Jesse James' cave; or, The secret of the dead

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Jesse James' cave; or, The secret of the dead

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Jesse James' cave; or, The secret of the dead
Series Title:
Jesse James Stories
Lawson, W. B.
Place of Publication:
New York
Street & Smith
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
32 p. ; 26 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Dime novels ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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028809122 ( ALEPH )
07355543 ( OCLC )
J14-00001 ( USF DOI )
j14.1 ( USF Handle )

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ORIGlftAL OF THE .JAMES B issued Weekly. By Subscription $2.50 per year. Entered as Second Class Matter at New York Post Office by SrREET & SMITH, 2Jll William St .. N. No. 17. Price, Five Ce JESSE JAMES AND HIS MEN RUSHED INTO THE CAVE, AND SEIZED THE BANKER JUST AS HE WAS BEING DRAWN UP BY THE ROPE.


I i Or .rssued Weekly. By SuhscnpticTl $2so per yecr. Entered as Second Class at the N. Y. Post Office b_v STREET & SMITH, 238 >V.lli<1m St., .V. Y. E;ztered according t o Act of Congress in til e yea r Iqead. By W. B. L A WS ON C HAPTER I. THE SECRET OF THE DEAD. The night is dark, a n d h a v ing groped my way to a stone that will serYe

THE JESSE JAMES STORIES. It 1s the solenm hour of midnight. Satisfied, I arise from my retired seat, and move off in a certain direction. What my business in this pla ce may be, rt:he immediate future will di 'Sclose. My advanice is not made boldly. On the con1trary, I itake advantage of everyithing thiait comes in my way, th:a.t will shield me. This ind i:ca:tes danger. The cemetery is qui1te a large one, but I soon pass aero s it, ani:l reach a certain corner the weeping willows grow more luxuriantly than at any other point. This is. my desitination. Under the willows I will find whart: I seek, unless my &peculations ape 1wrong. All is quiet :as deaith. I can see the ou:tlines of a '1.! omb of same kind, and creeping near, find it the hiding-place in rthe bushes. Then I possess my soul in patienoe and wait. H i s lonesome worl uon1der such circumstances. '' The moon,mounts higher. Finding an entrance t hrough the heavy growth of wil low, a wandering ray of light falls upon the stout door of the romb I r ea:rs 1ike a ness." I'm dumb, doc-lead on." All thi1 s had corn e .to me disltinctly. .Being already the g.ame, I have no d iffi cul 1ty un1 derstandi11 g :iit. vVhen ia:ssured '!:hart the itiwo men have enrt:ered rt:he itom:b, I leave my hiding-place and creep forw.ard. It is my inrt:en1'.ion Ito see and hear what itake s place in that weird pkrce, for I hav:e a .deep interest iin the game. They have let the door ajar. When I giance in I have the w hole si1tu 1aotion sp o u t 'before me. Ordinaril y one would suppose that foe miss'ion .of t twain to a graveyard at such an uncanny h oll' r co have but a certain meaning. The fact thait the leader of the two 1s a doot n r, WlOt enJ1phasi ze st11ch a supiposi 1 tion. Hav e they come ithither in 1 the dead of night to st a body from. its resting-place t I know this is not so. Another motive, juS come here for a purpose, and this immediately occtrpi es the ir ai:'tcn'tion. I watch th e doctor. P

THE JESSE JAMES STORIES. Finally he sitraightens ttp. Silas, unable to keep quiet 'Under the d..1ris l 1e:: o ver his h e ad the paper he s o st r angely s:cnr e d, and \'.hich contains t he s euet tbat was to be i)uried w ith the d e ad. H e h a s p rc:b::.b!.\ h ad a clew and disoover ed the paper in ithe lining of ithe coait upon the figure in the ca sket. I:n thu s flou-rjshinig the d.lcument ahouii;, it oomes ve ry close ito my face. The tempta.tion is too strong. 1I have contemplated getting the umenit in another way, but ithe sudden chill.i'liee thus :/{ fered finds me a ready 1 taker. With a sudden and1 dext erous ckm:tcteriized 1by a quic k sweep rof >the hand, I ma111wge. 1 io .. match ihe paper from his grasp. The :a:ction gives him a shock, .and his foot the 1 1arnbern, which obediently goes out, leaving them in the dark. J usit ais isoon as I h<1-ve fdit the paper jn my grasp, I conceive ithe idea of beating a retreat. This on-ly r equ ires a turn, and w1th a bei.tmd I am behind one o f the broad trunks of :the wiHows. Here ithe rank grass also serves , his a:rms flying like fliails. "Didn't ye se e i.t, dootor ?'' "See wha't ?" "The imp o f S.atlan 1that j usit pu1 t out the lantern?" "Nonsens e I overturned it acoid'ent 1 al!y." "You?" "Yes, wi1th my foot. That i sn' t :the worst of :i t." "\\Fh:a.t else?" "I didn't overturn that fan-tern pU'l'pt!}sely, Si." :'Of COU'fS e not." "lit \VilS a surprise th for it. I swear." I s 111iie a t thi s threat, which d Bes not sca re 1.c ; rnr,:1 a cent.


THE JESSE Ji\MES STORIES. I n t h e plai ce, : t hey are n o apt t o discover me, l1idde n a iway so securel v T h e n ag:c!n I too am am1e d. Just a:t this ver y mo m ent I ho"Jci t h e paipe r i n o n e hand, w hile t h e o ther clu tc h e s a rev o l ve r that h as stoo d b y m e on m a n y occasi o n s and h elpe d me o u 1 t af numerous scrape s. If 1 t h es e t'Wo men h a ppen t o run acros s me, rt:hey will m e et with a r eception hot e n oL11g h to s atisfy all des.ire fo r t;o re. Beli ev in g that the un known man has snatche d the doctor's recentl y acqu i red t r easure fro m hi s hand must have immediatel y fled across t he gmveya r d rt:h e y start in pursui t. I have riow arn:pl e time t o sec rete t h e pa'Per o n my person fo r fu t u re i11S1pecti on, and the n q ui et l y p i c k m y way out o f the la:b y :that marks t hi s corner o f the gr-ave yard. In c hoosing thi s rou te, I doubtl e s s run l i H l e c hance o f meeiting t h e 1bwo m en, wh o a1i e s o 'busily empl oye d searchin g for itb e t mkrnow n in ::m ot h e r part o f the l a rge indosure T h i s di s m a I p l a ce has no lol1lger any a:ttra'Cti ons for m e, and I prepare t o leave it for g oo d If 1the doctor .and h i s quak in g a s si sta11't c are to keep up the .sear c h they are 1welcom e itJo scrak h around u'111 til doo.msday, fo r al"l I c a re. My objec t has been a c o o mplished. R eachi111g ;the road, I p as s d ow111 1t, J<.eeping on the shaded side, where t h e itr-ees hi de my fli:tting figure from the .mo o nli g ht. T 1wenty m inub es later, I reach a smaH house tha:t s1ta111ds 1 b v the mad.s ide The only living ibein g I haves e e n has 'been a h o rseman, weli mounited, and ridin 1 g in rt:h e clir ect i o n o f Torthfield. C omi111g upon me m1expecteclly, w h e r e the soft road doe s n o t sound t h e rt:h u d o f rt:h e horse's hoofs, I hav e n o time t o h i de. The h o r seman, without sla ckening his pace, see m s to bend ov e r :n his military sad d le t o glance at m e, and I can s ee t ha1t he is a born ride r "Good-e v e ninig," I s a y, civilly. H e r eturns ith e s a 'lui t e and s pe edis on, l eavi ng m e wiith a quee r fe eling a round 1ny heart. The i de a is preposter o u s a n d I am crazy loo eve n t h ink o f suc h a t hing, but if I i t kno w pasi 'tiV1ely h e w a s in Missouri, I'd be ready ito swear thait b old r i d e r w>as J esse J a m es That is w h a t I say to m y s e H as I r esume m y j ourney up the mad. I h a v e good r ea:so n to know ith e man w h ose name I thus menti o n. have we met fac e to fac e, and a1w a ys as enem i es Whe n h e w as a guiernill a under Quantr e ll I was on t h e other si d e, and during a raid on t h e d e n of the jay ha'WJ<.e r s J esse James and mysel 1 f h a d a lit t l e duel in w h ic h /bot h 11ere wounded. 'Dwi ce s i nce the n have we met as enemies, and t h e hatre d between u s i s mutual. Perhaps deep d o wn in my h eant I have a respecrt: for t!:hi s n otorious man' s dafi.rng and prow ess, hut it i s not fear. A t a n y raote t h is feeling m ay lbe wha t causes m 1-iken t h e midni ght ride r t o the man whose name h o u seho ld wond in ri Reaching th e house which has been mentioned, I m y 1way t o t h e d oor and knock. T h e door i s immedia t e l y o p e n ed. An o ld mtcm s!Jand s here, and shade s his eyies \ h i s hand t o look Lself, nothi n g s uggesti ve of h arm. It is the ci r cu mstance s th a t l end 1 t su c h a p ec uli attr acti on. Oki R eub.e n is a b ac h e l o r, and I doubt if a fema h a s crosse d ith e thres h o ld of hi s ho m e for many yea save the ol d co l or-e d aunty who d o e s hi s choPe s and tak car e of him. Hen c e t h is trail. I pi1ck u p .the da in ty fabric a n d ho'ld i t a t arm s l e n g t l ey in g i t cri t i call v Reuben chuckles. "Has t hi s a1w co1111ecti on with the peculiar eve n t t h has h a .ppened 1 1ere ? "WeH, I reckon 11t d o l\Ir. Lawson. '"\i\Tl10 is she---wh c r e 0u h a d be e n g o ne mor e 1 t ba11 ha! an hvur w h e n :there came a kno ck at th e door, a n d won deringi f it \Yas yo n, I opened it. '"Bless m y eyes, theroe \ms a y o ung girl, a s fine looJ<.ing creai t ure as I e v e r see n .. She held t h e br-id l e o f a hoss t hat had a regu 'ia r n1a11' sa dcll e oo hi s 1 back .besi d es a s m all via!is e s 1trapped b e hind.


THE JESSE JAMES I I f s I 1t e ,., cl 1f 1-"She a s ked for sh elter, and w o uld tak e n o refus,al, and I hadn '.t the heart to shut the d oo r in her fa ce. "So I 'took t h e ho.S'S and tied him i n the she d bac k of th e h o use, fetc h in in the bag accord in to h e r cli recti o n s "She w a s s i H in jest whar ye are n o w her bonne t off, "111d her g o ld e n --:urls ha ngin 1 g clo wn to her waist, as purty a as I se e "I could easdy sec s o rneth inig was on her mind her face lc:oked so clctcri111iJ11ecl like. "\Nhen I a s k e d her if s h e 'd like sorn et hin to eat she said y es and ask e d \rhen it would be ready. "I said in half an h o ur. sh e t oo k the valise into the room I bo' ld her she might ha ve-yo urn. Nk. La1wsion-I h o p e yl()u 'll excus e me, burt: I was take n .aiha'Cl< I hardly kn o w ecl whart I was a-

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