John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 12

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John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 12

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John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 12
Series Title:
Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee)
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Correspondence Part 4
Egerton, John
Place of Publication:
Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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Physical Location:
Box 2 Folder 12


Subjects / Keywords:
Academic freedom -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
History -- Tampa (Fla.) -- 20th century ( lcsh )


General Note:
This collection consists of materials relating to the 1962-1964 Johns Committee investigation of the University of South Florida. The collection includes correspondence, press statements, statements to the Florida legislature, editorials, various newsletters and newspaper clippings, as well as the typescript of "The Controversy," John Egerton’s unpublished 300-page study of the Johns Committee.
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Box 2 Folder 12

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University Of South Florida
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University Of South Florida
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University of South Florida
John W. Egerton Papers

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THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS THE UNIVERSITY OF FL.ORIDA CHAPTER GAINESVIL.L.E, FL.ORIDA February 22, 1963 Mr. John W. Egerton News Bureau University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Dear Mr. Egerton: Thank you for the reprints of the Daytona Beach Morning Journal. They make for interesting reading. One of the matters of our inquiry does concern the legal authority of the Johns Committee. When we finish our study we hope to be able to advise individual faculty members as well as their faculty groups of their rights in the face of legislative investigation. We are still in the exploratory stage, but when we get to the report-writing stage, I will try to get a copy to you. Indeed I hope I may have a chance before long to talk to you personally about the Johns Committee activities on your campus. Perhaps at that time we could chat on these matters. Many thanks. Sincerely, Professor of Law WP:pb


Mr .Jolm B. Ort 407 Lincoln Raad Miami leach. rtorf.da Dear Hr Ort'c february 20, At th auaettoa of llr. Arthur Spiegel of the ADtlDef-.ttoa Leai'U*, I am Jeadin tba eneloae4 aerf.u of a-rtt.clu from the Daytooa eaeh Morntns Joumat coocenalng the Jobna ttee. When you have bad a chat\ce to peruae tb. t would c.-t.taly velc.o.a a opportunity to diaeuaa th vi th you. 1 ruU.Ie you are in the ai-dat of an el.-ctiOQ campaign nd that -you r busy However, if thf.age ehould settle dow a bit for you Wfore th Lesil la"" tura Meta aad tf you V be agreeable, l would like very IIIUCb to cUcu. :rou the utle.l 4tOd their fOY the Could you drop aote .tlen you bav fialebed thaD? Thank you very IDQCh. John w. lartoo., ld1 tor But ,JW!:j euc


Mrs William C. Scott 1190 Eighth Street, North St. Petersburg 1 Florid a


.. : a 't"


De4r MJ;a_. Scott: l your ltc r the eut.._t you have writ.tft tl\a AAUW bulletin &114 vaa abo $lad. to learn boar4 hea eppoiote4a co.aittee atudy the ttu further. .. .JI J lf yo.# Ahou14 ... t ia Lakelad Jauary ,1, 1 reluctatly vilU.aa co lt you bonow .., crapbOOka for day or two. to ue t!Wre. Could .you. poaibly dl'op by "- to pick th 'Jf 011 yOQT ve.y to Lakelud'l 1 ... nluctaDtly btca tbia ia. fu I ltuov, tb. ODly complete eet of cU.ppt...on the John eoa.itt .. aod ita ilmaat1sati01t at tb U1li eraity aod I hav suar'-ct it Vitb ., life. l haft WitteD to tbe 0\ltl\ ;a.atoul &-.tiO Board to if th' y caa help cleterai 'What other atatee .have tsialacl:.,. iaYtattaatiq ... .-povered. to queatloD tbe of &Qd l will pu thia infonaation Oil to .J'OU wbea 1 l'aceive it.


Mr. John w Egerton, Editor of the University of South Florida News Bureau. Dear r. Egerton, The item I sent to our A.A.u.w tor this month is: Because as college graduates, ot the need tor recruiting and holding professors and instructors of t h e highest calibre in our Florida public universities, we are co ncerned with the present legislative investigative Academic freedom may well be discussed for accurate definition in all our local branches. It would seem proper to include "responsibility" in any definition of academic freedom and that would a pply to the investigating committee as well as to the universities. Therefore we suggrst that individually and as branches of the Florida Division we l e t our state legislators know that irreparable harm may be done our public universitiies unless t he present activities of the legislative co mmittee commo nly nown by the name of its chairman, The Johns Committee, are radically changed in method and curtailed in sco e. Then at the Board 1 eeting we unanimously passed this motion: I move that the Florida Division P r esident a p po int a committee consisting of t h e Chairman of Legislation,the Chairman of Higher Education, and t w o -or t hree othersto determine the extent of the violation of academic freedom by the Johns Committee activities; that this A.A.ti.w. committee make its intentions k nown to Gov. Bryant, t hat this A .A.U. W committee correspond by the f irst week in February with the. twenty-nine branches of the Florida Division offering 1nf'ormation to stuqy t h e Thi s co m mittee will then present a report of 1ng s 1n the form of ? a reco endation to the Conve tion in ay,l963 .., .. 'I It was not in t h e motion but our intentions are to send these interested peo ple: universities, public and private, colleges, Gov. Bryant, m e mbers of the Johns etc,t That is where t h e matter s tands now. : r Would it be possible tor me to borrow for a few days som e of t h e material you had ov e r here Wednesday? I should be careful not to harm it. Mrs Swift, Stetson i nstructor, .. and Hi Ed Ch and I are planning to get t he committee perha p s at Lakeland o n January 31st after we have tried to f i nd out all we can of how places are meeting this. For instance I was surprised that the Private Colleges are stirred u p too. They well might be but I d idn't know it had h appe ned. I'd 1 k e to hear your meeting T hursday evening but I can't co m e over. Have you any other suggestions? January 13,1963. Yours sincerely, rs. W m c Scott ll90-8th St. No. St. Petersburg,l,Fla.


MAR 2 91963 Here is a set of my editorial series to run in The Daily Commercial starting Sunday. Palm Beach Post-Times is planning to Regards, carry it, too; (//' possibly some of it in Miami Daily News.


. .cost, that 'l'f\ repre '. suppox:t r oppos the. O:ontinllatio of this 1tt ....... tt r: nro ntl:. spent at deal of tia Plbli r cor call d out t, let u make pl n OUnd. L t 1t be cl r that th .-1 er b liev e th co tt e .it i pr sentl7 onstituted not OJil:7 brlllgs ,. abOUt ete t x ""t is r.. c1! n8m oricla bee u e of bungling and th highly que tionabl .. o l 0 .. to b ndorsement of' in and bvereion. you. in t W1 th for. \lllright e.owm as) I 't erthel oheri


7 .. r: Jr. on ._-he. p v q r


"' .,.' 1 thursday, April 4 1 1 ( I ''. :. a : O:f $i:X edi by. Jr:on the !..,. ; ( ,; ... : t WE HAV:e how a state empl oye-;.as :Oranded a .. I I" '-c. homosexual he <' I I L libel? Or i)r oi _priv!!oy?. '\. "' I f .' !I <" '. ,. Amo-ng thQse wlio; considered such. a was John : :-. .. ) -1,1 I w. of \ ? r l'l:orida in !aJnpa a new statff' uisti tution became a -' ;,' .... Committee tn the 'ilPl"ing of 1962. ,"' I-I (Jaldwell :was suspended reinstated, after the 4 accusations "' Uni'9'ersi ty f'ou.nd the Committee s Wwxunsuppontiut b; any $ proof. kt-.he and founa a good pe>s:ttif>n .in v-irginia He wrote Jolu1 .S. Allen: polices-tate I, ,. "' -_. I metho.d$ .have me $nd ay oolleag14es allnoat physically ( 111 I find I. can*t in a stem whert &Jlioh I, pursuit o:r .. a taachet-take place. Sinoe :t am "" ,. I I -J to. suffer villification and a immune .f rom : ohoic6, 'ex.cept to resign ... ., ." no tea.hEf:t. Df w!il be, willing to Bl1bjeqt : .. himsel'f II tl- .... ., II' )" such fo wlliah $lie -_ s _tat, e 1\af' assembled college .. ) \ .... -.. :' iff'.


.... NiUe Sto:res,. .. Fosll:>ly it. f'as. -. _,..;.. I, ,.. t. I .. .. n;e; 'rt!le<:rep one story- 4, I l, ot f .; f 1 J laPlielnf. o-r. vulga-:oi1i1 adding a So r ma7 ; I':' .I' f. f' \. "1 fl 1'' I .t J._ .; "' .'); be the. clic;t:r of thtJm;:. .are f'oxrtT-:fiv-e .... t ;. 1 1-r : ; : "1' t : 1 )' ... ,... s7<. theri are 41J --,; > /C ..' : 'I I : ; : ; -. : : : { ; C:ommittee' taia,sed of : \.r' ': : i .. ";.-, .. -.. / .: .. : ,_ ... ,_ Adlrl t-ting theo7 'oUld f"UJ:a ,no iagall.y oosceue """ .:t.._ ;. 1 ... .. \.. 't ': ( J a t :t.h(t'"O'QJmJ,l.ittee rae'\Uty" ,, ,. .. ... ,, l ,_: i. .. : -.:.;. use. of ,.Aldous t :. -.. ,....-'(. \ ... .. ,.; ,..,T: !he Oo-.1 tt:eeJt Tampaconducted beh1.nc1 i" f .... 1:-ill .' J ._ by: 1. 8\to.eeeded in .. .bt :.D; .;_ nayis .. ': ::< .t -'.i .. ..' .. :i ',- .-...... :_i' .: ._. liis expx;ea ed ma .. (-t'he v-ry :--... 4 ... .... -. :: \-. .'I -1, ", '-' I :. I : reason .he had been in'ii:tea 'to l-deas -.. 1.1 f ... !." "'l. ":t.' 6lass) -It a l so .1o'a't to .. norida '.'thft: s.ri'ioes v -to ,. ? .,; a of.


: I a_ftair; :Lssue before the howve:r, .,as : t :.L ,/ 0 0 0 0 J' 'J. 0 l 0 I 0 ... ; GNbstei,Jl' s olassroom o'f a Parji&an Review ''--r \ .. ;. .'Know WothiM :Sohe,miana" by fot'm8;n I "" .. \ o. "f I \ '' .. ] -1 <\ o, time the. o:-6:mm.itte'$ drew. bloodj.,.the I;j .; I t: : 't I Ol.'"dered A word'S again) ',, 1\ ., I state Board of Control l # ,.. l .. u .s.J. faouity coDI.Dli.,tee, 50 f 't 1 I ,"' ,. ,., l t -c. .. .. and colleges to ask a_l:)out .the ':arti.cle, lorty.t \ : f. ":. ... 1. eight said 1he cri,ieism_qf beatnik .. r ol .t f 'I ; V f 1 '!' > two, .Boo ilone .. Un:iyersiti. and .the .. '.


ffl() I'UU'llR the Committee failed to find out. A faculty m dJ&atxtb committee reported that the of 3l 4 them said the -article el. pil ene bo7 al l l x.p i a ) boo (Co ch rs) 0 tutoq


i t .. ,.>; ;,.. "' ....


,: iH u aOM you to"' and a cltppiq fr'Ga th 'fl!aapa TWN of tue.aday, coaeet:Dlq tile little by '*. StocktoD llalth. Bwriaa Nt uni .. ntiflecl lD the baek of th r0011 for her ti-re talk I ean aayith all hoouty-tb&t tbe reporter beat ewe baclaruda to' be falr to bel' in bla atoey. .!be y' wife, Mra. J\lllaa had a letter in tu TribUile thia nalaia.a tb of the aixtytwo -rai.pau (the one I l.h1: ,_ tlul otber day) l oot illtereltecl in fOl# FUli-':qr IIO'Derr juat doll' t 1teal tll1 book terlel.


DAYTONA BEACH EVENING NEWS OJ. YTONA BEACH MOIINING-40URNIIL THE SUNDAY NE)YS-JOURNIIL a!nrpnratinu John Egerton News Bureau DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Dec. 5, 1962 RADIO STIInONS WNDB WNDB-FM Dear John: Will you please rush me a photo of the the university? Some campus scene, showing building s and a few .students. You surely have something in the files. Second, on the date you inquired about: Aug. 24. Sorry---they were after something up in N0rth Florida then. The other investigators were around Gainesville. Costs mounting, of course. Thanks for the favors. I111 sbare my Pulitzer money with you for them. Need photo pronto. x.....ooel N. Ch ey .Associate Editor P. s.: Jou1re not on lis yet; we've not decided definitely which paper, morning or evening, the series will run in after Sunday.


Mrs. Mabel N. Chedey Associate Editor DAY'l'

DAYTONA 8,EACa E V E NING N EWS RADIO STAnONS DA YJ.ONA BEACH MORN ING JOUR NAL T HE SUN DAY N E W S-JOURN A L WNDB Q!nrpnrnttnu Mr. John Egerton News Bureau DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Dear John: Dtc, 11 Dec 10, 1962 I fear the circulation department may slow up delivery of the paper by ABC regulations demanding payment in advance, so am sending you the first article. Thanks for the clipping on the rightists' meeting I hope to work it in the series or use it editorially to advantag e Now can I ask another favor? Can you get expressions from the faculty there on the reaction to the new Board of Control policies. I don't quite agree with the Trib's blind acceptance of it. It seems t o me it does, as Sam Mase said, give the board final power to say what academic freedom is. With Johns still prowling and with people l i ke the Smiths ready to continue the battle, it means it hasn' t been s olved yet. I want to get the reaction of the FSU prof who has threatene d to leave. I m surprised tha t Mayor Lane seems to be siding with the rightests---though our Advisory Committee do not feel that he is q uite the mustard cutter he professes to be Thanks a gain. enc: clipping


DEc 1 8 1962 u F OFFICE OF INFORMATIONAL SERVICES, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GAINESVILLE office 0 f t h e d irector Mr. John w. Egerton Editor News Bureau University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Dear John: phone 376-3261 ext. 2767 December 17, 1962 Although I've written and telephoned, we still have no copies of Mabel Chelsey's articles. Perhaps today's mail will bring results. John, we've discussed your idea very thoroughly and agree that it would have merit except for two or three different factors. 1. We believe the distribution suggested by you would lead some people to believing that we're still fighting a battle that has already been won. 2. We don't want to give any University endorsement to Mabel Chelsey's articles because of her past reputation and, such an endorsement might place the universities in the middle with respect to the Johns Committee and her paper. 3. Plans have already been made for us to use the "moonshooter11 signature on academic freedom in the Alumnus Magazine. Now, after reading this, John, you still feel strongly about this proposal, give me a buzz and let's cuss it some more. It's entirely possible that I misinterpreted your proposal and the\reasoning behind it --I can be awfully stupid on occasfion. And, since Mrs. Deaton is no longer with us, I in advance for the poor typing, grammar and misspelled words. My kindest personal regards and Season's Greetings to you and Anne.


" Mrs. Mabel Chesley Associate Editor THE DA.YTOI(A B Cll EVENING NEWS Daytona leach, llorida Dear Mabel: January 15, 1963 1 have made exteuive use of our mimeographed copies of your sel'ies. The mood -now seem.e to be one of waiting to e if the Johns Committee will test the Board of Control' new policy, nd unless that happens, it may be just aa well not to tl'y to convine youl' boss that you should reprint the series in booklet form. When the L gia lature eta, it is quite probable that the role of the Johns will be in the news again. Maybe that would be a bett r time for reprints than now. At any rate, l am findin it harder and harder to nlist crusaders against the committee, so I will plug along with mtmeographed copiea and keep in touch with you should there be a revival of intereat. Thanks again for all your help and I am sure I will b in touch with you gain toon. JWE:jm Cordially, John w. Egerton, Editor ewe Bur au


1/7 TIP: Had a call today from John Egerton, ne !IJS director of U of S Fla., who said the demand among the higher education circles and civil rights people for my series o n the Johns Committee is greater than.they possibly can .fill with the mimeo graph copies thef university made of them. He said he easily could fill an order for 1,000 reprints, and wanted to know if we had any for putting them into booklet form as the St. Pete Times often does of stuff. Have we? I'm to let him know soon as possible. mabe l



. I waa glad to have the opportUilt ty to meet at the. Sigma lMlta Chi meeting Sunday event11g. I am, encloaing a aeriea of articlee on the Johns Ca..ittee Which ran in the. J>ec-.ber Da;ioaa Beach Morning Journal. 'l'bl eeriee, particu larly the laat two articlee. pointe out rather specifically an area of c0111plalnt to which a great many taxpayers would aubacribe regardleae of their degree of intereat in higher .,ducattoa. I aa hopeful that when the l.eilalature aeeta in .. tht!'e will' expreaeed by citizena in lerge numere; .. if that ahould be the caae, tllen the Unlveralty of South !'lorida trtala of the paat few moatha could reault.ln a significant change in the Johna Ca.ititteeJa etatua. I think, would aak! the ordeal -worthwhile: I would certainly welca.e the opportunity to talk .. with you furtherabout. thi1 po11ibility and alao to ally or all of the Who came to the Unlveraity'e defenae eo readlty. ?leaae call on me at anr tfme you think I would be' of aaeiatance. In_ the meantime, t aa eure I will be in touch -.001).


.. february 20, 1963 Mra. Wtl u ... c. eott 1190 Eighth Street, N. St. Petersburg 1, florida 'Dear Mrs. Scottt I have bo .th of your letter end will answer tb together. Jir8t, the infM"Utioa you have hNrd that the University I.e urging a slowdow em the Jotm. C-.ittee battle f.a in error. We are just ae intereeted aa eftl' that the Legitlatura take a tong and careful look at the valu .. of the Coamittee, ita appropriations and ita atatutory reapcmaibilittea and we are hopeful that a rupoawible Legislature will take aome atepe toward leaaentag the ,OW.r the nov baa or at 1eaat redefiD:tng it. aturally, it VGUld not be prudent for ut to ay thie openly but 1 can certainly tell you that it' true. Therefore, ve hope that the AAUW will continue lu careful .atudy of the Johu Coealtt and the freedom iaaue and ve are eager to continue in our help toward that end .. "1 am mailing today co'Plet of the entire aertea frca Daytona Beach to the tveotynine braaeb ebait'l'llen. I will 8end thue without any note, but l am eure the ladi vlll know what tbey are and what they're for. &o far t have been unauec ... ful f.n fi11ding out anytht.Dg boUt legialative 1nvaatipt1ng cODIIlf.tteea in other 11tat However; 1 curr ntly up a report that a Uaivef tty of Florida prof.,or te aurveylng the matter ancJ tf I get Y informatiOD from him. 1 wtll certainly let you know. On peraon 1 tght augg .. t to you who could be of help b Hr. Arthur Spteg 1, director of education for the Antt-hfamatioa 330 eybold Building in Hint. 'lbla org811i.aatioo baa encountered the Jobfta C

Mrs. William C. Scott 1190 Eighth Street North St Petersburg 1, Florida


o-,... Mrs. William C. Scott 1190 Eighth Street, North St Petersburg 1, Florida


' .. var n v illa ria l nt rv c. ""' :. Fr d s ,. h ; l ll$ rt. nn .. T"1n Ft 5 1 ?t aln villa e.-:tf So x Anr,te. rl 1 7 v r Or.; :: .. .. \ .' a l. 1' : ,Almarie eo' r 1 .ri bla (lit) EiC .. ... ach < cb I""t. n 'llipe 4 l edr r-.t u aeeQh ; tUe Jo J':ren ._ : )Q6 f et 4th ?Jt 'Ocele r"' p 1"4( r Hu h .!lfltl' t irtpla nte fl rk ol J ill Pearce ae J:tal tka. r .t' vw men. 12 e .. .. -. .r: Joho 15 s 1 oth ct. t 8 1 ckwoo d 11 Dunw tlCfV C l t'frird. .. H


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