the absence of testimony that might have been obtained by the committee from cigar manufacturers. Tl>ey appear to have been ignored in this se!irch for labor data. TRADE MARKS REGISTERED. W" Applications for Regbtratioa., -cept from parties ...,..,u kllo'IIV1l to ,.., will not be noticed unless accompanied b;r Regbtration Fee. To establish fn court In case of infringement or fraudule:&t claun, ownership in a trade-mark or la86J, it is necessary to prov.e pnor1ty of use, or first use alter a.Ua.ndonment by the original owner; and to make such proof at all tlDlea ava.ila b le, the Toucoo Lu. PvBLlSBINO CoKPA...VY ha're i.Daugurated in their l!llt.fiCe a perfect system for tke registra t10n aud cataloguing of trade marks and labels of eery d 8Crlption pertaining to the k>bacco, cigar and cigarette iDterests of this country, and at lower raU1 than. a,n, any .. where else obtainable. THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO. will regiater, give certificates of registration and publish weekly m the line style exhibited below all tra.demarksandlabels tor 75 Cents Each. SPECIFY THEIR 1JSE, Perso.ns and firms scndmg us trade marks for registration should be particular to specify the Wie or uses to which the are La be, or have been,_ put; whether used for cigars, cigarettes, smokmg, fine cut plug tobacco, or snuff. If the name is to be used for ci!S"rs, it is needless to register it for cigareues, smoking, fine-cut, plug tobacco and sDuii. or any one of these, ill' addition, for a trade-mark can be hel:l only for the particular goods, or class of goods, upon which it is actually used Blu.e Beard. No. 3241. For CigarB. Reg Istered Aug. 15, 8 a. m. Geo. S. Harris & Sons, Phtladelphia, Pa. It is noticeable that neither by this lady, Harris or Gompers is credit given to the self denying and enterprising employers who have established factories in which work could be obtained by those obliged to seek it. If nobody had made places for these com plaining people to earn their living in, could Marloa ltallana. No. 3214. For Cigars. Dark Secret. No. 3242. For Cigars. Reg istered Aug. 15, 8 a. m. Dubin & Oar roll, Boston, Mass. f:arnaUon Pink. No. 3243. For C1gare. (Used since 1881.) Registe_red Aug. 15, 3 p.m. Stephen G. Cond1t, New York, N.Y. Aug. 17, 8 a. m. Castro&; they have founded such places; and If so, Garcia, Chicago, Ill. why have they not done it and made of Flor de Minnetonka, No. 32!l5. For themselves proprietors, landlords, etc., in Ci!?ars. Aug. 17, 3 p: m. stead of remaining grumbling journeymen, Re1d, Murdock & F1sher, Cb1cago, Ill. journeywomen and dependent tenants! Con 'La Flor de Putnam. No. 3246. For Cigars. earning the evils or advantages of tenementRegistered Aug. 18, 12m. Seidenberg & h l.f k tb f Co New York. ouse 1 e or war ese c11mmen.., o ours L Fl N 3 ,,. 7 F c Re h h d Wh k h a nca. o. ..... or 1gars. gJSave not mg to o. at we see ere to tered Aug. 20, 8 a. m. Wm. Graf & Co., impress upon the minds of all wage workers Milwaukee, Wis. is that nobody in this world owes another LIU_le Dorrlt. No. 8248. For Cigars. Regbody a living-parents' obligations to child 1stered Aug. 20, 8 a. m. W. E. Ford &. ren excepted-and that each adult individual Co., Oneonta, N. Y. is first last and always personally responsi Trianon. No. 3249, For Cigare. Regishi f 'h f t l"f tered Aug. 18. 8 a. m. W m. Graf & Co. e or .. 1s or er or une or career lD 1 e. Milwaukee Wis If we will not work and save, the falllt is Locof'oco. No. 325o. For Cigars. Regis-ours; on those who do work and save we tered Aug. 20. 3 p. m. Sutro & New-have no claim; what they may grant us is a mark, New York. concession, not a right of ours. M:atclacroot. No. 3251. For Cigars. Reg-In an interview we had with Mr. Jacoby of istered Aug. 20, 3 p. m. Sutro & NewJacoby & Bookman, that gentleman said':-mark, New York. ---"Mrs. Vepshek came to work for us June 8, and after working a few days all the other workmen got up from the1r seats and in great excitemem declared she was a scab in other shops. I was m sympathy with the woman, and made up my mind to p:ive her employment, notwithstanding the objections made, and told her she could have steady work. She was afraid the other workmen would strike against, and asked me if I would not get her some Dooms in our tene ment houses next to the factory, and so strengthen her position. I told her she could not werk in the teHements, but would have to work in the shop, and she went to work iu the shop. I requested her to take cheap rooms for $9 per month, which she re fused to uo, and, instead, took a suite at $11. I did not know at that time that she was a widow, nor until I heard of the t\rrest of one of her chtld ren tor begging. Since that time I have learned that ene keeps her children regularly begging, and the money collected by them is largely devoted to the purchase of beer, which is procured at the rear of our fActory. On Thursday last all the other workmen in our shop struck against Mrs. Vepehek and refused to work with her, as they were disgllsted with her ways and habits. She earned last week $8.08, and for the past s1x or seven weeks has averaged as ruucb. It is our custom, as it is that of other proprietors, to deduct from the weekly earn mgs for rent. If, fer instanee. $8 are earned in a week, we keep back a portion for the rent due us, the amount of which portion de pends upon the rooms occupied. When needed we advance money for the living ex penses of ou1 tenants. On this subject of rent a few words are permissible. The world ever owners of len aments want their rents in advance or securi ty therefor when strangers apply for the privilege of having a house over their heads. These cigar manufacturers who rent to operatives, however, are less exacting. They let rooms to peor-Ie who have no money or security to offer in advance, give them em GEO. FEHL k CO., Proprietors of tile following regis tered brands of c1gars:-.. BlueRibbon,' uGeorge '"Bright Star," "G. F &: Co.'s .Monogram, "George ana Billy,'' and H St. Louis Fair Diploma." Infringements upon above brands will be prosecuted by law. 130!.1. Sooth BroadW'e}", St. Loal, lllo. tJo.e 18 8'7 ()rop. Up to the present time our orders for sampling the 1887 crop show beyond a doubt that our firm will sample at leas' two-thirds of tbe entire crop. There are several reasons for the great success of our firm. The first 1s, that our prices are so much cheaper than any other house that it is a great saving in dollars and cents to every firm that patron izes us. We pay all claims promptly. Our samples are unquestioned in every part of the WGrld, are strictly reliable, doing justice to both buyer and seller. These are close times and there is no in payinJ!: fancy prices when you can do bet ter with us. Our immense business allows us _to work on a small profit, and we are sat1sfied. We have a storage capacity of thirty thousand cases in this mty. all in one warehouse. near Pier 48, East River. C1ty insurance is low, and we can offer you such rates of storage that it will cost but a very little more to both store and insure with UB' than you now pay for insurance alone in the country. Figure this out and get our ratea and you will see that we are right, and that you are now wasting considerable by JD the country. Whenever you have sampling ta do send us your orders and they will receive prompt attention. We employ over 30 first -class samplers, who are located at the various to bacco centres. Orders left with either of them will receive the same care and prompt attention as if left at our main member, you can save a good many dollars with us during a year's work. Thanking one and all for their more than liberal pa tronage, and pledging myself to merit your further confidence, I remain your obedient servant, CRAB. S PHILIPS, President Phllips Tob. Co., 188 st., New York. .. '"WV'OTFQ _Jr., lmponer and and Packer of SEED LEAF 7obaoeo. 192 fRONT ST., lieU fultua, IEWJORL "' ; ---


AUG. 22. OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. Tarlfl" and Tax Prospeeu-Lear Tobacco W .A.SHINGTON, D. C., Aug. 20. Senator Jones, of Nevada, says that a tari1f and internal revenue bill will be acted upon in the Senate. Senator Allisen says one will be reported from the Senate Finance Committee soon and will pass the Benatl'l. But there are few Congressmen who believe that the Senate and House will agree upon a bill. Indeed, many who may be regarded 68 ex parts in legislative matt11rs laugh at the idea of an agreement at this session, although they thiiJk there is 11. possibility of the passage next session of a bill, which will be a compromise simply, .but which the President will sign in order tliat the tariff and internal revenue laws may be revised and increase of the surplus may be temporarily stopped. It ill true, however, that the only marked change in the situation here grows out of the change in the views t>f those Republicans who advised the majority ef the Senate Fin ance Committee t o try to frame a tariff bill, and who are now aware of the mistake they made. After weeks of public hearinga and much abnl!ll of the Democrats of the House for lJtii:Oring their Republican colleagues while perfecting a tariff measure, the Republican majority of the Senate committee which has charge of this me68ure .find themsel vee oblied to use even greater secrecy, and seem more anxious to exhaust the patience of their opponents than report a tari1f bill. Already the bill upon which they are at work is called a "dark lantern bill" by the Democrats, be cause no one outside of a very limited circle can ascertain anythiug in regard to it. Ru more on the subject are numerous, but con flicting, except 68 to the manufactured tobacco tax, which tax all set!m to agree is to be repealed. It is said that the present delay is caused IJy :Mr. Blaine's criticisms on the programme which was agreed upon before he returned. Of course, Senators Allison, Aldrich and Hiscock indignantly lleny thi8, but there is evidently some unexpected cause of delay, and ae this bill will state theRepub lican position and will thus materi11lly llffGCt the party's chances during the campaign, it is prab11ble, said thll close observer with whom I talked to day, that Dame Rumor is rigkt. "Why," said he, "don't you know that Blaine was oppoeed to all attempts to frame a bill this year. He wanted the peo ple to speak 11t the polls WI to the main q ues tJOn, namllly, protective duties or not.'' Inquiries concerning the prospects for a speedy adjournment are answered now by a shake of tlile head and a shrug of the shoul dere. The political prophets are discouraged. The wisest now expect to remain until October, believingthat the Republican tariff bill will appear early next week 11nd w1ll con sume from four to six weeks before tbe fact can be made plain to the country that an agreement this session is impoBSible. Yet all admit that an adjournment resolutilln from the House of Representatives would quickly p!II!S the Senate. INCREASED APPROPRIA.TIONS. A new turn bas been to the contro versy recently by the publication of figures showing that the increased appropria tiona already made by CongreBS this year will prevent the surplus in the Treasury from in creasing much before the beginning of the next fiscal year, if then. The Republicans are making use of the argument to show that 11. revision of the tariff is not needed in order to reduce the revenues, as a repeal of the internal revenue laws, in so far 68 they relate to the subject of tobacco, will stop the alarming increase of the surplus, and reduce the revenue to the actual wa.ots of the Government. The increased appropriations referred to are for public buildings, pensions and deficiencies mainly, and at a rough cal culation amount to within ten millions of the estimated revenue for the year, thus proving that "a protect.ive t11riff revenue breeds extravagance," as the. tariff reformers here claim, or that "such a revenue is needed for the expenses of the Government ae well. as the protection of our industries," 11s the'Re pubhcans claim. 1lhe estimated revenues 11re $440,000,000 in round numbars, and those who are posted on these matters say the perm!lnent 11nd the increai!ed expenses of the Governmef!t this year will come within $13,000,000, and near $10,000,000 of that enor-mous amount. -ANNOY ANOES TO IMPORTERS. Inquiries at the TreMury to day revealed a disposition to sustain all appmisers. at the various porte who have been complamed of by the importers of tobacco recently. Capt. MacGreggor, chief of the Customs Division, says .complaints are frequently made, but those wbo have p;rievances are generally re ferred to the customs officers at their port, for the tobacco having been delivered cannot properly be reexamined_ to settle such ques tiona, and the Department, of course, must act upon and in aecordance with the reports of ita offici11ls. 1 No more sacisfactory plan than the one adopted has yet been suggested to prevent discrimination and fraud in the importation of leaf tobacco. It seems that a complaint in the nature of an appeal W68 made last week and sent to New York by the Customs Division for a report, but it is be lieved here that a re-appraisal is the only remedy in cases where. the is called improper and unJust by the Importer. Of course, the officials in this sity claim there is no intention to discriminate against the Sumatra tob11cco, 11nd say the present system of is adequate for the proportiOns that snould pay the t!lntyfiye and seventy-five cent rates reMpectJvely. B. P.G. Jmpor1ecl Lear To-..acco Of all Klncla In New York. cuy Bonded Warehouae. Pounds. Stock on hand July 1, 1888 ......... 5,604,654 Received in July ................... 1,231,604 Total ......................... 6,836,258 WithdrawaleExport ....................... Transportation ......... .. Consumption ................ .. Liquidation .......... : ....... 166,111 70.780 995:941 8,347 Total ......................... 1,241.179 Stock on hand July 31, 1888 ....... 5,595,079 PHIL.&DELPHI.& NOTES. We note with pleasure, because of its finan cialad yantage to the owners, that our towns men and live business firm, M. E. McDowell & Co., 605 and 607 Chestnut street, who are the of the popular granulated smoking brand, "Blackwell's Durham," have sold to a Quaker City Trust Co. their large and extensive brownstone store, which they at present occupy, for the handsome sum (rumor baa it) of $200,000, a oonsiderable ad vance over the price paid a few years ago. Packers of 'fiT Connecticut leaf are now receiving qmte an ovation in the favorable approval of inspectors' samples. No wonder, for it is thin, of desirable_ color, and shows up well in gloss. Leaf dealers look -very bright and liappy. Why ? Because circumstances and the '87 crop of cigar leaf are full of favorable omens that the year 1888 will remunerate them handsomely for their trouble in gathering it. Wor1h7 of 1he Hoor, The Governor of Pennsylvania has ap pointed John W. Woodside, of the commissioner to represent Pennsylvam .. at the celebration of the inauguration of George W11shingt a n in New York. He just received his delphio. Press says:-" Mr. Wood!nde s a public spirited citizen who b68 taken great mtl'lrest in all of the centennial demonstra tions. It is a very fit selection." GOSSIP FB.OK BRAKKE GB.OJIDE. (SPII:OIAL TO THill TOBACOO LEAF.) AMSTII:RDA.M. Aug. 8. The fil'llt of August was an eventful day for the AmsteriJam tobacco market, for altlaough the Americans present did not block way as they did last year, they all were w1lhng pay prices for their purchases, and thJ.s, of course, influenced the market to a certam degree, and the prices paid for di1ferent _Par eels. One of the lets, L P C I T, was sold before the auction, and this, as a rule, sets the Dutch rather wild. It is remarkable that a lo.t of which only eight bales h11d the 35 cents weight wae sold to a prominent member of the old society, agamst importation frauds. He pa1d $L20 for this parcel, and hae new a ch11nce to give the Government its dues or duties, as you like it, in the shape of 75 cents a pound. There is an example for you t The Deli Maatschappy :roewa d1d not bring a high price; in the company could not get 11 h1gh enough otrer and sold to one of the dealers here below brokel'll' valuation. Although there w68 no rush, it could be 11een that few good parcels are _eft on other side, ae fair pr1cea were pa1d for SUit able good11. Messrs. Cullmans & Rosenbaum some 125 bales fine Deli for about $1.08, and friend Pretzfeld secured about 60 bales for $1. Mr. Hamburger bought some floe light to baccos and paid a ,;ood price for them. Neuburg, of E. R. & Bro., bought a largs quantity, 68 usual, and very good tobaccos wo. No new arrivals. The Brakke Gronde u.F present is 68 dead as in winter time. The brokers' offices are deserted, and everybody is taking his holiday, until the 26th of Sep tember, when about 20,000 bales will be sold. We hope to aee a few more AmeriCans by that time for I think there will be enough voters left to keep up the exCitement and pull either of the two candidates through. We are all.starting for the seaside or the woods now new strength for coming struggles, Very truly yours, LANKAT. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FoR WEEK ENDINQ A.UGUST 18. Western Leaf-The sales reported embrace only lines for current wants and appear to have been small in number and volume. The, event of the week h68 been the awarding of tbe ne w contract by ITALY, which was announced by cable Tuesday, is today, when these lines are writteo. Rumor had it that all t4ll old contractors had been favored-which W68 well, and that an additional competitor had succeeded in get ting a chance to be useful on Italian Regie account. Our iuformation is to the effect that the contract has been awarded as follows: G. Reusens, one-third. M. A.benheim & Co., one third. Toel & Wipperling, one-sixth. E. E Wenck, one-sixth. As is well known, the call is for six million kilos Kentucky leaf, equal to about 8,500 hogsheads. Virginia Leaf-No report has been made to us during the past week, nor have we been able te learn of any sales of importance. Dark. Dark. Com. lugs .. I Com. leaf .. 7 @ 8 Good lugs .. Good leaf .. 8 Fine leaf .. Domestic Cigar Leaf-Business this week was not as brisk 68 the previous one, al though considerable new tobacco changed hands, every 'variety selling to some extent. In a few weeks the sampling of tobacco will be at its height, and then we will expect business to assume a very lively aspect, as there is leaf in the 1887 crop the eq u11l of which hils not been seen in yf'ars. Taking this into consideration, with the reports cur rent of the inferiority of the new Sumatr11 crop, we see every indication. for 11n ad vance in price for our domestic leaf. Old goods sold readily when they contained ,;he B and C class of tobacco at good figures. The ex port demand for low grades is increasing. J. S. GANS' SoN, broker, 131 Water Street, reports to the TOBACOO LEA.F 68 follows:The good feeling prevailing all along tinues, but many buyers are now awaltmg the sampling of the 1887 goods before invest ing. For this week the sales foot up 3,l50 cases, of which600 cs.' 1887 State Hav.-On'on-dagf\ and Flats ...... ...... 12 250 cs. 1887 Housatonic Ha v. p. t. 300 cs. 1887 Penn. Havana .... 19 250 cs. 1887 Penn .. Seed ........ 10 400 cs. 1886 Penn. Seed......... 150 cs. 1886 Penn. Hav. Seed ... 11 300 cs. 1887 Wis. Havana...... 9 @13 200 Cll. 1886 Wis. Hav. Seed ... 10 100 cs. 1887 Zimmer's Spanish. 19 @_:__ 250 CB. 1887 DoLch ......... p t. 150 cs. 1887 New Eng. Hav ..... 17 200 cs. Sundries.. .. .. .. .. .. 5 @30 Divided as follows:-To manufacturers ............ . 950 c68es To city trade .................... 1,550 To out of town.................. 650 T utal ................... 3,150 Havana-Increased activity was shown in the market for this class of goods this week, with sales reaching nearly 800 or 900 bales, principally old VueltWI, ameng which one transaction of about 600 bales figures promi nently. Prices are stiff, raniing from 65 to 110 cents. Quotations. Havana Fillers-Very common 60 Common ...... 76 Good to med. 85 lied. to fine. 95 E'ine .......... 105 Superio ...... 115 Yar11-I and II cuts 68sorted ... 65 II cuts .................. 75 to 70 to 85 to 95 to 105 to 115 to 125 to 70 to 85 Sumatra-The presence of a number of out-of-town buyers, but who have left in the meantime, gave the market an appearance of activity the beginning of this week, and although they not plunged heavily into buying Sumatra, they all bought something. 'l'hey were much surprised at the fact that the new tobacco of this kind looks much bet ter than they anticipated, considering the reperts which first reached this country from Holland, and the general opinon was that this leaf will continue to be in demand far wrapper purposes. Toward the end of the week business was rather quiet. Sales oi 300 bales at $1.35 to $1.75 were made. Plug-For export account thare has been a goed inquiry, and we note shipments amount ing to 242,179lba. The home trade has been as usual. Brights: Quotatwns-.Jn Bond. Navy 4e, 5s, tis, 3s .......... ; 18 to 25 3i !be, lOs and Pocket Pieces ..... 18 to 25 light -pressed and Gold Bars ........................... 25 to 40 6 and 12-inch twist ............ .. 22 to 35 Blacks : lOs, 12s, M Iss ................... 16 4s, lis, 3s lbs ............... 18 Navy lOs and Pocket Pieces., ... 17 Neg1'0head twist ......... ..... ... 21 to 17 to 25 to 25 to 30 Sm.okina-The inquiry has been steady, and tho sales effected have been to the usual weekly extent for the season. THE TOBACCO Cigars-Both importers and manufacturers report a steady demand and look forward to a good fall trade. LicorictJ Quotstiom. Spanish: Per lb. I Italian: Per lb. u ,. Pilar ......... 23 .... 24 "G. C." ........... .261" Sant1 Franco" .. "'F. G." ........... 26 "l:!:tna" ......... "Wallis Ex." ...... 261 Turkish: "Sterry Ex." ...... 26 "W. S. ......... 16 '' Carenou & Tur.".261 "T. W. S." ...... 16 "C. C. y Ca." ..... 24 "A. 0. S." ...... 16 DOIIlESTIO REOBIPTS, T.he articles were received at the port ot New York during the week ending Aug. 18: I1JJ thl llrU Sieber' 10 hbds; H A.benheim & Co 26 do; Oelrich & Co 4; C B Lock wood 12; C H lilpitzner & Son 250 cs leaf; oraer 46 hhds. I1JJ 1M R1wr H Spitzner & Son 31 cs leaf: E R<>senwalt & Bro 'IS(j do; N Lachenbruch c! Bro 59; order 74 hhds, IIJJ 1M-Pen"'J!ltoGIIia R4ilr 1; E New 1;J F J :X:iquea 2; F H Leggeu & Co2; R C Brown & Co 1; order 601 bhds, 80 cs leaf, 8 do cigars. By the &nd OliiiJ RailroaLnning 1 ; J 0 Joy s lin 1; F Marrero 6; E stab rook & Eaton 2; G Alces 13: G W Nichols 12; Seidenberg & Co 26; John D Trealas 11; G W Faber 8; H R Kelly & Co 25; W F Taylor 2. Tobacco-N Kuhoen 20 bales scraps: P Pohalsk1 & Co2; F Marrero ot t;)g; G A.lces 2; G W Nichols 1 ; Seiden berg & Co 8; Baker & DuBoi 6; L Sylvester, Son & Co 1; W rtheim & i:!chiffer 1; J Ellinger & Co 4 do, 8 bales leaf; Schroeder & B o n 1 bale cuttiags, llllPORTII, The arrivals at the port of New York from for eign ports for the week included the following consignments:-Ponce-J ose llrenend e z & Co 1 cs cigars. Rio Janei1o-B R Christiansen 3 bales tobacco. lwturdam-Schroedcr & Bon 160 bales Sumatra; order 433 do. Trinidad-Leaycraft & Co 1 cs cigars. Vera (hu2-C L Pierson & Co 1 cs cigara; Jas E Ward & Co 88 do. Havana-Tobacco-B Disz & Co 120 Bchroedi & Bon 342 do; E Ho:ffinan & Son 81; Pretzfeld & Co 9; A Gonzalez 7 ; Thos C Pollock 29: Lozaso, Pendas & Co 7; Gans Bros & Rosen thal 216; J Shack 10; Calix to Lopez It Co 30; J Bernheim & Son 56; I Reinitz 111 ; M Stacbelberg & Co 21; order 484; H G ReiiZenst ein 194 do, 1 pkg; J E Ward & Co 805 do, 3 bbls picadura; Jose Marti 2 do, 10 do. Cigars-Lozano Penrls & Co 7 cases: H H Kelly & Co 13 do; G W Faber 8; Max Co 6; E Regensberg 3: P k J Frank 2: WE Parsons, Jr 7; Purdy c! Nicholas 20; P Pobalski & Co 9; ll1ichaeli & W Straiton 8; W F Taylor S; B Wassermann 10; Thos C Pollock 4; order 55; Park & Tilford 40; Acker, Merrall & Condit 35; Jas E Ward & Co 874 do, 4 bbls cigarettes, 8 cs do Receipts of licorice at the port of New York for week ending Aug. 20, 1888: LIOORIOII: PASTil: Zuricalday & Arguim bau. per Elysia, from Naples, 110 pkgs (24,396 lbs). .t:XPoa ra !"rom the J>Ort o! New York to porto to> the week ending Aug. 18, 1888, were as foll0ws :.Alicante-451i hbds. ..llntiDerp-102 hbds 15 cs. Argentine Republic-25 pkgs (4,000 lbs) mfd. B,.err.en-98 hhds, 1,252 cs, 325 oales, 17 pkgs lbs) mfd. Bitillh Au.-o2 pkgs t3,971 lbs) mfd. british W&t lndies-4 hhds, 1 cs, 14 pkgs (1,263 lbs) mfd. Bitis" E181 8,640 47,601 24,234 27,720 5,998, 768 NEWS FROJ!I Onds with the number on t.b& banjo. Instruction parlors so that each pupil Ia taught privately. Full knowledge of this iutrument by mr method of teaching guaranteed in a. courge ottwent. y lessona. Dia.e-ra.m method without notes. Sl.OO. Relnllar Note lblk for Banjo. 81.00. Sent by on receipt_o! pt1ce. Adelrees tor Illustrated circulars, HENR.Y C DOBSON, 1270 Broadway, New York City, U.S. A. 11 :&::ey -.gv e-c PICADURA CHEROOTS. Tracle-Mar.k 1 ;r. P. tT. :X:. Principal Depots: 57 Broadway; 191 Broadway-. corner John st.; 11nd 489 BrCJadway, corner Broome. NewYork. The above brand, having been copyrighted, the trade is call.tioned not to imitate the same uader the penalty of the law.. Each containing 18 clieroots in tin foil, bears a yellow label with an X en the face of the label aDd a wh1te label across one end of package, on which are t.he.initials, J. F. J. X. Also imported Key West .ana Dometic Cigars. all grades, at Wholesale. 1198-1223 J. F. J. XIQUES.


4 Eastern Markets PHILADELPHIA, Pa Aug 20 -Mr. A. n. Fonltl'ray, Tobacco Inspector, reports to \be To-.a,ooo u followa -Dealers have handled "JDanufactured barif tebacco the past week m mod erate amounts, and only such brands as have been populanzed. Pnces are apDilJ'ently firm. Fuut cuts allow tncreased mqmry. Bmoktng tobi\CCO recetves a steady demand All and brands come m for a share. largely confined to the ntckle rade, e.peete.lly of rehable mau.ufacturers while low grades are sttll sold with pnces favorable to buyers. Bnuff-MBnufll.Cturers of reliable gooda recetvmg a full share of tha demand. Receii>b for the week-2,519 boxes, 3,008 ca.ddtes, 4 106 caseo and 260 palls of fine cuts. 'Seed Leaf-Inqumes are now datly made of packers "Have you sampled '87 leaf, aad tf not, h9W soon? We want to see the inapectors' sam plea. As it ts, quite& number of cases have been aold subJec t to approval of inspectors. Old stock moves oll freelv It ts true, trade ts not heavy, but the aggregate amount sold shows a very favora ble a11d encouragmg buemees Upon the wliole, the aspect for the balance of the year for the &ale of CtJ(ar leaf certa1111y looks more favorable than usual 11t tbs t1me of the year. Prices are very steady and firm Sumatra recetves no n!terruphon to sales Show it up, particularly tf old, and tt IS speedtly gobliled up. Havana has no antagoatst, so that the field IS free, and sales follow qmckly tf the stock has quahty. Recetpls for the week-M cases ConnectiCut, 429 cases Pennsylvarna 59 cases Obto, 64 cases Little Dutch. 886 cases W tsconsm, 115 cases York State, 146 bales Sumatra, 391! bales Havana, and 128 hb.ds Vtrgmta and Western leaf tobacco &lea tor the week-59 cases Connect1cut, 323 cases Pennsylvama, 80 caaes Ohto, 41 cases Ltttle Dutch. 306 cases Wtsconsm, 89 easel York State, bales Sumatra, 278 bales Havana, and 14 bbds of Western leaf tn transtt duect to manufacturers. Export of leaf tobacco: To Ltverpool, per str Lord 62,110 lbs, to Antwerp, per str Noerd land, 19.584 lbs; to St Thomas, per str Peneroy, 3,601. Total, 85,245 lbs Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. C., Aug 18.-Headerson Bros., Leaf To!Mcco Brokera, report to the To liACCo LEAF as follows-We have had some tobacc() on sale every da.y this week, most of whteh has been common and damaged and sold low We aaw a sample of new tobacce> to day that was cured th18 week. It looks well. We hear ef a good many who will commence cuttmg soon The crop ts re ported as look1ng well QUOTATIONS-(New ) Blllolr.ers-common .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 @ 5 Medium ....................... I! @ 7 Good ....................... 8 @11l ()utters-Common ................... 12 @15 Medium ....................... 11! @18 Good ........................... 18 @23 l!'illers-Common .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 @ 6 Medium ........................ 6 @ S Good ............. ...... ..... 18 @19 F1ne. ........................ 28 @33 Wrappers-Common.. . 8 @12 Medium ....................... 12 @18 Good .......................... 20 BALTIMORE, Md., Aug. 20 -Messrs Ed. Wiachmeyer & Co Tobacco Commtsst"n Mercllants, report to the ToBACCO LBu.-The market for Maryland contmues to rule ftrm for all c.lesua ble grades offenng, both for France and the open markets. Recetpts contmue hberal, and sales amount to 1,800 hbds for t)le week OhiO IS qmet, with pnces firm. Sales of 68 hbds dunng the week for export Iaspected tht8 week-2,115 hhds Marylanfl, 588 Ohio. Total, 2. 703 bhds Cleared same penod-Str Gothenber' City, for Antwerp, 54 hhds Maryland, 10 hhds Oh1&, il'OBACCO BTATBKBN:II. .Ju 1, 1888-Btock oa hand m tobacco wareheuaes and on shipboard not cleared.. 27,975 hbds Jnapected thts week . . ll,50a bbds Iaepected previously........ .. .. 27,560 hbds 1!8,088 hbds Kzports of Maryland and Ohio alnce Jm. 1. 11!88, and slupped coastwise 29,642 hbu ;::!tock In tllil da.y and on shipboard not cleared 28,396 hhds Bklclr. same tune m 1887.... .. ....... 31,290 hhds ll&nufactured Tobacco-There is little activity in uur market and prices firm Bmokinll: JI1'CI fairly busy. CINCIN:NA.TI. o., Aug. 18.-Messra Prague & lb&lell, Leaf 'tobacco Bro"kera and Re dryers of Cutting Leaf and Ping Tobacco, report aa foll&wa to \be Toucco LBD"-Tbere is httle &f any interest to report of the market dunnr the past week One of the !arrest buyers on the breaks haa been abteat, and the market durmg the early part of tile week was wtthout life or animation, but cloaed with a better feehng and prices stronger for ail 1111rts. There have been fine rains during the past day or so, and they have probably helped the late plantm11: very much, but have beard no reports as yet. There ts notlnng of good quahty being ollered on the breaks at preoeat. the kmda aelhng bemg most &!together of the low and medium acrts. Whenever anytbmg of reel merit appears, it sella at hi.rh figures and is very scarce Week. Year Week. Year. 1888. 1888. 1887 18!!7. Olferlnga....... 834 21,124 1,489 49,680 Recetpt&........ 741! 2,260 Classlftcatioll of offertngs 1!8 hbcla Mason County, Ky., District. 85 Pendleton 12 Owen 49 Blue Grasa 85 Brown County, 0., Dtstrict. 8 Eastern Ohto. 6 West V uginia. 26 from the city, ClaEsiftr.atton of prices : g bbds at 1!.00 to 3 90, 24 hhds at 4 00 to 5 95, 22 bbds at 8 00 to 7 95, U hbds at 8 00 to 9 95, 168 hbds at 10 00 to 14. 75, 88 hhds 15.00 to 19.75, 8 hbds at 20.75 to 28.00. CINCINNATI QUOTATIONS. Outttng Stock. Smoktng Luga. &raps and Infenor Trasll . 2 00@ 4 00 Common Dark .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. li 00@ 7 00 Common Bngbt .................. 8 00@10 00 lledmmBrtght .................... 10 00@12 00 Good ................ 12 00@14 00 Btnpvmg Lugs. Common .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 00@12 00 Medium Brtght .. .. .. .. .. .. .... 12 00 09 Good Brtl[bt .. .. .. .. .. ........ 18 00@16 00 Fine ................................ 16 00@19 00 Leaf Medium Bnght .................. 15 00 00 Good Bnght ....................... 19 00@21 00 Fme Bnght........... .. .. .. .. .. None. Manufacturing-Plug Fillers. Common Dark., ........... ........ 1S 00@15 00 Medmm .......................... 17 00@19 00 Good Red ........ -................ 20 00@22 00 Fine ............................ 23 00@24 00 SEED LEAl' MARKET. The Seed leaf market was active to-day, wtth liber&l sales. The offermgs at the :Morns Ware house-H Feltman & Co -were 50 cases and 8 re jectwns, 8 cases W1sconm at 3 20 to 5 20, 14 Obw :Spanish, 9.00to 14 25, 4 Ltttle Dutch, 9.25 to 11 25, 16 Wtsconsm Spanish, 8 00 to liS 71i, 8 Ohto Seed, 2 50 to 6.40. CLARKSVILLE Telln.,Aug.18.-Me881'8 X H Clark & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, report to the TOBACCO LBA7,-Recetpts cOlltmue !m&!l, and sales for the week entimg to day were 376 hhds The otlenngs were matnly of the lower grades of leaf. The gener&l feehng was atronl!er, and the market on an average Me higher. Bhtpments are to go forward more freely, aud ware bouse stocks show depletiOn The crop n the field bas been suftermg enously from drouth for two weeks, causmg Jleld ftnng anfl forcmg premature cuttmg. The weather became shliwery on the 16th, and the rama have bad S()mewbat of a general character smce, and it Ia to be hoped that all furtlter damage by drouth has been checked. Much of the crop 18 attl! sm&ll, but if we have a late fall it may all come m before frost, as tt should grow well from this ttme forward. The recent showers ma.y check the speculative feelmg wbtcb was aptn manifested. QUOT.A.TIONII. Lugs-Commen ....................... 4% Medtum. ....................... Good .......................... Leaf-Common ........................ 7 @ :Meetum ......................... 9 @11 Good ......................... Fme ................... ....... 14 Ubmce selectioDII ................. 16 @18 DANVILLE, Va..,Aug.17.-M:r, PaulO. Yea able, Leaf Tobacco Broker, repOrts to the To :JI.l LBu aa followa.-This PWket continues fairly supplied with the 11sual grades of tobacco Prtces are unchanged and steady on destrable grades The supply of tobacco tn farmers' hands ts small and Is bemg raptdly marketed Farmers arc complatamp; or dry weatter, and reports from some eecttuns are not encouragmg, whtle from others a fatr crop reperted -QUOTATIONS, Smokers-Common .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 @ !I Medmm colery .................. 6 @ 8 do ................. 8 @10 Good bngbt. ................ 10 Cutterij-CoJDnoon bngbt ............. 12 @11! Medmm bngbt .. .. .. .. ..... 15 @20 Good bnght ..................... 20 @25 Fme bnght .................. 25 @30 Fancy br1ght .. ... .. ... SO Flllers-Commop .. .. .. .. .. .. .. li Medtum .................... I! @ 6 Good .......................... 7 9 Fme ......................... 9 l''ancv .. ................... 12 @Hi Wrappers-Common ................ 12 @15 Medium ... ...... ........... 15 @18 Good ....... .. ... ... .. .. .. 18 Ftne ........................... 25 @35 Fancy ................... 40 @60 Extra fancy ..................... 60 @80 DURHAM, N. C., Aug. 17 -Meurs Webb & KI'MDer, Leaf Tobacco Dealers report to the ToJIACCo LKAF as follows -There was an am mated to note tlnsweek Breaks were very heavy, and offenngs embraced all the medmm grades A very destrable !me of medtuHJ and com m o o maoogany wrappers are sellmg at reasonable pnces, and tbts c l ass of tobacco seems lower than for mny years Prices are well sustamed, wttb seme fluctuatiOn now and then. HENDERSON, N. C., Aug. 18.-Measrs Lewts & Thomas, Leaf Tobacco CommtsstJ)n Mer chants, report to the ToBACCo LKAF as follows -uur sales sum up ltgbt thts week, though some good stock was otlered aad sold at outstde prices Some nades are lower and less m :demand. :Me slum fiUers anEI com moD to medmm wrappers are much lower and qutte pl ntiful. A few ptles of new appear on the floor nearly every day, which look very infenor 'I be followmg were appointed at a meeting 1ues8 ay, a delente& to the coaventtou of the Stete Tobacco Assoctation, wbtcb meets at Morehead, < N C AU&' 28 -Messrs W H Smoot J. P. Ta) lor, G L. Smttbson, f:l R Harrts and R G. llart. QUOTATIONS. Fillers-Common dark or ..... 4 Common to medtum II @ 7 Medmm to ............ 7 @10 Good to fine ................. 12 @14 Smokers-Common.. .. ............ 8 @ 5 Common to medmm 5 @ 8 Medmm to good .............. 8 @12 Goodteftne ................. 12 @15 Cutters-Common to medmm ..... 12 @1!! Medmm to good ............ 20 @25 Good to fine .. ............ 25 @36 Fancy .. .. .. .. .. ...... 30 Wrappers-Common ................. 10 @14 Common to medmlD .. .. .. 15 @IJO Medium to good ............. 25 @35 Good to fine ................ 85 @/ii;i Ftne to fancy .. .. .. .. .. ..... 155 @715 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., A11g 18.-Mr Geo V Thompson, Tobacco Broker, reports to the 1'0BACCO LEAJ' -Rccetpts for the week, 70 hbda. Sales, 45 hhds Market ah_gbtly We have fine rams m tbts section, wlltch wtll great ly improve the crop. Unsold stock here about 2,560bhds. QUOTATIONS -(New Crop) Lugs-Common . 3 50@ 4 ISO Medmm ................. 41>0@ G 60 Good .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 150@ 7 00 Leaf-Uommou ................. 6 59@ 7 50 Medium ................ 7 150@ 8 1>0 Good .................... 9 00@10 00 Ftne .................. ,10 00@12 00 Wra!l)lers. : ................... 12 00@17 00 LOUISVILLE, Aug. 18 -llllr .A.. Falcoaer, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to the TOBACCO Llu7 as fellows -The tmprove ment notad tn last week's report In the better grades of Burley leaf lias been oust.ained, and priCes at the close of the current week sb3W a furtller advance Medtum and low grade Burleys are uncbanged. Dark leaf of fatr to good quahty bas" almost dts appeared from the breaks. Regte buyers find It dtflicult to ptek up m the open market a hue of leaf smtable for thetr wants, holders of such types baT mg apparently made up thetr mmds to hold on, In hope of a atronger market tn the near future Com moB dry htgs and trash have been offered very free ly durmg the week, and a number of sales have bee a made at figures shghtly better than they would have reahzed last month 'fbe long dry spell whtch threatened tile growing crop bas, at last, come to an end, and copious raips, covermg the entire tobacco area, have dunng the past few days changed: the aspect of tbtags very matenally ..lll tbmgs bemg equal, we may safely a large anEI ex cellent crop thts l!eason. Recetpts for the week were 877 hogsheads, agsm s t 2,398 bhds for same week last year. Sales for the week month and ye&r and corre spondmg penod of three former years were as fol lows:-Week. Month, Year 1888 ............... 1,140 8,160 54,876 1887 .... --..... ..... 2,738 8,076 90,203 1886 ............... 2,775 7,765 90,824 1881> ............ 2,172 7,541 94 274 22,178 hhds of crop of 1887 sold to date, agamst 68,115 bbds of crop of 1886 sold to same date m 1887, anti 74,719 bhds of crop of 1885 sold to same date tn 1886. Rejections for week, 2S7. QUOTATIONS, Dark. Trash. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 00@ 1 50 Common lugs. 1 75@ 2 150 Medmm Jugs ... 2 75@ 8 7G Good lugs ............ 8 75@ 4 50 Common lea.f ......... 4150@ 5 50 Medmm leaf. .. 6 00@ 7 00 Good leaf .. .. .. 8 00@ 9 150 Fme leaf.. .. ... ..10 00@12 00 Burley 800@9150 10 00@12 00 12 150@14 00 15 00@161>0 17 00@18 50 19 00@21 00 22 06@24 00 25 00@2700 LYNCHBURG, Va.,Aug 2e -M-. Holt, Bcbaefer & Co Buyera and llanollers of Leaf Te -bacco, reJJQrt to the ToBACCO LB.U' as follows. The recetpts m our market continue to fall oll, reachuog only 358 900 lbs, agamst 409,800 lbt last week The total st11ce Oct. 1, 1887, amounts to 23,G7ll,400 lbs. agamst 27,828,800 lbs dunng same period last !eason, showmg a sbortag& this year of 8,650,900 lbs The demand, although not general, conttnuea fatrly acttve, and all grades are selhng at about former pnces. We have bad several rams again last week, and the crop consequently do Jng moderately wellm our sectwns, M.AYFffiLD,Ky.,Aug. 18 -Puryear, & Co Leaf Tobacco Brekers, report to the 1'oBACCo Lau as follews:-Market mamly htgber, though q ut te trregular. Hhds. Rece1pts for week............ .. .. 105 Recetpts January 1 ..... ..... 7,313 Ollenags for week.. .. .. .. .. 317 Ollermgs for year .............. 8,595 Ne sales for week. . . 278 Net sales for year ................. 6 ,961 QUOTATIONS Lugs-Common (dark) .. .. .. .. .. .. S Medmm do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. H @ 4 Good do ................ 4 @ 5 Fme do ............. 5 @ 6 Leaf-Low do ................ 4 % 5 % Common tio .............. 6 @ Medmm do ................ Good do .. .. .. .. FREIGHT RATES PER 100 POUNDS. To New York, allratl... ... .. .. .. ... 41c. To New Orleans, all "'1 . . 25c Boston rates 5c above New York, and Pbtladel phi& 2c, and Baltimore Sc below NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug 18 -H H Poston, Leaf Toloacco Broker, reports to the To BA.CCO -No demand, no sales, and quotatiOns nommal There IS some destre to sell tf tnere WI\S any demand Recet ts were all of Paducah styles Fme rams commenced to fall yesterday and still coatmue. Recetpts . ... 24 bbds. OJfenngs. .. .. . .. .. .. 2 QUOTATIONS Common to good lugs .................. 17JlJl Common to medtum leaf.... .. .... 4 @7 Good leaf ........................ 7 @9 RATES OJ' TRANSPORTATION PER 100 POONDS To New York, all rat! .. .. .. .. ... To New Orleans, all raJ!, ................. 2Ic To New York rates add lie per 100 lbs for Boston and d!l(!uct 2c for Philadelphia and ac for Baltrmore PADUCAH, Ky., Aug 18 -Puryear, Myles & 09 Tobacco Brokers, report to the LEu as follows-Market steady for lugs and hgbt leaf, and firmer for heavter and better sorts Qu<ty shows nnprovement thts week. .l:!hds. Recetpts for week. . .. .. 148 Recetpts stnce Jan 1 .. 9 ,661 Offermgs for week .. .. .. .. 2S2 Offermg for year ............... 10,927 Net s&les for week ......... .. .. 226 Net s&les for year ................. 9,088 THE TOBACCO LEAF. QUOTATIONS, Lugs-CCimmon (dark) ........ :Medmm do Good do Fme do Leaf-Low do Common ilo Medmm do Good do RATES OF TBANM'ORTATION Rates to New York all rat!, per 100 lbs .... 32c do water and 1 at! do 29c Boston rates lie above New Y a rk, and Pbtladel pbta 2c and Balttmore 3c below. .RICHMOND, Va., Aug 17 -W E Dtbrell Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to the 'l'oBACCo LEAF as follows .-The features of thu week's market have been round lot sales of common to medmm bnght fillers some for home use a sumber of bovs beads for South Carohna manufacture aecouot, whtle a greater part have been bought by a Northern manufacturer's agent, asd some seem to be des trued for the Contment. In wrappers, too, for Now York and the West, there have lleen several good sales but wtth all tbts there ts notbmg hke actiVIty tn our market m any hne of tobacco s btp ptng IS exceedtngly dull as heretof o re The rams have done good all around, aud dark toloacco looks much tmproved and no httle wtll be safely h oused before frost. The bnght t ob acco belt ts sullermg for want vf good rams stt ll, and the plants Jack that spread of leaf that wtll and can enly make wrappers; hence we think trlat good wtappers and cutters are likely to advance ere G ng The Burley market bas beea !lull for three weeks past The Exbtbttwn proJect ts progressmJt ftne ly Days are bot but ntgbts are cool, wtth heavy ve to domestic wrappers a natural and perfect 8 u mat ra c I OS s Without any sticky propensities. Our Havana. Tobacco Oil has the actual ingredients of the rich!lst Havana tobacco. One gallon will make 60 gallons Concen trated Flavor! This we also guarantee! Our Box Flavor has no defimences, an.d must be tried to be apprecated. With our Vegetable Speckling Compound, an exceptionally valuable preparatwn, Cigars can be speckled. We ask no one to buy before trying tkese goods. A sample of each we furnish gratis on application. CALIFORNIA DISTILLING WORKS, ADAMS AUTOMATIC PLUG TOBACGO PRESS. Patented August 18, ISS5 Makes all shapes of Plug Tobacco -AND 8 & V ;8 FKOlll$2 to $3 PER DAY IN WRAPPERS. CAP A CITY 2,000 to 2,600 POll'J(DS PER. DAY. <'an l>e operaled l>y uaek.llled labor, bo)'e or &lrl. CORRE8PONDii:N(lE SOLICI'rii:D, Now In UIC In the lal"ll'et tactorlett In the United Address: Adams Tobacco Press Co., Quincy, Illinois. EXCHANGE CROP & MARKET REPORTS I frosted leaf at $3 per case. Why wtll a man 1 hold on to trash I The same farmer has a tine crop of some st:x acres this yAar at Northampton. There are other good !Jts growmg NEW YORK. BALDWINSVILLlll. Gazette, Aug. 16 -We uaderstaBd that Orville Gtfford bas bought James Sloan's crop of 36 cases at 11 cents. also James Horton' s crop of about 2,500 pounds at 11 cents. E Z. Frazee bought the crops 10 the vtcimty of Shepard Settlement w1tbm the past week : Addtson Lewts 9 cs, 8 and 9 cents, W. F. C!tuk, 5 cs. Be. Harvey Newell, 7 c s B and 9c, Henry 4 CP, Be, Leonard Lewts, about 4 cs, pnce reported to be Hat! has damaged the crop m some places north west and north of thts vtlJage The prospects for a good crop, wtth favorable weather, were never better than now. Granby Center-John E. Cain has SIX acres of very mce tobacco. Some of the leaves measure 31 me long and 20 mches w1de. Oswego Falls-Tobacco IS rather later than usual here, but tt is mostly Iookmg fine. The acreage ts larger than last year, as there were a good many new beg10ners tbis year. Hat! d1d some damage to two or three crops south of the Granby-There are several chmce crops of tobacco remammg unsold mtles north of Lysander. The new crop 1s exceptiOnally tine thts year. MASSACHUSE'ITS. New England Homestead, Aug. 18 -The new crop IS grow10g well and so far bas es caped damage by wmd or hatl. Some very fine crops are seen 10 tbe mead@ws, but the acrear;e ts much smaller than that of last year. Buyers are lookmg around a httle for old goods Westfield-The crop i11 making a good strang growth and some excellent crops can be seen. Agawam-Tobacco has been growing rap idly for a few weekl(l past, and at present btds fair to be fully up to the averb!je. Most of the growers are through topp10g, and the tobacco bas a remarkably green, liealtby ap pearance. One of the fineet crops in tGwn ts that of. L. H. Lord, grown on the Harvey Porter farm. It IS grown on cottonseed meal, cotton hul\ ashes, hme, plaster, Stock brtdge and Mapes' manures. No stable ma nure was used. There are 60,000 plants, all Havana. .l!'or even growth and fine appear ance 1t would be hard to find the equal of this field any year. It IS all topped. L L Wbttman has five acres of Havana tobacco wh1ch ts fine. Connectwut. Enfield -Tobacco ts domg well and fine pteces are to be seen here. Granby-Tobacco ts growmg very raptdly, toppmg commenced about 10 days ago Tbe crop at tbts date ( 13) ts free from all mJUry. A C. Latham bas recently old a number of cases of old tobacco to parties 10 Boeton at p. t. Sherman-The tobacco crop has done finely for the last 10 days, although BODle fields are very uneven. best pieces I have seen belong to F Sturges, C. I. Leach and G. N. Woodruff Poquonock-Although not as uniformly early as last year, the crop now promises to be an unusually fine one. Abundant but not excessive rams have produced large growth. No fleas, no drowned out pteces, no batl, so far, and few green worms argue a rtlmarka bly sound crop. Cuttmg wtll generally have commenood by the 20th. Several wtll begm tbts week. Late p1eces are commg forward raptdly. Vermont. Vernon-Not over 14 acres of tobacco are bemg grown 111 town tbts season by eleven growers. The crcp 111 lookmg very mealy and very few green worms trouble tt. BOSTON. Amerlcan Cultlvator, Aug. 18 : -The weatlier for the growinr; cro(' of tobacco 18 all tba1 the most exactmg could ask for. The cuttmg of the crop was commenced last week and w1ll be contmued this week by many of the ear her growers. The crop looks as well as we ever saw Jt There aro next to no green worms, no fleas, and the leaf ts almost perfectly sound. In lookmg at a ptece of etgbt acres, we failed to find a worm eaten leaf, or 10 fact any holes whatever, save where a bungling workman tore a leaf 10 pulhng off the suckers. Fears are always of hailstorms, yet so far we have even escaped any material mJury from tbts cau9e. About the ttme of the second hoemg a narrow belt of ball struck a town m Hampshire county, and InJured some ten or twelve acres of tobacco. hut 1t was qmte small at that time We have JUSt had qutte a ram storm, and that allays the fears of batl. We learn that the crop of E S Monson, conlammg 153 cases of hts own growmg, has been sold, and 1t IS understood to have brought 9c per pound. The reason of the low prtce was that one crop wouldn't burn very well. There ts no use m holdmg poor lots of goods. We have the sale of fifty cases of '83 there, so writes our correspondent under date of Aug. 13 At Suffield, Conn., our correspondent; writes Tobacco as a rule ts rather back ward, hut grow10g very fast. The farmers are not troubled wttb green woi ms, so far tb1s year, The leaf 1s sound, and bids frur to be a fine crop, Hayden's Statton, Conn Aug. 13-There ts JUSt about the same amount of tobacco here as last year. Moat of 1t Is rather later than usual. The plants were late, but grown raptdly and are looking well. Hadley, Aug. 13-Salee of two crops of '87 to report, one at and one on p t. The grow10g crop 1s well and mostly topped No trouble w1tb j(reen worms or fleas this year Some cuttmg wtll be done the last of thts week. Hatfield, Aug. 13-Tobacco has grown very fast. C. S Warner has got 10 two acres; others wtll commence thiS week. Tllree small lots for shtppmg hQve been sold at Deerfield, Aug. 13-We have no sales to report, yet dealers have been lookmg for old crops. The growmg crop has been topped pretty generally, 1f W'e except some very late pteces. Green worms are not troublesome tbts year. The crop looks healthy and prom Ises to be an extra one. PENNSYLVANIA. LANCASTII:R. New Era, Aug. 18.-The strong market we have had the pleasure of report10g for some weeks past has contmued durmg the past etgbt days. The crop of 1887 still contmuee the favorite, and 1s p1cketl up with an avtdity that Is extremely grattfymg. NumeroU8 sales are reported, among them the fellowmg: H C Moore sold 104 ca.see of '84 Ha vana Seed, Skiles & Frey found a purchaser for 100 cases of '87 crop, Frank Pentlarge sold 440 cas,es of last year's crop, a.ll he had left; Zook sold 300 cases, and C. J. Rhoads sold part of hte last year's packing. Other s .. les are reported by Mtller, of Petersburg. and D. Mayer, of Lancaster, and Schroeder, of New York, is credtted w1th a sale of '86 Pennsylvama Havana Seed. There may be others of whtch we have not; heard, but the foregomg foot up the band some sum of 94' cases., and the smaller lots, tf added, would, run the figures hundred cases more Tl:ieabove shows abouiO the same volume of busmes11 as last week. For the correspondmg week of last year 2,100 cases were sold There was a smart. shower on last Sunday morn10g, whtcb helped the growmg crop not a httle. Cuttmg has begun m many places, but can hardly be eatd to be general as yet As a rule, only small patches of early plants have been harvested. But few fields are suffi Ciently advanced to be cut off clean. The replantmg made necessary by the ravages of the worms and by other drawbacks has made the fields uneven, and some plants will hav& to be let stand from one. to two weeks bt>fore they can be sbedded. All this ts very dtfferent ftom the condtton of thmgs last year, and w11l make the harvest extend over a longer peuod. WISCONSIN. EDGJRTON. Inde x Aug 16 :-It now necessttates long and dthgent searches to purchase a few boxes of '87 tobacco from farmers. Buyers who have been ndmg thfll past three weeks and have purchased several hundred cases, say there ts not 1,00(1 s In the State m the farmers' hanas W1sconstn Tobacco Reporte1', Aug. 17 There ts 1\n mcreasmg demand for the bal ance of the '8 7 crop remrunmg 10 the growers hands, wbtle there Js a brisk mqmry for packtng@ held by local dealers. Sales reachmg us are : E. P. Brtckson. 34 cs at 8}4 and 7%c, A. S. Phtlhps, 21 cs, Mrs. Euckson, 15 ce, Sc; James Stewart, 13 cs, 10 and 2c; Ed. Enckson, 14 cs, Alex Paul, 12 cs, C. Khnger, 7 cs. 8<;; H. Hawkas, 7 cs, and 4c, Perrtg(} & Co 15 ce, 10c; E. M.onson, 20 cs, 87Jlc, 17 at 7c, Lars Egre, 27 cs, BJ,!c; John Scarcllff, 23 cs, 7"c; T. A. Perry, 23 ce, lOc. W W. Cbtld bas purchased 113 cs of H. T. Hanson, of Stoughton; and H. S. Severson. of the same place, sold a, 100 case lot to Frted man. Pomeroy & Pelton closed out the last of tbetr '84 packmg, about 100 cs, to Eastern. purt1es thts week. Heddles & Tallarll secured a carload from growers m the vtcinity of Vtroqua, and Elltngson & Hanson two more from the western port1on of the State. Under the mfluence of warm rams the new crop 18 commg forward quite sattsfactonly. Harvestmg bas commenced, but can hardly be satd to be genera.!. Thus far the crop bas escaped damage from hall or storm. The shtpments of the week amount to about 200 caPes to Eastern po10t11.


AUG. 22 AMERICAN EACLE TRADlo: MARK. FINE CUT. LEOPOLD MILLER & SON (;Jmmbcrs St., NEW YORK Cln, for the East THE TOBACCO LEAF. -! Manufacturers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or 1 ars. AMERICAN EACLE.. CAVENDISH SMOKING. Cold Sprav National Leae;ue Crown of Delight Cherry Clipper Double Five, Plum B k Oriental roo I Sun Rise Clock. Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Invincible Clever Myrtle Navy, Eagle, )Old Tar, Universal Favorite, Fawn, Canada Lucky Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, q Brudder Ned, Elk. OF SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or 1 ars. GRANULATED SMOKING. LONG CUT SMO:KING. Stork, Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Lucky, Club, Dime Ram, Detroit Mixtures, Navy Clippings Green Corn. Home Comfort. Miner's Favorite, Jumbo, Miner's Long Cut Bull Frosr, Detroit Long Cut Duke & JJandy, Frog Long Cut, Facionr, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use, Green Corn, Labor Union, Wig Wag, German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. 'mADE :MAnX Smoking Tobacc! L. H. NEUDECKER, .Baltimore, Md., DISTRIBUTING AGENT FOI\ BALTlllriORE AND VICll'flTY.f Pure owdered Licorice WE OFFER $1,000 Reward if it can be proven that we use adulterations in the manufacture of our Powdered Licorice, Compounds, or Flavorings. We make only the BEST and STRONCEST COMPOUNDS and FLAVORIN-08. -LEAF We assert without fear of contradictign that our goods are better, purer and con sequently will go further than anything turned out by any Licorice Manufacture, In the .WORLD. attention given to the powderbig of &nits. Write us for samples and prices. TQEAOOOS, 1214 WOOLSON SPICE CO., TOLEDO, "U.:ra.o1i"U.rers o:r 1il::l.e Ce1e "bra.1iec1. ) .-.ct BANNER BRAND FINE -OUT "CHIC'_'_ SM9KING _TOBACCO,T_OF_ FINE _VJ.RGINIA LEAF I SAM. B. SCOTT AND BEN.HAXTON CIGARS. ,. W1L H. TEFFT, Pres. 1220 226 & .t 63d ST., NEW YORK. -----... C.l


THE TOBACCO LEAF. AUG. 22. A FEW MORE COPIES OF CAN BE HAD AT THE OFFICE OF THE Tobacco Leaf Publishing coDlpany, D. TRUJILLO & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, -l4A.NUFACTURERS ==Fine Ba ana Cigars. New York Of'tloe: 119 WATER STREET, cor. Wall &treet. W1boc A.a-t for U.. W .. t: G. GOLDSMITH, Jr o. 1.26 Ba Balle Street, Cldoap, Ill. een in tbis maiket the past few crop he bas, and a neighbor of his said be did recently been added. days in search of leaf. not think it would bring ten dollars a barn. Messrs. E: Canals, 0011 of o.ur lar':e Cbas. Shuber, t, of, Chicago, has bello cir<;:U An experienced tobacco buyer who has mar;JUfacturmg firms, are domg a }ating_ tne tobacco matkettt or the looked at eome of it says he would not take busmeee. G f r inState the past week in search of '87 leaf. th b f h g it stripped out for it. Of The ml!.nager of E. H. a to s acto Y Sampling of the '81 crop ig going forward e JQ o aVIn forms us that they more orders for the "dl d course the entire crop 1s not like th1e, WG are li ht brands of theif finest gz:ades of ci,ars rapt y, an. the fears expressed Bile glad to say. ttfan they can fill; hence a large ago that C?rop would damage 1n D11rham Tobacco Plant, Aug. 17 :yYe number of Qaye 111 eommg notice fair breaks for the season. and prtces been put on and still they are in demand. rom ny 1 per tto!ll as any t show no material change fr?m last week's Mr. Villamil, 80nior partner of crop. Not case m 11. thousand of dam prices. The farmers report mce showers and r the large and favorably k -nown cigar manugorted in .-ound numbers, ince they commenced businees. there, 13,115 bales of leaf tobacco, and ooe of three firms 291 bales of stril"', making a total of 13,500 bales. The average of a bale of tobacco shipped from Havana here is about 150 pounds, and the duty on same is atout $45. The total amount of duties collected on tobacco con signed te the three firms foots up $607,820.Tampa Journal. Key West Equator, Allg. 14:-Tbe moet of our factories have been compelled to put on additional forces during the past week. Mr. E. H. Gato reached home yesterday via the overland route from New York. The steamship Mascotte, Ca)Jt. Hall, arrived from Havana Saturday evemng, and left for Tampa the same night, after discharging the following freight, consigned to the following merchants and business men: Romenaldo :Perez, 61 l!!ales tobacco; J. Ellinger & Co., 41; W. Nichols, 39; Manuel Pino & Co., 26; llt:GPs & Co., 15; R. Dobarganes, 9; E. Canals .&; cheaply liB in America-a point regarding which them. Nor Ia there any reason for thinking the we have great doubt-the prejudice of the mu.n-nplan rs dl no do tllefr best, accor

TOBACCO lfm. l!emuth Gnd Manufacturers of 1N1 a.nd BRO.A.DW A.Y, NEW YOBK. Tra4 lllark. J, LOPEZ. ARGUELLES a LOPEZ, ::._IIANtT.FA.CI'UREBS OF-CLEAR HAVANA CI8ARS EXCLUSIVELY. FACTOR_ Y AND S .ALESROOM_ : ass E-ea.r1 &i:., 1V'e"QV 1114 Sansom St., PBJL.ADELPBI.A.. 'Sooeaaor to Salmon, Hancock & Co. MA.NUF ACTUBER OF l'ine Coil, Light Press, Twist, 4 Navy and Sun-Cured TOBACCOS, l'o the Clpr Trade and Public Generally.: It having oome to 6ar notice lh&t so-UI1ICI'1>o :paleualllld plratlical manut.e-lul ... lcfrilrpd -..,..celebrated br&nd of ,. DLD VJRGINJA 1 by ll!ihtly ch '.Dglng'tbe name and co r' 11e-t111a -tualt7 .t W'J>oo.b. lle -.-agaJDa buJ!illrouct_)wods. uder penalty of Our br&nd Ia registered aDd lw. Notice No. t;, tnd .Dist :V ...... ia, on eaolo llo&o aleo.,.. -oa !Iobel, -IC8!1aOND, V.I.. BALBJN, MONHlLEGRE & CO., -Importers and o lees thnn in June. 1887; but for the six months a conidPrnble incrPooe wAs still viz .. 1 016 .. 500 lbs, and there being a <'Ontm.!ed expanAlon over the in 18 86. 1 he c mparison wi h the two former years waw again satifactorv. The exports ef tobacco during the m onth, form nn ngreeahle excP.ption to the offic.ral 1etnrns ef tobBcco in 01 hflr h olllmg been laq1;.er tha.n in 1887 or 1886 w that the aj:(gregn.te f.>r the half year preeented a material advantage over tlwsA in t.hA y<>ars jus t named. The balance of Htpply and demand for the month of June was ngain in favor of an im portant reduction of stockR in the bonde., MANUFT"BS OF .CIGARS, CUBAN HAN,D MADE ONLY. -.&l o IDJ.portera 01: &, TOEI.A.CCO, 1!109 :F"E.A.:FI..X... &T:FI..EET, JSTEV:FI..:S:.. ELLXN'GE:JR, &, M.&.NUF.&.OTURERS OF KEY WEST AND NEW YORK CIGARS. ..,. Our Leadln.:; KY Wee& Brandel LA BELLE SENORA and EL MONTERO DE KEY WEST, Satbfaction O.U.ranteeol I Trial Orden SoUoited t Send for Prioe Liat 1 Fa.o'to:r:l.e at JEE.ey "lDVe-t, :N'e"VV O:l'ty, OSee and Saleoroom:-51 IIURR.&.Y STREET, NEW YORK. -A, young lady in Glasgow thinks that smok,ing is a very bad habit, and she has raised an action for breach of promise of marriage a, c:gar. The damnges are !!tid at -The British Vice-C o nsul atDeme r sms that the soil o! Colorad& is most admirably udaJ.>tl."d for the cultivation of tobacco, which, f o r f our years, bas been grown experimentally with gre11t success. The quality Is pronounced to be equal t o that of any grown in the country and the yield is fully equal to that of any State TROJAN Scran Macbines. HAND and POW.R. Simple f Durable I Effective I CUTS WET AND DRY SCRAP. Deamyue .. Pat. Apr. 1887. Cannot be Injured by Nails or Foreign Sub: stances fed in wiih the Tobacco. ALL FILLER ClJT 1JNIFOR:rii AND OF ANY DIS:UU:D SIZE. :Ufa Dtd Jlao Filler. JSTO FX...VX:N'Gr :OUST. W1&eD ettbac D1')' Scrap wW make 80 per oeat. IMa waate tlL&Ja ... ,. other maclaine. Rrcmro.:D, V&. .Tune.t l8e8. 11-ra, Du'YJn

8 TOBACCO atto-::-Hayman .Bros. & Lowenstein, -+orarre&Tobacco InspectiOn :LW:ANui'ACTURERS oF ciG.A.Rs. 11M. & 1 .t 424 to 432 East Flftynlnth St., New York. &dYancea on Storage Receipt oc m:ereha'\"dlae a !ipeetaux. ea. 8:rd. oou. D:t..'t. Cold Storage Warehouses for Tobacco liT .:JO&:l' SI'.I.BK., N.Y. EDGERTON VIII. 406 k 408 Eaiot S3d St l'i. Y. LA.l'tC&STEB, PENN. B93, 895 4 <"39 7 Greenwleh !it. ; 6Z Beach lit., R. Y. l'liUiTCLASS W AREHOtjSES: llf. T. c. & H. n R. Depot, S&. Park; 1 17S 180, 18B k JS6 P "earl Street and 14a Va';M' lltreet; 406, 4 0 S k 410 Eaat 'l'.lllrtJ'tlllrd Street. Principal Office, 182 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Cor. W. Lemon and N Princ e Sts., l.anoaater. Pa. Cor. F ront anol Heary Sts., Edgerton, Wio. JLllAlfCHES:PHILA DB.LPHI.t.-A. R. FOUGERAY, 63 North Fr_?nt Street. L.t.N 4).t. .,TIEK Pa -H R TRObT 118 S. Queen Rtreet: Gli:O. FORREST 16 N. Queen Street 'cunn:-8. F. HiH\l,BUR1',1M State Street. NEW M t;ooon.-0. F -oooVERLING' H.t.LOWIN"'VII-LI!, 1'1. Y .-R. F. THORN J 1tA.ZEE H rFIIBLO., MH81!hJ & p CARl C i ll'\lf')NN ATI 0.W. W HALES, 9 Front D.t. YTON, o.-H. (t w .. GROSSE .Ft..A.<=r E. I :1.49 Street, Ye>r.k.. COUNTRY SA14PLJNQ PROMPTLY A'J:TENDED TO. -4'1 BRANCHESL.t..NCASTER, Pa.: F. SCHROEDER, 220 North Mulberry at.\ J. 0. BVIN, 328 North Mar;r st. CONNJ!CTICIJ'I': F SISSON, 215 State at, HnrLford; C. E. GRIFFING, Danbury; P. N. HALL, New Milford; w B. MAXSON, WISCONSIN: c : L. CPLTON, Edll"rton; P! TANliER T, Stour:hton. OHIO: W. T DAVIS, 609 E .First st., Da,-ton BALTIMORE, !tid.: ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., 27 South Calvert t. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO. Manufactur-ed and Leaf Tobacco_ for Expon, ( "83 FRONT STREET, 1 & BROADHURST, TOBACCOS FOR-EXPORT; 195 STREET, NEW Y9RK. Br Tai:I&Col Ell:olUIIivamnte para Exportacion Cigar And I111potter c.t GEHMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (8olo ....... r Jlle .. ra. OBIII:NBRIJECK A: CO.) II&W BII.Lr l P.I.CTORYo 311 & 313 E. lith St., 316 to-321 E. lith St. LEVY BBO.THERS, GIGA RS \ Cor. AVENUE C &. 13th ST., NEW YORK. The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'GCO., .AN1JF.t.CT1JRBBS OP 'Wv"a.:-ed' Pape::r. l3i II U.J. GJU:Elii'WIOH BT,, lfEW YO:&& Waxed Paper, :IPtiS" lllii'V'Z'iippSA-._ To'b-oo .. .. fllll 'q C. JOURCENS.N, 98 Malden Lane, New York. .BUSSELL'S TOBACCO' KNIVES. L 'PERSON, & CO., -==1!obacc o Bagging=-IDJT.&TJON SI'&NISH LINEN .&l'fD P&NCY STRII'BD COT.rON GOOD& POR 1'17TTDIG 1JP II!IIOKI)'IG 45'7' .., 459 El:roo:D:Le :N'e....,..,.. Ye>:r.k.. M.':. LINDBEilYI, TOBACCO, ... 191 Pearl Street. New York. :131 .A.DT'S IMPROVED TOBACCO GRANULATOR l'ateate l'loYem.Jter J&, 1880. over 4& ltill:ao:ta.J.z:Lo 1D. l:T PERFECTION STEAM DRYE& Cylinder of Dryer is 3 Feet D iamete r and l5 Feet Long. l'acenced .:raly as. 1885. I I'UBKACE DBYEB. .. aoRroaee.-.a. w. GI.IL k AX, -1 lllaclaea, Bal-ore, 111. P. v. k BON, Baltimore, 111. 11fl11. 11. }I.IIIIBALL A: CO., Bocloeater. N. Y. Please send for Circulars and References. JOHN B. ADT, Manufacturer and Patentee, Nes. 3311, 334, 336, 338, 34.0 & North Holliday Street, ::NI:D. ;vir. llale of the Famoua aDd Worldlleno1n>ed Jlranclll of YIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE'JACK. & 'BROWN DiCK. TVI.el1th L:ynchturg, Ya. o..tero reopoetfullr aollclted and promptlr r.tteoded t o :t-riM List seot on applicatio n J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., B.%02ilt:M:ONX, 'V ..&. J!IAN17Jl'ACT1JBERI OP FINE BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, COILS, Light Pressed and smoking Tobaccos. AUG. 22 THE BEST ALLTOBACOO CIGABETI'E AND ACENCY OF THE MANUFACTURES OJ' "BETWEEN THE ACTS." C.I.&!ILI I :a..a..x., :I::M:OB.:IB -.1.'1- TheaboveBraD4ot IUVANA. TOBACCO ClGARETl'l:llmadeoalrb)' ,.. Nos. I East 37th Streel;' New York. ..... ... -ALSO- r i. .:.. :MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS. & ed ereJr & WESTERN TOBACCO. . SAWYER, WALLACE & CO. Manu1Bcturers of COMMISSION HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO., CIGAR.. MANUFACTURERS, Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d Factory No. 8, 3d Oist. NEW YORK W AT'l"S UNIFOR:.. TOBACCO BRYEB. ll'aed by all leading Smoking Tobacco Mannfaotv.rera. 88 :Market Street, Chicago. Ref .... to-P. Lorillard & Co.. New York D H :McAlpin 8t. Co., D&vfd Buchner&: Co u '' Cat.lln Tobaoco Oo., St Louis. F. F. Adams .t Co, Wtlwa.ukee. MERCHANTS, 1 8 Broalfwar, Wew fort SIEBUT. "Tobacco and Ceneral Commission 78 Broad Street, "YOJR.H.. EMU, -4. srowm.. It Cia W 11. B.ADEB. & IIOif TOBACCO BROKER1 No. 24 Beaver -&treett. DZIUBA, TOBACCO Commission Merehant. 78 A 80 Broad Street, P O.Box 199. NEW YORK. M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Straaf, New M EliAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF 'obacco, I M Wate t., w Yorll. E.SPINGARX&Co. lllPOIITSRs or Havana and Sumatra, Seedleaf'Tobacco 5 Burling SUp, York. E M. CR:AWFORD & SON, liiPO!n'J.RS lo.ND Dlllo.L&B8 Dr N ,os. 1318 .. 1320 AVENUE A, NEW TobaGC-O, Factory No. 160, Third District. L BANNER TOBACCO CO PANY : 53, 55, 57 & 59 ijRNED STREET, cor. Randolph. DETROIT, TOa'Ac'"c ... a ... and. 'c" .. ............. rera or Uao Clelelwaae Brand FiDe Cut a7 MaideR Lane, oo; .5e't'te:r 'thAD 'the JE!IeH .. OBJO" 8e''"" oi"ollaooo, ot'l'tao Vs.:-p.ta LN.f. WEW Yoa&, vm. u. Teft,l'No. B.IIIIUa, Hirsch, Victorius &, Co. s: W.VENABLEaco.liHAF. TOBACCO. ()Bloo of Byr>&o ... a Halltaz Btroota, PETEIUIB17JtG. V Ao Pacteryr-19 Seeo ... Dlatrtcc, 1'1rclnla. llaDufacture and ol!er to &he Tlade the f ollowing Celebrated Branda of PLUG GHEWING and SMOKING TOu ... uu l'IIIIB8D1 lllahocany Navy1 In ..a ""Tiea, 8IDQotll 11114 _. _. --.t .. l'IUp. "VI:NCO .. "' .. --.---... ST. QEOBGE Brlpl Navy tc RIVB t Atlanta, Ga : A J FBIOU J aekson. MIS&: E G LANGHORNE, L!tt! Rock, Ark.; N H CHB.IIl':riA..II" Ga!veoton, Texu; 'I'HOS. D. OONDOII, St. Josepb., F. 8. LA WRENOE, Vickab..-g, Mios.; JN6. B. llOYD, Cloatt&nooga. C'90PER & C O.,Memphl.s. TenD. G-EJO. &, .co G. IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURfRS OF PIPES, 622 MAR.XET ST., PHILADELPHIA, A and Price List that. skould be in the bands or every deafer lu the country. a. description of all the pipes marie, MEERSCHAUM AUBER, HRIAR and CL"Y PIPES, with every kiml of SMOKERS ARTICLES, Swedish. P&l"'-101", Sulphur o .-:c\ 8a.fety t taL"u Wu: Maoohes in Faticy Paper or Tin Boxes MAILED SEND FOl\ ONE. Late' lliloveiUea Made a Speelall-r. 169 WATER ST., NfW TURK. JOS. LEDERMAN & SONS, l'aelten and Dealen Ia l E A F T 0 B A C C O, 140 IIIIAIDEN LANE, lli!t. Water & Front B-. lfEW L. SPEAR & CO .. Paeker ot .l.nd Imporcen of Havan. 184 Water York S. ROSSIN & SONS. -fACDIIII 01' seed Lea;r., AND Dtl'OBft:ll8HA YAH. A TOBACCO, 173 ter 8!., '"'rift!:


AUG. 22 Cor. 2d Ave. & 22rl St., New York. i\. & BRo_, Mannractllrflrs of lifo. 1 .., 53! Bowery, NeW Manatactorere ot Baaanaetaren ot: tbe Celebrlihd Braada ol a Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT. 445 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK. CIGAas Su 11_1atra 'Eoba.cco ---OF---309 E. .St, New York. co -:EEo11a::ncl.. Antonio_ Goilzalez, -ll!IPOBT.Ba . I HAVANA .LEAF TOBACCO. I 180 New York. 9 EGG:EIR,T &, Zmpor"ter or :E:Iavana-AND PACKERS 011' Seed. Leaf 245 Pearl and 20 Cliff' New Y..::.rk. G-UST.A. V' } .. J :AGENCIES-McCOY & CO., New York; LANDAUER & KAIM ; Medium Grade Yt l t'<: 111. W. PRAGER. Manufacturer ot Cheroots, New York; GARCIA & VIEGA, (formerly Garcia a; 1 .j O n?:aauR l owners ot .La and 11 La Rosa Dei Mayo" brands, New York and Banaa, ..; ,h" Del Aquil a No. 100; TOLEDO & DeLEON, manufacturers of Exc lusively Spanlsb Hallll-Maie C J,..t' Havana Cigars, Key West, li'la ; ,. FREIGHJ BROKERS, ForwaJding Tobacco a Specia.lty. Lowet. Ocean Rateflf, !iltearn or SaiJa_ 43 P1aoef e-,co-York.., LOUIS GRAFF, FRED. SCHULZ, G. FERNANDEZ & Glt I 05 .MAIDEN LANE. NEW YORK, SEND FOR. S.A.MF:t...ES OF OUR. PaokeradD..Lir"tii ADOLPH MOONELIS, C/t'MffriG'N. J..ICBELS lYe. 0 and I Oth St., New Ynrl T 0 ba c c 0 c ommi i 0 n Merchant .ew .... li!ANUFACTURJR OF CIGA-RS fEtnchurch Bu!ldings, London. E. C., England. They are the finest Kade 1 GANS BROS & ROS ENTHALta c. F. HAn. H. nuvs:JR .. -Tobatco, k :sm:m: New York, Agent f _or Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA :No. 1GO &1:reo1:, lSl "York. G. REisMANN, ...,. "DE cAPO" CIGAR FACTORY. COMMISSION Aoj'tment Alway on Hand. 115 Pearl Street, New York.. JACOBY & BOOK.DIA.N, r AMDMiera.aKIIIdaot CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, LEAF J Q 8 A C C 0 G. H ARH.E:MA,' LUKWEL & TIELE, 336, 338, 340 & 342 East 38th Street. 118 WATER sT., JfEW YoRK. SWORN TOBACCO BROKER. Sworn Tobacco Brokers. .N:m'VV -r<>:a:s:. SampieRooms: BrakkcGrond. OF ROTTERDAM, DAVIDSON B .ROTHERS Oflloe: 0. :t;, .VOOIUIURGWAL 288, reeemDlead tbeJD..,be'ortlle Pll'l'eba.., ot: SuJDatra and Java To-Amsterda,n, Holland. baeee <>a tll.e Dnteh _l!larkete. .. Havana and Seed Relerence: H. de Maziere, 41 Bread l!t., LeafTobaccos J. H. A. GEBING, N. VAN 143 wATER Sworn Tobacco Broker. Sworn Tobacco Broker -Malda Lane, m- ._. Y'orJa. oFFicEs AND sAMPLE RooMs, Olll.ce & Die Room: 0. Z. Voorbwywal 290 & ROTTERDAM. Basch & Fis-her, .lli.I"STERD .tll.l", BOLL ANn'. rea-s to recommend hhn,clf for th PU<'Chse of "" 4.10.. .l1J..U. 4 .SumatrP' and ..Tttv y t obacco o f IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Dutch and ..... -.--.. SEED LEAF TOBACCO. STREET, Rear Malden Laae, .!fEW TOBK. J:NO. VV'. LOV'E, MANUFACTURER 0 F FINE CIGARS, FactozT No. 26,34 Dhtrfot, N; Y E. & G. FRIEND & CO., BO:X:ES -FOR-LEJ.A,p TO:EI.A.CCO. h Slaoob or book doWD I Cll:.4 compete lD prices :In Conneottout, PeDlls;rl Vania, Wt..eondn -d Obio "'DV". El. :r.:m:a&:EE<>:N, Jl!la.-t D:loh.. Pe:rd.. IHPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF Tobacco BRINH.OP'S. SINGLH PLUG :MACHINH. Patpntpd { United Statee,lllay St,18111 u u Canada, J'an, 81, 1882. IITEAK POWER. FOOT POWE!l- Will make plugs of all sizes, trsm. l to 4 Inches wide and from 4 to 12 Inches be&ter .,., cheaper than. &Ill'__ other machine in the market, aBd ia 1now in use ln over one hundred ot the aarc-a factories in the United State& Correspondence oollcite::S.&.OO<>&, ILU!llFAartmJ!III! OJ' 226 Pearl Street, New York. THE cELEBRATED FINE-cuT I YIRIIN, tEAF aDd NAV "B t D t OD:Iii'VV::NG TO:&.A.OO<>, eau y 0 s ADd all kinds of Smoking C:J: Q AR.S, ;:, Aiao Ha.alllaetUrenl ot the well-known l!r&Dda ot Brfo:bt Plug Chew!Dtr: I 305311 E. 71t st. New York.j 'Onward.' 'Gold Shiol,' 'Sailor's & 18ilvur Shiold.' H 0 WAR 0 L. J 0 H N S 0 N, Manufactory & Salesroom, cor. Avenue D & I Oth St. New York. Sue cesser to PRICE & JOHNSON, Importer. Dealer aud CoiDDiilllion llllerchazat :In LEAF : T 0 B A C C 0, 119 lla!dea Laae. New York. a:. Lyall, lSI o. 101 A.X.X. ND'VV Y"<>:E'I.:IE. O'o:lil:1zu.ero;l.a1 Fa.o1:ory, :EJroo.k.1 ..... :u. -., ..... l!lanat:aetare d>e 1'oHowtn.r Uelebrated Brand of TOEI.A..OO 0 SANCHEZ & co. E"'X.A.1'JET, FAN(JY DARK NAVIES; Jio lltiPOBT.ERS 011' N.EPTUN'E, ttANUY RH.IGHT NAVIES; V It A b .F'X.'C'&:EE, STANDARD BRJ.OHT NAVJEIJ U e a aJ 0 SA.XX.<>:E'I.'9 C:EE<>XCE, I'IT.Ut'D.&pD DARK NAVIES. l'l.oe r6putaclon ct these a-oods Ia world-wide, aDd mereasing saJea at II proof of theiJ' IRirlta LEAF TOBACCO, IF ;RE IMITATIONS. 169 Front Street, New York. Our Trade-Mark --L IS Embossed on Everr l'lus i JOHN BRAND lc. CO., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA, AND PACKERS OF Seed Leaf Tobacco, lliO l"ennaylvanla Ave. Elmira, N, 11', No. 142 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, 28 Paradise Street, Liverpool England. BRANCH OFFICE:-No. H CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON. llllaDa.laoturera of MEERSGHAU M AND AMBER GOO_DS, And lmporte:n of FRENCH BRIAR PIPES. & SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 69 WALKER STREET Comer Broadway. _..,_ Vienna, Austria. Send tor Catalogue aod Price List. We have no TraveiJinJ: Salesmen. I SHOTWELL'S FINE CIGARS, Oftlee an4 8aleroomt 282 Ninth New York. THE PEASE -KEY WEST, FLA. P. O, Boi Jl'o. 10. Tl>.e '

/ / IO THE TOBACCO I .... EA.F. / Philadelphia Advertisements. &, T.A.1TT, Jm.porters Qf .Havana AlfD PA()KBBS OJI' Seed. T Connnission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. TBT-TBR-:aa.os and Wholesale Dealers iR fOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Baltimore Advertlsemeots. WM. A. BOYD a CO., DIPOB.T.EB.S 01' HAVANA AND SUMATRA, '.A.:n.ct Paok.era. o:r Leaf. Tobacco, 33 .South Street, Baltimore. E. BATCHELOR & CO., Packers of Seed Lea, f and Importers of Havana a.nd Sumatra Toba ceos :Joe No:r'C:b. "'gV'ate:r B't:ree't, Ph:l1a.de1pl::Li.a.. LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, lllaoutaeturer. or Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER CUT PLUG -AND. Luxury Fine Cut in Foil. I BRO. .t; CO,, } 1 5 1 N 3d S&rc and 2191 221, 223 J:tif'T ST.E'I.EJEJT, E"'.A.. BOLTZ, CLYMER 8r. CO., FLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE CICAR FACTORIES, P.A.. : JULIUS VETT:tJRLEIN & CO., OF SEED LEAF and :DEALERS IN TOBACCO, w. G. MEIER & co., I R. MEIER & co., LOUISVILLE, KY. CINCINNATI, O. Bealers in BURLEY and DABX TOBACCOS. 1.' L DUNLAP & CO., te Jae. B. m-e: & c.. CINCINNATI, 0.1 F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKEBS Daoaraetunr. or L w. Cor. Vine .t; Front Street., NAVY TOBACCO, CI:NCJl'I'JI'A.TJ, o. .l.lld Aceota for ProalllaDC VII'J(Iola BRA NOBIES or tbara. e:-ctaar Tobaeee. TWISt & Plug Tobaccos. ()Jnllntlio, Tean-Drk Tobaeeo llearF GeiM. B'Ca 'bU.:b.ed. .1&87. Bealle THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO., 8..-ro to l!enry Oelle &Dd Stlekaey & Gordou, J[aowtae&arer. oC loll KIDde of O:I:G.A.R, BO:JE.E&. De_a1er :lzL X.a'be18, O:laa:r aad aU o&ller ()larmalte..,.. SappUea. Larc Stool of aU the Leadfac Label Ceaataatly Oil Jlaad, 88 OX...&. 'Y aT8.:JIJ:JDT, O:J:NO:J:.N':N' .A.T:J:, et, HENRY GE18E, Jlll:liXO D..uros, GEO B. BTALLO. THE GEISE LUMBER CO., MA.Nt!FACTUR I:RS 01' SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION C:lga.r Bc:::lE L'U.xn ber Faoto:riae : 101 .t; 103 Eao t 8th St.,"Ctnobuaat11 and Weet Vb'alaia. Otllea: 93 CLAY STREET, CIJI'CI:N:NATI 0. Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED In Plain or Faooy Desli!'fl. o f Plain G11t o r Co lored Tilt at Lowest Prices. Sampl e Taga an4 ltilt information furnfshea on application. J. M. ROBINSON a. Co. 2!16-229 W, 2d .t:' fi2U Ce,.tral A 'I' OXNOXN'N' ,A.'T:J:. Ct JOHN OBERHEJJ[ AN, J o11t:chaa!!e: AUea It Ginter; Kl....., y Tobacco Pla.ntei'S National Bonk. V. S. WRIGBT,l SucCe.sor to Edwarol Peyn&do & Oo. .l)Ul.ECT I MPORTER O F CHOlCE HAVANA J. G. FL:J::N'T, Jr., llOLEAGENTFO.a Df.K:ANUFACTUREiie,OF1.TOBACCO. Lnzana, P endas&GumgarHannaGoodi IBT.E'I.EET, tIl, 8TBAl'll. ,..... SNEERINGER & CO., JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., 13 SoutD. Howard lit. BALTI!IIOBE, Importers of Havana PACKERS OF LEAF AD PACDBBOI' All. d Dealera ... SEED LEAF TOBACCO. Havana & Sumatra Tobacco: ae cerman st. Baltimore. Togethe r with the L..t.BG.-r Stoet et We-thea tteDtl p n of Maon racturerstooar "P X. '17 ; T Ct :1!1 ..&. 0 0 0 lltacl< ol Dark Reweal.ed VrapperB ol Of any 8011801 In t h e State o f llarylud. blch w e lll&ke a specialty,,' grauulated ''KinK Blrd," l oug-cut. 1'. C GREENE, Packer of and Dealer ill T-EAF TOBACCO, Albany an d Janesville, Cigar & Paper Boxes, 'V'V:J:SOONSXN. 208 Elm Street, l'ID.e Cigar Leaf a Specialty. ST. LOUIS, Mo. Ample Storaae Room. _________ ._ B. SUBERT & SON, L. Leaf BcraDs, 231 E RANDOLPH STREET LEAF xu. 43 S. Water Street, Chioago, Ill. --R. & W. JENKINSON, W.S. O'NEIL, PITTSBURCH, PA. cu:EAPciaARs OHIO SEED LEAF .TOBAGGO '.l'elhe WholesaleTradeex eluaiTely, Day'to:n.. 0 P aeker and Dealr I n We control t h e o utput ol many or the bes t facto Order for Export and Home Trade riesin P ennsylvania Write tor samples u.nd prices Promp&J y Atteuded To. I. Li"Vezey &. Cc:::. POPLAR and WHITEWOOD, PLANED and UNPLANED, -ANDCEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, .N'B"'gV':E"'CtR.T, :&:'Y'. ImltatloD Oeda r manufactured 7, our PATENT process II tile oo)y PEBFE()T lmlt&tlon of Spanloh c..dar. Prices and rates o freight aivea upoD appllc&tlon JOWl D SKILES, J A1!ES B. FREY, P.& CK.ER!I OP Al'I D DE.&L E R S llf PonnsrlvaBia Sood 'Loaf & Havana Sood Tobatco, 61 A 63 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. PEORIA CIGAR BOX CO., JACOB L. FREY, Henry Hoklas, Prop., Dealer In aocl Packer of Leaf Tobacco, C:l.gar Boxes, -AND DEALEB IN213 West K.lac Str-t, Cigar Manufacturers' Supplies. LANCASTER, PA. -..,;;...... _____ ....;._ M. KEMPER & SONS, E.J VOREE, N.FUREY, GEO.A.FORE& JAS. A. HENilERSON. & CB. Importers of Havana, Foree Tobacco Company,. DEALERS IN -t..-.r-.STABLJSJIBB 18<&8. .. -E. E. WENCK, J.: :RINALDO & CO., 1ptvtSH CITG.AR. FACT. DRY ruu ., Gussiol lorchant Jaeral Commission lerohants, I. A SA. & MILLOS, s. w. cor Charles & Lombard Sts., .a1 BORTH WATER STJI.EE;t' 802 Ch t I d 29 S lith St l.v.i:d.. -ANDes AU an Special attention paid to home !p&nufacturers J'tD North Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA. ,, PHILADELPHIA.. (ESTA.BLISBEJ 185? ) ,.. X S I'RECHIE, J. ALVAREZ, l -Importer of, (Successor to A.M. FREeBIE. > Fine Havana Leaf Tobacco 'bufacturer of FINE CIGARS M y O W D select i o n s d i rectl y f r o m t he Farms I n C u ba. 1 8 119 Sontb Second St., Pblladelobia\1!;' F. X. KELLY, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, llll AJUJH ST., Plo.UadelpJaJa, Pa. G ENERAL A GENT FOJt WILSON a. McCALLAY'S P L U C AlrD PAcKERS OF MANUFACTURERS OF VIrginia and North FINE NAVY TOBACCO, JB.A.:J:.oT:J:BII:etR.EJ, BII:Do LO,'DJSVIJ;LE, K:y N, 8be1teD, F. x, :SU.-ton, a 1106 to m1 lloataoiiiCl" A ... _..., P HILADELPHIA. JAMES T. KENNEDY. c. c. s.LAUCHTER. Leaf Tobacco Broker, Leaf and Stnp Tobacco Brolll, cLARKSVILLE, Tenn. HBNDE&SOI'I &Yo Re!ero by l"!rmlo&IOD to 1(earo. kwyer, Waua. & Co3_New York; Tbeo. Bchwart & Co LoulaYil.le, ACT B Abner Harrla, Loulovtlie, Ky.; 111, H, Clark II. ro .. B. W. Haorae. Cashia r ; A. H owell. Caabler; J as. L GIUD, C8abler, OlariDrrille, Tenn. W. F. ANDROSS, Commission Dealer, E..I.!I T HARTPORD, ()Ol'f!'llo Will Buy old or new Leaf for Dealers or lfaau. faoturerB dirt10t from the &"rower&. 'Tweaty :rears' eiperience. MILLER A HERSH.EY, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco HOLT, SCHAEFER 4 qo., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. V A Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, .Kl() HIYIOI'ID., VA. PAUL C. VBNABLK, Leaf Tobacco Broker, DAI'IYILL .. 'Y .&. C. P. APT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, S O VTH BOIITOif, Y A. All llT8<1eo VIrginia aad North OeroliDa leet bougbt on order. An experleoce of """" 1MnL Oorreopondeo>oe sollc!te

AUG. 22 THE TOBACCO LEAF. Business Directory of UTCrnscrs. JI'EW YORK. IJoecl :c-fGftlf. s ..... .v-. The Sphinx Cigar Factory. &baer M, 1110 PearL &rOIIdt o!/: J'rlagant. Ill! Water ell o!/: Sou. 166 Water Br&nd J. o!/: Co. Water at Cl1101rtord &. M. o!/: Boa. 166 w ... Da1'1daon Bros. 143 Da;r, Joha D. o!/: Co. 121 Malden Lane Jlimrert Wm. o!/: Co. l'a1k, G. o!/: Bro., 171 Water. l'dedmall. Henry, 162 Water II'Jtead 11:. o!/: Cl. o!/: Co 1211 .Malden Lane. Qau-. .t -nthal, 1150 Water. 8enlllel L. .t Bro. 191 /'earL Qreenapecht H. 191 Pearl llamb111'1(8r L & f'.o. 174 Water JollllBOn H. L. 119ll!aldea lane Koeolc H .t Co. 1!116 Pearl Lederman Jos. & S<>ns,140 Malden lane. Llndhelm l1. 191 Pearl. ll&yera' Joe Sons, 198 Pearl Reulourger H. 1 Co. 172 Wat..r Pulver, Dickioson & Qo. ,178 Pearl Bellmann G. 176 Water. -..wald E. & Broo. 1411 Water aoMln 8. 173 Water BaJomoa G. & Bros. 138 Mai4en laue. Bcbroeder & Bon. 178 Water. llchubart H. & CA. 160 Water llahulz Fred: :1:24-226 Pearl llpe&r L & Oo, 184 Water llplnprn E & Co. 5 Burllllg SUp ateln &: Simo:n, 211 Pear Upm&DD, Carl, 406-40 8 E 59th. W&hllc Ohaa F. 14 2d av. Wolf Theo. Jr. 192 Front Virgmta <>nd W ..m-n Ledf Dslal>& Ferd. 78 Ill Bro&d. iiAiuMns G. 18 00 Broadway. Sawyer, W&llac<> & Ce. 18 Broadway. Blebert Hewy, 78-00 llroa4. Ware/IOUIU fol' tiW Sale OJ .llan'l(dat!Wed and Sm.okinQ lllllor L: o!/: Soa. 1116 Chambers Tobacoo for Export. ll&rtbl & Broadhurst, 196 rear!. Thompson. Moore &: Oo, 83 Fron'-Oomm.....,.Jit.........,... -..Brotbera & Oo 411 & 411 Elrnbaap Plaor LflaJ TolHJ& It St>l-. 1014 to llfll lleoond A. u4 110 &o 314l'Utvfourtll IDmbaiL Crouse and Co. 85 Warrea. Le'l' DrOS, .&.-veoue 0 aaa J8tb. Llcbtemrt.ela. Brothers Co. 88th st aa.d 1st ave Llchteaoteln A .. Son .t; Co, 8011 East 611tb at Lies Geo P & Co. cor. 80th 1:1t and avenue A.. LDTeJ.W.lllltO !stave. and 400E. 74thoc -ol JL W. o!/: Bro. 161-2 Bowerr Meonells A & Co., A?f\llUe D &nlng&rD E. & Co., 6 Burllnc .Up. Well fl. Co. 116 Pine. o!/: Co. 16 Cedar. Auerbach Simon & 00.179 Pear Jlalbln, Montealegre c Co lOS Halden Lane Berllhelm J. & Boa. 190 PB&rl Brand J. ll Oo 142 Water st 1>1as B & Oo. 151 Water J'ern&DC!eS G. o!/: Oo liUb PB&rl J'r-. Enleet. 142 Water. -"""""'"' .t Oo 11011 Peul Qanl& 1' lsro. & Co. 117 Watitr -A. 180 Paarl _.... Bermanoa. 172 Water JI&Y&DA 'l"o'Mcco Oe. 1112 Front Lopes. Ca.ltti:O. & Oo. 3 Cedar L.JNt East ll:l""'nth II&. J_,b. 2113 anIll &Del Ill N. WilliAm -Loollll:. o!/: Ce. n-w oor. Pa&FI and 1l:lm. & EttliDgOr.-Bleocker WlMQlb .t BcluDI&t., lllllowery. l(ln Jr<>m-Oi9ar F-. Clll1*el Ju. &D4 Oo, 98 John Alelr. c -911 Be&de .....,._ J 11. a ee. 1118 a.&ULben JIJfro. o/ Ciflar .lfoldo .-. Dabnll.tPeleri1Hfc Oo., 418 Ill u.a Qrooloo oooa_...s Dol'oll, CiroeDJobDJ. Oo.166 Grand Jl_f....,_, Of OfQr .IIG"''/'_._ ll&niUM, 11. 1711-188 Lewla st. 2'oiHJcce .lfacA.Iftertl, R Y Tob&ooo llachlneiQo. IlK John & V PiaU Willlamll Suction Table. lohn R. Wlillaml eo .. 102 Chambers, A.cenh 2'oll&cco Bl(1(1ing. .._A. Barrtman & Co. 4111-l6V Cigarette Paper, Jl&&c, Hermann, Stewart Building, Broadway and Chambers St. ._afaeblren of Waz Paper '1'lie llamlllel'Bch1a lllfc. eo.--wlab Importers of French Paper, May 13roa. 47 !lurr&Y :Mttr ot Meerschaum and Amber Goods weiS & eo. i9 Walker Progres s Scrap Bu nchi n g Ma chine. Progress Scrap Bun cblng Machin e Co. 1230 2dav. ALBAJI'Y. 1f, Y,. of TobcJoCO. 8reer'1 A.. Sons\ 822 Broadway .A.IUSTERD.A.IU, Holland. Tobacco Bro-.. Gebing J. H A., 0 Z Voorburgwal290 & 2 23. Harlr:ema G U Z. Voorburewa.l 286. ARJI'HEIM, Holla>ad. Din. '" BMmatra and Java Tolw:co Frowoln & Co. BALTIMORE. II .. ButJ.LM( and HfJtmna<'<>o lt'CIYMWHI Bo:rd w A. It 00. 11:1 Soutb Booker Broe. 419 East Lombard Kemper ltl. ct Bona, 116 W. Lombard. Kerckhotr lk. Oo. 05 t10nth CbariN .. rfeld Joa. & Go 39 German 8aeeringer & Co. 13 S. Howard 9eo. P 1t. Co 81 South Oharleo"' Wl8c.bmever .Ed. $. C&. 8'9 South Calven n.fHJrc Brotbera, 1411 tp lit Boutb Ollarleo TobCicc8, 8MppU&I/ and ComaiuiQA ....,...,.,_ Wencli: IC E. o. w eor. Charles &Rd Lombard h-IBt.,.Bolkra. 9eo p 81 South Charles Jlnjtr Tobncco Alnr..Ainerlf Adt John B. 832 842 N. Holliday. N. Y, Cigar Manufacturers. Bravo & Keyes Kent Geo. A. & Co. BOSTOW,Jia.u, Cigar Box Manufacturers. Btrieder J. W. 2100 Washington st. Importer1 of Haoona TobaCCO Cigara. Rico A F & Oo. 18 Central Wbarf OIQsr .AaetU Hltcbcock. R. w .. 191Ddla Street J obbera In Domestic Clg&ra and Leaf Tob&cco. Daveaport J, Jr 96 Broad BROOKLYN, N. Y, ot n,. Ta.Qa. lilamllton lit Lilley, 3 8 Bridge ot. BlJI'FALO,.N.Y Decmr it& Ba"""" and Faduwo of HoiLMf Bu1falo Leal Tobacco Co. Limited. 85 Main. CHICAGO.DL .A.g.,.t tur efgllra, (Jhe!cfng and Bmolritog Tob. FuehsGust&v,4t.WabMh av. J)ec&lera it& F reiqn """ Domealfo z-r 1'oboooo. Beol< A & oe. 44 o.nd 46 DearbOrn. BandbACOn T, 17 W B.andelpb Bubert H. It Son, 231 E. &ndolph Butter Brothers. 151> and 167 LBII:e & JICif&/f"O O/ Fi-Ovt it !!w&ollol"!! Tob, Bec1i: A. & Co. 44 &nil 46 Dearborn anol.ll'/'n' "'-"' -. !1'.-U o1t Oo. 57 lAke u4 (1 St.te ... ,... of n .. Foil. (JroOke John J. 84 Franklin at 11a7er ud Beller ef Cuttingo and Scraps &ad Wholeaale Dealer In Leaf Tob&ceo. PfDD01bt L. 43 8 Water Tob, Feloa &; Co., 7, 8, 9 E. 6th St. (JI,gM jJqz L1vntJitlf', 1'tle 11:. D .tJIIro Oo. 1186-781 W. &th, Leaf Tobacc o ...... B.. a: Oo. Newburgh t.., 1!13 W Pear n._.....,....-M.,._ JTalrU& a:: ataon, and Front or Oii/ A. L. .t eo. 118 E 2d [AdfTobacoo.. J)obrm&DDI'. w. & Sou. oor ViDfl u4 Leal TobaCCO Broker in Sumatra. Havana Seed Leal. Oberhelman John, 85 W 2d Jlflra. of L'fl/<>r .lloldo. Jllllor, Da.bml & 1116-liiii!C. 2d. Mnftn of Havana Otgar li'I&Yor. J'rloiL ,&.lex. & Broo., 411 Jl:. 2d. M.nftn!i of Tob&ceo ltl.ochlner:r MoGo..,. Co. John H OJ.a-.&:sVJLLE, T ..... I-t :l'ObCia rurtt 11. B. .t Bro J)ohrm&On F W. & Bon. Kenned7 Jaa. T. COVINGTON, K;r. Jl..nutact.lrer of 1'1"11 Tobacoo Perldna a Ems>, 1511-100 Pke. DAJI'VJLLE. Va. _.. Clnd .Broloor in I-t r.-Relldenoa. A.. &: Ce Hickson R. L & Co. LM/ Bro1um. 8lnCUII o .. Order. Ferrell P. W Vea&bleP. & Ji:anurocturer or Vtt111nia and North Oarollna Smoki.D!I Tobacco. Trowbridge Wm. H. D:t:TMOLD, Geruuuay. Jllanufacturera of Cigar-Box Labola. Qebnlder K.Uncenberg. DBT'ROITo Mlolo. JIST1" of Ghetm"ll i!m0/Ci"f1 Tob 11114 ()lgGro American Eagle Tobac"CO Co. llaDI1K TObaocO Oo. 113--69 Lerned It DUJUUJII. Jl', o; o( l!..,;llf"f1 -. ]l!aokWell'a Durham Tobacco Co. Jlfro ojliJciCtOacoo Cutter, B1lcli:eye Iron and Brase W erko. lind DllJl,wl Ill 0No BMiL O'llell W. B. EV .a.nVJLLJ.. lad. TobaCCo Broker. NoelW.T. EAST H.&.RTFOKD, VO-. Pack"' and Dealers in Loa ( Tobacco. Huntt.lng, Wm. L 1 Co. E&ST S.A.GIN.&.W, lllloh. Pine Box"' tor Leaf Tobacco. Merahoa. W. B PllANKLI.NTON, N. C. LMI To60CCO Broloer W.L.KcGhee; locatioa, "Goldenllelt"otN.Q. HARTFORD. o""" DeCIIerO in 8NII r-r Baal L. B. 146 Bt.te at HOPJUJISVJJ.4.Bo :l'ObCia Broiler. ThnrnJIIOil Gee. V. BA V AJI'.& O.laa. Cii/"'"'-..,_,.. Ha-'lobacco Co, 64 PradO :Mo.nufacturers of Cigars. Cortina y Gomez Calle do Ia Es1a"ella IM. 1111iraDCla F, ()al""da do.llllonte lW Orde"' Julio J 60 San Ygnacio at B<>ger Pedro, Factorla streel. BEJI'DERSOW_ KJ" Tol>acoo BroiHro, SlaUghter G. G. HENDERSON, l'f, C. Lew18/t Tbomao. .J'.A.NESVILLE and .A.LB.A.NY, WI Packer of and Dealer In Lea( Tubacco, GreaneF.O. &.A.NSAS CITY, 11'.10, Wnoleaale Dealers In .llnfd aad Bmka ancj Cigara, &lao Smokers Artfclea. Bachma.ti J. A .t Bro. 54! Delaw.,...llt ..DeGiert ita. BGI'Gft.G and .Dofruo.ritc lllltchoJaon J. C & Co 801 Delaw.,... st KEY WEST,I'Ja, rabals E ... nutacturers or OicarL Cartaya J E. It Oo. Trujillo D. L. & Bona L.&JI'CASTER Pa. Paoltera of and Dealers In Leal Tobacco Fre:r Jacob L. 218 W King at 8ltllea & Fre:r 51-38 N Duke st .. IDauro.uce and Re&ll!'.otate & Burns,IO W. Orange St. LIVERPOOL. Eq, Tobacco Brolu!r1. l'Brr7 ol: Croahl.._ 28 PIU'Bdlse Street I..ONDOl'f,. Bnc. Tobacco, Cigar and Leaf Qralr L. 8 FeRChurch llulld.inp, 11:. 0. LOUISVILLE, &:,. 1'1"11 7'oboooo x .. ,...,_ Fo...., Tobacco Co. W. G & J':" L'ol>WI&I/ Tobacco. F. "1'. & eo. Flint J. G. & Co. Mafi.U/actu.rm- of Ofgore. Graf Wm. o!l Co. JI'EW ARB:. Jl'. J, Kanuta.ctnrers of Tobacco C&mpbeU & Co 00-22 Bridge st JI'EWPORT, KY. of OlgarBo:c .Luaa.ber IJvezev I. W & Co. OXF9RD, N.C. Leaf Tobacco Broker. Bobblrt W, A. PADUCAH, K,-, ro""""' Broiler a. hr,yea.r, Myles & Oo. PEORIA, Ill, Cigar Manu!a.cturens' Supplies. Peoria. Cigar Box l.-'0. PETERSBURG. y,., JIG7&tlf1Jcnd Tokac>oo. V-ble B. W oil: Co. PBJLADELPHJA.. Seed L<4/ and H""""" TOMcoo II'.,.-. llami>O ...... L. .t Oo. Ill Arob llatullelor 11:. rl': Elo or-o N. Water bremer'l Lew'lll louo. 322 Mn...-.h TIIJrd Dona.n & Taitt 10'1 Arch Freyer a: 118 Nortb 8d. Labe Benj. 231-233 -"Orth Sd lllcDowou M.. Jl:. IIi Oo. 60S-WI! Cheatnul 111anJ1: J. ll.lnaldG o!/: Co. 112 Nortb Water Bro..,bera, 117 .North Tb.ird YettorloiD. J. & Oo .. 115 Arch Young & Newman, 62 N. Front lmporOOrs of Havana Leal.. .A.Iv..,... J. 119 South 2d Portuondo, Juan F lilanaom. Importers of H&vaoa and Sumatra Tol1acco. CfeA!rll B .t Co. !lit CbMIIIUt. lltcO lnapaelor. rOilgBr&:r A. R. 68 N. Fn111t MantJ/Mt'fif'tlf'l J IMOMfticea-3Sth STREET and 1st AVENUE, K .AUFMANN BROS. & ,BONDY, Import ... and Man;': of Mannfactnrers, Piues & Smokers Arllcles, F;.at Avenue, 32d a 334 a 129 & 131 Grand St., aro'!:'d':.,., New York: Salesroom: 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Steam Cigar Box Factory. DO, 100 a.:nd. 109 1'loJ or"th. Oa.:na.:l. 8-t., O:lD.o:lD.:na.-t:l, Oo .&lao ManufaGtv.rer otthe Veaeered an41mitatloa Ce._r Cigar-Bo:c LtuD'IIer, Sample 1'urnhhecl on Application, Send tor PrtoeLiat. Tlae oJl}:r Jl'acters In &he w .. t tlla& earrle a complete &oel< or all Label PubiiII.M. ln th" United S&alntlmes. ... ....... ... Great Brita.iD-Pound Sweden-Crown..... 26 8 sterling .............. $4. s c !'.wl\zerlandFr:anc ... 19 : 8 Greece-Drachma..... Tri.t><>li-ltlah\>ub of :IIJ G e r Empire-Mark... 23. 8 plasters.:.. . . 82.9 Hollan d-Florin or gullTurkey-Paa.a t r ..... 4.3 der....... .. .. . 88.5 U S of Co loml>l.,_. 91 a TOldla-Ru p ee....... 45.84 Peso....... .. .. Aldlo equals 2JSpo unds. A p tenni" g equals.2%_of one cent. An Englis h &billing equals 24 cen.15. An Ellgli&b \)enny equals c ents. .UTIES OJI' TOBACCO IJf }'OREIGJI' OOUJI'TI\IES .&.1J8TIIAL1A-Hanufactnred tobacco '11--.. I)OUn(). duty. Australian muul&etllred tobacco, made r!l aomestic !eat, 24 cents a; madeoffore(p !eat, 48 cents a pound tax. BELGIIJM-Leaf tobaeoo and stems, 70 francs per lOll ldlos: ma.nut,liloCtured. tobacco clgan and; franca per IOO"kiloa: "thor killds,lncludlng atrlpped tobaoce, 111M trancs per 100 kilaa. CANADA-Oft tobacco tho excloe dut;r;on foreign leaf which formerly waa 20c per lb,. but of late, has beQ reduced to l!c, 111 restored to 20c. The duty on domestic leaf, wb.lch1up to 1888 Was Be, and was then reduced to'"'' if advaneed to 6c. The customS dut.y upon enuft is in c........m to lllo per lb, and on imported tobacco from liO to 80c per. Jb. Cigaretlos put up In po.cli"""" weighing lea. than one twentieth of & pouad or 1008, shall pay & dut;r o : 84c per lmi.::.ea.d of 9QC, aa heretofore, aBd on or moist ltDuft1 when o.-er 40 ceut. ot IIJOI8tUI'Itt, whoa put m piiObce8 ot-t.bM Olllllltllllll,lMipeclol>, ENGLA."!.'ll-Manufactured Tobacco-Cigars, per l' Cavendish or Negrohead, -48 6d. per lb. Cavendish f)r Negro. bead manufactured in bonQ 4s per lb. Othe r manufactured tobacr o, 4 s per lb. Snutr containing m ore than 18 lba ot m oisture in every 100 lbs wetgbt thereo f S s 9d per lb. Sod n o t c ontaining m ore than 18lbs o f m oisture in e v ery 100 lhll weight thereof .fa 6d per lb. unmanufactured TobaccoContaining" 1 0 lbs or more or moisture in every 100 lbllwelght the reof. 8s 2d per lb. Contatning lftftR tl>an lOTos of molsture in every 1 l b s w eight thereof, '})s 6d p e r lb. In lieu Gf the draw all owable ber o r e May 31, 1887, there i s now allowed the drawback olS s 3d named in sectio n 1 ot the Manufaotured 7obacco Ac>, 1868. GER!ti ANY Cip:a1"8 and cigarettes. 218 marks per lOOldloo duty. Smok!na-tobacco in rolls and snufT flou r, 180 marks per 100 kilos duty. Pressed tobac co, B O marks per 100 kilos ducy. Leaf tobacco and stems 8.j marks per 1(;0 kilo s duty. StripR or stemmed leaf, 180 111ark.s p e r 100 kllos dutY.. in rolls or leavew and unpreseed stems 28 <'ents &uty Jer 100 kil o s ; pressed ste m s, 2.t c e ota duty pPr 100 kil os Manufactured t obacc o, snliiltr, carr et..d tobacco and snuff, per poWld, 8c. CHARGES FOR LICENSES PEB ANNUK 'Ma nu factureht (If cigars, eigarettee and cheroot.R, manufacturers o f t.obacco ftnd anutr, $1 de&lere 1n manu,.t a c tures o f tobace o i de&lera in tea! tobAcco, 112. IMPORT DUTIES ON TOBACCO. Cigari, $2 .50 per pound and 25 per oent. ad aloreta. CiKarettes, s&me &"1 c1gars tncludtng tnteroa.J. MI. Leaf tobacco. S::t per (..."eDt. of which ts wrappers weighing mo,.. th11.u 100 leaves te the pound, 75 cents per pound: It stem med, 11 per p ound; all otberleatnotstemmed, 85 ceaS per p .... uud. Tobacc o manufact-ured, 40 cente per pouDd. :::itt>ms, 1 6 centa p8r pound. Pipers a.nd pipe bowll. g r .. ss, and 0 per cen r. ad valorem. Common cl&J pipee. I& per cent. a-t valorem; pa.rt.a ot pipes. 7ft p e r oent.. ad all smo kers' artic les, 7!1 per cent. ad Yalorem; snuff-bo xes and che wing tobacco pouches. 3.'5 per cent. aa valorem. TOBACCO MACHINERY, TOOLS AND SUPPLIES. c::-:::1 Ci::::l j:::l:oo-s:::== -j:::l:oo-!:::2:: c::"::: .......=a c=:l s:::== .?'=2 2 [11 t"" :E en =--< 0 ..... m :Q c. :- 'siLAS C. HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of leaf T Gbacco, PRAGUE & MATSON, Leaf Tobacco BROKERS Ali'D REHANDLERS. CINCINNATI, 0. B. DIAZ & CO., llD.por&en r-r HAVANl_LEAF TOBACCO, i }''7' .... _____ ...... ___ ...., __ STREET, JI'EWYOIUt, FOR GROWERS AJI'D MAJI'Ul'.&CTUREB.S 01' TOBACCO, .A.. c1:t co., :IWI:a.:u:u1"ao-t-u.rer General Agents: New York Tobacco M:achme Co., I 04 John St. & 9 Platt p, o. Bo:& 2183, t I -


12 TIIE TOBAC IiEA.F. AUG. 22 GRAY, MORALES_ & _CO., BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBA.CCO. Manufacturers of CUBAN. HANDMADE i HONEST, POPULAR,] Is tho :Most UNIFORM, RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market LAND B! VAN! Cl&!IS, Hence Dealers and Consumers Pronounce it THE VERY BEST,. [ ..... ..... B .... ... -------------------------------------1 For tenortwel"year3; I hanUICd Slack. Durham Tobacco, and find 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A. Situated in the immediate section of country that produces a of Tobacco that in texture, flavor and qu&lity is not grown elsewhere in the world, the popularity of these goods only limited by the quantity produced. We ":J are in position to ommand the choice of all offerings upon this market, and spare no p&ins or expense to give the trade the It tl\e most satis ractory of an I ha:n tried. I gavo Thomas Carlyle :a pound of it u we YERY B ES'f. o ften amoked togcthe., and be wann!y'pnioed 1t, I haft found JIO tobacco ooeithc.i'Qlnti-li J'. STR.IEDER., CIGAB. BOX M:A.NUF A.CTUB.EB., AGENT FOR THE ar-lalllil Ament for the Williams Little Ciant Bunching Machine, CIGUIANUI'!CTURERS' SUPPLIES. DKALEil U< SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LIIMBER. 2109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. EatabUolaed a'bout GEBRt.iDER KLINGENBERG, DETD.(EOX..D, "Y,, Eli:IQ. bo-er-. .... w Cardo and F ... oy La'belo for Beer, Wble, Fruita ... a Prervea. Cigar Box, Labels a Specialty. *--Deelcne :for PriYa&e La'bela eooatantly on hand, Ordera recelv .. by JlCKMEYER .t: CO. j2 Beav ... Street, New Yark, Sole Aeenta. KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., 36 WARJU:lll ST,. NEW YORK, M.unJJ'AO'l'URERS OJ' mGH GRADE CIGARS, AND DEALBBS IN :E.dll.&.:lr TO::S.A.OOOe l'aetor,. '786, 2cl Diet., N. Y. IDle P,.prietors ot Ute following Braada:-GtJ.A.TEJIIALA1 IIROJiZE l![J!:8A ... 1108.6. DEL NORTE, RIO HONDo, JI'J.I)R DE' VIOLETTA, EL PRIMER.&, J o:hn Anderson a Co., ''SOL A._QE,,'' uo.:n..ey De-vv '' a:n.d. <> FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET, .A.ll1d. 119 All1d. '1S1 &'t., N"E'VV' SPANISH LICORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU &. TUR," formerly "P I L A R.'' -ldANUFAcmJRED BY-OARENOU & TUB. FACTORIES ZARAGOZA, SPAIN, Office: Kemble Building, 15-25 Whitehall St., N.Y. Sole Agents for the Stateo of North Carolina and Vfrebda, DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. :D:NION EXTRACT ::EI8&::EI:N'OEJ 0 :II" HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR T::.::..JtPX..JI!l OO:N'O::IIJ:N'T::.::...A.TED. FOR B:a.b:U..hod. 1aea.. P. & 00, OF HAVANA.CIGA.BS, a:n.d.. "Yo:rk.. Office and Salesroom&: No I '1 Warren St., New York. ALWAYS ON HAND KEY WEST HAVANA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO ln.. ft.&loft 1o. .L.A.'PI' e'7 STR.EET, Nm"VV" -MANUF4CTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED-PLAIN FIXE CUT CHEWIJI'G TOBACOO IN BLUE PAPERS & JSl 'D' :II" :II" ll!il I Rose-Scented Maccaboy ,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman &JI:G-N" .A. X.. Oh.e-.gv:l.:u.a, One oz. FoU. A.loo, Flro& aad Seeood Quality Smokloc, In Blue Papera, SWEETENED FINE-CUT Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. 111.. Y .APPLE and PRIZE LEAl" II'INJ!:oo()UT, In FoU, ALLEN a GINTER, 'V.A.., llaa'Rfaoturera of Fine Gradeo Ia Standard Brando of Cigarettes & Smoking Tobacco New York Depot ......... .' ........ 23 Warren Street. Chicago Depot........... -120 Dearborn Street. Sari Francisco Depot ....... 226 California Street Depot in London, England. 55 Hoi born Viaduct ZURICALBA Y & ARGUJMBAU, i aacl! Bridp St,, .... Tedr. [1'. 0. lloz lH46.l Importers of Fine Licorice Paste, ROOT, OLIVE OIL, .t:o. We offer for Sale the EXTBA FIE L Ii\N.rf ..._ ____ .,. ... IMPO.RTED LICORICE 8K.A.ND, Very Fine aad Pure, Ia .,._ llliO 1-Sll alaba eaell. -. .......... -.......... lt: lt Brand Spanish Licorice. A Real Good Artlole. In .,_ :INO lba. each. l''' 1111 A\.1\\'0it;,t .... /" z 7 /_ ; '\'" './ A'/ .y 1' JI'LOB DB l!IANT.AiiZAS, L.A. PBBIQHOLBo ROSES, !fEW YORK, KISJIIB'l", VBGIJEBOS, OIJB TBBBITOBYo Sampleo furnished upon &ppUcatlon. FILLERS. FOR BOXES. UP"" Price per pint, $8; per gallon, I 'VV'Jt:r..:W NOT :m'V .A.JPOR..&.T:m. a$ 12 to make ONE GALLON of STRONG JrLA.VOB sent on receipt of DB.A.JifD, Strong, Pure and of Good Flaor. Licorice Root, Orclblar)' .t: lleleotell, In Baleo &nd Bundles. II r i! STBJJTON & STORM, I ;> ... NEW YORK. .. All Cigars of our Manufacture bear the t ,. bternal Revenue Number ef our Faeto17, d. d/1 SPEGIA.L FAVOURS -.rile Best High-Class WARRANTED STRICTLY PURE. -ount. WE ALSO MANUFAOI'ORE ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. (JIG.A.B. VOLOBS Dryaud In Liquid. Ali!IPBQJAL FLAVORS, It d" and Cbe&per Article than !,boot l>ltllerto uaed, tilla Oompaq iltmanutacturlng, &lid olfe.rlng for oale LICOI.l>ICE P,ASTE (Under the oil d&ntonl" bralld)ol a Qtr..uT'f and at a PRIClllwllicll ean hardly fall to be to all gllag It a mat LICORICE PASTE. Spanish Imported, in Bond or Duty Paid. re !:::: ;;ie& "G.C.""F.G."&"WallisExtra." For Sale by = :=;:: .A.rg-u.1mba-u. 'VVal.l.1s, Sole .A.cento for the IJolted Sta&e and Canada, 5' 0 2S and 31 SOUTH WILLIAM S'Iltlf)ET, NEW YORK. '! oooo! RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA. Manofaetul'en ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 &. 24 Cold St., MIXTtirlES FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THREE KINGs, T urkish, Perique and V .irginia. InELLOW .l.tiiX'l'URIH, 'l'rkishandPerique, TURKISH a n d VIRGINIA.. PERIQUII: and VIRGIJIIA. C.ENUINE TUJlKJSH FLAKE CUTS, ESPECIALLY ADAPTED FOR THE PIPE. "Va.:a.:i'ty :F"a.:l.r. 8a.l.:t:n.&5', Granulated. A New Mixture. Fragrant Vanity Fair, SnDerlative and Cloth of Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT CITT CIGARETTES. People er refined taste who deSJire exct>ptinnally fine Cigarettes should use only our Stra("bt Col, -..t up in satin pa.ek6ts and boxes of lOs, 20s, 50s and J OOS. Our Cigarettes were never so flue as. now They cannot be Rurpa.a-ed for purity and excellence. /)nly the purest Rice Pape used. E8tabllohed I 846. 14 First Prize lll.edab l'iM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rocllester, N. Y. R. HlniER'S SON COMPANY, "DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE CUT. VANISH LICORICE f GREEK LICORICE I 4.8 Oed.a.r. :N'e-.gv "York. DEPOT FOR THE ABOVE POPULAR BRAND:' &LL SPECIALTIEs FOR :LUG AND TOBAcco. SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE. Leopold Miller & Son GUve Oil, Tonca Beans, Gums. Flavors, POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. POWDERED LICOHICE ROO'r and PATENT POWDERED LICDRICE, FLAVORS FOB SMOKING TOBACCO. 155 Chambers St., New York. .. .., om:As FoR sMoKING TOBAcco ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AND FINE-CUT TOBACCO. Grand Hotel :n 1 e Special attention &lvea to JDanu:fa.cturen JDedleyo. '6;" ... ICORICE MASS FOR CICARS. .t.ncooduhlppe&-B1B :N'. SlU3d. 81:r-'& BOXES. MANUFACTURERS oF sPANISH AND c:E:a. Standard Wire Nails. LIC OBICB PASTE. Foot of East lOth & lith St ALSO H .t; a a/tc.,.ru&ItiOB. ALL BIZF& -.J .= 'a c::z. ca G) ... .. Qg :II a:t (,) a; Gl .... tD ... Q E c;; 0 0 ::E Ill: -CCI &. "V'. &.. P. P. Sc"U.d.d.e:r, l!IAI'fiJF A.QTIJKEBS OF POWDERED LIOOR.IOE PASTE, GrGund from FiUest Imported. Eagle Brand Powdered Llooriee, Made from the Floest and Sweeteat Boot., fNe frem any Adulteration OLIVE OIL. "AIICho" brand or au))el1!ne. pure SALAD OIL, In caaeo 10 one g&lloa t1Ji cans each. Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. & CO., ltianufac&IH"e.n ot Fino Cnt & Tobacco. .A.nd Dealeraln SNUFF, CIGARS, PtPES &c., Wheleoale and Be&afL 88-22 Bridge St., Newark1 J. Jacob Henkell, l!I.A.NIJP.A.CT .IJBEB OP CIG!I BOXES. SUPERIOR MAKE AND PIWIE QUALITY OJ' MANUFACTURER OF ALL XINDB OJ' I.IICOBICE PASTE Cigar-Box Labels. '!'b.e LARGEST and only li'IRST-CLA.SS HOTEL on the Island of Cuba; situated In the ben pan of 297 Monroe St. New York Ule etty. Enlarged, improved, n e w sanitary arranements, new IJl&lla&'ement. urufer Amedoaa POWDERED LIOORIOE ROOT .t: POWDERED EXT. LICORICE, Aloe 'DE.ALEIIS Ia DRUGS and LICORICE ROOT. 4o IEI'troe't, near Pelll"l Street, :N'e"!P''7 "York.. D. BUCHNER&: CO., The Miller, Co., 133, Greaseless Vert1cal Top, D; &: File Cnt Chewing Snuff & Cigarettes. Tin Lined & Flange Top GOLD COIN CIGAR MOLDS, CHEWING TOBACCO. Cigar Shapers. Etc., .Etc. Manufacturers or all Brands Cormcrly lUanutbc turcd by Tbos. Hoyt & Co, I. G. BtANCHAHD, n Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, ta., l'OK SA.JD CITYo 413 E. 31st Street. cor. 1st Ave., New YOI'kt 1661 167 & 169 E. Pearl Deplt aoot Aaency for the Pacifio Coastr :!1015 a, 3M Battery Street. San Fran9lsco, Cal. -.1 European Complete accommodation for stranger& Dofianco. Ci[ar lannfactnrr. p. II. Castro & Co.. Proprietors. 8Uceooor' to D, Hlneh & eo.. 229,231 .t: 233 E. flot St., :New Yorlro The followiBg Brands and tile sole and exclmdve proRert;r et the DEFIANCB CIGAR!IlA.NUFACTORY, anyone&ayw-., withIn the reach or the Iawa of tile land who will lmJ. tate in any manner any of these brands and trad marks or use any name or labiol thereof, wtD a& onc e be proseeuted just the as any thJet wbB would steal any othor v&IU&ble personal property:-DI!flance, M ph!sto, Juplte, Old Jud'"', Sigma, Moss Rose, Our Boys, Samson. None-such, Succe.. SnowFlake, Hearts Game Rooster, Virginill8 Pluck; S.priati, Meg, GuJ. liver, Pla:ntag e net, Feamaught, The Ktmtemma. Oommercial Club, Boston C Jub, Uni ersaL dard, Solid Value, Tbe Fuhlon, Lone El Engagno, PlwdlUo, Factory No. 973,3d Coll. Dist. NewYort. D, HIRSCH, General Hamilton & Lilley .. llANUFAaruREBS or TIN;(I.-TACS All r;radea of PlAbl,Coiored Em'boeaeil. and Enameled Taeo Made to 38 BRIDGE ST., BROOKLYN1 N. Y.


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