John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 4

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John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 4

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John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 4
Series Title:
Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee)
Added title page title:
Thomas Wenner / Jerome Davis
Egerton, John
Place of Publication:
Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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Physical Location:
Box 2 Folder 4


Subjects / Keywords:
Academic freedom -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
History -- Tampa (Fla.) -- 20th century ( lcsh )


General Note:
This collection consists of materials relating to the 1962-1964 Johns Committee investigation of the University of South Florida. The collection includes correspondence, press statements, statements to the Florida legislature, editorials, various newsletters and newspaper clippings, as well as the typescript of "The Controversy," John Egerton’s unpublished 300-page study of the Johns Committee.
Original Version:
Box 2 Folder 4

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University Of South Florida
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University Of South Florida
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University of South Florida
John W. Egerton Papers

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' J r 0Jk l I I I ''-1 This is a matter of judgement. Our classes are taught by faculty who can present factual material for discussion on a non-emotional basis. When I learned of the scheduling of Mr. Davis to appear before a class and when I looked into his background, I decided that from the institution's point of view his appearance before a class would be inappropriate. Had Mr. Davis been invited to speak outside the class, where attendance is voluntary, and under other auspices than the administration of the University of South Florida, we would not have objected. Normally, any person who is not a candidate for public office and who is not under judicial review may speak to voluntary university groups on our campus.


L U t;; Ow_ ( w I f


} H 1 5 ,1 J If /VI 1t:1 re,,IL tJft J U j}cf.!J., \M IV/,IJi e LJ9/J&1 Ii '8T /rue, + 1 J3 .... y F/JlLA'-TY /AJ/ff"' e ,JAI,._ /Vl 1tTGi1Jfl r:-Pll tJ7V 4. /lf1>n--CM" 1/ i>/////fL i3Ms, w Hi tJ l t /; l)fl_:V!f) 6>P //-11 St tfff)t.1A/r, "" /J/)I(. J.1rv1s /iJ Ji fff!JfR /Jr/'e R /. ll c f/N2 ... _, r lJ IN'r'O 1./" r _, ( f}ACf\ G;fo"'AI_,, 1 I ].f roji!J. TN/J f R 8 M I f..J} 71 /u ;Iv/I/ '.r ?o1Nr-f)r-l/t E IAi .. i'/.15 l).??'&fRfiJl/ct It-c ,I., -4-..[J W:::::A:# ,t tlb4f' lJ "' L. ..J I -/1 Ii (JY fJPPf? D;JI? IA 7L


...._ '--v _r;J;__u 7-i::l _A..-,..,,_,_ ?J L

2/26/62 woman by the name of Miss Jane Smith (at least that's the name she gave) called this morning and asked if Dr, Jerome Davis, who is speaking out here Feb.27 & Mar. 1 in TA, is the same Dr. Jerome Davis from Yale Univ. who was kicked out of the American Federation of Teachers for his pro-Counnunist activities .. She said the Martin Dies Counnittee (a U.S. government counnittee) on UnAmerican Activities was working on this case in the 1940's as she recalls &.if it's the same he was uncovered as one of the top eonnnunist front agents. (by the connn.) QJn


WE 8-4131 NEWS from t,JNIVERSITY .Q! SOUTH FLORIDA Ext. 182 or 183 For Release Sun. a.m. (Feb. 25) Dr. Jerome Davis, a noted author, lecturer and former professor at the Yale University Divinity School, will speak at the University of South Florida this week in connection with the University's general education course in The American Idea. Davis will speak at 10 a.m. Tuesday ( Feb. 27) and 11 a.m. Thursday ( Mar. 1) in the Teaching Auditorium-Theatre. Approximately 300 students in the course will attend each lecture, and interested persons from both on and off the campus may also attend. The theatre seats 552. Davis' appearance is part of a unique experiment in the course, combining outstanding visiting lecturers with members of the American Idea staff into an organized 15-week instructional progr&m on the political economy of the United States. Dr. Robert A. Warner, chairman of the American Idea, said the semester-long program will offer students an opportunity to compare and contrast U.S. political economy with universal systems. Following Davis will be Philip Borden, executive vice president of Rutenberg Homes Inc. of Petersburg, who will speak on the evolution of the American corporation during the week of March 5. Borden, who lives in Ft. Lauderdale, is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and has taught at Northwestern University. / ( more)


.J NOTED AUTHOR AT USF -2, will give the same lecture in both of his appearances. The American Idea class is divided into two sections for these general programs, which are supplemented by smaller class meetings during the week. Author of a number of books, including a volume on contemporary social movements, Davis will lecture on this general topic. He has been for many years a student of the isms---communism, socialism, nazism and others---and has a wide range of experience as a teacher, writer and special investigator for numerous .public and private organizations. Members of the American Idea staff and other visiting lecturers will continue the political economy study in later weeks with such topics as big unions, the United Nations, the Alliance for Progress, international business, advertising and foreign The American Idea, a part of the University's general education program in the College of Basic Studies, combines in history, political science, economics and related areaso "" ..




111.a.y I q b 2-11tSh'o.


,''ii I l On the reconunendation of Dean :Edwin P. Martin, I havenotified Mr Thoma s B. Wenner that his on the Uni,versity of SouthFlorida faculty will not be renewed after December 31, 1962. This is longer notice than would I I be legally required; it is being given to provide Mr. Wenner sufficient time to find another position. :! Mr. Wenner's rank at the is that of a Lecturer. The Univers!ty_1s staff states.that tqis 'title is nl)rmally to a ./ teacher who may teach for a time, but who does not within the .I tenure provisions of the Mr. Wenner is not being released because he has been controversial. Other members of our faculty have b 'een e"1ally as controversial. We do not <' frown upo n controve_!'sy ; on the contrary, we welcome honest and professionally sound opinions based on fact,.as the verf 1+feblood of a institution of higher_ learning: /In our opinion, much of has srrounded Mr. Wenner has resulted from statements made by him, both in and out of the classroom, which _were. imprudent, irresponsible and without basis in fact. Such behavior departs from. the professional responsibility. we feel is part and parcel of the academic freedom our faculty enjoys, and for these reasons we f eei Mr. -' Wenner!s are no louger needed at the University of South Florida. -., l


Criticizing members of the University faculty and adininistrationat length in his ., Giving false and detrimental information about the University to the press { Using a public forum to unjus_tly criticize and attack .the University administration and thus causing widespread unrest' among staff members. Falsely accusing colleagues of being Fascists. .... I I \ l


o._,;,._,J_ tu-aA -----


. l OJ 5 196 ..


' ADDENDA: Section 4 -Publications: "A Short History of the Department of State of the United States, 1774-1825." "International Aspects of the Legal l.egulation of Migration," U.S.Labor Office, Geneva, and Carnegie Foundation International Law Teacher Fellow Reports, Washington, D.C. "Dutch Fascism The Anton Mussert Movement," Current History Magazine, 1938. "Europe on War's Outbreak (1939), Scripps-Howard and Cleveland Press. Europe -1940-42, Central and South American -Foreign Correspondent. "Round-The-World Journey," The Foreign Service Journal, 1951. U.S. Senate Document (Senate Foreign Relations CoDDnittee Delegation to the British Imper:tal Conference at Canberra, Australia, and round-the-world journey, co-authored with Senator Theodore Francis Green). (Doc.#16, 82nd Congress, 1st Session.)


Thomas John Bennett .. enner Educated: Oberlin College, University of New York, University of Geneva, Switzerland, University of Paris, Franceo Teaching: New York University, Cornell University (Ithica), University of Minnesota, l.'estem !\eserve University (department head, Cleveland College, five years); the University of South Floridao Awards: Penfield Fellow in Diplomacy and nelles Lettres; Carnegie Fomdation Travelling Teacher Fellow in International Law, Europe, Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, General Education Boa.rd, University of Minnesota; President Andrew D. White Scholar in Government and Teaching Fellow of Comparative Politics in Comell University. Govemment: Other: Press: Travel: Deputy Chief, Bureau of Intelligence, Office of Facts and Figures, Do Co, Chief, Neutrals, The Office of i'ar In-f onna.tion; Chief 1 Public Affairs, the German u. s .. Element, Berlin and Gennany (five years); attache ROlile; u. S., Consul to French Canada (Montreal). Secretary, U. s. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Delegaticn to the British Conmtcnwea.lth Conference Australia and round-the-world fact-finding journeyo Member, staff, American COllllli.ttee, League of Nationso Accredited correspondent, Scripps-Howard Newspapers and the Cleveland Press (Russia, western Europe, La.tin America). Correspondent Spain, 1938 (Ciril War)o All European countries, North Africa, Middle, Asia (Japan Malaya, India, Pakistan Indonesia, Persia, Iraq, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania)o Specialty: International Affairs Fascism and Denocrac:r Subject (current): Acres of Confusion -Can h'e Harvest for Peace With Freedom? ----Other subjects: I Found !!2 Peace (romd-the-world-joumey); Soviet Blueprint for Conquesto /


" 'w:a T "" fh: cdtv t ;I I' 1. l ... .... J u NI v1:.-s 1 TY .. .,. ebru4!lry .. ..


. 4 ... ,. -; 1 : .. I ..... ,114_..., ,(;f,1 T -.#/ ., .. .. : t l ,. ., 't.; .4'


. THE UNIVERSITY F SOUTH FlORlD OIVI ION OF PERSONNEL SERVICES DA Tl N FO ACAD MIC 0 NO ACADE IC APPOI TMENT"' BUDGET INFORM,ATION: ,. A c count Number......,..stJw-,..Po Number _... __ I t m Middle Academic 2. Ronk or Title (in full 1-----------------0 NonAcodemi c 3 4 12 m'onths 5 ff p rquisites ore added, give co 6 This' is a Position 0!"I, for 7. If salary is in_ excess of base rate for classification pl se justify (N n-Academ i t only): ___ __.... ____ """!'"""'="'===== .... --=:-----z=--= -.:._--:=:-_-::::;..... --... = TeJe honv _____ ..... ...,. __ Mo rital Statu1 _..;;;.L.a..c:.lll.-------.s.A.. of naturalization, if for.ign Physital: Diiobfliti S :-t.1u.uui:.,,,_J-..;r;.ri =--======= Hat nomin e previously been. employed b y of Florid ? s No 1f y s, Ive ates wh ll .the em ploying di v ision, and the name und r w h 'c:.h the nomi.nee was e ployed_: ---------------------. r Is t he related to any o t her employ (i -of the Univers1 ovt Florido?: : O Y No. If y s i ve namell} of the other employ (a) !h relotionahlp, and the emplo-(ing --------.-------------. ...,, Oeg .re, and Date Reeeived) : .A r I 1, ,. t 2' l j Other ( interests, puhlicationt, honQr .' nal soc:ieti etc 1 continue on back o r attach ad itionol she if n ceuary) -, U thi for111 foo ll?i'f'i"lin


Kr. J c Cha.ab er Z phyt 11 Fl id :sex l 77, Rout ugua 2 Direeior, Di of Personi!el S rvicee Univ rsi y of South Fl ri .... re: uch f oz v f d tr ot vhiob d I u return b eent1m., t yo 11ote, a II ining the Univ rei nt vith it V sine el ,. f ti I


I I // r .:. J ck A. Ch bers New York, ul, y 10, 1961 (Florida.. Addre s: Z phJrhille, Box 177, Route l) Div ." of Personnel S r.vicea uni verai ty of Souih Florida Taapa., Florida Dear Mr. Char.aberez i gr&tet'Ul for JOlU'S Of Jun e 29th, forwarded lo m in New Yerk (and .New J rsJ') where l am presently arranging for he final hi ent ay houee ld_ goode to Florid, th a haVtng been i n a wareb. S6 afte r my r urn fr::nn Eu and. during 1'IJ ... in Cal4 a .t win r. Tll literature you i and h ltul prior t rival on campus. Tb faculty-staff l .alr ady have reoeived. Upon my return to this on Avguat) .. I shall call at the Personnel Services Pf:fice to. co l>lete papers a ae ment i oned by you. Should e pap rs to eign prior to arrival on campus ae at r ementionea, ill you kindly ;noti.f. y mei I ain greatly looking forward to meeting my colle ea at USP, togetting acquainted with the fine phy,ical plant and set-up which I und erstand is. a-building there. A portion of this I saw laet nd from all ac ounte extens1ve deve lopm nta _since Until then, vi appreciation ror 1.0'1.r thoughtfulnes. e e.nd: the information contained in.your ;Letter, I. remain, Yours eir1eerely, .... r. I \ J \


I've gon:e to Dean Cooper (& Dr. Warner) and warned. them that this ., would cause a lot of trouble---Cooper. OK 'd Davis r coming to USF at Winthrop's suggestion: was in Washington and got the idea to get Davis one of his ways" of "buttering to Dean Cooper. He's trying to squeeze out of the Amer;ican Idea course and get a full professorship teaching liberal arts. \ I I told Cooper that I didn't want to have anything to do with Davis here & C .ooper agreed that I wouldn't have to--,--but after talking ,[ with Dean Cooper and Dr. Warner this morning, I'm back to being the / -! "goat". Warner to I should be the one to do the transportir;ig. A thin$\ like this could cost me $ wife. s job and my suumei: Kllllllli:a seminar on Communism .. Davis 'could quote me as saying anything a 2-hour automobile trip .with him. I don't want to be tied. up with this at.all. ) j I I / I : I I


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