Eye of the Beast

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Eye of the Beast

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Eye of the Beast
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Tampa, Florida
Church of the Apocalypse
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v. : ill.


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Underground press publications -- Tampa -- Florida ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )


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Description based on: Sept. 4, 1970.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Eye of the Beast

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Sept. 4, 1 --, ... :.. .... .. : :.. .. church of the apocalypse pobox 9218 tampa, fl 33604 FR!


WE /litE A WE ARE A Ntw NAT!UN. WE BELIEVE IN LIFE. PE(JPll AND WE WANT TO LIVE NOW. WE WANT TO BE ALIVE 24 HOURS A DAY. NINE-TO-FIVE AMERIKA DOESN'T EVEN LIVE ON WEEKENDS. AMERIKA IS A DEATH MACHINE. IT IS RUN ON AND FOR MONEY WHOSE POWER DETERMINES A SOCIETY BASED ON WAR, RACISM, SEXISM, AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE PLANET. OUR LIFE-ENERGY IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE MACHINE. SO THEY'RE OUT TO STOP US. THEY HAVE TO MAKE US LIKE THEM. THEY CUT OUR HAIR, BAN OUR MUSIC FESTIVALS, PUT COPS AND NARCS IN THE SCHOOLS, PUT 200,000 OF US IN JAIL FOR SMOKING FLOWERS, INDUCT US, HOUSEWIVE US, EASY-RIDER MURDER us. cal care, that this society is 'not providing us with. We will begin to take control of facture and distribution, and stop the flow of bad shit. We will make sure that every one has a decent place to live: we will fight landlor.ds, renovate buildings, live communally, have places for sisters and bro thers f rom out-of-tow n, and -for runaways ana freed prisoners. We will set up national and international transportation and communication so that we can be together with our sisters and brothers from different parts of the country and world. We will fight the unnatural division between cities and country by facilitating travel and communication. We will end the domination of women by men, and children by adults. The well-being of our nat.ion is the wellbeing of all peace-loving people. WE WILL HAVE PEACE. We cannot tolerate attitudes, institutions and machines whose purpose is the des_truction of Jives, the accumulation of "profit". But we wi 11 continue to grow and live. Schools and universities. are training us for We are young, we have beautiful ideas about roles in Amerika's empire of endless war. the way we should live. We cannot allow them to _\:!.S e us for the profiteers. and to care for one another. Companies that produce waste, poisons, germs We are 1 ivi.ng in the capita 1 of the wor 1 d war being waged against life. We are not good Germans. We who are living in center of Babylon must make it our strategic center. We can and must stop the death machine from butche_ring -the plar:'et. And we will defend our freedom because we. can't live any other way. and bombs have no place in this world. We w;)l shut.'the downt We will continue to seize control of our minds and our bodies. We can't do it in their' schooJ.s, so we'l(l take them over or. create our own. We do it in their army, so we'll keep them from taking our brothers. We can't make it in their so we'll only work to survive. We can't relate to each other like they do--our nation is based on cooperation, not competition. We will provide for all that we need to build and defend our nation We wi 11 teach other the true history of Amerika so that we may learn from the past to survive in the present. We will teach each other the tactics of self"-defense. We will provide free health services: birth control and abortions, drug medi. SPEED KILLS! l!ywood, Cal --Frank Zappa once sald:"l wouJd like to suggest that yOU don't use ,and ,here's why:lt ls to mess up your heart up II ver, your rot v.our mind. 'In ... "'""" 'nl, this drug will .you just II ke your moffler llnd fathilr" .. TAMPA YIPPIE WAVES FLAG AT KIRK DINNER (SEE 11KIRK-YIPPIE PARTY''.PGE. 2) MILITARY PLANNr'NG.:.._The et'ack Party' .was denied use of the Destrict of Columbia National Guard Armory for its upcoming Revolutionary People's Convention of the grounds that it might -interfere with a calling up of the guard. FITTING: The House of Representatives. withoUt objection voted Sept. 30 'to designate the week of Aug 1-7 "National Clown : week. 11 C I own Week was a I ready passed by 'the Senate. The Chief clown is expected to sian the resolution into law. 'WE WILL MAKE OUR NEW NATION FIT FOR LIVING THINGS. We Amerika's technology and use it -to build a nation based on love and respect for all life. Our is not about the power of a few men but the right of all ani mals and plants to play out their natural roles in harmony. We will build our communities to reflect the beauty inside us. Peop I e a II over the wor I d are f i n g to keep Amerika from turning their into parking lots! WE WILL BE TOGETHER WILL ALL THE TOGETHER PEOPLES OF THE EARTH. Pig Empire is ravaging the globe, but the beautiful people everywhe r e are fighting back. .New Nation is one with the black, brown, req and yellow nations. Che said: "You North Ameri kans very I ucky. You live in the heart of the beast. You are fighting the most important.fight of all, ir the center of the battle. If I had my wish I would go back with you to North Amerika to fight there. I envy you." ABBIE VS BANKS--11Ya see that bank over there? (Abbie points to the Second Nation. a I Bank.) For seven bucks you can r e nf. a safety deposit box for Ya put. a mackeral in it. (Ya k now, a fish). After about a month they can smel l i t A fter three months they can figure out where it comes from. But they can't open the b ox without you and they can't find, you cause you took it u n de r a n assumed name. So the y gott a m o ve the f u ckin' bank. For sev e n b u c ks." -.


. vo icil oi the Vicar It will go hard tor youscribes and Pharisees --hypocrites! You are like white-washed tombs. They are beautiful on the outside, but inside they are full of dead mens bones and rotting flesh! MATTHEW 23 : 27 The Hillsborough County Grand Jury found Sheriff's Deputies-Fairfax and Chiles had committed a J11jus' t ifiab1El homi cide11 when they shot Roy Arthur Rettig in the back. The grand jury ardved at these factual conclusions: 1. Detective Fairfax and Detective Chiles were acting within the scope of their official duties at the time of the arrest of Roy Arthur Rettig. 2. Detective Fairfax and g _etective Chiles were possessed of probable cause for the arrest of Roy Arthur Rettig on the charge of Possession of Narcotics. 3. Roy Arthur Rettig was fully advised of the authority and the purpose of the deputies in arresting him. 4. Roy Arthur Rettig was advised at the time of his custody that he was under arrest for possession of narcotics, resisting arrest with violence, both being felonies and assault. 5. Roy Arthur Rettig escaped from the lawful custody of the deputies. 6. At the time Detective Fairfax fired his weapon, neither of the deputies were of the, belief that custody of Roy Arthur could be regained by pur t "or by ar'ly other means. The questions remain unanswered are these: Ifthe-deputies were acting within their official duties, what they doing drinking 111a small quantity. of draft beer?ll Who was the confidential informant and just how reliable was he? What happened to the witnesses who said that the deputies didn't properly iden tify themselves to Rettig? When was Rettig advised of his rights? What was the white powdered found in Rettig's pockets? was the quantity of marijuana found in pockets enough to see? Why doesn't the grand jury report mention what the white powdered substance was? Why was all the information concerning Rettig's alleged activ{ties included when it is obvious that the deputies knowledge of it while they were attempting to arrest Rettig1 Why does the grand jury report speak of a partially fenced enclosure when the enc 1 osure. is c0111p 1 e tely enc 1 osed by a wire 1fence at _least seyen feet high with a barbed wire attachment on top? Why weren It the deputies of the be 1 {ef that they could regain cu s tody of Rettig? (Rettig had been :11supduedll al')d roughly handled by the deputies and was inside a completely fenced State Attorney Spicola said that intentionally falsified, misleading information. was spread at rallies at USF. Unless Mr. spicola is speaking about the stuff Chief Prehle said at the rally, he is mistaken or a S 1 andere!-. The grand jury report and its conclusion. puts Mr. spicola_ s and Sheriff Beard1s credibility into perspective. The ACLU has called for another inves: tigation by the Justice Department and a hearing before a federal grand jury. It is improbable that the feder.al agencies wi 11 it_ upon themselves to dispute the findings of a local grand jury, particularly after Mr. Nixon's law and order rampage halted the Department's civil rights campaign. The people at USF who hoped to find out more specific information are out of luck. Any witnesses who testified before the grand jury or who gave sworn testimony may not offer that i -nformation under penalty of a fine and/or 1mpr1son ment for contempt of court. in Hillsborough County means a whitewash for and six feet of cold ground for -Whenjustice isn1t available through established, legal channels, justice wi-1 1 be sought through extr-a -1 e9,_a J channe 1 s any means necessary. COiJfpQiJtatioiJ at _US F -In a final meeting on Friday afternoon, Tampa, Fla. -.Sheriff's deputies and the dean announced that the affair was out Tampa police arrested 53 people for defy-of his hands, but that anyone who was try-ing a court injunction against an alleged ing to get people to leave the event would llrockll festival s cheduled after an official not be arrested. He could not guarantee Student Mobe Candle-light March and Rally. that the named organizers would be exempt, The events were held on the University of however. South Florida campus at the football field. During a discussion with officials of This was the first major confrontation betheSheriff1s department late Friday night, tween police' and students at the university. the responsibility for calling for the ar-The confrontation came after a weekof ac-rests by deputies was placed squarely cusations made by the university administra-on .the un-iversity administration. In an tion and the County Commissioners, alleging attempt to avoid the conf rontation, plans that a llrock festiva111 was going to take to stop the music but allow the remaining place and that the visible radicals were people to disperse at their own disgression, the instigators. were given to the were re-The first announcement of the event came jected as unsatisfactory. Tfhe music had in the EYE OF THE BEAST, distributed on the stopped by this time.) campus Monday, and in a leaflet calling for The deputies were called in and the a llcelebration of 1ife11 handed out Tuesday. arrests were made. Most of the people Herbert Wunderlich, Dean of Student Affairs, arrested weri caught at places other than interpreted the event as a 11rock11 festival the site of the event: on Crescent Hill; and proceeded to make preparations tQ stop in dormitories; or on the streets, at-the affair. a cursory investigation tempting to leave. One professor who the dean brought the information to the a was working to get people to leave quietly, attention of the university executive com-was arrested in the presence of one of mittee and the acting President, Harris the university administrators, who made Dean. The committee decided to take action no attempt to try to avoid this arrest. to stop the activity and took their allega-Most of the people were arrested on tions to the County Commissioners, who charges of disorderly conduct or tresfiled for the injunction. passing. Two of those arrested Wflre The made no attempt to find out charged with resisting arrest. from those he accused as being the lead-The court. date for those ers what the nature of the affair would was set-for November 12, 1970 at 9:30 be nor any other of the specifics. He in J.P. Court #1 in the HillsboroJgh finally called for information in a County Courthouse Annex. meeting after the commissioners had al-ready filed for the injunction. The EYE OF THE BEAST had the oppor.. ............................ .-.... .to interview one of the trio accusPCAC ACTION The Florida Peace Action Committee held two days of intensive anti-war activities, Friday and Saturday, October 30 and 31st. Its activities were held as part of a nationally coordinated, locally organized and sponsored peace offensive. Peace rallies, marches, and demonstrations were held in Tampa and thirty other target cities. While attendence was not as massive as the demonstrations last May or earlier in November of 169, it included large numbers of people who had not participated in These groups were Chicanos, labor union members, and many otherwise unaffected mi middle Americans The activities in Tampa were kicked off with a rally and candle-light march held at USF. Music and speakers were the order of the evening, with about 2000 people attending. The candle-light march started at about 10:30 and involved as many as 1500 marchers. The marchers walked six abreast and strung out for a half mile. The march was routedaround the USF campus. As the marchers returned, the speakers began. Featured speakers were from USF Student Government and the Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam. The theme was Immediate Withdrawal From Vietnam. The 'SMC activities ended -before midnight. The Friday evening event was marred by an attack on the group by Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department. The attack was brought about. by the defiance of an injunction against an 11rock11 festival that was scheduled to take place after the rally. 53 people were arrested for various offenses. The organizers of the 11officia111 Peace Rally. denied having any part in the festival. The SMC tried to convince people to leave, to avoid an incident with the police. Not many moved. Saturday, October 31st, was the day for the downtown, approved, march and rally. About 500 people took par t in the march and rally at the Federal Building on street. The event was somewhat anti-climactic after the confrontation early that morning on the USF campus Several hardhats were on the scene The leaders of the march pleaded for the marchers not to desecrate the flag or carry NLF flags, in order not to antagonize the hard-hats. The march was carried off without in-cident. Featured speakers were: Bonnie Epticart of National SMC, Bill Cass, a Vietnam veteran, Linda Jenness-of 'SWP, Lola Leeds, Katherine Knight, Ja.ckie Frank Lord, SWP candidate for Florida Governor. The speakers all called for the immediate withdrawal of all troops from spoke of_ Nixons peace hoax r and the murders at Kent St. last May. PEACE NOW! ed b.y Sheriff Beard of leading others into a violation of the court order issued to prevent an alleged llrock11 festival. Fred Higdon answe(ed our questions concerning the sheriff's charges and the incident that occured at the university Friday night. BEAST: Fred, give us your opinion of Beard. Fred: With a Sheriff like this cqmmunity need the Mafia. BEAST: Beard is quoted as saying that his men 11Jeaned OVer backwards11 tO keep from arresting people. What do you think that means? Fred: Not much. Only about 'twentY. of_ those arrested were caught' at the field where the rally was held. Beard's men had to go as far as Crescent Hill and inside the dorms to bring the toll up to 53. I1d like to see them when they are really trying. BEA.ST: Beard is quoted as saying that and Deaton were down at headquarters saying that you were on his side. Fred: Bullshit! We figured we needed some credible witnesses. The onlv oe.oole the courts are credible are Beard and his cronies. A t no time did I say I was on his side. If he thinks so, he's mighty ignorant. BEAST: Beard says in the Tribune that you 11protected yourself.11 What Fred: That means that I obeyed the law like I always do, even though think the injunction is a crock of shit. BEAST: What did you do for the people who were arrested? Fred: We spent the day ('Saturday) at the jail bailing people out. We're arranging for lawyers for them, too. BEAST: Beard says your not worth follow: ing because you didn't stick around. Fred: In the first place, I1m not Jeading anybody. In the second place, Beard wanted me to stay around so he could get me. irresponsibleenough to sug j!est that I break the law. BEAST: Just what was your part in ffie alleged Fred? Fred: I really enjoyed Brute Strength, but the first three speakers sounded like commies to me. FUN AND GAMES DEPARTMENT --Another Sat urday evening Yippie party was held on' Crescent Hill at USF. Over 6()0 peop 1 e :got it on with the Acme. Blues Band. At !about 11:30, the USF security force with chief Prehle in the lead, arrived to stop Mor.e than 200 of the partiers expressed dissatisfaction with Prehle1s decision to end the-festivities by shouting, dancing around, and otherwise messing with the security After about an hour of yippie-guerilla activity the officers 1 ef. t toi nves ti gate .the theft of a tape-deck from a car parked in one of the parking lots. fhe evening's came to an uneventful close, shortly later.


' Kirk -Yippie PaRTy! YIPPIES GET IT ON WITH THE GOVERNOR--Sun-. day, Oct. 251 several thousand folks were treated to spaghetti and good country music at the free dinner sponsored by Governor Claude Kirk and the Yippie Subcommittee -for Political Consumables. Lots of friendly Yippies led the way to joy, waving the Yippie flag and the red and black flags of revolution and anarchy, as Lowry Park was filled with down home pickin' and the happy sounds of celebration. Eddie Scott and his band twanged out lots of country. fav-orites, plus some good old rock and roll, and Eddie said it was the best audience he had ever played to. Kirk and his lieutenant governor candidate, Ray 11Smasl:! the State" Osborne, signed autographs in spaghetti _:;auce for their fans. Eddie and the Yippies said they can't wait to do it again, without.the grumpy --. -NCWS FRO WI 'BABYLON' YOUNG LORDS SEIZE CHURCH--Armed members cf :AMERICA 1 S TOP COPS GET A SHINY NEW TOOL-..: Young Lo.rds Party !)ccupied .the Fir'st President tHxon scowled into the cameras. Spanish .. MethoiiTSt in the Eas t -Har-"This billgives us the means for a total Jem barrio Oct. 18 demanding that the chur-war against crime," he told the specially ches facilities be made available for com-selected and carefully frisked assemblage munity services. They are also pressing of legislators, government officials, and for an investigation of prison conditions: newsmen who had been gathered tq attend by a group of clergymen. The ac d ari came the ceremonial signing of the fn the wake of what police desc r -ibed as "Law and Order" bill--the "suicide" Oct. 15 of Julio Roldan, a the one Attorney Genera Mit .chell has been KIRK AND HIS LT.-GOVERNOR SIGN YIPPIE Young Lord, in the Manhattan House of De, crying for ever since Nixon's team tention--the hellhole known as the Tombs. into office. Standing on the stage at N1X-' .GOV'T DROPS BOBBY SEALE'S CHICAGO CONSPIR-__ hanged on's s { 'ae were Attorney General Mitchell, ACY RAP; CONTEMPT SENTENCE AND NEW HAVEN The Younq Lords have presented J. Edgar Hoover himself, the Senate's law CHAR'GES: STAND--One year and a half after evidence that Ro-ldan wa' s 'beaten to'death' 'n order patriarch John L. McClellan, and arresting Bobby Seale on charges of by prison guards and then hanged with his Deputy Attorney General Richard Kllfidienst, cross state lines with intent own belt. -Goldwater's campaign manager. They stood to incite a riot," for giving a speech at erect, looking as stern as their chief. the 1968 Chicago convention demonstrations, BERKELEY, CALIF.--The first of ten People's "Everyday we read in the papers about some the Government was forced to drop charges Park cases--policemen accused of new senseless act of destruction," thP against the young chaif'!'an Black the civi 1 of people they shot .. ':'r}!l9 President complained. "This should b e a these acts lost its case aginstBob.by when his seven' end: the cop was Lawrence L. (sabotage of military and judicial buiJd.,: co-defendants in the Conspiracy 8 trial Riche was fqund innocent of violating the ings) that we are not going to tolerate acquitted of the conspriracy charge. Civil rights of William Rundle, 17, when these activities,'' the President told the ift-would seem inappropriate to try Seale he shot hill( on May 15, 1969. Riche still as armed and secret alone on conspriracy charges," the U.S. has to _M!o_c>ting three o_!her .service agents with walkie-talkies guardedd. Attorney Five of the other sev'persons the same day. Funny thing about it entrance-to the building. After sign-en were sentenced to five years on les.ser was that the jury didn't believe him. when ing the bill, Nixon handed it ceremoniously .,-charges, and all seven and both their lawhe said he didn't shoot Rundle. As the to Mitchell and Hoover saying, "Gentlemen; yers were given up to four years for <.;"'nforeman said: "We had no doubt he did I give_ y,ou the t!JQls. You do the Jl?,b"' tem_ pt of court. shoot Rundle Our trouble was over his ''We-wil'-l," t;he two firmly replied. intent. We found the force exerted was FAMILY rROVIDES FREE proper within Constitutional limfts. We RUNAWAYS BEWARE: PUBLICATION TO HELP HUNT Family Kitchen, a group of "non-political had a reasonable doubt about Riche's inYOU __ The National Missing yo _uth Locator kids" who have been giving free dinners at' tent. There was a riot that day. There is a new publication to aid in tracking the University of South Florida every night 1were a lot of things going on. So he shot down runaways. The publication is mailed for the last couple of weeks, are now !him." to 4800 law enfor:cement agencies, to dinner at 5 p.m. each day at the ONE MILLION OUT--HIGHEST SINCE '46--There every county, and to 2300 private investi-Episcopal Student Center of USF. are about one million workers on strike gators in the us. The publicationputs Good old Dean Wunderlich issued an h t th h d f th h in mid-October 1970, almost four times the P o os 1n e an s o e c w o can order to "cease and desist" to the Kitchen th th h t d f h Jd _number of a year ago. en use e p o os as groun s or o 1 ng last week, .saying that though he "empa -.-----------------------,suspected runaways until positive identi-thized11 witli the students, the Kitchen fication is made. was a mena.ce to public .health. Jim Fink JIOIW/ I ..... of the Family Kitchen said the county Editors' note: This is the last in a ser-Board of Health has given the Kitchen ies of 4 articles on how to end the war in approval to serve its dinners to the people Southeast Asia. It is an expression of at the Episcopal Center. the staff of the EYE OF THE BEAST. Looking to the _Jim promises, "Free Kitchen is going to serve the 'people as 1 ong as 1 re rhungry .... The war in Southeast Asia is a symptom ()co z"'"' 01 g: of the sickness that exists in Amer.ica. war exists because of the policies, S: 01 'i".t:; .tf > tl both economic and po 1 i ti ca 1, of the ted CD Cll S' t;j .: () > o () States government, not in spite them. i i. 5 il It continues because the Vietnamese peop 1 e flf::sf:0 iriexhaustably, valiantly, struggle for :s [CD 1-'c .. liberty,, self-determination; life and ::s8.o.'tl CD ..,. c:::.; a o peace ..., S: 1; S. I:!P The war is the lo!Jica1 manifestation of /t;Bl('l CD -i S' 5 8' t: an econani C SYS tern that demandS a !ti ally ex'panding market, a large labor sur. --'i ..., ::s '!e i:J' plus (or a very cheap 1 abor market) 1 and f1f J ..,;: ..-g.mi 1cheap, natural resources, a political that relies upon mth-3 : 01 r; c tary power, coercion and other dehunani z inqsocialcontrols. Thewarwi11end S: i f i j!J ,e; on 1 y when we gain enough power to change r:r the econanic and structures, not !. .... when liberal poliUcians forced to i" !'Vietnamiz('11 a.,d withdraw. I It isconceivable that in Viet Nam w;JJ be "ended11 by the politic.ians,but-S: ij ::s li 5 V' wars in Laos, Cambodia, Thai land, the g. 1 'f Middle East, Lat-in America and Africa wi 11 be generated by-America's efforts to satisfy its economic and political How do we end the war, then? We use ALL the tactics at our disposal to educate the American people: we do dope to alter consciousness; we rock and roll to regenerate animal-energy, that our schools turned to plastic; we t each.::in; we create free schools, food co-ops, clinic's, after '" we aaitate; we demonstrate; we do civil disobediencej we learn and practi.ce ,self-defense; we work to destroy racism, sexism, imperialism, inhumanity; we refuse to ,pay taxes or to cooperate w1 th the draft; we practice environmental we propagandize; we. welfare rights agencies; we organize labor and consumers; we Jive a new culture. And when we have successfully educated enough people, we can take the power needed to change the structures that perpetuate war Rather than bind ourselves to single-tactic, single-issue ac.tions, we must use whatever tactics work best and whatever i ssues mobilize the most p(!lopJe. Our job is to work together to raise the JeveJ of consciousness of students, blacks, women# workers, j and other ex. pJoited peoples,united-in our dedication. to build the revolution. I \ \


Bulletin Board The Florida Presbyterian Col lege Student Government is sponsoring a FREE Allman Brothers Concert at the FPC campus The concert will be free to everyone. See next week's calendar for the specific date and place. AFTER WORD COMES WEIRD lry O.koe Fifo ....! Rohett H ...1 .-olEMa WlltiTTI:N .II,..ONE THEUIIt FII:Dill'lAI.. GJIItAND JU..V IN.OIC:TMIItNT aY RADICAL AtooiAICA / QUIXOTil LOO .. OM NO !...A ox :l3Aa, NEW OIU.ItANa, \...A ?OH. U.A THE EYE OF THE BEAST accepts no We publicize free of charge of interest to the people, DRAFT COUNSELLING OFFERED--The KENT DEFENSE FUND-Kent Pacifist Action Council (PAC) of Student 1s takUSF is now offering draft coun1 ng the res pons 1 b1 11 ty for the se I I ing and Res is tar\ce i nforma-legal defense of the 25 students tion to all interested persons for the Hay slaugh!er by every Friday from 9 a m to 3 p m Nat1onal Guard Send contr1bu-in uc room 200. For further in-tions and inquiries to: Kent State formation or appointments, drop Student Defense Fund, c/o Student a note to PAC, CTR 2553, Univer Government, Kent State University sity of South Florida, Tampa, Fl. Kent, Ohio 44240. 33620 ABORTION REFERRAL --If you a ARAB INFORMATION -The Fifth are in need of advice and help of June Society can provide: rea because you a pregnant and don't reading lists on the Arab-Israeli want to be, call (213) 392-4163 conflict, information about Arab in Venice, California for compe-countries, brochures of Beirut-tent service. based organizations, etc. Wrjte: M.Y BLUf=S #\WAY I -9_,: AJic your student sooemment uoociotion or )'OUr student lpaken bureou (or wboewr does the bookina ror campus speakm) to contlct the Mooement Speat.a Bureou before booldna speakers. Don't use the replar old capiWistic qenciea. To find out who' available thtu the Bureau write Cor the Mow-Speak catlloJ. Fifth of June Society, PO Box 7037, Beirut, Lebanon OSPAAAL POSTERS --Two new, colorful posters from the Organ ization for Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are available by sending 25 to cover postage to LNS, 160 Claremont Ave., New FREE JAHS --The weekly FREE Jams held in Rowlett Park in Tampa, every Sunday are bigger and better than ever. A stage and lights have been added for the convenience of the bands and so people can see and hear better. Kool-aid provided by the Church of the Apocalypse is available, too, Other services will be add added as soon as possible. .. MOVEMENT SPEAKERS BUREAU York, N.Y. 10027. 365 West 42nd Sh'Mt N.Y N.Y. 10036 212-245 -3575 /6 GAY NEWSPAPER --Gay Flames, a radical weekly publication of and for homosexuals, is avail able by sending 25 for a sample copy to: Gay Flames, Box 410 Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. The Bank, who sponsors the weekly event, encourages all to attend. Bands and non-band musicians should come early to avoid the rush and to get your stuff set up. Money is needed to pay for needed improvements on the stage so that the park department will allow it to remain on the site. Take contributions with you to the Jams. Remember, its a 11 FREE, FREE, FREE! C'lendar Nov 3 --Radical A c t ion Coalition Meetin g in the USF Univ. Center at 8:00 P.M. ..._,.:;:)oun. Nov 7 r s Nov 12--Music on Cre s ce n t Hill at USF (if the conditions permit) Free, F r ee Free Free Jam a t Rowlett Par k in Tampa Cou r t Dat e for those arrest ed a t the First USF Confrontation, i n J P Court N umber 1, at (9:30A.M. E verybody should a t tend! 1 EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON-Fr ee Jam Session at Tam p a's 1 Rowlett Park, sponsored .by the Bank; musicians e n 1 couraged to come and jam; everybody e lse invited; Kool Aid supplied FREE by the Churc h of the Apocalypse. FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE F R E E FREE FRE E FREE FREE FREE This paper fs now spon s o r ed at USF b y Student Miss i onaries of the New Truth Thanks to everyone who don a t ed money to make this issue -

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