John Stuart Allen Papers, USF Archives Box 4 Folder 15

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John Stuart Allen Papers, USF Archives Box 4 Folder 15

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John Stuart Allen Papers, USF Archives Box 4 Folder 15
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Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee)
Allen, John Stuart 1907-1982
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Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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Academic freedom -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
History -- Florida -- 20th century ( lcsh )


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USF Archives Box 4 Folder 15

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.J. 10/15/62 / THIRD REPORT FROM Tl-le PRESiDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA TO THE SPECtAL COMMITTEE OF THE BOARD OF CONTROL ON THE FINDINGS OF THE lEG1SLATIVE INVESTIGATION COMMiTTEE IN THE SPRiNG OF 1962 Herewith is the report of Dean Sidney J. French and Dr. A.Ao Beecher on Mr. R. Wayne Hugoboom. li has been delayed because four of the students who had informaHon on this ore no longer at the University of South Florida, and B was difficult not only to get i n touch wHh them, but to get statements from them. You will note ihat one of the who made a statement to Dr .. Beecher had made an earlier statement under oath to the legislative Committee. He is now reported be receiving psychiatric care and, of course, tded to be careful not to get himserf in o sHuation could bring charges of periury. i believe Ml. Hugoboom is not a hol'no-sexuaf. He admits se;ving liquor on one occasion students and he admits this was noi proper. He was repri mooded by Dr. Beecher for i'hat action at the Nme o The reports from Mr o Hugoboom's prior employers are good. My recommendation is to close Mr. Hugoboom 's case with a presidenHal reprimand for ihe one proven incident of serving liquor \o studet'lts.


! i., l : MEMORANDUM TO: President John S Alle11 October 9, 1962 FROM: Sidney J. French and A.A. Beecher The of the Johris Committee, on pages 45--46, attributes by context actions to Profess6r HugOboom which ase actually concerned with another case. The last paragraph on page 46 states that the "Committee 1s placed in the record certain information concerning oHegations of homosexual approaches a certain professor named in said record allegedly macfe to three students of the University of South Florida. This material was put In the record because the professor in question had suddenly become hospitalized and un'ticcessible to the Committee 11 The report then moves on to descl'ibe in the next paragraph a situation in which a staff member involved. This was not the Hugoboom case but another which has already been It was necessat:y fo.chec!< the information read cinio the tape by counsel in order to identify clearly the inCiCfent conqerning Professor Hugoboom. This incident involved not three as stated by The information read onto the tape by counsei cOncerning this incident as by us it included Dr. Beecher at'id Deem trench subsequently e.xamit'led all angfes of. the case and reviewed as ftir as possible the situation described by Counsel. The folfowtng material is}ncluded i n this file: 1) Transcription of taped informaHoo by Counsel 2) Recent character references from tbose with whom Protessor Hugoboom has previously s'etved. o) b) c) d) Professor David L. Wilmot of rhe University of Florido Presidet'lt Stewart H. Smith of MarshaH University, where ProfessOf.Hugeboom serwd from 1951 to 1958. Presiclenf Samuel R. NeeJ,Jr., Manatee Junio; College, where Professor Hugoboom from 1959 to J96o. Dean David G. Robinson, Junior College 3) Notes on the. l-h,;gof:?oom case -summary of a c onferei1ce involving Dt .. Bee. cher, ond Dean F rEn'lch. 4) Notariud of a conversation between Gary Crist and Dean French at St. Augustin$


5) Signed statement of a telephone between Dr. Beecher ond Miefhaef Winn 6) of a telephone conversation Dr. Beecher and Charles HCJC"Jiey. 7) Statement of a telephone conve1soticn betwee!'l Dr. Beecher and A. Tar.ris. In addition, Dr. Beecher had checked by telephone careful!y, in advance of hirtJ:lQ Professor Hugoboom, and since wiih an of fleet" of a oaHonal music organization who Professor Hugoboom weU an:d who 1s.farniliar with .this kind of poblam. He has glyen Hugoboom a "clean bUI of Dr. Beecher has tried to con\ac't j Reese without result thus far. 1-te has written twice to Reese and a sked .him to .. c9ilect, but has not complied the request. .,: In our iudgment 'his is Qt:l isolated incident. There i s no evidence from other in colleagues, to substan tiate any homosexual acts or Pro fessor Hugoboom is knovm as a very friencHy persof:' and it is possible that thlsfiiendline3s could have been mistoken for a9vonces, is suggested In Michael Yitnn's signed statement It should be noted St..,dent Winn seemed to have this kind of problemon his He was also involved in ihe Caldwell andieske cases. Professor Hugoboom wa. s reprimanded by Dr. Beeeher soon after the Q(:CUtTed for inviYine stude11ts h{s home to drink. ( He hod teorned of the incident olher .ways but knew nothing of any hompse;(ual overi"on?s) TMs v.1e now believe is the e>;tent of his guilr. He acTion was on his part. There is no that he has it,. or he had ever made a of doll'lg this earlier. It is our iudgmen'i' thot no further significant light cxm be shed on the or on Professor Hugoboom's generGI conduct by further inquiries and that the matter should now be closed, except for a pres idential reprimand to Professor Hugoboom for serving alcoholic drinks to minor students in hs home. Shoufd we be

1) Re: R. Wayne Transcription Counsel for the Johns Legislative lnvestigatlcm Committee and Michael Winn Vicki, begin on page 6 of this statemeftt Q. Hove you ever had any contact with a member of the faculty that seemed to be a little improper in tt10y 1 say. o. o I have if you will. A. The Director of the Music DepartmeRt, whose name is Hugoboom or Hugocoom, I don't remember which. Q. Hugoboom? A. Yes, I believe so, yes sir. Q. Tell me what happened here and who it involved. A. Well, I iust started talking to him one day. He asked me my name, how I was and iust things like that. Q. Then what happened? A o So he asked me if I would like to go our and have o few drinks with him some night, that he was lonely-his wife was away-and I said, yes, some night wa would. So, a couple of weeks later he saw me in the school about 6 o'clock. Q. 'Mien VICS this approximately? A. I couldn't telt you. Q. Well, was it during what year? A. During 19601960, the first term of school. Q. Allright, go ahead. A. So I met him iR the hall one evening about 6 or 6:30, so he said let's go out and have a few drinks tonight. I said O.K., I will bring my friend along. He said all right, so the three of .us went out o Q. Did you mention your friend's name to him ot that time? A. Yes, I did. Q. What friend was that? A. Glenn Tarris Q. Is that the boy you mentioned earlier T-A-R-R1-S?


A. Yes sir, that's rtsjlt. Q. You are -------(not understandable from the tape) A. So we went out and bought a fifth of Vodka at his so he U$ t9 his house. He was renting a hou$S there in Tampa. So we were drinl

! I 1 r l i ,. f 2) a} Department of Dr. Stdney J. Frepch, Academic Affairs University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Dear Dr. French: UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA September 18, 1962 -. It is with pleasure I respond ro the request to supply a reference for R. Way11e Hugoboom. This reaction is made wHhin the frame of reference that spans a ten year period of Hme, dur ing vthich I have served in a number of professional capaciti. es with him, observed his work .. with students of high school and coUege ages, and from many informal occasio11S which afford opportunities for and more penetroHng insights. His p ofessionaf competence is marked by personal charm and empathy and an singula devoHon to music and tha teaching of it. His scholarship and musie ianship ore e-videnced in a II of his efforts o I would make 110 leservation in asking him to undertake responsibilities that require the discretion cis well as the guic;lance of students in situoions where personal, moral ond judgments are essential outcomeso I will be happy to respond to any specific inctuhi es conceming him. Respectfully, David L. Wilmot 1\ofessor of Music of Florida


2) b ) Offl ce of the President Dr a Sidney J. French Dean of Academic Ad. 2049 University of Florida Tampa 10, Florida Dear Dr. French: MARSHAll UNIVERSITY Huntingtqn Virginia September 1 7, 196? Profesmr R. Wayne Hugoboom of your faculty and formerly associated with our instiMion has asked me to write you a letter of reference. I om delighted to have this opportunity to give you some observations and opinions of him and his In the fall of 1951 he accepied the position of Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choral Music at Marshall He tendered his resignation in May 1958 to accept the chairmanship of the Deportment of Music at Manatee Junior College, Brad enton, Florida After receiving his letter of resignation, I wrote him a fetter In that letter, among other things, I made these siatements. "Yours have been a fruitful eight years. You hove measured up to every hope and aspiration that I had for you. On our campus you have become a symbol of hard work, devotion to duty, superior conductor and teacher, loyaf co-worke and good fdend and counselor to students. Few of our staff have given so unselfishly and unsparingly of their time and energy as you have." Professor Hugoboom is a man of the highest integrit-y. His cooperative and helpful spirit and his enshusiasm were unmatched on our campus. It was a sad day for me and especially for his students when he resigned. The professional and fi nancial adwnce ment offered him at Manatee could not be met by our institution. He remains, in my iudgment, one of the most capable and inspiring teachers that I have knovm. Sincerely yours, Stewart H. Smith President


).. 2) c) Office of tm;, President MANATEE JUNIOR COLLEGE Bradenton, Florida September 12, 1962 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Professor R. Wayne t-lugoboom taught on our faculty for fwo yea1-s and his accomplishments were truly outstal'Kiing. He ioined our faculty the year the coffege opened its doors for the first Hme and by Christmos he had a 90-voice College Community Choir singing "The Messiah. n Also, as Department Head, he helped his co-worker develop in six months a 26-piece Community College Band. In addition, Mr. Hugoboom put in long developing the curriculum( teaching courses, and recruiting students. In a period of two years,. the cotfege hod developed an Department of Music and Mr. Hugoboom deserves a large share of the credH. It was a great loss so us when Mr. Hugo boom left in 1960 to accept a position at the University of South Florida, but we were complimented that Dean Cooper chose M-. Hugoboom over a large number of candidates from all over the nation for the important as U oS oF o I am happy to recommend Mr. B ugoboom without any reservations for any position appropriate to his training and Very truly youis, Samuet R. Neal, Ji. Plesident


2) d) Dr. Sidney J. French Dean of Academic Affairs University of South Florida Tampa 10, Florida Dear Dean French: EDISON JUNIOR COLLEGE Fort Myers, Florida September 14, 1962 Mr. Wayne Hugoboom has requested that a character reference letter be subtnitted to you. I have knm\'11 Wayne Hugobcom for four years and consider him the finest professional musician I have had the pleasure of knowing. Having done some brief work in the field of music, I have been in the posH-ion to (udge his work personally and pro fessiondty at Manatee Junior College. In my opiRion, Mr. Hugoboom has three outstanding characteristics: (l) Mr. Hugoboom has oui'standing competence in several areas as well as e"perience# which brings \1 wealth of knowledge to any Iob situation, (2) Mr. Hugoboom relates e:cceptionalfy welt to any group with which he is associated --his students attain a degree of which is seldom seen in any non-professional organized choral groups. Through a rapidly established report, he is able to build groups into well defined organizotionsp ( 3 ) Mr. Hugoboom is an adminislrator and skitls which enable him to gain the respect of all his subordinates and the admiration of his superiorso It is a pleasure to be as!,ed to participate in any recommendation for a gentle man who is as completely professional and so thoroughly competent as M.r. Hugobocm. Sincerely, David G. Dean Edison Junior College


3) Notes on the Hugoboom Case-Conference involving Dr. Beecher, Deem French., and Professor Hugoboom Dr. Beecher and I met Professor Hugoboom Thursday, it:Ugust 30# 1962. The meeting lasted more than on hour. I firsi read i"o him the charge contained in Dr. Stallworth's confidential memorandum to PreSidenr Allen. I asked him to comment on the charge a"d explain the incident referred to. He spoke about as follows. (Thera were interruptions and questions but the Incident took place pretty much as hera stated.) Michael Winn, a student from Orlando, was around the campus a good deaf. He had suggested to Hugoboom that they get together for a drink some time. The day school closed for Christmas vacations (1960) 1-lugoboom saw Winn and invited him io come over that evening. Whm asked to bring Glenn Terris with him (another Orlando boy whom Hugoboom did not know) and Hugoboom agreed. Ai this time Hugoboom was living in a rented house in Temple Ter ace while his house was .. under constructioA in Carrollwood. His wife was still working af' a bcmk in Bradenton and living there. Hugoboom usually went there week ends. When rhe house was completed (April, 1961) she moved here and now works in a bank in Tampa. Since the boys did not have a car Hugoboom picked ihem up at the Center, where he had eaten dinne,, 7 7:30 p.m. He went ro a liquor store and bought a pfnt of Vodka and Oi1'ivad at ho:use about 8 p.m. The three soi around d1inking, talking and waiehing television. At times they sat on the sofa and Hugoboom had his a1m on the back of the sofa from time to time. He believes that af times when a ioke was told he might have put his hand around the shoulder of o boy and pulled him slighily. He affirms that there was nothing more than ihis. He claims to ddnk very rarely. During the war he did drink fairly heavily but soon after decided to quit. Since then he cfaims that months elapse between drinks and that such drinks were for social purposes only. He claims he was in France ( 011 a Fulbright G;ant) for months before he even had o drink of wine. He admiis freely that he was wrong irt inviting young students io hts house for alcoholic drinks. He claims he had not done this previou sfy either here or at Bradenton, and has never done it s(nce the one episode. At about lO. o'cfock the three went to get a pizza pie. They returned to vhe house where Hugoboom baked the pie and they afe it. At rhi s rime, Gary Crist came in. Gary's parents owned the house and Gary -also ar that time a student ai the University of South Florida had o bedroom in house where he stayed when he was not at his parents' home. {They now live in Zephyrhills, I believe). Gary is now working full time in the Youth for Chrisr Movement and is supposed to be located in Jacksonvifte. Since Gaiy is vet.y religious and does drink, Hugoboom removed the bottle bef-ore Gary came in. Gary s\ayed until the end, abour 11 p.m., when


3) Continued Hugoboom the other students home o Gary was friendly then ard remained soo Some time aftea rhe J:iugobooms moved into their new home in Corrollwoo_ d Gary brought a small house"'Vrorming P,.esent. The three people had consumed close to a pint of Vodka. The studel1,ts_ they had not drunk Vodka before but hod drunk beer. AU could have been somewhat but there was. no that any were drunk. This appears oJ,l isolat-ed incidento Studeni s dvop by his house occasionally, but he does not e')te .rtQi_rt fom1atly and has never af.coholic drinks to them!' He claims that they -gq to the University after a performance for coffee. He claims never tQ. have had the question of wHh him before. He was at Marshafi Coflega for }tears. He cfatms to have left there so come to Manatee Junior kargely because his fathe1 iH and lived in Tarpon Springs. Dr. Beecher has checked at Marshall College and finds this statemem. to be true1 Hugoboom faft there of his own f1ee wil-l. He has checked other sources related to Hugoboom's activities and finds nothing iA the post which would in any way connect him with homosexual activity. Charles Hadley was not a' the above mentioned party. Hadley ami hts wife have stopped at Hugoboom's home occasionally but have never been entertained there. Hugoboom claims that he never kissed Melvin Reese and that Reese was at his house in Temple Terrace only a couple of -once to introduce some friends, and once with a message. Dr. Beecher had heard of the drinking incident at second hand, bui not about cmy homo sexual overtones. He immediately called Hugoboom in and "laid him out." At that time he mentioned some similar drinking incidenis at Florida which hod led to homosexual charges. Hugoboom claims that it had naver occurred to him unHI then that rhis mighr be involved. He denies having any personal inte1est in homosexual behavior. He did admit, however., that some of the iokes told that evening coufd have been about homo semuaf&. Next steps would appear to be to talk with Michael Winn end Glenn Tarris, with Charles Hadley, Malvin Reese, and particularly wii-h Gary Cvist. It is not certain that ii wiU be possible to talk with all of these personalty since they are now all near by. 9/4/62


4) STATEMENT OF GARY l CRiST At the request of Dean French I came to see him ai Holiday Inn in St .. Augustine, Florida, on the evening of September 20, 1962. Dean French had previously called me lolfeosontries, as I recat1r 'then i weni {o my study to do some work. The broke up a shorl time later. Dean French then asked me que sHons about Professor Hugoboom's conduct at other times when I was alons whh him in i he house. We did see each other very often since our schedules were different. PdncipaHy, Vle woufd sse each other coming and goina. Occasionatfy, when we wera home the same time around dinner time, we would gei some ham-burgers cmd have d .inner together There y,ros never anything in Professor Hugoboomrs conduct tov10rd me !hoi ever cau$ed me to hove ihe sl igh'iest suspicion that he w as making a ny advances io me. He was a very friendl y pers o n and J always felr ai eose in hi s p resence .. Dean French asked me if 'I knew wheiher Profess:or Hugoboom did any drinking during rhese Nmes. I hove no evidence he did. He a bortfe of something, probably sherty wine, in ihe refrigerator which, i believe, he used largely for cooking.


r i. k-. 4 ) CC;intinued Staiemeni' of Gal)' L. Crisi Dean French also asked me if he was in thembis: of enre' taining aS: the h .ouse in the evening. I do not recall any other parries e;ccept this one one Qf his siudents woufd stop by for g chat or to message. Essentf.aHy c.snd usually he was there alone. I took two courses from Profe.ssor Hugoboom during the f qfl semester, including private tessons, and one in choir. I never aware in these of any conduct on his part which was not correct, but was always friend .ty. He Is the finest teacher of music I have ever known. I admire him greatly, respect hit:n$ alld believe that he is a great integrity. Jt is my opinion that his fj."iend finess has been mistaken for something else. I will be onfy too gfad to testif}' undei oath i11 his behalf if it is so desiredo The above statements are made of my own free will. i wish io do whatever I can to hef p clear him of charges which in .my opinion are uniTue. S/ GARY L. CRIST Subscribed and sworn to before me at Jac:kscnviHe, Florida This 6th day of October, 1962. S/ Frederick H. Lenczyk No\ary Pub I ic State of Florida at large My commission expires Dec. 11, 1965


5 } October 1, 1962 JO WHOM tT MAY CONCERN .. -: ... ........ .: This is a reco1;d of a disiance telephone conversation Mr. Michael Wirm, a former student at the Un. iversity of South Florida., new residing in Winter Pa1.k, Florida, and Dr. A.Ao Beecher, Director of the Division o); Fitie Aris, ot the University. The conversaHon took place on Thursday.,. 271 1962, beginning '"'t about 6:15 p .. mo and refared to the incident concerning Mr. Wayne 1-lugoboom, Professor of Music at the University of South Fforida,.and Mr. Michaet Wim"'. A oBo I opprecicte your returning my call. As you know a hove been trying \'o get in touch with you for sometime bu) for soma reason or other we have been to fOOke connection o Your Uncle had called me earlier shis afternoon. an ..J wal')r ed to know what I wanted to talk to you about. He said you were very about this whole situation and dicln 't wont to be invofved any further. He st. ,;d you hJd talked whole wHh him and that he would osk you to me. I appreciate th !s very much. MoWo Yes., l really am u pset about this bus !'II be glad io do anything I can to help. AoBo I am refe rrings of to the statement you gave to ihe Johns Con1mittee rela-tive to the incideni: with Pmfessor Hugoboom o hove prepared a few quesi'ions here and I 'Nctdd appreciate yo ur crnsvvering \hem for me, if you wiff, so that we can set rhe records shaight. Vou can understand ihat a ma11's profes sional life is at stoke here and aU I want is the truth. We certoinfy don't want any on our faculty, or in our siucleni body1 bui: if we can get the we will let the chips fait wher e i hey n10)'. MoW. I reatfy want io halp. A o Bo About whai time did you go to this par1-y? MoWo Oh, iY was after dinner, abou 7, i guess. A o Bo What were you drinking? Mo Wo Vodka. AoBo Can you t ec oU he size of the botrle? AotL Afrer you had been drinking a whife did you go out ro ge? some food,. or somerhing? MoWo I guess w e did. A I) Bo Mr 0 Hugoboom says rhas y ou cmd got some pizza and can,e back to \ he house and then he cooked Ho Do you recall '!his? Mo Wo That so unds familiar 1 8 guess


i. I l r I I I. r !. I l I A.B. Who else wc:s at this party? M.W. Glen was. A.B. M.W. A.B. M.W. / A.B. Yes, Gfen "far;is, I know, but did anyone elsa co,-ne in during that time? Some y9ung boy, i guess he was rooming there, but I don'i recaU his nama. How did the drinking affect you? Did you feel dizzy or drunk? I don'i ihinl< so, 1nm sure we werent drunk. I'd tp read you a pcwagraph in your stafement, then ask you a question 1'sa we went out and bought a fifth of vodka, at his expense, so he took us to his house. He was renting a house there in Tampa so we were drinking and having a good time iust talking unrif he stori-ed geHing too friendly. He put his arm around us and tried to hold our hands. One time he put his arm around me and started kissing me on the neck and I ierked away and then he did the some thing to Glen, so we just tofd him Yle were ready to go home and 'would you mind taking us right now?' So that is aH thai' ever come of that." my quesi'ion is, iust did Hugoboom do which red you to decide you wanted to go home? M. W. The statement you teatfts 'true, rhat is cbour all t can say abou it. A.B. When alf this kissing and hugging toke pface, mean, what part of the evening? M. W. Oh, J would say about i 1 A.B. Thenhe took you about 11'? M. W. It was about thai time AoB. What was reaction io aU ihis? Did you think he was a homo? :. M.W .. Noi : at first. I guess he wo5 iusi loL1esorne for his wife. A.B. Did at that Hme ihai he was making homosexual oclvances? M.W. later I got that impression bur I'm noi sure. A.B. Do you st W think so? M.W. WefJ in my opinion, l kinda {hink he is, bui would noi say for sure. A.B. Mr. Hugoboom is known as a very frienclfy feffow. Could you hove mistaken the motives for his action? M.W. Yes, I he's friendly aU righto Everybody seems to like him, bur I don:,. know.


5) Conrinued A.B. l-love you ever heard anything else about him in this way? M.W. I guess I heard some rumors but I don't want to go in1o rumors. A .B. Do you think he shoufd stay on oul staff? M. W. He ought to have a second chance. A0B. Was there homose:-am! act commiited that nighs. M. W. 1\.lo, sori of I evidence 1 t guess. What ever Teske? A.B. He's gone. He was from the University earlier h'l.the summer. M.W I'm sure glad to hear that. A .B. Woufd you put Mr. Hugoboorn in the same class? M. W. No sir. I'm crazy aboui 1he University of South Florida. I wouldn 1 \-want' to do anything to hurt H. A.B. I guess thai's the way we off feel but we ceriainly wanr to get to the firuih in this matter and a .ny others I ike it, and I em-e who. we hurt in the process as long as H's ihe h

5) Continued A a 'Ba Do you know where Tarris is now? MaWa He's in the Arrrry, you know, and is now in Pittsburgh. AoBo Do you have his exact address. MoWo Wait a minute, I've got it over here. TFC Glen A. Tanis, RA 14781051 UoSoAoRoMoSo Old Post Office Building Pittsbu1gh 19, Pennsylvania AoBo Thanks a lot. I would like to get in touch with him right away. AoBo Your testimony was sworn testimony, wasn't it? AoBo Do you recall who took this testimony? MoWo A fellow by the name of Baker, I guess he is one of the investigators. He absolutely promised that my name would not be revealed and now it seems that everybody knows about it. AoBo Mike, I certainly appreciate your talking to me about I hope \he next time you are C)n campus you will look me up. I am going to write up this conversation, this telephone conversation, and send you a copy of it. Now, if there is anything in it that you want io change, you go ahead and do it, because I have been wriHng this down as we have been talking, and I don't want to leave out anything and you con understand why the truth is absolutely necessary in all of thiso Mo Wo I'll be glad to do that. A o Bo Thanks a lot and good night o S/ Alvah A o Beecher S/ Michael Winn


6} RE: Ocrober 1, 1962 Statement of telephone conversation bah-teen Dr. Beecher and C:hades Hod fey I conmcted Charles Hadfey today by telephone and questioned him regarding the Hugoboom case. I advised him that according to his testimony given to the johns Commirtee, he had stated that f\Aelvin Reese had told Mr. Hadley ihat Mr. Hugobaom had kissed Mr. Reese o A.B. Do you recall giving this testimony? C .H. No. If that is in the repori it is wrong. Mr. Hugoboom is a second father to me ond I know there is no truth in such o My wife and I have visited in their ( Mr. and Mrs o Hugoboom 's) home many times and we have the greatest admiration for both of them. I guess all of this has caused me to lose my iob at the University. 11m out looking. for a iob now. One day a week or so ago when I reporled to wo1k I was told I wasn't needed. I asked them why and they said word had come from ihe Business Office. I dont know what we'ie going {o do. I'm iob hunting so far I have .. nothing. A.B. I hope you gel something soon. Well, thcnks o lot Charles for helping to clear up rhe orher matter 5/ A.A. Beecher


/ 7) Continued GT No. AB Well, how did you get acquainted with him in the first place? GT I went to some of the plays or concerts where he. conducted and then I did see him sometimes at the cafeteria. AB Do you think his actions toward you Mike would iustlfy our dismissing him from our staff? GT For me there is not enough evidence to let hfm goo AB If you were to come to the again what kind of a reaction would you have if he were still here? GT I guess I hove learned some things and V!(Ould be more on guard before going out with anybody. I guess I would be leery of him and others so that I wouldn't get myself involved OSJ)Ino AB I've been hastily writing this telephone conversation and I would like to send you a copy to sign and return o GT Will this involve me in any way? AB No, I would consider this confidential information which woufd be ovai fable only to two or three on the staff here vmo ore making this investigation and then it would go to the Board of Control but I don't see why you should get involved. GT Well, I was a minor, you know, ond was drinking, and I don't wont to sign anything that would involve me. AB Well, I'll write this up and send you a copy of it and if you want to make any correct tons to It, please do SOo It may not be too important to have your signature., but if I haven't recorded this conversation correctly, I would want you to make it right. GT I would like to have a copy of it. AB OoKo, I'll see that you get ito How do you like Army life? GT J like it fine AS I'm glad to heal that. If you ever come inis way, please drop by my officeo I would like to see you again. And thanks again for your help. S/ Alvah A. Beecher This report has been sent to Mr. Tarris for his signatu1e, but we have not had time to receive it yet. In order to bring this report to the Boa!id of Control, we have iRcluded thl.s stai1lment without Mr. Tarris' signature. -:, -,.: -'


... 7) October 13, 1962 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is a record of a long distance telephone conversation between Mr. GlenA Ao Tarrls, a former student ai the University of South Florida, and Dr., AoAo Beecher, and relates to the Hugoboom caseo After rYKmy attempts to locate W.. Tarrts, Dr. Beecher found him now in the Army at the following address: .Pf C Gfen n A. Tarris, RA 14781051 UoSoAoRoMoSo Old Post Office Building Pittsburgh 19, Pennsylvania AB I om very happy to hear you and thanks for calling. GT I am sorry I couldn't call earlier but we have been out on maneuvers ami haw iust returned to our station o AB Well, I am very glad you called. I got your address from Michael Winn sometime ago and have been trying to get you ever si nce. He may have told you about the Legislative Committee at the Unive rsity of South Florida. GT I don't know much about it but I heard there had been an investigation. AB Do you recall going with Michael Winn to a party at Professor Hugoboom's home sometime during the Winter of 1960? GT Yes, I remember that. AB I'd like to ask you a few questions about it and want you to tell me the truth as best you can remember it. It seems there has been some sworn testimony given to the Johns Commirtee relative lo this part y and we are doing our best to clear it up. There is some innuendo, at le ast, that acts leading to w ard were committed. Would you say that on evening any of you were homosexually involved? GT Nothing happened that could actually condemn the m an. N o I don't think so. AB I understand that three of you we r e drin!dng. Woul d you say you were really drunk, or pretty high? GT We may have been drinking, bur I guess I could s a y w e we r e a little high. AB Do you think this fact cou ld have had any be a ring on the rather overfriendly gestures that went on? GT Possibly, but I really don'sk now. AB Old you go on any o t her pa r ries wil-h Professor Hugoboom?


PROM: BOWARD P. MORG AMERICAN BROADCAST AND THE NEWS COMPANY JULY 24, 1962 -------------------------------------------------------------The busybod es and th se f-prop 11 d moralists always with us but their witch-hunting ctivities are no t o easy as they used to be and 1n fact are ecom n xpensive --let us hope prohibitively so. In New York the o h r y, John Henry Paulk, talented and successful broadcas ng p rsonality until his r eputation was blighted by bigots, won a 2 -illion-ollar libel su1t against a group of persons involv d n th pu licat on o f a blac listing sheet called Awar Paulk p oved 10 cou t h t he h d b en falsely accused of pro-Communis sy h s, a ch rg h1ch had cost him his job and subsequent br de n t But rial brought out the mis r l e p t t r h r t n ion n the r of McCar thyism, pursued only by th lat enator from Wisconsin but the Hous Un-Am r1can Act iv 'ti s c mmitt e and others. "Let th word go 'tthat thi kind o help b u t th r Florid d Te brea h o self-'s br'lliant lawyer, Louis Nizer, stopp Th Faulk verdict will ntly -much ork t o be done. recent y f lt th fiery in d ucat on. Some week s a o S e D rector o Education Sam H. Moorer distri buted to schools p int n ent 10 Flor1d 's 67 counties a list of 10 purport d l y 'tunfi boo s and ven allegedly p ro-Coii1Diunist authors. Th li t wa comp1led in 'dl nd, T exa after an out-fit call d Te s for had cond mned more than 100 books used 1n T x choo1 T h'gh-blo d-pre ure Midland patriots "an alyz d" 42 book ound 10 ot ally un for con umpt ion at any ag 1 v 1," and 15 "aut or d by p rson having been cited or having be n ff1liat d ( 11 ly) w i h Commun1 t front organizations." The 1 0 books Ste1nb ck' s Thoma s World; Direct r Florida'superintendents tc 2 .rn them ru arn1 g was not un1form y u Floyd h i n a lot o ho books myself and they are (darn) b ooks. Som I haven't read and I've asked an as i t ant to r ad h for an t h. n g subv r 1 v I don t want an g r o up of super-patriots in Te xas t 11 ng me wha t books to read." But T mpa chool Superintendent J. Crockett Parnw 11 thought the id d group a s "just a bunch of people try1n o help out he chool ail over the nation." A similar kind of prous ssistanc has be n w1shed on the University o S o uth P l o r d at T ampa by a 1 gislat-ive committee run by a state s e nator D d Charley Johns. Set up to investigate the NAACP th Johns commt e s also barged to ferre t out subversion immoral1ty in Flor da. D sp'te th fact it has no legal role in edu cation 1t nst lled s lf in a Tampa mote l and spent two month pro n nl'beral" a n d 'at e sticrt nfluences on the campus at the be st of h ful o f agit t d p ents and a disgruntled instructo r who, in th proc ss of bing red, d nounced the unive. sity as ttcamp s of vil."


K>RGAN 2 The co 1n icated th t nothing a found to s ub-i t hasn't e t rev al d what, 1f anythin g ny inv t g i on. The d isturbin fact remains el p p o 1nt d arbiters o f te ch1ng and orals co i t t o p ut pol1tic1an to b rge into du e ti n h r it h a ne1ther author1ty nor co pet nee to op r t and c u e co nsternation nd untold d ge. South Florida i twoy -old un r ity truggling to establish itself ac e c lly. A c ollision ith uch !gil t arrogance not only put h c in an upro r jut at fin 1 e aminaton time but cau ed an h re from wh" ch, if st p not t en to prevent bl prof tud nts, a a T a


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