The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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VOL. 31. B8TABLISmwt864.) NEW WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 105 M.&IDEK LJLKE, Oonlor ol Pearl l!t..t. 1227 All Parties are Cautioned against any Infringement of this Brand.-PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56, :E3:avana. &, J)g'o. 81. B"tree"t, .N"e"'J:'V' YorJ& Finest Cle&rHBYana CiRars. .&wartled Higheot Meclal at Ea:laibltion, 18'1'6, l'hiladelplaia. ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. GBABLES T. sEYMOUR, ESTABLISHED 1869, :X:a4PC>R.TER. OF HAVANA. tiWt TOBACCO. Tobaccos from the San Juan y Martinez District a Specialty. 1BB Fron-t S'tree't, York. GUSTAV SALOMON & BROS., .No. 138 MA.DEN near Water St., NEW YORK. 67,CALZADA DEL MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. .a.:a;:,. THE LONE JACK CIGARETTE CO., BEW&BE c HAsKE L'S BEW&BI!: OLDEST, STRONGEST .&KD :Di!I:C>BT ::E'I.EINC>"'VVN:JDX) Havana Cigar Flavors A.LW&Y8 GIVE IIATISII'&(lTION. Spec!&! quotations for quantities. De8crip,ive Circular of all our dift'erent brands ot. Cigar Flavors mailed on appllcatioa. Br.BEWARE OF IMITATIONS, ..&a See that every bottle. bears cur ]abel and capsule with our nam& aad address. JAMES & 93 John Street, New ork. Cesareo Vigil, IIIPORTER 011' SCBB.OEDEll &, co., IMPORTERS OF HAVA-Na LEAF TOB.ACCO Trade Mark, Trad J.l( k \\.\\\\ \iE LAS YlGAs 16 Cedar New York. 0 )lei r J. J. A. Calle San Nicolas 128 HAVANA, CUBA. A. & C1.aar& our G-EG_ LIES & SO., Havana loaf CO of lJ l ] f Oorner of Eightieth Street anet Avenue A. 140 Maiden Lane, N"E'VV "Y'C>R:K.. .M. a E SaloDlon Tobacco Co. :Z::Ja.IE'PO::E'I.T:IDB.B OF -------Havana and .Tobacco itf eff.' j; !;. O. ALEX. FRIES. & BROS., Uavana Ci[ar Flavor, 92 READE STREET, JfEW YORK. 46, 48 k 50 Eaat 2d CIKCINJf.&TI, q, Branehooke: l2Aro......I8t., HAVANA, Cl.JBA. Gaerra1 GUERRA HERM'ANOS, Packers and Importers of HAVANA TOBACCO 172 Water Street, Estrella 631 NEW YORK.. HAVANA. GOODWI.N_ & CO.'S Inlrlnglnlf upon the.Mt four .. The. J. Ce>., NEW YORK AND CHICAGO-MANUF.&OTlJRERS OF' FC>XL :ror Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby & 163-165 Mulberry Sts. CHICAGO: 84, 86 & 88 St. SILVER SURFACE' FOIL! COMPOUND' FOIL. PATENT METAL, and all the dilferent varlet(es of FoU kno'WJl to the PRINTING ON FOIL in Bronze and Colors, and with difl'erent ueoi&"na of OrnameD.tation, for TC>B.A..CCC> r.A.N'D CXG-.A..:.R LABELS. f:or PlaiD, ., '.'-MA.Nllii'A.{)TUBEBS OFCIGAR. BOX LUMBEB, B:E".A..N":J:ISE OED.A.B., :J::Di!I:XT.A.T:J:C>JSl BP..A..N'XISEE CEX).A.B., [GEDAK] X.."D':D:EIE.R., Xll:ll>lpor"te:ra o:r Bpa.n.i.h.. Oec::I.&:JC" a.n.c::J. B:l:x"tl::a. IS1:ree"t, Ol::a.10. 1 LOUIS NEWBURGH, Paeker 04 Smoking _Tobacco. Little Dutch & Zimmer's Spanish. I WBYIAN-& Tobacco: & snuff MANUFACTURERS, omcer 141 Wee& Pearl l!l&ree&, (llJlCINNATI, 0. Warehouse: -Germantown, lllonliOmery County, Ohio PITTSBURGH, PA. SUT'rEB BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO. m We;tern Cigar Manufacturers wlll find it to their to. _deaJ lW


I ESTAB'LISHED t 864. Tlavinc the L&r&"est Clrcalati-ofaD7 Trade Paper Ia the *oiid.. ,--,...-..._:;. -,. 'pv B 'IIISH:i2D TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHIHG f.08 Malden Lane, Yer COR. J'EAJU. STBD:T. ''' BDW ABD B11RKE,. Edl._.. .JOHN G. Baal--....-. Te ..... tJf llae PJJer BINGLE COPD!:!J ............................ 10 cent&. OJoe y...,, .. .. ... .. f4. I Biz JlonU.. ............ 11 .&nnaal Sabaerlpllona .&ro ... o ...... BRIT .liM' &lid CA.IfAit'A., : p _o.c, Bau, H.l.mroa and the CmrrDl&HT ... etc. 1'la E1111:land.............. .. ... 5.04 en.. ..................... ....... ....... .. .... : ... 5M aBYJBBD &.&T-One lib: ,..., Year, JloatbL Koalhs eu-oaeooluma.. ... ........ .. UR*1over two cohumla. .. 41 ,.. U -elcht 1oae oolum.J!,.._ .. .:.. 45 M 14 ............... 111 e Fifty ............ 'Ill-'16 OolUIDWI tOO 8& 45 ODe altlam.n :: D '1.'1& II llalf -ma ........... ............. 110 100 55 4)ao llae at boccom of PIIP .. .. .. .. .. 60 .&4-diMen&e oa Ill..& .... :l'ourtoea oer two 'Oride qplum ..... (one,_..) .... tlOO !'weatJ'41whtUDNeertwoWI:IecolumDa. do ,,,, l'i'5 l'oomieD U-IID&'Ie c:oluma :.. ........... do 55 lpeclal .&4Yei'UMmen .. oa le'l'en& Pace. Ooe B'l.r y.,.., __ ..,_ ..._llaeacmrtwb'Oridecoluu>ll.. tel .... lallon Nelle-, .1.10 Jar ...,al :Pfotl';__:.uwar.ta." "'For SaJee." etc. not .. ..-,. e!ht Uneo, 81 for eech laiO!"k>a. -ttaucee for advertlsement8 and oubocrtptloao ehould alw&71 be madrJ::'c:ble by P. 0. Order or by ch'"* co To-........ Pub Co. _.. UDder no cllcumatanceo wW we delale from Ule above prtcea. fte Law BelaUali \o .._. ...... -. J!('ew .. -taboa-tile ,_-. ... --co bill-oror .,_ u ballwblcribed or Do&. Ia .-We for :iS! lleaoed-U any pe1'11011 urderlllll.,....... to be ''" -_..t. ... olloeor-. 5etlee to Su'bsorl._a. We wtD hereafter print -the ...._.,. or ,.per ol eullocrlber aDdta IJII(OOUDAT ..ot the farpr mu. t.he date apoa wlalcb the ... ti' baa _,_ or Will "'*"'-0111" -ben.wDI t&ke aoCICe &Dd remit W1uoD the oobiarlplloa Ia l;lllld t.he date will be Challp4, which will ....e :R'otlce to AdYertbel' .. Changes In arlvertioements should be handed in not Isler than Monday noon to insure thetr inlerLlon m the following Issue. :aETALIATION. '< It ne8ds no explanation to make clear what at this time the above heaagaged in tbe tobacco trade, Mr. John Reichert ranks flret as a whol-hl jobber. There iaiiC&rcely any brand of tolmcco bu what .Mr. Reichert iB familiar with and keeps in stock. His aaaortmeot is large and varied, comprising all tbe noted Virgania br&nde Ill!' well as those of St. Louis and other points, and he eupJllies a large trade at mannfacturere' prices. Mr. Reichert also keeRB a large stock of the finest cipn in the which 95e made under his own supervision and from the ver:y beat Havana and Sumati(' totiaooo : Mr. R bas beea llle&bllllhlld in 11Je trade for hveilty yean, and for honest dealing .. nd promptuillls no businf'88 man in tbe West is his superior. The maout1;1cturwg inlierellt of Henderson i111 truly on a big boosn, and tbe largA Tom Hodge tobacco manufaotot.J IMI8IDB to have made a big succelld. Tiley are conatautly. 8U&INE88 TROU.8L,8. WOLLII:NBEBG lt. WARE, NII:W Schedules in 'tbe general assignment ()f Sigmund Wollenberg and J1100b W. Ware. (Wollenberg & Ware) to Hermann Schover ling sbow: Liabilities, $21,305.98; nominal actual Bll&ets, $3 .8.30.88. HUIID-CbaDJ[es, New .Firms Jr.e. movala. Clu.'!"'"A.IfOOe.t., Tenn.-Roeenhelm & Son, who !esale tob&eco, etc. : bumr. ouc; i iosured :a:.... PoaTUND, ur.-.ltaU Btoo tobacco, etc.: sold out. N&w lDd.-Sievera t.'t Behlouer, wholesale and re.-t.all cil{aro aod tobllcCO; dluolved. N&W N Y .-Leopld &rauu, clga.r ma.o _utacturer; judgment ag&loat for $1,'470 PBIU.D&l.PBI4, Pa.-C. G.-.,eneWa.ld & Co., cla'a.r maoutaoturers; d.U.Oled; C. PoKTJ..,UiD, Or.-ij. L. Stone, cigars, etc.; sold out. Dad w. Prince, ciant., eta. i sold out. ST. CATJU'RDIS, Ont.-l\ Sr.e!nberc, etc.; d&-ST. J-.. Ke.-Benry Lemme!, cigar manllfaeturer; 10111 by llr..$'; not lnur.d. 8T Lov1a. .Mo.-Douglu &: Co wbolelale clears; .Tamee lllcQ <.""lao doceaae. Pelkus &: Co., ciga.ra and tobacco; limon Pelkua de .-.Fall urea and. Bustneas Ar AcaTilf. Tex.-Bonde & Dill, ci&&ra; .-iven cb&ttel mortgage for 1100; dluoiYed. B<ID&a&, ill.-Jacob Seibert, tobacco and cigars; con feKSbd judgment !or SlUl "" BDTT& U17Y, M.unt. W C. Pa.hl, cl&ar mauutactbrer; given bill of for 1500. CuYENNB. Wy.-lde Jman Bros whOlesale ete. ; realty mortKage for r e lea.kd. CBICAeo. IU -Herman Moeller, manufaetu.-er of c1ar bo.z:es; judgment ag&Jnet for $11/1. JohD Marsh, cigars aDd tobacco; IPea bW of oa1e for Jacob ... cigar manltfaeturer; IP obattel 0.-CbaL A Greeneme;yer, cigars; given bill of &t.le tor 1<21 CLlliTON, Iowa.. Ramee&: Bauder, cQral'l!l; Ed. Bauder Ktven battel mortgage lor f481. D.!t-o' VILL&. lll.-Mar ha A Wortman, cigar manufacturer; ;Judgmeut against tor $168 Mlthlfled. DL"ivJCR., Col.-Tabour A l 'relcar, cigars; meeh&nfcs' lien for IUHil. U.wazos, Mua.-Wm. McGIIpiD, cobaceo; (finn chattel mortocage fur 1700. N,., You. N Y.-Jaeoby & Bookman, maaufao... turera; diuol, .. do Morri Jacoby and Charles Jacoby will soutinue uoder atyle of MorN Jaooby Co. PoRTLA.Iill, Or H Gerson 4l Co. (Cc. nomlmtl), etc. ; K GenJOn given realty mortgage tor 16,600. Bu IJU>, Cai-H&II""k tot Da.lley, clgan1, 11891goed. liU Ba.&IICIIIOO, Cal-l h-.s. Jacobs. cigars and wbacco; realty for $10. Commercial Cigar uo.; attached for 1148. Falllielbiluildings. and begin at the eration (natives of those distant islands other end with the Uuited States. Altbougb being employed), one of Lbe pleasant, shady tbe place has. been opened six weeks, this edifices as used in the f11.r East, and light section is little hetter tbail a lu.mber shed of huge packing anything but seen can watch the rapid manufacture of ci-rough, cumbrous b oxes to be looked at. How gars world renowned. For the person iDter -such a stare or aftaire does belie the 888ertioo eslied in this cane building, there is enou,;h &bat tae Yankeee are the most go-ahead peo for a couple of boure-phol'iO pie ont-fll'llt in everything and everywhere I graphs, designs; plans, varietiBII of tobacco Tho North Amariaan section', w hen. finiabed plants, models, etc.-all, of course, relatiDg in another six weeks or so, will be an inter to this ezteoeive coacero's establidhmentil iu etJting one; but llt it i!l the most back lhe North P,fi.Ci!ic Ocean Before ward of any. down, let a i'ew particular!! be of Judging from w.bat be known or!'llly iQ!lportall.oe P.b !J.ippines B distant mens of such is not inadmissible ia an ar,icle from l:lpain are: The director of the house treating on, n o t only the tobacco installa known as "La Exp8 i s the Thomas R Hall championship cup, whiC'h .ja to be .Riayed for by the National League and American Association. It will proclaim tbe winnere 88 the champions of the world in 1888. It is pl'O'!ented by the manufacturer of Bet ween tbe Acts cigarettfll!, and has never been played for, as it hae only recently been finished l:ly Tiffany & Co. The cup is a marvel gf beauty. It contains ounces of ell.ver and is mount.ed on an ebony case. On tbe front of the cup is pic tured a ball field, with not only the pitcher,. &bart a&op, catcher and batter, but tbe down trodden umpire as well. Over the pictured baH field are tbe words: HALL CILUIPIO:NSHW CUP, 1888. . . ... . . . . .. I On the front or the ebony base is a silver shield, upon which is to be placed the record, name and any other inscription that may be required Oia eacb side of the cup, and. standing on the handlet1, is a player in uni fol'm The one oa &he right ia a pitcher about to lieliver tbe ball, and on the left is a batsman waiting. for the ball. TbiB beaulirul trophy is on ezhibition in Tiffany'll window, Union square.-New York Sun. A man by the name of Clark baa lately been swindling merchants in this city by means of forged cbeclr.a. Among the namea forged was that of Mr. G L. W. McAlpiD, of D H. McAlpin & Co., tile check be111g fOr $.'100, aud Clark .:btl'ined sum on it, (;lark iB neht in 110,000 bail for grand larceny aud forgery, and will no become an in mate of S1ng Sing .TRADE MARKS REGISTERED. W" Applicatto .. for Balat:rlatiea, ._..t 1r-pant-well b-. .. will aot .. notioed anleu aoooapaaled 'll,-Recbtrattoa Fee. --In court Ill -ef leat claim, ownerehlp in a t.rade -marlt or D..,.._ u.ry to prove priority ot. uee, or fin& ue after ODJDeDt by the original owner i an.d to make auch proof a& aU avall&ble, the To.uoco Law OoMP.uliilauer'pli i' a, t>a. ., I \_ _lo-M;y Nl ._t. r Nr3. 3253. For Smoking, Finecut and Plug 'l.'obacco. Registered Aug, 25 8 a. m. Wildon & McCilllay TobaccO Co., .Middletown, Oblo. G EO. PERL k CO. 1 ProprleCOI'll of Ule follo1rillll: reglate"!'\_ b"!."d ot ci gars:-" Blue Ribbon, "Geoo,re a Home,' Star," .. G. Co.'s Xonoaram," "Qeorp and "St. LQ)1Is Diploma." upon above braoda wW be prosecuted. by law. 1102 8oa\b BroaclwJ' 1&, Loala, LOl11SVILLE JW:A&&&T NOTBS, LoUISVJLLJ:, Ky., Aug. 27. Mr. E J. O'Brien ha.s retut'bed from a 110jouro at the Water Cure in Micht,(an, quite recovered from the serious attack of lick.ll81111J be bad some time ago. Kr. Henrr Glover, of the Louie'rille Warehouae, is bracing up at new Crittenden Springe, Marion County, Ky., preparatory to entering on -the fall campaign with the old crop on hand, and the naw wbeil it oomes ill. Mr. Jame11 Olark bali returned to his lair at .Middle Bass Island, Lake Erie,,to freshen up a b to be. llble to 1teep up with tbe pro cession on hi9 and wak:b every bogshead,lik" a Scotoh terrier; M the l'armen' Tob ,acco House, of which he is the hon ored presiden,;, and see that tbe boyere don'' set tobacco too l!ill'. Howard & Crawford,two.promi118D& frqm JrletniiiK Caudty, Ky. bave the warel;louae now run by .Me1111rs. Headley & Co., and intend carryingon auction and private ll&les in it, which will be exclol!ively Budey, probably as tb11y bail from a fine Burley dtetrioe. Witb Burley now being uaed for eYII'I'J' piiJ'poee for wbioh tobacco it gaed, InuWe : want "11 tbe Burley it can get, as is has Lhe largest numberof bl.lyera wl&b outlet for it both ru home and abroad U is ee.timated that the aales In &he Louis:vme market next year. will be 130,000 bbds. 1f not m'lre, and w11l draw maay ahippere who have never-shipped to It befbre. With fourteen wareh'ousll8 rattling otr hogshead. one every m inute .or Jeaa, all will be taken good care df, treated on ti.e square, ancl -pt. a fair sbow, with the several warehou-eo protecting their intereets. Tbe new Farmers' Warebou110 is now able to store tobacco on its floor leel with t;he pave.ment, whi;,h it finds now very bandy. Next year is ezpected to be one of heaviest year's businees ever done in t;he leaf tBrty was destroyed:-. 9t.orage warebouae, Eucene llorehead; value .. 12,000; insurance, $1.200. storage 'warebouse, Mor11bead & Morgan; value, $1 100: iusurance, $1 I 00. Storar;e warehouse, llore head & value, 11 .2110; inaurance,. I1,Qol0. Coz .r& wareboll8e, Dr. E. T. guardian, Oxfurd, N. C .; value, t?OO; no in surance. Leaf tobaoco Btored In CoHrl; warehouse, the property of Blackwell'll Durham Co Operative Tobacco Co .. valued at ll!O,O

/ AUG. 29. OBITUARY. .AD OLPHUI!I MEIER. Adolphus Meier, one of thl'l American citizens in t be MiBSIBBIPPt Valley. died at his late reeidenc" yesterday after noon. He had bef.n i n ill health for some time. He was seventy-eip:bt of ap:e, fifty-one of which be was a res1_dent of St. Louis. The deceased was born 1n Bremen. Germany, in March, 18LO. In 1836 be was married to a Miss Annie Rust. and toward 'be cl01e of tbe following yeAr be resolved locate in this country. He reaQhed tb1s country in March. 1837, via New the Missi88ippi River. witli his young the trip from the old country oonsummg fully e1x months. Soon after his arrival be o-pened a hardware store on the of Main and Chestnut streets. that betng. m the business center of the city at that time. He remained in business there in the eame building until 1860, when he decided to tear down the old structure and erect one more commo dious and more in keeping with the archi tecture of the period its place. So!De years later he went tnto the comm1sston business in the same building, and his name still graces the front of that as he retained his in in the place up to the time of his death. He the first cotton factory in this city in 1844, and subse quently erected a building on Eleventh ani Soulard to carry on this businees, the results having fully reached his exP,ectations. That factory still exists under the name of the Louis Cotton Mills. the d!lceaaed been its president from the time it wa:s up to his death. He was also tnterested 111 the Peper Cotton Compress Company.-St. Louis Globe Demoorat, Aug. 21. ()HAS. M PLEASANTS After a lingering illness Bnd much suffer ing from hearL diseaRo Mr. Chaij. M. Pleasants died yesterday at 9 :30 A. M., at his on North Seventh between Harrtson .and Clay. Mr. Pfe,.sants was a native of Powhatan County, Va,, and was born in 1844. He grew to mauhood in Virginia, aud in 1861 espoused the cause of the South and became a member of the First Vhginia bat ta.lion of the Pewhatan artillery, sharing the active service of that command through the Wllr. He participated in many of tile most fiercely contested battles of the war, including Jl'rederickaburlt', Wilde.rness. _Get tysburg, Winchester and the Seven Pmes. At the clostl of the war he engaged in farm ing and dealing in tobacco. This life he con, tinned for a few years, when be turned his attention exclusively to the tobacco trade. In pursuit of this business be came to Pa ducah in 1874 and entered the tob,.cco '.>raker age business with Mr. B G. Bid well. This partnership continued until Mr. Bidwell re moved to Texas, since which time Mr. Pleasants bas pursued a general tobacco buai ness. The deceased was a worthy and affa ble gentleman, tbou!l'h somewhat. reserved. He bad a largeacquaintance, and his death will be re11;retted by all fnends. Mr. Pleas ants was never married, having devoted his life to the care of 'his widowed mother.-Pa duca'h, Ky., News, Aug. 22. H. G. ABERN.ATHY, Yesterday at 12:30 o'clock Capt. H. G Abernathy died after an illness of eh1;ht months. The immediate cause of his death was congestion of the lungs. Capt. Aber nathy was born in Virgiriia. April SO. 1825. He moved to this city in 1869 and built the first tobacco warehouse ever erected here. He has been the recognized leader in tobacco circles, and his counsel and advice were sought in all commercial enterprises of im portance conducted in tbia community. No death has occurred lately in our city which is more universally South Kentuckian, .Aug 24. 8amplln11: tbe 1887 (Jrop, Up to the present time our orders for Ampling the 1887 crop sliow beyond a doubt that our firm will sample at leas' two-thirds of the entire crop. There ar11 several reasons for the great success of our firm. The first is, that our prices are e.ny other house that 1t IS a great savmg m dollars and cents to every firm that patron izee us We pay all clllima promptly. Our samples are unquestioned in every part of the werld, are strictly reliable, doing justice to both buyer and s e ller. These are close times and there is no sense in fancy pdces when you can do bet ter with us. Our immense business allows us to work on a small profit, and we are eatisfied. We have a storage capacity of thirty thousand cases in this mty. all in one warehouse. near Pier 48 ; East River. City insurance is low. and we can offer you such rates of storage that it will coRt but a very little more to both .store and insure with us than you now pay for insurance alone in the (lountry. Figure this out and get our rates and you will see that we are right, and that you are now wasting considerable by storing in the country. Whenever you have sampling to do send us your orders and they will receive prompt attention. We employ over 30 first class Mmplers, who are located at the various to bacco centres. Ord!lrs left with either of them will receive the same care and prompt attention as if left at our main otfie. Re member, you can save a good many with us during a year's work. Thankmg one and all for their more than liberal pa tronage, and pledging to merit your further confidence, I r emain your obedient servant, r S PHILIPS, President. Philips To b. Co., 188 Pearl st., New York. Wet Vlr;tloht State Ticket. Governor: Gen. Nathan Goff, of Harrison county. For Geo. M. Bowers, uf Berkley eounty. For Treasurer: Hiram Lewis, of Clay eounty. For Attorney General: Wm. P. Hubbard, of OhiG county. For Superintendent of Schools: F. B. Mc Lure, of Wayne county. For Judges Supreme C ourt: John W. Mason, of Tayler county; J C. McWhorter, of Kanawha county. For Electors-at-Large: Augustus Pollock,. >Of Ohie county; T. P. Davia, of Fayette -county. Col. Dic.&.J pln for Second. Place. There was an important conference of the New York city delegates to the Republican State Convention on Thursday night. The representatives oftbe Firdt, Sec_oud, Fourth, Flftb, Sixth, Seventh (in part), Etghlh, Nmth, Twelfth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Twenty-second Assembly districts sr;reed to recom mend and the nomination of Col. E. A. McAlpin for Lieutenant-Governor. M;r. Mc .Alpin is in the Adirondacks, but promtsed to meet the delegations from the above named Assembly districts a t Tt oy on their .way to the convention a' Saratoga. The result of the conference in agreeing upon Mr. McAlpin is eaid to be "a stunner" for Mr. Husted, -flBpecially as Shed Shook's !!elegation went for McAlpin. -----Peronal. Frederick A. Schroeder, who is spoken of .on the Republican sid_ e for. the for Lieutenant-Governor, 1s a ret11den' of :Brooklyn. Re was born in Trevee, Pruuia, -on March 10, 1833, and was educated at the Traves Gymnasium until be reached the age of 16, when he his father the United States, arnvmg m New Yerk 1n He learned the trade of cigarmaking, and commenced bueiness on his account before be was 21. He is the senior partner of the firm of Schroeder & Bon, in the leaf tobacco business in New York. He has been for maBy -years president of the Germani& Savings Bank of Brooklyn, He has always been a Republican, but never took any active part in politics until the year 1871, when, without his knowledge or <:oneen" he was nominated for Comptroller of Brooklyn and elected. He served aa Comptroller from 1872 oo 1874; was elected Mayor in 187!1, for two years, and decline d a renomma tion in 1877. He was elected to tbe S 108; J Atak 1 : S Ros s in & Son I ; E & G Frio nd & Co 00; Cullmans & Rosenbaum H; G C Kieo lmsch 1 : fEsbe rg, Bachman & Co 1; J 8 Gans Son 1; Cbas Schroeder 7: L & E Wer theiraer I: Jo.eph Mayer's So!!s3: Strauon& Storm 2: G F'alk & Bro Hirsch V i ctorius & ()o 1 bale: J Ellinger & Co2 cscigars: H A Richey 4 do; F H Leggett xs Eio, 217 c s s mkg. 6 do smkg and cigarette. 8.> do c igarettes; Thompson, Moore & Co 401 cs mfd 116 bxs rlo, 10 ).( bxs do, 7o cads do, 40 do, 1 pkg do, 12 cs ctgarettes; L Jer & Soil 8 cs smkg : Wise & Bondheim 20 do; Mayer Bros 20: Austin, Ntcbols & Co 16: Thurber, Wbyland & Co 16; B e rry, Winer, Lohman 4 Co 6 : Jas M Gardiner 1; J H Fabrenholz 2; Allen & Gmt e r 18 cs smkg, 153 do cigarettes; Dollan, Car roll & Co 34 cs mfd : Jllartin & Broadhurst 67 c1 mfd, 36 bxs do. 7 racks do: J os D Evans & C0 SO bxs mffl: F II L ggett & Co 2 do; 0 Buriar..,_Tobacco-Vego., .Morton & Co 122 bales; A G o nzalez 3 1 do; M A 64; F Miranda & Co 87: Landman & Bernheime r 35: EXPORTS I'ROil THII PORT 01' lf.W YGBII: TO 1'08 ICIGN PORTS J'ROil JAIIU&llY 1, 1888, TO AUGUST 28, 1888. lihda Africa............ 379 Amsterdam ........ 2,674 Antwerp .......... 1,549 .\ uatrta.. .. .. .. ... c-. 183 888 2 ,121 .\ustralio............ 972 1 ,174 BreRlen ........... 6.198 14,641 Sri Lisa N A Col.. 11 Canada ........... ..... Centro.! .. 8 33 Ohma and J "pan .. Copenhagen.... ... 1101 "28 East ln1Uea, . 12 Fro.nce ............ 9,750 G!br<ar.. ........ 106 Glaagow .......... 786 Hamburg ......... 8 ,000 (taly .............. 7,675 Liverpool .. .. .. 684. London ........... 2,743 OLher British PorL8. 606 Malta .... .' .......... .. Mextco .... ....... 7 4 8,006 32 ol,014. 44 1,494 2 New Zealand, etc. 9 PorLugal... .. .. .. 92 Rotterdam ...... 2,966 1,185 danilwich Ialands ... Spain ............ 6 006 Seuth America.... 189 & Norway 206 West lndie.., 948 Various ports., .... 21 245 50,892 26,041 Balea Lb8 mfd 85 67,1149 181 00,227 1,806 96,117-l .... .. io 2,m.soo 2 ,709 2 M,UlO I 8 601 'mu 11 11,172 126 23 320 6,018 10 858 '11.170 68,828 19,842 59,980 93.495 218,983 7V,3ll8 .... 444,797. 470,888 720 86,79!1 6,922 682,649 1,-lUO 19,817 1 ,600 688 li76,826 2,280 717,197 8,640 29,1()9 6,199,566 AMSTERDAM, Aug. t '8.-Messrs. Schaap report to the TOBACCO LEAB': By different steamers were imported 24. 700 bales Sumatra and 1,803 bales Java, beeidea a little lot, say 81 bales Borneo tobacco. Changed bands, 1,020 bales Sumatra, not by f ormer subscriptions. Subscriptions will take place for Java on September 13, and for about 25,800 bales Su matra on September 26. Stock to day: 45.31l5 bales Sumatra, 16 202 Java, 118 Batj en 81 Borneo, 1 947 Manila, 800 'l'urkey, 84 hhds Maryhmd and 40 bhds Vir giuia. Soa.ltea Ia &be To'baeeo Pa"&eh, The snake seams to have fQund particularly abiding places iri Penn sylvania in the and hilly country along the R1 ver, Qn bot a the Lancaster and York county sidell is during the time we are cutting our oats that the copperheads appear to us in the ,reatest numbers, and it is said that they are most poisonous during that time. Five out of the si x persons who were bitten by copperheads in this part of the country this season were bitten while at work in oat fields. The next particular oecasion when it behooves the citi zen to keep his eye. out for the hot-toothed reptile is the season of tobacco cut ting, in the latter part ef August. The lower part of Lancaster county contributes largely to the big crop of tobacco the district raises. When the stalk is cut and lihe broad leaves lay in rows across the fields they seem to ba ve IL peculiar fascination for tbe copper head. The stalks lie in the field for two or three hours, and when the farmers go in to gather them up they raise them from the ground with great pare, for they will be sur. e to see a copperhead snugly quartered be neath eome leaf before the end -of the row is reached, and it not infrequently happens that one of these impudent roptiliiB will he found under several leaves in succession. What the is to them in down toba<:co is more than I know.-Ed. Mott in New York Timea It will be well for buyers when they go to Lancaster county to view the tobacco in the field to carry a flask of pizen antidote' with them-the fluid being easily procured of any dealer in wet groceries." To pre vent rude and off!lnsive remarks by the Lancasterians, those buyers who have reputatione to lose can label the fiaak "medicine," "cough mixture," or "snake antidote," and a11 a still further precaation, can effectually hide the vessel (rom public view by carrying it in the pistQl pocket, after the Western manner. Report oC &be 11. 8. Department ot .t.grlenltare for A.uguot, 1888. Table showing the average of the tobacco crop, August 1, 1888: Per Cent. Massachusetts ..................... 96 ................... .. 90 New York ......................... 95 Pennsy 1 vania .................... 91 Maryland ......................... 77 Virp:inia ........................ 73 North C arolina .............. ..... 78 Arkansas ......... .............. 91 TenneBBee ...... : ................. 97 West Virginia ................ ... 95 Kentucky ........ ................ 90 Ohio ...... .. : ..................... 88 Indiana ................. : ......... 97 Illinois .. .. .. ........ ... ......... 96 Wisconsin ................... : ... 81 Missouri.. ......... ......... 92 .A:verage ... : .................. 86.1 Garcia & V ega 26 : Jobn Brand & Co 129: order 117; Jas E Ward & V<> 855: A Wassermann 1 cs cut, 6 bbls do. Cigars-Purdy & Nicholas 21 cs: H R Kelly & Co 8 do; W E Barnett 2; E s berg Tbe (JapUel Tobac:eo (Jompan:v. Bachma11. &.. Co 14: ME .&icDowell d; Co 8 : Carl Uomann 3: B Wass e rmann 5; Kaufmann Bros & Some days ago the Gazettestated.tbat nego Bondy 1: W H Thomas & Bro tl; p & J Frank 6: tiationa were 'pending for establishing a large p P o bal s ki & eo 5; E Regeasllerg 2: Michaelis &; tobacco manufacturing establishment iri this Lindemann 2: Lozano, Pcndas & Co 5; C B Per;:ity. The Gazette is now able to state that km 4: L BJumgMt 1: J Hir s ch 1 ; G W Faber 5: 'the arrangements have been completed, and H Strauss 4; W E Parsons, Jr 3: E s tabrook & in a few days active operations will be eom Eato n 11; F Garcta, Bra s & Co I ; Park & Tilford menced. 38: order 99: Ack er, M e rrall .t Condit 4li da. 1 cs The large two'story and basement brick cigarettes: Jas E Ward & C o 422 cs cigars, 25 do building l ocate. d on South Ml\in street. and Jose 8 Molina 4 bbl3 cigarelles: A Wasrecently occupied by the Wisconsin Shoe e rmaon 14 do; E Meyer 8 bales cut t o bacco 4 cs Company, is where the new factory is to be cigarette p a per located. This building recently came into Receipts of lic orice at the port of New York the p ossession of Dr. Henry Palmer. and he for we e k ending Aug. 27, 1888 : bas l eased it to the Capite! TC'bacco C ompany LICORICE RooT-Ma c Andrews & Forbes. per of Wisconsin for a term of years, and also Maria-Cassabona. from Smyrna; 8,817 with a provision for the purchase by the pkgs (1.260 ,000 lbs.) company. Dr. Henry Palmer is now putting Mac Andrews & Forbes, per M arla, from the building in shape for occupancy, and the Smyrna, 2,563 pkgs (860,UOO lbs.)' tobacco company will commence irnme-Stamford Mf'g. Co per Ottone, from Bey-diately putting in their machinery and get routb and Alexandretta, 2,604 _pkga (882,-ting ready to commence work for the fall 560 lbs.) tr&de. E. S. Miner, !Jf Necedah, Wis .. is IQ[POKTII From the port of New York to foreign ool'te for tlte week ending Aug. 25, 1888, were aa fo!lGws:.Amst.!rdam-626 hhds, 241 cs, 1 bale, 50 pkgs (13,917 lbs) mrd. A.ntwery-44 hhds, 528 cs, 267 pkgs ( 40,060 lbs) mfd Republic-20 pkgs (8,81!0 lbs) mfd. hhds, 664 cs, 892 hales. Briluh .Atutr..tia--21 hhds, 1 cs, 216 (43,188 lbs) mfd. B1'iti8h Bondurll8-10 plrgs (717 Jbs) mfd. lJrituh PosaeB81011a in A.fnca-28 hhds, 1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd. British w .. e lndiu-5 hhds, 15 pkgs (1,879 lbe) mfd BitW E-ot lnd.U-86 pkgs (6,184 lbs) mfd. Oanada-264 &ales. OM>tral .A....,.;.,a,-24 bales, 1 pkg ( 100 Jbs) mfd. Chili-a pkgs (8111 lbs) mfd. China-6 pt nofd. Ouba-10 pkgs (2,000 lbs) mfd. .Dantlh Wut Inaw-2 hbda Dutch Weat IndiM-11 bales, 32 pkgs mfd French Wut lndie8-41 hhds. G!BgQVJ-74 hbds, 41 pkgs (7.216 lbs) mid. BambutJ'-180 hhtla, 2iil bales, 3 pkga (820 lbe) mfd hhss. Bayti-10 bhds, 3 cs. Japan-52 pkgs (8,6111 !be) mfd. 0 h bds. Li-,-l--52 pkgs (8, 720 lbs) mfd Londcn-381 hhds, ca, 167 pkgs (28,026 lbs) mffl Marae illes-72 bhds. .Malta-10 pkgs (1,760 Jbs) mfd. N8t1Jf01/,ndlantl-2 pkgs (16\llbe) mfd. NetJJ Zealand-9 hbda, 85 pkgs (15,621lbs) mfd. Peru-! pl J'. C>Fl.DET.X:., BEEXE"'E"'X.L'CI' G-. dt 00 DII:Da:XBI!I:J:O.N' DII:EJR.O:EE.&.W'"1"e 8l'JDClAL ATTE!iTION TO l'OBOHASING AND SHIPPING et.aars &, Leaf BH& or rerereaeea Cllralolaed, Buy en rofq t HaT&nf\ are requested te call on their arrivAl. lor information whleh Will 8A VE tbem TUIE and llONIIlY. P, O, Box 80,, ()able A.ddre"!' ".;Jor ... 60 IIAlr YGJJAOIO BTBEET. :EE.A. 'V .A.W' .a... Horaoe 8. Dfqk'a" El1ala.a DJeHa"L ,And xrn por-ters 1 1'8 PEARL STREET, NEW BXN'G-:EE.&DII:TON'. W'. 'Y" a. o f L. E. B .RAVO d: "oooooooOoooooooooooooooooOoO, B. of L. F. B. of R. R. B. RED SKIN li'IOKEL OIGAB. FILLBR. -< Samples sent by mlill to JOBBERS OILY. MANUFACTURED BV SMITH & BINGHAMTON, N. Y, Speo1a1 Nc:>'t1oeel PICADURA CHEROOTS. prW AXTED FOB CASH, _... Trade-l'l.[ark C'UT'l'INGS if'. P. .X. l l'or Domeotlo omd Ezport '0-t Princ l pal D epots: G7 Broadway: 191 Broadway, Give rate"' :,-.,;;:;. 7=......,., to WbeeliDc. We corner J o hn st. ; and 489 Broadway, corner Broome, &Nal-ya-ln tbemarket fJ>r Tob&ccoOUttlnp; II Chef' New York. ueoleaD and dry a.ncio>otmusty. The ab

Tl.,.tnla, Nortll VaMIIDa and w.-aern Flllen-Pat, Pr.-ent and Future. Editor We&tern Tobacco Joumal-bill been, W'tth the flret very large crop whtch 18 made BURLEY WAI'l'ING Il'S OPPORTUKITY. THE TOBACCO LEAF. and North Carolina bnght leaf some fine o ld high c o lored bright Burle y leaf to smoke whwh d eclared was the finest Vhgima they ever amo"kedl Being told of the fa ct, the y stuck t o their opinton and asked for m o r e Bulley 1\Iay not the same experrenoe extend by JUdiCIOUS blooding of growths-and the Enghsh are g1eat on blending or mtxrog, then tobaccos _teas, co)fees and therr whiSkeys All the Government by law sees to JS that the peqple do get them Eastern Markets PH lLAD ttLPHlA, Pa Aug 27 -Mr A. H F UI!crlly, Tobacco Inspector, reports to toe To --.cro LEAP as follows -The week'tt busmess 1n bandltog of ma.nufaalured to!Jacco has been hmttect aml to lbe usual pvpulanzed br&nds "luch huw but ve1y llltl e cbKnge Ju an lwUICatiO'll whtcb l ooks favorable for a firmness tu for some t1me to come [liSTRH. SUMATRA LUSTRE. LUSTBB. -In reepomhng to yout.' request some t1me ago to wr1te sometb1ng about Vargmta and Nertll fillers, &II referred to by Messrs. Carr & D1ckmson11, and also my 't'tews as to the decline 10 consumpUon of the111ru well ag to the put, pr8llllDt and fu &ure Of Western 6Uere, I aend you herew.Jth what I have been able at odd umes to wr1te, although I fear a great part of tt tB only repeating w1Ja't the trade know all about. l>ut w comply watb your wtahes I send tt, to make such use of It as you thtnk proper, omtttmt; any portum ()1' all of It, ae fOil t.btnk bed I do not the lrigb esteem m.Jfhtr.h V and North Carphna fillers m the South tbe large turnou of wo1 k thts year sent there made froul sucll, aud their use to some extent North East anli West, and that they wtll ever b e lughly r e garded by "old ttme'' chewers of the line but pungent fillers made mto Auch as Gravely," Hancock'tJ Ltttle' Gtant," Pilce's 'D1a.nora.' any at the b egtnnlng of Lhe aeason last year Tba& check m my epmwn, and 'Burley ts stmply, as tt were, la.ymg low" until the next "wbahng btg crop" of It IS to fastlln tts gnp on the affectiOn of chewet s m the S!JUtb, w.b1ch, once, w1ll be liard to break-&r be weaned off by the old, very strong perhaps bttter and grttty fillers agatn For mgger work," I am aware that forsucli tlambo bas to take what ts gtven hun, whether made of Vtrgtota, North Car:>hna Burley, Green Rtver, or any other rtver_ trasb. tiller, tile prfce bemg the fa.otor m hts oase, ..wtth tile multitude of -ehew,eril;l who have sa.methmg to FRY as to what they wtll and What tlley will not Jila.V'e, Burley, I repeat Is onll' btdwg ltlil ttme to be tb.etr chotee, and, ae I a permanent one, aa 1 agree wttb those -wbo look u-pda tt as being a mtlder chew (not so nerve-racking 10 Its actton). as better adapted for the Southern chewer wllom nature 1\_nd cltmate bas formed so that be cannot stand some thmgs as well as a. I-l"ortMern man can, and tf the latter finds by experience that Burle y IS pl easant and best for ht9 ne1 vous system, the proba.bthty IS that the fo1 mer w1ll linen who have been acquainted witli that market Ill tile staples of the Vtrgml& After the years gone by war,1t to refer to "hat Vtrgtnta The other wetance to whtch I r e f e r 1a that of manufacturers were abouc then. Were they Canada, which for many years has been another Stttlng sttll tbetr finger natls, and stronghold of strong chew!llg and mokmg toCrying ovPr the departure of tile rood old bacco, but the IILBt year or two the leadmg buyer days of 'Bonne Bouche" "WJDesap," and for Montreal m LouiSville bas been a heavy Bulll!el & Robmson's and other excellent buyer of Burley lear and of good quality, too nPver to returnt Not much; they rather openmg the eyes of the trllde here knew a tnck worth two of that. They when the y f ound Het Ma.Jesty's subjectB m began to bustle," and set to work at once, Canada were to be competitors for But ley, but infinitely to tbetr credtt, after bemg battered such Is the fact, and it 1a S!Lld that W C to p1eces by the war It was a case of "Root McDonald, of Montreal, was so enchanted w1th Hog, or Dle"-and so tb(ly had the PryGr Burley that he could hardly wtthdraw from his Western leaf brqu.sht to Virgmta and made lear room while the aroma. arose from thd into plug Navy, and every other style that sweet, flavory hogsheads of Burle y as they was wanted and then bPgan the r1valry be were torn apart to go to the ste!IImmg room, tween Vtrp;mta and theW est for the trade of was the apparently new and d e lightful the West, EY't and Nortb, wbtch V1rgtwa. flavor to him as compared with either Green before the one "me nearly contr.olled Rivers or Virglnlas. It remains to be seen if Manufacturers _10 VIrgm1a. had thetr a111ents BuJi),ey in Canada will hold us owll, as it has alongside of, tioee of tM .West and E1et; eleewliere, unless when handicapped by enorwhich they have to day, and as bitely to mously high prlces That Canada does use contmue as long as a qutd .ts relished m the largely of 'Vtrglnla and North Carolina 1lllers cheek of a cb wer, GQ.e rryor -and,smokers 18 well known, which may hold used In leadtqg to Vtrgmra.:i From tllefuown against the blandlshmen&ll of Burley the foregomgTiiope I ban-made It plaiD wliy in the but walt untll we have two or three the demand up Ciln" .became::leBS Jof good big crops of Burley, then It will be more Vtrgtnaa fillers, and why Vtrgmm manufac welcome and may go to stay. turers used less of them. ) BURLEY J'OB EUROPE. D&PARTUftE TO BURLEY. It was beyond the purpose of these remarks I propose now to trace tlr1s matter further, to refer toW estern further than as a. compeutor and lD doanr 110, agam prove what l have of S outhern fillet'S for home trade, but the substated, that chewers are of taste Jeet IS somewhat lnvttmg as to what the out and habit, come of the comparatively new and for lntdable Whtle fine cut was m 1ts glory the rival (Burley) wtll be, wbtch may be destined to Burley vanety made Its appearance, and be clear the track for lte sway in ma.rketB never gan to loom up m rather a mylltenous, hut dreamed of As to export, 1t 19 well known the astontebmg manner Anyhow, plug manu Continent of Europe bas been a. large buyer of facturers, who bad been usmg Green Rtver Burley, from trash lugs up to med1um leaf, or Pryor fillers w ben they bad secured a good when prices smted the pocketB o f the trade foothold, found tt necessary to use Burley the re, and that they will be a.gam is a moral stock, 'Instead of Green Rtver, to meet the certainty, but whether or bow soon Burle y will wbuns, wtsb811 and taste of chewers 'Of Burley usurp the positiOn of a forrwda.ble competttor in 1te fine cut sta.e ThiS was done as fast as In the English market a.gamst Gree n R v era, the supply .of BurlPy grc;>wn, after its Tennessees Indianas, MISsouriS, and Vtrgtma.s first appearauce m 1864 unttlJte popolanty and North c .. rollnas, aad the host of fore tgn became eucli:'tllat it, 10 ili.rn, began to de growths used there remains to be seen A s ort throne the Green Rtver-filler, as-the of flank movement bas already been made 10 latter bad se' astde the V1rgmta filler, and England, where tbe s nctly llne bnght Burley gradually, by carefulselecttou ef stock, agree has been used to some extent, like the gol able fla.vormi, sweetenmg, and fine work den colored China., as a serviCeable mixer to mansbap, Burle y plug to assert 1&8 color up with, and the clear red and colory ascendancy m a most amarang manner. The Burle y str1ps have been mlxod With Owensboro chewmg taste of the pubhc began to demand Pryors, although, a ccording to Amencan 1deas, the mllder, sweet chew of the Burley, so nettber Chma nor Burley are anything of an much eo, that eventually Green Rtver or Improvement 10 the smokmg quality, but what Pryor filler plug became dtsta.steful as bemg I have srud before about chewers, I may say too strong, and eo It was dtscarded, until now that smokers a1e apt to be, to some extent, also at has become comparatively as rare as fine creatures of taste and ha.btt, and who knows but cut and Vtrgmta m the markets referred to. in future the y may be weaned over to the BurWub manufacturers m the South, N<>rtll, ley as a mtld smoke (for all who want such), East West allpuahmg thesA.le of the fine although I apprehend no early or complete Green Rtver, and then Burley plug work, !Jl sw1tchm g off rrom the strong to the rmld smoke it at all that Vtrg1ma and North m Bntam and Ireland as probable, as there n te, what will t pared With the heavy bodi ed, c lear and dark I fear the pub he taste, whtcb has been and 18 reds for tough cbewmg, thin hlgh co l ored brtghts now accustomed to Burley cbewm.:, will have< for smekmg, wtth "Hastard" Burleys be.stdes, to change agam back to the good old Vtrg101a now m u>e, rt does remmn an open question filler, so much thought of by those who like whether 1t will not some day enter 10t e tbe com 1t, and who the praises of Its fine sun posttlon of the weed m the ppes of English cured quahttes But as It te true that so smok.ers I say English smo1tuc.ll. m w arellolll!e tlllll day and on sh1pboard not crearea 28 318 hhd s 'ltock same ttme m 1887 3 4 llbdo Manufactured Tobacco-There 1s little actiVIty m our market and pnces fi1 m Bmokin&: Tobacco-Manufacturers are fatrly busy lllNlllliiNATI, O., Aug 25 -Messrs .Prague .t MallloD, Leaf 'lobacco Broken andRe drvers of Cutting Leaf and Plug Tobacco, report as fol111ws 'tO the ToBACCO La.ur -There IS very httle of m lere s t t,o report of the tobacco market dta ng the week jut cleaed On tbe openmg sale days of the week, Tuesday and Toursday, under hght sales the market W88 a.ct1ve and pnces gener&lly satisfactory, wh1ch mduced sellers to very largely fburs day, and the market became dull and anact1ve and a large number of reJCtlona were reported 1'he low grados were m acttve request ana sold well al o nll colory luga and leaf aud !:OOd Iiller Re ports from the new crop 10d1cate a full acreage, omd wh1le "bout one half ts well advanced ao l l looks well a great deal of the late planLJni a s swall and will reqmre good weat her to bnng out aad m h ke a good crop Rece1pts c o ntmue latrly hberal, and we look for a slight mcrease tn s tock at the clOle of the month, owmg to the very hght oife nngs for the past few weeks Week Year 1t88 Offerm g s oti6 21,707 Rece1pte 619 of offenngs Week 1887 1,595 2,242 141 bhds Mason County, Ky, Drstnct 117 Pendleton 63 Owen 74 Blue Gri1.8S 169 Brown County, 0 D1stnct 6 Eastern Ob10 11 West V rrg1n1a from the ctty CIs s lllcatum of pnces -13 hhels at 2 00 to 3 90, hhds, 4 ao to 5 95 45 hhds 6 00 to 7 95 55 bhcts 8 00 to 9 95 261 hhds 10 00 t& 14 75, 136 hhdll, 1G 00 19 75 47 hhds, 20 OU to 24 75 CINCINl!ATI QUOTATlO.NS <-uttmg S tod.: Smokmg Lugs Scraps and Infenor Trask Common Dark Common Bnght Medmm Bnght Good .. 200 fi 00@ 7 50 800@000 10 00@1 2 00 12 00@14 00 B 00@10 00 11 00@13 uo IH 00@16 09 16 00@19 00 Medmm Bnght 15 00@17 00 Good Bngttt 18 00@20 00 rme Bnght 20 0 0@25 00 Manuf&Ctunng-Piug Fulcra C o mmon Darlt 10 00@12 00 Mertmm Red 12 00@ 1 5 00 Good Red 16 00 Ofl Fme 20 00@28 00 Fancy 23 50@24 75 SII:ED LEAJ' MARI(JI:T 8ATURnAY AUil 21>, 1888 fhe Morns warehouse olfered to day 37 cases Seed tear The market was not very acttve and pnces were un s atis factor y 7 cases Oh1o S @35 40 @66 60 @80 HENDEUSON, Ky., Aug 25 -&lr G G Slaughter Leaf and Stnp Tobacco Bruker, re ports to the ToBACCo LEAF as fallows -There bas been a very matenal change tn weRther cond twn s smce my la s t rep ort We bave had a severe drou th that la sted h o m five to SIX weeks all over the to bacco belt where dark tobacco was gro"n wll1ch had come to be a very senous mat te r a11d threa ten e d at ons ttme to almost dostroy the crop er render 1t almost wortblea s but the lonp: looked for ram bas at last come and the whole scene 11 chanp:ed The ra10, attended wnh severe wmds, 'll'as the heavte s t Btnce the year 1875, and dtd great damage to the crops tn low lands, and 10 many mstrnces whole fields of tobac c o and corn have been entirely tmoed by wmd and wat e r bes1des a gooct many tields or tobacco on tbe uplands are badly o n account of s uch heavy rams Half of the cron ts small and late, and the great fear now 1 f1 o m an early flo t, as thE> mght s are coo l enough f o r fire and shou 'd we be so unfortunate as t o be VISited w1th a kt.hng frost at any ttme whhtn tke next twenty days, It would prove ru1uous to the crop It I S h&rd n a w t o le I what will ltkely the o f the crop Everytbtng depends upon the t ... teness of the seawns HENDERSON, N. C., Aull 21> -.Messrs Lewts k Thn mas, Tobacco O o mmtseion Mer chants report to the ToB&cco T.-EAF as follows 'I h o ugh recetpts conttoue hgbt, some .rood sleek W88 offered thts week w1th no change m pnces worthy of me!!tton. A few Jo\8 of ne1f offeo ed neally eve y day, though the character 1s very mfenor and the prospects for desrr able stock m the new crop look vey dlic o uagmg. The delegatiOn wtll leave here f o r Morehead to attend the conventton Monday, 27th mat QUOTATIO.NS Ftllers-Commo n dark or green Common to mediUm 1>1ed mm to good Good to fine Smokers-Com men Common to medmm Medmm to good Good te fine Gutters-Common to medrum Medmm to good Good to fine E'ancy Wrappes-Commo n Common to mectmru A1edmm to good Good to floe Fme to fancy HOP.KLNSVILLE, .Ky., Ang 25 -Mr Oeo V Tnompson Tobacco Broker, reports to tb., 'l'OBACCO l<&AJ' -Sales for tbts week -iO hhd s Holders are n ot d1posed to accept present puces We have had abundant rams, and tlte crop lo domg well ll 50@ 4 50 4 50 5 50 5 50@ 7 00 6 5\1(@ 7 50 7 50@ 8 50 9 00@10 00 10 00(@12 0 0 12 00@17 00 LOUISVILLE. Aug 25 -Jdr A Falcoaer Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to tne ToBAcco LEAF as fellows -The ma rket has not developed any new feature dunng the week ca hug Cer spec1al notice The of Burley have beep on a generous scale, and the average qnahty ba s deCidedly betler tho.n fer seve1al weeks pas t II J S ev1dent however, tbat the buy era ate 911ly prepared to a mod e 1 ate amouut a s the marke t w e akened towa1 d the latt e r end o f the week m the face of larg& offertng Dark Ie11f 'llllhout speCial mer11 appears to attract httle atten twn and 1wod leaf 1 s Withheld fr o m the market In the ear her part o f the week several Iones of Rege types we e placed on the breaks, but pnces h ardly real1zed the expectatiO n s of holders In regard t o the growmg cro rt rs safe to say that we shall hear notbmg m o re of tbe drouth scare The late rams have done an 1mmease amount vf good, ana wttb warm davs, co11l 01gbts and a late fro st the grow1ng crop Will aot only be large but of excellent qualuy Hecetpts for the week were 625 hogsheads, agam t 3,814 hhds for same week last year Sales for tbe week month and year and corre spondmg penod of three former years were as fol lows-Week Month Year 1,489 4,64!1 M,:1 1 649 9 721> 91 ,81i2 2,471 10 286 93,295 2,312 9,81i3 22,851 hhds of crop of 1887 sold to date, agatnst 69 hhds of crop of sold to same aate m 1887, anti 76,873 hhds of crop of 1!!85 sold to same date m 1886. QUOTATIONS. Dark. 100@150 1 2 50 275@ 8 75 Burley 800@ 9110 10 ll01(i12 00 12 00@14 00 Good lugs :l 7 n @ 4 fiO 111 00016 50 Common leaf 4 50@ 5 50 17 00018 1>0 .Medmm leaf 6 00@ 7 00 19 00(921 00 Good leaf 8 00@ 9 1>0 22 00@24 00 Ftne leaf 10 00@12 00 25 00@27 00 LYNCHBURG, Va.,Aug 27 -:Meurs Bolt, Schaefer & Co Buyen and Ilan den of Leaf T& bacco reaort to the TOBACCo LB.ur '1.8 follows T he recetp t s m ma ket reached 299 896 lba, agamst 358 900 lbs last w eek, swelling the t.ltal smce Oct 1, 1887, to 2ll9n,2UO lbB, aga1nsl 27, 870,000 lbs dunng same r;>enod lat season With 1 at! an UAsatt.factory selectiOn there was l!tlle dew and for da k expor t types, the lower grades of fl'hlCh were somew hat neglected, wbtle everything me -Puryear, :Mylee i; Co Leaf 'I obacco Brukero report to the ToBACCO LBAr as follewa -Market steady Quality poor Crap proapecta good QUOTATIONS Luga-Commen (dark) Medmm do Good do Ftne do Leaf-Low do, Common c!o 111edmm do Good do Fme do 8 3 @ 4 @ /) -@7 @ 9 -@--@-l!'RIUGHT RATES PER 100 POUNDS To New Y ork all rat! 4lc To New Orleans, all rnl 25c Boston rate s fie above New York, and Phi!adel pb t a 2c, and Balttmore 9c below PADUCAH, Ky., Aug 25 -Puryear, :Myles & C11 T o bacco Bwkere, rel"ort to the TOBA8C() LEAl!' as follow s -Market shghtly lower for leaf, partiCUlarly for the lighter Quahty poor. Crop prespects llaUenng, Recetpts for weelt Rece1pts smce Jan Offennga for week Offermgs for year Net sales for week Net sales for vear. QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common (dark) l1edmm do Good do Fme 'do Leaf-Low do Common llo Medmm do Good do Fmc do l!hda 144 9,806 272 11,199 240 9,838 3 A 4 4 @ -@7 7 @ 9 -@-@RATBB 01!' TRA..N!PORTATION Rates to New York, all rat!, per 100 lbs 82c do water a.nd ra1l, do 3Uc Boston rates fiQ above New YBrk, and Philadel phta 2c and Baltunore 8c below. .KICHM.OND, Va, Aug 1!2.-W. E. Dibrell, Leaf 1 obacco Broker, reports to the ToBAcco LaAII' as follows -We .ave had another rlull week, reheverl only by sun cured salea, wbtch are growmg small e r, but close w1th firmer pnces on commoll grades The bulk: of 'll'rappers have been sola by agents West, whtle some few were taken lly bro kers her e Bu1leya lian been m no apparent de mand th1s week, and only 10 a retail way for aome lime Our manu fa turers seem well stocked Contmued rams have helped the crop hereabouts, though the brtght crop 18 called a very bad one sttl l The ntgllta ltan been cold, and suggest at least a very early fro t 1 h e Judges of toiJacco Will convene here for awardmg pnzes of the Vugwta Me chamca l and Exh bttwn on October 23 anll 24 The day follow Jog Oct will be thegrano tobacco da} M o rehead Ctty IS now free lo visllora. Qu!l.ran lloe at all points has been ra1sed, and we hope the N o rth Car o lina State Toba cco wtll have a grand meeLmg on the 28th Many of the Rach mon!l trade w1ll &:o Hates from all pomla and fares at hotels are e pec1ally accommodattng In Powhatan eounty tile crop esttmate u 86 per cent of the 1887 crop, and 62 ner cent condttlot> as compared w!lh the 1887 Tll1s ta one of our leadmg shipl'mg counuee WINSTON, N. C., Aur 25 -C&Ieman Bros L eaf 'I obacco Brokers report to tile TOBACCo LEAF -The dec1Eied m ortces has caused a falhng off tu slupments to our market, con seque n tly o11r sales have been hghter duru.g thJ past two week!, though a CGnBI erab)e quantity OI tobacco has been sold every day Our >ales already exceed last year, not co11ntmg wbat has been re c rve d by the manufacturers d1rect, winch would seem to md1cate a dectded error in our esttmate that the '87 crop was only tbree-fourt s of an aver age, but we still m a mtam the accuracy of our eeti miLte, a fully one f o urth of our receipts have been sb1pments from other ma1kets already mcluded m reports of f(ock sold, att1acted here by the great in crease 10 Wm ston s tl'ade aod con sJStmg almo s t cnttrely of fillers Wtnston 1a the only market n the bnght tobcco sect1oa of North L:arohna and Vug n111. which Will aell aa much to ceo as m 1886 When our 1 wo ratlr9ads, nolll' etng butlt are completed, we w11l hne opened up to us e. sectwn of cou11try now aelhng tts tobacco JD otber markets wb1ch wtll greatly Increase Will stan's lear trade Our growmg crop ts till domr spl e ndid l y and &ome cu Lmga are betng made


/ AUG. 29 THE TOB.A..CCO T4EA.F. AMERICAN EACLE FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, l'in or Jflrs. SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. /.:-LONG C't1T SKOIONG. Smoking Tobaec! AMERICAN EACLE. GRA.NULA.TED SMOIDIG. CA. VENDISH SMOKING. r Myrtle Stork, Eagle, "" Old Tar, FINE curr. S 'pra LEOPOLD KILLER&. SON 1:5:5 ()hambers St., 'Crown of Dehght .Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Hom6 Comfort, Kiner's Favorite, Jumbo, lliner's Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut L. H. NEUDECKER; Baltimore, Md.; DISTIUB'U'l'DI'G AGENT I'OR BALTDIGRE AND VJCUUTYe/ NEW YO Cln Cherry Clipper DoubleFive, Plum a k Fawn, caBada v:-4.. .. -Lucky. Club, Duke & Dandy, ;Frog tong Cut. Faciu!'f, Plum, Best Oronoco, Red Tail, Oriental roo sun ise CLobk, Dew l?rop Bargain. Favor1te Invincible Clever liiLLILIIW'"It Lucky :itug, Bijah's Choice, Brudder lied, Elk. A.N"D OF .... --SERB LEAF TOB..A.OOOS, 162 ( Dime Ram, Detroit Mixtures. Navy Clippings Green Corn. Cable, Mackinaw, Present Use. Green Corn, Labor Union, Wig Wag. German, Chopper, Bow Wow, Old Wckory's Pride. WE .QIT.EB 11,000 Reward if it can proven we se in the manufacture of our Powllerell ldcorlce, Compqunds, or FJ.a,vorlngs. -We make only the BEST and 8TRO'NCI!STCOMPOUND8 and FLAVORINCS. We assert wlt.hout fear Qf contradlctiQn that our goods are better, purer and con sequently will go further than g by any Licorice Manufacturer In the WORLD. Special attention given ,to. the of f4'w?lt&. ;\Vrlte 1JS for samples and P .rices. wooLseN .sPI(.;E ee., ToLEDo, H .. The Larges-t Cigar :lD. 'the a,soo. hands. Flor de Ia lsabela Ci&rars the most popular brand in Europe. Havana. Shapes. and in boxes of 25, 50 and D 100. M:ade .by hands. . &PECJ:AL BR..A.N"DS FOR. T:S:E UN"l:TED STA.TES 1 REGALIA DE CONCHAS CONCHAS ESPECIALES, PRINCESAS, INFANTES; ETC FOR. ABOVE Cl:Q..A.R.S C>F .ALL "YOUR. "VV:S:C>LES.A.LE PEREA BROTHERS; Sole Agents, .. 124. Eas-t 14-tb. S-t N"E"'WV' New LocatioB. 1220 226 & l 228 East 63d ..


THE TOBA.COO AUG. 29. La EseHcia." DO YOU KNOW IT ALL? THEN DON'T READ THIS. We be&' to inform the Trade tha.t _we are the the' Would you like to make the best FIVE CENT C I CAR in this country and not use a. single sprig of HAVANA, and yet make a. far better than ha.1f Havana and half Seed or Havana. Seed would make, and save or make that much extra.? You C8oll do so if you will use my "casing" for wetting.your Fill.ers. It is grand. for Wrappers and Binders a.s welL CHEAPER, as well a.s better, than any 0ther. This iS sult of T WE NT Y YEAR 8' experience curing and sweating and improvmg tobacco. I will send you a flve gallon trial order, with full for the small_ sum of $3.0\l. Do not say this cannot be done, but give it a fair trial I guarantee satisfaction. Cannot the cigar. Ia NOT a "box &.vor.". Address well-known Key West brands ''LA an(l ''EVA.RINA.'' MATICA" brand.. CHAS. S. PHILIPS, 188 Pearl Street, New York. Also owners of the Extra. :8ne Key West Havana. Scraps and Cuttings for sale 'The only successful curer and re-sweater of toba.cco in the world. If you wish to de your own sweatiJ1.g and e ,uring, send for large illwstrated catalogue, free. By my la.test proceBB I perfectly cure and bring to fine quality and glossy colors without wetting the leaf, and thus avoid all danger of tender leaf. No matter how green, raw, uncured or 1lesky the leal may be, success guaranteed. The only proce1111 in existence that will do this. In large quantities. Send for .prices. 1211 PEREA In giving your order, please say that you saw this.Advenisemeat in the II Tobacoa Leaf." NO. 124 EAST l.4th STREET, NEW YORK. SONS, & TRUJILLO D. L. LA ROSA DE -SANTIAGO GIG ARS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, BY -MANUFACTURERS Oll'-PEDRO BOGER, From the Tobacco of the Finest V e' gas of the Vuelt& .Abajo. Filie Cigars. New York Offtoe: 119 WATER STREET, oor. Wall 8treet. Chas.W. Mecke & Co., lD. 184.'1' at S&lltiall:o do1a Veaa.a. leAl 11e11iDc Apat for the W t: GOLDSIIITB, No. 126 Sa Salle Street, Clifoago. m, Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. roll. BALli: llY ED'U.A.R,Do G.A..TO, MANUFACTURERS OF & TOiord. aad Aekor, II.....U & Coadlto Jlew York. -ftlana.tactl!rer of P:lae-=:FINE=: HAVAN A G I G A R .S, !ONLY.) HAND.:. MADE CIGARS "ESTELLA" Grand Cigar. Factor7 11ader ll'aetort ... No 13, 38 and .;o, KEY WEST, FLA. :Bra:a.oh C>:rfloe. 3& ESE.&. 'V'E:E'f.. &T JSJ:JD"''I::V' -OF-CORTINA GOMEZ. 1"retL ;,, Da'l'lllo ()Ja.._ Po .&bbeJ'o B. DA. 'Y &; co 1906 & 1908 North 6th St., P A. LEADING BRANDS: Cortina, Mora y Ca., Flor de Corttna.. Shakespeare, Privlleglo .. --P&Gker::; aad Importer of-C A L L E D E LA E S T R ELL A No. 134, 121 Jla,lden, New York. Foreign Markets. LONDON, 17. -lleeel'll. Grant, (:Jhambers & Co. report: -There has been no impJ"Qvl'lment in the demand in this mar ket, and the Bales of American tobacco have been upon a very limited scale. Prices of the best .grades .continue firm. Substitutes have only been operated in \o a moderate ex tent. W estero l>rter, Aug. 24 :-The Manuel Pmo & Co., 25. advance oJ Me last week mtun&amed. We had daily rains from the 16th to growing eections llave become so barren of PriTate thiS week, 189 hhds, scatter very keavy on 18tb iost., 1111 tobacco that riding ie ve;ry nearly IN WII()ONSIN. lnp; sorte. ing up baains and some considerable The State has not been so thoroughly cleared Edgerton Wisconain Tnbacco-Reporter. and Crop-From all the Burley loss by drowning out th. e crop in them. The eut of old tobaccos ae it is today. All the Aug. 24 :-The firi!treporte of bail this season come reports. of a greatly crop ba.s materially i!llproved since the late old leaf remaining in growers' hands could come to us from the town of Harmrmy. east Improved prospect, w1th cuttmg rains, but it is evident much of it will not scarcely 1,000 boxes. and some of of Janesville. Durm,:; the storm of Thursday crops of early planted. In tpe distriCts grow fully out of the dwarf"rl 'condition this includes all crops since '83-one grower afternoon some sections were visited by hail, .some compiloint or we&'t.her since the rains caused by previous spindling and having 300 cs of '8i 5 6 7. Buyers continue which is said to have done slight damage to being too cold for the grawth of the crop aa effoots of the late drouth. In much of the to frequent the market, and after looking the tobacco crop. The grea.test damage ..dt'llirP.d or expected. Weather .aG present crop the plants will be small, with short and over the tield resort to local packers or go seems to have occurrad in the town of Har exceptionally tavorable aDd warm' 1 narrow leav'38. The later phmting with away empty hRndeii. All this indicatee that mouy. Mr. P. Gage had 11ome five Transactions for and week were a.s favorable seasons better, but much the demand for Wiscoostn is increasing. acres of the weed badly riddled, while others follows:-of this is so backward it will necessarily have Sale9 reachio,; us are: W. H. Crow, 26 cs, in that vicinity suffered more or less. The This week. Last woek. to be topped low, which of course meaMR a At 8 and 6c; W. Post, 21 cs, S. C. storm was in narrow belts, as a gentleman Hhds. Hbds. li.:ht yield, 'f. E. B. Carr, 17 ca, 10c; H. H Dickinson. 17 cs, 10c; driving east on that day said be wouhl c"me 1886 :Burley .......... 173 108 John ViLwler. 15 cs, Be; Thos. Nelson. 11 cs. to pl .. ces where the .road would be muddy, 1887 Hurley ......... : 464 343. CROP & MARKET REPORTS. 9, 6 aad 4c; T G. l'hompsoo, 9 C8 '85, 5c; H. and in" few minutes come to where the dust 1886 Hoovy : ...... 280 289 S Pomeroy, 10 cs 3c; Iver Munson, 24 was flying. 1887. Heavy....... 328 2 8 1 2 1 cs. SMc; Ben Chambers, 29 cs, 8}4c Post Office 1886 Nondescript..... 74 NEW YORK. 0 v. Rowe. of Janesville, is reported to 1887 Nondellcript..... 31 10 sold a. 95 lot to Gager, a.leo Devol. SoldaGauction. : .... 1,350 1,052 BALDWINSVILLJ. of Stoughton, a 126 case packing. Baines, Sold privately ........ 139 88 Gazette, Aug. 23:-'l'he been Heddles & Co. at Janesville, are said to Rejected...... . 249 287 doinK considllrable riding this week and a lrave sold 400 cases of th ir new cureti to Net sales., ........... 1 240 853 number of hae been made. As bacco..l.o parties. RP.ceip!M.......... . 625 877 announced last week, M. Greenspecht is in The new crop is being harvested in fine Receipts this week year, S.S14. to..,.n, aod during week bas purchased condition. This work is now becoming gen Receipts for the year to date, 37,954. Last the following crops:-L. B Maynard, 14 cs era!, and by the close of another week ba.lf year, 91,993. of '86, price not learned; Chase Bros .. 10 cs; 1 be crop.will be secured. The tobacco going QI:'OTATI0Ns. B. L. Filkins, 7 cs; Betts & Gibson, 7ce; iototbeshedsismuchsounderthanforsome *l>ark River. crop raised on lands of Dr. 8 cs; years previoU8, and apparently of excellent luge ... 1 25 to 2 00 2 50 to 3 00 Michael Bowes. 20 cs. The prices paid for growth a.od quality. Hail fell in one or two Common lugs 2 00 to 3 00 S 00 to 3 50 these crops are l!&id to be from 9 to lie. Mr. places during the week, but not over a half Medium lugs. 3 00 to 4 00 3 511 to 4 00 Grellnpecht also a. ptickiug of 28 cs dozen fields were any ways damaged by it. Good lugs .... 3 50 to 5 00 4 00 to 5 50 of Wallace Tappan; pric e not maae public. 1'he shipments of the week aggtegate 350 Co)IImonleaf. 4 50 to 6 1!0 li 50 to 6 00 Cbaa. Snyder has bought about 125 cases cs_to Ea.steru points during the week. Medium leaf. 5 00 to 6 50 6 00 to 7 00 within the past two in :vicinity of JANICSVILLg. Good leaf. ... 5 50 to 9 00 7 00 to 8 00 Cicero, EMt SyncuRA, ()enterville, .ll'ayette 23 D H p 1 1 Fine leaf ..... 7 50 to 10 50 8 00 to 9 00 ville and Manlius. He ::-efueed to gil'e full Gazette, Aug., :-r. enry a mers sa e Select leaf... Nominal. Nominal. particulars. but we l<>aro from other sources of the Wiscc:>nein shoe factory to tbe Qapitol Burley-Smokers. that he paid f.roni 8 to llc. J. Delmonte. of Manufacturing Co. has given JanesRed. Bright. New York. has in oown since last Sat ville tobacco men fresh encouragement. With Common ..... 3 00 to 4 00 10 00 to 11 (IO,, urdf\y, and has rode wit.h R. A. Babcock this a tobacco factory employing one hundred Medium ...... 5 00 to 6 00 11 00 to 13 00 week He bougM B. F. Scbencll:'d crop at ,hands in tbe city tobacco market could Good.: ;; .... 7 00 t J 8 00 13 00 to l5 00 13c, also J P. Van Liew's l'rop of 20 cs, paynot but be strengt eoed the contract for building an addi tion to Bloch Bros.' West Virgmia Mail P0uch Tobacco Works that will be larger tban the present manufactory. It will be 56x llO feet on the ground and six stories high. In addition there will be three more stories placed on P.resent three story 5Ux 50 feet engine and boiler house. A few years since, when Bloch Bros. pur cha.sed the old sugar refinery property and turned their attention exclu ively to the manufacture of ''Mail Pouch," it wa.s sup pos8<1 that the five story 50xl00 feet build and boiler and engine house attached, 'llj'OUld be large enough to SUJiply all demands for many years to come. About four years ago the firm found the demand for its .tobacco growing so that it was forced to take that portion of the maio building used as a ware bouse, for manufacturing purposes. A large warehouse of corrugated iron. 200 by 200 feet, wa.s built north of the factory and so arranged that from all Lhe r.Ulros.d& hi tbe city can be switched into the building for loading or unloading purpooleB. Abuut a year the firm fitted up the upper story of Bodley's big wag,oo works, in Wheeling, so that in case of fire or ll\Jod with work at the factory on the South Side, a force of about one hundred hands might> be put to work in this reserve factory. and thereby be allle to partially supply the demAnds of the trade pending resumption of work at the big factor,y. For nearly a year past the demand for "Mail Pouch" has been steadily idcreuiua over the works' Cllpacity, and the firm to day is a month behind ita orders. An was an imperative oec!ll'aity, and it we.e de termined to put u}> one that would suffice tor years to come. Tbe additions to be made will allow of an' increase in the farce of of from 350 or 400, the number now employed, to 800. and the out.put, will be j 1st about trebled.-WJ.r.eel ing, W. Va., Intelligencer .Aug. 21. The Clarllr.oYIIIe Dlotrlet. Rain,, the Jl:IOtioua rain I No gentle shower. pattering down on rolf and pane. fit theme for muse. but a regular ground soaker-a full lledged gully-washer, iog from Princeton to Coopertown, from. Bowling Green to Paris, coveriDJl: the littl& black patch and the adjuncts thereto. Early tobacco that is uncut is already so badly field fired a.s to he greatly daml!.jl;ed. It will now take second in the top leaves, its premature ripening will be checked and wilt make a thick, harsh growth, like tobacco that. is trenched. It will be of heavier body; but. little improved in appeara.uce, even wilb themost careful attention in curing and handling. 'llobacco now in the top will be the cream of the crop. This receives moiB ture iri season to a.ssist in the spread of leaf. Late tobacco. and there is much of it> still in the clods, depends alone upon a late favorable fall free from fro3t. As the law yers say, to brief the case. : We have a full crop out; ene third fieldfired and badly damaged by drouth, per force a low grad& product; one third in the top in fine fix, hope of the year. from whence must. come our wrappers and fine gradee; one third still in the cl0ds, with the eaa.ncee of a. Louisiana. lottery ticket to win a,:ainst frost. This one-third is live weeks old, but if favored by fwtune will make fine tobacco. We think the following a correct list f&r the 1889 warehouse venoant:-Keodrick, Pet"'" & c Central House; Gill & Co., C!arkilville House; R. H Plasters" H ouse; H >mcock, Hallums & Co., Gracey House; Hemdon & Major, Grange House;. Smith & Anderson, People's House; Ike H. Shelby, Bailey H ouse; W. H. Turnley. Ele pba.nt House; Rudolph & C.>., Red River Howse -Clo.rksville, Tenn., Tobacco .Aug 21.. She.rl8' Sale of Leaf Tobaeee. The Baldwinsville, N. Y., Gazette of Aug_ 23 says :-L:1st spring J"'se Angulo, of Key West, bought .79 cases of of Max. Marx, of New York. The tobacco was stored in the Bigelow warehouse on Canal street_ Angulo never took the tobacco away, having. mysteriously disappeared since tba.t time and his whereabouts are unknown. Last Friday afternoon I!eputy Toll sold this tobacco on an execution. A number of tobacco men were present, but the plaintiff. Max Marx, was the highest bidder, and took. the packing at tae following prices, marked weight: 18 2.!1., 18c; 3 cs 1A, 10c; 11 cs B, 7c; 47 ce C. 5c. -An oldresident of Walnut Hills who hu pree.erved bill bodily powers to a remarkable degree, at the ad van cell age of 93 was complimented for his wonderful vigor o( mind and bod:y by his grandchildren. "Wpat an al!tonishlllg constitution you haYe, grandpa,,,. said the boys, surveying his well knit frame. "h is not the constitution, boys," significant ly 1 emarked the venerable Scotebman, "so much a.s tbe bylawsl" MiamiBburg, 0., Bulletin, Aug. 24. -The Jersey Shore, Pa., Herald, Au,.;. H, saye tb111t the tobacco groweTI! in that vicin; ity are busy housiug their crop. f


9 TIIE f;TOBACCO I 4EA.F. E rl.edxna.n "&, Xl!WEPOa.T:ma.a 0:11" -A.ND 01' THEHAVAil TOBACCO m. IJemuth Importer and Manujadurera of w o 101' gild 1109 BRO.A.DW.4Y, NEW YORK. I Tra ......... We 'lletr to ean the at.t eatlOB of the Trade to oar I&J'II8 uoonmeat of N crreWeo &Dd Bpoela!Ueellllltable tor Allftriii!IIC ra._ l'. ABGVBLLU. J. LQPEZ. ARGUELLES a LOPEZ, -liiA.NlJFA.CT1JBEB8 OFCLEAR HAVANA CIGARS EXCLUSIVEtY. FACTORY AND SALESROOM: aaa ::E-ear1 &"t., 'N'e"Q7 "Y'Qr-.. 1114 Sansom St., P.BIUDELPHI.A.. ,, WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. W. T. HANCOCK, The Color A..mber. A sbort time a g o Herr Dr. Richard Klebs; in Konigs berg, gave an address m tbe "Pby sica l S o ci ety" on the color of am ber and its imitatione. Tb l ecture r bas as certaine d, by a number of examinations with the mtcrosc op e, that the dullnes s or nontransparency o t many kinds of amber is to tbe presence o f innumerable little bubbles. and the transpa.ent the ambe r is, the ml\ll e 1\nd the m o r e numerous are these lit t l e bubbles. MANUFACTURER OF :Fine Coil. J j t Light Press, Twist. Navy and TOBACCOS, 1R1oh:J:::ri.o%1d,. va. While the clear amber is pure r-esin the amber whtch IS so full of bubbles has bee.n formed from resin mixed with the sap wh!ch flvwed out of the amber pine. The actton of the sun upon tbis w bich bad just i ssued from tbe tree, anti was soft and full of sap, and therefore duU and frothy caused the little bubbles to cMlesce, or out, and t! the various kinds of am ber from nontran@parent (b ouy) to clear !lrose. That ench a .change really took place B provoo by the examioation ol pieces of amber which bave a dull c entre surrounded by clear amber. E .. ch of these phenomena h11 observed in a cigar-bolder made of dIll amber, which gradually. becomes cleBrer a it is also depends upon a coal e:r.inll: of the bt!bbles. wbicb takes place rela tlV dly m ore qUickly on account of tha action of tbe heat. This opinion differs from former ones, as it used to be auppos e d that tbe clear amber wa6 dulled by into it. N"OTXOJID, ro the Oipr Trade and Public Generally. It havlog come to our Rotlce that some pulouaaod r ,lratlcalmaalllaclu.rers haelafriDged upon ur celebrated brand Qt .. OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by lllghtly changing the name and color t label, we tate tbia opPOrtunity o f oa.utiouing 'publlc 1111d trade &o:.e rally o,e..in1lt buying sucll;. tOOn of Hre at the time cf large confl ,lgra tious in prehistoric times. But the so ct!ter than and if put into etber of vinegar lose bri!l:htuess and swell. One very clever imi tatiOn, as far as appeara.noes went, 0 made of celluloid. Tli1s substancE', wh tcih is pi-epared by cotton mix'ld with campho r and different coloring matters to strong byd raulic preasure, possetllles excellent technical qualitiea, but is Yery dangerous. on ot being so combustible. It explodes 1f It 1s knocked very bard or if beated t ; o 140 C. Celluloid is also if h ld in tbe .. lengtb of time. It i ea y to dtscover tf 1m1tat10n amber ts made of by tbe of campbot if you rub it. you bold tt 1n a ll', u blazes up and the same is tbe case witb the "ambroide." we must remember the whic h is made out of little pieces to gether. '!'his prol)eas is easy on account of tbe propert y poeBetlsed by amber of becom Eoft and pliable at 140 deg. when all air PURE LICORICE PASTE -JIANUF_o\.CTURED BY Andrews a Forbes from the :finest Roots, of their own collecting, and importing, and sold 1Hlder the annexed customary Trade Mark. Ha'Ving unusual facilities, more than thirty years' experience of the business, and every improvement in the manufacture, they are in a position to ofl'er to the Trade an article of Uniform Purity Excellence, the high quality Of which caD be relied OD Under au O:ftloe-==sts .A..a1'ER. STR.EET, R.:H:.. J"ULIU'& &, CO., MANUF.A.ClT'OR.ER.S OF KEY WEST AND NEW YORK CIGARS our .Lea l I -In Madrid the Minist e r of Finan c e i s n e go tiating t:\ loan with the German ban kers t o co v e r the exp e ns e s o the n e w fiee t and wur mu te r ial, il'lstead of ex(l,c ting adva n ces fr om the 'l' o ba.ccJ Farming,..:_Le LEAF TOBACCO, 193 Pearl New YorkN TROJAN scrau -Macbines. HAND and POW.R. s 'imple! Durable! Effective! ALL 8HAII'T8 OF IITBBL, Dearltyae .. Pat. Apr : 1881. CUTS WET AND 'DRY. SCRAP. Cannot be Injured by Nails or Foreign Sub stances fed Jn with the Tobacco. ALL FILLER CUT t.JNIFORM AND OF ANY DISIRED SIZE. Complete .. paration. of Df.r1; frem Smoldn.c Filler. N"O X)'C'ST. W'll-Dry Sorap will make 80 per oen.t. leo vate tJuuo aa;r.' other'e. Va. Junet 1@88. llftlll"B. D&A.l!:81TNK &: Co, Trry, New York. DE.lR Encl01-ed please find my Check in pa" m ent for tbe Scrap Cuttn, as per encle&ed h ill which y o u will please reeelpt and rerum a t Your cooveolenct!. Jt a-lves m e Rreat pl888ure t 9 state that I baTe bern i n l-he ciC"ar bwdneu for nearly tweaty thrfroe yeara, and uJSed. many dltferent. kinds ef scrap but I tlnd yours the TKRT BUT that I e v e r C&Jile &er'CSI" and I will cheerfully add my name to t.he machiDe to the trade. Yours reopect!WI,V ,P. WHJl'LOCK. !lEND FOR (liRClJ.LABS, &, Oo., 878 a.:I."Ve:t-ll!l'tree't, T.-MAZI!RES, ANCOULE&iiit, FRANCE. L; LACROIX. FILS, -JlAJIUFACI'URII:RB OF. CICABBTTB PAPER IN BOOKS, Reams and Rolls, and CopyingBook :I:&.A..A.C, Sole Aa:eat &Jicl A.ttoi'Dq iD. far the United Alao Sole Aa:ent for the United Stateo for -=G.AMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.:=-otticeStewart Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washington & Vestry Streets, 1'\T:m"VP" 9XT'Y'. Store No. 69 Canal Street, New. Orleans, La. Address P,.O. Box 2,443, New York. l X):l.'tr1lo'Lll.'t:l.u.5 .A.5e:a.'t 'the G-a:a1'b:lor 01ay P1pe. FOB THE PACIFIC COAST.-Jllcballtaehke BI!Os. & Vo., San Francl8co. CHICAGO-Sprque, Waruer & Co. ST. R. Rice & w PHILADELPHIA-B. Newton. PlROG-:R.ESS SCRAP BUNCHING .IA.tHINE' CO. HAND MACHINE 31501t PER llAY. POWER 11 u 5,000 ONE GIRL OR BOY CAN OPERATE EITHER lACHINE 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. For terms, particulars and references apply to ADOLPH Sec'y. 1230 SECOND AV., NEW YORK.' Witscft & .$cftmitt, ART. &. PRINTERS, fta:\'e Just _issuect '\'e-rg ... cor .. rectiou of .Jew li9ar ltaBefs, tfte of -wfticlt c;atre 'T:HQX Vn We l!lill cheerfully mail Samples. to the Cigar Trade on applieation. I 9+ New Yor,.


8 'VHE TOBAOCO LEAF. AUG. 29 4). loiHe, c. c. BamUion, S-Ial, w. lloakU.. jF. C. LINO,E, HAMIL TO" & _CO. Storage & Tobacco Inspection .&dYane .. o S&oral(e Beeelp&o oflllerdaaD41H a 8peelalty. Cold Storage !er TobaeeO 8T. _,4HINlt'P.lRK"", N.Y. BDGB.TO!'I, "W'-!-408 & 408 Eae& 111 8t., N. Y. LANtJ.t.tiTBR, ... 3980 895 & 39'1" Greeawleh St.; 8S -ell ic., N. 1(. I'IU'I'CLASS W AREHOUSE.S: 1-. Y. c. & H. R. u. Depoe, sc .:Joba' Park; 1 'JS, 1.80, ISS & J 86 Pearl SCree& aad 14S Water 11....a1 408, 408 & 410 But a&reeJ. Principal Ofllce, 182 PEARL STREET, NEW YO,Rf$: Cor. W. L .. oa aad Jr, Prhloo Sta., Laaoarier, Pa, Cor. Froat aad HeJI!7 Sts., Edgerton, Wia. :B.JlAJrCHESIPHI .. .&.B,BLPIUA-A. Jli!OUGERAY, 63 North Fron' LAN All&I>TER, Pa.-H R. T.l\ObT. ll! S. Qu ee n Street; Gi.,O. "FORREST, 167 N. Queen Bt.-t. IHfl RT .. ttBB,-Uoo.,.-8. HUat.BUR't, JM Btl>.te Street. NEW !!IlL FORD, Uoua.-c. F -DUOURLIMG. DALDWINOiVIl..&.B. N. Y..-R. T. 'l'HOKN. U4taNI"G.t..N Yo-H. J 1SADE. 'IIATPIBI>D, !llaao,--J. & -"!' CARI. o.-W. W. HALBS, 9 Front a.-, Dill YTON, 0,-H, ""C. '1'1". GROSSE and W W. HALES, 123 South Jelferson Street. &DGBRTON, W&o.-T. B. EARLl!. I EowBB 'tsA.o.c laNay RooPW.u.o, 8111XVJID P.oszNWALD. I & BRo. & Rxporters-nf Wobacco, 145 WA,.-ER STRF.ET, NEW 'fORK. I P.a.l'IK RijiiCIIER, .:JOHlf T. IUELLOJt, .. r. 00. TOBACCO INSPEC.TORS. 148 11!111:ree1:. :N"e......:r "Ye>r.k.. l'iJr C .OUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTE!fDED TO._.,. 'BJlANCHES--LAl'ltJAS'I'EB, Pa.: F. SCHROEDER, 2.!0 Norfu Mulberry Bt ; J. C. 'IRVIN, 828 North Mary 6t. CONNECTitJL'TI F. SISSON, 245 State ot Hartford; C. E. aBIFFING, Danbury; P N. IIALI. New Milford; W. B. MAXSON, Portland. WISCONSIN: C. I. CULTON, Edgerton; P. TA.lfNER'r StougMon. OHIO: W. T DAVIS, 1509 E. Fin' st., :Da7t<>n. D<.IIUORE, Md;: ED. WISCliMEYER &: CO., 27 South Calvert st. Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, 01' OIGAB.S. 424 to 432 East Ftftynlnth St., New York.. :Pac'tory aa. Brc:l Oo1L D:l't TO ...., :J o...J iJ E.llj .... i a.. .a ... 1 Oil = J h .a ] ROSENTHAl BROTHERS, BlanuJaotureroof GIGARS. Also Manutocrurers ot tbe eelebrsted M:EXIC.AN PUFF$, ALL TOBACCO CIG.&RETTBII. Factory No. 1030, 3d District. 341 to. 35 I East 73d Street, :N"E'VV' "Y C> .a.:&:. THE BEST ALLTOBACCO CIGARETTE ''BETWEEN. JHE ACTS." The ahem! Brand of BA V A:NA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made only b7 I I Eas 3;:th York. ALSO-"". ....__ .. ..... .. IIANUFACTURER OF FINE -CIGARS. T----. Eta.Jo1:lalh.ecl. 1eae. l'llanutaetuPers ot Fine Ci[ars, And Dealen In ") Lsaf r.obacco, DEPOT AND ACENCY 254 & 256 Canal 8to., Corner of lCIDI 8t., :N"e._ !York. WISE & BENDHEIM, AGEIIT& & WESTERN TOBACCO. j SAWYER, WALLACE & CO. MERCHANTS, 18 Broadway; New Yorl G. B.EUSENS, Wia..ui:8 BUILDIBG, Isao......_.,.., N.EW t'ORJL 11i1G .. X...a.'D.e, 'Ve>rk. Aif:DS ... Y "La Doncella de Orleans," "La Flor de Salvin I," Tobacco and Ceneral .. Forest and Stream, Rod and Cun," "American Field," Commission "Hyacinth," "El Contesto," "Java," "Key West." 78. 0 Broad Street. ,v. L. Haba. HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, "YC>:E'l.K.. EJUL A.. STOPPEL. 111. BADER & 110 :a Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d st., TOBACCO BROKER, No. 24 Beavef' Streete JSI"E"V IIIP.BOVED 'l'Ol;IACCO GRANULATOR Fai:tory No. 8, 3d Oist. NEW YORK Paeace4 NoYemlter s, 1880. C>ver 4.& :DII:ao:ta.:l:a.e ;lD, 'D'e PERFECTION STEAM DB.YEB. Cylinder of Dryer is 3 Feet Diameter and 15 Feet Long. Patented ;July s, 1885. C>-ver 10 JWI:aoh.:l:n.o :l:n. 'D'e The HAMMERSCHLAG M"F'G CO., liiA1'111PACT11BBB8 OP Paper. 132 6 134 ST., 1lf.EW ALSO,MIANUF.I.IlTlJBEK OF' RUSSELL'S -TOBACCO CHALMEns & MURRAY, HAVANA TOBACCO STEM ROLLING MACHINES. KNiiVES. 'f6 a-de St., -Tark, IOLB AOBNTII. We hsve" alwaytl on hand a tuU oupplv of Knives tor Peaae or Bllct.eye ..-1 and ma1r:e to Qrder Kill-of &D,f pattern. BetereDeeli--G. w. G&lL & AX, 4 !Uaehlnea, BalUrnore, Md. Jl'. w. FELGNEK & SON, Ualllmore, Ml4. 8, KIMB&LL & tJO., Hoebeo&er, N.Y. Please send for Circulars and References. JOHN B. ADT, Manufacturer and Paten-tee, sag, 3M, 336, 338, 3<10 & :1- R.El, 1.'\ti:D. PERSON, & CO., -.a.UG'UST'D'S1 TRB&DW.ELL.-JMo. robacco Bagging= IliiiTATION 8PA1'118H LINEN .&ft"D PANCY IITBIPED COTTO!( GOOD& POB P11TTING UP IIUOKING TOBACCO, 457 d:t 459 :Broozn.o "Y,or.k.. I;EAF. TOBACCO, 'I' 191 Pearl Street. New York. LONE JACK & BROWN DiCK. Manl,jfactor'!': Tv.elfth l'l., Va. ONe,.. .._...,tfall7 solicited and prompt!)" l!l.ttended Co. 'n-1.,. Llot oent oa appllcMloll. J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., B.XO:KlMI:C>:DI'::II:J, 'V.A... lll.&ln1 .&CTUR-11 OP FINE BRIGHT NAVI_ES, -TWIST, COILS, Llgbt Pr.eased and Smoking Tobaccos. W AT'l''S UNIFORlti.. TOBACCO DRYER. 'Beed 'by all Smoking To'baooo lllanufaoturers. 88 :Market Street, Chicago. Retersoto-. P Lorlllard &: Co., New York. D B McAlpin&: Co., u Da vld Buchner & Oo u u Catlin Tobaooo Co. Louis. F. F Adama & Co, Wllwauli:ee. FERDINAND DZIUBA. TOBACCO Commission Merchant. 78 &. 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW YORK. M. GREEN$PECHT, Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New Tort ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF teaf lobacco, 166 Water -6t., New Yorke IIIPoBTEBS OJ' Havana and Sumatra, A.Nl). PAcxmts OF Seedle&f 'l'obaoco 5 Burling Slip, New York. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. IMPORTlmS AND DBALERS IN Nos. 1318 "' 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK. leaf Tobacco, Factory No. 160, Third District. TOBACCO COMPANY !s 53, 55, 57 & DETROIT, Banner Brand Fine Cut 137 Maldeil Lane,-miWsterSt.t JfEW YOBK. ,CHIC" Smo:Jd.a: 'l'o'baoao, of Fine VIrginia Leaf. SAM:B. SCOTT aad B.EN. HAXTON Cigara. Hl"rsch, YI.CtOrl"us & Co. WID. B. Tetn, Pres. IU. B. 1Ul1ls, Deaj. Jl'. Hlll<&on, Bee. andGen'l Manager, w:VENABLi:"&co. LHAF TOBACCO! O&loe:-oor. ef Byrne aad Hallfaz Streeto, P.ETERSBUJLG. VA. 169 WATER SJ NEW. TO'"' Pae&er:rt-19 Seee> ... DIMrlet, VircJDlao Rft. lllanut&ctnro and ol!er to fue Trade tile tollowiJig Celebra&e4 Bran4o of PLUG GHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: JOS. LEDERMAN & SONS. ::'fah,!>a:any Na,!T In all,.lt71eoo aod Jloa&b ..S a-l.f.l'lap. Paeken aa4 Dealers In : : : : L E A F T 0 a A c c 0 DIOG'IJL t u 'I'HIX AN:D .J'OK1111, .. I 8PKBAD B&GLB, Black Gonda of eaoh otaboTe Allou lll'eeUIIItelfof FIMOoedudllpli811eopeo .... 140 MAIDEN LAN I:, Southern uae, under fue follo'll'lil BLUE JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER, water.tFrontBtreeu, llfEW YOBK, ADMlRATION, FLORIMI:L 'and RAPIDAN. 'the followfeg are our Agents for the sale o t our Bood!;I:-C. W. VAN ALS-pNE= 13 Central Wharf, Boston, Mass: F. F Commercial St., Portland, lie. : W. G. ADAM..:.. New York City; ARTHUR HAGEN & cO.: 63 North Front St.,_ Philadelphia, Pa. ; L P STI:RNE, PitiBburwb, Pa.; J T. TOWNES, 21 Wab&sb Ave, Cbicar:o Ill. i W ts. TUNSTALL, 8 E cor. Ex Place and Com me= St .. Baltimore, Md.; TBOS H. FROST, Charleston, 8. C.; C. C TWITTY, Spartanburg, S.C. ; WM. M CitOOKSHANKS, 1 2 Wheat St. Atlanta, Ga ; A J FR!Ot', Jackson. MlBS. ; E G LANGHORNE, Lltt!e Rook, A ric.; N. H. CHRIS'liAl(,_ Galveston, T""118; r.HOS D. CONDON, !!t. Joseph, :Mo. ; F S. LAWRENCE, Vicksburg, Miss ; JN6. BOY.Il', ebattanooo:a. Tenn.; CIQOPER. & 00 Me!il)lhlll. Tenn. G-EO .ZOR.N" &, CO., G. IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS OF PIPES, 522liiARKET ST., PHILADELPHIA., A. Cat&loJlne and Prtce LIS t tha'sllouJd be in the hands of every dea.ler iu the a description or all the _pipes made, p&rLi(luJarly MEERSCHAUM AMBER. BRIAR and CLAY PIPES, wth every kind of SIIOKERS' ARTICLES, Bwediah. Par lo r, Sulphur -:d l:latety lllatcb""' itali8Jl Wu: .llatcbes In Fancy Paper or Tio Box'38, .IU.ILED F'>.F-:J. SEND FOB. O!(E; Lateac Noyellleo lllau a Spealall:r. L. SPEAR & CO .. Seed. Lea.1" And IJDpor&era ot llavanltl Tr0oacco, 184 Water &'1:., rtew York. 8. BOSSDT &G SOXS. ; "l'ACDIIII OJ' seed. AND DmlBt'BII8-HAVAHA TOBACCO, 178 '!ter!!, ..... ...


...., OITJ;D&aca. HaaT 0.,..11 t BUUJI' Ornlfii&BO. S. OTTENBERG & BROS JUNtl;J' AartJR OF FINE CIGARS. Cor. 2d Ave. & 22d St, New York. tl MENDEL & BRo.. lannfattnrors ur Jro. 15 3{ Bowery, Ne"" Fa'ctorJ Nfl. 278, 3d _Dist., N. Y. l!l....-atMl&aren et llle Clelebra4e4l B ....... !!A ()Ja:area Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Lll Flor de Cubanae, 1 Coeur de Lion, .Champion, The Swe-.test Thlng on Hand. Rome"o { Royal Ea11e, The Fern. STEPHEN G. T!.OIDIT, 445-447 E. Tenth Street, NEW YORK. ADOLPH 'MOONEUS, Loms GRAlFF, sol.E .AGP%, MAN1JFACTU R!flt.OF lOS MAID.EN LANI!, NEW YOR, ':-Del-.. .... 0..., ... c I GARs LOUXS G-:Eea.FP, lve. D and lOth St .. lew Ynrk Tobacco Commission & BRO., F h h B :-td L d AND DEALERS IN (l Elnc urc u:. mgs, on on,. E. C., England. c. F. HAYE, I H. DUYS, )R., Antonio Gonzalez, :.._UIMB.'r.EB. o-.- I HAVANA LEAF. TOBACCO. I ... xefw York. "DEMOCRATIC" and "REPUBLICAN." Also "SECOND TERM" Label. They are the finest Kade r k gm"aft New York, Agent for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA SUMATRA TOBACCO "DE CAPO" CIGAR FACTORY. G. REISM, ANN, 196 Pearl St., New York. J TOBACCO. COMMISSION MERCHANT Larce A .. Alwaye on Hand. 175 Pearl Street, New York. MORRIS JACOBY & ADdDelllarluUJaduf CIGAR :as:ANUFACTURERS, LEAF TOBA"'CO G. HARKEBA, LUKWEL & TIELE _336, 338, 340 & 342 :East 38th Street, 1'18 WATER sT., n:w SWORN TOBAGGO BROKER. Sworn Tobacco Brokers,. ____;;;; ___ .......;......;;;......;.:_.__ SampleRooms: BrakkeGrond. oF ROTTERDAM, DAVIDSON BROTHERS. Oflloe: O. z, VOOBBURGW AL 288, Bee to rece-en4 themeehu tor llle p.....,haee of" Sumatra aDd .J"aya TOoo Amsterdam, bacce o11. tile Batch ll.larkeaa. Havana and Seed Reference: H. de Mazlere, Esq., 41 BMIId St1 P 0 Box 2t4. N'll' York" o Leaf Tobaccos J. H. A. GEBING, MENs. 143 wATER Sworn Tobacco Broker. Sworn Tobacco -Maldenl..a!M, :N'e_,. Tor-. oFFicES AND SAMPLE Room:s, Otlicc & Sample Room: Oostsingel31, 0. Z. 290 & ROTTERDAM. Basch & Fisc' her, A.MSTERD 'U HOLLAND EeiS, to recomme nd htm < e l f for tho purchase of 1 SUDIHtr,.. and eTnva tobacco of the IMPORTER& OF HAVANA --------Dutch and rorelgn mark-ets. __ ....... ._ .. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, w .... lllalclea Laue, .!fEW YORK. E. & G. FRIEND & Co., Importer IUlCl Dea1en Ia LEAF TOBACCO, 129 MAIDEN LANE, Guo. FruB!fD, l f NEW YORK. LHAP TOBACCO, No; 190 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Jl!I8"0. LO'VE, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, Faotorr lifo. 26, :W Dlatriot, llf, Y H. KOENIG & co I S. E. comer 1st AVENUE & 74th STREET,NEW YORK CITY. HAVANA AND SEED LH!F TOEIA.OOO.III!, -. D: H. McALPIN & GO., '\' X4NVi' Ac:m:TUBE! OJ' 226 Pearl Street, New York. TH CELEBRATED FINECUT 1 M. SILVERTHAU & CO., "BeautY D'ots" And aJlldnds of Smoking Tobacco. Q :J: S, :. 4IN HM"WP11'6l11 ot *he well-Ir to PRICE & JOHNSON, Importer. D-le.r and.. Co......u.ioa-llerehant :In tEA F -:.: TO B A U CO, 119 KaideJ& La.... New York SANCHEZ & CO. f lll.lPOB'l.SBS 01' .Vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, 169 Front Street, York. JOHN BRAND ct. CO., L'IIPORTEiis Oil' Seed Leaf Tobacco, 10 "eaneylvaala AYe, Elmira, N, Y. No. 149 WATER STREET, NBW YORK. PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, 28 Paradlae &ueet, liverpool, lluchanan a Lyall, 101 "'DV ..&.X..X.. &!JET0 'YO a.::&:. Paotory, :O:rook.1...,D. lSI" -., & ... lll-ataclare the toHowtq Celebraud Brande of I=-LUG TOBA.CJCJ 0 PX..A.N'ET0 FANCY{ DARK NA.VIII:S0 .N':El::E3TU2'>T:JC A.NCY NAVIES! STANDARD BRIGHT NAVIESJ &I.A.XX..OR.S r..e reput&&ioll ot these &'oods blworlfo_ 10 Tll.o celebrated EL BA YO VEBDB ap., New York Olllce: 3 Cedar 8L SEIDENBERG 8i DO., New York &KOYiiOst Cigars<> 327 East Slxtythlrd St., New York IMPORTEBS'OP AI. I. KINDS op French Clay and Briar Wood Pipes..'tte Paper :1.'1:1 :E'l.eaza.e a::111d :E'l.ee1-. 1 HOUSE IN PARIS, 1'1' RUE BERANGER. nc1nnat1., 0., U. .. This shows our PATENTllOUBlE END CA Finisfie Prttss, With Pa ent Retaining .Lock fo'l' pressure. We control all Pateyts for To_ bacco from BOTH ENDS -:o:--:o:Monlds, HYDRAULIC &Del ..... Boxillg Presses, Bands and 8e(r menta, Steel Finisher Plates and Tills, HAKD ancl POWER WRINGERS for Catalogue. PLEASii: WRl'fll ADDRESS PLAIN, and retM w this paper in addressius


'10 T:HE TOB.A.CCO &, T.A.:ETT, l:m.porters of Havana .ll'ID P.I.CR.BBII 0 .. Seed T ea1" Tc::'IHI.CCC. Commission Merchants for. the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. ARCH STREE'J', pHILADELP .. IA. TEJLLBR. :B:a,os-. Packer,s, MerQhants and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO,: I 117 North Third Street, Phlladelpt\ia. ... BaJ:tll.more A.dnrttsemeaU. Seed. Leaf Tobacco, 33 South Street, Baltimore. co., Packers of Seed Lea, f and Importers of a.nd Sumatra. Toba. ccos :108 N'orth. 1111-tr-, tUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, Danun.o&aren et Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER C'U'l' PLUG -AND-Luxury Fine Cut In Foil. 1'1USHII11TR B'RO .t; CO., } 161 N Sd Streec ud 2191 221, 223 & 225 Q aarry sc., I"Hli .. \.DELPHI& EJ>, 'WISCJD(EYnt, HY. ED WISCHMF.IER & CO., TOB.A.CCO MERCHANTS<; 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore. lid. & NEWMAN, Pa,ckers a.:a1d. Xzn.por-ters c:f Lea,f Tc:ba.cc40g 62 1Sl FaONT STaEET, PEI::l:X...A.DEX..PEI::I:.A.o P.A.. BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE CICAR FACTORIE.S, P.A.. JULIUS VETTERLEIN. & OF SEED LEAF and :DEALERs IN TOBACCO. 1111 .A.B.O:&_ &Ta:BJET, PEI::l:X...A.DEILP::EEX.A.. ; ...J .,,, .. t. J ... tB. Chlaet & C.. t CINCINNATI, 0., ..... n.uanraor NAVY 'l'OBACCO, .&act .l.&ente tor Prolaea& Ylqlala D'laD u.rae&urer oC Twist'& PlugTobacco&. F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKEBS S. W. Cor, Viae & l'ro:at Street., CJNCJJIUfATI. o B RANC HES: Dllrar. ea-v a ... r rottaeee. CJiarkviHe, T ennz-Dal"k Tobacco. HOIU'J' GelM, Beaae D... 'l'HE CIGAR BOX CO. to R oory Gelae and S t.idroe y .t Gordon, I 111-flle&arera ot aU :K.Indo ot C X Go .A. R, B 0 :llt:. E &. :J:)ea1or Labe1, C:lar &D. aU Clllt&riDUO .... lluppU-I.arco Stook or all the Leaclbac Label Hou""o c-ata:atl;r o:a Haad, 88 OL.A. 'Y I!ITB.:IDEIT, O%:N'O%JSTN' .A.T:E, BENBY GEISIC, J!ENMO DAJW S, GBO. B. Sl'ALLO. THE LU:IXBEB CO., MANUF A.CTURICRS 0 1' SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IIITATION c..-a.r ::Eib:lE L"U.zn.ber F&Cltorie a; 101 & 103 Eaet 8th St., CiDobmatiJaad w .. t Vlrabata. Otlloa: 93 CLAY STREET. CJNCilfNATI. 0. ( u Plain or Faocy De.ign, o f Plain Gilt o r Colored Till al Lowest Prices. Sample Tags anrtly. Penny P l ug. 85 W t S d St n 1 01i'11tOZ ND FACTOR Y : &S 6COD ., I. 1 5!H6'i Pike St. coyiNGTOlf. K;r. FRANCIS F A DAMS, IEtaltlhlutd. 184.'fJ HENRY F A VJ:Ba. P. P &, lllanataelarera oc 1he f'oJJewlnc Celebraced Bran et FINE-CUT CHEWINC & SMOKINQ TOBACCO., Chewin&: : Tally Ho t Aromatic. Smoking:_ Peer!ess. Excelsior, Standard. .A. J. G-. PLXN'T, Jr., AUG. 29 WM. L. HUNTTING & D BA.LII:RS IN Aim P ACKEBS OB' o:a:ozo:m Connecti.cut & Havana Seed Leaf EAST CON A. F. RICO & CO., IMPORTERS OF' Havana Leaf Tobacco, a 8 Central Wharf, BOSTOK, II ASS. l', H lt!A.YU. P. H MAYO & BROTHER. 1T obacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND. VA. llll'l AJII.JilJilm BY ROBJ:R1 : a. ll.t.'IO II& Qrialoatore of &be olylo an4 1181111 Br.A.'V'Y TO:S.A.OO_, NA 'VIES A SPECIALTY IN ALT.l!IZJ:8. JAMES. M. WiSE, Commission Merchant Por P11rcla ... of LEAF B.%0:U::a402SI 'V' A. f L H LIGHTFOOT, Leaf T obaoto Dealer, omcc: Tobaooo ExchaDIB Bnildilll, P 0 BOX, No 2. RI()HIIIOI'IU, V .&. Samples of eve17 grade furnished on applleatloa aad each package gna.rauteecl up to oample. Iu:na-1Chaa. Watkins, President Blohmollll Tobacco .Exclaaag.,: Allen .It Ginter: Kiaaey'foo ba.oco eo...,.....v; Plant ers NaLloD&I B&nj<. V S. WRIGHT, Succee815r to l!ldwanl Peynado .t Ooo. lll&BCJ. I M PORTER O F CHOH:E HAVANA BOLE A GENT FOB l.W:ANUFACTURER OF TOBAC. CO. FINE CUT: "lllay queen," "Diade m SMOKING: "Plea11ull: CJqud," smuas I n o r CAvendish "'BucJl," cpt p lug i n u d c u t o r granulated I n l a ney bags Weodpeell:er" g ranulated. '' Klo; Blrdt" D. E. SOULE, F :, E, Tbe Moser Cigar & Paper Box Co., HOUSATONlCol LEAFTDBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS OF liiiLFoau, 4JONI'f. ,. LEWIS BREMER'S ... WHOLESALl!i DE.A.I..ERS IN 11lEAf" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. 4 loaic A uortment or all khaa. of Leal Toh&ClOO .... ta:atl:r !.aauL "'" S KIMBP,.LL & CQ"S VANHY FAIB TOH01TO ;, PO'CIH:EST.ER, N '! L. BAMBERGER & CO., & DEALER$ IN LEAF TO.BACCO. IIIPOB.TEB.S 01' Sumatra and. Bavaria, l'fo. Ill A RC STB'EET, PHILADELPHIA. "QNRY T F REYER. AUGUST EtSENLOHR. FREYER. & EISENLOH.E., LEAF TOB,AC CO,. I 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia .. _..._ ----.... __ ...:.-. ___ ..:.._ __ 'HEJN" J :LI.A.BEJ,' Paoker -d.Dealer ID LE.A.P TC>B.A.CCO, Sial and Q33 North Third Street, Philadelphia. I Ar.m:r liLUit1F ACTURERS 0'1' "lllll'IBBII' :EXTRA," "PORT," uP. U. RIHBO ...... G-IIIAI'Io" &Del Othe r B ranD.., 0. We cont r ol the output of many ot the best tact<>-Orden Cor Expor t and HoJDe Tra d e riesln Pennsylvania Write for sa,mp l es and prices. P ron1ptlJ' A ttcnd.e d To. X Ce POPLAR and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPLANED, AND IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Imitation Cedar manufru:tured b'l our PATEN T proceiO Ia tile o oly P BBFBO T !mltallen of Spanish OAdar Prices and rates o freight glvea upon application. JOHN D. SKILES, J A1!}t5 R c;t:, F::R.E"Y, ---_ ,T. J. DUNN & .CO_.,r "'CJ'n.l:ted. S"ta."tes D', I"A.ClK:ERB OF A N D DBA.LBRS I N Punnsylvania Sood Loaf & Havana Bood Tobacco, -....., 3. D1Jl'IN, 80'7-tl08 1'G'OB.T:EI: lilT., BBNBY HBY!IIA.l'IN, 61 a. 63 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. SNEERINGER & JOSEPH MERFELD & CO.. -. O 13 sou1a aoward ... anTIo:a, Importers of Havana PEORIA CIGAR BOX C ., JACOB L. FREY, P ...... IT No. 11 Phda4elp1llaoe tlATCHELOB BRos.. Theobald & Oppanhetmer. PACK!'!'!.!!:. LEAF sEED Ul'f"TOaacco LeBf TObiiCCo, 01aa:: 213 street. KEY-:EAST CIGARS. AND EALERS IN Buanish and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 1!131 Cbe.tout 8'-o PHILADELPHIA.-' 'If pllfortlo Tldrcl_ pRU.ADa.PJIIA. l &aDTB-'I'D XILLZB. DUBWL & ..,_ Cll{CDIJIATI CIGAB KOI.Da, -. 'PX.."D'G-Atecll: ol Darll Reawea\ed Wrapper .. ol } LANCASTER PA O f any HOIIM ID the State of ltl&lyl&Jul ... blch ... e zpakeaepeclalt;r. Cigar.Manuracturers' Supp ies. .... ----M. KEMPER & SONS,. F. J YOREE. N FUREY G EO A FOREE. JAS. A. HENllHRSON & CB. Importers of Foree Tobacco Company, DEALERS IN AND !'AcxJ:BS IIAJIUF ACTU I!EilS o F .-V Irginia and North Carolina FINE NAVY TOBACCll, :ati:Do LOUISVILLE, K;r. Aof e.-=:.-. N.ilbellrtll CllroiiDa l...t bought on o rd61'. Aa e"P81'1ence of .. ....,.. ,....... Correspondence eollc lted COLEMAN BR08.f Wll!lll'nl'lt c. Bnyors and Banllon af L68C roa., &crapo aa4 Stems oa c-o.s-. Satlatac tlon l[ll&I'Uteecl. REED a MoCEE, Leaf Tobacco Brokera, BA.LBIGH1 1'1. Cl. W. A. BOBBITT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, OJU'OBU, 111. Q, PURYEAR, MYLES A CO., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco, P.I.DIJCAB, Jl[Y ..... I Ctl JAMES T. KENNEDY, ... lliiDtil& c. c. s.LAUCHTER, Leaf Tobacco Broker, M. H. CLARK a BRO., g DIIJIIAU'fDBBB& Leaf and Stnp Tobacco __ Broa. cLARKSVILLE,. Tenn. (ESTABLISH!l! J 1851.) A 'W'"WFAB'RZ & .... K. s. J'RECBIE, J -- HAPPY THOUGHT Farmela Cuba. WILSON a McCALLA ya 18 11.9 Sonth Socond.St.1 Pbiladelubia) !!: PLuc TOBA:qg!: 'nos au......._, .a.PHILADELPHIA. IIDDBaH., &Yo a Co3_!'iew"Vork; Theo.llclnrarb a ATt. Abn e r H arrta, Loldn11 t e, b. L II(. H. Clark & MO. B. W ll.oeru, CallbW; A. H""' Cubler; Ju. L. Glua, Oubler,


AUG. 29 Bnsincss Directory or unruscrs. :NEW YORK. IAafGIUI Ba,....,-lf'AIIDer M. 190 Poarl. u-a 111 water llroeb & Boll, IN Water Brand J. 81: Co. 142 Water It Orawrord 1:. 11. a: aoa. 118 w DaYidaon Broa. 143 Wuer Da;r, Joha B. .t Co. !II Malden Lane J:aert Wm. a: oo. IIIIi ParL l'alk, G .t Bro., 171 Water. Henry, ltrl Water l'rl&d E. 81: !i .t Co. 1211Jiaklen Lana a-Broe. a: too w-. 8lnllel I. 81: Bro. ttl QreenapechtM. m Pearl lbmb......,r I If. Clo. 17f WOlter Jolmeoo H L ltV lllaldealane Koeala H. .t 00. 1!16 Pearl Lederman Joe. .t Sona, 140 Malden lane. Undhelm II. 191 Pearl. llayen' Joe Sona, 193 Pearl l(enloW'II"r lol. 11<. Co. 172 Pulver1 Dickinson & Co., 178 Pearl BtUID&Dll G. 176 Water. -nw&ld E. 81: Broe. lt:l \Vater Bollin S. II; Sons, 173 Water l!&lomoa G. & Broe. 135 MalteD laDe. llcbroeder It Boo, 178 Water. BallnbarS H 81: Ce. 160 Wa .... lehW. Jl'red. 2!l4-1l2EI Pearl 8pMr L ol; Co, !Sf Water llplnprn E. & 00. G Burllq llllp lilteiD .t Slmoa, 211 Pear Upmalua, C&rl. t06-403 E G9tb. Wahlllf Clwl li. 14 2d &T, Wolf Theo. Jr. JII2Jiront .,,._.,. ....., w-.. x-t Dldloa Ferd. '18 Ill Broad. BeuoeuG.l890Broadov&J'. laWYer, Wallace & Co. 18 Broadway, llleberC .8eD.tJ. 711:!10 W-/Of' CAe-Ofand &ftolrin.q lllller L & Boll, 1GG Cbambera lllaaUla-233 Eaot 41ot Foote A W a: Co. Jllllllalden L&ae. Jl'romer LF 77th It, oor. d aod Lodngtoa ae. Balm. Brll8llel ot. Co. E.l8d Ball 'l'hoe. fl. 2011-211 E ll'lth. Beymaa Broo. te l.owenateln, 4:M-41111 E. 111t11 Botmao.n F. 1818-1820 Aenue A. JOCOOJ' 1:1. 81: Co ., foot of o.d t!t., Ea11t Diver laoobJ Morris&. Co .. 38th tt. uea.r !at av. Joeeuloo Bam'! & Co. 8211-384 X. 68d. a...utmaD B1oe. & Boody, IIIIo it Ill Gr&D4. Ker1Je a Bpi-1014 to 1111ll Beounel A. ud 110 to 814 J'IRTfoortb J[lmb&ll. OroW'e AGd Co. 8!5 lV&rr"en. Le-.y roe. .&Tenue U &a J 8tb ttr.reet. UCbteDI!Itein 88th st aod 1st &"Ye Llehteastelo A .. Son ot. Oo. 8011 Eaat Olltb It Ute Geo P & eo. oor. BOth aod avenue A. Lo'Ye .S. W. lS&:> 1st ave. ana 4\):llt. 7tr.b. d Mendelllol. W & llro. 16 1 -2 Bow"" BeoneLia A. & Co A D a.od loth S ct 81'08. cor. 2d av. & 22d st. Pohalsld f'. & C o. 17 Warrt>n Bodrlguez &: Garcia, ll0-24 Gold. BMenthal Bros. llfJ-Bol E 71!<1. Baaches aud llaya. 81 Pearl lle1CleDbel'l! and Co, 1127 Eaat l8d. BbotWeU, S .R., 281 th.h &"6. -elberllt II. ot. Oo., lOU-Jot lloaPI l'lftb Aw, 811vertll&u M .t oo.anr; to au 1:. n Stralton c! t-torm, 108 B:ast 27th, htro 1t. Newmark. a ..cor. 73d st aa.d fill &Y. 1Jpmann l.larl. 406-40; X. 69th. JmpM'fM'' or Bumatra Wf'llf'P'I'I. Da7W B. Jr. 1'15 Pearl l'&lk. o & Bro, 171 Water J'nl8e Eroeot, Water QrrJt L: tllllllalden LaDe. Jl&1e 0 1!', 190 Pearl ... a eo 1111 w--awald Broo. Ita Water. B&lomon II. .t E. Tobacco C.. 1111 lolaldeb laDe. llcbroed a Boa. 111 w-Bchmld L. 188 Water. 8IJIDpnl 1: ol; Oo 6 BDrltDg .Up. Well a eo. eo P1M. AJmJr&ll o1; (lo, 11 Qedar, Aue.-l!lmOD & Oo.l'l11l'aar1 Balbln, lllloate&legre 4 Oo 1011 K&ldeD Lane J1en1iu11m J & Boa, 19 P-1 Brand J ll. Oo D1aa B. 81: Co. 161 Water J'enl&lld 0 a Co. -P.n ...-1tr1aat. 1411 Water. --Loollar4 .t uo.. IG8 Pearl Q&Nia F bro. 4 00. JW Wawr Qou&l A. \Ill Pearl Qaer!'&---17'1 ........ Bavaa&'follUco 0. 1111 J'roal LoC&IJZ&o, It Oo. I o.dar Lowe1180laa A. 187 llalden laae. '-"o, lend&& It uo.lliiOPeul lbrtl..,..1fDOr & Ou., Wa&er -da I' 00.-Pearl JlonteJO A ltl Pearl OppeabebD ,.ri. 11" KaWea lue -m.on G. & BI'J .t ()o., 61 lllurr&,l'. Qo,to B 88 Beaver and Co. IIIII' East l8d. Y.llarWleO Ybor ll. Co 1111 Water r--. 01o1w l[a1dmaaa-.t Botul7. Jill &lid 111-lla;r Bros. 41 lll......,y .,_,_, of _...,_.., .,_, Br1Gr "'"'"'wwn o/ 111141rert' ..t-Dema&ll Wm & Oo, 1507-5nt Broaocoo -.,... 011ar1a a oo. tow-1'. e. UDAe. Jlaml.l-a: eo 180 Pearl .11_,.,__, of 01JlriOba B. w. 811>3!11 -Blenath IlL Jocob. &D411!1111lloaroe ll*riW80o 8. t'lll-188 Lem st. ...., w-a Oo. oor 1M ave.., 11ft DoGkr fn Spani&ll 0-r-a-Oedor. OpMirrCml w ... &ad. Bro, tllll-4'18 -.fM,porfer Ofgrar lloldL llrtallll H. gll-321 fi:.Ut Blenntb SC. Of Ofllr .liloklt. IIJIIer, Dnbrul OCC6 M...:Af.....,, K y To-lladliDej Co. IN Joba & g Platt Willfama' SuetiJ'ln Table. John .B. WUIIama Co .. lUll Chamb6rll, Agenlo 2'obacco BA(I,P-.g. lWioD A. Bantmao .t Co. fM-488 llroome Olg&rette l'aper. Ju,ac, Hermaon, Stewart Bulld.i.n.g, Broadway aod Chambers ltlaa......,tllrft of Wtl><. Papar. n.e HAmmencbl& llltg. Oo. Greellwlnh Importen ot J'reDcb I'Bper, Jlay Brot. 47 ld.urrq THE TOBACCO II The Sphinx-Cigar Factory. SUTRO & NEWMARK, 2d Av. and 73d St.. New.York. factory No. 412, ard District. Mttr of Meerschaum and Amber Goods. Weil.t Co. f9 Walker Prog;re88 Scrap Bunching Machiae. ProRress Scrap Buncblog Machine Co 1280 2da.v. ALBANY. JIJ, Y, jfQJI.W/OCtW'f"'Wt 0/ 7'okcoo. ereer' A.. BoD& Broadway Al'II:IITBRDAM, Hollaad. -..... """"""" .lfroWrt. Geblng J H. A., 0. Z. Voorbu.,...l21ll oil: 228. Harlrema 1) .. 0. Z. 288. .ARJfREIIl, H..U.....d. Dirt. m S..matra and Ja.tXJ J'rowela a: Co. BALTUIOR!<. MoL -Letr./ond g,..,.,... To-Jt....-. Boyd w ..L & C'o. 113 Soutll -r Broo. r.ombard EeDlper H d: 8oDB, 116 w z Lombard. J[eroolrm&n -Difer & eo. 11 s. Howanl 11a,_.. Qeo. P Co. 81 South Cbarlee "' JCL Oe. 8V Soutb Calen Mcn."f,W,.Nll"t. l'ebraer F. W. & So a. 90 Sdvth Charlet. a.d'"' Ax. 18 llarl'e llarlM>rlf Brotllen. Ito to .t.V Sontb Oloar..,. 8Mpp&ng e>nd Commftti.,..)l""0t'O ./IIN"AI .. rl/. ..l.dt John B. 382 842 N. Holliday. BIKGHAilTON, N. Y, Cigar Manufacturers. Bravo&: Keyes Keot Geo. A. 81: Co. Smith .t Champion. BOSTOJf, ll Cigar Box Manufacturers. Btrleder J, W. 2109 Washington lit. Iwtporlort of Ho.'"'"" 7bMeeo and Clgara. Blco A. F .t: Co. 18 Central Wharf OCpr .liiGII"roctUrert AQealt Bltchooclt. B. W 19 India Street Jobbers In Domeotlc Ctga.n and Leaf Tobacco. Daveaport J, Jr 96 Broad BROOKLYN, N. Y, of. 7\n. Tclgt. BamDtoD a Ulley, Bridge et. BlJFF ALOo .N Y DeGJ-78'1 W. 6tll Lea.t Tob&c.l!() :=:Jt?:i4S W. Pear fOba.OC9 wamMf.Oft Jlt!f'e.\,&a ....,... a: lllateon. V:no ud Jl'ronr MotWta.c!rer-or ... Belle (llcarbo:O: 98 Clay, ,.._, s. w.llll-109 canol M&uutaeturer or '1.1n TuiL aow-J. 11. 81: Co B W lid and !160.W&I Av To-M&uufeat;aren. J)uDIAp A. I. & Oo. 68 JC lid Doll ......... J'. w. & SoD,vm.. and Ltwt TobacCO Brok"'r iD Sumatra, Havaaa and SeOd Leal. OberheJ.m&n Jobo, 85 W lid Jlj't'J'I, of c..:igar Molda. 4 1IIIW Dabrullt Poten. 161>-1118 J:. lid. 1 MDttn ef Havana Cigar n&or. J'rteB, AieL & Brot.. 411 E !ld; Knttnof )loGoCo. John K oL.A.RKSVILLE "r_. Lev.! 7'ol>a<>CO ,_ .. B.& 9..., J)obrm&DO J'. W. & Son. J[enaedJ'Ja&T. COVINGTON, lliJ' of Pl"'l Tolla<>CO. PPridDB oil: Jtrnt<, 1151-185 flke. DJLJfVILLZ. v .. .l)eGWt atld Bvolfei' f1l 1Aa1 TollGoco --Jam.., A. & Co IDcD<>" B. L It Oo. lAt!oj BroirM-1. r.reDP. W. 9enabJel'.E:. H&nufacturer of Vlr:'nla. and North CaroUna Smokll>lf Tobacc<>. Trowbridge Wm. H. D:t:TilOLD, GermaaJ' ot Ctgar-Bo:o: l.otobe& Qabradv KliOifO"berg. .DETROIT. MlU. -""' of ()Momng :IIOOking Tob. ad Ofllart Amerlc&D Eagle Tobo. '<>0 Co -ToOo. 118-6'1 Larned It DVBBAM,K,O. Jlf..,.,.,o.couron or 11--well' Durham Tob&ceO Co. 11/rt OJ111acinHU' O..rlla Ofgo,..IJiaclnreil'l Durham TobacCO Co DAYTON O. PWH-OUIIer, Buckeye tron and Bras8 WGrlal. J'(JIJ/wrS and Ill 9fwl.&eri. o' .&VAJfSVILLI..Iad. T obacc o Broker. Noel W.T. EAST H.t.RTPORD, Coua. Pacb:&rs and Dua.lem in Lea t iillllttlng, Wm. L. & Co. SAGINAW, Mleh, Pine Boxes !or Leaf Tobacco. 'llerahon, ,V, B. I!'BANKLINTON, N, C, uaf TobGOCC6 TbOmpoonGee. V HAVAKA Oalla. TollooCO and Cigar eomm-.. .-llaftll& TobacCO eo. 64 Prado :M.o.oufa.ct.urers of Ciga.n. Cortina y Gomez, t.:a.lle de Ia. Est.rella 184. .. I'&Da& F. Ca.lZ .... d& tlt'll IWil Ordet:a:. Julio J. W San YJCoaclo at Bocer Pedro, 49 Factor! stresc. ,.U:KDERSOK ._I' t .. -s.,_ .. Q, G. HBNDBBSON, N. (l. To_ B........,.,_ Lewlo. TbOmu. .IANBIIVILLE and. ALBANY, W'la. Packer of and Dealer In Leal Tollaeeo, G...,.ner.o. KAN8A8 CITY, !ll.o, WaoleMie De&lero Ia lllntd aaclllmb -aod Cigars, &Ito Smolrero ArtiOJea. .llaobman J A. .t Bro. 1141 Delaware ot Dealer fn n .... .. and Kltoheltoa J. C. a: Oo 1101 Delall'are It KEY WEST, Fla. r......, X. Bnutactu(en or Clpra. J. E .It Co. Tnljlllo D : L. & Snoa, .... L.&l'fC.&.STEB Pa. Pacltera or aod DealeraiD Leal Tob&coo, rre, Jacob L. !13 w J[Jntr ot -l!ldleo & Frey 61-M N, Duke It lnauraaoe and ReaJ Estate. s._, .t Burnt, 10 W Orange St. J:aa, 7'ohauo Brolu,.,_ Parry .t 28 Paradise 8treec. LOND01'1'9 Eng, Tobacco Olga.r o.nd Lear Mrchani 8r&lr I. I J'eRclu!reh Bulldloga, X. 0. LOUISVILLE, KJ' Pflllllalo Wrlbt of TOO. Mtt/tn' Ruppliu, Licorace, .FiotJOr. etc. & Rauterberg, LYKOHBVRG, Ya. of Cigtwettu. Lo!le .Jack: Cigarette Co. Jl&nu!&llturer or Smoklag Tobaoeo. QarroU Jobn W. To-v... ... ....,._..,., Holt. SChaefer & 00. l'II:IL W A11KBE, Wl Mnnr ot and -019 7'obooco. Adams F. F. It e.>. FllntJ:G.&Co. lfa.,."*facturera of G'lcPm'". Grat Wm & Co :NEWARK, N.J. Manufacturers ot Tobacco. Campbell 81: Oo. lll-12 Bridge st K't'. Afo .nufact-u:rer oj Ot.garBoz LuMber Llvezev L W. Ill. Co. OXFORD, N, C), Leal Tobacco Broker. Bobbitt W. A PADVOAH, Kr. r"""""" .Bro.looro. J'ouTOA', Myles & Co. PEORIA, Jll. Cigar Mantda.ct.uret'l!l' Supplies. Peoria Cla:&r .Box c..:o. PETERSBURG. y.., __ f...,.rero of Ptug e>...S limo....., lJli North W101er Teller Bro.llen. 117 lilortb Third Vfltterleln. J .!It Co .. 115 Arob Young & N. F ront lmwrters of Hav&ll& A\varez J 119 South 2d Portuoodo, Juan F .. lilaDaom. lmportera ot Havana aod SUmatra Toll&oou ; J B a: eo. 1M cntJnR. Batchelor Broe UBI Oheotout. Iloilo, Clymer It to. Dunn T J. ot. Co. R. Broad -nlnb r 0. 1186 Market Freebie :111. 8 18 South 4th. arar. Jloralef' 11: Co. 014 rtne. BWoway & Swauu, 700 Market Lao& & Mtl108o 119 II' lith &lid 1!011 011-ac Mane. Wtener &: Oo J loti MootwoMf'll"V enue lloleclodO Juan 1!', lllf-1llb S&DliOm Tbeobald a ()ppelihelmer, 111 Nor1ir\lltl Jmra ol nae-CntUld Smok!Dc Tobaoue. Jl'rilbmuth Jlro. & 00, N 8d aiad 111111 QaarrJ J'oageray A. B. 63 N NantifiMJW,rN' 1'aiU. Tbe Jlellor & Blttenh...Oo., iit8ll'ort.b 2!ld. llfl'' t ..,._, for 1'k,....rr of Sr...,-8lnolliRr We:rmU> & Jlro. Q'IJINCJY, IlL INioQI< Plug .11"'""Brlllkop J. H. FlugTobeccoPreM. Adami Plug Preea Oo. H.ALIUUH, N, C), Leaf BroiNrt. -&McGee. RlORIIOJfD. Va. .11411'11/-of --. ,__-OltiGr--AileD & QIDter. .,..,.,.'""'""" ot Pltttl a 2'ol>ac>eo Hao.cock W. T. byo P. H. & Bro IS 7th 8$ Paoe J B. TobacCO I.Jo. l.w/1--t., E. T. & C&lumbi&n Bloolr:. DlW .E. Ught!oot L. B .. 'IoDaCco Excbaoge Butldtug Wll!eJat.lll. 1\l ll.n 'U/iJcturer of OJd Virgiftia CMroot Wbltlodt. F, Ma.llW"OetUHrl 0/ To*'BGQa. 11. 1811bhoer Ill. 0. 13011 ld.aiD lintr ot "Vlrgtnl& Star" Cheroota. :.tJ\lhlsflrChas. 13-1!> 13th JUKJRES'I'EB, lf, y, of Shield "' .tflne eu.e, '"Bill B"' 4nd" Imperial" Llmg Oul. Wbalen Rlcb. & Co. 194 ll!L st -uJ-101 "Pur .... -PIGa ....... QM.I Toatnooo 01MIC vanitat B't.Kr'' S.OW..O 'l'ol>acoo ar.d JtuDb&ll w 8. It Oo. ROTTERDAM:. Hollaad Tobaceo Brok:Ar. Kent, N. Vao, Ooalilllngel 15 SPRIJfGFIELD,IIa.a l'MilerlltJobl>e1' lfmlt.b H. & Boa, ., B.amP: Co., IIIJ8.214 Elm st. TROY, :N.Y. TrojiLil Scrap Ma.ohlnea. & Co. 878 River St Wl[ELllfQ. W, Va. Jllntt.n of Bavaaa, PO:E'f.:&;:. ----f. -&.G-ElNI'T& :lrc>:R. BLACKWELL'S. DURHAM TOBACCO 'CO.'S GollninH Durham Smokin[ Tobacco. ARGUELLES, New York, Bos'ton. Pittsburg, G ,hicago, St. louis and Gincinnati. SP CIGAR MANUFACTIJRHB, 1)-oprletor of 'tile Braa .. 1 LA FAMA, LA TUYA, 172 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. R. LINDHEIM, Pre&ident. w.J. BROWN, VlcePreeident. Incorporated September 6, 1886. &'C'OOEBBOR.B ?J:'O LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., Factory No. 50, Third District, N. Y., BROWN & EARLE, Factory-No. 1307, Third District, N.Y., ()or. 38lb Street and Ist Avenue. ()or. 38th Stroot and Avenue. :-38th STREET and 1st AVENUE, "Y011rk. 129 & 131 Grand St., Steam -. near Broadway, New York. 8&, 100 a:a.d. l!W o:r'I:J::L &'1:., c>. .&1110 oftlae Veaqra4, llclldiD!itatioa OeU>:: Clcar-Boz L-loer. Saaple fDnWlaecl on ApplloatioD. Selld for PrloeLlot. Tile oalr Jl'etory_ l.D tlle Wt tllat earrleo a ,eomplet! .a,oell: or aU Label 'Publloh94 lD th .. l.Jnl&ed li\ate R. L. CO .. P'IJRCJHASBBII OP and North carolina. LEAF TOBACCO, Dan. V a. Order and Beet or RefereJlca cl VALvE OF :F.OREIGJ' CQIJfS, Cental Cenl& Austria-Florin or gull Italy-Lira .. .. .. .19.t der .......... ...... .f5.8 Japan-Yen......... .. 98. .. .. 19.8 LiberJa-DoiJ&r ....... too Bo!lvJa.-Peso.... .... 96. 5 Hexico -Dollar. .. DQ..t Brazil-lli!Leie... .... Norwa;r-Cro.wo . ttl.< British N. America--Peru-tlol ... ... _...... au Dol 'ar ....... 100 PortugAl-Milre1 e of ,Central Amer.-Peso 81.8 l,OXJI retll :....... .11 t8 Chili-P&o, gold...... 91.2 Russi-.-Rouble (If IOC '18 Deumark-Crowo.. 26 8 iii&iid DOi E cuadorPeso ...... : 91.8 Sa.n wtc s-. 0 0 Egypt-Pound nf 1011 Ia"... .. .. .. plastera .............. 97.4 Spain-Per of 1 1 H France-Franc... .. .. 10.3' .. .. Great BI'ilainPound Sweden-Crown .... 211 8 aterllo..: ............. ; S4 SJ' .20 19. 8 Greece-Oracbma..... T1ipo 82 9 Ge:r Empire-Mark... 23.8 plasrers.... ......... Bolla8d.-Florin or Turkey-Piast r ... ; 4. der .... .'.............. 88 5 U. S. of Colomb.a911 rndl& -Rupoo....... ... 45 84 Peso....... .. .. ...... kilo equals 2.fJpounds. A ptehni g one cent. An shilling equals ceu 11. An Eoa;UU penny equals :...l% cent&. i I .. \ D'DTtES DnooS$D Olf "rOBAOCO G l'OREIGJf.'COVWTRU:S. i.uSTBA.ui-Manutaciured tobeoco Imported, ftpound duty. Austr&Uan manufact)lred tobecco, m.adt> domesti c leal, 24 centS a pound tax; made of lClftli( leaf, 4/!S cents a pound tax. BELG!u!\1-Leaf tobaooo and atem1, 70 franco per !lA kilos: manufactured tobacco, cigars and al. :ra.n,cs per l otf Jd loa: other ldnds, includlng stripped tobecoa lra.ucs 100 EllOi. CANADA-oft tobacco the e:o:cloedat;r on tol'efl!'n whicb ro..merW wu 20C per lb. but of late years has bo't'"t to 1fc, to ....tored to 20c Tbe. dut;r on domoatle lear. whtch up to t883 wu ac: and wa.e then reduced to lk. I : &dv.aneed to Oo. The customs duty upon tobacco 1nutf ts iD ontBSed from. i() to}l(lr. per ;b, and on imported tobacco frvn 9:> (o SOc per lb. Cht'a.rettes put uo in pa.ckueswll!hrhlnv than 0118 twentieth of a pouad or lea, ehall pay a duty o 84c per lb. of ae beretotore. and ou damp O JQotsr.enuJr. when coil!alDlwr Oft!" 40 per cent. of molstu!"" wben pul' In pac:kaaea of._ tMii 6 a., 1.., peL ,_ Weight. !lo p<>r I' Cavendish or Negrobead, e:6d per lb. f:lr head mar.-utacturt'd in bl'nQ, ptit lb. Other manufactured tobac o, pet lb. contain lug more than !3 lb8 ot moisture in, very 100 lh8 thlft e nf. 3s 9d ('t'r lb. S ruff notCofitnlninKmO i;tbt\nl3lbs e.vf'ry JUUIM w"i eht th1r f 4s Cd. per lb. U mttJmfHelUrPd '1.'-baccoUOntu. f ..:u )bs or morfl every 100 lbR wttjght thereo f, 3."' 2d per l h. O:mtalning Jt'o .. tran Hllbs or moitlture in every 1 0 lhs wt>IJ.:ht therf>l'f. f s 6d per lb In llt'u Gt tbe drawhark alfowahlfl before Mays ,lP67. nowniiOWf'd the drllwback o f 8s &-1 named ju sec Lion 1 of tho Mal\ufac.. t.url"U '.t'obacco .Act, j863, OERM,ANY-CiJtar& o..ncl 270 rnn.rks per lOQkiiOC' rluty r ll}ol n:nd Fnntr fluur.l&t "Alk,. perlOO Juty. HJ IIJHtj,S per .100 kiloe rlub) I P&( t r .bncco and K l llf\.1 p#>t Jf 0 kllos Stnps"or sl:e"nmu.U leaf, ISO 1!' u1 k S pccH() bit(., ,( duty. HOLJ.AND-TC\b.ucco in rolJs or and st. t'MS. :lt;, C'lltl\ tlury 1 -er 100 kilos: f.t e mf!. Z4 Ct-11\e d111y P"'r lOll kilos llanutactutf'fl t.. h.iccf'. t'I!Jfft', rartt'lt.._ etc .. $t80 kUos Cigars, Sl Uu\y per !00 kllotS. The tohaccG Industry of Austria, Frame. Italy end Brain 1" controlle d by BPJit'if"M, undur the direcUou ot the Govern ,...,_._,.. .. ,. .. ,. .. __ Heeelpc and. s,,ock tn alJ Wecern (Reported j!y Wm. G MPier & Co.) Rec:aiptl! from StockR on band Jan. 1 to 1. Aug. 1. 1888. 1837. 1888. 1887. Louisville ..... 37 603 79.7UO ll4 oil9 cioclonati.. .... 15 599 36 1574 13.262 16,12'7' St.Louis: ...... 4578 6 .255 7,728: Clarksville .... 24 237 81. 170 13.5"7 12,604 Hopkinsvillo ... 5 .084 9 725 4.060 8.798 Paducah ....... 9 220 18 457 4 742 8.192 Nashville ...... 1 ,787 '4,928 1363 1 ,643 EvanAville ...... 1 .656 5.337 U l83 889 Mayfield ........ 6 9!6 10, 890 8 875 4 263 Total. ..... 106,710 199,601 82,846 ll7,5Ul Tobacco Prelch& Rate In Hechead. Per 100 Poanda. (\lepprted by E. C. Franke & OoJ L <>UISVILLE. Ky .. Aug. 1. 1888. LouiAville-New York, Philadelphia, 25"'c; New Orleans, 27c; New Orleans by river, 23c; Richmond, 21c. Cincinnati-New York. 2!c; B alttmore, 21c; Philadelphia, 22c; New Orleans, SOc; New Ol'leans by river. 25., Dll:an'U1'ac-t'U.X'er General Agents: New York Tobacco M:a.chine Co., I 04 John St. & 9 Platt .St., p, O, Bo:o: 2183, I NE. W YORK.


12 THE TOBACCO LEAF., AUG. 29 GRAY ,_MORALES_&co., BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO. Manufacturera of CUBAN. l HONEST, POPULAR,] Is the Most UNIFORM. a ,ELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market LAND SATISFACJORY BAVAIA CIGARS, H .ence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce it THE VERY BEST, [P'roa ...... W.B.h.wu,tM,._.... .....,JIIrMear} :.' Yoa, ,.0 ld. 119'-l For tellortwelveyearal haveUHd Blaci well's Durham Smoking Tobacco &Dd fint Situatecl .in the immediate section of eountry that produces a grade of Tobacco that in textu,re, r PrlYate Label eona&antlJ' on hand, Orden receive bJ' Q 0 I' ACTORIES ZARAGOZA, SP AI.-, EOKHEYER ... co 42 Beav-Street, New York, Sole Aaent.. i l Office: Kemble Building, 15-25 Whitehall St., N.Y. I == ALLEN a GINTER, KIMBALL,. CROUSE & co., U1 Sole AgDAVENPORT Braadaof WA= ... Cigarett. as & Smokinrr Tobacco mGH GRADE CIGARS. 6 .um DEALBR8 Ilf z:aEI..A.:Ir" TOEI.A.OOOa ,.86, 24 Dlst., N, Y, lole phpneton of Uoe following BrDd1:-. G'll'.&TEJIIAL.I., RKO!Ii:&E 808.1. DEL NORTE, RIO HOND81 JrL')K DB VJOLETT..I., EL PRil!IEK.I., lrLOR Dll II.I.NT.&IiZ.I.S, L.l. PBBUJHOLB, BOIIS, NIIW YORK, KI!IliiET, II:Jt I.TliiO, VEGUIIROS, 011R TBKRlTOBYa Samples furnished upen application. STRAITON & STORM, NEW YOIUL All Cigars or our lannlactnre bear the 1 li&tenaal Revenue N11m1ler of -.;ar Faet""7, d. 41; SPECIAL B&:m:No:m o::r HAVANA.CIGAR FLAVOR FOR -OO:NCJ:BI:NTR..A.T:BID, FILLERS. FOR BOXES. ... Price per pW, t8; ,... calloa, -NOT :BI'V Sample boWel at P to make 01'111 GA LL81'1 of IITROJJQ LA VOB .... t on l'fl08fpt of &111DIIllt. WE ALSO HAiroJ' A.1d. G-o1d Fragrant Vanity Fair, snvertative and Cloth of Gold. Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT GUT CIGARETTES. G l> Por llale by 't ba, U. &111&, f :a People f bote wbo deolre erceptlonally fine Cigarettes should U1l8 only our lltratcht ()at, .,., 0 In satin 1\&eltot.l &nd b oxeo of lOs, 20s, 15011 and 1008. mL B t lllg. h cl-,:. Cig' tt 1"4 .S ..l.ceat fl>r &he 11ntted Statea and ()anada, ... .ue es UIID_ s are e. 0 .... -d 31 SO ..... H YJA-S'"" ..... -. -Ew Yo ... Our Clpretlell ....... never eo line ... n ow They cannot ... ourpuoed for purity and excelleDce. .. """ u .o. ... .. .. .... ,........, hJy tho pu""'t Rice Paper Wl&d. EIIUI>It.hed. J 848. 14 P1ra& Prize Me4lab. WARRANTED StRICTLY: PURE. . -IM. S. KIMBALL' & CO., Peerless Works, Rocllester, N.Y. F,I.&VOUBS .R. HllUIER'S SON COMPANY, "DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE CUT. ,J'" .., I -t -'SPANISH LIC.ORICE. I GREEK liCORICE. I Cedar J)llPOT I'OR TRE ABOVE POPULAR. Bli.A.lm: \ -. SPANt$H PASTE. Leopold' Miller a Son OUve Oil;T()nca. Beans,' Gums, Flavors, POWDERED LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. POWDER'E'D' LICORIC. E ROOT andP .ATEIT POWDERED LICORICE. FLAVORs I'OB._' SMOKING TOBACCO. 155 Chambers New York AR OMAS FOR SltOKING' TOBACCO. ALL SPECIALTIES ,1'0& PLUG AJID I'IXE-G-EL.A.P::EE:EO Cigar-Box Labels. 297 Monroe &t. New York c.. POWJtERED LICORICE ROOT POWDERED EXT.i.tcoRICE. clio city, Enla<:ged,lwproved, new sanitary arraor;ements, new lllAJI&&'ement. Xeyt 111111e.. .t.merloaD lllANUFAC'I'UREBS 01'-Illig & File Cnt Chewing & Smoking Tobaccos, Snntr & Cigarettes. GOLD COIN GHEWING TOBACCO. -un.eturen o.f all Braadll f'ormeriJ' 111-ufBetured bf Tho.. Hort & eo. '-&. BlANCHARD, 11 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, ta., AGBIIT W'OB II.I.ID CITY. / Abo 'DEALER.& ba DRUGS aad. LIOOIUCE ROOT,. CH.gar &b.a.pers. Etc .. Eto. 413-417 IE. 81et Street, eor. let Ave., New YOikl ,,.,. 1681 167 & 169 .E. Pearf St., a. DepoiiiDII Apncy for the Paciflo Ooaeta 80S A 808 Battery Street. San Francisco, Cal. MdBuro;i Proprietors. \ 229, ial tl; 233 E. Uri St., tf_. YOI'Ir. The followiag Branda &Dei Trade-marks belwr tbe oole and excluRive J>I'OJ>erty <>f the DEFLOIO& CIGAR .MANUFACTORY, any ooe Wltho lq the 1'tl&Ch of the laws of tlieland wbo will Imi tate in any manner &D:f of. t.h.e brandll aud trademAl'ke, or use an,name or label thereof, wtll U once be proeeeuted just the aame as any thief whe would steal any other valuable penooD&!)>l'OJlel't7: Defta.nce, MephlatG, Jupiter, Old Juda'e. Sigma. Moss Rose, Our Boyo Sainoon. None-such,'BuCC8811o Snow Flake, Hearts' 'beiight, 111g Tblng, Our castle, Game Rooster, Vlrglnlw, Pluck: Boollriotl lll..r Ga'lo liver, Plantagnet. Fearnaugb&, The iilMiteZoma, Oommercl&l Club, Booton Club. UniYeno&!. St&DC dard, Solid Value, The Fublob, 1..-Factorr No. 973, 3d Con. Dist.loWYort D. WRSCH, Geaer&IJianac-. Hamilton & Lilley, JUNUF AO'l'UBIIlRS or TIN.TACS AU padea I Plaba.Colore4 Ea'lloe .... aJld Enameled Tags ilalle to Oftuo 38 BRIDGE ST., BROOKLYN, N. Y. 100 Pear1 S"t. J!llll' "Y' c::rk.


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