Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 5 Folder 27

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 5 Folder 27

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 5 Folder 27 Bennett, Henry, Warden
Audubon Florida
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Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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1 folder
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Box 5 Folder 27


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Audubon societies -- Diaries ( lcsh )
Ecology -- Florida ( lcsh )
History -- Gulf Coast (Fla.) -- 20th century ( lcsh )


The daily journals of Audubon wardens and statewide reports on certain sites and projects cover activities from 1900 to 1970, with most of the materials concentrated between the 1930s and 1950s.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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orig;i.nal corre'spondence sent to Wood, Miami office 6/lS/64 # rp


I / Mr. Henry Bennett Everglades nor id& Dear Bank: July 18, 1951 Your interesting letters of July 1 a.nd 4 and your report ror the week ending July 1 were forwarded to me from New York. Thank you for letting me know about the visit by Mr. and Mrs. Millotte. I shall be having confereneee with pereonnel of Disney Studios next week. Glad you coneluded from your observations th&t the Society's long te.nding policy is sound not attempting to stop all illegal taking of game ar.d. ttsh on the aouthvest Florida coast. We have our hands full guarding the bird concentrations for which we have the responsibility of protection. Glad to hear that you 1IJ81 by now have started. writing an article about the Sanctuary, and it will be agreeable to you to have it revised by our magazine editor. It ie good to learn that you expect to have some good kodachrome elides and my be able to get some glossy black and white prints. Glad to learn that ther was no damage to the Egret when ehe dra889d her anchor and washed up on the beach. JllB:av Ever sincerely, John H. :Saker President


NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY f(/(7() r:tjd &1!&1UW 28 CHARLES M BROOKFIELD Trop ica l Flo ri d a Representati ve DAVID M WALTERS Offi c e Manager Mr. John H. Baker, President National Audubon Society 1000 Avenue New York 2g, N.Y. Dear Mr. Baker: 13 McAlli s ter Hotel Arcade 311 East Flagler Street Mi a mi Florida Tele phone : 32 9 88 ;l/ July 1, 1951 Everything's coming along all r ight down this way a n d it is very satisfying to /:see t hese tremendous n ibis cornin i Rock now. At first I was worried about the ib s but he i r be ing late can only be due to th dry weather this spring and early sUJ11Jrer. There has been no shooting at Duck Rock. I know some shooting has occured on the f l yways because at times faint shots can be heard in the distance. and I haven't done anything about it. I know about the out-of-season hunting back in the bay country. As a matter of fact there's too i bf o ere et I i .11.-i would jeo rdized sition if too mu e about 't. or instance e e Loggerhead Turtle situation. The turning of turtles on the beaches and bhe digging of their eggs during certain months of the year is prohibited. Yet, it's being done all along the coast from above Everglades south to the boundary o f national park. To press any charges against these people is just like going after the ones who are shooting Ibis on the flyway and they might come into the rookeries and roosts for Jspite. Most of the people along the coast think that the roosts and rookeries should f be protected and the Society has earned a good name since does th guarding. I believe that for us to enforce other game law.smig h t result in a loss of much of the r -good-will whi ch has been built up in the past years. It s bee n almost two momths since arriving at Duck Rock and I1ve tried to mee t as nany people along the coast as pos sible. So far I've made many friends especially amongst the fishermen whom I'm always in cootact with. They've helped me very muck in getti n g acquainted with the area, giving me hints and general information. The only trouble as r as I'm conce was the shooting up of Buzzard Key. That riped no end, mainly cause it was sornear an have an idea who did most of _!, he shooting. You can be sure that h i s outfit will be watched if the move up around here t o f ish. re. In nw }H'POrt you'll notice I had two guests for a couple of days, Mr & Mrs. AlHe is w orking for Walt Disney's Stud i o and has been in Florida since ---rhe year taking wildlife movie s I met them first at Anhinga Trail in the n ational park where they spent most of thar time pnotograp h ing birds a n d animals At the end of the tour season I told them about my Duck Rock job and asked them to visit me. Theywere very helpful to me one day while on tour when I had a flat a n d a blow-out. I t happened near Anhinga Trail and it was the spare that blew out. Mrs. Milotte drove me to Homestead where I purchased a new tire and tube.


-_,. NATIONAL AUDUBON. SOCIETY r::f ,ujd Uxftwfl 10-0tJ CHARLES M BROOKFIELD Tropical Florid a Representative DAVID M. WALTERS Office Manager Mr. Bohn H. Baker ,8J1 -2-13 McAllister Hotel Arcade 311 East Flagler Street Miami, Florida Teleph o ne: 3-2988 July 1, 1951 So I brought them out here for a few days and it was nice to have them around. They were wonderful guests and we all had a good time at Duck Rock and on Pavillion Key. The quantity of ibis during the evening and morning flights was a treat for He took some movtes and a so o on. All of Seal Island and \,/""most o Beaver Valley, two reel movies, were taken by Al Milette, put out by Disney. They seem to enjoy it out here on Pavillion and Duck Rock so much that I hope they 7 want to corre out again. The Milottes are members of the SoC(_iety. r Somet1Ihe soon I plan to start work on an art le about Due ock. I've been setting it up in my mind and hope to have something to start on soon. I've done very ittle writing in my day but am looking forward to doing this article. It might not be perfect and will no doubt need revision by someone. Also before leaving I will &b some cib3 nr slides of this area and I may be able to get some lg.z:ger black and white photos which should be on file. ,,.,,r_,,,/ Before I forget it, ask Mr. Benjamin to have my checks mailed to Everglades instead of the Miami office. Thanks. Arn you are satisfied with my reports and your have been very helpful. Henry P. Bennett Audubon Warden


NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY 1 Ol!O' 2s CHARLES M. BROOKFIELD Tropical Florid a Representarive DAVID M. WALTERS Office Manager Mr. John H. Baker, President National Audubon Society 1000 Fifth Avenue New York 2S, N Y Dear Mr. Baker: 13 McAllister Hotel Arcade 31l East Flagler Street Miami, Florida 3-2988 July 4, 1951 Yesterday while at the camp on Pavillion Key a squall came up which I thought would just be a little shower. The Egret was anchored off-shore and I was at the tent for a rain. Well it rained and then the wind came up. It blew between Jifty m ph. Before r knew it re E ret dra ed he chored and blew up There was p o dama$ e and when the tide dropped she was sitting high and dry, so I didn't go out to Duck"liock. Instead, I stayed on Pavillion and cleaned up t he tent because some rain got into the tent messing things up a little. Also I put some poles under the Egret so she would drift off easier at the next high tide. At first I was in doubt whether she would drift but about noon to-day she came off all right and it was a load off my mind. I wasn't the only one caught unawares because a house-boat with three skiffs andhored quite a ways off shore almost drifted on my beach. As a matter of fact the houseboat almost tipped over in the wind. Jim Whit ten and Harry (somebody) helped me to get the Egret off the beach. They were in the houseboat and anchored near Pavillion last night. damage. So it was an experience and fortuxna.tely norThere1s that old adage "Live and learn" so now I know what to expect. Sineerely yours, Henry Bennett


Mr. Henry Bennett ,4udubon Va.rden Evergle.dee, llorida Dear Hank, July 2, 1951 I we delighted to learn frail your report tor the vsek ending Ji.ue 2 4 that the Ibis have really atarttMl to ooae in ln auch & vay at to give you usunnce that the Duck Rock Sanctuary ie really something. It is also interesting to learn that ssven Glossy Ibia 1n on JUDe 24. Per these will increase. '!beee, of courae, are faced Glossy Ibis, as you have no doubt obeerved. It 1a also very 1.tltereeting to me that. Cabot's Terus have begun to appear at Pavillion Key. The only nesting colony of Cabot'e Terns !ibs:t we mow of arr. on the Te:w.s T r1ere may be salbe on the Lou1n1nna coast, but 'h'e have not. cbeo1 ::ed there recently. 5 ue.its 1 th t the birds you see now on the veat florid& coaat nested or were on the or Louisiana coast earlier this aeason. Keep an eye out for the appearance or the Cabot's Terns that ou see ae to whether they seem to be fully &dult or illmatw'e. L e t me mov. JHBrnm Ever elncerely, John H Ba:ter Pze ide-nt,


Mr, Ren .ry Sennett Au(11;1'bon Jlo.!"d.en E v ergla des, nortda Dear Ranl u June 26, 1951 r' .' tnterested to read your report for the week ending J\me 17. I den t t b s lieve w e have f!t:Jy good picture of Du.olc Rook or ley and will be delighted. to )la._ SOJa(t in our filea1 espe e i ll.y for purpoee of illustr'a\ting any arUcl we lllf.7 p ublish about. t h e DuelC Rook Sanato1U7 I that. I wrote you suggeirting tht yoii th11llC about : 'fll'i ting an e.r t i ola f r possible pu blicatioh 1.n Audubol'l Magazine. Sincerely yaura, John H.. Baker Pres:t..t 91.\t


.. -Kr. Henry P. Bennett Aadubon Warden lverglades, 1lorida Dear Hank: Jun( 20, 1951 I am much 1ntereeted in your report: for period May 28-J'une 10, inclusive. The increase of the number of Ibis coming into the ibek, let alone the number of roosting Spoonbilla, 111 all to the. good. Probably your observation of the Sooty Sherwater on May 31 is the first''"definite record of oberva.tion o! that species in Florida, but I woUld have to look (iirdlife .. to 111Ake certain that there are no previous records. I am glad you had a talk with Mr. Dodd up Chatham River and also vitb Mr. Tooke who was most helpful. to Scott when he was down thete eevere.l years ago. I do not la.low Mr .. Darvin1but I have beeu up Gopher Creek ae-reral times, and .if 1 t : haa not been oleared out stnca I vas there, it is difficul:t to get ii vi th a skiff. "l'hat area has apparently beSD a favored one for hunting a.nd illegal take in general, eepecially on tbe part o-t: at Everglades nnd Chok,oioalcee f .. ": ,. 1 '! : '.:<'1 '' ;t( I auppoee the fact that yo\1 away f'rom the vioini ty of ':{ :DdPj Rook in the day time Oil '()CCfUJ:iOlll is not of grEmt aport 1 ., yea do 11ot seem to have any number of nesting bi:nls to. auurd at the Rock As long ae are there vhen the birds are fly-ing 'il:l U:a roost and 01't again 1n tti! morning, ;you are taldng care of the ., great bulk or the protecting job. tr,. b ovever, the number of nesting .... birds consequential, it will,. I think, be important for you to "'1i right on t:.,e job in the viepiity bf the Roqk. t iil'.; ', I ,< f, 'I n. Glad you the birds. p ... t fine show for tbe tourists on June '''l ,f,.:i, 1:1 ,_,,,I,',' ;_! ./.1; .... 1 John H. Baker President


2. Mr. HelU"Y P. Bennett .lune 20, l9Sl 'I :P t I :noted with 1.ntereat -what yoQ se: y about aeabore or the Daniele and Dellaree families tQ who. 7ou spoke lihile they were nett1-1 t11rtlea. Perhaps l ba'V'e JlO t advised you that tho 11:.e.ttt of n .orida some ago. leased to the by resolution not 'ODly Duck Rock all aubaerged lands within a eoaaiderable aurrounding al"8a ao that ve dO haTe officially granted right.s and an not eiaply e.etin.g solely on our OWD 1nitiatlve in furnishing p,. "' .. You can tell local people that tr you think it well to do SO. I! TO .. continue in ouP service ill a Warden capacity in other seasons; we would apply tor the granting to you of the Federal and Sta. te governments so that yoa vould ,lo. bave all/of' the necessary legal powers to enforce the law. 1 J.B. B.


CHARLES M. BROOKFIELD Tropical Florid a Representative DAVID M. WALTERS Office Manager John H. Baker, President National Audubon Society 1000 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dea r Mr. Baker: NATIONAL SOCIETY 10{/0 13 McAllister Hotel Arcade 311 East F lagler Street Miami, Florida Telephone: 3-2988 May 31, 1951 Received your two letters and a ppreciate your advice on the native. s here. As far as I'm concerned, in this area, almost every person I first meet is a potential White11Curlew hunter. That's the only position I can take until it can be proven otherwise. Of course my actions and beliefs are not obvious and I may seem to believe everything that's told me. On SundB.y, the 27th, when investigating the Daniels and Demaree families who were netting turtles north of Duck Rock they seemed quit e put out that I came over to see what was g oing on. After talking with them for a while they understood my position. Told them I'd investigate any and all boats anchored near the flyways, for two reasons, one to get acquainted with the people fishing etc. in my sanctuary area and the other, not even to give anyone a chance to shoot the birds. They understood the flyway situation and they could see no reason to enter a rookery or roost. Incidentally both families were from Chokoloskee. The Louisiana Herons have started to nest on Duck and 8500 Ibis crune in last night along with 118 Spoonbills. It seems to be picking up so you can be sure it will not be unguarded unless the weather keeps me in town. One shooting would I1bi. sure, off set weeks of guarding and as you say -there's not much to be done about the shooting below Turkey Key if it means leaving Duck Rock unguarded. By the way do you want the through our acc ount, or shall r ceipts which I received when purchasing I keep them? supplies 4,,, r:/ (,\ Bennett


Mr. Jlln?T P. Jenu\t 1) Kc.lllbter Bot.el AroU. JUaat. )2, norlcta Dear Banks Jue 11, 1951 In YOUI' let\er to Mr, laker 7011 w.n\ed. \o now vbeQler l'Metp\a vhleh 7011. noelft on puahadag npnll an \o \e .. n\ he" or kep\ \J' 1'. Suppl lere nall.J' Mk aenral eopl and. HD4 eu ol th vl \b 7nr lnl Ual \o fer pa791at. \ble oaH, \b9refore, w 1 4o aot e4 row copr. lovner, t! flrn vtio clo ao\ aak :rn to 111). tor pvoha -4 \7 7011., uaallT Hncl a atate .. nt 1111a11.pper\ot )T ln wtalah oaae w wn14neod 7ov ox. Ta lbt, \lrforo, aak \bit' t\ra vbl\Mr they an lal \l&lod. OOJllF ef lll allp \o u n requeUftf )&,_a\. 1fope all o wll with J'OU, 11 \ i \ Tova I \ \ In1ng JenJud Aaal1tant !r._a1&rel' '\ I \ \ I '(. \ \ 'I \ \\ (\ l\' ,, I \ \


Mr. lien.l"1 llennett Audubon Warden Everglade Florida Dar Hank : 25, l95 1 Glad to have your interffting report for the week ending Mq 20 :Bussard Key Just below Turkey q, ueed to ha:ve a large root\, it no\ rookery, of the eame kinda ot bird.a that roost at Duck RoCk. A.\ one time w bad a varden stationed at both placu. In recent yea.n I do not believe there baa b en much of a. roost at Bussard Ke;y, proba'bq because the bird have b .. n diaturbed. That a.a you now know, 1s a nrr ahort diatanoe from the Auger Bole where te ding spoonbills have al.W&1'9 tound conditions to their particular taate. It' good to know that a fair number of have recently been coming in to the Rock to rooat. Al though 1 t rrA:Y be important to f'urnhh some protection to the b1rd8 ln the 'ricin1ty of :Bussard Key and the Auger Role plea.ea do not become involyed ln that in auch a way that you leave Rock unguarded We can't be in all necff11&17 placea at one time and we' d better be sure to do a thorough Job in one place, rather than give disturbera ot the bird.II the opportunity to go into action, in our abaence, f'int at one local1t;r and then at the other. Keep eending in good report and keep record of your bird obsenationa of o.ll kinda including tboae of th migrating land bird.9 For that matter, keep a record of any wildlife obaenationa that you think might be of' value or intereet, without limiting aame to b1rda JHB: Jaa A.a eftl', John H BaJcer Prea1dent


lienl"Y' Bennett, Audubon Ward.en Bvergladee J'J.or14a Dear Batik & Mq 22. 1951 Glad to haw your tint we report and know that J'OU are on the Job I am not 8Ul"priee4 that the bird.8 been disturbed th11 ea.rq in aea.eon. as the7 were a 7ear ago lt wae not long atter our rden put in an appearanoe ,._r however before the number of blrde utlng Do.ok Rocle tilled up quite fast and to normal total uumber1. I would anticipate the aame thing would happen again thia r-r. unlete there l a general pre1'&111ng condition in South Florida, such tbat there not aa man;r &1 ualJal ot theae ap c1ee ot present 1n the total area aa normal \ Glad to lmow you have a akltt vhlch coat $.50 Wld now have all ot the /I equipment that ;rou apparently Will neecl. ( j You are not ao 1 am eure. but what 1011 are capable of being a little cynical about the poaalble intentions of the people vho ahow enough cur1oa1t1 to check 7ou eoon after J'OUl' arr1-1, &1 to hov the b1rda getting along 'l'he chancee are prett1 good that thq are apt to be th.9 onea that have been d.1aturb1ng the blrdl. I m not &'lJ1' chal"gea mind ;rou, 'bUt human nature being what lt la, that ie what would normally happen It a good buainea1 to get to know the people at !urkq Ke7, etc., and be friendly with them, but keep your tingera cro11e4 oreover. I am aun 1'0U wont accept at face val!) all of the things TOU may hear 1D the town of Everglades even from the E17len. Juat keop 10ui-eyee a.nd open and uie 70ur own beet Jwlpent. JBBaJa.e Ever e1ucereJ.T, John H Balm.r Pree id.en'


I HeD1"7 P llennett. NaU.onal Audubon Socie\J' 13 McAllister Arcade Miami 32 1lon4a Dear Hank s .April .19. 1951 U'Ma ee:pan.te cOTer l nd1ng to 7"'1 Glenn Q:at&Ud' 1949 npor' troa Dw:k Book and thoae ot Petal' Sco't ta 194? t think theee will g1 ft 7011 a prett7 &')od 14 ae to the DU11bera of blri a.aing the Rock in th.owe 7eaft and as \o \h dates oa vh!oh the. rook_,. lN.11 t np and d..U-4. When 7n w / looked the o"Yer and aade such DOtee as. 70u Jt8I wtah to theretmm, ple&a return t hem to u foP flle. 114 nther J'OU not keep them with 7011 all ...-r. J 1111 look and eee whether '\here va an article 1n AUl!u'n flifagadM or :Bird. Lore at Hme-, &lift\ .&ck Rock. It eo 1 11 send 7ou a C:.OJI', tt M911 -(} J able. / John R, Pre at cl'


AUDUBON CHARLES M. BROOKFIELD Tropical Flor i da Repre sentative John H Baker, President National Audubon Society 1000 Fifth Avenue New York 28, New York Dear Mr. Baker: N ATIONAL SOCIETY tfJM r:J,jti &fveru,r,e 38 13 McAllister Arcade Miami 32, Florida Telephone : 3-2988 April 13, 1951 There was no duplication of your letter concerning my going to Duck Rock Thank you for the additional information and ad regarding my duties as warden. I understand my position completely with regards to arrests and increasing the go od will of the people in that area toward the Society. During our conversation here in Miami you mentioned sending \ various records and material which were collected and written ____..--.( by wardens while on duty at Duck Rock They would help alot in my work this summer and their observations would be very interesting. If my memory is correct I think there was an -r article written in the Audubon magazine about Duck Rock a few years back that would be of interest. Will you please send a copy of that magazine and any other material to me which I could use. I appreciate your sending me to Duck Rock. It will be a fine experience and will help me in handling future wildlife tours. While there I will keep in mind the best interests of the Society and perform the duties of warden to the best of my ability. hpb Henry P Bennett


Mr. H m'T :Benn'' c/o National Audubon oeie +, 13 McAllister Arcade Miud '.3 2, 1lol"ida Banks SeYeral things occur to me that April 10. April l'.3, 19.51 We ha.Te a regular T1si\or1a authorisation tol'll, asp sample nclose4 hernith. We would pret.-it that 7ou not take care ot risitors unlees th91' poesese euch mthoriD\ion pd'lllte or th91 come on the boa, on tOUJ', Mr. !rookt1el4. Natural}T, 700. will haTe to UH 7au.r best Judgllent at times, it unauthorised T111tore turn up in boat1. We do not want to an'agonlz th. If 7ou are on th job and tallc to th before thq haTe &1'1 chanc land or otharviee di aturb the 'birds, there will, of cour11 be no ban dou. !he authorised Till tor plan complications and such s1 tuattons as haTiJW Tieitors unknown to each other contlic\ in timing ot TW 1t and S.n their making unreaeonable dteanl1 on the varclea. Should 7ou :reeeiT reque1ts t!'Cm people to rielt th rea, I would 1uggest that )'ou rfltttr them to th Nev Tol'k office tor action. Uri.le a they have been blovn awq, there should be not lees than tw wooden dgne at Rock one on each Bide It there are none then you should 1-.Te som lll de at our expen1e and the wording thereon alght wall '91 ln large le\. ters, at the top, llBIBD SANCTUAJlt, 'and in large leUe:ta, at the 'bottoa, IHA!l0!4l. AUOOBON SOCIE'l't. In the middle in aaaller lettera, 'llrds, Their Nesta and Jlgge Protected by Federal and State L bl' the.1 !1rda, Their n ,. arid J'ga P!'Otcted. bJ rederal and State Lav arid 1'7 '11 NATIONAL AUlllBON SOOIE!f w i11 send to ov. betol" -HQ i.. a w tor. $.SO!llQO, that you 1)81' uee a Petty Ca tain receip\e tor all eXy>enditlQ'H wher e ao doing le teaelble and send in a monthly e:r:pene account, or more frequentl.7, it need. be, to Mr. lm:ag As91atant TreatnU"er at thia add,.... He Yill then retu.nd you


-2-April 13, l9S1 tor ture1 incurred.. When ;,you 'bu1 gaaolln an4 oil, Pall tools, or aqthing tl tor ov:r acoouat at ETerC].ad.e1, or lnh 7ou are to elcn duplicate al lip to that when the ci_ e le billed b7 the aupp ller at the end. ot the aonth, thoee tined d:uplloate ellpa mq be attached to the 'btll ln e'Yld.ence of 70u.r ha.Ting obtained th material. 'l'h11 ha1 been the unal cue\oa wt th ov -.i-dene, in that area. W e are not eo aruclov.1 to know the aao\ numbers of ne\1 ng 'b11'4 to w.n'&Jlt cU.sturblng tretpa on th part of enn our ward.ea. '?he nata 'be coute4 when the aeaaon le, it it eeeas deaira'ble In t17ing to c<>Wtt th namber of .-ooettng b ild eoa1ng to the Bock 1 vtll haT to wrk out your own technique, but I ha T e toum that U' 10u get uaed. \o .Htiti ng how there are i n a eer'\ain aie4 gl"01a.p1 7ou can a'boa.t how 1Uch groupingt1 thr wul4 be l a a ot \i"4a coaf.n& S.u and arrt at an ap p l'Oziaate null'br that will be onoe 7ou ha cleteftlimd that 1ou are accvat on 7ov eeU-.te of th unit iroup. It wCNld be vel.l for you to count the ditf aent speol after the ... eoa 11 vell achanoed. am to a ll ttl P Bhoving the pl'lnc1pal fli1tht line and the compo1ltlon thereof JB! aJa Incl. John R. laker Prel1dea\


I I Mr. HotJ 'Bennet' o/o Na\ional Audubon Socl McAllister Miami, 1lor1da Dear Banks April 10, 19.51 It ns 'lllT impreseioa that I had VZ'1 tten 7ou, eat'l.T in March, to eonttrm 0\11' eo11Teraatioa ae to 7our semng as warden for th Societq at Duck Rock, J'lor1da, this eea1on. HowneJ' I cannot t1nd a:q cow ot such letter ln the tiles, to filk duplication in rou on thh subject 110V. \fe look to 7ou to go \o Dnek lock aa 0\1!' ward n thie aeaeoa, just ae 1ooa ae possible after the pre1ent wildlife toura are oTer n.t the end ot April. While HM1.rJf:: as ward l be a.t the same rate ot s&l.&1"1 ae you are nov :receinng ae a of v11dl1te tOUJ"a. You will 'be pronded with one ot the emall boat and aleo vi th a eldtt and ou\,,oard motor a alt10 v1 th a 111nall tent. It'- Mr. :Brookfield' s ldsa,to which I subscribe. that 7ou be permitted h camp on Pani.lton lq, but it did not to 4etirable to ha.Te 70u d.o 10 if qui'P'Pe4 onl7 with a and outboard. !here mq well ll time when l t will too ro'llgh to use tho and rou v11l ued the luge?' boat. Moreo'f'9r there 'lf1Jq be times when 7ou \1ould pref er to eleep aboard the boat !here will also be times when :you vill net4 to run ta to ergladee tor su.ppl1 and the akitt vi th outboard would not 'be mtlcient for that purpoee, in opinion. l Your Job will be to preTent d11turbance ot the bird nesting, rooetlrJg or feeding at Duck Rock Sa:nctuaJ'1 I would not etl'llJ trom that area di.iring the teaao n that 7ou are aemng ae warden. You tfill be entitled to ou dq ott a veek, should 7ou ao deatre, 'but that I Ould not be the 88119 a. 9TJ'1 Y9Ke n 1 important that people not be &'bl I to calculate in ad...anae when 7ou will be awq from the Job ln aiv ennt, 7ou alwqa to be on the Job Saturd.,-e and Sundq1. I f You art to wu.r the aae Sociev emltl on :your ahirte that 70U. ha I b lieTe, been weaJ'ing ae a tour lead.el' We wi l ot :r .. t and aek 7ou to aend them in r. ar17. '!'here le ao poin' rfl Ju 1ng that 7ou patrolled a\ Rocle. We want apec1f ic tntonatioa, when 7ou / \lP\ ,,. \V a\-.


Mr. Ben17 !nnet\ Spril 10, 1951 -a-ha it, not onl.7 ae to of b1r41 and thr xnabere l>ut at to th namea ot boat1 their mm'beh and name1 and. addl"tllH of people thtteon. when 70u can get lt. Wt vant 00.ent ae to whether thtJJ are boat and people that would haTe, ln 7our oplld. disturbed the b1td1 had you not been \here or whether th97 ar aerelr people who are ev.riov.1. Your ftectinn as OUl" YaJ"dn wlll no\ bt ju.deed by th nmbd' of anest1 or con'deUou. It will 'be Judc'4 '1 th 4egree to which 7011 aQCCeecl in 1ncrM.e1ng good vlll of the nat1 J)eople to.ard the 8ool'1 and t\1 prop.a. In that connection, lt mq be neCHU7 foJ' 7011 to o .. rlook 111.nor of protected. blr4 at some dittanc hom Rode As lo& a th people c1ovn there &> not dl1\ul'b the }ll'Cla at Du.clc Rock OJ' OD thll' principal to an4 froa l'\lck Rock you w111 ba'ft done 7ou.r job. Jor the saiH roa. 1t 1 not d .. 111."&ble to baTe you tr, to tnfot'Oft the co-.relal fleh1!g l&YI in the &r, eY9ll 1ll9l!.al of the u 'bf CO The a1gra'1on of birde at Pa'ri.llion lq 11 an 1J:1.tae1Uisg le9P nob recol'd.1 ,ou ca1lt you a7 of the ot Si ncere:i,, John R. Pl"tstdea\


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