The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XXV.---NO. 33. CE8TABLI8HED1864.] NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 12, 1888. 106 KAIDEJI LAJIE, Conter of Pearl i!-. CHOICE I TOBACCO. r \ V.. .... __ "-' W.AC. wlthourslana \ Cor. 1st Ave. & 31st St., "# fiegistered in 1868 & 1874. T" Regletered In teaa. All Parties are \ I ) any Infringement NEW YORK, C tl d 1 t '"'" ofthlsBrand. OUR .... au one aga ns ';\\t\.l\e r A A AJ HAVANA .. a A DCOS v. a co. (}!gar Boxes # .. .. ao:z:..::m XDII:POEI.TEIR.&, D.C,. G 'U .A.J!IIII'O IS U:& e cl. N"o. a9 -vva-ter s-tree-t., "York. R.bbons. 0 Many Brands imitatiltl CLOSE!.Y eurs are offered and sold to theTrade as W. & C. ARCIA BRO & c A LIBERAL REWARD wl11 be paid by u for the of the same. --(SVOOESSO:RS FELIX GARCIA.: I &. Dea./ers in II Also Importers or Sumatra. WElL & co., 65 ST., NEW A Span1sh Cedar. A ,PorfoctCigirBunchingMachinofor$10q! IMPOR ERS OF Or HAVANA LE F LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS 1 0 B A 0 0 0 W1th the lease we will the pnvilege of purchMmg the Bf\me 1my time within three months from date T Or Courtship Made Easy of lease, by payment of an additioJllll $75 .00, in installments of $25.00 tach, payable on the iirst day of everyj -' third month thereafter. OneoraserlesoftlftyFi owe rCaTd ..,.......,.._. ..... ,. ,. .A ..,._...,c:::t -- ., with the sentiment 1& conveys, packea U V"'W' ............. '-""""" in each box or PRINCIPE LFON80 56. I No. 167 WATER STREET, 1'1'o. 10II cqa, a-oo't, .N'e._,. 'Y'o:rk. :a:ava:na. l.'oTevv "York. SCBllOEDEB a BON, &, 'Y' .A. themselves. o:f' Seed Lea:r :N'Oo 81 Pea.r1' B1:ree1:, .N'e._,-'Y'oz-J&, MANUFAClTURED BY Finest Cloii""HaYBna CigarS. THE co., Awaroled Highest Mecial at Ezlai'bltion, 18'76, DBW.&KE c HAsKE L' s DEW &Ill!: ALSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. CBABLES T. SEYMOUR, ESTABLISHED 1869. OF HAVANA tfWl TOBACCO. Tobaccos from the San Juan ttl y Martine.z District a Specialty. OLDEST, STRONGEST AND Havana Cigar Flavors .&L WAYS GIVE I!IA TISF &CriON. Special quotations tor quantities. Desoriptive Cjroular ot all our dift'erent brands or Cigar Flavors mailed on applicatloa. 1"' BEWARE OF IIIIITATIONS .,S See that every bottle bears our label and capsule with our name ud addreas. -AND IMPORTERS OF-Sum.atra and of Havana Tobacco OF THE FOLLOWING li!ARKS: &. CC>.9 IMPORTERS 01' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO J.aa Fro:n.."t S"tree"t, 'York:. Trade l!lark. Trade !'lark. JAMES CHASKEL & CO., \l LAS VEGAs 16 C _edar St., New York. O 1[ I l' -4 GUSTAV $A L 0 M 0 N & B R 0 $., 93 John """"' New Y J. J. Calle Ban NiCIIas 128 HAVANA, CUBA. 1-A. & c. 8 Jl T b Cesareo Vigil, 'H:a:n..

EST .ABLI&HEO 1864. llavba fte Large1t Cireulatioo of au7 Trade Paper Ia the World. PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY MORNING BY 'l'HE lOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO., l05 Malden Lane, New York"' COR }:'.B:ARL STRII:II:T EDWARD BlTRKE, G. GRAVF. Buslneu Manqer aEVISBD R I. TEll FOR .&DVERTJSEMENTS Six Three llonthl Konths 'l:t l 24 14 45 25 4S l!5 il5 45 175 9S 100 M 4 Speeal .&clYer&l..,ment on Flrt Paa:e Pourteen Uoes o..-er two wide column (one year) $100 nt"'B ever two wide columns do 1 !5 F g-Under no circumstances will we deviate from the aboe prices. Tile Law Relatlna: to Subooerlben to New.papen,. J'lnt,-Any pet'90n who takeo a paper regularly from the pc:M1t o1Bce whether directed to h18 name or another or Whether he has aubscribed or not, Is respoDSihle for the pay any penon orders Ills paper to be dlllcont.lnned lle muat pay all or the publi8ber may continue to oond It until Li made and e<>Uect the whole Ulount, wkether It Is taken from the omce or "'"-N otioe to Subweribero We will hereafter print upoa the '""pper or papet of foreign subscriber and thooe In this country reSiding -de of the larger cities the date upon which t!Je sub.rtptlon has expired or will expire OUr subscribers will take notice and remit aocordingly When the ioriptlon ,. p&id the date will be oh&ngeo, wblch wW oerve ... ......,lpt, THE CONNECTICUT VALLEY TOBACCO CROP OF 1888 AS SEEN FROM GLAS TONBURY TO HATFIELD BEFORE AND AFTER THE FROST, AND OTHER ITEMS. The larger portiOn of a weeks vacatiOn winch fell to our lot Monday September 3 was devoted to the commendable under takmg of seemg w1th our own eyes and hearmg w1th our own ears what might be aa1d and what was sa1d about the 1888 to bacco crop and some of the tobacco manu facturmg and tradmg mterests of the grand old Connecticut Rrver Valley For our br1ef out1ng we went there because m one of the valley s nooks there l8 a spot that iS espeCially dear to us and because all along the hne when one 1s so disposed busmeas may With pleasure be combmed To the Housa tome Valley as 1s our wont we also m tended to go ere the gala week ended but for want of t1rue had to defer our Vl8lt to that sectiOn For th1s unavoidable omlSBlOn mdulgence 1s soliCited and amend w11l be made hereafter HARTFORD CONN The cuato01ary greetmgs and courtes1es of the frtends of the LEAF m this place were i!Xtended to us E A & W Fuller L B Haas Wm Westphal Norman Hubbard H J Zygart Eugene Clark-everyone we saw m fact--expreased satlsfactiOI! w1th the pos1 t1on and prospect of the leaf trade and ap proval of the then partly housed and grow mg crop but not one appeared m a hurry to buy 10 the field or m the sheds most all on the contrary deprecatmg that method of -domg busmess They epeak: 10 h1gh pra1se of their 1887 packmgs wbtch are now sampled Mr Pease was abseat when 11ur call was made Buymg m the field ha.s been qUite exten s1ve m Hartford County and espeCially m West Hartford Bloomfield Stmsbury Can ton Granby Suffield and the VICIDlty of Glastonbury and East Hartford Pnces patd for Havana Seed whtch exceptmg m the East Hartford d1stnct was mostly grown appear to have ranged from 15 to 22 cents runmng one Westfield Mass buyer how ever accordmg to rumor paymg m Suffield 25 cents a pound for one lot Th1s same buyer 1s sa1d to assume the nsk of pole sweat wb1te vems etc and the seller the r1sk of bail frost or other field dJsa9teril WhiCh of these contractmg part1ee bas the odds m h1s favor IS not now determmable perhaps the odds are even m all such compacts as field buymg IS from begmnmg to end r1sk all round It 1s notiCeable that even tb.e grow ers expresa obJec tiOn to It Constdermg the push and energy of the Hartford dealers whose packmgs amount to from 2 500 to 3 000 cases a yeru 1t m1ght be expected that they would be among the first to enter the race for the 1 888 ar d they are not IS a testtfymg to th eir disapproval of premature buymg The palm f o r early fielders thrs sea son wrll probably be awardo d to New York Sprmgfield and Westfiold E AST HARTFORD A field of tobacco growmg mcely toward matunty IS a pretty thmg to look at When m East Hartford and S outh Wmdsor Wednesday Sept 5 many attraci n e fields were VJ.Slble as there always 13 m that fa vored town and 1ts adJOtmng northern nergh oor Probably not more than two tb1rds of crop had then been housed there, but m ;e.lld out of shed 1t seemed all that could be :reasonably wl8hed The leaves of the plants ere large uncommonly free from or mjury by storm onnsect and are gummy and the crop as a whole 1s declared to be the soundest and finest grown 10 many years Mat tm Reardon says smce 1864 The names of the good growerR 10 th1s section are all well known te the readers of the LEAF and need not be here se"erally mentwned When we saw them all were pleased their crops and antiCipated paying pr1ces at mg time For a 13 acre field-3 Havana 10 Seed-16 cents a pound were offered andre fused The unevenness of the CNpE! through out the length and breadth of the ConnectiCut Valley at one time reported has been changed to an average umformny by recent rau1s anOrts from Monterey In the eastern part of Berksbtre county say that all wheat and to bacco crops m that sectiOn were destroyed by the heavy frost last mght entailing a lo6S of many thousand do Iars ELMIRA, N Y Sept 7 -There was qu1te a heavy frost throughout tbts valley last nh;ht The tobacco crop IS !l.bout three quarters m and the balance was somewhat IOJUred buL. not as badly as feared A severe frost viSited the Chemung last We have been unable enly to estimate damage but several fields of to bacco have been considerably tnJUred The loss wtll undoubtedly be great Horseheads R Y Chemung VaUey Reporter Here m town the temperature at sunr1se Per110nal Meuuon was down to 43 degrees and the a1r felt In addrt10n to the gentlemen above named w10try hke that which calls for wmter d J G 11 clothmg It was still colder five m 1 le out of we saw on our roun ames u agher Jr of New Havtln whose trade contmues ex town In some of the surroundmg towns cellent The Gallagher Concha hke the the mark was at degree and m one place New Departure IS a favortte crgar wher 10 Bloomfield It was at 38 In Wea ever smoked togue m the Simsbury Valley the mercury marked 36 degrees wh1ch 1s 2 degrees lower At West Haven we passed a pleasant hour than 1s requ1red for a frost Just at tbts t 1 me With Charles C Anderson 10 one of the The chill October ltke a 1 r to day seems to chat mmg rooms of bts palat1al residence on threaten another frost by to morrow morn Beach street whwh looks out upon the mg The tobacco growers are very busy to ocean Mr Anderson was endur10g w1th day cuttmg their tobacco but a good deal Chnsttan fortitude the pangs of rheumatism w 1 ll be left out when we saw h1m but he had a k10d word Th1s IS early for a frost hereabouts It to say and a kmd 10qmry to make about all eomettmes comes as early ae this but not by the old trade acquamtances 10 New York any means m every year This year bas and was as buoyant as gen1al and as hand been a queer and unsettled one weather some as ever WISe ever smce the bhzzard -Ha1 tford Two -below Mr Anderson s Vllla 1s Times Sept 6 the Hmman House an excellem hotel kept Tbe wh1te frost so umvereal hereabout!! by Lome Moeghng a landlord who knows last mght was very severe 10 Wethersfield many of our tobacco representatives and where at 2 o clock the t'hermometer 10d10ated who will provtde good cheer for all who EO 40 degrees and at 5 34 degrePs The tobacco JOurn With h1m has been harvested so that the farmers At Sprmgfleld we found all our old fr1ends may well be called luckv as bu y as they des1red to be Messrs Hms The weather yesterday was what a typwal dale Sm1tb & Co 1t need not now be stated October day sbouM offer Last mght was have already mdrcated by heavy purchases exceed10gly chilly and that the chlllmess the1r confidence m the 1888 New England was not all 1magmary was shown by the crop 'l he great warehouse of th1s firm 1s at very heavy frost The frost caused 1mmense all times a hvmg eVldence of the enterpr1se damage to some of the tobacco Many of the of thrs firm farmers had pushed the1r work fearful of thn luwne Fuller & Co are w1tb early September frosts and bad therr tobacc > full fo1ce and find readv sale for 1111 their safely housed A great deal of E t8t pr>p tla1 brands The RoRede S01nt1ago Hartford tobacco was ho still unc 1 t e,arded as a gem 10 the tt ade It IS that one thrrd o the cr p 1 I be Spr10gfield Cwar Manufacturmg Com East H1rtford IS rumed and ad\'1(1'8 f om South Wmdsor and Manchester etate thaL P 1 Y ure puhmg their Rugby m every dtr c.:non The decks and tse ptctures "'reat damage was done to the c.:rop w thuor lo o t W H Wright IS as usual domg a good five acres entathng loss of $SuO to $1 0 0\J bu m and IS satisfied wnb the state of He had had hr bRrveterR engaged tor to I" ti r> day Many of thA o her farmer I\ ere n 9 t B') I Mesr Wh1tcomb & Co bave enlarged lucky as those m ani c' belh o hed tliell store that even a regu The passe ng:ers through Wmdor tln I .r cal e r to say nothmg of a cal!ual mornmg by rml were a. tom shed to see luge a10 tu l 11 lth a sensatwn of surprise wnen be fi Ids of tobacco wtlted to a total lol! 8 v ente r s 1t eral hundreds of dollars wrll not cover the tu Sheldon of Suffield IS one of the damages 1t may mount up to the thousands mo o t gree ahle of b @sts call upon h1m when A Post reporter VISited East Hartford one may South W mdsor East Wmdsor H11l East Luther Spel'lcer has a bank 10 hts excellent \Vmdsor Wmdsorv11le and Ellington on farm as well a s on the mmn street of Suffield Thursday findmg the farmers m the mtdst of cuttmg their tobacco While some fields F1fteen thousand dollars will buy gema1 had been secured a large number of acres James Goldson s beaut1ful bnck mans1on remamed Iookmg finely mdeed the growth barn sheds and 11 acres of lawn and farm has been except1onally good It was a !o!old land at Warehouse Pmnt Conn The pro day for the season and wb 1 le the farmers perty or1gmally cost $40 000 feared the worst from a frost yet they were To F H Bardwell of HaLfield tbanks are not prepared for one of such magmtude a s tendered for the pleasant nde to Northbam came on Thursday mgbt whtch rumed many ton p1eces and seriOusly damaged others There Ex Assemblyman W1lson of Suffield dr1ves wert! two fa<>tors whiCh caused this loss-one well and talks well was that many fields wh1ch were very prom Hon H enry J Fenton of Poquonock bas unng were not fully rtpened the other was bB bothers hke the rest of us but he 1s al that the frost comes unusually early At ways br1ght and cheery East Wmdsor Mr George H Sloan had a H J G 11 splendid field wh1ch he mtended to cut on N ames a IS at Bethlehem Friday Whether the frost serwusly m JUred It the v1s1tor dtd not learn Mr L c The New England Homestead 1s certa.mly Grant of Talcottv1 lle was harvestmg a tine one of the great mst1tutwns of Sprmgfield field on Fnday wb1ch escaped the frost of :l.fa9s It well :leserves Its success and good Tbureday mght w1th but shght damage reputatwn Mr LeonB!d of Ellington satd Lhat not only was h1s tobacco serwuslv IDJUred but hts field of corn of some fourteen acres also While so many farmers have been unfortu nate w1th the1r tobacco others had secured the1rs before the frost 10 fine order -Halt ford Post Sept 7 SoUTH WINDSOR Conn 8 EDITOR TOEACOO LEAF Your telegram rece1ved and 1ts contents noted I cannot desert be the actual damage to the tooacco outs1de of my vtcmtty The greater part of Lhe tobacco m my ne1ghbor hood has been harvested-! should thmk 85 per cent It seems remarkably strange that some lots have not been touched by the frost and others senously damaged I bad two and a half acres not harvested and I cannot see anv damage The damage 1s not so great as reported-not over 15 per cent MARTIN RIORDAN (By Telegraph ) EAST HARTFORD Uonn Sept 10 EoiTOP. TOB:6.000 LEAF-recmved too late for reply Satur day One hair crop bar vested m Soutn Wmdsor E ast Hartford and GlasEonbmy Remamder damaged fully one half at lowest estimate Some n1ll be plowed under W }j .ANDROSS NEW MILFORD Conn Sept 8 EDITOR TOBACC > LEAFTobacco was liiJUr e d to some extent 10 tho valleys No on uplands SPECIAL FRO M TilE HOUSATONIC VALLEY NEW MILFORD Conn Sept 10 EDITO!l T OBACCO LEAFThe late crops of tobacco m the Housatomc Valley were more or less damaged by frost on Thursday evenmg of last week The early crops had been secured m good shape and bid fatr to be very fine tobacco The acre age this year IS less than last year but .he crop as a whole was the best ratsed m tbrs valley for many years Most of the early crops had been engaged by the buyers some t1me previOus to the frost wtth a few excep t10ns tbat were held for larger prwes From the l>est authority and mformatron gained there was not more than a tbtrd of the crop out and about half of that bemg on low ground was badly damage d t On the h1lls the frost 1f any was very hght The weather the cuttmg of the cr0p commenced has been 'e1 fine and tbe c1 op IS curmg m a mos t desirable manner Th e l eaf IS whole and almost (\ntltely free of fl o a b1tes and other IOns A large pt o portiOn of crop PUI c h a s e d has b e en done b;,; local buye1 s R eports say tloi\ t the Schove r hngs have pHI cha sed some 51)0 c a ses or 100 actes D E S oule 4 0 0 cases or SO acres M L Hungerfo1 d liO a.CI es 01 250 cases E P1 es ton of D over for II Smtth & Co s me 50 acres T Soule 3 0 0 cases and & Avera! others mme or less We n o tic e that L Eato n has bought som n a a mce the great tor 1 ado a w e e k ago I h e cab le r eponed at the ttrne of the storm that s o m e ba1ges loaded wJLh t obacc o w e 1 e sullk wh1l e b emg towed to the stea n e r N o further pattwulars have been tece 1 v ed -P Wh1 t l ock manufacture r of the re n owne d O l d VIrgmta Cheroots of H.tch mond Va jJsplays on our p a g e a new and handsome cut Tht s cut 1 epresents the full s1ze of the package Mt Whnloc k has 2 succeAded m mtroducmg these cheroots the leadmg tobacco and grocery firms 10 country and cla1ms to be the largest manufactural' of tbts popular smoke -Cahxto Lopez & Co have completed the1r storage warehouse m Havana the largest on the l.Bland of Cuba The structure 1s bmlt of stone 1s four stones btgh and oc cuptes an entire block: Its stormg capac1ty 1s 20 000 bales It w1ll be formally opened m a few davs for the rcceptwn of tobacco and ctgF\rs h 1s expected that the warehouse will be patromzed largely by the farmers -Exmo Sr Don Leopoldo CarvaJal Mar qUis of Pmar del Rro anrl !lropr1etor of the famous Cabanas and L CarvaJal Cll!:ar facto rt s m HavanR arrived on Monday from Europe The Marquts has been appomed 1 epresentattve of the Spamsh company Ar rendatarra for the Island of Cuba whwh means that ha has the purcbasmg of all leaf tobacco crgars Cigarettes and scraps used m Spam Some 1do::o. of the magnrtude of thts con.iract may be 1magmed whun we say that the quantity of leaf to be purchased amounts to 90 000 40 000 000 and ctgar ettes mnumerable The Mat qms wtll make hrs headquarters at the office ot hts AmeriCan representative Mr Mrke Flaherty durmg b1s short stay m th1s c1ty -N Cur..ndauns of the Asta Mmor Tu bacco Planters Assoc1at10n of Smyrna Tur key IS now v1tmg the manufacturers of ctgarette and tine smokmg tobaccos m the Soutt When be bas completed hts Southern tour be w1ll have VISited all the leadmg manufacturers m the country most of whom Ius firm supplies wrth Turkish tobacco Mr Conndaurts has appomted as sole agent for his firm m this countrv and Canada Mr B V GrodJmskt of 157 Wa\er street thl8 City who will keep a stock on hand and be ready to supply 1mmed1ate wants at all times Mr Conndaur1s expects to return from the South durmg the latter part of th1s week and will remam at the Astor House for a few days be fore takmg b1s departure for Smyrna -J Edward Cowles, manager of the c1gar department of Thurber Whyland & Co ,bas returned from hts vacatiOn wh1ch be spent m the Wb1te Mountams and 18 once more delvmg mto busmess Mr Cowles has m vented and patented a mgar box whiCh for usefulness as WQll as for ornamental pur poses eclipses anythmg of the kmd yet placed on the market Evorybody knew that Cowles was a gem us m dtsposmg of c1gars but very few supposed be was an m ventor as well The box IS a combwatwn of three separate compartments so arranged that by stmply breakmg the stamp and shdmg the upper boxes backward you have before you three different colors or styles of c gars 'I he lower box contams fifty mgars whrch can be used for the style or color most m demand and the others twenty five each As th1s box can be used to au vantage m d1s playmg manufactured goods of all kmds Mr C wtll probably scoop 1n a small mmt from 1ts sale ------IN TOWN THIS WEEK -B Alberti of Boston -E Hecht of Chtcago -John Buehler of Detroit -I Kaffenburgb of Boston -H U Frankel of LoUisville -John H Meyer of ChiCago vV Caspary of Pbdadelph1a -Geo Bremer of Philadelphia. -E H Calves of Ph1ladelph1a -Ph1l ErtheJler of 1 h1ladelphra -L H Neudecker of Baltrmore -J Goldberg Ctgar manufacturf\r mazoo 11ICb -LoUIS Kuttnaue accompamed by bra brother August Kuttnauer leaf merchants of Detro1t An Immen.., Shlpmeat ot On F nday next Frey Bros & Co of th1s mty wtll sh1p to E R R1ce & Co Cigar Jobbers of St Loms 500 000 mgars of the Opm1on brand th1a bemg an mstallment of the five m1llion order placed w1th the for mer firm two months ago Thts w11l be the largest shipment of a brand of Cigars on r ecord The fit m have been workmg mght and day for the past week gettmg the shipment ready Several employees were kept busy on Sunday hst puttmg the stamps on the boxes Eve1 y c gar has Impres sed upon 1t the word Opmwn The goods are packed m 50 boxes each bearmg a very hand some labe l and fhp The Merchant s Dr spatcb Camp my w1ll use one of therr cars m wbrch to pack the c1gars and w11l send 1t through to St Lours m three days The car wtll be handsomely t1ecot ated and on each s1de of 1t w11l be pam ted m large letters the followmgMr Da"\ld Hirsch Promptly Acts Cor the I'ratle The CommiSSIOner of Internal Revenue re cently Issued a new blank for ctgar manufac turers monthly returns the consequence of wh1ch 1f used would have been to make a 11:1eat deal of trouble m keepmg the mLet nal revAnue books and work constderable mJury to manufacturers as m erder to keep then books correct they would have had to take acconnt of stock every day v"\ lien last Fr1day mormng the bookkeeper of the Defiance Cigar manufactory showed the new monthly Revenue to Mr D Htrsch calling hts attentiOn to a change from f01 m e r returns b e at a glance understood the dtfficultJes vexations ai)d addltwnallabor wb1ch would result therefrom He at once w1red to the CommiSSioner of Internal R e ve nue for an mtervtew Wnhm two bou s the replv an mtervtew was received Mr D Hrrsch took tram to Washington On S aturday mornmg be saw the Commissioner (Mr Joseph R Mtller) explained to b1m the situatiOn and With the greatest promptness the ordeed tbe recall of the obnoxiOus R eturn blanks Wh1le the manu facturerd of the Umted Slates owe Mr D Husch a vote of thanks for b1s and decisive actiOn the fact that the Oomm1a ! snuff c 1gar s and Cigarette s Yourd rulv CATLIN TOBACCO C oMPANY RICHMONP V a t:lept 8 EDITOR TOBACC O lj xports aud eLamp sales m S cond D istriCt of Vugm a lot month of August 188 S R chmond Petersburg ED'ORTS Tobacco 344 727 lbe 53n 478lbs SfAMP SALES Tobacco Cigars Cigar etto s $82 418 58 $12 7 42 25 $l9 962 75 R1chmond Petersbmg Norfolk Fredenck burg 32 1 3 7 88 22 5 0 712 ( 5 3 7 3 5 W ll! D SEPT. 12. TRADE MARKS REGISTERED. B"'" Appl:loat:lons for Recletrat:lon ezcept from parties well kaown to ,.. wW not be noticed unless acoomtp...U.ed by Redatrat:loa Fee 1 o establish In court In case ef infringement or rraudu leat clalm in a trade mart or Ja.IM,l it is neces sary to prove Priority of use or ftrst use abandonment by the or g na1 owner and to sucb proof at all tJmee ava lable the TOBACCO LKAF PUBLIHB .NO Cor!'CV have m augurated in the r ftlce a system for the reglstra t on and cata.logu ng of trade marks and labels of t ,ery deiCnpt on perta n ng to U e tobacco cigar and cjg&reue 1n :'h:: a d at lower than are any 101':ACCO LEAF PUBUSIDNG "CO w U re ioter gtve ot registration and publish wf" ,n the stv le exhibited below aU trUe marks and labels for 76 Each. SPECIFY THEIR USE Perons and firms scodmg us tiade marks for regtstratwn shonhl be prtJcull s Monogram Georre and B ly and St Louis Faar Diploma Int'nngemtnta upon above brands will be prosecuted bylaw 1302 Soutb. BroadwJ' St Loul Mo OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. For wa11-t of space we are obhged to con dense our correspondents mterestmg letter w A.SHINGTON D c SPpt 10 Retahatwn Chmese tax and tatlff These. words summarize the thoughts of to day but not the ve act JOn for the 0nly aotwn m Congress IS relat ve to Lhe an nual appropriation b1lls and ptiV lte b11ls Ever smce tht'l reJ e ctiOn u[ t te rreaty with Great Bntam cooce mng the of Amenca.n fishermen the H o use of R e11 e oen tat1ves tas had Its attentiOn occup ell Lo, the Retalmtton b11l wh1ch passed lasL :; ttul" day and w11l now be consider d l>y the Senate Dunug the last few weeks the Sen ate bas bus led 1t.!elt 1n try mg to dev1se means whereby the 1mm1gratuon of Chmese can be restricted whtle 1ts Fmance Comm t tee have contmued their effurts to prepare a tax and tauff b11l upoa wh1ch the Republi cans can umte As passed the Retahatron btU pernnta the collect1on of a toll of twenty cents a (on upon formgn vMs els nnd thetr cargoes passmg through the S1ult So Mane or t:lamt Clatr Flats canals wbtmever the PreJaent concludes there 1s t10n agamst Umted S tates vessels and CJtl zens 1u the n s e of the Weiland S t or Cb.ambly canals Those fan 111ar w1th questiOn say that noth ng more p act cal tbau en rutty between Canada and thiS country Will be accomph s h ? d by 1t for 1f the passes this b1ll wnhout amendment seon (whteb IS not prob able) the wtll not be armed w1th any addnwnal powers and would n o t be apt to make uae even of those he has so long as. there 1s a pos bllnhty of adJUSt10,; mattera through diplomacy A promment Democrat M:t Q,., e s of Alabama has mt1oduced resolutwn 10 the House tor an adJOUrnment l::iept 20 In do1ng th1s he expressed the sen L1ments of the maJOrity of members of Con gress but the tanft reformers have saHt op<'nly that they Will not favor an adJourn ment untll the S enate Fmance Committee reporte a tanff bill There ts 5eldom a quo rum nowadays m I be He use or Senate Mr Mtlls of Toxas has satd that 1f the Senate c o mm1ttee reports a b1ll wh1ch makes any matennl reducLJon 10 tanff duties the Democrats Will a1d 111 pass10g 1t promptly. on the ground tbat It Is all that can be ex pected now und: IS l>ettet than no reductwn but If t'be b1ll cannot be accepted by the tauff reformers an aapuu ment wlll qutekly fol low a d the couuLry w11l be a sked to dec de betweeu the two btlls But as the cans have not yet ag e e d upou a b1ll and as the entue Fmance nommntee must act upon. the measure when ptese ted 1t B not ex pee ted tloat a rt>por t ou subJec.:t w11l be made th13 week But nothmg defimte can be lea ned on thts subJeCt fo1 tbe few Senators who are posted refu8e to talk and all the S'eswns-even forhear10gs-are striCtly pnvate F >r Instance. to day four membets of the cornu It tee name ly Allison .AidtiCh H1scock and! Harris ( Lhe last nam .. d b Pmg the only Demo crat) J!:UVe a hearml' fur about tht ee quarters of an hour to Mr u-eo of Boston, one of the commnLee appOinted by the Ct garmakert1 Uu1un at theu B ughamtou meet mg to present tbe1r v1ews to Congress Mr Mc.:Gutre says many questiOns were asked he mforrned th!l of the strenl(tb of the C1garmakers Unwn-about 35 {JOJ and JL favored the retbntwn of the mter nat revenue tax on c gars as J& now 1s and be gave Its reasous fm opposwg the repeal of this tax He told the comnnttee tl at the membe1s of the umo n tlunk a repeal of tl1s tax would result m the employmem o[ Ctu nee labor and It would favot the house system to whtcb system the umon N bitterly opposed He clatmed that a tax 18 needea so that contiumers can tell whe "'the c1gars tbey l>uy ar e made and thus b) whom they are made vh ,.ther by Chmesa or 111 tenement houses or TbQ mem bers of Congtess who ate opposed to a repeal of the t a x on cigars Wflre much pleased when they leal ned of t b s hearmg of repre8enta t1 ves of the C1g111 makers U moo '[hey rc g a t del'! 1t as furmshmg a bas1s a substantral reason for mamtammg tbts tax Mr Me Gutre expects to have another heauog 0111 this subJeCt and wtll remam here severaL. days for that purpose B P G The ClnclunaLl Exposition We have received from our "Orrespondent at Cmcmnatl a very full account of the to bacco exh1b1t at the ExpositiOn now bemg held m that City but as 1t came too late for pub! cation m th1s 1ssue Jt w1ll appear ne&:t week: MR EGGERT S ARTICLE -Mr W E Drb1ell of Richmond Va 10 a note to us says The art1cle of Mr Wru Eggert Jr on plant food et< m your last bas been hrghly eomphmented and IS fo o d for the thoull(htf 11 and p r ogress ve reader though planters ought to be benetiteu by lt o.hers u r e e nl1gh t e n e d by It also AN ELEGANT SUMMER HOME -An excJ .tange m an attwle on til e cotta g e s and g10unds at the Ihousantl I olande thus to Cal -met Island property ot Ilh Charles G Jj;romy of Goodwm & (.:o M r En e1 y I a s expende d 1mmense $Umfl" o f m o n e y o n h1s house aod g 10unds on Calu met l o l a nd r PHr Clayton 'l:he 1 land has. I OUe I v.lwrluge JSe J cac.:led l) ll stouo Wt t1 4 1l J 1 l t l 1511:1 aud un deva tlOn o [ 35 L o b v ve Lne It Vet house IS elabOr iHtlY liuiol:ltU. Ill wood cherry and mulloga ) "' d uu ur det ground c.:onneelS It \\hll tbe uuaL h o u s e o n tlJe nverbank-thlS precautiOn for safety m case of a d est1 ucuve wmd bavmg been deem e d adv1sable on account o! the lle 1gbt and expo sure of the bu1ldmg INCORPORATED -The P a1118 h \Vareh:mse Co of Dm ham N C bas been mcorpo rated w1th captLal stock o f $100 0 0 0 E J Parns h J M vVhltted and Geo W Wood w ar d are the 1ncorpor a tors **O::I:OB.B Importer of..MBA.VANA and SUMATRA., and Packer of SEED I..EAF 'l'obacco. l92 fRONT ST., Rear fulton, NEW ORal


SEPT. 12. THE TOB.:.4LCCO LEAF. IN ONE. ,TWO. AN ,INN 0 VAT I 0 N. ONE_ THREE. The accompanying cuts will furnish a fair illustration of a decided novelty, which consists of a. display package for cigars, which may be seen at a glance is a marked Improvement over the old package, even though they may have been packed in boxes of 25, 50 or 100 cigars each, and the manufacturer, JObber, retailer or consumer w_Ill readily perceive the many ad van t 1ge11 that are embraced in the new package. When it first lenes the 1t represents a complet.s package or 11 mgle box holdmg one hundred cigars, al!d when received by the retailer, he_ has Simply to break the stamps, shde the upper p'>rtion backwards, hft the cover, and he will discover that he ha.s three of one. The lower box IS supposed to hold .fifty Colorado Madura shade, this bemg the medium color, for whtch the demand IS greater. The second box may con tam twenty-five mgars Colorado shade, next lightest, while the top tray may hold twenty five cigars Madura. color, or the darker shade, or vice versa, m sucbh 1the ddealber may thhe retmle1 r 1t open but one box and find a display of three different colors, and masmuch as the second and thtrd ox are tsp aye a ove the rat, 1t gtves t em equa prommence w1 e first, so that in an ord10ary three foot showcase the dealer may place one box each of five, ten and fifteen cent mgars, and have an elaborate display which five hundred or even a thousand cigars ordinartly packed could not equal. . There are also numerous other ways 1n whiCh the improved package can be used for d1splaymg c1gars to, the best. ad van b may be ylaced 10 the show wmdow or thrown open upon the counter, and can also be displayed upon the shelf m such a manner ae to attract the buyers whtch IS an all Important fe_at11re that the !"RISING d 1 must observe. This combmation of good features will add nothmg to the coat of pack10g, and whtle 1t must largely atd the dealer m d1stnbutmg the goods, 1t need from the quality and merit of the article. We shall undoubtedly use it in connecti_on 9everal of other leading brands of mgars, for the present they are packe d only under the brand of Aa-1-Altn connection wtth the patent shd10g box. Favor us With a. tnal order for thiS celebrated brand of mgara, and should you prefer the patent boxes without eoxtra charge, be particular to mention the fact when orderang them. Yours respectfully, 1c' OUR BINGHAMTON LETTER, BINGHAMTON, N. Y., Sept. 10. The condition of the ctgar induetry in this city at the present tim6 Is very favorable, al thour;h it IS stated that there is a sort of a lull in the busmess just at present. Thts Is to the excitement induced by pohtcs, and the of the reductiOn of tariff, w htch bas proved detrimental to the busmese. Manufacturers are to a certam extent govcrtied m their busmess by what CongreBS does on tbe tariff subject. It seems singulu that these wise legislators do not know enough to let well enough alono. H has been demonstrated several t1mes that whenever the 1a11ff laws have been meddled with the finances of the country have been Tbe pt escnt p10speroua condition of tl::e cJuntry is largely due to the present tar11f laws, and if a reduction IS made the busmess of the country will suffer. Tbe1e are many manufacturers here who have placed upon the ma1ket an 1mmeaee amount of campatgn goods, but that trade IS nearly supplied at the preEent tune. It IB surprising to see the enterprise and push ex ilubtted by some of the manufacturers. The day after the nommatton of candidates for President and VICe President, several mllhon cigars were shtpp"ld from th1s ctty to vartous parts of the country duly and properly la bellod w1th the po1 tratts of the Tbr.-sales for the month of AURUst p1 obably approxtmated 12,000,0CO and It ts probable that there will be no fallwg off durmg Lh1s month, although the manufacturer; are keepme: both eyes on Congrese to see what they propose to do. As soon as the pelwy of the Government 1s definitely estabhsbed, then thts state of uncertamty wtll be re moved and trade w1ll resolve Itself mto proper channels. It IS stated that some of the factortes ate not workmg full t1me, and some of the ctgarmakers attIbuta thls con of thmgs to overproduct10n. J!'robably notbmg' for many years past has -occas1oned much mterest .. nd dtecusswn among manufacturers as the letter of BtU the famous humorist, m the New York of August 26. It IS undoubtedly well known that two firms 10 this city, Chas But ler & C'o. and Van Wormer, Gumperg & Co .. lay cla1m t\) the ttght to handle a Cigar under thls b1 and. There seems to have been somt;, tl:ung C\lntagJOus about the cognomen "Nya, at any rate the fame attached to this II lustrwus name ha.s 1esulted 1n largll sales by both houses This urttCle ftom hts pen has undoubtedly been read by thousands, many of whom perhaps never beard of the ctgar, who were anxtous to secue a stock Both factones been bard pushed to fill tQeir order. Of coutse 'if M1. Nyo lJ> an'ltOUS to boom un> bud) 'a busmes s, he's got the whole wodd" 10 do 1t with, and can do 1t success fulh. \Vhtle be tlying to amuse the people uy humur, the manu(actUJeraof these <'tgars 11rA laughtn!l' m theu sleeves and thaukmg Heaveti !or such a famous man as Bill Nve. ScoCt the w ell ]j::nown manufacturers of the "lr on Kwg," are butldmg an additiOn to thPtr factory It was not until recently that this brand of goods was placed m the jobbwg trade, but tt met w1th popular favor at once, and so gtcat wa3 Its success that It was for the bouse to keep pace w1th the demand wJLh the facrhtted they then had. 'Vhen tbts mgar was placed 1n the hands of the 'etauer alone, the quahty was kept up, to a h1gh standanl, and large sale resulled If tbe quahty IS contmued the Cljlar wtll uudoulHedly have a large run It 1s that auotber large lactory will Poon be 1 peued bere by Messrs. Gemge A Kent & Cu on State street. Mr. Kent 1s -erectmg a large block which w1ll be fitted up for manufacLUIJn!>( pU! poses. The fit m are somewhat rellcent on the subJect, although the know mi.( on'S clatm that as as the bUild mil: ui completed etthtr Kent & Uo or -eomebcdy backed by Kent & Co w11l start another fact01 y. The block JB one of the lat gest in the City. THI!: .. PROFESSOR." Tobacco Da.JDa,;ed b)" Balu. ScoTTSBURG, Va. (by telegraph).-Eo. Tc !BACCo LEAF.-Severe ram and wmd storm bas prevailed for thirty hout8 tbtoughout ob11ght belt of Carohua and V11 gmta Tobacco severely damaged C6ra on a II low .of all rivers swept away. Htghest water Slllle 18i7. -C. G. ll. HeJorted l''allures anrt BustnNII A.r raul(ements. lfl&ooKu:s N Y -Paultne Goldman, Cigars, JUtgmenta ar:amst for $466 JJURLI:>:GTON lowa-'-tmon Hene, sale cigars, confessed JUdament for S230 Col-J B Connolly, cigars, given chattel mort for $200 LJ. FouNTAINE Kan -J F Sweeney, cigars, etc conveyed realty for $800 LoUISVILLE, Ky.-Henry Joseph, cigars and tobacco, as WIS -Frednka Fitzlafl, cigar manufacturer, glVen bill of sale for $150 NEw YoRK, N. Y.-H EibeJ, cigars; .;lven chattel mortgage for $400 PENDLKTOS, Or -Max:Baer. tobacco, l(ivenchattelmortgage for :u;3 000, purchase PuEBLO, Col--:1 D Herod, and tobacco, conveyed realty for $8 500 to wife Q u sultC, Can -Nap Leduc, tobaceo; assigned }WoKINGHAK, Vt -Hecker & Marr10n, tobacco, filed pet1tion in insolvency. ST Loms, Mo-Fred' k Htllman, cigars and tobacco, g1ven chattel mort&&Jre for S225 WrcHrr.A, Kan. --.1 E Parker & Co cigars, etc given chat wl mortgage for saoo;._ __ Boaln-New Flrm11 and. Be mova111. ll.wrny got a few home runs, which w1ll ur.doubtedly make tbetr score a htgh one. Mr. Hamburger dtd llot enter before the middle of tbe season, but we have seen some beautiful curves from hts hands. Tak10g mto consideratiOn that he started late, we are sUI e h ts average w1ll be a h1gh one. The same may be satd of the catcher, Sam Spmgarn, who caught some hot ones, and in his hoe 1s consttleted as good a man behind the b a t as the only Charhe of the Wolver mes. and Bon have not slugged the ball a.s much as they dtd last year, but per haps they are keepmg their strength for the last games, and may p1tcb m hke Anson. The otbAr firms played their positions wttb more or luck, except the new centre fielders, Cullmans and R osenbaum, who did not let a ball shp through their fingers and though they were new 10 the field, showed themselves very competent JUdges and ptu dent players. have a good game on the last of thts mouth. LANKAT. PHIL.&DELPH.I.& NO.I'ES, Mr. Edward C Venable, of th11 tobACCO mauufacturing firm of S. vV. Venable & Co Petersburg, Va .. has been on hand the pat week lookmg after the mterest of the_ fi1 m. ThiS firm JS so mcely formed that 1t would be dtfficult to discover any woak pOints Tne head a.s well as the end of the firm a1 e thot ough busmess men, hence the success. Mr. M. Leopold, representmg the toba<'c o manufacturers, Fmzer Bros., LouisVIll e Ky who has been confined to h1s home wtth senous Illness for some t1 me paa t; on Bator day made his appearance among the trade, looking considerably the w "tee for the wear his bodily frame had been subjected to He IB now J.!llproving splendidly. The packers of '87 Pennsylvania leaf to hacco have been fully 1epatd for the care they have taken in selectmg and packmg thEl same. 'fhe Inspectors' samples show 1t to be the foremost crop raised 1n the State for a ttme. OBITUARY. WILLIAM G. 1\IEIER, (Fom the LoulsTill e, Ky, Courier Journal, Sept 9) The death of W. G. Meier, in a samtarmm near Phtladelphta, was announced yest"rday mornmg, The deceased wa.s well known m where ho was formerly one of the most prominent tobacco buyers and handlers. William G. Meier was born September 3, 1839, at Kiel, Germaoy. H1s parents were cultured and wealthy, and gave their cluld reo, four sons and one daughter, thorough educations. From the estate, Konigsforde, near Ktel, where refined surroundmgs bright ened his youth, Mr. Me1er entered the h1gller grades of school. At the proper age he chose a commercial hfe. Hts father had been for years in a Bremen countiBg room but pre ferred agrtcultut al pursu1te, and bought the fine estate of Komgeforde, where he rat sed hts family. Al!cordng to European custom, G. Meter had to serve an apprentiCeship of four year&. He entered Into the employ ef the laige tobacco of H offmann & Le1sew1tz of Bremen, a firm well known m Europe aud Amenca At the suggeatton of hts uncle, Adolphus Metet'. of St. L0u1s, Mo recently decea;,e d, OHe of the ptoneers or the Mtssouri metiOpo hs. he came to North Ameuca m 1861. and entered a8 tobacco buyer the employ ei Adolphus Meier&; Co., who at that t1me dtd an extenstve leaf tobacco busmess, mainly w th fore1gn ma1 kets. 'l'he Paducah mat ket was then m us Infancy. Mr. Meier went there and remamed up to the time when mtl ttary occupatton of the place brought com nurc1al pursuits m hs lme to a halt. He came to Loutsv!lle, Vhlttug at ttmes Clarkavtlle and Hopkinsville, and conductmg succ .. ss fully for several yeats tobacco opetatJOns fo Adolphus M.,1er & C<>. After an amicable uuderstnndmg wttb tns uncle, he estabhshed htmself m lno own name as a tobacco buye1 w Loutsnlle m 1864 Mr. Me1e1 's operlitlons were extensive wtth the matkets of Btemeu, Antwerp and New He was the agent of one of the older !urge Regie combmattons and he bUilt up an 1mport11.nt JObtuug trade wtth demest1c man ufactuter>, aud was m every respect u 1epre sentattve tobacco man. In 1874 he admitted to partnership his brother Robert Meier. and the titm name IHS from that tune on Wm G. Mewr & Co. lu 1878 tbe bt anch house of Robert :li'J:eJer & C > was starLed 10 Cmcumau, and l!tetH.I, H Wulkop, wbo had been 111 h1s employ "nee 18U9, enteted the firm as pat tuer 1u 1873 The commercial ab1lity of the deceased made b1m a met chant, and ho ac cumulated for .. man of Ins yea1s quite au esti\Le About two years ago Mr. l>e gan to speculate extenstvely In real etate and bought much valuable cuy pro petty. He had gtven ev1dence of softemng 0f Lhe br .. w, nod as be advanced llHlllY busme$S Ideas w hwh fneuds considered tbe extravaganCies of one whose mmd was fa.thng, he was placed m a pl!Vate samtarium, and was kept there under trJatmetit uutll the time of hrs death H11left an etate estim&ted fit about $500 000, a great part (J[ which is m rel>ll much of It brin!;' property bought wqen purchaP":,r's frtends looked upon him as de .J 'J.'Ilo Greaten saeee .. .ace, mened, but whteh has greatly Increased In val11e lU the lust year o r two. Hs only h etrs The C S. Phtlipa non-wetting process j ate bis boLbeis and a e1stet m Europe and come to stay. Everywhere and by everybody hts brother IIi CwcmnaLI that has tested 1t 1t has been pronounced a I A speCial meetJog of the Vmisville Tobacco f 'N b r d b thl Board was held yesterday evemng and the per ect success. 0 to acco cu e Y s followmg resolutwns of respect to the memo process w11l ever be tender, musty or mouldy. ry of the deceased were adopred: The process Is not for the mere purpose of Lomsv1lle, Ky., Sept. 8,1888 -A.tali(eneral hastening or forcing the cure, but for giving meeuug or the Tebacco Trade of L ')msv Jlle, the tGbacce a perfect chmate an(l thus a per held tbts day, for the purpos e of suttaoly feet cure. I have dtscovered that wh1le to nottemg the death of Wm. G. Meter, Me. bacco 1s under certain degrees of heat and P wa.s called to chair, and Mr moiSture that 1t cannot sp01l or deterto1ate. Geo P Nash was secretary. After Thts does not seem possible, but I do guaran-an explanatlon of the of the meetmg, tee 1t to be a fact and that I have proved 1t by the chairman, Mr .F. Janssen was 1 o on many thousands of cases. 1 bnng out a quested to say a few words 10 regard to Mr. quahty never before dreamed of, and every Meter, whtch was With deep t!>ehng and leaf tough and therefore a greater m a delicate and tmpressJve manner. of and bmders from a g 1ven quan On motiOn the chatr appomted Messrs J. t1tv of tobacco. I do not care how raw, rank S. Phelpo, F. W. S. Mathews, and wild the tobacco may be I wtll brmg Girard, C E. Wood and Julms Wille to llraft 1t to a fine quality Ctgars may be matured notiCe of the death of Mr. Meter. and not handle a c 1gar nor open a b ox 11nd I he followmg resolutiOns were unammously not soil or mJure the stamps or labels. Ha adopted. vana tobacco g 1 eatly improved in quality, Resolved, That m the death of Wtlham G. to perfectiOn, about doubled 10 Meter, which occurre_d on the SIXth day of value without removmg It from tho bale. September, 1888, neat Philadelphia, the to All cured by th1 s process w1 U keep bacco tmde of Loutsvtlle are remmded of hts JUSt so long as you wish them to without any long and promment connection with the danger. I have a curmg capacity m this ctty trade. Wm. G Meter was one of, tf not the of th1rty thousand casea, a largo cu11ng bouoe largest, tobacco buyers m out cty and In the at Janesvtlle, w1s, and bmldmg one at Wed tern ma1 kets for a long Eenes of years, Suffield, Conn., also at Havana. Cuba, where be a successful matt ami the Ha.9ana tobacco may be cured before 1 t 1 rch!J;ect of hts ewn character aud fo tune. sent to this country. Thi s will gtve the 1 m P e eonally he \Vas an agreeable and chattt porters an opportumty of brmgmg tbeu Ha able man, ever ready t o tespond to the call vana tobacco to a vety fine quahty aud thu of dtBtress and want. He was always liberal aoupeiJOJ to ward every effort to build. up the gteat to any now 1mported. The c o ld damp cella s trade of tbts, the home of hts adoptiOn For of thi s country rum mote Havana tobacco s_ome years past Mr. Me1e1 has been a con than fro m any other cause. Parties who ate firmed JDVahd, and sepaated from us by usmg the 1887 crop of Seed or Havana Seed, distance, but we can confidently say h e was and find that the tobacco gets soft and 1en present m ID!lmory wJth most of the older derby tbe1 r wetting process can e.as1 ly prove mem be s of the trade, and It I S With a that by my process not a w 1ll get tender cete feelmg of grief and sympathy that we If hght colors are wanted, cure first Without bow to the will of Pov1dence 1u taking htm wettmg, and you have just what you want. from among men To b1s brother, kllldl eu lf dark colms are wanted, cu1 6 first and and connectiOn here and abroad we offe1 then wet the tobacco enough to bung out the our condolence m thts bout of theu Nflltcuou. colore as dark as you wtsh Tbts ptocess J 8 Phelp .I!'. J a nesen, W S IV1thew s, gives us pe feet control of the leaf, no mat Et GtuuJ, C. E Juhus,WIIte, com ter what the tobacco nor for what purpose mlttee. l MEGUIAR Chatrmau. 1t is to be used. Call and see goods that are GEo. P NASH, Secretary. in the process and send me some leaf to test your own goods. The precess can be carned out 10 any ordinary room at small ex pense for fittings. No sktll reqmred to run or operate It Manufacturers do not know what they are losing by not adoptmg th1s process. No more damaged or tender leaf. What an 1mmense savmg. Illustrated catalogue free. Wh1te vema cured. A positive success. Yours truly, CHAS. S. PHILIPS, Tobacco Curmg and Sweatmg, 188 Pearl St., New York. 1221 YOUNG MA.N (wauted) lestres stuatwn Ill. leaf tobacco or c1gar "ouse. Good salesman, cigar make, c1gar packer, and good JUdge or tobacco Not afraid of any kind of work Speaks German fluently. Steady salary expected Address "A K ,"care of Mr. Lehmann, 40 Ch1ystw street, New York. 1229 POSITION WA.NTED as salesman by an ex oenenced man w1t, a thorough knowledge of the ieaf tobacco busmess Can cammand some p;ood trarle Satt ofactory Adllteos L eaf 'l.'obacco," 'fobv.,co Leaf NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET FOR WEEK ENDING SEPTEMBER 8. Western Leaf-The market is reported dull and no sales of importance are announced .. You cannot get pttch out of a dead pine," says oae "The situation of the market is dull, w1th a general feehng that prices are low enough," says another. The latter adds: "The surplus stocks of tobacco, according to the famthnr saying. must be reduced to make better trade," and further observes: "To reduce the surplus 1t hW! been suggested that more wheat, etc., and less tobacco should be raised next season." Nobody will ga10say that propOBttJOn. It was expected that larger exports than are announced would have been made thiS month. but full shipments seem not to have yet commenced. MESSRS SAWYER, WALLACE & ()O 'S tobaCCO CJ reular, Sept. 1 .-.Amencan l,eaf -Receipts w August, 1888, (mcludmg 923 Vugmar.),13,332 hhds; 1887,21,011 hbds, 1886, 2 2 710 hbds; 1885. 19,334 hbds; 1884, 11,598 bhd-, stnce Januaty, 1888, (mcludmg 14 747 Vtrgmia). 70.144 hbds; 1887. 61.01!0 hhdH, 18 f 6 86,917 hhds, 98,611 hhds; 1884 78, 1 3 6 bhds. Exports w August, 1888,12,544 hhds; 1887, 13 l:!l7 bhds; 1886, 23,551 hhds; 1885, 24 276 hhdo, 1884 13 543 bhds, smcelst ef January. 1888 53 555 hbds, 1887, 46,034. hbds; 1886. 74,218 llhda, 1985, 79,113 hhds; 1884, 50,425 hhda Sales m August, l!i88,1.006hhds; 1887,2.312 hhr, 1886,2,490 hhds; 1885, 1 ,486hhds, 1884, 6 384 hhds, smce 1st January, 1888. 22,841 bhds, 1887, 15,821 hhds; 1886, 12,227 hhds; 1885 13 562 hbds; 1884, 23,892 hhds. /We huve to teport another dull month, without any featute calhng for spectal com ment. The sales divide as follows 659 hhds for export, J8 to J o bbers and 329 to manufac turer.. And stnce 1st January-To Manuf nl J obbenl. Export. hhds bbds bhds 1888 .3 330 791 18,225 1&>7 .... 5,529 1,464 7,049 LI!!;S l) tJJtUOll. Mett1uu Goo d ... fl'me QUOTATIONS. Ltght. 4 @ 6 ..... 8 7%: 9 @H ........ . . none. I Speculation hbd>! 495 1,779 Heavy. 7 @ 8 @ 10 13 @16 MONTHLY STAl'ICl!lli:NT 0F THE STOOK AT IN SPECTIONS. Stock on handAug. 1, 1888 ...... 48,015 hhds. Received SlnCtJ ................ 5,145 do 53,160 do Delivered su1ce .................. 3,638 do Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1888, ..... 49,522 do 1887. hhds. 89,777 28,580 1888. Stock bhds. Liverpool, Aug. 1..: ..... 44,683 London, 1 ........ 32,184 B1 emeu 1........ 5,696 5,678 2,484 31,416 49,185 Au twerp 1 ........ 3 750 Baltimore, 31 28,843 New York, Sept.! ....... 49,522 164,678 157,120 English and Contmenlal markets but ltttle domg, and that only m the better 1'he Sonthern may be censtdered as practtcally closed, wh1le at Lomsnlle there 1s a fou busmess dowg at somewhat tmptoved p11ces for ues1rable quahtles of botn dark and :B11rley. Coptous rams have greatly the crop prospects, and a !ull average yi eld IS now What the chat acter wtll be cannot be determmed unttltt 1 s h'>used and cured. 'l'he Italian c ontract for about 8,500 hhds, dtvtded mto SIX parts, was awarded on the 20tb. ult to the !our contractors of 18!17. h 1s rumored that France will ad vert1se for an additiOnal 2,000 hhds. EXPORTS 0F TOBACCO FROM NEW YORK FROM AUG 1 TO 31, INCLUSIVE. Great Bntam ............... 1,109 hhds l<'t a.nce . . . 4,090 do North of Europe . 4,817 do North of Eutope, stems....... 372 do South of Em ope 1, 771 do West Indies, South Amenca and :lllexwo . 174 do Other forei)I;U potts. 2i1 do Tot.11 .... . 12 544 do We collate tbe followmg synopsis of ex po1 ts f10m New Yotk from 1st Jan. t o date: Great Dntain }france B1emen and Hamburg ... Antwerp >l.Ud Holland. .. Spam and P<7rtugal. ... MedJtefranean .......... italy and Austna .. Sundry exports ....... 1887 1888 hhds hhds 7,508 4 ,817 4,019 1 0,464 9 733 10 ,164. 4,988 7 704 9,255 11,519 435 106 6,929 5.155 3,131 3,626 . ..... .45 998 53,555 Vwgutta Leaf-We note sales of cutters. RICHllOND, Va, Sept. 10.-It has ramed a lmodt contmuouely for e1ght days, and It st1ll rams. It 1s feared the tobacco crop w1ll be grea1ly tOJIIred by a second growth, mak mg It Impossible for 1t tG r1pen before frost. Quotatwns. Dark-Common lugs ............. to 4 Good lugs ............. 5 to 6 Common leaf.... . .. 7 to 8 Good leaf... ......... to 10 Fme leaf wrappers ....... 127z to 15 Brtght-Gooli cutters .......... 16 t{) 20 Fme cutters ........... to Mahogany wrappers ..... 18 to Fme bnght wrappers .... 35 to 55 Vo7flestc Cigar e..nowfl considerable animation, especially m Penn sylvanl11. Havana Seed, Big Flats, and also in Housatonic leaf, and dealers seem to be pleased w1th tlle week'a transactions. Of Pennsylvania Hnana, jebbers have resaid at very fair profits, and the stocks on hand are gettmg pretty well cleared out. Of Big Flats, several large transactions took place at a profit to the packers. Onondaga State is looked after and sells well. The '86 Penn sylvania Broad leaf 1s alw in good demand and many lots changed hands. The stock IS gethng small. Take it all m all, very httle leaf of any descrtptJOn rema10s m first hands. Of the Oonnect1cut and Massachusetts grades several good sized late were sold. J. S GANS' SoN, broker, 131 Water Street, rt>pOrts to the TOBACCO LEAF as follows.Dealers have no cause to coruplam of the past week 's transactiOns, as our market has been very acttve for all sorts. Total salei, 5,565 cases, of which1685 cs. 1887 State Havana, Onon daga and Flats .......... 580 cs. 1887 New England Seed. 5 Supertot ...... 115 Yara-1 and II cuts assorted .. 65 II cuts ................. 75 to 70 to 85 tG 95 to 105 to 1111 to 125 to 70 to 85 Sumatra-A httle more activtty in new to bacco Is noticed, but the sales are still very hmtted. Occastonally one hears a manufac turer eay a good word for the 1888 tobacco, but the goods have fatled to score with most of them. Old tobacco sells stead!ly, but a ten bale transactiOn IS now looked upon as bemg a hummer. The sales of both old and new foot up 225 bales, 100 at $1.48 to $1.85, and 125 at $1.30 to $1.50. Plug-For home account ha.s been moderate, but 280,607 pounds were exported. There was some demand for the South, but Jacksonville, Fla., buyers, who were ready to purchase, have delayed operations on ac count of the difficulti e s in the way of shipment to that plt>.ce at this time. B1Ul/ltldnill & G Friend & Co hhds, C H Sptlzner & son 35 do, order, 154 bhds, 353 cs leaf. By the Baltmwre &nd OM-1 pkgs (1,01!0 lbs) mfd Chnstama-2 plf!1pool-1 cs, all pkgs l9.680 lhs) mfd. London-106 hhds, llll cs, 81 pkgs (12,900 lbs) mfel .Malta-20 pkgs (3,.'120 lbs) mfd. Mezaco-6 (804 lbs) mfd New Zealand-1tl4 (24,373 lbs) mfd Peru-45 pkgs (5,4UO lbs) mfll .&turdam-62 cs. Swm-2 )>kgs (100 lbs) mfd. U. S. et Cotomi>UJ.--6 cs, 295 bales, 40 pkgs (5,1510 lbsl mfll. li"Uguay-8 hhds '"""'"";a--1 bate, 18 pkgs (3,000 Jbs) mfd. ORTB J'BOM TB& PORT OJ' NICW \!\flU[ TO roR J:IGN PORTS FROM JA.liO.ABY 1, 1888, TO SEPTEMBER 8, 1888. Hhda. Afnca ........... 419 Amsterdam ........ 8,647 Aatwerp .. ....... 1,751 Austna ............ Cues. 183 1.004 2,736 Austraha... .. .. 972 1.174 BreNlen ........... 7,108 111,1!01 Bnt1sll N. A. Col 11 Canada .......... .. Central A.llleriCa .. 3 Cbma and Jap&D .. . 306 East lnd1es . 12 France .... .... 12,196 Q:braltar.......... 106 Glasgow . . 786 H&mliurg ....... 8,263 Italy .............. 7,585 L1nrpool. .. 796 London .......... 2,861 Other Bnhsh Ports. 603 Malta ................ Mextco ... . .. 7 New Zeai&Dd, ete. 9 Portugal.......... 112 73 li 4,048 82 8 41i 1,604 2 Rotterdam, ... _. 3,277 1,447 SandwiCh Islands ..... Spam ............ 5,006 8Gutb Amcrtcs.. 219 Swcdtn & Norway 209 W eatlnd1e.. . 971 Vanous ports .... 21 257 B&lee Lbll mfd. 711,941 234 110.227 1,306 115,.'130 10 2, 8,1192 2.709 2 115,910 11111 11 6,611 04 H6 23 820 6,459 10 898 8.'1,360 68,1158 19.862 2211,962 68,270 9ll,913 221,028 6,651 462,210 483,418 1.696 90,318 7,347 707,022 1,600 19,817 1,600 683 605,822 2,480 7112,803 8,740 86,389 28,685 34,176 6,.'139,028 MAYFIELD, Ky., Sept. 8 .-Puryear. Myles & Co .. Leaf Tobacco Broke10, report to the ToBACCO LKAF as follows .-Market lower. Quality very poor .. Hhds. Receipts for week . .. . 27 Recetp l s J auuary 1 ......... 7,420 01l'enngs for week................. 120 Offenngs for year ....... ........ 9,265 Ne< sales for week........... . 94 Net sales for year ................... 7,ll92 QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common (dark) ..... ........... 2M 294: Medmm do ................. 2% Good do ................. Leaf-Low do . . ....... 4 @ .'1 Common t'l.o ................. fi @ Medmm do .. .. . .. FRBIGHT RATES PEB 100 POUliDB. To Iil"ew York, all nul... ............... .41c. To New Orleans, all nil. ............... 2.'1c. Boston rates Gc above New York. and Philadel pb1a 2c, and Baltimore 8c below. PADUCAH, Ky., Sept. B.-Puryear, Myles & Co. Tobacco Brokers, report to the ToBAeco LEu as follows .-Market .)4 to lower. QU&l1ty qUite poor. Ehds. Receipts for week.. . . . .. 103 Receipts smce Jan. 1 ............. \0,014 01l'enngs for week . . .. . 118 Offenng for year .................. 11,409 N e t sales for week.. .. . . 97 Net sales for year .................. 9 ,550 QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common (dark) L ............ 2M Medmw do ................. 2%@ Good do . . . Leaf-Low do ................. 4 a Common ao ................ 5 @ Medmm do . . . .. RATBS OF TBANIIPORT4TION. Rates to New York all rat!, per 100 lbs .... 32c do water and rat!, do ...... :We Boston rates 5f! above New Y11rk, and Pbiladel pbla 2c, ollld Baltuuore Sc below. Ba14wlnavllle Jrop Newa. Gazette, Sept. 6 :-,A.nd etlll buyers cootmue to buy 1 The market for the '87 crop still cont10ues acllve, and all of these goods will be bought up 1f the buyer and grower agree as po priCe Many sales reach us, yet we know ot not reported, but of whiCh we are unable to }earg, sutfic ,a.,nt to give our reader13 The sales given llelow will a good tdea of the state of the market: G. and C. :ll{ouhat sold their '87 crop to A. Freeman, 4 cs, 130'. Mr. Strickland, of Meridian, delivered 11 cs to F. Frankel Mon day, for whtch he received 12c. I. Hamlltoa sold his crop to J. Delmonte, 10 cs, 12c. E. > Dmgman has purchased the followmg crops: A. Carpenter. 20 cs, J, Doyle, 8 cs, M. Driscoll, 8 cs. llo. W. Tappan bas pnrchaslld 50 cases tn Manhus and Dew1tt at prtces rtmgmg from 10 kl14c. W. A. Allen has bought the following crops: A. Huyck, 5 cs, lOc; S. Gray, 4 cs, 9c; A. W. Bmgham, 5 cs 9c, 4 cs Be. 7 ca lOc; :M. Cary & Co., 10 cs, P. H. Lawton, li cs, Sulhvan Brothers, 9 cs, S. S. DeWitt, 2 ca. Be; P. Donner, 3 ca, 10c; H. P. Greene, 2 cs '86, 5c, 2 cs '87, 9c; M Phinney, 3 cs, P. Agan, 8 cs, lOc; P. Heron, 9 cs Be, 5 cs 7Mc; B. Gib bona, 7 cs, 9c; E. K. Ingalsby, 2 cs, 4c. The work of harvestmg thtt new crop now demands the entue attention of the There IS st1ll much tobacco out, but w1th good weather by the t1me our next paper ap pears the work will be about completed. There was a eltght frost on low lands this mornmg, but not enough to damage the weed South Granby-The tobacco harvest has b egun m good earnest m tbts VlCIDI'Y Wtth but very few exceptions, tobacco is very mce in tb1s sectiOn, even and free from holes and of a fine quahty. Granby Center-Tobacco is being housed qUite raptdly m th1a section and 1t 1slookmg very fine. South Hannibal-Many in this section have crops yet unsold. Tn""o Wa:ra of OrderlDit a WaUer. Dude: WaJtahl Wattah! brmg me a quail wttb peht de fotB grM. Flavor the service wtth a b1t or lemon, and be quick, wattah, dee. h. Ctgar Salesman a vis: Hero, waiter, fetch me a whale, and give me a horse Manket te put under my chm, then rub me down wtth a bnck and attend to it p. d. q." -The general committee he.vmg the proposed Tobacco Expos1t1on at DanVIlle, Va., 10 charge have complettJd their preliminary finanmal and other, and the date of the Exposition ha.s been fixed for November 21, 22 and 23 Capt. T. J. Talbott IS president, and Mr. WarrenS. Fickhn has JUSt been elected secretary of the E.xpoettion, and the work from now out will be prose cuted with energy and zeal, so that the Exposttton w1ll be altke 'o Dan Tille "-Dil Ta I 1


4 Eastern Mark.ets PHILADELPHIA, Pa., tlept. 10.-Mr. A.. R. F.:lugeray, Tobacco l.Dspector, to BAOOO LEAJ' as follows :-The past week s busu':ess in mallufactured bard tobacco shows increased life, with the demand not confined to any apecial brand, but rather a health} call for 1111 brands show ing merit Prices remain firm Fine cuts have grown consider&bly 1n pubhc fa vor. 1 .... Smoking Tobacco-Sale are about as usua Wl'"' the demar.d very general. Cigars--Mallufsctwers ef reliable brands cilum an increased call with travelling salesmen, indiCating a favorable outlook tlnulf-Moving very ReceijJtS for the week--5,120 bo xes; 6,018 cadd1es, 5,408 casee and 279 pails of fine c:uts Seed Leaf-Handlers of leaf smtable for Cigars, especially packers look pleased whenever they havP. a lot of new sample98 cases Pennsylvania, 33 C&ies Ohio 4\l case Little Dutch. S05 cases Wisconsin, 125 cueil Y urk tltate, 89 bales Sumatra, 804 halts Havana, and 17 hllds of Wes tern leaf in transit direct to manufacturers Export of leaf tobacco: To Liverpool, per str Lord Clive, 88,906 lbs; to Ant,.erp, per str RhynJand, 19,760 lbs; t o St. 'l'homaa, perschr Hattie G ., l,B4ll lbs Total, 60,499 lbs. Western & Southern Markets. ISALTIMORE, !Id., Sept. 10.-Messl1!. Ed. Wlacbmeyer & Co Tobacco Commissi .. n Mer c'llante, report to the Tl>BACCO LBu:-The market for good and tine grades of is 'hough offering s of each are hght. Inrenor 1s quiet, llut fall prices are obtainable for all salable l!toCk. lteceipts are falliug oil', an indication that 11he portion of the crop has been marketed Sales are reported of 1,657 hhds. Ohio is still quiet, but valuee arc well held Bales reported, 66 hhds. laspecled this week-1, 48! bhds Marylantl, 825 Ohio. Total, 1. 759 hhds. Cleared aame period-Btr Caspion, for Liverpool, 65 hhds Virginia, 176 hhda Kenmcky: str Mam for Bremen, 843 hkds Maryland and Ohio. 151 hhds Virgiaia; air Maryland for London, 36 hhds Vir ginia; str Urbino, for Rotterdam, 58 hhds Virginia, 65 hhds Maryland. TQBACOO BTATBKIIN'I!. laa. 1, 1888-Btoclr. oa hand in tobacco w&rehGUlle& and on shipbOard not c1eare<1 ...... 27.975 hhds Inapected this week.... ... .... .. 1,769 hhds previously ................... 34,575 hhds 64,809 hhds Bxporte of Maryland and Ohio lillce Jaa. 1, 1B88, and shipped coastw i se. hhfh Stock in warehouse " dav and on shipb oard not cieared .... ." ......... 28,968 hhds SW<:k s:une time in 1887... ........ 88,694 hhds Manufactured Tobacco-There is little activity in our ma rket and prices firm. Smoking Tobacco-i'llanufactu r ers are fairly busy. ()J.NC.lNNATI, 0., Sept. 8.-i'llessrs. Prague & .Mato!on, Lea! Tobacc o Brokers and Re r eaks this week have been light and the quality gene 1'11lly poor. With tbe exception of good and fine tiller s and smoking. lugs everything offerea this week has met with a dull and sluggtsh marllet at a s lil(btly lower r n ge "<>f prices. On Thursday tbe were d iSCI'D tinned for the week, as arran lements are bewg completed !or tlle special sale Soptewuer 10. Receipts f o r tbe week 959 bbrls: receipts same week last year, 1,253 bbd ; UtU ings for the week, 754 hhds: offerings arne wta:k last year, 1,772 hhds The 754 hhds sold as follows: 114 hhds common traoh ......... $1 05@ 5 95 92 hhds medium trru.b. . . 6 00@ 7 95 85 bhds good trash .............. 8 00@ 9 95 160 hhds common lugs ............ 10 e O@ll i5 167 bhds medium and good .... 12. 00@14 75 tes hhds medium fillery ........... 15 00@19 75 28 bllds good tillery ani!'cutting 20 00@28 00 Rotations of sales !or the week commencing Bep tember 11: Morris Warehome first sale, Miami eecond, Globe third, Bodmann funrth, Planters' tlftb, Oincinnati sixth. CINCINNATI Gutting Sock. Smoking Lugs. Scraps and Inferior 'l'rasli . . . 2 00 4 00 Common Dark ...................... 6 00@ 7 00 Common Bright,.' ........... ........ 8 00@ 9 00 Medium Bright.. .. .. .. ........... 10 00@12 00 Good Bright .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... 13 OQ@11l 00 Stripving Lugs Common .. .. .. ....... 9 00 00 Medium Bright ..................... ll 00@13 UO Good Bright ................. .' ...... 14 00@\5 00 Fine .Bright ................... ....... 16 00@18 00 Cutting Leaf Medium Bright.. .................... 16 00@18 00 Good Bright ............ ............ 19 00 Fine Bright ......................... 28 00@25 00 Manufacturing-Plug Fillers. Common Medium ................... 1!1 00@14 00 Good Medium ...................... Hl 00@16 00 Fine Red ............................ IS 00@20 00 Fine Bright .......................... 22 00 00 BBED LEAl!' MARKitT. Sales at i'lliamt Warehuuse... . . 96 cases. Sales at Morris W &rehouse. . . 58 cases. Total. ........................ ....... 154 cases. Rejectiens... .. .. .. .. . .. I 0 cases. Accepted .. ............................. 144 cases. QUOTATIONS FJI.OM TODA"Y'B BALKS Wisconsin common smokers ......... $! OQ@ 8 00 Wisoonsin Seed ...................... 4 00@ II 00 Winconsin Spanish. . ....... 5 00@15 00 Ohio Seed ........................... II 00@10 00 Ohio Spanioh. ...................... 6 00@17 00 Ohio smokers......... .. .. .. ..... 2 09@. 5 00 -Qhlo Dutch ..... : ................... 8 00@ 7 00 Indiana Seed ........................ 3 00@ 6 00 Indiana Dutch ...................... 2 00 7 00 Indiana Spanish.. .. .. .. .. .. ...... II 00@12 00 PennsylVII.Di&, ....................... 11 75@42 50 With olferings or good size there was a better feeling than at the previous sale, more animation being shown in bidding. aad a generally strongr market for all grades The Wiaconsin Spanish sold well, it being a nice clean lol or tobacco. of the Ohio Span18b olfered t; wu damaged and ceneequenUy sola low, but to the eatire satisfaction or the shipper, who knew the condition of the goods and tha\ they brougllt their value. The at tendance of buyers was very good. The propor tion or medium to gootl wrappers on sale was small, but what there was sold well and brought full prices, one lot of Pennsylvania bringing 25. 7fl average for e ight cases, two of which br<'ught 42.fi0 and 311.110 respectively. Rotation of sales for Saturday next: Globe Warehouse first sale, Miami second, Morris thirll. CLARKSVILLE, Teon., Sept. 8.-lllesars. M. H. Clark & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, report to the ToBACCO LEAF:-Receipts continue small, but sales for the week ending to-day were 672 hhds, the supply for the breaks being drewn mainly from the unsold stocks. The de'llands were mere varied and the market was firm. Manufacturers. tempted by the decline, are replenishing tbeir diminished stocks of low grades. The general of the breaks was low in though same good to fine l eaf appea red. We al[ain had rains this week. which was detrime!ltal to the crop in toe field. Cutting in a small way bas commenced and will be more genero.l Rext week. The fear of frost will no doubt carry some toilacco into the before i t obould go there. QUOTA.TIONS. Lugs-Comm&n ....................... 2 m.. Medium............ .. .......... 5 Good ........................... li" Leaf-Common ........................ 5 @ 7 1\ledium ......................... 9 Good... .. .. .. .. ...... : ... 10 Fine ............................ 12 @13" Choice selections ................. 14 @16 DANVILLE, Va S ept. 7.""<'Mr. Paui C. Yea able Leal: 'l'obacco Broker, reports to the ToBACoo LEu as !Gllows :-Breaks have been fairly good ill a.ud quality for the past week, Prices have obanged but little. Strict ly to bacco s are mach sougbt after snd are high Bale for tbeelevenmonthsending Sept. 1,1828.amounl to 29,859,642 lbs Heavy rniu s have prevailed throughout this s ct;on, cau sing tobacco to second gl"OWlb and to be very green. A hngill crop canno t be expected now, and much of it w ,ill be out green unless frost is delayed unt l vny l ate QUOl'ATIONS. Smokers--Common .................... 4 @ 6 Medium colary .................. 6 8 Gootl do ............... .. 8 @10 Good bright ................... 10 Cutters--C ommon bright ............... 12 @15 Medium bright ................... 15 @20 Good bright .................. ; .. 20 @25 FIDe bright. .. .. .. ............ 25 Fancy bright ................... 30 Fillers--Common ....... ............... I> Medium ........................ 5 @ 6 Good ............................. 7 9 Fine ... ......................... 9 .l!'ancv ......................... 12 @Ill Wrappers-Common ................... 12 @1.5 Medium ......................... 1 5 @18 Good ........................... 18 Fine ........................ .... 2tl @36 F ancy ........................... 40 @60 Extra fancy ...................... 00 @80 HEND.Ell.SON, Ky., Sept 9 .-M.r. G. G. Slaughter Leaf and Stnp Tobacco Bruker, reports to the ToBACCOLKAFas fllllows:-Tbe weath er is now cleared uo and the tobacco is d o ing all that could be expected after m eeti n .i! with di, asters from a llwg drouth, and then afterwards too much wet weathe r. Ali that is required now to make a good crap of what aved frcm the fioods is a continuance of dry weather and a late fall. 'l'he crop is growing rapidly and bids fair to be one of the best stemming for a great many years past, provided it is harvested by an early frost. HENDERSON. N. C., Sept. 8,-M.e88rs. Lewis A Thomas, Leaf Tobacco Commisaion Mer chants, report to the ToBACOO L:KAll' a..s !ollows : B rea ks continue small, and abOut equaliy dtrided between ol!l and new, without auy perceptible change in prices. We are having an abund a ':'ce of rain now, which we fear will prove to tbe growing crop and stop cutting and wbich is going on in full fcrce. The late plant10gs will start off growing afresh, and large quantities are apt to be caught by frost. QUOTATIONS. Fillers-Common dark or green .... .. 4, Common to medium ..... .. .. .. 5 7 l\ledium to good ............... 7 @ 9 Good to fine ................... 10 @14 Smokers--Common ; .................. 8 @ tl Common to medium ............ 5 @ 7 lledi um t.o good ............... 8 @12 G oo d ta firte .................... 12 @U Cutters-Common to medium ........... 12 @16 Med i um to good ... .' ........... 18 @25 Good to fine .................... 25 @30 Fancy ... ; .................... so Wr&ppers-Comi;Don ........ ,. ......... 10 @14 Common to medium ............ Medium to good ................ 25 @ be re gretted. We must bave frost delayed until Octo ber, e l se much of tb leaf will be cut green. Receipts for the week 769 llogsheads, againEt 1 ,983 hhds for same week last year. Sales for the week. month and year and cone sponding period of three former years were as fol lows : Week. M o nth. Year. 1888 ............... 1,442 1,485 58,867 1887 ................. 1,444 2,080 95,640 1S86 ...... ......... 2,568 4,391 1885: ................ l,Q33 3,831 24,152 hbds of crop of 1887 sold to date, against 71,7al bhds of crop o f 1886 sold to date iu 1887, an J 81,411 hhds of crop of 1885 sold to same date in 188a. QUOTA.TIONS. Dark Trash. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 00@ 1 50 Common luge ......... 1 75@ 2 50 Medium lugs .. ..... 2 75@ 3 7.5 Good Jugs.. .. .. .. ll 75@ 4 50 Common leaf. ....... 4 50@ 5 50 Medium leaf.. .. .. 6 00@ 7 00 Good leaf .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 9 50 Fine leaf ............. 10 00@12 00 806@950 10 00@12 00 12 00@14 00 15 00@16 50 17 00@18 50 19 00 00 22 00@2400 25 00@27 00 E. C. Franke & Co.'s circular for Sept. 1 says: The past month's offerings consisted again of very nondescript Etyles o f tobacco of low common, part ly double old lugs, which grades fsund some stronger competiti o n at advanced prices. Vf bet ter grades of leaf but few h ogs heads were offered, not enough to make up a good ample lot. 'I' h e other Western mark ets also report oll'eriogs t o be of poor quality. We h o pe that we may 11et the needed late fall to enable farmere to h ouse crop, though a killing frost w o uld ot be unvel comed by many dealers and speculators. Burleys have been irregular in prices: low grades are got ting scarce; most of the Bur illy offerings consist of '11 to '15 tobac cos NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 7 .-H. H. Poston, Leaf T ol>acco Broker, reports to tl).e To nAcca,LJ!AF:-No demand. Quotations nominal. Stock, 1,055. Warehouses are anxiGus to sell. We have had frequent rain s, almost daily, for three weeks, and much damage bas been done the growing crop. Receipts ........................ 83 hlids. Offednge........ .. .. .. .. .. 6 QUOTATIONS. Common to good Jug s .................. Common to medium leaf ............... 4 @7 Good leaf ............................. 7 RATES or TRANSPORTATION PJ!R 100 POONDS. To New York, all rail ........ : ............ To New Orleans, all rail ..................... 21c To New York rates add llc per 100 lbs for Boston and deduct 2c for Philadelphia and 3c for Baltimore, JUCHMOBD, Va., Sept. 7 .-W. E Dibrell, Leaf 'l'ob&ooo Broker, reports to the ToJU.coo LEAJ' as follows:-The policy of maaufacturers continues to be that of buying only for daily neede, and tbey see no necesaity for any antictpation of wanta. Some have indeed let their stocks run down and flo& no difficulty now in getting wloat tbey want. As a consequence sales are all small, and there i.e nothing to cause any speculative movement. !:!ales th1s week baTe been cbiefiy good wrappers, with out any change in prices. Some small lots of com mon fillers also >ure sold, and sun cured Jugs are firmer under the usual local demand. We have had heavy rains for a week, with colder weather, which is anything but favors to the bri crop in the field or the barn, and recent complaints are very numerous aad imlicate a heavy, coanc crop at llest. Cuttisg progresses slowly with all. A fresh growth of late planting is likely to be caught by frost. In dark tobaccos the outleok i s more promising than in brights so far, though as rep o rted there is a part of late planting in this sort also In shipping there is movement. A large exporter says that very little fin e leaf is left over on this market, and all that the 1888 crop mak es without fro s t will be readily t-aken next year Weste rn tobacco has been dull here in Burley sorts. So sanguine are some wrapper of better things that they have taken tbeir finer grades off this and hold for mucl higher prices. This is, however, tbe exception, or course. Cutters nre still without any demand, taut are regarded now particularly as saf e property. Judges to our Expositioa on tobacco have been appointed fram nearly all the interior markets, and we expect a grand gathering in October of the to bacco men of the world. The first lot of tobacco i.e from Daa ville, Va., sent by J. A. Craddock & Ce.; which will compete for the :fi250 premium on that grade. W S Cleary, of Henderson, N. C., has just re turned from England It is n ow no unusual thing for the s maller Interior markets to ship direct U> the old country, and severa l of these r e presentative gentlemen are travelling in the old world searching out a. venues for trade cxteution. TOBACCO Mes>rs. T. C. Williams and Major Lewis liinter have ileen heard fr o m by cable fro:.n Aden. >Lntl are by this time the Suez Canal and may be home by October 1 fr o m tbetr An s tralioiJ. tour. Sttitics b e low show only a small stock rcduc tion for the past month Heceipts-Ten months ending Juty 31, 1888, 27, 898 hhds and 3,924 trcs; one month ending Au ;rust 31, 1888, 2,312 bbds and 295 trcs. Total receipts for eleveo months to AUI!;USt 81. 1888, 80,211 hhds and 4.2W trcs; same time 1887, 38,032 hhds and 5,862 trcs. Deliveries-Te n months July 31, 1888, 27,198 hl.tds and 4,649 one month ending Aug. 81, 1888, 2,467 hbds and 391 trcs. Total deliveries eleven months to August 81. 1889, 29,665 hhds and 5,039 trcs; same t ime 1887, 84,8a1 hbds and 5,862 tres Stock o n baud-Augus t 30. 1888: lnpecte81es-Eleven months ending Augu st 31, 1888, 2,710,4. \ 6 ltJs: same time 181:!7, il, 661,5n3 lbs. during eleven months to August 31, 1888: Leaf-Bngbt. 14.193 bhds and 1,425 trcs> d17 37 96 This week. Last week. Totalreceipts.... 769 l,Oll Total rejections. 322 312 Sold privately.... 95 195 Net sales. . 1,347 1,248 Burleys-Offerings were on a reduced scale, both in quantity and quality. The want of animation at the close of last week was again apparent at the opening and throughout this entire week. Although one day a holiday and total offerings much less, the demand of late was wanting, and prices on Thursday were so irregularly lower as to lead to large rejections, followed by very light offerings since. The higher grades of 1887 tillers were in very small supply, with no strictly select leaf as of late. Common and mediums were also weaker and duller. I quote all grades of tillers 1c lower, with 1886 mamly more or lees funked, weak, and bidding on all new and old at less than my quotations, but re jected. Smokers of all grades were better MUStained generally, but unchanged, with few colory and strict1y bright offered. Filler quotations revised. No 18!:18 crop offered. Heavy-In old export low grades offerings were increase_d, consequent upon late advance m them, wh1ch was well maintained till late on 'l'huraday, when leading buyers dropped out, and pricll.!l dropped with them. Until to-day market was exceedingl,r irregu Jar, rendering it difficult to quote pnces. On all grades of 1886 crop the decline ran fro m to 1c at times, Offerings of 1887 crop lighter this week. Trash and common lugs ranged .J4 to with all other grades about lower, although occasionally even lower. Hardly any better grades offered, at>d only hogsheads of exceptional merit brought ful prices. Rejections heavy. Yesterday the lea:ling buyer of low grades was .out of the market. Quotations ef new and old revised. To-day 24 hhds of old lugs were offered, w1th the leading buyer in the market, who pushed trash and common lugs to about where they were. Green River Fillers-No new features ex cepting considerable sampling with a view to selling privately. Light bodied Red Fillers -In sma ll supply. Low lugs nearer inside figunl8. The better grades lugs and leaf in demand, but with sales nearer inside figures. Nondescripts-New trash lugs }4c, all old Private sales this week, 95 hhds, oearly all old export lugs and common leaf, _; Transactions for this and last wee k were a Tb;R w eek. LaRt week. Hhds. Hhda, 1886 Burley... .. .. 90 276 1887 Burley.. .. .. .. 360 483 1886 Heavy.......... 5il l!\7 1887 Heavy .. .. .. 236 324 1886 Nondescript..... 110 96 1887 Nondescript..... 30 37 Offered .............. 1,442 1,4ilil Rejected....... .. .. 322 312 Sold privately........ 95 195 Net sales ............. 1, 347 1,248 769 1,011 Receipts this week last year, 1 98a. Receipts for year to date, 41,734; last year to date, 95,780. Sales for the month and year, and for four years, with comparisonR :-1888. 1887 1 886. 1885 1 933 3 ,83 1 Week ....... 1,442 1 444 2,568 Month ...... 1,485 2,080 4 391 Year .. ...... 58,867 95, 040 98,633 100,417 LOUISVILLE QUO"rATIONS. Old Burley Smokers. Funked trash.. .. .. .. .. .. 3 00 to 4 00 Cemmon red. .. .. .. .. 4 00 to 5 00 Good red ...................... 6 00 ta 7 00 Common colored to brights .... 9 00 to 11 uo Gootl. bright ................... 12 eo to 15 W Old Burley Plug Fillers. Common.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 OQ_ to 11 00 Good .......................... 15 00 to 17 00 Medium ........................ 11 00 to 14 00 Fine ........................... 1 8 00 to 20 00 Selections ................... 22 00 to 25 00 Old Burley Cutting. Oomm6n ...................... 10 00 to 11 00 Medium ....................... 12 00 to 15 00 Good to tine .................... 17 00 to 20 00 Old Green River Fillers. Common. .. .. 4 00 to 4 50 Good ......................... 6 00 to 7 00 Medium ................... .. 41i0to 5 00 Fine........................... Nominal. Old Light Fillers. Common .... ; .............. .. Good ......................... Medium ....................... Fine ........................ .. Old Nondescript. 350to450 Nominal. 4 50 to li 00 Nominal. Trash .......................... 1 00 to 2 00 Common lugs.. .. .. .. .. 2 00 to 2 50 Medium lugs .................. 2 50 to 3 00 Good lugs ...................... 3 00 to S 50 HEAVY. 1886 Crop. Trash ......... 1 00 to 1 50 Common lugs.1 50 to 2 00 Medium lugs .. 2 50 to S 50 Good lugs ..... 3 50 to 4 00 Common leaf.4 00 to 5 00 :Medium lcaf .. 5 00 to 6 00 Good leaf ..... 6 00 to 7 00 Fme leaf...... Nominal. 1887 OROP BURLEY. Plug Fillers. Common. . 8 00 to 11 00 Medium ....... 12 00 to 15 00 Good .......... 16 00 to 18 00 F'me .......... 19 00 to 22 50 Sdections. . Nominal. Wrappers. 1887 Crop. 125to 200 2 OB to 2 50 2 50 to 3 50 3 50 to 4 50 400to 450 6 OOto. 6 50 650to 750 Nominal. Cutting. 11 00 to 13 00 13 00 to 15 00 16 00 to 18 00 18 00 to 20 00 Nominal. Goed .......................... 19 00 to 20 00 lfiue. . . . . . Neminal Smokers. Con.1mon red trash ............. 4 00 to 4 50 il'ledium red ............. ...... 5 C:O to 6 50 Good red ......... ............. 7 00 to 9 00 Common to bright ............. 10 00 to 11 00 Medium to bright .............. 11 00 to 13 tlO Goud colory to bright ........ 13 00 to 15 00 NEW LIGHT RED FILLERS. Lugs. Trash.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 50 to 3 00 Medium ........................ 4 00 to 4 50 C ommon... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 00 to S 50 Good.... .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 00 to 5 50 Leaf. Common... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 00 to 6 50 Good .......................... 7 00 to 8 00 M edium ....................... 6 00 to 6 50 Fine .......................... NCi>minal. NEW NONDESCRIPT LUGS. Trash... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 25 to 2 OQ Medium ........................ 2 50 to 2 75 Common... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 00 to 2 50 Good........................... Nominal. Any lower figures depends upon condi tion. ALE,X. HARTHILL, Tobacco Buyer. Clnclnna11 Tobacco Markee:. CINCINNATI, 0., Sept. 8, 1 888. Our market waR rather quiet this week, and prices for all qualities were barely main tained, excepting high colored goode, which remained unchanged and firm. Hhds. Offerings during week.. . . 754 Actnal sales... .. .. .. .. .. .... 410 Receipts................ .. .. 959 CUTTING LEA.F. Common lugs, nondescript .... ,,4 75 to 7 00 colory ............ 8 00 9 00 Medium 11 ........... 9 50 to 11 00 Good '' ........... 11 00 to 12 00 Common leaf ................... 12 00 to lS 00 Mediuc. ..... .............. 13 OU to 14 00 Good 11 .... ........... 15 00 to 17 00 Fine 11 ................... 19 00 to 24 00 .MANUFACTURING PLUG STOCK. Common tillers, dark.... . 9 00 to 10 00 Medium tillera,some color& bodyll 00 to 12 00 Good fillers, red and good body .. 15 00 to 17 00 Fine tillers, bright & good body. 19 00 to 22 00 F. W. DOHRMANN & SoN. Special Crop Correspondence. OLMSTEAD, Ky., Sept. 8. EDITOR TOBACCO LEA.FThere was some further loes caused by the very heavy rains of 31st nit. in drowning out of crop in low lands, but not of any consider able extent. Since the let inst. the weather has been generally favorable and the crop has continued to make decided improvement in growth. Yesterday; however, we bad furt.her rains, which were rather a disad vantage, as they tend to promote continued and prevent the process of maturing. The crop is very green aad needs fair weather to promote maturity. It looks now as if moat of the crop will be in the field on the 20th of this month, and with continued rains rna turity will be much delayed. Present promise is for a crop of heavy body but of very coarse texture. A continuance of the rainy sea.soc will make it ooarse, thtn and papery. T. E. B. Post Office Notlce. Foreien mails for tae week ending Sept. 15 will close in all cases) at this office as fellows: FRIDAY-At 1 p. m. for Progreso (letters for other Mexican States must be directed "per Mexico"). SATURDAY-At 9:30 a. m. for Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Turkey (letters for other European countries. via Southampton, must be direc ted "per Eider"); at 9 :SO a. m. for direct (letters mus t be directed "per L a Normandle"); at 9:30 a. m. for Scotland direct (letters must be directed "per E thi opia"); at 10 a. m. for Europe (letters for Germaay, Austria. Denmark, Sweden, Nor way, Russia and Turkey must be directed "per Umbria"); at lO a. m for the N etber lands (letters must be directed "per P. Caland"). MaiiH for Uhina and Japan close h e r e Sept. 13 at 4 :3 0 p m Mails for Australia, New Zealand, Hawaiian, and Samoan Isl ands close here .Sept. 16 at 4:30p.m. Mails for Cuba close at this office daily at 2:30 a.m. HENRY G. PEA.RSoN, Postmaster. Post Office, New Yurk, N.Y., Sept. 7, 1888 Smoktoc-and Throat Dl1eaea. Smokers are not tasily ftightened. The y have been warned so fJ equentl y of the pernici ous c onsequence s or tlie "tilthy habit" in which they iodlllge-of the pll.! alysis, premature decay and early death which r .-sull, from smoking-that they have grown a little hardened SEPT. 12. JDKGBLUTH & RAUTERBERG, TOBACCO MANUF'RS' SUPPLIES: GLYCERINE, .TIN--FOIL, 'FLAVORS, EXTRACTS, &c. SOLE WII:STiliRN AGENTS FOR & FORBES' LCYU.i.&V'i.11e, LICORICE :EE.y. PASTE. LOUIS F. FB.OMEB, CIGAR MANUFACTURER, 77th St., 3d and Lexington Aves. l'A,CTOR.Y :No. 352, 3d DIST., :NEW YORK. JULXC> J. C>R.::I:>ETX., SEI:X::E?::I?XJ!(fGr d! CC>:Do!I:J:roii:XSSXO.N SPECIAL ATl'ENTION TO PURCHASING AND SHIPPING Ciga,rs de, Lea,f Beat of refereneea J'uralahed. P, O. Jlox 304. CabJe A.clclre h to call, 6Q &"" y on the1r arrival for tnrormation whloh wlll GNACIO ,STREET, SAVE them TIME and .MONEY. EI:.A. 'V .A.:N' ,A. 1 Fr&Dk Pvlver, Horace 8, DlcldnaoJI., Daniel H. Dicldn110D, EU.b Dioldn ... a. eULVER, DICKINSON & CO.! Packers Le A.n.d xrn por"ters or HAVANA ToBAcco, 1 1'8 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. a. oft.. E. o ofR. c. .BRAVO 4 KEYES, ooQooooooooooooooooooooooooo BINGHAMTON, N.,'Y. B. of R. R. B. RED SKIN BICKEL CIGAR FILLBR. SIWlples sent by mail to JOBBERS ONLY. MANUFACTURED BY SMITH & CHAMPIONt BINGHAMTON, N.Y. nr" Correspondence Solicited, and smoke stolidly on, grimly awaiting thei r I GENTLEMAN OF THOHOUGH in fate. It Is hardly likely, therefore, that thev the l eaf especially and com mand will be very seriously affected by the J etter of ing a 1(000 trade, i deir o m of arrnngingwit h party "Medicus'' which appeared in yesterday' s Times! capital, or m11kiftg with a rehable and is dated from Middlesex Hospital. In live hous. Address "Co mpet1t1on,'' care 'l'obacco letter we are informed that there has been L eaf. 1229-80 ap latterly a great increase o f malignant throat I -----------------.:......;;.._ diseases, almost exclusively confined to males. WANTED-A salesman to sell cigars on liberal This the doctors on the track of the tobacco commission by a firm which manufnctures only the and to accept the theory that best of Havana goods. Will make satisfactory was lll cuses the cause of. the arrangements with the right man Address .. p ailment. Smo kers Will p erhaps breathe a little ,. er more freely when they find that the chief susfecto, thJs office 1228-29 picions of "Medicos" rest upon oortain cigar ettes imported from Turkey and Egypt, which he believes are made attractive by a mixture of opium and an unClassified alkalo id the writer detects iu them. Suspicion i, of course, not proof. But to b e forewarned is to be forearme d, and smokers who suffer from throat troubles may do well to bear this statemen t in mind. The genuine smoker Is no bigot, and though he may have his favorite vanity, he would sooner smoke anything-black shag, Cavendish,,or the finest Turkey-than smoke nothing at all Manchester, Eng., Examiner. _.. WANTED FOR. CASH. ..a CIGAR CUTTINGS l'or Domeatlo -a u-Ghe rate TWZ,....,., to Wbeeltnc. We always In the market for 'l'ot>acoo CUWmp. It CbeF rue ole&n 1111d dry and not musty. BLOCH BRDS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. CICAR SALESMAN. EXPERIENCE: tel) New York city, a salesman manage r, manufacturer. ACQUAINTANCE: largest jo bbers thmughout whole United States. OWNING: trade brands, labels patents, advertising matt er. REQUIRES: FIVE MrLUON UIGARS during next twelve montb : to sc1l to $30; st!U"t l\L once with orders half million FACTORY LICENSE ad bminess conducted in name of advertise r. CONREtlPONDENCE solicited. With first class manufacturer possesEing ample means. SEXTUS QUINiUS. Oriental liotel, .Broadway and 3 9th street, New York. 12:19 WANTED-Cigar sa l esma n with an established trade with retailers and wholesale grocers ib Illi nois, Iowa, Nebra!ka, :Minnesota and Wisconsin Reference from last employer required. Addre ss "Outside Factory." thi office 12293 0 DISSOLUTION. NEW YoBX, Sept. 10, 1888. The copartnership heretofore existing belw the undersigned by the firm name of .A.lvarez & Menende z, is hereby dissolved. 1229 A. ALVA.BEZ, F. MENENDEZ. ::&:ey PICADURA CHEROOTS. eT. P. ;r .X. Principal Depots: 117 Broadway; 191 Broadway, corner John st.; tllltl489 .Bruadway, corner Broome. New York. The above brand, having been cop,yrigMed tpe trade is catttioned not to im it ate the eame uadef the penalty of the Jaw. Each package, containing lB clleroota in tin foil, bears a y e llow label with an X en the face or the label n11d a wh1te label acros.s one end of package on which are the initials. J. F. J. X. Also impor ted Key West and Dolllelltic Cigars. all grades, at Wholesale. J, F. J. XIQUES. HENRY C. DOBSON, ..:Only Manufacturer of tb&GREAT PATENT SilVER BELL BANJO. l270 BROADWAY, KEW YORK. No. l ........ $0000 No.2 .. -... :'$2500 No.8 ........ 8000 No.4 ........ 40 00 & ........ 50 00 No.6 ........ 750() No.7 ........ 1100 00 a!"" Beware of WORTHLESS IllliTA TION!I or this GREA.T BANJO; none GENUINE unless stamoed with my name. number and accompanied with a guarantee certifl ca.t& by me. and haym2' the dupli cate number. Sent by Express C 0. D. to any part -of th& Uni ted States wUb out extra charge. for packmg. Ask !or the certificate and see the number corresponds wHh the number on the banjo. Instruction parlors so arran'!ed that each pl:t))tl i:J t&u!i{'ht privately. Full knowledj;te of this iBstrument by my method of teaching guarantAed in aconn:;E\ottwenty lessons. Dlug-mm method without notes, $1.00 &-Jmlar Note Book for Banjo, SLOO. Sent by mall on receipt ot price Address. lor illustrated circulars, HENRY 0. DOBSON, 1.270 Broadway, New York City, tT. 8. A. 1198


SEPT. 12 THE TOBA.COO LEAF. 5 AMERICAN EACLE ... ... ... ... Manufacturers. of following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Tin Boxes or Glass 1 ars. AM"ERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOIUNQ. Cold.Spra National Le. ae:ue Crown of Delight Cherr Clipper Double Five Plum 8 k Oriental roo Sun Rise Clock, Dew l?rop Bargain. Favonte Invincible Clever 'Myrtle Navy, }Old t I Universal Favorite, Fawn, Canada Mixture, Cut Bijah's Choice, Brudder Ned, Elk. SEED LEAF TOBACCOS_ SMOKINGS, Packed in Tin. Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass 1 ars. GRA.NlJtA.TED SMOKING. 1Stork, :Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, LONG Ct1T SKOitiNG.Home Comfort, lliner's Favorite, SmokingTobacc! .. l. H. Jumbo, lliner's Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut Duke & Dandy, Frog Long Gut, Baltimore, Md.; DISTRIBUTING AGERT roa. BALTDIORE AliD vmiJBTY./ Lucky, I Facwnr Plum, Club, Best Oronoco, Red TaiL Cable, Mackinaw, Dime Ram, I Present Use, Green Corn, Labor Union, Detroit Mixtures. Navy Clippings Green Corn. Wig Wag. German, Chopper Bow Wow, Old Hickory's Pride. Pure Powdered Licorice WB OFI'EB .$1,000-Rewa.rd if It can be proven tha.t we use -adaltelwtions IIi the manufacture of our Powdered LlcOrlee_ Compounds; or Fl.a.vorings. We make only the BEST and STRONCEST COMPOUNDS and FLAVORINCI. We assert without fear of contradlctiQn that our goods are better, purer and con. sequently will go further than anything turned out by any Licorice Manufacturer in the WORLD. Special attention given to the powdering of fruits. Writ-e us for samples and prices. 1314 WOOLSON SPICE CO., TOLEDO, The Only. Genuine Government Manilas--Manufactured at Cavite, Malabon and Meisic I CoMPANIA GENERAL DE T ABACOS DE BARCELONA. AND MANILA. FILIPINAS. I The La.:rges't Pa.c"te:ry 'the "'1111V"e:rl.d.. Empl.eys 6,500 :&.aDds Flor de Ia Isabela Ciarars the most popular brand in Europe. Havana. Shapes and Styles 1n boxes of 25, oo and D 100. Made by Cuban hands. &PECX.A.L BB...A.1'TD& FOB. T::S::E U:N"XTED STATES 11 REGALIA DE CONCHAS, CONCHAS ESPECIALES, PRINCESAS, INFANTES, ETC.' FOB. T:S:E .A.BOVE C:J:G-.A.R.& OF ALL "YOUR. ::S::C>USES. 1227 PEB.EA BBOTBEBS, Sole Agents, :N'c::a 124 Ea.s"t 14-tb. s-t 'Y'O:&,'WS -New Location. ---'------= 226 & 228 East 63d St.,. NEW YORK. I


6 \ .THE 'La-Esencia." We begto inform the Trade that. we the owners of the "Well.;known Key West brands J ''LA ESENCIA'' and ''EVARINA.'' i) I Also owners of the brand. Extra fine' Key West Havana and Cuttings I I for .sa.le JD Ja.rge quantities. Send for prices. EEOTHERS, .18.27-38 D. L. TRUJILLO & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, -MANUFACTURERS 01!'-Fine Havana Cigars. r New York Oftloe(l19 WATER STREET, cor. Wall Street. Acat for the w eat: G. GOLDSMITH, No. 125 Sa -s.u. Street. CJdcaco. ru. # 'E'!!D"':F .A.R,DO GA. TO, -l!laautaetnrer of F'tne-:lfi.oe, a s sT., .. oJao ...... ,.. Jl'retL ;J, Davleo 1906 & 1908 North 6th St., PA. CORTINA GOMEZ .. LEADING BRANDS: ... a Importer of-TOBACCO,= 121 Maiden Lane, New York. NEWS PROM CVBil, (Havana Weekly Repcrt, Sept. 1.) Leaf-New leaf, particularly Qf Vuelta Abajo, continues to be a great favorite and considerable purchases have been made both by manufacturers and ship::-ers for during this week, at fully sustained priCe.s. Tail ends, for which an active demand still prevails.._ars getting scarce already. Stocks of new .l'llmedies go on increasing; but fGr the time being no sales have come under our notice. This style of leaf needs curing and will no doubt meet with many friends later on "in the season. l Cigars-The situation of tbe trade has not suffered any material change since our last issue. The lockout still exists, r.nd for the present there is no telling how long this forced tranquillity will last. TOBACCO. \ally clean one, and the quality should be up Pounds. Pounds. I to the standard. On tbe whole the reports United States .......... 8,049,000 9,186,500 show a much better condition of affairs than France ............ ,.... 298,400 605,400 was expected a few weeks ago when in many Spain and Canaries ..... 1,8:U,100 1,874 ,700 districts not half a crop was expected. li'rorn Mexico ................. 400 only one township comes the repOTt tho.t the St. 'Thomas and P Rico 1,000 crop is a total failure, while from many come South and C Americu.. 1,100 2 700 glowing reports of yiehls of the finest --------tobacco over raised. Following are the re, Total Aug. 28 ....... 10,181,000 11,669,300 ports: Bart-The acreage is abGut two thirds Ha CIGARETTES. Packages. vana and one-third Seed leaf. Cutting bas Packages. commenced, and a large amount b a s be e n United States. 2,0 7 1 ,111 1,678247 housed. The yield in poundd p e r acre will ]'ranee.. .... 392,683 89304 be about the same as las yrar; the qua lity Spain and Canaries. 2 785,505 1 ,3 6 2 919 also as good. No damage w orth speaking of. Mexico ............... 2,885,591 1,818 ,183 B 1 St. Thomas and P. Rico. 3 .784, 343 3 443,169 recknock-Not as m any acres out as R St South and C. America., 5,508 ,839 5,5 58,801 year. Cutting is very slowly. -----_____ 'he yield m pounds will uot b e as heavy as Total Aug. 28 ....... 17,428,072 13,950,623 SCRAP. Aceording to late ad vices from the Vuolta Abajo business in tobacco leaf has come to a complete standstill in all the most celebrated localities of th11 Province, owing chiefly to United States....... the high prices pretended by growers for all r France. . . ... .. Kilos. 114.326 48, 391 48.774 2,494 Kilos. 93,769 72.607 16,612 last year. No damage was ustained by hail, but worms, grii.sshoppers fleas. etc were as bad as evunds pf'r acre. Seed Ling of Havana is p rogressing fin e ly. H av-leaf will run about 1,600 to 1 ,800 to ana fully half harvested. Havana w ill th!' acre, on average. About a third of yield as many pounds per acre as the Seed tht years platitmg IS Seed leaf. leaf. Crops have not sustained any damage, Upper 1flount Joy-Havaoa. ha8 about the and worms and grasshoppers have been in same as last year, a nd there i" a less numbers than in other years. shght mcrease over last year m the a.cmage E tst Hempfield-There is a slight decrease of Seeci leaf. About_ a fourth of t .be crop ts in the number of acres of Havana. Cuttmg cut. H-nana will Yl.eld from 1,000 to l ,40tJ is progressing very rapidly. Much of the per acre. Seed leaf lS bard t o tell now but Havl!.na has already been cut. Tbe Havana :ovill yield much the same Hwana. Q t a l will yield from 1,000 to 1,200 pounds per acre; tt y of each very mucb mfenor to that ot b"t the Seed leaf from 1,200 to 1,500 pounds r e r year acre. The quality will not likely be any bet .J..H .. Joy Township-The acre1ge in di3 terthan last year. No damage wha.te'i'er this trJCt Is ab?ut the same aRhat year. H avana ye3r. has b ee n mcreased one-rourth and leaf West Hempfield-The whole acreage is reduced onefifth. The H a"ana is nearly all about the same as last year, but tl:.o acreage cut and houoed Tbis year's ctop will ave r of Havana as compared with S ee d leaf i s age from 700 to 800 pouods for Havana and greater tha n last year-about on e acre of 1,10 0 to 1,3UO for S ee d lenf. _Quality and Havana to three of t:leed leaf. Very li ttle quantity will be about two-thirds of last c utting has been done, while some is yet t o year's crop. top. .Mount Joy Borough-About same. perhapo Lancaster-The acreage is about the same a trifle more Seed. About one-thiru i cut. as last year, with a little more Seed lea[ tha n As a ge11eral thmg tobacco wtll not L>e as H avana. However there is mor e Havana good a.s season. Grasshoppers are pretty than last yea r i s a ll cur Very numerous in some places; rus t is also iu little Seed leaf is cut. Hav' wiU yield some patches of Havana. from 1 ,200 to 1,40 0 pounds p e r acre; Seed leaf Pequea Township-We estimate our crop 1 ,800 to 2,000 poupds. Quality b etter than at h alf Havana and half Seed leaf, abou t the last year. No hail, few worms, some grass same a.s lf!-St year. About. three-quarters of hoppere, fleas none, a little rust in spots, no the crop IS housed I thmk Havana will black root. yield m pounds the same as last year, 1 0 0 0 East L'lmpeter-The acreage is about the to 1,200 pounds to the acre, equ a lly as same .as last year; probably mor e H avana. as. l ast year; See d l eaf the in quality. Cutting is commencing. The early to!>acco With the exceptton of the lat e, 1 .500 to is very fine. The average yield per a cre of 1 ,800 p ounds to 'l'h e only damage S ee d l ea f will be from 1 ,500 to 1,800 pounds, tobacco has sustamed I S somewhat from the and Havana from 1 ,000 to 1,4.00. No dam drouth age of any kiad. -The eastern end o f this townWest Lampeter-The re is l ess H avana than Shtp has 40 per c e n t. Havana; western end, last season. Over half of the c rop is Havana 20 pe r cent. Acreage about the sam e as las t this year. Havana is two-thirds h o used. year Havana IS about half cut. The Seed Seed leaf cutting is just commeuciug rightly. leaf IS fau ly, that 1 s the earlier The average y1eld wll not b e large. Havana. pl anting. Havana will yield about 1.000 to 1 ,200 to 1,_400 pounds; Seed l eaf, 1,400 to 1,600. p ounds to t!Je Seed l ea f 1 300 to Quality on the whole not a s good as last sea 1,600 will b e a fatr fSt .Imate T obacco is re son. 'l'here has been slight d amage from markably from all_ pests. wind and grasshoppers. Raph o-'Ihe acreage IS about the same a s Upper L'3acock-Acreage about the same last year. There more Havana than in as last year, one half being Havana. Onejl887. Th e Havamtts a ll cut, !l.nd abo u t h a lf third of the Havsna is cut. The yield in I of Seed l e af. 'l'nere will be a thir d l ess H avana will b e fro m 1,000 to 1,200 I we1gbt ot both fltwana and Seed leaf, owing per acre. I\ 1s bard to estimate on SeeJ, to the d r outh. lt topped lo1ver tha n the owing to late growth. It might average c rop. No damage whatever far. 1,2GO pounds to the acre. We have h d no I tsadsb:.try -Tbere Is a great deal more Ha hail, worms, grasshoppers, fle as, rust or black vana ;han year "nd abouo a tbircl of it is roo t. cut l'he earl y t obacco wtll not yield as Little Britain-We have more Havana than rn uch 19e r acre as year, bu t the Seed teat Cutting ii slow ly r a in s will h elp the late t obacco. I do not The yield is equally as good if not b etter than know of any that bas bee_n hurt by hail; last year. We have been free from all dam worms b ee n bad m this section. Warw!Ck-'Ibe acreage is about tho same Manheim-The r e is more tobacco' planted as las t y ea r. Uutting bas commenced. To this year than las t, and H van a runs about b:ac?o L ha.t escape d the cut w qrms in the two-thirds o f it. Cutting i s finesprmg ts rtpe. aud appears make a good ly. We will have 1 ,200 p ounds of H .. vana quality. Havan a may average about 1 .400 to the acre, and tha quality far better tha n vounds to the_ acre, and Seed l eaf about 1 ,700, l ast.rear. E:ldy cuttings are silky, d ark aud looks tf the quality woulcl compare and spongy. Ther-e is no Seed l ea f cut yet, very fav ? r a bly wnh l.1s t year .. We have so but the prospects are very encouraging for a far s u s tamed no damage from msects, and ao heavier and much better crop than las t year. rust nor hail. Manor-The acreage is about the same as last year; about four-fifths of acreage is Hav ana. About half of the Havaaa is cut, but V6rY litLle of the Seed le af. will yield from 1,000 to 1 ,800 pounds p e r acre; Seed leaf from 900 to 1,500 pounds p e r acre. Seed leaf will apparently be a p oor crop. Tbere has been but little damage from hail. -"Young man," said the sol emn faced gentlema n to the urchin wha was puffing with all his might at a cigar, "let me warn you in time that is a frightful vice you are cuJt.i vating. "I ain't s care d of it." But are you net afraid of bringing your poor father' s gray hll>irs m s orrow to the g raver "No. I ain't .. "Why not 1'' "'Because papa'd Traveller. EXCHANGE CROP & MARKET REPORTS. PENNSYLVANIA.. LANCASTII:R. New E ra, Sept 8:-The local t oba cco m a rket was durin;;; the pas& w'lek. We note the foilowiog sales: R eu b e n and Jaqob M. Baker. of Lititz, sold 140 cr.s,s of Seed leaf and H cwana SJed toba cc,,, the former at 11!/4 cents per pound a nd the latter at }4. cents; Skiles & Frey snU 650 cases, of which 500 case3 were Havana t\eP d and the re mainder Seed l eaf, and bought l:lO casos; D. A. M ayer sold 135 caes and 'Jought 66 cases and A. Deitrich, of eold 54 of .Seed leaf to a N e w Y ook party. The forej(OJng shows a total of l, 17.1 as against. 652 caee3 sold las t "'eek. For th e ccrrespond ing week of las t year the sales were 647 n e 'v can be said of the growiog crop. The rainS h ave douo the late liPids of Seed ltla[ much good. The Cl'Op is harvested ra_pidly, and the close of tbe present week w1ll see the bulk o f it iu the sheds. The weatae r has be e n rathet warm and the late plants have bee n benetit. e d therebr. At m ePt ing the County Agrir.ultural Soctety very accounts ot ol.te condi tio n aud q uafity of the crop were give n MASSACHUSETTS. BOSTON. American Cultivat01, 8:-The week: past has been one of considerable activity in some ; ec tions in the new crop, and iu som& of tbe old crops of tobacco. We found men at Hatfield quite t>xcited ovet Lbei1 saled, yet some of the m os t heavy gr.we rs declined tosell at the prices offe r e d We do not like the idea of selling on p o l es : t he bargain is bound with a dep, Js i t s uffic ient. to holu b oth parties to tbe scratcli. If t .he buyer "kicks' i t gives a 'black eye" to the g r owet's crop and he is quite liable to if thinga tlko a differ: ent turn what he anticipated, and, too, I S qutte often the cas e wub the grower_ If he linus that in hid h o t haste b e has sold lower tbHn l.tis u eig bb o ra why we hav& known quite a number to back down from the bargain mad e ; indeed, e know of one or two such cao es already tltis season. T h i s selling 011 the pol e is very Etpt to show some of the unpleasant of: humanity. WISCONSil', STOUGHTON. Couri e r Sept. 7 : -Very frnv l.r!ln3actions are r eported in this ma1ket at pre;ent, for the reasr n that nearly t very u f the '87 t ?bacco bas been hao;e b ecu busy tlie two sampliu!; the '87 p 'lcking. The present c rop i e rapidly b e m g hatvested, and with th e do;e of the present we e k flllly w ill b e in theshed. Tbe crop ;s an e xc ellen t one in .. n re J?Ot having been injuted in tbc.J least, and 1f It curqs out Wt\ll, whi c h it gives fai r promise of d o ing, :ill doubtless command a good price. JANESVILLE, Gazette, SPpt. 6 :-R9ports of frost from UJ9 nort h ern p"rt of the S tate hav11 made to bacco growers uneasy. Another week is. needeci to get their crop fairly ioto shape for the s h ed, but nqbody knows how long the. froat Will hold off. With very few exceptions, however, farmers will take the risk of. frost rather than harvest green leaf. Their experience in '86 showed them that a green cro_p wa s worse, almos t, than no crop a' all, as 1t gave the mark :et a black eye in to come. Wisconsin's crop this year will be a te be proud Of. Tbe outlook at prlll! ent could hardly be brighter.' The quantity of the l eaf IS unusually large, while the qual ity, so far as can be judged, iB unexception able.


SEPT. 12. NOTICE TO THE TRADE. Jim. IJemnth Importers and Manufacturers of B01 and 509 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Trade lllarll. We be to call the at tentloa of the Trade to our Ia...; -.mneot of Noveltlee IUld Speclaldeo l!llltable for Ad .. ertlslq J', ABQVI,r,q, J, LOPEZ. ABGitELLBS a LOPEZ, ........ .._ ... __ .. :::_11U.N11FA.CT1JBERS OFCLEAR HAVANA CIGARS FACTORY AND SALESROOM: ass E-ea.r1 s-t., 'Y'o:rk. f 114 Sansom St., PBlLADELPHIA Succeaoor to Salmon, Hancock &I:; Co. MANU F ACTU RE R OF Fine Coil, Light Press, Twist, .Navy and Sun-Cured TOBACCOS, T he a b o v e is a fac simile o f a p ackage of OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS, full size, and ma de o f the very best Tobacco, mil d an d s w eet E q ual to an y 10c ent"and be t t e r than an y 5-cent ciga r on the mark e t. Ask for the Old Vrrginia Cheroot s and see tha t you are not impose d o n by imitatio ns My nam e is on every package F O R S ALE EVER.'WIIER.E-BALBIN, MONTEALEGRE & CO., -Importers a nd Deal ers in -Havana leaf Tobatco AND CICARS, I 03 Maiden Lane. New York. The of Troth. Such wild a n d often erroneous statements a ppear in the Tobacco Journal of New York, that the Homestead does not cons i de r it neces sary to noti cethel;ll That papl! r has p r actically no in flu ence, and what i t says is wholly w ithout effect so far a.s tax or tat i ti legislation is concerneEI. It is e,en l ess of a paper than we had supposed, for it has stead ily refused to print commun i cations from i t s readers that demon strAte the fallacy of tll e po ints wl!icll the Jaw nal tlies to make. Mr. NewtonS. Pomeroy of Suffield, Conn, wrote such a letter, which i t de cline d to print, but as it is of consideraule in t erest we publish it be low; I often s ee sta.tements in the Jou1nal about some New England farmer who by a peculiar streak of luck sold h i s crop for 15 o r 16c through and made money by raising it, but never hear through your paper of the large majority of New England fa rmers w h o for the last three or fou r year s have been obliged to sell their t obacco for less than lOc t h ro ugh a n d l ess tban i t cost to raise. T ile cause of this depress ion is abso lutel y and so l.,ly due to the introduction of Sumatra tobacco into t his coun t ry. I come in contact wi h a reat many cigar manufacture rs. I have never hear d o n e c l a i m and do not think: there is one in t h e Un i ted S tates who cla i ms he uses Sumatra tobacco for c igar wrappers on acco u n t o f i ts superior quality. You never hear of a clear Sumatra cigar. Any man who knows anythi ng abo u t toba<:co knows that to smoke o n e wou ld at least be very offensive, i f it did no t make the smoker s iclc It i s used for cigar wrappers only s i mp l y because the manufact urer com wrap more alleged better looking c igars for the same money with it, eve n at it s p ri ce, tha n he e.::'III!:.A.N'O, PEN':O.A.& &, CO., MANUFT'BS OF CIGABS, .CUBAN HAND MAPE ONLY. Also Importere OJ &, LEA.P TC>EI..A.CCO, 209 PE.A.R.X.. :N"EV'V 'Y'C>FI.::S:.. CC>., MANUFACTURERS OF Our Leadlnc: K e y Weat Braod.1 1 LA BELLE SENORA and EL MONTERO DE KEY WEST. Satbfaction Gu,.ranteeV 'Y'<>rk iO:l'ty. :Send. t'or and P r ioea. 12: 4 Office and MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. quen t!y t h e S umatra tobacco does not com e i n competitio n wit h o r exer t the least possib l e i n fln ence upo n its pries. It i s on l y t h e po r tion of thi s c ountry that raises c igar leaf that i s affec ted by Sumatra tobacco. I am not a tobacco g r o wer, but am cont in ually brought in contact with t hem, a n d k now that t hey n r e ve r y poo r ly pai d for their honest toil. I n our polit ical papers, espec i ally during a poli tical campaign, w e expect one-sided arguments, b u t i n a trade paper it i s at least r eas onabl e for u < to u n b i ase d facts."-N. Eng. Sep t 1. TROJAN ScraD Machines. HAND and POWER. Simple! Durable Effective ALL SHAFTS OF STEEL, Dearsl yne's Pat. Apr. 6, 1887. CUTS WET AND DRY SCRAP.: Cannot be Injured by Nails or Foreign Sub stances fed in with theTobacco. ALL FILLER ()IJT VlHFOU!tl AND OF A N Y DISIRED SIZE. Complete Separation of Dirt fr1>m Smoking and Filler. :N"O FX..T":XNGr-XJ"D'&T' When cutting Dry Scrap will make .60 per c ent, le waste than any other machino. R I C B ND, Va., J une 2 1888. DEA.RS1YNE &: Co, Trry, Ne w York.-DE:AR find my check In paJment for the Scrap C utter, n.s per enclesed bill wh1ch you w11l pJeas.e and at your convenience. It me great pleasure to state that I have been m the C l@'ar for nearly ,wentytbree years, and have used mauy kinds er scrap but I find yours t h e VERY nltfrr I ever came across, and I wil l cheerfully add my name to 1 ecommend t h e machine t o the trade. Yours respectfully, P. W HirLOCK. SEND FOR CIRCULARS. 370 R.:l:ver S'tree't9 T'R.O'Y' lSI 'Y'. MAZERES, FRANCI!. ANCOULEiYiiii, FRANCE. L. LACROIX FILS, -MANUFACTURERS OF-CICABETTE PAPER IN aoOIS, Reams and Rolls, and Copying-Book Paper. IS..A.A.C, Sole and Attorney in Fact for the United States, Also Sole Agent for the United State for CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.=-otticeStewart Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washington & Vestry Streets, :N"EV'V 'Y'OR.::S:. O:J:T'Y'. Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York. x:Ji&1:r:1b,.:a:t:ln.l!; :Cor 'the :E'"ipe. FOR THE PACIFIC C OA.ST, -Mlchalltschkc Bros. & ()o., San Francisco. Waraer & Co, ST. LOIJIS-F. B. Rice & Co, PHILADELPHIA-Ill. Newton, l"-9l[ & ()o, ----------------JUS. SONS, of 122 Water Street,> LEAF TOBACCO, 193 Pearl St., New YorkR SCRAP BUNCHING MACHINE CO. HAND MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,5DO PER DAY. POWER II II 5,000 ONE GIRL OR BOY CAN OPERATE EITHER .MACHINE. Bener than the_Best Hand;. Work. 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. F o r terms p articula.ri! and r e f e rences apply to ADOLPH LEWYN. Sec'. y 1230 SECOND AV., NEW YORK. Witscft $cftmitt, ART LITHOGRAPERS & PRINTERS, fla1.?e Just issued a 1.?ers fiue cor. rectiou of lew li9ar laf,ef s, t&.e of wflic&. are MGln T:KaN .vn.. We will cheerfully mail Samples to the Cigar Trade on application. 94 New !J.orft. ..


8 TH.E TOBACCO LEAF. SEPT. 12 (), LID4e, (), (), BaDJll&oo, Special, -;. Wo CJoalllta. t .,.F. C. LINDE, HAMIL TON & CO. & J Inspection .&4aa-oa &once Becel.Pia ol'lllerehaallt.e allpeelai&J' Cold Stor,ace Warehouses for Tobaeoo liT. PABK, N. T. BIKIEBTGN, WIL & EIIIU -aiJII 11., l'Jo T, LANCJA.8TEB, PENN. 383, 395 & 387 Greeawlell II&.; 83 Deaela 8&,, N, T, FIUT-GLASS W AJU:HO'USES: Bo To(), & H. R. U. Dopol, liS. Park! .1781 180, 188 & 186 Pearl 8&ree& and Waller 8&-;-. 408, 408 410 Baa& Principal Ofllce, 182 PEARL STREET, Cor. W. LemOil IUldlf Prbaeo Sto., Laoaaater, P&. Cor. ..,4 H...-,. Sta., Eqorton, Wia. JI.RANCHF,Ba-PHILADBLPRIA.-A. R. FOUGERA.Y, 63 Nortb Front Bt,_t, LAN o-R. F. THORN. Y,-H. J i!'J1AZEE H&TPIBLD, mlaao,J & P CARL. 4 liN<'IlliNATI, 0,-W. W .HA.LES,9Front .Skeet. D& YTON, 0,-H. C. W. GROBi!E nd W. W. HALES, :l:i South Jell'e roon Street. lBDGEBTON, Wte. T B. EARLE. Pa&tors & HlDOrteH of 145 WATER STRf.ET, NEW YORK. PBAIIK BUSVHBB, T, I'IELLOB, &. CC>. TOBACCO 14.9 81:ree1:, Yor.k.. UP-COUNTRY SAIIIPLI.liiG PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO ..4a BRANCHES-LANCA.STBB, Pa.: F. SCHROEDER. 220 North Mulberry at.\ J. C. mVIN, 328 N orth Mary ot. CJONI!IBCTICJUT: F SISSON, 24e State st, Hartford: 0, E ORIFFING Danbury; P. N. IIALL, New Miltord: W B MAXSON, Portland. WI8CON81NI C. L. CULTON, Edg!!rton: P. TANNERT, Stoughton. OHIO: W. T D A VIS, 1509 E First at., Dayton. BALTJI'IOR,E, 1!1<1.1 ED. WIBCIDIJ:YER & CO .. 27 South Calvert ot THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco_ for Expon, aJ'" Tabacos ExclUI!ivamente para Exportaeion. Gi&ar : .&a4 IDlporler r.t GERMA-N CIGAB MOLDS, (SoJe A.pnl IOJ' Ill-e. 0811NBR VE():S: & CJO.) UW lllii,LI FACJTORYI 311_4 313 E. St., 315 to 321 E. lith St. Nra,:ld.&Tenue, lSre'OI7 "Y'e>rk.. LEVY BBOTBEBS, FIN""E OIGA RS Cor. AVENUE C &. 13th ST., NEW YORK. I } The HAMMERSCHLAG M"F'G CO., I'IA!IiUFA.CJTUBEB8 OF ....... ed :E-a,per. 838 .. l:w GKEEliWIOH ST., l'fEW YORK. Ra.mmerschla,g9& Waxed Paper, ::l!"o:r "VV':rappt.21, : Solei ID Q11a1UUieo &o Sui& bJ' C. JOURCENSEN, 98 Malden Lane, New York. TOBACCO :KNIVES: CHALMEnS & MURii.AY, St., New 7 ark, SOLE AGENTS, We have alwaya on a fuU supplif of Knives tor Pease or B uck Maohines, and"' oo KiliveB pat-" tern. ) A. PERSON, H-ARRIMAN-& CO.,.-... Huyman Bros. & Lowenstein, :aAJIOFACL'DRERS OF OIGARS. 424 to 432 East Flftynlnth St., New York. :Pao'&o:1:'7 811 B:rd OoU. :E):t.'t. ROSENTHAL .BROTHERS, lllaoutact ......... of ciG-ARS. Aloo Maautacturers ot tbe celebrated PUFFS, ALL TOBA B .A.XT'S IMPROVED. TOBACCO GRA.NULA.TOB I Pa&en&e4 November a, 1880. e>vo:r -&& :I!WI:aoJa;I..D.e :lu. V PERFECTION STEAM: DRYER. Cylinder of Dryer is 3 Feet Diameter and 15 Feet Long. Pa&eated ..J"ul;r i.S, 188S. C>-ve:r 1:n. u .. o. FURNACE DBYEB. HAVANA TOBACCO STEM ROLLING MACHINES. Bererenceo-G. w. G&1L & AX! 4 m:aelalne, BaUlmore, m:d, F. W. FBLGNER &; Daltlrnore, lt.Id. WM. S. KI!IIDA.LL & CO,, Roebeoter, N. Y. Please sen'ci for Circulars and References. I B. ADT, Manufacturer and Patentee, Nos. 332, 336, 338, :UO & North Jlolllday Street, B.A.LTJ:ni.I:<>R..E, l.\.IJ:D. -AUGusrus TREADWELL. Jl!llirc:. :wv"" -To b a c c 0 Ba gct I. !ole-lllanufacturer of tbe Famous and WorldRenowned Brands of --= a a-' YIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, EDITATJON SPANISH LINEN AI'ID FANCY STRIPED COTTON GOODI!I LONE JACK & FOR PUTTI!IiG U P SI'IOKING TOBACCO. ._, ,.. .a. 457 db 459 :Eiroo:o::n.e, &1:ree1:, ".Yc:>rk. TVI.el1th Va. LEAF. TOBACCO, v 191 Pearl Street. New York. Onlerw reopeetful!y eul!clted and promptly attended to. L fst sent on applfcatfgll, J. B. Pace Tobac_co Co., 'V .A., < 'm:AN11JP'A.(JTtJRERS 011' Fl N E BRIGHT NAVIES, T }WI ST, Light Pressed and Smoking Tobaccos. THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE DEPOT AND ACENCY "BETWEEN. THE ACTS." ..... M'anutkctur'en of And Dealers In .!J .. Lea f Tobacco, 1saa X.4!'-u.e, ATe'V17 'Vorl&. IIBA.Nit8t "La Doncella de Orleans," "La Flor de Salvin I," "Forest and Stream, Rod and Cun," "American Field Hyacinth," "El Cont.esto," "Key West." lU. Prnebaa.Ira. .Samea Brueael. W. L, Ualan. HAHN, BRUSSE;t & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, Nos. 4'23, 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., Failtory No. 8, 3d Oist. NEW YORK WATT'S UNIFOBA TOBACCO DBYEI. ll'aed b,. all 1-dha& Smoking Tobacco lllanafaotarero. 88 Market Street, Chicago. aer .... to-P. Lolillard & Co.. New York. D. B McA lpin & Co., u n David Buchosr & Co, u u Tobacco Co. St. Louis. ii' F Adams&: Co, Wilwau.k:ee. Nos. 1318 &. 1320 AVENUE A, NEW YORK. Factory No. 160, Third District. SHOTWELL'S FINE CIGARS, 08lee an4 laleeroonu 01' TBlC liUNUF A.CTU1lE8 OJ' &.r.&m&u d 1 254 &. 256 Canal St., Corner ot ._A, 1\Te.._ 'To:r3&. WISE & BI:NDHEIM, AGB!ITS, SOUIHEIN & WESTERN TOBACCO. SAWYER, WAllACE & CO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 18 Broadway. s!fJI::r. New York. G. REUSENS, WKLLB8 BUILDING, 11! & 20 .._.....,.. P o. Box 34,0, NJIIW W'O"RK. s JOHN CATTDS, ToDanGo Jrnk&r 83 BEAtER ST., RENB.Y SIEBERT, Tobll'Cco and Ceneral Commission 78 Broad Street, EIUL A. SmPPEL. .. -M. 1\A.DB"R as ao. TOBACCO BROKER, No. 24 Beaver Stree.LV:mvv "Y'OR.:&:. FERDINAND DZIUBl TOBACCO Commission Merchant. 78 & 80 Broad Street, P.o. Box 199. NEW YORK. M. GREENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf 191 Pearl Street, New Yort. ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF Leaf T'Obacco, 166 Wate 6t., New York Illl'OIITBB8 or Havana and Sumatra, A liD P ACIOIIB8 OJ' Seedle&f' Tobacco 5 Burlins Slip, w!:"'St. New York. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. IMPORTERS AND DIIIALEBS L.'l Leaf Tobacco, 168 Water St., New York. A. LOWENSOBN. ... ,, ....... TOBACCO and CIGARS. 137 Malden Lane. CIUi-.1)> m W-!!t.) lU:W YOJUL. Hirsch, Victorius & Co. w ::2 Ninth Ave., New .. LB. LHAP TOBACCO 169 WATER ST., lEW TDRK.1 Factery:-19 Sect>n.l Dletrlc&, V'irclnla, lll&Duf&ctureandolfertotbeTradetlleCollowlngCJelebrated Brand ol' JOS. LEDERMAN & SONS, PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: Packer and Dealen ... NIIIIR&D, l!Iahor;anJ' NBTJ't In aD lltyl .... Smooth aD4 R a ro-t-, at Flae Qoedllld8pteot er"" ,..., .... Southern traie, under the Collowfug popular brands:BLUE JEANS, O .AK, TRU' BLUE,._ CHANCER, FLORIME;L and RAPIDAN. 1lhe followiaor are our Agents Cor sale o( our Good :-C. w. VAN ALSTINE 18 Central Wbart, Boston! Mass ; F. lP. Commerclo.l St. Portland, Me : W G. 9'i' WaY.r St., New York City; ARTHUR HAGEN & 63 North Front St. Philade lphia P a. ; L P STJ!:RNE, Pitteburp:h Pa.: J T TOWNES, 21 Wabaah Ave, Ch!cao:o Dl. : W B TUNSTALL, S E cor. Ex Place and Com: me:oc< St., Baltimore, Md.: THOS. H FRO S T, Ch&rlest<.n. S C : 0. C TWITTY, Spartanburg. S.C.: WM. ll'l CiiOOKSHANKS,I2WbeatSt. Atlanta, Ga : A. J. FRIO!!, Jackson,ll!ss. : E. G. L ANGHORNE, Lltt!e Rock, Ark.: N. H. CHRISTIAl.(, Galveston, Texas; fHOS. D CONDON St. Mo.; F S. LA. WRENCE, Vicksburg, Miss.; JNe. B. BOYD,I'JhattanooJ. :.ii!:<>.R.N" &. CC>., G. IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS OF PIPES, 622 MARKET ST., PHILADELPHIA, A and Price List that skould be in the hands of every dealer iu the c ountry, & description of all the pipes m a de. par1 i cularly :M.EERSCH A Ul'tl. AMBER, BRIAR and C LAY PIPES, w .tb e v ery k ina of SMOKE'R81 aR'riC LES, Swedish. Par l or, Sulphur Sa !ety Matches ltat;an Wax Matches Jn Fancy Paper or Tin Box 39 i MAILED F'>.Jl'.::J. SEND FOR ONE-Latest Noveltlee :riade a SpeclaltJ' l L E A F T 0 B A C C ( 140 MAIDEN LANE, Bt. W&ter & Front B.._, lfllW YORK, L." sPEAR' & CO., Paekere ot Seed. Lea.f .&.od IJDporcer or Bavanz. Tobacco, 184 Water Si:., F.lew Yc"k.


SEPT. 12 "rHE TOBA.CCO I 8IMON OrraB&RG, J D ltliiJlT ()J:JW4 ...... H&IUWI OrrzNBERG. r S. 'oTTENBERG & BROS,.. FINE CIGARS. Cor. 2d Ave. & 22d St., New York. il tiENDEL & BRo.. Mannractnrors or flo. 1 "f 5!>{ Bowery, CHAMPION CIGAR, FACTORY. Factory No. 278, Sd Dist., N. Y. lllaaanaetarcrs of the Celebrateol Dra .. e oiCICUOI Queen.EIIzabeth, Queen of Scots, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445-441 E. Tenth Street, A. Lichtenstejn, Son & Co., r DIflfact.uren of CIGARS, -OF. S09 E. 59-th St., New York. d3 09., ADOLPH MODNELIS, MANUF AC'I'URER OF CIGARS SOLE AGENT. 105 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK......... f.enclmt...&. o.. r-at .. LO"':7XS lte. 0 and lOth St lew Tobacco Commission Merchant ; L-:' GERSHEL & BRO., r! F h h B "ld' L d P A CKERS AND DEALERs IN .E!nc urc mgs, on on. E. C., England. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL ST., c. F. HA.YE, I H. DUYS, ]R., New York. Agent for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA G. REISMANN, -ro:eaooo, COMMISSION MERCHANT Ao1'tment Alway Hand. 175 Pearl Street, New York. LEA i TirBA c co G. HARKEMA. LUKWEL & TIELE. 178 WATER rr .. JIEW SWORN TOBAGGO BROKER. Sworn Tobaccq Brokers, SumpleRooms: BrakkeGrond, OF ROTTERDAM, to reeomDO.eBd themselveo Cor the DAVIDSON BROTHERS Oftloe: 0 ;p;, VOOR.BUR.GW.&L 286, PlH'Chaoe of Sumatra and .:rava To- Amsterdam Holland. baece oa tile Dutch Mar.kete. Havana and Seed Leaf Tobaccos -____ ,;_' __ ......._. Reference: H. EJ.A.OOC>&, 226 Pearf Street, New York. M. SILVERTHAU & CO., "BOBiiiJDOts" P:J:G-A.R.B, 306 E. 71at St. New York. JN"O. LO'VE, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, Factol'l" Jf o, 26, 3d District, Jf, Y And aJl klDds of Smoking Tobacco. Aloo llaa1lllletllrel'a ot the well-lb>oWD l!r&a:n. Patented August 1 8 1885. Makes aU,shapes of Plug Tobacco -AND SAVES FROM$2 to $3 PER DAY IN. .&CITY 2 ;000 to unn 2,500 POUNDS !)" PE:R ,DA, -,. Can be operated b:v uaiJILI.lled labor, boy or &lrle CODKEIIPONDENC E !IOLICITED, Now In we ln the laraest factories In, the United States. Address: Adams Tobacco Press Co., Quincy, Illinois. L. JOHNSON, .Manufactory & Salesroom, cor. Avenue 0 & I Ot-h St. New York. 'THE PEASE Buocess<>r to PRICE 8r. ;10ID!SON, Importer. Dealer &Dd CoiiUIIisdon lleralLaDtiD LEAF-:TllBACCO, 119 Malden Laae. New York. SANCHEZ & CO. r IIIIPOB'I'ZRII Olr vuelta Abajo LEAF TOBACCO, 169 Front Street, New York. Buchanan L'J'all, :No. 101 "'GV &TlR.:I!!IET, 'YOR.::S:. :lra.o'tory, K. y. dle Coltowtq Celelrat.ed Br&IUla,oC TOBA.CC 0 FANCY DARK. NAVIES0 .N':I!JPT'C'NE, YANCY BRIGHT NAVIEIIJ 'STANDARD DDIGHT.NAVIEIIJ "' STAI'ID.IJI:D DARK. JII'AVIJII. the repa-a of U.ese goods lo 11'o rlll-wlde, IUld Ske lllcreaslng sales of them Ia proof ot &heir aerfla lr BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. Our TradeMark p-x is Embossed on Everr l'luc.l BRA NC H OFFICE:-No. U CENTRAL WHA.RB', BOSTON. JOHN BRAND & CO., _____________ ....:.._ __ IMPORTERS OF AND PACKERS O F Seed Leaf Tobacco, ; o Pennrlvanla ATe ., Elmi r a N.Y. No. 142 WATER STREET NJ!:W YORK. PARRY & CROSBIES, rOBACCO BR.OKERS, 28 Paradise Street, .iverpoot England M EERSC HA U M AND AMBER 1i DUOS, A:ad Im.porter of FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & ARTICLES, 69 W .ALKER STREET Corner Broadwa.y Vienna, A ustria. Send for Catalogue and Price List. We have no Travellin g Salesmen. I 9 .. 't "' EGO-ER.T &, CO.; J: _mpor"ters or -'. AND PACKERS OP Seed Leaf Tc:ba,ccc: Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New Y.:.rk. G--.:J&T.&. v TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS'. AGENCY.\ -41.1 Ave; Oht.oac;o, :J. J.l AGENCIES-M oCO Y 8r. C O ., New York ; LANDAUER 8r. M edldm G.;;. ClgaN, M. W. PRAGER, o f Cheroots, Ne w York; GA R C I A & V EG A (formerl y G &rola & owne n of ur..a Duquesita." &nd '"La. Rosa. De M.a.yo 11 brands, New York :an d daY .A. a. L:K II.t" DeJ A.quUa No. 100; T OLEDO Ill OeLE ON, ma-nufacturers o r E:xclusive l y S p a.nlsh Ha.wt-U,.t.le Clear Hava.Ra Ci &ars. Key .i'la ; _, FREIGHT BROKERS, Forwarding Tobacco a -----. Lowe t Ocean Ratti, Steam or san. 43 El::s.oha:a.ce P:laoe4 r..J e'VV FRED. SCHULl, FERNANDEZ & CO. Packer -a Dealer fD lmperter ot Seed H rp b avana f 0 acco. 224-226 Pearl S?"eel, York. I 206-rPea; st., Ne,.; JOS, S, GAI'IS, l!IAX GANS, MEYER RO!IEN 'I'H&Lo GANS BROS. 8i ROSENTHAL Packers of and Dealero In and Lear Tobacco, 1'1' o. 160 "''C'V' a.1:e:r &1::re .. 't, :N e-ov 'Y'ork.. BRINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG MACHINE. Patented { UaUedlltatee,MaySt,llllo Canada, .Jan, 81, STEAM: POWER.. FOOT POWER. 1 Will make plugs of all sizes, fram 1 to 4 I nches wide a n d :from 4 to 12 I nches long better ....,. tbea.per t:9an any _otb e r machine in the market, and iii now in use i n over one hundred Ot the factories in the United States. Correspondence ROliciood. Address J, H. BRINKOP, Quincy, llllnol. E J. E CART A Y A & COer ,cANALs [LIMITED], lllanafaclarer of FINE. HAVANA CIGARS' 'f' 'fe t J \l J P' H avana, Matanzas & Key West, Fla. KfZY WEST; FLA. Tile celebrated EL B AYO VEDDB Clgw. P.o. Box Pro, 10. N e w York Office: 3 Cedar 8&. SEIDENBERG & CO., IIANUFACTURER.S OF New York & Key West Cigars. 327 East Slxtythlrd St., New York. "ftlr A. Y' ilo'7 ;D'U.:r:ra.F a.1:Z..,oe1:."JSI:e'VV TO:I:'Ji4 SOLi& P"OPRIBTOBS 88' TIIB r !9 i IMPORTERS OF KINDS OF French Clay and B"ar Wood Pipes.-. 01c;are1:'te Paper :121 R.eaZD:ill a:nd HOUSE. IN PAR.IS,. 17 RUE BER.ANGEK. 1'BE JOHN H. McGOWAN CO:MP PATNT DOUBt END With Lock .for prissure We control all for Pressi.Bg ba.oco from : o : HYDRAUliC PUMPS. -:e:, Mould. Presses. : o : Monlds HYDRAULIC and Wiltr t Bo xing Presse s B a nds and Se&" ... m e n ts, Stee l Finisher Plate s and Tins, HAND and POWER WRINGERS Sen d for Catalog u e P LW:O: WRlft OUR ADDRESS PLA.IN, and fr4tn this pa.per i n addres sing U&


SEPT. 12 Philadelphia Advertisements. B&l11imore Advertisemeatll. Admtisemenu ftom East1 test south. ______ ...:.,._..;._;.,;,.;_ &, T.A.:KTT, _______ Y_D __ R-_C_O_ ------------:rmporters .of Bavan a WM. A. BO ., w. o. MEIER & co., I R. MEIER & co., HiNSiillisMifH&co LOUISVILLE, KY. CIN.CINNATI, o. [ESTABWHliD UNO.) .. UD PA.()IUUlS OF IMPORTEBS OF Bealers in BURLEY and DARK TOBACCOS Pae!'-er ... a .lollben ., seed. Te"ba,cce. ----------Gonnocncnt Sood-IeafTobacm Commission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. HAVANA AN 0 SUM AJ R A, I. L. DUNLAP & CO.; F. W. DOHRMANN & SON, IMPORTERsof HAVANA, 107 ARCH sTREET, PHILADELPHIA. ...__.-. "c1-'ac.. LEAF TO BArco BROKEBS CINCINNATI, 0., J.1 :EIR.O&., tackers, Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in fOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 North Third $treet, Philadelphia. A.:n.Cl Packer. or seed Leaf Tobacco, 33 South Street, Baltimore. E BATCHELOR & CO., Packers of Seed Lea. f Importers of Havana a.nd Sumatra Toba. ccos :J 09 N'or'th. &'tree't, :l? LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, Manufllc&aren: oi" Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER OUT PLUG -ANDLUXUry Fine Cut in Foil. FRIS!Dit:JTH BRO. & CO., } 1 5 1 N. Sd Streec ao4 lU9, 221, 21l S k 225 QuarrT S&,, PHIL."DELPHI&. YOUNG & ED. WISCBJIIEYKR, HY. WloCHli!EYER. ED WISCHMEiER & CO., TO:EI.A.OOO COMMIS .SION MERCHANTS, 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore. lid. NEWMAN, a.:n.d. ::J::.:n.pQ:r"te:rs c:f Leaf Tc:ba..ccc:,-BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE CICAR PA. JULIUS :VETTERL.EIN & CO., OF SEED LEAF and I:EALERS IN TOBACCO Jlaaan.etaren of NAVY TOBACCO, Aa4 Acenta for Protneol Vtrghata Manuraet.u.rer ot Twist&. Plug Tobaccos. 11!1. W. Clor. Vine & Front Streota, CINCINNATI, O. BRANCBES: robaeee. ()Jar.kavllle, Teun:-Dark. Tobaeeo. HearT Geloe, E'tabl.:Lah.ed. 1&87. Beano Dam THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO., Buceeuers to Henry G eise and Sliekney &; Gordon. :ftlana(aetaren or all Kind ol 0 :KG-:EI 0 :lK: E &. :J:) :ln. Labe_l., :E'I.:Lbbo:a., aa4 all o&Joer mr;armaker., Sopplleo, Larc Stook of all the L-cllac Lah1 HoaoH CeDotaatly on B .... d. 93 OL.A. 'Y' &T:E'I.EIEJT, O:J:N'O:J:J.'Iii'N' .A.T:J:, Co HENRY GEISE, BENNO DAli!U S, GEO. B. BTALLO THE GEISE LUMBER co 1\U.NUFACTUREBS OF SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Oiga.:r :Eic::lE Faotorieo: 101 & 103 Eaot 8th St., Clnoiwaat11 aad Weat Vlrcf>Ua, Ofll.oe : 93 CLA:Y STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. (u Plain or Fancy Desl6D. of Plalu. Gilt o r Coloroot Till at Lowes1i Prlces Sample Tags an fub tn n turniBbed. on appJlcatiou. J. M. ROBENSON &. 225 W.2d&l'i2U Ce:>tralAY __2_XlSfO:J:lSflSf .A.T:J:. JOHN OBERHELMAN, Leaf Tobacco Broker E. Putxms, J .uncs C. J:RNBT. Pabn Leaf Tobacco Works: PERKINS &. ERNST, -AND-,. MANUFACTURERS OF Commission Merchant for Fine Plug Tobacco Seed Leaf Tobacco. m u e G"""' (Extm Floe). Palm rear, Specialties: Sumatra a.nd Havana Leaf,, l3lue Jay, Key Now, Buttertly, Penny Pllllf. 85 West Second sr., Cincinnati. KT. F. ADAMS, [J:otalllllled 18,7,) HENRY 1!'. AVEBI. r. r .A.d.a.:axa.s &. Oe.,. Maaun.etarer. ot the folJewla& Celellra&ed BraDd'! et FINECUT CHEWINC &. SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Chewing: TaJiy Bo% A.romatie. Smoking:, Peer!ess. Excelsior, Standard WM. L. HUNTTING & CO., DEALERS IN Al(D PACKERS OF Connecticut & Havana Seed Leaf EAST HARTFORD, CONN. A. F. RICO & CO., OF Havana Leaf Tobacco, 18 c entral Wharf, BOSTOlf, MASS, t', B, iU.tO. ::HO!U.S P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs. RICHMOND. VA. Irl ROBEft A.II.&YU 1a Otiir!D&tors ot U.e alylol aDOI D&llll Z(Z.A.'VY NA"VIES A SPECIALTY lM ALL SIZll:8, JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchanr PorParell ... ot "... -LEAF TOBACCO, L. H. LIGHTFOOT, Leaf T obaoco Dealer, omce: Tobaoco Enhange Bm1dilll:, l'. 0. BOX, No.2. RICHIII:OND1 V .1., Samples of every grade furnished on appllcatloa aad each package euaranteed up to aample. REFKRDO.t-Chaa. Watldne, President Ri chmond Toba cco Exchul8": Allen&; Ginter: Klaney TO' bacco eon.,.ny i Planters N atioJJ.&.l Bank. V. S. WRIGHT,l Successor to Edwanl Pe;rnado & Co. Dl&EC'l' lllll'ORTER OF ____ !!!! .A.E'I.O::EE I!!IT.R.EIEIT, CHfti.GE HAVANA G-. PL:K:N'T, sOLEAGENTFOR ACTURERe, Lozm.Pendas& Ca. s mm Havana Goods ortANCHES-l.outs.we Hotel aDd Galt B,_ FINE CUT: "May Q.oeen," "DladeJD. SMOKING: ., Pleating Cloud," Stana.s ..L..Io"1.1.1'Vt.11e, S:.y. 1 ln granulated or Cavendish. "Buck," cut p l ug in tin-foil, and cut or granulated in fancy bags lE.WIS BREMER'S WHOLESAL:h: DEALERS IN : lEAf" AND MANUFACTURED .TOBACCOS, f 322 THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. <-4 .f.arce Aasor-t of aU ldncla of Leal Toltaeoo coaotantly en laancL L. BAMBERGER & CO., -p-ACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. IKPORTERS OF Havana, 'No. 111 ARCR STREET, PHILADELPHIA. .AIDRY T FREYER. Al:JGUST E ISEN1.0HR. FREYER & EISENLOHR, Packer. aacl Wlloleeale Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO, I 13 North Third Street, PhiladeiAhia. BEN' J. L.A."HEJ, < Paek..-and Dealer in I AURJ MAm1FACTURER8 Of' uliiiNERS' BSTR.I.,,. 11 PORT,'1 P. H. Dl!leHOPIII"8 G-M.I.N" &Dd Other Braad8 o f Smokin&' T obaccQ, Also 11 HERRE DB LA REINE," "SWEET NtroT.I.B," 11114 ot11or JlraDda of Paper and AD-Tobacco ClgareUaa. New York Office: 66 South Washington Square. ''Weodpecker" granulated. '"K:loc B:lrd," l oug-cot. F. C. GREENE, The.Mosel'Cigar&PaperBoxCo., Paeker of &lid Dealer ln LEAF TOBACCO, MANUFACTURERS OF Albany and Janesville, Cigar & Paper Boxes, 208-Eim Street, l'lne Clear L-f a Specialty, ST. LOUIS, Ho. Ample Storage J;loom. ----------B. SUBERT & SON, L. Lear scraDs. 231 E. RANDOLPH STREET, LEAF TOBACCO, oh:Loa.;;o, ::r.u. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, Ill. --R. & W. JENKINSON. W. S. O'NEIL. PITTSBURCH, PA. CHEAPUCIGABS OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO T&the Wholesnle'l'radecxcluoiYely, Day"te>D.9 0 Packer aad Dealer In W6 control the output or many o! the best facto Order Cor Export and Hotne Trade rieaiu Pennsylvania Write Promptly Attended. To. ::1:. "'WV'. Li 'Vezey &, Cc:. POPLAR and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPLANED, -AND-IMITATION CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, "X', H: 'Y ImJtatJon cedar manufactured by our PATENT process Ia the ouJ:y PERFECT lmltat!en or Cedar. Prices and rates of freight give& upon application. D. E. SOULE, Packer o! and Dealer in HOUSATONIC LEAF TOBACCO, NEW IUILil'OBD, ()ONN. W. F. ANDROS&, Commission Dealer, EAST HARTFORD, ()ONN. Will Buy old or new Leaf tor Dealers o r Manu facturers direct from t h e growers. Twenty ye8J'8' experience. MILLER ct. HERSHEY, Dealers in Leaf Tohacco Pelerabarc, Lancater Co., Pa. HOLT, SCHAEFER 4 co., Buyers of Leaf Tobacco. I..IJ{N()HDURG, VA, Wm. &:. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco. Broker, &I Fine Havana Leaf Tobacco .:J:anufacturer of FINE CIGARS My own selections directly from the 1 8 s'buth Fourth street, 119 South __ a1,fa. PHI.L&.D:ELPHI,'l, SNEERINGER & CO., 13 Sou&D. Howarcl St., RALTil!IOKJ!:, JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., PEORIA CIGAR BOX CO., JACOB L. FREY, Importers of Havana JID PACD:IIS 01' PACKERS OF LEAF .I.Dd Dealer In -SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Havana & Sumatra. TObaCCOl ao cerman st. Baltimore. Together '!ith the LA HGE8T Stoek et W e fBvJte t h e attention of Manufacturers to our 'PLUG-totoek of Dark Renveat e d wrapper., at 0! a.ny in the State of Ma.rylaad which we make a specialty. Dealer In and PaciLe r ot Henry Hoklas, Prop., L f T b ;I:LX:a. ea o acco Manufacturer ot all Styles or J Ct.gar Boxes, -AND DEALER IN-213 Weot K:bag Str-t, Cigar Manufacturers' Supplies. LANCASTER, PA. E. E. WENCK, M. KEMPER & SONS, E J VOREE, N.FUREY, GEO .A.FOREE. JAS. A. HENRERSON & GQ, L EAF TOBACCO Importers of Havana, Foree Tobacco Company, DEALEBS IN Gonunission lorckmt AND PACKEBS OF MANUFACTURERS OF Virginia and Nort-h Carolino s. w. cor charles & Lombard sts.. FINE. NAVY TOBACCO, Ba.l.'t:l2:11e>re, 1\t.l:d., :B.A.LT:J::ai!I:C>:X.._E, 1\t.J::J:)o LOUISVILLE, N,ilbell

SEPT. 12 BJUincss Directory of Adlcnlscrs. JIEW YOB.J[. IIHd IAGf ond lfovo,... Tobo Avo. l!llvertbau M &: Co. 306 to 311 E. 71ft 8tralton nard &: Co 208 Pe&l'l Garela F. lsro. &; Co. U7 Water Qo, A 1!10 Pearl Guerra Bennanoa. 172 Water Bav&Da 'l.'obaooO OJ. 192 Front Lopos, ()&IUto. & Co. S Cedar Loll'eDJOhn A. 187 Malden lane. osa,Do, J: endas & Co. 20SI Pearl l(artlnel 'Yoor & Cu., tN W&WU' llllranda I' &: Co. 2::2 l(onteJO I( A 1 Pearl. Oppenbellner Ferd. IIWden lane eatomoo G. II. Bros. 138 Ma.ideD lane .. laach"" o1: Co. 160 Front. l!allch !) Water jJolldder S. V. Ill. F P. 4 Cedar. BI&JD(ord ManufaCturing Co 1 llo.lda LaDe weaer .t 8terTT, Limited, 79 Pine. or L-1'0-lu. Anm1Jnb&U W&llace & Co. ll'land 81 S. WD!WD earenou Tur, 15-2:i Whitehall Hillier'& n. Sou Cou)pany, 46 Cedar Hac A.Dd.r( ws & Forbes, 65 Water Weaer /!1, Lhnited, 79 Pioe. a Argulmba.u. 2 and 4 Bridge .lfonutacturer ot Powdm'ed .lM:onu. Billier'f' B. Son Company, 46 Cedar Weaver a; Sterry, Limited,. ':i Pine. Bud Loaf 7-..o -J'In)lt Bcllmitt, !14ll,;.wery. )!Jr Cigar Fl, 113 J ohn FftM Alex. 4 BJ"98 9-2 Reade 1(0111eaume I H. & C... HiS C!Jambero Jlftrr. of Otgar Mo!dl. IUI.ler, Dllhrul d Pere,..lllfg Co., 418 E Slst o"Joc&urer Of COtnpOtCM Ti" loll. Tobacco, Medium. and Ti.ut4e. .... ()rNI A. F. It Co. 18 Central Wharl mg.r .atanurc&cturen .Aaeat Hitchcock. R. W ., 19 In and Lao: Jtanjfl otli'lne-0..1 ()'Mtc!ng &: !lmolring T ob. Beck A. & co. 44 anol 46 Dearborn WMJeUe Tob<'lcctmith anci M'J'r' AgttR&& Beet, B.-11 It Co Lak and 41 State !llnl'!ra. of 2'/n Fo1l. CrOOke John J 84 Franklin It BuYer yd -Seller el and Borapo &lid Wbaleoale Dealer 1n Leal TobacCO. PIDCOifo L. 43 S. Water TobacCO Dryer. Watt' s Uniform Tobacco Dryer, 88 Market CIJIClJIIJIIATI. O. ;!d:anufa.cturer s or Cigars. Kroha, :Feiss & Co., 7, 8, 9 E. 6th St. OI{JM B""' .uv;""'"" The Ill. D AJI>ro C',o. 686-711'7 W. 6th. Lea! TobaCco. llelet R. &. eo. Newburgh L., 143 W. Pear 7'otWJCCO oomUft01\ .Vtt'clulnta. Prague & M.ataon. and Front Jla.nutoe.."ren or Ci.DCJr Bona. Gelle Clgar-1>0:< Uo 9S Clay. TrOll. s. W 113-IOUI. Canal ll&llofacturer of TID Tap. llchlnoonJ. IIl. it. eo. 2211 W 2d and wcencral Av TobaManofacturero. DunlaP A. L. ol: Co. 118 E 2d Loa! Tof> &lid ll?n .... Lea! TobaCco Broker in Sumatra., Havana. and Seed Leaf. Oberhelman John, 811 W. 2d Jlflrt. or Oigar Jloi41. IIJI1er Dabrul it. Petera, 166-169 E. lid. t Mn!tn of Havana Clg&r F\aTor. ll'l'l.,.. Ale:<. & Bros. 46 E. ild. !llnftrs of tobaoco MachlnerJ. l(oQowaa Co. John R cLARKSVILLE T--. La. JamAR A.. & Co Blciak.-r CAGI Ba.a& L. B. 146 State st HOPKIJISVILLEt K7 Tobo<:OO Brolo.,., Tbompeon Gee. v. HAVAJIA TobaCCO and CJigar OQmn&U.W.. M .............. B&Tan& Toba.cco Co. 64 Prado ot Oigai'S. COrtioa y Gvmez, Calle Ue ll\. Estrella. 13:1:. M.lf&.Ullll. F lJ&1z ula. l( i liN Ord.GlX .lulio J. {)0 San Ygna.c1 o st RogeJ.l'edre, 49 street. HENDEBSOJI. lt7 tobaccO drokers. Sla.ughter G. G. HENDERSON, 1'1. C. TobaCCO BroJ&er. Lewis &: Thomas. .JANESVILLE and "'LBANY, WI --Wacker of and Dealer In Leaf Tobacco. GrolneF. C. KANSAS CITY, lll:o, WnolesaJe Dealen1 In Kofd and Bmkrr ToD--bmanand ()lgara, alllo Bmokera ArtlcleL I &. It Bro. li4l Delaw....,ll Dealera in. Ra.-(lna. atad .OO,....IItc Leo! Brokn'a Parry &: Croables. 2S Paradise Str.o,et. LONDOl'l, Ena. Tobacco, Cigar alld Leaf Grat! L. 6 J!eaollurch Bulldlugo, E 0. LOUISVILLE, K7 Pfug Tobacco McJ.nutaceur,.,., Foree T obacco Co. Meier w. G. &: f:J:" !'OOacco. Tobacco Broker Oall&wasr Jamee J'. corner Kightb ud Mat. Lewla, Rfch'd M 88.! Mala Imporur ot fl...,..,..; CI{Jaro. Wright V II. Tnb llnftrs' l+u.pplies, Lkonc e. Fl4oorl, etc. Jungbluth&:. Rauterberg, LYNCHBURG. v., Manufacturet"t liJ CiQorett.a Lone Jack Cigarette Co or Bwoktnc Toh&coo TobaocG Bolt..Schaefer eo. RILW"'UKEE, Wlo. Mnttrs ot Che-wing an.d .:1motlin.g Tobaoco. Adamo! F. F &: Co. Flint J G. &. Co. Manufacturer O/ G'tgar.. Graf Wm. &: Co. NEWARK, N.J. Manufacturers o! Tobacco. Campbweu .M.. & Co. Cbeomut Sana: J Rinaldo & Co. ::12 North \V ... Mr Teller Bro.bers. 117 .North Tblrd Vetterleln. J & Co .. 115 Arch Young&: Newman, 62 N. Front Importers of Havana Leaf. Alvarez J. 119 South 2d Portuondo, Juan F SS.nsom, Importers o! Havana and Sumatrb. Tobacco. Croa&h J B & eo, 11!4 Cb .. tnut. Ma.ft.UJacturer of CXaar Batchelor Bros. 1231 Chestnut, Boltz, Clymer&: Co. Dunn T. J. & Co. 207-209 N. Broad Jlloenlobr 0 ll3ti ]l(e.rket Freebie Ill. S 1 8 South 4th GraY. MoraleR & Co. 514 Ptne. Holloway & Swftlm, 706 Market La.l& de. Millo 8 29 8 11tb nd 802 Cbestnnt K&nK"e. Wiener & Oo. 1106 Monta-omerv aenoe Mecke C. W 1 Co., 1900 and 1906 North 6th Portuondo Juan F, 1114-1116 Sansom Tbe0bal4 a Oppenheimer. 111 Nortn 3d Mltrs of Fl&&-Cot &nd Bmoldng Tobacce. Frfahmuth Bro. &: Co, 151 N. 3d and 1128 Qu&rey Foopray A B. 6S II. Froat Mantifactourwl The Mellor& Rittenhouse Co., 21BNorth22d 11/1''1 .Ag.,., far Plug ,.,... -100 Keli:Y F. X. Jr.ltiArch (ftgM Boz Ln.IM/.11 ana 7'rlmmingl Barrla Gee. B ol: Bon, 716 Areh Ma,.u(actur.,.. o f BtJfpl< Scotch S....,. Stewart. Rslph It Co. 141 Areb Street. Importers and M.ftrs of Smokers' Articles. Zorn Geo 8L Co. St. PITTSBURGH, Pa. Mnfr o( Cited Jea:Do80n R. olt W 919 Libel., otreeC Jttanuf'n of Sr11o1! and 8moking Tobaeco, Weyman & llro. Ql:JINCY, IJJ. SI"P'" Pl"'l MO<:I>iM Brfnkop J )i. Flug Tobacco Press Adams Plug Tobacco Press Co. R.t.LlKIGU, N. C. r .... J Tob. O..h1mblan Block. Dibre_ w E. Lightfoot L H .. Tobacco Exchaoge Building w .... Jaa.ll. M,..,.,u.f cHtu u G/ Virgi.n:ia Cheroot&. Whltlod<, F. Mao:ti.\(deturer 0/7'obacBG{Ja. 111. lli\lhi .. r & Co 1110\1 Mala "\tnrr ot .. VIrginia. Star" Cheroots. ;dJ!lhlser Chas. 13 1 5 bOutn t3th D,OCHESTEl\.Jif. Y, 1!aH-t/lCtUR1' o{ S h:kkl." tl',nts Cut, "BLUJI BOll'' SUl.Vki:n.g,uud 'lmpet'iul .l..vti.(J Ov.t. \\ H Cli & W. HU .MJL. st .Vw, of J-nrtta ,. ana Pial" OUt TobllOOO aRd "Vunt-ttJ 1i"air11 Tobacco or.d Oiu1 a. .... Jaoob &. Mayer II & S:PX MANUFACTURERS OF FINE f&ARS, I AND DEALERS Il! LEAF TC>B.A.OCO. I 1014, 1016, 1018r 1020 SECONDAYENUIE, M. E. McDOWELL & CO.,' li 603 & 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHU, l 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET, lSTEVV Y'OR.:K. BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBAGCO CO.'S Cennine Dnrham Smokin[ Tobacco. New York, Boston. Pittsburg, Ghicago. St. Louis and Gincinnati. ISIDRO ARGUELLES, SPANISH CIGAR MANUFACTUill Proprietor ef Brana LA F A.M:A, LA T1JY A. LA RIT.L 172 PEARL ST.:; NEW YORK. R. President. W. J. BROWN, LICHTENSTEIN BROTHERS COMPANY. Incorporated September 6, 1886. &UOOEI&BO::E'I.& TO LICHTENSTEIN BRO_ S. & co., Factory No. 50, Third District, N.Y., BROWN & EARLE, Factory No. 1307, Third District, N. Y., Cor. 3!!itb Street and l8t Avenue. Cor. 38th Street an(l 1st Avenue, C>:BI.ce:-3Sth STREET and 1st AVENUE. 'Y'e>:rk. KAUFMANN. BROS. & BONDY, lmporte.a and of Ci[ar & Smokers ..... n .. aa a 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Salesroom :-129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Stea111 Cigar 'Box Factory. Tlte Large&'< in the Weot. as, 100 a::a.d. 102 :N or1:h CR::a.a:J. s1:., O:l.::a.o:l.::a.::a.a:t:l., o. Alao Maaulaotv.rer of the Veaeerecl ancl Imitation Cedar Cigar-Box Lumber. Sample furnillhecl oD Applloa.tion. Send for Price-List. The OJl)J' J.l'actery 1n ,...,. Wt 'hat ear .. les a complete llil\Ock of all Label. to thP United S(a.te. L. HICKSON & CO., PURCHASERS OF Virginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, Dan..v1.11e., va. Orclero and Correspondence oollcited. Beot of Refereaceo given. VALUE OF FOREIGJII COIJIS. Cents., Cent... AU15trla.-Florlnor gullItaly-Lira.... .... 19., der............ ...... 4 5.8 Japan-Yen........... W 1 BeJidum-Franc.. ... 19.3 LiOeria-Dollar ........ 100 Bolfvia-Pese...... 96. 6 Me:xico -Dollar. ..... Braztl-Milrels.. . 1\1.5 Norway-Crown. 28. t l!ritfsh N. America-Peru-Sol .. : : ... 3/l.e Dollar. ....... 100 Portug11l-Milre : s of Central Amer.-Peso.. 91.8 1,000 reis ............ $1 C8 gold.. .. 91.2 Russil-Rouble ot lOf Denmark-Crown... 26.8 kopeks .............. 7'3 Ecuador-Peso.,...... 91.8 Sandwich :Wands-Dol-Egypt-Pound nt 100 lar... .. .. .. .. .. tOO piasters ............. $4 97.4 SpainP er ata ol 160 ... .. 19.3 C Pntimes.... .. .. JQJ:. Great Britain-Pound Sweden-Crown ..... -2il 6 sterlin(l ............. $4 '"Wiizerland-Franc .. ltJ. 3 Greece_:_uracbma... ... 19,;, Tripoli-Mahbub of 20 Ger. Empire-Mark. 23.8 piasrers.... . . 82 9 Holl&a?rted, duty. Austnliian manufactured tobacco, madP._ aomestlo lear, 24 cents a. pound internal tax; made leaf, centS a pound tax.. BELGI1J :11-Leaf tobQ()OO and stems, 70 francs per 1111 ld los: manuf&.ctured tobacco, cigars and clga.rc.tte2l, SO.. !':4:-!C..'S per lod"lrilos: other kinds, including stripped tob&coe, 11lU fra.ucs 100 idlOII. CANADA-Oft toba.cco the excise duty" on foreign !eat which formerly was 20c per lb, but of late years bas bee' reduced M> 12c, i!ll restored to 20c. The duty on domestic leaf which up to 18&8 was Sc, and was then reduced to ic, i.e advAnced to 5c. The cuatoms duty upon tobacco snutl ie lil c....-<1 frouQIIO to lllc per lb, and..on 1m ported tobacco frolght t.h ei'P(\f, : 1s 6d per lb. In lie u of' the da"awbar'..k n.IJO\\'&.biA before l'lolay 8 t, l 8tl7 there is now allowOO the drawback o f Ss 3d named in section 1 of tbe Manufactured 'Yobacco Act:., 1863. and ci,goarette_q, 270 marks per t{IOkiJo.q duty Rmok!JtU' tobacco in tolls and flour, 1M natk" per 100 kiiOM .iuty. Prt'ssed 10bfiCCO, marks per _100 kilos dut. Lt>af tobacco and stems s .) mat ka hiO k11os duty. o r &temmt>d l eaf, 180 ru atkt per 100 k1los HOLLAND-To\mcco In rolls or leav&'l:l and unpress"d etems. rPr J (l() kilos; 2l ce1lLH duty _pflr 100 kil o s blA.nuracturP rl tobacco. sn\11'!, etc, S:J..SO dut y per l O tlkUos. Cigars, Sl.i d\lty per 100 kilos. 'fhe o f Austria, Frnnce. and S p ain jS CAJttro11Pd by ... undeJ the direction or tbo D. n r r .hm:p Heeelpta and Stock In all We&ern M.arketlt '(Reported by Wm. G. Meier ol: Co.) Receipts from Stocks on handt Jan. 1 to Sept. 1. Sept .. 1. 1888. 1807. 1888. 1887.. Louisville .... 41.914 92,581 33,122 37,080 Ciaclane.ti ...... 19,141 46,946 14. 0 80 20,890 St. Louis ....... 4 .851 9,683 5,607 8,285 Clarksville .... 36,060 1 2 ,406 14,531' Hopkinsville ... 5,306 11,44! 4,UB5 4.667. Paducah ....... 9 909 15 111 3 750 6,77 Nashville ...... 1 877 5 3 73 1.12 8 1, 735 EvanRville ...... 1 G56 079 1 .083 81' 3 Mayfi eld ........ 7.11 3 12 53L 2.822 4 .3 90 Tota.l. ..... 118 0 2 8 78 ,033 98,655 Frel:.:,ht UateJJ Ill Re&fJheadM Per Ponnd11. ..J (R.eported by E. C. Franke ot Co.) L ur,vtLLE. K Sept 1. 1888: York. R1ltimore;.. Pllilndelphia. New' 27c: Now Orleans by rivltimnrt>,. 36J.ic; Philadelpl)ia,37J.ifl: N.,w Orleano, 21c Ma.yfield-:io w York, 4le; Baltimvre, 38c;: Phila.delpbia, 39c; New Orleans. 25c. UNITED STATES lNI'ERJIIAL B.EVENVK TAX ON TOBACCO. Cl,ars. r'omestic nnd Imported. SS per Mi weighing not o ver three Jbs per .!!, citlarette8 and <.httroots weighing ov.-r throo lbs per i\: 13 per .M; manu!a.cturtd tvbacco and snuft', per pouud Be. CHARGES FOR LICENSES PER ANNUM. Manufacrurers llf cigars, cigarettes and cheroot!ll, $6;.. manufacturers o r tobacco and snutr, $8i dea.ler.i in manu f a ct-ures of tobaO per rwJss. And!) pe1 cen ad valorem. Common clay pfpes, M"' per cent. a J valorem; parts of p i p es, ':'5 po.r cent. ad ,a.lnr ... rn: tdl smttkers' articles, 'ili per cent. ad valorem; 1muffb oxes and chewing tobacco pou...:hes, M p e r cent. aa valorem. -The cigar store of City Councilman James Keen, of Bridgeton, N. J ., wai en t ered by burglarq lately and a l arge qua.:ttity of tobacco and cigars was carried off. TOBACCO MACHINERY, TOOLS SUPPLIES FOB GROWERS AND MAJIUFACT11REBS OF TOBACCO. ::et .a,., FC>::E'I.::E'I.E&T .,_, OC>., :a!l:a::a.'U:fao1:-u.rer General Agents: New York Tobacco :Machine Co., r:=-c=:::l ""r.:j r:=-......a c= E:"S :z: til !""' en(4\ s:::z. d e.-, 0 -co :.0 Cll SILAS C. HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of leaf Tobacco, H"'TFIELD, BASS. PRAGUE & MATSON, I 04 John St. & 9 .Platt St., P. 0. Box 2183, Leaf Tobacco NEW YORK. BROKERS AND REHANDLERS, CINCINNATI. 0. B. DIAZ & CO., Im.portera rC HAVANA' ,LEAF TOBACCO, -) ( ,, ( 4.. ; '\/-'-JIEW YORK.


Y2 THE TOBACCO LEAF. SEPT 12 GRAY I co., BLACKWELL'S DURHAM. TOBACCO. Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE l HONEST,. POPULAR,l Is the Most UNIFORM, RELIABLE 1 Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market. lAND SATISFACTORY J t \ HAVANA CI&AIS, Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce rt THE VERY BEST, Situated the immediate sec Lion of country that produces a grade of Tobacco that in texture, For tea or years :veil' s Durham Smoking t the most saW:factory I Thomas Carlyle o1Hen smoked together PINE PHILADELPHIA, PA flavor and quality is not grown elsewhere in the. world, the popularity of these goods is only VERY BEST .. limited by th11 quantity produced. We are in pcsition to Gommand the choice of all I. I han found ftO iobacco on comiofferings upon this market, and spare no pains or expense to give the trade the J'. CIGAR BOX :iiA.N'UFACTURER, AGENT FOR 'Tl:iE a1ar. Agent for the Williams Little Clant Bunching Machine. fJG!R MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIE&. DltALEll IN SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LUMBER. 2109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. Estahliahed about 1570. GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG, :J:>ETDII:C>X.:J:>, G-E:EI.llWI:.A..:N "'2'" :&1:1121 'bo-rBiaow Oarda and l'auo;r Lahela fo., :a-, Wine, Fruita Preaervioo, Cigar Box, _Labels a Specialty. llew Dealcaa l'or Private Laliela OD hand. Orden receive bJ' ECKMEYER. .1: CO., U Beav81" Street, :Wow York, Sole Aceata. KIMBALL, CROUSE & CO., 36 WABR.Elf ST., NEW YORK, M.UfU)f.A.OTl!RERS OF mGH GRADE CIGARS. AND DEALBRS IN E.m.A.:Ii'" l'aoto..;r 186, 2d Diat., N, Y, Bole I'Npr!etoi'!I o! the following BI'8Bds:-GVATEIIJ:AL.4., JIROJioZE IDEa .... ROSA DEL NORTE, RIO HOND8t PL"JR DE VIOLB'rTA., EL PRIMERA, PLOB DB LA PERICHOLBt -J D'.l:. L.A J Anderson a Co., !II.!.NUFACTURERs Ol" THE A ._OE/' Devv'' a:n.d. o"ther FINE tUT AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and & 16 LIBERTY STREET, .A..:u.d. 119 a.:u.d. '121 Cedar 11!!11: N'EJ'gV" SPANISH liC.ORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU & TUR," formerly "P I LA R." -MANUFAGTURED BYCARENOU & TUR. J' AOTOR.U:S: ZARAGOZA, SP AIX. Office: Kemble Building, 15 Whitehall St., N.Y. 00 0 rn Sole Ageat,o for the Statea of North Oaroll.aa and VirCfnia, DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. DWION EXTRACT :J!J811!!1ENO:EJ C>:ll" Hi VANA GIGAR Ft*VOR T:FI.:Z:P :Z:..E OC> N OENT:EI..A.. "X'E:J:>. FILLERS. FOR BOXES. B"' Price per pint, S6; per gallon, :f46. 1aea. P.; & 00 HANUF ACT11RERS OF HAVANA mGABS, a:n.d. N"eoogv 'York.. Office and Sale!l'rooms: No. I 7 Warren St., New York. I ALWAYS ON HAND KU WEST HAVAnA CUTTINGS AND TABLE SCRAPS. -........ __ ..... ______ The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO 1LANVFACTORY. 118T.I.BLJ5DD lnL d.&IILft L. L.a.rr .._,.ea&o .7 OC>X.'C'D.ct::EI:Z:.A.. &T:EI.:I!I:I!JT, JSr:Jil'gV" "'2'"C>:I:'I.:&;. -IIAI'o'UFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATEDPLAIN J'I]{E OUT Cl.HEWING TOBACCO IN .BLUE PAPERS &lSI 'C'FP&1 Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman II!!I:Z:G-N .A.. X.. '' ODe Oz, Poll, .&lao, Plrot and 8eeond Quality Smoklllll'1 Ia Blue Papero. SWEETENED FINECUTDark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. lllA.Y APPLE and PRIZE LEA.II' PINECUT.Ia Poll. ALLEN a! GINTER, :J:>, 'V' ..a..., CigafeitOs & SnlOkioi fiib8cco New York Depot ................ 23 Warren Street. Chicago Depot ........ 120. Dear.born Street. San Francisco Depot ...... 226 California Street. Depot' in 'London, England .. ss' Hoi born Viaduct. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAO, 2 and' Briqe St., New YOI'Jt:. tp,O, Importers of Fine Licorice Paste, R.OOT, OLIVE OIL, .t:o. We otr ... for Sale the EXTRA. !'IKE ..... t; L I.l\ N{) .._ ____ _, IMPORTED LICORICE BRA !I'D, Very Plae and Pare, Ia ea-lll&O lba; 31& laba eaeh. 't,'fl Brand Spanish Licorice. A. Real Good Artlole. In .,._ Ziti lbo. tli'Cia Ptr Rll //"' z )1\\ <. .'\ /r.. '\ .. n './ J\ / ( y .... '\:" ROSES, 'NEW YORK, KI!!IUBT. li! ... ISTM:O, VEGUEROS, OUR TEBBJTORY, samples furnishe d upon app)icatiou. 'gV":J:x..::w NOT :m'V .A..POR..A..Tm. 1 ll&;:.,plebottles a.t 82 to make ONE GALLON of STRONG li'L.4.VOB eent on reoelpt o! amount. WE ALSO MANUFAC'l'URE DBA !I'D. Pure and or Good F1aoror. Llaorioo Root. Ordlaar;r a; 8el8Cited, In Bales and Bundle s, POWDERED LICORICE PASTE, Ground from Fiuest Imported. 11 STBAITON & STORM, XEW All Cigars of onr Maanfactrrre bear, the 'J hateraal Revenue N11.111her of our J'actor;r, / ll ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. CIG.4.1L COLORS Dry and In Liquld. All SPECIA.L PL.4. VORS, it desired, made to order J. H. MERCENTIME & CO., 158 Chambers Street, New York. LICORICE PASTE! lHE STAMFitRD MANUFACTURING CO .LG7 DIJ:.A..%X)3DN X.ANEJ, N:I!I"VV "'2'"e>:FI.B:. The l'r&de having demanded & Sttper!or and Cheaper' Article lba.n tjvo.t, blthorto uoed, this Compu;r iloma.nuf8f!turlng,and otrerlng !or sale, LICORiCE PASTE (under the ol<> <*mtord" brand) of & QUAIJT'f _.,data PRICIII whlcla can hardly fe.iJ to be to all glvi&g It a ., Spanish Cedar -JOB. 218. rw. BBd. CIGAR BOXES. MANUFACTURERS oF sPANISH AND c:E:Il Standard Wire Nails.. LIC OBICE PA!rl B. FootofEast lOth & lith St. ........ '"=' Jeaee ALSO JL .t: '8.. I'IR.AlrtJ aTICK LI08R.IOE, ALL IIZES. &. v:-. &. P. l'IIAl'fUP.&CTURERS OP LICORICE PASTE 'POWDERED LICORICE ROOT .1: POWDERED EXT.LICORIOE, Alae 'DEALERS in DR. UGS BJ>d LICORICE ROOT, 4 Cedar S1:ree1:, near Pearl Street, Ne"'D''T "'2'"ork. D. BUCHNER a The Miller, Co., 133, .. Creaselelss Vert1cal Jop, li!ANUFAGTURERS OFiPlng & Fine Cnt Chewing & Smoking Tobaccos, Snntf & Cigarettes. GOLD COIN GHEWING TOBACCO. Tin Lined. & Flange Top moLDS, C:l.gar l;lhape:rs. Etc" j Manufacturers of aU 413 E. 31st. Street,_ cc)r. let J Brands formerly Manufnc l661 167 A 169 E. Pearl St.; 0.. I t tured by Thos. Hoyt & co ,J. G. BLANCHARD, 11 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans. La., Depot a Aaenc:v for the Pacifio Coast .... '; ... aoo A 30& San Francisco. Cal. I RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, ZU:aaufaeturera ot FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 A 24 Cold St., Ne"PPT "York. JI1IXTtiEB FOR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THRE:E KINGS, Turkif;h, Perique and Virginia. MELLOW liiiXT"UKE, Trldsh and Perique, TURKISH and VIRGINIA. PERIQUE and VIRGIJIIA, COENUINE TURKISH. FLAKE OuTs, EsPECIALLY ADAPTED FOR THE PIPE. 'V'a:u.:l1:y Fa:lr. 8a.12XLA&'"'U.:z:1d:l., Granulated, .A. New Mixture. Vanity Fair, Superlative and Cloth of Gold Kimball's SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People et reflned tsete who desire exceptlonaJiy ftne Cigarettes should use oo2y our Cut, ,.,t up In satin pa.ckots and boxes o! lOs, llOs, 50s and l 00s. Our Cigarettes were never so flne as now They cannot De for purity and excellence. tniy the purest Rice Paper used. Eo&abllobed J 846. 14 Plrot Prlze M:edai o WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, fl. Y. Grand Hotel Pasaje, O'U."ba. -= 'a c::L. as Q) ... ,..... .. QQ S :II ..!!:! = u -01:1 Q) ..... = (#J S .... 01:1 II c:::t. CD E en 0 "ni c.') 0 ::E -= c:::t I: """' -CD cz:a :::=-'!'he LARGEST and only FIBSTCLASS HOTEL on the Island o! Cuba; situated In the best part o! &he city. Enlarged, improved, new sanitary a.rranr;ements, new management. Kept under Amerlc&D aad European plans. Completu for strangers. P.M. Castro & Co., Proprietors. ... I I Eagle Brand Powdered Liaorioe, Made from ihe Fi11est and Sweetest Root, tree frem any Adulteration OLIV.E OIL. "Anch o r brand of superfine pure OIL. In C&8e8 10 one gallon uti cans Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed, & CO., l'llanufilct-..ra ot Fino Gnt & .l.nd Dealenla SNUFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c., Whele-le and Belall. H-221 Brida-e St., Newark. B. 3. Jacob Henkell, 1'11.4.l'fVPA.CTIJBEB OP CI&AB BOXES. SUPERIOR MAKE AND PRIME QUALITY OJ' Cedar li!ANUFAGTURER OF ALL KINDS OF Cigar-Box Labels, 297 Monroe St. New York. llofianco Manufactory. t.o D,. Hl.rch & Co 229,231 a: 233 E. flat St., New York. The followiBg Brands and Trade-marks beW.. the sole and exclusive property &f the DEFLOiCB CIGAR MANUFACTORY, any one &DJ'Where with in the reach ot the Jaws of the land who wDl Imitate in any manner any ot these brands and trademark-s, o : r use any name or label thereof, w1Jl q once be proseeuted just the same as any thief who Would steal any other valuable P<'rsonal property:-Deflanme, lllephlsto, Jupiter. Old Judl!e, Sigma, Moss Rose, Our Boys Samson. None-such SUCCMR. Snow Flake, Hearts' Delight, rllgTIJing, Game Rooster, Virgin! us, Pluck. BllprlstJ Meg Gul liver, Pla.ntag6Det. Fearnaught, The MontezUma. Commer.cial Club, Boston Club. Unl.-ersal. St&D. dard, Solid V&lue. Tbe Fashion, Lone OoJdea Curls, Falstatr, El. Eogagno, Plcadillo The Bark-Las Gracias. Factory No. 973, 3d aon. Dist. NewYmt D. HIRSCH, General M ........ Hamilton & Lilley, HANUFAOTUBERS OJ' TIN.TAGS All graclea of Plaia,Oolored Emllo .. ed, and Enameled Tago Made to Order 38 BRIDGE ST., BROOKLYN, N. Y


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