Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 2 Folder 9 : Misc., 1919-1959 (pp. 6025-6042)

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 2 Folder 9 : Misc., 1919-1959 (pp. 6025-6042)

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 2 Folder 9 : Misc., 1919-1959 (pp. 6025-6042)
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Misc., 1919-1959 (pp. 6025-6042)
Audubon Florida
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Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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1 folder
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Box 2 Folder 9


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Audubon societies -- Diaries ( lcsh )
Ecology -- Florida ( lcsh )
History -- Gulf Coast (Fla.) -- 20th century ( lcsh )


The daily journals of Audubon wardens and statewide reports on certain sites and projects cover activities from 1900 to 1970, with most of the materials concentrated between the 1930s and 1950s.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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ESTABLISHEO M)l:.! DAVIS & GIST OF BLACK BASS. BREAM, PERCH, PIHE Dresioed Catfish anrl 'l'urtles in SP.ason Mc.Into!ih, Fl01ida A ri 1th. 9 9 ationa AuJ. 1J n Association. r w York r Y. Attention "i.1 arsar. "' Gerit emen ; j At present I shou d eGtima.te that therP. are 7 50 pa.irn White Ibis l ui din nests on B i d Isl and, with other bircls co.dre: i ri; rour war en if rou have not been on the a e hiA er"o&a_ y I know that some of the bir a on the J neec protectirr, \ ou: a vise that you et a warden irme iate


Dorothy 0 vVorrell on reet (THIS SIDE OF CARD IS FOR ADDRESS) M r Alexander Sprunt jr. 2 New Town Lane The Cresent 44 s c


O)ster,TA. i/30/19 M r Gi 1 be rt Pears Ii, Se<1ra1;ary, 'lfl974,Broadway :!aw York raty, Sir, W s haTe a bad Jortheaster d1own. and awful fwll tides it has washed a11 of the .Eggs & young way, a gaine. last saturday, egf: s & young birds was was.hed by the station,by the thoust 1d it waA awfu l to see tnem go on the iith,i went oA a r and lump west of the statiom, and counted 2i5, n and then did not count near all of the, li nest had ii e gg.s in them & ner.;t had 7 egeR in it,and saturdays tida the all of to sea,youny ... rsh henh are drowAed b y the thousand, Res:pectifully J.R.A.ndrews Warden,


0yster l .A.. uyster, T. /10/19 Mr,T.Gil ert Fearson,Sectary, /1974 !roadway ,Rew York City, ear Sir, rden Blank this Morning, nd i had just com e off of the marsh from looking after the birds nest, the bi Little Easters the marsh is just full of nest E ggs,of turns ,if we dont have any Rto r m tideR th"s ReaPon -the prawsp ct for a big inorease of gulls & turns are good,i dont think i ever s e e more nest on the marshes their is now,and most of the gulls nest Eggs in them,now,and lots of -tur s has (3) .Eggs in tham -i dont find any foot pr nts except mine on the marsh, i am sure no one is doing any Egging, R espectifully yours J.R.A.ndrews


Jll"" > COP Y l ,.., Fort Mye1s, Florida. May 28, 1920. To the Bureau o f Biolo 'ical Survey Dep artment of A gr-i c ulture. REP 0 RT 0 F A C T IV I T I ES From .Tarc h 26th t o M arch 31st, 19 20. I assumed duties, left Fort Myers en route t o Bird Rookeries, r e a ched t here n oo n the 27th. Looked o v e r the proposition found birds had been shot. Located vio l ator, John Johnson. Capt Pacetti a t my cam p a t 12 m W e arrested Johnson a n d brou g h t him t o Fort Myers the 28 t h On t h e 2 9 t h s tayed in Fort Myers, waiting for hearing of Johnson. 30th, a _ttend e d J ohnson' s h e a ring before U S Commiss ioner. H e pleaded guilty a nd w a s p l a ced under bond. 3 1 st, had no conveyanc e t o g e t b a c k to c a m p -stayed in Fort Myers assisted Capt Pacetti i 1 f;etting other loc ated. Yoursvery res p ectfully ( i g ned) Samuel H Thompson.


COP Y To t h e Bur eau o f Biolo gica l urv ey Depar t m e n t of R"'PORT OF A C TIVITIES p ril 1 t o p ril 3 0 1 9 2 0 Stayed in town helping Capt. Pacetti gett int; o ther started. 2nd. Left ort Mye r s w e n t to my camp and t o look aft e r rooke ries in Ocolowaych och e e o n 3 r d left camp and w e n t to Youman' s camp a n d co n f erred wi t h him in t o Rewis as t o what he was doing and where he was at the time. .All t h e tim e I vas away from my camp I had one of the S e minole I nd ians scou t i n g for m e and l o c a t:in g birds On r od e over the Slough and saw quite a f e w b i rds. Next day rode over to T ippen' s pens. 6th Broke camp, to Imrnokal e e to ge t h o r s e feed left t here a nd went to E ddy ; arrived there about 5: 30 7th rod e o u t this section and found f e eding au nds of egrets. 1 8 t h Rod e ou t Hilliard' s sect ion and r un a few egrets and t housand s of other wi d 9 t h Rode over t o W i l lour Crossing s e c tion and foun d s o m e f e eding; also l ocate d roo king plac e 10th. Left this section went t o l v a arr i ved t here a t 6: 30 P M On the 11th w e n t t o Telegra p h Cypress with Bob Murphy looking f o r rookeries, r e turned to lva at noon t h e n w ent t o Sti l l Lake, fo u n d lots of birds but no egrets. On the 12 t h rode out the c ountry b e t ween 1 2 mile s l o g h and Fort Myers : arr i ved a t Fort Myers 4 :30 P M saw lots o f Her on Ibis and San d Hill C rane s O n 13 t h went to Corksm:rew marsh found abou t 2 0 e grets feeding bu t did no t locate rookery. R e turned to ort -ers that nig ht. On 1 4 t h wen t t o Gator Slough, found some h e r ons bu t no egrets. Follow g d d oNn 1 2 mile Slo ugh f o und some e e t s feeding. O n t h e 1 6 t h w e n t f rom Dod Island to Villow Cro s sing O n c olowayc o oche e Sloug h and s a w a g oo d many e e t s N ext day w e n t all t hroui!,fl irnrnons C ypress Country, found lots o f h erons b u t no e grets. On t h e 1 8 t h r ode out the territory betwee n B u c kingham and endry Cree k found lots of Ibis and woo d chuc k s O n 1 9 t h rode o u t Pun t a Ras s a section a r ound the Bi g Slough f o und lots o f h erons, een white, and blue no egr e t s r e turne d t o Fort Myer s On the 20th w e n t to c on fer wit h Mr. C arrier at


f i j April report #2. about the Tele grap h Cypress section, as this 1 and to him. He was very much in favo r of the p lan and said he would g i ve the de partment all the assistance he could. Returned on t he train 11:20 P M On 21st stayed i n town information as to the location of different hunters and watching for Revis to return from the w oods S pent t h e 22 nd with Cap t Pacett i in and around Fort Myers further methods of protection, and getting t a b on John Johnso n family and associates. On 23rd, put in day loading team to r;o back to rookeries. On 24th started out .iteama nd stop ped in East Fort Myers and conferred with parties out t here in to shooting on the river. Sunday 25th, wen t to Moore Hav en with Capt. Pacetti Returned that 26th left Fort Myers and went to lva, arriv ed there in the afternoon. Tuesday left lva a n d w e n t t o Eddy -arrived a t 7 : 3 0 P Stayed there all night saw Mr. Roberson about the rookeries in tha t section. He said no birds roo ked there this season. On 28th left Eddy and rode out the Crossing section went to Dog Island rookery and found the birds wer e quiet and that the young e crets were getting along all right; returned to Eddy tha t nigh t 29th went to Devil Den rookery, found egrets were quiet and getting along fine. 30th left Devil Den and went to I mmikalee arrived there a t noon fternoon went to Tip p ens Pens on the Ocolowaycoochee SloUf}:l where I stayed a11 Yours very respectfully, (Signed) Samuel H Thompson


July 23, 1 6 --.:y d e a r D r e a r s on : _i; y o u r sut;g e t i-.:in on t h e 20 t h of Jul y I motored d o n the e r s e y coast to Tuc kerton where I hunted up Samu e l D. Cranmer, warde n i n char g e o f the n esting colonies o f B l a c k C ommo n Ter n s and Lau_,h i n0 Gu lls o n L ittle B e a c h Islan d which i s in t h e extreme n orthe a s t portion of Ocean Count y I f ound on the o uth end of t h e Island, ircmed.iate l y n o r t h o f :Sri0antin e Inlet, a flo r ishi n0 colony o f B l a c k Skimmers I sho u l d say that the r e are easily r. o r e than .&Q..Q. au: u l t irds I found many n ests r i t h e g0s rant_,ing in number from t w o to...x a l s o many bir s I f ound or t e n y oun,-=-ir s which had apparently been cro wned i n a h e a v y r a i n storm o f a f e w days before but n o of destruction fro h ic_,h tides. In c ompany with the Sk iM!'ers were n esting e: 3:Et'.r'g e Rum8 01reo f Commo n which I shoul d s a y som ewhat outnumbered t h e S Three Least Tern ere also seen On the water m eado w s immediately w est of Little B e a c h Island I f ound n esti n g lar. e n .. bers of L u h i n Gull Just before s un-rise t hei weird c a c kling constituted a chorus that was very i m pressive. lhere are many s q uare m i l e s of the s e salt marsh isla n d and. hunclre d s o f G u lls cou l d b e seen h ov erin0 over the m a t all h ours o f t h e day. --Wo e 5 s found i n t h e nests but many y o u n0 were h idden i n t h e marsh r ass. In the short time at my d isposal i t was imp ossible t o g e t m o r e than a n appro x i mation o f t heir n umbe r s alth ough I..)ftpu l d say there Mere u pwa rds o f 1000 Gulls n esti n s o n these Islands n e sts o f the Clapper a i l were f ound_ b oth fresh nd i n c u bate d e g s Eany species o f s hore b i r d s were f ound o n the mud flats. This entire re0ion is adm irably to supportin g a l a r0e bird p opulation b u t fro all I cou l d l e a r n c ommercial interests are at work >ri t h developmen t proj e cts and s ooner or later no d oubt the same tragic story i l l be r epeated that has been so fa iliar i n many other plac e s I n t h e meantime,110wever1i t i s my o p inion that it i s much worth to continue to sive p r o tection to these bird col o nies o n L ittl e Beac h Island, as there has been a steaQy i n c r ease particulary of the Blac k Sk i M r Colomy.


of Audubon Societies FOUNDED 1901-INCORPORATED 1905 For the Protection of Wild Birds and Animals THEODORE S PALMER. M D Jst Vice -Pres. A 1 JONATHAN DWIGHT. M D .. Treasurer T GILBERT PEARSON. LL.D .. Prestiient WILLIAM P WHARTON. Secretary FREDERIC A. LUCAS. Sc D .. 2nd V ice-Pres. SAMUELT. CARTER. Jr .. Altomey ACTIVITIES LEGISLATIVE Active in State and Federal legislation for Wad Bird and Animal Protection. "' SANCTUARY Own and Maintain various bird sanctuaries and game refuges. "' LECTURE Our lecturers address thousands of audiences annually. "' CHILDREN'S EDUCATIONAL Organize annually 300,000 children into bird-study clubs. "' PUBLICATION Bird pictures, leaflets, bulletins and magazine, Bird-Lore. "' COOPERATION Cooperate with Federal. State and Conservation Society officials. "' INTERNATIONAL Affaiated with bird protective societies in fourteen foreign countries. HOME OFFICE 1974 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY .ugust 3 1926. I.":y dear Dr Pears on: Prompted by a letter received from Ix. Charles Urner of Elizabeth, New Jersey, who reported havin0 found Black SY-immers and Common Terns breeding on an island near Br&nt Beach, rew Jersey, you su.:::;bested that I return to the Jersey coast and investigate this report. I left Leonia at daybreak on the morning of July 26, arriving at Spri ng Lake Beach about 8 .30. I here became the guest of 1Jr Van Cam.pen Heilner and motored with h i m to Barnegat Bay where I was entertained at the Sandy Island Gun Club In the early afternoon w e set out down the Bay by motor boat in search o f the island d escribed by lZr. Urner. e scoured the reaches of the Bay in the most likely directions but with no success. Ho bircls were to be founa_ :Finally, hovrnver bearin0 to the eastward. towards Brant Beach our ;:;lasses revealed. the dimly forms-Jr birds over an island. Upon closer q_:i:proach severa hundreds of Comm.on Tern were seen, also a few Bla.c.k.Bki er$. Landing on the island we were almost at once amongst the nests of both species of birds. fter as careful an investigation as time :permitted it was estimated that there were probably :C.aur...hunclred Terns and the Skimmer Colony was very accuratel y counted and seen to consist o f si,x._p.aiPs Five nests were f oun d these and two young ---f ound to eg0s and. fly over The nestin3 activities of the Terns were represent all sta0es,from numbers of nests with newly hatched birds up to young birds able to the island with the parents. The island in question is probably about ten acres i n extent and is q_uite hi;::>h an .... dry, made so apparently by some recent dred;ing operations. It is adnirably adapted to the needs o f such colonies of nest in-.:; birds anu no doubt vii th ad.equate J,Jrotection the birds


: 2 -would i ncrease from y ear to year An o ld. clam f ishe rman s t ated that n o s u c h colo_n_i_._s_Qf_b'rds had b G e n seen in for tpn__ y e ars. H e also s t a t e d thats o far as he kne w the birds had. been unmolested. d u r i n g the present breedi ng s e a s o n Upo n furthe r inquiry it w<::t s ascertai n e d that t h e i s l and. i s the property of IT. Harr y I : cLo ughlan who i s pres i dent o f the :Bran t :Be a c h :Oevelo pmen t C ompany. I v 1 s a l s o info rmed that J J r T c L o u g h lan i ntends keep i n'-, t h e i intact as a c oncession t o t h e cluc k and geese hunters i n which event i t wou l d a lso len itse l f d.mira b l y as a :perm a n e n t b r eed. i nt, p l a c e for the Terns ahd. I am a t the pre s ent t ime i n cor respondence w ith the owner i n to have fro m h i m at f irst h anc1 o ethin; r e h i s p lans and purpo e s w ith r e ference to the island In concludi n g t h i s orief r e p o r t I cannot r e f r a i n fro c o mment i n g u p o n the d e l i0htf'ul h ospitality and spi r i t o f cooperation shown by Van Campe n Heilner who was a t con i derable troubl e a nd e xp e nse d.u r i n0 t h e t w o ays I was h i s 0uest at t h e Sa ndy I s land G u n Club. Y o urs s i n e erely, Assistant t o t h e r esident. J \


Science, D r 'tone: o t e you s o u l d know y o u nnd your a s o c i a t e s [ v to the vis i t .rs n -.. i at tb.e ;;.,. o u meet ym :iust feel i n a .. e .... z u:re repai d f r j

.. .; : Dr. t71 t m e r Stone, o v e mber 8 1 9 2 9 The A c ademy o f Nat u r 1 Sciences, Log a n Square, Philadel p hia, P a Dear D r S t on e : I r1ill d p e n d u pon you o r a dvise as to guardi n g t h e er _n< Tern c olonies when y o u f i nd \7here tt birdc 1:.

. THE ACADEMY .OF NATURAL SCIENCES OF PHILADELPHIA DEPARTMENT OF VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY WITMER STONE CURATOR HENRY W FOWLER ASSOCIATE CURATOR (FISHES AND REPTILES ) LOGAN SQUARE PHILADELPHIA, PA. WHARTON HUBER AsSOCIATE CURATOR (BIRDS AND MAMMALS) Nov embe r 6th, 1 2v. Dr T G i l b e r t Pearson, 1 97 4 Broadway New York. My d ear Doctor P earson: I apprecia t e y o u r note r eg a rdin g the S o u t h Jers e y colon i e s of sea birds. The S k immers and T erns hav e shi f t e d their q uarters sev e r a l times a n d I t h i -k i t w ou l d be b est to wait and see w h ere the y loca t e next year b efore we take any s t eps i n r egard to their protection. Probab l y the best way woul d b e t o empl o y some o n e to watc h o v e r them d uring the b r e e ding seaso n b and I shal l s ound out sev eral person s t hat I kno w i n t h i s connection, s o that if the y loca t e n ear the l ast year's spot we can t a k e the matter up at o n c e I s hall keep y o u p o s t e d in the matte r I have not f o r gotten my promise aoou t an articl e o n the earl i e r d a y s of bird prot e c t i o n a n d h ope to get i t read y for you b e fore long. yours, V S L M


. -


. !r. Charles A Urne 596 l estminste r venue, Elizabeth, e Ters e y D ear .'iir. Urn er: D ecember 31 1929 It ives me p leasure to ackn owle dg e the recei_t of your letter to Dr. Pearson i n whic h you en dorse check covering membership fee for another y e ar. W e are appreciativ e of this manifestation of your i nterest in the wor of our Association. I have noted comm ts co ncerning your special interest in givi ng protec t i on to the s e a bird s o f e w Jer s I n t i s oonnection, I recall that you wrote D r Pearson in 1926 tellin o t your discovery of a small oolony of Bla ck S kimmers Bra n t B e a c h t Dr P e a r s o n s e quest I at o n oe lool'"ed up this colony nd f ound s i x :pairs of Sk 1rnmers and a f e w C ommon T erns on a small island just bao of Brant Baach pon ascertaining the name of t h e owner of the i sland I rote him (I believe his n a m e was HoLau hlin) aski ng heth e r h e ould eithe r l ease o r sell h 1 1 nd to our ssociation. He r e lied that h e woul d o .1.eith"lt; but that ... h e as e xcee' i ngly interested i n the welfare of the small colony of breeding birds, an a sure u s that it woul d receive a mpl e protection In view of thi s positive assurance, I advised r Pe a rson t a t it 11.oul scarcely seem w rth our while to hire a w arden t o g i ve i t special p otection ; a nd .so, the matter has rested. Y u mi t b e int e ested k no win g tha Dr Pe a r s on recently has had correspondence wit h reference to the matter of giving special protection, n ext easo n t o o e and Terns of the Cape r egion. ou, no do b t Knoi that for a number of years we have


C A 2 L e mpl oyed a var d en to guard the i llDllers T e rs. and Laughing Gulls about Littl e Beach Island, n ear TUokerton. a al a y s welcome rep ort-of the disco v e r y o f : o r t h: 11hil e bird-colonies and, i n s o f a r a s out' m eans w ill permit, 1 e shall e n eavor to give t hem special p ro tection. y I as just in y ou r o pinion, i s nee Q e d to iv e a aquate pro ctio n to the bird-aolony a t Bra J t Beach c Th e a ss.uran.ce t h e owner of' t h e island gave u_s,that t h e colony woul d receive ample a t his h ds, d e us f eel that the situation c a r e d for. yo t o hear filrt h e r f rom 1 H the President


June 23 1 n Dr \ i tm. r S t on _c d my f i t a l Scicnees, Logan Squr Philan 1 ) U.a Pa. Dear Dr. Stone: \ ,'hat out t h e T e r colony in the C pe a neg borh6 Did JOU locate it this year, nd a r e y ou rea dy to lillllke a recom.m.endation regarding empl oy i n g one to g uard the bi ds? You re e m ber we left it last year that you we e to a "vise us about this. I recently returne fro m n d found no word has come to t h i office f rom y ou Best 'tli shes, Cordially o rs, T Gilbert Pearson. TG:P:J




Dr a t m e r stone 909 rit.een .::treat, Cape r.I .. ., .J. D e a::.' Dr :Jto_ : A u r s t 2 9 1030 I VO recd with inte r est your f v o r o f L t., 'i:.rC 2 3 i n rofc r o nce t o nkinmers. o a r d to ero ui t th ..... o 'l. c k f : r.,5 io c er t h e 1.o e of DO' i r e i n in atit'O t in-"'; the 81 ir CJ.C c o l o n y cl o c l: :'or : l hi e muJ..d b ,.,.lad i f ... -w o 1:i. h r:c1 to 11., c c J:. !"i' -: o t .1ill r;i o rrL 1is a ddress I will b e led to soo (; 1. t b n :roco:t en Don e li tera ture r. hfl ot1or '!110'.rn:riol of' s:trn"lar n a turo i s for.-vard.od t o L i 1 ::'r :t:r:'l: t o ti n e s uld c .,:' e r a y of our cir c lars I ehall bo c lod t o s nd som e to you T h s e l i k o t e e ncl sod, r e.,a ple,are distributed b y t s o i n c o r g o at s ome o f t h e r.tuseums o s a k i dly .1osture :ln help i n_, t lle _ssoc i a tion s e f forts dev e l ope I hop o y o u are not woarinP:; yoursel f o u t on tha t A O o U C 1 1CC< List. Y ours sincerel y T Gil be r t Pearson.


-.., -1 I




r Srunuel D.Cranmer Box '145 Tuckerton, N .J. Dear I'r .Crai" July 27, 1931 I as very sorry to have nicsed you week I .as informed by our oatman tllat you .ould doubtlcsc be found at the L i tle ceac st i on as I ad no id th t you had been retired three ye rs UGO e f ouna. ver3li ttlo a Littl e each island.. To all opve rences h e u hinr: Gulls havon' t nested in n there thi s Je r t e s a hundreds o f adul lls and .:iany l S,t ye r' r u ( 1i t their i e de'.' ostlJ c), u t located no n "'ts. Am I rit;ht in "'UP osinc that th have moved eloow ore to do their n estinG? I n t e nnrohcs ne r Hereford Inlet, just bove 11 ild. Flood, e found a colon of 500 nest inc with m ny aces and younc birds. e saw one at the Little Decc station, n nc on the boac h nearby .. otm d 110 nests, no r any erns. 1 11 1 01 rite hether these irds are nest ing som here on that beac h e hadn' t t ime to c o ver all o f it. nearest colony o f Tern s an Ski ers t o nuckerton sc,ms to be at Goose Bar a nd a fow Tern s n Tu cker's Bea c h F rther south, just on the loue r cdce o f L ttle B ay I t ink, an unnamed is nd had uite a c o l o n y o f Common Terns a n d Least Tern s D o you n o of t l i s colony, and the ne.Je of the island? I will be anxious to hear f r o m yo u recardi n t e e c olonies. It s eems to me that they s ift grea deal fro p l ce to p_uce, duo perhaps, to the number o f peo le and boats that go tnrouch the w ter mys o f tho region lri te ne wh t thi nk o f t is, and what you h ve found durinr t o nst season. Kini'l o l s


BIRD COLONIES on the NEW JERSEY COAST 1931 (According to Bowdish and Potter} Beach -Terns and Skimmers 1930; now deserted (?}. Islands back of Beach Haven (Little Egg Bay) Common and (a few) Roseate Terns 1931. Little Egg Bay (South} Skimmers and Terns 1931. outside Great Bay -Terns and Skimmers )?) Island Northeast of Little Bay -Laughing Gulls {Exact location ?} Southern tip Brigantine Beach Skimmers 1930. () 7.Brigantine Beach -Least Terns 1930 () 8 Corsons Inlet (North) -Least Terns 1930. 9 Corsons Inlet (South) -Least Terns 1930. 10. Beach North of Sea Isle City -Least Terns 1930. ? 11. B each back of Avalon -Osprey '>( 12 Cedar W ood back of Peermont Elk-Crowned Night Herons. Beach back of Stone Harbor -Laughing Gulls 'ildwood Crest Common Terns and Skimmers.


National Association of Audubon Soc:ieties For the Protection of Wild Birds and Animals Founded 1901 1905 T GILBERT PEARSON, LL. D. President THEODORE S P ALMER. M D ls/ Vice-Pres. FRANK R. OASTLER. M D .. 2 n d Vice-Pr es WILLIAM P WHARTON, Suntary ROBERT CUSHMAN MURPHY. D .Sc. Trea surer SAMUEL T CARTER. Jr Allorney A CTIVITIES L EG I S L ATIVE Active in State and Feder al leg isl a ti o n for Wild Bird and Animal Protection. SANCTUARY Owns and maintains various b ird sanctuaries and game refuges. LECTURE Audubon lecturers address thousands of audiences annually. CHIL DREN'S EDUCATIONAL Organize s annually over 350,000 children into bird stud y clubs. P UBLICATION Bird pictures, leaflets, bul letins and magazine, Bird Lore COOPERATION Cooperates with Federal, State and Conservation Society officials. I N TER N A T!O N AL Is affiliated w ith bird pro tective societies in twenty two foreig n countries. Home Office 1974 BROADWAY New Y orl: City Mr.Samuel D C ranmer Box 145 C o a s t G u a r d S tation 1 20 Tuckerton, N .T. Dear Mr.Cranmer: .July 17, 1931 I n compan y w ith 1 1r Bowdish, o f t h e N e w .Jersey S tate Audubo n Society, I e xpect t o visit t h e Sk immer and Tern colon y nea r T uckerton som e t i m e next week. I f you w ill kindly write me at onc e where to meet you I will wire t h e day and tim e of our arrival a s s o o n as arran g e ments hav e b e e n completed Cordially yours, ( )


ltSIDl!:N" \ IP D..AifLIPP 1 ,,.. i ) t i;iruatrr.11 BEECHER S. BOWDISH ARTHUR F. EGNER WALTER FOX ALLEN KENNETH F. LOCKWOOD ALEXANDER CAIRNS EDGAR S. BAMBERGER CLARENCE B. RIKER WILSON R. STEARLY LESTER L. WALSH CHARLES A URNER CHARLES H ROGERS HERBERT L. THOWLESS GEORGE PARMLY WARREN F. EATON VICE .. Rl:91Dl:NT WILLIAM H. PETTES N rw 3Jrrsry Auhubnu INCORPORATED 1910 FOR THE PROTECTION OF WILD BIRDS GENERAL OFFICE 164 MARKET STREET NEWARK. N. J. TELEPHONE MARKET 2 COUNSEL. MICHAEL N. CHANALIS MISS MARY PIERSON ALLEN July 20, 19 31 Dr. T. Gilbert Pearson 1974 Broadway N e w York City near Dr. Pearson: SECRETARY AND TRl!ASUAll'R BEECHER S. BOWDISH xiruttnr C!!nmmittrr KENNETH F. LOCKWOOD WILLIAM H PETTES WALTER FOX ALLEN EDGAR S, BAMBERGER GEORGE PARMLY l:XOll"P'ICIO PRESIDENT AND SE.CRl!TAii.:Y Enclosed herewith is a map just received from Potter. He tells m e that a careful insp e ction of the coast-line from Beach Haven to Wildwood Crest may discover other colonies. I shou l d be glad to take the matter up with Mr. Allen whenever he is ready, and it w o uld suit me exceedingly well to be a ble to make the trip t his week I ima gine that it wiil be necessary to spend at least several days for a really si ve insp e ction of that section of coast. BSB:E M S


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx.x Dominion Wildlife Service, 36 Dominion Pub lic Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba. A pril 26, 1 948 SASKATCHE 'AN TRf.NSECTS, 1948 Waterfowl transects in Saskatchewan baaed u p on those established by J. Lynch during the season of 1 947 Some modifications and adjustments have been ado pted in order to achieve ostensible improvement in completio n and better distribution o f certain routes. Numbers of the folloW'ing transects are the same as those a ppearing o n the accompanying map for identical transects, which, with the text d e scription, will assist in identificatio n a n d che c king off as completed. m11 e rov 1 e nr ),1r ox1 t only. 1. From Whitewood east via W a pella to junction with Highway No. 8, north to junction with No. 22, west to Stockholm and south to Vl1itewood. 110 Yile. 2. Whitew ood south via Langbank and Kenosee L ake to C vrlyle. c:;6 3 C arlyle south to junction No. 1 8 (near Ala meda), west via Hirsch to E tevan, and north via Benson to Stro ughton. 100 m 4. Stroughton via Creelm an and Osage to Francis. 46 m. i:;. Francis south via Weyburn and Tribune to Oungre, High w ay No. 18. 72 m 6. From Oungre westvia Lake Alma to western terminus of Highway No. 18, north via Radville to juncti on with No. and west .. via Forward to junction N o 6 near Fangman. 7. West from Fangman via Ogema, on No. 13, to corner 2 mil north 0 Horizon, northward to Avonlea, eastward to Co and north to Regina. 102 m


2 8 From Regina east to Qu'Appelle, north to Fort Qu'Appelle and east ward on No. 2 2 via Balcarres, Lemberg and Gr ayson t o junction of N o 9 north of Dubuc. 130 m 9. North from inte r section 2 miles north of D ubuc, north to junction No. i i;, wes t w ard via Melville Fenwoo d and Ituna to juncti o n N o 5 2 and east via illowbrook t o Yorkton. 130 m 10. From north, o n No. 9, via C anora to 42 m 11. W e s t from SteNen via Ketchen, Hazel Dell, Lintlaw and Nut Mountain and w e s t to junction No. south o f Fos ton. 8 6 m 12. South from lat t e r point, on No. 3 via W a dena, Elfross and Lecr oss to i pton 8 0 m 13. From Lipton west via Cupar to S o uthe y and south on o 6 to Reg i na. 71 m 14. F rom junction No's 6 & 1 1 (north of Reg i na) wes t and north to L u msd e n north ward v i a C r a v en, Bulyea, and Govan to Hatfield, e ast t o Ray more a n d north to Dauee;. 131 m From Dafoe west to Laniga n and j u nctio n No's 10 & 14, and n orth v i a Burr to R u mbolt. m 16 Humbolt west via Bruno and D ana to junctio n No's. & 2, south to Young, and south a n d e ast on No. 2 H i gh way to / atrous. 90 m 17 Fro m W atrous south to Amazon and west on N o to Kenaston and northward via Hanely to junction of No's. 11 and 1 5 89 m 8 From junction No's. 11 & l' near Clavet east to Elston, north to Vonda, wes t via Aberdeen to junction No's 5 & 2 7 and outh and wes t on No. 27 to Saskatoon. 72 m (nez;ir) 1 9 West from S askatoon to, G randora, s o uth and w e s t v i a V a n scoy, Dpnavon an d S wanson to Denny and ea t via Outlook to Kena s ton. 112 m 20. From Ken a s t o n s outhward on No. 11 to Chamberlain and south on No. 2 to M oose Jaw 106 m 21 M o ose Ja southward via Crestwynd and M os.b a n k to Assiniboia. 7 8 m


3 22. F rom Assmibci west via Lim e r ick and La Fleche to Kinca i d r::.o m 23 From Kincaid north on No. 19 via Vogel to juncti on of No's. l & 19 between E r n f o l d and Morse. m 24 Junction No's. 1 & 19>east to Chaplin, north to unction of No' s 19 & 42, and wes t to R i verhurst, south Saskatchewan River. 7 2 m 2r::.. From Riverhurst o n No. 42, via Lu c ky Lake, wes t and north via Dins more to junction of No's. 44 & and wes t to junction o f No's. 4 & 1 >teat" Ros'1ft"owt-1). 9 0 m 26 From junction No's. 4 & lr;, south of Rosetown, north o n No. 4 to Biggar. m 27. Fro m Biggar northward on No. 4 via to Cando, Red Pheasant and Porter to North Bat tleford. 6 8 m 28. North Battlefor d north o n No. 4 via Jackfish Lake and Cochin to Glaslyn. 46 m 29 West from Glasly n via ervin a n d Turtleford to ferry, N Saskatchewan River, and south to M aidstone, High ay No. 5 7 0 m 30. Maidstone wes t to Lashburn, south to Neilburg, a n d east via Freemont, and Tatsburg to Cutknife. 67 m 31. From Cutknife south to Adanac and w e t via No. 14 to Macklin. 72 m 32. From Mackl i n via Denzil, S alvador and L u seland to junction No's. 31 & 1 and eas t to Kerrobert. 64 m. 33 Kerrober t south o n No. 3 0 to K i n dersley and eas t o n No. 7 via etherhill and D'Arcy to Rosetown. 90 m 34. From Rosetow n south on No. 4 to Elrose and wes t o n No. 44 via Plato and nip e Lake to Glidden. 84 m So uth from Glidden to Lemsford (junction No. 30 & 32) a nd west via Prelate to Leader. m 36. From Leade r south on No. 21 via Fox Valley and Bigstick Lake to Maple Creek. 70 m.


4. 37. East fro m M a ple Cr ek o n No. 1 via Gull Lake and 'ebb to S wift Current. 100 m 3 8 N o r t h from S wift Cur rent to junctio n of No's 4 & 32, we t via Success a n d Pennant t o junction N o's. 32 & 3 7 (south of C abri), and south to Gull L ak e 8 0 m. 39. South from Gull Lake, on No. 37, via Shaunavon to Climax. 6 8 m 40. rbm Cli m a x east via Can u ck, Bracken and asefield to Val A e rie. 40 m 41. North o n No. 4 from Val Marie via C dillac to Swift Current. m 42. E a s t f rom Swift Current on No. 1 via Rush Lake a n d Morse to junction of No's 1 & 1 9 44 m 4 3 From Cha plin o n No. 1 east t o oose Jaw and Regina. 10 3 m 44. nrom Qu'Ap elle on No. 1 east t o junctio n o f No's 1 and 9 north of Whitewood. 76 m Note: Tot a l dist8nce involve on a l-T tr nsect approxi mately 31+ 1 0 miles.


Dear M r Sprunt: MRS. JOHN WORRELL 531 CEYLON STREET EAGLE PASS, TEXAS 7 / 24 / 59 In case you are still keepin tabs o n W ood Ibis, G ame Warden Clarence 1 c Bee reported between 100 and 150 Wood Ibis on July 9 They wer e about m i south of Sp offord, Texas State Road 13 1 in Kinney County. One floc k 50 to 7 5 was o n a small inlet of water and about 30 o r 40 standing Jbight by the road, and not bothered b y the car ; another 5075 were in flight a short distanc e awa y ""rhis was just before d aylight M r M c Bee said. H e cam e in to tell m e t hat morning a nd w e drove ou t as soon as we g o t o f f fro m work that a fternoon ghe place is aboi t 20 miles north of E a gle P a s s-but t h e y were all one. Last y ear' s floc k reported Aug 12 by M r M c Bee, were on the same r oad four miles c l o s e r t o E a gle Pa s s and they stayed there about a m onth. I p t out the w o r d t o b e on t h e lookout for t hem, O t h r o u h m y c olumn, and word o f m o uth, and the only report I had was from Quixie Keisling, who lives on a farm -ranch at E l Indio, 20 miles below E a gle Pass. One l one W o o d Ibis flew over their house about that same tim e--she did n t h j o t down the date You may r emember my sister Mrs. D rake and Mrs. Rose, w h o made a field trip with you in Florida in the Sprins of 158. Th e three of us are planning t o meet at Cape C o d on A g 16 t o take a beac h buggy trips onsore d by t he ifellfleet Bay Sanctuary. M r s Rose lives in Petersburg. Va. now and m y s i ster is in Dayto n s o it' s har d t o mak e p lans jell in time t o mak e a reservation -keep your finger s crossed Tor us


1E 1! """ 'AllUUO) snp Ul 2u!J:l:lU!2u:i hl:Mlj2!q UJ:lpow UI d:ns lSOW:lJOJ :lljl ;iq O l SJ:l;)U!2u;i .{q p:iJ:>p!SUO) SI :ljJOM S!lJl i:J:ry ui:Jr1odon;iw p:>lSJ2um s1q1 JO sp:>:>u ;:umUJ pm: J!fli:n ,{i:p 1u:is:iJd :irpmq m p:iu2!S:>P sr uorDmJsuoJ :>qi "J!fll:Jl 2utUJi:J pm p:i1:i1dwm :iJi: :ljJl:M;>N llurssi:d-,{q Ai:&pi:m pw:A:ip pui: ',{Jr::> kisJ:>[ U! ,{i:Mq21q :iJi:;ms -qns 'lJnpi:1A pJi:MJOJ hJ!Pl::llS p:i!JJT:J u:i:iq :>Ai:q SJ:>f M:>N :>tp ,{q lJ!nq puuni N V \i"()--3 H -J. lfj I' ) 31 s.,I .< '"'!El/\0110 331 v .1aau1JJu3 l:vm4JJ1H aims 'NV01S o & u ; n1oqoH :l(]!All!W. )j:lJMSUOl\l M:lN UO):l:lUJld "-' NN3d.Lll& 01.J.O H S3/\331! w. NVW"'!II::I NI13f WVHV"'!IllV UVU.t.l)Vlj:) 'llO:)S H S.4rouck lleiuhts, Uutherford, Lyndhurst, terminating at H o ute No. 7 i n D orough ot North Arlington. ROUTE No. 3 vk'6. Paterso n to WallROUTE No. S-3 Beginning at Route No 3 in East ltutherfor d, we sterly connecting Route No. 2 .m Rutherford. westerly I n vl.ninity of Clifto n connecting Route No. 6. ROUTE No. 4 HUDSON RIVER BRIDGE PLAZA TO PERTH AMBOY AND CAPE MAY, via Bri d ge J>Iaza, R ive rside, Fairlawn, Paterson, Clifton. Bloomfi eld Road and Broad Street. Bl oomfie l d, East O ra n ge, Irv i n gton, Uos e H e Houte No. 27 in Linden, Rahway, W oodbridge, l'crt h Amhoy South Amboy, ).la i n StrePt and exte n sion to n ose's Corne r, Cheesequake to point n ear White Brown's Corner. to Middlesex Road, Matawan, thence vi.t )fiddlesex Hoad 10 Main Stred. Matawan, thence via 1' .. r ee hold Lakewood. Tom s Jllv e r, Tuckerton, Ab secon. \ 'i a New Road to Somer's Point, B ees ley's Point to Cape May. ROUTE No. S-4 STATEN ISLAND BRIDGE PLAZA AT PERTH AMBOY TO ROUTE No. 4. all pres ent improved State Highways, new additions amounting to 1000 mil es are legislated ri1 utes and scheduled for improvment. Many mil es are unde r some unimproved Route description s are not at present motoring guides. ROUTE No. 12 ROUTE No. 34 FRENCHTOWN TO RARITAN via J<'rcnchtown Baptisttown, Croton, Flemington, Three Bridges. Centr eville naritan to Route No. 28. ROUTE No. 21 BELLEVILLE TO Beginning at Belleville Bridge through N ewark conntctini: with n o ut e No. 25 in N e wark. ROUTE No. 22 PINE BROOK BRIDGE TO RAHWAY. via West Caldwd l, Livingston, Millburn, S p ringfi eld, vic i nity of Garwood to Houte No. 27 in R a hway ROUTE No. 23 VERONA TO NEW YORK STATE LINE NEAR PORT JERVIS. B eginning at R o ute No. ti in V e rona via Cedar Grove, Pe<1uannock, Oak IUdge, F'ranklin Furnace. and lligh Point. ROUTE No. 24 NEWARK TO PHILLIPSBURG. B eginning I n Newark via Irvington, Maulewood, Sprlngfleld, M orristo wn C h, I. o n g Vall ey, to 1:.hillipsburg. ROUTE No. S-24 From Route No. 24 to Hackettst0wn, connectl nii Route No. 24 wit h U oute No 6, and spur from SJ)ringfieltl along l\lo r ri s Avenue to Houte No. 25 at Elizabeth. ROUTE No. 25 JERSEY CITY TO CAMDEN. via J ersey City, Kearny, the n ce via present Lincoln Hi g hw ay, crossing the H acke nsack and P ns.saic Riv e r s thence via Newark, Eliz& beth H nhway \Voodbr idge, crossing Raritan H i ver near \Vesto n's Mills, New Brunswic k thrncP npar Bodin e s Corne r, then ce via Cranbury Turnpi k e through Deans, Dayton, Cranbury, H ightstow n liordentown, Burlington and Camden ROUTE No. S-25 Beginning at Houte No. 25, Burlington extendin g to proposed Burlington-Bristol Bridgt!. ROUTE No. 26 TRENTON TO NEW BRUNSWICK, via Trenton Turnpiko to Mil e Run Brook, N e w Brunswick. MATAWAN TO LAURELTON M ain Street. h1atawa.n. the pce alon g Vallt Y Drive throug h IJolmd e l V anderburg h, Colt's N ec k, Shark U i ver Station, All e nwood t o Houte :;5 at Laureltou. ROUTE No. 35 SOUTH AMBOY BRIDGE PLAZA TO LAKEWOOD, via K ey port, Eatontown, B e lma.r Point Pleasant. Laurelton to Lake w ood. ROUTE No. 36 KEYPORT TO HIGHLAND BEACH, via K ea n s burg, Belford, Atlantic Highlands and Highlands to H ighland Beach. ROUTE No. 37 TRENTON TO POINT PLEASANT, via. All e n to wn, Lakehurs t, Toms Uiver, Seaside Heights and Point. ROUTE No. 38 CAMDEN TO EAST HAMPTON, via Moor esto wn Mount Holly and East Hampton ending a.t noute No. 39. ROUTE No. 39 YARDLEY BRIDGE BY-PASSING TRENTON THROUGH BORDENTOWN TO DA COSTA B eginning at Yardley Br icljl"e tltf>nce through vicinity o f Trenton Junction, l:wlngville. to Bordento wn, Columbus, Vincentow n Ued Lion. Indian Mill s, Ats ion and Da. Costa.. ROUTE No. 40 CAMDEN TO LAKEWOOD via Marlto n, Jled Lion and Lakehurst to Lake wood ROUTE No. S-40 FOUR MILES TO MANAHAWKEN rr om B o ute 4 0 southeasterl y through vicinity of Cedar Bri d ge to Houte 4 in or n ea r 1\lanahawken. ROUTE No. 41 MOORESTOWN TO FAIRVIEW. B eginni ng at Route No. 38 n ear Moor esto wn passing vicinity or Haddonfi eld to llo ute 47 a t Ji .. airvl e w. l I 3 I n () M 'Cl u s H OSl! OYHOll:J H3!JNYC I I ::ii l g r 'Cl I u s .J.:::J_6 osz \/ ONnot:1tt:l'd8 M011JA 'd NO M :>'lf1 B t:f]01:108 ON'd StUl.l.11 NOIS dO.L.S" AB 03)U:t'l1W NOIJ.:lJSl:D.l.NI J.V SI dO.l.S iin.:t v 1 1 NOl.L:JNnr 1 1 ONno l:l!>MJ\l'B 3.1.IHM "d NO MJV1B ONnOl:l!>>tJVS 3.1.IHM "d NO MOV1B t:l301:10B ONV S1"o'l:l3WnN 'St:l3J.J.]l ON'11 'SYJl..l.31 SYl>tl:IVW J.l.nOtt A"o'MH!>IH Sl:l3>tl:l"o'W 3.J.nOl:I A'11MHOIH 3..L"o'.1.S s n AJSt:Dr M3N 1"o'l:ll,JO rm Nl:ln.1 J.M'!>ll:I -NYnJ. J.JJ1 -1 CJ) AVMHIDIH HIGHWAYS U.S. HIGHWAY No. I-MAINE TO FLORIDA NEW JERSEY. beglr\Jll n g at the New Y o rk -New J ersey State line nor t h o f Jerse y City via. J e r sey City, N ewark. Eliza.beth New Bruns w ick. Jrinceto n to T r:ento n on t h e N e w J e 1 seyP ennsylvania State line at the D e l a w a r e JUver Bridg e U. S. HIGHWAY No. 9-ST A TE OF NEW JERSEY NEW JERSEY. beginning at the New York-New J e r sey Sta.le line so uth or Sparkhill, via J ersey City, Nrwark, Elizabeth, llahwa.y, P erth Amboy A s bury JJark, Lakewood, Toms U ive r to Ab!iecoll. \ U. S HIGHWAY No. 22-NEW JERSEY TO. OHIO NEW JERSEY, beRlnnln g at Eliza.bPth via SomervJUe, Whitehouse. to the New Jersey-Pennsylvania State line at Phillipsburg. U. S. HIGHWAY No. 30-NEW JERSEY TO WYOMING NEW JERSEY, b eginning at Atlantic Ci.ty, via Ab secon, Egg Harbor. Ham monton Berl in, h:irkwood, to Camdtn on the Ne w J e r sey-Pe nrn ;y lvania. State fi n e. U.S. HIGHWAY No. 40-NEW JERSEY TO KANSAS NEW JERSEY, beginning at Atlantic City via Ple a santville, Ma.ys Landing, Wood s town. via P enns GrO\e lload to l'ennsville-Auburn Hoad, then ce to P e nnsville to the Ferry 01>Posite New Castle, D elaware. U. S HIGHWAY No. 122-NEW JERSEY TO DELA WARE NEW JERSEY. b eginning at \Vh ite hous e via Flemington to the N e w Jersey Pennsylnnia State line at Lambertville. U. S HIGHWAY No. 130-ST A TE OF NEW JERSEY NEW JERSEY. beginning at Camden, v1& Burlington. Bordentown to Tre nton. ROUTE No. S-41 ROUTE No. S-26 PALMYRA TO BERLIN. B eginning at urouose d Palmyra-Tacony Bridge to LJ lt..-.J No 26 near ,sou.f.t8.r-y line of N l\larlton and Jlrrlin. l = ON TO ITTLE BEACH. I


12 fssued by t he Stale HighAJay Commission und e r authority of Chapbl'" J /9 L aws of 1927 Staie Highway Commission H L SCOTT, Chairma'i, Princeton, N. J. ABRAHAM JELIN, New Brunswick, N.J. FIRMAN M. REE\'ES, Millville N. J H OTTO WITTPENN, l\oboken, N.J. W. G SLOAN, .Stute Hiyhjl!ay Engineer A. LEE <;ROVER S ecretar y ) B Copyright, and M ade by General Drafting co., Inc. 6 Church St.. New York The State Highway CommiHion will welcome any constructive criticism that m1ay help it to better urve the needs of the tra veling public and the citizens of the State. The Commiuion will also be glad to answer any inquiry concerning the State Highway System, the State Highway Departm1nt, nd iu work E F Addi Scale of Miles 0 1 2 3 4 LEGEND I N 1 0 Stale Highway System, hard surface roads of durable character State Highway System improved roads Stat e H ighway System, roa d s under construction H a r d surface road s of dur a ble character Improved roads Connecting unimproved r o a d s Number indicates mileage between places State Highways U .S. Highways State Lines C ounty Lines Approxi mate Population Over 100.000 @ 50,000 to 100,000 @ 25,000 to 50.000 Ell 10.000 to 25.000 of Cities and Towns (1920! n 5,000 t o I 0 ,000 <1> 2,500 to 5 .000 0 1.000 to 2 .500 ci Under l.000 onal copies of this map may be procured by addressing the State Highway Commission, Trenton, N J. H 9 12 G Uth o araphed m U.S.A


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