John Stuart Allen Papers, USF Archives Box 11 Folder 36

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John Stuart Allen Papers, USF Archives Box 11 Folder 36

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John Stuart Allen Papers, USF Archives Box 11 Folder 36
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Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee)
Allen, John Stuart 1907-1982
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Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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1 folder


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Academic freedom -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
History -- Tampa (Fla.) -- 20th century ( lcsh )


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USF Archives Box 11 Folder 36

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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In Reply, Please Refer to File No. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20535 REMARKS OF J. EDGAR HOOVER DIRECTOR, FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION "SWORD OF LOYOLAtt AWARD DINNER CHICAGO, ILLINOIS NOVEMBER 24, 1964 "TIME FOR DECISION't I am deeply touched to be selected as the first recipient of the "Sword of Loyola. u It is very difficult to express happiness in words, but I assure you I will always cherish the great honor you have paid me tonight. I am humbled by the meaning of this distinguished Award. Saint Ignatius Loyola belongs to that glorious band of men who make the history others write. And he is an enduring symbol of fierce determination and the dauntlessness of soul which swing the human race a little nearer to the ultimate fulfillment of that divine purpose toward which the whole of creation moves. It is most fitting that you should establish this Award in the name of a man who turned aside from narrow self-interest to dedicate his life and his sword to God r By your action you remind the world that Saint Ignatius proved there is sufficient divine power in the soul of each of us to move the universe--if we will use it. I am convinced there is a compelling necessity for us to make that effort now.


To every man and every nation there comes a time when decisions must be made about grave problems. Further delay in seeking solutions can bring disaster. That time has come for the United States. The moment has arrived when we must face realistically the startling fact that since 1958 crime in this country has increased five times faster than our population growth! Serious crimes--murder, forcible rape, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, automobile theft--have mounted steadily since the end of World War IT. In 1951 these crimes for the first time topped the one million mark, and more than two and one-quarter million serious crimes were reported during 1963. Even more ominous is the fact that this terrifying spiral in crime has come about through a growing wave of youthful criminality across the Nation. Last year for the fifteenth consecutive year crimes involving our young people increased over the previous year. For all serious crimes committed in the United States in 1963, youthful offenders were responsible for a staggering 72 percent of the total arrests for these crimes! What a grim and unhappy commentary on the moral climate of this great Nation! The moral strength of our Nation has decreased alarmingly. We must return to the teachings of God if we are to cure this sickness. These shocking statistics together with the public's apparent indifference to them are indicative of the false morality we are tolerating today. It is a false code which is based on the worship of things of man's own creation. It is as imperfect and feeble as man himself! However captivating to the senses, this type of moral climate cannot give the support nor the strength which is so vital to our national survival. This breakdown in our moral standards can only render us impotent as a people and as a Nation. Law and order are the foundations upon which successful government must stand. Without law and order, society will destroy itself. -2-


We must never forget that government cannot favor one group or one special interest over its duty to protect the rights of all citizens. We must constantly guard government against the pressure groups which would crush the rights of others under heel in order to achieve their own ends. The law of the land is above any individual. All must abide by it. If we short cut the law, we play a dangerous game which can only result in total defeat for all of us because if we destroy our system of government by law, we destroy our only means of achieving a stable society. It is a great misfortune that the zealots or pressure groups always think with their emotions, seldom with reason. They have no compunction in carping, lying and exaggerating with the fiercest passion. They cry liberty when they really mean license! Justice has nothing to do with expediency. It has nothing to do with temporary standards. We cannot, and will not, permit the FBI to be used to superimpose the aims of those who would sacrifice the very foundations on which our government rests! I take humble pride in emphatically stating here tonight that as long as I am Director of the FBI, it will continue to maintain its high and impartial standards of investigation despite the hostile opinions of its detractors. Furthermore, the FBI will continue to be objective in its investigations and will stay within the bounds of its authorized jurisdiction regardless of pressure groups which seek to use the FBI to attain their own selfish aims to the detriment of our people as a whole. Unfortunately and too often humanity, if left to itself, moves along the line of least resistance. That is the reason we make such slow progress, and why we are prone to wait for pathfinders to blaze the way for us to follow. Each of us hopes that beyond the despair and darkness of today there is something better in store for tomorrow. It will be tragic if nothing but hope is brought to bear on the problem of crime in the United States today. We must have men and women with ideals, with faith and hope and determination who will transmute noble purpose into accomplished action. If we are to reverse the crime picture in this country, we must make a sustained effort to stir the complacent ones to awareness. -3 -


We mollycoddle young criminals and release unreformed hoodlums to prey anew on society. The bleeding hearts, particularly among the judiciary, are so concerned for young criminals that they become indifferent to the rights of law-abiding citizens. We must have judges with courage and a high sense of their duty to protect the public and to adequately penalize criminals if we are to stop the spread of serious and dangerous crimes against society. We must adopt a most realistic attitude toward this critical problem. We have tried the lenient approach and it has failed. It is the fashion among many to sneer at ideals, to flout them with derisive jeers as the insubstantial dreams of the naive, and to scornfully prophesy that most men will abandon their ideals as useless encumbrances in the race for wealth and fame. The cynics are too often right, but the fault is not with the ideal--remember that. A worthwhile ideal may be difficult, but it is never impossible, of attainment. I believe in the omnipotence of the human spirit. Man has repeatedly shown that he can both make and master circumstances. It will take this type of determination on the part of the majority of our people if we are to halt increasing numbers of our young people from swelling the crime statistics columns each year. We badly need a moral reawakening in every home in our Nation. The voices of temperance, logic and decency must speak out. Terrorism cannot be tolerated in a free society. Hate, terror and lawlessness are not the American way. I trust you will give consideration to my remarks and not dismiss them as typical of the traditional age-old lament about the moral climate of one's native land. We are courting disaster if we do not soon take some positive action against the growing moral deterioration in this land. It is a grievous trend which is being steadily reflected in the attitude of contempt which many of our people have for the values which made this Nation great. -4-


Today, patriotism seems to be out of style. Those who express their love of coWltry are often looked upon as paranoiac patriots or right-wing extremists. Let me quote from an article which appeared in a recent issue of a student publication of one of our Midwestern colleges. Entitled "Nix Patriotism," this article stated, "Patriotism is an emotion that is marked by ignorance, stupidity, prejudice, autism, fear and hostility." We can only pray that this Wldesirable trend which is evidenced among students in all too many of our colleges and universities can be reversed before it is too late. This attitude can be seen in the widespread public indifference concerning the real threat of world communism. The philosophy of communism flourishes best in an environment where personal responsibility and self-discipline have been undermined by immorality, materialism and expediency. Its duplicity is difficult for yoWlg Americans to comprehend. If our young citizens turn an objective, analytical searchlight on this id. eology and its organizational arms, they will understand communism for what it is--a materialistic, godless dogma dedicated to world domination. When man places himself above the law and bases his decisions on his own selfish interests, he aids the communists' relentless efforts to destroy the ideals of our civilization. He contributes heavily to reducing life to the code of the jungle, by making it easier for commWlism to spread its deadly doctrines, terror and the brutalization of man. What Ignatius Loyola taught, commWlism seeks to destroy. The man who has no objective values by which he judges his actions--who allows his passions to run wild, unchecked by a moral standard of what is right--that man is surely risking the loss of his immortal soul. Faith in man cannot exist without faith in God. Faith in God takes root and grows strong only when it is expressed in service and good works. -5-


It seems we are never converted in mass to any genuine reform in society science, religion, morals or government. There must be a beginning and the time is now. America stands at the crossroads of destiny. It is a common destiny in which we shall all finally stand or fall together. Though we contest with utter vigor for the prevalence of whatever attitudes and policies may possess our souls, may we ever remember that we finally must be all for one and one for all against the vicissitudes of fortune--and perhaps against the world. We are still capable of producing leaders who have the power to move, quicken and transform their environment, and to awaken an answering thrill of appreciation and support in us who read or hear of their struggles and achievements. I sincerely hope the "Sword of Loyola" will mark the beginning of a new and enlightened era in the United States. Man is blessed with the liberty to choose between opposing factors, between action and inaction, between good and evil, between God and the Devil. Surely our immediate situation requires an endeavor by man to raise himself above ordinary standards to a higher degree of achievement. As Americans, we should learn to trust God, to know His teachings, and to live in His ways. This is truly a time for decision! -6 -


In Reply, Please Refer to File No. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20535 REMARKS OF J. EDGAR HOOVER DIREC'IOR, FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION BEFORE THE PENNSYLVANIA SOCIETY AND THE SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA WOMEN NEW YORK, NEW YORK DECEMBER 12, 1964 "OUR HERITAGE OF GREATNESS" I am deeply honored to have been selected for this outstanding award. To receive the Gold Medal of The Pennsylvania Society is a distinction which I shall cherish always. The members of this Society are bound together by common loyalty to a state which has played a vital role in our Nation's history. Valley Forge, Brandywine, Germantown, Washington Crossing--these are permanent shrines to the faith, spirit and determination of that elite corps of early patriots who set the pattern for America's heritage of greatness and freedom. The indelible footprints of our founding fathers--men like Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams and Franklin--mark the walkways of Independence Hall and Washington Square. These were the architects of our Nation's freedom who shared a mutual faith and mutual vision. They believed in that form of government described by William Penn-"where the laws rule and the people are a party to those laws." This concept of government by law rather than by man is the bulwark of American freedom. Today, it is under relentless attack by avowed enemies of our Republic--deadly forces of moral, legal and spiritual corruption. Crime and subversion are formidable problems in the United States today because, and only because, there is a dangerous flaw in the Nation's moral armor. Self-indulgence--the principle of pleasure before duty--is undermining those attributes of personal responsibility and selfdiscipline which are essential to our national survival.


Disrespect for authority and specifically for the law enforcement officer who is performing his official functions can be measured to a great extent by the number of assaults on police acting in line of duty. The rate of these assaults continues to climb yearly with about 11 of every 100 police officers having been the victims of assault during the past year. All of this contributes to moral decay, a tragic national malady. Included among the carriers of this disease are the crime syndicates, labor racketeers, diffionest businessmen, unscrupulous politicians and those lawyers-criminal whose ethics are lower than the lawless deeds of the clients they serve. Included also are the communists and other agents of foreign ideologies who would destroy this country's democratic institutions and betray our birthright of liberty and justice under God. And I include the false liberals of the extreme left, such as the Communist Party, as well as the counterfeit patriots at the fanatic limits of the far right, such as the Ku Klux Klan, who not only take the law into their own hands on occasion but who would use the Constitution and laws of the United States to defeat the very purpose for which they were drafted--liberty and justice for all. These dangerous elements are at work in America today, subverting our traditional democratic processes and undermining respect for law and order. In all too many instances, they have been aided by a body politic incredibly indifferent to the demands of civic responsibility. Witness, for example, the sickening spectacle of 37 persons closing their ears to the urgent pleas of a young woman who was ruthlessly 'murdered by a sadistic terrorist in New York City a few months ago. Search the moral conscience of another group of adults who complacently stood by while two hoodlums beat, kicked and robbed a defenseless in Ciq<;innati, ,. '. .' 'M#bnalize, if you can, the actions of a stream of citizens who turned'tne1r backs on a college student after he had been) stabbed and left blee diilg 'by a.' gang of thugs in Brooklyn, New York. '. -2 -


Spineless indifference, apathy and neglect of civic duty such as this are a national disgrace. What has happened to the civic pride and the sense of decency of these citizens? Has the last ounce been drained from the chalice of courage and moral indignation within their communities? Today, there are too many signs that Americans, as individuals, are pursuing the deadly course of irresponsibility which has led to the downfall of other nations and other cultures throughout the history of mankind. I refer particularly to those halfway Americans who eagerly avail themselves of every right and privilege which our country guarantees its inhabitants while blatantly refusing to accept the duties that life in a free society necessarily entails. I refer also to those modern-day Rip Van Winkles who tolerate abuses of our democratic institutions and corrosive downgrading of America's high ideals by dangerous enemies of freedom. When this great Nation was founded and when its guidelines were being established for future generations of Americans, George Washington proclaimed, "The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government." What has happened to that "firm pillar" in the intervening 175 years? Far too often, it has become weakened by impractical theorists, emotion-blinded pressure groups, warped idealists, and selfserving politicians. Misguided leniencies, including pardons, paroles and probation for unrepentant and unreformed offenders, continue to prevail in many jurisdictions--as does the use of loopholes, technicalities and delays in the law which benefit rogues at the expense of decent members of society. Judges, in particular, must remain alert to the reprehensible tactics of those members of the bar who would play the venal game of legal charades in our courts of justice. This point was emphasized most clearly by a distinguished member of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Chief Justice John C. Bell, Jr., when he declared: ... law-abiding citizens' and communities ... possess certai n 1tundam:enhtl rights' One of these rights is that their life and property shall be protected.','.'. : .rustice is not'a one.:.way street--' \ .. '. Hrw-abiding citizens are entitlect tc)the protection of the law and to Justice just as much as (if no C ,. more so than) criminals." -3-


Spineless indifference, apathy and neglect of civic duty such as this are a national disgrace. What has happened to the civic pride and the sense of decency of these citizens? Has the last ounce been drained from the chalice of courage and moral indignation within their communities? Today, there are too many signs that Americans, as individuals, are pursuing the deadly course of irresponsibility which has led to the downfall of other nations and other cultures throughout the history of mankind. I refer particularly to those halfway Americans who eagerly avail themselves of every right and privilege which our country guarantees its inhabitants while blatantly refusing to accept the duties that life in a free society necessarily entails. I refer also to those modern-day Rip Van Winkles who tolerate abuses of our democratic institutions and corrosive downgrading of America's high ideals by dangerous enemies of freedom. When this great Nation was founded and when its guidelines were being established for future generations of Americans, George Washington proclaimed, "The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government." What has happened to that "firm pillar" in the intervening 175 years? Far too often, it has become weakened by impractical theorists, emotion-blinded pressure groups, warped idealists, and selfserving politicians. Misguided leniencies, including pardons, paroles and probation for unrepentant and unreformed offenders, continue to prevail in many jurisdictions--as does the use of loopholes, technicalities and delays in the law which benefit rogues at the expense of decent members of society. Judges, in particular, must remain alert to the reprehensible tactics of those members of the bar who would play the venal game of legal charades in our courts of justice. This point was emphasized most clearly by a distinguished member of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Chief Justice John C. Bell, Jr., when he declared: ... law-abidirig citizens and communities: possess cerhiin iiuridamental ing_lienable One of these rights is that their life and property shall be protected:''.' .. Justice is nora one.:.way street-! abiding citizens are entitle: d : to tiie protectib'il of the law and to Justice just as much as (if not' more so than) criminals." -3 -


The need for that protection today is greater than ever, because a surging tide of lawlessness is sweeping the United States--one of unparalleled size and intensity. Last year, 2 1/4 million serious offenses were reported to police departments throughout the Nation. This is the largest number ever recorded. But preliminary statistics already available indicate that the crime total in 1964 will far surpass 2 1/2 million. What does this mean to the American people? It means an annual crime bill of $27 billion--the equivalent of $57 4 for every family, or $143 for every man, woman and child, across the United States! It means that crime is increasing five times as fast as our expanding population. It means that vast sections of many American towns and cities have become virtual jungles of terror and lawlessness. And it means that growing numbers of children are living in an atmosphere rife with defiance, violence and cynicism. This polluted atmosphere is exacting a heavy toll among the youth of our Nation-One that can be measured in terms of the zip guns, steel chains, switchblade knives and Molotov cocktails seized from arrogant bands of teen-aged hoodlums. One that can be measured in terms of police reports which show that nearly two thirds of the arrests for automobile thefts, one half of the burglaries and larcenies, and one fourth of the robberies throughout the country involve persons under 18 years old. Cold, deliberate defiance of the law must be met with realistic action, whether the offender is a juvenile or an adult. But, too frequently, realism has given way to false sentiment where teen-agers are involved. Under the pretext of rehabilitation, far too many young thugs have been released prematurely to continue preying upon society. Pampering, overprotection, fawning indulgence--these set a pattern of weakness which breeds contempt for the law and for those charged with the administration of justice. -4-


Too many young people are developing neither the self-discipline nor the moral restraint to get along in a free society. Their world is a narrow island of irreverence, intolerance and irresponsibility too often encouraged by parental delinquency. A dangerous void exists in the lives of youth such as these. They must be taught the true meaning of citizenship. They must learn respect for the laws of God and the laws of society. And they must learn to realistically face the challenges and responsibilities which are inseparably a part of adulthood and which must assure America's heritage of greatness. It is time to stop slapping young hoodlums on the wrist and begin clapping them into jails and reform schools. Justice is not served wheri the innocent victim and society suffer while the vicious young criminal goes free. Challenge, not compromise; bravery, not cowardice; strength, not mediocrity--these noble qualities illuminate the pages of our Nation's history. I subscribe to the words of our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, when he defined Americanism as "the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity and hardihood." There is an urgent need for these strong virtues in our Nation today as we face the threats and provocations of a godless conspiracy which is bent upon enslaving the entire world. Communism--mortal enemy of liberty and justice and of God-continues its relentless war against humanity. While the Kremlin and its corps of false propagandists incessantly speak of "peaceful coexistence, the roar of communist cannon and the rattle of Red sabers continue around the world. Week after week, gunfire of East German border guards heralds the continuing effort of persons behind the Iron Curtain to scale the Wall of Berlin. In Laos, Viet-Nam and other countries bordering Slave China, guerilla fires set to homes and villages-,..and guerilla bayonets cutting down defenseless men, women and children--have colored the earth and skies a s 'ickening red. ;Arid-in communist Guba, le'ss than 100 miles from our shores, a bearded disciple of the Kremlin shakes a bloodstained fist at the United States while belligerently conspiring to spread violence and subversion throughout the Americas: -5 -


Do actions such as these have the ring of peace? It is one of the hard-taught lessons of this century that communist actions speak with far greater authority than communist words. Throughout the tense international crises of our modern age, the communists in this country have made their position undeniably clear-for the Party has never deviated in any respect from the line proscribed by the Soviet Union. The reason is clear: The Communist Party is not simply un-American; it is anti-American in every conflict of issues between Washington and Moscow. Its members are not simply pro -Soviet; they are deliberately and intentionally an active part of the inflexible Soviet empire. Today, these rabid emissaries of Red fascism are engaged in an intensive campaign to subvert the minds and win the support of American youth. Foremost among the programs and activities currently being directed against our Nation's young people are: A new communist-oriented youth organization, The DuBois Clubs of America, which was founded last June at a special meeting in California dominated and controlled by the communists; and A continuation of the campus speech program which has contributed so successfully to the Party's efforts to reach the student bodies of American colleges and universities. Why are communist spokesmen so anxious to appear on college campuses, yet so tight-lipped before grand juries, Committees of Congress and in our courts of law? Why do glib-tongued Party members suddenly lose their voices when placed under oath? The answer is: They are afraid of the truth--just as they fear decency and justice and God! Let me repeat what I have said before: We are at war with the communists and the sooner every red-blooded American realizes this the safer we will be. The communists speak a different language from true Americans. They speak in glowing terms of academic freedom, freedom of speech, freedom -6-


of the press, while advocating a system dedicated to destroying the rights and privileges we Americans enjoy. What the Party actually wants is license, not freedom --license to defy, exploit and destroy. --Nowhere have the devious tactics of the Communist Party been more forcefully demonstrated than in the Party's efforts to drive a wide breach of racial misunderstanding in this country and to capitalize upon areas of dissension and unrest. Let me emphasize that the American civil rights movement is not, and has never been, dominated by the communists--because the overwhelming majority of civil rights leaders in this country, both Negro and white, have recognized and rejected communism as a menace to the freedoms of all. But there are notable exceptions--dangerous opportunists and morally corrupt wcharlatans who would form an alliance with any organization, regardless of its nature, to advance their own power and prestige. We must maintain a constant vigil against these imposters, as well as against other zealots who would shortcut the orderly processes of government and demand a mantle of special privilege under the law. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been the target of both extremes in the civil rights issue and I believe this shows the FBI has followed the proper course in its handling of this most delicate issue. Let me reaffirm that so long as I remain its Director, the FBI will never be intimidated by the illogical criticisms and pressures of those detractors who would have us exceed some.areas of our authority and grossly neglect others. We will continue to carry out every assigned duty thoroughly, promptly, impartially and without apology td anyone. Self-serving individuals such as these are not a genuine part of the civil rights movement. Nor are the brick-throwing rabble, or the raucous hoodlums who have attacked the forces of law and order and have turned orderly protests into nightmares of violence and bloodshed. Theirs is a doctrine of hatred--defiance and anarchy--which cannot and must not be tolerated! Their acts are of the greatest disservice to the civil rights cause. We must be ever alert to the activities of the Ku Klux Klan and other racist groups that would trample upon the rights of their fellow man. -7 -


These cowardly jackals, who attack only the weak and the outnumbered, have earned the contempt of every genuine American. But here again, too often Justice is not ohly'blind, but deaf and dumb. We saw this recently in an area of Mississippi where nine men were brought to trial in state court following a series of racial bombings. None of the defendants offered a pretext of a defense against the charges; yet, all were given suspended sentences and released on probation. Such blindness and indifference to outrageous acts of violence encourage others to defy the law. We cannot have full citizenship for some and part citizenship for others. Nor can we apply different standards of justice to our people according to the color of their skin. Concerted effort, understanding, logic and reason must prevail over hate, bigotry and intolerance. The founding fathers of our Republic were staunch patriots who put the common good and the righteous cause above all other considerations. They were men of deep religious conviction--men who knew that it is the divine order in man which enables him to be free. William Penn recognized this vital truth nearly 300 years ago when he proclaimed: "Those people who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants." Herbert Hoover thirteen years ago succinctly stated the situation-"Our greatest danger is not from invasion by foreign armies. Our dangers are that we may commit suicide from within by complaisance with evil. Or by public tolerance of scandalous behavior. Or by cynical acceptance of dishonor. These evils have defeated nations many times in human history. "The redemption of mankind by Arne rica will depend upon our ability to cope with these evils right here at home. As America was born out of faith in God, so it will continue in freedom only as that faith remains forthright and strong. We must revitalize the miracle of faith that keeps men free. Therein lies our heritage of greatness. -8 -


RFI' R ESENTATIVE RICHA R D 0 MITCHEll SENATOR ROBERT WilliAMS Chairm11n FLORIDA LEGISLATIVE INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE POST OFFICE BOX 1044 TAllAHASSEE. FLORIDA September 8, 1964 Honorable Richard 0. Mitchell Post Office Box 806 Tallahassee, Florida Dear Dick: Last December first, I assumed, at your request, the duties of Staff Director for the Legislative Investigation Counnittee. At approximately the same time, the Committee was fortunate enough to secure the services of C. Lawrence Rice as Chief Investigator and the able Leo Foster as'Counsel. As of that date, there had been completed five of the months given the Committee by the 1963 Legislature, and expended just under $25,000 of its appropriation. At the time your new staff took office, the Committee had no dis cernable investigative program, either carried over from the operations of our predecessors or initiated by the new Conmdttee. The files of the Committee were in disarray with indices either far outdated, incomplete or non-existent. Liaison with local, state and federal law enforcement and investigative agencies was nil, and there was a considerable hesitancy on the part of most of those agencies to deal with the Committee, due to the extensive unfavorable press it had received. It was my clear understanding, and I believe that of my colleagues, upon employment that our purpose was to work toward the development of a meaningful legislative program as anticipated by the mandate of the Legislature to the Committee. Further, we understood that this program was to be achieved by diligent and factual inquiry into activi ties corning to our attention that fell within the mandate of the law under which we operate; that we were to seek facts, not support for preconceived conclusions relating to prospective legislation. In furtherance of that understanding, your presented to the Committee at its meeting January 2, 1964, both a proposed program of investigative activity and a recommended budget to carry out that SENATE MEMBERS CHARLEY E JOHNS STARKE ROBERT WILLIAMS C W CBilll YOUNG ST. PETERSBURG GRACEVILLE SECRETARY LAMAR BLEDSOE STAFF DIRECTOR JOHN E EVANS CHIEF INVESTIGATOR C. LAWRENCE RICE COUNSEL LEO l. fOSTER HOUSE MEMBERS LEO C. JONES PANAMA CITY WILLIAM E OWENS STUART RICHARD 0 MITCHELl TALLAHASSEE GEORGE 8 STALLINGS, Jll. JACICSONVILLE


Honorable R. 0. Mitchell September 8, 1964 Page two program in a business-like manner. With modification by the Committee, both were adopted. To keep Committee members fully informed of staff activity, we : have made weekly reports to each member of the Committee of our activi ties and the development of information of interest to the Committee. In the interim between meetings of the Committee, necessary changes in emphasis of investigations have been approved by the Chairman and all members notified through these reports. In the eight months ending August 31, we have expended, in keeping with the approved budget, just over $50,000, leaving $73,751.97 of the $155,000 appropriation for use during the remaining eight months before a final report is due. I would like to review in outline for you what that money has produced and where the Committee stands today. The Committee has prepared, adopted, printed and made avail able a complete and meaningful set of Rules of Procedure, granting to all Who may come before it full legal protection and providing that accusations shall not be made or published without giving the accused an opportunity to place in the record such refutation or affirmation as he may see fit. Four major pieces of legislation directly related to the mandate given the Committee have been prepared and are either before the Committee or, in the case of, the Sexual Behavior Act, before a competent advisory group. Detailed information relating to activities at state institutions which fall within the scope of the Committee's mandate has been developed, and presented for consideration of the Committee in scheduling hearings. Factual reports on three organizations and/or activities which clearly fall within our mandate have been prepared in keeping with the program by the Committee. One of these, dealing with the National States Rights Party, has been released by the Committee after that organization was offered, sought, and then failed to appear at a hearing. The other two reports do not require hearings.


Honorable R. 0. Mitchell September 8, 1964 Page three A factual report on the nature and extent of the problem of homosexuality in Florida was prepared and released. Although generating much comment, not all of which was favorable, there has been no refutation offered of any of the statements it contained or conclusions it offered. Indeed, the closest. to a correction that we have seen came but recently when a Dade County police official made a public speech in which, without reference to our conclusion that Florida today harbors approximately 60,000 active homosexuals, he stated his belief that more than 50,000 homosexuals were active in Dade County alone. There is substantial evidence to indicate that the action of the Committee in issuing this report touched off the most serious and extensive consideration of this problem ever to occur on a state-wide basis, and that it triggered a new eval uation of local procedures in communities the length and breadth of the state. In follow-up to the report, the Committee created an advisory group of distinguished Floridians who, since May, have given in excess of 1,530 man-hours to the task of developing a whole new legal code for sexual behavior. This act would replace the scattered and now on the books, and is based on a consideration of broad scientific and humanatarian principles, their application to conditions current in Florida, and recognition that enforceable legislation in this area is essential to the proper maintenance of the peace and dignity of the state. This act is now being sent for review to a number of knowledgeable individuals, and will be ready for presentation to the Committee the latter part of October. Detailed inquiry has been made into the activities of two organizations with an eye toward making them subject of hearings, as approved by the Committee at its meeting on June 5. One relates to the activities of those who have allowed subversive penetration into a civil rights movement, and the other to an organization which, by its apparent militancy and extremist propaganda activities, seeks to win the support and dollars of legitimately concerned citizens. Both are well within the mandate given the Committee, and have specific legislative relationships.


Honorable Richard 0. Mitchell September 8, 1964 Page four In at least three other areas, information has been developed after approval of the Committee indicating a need for legislative action. Implementation of this information through hear ings awaits the pleasure of the Committee. The Committee piayed a significant role in seeing to it that a group of "Peace Marchers, 11 whose opP.n advocacy of civil disobedience brought them within the scope of our mandate and made them subject to our interest, got through Florida without the unpleasant incidents and distortedpublicity that had characterized their earlier travels. A detailed background report and photographs prepared at the direction of the Com mittee was made available to law enforcement officers along the route of their march, and made available to other concerned officials. As a result, advance planning held incidents to a minimum and effectively thwarted their desires for propagandistic publicity. As a result of effort by the Staff under your direction, the Committee was able to obtain the cooperation of the State Department of Education for a properly oriented development of information from some 121 investigative leads fourtd in our files which had been under by the staff of the predecessor Committee. Although some newspapers in the state falsely alleged that this information did not exist, the proper investigation by the State Department of Education has resulted in the revocation of the certificates to teach of a number of these individuals, more are to be revoked later this month, and the investigative effort on We are advised that this investigation, which was by the Committee not to be a proper function of its staff, has thus far resulted in clearing two individuals of allegations against them, and that a number of others have left Florida, thus absenting themselves from the jurisdiction of the state. An excellent liaison has been developed with law enforcement and investigative agencies at every level. Under the qualified cooperator policy adopted by the Committee, we have been able to work closely with enforcement and intelligence units in a manner beneficial to Florida. This sound working relationship, which we believe is based on recognition of, and faith in, our integrity, has enabled the Committee to promptly


Honorable Richard 0. Mitchell September 8, 1964 Page five funnel information of an enforcement nature to proper agencies,. and has enabled us to receive much information of value to our legislative mission. Similarly, it has been possible to create and maintain a favorable working relationship with the state system of institutions of higher learning. By frequent, and we believe helpful, contact with personnel of the Board of Control, and by good liaison with the presidents of the several institutions, we believe we have been able to avert some instances which might otherwise have reflected unfavorably, and have been able to develop factual data to support legislative recommendations laid before the Committee by its staff. The Committee is today organized and functioning in a businesslike fashion. Its files are in order and reflect in some depth the composition and activities of a great many groups whose activities either now, or appear likely to, cause them to be subject to consideration under the scope of our mandate. I am, have been, and will always be proud of this record of progress written under your leadership and wise direction. It has been a privilege for me to have been associated with Larry Rice, a skilled in vestigator dedicated to the pursuit of truth' and with Leo Foster, whose legal ability and good judgment are without peer. We have benefited, too, from the services of Mrs. Melba Harmon, without whose help order could not have been achieved from the chaos of the files. Because of my pride in our progress and pleasure at the associations that have been part of each day's work, it is with real regret that I now tender my resignation as _Staff Director of the Committee. The policies adopted and procedures followed during the.period of your illness and absence from the Committee leadership are at sufficient variance with my own concepts and convictions that continued association with the Committee would be untenable to me and a disservice to the majority of the Committee. The past nine months have instilled in me a firm conviction that there is, in Florida, a very real need for a properly oriented and mandated investigating Committee of theLegislature. On the basis of our


Honorable Richard 0 Mitchell September 8, 1964 Page six inquiries to date, it appears that Florida, in comparison to many of. her sister states, is relatively free of subversive influences. The existence of a Committee such as this is one of the reasons, 1 believe, that this is so. I would hope that the record of this Committee, from this point forward, will be vigorous in pointing out through factual and non-partisan inquiry the subversive tendencies and activities that do exist, and will merit such approval as to insure continued legislative scrutiny in support of our freedoms and the dominance of liberty under law Cordially, JEE/mh


RICHARD 0 MITCHELL I I ,..; .... SENATOR ROBERT WILLIAMS Vice C h air m a n FLORIDA LEGISLATI ATION COMMITTEE POST OFFICE BOX 1044 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA September 14, 1964 Dr. John Allen, President University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Dear John: In regretfully tendering my resignation as Staff Director of this Committee, I reviewed for Chairman Mitchell the progress achieved under his leadership. He made my letter public in announcing our resignations, and I enclose a copy of it for your information. That we were able to make the progress I have pridefully noted was in large measure due to the friendship, cooperation and courtesy extended to us by the many fine individuals with whom we dealt: The opportunity to be in contact with you, and to feel that our relationship has been a cordial one, is as meaningful to me as anything that has come from these months of effort. I hope that this letter will convey my gratitude and appreciation, and that we will have the opportunity to maintain contact in the future. JEE/mh Enclosure Sincerely, SENATE MEMBERS STAFF DIRECTOR JOHN E EVANS HOUSE MEMBERS CHARLEY E JOHNS STARkE ROBERT WILLIAMS C W (BILL) YOUNG ST. PETERSBURG GRACEVILLE SECRETARY LAMAR BLEDSOE CHIEF INVESTIGATOR C LAWRENC E RICE COUNSEL LEO L. FOSTER LEO C JONES PANAMA CITY WILLIAM E. OWENS STUART RICHARD 0 MITCHELL TALLAHASSEE GEORGE B STALLINGS, JR. JACkSONVILLE


Mr John Evani Stoff Director Florida legislative Investigation Committee P 0 Box 1044 T a ll a hassee, Florida Dear John:' September 4, 1964 I Under date of Jwly 16th I reapontled to your letter of July 14th, and indicated that we would teorch further and let you know if Rev. Charles Webber hod attended any of the Clergy Conferences on Economic Education. W e now have evidence that Charles Webber did attend at a port of the first Clergy Conference, apparently as the religious representative of the A FL-CI O of Washington, D C He was not invited by the Clergy Foundation or the Florida Conference He Just showed up. tie took the floor and spoke for a short time evening, but his talk was not well recetved. Mr. ebber had nothing to do with planning the program or carrying it out He was not Invited to the conference last year and did not put In an appearance He has not been invited to the conference this year and If he does show up he will not be allowed to speak or stay. The first conference was held at the O utrlgger lnn 'Motelln St Peters burg, which Is open to the general public. The second conference was held at Camp rigmon near Avon Park. This is a private camp where all attendants to the conference con be supervlted. It appears that Mr. Webber has been a problem to Dr. lin Davis In that he wonted to be included In clergy conferences held In various states, but Invitations hod not been extended to him, and nothing has been heard of him recently This seems to be the extent of our knowledge of the Rev. Charles W ebber W ith wishes. Sincerely John S A llen President


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