Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 4 Folder 2 : Lewis Regan Lee Correspondence, Matagorda, Texas

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 4 Folder 2 : Lewis Regan Lee Correspondence, Matagorda, Texas

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 4 Folder 2 : Lewis Regan Lee Correspondence, Matagorda, Texas
Audubon Florida
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Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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1 folder
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Box 4 Folder 2


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Audubon societies -- Diaries ( lcsh )
Ecology -- Florida ( lcsh )
History -- Gulf Coast (Fla.) -- 20th century ( lcsh )


The daily journals of Audubon wardens and statewide reports on certain sites and projects cover activities from 1900 to 1970, with most of the materials concentrated between the 1930s and 1950s.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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3 0M 6 66 NATIONAL AUD U BO N SOCIETY 1130 FIF T H A V E. NEW YORK, N Y 10028 MEMO BCC 17 Feb 67 ___________ 1 9 RCC From __________ Re: __________ Reagan Lee resigned by letter received this a.m. because of marital problems. I phoned Frosty Anderso at 11 a.m. and sent hi Reagan's letter and the key to our pickup, suggesting that Aransas may be able to store our equipment temporarily if Mrs. Lee wants it out, and suggest another temporary warden, since Jim is in Florida for I weeks of vacation.


Mt. w 28 e VAet u Qpe.rta, a.v Jel!aey Mr11 n, earboD CtJW o tlr e, war at 0\0' Secom. Cbalr.t. ot J autbar1&11.J6 ll1a to 70'1 to ace hill on bi :rwtine patrol.a ot th1a suctWA17 ta eaq June o 1QU SJ' bave t)Ml of photo. t bu-4 mJ4 .. lAe e.. act1Vitles to c""' ..,uon tbel'ewtth, u an elealqpl ot one or the 1at10QllJ. A\llu.boa S001$by' Ct ftelA nt1vit1it.ih o.r v1illQS tlat *T.Y tbia

-; A 7) (;) 0 V


Mr. L Reagan Lee Box 147 Austwell Texas Dear RGgan: 3 May 196, I am pleased to advise 7ou that we w1ll oonttnue your employment as warden tull-t1me, though under new a rrangements, as suggested by you in coping with the problem ot giving the Sooond-Cha1n Sanctuary extra ooverage 1n view of your night work at Reynolds Alu ... m1num Company. The new arrangement will 1nvolve tull-t1me coverage of Matagorda Island ianotuar;y and adjaoent bay areas ua&d by the Whooping Crane, from October l to Apr1l JO. Prom May l to September )O you will provide week-end servlcea, in rellevlne; the seasonal Seoond-Cha1n warden, 1n setting up seasonal wardens here and at reen Island, in helping "break camp" at these two areas, and in helping keep our equipment in good oond1tion and 1n sate storage while not 1n uae during the nesting aeon. This involves a reduction ln time Qn the Job, 10 our annual 1alar;r will be reduced from )500 to 2))).28 per annum, but you will retain fringe benetlta. Ho ever, alnce I have not succeeded in t1nd1ng the right seasonal warden, you w1ll please cont1nue to cover the Second-Chain ot Island.a Sanctuary as usual, and 1n keeping with th11 w111 reoe1ve you:r usual monthly salary on th old arrangement tor the month or May, and until we asa1gn a seasonal warden We do have a Brownsville school teacher ln mind tor the be.lance or the season but I am not 1ot sure Ju t when he can oome on. Please send George Porter a memo on your boat transter to Louis Rawalt, and also provide those inventory lists we have talked about on the phone. Give me a rundown on the 011 spill and its effect. BCC:r Sincerely, Roland C. Clement Statt Biologist


JOM-9-64 NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY 1130 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK 28, N. Y. MEMO To _____ _____ 19 From. ____ ___;__ Re:. _____ --Jy-t t-: \ ir; I IMO I 1. f


-' Roland c. Clement, Staff Biologist National Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Ave. New York, N. Y. 10028 Dear Mr. Clement: s'"V Wednesday Eve. April 7, 1965 Well, have returned safely from Green Island. Just hope the Whetstqnes are making out o.k. They are real fine kids and gooa birders. But they are pretty green when it comes to roughing it, and knowing anything about boats and motors I sure did hate to go off and leave them, I am really that concerned about them. If they make it the first six weeks then they may make the full four months. I have asked Bill Stewart, the local State Game Warden and Joe Brewer, the State Biologist to please look out for them real close, and they promised to do so. But I still feel like I should go down there in a couple of weeks and periodiocally to check on them. I told Jack that if anything happehed_and he needed help in a hurry to contact me immideatly and I would go down and assist him. Bill Stewart told me that he would see if the State would put a battery opperated portable radio on the Island ( at the State's expense ). This will sure ease my mind but Bill said it may take a couple of weeks We made t hree trips to the Island while we were there, it was on the first trip out that I burnt up the 18 hp. motor. We had a 40 mph. wind and with the boat loaded I just couldn't get up eneough power to cope with the high winds and shallow waters. M y wife Joyce, took my boat with the 28 hp. motor and the heaviest load and Jack on board. They made it o.k. I had the 18 hp. motor, the lightest load and Ann Whetstone on board but we just couldn't get on top in such a strong wind. Jack has never operated an outboard before, so Joyce operated one boat and I the other untill we got them situated on the Island. Then I took him out i n his boat and tried to show him all I could about the operation and care of same. Just hope they don't have any motor troubles where he will have to make some emergency repairs or such. I cautioned him to have his motor checked each time he comes in on his day off. Johnson no longer makes a 28 hp. motor they make a 33 hp. instead. They run $ 535.00 with the long shaft. However Huff did not have a 33 hp. nor a 28 hp. in stock as he thought, so he brought me a 40 hp. The cost of the 40 hp. is $ 585.00 with long shaft. He let us have it for $ 450.00 ( the same price he quoted for the 28 hp. ) This is $ 55.00 less than I could get a 28 hp. in the Valley area, and Huff delivered it down there without extra cost to the Society. This 40 hp. motor takes special care for at l east the first ten hours. The kind of care that I knew Jack not only doesn't know how to give it but can't very well do so in the kind of shallow waters that he has to run in. So I left him the 28 hp. and brought back the 40hp. with me.


' As for the 18 hp. Huff said he may be able to salvage it eneough to put it back in top shape. I told him to do so if it is worth it. I will then store it for future use elsewhere when it is needed. By the way, the three days we were on the Island we only counted five boat tail grackle. Where as at this time last year they were there by the hundreds. I don't know, of course if this means anything but thought I would mention it to you. We also found droppings of a cayote plus fresh tracks on the Island. We also noticed where he had a trail and where he may have bedded down. Am sure Jack will give you a full report of this. Insodently I talked with Mr. George Young, Manager of the Sun Valley Motel ../ Harlengen about running an add in the Audubon Magazine. He said he would do so. Will you please make a note of this to Mr. Porter and ask him to let me know if he does run the add? If there is anything else I can do to help you on Green Island or else where let me know. In the meantime please do everything you can for me here. This work has become my life. Not only do I enjoy it so much but I know I am doing the thing for a cause that I am most interested in. I am sorry if I have been unreasonable the past few weeks, but I hope you understand how I feel. I feel I have been unjustly accused and convicted, and feel like my record should be pretty sufficient, and stand for itself. Mr Schults did indeed hire me with the understanding I could keep the night job and I have not tried to hide it. It just never interfeered with my Audubon job as far as I was concerned. Certainly I would like to quit the night job, but Joyce and I would be satisfied to sacrifice for the cause but it is just too much to ask our children to do the same. We teach them to enjoy and appreciate birds and wildlife and to practice conservation, but can't ask them to sacrifice. I have gained the respect of the fishermen and birders in the area of the Second Chain and have their full coorperation in the protection of same. The big increase in the brown pelican alone is a good example of this, just to name one. I just wish the Society would check my reports, they alone should show that the nesting birds are all on the increase just since I have gone to work with the Society and feel confident I am patrolling etc. sufficiently. Well eneough of this, Just do wha t you can for me, Please! Sin cerel RL/jl


JOM 9 -64 N '.it'l' IO A L AUDUBON SOCIETY 1130 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK 28, N. Y. MEMO ________ 19_ From :r<. CC-, Re: _________ v-p 13> .. r ... -<-'7 J.. "4 :JJ .... -..1 k-L foa--t;.. b f-...J-. J J-' J_ -'--/. J,2.... 7 ""-


Mr. Charle R. nder Cha11"marl San Antonio Aud\.\bon Societ7 364 Alex Bam.1lton San Antoru<>, l.f'eXM 70226 Mr. Bender: l' appreciate yoUl" kind and interest tn -.renoul1ty. He hae ..a.e 1ome tin contributione Vhich we recogni and appreciate. Obviol.l81Y, Jt)U wre not 1ntotmed ot tl:u!t taotors that ve nov under coneideration tn connection with Mr. t,e position,. and 11nce the7 are or a confid.ctnt.1&1 nature, I vill not relate Again may I MY tbat l 4o ppreaiate arui underatand bov ;rou bou.t Mr. Lee, and. 4o be aeaure4 that he if beins gtven ewry cone14-rat1on, and tbe.t it certain te.ctoJ."a could. be nolved.., ve lfOU).d be llappy to keep h1m on. earl v. Preiclent


364 A.lex Hamilton San Antonio, Texa s 78228 12 April 1965 Dr. Carl W. Buchheister, President N ational Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New Y ork City, New York 10028 .Dear Dr. Buchheister While visiting in Rockport this past week-end, I was inf'orm.ed of a situation I really cent believe exists. The impression in that area is that the job of Mr. Reagan Lee, Audubon Warden, ia in jeopardy because he was dedicated to his work. I am, of course, referring to Mr. L eee role in convicting a t respasser into a closed area and the subsequent pressure being exerted by a "friend" of the Society. I have known Mr. Lee o nly a short tim e but am very i mpressed with his devotio n and loyalty to his job. He has helped the National Audubon Society in more ways t han could ever be expressed in one letter. Prior to his work in the Austwell-Rockport area, the NAS was looked upon rather unfavorably by many residents. The f 'act that many areas were closed to them made them rather resentful. Duck hunters were particularly unconcerned with and antagonistic t oward t h e NAS. Mr, Lee, with intelligence and p a tience, has greatly enhanced the reputatio n of the Society amon g t h e residents and eapecially t h e duck hunters. The r e is a new awarenes s o f t h e need for conserva t ion i n t h e Roc kport area and Mr. Lee has had a tremendous influ e nce on this awakening. To remo v e Mr. Lee from his post at this time would do irreparable harm to the NAS and destroy much valuable confidence built in the last few months. Surely a man's devotion to his job is not a just for removing thim from that job. I, for one, would be sadly disillusioned if the Society would yield to unjustified and undue pressure exerted in the name of personal gain and disrespect for the law, I sincerely hope that the fears expressed t n this


2 letter are unjustified. In the event that Lee' s job is no longer in jeopardy, please accept this letter as one of praise for a job well done. If i'llr. Lee s job is still in jeopardy, please accept t his letteX:-as a plea for a job well done. Sincerely yours, Charles R Bende r Records Chairman, San Antonio Audu bon Society S I tf {'_.,/' .ecei ved ........ :Y. .... ; .. ...... C.W Buchlleister. D C H C D RCC 0 HDB D RET D D 0 File [] return


March 29, 1965 Mr. Clement: I understand from Kay that you had planned to make the trip to Corpus Christi with Mr. Turner. How unfortunate that your plans had to be changed, as I would have appreciated the opportunity of meeting you If I can be of any future assistance to y ou and the Audubon Society, please do not hesitate to call on me. Phone No. UL 3-8988 o Preil, Corpus Christi Ou oo Club 511 Texas Avenue Corpus Christi, Texas 78404


Corpus Ch'"listi Butdoo'"l Club p A u s t De ,.,exa s on e n !hoo .. us not on y cc .. Co :udu on oe o y t our Co to see the e, but by Ve 511 "' exa s Ol'pU"' 1st Phono;. UL for the Obcrervotion ond of Wild.We" ub out!n t h o r h t t our> Club 1,. vcmuo _. s 398 7404


I -1 NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY 1130 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. 10028 27dc:hu 6J-,Lee,, _;r-,,{ fda_/ f ow<--47 M 41 f -/4e _;, 1 M'.,,;,_ atd '/. r i'_ h1;,,, #c 7--tve_ -




Jerre Ledbetter General llmager Sea Gun :sports Inn Star Route l Box 85 Rockport; Dear Mr. Ledbetter: FebJ."\18.X'y 23, 1965 In Carl Buchheisters absence on an extended 'West Coast visit, 'I it u p o l mys e l f to write in an.Per to _yout' ,gvod l.ett.t-.; 1 \:bruary 1 8 eoncerning our i .nterest in the oft' space you ba-ve so l dndly o f'.f'ered "to rent a t a nominal sum f o. -: 'i:.he use of our N;&ta, ... gorda Islend 'WB.?"den, Mr. Reagan Lee First, le": rne say how much all o f us enjoyed our at Bea Gun Sports Inn on the,on of Mr. Buc-nnei.ster s recent visit "to the: Texas Coe. t. W e r eg.rett-ed your absence, but assure you that Bill Straley was t b e perfect boBt a.nd that ve vere favorably impressed with the l.ayat:t and the of you:r establis hment.. As :you knov, v e had the :ple.asure o f going to Me.tagoti\a Isl.and with Mr. Todd i e bee Wynne '' Alt.hough llr. Buchheister has not had an opp()rtun1ty to review JOUI'' offer forma..ll.y vith our Executive Camnittee, I must write you that i t is 11fY firm impression that we will .not be able to ourselves of your generous. offer. For reas

, .... -----' -Phone Rockport SO 4-2341 STAR ROUTE 1, BOX 85, ROCKPORT, TEXAS 11eceived ... C W Mr. Carl W. Buchheister, President National Audubon Society 113 0 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dear Mr. Buchheister: 0 C H C D RCC D R D B D RET D D D File [] Please retilrn February 18, 1965 It was nice to talk with you today about our offer for office space for the National Audubon Society. I am not trying to rush you, however we do need to know your decision before March 1st. We have a tenant for a nice sports shop who wants an area in o u r marina building. If you use the proposed space we are going to build a nice shop adjoining your office on the west side. If you do not use the office we will lease this space to the shop. Our business is much heavier from April through August and any remodeling needs to be done before April 1st. I hope your trip to Sea Gun was an enjoyable one and that you were pleased with the program being carried out in this area. Please contact me if you have any questions about Sea Gun or the area that I might help you with. Sincerely, General Manager JL:pj ?/tat.i' 1t/u1f -COMPLETE HUNTING AND FISHING FACILITIES


\ l Phone Rockport SO 4-2341 STAR ROUTE 1, BOX 85, ROCKPORT, TEXAS January 7, 1965 Mr. Carl W. Buchheister, President National Audubon Society ll30 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dear Mr. Buchheister: Since Bill Straley and Reagen Lee met with you in Tucson, we have discussed several different approaches to our proposed office for your society. We have ciefinately decided Sea Gun will not be making any changes in the marina department this year. A new building is to be constructed in 1966 or 1967 according to our present future expansion program. Enclosed you will find a sketch of the area we propose that you use for your Texas Headquarters. We would like to suggest two plans for a workable agreement and then have you to comment on them. 1. The space shown on the sketch would be leased to the National Audubon Society for use as an office at the rate of $1. 00 per year and would be cancellable by either party on 30 days written notice. Dockage for your warden's boat and use of all of our marina facilities would be included. 2. As an alternate we would propose to have an annual charge of $600. 00 payable in monthly installments of $50. 00 per month Sea Gun would in turn donate $50. 00 per month to your society as long as this space was used. It would be to our advantage if the alternate plan were used so that we would be able to use the donation in our tax program. Mr. Buchheister, it is our belief that the establishment of y our office here at Sea Gun would benefit both of us. We have what I feel is the nicest resort on the Texas coast and our close proximity to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge makes our location ideal. Our meeting rooms would be available to your society at no charge and we would give preference to reservations for any of your people. Mr. Toddie Lee Wynne, our owner, and I want to assure you we will do everything possible to assist the National Audubon Society in establishing headquarters at Sea Gun. "Jl(aU' 1(11,a," COMPLETE HUNTING AND FISHING FACILITIES


I would like to encourage you to visit our facilities as our guest so that you may see what we are offering. Should you have any questions or if I may assist you with reservations, feel free to call on me. Sincerely, Manager JL:pj


Aerial view of SEA-GUN SPORTS INN and a ll the recreational facilities you will enjoy for that time-out-for-fun vacation that's in store for you on the Texas Coast's most enchanting area.


. _, ..... r-- ., ..... '-1terway to round JN SPORTS INN. (.,, ..i11t"1, "- ;;>.,,;, vc:U 111 \..Ofh .... Ul.IVt IV gracious dining pleasure. Special consideration and emphasis devoted to nutritious foods for children. Artistically decorated bedrooms of beauty provide full size stretchout roominess, embellished in excellent taste Winter s ummer air conditioning assures comfort Gay, light-hearted roomy dining and kitchen area -equipped with latest efficiency-innovations : Automatic Electric Range, Electric Refrigerator and ample Cabinets


1-1 s E vJ Wa\k /-I"-. h l e ....__ 7? e..s t Mor;ne 7 R ... -1 -Stotio,... -..:: v "". ,.. I I 5 to I Sdle.s (--13' /\ JO' 18' Off,u, 2 J -: ... ...... I f c ov Pa c:...h c!"------p d .... A..-I n;:t I ....... ...


u STAR ROUTE 1, BOX 85, ROCKPORT, TEXAS Mr. Carl W. Buchheister, President National Audubon Society ll30 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dear Mr. Buchheister: January 12, 1965 Phone Rockport SO 4 2341 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the assistance your society has given us in setting up our scheduled birding trips to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, the winter home of the whooping cranes. Mr. Reagen Lee, your local warden, has been most helpful with advice, occasional trips on our boat, and at your Tucson convention. Since our inaugural cruise on October 18th. we have had over 500 passengers on our scheduled trips to the refuge. Mr. Lee has been kind enough to go o n several of our Sunday trips (usually the largest) and explain the various duties the Audubon Society performs and its purpose. He also has identified birds and been a good ambassador for both of us. I make a practice of visiting with our guests after each trip and I always receive compliments .... on Mr. Lee and the Society. We are trying now to form the nucleus of what we hope will become the _Whooping Ci:;:rne Chapte.r of the National Audubon Soc.i&:tY. Presently we have a group of about 10 eo le who are interested in this project. Each winter ave members of your society who visit Sea Gun that could contribute a lot of knowledge and ideas to our group. Thanks again for all of the help you, the society, and Mr. Lee have given us. I hope on your next visit to Texas you will be able to visit Sea Gun as our Please contact me if you can so that I may make reservations 'ThT)fOu. s UL JL:pj "'1tal4' 11/'-atj-COMPLETE HUNTING AND FISHING FACILITIES


' 1 \ Mr. Roland C. Clement, Staff Biologist National Audubon Society January 13 1 965 1130 Fifth Avenue r '* New York 28, N. Y. 10028 Dear Mr. Clement: This letter is a follow up of my letter of January 12th. concerning Mr. Bob Hopper of Hopper's Landing. Yesterday I was told that Mr. Hopper is currently in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service and the Labor Commission for some irrigularities of some sort. I am told that he says I am responsible for turning him in for same So apparently this is the basis for his latest complaints and lies about me. Now, how he thinks I would even care or know of these irrigularities, I don't know except that is the way his warped mind works. This letter is an Official request for a complete investigation by the Society, of me personally and of all my activities. This course will completely obsolve me of ALL Hopper's lies and accuations. I then feel that it only fair that whom ever has put the pressure on you and Mr. Buchheister' turn do the same to Hopper and see that he opoligizes to me and to the Society. I have been hearing all these lies Hopper has been telling, but thought it was just local talk, so have just ignored them. I am sorry it has gone so far as to upset everyone up there. That is why I am asking for a complete investigation. Actually I feel sorry for anyone in Hoppers' position, I understand that this will completely bankrupt him. But he is simply having to reap what he has sewn. Under seperate cover: if you will check my weekly reports from the last two weeks in November thru the first two weeks of December you will find the report of seeing the scarlet ibis. Also under seperate cover: enclosed is a clipping from the Corpus Christi Caller Times on the Whoopers. I was most impressed with the excellent picture of the young whooper. Let me know what you wish me to do or not do concerning the Hopper situation. And pleas e see that a complete investigation is made of me so that this thing can be cleared up as soon as possible, I would appreciate it very much. Sincerely yours: RL/jl encl.


. \ M. Carl eletr. Pl'etd at atlo 1 A clety 1130 lftb Aveaue Y rk 28, ew Yol'k .. Dear Mr. Bue lier: 1 w like to e l pportunlty thank yo for all of the aa eiatanee your ociety hae pven ue la ttlna '9 ov echedul blrclla1 tripe to th Araaeaa atlonal UcUUe. elqe, the winter home I the whooping era s I'. n L you,r local war a. baa been moet helpful with advice, occaalor&al trip ou at, at y ur Tucea c ventlon. Ince I' I'll" crul e n Octobel' 18th we hav had over 500 paaseagers o ur ache u19d trip to the l'f\aa. I'. L has en kind eQOqh to I on eevel'al of ov waclay trip (usually th laat) ala e v&l'loue duties e Audubon iety p l'form' and l e alo ha ldentifi ine een a 10 am eaador for both 1 mak a practice of vi lttna with our aut after ac trip I celve compliments on Mr. Lee and the lety. e are uyia1 now to fonri th ucleua of what we hope will become the oo Ina Craae Chapter of the HaU..1 Auduboa lety. Pl'ntly we have a 1ro f about 10 people who are laterW la thb proj.c:t. Each winter we have memN of you aoclety who vblt ea Oua that could contribute a lot of kaowl and ldde to ou povp. Thank aaaln for all of the hlp ycna. tile aoclty, bcl Mr. Lee have venue. I h e on you ne vlelt to Texas you will l'M abl to Ylalt a Gun & our au at. l contact me U you can eo that I may make reaervatlooa for yo JL;pj leree Ledbetter General Mana1_er


; \ \ \ \ \ Mr J{eag(Ui Box 147 Austwell, 77950 Jlea.r lt esgant t have made MT&ngementa to go to Matagorda lland on, January 27th, leaving Sea-Gun Club at 8130 a.111. 111 Mt'. 1'oddie L. W)int1e' boat. Mr. Wynne vill accOJnPanY ue. X am bringing Mr. Clement .. Mr. Ed Harte our new membe:f ot the Board trom Oor:pu1 Cb.r1.U .. and, if poetible, l)r. Cla.t'enoe all

the Alla 30M 9 64 NATIO NAL A U D U BON S O CIETY 1130 FIFTH A VE. NEW YORK 28, N. Y. MEMO 4 Dec 64 ____ _______ 19_ Regan Lee Fro .. __......_...__________ R e : ____________ Telephoned Allan Studholme, chief of enforcement, USF&WS, and a personal friend for many years, about Bob Hopper' s continuing complaint against Regan Lee. Asked him if he could have a confidential check made by one of his agents with the Sherrif of the Regugio-Tivoli are a Allan agreed to do this and advise us. CWB, CHC, RCC discussed this problem at lunch. We decided to settle for the above confidential chec k and to ask Dr Cottam to telephone Reynolds Aluminum and ask "to speak with Lee who, he understand worked for them part-time.


Mr. Roland C. Clement, Staff Biologist National Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 28, N. Y. 10028 Dear Mr. Clement: January 12 1 965 In to our telephone conversation of January 6 th. concerning Mr. Bob Hopper of Hopper s Landing: As I told you on the telephone, I was supprised that Hopper was still trying to get at me through the New York office. I thought all this was just local talk, and therefore had thought the best t hing to do was just to ignore the whole thing. I can only assume that the basis for the whole thing is the part I played in the Dubose case. Certainly it can not be because of any trouble or any words that Hopper and I have had because: I can honestly say I have only talked to Hopper about three or four times in the two years I have been with the .society. The last conversation I had with him was this past April 1964. the three or four times I have talked with Hopper were only chance meetings at the local Post Office. I have purposely avoided Mr. Hopper since I came here, on the apparently sound advice of Mr. Fred Schu ltz. He warned me that Hopper was a trouble maker and not trustworthy. As for my being employed by Reynolds Meta l s Company I do not understand Mr. Hopper's concern for this. I work five nights a week and have never once allowed my Reynolds work to interfere with my AuduO.o h job. And I certainly haven' t tried to hide it, as far as I am concerned it is common knowledge. Mr. Fred Schultz hired me with the understanding I could continue the night job. ( Mrs Ida Schultz can ) The Audubon salary alone is not sufficient to support my Family. In time I hope it will be and then I will be happy to quit the night work. As I said, it certainly has not interfered with my Audubon duties, so I don t understand Mr. Hopper s concern. I don t really know the soluti on to the problem. I have just ignored the whole thing, thinking sooner or later it would die down. But sinc e our telephone conversation I have found out that Mr. Dubose has not been back to Hopper's since his conviction. So I can only conclude that this is what Hopper is so upset I do know this, Hopper boasts that he has power and influence with both the Society and The Department Of The Interior. So mabe he is trying to prove this to Dubose and knows that as long as I am here, Dubose will not return. I would be happy to move to Rockport if it could be made possible. And mabe this would ease the situation. I do own a couple of lots near Rock port and would like to build a home there but I am not financialy able to do so.


6 Jan. 196.5 Dear Began, I was interested in the proposal to transplant Attwater's Prairie Qhickens from an area near Housto which (aces t h e bulldozer in the near future. Matagorda Island where Mr. Winn will attempt to improve habitat for them. Unfortunately, they are long-grass birds, and I'm not a t all sure that Matagorda will prove suitable. This is why I suggested asking Val. Lehma1ut 1 s advice before time, money and effort on the project. In any event, the State Game and Fish Commission will have to provide authority, even though the birds are about to be pushed out. l 'm sending. you Lehmann's report on the chicken under separate cover. Please keep our conversation about Mr. Hopper's letter confidential, so far as he is concerned especially, because if Mr. Buchheister oomes down soon he will try to smooth Bob's feathers back down again, so it is important that you not rile him up for any reason. As I said, he did not refer to you specif1oally but it seemed owtious tha t he was still smarting under what the court did to DuBose. Just one of those things. Nor do we object to your working for Reynolds, but we should know what is involved. Drop me a note on this. Also, I can't seem to find your reference to Scarlet Ibis observations though I recall your telling me of this on the pbone. When did this ha ppe n? Best regards,


I had hoped that something could be worked out between the Society and the Sea Gun. I would like very much to headquarter in Rockport. We have been veryhappy here in Austwell but have never been satisfied with the schools in as much as they do not meet with State standards. This is something we have been concerned about ever since we have been here. If my moving would satisfy Hopper and I could work something out I would be glad to do so. I would sure like to get this straightened out, it is ridiculous. I would like to see Hopper s hand called, and I am convinced it is going to take just that to get it straightened out. I have done my job here as I felt the Society would want me to do it just happened that Mr. Hopper's toes got stepped on But I couldn' t have done it any other way, and kept my conscience clear. Now if I felt like I had done Mr. Dubose or Mr. Hopper any injustice I would be willing to apologize to either or both, but I can not lower my principles and apologize to someone for something I have not done. I am willing to do almost anything to remain with the Society, but I will not lie or lower my principles, and I am satisfied that the Society would not want, or expect me to do so. In the meantime I shall wait for instructions as to what you wish me to do otherwise. Sincerely yours, Rl/jl


DUBON K!e:Jearc h ':be parlm enl Mr. Carl w. Buchheister 1130 Fit'th Avenue New\ York 2e, New York Dear Carl: NATIONAL SOCIETY December 8, Sorry not to have answered your letter previously but have been simply been swamped trying to ca:t;ch up after my week at the convention and the two weeks in Mexico. Incidentially, the Mexican trip went Off rather well I think. People seemed to enjoy it although it was cFather exhausting one. We had excellent weather and saw acme 236 species of birds and I .am quite sure that those who participated were very glad that they did. I certainly enjoyed the reports on the Condors from the Los Padres ational Forest. we are getting somewhere definitely with public interest already I am sure. Let me say that I sure was most gratified by the report that was given by the McMillans and Dr. Mil ler at the Convention. I think that they did a superb job and one that we are very fortunate to have had done under our auspices. If there is' anything further that I can do to implement this project please let me know. As you know I have been interested in this species for many years ever since I was out in Cal ifomia about 10 years ago and cer tainly feel that we are doing the entire right thing in pushing as we are at the present time. I will try to comment asain on the relationship betwe en Reagean Lee and the Hoppers. I was rather shagrined to see this other f tter from Hopper to John Baker dated No.rem.ber 17th. First, let me say tnat know nothing about my relationship betw een Bob Hopper ani Regean Lee. Obviously something is wrong between the two men; what I have no idea. Something definitely must be cooking because Regean Lee asked me at the Convention if I had heard any more about the difficulties with Hopper or acy others that Hopper had written ti:> New York. You will recall when we were out there in June the incident of Reagan having helped the Fish and Wildlife on tlie Refuge arrest some local character who was trespassing wher e he shouldn 1 t be. You will remember that this case came to court while we were there and that Reagan testified a gainst the inan. The mm in question was a personal friend of Bob Hopper's apparently and Reagan told me that Hopper threatened him with dire things if he testified against the man. Of course Reagan paid no attention to thi ;" testified; and the man was convicted and ap arently Hop er is now trying to carry out histhreats "get Reagan s job" Bob Hopper here holds himself up as being a great and life long friend of Audubon. Personally, I have seen little if any concrete results from anything that Bob Hopiper ever did for the Society. He has been a great friend of Mr. B*ers and when Mr. Baker would show up on an inspection trip, Hopper would always throw out the red carpet; take Mr. Baker down the Bay in his big boat and F ounded 1905 ... Dedicated to Conservation of Wildlife, Plants, Soil and Water and Its Relation to Human Progress National Headquarters: 1130 Fifth Avenue, New York 28, New York


generally treat him royally. I don't know why he did this, but I can only say that when the rest of us, lower down on the totem pole showed up, we got no such courtesy, in fact no courtesy whatever. I have visite d the Hoppers several times, either trying to rent boats or get information and got short sheeted every time. No cooperation whatever was forthcoming. Personally, I think that any great interest that Bob Hopper has in the Society or the work of the Society comes from hopes of personal gain on his part. I think that he has but ... tered up Mr. Baker for years either trying to get a job with us or else have special privileges or have one of his people get ajob with us. I am not sure exactly what it is but he has gone out of his way to be nice to Mr. Baker and to no one else. You will recall that you were worried about this general situation 'When we were out there in June and asked me to nose abcnt which I did. I asked the people specifically about Regean Lee at Aransas in private 11<> that there would be no question of any embarrassment on their part. and they assured 11111 that they were more than happy with his work. As you say in your letter, Toddie L. Wynn arxi his people are also very happy with Regean Obviously, they mwst be, they sent him to the Convention in Tucson and bave already told him that they would send him to the one in Boston. Both theFish and Wildlife Service pepple and Toddie Wynn's people are the ones that he -has to get along with in Texas to do hisjob effectively and he seems to be doing outstandingly well. I fUrther asked the people up at Sinton that I met on the Welder Wildlife Ref'Uge plus Mr. Glazener; Dr. Cottom' s as-abrut Regean and his previousi, as a aw e orcement o c and arourid Withou any exceptions they gave him an excellent recomme a io ey sa at he had gotten into a little dif'ficul ty up there because he masted some rather powerful and well known j>eople 's sons tor speeding an:i other otrences that e nad been under some pressure !rem that but that the substantial. peop e the colllllunity were behind him. Personally, I believe that Regean Lee is. a good m@ For s1ae reason Bob Hopper dislikes him and wants to get rid of hime If it comes down to a choice between the two of them, I voUldn't hesitate to take Regean Lee's position. This has been a bit rambling, but I hope that it has b een some help to you. I! there is anything more that I can do on it, plaase ask. I hope that you are progressing well, arxi that the convention didn't tire you out too much. Sincerely, Sandy Sprunt



Mr. Reagan Lee NA.tion.'3.l Audubon Society Box 147 Austwell, Te)(B.S 77950 Dear .August 21, l96lt. I was glad to learn that the case against Alle.n Du.Bose was settled in favor of prosecution, the staff o:t the Aransas WU.dli.fe Refuge, eM that the matter will quiet down quie.kly and not brillg a.bout any further repercussions. It is unf'ortuns.te that '.Bob Hopper tock such a personal interest in the defender's case, but all ve ctQI do is sit tight a!ld avoid annoying him G.f.J.Y turther I have had two notes from Franklin .A.d.amg .since hie de:pe.rt\lre from Green Island. and was glad to learn tbat all the important movable equipment ha.d. been transferred to ymucare for the 'Winter. As I said, l &Jll bopefUl. tbat ve can :f'iDd a permanent spot for Frank on our f;rta:ff' bee use I too developed e. Wnll apprecia tien of this young .couple's devotion to our work. I notice that in your report of July 3 you called attention to tbe ta.ct tbat A1ers Island and Rod4y Island of the Aranse.& Refuge vere nat posted and presumably not patrolled. In :took :tng over my file on the A:ransaa Refuge I find tbat the original closure of 1956 did include both these isla:Dd.s within the refuge, even though a S\1bscquent map eliminated t}lese islands 1n tbe property acquired by the F1ab and Wildlife Service for this ret'uge In view of this discrepancy, I suggest that you consult with the refuge manager on this question a.nd :find out whether tbey do not e.ctual.17 have authority to post nd patrol these islands. Xf not, we <:ould then perbaps Ulldertake to acquire a lease a.n('. these to our Of At tb.11 writing, this. does, not seem to me necessary, With all good l em, Sincerely, Roland 0. Clement


'. '.


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Mr Allan J)uBose 5 39 Prestwick Sa.n Ant.on1o, 782a3 Since you brie:t'ly on. M;i.y 15, I have at last biad an opportunity to review your com.pllil1nts of Apri.l 2oth a.gaillSt our warden Reagan Lee with Roland .c. Clement, our Staff' who }las J:u$t :returned fTom fln inap ct1on trip of our Louisiana and Texas sanctuaries-Let me say again the.t it distressing to us to hr.we rep<>rte that our staff is ever leas tbnn pleasant to those they enco-u:nter afield, no matter what the o:t.rcUJl:lStances. Tbe circumsitatnces do seem involved here, but I w.nt to assure .YOU thl;lt we wtll tey to see t-bflt ou;r gOOd rela.t1ons with our neighbors at the Al:-ansa.s Refuge axe ma1nta.ined. It 'INly help you understand our stake in tbe w:ben I explain that we paitrol the Second of Isla.nd.s of':f' Aransas Refuge, tn order to protect an of nesting birds such as spooJ:Ibills, herons a:nd pelJca.ns; and. a.lac patrOl. tb.e southern end of lsland. during the 1 when this area is used. by Whooping Cr-anea Mr Lee wa.o employed to covc:r both these sreaa for un sO!ne 18 t11ontbs a.go, es I wrote you earlier. As a n of our concern i'o:r the Whooping Crane, and of' our continuing 1ntei. est in th support of neighbors e.llrl. other Texas citizens, l'. am send.iJ;ig you e. aopy of our March-April :Mlep.zine which containe an article on the crane by Mt-. Clement of our staf'f. I hope to vtslt the Ref'Uge briafly in early June tlnd 'Will make it a point to visit our friend. Bob Hopper in the hope tllat you may also clla:nce to be at Bopper s tall.ding a.t t.he same time. A. n'Ull'l'ber of' unsolved c-onfliets unfortunately prevent me freq specifying just when 1 ca.n 'be a t Aransas et this writing. Sixicere,ly, .earl. W. Buchbeiste:r President


20M-8-63 NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY 1130 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK 28, N. Y MEMO 20 May 64 R. Clement REGAN LEE ? In your absence, and just before I left for La-Texas in April, we received a letter of complaint by Allan D. DuBose concerning rough treatment received at the hands of Regan Lee at Aransas. Concerned, I took the letter with me and inquired of Bob Hanson, the Asst. Refuge Director, about what really happened. Hanson told me DuBose was half drunk and abusive, so I felt that this releaved L'ee of responsibility. Hanson charged DuBose with tresspass and being generally obnoxious and the case is being pressed through the courts. I wrote DuBose on your behalf on May Today, Bob Hopper of Hopper' s Landing called John Baker to complain to us that Regan Lee had not served the Society well in this DuBose case. I thereupon telephoned Bob Hopper to express my official responsibility and concern, and to thank him for contacting us. He felt that if we approached DuBose again and were conciliatory that it would smooth things in the neighborhood. Hopper apparently feels that Regan Lee has the neighborhood. He stated that Lee was the lieynolds Aluminum Co. between Rockport }and invited us to consult with the sherrif area about Lee' s reputation. been highhand..ed in sti employed by and Corpus Christt, of the llefugio-Tivoli One particular complaintconcerned Lee' s fishing off the Refuge, something all those interested in Whooping Cranes have triea to aiscourage in recent years to prevent disturbance. I will immediately inform Lee of this public relations problem, and we can check on Lee' s reputation in the community at the first opportunity. Bob Hanson of the Refuge volunteered to me that Regan Lee was a competent and helpful man and that the Refuge staff was happy to have him there. This seems borne out by the barbecue the staff staged for us when we were iJIJP.r this spring; everyone seemed on particularly friendly terms. ) I attachlU a letter to DuBose which your signature if you approve. R { I A-i' !) attempts conciliation, for ,,,.,, Sr;/.. ) ..,......._."11...,...... ...... c.. w Air t.,


To Mr. Baker 5 /20 11:30 Date __________ T ime _____ WHILE YOU WERE OUT Mr. Bob Hoppe r <::! 6J. ____ D u TELl!PHONED x PLEASE CALL HIM x CALLED TO SEE YOU WILL CALL AGAIN WANTS TO SEE YOU RUSH URGENT Operator 61 Mes sage ----------------Port Lavaca, Texas code 512 2661 Austwell. ES AO O Operator FORM 5-PARAGON STATIONERY CO.-N. Y ,-BEekman 3 -0070


Mr. Buchheister 20 May 64 R. Clement REG N LEE In your absence, and just before I left for La-Texas in April, we received a letter of complaint by Allan D. DuBose concerning rough treatment received at the hands of Regan Lee at Aransas. Concerned, I took the letter with me and inquired of Bob Hanson, the Asst. Refuge Director, about what really happened. Hanson told me DuBose was half drunk and abusive, so I felt that this relaved Lee of responsibility. Hanson charged Du.Bose with tresspass and being generally obnoxious and the case is being pressed through the courts. I wrote DuBose on your behalf on May Today, Bob Hopper of Hopper's Landing called John Baker to complain to us that Regan Lee had not served the Society well in this DuBose case. I thereupon telephoned Bob Hopper to express my official responsl bili ty and concern, and to thank him for contacting us. He felt that if we approached DuBose again and were conciliatory that it would smooth things in the neighborhood. Hopper apparently feels that Regan Lee has been high-handed in the neighborhood. He stated that Lee was llUl. employed by the Reynolds Alwr.inum Co. between Rockport Christt, and invited us to consult with the sherr1f of the Refugio-Tivoli area about Lee's reputation. One particular complain concerned Lee's f1shing off the Refuge, something all those interested in Whooping Cranes have tried to discourage in recent years to prevent disturbance. I will immediately inform Lee of this public relations problem, and we can check on Lee's reputation in the community at the first opportunity. Bob Hanson of the Refuge volunteered to me that Began Lee was a competent and helpful man and that the Refuge staff was happy to have him there. This seems borne out by the barbecue the staff staged for us when we were this spring; everyone seemed on particularly friendly terms. I attach a letter to DuBose which attempts conciliation, for your signature if you approve.


Na.tional Audubon Society Audubon Bouse 1130 Fif'th Avenue New Yark, New York 10028 D D\113l0aa S39 &n Antonio, 7822Z l I r t iihe 4 1n al)8'1V: 1rJtJ.r Qt Ap;>1l ao wtd' ttt'Vled. 4vins at IQ c:ittn&ivo be.m:ea tr the ott1c e wer at cO'U:.J:".-e., G.t"l7 to lU"a t 1 1l1il8 l thaa pleasant, wt 1nc Jla;V'e lear t the ti WUdU te bf .,._ tUed a you t t:r"Mpllfle :tn @a oJ.oae.4 to the pu.blic, it does aem :t. Mr Lee :r a J. been 1ntbe tull ... tiae employ ot OUJ' Soctet.1 fer 18 months at A .l"AUUS -:ve f'ound hUl both a..lptul. Mr. often take _. e O'.ll hi s ot t: :t'Ela betVi Aran. SC.$ lb:ta.gork, crur1es f1.ehht6 rods tt$ ttor cam se. '!w t.llerut'e :ve: Ullfortua:w.tfaly Jun;>o4 to coneluai t -a tO\.Wlst 1*0 ha4 no butfinen iA tbia but tb1 1a not so iwl n ve nt. Vltb M-aa to US OU Oft 1r


Mr. Carl Wo Buchheister, President National Audobon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dear Mr. Buchheister: April 20th, 1964 San Antonio, Texas About 1:00 P.M. Saturday April 18th, 1964, in company of my wife and a Visitor from California, we decended the observation tower innnediately north of Mustang Lake on the Aransas Refuge. Minutes later an outboard boat with fishing rods aboard and towed by a vehicle carrying two men and a woman and headed toward Mustang Lake passed. We subsequently follo-wed the boat and found ourselves rudely spoken to and threatened with arrest by a man who refused to state his name or to show his authorization. The man was Regan Lee, an employee of your organization, and operator of the above mentioned vehicle towing the boat. Our only gear was a camera. About one-half way back to the Refuge main gate, our road was blocked by a Mr. Hanson and a man in his company with a Refuge vehicle. Upon relating to Mr. Hanson about the aforementioned trouble, I was carefully informed by Mr. Hanson that Mr. Lee had full authority to use Refuge facilities for relatives or friends if Mro Lee was their host. Such a statement is not in accord with local property owners and residents surrounding the Refuge. I take pride in being a fish and game conservationist and in having studied such a course under Dro Davis at Texas A & M. As a local property owner near the Refuge at Hopper's Landing for nearly twenty years, I strongly protest the actions of Regan Lee, a man whose ll "regular" job is that of employment at Reynolds Aluminum near ... Corpus Christi, Texas. Your consideration of this matter shall be appreciated by sportsman, residents and "regulars" close to the "Refuge". ?. cc:United State Dept. of the Interior Fish & Wildlife Service P.O. Box 1308 Albuquerque, New Mexico Yours very truly, Allan D. DuBose 539 Prestwick San Antonio, Texas-78223


' I \ \ I t Mrs. Connie JI.agar 1401 S. Church Street Rockport, Texas 78382 Dear Connie: Jam.iary 4, 1965 Thank 1084 tor your letter about our Audubon wardai. It 18 moat belptul. I am glad that he baa your esteem. Also, it 18 good to know that he hae been to He you and baa ottered to take you out to the Ilandf 'l'hi I hope you will do next apring when the bird return and resume their neetixlg. I cbn't hillk I told you that Mr. !dvard H. Barte, publilh r o'f t.he Corpue Christi Caller-Time, waa elected to our Society' Boa.rd of Directors. Now, vith Clarence Cottam, ve have two Directors in Texaa, and that ia the way it should be. I expect to be coming dow to your country thia winter, and I vill beat path tc.. your door. Meanwhile, vith every good wish and b:eeaing for the New Year. CWB:rt As ever, Carl w. Bu.chheiater President




/a UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE BUREAU OF SPORT FISHERIES AND WILDLIFE 2-G M Mr. Roland c Clement Staff Biologist National Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dear Mr. Clement: POST OFFICE BOX 1306 ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO 87103 July 15, 1964 This is in response to your letter of June 2 requesting that we give consideration to appointing Mr. Lewis Lee of Austwell, Texas as a u s Deputy Game Warden When our field representative contacted Mr. Lee he found that he presently holds a valid commission as a "free service" game warden Due to an item in Texas constitutional law, no enforcement officer commissioned by the State of Texas may hold any other commission Federal or otherwise. Because of this provision, our U s Game Management Agents do not hold corollary Texas State commissions As a point of fact, the Texas State commission which Mr. Lee now holds gives him wider scope as a conservation law enforcement officer than would one of our commissions as he can enforce Texas State laws for the protection of the roseate spoonbill, brown pelican, ibis, most of the raptors and a wide variety of other birds that are not under Federal jurisdiction. Moreover he has authority to make arrests, searches, seizures, and participate in Texas State court proceedings which he would not have with a Federal commission only, and I am sure you already know that almost all of the Federal laws for the protection of migratory birds have a direct counterpart in Texas State conservation laws. It appears that Mr. Lee is as fully authorized to enforce conservation laws as he can be in the circumstances; however we would like Mr. Lee or any other Audubon Society warden to feel perfectly free to call upon any of our U S Game Management Agents at anytime they can be of assistance. Sincerely yours, uhn C Gatlin Regional Director


Mr. John C Oo.tlin Regional Director U. s Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Office Building 517 Gold Avenue, S W. Albuquerque, New MeXico Dear Mr. Oa. tlin: June 2, 1964. Mr. Lewis Reagag cyf Box 147, Austwell, Texas is a full-time warden of the Society assigned to protecting wading bird col.onies at the Second Chain of Islands off the Aransas Wildlife Refuge during the summer, and protecting the Whooping Crane at Mat.a.gorda Island during the winter season. We feel that it would be helpful if Mr. Lee were Federe.l. Deputy and would like you to consider this letter an application for the granting of such authority to W rden Lee in keeping with whatever regulations govern your office in this respect. Mr. Lee is well known to the staff of the Arana s National Wil.dllfe, from Whom you can obtain references to Mr. Lee's character and performance in the field. It will be of additional interest that Mr. Lee was formerly a Peace Officer, and the Sheriff at Tivoli, Texas can perhaps be of additional assistance to you in measuring MrLee's qualifications. Hoping to hear :frcm you in due course, I am, R C C:rp Sineer ly, Roland C, Clement Staff Biologist


i. Mr. 80 'Vc>'barnik 1309 South Delpit }:>Qrk lll1no1-6:>068 De ME'. obornlk; l ve your inquirJ of Dececabw 2 heut 1 net -1es on the TU!.i.s cooat but neither pa 1lOl' l1ata to sen& you about the bid.a o thetttt lbl I 8 et tbat you CQ :t O. s-Fett1Qg1U1a-. 0.U4 !!? {Vest ot tbta Missiaslppi) 1lbicb wUl tell 70u a. gr.:mt a thia coast. 1 tbe you to vis1t Vitb our ward.en t ViJlet ... 'W'1 Iel.e.1Jd c.t t Secom OMin ot Iele.nd. e o4 eaelos wblcb will allow ;you to CQIU)lete t such v1s 1 t. I Will U. nobiff l:>oth 11.ardens t t they y expect to bear t'.rara 700.. ----The Green Iel.W:Ml van\en 1s a. ae one who s not yet appointed, 111 event it is wt imPooaihle to graat v1a:lt1ll$ privilege& a t time ot 7ear since the birds llU"e still. :rq 1n the t'Ol"llUtion atuge. Wi ll Wi ., l .; .RclaDI C. OlCJMtnt t ace: Enc. be: Mr. Reagan Lee


National Audubon Society Audubon House 1130 Fifth Avenue New York New York 10028 Dear bir: 1309 South Delphia Park Lidge Ill. 60068 Dece mber 2, 1964 Please send me any maps bird lists, and other information that you have available on the National Audubon Society Sanctuaries located in Texas that would help me in planning a nine day birding trip to Texas during the last week in Ai:-)ril which is the Vacation in the Cnicago Public chools where I a m a teacher. I would like to api)ly for a permit to visit these sanctuaries. As mentioned in Pettingill's Guide to Bird Finding, I would like to accompany the warden on his tour of duty at Vingt-.un I slands and Green Island. I am a member of the National Audubon oociety. incerely yours, Robert Vobornik


Phone Rockport SO 4-2341 STAR ROUTE 1, BOX 85, ROCKPORT, TEXAS November 21, 1964 Mr. Carl W. Buchheister, President National Audubon Society ll3 0 Fifth Avenue New York, New York, 10028 Dear Mr. Buchheister: I would like to say that I enjoyed thoroughly, the opportunity of attending the Tucson convention and meeting with you and the officials of the Society. I am sorry to have had to cut-short my participation at the meeting, but the Copano bay shell dredging hearing required that I return. Regarding the Sea Gun proposal to make facilities available to headquarter your Warden, Mr. Reagan Lee, we are instrucing our attorney to draft a lease-form based on the conditions we discussed. This will be forwarded to you in a few days. We have had several Society members as guests since the convention adjourned, and birding activities are increasing in this area. It may interest you td know that the current Whooping Crane count is 30 birds, according to Manager Bob Shields at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Best personal regards: Bill Straley Sales Manager BS:pj cc: Reagan Lee ?JUU4, -COMPLETE HUNTING AND FISHING FACILITIES


Mr Ree.gan Z.e National A udubon Society Box 11'-7 Austwell, Texas 77950 Dear Ree.gaJl; Bovember 2q., 1964 I think I apoke toe eoon yesterday vhen I eked you to make an overnight reservation for me and Mrs. I found out lat night that it Will be impoaeible for me to 1nelude Texas in tbe trip l have planned for I WiU,. however, come down at some other date for I am very eager to see Mata .. gord.a when the cranes are there and to talk with you about a number of matters. Mr. Clement will be back December l. Send him the int'onnation about the warden for the Prairie Chicken patrol. I am very sorry that I cannot come for I bad lOOked. torvard to seeing you and your good wife and also lihtagorda. CWB:rp Sincerely, Carl W. Bucbhe1a .ter President


Mr. Reagan Lee D tional A udubon Society Box 147 Austwell, Texas 77950 Dea r Reagan: Noveiuber 2, 1964. This is simply to inform you tbat we have been in touch with agents of the A merican Liberty 011. C anpany which wishes to do oil exploration on M:l.tagorda Island during the caning month Should any of their gents contact you about obtaining our approval of their plans, please refer them to this office or to Mr. Wynne s lawyer. Looking forward to seeing you in Tucson, I am, RCC:rp Sincerely, Roland C. C lement Staff Biologist


I I I I I -------t RSVP I I \ \ HOME OF MILL S WHARF AND THE REEF CLUB JERRE H LEDBETTER GENERAL MANAGER ----HONE ROCKPORT SO 4-2341 STAR ROUTE t BOX 85 ROCKPORT, TEXAS HIGHWAY 3!i -9 MILES NORTH OF ROCKPORT, TEXAS You are cordially invited aboard the MS Whooping Crane on her inaugural cruise to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and winter home of the rare whooping crane Sunday, the eighteenth of October, nineteen hundred and sixty-four, embarking from the Sea Gun Sports Inn Marina at one o'clock in the afternoon. Refreshments served aboard


1 c t t Hutrw i r v t t HL 1 I .. t I.I' c L h I


Mr. Rea.t;;a.n Lee Ifa.tio:cal Audubon Society Box 147 Austwell, 71950 Dear Reagan: Oet;ober 8, 1964. I have just cheeJ.:i;ed tb.e question of policy with Mr. Bucbheister a.Dd am bappy to tell you tbat you may ac.cept; the offar of' Sea Gun Motel a.Xld 11Whoo])ing Crane" bent own(!rs to send you to our 'l'u<:;aon convention where, although we cannot put you on the p1-gra.m, you would have an opp<>:rtUXlity to a sma.ll display t"ble in the lobby and there distri'bute lit.e:ra.tu:re concerning these Whooping Crane observation opportunities ru:id to our delegates and members and :f'riends whil,e you are with us. 1l'his of course brings up the problel'il of coverl!lge of the sa.netu ... r.try during your absence, ut we are Villing for you to be away for these several days especially if you can arrange soiQe type of interim coverage by the fish and Wildlife personnel alld sane .of Mt-. Wynt\1s men on Ms.tagorda Isl.and. A trip would, of oouree, take less tiJlle, but if Mrs. Lee can come with you 1lllder these arrangements ve are agreeable to your out if this is preferabl.e. With: all gOOd 'W'ishes, I All, RCC:rp Sinee:rely, Roland c,. Clement Staff Biologisi;


Mr. Reagan lee lox 147 Austwell, Texas Oea r Reagan : October s. t964 Thank you very .,ch for your letter of September 28 together with the two llellbershtp checks which you. sent me. You realty caught a good-sized f lsh thlJ ti. I told Mr. luchheister about the good work you have been doing fn gett Ing ltellbershlp.s. end he is very p l ease4 about this. We a1 I hope that you wl I I be able to keep it up. We have all the faf th in the world In. you GP:gs With all good wishes and kind regards. Sincerely. Porter AssistaAt Treasurer Roland: One of the two memberships is a 12.Q..membership 1


/ DOMESTIC SERVIOE $ UNION ./ INTERNATIONAL SERVIC E '\ WESTERN Check the cl ass o f se r vice desir e d ; etherwise this m e ssag_e w ill b e sent' as a fasr tel e gram s TE LEG.RAM E TELEGRAM DAY LETTER N I GHT LETTER w. P MARSHALL. PRESIDENT NO. WDS, C L OF S VC. PD. OR COLL. CASH NO. CHARGE TO THE ACCOUNT OF Send rhe following messa ge, sub 1 ect to the ter ms on back he r eof, w hic h a r e hereby agreed ro J eldon Exec Director Parks and Wildlire Commission Austin, Texas Check rhe class of servtce desired; orbcrwlse the message \.1:ill be senr AND P OTECTED COOPERATIVELY BY THIS SOCIETY STOP RESPECTFULLY HE UEST TO CONSULT B!.:FOliE DllEDGnm PEhMITS ISSUED n C Clement ueQ n Society New York 28, N Y


ALL MESSAGE S TAKE N BY THIS COMPANY ARE SUBJECT TO THE F O LLOWING TERMS: To guard against mJstakes or delays the sender o r a message should order tt repeated, that ls, te1egraphed back to the ortglnatlng omce for comparlRon. For this, the unrepeated message rate Is charged In additlon. Unless otherwise tndlcated on lts Ia.oe, this ls an unrepeated and paid tor as such, in conaideraUon wbereof 1t is a....rrreed between the sender o{ I.he message and tbe Telegraph Company as follows: message message rate beyond tho sum ot l\ve thousand dollars, unless specially vaiuaj; DOt Ill any oa:;e !or clolnye arming from unavoidable Interruption In the worldl\lr ol Its lllle.'I. caued b; d1='.'1l:t r eoreseDts that tho message ls un1esm a itreator value Js stated ln writing by the sender thereof at tJhe time the message ts tendered tor and nnle@l.S the repeated-message rate is :oald or agreed to be paid and an additional charge equal to o f one per cent of tho amount by whlch such valuation shall exceed five thousand dolars. 3. The Telegraph Company is hereby mad e the agent ot the sender, w1thout liability, to forward this message over the lines or any other company when necessary to reach Jts destlnatton. 4. The applicable tar!!! charges on a message destined to any point In the continental Unlted States listed In tlrn ComDMY' ol Stations cover Its dollvery within the established city or community limits of the destination point. Beyond such limits and to points not listed ta the Telegraph Company's Directory of Stations, the Telegraph Company does not undertake to make delivery but wm endeavor to arrange tor delivery by any available means as the agent or the sender, with the understa.ndtng that the sender authorizes the collection or any additional charge Crom the addressee and agrees to pay such additional charge tr lt is not collected from the addressee. 5. No r esponsibility attaches to the Telegraph Company concerning messages until the same are accepted at one of its transmitting omces; and if a message la sent to such office by one of the Telegraph Company's messengers, he acts for that purpose as the agent of the sender; except that when the Telegraph Company sends a messenger to p1ck up a message, the mes senger in that instance acts as the agent of the Telegraph Company Le accepting the message, the Telegraph Company assuming responstbllity from the time or supb acceptance. 6. The Telegraph Company wut not be liable tor damages or statutory penalties when the claim ls not presented In w r iting to the Telegraph Company, (a) within ninety days a fter the message ls tiled w1th the Telegraph Comt>any f or transmission in the case o f a message between points within the United States (except in the case or an intrastate in Texas) or between a point in tbe United States on the one band and a point in Alaska, Canada, or St. Pierre-1\Iiquelon Islands on the other band, or between a point in tile United States and a shlp at sea or in the air (b) within 95 days after the cause ot action, it any, shall have accrued In the case of nn intrastate message in Texas. and (c) within 180 days after the message ls filed with the Telegraph Company f o r transmission Ln the case or a message between a point in the United States and a toretgn or overseas point other than the points speci.ft:ed above ln this paragraph; p rovided, however that this condition shall not apply t o claims tor damages or overcharges within the purview of Section 415 or the Comm11nlcations Act o l 1 934 as amended 7 It is agr eed that l n any actio n b y the T e l eg raph Oompan y t o r ecove r the tolls for any message or messages the prompt and correct transmission and delivery thereof shall be oresume d subject to rebuttal b y competent evidence. 8. Specia l terms governi n g the transmission o r messages acco r ding t o t heir c l asses. as enumerated belo w shall apply to messages in each ot such respective classes ln addltion to all the f oregoing terms. 9 No employee o f the T eleg raph dompany ls a uthori zed to vary the f orego ing CLASSES Of" SERVICE DOMESTIC SERVICES TELEGRAM The fastest domes ti c se r vice DAY LETTER (DL) A d e t erred same-day service at l o w rate.a. NIGHT LETTER (NL) Economical overnight service. Accepted up to 2 A 1\-f f or d e liv ery the foll owi n g morning; at rates l owe r than tbe Telegram o r Day Letter rates. INTERNATIONAL SERVICES FULL RATE (FR) Tbe fastest overseas service. May be written In code, ciDher, or in any ex Dressed In Roman letters. LETTER TELEGRAM (LT) For overnight p lain language messages, at haUrate. Minimum charge tor 22 words appltes. SHIP RADIOGRAM For messages to and f rom shi ps at sea.


Sept. 64 Regan Lee telephoned to ask whether we had picked up the off er of a lease to West Copano Bay Shellbank Island from Mr. Collinso There is now a threat of dredging in the bay and if we were co-lessees, we could better help object. Will accept $10 See his earlier letter on Sept. 18 he telephoned again to say that in conversation with Clarence Cottam and Dr. Bauer, he had been urged to ask us to telegraph Mr. Weldon Watson, Exec. Dir. Texas Parks and Wildlife Commision to stop permit-for dredging in Copano Bay.




21 Sept 64 Dear Mr. Collins, Our lawyer tells me that the subleasing matter 1s very simple. A lawyer can draw up a simple document giving pertinent references to location and boundaries, the rental to us ( lO)or 1), and file this with the local land office, a copy coming to us. This had probably best be done locally. Mr. J. w Collins Falfurrias, Texas Sincerely, Roland c. Cle ent


Mr. Reagan Lee Box 11+7 Austwell, Texas 77950 Dear Reagan: June 19, 1961. Thank you for your letter of June 15 concerni?lg Mt. W&llace Collins' beron:ry on an 1sla.nd he leases in West Copono Ba)' Ui Fal.furr1a.s County. Bec&.\We th1s involves questions of land acq.uts$.t1cn Policy and lega.l 4ete.Us, I a.Ill a.eking Mr. John B. <er to help appraise the pros and QO.US of a $Ub ... J.ease :f'l'om Mr. Col.lJ.ns, and we will certainl,y write to b1m one way o:r an.other well August 1st and ad.vise you ot our dec:1P1<>n thanks for your interest a.Ild help in this comiection. l31ncerelyt RCC:rp C Clement Sta.ft :Siolagist


Roland C. Clement National Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 28, N. Y. Dear Mr. Clement: June 15, 1964 Thia is to inform you

Roland C. Clement : Staff Biologist 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York 10028 Dear Mr. Clement: September 2, 1964 I am far behind on my correspondence as we have had a very sad tragedy in our Family. My Wife's precious Father passed away Thursday August' 27 th. and was interned this Saturday past, August 29, 1964. He had been ill for some time and my wife had been at his bedside constantly for the past month. As a result of all this I shall endevor to answer all past correspondences from you in this one letter. First off, concerning Ayers and Roddy Islands: Ayers and Roddy Islands are both posted and patrolled by the U. s. Fish and Wildlife Service, but they have no legal claim'nor over them. The Whooping crane do feed on these two Islands. The general public is not aware of the fact that these two Islands are not legally owned or protected by the. u. s. Government but this does not mean that someone won't find out at some time or the other. This is what I am most concerned about. So that is the answer to your question, the u. s. Fish and Wildlife Service DO NOT have legal possesion of Ayers and Roddy Islands. The matter concerning the long bill curlew:: One of the long resident Ranchhands, on Matagorda, and myself observed and counted what I was positive were the long bill curlew. The ranch-hand told me he had observed these birds for a number of years. The mature birds were definately the long bill curlew and the young I counted were with them as any young would be with the adult birds. Of .,r' course this could be just an assumption on my part that they were the immature long bill curlew. However I was fairly new in the field then as now and had I known more o f their habits I would have made an even closer observation and not reported on assumption. This is just another step forward for me in that I have learned a new lesson, not to assume but to be positive in my reports. I am, however, not going to concede that they were not the immature long bill curlew untill further study. It could well be that t ney nested there. This is truly an error on my part that I did not check closer. I shall endeavor to not make this mistake in the future. I read continually a bout the birds, especially those under my p+otection and observation but have somehow mis s ed the habits etc. of the long bill curlew. I did not take special note of them this past season because it was so hot and dry and so many rattlesnakes in this area of Mata gorda where I had observed these birds last. I shall, however, put this on my list of birds to observe more closely next season. I do have a note-book and take notes on any and all unusual happening s on all birds. As for the Hopper-Dubose situation: I have only seen Mr. Hopper a couple of ./ times since the conviction of Mr. Dubose and he was most pleasant. As I told you in the past I have never had any words with Hopper before or since the


trial, it was just that Hopper took a personel view of the whole thing and I was made the goat. I would like to make it clear that he is definately not a friend of the Society but that I will certainly do my best to not have any cross words with him as I do understand the situation. I have been told that Hopper is trying to retract a lot of his statements and is now saying that Mr. Dubose lied to him and that I was in the right all along, and that he only found out the truth after the trial. I just wish he would wr;i.te the Society to that effect. My conscience, is' but I feel.bad that I had recieved an un favorable report, and would like to keep my record clean. New matter: I know of some twenty seven hundred ( 2700 ) in Bee C t s where the whitewing dove migrate each year and have as ong as I can remember. I know this region well. The season is closed year round on these birds. It is approximately twelve ( 12 ) miles west of Beeville, Texas near the Cadiz Community. The asking price is Seventy Five Dollars ($75.00) an acre. But can possible be bou ght for Sixty Dollars ( $60.00 ) or Sixty Dollars ( $65.00 ). This ranch has possibilities for the prairie chicken I know most of the Farmers and Ranchers in this area and feel that we could get their full cooperation on the protection of both the whitewing and the chicken. If you are interested I can procure the necessary papers etc. on this ranch on request. I think this takes care of all matters at the present, but if I have left any leaves unturned please advise. Give my regards to all: yours: Warden RL: jl




r National Audubon Society Audubon House 1130 Avenue New York, New York 1002.8 September 21, 1964 kt-. John W ce Collin& Post Office Box 91 11.'url"iaa, t Dear Hr, Col.lins t rUer th1 eUJlll!ler Mr. Reagan Lee our Audubon lf'tU'den at the second in of bla.r.d"' off th Ar nsas National Wildlife Rei'uge, need u ot your Vill j nsneea to 1-e & the We t Copano Bay which you le se f'ran tlMt ttate of Texas as a.n 1ndic t1on of your inter st 1n helping protec. t th bird colonies t neat. ther l regret tbe delay in our acting on this worthwhil suggestion 'but since ve h tba:t is proposal to dredge shell i n Copeno Bo.y a.nd tear tba.t thi m.'lY etJdane;er both the isltm4 -acd the teeding oun4& to th llerons ttnd the epoon'bills t t n at on your 1sl.an4, we would be very gl.atil to enter into &ulrl e gr emont Wit you nd. Joi.n 1n reque ting the 1exa k nd \lil411fe Comm.ta ion to ine1t on propel' s :f'ee;varc'.J.s so t t whatever i Uowed vill not Jeopardize these interest Vhich W amue in cOlllmOn. I am l'equesti.Jlg d.vice from O\U" l.e.w;yer on the proper proc ohoul.d you pp-rove ot our entering into tJiUch agreement t this date 1114 will a ppend statement to this letter. It W1ll .inter t you to kilCM t t on September 1.8 we telegraphed Caanissioner Wel.d Watson. of the Te)Ca 1 s n4 'WUdllfe COlll-mission r C!ue tins $.11 opl)Ortunity to consult bet'ore dredging pel11lit re is ued.. .RCC:rp cc: Mr.Ra nLe Jlolal:ld C Clement Diree'tOl' ot Sen.ctuaries nd $tart Biologist


George Porter, Assistant Treasurer National Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New York N. Y. 10028 Dear Mr. Porter: July 29, 1964 First of all I would like to thank you for the material and other help for my speech to the Rotary Club in Refugio yesterday. I must say it was a most succesfu l speech and I was invited to return at any time and not to wait for an invitation. It also proved to be a very fruitfull day, as I will explain:: I met a Mr. Neyland from Corpus Christi. Mr. Neyland is a land owner and Real Estate dealer. He owns an Island in West Copono Bay, Refugio County, Texas. This Island is about two hundred and fifty ( 250 ) c.res in size. He is most anxious to leas e sam e t o the Audubon Society at no cost what so ever, for a Sanctuary. As a matter o f fact he i nsisted I post the Island as soon as possible and he would sign the lease later. I told him I could not do this of course, but that is t o show you how anxious he is to lease the Island for a Sanctuary. I might add too that he said for the Society to write up the c-0ntract to suit themselves and he would sign it on recipt of same. There is more: He also owns about twenty five hundred ( 2500 ) acres of ranch land in Mexico. He wishes to lease this land to the Society for a Sanctuary, without any cost to the' Society on this lease either. I do not know what kind of birds or wildlife, if any, are on the Mexico ranch. But I talked to Mr. Bill Mccutchen of Bayside, Texas about Mr. Neyland's Island in West Copono Bay and he told me there were quite a number of Louisiana heron, Great blue heron, and snowy e gret. A few roseate spoonbill and white ibis. There a r e of course possible others I will make a trip out to the Island as soon as possible to see for myself and report later what I find. I will see Mr. Neyland next week to get the exact locations etc. on both of the places if the Society is interested. Please let me know as soon as I am hoping and feel certain that we will get some new members from this group of Rotarians. At least they seemed most interested in what the Society was doing and what it stands for and what they could do to help. I of course, passed out some membership applications While I am on the subject of memberships, Mr. Cla d Huff of Huff 1s Boat and Motor Sales tells me he sent in for a membership to the Society quite some time ago and he has not recieved his Audubon Magazine or any thing else from the Society. I have suggested that since the Society has purchased three ( 3 ) Glastron boats from him that the Glastron Company might wish to place an add in the M a gazine. He agreed but is waiting to see the M a gazine before he does anything about it. Would appreciate i t if you will check on this for me please.


I also like to ask another favor of you: I would it if you will send me the two ( 2 ) books on the Whooping Crane, written by Mr. Bob Allen. I wish to donate them to the Refugio County Library, Refugio, Texas. I also ask that you deduct the cost from my salary. I feel that this will be a very good gesture and we may get a few new members as a result. If you don't mind, I would also like to ask you how the deal is coming along on the Collin's Island ( Shell Bank ) in Copono Bay, and the deal with Mr. Winn on the land near Harlingen for the whitewing program. Hope these turn out well for the benifit of the Society. I was hoping the whitewing deal would come thru before Frank Adams left Green Island as I think he would be a good man to have on such a Sanctuary. I sure would like to see him remain in Texas, and I think he and his young Wife would like to stay also. I don't have to tell you how fond of the Adamses we have become. Had a barbeque at Doc's the other day with plenty of beans and tortillas, help but think of you with every bite. Thanks again for the help on my speech and let me know if I can be of help to any of you. Sincerely yours, Reagan P. s. Enclosed is an article I clipped from the Corp s Christi Caller of Friday July 24, 1964, thought it might be of interest t he Society. LRL:jl encl.


Roland c. Clement, Staff Biologist National Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 28, N. Y. Dear Mr. Clement: July 9, 1964 I had lunch on Matagorda Island yesterday and a long visit with Mr. Toddy Lee Winn. We discussed the plight of the whitewing dove, and I am happy to report that Mr. Winn has some ten thousand ( 10,000) acres of land north of Harlingen and would like to lease it to the Audubon Society for the protection of the whitewing. He also told me that he is qite c.BEta:in that he can secure three or four more places for the Society for the same program. Mr. Winn told me about a Mr. Frank M. Wood of Wit:hita Falls, Texas who can be of great help to us in securing some land for this same program. So if you wish you might ask Mr. Winn more about this Mr. Wood and he can tell you in just what way Mr. Wood can be of help. After long discussion of the whitewing we then discussed the prarie chicken and he offered to be of help in this program also. He said he is not familiar with the procedure but if it was to pen the bird and raise a few young untill thc:Ybe come accustomed to their new surroundings he would be willing to do so at his expense and not at Audubon expense. If stocking Matagorda Island with the prarie chicken would be benificial he would be willing to stand the expense on doing what ever would be necessary to do so. I told him I would pass the information on to you and that I was sure you would contact him in the near future. I hope you do not mind my taking this liberty. If I can helpiin any way please let me know as I am most interested in seeing this program in force as soon as possible. Sure have been concerned about this for a long time. Please give my regards to all, I certainly did enjoy the recent visit from Mr. Buchheister, Gene Setzer, and Sandy Sprunt.


Mr, Reagan Lee Box il.t.7 Austwell, Texar1 77950 In reviewing sOllle infm:'ll;lation on tbe bird& o'f the Teas toelsy I noticed that last year l :reported Long .. billed Qurlew$ ae a.warentl,y nesting on lhtagord.a Island. lou gave a.bout 150 pEl.irs alld thought tba.t 90 youns had been produced .. Actually, we do not yet knov for sure that this bird a.etually nesta on the Cult' Coast and I would ttierefore ask :rou to review c:aret"Ul.q the evidenee Vbich you bas.ed this report. I:f' you have been keeping notes on such observations pl.ease d.ig them out and sba.l."e the detail1;1 With iae because it voul.d be very exciting if you bad actually the first nesting on tne Te::cas coast. ::tt is very easy to a$sume that beeaUtle birds present tbr()U,gbout the year and beau,.e we occasionally see some in what appear& be a different plumage than the breeding dress, that these birds are nesting, but this is not suf'fic1eut evidence to satisfy this scientific f'raternity. What must be found are nests with egge or young so out of the nest that they cannot yet f'l.y. Otherwise, the biricls might Jiloved in fl"om some other region 13.nd been contused with the resident stock. '?bib of course is deta.1led observations ar-e so to a field man. lf you have not kept them in the past I would encourage you to start a notebook now e.'.l. keep detailed careful notes on the .species you eneounter. TlU& W1ll Qd4 to y-oru: ovn dqs a.;t'1eld gradually make you a local authority at the scient1tic level ae "!fell as the good conservationist you are Wi t.h beet wishes, t am, 0. Clement Staff Biologist


.. OFFICE J:ELEPHONE La Roland c. Clement Staff Biologist Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dea r Mr. Clement, J. E. BAUER, D. D. S. OFFICE IN BAUER BUILDING REFUGIO, TEXA.S 78377 Box 100 July 8, 1964 RESIDENCE TELEPHONE j(j{ La 6-2169 I received your nice letter and sorry things worked out the way they did and I didn't get to visit with you. I was getting things ready for the State D emocr atic Convention. I am feeling much better from my operation and I hope the Doctor will dismiss me in a week or two. My wife and I and our family a ppreciated the thoughtfulness of the Audubon Society a t the death of our grandson. Both of my grandsons had their tonsils out and were d o ing nicely but on the 8th day the oldest little boy started bleeding from his adnoids and they were unableto control t h e bleeding. In regar ds to the dredging o perations in our bays w e used to o perate 8 and 10 i n ch dred ges, but today our modern dredges are 20 inches or more and the tremendous silt area behind these d r edges is so large that it is no trick at all t o kill our live reefs, especially getting as close as our dred g e operators lik e to get. We operate on small shell dredge and we feel that public opinion is going to exert itself to such an extent t hat our fine fishing reefs are going to have to be left to the people of Texas and the United States. Trinity Bay and Cor pus Bay have about exhausted their supply of shell and these operators are going to move down to our are a in a matter of time. I am work ing with one of our shell operators, Heldenfels Brothers, at the present time, and I am trying to get them to open up sev eral channels in our shallow reefs so as to get better circulation in our bay to improve the fish ing con ditions and also to act as a safety devise for our fishermen so they want have to go out to the end of the reefs to get aroun d them.


OFFICE TELEPHONE 157 RESIDENCE TELEPHONE 715 J. E. BAUER, D. D. S. OFFICE IN BAUER BUILDING REFUGIO, TEXAS The big cement combines are furnishing the money, I believe, to fight the battle in Austin to try to take our reefs. As cement can be manufactured from shell cheaper than from any other material. Most people think it is our dredging people who are spen d ing a lot of money in Austin but this is not true. I'm sure Regan sent you the pictures of the Bayside Rookery as I gave them to him sev eral days ago. There are two species of birds found in this Rookery that are not found in any place except Florida. I wish we could get this lease from the present leasor as I had a bill passed through the Texas House and Senate giving the Audubon Society a 50 year lease on this property, but this old boy will not give up his grass lease. Please give my kindest regards to Mr. Buchheister and Mr. Ligas. I would have answered your letter sooner but I have been so torn up over the loss of our grandson that I didn't know if I w as coming or going. Again I would like to thank you for your expression 6D sympathyo Kindest personal regards, I am, Sincerely, J. E Bauer JEB/mt


30M-11 6 2 NATIO NA L A UDUBON SOCIETY 1130 FIFTH A VE., NEW YORK 28, N. Y M EMO __ 8_._/__..._7,__/ 64 _____ 19_ Reagan Lee telephoned m e today that his fatherinl a w is very ill wi t h cancer and is exp ected to die. Reagan's wife had to go to San Antonio. Reagan, therefore, will t .ake h i s two week vacation now.


j l'lr. Reagan Lee lox 147 Austwell, Tex.a Deer Regan. I have your 1etter of ,July 29, nd' sent you two days ago the two vol1.1nes of the Ing Crane report which you requested l ss-. you 11ust have been Joking when yott uld to take this off your salary. If you feel that thts Is a good gesture of good wf11, t en we ly are happy to dolwtte the volWlel to the Refugio County Librry. As soon as you receive the books, wfl I you please dellver the11 t the L ibrary wlth the Society's OQ11pll .. nts. t also sent you copy of the Audubon Magazine for Mr. Claud Muff. It Is certainly good of you to try to solf ct t an ad for the gazlne. Oo you know tilhen Mr. Huff sent the Mllbersh p appl I cation to the Society? t hlive checked with our ,._.,ershfp Departnt, nd they do not lfflll to have record of th ts. The two PP I I cat l ons .., t ch you sent I, of course, turned over to the ....,_rshfp Deprtment at the ti. Frankly, l did not look t the naaes, but I do net think tlwlt either of the applications was frOlt Huff. In eny event, when you rece Ive the magazine .t1 i eh I sent you toge her w i th the Whoop t ng Crane reports. sh1ply forwrd ft on to Mr. Huff. Tf:Htre are Mn other tn ,_lour letter under reply_, .ihlch, I sure wl 11 be o reat Interest I I nd I, th ref ore, wllt turn your letter over to him soon as he gets bck to the office. As you know, he has been Jn f I n ct h h d 1 n lc.Jnd GP:gs cc: Rolnd ci ... nt Sincerely, George Porter Asslstnt Treasu .rer


r. lteagan Lee ox 147 Austwel I, T xs ea' ae.gan: July 20, 1964 It sure us good talking to you over the telephone toct.y. tn ordet not to delay tilings for you, I hasten to send you herewJ th two pieces of If terature ich .. f hel teve, w f t I aeet yCMJr needs. ,.WAT IS THE NATtOUL AUDUIOll SOCtm0 wi I l give you ful 1 and uptodate lnfonmatlon at>o.,rt ell the Socftys The re-print froa latlonal Geographic, "SAVING MN'S VfLDLIF Ml'.IUTAQE," was written, by Kr. about ten years ago. It will gtve you a gooc:f Nckgro!Jnd of the Socletys history as well .as .,ch other very fnterestfng faforM tfon. t llM sure that from these two pieces of literature you wilt be able to extract a.pie terlal for your 15 lnutes talk Both papers are very well written, but. as "SAVING :Mts 'WILDLIFE MEIUTAlE" Js now about ten years Qld. t would suggest that, as far as numbers and statistics are concerned, you use the tnfo,..tlon c;ontalned la "'WHAT IS THE IATICMAL AUDUB : SOClm.u l surr tt..t you will want to throw local flevor Into your talk. As you know as 9UCh at anyone elae about your

Mt;-. Reagan Lee Box 147 Austvell Tens 77950 Dear Reagan: Julys, 1964 thl4er separate covw I a. nailir...g you 25 application blanks f<>r your use in interesting prospective Au-.lubon mein;bel's th1e as a resul.t ot Mr. Buc'nheister's d1scU$sions with yeu Qn his recent trip. It its helptul psycbplogieal trick to inscribe ac;:l"oss the top of these 1 1,n your t e wol1ls Js);)On$ared by Lee. n !n e.d41t1c:m, thi!il gives us e. alue to the source of the Jaetllber.ehip when it canes in and. we keep t;raok. ol" this here a.t Au(lubon House so as tQ give credit to those who are helping U$ grow by up f!lelllbership. With W1shes, I ani RCC:rp $1nce:rel,y C Clement Staff


Mr. Reagan Lee Box 147 Austwell, Texas 77950 :Dear Reagan. 8, 1964 Although we must al.ways coneider carefully where to dre.w t t e li1 e in sending :f'lovers, since we have so many t ouse.nds o:f' members and friends, I agree with you. that J)r. Bo.uer's many courtesies nd his deep interest in our problems va.rran'ts t e action you took on our be lt' I thank you this thou.ghtt'ul ness. I will tell Mr. Benjamin that this iteJll o'f your expen ... ses s been approved, and will write to J)r Bauer Jl\Y'Belf' to express our regrets. With all good vis es, I am., RCCarp Sincerel:y, Roland C. Clement Staff Biologist PS. I leave this can1ng weekend fort ee weeks i n :&st Africa so you will not be hearing :f'rcn me until August I am trying hard to tie down Frank Adam$ so that we may continue bis employment uninterruptedly. In any event, please elp 1m close s op :t the end of this mont h and put up his eqUipnent a s we bad planned w hen I last visited with you. R .c.c.


7-2-64 Roland c. Clement, Staff Bioliogist 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 28, N. Y. 10028 Dear Mr. Clement: Just a quick note to let you know one of Dr. Bauer's Grandsons died today following a tonsil and adnoid operation ( hemmorage ). He was Hal, the four year old son of Dr. and Mrs Harold Bauer, (D.V.M.) The funeral will be 7-3-64. When ordering flowers from my family I also took the liberty of having flowers sent from the National Audu bon Society. If this is not the policy of the Society I will pay for them myself. Please advise. Just thought you might like to know about this. Dr. Bauer's Family are all very close and this is a very tragic loss to Doc and Mrs. Bauer. Give my regards to all.


Roland C. Clement, Staff Biolmgist National Audubon Society lffBO Fifth Avenue New York 28, 1964 Dear Mr. Clement: June 16, 1964 Have recieved your letters of June 9 and June 10. I will be looking forward to the visit and field trip with Mr. Buchheister and party. Would also like to let you know that my wife, Joyce, will prepare a sack lunch for our noon meal on the boat. Since we are aware of Mr. Buchheister's Religious convictions, and his visit will be on a Friday, she will have fish burgers or acme other approprite sandwiches. Will, of also have cold drinks on board. Please advise. I shall be prepared for the trip to Green Island. I don't have to tell you I would enjoy this trip,and return visit to the Adamses. So will be ready in the event Mr. Buchheister includes my going along in his plans. Let me know if the above plans are satisfactory. RL:jl National Box 147 Austwell. Texas 77950


Dear Regan, As I said on the phone, I was just about to write this when you called. Incidentally, please write me about such proposals unless time is very important, since toll calls run up fast. Mr. Buchheister, with Sandy Sprunt our Research Director and Gene Setze, r of our Board of Directors, will visit with you Friday, June 26th, arriving at the Refuge after driving from Rockport after breakfast. They will hope to meet Bob Shields and visit the Second Chain but cannot stay over. They will drive on to Corpus that evening. Too bad the DuBose .ease has got ten more complicated instead of his just paying a fine and forgetting it. Lean over backward to keep Bob Hopper from getting upset over this. Please write me details about the West Copano Bay island. I'll write to the Independent Exploration Company. L.Regan Lee Austwell, Texas Sincerely, Roland C. Clement


Mr. lu Reagan J;,ee Box 147 Austwell; 77950 Dear Rea.g ; 'rbank )"OU for yQUr letter of >by 19 am the enclosure conce:rn1ng the InO,epend,ent aet1vities in the area. I e.p.p?'eciate having this: rO'lll'Jd out the rece)l'd of in tbia, I alto nJoyed see1Jl6 the attl"a.ctive warden badge bad made up and e.m l:"eturning it under cover and hope tt W'.1.ll reaeh you safely soon Witll )Cr, :Bucbheiste:r avtay t .hiir. past veek or l1'10l'e1 l bave been bur1ed in udministr tive work but hope. this veek to get to tb.e taek of clean .. ing u:p 11f1 :follov .. up l.frtter writina ill connection with w:r recent trip. ? especially wnt to write to l>r all tb.e other S who were : so hel.;g:Nl t o us on t:rtp. We bave never befare W.d Yal"den be4ges o:.f our QWJ1 and altbough I ult g:reeable to our usiug the$e1 ycru. always remember that these are no more than. an 14entif'1cation1 since our taslt is 0il1rta;Ve that of being friendly and in dee.line; with the pu'blio t all levels, than tm,presstng tbem wit h ow connect:lons Since our Society d.epehds uPon the pu'btle'e gooQ. 'W'ill not only for tts fiaancia.1 supllort but tor >Cooperation 1n c rrying out protective Job, ours ie mostJ.:y n educa .. tive te.slt and. even vhe we #,.nto un.reasoM.ble 1 t is necessary tQ. :f1lld a way to rei lease.:Q.t and b,elJ>ful altholil:Sb I real.1.ze that thie is eomet!m-es 41.fficult. It must nevenheleas rea1n a chaUenge to QUI' diplomacy, nd this 1a a task I must eonsta.ntly keep before all of our fi ld personnel, all4 sometb1JJa you can ll,elp me do by your own ex.a.mple ae: you work with others of ou:r wardens on tbe 're)taa, coast .. With aU gOod wishes to all,. of you, X Boland C. Clemeat Staff Biologist


Mr. Roland Clement, Staff Biologist llBO Fifth Avenue New. York 28, N. Y. Dear Mr. Clement: May 19, l 9 64 Enclosed please find letter and map sent to me from Mr. Lee Winn'a Office. In referecne to our telephone c .onversation this a .m. a.oncerning the Warden badge: I am sending my Audubon badge instead of my old Constable badge. I ,feel you appreciate the badge better by seeing the !'real McC01y". Naturally, this is the only Audubon badge I have so will. your return-ing same as soon as youhave. finished with it. I might add too, that the Texas, can be eliminated from the star. I had the same badge made for Warden Adams, but had the Texas left off so he-could still wear it regardless of what State he might be stationed in. The cost of this badge was seven dollars and four-teen centa ( $ ). But I am sure the coust would be less1bought in ities. Under seperate cover, I talked to the Austwelll. Sheriff's Deputy a Qf days ago a n d he told me this: The four men caught with the chicken kil1 while you were here w .ere each fined seventy six dollars ( $ 76,.00 ) in Refugiai County Court. I thought you might like to know this. Enjoyed talking with you this day. Keep thinking how we enjoyed your and Mr. Porter's trip down recently. Will surely look forward to your next visit. 11 when I can be of service to you in any way. I remain R L : : jll. Enc yours,


J _M_a_y_2_1 ______ 1964 _______ From George Porter Inasmuch as t his old trailei"has been written off years ago we shall credit the $ 200 to Sanctuary Travel Expenses t o defray part of t h e cost of my trip.1


qtqP-r -;dnnv /Jza.y. f,' It/ t t/


noagaii Lee Box 147 ust U; & ...... !'LR :Dem-llfmR&nl '1'.bo Berman Qe e a,oroyn Vbo haft U& in tbe area 1nclwlins our Secon4 Chain of Islan4-1 v.U.l bave sane e18111Qgraphic thoot perf'QrMd by a in the Fl Mun. They i. aesuioea ua t.bQ they w:Ul .SO evQ'Ything tbe7 can to air.did to the attng birda the i alan41 ant\ that they vtU itl.tNat the o1amograph1c arev oat to on the X tol.4 Mr. a.lpb o Connor, telephoned _., 1Uiat yo woUl.4 be cm patrol tn t an that w vould like to ban YQU roe.t the n who vtU do tbe :t tbat JOU b in Good poition to ad:ri.*6 aa to hov 010-. their boat might to the teland Vithollt enains diatlU"banc to the biru. *" o Connot' uaure Uat accord1.Dg to tbe pUt ot opent1cma1 there would be ebooting within l.00 ot: an:y c:>t tbt ial.and8 leue4 by wt, an that il\ JIO cana tbe work voul.4 be done at Iv sreattr 41.stancee up o a Id.le M7 ftom the 1el I :we ICJ-111 o Conno,,-your post otn.c:e *14 tolcl h1m that 10\1 lllpt be eonte.ct b;y t J.epbone t Ar&Uu tional. W114JJ.f, -:ruge. X t the will get in touqh Vitb In your Mure npo,-t1 pleue th1 office u to Y11Jible ettec:t the work Vlll have bad on, tbe birda. It u important ti.t we know thl-CWJh a




}2,,,_ /Jt f!ku/ j'usf ,z!)i -4 h.,1 r J v=& 4-ik 1 .s;t?,,,,,,,,/ ,, ,/ .s,, /,/ /lt;( b, NMdl'-r-
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4 March '64 Dear Regan, Sorry to report that our good friend Fred Schultz died of lung cancer complications (after an operation some time ago) this morning. He will be buried Saturday. You may not have met Mrs. Schultz, but their home address is Rt. Box J54, Valrico, Fla. I'll write again.later this month about my April-May trip, beginning, probably, April 23, with a couple of days at the Rainsy Sanctuary, and continuing down the coast to Green Island. Mr. Regan Lee Austwell, Texas Sincerely, Roland c. Clement

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NATIONAL Telephone: ENright 9-2100 / Founded 1905 ... Dedicated to Conservation of Wildlife P'ants S 1 d W 01 ?n atrr in Relation to Human Progress

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Mr. Lens Reagan Lee Box 147 Austwell, Texas Dear Amigo: Ja.n.uary 23, 1964. I appreciate yaur letter of January 201 and am particularly glad to learn about the developments in the case of tbat shrimper hunting on Aransas Refuge, but am sorry to learn that Jim Johnson is being shifted to Utah. Don't feel tbat you have .to read the whole of Bob Allen's monograph at one sitting. It is a big work and althousb I bQpe you can eventually read it all, tor the time being it can be a handy reference to fill you in on various it is well organtzed for reference. We have had a nice exchange of letters With Mr. Wynne, and I look for .. -.rd to visiting again next spring. With regards to your good wife and all the others I so 111\lCh enjoyed meet ing in early December, I am RCC:Jm Sincerely 1 Roland C. Clement Staff Biologist

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" 0

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Mr. L. Lee Box 147 Austvell, Te:zs Dear Regan: January 20, 1964 !bis 'Will serve to introduce Mrs. Richard Martin, of the Bev Yorker iagazine, who is interested. in doing a story on the wboopiug crane. It at all p0ss1ble, ple$se shov her our crane protection work on Matagorda Island when she visits. tbe Aransas Refuge sometble during tbe fiJ'ot veek of F-ebruary. Witb personal I am RCC:jm Sincerel,y, Roland C. Clement B1olog1st

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Mr. Regan Lee :Box 1.47 Auatvell1 Texas Dear Mr. Lee: November l, 1963 Tbank you f'or your telegram announcing the arrival of the first Whooping Cr&JJ;es on the Aransas Refuge. This is of ccnirse sood ne .vs to all of us e.nd ve ere naturally concerned the :f'ull canplement o:f this population remnant arrives on its groUJlds and there receives the protection afford.ec1 by the Be.tional WU.dlife Refuge and by your patrol on Ma. ta.gorda Island. From now on i:t is likely that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service iteelf will post us so that you need silJU)ly enter your observations 1n the weekly report which ts always scrutinized on its arrival. I am advising you now that Mr. Roland. Clement, 'Who 1e our headquarters biologist,. and Frank e. recent addition to our biologist staff who e.sa1sts Sandy Sprunt in Flor1da, ""*11 vi.sit you and the .Aranaas Re:fllge pereonnel, probably 4urii;ag the f'irst week of December, in order to take a fi,ratheJld look at the Whooping Cranes habitat to study br1 e:f'ly SJ:rt probleins tbat Y be troubling this bird on its wintering grounds 1 etc. I J10W' authorize you to provide vbatever assistance tbefSe representatives of out' Re.sea;reh Department may need in carrying out this study. It \11.U be gOOd for you to "look over their JJhouldersri an4 l am sure tb.ey Will both enjoy caning to know you. Mr. Clement will write you as soon e.e the dates for this visit bave been worked out between him am tl)e Fib & 'Wildlife Service. CWB:m Sincerely, Ce.Tl w. Bucbhe1eter Presideht

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SERVICB & ftst messa1e unless Its deferred char 11eter Is indicated by the proper symbol. WESTERN UNION 1_SYM--IBOLS DL=Oay Lener J;ELEGRAM W. P. MARSHALL, P1111a1DaNT The filin g time shown in the date line on domestic telegrams is LOCAL TIME at point of origin. Time of r NL=Night Lener 12(" (4-60) LT-Internacional { O Lener T clcgram "pt is LOCAL Tlhlb 5) e ==== .----==YVA06 1 NBA400 DB263 = ______ = D CZA230 PD REFUGIO TEX 30 304P CST =CARL W BUSHHIESTER, PRESIDENT= 1130 5 AVE AUDUBON HOUSE NYK =AM HAPPY TO REPORT 4 WHOOPERS HAVE ARRIVED ON ARANSAS REFUGE. =NONE ON SACTUARY AS YET = REGAN LEE = 1 'Hl! COMPANY WILL APPRECIATE SUGGESTIONS FROM ITS PATRONS CONCERNING ITS SERVICE

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NATIONAL AUDUBON Mr. Carl w Buschhiester, President llJO Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dear Mro Buschhiester, Telephone: ENright 9 -2100 Octobe r 3, 1963 Receved the following information from the Florida realitives concerning the reported Whooping Cranes in that state: The property owner is a Mr. Joe Mosely The property is in Hardee County between the cities of A rcadia and auchula around a small place called Limestone o The realitive states he does n o t know just exactly what month the Birds arriave in said area but he is usually there in November about Thanksgiving and the Birds are there at that time. Do hope these birds are Whoopers least wise this realitive is quite certain they are. If I can be of furthur service in this matter please do not hesitate to call on me. I am anxious to hear of a verification of this report. Insodently, rrry information was that there are 3 of the Birds and that the landowner states they have been coming to that area for a nunber of years. My wife, Joyce, sends her regards and we both are looking forward to a return visit from you Sincerely yours Reagan Lee ,_. /=rr;. a..a., a-..,,_,, ''... l+-t. ..J..t. '-' l..u. _,-J .... .:::z::. 1 H\,A.. 4 'I h_ I r _,l,_,_ ...,c. Founded 1905 to Conservat ion of Wildl ife, Plants, Soil Relat ion to Human P r ogress

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30M 5 -61 NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY 1130 FIFTH A VE., NEW YORK 28, N. Y. MEMO 11 oul ltat c t rted, an .. 11 tl r t L c ''

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30M-5-61 NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY 1130 FIFTH A VE., NEW YORK 28, N. Y. MEMO C H CALLISO _C=-"---'C=L=EMEBT==--Oc\ < ober 8 19_ 2 Fro __ c_._w_. _B-'-/_____ Re MATAGORDA ISLAl'D Owing to tbe tact that tbe tate legislature ba not yet paaa d a bil l determining the ovnerablp ot a ectlon ot l and on atagorda Island leased to the Soc iet7, and s ince theretore the leaaor, Toddle L WJnne (vhc claim owner b1p) and Dick C or7, Aas mblyman, a trtend ot the Society' wbo ts tr71ng to get the bill paaaed, are i n agreemen t on not wanting any publtcit7 re the S ociety' s l ase, I lnatruct that no publicity be given in any way, and that no ntton or our Sanctuar7 on Matagorda Island be made at the cowventlon. C W .Bucbbelater

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Loma Dinero In the town of Carizzo there's an old legend goes About Loma Dinero caretos of gold They came out of Mexico by the Chupadero Springs Not realizing the trouble that could not be foreseen The redmen they lay on El Camino Real For the Spaniards who were loaded with caretos of gold The Spaniards were attacked on a hot summer day By the redmen who wanted the yellow metal to stay The Spaniards dug a very deep hole And pushed in their caretos that were loaded with gold ** And as the old legend goes The Spaniards they called it The Loma Dinero Oh, Loma Dinero, where do you lay Are you buried beneath the hard red clay Is it possible that on some hot summer day The spirits of the earth will give you away To maybe some stranger who might pass your way The scouts were sent out a hundred yards ahead Not knowing that soon they too might be dead The Indians were ready for the surprise attack On the Spaniards who had the yellow metal they wanted back There was a war whoop so shrill and high The Spaniards they knew that soon they would die The Indians charged out of the cactus and mesquite The Spaniards knew it would be instant defeat The guards rode forward to meet the attack To protect the yellow gold that lay at their back And then the besieged Spaniards dug the deep hole To bury the caretos that were loaded with gold The battle lasted for four hours they say And only a few Spaniards managed to slip away The Indians whooped and yelled over the savage defeat while they trampled the dead Spaniards under their ponies feet And then to the south they slowly rode In search of more Spaniards with caretos of gold And as the old legend goes The Spaniards they called it The Loma Dinero Oh, Loma Dinero, where do you lay Are you buried beneath the hard red clay Is it possible that on some hot summer day The spirits of the earth will give you away To maybe some stranger who might pass your way (Copr.) REAGAN LEE 1962 MICHAEL KOONCE


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